Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1860 Page 3
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Ml tfty to Ibor hundred equ-wtrians is the Central Park it mm time, wblla dm hundred per day had 1MB the average nutaber that bu vHIUxt the Park m terwbaok during tbe last five months. many of them exceedingly graceful, whilst others, aitb-iuh seated on blooded bersea, prjsent an awkward appearanoe. from the tact of their boraea not being well trained or tbe rider a LOT tee la the saJJIe Many of th? awkward aatmais that are now teen to tbe Park would, wttb a few lemons by a skilful t raiser, develoo* tratla and no Mass tbal the owner* of the anlaiala never dreamed they pMMMi M'?l of ibe riding academies la tbe city tura oot trained berets laat will aatoaiab a person un*n customed to witnessing tbe ivut that a blooded ani mal will go through wttb IMabrow, of Fifth av?uo? flelebrtty , combine" in bla system of training that of M Btaucber and Mr. Rarey, which, combined, make tbe borne docile and give bin that graoefal action wbicb recaera tbe horae attract! re to tboaa who witness DM f *ats aader the saddle Tbcae wbo were la tbe Park at tbe time of tha Prtaof of Wales' visit to tbat locality will never forget tbe ap pearance of a lady acd gentleman seated on well trained bloedt d animals, that were i?eii moving about la a Style ?eldom before wltueaaed In equestrian*. Every person that waa in tbe Pat# at tbe time piosed to aee tbe roo tless of the antmais; even the Prince himself turnet la bla aaat to take another look as his carriage left thorn in tbe rear. The pair was Mr and M-s. Dtabrow, wbo were ?ol with their best animals, thai have been under str ot tralnlrg for a long time, bat It only shows what a horae ?an be made to do Mr. Dishrow visits tha Park wttb bis thorough bred chestnut borse called Alexander, probably one af tbe best trained animals in tbe city. Mrs. Disbrow ap pears on a stylish bay oalled Comet ? a thoroughbred barat, spirited, and with a beautiful style of aci'on. Nn lady tquestriao m?k< S a moie attractive appearance A a umber of valuable b ooded aaddle horses were brought hta K> mucky the fore partof tbeseason by Mr Diikel. ?> Thirteenth street Riding Acatejiy, aud are now, wi'h uln ar two exceptions, In the p >?se?3i >n of different arm > erst 10 families of tbe olty. Mrs. August Be m >nt. who Is aae el (he most graoelul lady equestrians, is frequeoti to be ? en on one o' tnese horses, a tn >rou<tibreJ niy aiare, from Mr. Alexander'* Mock, near Lexington, Ky valned at MCO A me. si Bel mont keepa aeverai saddle horses. One or wo r>( the lemaie members ol b<s family mux a granefui appearance in tbe saudle His son often attract* attto Won i.o a ui?l pony, that morel with a great deal of grain. He has also a thoroughbred bay borse. bought of Akxaider. near !*>xington, Ky . and valued at tOOO Mr Ferguson exercises a snrrel borne one ?f this lo*. broaght from Kentucky, which la over fifteen bauds high, va'oeJ at $?0$ Mr Tbort, of Thorndale, has a large bay borse, broognt tn. Ket tuck;-, and valued at *700 Pr Bayard, of Fourteenth street, sttll Keeps op bis in tcrr*t >n horseback exercit'Ji, and v*?scrtbea It to manv ?f hi* patients He ke' t* three or fbor borate that are mined Ui toe awdi.', and often appears la tbe Park an ?otuptmed wttb bis patients Re ha* a gray, a brown ?ad a b?y; tbe latter a thoroughbred horae, from Alexan der stork, near Lextugtuc, Ky.; la fifteen bands three ksabes high , and valued at $600 Mr Escbrr often a,'f*ar* in tbe Park on a sorrel horse eailrd W:?root , las a-te thoroughbred, and from Alex ander stork , valcfl at $660 Mrs Jamr* S Bennett i* often seen on the drive* la the npper part of the island >n a thorougbured bay bnrte, fifteen ban^s throe Inches high, valued by good lodges at $600 The animal la ?oe of Henry Oocsan's Meek of K' nti cky ; was brounht from there laat spring James O Bennett, J r , is sometimes seen 1c tbe l*ark, j Scat- a un the back of this animal, usually aooompauied j by a la iy managing a oeautifbi obestout bay borse Mr Steinberg, of tbe el tiling trade, is often seen I asart.tauig a Gray fcajrle torse that worka well under m* 1 aaddle H is npwardsof fifteen hands b'?h, and wsa 1m | p?-t?d from I/onis* .lie, valued at 9660 Mr* Dtckei, of tbe Tblrt ?ntb street Hiding Academy, I* ' fre^cectlv reer In tbe Park wth a somber >f toe Dairuca ?f ibe'r school, who usual' y go la aquada She rides a well ua.ced oat* Gray Ragie Lotas, brought from Lsxlag tas Ky. , at'd va oeo at t >X) Mr. Dlckel la *nm<l)tri> rorn no a tb'rougbbred brow* horse bought from Mr Kecar , near l?xuig>ou, Ky , and valued at SHOO, and on ovtwr ooaston* With a bay mars, Ml>ed Lilly, over fifteen bMda high, thorough bred, aad worth $6oo ?r H. L R< id mr?ke<? a v-ry rrodlUble appearance amongst Ui* aqucetriaus, with a l>rown b> r**, /alued at MM. A. M. Ferris ride* a black bl-wded mare that >t will take $$oo t^ purchase. This aalmal is nut ocly thoroogh bred, but quite speedy Mr. Fal'ow* ta seen dodglug about la th? Park on a high aplnted and aoviv* bay animal, vaJua l at $400. Rides fer h ? bealib. A Mr Bamronrk la *e*n nana a npirted ud mtleae blsrk bor? rrry UMittnii", abooi faaru ou and Uiree ^nirh r band* b f u, lod raluad ?( M60 A Mr C. lea rtdea ? rery larjje hj boraa, foil alstaaa tea <1l bigb, and a food Mtrtaoaad bora* for ao large a Me Mr Wattioa ererenea a brown boraa, aiitaan tuMt blfb. hot a rery etyliab aiUaai, e*Ju?d at tS.'<0 Ttendnre 8. Vourheee, k?mw of tbc laat l<of*fatara, reaarta to Um Para lor I n nevib jd a ' ,rfn d art bay teran, ao Heat motWH.nd ?o?, and be appava at teaae u, the tadnie. Ha, borrrtr, Icuka aotaewbat eober attM? bi* rnwst deieat Mr Glllett baa i?n rery Pee aadd.a boraea -a blooded ob< otrui an.: an exceedingly qairi and eprtghlly anitaai, rained at $W0, aito a 'lue black atkre, an *xceli?ot aadjl) beaat, w nth >800 Mr Rack* a p!\*i ??? n on a ereamcoiorad <*>H, ra rj aptrhao and ttyliah aad matea a arM'taai* ?i>i>earanc* Mwa Back*, of Klftb ?ma?, rank* amnrg the rut NJ M lady ni ?atrlai? that reanrt to tb* Park. na* aklil with wbk i. abr aau|l bar dark bay (?tw fail* to at M?.-t attention Mr T. Sew Lam. a broker, ha* ??? two Bur aadrfla hfrera . -.aually ndea a na? htmaoif and frequency am a lady with Dim riding a (ray b?r*a Tbi-y atake 5011a a ?air aw ng tl.r nnaeroaa biraabac* rtder* to tn? rart Maj'>r R? .leligni* to aatonltblng tb? fjieatriaaa *Vi thine tf?raejre? ax,wru by ?xbibitiiig bit ?a.. lraiii?i aad riji .ab gray boraa, fa I ?ixi?-n baadt bltb, aad worth MOO Her.ry J Kaym??<; r* the linn? wbecerar he thnkt It loi re. ceaa-y te watch Greeley, to preraat k;? g-t.iof tAe loelde trank with "Hone*'. Abf"? f *? to the Centra! Park on a while hnrae . an J oflea tare* up no 8) wn ogla,* wb-ra be ta ?**e gelrg aa If hadlr frightened, e?pe.: ally wh-n bia b^m'a l ?a<i + turned ;?iwnr.? borne He will need a grr at deal ul tralaitg b? fore be ?e take ttaj pre ? ib. or area >? e!?i??d aa a gr*eaful rider Ha tt frr^uecily vrvmtpaaied by bt? lady. Mr Caliat bab ?eeje two (|>:anJld aaJdle boraea, both bay and |u la i??? one la r Aden by a aly and the otbtr by a fmlk iar l^ey make a rrr J "able abow ?n> uj t bf aoaiemra ctjoaatr ana. TV .wo are pat down aa be.a< worth II 2o0 Mr M-rrlll rHea a ( r*f and fay oalrtte b<wae, ra'aad at ?WO We bare alao 're>.L?ntJy notice*, a Dae blark borae, ab> at fbsrteeo aad tnr?r iaar<er laada hifb.aana y*<ddar. M a rentletnaa, aa1 het-tri1 .( to the Wtabioft'w KiJlax *<"a< ew.y norttr Twcaty ti*'.*! atraet aad . ikth a re let. wbirb oiapi <y? nare irraee aad haaety moat a," tkew that appear r ? the faafeHiDabl* drwea Mra ? A Burobair, third avanao, aftea ap^ an no a tee Loac I* and Oiacb I;, at bor*. and aie^"* a Sue a? pearwice la tba eaddie Jaa.-w loooi, of f.ftb arena* !>? a rery floe ?"ren?b aaiM* borae that la oaad by dirtweat mwbai of Uae haly. Miea BeWen. <* Rra?*rry pat, M INfowUf aar? to t>r Park, reated <mi a *naa pnay Weoefe teacroft, the 1 'afcirtaa, ?t|fi terpe ap fe't prae Mraut bxraebaca rH ?|, aal l* aixoai aree.aotir la tbe ? tddie he ridrt a 1 ay bi'M, a w^tl tr 'ned ac -nal, rr ?aedlngly antlre, that will a>nb>a, tr ?t wr ftle-p, ao'' ?"e with e gry at -?eal of graoa. W. rnrtaa Soym an.' lady hare bees te-ja a groat 1ea af 'ate la the tad die. A daagbter of M R Grlnaafl alao ?a*?< a crodlttbio affwaraawta la tbe oaM'e. Mr T)ar. of ?rr^iway, te aeen a great deal ta Mae tw' 4k*, etercmiac a My bom, and fraqo otij mm IM/ w Lb DIB AM Pi**rtm, k ?! teiit, ? taM, i>ewn (wt ' aa, M dally lo h> aeen la tte Part , aorjtt. -aai. by w-?* ?od ana; the hrer are no? ted lo'girt ay*n aw r fOt the nuwerene narr1a??? aad en ie?.riao? and *rn ?'l ? *>d ndtre fher? we nom?r >oe rr-ui? -oca ?j,i , ,) ., U> ' a ?*r:i te r plre*>at af1?r?r>' a 11 th? "ark, rl tl.ip al aa*. a^r <-f ho-aea, ?m?e of theaa o? ? a *rp?, l, aod ?? oar rta if hi thv' ah a flew aeaonr at vae of tb.i rl l-rg a>.a ?? aa e xi. 1U do tk?m n" bara Am b ,utt>r, Jr ,M u booatt. moat er^ry u rtita seated on a thoroughbred Aigiteb mart), whtoti h? m*u sgee with a frni deal of ik ill Uearr AMor W ?!?? mm ? great deal in the mad e at all hour* ?1 in* day Walter I *i.g<iou baa several tborougnbred taadle noraee that dtfltreal member* ol bW farn'ly eieeewe >u (be Park. There aro, probably , uo IwlM saUto bJraes in the our Wm Holland, of WasbtngMa pi?ct'. dm tw* **ldie Ik rtes Very line an'mal*. <ioe of the be? . trained anlmai* Ibal u If d tbe Park !? mat of Mr Turnurt >f thi > ?euty ?nib street Hiding School, a beautiful n.?i>i<*<ipy b?7, ttnrt will <0 m I 40 ?nd do any tning but talk, la trailed to ?? ? gall, and Worth ?1 ,i>K> Wm ? liodge, e' the Arm of Phelps IkKtge \ f"o., Ira i?irtera, la alao a constant vislier u> the u ntn iWk , m th< saadle, fti> rldct a (tn<- '?? kiny btajk fcoree .1 bn 0. Swill, of the Hrm Of *wift, Hurl >urt * 0? , It mi frequently seen to the Park seated on a large Day norse, quite stylish Mr R n<b<- an e'derly g> ail<man, residing In Union place, eierm*' t>..niail b?> in tbe Para ?im >?t every ] fitaaiii day H? bora* It fall flfw*- ? oau-is hlgu, anu baa a good style of action He aUavs ;ook? aa Utougb ao wa* taxing roll.) roniori Mr Harnea rldet a tbarongbbred Kngisb coeatiitl horse a great deal. Mr. K. I.tttle"<ld, of Klngsley's Qtprest, Improve* r>\t health aud kfep* his nerves in good urdur by nmiuif almost dally Tlslt* v>< tie Park on a ban tsome Morgan 1 bay bnrte, valued at tbOC, really a floe tai)0k> b ? ??<> Mr Judson, tbe lodls rubber r:to, ocnarioual/ k?v<.a ! bis fast rag* in tbe stable acd tla(U tbe Central Par* ta | tbe raddle, ac<v>sapatned by bli uiaoe Mm two ??idie horse*. hi Ih ba?k R -"lorrs Wtllta ke<-pe bit mind acd body tn a buaitby rendition by vlsnlpg tr>* Park mated ou a well trained btark horre, fo<l tixti .u hftu lo hiyh Ht> >? a good rtdor. J letter Wallark, of tneairinal fame, prei*ret bua ?elf t<. t-i tertalo tbe public by making almnst "my v'sits | to tb> Park on a large eh ??(ttiut animal, woll trained and i ityllsh A Mr Lint en an English gentleman, ta uoe ol Uie regu I lar visiters Id tbe Park, ami rt<i*.t a blooded arret, largt ?nd rlim animal, and wlibal t ?oo motioned U- mi, bow ever, aecliledly awkward Id IbeaaddU, and gw.-na to be tcftlou to go faater than hi* borae, and fit* id a rery uo tieoimlng att tude * PUrrepnnt Kdwardc, Brlt'.ifi V.ce Couaul.a tlorid oon ji)?-lloLed getitieman, hac a tboroogbbri .1 browu mare, an excelkot piece of boraetleeb, but m<?-t to) amul for a tr *u ol bit alio, tbat be eierc ae* a groat deal in tb? Park, and be ?e<-m( to enjoy tbat kind of life. Mlta Boise la aeeo a great de?t in tbe Park upon a >lark ij'fty, with a light mane and tail. Mr Bnilerhill, ot geveutb street, and sister, am seen together In tbe sadd'e, mingiini with the throng in tb* Can They botb handle bridle with skill Mlaa V. 's invar taoly seated on h rream ooloreo auimal, and usvvr alls t? attract attention P M Radfield, ol Broadway, rldea a spirited brown bcrae, and baa invariably one ur two ladies In bis oom pany. A son or M eea Taylor and oae or two female members ol tbe farjtly often app< ar In tb? ?a'ldle Mr. A. M. Sweetzer, an India ruiber dealer, finds time to ezercoe a nbeatout pony. i Jtanell) lord, a Wall street It >-j r, k ?cj* c- o d fine s*rt<ile hn -?e, that varxus mtrutMri of bis lara iy cxcrcae m tbe Park. Mr. I'harle* Uuuid, Madison square, bat reeeatly pur cbated t?o bay maret, to work ui.der toe saddle, aud lo wr (Is to take morning eaerrlae with tti>-n in tbe Park Mr. E. Kittlelasb kuepa ibree lite aiaca taud.e borttt. all stylisb sod large a^ Be?<"r*' ji - f n*.,e meta bert ol the family ar it . n woe . u< ?. .tb qn'.Vo ofteb, and unilervtacd the ejueetr.ati art Mits Waltermlre, of Piftb avenue, it seen in tbt Park every day, teateJ on a large gray animal, and wearing a joakey cap iler father oouetitnc* acjompaoiet ber, and rdea a cbeatuut animal. Mr. B. B. Cuma rldea a cream b?r*e, and a a gmd cavalier. Mr. J. Banker alao eierclsea a cr am animal. Hot. John Uocbraiie, formerly one of u>e regular y seta on the )Mbl?s*ble drive*, to tbe saddle, baa been to ol late with political matte t tbat be hat beo>me quite * tt'tuger to tne people u< u rrm ort to lb* Park A ton of Mr. Aoaoo, tne photograph tat, bu a tin* lo?Klt>fc pnn> , that be it tern u> the Park with a great den tut I* quite an aspen earaiter Sydney Hmh, Preeldeat of tbe ^tmUi Avenue K?ii load. bee ? very doe thoroughbred KecteaAy be; oortr fall tuueo bandt b'gb. ana metre dally wile to in* l"ark, ai<v.mi?tird by bu grand too, tbe latter rldiog a white -tpanifh jennet Mr Maaon'a animal la oooalderM one or U>* beat that are teen id tbe Park A medium tiled and aohd bum hay aotroai, rode by a ?c*<1 maa, whnar wnirk~ra b> re j net begun to tarn (ray , hea attracted a great deal of attaatioe of late He ta to be area gallnptrg and kipping about la all parte of the Pa'b, frequently riding up tb* Utile blU aear tae terraoe upim tbe Jump, and am* after ? ipeartng la eoo? other port mo of tbe driven, the nor*, playing like a young kid Tbe rider of tbi* well trained aaimai ia f> S. M natter, of Twenty-bulb atn*4, who ta very fund uf it it kind of en rciaa. Mr. F Bronaoe baa a very *v e anrrei n ran ehich n> rtdea aearly every day, amonpa.<ied b bta at* and daughter, Mated no tiro Ine pir>?a loha Fnrriab 1a aiao tbere every day, nting a etyitah blaea hurae A yotUK nan by live name of Cuoier It buea a great <la*l, tented >? a brown t r?. A large cumber of the ban too lam'lte- <* tbia elty ke?p from one to two aaddle borate out eel torn uar th?m to tbut city, and only avail toea>ei-i??e of mat evrrctee when at Newport, Muainga <*? eome other noancy r^urt .ittwr* never appear ta the ealdle, ero-yi ??' the ridtag M* e Bki. A targe numner > J yoaag tadiM- tny Mi??urr* In tbe fiddle tn the ae*erai ridtrg ?.?>.?..?, are aev?s to he a?-n on tbe road A auioritf -.1 Ui la>ti?a that ?" In bo K ?n id the Park. brid e In band. ?|i|ie?> <u amaia i bet- i.gtag to tbe profirteioiw of l*e ruling a.ia<le*iea, and are eot<tom to be mm iwm with the aawe animal; It t? II ere* ore. top wilile to give a *k*teo hv wnnh May will he mnogcixed by Uie nattera of tbr pr<vne**;?. "Tbe rtdtag aoademlea have, altog?th'r, iuc eding ihoae which arr k--yt there by <*tt*Me pari ew, la lb.. aaigbbur boid <>f two boodr?d aaiidle bor?w ? r>?ar an linal* are ta dally aae by tern* one? a minority >f theoi <n toe Part In fai 1. do i-?r'.>i? of tbla laebu.i ???>? ?e> ?? m??it aaa ta crtatnl to mocb daring tk |Mt jaar a- thai n> h.?ae?-ar* rldtar and the number "f blooded affile narew tar ax oee<i? the niiaVr that it generally t?j.| wwi u be awn?d U> tt't elty, and they are mereaxtg T tn* in a largr number of h'nrt new Semg trains at tbe rid jig eal'eiiet aod by Hber tk,.. I ii inmw , and every thing laiUcatea a great law? at ta tbe fotare tn U * ?; ex'-rciae, aad the day It n' t %r dirtaut wb r Ibe i'ark to a fall attamooa wit.' p-^wett <ne x tbe gayear ?aetre v be wtUi??e<i in any por tu* of tne b-J>itahle world, u.d w.H l>e v alt ad by peopt > fri*? ail trk f the f-r oo otbr. [inrpoae than ta wltneaa th? gay | agit that are ta iter 'jore. Wo m the lb ' dr rtm will only ue tL? ri*<rt ?' -bote WBO iMigit a ?o ?t-k fle^'y an'mnii, th^ itr( will d-aw witkm iu wa .t ?ai trtt ja the ^l?l? every eoctloa <<( tbe c entry. i f artUi h-a air?a.'? teat>?i.? W*> i"?rtay for tb? geee -a1 *ea. er jjt r III q^eatl x>? tu?e-.wt irewd In uptn na, whiek wa obliged to jpoat?- we fbr a more ?Be fee. ?at a In the atMlirae let **ery ptr ana atxtvet to aae real life nn whee'a ad in tbe aaddU *ialt tte Oratral Pa k an; f.faaaat aflAHoc <, -?*.tirday ta ra-ttealar, ana tb*y V.. ai i r?re aer i ja. tte ia ra t'vaa bo * t'Uae >if tb? a nmer Otig j'p?c * that arr teen moving ?' <>ut ' pea tbe drlvee The te g \c*j of lb* Part may >? ?N to have toat on. if pad and If wbnl '? br area tbero now ta th?. Brat frn'ia o' that rfrl .e, we will not attrtn|4 to pre d**i *1*' it n .1 be a 4o?^ f%+ baana, Nat i??m Uial to the imaglaai -n of tbo read?w, ? t t f w the pieaevt ir?H tbn curia, u uj-or tbe eeeee. MlulTAItT. XT ot <r ttii war or i? a XM we. t?at B""? emi it for in? -ite m ti' wd arm ? mil ?? tb? Hr/act l^id ''bi-a, t iHi H?" Itaoa, nr.. MntriV' ar r? ikeir rmnr. *?** ^ a;ii??:^r ' r tins ?<?n .? > i. 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