Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1860 Page 1
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| THE NEW YORK HERALD. r "WHOLE NO. 8840. , MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1860. PRICK TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM THE 90TTI* Tbrtatfoed Koptnr* of Mr. Bo ebmn'i OUbiMt. Vie ?o?itioi ef the Pmident and lit Idrivw na ;kt Ireeuiei Qonlion. ftopensien of Specie Payments by t be Virginia Banks. Probable Snspennion of the Charleston Banks. What the Wide Awakes Xay Expect if they Attend Lincoln's Inauguration, *?., M. JUGHLT IMPORTANT FROM WAKE GSM TON. Waudmotox, Not. 90, 1800. me dtKoartoBi of Uie qceation that la now agllat :n* MM whale octeItj, and me poe.t'on which the Preaklect ihali take regarding it '.n t ? forthcoming mcaaage, km brought MM (ktiMi to tte verge of a break op, aad it may end la that before the tret Monday la jjooember, when tongrea *U meet. Ac Preaidett naliu that the constitution of tbe Cc'.tad fltetaa eatab?iahea a government, and be, aa vte iworn M and e*ecct re thereof, unit and wtll taalat r.poa it* mention of tbe federal la we: that tbe ilea of paaaaabla MBMHioa by any State to a fallacy which be ?Ma Ml recognise, and moat reeiat to ibo fall extent of power. !r ifc'e tIcw be li mpported by Caaa, Black, *rc?ey and Holt. to tbe ouer bant, tbe So c. htm memoera of the ?hblkC. ? r.oyj, Oobb and Thompaoe? boU that the maVtotw: la merely a oompact, which may be broken at ai?y moment by a single State, may with to mire rr rm ttc confederacy , by declaring :ta wiafc to do aa, and that !a ao ioing they sboold not be molested by Ike federal ro^eraaceat. Ite: portion of the uettage treating of this q. est loo sf ?aaeaeka ia (till rxder diacv-sstoa, wblob will ciat.noe amtu a oompruatac la found or the Oablnet breaks up la a ?w 7oa ean rely open tkeae facta, and that tbe hCm.iitotraton is a a er'.lk. WAtansoTiii, Not. 80, 1M0 Ike tobxat bad a protracted ssasloa to-day, aad it la ? dtralood that tbe Praaident, having oompietad b'a Mot Mge, it wac read at Ieigtk to bto cat set. It la rtrj takftty. Bo tiacassea elaborately tfce question* at lasco katweac. the S'urtb aad the 3asU>, eapacia'iy seoeos-oa. What poe:t?a be in regard to I hie sutler I aa ?ot a! 5 resent at i'.barty to dlaeloaa. WjlWlBt.TOM, Nov. M, 1M0. Aaaoag itc of the i'nion suae are more mia ?fclrvcof ibao '.h ee oirnatiate who anner at or auke tight of tbe a.ovem?nU la the aUroholdlng Statea. Tbore lore it la ujfci 1 tare ukaa paiaa to euli rrora reliable aooreea the fa. la u they reach here, actnent Icatod by aaea who Lave to interact :n exaggerating thrro, an J ara ab ve the vavplcloa of m:ar9[ireeentatino. H la aot denied that, crea la the cntoa Stake. there arc very many Tcrvoaa devoted elnaerely to tba fad :ral kcka, but I he 10 have unfortunately bees forcsd to the eonvtotioe that the North oarer will oeaae from their ?linn'tii, aaU that aa tcparalloo mart oome ac *er or toter for the lately and hocor of the South, now la aa fa vorable a t me to coar xBato It ai th<j can **j\>rt The reai cr alTecteJ doubter* may bow be aaccrvd that dwoaiua a nu >tdily c iciempiated by iracy oacttooo and oarefsl obe< rr?r? here from the South ar act od'.j pr Am bla, butaa tfco cortair ret- It of tbe preacnt troabica. ara willteg, aay, anxloaa, for a general OnrlatKC. aa I for ca.m:y laying before loe Northern leg'nat.rea thc.r grleraaoeo a?d ihe.r -t-1 ? * af repealing tba obnoxloea ?'giaiat'ou ? > tajartooa to doc there rigbla. Bat they eaterta'a no hope that the coaaerratlre men of tba reptbticaa *tat aa will have liJlueaee enough to pro:u/e a repeat o[ tboae obaoxkma law?. aed there can b* e docbt tba'., upon a refaaai of aa raaaonable a demand . tba ara'.! cant for aa ceaeloa will be atr >ng and geaoral . erea in the border aJt'thoMlaf nateo. Now. anticipating that obellnate re feaal ar tba part cf the republican Stalaa. the arceatVoo' teta tbiafe there le -o nao la ahnttiag the-r ayaa to the la ee -table larae. TV.y calculate that Deiaware aad Mary ted, on tbia of tba Potomac. wlU go with the South, aad Waahiagtoa will be the aaat of got ernmect of tba ?aw Southern ceafc-ieraoy. tbey leak to peaceable ^epa vat.-*, breagbt a boot by regular aaaapact, aadoaaa tually e<jilU ' le ooadltiear, wth tba geairal gorcraaaeak A dtai-agniae. I B-iatbma happily quoted tba Itaeoua rtaaark of tba -"paalah Aaabaaaador to the Dr^ de Bregtte, "We Mall bare tba er'tiaoaoo wltboct em*Ut. 4 ill ecntp 0* tat, mm rr*Tutfew.'* The cry thrO".gh tba North, tbarehre, ergbt forthwith to be, "Repeal of all law* beat He to tba Suatb." ?truth Caro. .aa will aa>* ao deeiaratioa of iadepeadeoao Hfee that which baa beea pobllabed, nor any other, bnt aa ^dtsaaea withdraw lag froan tba Ualoa. Tb? rrta'deat a Miaa|i a ready, aad a fair copy baa bean made, bat :t may be modlAed by oacarraaaee be tweea th la tlaaa acd the spealag of Coagreaa. IMPORTANT FIJOM VIROUIU. Riraaom, Nov. 90, 1M0. tu w '.adorn of the eevree af Gevera or I etcher, to act ealhaf -be Leg a atara legetbar before tba Tib or January , la freely admitted, erea by aaaay who ware moat clamor ?aa Mr aa aariy meetlag of that body. Tba prngf eg tba eaeeealoa feailag '.a rapid earogb wltboct glrlag to tt Uw tmpciae af an imprompto eaU for aa aitra aaakm of the Lag* lata re. If the 9avera< r yielded to the preaalag re^>.eata for aa early aaeembilrg of Utat body male by pabl'.a rr.eettaga ander RicitaaMat, the aaaaa atea fe- 'ag w <d.l have obtained aa lataaaMy wbieb wnald acapae'tate Vlrg'a a rraaa a coal aed deltbtrata dtaebarge of the .aaetxaa ?r amJlal^r which ahe pr? pnaaa to a*r jae It id poeaible thai, la the comparatively laag ,n terra batweea tba aad the meeftag of the Ioga Mare, the ftrlUrr-wt may abate aoat? what, aad give plana to oe'm aad deliberate -y>iaa -la. !a tbia view of tfae matter, 1 regard the pellay of '^overaor I -te??r ta ?stag kh.a late per. 1 '"-r tb<- aaac?nh ag of the LasMature aa wt a aad udV-taa*. Otw terable terprlaa la rscrtoaed aore at the great ten t.atiaa -a the tale beada of Tlrgiaia, wblea tba m?>rta frim the New Tork Stock Karhaage reserved bere a *%t rday and yeatorda y have exhtl.tod. No aaaJa cf aay State or eaterprlae are mwe a*cire tkaa theaa of Tlr^a J. Hhe baa a a'ak'sg ftad '.a re aarve te moot every obllgatloo aa tt beaaaea doo, aad if. wr^yrer prepared to pay paaatoaily tba latareat apoa bar t iada, aa wail aa dadtarge every dollar of i^otlag debt wbtab abe baa oeatraotod. tba paala that eaa altat V'rg ca 'tote baada to tbe erteot repraaeatod, meat la dard. ?' -err Mo aad what a worae, it la ae? aeppoaad to bare attalaod :ia e'.mai by laa? aide wmr entarto-a aar.aca ippr^iaauaa that abee d tba WMa iwakaa HHd the laaufuatlea of Maoeta, aed aai 'ifat each a toaa of deflaaoa aad laaolaat awaggar aa bare marked ibe.r lirplaye darlag Ike rraaMaatial aaaa fa'gi a aaCUrtaa with acme Bantbara Vtaato Maa wl!l bo UMvitabK I bare re aaaa to kaow that tba m latter w.U bo pi laaiit !a large aambara, tboagb aot la bay otaaa'aad ftna ; tbey W.V., however, be prepared to reoaat aay laaalM or imrh?a*taf maatfe tatioaa wb eb the W?ia Avakeo may iadciga ??. Tie M iaato Moo cue taw (Med aa rWt to gtaa ;a tba ?coaoMa of "Oli I * ^ef" aaeg'ft vie, ctt? it waa aarmaoed that tb!a ? iwaae eegaa at -.s wwi W r Tt rj th?a d* tided to go aad breoa tbe iorttrt ol Jbic maigaral specta cle, a order. 31 mtiinsry, to give tbe adherents of Abe ? foretaste o f what they shall recet ve at the bands of the cL vairoji sost of (be South, should a ssotknuu waressos. My opinion is that it will fee far more consistent with the ooauforts and personal safety of the Wide Awskss to resaaa a*, their respeitlve home* on the occasion, than appear la Washington aad witness Old Abe take an oath, the bind ?I force of which be la under* tood la the South to bold inordinate to tba "higher law," or, If thsy should visit me capital, they would do well to avoid any issolant manifestations or erea organised yrojs? Has. A ootlMon si sb as I refer to would precipitate a revolution beyond tbepo<tr of man to avert. An effort w'.ll be made to iafutnoe the Virginia Legisla ture to pass a law requiring every individual coming base from Sew Fag land, with a view to reaide, to serve ? pro baiion of fourteen /ears before be is invested with the rl{ht of eitijeashlp. A Mr. James 3 Brislln, of rennsyivacla, baa written tJ 1 Governor Letcher on the existfcg state of afla.ra ta the South. He repels the idea of the right of recession, and expresses a belief that 1' secession is to take place at any time, the pressat I the most favorable. There are, he says, twenty eight : millions ef men at the North wbo never w^l permit the South to seeedc. Be instances, by way of illustrating the absurdity of the right of se ceslon, the case of Texas, > whict cost the country several millions, and aks If she should be permitted to go out after entailing sucb bsavy expense upon tl.e Union, and then says that Cuba would | have a right to go out upon tbo same principle after she ' tiionid have been purchased at a cost of two hundred ! millions of dollars. Governor Letcher's reply is a very I able document. It reviews the existing state of tbo i country with much force and clearness, sad suggests that before any responsibility should be thrown upon the South for the present state of things, the Northern people should first look to tbe terrible provocation which they have given. Be re fers to tbe nullification laws, aad tie necessity of their repeal tc e fleet a settlement of the pending dlfcolties. The Farmer's Bank In this city rispsndod specie pay ment tc day. This oourse was doomed necessary la view of the Immecss range sf circulation which this bank commands through Its nnmerris branches in every quarter of the State. The rush upon them in a few days, under the lnUuonoe of tbo prevailing panvc, would be very grra"., and to meet this their discount iiae should be con tracted to a point which wtuid materially adect the mer cantile Interests of tbo State. It is rcportod this evening that the Bank of Virginia ud E (cbiDge Bank will suspend to morrow. Tin mar ch nts do not regret this oourse, as t wiU load to an ev pacslon of the discount line, aad mate circulation easy. Tbls wil! moro than counterbalance for the high rates of 1 premium on Northern exchange, wh'ch tbe sus;?ensloo wilt create. 1 beard one of the most prominent statesmen la. the f'nlon, a lat.'vo of Virginia, remark to day, that in oase tbe eott * States secodei no wonid favor a soparaie I'sicn, to b% notnposnl of Use states of Virginia, North Ganlin'i, Tenarsrce, Kentucky and M snouri. Be ex pressed toe bei'ef that IVMssyivaua, Dsiawaro, New Jersey, and New York perhaps, and most of tbo Central and Northwestern States would pin is. From his oonver- ? satios I inferred that be woall advocate suob ? polcy If (be cotton States seceded. South Carolina money is esteemed good h re. lis de prec'atioe t owing tc tbo imnensc icartity o' It pjured in upon the brokors. A meeting was bald la Oouoestsr Manly on Batur lay lart, at which resoliit' >ui were adopted declaring the adopt! m of tbe b<ack republican principles oy tbe North, as mani fested by the election of I.incolo, an act of treason against the spirit of tbe constitution; declaring the South, by reason of th.s revolutionary oourse. absolved fircm all obligations to tbe federal constitution, and the govern ment establ shed under It: endors'ag tbe action oi South Osrnllna. aad expressing aemvletton that It was tbe duty ? of Virginia to unite wltb her teter states of the fenk, to wblcb et.d it was politic that the '-overaor should con vene the Legislature at oace. There is no truth la Ibe r-.mors that V rgin'a hts gone for Be". The last return* received plate Breckinridge ahea I, and the opinion ;i fvpressod by those In of the cfflcisl return* that he will carry the Stale. Noth.og . hot tbe official vote will deeid ? tbe conteat. Mr Itona. R. Price, a wealthy merchant of this elty, who was r? T'-rrrd to a f?w days ago is a telegraphic de spalrb to a New York paper as oee of a series of merchants who discharged oierks from bis es labiisbment, app ed to Judge I yon*, of tbe Host or* Court, yesterday, to ascertain by what form of procedure, correspondents of Northern paper* could be made amenable to prosecution for i'bel. Tiie Judge Infortcod him that be tboald seek redress for su-b of. fence lti tbe Superior Oourt. A a re mischievous, gra tuto-is unfounded statement than that which led to j this Injury was never made. The merchants whose oasMB were mentioned 1s that Jaspatcb have been justly rery mjch exc ted. Hundreds of others ahar?i la the esc temest, and expulsion or l;uch!ag of the oorrespon t dent was freely talked of. THE MINUTE MEN OP NORFOLK. N'outu, Nor. SO, IMS. A large d mber of M.nuto Mos of Norfolk eerenaled at A-hlaad 3HI last evening tad siacted Charles Harris as their chief. were m*le and groat eotbunasrn ?i? t viaosd. Ik* ooefcado of bios aad orange la bolaf worn frMf. An adjooraad ssestlag wlU bo held to night Tue as- ? cltoaaent it;il uaabatod. interesting nto\i Charleston. (uiiamii, Not. *>, IMS. Cnltod t?tat<* MarsUi Baa itoo to day ua.led his re stgaaMm. Tko opinion previ'.ts that ? Haaa'or I'.bstt w'.U bead ike ticket froao ike QMrteatoo dlsu.ot to tka Omrmttoa. Ike brig jsaes Gray , Chpula r. nnucer, of No rbory pert, eaiia to sorrow with oottoa (tor Harre, and will Mara tko port with the Falsetto color* lly ag . Tkle roe eel la owaed by Ctabiag > be re. Tko salvary oompaales of Ckarlsstoo war* today ro r lowed, aad preoeatod arate to tko Soatbsva coofodoiaoy Cag. Tko momtj strtngsaay Is aow n great that roi'ef from tka baaks S abaotatoty -asocial. Tfioy will, tknref'ir*. oerttlsly suspead, bat are strain lag ersry servo to keep cp tin the appreboadod crash at tka Nartb xx ;rt. Tko news oT Lbe r.ep*? om of tko farmer* Dank, of r'chaoni, may praeipfUUs s scspjaal* karo to asomw. The rsligtooa fotks are aow Um ax<tt v'.olsat of Dm ? cess oalets. The American Saaday School Taloa Afeiiry rags exit a bsaotUbl .lag, inearthed, tha saaM of oor iiod ws sst sp oor banter*. ' 9lroag seeertlea spoeefces made to <lsy at the ;?? eeslatloa of s are to Ck*. D- rry . of the atsanor p Co laakia. T- taorraw M tko appoiatod day sf (bsttsg, huaUlatl ia ttd prayor la view of tbc crisis, sad will bs goaorally obssrTod. Mr Kent arrived la the e'ty to sight st t?n o'otrtek. A l?rge proeen .oo of o lucas, ho?l?l by sbaaJ, marefced to tko Charleston Hotel to aereasds ktia Mr. Retire fpt?4ed ta s most sir seat aad fiery epsech. Ps st d sst im.tb Carolina was pledged by ovary sole n oV gs ttae to tret !* from the "Wora! rsloa. Tbrso wanks tgo ?be bsd elrotsd oa that ?sns a hrftalatsrt wb'eb nasi aiouily recomt eadad separate aot.o* It wee lafa ,/ to j revere tbs stop. Oat sf his dietr.l ? > )raageborg? be ooald esy tbnt sf tks srttoea kasdr?l rotos ptDed, sot nos j be fbr sabalssioe. la Oollstoa, ?sasftwi, BarswsU, Peedss, sad area la tko up eocstry, people were s nslt os this i' ettioo. He c:oasd asild grost ap ple use MOVEMENTS OF THE PEOPLE OP QEORQIA. Arorsti (Oa.), Nor. at, im Tko largest susstisg erer ksM ta Orssai county, User gta, caaM off oa rrlday. 1U most taCaastlal sssa la j Iks sanaty partieipatod flsaolstloos of a soassrraUvs ! rbarsotor wsre ataest saaalaaas y adopted Tkoy ergo tko oall of a Ma Osavsatloa of all part tea > ta saiasly ooasMsr Um stIIs tknatoatag tks do- . street k? Of Um aatloaaJ taloa, sppsallag to tks ; psopto sf tks Caloa to dtseard tks oseael^ sf sg'.tatiag politic isas sad "ssssiiH' ? * moMom sad rally to Ike sepport of o r IssporUad goveramea*.. Tkoy ssy tks poi'tlelaaa, last sad of aOayir.g tka srcitssssat, I tar? si rrod l sf; \mm <* reyrssrrg ssrtokl Mm j un: da itt amy i*vt promoted ll, instead cf n?'*l eartea i a c'MpuU mey hav* created them tor lb* wit o! power and office. In both Mctloas t hey nave pandered to tbe paMimn and prejudices of tne peop.c at burnt , seeping each Motion ignorant of tbe patrlot.c, conservative, catholic feelings or the other, until mutually < ia?pe rated by the incendiary and dlsor- | representations of hungry ofliee teokera, both j scctiont And Lhemrelves engaged La a fierce controversy, i ubich they bad no hand In bringinc on. A large netting in Hanooeh county on Batirday adopted unanimoely firm coneervatlve reaolutl^M, deny- ! lng that the mere election of Lincoln wac cause for din anion buv delnr'xg tho unfriendly legislation of nuny of the free Rates an outrage on the comity of the Union demand !n< resistance. A ui.orlty of the ocmntiss in the Stn'o have hold meetirfs in fhvor ofseoeesion. many, bower er, were Wrongly conservative, while some wore In favor of re taliatory .egiaiation, but all fcvor a State Convention, and all rppooe coercion of the seceding BUUa. A meeting in Bryan county declared that no Northern Qshermnn or hunter should hereafter operate in their sec tion, > nd that tbcie at preeeni hunting and aahlng bo no tified to leave. The conservative sentiment of the Sou'b appears to be d'.?, us < d at i he Jnoeartng sectional wrangles, and oonat. J>r tha>. the Ncrtern Stave' ihonld promptly convene thcirlLegla'a' urns and repeal their unfriendly lairs, and org ' a ccnv. alloc of all the States to mako a prompt and nn icc|i ffart to preee-vo the I'd Ion and country from bank rup' yj, inarchy and rein. SECESSION MOVEMENTS IN NORTH CARO LINA. mraBBrno, Va., Nov. SO, I860. Tbe Nor.b Caroi nt Legislature organized yesterday. W.I. Dortch, of Wayne county, was elected Speaker of tbe House, and H. I. Clarke, of Edgecombe, Speaker, or lb) Senate. There was no excitement. Wsje-ngwm, N. C., Nov. 20, 1800. A large meeting %?? held bore last night, at which Strong secession resolutions were unanimously adopted. Other countios have oalie'.l meetings on toe ?ame tub.oct. A i-orf s of U note Men in rapidly forming, and there is bnt ois party here now. RUMORED EXPULSION OP TWENTY-THREE PKR80NS FROM GEORCIA. Tbe Mlow'ng ttetemen', in connection wilt the arrival of tte at earner 1l|uiU from Savannah veelerday naom losr, * a current !b tte city during tbe day, bat Venn. Mitchill * Sod, ibe owner* of ibe line to whioh tbe eteemer belopf*, <IecI*re t without the (l'|bteet fouade t.oo ? Toe runmehlp AugutU, ram Savannah. which errivod thy ?. : 'or. briege beok to tile r >rt about twenty r eeroge ( aae"Bg?re who were refused a rea. denes by tbe i'-khjfiliii ? they we meeban'ee an I laborer* alao, three cebln ptecengerf who were advleed to leave. Tbe following ta tbe letter of Mener* Mitchill & Sod, dtojipf tbe trcta of tbe ebove p.ragrept ? re nre kpto* or tww tnnum. Tbe report tbe paeegpgera jy tbe Angueta la w.;L< ut tLc ii.(btect rcuadalioe. SAUL. T. M'TCUHJ. A SON*. M< ? sri. MUchiU A S-n alao itate that one of the pea ? ngc i by the Alabama, which arrived at the port a abort time licoe. bad been re? urate', on acoonat of a iiec o? n?xio,.i op'.oton be ee'erta'.ned, to leave Aogue to, <h? el'y <n wb'eb be waa retldlcg. He wa? accoam pan.. 1 to ti-e cara b;. the Mayor of that city, an 1 took pace i? for Vew Ycrt ae above ftated. Further than thla, tl.e Meeere. Mitchill uow o' ao cate iimilar to tbo one mi a' need tn tbe report, which a; o etatoe tbat tbe number of eteerage pai*enger? ao com palled to return waa twenty, wberee tbe actual number of oust paitaeu (era waa on.y eleven. IMFOBTABT FROM MEXICO. RratgitatfMt of niraiaon? ftoblee Kla vatnl to the Preeldeary, Am-. Haw OBtBA-tP, Sot. 2?, 1M0. The eteensehlp Mar of tbe Weet baa arrived bere, with Havana datea of the 10th Inat. Tbe Mock of tugar waa being rapidly reduced, "alee of Ne. 12 a. 9 a 9^ reala. kichatge oa I oadon 13 a 13 per coat premium. f xebaoge oa New York 2 a 3X per ceut premium. Ite etoamer !.? Catollca arrived at Havana oa tbe 13ib it at. , with "era Croz dat?? of the 6th Indl. Miram'c bat reagned, and ha! been rucceeded by Roblea. Tbe raaotlonlati bad evar aated Poatila. Grant a am acd exc temeat prevailed at tbe capital. The Charter K<ortlon. MORI MTB I.OPFII SNTtl IN TBI ALPHUUVTC OPM ttt? rni KrcrTEiftKT mem trow, rrc. The meeting of tbe Tammaay Dill Uenerel Committee oa Monday nigh", and their appolatlag Wedaeaday evening for tbe primary electuna. have bad tbe effect of putting new ilfa into the baagera oa to that laatltutlon tn tbe ae ?eral wnrda of the city. Yaeterd .7 waa a bnay day with tbem. and the amonai of raaalag aad donning that waa going oa la tbe vletnlty of all * ha drinking piaoea la the aeveral diatrtcta leal aight would aaton ah tbe uataltlatad la auch prooeed.cgr All haada appeared to be ta thetr gtery. yet wenrtag a aoaaewbat aniloi-A countennace 1.0 doubt the ream 1 af feare about tbe eatoty of their new political ppea that they ha 1 met la d down. At Monrt Hall iaauel bar call fbr primary meet .age laat evening, we may expect a Jctded -aortaei of encttoaaent U. rough at the city to day . With all three of tbe part lea moving m tbe prtaMry tlent.aoa, there will be lor the next Uvea day* a perfect tarmoll and exalt emmt emoagal tbe go re raing olaanra la the aareml wardn The ladepeadent Candida vn are epr'aging n? in ot ery quarter for both Aldermen aad Ooeacilmac, and from preeea'. indicntione there win be aa and to tbeia, aad the potltloai partloa proaalaa to be a,, ke aiaearoua. Tba Na t ona ' emccra' ic Araoctat'oe, m the Third Aul^rmaato dlatrld, renom sated J aha T. Henry on MonJa/ evcalag for that ,-ont, acd reCemaaand h.a re eicoti'* A me^tJig f cltutna a the fifth d .atrict en M<mday ovaaing brought ferwa*d W til lam L Proch. clothing man, holding forth a- 131 Xeet Hountea atreet. A er man o.'cb ta the Seventh d.atrist, we notice, Ian bro ght forward J >ba ".lebardeoe A a alter of Jemooratt got Ug^i' In the Twenty Bret ward, Mid nam nate I John K'n?l> (or Al-Ienaaa t the K'rteeath JJUW. Tatar H. Jncicton, fowl j aamjiatal by the eltl/ oa of that war 1, baa dec) n*d, leaving the Held open fo- annc aea man. Tbo* the work gie? brave'y on, aad the trim ierr of pa t party are dal.y berwmlat more and m >re ctuB '.eut if ttMT "? n - aecoeaa a enrr.. lag tt Um apoila aa l porkaiag the 1* that are aapp<iae<l to arena .r./m tbe r? b iota that will onroe cp for f miiwi1,*, The rtng tfent cnotrolied the Mt VM la the proaeol Hoard of have at prenrat a g dehuuenf iieiag .-.aisle aed . acd the ??-ear* wblcb have i>?<* ea> acted abont the City Hall eonttimiM dirtt(: the ODtatsg year, aad raleea tjere are eaaa m >re Important ianvemen<( t sadar way thaa have boen inangtMW 1 yet, the Sea all nf tare tv NMM it JmJy will dontiane tonntatatn that >?eaott ?Jrepltnti t t*t ttiaage:ced y ? rr 'n tbe >ame r^retaient >Mnr>n:aetton 10 gretit pr)Tj?eg?a to oorporatioaa eod luuh rr 0 *a i? We bope mr a bet er o rtrr 11 thhg ', be*, can aae b .t a tmall peg ta bear ear hope upoa. msktiks or rni mo. iw mall annqut* coMMtinnr. A tree a raee* ag of the nemocrnttc Rep 'Vlcan 'Vrr.eral Committee waa held laat evening at tfo -art Had, fbr Ibe pernor of an ag oeeeanary arrnagementa fbr the com* tag rharu> ek t oe The eha r waa ocqmiad by C. P. Schermerb^ru. Tae flret buaineaa t fnaaacted waa the appo'ntn mt of a com- . mittae of Ire. * hoe* datf <t will be to re -"'re from Ibe j iel'-gatea o. ail the city wardaliie nbsen af the ep?/tatil la aacb for the tnn u ehnrter elect on, and to report ancordingly to morrow area ng to the reneral oowmiitt? a epeclal r< ?et:og will ha held .'or U. ? fur pena. ire oan.U'e laet Sxod Th i'alay nest tor tbt boldlar of the primary "lee ikma through tl the ?\\f, "inaed the bnaineaa, and the meeting adjourned III] th a evea ng ana* rt' Minaa ?Mr. ruaanl awnaonaa? t of the open tog af Um wtntar eeaaaa at the tatcay will be faand in oar amuaem^atcolamaa. It will ha aaan that the grand opera, "Lb Jalve," M to be preeea tad, with a One dMHbatlon af the ahlaf ruler, and a gorgaoaa aada <a (Hat. hvtrni tmportaat aad muah Beaded altoretioaa ham bean made in the nadttorfcaa af the Academy. The "aaan * ta ocmaeeaoe aant Men day eight WaiLtca** T Mi run.? That iter ling earned?, 'The R ?mto," w U ha g van to night tor the hnatft of Mr ?^a, nhofBr Anthony a n ruparb ptoaa af anting. Mra. Heey Mr. Ltatar Waitotot, Mr. Wnlaot tad |Mbar torer to V\*K, w9 m mm d? imp 'atoPttobtg ooppon MUTKB UB 1VEUCU (MMDEftCE. Mr. UBdMjr, liakti of tk? BrltUb P tur lUtmut, Be for* U? Ckanbif of Cjm UUruUoatl Law for tt? H??a lMtoa ?* tr><? Vliwi of u? Pruldtsl ?ad Cfthlatl, Lord JLjr oaa aasl Mr. LUd* ?li A?. An interview of a try latereatiag ud tug&fy '?p;/rt ant ekaracter took piaoa yOtitey M ween Mr. Was. & Lindsay, If. F.,aad tfca Ixeeutlve Committee of Vte Ctwr bar of Otaaeree. Peletlak Parti preasded over tbe meet tag, and the Brit!* Consul aad many promjun m er okana 01' ttaa oily attended. Mr. Umtmuy ^formed thv ooaaa.itee tkat ha arrived la tba country about two muntha age, alaoe wbicb time be baa visited tba priaalpal e it lea ol the UuiUd SUtaa aad Panada. aad especially Ike teapot la 01 bHb eoaatrict. Wblle la Canada he had aa later* lev with tbe Canadian lard of Trade, and discussed queetocs of Bach '.atereat to tba orasaercial pub.'o. Dor lag bla ttty in Amerioe, he said, be baa recti. ed much va'oabie icforma'.ion which ta uaeftl to hiaeeif, and wo.cb be would endeavor to laake ure'nl to bla oeuntrj-. He hoped, when be made b.i views well known la Isglaad, people ther.? would be totter able to under itaad America aad her oil ?n? ihao thsy do a' present . After having visited the priucipw cttiee to which he had referred, be then visited Washington, where be sner. last week, ond was received, ta a manner btgby gratify log to bla, by tbe 1'reeldcnt aad the Oebiuei . who are now engaged In oons.<iering subeots of the deep er! Interest to the commerce of America and Great Brltala. He had aleo aa interview with Ur. Cobb, who (tated to htm that he wjuld desire to bare tbe principles involved In bis views p*it in writ lag. aad alto tbe beat plan that aoggeeted taelf to htm for carrying out those principle*. Mr f.lndmy thou read tbe following paper before the aMBBittSS:? irimina <>>?? aanoua to ..a ? a cor* r>n in or rovaaaia Ba>~warr osiui i i/uo Ann ms VNirao -runs. 1. I-aLilay of Ship :<."vers ?To secure national treat ment ror the vessels of the rsepectve -,oui>i.rlai, so that the extent of llabi'lty may be itmited and governed by tbe law of the country la which toe aac it tried. 'i Unlet of the Ri<a-1 anil light ai H>a ?To obtain alcnl larity or ldeattty in the 1 raotico and in the lawi of ?:rest Brltan and of the I nltea Stalee, with reaped to ibe ruin aad precautions to be obeerved by tbe 1 easels or tbe re spective, In order to avoid collisions at sea 3. Ojl'enet ''?** iWetl nig'. .Sror ? T> maae pro vision for render ug more easy and more certain the punishment ol' crimes com anted on the high seta on board a ship of one covntrjr *bec that an psrriw la tbe porta of tbe other courtry . 4. Settle" isnt rf Dispuint btu tr. Uatturs and CVau ?To arrange so that the disputes wblob so often la the ib'jie if the respective eataMBS may 0?> promptly nettled on the arrival of these shlj* at the porta of BttkereOMtry. 6. Dtt rtum of StatK'-n ?To agree that tbe o-Mirts ol tbe respective cooalaies wheru the shiiashaU arrive shall bave summarily jirisdiot'.oo over the seamen of me re* pective r miitriee, wno fkMl a ooniract into wt rt' t ?y have voluntary eaterek, SB 1 K ert Ircna their rtiiiM. 8 0mim$ ' Ml -1 > smMMi ahlpp og effl ?? at ;he leading aeapuria of the Ceiled -t*t.>s similar to those aow In operatloa In tlreat Rrltaia, an 1 to graei to Rrilisb shipmasters the uso of ibeae prov ,del ? .reat B-i tarn grant to Americas shipmaster ibe uae of her oit>3oe, from wlilsb they are now oicta<ird Could not the Mine code of signals be adopted by tbe sliipe 01' tbe respective countries World 'I not be well lor both oouDtriee to bave one mer'.dtan tor loegtiuie ? ;b<> princii loe named 'n tbe a<f-wn payer No 1 might bti carried into pr actios by cbt'iK .a a convention amewhat as follows 1 At fci !kt /.uUn.'uy afSUpmmen ?The sb!r?s of Crest Britain aat of tbe Un:te<i "tales roapeot vciy rhsll oe pieced upon an dual foiling aa to liability for loes it life or pereonal injur , , or loae or lamsge 1 1 shipe, boats or gcods; aad accord ugly tbe lia'dlily ol tbe owEere of s.icb ships sya the iianrs rosde m tbe OO'ira nf either ooun try U r> ipsct iTaay such ; a* :u ,r> JT damsfo, rl all be limited in like mamcr and : ? ill eau.e (iteet, ta eicti case aod the moie of proeedure m re'ereai v tberetoshi'i be as prov kd Dy tfce laws af lbs country where th ? o.aiui Ik meJo. 2. At U> Ike S'lU tf >.\t It* J a ui f.igh 1 a' V- ?Tbe ships of threat Br'.ialn and tbe''alted nates, rcapeclirely. ?hall ado|>t one aad the stae rnla of the r-iad (as may ho hereafter agreed on) f r the r gcldacoe when useet og at s:a, acd the ubins of the ''B'te<i matea shall alopt tbe sitlw of I'gbts, or o.jnaa at sea, aow setabllshel !n O r?at Britain. Tbe anuria, th?r?ft??*, of either cooatry , In de>i fining * istka a vewal -? has eaarnd or suf 'ered <l?oi*?e ? m n?''dod hi t*-??i r :lee, ud tbe vlopt'on or otherwise of lue i/a.em of Ugbte or signals which bave berriafreed jp-.?. a. At i fmci OarnmUhi i\t .Vr<u? la the case ol fceaoos uffon.-ee nam ) In tbe hitraditlon treaty now 'u fMoa betwesa the two oo'tntrsa) it 4 sgrrjd tb?t pawcr sbhll, oa Uk' representation <J tl.o Ulan.' r or One sul ol the reapartivn oouatrlee, be given to tbe f>>Jerai o?orla of tbe Caited States, and te tbe coi r?* o' irest H.-llain. !?' appreb. nd tbe 01 oadsra on proof b?ag g.ven, such at wiul'J jnituy bla romni iial la either oooatry. Hut nich prir n-r can only be f.-liter.*! t-> tL u u'ater ?r Corsul of his oountry to be * ci bone for tr ai, by ae order of the Seertary if 0/ the oo'iatry ?here the prlsoaer was arrealed. fn all oil eoes df a Ices b 'iBOta nature, aot tnilnfe 1 in Ike CBtfBdWoa traa'y, lb' power of suaaary icnedlcli <a sha.i. "i tbe repreaentaf'o.i or the M'nister or Ooarrl rsp'tfest ng tbe lon.ry to which tbe ship bcloege In wh eh the oT, under r?, -s. be git a op to the federal oourta ' tbe l u;tol -tatee acl t ? .tie oonrta of firea' Briaie. 4 At *1 the Vj'-.i -1* / Dit, u>i (K'?n J# <u""? ai.l Of 1 ?In respect to s I clsstrs sad rtemio 's by 'lasers or invcrs. oltlcraor ses *e. ag* a?i each other, tf an/ ship bci ng'sg to ritber oooatry la tbe pirta of the ether, wb th shall have ar .rea rare siob ship last sai ed ,rom any port or plane of tbe ceoafty t> whicb ?be beioegs, and which ska.! not have brea p*eviocs>y bsard and adi I dicated upon , or is reaped ef any breach or ncgla-? of duty, or arm i<orfr rmaac* of Bay f'nvact, a'l euch < sara ?ball (but oalyoBtbe Mprsaenat: >a of tbe kis.ster or Onsul or tbe country to *hieh suoh ship belongs) b heard, triad aad deal', wit1; la a semma-y way by tbe courts of tilbsr cooatry wbsrs tbe ship at toe Use may be & di h D*iTtten yf Settle* ?is oases where s^aien who havs vol on tar: Ig engaged thoeisolvei to tbs ships of the respective coon tr la, or a(i prentices w bo ^ave beeo duly indentured to the owners or niaatars of tbees saipe, shall desert Is tbe pjeta of either c ralry, the aag s traue of the r*ipe> tivs ouiui tries stall, jo the appl. cation of Uie Mm stsr or o?b?I of the eo .ctrjr to w ? Ike aklp belongs, grast a warraat for t appre bensiOB of the deoerter, and oa lie pri f t f the d. vrtion , oa a tbe seaman or a . rfollar- to b seat 1 acX to the ship from wh'sh be dseerwd, aad a cae- of afi sal, sha'l ?r.Clet inch p n Jibmoet as the law of tbe eonatry wher" the '."Vnoe waa 00m in it I would bave |b(MM upon th ? BBkjs' to thai ceartr] for a mmitar tMaa I At l? MifpSry Ofm ?The gevsraaiSBt of Great Brltsln ska 1 1 maks provialeo I ?r cs'eadisg to UWkN shipowners the prlvf'ege of shipping crews i.?r thotr vee tela in Ifrtlttb para, ca the same cmdltlweB as the erews of Br'tlsb -hips are aow egag?<l provld'-d tbe govern meet of Ike I. : lt?d Kan smawtat similar of fires at Ibe prlBetpB ses per is 01 the Caiea aad grant to British shipowner* sisa lar pri v, leges aad t shall not MM lor ei>gagom*eta t be entere.1 nt ? 'bi mm o> either coaatrv !e the oorts ef the other sale s tsrosgb the medium of theee sh'pptag -iJoes, or by th pptag ma tan duly lloased by tke goveraaisct at Us r??ye. ttrs 1 eoaalrirs. Hera Mr m*Ae i :? ?> rrmlro Lb re'rran.w to wnit h? erjof.dered th. eoaating but be aJdlii rary I'ttle lo what T? ooata ?<?] to tfeo fr.' iwtag paper, which ke read endaeUy m a tnuurm?M with lb* rreoodtag oae ? I Otating I r*4t fmftr ? TBat to toaa/ helareoa port ml port of toy flat", or betweaa port uJ pert / coo tig st.oc !*asa?. The t'na tfMt, wkilo atwak eg or the ?ebj?;t c.f tM ooaaliay trade, rewwrl'-d U-at M liH UrrB of *r V wan lit I e? a eiplrt, ke oou hi not premier aaytk.cfr a lie 'wbalf He vii w lltiag, bu Mia, lo aw aaa tbo<|neel!?, h' ??rer, ?n 1 wrinni ?oi' ?.?b. d wber, no beard of tot i >1 to , which Aiaertcae ak'pa won; (01 ?!'??? e< !b Ibo c-- ,i?s of ftgtoM. I rod? .r-lw ?a i?m 004 port <m t. s uace or Is load watera. ? Tb? troiic net nr-m tbo i ai-r an i heaters r rta M the failed JJol? ? aa, for iaataNAe, m*<?i Not ?'ork ud 'fcllfanfb, e!U r around tepo Hora or tlo Aap?*ali lid fioiai Mr In vt bore aitenttoa to tbo fc:t th^ ttw ab.p>;waere of th i.hHted ftiwe bal aaot b mom irtoi to the IrMab Parliament to jtace rghte ?a lb* eoa?< of i'a terr t?ry oo tfc? CoT'iboon *o. iWOt Br.* ? '.?! oafy too >?( bta !a that jnarur, a^d j? tbo oaei oitoo twt o-rrr 1 10 mllee H* uoew tkare waa a deetrn a fx t- . lood to to th* wl*r re of tMi omatry. ood bp ? p a'tag adlltlnnal llgbta ?a that c*?t tbo c?': la further Ow> latoreataaf nioimor. .? through .at tb? war'1. Mr I WtlTtt* rr?'.nM uw renin* of tbo paper. T%?e? arc Ibo i??pera, c*>?tlrw?n. wblrh f p?rpno?l nu- I in it.u? t" poo to lap I left a oovf with tb? Prae'dort, ! tad a Ian a ryy wit* the -?r<ar;, of Kioto, and th?y to fomi'd a?o thai ikey wmM lap tkoee pa.iere bofor ? tbo Cahitet at Wwli Dfioe In a ^bae-ji^at la tar new with tbo Prratdeat ho In rm?J ma that tb?7 bod tiken lb* pa, era :m<ood ?t-> ? noliWaMno, aod refarro.1 Ihraa aim to U><> ^-crelary <f tliO rrooaurp, who r?q i-OV?d that a aporlal nMvt'ot of th'a Board m'ch* ba e%?lo4, before wb'^b tb#p aiigbt bo alao -?ai'--r?rt aa tliat Uia laemuitlle romraoaltp of thi orma try m'pbt taaa thew iato thi-.r aoaai'laratMa. aod II ant aetcti were not takao iato aeeonat, wh rh might hara ??oped ihotr aotloa or mlae, ihep might aot ho osittad la aap act lor which migbt ba takaa br roar govern moot or mlat oo tkoaa a&M aro Mnbodlod <a tb?aa paaora. 1 am happy to aav that w%aa I oalioH oo oonorai 0a?? aftorwarda, bo tafonMd mm thai ka waa pleoaed to aap that aa fbr aa Uho ? a b tool oowat.iorad Iho qoaatlooa which 1 bod tbo boo or to bring bofer* tkotr ao t too , my op n loo i mat Uiotr t owa, a*d thai th?y oowoidar^ thai tbay rranad la a (rital m? -?-ra UM d BVi iJUa that ?t od la tbo wap of tbo aoUtewBt of tfea qtoaHooa wfc eh arnoo aa !i?cflti?a n ragard ? - . ?aHaWI? twaoo tbo Amwieaa <r(rrman??l ar.4 tM Br :,ah torara maat; that Mia otb^r qoratlcaa w?ra q iar. loao r?w t* i hem, bit that Ui?y ?nt?rU at I ttxm aa kvrrably Hat It M their loteatu*, br tb? ma'l of aa*i w??b. to aead 'a th<T*p w orda what iWvaraad toyim, aaor y, to U* On tiak At when the mwaviraa eome baioro the government of Proa* Brta n fbr aot km neon nam. tbay may bo prepared to art apow ikawi tamUgaMto. 1 alec laid tkoaa payira bofwa lord r.pnaa, who will Mb enter Ibto matedlaAa oommna notioa with ear gomra ?art mltiw serweeipi Mf bo | tfB W *> MlH tM IrCtS JHUI TT>crc !or?, m fs.7 u J cac bear, there are lb dilfl2uillea In the way ?I ums setuemeot of tboae .ijestkma to the prrscat year 1 tope there will be no obstacles thrown in tbe w*y by ocr gcernment, and 'I then are, I will on my return endeav jr to remive theai so far aa 1 bare any it i ue ace. Tt la m U>- way the (jo-aiioc low lundi it Manila In a way to be milled I hope, to tbe to Ureal of the great com racial eoinmunl t ea jI bom co on if lea. 1 consider myself a perfectly free agent. 1 came here on a vlait of pleasure, and Laving that ai orot rf leisure time wh>?b every traveller can torn to advantage, 1 thought I n.ght spend It in Jo'iBg good for othera Wben I Oral came here J considered myseli free to act aa 1 pleased, but having been receive 1 by the President and aad entertained by them, and havinr a bmlttod tboee paper a. 1 ft ?: that 1 ain not authorised to say one ward more than is eonUlned is Um paper* which 1 havj laid before yon on these subjects, without tbe sanction o' your jovernment and that of Lord Lyons, aa tbe re pre sentatlve of ouri. In my interview wtu> lord Lyona 2 laid 1 bad great faith In publto op.mon? I taid tbat n <ioeetionn ao Important aa thuae It might be important tbat tbe public, both in Knglan J aad Assarica might be Informed on them, so tbat we might bive public opinion In hogland and America on tbe vlows that strike me; and tbat, though be and I con sidered UMae Tie we all that were nnoeaaary, there might be other* connected with them which did not ojcur to ua b it by having public opinion we would not only remind yon of thoee, bnt if oar views were wrong we might be corrected. 1 stated the saaie to tbe PreaMeal, and Ian bap ay to say that I bare the sanction of b<tt? 1 mipot say tbe desire of both? that tbey should be made known. Therefore, I am laying my opinions before thla Chamber to-day with theaancttoa of Doth your government and the representative of my own. Ur Mndtay now ceased eieakinr, and tbe chairman of the commit'.'.-e remark* <1 to him tbat there are d Iff >rencea of opinion on the auo,?c,.s of signals" and the rule of the Mr. I wttjiT thtt read over tbo sect'ons of bis pa pert which referred U. Ibese svbjer.ta, and showed tbit tbty were merely suggestions, wbtch woald no doubt be acted upon to the beat mulu il a Wattage when consider ed duly by both governments. In my mtrrrlaw with tbe i jifcrined blm loat 1 wouid be candid tud give him tbe rlews of those mercantile men with whom 1 ha i conversed ,c the vari iua cit es if Ue I nlted MNH with rtgard to the opening of the coasting trade At the Sortb the people nterested in oommer-o were opposed to lbs opening o[ the ooaallng tiado; but their views. 1 beitevod, bad ctdergone considerable ohangc from the elfccta of dlrcnssjBg the vurlous '|uestions using out if the sub ject. The ("resident stale 1 to me that, t bough be waa not In favor of owning tbe coasting trade, he bad read my suwmtnts >>n the subiect in the papers, to <ny astonish uient, ss 1 cipe ted his time would be too .nucb occupied by other la.wrtant matters to permit of his giving much at U-ntlon to what I mtgbt state in reference to these subjects Be added that be considered 1 wsa alraaly aware that he was oppooaed to the opening of tbo Irate, but tbat be wss. nevertheless, willing to boa ? me and cntortaln my viows. ! told him that in the Western State# tbe ma jor ty of I ho c-omuur'taJ omm-niiy favored the opening oi the coast ,ng trade to ibe c in* pet it on of Brltieh sbipa; but c m j laco wat the niipogltion to it so great as la the Northern Atlantic cities. Tbe preaa, too, tbiugh dispossd to discuss the question with much liberality, were adverse ac a general rnia to the throwing open of thn trade Tner desire Mcmed to he meroly to aarer tain tbe t-Jb uimb it. Mr Lindsay tb?n qpi tlnu^d to read aa follows ?In rrgurd to the sesond divttioa of thts trtds I may ia; at ev?ry plaoo tbo parl<ei inter of. . frankly admitted ;l a; tbo ucreaao of .ha iraitic waa ao tcry rapid that U'-Cfes ty would compel them l > re m ?eril barriers and '.hat it waa uoitbfr wise nor pru d'Ut to wail til' 1,'ocMlty tornad a change lb regard to tbe third, did not Dud a single inlelligeut man araougst the uiiny with whj a I conversed who did not fraokly adn lt thai .?r trade between Ind i ao '. England <tas as much a c tail ng trade as the.r trale be'.ween N'ew V.>rk ai 1 California They all said ? " Whatever construction diplomat lata put ujou tho words 'coating trade,' cq il'.y 'i;s that a ; aaaage cf 1 700 nn'ies along tho shores of va riola foreigL cooatrlea, aad transhipping cargiorvra foreign So.l, .a not a coaatlag trade, aad wk o igbt at oere to meet KogSasd,,and open it to ber ships " Hs a Aner'ca an> tblrg to fear from, or anything to looae by, tbe c -mpetitloc of Drltlah ships' Baa aba not rather m ch to ga.n br free lnterooum - She oaa build, quality eor? lored, and sa l ships, <.nite aa cheap aaereranr r-gliab coian aw, and chea(>cr than wa can In Kn(iaad. Ber sbii* cooapeio with suoceaa la our irada; why should she foar coai?t'.tloB In her owa' AI! experlenoe baa proved tbat avery sal. on (even some of tne px>rcsi ani weakest natK-na >f > ? -.>:??) can maiiafe .k own - >aliiig trade to tbe grealeat a l v intage, for the ships of other nations do not eitav .1 when opeoel. All ei|vr!eaoe sga'c proves that tb<< r. moral of the barriers now oiiSt w<?iid, by !ltc .ltating lataioouraa aioog Uio shorea of U< T"niu i Fiatea where the produce aad manotactarea to be . r Lagged are so great aad si rapidly ow tba r. r ? f ?i ? '< .none tbe traitlc "n.ea , ;bn altip ? UK nvrc r.arr"5r. ASMMfiM ts nxiavenoe eaurety a|>or. the ammiat of goods w b; carr J, it f'11! w thai with m-'iu irafl'?', nice ?hip* will be re.inlre.1, srd o~nse(|ii<>Btiy th^re wo ild ??e mora wcrfc fi.r the sb ix. * ner uud more work i'jr tbe ship builder But Kugiand h&a tnu:h to do alac. alie haa m r. Ibt-rts In remove which NlU be ? great MM to Amerl oaa snippinr? aarb ss bar itght dnss. passing tolla, '.xtal iibar (oi, and ooapulanry pll .lage at places where tbe aervir? of plU<t? aii Lot reipiliaa F >r a'l tbe?e Am"fi can shipi ng pays to I ? i-'a- i a very 'tr^e s<- a ii.uualiy. Canada bas i. July to parfors. cbe wouid re nilre to remove aii barriers on b<.r side of the lakes, and ou the ibjr.s of j>o Kt. Uwrci.oa; ^boijh dulerSMttal dut'.-s of every kind, If any '"11 .-ilrt, and, I think, make rirloaa Mtr. M'?k? p regtri to the b ph inties she sow icvles oa American D'olcuv and masnlartui-ea. Mould the ship ows'-rof cither cosilry lose by tb'sa chtagesf Would t?'tb sot raihcr be vaat ra nars* an I what a w<o to the pe-'pla of botii asualrM and to mtakiai, by the rtruofa of those ii..?cr >s cauaea whiob cr- a'-e hai f'ei ng Vetween the people of Ihe two m 41 a<!vsn.?d Bat ons t:p<.n the earth. Mr. .ladray s-xt referred to tbe abaenoe of a .usl law iD A |[/ff r? ,B ire T10? r.TTtl ??Of|[IID( f HK1I .BIO IM coi.niry. IV, le ,i no <? ratal ot tbia ac >j*et, as cp; t si. u.d oc?, pa?t??: ik 1*99, which if to utterly an (altrd In the prtett.1 lime u to be very *etr!menUl to oon.mer<.c. By th:t law. If a Baa oa bcarl auy (hip (B wring ar /ci'riean i t brluga e.Ui him a ; ' ? mtuft'i I'- 'a *ba wb"le aM^'s rergo in : it ? ecnvejed la liable to eor.titcatvoa. Ha . qnowd an icrtaace of wtiw a Brtuab mubm ro m oieof IV Canard tttaam aiaiiggiedoM po isd of lobeoro, an<1 Mraar*. Canard ware obliged to (Ira I MIL lu eoanrqoenoe, l< :b? uaouat o; ?10 000 ! Mr. I.laJajy a'Vd la oooc, that be no mora , to lay. He ?i (?????< 1 blmarll tnuob lnlrreaied In b>? , TJait to America, dcl'jhtcd by hit latercmrae with I a Piealdenl, la rartoua public man and I \a p< J ? lie otmmerr.'aJ bod iff, and bo tapoclally tt.ankel lb? Nan iurk Chamber t,f Commerce for the htadneoa and altrati-e wbr.h they bal ahown n'm. and ; oprttaed the nope It a. hia mrtni and out irencea ' we'd land V,warda the M osjti of cementing more I irmly tie tl'a <*f frlotdtklp and k'udarea which eboild tver bold the l wo greet aa'lona In anion and harmony. He bad receded nr.. n k.ndnraa :n A met. ca, and ha vi > now olIj lo aaj fareaeli, aa be wee d. pejtlng for hoa*s to aiorrww (to ?Jay), and add tbat b? would aJweya boglad , M'M/rUla Km'Ttoam eltlaaat at home, If not la oriental ' erleador, at leaat with true boapltaJlty, In bia L ate oa | baeke o' Ike Thaaiaa The follow 'eg raaal'itloa waa tliea ollered aad adopted ur.a? laaoaalr , after a<>?? dkaroaatoe, aa the proper I method ol >ader:eg Lbaaka le Mr I tadaay ? n^aaiT'd, That t?> thanka of l bin committer are dae to | W. P. J.laMay. Rri , M. P , for bia ea*rtlona ;n bringing to lb# atlrallon of oar government th< proponed changea lp the ' we of the two rocrtnae aflerltBi: important mar t'a a intarrata, aa wall aa tor the aimpie ant intereating saan*r ta which be boa iubmilte.1 hit viewa to the ' airWr of Caasneroa of thla city and that the thatka of tb.a committee are amcrdlagly trnleredto h m, with la?>l. l??et ? ?h"i for bid ra/e return to Kaglaad The enn ruittae Wei ad'ocrotd, the m< mbrr( taking warm ? avc of Ml. .'.'ndaav aa they d.. parted Mr. ndtay ? .oeeq ieally eipreaaad h;a rfrair* to hare theNkw >>*, flM4ii> reprrwat bia rWwi aa folly a a |,oaa">k< aa thit i*ap?r had r-> tar*" a '?irr..'.alloo la f'jg ard. He alwi aa d I bal no h'? r?t' ra h? woald (how the ?>i ?< lhaat i ma'ie.^na aad ?ri >laai t ari'eiaa of Ihe Lwd'n r -ft 'b rofcreBi* to I5e affa'ri of ihta great ew.itry Paranaal lalelllcaaaa. H ghl I'-tr irte Bel. : of Hoatraal . an.,) Kip and I wife, of Chll'urata, 4?oa Krudali and w ^a, of iVaabing i too.aa: Co: i'.*tl*y aad family, of .Jew Vork, ara atop I 'rg at tha > fib Irtase Hotel. <. A. Manley, of OMp Ororge fiolaoa, of Port 0->rer .1 H iiarne, o# t ilmr'tee P t Paraena aad party, m ottaerl tMit, and A a R h onor M Ppnnay!rai*aa, ara alopp'ng at the lafarge H ? iao Oapt T. C W.wna, of New Bad'ird r>r. WJlard, of Albert, f i>. Morgan, Jr. <.f AlUa.y P. I F*r*ec4ei and (hailiy. of Havana Br. W Piaher and Or. Juha ' (bar. h th of T' krrr lie, Term , are (ttrp'jig at the M? tropoi taa llntal. Hon. ] . ? ornrkar. of i aw ego (|?a. r:oop?r aad, aad r C (Vlavaa, all of Albany Me, or lapragae, of tb? l"n t<^l PUIra Atir; C?l Cohfn, of Rait ?orr l)r. Ckkl4s, of HarM'-fa, an 1 R P. Ottte, of ^<*htvg?oa. wrre amei tbe arrira.e at tba H N'vt. aa Flntal y( Mart ay O ' ??nail , of Mew Yorh K B. Morraa. of Aurora; ("apt K T Ontletiden, of Albany; Oapt W Pavldavt, r?pi Vh '.tie* r, fieot. McKee aad foot. O. Cooka, all of tbe i alte.1 ^Utea A>mv f..eel J Irwin, I .taut. Yanti isg'r a?1 ?.!?? M Aran, of tba raltad .Jui?a Vary, and Mr J. II. tVHktaaoo, of I nglaed, are alo^pia^ at tba A ?tor IUraaa la oat Mrie of y?tard*f It waa etakad. ta roaae<!tto? wiui operane matutra. thai Mr Mat H .ret ek had goaa to Haraaa to art at mndu tor at tba Taooa theaira We aitoa )?ara that thla M a?l thanaea Mr. Maret^efe will probably be Or mua'.ai owductor of Mr. I'll mac, at our owa Aradtr. y, tbe maaiag aeaaaa, aad will ratarn frtin the ' yoaea of the Aatillaa rta aboat taa days A Rappowd rvflUra lib** IWIT1B UTATW MAMMAL'* OVfTOB Xw JO ? Tbe felted Rakea Mvekal baa b-ea ?arred with a writ ot babaaa oarpua, mm* Irm the Npaai O rl, to prod^oa Uka body of aaappaaad fhgntre au ra aaaaed Jota Tbowaa (or hf WMHW **bar ? y ha rnnad) befota the V.praaaa (Mart m Wbdawdyara af There were a nawbar (T petwoaa alxmt the o?oa af tba Mara bal dartaff the day whe haw IbaaaabbM if irlu about Ma Ma, aad w.aaKbakad great latareat la 1 tho om! The .wifSwwi wa? that baa pbl?athrv ILL i_ lj U I i(alT T* MM Mle'.doal (Toolor who M i aaw(aed by tMe i*nt?d ?iet?a atithrw'iMa m a Wtateaa a a wa af (e*M eflkaee <w the high aaaa Be win ho pr? dwaad, of aaatoa, th'f iWedearfay) trafhlbt b^w? the j ?oftwo omt? ABR1VAL OF TEX GLASGOW. HI PORT AH T HEWS FROM EUROPE DIDICiTIORS OP A PINIJICIIL C? SIS. liKrciiNc of the Hunk Kate ol' Interest. DECLINE W AHEKICA* tULWIf SEtClinn, Ac, 4c., he. The steamship Glasgow, Cap va n F.oake.., Turn Liver pool on the Tlta, and Queenslown on lb* itb maL,ar lived al this port yesterday afternoon. Her ad v teas are one day later Iban those received by the Tbe l'rlnce ol Wales bad not arrived oat when the Bias gow left ijueenilown, nor bave we received by tola arri val any Intelligence of tbe royal ueet, due aad bccrly aa tiolpatcd at Plymouth wben tbe mu(o? sailed. TUB LATEST 1EWI. Livwroot , Nov. ?, ibeo Tbe steamship Nov* Seotlaa arrived to day. KINAN0IAL Amiga. Tbe London Times' city article of tbe 7th last. eay? ? Tbe English fundi have beec without the least move rami to day, bnt tbe tone of the market la rather firm. No (old waa taken from the Bank. Tbe prin cipal fluctuations la tbe railway market to-day oave brtn In Canadas, wblcb bare been pressed for sale, the market being over supplied, bave eiperlenoed a further decline Tbe London Daily Newt Bays the bills of Spencer P. Bennett, merchant, of Liverpool, have been returned. Tbe London Daily Xew*' city article of the 8th laat. ?ft - Although tbe expectation of an early advance la IM Bank of England's rate of disjoint la now general, tho F.ngliib fundi remain Arm. In tho share ssar ket tbe principal feature waa a further severe fall in tbe stock of tbe two principal American rail way companies. In t. e discount market the sup ply of money continues ample, but rather higher rates wire demanded today, la aat.clpaiion of a movement at the Bank to morrow. Good short bilif waro taken at a 4 per oeat. Tbe applications at the Bank were heavy, asd betokened a general impression that tba rale will be ralaso to morrow. During the last few days tbe batiks bsvc raised tbe terms for advances span long bills from 4 to IX a i per cent. Tbe London Timn' city article of the 81h its! ssys ? He demand for discount at tbe Ban'i waa extremely h?avy y< sterdny, thecvjwctttijn of sn cpwsrd movement. The rate to-day hts la some drgree diminished There la no ttmitcrclal pressure, and Uie majority of lbs applies Hues yesterday must be regarded s raply aa a pre jnut/oa. It is not impossible, tboioforo, that aa Immediate ad vane" may still be t'ecmed unnecessary, especially ss ao larjo wltb.lraJs of gold arc Ukoly Just al t'WWl to br msdc frcm tbe Bank on French aocouat. Moderate remittances will continue to go to Spala, b.t these and scytblcg casually r?iulrod tor Paris, will, i; is thought, bentarly alt supplied by arrivals frjen Australia as l Panama. At tbe tame time it is still a peculiar leaiam ol tbe period that oar exlatlng rate or discount Is cons! derably higher thaa the ra<c on the continent Tbe sloe* of bullion is fully (r(ual to tho avirsgo of 107, wben lb* rale was only 3 per coat. There Is no rigid precedent for sn increase sua the matter merely stands st s poist si nicely balanced tbst no faults can be round wt clever course msy be adoptod. Al IAIBS IN ITALY. The London Tim- s regards tbe interference of tbe I ranch AdmlrsI with the operations of tbe iard.n ae sr. s iron on lie Neapolitan coast as tbs most lnespl eab.e episode of Uie present campaign, sad siys It reqe'roa al! our eon lldenoe la the ability or tbe kmpwor to p?rs.a<ie ja thai his policy is not a scries of vsgarlsa, the onspri&c of momentary litpulsss, or tbe con il idling counsels of minis ters and allies. Letters from Naples stats that Gavi/.s' bad been tbreat I ened In his own bojse by a crowd which srsesmb ?& out ? sids and crlcd "itoath to Gavazzl." A drtocomeal of the National Guard rer.alned there dcrlng the day. Girtbal dl baa confirmed certain privileges wblcb be Sad -.infer red on Gsviazl, and tbe Padro was to prea<-b oa u>e fol lowing day. A despatch, dated Naples, No'smher (I, has here r*> Mired, giving tbe t llirlally announced rsacll of the votisg la itclly fjx.n the qe<jst<on of sanexa'Im. !. s as fol low* ? "yes, 413 0? I; noes, #67. TI.c f/> ndon D'Oji A'.ieisats that about Ki.OQO Seapot' tan tr??<'>*, 4 uCO horses snd thirty two g ins, being par r I rd by tbe Sardinians, tiofc rsfugs In the rspal Stales ? TerraclBS. At Chaterrt tbe.r progress ass ar-ested by tbe r.psl snd : rereb authorities, and they will br s once dlsartred. A week sro lb" strength of the Sourbon army wm vari >nsty est mated at from 40 0(0 to SO ,000 m en, the latter being regardsd aa an eUrems stalumont. We can not reasonably set down tin lo-ses !>? lb* fail of Capau s> d Ihe battle of the 31 al loss tban to 'MM men 7%os n l< ' It is s week Kraec'.s 11 b?s loft 34.000 m n B?k?, K ? T. ISM) To day M. Waae.fnv- remitted to lue free. leot of u?s Federal Otmaefl bl* ere temple aa Freoib Ctarno d'AV fkirrr <v ink Hat The Marine Kargot wit! B'.l 1he?e'or<i mum w bta p* el for I he praieot. can a. A deeee'ch from toaibaraptnn lat?<l Sib ott , an oniiacee li>e arrtra) of IM at- ..ruaol i '<ae'.<la wllb tba bi ary |?rtM>D nf the Cbie* tad Caleatla ? '.all* T?<e l/>ud< n t'lU't Par - orrrepoedeal 1'imi 11 vb?t follow telegraph k; dee pat eh ? H to nut U>* MM tba Auglo t ?? <? i oil i ,'.n to Chlaa m a u i Prk'o. The maoya ol tbo two Pow.-ra, with their ra in ant pro haoly guards uf hoaor. will go tj Iba oepttel. where the ooadtlluaa of ihe a ew peace will be eweed. la nrtue of a clenre la Me former treaty, ?n RB?!iab aal ? Praach Hiatal) r ? 111 ba .ccredited la ,"et!o, ?ttn Iter will mm. on* a. Adrtttt by tbe Bombay a>a'l ware to ft- t. 12 Mord animated dcroaad la reported fir omu.n o.trafWA raa Uan. i r< r ay more cbaarfol, bat all mpurie nafed at vary low ft, on, an J a onaeldeeable edveaoe moat lata place balm a profits ran ba realized. UoUoe twit la bat far 1?w??d, aad adraaord ralae. I ram ead aultaa Ira. New* fr<> in be. ma o t aa edrae<* at Liverpool bad eaa aad ? rtaa la ootua. Tbe riaa la liaaaad ? ? I raifbla allg blly higher Caot rr?,Oc?. T. 1Mb. era. Woodt.ure aad Dr Barat are dead. UUM. I .mr**, So? g? Noea C- iitoM N , a ?3;? rhe baa a rata baa baaa advowee 1 U) 4 ia per ocat. Pegtr baorarl, aad a'l qaa tlae a.lgbtly higher ^alaa of lute' l? I'eatraJ sharae were made at 3k a MK dwnt/rjit Kaw Tort UrntraJ sharae at TV a I); frM ebaree at 34 %? \'ev. I, 1M. CM toe? Moles yeeter lay and t> day 10, MO ba'oe, IB. rhid 'eg fl f 00 to ep? .ulalore aad exporters. Tfce sartat eloard ateady at frlday'e lo italtoaa. Brradstufle doll. ???lira iMtalllga Asian '?> aw A -imh> ?' ? Ubrniii Aaini I vo* T? o P< ram ?A : tile over ? mttb ago ? barf lary waa ooaamittad ta a gmnary aWr?. la Moaroc atraat, by urn ote I ladiTtdnali. oaa of wbom, aaaMd Hdward N?A -si, waa arreaied oa iba tpnt, bat tba ntfear aac ee.-1'd ta maklai bta aaeapa, I tat eraalkf tapwl Kaafr, of the Voorth pmaiaat, l*arr>ad tliat tba party wbn Md cot away, ?i?H I a areaue. waa biddaa at a wall kaowa crib kaft by a woman Barred SIM. tm Water atrtet on?or tkraaa adiia>?l by oft tear Ko j, af tbe Fnartb ward, prooaeded la Iba above plaoe a boot atrru av.iaeb aad upna entartag Ute aatona roaad tt IM witfe a crowd of bard l?w>r.e| charariera. faar/*aaa waa f<,nnl rttlof aat"a| Iba party, wliea tba o"t?a?a \mmm d lately i?ada kco?n Ibafr erran t bot laareaoadld ao? arrai dtapeaaJ ta annept U?a?r cftw la go wttb tM??. an I c?nt g to b id aid tbe party la tbe roo?, a <? para la Sub l rtt^ad, all of wbom ponaoad opna Iba -moaw. beal'ag thetn alttabalrt. a.??M, *? AHar ? d^parata 'Igbt. bo a at ar. tbe ofDeera ?ada an ra of tbatr prlaa aar aal rafelr Mpd lia la tbe eut^w boaaa. Dartac Ma n>ay tbe were barfly baaiae, aa ?aa alao L am rarre croa aVwrbaaJ tba effuwre need Ualr ataba ar-tty tfi+T ^ eoaipea1"* ? eemaed waa JWtmr day (aal to Me ?ala prteoa l.?r Bra year* for Ma Mora burglary. Arrav Ttpdrfrrpeowji Hr'aoj Rn*a Ri^boap ? I at I arealeg ? man aaaed Robert Iwirtx wm brought to ariMroa Boernai. Mr lag aUeaapted ta eaoMiit eai^da pa oae af IM Iraiaa of tbe Badeoa iUrer Rai.road. tt (reae Mat aa Uo trbla wm ap praam lag rordbaaa tba paeeeagar* ef tbe bat ear were rtartled by Me leod re port of e ptetnl m Me rear of Me ar aad I waa al aw dlaaarercd that a mm M4 MM bMf !? Ike bead. Il tbe arrival of tbe Jraie at Thirty i roarvyed to Me dora hnapitai Tbe rbyei tane that be rwaaot renovar Be reatdae al ]?? eraaoe beaters trouble to eaid to be Me oeuee of Me aate aOlUr Oonrrta ene.? A aaa eased Winieai i reeled laet erealag ter atlewptlag to paeoi ton at Me oH Bowery Meetra Be wae leobed ap ta Ma , Bttth wsrl etaAlea beeaa to aadwer. OawMrWt two* 1 tb Me nteraet oaal Bbafe of '?antaae. Ma'ae. aad mm tm IM MarMeaer Mak of BoMw Mam , ware peeaad to I a?r era. aliiam :b Me eMy a o- eiber of Mm two aed e bttf doikr gold yleo* wen ?m f>?t ta simey*.

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