Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1860 Page 10
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DTVATIOM WA1THD-FEMALBI. A TOUMO WoMaN ?18aa* A BABT TO WIT A none, having reoeot'y Inst her nam; good nfaniM 0rm. (Jail U or a<kre*e 91 Park st, room 14. situation wanimd-st a rmspbotablb ?w; ta M etee.J'nl cook and good waaher aud iroac; c*y refereaoe gfren Can be seen for two data al No. 89 19th a* , Out flour, frost roam. Ampler a bui protectant oirl wi?hb? a si tn vu ? a a ae? u?ivm m a prlraie t amity, or It do *ewdng and aa> 1st with cbaoihereork, baa two jmui reference from an lam pUoe. Oall ai lb Watts a A. __ Atocno laot. who m Him a r ai* hand, is dk alroee of obtal> in* a aHuatlm as coeytst; can furnlib tbe llgWiwrt mmeadaUoea a* >o ohwaoter, ability Ao Address Via* Mary B. Manly, Ml St ui berry at., between Hprtug and A A TOO I?<1 WOMAN WANTS A oITU ATIOM A8 NURSB; car take the entire r*? of an Infaat from Ui blr Jt. ua* ao oejastltm lo the e-uui <<xjd re'trraoe Oa'l ai 117 Wrn Mlk at batwe<ip 7th ana o A ay . for two day. AYOUHO QIRL ?A?n A SITUATION ab oh am barmaid and waller la a prw?i? family. Rood oily refa ?eeoe aaa ba gtree. Apply at M 10th ar., third floor, frocl room for two day* A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNQ WOMAN, TO aook, waah and iron; oaii give the best of car referenoea. lraaa M Weal llth at. from 10 A. M to 4 P. for two Jaic HOl'SBERRPER ? AN AMKRIil AN WIDOW LAOT, w about eaoambraaoe, de*t'C* a atiuatlon la a drat olass MUel; gwv city refe'ence ean be given addres* for una weak, a, M. W , 66 Carmine earner of Bedford. A SITUATION WaNI ID ? aR A GOOD PL tIN OOJE, washer and lr*er wages aot *o much as object a* a Tood home ail at 41 '<elght ?t . between Uudeou and Ureen wick ate, for two day*. If n> t engaged. A FIRST OLARS OOOC DAN BB OBTAINED BT aP pMeg for lv -ea daya at the Ladloa' Herring RepoMory 31 East lhh it , ne?- Utlveraliy place A SITUATION WaSTBI1 ? BT AN BXPBRIBNOBD WO mat, aa ounh; nnaeratands oooklog tn all <ts branch* A SI, no need apply but private families Cad at 1181 flta ar., la the wore. All BKOU8H LADT. aOKD 25 WHO UNDERSTANDS and a sail trench well d?*lre* an engagement In a store In New Tork: goid recommendation* address, for two dara, Q Q , cm of B Ltckwood, Broadway I'oat office. AN AMEBIOAN LADT. A WIDOW. WITHOUT ENCUM beracoe. dndrea an immediate aituat on salary not ai mach aa object a* a g ?d and pieaatal ban (the la aocut Caaed to the beat society South and can 811 the poaltlua of amanaaosls, nopylat or housekeeper. Address A rt. U , but lid Haralo office. ARNSPK TAW K TOUNfl WOMAN. LATRLT AR tired from Ireland, wtabea a rltuatl m to do chamberworg or Lake ,-are of children) cm do all (In la of embroidery; pre fern a good home rather than wage*. Call at 4? Waahlnrtoa at. near ('anal, ATOUNO WOMAN (PROTB8TANT SCOTCH) WANTS a attoatlon aa caambormtld and aeamitr??a r narae and or am >4' em Beat of diy referenoe Can ba acea at lid Kaat ZSih at , until aaited. ATOUNO LAD* IS DB8IROUS OW OBTAININQ A attoatlon aa dally or reaident ?orernem. to kng'tah t>ranr)iee and mualc or moito alone. Addreaa M. T., box LWJ Harald ofllca. ABR8?KCfABLB <11RL WANTS A SITUATION AS aaamatrem; can cut and fit ladiaa' and children'* dreawia and do all klnda of faaiiy aetrioc, *uu d do cnamborwork and aewux, t*od rt.y reference < %11 at 40 Wn*t Idui at ARR^PBCrA?tl.B OISL WIHHKS A SITUATION AS cook waaher aud Iro.ier, ala >. one to do chamber work and waltlnr; will aaatat la m ? lur; beA reference from laat t>laoe call for two daya at 270 ^oattdtbat ATOUNO OIiiL W \ Nf? A MlTOaTION AS CHAM bermud ai.d wait^eaa i r I was oare of a ehldan laeo; eoity refereaoe fr jm laat p Aca. Call at Z7 Anlty at, b llrooklj n. ATOUNO PRO fBST ANT WO HAN WHIICS A SITU A Uea aa cook and tw-ab andlrttn or will take rbtrre and do Ike work of a am >11 family Ap^ly at or addreaa 3oo 0th areolar two days, top lloor. ARE1PK"TABI.B TOON i (M?L WISHES A SITU. a<l n; I* a good plain to k. waaier and Irnne-. Beat of city rnferenoea Oall at M (I.imijo at , between Mott and Mil xabetb ata , la the dry gooda at >re A RBB'BCTABLB *O0 "(1 WOMAN WANTS A A *r nation lo do obamberwoet aad waiting or plain saw lag and to take care of clnidren. won d make heraau generally AriRHT CLASS OOOf, WHO THOROUOHLT UN derataada Trench a--d Amerwan c > king, ar.l bat bad 1 ng eipeitaaoe la Oe flrat fami lea la Hie city, artabea a altoa turn Beat of i eft rancaa. call at u wast IM it, between Oth and Ctk ara. AttB"PB"TABLB WOMAN WaWTS A BITUAl child'* narae and aeamatreaa. rr?l reference. 130 AUaatl* at., Brookh n. Ant 0 nr. bank loom A reri RRSPBCTABLB kOONW WOMaN W1?BRS A SITU afon to do gereral k m?e?ork, ha* th? b a', of ctly re ce from her laat place tiatl at (44 Baat 13th at I PH(jTR8TANT UI AL W HUBS A SITU ATI Og AB r\ eook. waaber and Inmrr. or to do hoa*?work; a-der sund* all kinds of plain oooklng, ba* oqpbjeetloa to go to tha onustry; good refereaoe Call at 117 Waal Vta it , aaouod Qoor 'net m* A RB1PR<T A Bi-B TOONO WOMAN WHHES A SITU JK aa skambermald aad to d i doe waahlag and Iron fig; BO objection to go to tbe cooatry ; baa tha bast of refe ranee Call at U4 fcaat 1Mb at A SITUATION WANTBD? BT AN HOUSS OIBL, TO do gaasral booaewort la a an all family; la % good pltla oook. and aa excellant waaher and tro er, city reference. >al at lil Wss??th*t., betweaa flth aad Tth ara., first door, back AOBBMAM SB aM aTRRdt, WHO UNDBRST ANDd Wheeler A Whaoa'a aewlag macklne. ant all klnda of 01 ? broidery, aad la ei^erleaee.i la leacblag and honsekeaptos. Udrelpoeamobiun aauutloe; would go ia Laa oouatry. Oall qt 4d Thompeoa St. for three daya ASIT''aTiO? WAKTKil-BT A TOOK ? WOMAN. AB ? aim? ska pnrfe Uy nni'araUnda ber buan.?a?. h?. nae i nep tVaia b la raferene* fr m ber Itat place, waere ??" l>< Bred (re years, ao id jeetlne to do nhaaaere,>rC. <lall al It Weal ItU m , between fch aud 7th ara, for iwo days, la tka A SITUATION WANTMD ? BT A RKAfB faltl.B American nmtn. of m'ddle age. aa housekeeper, no ?bjestloa to do the kd'-aen >ork of a small family; la aa ei eeliei t laun<"reaa Heel of dtjr referanaa*. Oall al 111 Weal Oflth si , aaar 7th ar , for two days BHPE>-TABLB TOP Nil OIRL WISHED A SITU A Una a* laondrsaa In a prtrate faaatl- ; aaderatanl* ber rfe Uy can do np lad lee' m i? in* anl Sating; ba? A >eea perre liy can a<> tp 1%'iiea m >? ma an i inn aa' ijeetire tonaamberaork, ail Is willing lo g i lo the onto try . baa three years reference from bar iaatplaaa. Oall at BUI 7th ar., seeoad 8o. r froet room 4 RRSPBTTAIILR TOO NO OIRL WISHBB A BITC&. A Uon as rh>mberm?l i. aad to d i plat a sewing aad t%kn oars of nhlldres . ao orjeettoe lo go a *hwt diataace ta the rooster, baa flee year* reference from bar laat p lace. Oall at Kl 7 Ik ar , third 1 or, front AmilPSTBBf lolfle Wu'AN WtSRBa A 8ITUA Ilea aa ledv'a m M and *e?tn?treaa , ttndersiAoda hair di i s*lii* aad drammekieg aWo eaudren's elothleg and ft >? Oewlag. car r*fer>aoa Oall at t?A>h ar eoreer ?f ITth *4 , to Mr Moore'* dry good* acre for the remaladar of this weak. ARBsPB JfABLBPKO'BSTANTOIBL WAITS A SITU atton as Srsl clam laaacreaa won d hare ao objaslt m to twltt la lbs nkamxerworb nam of elty 'e'e-anoe Alan, a j-onrg ar-mn- wlebea a *ltnatto-> as Seal slam eraltmas, or w? ale do Htemberwork and assist la the waahisg aad Iroelar. heat of ear refsrsaee from lam p aee. OaU al LM Bam Mk m tar two day*. ______________ EOlMBEMBPrn* - WASTED. A SITUATION AS IIOOSB keeper, by aa Rngttah lady folly oompetenl In lake full -barge of a family or won d ant ohieet to trarel or take charge Cf chrdrea. Addi sm H H , or sail at MS M ar. BOrsBWORE -WANTBD, BT A EBSPIOrT ASl.B girl, a sKbaUob t ? do general b tueawork la a small family. Caa be sees far two days at 181 Ladiow M . saa pn dues gud dty ref. reace Sitoatio* *i?rin rt a totmo wowam. to do aaapral knap?work la aaaaD raaliT or aa akaabar saM ui waluaaa ta a iirtvaM fatally. (oo* rl praapa. Oail at 1*3 Waal Stk at for ifcraa da?p SrTcanu* vmiP HTi abui woifc*, u amd oook aad nnaDaat ?ii>ir aad Imaar. pool rafa raaaa Call at IM hii M tk at . batvaaa muHl an Sm'ATIOH WaBTB1>? B* A ttBBMAN HIIU All otunbaratald aad lo Mia to ibr waabiag aad Iroaiac, ar to do ptala pawia* UdlMU Tt MU ?? S1TL ATIOK WABTin Hi A HK.'tPB TAHI.B tOMil u ( ?(! annk and M*?r aad fW axwr aad Iriaar, la a mall prlrata faarit' Hood rofaraaoa. Oall at Ml Baal 111* * , porvar of ?? 0, far two dapp SITTJATIOHB WAHTIO-BT TWO BBKKBCr AHI.B ctrk. raa ?a p?a*ll*at annk, aad*rata?da bar btMiaaaa par >rtlr . Ik* otfcor *a et>BhwaaM ?ad waH? . |ond Hit raft nap* Oaa ba aaaa at bar praaaal ampkifara, U Baal Sid ? , SKaBoTBBM -WART!!) BT A <\)*PtT*1*T BB AM mrrm. aaptonaaai hy tbP ?odfc or moatb, oaa wl aad lalab a. blade fa??> "??? ? to "^Aa kafaa* wfal Haal d jm aura ?ppi? a? IJT #p?? IT k rt. CITCATIOR W A " TBi ? ?? A MBf?1TA?Up tOOlO O waa tod ogaaaral k*.>?r?rrk in a t?aU prltpto fa?l hr lit pnod plain for*. wwk r and irmar Good oil? rafo .-Ufa OaUat iM ??* ?<*b ? ___ Om-ATIO* WaBTIU-H* A tO'B ? ?Qlti** ** 9 Aral rlaaa iraltar of laaii"a? to do ehajaparworfc aad -nlUap >?<md rafaraaoa Oatl at 113 KM to. kat aaan .?lb aad Mb a raa __________ _ ? ? ? QITtUTlOB W t NTBD? B1 A TOCBO WO?AB TO ?5 <0 ?aaaral boaaawork ttfnl ???" ??d tmaaraad Bala w?*. <lond taf.r.?c. ? a.l M Mtf -.reaoaiok B, tram A. M. to 1 P . ? SrrOATIOB fA?tIi -BT A Ifl'B.fAlU TOUB? wnaaa to 4n aha?barw?fft aad plaia * to laka ?jarpo' ironki n*'?tran , <?%? iba baai of r-fc? rr'rraaoaa. Call for laro da) a at MR IU ara?. ? PI aaaa Bd aad Mtk ik. ?? CITTATIOH W?*TB.>-K? A found WOlA*. O ebaebarewld aad aa ita (load rafaraaaa OaU at Jto ara. ba?aa?a Mb aad (Tib M , la Iba aboa atora. ?arrCittf?B W A bTB/b - Bf A TOUKO WOBA1. AB J* aafHiwastyika or yyk;oaa?a?>ad Ik aMKraa'a irabaa or oa WWaMr A wilana'a m nn( aantiaa. an sbjoalioa to irarai la? a p f at j>t I at ara . lop Boor. fraa> SrrnATio* w*btbi> bv a conrmvr touno wo BMta, aa drat ol?? on * . ua/1 ?! a??aiU aL klad V onnaiof ?1jp? fow roara pH ra praar* aa sa pma for I wo dara at Id I Eaal 111#, aaar Id a?? 2rTUAT10B WABtBrV-HT A TOl'Bffl WOBAB1. AB aaaa i ? aad rwiaUw la a urlrata famUf Jail al ar A bat aaaa 7 b utM ala., lo tka * ? daara dwa GITTTATIOB BadTIiI- >11 A BBBI-B'-fAILi w >?ab, Oka pHrato 'amir *? .-a*. I? ?" "4 to *?"!? la Iba ??tWnr aad Ir atat Hat l? ?>??< of ra? rafarappafroia kar Mplaoa. Oka baapao at il? WapfT'h pl. >?tarpaa Tib aad ?? baa QITT7 ATT'iB W t PTBl -I > A MBP* '?? BT.B TOOBO 1^. amaa, kp norpp aad a?nid'?M 'Pfl* bl W Wapt QtTVATIOR W?BT%> 11 A PBdPlf f?BI-B TOU*f? ?*> ftrl, aa rkan i ?rk la a aiaaJI pflrato far ? Ml Mnibwrr * . lAlrd OtH fhB room. flrl. aa 'haan ?t t" or Hipawl kn? ' % aiaaJ) piirata ram'iy Bpal of aiy rWarapoa. (Mi SITU AXIOMS TWO i.Ih a WaNT 'SITUaTIOHIS W ?*oo*lim. <me la a rood cook. ??b>r anc Iron* and the -"ther la an eiorllent ch-uiibermald ud wUlu, ho b rmn produoa ?)'y *? erenoa from l*et eltnalloni Apply tor two U|l hi lUi 0? Qmbla St , DMT Jo/aleaaon aL. Bronklva imo ANBBIOAR OIKLH WI*H RITUATIONB TO 1 gather, oua u took, iHtar and Irooer; the other aa chambermaid and wa treaa; beat at olty reference* gtveu. Oall at 90 Weet Mh it for two wt WIT IfCKJIl - WlITIl), BT A TOUHO BOOTOti Wo man, a eltuaUoe aa wet aura*; haa loat bar owa baby larne cay a ago. Uaa bMW at IE? Uraud at, Ant Sour, for three daja WANTED.? A TODNO I.ADT, Of RUPBRfOR 111 U OA tinn. da Iraa a alt nation In aome reepeotable American fa? II' M taka car* o> chlMren; can apeak Oermaa and Btif llnh fluently, will teach in ualo and k ? ve leaaoea oa Uu glaaa Adoraaa Mnaic Teach or, Herald odToa. WAR TED- A SITUATION AM WET NUBSE IN A KB apectabto family, Inquire at 61 1 tth at O/TT HUBHt-WAirriD, BT A RKiWBirr ABLE, " health? mar Hod woman, with a freeh braaat of milk a alt nation aa wet nurae. Apply at n Horatio atraat, top Boor, rear. fXTANTED ? A HITUATION, BT A EEf PBOrABUC " vnun* woman at aeawatreaa and to autat with children, or u aramatreaa and to do chamber work; ta a neat qulok aewer. U wllllag and obliging, and would make haraelf ataful. baa city referet.oe. Call at 174 6th a* , bet reea 11th and 13th ata. WANTED? BT A RB?PBOT? BI.E TOURO AMERICAN girl, ? attuallno aa chambermaid or waiter U a prlraM fMoU^i^Jood reieienta U required. Apply for two dayi at WASTED - BT A RENPKTF A 1ILB PROTESTANT JIBL, f'om the coantrt, a alluatioc aa chambermaid anl lane dreaa or eeamal eee and latuflreaa; la oumootei t and willing to take the ?Ituelioo of rltber. (Tall at <jr addremM Weal 41al at. IT Alt TBI) ? A HITUATION. BT A REHPECTABLB m yoonR Klrl. aa cbamhe ru- 1 1 and waltreaa, or chamljer maid and nurae;. He?t ol reference Riven; do o Jantloi to Brooklyn (Jail at -JO Leilogton are .between 3tth aud 35th am eta. WAN1KD-HY A TO0NO WOMAN, A SITU ATI JN AR RfcamNtroiM ar<i waltreaa. or W"t!l oook anl d > the wanting 'or a rmail prirale family Ada real 373 lat. at., be tween North 9th and 10|l>. WllUanoabarir WAR TED- II T A PROTBHTA?T 80 ITCH (II RL, A altaatmn aa -nam trwaa, tan dn a't klnda of 'a ail If >n*. la? and la wi ling u> inake'aeraeir xeoanuly uaeful. Oan be eern for two dayi at 4M Sd ar , drttt floor. nTAPTBD-BT A R Krt PB*T A R LB TODBO WIDOW TV wnman,w:ik no fam ly, a altn ttlo i aa plam c.?>, wathtr and in ner N" objectl n lu go a abort dtalanoa la tba e '?untry. Inquire ?t MT Baal 1UU> at , between ara U and 0, top floor, front room. ttr ABTBD ? A FITOATION AS GOOD PLAIN OOOl. " wanbi-ran'1 Ironer In a email pi-Irate family: la ai 'In* to aealat la luinaework Uaa *i?4 city reference Call at U9 Wert 33d it , betneen Stb and lOtb an , aeoond Sour, frjut ro m OTANTBC-BT A YOUWO WOMAN. A SITUATION IN T? a r *1 I>r< ate family u aaaS and lanndreaa, la a good rook and eicelleot lanndreea alan a good bread and paa rjr H?her; f ill ill w?IUng aw* ftne waahlng; la fully oomprlaat f"r 'he above Hrn ol .-Ity ri fereace from laat plaoa Call at 2tC Wet! Mtb at., tup floor fAT AftTBH ? A HTTCATIOt ?T A OIBL NOT LONd IN TV tblar 'on'ri, ki d" geaera] honaework w bare the lady lo *a after her iM>n?rh<>l ', or t > do cb untie rwvk la a yn ate family. Mi- ran ewe ?r" recommended aa to boneatr and H'"!""* ol aup<aliioo fall for two d?j? at 130 oreene at tlT ANTED ? BT A RERPEDTABLB TOO NO OIBL A VV dtuaUm aa | ood utain o ok. waahnr and Irooer; can pro dn e go d ettv reter?tir? from her laat plaoa. Oan be aeeo until aulted at B)1 Eaat 16ti at , near at B. \AT At TB -A HITUATION. BT A TOUNU WOMAN. TO *? rto rooking, waablng and Ironing; M a good baker and a rood waaber and Irooer. Uu be aaao for two dayi at 197 Weat 33d it In the rear. -|irA*.TRI>-BY A HKKPE 'TABLE TOUNO WOMAN. A V T At nation aa cbamhermald and waltreaa, or aa rh'ld'a nu/ae and todo plain aewiag apply for two da/aai 294 9th at between let it. and arenae A. nr a^ted -bt a toun? woman, a ritl'ation ar VT re?mrtre^i: can do all klnda of family a- win* wo tM pot rl,j -?it to do part of the Hie waehl'gor lo ?*<i?t wtlb rbam berw jti , haa gowl referenoe. Call at 57 Waat 3 let at , ooroer of $tb av. VJL'AN- ED-A SITUATION, BT A TEET BE8PEOTARLE " young woman, to do geeerml boo ee wort orchim>>ar work; can >aalat lo waaklng and Irani g; beat city refnreoee oan >-r gieor. Call for two daya at U1S AtlaaUc at Brook. Ijn, fr^ncb dyer'a tATANTEK-A hiraATlOR AS OBAMBRR VAID OB " waitrt-aa; recommended for three yeaxa aerrloa by her employer at 9*9 Rroadwar ANTED? A SITUATION AR OOOK; WOUT^D ASSIST VV in warki^g aad Ir nlag. beat our reference Call far two data at I tl Weat 19tb at , between 6<b and 7th in lir.HTKD- A MIT ATI >N AH WRT It'TRSE, BT A TV ma'red lAdy, with a freak breaat of milk. OaUatlt City Hall place, third floor, baok room. In the rear WANTBB?A SITTaTI >N BT A BBMPE TTA RLE yoODg gtri; la a good waaber aad Irooer, or woo d take care of rbOdreu, la a gold plain newer, oall at 117 Eaat Aka it , In the gnwery atore. (XTANTED-A BITUATION, BT A MIDDLE AOBJ " Hemeb woman aa eook la a aalooa or hotel Oall at It* Cctcord ?U, Brooklyn, le the atore. WANTED? A BITUATION, BT A BBHPMOTABLE yonng woman, a a nnrae an 1 aeamitreea, la a Ifcxl ar am itreae can eat and make hir'aan.1 gtrl'a ol <h'n? haa c<>od mtT reference from her laat ttuaUm. Oaa be aeee ai 3U weat 13Uim WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A BBS PBOT ABLE yoaag girl, to to general bonaewor*. or aa plain rook, weaker aid Iroaer, the ^aat of referee ee from her leal place. Call at 300 Tlh ar , between 32 J aad 33d all. WAJ?TSn-HT A BBIPB0TA RLE TOUNO ?IEIS A aitnati * la a amall prlrate family, to do honaework la a good waaber and lm-.?r lennd | Kj r?farwec?tf reealred t a i for two daya at 73 Warren at. betweee Smith and 11 or V, houlb Brooklyn WASTEll ? BY A HEALTBT WOMAN A SITUATION aa wet nnrae Oood refereocee. Addreaa 4U 7th ar. eocene floor back r oa. (Jtr A MTkI>? BT A KlHPE'T ABI.S IOr*l tilRL. A TV lUuaUno aa aoaaatreea m a prtrata famUy; eo objection to take of r.h i^iren. Call ti* two daya at JU Mjerue el, 1a the tear tuom I iifAKTin- a situation, nr a R?picrA?,i TT ymug >??*? i? do nbtw work ud ?r*lunit >r ??n? r%l kma??orfc for ? total. priiiM f*muj kt anlliag to nui? kerasl' grarralir ttaofol. GaU at 1ST Kaal MU at , w.p 11 J rr. ImsI roum IITaNTBD-A BtTCATION BY A RMBrBOfABiJI TV glrL to anok. rak And Ira or would do g taiarAl koaaaa ? ark I* ? urn" I fumU? , > *?> of nlty rafertmoa Ir a Mr laat a b? ra aba ll?-d fita jaa a OaII Al M H.TArdtl. ba taratu M u aad kaiabolA >u . 1* ika rev. Ural B wr Wantbp-pt a Tnrmi mUMR tBHOU r>ri A aftAttoa wak a Ud> akoui 10 (?aaat In Bn'Opa or fiaawura I an bo mm At Mr. llaadaraoa'a talalllgapoa Of flea JU ABTBD- BT A RKSPBTTABLa OOI^UD QIRL IN T a private family. aeaatt-Uoe aa MtahnuM Aad araltar or to niraa. Apply a> A?r laat aaylorar'i 47 ' Aara.M a UTANTBD? A BITCATtON. BT A PBoTBtfrANT OIBU ? ' aa mailmi nrdarataada All ktada of fatal! y n*inr, aa'ag. r?a paaata oa Wtlana'a aaaafcioa, nnobjaa uoo to tfcr 0?ra of oAUdraa. Uaa ka aaaa at Ul Bam MJi at, la taa ' ~ ? ? t*" m A*m>- HT A TOCBO woman, A Ml Oraaoatek (A, la tba roar alT ? NTB D BT A BBBP?TABLa NABBIBI) WOMAN, TT a HHiAtlno w> go ooi aa wat aura* UAll (or I wo day* at Id hat Mtk aL annrad atury. fr>al i?a WaMIH-A NITVATION TO DO HorBBW'IBK OB rh%tab?rarr>rk la A anal' prlTata faatU?s good mty rwf* rana. iialifor tar., day* At M AUaatta gt. Mfe BrwAiya. Ural Oaaor. froal mm, AU ANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A TO JN0 UlkU TO M do light rhaiBh?r*nrk aad plain aawtag. (nod city ra far>ana glaoa aad retatrod. A ppi > for two daya at U* J ok a at , Br aaklya 1 WaBTBO-A SrTDATlOW, BT A MIOOLM AOBl) WO. BAA. a* oook AAd lAiiiiilr? Apply io dAr Al H Waat Itlk a ?A/ ATTtn - BT A BBHfBrTAHUB TOO BO WOMAN. A T rtaaur* ak oook. wakar and ir war < aa bo aaaa far two day* at H Baal ? arrati at . BrooA-r*, or poaita lAa gaklta ankaot lA/ANTBD? A BITUATTON BT A BMH?MCTARI.M TT girt todogaaaral fc>naaavor% la a wnall fAiatlr, la a good i?ta "?*. waafcar And mmar, baat af rafaraaaa Apply kt IMWaattUAM \]LT A NTBT) ? NT A *BBP*nTABLj| TOCNO WulAN. A TT attaaUna aa rkaa baraatd ab4 waiter or t>> aartt la waafc ? r aa<i uoalni Baat at atij rafaraacA (Jaa b? aaaa for iwo dA|a At J 17 Waot *tk at WANTBD-A RITU ATIOB BT A BBPTt' T ABLB girl Aa good plata aook waikar aad naaar. aad la a gand HAkar tf t faad B<W twa raara and a kalTa ??tf rafa- laaa fnaaUatraaa. ApplrkkliWaat Mtk tL. aaar Br^dwAf. fnr IW1 dAjra MTBn * SS^S BT A BB4PBIT*??1.B f<m ng gtrl In Co ?r* ilng AaB a llttla rkamHaramra. or rkaoik*? work aad plata aawiM iiaII at M 7ui a?a . bat aaaa ?b anB TTtk ata , Uird 9aor, froal room for two daya. yymTBP BT A BWPBCrTABI.B TOCNO WOBAN, A , la A ?n am r>Bllf Vend (My rafaranok tlfaa. OaU for twa Aa ft ?BAl' f?a?ll? I i at w? Mik i C|7AI?r*|V-A BITTJATIOH. BT AB ANBBIi'AN OIBU TT to >to Ika waakiag rf a aaaO rtaty;k A g ">d waakar AAd Iroaar OaU a> IH laat ?d kt. katwaaa It aad H aaa. WABTBO- A SITUATION AB OH AN BBBN A IO AND ????awaa. nana ataa It AH kiada of faaaUy aawlag ?a4 Ml MMNI II pn WW P WW, M Uf M9J P w, aifixnlf ? (AT A *TBI>- BT A TopN? WONAN. A BITUATION IN TT a aw All prlrata family In do kmiaawort, la a good pi Ata ml and a flfat rata waahor aad Iraaar. Ma ally Oaii at IB *aat Utk at. Ulrd floor WaNTBD-A BITOATION, NT * BBBPBTTABbN m>|wnau. U ?aady aad ladaatrlwa. aad a goad nWt and Stat rata waafcrr Aad Iroasr aadaralaada kakiaa. baat cay rafaraaaa fro? tat piaaa. Okli lor taa dayk At *W M a*., aaar m m. JNTND- A BfTtTATION. BT A TOCNO WOMAN TO do teaanl hrmaawark . good rafaraoo* OkU At l?T Bai <lm at OTANTBO-A BITCATION.BT a BBBPNCTAB1.B f 10 TT t?at>nt gal to do gaaanl knoaaw * t . and ?r auada p 1 Ala c flktog la a go- d waaker aad knar. OkU for lao dkya at IM Jkl ANTBD? A BTTCATTON, BT A WOMAN. TO OO TT rararAJ annaaarnrk or to a aaM la ika okaaabara-irk, or aa ant draaa. tha of r*frraaaa froa bar laat plana Uail for two daya al 17* Baal lla at aarvittd Mbr fr?at rona WANTNT> - NT A NBA*. OOMrNTNNT WONAN Of at a maaB'ia aa naraa la IkaBtt It* i-matrr prafarraB >?? lakan rkarga of a a?by 'rat ka atrt* ka Ttlafc al lAa Aaaola wontd waafc and I rata for a i?B? wbn boaWk or arvtid ws*ei a lady , wee* *. Oaii at IM BaA M ?k SITUATIONS WANTBD-FRHtLKS. WANTIU.-a lot NO Air , urn i^KihR 4 ? * lion. a alt ri k*a in Bomc re?D*cl*bl? 4.m*iicMI (?milt lo tatfl ctffl u' cblld^im; c%o i if ?! ()*nnui % d <->g whthiroliy will U^k n* un and giro irtmoit <o Ukt) .?Uau. Add re* Mails Teacher, He* mki offloe n'~"" -H." '"j" ii?" jtb1, ????'. WANTED- BT tWO RRMPBCT4BLB QIBLH. FIT04 tlota; ore a* rook "Ubtir ?nd traaer. ?o<1 the xher aa chain >ertrald a c to aaaiat In the wuhlox aivt Ironing ?n 1 .1o waiting if r> quired. Call for tiro daya al MR Obion at. Brook lyn, near Ooiimhia WAKTtn-BT A JOVW* PERSON. A SITUATION AS " la dy'a maid and aauunatreae or wonll wall no g wing children ud ?w !an be highly recommended by h-r lt?e tmplnyere; li a fn* m^r of Ihe Kpiaonual nhureh. Oku do ??>d al 110 hr ICth fl, Irom 0 ui ti! 1 o'clock WmriD-Hi a >oom'? m) ncH oihl. a mtua 1 Inn aa chain barmaid and wall-eea; do n->jeoltao lo aa rial 111 amahlng and ironing lull at 136 Writ if Lb at IITAbTJD? BY A RVKPBCTARLE PROTBsTaRr OIK'. TV a attoall"o aa waltreaa. Ooxi cily Applr at i*f Otk ar., brtweeu llat and 23d , rear building, for two WANTBI>? BT A KEBPECTARLB T'^PJfO QIRI.. A aitiuUioo a* cbambcmald end to am at In the n anhhi and liming. baa ro hj^-ct'On >o do th? liooaewtrk of aaoiafi erlrate fami'y. Th? beet of oltv re'erenre c?a be plreu. '-all for two d\ya at 117 H'?cwteh ar , Urat floor, front rocm.oppa lite Utk at , J ark ana aqo re. WANTED BT A REP MOT ABLE TOUNfl UrRI,. A altuatirn to do general b'iua?wnrk in a aoaali prUate family Wood rr'ereree. Call ai IU 7lli ar , btur-eu 16th and l#(h at* . for two day a WANYKD-KY A RRSPIRTAB1.B UIBL. A HTTu'ATIOI to do renrr "J bouaewnrk in a prrate famliv; la a go >d w??h<*r and Iroter Uood reference (Jail at AO 2 Deiaeor y WANTBO- PmTATTONR, BT TWO RESPECTABLE glrla; noe a- good no k. waaberard l"wer; th* th--r u rhamberma'd ard wafer, or w raid aaalat with the waahlng; both ucderatard tbeli htmloeiai, ha?e good city referenoe (Ian be aeen for two daya al 2S3 Paltou at. ojpuaite C Union at , Brooklyn. WANTED?RT 1 KE-PECTAB' K ai?U A STTITATTON aa cham>i*rmalrl at 1 wa'treaa 0*ll he'weon the boura of 8 A M and IP If at 17 Leonard at , Aral lloor; TVr ARTR** ? A BITrATIOK. 1IT A RCSP Ji*T ABIJ Tf yoanc w mar. aa <:h*mh*m\id and to axilit rllh thn ? Kahlua ard Ir cleg or a* rn*a>b*ro<aM and to near: hvi the Ira rUy ra'er?nc? from her laat plane, where ahe hua i|?e<1 for Ave )ear*. Cail for taroda/aat ill W-at 2Mb at , thi-d door, fr"Ll room WA<rrin-A MnwiOR, B* A oompitut torno ?l?l. at nurae and anamatreaa ran eu aid It for rhli dr?n; intmtudl all k'nda of famll* mwln r; wnnM be w ! inn to do rh-n?berwork and aaa*at In tbe waahin( and Ir nli?; h%a Knod oil) reference. Uall al 10 Beat 27th al , wound liuor, frort room. WAKTR1 -BY A PP.'JTBHTAJfT QI A HIT ATIO* to do ii*kt <-h?moerw>rk or lo tak"- cbirjw of tbt'yi can produce food city reference Aoply at US Cjooord at, Hro. klyn. VlTAMTKn-A HITUATIOR. BT A YOURd WOWAN, Ir to do seaerai hooaework; la alltinx lo r> In the country. Call al No. II hujfolk at , one do jr from Healer, In 1H Oaae meet 7MJ ABTKD ? A HTT7ATIOB. BT A RKHI'B 'TABIJ " rlrl, aa ekaieber said and waiter, or to do p'ata aa?tn< C>n be aeen for two day* at 17t Uoyt at . corner of Doaflata, torookiyn. nr AWrKP-A 8PC?TIO!*, BT A PROTR?AKT Tf yonn? wnmii aarewtreaa ard <,r??amrker. mob jertlon logo -orth Call for three dayaat 373 al , Uetareae ara C aad D, a> oond Uoor. WANTED? RT A PRIKl'li UKKReV ? KIR. PROM Parla, who ean eni and St ta the m<wt fa*hirm?lt!e atrle, nork by ibe day. weak or mouth. Call at M Id ar . a the miUlnrry at me. nrABTKD-A FrrCATTOR. BT A OIBL TO DO PI. AIR " eookiet, wnahlra ai d ir- nln*. (Ity re'erence Call at ?08 3d ar , between Suik and Slat aa , aecjod floor, front room, over ita Poet uOee Wanted- iy a rkspict abiji marriko worar. a altii'llon ta wet anrae, baa no objection lo Ike eoun In. Inquire at No 1 JameaaU, for two daya WA?Tin-MY A RRiPRJTARl.R TOURfl WORAR, A alluailon aa oont, wartier ?nd nnar In a prlrate 'aa ly; laatuod ex* an* ueicellenl 'akar. >laa tbe bed cily refe reare Call al 1SX 7ih ar., between Bd aad X3d ala., hi the ?tore. UtT ANTED ? A H1TVATIOM AS UOOD OOcR. WaNHER ? aad boner . or *ould do tbe kooaeworfc of a amall fatal It Oan be teen al tbe b are of her pr-eent empl irer, M Weal llat at , abere tood reocmmendaUuna ean be (tree TITARTRD? 4 MTTT aTIOR, BT A RE^PETTABLK Yf yeuri girl, to do Oiembai work aadwrahlnc or ch%m berwnrb and aewlnr. kaa no ovj-8ilon to aaalal n iuiTlhln?; uoder* taada her tmalneaa perfeellr. > an (Ire Iba beat of ally rafetenne i ell al 376 7ib ar , near 3<ih it WAWTED? BY A RRHPSOTABLR PROTECTANT UIRU, aaltualln todo bomewo'b In a am a i family. Apply ta KHk ar . beiweee 49th and (Oih ata , frame kouae back in tbe lot. tbe only bouae on tbe back. WANTED -BY A RK8PE JT 4BL.E PROTECT 4 NT Wo man, a ahuaHnn a a mob In a amall pr| ale 'amily; la wllltrx to aaabt wlta waaklr( and Ir nlng Oall at OU Weal at, uelween llama nod and Perry ala. WANISn? A BiTPATIOR. BT A WJM AN, TO DO p.aln nook I- 1, wwblra ,od Ironing, or t aural booaa work U oJ rafereo je. '"all al .00 Sd ar . ooraar of lkh M. IET4NTED w I-HINO BT A RESPECTABLE WORAR. TT Oall at U? Waal ITik at. ULT A NTBD- rtT A bEM 'EOTABI.E UIRU A HITU 4TIOE T* to do general hmeew rk, ook wa*h and Iran, ten of H y relarenee gtren frv ir. her liel place < all at II Male at, rvmlh nmoklya JLf ANTED? BT A YOrN'l WORAN, A NITO ATION 41 TT ah mbeimaVI and waNrrea, or to do chaabArwura aad plahi aewtoa. ? aa be aeen for two daya al M ll-r.rr at ll'ANTEn? * 'IT all s AB lHAMBBIM All), RURRB r > r ? aa y a oohwed w r. ?? -an I a til ? rMy rtlereore if rvioirnd Oail al W lOib at., belwero ka and 6-? arn., la tba rt ar. WAJTED-IR BEOOELIE, BT A REM I' EOT ABLE (Irl a Mtaat no aa chambermaid aad t > lake > ?re o( rWldrra Uoud raferenoe gtraa Apply al 313 1'eerl at., bruobiya WANTED-A P7TUAMON, RT A REJtPBTT 4BI.E WO *ar H do genera, butiarw Tk, or aa mod i-haau-rmaid r a bote! or rrlraie h ar ? ' ? r li will ( m go la tbe eonniry Oaa be aaen at 111 Kaat Rltb M. , la tba baaameai. WANTED- BT A PTE A [IT WUXINO AND IRDCB tftona pang ?-? a aiiiuj'in .? ?-?>?? tuli' and Ironer Ir a awal! (.mate reeulr. Uaa the teal of cti r?'? rre<?. lL'i'Ure at IT) Ellralietb at , fraat room. Oral B > r for two t aya (E/ANTE1V-A RITTATTON, BT A PROTECTANT WO. TT man, wbo la a r?-d cook w ul aaau* with the wa> a log I required. Hailafaelnry refernner raa he glrei. Oali al 77 Meet (Tib at, between (lb aad 71b ara , aeooad flaor, fr m (E7ANTBD? BT A RAHPR TA HI I OIRL. A BIT OA TT Una aa plaia cook, wvabar aad Imeer r Ui i*o ab<mk?r wnrb or aa waiter la a amall prtrate faaallr , baa g>n ? aMy re fanaeaa < ea be aeee for two daya al IB Waal MUi ak, be tweee *tb and 7lb am WaNTED-BT AR AfTTTB TOUNfl WOEAR. A BTT oatkaa lo do chamber wwk aad waning or general h mae wart, la a amall prtrate (aailr. la a good baker no objection to go In the eonatrr. UaU al U Uaka ouorl, Ualmntly piaoe, b^lmeen lltk and lllh ata Wanted? a eituattor ab pearbtrek ir a II prlrate faaallr. by a raeu? ?ak e perane wbe aader ataada ? uUiag aad OMaa ohlUtraa'a elutilag. latlortar. ab rt ?abl' g and all blade of faaalfp aawtag Apply hr two daya al l*( lib ar llTlAfW ?AITMi ?M M. a BBurMTTA kls tip bo MAR WaRT* KMPI/IT \ BMHatrnai la a pii'M* fumi.j. or H stllv li t kntAl. a* ok -run H r to ?M <*?iilry tlond ?nr nBWmla laft al ?? "uif ?> . Itfmt'ji, or iMwri to W J H . Hantid o#ta. will (m tunM lo ATK?rtKATB TOUBO BAR. A M ? OATH LAN DID ? fpw ik? Ok I'oirt- T, WHM a Mlatttoa m barkaapa- la e wfceeeele or rHelHi'ior anre, W wHI er-j i?liwi wvk ik* b<iMM AMfM or caU it O uim??1l*? nfmr; a*4 I i?u' mot* aoreor of Harrtaoa ul OMa?M> Ma, nri*j?, far Ikrra dara AH BITUATTOR WART1D-BT 4 TOBRO V?, AH bar tradar nr partar ta A rtiwili at ?a. -iadarM*a 1a >W?I and ^.r,'hln? <v??a<-Utd wiu UM llqanr bwlaMA ( Aa gir? rod nfwiiiwi from ihi u4 tarmmtm ptoyara AilifWi T B boa IX Haraid o?>a. J^n oeo Anr?t or iirmiiiiri md a qv abtittv nhnrrfe ft* pirtjM ma faauBar wlik tka Bpla?*Tp%i ui o tt?r iw ii?r A aad will mw?i aa nmwiil at ovmoaIH I >w (Aim* a?k*r or M>kr?lklr. A ?!>?'? Ckarafe MuMc Bml4 ofll"A r KJAOHBAR ?AM AUBRIOAB HAW WART* A MTU A V mm I ii lnn ; hM la tkal oa^AaHf UmImN tMit la IBM o?T amk taa b**t MM of rofaranoaa l*?a (Mi ni l Unrdaat *441* aal karaaai iMHlnl at* If BMaakar M. C10A<HB*R -WABTBD. A BmUTIOB. BT A TOCRi? ) raa?; M <r?l1 a?iiialat*4 w?h lAaaMr. kaoaa kia HoMaaaa ta All na kraatfcaa. t %a ?t?a (Aa boat of M<r >afa?anr fr?a Mi laal raplojar iMma M P , ho* 1M ba^Ald ufflaa, or Wnm (Mbaoa aaddlr aad koj-aeaa mAkar. Rmdrtr, for two mm (IOACHMaB OR OROOV'H BITTJ ATIOR W A RTBD-- It T J a euwlt, ar**r yr..iii? etna, a*oaAa pmotwe arraa r?Ars I kM laal p'ara- wxixl ka-p a am%lJ r*r la wd*r If ra.|nl-al aad aak* hlaaaaK r?B'r*ll< iWa!. ? Ian, kwnra th* mjr parfaaUf. i llii B. B, boi KM Marald ' Bra. for twr> daya SmjATlOB WARTBD?AJ TBATOBB. AMIBT ART, pfMpal v tutor la a i?Ma faal?, or aa ??awl at * MB* aaaafaatnrtac iMHIMBhiH. k? a frarfoata of aoaa* taara ataadtaa w?a, for Iba aal two or Ikraa iwi, kaa Haaa jarnWua aaWaMralr totfca MAdjof U>* MB li?ir*a?*ra ta ka iiaiuM h*a BtPHi rPBoTIBKiR KB ?I.BKR - ?ITT? ATIOR WABTIH. HT a Toaar bad wto kaa a*M< aa aAiaam%? and Irnkkaaimr la a larf kmaar f? lha laal Ml I>U1 Ha naa pr wlar- ik? WghaM HMtaiaatAli aa In llinMll. AdAraa A. B, kor LM nwM ????. far two Aapa. PAVBUJBO AOBBT - THB ADVBnnBBB IB OPBB far ta *ua?an>iii lo aar koaaa thai 4?atraa In anavt tkrlr lr*4a Ho kaa b**n Wia* aaraamoiM to IB* oaanaxUaa baa a lanra onaa a*Un*. an' parUrolAT what klad of ? <iti?a, w?iA rail oa arMimlaMoa If prafarrad. Hdil . BafA^d ' IBoa. ll'AMID ? BITDlTIOB. BT A <??**?!* B ABBIBil Tf aiu<. aa a pnrutr ta a am, or hit oikar Wod >' <ror* i##rww?aV(lfM Apply laor aAdraaa tfarMn Cflf?r, m Ph*m airA*l tAlra t or ABTBT BT A torjtn W?B WTtH BTBOB'I I.ITB nr UBn and **n? a a".naM?i ?*??* kM H I>m tm aaj K arair ??ad? will t? "l^atralla w mil ao< nAjan i Ir a a ttmmnonm wBB a BnBttkri fipw IdAri UMra tara, UaraM otM BITl'ATIOSH WANTKU? 3IAL.KS*. __ IkT.OTkl) Hi . kt.-MkD M I N, A HlTUATlO* ' TT la> <? e''*rge of h etnall > eaiu ericln* or to act >* tl mao da? ?ork preferred; heel r.f i itjr r-'rrenee gl?en !? ?hi [rw!tlnM l'M<mutUi>eoi, Aarahall at , umtJui ?on ferr> . llrooklfn. WAt- TKD ? A SITUATION IIT A KBSPBOT . BL to n? m?0 u ? al'er In * p. Irate fam 1? ?* where h can m-hc h irael' genera ijr uae'al baa a* o-jecil ? to go abort dw<u f to t?e oounlr> I'ubnim ( r tiro day* 0 UJI eDjfged at WO Broad wa t, c?v o?r o' ISth at. Wahtbp-bt *n kmekubtk' toun'i van. a rrv at on In rtiher lb? htailery or aitvl deputneat of U mportl g bouee Addrru T H Herald odlce. W?H1 BD-TOOA- FIXTCBB AND LA?P l>KALMK8 - ltn aHvertfeer dnrln-e * al'.uallo- a? ealeeraae; U bo r -in hl? apab'e fnllT unrt. rolandlng Ihc abore to erery pur Pettlar. ba< in* Iwi engaged la rarloaa waye la the trade far ten year* The beet of reference or aaoarl- y wUl ba (Iran Ad.lreea Brootlji, Herald offioa HKI.P W*MT?.M-?milALK*. Attn * LI, ul*L WtNTKIV-ll OK S VH . R? sjf aOB, to do erratd" tad "gb? b maework where mars art bat two tD family 0*11 at AOB 6th ay. DKKSHM *KKt W aNTkD ? A GOOD 1)K(H8KAIIB. that uDdeiataoda like ouatueaa Id all I 'J brant-haa. and l? ? DMtnt to take ifcarge wauled at lUo dreaamatlng and mil ll< er? etorr .? i 2 *? I>. FIliK l;N?tv.S WA?fH)-K('?l HOT OOt D HaNI? trad appl at P H. Pblillpa', 279 Grand at aIjo a amart errand boy, wlh good refarrnoe, alao ana or two good aa ea rned GIRMaN NPR'B WaNTKD.~0KE WllO THOROUGH I) ondMHV ^a la May o*r? of a "*by and yti'inR Hi Urn; alie muat have a good tern- ?r and tne heiit o' Uota, wage\ 10. >*11 al U Weal 17tb at., from 10 until 2 o'oloch aj aktik- o*a uukukIii ibkmit ? to learn a new and bfaMti'-rl nmuneae. which la aaa> aad uau be done at b'ltnr, ?nd at whi"b ~naalanl employment wU) b? gt*?n by the li'vnotor after Living bewu t?urht, ?od the car mate fr >n all to tweliw dolian a ?enk wl b'iut fall T h- la letitor lt>?u>?a Ihoae ?bn mar ?vru that no advantage will tx tak>D. a? thta la io? a *ai ke? hit-"har "?r trt >k to ntiee mrney bat a buaiaeea Kaeeintk of O la ?iia<n*aa will be aeui U any ' art of the I. tilted Maum by 'tioliart ? IS in a letter, dlreet ad to 'Mix IA< Herald odltv- tinw f labiug to leer it for >>oi plojBient .i tut e%U Itrme t aleiv at the Ui .entor'a plana at bn atneea IM ltower>. !*vitee will h- laiight by a lady WANTBD? > T1DT, OHIJGIMG WH lOtN DO pIh'u it K.klni ??tiilj( and Ironing well, and ba wilting U> m?ke hereell <t*er>ji; a i' lb 'lie prw'errad, aid no Protea bui a need app.y tnnal bring good raferanoe from her laat plare app j at M ? tat Hth at , near Sih av., from i to 12 o'olock. WkMKD? A RK8P|i)TARI,l TOOWO WOM W, TO wal or a laily la the taUio" of Cnba. abe nnit he a g <od ?e-.m^rerh ?u 1 *''le >o ? .-k ?lthaa?wmx tnaei oe; aba mit ?t tind-mund Ibe oreaalng if a lad 'a b*l" and olh <rwlae will gio>r?k~ harae'f >iaefui liilio napvuyof a la y'?ni?>d tiood ref?r^.o?? retired *amll> unall;atu at ion permanent Applj al !*4 \* at 14 b at ?flT * a Till IN TT1C 'aUTl.T OP A* KP HCOPA'. 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J A M Kti TUOKBa U'AfUn A r:RhT RATI KIAMaTRlKl WHO Bah T? ai.terleuce In Ibe care of oh 1 1 ren, aiel oan come well reoNBrnrot'eal Apply at ?e?t 2Mb M Wartbd-ip a huall p a ?m.\ . a noon oook. waaher and lm ar a 'Id wilting to render beraelf cene rally turfnl. au>t rome wel. raauanne. Jed. Apply al Mo. 4 I braver plana Brooklyn IMT A> TBD? A tl.l'NO WOMAN Tf> TaKB OARB OP " ckudren and make b"rae'f g-nerall uaef ill a">on-l the bona* To i ue wao nan b'la4 aool cny reierenwa good btitte an-' *a|<a annordlnAlo bei worth wtll b# glreo la re lam appli at No 1 3' al Jkl A>Tkl> a NKaT tlkR?7*~ U'Ti, Po* tlBNBB AI? *? bo?a>work la a am all private family, rafareocea re aulr*d i a'l al .am erlard at ><roocl]ra IIP ANTBD? A TOCNO (lit s TO DO TUB WORK OP TT a ma,' f?mtty ; abe tnn?t r .ofc, waah and tr ?i well, niae aerd app : Hith mag od etty referaaee CaU fm tiro dajra at 87 Neat 2U at Tl ' A NTB11 ?TWO OTRI B; ONB TO <XX)B, WASH AND TT I"- d ihr >?< bet In take oar?. of ohr ren w?g-a If for rank t4 <er n'<r*e IbQttlra at t>? anruer of Jmaen aa l Xar kelau H T MMITH iiki.p ttuMum t mam ubtaim .mob-v* ko* * \ tmnuNrt'irlnr prrf*m?- in im c.l / Apply At 1.2M liaKnr. lr?ot 10 aOt. bu-ar i Mor/ . <j( KiD OB A M CM PO|l A W1MTBR K JOB -WOOD ' rkopprra tuM, logo !?> tka -anuira afc.ira o* Virginia ATI I; la 1) I> N?-k A On . )V7 Kn?w1 ???. mn? II. M.? ? n- r.1 apply ri?v lit lb< m* Unt kif> ri xrUriO'.l u.l cu pay ih?tr own pumt Cad tkatr ova u? and are I ai m mm DBt'Q ll.B-K WA*?m- ?>MB WHO* WILL ACT AH wtgAni pl^rt it i audarata naiarr '"all at 1MI Broad ira?, r >rm r ol OJ H OKGAMIkT WAMTBD-PO* A MAMOMIO MJlMB. TO play no tha : rat and lki-d In -? ia? nlrkta In aaak anntA. a dd'rar a.aUo* Unoa. Maaklorloa liaraid uS-a RBPP1CTAW I WWW, PBB? ISO HI V *Tlo?M, Mftori.U ? pp j at lha M rrrkan ?' ? Irri ?' Ka?i?tr> ollrw 74 *m% way ?o cirmivMj la a?r?r>-a K? rr*t<? to firal rw k'luv Aip.Kacla l>? trail anui ??.!>?? Uni'Mipi a* tab "afcad IMC OB II M K ? M, Suprriatandmt lAT aB"1 BI??PuB 'Hi txiBPtMl OP IMOIMBU TT mMtrrt mnw Hart-mwl at W*al rotal a '*w *!>l? 'rvilfwl jfMirtm-u <1IB<MT1W<1 and riu<i h- a >'a 10 r?*d aa.1 wnta ? *<1 or 1?n?n.< Ihr ro t mrularf arttkataMi. i it 'r?? t'l to IM p?r Banio nriik bo rd rk*hio? qmiun aad tkl?l at tmman.rr. pply h?-lw#?n tka k rara u# 1 'ad t P X , at Ik* CailMl -Hafo Bagtaaar Ho. I dowliag ?r?aa tA'ANTBP WkMTBD. WaMTBD-IWI aOBBTn AMU " te/vra. f"~*1 III I ? HO ?Hm ma>? or frmala In a nrw and pavltig fualawa, atxk a aap'lal '<f (ma $1 V< M ka ? Tia<'a and raa mak* ft<aa M 'o 15 par aajr aaili * Haruat.'a original jawity ai ?at>i ? r/ailauilua i>?p?r aa*M<iti?a wl a ?IA 4 rj. All ?<akl^| t rai' awn a< J* Hr advay a?ra*r at tutkm ?ra M, a* alajra roaai Mo B U HlBTUrt ii'aktip a ??BirvBn. u?n, '? t ? u. attbiii *' ?tl'4Hlt?ianr Pin* *r ? 61 ? rt-nadwar Apply rkara 4ay, bel?ro?t. ? aad t o'clock A A., ww altar tira hi I iv a hvart, a'.tivi hot. aR^ct i? m 1 Mi 'if aga aa waNtrli p Kag <?k akalaa aa nam i^aa > to t?ad a* aad m m?ka kiaaeir caaarall j <iaaf il ?p?if at 10 O'rj.wk Una daj at U A Ula at (ITAHTin -TIBTUK I CO. PI BI.ISHK<4N M JORM 'I at/ art ara la ar?nl o' ta >a<^i*N, r?-a??"*?Ma inn <. tu <>k la 'a v 'i!rra for Uetr Saedard tUaalraled Wufla Malary ar aueetefce. IA/AKTBH-AB A'TtVi B I HI W raa NAB To OAI* TT raaa lor *r ?aniaaoM? ta Ap< If at Id ><p -a-* at awv?d ?<nr A mi a amaU. am*** k>>y wantad Appia affr II ? M WiU'ID t lOnjKI MAM AM ? OKKBMrM*. IN ft pliaiixr1* ilf Ikat raa aom? wall raaomaandad Mna* otArr atmd apply. Mat* Mr as. Ad.lraar D)I U7 Uvaid tl-ABTBD-A MOT, PBOB It TO 11 TBAB* OP A?B TT >kn?aa writ# aanod kaad aad k*a? a^r xtnta U?l ra Mdra wl'k k a paraota Alan a fa? jro-i-? maa of ??M iVraa in n a u?h< laLdoor biiataii Add raa J. W. H. mi LM Bafttld ' IM WABTBD-4 BBB POB BVI4BBRM. 1 PAUOTVIM, t alarka t fir la to lra?al. S p-rtara, t inan n ? lira fcoraaa an-" nana I '?>?? or al>r?< aad tradaa. Pi*. ?a ornanrad for ?MRtiaapara, m** nnar*Uroada Ae Okarcaa nodarata A# pit at M" T <!k?t*a? aqaara _____ U,'AJ<r?l)-? tX>BpitMMT MCNIMBM kMH BHP lM TT ??)? at'., to taka Ika rkaraa at a ??..l*aaJa d"v ? ta tktarMt fur a larra'aato'flB tka manlrr. fctl^f a rark h-naraa Ad <'?** ?Mk raaJ a*M aad rafaraaeaa a O. D baa 10 Barald o?a*. * ? IHK 1M AM ixCBABBB oPTIOBi aao a aalMtr aa for k aboiaaaia fmrarr k>uaa. Avwlf at tka W?rrk?aW i?r%? Raflatry - fll 'a 7H Bro*' aray Ntaa uoaa rrorarad aa trmmMA?a ta ?<?r?Bo?. aatabltakai !*<? BoBxB A ? WL MM, tirnataadaal sr55i?"-'; "' -?? ? " ?"2 Ul'ml ?M- ?X? UbanVi^J^. o^r ? aJ^S^ ? ..TMK THAMh. BA1?H Wit A ^ 4 III '% #"? v ., ?wwh-" ??*?? ?MlMt In |? n,?,k ? , _A*" ??*? win _.t w, ? ? ww , ?? % *ppI? T? hra*w ? i " *"?? *<l?n rH nvrr M U ra..,-^^ ' aa a Ta Br* A ? ? . ry H' A,^,w^uow;7^- at J* H K.?r. .*> i Wit Til)- A INrM )'%f T l? ?'*??? to R ? A ?>i!nM*??r ?<* prwaltaa A p?>r Na'nr* I A ? ihM Oat tn ktivMi I ??aa a Prat, KM Fnnna m tmMHcm Aitrm*Ti?mmtSU * ? '*ai Aim, ?ioi ii?it <*nuia* M r tf ? - B vtr-Mt atabI audi aa ?*a ?o4 w?? <?? la gfaa raa #????? ?' ???? ? U*? r*A|M.|?? D' 0 I'lRTAIW *<??. fitVDH A IT lt*a?ar una a***a twuM p?t*a fuali a p?vir fa ra la atrial <m I? n? ?"?aaar inaiwrtM, ?lle p*rta frtniiM ?| ?ap?rr>4 l?eai<aWefi'We'*eaeeen>el diea*aa * Vi-aa ?ar tmi II# Ha'Aifl tMm Ua* Am um tin nw m Aim qtn ro*rm?n w rarta bl?a la frar {a a t . rra aa plarrr <taaa in *>(| ??? A *rw to?* Bnn m raxmnaiandaMoaa ?'A<ir?aaar 14 Q -*r? n f N l*n?amnd rtn? <1 w?f T m ufll? aar %ni / aira too 1. at* rt?* cuNinrtrtoa liui >a 1 a ri !fi*(i ahii DT-rm ?ir 1 r **r AMar*** m?i4n|>|W ?t'Wnaaa fPI baa.** ? > vgala. aa >a? i>r?aw t pmprlatAr haa loan tr " *n?H * ?*' na t?a lX ??> >w( *a? vaaa T?ia-a an 1 J?, Ml IjaiKT HT"H? ?'.* M ? !,? ()B R rtHTll aT? E't? li ?*' t a f?1 '?aa* i-nda f r a*l? al ? h%-. ?? r?m I m ?na? ??? M iltia ???* apply M IU a**aaa Inm It to 1 ao* , ta t r M. POL.11 1CAJL.. _ 4 MUTINx <F 111* OiT l(Mt or THM FIFTH ? *1 emanlc 'la'-lut, n tit aim* o' lb* T?u h ?!?.? Ui Thirteen k ?i 'i r?i?ul>*a ? wbtb ?lll he baM a' iba K?n,lu< H?r ho 71) atanua I) uo Pridat ereulr lit 1 <J<1 ioai , lo ratl'y the nomine urn nl l>a?'d i? Irmar f"r I'o'iurilrnan I INLRPRJtl. BaT ni?U<l|tATlU N < iNaTIOM. A. Por rchool Oomtntael oar, (WtTflnUMmita watl, ubrw.n a. lutmtWAii. fHK WORYINUMKN-* 1NDKPBNDK.VT . TIO ' club at the ??*? teenik KlecUou Juar otof tta ward will ? .|d ike. r tint me u^g im '?atu-dav areDlu* Ho remhe- U IK6U. a> Pair .ok Jul ar.aue (J .Iqiui Uaaor Scc'y PaflilOK kKtHNIT. Pree*t. ruu aNT H AJJ. Pltttr ?AHU DBBuORATIU ub Rular BtoalaaU o ? Ike ticket headed "John P. Onlltaaa la favor of Juta Poi for aldermen," weaelauiedoy MK ma' joritf. TH-Bab Uu RUB, ) JOHN BAUBB. > lMpeaton. PATRICK T OAK WAT, $ V9am 1ST WARD -AT A PMKABT KLB'TUON, HBUD PUB ?uiuu h> a cell from the <?eiieral t'uuiuitiH of Tiaaut Hall on Wninoaday ??ODln* hoveui'?r Jl, at 9f uroeawick rtreet, the fmb wl.,? ticket w?? im; ni.~-iei _ 1UWUUIU) OOMTfMTION TlOfflli BU*Vt Jo*.n UiOWXL John M R lack burn, HH,r HrJuT Bobart I *?. Daniel Moutier. fabtok T. Carrey. John 0. Bailey. [lulrl (Vmaer OOUNyiUlAfllU OUATBHTIOK /?am MsOrrrn, waueta P1*r>?t, Ibomaa bn?- baa, WLilUat Poater. Oharlee Reilley aOIIOOL OOHVklrriOK Patrick PtiMlmiBoua, Patrloh Balden, Patrick J a array, I-awrrnce Wia'Ua. John it ady. kvki*l arrao, * ilium Furr^O. J?me? BoyU Hen and ? uilloa. Charlea Keillajr, 1'at'lck fweb, Patrick Callahan, Michael boldrn, Tbmnu Jac* ? .a, John Cater CONkTAUJa CON V BNTION Patrick Riina, ? il Um Plnnerty, Pran I* hell, Mlcka-I Kanusran, Aixlrxw hrlllay, J><b<i k?(an Cha'lna Hartii Uoo gm loardnll, Ai.t r-w Hair win, Jtnw Im ?r, KtobHal t ?. iililv. Jutu tf'Aail, WUliaat keaocy. TknmaaHamaoa, Palrlok Bcao WlJi l'f. irt-r to fill vanaitrl a THoMAh HtlaNrt, i J' Uh KiAN, \ Itiapaotora. PATHI & t. OARMKT. S 6TH WARD M'WART H?h". tX)?M TTK* ARK ra^arvtrd to nwt bU (Iknmd'n) evualnr. m 7 o'eluok, at Uroao d'a Mutal, no. 7 ij?i#bt ?ir-rt Hj unler v H.I.I aH WIT 1 1 li, Cbalnaaa Tbobas MOORar. (teeratary 7TH ALOkKMAKin DlhTKIiT.? MR C1AKMCH J iklup ta >?? .mmi-nilMt h a Dtiinbar of baa?y laipavera ?? a <? iiabla ranaldala lor aldarman TH W n RO ? A UkKTI NO 0? TH* CITI7.KK8 l?P lb? 1?ulti want ?u bald at No 1 43 Allaa a'j^at. <iu r??a c*> imlri, ilm 2Vib tuak, i?r tb? yti- ><aa of oomlnUliiK a Plcv?r Urkat ox M'h.Hil offlcart ora%dwtr?1, Win I ttllra ? aa uiutnim"a?ly ? IcrUHl balr aan itauja - lu #. Plo d loa HMraui ax d l)r Jokn ?l aoheam r-? rrtary i n motion o H w Kln\a (xi juHN F lit I Kt araa nnaaiianuly lioalutird f >r HCHIM b ? llkM *81ii??a and ait-r aj to '( ball' I fur 1 ruaw?a and Ii'apaubir, lh? m'rUac ad j art ad to Tbur?d?y rvauln*. <t ?S" ? ork. B? or.iir of W M d M1I.KH, balroua. K W K1.UV1) VloaCbarlaao. Da Jomn 0 ? AriiKloa, 8?cr?t?ry. HTII WAK1? . r A PN1MAKT M ?i!MON llf'J) AT I i U>o Hail corner of roitrtk ?trf <t and arau u) J, oa ? iiIihwii ?^rnln*. th- ii*t in?i in piiranancn of a call made by ihr <rucral 1 ouimil "f Tam'nany ijall Ik* ?UDi J?M lick't wa? r'rc'?? by S?<! mnjontr tb? oneoaltija Uokot, bra 'i*d b) Aaron H If llna, r .')?* <M rotaa oouaciuiAJtiu coaaiTtia. J ?'j h alllott itaruard Kelly, Illruu kncla, 1 ' - 'Id iloax. Henrr C WonUt. acuooL cjaaiTtaa JrtkB k. Corruul, .l?mi? IhnibM, J. ?hn Print. l'ruula Oarra Henry M irer, John H. Van t, Ikoua u tu.urM. Kanln tl?laia, Jokn O'P'll. CoattaaLB coaaiTTK* John Maroat, J< br Pas CorBelloa H irkk. J ?<nea l.yn'fc, Ilarid kerr. Wl'.llam Halt* MaiUn Ma<cr, fkaila* llergjr, Loola Krhlamp At tie a'wre n.m lonrd elenU<? Cka fo'loarliui aamed |?i UflBiaa astad m luaveetora - *r <n:w a*KK ) 1 HUM am I H tor '? i Mr actor*. UKM.. McPaKL.. Nl>, S ? "I TH WtHP-AT A PRIMaKT I.KOTIOI*. HtLD AT ' i I rlon Hall cirna' of Pourb (treat iw' areima (I, oa nra a' eveplna WTrwaof tl I ^60 ijiirmart l)tbec\ll of toe l emonratc Rrpnhllma tien^ral <'?mnlf?-e irf Tarn D an lla. , h> aiarl dal>(<lea U> Uie t IHb t4Mtnr.ll ran?C I'oO yroUoa. aci a>an w> tk<* Iv ko>x a?<i r nata la >? ?enii<mt if tl . ? . . 1 '.h aia'd. iher? were Tit T'Vap 4lad of ukrblte kral'd by Ib r a ne o' A II ivl'ina r.-eel?nd *0 ea at.l tbe 'tppr*l we |t,*h^t b*-a*l?M by tba name of J m>. b t. a.ll< received |M Tiitea lb. folluwio^ Uukat lalDK elect d h) Ittttl ?iaj?*riiy ? riMu tof>ciLaa?iO coavaaTioa A H R' Ulna. J? a*a kciratk, John Wiiabt, Mlcbasi McLMckila. Jam>a t'o -ran. k. h.m.1 KirtuTlo*. eo,?-T?ai.B rorrrn-noa. * in * t'onk, Ht bard H li^bop, Prtor H ?e, Jac>b Schneider Janea 1 <>n?ay, Thomaa Ab ? U, ParVt etnmaa Jobn keckeiaea, I'bilip W khaidl, J'-ka Hie war 1. ^arrew ra.Uk. Ja^ib Rermao, Jiaeph MeVay, J"kn Uvihi MakJoo I lark, .'amee Pl.nler, ??laarr M Pns. Patlak P+rTf Javiea ' If aloy, BeoJ Far land. Aadeia r MrDerttt, Airta Itilwl*. 1'eter 1 alp'n. John Irwin 1. wwnce Welak PaajM# *arkJtt, Pat flea llurhea, *? Vol'?a? Mlckaai hei rr Ja PRAHiTIR OLARC, FRANtTIII n.AKK, 1 HkN J AM1N Mi KARLAND, > luapwtora. TUOMAM A Bit., i T. } ward *ation?i. cwion club momma 1 Una ? Tha iVhhih.U.'O m nuaalnal* an \ld?-aia? In r# frrrrail Ike B#r?Dtr?nlk i '"T1? Ic iimiici kar? ut amm ?? 1 >?' nn?%>Ml HI*Kf # 'it * ?T <k> m#-al>?nt if Ik# aa Ifcnti Unnw <1nh of IKK <rard in r#>|i#atwl to ?#?( tkt* ?rrlij at r?mn *v> ?? oori #r of rfciM * ?an n ? and ISHik ? r?rt.To tau ik# rations of tk# r??#ral O 'oil ?un? cumii lora HI . 11 A AD CiliiBT*. frm A M MCI/MALM 1QII W?hP-AT A PKIV %HT BI B MOM, IIBI.n ON I O W#dnaw1aj awing i at ln? hMtma tk? fcmra if I ul S n'iik?k u tar mrvrt *t tlix-rck and <?r*n<1 Hrwli puraoacl to a rail of tk? 1?? op'-ratl* H#.m llraa aaraaral '>mmk.?>o at Taaxnau t Ball. Ik# ml tt? ||i|? w?a 4a r a?aol#d ? 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Hart, na? iM Baaaaii rirta rnrnniaaaic vum cunrttm' 00 irWTKM. raarton Pra?M< a o'karfa. ? ' ar laaaU, < "kari?? r?tar f'ktUi* Martla, I #?r " Hnrart, Ii!?ar4 Hrt4|. <i??r' IJrtkaa, J * ? farlay Inta Aif#m>. f r*d 'k < ? niamaoa. ? I laia t w##ka. Win Kiupaiiok. thaornra * ?rr1a Paiar IWor, >t#nar? i?or? l#f, P??rlrk linr*. A l?-taiMl#r l'r-< ?!' ml. K nka#l llA. an, t a?n II ? #ar#'t <i* "f# O* m, Jan?h M##hMk#r, M'- k?#l > aaiaf, Jnka ana# Pr-a#?a Doaa. Ja? k ll#aa#? P?i#r M#?ak m Tb'aaaa Hratfr rrad'k 'liraik. J<*a HaOtsa#il, Jokrn Daaaar <"H Aftl.OT IKIAKK WM UNftm NABIHtli/'MIW VABD. Aim 1r*? WaKI> DWOO**ri?: *WK? lAttOI* - ?J a ap-rtal a?'ir( #11 b# kaM tkia 'Tk a -alar I #r#alnf. at tk# Iknr# " tl#ark#r MT#al. at I >>!n k to no alral# lata |.'?akin?rMl ri C. U BEUW If, ~ haaar PcLrnao. r ' lt>' ?Til ?aRI> ?T *a il.l.Tt'iK HB.I) AT II A tr .la'a -? i i#r ?' ? I N'ntk ?meWkjp 71 panin nl In a na ? of Ik# I ?#?<>?'# la a*pn>il?raa 'I# arral tta# a> 1 uiaani Halt, la# falkrv1n? u#?#? wm a#i##??4 |j 'ap #a#ni tk# vara la Ik# aaaarti a ar#au?aa tadl tutaaaiaie Kam or?fa aa. f aa~lt Kirrv, 0##tu<' 'IrakMBu II# i rr ' Ma an*. Tk .aaaa Tt?#ra. Ml kaai ? liana, T <o*aa I?#an ' *n Nartrr a l?r#?jrT, [??aar ? larr 4 1 1 -nr ?aat, Koh#rt IV.tlaa, ?l-ary Unoo#Ur. IWrO**M. *<+m <4 tlaa. t r. mb IJIHira H#rnM-4 ?rtlaakaf, (Jka'tra Mo-ltf. kiwi * <*"??%? arrla, Oirallaa a laka I^M#r Ha t ?i ?'"**? 'ojlaa, II V 'maw rfoka ?|iM.? V'.TMk ''Mia* J.+m ?# ira 0?i M iil?aa. Hwrt ilarnf PM*P|><Mar, ? li tain ?kha . r icainuiaaw Joan Mtaraa. *. B Han Wuuaai ' '<wta?, r#-" n?va. h*rr**w jaaa- *?aoa MI1.I.UM fOKMMIOR. 1 wiijjaH WHira > ? PHiUP Hloiil S i r n m ' *n - ?t i pbi ? ? bt ? ?nri' ?m, h Bi.n at _ _ h n? M#ka# NatNk #o-a#r nt >ir,i ,.?,# id k ???*iik al ##? or "wta#a?ay #<r#aiaa, Mo. II It far mtur* "I a rail to a#a kr Ik# I?r??r*u? R#p?iH|<aaa Hi aa??l 'v?i ??## ta? aar ? Ma<l f ? Ik# pt-m? of a??aitf t-l?# IW> to tk#'" ar.' IH< to ?M ??#* lUfrt Ma I > a<aiaaka < in ?nli ??, "rk.?a ">#?'?? mm Coaaiakla* for tka -###a t## tk nrt m# 'k# wtotana1 I aaf #r* ? a. MiiCi Ifcal Ika Mtoiat#! t ea I. k"W '??I'M a m*yw% ?' tk# roMM raat w*(i ^??!? ?>n: ** Tit? nrm mi irauu tucv Hrmarr t'aaipkall. Vila* T Ooaao If, P?arVk N#4l'f klaNHaa larl la. '? ra#IH? "nma ???r TO ?'IBI??T? araooi orrtxaM. (4a 14 < ota't ikaaw Kmaaif, I 1a j *a 1 Tkoaaak Urmta Tkn# m Wf 1 a ?? r<ik ?#-au?. CI* i a# a HafaH-k l?a?# lhiV4c ? * (Irani# an ?oaixra ntMniiai IVa-"* '? ato'?#t velkkna. !<#?? M ? a< ' ?#? fallt Pr>d#l'k HiMr/ Rnn?.n( P r'#T. k h..i? Nnrtk^l I alrt'k Mraakna. Irwin fltfaiaa TV a wm# tir##t aaa an' a#oi?#nii. ra#^ S' tk* Wt ri ?>?B.iit?# PATH i a Kin. I, T, i ? ? I r?>BBWwl,T. >l? H M?<;?UA. S 191 rOLlTtC&L. iTH WiHII- AT A f Kl?Ai.t MRKTt .irk?U?"ui _ J i urau i i of tbe call of m* lltuii ?? t?u, H?uu Urimri 1 t.? ?? of Ttn uiui) Hali, <>u W?,i,?uo 0(1 :ae foUotnn* Untxt ?u u tula ?al? > vi? - iiKuiitru to wiiwiyjujii: ovafWiuM. Daniel Krfiakar, Aa'ou Uar-ick, luOUt ke>w>r, TknaaaLabay. Robert (tern -4*. kuwi ooavaanoa Tarawa Parlay, WliU?? HI obaa* Wa II Klic. IMiIlam Paobaa. Pra lrla Ntacvan, Tbomaa Me >m J?*?h <i Tulljr, Mlcb??J Pai'uM* W'liiao) Kufc.sli, J?bn U'HoU. ik?hi ?o?d. Wm Dutkw, J unaa Hauo>, Joba OtfW, Tuaia Bcna<aal. NUkku'i cuaaaanoa. _ . Jcfca ITaaa?ty l*u mtat NWf%, Daniel MoUanky, Dante CPBrlaa. ?loba Hutler MHiaal Ucorgt Uruakar, J U'lowtt, Edward 8 Pamela. daviu ?r<>oo, i JOUM O'NKlU flail M. MoNaiIMaN ) (II KT Wikll AT t PRIMARY EIXTTIOR URL* J* Z 1 VI Aael Uoliar'a corner of Thirl r f.nrtb atrsat aatf ootid a?e? ?a. no Wedceaday oUbt 1'ailnat . In inrnuatatf the call of Uw Daai rraiin Rruiuillcan Ueneral 'manil tea ? liunmaiiv Hall he followlnic Debet ? mi du'y rifomc:? TWMlY PIKVt IT.RD UNI <R TIORJSf, aleaaaiam cobtb?tioii Jobn Kelly, K I. x lt?r1ow, John Mnrybr, (ieorgM W Iota R K ikiriKi'ly, Jam a Mih noy, A H Vnaha'K. Pairink Mr R. R Boraiey Wii urn H J Auauatua>a?a kdmnnd I. ___ Wcalay M. Yard. MatUfi<a OatfWr, Henry 8. Hart rirKm.niiic com* anno* Jeremiah Mah. K?triek OarralL Charts* W. baker T>?mu Mc Jo*. ThamuH VarPby. aouooL ou??uth?. If. Dafftwdorf, Jamea Uoaa D. (I. Mloioo. Jri-mltk Htlli H P I KIT Aleaainler Un Mlivhael UltWir, helanti haHk. Utah ??! (ieb<?aa, l'?(? u'Oooaer. Hu*b Mc''?tie John herring, Vbomaa II. Hmltb. Patrtak Doe, AJeiuuler D. Riafia. WAJtO aonrCBTIOR. Jamn Pbarirey, Pmrick Fiinlaim J r MrDnoall, Daoola llaley, l'-i*li 'Juluii. Jaaiei lierlla. Pitrtca 'atinaoi. MaUk>?*a|e^ Ibno a# lira, i ? urn, Jaii.ea Imiu a, ( w t (VKulilia, Jobo 1 o ?udee, Michael UaJy. t'.lrio* U?M. Rdward Da Lacy JOHN R Tua -X (IK KHK w OAfPrt, HI lUaKI. TIM *UNd 22", a. i mM 3 Tbla la to r?>U'y lb<l al a prtmtrr aMm Ml iV >K|f* Kmrmbai >1 >>rl?inD ib?* ' of 6 aid H n'cktrk. *HW) rlivUtm htli g m |.l i ulaaaul to of IL? la^oiiu y null uauial OnaaHm, .be arai unauiuicuily rlrcu-d ? ijuKKaaaio uowrNTina Pairtrk Mnrrby, Jt nrn A. MoOoi Patrick Trra>-y, Rdwtri] K> i uu, 1 1. 1> 1.1 it. jo. jnba kaail-n, Htorj Sr iiva, Phi 1p T limiiaia^ llt-uiy L Kyrr Hariri <ir oiion. (n. t. Llidoii, JiunHa WKiah, Jobn A. MoMoriry, 'mwro Haaok, Thoraaa Carroll oonaoiuiaaio inavi ntioN Mlrkaal (Vmaolly, alazaadar Vart V Julon, Hagh Murray, Samael J ana* w-iiool. cosBTaai* Wm H l?nb>-rty, Pl?drti* f"ra, .loho Maatonrai. T1k?naa tV ? ?ly, a ? Urw Mrholaa, Beruara ? ablil, Jobi, l?'*enf?, Pat'lrfc l>laoar< Jolin P. HMx, M*i>bao I'ulTy Wilii.m lifauax, Prank u'MvU. Jobn ' llaar, f ran :l? Mn < tuhaB, Ilnory Murray, Job* Mill*' Praiklin Oo. diw, Pilar Mo (iityra, i Inrcplliu Parlxr. Patrick rtarcaa, rfamrai A McCunntck. Kra >ato rraak. Jubu U'l/ioa. Win Mc M Th anaa Kacao, Andrnw Jobnan^ Tbuniaa .uara. WUNairi Ka'fCB, Jaaiua Uotey ?'obn i ulty. With pnwar to til **o*ocl?a JUIIN H ? AhlKHHii*, 8A*- ''El< JIINI1 E1>W?KII KKHNAW M liUKT aNU Kui .\ It (lAUTlON.-lllS PUMUO ARB CAUrKJfRll A ?AlNH? J racatalry lart. < h. oi 01 fl ehn i r?' <l'd'a?a rn-h. <<rtwB on bA t Vnirftl 'Nik n> Jnaapk H>l<1(bua I > ika ordrr of rami*! W rtr .l*b*ir a an > u> < brck h> alraty-ftra dollai% >* r*Mm cm tb*> llank o' ' nmiwr * by "all'torton ?*.?? pt>a bin io t atnu-l W i r diU n or bot', the i?ma harUg baaM aiolrn kdi pajmaotvt l'"1 W A*. H Warwlry plm Doo lo?t-m rrward -a sootoh riKRiiRRur^ wbila M'l ? > ? II >w rp'Xa aaawarjl itha naman# 'aa?f. lha il?n? r>warJwi!i h'paM no >at?rn:i>? lar t j 16! l?u> lufloo >mm, Im t w-?-n Thirty urat uid thlil) -araxjad atraaa* And nn 'landman ??k>-1 tUKKMlK'g I'. A IX IK MMtT.-KPKMPr HAIKU JO. ?M P hrooklvti pin IkpinDrul W. II Tk? r.oi'er ?|| plmaa laava thr aauia ?tlb? .<B-n if taa Ptr?ma truat la aurair* i.aupatit, Mo. 9 Oo'irt ?lrM Krmklrii sr No. I btirvuanta' It hkHKd Wall *tra?l, Tor* CKHJND-I" OORTLANUT bTK CUT A Wal.LBT, MP r Wining M.way an1 f* antra rtae nwn?f run l%>-id<>e It If clrt&ft aatlaPactory deaerlptkia at 108 John atraat, an "laira. U. T. aTBilAHl. Focmd-a ooi.ii RSAcxLrr. in juii last, nrajr Halmoat PIaII haa Hilih.m.' H I Tk? uonar nai k>N Ihr hbp by addr?a^a? T. H A. biBTrgnllw N 1. Lost-a ooi.i? huntirh w*n"H unfH * rob ton f aery aad lha (My Mali ?a ihn ITU I sal Tha ? adar will mvim (IV ma am by laarlng tkraaoutal M Parry I Lr#T-OR T1TBMOAT MllRKIKO. R' VRR HIH ? II r^nf fr m IS Cia-tiaad Mnvrt bi Illy Hall I'ark. a naif Mi a? rt eanianlna aixaii iwal r , *r. ii. brla and anna pa IX rt of to r? na In aay on bat d>? nwnar Thn flndor wfl t? mHaMy rrwardad by Irartnf ih? aanaa MMlOhaahan ?Iran, baanmrat " Lout on rroaowai. nrar clarr-km. o irhbb Ihl'trwatft ?>??< ?? Mnodat I?a, a ama'l Kvm aoa tairlnc M In inM and aNoqi U la hltla I'ke fled*' aiU ha rrwardM by ? r. It at Ike I'aulUa Mall Mnanahip pan) '? oJBmi. M Wali itreai. LHOUT- IN A POIRTH AVRfCB RTA'IK ON foL'RTI a??un? M?mi riftMui* and T ??oti aavnalb atrMhh a |"*K-?imi??l?. fill lilat ab>xat 040 In l.lla *n 1 .-??rai M P#r? <?f on Talu? ?ir?pt m tka o?> *r *h? ^a a Hi l.? M>? rally rawtrrtrd by loa'l.x iba ?a aa at K noallb >tra?t. Maw lnrk. o? al It Hoi tli ft ? *-?at. MM D M Cn?I?KRt. LMM-4IN TtEHI)>T M<ik?Imi Sim I aHT IR r-lnc fnaa Tnrk to Wklta Klalaa, a Ho k nuoAM l"t prtrta "f bard war* >if ao talaa tn aat ooa bat tba "ram. lb* nndar will baanlta^'r rrwa?d?d ty lr?no? tka aanaa M lh ? MgM A Ko .'a. ITT 'l??*aar|?]h ?tram LOHT-I* IRTiRd Pl.t :*, BtTWKK Rixm*n aad Ncrabtecatk air-, la, a oklld'a ?r?j ol Ab ? apa" b"n?d ?itb raim a llb?ra raw- rl will M^taaaaMiW I oc ratorurd to U Baal witaaalk air aat. | OMT-ON HiNPAT N1UHT. IN A WKMT TWBNTt I J aavaath at>a*t *i?il?ii a -<1 Fortr aani^d oUaat iiaflL rr na P nurUaaia atravt or Pira t? a>rn?r a pair ?>( (OH Hiaatarim 1 h? wtil K? auiiablt raward?.l by Uta?M Uroi atX Wi^t Twatr a?? -ntk i rl in n? tlat?|r KKWAROH. IKiir.-, aa ok1 laaptrmad r<>M ?alrk rryrtal firr.! wl k t^arla. *n?nalrd ba<!i, onag'dd bain ar I ? a? attanhaC ft b ara* will ratiira ik? ta na In JtAn Ta- yla IHI " "" J " will #111 RBWARD -U>RTOR Hfol.BN, A PR AH DOIOR c*l' ' ad rnraa vm 1/O-ad t allk aad >.?ada mmiaialag ahw* aa*?i iy 4? UiiiM 'a aad faW, whlla lid*MM la a Hra* way *tnff? frnai > waal< aiatk n T ?-atla ? at al ?i .at tarwa O'aiaa* on W aft -rt..? n fba .*a r??ar<1 will aa ? aid iai dr laary t* tAa yina aad aoatanta to aor y Htiaaa A baa. Ml Broadway HIPTHL*. ATLANTIC H(PTli?ni iaRaaVION ITRBRT. BR A larai iip aad Onaaa at-?m - A Paw ??rp daaCaMa faw>'l> ard Maria iraaa ww aiomaptad will ba raa*a4, *tlA Boar^ ?|"*I raaawatbla tar?a r"d arm aiaoimi? aad pmw? lUinMaa ta a?ary d?pana?aA JAMRB ROA,tR Prauil? r. HOTR1A-NT LaWRRI) '? HOTRI. HR'taBWlV III RlaiU rapaat. Haw .a?% anndnatad tm taa Raroaaa* piaa (Iraai radnraa^a la prlaaa 'anally raiaa la aafla aft la In par waHl Nln?ta rnmmt aaftMaaly far gaailaana R II Ift M laaladlad taa. UA Q BROAKWftT rUANTRRIH HOTK1, - AN ADDI D^tO ?l?n nP ddy parbi-a aa ><?droi>aa karta* haaa paa flaiabad and hftadaoa^dy -i rataA^I ara an a raady Pnr 1 1 aw paa^a will ba M wtk Pall Board In 'aaaillaa nr ainrfc> ?a? tiawira. al traanaaMa prl 'aa Ira at" at hoar* II M i,?' dafv EBT VI H I I.HI R? TV lifad Praaaaar wi t dalrar a I ftrw ?a ,, "BNOLldll RiMbf HRBP AMD PLUR Tui I*"." Or aa>?? nP ' ? ku a cttad ?? "a- l? ta M lliofok uP taa Pnntana (I>> Wwft ?? aar rrf a^aadwap aad PlPtaaatk av?*? nn ? midar e?eale?W ? ?. "?? "B?W apaa at T . aatara In ^aa-w??aaj I . Tlitdi ? aac is Tn ba na.a?ad at Blbatl all Wat l<ri* tWwa-a * alar a W it- .wdwar. H'gftll R. '?? a.Rtl Br Jft wai , In raa I itrun'i U* In wary aad al tha M aa Bl ?iPlka Idriiif TNR riRKNIR. AT A MPRi'lAI. aRRTi/xP OP *IN'?I<>14> BORR 0Q? paay Ra T ka<d na Walraadar aaaataa Mar H. IMR taa Minwlt a na^mlm w?a a-.nbw nali aftn Jiwd ? ? >11 - H baa plaaaad aar Haaraalft ?atk-' la Hla In rat dowa a> i*? a art -iwaia ft of t Ra a aaaPai>?Rk nr fanaar awaaknr aad an?i.>av>a. 'Ulta A ft add. Jr. vhnaa Wl'lirr kran and ready kaad ?ara furaaaoal kl ai aadarttklaftft TRaiafora ba R _ Raaol rad Tfcat, |t ,?|b ?~arto* aritk k a fabla an >a?laalnw M tha will nP tha A aiukty wa d' afiwa lha ir+ rt naa l> ahftak ad waraaa '-ady at and ? ? r oar ftaaa aoadataaaa M lha Karaaaad 'aaally la l?al? all < na Raanlra. Tba' I aa* an; aa.> taa aaaal hadaaw aaaw IDC (nr thl'ty -ta'a an anr ^1 ih. |.ia?a In ? I ?1| J a a a~ ? RuRRid p?aaa% Vlun T. IlUt ?awa a'> H4T< HKI AND Sa up |?i a. _m RRiMriU * Ot?l D <# iLAl A?? ?: 'irh.'urvitf'ir ?<+* -nvr2 Plat * alHi- a. lawal y ft *? *f "**5 HEB CVa^a RaMau R-aaa ?m?l??a Irarad u- ray <?? < r "22Trr iT3SiTSfaai H n Roaftla ft, ?aa-kaiaftar aia imnann ?ra? rrma naiuhp "*?"nva%lV, g ^ | ' ? ftROADVAT. Raa*? a>ad? arraara?<?Ji ^ *irij;Sf,a,iwrPBtR j" ft a K III * ? p '"'It! " ? ad '?har laa . .. Ara aow prrpaiad ha ndar ib> ? al lha InwaM ??? pr*? Hl'101.1 RBWRRBRD THRU ba IRatr oaatn??ara

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