Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1860 Page 10
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TRADE IN CHE METROPOLIS. Howe of the Couseqnences of ibe Threatened Revolution. MAjrUFAOTORISS CfcOSED. OPERATIVES IDLE. rutcen Thousand Labercrs Oct of Employment. HaU, C?p. f oot*, Shoe*, CarrlagM, Clothin?, Millinery, U , at a Discount. THE OTHIR hlfiC OF THE PICTURE. WARLIKt PREPARATIONS M THE SOUTH. Our Dealers Unable to Supply Ordors for Firosrms. Tbf <>nly I luMiir.- in the >fortli tliut 1'ttJ >?. *?., We present 6* low the results of some investigation* iu regard to tbe present coadttloa of somoof the tradea of Uklaotey, u allected by tho rcocut aad present state of poll ileal ailatrs at the South. WMIo all brancheo of busl aeaa ttare suricred some, particular departments bare keen and are sfl.-eted In a much greater degree. Tbo de preeaton walcb affects eae largo manufacturing Interest, fer lailance. extend* through many otbera whljh are eloee y di^odtut upon and allied with It. 80 that when the manufacture rt of cne class are obliged to dlec large their workmen, those of other rlaieee often hare no alter aatlve than to follow nit. It la Impouible to estimate osrrecUy tbe number of work people 01 both sexes wbo hare been thrown out ef employment In this e'.ty daring the kaat week, or wb> were Informed on Saturday evening Ibat the* employer* had no wore work for item, tho ?amber certainly rearb<i' Site'n thousand, and probably Hi ex leeeds that aumbtr. Many instances bare trsaeplred of large orlera given fey tbe South, prerlous to the election, for var.ou branch of manufactures, baviag been ounlermaatled within tbe last two weeks Among those was ouo of M,C<4 for hats, one of #8,000 for clothing, two amounting to 114 /io for harteee, and a siogle order for 03,000 Tbcee aao facts which certainly speak kudly enough. CAKKiAaa?. Tbe manufacturers of carriages la New York (with but very few eaoeptloai, which will be noticed below) Uaro been ooaipeiled to discharge all, or nearly all , ef tbetr workmen In oossetiuenoe of tbe complete cessation of their orders. Some of them hare branch establishments, or their principal factories and workshops, In Newark, New Jersey , and In New Haveu Use operatives In whlab ?ttber rcalto In New York, ir bare tbelr families here. Bo geceral t>a* been tbe m jveroeit that It may l ?i afc'y said that ail of their bands have been dtaohargcJ. As. uk the nrma wlv> have been ram neiled to tak? this *iep are those cf T r-enm&o, Moooey A IVi , Wuj 1'latt, Sanders & Oo., Osboro * Co , Peaoyer ft Williaxs, A L Ptmyer, the Colon Carrl??e Company, H Miller, R- ss ft >r? la all tea Bn??, all tf this r.lty . ffeere are sUi.-r Arms wbo bavo dMntiarftd half or one ijuarter of tu-.r r.r,<ective for-jee, ani are working tin rama'nder. Mr Wm. L Mc .nal.l, 619 Broadway, one of tbe largest manufacturers la ibe city, hal a very busy ?easoo until November 1st, llaoe which lime h,e orders from tbe Boutb fell cB rapiJly , se<t have n ?? esUnly ceased, Us has beeo able to make a dtsvtminatv n In the reduction tf his force. He tea retained In employment a>l tbe mea wttb families, wto ?r-ul<t c l.. re If e ?u." ( la want, but bee been 009 pel ed tj titac larje all of b*s single aid y^uug ?sea. Meters. Tiittn. Wunz ' k Co, N> 440 Brjvlway, are doitg a much I *a h-tlsess now than at this time of > ear T. ? r mJi-M from tbe SMitharsmj *l fewer but their letters express tbe most euaser raltve (oellug, at d are b'gbly b^notaMe in tbelr tone Mr Stevens, No <00 Croal way, glvee about th* same reprrt They Ui'tk tuat It will tM ld.e to lock for an/ Improvement In the bosiaess until tse raise of agiut; >a ao longer exlsie A Brm furtlxrr up ?rt*i?>ijr, who refusee* at 8r?t to give any infeirm.' . a?! b: ?t-ri*l ??> >ut tbe Hatuio, and declared they sc'.d cun as much as ever, admittei at Ml tbat their dnuttern taade hat entirely a?as?d sioae tbe ttb of November Meears Brewster * B*i.:?ln, No T89 Bros iway, *11) for city uac, rW. all flrtt clast vaMcles, are still at work as uSnal, aai with no reduction of their ferae. Jotn K Lawrenoe ft Oo ,4:0. 410 Broadway, ?tacu fac tor* for tbe Weet lndlea fV;uth America an 1 Europe. They are xtlll at work as M*ual. f>At<DLi-<. SA.aafJ. K?C. la lb.] departmeat of trads tbe b'ow h? stroob witb terrib.e foroe The j-atbera tra'e !n tbeae . artlclea appears to be en tirely batten Bp All the tafge oanufaclurars, wbc at Una time of year are uaually WjC at work, with ovt<o sxua baaJ* eaga^red, are aew uo.p* aotblag. W.Miln three weal* pest their A>?4bera order* h?ve entirely rsssr I S vlsg ao eooourscemsLt ic coatlsue business, thry hasc, ts a general ihiqg, di .otarad four flrths of tbelr work-iea. Ia?t Saturday a'.ght aaw ten thouaaad ?petatlves Oasladlsg their ? Ives and oh.ldi"o) out of am ptoymeot ln?-!e depart saent, and Oaatltate of tbe means of eutsisteaea. Tbe step waa takea by tbe easptoyera with gfat Hm~ 'tauoe, aai oaly ocder tba pressure of im pesatire maiss -J Messrs Betts, ?Icbols k 0r> , ew aer of Broadway and liTor.ard street,, ^ave ?m^l vmeat to wjruwn which fel eight haadfOMi fte. ?>le. Had any aUter tbac the sectional oaadidale beea al ted tbey t?: t th* greater I art "f tbelr Csroc 01 work ibroogh A^s wtatcr bat alnoa tba ? leatlea of their order* iroca tbe Booth bare entirely eeaaed, aad. having ao work*? ma^e. they have bcao eompeUed vo Da/ge all or tbeU w? ;?n.ea Me ant a Morriar<B ?' rd ft Oo . M fhmnl an au.wt, are la the saa^ eate^acy Ka?i hat e been obtjf.4 to pt-sae a similar coarte, tb*ijgv. Ml to so large ac sites'. Tbey are literally > bit before U>? wit cC Kcrem bar were dolag mm I4u -bflr uaaal itaMocas. Meaa t J.I SmilAA C- , 344 bntilv^ itrt vme large ariers oa hand s; .? *s, whleb will t*v; ac of their fa: -e employed. Meaarm Trainer ft Cs Sroa-lwtf , are u'W. XfJL-Sf, mom* wort aad tutrg aa._ - .rets, bat not at ?... *" ac aaoai at tb-a time of year Meears. i,oscom<> ft te. st.'. (MMaM to reee<stf >.g?c doeihera OTf^ef, bat tbelr .'.tads f duller than aw It: this tima of /tar, exeept la u^?^<vv Meeera OnVI Jeaaiags a Co . ?.-aar of Warrea ^a Ckareb tise4?. osoal.'y empwy J.Z t" IM wortaai Tbey tars bees Aiigo 1 to dlasc^rge k f tf taem la tw. ?e^oenee of tbq -?h.>ve eanee f*cy ha> ? an-ae la-ge or dars frem ChUfe. to fl.'l this wjucr. Vers U sot bs Una 'act they aot have worb for men r-ve or tlx wtba.' boaaea ergagM _?> VJf , *traacu of b 1 stores bavs beea eb 'ged to purtae aalmljr- ear ra^, aad wU, ia all probak4?'^r, have aotblcg W <ij W u>* r work man all w iter TLOTHIKfl. n<0 e*!!.sgofT is b.3 eUt> <>( trade # u ,w *o<a\h > ? to a cot. pi-w (??)<- Tbe largw mas tf* i nrlag boa^t* w tbe elly, e'vt ip ssoall) oramc ?U w*vk at U.ietiae of year fer Ve brat her a maiM ?T*.aow doing M MUe that Ibey -.??? b-eo obi ged Udls .UbCfa at least Ib^ae fourths of thtj wnrklben The BiBirkT blaehargad lr. fatly three u.< a Meerra 1 a?*o, Carbart A Co No If. H >teoa ct wa, still ooatiaua to reoeirs aad %il b_?ji?ra or :<r? u tuj- ji are a? t making ap gon*ls as U. j ia_ ly do at this ' ? ? of ?oar Tae^t are beea obl gtd, ia tat.-. 1 teaee of tli? ?*!?' 1 <f * '? ra al the fourti, to dif. :laeg? near't < e ' U< rd <f ihe.r larca Tbelr letter* (root Atutharea l , tbat raid be deeirea a Ilia wsy of <*>r tl*< jg. ao 1 a a?pre*iiMi? ' atln't x/wt to tf - fi 10 Mewf# McOrath. 7 v ?Jr? , St J#t eAj-nSeef ? Meet . t are ir >11 | 1., ?Ve * < Ja< 1 tfe. - 'e-e-.aad are datsf a ei th ig la the ??_ of ' ?aeaiacl :r'.'| Tbey aig 51.1-/ basy a'. %tt s I'w* j M. -wis 111 Tweed; A Co., No. 134 I'tiane si reel. bare half be r usual farw Of < nttera employed, and will m.fc. up about ball their dual stock for ant season. Tbey do ro? ? ouiiter it prudent, in ?K ? 0f nialra, to make <<p mere Kirsrs. Devt'.a, Hudaon ft Co , corner of Broadway anl Warren street, bar* a large Southern trade In oHlhing which .? vmy active tui tba|7lm week in November' r?? lbl? ??? order* rrom Ike Souttt be?au to f?i ofl, and bare low entirely oaaeU for more than a week past. TVy are cow dam, literally notbtog In the war 17^ fr***30"*'-' Aether ou their Kncal trade, which in afco Tory large. A bouee on Warren street, wblcb deal. Tory !arCely la n0t ,0" tflD **< ? their usual ,<W' large manu ^rtorm, houses makeclclblng for ;ho South, and their eatabllatuahinte are now Idle, of coureo thero la no demand for Irtmtn.nga. Meears. John Care*, ft Sm, 310 Broadway, and J. D. -teott A; C o , 37 Chambers atreet, are mam* up a stock much .igbler tban uftual, In consequence cf the ealatlng state of ailatrs at the South. Messrs J. Wade ft Oo., 388 Broadway, cmjloy half their usual number of hands, aid will mako up half laolr usual ttock. m l-ewiali Krown &<;>., 31 Chamber* atreet, have about -botr tsual force employed, and will make up tbeir usial stock, il matters at the Sooth becoici no wort 3. They have a branch bouse at the South. Mo-tre. Longitrsel, Bradford fc Cs.,8M Broalway, 1-ave aim orde rs from Ibe Soutb, and aro still at wjrk, but prudently. Their letters from the South speak enexmrag Dgly of the proHtHcta. Fourteen ether bousoa have made la-ge redunllooa In their forre, the enoouragtmect for tbe trade for tbo neit season being so slim. BOOTH AMD HH0B9. Mary larfie bons<s engaged in tbe manufacture of boot* and shoes l.ave discharged from half to three fourths of their workmen, In consequence of the aspect of affatra at tbe Soutb. 7 bey say that nsoally, at th.s time of year, they aro busily engaged In manufacturing, bat that this year I hero is no encouragement for them to do ai; lhat I hey have no orders from the South to fill, and therefore cannot manufacture as usual. Meesrs Emerson, Brewster ft Co , 198 Br oadway, say that within the last threo weeks Uielr orders from' tbe Smtb have been gradually falling off, and bare row en tlrelj ceased With other portions of the loloo they are dolt.g '.be usual business They hsre many letters from the South, which, while containing neither orders inr ro miliar, ces, are yet candid and highly honorable In tboir tone, and express warm devotion 10 the Dnloa, and ??rcett determination to remain In it. Messrs. Warren ft Wilson, *7 Murray street, are Mill receiving some orders from the South, but much fewer than usual ?4 this time of year, owing to tbe reeling of useaalnesa at the South. Messrs George ft Bro , r Murray street, report a slight fa ling off In their Southern trade Messrs Hawea. Hyatt ft Co., 14 College riaoe, state thai the demand for boots and aboee for the lost two or tbree weeks bas been quite limited that the South bare or dercd very few goods sinee tbe election, sa ibey feel that It would ba more Judicious to pay Ihetr present Indebted sees tban to order new goods. They soy tbere la no olasa of merchants more honorable and high minded than tboae of lie Soutb, moet of than being moo of wealth and high ataoding at home ai well as here; that tbey will pay all tbey owe, If not at maturity as toon thereafter as tbey make collections; that tbey will net repudiate their honest debts in tbe Colon or out of it That notwithstanding that tbe tooth lock a to New Vork for tbe balk of her euppliee of boots and shoes, still tbe pros pee: la for the sprltg trade here are not good Taey state thai there la a small stout o0 baud hero, that manu ??< tnrers are doing but little, and U.M If a good demand rhojld spring up in tbe aprlog many stylos would tben ?e\! a; remunerative ratea. CATS AMI 04K. Thin is tbe time of the year when tbo hat manufactar. ers are largely engaged In getting out their new stosks and are bcsl.y occipled with their prepar.iioc, for lbn ap ing trade Now, an dlecotiras'log haro been tbe aaturo of their advices from their Southern correspondent* that thry are doing literally nothing Their Southern letters stale that the eveota of the last two or tbree weeks hare destrojed all ou-fldeuce In the North, anl that as (Here is no tell-rc what the result will be, they wish to mak, no new burners arracgeeccnti Toe eiorsequenos has b.-u that tbe hat manufacturers have discharged a portion of tfcelr workmen. ae.d will be eompelle.1 u make* ,i,|| fllr ther reinctU/n Is their for-vj uclesfi the exuperatcl foel pgn r f the Soutb can be southed and conflden.^i onoeia ?re e stored Messrs 0 W ft J. Read, 80 Warren street, ere still re oelvieg some Snthorn onl-ra, but not ao manv as isusl. M s?r*. Star, H.rnum ft fljeley, 813 Broil^ay, aro usus ly, at this time of year, receiving orJcrs fr.?m thj Sonth, bnt have not had any alnce NoramOerC Aa trsrt from oae ^ f tne.r lettere frjm Florida thi* tbe rea? .n Tb- writer rays --The pscp e here say tfcey will buy n<> goods of any merchant woo bays tn \ew fork, or any Uber Northe-n c ty. Yja have th, ?troor'St friends in Florida of any b <uss in New V<rk, and. evra In the event of s?*?atl^i, t?..<r w-.n ?t n ti you, but for the det-rmi- alien of the c>nsii)?re not to buy of N -thern b tuaea Tnc mercbanis here are nearly out of g< 3, la, but to a man tb-y aay Ibey will not erler a angle UOar'a worth froii New York." Several other large bat dealers rep. rt a very !ar,n> failltg tff in th?ir Southern orders, acd hate !e4e'rs similar m tone to Ihe above Measra Ovr/f, Jacques ^ C? , Mo 3J? B oalway. a?o not m. .ps their naual preparatlooa for tas spring tr? > They tare greatly re<i j'ed tbeir maou.'actur:eg forci. lu coa?eq uence of tbe cessation of orders from the gjoll At this time of year they are saually ver/ baay, ?ad ere ploy a large forca of workmen. M?ears Horaey, Farrel ft Co , ?3 Ctambera street, wfcs ars usually at thia t .me of the year largely engaged ?? getting up sloe s for tbe spring trade, are now doing c*-.p?raliv6iy nothing Id that way, an.: have 4?cb?rg*| many of their workmen, although cnwllling to dj a.? Tb*y have no enc nragemett to get op a c ring alock Tktsc Jarre tsUbliabmenta on Kralway, betwe?n Trinity ahurcfc aad Ibe Battery, have dlachirg^J near'y ,t| their bands, and are doing m tic way of man , fc:tari?j. mSrni'Amr,^W>;nm, Broadway. U,a been 00 a pe. ed to d r -barge a part of their force wiWiln tbe last two aoekt Tbey aay Uve baa never becaa aeas.a wllb m> HU:o eaoocragtmenl fcr b is.ncea belora. Two lwga bat faclorls- In Brooklya t*ve been eon pa. <M suspend opsraiiooa, and d satk.^ all iholr opiratiiia. COTi ON*, TOUVcC AKtt OROTtK ^,'. k aitidea ih-ra is a most marked U 'Xi~ off 'n Iba ^ a^rat 0.' tsede. We Ure learned o, g.?; aalb n-tty tba t^e march ta of Charloat *, Sa.-annat aM other "outov. a rona are turaiag tbe r attenll.? m ,Pe t-.warft; ilraei traJo with Eogimd. and thai, if u* aior. Bjaimest la av^mmatej tbey wl | oloas cp tbeir ^ here .a ,b?. art.l, an! u. . for .Ub tbg^d The4. a..foae,.riv^,? bo.?s^4,0,l,lrwl,nfonM^ <<tet (hn cM t^3i the eveatf Uat hare loll owed K at tbo S?,ik. taec.?o d^arrargatuo tBs.u?c relai .nalctweon Visr?| aai tbe Soutbarr c^eaiiat, ;?,u lf lhi,wbo4o ? cabiy and M44.M.;0r4;y aa.-argid aai loaSJaacj k? wac ?K re re?tor?a. ?_.! u lulif ',av Wslbl ks'M ( here will bsaj,- uai rgremenl ,n l/?4c. ]a the r , a me 1 be re ta aaas.y a to.a; c seat .B ef t is.uews Mrssra H.-nry, Co . 117 B-oadsuy. whose tr.?f .j h . y with t*,ja. aay the re?*.-i evova wJC prrve m-wt t ? ail k-an bra n< wilt ,0. .."J-;. "V? U as li-i >re ccaea-ael, tbey bi,re 00 orders .?t rrraro t fr?? any ^Wl of Ibe CA?ib TamrJMWrt fro? ;#4*4b atprfM a dca^tad aiM mut isUtlrDo aa1 rf .st/ 31 opuserrailvs Xaaltag ?sa letter | w r? ? ?w^es tb? the (?-(.? U Coxas ars unuiaoaaV "Vpewd K^Jiaa. s, yat are daeasmi.aad to maintain iftc^ ; M. W Ua la >0, bul b?r X a*. If r.a, 4U4.TS. vM^ari ft Bro , a Bro^Ja v. sbit< us U u?i JMLSura witb ?e?^:a Md u# otb,f Ptato.. .it^l tA-at 0H1 >n will U sent oc a% usial as at* aa ltiS? axabaege morea CnoaJy raa.r letters r#aw tUtomti MJ Ujat wbBa nnwtl?*g ju> eoahaciat r 1 aay new sUebiK^eas. mer wM pay aM lbs r deata whetfcf r tftay remais la tbe l ntn? ?w go oat Messra ft Oo , l*s Feaat atreet, say that tb< 1 ? Meat aveaia ?*? r baac prodoellve aTmocb iau.-,up? >a ?a .business NUeair^siiibe^tlkra trale.aad U at are fewer ard^sra raa.> bow fr*ai u.s .<?ib tun 1 s s< !!><? t'me et >ear .Tbey ant ia paU ta'i3hft;ay a ih? p?y%ecl of Brother* asovnts. bi: no u!t .x^e 1 49 Me. srs ? kP de-hw.r, i;i Froaf atreet <wb-, ilsiten | ?tvbaiit '^frft'CsarhatoiMl Ssrsnoab). atale "at l^ere 1 , ?,.;t ,hi ^ ,k ^ ^0n,Pt I f" ?? ? wh >, .?? irorlly auppliad at >?w Y trt, bi( | ba? the a^Cteae* 4 ifta ftr.ibarn msr baaW IB |*? North t* to ?hikeu that tuey nil] not ?Had here for thea. They aiunHy have plenty of Soul hern Order* for theae ar ticle?, do 0 they have uoue. Mectr*. Hotrhktea, Fnnner fc Bennett, 40 Vc*ey jtrret, Mate ibat 'be trade with the Boulb la ranch leaa than tiki, and thai there a no hepe for better thine untU otiduftco ta rot to f) a the minda of the lioaiheru people. Slateee other booses dealing Id th'.a Mao give a* i.m.Ur report* WINKS, BBANDIBS, ITC. Th;i department of trade with <ha Siatb, uiatlly a rmJ aeRve one, la now almoet entirely life lea* Kvwra A. Blnloftr kCi.,91 Liberty atreot, report the Bncthern trade aa very dul ? nothing doiof. They bare letter* from the Sooth which lay that It may be e >nX deatly relied on that aeneaalon will take pltie, bat that the trade between the Soeth and the North will be re suaied. T.lcse l?tt*r* alao preserve the lame honorable tone with regard *o '.he indebtedness of the South that ptrvadts all letters from that quarter. Tho writer* sty that their Indebtedness will be full/ tiqi Idatcd, and all Ihey *?'<? 'or ta Ume. M'rerr .l<"hn Ml'ls fc Co , 14 P'n? tw*y, wh .-.tual'y do a l&rg* Vo'llhtra batlne**, have ba l fewer order* during ' the .ast t' ree w fk* than <it ial, scd Jo not ex<>*et b *1 e?F? to i-njirove till 'bo oonfiJenoe of the Booth -.1 restored Mi**r* Fxljiirton .K),H B-oadway, who rwoally do a ?r, ?e Sou hern bus e 'SI in bonded w'rea and I <iu :r*, we now doing very little, fti.d hare been for three weeka pact. Itity do cot expect any '.mprovcacnt ai locg as the present it?te of thing* at the Sooth oontlnue*. Fifteen bouae* engaged In the same tratlo g've u* aboit ito a?mt report. rarBK, eagoiko, cokpaob. btc. There la a great fall'.og off tlnoe the election lu the de mand fur paper fr>m the South, 'of all de*t: 'ptlon*. It 1* onder*tood that tho mvhinery for sever \l p ipjr ci'.I'ji baa been ordered, and la now on Ita way to rereral of the ooticn 8uUts,a<id that arraogemeuta hare baoa pcrfeoted In other Iwalitlts In tbo Booth f vr the manufacture of their own paper. Thl* will probably, howover, be ? > work ?f time, and It may be a l->ng time before the South can sake her owa paper In sufficient quantity In the | meantime, of coarse, the will continue to buy here. Many of tbe dealer*, however, In paper, bagging aoj fcrd??e report a great filling off in their order* from the ' 8o::tb ilnce tbe election FTRAW GOODS. In thla department of trade bustneee It mac* proa tratcd. At this time of j ear the manufacturers are umtHy cDgsced In maklrf op their spring stockr; bu'. tbti year the letter* of tbeir a^nii In tbe South are of j suck a tature that they have bo encouragement to expect anything like tbe deal tprltg bottasss, and they are therefore obliged to take la sail to an extent Beyer before done. II my faotcrles bare bees entirely ?topp?d tlBoe tbe election. But tbie la not tbe worst Tbcusaols cl von tn and children were de?e?.leat npon the light labor of this branch of manufacture* for tbeir daily bread. Now, out of forty thousand people uiuallf en. pkij ed, uea-ly one half are oat of work, and of theae fully bn thousand arc women and children of from tea to Of teen years of age. Messrs Flafg & Baldwin, wbo bare a large factory, aid wtio*e trade begin* about tblt time, bare been oom pelied to diuharge nearly all of their work people. They I expect co trade at all thla winter. Three other large establishments mako the aanm ! report. I HANK 8AFK8 ? SAFE" IN AKNKBAL. Messrs Wilder A Co. , manufacturers of Wild'* cele brated taUmander safes, state that tbeir bustms* h*e fallen off to a very great extent. During the month of No verobtr of last year they made two hundred and thirty one satca uf all kinds: and tbey are ututUy busy at this tcaton. 8'toe the recent election, however, their order* frctn tbe South have fallen ofl to tacb an extent that tbey have been e> mpelied to discharge hall of their workmen. Kor tbe last three weeks they have employed the re I mainlcg half of tbeir foroe on three quarters time, prla . clpally In finishing op old orders. Another safe mtnufartarl Jg house, of eqial celebrity, has b-'<T obi Hied to ret'enoh their foroe of workmen, in cor?eqi<( ire of the falling off of Soatbern orders and the position of attain at tbe South. Tbcy ars at present | worklrg one half of the'r usual foro? at this time of yeir i If matters do not Improve, of which they eutertata at present no hope, tbey will be compelled to make a still i further red not ion of force. Two bot.sct not directly engaged In manufacturing, but larg'ly engaged In selling safes. sute that during the latt | three weeks their sales bare fallen off fully Are per rent firm the usual tales In November. Ttiey hare i discharged all tbeir tuperUuoua force. Three other bouses etgaged in tbe same business, thorgh not s j largely, make similar r? p<rts. iNOia kcbbrr anoiH. Tie Hudson Manufat turug Gompaoy ha1 eve*y pm* jxctof a large butlii*et np to the end of () i.> >er, anl ?ne at lh*t t mo as largely engaged In manufacturing as usual -Ho e tbe election, bowerer, they And tbeir expM tstior< completely Ctsappolnted, and lay that trade was rerersidull as at present Tbey have not as yet dia charged tbeir w>rkmei, aa their gaodi find customers In all parts of tbe work* ; but, while they live In hope of bol ter t'.cnes, tbey are free to ad tit that their ttpeosos are doul) e wtat tbey make, and wiH CMttnue to be so uatil tbe agnatic n at tbe South subside* 4 no bsr arge rubber manufactory havo dlasharged ao mat j of their ban is that their factory wear* an as;xet of almost Sunday quiet Tbey aay that tbey have a 1.1 y* st -ek of good* on hand, bat that tbeir orders I from tbe south have eat. rely ceased wtthis the laat three I weeks FAkVY OOOI* AND MILUKKRT. It wenid l>e easy to til a whole colamn with tbe re ' pons of the manufacturer* and daalera in tbeae articles Th'-re tre I hi ee cr fear boasea whioh still continue to r ann'acture Bat the reaeral report for seventy-two large manufactarera aad dealer* la Ute same, aad that Mport la, that tbe bustneea la In a state of oompie* stag nation that tbey dare oa; manufacture as tbey usually do at thla season, aa tbe p respect Is that If tbey do their go^.ds will remain on tbeir bands that tbey bavs bad to i diratarge at leaat a quarter of their bands aad %i employ the rtmalade* upon work tbey can aead to sew markets, that their bM'.aees with tbe i South is at an end , and has bees for tbr* e weeks past. ?t>e desists state that for tbe same per! id tbey bare not ' eve a uncovered i^iir g shIs; tad we saw more than thirty stores where the good* laid piled upon tbe eoantsrt, covered with long brown htiioed cloth, while Uae sates m< n iocrged about tbe door*, fas og a', tbe pateere by. In fcrmtr years at tb.s time cAe same (torse were SUed with ? as^mets aad all tbe salesmen were aa busy as i bee*. SUM AND FANCY MY COOPS. The trade in silk* aad 'aaey dry tool s 1 >ei not eeera to tare faUoc elf to aa great as extent aa many other branches of tosin<*e We bave seoc the order books of five larsomik houses, and It seeosn that their orders from tbe SoiiMi are still oomtng la, tbuu^t sot so iargnly as la nsrai at ttus U-ne of year. Then is tbis peculiarity about lt?um.. toe these order* are m?t if aecom pas led by money. Tbe writer* usual, y say? We must have tbe goods; we can act pay sow, nor caa mc eelUe at present tor our present ladoblcdaess; but yo? Sbe! be pa d t tbe otter meat fertUsg. Tbe order*, wesseto'd, areaMttays filled aed tUo goods Mat. And we are j (.*??*> I tta: lbs Southern i?.:. .huts. ars lavariably oav of Uiotr ward and alaaj* pt. In tie oourse of time, la deed, tho f t leakr* a?surs j* tbat they do aot feel tA: least aru about their Snwthsrn dot-ts. io aay event. And tber run ?.>l and do act asc -So .a rr^arJ t j *<m* n' u*.r r 5S-*rr isMI riur ?n wars. s 'be maor' f SU. ?r p a ted g~'.S duels sf ar I *. artlaara k*rs luen djMharget. Pxft u. hj ? Svtr,a large stock sf va s kind cf g-w>ds on basil An*?et, w leiku tbe endbws CMfmyMtC sllrsrware aai satssr plad?t a.a?e now on tAr .Ueitca r. the maau'aou ml to Uiscttr noet people mvbW s. ^pas that there s as ao ceed to cvxufacture n yytr Is r ;osa to onme. Bet 4Ae BMMi'Botuisra aarare us tAstahte Is aot a bagatelle Ao their aBu~?>ade. that issaJlr. *? this.' I me sf year. ?*e f would be pav..rg ap all that we stow see, aad a* eegsged is mskirg ac mocb more Bsc, at iss btve said., tAey have dieeharftsd hundreds of lAsir wosL?'.ee. as IMr nsoal orders Awm the Sostb assw eaicely c?sed. Mrsn Wooi k Kaikts aad Cvahs A Co. bavs dl*t%argtd ? ttielr bia s Ue large dealers ut pare silverware report b? little toll! mNI Is tbeir ?M?. bat ttlil oneslder It a duller ariiU l?an ueual TRR OTHF.R SIDF!. TUB DAM At a FO* f;rba*m? for tbe f;?? Itrtitd. ?- It S aa III wisd that Wuwt aobody gmd ' Merer f baa tbis venrrnb.* p*averb been a >re ?m,nal -.?Hr vert fill thac dwrir t tha preeeat STtstS \.t , :M?s *fl? rt, la the ei^rieoce of Nnrtbsro daa'ert *? > if t<>afaclarers of ?? ujs arms and sinfiU ooe rf war ' W e otbee depart p'nta of irtts tot Lbs :??? ?oBtB oi ltd lm e%a rb? 1 lacterlred by a most dlitremng rtagnatloo? whlla ope ratlvts have been discharged from work, and a wioler of hopeless ; Jlecess atares them In the faoe? while mer chauU and merchants' clerks lounge larlly in their coant l?f rooms, an) brool In nte?aucbot>c aattolpat'.om over the aopr<raino( pnwpect or affaire, there la oae braaoh of business whlco more fori ua?Uly la blessed with a de gree of activity ' aa been unparalleled for years. While clotbs, hale, ey gooit, boots ?nd shoes, car riages, millinery, and. In fact, alm>wt every art ele thai can b? enumerated, lie untouched, (arc by the outto i roverlngs that keep them from both view and dust, oar dea'ers In guss an I pistols rtad themselves driven from morning till n'gal In supplying the orders that daily pour in upon tb>in from the Booth. The manufaotories are everywhere ringing with the busy note of preparation, and It Is Impossible not to i*rcclve the Indications that a portloa o: our country has been aroused to a pitch of warlike determi nation, such as only precolus an actual outbreak and ap peal to arm*. In view of this condition of affairs, and the vurl >u? rmnois that have hern recently circulated concerning '.bs largely increased demand for these saognlnary articles, we give anacoount to day of the eitent.of this de aiand, the klnJofarms moit'y ordered, and such other 'arte c >n nected with the subject as we hsve b?3t? enabled t n derive from the statements of dca'ers upon whim reliance may be placed It Is generally supposed that the prewnt activity In the trade !s only 'he growth of the I a* I four weoks ? a nvro aueliroom. as It wer*, tha; had ilaried out of the ?i-lte m*rt resiltlug from the Presidential election. Ho i?r from tblt belug the case, no le?s than llvs m <nth? bare (!a|?ed slnoe our dealers In this department of trade be ga? to nbierve the starUleg signs or the times that have :ncc breome more publicly known. Daring the whole

of this period several of the Southern Halo* have been busy, through their military adjutants i l this city, pur chasing arms for their troops, lay leg up a supply of am munition, stocking their armories with all the improvod implement* for dealing destruction among men, and otherwise preparing for the emergency then anticipated. It Is not until or late, however? say within thirty ys? tbat the feeling has spread from the State aui r.tie* 1 to the public at large, and that the latter have begun, both aa Individual*, associations and comma cities, to "arm for war." From these private source* It | Is that our business men are deriving the ma?->rtty of I their orders. There exists a difference of opinion among ; these gentlemen m to tbe proportionate lncr.-ase of ttese j orders, bot all atree that It has been very large, and has been culminating for a much longer period than most pet sots are willing to believe. It ts safe to say, taking ! tbelr various estimates? for all differ In thilr figuring? tt at the augmentation of receipts, aa compared wllb tbe i demand last j ear, has been not less than two hundred j per ccnt. I a, rrgsrds tbe esact number of firearm. sent Ssstb, | lt ? impossible to srrlvs - ButtseM men very correctl y decline to open tbclr u ooutit books ?o the world, and It It only from gonoral autemrnu made tbst wo cm arrlvs at sn lde. of tbs ex^ tensive trad. sotof 10 fcet' na*ny " tb?T gentlemen betray s m.wk'th iwlMlllr up? tb. eubject of ftTtaf informatics, snd *?*?? - tbey fty, "adding fuel to tbe flames, that decidedly smotiifi when one Ukes into considers Una that th*y srs ibe only parties st present b< ceOt Be vers! of them regard the agiutloo ss little more than the nstorsl elfervescenc* of the anthem ns lure sod express the belief thst It w?U not oonllnse tor noaDy *eck. longer. One ssid to our reporter:- There la just about ss much meaning to itals Southern sm?? ment ss vbere Is in tbe sputter of s Utile of sprue? boer ? bin tbe cork Is first drawn." Atd yet this same Individual wa, st tbtt moment boning up several hundred do'tara worth of CoUs revolT< rs, chuckling, no doubt-lf one could judge fr< m bis contested physiognomy-over evssts that, h.wever much tbey portended evil to others, were donblisf and trebling bit ususl looome The wtspons most In demand are, of course, rifles snd .evoivers 0' the former msy be enumerated CjII s st* tbooter ; Sharps'., which ahcoU almost ad liMlum; JUT n.rd. s tew breech loading Invention, by which fiiteen atois can be llred In s minute; tte United ?Ulet Ulttit ?ppl rlUe, and tbo tuCeld Minnie rifle, both of wbloksre raid to be tba best ot tbo kind In the ???. Tbe* latter, however, bave beer purchased *,aie authorities. and are now nearly .11 oil of the mar ket of 1'oltet ?taUs Mississippi rifle* nearly twelve thousand b.v. been told. Of the fefUld Minnie rifle, ...mcibree thousand, or all that could be bad. Tbees were matu'aclurf <1 at the time of U-e Orlmean war for tbe B,lt-.h go errm-nt, to tbo client of nearly two mt'llon of dollars worth, and if mare are required tbe demand will donbtleti have to be male on tbe other tide of the water A few riaje tgo lbo?e arr.ved b> tbe it. after City of Hartford, froir Harttoid, eighteen bun J red Sharp- < pi lerlcvhlcce tnt forty thontwd cartridge!. *n mutator Ibe Ooti rr.or cf wb .m thry were ordered Thin Put* hu been purcbsiirg larg -ly f>r tome tour or flTt montfct psst. and It now In rqusl'y good, If not In tHlter condition tor a warlike eilgency, tbsn ?ny other of tier Southern slswt. Alaba??, North Cam l.a, South Cbrol'na, Mltilttlppl and Virg.nls hsre Wes likewise >n vetlleg largely In wicked weapon! for severs! m os lbs bu. the d.mand Irom the latter S'ate may be in pert accocn'ed for by 'be fact tbsl .he has recently e, tab iibid ablate arscnsl, which, under ?y ctrcum?tancee ibe would probably be st present etgaged In fitting out Various itatrmenta have been circulated st Is her arm* men- and the number of welt provided men she eao brinr'int) the field. There is no doubt thst In so etner wncy from : wco.y five io thirty tbou^d would respond to tte up of the it m. complotely e.) nipped Tor i< rrlce bu- IB point of besvy ordnance, rifled eacnos or the 'osg srmed me^s of warfare, Ilk. the rest of the Southern BUMS, she Is far behind tb. North Tbe ?UUS enumerated arc also porchMlng of bsturles, bolsters, twords snd rolUUry S?ulpm*?S gt Dirtily. Of pistols, tbos. most sctlvsly called tor srs CoIVs rs vol vers Of these there srs three sizos-lbe packet, belt or nsvy snd holster or army pUtol The largest orders from the States sr.* for the two latur, but prlvaU .iea'irs tend most for tbe p3?ksl tlM, that l?dw*tlng mat tbs CU 1-ns geterslly are '?arming tor the fray 1 tuber of those contains an amount of death done op In small pMktges which render. It under , erUl. olre-.m , molt o^lrsbls nelghb*. From sis l> len Ibon ..nd "Colts" hsv. yrobtbly tound s market South wiat. the Us monlh. Neil to these are tbs Adsmi revolver (s pistol mucl uted dtrisg the Crl mcai. war and sow manufactured I. tkls country), Allen * WkNMk'l, Warner't, Smllb * Wewon't, ImlUKos Cr.ifn, Mf cocking revolvers, snd oibers-all Ave sis atd i.ven .bootert, and more or lets elTertlve, ^rordUg to tbe con m*?l under which they ar. fired Tbere v. a!M in tU. Mrke . s volcanla, s ten 'hot pistol, as 1 other fancy varieties, much of wboM .tcllewe# Is confined to tie eiplcloul ol their ageoM Uk. viry its. all babies, tbey ?^e . good deal o? toll., bit ar. csl. enl.ted for very IIU.'. use Tl.te tid..rmt are told In p?)ka?e? "? fr.n two f? (Ifty at d a hesdred tbe demand being malslf feott l?e <ipnti.-?n icskit and ordinary cotlo.tters sf the city I ttadi ttofgh u ms^r i?stano* tbe afplMMIsa M aade 1 d'reet by lb. Indleldoslt. .coompanted by remittance, to homes hero There parcels are beirg ^st all the t'me and II Is hellevsd that in <Jeo(gis a?t 9?nb Ctrrl'.t a eviry sn.nty b- msde s 4ems.d tor s sspply cn?n rome see ot on, Mew York esub:ifbm.wu It it a ftel wonby t( sol oe, tfw? fur we h?ve tt fe?? I oee of tbe oldetl aiU m<M ??>.vieno.d l? desert U ths eity ? tbst Southernrs are first rate j.idfeio' flreaesu and sre buy leg ">? be^ that r^as be bad Tbey are brocgb' sp to ths uts^tbe dnel'ing pistol ??d rifle. a.< .ocuil, ired to powdw a?i ebol alsmtl frmti tb. II ?? tbey le.vetf! nursing, s*l li IS so; dlfKcult t ? e ?s.-?tvs teat If ttey were Invaded by an array nf John Uro.s ?belltler.tsu i'W"isn?" wssld, with her ebarr shooters. rsrolvtM ?d ? J*' c*Qt* b* b'ad them, lbs taulb wonld sssiler her f.wt Jlke lesvet betsrs U>* wind Bn A Is tbe demand br arm. towever Ibst rM r>y~+U Tsltsd Kt.w. rlVw |lJlk,i. ars M|?rly bssgbt m sod foiwsrdel to their eestustlos Not Urn* ago a let we* ,ure*as* for a bouss is this sit? . bat b^ .rs tbu w st re*.** a latter fram bis prtoetp^s hers, tnsteaot ushim?hs< to do wltb them, b. bad sold them sis tar*, advance, ssd tbey Ml o. their wa* Unult. I, a^^qusase of Ibis prsssurs of srdsta. lb. mtrk? Italriwdy neert# dr ?lnsd of Its fesl arms, a^ tf It th^U eoKtlso* -or s fs. weeks loager. t( will b. ,?,.t.' hie to est ply h. demand- the ntfire of tbe raa.ofe?Wr. pr. ?oli. / moe. it.. * llsiited n imber per boiU b m? U-nsd into tbs ebasr.!* of trads Tb? r >*s^w? is 1*1 be rifis ssd pistol l*:t>r.< t of ihe ofjvnley are u .* ^uo tbegrastsstaMf ty, ?d will pr ?'Hbi/ oasliggd *1 for ictL? pe*^ j At r;gtr^t ?b^ tun ViUl ol tpffsli >ot is tkid Ijrat-b of wade, It In difficult to form an estimate. If all tbe i tlabllsbmeots do a business la proportion to thetr size, equal to lb*'. ventilated a few c<y ? afu by a small dealer, who evidently seeks o be on a "war footing," It would require an arsenal to each one te bold h's goods, and account* would be reokoued by mlllloni, but taking a* a basis tbe ucexaggeratod state ments ol impartial men, It I* believed that the amount of builccsa dote in this de,wtmen' within the l**t six mouths, and In the city of New York alone, bM been *>'? ! lets thtn one million and a half of dollars. To what n tut numerically It has Increased over the business of last j ear, at the same seaios, our readers may judge lor them selves, alter a perusal of the foregoing tacts. MILITaKY Ivjl'IPMENM. In this line o( trade there has also been a very no. Usea ble alteration for tbe bettor. Orders are coming In 0M (Unlly fcr t;?u.eit>s, gold :ace, swor la, military decora tkunud nili fi generally. Tbe majority of tbe orders are from dooth Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. The cam: activity ex>U In the manufacture of WLkQS. The leading demand la for tbe ?'Palmetto" flm, and comes, of oourse, ftom South Carolina. Last woek twelve were ihipp-d to Charleston in tbe steamer Co lumns. The Hag has a white groana, a pal motto tree in the centre, and a red star on the right hand upper cor ner. Another kind of Rag has a red grouod, with Q'loen white ttars In It Quite a number of Hags are male with i fteeo stars and fl'teen stripes, upon a b.'ue Held, with the words "A 1'nlted South" vlilble. Also, flags with only one In pluce of the thirty ore stars upon our nation*! "n?i(n. All these thiogs Indicate the ourrent of pep w V-ellng at the 3cutb. The people there are erldeul.y aroused to a seise of Impending danger, and thev are sparing no means to prepare for an event w hich oauuot be oontem plated without tbe most fearful appreheniions They have showr. themselves In earnest. Some of our builnees men, as thoy lock at falling bank accounts aid silent wareboLt-ci begin to think they really are so . bat there are still otters, who have helped to sow the seed, who re luxe tore oogtise toe Impending crisis, and are as vin dictive n their taunts as If they held the enemy by tbe throat To all such we can only say they are in truth ' adding fuel to the flame,'' and that It Is oaly by mint resting that conservative spirit whl-Ji actuated the ma)o rlty of the voters of New York In the late election tuxy can hope to produce a healthy react ion in tbe m'Lds of our Southern brethren, reopen tbe now obstructed ehaa eels of communication, and ra establish the frlsndly rela | less which have been Interrupted. SHJPPING NEWS. A1MAMA0 MB (I* TOU-TIU DAT. '* aim 7 nu ; tsoo* awr*. . . . m i?n 4 31 | aiua urai. Port of N?w York, lovtmbtt liO, 1H60> CLEARED. Bteamshlp K R Cuyler, Crucker, Heraanah? H B Cromwell AO*. Bteamehtp Jibm Ad xer, Phillips, Charleaum? Kpofford.TJea loo A l)o. Rhlp R Jacobs, Hrnderron. Liverpool? f now A Burgee*. Ship Murocomo. Loudon? Hratniih A Hon*. Rhlp llfriOftn toq braianl (Brem). BcUug, Londoa? Rrt|er Bros. Rvl Almera, Rarllett, QUsgnw ? Trunbam A nim.m. Berk American Eagle Dyer Marseilles? Moo<a k Henry. Bark 0 Krtwfr, Ooald, Itethurat -R W Trttad/ Bark J Oodfrey. I'lart, Rew Rom, NF? * Bali's Sms Brig Lady Walking too, Morrtaon eldludonderry? P I Nevlus A Hen. Brig Oremona. Falun-?, fllaarow? F O Parker Bitg II II Hbe <Br), Dart, 01a??o?? H J AC A Oesrolf, Brig Slate <if M?ire. Oataa, Oette? Thompson A Hunter. Brl, rrr'H Rica, PmI A ' pin wall -Panama Kaliried <V>. Brt* >1 < Bi noka, skemll H Jago? Miller .t Hougbtna. Brig O) Um (Kr). Pitta. WUmlnaton. MO? D H Uawolf. Brig Ma sal Ian Rand, Bnatrm ? J K Ward A Ot Behr M Iloat, Vracock Otte? Baab'ont, Monlton A Co. Behr Paradise. Kick, Am Oayee- UenaUion A iiro. HrtrR I Jatda Oa borne Franklin. Bohr Bear). Bobbins. ?ewbrrn? J iraa Smith A Oo. Fcbrf'ceaa Wave, Warner, Washington. Rtbr M Smith Maiwell, Ohcapsake Bar. frtr L Rich, Nickeinnn. Kuzabethp *i-H?*lla A Carman. lamella, FaalkJln, Bosbn? Daytou A Co. ARRIVED Bteainrhtp Columbia, Berry, ('tarMm. with Bidse aad pu onuter* lo Rpofford. TUeatoa A to. 26th Inst, 9 KM, sljaal Ina steamship Anguata ben en for "avanoah Rhlp Vtklsg ("t R'w Bedlord) Young. Pas Franotooo, 1(M da\s. with oii'm, lo Wllletta A Co Had heavy weather o? the eoaal tld lot. 11X1 miles X of Hatter**, taw ihlp St ' larlea beund H An* M, Kdward '"maby, of Boston aeamtn ail Jobs MoOarty. a n*Uve of Trained, seaman. were wuiril ovrrl. ard and drowned; Oct 34 Hunt? P Laurioo, Maiao, a native :f Heru ark aged SI yt ara dlrd. hklp Ellen Hewart ("f mltlunrel (". (tin, Ri"er'.?, II dajs, ?Ith mdse. to Illcks A Hell Had Haht R?* and wlcca op WTtbe Ranta: alace JfW and lUht hAfll nK '.V ?md?. lai lnat, lAt *8 It, kn Ik 17. **aal!zel ihlp Ht ttawald mesrinf ?hlL load feir Itrriand. Barh Oreauwiitrde (Han' Kn aen. Broken. J1 1?y? with Jlfi Taiaer (rra tolleuarbenA I rkvt Kiperlenr? 1 ?rn< hna^y we>lh?r i-?r.alr? the inanl to |?\k anrnng nn?-? Maal rpllt aalla Ac. 13th lnat lai 44 I'D. lo.i 66 32 attnall.'*1 a Frenea ahlfi ?te?rin* E. with doable oa'Be, Hacra Hal ? , iaiier part r< n:d ar t make oat Bri)( Hi rkflsh. Katr'hll. , ''harleatta, I da' a, with naval if r? a Ae, to li < tilren Murray Br'r rtarah Ellubeth, Rajunr, Ca'a'a, 8 iaya, with 1 i Tiber, lo J?d Krje. Hri* B rauUl, Ba<kell Bew itedf ird. 4 iaya, la ba' .eft, to Bantr. Brlf Ellaat/etb tlreciilaw, Newport far I'ml C *?n. tt br ya'ah II henra (or N'e* M%ceu?, >1 larne Klmratm. .?* ttdaya with cnllee and fu.U!, ti Joseph Knrat Hal Ucvl ?lE?a and FA'ira rn- #t of toe Deange ? chr Albert Maw n. ivram, t'har:eatnn. S iaya, (M eottoa A r to IMUrr. Potter A t'o rchrearah Itrnen, ItoiiK'aea, 'leprae*' *?, W, J d ? i fc peri neei! h-ary we?tl?r ;?,b Inet. ? 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Jcaja ? chr (1 Lond <Vmk Brldieport. t daya. Rrkr LnokonL Harper. MraUe l dais Pchr Bravn, Inrell Albany (br Brnifw Kchr R.lm Rndmae. Ke'ley Altv..i- for Raw Bedford. Rl.?ip F S, Cheney, Bllaabethport fjr llanford. Rl? p Biraai. Allen, Ell7ab*th|inrt for Port Morris Flo. o Alice l.ndlow. Lodlow, Bliahethpnrt for Had Bank. Florp Flora. Carrow KltraSethport for Re.l Rack Rlorp Th> Baa Ha'l Ua!L Prorldeniw IS hoars. Hleamwr Onpanm. Ni.rmaa. Phliadelphu Rteamer Oapray, Krnuey Prortdar.ei Rteamer I'enmto Wiliiama Prorldenoe. Steamer Aioatraaa. Jodiw. ProrMenee. BELOW Ship ( hancellor, Rperc-r frooi Urarpx4 Oct 19. with ? !*? to * iltama A ?ni.? Alan a Bremen bark, oatbown. SAT1 JCD Rteamahloe R R Onylar, Raeanaah. James Ad*er '"bar lea ton not 141 h). bark Due de Ncrmandle |Fr), Ha\ re. b-l(s i'<?ta Blca. Asp nws I. Echo Port an Friar* Wind d urine the day RW to 1RB ? IINllABMll. Pair J ? Wood, previously reported oa Ore at Mew Orleans had i n board WT) balae at c-Mob, 'nalead of MO Taere la not mi ch hot e at mvlnc reeael or cargo Batr Wild i:at? the cargo of ship Wild Oat, prevtoualy re ported on Ore at Bew Orleans ItBoatlj daasaged by water, an J la now be log discharged. LaCHtn-Fhlp aletaader M a rahall, I JUO loot burthen ballt for Beeara Chains II Marshall k Co wll be lauechel from the ahlp yard of W II Webb, toq foot of R ith atieet. Bast Blrar, al 9 o'clock tkls (Tnralayl Boratng. We a* I'n ler der ar thanks to the genllaaianly parser of steaBship tjJatnbia from t'harleeton for favors. Hair Baa ncm lllla. frwa Callao fir Hanaptoa Ra1< pu' Into Valparaiso Oct B alii a leak In lha raider ceee, ei^e nel lo slop It a Itbont ar. oeh ciwt Fair Foai.?y >aa fro a Oallao for Oort which put into Val paraiao In dlatraaa, woull be condemned and a>?d llili p I'oirav MrsaaT. I ?e frpm i)alre<UM for Bew Tnek. 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Ra Ban; Aa?av, Bwats. at Philadelphia fna Fala^tth J a, eawvintteted seve e raies fna N W aartis the wh>> e | Basaie. ? prnrg foreaaat aad had rigging badir raaa?*d, wa< ah -t i provkkas and water and waa ear plied by i'ept Bl.lngwo <d of ?nilaelfee who rwfnwd to aoopt payaeet l?th I net I, 31 IB na 74 47 paased saTr llaamyi m of Wilmlr gt a. B<' (ha or t reporvkd). dtaaaatet and waferlogget There waa a h de a aer bow aa >f a be had been rue umo Bo h <ala ware at iMked to Ae wreca. Rraa Hiawarna. tmw for deadlier Ma arent intra 9o> M a Wrwvi laiaad. near Baeo B i farther parti* iters Kmc Orroaae, befo-e repoeael la eolhei a anth steamer M Ranfoee was toe ad to Bouth R Warm (lata where ehe ?r iiedet Bha> Has about SO I feet a of Male Ledre H i .y oe her beam rivle .?e has starboard bow atove and la cot atmoet ti the Pens i'jjuii raa of Hamat- ble. fraa FMUr*aH>Wa with c ml fee fea-reealie arark rn l/rfnataedWn eAna Ltd la*, rae BTBW ware aaA?n df and ra rle^ an Falmouth Ren* Out a Baaern Hall, 'roea Harwiah *nr Maw Bedford act athore le aoMaana * Bole Od met Will prabah y be got id V ratal Ateoag-A letur from a eorreepoedenl et fl.otinf lea. >tsder at a of I be Jith las*, sera ? 'm"ss Inmhe r loedej ^'l|r which want aeh-?eo? Watch Hi 1 Rae oa th < 13 1, bsat oar the reef daring the etorm of that atgbi and paaa aaa . e r?hrv between Waleh HIM Uw*t eat Mappetre. 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Lampllffhter forlVTork* YoiS frr *St?y? rk?'n" di b"? 'rom Re? audi ??U*5?.7"rt"* hT' bMk Ue*per' ???k fro^CroD. r^JoTTinauati, Nov 7-In port *h!p Dnbllo, lane, read/ for iliuaiijia ,Snr t~ Arr bark Wildfire. Perklna. NKork. dtii p0fl p M,r7 0l0T4r' fhaee, from Cal LiTiMOOt, Vf,\ l-Sl-l J J" Wbceler Gadd Boivw TlvnTi ' /r^iW""' * au" (lallfai and Wliaiinjtoo-' OkU. ?ri^c?c'!fM ' ' hUM"n- .arad ?ethL'^'eE!^ ^Ooil5? <?>', *cMMton for PortUnd 15tb: tfi L I7tl; CHj of Mmch'MW (?) for ?T d? f^aLSa k,4Ui KJZTiL rJPTZ? K"Lr B"'k". for do Deo ?; Ir^IKi.rt rrTi!^i,a W>? d"*0M<'h "u? Wanner^ *r". rf do ui>: i fciaoun, Trnmaa. fordo lBtk- Tnrk. n!Ei Va Ttoh*' v", ?" lUi M ""'f * Sur "aiCmzia kr City ' "''t WtM?(JT FOft?(. (Jurtll, ffir UnKila lUth- #V? r? iKklV r.^*di 1U KiVr"^ , r"vjT J *?**?er CUrk. Koppar Bcldt for do Ifib; lUmlft, for A u*tra!lA lith . 'j t" W 10 h. fp??dwtl'. IUdrl;IF; Hitltn Hlnla AtWKd aiu^ Abby Biwhard. W?,u. f? R?um. Km"n. j," *?d w' d U'later, Ua'dray foe * Tort ?' 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