Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8845. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION?MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1800. PI? ICE TWO cpyfv THE CRISIS ir TUB SOUTH. from WasbiBKua City, Hew Orleans, M Hedge ville, Ae jnista, loluabia* Cbarlet ton, Kicbooud, A< . Important Opinion of tbe Attorney Gen eral of tbe United States, ?Nm*ll?ri< *E?E8SI?N AJEEim. ICMMyt of tbe doTcrnor pf Worth Carolina. MR. YANCEY ON SECESSION, Ac. Ac. A*. mroRTisi pnoia waphjrgton. ojr irroa>sv <3Ztbra.. 1LACE on ttt* ?K7M81UN tCOVKHU'i '?A alKXTl>a Cr ALL THB ?OCTUULN rChATOH8 A3J> V HB6JD?TAKT *9 TO n bud, no., *ro. Not 36, )W0. * lie cpu-woot tbe Attorney Oeeeral, oallel far by rwMtilikofeuiuoii tbe ^aeet.ona of taw arlfllag out rf appreheaded dlffircltlMi betweer tbe Vorit Mid 9oetb, Jo dgo Black not gdI/ diecjMM tbe important qaeetlon of ike ooast tc cm' fight of a Slate to secede, bet sever*] ?feer qcett'oas which are involve!, rtcft u the <?ltecUoc o I revenue aad w&ether pcits of eatry <*o be : Ota) go ! or rosso ved to >ther points; ud ? tbe event of tbe resignation of tbe fedora' til.ei, u>e truestars, ?*sdgee. UtatLut, Dj'.rlct Aitercejs. , u J If to olc x toe State or States co:.;i bv fo .n 1 w'.Jlng to voept tbe podlt!oas, what po.'.iy ehonld be adopted, or wbetber tbe exut' ta lk* makes any provi?!on la m.on an emergency. in fact, ail the r.oeeUoai wblcb may arise la all their various are .? ndentool to be tosebed opoa. Be holds, It a aaJd, :a tbe tut insUsce, tha* a State ha* not the ono ?UtotVc-aal r ght to secede If ?snb la tbe opinkxa of the ?* eftaer cf the ft vera meat It will hare (real weight and ia'neaoe ?? ilb tto people of the ?outb. " Intel: .g in ce baa been rfce*r >d here to tte "fteet t at iheSeaatirs an.! r-preiertaVvcfi of HtsslM'.fp' v *?"?* have dec ared themselves la favo* of nsen'an The Seorg * de^jat lor have a!?o, H tt fa; J, later the same jaalUea. Steps have already bees taken tc have a rr.e?'.r_g of a ) aac Bcntfcert taiton aa 1 'epresoa'tvee mm^d'ately altar the oonreBiog of Ooogreee, w'tha vSv of w'-.tri og together. I, if tail that a.'! tb ? menders ? rem '.he ?Tuth Aat arc here will bo !av!tsd. ->i k! re Qiiatc. and Vi? am. of V.rg:ela: rearer, of Uar/lactf Bayard ard l'?Jee May, ef Delaware, ard <roer and Polk,?f M'etjrrl, avor US move. A oltitT of Cbarioatoa, wrii:ig toe ? -.actl narv ?I tbe go t, says tto adm aietratioa, or thecoOee Preetdcnt Boehartan will pursue or iad'-ato !a his ir<*saf, w'U have great lafiueoce wltb Soatb Oaro ^ECE&bJON MEKTING IS NEW ORLEANS. New OauuaR, Nov. 38, 1M0 l"r*re v uar. iii.Btfase gathorlag la this city tb ^ trs on teg Tlio oMe t !rBacai'a! people met at Odd PaUo?*' ?all tc adopt a CoastUuilooal Soctbera Kigbts A sociatloo ef Louisiana There woro tbreo tboosaad people preaeaL The objeotof the awo.-.a'lcn aa a ooucert of action with aad iiopp .it to th" t oed ug dtates, by ths wltb drawal of U aiaiaaa and tb ? a-aertlon of .udepeodeace of the- ?oath. The p ta Wt!t b.' to r rrn a coafaierate ijjath ere gtternmfat rberc ?aa la? nense etih . mia. THE EXCITEMENT IK OBORQTi. iturni,6a , Nov. 31, lsdo Aa eatbnsiast'a mooting a n hell bare .*st a ght. Sseator T x>nibe, J /igefiearus aud IV. spoko, ani rsaolct'ona were slo;>t)d la farjr of auo>wi -a. V j*.t ?ga are beiag teM <!a 'y aad rlght'y ta Jt lo-ent port .tut ef '^eorg'Jk, lud'.^a'.iac tnat th. jwpala r fe jilag is s.r >ct y ? tivsr sf aoo?asiow. M. -LSI".. : !*, (ia., Nov 31, 1HM TV' Houid to '.iy reaolvod to aloet E'e '.ora ueit rburt <tay. A BBit'-oa wis male to elect a ftoaaior the same doy, which vraa lMt. Mary ti. rab:rv urge tte fleetloa, aad y, <r?i wMl be prcbably a Uarc ap ixosg in* ft.eo ia of ibc aap rule. tfcc baa I bill wta.ob pawed tbe Vu?w ban b*t ITHMil for U ? tfclrJ rea<l ag la t'.o In * art re peal- UM law ff bid llag bai>kj from iwi t| Uej- notea ?at of tbe for the pcrpote of rawant'iig draft*. It npN.1 tho re?'r. ;t:oaa aell ig bml * gbt chaok*, MJ la ? ?w 01 tbe aaoneUry trouble* ud MCMlot, ri* P*b4* the operation of tbo acta UiClellag tb? pain of for f at?r*? 'or aot ',?? D( apec;- . i>rohlb u -try ng fi fu is faror or i(>^ n-*p*odoJ bachj dnr:og napaut >a, pro rVM, la *ither oaae, aattafactory ?oc jHy ia girt*. It la MUfK tte law w'.!l [ A Uninom, tia , Kir. ti, l*? Um aaoraa'.oa <g? WW mad* bar* yaatarday to o&aa.dert ; of Taal laSoecoa la thJa**ol)oa Afusr Um Hm> i| in Um da> , Ho* j.-,ba Coehrwa, of Aiilwa, aad Yano*y apok* at aight. Johaaca, tx aMMbcr 01 (V?grea fraai UK district Mi ttfratnfor* a rank l'a' <n nan, declared for aamaatoa, Mid Um wildcat aptlaaae. Tbe aatboauam la Jaw at <kuM aarpaaara aay thing over witaaaaad la thia tut*. Vac oaf aad other* r,>oko her* laat Light. THE FEKLISU IN SOUTH CABOLUIA. Uuaunroy s'o? 33, IStX) Mr. tfauixger, la a i,? ?h raooatly at Graaartlla, & C advised *aoe*i>oa, bat *tld It waa latpoeatble 10* Htath to looel* without a war with tb* (asaraJ goveraraeat Ha titer for* orgad thorough preparation. Be aald Boctb Uaro lna oocM oaly be attack*) by watar. 8* troaM iha ott:i*as la the mocata'aa wocM ba ready ?a aaroh to the proMrttoa 0 ' CHarlwtoa.'oato Jay ao definite cvtaaiualoa >u arrived at cn tbe |oe*ti n of *c*?riiaiaa ! att r* r*4*lT?l fr-"n GaorgU *ay tbat AleiacJer H VrmKi r<?< the opto. jo that (J'torgU wiil aa AacbtrJly follow Soatfc Qaroliaa la aaorwroa. B- at aad laat'/ ?ppoaea a oot.rec Sanatar Tootcb* wrltaa that tfc: la da y ga a ag rroiiad it growa *tr\*ig?r aad *tr?*f?r to ?^?rgta. OPINMN OP A I'MWiTMiN. Rj'inw*i?, Va', Nor. 26, 1990 A wal< saown g*LtKiaao, a pmUmji of tag-eta, 't*. , etirae Jy fraai 1 .at e.ty, later*** *10 that the diaaaina aea tsa*at NrtM there, bad ro aiieuhe ahoat "t, hot If th* North w!U nab ? <*ea*a*'ma Or-ri a atay ba la-iuaai m irm n m the Va m. Ho m hlaaaa a iberoogb gatag Or* tat if tbe NufUl atll ab. inb hrr paraoea' 'Ibarty bile, all will be 1 ntoaiaU ;a?v?d of Knee* o aieta Die oax.o :e jioTivabla *aWw* "ami t .ai'r?i* la bmO*. Ha awo be 1* nM Uiat H n. Aleiasdar II 9??ph*a* la oa tha aalwer ,;y rda, b it if tti* paopla win ftra b'ai tbalr ear* M wot Id aooa ba In the aa)ority. Ha la a paracaa. frtao 1 of Hr *M^>baaa aa I a e!argyir,ia cf b'gb ran l ag here He preaoiiad a eanwoa ihM, taklag <* hla tail, " ^tar Bto ya-ir ctnaet aad pray to yeor father ;a aa.-r??t. ' Daring tha arnaoa be aaia It waa the dity at ?*ary good -'liira u> pr?j far tbe p?a -e aad ham: ay of the -?a.ry, aad that wa alight lira, aa barawrve, ia aa.'ty . Ha took oeea na to aay aJe?, that the Varth waa Ike aggreaaor, ?mt u the pwaaaal liberty biUa war* aot rapaaM be apprahaaAed a dlaaoiaDaa of thia beluywl '.*? in The elerg. -uan la a aat.ra ef the North, aad waa edt ?M there. ?T. J/JVJS MONEY MABKIT. ?*. I?na, Nor. M, IM S?ht Jrafta * Sew Tork are rerr Marts*, aad ra^a *r am three to ve p*r oat prml ia. Mlaanart fta* aad TUiacM aal ^laeoM'.n ff.rraary a*'J at thraa par e*at ?^?ow baakaMi tiai*, aad geld la at ft par ceat pro > > iar ;?r lb* tati " a da HOSTKNBi^S OF W!tf. 0. TJBOWH A 00. t vrtAin, Not 34, 1M0. Wa 1 0 ftmAOi tekrft. cf ttartiyrawrrdad :*T*?et tc da; OCR WASHINGTON CORR5BPOND - N CB. Waidu??T)h, Scj. S3. iW ,fj-n:e Bfjert iKt SlorHfWkat f?ili ike *>.j Vnt ?W ^alionj &r? Trul. M? JWv?v?{ nj SsutK Car. Una Jim ffrrtsmtn? TKt frf.iJiiU'i l'?w ivu S-.viriui.? OK-my K'y? !i/W >; Ae flbuA? "JTo 6lt?m <J 9umU>* Tit"? fr -j" : if <% Ser. -uj JI013 ??; Oow^oje? >4 La wcnlaH V<Ut ?./ Jfe! FUu> ? 4nntuat^'i| MUri n W7u*l, <Cz, Washington .e U 'J. * moewt l a? .j- e; ae Q?-. r.. tit ?Wirj to be toe <;niet that p-eeaics toe harr uc. la trail, lh?*ri are bet iw< or three mwbirt of Ooogr**e b?re u yet, and l ih? it>?en:c of 'tiose n tr: l^euM il a political tem|>em, peace and q.let ere bo nocb to ^a marvelled at. There are n< Voir Faf aa 1 or other Northern scea.bere tore, tad those ftom tfic ?-i ah hi ?o OiOi'jy been fP|rip?<l o bo* n*ss per-.alL eg to the tait t?M 'jd of Coojrreir. Senators Hemphill and W'.gVI of >xu, are ) reseat. The latter haa looelved !.>;?> inti from tbe Sooth to tbe ellcsl thai u.e members from tbat ?ectioB.eaoept tbose who hare resigned, w ilali oect fcsad 1 d dae time. Ky ltforrcal'.-'B la to the oont rary, and ?aJs me to tbe conviction that other Southern members of toe . roe'tt lOBgreee tian thoee who have ret igncd tb Mr hiii *U am to make ihetr api??ranoe ibo da; li>i iresa convents. At any rate :t la pretty cerw. c thai I If tbe Vtomb Carolina de!?ratloo apnear at all, they w'.tl retire immed lately after the readteg of tbe jiurcil, ?nd f -rtaj ? ue followed by the delegations from other SocUi rrn state#? tboa re eaact-ng the ssoed eg acne in tbe Charleston Convention of Ajrll last. If this prove to be i lie rase, the iw on M likely to be a Tery harmonious ono? all tbe talking being on one Bide. Un tbe other band, It If surmised that tbe session will be a moot i oraij one, tbat tbe Tie we the 1'resldeat will 'spina in hla message opsa socesson w'!l openai'ls cw.oa, If lb* Southern moml>ers remain at all, '.hit w'Jl prove of on parallel v ruienc* aad bitterness; and that tho walla cf the Cap.tol will wltc?ea s-enes ?f ei'.ravagut pis* ton and pereonal revlm'natlon, if sot of blooJsbeJ, wtich will make tbe t'm'd tremble and the pitri >t (bod dcr PistJli and howls ?r res ire already at a premium, r.otw thstand.rg the bank sispeuslons. Tbe position the "resident will la ke In re^arJ to Be ciilun wtT undoubtedly -laapera'.o thoee who ta*e re lied upon bim ae tbe.' icalni'.ty :n the pcruooa momenta of the movement. Tbe Hon. il-. Keltt, of 3 uthCaro Ilia, bif declared to Hoctbem peop'e that Prieidoiit Buchanan !* commluel to (etefleioc. The Eon. Mr. Yaiic*y hu declared tbe fame lb .op. aol the Prefi lent ulmaeic now poeitirely den ice tbe oorrectcefB cf b-th declaiat'*B(. BelawiUithe i)ntb for dHmnlon when aJj other meut of redr?Ba have boen tried and Allied, and not t tbrn. Be doef not leaire to see tho hsmU! ?p^otar'e of one ?tate after aantber dropping oat ' rent tbe I n Ion without bo m ioh as aeklag the leavs of the otb?r lartlcf to tbe oonatl'.ntloBal compact, or without rloitg the rceerable Preeidon; >f the federal oorptratlon ibc tmi!> honor of notify leg blm j'tholr ietermlnatlon and | sollcltlrg hi* a'd in arranging the p?e nj'.nar e*. Sayt Prefldeat MMM, "3ouili Oaroiina fell Ml written to mo ou tbe tobjeot. uic lux not njtl.'.ol ico Uut the ?'sba to retire f om the infod^ra'y, fc-it afco aaeant to n>ako mc?f.c vako mjeoll traw the drat MM4. u j IkM drag 'be other ?nuthori >?iatca Inti tbe l iun.on moie most with her " iknd our worthy Chief Uu 'air ate ia <'rtb< ? -eaacnf prtVouaJly jid'guant. anl hie pat '-?nee , EDfOly tried aid reie-J. Hrt thai will not nrere^it t*e atonnioniBta? a parly once oomparat'rely infill, acilbitu rfcja Ml reck!' <?. bnt now !irg" and po-Treif jI, an t as R*)m u tbe exciting cat reoftbelralue will per ai t? from porting tbe T.alf of their wrath :poe the dcrctod biad jjj l ? bite halra of ITtalltut Buchfaaa. Hr erpaet? to be abused b'.t be Ulnkr b eight to be uaed tc it by tliia li??, cicri'leriug tttMlMttHg n lL'? rogard tiv>*u h m ?>j tho northern abol;tlr>ristf 'over b'.dcj he .tamjied the r? in* J goToruBB-mt Aad like Jtberatatenincn p'aco I ic hn [ well'on. tn ihe expiring mrwenia of bis a<ia>.clftr4t!or, , lie will Cod hlmarir riinont friehJ* either .n the N'rrtb '?r the Soctn Bat hH oppoeitl c to f in ji not tho only aectuBt tbe dooth.rners have to aetue with Mr. > Itw btnan Fla Urmceaa iu c^poa ng Ci.b'iaU~l?g, uia rteaufhat reatataaco to the roopobtnt; ol tbe foira , trace ard Ir. ?n?pro?fing tbe tr? . 5 Wt jjrer It cauo - thio b f orjTj'-io.-o aot Jarl* '.ct!on, ?nd hla courae i hob the tar. Don tee ucettoBi o anccl lo or oi BsltrMt ! dmm.rrc i l brld In re" > Uct -n by tbe ?ouUM'ras>rf. abu >bru he v-k* him. elf? what d<xa the Korth tblna Tbat brci ; e lir lr??or' I to a?e uai.oe done Uie 9ouih in iMjoatior of tho Terr. lor ef, i in unworthy a their ?t-TP 'rt end only euitlc4 t j ib*, ? ah., e. The fmlJcnt will sbu^ tbe rff >r of hie eipcrlenoed atd It. 'l ? .?"leU.g, la hla , iuj nh^eetol tbo i 'eiit cf Beaaial ?. I hat repoit al>out a nptbre in lV> jiai I bt\o from the bigMBt ? tb'jillj, viia nafaacdAd ; nd to f*r from iti? irfc/et tf (ii*r -te be r.g the right ?<. aia?lon. th a p:ntt<r baa not been nadt th<: fob, ?. * ?'i? .Itation >4 ail. the Preahlevt VUlaar iwe tho ruet>oae'.b..Uy <?! Uk lOatiatliLil bj the horns hia.<. If. Tb?" n.ixoB'e i*<~ led *mm the ?tocth by tbe freslicot are o! tbe Bioat g'oomy cha'acie<. Tory &1I lie hreati h >b ipprrLcc . u, ii t *t d?epuBden>.y aud vrntii ii aixaic aorta (.fehcoranl en ouragoofHt, and iu f r ihc at it aays ? ? i fe>. no gloam oi ?utithmc >et " He evi<i->Uy e pe -ta tbe worn; and aaild every lanat a*.d, am'd ovary rxiiwneat ana calanny , oomo from wlit i ;wter .t may, he motes to le b's daiy In th<> pre?cot <-r.ais.aaJ quell, U tnhs Bower, both tLe spirit oi U?m a la uie Sot lb aal of ro !>?USrn >a tbe Sjnth. A I.iltC n.att?? tf biiuLM o& rrad t d?y a U.? matrimonial all ace? of Mr Charles ?r**ory, I b ef t?>e Hoe D. S. Orvfory , Mayor at Je-aajr Cty. with il'se Maury, Jaugbtcr M tee late Maj->r m\ -y o; Wishiagton elty. A arge party of tbe '.rforye were peessat They til l?rt for tbo Xorih yrsterlay atWrnoon. This is the t ?nly stir is tbe bigber line >f mafimony tbat cias M < I rcrrcU in Wssti'.oftoa lor some time Wvar*"l?, No* 23, 1*?0 TV hnat. fi ar.l ike 3f Uiion Ijwfwi* ? TW About tV ,1my and Yawy Apj rojwuUi*^. 4c Tie . u?Mlal bodg*'. will >pex u lUie programme pr?- 1 cc*4 la U>* wlee.? Kcnty f?r tbe rapport of tfc* tf.ri: aad diplomatic f wec Moaey fhr Us 1 upper I of Uo l'oat Offlc* Dapartaaeht. Hooey far Ue eopport of th* Armj aad IM Smwj. kcaey fir lb* support of lb* I jdlaa Departaneai. Money f<>r tb* gupport of lao it em: and ooaUageal m J Three appr prlat'otii w U.volr* **peadtter** to U* amount of mUlioaa. Tha rr?* deal will renooaaead tbat . theae apprnpr.alloaa b? all paaand Tbe Hoc** will not* eld*, t nt Ua SmM w l r**<*t, if aotiigaor*, two :t**a*. aan 0J1 ~ 1 1%e tppropr aI'om fin tba krncy. t Tb* expropriation* for Ua Kaey. Tbla a, 11 not be a pom *1, bat a petrelx reeetaure, aa *e oore'/aed by tba flie eaton of Ua South aad tbc dirt eater* af tba NorU So army of tbe ooamao L'aioa 1 *111 lararir Ue *aa*dlag "*lato* ao oarr of Ue foaw? | t'aloa wli: Are upon tbe clliee of ? ?ee?diiig :*t*to? <.ad*r n? preaeal e-lmttoetrallno. If Co'oeel Llaooia ?%y* three **eedi*g state* moat ba whipped '.a to aibai'aaton, th<aw"i tbe teg of war noaie aa I Ue tag fa sat be ?morg !be t'a >?d "tat ? aa tbe/ reman ?<Vr tiie m "telee *rr,coe. Iba rioctbora !<UM are c*du~bted:r j a to take rare ef U'a??H?a, aa1 there are maay all over tbe eotafry wfco wteb tbe/ wouM. KiWi* T<r? Hoy. M, ltd# T\< CaktMC on4 :V rrttt H Critit? of :K' fnri 1 itni?Whm'. it to ta Dom'?Th? r ?u.a Fur oOy Du toleed? Cfntiti Lmnt and .'V 5Wi ? He <-rt ? FX rd Fnct ? T\* Jtrotatten in /*ro?r?i. , 4; , 4. Your paper? Ita deapatcbw, editorial* aa J CMtauu?ia ?inuaui.iy aoogbl for at t'.i e 'doc* oaofc eras af. It * popaiar b*yoal all preotdecc*. W*d*<w lay ? parar ha-l 1 itepatche* aad aditortala all af which war* art' deed with ?ore than anal later**. Totr <1 f.mtch from banc* ra ported a dl latoa aa?l a rvptcre ta Ua Oabiaat I an 'a a poaitiea, frow permaal te ierebatge witb m*eb*f* ef tb* cabtaet, to date tbat lb* iate*de4 neaaaga of U* Preai 'eat. wllh lta le&or" aad espreaaad latoat of aoarctoa agalaat MneaatM, haa aot beoa preaaated to lit* Cab.o?i flnnacll. TIM rmldeat 1 *? act IM w*tli Uo .lb Cbro ?b* ? tbleki Uctr oorra* too lia-^ilatre ? be I *a to taroe. b? *aj* that la ? n?a*t!??o far ad la ui fi tore Ha la troubled aa to b? let jm aour?r for wbat caa Ua a imiatatratlaa do, ao nailer t-? willlag, when tba War Dapartnaal report' that , W wrald take Uraa atnaU* to o*:!e?t "igbi bnadrad raaV aolfliaoa tbla *ld* Heaoa vad Dima'a ! 1* ?al what ?nnld rtr.b a forre do ley ar' of tbe adnralMrat n u to roroe would prodaea lanaad ato re > ?tioa. 1 bart aaaa deapatcbe* Iroaa bigb aoar w? at Caari >itva, 4labe?a, FlorWa, North Carol r a aad < wj 1 A I ?* th?? ?p?ak of eeeaaa^a a* a tied fai-t ? ? o' ih^ 1 ?. hlaat ?ta *4 W> day that Iba Caior I* Irt^aliy 1 ?? 'r ?d? for' e ?poa*lb>* pertaaa'ca wa'rM. A d**pau-h rearl.e 1 Ue I'nwldeai to day Trmm ewe of tba Tret neer ibaale at Cfcarleotoo ranfy'^g thalan The teepat-b to Ua Iietei. aoma tow weak* ago, elated ;ha'. (ioa Una pb<*> pbood al eecaeeioa, aod aa* nppiaiil to t? aad w'thla Ue paet few day* 'mm aarra *. t"\ a a late air tit easaaata^ to Ue effect that Rbett o' '.*a*'anna etotorl that 0eaarhl Ijuio oCered to U, Carol aa b'? aer no**, a* ai*o thorn of bw *o*. how at W**t Po *t, d -aa* ?.f *>oe**to* B^U ef ther> aearri oaa ar* aatrua a*oawi* atDca tbe ?lact oo ba? been <;i'et art d gn'ltj, proacr. It# Ue " ereo ter^r ef bl* way ? t ' tt a rr !i may ??:y ct"?*, and ! 4- tr at iba' an ? a? eg eo o?6d??-?' m lo itot'ag, that -*n' **yBi-at> ** aro ? tb thr ho'lh. heart aad K Be ta* be<* a *a U? ft:, *rm aad ft tnC or U* rr*? *? and b e ab!??t UnigN *Ve-r whole a-^f, a * **?* 0"< H * wahef, h!e d?* re*, are leecala .* lb* r .a. nab t?l ?i. 1 the ta* daat aad be 'jtn. ** any farr m B??*ae t* o*-f ?* age rri " -? 11 tr ' Bh ?* iny other g*ate, be wuJO then voiuctes* tin .ervloe* a d?f?pce of hi* platform, via : ? tqnaWy I of it* 'ibtfi, anl t v dJic*i^ ot duu rt<hi*, or * d -n ;re?d he r a devaut aad Cra helievar "t?j Pieatdeat, ite kiiain.itratlOB, tor My one '4nsa wm. e ab> to propbepy wnat the fjtore Mr bring "fit Si cetafca * a .'zed fact whether oas. two, tea J r flfu?b ?u'u. m i 'ji.**; '.c .u Ite womb of J.o mura. '.VbcfLvr civft war and bi nd ? whether peacoanJ ple-uy? whetner famine or a unwereal panli? whether a blivo r- o tbe rtutati, or a aoo.-u revolution iron pa'> ptrdom at New York, Pt'lalelpL.*, doiton, Chtcigo ui ? 'eewrere. {forth ac 1 f- ? .ei <jc?'.,.'a h b >cn t roe a' jn? can .nravei. Oci grant :t iVr tt. s gtruk ,;?> ?? or?r, ? perpet. a* peuoe, tree ;rom ib< Parltau *pirlt of abolition pr->pn|>and!*ni- tbe viie*t, meenm and gr e?t >*t hunftug tttl but ever al*gra;*d 40 .iiWillgecl people. MR. TiNCBY ON SKfBKKION. MovK-oMKitir, Sjv. 16, ItWO. Yoor? of the 13lh left was reoe'wl on je>:terdey. I km L*rdlj surprised by the Information tn your Inttor, ?J>al 1 a at represented aa aaeertiog that i d><l not '? ue llere that a Stat* B?J the ri^bl to at .aiie m tbe event of the electkn of a black repr b . *c "rorui >ni , ana tbat if ? St?te il'd to those ?bo look part n I Ml taken be fore the Gout of the United MMMi and tl M fcnd hanged for trcaaon '? Tbtogb I Dc. er entertained or ut? lor* j loch view*, ! am not scrpr ?el tbat some penile la tbe countr> . as you lay wa* done at Auburn, *vt?rea* tie belief tbat I bol.i aucb opto on* fir durlt * ibe late can rata one or tn Uuugiu paper* nave pereia-ent.'y so mla repreiented ma, and s'.uco tbe elactMn one of lb tt data baa continued to para be*ore ts reader* tna'.lar mitre preaentatiOEE of my view*. I thank you for m'oraHnf tbe meeting at Auburn that 1 "eulcrtt'uwij no aueb op!n !?> a?, a?d tbat I hart been grotaly m- re. tineoled '' In tbat ;on were rorrcot. ? ? ? 1 remember woii tbo v>ew* 1 tbo' "iite.-Hn- ;d aad es preiacd. Ur. Hiltlard, rv* I ondi riwJ bUn, baa eiprt-aeed the optntoo tfat tb ? Sooth waa then on riaing gronnd aa to fe<!cral aUa r*. and tbat Ihire was no jju. caiire of er>mpli:rt In tbe p*at, bat thil if a li'uK .ip i5"tau atM/tiid bo decU'd .n lhOO, tbe .SouUi ibouid re Rlat 't. ! rootenilf. 1 that there w?>r ? eaut^ in tba pa*t action of the astl alartry pirty which would j<i*t;fy *e oer* Ion ? and In order t > rebuke tbo tamraeaa 01 ap'.rlt, aa wftli aa IncoLtiateucy, lnvrlved In Mr fiiMsrd'a poalt'on, I pn??nted tbe arr<imo?t tbat an '/ciiiort uf a '.!?'* r? p, bli<*n wider .he form of utte, w<u p*r le in HitU .on rttlu.tcna' and if "totl- r -J ttUhu.U , tf r-jw lo tfu put action and awed ainu uf tAe pai tj rleM. m fiim k hi in rip opinion, no cam- far disuiuori, Ou: if "o/irsfarcil at an ai -u.nulali 'f tic.', Ike cuJ .'iMa/ir^ tr i^m n' dttJ yianU luccea 0/ a party. tokhJi for near forty yart tuvl 60 ri .ar ring on tla. ftp a*d t\e *> th.mni had in f^ral in. 'dan cet, (tit 1 tt'ate trade im the Du'n.t nf Culumlia, Mittmri I'miprcuUf , and 'A?i nullifying J tr fugntoe Sda. latof 'iolatd wutitu'ional -nnpac' t'men (W Stel, U uouid ovrt'Kw the cup of ( Atr u>rony>. and be the p-rint tr pond uAv /i f<jrt*aranc* k u Id ceate toU a cirU e In Ucr word*, mp poaltlon w*a, tfikt aa lo one orcapytng Mr. Hilllard'ay)oaltton,ibe etectiou of a biaok republican waa an Inferior laaoe. iVhereaatomc oscspy ng ercrr p*l t in, dit .nlon couUl be .oat'P '4 beiore anrh an e.?:t!<m, and lucb an e ectioc wot.ld b" M another .nroutlTe to It. Another portion of my argument, whleh waa >nly ptr tlally repoit?-i ard ertdeu'ly no', ompreh'sn-led by tbo reporter, waa derote 1 to llkatrai ng t<ie otatlnct' >a bo tween aacnalea and r?Tolntl' n? the Orct tbe ast of a MMkt iaat rf an laOrlM, an4 that ' roa itmce" to the election of a ola 'k repnbi. can under "the liag rt revolution " waa unoona.ituli"nal, aud wou d inbject thoae who U. ? roalited to tbe ;'?lns and peMltica of treaaon. In my opinion lb la :a not a national gcrertmert of die people of Me I'n'.Uil Htatea If '.t ? are, tba people, whan t.Ecoontltollooa'h opprcr?'il by <;urrrL?e:,t. wo?^;dlia?o no other mode of protecting thtmaalTaa than by taui v;dual reaort 10 reU.ilon-01 , in other woida, to re?olu iiol . Cur father* had no other mode when n?pr.<Msd by Gr*at Britain, and tboy re*or >3 to tint; far their* waa a national form. neut. a oantral |overnm?al of K 'ng. I or ,U aad Coir .nena. They re* ^ttsd oppreeaiou, with balte.i a ound their nrcka. and bid they 1 ? tied, t bey ex wcied, aa 'bey wnuJ-1 ha-. ? reoelred, tSo fhtu DM 1 1a erer at ta ned tl.e aMNM (StlMa of ialiT.da?^i Tnay *uroeed"d biweier, and ti e cre*t charter o" haaiM liberty which iney put forth on tbe 4tb of faiy, 1774, to getber with the government wh! :h f-oy inatit.ited, placed both gorerement an 1 i>oopieoo k L :hrr baa j than either bad irsLi.icd beiorr tad tbat i?v? m 11 be re ?proted, at ?a=t by til w bo are tie r d^MMdanla, and who trace the r^hta and 1 ?mr' sa to Uit charter and to vernment. Wnat It that b?? ?! It la be foonl la tw > tmtha. Tte t . r it la tbt ceo'Bd prop.?ition ? 8ooui.r.."i by men* la tie pec'arat un of Indepet v ' n*4 to tecure tb w rigbta (Itfe, liberty and thi num. It of ht <p'.n^*a) go\ ernMctta are int'.itnird acvg ?cr, I?rtring their povcr* from toe conreiit of the pi rcrtied, that wh.-neter any firm nf goveru neut Nocmee dmrnotlre m theea enda, tt U the right Of ;be peoi^e to alter or 1 Mid institute a new g ive* irn -nt lay .uptt* ?otudilloc on tuch prtaflplcr ac t organlalng 't*jio*'>rg in ?? ?.b Torta aa to tb'<m tbail toem moat .a* j t i eir^ t their safety aad bati?ice*a. ' ? Tnc *o>xnd ex'ftf in tb-.- rhiiri -trr if vue go-, rnmjnt wbicb tbey !r*tlt? :?! fliat la l" hi fi nd in tbeeoiatt tuttev ther iramei. lboa<' who fraaaed It? the body >f tee ooaat.'tat<?a fraoMrt -th<je<. ?ao a<: /ptaJ 1 are j*. a a- d ail to t>e o na -itred m ectormiotag tie oharacter of tba* government Thuee who ronanlted aud framed It were Stat** ? *qual In dtgn ty tnd 1*1*, bo<reTt r un-.n lal I:; uj?nb<!rt aad puwer y ch Slate ml u> the Moureniloo 11 many J ale gate* a* It saw pr per, hat ea*b State bad t>ut an e?;iial one vole The body of 16# 'unn ml ?h< ?? that the renriannu Hectare l<> Ue ch ?# o ?? hj the people of the Mr?ll ??tatft" acting 'ni'.i are tn b? 01 ?#o by #?^b !tatc? >ad tbat C I -n W >1 O^I II In it in tba :* natc? ital ? i ach : tat? ihal a-pj t, 111 nx-.b aa tie T alalni e thereof may direr*. ? another (Mil, fto, who eboose a Pr?e'1?rt "NV-Su .4 io?y be ?'iBiilto<l be Oop|rc?e '.ato thlt I, 0 00 '' "rh" lb U J Ma'.#e eba;. r.erert 1 t-i every *ta',o In lb1e I'd.on a repabli'm 'irm of if ? eei rraeot '' ere to He "mtified by tbe ? legt* halattr of tbroe fourth* of the apeeral .?ut*f, or by Ob* out 1 >d? .0 three 1'irtht th^re* f, Are. "The powert cot de!#raled lotto I'l lol ?<??<?? by the coeet! tatter, wee prohibited by II to tli -tiki. ar# roMrvid to ibe ?ut#a ?etpwllecly, if to the pe?.>'e. There are nffletaai to eb ? uai Ike WBtnart -.tea not tv? .yyi tt.a B.? only as ' the miaor'iyof ill? <1 the L'a'.oo. btit between the r.#ptctK e 'uka m to# Vt\ ?. Ttwu-e tre people li> the X Dior wbo exsrr.tae no p power la the I'biob, to w't? Uie peo; in if lb# Diet riot of jelua blB end tc Tefi!'ofl? Tbe oely paaptf lo the tV.oe ato nereiee tu i*,wer ere people la it c retptetlve I no ?an tote is the I'akM aaee by ibe law of ? we of th# Slatte Three wto a-lopied ibe ooet'tm -ib and pie tt v'.t*t ty. and Ui'K me-te the t'atoa. were art tbe people ? tbe t'o'.ied -atee. bat wire Ur penole of ixh et-te 1b lejarate MBteoVoe Tba c.ja\ea tloa that drafted ttj #-iwat'l"t!T0 required It be ? obnaitleil to tertral Aatm for adopt too or r#,x:ttfta. Karfc -late eoaaidere-1 It frr 'lee" <Vbeo t .Be adopted t the new forernmcxi waa to | > '.aw. operation, an J be .be Mmae! oa:y ol the nn who aioplei !!, asd aot of rtaaa orlg'.aal *talre FJe.-oa J d adopt a ->j *spe rata Plate orilaaaaea aad tba foverniaeot weai lato as toal oaerat'oe ft bad beea la operaline orar a year be rora North Oareliaa aad Rbo-la lalaed d! I afree to ansa lain tbe ? atoa. aad wbea lb*y raiaa a It aaa ? ttpiy by a Mau ord'.aaaoe of eaeb, derlar:3| tba aeaeat or aa-b la tbe oorat.totloa Aeot pilau acd fa-U ere reucluotrr rpea -ay m ad to abow that tblo |?Terr.aierit f .< orwyar; batweoa aore relfo Aatao Tak tba r?rlaratl >0 of ?Bder>?i l'-ace aad tbe '?oa ?tltottoa tngttber, It follow* that tb'.? yorerumcul "de r.vea 'te ort t -iweri frr* it ? r ?wat of tbe (or.-raad,"' aad vbat wb#a tt.n "foma n' |'T-ir??n' bee^m-? deo trjflt re of lto?e# er'la 't a t?. * rigi ?. of tt# poop' < t> atWe it. ' aad that "the peo^t* *ho haea thai r%bt, la tb'? form of gattrn 'tt. a#a and were radareunt by oar firef^tbem 10 be "ta? pen >e o( tbe aute," wto Bfreed to a cor#* the coat!' at <* a# ttia.r* ?'Tbe r |hl, tb :t 0"iaa6'y dactared la tbe :>e-.ara"on of ladrpeniteaea, waa eieae' aot tb<- blo>!y rlfbt ?f rero latiea BKrely tba: waa ro r.ew'y d'f'i lorod liamto rtybt- 00 oowty dnelared prtnMpie of bamao liberty. l'?Ti.iutinaary r |bt -va* aa o d a* tbe bi aaa Ibaily, ai.d ite dlannrTf aad 'la opprrat*ae Tbe rl(*it to otrif fie ivw etU'ewce wttb mwer, waa t.ardly lb# aanrrd priaclple oar tae?etort d?i ra< J to lay dowa for tho ittdaare of the'r jwater'ty Tt la to ha pr#eeiae I tbat abeo tbey tt'ii ncuieatc I * (real bamaa r'?bt ibey lc ce'#et'd. alfo, a .oao#ot to iU awrrlf, ac ' ' ary part of tbrtr po?*?rllr ever a wallet thaaaer -:<m of e?ob "r'^bf I Ibe l/*!ar,r.> of that pooter ty woiild e '.ater ebl!f?l.oa to ! r#epfrt it. aad bad ci "r'ibt" t > oppo?e 'tt eiereO*. 1 Ha'lrt aW> fraaod a goreraaiiat ''dortrlat 'tt jnat I p' wen froan Mn ooateet of tb# goT#raed," wbeti ree tbe "people" who fare tbat "r Meet" teem tocn gnv<m nit at to have "beoon # dettniellve nf tvt #ad ' of lit | fnraat:(in. "tbe r'fbt of tba ponple to attar ' If IK. , ac [ croea Tba -iaeat'oa ttea ar*#a, hflw ahall titer #eoreit? tbat r ?h- NO aa to mat* I ? ?oei?*?ot w'tli ih# p#?v# ar.1 i r (bta of tba pao|4e ' of aneb otber autee aa aiay aot aeeee w lb tt' i f Tba anewer m to be fined la Ibo opUiloa of 00# of tbe orlftaal tbirteea flt?t#e, arbw-b, la rMlt'ylif tbo eoert !t?t on p-it oa r#ear?l a nom#'et? anew # to# Ui '!i>#?itoa wb. b I full? adopt . aa eppH'ab m A xs?mi to day. la raitfyiec tbe o>aMtllrt'.oa tba Jute <* Mew Vork rr^ab*at for " tbe paopta" of M?w Ynrt, anioof otber ttlBra de#lar#d, " Tbat tbe pow#r o' toe gnrer* i'i aay t>e re aeeiaand by tbe penpl# wbeaonevar N may beooat# aronaaary 10 tbelr bapp nnat; tbat 1 atfy pti *erMoriBd'etloB aad r'.(bt wfe'.th it a t by lb? aa I coaa'.it'ttoo dear y ded.eetrd 10 tbo Cott^we of tt< I C? K4 ttatea, or tbe d#par*.in?at? of Wm foi#rnnt ?*>? tb'rrof reaa'.at to tbo people of tbn eeeeral ?t?VW, or to tb#tr reapeetlre ?atn (orera*erte, to wb^oo tb / may ha a irmated tbe earn#. I'n.l ?'ea-i ? e iniau' deeiaralioo, ao leodul virfta a. Taa f iremrr..'rtt waa Vb?w fmaed lb# Cnma tt-ae ma In aad oeme"l'*l w tb a foil endnrataad *( of Uieee d#ctaral.?ee Ka-h Jt tbaaa h la tea wire raoet re< Ibto tbe ' b/mi wto Uila arowed Ic'nrrretatleo, and bo dlM-m frtn It H%i erer beea (It?b by tba Roaetltctmaal aotboeniea .if the ( nloa? ar d tt felloare, tberatar#, tbat tbia '.^terpr'tat a as la the right of 'the peeple" a ?tata la-'roaeanmv the jowera |ra--.leJ to tbe ' e'wi, wbe?T?r e te if r, 1 It '??ay ha a#ntaaary to taa> bapp'.aeee,' ja rifMtrow lag eat of tbn aalora of the wapaot hat wens tt.e -Tat ?. aad aaarbalead to be a pear naVn r .gbt o tbat r aaen, wt -b re aarrca to tba *?atet of |r penpie aJrg "en t glfkd. Tbta riaw too. waa otaa r.? etprwed by T? Tie fit ec? k ibe lb rd of the oelebreteJ V'.re aia re?vrt;.at or ne. aad #la^ nateiy ad<r >#atad by If' Ki ea at'l }Mh oo-ebrateJ raporl spon o-eaa, ne-i# in tb# ? rg 11 t^giala',je?e la I hat raao. t'.ea tbe :oa?i'lat. 1 m ety #J "a oaiaart 10 which the eta tea are pen.?e." aad tt e de .ila'fd ibai In ia# of in t .tat oa tbe 'f.etea, wr are pari'ee eretc bare Ida right aad are la 4uiy bcu'-d to r'-n-fmt# v a#?t??irf u-e a* ifT<a? #f eeV. aaO ' ? v* r 1 ta'.nlag w'tfcls tbe*r raffp"cVvo ItnMa tbo a :th r itoa. rlgbw ud Itborllea appetite lag to ihato " Tbia a ?? MBakm. ud this cn'y. Ii s agg'eealoa opoaaoone? it la reatotaaae to ro right. U w iho aa>~red principle of Mlf pwimal ft Mlf-dr tonoe o-noblno I And o? o. Mr h, Umk la no x>w?r to Ooarraaa yr loo cu'.lre W Joor-jo a ";at?, or rtaet a k'un? -J?U ei*<: ?*' !t. To 10 ?: would be an aggroae!*^ 'vw>n a r ar ? '*?! right at a Stale, a violation of tl.i ronat ?? lion, a? . a cfcaaga of Uie entire cc?racter or tho Unl? u. 1Y> yo i It ia unnecessary for ue lo prwaui ca i'? u 1 roaaona why Alabama abocid aeodo frjtn a gorernroeti wboao whoae powora Late ulraaJy ?ou perverted to bar l?_ury , an. I wkt".b pow?ra arc oo? , for the lr?t, to faU ??} tit r --mtrol u/a Prn-i V vitd-a**i to adr>?: ?tfca-att'f* "rtr irrtftn-ub V coafkk.1? MA h ?w ? ? i ?f ?ia wrf." 1 may b* *Ji ?u! any, ho we .or, u*t lo tot- tbo coming* cry j r pWu wtib burrow? I Jo &?t eiv. .?I ao?iD ov?r It I (oak baok .;poa my p*al i.'a n-rot nil laglv , and I hare ona cwhoImIoo ? t U? "> .i.iver I. u.-i band or voi e a r'gl t of tbe Norioeru af:tion,oor against tbo . -Dant .Hoa I have <?oaa oiy d lly lo at< tump'. a to pr > ervo the ''BMn or liio oon9t:iutl<in 1 6am icon v. nt.leJ with the ju'ley o / i>-?rfar.' ?.)od faith to Ui" eonitltuUon (ant mart:; aa I jnderflto>?l t?, but aa f iponb Jed by ito faibora acd b> the ?? ip.-aine Joorl) anl rchfoct to th? rlgh'a of all, :>o?li r-)ol >?? an 1 ?dl?i Ooal-'. os<t*'r tie coottit .tioo. If at timua I h^re uttare i

ibo cry uf wa-oi ig U ?y ^ou>Urya.cs, wbru D vuom, or tbe groat majority, ail aiipoarod we!!, it nai >o :u uu nu<? of a*anr?s?!no, but >it Jefeici, iUnt I havo a.) . 1 1?1. It I baToat tlmea disturbed iti? pov:j of ptrtion, t -<aa not fir myatlf (for 1 uava aa ^Jnjt&'uf) bat I i r.o ,ir eo every Stat-- and a^ci'i'tt t ;#t I ac'?1. Irocfni. ^ the faot tbal ? > da; a krn<?. on ?, itrlA'.o fallow ctisaaa in the borJiir? ?? ?, <. id mm/t .v.yrtAtrn Hotel . .?A? t till lutftr i < HxrjU /xirfv ulurt, in iKe i any jkiW I j t\: .V mA vl/a.o<. Jh*: ? nt/HOU l&miJera tit-n f .r ;&:n ...vioicU^fiyi .Jj*y :*a' is J:.# J; oiir ?une . jd? <i*r*l( >na ap,?y to tftjae ^vav?a .a tba F >'.tb -bat i to out pr?oare<t to aaoruo c j?. 0? tint atta of '.h'ir mas', jblgslbr lteaif; '.".t tbat j<i>lgaioot aocc i ntt aTtC'. th<> action oi any -"uto lb*'. f?so!a agf leTCd, ud '.a pr"pai<xi to (?*rrt ;ta inia^adouiw-oo vparaUoD la in Ita naulla robmiaa.ju. It * ?a .? * .so, jnprjot caule T ' cy? not rccoral^ed or a<topj? t !b ary of v'aa r??ti >n? of !:??, IndirMna', locia!. b^s.aeat or po Iticai. So sac lor o) operatMn !u mer I c&uti!e,; or Jir oa^ur*: MuraaiU. Ha a la | oo bla own ^uOciiidnt, for h>'f art by f. rr.?eif. I Vo man at') dapcoUa on so o;?>ratUm li] rr'^nOai \ rclgloaor Barr age. No nw t.H?a aavo on naoaj i Judgment So cotmiy in ta oiecf inr wa.ta or C?p>*~ on what otber ccnntioa are to J >. So goTcramar : pauaea 'n maklBC treat; e tr. obva.n tbo oo jperit.o-i of otturfl Ci' opera L'.oa obl only bo eifooWd by o>jmpa>:t to gu out or I to remain In together il> iiA? a ^tn pact i. jo cmi trgrthrr h&t io U <io;v befort ciun '<i k't W4C, and XCe the 8UU'? J? in 'V Cni *? A.i u a ujr-;-! w.a'i ?>? of fti-tai cua'ica. n. m n:y o;' n'jo, aopirale action la cot it mil. ma', an 1 Lsviao; >nau!Wt m ? rt|b*. and J?a!rab>e In order to pro-tt v, If a'.ta na'i'a. coesort n separate ytata act'on; bit ? world cot pa ?o, ana ;tlt io act f tbat rate"; coutd uot be obuia )J. Wblio ever loyal to a ooaatilut'onal I'.nloa, I hare b*? aal^fled that 'f / labima oren r -aaaumol r^r ' r and aoveraigtty It wo JJ beattoroed ")/ a^ic >oj froa parity It la arppooad tbat we ? iuo ocor th.riy m.l "on 'loilori worth of goodt !ajp^r?cd fram IB-) N *??? and from Koropo. It ? average of tar:. I d'-.t'.eo ? abo"t twenty per oeat, 1 believe. Tbo Sorti-ara codo pay oo dutleo, yet their pr xi U> the eooojai^r are rogr'atod by prirea of foreign go via wfi'Ji bavo i>a'.d di.ti-w? banco prlooo or all Ifcoao g ?Ja are ailbctod j y thotariii duty ! It werooot f ?r tiat Hot'aad, t-Yanoo aai uorxaoy ooeld ael! to ua tvonty p-'r ectel ape* tlian tbey do, and tbna uadcraeil the North, and f"i m tbe North to aoll It at K iel; cheaper /V but i>a Htj .'k^ ni.r p-opl pay it lirewy ot r om! an 'A LStrtj ?nihi/iu, ! or oif { :iw niv . jfM c / AB \o In '.ei>?nd ! ent IbtlM w >uid Ml -.t U:U ait mllUiaa [ aad i ut It luto her trtaa iry , abo wjt.lj ceci ao ab pr ef war, nor aland um ai n>y rutting ibj North I and Kttmpe '-n tb t ?ar."? footuig, of tfc iso .,-'r.e? : won!'! onn-peto tor o-3r <?'.too. aot Ijm'wir and do all our carry lag uad , aid each wouH no Intoroaui la pr?UolU>g > jibcu.,? 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"laim baee by ? ornn *i?act?ant?( openly an'1 ?tt?mrl.?t!y aa taUet a proviai'* of Uiat^nMltutloo n I tbe Ua'lad -'Utea. for tte rt nJitua if fa|'.ttve alaraa, aa 1 bare irgMatM 41 rodlf and po'ate lly, mtb '.be \ lew to f ;oreot Um ivmt rma recover of #,irb j.ropf rty. Cutrte or inatiee aaaai them bare, aprn mora tbaa aae ore?i? n, Wital'y <4 ^retarded a law ..: Jio -r. tr <<b*o< 1 to ??cure Mr rlabta of property, aaJ dajferad >rer fu(t tlvt alarea to aiteatfaat aob*, w*t> a b>o?Mge of thatr 170*0 to prerrat Utetr roclaaattna by A>r?*. But little more tbaa a year tlaoa, aa ar?j?vi or<?? i n* tlna wm ?al!barataiy r'i~~t ' aad eel oa .on* ay pMltloai ?aOUN, au<l mtn bif b In public onaSdiio* at Uto \'ort?. for tl.e p jpf* or beadlaf aa laai.rrtetioo of alaraa ?la.LKt Ui er maa^rf Tbe laralol rama. ard ia I be Bifii t ate (?*? i ? weak an ' uo?tiFT?"l M i>T. r.. n'ty, aad mnrdared pea -eabta and aaarwJ e i;.?n? Wkm jmp. ? 1 d ?*l m?rJ?d for 'Jtir frwuoa ukl "tm 1 in, 'Vy -mt aaaM fy fV pw! i> ly y i.w j**vi (J tV i X o*h, a ? 'Xmgh I htj '<ad/a'ir. .n :W w ,/n>*t*ca eft- m ?*fu wi ?;-'.i. " ?? ? 1 ry/?rni??n crtf? r taMao. 1 f?? a ..n/i.- -1 j> j.\r JWi ? tr<mm and r.ri.r ?? I. ??n ?o fj- f W? ' witi *n-i ap I flc'tdd. flit'* WltMfe t'.?t neii m< .ot pro.rJnoot a IMa oeiaoMteat. ba*? oeon eVval^l I" ttk- liigbeet aiDoaa 1 of tal<', th ? or 'Itiolnf Ito deep u. I p irrad'.of (.tall meat of bent lty !a Ua S irtb towa da U? !uet t :l!oo? of Uie paoplc of Uk ?V.utb t>>, st of the ia vaderr aa ta> ap*! ?<to barb ire : .u 'Aa ana ilareb?|>r !*UUa. aoJ tip.. a Irar.uJ *nai? acoort lag to lb. fbrtoa of tbe <? laatitiit ?o , tiie ctaeutiwa of tw ? of tbnae Pt ?;? ? ftto ac 1 !o ?a? p>i atf : y raf' ? 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Pet iNm!4 lb" people if Utaaachnaatta ' n 1 dapf're adtiva ?( North Caronoa of hia 1 woul , have au ? :3b rtateJy , aad .r.Orod bo reme ly at aU I tinoa th r??r?i!tvti.? wt> cb vrvf ca Tor aaob cim ba be- a wVt- ly aat tiled ?iy th niate if it .<?ar.>. jm|' ? rae for jearaa ? will wbi. b tbe Itiuth baa borne lb??e adiga it* an 1 wrieca, haa itfrly kiM maaeir taeir rrapnndii,! f rbearaaoe noon Ifea .tart of ??. r a(|<.je< ura Tbrrptr tof raealic aci by wbw-b May are ml ;too?d, >mai?( b'UIrr 'jj ifa ^aa'iea rtet aad naobateunet la 'olgente 1.1a at 'ail, * ? far unite4 Ue SorAera laeaaca aa to enal.ij Vb?nt toaoUj -4?oe t * patral (oreeua^at ?,i| ?ii ia j iw?r of purao aad ?wora r?o pora wa feat e ? -a r: .<? ??,<? ,t?* y ti the <jii'.oea 01 PraaMeat aad l*ieail<nt.eTti'i .-.-e'r >?t :t? peapte ? ' tbeermatry, im a api"^ a b wtUe totbe nat tuttuo* an J demrat ? pfc'ley if tlf^iJir. Veitbarof 'uemr?> red as *)*otor? roto :a a'l lb Qrt* a Suotbera Hiatea, a*d ee ib<r BuiiM hare atlnrel, i? atsay of tb?m, 'a <i p>> feni'at' -ita ipoe wbtcb tbey ut e.ara t-d to power, ? th I fa eot'JiC hlme- f to the 1- ? 1 ? er Tilnal law* 4 e'oa rer rear <>t a fec tfa dotnieatma aa u? o& aouid aot well aa pr"eeeieJ and that It will be a battle I oa, i?at (Tcnrre- er vt4 tbe C'C nauaoaa under wloob tt.<y hare t.e'n 'Vrw <t. forh I n to dnaM. TWt any 'file, ba* nf a dee appr riaHaa <>f tbe prlMi^tea of ilberty. nuld I at* arbntii to biob a doaataatlo", it 14 impure ble to anp ?ae. IV; a>?a lei 1 :? that tula e eotlea baa baaa eaaler.taa v ctmt to tbe fmn* of tba aoaativittoii . aal taat therefore the ^ pie of Ue "oetb abm-H take ao ea".?ptleB to tbo feet A'J 1 ?o !*? naai H IU? dt^r fy r^uie-l ?) V ActmA V? 'W tti. uii im, ncm V4d ft u> rt u a >>n4 ! ' urn ?< fro-r. err prep- y wad Urm 19*11?. Ik>ir ipr-ti-rt It to uie tt?e*. Abrabair ' r .u>'o .a a'at?d fraa deal tr. 1-if to iba Nraaa if tM - eat t 1 ? a - nary tr.-* t bat ?Tr|? *.ae ?h r4 waa Ue r rbtfc.1 o,i:rpart ?f ua Brttt :b-ae, ?at < r far"? enWWad m tr. |? aoitor'ly T bey rebelled Mi unto# J irn? rn*u &?? ?a' * ?I auy <?lf ri ,r bia nu0 k0 ibe erowo, but air* ?** ib? muro nbaUntlal feci? tbo tyranny Of bie "dinjioniaai l'*rrt?m?Di Tbel power " behind ibe tb*ono," nut ? blob in tbt nitjie of ibe I'irone fcileotoud t . de , /ir? ? ben of ibt i I'.tinriiri, ? ite jre w'.tt wnici ' k ? ? P?? <1 So It !? with at I'. j nni :k< nwu , A ' ~t r i a/il, iAolun /rgurJ, bu: SA nnotr tSai rlcvai: I to "f Jict u?J v-ki$h will na :ir <t..j \a\<Uain a OHtrel'.MQ i.? ,iu ?c? in >.i? aco .nn t nuiiDVi.y m e?|icot?Ml Ibat bud wbo bn- e tola y dlKrofvdel ibfir ot'iittiiatkiukl obligation* proved ?o daugeroua .a tbo adaglaiairatlon ji tear Slal> gororti'MBla, will I vu mi ilcrtl'uL by Uiia b? ? fr*t'.Cc*i!or. of tbelr last of powrr and diMtlnlOi.? Worn u it ocu? icrod iaa '.be Ben , rv *ot of boilUHr to African alarery m dwply C?j<i m tfce tr n id of ibo -x-rH ?>rn people ? tin' i-T ; fontr Ct.- yeara It baa formal a partoftbuir < ou? been '.acii.jaio' 1 In Ibe foully cirilo, aod u-f'it thoia f cm 'be pi !i> t, at* Itad.Li* principle oi itelr lellg'.on, t> (.filer wilt, tuo dt y ?>f i? practical enl"r ""mooi "e?try w'ler.- Mi 00 troryo -i ?>on,'' tt mi* -xiB'-wrM tfcat tberwtilal* but UiMo gnend opot 1 l m 10 r*ai h bor# that o<*r rigtue * , i> > ?jjar-M u, ua by tho geaera t t a it Liaurel 1 tb' ?r b*tid? fbiH coodiiMa of yskittaotji, aa ?.*?* to ctpoUtd, iLrcki jt n.u rc ??'. dopiorabio cosae -vu Mt, to Ujo eon'rdciary Already. !t la rtO'l-.-rel ttaa pro babk>, tba: ai-vtiral 01 tfce ?imnberr 10 tbe eserciso oftLrim uit t abt??if La'lm, will ?.>;>ara!e irota itto oJeral I ?jC, tbe U.rm:?.at.on ui 'Me proaout aos r. m. Soet an ocsurnaee would preeent a grave aiahiof Ckett commas Jung y.zr mm. aaricue aid aoiemo dejlbera li. me. It racnot lor a m^mec*. .0 ik.p^-?ed ifcai weoc JJ tab il t baye t". j pt.!cy f T tho abo!:'.:oc i>arty. o.'OB *hkih t??!r ?andi-'at'i f jr .if P/es: J cj7 ar.e br n elflf'^-t, car. riedost c bi? a Inj u gtran >b, a* t woaid rt*a ; tu tbo dtatmotUiD of oor prop* t? at 1 tbo pl.i m it? 1 r.;i of our it-op e ,n y p.>r1i, it I e?ca Uu<!.-?! to* not b? liriLedjote'y ntUiupi*. , yei a: '/?"! C't-pU)/ Uto mi I turn , uw-r of flu g>. -rmnru: a^ari;' nv; if ? t Viu:At> Vtxlrs . <1 1 BTftcn: an eiwrgtiu.f J- aanJ.;> j prcmj .an l dcUU 1 <v : ,>n u r pari ntu bat 0; Dianifwt tbat n Mo* wb r a'nclat ???? of the S tbo-o -tau* ?vob!J . ivo)*e vbe wti. j? r0 ;niry ;m ct 1 war, lt<! deetmoi 73C:d?- ';odc?* 'if*b :b. tl nt, ciilH oojy be ou?troll; t by our ab ty t< rati iboec en*ncd li war ou 't lbrc t Illation ot tbi at*- (nreiy ocfkit to a an 'it oicul 1 araaly for U10 pre -, ou'.toc 0'. ai (roai a . nlvm:? aa luteal be war. evw tbcjfb tmll poll'.tca liir. y? rf th-.' magt! ;r of tfcoro f>Dg a' )iiod in. ? Bat. t- j ? I t?:o iD>:3iiiiup aom itatralloo b? jt .;j 5f lb 1 lo:- ? aoltho ?. :kcdut? oi'draa-'eg tte tweri ?,> 1 ? arj - H*a *? t' ?f i ?."* ;il 0 *y rfcoore to ict-K U it j ."?t>3t">n not of u < fedi r?' V'5H?u whicfc !? denied tett^m alt, ih. a re ?! Nortii ^ar ;.oa wojlc c.we 1 1^ ei rao'. 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Aa any ^nlna of ourt wo iid <>: L^. asify egaterutUy a"'<et them, it woald be bit i-?tne'?te?t wlih tn? smleabio relat >og ta%t hare ! er'r e^'eted betwivo J, to Inv'te ?b?m ir % co:..m lailon I u[)'o? .,<?? ? ?? ?mi ?' Jeep'y ac.eetr ua all From a nim aaa deliberate ontldera: 01 of the !c*t ride of J byi'M n(j a common aotfc CO1 nsl/M roa i'.t ar. I ' bo etii ciulf). It .bug prooee-tinf, wo txll suow to ibe nillail' pceitlon to eshauet ererr p^aii. able rem? ly for tb<; a ?i'i uaa of <"or dtfiTOltiee, aril ? Item dete*iMna''on (? bu 'u ' Mil* our icKt!, "#?! t\? f'lt n, ff -ml!' a".toutr>f<', if n- fit uj r S'nB ? *tjr, too, wo -: J be bat r. beoom ag ?-.\rc'< of r? ?pec. 1 > tbot c ,zr. 1 Tab;o por'ojof thep>)ple of the mm ?lavt i'oidici -'tat'B.wh ) bare orer bee ? d ipoect to a<i kaowlodgoca a?? ;na'e In th.i ' o -ir, an 1 wl > hare ?n j uaoy ooT?e:-i??, aat'y o;r i?l?d to r?iure our Ooaetl tut local rtgktR. I ! 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TlcVory !?tt j obtained by t&e ropaoituM periy ? !l <( 'ni 1 k ijfttil t; :iry ; .?Uu.itt.Lj Ik thing? at . leeat ? 1 That ?i?r"r> Mia. not b* ."tteadeJ ir.t I!.-: ' r'.rt, bv viy rae u L >w r?r boll, nor un'tr any rjn'rl vaaee bowover (pec*.*? ta.,Ler by act of (>rar>?, b? bor l?r ru Van*! *, by jilleal decrree, c >r by Usrrf to.' W alam Odea: '*j'. that tfu fr - P. rH? in a. ytrtd ?r it V 4C j-.ire<t from Mr a <>, ur BrXal.t, lAa.'! remtln fr--. AoJ, I H. Tbet lb* aa>irHy aat not the minority, by tbe'r 1I)IW, oooel lit'nweliy ?<???, (hail deUrrr. no wh'i -ba l bo !??'? Jont of the ' D'ltd ?<? m. and, tha*. It la Ike flr?t I'rutrtpic, o Af-jvMi .a t I' "i hlAf g-A*rtijnt/, lb\l the ?taar iy ac i -'.teee, ;<eecefo:iy , if tbey ? I 1 tbey aunt acqnioMe, ta Um aafer-raMet of n eaaiuta ttoaal latitat .ad for the C'-buj-, ac t for tba whole eouatry. Wa liar* cat i jrhaa* J Fi>r la to prates'. oar entrance lata the Cntf of Virloi nor lyv.j.ana, to oaetrol trie raUet irf Ui? M etiaelppi Valley do r annaied Tt-m. and defended h?r agalBat Meitoo at :bc eti?ei>ej forty ttotiraad llree, and a barlrad ei.lUnaa of :.HJar?, f > iw< f-r (Amu m? !?> put ?*tf?r a farti$n aad h-ttOf juri<4*t>m ft aasaol be doaa Mr I Ifieala wiu bo loeagareled rreeieaai of ell the ratted .gu(Ml an J muM take c large of al. oar 'irai(D raiatfaa Wh'D tha i?aaloii ud mlirapreaaeUtk* of I bo boar ara paan?l whd Hio pniflo of ibo Miata, ?b",'!?vo a? yat raf aa< i to b<?r ?:.?i rtimb'toaaltoi la, ain1! rrom :t? /n I ileal ao-ak' , aba. Ira re frcm him what it raal'jr la, anJ huw |roaa y Hu br?o n. ? pfmnl I u ? .? rr?, r*-ry . owaldaratloa of latoraM of pMriotiaa, will b>ad u?rm aarw Vo .bo Ant.* caa t'cloa, u l load li.'m to a tnoafc ar/giwr t In Mr. Ljio a'a adwiiawtrai: w j. it. ouuuiruc TEeTHOHIAL TO COMMODOnE BCIIBY AT en ARi.rarroN. ,fr?m Um Cfcarlaafm llomiry, N.rr j| | At twcira a'oluak a aaabar of Bier Uar.n aud ? Arr frita ia of Coatm ?tnra Brrry repaired a b-ard Ik* (baa ah p Coinabta, fnr tb? po^poaa of prrarat.oit to h'ta a Ian da one ^Hd baaded rate, in bneor faa Aldorinaa Kcnl ? cb. wUo made laa pr aparch, aail). o <H only of nta pb:lastbr py, bet of h a lie: ?oi in ?! Uii oo' jtN af o>ir iraii\i t llttla itato at madii. lou i?aviaf , l .e ? ly of New i rrk 11a ona ? oa? of w M a iy cnli-aan o^y ba pr^u 1 I Tbera l ao aiurpt at ll?r'.ar b-t II la a neat, p'a'n!/ I uraamentrt UM* ;nat what a r>>m ao??ro, an J ?? . ;a: y : loro Barry . wwnld ai?prr-via*? aa mo gift uf hia i frleoia aad adairar*. It waa mniii ' or lla ytoa i M Wblldaw, aad r%&MM frm* rredlt ip^>n Hi t U M ; aut aklll. II i? aada >f p.- B?0IW> W|y>l. T?ry awnljr pi llabad aad b<ar tba fallowing a'mpta ad fra ^fel in I i-Tip*i'a ? " T" ' apta n M Horry, ir?>m ha r',??|.*tn> ( fr <a la Novewbar l<* 1M4. ' It w'.ll, nador,ht?|tf , b-; I ' r ? hw lore d *ry aa aa o' t eaaatptM* tag In - lata nf 1,1a /fe Aid- raaa Ka? .i<*. 'a praaatlna tfc" taa lao at^ti. j aoaai.aad* a ?rtoT a|>e?rh , ha? MS otnaiaf fWi'V ? ? Vol know our f*af!B|? aa I ?ppra*a'o man a?M bar a aaw ta< n by tho iiidaawtal "OjawvJoro" a* wL la vniuo a of approval and o>aiaaw tatka rt b la be rnk; ri -rtloM to relttra i peril- 1 paiaaayem aad ?nawi aad liM aa> f' r the b<>oor <.f btamate. Obrtaialy the i?jaav?l-ira ? reply waa character' ? >1 by da?p fratinc, and wbea ba a?p aail the bipa taat it wrmld n<4 ba Uir, >frre ba aoni e?ro" b'wwalf a aoaa taoatity tbat wanM aa?u a ? >t if, ???'oh ba wore at aa mae-h#v1 la-day, ?* a man prrrtat, bor will any wa^ Kaew him , doubted tj a'.aoartty. He h*1 eailed wirr that at trr forty jewt Thraa ahort tw? errwwirw an trv-ee w?re reotred with eba*r apou eneer. till A. II. 'irowa * aa ;# \ j ?*.! fr Mr Ba>wa roaa aad><p'a'aal ?hy the pam-'to had aot bf <a "Sua* to the brtaae" wbllal tbe C>le' Ma lay at tha y>ri o( Saw York, aad beftire bar demrtarc. Ona a<vlrra Harry aeeded U.e bl|beat aeaoAtnn nf iae Pt?le 4 *>:!b varol aa to fy her bwaarr la ? fa?lfi r*1' *? 1 beaded mmmUh la brlaf It Nae Tbe rana* waa raeelT?d w lb a rm>a I of aaarty ? r>t?-a>v At tha tavltatlna or tbe Comaodom lb' rarty thaa da aeaadad to tbe Mlena^rfeere a rary ael*e ag an I a .b lonah wia proviAtd. ( iaai *i? and eawttinrat ? park led aad aalheand tha e^pany ?r Orr. aae' bna'iad Coaaedore Barry, aad at jraeeed tbe beoe Nat be woaid ba artaeled ea bearer af daapetfl?ee to Waal a? lea to deelara the tadepeedan a of tbo t-aiaatio auto Aaotber reply from Onaaod ore Barry wee a ly mora oearla 'ac praof af b ? detera -aU a ti mad y hM ?'e a -*ay* Mr. Kbvtt -* taar t aaied Rea Vlt 'ta 1 Yetea af cbap'aia of -l*e Naw Vori saaa :p ?-?nef, wti'-b eltc t?d an arprowlew ra,a e. Mr. Wnara than fare a eee. tn?rt to tbe r raaa to wtpaf. t - ar a.ra <i? >> a < : t r? r >u ? . , that U>e tat'ea o' QroTaa tr? . > fkoor of Itumndla'^ ti,r>vate f as* ir , ? tfouib ("arolloa Ur. bajig ilKfct ont by a rotsreajo l, * - os?rc4ia>'M, *a-J U? ujc.oauiui w Utjrito twee*. ? xd 1-. roojj la it 'r , tx the ?lay for tit: >o ?r. *d ?Jtb?r voiuuttor t a**t? and r?? , Kitirs wero ma fa, ft. J tbo f aibdrisg bioke ,? ftitor turlag *p.-nt ? rery a# able baur. Vj.'-o a s'Dfittca *if proluced upon tbo *;eaa.' ? CoU.Ujl'ia ar ?ba ?ai aV>ut Irariog tbo wharf In Vo? Y.ok on Sat?rdiT lart, oo'in'ot^l by Uio d?op aying o# tbe Palmetto <( fnw '.he ptak of tile luvumast .Tie | ( DtU'j* la. a) of th > pi8?cn?ori a? wmMe 1 on tb > j?pnin* rado l?ck rouln fc .ri'y bo r?!*eotei! fr?>m rbJW'ig l?ne f ' In cbot r*. wb'.lo i D mbcr ejipn ?*ed ..diolration ->f Obpt. lVir>'i ??< oco 'u tlrplaying our faror to ockw* a tbo I :aci'ln!U' Stat* a Sun Y?rk. Tbo atcam-rs Yjratoivu and A'abaiui? tbo forncr boons twlMtamd fted Ihe latt r for ski aaifc M< lift 1 wmo ntn-:t? u *??? >??<?? ?' V i to :'a, I 'I ll.tiy n.rc overhauled w ben >.9 ..ireroor'a :8lar.J,aed ao.'O loft avion. Vh-u c'' airp cp with tocjj Bfrry c?u?vl tbi Stur* aril Ji. I i" to bo re' i. )VOd '?> 3> the iti'.n color (tatiT of t> iff ?blp, and s<jb?t ?st?.'<5 i Mf piece t f buntlug to ba i pn tared, ?u;>w'ag ufisen white ?iar? oj>.n * varmtlllon groand, wb'. :b wan ftlqr ?liei iayea ' y tho ro?h orcvM, and under wO.cb every PO#*> tic r Tilt i<t to ?*'! J* l ?) ot r ;3fc'.;? WO.'O b< iu( parad >ur (r* au<1 atlrwt'vi: flat '.s ?' Sbo tervi J of nil .;*? rv.ra " Coptatn B?r.y nny we'.l i>t yro i of t'uc wo . WCT Ut> CDj.i.i: kl r> vjpr ?ol hj iht | ra at f:'a b< .?1 a i .It ibo r-Pi>|c? ki of h nautOor '<r :>i tt-* bow i*i lors wiil bo ii* Ia;od from the auu ot iuj Or c ibm <t-? iog I > day, all w bo ate cl.spja J t> . iy novoo iw'.r tKaty. NEWS FROM EUROPE. | THREE DATS LITE ft IHTELU6E9CE. ARRIVAL OF THE ARAGO. GARIBALDI'S FAREWELL TO THE AMY. INTERESTING I'HOM CHINA. THI. funtr or UILB! >Of TET AT B<HK, Me, Ae, ftc. gl J ?HI, N V.1> 24, HOC' Inort ao abip 'r?go, wblch left Itarro oc Uto 18i0, ad lowee at III". M ? tbo 14;b Init , pat?oU Uaj-? 1U o at J I* U |C3t rJay, wbc.o tbo waa tntcroopted by tfeo d>jw* yasbt uf Um New Vurk Aaaoclatod VrmL Tbo Ar<v? i'na I0.r> pUMBgvr*, and .100 ton* of freight fcr N'ow Yoik, aL l r (>orta bavlu^ oi w>r.enc?<! w?f'ery winds moot of tb : ptaa^e. e0? > w. ' uo toe a: Vew V r. II- n day ni|ht. Tbo i^ualrou wiUt iboPr.nceut H'a!e? oc b /ar ^nvd rot r^acbod Ki .? acd. Tlie Ittok ot Rnglan 1 tad ra'ee.l *; >mve of d ocjcc", o cod*' ,aet je of (f o witbdraeal of Ci(Q 000 f-* Uio Bao? of rrarco, wUlrb woe' 1 b' IOIIo*-ed by ,C.?>0 0<W met*. tv:n?oi? eletod *t ..'n'.M'i, Tsr money, au M 03*; for af - on. Hie bank rat? of dit^mnt ttal boon adraaooa vo t>e p:r cent on ru<* lay (tcu^j .-, and the Bank of Krar ?? had raloed It* litcount rate to fj>.r and a half p -.r coot. Vic .or Emannt! n ?? to karo for Sicily on t' ? 1 iw> There ll no Treat intoll |fn? rrai'OOllnic the a?fc; a tloDi for Uiorap'taia! m of Cuita It laaaatrtei tba> ib? |a>riron Is .otup' ted of ? niy a f?>w bafaltonr Iho Ajutrlan gorernmcnt denioa (bat a c.rj k-.tcto oTthe Warsaw nterricw bid b>?o a>ldrta>>e' t< .1 a>*. Naples a&d UkO ex fiukti "f Ita'y. Tbe lieapotitaM bad eot? led th 1 l'a^a: n rfogb tbtlr Concurs treachery. It ?? > a tod that >'(i ra! (Jajou conatdcr* bis poe'ti a uatei ali'o Garibaldi l.w u>'. -i .<v! a farov.-ell |>roetamat'( 0 to n.? Wte atmy, 1 ??uciud.nic by wtl eg Uli csmj .akN? )c anas that at aricy of ft million m< >i will bo wanted to f litow hint agslii t ? a fr<ofi com," ct, vii .ob !? likely to break cat In Vfaii li ?'.**? Tbo siege ?ork- b?Io?o l atla ar? ftOtlTtlf ooclxc^J, and ff tbo garrJaoa will not uapittUaU.a i??oral boabard meot w'U coiiiirocoo. aav's II bad rej>?rt .? J tb? (>ro posil to oracuate tbo town, on tbe basta that be oom mane's tlio troop*, IT ,000 In numW, at Ua?U. ao' relleft on tbo Stlcngth of U?e foiti CM II wm mat i*c 1 in Iac '.on that tho B.' It lab |OTeroi&et.t bad NOCltret blllaSal dee itcbrk fr m Cbtoa .bat peace ba I beta oonr.l lod at r kia by the Kogliab aoj rreoet Amliiaftrflor* tol the Kmpcror of t b aa, h it I; ?*** feat - ra J bet ere d l at | ' mi!] lot wilhtfld roob Mtntgnoo. tt if aaaerted ll' kt Ibc eeU'emcot at neju.a. <ao o Cii t baJ i ocn deUyel on a qucalKta or :hjmj asd en tty of ukdarilatllaf. The AUlcd %rir f were ?uarcblBf oe Pablo, atere 3*14 Koc ' r.n'M baJ a large toco* to <e."*o<t tb? city. Lord C I r. ?a* to follow tbo iroopo 8ei>t*ruber 9. Tfce am/ roe- b> 1 Yaeg Ulo Yt-b >?a lb* 10 b Tba coolica were Joaertta< aa 1 oarrlage **' -H '.loan. T?u U>c~*v. ! trooft ??re ic.fl el Tleo U'.o to pri .eel ?? 'torn tL* rebe'Jt, who met * .oa. two. At Oaatoti trad* arte .bolrtcted by iba re ban m<amtt>.> tnbtt, Croat loetoa t* Hal^Hs, arrval at | Urarpool ? r. tb* 11th.'.y New York 'rom New York, pit XM Tj ?ontb on the 1 2th, abort c?f ooale Ruin hipL ij of Maacbeeter arrtreJ at Qtmi '.n tc lb* 131b. FINANCIAL AND COM* I R CI A L. I.OMON MODBT KAUIT. CearoMe! m at >3 , for mortj a^u 13 , a ?? j :cr loco* ? t la the A mm *n aloe* aa*<kat, I'.ltoota OetTU abar**. Now Tot t ontr?l aharta, aul l>te Web bad tt pertoaoed ao apward ra'ly. t irwmrooL oorrotr wiacrr. TV> ralae of coin for tarn ??< (Woaaajr aal TueMay ) war* 13, MO baka, taalndisg b<<00 to epe-niieiera aa I aa porter*. The aaarka* waa aoaiaeJI/ aaaeagad fraaa rniar, but Uoeed deli, with quotaiieae barely aHUa Waal. Tb* edrtref fraat Manrteeler ar* aafbrarable. there being bat 1 tU* inquiry for g ?do aad 7 area, aad prloaa ar* wmH. WiUtafloiJ Saab k Oo report a d*cl'a? of Id a H. par canal oa talarior wbeai P'-wr at*#ly iivnrooi. utmnmrm maiar. TV mar ,*t had a <t*?n?arj tacdeocy, aad all dearrtpUoea ha. I a lgbtlr dacMaad. MaMra Rkba/oana, itaen. <? t On. rafort^rWar da'l aad daeltaad 0d |? r bbl Wbaat q ilat tbo l >w*r q <aJHMa ttra tatl?. b'.t qaetat Mil wrr* uoa^tarnd. rad Waaaarw, 11a 04. a m M do 80 r?, 13* 31 li* KM , whit* Wcatara, IV M a 13a; 1. Hontiiora, 13a 31 a 4a 3ora dall, at a dT.liaa of la par qoa-t** Mimed aad )?UQ*r, 170. Od a 3*a 3d wbtto. 40a. a U? irviaruoi. raoviaioM utitir. Tb< pn?a on martrt 'a qnt?t. Naaf brarf fart ar.d baooo atcaJ/. Lari Srtn at Oja. a Oia. IV law Bra at ?lo a ?? a. ii'.nm 11. raoTn^i Haiti it. Hotar ataa lr t>> Iro n*a Km dria >a>.*a q?^\ at t >? f>r to >tti polo aad paarla. Moala dull, ?ptnto af Wr|*ut'uo Oall. Lovno* waokani. 0* a* aad tal)oi^ai?adjr R;<* hao adraroai (UltjMttro haavy. rbaaki|lTia| Day. raticLaMart'jM or rnii aaroa. M? a 'a om a, no* Yoa*, Vav. M, 1000. la anceMaaea w'.th oaatoai aad tb* proeiaiaalioa af tb* <;oT*rcor of tbo tal*. it baenaaa my dnty aa Mayor ta rt ooanrnrad to Uta pa i4a ef tb a alty tb* obaxrraaoa of TbsraJay.tbe Jttb .eataat, ao a day of ' ttuUajinag an 1 1 a ?, ? Wbilai. ta ny jndfWMat, lb* mnatry, aftbar n t? pt luteal, fnninK rtiiai or Ooaw-ai ?p*<H, i rra*ata ao na tnra* for at 'cb w* abould b* t iaakral, era ar* yat oall *4 opon by ' retf onaa' larat'fwi of a#lf pruaarvattao to ofier ap to lb ? tatb*? of ail ia*rc>?a d*rmi and Mrraat rraj'r far nt laUrinialtton aad prot*r.t>oo frowt tbo ta paadiay a* a vbiak tbraat?a oar MMoMM aad tba a. .t?' U lat- r?*ttof Utr paopl*. Tarraf'T*, arkaowta-'iraf ot:r dapandavs* o? 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("M?a ooaaty) rr-?raiy*>-Mo?w'ibaarJ:a?tbe targe wop ?t aapiaa raiard thia y*er ta w?a*ra Krw Tort, there baa 1 been bit a aaa 1 jtantl'y, on .pa'aiita'y, aaat %al Tba rtillaa prlMO ka?o d-ta'a*d a |r*at <aaay ><*? aoti 'aa, and ae a viar .-visa, 'h~r- ar* a??re arptae la tr^ ocairy a*a i *f a ?:??? * tV wtrka. tbar al aap p*a r'nUrffi'l lb* pa*1 t*o