Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1860 Page 5
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THE SOUTHERN REVOLUTION. Tbe Very Latest from fHwt^omfry, Rtfhnoud, Norfolk, turusta, Wasii iogUm, ('harlriiin and Texas. Oor Chariest n Vifksbnre, "oateomery, facon and Richmond CurmpondrMe. Important Speech of Alexander H. Stephens, of tteorgia. WILL THE PERSON ?L LIBERTY BILLS BE REPEALED ? THK F1UMIVL CRIMS AT fHE SOUTH, M*. Mh a#. THE BKPOBTS FROM W\NHINOTO!I. Waimi.votcui, n'ov 21, 1380 Tbe moat Important expert mint In tho hit lory of the Am' riraa govou men I l? y?t t < h? tried (t I* not ihi lesoe whether Mate novfrc'gi it u of aiy avail, oor Whether tbe feda ral fOU'ri mcil, eveo In tbo han )? of a wise *1 * rooderaW Kia outive, t? absolute aed *iii>"?"nn, bat whether the lnterp.aetiioo of tne people neiniwivn*, MMmbM id their c<.ov? mtoue Id the enteral ?<f'iev<at States, tnay not effer lively Bnrf a?out a redress of their grievances ai. d a cha^KO to thi o^nWH* pilled oourse and a?'i?i*d principles o' a I'r^fld.'Ot elect, and In tb e praoanie and cnrstliutloual w?jr preserve btdb tbe siabil't of tbr government and tbe Integrity of the Colon. Tl. ? ? (he experiment which tbe truly ooD*ervati>e and patriotic tova of thu South and Southwevt are cow a>oei u ivm 10 teetod. Loiters frun dl0*i*nt quarter*, . ma. at'D* from ?* tro* and loyal Saiuihra ns ?? a-e t>j Ih? 'a.un t in 4oittl 'Jarotlna or elnewhero ai.xtous'y .rgn a couferetioe of the Santh or* State*? a uolon of the -^loth fir the ?*ke of the I'd loo , and letters trvm tbe Vort\> ludlc*i? that t proposition from s*e.b a 8outba>rn con feranso w<u'd be enU-riatDPl and oonstda rod oy tbe people of tbr doq slaveuoldlni State*. if uoi by tte-lr legislator*. id forb a spirit aud niarner a* w mij l*?d promptly to tbe r?t? al of tne tntercaaetije m.'Murc on tbe Staiat* boi.ka of tbe re^ub'lnan ?'lae* fbn la I v oaitnuu> nidations, tLdeed, reprt sent ttint .*tir >n* have b?v?o for ac me time tc circular r. id ? vsr y manly an I tuwu of Nuts Kngland , rare e*tl> tai;.ng for thea'ro^ati nor til la vs Of which the South ha* ipmou t > soinpl* n ?' injurious to Uie rights of p ope'ty and offeushe and IrSuitlog to ber Cltlsei* a? wrath rr n tbe *anie ? oofederati in It la Dow urgid, Id qun-t -re quite a t likely to ie well Informed a*?ilb<r the TUmme or the Trnui, ih*t Mr. Lincoln would by do m.-ata >hj -<ot to th>-?? ojpiais provisions struck forever (r. n tbe legislation Of tbe Sta*.?B to which he r w<s n's ad?*j nerr.rnt Home aeneatta u v *? crratnl here by an artlrJe In tba Cbarlealoo Mn ury of I! rday, dtoounolnf In ntmea Mrvd terms the laira of a ^>uthern Conrcutioo, and also the oooiuct and motive* of Virginia lor propoalng It, and dedar ug tbat tba naittoa State* '-id tec d to at-ccde f>nm tbe I'nlon and mvlt't a I'aloa for tbemarlTea," ami b>^rfiug Virginia and tbe 0 >r der 8tatr? to keep aiaiof until a ter tBta grt?', revolatioa fiat the Mercury m out ht lu red t> pre* ut, la the?o to temperate ebalutinea. any cocmderabio oatn'irr of prr aooa beyoDd the K'.etu and otber remlitary and predr? t caleal d'*UDia>oi*ta. Tbiee men w<ib for noibing hut * Month* ni coofederary an<l they k^miM ?>? oaiiker* on any well regulated (wea-omeul Virginia will o H be le>t by tboia, that may be depended on Nairertbrlem, to* people of Sooth Carolina, although not r*Ca?Dtztag the mad Mercury aa thetr crgan, trill he found to be "oool eaptaln*," ia tbe coming atmggl* to wreat from tbe North the acknowledgment of lb. ir right* and privi lege* within tba Cr ton , or they will go oat. Oittou makt* three men tDdeiacodent They kbow, ton, what wUl be tbe effeet of withdrawing their ordera froa> tbe North for goods and work I'orUmoatb, N fl , baa already fe't U>? operation lo tbe rovocatloo of aa order for ablphulldlog, wblub wouid have dlabttraed one hundred thousand dollar* In tbat town. Thia la a mt^erai* ap*ctmea of the beneflUi rrptihl raniem brlnga on the workaifn of the North A bard winter ta at hanl; cut off tbe (apply wl.irh the riaherant b'#om of the South ha? prr?*ioled, and what will become of the famtab'ng and canted Otnldree of tbe Nortberu manuftMitoriea* Toey will curea the republican author* of their dlilre**, and rise in re bellion to break the chairs of their destitution on the beads ol thoae who forged them Yoor Ne? York OUy repobllcaa reeolree htveraiuel a good deal of Mirth. TV *rrit?ra ami h?r* l''vne<l tbelr rbetorle fnm tbe woret icbml la HVetero orieetaluia Krrer Uik of fu<lf? of lb* itusp, Meeeicare, aflrr UT.? (irate of ailed f?!?elto and ha drrdaah Mr Ku??)tb, rret of Mexico, o >w of Mobile, w<1 ortfl Daily of ueorg.a? ' every ifc ry by Isrst and nothing loef balb twued a eall tor "eighty able boiled m?n In help to defeed Alabama Such a pruul Bit noble Alabemt bar tbooearde ready to reepoad to aoj call, e* cept tie. abtrb M Jueily laughed at. It ta hot bare Jeetw* to lb* rtiief Ma?l?lreUi at any time , bat ot m r?i?r'aiij at a ertaie to mour nvom aa the preeecl, to ware the public a?aiaat tb? proven led repra aralalioef or ha forth? it.'i * m?mgr wh'nb hara heea and aiay l?f*>irr be traurmittod fro* tbu city by tele -rapt. No pt-reoo oaanecte 1 with Use pr-aa baa area It* tneeeafe, or beard of ltd Oooleoie from u; oae who oould ?.*?* of It intelligeolly, not to ??? aa Iboriwiirtly K*?rytbirg, therefore, east from here, pur portion to be aketab, abetract, aacount, or deer r'pt loo of I hid tmpnrlaat Mate taper. ie the a?ere?t ooejrclur*. or Ike moel uoerrepulour fabrleettoa The Preei lent vtu doubtieee at tbe proper tl?e weal to aieMnree for r amiable* tbe j^raala of tbe eoeotry ?Ub the M out of refard ti khe eojvr'tooe vile wh cb It it looted f <r it ao Moaeatoaa a crtaia la our politic*! afl*ire, aad it wonld are m Mir Ibir la reputable joaraaia rigidly to ab ttata frwr |l?lrg to Idle faociee aod wboteaalo ma ,ufac tnma about tbe rrteideet't Tlewr the benefit ot their Jir cniatl >a A laatlenaa of repeatability, Juet arrived fro* the ?Vmth, etatee lhal at dlff-eect palate la the eeoedtag ilav* be ooaated aa many aa thirty Kugltahatea , oua'ly ea gaged ta fhaalei tbe Ca?ee of aroeaatno aad dieaatoa It la aa eertad that theae maa aaeare th ? "tenth that la the ereal at a diarupttoe of the I'aUMI Ffiflaad will itaad by Md hid the oolite growing e>rtioa Adrtoaa reoei red to day fmta teiaa ttate that Ireekta ridge baa earned tbe -'tale by thirty tboueaa 1 maj >nty. Alec, that ta ao team wUI Tetat vsbmit to Liaouia'i eleo (la*. Yartoae womw u are in<i? fe-1 ta here reeperttaf I. la OOla'i apeeeh yrnerdey at ?pri?ffteld It ta regarded u rery aoeatiaruv <-T, ae utterly ffciilag to meet the taeaa. The epeech of Oraainr Traatbull, *bieh. It la aald, I U U leaded ae a NM of Liadela'a vtewa, ? looted a ?on M aa artnu dodge. W?wr*r.Toe, Sw tl lt|0 Tram talbnaatied reeelred ta u<* eiiy, toere ta ao doubt that tbe oaa of the nase of -tenet w nhaBdier. la coaaanuea with a plaee 'j> Mr Liaaole ? Oaotaet. ta oaaetborteed by h'a Hedoee aot dee're euoft ipai^t The tapeUlloaa aOoat ?r< frt Hejretary Tti^iwoe, m keiaf aa attra aad aaww prow taiiif d lean l?atet, are aa oat It M well krowe here teat ditrta* the r?e <at rait of Mr Cerwtato Uta elty. he palrt-Htoally aoafh. aat obtalaad aa laierrtew w ih ihaii"tnnti< aad had afVwe coawltatxa with b'l atn meenraa by hoth tbe oatffota? and laromlai admia'etratioaa, ta arert the Unpeadtat daafer. Tbe reaetyt hare ot the Itauiii of to day aae tmaetoaad greet asetleeeet Maay fnende of tae a1<n utatratl?a aad altra Soathera eer.K. .m.? deanani* ta anai<? ati red terwia ltd editorial im;v?*-vM k,, freeideet'e aoarae at le the Lanampw* enaatitatm t>4, neance ti aay, tbe Doa?Uu mea Aad omtm, ta It I wwr? oa re liable aaUMrtty, Uut the ereaiai tho Praaidoa ai|iw< the aytatoa that he ootid aot eoa Tbcai la tM nffeattia la the Haatia, to rwiiiwaiiiail la Ooa?r*ai tM ae'llag nf a Otoraottoa to ftnpoaa aneadmeaie to tM eoaatitatioa. beoa<iae ?f tae oftb art tote of that laetruiaeat toa?r?aa oeir nanai i power laaaUeaeb Oaareatma oa the toatioo of the Ivgltatiiw of twa third* of th* eer *1 "tatoe C># great itaelf, by a rota of two thiHa nf both Ro?ie?w, way proppoe ameedmeetd, hat ta either naea the Uegttiattre< of three foarihe of a>e <UaMe. oe oaraat <?? of fbrae ?Mrthe of the !*tetaa, mom ratify neh pr >preed aiaead Ike rrwideal bar M deetl I ta rwouw ootretn M*-i*ur<* a#a'i.r'. '.ji bat, i? i UW ooatrajrj, ? _ i* nici ii /.i , v i oa-u^ia itu'i fo'hnartiM*. ? ?? I i u ? W4 1 v?*1 ftore luat ctikto la ' 1. 1 ui t !'** lara'' * wh'ii'ii r* of 'ho cult tu IH*t*i, ?jbo *0 inn, ho?> ver, i>mp'w> one tenth of tlie it U?'M- verity lug no old promt ttu*i pr. jierty w rlway* ?'.mid, ?? ? otiuwvat' v? la tb-ir tr e f?elu en, ?rfl rrally dcp ??*'.? lie r>-ou*aUno movi-meti. *'*?), aro ? >it>e i?r >mi ut boulbura twtl tx-iirc ? ho > p|<e*r v> lie ??? um-onlal*. ri)?y are 'o-r.-o >i) t( ? on alaveboldrr* u' ;huae .Stale* to auttaiu ??rr??l<>u, *1,(1 'heir uio|i? enrb a Courts tt O ri'-nr, If t>"* ?tl<i> In dtirt t u.d control me cr>K>u>( lUtrm. ?n*'b tney fiud ibt-mreive# unable to p'i toot The ?oo< anion fuova nwni ??? origh<*Ud with aril I* in i?lu?l by the oou alatehoUs-ra, wbo are the ino?' rtuieol p?' I ?|<i?tr'u-#l Ih-huw that wth the priomt hl?n print oi a>a< ?? labor In ib< *? tf-.aiei they fcave but rian'-? of < htatalrg r.??ro?a *u" a. quiring plan .atioot an <-a? thn Airmail alave trade In i'(ra"z d Th*-v are b"*tlln te omanclpatloo, t>ee?nn > siinh ? o.eaeure would m ice n'ave iah>r ujv>n an nqnallt* ? lib (heir oao, 01>'l the oontlmi*' on of the pr-e.-ni con diim of thing* ' m* (tie oerootu?tloo Of a feauH alav? V"tnc>aey lu thorn FtaU-j, rrrno wh cb tO'iy are ei | Clmlod The boatlllt) of tbie oontrolllg claw I" larffo ?laT' holder*. I' the prefot coi'liloo of ibinpi ' i? not ctini ifi'd, will remilt, not In lb*1 ?m*ocli>aH"n of 'lie fluvi e, ur in the anwhmatinn of their n ?ndlMou but lo th> iu oplloa of oirvuoii by taxc'ieo or othnr?lsa im poali % npop Ihr 'arc *i?r*hi?ldera ail the hurth?*?e of Mate forernmerl. and rorhap# ultimalely tb<? Innu^umi ?b of mme av'anan rn'e f'?r a more i-q ?l dlTielon ?f alave pmiier \y H'ooe It W that lem iig s uitiero iron of yield to th? pnpatar refill y o* ib-? prci^ii C' atirp t'aen, M I have *tat?<l N'umi foi * lc li ra from ruiMienol tbebiKbtft ee rp rtahMiy li th*- coll >o Jtaw? have lieeu r?'C?-1?Kl he e durlrg th-> wtek. rtat of tbim fhaU, acd tb?y bar* bad jr?rat i (!????? In 'i.diiRinK a none that niFaaurea of concilia tion may he adopted , mhicii al.wr nan tnrt the a#fol calaiulty ol civil ?ar AFFAIRS IN CHARLESTON ch*bi.?t<>*. n.'t. ai.isao To tHT '? generally oh a rri-d ih'OHghiiut Ihe Jt?t.i a* a day of humiliation and p raver All the *tore* id lt?<- cty nr.' c! mm h\inn -?? o' nwrv kind I* n.-.penled im ?ppTk? >!? mil th.. rb'ir h>-*, ,\n'1 the sermon* gene-ally taurb.-d rt lb*- Subject of ee<\e?rt'.B rhe n?i Wf arc nil opt* red to e.iapondlnK, but the bunl ' r.fcf ctneiuulty rnv to< ? onrcnt wait Imp*'. fTyeryiidy here twifOM th? city bunk* a* j'i*t u ?. ..d m g^'il Whfo they *u*pend to* *a* ! penrirp will not ?(Tret their credit In th# city i Their n- to* w'll pat nr unoal, anl people will ? he ten ?iad ti r?l then tfiaiitro" the *irt* ' Kerry will hi* relieved, *r.d fold wl II not He drained^ to the N'"rth It waa thu* lb I Kfi T , ?n<i our people want the fiTe'tftiff repretod R it the hank* will (lot auapead If thej cap h"ip It tl I the Northern bank* lead off The Fvdwiirmte nn<l oth?r innl'tnt or.? called "V* tl"L?l " are rbai ic 1 n |< tbrlr nam.* V1 "SmtlWS" or "Pnlroetto " krerytfttnf bod-* ? <v>ri?io eeiae-atlon r "re whs II mir-v fiioiirr I iv. ?'th cpeochi;*, (D Hoard the n<*mer Orl :tnb<? to ?i%, , during wbioh a rilled (*'? wan P?t*etited in Mr Keltt INTERESTING KhOM VIRGINIA. Rir-HMOKD '<oy 81 tW? Thr Rar? i f Virginia, thr R*i bar^e ?*?? W, the '?f tb? f'omm..p?eeitb uil the Tr*der?' tl?a k *tini>ended rp? ne v?> tn-M '?? dny The Rank of Vir?lnla, the Et rli?r gf Rju k and the Kami. r* Rank ad' i>t?-d thla policy to stay ihe ruin >ua diaft wblch wa* belnt mate opoo their tpee'e cental by partis bd1lu< the cot/ r of the aerera) h'airbe*, which the* worn ot lj?i to pav *prcl* for on prewaaelaltoai by a law af the ln?t l? fl*'?tnre A !?'?? dm n to ??ii?7 Nothern rla'iui waa , alF'i belif mart? and th" ?*'ely Jf the r?^ ; quired that It ?bould be ?W<N The ?iiap?ci?n>a la ! deemed ad*aut?f??n? to the m?rcMltl? IntereHa of the i city a* tt will enah'e the b?oka to ?*tend their diac uoi I line ?od tbn? r.ll-?? th? tl?htne?i in tbe ?oo?? mark t 4 card ft Thu K Prion % Oo , ?it?n?t?e wh >i??ale 1 merchant* of tbta city, am?ear?^ \n the New Vofk ??i or yrttrrda? , te wble.b 1 And a avateneet a ?t i?y via ; granh fn-m here to that paper on the lfcvb Iniant, at | trihnted to the IH?UU>'? m reeepowdent Tma atat? i mi m wbl bcubf fo?ind IB the Wima of the latti fanely 1 aai forth that there ?raa a rumor ?aai tbo tin of K.ot, fame * Cu wi re folOf to auapend, ?n4 thai m? Itrm* of Tbo? R Prior A '>? , Sum Bar h C?., tail Otark??? * 4raer??>B. ba^ dipcntrfed Bevral clerk* bee ?ii?e of the ? r It ten y of the Htnr? <Jd aeeioi the card V Mr Price I oalUwi n|>'u thai c?tleniaB, and bro-itbt nta at tent'oc to the error. He emphatfaly deoi?d bannr menliooed U?i- uam# of the la hi* tart, ' and in proof of tbw produ>MO the ordinal ' man ofcrlpt from wb'cb tha. carl ?t? o?i> M He a Ated , Hjor?<OTer, tfcat o?- trana'nillAd a c?oy of the fiinpat'-b lb lb? 1\ifl r*>nialnin? the ohBU'-ma atafrm-ot to a 'rlend in N. ? Vork, with it? carl wb.rh app. a?<1 'B yiateriav'a TVw^, and q<i It?.1 the paper in Wb ob tt appr are^ at .1 the date of Ha app-araooe H >? rajni- the Hbbaip'x name to be Iniroilinvxt toto that e*rd. and pnpr.CfH with arhir|P tu wnich the TWi alone waa amenanu.? Tbia matter nee.ia eiiHaBatlon Mr J-?k ? an net *ied lhat b ?- friend wonli Oar* th? C*r-> J b ^br<1 ID tbe J.-um&l if 'Vnmeete At a ereoU, p. rreratos f IU appl ?ai 'Hi hae Iwn ma.l? after K waa ^Ttl-v W' Pric, nod It if pro er that ti < p.ri ?ailiy of It abonid he trBred out, '?he arced Irf "tate will boBeflt lately by the pr.-aent P*l ic The) .rehi:\lr? at*ee* ?t dfty prr r*..t ?v?lo? f. rmer rat?? while huu lreda of th ti ar* h ag aeat I %.wth !?>? hire h-r?. ?e of the depreciation IB a'aee lahir ' twre Th<? WW mati rtslly a4d M the ordloBiy yteW ib , im eotti.n 'tauw A repi.rt ta U ctreulatloe that Bn addre* u tt brtWanod U> the aw ee'ran iwwnie on tbe preamit C.*d :ltoa of in site ? ff? ra, ai?n?d hj R <? fo?.le, "Vnator Hauler, W.a. Hiy??,Bhd other* "be Kxd-nwarr w> la. UBde'taAiWi t ? ooo ira^irt the rntaur, *n lar aa It rrlaw 1 1 Hf'a n >n n. rt'OT. with tbe Vbovemeat He ? r?i ler? that the ,>uMle who ha?? noticed f'>? many jea -a ihe rt (!er-a?* of ?iew? betweet. Mr Mooter Brd thoae B**orlat< I #1t? I* ir th a minor would really ar.prec a* tbe 1m^? hatdtty of tb<* ftwiemrat, thai he wnu'd a?er te |-ul? upon the aaat* Platform with iboM e*at r",en Oie of ibe flrat acta of the ttoutbera C.*fe1er*e?, if u ? hall b? forme j, will be tb? reopenlBK of tbe *'r can , arr trade T^i* '* Vke atronr at raour* lor the pee^. t mcrr?1't m ? B*d Vlffic a aad U>a other border ?nab* ?vw tn a prt^pect w b *erlou? appe?h*c?lni Yet th,, will baye t>o ait-*ni?l*B bnt to Join the itb nietr beet B.eaea of aeeur ty will be ib a co op ratio* aith tlie *>itliefp ?**!*?. for they wl.l tlina hare a r >l? b ?lie fe?i?f? crnnr'?, and it may he n ?t ti / Mod eflr^tually wot th.B # ?>? trade pro eet, or at leaet ar<~ur? a>>B-e o.nn fl. a""? of It tr, Bare H^D??T.a f r- ra ?tter rum I' th. , Mand aloof there will be as reet-ai. t ,?.p iceae -taw*, a..d U ey can carry out th i *'are t.ade proj.. t w t' nt any r.tard to the tatereeti ?< ?ir ftrl* er her ?i?ter h -r\'.ef -<lair? MeetlBl* he r, h- 1 *b differeBt part* of the -tate lo e??e er ?? ? 'ea.-?t alate.n* ?Ute of the r nalry lo r?fl . a ?? ? ? n*e f. n ? re- n r. n!~l Tb.. * " to day mi?>i'?h-? an Im wrtaat letter r |e'. h" ir to Uta? of .hi 9 ??i* b r.oflV.n.v ?? . wv rid ; -* *ecew?'oo. and ?aK? Ibattao bin'' V rt *f>* b*** tendered Mm their nn irai d It .h' er. rt f dienaton. Sc" The Ooyarnor la reply a.'n ai-r* a serere rebaM to lit* v.fbera aai a. 4 ?a ."taiet, and abowi that .to reiiett ? r? i e art of ?>.' <lortb '? th* ^ria? eauar I ntthepaa^a! a r-r .a f ?i*ie Re adriaea the pao?.? of tb? v art jeiNte *? at<m*ot at Ik* me aad d? ebar i? ibe<r e. ?> lot lai eo<t(ati?M with etrlct tide it* Me th- ti tad" at. ? b ? devermiuatioa to de'ea 1 th* Hate (If Vlrytra aed ??*' I', a ie iat <r? ar armed med later it B*o?'*arv? he?w., .? %witHere ?Hauw aai their at eatlant*. r? f ? <' ? \t quarter they may T>te b tie : tfitm r-a' aeaaat oa here. ACTION Of t IT?- ViK"iMA MINUTE MSN. Nii?? u,fa,Nt? SI. Itto TV dletite 0-n .d ah* r'ty laetd a B?eeHB? to ?t?*t. ?, ... pue. ?? ? '?<* uttooa tn 'a*ot nf re*<*vtnne to Norib.rn aai"" r Trree e-oeet war* |ir*a for th* maa who h> n ( I he Un a" '?rkaoee ar. '->'i rp th- *araet* to day J TWW t f?ITK?B of ai.abama. am, Nor I! 1*10 T>e p. < .? ?rt ir th.* ?iato laftaloailr *atet l*| <rar? | o.**iB?te.l that dffwloa malt | ; roiee aa. a> ) a 'f the I mv* M *e? . I. a .er ba*?ee kpowtt Very few . wtlle-fl." r w. a ?ir e't?"a* ar" cener%li? oat of debt. Hie e?ty i v ?* "A aeaida forr nether* to to f *taie I ma ret w. i. -e-a ihrrergbly nor Atttod to dla I U3MC Tb ? ? ' *i fee tod. Mr Is^yW, la fcM P?t*t of tbc 19tb, aaya that the flrtrt act of the Con .-en' ton ahiuld be to d<?l?ro AUbama oat ot the Uai?n, mJ th?i pi' or< d to form al'tanca with other Southern Slats* uaC fore in ii oKtiuoa. Be *111 oarry moat o f the I?ugiaa men with bint. SECESSION EXCITEMENT IN New Okijujih, Not 31, lfeo. AdTtora from Teiai atato thai meeting* are being heM In that Mtata, at wbtob the Governor I* called upon to onovroe the Leglflatare for the purpose of c?o*liertug wbai met bod la proaer to rtodtcate the right* and booor j of Teiaa aa a member of Urn 001 federacy THE GEORGIA STATE CONTENTION. ivonti, O*., Not. 21. I860. Both liraor.hra of tha Georgia f/^ta latere hare una*! roooaly paaaed a bill to call a state Oonrectloc. VIROfNIA. OUR RICHMOND OOBBIHPONORHOI. Kumaoxn, Nor. IT, UM What u (d he the Owrse of I'lryimn in the Impending Unnt T?IIuw Ike IsgiOaturt will Xand ? lantrtfu vm of Qv Legutature Uut Winter on the Qwsi H/m of a SoWhen % Onofermat? Effect of the (trowing taiil Viet of Inter romvtunie-atum Between Eastern and I Vutern Virginia? TV Pan Handle a Blade Spot on thi Kecut/Kemn of IV (Ha Dominion ? I>i Sale to Pennsylvania, etc , 4c. The quod too. what ooims will Virgin!* pirnt In the imprint log crlglsf la one which la sgoltlnf a great 4**1 or id ?'real , and Is referenoe to which there la much ooo flmt of ill) Ion and a good deal of anaoalalloa Thli ?riiity > natural la T>ew nf her commanding moral in fluent* and the probability of an a4ju*tment of the pend tig itinirultica In nomfcrnilly with her gaggreti >n* A yearning hope It indulged by the HostfcarL extremtata tbat her attltnde will accord with their pre4lleci!in*, tod do doubt the North la an leas sanguine that her actios ?l'l mm port with the pol c? or the osasorritlre men of ?bat aefitino I know that *trorg ed.irta sra batog mad* by tneu or the alira 'Vaulhern *lamp to forestall bar action, and thai powerfa Influences will be brought to bear opoa tbe Is-gMilature to lo^uoe a co operation wtto the aecediog -"au* Ii la underatood tbat "ien of promloeore In the Kltlr ai d out of It will exeroMe themselves rlgorotuly In that iwhair, hotb before and during the ae?*iou af the legislature, but with what anccuaa to t>e aoen Tti? (X'tacvatWe olrmeil of Virginia will not remain luartlrr while thi* cooflict la going on. They will an rtoubiedly apply a counta-rralllog force, and, wlallo pre rcibli g do dndn't* policy, wl'l nax-k by all mean* to de fi Rt tbe purport* of the disunion Isu What i-ourae will tbe legta'aiare piirsu'? I hare titen aoniH (wit)* to a*?Tieio tbla, and t lorl toe ruileat oooll * thai what I rhall predict upon tbla subject will tarn out to '><.? corn ct ? tne beretlsal opinion* or 8 .it* to tbe contrary i.< iwtiba'u'dtng I bare jararully canvaaaed tb <H>irloua or many leading ai"?obora o' tbe rortocomlng Ugial.ti re. and nan ther*roreni>?all from reliable data Tbe Virginia Leglal?tura wtH take no anal B'tluoaato the p. licy wtlcb the 4i*ts rb'<ul<l pursue In the Impend log criaia Tr>? |r otll.e in tbla c ?noncti^D will be to i*aue a call *<>r a -tate C< uvi-utioo, aud prescribe the mtmer 1.1 a nu b dflegaV* to that <lon rent Ion anal1 be ohoaeai M-anabllr, e? ongii will be gleaned from the dahatea an i mb# In tbat body to indicate bow tha current of publie opinion ruLg; n r 1 take it tbat ever? aombir and S^aator will an inform h it re If In advance or the feeling* of bl? roi>?liti,#nla a* to cooatltute bun a true reprea o' their will That tfao action or tbe Coarrntinn will be in conform'!* with the poller woich th* I/egiaiaiure ahal indicate I hare on doubt Boetle* the m >ral lnflu"ni> o'the pr? <?l t?ilora of that Arremhly, a* ihey ahail be roreaha^owrd In the debate* and aacarulo?4 through liriraW rhaoeei* many of the member* will be appotoled proilr* their conctltueoia to rei?e?'?nt th <m In th? Coe-entloj, Tbia will be tb* oaa* eaeeially with th-; l??|.le of tbe (ran* tlleghaor region, who lire to < ram >l < from thr p <mt where toe Uonventior I* likely to be held to at iron prr* mall? What o-ilk-j will the t<agialatare Indicate and the con rent Ion adopt? F'rat, the) will propoaa ? S lathern Cwteren-*, Into which erery Miotn.>-n !*tale will be larttao. Bnt, then. Hojth Car .Ima, Aaorgia and tbe other Dtatra that oun'mpiala ae leaaloo will demand 'rem Virginia aa Intlmatioa of tne poiiay which the intrnn* to panoe In taat Ooareatlua aa a wg dltion precedent to their going Into eonscll with her Virginia will anticipate th la drroaaii . In all probability by a procamalioa drlmng tbe -baracter of tbe cuinpro mi*ea which aball form tbe baalaof her meliafoo Wnat lb<e* e mproml* ? ahali be ua queatww wbiab I* llkelr to g've rl*e to mucb angry debate in th* Uoneeaiio* Th< fidelity of men of all (ectlna* of the *t?t? to the oauae of the Siutn will n* aererely tea led, and upo* thai i*?ue will tbe battle of tbe Union be fongh. What are th* iioa>promi*i* to be propuaed nj Virgiala a* the ba*i* of actK? tne a Mouthera Oonrerencrf Plrat, a r*p?al oy tha Norther* 4tat?a of th? autule* nalnfylng tb* f igltire oi*re lew, and a faiihfol en'oreemrnt of tnat 'aw la tbe future Second, oocatiiut on?l g iarante** againat all fa tare interference by Onngrra* will slarery Third, a rmrgnltlos of the right of alarrboldera Ii carry their ?iare? Into ibe remtoita*, or at leant a ooaooa?K?a that U>e cwatiiutioa at pn??at confer* that rigbt, a a wall a* the nnwqiml right of protection for U>" a while the r>?Ht >rtee ere in %n inch ?te oondmoa If tb*(>?r*o n ? (ball agre* npoa tbrae oron >r<<miae* tb?-y will be 'ortbwitb *ubmitted to the <>tber !*oaiherii 'tatea for roa ?IO. r? ?a-. a?d u(>oii iiw'r aro,>ti -u or r?)?c? ">a ?a haan* of furibcr a-.t'on Wl'l aeprnd t h" l)r*t umum ?' ? ^Hither* <Mlefa*r> If a 'ion erena^ aball he agt ??! u,K>e tinw ??"?lie*, aii'i e? a'oi.e, wMl 'orw> tb1* (uKjKii o' dallbera ??o. ?"l lota will go a" furth?r. end ah" elll eole" th? I I'tlrrrirr *itb tbe diaiicci ui iieretanding thtl n* fitr tbrr *na>atitrre wil be demanded If in" Mortb anaH 'I d>cau- a ?inni1 ??* to confer wub tb? ?<'<u?b upon ttvre oae>a a Nal^aa ? a?f> reuiv< wti| ne ag'eed up->? If ani (he -<< iitb ? HI uinui'm?<ia'a demand tb *?i goaraot>?a a; tng o< ?i a* the aifmat ?e f a failure to ohtein tnem ? grrrra1 nwrai w ?? Idr whole Ultltw I 4m'b The oel<*at?w rr< lb ibe treu* a'>egh?ti? r?g ?? ,.f Vtr gir i? th<?r <-*iire allt from tb" nonior rawutina, will pro hahia opt??e tbn p>lloy bnt In rl? ? <t to? wriai* raiffftri <a iti*aiK?, ?bleb ah?l' conai ldt ? IB* alt?? ?i ?t of latiure I ? a-ciira tfc*a* gowra ? a.n-y eiil attl B'ately ?itb tbe *u<ier>ta<idiiig. h ?"?, tha ano ild tha emt 'mpial^d *? gotten fal .and iian?l>e ' ilk'W. v1> quale orotectlrn aball iw> gir n le lb-Hi era nil r. ur*toe* frem tbr a joining fr.>- >uti<w ?n ? ?* ng a primr duty on he part or a 1 g <rwrt>u??u*, the oouditloa ? ill of oo'irae be refill) ooaip i?d with frow tb> maiilia atl-><>* or It utt to the ?< >n h dia aaed by U>? v 1>W of gi*t?n Vi giaia ta tb> let* ??!?? ?Ke ? B""k iri'ge twiug alnnat gnu ^ money their h tea? t apprHtrad that leaa <up? ti >a will -?e ??t f>"<n that >jaarter tbar tbeir action oa th- Ooafwanoe 1 i -on laat winter would lead .?e to aup?uae i n?a ?r w*a r? d?rr aiu-ru?n?e, au?-.ti aa will ? pree*nw?i M kbl* tavtaarfw. Ma < o g>*at q?. ai ?a at ?aae laaoiriaf err >uaena*?qu*a ?* S t ao wu* the p'eawet nrcaa*?t >*r?. r?. a-rtoua an 1 alarwng, are iinni?at, aa* th ?* mu l v? met w*ai. re Virgin a ? tl 4? b?' i>art ia o?ri ai'ig ih. ir*adf?l alt?r?ti?e irf dwnnmn. aa I mamva'n tig ^oatkrr* r'gb * ?ed b'wew, a 10414 ih? 4>itb aa ? remt t<< that dr- at ait rnatl' e Tne 'aril ti?a * I' tar coa b. uai ati? n W?r| V1W11 ?at '^eurn Virg'*i?, ailtu fr.q'.enl lulrrnmir* a a?.t? ree ilt h- rrtr ?, hare f-mta wl a oaita af ae>.tim-ui Mar 1 th- pn>>pt? ,1 e feogh aretioc* Whx-a no < *? On ,n? Bare %>. ti 'toawxi im y-W^a ago Br faeit ilea ' interc m-ae are ^e ?ladi g ? ??r> ?al"1?rr efft-rt it atHkef kn* Tbe) are hreak mg up tbr a**^" at tot a <f .lr amplr of it* *??l with th<w*> nf th? border 're* "ta'' *, ?btch were oereufhre a f)T -a'i> nf trade . 1 which .tra ?a c'oaef IN h. -ode (<? nnloti IhI o?i the Karl and ?wl uue<mti* with rqowl a4aanta#e !r ? *< **gi , in. euor aim at es tire * 'r- m Hitrriv-nree a.**!*! i- i i -wi or cnwimer^iai w ti ihr ti'Oi*i*of "f , IViiM) Bcia ae1 Indiana. Tb? Uac ity wth ab'nh the ?'a?t >t< d mi. op* ? dolian ior w?k? rf t SgMtegH r t ir 'he W at Inrmane* hi wtjltlon tne *>r?| n?"i re rf ? ?titw'e wucn, ?i.* * pn |>!e proTr-r ^ta ly warme au.\ h -?ii"?Me aad g?ae roo*, B.tal ear^ciee a pow-ef'i! in fl face 10 ,n*tii <wimg their aH" a?d 0 . 0|? rat I ti ?. a ?.ai" f ana aci e a? do aWI bw tbr greater *>eur.ty of ihe aai'iahli alare pro |rrli of thr fail an't of tte whole < <.th 1>ere 1* OK* black *not ig Virg>. a? tb" o?ly .we to 'art* n h?r hri>,t rwiiwie. ? ? 1 that a ibe n tnrmia l ar ta idie. n-n o a<ng trer - 1 ??? twi' Wo 4* attf M*nr?ck ?h*?-l ng '? ?'tnate<< in il?. El at ?>*rr?l. and t Si ght aat wuh i? feet tralh thai an. ? a 1 ?g'g(? t" ts? Mate and tbe wh. *e -a-itb Tree, abr h a ? hi* b?r *o^.> fr ? ?* grv*1 ai.d 'BHhfi i m<r a* ? a? bat I towbt whetb'-r tbey would amonnt to th.. ? #n at B'imher ot jn*t men trll'W egi* In -? n a-- WMed aa a I'osd It <oi In Pi ?re that wx-ged a 1 I nrad ta f* "B toe awt | d'? *n ah' h n. fel it s 1 -? ?> ?r 'en e.1 that 'bia 'an mvlie ahoiiig fom (?%. t V rg ma *?..m ? la ph>ewai oaii tne *e well aa tt? affi 1 .a an si aad pol'tieal It wooid ae?m .'eatine. *>y 1* lure t> '<mh> rert ?( if1" n a ?? r?i> Mtcsu Stat-* ' 1 Vcn?T '-aata Virgin * aiMwtg b> all m* ai rearm ont 1 ?>r-? A i.a taie i^re'ere rr fl It, ard Ben it In that ,-iate 1 an (1 lag ah- arn? 4 W'i> net a at* n ?h - 'df aara ha* dim r? ire m*tre of b^r rt*'t#d Mtegr t. ar t ?regaled fr. a. h?r cl ara. Wr a* t h*igbl jewel ar o. t a?..r ? -te 'tatea rf 1^? -01 th "fee r'lj f Wn?*i , and Ihe re wander M the Par Handle hare eoat the auu tbas a tbird ?f he? ?e ritory Wrea a'ter * of aach aea *' n ad tb* f enal*itire, ror thr 1 a?' lei ytar* or m .re, bare heep orrnp? d ip d?p. ral." a o*? r a d'apMird "gtlt nf Wat f,a? a ra'lroad acr.w* .fie fan Man I- to a point o* tbe <di?? r'?er calbd ?Hea.henrill. ?tivi wioie dlaiuice he'rg irea abac ? m'l?* rn- au e, *j? t> v- q*e in *o'T?at 1* m aai'ta.1 WHS the r?ner*i |>r rem nt tn ens teetto* w'h ah* (auaiwnaioii ir ? e ? -aawaa the rifcla at *hi e'ing t*i* IV e ti that natenee ai< that the hrvur wa* ail ohaiinci e ' > atrial >af rati - a, h gfa a?ra SBd. w*'1* W .|rg ?io. wa* lste?. ?ie , w- far ?a the prr>6ia afcaa artr%nlag<* 'if tbr hrV'ga a*i r<anor-ara|, the 'rag?e hsr.rg Vtr*'3 ?'g rifbi of ? -na p tha ir<* eetahl'abif g that rtobt >? >-?.'* r,a p a. ? Wa y I wt*r ha r bea*al ftpre. ae' ,?i.- 1 < ? taiora'hat tb* wl, le Pan fian < an ald be dw ?a nf Ic PefWaalrs*. a It ?? 1 d ba?r *a???* t"? atawt -n >c? aad aaa c? a Haiw- pa ? n' anaie* n-oBoeraa af tnat frd'ey had l-eea p*r*>iid I we re year* ago pesa <wta:r snrrrag kifelif ta B a r*-y fa-or*Me etasd aro, and wry thing la that Use oflerel (or Mia ts readily [HM( I. HIM d and at good prion Rusti cs is pretty active, considering the state of the politic*1 world kxoitkmbmt in lanoastkk oorrwrr. A great ileal of excitetner < pretal s in l-aoruister coun ty, V* , owing to some revelations made by a free n?f ro. TTo Frorterck'bsrg Herald says: ? A slave waa Ural ar ricted for making snodry aiwumpilon* of freedom "so* tli?' Uwfa Lltnoin waa elected,' bnt expressing peol t? *, and rtaUrg that ba waa "In liquor" at the time, h- u a? dlwhsrged. Afterwards a fro * negro made reve la< inns to Ibn rflont that tb<> free negroes from ihe uoper and lower eoda of I be ooenty were to meat at (.aaoaat or floart House at a given time, bread open the jail, selia the II rearm* Uteri m, apd commence an Uilisortmioat* slaughter of men , women and children, and that meaoa HMV eacajje waa provided by a vuaael I) lug la the creek bottth Carolina. OPB CHAU1JMTON OOKKKII'ONDENOl. Chakuwtob, Not. U, WO. TTie Seeeuion Kmrilemmt Unabated? The Worthipptt at the ?<tmw tf the l'almritn?TK? Lot* Meeting at Imtitvte HaU?The Speaker* or that Oeeation?But One Alterna tive for (Ac South to Jam Itielf? Coercion ? Bad Poling fur the North? The KffedUt of Stuuim on Commerce No tlcpe of HeconcUiation between the North and 3Mh Left , d-c , <fc The exoilMnent It Mill unabated h?H. Tuls evening there has bean an Immense gathering of citizens la In?tl tute Hall to endorse and approve the aetlon of the dele gates from this election district to the General Assembly, which baa Just adjourned at Oolunbta Over the stag* was displayed a large transparency, bearing the honored Palmetto, around whoae trunk waa oollod, with head errct and rattle sprung, the rattlesnake, with an awful noli me tanferr look, and on the gallery In front of the stage, the Inscription "Well done, good and faithful lor vsr.ta " The entrance to the hall, at the street, waa dlatifeftilsbed by a freebly planted Palmetto of large else, placed there amid the most enthusiastic demonstrations of nn excited people. Fireworks added ibelr brilliancy to the scene, and even now, at near midnight, I hear the

shouts of crowds In the street In front of the M His Bouse, from w hmei ba 'conies speaker! hare been addressing those wh i could And no spaoe la the hall. Tbe Institute Ball meeting waa presided over by Hon. Char lea Hacboth, tbe Mayor Tbe address to the Senators aad Representatives was made by R. N. Oourdia, Esq., and eloquent y responded to by Hon W. D Porter, Preel dent of the Senate Hon. Henry 0 Lesesne, Col Henry U P 0 Connor, Esq , Wm Whalcy, , Hoe. R B?rn well Kbett, J. J. Pope, Jr., Esq , Blohard Yaadie, Esq., and other*. These gactleme*, one and ell, expressed the view that the time for deliberation was passed ? the time for action bad come. The only alternatives preeeated to the South were suhmtasloi to a hostile people under the forma of tbe constitution, or rests .snoe by seaessloa. Some of teem had been strong Colon men in the past; but there was no Colon worth clinging to left, tbe Spirit of oar oon Htituiwn bed been destroyed; It was oonstried adversely to us on every point of interest to ns, by those who had become mir msst*r*, or would become ao If wa tamely submit to tbe Inauguration of a black republican Presi dent Tbey wa ted for no more "overt ait" than that of the election of a Presi 'ent on a platform utterly subver slve i f Lb' tr rights, their Interests and their whole civill zatioe A -.tlon ? prompt, deals) v* action ? was what we must now expect from every lover of his Jlats, and they thanked God the people were ready to act. From the ?> ouDtaib to the aea one voloe o?mea up f'Om the people, art every beast beets with a pulse of patriotism -'?>utb larollna would act separately, bat bnr sis ers w iuio follow ber Krem Cnarieston to (ialvrstm tb? electric thrill o' rceontinriit f >r common MM, o nmou issu'ts. and Hi ? deter nlralkm to aev?r the haled bunds, ? unrated the -toutnern heart If coufat ensued ? If tbe Northern States were so fool hard) as to attempt to coe>oean> sovereign State ? tie II ret drop of blood shed of a son o' *>uth "?'olina woald rally every Southern Slate to ber side there was, h>W ever no fear of blood; the revolution w >uid be a peace lul one Distress might ensue from the nwturbaaoe of commercial relations, but no patriot woul i hesitate to meke sacrifices for the glorious >ld Stale which gavo feist birth Much more to the sane general effect The enthusiasm which rl.arartertMjd the n>?eimg* on Friday and Monday n<ght last was continued In this everything goes to ?bow that thla paople are in earaeat "he? have gone i ?? far to recede. Tbey would be aehaned to recede so m, ev?u If tbey old not nave key higher motlre for action ?kit tbe wrings of thirty year* have heated their blood to aoch a point that It has been ready to boll maay times Iks election of l.iaooln is not the nause, but the oonasion, <f tbe manrastattoo or along for<e*??) neneasity Ban dreds end thoesen 1a of lovers of the Uat <o have for years clung to it, aad hooed against hope that tbey might honorably remain In It, but tbey ba*s Inwardly fait that tbe time wouli ooais when despair would take the place of hope, and dlsanion most come That pe-dod has some Hie North Is* slow to believe It They r'di -ale tbe Idea Woe Id thai the voters of the North coald have realised the actual stale of things here soma mouths stnoe but tbey refused to give credence to any statements bat those of imerteled politicians? till It waa loo late Tlu-re le row not onlr no hopa of rec >nc Mall is bat no dsatre for it Tbe Idea of men eomlag to tbe Hoeth to preach to tbe people about tbe value of the Cnioe, to try to patch up a c m pro b lee ead rearrange matters, ha , ts lie k ed upon with no favor. People say tbevbive no tlfeie to Usteo to ooens-ls from onuule; they are wdllag to listen to xranseis from h -me, but oo siren vo oss from i be -'tales gives over to their political enemies will bs Milrm-'l t" here it is ton late I g' re the aspect of things a* they appear sow. I am aware ihel Iha political movements of popular bedlas are sowiewhat ur reliable ? thai tbey are lick te aad are of tea rarrie* an* by tbe excitemeotof tbe roomer t It mar He eo m IMS oaee, Nut It l.?>ss loo feiuife like ?e*iOaa ? arreet te be of SB transient s character, as Father Rltohle at) often said rami-*, not. it, im ITk? Onoifmftd ev OM rnitm I'arty in StmUt Carotvoa ? T*? V " (Vimm Hd /br Utamvm? Iruk , Off ?<M a**<t Scn'cK?Wka: (V Merchant ItM- I1U Xd rMtM-.Vo t?w M IblutM Jkiwciarn OM na/ry" and SimXrm K~uni\*adt ? .Voranoa a AsM ' TV ^rpttowwf ?sAa?Jbd," 4r A Ttir OM Cali? party "bo, la combination with the eo operation bob, bim?m1 la brmr )?n to bot ib# amraotonitia la th if mala, was made op Oral ud ebWfly by lb* groat maaa of iba foreign bora cii'i'Lc? Irtah and Goranae; aaooad, by Um mnra tMni ahigr, who bad a hankering afler a ooa 0.'i'aWd |OTfrtm?rl, aad who ooaaoqnaally regarded lb- t'ei xi aa tbo lummmm bimwm, at !, laatty, bjr Iba Nnt'lfc rti aarrbaru a. ttmd hrre, wbo had b'*nj|;hl with U. ni a'] Ibatr Northnrn icatineta and prefadlcM, aa wail aa ibatr acuta appreolatloa of Um alaig bly dollar Where o tbeee ekneate aow f The merchant* are oaa and all conrteoed that Ika momaat (ha ahcrk of tba separation M orar, Chaiiaatea will brgta to thrfra at Iba asnraaa of Naw Tort, aa I thoy bare Bade ap their Binds to try Um at p? r'gwtt, whateTar It m; coil Too adopted ctusaas, In, aro aoaMbew ekuftd, Ut; hart brooaaa taabaad ? Mb that htfh tnaod fealty to tba Htata which la lha die ttnsuiabiBi mark of Ant a m-olta'aes Tbey ar? bow ?traaf. aa It Bay eaem, aoanof ft* war asset adrooataa nf |t?a. ,itt at parMr aad float Mala MM. It la a aoMooe tby "act tbat tbo lrlar> aad Aoraaa costpar lae.ef whiah ? aharaquiM a inalitr, are quit# M diligaotiy drilling ?aa |>rapariac tar Um writ aa ibatr Amertoa a bora M to* votuataaas "ba only oo4or? aow borne br thatr ?." *!>? ara tba I, ma Star aad tha Palmetto. aad whaa roof. 10 their ernlatloua ttoay paaa aay of tha Htata n?bu Minm. whfh o?w Sort from eaee-y proMlaeat r at la tho city, thoaalaMof haw M always gtom >e t i *w L'ght lafaslry , an r.U Hootch ooapaay, ? ba w?B' the kill ? <1 ftafde. *?.<) who marrh to tbo ?? ad n tbo bacplpaa, al?Bt ?m?roprlataly oiaaffo tbo.r n?tr? if tboir Horotiuo to tbo Mate, la IM an la* on Ma ta 16. l'?K>n la ?*? r lato aoneoal Tna> Mat? pa?ad ea . ?aovw iromutMMia, la order, I Sap rwo, tbat thatr naeo true hi aot i laor tfcra la a false position Aad th? la tbo 1 Ml fart ids an i ail lb# oat irai rod eiussMdf Ifet I rhe laboring riaM of fttratenere ere sot unaiacful ? tbo daatar of oa amaaoipei ' w whleb wnnid <Utl ; ttaiHy <lrm? thorn down M um Mom of aa ia*?rMr raaa Ar lor tbo old whlgo? tho inortaraM 11 a loo at aay- j t.rwo a ? lh') baro all altb r dlad oat. kooo oiiarortod ?? Um "tato r'fhu oroori, or hro k^ping r* -nark ably t??l At all oroatr, that aro a?w an faw that thatr ' a MM, ww If raiaod. will bo dmwaa4 ta tha (ml pnpn .?rw irt>- MrIM pnMMMMk fNMHM| ^ tbo I'm a wlU) ibob who baro anb)acBt.d aad aro boo do Mtltt li? "cbiralry" of a fatlaat Htata ?path Carolina baa l-arn-d to bato tba North Willi a | aoot vwoai bb<1 otidytef hato It m wlthla tbo raago if ? ao'btlltloo that tho t*"?or nf tha pn>rtanl oiiftt wb 1 ?in* all* turtohHB tblo litUo rofwh tc. bat It If on loejor ^?BinM that ntbor tbroala or pmalBra.oneoaaalao or do "ta n It aa a o I M B?Bh. r ?' imr^nWuri *> thai ? B*>raroo a tme atavabnl iia| Htata Too Bay ra t>pd tb ? a? a n??l tart Dm ataao>a bora aro loipatkat of dotay Thoy what ? i too 1 b # aaafmaat. oebood from lha moaoMlat to tb? 0" aMard, aad from ih? p'oa wrx-tr to tbo rvna .??ma. boo hoao oaloaraal? "lha argaabal M aa ?<nata? rtoad to year artM " nm owrammi. CtuuBOnn, Niro. 14, IMS. t?a a tlrk*-t pablMhod la oar tri'Vamc papra nf yoa ?> r *ay . tmf ooirw ataada aav?g n*hori la anataattno fnr ? aaM *> tba IM rorttoo Tbo Bot MM ?bwh nthar yoa ?kw.'i ha* ? modo of tba tirkot oarola aao to tppaa r aM t banw not ahn bo^o tbo nnalBBtlna nr who pub I'.haH it MH bo bo th* bwaMrat ladlvldaaJ la nor arm Mftr.lty I Mftaoa'ixlp- bia rfht tn 1n an, aad am indrbtad in rim 'nr tha r?wip4itaont bo bao pal4 aa No nror oiaa 1. o? tn. ?Irrt patrmu baro fnt op tblo roTolatmo It Ir tho ar?k n' U?a pan p to wttlmat rrgaH to party or ?nrt Tt>?ir patrMloa onaaaaaod it? thalr tatotlifnaaa c ? nam it n* irl thorn ha allowod to aaaka ohoioa of th'tr n?n tmrrtMatra, aod bo ao oat nf moo an armcaat 1 u to ooauma tba mparinr wMhlna or palrwttaia nf | nx-'BtiDf ?bn Bball nr shall not, ba Um prop ?>* data , >b< "b. artmo of U>a on nta? Toaaootl *, If II roaolt ta i^ariti# th'a Nalr oat nf tbo Tomb, will haoaooftha mnat ytoatasa npnfi U>? pafaa nf U? h'aVory of ?->ath Ob ' ? ? ? >? p ? rttrb ? nrt Mnnmatloa I baaa doroatly p?ay- j . t t?t n*ar qim'trr of a ratilory o' ay llfa An 1 to ba ran too anm ? tho ma a baa* nf aOnarratla that *111 *?*m? Bh? at aonh aa ?"-aot, w >?id ho tb* |-ralaal bran- 1 1 ml" ran? tra at tba hands of ay r >iif trym*? ? tha p-< o^-st I nnaM laara ay ebil Iroa ! aa not uliaatl, tharofhro, to My that I aa a candidal* tor a--ob an honor. The a'cdy o' n> wfc >te lift ha* ham to make ?? j*etf wortfir of It; atid If out follow ell*- ce Bee la my pant III* enough to nnrlt their toh jort, I am not onvt'llDf to ni that it u a aervtoe I am auslou* to ilvo for. and la ?Licit 1 abcoid b? willing to dla. B R. QAHSOLL. a nun Kaon jobh r pkbwos. I ob aerve that I Have bean nominate I al a candidate tor Uit> Convention. A Hal in that Convention migh' ??'l br (be object of any rtttre'- ? hlgbeet avilt an ? I aa-riUoe my natural aaplratlont for reason* which I doom entirely auOlcicDt, aid pereofotorlly withdraw my name I ?1ll feek to serve tfca State In some otbar port In ? batarnr orpartven; I may Sad that service, the people of Richlard know that I will be bo aloc/ard in maintain lug Ua honor, tae Intermit, and tha nationality of *jith Carolina. I trial tha Codvantloo will do IU mletno work aa speedily aa poaalble, ai d aaatgn aaoh cltli*n hi* poat of duty. Tha paopia ban <poker, and tiaifiigi' Uw mare forme of aeverlng ua from tha lata ooofedera tloo are nomptetad, tha better It will be tor oa In every re tat loo I batiare It ewiM here beea competent sad ? lav for the (**1?!atare. op* the feet of Ltoooa'a alee tk?, to daslare oar ecneasloa. It ananas to me ao one oaa doubt the policy of the Convention making that danraa upon the Inetant of lia amembllng I triat It will be mate In eucb a form aa to be oompiete, Oaal aad lrraver Bible In my jadfaaent, It ought to be done oa the day of lt? organization, and the legislature be oallol and in ?Intel#* to perfect the aeparatioa from '.be ITnltad States, aad to prepare and eetabliah tha nationality of Booth Carolina, ureepectlre of ad other people or States. JOHN 3. PRMTOS. TBI I1K0. to rei Bbiroa or ma caaaueiow Mmorar. The admirable art loir from the **w V.taK Hsrald of the 13th mat publlahed la tour laeue of yesterday, prove* to every one who needed proof how luportant to the North If (be prr*eot poaltlon of South Carolina; and we rejoice that light la being; abed upon tha Oanlghted Nor h by theonty means which It oould be? their actual prerent "uffcrlrg: not thai we dealre reagaanoe for tha wrong* committed agalntt oa by tb< m.but that It la only through much tuflarlng aad tribulation that trnth oaa rracb them. Whllf t we note thla we cannot but aee , at tha fan a time, that Northern bank* can only keep their *pa cie by refualng to dlaoount for the Ssulh tba vary hart arrVotanorawf their own merchants of Southern oaoer. If l be* thnr refuse, then onr bora mart refuse that paper which ran no longer farnlab tbeooln requisite for 1 redemption of tbrlr own notes This difficulty la Isireaeed . when we cote that their own merchants, to aupaly thf dt.mar.rt for Independable notion , will aaod the coin a* Ion* tn the Si>w York hank* will pay It, and that, con feqneotty, Vrw York muat fuapend Qui r> ? I* it not tbua rendered prudert thai oa ? own bai>k* should take neoeaaary aiepe, net only to get bat to keep the coIl? Jotton If king, aad If we are true to oo reel era ail will be right. ONITSD PTATTO DISTRICT oonrr AT CHARLESTON. to ni* ri.m>a or rrra ciiaki.bht 'N MaaoraT I am letb to intrude before the antlne of the public ao bnmhle ao nffloe ta m oe, but now everything connected with onr federal relatione I* of aome Intereat to onr cltl tera. I woeld therefore, rtate that my otflie, Clark of the Pn ted stater Onurta for a nth Carolina, la not subject ta or de> endent upon the federal goyernment, but mr ap potPUnent onmee from tba Judre of the Oourt When .ludge Mac rate realgnad, I wax I "ft In charge of none buatree* and case* not concladed, which It behooved me to remain ?od fettle fbr tb? eon vet lenoe of the bar and of onr eillzrna Intereated tn their final adjuRtment I would a^o rtate that th<re ar? fimrta In court and mr of noun (e.-me of the latter oontalnlrg Important h atory of flotith Carolina while yet a oolonv), which It la mr rtnt? and Intentlm rafely to keep nntll thla 8t?ta, having wltborawn from ber pn-eent unrappy alliance (at a *hort day, I bope>, | wt|| then turn then over to her, or aay agent or officer whom ahe may plea** to appoint H^RT T GRAY, Clerk of United Statea Courta for Soath Cero tia. TUB MII.ITAKT RKADT. At a meeting of the Palmetto Rifli mea of OiarlaaVMi, the following resolution waa unarlmoualr adopted:? Reaolrert, That the I'almeU-i Riflemen bold tbemaairas ready to rrapocd to the oall of the dlate, and that the Uovt-rnoe be notified of the tame AN BW1.TPII AtOLITTONTST RHimil NORTH. Patrick Hay a, an Regllah gardener, waa arreeted oa medat laat at Mount Pleaaant, aay* the Charleeton flmrfer of Nov 16, for uttering Ine-enrtlar? remark*, and waa ?hipped In New York on Wedneaday, per rteamahlp Ma rkw by order of Um Committee of Hafety of Christ Church Pariah. GEORGIA. or* MACON COKKKSrONTONCK. Uacom, Sat. 16, ISM Will n*nrpia Str*d*T? Qurttvm Awwrtd? PotiH'* of Htr ISMic Mm fetUng mU Be atoning Anumq the Pro fit A. '?Will Georgia accede?" Thla qaeettoa eoaN to Mm writer every day, and mux timet a day, orally, by let ter end over Uit wlrre from uneaiy bualoeM mw la Northern cUlee. It *hall be amirered m boaeetly tod aa truthfully aa tbe Impartiality of the writer and the an oerUloty of all ruture errata will admit. Georgia, In my judgment, will aeoede. la I860 Howell Oobb waa elected Governor oa the laaae of reauttajeg la the Union under the eompromtaa acta, by a rn^wity of etghteeea thonaaad rotea That waa the Ualoa majority of th4 day. Cab* bad thee an I xmnue pereooal popu larity la hit aeetloa of the Htale, aad ha waa baeked tn all aeetlooa by aucb aa array of personal Influence aad oratorical advocacy aa haa rarnlj been brought to the aid of aay raberaatorlal candidate la Georgia. la tblnttaf over the splendid naaea wblob contributed to ?hla Onion triumph, I cannot now remember one, exoept It be Boa A. U Stepher*, wht la not now aa advocate of Rate act ion again*! the Lincoln admlnlitratloa. Oobb himaelf tr for It, aa you know. Hia younger brother, Thoa. R !? Oobb, although nnkaowa la public life, yet oaa of the moat apiendid latellecta and orator* la tbe Called Htatea, a man of the higbeet moral aad religious character, I* la tbe flatd, a moat earaeet and patent cham pica for aacemtoa Jam** Jackson, Robert Tnombe, Hea ry R. Jackeon, Abaalom H Ghappell? la fact, not te be ted lone, all the ligbta of the great Union campaign of 1U0 aow (tow with ardor for aaoeaalon looking at all our public mea (whatever the rnture may devalope), I would not dare, npoa preaent Information, pat down one aa dletlacUy and definitely arrayed again*t It The lapee of a tew week* may, Indeed, diaaover aom* powerfal op pneltloa leader*; bat the qaeettoe of a vaat preponde raaco araoag leading and apeaklng men tar eecemton la Georgia la already nettled Aad hew about the people? I will aay nothing about the chronic fire cetera, and aim to tell von ih? current of feeling aad opinion among tb oneaeAatlre olaaew? thoee who only look to govcrnnwat fbr protection, aid eare nothing for polltlaal preferment Tbeae men look at the election of I.tnco*n aa tbe culmlaatloa (taevttable eoooer or later) of a fanatical prejudice it wrought la the Northern people by education, and which avl neoeaaarl ly. la the end, prove fatal to tbe South nr. ire* a aepara tk? takei piece, T^jey *ay It nay poeatMy be delayed a tittle wtli*; bat to what purpoaef What will be gained by Itf la rata 4c yea ten them that, after all, Lincoln will be ceaaervatlve, aad we haw *tin a majm 11 y la the (hipreate Court and la Oongraaa What doe* that amount to? Ton have added te the loag lift of act a mowing aa eaconqterable dlepcelttaa to wage a political war en elavery? the crowning offcno* of iMtailtag a national arfmialetreiioe f?r that purpcaa Oaa* admit the fatal precedent, aad aethtag la left but rata With oat a awgle "ever' act" or palpable rtoiattoe o' the ma ?aitettoe, e federal goverrntent beat oa the ' Irrrpraaaible cee?M" can haraaa aad diegutet the *>e*h to each a de gree *e to ceatmy the value of alave property aad eeeaaM late It* eattcctlm a* a matter of eetf-defraoe. It caa re volution *e the onarta, til the poet aad other office* with It* arratarre, build ap a party, aeteblM pn*a*a la tta a tereet, flit the Sooth with Ita rmtmarlee, and Matter the eiementa of laeebordlaailoe aad dleoord broadea*'. What If Uaeota fail* te carry oil tht* Itrward, Helper aad SreeAy programme* la the onward pmgn** af ahotWca ?em la therfiortbeva Mate*, the east rne will de It. aad do worae; wt lie by rvet ag quietly aader the domination of the bank republican President, we *hall reader eureel'oe powerUM te rwtet a *eeead la thla Itght, what are ver bal aaaaraacr* from Uneaten friend* aad *up-orV>r* about bt* "wiaani tattew" worth? Are w* to forget uat ?" year* bam radioed to erect la the Northern ma tea a great m 1 1 Hmdi wing party, whleh baa Mtraeteed from tb* peblle council* nearly every maa of talent* aad patnotwm, aad arooeed a vaat majority of four people M owe all abenrMng, eadytag war again*! ale very ? te that, aad nothing elae( What meaa UmM coaeplratora by their wwaraooM of m *>i latlaan ? If they deal la trulh aow, tb?a their apaeche* during the camnaigr ware a llvtcg lie; bat If alaaare tn their pr^mleM, thea we lay t aay have a* power te control the storm of fanatirtem they have rained Tb* maaara af oar people will van tare i poa diaaalea with dHtrMv aad regret. They look apoa It ooly m a aad alternative to aortal revotetloe, which, m thlnga ataad, la lyntabte aa late. 11m traditional alTbotloa fbr the Pa tea anrag the aou'.herr ma***e la greater Utaa at the Nor'h We are an old faeht.?ed people; bet bob 1*1 oe I* the ever pereetrg demon of Northern fanaticism growing 1 glreBfar erd *w!ftcr With rrrrr jeer, an t lesettabl* hy nrair? ?lna. Rrfhre w, oe the oar hand . la the mat rtperl meat of lelf govrrneient. under maay disadvantage*, aad oe the other, a product'** ooentry nbnedoned 1 1 regv* vagmery and enlnhabttable by we I tea, or olearod of it* nod *rel incumbrance by a retention* entermlaatfea o' the black* iter lerg yaere of mataal oaraaga. Which af an we rhoeee ' Ton are advteel by tetegrer* of the r>? >? Of the hill appropriating one million of dollar* to p<:t Georgia la a rta?e of <M?**oe t leara from *lt?e<lgevilte that all par tie* are a entt tn a bl'l for * convent. oe of the people, ao1 that It ant' be reported by a b 'at r ma lite* to mormw It la pmbehl" that Caterer dilTtreorr* of nplnlim may el i?t ap ?? the qo?etioa of ?ee-**toe will b? devei. r>?d faring the rarvar* Air telegate* lo ttl* cOftmntloe and Ita er^qu-rt *>**ton I rvaiiy do n t bniirvr they will N- great but *r atull nee I* r< *?'a> etriumeei m tht* mgioti The ta rito tt t.irrrda'* e|e<i|lor had Img beea fhll van a.mcet certain rrealt be*or? it* -..nenmmatine I* hma rati ihey bad a hard time to reatram the yoaaf me* from violent IPVaBtno of thr Oo'U-'l StatlW fortlteatlonB ; ?)<( np hrrr la tbe "h'gh o>iolry" ?o?f cool, an 4 mean H proceed with '?dw sod drm ri.m Honrer, ?*? towa ud n?lghbo?bi??d It or*aai*n.g <ta wrpa of Minute M?a to prefer"-* domeetio pea-e aiid provide against aU o?b*r ?i>r tlngenetra But we aoprehrwd do bo*t|l|tl*a with Ma North, and wu?t that both atmttaM mar agrea to npimi ID p*w<?, alsoe tbey cannot lire together la that daalraala tamper. WILL THE PERSONAL LIBERTY BILU1 EM HKPfcALKO* (From the Morton Pnat, Not 19 ] Tb? Peraooal I il>erty acta of aevnral Northern Hf W. atern siatea, though hiy are all of Ibetn utterly Mi aad rotd by reason of unconstitutionality, in>gta dta I raw to the I<rglalataf?a whloh enacted them, aad oqgfat, In common droeooy, to be repealed with all poaalMa baste Whan ha Vermont Pwwaally Liberty aot (a* called) waa pasted, three or f >er yeare ago, we ramartar that every democratic vote la both Hoeeee waa rnmrdad ay a 'oat It and now Jitdq* Tmmmu, tf Wmi fMrtat, m Uadwtf dcmecraf of UU Inmrr Houtt, id nW? totred a Ml Mvalin( IV AeL Sow <la*a* cram will rote opoa tbe qaeatlon there la bat aaa opmlor? tbey will onantmcvaly vote for repeal Waal tbe majority will do we aball preaaotlv aee That Me author* of a bill act only repugnant to tbe conatltnttna af tbe United States, but antbnat eveo a preteoee of any danger to prtaipt It ? a bill enacted (imply to carry b ?or with the u'tra aboli ttooiata of the State, aad da a ?pttefnj Uling toward* the South ? that theae men aboali sow return to reaaon and common aecae la hardly to be expected. not withe landing their reoent prof eaa toe* af oouerr rattem, yet wa truat It may prove an; bat tbe *? Introduced by Judge m -maa wlil at lean five tbeia a chance to -biw the slnnertty of their declaration*, and will, we doubt not, be followed by a at m liar morewmt oo tbe part of drmor.rata in tbe Iieglalature of every wbcee atatute hook t? d lag raced b a B mllar law In ronnectioa with tMa ?u>?J?ct we q iote tbe fMtowtag paragraph 'mm the -*alem Haas , Advcatf ?? Tba*oo*?rvatlvarepitb1?aneof MaeaarbnaeUa are new b# vloolrg to feel t-e tITrc'i of tbe l??rhiDc? of the fanatical por tion f tVeir leade*e and ?a an evMenee t?at th-ry are not ora pared t. follow them lorn er ? e are glad f learn that a peM Hon I* now In clreu'atl'n In B^wtoo tumenraal "lrne.1 by man* m tbe |??d rg reo ihileaa* o' that cit , c >lHng for a rw peal of tbe od'<> a 'Per?on?l Uierty RIM " TV* la rlgh k Po"k a retttlim ?hn ?t h? In cl*c Nation I . every dtr town aad village in Maaaachn'etta hope Halero ( II If u>e1lalaig follow the riimneof R-wtor klson'y hy a faith nl eoaa pilar ee wttb a I our eon-tltnt o al obligation* that harnaiv an I peaee will b? ?e*lnr?d to he I'd ion. anH that fraternal ra gard and return wh? h hntM a! war i nbararterlte the tiataa of ouroaofadrrao again Uke the plane of joaloniy aad 4b mat Tbe Sprtnglleld &publietm a*knowledg?a:? 1. That thr republican party am wrong In pagllag Per ioral l iberty bill* f. That tb??e bill* are "pernldooa," and "la vtolatMa or thr ?oprtitntlon," aad ' unj'iet to tbe Slave SUtt-w " 3 That th'tie rnpiiblleao rnaotmeota ' mean rultldov ttor," are " o noonat tint Ion al In aptrtt, and only flill to ba boldly and iquarelv tinmntltutioaalon Oarr aoo'igroMi becauae we (tbe r*publieaai) hare not tbo courage to ga the abule and nullify tbo aonatltutloa boMly and aaoMW ly " 4 That theaa Prraonal Liberty law* ought to bt f? pealed. FLORIDA. THI MUtrnANTtl or rLOBISA. ti tract of a private letter dated I*?aaj(y>t.A, Pa, Nov 14, 1Mb Tbe troubled atate of a flair* throughout tbe ennntry, trakra nocry matter* v ry atrlngent W* would gtala, howevrr that In tbe evnt of a diaaointtrn of tba Unlaw, which to n# ceema Inevitable, we recopoiae our obltgm t'oo* to yon aa aarred, and will fulBl them, If In ao 4oiag we tacrlOce our I art cert FLORIDA ALRKADT 0OMItTTPEP. The rollowleg reanlnt oca wtre i?aeed I Mt winter bf the legislature of Florida- ? Rreolve^, That In tbe event of the election of a Pieat dent hy a Nortberp parly, opprwed to alavery aa It exMMa la the Southern Sutea, It wll' be tbe doty of the -toatbera Stale* t prev nt h<* ipaogioail -n.or to take aome oaeana la eoiemon to p'r.tent thrmnrlvea and u ooa of the ?tenth rn Slate* Florida hereby pltdgei heraelf to do bar dn'y Rraolved, That to give off net to lb a aatnrad oo opera tion . the ffovernor be and he I* hereby authoriard, apaa tbe call of any of ?ur ?l?vi>bn| 1trg Slatra and mrtiwa larly tho?e b?.r?lertr? on tlie free Statea, to take anv and all *tep* nerieaary for the maintenance of their rtgMa, and to convene the I?(i>lat ire In extraordinary aaaalua, should tbe neeeaalty i?'w ALABAMA. OCT MONTOOMBHV CORKMPOKDBNCB. MrorrooifBBT, Nor 14. ltM A rmfy of Scnfwarw' far V/i.ww ? 1u tMjoel ,V?( ftm My Omridrrrd Ort i a??waHow of Ou I mini to AM taint* ? A Pr+vfvi rtufhuvm af Ow Umim Bmm mfidad? The Bqwii to Pmy JlWry Dollar af fta# Nor Arm Debf?The Spirit af '76 M (Ac Sou 'A. <fe , 4? Tba ncwilot Mine at tba HooU) la arldeatly aot ap preciated by the North fto tba aohjoot of aaonaaloa froai tba I'altt tbara la do dtoMattnf roloa, aor hare oar people oeaa hastily to thia oooc'uloa It la a aabjoal they haw thought maturely apoa for yaara paat, aad baa* only baaa awaitiag the oooaaamattoa of tha boattto fcallag of tba North la tha etoetloa of a ami tonal aaM a arery Prcaldaat Tha "Oaargta pla fora" hat baaa oairaraaliy looked to by tha panptoof tha ?< >a\h aa tatiaf tba Inia poaitloa by which tha Sooth ought to and woaM ? Unit Tbe aoremeat x-? tor aaoeaaton doea oot arat, Uipf), froai auddi a furor, bat la merely tba laglttaato r? ?alt of k?g fo'mrd oplbtoaa We a re dnlaraiael ta Ml ealaaly and In ? reaaoaehla manner, and no pledgee that Mr Lincoln oaa make la |*>tng to altar oar deternataall*a? because we tn? that it la not Mr Lloooia who ? to af fact oar Interaeta, bat tbe gradual working of tba priaa* plea of tbe parly who have made nee of their pow*r ta place aa aati alarary aactiooaJ aandidate ta tba P<-aat4aa tlai chair If tbey bare doae aa oa thia ocoaaloa, what guaraatee have wa that tbrr will ant carry their po ear further, aa tbe dirparity la popaiaioa^Norlb aa4 Hoatb aa to aaBbera, boom** grrator? Wa tblak It to oar tat* real to eefwrate, aiiW t toe .la af tba old palrtarcba la day* of yore, aad that ta ">aaoe and good reading Tha North oaa wort oat her owttay, we oari. Let ae aot ra uH raah other, bat with a ai*oer* God I peed yoa, aay good by, and aeparaieiy eadcaror each to ale rate ttaatf la aba ecale of atetltaatma aaong tba aattoMof tba a*rth If tba itrp tbe Soath ta ah?ui to take ab?oid be h peine ful oee, there will be an eucb great diatarbaara of away ?.altera and cnaiarrr* aa la the other onntlagaccy. We of the rtoath aspect to pay oar Nortbara dabta Ilk* Iwuirat aiea, aad cspast, af rararae, to be paid by tbe pea pla of tbe North where aueh ridehtedneaa ei lata, bat IM Brat i fljrt at aorrcioa will rellare aa froca all eaab < O'lgatkma to pay , aad K ooaraa their ? or tbara oradi u ra will not aspect to raoeira pa meat. I aa a aaMea of U?a coaaly, aad a tag la daily with the people I baaa yet to bear eoe mice ralaad la raror of ooatlaalaf ewr present relatioaa wltb tba Nderal goraraaaat, aad thfc <"eea aat orlftaate fra-a faar of flrtag ft** eipi aaalea la their aeatlaaeata bat rroa the aalearaal feeling la mm mtdat that a or lata baa arrtrad la oar goreraaeeat wbah a porar rilat* that nan at aay Us* be need tor oar oypreastca aad isjary? a power aot reatraaaed by oeaaW tatMaa, bat a power wte'dad by IhaaiiaiMB, aad raady aa crash aa Wa aaad bat point to tba act loa of IwUft af year ?alea ta piaata? Peraoral Liberty blDa la rtolaliaa of tbe noaautctloa, aad oeymtaf aa af aaa af MM aala ladunaaieta la tbe fnraattoa of that onaatnatlia, aad la tbe in?'t laaalbie cnaflmt doclnae, aa nr'gtnated aad pa* aalgaied by tbe vary aaa who baa baaa lately elected as Praetdeait Tba Hoatb woa d ha at apta. tadeed, If aba kwger to I ebnra la I 'aaaie the power* which ?be delegata* to the gereral grreraaeai to laanra dnaettc iraiqaiuty ard pei petaala Meaning* to her pn*tar?ty, wbaa ah* tola that tboaa power* are to be need to huable her ti dee* U>e w >rWl, by brtrgtag bee taatttatmaa lain d?iipa?a> Wbteh meet nlttwtatety rata and iteanlat* bar laad f beam tbe idaa ?' Mtteaalo* ridiculed by ynar people MM nrttf Wo were oar arceatn ridiculed by the *errtod bort* of (irea! Britain, whea. barefooted badly o'ad m* pno.iy armed, tbev preaaaed to aeet Utea aa rqaato la hatt e Bo I tbr aa me atdrit wfctah aa i mated the p*Uta?a of Ta Mill eiwte la the hftaoa of their deeoaadaeiele tbe Hcotb, and wtreerar ? forar" la need tn prrreat anaaa a<oa. that at*** win maoe itaalf aa Ira and a a oaaaa ?toat- bta a* erar 1. terra* ran* oot**ko* *o?*?. A irretlrg rf iK'aea* af the aararal ocmtiaa rt Aia bama mat at Mitotgeaaery aa tba lltb laat . aad ap*Ma>*d a r<?n.>u? in t?l?rrof*te Ooraraor Moara la r*latlaa to Ute raniBg of a *Hate Onarann-a la a?iww to tbaaa Iaq>itr1**, tba Ooraraor pabliabea tbe follow lag la??v> tiacrrrr* (wurwn, I Morraonar, a la , Nor 14 1M0 J Nnman< ? I hare raeerrad yar letter of the It* I net , ark tag tor try onaatrantloa of 'the Joint rw.iettoa* rf oar <*at l/^'alat pa tor th* oall of the Ooeealtna af tbe people of I be " Voa particularly da air* to kr o* wbea I coeatder ? yar If author ,/?d to MM my pror unattoa fbr th* call of that Onar^atloa? < WheUfc r Opra tbe eWctioe of etocVd* by th* p*npto ?d the wrer*! Kt*u?. or wbec *a>d eteclnra cast hair I alia for l*rr*1''e*t " To* alec aa* ma to laform r?a, lfaa? a atrel a th ay idea* of pablta doty, "when that pea da t*ai>op will ha a??ad, aad npna what d*y yo* (I) w? prder the ei-rtica for the delegate* to that Ooaraallna " I tody agrwe with yoa that "tbfwe are ^ owtlitaa 0 deep tniereat ?o tbe people o? th* "tale," aad ha T lag after irtlnre doi'he?atina deterraloed apoa ay <?at*? to regard to the a . aad no! oooa iderl** It taooceteteeiwilw my public doty to nnmmanlcat* Utat deterato*!""*** yr*, wtb l?a re |<> pribnab It, I **b*a?atl*aly *? **7j" irtroee trtrr?at aad 'eel tag which parraaa lb* M*,? alnd, mat* tt oot oaly proper, bat ay <**T .... Aftar atat'ng a u-ng tint af aagiwatoa* la tb* to ti e lolpt rearlntlooa refarr*d to, lb* P*ov'.'oa ?'that apoa the happaalag rf t^e?a*tng?^ rot tr>e plated In tba frragolag aotloa he tab. rehy repaired larlbwltb to !?** prociaa* i:,^e'Xa.ituti?a ?r of rte-tlor * to****"* -,i aha'l apr. *1, la ao* aaanor th^.r ? may *1 rt.a raa her oi etac^ra * tha* camber of Haaalo r* aad rrpr*ae?atlr?e to wbn