Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 7
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can coiidt* ifiD. -the locates of ? P*r*7 vboee leaders by the huJiflf'A hud endorsed <$? infamous Helper book, with its bloody in fctruiHooi oi treason. coacpiracy, insurrection, Are ud sword, to the *1 tveg and non alavebold log whites of the Boiiv^- what other course could the Indignant people fif the South pur sue than that of ri*id exclusion .' The responsibility in this mattec, then, at taches to the endorsers ot Helper's book ? to the teachings of Seward, Sumner, Lovejoy, and ether republican apostles, who have proclaim ed from the East to the West: in all possible latins, ilat "Lincoln's election will be ?ibe downfall of slavery." Acd how Is the oeuthern mind to be disabused of this idea? By a comparatively conservative speech from Senator Trumbull, as the right hand man of Mr. Lincoln" No; for the declarations of Mr. Trumbull are in no way binding upon Mr. Lin coln. It was Trumbull's speech, for which only Trumbull can be held responsible. What we want, and what the country has a right to demand, is a calm and comprehensive speech or letter from Mr. Lincoln, as the anolnteA head of the republican party, and as the President elect of the United States, addressed to the whole American people, but particularly to the people of tbe South, in behalf of the Union. At this crisis a conservative speech or letter from Mr. Lincoln, covering the whole ground of the slavery agitation, would do a world of good in sopport of the Union, and would re lieve Mr. Lincoln, no doubt, of the very serious embarrassment which will otherwise confront fcim from the day of hi* inauguration. Hence ' we renew our appeal for a speech or a letter ' from Mr. Lincoln. Acuxst o* Mr*ic ? w? hire b'en rt quested to elate ! t: at the rai? or teat* for tbe flrtt sight or the "Jewess" (Monday ceil) will be comitmocJ at tbo asaal places lots mcrnlug. Wians Gards.n ? Ulse charlotte Cuahman will close ber engagement of forty eight nights this evening, and as au appropriate Bnale to ber aucccas(ul career, wl 1 dovrte her servicca to the bcnclt of th< manage lent. The pro ^raaaire la extended auJ Inlvnstuig It wUl Include t vo acts of ''Gay Manntrit-g," the new play, " a I.<esscn of the Heart," with tbe "I.ran ofaLorer," and the "Ren dezvous." Mlia Cuahnaan will play In the flrat two pieces, and Miss Powell, a deOuttmU, wi\l appear In the otberi. Ur Edwin Booth will oommenoe an engagement here on M:nday. Waixack's Thumb ? That fine old oomsdy, "The R>ad to Ro In," and the com? dietta, "A Soldiers Courtship," will be played to night fur tne beu-fit of Mtis Mary Gan con, one or the prime favorites of Mr Wallace's company. Twinu Francis ? Mr J. Morey, amtroleur of this theatre, takes a benefit night, when three light piece* Will be gives, with a medley of singing and dancing. Til* Chuur Election* The Dtme of ths Hon Goo. Bngga, now " C., wat glvsa la Thursday's Huuu< U having beta nominated 67 lb* republicans In me Seventh Aldermanio district for Alderman At Mr. Brlggt doe* not reelde In that section of th* Cltjr bta nomination by that Convention waa aa 'mpcsslb'llty . braldtt, Mr B 1 /<-s n >t tra.n VtH that I"?rty. Tbo person nominated In tbat district U Daniel i?rrow, formerly Councilman We are requested by Alderman r'eagrltt or the Twsa t.. wood ward, to mate thai he a a candidate for re election, and tbat there never waa any understanding or bargain thit t> would M r?B again. "TAMMANY DtXOCBATIC OOUKCILM AKIC NOMINATIONS, rocaru Dianucr. Sum P. Blokfo.-d, Htnry Cloee, George A. Barney, Joseph Murphy, Morgan Junta, Joseph Shannon. nrr? dbtoht John Van Tine, 10th ward. Anthony Miller, 11th ward. ' H. Hoogollrk, 11th " John Kyan, lTlh ward Edward C. Maloy, lit* " MiobaelC Uro*a,lTth ward. kith distort June* Glbaoo, 1Mb ward. Jaa i.amkletoo, 16th ward. G?o. Met. rath. lflh ward. Timothy L. Weat, 10th " A. L. Shnw, 9th ward. Jokn Duian, 18lb ward. mvasT* [hxtiict Jacob M. Long, 12th ward. Luke Ourraa, JOth ward. Patrick Rusael, lVlb " Alex Brandon, 21at " John Bryee, iOib ward. Alex Ward, tU ward. HKPCILICAN WA*P NOMINATIONS. Ant H ard? Adjourned till Wednesday. 8rc*nd Word? Adjourned, ajbjeot to oaU of Chairman. Third Ward? School Uommiasioaer, Robert S Gould. Reboot Inspector Aaos Slookty. School Trusteee, Kva rardns Warntr and Jobn A Ul.moor. Constables, Anto n o A Costa aad Jobn Pltzgersld. /hurt k Word ? Adjaurntd tU. Monday. Ninth Ward ? School Oommis*looer, James W Tut. ffcbool Trustses, Augustus F. I'aw and W W. Cornell. Ocn?i inspector*, Jamas Harrison and Sinclair Toueey. t- osubiee, James Brawn and Israel Pinner. fbvru*nth Ward? Adjo*rned. Fifrtnth Want? Adjourned. Twentieth Ward ? Adjourned till Tuesday evening next. City Intel llgeMce. IJTHM ST THS Poxr Firaasa ?on Cauvouia. ? loiter* for Um JAliXcrnla Pony Kxprsss wlU be reoetred at tbs I offoso'the eompiay In this city, No. 1M Puiton street, cp to Ov* o'clock svery day, to go by express, isiTtng rft. Joseph oa Wednesdays and Saturdays at eleven P. X. [y tpelch?- can be sent on Wednesdays aad Batordays. Hrvsca Riraa Raujwao Tmx fAiita ? Several Important chaages la ths time labia of this roal are announced ror, on aad after Moaday next, tbs idth lnat. The Albaay ex pr?e* train will leave at T. 11, 3 II, ? aad ? 44. Tns Cenrrv CAavAaa ?The Board of Oouaty l'i s raaaar* concluded their session yesterday , ana ths result of tbolr la bow waa ordered te be pnbllsbad la tbs vartoos daily and weekly papers. Pnpsrv'.sor Purdy offered tbs follow teg prrsmbls aad reaoiatlsa, whicS, after soms dsbats, were laid oa the table ? Whereas, The nnmerona mistakes in ths retaras of many of ths alec lion districts In lb. several wards made, has materially delayed the completion of the caavaaa as riqalred by law, aad thereby prevented tbs Inspector* o' Registry from l be performaace of their duty, by ths rewatloa of the poll I lata uatil aa ua nasally late period, therefore Ksaolrrd. Tbat la the oplalon of this Board ths law am powerlr g ths people 10 elect the Inspector aad Canvassers ahoul 1 be re enacted The Board then adjourns! m Pina at Piabl Smaar? shortly after dva o'clock I sat 'svaalsg a ire bt*k* out oa ths ssaoad ..oor of ths bnlld tag Mo U6 Pearl street, la the premiss a of Michael Biles berth, dealer la artlata' brushes Ths firemen were promptly at wort, aad too* extinguished the tlaasa Ths damage doae to the stock by ? re aad watar wlU amount to abo*t WOO Ursrad for II, COO, la tbs 81 Marks', aad M 000 la a Hartford mapsay. The beck room oa the aeooad Csor M oreaptsd by Mr Blakely. m?nafartor?r of bat box**. Damaged eboat 110 by water . in en red Ths balldiag la damaged abest 110 . taanrsd Ths origin of ths fir* U ankaowa at preasat, bat It is under laveatlfUloc by ths Fir* Marabtl. Tai For ?t* Arn< a Pilis to aa Cot?;vt-bd to Poanm Prmaar ?loir parka are already flLiahsd, which not only rt St Mr red It spos Mr Smith, the Street Cost* asiooer, nnder wbo*e departoeat ths y c m*. but also apo* Mr. Josaph Murphy, Use Deputy Sapor nteodsnt of Us la and Placet . who laid them oat, and who. It is ?B)mrd?d by ail who know blm, M ?a?urpa*a*d by noa* in thia city ? laying eat parka aad plaoeo hniur Bistw ? A sailor, aamel P*dmjPaoii, waa brutally beaten la a aalooa at Ne 23 Yaade water atroet last ev*alag It appaar* be hwt hM cap while la the rnlooa. aad ta eadeavorlng to regain It waa eet npoa by a party *f roagbe who were 1* tb* plasa aad Iteatea sense ??**. He was eoav*y*d to the Fourth pr*ei*et etatloa hi sat, w here hi* woands war* dr**a*d. His sassilanta Tk? II?ti TrM?. ihitmi) state* m-rmicr oorwr. Rafora Hob Jadfa Mil Wot. 33 ? 7%t Cttfiad Jbtrt M On Stan B*rk Kf ? Tka 111?y la tfela ow, which baa oocapled tfea Cowl frr aava**! daya, waa ran mad, bat nothing malarial waa aiWNad bayoad what has alraady apnaarad. C raaaal will ?am ap to day Ttaa CMS at tk? llATtr Krla. cvmo If ATM CIIU I IT COl?T. Bafora Hoa Jadia akiptnaa. Wot M ? t?l W Mate m Oarim, ITarrm and HaO ? Tbia aaaa waa to bar* baaa takaa op to day, bat crwlaf to IM abaaaaa of tha wttraaaaa tor tfep U at tod ?utaa It eoald aot ba pnnnlad witb Mr. Joaablaiaaaa, for iba priaoaara, tbaa aada a aw Maa to qaaafe tba tadtoliiiaat aa t>*tin Mallj lafbrttra, fliwt, to aot '.daaarlblaf aa oflaa?* within tfea art of Ooa hi iaa aad arooadly, bacaoaa tha ofiaara, If u?, la autad to bart> b??a ooamittod bayond tfea Jurtadlelina of tfea l a I tad Htataa Jodfa BnoaaraH, for tha t*#ttod 9tat?a, argaad la aap port of tfea indlstmaot Daalaloa raaarrad. Fxarmoa o? Friday, Ui? tub laatoat. thraa alatro, Joha. Pick aad (Mta wara aiamtad at Innaa b^rg rouatf , Virginia. tef ao Iloinpt to MM tha family at om ?C Um moat laUuaoltol cltiaaaa of that county KfiWft IROX mi RiTMMAL CtflTIb Wwuisiui, Nor. it. i860. AKutHlft kllTB CAB Bi-BCC <M BOO*? TUB ????!>"? aw r.nriu dull.*, rc Tbe r?pub e?a* i nughou ike r owt aa one oi toe r ?? flag orlea amongst the laboring oImm, lfe? Idea Hat hf f w< re going o *lve them all a toss oo tbe P? '<? "any a poor man was talooed to voto (or Abo" wllh tbe expectation of becoming suddenly ? nu.'nrlelor 01 ? 'wl,r ?r ? ?Wtloo cf Ian.'- bey oo. *i'e?,?k?? but U>at ?*? r? publican -ader* ?tN *????* * their pretoaslooa. , Clrrtmelanes bave recently oou"** "ndar m; obaer ratios ? bleb furiilib a correct interpretation ot that party moru. Tbe free farina la really tnly a dodge i 0 help a squad of specu)a'or? to fe?lber tbelr nests. A ojmb.'i?tl ? of maa, Including p>lukiana and capitalists, bare >?' aiowly and cautiously niatunog tbelr plan*, having co?if?Bncod their < petal cos as luog ago aa toe in ol August ? to posaeaaion ol rartala prominent points to all thu aew I* ri tones, secure a p ? r??G ibat la oo the laaldo of lutlr ' cioae corporation appointed aa Governor, and be aelect the polo i *b cb they bare equalled down upon aa toe cap t?i of tie Territory, thus furnishing those poliuclsaa and iree toll acbemers aa opportunity to beooms auddealy rich by selling corner lota. One of lb) leaders In this more la sal t to be the Bouse Prlater He vlaiud New York abjut toe middle of au goat lor ibe purpose of brlogicg Oeorge Law Into the ar rsngemenl, and waa known to ofler two or three detno traia a t Lance la the scheme If they wo aid keep their tongues quiet during too campaign. The ram Ideations of tola arrangement bave been eatot-.ed over a large aectljn or tte ooimry, bringing In nuwspuper correspondent* at this pt lut, editors and politicians Is rarloui olbor sec tions, whoee location Is rum tha*. they woull h?vo weight la unseating I '.r. coin to appoint tbeir man, as wall aitwo or three pr< mmeel captialis ? in jojt city. Tins nice lillie arrangement has been gotten up without aay, and tbe acbciiJiTS consider thai ll.ey bave a " bi?' tomg" on hard The on!, question !s, will I.1n<-?ln sanction their programmer Th s It will be Been th\t tbe promise* of the republican orators for a Iree (arm is simply a joiner lo. rpecoUlien ? { politicians. SO AKKAM.fHIM.' HAM: Hi' MR UXColJI Tbe repot ti that Mr. Lincoln but en^Aged rooms at Wizard's arc unfunded Neither i.lnco.a uor bis frloule have made, as jet, any arr?ngcmv(its for the 4ln ot March. tHF Ak My AM> SA \t AITHl.rk.A II OS Bill* TLcre Mrorg grounds ti>r apprehinsloa tlut tie S 'm e wi'l r el use to pals :ho Aim; a/14 Navy *,>pri.p,-u tioc bills till a.'t?r Mnciln's ia viauratr. i. oi k ci^iia^ on raw ( ocslanl miarepresti tttim s am l>?lng rr.adi-, hy orre spond uts ol Norlbon i?ajvs, in ri (% ri to Ihe u? ol tola Kovernmiul against I'erti. Tftoy eriieutly caiaua'e frt m Mr '/.-jiirn , ihe iViuvun Mil :ster. If tnese c iu'.rna ar? diBilltiie cf iLeril, l>..?t lact will bo arrt -?.d ai by tb<! proper persons at Ibe proper turns l/ t to to I tht<s ' wlc eornsi ondeots ti?l l!u demtnd of pua,i >ru by a Minlator is the wilhdrsaraluf Hie l^gitiun lliu) gentleman will probaLIf rtxetve bis paaoporti m a vary In * days, whether ho ask* f*r tbeni or not TBI AJM ll. kKlMRT or 111! TIU t B1 ' kl'ABI MK\ r Collector Eebel! arrived Leru i. d?; , and Is rlopptu.' at Wlllard'?. lie Is here In coLSullation wtlh Secretary Cobb touching bis lorlbcouilrg report BAVAL US KKSB By arder ot the tjecretaiy of tba Navy, t'a> master Can n.cgham baa been detailed fre>m tne \ Andalla, to wall crders Pay master KitUah.iute has beja detached from t lie Vary ^ ?r<* at Boxtoo, and ordered to llie \ andalla Paymaster Nalle baa bei n ordered lo the Navy Yard at U jSIoo. UKUSAIKII Colonel McDcttie, Soutbe n 8u|>erlalendent of ladian i Alalrt la CalJorala, baa reaigued bis |>oa.tioo KA58A8 TROUBLES. St Lnn, Nor. 23. 1840 Governor Etevirt bu ordered Br Igadler lienor*! Kroet > to bold btt brigade, oonitsttag of tbe Firat reglrntnl of tho Missouri militia, engineer corps oompauy and artil lery, in itadincss to repair to the so ithweet border to re j pel tbe Invasion of tbe Stale bjr Montgoaisrj's bead of outlaws. General Harney will Mart for Fort Leavenworth tbia afternoon. Wariuw, Mo , Not 23, 1S0O Judge Willi* mi, United Statea District Judge of Mouth era Karsas, arrived In town to night. A meeting of the eltlason was immediately called, and Judge William* de hvered a calm and ooot statement of affairs la tbe Terri tory. lie baa been for twenty- atne yearn a presiding Judge oa the borders of olvllisslioo. Judge Williams aald ?taoa Sunday Bight he bad been upon the saddle. Ileoam< to war* Mil aourtaae of tbe approaching danger Hon Ultra Kaiuaa bad beea delivered orer to abolliloo outragee un der Montgomery aad other* lor Urea year* aad a hair. Be had been prteMIng Judge there endoavorlag ti maintain tbe supremacy of tbe law, aad to that tad bad uaed bin efforts oa aad on Ute beach faithfully, notwithstanding the evidence sf marauder* aad lawless men, wbo were tbare f ir that pur peae only. Be bad organiztd nod held court* la all the oouaileaof thta district. Tbeae aaraadera aad murder an are sustained by mea who procure meaaa from the Btatea .ad*r the prsteaea of aldlag tbo sufferers of Kan *a?, but appropriate them to carry out their deetga* of rebellion sgalnst tbe law. Tbey are the name men wbo procured tbe pateage o( tbe amnesty aad other la dulgencea by their promise tb?a they wouM maintain the lawa aad pr eeerve order In ?outh rn Kansas, but tbia baa ealy proved a reaptte, to enable tb m more efTectaally to prepare (or tb' accomplish msht of their destgaa. A la swinger of nndeubted veracity bad arrived, Hating that yaeterday one hundred sua had entered Miaaoarl, fully armed, aad bad passed d?wa the Onega river to Hall's Mills, twenty mi lea aver the herder, Wiui four negroea la a-lraace with CO I la or rope, all erased. Tbe Juoge ttiea wade the s ?me statement, in substance, ne baa pravtoaaly beea tela tr?i had. at I closed l>y urging the i-eopie ae* to go itto Ku>u, but to protect tb? maelvrs wltbia their line, and to send aid to tbe border coaatlee at ssaoa, as they are at the mersy of theee ouUaws. rnu. tDKLrHM stock boabi>. Pan inainu. Sav 23,1*00 ~ locks arm Pmnsvlvaata Mate 4's, *8 v Readlntr KR , 14 Morris tadhl, SI H l/og Islaed RR., 1S\, I'eansy ivaaia RR.S4V Htgnt exohaage on New York at 1H per oaal pi em ism specie ds. Niw OaiBAaa, Nav. IS, 1*40 Cct'ea ? TT-e marks! la mare active sale to day U OCO bake middi i>g at 10 ,e a l4Me Sugar dull, at k a 3H< -ortolrto 'ully talr M< Isaaea 23- a 24- per gal no Flour? Holders re willing *? Her* it 14 W>. a 14 T? tare?#" a 7Jc. Other artlcUs generally ua cha aged. Monaa. Nov. ti 1040. (*otton ? !%aiee la cay 3 OCO balea at 10c for midd isg Market quiet bat ilredy f'lgb'. e? change on New York at 1 per ceaj t piominm, and icaroe. Hterliag exchange nominal nt par. flavtaBAn, Nov 21, 1*00 Tbia week tea been the gloomiest oa reoord. The total raks of cotton hare b ?n "31 balea Hterlleg eschar r? - There hare beea termed ram at OS Freighta? Nothing doing 1c doBMSt c, oottoa to l.lrerpaol, Hd a 13 131. Armu, Kov 21, 1*00. Colt- c? tales to-day t lew hundred baiee. Market da prrntd. Ousissto*. Nov f3, 1*10 Uoltr r ? No Iransactioal to day hoiJS 10>*c a I0'?a. for middling. 1.000 balea oa the market. Cnjaumvo*. Nov tf. 1000. Ootloe ? '?ales to day light saiaa of the week 4 900 balea prices aoasiaal Reesipta of the week 0,*00 balea. Pmi anairmi, Nov M. 1000 Dour very <1all. Wheat Or si red 011* a <130 white 01 2* Corn dnil aalea 3,000 buahela at 00c. a t/to. Msaa port 313. whukt) dull at a>e Raimrcms. Nor 13. 1040 rto< r Orm at 00 fer snpertne No sales Wheat Orm, red, 31 10 a 31 20 white, 31 30 a II 00 Oora steady, wblta snd l ellow 40c a Ole I'rwvWona dull Msae pnrk 313. lard 13e Onflee steady at 14? 0 14V? Wblakey firmer at 33c a 20 He Auujrr. Nov 33, 1390 W sat bar stormy Floor dell. Wheal ealy la demand to supply preening want* sales or I^OObuabeia, rod wla ter Stale at 31 10, white Miehigaa . cholas lota, at 31 33, fair white Osaadaat 31 ??. Oala steady a3 33 *a. tor Mala salei of 24 000 bushels Corn at 04c for Werners ?iiad, la car iota saiee of 6.000 boskets ta sloe*, oa pri vate terms Barley ta moderate supply aad Hair deaaal aalea of IT MX) buabeia Qsasds West, at 30c for lay qalate, and He for r be toe Tomato. TJ33 busbela mate, foar tawed, at 13c. a ?0c 4.330 buabeia Mate, twa rawed, at 33c. Whiskey? AMe of 00 bbls at 1 - tic Brrvuo, Nov 23?3 P M Flour dull and nothing doing Wheal d all aad no aalae. Oora lower aatao 0,000 b ishaia at 43 He Barley low* aalea 2 333 bnsheie at 03a Wblakey lower oale? 330 hblo. at 17a. Unnal rre>rbta at 4Mc tor wheat to r.oehse tar. lake impor la? 2,400 bbk 1,1* h i*ela wheat, ?, 040 do. core, 1,200 do nato. Osaal s i porta? 4, TOO bushels wheat, 13 CC? do oora Cwr-soo, Nov 2S? 0 P M Flour quiet. Wheat dall and l Hc n 3c blgbar salsa 33,000 bushels at TTc. a 7*fl for No. 1. 73-. a 743 tor Na. 2 is store Com dull. Oats dull Rene I pta? 8,000 bbie Oenr, 33 C?0 bn?h?ls wheal. II 004 bns'ieia corn. Hhip meala? 31 TOO bnsbels wheat freights quiei *!f?1 enhaagn oa New York 1 par oaal premiaai al baa*, scarce aad Cm. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. i tit* Urirltsd Kip.'iM? ttMtH Arrtt#l " UniUl Elwtlaii in CaHtor o< the ern?. uoali for N*?r V?rli, uU- iO IXM) M. ** *' **' t* ? KoT *? lM0 '"id Including Cfctfmi. ad.^* * ^ I ht ?? *? 1 No, 10 um, ib-ou, b>^ * .. * H|| OTHlU., atj aniftd litre . Nov 10, I*). ... . _ , Pa* >?a. *r?? 9mm, *a'.le<t A/ rived Sard 1 1 Ian b?,-k Christina, 0tb,*blp A.PHlivm, for Bolinsham Jay. Tut ttaamer Botinrn tailed tbii morulng for ^ . carrying 3C4 piwi^ri and >020,000 la lreo*ui *' which (820 0(0 was fjr No* York. Trai<**cttoos the pa* few days from Rrtt hand* | bare b?eo In ?neb small lo* us to reader Ibjlr report of 1IUI? Importance, n?r do tb>y Indicate My change In the marked worthy of m;nU>a. Oaa pare*'! of Isthmus butter ha* b'ea placed at 32 '4>.; bat farther operation* are cWk.d by lbs flrinutMi of bolder*. O.her quotation* remained M last Doled Tbe weather continue* Hup, nod trade with tbe country ?toady The eomlng weel. should brlog the jabbers Into mark' I, bat not largely. It Is bollctto lb* total rote of the 8 tale al tbe recant ?lection will not vary far from 116,0*0 Of lb* rote* Urea-)}- counted (ICS, MM) L'nooln ha* 5' 0S?, Douglas, 88, S.'. 6, Breckinridge, 30 4?4; Ball, 9,#U 1 1 acorn'* laa (orlty our Dou [la* l.liO These return* are all received b> tcierraph Irom more than one hundred diff>rea MMMM, and mlsukei have probably oecarred. Ibe i Ulcial count will be required to determine the re ?ult Tbe routest I* between X/tiooiu ?*. 1 Douglas, with tbe cbanct* 'a favor or ihe former As near as can be a* certalurd, lb* Lfglalalnre si to''- a* follow*: ? fOL?l?' ? 1> njgiji*, democrat, 0. Brecktnrtdgr, demorrat, 6 republicans 4 ? I) >u?lM, donooral. 40. Brect lurldge, domocrat, 31 republican* 10 Or the IT ."Via a tor* w bo hold over 11 aio understood to be Douglas, 4 Breckinridge add 3 republican* There arc airuadj numocie of DhikU* democrat* as piring ft r Mr. Gwln's place In the I'alle-I State* Senate? amo-.g them (. )ve. nor Downey, tieoeral Deovlr, Jams* A Mv.'s v 'ill, au'l others. Tbe contribution to Ihe Wa'hlngton W munient Fund un e aoll ii dai at San Fr?nnl.ioo Saara neulo ani Mary (Till*, exaeeacn $1 800 Return* from the ba.aaco of too !?Uie are Lot yet leuelvud More ihau tlOu.UH) wa* wagered on tb? ros&t of tb>i Btate r iTtton in Baa Krantlsco alone, aad some parlle* are sunpi jiou* thai the election returns may have boon (tils 0< d ie some Instances by parties inMrealad lu iha beta Tbe total voles ia_t in Saa Franrlsoo j wes 14 tl6, more ttuui 3 CC0 lb axoes* of list yoar'* vol*. This the p? "pit- vhal toe oousiis juM completed, m&kiLg taa p> puiatlou ol the cur but 60 UC0, Is rkr abort of the r?'al pi3u!ali?n The Toopie's Ruform tloket lor mijjlrlpn! < fticcr* In tWn Kran -lami wat el-cu-l catiri by rr.i joi ilk* ranging from 810 to 4, COO llere th<- lino itave out between PHtsburg, Pa , aad Wheeling, Va , a high wind blew all the wire* do an. Flte H hl|iplt'i Mills, M**aa? hiasett* Lowki.l, Ncv 13, 1M0 A lire laat night at Whipple'* mill* dc*tro>ed property to tbe of ten or I welve thou* and dollar*. Among th? BulliTors a'9 O M Whipple, owner of the bull<lmg, 1 U Crowley, manufacturers of woollen good*, George Naylor, carpot mvnularturc, acd C R. Liltls, dyer. KUhly pirsoi. ? are thrown out of rmploymMt. Mki lai DlMit?r> Bohtok, Not. 33, 1S0O The arhooner Ottoman, of Knarfport, Maine, vru ran Into end captlzeri thu morning by I tie BKamcr K. Satd ford Crew eared. DlMMtr L?k? Hlthlffta. ncnotr, Not 33. 1MI. Tte propeller Wtbwh Valley, with a o? rgo of 1,4C0 barn l? of floir, bound from Milwaukee to Grand Harcu, wrut aahore ycaicrday morning a', tho tuoula of the Miie kegoo rlrer, and bcoaie i loUl wretk. No II Tea were loat The >u ralued at 930,000, on which there w:u a am all Insurance. I'irc at Philadelphia. Philadbihiia, Nov. 23, 1980 A Are occurred In tbe foutdry attaobed to the Iron work a of Baaeum, Far rand K Co , corner of Twelfth and Wtilow streete 8 , F k Co '? lorn W.000; Dehrlng * C?.'? loea 13,000; Bowen Broe. 33, COO? Insured. Norwelk He>lclp?l Klectlo*. Nobwalk, Not. 3S, 1980 Old Norwalk la redeemed. At our borough me-ttng to da> tbe entire democrats ticket waa elected by about forty (We majority George H. Uiadwlck waa choaen Major. Nmbm of (he Ammkl* of N?w York tor IH?I Republlcana In romaa, demoerata la ilaliel jkuta.iT?1, Jay OiHxmi 3, l/ewia Benedict, Jr.: 3, Ih-.wy Umtin.j, 4, Wt Uiam J Wkttltr. Au*:nr ? 1, Wtlkea Angel. I, Luoloa S. May. Raoova ? Friend H Bart. CimuMta ? 1, Neieoa J. Norton : 3, Franklin Phil brink tirri.i ?1, Bra too, 3, 4mlth Anthony ( bai taiiji a ? let, Banry A. l'readergaat 3d, Hiram ftfcith 2d l x>.? ? I,uclua Robieenn Chimikm) ? lat, Tbomaa Carter 21, Saatel E. Lewie (uw k ? llforf McimdAO CotramA ? lat, Samoel Laaher, 3d, Norton 8. Coilla. trntutn ? IxiruTBl Kluaey. 1'Bt.AWAKB ? Lat , Seymour K. Smith 3d, Dan. el Water bury. i i inw 111. I ilia n Piitnhar 3d, Samuel J. Far. sen*. Emm? I t, Ktei ,rn V R Wataon 31, Victor M. Rtce; 3', Btnjamm H ? my 4lh /.obuton tenia. Faai ?Martin Fuch. Fmaaaua ? William Andrea. Fcitok abh Hauilto*. ? Jan.aa H. Burr. Ubswbk ? tieorge W Wr.ght. 4inm ? Gv Vrf IUJ.U Ilntaiaaa ?1 t, John Marke!!. 3d* Je iah Shull .lirraau". <? ?1, lJtrld Montague. 3, Darld J. Wager, 3, Ilarrey Bailey. Km<4- 1. Atidrim J frwnrf; 3 Marqita D Moore; 3, Nathan Uir.?toe? , 4, Jamm Marry; 3, l.aclua C. Andrna 6, Jnrf h Kttbxli 7, George H F labor I awi- ? Kn'tnun ' Baldwn 1JTHM..-TO* ?1. Matter w Wtard; 3, ' ? Wge Hylaad JlApm-jr ?1, Orrtn B ltd 2 Franc i# A Bjalt. Mmn<*>B?BY ?1 rotbtagham > lah Mohkoi? I, Mtrtta ttcberU; 3 Low la BMirgan 3, Benjamin B Wrlla. New Yr?h ?1 John (JaUokam, 3 Wtlliam Wat * 3 '?hrvtumB Wojdtvf 4 M Mlian, J. C hinruy & John J Miaw; 4. Pamurl r. Wt'^ttip T. Danvi Kmrng; 3 An drew Cralt V Horaito N torrood; 10 Lake W Ootam II /okM Har.h, U Jobn Laaekert: 13 CharMe V Bird aall . 14. Mtfc-rt O /ItUcAmf It Otmrgt W. Varitm, 10 J/r?rv Artalmtut, IT. jay Jar IS Jimrt N'iauaba ?lit, Banry r. th; S4, (Mirer P. Boerell (MaM ?lit, >Vanoi Kmmmm 21, I*ti I Mnreball 34. Jtarfvu L A'myoti 4th, Wllilam l?wta. (?som>Aua ?lat, Jeremiah Emerlek; 3d, Aartta M; rea, %t\ Abler (JbAitniD c?*TAmo? lat, Perti H Fkeld; tl, Stephen H Alaa i hafob ? lat . Hteph) n W. Fullartoa, 31, Mtilim Banna. oaiaaaa ? Gidaoa KaadaJI ?Jawano? lat, iMWittC l.iitlejoba, 3d, Blci^rd K Bantord; 3d Maaoo Sallabury. (>Mbo? lat, i.i'jah k Carrey; 3d, KeAerMt A. BoUaa. Trraaa - Ohartee T Bmwatrr , ? av<?. ? 1 gufhrn 1 b*er 3. John D ftiawauad. KanRju ?1. CkmrUi J. Sat- 1 L. UtaaJler Ball; 3. Aaern Biagbam Hirawm ? N Dan* KUingwd Rotki iBD ? William R Knojy Pabatooa ?1. fSUum 3 Jamee fr'taaar, it, K>n?KTAi>T ? Awnao MacomMr. >rm NABia ? Rucib** -xwr tub ? Abrair v M. kaat. -on a ? Mil J taw Jthmon t-t l.avaaar* ? lat. Chartaa Rlefear leia; 31, Rlwia A Mrrrttt. 3d, Uark A ( hitwa :ee Hbtkbn ? lat. Oaalel B Bryaa; 21, Jeffrey Smith SI, Redmaa II Obtia h rwu ? 1 Jeanne H Tntkul.2 Almmdm J B*rftn ^t'txiv Aff -SUrto* At John Uardn^r Tmn. ? Cero F Barb** ToMntma ? Jeremiah W Pwight rijrraa.? 1 Robert Ia>i ghran 2 George T Pierce 3 Iter an la Turner Jr. W a aanr ?Walter A. Faton WaiarM.Toa ?lat, l*eter Hill .21, Nlebolaa M. Catlia. WaixB.? lat, Jabes 8 UmoreMt, 3d, Joeehp W Cor ning. Wbmuiwmbb ?lat, WflMam J McDtrmatl, 3d, If. iMwm (Ml 3d, llealaaln F tamp Vioaiw ? loha J. Oooliule Yatw? Gilbert Rherer RBCArmrLATIOW, Hernbl.aaoe 03 OeMocrau 31 Total 121 Far ThMt DInhm kM I'm laoWKt Tmntaa, *kM mnM kr ill dnw&tt. ruMM WMtin Md Olin *o?14 tara ?? DtSeVll BrMthlM U4 ????? ?? m B ?M miflnfbr tM ???? of or Bwh) *g?SS rtw bT ZZLr' Vis, TT lowtf t PM ftoi OtMMot. TW| urn flu Of tfl Mwi * AlleMk'l PNIH l,_ . pulwtBik* <*Ml: farMrreaaHlM: rarwMfe bMtai'orlqMl of Mr All < (XJE M tcraad lo *p?rt l?i? r1l?> W i nfvai p?r- 1 ?sweuvlle'. 94 r aHAI. HTRHV. uo no ? mion mjrA*R mmi, r?M or?m*lTi*<??r, md t? q imuwrj loiuit. Prto* p?r pl??T it r*BU Thli.-Or. A. II. Bnr rriltf Tritti OKrrt wrt with fr#?l d?M? K? m?ik amii ?(?w ?Mn . ll. !?nr rdlr jf Tril ?"?* -? Oflbw Ml | *?*??*. * IMW, TU OIW it.M WU5&L? guuii?. j Out '' v 4llrt-dlbvtm?tii| uf iai 1 Fr?(W?"' c:ittU\i>Dth?r in K?p>^?s.Vii, (lurch UiTBMf Abiim W l*e I'ii4<?aln|( C*iw? I'hi NtHi-lHuh?t lUfurir, 4k., &e, Ttio ^Iwn-T, for t tie nrracnl *o?(, wtU be fikt)' U*u? ?vrc!n/> *t 'to o'cijt* Among iu conieou , k. * ? - ?? tlx I .to. i a... . .. ...viiuU of the 6cC?*?i uU More oil 1. 11 kdJ Idling in tue Joulhera ;UU-?; Ka to cou.t i'f lii'' Jjtracjr of the I\e?:Jt.nt KUct lo Chicago? Hii HjHtchfn or the Rontc? Tbo Hprech of Senator Truin j bull.&e ; Highly Imp riant Intelligence frjm Kiiidm? Oppoetlion tj tiiij I'uitcd tela ten Authority toil Seiziro of U>e lanl 001. e; Rtport of tli? tvlJo.ico in Uie Huron O.'Torcc CiiV C;og!iig KrlJ< tcc before the Cut ?r to tlie "win Wi To Poiaon'.ug Cuie Suspec-un uf Su'itb<sin ?The Newt irom Europe, ?ith an Internting ' * tbe Interriew b?4we?n (iarlbulll an1 Victor account c. Kuanuel N ,WB f,om H*"*'00! Ouba, Hartt, tbe HrttiaU Writ lodief. /'?"fo?1*. Flki'i Pe*Jt, to. ; Editorial* on LeLlng Event*, .VP** * <*"*. ProTU,on How MaikuU, and ?" lllUre*Un? aowe * lhe P" ceding week, rucelre* *7 telegraph or oihorwue. Stogie coy*., in wrap,**, ?? be bad at the cantor of the office, dorner of Kultoa M* Maeaa. Btl OMU. IMwlafi oi Uia D?U.%Ma Ml ax" a MuM terlea.? WOO J, MPDY ft OO,, M an ?*e* of Um MUWiU, Barren f 4?r MID.HUOSI mtem LOTTUIS Lhtu?w?ita? Ktriu i-Yui 664 Kut.uiw 3, ltW 65, 31, 74, 48, 2!?. G2, 16, 61, 39, 3 , 75 , 67 , 3.1, l>?u*WiK?? i.ttia HO. Koviaacn K. UMU. 73, 31, 62, 79, 76, 67, 61, 50. 20, 63, 30. 69, 9, 78. Utronian Mat free of (-haree by Ud renin ? OMr to WOOD, KliBl .? Oi. . WiUnlti/**, Delaware, Or lo WOOD. BOOT ft (X)., m.Tetrih Miawmrl 1 I Ur?wlBfa of 11. rr??M'i CiUwiri Lotteries: - (nan ( 'ousttt, i'iim ISO. Nor IS, IWO 47, 28, 34. 41, 42. 43, 9, 64. 6'!, 19. I; 4!). OOKSOUDATK.* [OTTIKT, <!_?.?? 211. HOT. !t>. 1*0 31. 68. 1H, 1, 60, 47, 71, 61'., 7, 66, 4C, -2?. Circular* Mai f raa of nharge. bj ><l(lnlni SKRiUIClt. Wilmington. DnUaara. ?loyal llavnnn l.ottcry ? Saa I)#?w^rh, Wow 7 Iffld in ? ?k'r ci um : For ri;iulari, A , id >l!*ra < HAhK \ ? O U W.; itrefl. It V. Kalka.-Laary Co. 'a Saioaaori, llant j ft J>UtKMtrm, having bad abut SOU o( thatr linn, faah'.tm able I rra* llala ><!labUv Injured br amokr (mm the rxoeut lira I ai'be a ait . Ilund*. i. ?.????'. iliwaa t'alo o *out it a re4 | duotioo la price of f| par bal for a few tlaj* only, al Mo*. 3, 4 ' ai.d t Artor Uouaa. Va ra ? Kara ? At ivmu'a Hat Kmpo- i ltua>. U( Broadway , reiaued at abwin nrlcoa. I>a*td'a Kail Ntyla of Hal la all lua ra*e aalcaroom Sit* aajr near Dt, an* aire-* La4ira' KnraiiU per rent L.*aa titan Broad way iirtuea at DH aAK'H, 1 to FiUton atraet. Nhl>?, Shlrta -?U fur ?s. Hade frt?ni th* beat Ani>tb>-?it and Warti.iu',a Muallua l tpot 106 ( laihaiu aut t turner of I'batl Oviiroall! Ovari oali I I aupmrr iiuitf te< fa) I'.l' Al ORIRllI A. !ic?f?? .* "O 'I. Man moth Clothu*; At. e li u a. .'.?Oaul t'JI Ho ?e:y hlalnnar A Mobi Ortn?raa| Uraatl and *i|uare Pl?r,ne are now coa?l*ered tba beat manult tared; are warranted for Srt yearn Wareniona W and 91 Wa keraL Photograph a la Brooklyn? William f OJt, ratatllibftt eighteen hundred at d fluy cue. I ron Work fair Butidlnge.? Iron Itora and llaok Front*. Oolomna. tflrdera, B*,tm*. lkiora, Bb ut?ra, Walra, Batk VauJIa, euui.n. Uuirla, <'apii*!a |H column*. H?rreui for aa<! arery deacr'uUoa of Use lrn% Work. JA?Kh I. JAI'KSOK A IlKOTHKR-M Iron w .rtj, Twtaly el#V.h aireet. Heono'I arenna aad Twenty aintkav Whaalar dt Wllaoa'a Mawlna narhlncl. OPrii?B 80S BKUAD MCVT VOitK. loeraaati) l.'xitlHIna for aaanafacturina and tbe rnrtKllniont Of llllraU id rxpenaea a?na>t|ti?el upon rfcrnt .laoWorja of the LtRed Matea o' trta oonflxmlnii tha talldlt > of U<e Wbeaier A Wilrna Vaoufarturlsii ( t>nipaa>'< ptleuM euab'.e Uiu o mpa | ay In fur'. lab ibelr K^wtn* Mwklrea. wito ImpTtaat lB|irtira atrnu. a* areaUr raduLed pnre? The auprrtority of ihwe marhlnra for family naa and niADufarturea In the axm? raii/a i of purp^tte aa<l malarial laanaaled by ib* utna uf^a I na'DB 'brm arid thf price* al wklrb they are niw t?id plat-ea Item wtlbui lie aeank of all. and obrlataa all ei earn- tit Uaa-.periag wMh Ibne- la/'rtor and uw prloed naaobinaa wbkii hat a a> mtiob prrjoUioed the aawlaf maohlaa baataeaa. Raw Within Kaach of All. O fter t Hraar'a i;a:ehra<ad llo'aeleai Family Hew In* Hacbiaea. frioea ealablMhod fur m'-.-j, yeara, and ap aaria. ?? Broadway, Haw tor*. Datlaara Brvlamaaaler Hafaa? With Pa tent powder proof locka aad ernaa bare Alan Ira aad bandar pr> of aldehoard aad parlor ItfH Heant ? Marray arnet, abrmar of CollM* oaa KOH1KT M. PaTAIOK. HarrlBt'i Pat eat Ckamplan Klra and Rnrclar Proof Balea. Ml Broadway, ooraerof Murray atreel. Maw Y ork. Vila Ltdd ?V WtkMtr H?wla| ??chlM* auy uow b? bad for r Ifljr UoiWi. at MM ttroadway. i'?at.K?a>?U? l.ikvia. If 70a would hara haallh and u?w, and b# (par*! iba In roa 1 *Bleo<? of dyrpapaia. *?t rn bt??.l rolla ur saJtn but tboaa la whirb Vfani I ?%'<] < baa?b?'iin A Co'a(Hnatoa) coocmlralol 1 M\m bu > ??n mlind II I* a good Uila*. lor Ml' br (rnoinlll I dragBlBla *ar? r*ll?. UBU. U. Ha ria. wbolaaala 1>mi. UN* 1'earl alrect. Or. H. B. Koala, Aatkar of "Rtdlral Com too* tetaa " of Hara^va oprtoct, haa rnornad 10 hla wtotor rJUw, Bo, ltd Hr Mdwar, BewTrnrk wbara ha uj be caaaolled I rem I Ui I P. M dally, aie*|.t t oodaya. ChilaUdore'l llalr Ujrt, U Iffa aid To? paaa, lb* baat I* tha world. a * ulwalr aad ratall. aad Iba djra prlTaWl/ applied. Bo I Aslur Hooaa. Barry's Trlcoph aroma la lib* llaat aad flbrii nl artlala for d' aorta*. baantlfylor rnrllm, Haan'nc, prvaarriBK aad rtaunaj Us llalr. Ladles, irj u. Buid by all an. r rials Baufeder * Hair Ufa-Rallablt, Hana lasa bad InalaalaeeoaaL black or l-mw* factory 11 BanUar ami Bold Md applied at BATCURLOB'B wta faatury. li Iltll'B llalr Dyo. BO eta., BUrk or Brown. Depot, fx 1 Barclay street, aad bold by all dr??*t?a. l'lir?ha|b'i Illative Wig.? * \ovelljr. Wo Inrnlr ? np brh'id. | ?rtln(a uutalnabia. Brotdway, coraer of Beads iu?*, neat A T. MawarVa. HbfBla, or Kapiart, Permaaeatly Car ad by weartaa While's f'aleal Lars* Trosa. famalx Bop porWra aad Frare SaPDoadara atari oMalaad of OKBOOBY A bo., aoie proprietor sTs Bead arsel. R. T. r ssaphMs craUs. To Krwy HoUar Who Haa Chi Id rem ?Nflrrlai frrm any of the noipliUala InaMml lo Ui. parted of leethli I wt> aay. do or* let ytxir owa pra|adMee or iba praja diraa or otbars ataaui in ibe way nt iba ralfrf that will besara? ysa, abaohiielf aar* -to f >l'ow tha mm of MB& WIMMjOW'K BOOTH I NO STROP. Had leal Car* of llarala or Rbmbn? ! Dr B. B. MAB>H, 0# tha wall banwa b-mae 0* Manb * <>?., Ro I Vraoy stisst, Aatnr llonaa. opposite ta* . buroh. derotae ao*?al aMaaMaa la Iba ao/(ta^ Mb?taUoa af hla Badlaal Cara Tna Harriett. Blow? Matkbb ?Ob Tbiraday ptbhiok . .OTsmber n, ' at tba Cburch of tbe Aaornatto, by the lior J. Cot'oo Haltb, ? i>wab? M Knows to Ai MB K xldaat dau{bl<r of Jobs Ma) her, all ol New York BrarBn? PmBBAvn ? OB Tbar*day, NoYamber 12, at tbe icsldeace of C. I Tl ma ana, Ktq , by the Her Mr. Zapf, of Br^ofciyn t. 0 , lot is fc< ?? aa to Catiuaua i naun, b<>u> or thia cur UM|o aid Onrinaati paper ? pleate copy. Iiu/w? Mc[)iv?it ? Ob Wednre.lay . Nnrambor SI, by Um Rer Jaiiit* Rraooa, Hit bail B. Dtuow to M?w, iut 1 E UrDiTm. r<vw*t t*? Bowmtt! ?la New n?T?B, on Wcluwiay, irrmber 11, at tb? Third I*reabytoriao church, by tb? . R?t If norland, Jabnm E. Dwivbmj, M D., of Balti more, to Mary E., daughter of J H Bnwdltcb, of New I BavN. I ? ***? P' ? ? f>B RumHy, Noecm^er ?, at tbecBtte tfral. Jay ?trret Hr<jnkljn, by tba R'rbl K >r 'obn Io<j|hl'n R. C. Blafcop of Brooklyn, Job* Dt s?b, &<j., Rl r, all f t the abov r'ty Ittlia and ,yueen'? county (Ireland) paper* ploaae copy I-oibb ? Ana^*a ?Ob Pioraday ?T"ator. Norrabtr V I y Rot Ja? o Rodfta. Mr. Ja* R kI/ir?* to MmMui K . daughter of laaar Abrama, ttq , all of tbla city. Philadelphia taper* pieaae copy. I/n rj-l K m not ** ? Ob Tbaraday rrenlaf , So ram b?r f; at the Chrr-h of the II >ly Trinity, Brooklyn, by Hot A. N l.ittl?j<>ba, D D , Ubobi.b roana Lotna, ka<i (of tbe Arm of Mraara H?HtH, .loara % On , of tbl* ally ?, to Rnuut Pr (iBnaua, yonnnat danghtor of the lata Willlaa W. I fht'oara, R*| , of tbe Ulaad of Bemud*. Maud*? Dbaj> ? Ob Toeeday, November to, at Trinity Clmrck, I later, by tbe Rer 1* Robertaoa, Dr. ILgBou-w ? n-'B> on Makoh, C. R N , ta L4Tmu Ra.tdou-b, daaghter of tbe lata Flu Alias Daaa, V. 8 N. fonnaox? Mbbmba< ?At Uta reailanoe of Ua bridal narle, rB Thursday, Norembar U, by Rot 3a tonal took*, D D., Jobb Jtawmnon, Kb* , to Mlaa Mabja a. Mawanauu, altoa of Jtao W.Maraaraao. Iiv, ?Ji of tula cttf. DM. Am" ?At Bay^aporl, aa fhnrailiy, Not #??>?? B, Rat ill W., daaabwrr of AmM F U4 Marl* L. AIM. Tba frl*ad? at her (Hhor , tad tbOM of h?r iraadhuber, Jaeab Aima, rt?p*etfally lantad to attaadtha fuaarai , wtibott farlbar aottoa, Iron No. 73 Baaoad mnm, thia (Satartfay) aftara<*m, at fo?r o'rlook Bmn ? Oa Thursday, Novanber W, Ciaum Bom, la U>? a 1st y? ar of hla ago. Tha fr.aada aad ralatwea of tha thistly ara rwroctfuU/ lavltad to atwtid tbo lateral, thl* (feturday) aficrnooa, at no* o'etoet, fmm lb * rm Maoro of hi* 'athar in lav, Ullham Vrtaroaa, Ko 1W Mat Forty Ural atreat. Bi'TUR ? ta Br -i* ya , on Friday, N >Tam?ur 2t, AkXB La* aa Vr>v.ia, afd 4 j **? avd 9 mortba Th? ralatiTi* a?>d rr -tv la nf um family ara raapaMfaJy , tavltrd tr att'i <* IN ui.'tal. from tba raai !<?&.?? M hi-r I pareota. No 1 I ?Ka't> Brooklyn, th'.? ("HtarlAf) ?Aw MOB , ftl OM J uwfc. I huwaoM? On mui day, hf *** d iue Joio> S Powbos, M. l> , U??>> ? ? "> * ,niif. Thr trial rvt* ??4 frij?jde Are Ul?'U? .. I 'unrrkj, Irvtt bli ikU, riml.n"" f'" I tfctlve of Blin-ughani, Si>gl*od. ?I'Kndi aid reiatma of deccwed tie la Tiled 10 ? | iii u ihv Im.naJ, (row ma Hatward Uouw, No. Ill mir? I ftfin:-, oc ?dn.<?/ a'Unoou, al one o'cloo*. Hirm ogham |>aper( plwuo o?p>. ' Ckaii, ? On loiuWay , Noyetuotr M, Jobs Cilaio, a#<d I 6S>C?fS*. The iclalivtt i(i 1 frlcodr of tiia fumlly are rrapaotful'y I u.-UnJ to utU-nu the ruLiT*l, lb i i ( Adj ) afternoon , , at otie fron feu late rtudcaoc, 70 Morion nireot, j oorntr ot ^"'Jion. I New H?*rn ? will p!e?j* o vpf tlAkK ? liK(.kl.? ''AlKkAlTH l I Akh , goo (>f Tt>0!B*i ?jd ' il.try i.U k, until V jia r?, 7 monthi au 1 11 days Tor funeral ? ill take plicc- frc in U.0 reaid. ceo of hit | pupo'i No -*6 Writ fcvfcl*es:h atre?t, ou Sunday al | trtLOPD, at i lie o'clock. Tne frits'] are Invited to attend j 1 Tbrnrmalia will bu taktn to l>: T?o wood Citcsv ry for 1 I iaUrnitiJ Iu*stu.u ? On Friday evening, Nor?an'-r2J, Mitu j Ami unu oa'.y daugtitfr of Hylvratjr W a .4 Mtria act'.? tooinock, agod 0 montlib aud ?+ d ?y< Notie? of IuliiiI In on Monday. Cclu.vb ?In WiUlamaiiurj. on Friday, Nifeoibor X), 1 Piiku k G In i!^> U>'.h >iar of a*e TLo trMnn, frtrnde and m.-nibrrt of Not tbern Liberty Keg toe Com/otay No. 6, are r<aptcUally tnvitod attend tlu.fum rai, 1 r-m bli l*lr>, No 13 Nor lb livtuth ?trt 1 ?. on Hun^y aftcmoc*, at two o'clock Ckohon ?On Ir'rluay, Nnrembrr SII. Ku/ai.bth C?o? TOB. dangbttr ot Xdward Crc-fiou and Kl.iabo b M.uL r?s ***<! < years, 11 CMBiha and VI days Tfca Unirul mu' tako plai>9 from No 21 Ain ly h r?'., on thinday afternoor'. at two o>.'otk. Tbe friecbs of the I laoil'y are rta^eolfu;$y invited to attend ! Di ai r. ? On I rld?> , Novmbcr 23, Wakkk, youogcat I son ot Jibmv and Mary Duell. wed 1 year, 11 moutbi and 1 26 day*. Or- yrfef ii loo gr**t to be comforted now, t&s l*bt from on* dwelling has lied, Tbo e>p'r?i of mourstDg enclrclos our love? F-r Walter, tbe lured oue, 1( dea l It*) frunSe of it ?c lemiy ?re respectfully luvlleJ to at t -id ibe funeral, tins (Saturday) aiteruoiu at half pu t l\ ? o'clock, r*uar tl.o residence of bus parents, No MS U,.ua*>ia si roe t, south .70 &wus?. ? ()c November 23, Many Eoi irh, rel ei of P?treJr Sor.lcs, st' (Moraine, Ireland, aged 71 jca.-it -iMl 10 mv.abjf Tc?f. lauds of 'be faulty r.-" respectfully inv'tod to atU'Ol tue luucrk^. "r<m Iut j.e resulenoe, 14 Stanton nr..-t, ttrooklyu :o:? {dattriay) afternoon, at two O'CioCll Beirut an : Colt -sine paters j'r*?e ocpy. K SlU ~th ?At <l!t'on . a'latea Wland, on Wedncidny, Ncviniter 'A'i, W. , us ujlu r ui Wm. Felie*e<. FoaiBAHi ? On, Ac member i3 Al'srtai S. Ford Ha m , in ice 71st year of h.'t > Tut rilaiHte and lr:ifa.ti?<< iuo fax: ly are respec fnUy Invited 10 ?ll-nd lb u f w"?/sl uu Monday aflTnjoa, at ue o'tlocri, Ire a bin lale TiaidcxK**, 183 Aa..j struct, H vkl)U Ki.tbk ? ( t frlday in onlay, Novemfc* m, arter a brief : iilnia wi braid fartr, W iwn jlysm, ltvifee 6J.b yew of 1 1. a*., a 1 ally u of ?ra,xi, coitaty Kor.*y Ireland, aui a ? r< eldest uf iba oily for ill lost tweuiy l>ete yean il>* frl L d and arquv.L'.AB ???, aid tV-ao of his son, John Uja?, sr.; reepuutfuliy invited 10 m :?nl 1U0 fuse r?l, uu Sul ay at eruoou, at oc'j o'clock, bis late l??l It'OSX, N ; F.rsl atem1*. T. nix- [ ?,. r? pitaro cjpy. ? oud tuly, uu JTtlar,. November *3, Juaw f inrni, to Ite TOili j ?r of h ugo Tbe irn-nds aud rt atives M tin liMtlly are :-?spe<'tfu:iy mvttoa lo atiead tbe luuoral, *>oni bis la'e residence, lon'r of i rutb av<uua and La?>r<Hir^? sirout, Mvtfutlan vuie.t'i Sunday alVmoon, at 1 w> o'oiuck. Ka'b.v as ? lu ILi* i-.tty, on W??1aeed*y, November 21. Mabi J**b, litfn t " Jamei F* nnar, wii daugbtor of 11 Uami ton. In Uie ofctb jrar of ber e<o Tbi <ruuii? of lii.> f?naily aro invited te attend L'le fane iaJ,fr( >tir late rtmdeiioe. No. "?S> Hixlb avi Htio, this (Sin n.ayj ni'iri iLg, at twelve o'clock, without lBriber tn?liaU< a Kblvi ? Ou Tnurwlifi November IS, suddenly, Jom liIXT, lu tbo l.blb tear ol bis age Hie iriendu ai.d the fr tones or lb- fam'ly are reepeot fuliy luvinsj in aitend tue lunural, fr?m bia late raal drr.ot . No 'l'ii MailiMHi suett, ibis (^ituriay ) afternoin, at ball-paal one o oluck 1**\? ?On rbvnday, November n?, Patsu ?: lliuiRy> ynunierl ion of fatrirt acd Maigarei Oeavey, a(od 3 ?.? ulhi and 11 il?)S Tbe ri iiiviM ai d (riinda of tb? f*m'!y also tboee or bis brutbers. arr umtcilully Invited to ?vuud the funo rai, tin* (c*?lurda)) aIlori,<x-.ii. a. l?o o click, from tlio reildrun' of his j?ients, <0 I'let Twp'fih street. Hit ? lu brwikiyn, K 1> , on Thursday, November 22, of iDflnn'ii iiion o' me lunge, Hbnrt Mai', printer, a unlive of tar low, lrvland, In ihe S>d yea r of bis age 'be re lauire und Iri-ui)s of the fnnlly ere rea jeotfulljr Invllel to atirnd the funeral, tble Caiuraay) afternoan, at two e'elerk, froes bis late remdeeeo, in tabevolae slrtet, teiwirei, i>iat>am aveuue aiid Smllt street. Oarlow Sentinel pit ate copy. Mi Coi'bt ? !.>? Hi ursday. November 22, titer ? short and |<aistnl Illness, llroii Mrtovsi, a uatlvo of the town ol Drumicond, dlvlBionof Duogaeu, Tyrone, Ireland. His fr. nds mi<i aoiiuainlaneee are reipee'^udy invited to attend the funeral, oe Sunday afternoon, at half past une o'clock, fr >ro ilic resluoiii e ef bis *>rotber, John Mi Court, So. T7 Wilt fwentv -eighty street. McloitHiui ? In TarlQvtlle, Coun., on Wednesday, No vrtj. b.-r 21. of a short but painful lllaeas, I'uii? D. Mc | 1/ uhub, lamtly a itb^mailoal teacher, of Toronto, C. W. llequirecat In pace. Toronto papers pleaie copy. Noobbt ? Wiilum, yourgest child of I'obert B and > Mar ? F Nooney , a?oU 10 monlba and Zi days Tbe friends or tbe family are requested to atlMil bis fnnersl, from tbslr residence, No 23b Kast Thirtieth street, on Sunday afternoon, at baif past one o'clock, | without further invitation. Koaas? At i raoiVorllle, SUtes Island, on Thursday, No?< mber 22, after a aben and aeveie lliuees, ICluaucih BofcKa, agid lb years, 9 months and "ii days. To* ,,!MlTM>iil fViKfirfa If lb* family *m w? pawKtallv lev led to attead ihe funeral, this (Saturday) afurnoon, In tbe Reloroud liutch cburcb, Fori Rlcbiuund, St two o'clock SanH ?On Salerday, November 10, Hans* W Smitb, eldest son of Ussry J. and Haass 8ntU>, In tbe 3Mb year of bis sire Ihe relatives sad friends of tbe familv are reapectfully .avited to attend tbe fnaeeal, Ircm tbo residence of bla leiber, CUres oa^-avi- sue. South Bergen, New Jersey, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'olock, without further notice Wk.uiiT ? Id LVrxklyn, oa Friday, Novaaber U, Mrs. Paean ftsKiar, wlte ??f ?.eorge Wrtgbl. Tbe frleode aad reiatlvee of tbe family are " n| -tf-i. y Invlled to alien 1 tbe funeral, oe Sunday anernooo, at two o'clock, fro n: ber late reaidecoe, No. 1(4 Odd street, Br oekiya wstxn.? fhj Tte'rsrtay, November 23, la tbe 71st year of btasge. JabskN. Wkiij* Ttie relatlvrs and friends of tbe ramllf, a so those of bis lone. James N. sod Jebs f. R , and ? n in law, W illiaja If. Smith, are respectfully reqntsted to attnod tbe ruaa rai, lb e (Saturday) afternooa, at half peat two oVIock, Ircn his late residence. No 211 Weal Twenty seooad street, without fu ribs r tavllattea. MVCRLLAJIKOVII. A* DTBRTIRBEE AMD nPEIREIW MEN ?ii i. rmi> THF POPULAR PI'ANIHI AMERICAN PAi'EK. II. BOTlCItSO 1>B Sit VA lORK, Til* TBI BBBT ADVKRTli: E(J BJCDIUB roa ETERT ClA?a or BUilWI ?H. TBI BANDBOOK OP NBW T >RK TRADE ton ALL TBI EPANTBB AMERICAN OOUNTOIBB. AM IT WMOVLATtm UARaIELT EVERT VUEEE TUB NEXT NCMEBE WILL BE IBDUEO TDEWAT, NOT. 17. APVBRTISBBRNTB TBANBV.iTBD PEER !WI*Vir) ON HO DERATE TERRA OPPICI U AN R HTEBET. A CARD. A TBI CIURLE" PIODEIIABWATCBEB ARD ' '1IRONOE KTERB. ("WARRANTED UENL'iEBtt! A aapku ??*rtaiB?t of ikaaa -slsbratsd poekst la* for sals by ROBERT RAIT m OO., I aii of Watckaa. ."swn'rr Ar , Ml Broadway, oppoalta <ltjj "aNj^ At W*. BTBRDRI.L'8 W)R? - VEDDIR'I I'AKDN ARB Ea?akma. of tka T " York BstaMlstod 1I1A a ( tk? iBABBtrtyiaa, 1<M f lUtOB ?tr?st. New T OIBRREI>B*R? THE ORAT CARD ARD OTHEl L BOTBlUSB. A MttB TIB t"T W?Uto< Cards 10 p?rf BflttaB. CARD. Tk? HMBMi ?v,l mnt tn HI who wtsk It im r? rlrs u< f'lU dlrsctl</B? fur 'Uilnt "Us OPAL MALM, for Iks r? nivdnf l lntrbw rtmr'tB. frsrBKs, An. fmn Ik* 'ib? AlPO P?uurt?ii ? msi'.Uutr* ??' wftM-k Is warranted Id brtat oat B fat. Ml of wktrt*r? In fotir to stffct waaka. Apply la or *A \r*m TBOW. f. CBAPMAN, Ck?IBI. 91 Broad war, Kaw Tort. A U. PIEET CT.APE PBWIEO ?AlBt REE -A tn r??t tn j : or (Bl? aft lis N?w Tork Ma^AIn* E-U'orlaw. tM BRl All WAT, CORE EE OP BROOEB NTREET, l?ht*l?r A Wl'sna'a, 'Imrar A Rakar't As., As.. At rad oad prloBB. AHOBI HLBBBIRU JOQNEOR'E JNION WAHH1RO BACBIBI. UT Broadway. New York, ml SU Paltna Mat, BrooEJy*. ACTRI f!R BBBNIA OR RUITURE WHITE'* PATENT IJIVBR TRrEE ? -.?* Ih# ihit.f _lT.r, p?r*>n Jtn? ? Trnaa nknnld PBB JEE i ftvvpwian Bid EPEBB aJsri pmeorad of Um pronator* OREOOBt A OO. Est I t sapkll No. ? Rood Bwat, Naw Ynrk. A DAMr liriM) 'OOMPANT Ol VI r H.O*n itlfg Ma to ikjnoUMMM af Mk. ?<*m. BUta. i?W 4* IVItDU/l. R. M BEOAnW* A fXrM. te. U? ? jou mm ik* *bX? to* ** WM A THAWKHOtvilKI OFfBW'Vrt. - ?* A job* mcav urn h?M r?i ->rjr WIM?T or ?* ? MUM. DM? m *n Mitinni ?tr,-,Pr.^,.'V If *MMu Br?r>?? 1*1 ?*?" ?? I . ? *T o*oui*t n ArtKAin Mitt Wfc???f? <W *(-> ?n MP'<^Lggg ?? >M > Mia or to | it m m !?<? r*rt ?< <*? I imwt i>?M* or.****,, ' M "on??? 109 *? I. 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JtT. a mrf Pilot for 910 a btuLorHi (Jot I r<> j* i > $10 arik uiUed wMhtuR Coata, *10; Puaiaand TeaUt |i?ji A ??e aU?* << aaa? gooda ?or < rder work. t'LAkl'K, 124 Wlaliaaa liiML |jfTiiuinio uxrr tuul iini oARnm rnurrrtrn vaimo ??, ESI and 3J1 foartk a<reii, nortkweal nrMr of ad?W Baperiur Parlor, Uurirr, '?etn? and BML-9M T every elyle, Frotu tke pbfn and aqtietant'*! to tbe otrnalud'?% ? at raaaop>bU> prioea. interior Dtramlon, Ar, *anu?l 'J'lim, En S xxla paVled and ahl; peu Id all part* ,-f the trar*& C^RKUBMKRBTI PATRKT MOK PRBBZ1NO OAK MM ? I Fluid "Jiranmeri ol km* ttrlof w.-t rnrWa wlU to 2 Uimd tilled with ISJ faint t Ron fri < ?ng Fluid I. ten llnr'ta order* to RW ltroadway. It c ?m Ltm than alccte,! and at not evaporate or fr *?/?. IT AitrSK A I racktet^nare, Hot* Yortr fubliah thl* da; - 1. tUI LIPR AMD '?KKK?.**)!fDBWC? .1011* A gOITMAH, Ma or (Jtueral U. t>. a mi <i>.?ernor oi :fce State of Wjto' ilppl. ai iio*. i r it ci With* 'm Mr?l rortralt. Ir I wo limo eolM?ei frir-e tHh, (J Tb;i la aa elaborate bb?raik. bate.! no J>i? private oapanrr' of ttae d?<eaa*d He waa ai eminent lawye. , one of tha^fcB nx-a or tkr JKriiran war w.r In noJIUua waa ? rapreaeataMfVi man; and, after t?e dea.h or Mr. Calhoun. ?u the feetval&ad leader of ibr Nt*.a rlghu pa?t>. He heljnmd to IkeeMtwaaa or aeeaatfon win* of that party and tbe norr.epmrfanoa, am* for tie ilrat time published, rtvea'a the plaLa lie:? on foot for wrbdiawlcjT fiojnjhe l'r ion ? #-? atanUallj the- tanaoi to day. "Itia rnrrrtpot drwrr lecf vary irrext ntervet end la oaa ot Ihr marked fealurea of I be v r\. IU narrat..-o ef mlUtar* evrnta, Ha bi.ld and Impartial iTltiriam of man jwf pa?Uea. ? 1 portraiture t -f lue,rtdua!a. the laal^bt It glvea tt; tckr BoutfcaffB politic*. and Ha review of the great p< luteal larala now Mm tr.iclJir, .be couatry, wtl atiraci atteutloa. II KVaN UAK&mUTON; M, UK WOULD HK ? <>K N1 1 KMAM. A Novel ?r ucoaai aoiariTB. 1 Ima , mn*lla. fl "A alory of contemporary Kexllab hfa, lull ot ^iMIaty aa4 i'P rlt, drprrdloc for Ita Imrrm'ton npoa ibe akl.I aa t detail with wfclrb iM I'bararlera a'e dWIuealed. ? ? ? !fnry M Baal admire Ike cool neutral tiat <>f ibe atory wl.te?feay?a> ak nate r< n.aute of lore la tuueked aitk a power tLutaw pas IMA" III. m* ronK <in)Rf.iB HE Klt'BKH OF IKMII14, HIKAUt. C0l' V? AMW lOWN U?*; ay w ? TiiacaraaT. Mitk llluatraitona limo? Mualln, 71 oenta. They apare arltker ac?. nor raak nor aei. hot d<- ?4rt faMl fally the ylrea and folltra of a corrupt oourt and nob.lty Oaa mlgbt wade ikrouab many b?a> y 1 met of hialorr r_a* fdl la oHalx Ibal elrar Iralrht into lha leal life of tbe Bri 1M aa?t wbi b la lu/uiabed by tbcae b.ltf but brUUant -yHTlM Beaton Jooraai. IV. HK'AltaOnAl ITS P10IM.K KCKRERV MONl'MINTf, RMCGUKHL cokuiTtumt ami moiufeKi) oamai. ar a. ?.. aunm. Formerly ' i^aria d'?na.rn of tbe United Rtatea to tk J Mpnb il< a c f I entral A mertoa. A Keriaed Kdltlon, WlUt ote kuntrr.l Mat>a and IUaatraUooa. 8ro., mtiK .n lA Tbe omteela of tkla work are n * ouly 'n rvear wa, 1 tnic. but tiurk, for tbe m'at part a aubjact rotlrel.' portion of t antral America wbk-b haa laMimail. unM) i _ 'ttlre.y unknown, aa ! wbJ< b atrn llamboldt waao^Jaadl leare nnriplored In bla Meilean and Peruvian jonraaya. T he autkor baa (l>ea ua In arm way aatlafaetorj of tka okarantar of the iranuy wkleb la ao ramarka MfbrBi " ' Ita roiaaaln pt anxm fertility. Aa a contribution to Ike blatory of tka earlleat partita af America, and aa ? faithful rewed of tbe renalta. frost wklah a'ose we ran jol** of the slTlMtatkm of tka people of Hm Vi'T*-' J* onnpertini link between tleeaeaaof f ortb ar ?. Hi utb HHM tlila * ?? >. i ?!? ulm1? y,. ter eat and taportAooe? ooa wki b no at idaatof kun^uwr can do wltkoat Oa ml lirrtn. V. RKLP IIKLP. Wllk Ill iatrat.ona of ' bar >e ar acd Ooo l ci. ar taBtrkL Auikor of "Tbe Lfe of ?<enr*e Hu pbaaroa." New Edition. Renard and rrtaOy EulerceA Wltk anmerLua Porttalta. rhlrfly by Lna*aa. 12mu. Mualln, t rtre ruty Oanla. HARPER A BROTHER* will aend ruber of the akoetb worka by Ball, p a'aee prepaid (for any riataaoe a Ike Uflt> tfd ktalea nndtr 5.1'Bj Mg on reorlpt of tbe n. nay. HYATT'S UFK HAlJtAV. J&HKl'M AT1HV ib i la ait paiBfnl f 'rw; ?i-? arrofnla, <*r>alprlM a*H rheuae p' m.v# bUchM, old "lean. f?va? aoree lb* ? <ir?t im of di?e* ? of I ha blond. raerrnrtM ' mplalola <<?> . tty, liter .??< ku'ne.a, Im-lpteDl nmaunpttoa. At . irr molt ? ? rtalnlv c iret I. r tkia r'?*t puftSar HYaTT * 1 IPB BAMaM h?? "ured tkoomndr cf <"\eee at Ihete *rd e'.rnlla- d ?t*i ud ll wi I m ..t < ert .ir.Jy ror? uf i w ? kirk I Ml be ?t*eke?| b . med rtne' J taken Lb err >rrf >aaa with Ike dlreetir t a It <fc>ea not --tbUib i> rartlela if i ?rrurr or Any otUer drleterloue miners.. 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