Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1860 Page 6
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the t*Ute m ay b? eat'tled in Oonrroaa " See artlolo 2 ?action 1. Article 12. section 1, nt the ameadmenle to the ootrni tutiru th.t ' ibe , Ircv.u ? meet Id tholr sptcuve jHiiri, ana voie t>y ballot fo- I'rea dent and V v President Cndir lb??e provisi ons of lh? nonstl utl tbe pvjop'e of ibe set eral States rote for elector*, ac 1 lt?ee riealnre rot- for Presloenl ltiac ear to my mind Ih.t a candiuiue f >r the Prtside.icy c?ou< l noostllutioa ?l)j be tit rtea nam a majority of the elector* hare omi tb> ir voir* tor biiu My P'oelsmat'on will not. th.refire be lasaed aMtl that T'-le l* cast oo ibe Jlh dar of ivoenber next ' r? fret that tbla ds'ay la.atoomr, a* tar cinnasuucea which rurroa d na make prompt and decided a ;tl<>s teceasary. Th< te can tie ao duuat tuat a Urge iauJori>y ef l he electoral vole *111 he given to Mr Lincoln, and lu Tie* of Ibe eertalnty of his i-Wcllo* 1 are <elerrained to :art e m> pruciauta loo iam< >iaiMy alter ibtt vote I* eaat I r ball aooolnl Vonday, toe 2llb dar of D?oe ?h,'r Beat, for tb< elwiiku of delegat-a to inn Giarentlon Tue Convention will met I on , the 70i cay of Jauuary Mil. The day for the election of delegates haa been da ik .?ated In advaqeo of the taananoe of the proclaim * tloo, la order lliat the minis of toe p?> .pie may at OBt e bo d'recti d to the subject, and Ibat the aererai Bounties may have attpie fine to seleal candidates 10 repfniil tbetn Eh u trnur <>f the jtate should im Mediately cortidsr the importance of the r>te bo I* ran UoLaiitatiriial riabts, pemonai Beourit/ Bud Ut boner of tbe H at- are all Involved. He must deoule on the 24 1 b of prtvmber tbe great and vital qusatloo of aubmlraion to an abolition ad nintsirniloa, or ol *?? uessioo fr'Dj the Cnlon Thie will be a g.-are and mooiRotods kaue for the decision of the people To fleoMe it correal tj. they Bt'.uld uim! rsiaud the f<oU and circumstance* of Ibe cbci- beftre thi m. It may t ot bo lmpropor or unpro Stable r.T me to recitc a low of tb<-m Who la Mr LIboo d, whose elo ill >n l? now beyond qnes Itoti? Be is the bead of a (real snctlooal ptrly calling itself rr publican, a parly whose lead. i; g o>i (eel 1* the a??tri .;li(.ii of the Institution if Slavery as it exist* in the alav<h> :?? i .g Htaua. Tb. ir uit-n dutingulshei Itadcr*, In and out of Ampw, kan publicly and b>Hty prt* Olalmrd thl* to be their intention and unalterable deter, mlna Ion TVoir newriMpcrs are l ud with aimiiar Je clarat'or*. Are they in earni-st '! Let their past aou apeak 'or them Neatly every ore of the non tlaveiioldlnf Stat' a hare been lor yeara under tbe control of ihe nl?'-tc fpuoilcaar A large majority o' theen tuut hare n ill Jod the Kuaitive Stavo law, and havo aac-esafu.'ly resit'ed It* exo .utloa. Tbey have eoarted penal atatutoa, punlahing, by Ooa boo ta&prlroLffirnt Ic the penltcnt ary , persona who may pur me and arreat fugltlre slaTea la raid Staiei Tbey bare by law, under hoary penalties, prohibited any perao'i from aidlCK tbe owner to arrest ha rugilire slave, and haTe dei led db the use of toelr prisms to secure our ?Urea until they can oe remorod from the Stale They hare robbed the South of alarms worth millions of do|. JUS, and hare r? ndered altorly lutCfonluat tne only law pur' by Gotgrtss to prou-el this species of propjrty. Tbey hare lnraded he rllat? of Vlrg'tilv armed her Maraa wl b dcally weapona, murdered her citia-na, and ?rtawl the United states 4'mory at Harper's Ferry. Phoy hare senlemitaaries loto tbe "tale of reaas, who borne<.l Bt i>) lowoa, and furnished thu siarea with deadly pot aocs for the p irpose of d??lroylne their owners. All '.htsc lb t.js have been tlleried, either by tbe on ?oactltutioral l- KiHalioo of free Stales, or by combina tl sa of ludlrloaa'a. Theao facta pr?ro that ihey are not duly In tarneat aid Intect upon aocompllahing their wicked purpo?ea. but have ,..,0e all that local legulatlon ?ad individual efforts could ? (T ct Euowini; that their effurta ?>uld only be partially gno oesatul without the sld of the federal gorerument, tbey Ibr jeara hare aUug filed to get control of the legislative and en.-utlve depariaienta thereof. They btre now sue oreilcKl, by targe msj'>rttie#, In all th* n o rlareboidlng Mates, except New Je' soy, and perbai? California and Oregon, In el> ctlng Mr Lmootn, who !s pledged tt carry sol the principle* of the pa-ty that uloctoi him The eonrae of events shows cleariy that this party will, In a abort time, hare a ma}or<iy in both brunches of Ooa grtss It *111 tbfia be in thuir power to chao^e the o>m plexlon of the Supreme Court so aa to -nalce It harmo ?B wlih Oot crcfB aud the President Wnen that party get* possesion of ail the de^artmeela cf tbe g ivisrnmeni, with the par?>' and aw ird, he must he tllni Indc-Nl who 4oca not see that s'avery will be aboltabed In the District ?f Oo'un bu, In >be dock >arda and arsenala, and wbertT'r the federal goreretnen'. has Jorisolctl m. It will be exci fled from tha TorrluirKS, and other frae Btat< s will In hot boaie Ite admitted Into t'io (Talon, until tbey bave a tzul trliy sufficient to alter thi cons' Itntloa. Th ti slavery * 'Ihe ah. i.sbta by law In tbe .-tlatea, and tbe " irrrpret.slhle c it 11 :r.t " will cad; for we are notlQoJ tbat It ahail uerer coare, netl! '? tbe foot of a alare snail eeaw to preBB the so' I ol the Called rttat;S " Tho statu of B<4iiety that must exist In the -Vmihern Elates, with f?or millions of free negro -a at-d? their ncrease, turned lot ae upt.n theu, I a ill not disc. .as? it la too horrible to ?MMslaia 1 have only rot 'cod such of the acts of the blade repub lican (#tr?r I deemed nccn?*ary to (boar that they are ; Ik eaneei anil determined to carry ou; th?ir publicly ?to* d intention* ? and to ahow that their s.cjeee ha* keen eaoh a* abould cot Tail to en ?t<- the deepest coaoero lor he honor at<d na'ety of the Souihem Slaw* Now. In ?lew or toe past and our proepeots for iho future, what ought we to do? Whit no wisdom ajd prude, doo dictate? What do honor aid safety require at our band? I know that the antwer that I give to theee questions may me to se /ere criticism by thoae who do cat j view th<-?e matter* aa I do; tint feeling conscious of the correctness of mv conclusions, and of ibe purity of my ?olives, I w'.l tot shrink from rreponsihllu ?? in the emergency which now protects itself It would be criml Ml "la those entrusted with State sovereignty" got to ?peak out and warn the people of (be enoroacnmeata that bare been made, and are about to be made upon titom, With the ooaaequtaoaa that mnst follow la fall view, and, I trust, a just appreciation of all my abhgallone and responsibilities, officially and personally, to my God, my State and the federal go*ern nent, 1 ao tomniy de-lare It to be my opinion that the only hope of fBtare security for Alabama aid the other a!aveb tiding Steles la in soocmIoc from the I'nion. I deplore the do aaaalty for oomlng to sorb a oooclnalon. It baa been leroed apoa me and those who agree with ma by a wick ad and perverse patty, fatally beot upon the destruction ef an laatltatloa vital to the Southern States? a party wheae notistitutlonal righto wc have savor disturbed, who should be our friends; yet they bate as without a cause. (mould Alabama secede from toe Union, aa I think aba I. the responsibility. Is the eyea of all Just men, will sm rest apoa bar, but upoa those who hats driven hsr to satr defenoe to aasame that position Baa Atabasae the right peacefully to withdraw ftmas Ibe Union without subject! og herself to say rightful ?a'borlty of the federal government to ooeroe her Into the I'd ion? Of ber right to do ao 1 have bo doubt. She IS a sovereign State, and retains every right and power ?at delegated to the fodwnl governsseat la the written asnatitutkon. That ronrDBnt haa ao powers, axoapl aeon aa are delegated In the oonstltutloa, or aucU a a are neoeasary to carry thoee powers into eieeucon Tae federal government was rsteblitbel for the protection, and eot for the destruction or injury of e ?"?titotlon ai rtghu A MiSNip Btate a? a rt{ht u> j .-ig? or too wrongs cr Irjurua that may be done ber, ui to da term la e up- n too mode and meaaure or rodress The black rcpuMloan pa*tj has for years coo tic a d to make agprn1 es npnn tbe slaveht iding -tales, nn ler the lot KB of law, aad lb every manner that fanaticism aoaid devise, and have niw gateed a stivsgib and paaltioa which thre%t<-a cot oalr tbe destruction of the Institution of slavery, but must degrade aol ruin the Slav) br dtrg H ates, <t cot rrs'sted. Kay aot three State* turn aside f-om the impending danger, without erimti.a'lty ' jr they have n"t this rt?bt, then we are tbe staves of our worst enemies ''The wise man fore see' h tbe evllatid turceth asioe. '' a wua State should aot do i?se If Alabama rho'.ll withdraw from the r?k>t. she wonM ?at he gnlliy <.f treason, avsa If a aovereiro Mate could coo, frit treason Tne coratltmloo aaye-? ' " Trenwin against tae OaMs ' Mates sfaaii const i oai, in lev r it* mar against theai, v to auher i g 1 1 their eCert tea giving them a d and *r<m' " I " ?be led al r?verr ient ha* the ?igM ?o nee Its ?ll'a'y power ?m eiwMl* tbe la "a o: the ( itoo, nop, pries reurreriton* ?: d rr^el iii-asl >ns " Ef a ,:ai? with draws frost the Catna, the i?|ml guvcrim-rtl ban no Krr n - 1 nr to t ' Hitetton to use the milltarr s Sf ?tost NW, for them ? ro law to anfoegg th* ? ib sslssii't. it asrviretrii Plate, ?orw>nll?o"ihn wiihtmwal ttdMber >3 :oirrp"tl"ii or a' InvaslM stoK W> ??ember tl>at ataHaraa tnnst act and ftrrtde the g-e?t queer 'f. of re* vu. nee or snoni -?'.on for be***! No otto r toaito had the right o* the u>wsr to de t'o it for bar. ? may. aad a*, ml cons-iit w b ?be other a:?va bold ' k Stiioc uo secure o^nrert ii( a il ia, bat still, sht ?ast < e.tda th* t"? eilor 'or h?rr?!f and oo operate ator 11? '-ontrtnptated f r ventli r Will not be tte p!ari for the ttmld c r the raab It ebonll b? cm j"*e<l if mnn of tolaiotn ned amtfenaa mas who i?*v tbe MpaeMf V* det. ru,lae ?h?' tb- li'tfor of toe ?tate and lh.? *o> mi ty cf her |*e, ia ae?and; *nd ratn?tlrt.'i <n4 moral aourace sair,. trit t. carrj tL. i. .Met at thulr hoi.oat juJtf teeats W^at w'M the lntel'lrsat and pairlotle penole sf 4i*'.a asa do in the in "?to rg cn?e?? Jm Igtng of th< f.itnrc by past I believe v?ey will prre UStoSslISS tq"al to the prvee- 1 r,e any fijit*e ?iat -sency, aa 1 a :vrr Will Ojeifc'lt to afft iate with or aubir ' to be ? n'nM by a xrty wh > ent^ rta.n tbe ni*i deadly beatltlty t>?.>r|aU, ns an I their ir?t i :ltoo of s t?e?7 Tfcey are loral ac t tr ie to the I 'al ij . bnl r.?-' ' * 1 eor? n to remii" l<-re%l.-?l a-d tflshonortd ncmbeit of it Very raspnotiu t, tour oba dtsnt sr-van? A- B MX)RS. coti ?fm?o i">nTitmu?PLAHia [Trooi the U bile Hei y Adve-tleer, Nor. 11 j We oar of T * i ? ? n my, ? ? earn from Uir '"I wl Ht. Met at Hat ?v lie M the Uth lest., aad p**aed the fellow'iig reSo ut <m ? Bee v.d, That we wl'1 s*t In fulnre oo'iertt cr r??e'*e for rolhrt o at y ol"in\ la 'avor of aay a."'cb*nt or etner eeed tor I'r'ng or <*rtng b ?w! ? r ss 'n anv i ou sltvabOMISg Rtoie asalnet ssy citn-r *4 tola t'tate ax l that we wilt ?ae onr '..flesace t. , vest such nolo < t. ana by others, as far m we rroperly nan D W iutae, J F f>m?ito, R V ft",H|*r*Ofl, Tbie W .Ham*. .If , 11 W McKunoa, H * I-?>*v, J Roister, W. V Wit. w, P W tiiWOB, T M Willlsn*, ?eo a to*. OaikOi'ts. B W Thotnpeon, B P N^ailth. ParNaps it wonld be well for U* bar of tow city to lake toe sam . aot ,un. KTSHIHSIPPI. or* ticks btru com *srori?rwr g . Vtanmrm (Mis* ), Nov 14. I*d#. Jbssusippi Hapidiy (1 tangtof n umh ng pmww.1 DMf^rnmtrnmt <rf Miami* *tt? gswi^vfy Jnetop? IBrfMI ftaHnst V Or LfUU 'nrr to U Of t sMted? ?*< Wemm KniMuimKv- HotrM *f 'td, de ?owrvsr In* aaay have bnen tbe reprsaenUt'eee CIS by toe press aot vary lont age. that MtseMtlpp! M not g? with tbe seosaslon movamm.t, the ease is anw dlffitreel Is ore " short revalviag aooa" thrre has been a aoet tremen loos rsroltition la fat tsg. and I da not think anything <vn st p tbe enrreot which is now mshii f , angry and two i en, thrsugb the L<agth aad breadth of the f?tate, and ?wr#p!ng everything b*ft*ra ?ran to the IsM remnant of nonaervattsn. Thoee who vara town arise old Uos wfelfi lire weass ago, la ths into election dsvs, h*ve joined the youug bl >od nd ar dect yout h of th?lr Blate, and go heart and haul for a .Southern confederacy. I cannot picture to myself any more en In the d?v? of *18, when uiea gave ?p ktoei r llrts to weld tint silver eori which now, alii Is snapped And It oerlaluly is sad to reflect tpon the causae which bare operated to drive tilings to such extreme* Where was me ruoessity ? We of U>? South cannot un ci. rstand how the repeal of the Missouri oom:>rt>mtso to Dieted any Injury on tbe North If were to u*y a slave (State, tbe ootameroe of tho Nurm would be as ?eoure and flourishing as it ever bas bo. u And ail tbe Noutb wanted was tbe establlsbm^nt of tbe principle that slavery could be introouced Into Use ftrrltdrlts Urant tbe prlnoipie, which Is fair, and then sea hnw It would work. Hlavery, like water, would find Its level. KaasaH never ooold have oontiuuel a slave ?nat.-, simply beeanse there Is no necessity for negro labor. Missouri Is fast beooinltg a free -Hate, Tor no otlier reason, aid would now be fr ?e If Northern fanaticism baJ not meddled witb this ding< rous quem; >u of slavery. Persecution Invariably produces obnuaev, and tbere cia be no doubt tbat the oourse pireued by the Nortb bis materially retarded the cau'o of free iiuui for tbe negro. Operating upoa that peculiar feature in bumtn nature which will always "kick aguust toe tri ad," it bas cot on!y oluced a mure itrlogi'ct legisla tion for tbe negro? slave ami free ? at the S > iUi, but Use positively reopened the stave tra'e, of which, other wise, the South never woull have dreamed. But this bas been writtou and spoken a thousand times, aul preaching is now, I am afraid, too late To return to events here We had a meeting last n'ght for the organization of Minute Mob, which w?rf largely acu entbueias'.lcaDy atuxoed A very large nambcr v? enrolled, bow many I cannot precisely say; but I thiik I do not exaggertte when 1 Ray we have in this clt) at least Ave bucdred excellent rifle shots Incorporated | Other arms are equally woll attemed to. Cavalry oerps are being rapidly organized, and the artillery, to whl -h I < belong, 1s Increasing l's tffloiency. Tbe Legislature, which has just adjourned its regular session, will soon bold an ext'a sess on for the purpose of taking decided steps towards ssxssiju. We are lu earnest; aud though business nay suffer for a while, we are not In the least du u-rrtd. Kverybooy Is armlug, doctors, lawyers, planters, merchants, and the ladles are &s entnus astio as the raon 1*be old patriotic Ore ha* been relllumed ami burns rt'on* ly and v gorously. Patriotic? Way not? What Is patewit ism btit the defenoe of our own and pttr neighbor's rights, lives and property from Uie attaak of any marauding band? If we thnnh or qual! now what may we not expect fr .m the flinty heart and inexorable will of tbe North? What but John Brown raids, widespread Incendiarism, negro Insurrections and a country dreunhnd in the blood of i.ur wives and children? Tbero is rothlsg for It but to stand to our arms and trust to God's help and the justice i of our cause. THE LONE STAR OF TEXAB. The ls*e Star Da? baa been ralsei amidst much porn lar enthusiasm at Houston, Qooztlce and other pia.scs Tbe news of the election of Lincoln has produfloi a most profound sensation. LOUISIANA. MORE SrfPKCnD ABOl.ITlOMSTH W KEW OKLIANB. [F oai the Now Ur leans Bos, Not. 10 J Early y rst? n!ay mornlug an elderly man aa.nod Jasta Nc'son afrivof wlUi his . son ,<>o the mail boat fr< m Mi.b'lf , tit d wore at once arrt-st.d, as they hal boon driven (root oar inter city as abolitionists, th.< chalrm m of the Villas -* Committee there baring telegraph ' J Chief McClelland to tbat efl> ot. Tiey were at onoe b> ought bofco Major Monroe. Neeou Infirmed bin i that ho was a native of New York, and that he and Lie I Mm were rrgagrd in the pianoforte tjuslness; that he had btet In Niw (MM fur the first tiuio about thirty ysara ago, and tbat be hat been attending to hi* buslneas, uare and In other Southern blates, for the part three or foor ; years, tsfcuci&ily In Mississippi, la Home counties of MM be i* M known to ibe beet families, and would paw muster. He referred the Kayor to a pianoforte dealer In town with whom be bu transacted business, , ai.d 'wo it thace private gcntloren for whom be baa woiked. flu statei aa the rtaaon for bla bulng ordered , to leave Mobile becausc be said, during the oouise of conversation, that If Lincoln ni elected the ofllos of the government Mould l>e fliled, and that tho President would protect th?>ra In the .tlm t.srfle of their duties lie Claim* to t'C a Ik 11 mac from U.r commencement of the chithwi The Ma. or .ofornK^ Nelson and hi* aon that be would detain them for the purpose of making farther inquiry about them. SPEECH OP HON. A. H. STEPHENS, DKI I VBK1SD IN TFIK H ALL Or TIM HOCsK (Ih KIPBK h Kh T A T I V tfl OV OKOKUIA, AT MILUtOUKV: LLK, ON VBDMPDAY IVWIDO, KOTOWS U, lKHO. Mr. Ptbtbsbb entered the hall at the hoar of seven P. M. , and tu | mmmI with long and rapturous applwoao. Ho roae and said:? frnow Cmztxa? I appear before yon to night at the rtqneal of mem bora of the UegWlatnre and otbera to apeak of matte ra of the devptal lntereat tbat can possibly con oern ua all of an earthly character. There la nothing ? no queatloa or ael'iect oonnesttd with this life? tbat con cerns a free p<oplo so intimately aa tbat of the govern 1 neat under which tbey lire. We are now, Indeed, sur rounded by evils. Never slnoe I entered upon the publl# a a bas the country been ao environed with difficulties dangers tbat threatened the pubi c pease and the vary extsleooe of society aa bow. I do not now appear betore you at my owl Instance. It la not to gratify any dralre of my own that I aa here Had I nonsuited my own ease and pleasure I should not ha before you; 1 but, believing tbat it la the duty of sverv good oltlxen to give bis counsels and views whenever tie ooanlry la In danger, aa to tho beat policy to be pursued. I aa bar*. For these raaaoos, and thaae only, do I bespeak a calm, patient aad attentive having. My object la not to atlr up strife, but to al'ay It; not to ai>pual to your paaalocs, bat to your rsaaon Good go vernmenta ran never be built up or tuataloed by the )m pulae of passion I wish to addrv*s myself to your good sense, to your good Judgment, and If after hearing you d if agree, let ua sgree to disagree, and part aa we set, friends. We all base the rame object, the lame Internet. That pcopl. should disagree In republican | jrernmenta ZD quest'ors Of publia polloy it natural That man old ills ?gree upon all asattera connected with human ' Ihiartuallsa. Whether re. it't^ to tclrnce or human oon 1 duet, la natural Hence, In free governments parti?w will artaa. But a free pecrlo should e*(>rr *s ll.r'r different : orinlor* with liberality and charity, with no acrimony ! u ward those of their fellow wbos honestly aad sincerely gives Th?-e are my reeling* i ->t Lot ua , thm fore, teaeon tcgetb?r It is Lot my purpesn to ?y aught te wount the reelings of any Indt'ldnal abo may be pre ft 1 1 ; an 1 If in the ardency wtih which I sha'l txpres* my opiolors. 1 shall aay anything wbl-h may be oeem'd too Mrung, let U bo <-et diwn to l k s-ai wtlch ladro oate iij- own cfLr'.ctlocs Tte'e ir with me no Ictetit on I I Irritate or offend FeAow citln ls, wa are all lauaohe.l In the aan>o bark, w<t are all In the rams craft la the wide political ocean ? the same <*i tiny awaits ua a'l for weal or for woa. We have bees laucche.i la tbe goo? old ship that baa boa tpep ibewarea for three-q nartar* of a century, which bas been la maay UL,p< eu aid sto-wta. bas m?sy times beet Id p^rll, at.: pstrtolB bare <.'t- -i, fea" > t1 *?. they should bare to gtve It up. jea, bad at Usee aloi ?t given It up, tort Still the ga"?Lt sh<p la ai; it, tboogb uow stnrn-a sow bowl atmrt ot, and the temp ?t b-*?ta heaetly against ua. 1 any to yea don't give up the abip, ?'or. 't abaaoon ber yei If she oaa ^oaaibuy oa pre serve-', and imr ri(nta, InUr.vt* aed ?.--or1tjr ?r. main I talaed, the obj ?* IS w- rlh J.e a# >rt. I?t ua not oo SO count of ditspfolatrnTit cd esi|, ,n af the ret-nnMof ao ! riroiien gl-e up all aa eot. htt tat us what can oe : dote to u'evnnt a wr.c* (Axm > o^e aa I tka aMsfeM fcoee 'n nee) And lb. re ray t?e l?a%e n fc"e, hut ?et ns s'i n tbetc i we raa Many a ma ? i ,i r ?? rx-. a 1 savcu w.tb r .-r ?? cargo, e'lm ma- r lea**, ant it may be , so now (<l#er? > f a ? uOt, on ttila o?-:?ai . ,> uu1 to et.ter into the b it ry of the r asoae ne cane, of th* , n harrarr.aetit which peoea so t' up>.- . ? ai1 ai Una ' time la i iatisA to nija?if. hoafv^r, I ai-?t >'?r?'ly stale upoa this J- nt, that I <to thisk tcoc^ of it Ou >e .ded u, <?n I oi raclvea The couavertat on that La* c-<rtie uir>'i tbn peo I la Is the reeult of a eeriwaal ??actluc r.f a Proelde t of the Ll it* i tates? oue wbosu opimoea aad a'oa-4 prin Cli < s sre in antagonism ti our ir !<>????? al.I r'gna and we bti.eve if carne*. ? ut W0> 14 r ? t?rt the ?ui st tatMS ' ander * bwb we s>'W live Rut are we m tlral, bienae liea In this ir.tttcr my no intrys-.-wf Ig.v.. it ln) im My ofitntiHi, that but lor toa poller lb" ?*>?.- I. ra im^te p r*'.id,ttia fi-arrnl reaolt w.iH sot bare rurWI Mr l .i c-'.B One b -?ti el'-otert, I do. bl not, br a mm fl > , of Uw (K-ople of ilie Csitoi ?tatet ?ill t?.. iba ai t?l ? of tU?t m! ..rlty me .o not jet know, but tbe die closure whan made will tfcow, t tho k, tt ? ? a mti irltv af i tbe a list tutkbal, rrukrtatlvn vo'? rs ?>' lb" contry were a> amst hi?i ; aud hn the ??.?.. h st wn Urn'r 13 tbn I u at lt.arlcfio>i, '? be. old piatf irm of pels ' r pies af Bon Intervrrt >.n thers he in ?v oiiod b .1 liula , doubt tbat whoever might barn heea the iwaeilate of . Iba catx cal dim<?rati. party would have oecc e' 'med by as (art- a majority a? thU wblrh e'.ct -i M- B i I ot.?waa or Mr Pierce f hcref .re, let ns not ne bssty or 1 rasb . u car actx a, cSfrc <a ;y W the roeult o* attr^ utaala i at all to niirv-.-ivua B- .. ra ii-wik.rf to e*t"-m < m-arur-a, let i.s flrat sea, aa c.i.rgiara, tnat averytb jg which car. he ? ne to | ???er%" ourii/hle, <>or iui -r. sts, and , our boBrr, ar well aa tbe pnace of Ib4 country la tti? I'm ti, he Aral oul?. (tppiaiac.) Tti4 Hr-t q-iesiioo trat (Wiscnts ItS'lf I*. Stiall tbn pp-.pla of . the Booth s??*'da from tbe I in snaarqaoaoe of , tbe circtlon ol Mr I. i cola !?' the Prsa' 1-ue.v of tha I'l ihil itstn' My cmatrvmea, I tell yea fraekly, > to i d< II * tnd earo't' y llmt I da t ?? tMik that t v t ought. , In my . ndgmes i, <he eits-il w of bo smc, consiltMloaaliy I ehoaeii to loat h gh e' io, la Si.fUci <at tor aay fiaie : t?' separate .m ha I u ion It otgtv ta "taaJ hj and a d > Mill Uj malataleii. / ?naMMMif tha ro'ntry ft) make a po>at of reaietanca to U?? goeeraaeat? <o will i d-aw ffoai it hfe*o?n a man has b-sec o*B?iiiuti.'n niv : eleeu-<;? wnta aa In tba wroal. We are pledgmt t > main : at lie c/Mt:t?ttoti. Mas* of US haeas-eorn t- support I It Ctn ?a, tberr^o-e, for t'u? e *ciio?i of a *t t to ' tbi r>a? 'eney, asd that to? la aaonrdasce With tlie pro j scribed f wot* of the 0"0Sttt<itton, mike a jviiat of e.-ra I usee to the grjreeemeat wllhoot bennmleg thr ' "list of that sacred lr.S'ri.B.i"?l oureeltw Witn-eaw m.r reiver frn? It? wwiM we oot bo It tSe wr a<* What i ever file V. befall Ml eaui-try . lot it sevrr He la?4 to I tbe ?Aatgr i f the psnfi.c of th* r?>uth, l es, ?? ?* ?,? In tfce pent,:.' of <1. irrA tbat WO Were entraaM or,r cat' ? al rr gave -.-at* Tiet the l? t an 1 tb?? w-oag r?i i ?ei I ct*ert If ill oa' hope* are to b- b'a#1' l. If tha r ' t tolls is t': go do es . le* oa be f >un I to tlta '??* 'ooatnut elan lag I as the dank w tth -*>" c .nstitnt'oo . ' tba Je'taJ - *t?s I waring over 00 r h? ids (At*r Stae ) t el the r,na* * of 1 me Nortn l.esak the coeatitutlos If su*H iS 'hair '<m| ,wr i I> t lb-' re# -v*, 'illty he n; >u ' > a I ? a* 1 rn"Ttl~ of itv e s< ml V-t not the ?wth. 1st oa not be iM-M? lee ? ult tsa Sffsslro *? **-nt lain the akct" 111 ? r.h tins pan > lc t r ?? i t wa? diffo mjtlrosi stat we rfebnl, tmt tbe siectioB h?s hcea ow at nationally held. Were we to ma?e ? point of re ? ifUsur to i tie government ud fo oat ofthiOoitn on i bat aeoront, the reoord woj'.d be male up hereafter *?aiti>t bi tin it le aald Mr. liuouiti > ,?> icy aua in O, .ex eie agau ri the oonsiitultua, and lual if be oar lis Ibvai out It will b < deatrucuve at our rights I<ev BH oot a.-, ft ii'?to a threatened e?U 1' he violates 'hs cootaitu ti o tf< n will come our time to art. Do not let ua bretk It Iimum, forsooth, tin may If ha doea, lh*l la the nmo for US to atr'lce (?:>;>lau*.- ) I think It would be mj'.di. ci'ioe Mil otwiw w on in is maer I do not *?ti i>?te ihal Mr. Lino in will do anything to jeopard oar ial?ly or security, whatever may b< t'supirl t> to It; 'or be la honrd ?y the orestitnltocM ob*?ks whteh a-e throwa around him which at tnis time rtulan hi<n po?tr l?ss to do any grew* mlMhl< f Thla a|j iw? the of c ar ?yst> tn The PrealMat of tbe Bulled -<1*1 -a la do frmpeior, no Qtetator? . be la cluined with tfc > aos? lute pv*er He can "o u >tmng uniee* be ia bs'-H<*l by power lu Oagreas Tne H uau of ReiireeeoWtlvoa ia iarkely in the majority agalctlblm In the ?ery face anl Mull (if ton Cuavy majority whtob be Uaa obtain d la tbe MtiTii v'iat"'* t hare havo been largo gains iu tbe (1 >uae of Rrprt tentative* to tbe oonaervailve conglltutlouol t/rUy of tne country, whioS here I wni call too naiiouui dttu <-railc party, b 'Cause that ia tbe cognomen U Uaa tt inn Kortb Th<"? are twrlve of tbla party elootot from Ne * York to tbo ueit Ooi greae, I believe Lu ice pro n ut House there aie out four, I ihiuk in Ponusylrauta, New Jersey, Ohio and Indiana, ttinre have iwen gams in ibe present Oorigri aa im re were 118 reptibltauis, when It taHua 117 to make a majority, Hie gaios la th? detio ereiic party In IVnn>yi?auta, Ohio, New Jeracy, New York Id diano and other SHa'-ee, nothwlthsiajo ox ita dlatrartlooa. have been enough to mtko a wtjjr'iv of near thirty In the neat House afaiuat Mr I.lnouiu. II vt n lo B< ?U>n llr Burltngiune. one of the uutoi leadcra nf tbe fai>atl<? of thai lection, ha* been defeated, and a r vuier vatlve man returned In tne stead. Ia tnia tbe time ihen toapvrehmd that Mr Lincoln, with thla targe ma) trlly In tbe Hoaseof Knprea. utatuee agaust him. caa curry out any of hia unooistiiuilonal principles In that body f In the Seoalo tie will alao be p*.werltws. Tb?r<? trill be a majority ol foar against him. Tbla, after the Mi of B gi< r, nteh aud cthcra, by the uofortur.aU> diaaen?iona nf tbe national democra'io party In tneir ;!tatea. Mr Lux ? n catiiml appoint an btllcer without the uouaent o , tbe "'enate? be cauoot form a Gablntt wltfiont tbe tame | c i nut He wtu bo in tbe oomiittou of Oe^rge the Tiilrd (the t mbodymcnt of Uir) iatu), who had to uli tho wbl?H to appoint bia mlaiatera, and waa compelled to r?- | c* i ve a Uablnt t utterly oppoaed to bla yio?a; au-i ao Mr i Lincoln will he orm peiled to aak the Senato to chooM 'or i || m a Cabinet, it tbe uemn nu y r.f that Mi V OfeMMto j put him on aach t^rmi He will be oomp:iiod to du th a ' or let the government atop, If the uatlu^al dt m xiratlo | men ? lor that ia tbulr uame at tbe North? Ute conferva live men In the Senate, should ao (lettrmice Ttvu bow . can Mr Llcooln obtain a Oaoloet wbleb woold aid him, or itUaw tim to vit iate the UooatituUonr Why thda. I | ?av,thould we dltrupt tbo tlee of thla Union when nla I banoa are tied? when he ean do nothing a^aluat oaf ! have beatd It mooted that no man lu the jtaie of Georgia ' wbo la true to her Invereata, eoald bo>d oifloe un ter Mr \ Llnornn But I ark wbo appoint* to utliixr Not the 1'ro tldenf alone: tle'enate baa to concur No tn an can be ! appointed wubnut itrcwDt of tbe Senate Hhoul ! any man tntn re 'uir to hold otlioe that waa given bhn by a democratic Senate? Mr. Toomhm int"rrupted, and said If the Senate was do- j moerat'C it *ai< for Mr Bre iklnrldge. Mr. ^TiFamr? Well, then, I apprehend no man ooald be Jaatiy c >nrlder>'d untrue to tbe lntcrcata of Ueorgla or j liiror *oy dligmee, if ibe Intereita of Ueorgla rtq aired It, to hold an olltoe under which a Brecilorldge donate had given Mm, even though Mr I.tncoln ihoald bo Pre 1 extent, (t'rolobged applauie, mingled with lnterrup- j tlora.) I iruat, my o<<uatryinen, yoa will be still and fctlt nt. I an. ad<1re?HDg your good MM, I am giving you my vie?* in a calm and dlrspa talon ate manner, and If any ol yoa differ with me, you oan on any other oooa rtoc glv< j oc- vie wh aa I am doing now, and lot reaaoo Ai <H. ue iMtriotiam deciue between ua. In my Judgment, I tuf, uLtUr *nch olrcumitinoa, thtre would be no l?ie?l>>l>) ui?g ace for a Southern mau to bold olttoo Ko inau will he suffered to be appointed, I have no rfn. l>t, who ta Lot true to tbe cotiaiuatloo, If fiulberu >'< naiora ire true to tbclr trusts, aa I cannot per mit oiih -if to doubt that thoy will be. >1/ bono ru le Mead who aliirrued you laat u^t.t (Mr. fowM), and to whom I llateutd with tbo pro fooBdee. attectkw, afka If tre would lobtsft to black re pub it-au r :!tt I fay lo you and to h!in,al * (#?wr)itau, i raver would tabaili to any b!ack republican aggrtcion ? poo our cotiitlttitlonai rlgnta. I will never con sunt my ?elf, aa much ai I admire thia OtlM lor the Worioa gf tbo pact or tbe bleating! of the prorent ? as mucb an It baa dote tor tbe people of ail theae AaUii ? ai mucb aa It baa dcae for civnizttion? aa much a? tb-.< hopes of tbe world hang upon It? I worn 1 nerer aobmlt to a^greailon ap >o my r gbta to m?lutaln It looser, and if tbey cannot be iralntaikcd In the Inlon, atatdi: g ou tbe Ueorgla plat form, where I bavirttood from thc> time of Ita adoption, I would be in favor of disrupting every tie wbtoh bludatbt Statea togctbrr. I will have equality for Georgia and for the citlx^nt of Georgia in thia 1'olon, or I will look for new lafegaarOe elsewhere. Thia la my poeitu n Tho only queatlon tow la, can tbey be secured lu the I'ni m? That le \m at I am counaelllnir wltfe yoa to-night aboat. tan It be aecuicd? In iny judgment tt may be, bat It may t ot be; but let us do all we can, ao that in the fu tnre, if the worat oome, It may never be aald we were negligent In doing our duty to tbe laat My couiitr) men, I an not one of thnee who believe thla t'nion baa been a curae up to tbla time. True mea, men of Integrity, entertain dlff<-reat views from m i on thla aubject. I do not queatlon their right to do ao. I would Lot Impugn their motive* In ao doing. Nor will I undertake to ?ay that thla government of our fathers la perfect There la nothing perfect la thla world of a human orlgtn. Nothing eonnectel with human nature froa man btaaelf to aajr of hit worfca. You may aeleot the wisest and beat men for y cur Judgee, and yet biw many oe recta are there In the adminlatratioo of Juatioef You way aeleot the wteeet aad beat man for your leglala ton, ane yet how many dofeta are apparent tn your laws? And It ta so lu our government. But that thla govm m<nto; our fatbera, wltb aiklta defucta, oontcs nearer the objects of all good governments than any other on tbe face of the earth, la mgr settled oonrtctton. Oontrast it now with any on the faoa of tbe earth, (flag land, said Mr Toombs ) Mr. Stephen*? Kogiand my friend aays WaU, that la tbe next beet I grant; but 1 think we have Improved upon England. 8t a lea men trial their appreoUoe hang on Ike goverment of England, aad then ours waa made. Ours sprung from that, avoiding many of Ita defacta, taking mual of tha good and lsAvtag out many of Ha errors, aad from the whole oooetrncting ant building up title modal republio ? Ute beet which the history of tbe world gtreeaay account at. era pare, my frlenla, this government with that of Spain, Meilso, tbe South American republics, Germa ny, Ireland Are there any sons of that downlroJdeo nation here te olghif? Pruaala or If rou travel further east, to Turkey or China Where will you go, following tbe eun tn Ita circuit round oar gk>be, to And a govern meat that better proteeta tbe UberlW s of its people, and secures to them the bieaetnge we enjoy. (Applaud ) I tLink that one of the evils that beaet ua la a aurfeit of liberty , an esube ranee of the prloeleea blessings f >r wbleb we are ungrateful We listened to my bouo-able friend who addnaaed you laat night (Mr. Toombs) aa be rec mat ed the evtie of tbla government. Ttie first waa th' !!?h ,rg b< mtita ; aid moatly Uj the sa.lora of New KugUnd i Our frUnd ntated that forty eight year! of our go /crutueot w?* i.< acr i&a aaminmirarua <,r noa.noru rr>? i i.ib ?fi, U>cm> Orbing begin unrtar tie rala of a Hnctbr re President. I beltPTe No ona of thorn daring ibe ?Ml tor, j eight yeart twifl bla ailmUililratioa agalnil the principle or policy of them 11 la not for ?>? to tay wh> tbar It waa a wlae poll:? to the bj glioir.g: It probably m uot, u.d I baro nothing to aaj in ita d? frnco. But the reason givpn for n via to enoi t.rage oar y< u?jt man to go l<> M aod laaro to maiagt ablpa. Wa be I at tba timr but a euiali tlf). It tu thought boat to encourage a*e of our paviplr to become eniualntod with eeafa'ing llfn; to b? con r *aliort, to mui ou- oaral ebtpe. It requtrel pra* ttne to we'll th?i drrk of a ahlp, to pull thr rop?e, to furl th. M'la, to go aloil, to r.iitnb tba nut aa>! It wan tbti.^bt b y f if. rrg thta boui.iv a nursery nKgUt t>? f rro ?wl In wbtofc j "ib* asm would" bauoiri ? perf? to) in t aiu, and It applied to uoe rrelloe of thu co.i.;t .y an weil a* t? aoj rtbar. The recall of tbu wan that In tb* w*r of IblS ocr re .ura, many of wbota oasie from tata nuraery, were rqual to ana that kngiend br ight aga.uai u* At any r?V?, i>o it>bII pan of the fioflre of thai wa? w-re (?'cad by the veteran la -a of Aaa*rM"?. and tbo obj -ot of r ?aa to iTter I '.at !>-a>-<" dc'tiee. My op aioa la ibat whatever may ham n- a the rrmfh ai flret, Una buanU no/ .t to b? rtj vntluur ?tbu ream- h<r It at at t rat no longer axtaft. A bill for tula oft jert did pw? ib? Mia* tba lajt Uonpi-aa I ?y la, to ? I t.-h w? h> 1 1 ireble frl-ud oortrlbfltrii g'mtly, b-l 't war not rr* had !? the Hoar i of im rfa T tract that ha win yet r> <s tbat be may with tumor e-iotnue ht? MMact'n ?iib th? gjreri.mnul, a?J tttal ha ? l? i,ntr?, oii' Ta led In UHtNHate, nay b. rnoicr, ar bcr?to'ore, be dtaplajaal tn taring 'Ma b'xiotr, bj nlu uti?me to aim, reocwM ard ?l^a4offfro<n the atat'i<? be,, t. i.a rrat rail U?4 toy Irwad fr'mpla.nej of ? tba tarllT. W?!l, Ivt a* i?* at >bat for a ri out Ab , it lUr llB.r I (< rr rnracrd Do'telng public roaUtra t .ta l' d am af iarr f the oonntrr a!moat %? I varfu I y a* vaa r>tt< quffHam w la. la ItSl, wt?a I waj tu ni'I *??, '? Htiii Qaroiina waa rrady to nullify ur a ' oda froti tm> 1'tMH ?a tl a acrooM. A?d what h*rr we a<wc* Thr !?< a no loijgar dlatrarta the pnbito enancila K MM bal i ' r , h. <1 Ti." t,r>*ral tar. 11 an ruM lor br Mtaaa I ttaar'.m ai.d flr.uth Garo'lna Pw II n at<'l ih" laih^i Ity | (town >? gn < r , frcr/ rr?u In tb-t .S and II nw frooi I ?? i'? ?rd tou'h '^rollra, 1 thick. Total for It, > aa did n>> 'totKnabla Irtrtid btmarK And II it w '.ru?, to t>? tc *^ if n' ?p-?*.h of By hoaorahlr frtaod, utat errr> arat m a b? North who *i?rba hi Iron and brtua and ? i?hi taa nia tti "nlo atri igit-ttod tba iir-iUwttoa of ib?> lairniMII, that rtliuiUt.t wj?? glrrti by hi* rote ana I haltora frcry othrr ct.aabarr. oiac Su aa oight not to <V'0 | at> <1 tiial Nr <v>>?i??_Thi tariff itwa^l tfc? dot Ira M: Him V'B, aaid Kwhwin wi h onaH-at'y ti tru wnb lb* dou.h 'o l*ea?n thrm aad H.rr wtro ma >e t .?i M tnc aa rm ofn Mk>vi lb?m to ha, and tbat ta tr raira they ara now at. if r?.a on anianuMu. ah' nprrvtir j* n-?d arrh ' 'iao, iw lu Ibr a tit ..eota or fi?? n a>"t* I mm 1V.'1J In HtT, aa tba aab^aet o f tba tar fl, may not Ilka ibacgra t?" tir.r'rd ir.?ic ti/ th? ami ?? aiat? rt-ra^i a?xi arrimrnt and a?p?nlat-> pat , ri. t ?tn ?? ibr pr i *ri-d ?j ?? >aai ? o aad wuo nan -ar I tbat by laT? or 1 mo M%r?< bux ita may not ?t>(a *!tb twautb > ar'Hl' a Mid W<- gla upor an lh .?a qnaatlma utt ii<a tfta iar i Hi c<ui<ir, aa t tbratlru taa iw.iia ao al labrrvf I bal^r* m Itr po ?rr aa<t ? ttl -laVy r' tral't? lr ?<??? curi fo'Tt of wu'h? ard >ta altlmato t I imps ?b-r. proprrU ? ii.d ( App.a ao.) AaclXtr matt r .if rri?a *?.?? a<lta?> d to by my noa irWMrnxl, waa lb i aa vi*at.'>ai tawa ftii* pr.lH-.y ??a alar, onmu oa *-d uu '?? lb< ad?.li iatrai'..n of r ->a o' tb"?r- 1?ilhi>rn I'r-ai > "a wlm t<ind a i well, and baa arm r Mitlna?vt ibn> -git ?'l cf ibrn rinoa tb.- vtiiw-otau ? T?ewa o' Ida p ? baa* ?aa* and my narn <i.> rn W. oarmjrtad tbr. MBm gr?.uDd i* ralafoai to tb*m ta t^nfff-ea It |a ri pit pTr|%oae lo drr-rd lt>rio mw bit It la prow* to atato aowta matter* r <ari<wt<r1 Itt'-'r rrtg'a (>to ol ib? o^"cta *a i-> biittd uo a ?' >r..m-'?-. ai A v** i 'ran -na' aa j T.n( ?mrr*r?n b-rtt .io? tt<a> r**'a atTaoarratrg Ua'a l> twroa oqr owa nini 'bia .a a graat a*tn r.| - an i al [*w> r rh a ibj <* ? ?a ?< i upli?'i"t. Hr ha?- roa a^ airiO'i it r? f ? m' ?? i* *">t on'y r .?aaiwta . bat t? (ura- /a omUM whw* i> tta t? Mt" lr. i? ran** .fi?. ta'i rtof tba amril. #???**? cm m It ; * i? at j I. o lb' rr.'atr?? o| ? h? ??*? tnat ai??r?ra? Ml not l-riHirt o' tl.a r rrltf Vt ht ti?r Urao ia#a ?a >u I l>" hm ?i? a?d ta ci.rb?a qnaat iihi naif.i ?f l? r?ria , rraactani. Soatb a i* <rtith'* n. lia< rrnr yatr^o-na r??K,?l U-.f-ir lacaJ. mr rr in ?ltirl? ? gi?t |be? rtpoaicd w.? mat wr.b b tl IHVe faror Hotih e r South, the were tbo true main grl.raciv* or grouada of rompla against the general system of our gove.i [ UK 111 ,?d I orklUdS? I U) aa lb* ? rn uielraklou Of tbe federal for moot As to i he a> 'a of con ral uf Ui<t !*u?( t shall ak pr< s- nily, bul ihoee Ui'ee ?tere I Ibe main oun nerd acatn*l Um^obuh d bead. Now, aup- j po?e u be aimmec .ii?i all o* Lheat are evtla it iuo sye- : tern, do tut y overtulaooo and out*> Igb ineuivautM>* ami giiai j I tli nh ibis sau.r gov?r. m>iit alljns id a I tfcouaatd mi >m? ruble way* it at eatuot be ett tn?l?l ? Have we uoi ai ihe ts.uin at Weil a* Ibe North grown gio.i, p. ?|*r<iui. ...a happy under ita o .iraliaof Um any l art or the . i Id evi r ?bown ?ti *i ra, , I pr. gr.-ie 10 1 tbe de?*lor>eo:<>nl of *<:aHn, an J a'l lb" material re- , Sourota ot i aittaai poerr ai.d grealueas as iUu ?u>liero Stale* i atr uml. r Ibe general go .orulfl-'al, ! lu? all itad '.fuy Mr !"t?.iiHK? lj spite of It Mr Smraasa? Uy hoc m able frlet d nya we bin, In spite (I lu. gt neial io?.n.oienl, lb 41 wr'i .ut It I auppote be Ullr'fc* wi Bight ha-? <BM as w II or rhap* hotter than Hit have tout ibis tb ?.pii*t ol It Chat .nav he, ant It in a> cot be, nut tbo gr?ai taut t .,?t -oba-o grown great and powerful ai der tbi iDTNu ^>tt M It enicta, tbeie a uo ? ajeciure or spetmla' loo ?>* nibat, ilauioa out bold , bi^b *nd preiutuenl liae jour note M uutala, to which the grutleu an alluded |p Uluaii-aiing homo fa ita in hi* record? this great taut of our unrlva.ied pr ?|?rity to ibe l ui'io, a? It is an muted? whether all tbla la lu ?plio ot Ibe goverotuen ? whether we of the ?>utn would bavc brei; b. Uer off without tbe gnvwnmuut is to *ay the lo?st problematical. Oa ilia two wo an only iiut tbe (act again*! ape uaton and conjecture ou tno oih?r Ba; ertn aa a queattou o| tpeou atioiv I ifier with my distinguish d friend. What wj w uld have lost to border war a without the Union, or what we have ga oed aia>ply by the peace it baa ftcurtd. boeakhuato can be ui*d? uf ?).u loreiga trade wblrh 18 Ibe fuundauuu of all our proper ty hut tbt protn.l|jB of ibe navy, wbr.h droro iho pi'ut. ? from tbe vtateia iut> oarOMUt, wLero tUcy bad oeu nuoaa neerlt't for ceDtcrlt-e nrfor'1, and night have b.- ti ailil bad It ii 't hwu lor tbe Aa.^rlcaa titry uucer ?'.o ctm i til rptrlw aa Uummodore J'.? ter. tt?m mat the c< ait a near, ibat our commerce ttows In out war^i> , we canoot weh ratima a b<>w U wo i!4 b . u niidt r otbt r cirtitiiuatahct a Tto lullaeoot of tae govern I meat on i a la like that ol tbe ainaoeiihere arouu i oa. In bctcflir ai ? vi rlleut ttuJ uuaeou tbat tbty uru a 14 m , tbou*ht of or aiip-teiawt. Wo aeld >m thiult or tbo <tnplo i t it it. i M ol ?x>|ieD m ibu air ?e brratbc, and yet let tins | almpk taaet u and ui i' It a^itt bu wiib'Ta- :i, tbn liio glTlng element bo takeo a va? from tbla all pervading I lluitl ar luod ua,aiid what Itaiaat and a^paiilu* chaug "< ' wonld take pi toe lo ail oiga^in creation It may bo tuat We are all tbut we are Is 'unto of tbo general goveru nietit," bit it may bo tbat without It we ahould have been far Jllluetii from it oat we are now It latruetbnre li no equul put ol tbe oai'h with uat .ral resource* aui? nor perbnpa to ours Tbat portion of thia ouuntry known aa tbo tsouiborri Stales, atretehlng from ibe Uneaa ptake to tbe Rio Grandu, la fully equal lu Uio pio ture drawn by ibe Loutrable and t<iot|ueut iVuator u>t i, in all natural '^apaOitka Rut iw? mtuy age* and centuries paaw i bt^lore tbtso captiMllc* a ore t'e vdoptd to rcacb this auvanced stage of clvllixaltun? Tbo re tbeao .aiuebilii, r c.b lu oro. saoio rlyeia, aaato valit } a plaits, art as tbt-y bate het n mu o tboy came from tbe band of tbe Creator, uneducated and uorirlll? d man roamed over thtm Tor how long no hiatory luformt ua It a as only uu er our iLBtli ntlous tbat they oould ho dtveloped. Tbeir developeoent la tbo result o( tbe en U rprla" jf our 5*0. lo tinder operaliona of the govern in ut and Inamutlocs under which we have live I. Kvrc cur peope wiui ui tb'-se never would h?vo done It Tbe organiza ion ol toolety ha' much to do a Ith tho do vtlopmeui 1 1 luc natural resource of any oouilry or any land Tbe lrstl'.utlutia of a i*oplo, political and mo al, are the main? lu wmcn tbo germ of tbetr t r^anlo atr ic ture quickens in o life ? Witua root and develop in form, nature anti cbara lur. Our Icstitutloi a c >n*t!iule he baals, tbe matria, from vtmcb spring all* our charaoter latica of dt velopmeut a. d grea'aets Luoa al Urtieco There is tbe aatuu fertile soil, the aame blur <ky,tlH> rame Inleta anu barlurs, the same t?ean. Ibe Rami Olympus; there 11 tbo same land wbt ro Burner *ung, vi huo I'ertelea ipeke, It is Ui nature tho surut old Gi>ecco but it s llvlny tireeco no more. (Applause ) IV aotn au?* Of the ram? ou/, le inbuhit ihe tvuutry ; yei what in iho reason ol tbla ml^biy dlllerci.ctr In tbo mi ls, of proeent aigraaati ? we ?t<< 100 dori^na ,ra*!m'r,i? or ancioul wirktof art? templet wiih ornamenla and in?ortptiwt (bat excite woDiier ana a >aiirett <>n? liie rcrniiL >* of a once high order of civilization wen b have outlived tba Uu*iiun thty apoki'; upou (arm al. I. ijafto. bax arlllea, lliolr glory t>M deported. VT i v In it ,? Bo? I anieer, tbeir li'ttituuoua haire been dcntroyej. Tbeae were but tl?e fru'ta of iboir furn t or g irorument, the mttrix froai wbict their ( miJ di vcioponimt tpri.^g; axvl w.ea once tbeir taatltuitaaa have Ik on daatroyed, toura >? no earthly l*i*i r ILal can br'iij liutk the frginelbeaij a^ark to kin ulo tti m here again, an) mine tba-i It mat am lent land of cloquencc, |n?i y and aoug. < ."paoee.) Tito tame may be (aid of Italy. Where ih 1' ime, uncc the ml* treaa of tf-o w?rld ? Tbere are tbe aaioo ??3te? bU skuo*', tttc Mdit) eoll, tbo aam-i natural reaouroea; mature it the tame, but what a ruiu of human great nee* meet* t ie oy? of the Iran Iter tbrougbuut the tli? length a id b'etwllh ol thai m >at <W?ru trod.ou la iJI Why tiBre not ibe people o' tbat Heiveu farorei cilmo tbo rpirlt tbat ammatel their talberer Why thlt tad dlflerctxM . It It Ibe otitrcctlon of her InitttuUora Unit tias cauttd It; and. icy countrymen. If we thall tn an evil hour raahly pun teira ana 4MMW (MM laaMMNlMa VhMfe tfio patriot)* band ct our lalhert labored to l.iug and to hard m> build up, and which have done to much for ut and the world, who can voulure the prediction tbat atmllar ro tulta will not rntue? Let u* avid It I' can 1 truat the spirit ip ar.wogft in thai will enable n* to do It. Let ua not aaalily try the exuerlBoat, for If It fallt a* It ci td In Greece and Italy and In tte Sooth American Hepuhlloa, and In i-very oUwr plare. wheri.rr llkvty la once d?a troyed It may nerer be rsatnred tu ua again (Applauae ) There are defecta la our Koreranaenl, error* tu adnata la tratlou, and thor looming* of many kluda, but U aplto of theae flrfecia and error* Georgia baa grown to be a great State. Let ua pauae here a moment la 1UQ there waa a great crista, but not ao fearful aathti, for ol all I have ever patted through thia M the moat portion* and requires to b* met with the graatcat oalmaeaa and deliberation. Thera were many among *t ua in 1840 ?? aloua to goal oare out of the Untoe, to dlarupt' every tie tbat blnoa ua together Now, do yoa bellore had that policy beeo oar rlad out at thai time, we weald bare been the tame great nUtat we are to day f It may ha that we would, tve yon any ataurance of the fact.' Would you have made the tame advancement, tmproremeat and proepcrtty that we have? I nolloe In to* Comptroller General ? report that the taxable property of Georgia la MTO, 004,000 aad upward*, aa amount not fhr from double that It wat In UM. I tatng I may vmiure to My that lor the laei ten year* the material wealth of the people of Georg a baa beeo nearly If not quite doubled. The aeme may baaald cf our alranic la education, and everything that tnarfa our civltlxatlOD, Have we any aaauraaoe that bad we r?s"r !td tlie <arneal but ml/gulded pilrlollc al vice, aa I tbtnk.of some t.f thtt day , and d jnipl*d th* Ilea ? fa icq btad ua k> the Caton, we would have airaacod aa we have? 1 think sot Well then, let ua be careful aow before we attempt anything oftha eort 1 know tlut thore are frknat ?hoae patr.otlam 1 do act .atend to question, who think tbtt lutoit a curae, anl that we would be btiter off without It. I do not ao think; if we etui brlnt aboat a ooirectlota of theee evtla which threaten? ?td 1 am not without hope that tbl* may yet b^ i on- ? thia appeal to g? out. with ai the p'ovlei iot for good tbat acM uipany It, 1 look cpon at a fri al. aid I f?ar a latai umptation Wrcd I kmk around and arc our prot ptrtly la etery ihlng, ag'^iuUure, eoaiateroe, art, auieuoe and every drparlc.ei l ot eduoattoa, pbytlcal aad mental, aa wall aa Moral advam mrut, tn<l ?? c mt gea. I thlak, In tte Titoc ?f tuch an exl.ioittoo. If we oaa wilhoat the k>ta of .?wtr, or any eteential right or lntereat, renaia la tbo L'lkiB, It It our duly to ouiee vea and to proep* rity to? let us net t"o ruadilt y ield to thta lemptttioc? do ?? oar Ural parent*, the gr<-al progenitor* or thj bum in race, ?er? cot without a liko t?aj|t?tK.n wben la Um garden of K!eu Tb -y wi re led to bslitve that their Mn dltl< a wnuli be bti Siwed? that their eyea would aa ofnrmi? aid that fity woull l.-?v>a?e aa g'xia T icy in au evl1 boer yteln-ri? tii*tea^ >A Nooning * >J* they only taa oan nak- ImkV 1 w k upou u.w eonutry with ?.uf tUtitatluM *? tb D'i n of the ? <rld, the n-adi*o 'jf Ue uoivert o. L may li* tbat out of It we miy heoonia groater >u d iuor> i roep-ruue, but ! am r.tndl l %ud inctr? la teltU'g | "n that 1 fear If we raahly eneco paael -n and Willi ant ??;!ci?ol oa-tae lake that it *p, tbat icitoal of be commit greal<r or u> we | i*meful prmperooa and ha | y ? lnttead of iMHwmlng r?i?, are will U ,- ,me (traaoj* and at \ ro diataat day occiiaraa culling one anntt. r* iliroala. Thia la my ipprch nr m. I#t ua, me-afore, whatever | we do, BMtataaaa MaMM, . > ?. at they ara. Ilka wtaeatd acLt.bie ??u, ?ad 'xciiier thorn la lb-: ilgu of all the oomn <}.;<? xea wh"-li nay attend our artlua. Lot ua are U'rt ci' arly where lb. (.alb of duty k-?4?, aad then we may Ot fear to trtai Ih ireln. I cjcbr aow tn the mam q . t.haj?in in?, an oa wbtoh my oouaaoi bta bun aekiJ. Taal U ?utl U. * prcaoni i>agi*latiue thotild do In ?iaw of th ? -"aeg '* tba< threat* u u'. ac : I lb' *-ii?t t^atbavr baeu ? teua by tevcrai of our eoi fedtraU' :J at*a U th" lulon, b tb- itot* ol tba r I/> gtalatu'e* r?. I'fy 'tg the t | 'l?e tlaee ?w, r. id n dl ei-t it .regwd el tbeir oouatMMiooal okllgaliaut tVhtt I than ray will c>i be la the aplnt ?f dirtoti'io It will be alaiply my otra j'. ica ii ' rr w.iat It i* worth Tl pre , oaada fraa a 'tr' eg evuTtotian that aooordiog to it our rtgbt*. latert ? .? ? i h< r<>e? ci r preeri.1 eafoty a"d fU ture t< c.urit) '<?<?< matatstued without yet looking u it* l?at rtaort, IM ? ulttm* ran > n^guiuoi " that ; tbo: Id not be locked u> notll all eiM- I ttla. Taat { nay ccn* Oa lota polat I am bopaful, njt a I aan gulfs Bet lei u* C?a?*ery patriotic effort to |?r?j vawt It wtila there *a g-aqn't for hope If anv view tbat I may i re* ut, in y arj'iUffMat, ba lniK*aaiat?ot with tba brat feMfW of Georgia, I aak yon, a* pa ir.o'j. i ^t t> r%ard it A.Vr t^arn./ mi anl oth'-ra whim you bare ??' ?? ? ?? I with, act In the preml?ee a; aordlaf toyoar '-wn ciavtotioa af ity ae p ir I I tpaat low parlk utarl) to the m inbera of tka Ugtrla j li ra fti * nt. T%m- are, aa I harr MMd, graat iaegera abaau Gr<?t da:geer n uy or>gto fr- .i mk etietina I | have apt ? u of I. tbe u a y oi Mr. l .ic lu an! bta ' ratwb! "an aaaoe.l ..*?? mm be rarrlri out, or atten; ! <d I k be 'arried out. no man ? u-wirgta wl.l im tniM wlitlag or n ady ihaa myaeir to defesd o ir rlfbta, lntereat aid M*i> r at e* ry h*r?rd a id ??? th? !??t < af^iilty (*p I aoa? ) What .a thx , cy It la, la tliu irti plao-, to rxr< te na by tn a;t of '>? gr?*g tr^-n Uie Teer^tor'pa with oir alara proparty. He la for ualac tbe r>'>tr*rof tte ??'< < ral *nr. rrrntat agttntl tbe attMnioa ' t <>ur la ? t iniinr a. Oar poatl'ot on UtU point la aud nu*ut be, al a.l hat 1 r l?, for t* rfeet aqttalitjr b?lw*aa all tU" rtUfa a. rt the c!t 7~n8 of ?!1 the Stat<a l? tbe t erltarl.a, under Ibe noeai tntloa of the Catted -Uatea 1 1 Coarrea* thm. 1 ? tarciee l'.a ;?>wer aattati tb' tiea lata f?r atanding wb"e Georgia ^'*tlt??1 baraatf la IW) Tn"?e wore plain propuaiitoua which weia intn tail down la her r, iehrau 1 i >ttform aa 'n at for lb# diar .pt1' of the I l' ti, if tbe oe mimmi eiiould aver < mm; oo tbaaa Georgia baa f i-ctart d thai t ie will go out of tba I'ni-iti aud < >r the?? abe wnn'd oe aatiflM br tb* oatv>a* of tbj ??atth In ao oi?ag ' aay tna aewe I n < It t^oa; I sty ft n <#, If Kr. U" jla't policy noiutJ be oarrtad tat I u?vo told yen that I dn n'>? 'hldtt hla bare etcetl"n a^ ;.r ent cauae, but If In* p?tiny ? hi il l beaarr ed oqt ta vkneWie o^ any if the pan ciplo? *ft forth la the C ? ie* a pi?U irin, that *?n!d >w aarh aeai of aagrewi n wneh inirbt to be u?* aa tber'ia r.rdvtdel fir If h? poltay aha'l b r nrrbd nut ta ri^t - mtr or tlio fufittea ttn law aa aa t ? *aa?' -i 1'a af. ?? ?ey , (,*orgt? b ia larda'rl i'?ia%r?!tltn t? <? last r rt <ji?r pi the iri of ttia ' r ?*, a?"i I eay ante i t Haa-1 noon ta* Geo?f,? p'tt fotir . aad f; ? o < ? r\ ? :? 4, and aay If t>; dau' "load It, , n r.(t'^f,nt| v" t r?? 1 1 yo'i a-'t t , ih* pi->i>l?i r f O^irg1*. ke?'t ??.?tr paMw dry, and HI your a?i '< tb> b im"- tea^. If nead b?-. (tpp iu. ) I Vvjkl aa:. Tor tu. act of aggraotVis. Tulg It iuy pjgit oa, Nov b|w,> mo* v puiut, a lb* I it" in Ml <l.iDc ul and daati-r'ig ) u?ur mil ??> ? cooauteraltou I ? ill ?prat Bet i* ili?- o?ur*f ?u Ibia "Ual# Bbo >! 1 ,.j: iik !???<> i >ini> > ?, ibem ril ???in i hy Ui' r i<-. ? MIT* a l? k*?* ?IIOBlfUMl to li J Vb?- V:i -I* la* | ??>w tfeal ia ? in' ef ?. * .SdiKf ib-'ir ?? t ? U;d U' lw li*M v upuw lit* (W l?t' * S"t I* Id 10 L V' lie. a i ii til li.e N , i rut* ? >?01' ' U)*1 I' . lol "? '3 11)1- CM*r of >*'?g( .wllrl Cft'llS' l*BDI1 Hill ?' II llil proclaim tt>e ?>?*? tw( lb?t lb<- Htat' uffin< r? ?r- i n h nut l" cany ful u??" pn>Ylai*ii? i?l a !? ? o' (>???'? '*?,ftal 'I - '<? i rt 1 fci ? ? h u>i ut cm i >t tB'i?>** ij iIimi ui> > i Di ?- Uiai ui> j mart ei cut- tin ir o?b laws Oy in ? r owuolhttre Ai W| M> knlrw; Bhl aliii it la f" I U>> ??! lb H'tlitVi d.nvtr tugitiv.- flavor aa **U ?? IU lull ol b (cm r?< g-iverani *ul lo Boe thai It la doue, Northeri ?i* . , ok euieru g ii to Ibe fR< arid o>uii>at, I it<ir<u Uii ii nelt?a to surrender ?url, 'iig,ii??* an i n ia u> <?irnr I ul ibeir rouanlallo' al onitgaMm B Wallfceif have iuwhi law* ?Hch i- uo to MtOi r .>r ut>? rue! llM fu'fl ti , til in th>i Ofengali 'II T iej tinv. ft. >1 *W1 uieir pllgbtetl la-lb Wbatought w ?l I Jo in *i>-? of ll' s? Tiut ia Hit' qiufjituu Wnil fa t" l>e iouef 'tv ibt taw ill ualioiH v uu aould L*#t a rigui ui <1*14111*4 lb* cari^ fig rut of thut aitlcie if agreootnul, a i I "0 ii( t bt* thai 1 should t>* ttberwioe w ilh r>^|i*cl t<> the tfLa'tfc itt il b l'i'i??ii; a 00 id VMM it t>a uut 'fnnc, w?i ? ouia bv iti.Hn |iru < iph a ba?< Uif r^ht tu in ri>it ?cw of ir^riaai tu> tb. r?i lanbl<rf fOT ri iwuta m l ?on.' upou Ihi'ir propt-rty , i.r tbul > I il.i tr cui*On?, ? h> . 'or li uo" Hit- l^iiii-* of lb* In" rUnJ uiru. t'fj l*M ii.otir^ mib loivifb tutini,H iu ihiHieepw-t. Hit ny iim aw 11 iiklioi a *e ?i> i'q,.?liv buui'J. o?f irt prooH-'l ug to ttolrii' imium, to ?. t 'or lb rur *ru!vai?0H? 'ufor? lb* 1 II- od lii ki n eri mcot, to glvi iliriu au 01 ,<? rtm i? v.? reoitw llitj wrong cia* our M?i8 vul dom- ib.i - 1 ibiulc QUI. ? |po?e 11 air* Ureal HrlUlo Iba. lad ? ?v, l auBie t> ii pact ol i-^ri-ea-iiit v%|th ih#" g?a?>rvl unvi'ro Lii t.1, wliai ?nu:d no Brbi 001 ?y lb Ibai OMUtttT -ii i'? ter wcul'i l>< on. 1. it la h? U ?l li.?lau.>? a.< rut* ih.j matttr to lUi al\t ullofi of that goverom*' t, ?i c?i 11 u * n.iLvr bt mi, 1 in it,kt con, irj t in j titg itlatum* ? tb bt?r , u?k 'cr ridrifa, aiitl , tiuly 01 afu r I'nim ut aud r*a*Ob bail b- en ? xb f.nii n 10 v?1n mat rh >ul4 lain lii** la i*i rraort <?l ualluiib Tti*vt #ouid b>? thf, o>Mtra* Wi?art)? a lot? igu gOvori nifiit, ai, V>wi'U?am tun r of tbia cou rtlriko I woo <i rMmniMil the nam? ooursn lot Lt, tt? n II .e. It act taalili lo tbia mater 1,1 >o\r lomr irt- on tbi^i.U'uf iat< Kti>' miu tn*?6 oat a bi'l ol tn? *a cvf , I- 1 it b* Bt'ot by lh> Gotvrnor to 1 , ?o !aitbltaa Mau ?, am*. If rt'aS'>b audargiiaiOblii'lall ')i tr o.l in vain ? all rlial> tail to innuvo tti. in lo muro to ibtir oonatltatioiiai o^ll^at or t ? I ?< uld be for retau ii-<iry nii*u?ur?p, fucb 11 (i?*Kiinr ba* ?nggHct" 1 lo yutt Tblr moiie 01 roaista ice in the CbI m ia m our pjner. Il Ki^bl b? 1 flrrtu*l, ai>d In tbo iart ru*?rt wo would ne jurtiboc 11, iLn ijisof Datum*, uut only iu aivaratiug Hi ui iliiiu, but b> ualng lorce Some one eaiii tbal ui* arguarbt aas ?lr?'a !y ei baugied. Hr. .-tii'bknh cmillnurd? Some od? say* that the a'gu Dct.l ia alirkii) cxhauat<xi. So, my frliLH, It ia ui>l Ton have never called lot- atteiit ou ol the I^ig alur^s 1,1 tbofe ttlkti h to lb s lobjeet , that I ?in aw ?rc nf. V 1 ibiDg bM ever b< en itoti" bvtotf ibu >1 ir fu? atteuuoc ut our??.i, j? opie baa bnuc..' to 'be aubj ct lately. Now, lltD. u v reooaiaiciioaliMi tii you would bo tbia lu now of bll ibete i|u?ni nl d.illi.ilty, kt a o mvou lion i f the piopleof (teurgia hecalle ., to wbieb lh"v may fe ail ttferied. Lei the tovrroigulf of lb< iioople *j*-aa. Some lb bk tbkl the election of \ir Llii'Vilu \r came ntilll cient to diKt'ln the L'ntoa Rome Ibloa tbo*e other grievance* a?c rtllicl'ii t t? dllrolve lue aimo, ?ud luat 1 bo UgiFiatui 0 ba* the powir thim to a t and migtil thaa 10 act Tbave do birtaucy In baying thai tbo l<?gwla lure In not Itio pr<>i>er o??ly to ?? vor our In li ra! rt latiM If that iiovMity ahouW ar'.h.. An b innra >lo ?nd ainiLi 1 'fhi il gouilenmn the olber nigh (Mr r R. 11 Cobb) am- leu ynu to take tbil noura? ? mil 10 wait to boar fn m tbe ciotr >i>ailK ai d grocer!**. I Hay to you you bavo uo power ro 10 ai t Yju miiat refor tbia quua t on lo ibe people, und y >u rn bl wait t.' b??' from lb* men of ibo cm* road*, atn! e/en the groce* !? b; for ibt I oaftlo In tbir coubtry , wi^'tbi r at ti?iTua* i ia xortod ^ riKfi let, whether Ii itottbgi* or 1 aui i*, aie all e'i?al, a I d Ihey ate lb* (overt tt,n* iu tbii cuol- y ^ivo>-.- got) Is not in the legislature We, the pe'ipla, are *'?vi r igtir I aiu cue of thi ki aiid haw a naht l> be n-a, >l , a ui ? > has ai>y other 1 'tlten of tbo Mate. V iur legiblatora, I ?P?ak it reelect' uii. . are but our nervams. Yimj are tno borvatls of the pri p e, Bad not tbolr uuiu-ra P *? 11 ?ldrs w itli tbe j 01 1 : in tbi* ooaatry . Ibe *rc. ii aiBe rt tee between our ooubtry an 1 ai! Others, ShCi as Franoe and Kag und at>d In aid, !s that b< re ti cre la |Kiyu ar rovert Iguly , wh U their ai>vei?nt> m exero mi >y ttiug* ard lari re<l c'' ffi (hi* prlm;'pl? of p>pul'u a 'veraign If, however m ch it J lat- y, Is tbo foun ? ion ?>' our iobiitutti DH CoDStltulloii* are but iu->cbanb' i? tbruugb whu-b tbu iv i n ar will iray he eaiiretwiMl Our ooanti'u tit u ran.e Un- pe<>ple Tboy made II, and they aloac can rliblltil y Ubibnae It Kr I kiji tliull or coim ullous. Mr. Swhuix? I aru not alrsld ol any oouven'.b'n le?al ly cbottn by lb- po<>pl? I know no w*v ti decidr * real qt i ?tl? be sfUctMg Ivinlan ''ti'al la*g ? \ by r< pr< ??u utivc* of the |?ople. be Orustituilon or the I'Htol uk'l was madj I y l lie repre?iulativ?'* of tbi people The ot the Slate of Ueorgla mi m oy representative* of the people cb w?e ol th? ballot bo*. But do Dot let lb<- quettion which c iu.<- before inn poo pie be |>ut l> thrm lu lb? UugUMge of my honorable friend who addrrrsed you last ut|:ht. Will you *u >mit to abolition mle or mitt? Mr. Toon*? I <*0 not with tho people to bo charted. Mr. Sr?Mi*y?? Now, my frit-id*. b are we |ul<| to cheat the pi ople by rolling or them to elen d> if* iu-s to it contention u> dncld> all there qjusttoos without aoy d I station or dlreotloa? Who proposes to oboat tho peo pie by letting tctm speak tbetr own untrammelled rleas In the choice of their a till, and beat uuo, to deter mice u.on *1 tbias instters Involving their poaoe. I thick the proposition of my honorable frleed hod icid ?Iderabie tn.ack of untaiiaesa, not to my ohnat. Ue wished to have no cotiv-ntloo , but for the legislators to submit their vote to the p?<ople, submission ta aboli tion rule or resistance Now who. In Georgia would vote "tuomlaaion to abolition rule" (laughter) U putilog such a question Vo the people to vote oa a fair way of get ting at eipreeaton of tue popular will on all these i use tic l?V 1 think tot. Now who In Beorgla I* going to sub mit to abolition rule? Mr. Toomia ? Tlis Convention will. Mr. Swum ? No, mj friend, Georgia will never do It. The Convention will never secede from the Oeorgla pjti form I ndrr that there oaa b? no abolition rule la the gentral government I am not afrail to trust the people ia convention upon this and all qaeatlooa B-sldea, the Ijpglslntore weienat elected for tuon a purpose They came here to do their duty as legislators rosy have sworn to cupport the oooatitutlon of the United d'-atea. They did not coats here to disrupt this government I am, therefore, for anbaalttlbg all thsse questions to s convention of the psopte. Submit the question to tbe people, whether they wosld mbm.. to abolition rule or resist, and then let the legislature ant upon that vote? 8uc h a course would bti an ln?ult to the pe ipls. They would hsve to eat their plat'urm, Ignore tbelr peat blat jry , blot out their records, and taae steps backwards, If they should do this I have never tateo my re<*>rd or word*, and r ever will But haw will It be under this arrangement If they should vote to re i it. and tbe Ug'ralure thould reaw- tWo with tblsvote at ihelr lumrui tiontf (lan ssy mau i?il what sort of ro ti-laaoe will be iresnt? One man would say a?oede; an i iteg paaa rttal atory measure* ? thoso ar< measures of resistance agait^l wrng ? legitimate and right ?and there wouid b* as many owl rem io. a? a* th> re aru memoirs on , It is U<.< r, ]( ? .t ance tii n't m- an seccst ion? that Io no I roper of the term is rmistasoo Belt-, vmg that th ? times act. on. I am lor pr-<*< tan quern m lair'j t> Il.e p ? | >e, lor rai in^. V gulhSC au uuirauiuiellei ji>nvi ntl a. aru piewtitln* ail iae q?esti<ius Io thsm, whether tb f will gn out of the I'uloc . or a nal rogrtj of resmtanoe In tbe I oioe they may tnink bot. a .l tbea let tti I^iguilstnre act when .i.e [>? pis 1s U>elr mi.) <ty are htard ai d I teil yon now, wt.atevor that Ounvrotloa docs I 1c.|k st.d I'ifcl oar pe ipu wi'l aoue by 1 a '.vise thecal* rg of a e 'r.veut- ? with thj ? sru?>t Uosire t-> p-e serve the |??> e a, hsr>t.o. y ?> tb'. Hall f ibMM ?'>* i.Se abwvs sli it<?sa Ss 8<e vloteot u???- art op i'. 4 or ad t(<altioo t> i?ke tbe sword la bicd, ?y o ividuals Will i, ? t ll e ?i. J. ?' i v i" law. M> hoorab e friend ? I I i/t i ifbt. ,.?* ion to give m.- ibe swi'rd, f r if v 'ti uo i.ot give ittor.ic. " icdln I will l\ke 1' invaelf " Mr. ? i H .1 (Ap^laun* > u thi <jther si'ts) Mr. l?T?.i kbits ?I 'isvo ao rto.ibt thut my b 'urable friend -eel- as he fays It 's Mlv li'iu'flsi.'i' triior that n Rim h'tr u?e sucii an *spr> vtl u bat tnis will p*ta "0 ant the eacM< c-ist ti tor hour. tVb<u U>-< pe-jpi e iu Ihelr rr>; ty thai I ?: ai, I bavs rodmibt bu will Now lo tb* ii* will, wli .i^ver ft may b ,npm ths "?)i?sr teoood tb >Kthk " ( ipptaoS" ) iMSlt il?r>rgia detee mme to go out of tho I'iii'io, I aivrnk for one, lb ugb nr vteaSKibt not s<'f ^Hh the in, whatever tba alt n.? r t> -, I thall b" ? to tbe wvl of b r peooie. Their i a< ss m tir osuse sad their dee lay ? -ny Of oy ami I triat th'S will b-- 1*l mat" onurt.' of all. tfcs g"Mtest || '??I! SIU|| Ix tll u Iri ? i ople m nlvtt war It -t a? I said, lit us cwll s Omiwr-n n of the 0"?i3l'< f#t a'l li i'? tuaii- rs lie tu milted to It ?' 1 wl.aa r > w i| of a ms^rity ol tbe woopie h .. th- * njau exprcaa t d, tte oh ?!" Jlate will iirienut one unSnl ti ul v.i ?? in favor of whatever may bi de >ao'>1; fur ( I . Iters is lbs ffiwsr i4 llie penp's U' *ov> rn thc.uf l ives wbta wtorto* prsTa *s sr.o p? *??<? i? sliest 1/ >a el wh.vt hu already l? a d' it h? iter 'or t!h*tr advanoiineni in *11 that eu I I b'< * n r i Tln-r? s b Uilrg iik'i 't Is th* hfc"iey of the world Lot k abr. 1 1 irota ess egteol '<f tho ooi.nlry ti the oil er, c : t> n Ut>' .. irgri alBtM tfOWOROWMloag lb" flr* t ostb-na of th . ?rio HI , I it be Mid, then '-hat our ir . 'Itat'ons, foea !f'l ?r the pMoci -i'i of self go vi ruufi t aro a 'ai uran Tbus far '.t Is a m.lilo etfn'.'*, v irthv of Malta' Ion To : gerliftoar' ( 4r C bh) tlu Mbe* ntrht mW 't ta^l iforeJ afk inra. A fan !*e li what? in gr .wthf l/> 4 at >"ir eipanse In nat oal j ww U>ok at ? ir pppi'ai >n at <l !..? r aae I" aU mat Mxticff a people grest s fsllars! Why wsarst'm a'-m ration of the e.ivilu.. d w<?rll, and pffwnt tbe hrl*'ite*t h' i?tof man. ud. Sorao uf our pi. olio m?n tav- Iei>e4 la their ssptratlobs that Is true, aid from that -o v a greet part o< tumbles (frUosgel af>pi??e I Ko, tbere la no latiur" of tb e gnvrement >et Wo have male great advsni ??e'<t in ler tb" e .oftitui' ?o.a'id I cannot bot bop'- that ?e sbal' advaoee h'gner still. !>st tis lie true ?noor tfuat. Siw wi.-n tb * <>wt?eir .o as ?tmkM, If It sbeo be r%li?d, as I hup* it m?y, I w.vtM r*v la my ludgir rut , without dieuttlo i, for I sti noofor flrfWItnjoa free'y and frankly, tri H t? th ? thvt glw my vlewn. It ilioald inks lat?> e>ns' lerst >e all ib >? > aurstioM which distract th* publp; tslro sh" <14 'low all Ihe gr londe of ?ina?toa *o far so th? mwivm of Me bin coin is UMtOt'Sid, snd I oars so 4 .ul?t tbey w mid aar thil tho utfl .utional f'sot'oo n> bo iiiau il a fi'tlsien*. cans* t/? hrwak tip the t'. wi, hot Uist th < ft its ahoold wsit until h>' ai ie?st d ios a >??< sut r MuttHlawM act. Mr Tnnvri'? C mm l s >sie or?t sit Mr ;rtt, I <114 sot aay 1 i?t Tbe word overt *? a tort 1 1 Wr.bntcal term t?inni? , ?! w th tr v- ?, w tb-.h bas oome l nr us from the moth T cm iotr/, sod It m^atii an open set of retx* il m tdomtaeo h <w Hr Limit can do this gn"sa te tiioi'd levy war apnos Id mot theeefor. use the woH overt I do n it lot. nd to *vl for that But I uan tue word naoosatltitioaal ar., wuteit oof people oade-^tvnd mj'h better, an I vhleh eiofse* just ?? ?t I apian lta< as loag an he eoaf"-to? to UNoao ttitutbie li^ mid tm left to ex 'rctae tho ddtl"* of b'? oC'oe la giving this advloe | am hot ?ttvnlstni tb ' ?? fiti.tien ?>l my coostry . and l do net tvsrst/ oeonsio s I ' <? a al<i r" an i ither? spplamliiwbiit ?<? estitut o?al ll'i nil li it this matter tn-t hsmim cas <s - ?' ' ' A* to ib? other mstisr, I tbiak w * h?- *1 s m ' ?"? p? ? retalutr.ry m?ar -ees, pen tided th-r e? 10 ^ 1 witu iho nooetii iti?a of the Umtoi ?'utv*. *'1 1 1 ' '* ttej eao be made Oath H t w t ?' !? * ' 1 ? ? ( f"' this t^gt? ale re to to th? <?"* '* """ 'I ' " '' C'lursbtMn. la mf jad* oe-it, th?s m??ter ?? ?? t > i> ? e ftrrsA Ik Con wa' cvo-utii N? ? ' 1 *? ?h<iu>* eihanat every iimui of bringing about a peaoef J ?? rul't.u i.l ibe pieeiioi nim did lieberal Jacka-jo lu UtO tWf of i 1.1" fimtti H** d*'l uoi rdOitoQtnufl fivleill I Hi. Li La i i . at. Il - .in I . a. 1 1'. at,l gut Ut r to proaiWk, L iiaie u.t i u t il'ixi iiu at J it was uuly uA iier ro ll. ?' o pa; Ihe Oioiry al.ib *be bad it hi n on III im?d nnr. t ? bo or ii Ollf <1| U.?? I k, t I kllfMWl V ut ri-pr.k. ? Il ww ?" . "lie J iup a umreiom ft wiuiit !tg u. iMii-uo m?.ipurts vritll our Ibo JT 1 iT*UOa Of rr??Hi auu Judgneat to u? ? ii I.. , . u- u nb -uld a ii .i .liranb It "" ' l ii...' i rr|ii-u?i? Ml wea&oulit b. jumBid iu the ?>?' ol ? >. -mat d ?.Hid At :i *n let I. i ""mi * kii-* !-?t \titi' if r i- are, aurt if they rnt *# ut I ui<) to &ivi i.* wu' i in i* Lbdur luu (.uasitiu llin or our c unlr) , I tb u u b ?n,ti,, M 4 ^ t i?#?rt to 0* v i i ihe tup i I !h a I t, mo (A |ilktin i j own opt* C'L w tb-tlf Ibis coti rm be pursued,*. d Uu-y ve in li o i be r i?q. ?' oca of rtfiaai, u in. will >i i <u , ki-t i' ibi y ?l ..uia m t. m<-u lei i'ii. mi >n|uent oa hi wi'Libi-ai, eed H itio r?* ?n siblitty of tie oonaa qu?i.?ia ri-ft n|.'ii It ? in An iter iti un I woak1 nave ti I Citiii iitim to t1!*? r. allirtij she n-.wjria platform, w ill tu atlollloba p'ana lb l< l?t -hal ^tUkiik bjlhoful tub. it t ot ite up gaiKn ib the part of inn* "uu* t> i|i>l tb.. ce i, in. minus !??? aa a oiHidttiiu of our rn. o.aiM i lu ib'< I'o'ih' <Jt?e in-m liota K* consider It, ki ' l*i ..i ii- a all States .South to do tUo ? ?uie lb lug. 1 .113 fin < .staking a I lhat patriotism 0?u deauiu} ii-.,,- inbitg tb.- I*n mep I Mould lu?iU), iberelore. (-'(?I 'll an lii. a to a o"i i?rei,oe. I wimid atk tb?a?ma of x ".ii.. Itrihru i**ntr. ?o tbat if Mie evil baa got bi ?(. ? ur ' ' tin i. wMcn (I 'd in " la rai-rny grant m?y i ? ? ..r . I .? .JikJ a Doug iMirMl*?e ( i it) I" t, il pi n-l i ii a> ).irt< lj? ublied no opvratloo i *1 iL' nitiera KtaMa, ati i i. <u lo uk faM of tan i r iz ti ?. r U, ? - ma\ J .?t ly a 'linn ; tod, wltb tbu ?*ri i ? ? m tue t il.' ' - lie, wr can app' ai ui tbe God of hill!. Iiu b? tb our Of ?" (I. ib.l ap.iln.iw ) Out lei t i'ii- ?l. Il lag lu ?Mr.L ai >' Elliot of Mur peupld ti ba y ur ? ilh . ?>h or tiaali ac !0 > It I* mruiglv a i H'ti-r i great luipirlauc- to leaf la govt)' btm'D t w ii* i r V. ii were lut ?. tt beie fur tb?; purpoaa. I unui I an: the wli il? - m|i in be united il ibia la to bs Oi : , ?' i. ( I .o in- I " e ,.nr i.? Uii policy ablcb I bate lb. ? ? tt ia tan P.- II I a Ii tb h ?aj na- ?>?. r tin. be u Sutea ran be lii'luoe.1 I'm- -iiinua i?inl nil itnK duubt that tb? Staloi r *m '? Vim* aud Pet n?> Uai.ia ainl DMo, and tho other V ,i'ii i'ii, ?ii| n.irjH I toiir li|g alaluri a to rooode In in ihi Ir bu%lUc If tne otneri do but. Tbnu, ? itb tbeae, an wnutd gti ou a ltbi. it NiSW K.ifliuid If ibc cunn t >iat out A VoiCK ia tui AMaUHLT ? Ve will kuA them oat. Mr Mtirdk?K? I in lu not ki k tln ui out I'll If they rhift l' ?ia) nut lb y uiiiilit I ihiua , moreover, toal these Hiati-e. tieti it ffloi.ioaliy ruga^nd to n noiilacti rt?, amol Quit iu* tbejr ba- .J m n mtaraat lb l he 1 1' tin. uodtr the o ioat'iulniu aa aie. au i Ibal Ibey v ini.1 return t.' tbe" uhihhiuIj ual O il) ? ttila ?ould be in) ti.p< Il tbey atloul 1 net, u u tb?'ln and Kitti-rii 8lat?a do hot jntu u? we atmui.i at Ii aai have ?o ui o I ? ii: <>(? Niblb lam, M > ii clearly Parnate, lor D a'blatbllig the Omni a* It ?, I* !?"?? bl? I ?l I e*h*u?t every bun t? tin * to uia. ta .i il a tb an eq ut'itv in it. U> pi U-iipl' ? an thi?e ? ft ?t ibe inaiounaoc < of tbe bnnnr. t.e riabta, l > eij ality, tbo le-virtty aoa tbe glory of mt Lame -tat" la tua CuiiMi; but If there cat not bo bianiian e I lb ihe I'utou, tboo I am lor tbcl' maibti ano . at al> bizarr.a. nut Of II. Next to the hoi or aid glory of tieiryia. tbu land of ray birth, I uuid tbe bni. >r aud glory of mr join won count y. Ir. SivM r ab I waa c ade Hi I ty by the ri porteii * ho v.-ry oliei n..,ke me ca> tli,u*a wnlcb I never did, ibai I v?a? flial for tbe glory of tue obola .Miuiitrt , abd next or iba. if ii o'gia I aaid tbo uxact h twit til ih ? I am p- i.ud of b r biiloi'y,ijf b~r pre F' hi aiai dlug 1 am noud ? vi n ?? bi r m- ll", which I ttonld r-ave i uly r<?p cud at Ibe p'taaul nm? b> all her ?i nn ? u ink, in, J. inline and a.aleratl id I wo.ild have ber righir ana mat i.f he iienibern ^tatee muutalued D<-? > |ii I. tbiX' prluripi * II, r p.?i|lun qi w ia jnat ?t?t tl ?aa lu I860, ailh < 'P-ct tr> me olhc Mutbera Alalia Hi r plant rm tbe. iiu imm vMpiel by moat If in i all lb> utter sou I be id 8 ? e* \n v, I would add but i iu k'dili" ui fiank to inn |ila 'oiiu, ?0U:b I uavo il.'ed.a d one abiib tiOie l)a? ?bo?o lo be nec-aaary. If ail it ta laili, ? " abal. at Ii aai have tbe aalia'tctloo of b boa in c tbat t?< Litvc uoue our duly aud ail that patriot ism con Id ra-ij .Ire tl r :;i' | it i s rout ucd 'or e -me time uu otter raalUrt, wh ib aio t n.itUU, atu th ,b ua :t h.aioat amldat groat ai'i'iante ACTION OP THR HOUiH CAROLINA WEST POINT CaDBTH. * ?fT Knl*T, Nov 9, two Fn n *tii! *? bare H" and nurd. .douto Uar >llaa w" I uiido inte- ty a1 an rarly i^-r'od redeem her ar?er tioi a turn- h> r iii attne* in nhtovi haniia, an 1 proofed II I m' to I.r(?i !!? f.rrirnlt i? i u.n 1 Beparato go cfMiimt, (?giirrniriMii 'il 'bleb oar br'orud Ca.hiun wobld approve, were be ?ttli i ,r ?? ih'* time,) one U> which ihe n mfltaan <?yiei * itatrioinod to all Now ( hi-, hirru ard r prt??*i,iaiirtt at the U Ited IttiiN : Military Aralrmy el We?t I' nt ere eagor lo nnnlf'<*t ' our d? vntlou nut afl- cti"ti h"r at.d h.-r preeeut rauae; ' ro wri we, iinio ImmiwI; wits trr ?tlvira?al, bo 1 root d uuier ibe rui.ta of b*r banner, lighting for ithorty or ii|MIH; Though the rraepMoa of a diploma tare at i the National Ai*a<nmy In certainly to no deelre<t by all of I UB yet ?< ranrot ?o MlSr our (vufrtiom of du'y M to ?eiT? the r< n.alD<li-r of imr tlmi h'-re i.odor rucb a man ?* ?r I In-Ill aa cutnii anm r lo cUlrf. and to be aubject ; e<1 at all tltiiee to ib? order* f ? for. rnmrnt Ibo art tola iMmtlnu o' which moil be newraarlly ur friendly to UM ?>.n.mi>i.wr?'ih ulilrb hao, an ftr, |>r.?eryeta apot eat record, and o' wbtnb we are jurtlv proud Wa hereby ewear to be true lo her lone Mar Id th* preaent path of rectitude, and if, by cbanot. ahe goca eat ray, we will ba wttb her rtlll. AU we dealre la a Held for making our ?clvea utCul. OWIRUB W. RKVOUUS, HKNRY B. FARLEY, jno y worroRr), J 8 WC4TUKRIY, JNO R W/VTKRR, J a BOtrWRIGHT, J 48. B BAMlLfON. THE CONCILIATORY TON* OP TBI RK PUB LIC AN PUEHH. The fo lowing egtracta, fria tae laad lag republican Journals of Ibla olty, will llluatrate the mode adopted to conciliate the excited peoplo of IM South, and aaaka peace a hen war in/eetese ? [From the Time#, Nor. 10 ] Wa are almoal driven to ooaciude, and it li t aoooin ?loa we are loth to a*anlt, that the prnarat piwtlloa of that Male (tooth Carolina), aod of auoh Matea or ladl vli'ttaia a* may follow It. IU train, i* not taiee bocauae It (tela the pmsure of any apeciflc etrll, but ocoauae Ita at teirpt at dictation la reacted; h- what u hat it mo T deA utih mrroymnet. Hmi been tnmperaltly , Ukemok firm ly. r -luted, because h<uwg placed no oUter part IM* thai rf a mu. Kief maker far Ikt lew Kiity ^cari, Ui power ftr tou> >>uf u to f* ntrUtVid by the ftrrat of i] tmoti, and tucause. fWxrtUy, w n ol an Um , tt*g J err evil, it fail* lo be amipiemut T Mae r- em IMufTleieui reaa oa for meamrea ae deaperata aa are ooatemplated, but Intolvaot of ai!r?ra<- opinion, tbe people, <d itn aiaence of local oppoaluou, bare auo ceedtii Iii lafbiuf tb? maeirea lnu> a ra?e, until at laat they ftel tbat they are ju*t.B< rl, a 1 ik*y fcar act a r. ,r-i .a^ly Aiid *?< we aiatd Ihtri U nothing fur Uu iVortA toy lid? 1st any mtan tptcify v ho can ill iMt Nt oo la t> fO or. aa we bare herntofjre |wi . rrapoetiag an ?>u*tiiai tlonal rl|>. a, ahidlLg by the la?a aud mauta uil>( our le If rwpert We aiuat rot hu-ige fro1" tb'? poa'i'on, and wbati-r* of e?il may f Slow wt may be a ire It will bo I bj? re taa ly rectilt d and of >1. t .? r dura'lou. than Ike I yrealeT rvU I lAai tmil evrniuati (mm arty ?o-a* conceutcnt. fir m tb? Tribnue, Nor IT ] We bare wou toe tlerli ?, ae me runanl and they (the 1 aerrarti'ii >a(() rn-aut ?<? ?tiou'i . ant now, if in y wuit a I nt 7.K1 <IT two ti ''i fellowa kopi III < tUne llir?iiifh <* I.IU I ortia'a a nrt.niati' a, wa tnluk tbeai >-.otit'?' to >?t acd j rer i l?n. If ik?ey p??-f r tba' ?" annul t aoar oc? i*H'?ia I ik< ' aiy, ai il btt ef iti^" ati/ run or of-r.?,re ?i?l ; u* , v?i caa ?> Iiy ??( wt b??e *- lal^m-ly r orv^Md a;l eji i >a. r. ? ol M l iW ? flnne th deud >??* ilooo. Nerer ? id a party > Hi ao grrala rietorr a . i niaae ?o Dill* f n? alHMl II U I > <i ran M 'aii* hate j ?l door H it ? tin t^e jaibiag ft* kh. )-H.r?aia pAauat acm tbia ao fai aa Ui !n'< r i .ai, in f ew o' th.". a ? <?,. ? ><?*? Harry, wo ar. i orr.. that w? ai.rr..>M)ed) ? aay, ?b ? i they go tho Inigtlt ei adriatng rfr. Ll oo ? lo Oam'i. ??, aiid u?* :.g the I.IBC lu nrctora lu leira? ?? <? ir ?r aland rotator airno and I'pubiMwa f'-e t'r- e i !? ll? - e rauat t?il llaa i'ial tt < ?n?? y b>i?j ' 'C ?t. W- ar? n I a bit ao rrr lot Lia onln ? mnnee? >?i. ll.e 0"ntr?ry, we like it hugely' an* ihe ai?t>? of Ika ekrrajry <m y makt *?? glt-Mer an4 IjUtdeL r thai they k'im "a? I f? our ntisri A nd IM rAeaa nullify. tta0e. lorm anew Vnfitii a m/u'tlu, m -Ui mim i lAry uill, we ttol itiUbf yla4 'ha t tAmoitn <a 'leeted ffr. aa 'he iimee, N<?r tt | |lr Rpcbetai', tn- f ire, h < ao altar bet to an forr? tfe l??t, hoai ?? ? n i b ^e m?* r*g'et the -eaal 1 I) of tir' I'irg lb'1 federal ger?ro "'n' tot ? roU irno ?Mth I th ae of ?o j of ll > -taiea M> plfM Im preriiely Ike lame f reHu ivnt ll ? <unjr ? '*!) I" a. I'd I be au~- lug of h1' < ^ Ji n,4> 1?'it r i ' i-l ?aodeom j-r n. ?? . her oaa i o diaor' t "t If 'kr l?w V retule4. 0*y m?>l|e enfme.4. Tm d ?a*t ?ia lb neelroa m iat t.e rno- ? of ire oorr'- l?e?* if in ?*? o ? i ota, aa shalr rtiii ia'r | ret.arat'iM eieart) l?ply Whr p?e,>ar? for rartf O'jraaiy onaa I > n??? t a eoaaUiai' ??ini r'ghtf Tbf adwt, b> t? ir apiraito ar-i?, tbat Vvr a*a pro I pr> >rg to <Ui * b*t n -?l Metrur y b-ing tneot lnw? e 'III ?lot w tb the federal pnriarn ronj pr</*4B V> iNlfl a f- ?Oi'ile iec.Ml-.r , b..t th?Y ura taking a O m.-?- ?bMih m* ? 1 1* **? near iiy *r''rib?ti o oTtltel *tto tb? t'nltad , biat< ' auib >r it * it f?rtau>ly cot tba pari u i pro deu? tor of m'< ir I < m IM Tribune, Mo* It] We ha?e tot i?med it t . rwwaaey u> inwiter our noinmat wlt i proofb or argofnenw ntaeoed toahiw I'ial tbe an^ea r' m of a ?Hat*, oe of *oT*eal viatea, from oar 'ederal I'm n. la unanthori* d by l>ia f? I ral Mtttitoint <)? , lh?t , nt the acltanty of Wkd eoa or of 'Muter nan l?e ri"lr"l by tb"*e with wh rn oo antbonry raa aotbt avail He who i mag 'nee tbat alec we bar* paid flfieet- mil l ma for l/itli'ua and I've mil lotafnr FlerWbt, at d ten irllMwir for T taa, aad flftei ri a?nlloi? agate for Calt't 'titaand Nea Uoimi-i aid a-lr'tie1 l^alr people to a i ?ffi r? i i,i>allty with oa la ou- ooafi'dereey. ibey may each and an take tb?r-a ?;*?? off li ? bol*. ?i>en< ?er and bi ?eM r uolT' d to do a-i, pioai be in a rrene of Mini on wb'nt argument or a<,?*i'"ai,n# ? '"?<1 '?* waata?t. , .Tie l a . ii of lht?e -' eier t< ?" ?? oalnre lrwro<*ole, ikJ awlp Die eorOiifUt'e ef NtMM <W* t*l"r U. . Fmm tba tribune, Mer II) Here the* la t*? tu.#tlro now anbaitt.1 to rmeerra I lire Cl't-ea, North and Hu i'.b ? The tie* eater* hiring diaargaa >4 anl dlrlded Ita dem-irratic party ao aa to a!wl ?r llarnbif-t" they now he ptriaitted to briag n i th 1 T'nton beean?e the ead tb?jr WirgeJ for baa been attain, f ? ? ? ? a . a Tbe aated traib It tbat tbe fl re aatera bar* for thirty reara be. i piirttleg ati Work r t dleeolntton ol 'he Co ion Eror elooe It bmwn r?, dent tbat ?r rWiooa oouid sot eunoewl 't*o Jarka >u tbea* lutrlguoa bar* b? ?o proeeriited In lt-'C the leiaateul aa loadly of fcnnart to oprratier, witb Hoeth <>eolt?* in delbooe of her aodfrlag nrmrra, ae they mw do Wie.i th ne In tbe pint wareae aeroe fhr r irueir* a* they litre e-rer a tana b?oi bi)tth>ydll I'Ot hreek m.r h*nd Oil ,y H" kne r t- m. and they katv hiai ? Wi there wafl >? ? h' ->l r'i??l Tuwf tried to make me ? n , ? <in of Ualtforaia in 1M0 a gr ???d of dtaom " , t'ut tbe |* plr of tl <r att dtavw r'lfj tn"m down. M ? ?>iie*' ppt gta, tlaname. ?ll derta^""' ara'nat ihem. and oath < wiilirt *11.' aet ? 1 d* to*'*' '* aw>ea M Tr-y tried lo ret n *,* . ?? t ? r aM ' ?t y< ?r. nit fcm H t;r,.n lh-r.?.ie4 f m in l "? W* ?n?'i he turaiy 4iM| plated if be gnua U -m aiu or oaMtert now.

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