Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Kasım 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Kasım 1860 Page 8
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repuhlkaL journals ate uaiug violent, defiant and exasperating language toward the Southern states, as U tbey were aaxioos to precipit?ta disunion aiid civil war upon the country. The extracts which we give Id another column from the leading republican paper* of this city are most unwise in the existing excitement, and , are not calculated to appease the hot blood which is rushing tumultously through tie en tStc fcjcUm of the Snath. POHtTT.AR MoTKMKNT ON BeHAIJ' Of ITALT ? ! j.'hx Garibaldi Fund.? A good oause is half the battle in argument, and therefore we may suppose it will not be difficult for tu) to convince the people of New York bad the United States that they ought to do something for the hero Garibaldi, his brave followers and the cause of freedom in Italy. We broached the subject in a former issue, but we feel that it is not one that ought to be allowed to rest, and that whatever is done ought to be done quickly. There is no more generous nation than onr own on the face of the earth, as our history and individual acta will proclaim. We subscribed sixty thousand dollars tor the Popo, and twenty thousand for the sufferers by the outbreak In 8yria, and we have shown ourselves at all times ready to lend our assistance in promoting what we esteemed righteous, and in ameliorating the condition of the distressed. It therefore only requires to be prominently and definitely made known that Garibaldi is in want of fnndi for carrying on the great work he has bei<un, and that whatever we Choose to (end him will be gratefully accepted, to make our citizens come forward and con tribute to the furtherance of so noble a project M the emancipation of Italy ? that Italy which. Just escaped from the grisp of the tyrant, Is cow on the verger ot liberty, and whose future will be the glory of the werld? the home of freedom and the school of those arts which are the great compound and bulwark of onr ad vancing civilizition. For without art, science and literature, in which Italy has shone most gloriously, our civilization would die out altoge ther, as it did in the Btzantine empire ages long ago. We are well able and called upon to afford Substantial aid to the man who, in a letter to one of our oittaens, which we pub lished a fortnight ago. said: ? "I shall feel greatly obliged by your expressing my sym pathy for the American people, the grandeur of whoee elevation I admire, and which arose from the same revolutionary cause as that in wfaioh the Italians are now struggling for liber ty." There is a bond of sympathy between the people of the United States and the heroic General who lived so loog among us. and dur ing the greater part of the time had his home on Staten bland, and who is now accomplishing what all the world beside despaired of. There Bore. Americans, will you not give him a help ing hand la hia loot p*?t struggle for that fcleesing which you yourselves enjoy ? the ptioeless boon of liberty * We have no wish to preach a charity sermon. We leave it to the good understanding and noble, liberal Impulses of our people, than which there ore none more intelligent or hospitable in the world, and we feel oonfident that they will do what Is right It will be on easy matter to call public meet ings upon the subject, and also to open sub scriptions in our cities and villages, just as we ourselves have already done in the office of our establishment; and that the invitation to raise a sum of money, and a handsome sum. too. will be promptly complied with, we feel certain. Who will come forward to head the subscription list ? Where are our John Jacob As tori and Other milllonaiies. and where is Mr. John An denon. who, being in correspondence with tieaoral Garibaldi, feels, we should Infer, an Oven more than ordinary interest in the cause (>ur met chants, we are ?ure. will not be back Ward in contributing ?o the foundation of that Hew K^-rdom between which and this or, no try there n:e certain to arise more intimate Commercial relations than we have ever bad With any country of Continental Europe Gv libaldi ha- still a hard ta?k before him. Italy Will have to continue the struggle unaided, and aot only that, but with at least the passive hos tility otall the great Powers of Europe, except 1 agiasd ? for the abrupt termination of the y '..-sew Conference was ominous, and the re Source* of a country never improve nnder the ftenr.bte influence t?f war. Help, therefore, from abroad is the gr*?'. thing needed by the tvatric ? General and hie d-royd army of volun teers it this to be ever memorable campaign, Jbavisf lor lt? aim the permanent welfare of a grf b'.t hitherto downtrodden people DMpaukft for Rantpf, ;b* ?b v. ablp Prtoee Albert, left th;? |?.rt for rl a M Jotiii. N f ,ou ib< *ib :ui ?.i. ar plr? at lt? latter plane on Tr, Jay , IL? Kd but Von ??<<?? teft ? ?* Mr Grrigr iMober, So T IIr>??rl n?.rr?? . ap lo r <? or that da/ Will be pmaipil* forward u? trie J to their t'ratlaeiiaa tg Cnclaal aad tte Or.ellnrcl !?.&?! taltl/ i poo lb* arrival 01 the I 'rare Albert M liln; ItaWI fira lUraaa. \?w imiAA*, ?Jo? 21. l**d ft* *u -ro?l 'p Oaba* ha, frott Qaraaa na the Hth [sal., M err Ire! at tbia port. Tfcc ?teair?kip nica*wle tailnl from Baraea for N?r y?rt ?? tha lttfc m vorar nek* ?? >m ft*a<1 aad q.Vatlaaa pw cm real* rte trnal rtoife la pert atrmntad to ?T JOC b' ? ?n?.aal a* MM bot< > ..t liar Mfav C*ji?*ari i ware pen mrl< ihkiukhI Saw Let i?i Kanlapta V?xl'IMltD*. We* tl. lie# Tb? P<ai ?ati r fiee?ral to -lay ordered the pr-paratloa lif aoTe'f^ Mbkaaaed with a one eor.t atanio from a Mavl T as tea tad dla repr*a??tia? tka bead of Praaklla. U fee caH for clrealare aa<l (Imp mtaw. letter earclopea will alan ba prepared, wtu a oae ceat ?uap la jutapoaittoa with tbe I vaa oeat ataaip, to fa rti'taba tfce aanea?r? prepataioBt of the carr'era' fee aa bet ir n tab mi from taap i??t h in or mfear xtalloaa la ?faa Mi Uie foal (ffl)nr fi.r traneportat'.oo bp aatL Th-ae aaratapia will ba ordered tota rclad aad an t?.ed '???. IMavar (Up. Pout Katanr. No* 30. 1M? 1*? Dearer City e Mb of tbe ltth paaard bare at aoaa * dap. _ . Hum, Mot II -I A. tf I** waak Ike <1. Imn goartt Mill took fmaa tear 0 maof qaarti ??17 Partita are Mill leavlaa tfcia clip f" tba %? .'oaa tMaaa, hni tbe etam pede la ellaht Ytaterdar. abnat oae o'etora P M , taa Middle Piaada |V i we of J B 0"?la ?OB*a 1 irpe warak oae aKilad ?Midoair ' aaalrr a teaaral etabiag of tbraa Boora abora tad t .e r of. A rcBtr--e?ap of a weoaal nature la aataa na tkrowb Ih rv-?Tr? f'r ~n t>rt?r?e. Inrif* iaanb [Iowa! a* aad J ml 1 C. ieo^i, of Ib^ PnJf Votuxaitiw. A kaallla aaatlM Taa n ? --are of Wo* !H?ei i* ih<- r'?o*ieteaai la^iaia b ? b) Tt e c o< ? mile- thiaga, ti ?i ?fc? tv- >i >f nn'te in ??at raVjii>g o?t x *a? *?>* a la? r'N^Vbi fO?-i IEBI* f t Arrtal ot Utfi .1 ? w? ? I . . < h iniliera *? IHJC r* 'ijl?. kla bro tl '* I I ? nr r ?i? i *? fir rlf? ! ? ? ??i?dl > fb?t .??*el S K HNfiiY DPOBTAIt FEO* KilSiS. War of the Akolitioatets Upon tfc? Pr?-8ta?fry Thmteifd Forty Upon luwori Arkansas ax) fern. Attack on Fort Pcott and Seizure of the Land Office. Federal Judaea Obliged to Fleefur Their Llvvn, to, *c., *a DESPATCHES FROM WASHINGTON. WiancRua, Mot Si, ISM. Proldwt Bochaeaa baa reo*ir?d ? dcapatok, alfned by UirM United Btalaa Marahala, dated tin laetaat, at Fort Soott, eta ii?( that u armed party of Ova hundrad, under the aotorleni bandit Moat^oatrj, bar* put thamaairea la oppaaltloa to the Catted Statea aathorttiee la KaaaM, aad bar* spread |TMt alara throughout the ooontry. One p*raoa baa been killed. It la aald they a?ow their datanalaatloa to aelse the public property, aad to marob Id to Arkauaa aad Texas, aad free the tiarae la tbeee Btatea. Tie Secretary baa deapatchei the neccaiar? orders to OeaenC Harney, who ia la ocanand cf that da partaM&t, for aaforclcf the laws, anl tor ap^rtbeadlac guilty ?er??aa. Geeett! Barney has four of dragoons at tela ccaxazd, and wtil make ehort work of thee* rabe j. Wmul.iotun, Not. ai, MbC TLe Bcveromaat a*. Ju#t beea oOolaU/ formed u?t C apt Montgomery and big company bn oommaaced operaiu.ui lo Kuhi H? r by haagiog and killing taclr oppotitete aa! tbreateeirg to com,*, an adjourumeat of tee !ud axlet a?Tert<.?yJ to ukc pare aur'.og the ar,nlb o' Dt?c?tiber. Scvnul ago letter* wert rocelrtd from ^spocalMe eoarci*, addmaal t:> the profer authority, fttatlng that apt Hcol;c.iaerj tu a force of probacy hundred rata, with pitrt/ o.' ar?*, amm^Itloo and ctUr malo rial a '.J, tad n*i froc, time io tlm: war'ie ?upp..ea hava bcoa raaeirwl t>r b!m ^ NurUl Tbe *r- tcrt fc^c ?ay thlt ta, demMd ta ad.cura tt* ,-.Ld eaiea wocld be reacted lea; a mcra prete*t ,'cr rauibg ni ar~ d fs -oe, and lo*', t(.e roal ob j*ctof tb -3 Uwlagg sreaai.atioa la a rald.trat oo tbe froatlir? .f Mliaitri, u 1 tboc on Ar^ar.ia a aa.t ihc Weat erobor> ?ree|e tba fuauhaeal of abolition umia aarlca Gort -ao; M Oar/ bu raaeati} common cat. tume la P?rt tt particular* rt'atlTeiouaptaio Moafoaary'i r4 ported wfiiict jf BiCYcxeata Or den will be fbrttowitH detputcfeed orvier jif Lit I atte4 3tatee irr-ofa in Kaoaaa lo atscb polcta smMr for tba protection c* ibe ?od (.Caere ta the ?erformuioe of tb?lr w.IIaa?fce public prcfarty menaced, laotudiag Fort Scott DESPATCHES FROM KbNSAS AND M380URI. La*, uwoktb, K T , Nor. ai, 1800 Tbe aula of aJa'.ra ut Rccrbao ud L.aa couotlaa la tbla Territory (MM ntucC talk, apaaaialio* aad eiciia tnaet L srt Mac/ ramonr arc afloat ia ragard to the movemaata of Captain Hon turnery Varloua rcporta aay that be baa from tbree bandred to four hundred m?a rcuy armed ar J equipped, aad 1a threaten, ag lb. I tree and property of tba pro alarery mac in tba vxlalty af tbe count!*, ?bore alluded la. Tba eltizaaa at Port ttoou ere reported aa aapeatia^ aa attack, aad they are ramo ta( their rood* aad ohal tela. I KMhtag bad Irrnip ml cp to tbree o'oloot Moaday w *?***, Mo , N?r tl, 1M0. A sca*?cf t -eacbei' bere to day, bringing the follow lac drepatoh, which baa beaa forwarded to tbc ad trial. Imica at Waabuifloe ? cuwoa. Mo , Kov. ai, 1M0 Tba abol.i.ooMa, ?ltb arm. newly mparts rrem Boat at c? .be Eaat, cadar tba comaaaad of ? H nttomery, l.xwu, from SO0 to 600 ?sea aad Ucrtaaia? la asmbera, have attaaked Fort Moott . Kaaaaa, aad brt*ec op tba 1>3rt, oomfalt.a? myaelf aa J a Sf the off o?ra of tba Caitad dtaiaa Metric t Court to By or oar ! ??* Tbey bare takes tbe towaa oa tba Mi?our "a .U?.F. rteeoMUMCfflea,bo. tbey rtaal ta la **** Mlaaeorl. J WUA.ikUS, v n!ted Hutea Jndf? third Judicial Lnatrirt K T Aeil'iar, eom;*a7.ui be orgMired la tbla to norrow 10 lr U:e euppraaaioa of tba out ureal i'. a meettog af tbe of Claloa, Beery oauaty, Mo today, it waa raanired lo ralae a voluateer oom paay to defead tbalr bocea, aad, !f cecaaaary, tbe weal era bardtr of ibe n au. A oommlUaa waa appelated to wait aa tba SoTeraor of Naeoir: aad Lay Ua bau be fw? him. &ad r^qaeat a m ppiy rf araai TU foUowtaj lattrr haa been addraaM to Go^raar ! Stawart ? Mo *<>? 21, HJ6 ??-I am br^j to la.'o-m the cltceoaof tb a ute of tba fo. lowing fact , aad I b.ra beaa raqurated to prtaaot U>a?t2,ouaa(K^raorofibeHuu TL abes t, ? dar oo*aMod cf Moatgomary aad direct. , Tea sjrwa to 1 ?b*f of 80t ta MO, armed ?,t rtaaa, draganoa aabraa navy rarotrara and bowie katrea, have aaddraly eomnmmd a war of itrema frroeity oa tba law abidlag of ftoaibara Kaaaaa. la tbe cocatlea o* Mm. aad Baurboa n<aaa arrlrwl bf tbe wagaa load at or aear Mo ad City abw l "or moatn .moe, u boiaa marked aa doaalloaa f#f Moatgomery baa beaa ta ftwtia dirt^g a part of tbe eammer, aad ralam.d w.tb r^-ty of moacy to rallat raaruita Ma. s af hu mea are aewly lmp?rta'. Be baa tocm | w>w'oa of Port fc- tt aad ?*b*r w,WB, 8e th* near tbe Ml*. ?r1 ?Se Re haa a rrdrn (l Mr M'ora a graad j enr, Mr Bamtoa, j Mr. !-a?ne i?r ?, Mr B ada. aad abli/ert au tbe Called BtoKw olrera, tnci j Hag myaelf, to Cp far otr Drag 11* o?? ??j ? aa J deaiga, tnadr t. a pub!l0 ?^ca. aa he (a! J wttb-ul oncrwlmest, (? to ?r?p pc WNt "f Fort ?^? ??"? ribe, r!ve# ar?r u,, Miaanuri ilt>e to rT??rat a ft re la tb- rear whim be rlearad oat aoaUwaat MMo-.rl of alar* So he bm ?*"?*<? HlaraJly bia Oeetarwi ? ?t The r'ureaa af MitMVt, oa the (wagr aa M nmaior rlrart. in Cttea aad Vrruot are aj,.a< from Usetr 1-mm '?l? the tale- lor. H? boaM that ha haa ao-n hnd a -ma In rqalp aad (aateta o?<- ta<'aaap I m*r My oaart mm irofcra aa by tb*? tae la! tad Ma attwart ?r Ue Monti ra diatnct aad I aappoae that tbey bare aol/ed -be rt-oord* aad aim. tbe nmorda ? tleaad ?BJor. ?a ha public iy dacjggad that be wucid do ?o t allau 9utra PMtnct j <? fw MhalMrd SillTitrtg af Kaaaaa. KA?*a?, Ma , Nor II |tgo tailed Mat Martba. P T. Ooibp aad party, of Kai . me Territory. ar-<red her, tbla eraaug. They bring ?.? foUowiag partlmlara -alallee to tbe opentt oaa of Ob|Ha; Moalgomtry aad LM gaag of Jay HawVert. aaabartag nnr'~ trt ticdrM m-c ? Pom "<orr Nor IP IMo C. ?. JaJge W' 1 j.tb and tbe otloera of tbe court hare heea obliged to Saa lo M'?ocr; to rarape attack rma tbe Jay Bna'.-i ,^ot' ofLlaa nraaty, waa takea Oom bia honae i be morr ? of Ute l*th taet , and h-ag "?*ayn- ,v. mrrt r-nmiaeat elllseat bare btr> ar '*? *' ?* ,ft " r'e fate -a ri beowa V ' fb . of P. . t Menlt t-aw?t ^| '' rt r"?. *? u -r a arrhaula ta v " ' ' i"' ?b?:r jovda to MMoml Tilt ruaJ? arc Uaci wSUj 1. ?7'a. T.-rr.tor.'. Mr ELLfaagle ?rrt~v?e r ?t M'peloa, waa ar-eaieJ toiay 'J.* thirttir^' ?'!b birj'.j V;t r . la nn): :. / l. i ttcan* KtMM Qrr?. Not II 1M0. Ramon are ta ctmatloa here of tfcr bcrntng of / <rt HooU. bat tfcty *? aot gecfrki'j- c.-f -.It'.pd Tilt DUlarbtatc at Harv*ril Uolle(i Botfrof, Nor. 31, IWO Pjo tm? ? of aophouoraa ?iut?.-u '?<; it Htrrard Co! lege yurterday for hazing (tie f rot tunic are u folljwi ? Charira Jaokatn. Beaton; Cht . lea Kuanon, Malta '?t*ad Aatoatoi Baker. Albany; A C. U&itiilcc . ; ' Joke L Ward, Balem I Ftarlav, New Tort; J. 1 T. Ktlbreth, CtocloLaU. H. J. Kdwarda, Boeton. Jictaon waa d"m'.aeotl for two jnri the otb< re fir one j ear. Thi Paetae Tflrfraph. Fo ?t Kmvt, Not. 31, 1804. Mi? I Edward Cretin toa and W. P.. Slebblai, genera; agenta, rtepocllveiy, of the Paofllc and Miaaoart and Wee tern Telegraph Computet, left here yaaterday after aoea, bound westward. tWy will earrey tha whota root* to Halt Lake thoroigby , and nako oontraoU far tha oooctrvottcn of the line a* far ae Ju'.eahurg etxiy la the fpr'.Df Tht flaulliaac Cettoa Factory *'lra. Bono*. Not. tl, ISM. The machine ahop of the Maaatkeag aottoa fociory waa dealrojTsd by ftre taet night. O. C. Smith, raacblntal, | aaatalaed a toaa of H 000; no Injur anoa Ftre la Uiweft. Cvwko.Kct 31, 1840 Tha Huron Soar mill ta thta city, own*! by W. W. Ba ker, of Lock port, was diwtroyed by Art taat night; .oat on the batldtrg aed too tea u 14* .800. oo wh'.oh there waa ac taauraar) of about *30,000 Tlie Galwma aad Chlrago Railroad. Gmat, Nor 31.1440 Tlie Oeleea and Chicago Railroad to day declared a dtTttiradof Ore |?r cant, payable ta New York on the lrt if January . Kir* la LmmU, (V. U. Baaroa, KiV. SI, ISM A Art tn f-4PCD;?, S H, laat alibi d.<*tr*yed twoaty S?c butidirg*, laelodltg thaCcrro Gordo Hot.*?. the I'mt oittoo, telerraph offlee. two i?wrtp?r offloe*, fte The 'j# li eettmatrd el SltC.OOO. Near1)' Mi vha b ta.a-a* i?rt 01 Uie vlTa^e waa dmtoyM Not 31, 1660. Tl o tup Ktv.el, with a oar*o ot 36,000 baabcla of wheat, from CU.<4f0 to BuJko, oollideil with tbe Lark Oroan VTaa* on I ck? Ilti r. n ^oru'ay slfbt, and *uak to d?rp water. T e rraeel ant: *rgn are a tot* low, thoufh rally la tared Ttte Ooeaa Ware wm ?l!^t>tljr daeeged. The Board of State tiBtaiiiri. ALiuar, Nor. Jl. 1300 Tbe State Can na**er* B*<sl here to day to carta** t..i> ToUa on ttii) electoral ticket, bat Uie return* from New Y';r* an I *?. -era! o'-fcer ccuatle* act ^arlsg beee re eotvw\ tbt7 *?) ourrtJ ootll to morrow Tba HarmU| of tka Bteamei Parlflc. Lonnui, Not. at , 1600. Daves [ ereoc* are thug far aacertelaed to be Luat bf i t-be Lurrlnf of tfce Pac'.fl:? moat. 7 boat l.anda and deck ? peeeeoten No Northern pesple are am< ag the lost. BaUli| nf ilia fctar of the \\ eat. N?w Oat a* 1*, Nor. SI. 1600 The tVeamah'p Star of UMjWeat aal'j oa the 32d ?or New Tort. ?eatttra (teeaa Iteaaar Neraauati. OBAaiMoa, Not. 30. 1M0 Tbe eteamablp Columbia, Uapta.c Berry, err. red here I at eke Tea o'clock Ula mora lag . Airings, Nor SI 1W0 The itaamabip Alabama, from Now Tork, arrlred at bar wharf at twelre o'clock Tueaday sight All wall. HkrkaU Maw O*. a??r. Nor. SO. 1M0 Cottoe dull? Ha.?a to day, 1 600bat*e ailG^c a 10 ,c. for middling, pair* o' three day*, 16. MO bale* receipt* of three da fa, 41 .000 belea, against, 43.000 ta Uia ?am? ar/ek Ivt year decreased receipU at thi* port. 47, 000 bale* ?o at all Anthem porta, 144,600 hare Rugar, 6c a fle for fair to folly (air Horuaa, 83*. a Sic ftou/ wry dni' at 64 87', a I. 4.1 , 'or euiwS.-. freight 1 oa onttoa to Urerpool. Sd -Her Hag eirbange W a 100. dighi esafeaage oa New York, par la X P*c east premium Ntw Oaiaaa*, Nor Si. 1M0 Oottoc? ttaiea today 6,000 ha>ee ai d Ulan at 16 ,c a 10S- Hagar dull at 4c tl^r K* iiange on Viw fork V a 1 per oaat praanam; aepply ecant Hoar* Vot 30,1600 Cott'ia Walee for tha laat thrse day ? 8 000 ba.aa mtd dllrg at SJKa. Itecoipta 'or tbn tiir<?- day*, U U4 bale*. > r.'ijrbu ? Llrarpool, 17 Sit a 0 10 1 , aad to Havre, ??e Rxcbaore oa Loadoa at ?0\ Mwtia, Nor. 31, l#0. nrdtoa? Mea to dap ? J00 bale* Tbe market la Srm, with an adraaee at \c , aild<Uia< quoted loo Arorxia, Nor. 31, 1440 There la 11 ttte dotaf ta tbe enuoa marwet Ca?ai>?T(i> . Not 30,1400 Or ttoa dapraaaad Balea to day fOO t ai?e duataaiii* Nor SI . 1600 Tha aaarkata are eluaad ta day. it w*4a( Tbaakatirtac SLv na aa Nor SI. 1140 T wr naartU V. Howard atreet and 'MtK> *n^ertoe brld at 64 67K, w tk ao huter* Wbeat dati and qa-tad *>r oarh reoa, 61 a ,61 16. wbttea. St IS a SI >0 Ourn b<?ry whtu and jre0?w. 00c a 70c PmrttlaM dall aoiBominai Rlc ro.Iee 14a. a Ht?'C. Wbi*a?r dob na. atSOc a SB l4c frtfltuwi, Nor 31,1*60 Ploar baa a darl'r'ai teodeacy ? ai'orlT at 64 a 6i 34 Wh??t do'l ' la v A (XO bab'K red at SI 20 a S' 3* wtltH SI 64 a 61 46 o-ra? New reltow 6Se a S6? ' old . e7 1. Co?ia? l'.to, 1CV a 16c V> aiake. c?. 'ti -,c a Sle K aiar. Hot. 31, 16*0 roar? More dolor, at raatar rate* Wh?*l ? -Vie* 8 004 bnab* I* white Mi'-b iran. 61 36 (>U?. D4 fr>r Stat' flnm, 11 Me* B?r<ey doll iXOO a*ahel* Bay galnte at OTc , 4,fOO do R-aarhpnrt, 93^ H'tiKkeT. M',,r aw S40 bate l? ?aa*d *f1 M Central depet 7c a 7 >fo , light aad bcary 6iaavr. Wot 81? ? N Fie r BT* antira. aad aaatar ta bar Wheat? <* 0* 4 004 l>r ?b. la eb"l?v? wb te Mlebtfaa at 81 40, aad iw* bu* he la do wblte ^aaada at 61 26 Rto? Hoaalea fit* et-?4y*f84He far mate, afloat torn dull aad (over ?a'? ? 6 COO hu?f?l* W.e era Blxed at 00c Bar!nr ant h di iirMawl, aad d Utter. It to ? >n at lb* darllae aalra t 4"0 h ,?hel* Vale* ernoty at Rl^e , II . MO M.*b*>* 'ana 'a W*?t at 40o. a dir. Wbt*k*pr? -lair* S*1 bala at 1 < Wc twwano. Not Cl-? P V r'nor dr'l bnt odehanf?<! Tb< rtepreeand itateaftti* abiat ?.*><???, aid Uie l U.oaitf In aarotiatlai Ira'ia, ra *e aauenal le*rtlr!lT, ud q? Hal oa* of th? *ai? mad* are *?p? *tr tally pr) rata *aMa 14.304 anabel* No 1 ? l?aak>? f l' b *o prtratr t*r?* Cor* rata aed bar le- qntet Rye d ill **!'* 4 400 hartal* Canadian d? I'*, red to It' t.t* ''or of tbr -Mat* at Mr Cava. fr? >rhu I i,t Whea' 18 W> New York, laie Import* vo hiwhe'a w^ieat (.1" buah*l* aura flanal ? tf>ru? 8 00 I h'? f..?r 134 SCO br*h?'*, 11.000 ??"?ha'? r** 3.100 beabal* barley, ISOOObtaaeia rya, S.700 baahn * ><*a. lh r?*ia, Not S1.1M0 P)aar dad: no ** >? WV*t >:*n. ard aa *ai<? <?w etradT *??** mo bi.*he,i at *Tc ! ** war aai. ? 14)00 h?-*?wrf* at 6*r r'arai f^tfhla? \o f?alfh'? tit" fw N?w \nrt lake i.-niira? 4 000 hbl* Ci?r. 44 000 ? at? '? ?h' at . 14 W he** lean's. fOO ! n*h> '.* oaie lir*!?e? 3TC hhl* Soar, li 100 boabel* wbeat. 44 000 bii*t*la nam, aad 1.MQ bnait> <a ran R ? ? ti N*t r? a * rnur t'ol! aad t.r'-h*ife?1 W neat loll, bad e *aln* firr et'a'.y *aJr? 1? ?0 buab< I* at 4> R?? u?*r *a,e* I (00 ba*h*l* at 1.V Wh'**ey t. ni na at 16r ( art! frel(b'? 4c an wtrat to k<h<wtl no er.tacewe-jt* to I IMawat'T !aonrte-4 *0 XH'? 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The Said aad *ta' off eer* win appear dt*iaoaat*<i, with aTarmata aad Mara |r< *?! c rap* The aceral oompar p* wltb orewoataaad W'th" ? knafwar** 7%a realmeaul llae w'll be (hrmad ai ate. e'elo * A M , la Great Jnaea itreat Tb?9*il aed rta" ofT-ar* artr report t' eoMr'rea al the OMoaal a 4 aartera at *Hrbt o'ot**a AaJI. By 'i-der nf Oal. Baaaer Boatwlr 1K> A RtTKOKD, Ad.'btact P.arr an o? 4 T re r r* raoe Oj* ..wrrrw ? T loaaor, 4 hattira fraaa jaeatoe, area arraated oa Wadeaeday a^ea ln? b* oflkar RMdw, na atlaetie wharf He '.* charged with haatet Shot a mar aed canaoed tbe peaftentlary at Newark, New .leraay Wa*a arreeted he area *af*?e4 1a etlilhitiBf ta the rurkot hi* woadarfr. ekli Id tbe "loop ram* Be had a atrtp of cloth aoarhed la the middle, ard, rolllBf It up tn a rotad bal., would pat hi* fWOarer oa the notch, ea-t etaka a rnarter na hi* oba-.rra of catrh laf the loop on nddealr oaeolMnf It He b*4 *arceH*d In fxttlaf qnlte a pile trr.m the roln'tlated hef<ire b * ar raat T wo > If er-e frean Near*ni bar* (??e here a't?r hi* aad h? win he ?ak<-- hart a th* N?w Tork tteaai er -CHa-ler -> r- tf*, li 4 lt> luU^llgMK*. T ' He ra ??*?? *r ? i< ? T >_? Mayo*'* Ha/-euei,Coi'-u'l ? t ,, ?s> ?Bn.le aimi'"*'. change# Tor | i- ? -irt for >h" th-Io-. i "wt of utagcit a: tbi I S' i' Iborf f?M enr?ileral e oppoeitirio maiil t ? } llM pmcufo of ? of riollce i r >.a the T??Tl5 ml r 1(1 .,try Brt j revenUvt aO? interfere* >*, *Od tr-'-H of t?o ?tof : s wort suited up mnitv 4jii<omh1 bf tm. *? T ifo or ihrt * -t? -rs v?? ?rr?W f >r 1 1 *? Al*50 In Obey tbe order* ami .nkc n b"'ore tbi> Marshal ud fined, fvoucl u Ukx m jet r*-ea "A?eu bj u.? l>MNi dai*..'n I !?' nt bf f io he Ciller Atcn ? t ist ? H ?? >* ? A? tbc I Irfrpool Per na *u pr'M*("iB? from her auriiorsge down the bar yea tvr'sy uftarw r.n ?be ran iato the *ie?nuct i?n:a| Drew, bi.vliy abiu?t Is low. Tin ? jte barg# |U av:.i the tug r rough the tiertlon^ f two of th.> ,m. pU.^ i;* of U.e tsiilor*' Hiwe, la Cherry street, nanai;*. Thi. ro?* R**tr Md John P- ll?r, th ? captain f Ihe tiv ? o WW n<Mrly eilianstod, (he *ug1iit<er and deck hand were reertuo But for the l.mely ?isa-fiear* of t.'ii abr.e neroed '-ie crew of the teg would undoobtedly have be?>n drowMd. Rascrin iui Dioaxao ? YusUrday, about tu^a, a, same cLirewn, acalfleutaliy fell off a lighter, wU?u off pier 1G K?#t river, and bat for Ike tlmety aaatstance 'X Msaara. John Weit-.h and T bo mas Donnelly. Whitehall bcelmce, be, no doubt, would have been drowsed. Fata la E uzxBwm Prxnt ? Between three and ronr o'clock yrsterday afternoon a tire occurred in a stable la the rear of No 88 Elizabeth street, owned by Jamea Oralev. It waa cauand by a uparlc eettlng Ore to the roof of Ike building More the C ?ava were extlagnlabed U waa damaged to the extent of abant MO. no Insurance Ooaaacnor ? Patrick ChonJdln wrttoa to state that we irlarepreeented hi ? bouse lr oar in?ae of the Slat lnat lie wkkea It understood that It stead of keeping a "orlb" where thierea uasemble, and the police were beaten oa aereral occasions, ha endeavors to earn an honest llrell boo<l from the custom of very revpeotable and honeat yoaag aaaa E/ACWiro.x Pat will be celebrated by the Voteraa Oorpa of T#, Captain Hlohard Rayror, by flrinr thi na. tloaal aaJute on the Battery ut 12 U They will be eecort ed by tae Vaahlcgton Continental Guard, Cui laln Jotin | P. Laaalsg, aa usual Coat it Calendar? Ttila Day. 3rrana Cockt? Uact r ? 'art 1 ? So 1611 adtlcl lo caleertar of W?<n/*?4ay tod Oyer an'' Terminer I'art 2 ? N cm 8ieH,lAT? 1064,1968, 1718. 1S08. 170, 1M0. l'Mi, isee. 1070 10T2, 1979, I9HC, 1872, 1012^, l?i0, l?ib, 1162. 14-8, I2T0 1828, 1T10, 1001 Mfl SM'raalOB 'Vixi ?I'art 1? Soa 987 , 3%^ 716,1046, 386. 7. 10?.0. 1047, 1078, 67, 16, Ml, S93, 1019, 76* Ororaow Piaia ? Part X? a a veeu rdar Part C, brfcre (laiy? Via 112, 1S62, Mt2, 'J294, tK>8, 1?91, 287i, 2872, 237C, '.'5:9, ^:80 2r.SI, 1P19 tm I'j^a.-' Statu Dutuct Curat ? Same as before. Drawtan of (*? lHiawara State bot IWic^-?iK)lT. K VL>\ X < o.. M&nk(er? at UM> oai^wAaa. KaaTvcar An auwocai stats u/rrAnia. l??t aw tua-KxraA Cuam ?.'? NoT^aasuf',, 1881 10, 2.4S?. 35 15. fi'J. 6, :K>. ?-?>. 3. 46, 71 40. I'BLAWAia? <'LA1>? "ti fioi IBSIU It, 1880 34 12. 2'', ?!), 43. 71. 4f, 67, 25, I. C, 41, 44. Olrrrlam ?eet fr?e rharie. by a?1<irriialn? ehter to WOOD. EDm 10 1, w.nin^t. n P?'?\ ^r?, firm WOOD. BIiOT * P<i kl i^mka. UrairlBga of It. Kraties'i OsikM an UMtrtrm ? xceiii ?V'Oi?r?, Clam T7> Hot 21 i3tu 36. 27, 41, 37, :><, x. CO, 42. '2?, 31, ?-S. 16. iDArsr I<orrsar. CLASH tl.1, Kot 21. UNO 13, 49. S'., 12, 70, 6. 59, ?'?. 26. 61. 6'.', 4>. 6, 43. 'frenlaraatBt '-eecf ekarte. b v addreaslrp it. KHAN';*, Wl.aiij(U>n Ja'airare. What To I>o ?I pom th* Fleet K?elln? at pain you saa; be qvlte rertala that sn?e natural i? nf IS* btxSy ts lj ?? if ?a?i in: te* l*kj ?: :>uceai Ka \hi)KKTU S >*(.'.141. and pen- v re fnr anise da.? if oe-? vry, until lv.r dtii eait/ la r? lln?r m irh aerer* aM-fcneaa. how iua?iT Itme wonid be saree I' tbta ?drt4'<- were faitnfuliy loiiow?l. Krandrrth'a J*'.Ua 14 r?B?e ner bos. wita (*lr?ntk.aa. at ? ,iv stieM. iu.J Ma I't.iai. 4?, jvre Ne* tort.. K?aalap aad llwdtna Hay Sabls Kaira, *1 UkSl.Sn 6U ilroadmay. Chlldrsa'a rata KeUtlad at WhalasaU prince hj OKNIM. 6U Uruadway. Fare: Fare! Fur*: Far*: Hold at AVhole ?ateprteea at __ OBKIiru, iU B.oaJwa/. mink. Blink, .flak Kant HetatiMt at wbo^eeai* iiaw by UkfllK, 6U ttr-xwiwa/. Ladlia' Farawptr (eat i^m 'haa Broad wajpncsaa; PJt.II H. 139 FuiSoa atrtwk Fara? Far*? At WhlU'l Hat Kmfo ?*!? U( radeaf retailed a( w%> I seals pnoea. MlTM, ?aira kta aar ??. ? adefroa l>?'? aad Wisarna MaaOaa. n*?et 10* nkathaaa ftia aoraar nf marl. SU Fiaa Ihtrts tor 8M, Wanaatad to Pit. *CO< )!)?* > Aatrt Haaofaoiarr. Ml Mrowdwar. Vt later Clathlag.-VVt llavc a Largs Ae enr*jar t?!nn'i Oirrt ati b .?.aeaa a pi t |||| w? ?i h In aril lefnreiba elueerf tkr kcaeoe aiv , bTa' Oven nata, a'-h<< : and h ilta for ho>a or *11 <(H *-o? tkr?e years, to mankind C nr rrtoea are oaarkei oa eaeb arttnln, aad itu.- rluMit wtll ti d ti>?? aa low as at any houkC in the cl'.r, for (he seat 'uaUi? and (tyle aLTftKO MUWaOf * CO . Nn. '01 Inadwar. undi r ?t MlohoJoi UotaL JeAra, 6M Broadway, (tor the preaeat will eeli ha Boot a aad khoae M emli a aalr leae oa amrasl at prasaora JKPPWM. 6/3 Braadwar. t Irf lata aad Vt'lerosaala llaaks -ItnUa oa all the Haeka. eaa*"Ui>a Ba?S at Haaaasa Haas of WnKx bA.ik of hu. >o*e Heaboard aad 1raa?aiUwhai^r Baas are takes at par la paymeai for Read* Made ao hlaa. aitVahR1 SA'.i-na ?e Cl'*?lei Wareh-viaa. 66 aad (18 Pultoa arsnt an Ua a leeonal:'. Itaaka are .taken at car a* aieti Ike etna blag Hank, of thl? wuxe Beaettt of Mra. J. J Prior, at Baraan ? M se' -n lr day, auk p??fprmaao< ? aflarnnne ?ad e?e?.n?. aad the a net OtLdrea. a tat a It- Aa. Ae . at all k>ja. Pkatoarapfca ta Brook I ya -M lUtai to*, eataeikhed hurhteaa loadrad aad .fir om. A ta la way * teas' Owaratraaf Braa aad mai* Haane are a-w eaastdarad the beat muafaeSorw are wairacied fir Sraraara. Varerooasa B ana 8* Walfear i rtM'i Pataat lk?apl?a Flu ??4 rm7w? Ml HnMn;, mv rf lamrMM. MrIv %mm v?*. _________ Row WltklB H*Mb af All. Or irr a !?kvi Orbtalnd E-mail PaMlly Haata* NirtitM Krlera rateklakad fw ??.?? im MO aad ?I ? i l> ?i* Kwadwvr. Haw Tor*. Mknin * Wttaan ? Htwlu ImMim. orrmn MS 1 K .ADWAT Klw TOtl. lerrwew- MMlMMMMg > ? enral'wal af KUtaJop ny?a?>a mminw i.p>? r?r-tl 4m4?m? .-f Ike 1'tiHa Mvr1 < ??!'? p ?O'rujln Ik* rauduy '* U- WWi?r * ''U? *?. 'Mtvmi 'V*. h i ? pUMU taabia l*a <X __ wir *?wt-ia K *ak!aaa with tap ?????. at amuly radtiaai prina Tka vnparlnrVy of tkaaa ?? VHf !*)?? thair MMM| wtUi lapovtaal l?i"?ra ?*???.?? EMmuIj r?4os* p?ww Tka anparlnrtty of tkaea Ms ?MM ftr r?all)r ? %? Ir Ika in* -?ry a t m aad ? umi at* IM Ik* bt lk? laoa of tin ? M aaM( ti? rrkaM ai ?ktck Ika) a^a n >w nd P'VH ihra wUktn Lb* ?<aak af ai' uMI obrtaaa all Urr I ? 14 lb s* 1*4 low r.r t ?. rb bara aa a<ipk mrrindjmi Ua nawii>( ?? Tk< ladrt A U'thaur N?wlaf H*< hlatf ant i?'? ? f bad far MM, Italian, at Ml JIfom**/. Tha (tr*kl*M llUrafiry af Ik* Aft?Or. ToB'Af Vaoatiaa Lkitawai, far (ka vara nfdramrary ?r?ap, rfeniwa f-itt rka? 'laa. Ii No m><i?i4a>RMalita ttMWMiMif *? art !*??>?? w*rra?^d HoM by al, tka trbftHN bad ?' -?*a???>"? ttayal If, ivctardt arari via Tor*. I r*-? M aw) M taau intra Hair I))*, M rta.. filar fe or Ilrowa, Da?. , Ho. 1 Bast!** at.-**.. and aaL: try a^ dntfl lairktlar'a Hair bfa-Iltllkkla, llam* taai ?td l->aiA. IMM i<a. a r ^* f unary. (1 b*rf ? j arwt X a<< w ha* ai a*T< h Midi t a w\m 'trtr^r M kra< araai t it riaiodnnt ? Hair li}?. ^ i?a aait Toa* ?-?a ia ?.??*.? k? ?-?-M. ?k ??%-* a?4 fwall. aa Iktdya ? ?p?iU?.' kf > * ?r# )li*a? Hill, latmliablr ? alter of Hair aid ? > btn r. ?,** a/t? Pi I Waf Bp k?i 0 Ba -r Dfi Macrft _____ C1Hrhk|h'a I Mialrt W l( -A Nnvalljr ? ? I r- r y a; h?*lnrf. rartrn ' W'lna .? M9 K'<al? ajr. a?T*r fc*a ? Dtil I *U ? r.r 4"*- -r. ' aa ljjij. t j .tug, ilaaalaa. ,M(Hi ?# iU t Iff Kw! b) d k<aai:rnl ( oinpiailoa?l alnl ) Llqild ? ?. i<?- -1 a aa Wr*?y a- aqnal fv baa' a fyl? a?i i ?r-'TtM ika ?>ayi#rtar w akki km.i ai a ^ iv ??'*,iray ? T?* <*alf I ui ?narllatr Pala Hallaaar Ihr t>- r- I Kr>'la *t! I. ?? or i \ ntva aa a HOLM>V?T P FlaJ Cli ii??' s ill t * ? ir fn? a* ( am '.aaJre<?*?ia >.?i j? rm aa a kraftry vnaar.aa v? aar-ali<-?a II oarar f*Uk far Tar# ai OiuMti aaul i ?ailu I'm k?< ? )??? T-?^k?a Vb -kam anx! hf aj d? ygfai PabU* ?VMlrn aad aagara aara aw. All W'ka laffrr fraaa i naaaaftloa. Dyv r-iaa ilna i Irar iia?kik orgaavrai bad baakk. rm' f rnfH v tUma ? b< f ?? : oo s nruui wisi ?imu Dr:oll|VllMMrr?. Mvlfli ?nl1 hy aU drayyiaa la ikr \;> I llaraM. nv Kapiara. PtfMkMkUf ( arad b> wxarlaa Wblla'a )'*iml l*?ar Tmaa Pwnala a p irwi a^i r?a? Mrapaodara aton oMalaad <* UlklOIT A O0. anla y prMf?a. * Road ana. H. t. Puapk ad yratla. Ta Kvary Katkw H ha Haa CklMraM ?;.*rr1r? fr^t ?ar <rf Ika er?ByLda*i laak>ai in ika aarlad nt muhrnt w? aay 4o am i? rmr nwm r**JndMaaar tiamhi diraaiw rdkara aaod la Mm aay of tka rwUaf ikal wU btfiiv yaa. atwn.n:?'r wra \r fo|v?a Uta '?a of NW *tPSl/)Wh IKX>fH!KO tTKCT*. It art leal Ottv af Harata ar RaMtrt? !>?" ?? I* Ike aall turn hviaa nt Marib k 'Jo., >1 ll ?**??> *+"* B-^ua nvvnata Ika -b- -ak. durnaw rpar ai attaatna io ika ?'-ry*al adavtatlna of kia Badka. < .ra Cklkrrk a , ? ?, , la/ aaj ? a^ ?*MI frvM Bfladav. * f ^ i? %oii? ? ?I *??.*? *ar*?M?r? A h* S'W of ibeir Cne. f art" ? *. U X rut ? rkil> le nm o? na?i?e froui lbs ? ? " ~ ??? 4> t 111 li? r* k at S " 1-SIH15 rw^tltirlul j r? . 'ay*'.', at A< - ? ?4 ! 3 *?. Bouw M?rrUil. ___ KlSOm ts -Cot'** .At H'i cburd' * *** 3 fc. 1> , by tbe Ksv *???-, Bay uler and rtrtrid|je, ' I**" ii X s. -,a? , 10 ???, da'?Uor of John < ?? <? ?? rrnlii*.rbt?r or WUllam Bar* n All of Bro< -'to, E 0 Bi ' ' ?On Wi,ii?**y.Nosi? |&sr?5,?> :ue B r huw.a IWbm. ' ? ' ^r" , -y Hon J-Sutheriard, to IU,;i?Kt II lu I ?*. bctb Of tbti ic. ?? | Vxi V jK>? CaBT -At C.rao.. . ^urv.-b ''i* S ?n WVdcssday, N07. the Rev '> W i?r uittfo iRiiad.FUKiiuri B . Uq , 01 N** aC'fk cH> , loM. U>iuu,dMiffcU:r of iioa I I. tar,, F'!a!cfle!(l Ultu. . BaaiX ? On lussUAy, Novtmuer 10. after a *burl bud severs t.laess,* T. W?i?, w Uio MM year o? Hi relsliviv M)(l Irionds .4 lbs ratully aro rt*penttOe y pvHrU to MI. ad the funeral, U? - (Tnnnk-*)) at ton o'oiock, rrom his late reslderoe. No 214 burhth av. u<m. TbsreuiA'jis will be Ukw to News/*, ?? J.i ?" 1 ^BraT^-On Tuesday, November J), * U1n**Tl<^ tUneee, wb.c\i *i.e bore ? ib Ctriitian lortlluat, A. a, wlfa or Stomas! Berry, a nattvs of SohonsctAdy, h. *., 1 ued TO yew* May aho r?Atto i?*ee! ' Her friends and Acquaintances ? respectfully lBvitod to stu?d tbs funeral, from her lale reetdenae.No 34 Boss street this (Thursday) Aftoeaoeti, At ons o ciook | m _0r Wedne^T ^ember a. o^oo?t^ TOvptlon, WIIJJAM A. Bt-DO, Jr., ?f?l 4# years ssd it I ilHWeTaST tT.'S^iil ?^jA'IIIRITUSSS. ?. Alexander A aid tbe late Marpiret laabollA tAbre, *fM J years. 6 months a?d IS dart. .... nf hi* Tbe ftneral will take pUM faU rr, No U6 Kwen ftroet, corner of AtMlte.*! IlltaM bur* tc n fTburadar) afi^rnooo, at Uiree " clock R? a? tiTfA AAd frlcntU are rt^uuBtcd to attend wtUwut further D?U?vii3i ? <* Wedatiday . Nurr'mbor 21, Wiujam ?oo of John netlln. a?cd 2 yean atd 6 monttae. \l,i fornal will take place from bt? parent* residence, No 1'iC lladgoo svinue, Urooklju, tbl* (luurstay; after bool, at two o'cock. ^ I>owi* ? t)u Tu,?daT cver.tBf, N.ivembor 20, Mr* ?' Dc.t^ ?. In the TiVh yea? of ber ago .. , _ Tbe relative* tod Incnclf* of the fanHy aro rci:>ocv u? f ?5T'U1 to a'ten.l tfcc f'-nernl. th'* (fhur^day) afu;rnt<?- , at two o'clock. tro-? ?ho r**ld?.ne of her *on,Tttn?r. Lodfo, Ni' lot* Jobufc.n "reet. Brooklyn ^'^"Ka'lCSS. '?? ?gryj; a. two ./ci.4-* -rt-m hor f?vh, r * rcaidenou, No. Ii4 lt.ntb A\".Tt' -O W?n::,. ?dav ajowlnr Norember ?. . . ? ? ?*<?. li K.-mt, a<?l - ><***. 1? i ^i.ttrn It. daj i, j tiiioRhBt *hii>l ot tHtotnd fc. K. 1 ' tV* .??-!! take P'a'V en : r[,\*y aftcro<rf?n, at one | o'c . ? tT. m No ton H It avee le Tlie rol*t ?e? and I, ? ; , an I to at'tnd. ? fnrtbor ootiW^ I 11.^. ?im Wetfneiwttv morr rg, \ -ivmutMr n, ju?? i i i a k ?a" **l VfftrB, P mrntbK ?* d 19 4. ?. 7 ue frlV r.uf aud -elAtive* of the family Are respectful y I rtlled U. * ? 1,'L .1 the ftueral. fri.m bl? lAte rc*l locce. No. . ;ge \Vt?t iuiiy rojrtb ?re<t. tb:? (fDundAf) Alternoon, at tal' i-aK t*o o'clock, wltboul further uotlee. .. [ t 'ciiio ro??y liiA. r ? t>n Weduf?day, No?eoib?<r 21. lUa* i!ao?liUroi* anu kUen Hi*ljr.aft>.l ? year*. 7 anlereati?M. and frttod* of tl.e l>mily,acd th<_seof l,er tnde, tl^ibaei O Hara, are milled to attonithfla ttral, from the r.*id?ee ef her pa. enU. corner nf W tlttfc street as 1 Hevrntb avenue, thin (Thurwta)) i.?oa. a> b*i; !*?l on* 0'c.ock. lt?i r.:aa?iu* will bo tAken . lolkWwyUntl'rr . _ , , ??~ Hm*?i?.> ?** Wedue?tay, November fl.A' Oiwx*. I Kfant duu( titer of lapt Kohort Uutoblo?m. a?ed 15 ' ral will take pla. e irom the recidei ce of her lAii'Dta lAiavette aronue. two door* ea*t ot iHimberiaud ireet Jri" ? ) a. "n Kilday aVitioou at hair |>ast two o'clock. Tbe Iriend* ot the <\m''y are parttoul^y in I " i _< u Toreday, N ov cabof 10. PAno* Bao^ia, w!> of Jobu Jl .'obr*on, ac?! IH y?A rr Tbe relAtlvr* And 'rleod* of the f*m!ljr. At?o the moot be* c f T-imrklo* U*k'* N* ?. '? 0 ,?[? F ! ,*'* .f05uT5f ? J u? ittMid lit* rooe?*i, frt?ni IaIo No ?7 llerat lo ftr?-t. ibl* fThur*J?y) iltcrno*, at ooe o c ock, w ItlMtit lor titer notice U?. ?On W.dBe*day morn n*. November St.ARerA - tin rt tuneea, .Iaioh ta?u. n hi* Mtb birthday. Tbe reUt' v?* And frweill ?'f ?be family, a'*o U??'< k?e ?ol Rebfrt M Iatc hl? *on In law, Bentaml* C. Wei *, aad Li? frar<t??n?, Iiout* J Cbarle* and Hotxsvt Bellows. re rn'bt r?*(?ct folly Invited to atw nd tbe funerAl, fro?i 1 1* late r.*l"eroe,No 62 iHarltoo rtreet in Vrl Uv Af tersoon. At two o'cl?* fPMHMlr, without fur lb* tnvtu 1 ' u, j< ?'J? WedntAday. N'lvrmber 2t, Maav ( t _?TT?BA!.VB rux w "t lxnraiLD, only child b? BentArd and Marr ?eti Brli- ^nald. a?ed 2y?Ara and *J dav* Tb* frltn i* and wuuatataaoe* are re*p?*Mfully luvlted , * ^2* fuwil tbl* (Tbn^day) after*?, at two ! ? Mooma ? At hor reaidence, corner of rifty_Ae?oi?d *treet ' and Broalway. on WedneACav. Novembw 21. AlVr a lln ferloy rioe**. Mait. relist of the lata William Boom Tte relativts and frwsnds of tbe lamily ar* rsspcotfWly ' Invlded to attend her funeral, oo mday aAeraoon, At ?*N Ants'?In Brooklyn. "S Wednesday , November 21, Sasah Masla, daofbter of W 8^ Na*1*. The relatival and frleods of tbe Vullv are resosctfuily renu<.*U d to altesd ber funsral from the rasldeaoe or her ZHZTm HtAte ttrsst, oa Frldsy sJWrwoos at two 3 "sart-Os Wctnesdsy, November II, Cathsaits PS* ' \ler friesdr and sogoatstanoes srs respectfully InvltAd to attend her fonerAl, this (ThorwSay) afUvBOQS. at half nsst three o'eirck. oiw tbs resldistcs ?f bsr brotbsr Is L? Ji.hi Icat.. 280 KjistFoorUsoUi atreet, to tbs Albany boat, foot of reu'laadl rtreet Her rsmslna will bs tab ca t<i A I nan r fb? istermaBl w _ ?!??.- ? 1b thts city, on Wednesday, Novembsr 21, Mr c?u A Hajimss, Is the 431 year of bis Sffe The r?'lat.ves a?d frlitd* are rc*p?*?folly IsvltAd to . I ?t lead tbe hiseml, rmm All Mats church, corner of Henrv aad kaddwI strests, m FrldAy afternoon, At o?s ? ?In lotiislant oo Toesday. November 20 Aflst s j ?uort lilee* In w a at ?mr- r ,,, | Tatuia ? It Brooslys. to * ed*esd*y , November 21, Paah.w I, Tarxos, n tbe "Ttfc ynr of hi* **e The frleods Bed sftiUAlstanocs of the Are re rr**+fniy lav'.tMt to at lead bts funeral, Mm the resl , ZSttSmS* ha 1,7 ,trert Broek I, B. a ttbont further tAVltAllow ?* w Novem^f ^1, Ja ?* e. ? Wncir* rDlvsar.<vU|Ka of U Wool*, la Ut? * 'lT.e refat it's* fr ' r.d* of the faml'v are I Isrllet". t.. aiuod bis f-tersl. from M 20 Irvinj plats, , ?* FrUav ?fi?rnw>B, st iwo o'clock, wltboot fnrtb?? .nvltA . , B ?' j r ma t* wit' he taken to tleaeva, N. V. Totm. ?At Beryen I olnt, N J , ?? Weteesiay. No vember 21, Vot so, rel et of WllltAm Yo?a?. s?sd I M?'i'v?",a?dh,fr*esdS Are Isvttsd to Attend bsr facerAl w ibool farther sottcs, from Trinity r M-rvee Point, ibis fTh-.rsdsi , "J?* rbe lu ' m H*t? po rt hnat leav* slee No 9 North rtvsr at i ni# vsa A M , lesvtn?.Bsrtes l*lst, os bar return trip, at ?vsP M. 1 MlftrBI.LANBOVa. AtA*p A ~ *?<"VUri.' 11*1.. ?JS3w*? <?F<*?* Vm Yo-? A rA,r OftBQCABTlB ft* OKI) Tt?B? KWtRH Br JUL** Jt RI. ???<.? OmHmmmm. A f?w i' Um* ?? ?hr? j?e iiurw ???*?>,? WmHmm ' <r U?lnt w? n*""! u4 oltor ahw ?*) >iUkti ?n of I r? ),m r.-#?? | tad for ?'? ??? BOIIBRT .AIT A HO. tMBOflm f* WMrhM 'm'.rr ? i Vol ***| nf r<??IIA <*jr CI BS FOB IIBBH1A C'B BrrrgWB #ITII . ^ WHfT*H PaTBKT IJT'BB TltnflP jMI ?# lAtnir. h*! p*m> n*?* 1 T rnm iK nM mm ?? s a=!S4,SK&5?S^R are* ,,sv ; * AT (li??UPr?- THB OR AT OABD AID OTHBX IWlf A MU? IWf. i rntmaing e*rij? in ( ?rt^th*. Avchical tri at cinrMoi r*MCT??o? rn , fiwa tm Ik* tnah UimV ptp?t at Um 'VToAir* l^u laM am ?- Mine AHOI1 i.LMBjra /obmori wow WABHIM MA'.TTtra 4H Breedwey, Wrtr Tort, m4 SU riMia trwi Bnafcfr* My? CT^m'aresrag ?< (Wnltr hlgklj mnao .1 ?-* *Wrj ?M'ort u4 ?HfWIm - ">11(11 -If- Bo U W?r?r W ?*Tfci?4^r?*>iiA.> uT A *T1 ?'?*?>?? nw Bll Ml In 111 ?>! - ?* ? '"* ? *M ?J|??JI M? orl 1. K * ?? ?? ? ,2 ?Iff*! M him**. ptaiplM frwAI?a. A" ?("? r iklrMa'l ?*** J***"*"!? to <.*? OTft ? fnll Ml nlvMAm l? f rm tour to *??' ???*? rmmmL. Ml j f?? ?<w% ? MA*I? "T"' 'L?,T?H , " * J ?T ?*? ??# '? r?-nr r 1 "In* " ?*> ? ? ' ?? V( o ? IV#? >><I?M' ! UMtll t? IhA ??>!' ? ?* ? , 1< nix , |??rr Tf ? f.f MWM ? tA? ?' lA'r-i *?<*?. t ? ?? 1 rR rftt ? *4 ,,'^x PATBI . vrv. . ??-? u<? n. I . vt?? . ' ? a?i? *? mtm ' i, <Y ? i.- v "u *? -*"****4 ? ?t ? - ^ a I I, ? i *?*?* fW | flCJ iAi. w/ MAi i?t.|?|.., |V*fe|tt*T?*,% || . ' " ,' ' " ? ?l 41* 9 Ji#? ?? *Jui ?fsiir te n^.1. , . ; ( # k m w f ^ I> a i <>m * mvrtw >*.?* i r r is tier i. ?, > f? liM:*. 'Aok II l'A? i r- ? Jifr ra 11# ili?rMinniiMB 1 . / a~ t?J?ifactor ./. M) ur*r1rt ?> rwetrril .-ad w ti> "? w ? -? *? f ??r aad I add ?? u?ua?- n? Is bk. '?rar. a ii una, Pn*fc>rl of llo *anh of Uut teaueiM. Biw fi mi. ltd U 1MB Or '. o.-? fc >*?*: - ix -peerHIr !>a> 11ms ?'Lwai 0 j oaf *fciU In LA* o??n\U..c <* ih? ?*r I lo >? u iwief, at* sir awlnr ^ 4?ut<?>dwrw. Yi>rm RfiKBBT BAOB. rn^Amt of th? flnoiihii* 1m loan1 xia* UMMI ALL 3IWl?M Or 1 . 1 1C KVI AMI B*E CUUD iiY PR VO.? MOSiJUZUiKKB. Ma 1U7 Oi INTO* PLAU1, Kifth and "In* ?n*n* IV _ Bee rd few w< pm free to any addrfm. R. O CRAHAV 10? WaMaa ?reat . Bew Tt QAB KXTUUH. AO.. MX JTBPHB1I PHILBIK 707 BROADWAY, OMPIrwva*1* M r*duoed p'tn" ? Vlaadid amWR I Frraeh Bni* direct Importation. noaMta* of Ornamrcte. Statuette*. Uroiipa Inketaada, Aa As. I'ltiaMocand Oaa rttU>c attended to ?a uul. at 111 ?t trti. aid llo. 3 aium- Houaa. Barclay etreeL Gkkat BARUA1H8 Dlamroda Wall bee aad One Jewelry; (Vuiwoaa ? a~ I'lr? Banian Hturtu and all Mad* of rink Jewelry and r%atea ?>-Bllrt andhwtai Watches by the oe ebixiad aatAe a ChM&i Toy lor <<oper Tobtaa, Lerttt J an anaea. At . Imported m veasl* for coetnm trade. all warranted. Hailing ?J at mr U lrri lea* uan met to eUaa the boatoaH. IV r. rBaOOCK, Loodrm and V* B^eadw ay utalw. Hcjbb rvaxurmwa oooob at PAMO PRIOBfV Cur a Bonlhet aalti harbtK lo a jiaai mmh ana aloopM by raaeno of the pre?Mi v UUr-awubiaa. ne are *??. pair<l i-j offer, for <*?&, fU>' 000 worth c* IBTNA OI.ANMW tM -"Tl.VBR PkMID OOOOB. OH* NOBLIKRA. .tHt >/.BK ll/X'KH A M I? P?.m*T OOODR, At pr'i n* b?n*t.4.-re imkvrn Ip thB iaai%el 1 ?*" o< u: i? S' u (267 pleo?a, Pr*n*h cAlna *ad rtabaai *a l errriiTM I..u?? vr? ar*. ntlll r^lrt^>lr rKdiired to Mi in U>? v? u. Uamrot?(? riu>in.\iii>i< i f i^iir r**?'? aad iiHaea K V llAU<*HWOPT A OO , *i. i3ji ac. ' til way, -or*?ir r < 3 i"ll? h' frwnt, nlth a rl?-w u. ?wt? n wliititar ,t woati ha at. > hie u< t?!r r ?ire lan* i aifu; ib' U) .*.? ix io , Ac. AA i n" g?J "at?nt. 'ler ild oHm M*B<*HASTf BaVIITII DRAPT& BI'W, AC asrea. Ac., to onllnct. iju h?n the mumn - r mrtt Bi tended ti> by aPABN' BTPRBRf C'lKTAlfT. o LI' .?? XH ami BMIRA i'IS'is BOB ?B* i. id in lay quantity. Mtr<an'a lfa?r>nrT fwriate hU? PthK ll? s 2 TCP ' 31 ?IAMCB. O!'. 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