Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 5
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THE BKABDSLKY DIVOBGB CABS. In. ?Unlay im Uut^wrtltif Kewn I?U?M I Or. Htlu*! u?* uiharlo ml tk? ri*M, mm Um |M?l-aUf?lw Dcvtlop*. ?all of V?? la HMptcUbU llrclea? "Brna w?U?, kit Worn h^? B#_ fclad," Ac. corvTT cacrrr cor*T. Before Bon. Judge 1/>U. ?coro DAT. Not. S3 ?Tt> la bom extraordinary ease vu returned UM day In U>e midst or much excitement. The oourl room w aa crowded, and great Internal ?u tic lied among Um ?pectators. V>e member* of the bur mattered in force, and much anxiety waa evinced, aa the develop imoata pro ceeded to tee what more waa to be revealed, and bow It waa all to end Tbla anxiety waa heightened when Mr*. Bear da ley, the defendant to Um action, entered the ooart. Um la a One looking woman, with baudaome features, and waa attired la a manner to act off ber oontonr to the beat advantage. Bbe wore a dark dreaa, with a b ack Wash togton jtcket, and a whIM allk bonnet plainly trimmed, n la uaaeceaa&ry to aay that, throughout the day, *he waa the " obaerved of all obeerver*. " The proceedings oomnenced with tbe reeumpt'on of Dr. Mahtn's evi dence, part of whicb had been given on tbe previoM evening. db. miuji H svmssca oomrarao. IV. Mah&n (part o< wbuee evidenoe wm Ukon I tat evening) waa again placed on the aund, when be onn tlaoed hta evidence, aa follows ? 1 cannot positively re collect bow long after my acquaintance with the defend ant It was bef .re 1 aaoeru.ned the place or ber residence had BMt the deiendant at some pktoe other than those already mentioned prior to tbe 7th December, 1868 met her on Hallow Eve at Fulton ferry, and nooompanied ber to Peck (lip ferry , met ber the aaao evening the other aide ef tbe river, at Williamsburg; she repeated me not to go with ber any farther, the assigned a teaaon for tbe requeat; *hc told me logo no furtner with ber, but to return borne; believe too said nothing elw In on nectlen with the requeat; complied wnh tbe request; believe I met ber nowhere elae prior to the 7th or Djoem ber; aaaaltgbUy acquainted with the Kev. Jueeph Law: alao with toe Kev Father Malone; hive known him aluoo' Itoe summer of 1861 or 1852; met him on Broadway, Brook lya; I aubaequently visited Faih. r Malone; am alightly acquainted with the Catholic Bishop or the diocese In 18*6 tbe bis bop waa Father I-sughlln ; caUed on him In 18M; bad never been married p'lar ti tbo 7th of Dacem ber, 18U : tbe marriage oercmouy was performed be tween me and another person in 1865; don't know whether In Ilrooklyn or Williamsburg, but It wm In rather Malone'a honae, and by leather Malooe h!ma?lf the ceremony waa between a young lady, whom I be Meved to be Mlaa l-nina i.vollne Seymour, and myeolf am not living with that peraou; that waa not the true name of the perncn. Mr Shaffer suggested that the Govt should advlaa tbe witness o( his privilege. The Court? 1 am sot aware that he has any privilege. Mr. Shaffer? Tbe privilege or not being oompellei to answer any queeiion that may tend to crimlnato him. Tbe Court? if be la not conanioui of any crime or any thing that may subject him to a penalty, ana or for failure, be need not hesitate to answer. Wttneea continued? Have since ascertained tbat the trna name waa Mra. Alfred Beardale; , can't remoinVjr the exact time when 1 ascertained thai fact; it was bi tween three, Ave or six weeks after tbo marrlngo, I be lieve, but oan't reoohei t exaotly ; after the marriage she visited me at Ibe office, met ber aiao at Greeupomt: went with ber there In tho cara and baok; stayed ao where with her on the way; never met her in aiy hotel out ol the city of New Vork; I have met her at Thompson s saloon and at Taylor'a saloon; bare met her at tbe Brandredth Route, corner of Broadway and fatal street also at tho Internal >ooal; boarded at tbe International tbia waa before the 7th of jtoember 1IM; when I met her at tbeae hoteU I boarded In neither' wheu I met ber at tbe International ? The witness waa nere subjected to a moat searching In ?airy aa to oiber place* where be had met tho defendant. Be anawered tbat be had met ber at Bmndroth House and tbat abe had vlalted htm at hla oifl ? aeveral tlsiea after the carnage. The oonaummation of tbe marriage waa fully teillfUd to. The witcess aiao slated that a Mr. Meakea bad told biro that tbe lady he waa in oompany with waa Mra. Bear laley, wblcb ahe dented when X told her about It, aaytng tbat ber i.ame was Mlaa Lar. Tho witness then proceeded with bis testimony as follows ? j I did not Mk ber whe .her ibe had ever becu married be tore, because I believed ber; the iu in mmpany w'th a voung lady who abe said waa Mra. Beardaley; Ibeiieve her true name wn* Miss Mary Greenwood; altor I vlalted Mr. BeardaMy'a house I charged her w'th being the wire or Mr Boards ley; Mr Beardste^'a hi iaj waa In Wlllinmaburg. but I don't kaow tbe nam) of the street, after I had told her woat Mr. Meckel had said to me, ahe Invited Lie over lo tbe bo we at W.i llamaburg; did not sea Alfred D-a- faley tbe drrt time aaw tbe servant girl, Mlaa Mary UreaawooJ, aai horse 1 1 charged ber on tbat oocaa:on witb bniag tie wire of 'tr' Beardaley; don't remember what I aaii at that later view ; in answer to tbe charge aha sail shs would eater fully Into tbe fact* another I'm* met h. atib> attie bouse a week alterwards; w< nl there aa her own laviu tloa; up to that time bad nevtr aean tae plaiatlff si* him at hla o*a bouse on ny esoont vtatt; there were preeent Mlsa Greenwood, Mr Bsards'ty, h la wife act ?yaeir, bad aeen Mra. B In tbe interval between tbe two Interview* at Tboapaou a aaiooa ; tao second Interview was arranged there; it waa ar ranged that 1 should aaa Mr. Beardaley; uhe lid not ' tolly oominun -ate ber relationship witb Mr. Bjar Ui ey before the aeooed Interview; waa tnirodottl to Mr Banrdaley by Mlaa Oreonwood; the introduction toiic Kte In the froot parlor wm Ictrodjced aa Mr Miim to Bear daley ; don't resne Aber bow long I remained la the house on that ooaaalon , it waa a more formal introduc tion; Mra. Hear daley was in the ba* rono; met h-r east aay, with Miaa Mreeowood, at Tbompe-<D'a; nothloi waa aatd about the defondani belag tbo wife ?f the plain tiff; arreagad for a aabaequent Interview, to take place at Thorn pec us um night a .tor wards, aa arrangement wm ?Mda M go to the theatre; lovltud the.n to go with me to tbe theatre the night after eards, and aa.d if Mr Beansley would aooompany us 1 wouid be very bap^y, believe it waa Mr ton a theatre wa arranged to go to; It ? aaw Called the Winter Garden; we did goto the theatre the next night, Mr Btardsley being ta oompany witb us be tweaa making Um arrangement and gotag to the theatre I bad not seen Mr Brardt'ty nor oommun:aated my doalre f> him: It waa arranced to meet at raompeoa's, to have sup per, and the a go to tbe theatre; It wm arranged tbat ythe two lad lea should lnfjrw Mr B**rdsl<iy of U.o plan; after the theatre waa over we went out on tho road aleigb riding. I got and paid for tbe sl?igb we turned down the road, aad bad supper oa the way; accompanied them to Williamsburg, and aaaM borne alone, had no wife with me that nlgbt. I determined the oouneetlon Utwi .o myatir aad Mrs. Beardaley that sight, believe tbat frjm tbat night to this I have bad no senaual ooanectlia with Mrs. Beardaly to the best of my reoollcotKm. 1 have not oannot Da tbe time waen that coaaection ai>ioloMly C)as>l betweea us 1 have seen Mra. Bear<lsley write, cis't say whether or ?ot 1 have seen bar write frequently hare received lit tor* from ber frequently am acq -minted witb wbst Is ?nppcaed to be ber nan i writing (idler handed up; 1 believe tbla to bo in her baad writing. It is not her natural hand (tbe letter la aa aa->oym*as one. rocelvet by Father llakwe);] Have In my (>oaseaa<oa letter* written by her to ma; last time I aaw tho defendant ahe wm In lb* Green wood cars, a little over two tnonihe ago. spate to her oa that ooee- Cariag 1855 6-7, I wrote the defendant mora t' one letter tbeywer? nraally sea', by mail hare lh my poaeeaaloa now some letter* written by h k 1 to me, tht time next hafura mMtlag bar is tas ear*, I mat ber at her father a m this eity. the leat Uma 1 aaw her at ber father's wm a few day* hefora mettmg her la the car*, went to ber father's be eauae I waa informed by Jaat'oe Voewblea tbat she warVel to aaa ma: ?a? bar there; bad aeen ber at bar 'aiber s before, can t tel. bow long before don't remember biw long after the atelgb ride I agaia aaw he* at her boehand's houae, saw ber at her fan. jr s bouse beiore be removed to bis preeent dwelling don't reomart how often I saw ? her at that house, don't kaow If more than ooee; can't be poaitire if I taw her at ber fatber'a preeatt boaie m >re than tw oa: heard from ber that ahe waa tbe wife of Alfred Beards ley , tton't t a nen , I am no* mirrx 1 aad rMldi la New York; the ladr now preeent is the one la whom I waa married by lather Mai ma, when 1 sa? her at ber rather 'a bcaee tae owr-neatioe , waa not ta retat<esi to tbla diverse aell; Mr Bsardeiey came to e?* me at Fort Hamilton, aad brought a gaauemnn wit j b.m who rtqaeeted me to give my evidence la regard to a divorce sail; told blm I crald give blm ao aaswc ml i aaw my eo>mael. think that wm Um ftrat Intimation 1 nal at th'e arttoc: am slightly acquainted with Mr "haffj hate beea to hie office at No. 4 Beekeaaa etre t, into i rem* aber vbea. It was after this rult ommeoo-d: went there isaanne I was subpteaaed there, a sum-nra* wm handed me to npoear at Mr sthadar'* oflloa at a eertain time, tbe aotlM wm aervei oa me by tbe H*v Joa-i'h law, weal thare more that oaoe doa t raco: eel h-r often, about two or throe timee at ibe Oral vieit M^*?r* BhaiTer and Iaw were preeent, tne geaeral enbjecl of non I vernal ton wm ta regaid to tae marrtsge; deal remember If anything wm sril about tbe divorce (nit hav* *?>n Ibe Rev. Joaeph ljtw la fnlmn simet, ones incidental' t: Mr Law gava me tbe sobptenn nl Fort HtmllVn paid me h tan en tbat ooeMloa; dtn t recniert h >w mirh ( Benrdeley, by reqoeet of eonnasl, here ralaad her vail, wtei n arrlea of questions were put and annwerel, evl dan My eatah lablag hir Identity, hat which art onS. for I pahUantioa.) Cross fxamlaed by Mr Sbafler? I am from forty ns to torty two y?ar* of ag' am a married man, livtag w lh my wife, was married by aa F.plac >pal m:n sv r. in Trnnty B*venth street, near Ninth ar.nue, eity of N'.w V <rit I have oa* ahlld, aM quit* two iron lbs old: hal aooiber be Tore i kaew Mra. Brardaiei . It I* sow sevea year* old It war horn before my merri^w with V n 1-ymoar I believe tbe oath I bare talsca to bo blading on my non aotese' know of no other form of osth more blat og u>an the nee I hart tak*n; barn never stated in tbi* ?f*>"^ ray lor and the Bar J??opa Law tkat I ?a> at liberty to depart from tbe imth any lim ' i?<"ve' ?jnled to them nor to alth?rnf them thai I wiall ao thlrk nay thing of n man who would not *w?nr to n lie n? quick M lo Um irntb, when there waa anttbiog to he mile by ltj aevar lived in UM.ada came from Ihe county o Roerommon, Iretond, and .a^led m New orleaae in lV or 1M1 (rtltfnl <]tiiCftoM wero he * nqt to in? ?fj| cess, aa to ma flin -eot place of rMidraa*. evident y With the view *f tenting his powers of m mTy a l of whiehJieaat wared reacilr, an r wb'nh ha naamed a* Mlons) ?I came to New York la 1M1, whore I hare rrmnaed ever sum. Ilred nl fori Ram lion one year. whlM there did net apply gr law far money to inable me to taaeatrip to Kirooe ataea 1 laaded la New Oneaae I have aever paaaad hy any other same than Jamm rmaola Muiae, bar a never been nr reeled, cn which nrcaalon f gave aaotber a aaa. ko->w Hi "bard BMteed; cannot toll bow king, did an tetl th? Bev Mr Law and Vr -naffer that Richard Bosteed aad got ae to swear tbsl dr* Bra-tsley waa toe woman to whom I wm married by Mr Mal'<oe ? tbat I -jniidnrad it aa itan'l to be aeke.l to *wesr t j eech n lio? 'hat f b-a-1 done (gbliag for bim?bnl UMl'fbeever ask?d m* m awewr t" suca a lie agaio 1 weulo breel. every bone la b? bf 'r; Me.rrs It* an 1 Sbiffor waatct to aair wltt t w?'.;ld tr.ttfy In tht esse; den'l ree)ll<Mt aottMrg thai a r-.r~ a hatwrea m ? ami Mr Bastend >a an; siiay* n ?nM jT ?'j?; ??*?? ?? *?? Baardaiey; I bul to (el! the whole ?tory "Mfcrt ??*, wkM I i Here follcwed another aer tea of painful qnestlona ud teed^'tfthi?'!** ?f * Ter' hMr ,UI" morality, iTd ru j't L w. . IT* trn#' 19 fll th? br"d o' ntr.,!- ? ' braanwood, bat whloh we of such a nature M to preclude publication ] * ?Our*r^h?n"D4,l?11 ,Jl?" M follow* ? KeOOMeCt . * ufK>B ?e' wh"? I *" about to go to Europe *p? ,(> PerP?ta*t? testimony, out dou't re-' } flr,t "* ?? MAy the ejfy p?? ""7 1 1 r eon wood ?u with 1^? L ??*" "J*1 ' ta> 0Wed Ul?ai frora rhntaptaa', ? oon to Btro io'i , la light of them; neither of the ixtiL invited me to follow them: the r *e h ud Tm !Ln?^ for. they ,01 l0 UomN .treet the, ^'^^ ono buck their buu were turned lime; don I remember whether thrfr han fJ -Jit * thsir sides : thin* there were no peo?? ? *!*, ?/ Uw tn Mr. Shaffer's ifr?i?? ?h Jl r t^e; toCw **? scrtbeU for Miss UrJi*f^ f occiitontlly pre 000"de'?bl* ?!?? be. dont of the r,?b^W^ lDcl wu.zz-rjxri.? "age, bot I cannot ny how loo* arte? it?, T; ? aiSSS Be*rdik?y w *s lifting up a young man to iwoir that rfra Boar<*8!ey vlb guilty of a/dtery with m.-> ?n,l tht .wore to that if. I wcu.d .h^.,; ^ i of t ? nMtMoe but the 1L1 'oticf , Haul [waa met bv a E? lEM?11 9l,7MM "?? Ulntra 3^.? VtolS bc *Qew a>;J Iron being ia oomoacv wlthiir. ? ^ ?'?y ? ^e ssfced me Jf my nemo w&a not u s siirSSi^' bf- " making a ^reat deal of trou .le with m I aud h T*? sp trrz -sasi I behe^ed i?W2 ^ ' Jod, Bor wiy i4 humbug an l thaV I womT,! .." "" c ,srv?n? >ib'? ?? ? ?>' "???? M Ur ,L ? a," ?S U,i""iUi iuore to. but that if my present wife know t i^t I bvj I maflei li^y Groonwoid. a *iQ(|o woman, tho ttrst d>^I|Hfe 1h"J r00,J' *nJ tlMt ,be wonl<1 baro urn tn JSfJf.1, W' "Jt romeaber liaTin, mado any u ii thl ? &t 10 th0 Rtv Uw; " l Uil the Ksv Mr Uw that I behtvtd tha Litora I r.) *?r0 tlrooowond; tola bim I had tbo ask(Ml m? 10 ducrlbo them, aud I toll him I would do to; remember htl aaltlng me (or lh, 1#Ma? ! don't reoolioct telliog him that I hat doatrVcd il"^t ' prevent my wile .cibg lh?m; told him that I woufil deatroy them; don't remember that 1 told Mr Hjoti*/ J b ??Uh? ferry hoa? taat I had do tro^d tho n d n't rn m?m>er thai Mr. Huntloy atked ne I' I V-"'- ' r? one orthom.anl that U I hTTbe would t^Vy^'X a ?Uht, called udou Mr Herbert G Law a hrith'r nf'/h! U hTm^tLmVl L?m m " or?Prl?*. aad latro-lax-d mv.?if ^ ? Ihtre waa no truth in toe a'wr tairf ?i I V .? ^l1"07 w** to m.- th'ric I ?aid that fatler Mai?nu wa* m-kinz a:: o me l? the worlJ; don't rt member that ! aali th? 'attier I ?1 i-f himself in pretaiidln* th^t be had marrle.1 me to Mrt BeardMey; miiht have tieahlLf oi the kind, rtou't nm.aihrT wn.-n next I ? ?" Herbert O U?; It wai aCr U ? r " ,,1 ey and tyou. at Fort Ha ' I ton doa't remember whrthw It wig Iclorc or mier iho Fourth of J ily lani. R Rit*i\ ^?UU1^-T|10 f ^mlnstion was returned by Mr Bi<8lerd and aftor M'Teral idiwits tin- w tr>ia . L wi?n."d a? jury to uadertUn 1 thai ThTraaZ VLl So -ra acasrsas ??? wtTr*0! } T<"'J '"" tUVo.intVnq^dTind"; I Oiirtcg the e.'aminatlin of the wltoen which on th. ? fccto 'Mteo nearly ter boor., he eJSrt^' Um to answer some of tfio queetiuoe nakinr fr Anient apoeu. to the Ooorv al to wh.t'her h^VhfoM ^ v^1^ ^ that, on the ground that ho ouaht rd m k compiled to ci Imloa'o himself. Toe Urirt^uTrldVm owo?w iwtaf, admnclfblng him that If be did cimlnate imik.i he migut toe 1'abie to tmprleonment in tho Xi\t* pr.too, Md thai If heTa. con.cioua of no crime^o w 2 fe^oanaw .v^y qu?tluIl allowed by Kart ^ cr i*K'a wrinixri Coraon W. Clark, e ? orn ? 1 reaide In 8?venty ninth Saw ^orti; am a memb?r of the tb^*trVai [)r>. feaalon; tn iho year* U55-? believe I wa. mana,^, t-Jf* ii?*?Jm;am a.:qnalnted with l)r. Mahao have u? 'I? Jl wr "I ^ ,,?h, 7Mr?; 'are ?eea Mr*. Beard* j?y el the Museum and on the tlreet s in-? wi? i hir? B tur for ,0lue ?'* r?r* a* a vlflwr to thu Mu**na MR ?i.c? avtiw,, *. ?tr^ *>? V If''?' ,wo,'-! rml("> ?? "2 Thirty f^rth ' *"> ? lawyer, have beer a-.n oalnt-d with thede eadantabont t weir, year.; hare?n >w?Or ** ^,0 ftboul ?*# or *li year., rem-?uvr /(>r two or *f' lE| d*f"0!,?B* ?? company with itr Mahas fV* **v?ml U??; anew her at that; bare aeea her In e-^tny with Mother lady without bim rrmomber having a cmrar ?ation with i/r. Mahao In refereoor to h?r he knew r*>m me that the lady wa_. tb, ?> of Mr SearrtalH Uil the exact Ume. bnt beller* it wa* a-?ojt a'vear J e lg ht<?B month* ago, n?ver hat aov <v>nver??il >a wita Ue defendant In nrerenoe to Dr. Mahaa. ??, . <k>0'' reme?lj fr that Dr Mahan rrcr nailed the d. feasant by a?y name doo t rcnrmiMr thai ha ever oallod bar Mrs B^rdaley; I .poke of her bv ^2 .b'r ?*'k'a? with anot-ier m2'.!v^ ? '0e,a, ta lb,OB" ??Jln? dowg. ?*Hti him, Doctor, I uw you walking In Broxdway with a rtrr pretty lady " when 1 .no?f of her a. M-. B*" if? ha evlceed to purp'^e. Mahaa ta no nutlcoiar rrtond of bla .a the foM? Court; never told aryb>lv It th? r-> n ??'?t '? ruber of Are or *,* , exarotaat'on reaumed? I aaiJ to the l><tor tiat tho lady waa a marred lady t do not know that he ?*d aa> thleg ha did notooatradict it; the woman wn ?m I pro noiLoc i ie be Ur* Bcard.iey M no, ,, Jf1'0 prove the reddcaoe of lb* i lalntiff. ' n .?rrjuar avitmiica. Bamoe! T. 5?torm*, *wjra? I ra*M* at So |,o?; Broal way; hava knowa toe deftniant elcce I?A? made bar aoqkalntaooe at the M.ieum, know Dr M.Uaa by *iCht from bavlaraeea him with her; ota'ttell waoa I Drat aaw th^m to|rtL?rt fit theoi in <V)n?paay on Broalwav thia ' 'a I aeea he? at tb* Vieum* m^'hiv? ?!i *7? *A"' : m?,, ofl*' ' m* tbea ' U(1 00 ooavafwatluo w.ih !??*? wb? ther U^t maTv 2? *11 lh* ,,IM ,h* *U f T'Df teei.masy; bars not ooerensd with the dm. rradant about Dr. Mahaa, ha * oon verve 1 with ber Are ?r ?*H??; hava know. Mr B^r l,le, abont ti .a^ u I iuc' ** h*r* lrB0** Wife; Ontaawhim ( 0 Itroadwav; sever waa ?*rr.oa?y arTiainVe.1 with him ? m t!Tl .1 **r?prmnt with b<m! ? aa taking wt.h them when Mr Beardaley case ni> 1 do not knrw wbere Mr. Beartfaley n*tdiw Kigar Beardaiey waa rt called, aad proved the reeldeooa of b;a brother, the plaintiff. dea4 BU"V'*d m?Tel U,M "* W^r* * pot Id a* ?v1 Mr n?aff(T oMected. oa the (round that thay ware not prod toad oa the rtiraet atam'nMion of Dr. Mahaa JSSfiSF" U4e ,,HUr, war* '? "??'t.i*. ex Mr Bo* lead aMed the C mrt If be woa'd alliw the bMel ^ f*ul ?? avldeooa, to aee wbathor Dr. Maha^ * D*'"" waa on i i. Tlia Cunrt>d that ba won Id permit |f. Mr Bj.Me.-d- Toea, ?o ,r bouar, with the ISeap^loe of tba ref later, oar rave la rl aad ^ Mr ,iha?!o* atked permit* on to recall Mr Mark* woVl* ?r?l U< ?? ob^ll? ,r tBe OPP*!^ oo;:n*al Mr. Buitwd?W# are di*posed to be genToat and will ^.Vte" r* **" ,,a* ^ tab n??*5rr^ aafS'fc. "? *J ,h'? lb* for th* defence. He ?aid ba wgl Id prove that the whole cat* ?u a o-n?ani U? pan of the olarnt'fl, to nila hi* wifbta f'.V* 00,1 A Bot ?ol,ll,u* to obtain n. ney from 'her father t " carry oo bU dta* I?'?oour*e of l.fe, aid that it would appear that the weoan whoa Dr. Mahaa had 2?Z2ti?dZ? XS"- 'V,r,l,'*y. bul ?*--y i ; r?ea wood . Lseooclodad with a paretruata app-al to the Jury, ri.e (oart wa* tbea aJjouraed to aiae o clack aaxt day. Aril rr> Pt*' j?t r* a I>r*o?r? Cam ? U%rf Smma ?>! Itvan.aha* For irtiay, wa? untn into coMo-ljr t.y pn'ioe ? >o "roU. or tk? ow-'Od Dut'tci PWloa C >?rt, tm oterfc o> rerjury, pr*f?rr*4 *|alMt k?r bjr Roiauii 0. S?tft. It# *cco?f .1, It ?pi wm ? wiln-nj id ? dlToro* (a't l> twr?n Mr* ?*1fi id I b?r Inoot'l, Jobs H Swlfl, In U,a ?i.p*-<,f C rt of tbi* cttf. gb* *11 p'?s#<l up* lh* M*c1 t? l?p?*n?i th* r!.?r*<-v?r of Mr* Swift, *nl la lh? O'SrMcf b<r t* iTIIiiiM <*I ltut?d U>al M ft K. ivi lltniUad a!o.t?rjr with ? Frrc-bmaa r*-?*1 ! r Oo Fl >'o. Mil *?lft ieBtr* that lof Impripor InU-o iiJH trtr ??ilUd hct**ee 6er aoJ ta? trtoch |*uU*tn*a la q*?* I', n ?-d fnrthftn"* brt#|* forward Mr r on aim p I to pr.iT" Ui? (A'aiiy "f Uie ohar(? An nflMavIt bar lrg t :n roaio by da F.ota to ibe eff* that b? airtt Otii !9tlt?J i '?l??rr wild lb* onmpltliMl. th? m?f lslr?t? di?ldc<l t j ciai'nil la* M<MMd for *ia ninalioa Tw? Ci* ;*??Ti H*fl T??n* ? Th* Cio?lnrM1 thtrHU r>f 1 Tu??t*f ??)? ? a our (f?nrr?l market* In ?!?; , vim urin c pal I*??uro ?M .1 'l*Jiia? la bo* ? , ? In ?> I >IJ at MAI fi r pr???rl d?wi?erjr !/?<? *" **Ara<# m |*>jnt* w?r* r>fltr*d ftr *r*l wtek at M If Tae d*olla* fr im tha biybrit |<rtrw*carrM.larera??* a 30' pw I?# poaixlc. ?uy*r* operate *utt?w*'y, and ??* ir#?etat:j envon-tHf for iow*r G(ar?a Th* ??*lh> r bM aot !><">a fa?f>ral>* ??>r two ??*??. and t?n*, liberal fwn*lr>t?, ha* sonin but~1 in tv> depr>-?* or. T#?rev til* lit lw?tf i loar hours were T C<* ftral, anl tiuw tha 1?* 11 t aot a'a'rsv ti #*! In lb" C< r*? <-vl i* late l??t f-ar. Th? hog* *<> iar ara fyfl* i p-r oiol a*twr thtu j lail jaar j I'nai riwrv-w I iMmTTrvrrD ? Tbo Po?? 0<t.? ?? Kb *bl'? ' <>?*? Aiwfanr ?xint/, v?* ut n*n i#jm iltAM Covt of Ckaartl "tnlifi, Before Judge Rusatl. ALPEXMAN WILSON IN COUIT- Till GRAND JIT IV DIB cnAnoiD? a* CASK OF ?BC :i VINO STOLEN GO0D8. Nov. 23.?' The moet of the forenoon ?u ooonplsd In M tencing prisoners who bad been convl:tod, either by oon fesslon or by ? jury, of varloos offences during the term. The first defendant called to tbe bar wii ex-Alderman Wilton , wbo was Indicted for await and battery on Al derman Ruttell. His ooonael stated that slnoe he wm brought before tbe bar of the Heaslons a civil Suit had been tried, which resulted In the award of a heavy amount of damages ($8,000) to Alderman Kusoell, and (bat as tbe complainant had no vindictive feelings to Al derman Wiueu Um tnds of justice would be subserved if the impctitlon of a nominal line or taeiurpention of judg ment The C ty Judge took tun same view ef the caao and brderel Alderman Wilson to pay a Lino of six cents. Daniel Clark, wbo pleaded guilty to stealing a horse , and wtgoo, was tent to Black well's Island for oao year. Jaseth u 'Con nor, a very rospeetabie citizen, who at- j t< ropu-d to ttrlke a mlorcd man Darned George Hlggtns 1 with a large kkife, pleaded guilty, but asserted through ; hit counail that It a us purely acc; lenul. Several highly rttpectable fenUemen tettifled V) tin1 peioetble character 1 of tb<- delendant, which had tte efloct of mitigating the ! punishment. The Court ton U need Mr. U'Counor to tbe city prion for twenty da) 1 and ordered him to pay a fine of SI 60 After bearing numerous unimportant motions, tbe (iraud Jury came into court at n*?n, and, through their foriman, presented a batch of 11H Ictmeuls As they had set ed upon all the complaints submitted to them, bis ' Honor discharged tie Grand Jury. Contrary to th* usual cutt m of Graud Jurloi, they raa Je n > presentment, and It It not probable tnat tbe public will lose much by their failure 10 do to, lor the pretcnlaionlt mtae by their pre decesiore iwm to have been unproductive of producing tbe desirable reform! of our tain abuiea pointed out In tbtte olT.clat documents Tbe newspapers publish the commu nications ptoned In the Grand Jory room, bat we bara jet to learu of the properly oolsIIIuwhI authorities follow Irg up tbe toggestlons of Grand Juries In ret ptct ti vio late ns of tbn law and the reformation of many glaring abatis la tbe community. A number of prison era were arraigned In the afternoon, ( ord in consequence of thu largo amount of criminal hutl Deet undisposed of Judge Rutsjll will extend the So~, em ber term (or three dai t Tbe only jury I rial during the day was that or Samuel j Lory, who was charged with rcoelfng a qnantltvof tllkt and velvets, valued at II 800, which were th? pro rotdt of a burglary cimmltt..'d on t'10 store or H.-ury Trowbridge * (>>. , No. 39 Walker etre st, on tho night of the 9th 01 November. Ton pr'nclpal witness for tbe pro locution was Chariot D (Ty , allut Sklnucr, who admitted that bo wat axporuied with two wn, named Thcmpeon asd Uackhutt, In the com mini on of ihe burglary; tbe process, which was a quantity of rr? Bf alii &r"l ti'.k velvets, irerecarrtel tn a hutment In Frannlin urcot, occupied by Tnmpton; iubsc'id?otly they called upo ? Mr l/ovy, wh'i resided at 1M Kat Broad way . for tho purp<*e of Degttlia'.'ng with him for the par chare of tho go? dt ; be (U'?y) went t3 the basemout In FrankllD itreet, looked at tbe silk, counted tho bundles and paid $21 '1 to the burg era, tu-j properly w*? rimjveJ to Mr. I*vy'tbonse in tho afternoon by 1 eol jred man aimed Jobrson, wbo was employed by th> burglars to r/i'ry tbe trunk and b>x containing ths goo< n Tait was all the evldeooe adduced hy tbe proaeaatioa. Tho "efenre produced throe wi nets'*. nam d Coarlet rialta, Stmael Harris and Flonr." Lues, all of whim were auctioneer*, doing brm en* in Cha'.nam street. to J produood tor the purpose of cstabllthlcg au alibi Mr. Jmlth tw .re posi tively that be called for Mr. Levy on tbe mining thu w'.tnim for tho prosecution swore be till Levy ths goods, ard lbs' he waited iown town witii him to hit ttore In Chatham street, acd lbs other wltnefet testified J that they bad t'-en him during tbe tlay The jury did not ] pluce any confidence la the t-ttlroony for the <le'."joe, for after su abt'nco of a few moanW tbe Jury | etrae liito rourt at baK ju! four with a vjrdnt of gailty. : TUI? anocuno/metit tttrlled the o^uottl for tne d> 'ence, i wbo den aiided that tbe Jury tbould be i?Uel. The Clerk i called rncb juror't name, a->4 thi result was tbe tint at before. Countel wat proieedlng to comment noon tbe 1 eitraordlnary verdict, how the jory taorllijed his client, I aud that ri^ht wat one thin.-; and iutttcc another, when 1 h. v,a? cailod to orier by Uie.ludgo A motl jn to post I por.e tbe t ntenje wot made and granted, but au appll : r?tl n to permit tbe defendant to remain ont on ball was denied? tbe rtatute pretorihicg that when a persou la I ocnvlctrd of Mony he mult be re!tlnel In eust iy. Ao- ' oorditgiy Mr l<cvy, who sppeared 10 be ,1 very respect* ble am, ?v taken In cliirgo by one of tho of ^rt aud 1 conveyed to tbe Tcmht ffe onurt room wat thronged by a tiott of l i t. r i'ur l.a? In fact ?1| the mock nacli^n 1 tbopt down town mntt have been closed up during the trial, and when the ;ury pronounc<'d tne .mi t t v they K em d am> .cd. Ibo Court aJjourueJ till Saturday. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Botors Judge Qoold. Cli ARGE OF VrVF.IL Not. 28.? r he Penjie ct John McKeofh and Wife ? The rlsoncrs wero Indicted far tbe murder of Panic' O'Rnnrke, to September toil. It appears that tbe deceased bad ? quarrel with the prisoner on an oocmIoii privious to the bomldlde, ?nd It is alleged that tbe male pr;s< err, with tbe aid of his wife, (tabbed the deceased lr Ibe I ie?d. and tfcat be (l ed saortly alter '.he Court a?*lirnrd Mr James T. Brady and Mr Michael Dcheo) u c ulii l to deferc tiie prisoners. Tbe testimony Showed that tbe prtainer (track the de deotaetil with a sbaath kn.lo, and that It eatored bli bt.?d at d 0 Rourke fell Immediately. Ado O'Roorke, the * ulnw of the decseM, deponed that at BkMl m itiMk d>?'aacd waa McKecgb; deceascl (aid to prisoner, "Vou have cut my bt*d .er y bad. aod ?hen I r t ?o? down on Ibe P'Jewa'k I'll tbow yon whether yos are able.'' (he than adrtcd brr husband to eome in, whir* he lid; McKeogh sa'd, "Why rton't yon rflitc out f If ( catch you no tbe landlrg I will kill yru or yo? will kill n.e O'Rorlte ea'd "H would take a bigger man than htm to kill him ' O'ltorke Una wett otil of the Joor. and Shi followed. (It tfrKeogh, with the krlfe In hit band, (trite ber bus I ?nd In ihe Lr'. , MrKeOKh the." puilel the kmie out ol tbe wound, (nl enilearorec' to get Into his own ro ,m, an 1 deceased oaught him by the hick biood ih Bowleg pro fusely at this time deoeaacd tlien fell, and never rose again : knelt down M ret tbe kalfe out of prisoner s band rccfuo'iJ at o? time, when prisoner's wlfr came be hind ber aid caught her roujid tbe nock, and totd Mc (kiugb to (tab ber (witneee): lb y attempted to do M. but did not succeed thoy toio b>r clothes ber buebaan waa I j Irg on the ground, dead, all the t!m? on the H? turc ay precious a dlffltulty oTrtirred McKon^-h r>t de ceased druck and con.metu.ei to beat him, aid Mc Keogh's wife struck him with an axe oa the night prerlcus to the m irdor Mcheigb aatd that be bad a KOiffc to kill ber hnsbanl wheaet er ha got a cban'-e Cross f xamtoed by Mr Hend?? fu married three year* and three mottbs; knew the pr aoaer abjut four mn tba before the murder; on tbe oecasloo of the prerl or.a quarrel neither MrKeogti nor b la wife were dru ok, '?i ? quarrel witb M Keofh'n wife knew Leyne l>r>nswrnt to bed about half past s stso be waa be twiendrvak aid aose- i- aa?*d wai quite sober when we went to ?* 1 lejne wan lr O'Koarke'i room daring tbe alfroatioo. there waa another woman present during tae affray on Batordsy : thla ?omau waa adapting to strike but band (in motion o' Mr Dofaeay the female prisoner was dla ( btrged, and the MM waa aubmllted to tbe jury by the oc nnaei aad tbe Court as against tbe Male defendant only, at a late tow tbe jury bad sot agreed. Sapreme C'etrt-lpttlal Term. Rrfore Uoa. Judge .Sutherland. salabw of ma n m?u. Not. 13 ? TV? I'eujU a t the Mdatien of Willimm 1 ftf.cMl rt. Rilirt T lUwe, Comptroller, rf? ?Tbe q neat loo ie this oase s raised by the relator'i d'marrsr to the retcra of the toaaptroller to an altarnatlre writ of mandamus, re qatrlsg him to draw and sign bis wa-raat oa tbe Cham bcrlala of the city for the payment to tbe relator of M.2C0, alleged to bare tae a audited and allowed, and to be dne to btm, as ? Jnst'ce of tbe Supreme Ooerl, or to ?bow eaose, He Tbe relator was elentM a Jastioe of the Supreme Court prior to the yenr 1?42 and doriag that , year aad sn^aeqaaaily, antll tbe Irst day of January, ISM (on wilcbday tbe term f .r which bewaselastod , eipued,) wm a Jost'ce of Um Supreme Court, resident In the First Jatleiai district. The oompeaaatloa alowed to Justices of tbe Purremo Omrt, by a general law at the t'me of tbe relators election, waa HMO per annum, and ti le r^mpeaaatioa was paid 14 and reneired by U>? reia tor during bin term of ?4Dm, aad up to Uie let day ol January, 1IM (?? tbe l?ih ;ty of April, 1?53 the La g'ulalure pasfed aa act to tha eflact that tb<- Board of SoprrTtoore or the ety aad oouaty of New Tork might raise by lax. and pay to the Justirm of tbe *upren>e 1 loci l nsttfsat in the First Judicial district, sorb addi I: ,cal atoraJ rompeaaailon M I bey might ssarn proper Tbe Bnnrd of PuperTiaors Uier'iipoa pa?sd a 'enulation I r it sa additional aananl oompessntloa of 11, AM to tbe aa.o J oat ires Is tbe tax levy for tbe elty and co-JSly of New Tork, provuiei I >r by act of April 10. laM. aniens scaJry soma af mooey tbe sud B>?r 1 ?' Buperrisor* were astborszed to raise by tax, la tbe nsual we), for atrrartgea nf M5I, Ibe sum or Ml,!* '. wblrh sum waa ?h ie op la [art of tbe sum ol H a-V). so alleged to be ' due aad i>aya>le to tbe relator aa extra oompenaaltoa on Ser the (at I resolution of the Moatd of Pnfierrteors. <ta4 of other rums alltgid to be doe and payable to Jatlioes C Imoods, t'lwarda aod it'ioscTett, nr d?r the aame resuoi \ ti"n and aa like extra oerr.per nation; a?d wh n tbe aa' I | altrrnntlTe maiitamaa ui this caae was great*!, the tax<s so auth r zad by tbe act of April lv, 1469, were ? oetly onllected end paid. The H *r<l of "eperrwoea, oa lb* lth d?y of A igoal ls.Ht, |<aaec1 a reeomt > n I aud'.tirg and allowing the )>lll of tbe relator for M A<'> fr r tvih adil tlcaal annual oump** aetlon as Jiiatk* of tbe foprtiue &><>rtof tfce I irst Judicial dlatrlit up to 1st Jttiimry, lfc.U, and direct it g tbe Own, to pay the relator ibe s im ae allowed, aa soon "ndsl tlot al atr ial r?>m|* i?ll >n Meniud wa? mace uy toe relal'W or the ivuBpirntKr la March, ISM, thai he sho-itd Rtbeamoost so altowad to lb* r*i?tor: and ale'' th?l 'hoo'rt draw aid b ? warraat "a the Cr tti l ir loe pa> n'ot of that ( j<n. but th>> t>wspirulie? r* fuf d situ the rijhl U tbe retit^r to Ibe monay ah. <ld be Jndletal iy Inter ^nlne 1. To an a'ternat ' m w-lt af m ?a dsn. as, rec.ittnf r< b(tai.tlally tbean fvts, tbe CMintrn lee wake* a rrturo admUting ail tha ma'.tera of fact srt forth la the writ, mi ?tmlst'Kg that tbe act nf the legislature of U-e lettl April, I'U, alMinlag tae Riard of CipwTleora to raise by tax and pny such adoili mat annual oom|>eaaatl >o, wi far as It author aed, or waa tnt' nded i? a'.thorlri t*e ratsisg aad paimeutof sicb aJ iitlonnl cmpensetlon to tbs mat<>r and otber Jnettora reatdetii In the First Judi cial district, elected prior to tbe parage of tbe act an I In nfflee wbna it was p?MrJ. and r"ariej tbe teems for which t^ey tad been eeTeea'ly elerted, was and Is nsont St:tutlu.a . aad that tbe same, aad tae said rsaolwtteM of tbe iioard nf CuperTHo-s, were wholly without r>r is ar.d ?r perntlre as tn tbe notices last tnentlmed. a-jd did not and <tr> not nutu >riS'* tl?? pa . tae jt of any amount to *ltl?< r of the said Jnstioea. ro tb's retirn t>?? relai <r de lii'ir ?, 'n sa eleborM* opinion, graatf tbe dem irrer of OuptiaUar.tHIb r.ets r<^tirse! for tb* relator, Mr. mil'man f r las . >mp I, li H Auuaisvs. Th? Imuu Baili Krawlia illDITIONil. AM) INTKKMTLKU MVBMMMM H ? WBBILB THS BILLS WKKK KhQKAVKD, AXD lit WH >aE OB PUR. Id our lint or yeaterday wo publlabed the fcllowlnf

paragraph In connection with tto late frauda upon Um Boone County Uuk of Lebanon, Indiana ? A requisition (rum Governor Morgan wu received last evening at It? police bea<i<iuaMurs, granting the removal of Joseph Sweet to Indiana, who <r*i arresieJ on an allegtd charjjfl of lorpery oa the Bnoao Conaty Bank of lodiana He waa to be tak*a on to Indiana tn an early train thla morning, in the ouatody of ueleotive ktcOord. Since the ptulloatiou of the above we learn that the prlionerSweet waa arrested about a week ago, but at the express solicitation or Justloe Kelly the matter waa kept a profound secret, and had It not been for the unexpeoted Interference of Gov. Uorg&n, it la bard to aay when the n.atter would have been deemed ripe for publication. The complaint against Sweet wuu tut do oo tho 10th lnat , and on that day there were threo afhdaviu filed agtinsl the accuied, frcm watch we gather the following interesting Information.? Job. i T Older, of No. 2 Wall s'.r^et, depoaed that be waa employ <><1 lu tho banking bouse of Thompson & Bro,; that on the 28th of October, ISM, ha rtorlred froai come person unknown ccrluui lalae, forged and couuler fett bills. pi:rpe>rt'rg te be of, and laaoed by, the Boone County Bank or Indiana, for the payment, re>|<eottrely, of tbe sums ?f five, ten and twenty dollars, In exchange for current turds John W. Oodil, Auditor of the State or Indiana, depoaed that he had charge of the Banking Department of aald stale that to tbo latter part of August or Se,>U)mo?r, 16C0, o bank known aa a free bank wu urgauia-d lo said Slate by tbo name of tbe Br ue Oounty Bn k, and local ed at Lebanon, lu said State; thai the said bauk dopoait ed wltn the Banklcg Department $66,000 of tha bouda of the States of Virginia and renmwaee. no which It wua eiilltled to lasuo bl'.la as a circulating medium, and to be circn ated acd used aa tconny, tbn mm ot ? t&.b'/J, thai bills to said amount ot *46 602 were signed by depoemt as Auditor. and 11 H. l>.Jda? Kcgitler, and Issuod ti paid bank , that Joaeph Swo< t and others or gantael sstd bank lor tne purpoae and with toe intent to obeat tbe people ot the Unlt> t States, aid tj Ilia', end >n tbe city of New Yo-k procured bills aud circulating me dtr.m of said bank to bo engraved and printed, t ? the auiouct of ab^ut $3C0 COO, and to the am<>uul of tiOO OCd and upwards over and anove tbo amount wiilob by law they were entitled to Issue and circulate; aud c imp a'.uaut cl n'gts that taid Sweet forged or prooured lo t>e forged, and ooumerlsiied tbe names of thia depononl and ot said II. 11 Uv''d to and oo a large amount of aa;i Bills or r.ultl, purport ng lo be notca r<r bllla of said B^one County Bank, and t>ctcg tbe noies or bills whnh S v?x t had pro cured to be eo engraved ar.d printed as aD >ve sutod. aud nut tbe bllla Issued by thia deponent to aaid bant; and said Swoet foloniotisly tas"ed or caused to be Issued tbe forged ami counterfeit bills purporting to be the bll s of said llojoe Oounty Htnk, aa money aud as genuine bills, to the cit is?ns of th-.- Sta'.es of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and New York; an I oo or about tbo Ural day of Novembor, lbOO, Id y is* tad, or caused to he issued aa 1 pasted to John ihom|>r>>n, of I tbe city of Sew York, 1100 of said forgsd am oauterfuit I bills, with Intent to cheat and defrau-1 aald ?h >wpsin of his money and U'.s goods; and tne comoi.vnioi prays i procets at alnst the said Srect, Mat ho may be di-a.t with ' in tbe premises ace irdlog to law. WaUrruan I.. Ormsby, engraver, or Now York c'ty, tost tied mat, on tbe 14ib of Novemoer, 1869, bo raoetved at. order (Ifrt l F. T Meserol", by J i dwott **ent, lo ei gravc a steel plate. 1, 1, 2 3. and to pr ut i eOO no prert ions frcu said plate, aud lo engrave auolaer steel plate 6, 6, 10, 20, and to print 1 OCO tmprosj> >ua ttu r. 'i all of tot Uuoua Cuuuty dtuK, <* I^iaaoj, Indiana, tha Ogur^a were meant to re <r."sfwnt so rainy dollars on said bsnk, en the 2d of Iieeember a written order waa given by Its same partic* and signed ta tbo ?a no way, altarltg tho orier 'orprlnlii g t i 5,000 '.mprea'.oas of e?.-b piale. At d !I'er"nt c>tber time* the wituess state-d he ridived orders to lorreaso tbe autrbers of im prrsstons until the 30tb of n- r ra?er, when tie Imi'rea j t' ma amounted lo i:> 000 that the im?rcasi<ias were done | up lo park mts of 600 ea-h, aid deltverei, together with , tte plates, to raid Sweet Tto packages w ore directed 1 to John W. lK-dd, Auditor of tbe Stale of ludnua Tne wltners further stated It^tbe tin I seen a p\ lcage uf bills, j purperltcg to have Ix-en istjed by tho Boone Oouut/ | Bssk, In tbe bauda of aclerk of John Thump* in, a port; in j ol which wars aald to be genuine, aad a porllon thoreof . oo inlcrlrit, aad that all of aaid bllla, both tne gold and I tho spurious, were prtatod fr-m said plates, anl were a part of the sstd tin's or Impressions delive'red to said ! Sweet by the wttieaa aa above alatad. Sweet, la bis tTaoiinallon before the miglstr?t?, svatcd lhat he waa lorty two veara of age, that he was a priu-- r i by to pupation, and resided In South Se;m?l street, Wil llams'mrg lie denied tbe rharge preferred a^alast h'm, i and said he hoped to be discharged aooo Toe ?r.?>uor waa arrested Dy officer Cumm'n*n, of tbe T.ower ! ollca Court, and not by datecllvoa MoUurd and El Idr, aa pre 1 ?lout y staled. I NtWi from Mexico. A BUCK OF TDK KOCUhl) CONDl'CTA IN LITIGATION ? VISIT OF TBK PAW !*KE TO TAMriCO? OrADALAJAUA ONCE MOKE, IK., ETC. LFima ibr Mew Urk&ca P raytinc, Soy 1H 1 Taarioij. Nor. S, HBO. We hare dow ? little excitement Id tbt* piaoe in r >o*e qv.ccce of $400,000 from tuc condu Is rut> ;<-d by Dego.,* do baaing been given up to the Brilnh Ao'.leg Minmler. Thai ?Dii.unt i achod litre oa tho l?t tu*i , under nbtrg? of ncr RrlUniiio Ma - ety'* Gontnt. Mr. OVnale. of lb1) city of Hi rtoo It ?ii detained Id the liueloai Hiu*' un*i-r kn i?rd<r Irciu President Juw I fir I pro rata dialrlbj lion until tbo 6tb Irit , whei. denarii tiirzt a1 lrcaeod Mr. Qtmutt A note my lug tuat that order waj Abrogated, At d that the money waa at hl? itapoaal. la iLe meantime ibe Krincli A at I -g Ociul . In beba'f of <\|| the Interfiled parti r. excepting K gl ? ?. and Aaart canr latlci an attachment oa the fundi, auder a demand for a pro rata rba.e, and It la now uadergi laf tbe alow prneeee of ? Met Icanf tribunal At the faatce time <ne own countrymen hare not b??n (lack in demanding their pro rata (bar*, turougti Mr. Mclane and tbe or o?u'?t? at Ihta plane, and A formal de mand I aa been tua-lo by our Ooaaul on Gen (Jarxt f or tbe proportional stiare of American cltlzjoa, which demand .? *i Haloed l?y Cjm trailer Hartatoce, of the Cat ted *tatee at' 4ucr I'aaucc. now o(] ibe bar, aud acot huner for tbe purprae of acifainlng tbe Juat rlghta of American latere*! Jur-h lathe rreeeat p atare of the qaeetioa loach log the (400 MO, but wliM wllhe the reault la a roa caau of ? qul^n fabe " on the eight of the 3d Inal tbe troopa of thia city, filled v lih the coble teDtlrreat* v. b'cb laaptred their r <tnii: it der id chief, (.an I) *?Uado, c inoeirad a p an fir rnpblag that (41 G 000, wfc'.cli wu dlaoovered la time by Urnerel Gerxi to Iruatratc tbelr pralo-.vorthy efTjrt* In deprlr r.g a few fortlrtiera uf their poaacfsioa of the product* ot tbe country Tb: Pawnee will la all probability oomc la tho river to a fu a daya. TAwrioo, Mar 9, 1** Tbe t'nlted Ctat-w at earner Pawner, commander Hirt rti-ce, one of ?ir moat tflMeat nfflcera, armed at tbt* psrt a few day* a'nee. And Captain H la now a float of Mr Chare, the Called Mate* Avian' tare. Tbe object or Oouuaadir Harutane'a rift to Tamplco 1 la the pmUcikiD of American Internal, and more eapeel- I ally to aec that tbe S4G0 GOO. given op by General Hag-il 1 lad? froa# the coDducU lately robbed by him, be not re moved from Tamplco until the pro rata tnlsreal of 4merl can e i i*ei>e ahoul? be aattaflel aacor llng to '.he amount Of tht.r clalma. The a*nrceaid aum of A100.000 roecbel thla City aboct tb* Iwg'.BDlngnf the pri-annt month, under 1 the we of Mr (ilenale, ber BrlUnn.c M*j?vty a oouml at the city cf Mexico, and la now depoaited in toe Uuatom Monae, under aa It.; unction froa the Judge of lite > .rat laa a? a Ii- .lb Mr. Chaae and Commaodcr Hartitaoe are acting la maoert, and bare made energetic <l*maa *a In behalf of tbe rtghta of tbelr oonotry men oa the gorerameat of ibe Htate, wh?>, etraage to aay, appeared to faror Mr. (, lee a Mi 'a viewa We h' pe, Uoaerer, that Comaaader flartatena win to aawtaafal ? recorerlrif a pari nf the loeaot aaatalaed hy Am r can clllataa. Tbe Pawawi will nol leare ber Ma tk? at Tamp too nstll thla qneatlon aa aettied. Tbe right aaanmed by c irerc^r Dam t > aaarcb Amerl mb rtraela with coarlcti, which *aa obj cted to aol polteted a;a'n>t by Mr Cbaae, bat be?n reportel to U.e l^gatioc, who fully auttala the rleara of tbe Coaeul. Mo atw* of Ink-reel haa yet beea ronalTed at tamp'oo fri m tbe interior Tlie alege of Uoa'aUifa waa ;> :abed og *ita t v<w. but with what aoooaaa la ant kai< ra. Cart Andrew Nalaiai, or tbe Atn*rtoan brig KMzt, of i CharWataa, dlad at Tamploo oa the M Inat , aner a ahirt , ijiOdl, Taanoo, Sor W. JS?. Raw* baa been reeelred here to day 'if tbo flntl ren II- ? t.oa or U> adalajara. No cfliclal report, buwerer, had brea pi. bl. abed, and Tart one rumor* circulate In the city. ! Hr mi well Informed pcrwwe My that Uaadal*l?ra waa ! taken e pur f"rf. and tbal tbe carnage waa terriole. It la airo aatd that Marq .ea haa been defeated, tafeaa aad ?hot The arhorner A'phooalna, t ? *a!l In a few daya for New Orleaaa, will ao deabt take oat the official repjrt. Army latent* eare. Preret Major f. I Porfr, Aaaiaianl Adjitaat Oamal, laa tieen, by order of the war Deparlm' nl, aealgaiil l > duty a* A'*'?taat loapect or lieaaral, atid dlr.'jtod l>i r? port for fortter ordera U > the h atl "f Ihe army. (arU'B WlHlama, Aaalrlarl Adiatant (I'ii"?l, I* rr . red from daty la the A IJaunt (on^ral'a ?0)M, and ilirarti d I" pro<y I ta th t!. ad ( mrlera Ih-par'Tt' ot of lb* Weat, and aaeume* il>? dutlea ol tiia ode la that da partaeet Hr jadler O -neral W !? Himey.ia aomrlance with hi* l?*irof ll'.i . tiae aeeuwied lii? MMi4 nf t >? * part in nt <>f U>a W?at Hoi lieadqaartitra will b< , for tin pra art! ettabl ?ti?d at "t l/inta, Mo. l^are of abeeeK' fbr Hi mitb^ la granted Mailt Oa locel O 11 ftnawtaa Pepaly iv iart?;rin?aier Mereral An < *t<-i iHon of thre ? i ?intt a le??? of a'wreaee bar b-"n t< jUd Maj?r Caiupbell Uraham, c .rpa af To^igraphtcal , lu glabra lapia'n P R Jr>aea, 4?<*atant Adjntant Omeral. h?? bxmt tered ta the i!ali?a of bl* department? [tepart- I i at ef lv? We?t? and dieeni< 1 t<i rep >rt at tha hea l 1 qnarterg uf tbe army f?>r duty aa A*aiataat In-p- otor tic aerai. Anlrala aad Depatttiet. AUTTAUn ' It reroor Meewrh'a afr ?-?? Cba'!*! and iMtlMP. I Km 'Jrai , n aa A <*rai. b * .' ? (Mar, Mr Kr??<a l*df ael l?fant ?r("lHa* acdrr air ? etrlea and enrar ?Ik M-il bert l> ? ? >. Mr M Miuheet ant lariv. Art fi<aai 5a,ldaa*??er km * ard ? ttee, Wr* Kinr wd to*. Mr \<ee. laily. ta'>at, ib"e eA: Hrrv aad lW"nnr ?d. Mr II W Hr'neeu, i' raeda. H (?r*r )t, > < r ea, J M .Ir V cO* Mr //?'tirifn, Mr d H i^e Mr lirnl?r. Mr He MeOariy Mr. I ))*<?", J U fan da, J I* A 'man. P Kleg, Mr IleTV-k Mr T H Br?l' ??. Mr T t fee Mr J D Me?rv *r * if W<wll*r, fbwaQMtlll* Mr I' Ke'rhfi, rn Merer A K.rr;#||<-? ? in, BM?li#pl J ?e"?tl *r Pa te*'* ten resale aerraaML 1 Mt ?. Mr W"4fe Mr Heller, A fctrau**. be Pwrtclta vil My, MieaPalrt*#. "t*a FmiW, V a weifotd, MM! Ma 4M rul. I. r ?M l-? !?.lr and eSiUl, Mr t * i irae Mr I >1i ?r ?? I, A Wr**' l * l Ita-fc n M' ''a <n. (? Kia*v A A K'.lre, r w I a!*s, a lU ii*fd ar Toitbaa. .t Taaatt, k u w??t?. Mra H II *??afor1 at 4 Ib-ae e*t !r?i M e* A '"rowt*?r Ml-a M Croetbar Mi 'luraer Mr t ^ P K -v* -I- D nl < * d My. Mr Ml*a?a br Aattab iry, Mi.? A A orehard hil.i-aey, A MMba ltt*rrooi ??n f.nfrrvi*- rraT-fneA'a F?'iwtl . 4 * rt | 'aad- Hir tt#tr.4>e a id t*o Wilt* >1 a> r i P ?""air. M' e , jinwa M'?a a W ??!<*? i, ?*' ajr, Tala ir <??, ^otdaena aad T1 ?? Mte atcraga I T?? Camtral P ?** <*? | altUd Pursuant to adjournment, this oouHM W? T~ lerday morning U halfpast "?n? 0 otooi'' *l Houm, John Mcleod Hnrpby in the ob^ir. Mr Jurni Glass, being ? worn, Mid *? bean em 1 ploj ed on the Perk two years since Isat October, - lor* nan of the stone cutlers outttng gmnlto "J free .tone. The men work in sheds during wet, but not (luring froe y weaiber, as the stone gets harder on that aoojont. One , man outs about fonr feet of granite per day. j Columbus Ryan, being duly sworn, 8"1??1 forenanol the rock excavators, and havo been so em plo\ ed for about t\%ojee /?, t neve charge of n no ro,.lt , gangs, and the men are .object to ibe .am- rulf? ?* ordla nary necbsmcs when working by the hour they are paid *t (be rate of elevn venui per hear; each gaug has ^a i Lb foreman, independent of lh? general foreman I have I been sngsgod on the Brooklyn Walor Works end other plui' when bJa?litg we .end on at least Ave uau dr.d feel from tbo pl?co where we aro g>.ng V> h'ast the precautions taken to prevent injury to life oo U? M* are Mperlor to thoae Uken at thi a |J ace at wcrka; I have been engaged on Put>?? ??'' W" "J? two years am principal assistant oa the Oroton A^ie duct ano havo been eigsged on tho new roeervolr aojot four yeu. and we expeSi to have It Oalaned aooul a year uJK.o as to be available, It will hold about tw> bUJont of^aUoni^^g <worn Mld_j Uve been oo tho Park as general foreman a!nc<! tho 2tit> or ( March MM It would be dltttcutt to make an I estimate ol one man's work per day, 1 was general i I .un?rlnt?ndent on tho Bergen tunnel, and mill Ib^e miles of the MaryvlUe and Uxlngton ro%d; too men emploje'd on the Caik will oompar* favorably wuh ,T.Tn er knew, and are a groat dual ootu r than aire eT la hor ers, ir a ian do.;, not wor* up to ice gene ral standard bo Is reported to me by the foreman , and I dismiss him: If the foreman dots not repirt such m?w rac I dmnm the rorernso; If 1 found a icm talk-ug politics I would dis?l?s him. Thomas Uoary, being .worn, saiu ?I b**? 0P? cr^ag.d fweman of U>. wboeloarrow ?m ou the Park sinoo the 2Hlh of April, Mis', a n. an * beuU B?o\e about twelve cub ic foe. -f ord'?g earth per day ; have been engaged oa the K.servoir to a men get the tame pay on Ibe I'ark as they do oo the R> Kervoir, and, as a get rat thing, do more work oi too l'ark ; In .lack times there aro tuo'isaods of appll" ^nU for wtrk, but lately, u?icg to tue quantity of ?vork going on through the city , there has not boon so mxuy. W*i<lo Hutching*. ooo of tbe C?oim 'tuonort, b? ing (worn, said he Ihougot tbo nsm->or Oi com luBSlener. should be r.oueed W no*, more thin live b? doicg so It woild throw <naro r> spoosibility oo ibe 'romalu'Bg Commissioners, tho igbt It ?oullbead vnutsctous U> have a iwrmanetit oomra sH'.oo e-i^bllshed. H u, svebblos.a Commissioner, being sworn, sal t lie ?hnnld be rather over.'j to reJacing tuo nnnii) >r "f tho ! ommitiioners oo the grouaO that it would b? Inj ;rw? tnT^ oontlnuity of tho work; the ?m?i-. u^ork leg at present vrith g- at ursulmliy. and hi woaW not have It reduced untli ihe w?rk oo the Ptt'k .is ci>a . > lod, afier tho Park is ttnlshed ho woold be lo favor of ostab lishlcir a ixn maneht commission, but to bo oompose 1 of % KB.mmb?r tl..n the prt?nl is, and to oo ^parato proton Water Works, *'^;.HfOrlnnren being kw.rn, Wld-I .m one o, the Ccinmissioners of the Ctnirai l^rk.a .d tbo ( .m_ mission would be moro eff cilve by bjlng reluced to four or MX, and to have it Independent of the city K'"?ru l ment, us it derives Its power from tha Mtio !/?( j 1 would not be in fever of re.locieg tbr num <?r of tho | ? < iniii.SBioi.erB until ?ho work on tho Park ShojU bo iirawiug to a termination. . Mr Julius Kellersbergtr, Civil esglnee-. f're- htod the following riiort to the Hon. John Mclyjol MurpOy >^-a4lr" man of ite CommlU-o of InvesilgUion of tho Ceatral ^Wr? In pursuance of your appo.ntmeut to exanlni lhn works of tho (X'titrii! Park, dated O-tooer 16, I860 1 ha. o carefully examined the lluHhed ptr^ as woll | as that in progress of erection Ttte tune * rM',' | u o ittikU'iu oeiiig O' lrparatively v?'ry tuori, cooilder- : Sg t * sSJnttnle, .xful and diversity of Ue works ?i struct uris, U would also be t o volumlnou. anl , leosthv to reler to the details; I ihereiore c ?idense the ^fs to the maln point, commote ng with the draln^ asthemu.tlmi-oitant jk .nt of tho preMi vat.on of tho The sprlru'toral Jra'nsgo of tbo Central Park .Is e? rcctnailv and satisfactorily executed, al'hOTgh they hvl tome very unfivorab e ground. The wi at r tuoaai locted thioush tho estenslvo branches of th' Ira n tils , runs through vitr.Ucd plp.'? ?f pr..;-or to tho ?!'? I cous brick sewer, and gus pvirlUud In M?r? lof , rer coo.tructlon before entering as tewdort tnto th? r> sne-ctive lakes Th? whole dratnago !ajj o io? the pe netration of the frost, and has its proper inc.i-atmn aud "Tne super llcl.l drainage Is also dons Is a system^ | acd improved n.ann-r, and the cap?-Uy, r?sp-tu-e d - I taores and location of the sill basics so arraoKSd that even the btavlMt ralrs will not Prol ice any 1 1 -ro isi J* maxc Ai both these systems of drainage sen to to ?undent ar.d ade ;uato t-tho pr.jiont wents tacy ^tUl w hi j prove more perfect oncer the completion of the Park^ . 3. Tno roads are done In a very good l manner noth-ng was spare! to m ?ko the-n as pirfea as ? ??ble tt'lr p.-ojier drainage, the r-eulig of the ro*l l ed at.d foundations down according *' l"" i 1 ?c?trrr? w\\\ kf eO il*?? bwd dry , fcod tavolf e I I [KXWiM-H. ??'?<?? " 4 '^"bridges already sreeted uil Jbo^li Pf^" , mn?t substantial and ptrteet cbaracfr Their iM to or archlteciu-e u identical with the Ideas aodsys abTvo and Ss. ^vcdn p natural that th oso Biaay prominent superstroctdres Diesrat to the publio In general a somcwliit ? t fl and artlflilal app< vrnnce It Is oalf with tno gr<>?'h of the trees and development of tho landsoa^o that tho t fleet of It will be fully apprec iitod^ a Th? ivfttem for oondaoting ?ia<t 4litFli)*iiin| io? water for Irrigation, foottaios and watering pU;esia Iron ' ?ment dido? Is a gooJ and cuonomlnai one, and of " , ^ " ,?riT^or all ooottngeiiclrs But It is my opinion '''.T-f .'^b ma^ul u , with such c-tly .tnc ture, ought to havo Its own Independent "'PP'* of au 1 cot draw It from tho Croton Ao-iaoUuct, at IU future ripecso of an In-ren'eJ pop"l?ti>n. the^ aro als some ei.vated grounds In the torlbera part of tho ivri which cann<'t be suppllod trim the reservoir. 8 The works are carr .ed on ender sulflclent aa1 proper ,u? * ? "l node, a sir ?t d.sctpiino. Th. h^order aod^syitem prevail In the d nerent offl?*s, ?* w"|' *" , the grounds, and in that r"S|.K>'. the enfai I ark cur public work in tho .lleli'UW towrapvj s th^ U. 7 f mallT I woold pUWi lhat M io Iho i?Un *4opt.<i \n ftftil i/wuw oultf th* Ptrk, rtmuncoi, locmiton and n^ror ooastfwetlva ?f t?i lo-r tr^svsrae rows Int, SmTwi and walks, the graceful gra 1<* and eurratnres, rsgoiii cot bridges, beautiful lakes andploUroBqnelsnd they do as moch h 'nor to the taste, rednemeet acd of tbe matrot> >lia as ersdlt to l? desiguor a^d e*a "of whlcb Is respectfully sobwillted. A.I 01 WB tfcLLOUBKilQgH.OTll * Vsw Yoas, M->v 33. HM 1 f\/? asi'l Cbnnfy </ N<* Y? k?Jalios Keilsriborgor. j ? ?? ros nier b>\i* sworn, ssys that U?e fofOKOlnf i by him H, m *ll rospects, oorroct Md | l' Bworn to befors me this Ml day of Norsmjwr, 1 1W. OMoa W Wassiui, r>mmls?loner of l?eeds Tbe docuaeot was ordsrod oo hie, and William < raven ! B,rip^r' g th. ^moMUe the a^alrmau ' to rw'Ti b* umumooy sk-^ii ?#ih? Th? t BiiiUM Ifcw >ur?od, tiibjfol to oa of jc Chair. Coroatri' UIm< r>Til Rwn t of 4 Fmirr ?la format waa re?e1r?d U tte Corner rk' rffloe j arte relay to tbe eflaot that a Uneaiib named WllllMt Bail bad died at tha New York HoaplUl (no the of a fractured akull, reorlred on Tu?day, wbllr ?rr*l'd la a 8*M with a fellow workman namaJ J<bu Crowley , at No. 71 Naaeau alreet. Coroner Sch'r recr, o? iBreat'fntlng lb- iflfctr, nada the foil jwlng di? onrtrlfi:? I?eeea?e! aad Crowley, It appearod, wrra ea gaged a tha aliop at M J Ollhooley, Ni. Tf Naaaaa alreet, are prrrloca to tba Cgtt la qre?tl<ro had a way* liwa 00 lc>d terue On Tarn'*? rf?* aeed, while eomewbet under tb? mflsence of lienor, ptrkixl aqiarrei with Crow lay, aad aoroaed btia of b?r ng alaoderod Mm to blf em I I I Crowley ladlfoaatly det M tho r.harge, and la tiie eiclt?n."Bt of tbe mnoi.ot unatcnH up a n.allct and atruok deoeaard on tta h?ed. At tL ? jaccicre <;;:boolry inWcred, aol Buti Ml tbe ?bop ted west lt.U> lb" f'Sry rtire next door. Snon afler entering tbe gmorrj itora dooaai" I became in?e t? b>, atd remtlted in that cowd'lion until the nail day, wbrn It waa drewd necxe?ary H OOirtf him to toe New York Rcupltal leery alter tin* w?a paid the ua fhitLtate maj. but h?onatlii'ie.i I y* tcrday roornlrg be eipiral. Vpon Baking a poet mtrlem eiatn t.elioa of ibe body tbe pbyalciat at the boapllal to cad th?t the ikt.ll wu eiunalrely fractur? 1 at lie baae, which lajary ww undoubtedly tbe oente of death feared wi t<Mkiitit?d l->r Crowley by Uie Serge i precinct noiloe, bet op to la*t fTftittif they were unable to efTjet h '? ar rrrt Ban 1 waa a aatlte of Eogland, aad wai Aft) eit jeari of if Be )'??'* a large family la lamest hia lert. Tbe lcqntat will fc? be d at tbe Maw York HoaplUI U a ff.orn'tg Form P*owi??t> ?Coroner Srfclrroar be!4 an In ^ tea jr?t? rd?y at pier No. II I ?et river, apoo the body of ?n i.i known iran, ab< nl U irty Art ) car* >< ago, who w?a ?? ctd drom aJ. I?cewa"t wu atnol hal.t, bad dv* hair and foatrc, a? 1 wae drtaaed In a blafk p~? >rk?t ? r. t plaid p*' i? Ilia body appearal to hare t> ,ea to tha witer about t?a dajk IVtAt Hrkairn Cart-am ? Kb Kr.gllah woravi narnad O.ari' t*a Ha*?"n, rtr' !iag at *o I N.;?r Bowery, while a*ra?r4 Id teac'-g. ?? W? ima.lay rreninr, ?'WllanUlly flat fcre to her e .thee, aid Ik ore tbe flimna eonld be e* i i ?> waa fo e*Ter< ly hnrnM that ahe dl?l 7" ter ley is a'taeq <mm. U>rar.?r rtublraer liell aa la 'iuet t n|".a tha b<(dy. Vtmru Ar?ir?rr ? Cornafr * hlrmer ?!?o brM an In qr^et tpr? the br?ly of Andrew ftnfw?ki r, ? M ab<*it ? ? 5r%?atf aye, realdirg at No 401 *adi?<?a ttreet, who d'?4 from the ? (T-rta of Injar^e* a ?!<!? ritally reoelred by briay no orar by a hirae ar l w?f<wi ia <<>anl Mtarday laat. Verdlci la a?oor??noe with tba abrra facta. a* r. .?? ? /?; . "\'KT. (Vera ) t?rsraph elree ihe ,?r<l-- . ?t? of an tlo ??rt of a man ram/d l.ttt fl. Id. HTjnf ia ?r?on. Wlf- of U* rge -a-?*r.?, of U>*' "hn '? ? ??# I h?f etklVrwi a-xl weal to (llooreet^ r, oo-iar pretaTOe. on ! I. . t Mi#"" f>?t ?? "?? V'?* Tl? l '.itv ,..rt, , ? ? *? 'e: ,>h (Wa" nt'i* . ' 'tHe?> :?! rr'^'el.thi faelia i |?* U.? V -M '? r|PT4. ? *' "?? i "t'tl .d to AOton "W WuklagtoB Correspondence. Wahbuhitom, Nov. IT, IMC. TV Com of General Harney? He Dtnet wilk iKt Premimt and Secretary of Wxr ? TV General a M% Uionaire? freiidmt (Jabwi? Ths. I tniron i C*ndtdate$ for Futi:urn?T\m Cvru-tn and A, uH ioei and Puke* ? A flr-.tkadou.-uig of Ltnuoln't FuU ef?Uu PuiUvatl amd J'ruJ-TUial Corwdtralwru to be Ctai ?n Making liu A]fK.tntmm'+?fra,ern>:*twn of fclitx cxani?l'ixtr'j, Greets]/ ami held, ttc , <tc It would be worss than h waste of lime for anybody u> undertake to fbllow up tbs rumors, oounter r-imors and ominous ex caihedra gt rings out of the dsy. Jor exam ple, In tbs '-suaof the Tinul of Ins 10th InsUat, tou*. Uig General liarcey , It !? state I:? Gen. Hainey baa obtained IVom the W ?r Depsrtment ,t*v? of ana-nce for one yew. Toe lionoral has rootnily loel hie wUe. who was more than oediuarlly a c tuipanlon, ail r leer anil oouuMi.^r, vltLuu' #how obwriD| prose oci be teens uw? auother man. It 11 to be b^tXH) tbat bit vialt to Euro(?e will aid to his rorgetilog iho unpleasant features of the San Juan ailalr, and oonduco boaoAolally to the state oi his at present Icllrin baalih. Tbe facts are, that arter the "slight" censure Of tbs gallant and kind hearted s? by Oov. Fl >yd, which wss, In truth and Intention, precisely no oensuro at all, he wae InTitod to en fanille with the President. Among the guoets were (iov. Kioyd and Uol Jo. P. Taylor, tbe only brother of "Oid Ztok" and an old friend anl brother etliuer of Harney <>o the day following the din ner Urn. Harney wm Void a; the War Department tbat he coulil take hla chu. aof taree things? a year'a fur lO'.ph, the Department of California, or the Department cf the Weal. Ibe reccnt dceeisse tl Mrs. Harney, who was indeed "more than ordinarily an ad* isor, oouusePor and oona piuiou," left no dec. re on Q>a part tj f an Part*. Ue baa, therefore, written for the return home or b>a three children, has assumed ooicnand of the Department o! the Weat, headquarter* at St. l/ouls, In wliloh city and "addition!" himself and children have a proparly In rlgbt of bla lamented wife (n e Hulanphy), be as "loaant by the court .sy,'' of sometb'ng In tha neighborhood or I've millions of dollare. "His pr??ent lortrm bct'.tb" will somewhat surprise Muss wao hava recently seen hi? ; for this Iron mi. , who never, In a long service, was on the sick list or plcalei indisposition of any sort, was never In better mental or bodily oondltl>n. General Harney s:aols fourth on the army list, Generals aootl, Wool and TvrVgs being his racalng officers. He U, too, young In years, though old in service, bang mow but slightly' turned of City, -jrn noar tne normitage, bo was always a protege of *>racral Andrew Jaeksoa. In every liluatlon aad on evry servioo L' irney has never filled to ' come to time time may and will de mocEtrato whether or net he tn "Wo fast" at .taa Juan, or whether, alter all, the "onpleasant featirea" or tbat "afl^air' ' will not bo found n l?.ef?vor rather than aga;n?t him. The Of m pie* ion of " Ancient Abraham's" cabinet, and the special species of laaaruset who will he mvlted "rest la this bosom." demand hereabouts among the par tics v. tally Interested (an 1 their name Is legion) q-Jlte as much of anilely, direurslon, hope, expectation an 1 "ail that sort of thing, you Ituosy' as ibe curreut events in the -suany Boeth ? ? 2ope spr ngs eternal in tho noman b resit;" and as Tom ("?'?vln (more of a demo-rat than an aWitlon republican) tad jciwrday an hour's Ulk with Sesretary "Jaka" Thoaps .s, rumors as to the latter's suoontsjr In tho Home IV|?rtment have g ilton rent. Ovrw n is a "trump," a mau t> wager on, and it is ooriatn that te can til places with others, even though ho him ttlf fhail dccltnc to ll!l anj piac-s at boms or abroad. <ov. Corwia'a oonr-rvattm and lib'Tal repu?. 'a? idi ?s make bim rather a Uvor.w t'?*n otb^ wito a 1 narllts * h,l ' tin b"n hommi- and p >t?nt Cumin or tragic rapabllltiea (a I Iston wn?-n ho plta?e?) ar.' very w nnlog. "J*ie" Tbomp-oo, who ai >ne nf bit c>;l leagues has es est'cd cfLturo or c? muy, wi:l of oureo "move IMS tMNita" on tfco 31 or Marco neat, aa1 a? hr hai i>y h'S wboks r >bllo ooursc made himself tne mat In \ rslp ul iw will I e th* n x: Senat r Ironi thai -laie. provided alw?) ?, an3 be the fame oi.irosa'y uonerat i d, the ii j Colon rba'l be etio p^rj-e'iti As ?vldi-ntetn?t "Jsas Liellevf S inliotb.he iu???lel a a?y s;aco. of his funds "Ijin* around some tb.rty ihoutaad dolia-s in the tiraad (la I and H'ssla. i>p Hallway. Krevioos, how rver, to bl* tasisg b.? s at In me Ssualo, he w II, tn oosiiMny w Ui bis tsfma'jle and worihy wi'e, paaa soma r rows in Knropc, and may svea fol'ow np <?en Ca?s anil Uov. ?v.w*r(?, si lar as to "go op m Jerusalem, 'and "pa-s ov r Jordan," a.d ei?n.u;o tho ri.:ns of the "Cilles ? Now C-trwiu baltsves In ' lake" almost as heartily all he ro ? in Rwliarl W. Tbou.p^'n, of Indiana, ao Ue cai'ad and, "IVm" aol let us r-^aoa t gotoer ou ? corral topics, and partuilarly on lhi? Home l?<>i*rtmeal, which you have managed t? iu r ttao any o'.ber of your tribe has done; lo in. y "tore?aibered." It is curtain and s iro that n'j man of tho scho>)l ot Sumner, "Viism ml Aeuiwortb will bare any place among ins coos ltuitonal aiviaers of tho ri uning man. It is alto a Died fact, that Wiongh Oor win oisclalins It, be can have the arrangement tf sioso thing* es well as others II is game . as t aat of I.lncoln, is policy, Oonclllatloo, oJI? ant of Vitriol with out fair play, l. uonln musi have a live aad sura Congress In b >tn brkocbes against hlra. Supposs be cooldojas Into bla favor soma of the so callad L'nl >a ptrly? lor as sn-i.le, nay one Johu Hi i (aoo.rwhat known), as Secre tary or the Interior. What then? Vory g<?>d, 1uotn tne par tyot too teoond part, bui John B. U wouli get so ealangled , It tatobafrarad, wlta tueciia^ll?llonsof I'enelea, Patent, and aocss Uaaa all, the I^nd Bursass, ibat ha would, al bis advanced period, go erasf. Nevar fear, nuutli the other part) . lor It will b? politic, wiso and piuiimt lor any Ssoratary to Seop.lf he can las man, J, * Wilson, where be U; far It U said that ha b maclf is SI rew l y onalllled by bis oipcrlocce, indomitable eoerg* , tmtlrli g Inuualry , general and ^eisallle Inf irmalloo, lar "no W'Sac a place." H is, ibsralbfs, agrsad, aodajstood and arracg^i lb*tS) much of l.ia?oln'sp>iiCy is sbado?e<l '"boIwooII Bell take pos*. or posltloa under I.iBeolaf The fm t is be has s,?nt so many yearn of his life (and ha is cut uo ' chicken") here, as ypeakwr o' iba House of K?,r?'rutativea, ^oator in Oongrtsa ??<! * ? War. nat the ftdera' capital la mora of home to hltn than Naebvllla. B?si'lea, don't yon see thot.gher and boiler motive? the salvation or tba I'olin. -rhinK of tbat. Matter Br > ks,'' "plala aaa pike SUIT, as Lord Tnutiow was woul to say. ?b-s last was a"Stoanar, C Thrr' is a man of errd.l and ranown In the Plats whWh anncally prodocaa "a mlMon o' lar anl ^'Peo^e. called i ilmer, who la form and features, even to l^e boa ud ooior.of his skin, is Km urwit. Thii Ot I North pute" lias lately declined, utterly aad abaolotaly , to have any part or lot, or to "Jlne In" with iu namesake ttouth^ No# mlmer may ha orerooma to tak^ the P?,u? 0D?" fllit ?! by hla relkiw ulliiens i.r?bam aad DjbJla, and lor the tame yaimlle and politic rraaoM that wooM C"?" lb ll Tti' S foo ste amHh?r "lamaal of salvation of lbs Inlon, and the admlaisiratlon is topp'ied. By and oy. A%e it looks all very w? l and f?aaible as prip >sed, hut there two don't 111 the reuilremaaUuf the 'irrepr?*atble ^? Mark bow plain a t?l? sba'l pat It down 11 hath brra so arranged np.a? politwai aad .?mdenlial ?" lli lis as to prataal ao aame wbiafa tha Haoale oouldOtd any reaaenaiileor dafansible causa to throw out "JoS, yoa see, while (tewarl re ma ma as Blag pin and beadof U>e forees la U>a Hsoale hla/ tv* aihatas, proposer and ?d rooale it (iiumffti c me K?%fU, a full blow* aad pop? ?r 2^.Ue^or.?.H,Stk.ror?.o? at tha bar, aid a prop and pillar of Preaideot I. loco a S churea mlli Unt o lu school t?r?ahylarlan. will sooc?-d onr able i and taortlmis mend Jera Black la this, loo, wa has* t? oeelry Where bad the hea-loal where ha wsBifd her. KovF aTC. af-w Mn join's n-minatloa, ma. - Ibe nsnteat and briefest sptaea of the ihree drawlrg salt tears from eyss naoaed to w?p, Uov 8. ward uneoedllloaally, asd taoyiag ll.a Lijcc>to S name be ac?T?ed anan mosaly, pledging Me a Tort to ? makitllv lor kM bat HtUa In advance of what sbe gava. flroeley was fross that momrnl the friend of Brother r;~U r-Tblr-rhaps ^for -r Jl^ ba m ar y p wltloo at home or abroad he jaay r-baose. vsrf f<nA but how ahooi tbe pramiert ?hen my lord of "Nswksrtle" was tako^, am .ng the varto is prominaut naraoas with wb m yoa bava beioma ac) .a-ntal, whak rars have paitwularl/ strack yoa as repreaaolatlra BM . n.e I)Tke replied tbat he had See a many of whosa ahililtea, M , he bad forwad a hl^ "P'oion, b it taero war* two wfco bad Imprtsaod him sUonglr as meo of marked ebararler and denldtd powtr. belo.g^ra qu< tud to name Uaa, ha repHed ?? Soe Banks^ saehnsetts acd Mayor Wood, of New York." Now, doe t yon rte tbat rerranrto Wood is not the man for Seuretarj "f-nb?* f.VwrT of Waltbam.lscf and rrom the peo ple ba Bath borne his fv.ultlss so meekly aad jet wl h snch d'sulty and b ddn.'H baa been so clear n every r^oe? id 'oaiuea N P. Bank. ,s tha ti ge or U.St mOuentlal and dreaded etiilne-the I Us* . I p is Iba Tippeaaaos dtstrMB "V04,*"' ,,t y, isg msa of Butt da- dai paru and pole's. i ^.Ltinue wbera he haa nerved fo i ar | Of tbaOoMWlttaa oa I'.at ? ^'in t' sin :l Sri et bat made hiaiatlf popooiar oven w',# as ^chuy fling aaa, HsrsttaKg l^sjacbjBw^. ler t ?? a* IS a prime favn, (la with b;n? al tha bis Will bava a free war evea Jo r >?' S head ..f tbe Oenei almost nails blm, eaeno* r?.. w.rk ?. ' in i , Har. he ejared rrrm Ibe s m brother, Mi/Slg imerf "11, t * Bat *? mWB? <* ?'S?klh Kai. of Mar) " C , r.lVw of lbs <* I Cc .?tMCWS'i'' lf 9r prevail oa hlntnvc TlltZr*"' V? ?"??"""? h"* "P ** *? tj*!'1*"- ? ha t^ veraor fioid. "i s ry ae have'n but be Is dMpoS?d to ' f ' L , V nton. sorany reare al to- head nf |>? V i)S aid Meat e of U.a HouSS oi Hsj'trssn'.i. rea not ,,??.hi. aa mr of tbe* WI.SS ' e?v, rptlonabw na aaynv Mm ir Mwihe '?as yoa srsra ptaaaaS m tblirvt af ma? wUI I ?errs T Ifn* ssrmws ?s? 'oo* at ibs?, ore sod a' i flat ka, Masssebes< US. Vlat'm. H' .lr, Marjlard t.itfrer Notth l^sreiii A IK ' T' terrs e lii ?rts. New York ' \ ' , . , ,r,r?v irt, and *Mh ? i t. ri^#ii low orerai of the ?leesl'* " Icre br?ak we as ctr sraWr I praT TO" sli , CHva it an a' l?,?*Saadt?f Wa wilt faints J?"? b ^