Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1860 Page 2
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Ttoc City CkBMbwlUB Md flit Clly Kudl. Pursuant to adjournment ike special oommltlee, ap pointed from trie Ailenunw body to dlsoover the where abouts of Um city luada entrusted to tha City Chamber lain, met jtwlerday evening la Um City Hall. Tbe trium v irate, Aldermen Brady, Boot* tad Plait, took their seats at a qouicr paat three o'clock, having waited tome time for the ap ?*ianie of the recusant Chamb rlaiu Alderman Bmu>v , aa ohainaaa , opened the proceedings by ealliag forward and examining one of the Oily Hail messengers, who deposed that he had served lbs City Chamberlain with the subpoena issuod by tse ooaalttee TUB C1TT CHAMHIBI VIH SOI IK AfTWOAW ? The Chairman sremeo rotuewbat uonpluaaeJ bow to prooeed la the absenoe of toe principal chare iter be de needed on t) tnable him to proceed with ?is programme, bat ha nevertheless ei:>re*a<<d bi? determination to an ravel the m>stery and vo h??o llio play played out at any coat 8ome relief wan allorded lo wo den l luck li which the sommillee fouud lUetf by Ibe appjaraice of Judge Whiting who aaaurtd the priuoipai that the Cnam?erlaia had ao objection lo give ever) inlormatun who reference to Uie disposition) made by mm ol the olty funda He merely objected U the oourso adopted to compel bin lo give Information It was lo lh? Coaplroller, aa the head of Ibe Duanoe rteparUntul, lie coumitlee oughl t<> apply for the informal i"U sought and cot lo a aubordlnate In that deiMuiineol. iiooit little by piay paaaod beleeeu the cbalimau and Mr Wbillog, whi;n waa brought to a cloae by an sojournment till involve Ihia day, when the com ? mlltee will rvaume their labors. Urouklya CI i y News. Tin Hattiis Coi >Taa>ut Homy Cahk ? Thn trial of Adrian H Harg, for the forgery and u'4erlng of uotea on the Hay lien government, took piaoa y eater lay In the Court of ticaalota, before Judge Garrison an 1 Justices Stillwell and dtryker. It will be remembered that a few months Bf!o Harg waa arretted under a charge of having sold the counterfeit bll s in <1 ueation to the aecond mat* of a vtaael about to aall to Hay it, and a considerable quantity of the paper waa f>und tn bla posses ?ion It waa u me tluir, however, before It could be discovered how the watermark on Ibo paper had been obtalnod, bnt at length it waa found, through an active agent, that bis part of Ibe transaction bad been done in i/indon The u\ Ida Ma ad C ooed yeaterday wa? oocforuable lo Ibe facta ptii:lsiiod In Uie H*kau> at the time they were brought to light Mr. Chitriea I., ^i.tbuin, wbo appeared for iho deience, addressed tbe Court ai tbe oonc.uaiou of the evi'Jeoc* for ibo proaeculK n, sluing th it th ere waa do cace lo g<> lo ibe jury He fad the b ills were of no value In this country, c>n? *quaoUy, tbat luboJy here was or could be Injured, wauh aloe ? could form a ground of accusation, and not the in tention lo defraud Tbce waa no general law, n >r la ? of the .State applicable to tin- case, because tbe government of Rnyll wax not reoguiz d by tola couatr , aut a j-idi clal tribuial could take no cognizance or olVenres com milted sgainsl a nation not so recognized Htm Yoik oould not conatitute itself as the police of tie wnolo world, and, Ih rifurc a* there was bo law broken, the Indint tent could not b ? s'lalalued 1 Mali let Attorney Ailiii* repMed Hi sai l, ac Cording lo the doctrine of the learued oouusel, an> man might lorge t/ajKrs against a fori ign nalloj and sell tbrm to sea'arn* men for what be oould jet. and there wti no law lo punish bim Hi contended, boaeter, thai tbe kills were o! value to s< nis pcreous in Ihia cnuuiry, be cauae It had been ab> *11 that ihey were au object of de ?Ire; and be dart I to sty ibai there were permas In the community who ?on i be glad to gel busbels cf Ihetu. He propoai'l that tbe cast be to the jury, and in ibo event of a con vie: on U could rimaia lor furUiei O ' t. le ration. Tte Cocrl ruled tbat It should be sent to ibe jury, when coot. eel proceeded to a4di ?j thetii, goli g ovei pretty much tie sam? groui.d a.- tney baJ dot a to tbe Court The Court cha g-d the Jirv, and a verlict of guilty In tbe t urd degree was re.urnel. CounKrtl for the defetce will move an %rn at of J idgineut oa datu/day. Tas Hi' I).- )> Hi\ xk Rail t >au Cohi a.nv is Ooi kt ? In the Kings County Circuit (ourl yesterday, before Judge Emolt, an action was brought by kir. J.ika Tb >mp aon a^axst Ibis o>mpaiy, to reviver e\ oases and loos of a, r uli.n< to hiui from an Injury lo bla wifr, in corseijuenco of a cv 1 1 ? lor in January last, on tbo de'endanu' rotd, mar rotgbkee|?ie, fuil parttcuta-s of whlcu were publMtied at the l int in the Hskalu I) r.ny the lul sprln* ibo am till recovered $tl 000 oomp . "at.' ?> for lojurlos austvned. The jury have n >?* giren a vei diet for a lurl&er sua of 93,010 lor I *s ol ?e> vloe Another action w is brought by Mr Tboman A. Fis d to reoover damages for lots ofanrvioe of bis wife, wuo was killed by tbe tame ru lite ion Mr t tfld ban oe?n married but a few hour*, when he was ihns deprive! el h:s br!i.\ Verdict (8,760 In both ciumis. Messrs E. Mooie and G. G. Key noils were for the plamlitlt, an I M<s*rs North and Fnlierton for the deft odtnia PEHSOWAL. BAK7.II.1A HTABKTKit aN!? aKc'HIK 1^11 lAffAH lof>rmAlloa wADled -B*rr lit Mr eel at k? >1 ? f.idln* ?lure kJV >%*lbAAi (trrrl. In 1037. And la IH1S ilrAlt In *h .-w t?. M PeAri ? r*eV. Atcbi'jtM r?uo*n w*a a b.?? o. Uvlu* *l 11.' HinniU.Q AtroAt. from *H41 to ltfl7 Homfiklng to th*.r Alv?-j U?A Apply to J. TOWMIHB.NO U7 Falloaatrtl X. W. G BO RUB WHITS HAKK.1. latb OF NKWi-aBTLB, wtll p>Ae* mid fell nddreoA. aa < AptAIn tie >rK* IudIa. of KiniMit w wwa to ma him AddrcM McRui ray A Dwmtrai, skip ' h*n erm fj Sju.b lUwl HROBBRTfOR Wll.l, FIND TWO OR Til It KB LET ? lera la BroAdwAjr FoaI i-OIoa from M. L d. 1r this Huon.n mil rug kvb \>r hichabl. r. Oelt'urt or *ay i>erAOti koiwln < klA present d imlcila. tke.v Arc rc'iuntrd Ij wi. 1 ki* ktlumu to Mr. Ibia r*ml, Kiu?c? Ooiiiitr hbAdrA, l*(i l'l**rrepocit *'r*trt OCA' Fntm Brootjya nrloMr Utorj ori.lArt, AJe.Aida J'uAt jBjo, eooaty of Mil iilatei, *aoa*'? *m 1'!?rOKMA7,"?' WaNTAJI 0? B.IZaUBTU l)u\ ,1, Ait It >Aii? wko krt b*r b. nn* OS mio**5 Alteroooc ktd o. aner I Ml <Ni A pur, ,a < brown r>nl?n ai. '. M raer bAl Any tit' -mtv m of ber will ?>a lk*ot:nll/ recrlrad by key aacle, .!??<?? Uolding, coruer of Ik'rty flflk itrttt ! Thrd kv?r ua. I FIIALL K1IUK.V TO OHAKUCrifOX l!? TUB r u'?A of * am* I mn4 ?r?- you e*'ora t InAre, ah I AbA.i |>i. :>Ally b<' foee ? >?ne )?*? OaII At the ?*??.* p.** Imn.i >*iAly . He mrt JOHN liftutf N. f ???*?? FKBP1.BXB0 aWii 1>?ht*K ? ??!? ?F WK I J cab oot bih imme ? Intel' , pray writ* Mid AiplAlA 1 wfcU Aly We-e Ji? tiro inter* r*c?i\e: STATKR Iftl.ANO-l WIAH TO HBB YOU VlitT M "tTR Come on Tb i BdAy. At 9 o'd ? Caa you be Uerv U diaier f frr*>Ti:>-ii?F0R*ATi0> "of vilTs h jv .*rr, TT o* llrr*' irit d. nko ml la lltm it, ?' *" , AVunt IVm, W' Mr Smith Unsjt.ib. ? irt ivwt Ik AdilrVM or wkr'C 1 ? li U I* font. ' u fAit? a>At t r> lAAtxl f ir da own " aa4 kl* axkcr'A, by A. PbMIa, i. ??.*Ar WLrrr , Nt* \ork. TIIK LKTl'It K 8RAHOIV. If'TKUITI' N KNT? vTAlNMBIIr, Rci.JaMK M.BI .IaK, lull" t-1t?;' ?',! tM-tAry r" the ' Bii.d S.k l.'nntt 'B M '.be <?>urv of liruli ip?m ihi* WM . it of r -*t at '!.?tioo-'x* d rlUMMuf St**. ' * " ACi l kfBOF ?IT? LSOrURBB ?t nir. i orrn t .rrt. r r ? tr.onr A|IiIIa' ?tkhi ?? ??m'xr J3 T)be ?i ?.! *..>r4*f. Ma; < Sv4.lm.*j Mb VotdkT, l>rr. 3. alJ Fn 'Ay, l*e. 7 It i i ..All * ? c?n?'*l of '.*? It ArtllAn Bn.| .<?? Lao* I ??>.* Mi?'.*kr? lr>'? Wlu<B ' '.:.n*> r ?h: la u? in>, ft *?r?? mirk' for Amarirtu fru ia. FaI *'.4i * K#r ?' *r> Ac . he II >IM. Ii ril* 1 HOPIi'fi ? Fei*?t? Tnwt World. btmk a *i ? (?i *< ? ?? j?. u?.: brrrii*. city l. ?. pMklllW K\.'iUff Fi<t Hi ?MMllM l.?w ?o?I Mill" Kb ??l? ' fc? wi-r 'if l>"u *'#<!!" l! A" , A? III *11-. i'' tMI \W */.ON l? Ur*nCr ir. lllAvy ^ m, M m a of A nl' ' t ? ?>. ItAfi* At** > till tri' ? ' ??. * ?t?. ?r . A a. |\ ? i ?! iMl T Ml m*tr ?mr ?r cf H?h ? K.-'? 1 ? fi k ?rti )j? W > ' ? * " i K ? ?? 1 I \t * ? *K? uo.irr ;'i? ilh' < . x V. I. * *.>' ?< ? -t ? ? A ruly Ti?it it thr 9 ? I?| t? |J. ???*?? I* f\nj \ llir Hdl la l' ? f >ar UrM ti i ry. At. \ ?? ?. im a?I r? ifit <ivi<iAi>!i fr xa Iff t hoi ?? lb* KlkMOMRtf Ia; .? I>?.. *orr k) I*bo r*rcr * d IM Vr?n? tiori ri't ii i < i'i ii'i.t mi |1 LAiu*, -<? pa fli? (?< ?rti **? 8" r* I t? M> *> .l.'4?li< It t*AtA To br bA>t ?I the K-A AT t unM -iirA*. A-M n it* dour ft.) ??? liektta ?old u. ?a I be Ii k UrmfoitAbly kx ???bti >4A4A 0*.r* of?n At (<t 1o e mmietK ? At THo ek^k. THK KIKKMKM. R0TWTr0R BkOlKR Of. RO a TUB k S ilIlF.K A*d r1*b4> of t;?? 'tfr . it r?i i'Hid 1 1 ??*> At the > n?to* k me. tkl? * tn*?U' ' *!!??. o m ?t o-e rfc/irk. u. ?u>'<d?AA ( 3?>*i '?f oat Mm bratker And felloe ? i*l?r. Jobn Hr?>d. Ity tmlrr. (?<? T Jai?'' Mr t'iLIB SIARF, F i-maaa. DKVI'INTHI . A RTlFH .Al. IIOHB Fll . 'Ml FOH Dit'ATBII TBVTb J\ ptu k *b ? ml *I*WI P?e?i"? ? ( *.n *< U'*> Iwtboe mere nhellA r?o lie fll led a^tk K Ny |*? WW JAM W? rBAKM^M. M. I?. K.m we.1 n me nee of k*TMilee^tk mnr* tfl(? V** ?>AOtA?* And k >A fllAyk; T HDRBTRR lie 8RADIATB1. * IkUBOR f B?TO?t. V Fwrely ttetk ?raM, H?i*r *%i hr adWAy An 1 AlJ *rew -A Nf ? ?RIFFTR M HK'W . lJtTI?lA. Ho fit >iRA!?D . itroet, H?? Tor*. k*d ?7 F'Jlrra > reel. H ?en fall ir i atUaJ *eu r?-u. on u. ir lir ur- te 1 as? atkarll ?IMA. KttA oe WtUkAil ettTArtl A t?e l AU-nn Blrrr r a a bee or r?''*?r. fll" t?M. B? kMIi.% R*' #?>' a; m-Morn r lit M par Wotk. aiiear II. T*n? ?n?l t u- ? >d. fll ] ,*r.?, tame. Mleor oc Ua. hJ MM InU fetrwukd wUkoot t AtA pi J fl.M TOOTH RTTRA'TT' R WTTBOPf fill J i oaa at c4>Bi i^A'?y OMOlrvte nr AAy bm f ii??|> I tr MA'tlfB'l.bAA Aetf IkiriW AA.1 t At?tl?* % ? i A AIM t'* ?Ae fA?-e? *nrmr?,? 4 l?e*k Ao l BT!k;>A. T ett > mr< rp"g tke **-!? fi n ;e * ?>? at t*? f" -??? rti*. rw<t k Hi v. ArjAc U F?<wk. ?'?k Ml ??? \t- ? pAteeif.' t?f? oo. T^etb SJe^. ttrou :<?w M .* .? Met w roe* at mrmrrf, i'Umb rk| IM baft e-t t Ik BBKe i'i AMMix. I ? .A TlKITH ' * * T ? ? wmtocr TUB J nea of ??./??>? rw. ?lmatrkJly. or ABjr etn, l'yln? ??*?! ? Pr BKrilBi. k*e l*?elj Irr-Ated And I'AtobM AA AtpAnitBi tiw tka r*'*>e?. ?itn i** <* Wwtk AAd ttnapa leM ekk ?aeBfytra t*e ?m* r-?m per. ?u of k ?k p- Willi i A ??? N? wm Ai Pr B . r?Bi!e*AA Anin n*: Te? h aHk All k-e lAtAly PA tAAle*) InoroeemeAlA Toe k AllAt. lariM In* M BwJ Mrwe o.5Ae? nf fernery rv?AAk ria, Ue Ml trIU t*?. Ra IM'I t Anfe na t*0 rr*?t deattA odAlBonX by tke nae a t fleru??a?b ?ld MOAA Ike mrvreath^ief theprAAUW. ?*..? cia|i. *b.? Ute -e?AAUy lo^ ^ ?Md ?, ?A?AlAa of lie &">! nf Bn M itotwl Itre't ren tar* ? t 4*llr {>. *et??> I flnea -TtrAM t??lk ?TAL*.t t>ipar:?aA? of ?tA*. i o' -'.A .HtUtitk tllMi *<m% i>i<aauM At mm f?" ? ??.'! we b ?" Z"B boBV RBAMftRA tli ril-HM ?. "... J=~ Itrnomn U?AI we kAee e?ea U IM Mr *re ?? tAe ?ew r* imw (MAlilkkaNl lltfti r- ? etrAot ? w f RUB AK< >l.ti A PltSOtRB Pri??? m Hrymnt A BHIiA. Of tbe MarAA*ii<e 'W A?a 9 or InattniA. A?y ? e b*r* AA> ..lottB Or. I p CAT* Mi for mai r?ua aa m> fAiw' v dertiAt A.-.I aval oiw-UAfl? rAvmatAM kla w a ?m war ? we-Awr, R ? 1. II And 11 OaOMr I'MBM*. ^ POLITIC Alt. TMIKH'IAIll' RBPUBUUA* USMIHAL. 'Jj* JJ T?ir? ??? t Hull. -Tu democratic rrpeUcaii <l??*ors of tfce city ud oouotf ot Htw tort, ?*ulM-?o-t??uoM eod Ihe naaxee of ihe party. art- mioiMi lo attend a primary election lo be held la thstr respective wards, on Weds ;ay. tbe flat day of Noeember, between Ihe houra of sit as I elasi lu Uis afternooa, lo elect aorh number of A &ermauLc diairiit delesaiss aa the ward la entitled lot huoae. aot eioeedl is aloe to UT W?nl below fourteenth street. and not eaceedlnf 8 em above Ave iele?Alee from ee>h ward to a CjuimUmanlc Ooo veMlnn for the taaatoilal dial' let. nnt laaa than Blue nor more ihaa bflaen persons to meet on Fr day eveals*, November XS, at half past nvea o'eiock, t > nominate canr kfalee for la- olh. ? of OmataSe. uot Uss than nine cor mora lhas OTleen i>ar?oai to nw-ei on halui day cranial, hiovenuer 21 at half pi? Mian o cinch, to nnoimala candidates for Boh'o'. officers, aud lu the t-laieeotb and Twentieth warda seven delegates ea;h to a J ml. < lal i oavei.Uon, lo meet at Kregau's. Weal l<i riy ac?u street, on Monday evening, November ki at halfp uti seven o'clock, t/ nominate a candidate for the office of Oivr I uatioe In cane the ward I* divided la the formation of alder utn><~ cistrt'la, tl.a delegates It ta su tiled lo chooae shaH be ai>p>r Uourd .according to tha ealabliahel baala at lol.owa - Tumi' Waku? Bigbl delegates lo the Pi -at district anl one I) tha Third Poi kth Ward? Three delegates to tfce First t-lslrt*. hit ii * a no- una delegate to tha Flrat dtur'ci. Iigiith Wash.? Foot delegates to the Third district ani Ova lo the Utth Hutu Wabd? Four delacalea to ihe Fifth district and Are to ihe set rath Firrtt.s rii WASb-Tbree feirgales tj the Fifth district aad four to the batcuih Tte 4k ermaalc d'atrlct conventions will meet on Thu'adar evening, November TJ at ha f past stven o'clock, al I ha fol lowing placra, tn nominate a oant'idale lor the office of Aider man in rarli district rlr.:? Kiasr l?i?TB<i!T-Oj'vor?l Thompson's 70 Murray ffiraet 1 hi Hit District? Laird's Fl.'th Ward hotel, lum liftHU'T- Adriatic, corner ol Hudson and 1) arrow ?Ire *!? Mtbntii Pistuict- CO Ireenwlch avenue. fciMii huaiKicT-Balrln'a, corner of 17th street and 9th arte tie. hi a> r mh Dkthiot- Hlegas's 97 Weal '.Id atraet I it i hi * i mh Uimkict? Wilson's, comer of Mai street aal Mh avenue. t'irmiin District? Cottar's, corner of ilih alraet and 3d a'eaoe h?\ rMKKMTii Dim rict- Hope's, ooruer of 3J avenue and l?&l!> atrcrl Ihe I ouncl'mantc dlalrlst coaTentlooa will meea on Frliaf e?rtn if, Autrnbrr Xi at ball pHat aeren o'clock, at tbe fo Inwlnc f 1?< ea. u> n< ail candidates In.each >lia:rin for ibe office of Coun:i!men. ?i/ ? foi'STn I i -t hii r? ?vr nrreo. 72 Kim street r 1 1 tii 1)i?tbi<t? Walter a c> tier hldne and < I rand atraes. mm Iii> r- 107 Ka-t 21 h rtrett. Savaaiu In. mil i? Karic; a. oornar of IZd street and 8th avenue 1 lie roorei:l!ors t-i nomli.ale (' mniables and Schjtl Oniotn wit me< i al tie n.lnw In* pun** ru ? I'iim W a no ? iHi ?'re*ijwii b atrcai. ?-noM> Wakh-Z1' I>over atreet. 7 itiKD M aki>- 21.1 Kn'Uin atrael. r kiii A a i* it a hr* ii'iwery. r 1 1 Tii Wai.i>? I airi'a flltb Ward Hnlel. sixth W aiui? Monroe II ill. Corner I'r&ri and Oulra slrsaU. Mikktii ?f Mm- fleml'iTiulera, 17J Madiaou street. hK.HTii Wai i?? ?.'> Syns* ilre.1 Nf. Ill ? Alio? Attn* Ic, comer lltUaOO aul Harrow sueeu. Ti>th Waiid-I ytb?K'>r>s Mail. Ii.>.ir?;n W AHit-Luiou Ball, cxrnrr Fourth street aid aonur u. Twsi rTii Wamo? McOai.n's Blnomlnndale road 1 1IIMTs? > rll W Alllt-4'6 tjrai.<1 Ureal ft. bin sa>Tii Waui- o'Coniel H?ll 138 Mulberry street, fn i*s? fit it Wakd Wo 6 Kaat oonaton street. M\ i tart i it W AkD-Uaipiu's, e>rner I7'.b street aad 9^h nut*. , mi kntkchth Wari> -Bmltb's coruer 1st are. aui li b ttiiei lioKTiiMii Faih? P.-lLty'a, iiruer il\ it reel nod "it are I nne NiaiTUKTH Willi? Wllliasn liebaus. 8'ih a'.ree. a d 3d avrnue 1 ?a*TiSTii Wakh -Bt?tnn a V7 Weal S2J at -eet Iviait M>!I W ahd -toiler a, coraer 3iU> alreet and i d a?t Lite lvciir it ixii \\ /.mi? Rupert's, 63d slrte', between Hn acvay aid kb mi 1 lie elrt noa w ill be bf.d In I be w\ ~r\ wards ai th? pla^va i Krrraiier de>i(!D?tt d . and un er lbs dliecuou of tbe following Ins muir, ?l7 - Iihm Wii.u- :?'? Or' fnwirb rrret Inapecfws. John Itirwi . riiaa i"U'ne, I'aintk Krainey K i ? > it W (III) - 3d llt'Ruu nr?et lnSTecltir*. James ' Wa * ?. lKa c \Vi ,'n Albert I. \MlM/-sa I ii : ha. W a mi -113 lulloi atrrti Inaieelois, It. M. Uajccnr t; ?n u? I'uilfH, Uro I. Krn'ili f t'RT,' Bui- tn 8 tibane ?ir^n Iu?|tecl>ra. James I I'tlon .1 roeA i '-IaooIJ f iiuotby /vi.!iv?n rum Wmn V!' All.'. Ilrturwnt Uapec'/tra Janea Lata n'rre, tn.^ii ii'Aail. M?rtm It li rr. Me ' .-i\tn ? ?i;n? l?y Orfen, 71 Kirn ?t ltu( ec' ra, Owen rib of), ih muataD, iIooiIk rtunvu | M \ a.siii i? ASD-lletid |iiiuVr?, l?3 Ma^Umi si Ir e^ec'.ora. I Jt-? 1 1 Hi sfcrs J1 ttst f. II i 'drtdji", i'airuk K .ernau. a . it Wavo-Wiicj's 2.M ^piiok at. liai>ecl<ira, John Wll 'v .li' .i Biuair .l .ti.f^ >?; ?tii hinin \V a a 1 1 - ."?* art! .10S b'e \e' at ID^e?,.>^l Jam M O'Mi:, w M. Kl.'bart!< u Jau a tiaham Iimii WAkft ?.i ftlh'a ottha-J ?l. Impecurs, W 1 l?m 1 Ct r'4Hp i.bsi lea Ktlog, Joint fit KM t. I'l.tiMi Wall I n!?i Ha.l Ct rutr Ith s; . fn I avevie O. tbSpecUfa rno.t s t lark. He j itumu Abbott t* ai i in W ai ii? HcWas'ie'a 3d ar and lltb si Issi'ec i l' i a .'obn B. Maiatfan. 'h n as Kile*, lieorxe liuari.iMi Wai t? tli Itrsnc a'., 'r.rpat vs. Bartjo!o oi> e?id I t ' riea IK ai.e, mi l?m Urern. I'bl kTti sill Wai\1i ? Co c ?rar.'a, 11 I'll-.ic" st-ret It spirit tra. jllcharl V.i.ipby. .lames A bun. Matthew l)a'y r 1 1 it imh W?i i'-l?o ( h??. Ilrt'tai IE at.eel inspecl>rs John Uusib einn. At ram H til y?r. Jam?e U:i>a.ta. I:\iiisih A ii |i-tiaii>li .'s ft-irr llili st and 9tb are. 1nsi?cb'i? WlPlam Morrs.r. Wi!;iaui Wb le . I'hlUp Hitaey. bst ra ii rn W aii< -hoi'Ui a < injer lit are a jd h*? llth siiaet U?p?cUrs.J Pyn>ot<l Juara l)i:ly. Mlciael hmltk. hi hjimi W ami? hiu If s, cirtur 2JI st aid 3d are. Ir.attrcto'B, ibtxnas A. tiausker. Hear/ t Condon, J.iba KetJIr. IH>I[||?1H Wai i?? 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Km ?ah*r |l ?n1 i.o?tii ?ate .,i tu i '.r.r ability. ?b> will plNSte lb 'maait n ri i'mr ai> J op pea* a;: IB! roper e<pralliuer >f lb? ; ?op.e ? a. ?< y l'yo'ilarof J. H.iM< Eul. f. I'-eadriu. tin *<l Bad T**irii Mreat M i. :.n *.<?? r,fer?l?7. TUB b? S IN UBf BN 1>BN I MMQum r.ub at Ibe B)?lie*?ib Aaea uj diatrln. K th* B.e>efltb ? Ar". ? I bj.t Ibeir merlin* oa eaturaaf araatag Aoraia ber at Talrn-k Pu.'i j ? ?u? *reor.e il. I* Al KICK K BA HUT. CbAlrmAn. Jam Baamt, BeTetArx. ;IU Ward a SPBCIAI. MRRTIHO OF TH1 RI III tataia R *r ' Uawa Pwoartl* (nah wt'l ba bald at r?ter ? KO Raet eii'.erutb rraet. <>a Wednaadaj >rao a|. %: I o'c.o jk. All mt.nbar* An rtvierrd iieo.l Br or4ar of T. RcRaR^R, v.aalfiBAa. r Wn ". ??creury. t)||TU WABP -THB RBUrLtR WBEKI.T M RR T I R (1 af lk? TarrntlrUi war I Beck artdf* aa I l.%at> flu ? I k? eld *: area-. a m tila (BTelnei day) <a lax, aAls o'ttoik. A lull auen taaaa n re -teatad ?H Mc .OKRRT. FreMtci \Ta. B Waui, P'-cratarj 411BT WAR1> KATii *AI. I ?l .* I uCR. At a o? c ; ^auo^?. i al->n Aianelal1.* of tHa t?ti' *ial w?i d. held at thetr 11 ?d^.A/t?r>. M Mf<ai Tbir If fi?. ?jrrl <m (aeadk) e?er,l?K .'At la?A.. Mr Adward N. RtOMB wa? ? uai im ?!?>' i "ml; Atn! a* r>'< lldAie fjf Ai iwatl <>t f waih *u?. ram ? dta r 1 T?r*ui> On', ward. ?i.r de'.r?A>? Iob iViuaat'akala r>n.teot <n for narentk r n?!> r a! . -m I ???? * ? > r ?c'.el 1 1 ?? n la r x < ra'j <a oa M '?) etu ni ; It ,???., al bt ???? fi I it Sr?t tt-rei. t ?> ared?. v?????e?.p.iir>i w rap >ri tn uYs naa*i f ' a.k , m a; .be ueti w*e a? a* i mm Ma<e? f <r acbo > .Kl eaa. f a. T *i.M Ai'tiR. t'reei lent ?? W BUtRRB. VMM frrjMaat. Wa H. *?> ?T' oi r, F? -raw j. IIO II! 18* ATI A*Ti<' Hi'fB- >4RB?WI<'R lt!t?r RS | Iteai Jar aad '? ? ? r rrj daalMS* ! '?? i?'li nrle Ann ia ? > aril I be raat-1. ? lb l??' ri *? "? > i*r/n, f >-.! Ac * i.*u ji i ja' 1 :i . i. ?. i r>i: altr (i .ia t.i *e*r '-p* -i?nt I .'?'??? it 'AOB. Fnp eiv. A jt -JIH.AT Bit'. HCU'F rOR*$? OF BltfH A k J?1 i * m i ' I*' *Ah ?trr?. A !?? ??ey Jaair*.ila fAT ? ; A 'it ? e r. -m oaoi i ' a'U >* i ?lad wllk ' v - ? ??? -i??Aat<ai | a. e . la ?>*?? 1jh?A' ja il ? r ?? B rr ? rmrm. r TJ t tv ?r LARRSN * -v.. -It <, > . ? T AM. I n Bt?iib Itreri New ?<**. jnfted <n !?? ? ?v?at elaa. UraAt re.l i' if* la prter* F?al ? r?'u? tn i'iu |a t > |U p?' week. "? n?ia r>au aiH<uira4r for r? < leaen tl V toti Inr I idtUB baa HUT?b ' FATIUON PR RuflAR," FaRlR, -URaBD ?alana ReiiMAa 171 ana de RI ? <B. ta front of ika l?a R NRKV1. pmfiie?or -lAre* attl amall Apartateala. for faa^aaa aaa laaiiawaa. kr ?*a tor. waah ar MTIk. a* IVFIRIAL ROTBU < X>R t . IRILaMO. Tb>? IxaR eaiaMMM and wall bn>*a ll-ae? Al KM 1 -~**t oa the a?at a?>pi Jiad *i ?<-a> A lArpa and ??-**! -^idea Rntna la mt A| Art f <? lk? aae of faiai w *Vi pr-irr , la Frkmati* A labia d'H *? erer? lay at >?li ( ?m ? ? a* Ika la miaI <*rm "tiaaa A<**it i ?? Ar?*r? And d?i'%r tea o aa<4itraln .. t. adi t aRB albiwer b*U>? alwaf toady ?t?bi aonrr* in ?R? on? J(* A tJOTTOR * ?"?*, F?o.'rl??o?m. J CRT 8 HOTRU COI I.R-1R ORBRR. I't'H .IR Tbia Muri M r?ry ee itm , elaa' Bid amamo'.-KH, a-?r> A*t??ti m paAt n the iv??u?ii trf gn*+i 1'r rala R ? waa kAb* d Hole, hot aal eoid twAAa. ?- , kr. W n.LjiAM JVBT, Fe>p- *.? IP1CIAL IIOTICU. vjtiw miupobd oomn wk iiruM ous nup ?1 eat heartfelt gratitude to tka lukabttaata of Kern Mllford ?U j vu ulty eepectally to the reelected ladle* of tki< plaoe. oa MBkMt of lhai kind and ataoere ?ympatky they hare extended to ut in our mlafoitasaa May the hlaaalnge of lha Alalghty amply regard their dentate and benevolent aoUooa t lirarda o*. and a ay Ha giro ui itrtirt to *ow our gratitude by proving otiMivaa uee/al aid wortky rnwubei of lha oocaaa n*y. r. pbttibij uo family. o .PFICB TUIBD AVBWUB RALLBOAI) OOMPaRT, hew fork Mot. SO. lafiU ?At ae electfrn for direotora, d on Wedneeday, tha Uth teat . at lha ol&ns of Ike company , the following geotlemru vara elected fur tkeeaeulng year - WILLIAM A DtBLIMO, WILLIAM KBMHBil, IllMKV K Utllll, HlNaT 11AKT, WIL80N O H TKT, HAMUKL JAUDOJf, OBOBUB 0. VilKU. malt h y o. Lamm, PgTBK McMAKTIM, JOHN B HOBBY, Wlt-LIAMJ YALBRTINB, hkOHBBT B POTIBB, BOBKBT ftQuIBKd, 1d> J. U Bv KKK <T, 8 R. OOMBTOOK and J. H BL DKBDUK arret lactad aa tnapectora of election at the next Mi nml mofUnjc And at a ?ibee<|umt meeting of toe dlreMore, held on M1* day, the IVik luM . WILi.IaM a. DABLIM't, K?i , wai unao kaouxly te elecltd PrraldenL 8AM OBL B. IBAAOrf. Secretary. Pill KAPPA SIf?M C-TIIB B1BNNIAL OOBVBMTin* of nur fraternity will be held In tbla city. Ueoeater 27. Tbe Oration on th< aunivere?j-y artll be delivered by William Uodley, A V . nf the IMa i.bapler, t oilege of New Jeriey, I'rtueeton, and the fnca by Vlctoi Uulllou, V-* B , of tie A1, Unlvereltj of Priunyl'an'a. PBOPOfi AI.B WILL BK RBOBIVBO UNTIL TUB 30 luat., lor build 'O* one fore and aft 8eh ? er of a'xty tool burthen (carpenter ? u -ajaeMj , oopp-trel aod orpper fattened. Mid t.i dir. ? not o\er fire and a h\lf 'eat of wa er when loaded. r>he la required to be Utiad n i realy for e%a For full ( arumilar* !? i)uim of (J A OILLMuKU, Lieutenant of fcngiaetrti. Mo 0 Uowllug Oreen. S-PKCIAL KOTK'B. To the member* of BradT a f frenth Reg'me:,! Ujmiu navlua, 30 th, Mark'* place Carart In mn?HtiiM until furtiei nxioe, Mondav, Wed need?y ?ii d r.?tutdny evening at H o'clock Bparrtng Moo day Wedceeday aod Krlday , from b to 111 f M. ABHKK B ttBADf, Proprlet..r. mttlCAL. AMAIlMfl-KNT HhVIM U :rA V(i &06KWOOD PIAKO I orte I or rsie rirhy ran ed !??(,* an>1 c*?e, r<?ind oornsri full Ir o platr. Inlaid alth eatlnaood. i<veratrun? baai. pearl key* made to order for lb* i.<rn?ent by *ty makera, fully ciiarantead lor Ibrrt- yrir? t';en In tiae but Are mimb*. c Mt i6 il, 111 be antd for $3011 inrlu.1 tk mh?1 hiu1 tjorar Ale alera'it Dr?* ln(it.>-??i Miiu. c? ?)U) f?r $\U. Inquire at 70 Weat Twenty aliU fclrt-d, Lear Sixth afeuue. A UltKATLV iy.'BOVKIl PIAKOPOhTB. A. I.I'iHTB A BKaDHUKI, r annfaei iriraof a dsw ecile of overetrci>? bua. patent la tolatdd ft. 1 i:o- frame, grand and aqnare PtaooCortea, Bo. IS) Brv?xte ftrwtt Pla3'? to rant. AORB.lT BARUMN ? RPI.RNDIO 8RVKN OOTAV1 neawoort I made I * or." of tha he?t maknni and r?i ISTfi. ho -ii icu * le* immtbe fully warrauUxl. wtllbaeokl fur |17l. liiiutre at tU llanun jnd su?eL ^JHIOKBRIBO A BON 8, Man'jfaetnmn Of ?BARD, B4JUABB AND DPRIUHT PlANO?. Virtrnu AM Broadway. 0. A WM have ben awarded thirty -et4fht prlaa medal*, foi ike xiptriorlly of laelr masufaoture, far tke pm> tLlny (n PIaHOH to rbbt. _ |i?CR PAT K T.'IKKK VIOUWB. a OU*K UBTtfBdCTR r n a "lout aod PnaiBl'tan. Three .ua'.ri a;e?u are o.u?Hrr ed I'ortBd ar.i ?:li be *->ld e>eap. Ap?lrti J H BaDlSS, k ilk* fount} Outlet, 106 rief report aLcet, Krooklya. *f RK. HOOrBK, II AVINO BBBfJHBn HBB IKHTRUO AJ x\*l? ou the Piano, will raeelve ? few jiore uupila oi moderate Itmi Dally praotioe nan b? tufl i' reoul>?i R* e<<lenc^, No. 1, Ui Broa>lHay, between PortiuU aud forty Arw ?re? ta. ___ MPS JCLTA V. fCVBRTON) OAKLBT, TUB PAVOK1TB nort alt.), wl'l rtaume lii*t< unttica la rocal aud luatra >1 . . M . Appiioetloia made at CI at Mark'* plaoe. 1>lANOti' PIAROB' PIAROBI TB!? BOBRWOOD PIaNOB 6S; ard 7 octav.w, for Jii iMJ ?10U >ild and f Ik. frru or ih -KAiiy Ptanna, ( and ty. oetarea for Hi, I VS. $10 ul MA a IJO t < arl k(-y Plan.) f * i~ii 0. ??I?<ant new finnne from >17t P> rtoi, *r'? I baad i'laona taken la exahai?e )i3 ?>eu ? A. onrner of lenth Htreet. B Ut'NZALBZ PI AN( H, VSlX>I>*'IMi ARD AI.BX AN ORB OB1A RB. new aad etoord haTid. f<>- aale or to n-at, at grnat bar gait* .Ttn a< <.H> I'biti m at $7a, monthly pay. mrcta ret tl?rd fi-r el'her. rent alloui<d If purchaied. One ? < clave I'lA* o (ar. or.J. Land) fo- $175 BOKACI WaTBRS, Agent SSI Broadway. PIAROFOIWir FOR SALB. - A ooid bbcord^band 7<*'a?e n?awocd I'latio, in gord o-- 'er for tu< <t ; <3 Hum th'riy elgtth ttr.-et. near 1 bird areoua. Can tm aeea fioai 11 A V tins K M. IKRTKt'CTIO*. A T FAIRR'R? Rl ORKRRPIMJ, PRNRAftSBIP. ARITIi A (dttlc. Ac , are ta ?r?i t. i!ail, hxotfarlnc rami fnralctiera ul til wrvn wi*fcir? to ilerote * i nt?im. of theti Lin* Is atudy rrreltrd at 62 Buart rj Mid 2SJ Fuitoai (tract Uruckl/a MrtJtly private lratrurtinn ii AHIlTor PIRRANRHIP ANI> B. OKKRRPINU, A. !6I roedaay ? Coi.Uoued br W CI. uOOULAXD, for Biery vmr? the ikk'.iW of t 'liter B (lolde villi Open day and even lr( lor lliironjh practical tLatrootloa. hucoeae ?uATanked to trerj paptL term* aaoderaie. (1 C. MAKSiri J% Conitlnj Kiinu (or Pr>.?lire and Inttrre !? tn pp.Ak*eMri and HuaUeu Affair*. CUraiArSOB ep ,1 ileal i ?. WC ilroader?y, Irrio* Rulldlag. IHS1 H! I no> -TT1? I KD?" t .VKD I..TH ' Pro'eaw r In tf r In n?ri?l 0"lte;e *t tr.-t' end MnM In nerartl of tt in . ml >*' com nnaes % co'iiee of Fr<ri ? ? ? u ih< If ? ? . ? - ? at b .< re *"? ' . ?.'><?? ; a r i, i)9% p N i *(??. . - -I. ? \Mn-4 Pi-Maria D?*uvt' A '? ll'r-' Ki - i .'.i 'M rRKPCIl API) LAN'iJAIRB-PAOP. u 11I.LV lkU,3l<llra(inr, corner Iwelftl' ?raet. (?etav*!'?li?d Ki.'- v . ! rrc*hc new ?>|>pl|'a' >oa fur prim: ? to Mi u uon and ooi.irraitl ? In thi? afiiraee."! ud t'aaaloai Iau r acre and make trii slatl 'naof rorraepoo lenr* Ac MA1HR* *Tjr*l. 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Bi- jok :jn ?? ??' of a ue? aal ??- a mf ?? in.eiii'm a klnr nf work crtar b?forr area I art t'oti v?M b* g'raa U a'l ?ko *i>U to '.earn M - art The; will Bod It a braulfal ac ooa.pUakr.em a^d a n > ?n prri aiir WA?T?I>-P? A TOOM) LADT WHO HiR RAO amr eip*H?nee tb ieaebiajr. a attu<ti>a a a nirgary y.vrrarra. '? a t'?l e* i'i.i.r*ea. N'Vbjeet' >a Ui Ure Noulk. Ad^rexa N It M Iler*:.: ottea. Kl K.N I I" I It K. AH!t *' H 1 < ' tc (i: KN rUR bROORU UAM> flhn: tnrr aod ("arpeia. In rwadj'. All c*:.? pr> jipUjr ationdad tn Addraaa 'oil lin<:am atrret. ^rarr of Perrr All r'ror or pi'rniturr m*ttrrrnrh an* I Ha^diii*. ?l<i:e?>al? anl r'tail ekoaper th?a anj other Mr# at ti w P.MCI KMi. MY Hon rj. brieMj fcluttoaaad I liou?'.ou a'jreta U ?*le oarrauied aad deltrar?d free. Call acdaa eaa cey Nidr the n '.niber AnenROOR RUtT OP RNAVXI.t^n PORN ITU RR ' for %tt la all colore, of ?arr?at*d manafamure. aleo. a Utl it>ceu.ut I han ltr hull*. 1 lata and orauaeatal. at U. P. PAKalNUTONA . 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FtRKrTt RK -a family drulirtru Horr<RhK?" ln( el. I dtaF'xe of, at piUate sale, all '.k*lr Pa'!>v, ham l>er aad PR ua ir Puruttnre ate ureal e?frtito? ekf.nt eerea ikI>' rianeforte. coat U"*.' alllbeevtf r ?.?*), laalo d:n* Mrti' ind <>"???. 1 rairtn* Ro mi ?IsH'. e ?>! #*>1. for IliO one i'.et. B.? kaaee RlrrM'aro ? Hur-a.ia. BV r?eada Ratioeeei. t? In , ilia at R.< PJ ffeai Teeatj eii'? t aear kutli ttenna, L* H1:TIRR **IT?<t* Pu'RNIftTNK IXPRMI r 't :in|'tki r f -"'tre A? rm Famtire P rk lie Be laMiahai ?u'.. Ill 11J * ? ?t k.>iruih etrert, b*teatn Fifth %a I . v ii ??eui *e. Fa'T fi'.ra, I' am'o Pa'uUoea rtat -ary. Ufi a tc , t. ?r.t a?d aiippac, , <c\ rei aa(?e for Ktmai F'i rliitie'if laalfta M ra*? foe Po nimre A KISIK A HTR. HaNDB RR PI ri/RIC-? l,OK \ TRWPLR ANO Patckea. ?l>e M . JJ itrhea on ml ? r, nal ui piaiaM pai k< a'l par a . ( the t bltrd Mi'm. f.' uu'iMlrta Itawa, V '-nAro-k. ? ar?1d*? tjaall. Ijiv k, M*l?-lt >a 1 Hear "h>jtlo(, da oa roller^ RJ. Aend -or r-'alo^.i* <rtth m cjer J e HitAl>l.a\ .? ?i t ??*! .?. ladarar, N Y. Au, f.p ??? Ti. Oaa, ratOURN TRI'HIRR. bof f k. Prweh mtaa k'ac ? d ta uaei titw *,1 ;i? 1 .* ppile* MM, H?H* mi ti til Nftl nf la? L'ftltad Mtataa H. ira?e?l ? e >hp* |t!t M Mae fliM |.,rii-a M ited aa1 ab*ppa?l, $1 lu oa teeatj t 1 nvv exr.i^ 1.1 ,? n J k HtAl'bkl. ai*itk hi ' 1 h Y. /Tin OF H? * RR- |ikl'?hrkE?f F FIRanoR \_/ RVfMR tV Fft ?'??r of F?i?a, .i.TU.nt - ? t^-iK^r'aeiT'ei. k^'u.! e- li. !?? -n at ie kei?t f Mf tka'l?rreri el"l> - M'"< l?* IV *r m * talc* rim f^trt rn^a a ? t>ia tea M afQ ,-.tidcr " " of I ? e?b?i m *1 r? * t ' a " -+ ? f, y -I. RaaMt?> or Fa mi AT jlPWHU. I Ajno. t. hunobrford * oa. aoctio ibbah ?< MAUNIFIOBNT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE A.ND WOBKB ur A*T A* ?fc'PUBiIO AUCTION Foil) by order of LBM Jit. VANDEBPOOL. B*1 BUHOItTOID A oa. auetloaeeri will Mil this day " 1L?66 o Clock . all In suoerb ooetlr FURNITOKB fA110IN,JB UTaTVAK. BKONZid. 8BVBN OCTAVE PlANOFOsTB. MIBKOKH, VELVET CAKPET8, Ao . | contained In the elegant private mtort No. H IM SU uentb ?treat, between Fifth and Kixtfe aiwun, , Drawing Kom Furniture ooa*t*t* of oervol roavood Bta RIM. mitrble top. French plate doors and back*. Work Table. Inlaid with mother of p?arl, roan woo I centre Tables atatnary marble lop ; two luU auita drawing rooaa Furniture elegaat Trie -a Tata Hofaa; two arm. reception and 8 oral bask Chairs, carved rosewood frame*, covered lo threa cjlored aatln bro cade. of the moat eioenslve desarlpUon; Ooaeole tables Inlaid wttb tortoise Khali, brocade and laoe Curtain*; tU light ormolu and vuch Chandeliers. Imported from Paris bvMaroott A Co ; < 'mndslebras, Bracket*. French plate pier Mirrors. with rich (III frame*, sapsrb Kevrei and Dresden Chtns Vaaaa. MAOHlFICklir 7 ' ? OCTAVE fl iM'iFjRTt carved lam and cue, round corners. Hi libad all rouid, lola'd, with aolkf pearl key*; rosewood Hto">l. Huala Rack, embroid ered cloth Cover. book and sheet Music. oak HeUtand. OB e?tk. Bru??ila atalr carpels, An Chamber* -aiclilj carrad roaewood Bedsteads, ilyla Loila XIV . Bureau i and Com tnu^a to match Warjrotes, dressing and Toilet Tablia. Bba v'ns and Bookstands, Concha* Arm Chtlr* Curialsa, Bhade*, Cornices. bur kUttreme* Paillasses. 'estbar Beda, Bo'ster* pillow* II aiket*. Sheets, Qui Ma, Counterpane* decorated China Toilet Seta, oral Mlrruca. Dining room Furniture of every hind; alae Rlicsen UlanaUa, Ac. Cash dapuilt* raq aired of e<.ety (urchaser. Adrian u. .uotionebr. Will aell ON FRIDAY, NoVBWBCKB. un, At U o'cl* k . at the Merchant*' Einhaofs. SkV K ? VALUABLE lots dlAR Till liOWR.t t ART OF TOR ORNTRAL PAKE, wtmmm? One lot on Broadway, northwest corner of BUty-ainth street, tad one let on Tenth avenue northeaM corner of HUtyuiath itieet, in rear of Broad aray lot. to be eold together. The three lou adjoining . froo'mg oa Broadway, and rnnnlng trough U Tenth averue. will ba aoM singly. The two adjoining lota alai fronting on Broadway . and rorntci through to Teeth avenue, with the brick houaa Utare m. will be anW ma ether Two third* of the purchase money on mortgage for three rears For map* tud particular* apply to the auctioneer, M Wall afreet AUCTION SALE OF BLE4ANT RONRWOOO HOCSB hold Furniture at publlo aocUoe. thia day (Tu?aday> ti Ubi o'cock, at the prtrate realdenM No 89 Wml IMrecIo MreeC between Fifth and BUlh arenuee (west deli, maenltoent meearood ftanoforte, elegant ruiewood asrlu- Bull*, rusewood laoretotraa an.l :<ootc?ee pier Mirror*, fdlaet Oaroet, Oil Painting*. Ac Partle* In <j in*t of Brit nU * ?turrit ire anil Sad thla an I'pportuolty euM itn met wit*, and Aoukl not fall lo oe preeent Ollal guia mn he had ?.u , oo M morning of tale The furniture waa mad* to order * abort time autoe. Parlor* oontalr two o Tally *il.< of roaew>id Fnrnltare, richly carved and oorerert with aaLn broentel of us* atuat ctpenelve kind; Pianoforte, d.-ublc p)uud enraars carved lag*, aobd pearl key a, and fully guaranteed, royal ? mlnatei' Carpet, muealc Rug*, pier Mirror*. Oil Painting* ac* and broeaiel Curtain*. Krenah Consoles Ctegeres, Book ?see, ?sctetotres. oentr* and *of% aide Tab'ee An, As l)ln ng room? < ak ettenat<? Table, oak Buffet, tasle Cutlery >oeker) , eklna dinner Set. silver Caster*, Hp'?ona, Ac. 'bio 'jags - kirgar.1 luerwood car-. ed Bed*tead?, marble top Boreaua, Vaahraril*. Commodes, curutd h<tr Maitr??a*i. feather I'll jws. Ki? ikrt* e heels Bmasnl* Carpeu, Louugee 'Jha r* lock*. Mb-rov*. <\irtalas. toilet Bets Oppnr Caam ?r* 'umiabed with mahogany and mlnut Uadalead, Bureau, Bed Ing. and ever) thtug belonging to a flrst cUat house Alao. a*einr il ^nrtlture, kllchan Utenallt. As.. Ac W 11. ? Houwto iet, pia*>**l'"<t lmuiallalelr. Ur order of the tnoilKagee. James Uvicgatuu. Auction notice DaNIKL A MATHXW8 AUCTIONIKlt talesixom Mo. (4 Cedar *t.-eet oppotlta the Pjal olli?. PtlklTiMHAlR ?K TO CI Chit A COPAhTNAR-ll'P INT1REST DAMkL A KATHBWn A Co , will aell at kuatlon to mi' iow t .111 KM>a\ at 11 i/c.ook. at thel' talearo im, No 81 Cedar * r*?t. to tij*e a oo?*bip lutareat. the followlag wagt sa v r ? l/n?shl(.'r top, leaiLer t.-'mmed ekitb lla?d Bn?g7 Cne leMI-e' top. el lb llnet4 ttoitKV. Cne n . tip Koui Wsgw, let he' I'tcrmed t -cm uo u (. Hue' Waif' n leather t " ai :n -d. Fnnr n iu. aeled cl<vt) top Bug*!* Two t?T?eated I>e|'iit ' n.-oii* Th<*o w*gi oa arr a'l vi'll I ft. o' tha hett material*, and ?-.aril?* In sent good vehlele* miy relv on every wagoa hotug ?cld to tii? b:gh> *'. hlr ?rr, a* rur o.der- are to sell th?m eiih "it >e<erve. 'Itr ??i?? < ?n bi eiatulbnd on VTedne* ili.y Ue Xl> t :: at on apt) U*.'. ion at .ur st ?ro an a R RICUAKPN, AUCTIOF *?<?. 780 CABlti BOOT* J. Ilii"* and llrogan* at si: U m by l(M '!! A BUS A WHlTlhCI. o?i We^nfU'V, Nov St, at KJ>4 o cine* at *t ire K t<mjMi*t MM MMtWM s aai <rtment or Men's ami lk>v*' h-?M U.K.t? a'au ?* nr i'* ?<l*-?i* and Chiljrea * wear of aL kirda. (hilai ?gue? <mi oi cue a COTION 8AJJI a or CHOKY UttXEMiUUM AND 8T0VE PLA>Td, AT Til K ' FLUEWINS KXfJWW OAKDKNB. Fiiubtax. Kcr 21 1S4U, OonKtetl** of Caai?)la Ja|i<mlnu. many large epoc mctw; la-*t Km- us, > bidet* iiiJ'w Krtrw. tnnuM'lu-i PlU .apornim, u.til.ulaa 'ienleiaa, a i?r*? a i .. irmrn I of Planta, with va r^KStM) folia**. of Ue fill-* an. I new* rarleUee, rolJ *a4 Niter Prrie, Moeaee, Orcblda ( %Lr plant") la rartetr, an.1 PUi la taxable fur iLe parlor and wardaaa cta*i i >i?r.lE*r <mb ar a/wrunwi.1 o new hardy drape * Irea, hybrid. per petiial and climbiu* Koene, Ac . Ac. Haia to romaiecoe at 1 ?'Mock I*. M. ACCTV N NOTICE -8AMU*l,OflOOOn ADCTICNEER, offine II Hop h. te?. wUl e*U. at Ibe Rew fork Areeoal. lotrrtor'a laaud. Kot 27, at II ool<*k, Ike f.iliawtnf ord aaix e pmpert) of the M,4*a -424 Miitkete nercutama. an ' appei ''aen, 74 sworda and habrea. 2.JU0 Infantry Oar trldgt- rioira ap^-eiid 'km As, lieiU. tfayoaeu, Uuo aUoca, foacbe*, Plrkt I'latet A ? Terum aatb, tu guid, a&d itnaodiaia delivery. By or Jar of W. A. THORNTON, Bl Major, D. 8. A., commanding AraaokJ a uction s*i k op stock or furniture. A *T 13 BOWKKv. IV (*l/>?? HUMIKhUd. JOF18 1. Alii HIH. I. HB, aurtlomar, 'will eell 01 Tbi a dat. f>or M Mil , I'ci'rk * W.. I* entire at ? .. i turf rrtilalnril Is auwe IS Bowery. maatetlo* of Parlor 8:i>ta. r<?ew*id au ' mah . f?. \ Tr|>. a trtro, u ar^le uip Tahlea Hn ream, W aal>a'ar.di N. turmw, Ciialre Ar , Ar , oeli< ba!*uce o' j'art'i.-wr'* ? -t N U-Hui?,( r; *?i! ~ a/r.iuaa to be rold al 12 K. , n tin* Kcii-. f . mroHTV. ArntioNitER, V v i;! atll. ifcla day |W 1 leadayl, l>irr 2v at Ifiv, iVorS,*. a tri ?ra > ?? irtu:*i t o' I! >ia t ii< llnif .pi - r ?.t * i *i ?, |rrr?iu t at Mtu, ? ? ; jt tblra iet?alr?*. it i kr *?? ? a. it' t fr*ir? l-r ra ?i lo. ii-r.ih. k 1 ?b'?r. . u diM?* ? b.? r?, Bu i ? < V" .m'i l!? ? V*ti-r#i*a, I*a'.i'a4?^a ly iiHf ? \t? -'nl i#. A ii >'.?(?:< *i,pra draljr.- an: on -r-i trll find Hi* al ?s r V it Jv of (!? ir attm I >n a<Pvfryl;t wl! be aril tott? I ?h ?t I u '?r for r%?h Auction aao.>.-?rocx of a MKHi-aawi tAttxt* A t ( ?tl-AI.AK aiu'unui't r. wlil a?Ii ou tb a day tut Ui?t. at U ' . o'rkvk. at t?U liraud atri-ot, tb* ?atire ?*.<?? fr?aJv nra>'? I'lutkuij Ar In aa'd atorf ruaaiatiuK la part uf Ur m >al aaxrtnimil .if > ' iHli l'liti. Beavc- u I Oaaat arret, bu'toraa f/ook aaek aud orer <'.>aU. d.?*kto aud aail net Pa..i? In treat Ta'K'.jr , a.ll. r Jvrt phi ib a'l I \'a>nci% 7rau ai? . i?/lr>ra' Trimmii>i{?. Olo h? Caa4naer*a Unl ij?, kt. Sale u cuoae., -mee at tke o?urr aeciiauwt liutt aeaa tbe trade will Bud It *'.rthjr of Ue r a'.tsu ! ?. a rt-Tioir coTicnL V EDIT. AUriiOfwa i*rft and p?~?a. pt irt ?*> of aril t ui Vektc ea. 1/KA Li U I'*. Jt, Will ae'l iklai'-ty at 12 u'c'ork at kla >a'.ea <*?ima. Ko MfJedtr ?tre-i ? H r?lt? lae 1'nat I fli ri ?ttb'>?t 'frrrr, a oraa'i'aetn re i ."ics it irai dara Vehi : e*. audh a< K co*>n Pkae i la t-v Bujftea Eoad Waixi, A:. Apr*!, IK ?AL? IK W1I.LI iMiHUXii-HT Pi(&0 A Ol'Lf, wed:ir?1af * or. It, at ID o cl*? at 67 Po'irth ?Met alecant r wewo^ri and mOiwaiiT parUK and bednrim rnrattar*: reiret Uprttrj. Hriueela a?d loxriln Oa.-yeu, Mirror* damaak aad Laoa Curutoa, Mo , Ma Catai ^ui oa tejof Ml* H new st g kioboui. AnnTioir?itaj.-winjin day. ItnremtcrSI at ine o'c! ?k. la frjat r>f aura M *laa eau ?lreat. a blark Hon*, pooy b'-.ltt. likanlakldb S yeart uU. ? arraaled anutd aail kiad la erari reap rot, ni ? faat an. atyLak. ka< treat bo:^>ia auj ebJora .ce. B-j J f Jt araal o ( bM. AIM SI'uJKDin P AI :t Of HI. A 1*7 BOISKH A beautiful ralr )M b.rl lloraea I yeara o'd. IIS b't'i t try at Uth kino la aln(> barn>->a and eii-dletl aider tie t? H.e. warraattd tm.r.J ail ki*d tiaa he?n uiedbracen t ?a.a<i f or mi uiualfea ptat, wtw bjw aailt u:y fjr waat of aaa. Al?> Miiieadld (h^ttunt Enra*. rary feat. 7 rear* oil. liVhtilt bi?b. a ari'ilei. t-iarant) wUl be ?>>"? '' ku a'j-njuete aad II dies. a'Jtr' In 2 n uoturpaMol atarial ktrae. aud ? |iial .r|t-nd jJt-r tb- ? v: .,e. as; *enl!emaa araatlac auek au auiakal caacot do better Ales A r?r> kaa 'a-ne bay Kara 7 year* n'd. warranted aonad aad Und la all kameaa. aa<1 a trlenlU ifrtle aura acwdirarel. .ar aad rary etyl'ib. Holl for waat <4 uaa. BKOWMt A V1CBOL4, AUCTIOKM8R-TIIM DAf, Vedn'?.!a y. Kir >1 at IUS o r oak. at <??' aal< ? <n >iat. J? M?.| tutet, a Ur|r Bale of tilttefb Uoqaak iM Poraltare. ooaalv.:r<( of rtrkiy carr d aoid roar wood Parlor Valla, la aatin. do in rr'. et, e'ecaally aarrad t .lld r j?e *Tr?d tu-t r?t Prenrb plate uaekt. two ? i>erb rattoid Ptan.? fortaa. rltf Mdia l^ujcee Trlrate>ta, Oove faMaa. Hir era nrh f rn.? ii 'k'i a ail itlaaaware, ? ?l..l otk D.jiai n>im ra \, m?er>? aad nalu?anr Iwoittary B^iasaiw IJ i.i?r> Fuikart. Uarptli Gllcl<???* As Aleo, ao , erk Frtucb elttra Vaa?a >ni r .rk O B BA ? Ul.TOB, AU. TMUV.IR -H AK1MOII PCS ? u.tnre at lb* re? ;?aee Rn 177 K tat n road a ar. near < iini'.n ?.'??< t ? Cul.t A rHILiTOH will aeil at aiutlia. oa Kriiar, Njrfubertl at lO'.s rmrl In thw ab. r? krita. lb* mahnaax , pallor f nxitnie re.tet Oarp>u. Mi PaMtltfa. Tt?, Uai ?'ka: Ullrra, Ai . |l<- Iwwada Medt Bure* a, Wirtura, l ar, ria. Utlr l.Aia, l*iueat llaattr aad a rar My of klialm Kuraiure. I'a'i OK'.M now readl at tbe oSoe, Ai ? aa-at, nreet Ml AflTIUN UOVB* JP TWB1TT VRAM Manolnc.? 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Nit lit, HOtkMaftNfl Ar I rnk"a. aaifn'j wkle* *."w Iwi re-y la-j> fa al if? by V '< H a-, t ill re ..ana* . b < Pan II i(a ?"? e..w <m r i, -<hk 'tun-|.i *? ? 1' b?^tu r., ,?i, at : r? aa-ra. at apotioh. DUTCH BUuBB AT AUOTIOB.-JOHM II VIM AKT. WARP'k BOir, latluuatr, ?tU wU IhU day, at II o ol?ek, twenty mil. (h? the J* achate* of Balboua ltoota. mm bracing Hjarlnlka doable and rt ag a. fellow aud while < :rJeuf, NartlMui. Tullpe o every variety, Ao., *9 . all freah, aad but recently 1? da?L Teraaaoaa h. ___ ?~~ Q~HOBTOB. AOOTIOIIBBB.-BT V iRTCE OF AN . axeeuUaB i wUlttpiM (or aalaat 3iW Huteuo alcMt. oi r. II. at 10 o'clock a lot of mahogany Doora, Oouafcen, oo ? Iron Hal*. Deaka, Anvil*. Ulaw i*oon. ke T f aBRBLI., Oooa'able. TT1NBT B LBKDtt, A0OTIOBBBR -HB?BV H LB?H n a OO will aall at auction, on Tbareday. Mov. Ji. a* H'S o'clock. at the aa'earoum No ? NaMau afreet, a 1 ?eat or Btuaeh >ld fimltur*, removed for cmvealenoe or aale, conalatlng of Brunei* aad I strain Carpet l, rjjewood aad mahogany marble top dreitng Bureaut, oentra TahUa gUI frame pier Ulaaaea ei tan* loo dialog Table*, makogaoy Bora*, covered in hair elotk, mahTgmr lew aTetea, OaalrH, roe* wood marble top Ktecerr*. adperb carved roaa wood Bull, oorered in ertmana: Inred bracelet ea?y Chalri. ooverad la moquot, oak ka 1 Chtlra, mahogany an < rj?a<ro ?d marble lop Waahatanda, Ae , Ac. Mri an laniiee <* Book* c malatlng of worka oo Hiatory, Fklloaopky. tf , Ballea LeHraa. Kdlnburg Bncyoloprdla, Hamlltnti'a Worka tloLemllh'i Workt, Clara 'a Rermooa In two volume*, Harpera' Maculae. Kaloan'i ki(a rise*. Baarrofl'e United ete'ee, together with a large ijt of rraci'h Worka. ltt'lau d > , Ae , Ar ; alao a large lot of other Worka, whloh will be enumerated on the oatalagna. H BNBY H. LBBD8, A0CTTICRBER -H H LBID4 A CO , will aell at auction. oa taturday, November XI. IM, at II o'oiock, in iketr gallary, over ike ealearooa 15 Neat a* atreet, an oullecUoa of modern oil pilal:ng? of tha American. Bagllah, ilermaa achnola, oomortnlng the work* at B. Mlgnoui, J t Kenaetl. Uropiey, Hlnrklev, Caiferty, Ma eon, Uerae L Brown. B. f Beanllen, W M Brown, Talbot, l'earaon Roper, bekklng We.Ull Baokbuyteo. Veraet, saaa, WU'ena, fcha dera and nuera tf celebrity. Alao by order of the execution 40 hoe Italian palntiuga. a >jae of whloh ire of high ooat The above collaotloa are now oa axkloltlon, will be ikmI without reaerve. H EKUY UKKKN, AUCTION KCBt, urocerlee, Lhiaora, fcegtira Horae, As.? Thla day at 10 ^ o'clock at tkea .i unti atore, 191 wiliUm atreet. a large atoca of Urocerlea, Hoap, nvrcb, Coflee, Tea. Bploe?. Our rant ?, Ralatna lirandy, *?m and other I iquora In caaka and deml Intwa Heaara plug Tobaoeo. lad I go, W bbli. plokled Uernag, 16U boiea berrlng. 1 tleroe Salmon, 3 tlercee ieef, ID bhla. Lime*. aJU dozen bottled Ale 1 WW Ibe White Lead, ISO boiea fine Orackera Alao. at 11 o'clock, we o?y Mare, It hand* high aound and kind in all harneaa. Alao-uM . UKhUAT, Nov. 21 Dry aad Fanoy tool., Room, bkoet. Toy*, Clothing, Spjagea, St* in, tc. JM. TATU'B, ACCriOKKBR, OmOB KO S OBB kT . J out* atreet.? Morigage aale ?Thla day, by order of tbs m>rt?ag*e 1 will ripore for tali, at public auction, all the oontenuof lb'- dwelllug Mo. M Wert Ifcghleenlli Bireet. between filth and Hut- avecucH, viz. - Kuruiture, veUei, Bruaiela and terrain CarpHa ard nuga fine Ol. l*alnuaia, Brou/ea, Maiuencn aiAl Vaaea. lace and broettel Cortalue, elegant aeven octave naii< 'forte. .~i.vrr ?are, Croskery and Ulaaaware, hair and aprtug klatlreaaei, Mirrora, Bedding Ao. Ac . al! Ii gjod order O. KBl.LT. Mortgagee, ft. B -Sale commencea at 10>t o'c.ock precueJy. PAWNBROKER'S 8ALK-W. N. UWh WILL 8BLL ca Thursday uei'., >t 26 Chatham atreet up nUlra, * largo HMjrtaieul ol *oid and *t.? e< Wait be*, Jewelry Dtuumda, (June. 1 Ut. 1?, Muiickl inurnment- Ac. Ac. By order of J. B. k J S mp*oo. lo oummuce ai 10 o'clock. PAW* BROKKR'8 HaLK-THIS DAT, AT 10? O'CLOCK, at H *1-1. A INURaH Ah'8 >aleario?n* 26 new Bjwery, 100 lu* of tilA'-k ta1 n*iirrd a'U Urease* broobe and *<) >tleu Shaw N merino and i lkld Frockk, Bool*. Shoca. Oalt?"k, I>ry tiooda Unit* Blanket*. Sheet* rbl -la an l mber artloie* t >o nnaieroua tu mei Lvn. By orcer of FKIDBN dlCKO, 29U Ka*t ttrutdwky , and l*tr 190 Bndkon alree .. PAWNHROKXR'8 8ALE.-W N I.KWTS WILL HET.L ttl* lay. at 131 Bo*?y (tp *t?lra;, By order of Wm 8ltni> ?g tl'i. I ar?e u> rlmcat of gold ana eilver WatoL??, Kin km. Fin* Bracelet*, Chan*. kc. calc to oummeoce at 10>* O'l lock. PAWUBRORRK'S SAl.B-'i LRYV, t Uharlce atrrei *111 an'l Ihiirttv at IC.t,' ? C' 3ok t very larja tun-o-tinei.1 if klik aud atoer ltrrsaee, tjuLta, Kha*m, b.?. kr it !i>-ou si.d 8 Lor*. hhesta, Ba?|U?i tor Jap*, Ac ; Oimli )*Mti and Veat* REt'KIVBR'S KALI OF FIR8T OI. A .-W HEVKN t> 7TAVI l'iaioforv? ?.? By order of Judge l^ejnkru. of tke 8u vreue I will r , %. lor kale at kWtOO. 01 W? !?><?*! tr. 'be ;k,0 Inat kt tte wai*rjr<m*uf McDonald A Co.. fto SA3 liovery, at IJo'etork, fur the benefit of tbe orer.. r? of tbe lau- tirv ol lioope A Atbwtuu Iniolvecla a larxr awji i nr,>t c.l a ( erlort 'Drd rmeiro'i aevan cum Flaaol irtra. Thcae 1'iam * Late been flnl bed by tbe receiver with tae taoat tip l'M?! *i-*ir?. ir> d franc* over* -rutin baaa. k-. . ii. Toe ?lock '* cow reaiyfurn mlaati>-n A aua-atitee ac^Jinpa cle* each Fiauo. Kale positive umi rub JOH.> MciiUH Al.D, Beoelver. RKtalVkR'S SALK OF FIANOFOMTX H Jl'SKHOLD Furnllur* Ac. A ?A. M ("KISTauAK 'nrn-mecr, 21 howery, nill ktli oe Tfcundat Nor. 12. at l(it? o c! j;k. oue flLe idoewmd Flauoferi*, wl. 1 yi:il-aj at jv hun ut, roacwoot Hut 'n critmrt* I'loab. kl*o < ou; h' a. K)f?a, BedMkil*, Bu i?hi.*, Waiciobe Irtuoh plat? fctrror. Carpet Otlc'.otb k: , by om?i of J. 8 8* aa. receirer. Alao, to pay kd. utces. acre ml tine OU l'kltiiioi* SIX I KKNlIi FAU. TRiUK BA1.K OF HARDWARE AUid 11 rUice ? JCliN R. VAN ?HfWSRP'K SON, aiic. UntiPcr will *rii 03 lb inlay, Nov Si, kt 10 o'clock, at No. 7?t Kudaoi rreet SU) lot* krellch, Oar man Amerleku Har-lwarr I'ut rry ie IcnarrlnLi Haul faorl. Rlu Haw*, lliitabar How, i? , ? rr Pqua'ee, T Kdru Iroa hx|'iare*. Iron rbovelii and hpadr*. Cat racks, hhlnctlOK and Clkw llatcbeti. American Hoi ket ( b'a*.*, Hue* ??*?. I.etd I'encil*, Perci uloa Cap* ^i>u???b bar'clled tjun*. Ac Alan, ?> re Ward k Co.'*, ctlrt rated docket Kel'e? aud ^cinwr* <mcard?, be'a* ?a jerLor quality, aridriictly Fatuioa Alao Table Cutlerv of (tauder ?oe*. Taj I r Bro'a , kcd otbt-r*. alao, 8l> dmen lb C 8. riiee, k*i*o>trd. UW ! air* i.adlr* rkate*. 11 d< ztn 11. 8 Pliat teta liue?; flu dt/ru ILumb Lakbe*. Ac., tj?e<b?r with tars c?a<aot Frn rh l!nnel Ware emliracltiK lo part B)ederad Hucurri. litpper*. 1?*b Fork*. t-ke?rera, Hkuje I'aaa Milk I'iui freaerve kett'ea. Hpimoa, Oodee and Tea Folk, Wiro Cover*, Ao , Ac. Irroio caab. Si J R >Q ART. ACCIIONKKKB -THDR8DKT. NOV. , 2! kt 10 v; ii r'Mt ik, at tka aucUoo room* No I Nortk vvi; lam *>re?t murvc?r? *a a of uomrhit.1 Purnltura. Mofaa, Tal>'<* Cbalra I arpttt, Dlloloth*. BedMead*. Bedi acJ Bad c U.? Looktukklaaaa*. Ac. CI! At F. WAT re. Attorney to' M.>rtcaca*. 8?!.B- FKOVOIONR SALT, *0. O ? IiAV-lkl'- .* aueti?>nesra, wl!l aell on llun.'ay, 12 all o'el <-<ai thilr **!*?? >m, US >???*?? atr?et ah mt s 1 o nivi* of Fort la b>i!k iteroeauf l?tJ, U tuki of hall. 1 baufaKe ( hopper, 1 . ' H Hcala, ,l\*> thfr, kC J'JHN KkUaT 81) riff. IX /".MM A"f AMOTION TO OaT i W Bi> t BrO a?), f ? . ? tnber tl ?Ifj burn Tin flat*, k'lghl y C km **?.'. Ii ct??r 1 1 it" will opioid n aticfon tt U tajr, at 12 a cl?-ck, ?> ll? 5 eU Kirert, by B7KUB- T, .. > 1- k C<) , Aor umaer* \ri ijam ahbuft. adctiokcbk, oFricB no ? Tf K** Hr>*c ? ?f - Vortrar* *ale Uo fhanKlat. 21: ten , k. 10, l, o clock, Uir Stock Knd r:?i ire*of the Hei-'ifylo^ Ptatll ? ry 157 lu Ib tytbirU nw, ariib all Uie apparatOi far oaiiyti.jf oc tbe bMuMa, piiru <?!d*. dr^odi"*, bpiri-j tlnr dial*, two burMw ac'i Warm*. Uarueai oa? Cart and rilaiftk. Ike ICkk* k*> "H ?e-.T? pi r<<a Itit V ah ti. Bl'BLT, Attorney for Mortcaca*. ll'M W1TTK?<?, AUOTHINKKH WILL PKl^L TUIi TT 1' ay at 2 o'c:ork. at iSt Caoa' k treat, ail Ike Kenteel Furti.tare of a lark* bou*?? Farlor m'.t Mrrora 'l.'nujcand t?a Talla* I'ltli, .a <e ard danuuk ? '.:ttine illFMltta|k Wotre 1 kr>lae h faa ecfa HMa m'l Bitiwel*, ? -a?rrly*nl H**r 1 arorta, tiCc'othl, iH%koa?ny, Freark knit cottage rt-.l airad' kal* >!>vil'*i*ca featker Beda. Hi%i ??'*. npretda, 8he?t?, marble tu,> c-rreanc l' reaiia ???? ??. toilat. tl: 11*. klaaa al\*r atd o'.'wr *arra, Pi we*. Mulaf mat and t rctiaa Furtl ire, makii,' a Bee a*?< tm>'r. UK 1 OOUUH. AC, a t c j gmiitn A RI rflt' >Nk la *verj r i'. -. ?'.ttkk-d n-wst/ Be f> tl* Ji?V yar .a KIJU /?? V , wo ?* Us B06IKRY knlti: 1 \l* Sj, 1?-, W , lit toK: k pa r I i?*) )a" * faet c 'red I'MlNta 6 -a a yard. 10.CCV Bklrt ladle*' Bu* Kll> i uU\ As tko vary baat S ttk) I'alKK CiHwT WBtBML Tfc tilt* >?'r. UOOF 8K1RT8, lie ,S7c. 41 60 1. kad U; -rary c->e?, 4>?B L-'T 1.INKN II %ItI>Kf H> fllBFH. Ka to lit -Chetp lot. Jab lit* Flaatel. K'** 8?iaa and i"a?hr1i- M ia.iu. LAI*. Kr' ORIS* TRIMMtR '-i fRAlPs CdlkliB. A le i, lie a yard, t AMEBIC EDOIkOe ard 1 N aklt ri' ir> s 6; *i Tij a yard. 0JU CA ?HBlr a:..t MI'mJ." 8ETn. Uc lo W Tber a apntttr. BfCUIS lie lie , IV, :l? lie ard Sic . baad milt KM DIMlTr 8 in s. lit., to 2" VBiLH Lkrfte*. we bare bki?atea Ij .-aer yoa V a?.j? 0 J CUBHMAN b? *itia f? -? BAR'iAI>? IN UkFUlt.l KOlil ? <, 8BT*. Ae C ?. CCRHM an 1* aalllaf TANKEV f.??rit)|k.-t at a U-*? i*vua'? At it.'. Mub avaaur eoroer of Twenty ri?hik atreat Albert wirb. immxih avbnuk wt-j, rbu. on Mnodkj. *t tk? foil iwlu* aarer heart of prieaa BFLBNDtb FAMCT and FLaIN 81'. KB. at M aeata. Wortk/'De IM'ar SEAL FK1NOB MBbINOK*, ALL WOOL, A4 80 CfnU. BFLBMDID BCOTCIl FLA 1 1)8, DoaMa Width, kt 29 eenla. OTTOMAN TBUirfMB. fr *n le lo |l 30 BEST FBER< U Kit) ULOTRB. K C0B1A T A I. BERT w:?*. K'l Hixril A VEN'TB, BKLlil ALL ml Erc'Mi dlaakew We.ab kad Anerie*A F,anaat* at KU Brat tlaa* 8\leam?a wan'.aJ. Apply, fr ?ia tto 15 A M. at 1M Stalk kranta, A. WihB. I.BERT WI8B. I I 8.XTO ATBNPB, AT Sltkali.Y HBOtiCBn CilIOBB. A arja etoek of Beaver and Aatenckn f!,*ha Al.BBBT W!8*. TXTIT ANENCK, I* determined t. > k < er lallea from |< laf down lowrn. LAOS MOTT!NOH*v'ANn^,IB?1 (JURTA1SH AT U'tfUK FBlOH II' AN any other h M*e A T TUB elXFB A V BN U B FUB BT< BB UaN SB fiwad ae *a> irta*a*n of faahtwAKe Fr-? at W par aawl OT thar eta?"b?r? Paj-ji *- aiw?n paid t > r eanl-w al lertna and rrpairta* fur* *1 mam. * ? t?k.m - t>ra?tva. -a MlehatenU ITI RI1J1 ktaaoa, batweea Be-'ctr * Ik anil ? A A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A Wt'BKM TICTORIA AkO LADT FRANKLIN. BT ?km aantk. r h ' *ay kiet thon a^a, In tbe wlml <wa dtap arad, Tli"?e mantle* whloh Bokere n ? oflera the I wltea ?. All the teitarea and aty lee that are known m fi? teada Fr-1? the aweet Fartk eloak kn the man Je ef t'artu f V leen Vict 'Ma heapote both a m?atle a ad r. >ak. la their Wkrra'h and 'betr bea-.'y v, wr?v kad anf?ld fear: For taete, faab <m and art. Join la ktoierU a aart. To darrle tbe ey* anil to nhkrn the heb ilder I Bo mft Ik the re. ret ao | loaky the *Uk. Bo rtflh are tbe I tmmlnin tW kli haute ti l.tiy tkn* They are line 1 with kit ei .<?ra fmm acarlet lo milk And the ricbekt a*V f ?i'eat are eafcwr to try thank t le' e|if,u ar ? ? far :h?o alt otliera th?y are, M regiaeei ti amre laailnr, mo-e *kj lieh *ad wMar, For ta?r, faattoi a -,d an, j la In Robert* < knart, lo dai ' e aaek eye and lo e-ia** eerh oekolder > Oh " bright kre the nntora ?nl fan tie * iheatfle Of tha Mvu'ea a-d t loaka it tbe faae.] Cry**l Faiaee I E*aav lady whj*e?w ikeai keetare* eah ? aiaiU T>? ,yr , went* are eeadaupok iaski ? a hi?ht ehait-e" For ri< h are "he tee*, browna a^d pn'tnea aad 01 i?a - tear a ' heo? a' Ij*4? Franks* to ? ?u I > eaf?id >ne; t bl ta?ke. feu'oi and a t, j da Ikioerta'awiart, Til tt ?! ea'b aye aad t > eA-.rn. -aca orb v, e- ' MO IBRT8 1 Crta-v tk'ksa ? ?#?!>? HI Biwary IT OOOPt*. M. guiun, woVtaatajibb, limbbb, UUOUD AMD BAOWK IflOIIMI. in BoouvxHunmiHa boods or itdi oMosimo*. U>KO A TATLOB. ** ??OAmrA*. ?<* ? io?n aiuo rim, ><?? oathabimb nr. BHiUAin in rum ol oin ? W? kin J oat ? w . u_ . PABHIOMABIJI BSiVB* OLOABBT1" at Ma Boeat Malaria la aad MM atria, ud offer thm al tar oaek, UpMllWlM. Oloaka made to ordar. "?K SttKa B Alia AMD BYBMIMO Wn.CT. BOLBB AfTIQm, in BIOH PABIB 0OJU. la treat TUl>tf, LOAD A TATLOB, Boa Ml and MT Broadway. moTm 10 m OfM? wreak QAAPBTIBOS akd qpbtaim matb&iaul A tare* and deatrable aaeortaaeal Of At TMT moderate pttM LOBD A TATLOB, MltoMl Oread HOHtimuatiom U or m ?BBAT BAKK0PTUT BALB ? PBIVATBTTBBArT LAD IBH'?OU>AM, ?ACQUBS, PALBTOIB AMD PAMUT PD1A. forte In* the eataie if BHptn, (iranon A BUtUt, (formerly foe. Hulpln.) end W. D Elliott A Oo., (formerly MaekeniW?i. Oenal afreet. bank supm, BOW ooe?r?raled at the etora. ?n bboadwat. Tfcaaa WBMMd etocka hartac beeu porohaaad of Ike ",0" M par seat bblow importation oo*r. will be offered at (7MPABALLBLBD PRIOBB, to affaet a total olearapoa. J. W, PEOOTOB. TraeataraA COKTIMUATIOM BALB UP ULOYE8 PRKstl IiOf REJB1 V'KD Superior quality I vly'a kU Oloree. Me ?er pair, wortft H, lAdlee' tirdreanxd kid dlorm at fa , worth U MO ion-.n geota' undr?e?-.t kid utorea at ta , weU wortk VI. A IjKO 4 LaJtGB STOCK or UXDIt CLOTH I <U. Lar.kea', ahlldren'a and ifieale' merino Under hklrta aad Drawer*. Hoatery for ladiee, children and genta. In wool, mertne aad eotton. A large lot of Gold H?Ulnr . (mm Miction, Sa it twit. KOBALDaOH k BBa-KkB. TT'J Uroadwaf. (1ARPEIIN 08, MATTINQfl, J OIlViLOTHH. DRC9QETU, *0., *$.. For i?Je In qu*nUU?a t ) R'lli ourefawra, at tbj LCWBBT FRICBd, by A. JOCBNEAV, Jh . 371 itr-jadwaj. Edward i.imhert * oo. Will open on Monday, PoT*mb?r 19 A jcb lot ef DKK.-H i K.- at 76 oen'a par yanL A Urge lot of D'JU BLR t)KTKTKac.1 1?U PLOUMJBO KOUKH, at f 17 SO per Robe. I<eaa th-j) hi IT lh*l- ralue lilOB PLAIK BILKS (the rarlnna shaded 91 par yard. AlJiO An lo?nl(!e r?f MOll.e AKTIQr* a N II WkTBRSIt 61LKM In uiw and beautiful aLiu)?M of jolor. I ?n 511 BROADWAY. Oppoalte the MstropoUtta HjteL CpAIX AKD W1M7BR DRKdB OOOOB. * VBLOOK8, Rl"!, P0P1JW8. MBBIBOB8, UKIFAILLBS. AO.. BBLOW UBOAL PBIOBk. LOUD A TATLOB, Maa Ml to Ml Orand alreet Hom. ? and It datharlaa on abu wiktbb oloakb or LTOira nivir, r abut woollbb rAHdios *e. Bade after la* LATBBT PARK IHlfK 4 irauaad la tfce ma* atacaitl ????? For <lr*i niaa* trade lord * tayuos. OI toOT H roadway. IUT BABUAINB LAOB CPBTAllfR. W# are a'mtu cm ih - ??iar? or our f*l> hmportutnw I tfcdee ?'>a *111 ael) them br th? P*-T ,r arnXr a fed PI Ihmm V). whk imi ?Tte of trmialac* ii prices tkat defy omoMMn BOLO* OH * HAST. G P LAI* EI OH B1LCB. BAOBKTA, FlfBCHIA. BOSB 1H BAUTO. AnJ All otaer FARHIOBABI.B BUAUBB LORD A TAV"LOB, Ml And 467 BK'JADWA t. 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