Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1860 Page 3
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wear, provtstocw, irmi, ammunition, grain lor Mook, 4c., * ibnroab tbea. ?VATIMKNT HHOWINO TH* HXntNT Of TH1 OVTOLAVT? TK ASPORTATION BfSINKSH 0P V A KIOTO M 18*01*111 KITBH TOWNH TO NKW MKXICO, THK fIKJl'8 PEAK GOLD RIOIONS, I'tAII AN1? POINTS ON TUB PLAINS, rial kashas cr?T? kkw nxiro tiladb. A ? On Priaati Acvwnt iVati'i of fViift'eh. Mm Horvt Mule*. Dmtn. Wat' *? ? 5 ?84 404 6 9i3 11,33# 2,110 B?fbr the OvrernmtnL trw'D, lirtmio k Oo , 410 ? 82 4,104 31T Roxffll, M*>jra A W*d dell? by llK-lr *uo noblraclora, Alexan der Majors, Htiint * Brrcard, Cntlda, litjii A Co and '? * I.'Ta der- ait rang 600 ? 134 0,480 046 tot. from Kansas city 7,084 404 0,140 27,020 3,033 A? On PrivUi Account. WaVhl uf Frc^U. DeUimaHon. 11 680 C U0 Now Me*ioo. B?fbr Lht Qwernment. Irwta, JAfkman ,? Co , _ 12 trains 1.887,080 Forts Oarlaod, Union And Wine. Rosaell, Msj .rg 'VaJ dell ? by tt'lr sub contractor*, Alexan der Majors, Brmut ft OrruArd, Cbildd, Ha>< a & Co. ard Thompson * Leva tor? 21 trains 2,971,438 forts Tot from Kansas City 10,439,124 And L'uion. noa LEATKIWeKTB C1TT TO KIK1* PEAK, TfAB AND INTER M It 01 ATS POINTS A? On Prit'olt Account. Name* qf freighter* Men ifvrtet Mule* Oxen W'gnt Jon. a ? Carlwrl|bt, 24 tralna 730 ? 90 6.844 024 O 0. Wblio * Oo 96 ? 12 800 78 Oa) (oo, Lows k Co... 66 ? 40 400 60 L Bat to let >6?3 260 36 Phase. B)tra A no ... 60?0 360 16 Bsvrral snail firm*. ' wilt* from 6 to 0 teams nch 40 ? 11 428 42 B ? for the Oovtrnmmt. Rout II. Majors A Wad doll? by tbelr sub contractor, A Ma )ort ? 6 tra'Di 192 ? 38 1,842 166 OttHnatinn Donvor City ToUl from Leaven worth L IT 1.216 ? 309 10,963 1,003 A? On Pririte Account Wni)U of fftfkl JooeaACartwr'nb'., 34 train 3 144,(K0 ? D White ft Co 468 000 Cfcotoo, LowaftOo Hit 680 " L. Bartolct 130 000 '? Ple?e, Byerg ACo 160,000 " hwtl (mall Arm*, with from ? to 9 t**m* each 110 000 " H? Fur >\* Ooxrrnmeht. iMMll, Major* ft Waddell? by their Nb contractor, A Ma ~ traioa 721, 493 FoMa I-arne<l , Union and Garland. Total from Leavenworth City 6,064,083 Wmom 1TCB1?X TO nut'S F*A1, UTAH, A. ?I> ITT**?*r>]ATa roixTs A? On Prmait Acorn*'. Ifmme* of FrcifXsri. Jiin. Borsct. Male* Oxen Wagon* D. D White ft On. , rt tralaa bo to from Leaven we? in an 'l Atcblaon ... 120 ? 31 M. flebach ft Oo.. . 69 ? 72 J. B. fto?l? ft Co., two trati.* Roberta ft lAcder oalw Hog b Murdo-k 1. &tau?li S. H Gratiot 30 Freepnrt Mining Co. 11 Aimy ft Ki?b?r.... B. K Ouona M Markn Walllogford ft Mur p?>y Peoton ft Pur cell. .. J. K Wa'ker Livingston, Bell ft Co T. Knridarn Oajtoa ft Lowo . .. Gilbert ft Gerrleh.. DuMtnc ft M**->n.. Bevln* ft Miller.. .. Ola ban Jobs Doll ft Bro. .. W. B>*, K P. Terry , Myer* ft I/)ckbart, L B. Gay lord. Baker ft Be<-d,J M Broad well. Maxwell A Walker, K R Wat ?no, Tim Oooda'e, r Boiarenb.J Far rier, J 0 Davin ft Go W K Biowo ft 0? ,W K'Lieid, Arnold ft Martin, Btatr ft Ktlly and Olu|ham ft Bro , from 2 to 8 wag on* each -Whether. 136 ? 117 B? Fur 'Jtt Oor-mment J irk man ft So , out A .ting depot* both la Kama* Cur and At chiaou, 30 train* 660 76 40 31 13 IS 34 15 36 16 80 64 30 13 40 30 00 14 38 ? 13 ? ? ? 3 ? 3 ? 0 ? 9 ? 8 ? 4 ? 6 ? ? ? 4 ? 6 ? 8 ? oo ? 40 ? 6 ? 3 ? ? ? a ? 4 1,513 660 640 380 106 190 340 132 130 160 80 1M 100 310 ooo 480 860 600 100 430 103 63 00 31 38 10 30 10 10 2i 10 30 13 35 00 10 10 83 Hi 49 12 36 8,310 Aggregate from Atcbl 1,601 473 13 040 1 38 ) VTHfkt of treifM 1. D. Whit* ft Oo, *tart botu from Leavenworth and At eh?oo 76f .000 . tlehacb ft Co 166 340 B. Do) >e ft Co. (two trait.*). 341 HH erl* ft l.iodonlale 170 000 |h MurdoJt Hi 000 ftoela 46 000 B (iral tot 51 l>?0 ep?rt Mining Co 41.000 17 ft Kit her 40 000 F l? '0? 31600 run 36 467 falllngf >r<l ft Hornby 70 000 ?xoa A l urctU eo 000 R Walker 100 boo 'ngtloc, Be. I ft C> . ... 187 000 |. Kurldaoo 46 000 a? too ft Low? 30. COO |tlb*rt ft lirrr ah left 000 Bolrj: ft Maaoa 160 000 ?Tie* ft MtUer '260 ooo 6A0 0C0 Dodd A Bro Ill, COO r. B William*. N. P. fVrry, Nffri ft I/Mfcbart, L B Uay lord , Baker ft Ree.l, J V kr adwe'l.Mai well ft (Talker. B R W*i*cb, Tim Gooda>e, F. Boleveah, J. Ferrtar, J. (' Dan* ft On . W K Brown ft Co , W Kukbead. Arnold ft Martin, R'tka ft K?lly, ao<1 Q|*g bam ft Brn. , from 1 to 8 wagoi a earb? together 371, 6C0 wta, Ja'jmaa ft Co , nntlll tlag dep->l* b<lh li Kan* a* Destination Denver city Salt Uka City D'over '"Ity ttalt Lake City Denver Olty F*-ta K*ari)?y , I a ramie ?ad I City and Alchiaon,30tr*:a* 3.110 000 I tub ljrrt ory Aggregate from Alrbi*?o.. 6 0*7 VI3 ft joni u to th* n?*'? t^** ooir t* ro?a, mi! *\n WAT IMI^Ti i regnlar o-jtettug h-nae* ft. tag licated here, lb t ar.d aereral returua of the fro.fbten coold in !>?? Tha kee|>era of the two utMtrn ferrio* atro*e th' ??I at the aame place e mdort. bower^r, a re?i*ter ll*e freight w*(-w.a they croeaed nr-r tiaoe the l?t of rnh la?t Aerordlag to tb?lr oaoot thcr* *tarted for 1 1'ialua Irntu Si liwpb (emigrant wagcia* exr. a le I) ? Mult I a?nl llartet Own H'xyni 630 3 ?S0 474 hi -(average of 4 COO lha to each **g<*i) 1.472 COO am?A.'?A l ITT (TO fix** FKAIK ltri'0 tun ?*? AXt> WAT r? :*TH A*t> t.?? IK C.TT H n Mult*. (tmrn Wtyor t I'r M*j?r?, 12 tralna 6C0 1C0 10 09? ?i: IB Bjrraw 33 4 410 12 wkes A Nocholla 01 9 Oil 62 Nefcraalre 1'Hf "*6 III 11U6 freight from v??ri??* I ity to Denver b4< r Mai ir a (J1 brain* ) Ib< 4 MS 000 _ B) ram 103 000 ?kr? and Ma. *"l?w 812 0O0 le freight from BabraaWa C ty 6,4t6 raoit OMAHA CITT M-% m I MulH Oam too |g A Wood ,focr tra'n* Chapmai.. .. . ABA. Browo Btf ooe rtifler -at iltb Ir >m I U> aeren V*fNN -togetbar City 111 84 40 114 Si4 ? 80 ? H ? ? ITa"? IB 3-2 V M 37? 114 ir.igA' of tmgkt. Wood 340.00" Chapman 00 000 ABA Brown 80 000 one dtflerest parti**, two to aavea wagoa* .313 000 340 840 V2 Denver tUty. from < >maAa City 713,000 Ctty ?worth City a*CArrrn atww. M,n H i Mmlrl. ... 7.004 004 0,140 . .. l,il? ? ... I .Ml - 400 ? i city Oty . . . 824 m 844 3C6 471 610 113 U? Omtn vm 10,008 18,040 8.000 11.116 840 TO 1 008 1 JR0 <18 016 art Iti-tol 11,601 644 7,674 07 060 0.033 fktnfnm. ffeifht nf Prti^tu ?0 Cily 10,430. 1.34 eawortb t'Ny 6 6&0 (vj 0 007.043 [?aeph 1 672X00 ??? City 6 l< l 000 1 C?IF 713 000 M< trial, .36 >74,148 ? Of iQ otbnr worde, elevea thousand its hundred an d om men V ibt bvMlrad and forty 'our boretts, t???n taoa eitiid ??? buudrtd and teveaty ?We tbcutaod nice buntfrcd and fifty oaen, six tbouann4 nu o hundred and tweuty two "MOM J1* ?y"^0 seventy four thousand ud ooe hundred ??<> ly umo pounds, or about eighteen th usand t?s of frslfbt. -h A full nutd "prairie .ahocner" Bp*uned Jllh orutl Dumber of ill yoke of oxen, will "tend orei ? a length of about wventy feet. If th? ?? 7 ?'?' > wagon i should, therefore, be bronghl mlo one line wit* Ue*rf"r Wd man i of motion, they ?wr ? distance of over ooe hundred and Worn Ihe Ubl? U Will be WtiQ tbll HefSra AliIMWt?r Maims & Co, Jones * Gartwrlghl and 0 D ' While A Co. are ihe beavieat fre ghlers Mr Minn rent oot, during tbe lait Be inon, n<> Was than fifty cne trains of twenty six wag^ni ??h en the War Department", as well an bis own'arooott. ASout ?lxt?*B hundred men, Ulteeu thru sand (Ire buDdred oxen and three hundred m ije* were employed by bun Measrs. Irwm, Jaokmau K Co. had thirty two trairs of twonlv six wsgons oaoh running, worked by ooe thomtnd aid sixiy men, one hundred nn?l (Ixty mules an! ten thousand tbree hundred and forly four oxen. Messrs. Jones and Gtrlwrlgbl Oiled oot t sen ly four train* of equal number of wagons, operated with seven hundred and thirty men, ninety at* mule* and alx thousand eight hundred an4 forty lour oxen. I> I). White k 1 o equipped sev -n train*, employing two hunlred and sixteen mon, one buudrcd and eighteen mules and twenty. ' lour hundred and lalrty two oxen. Tbe amount of capital luvestei !?, of oonrse, very large, ibe average coal of a tratn of twenty six argons beirs (bout 11 (teen Ihiutsad dollar*. Tbe operating eipenae# of each train are from two to four thousand dollar*, aocirdlng Vo the )"n{th of tie trip and tbe wage* pall Wsgon master* rosoivo from ?1U0 to $150 per month end ,4fv>un1;J' teamitere of C*ui.a ?lio deioent fr>m $iO to *26, ana Mexicans (omeilr employ so by New Mexico freighters). IIS P?rm*tb, and ?? found." The government freighters receive torn (1 40a It 75, according tothostageo'tbo aeswn,f.>rov6ry hundred pouul* carried ooe hundred mile* The private frelthler* charye from 1>?0. to 2! 'or the same by weight and dialanco, tlie r:?e and fall bolng lik?w.?o re rotated by lh? season? the rate* being highos*. in ibe early spring aud late fall, and lowest In midsummer. At the*e rate* enormous proUw are alway* realised, ir extra ordinary accUonts? Bush a? heavy loiae* of cattle? d" no. happen One trip tuualiy roallte* th* original coat of iba ^'uprecedlng estimate* tbe value of the export* and import* of tbe * veral region* ?applied by tb^uvoilail traffic during tbe season Just closed ?a( given fo?? New Me> loo at ? J Tbe Pike's Peak gold reg .ots ?.?? OOU t'uh 50J POO The Indlac trade 1 000 000 1 10 ,600 000 But In order lo arrive at a full idea of the cipital em ployed In the commerce ol the great Plains we moat add the amount invested in tbe carry Wg traJe. Tni* will fool ur? * Waves of 11 0C0 teamstere, rtcelviof on sn 116 per month Wtt?0 Value at 84 ( horses at ?U5 each i!!S i ^ ?? 1 8^4 moles " " MS 180 ?? 07 9C0 oien at W6 1 37e oOO ?? 8 912 wagons at *1M> each. Including cost of covers, iok?s, cha'cs Ac , Ac 1 0? -JW Provisions (or _____ ."wMiMO J^^e'.'^: Grand total about 000 CiO OHDmanding an the 'orcgoiog dfuret b*? appear, U should aot oe torgollan in c >otemplatiog them that, In relerenoe to the tiarrylog tra?le, on y tnoae data wjre eiveo^ that were Jcoe...bli. Many freighters have to regular places of business, and, from their oonataLt loc motion, can bo fonnd on'/ durlug their short s?jour?s at the outflttlng points Quite a number of trader* that do tbe.r own freighting further more W?1 tralo* dliectly from the lan ung places, win oat the mediation of w?i ohousemen , ao 1 itartout with tut **It wouM be ll?ewl?e well to c io*ider that every over land emigrant I* a frenthteroe a ? mall ?<??!?, as no favels with hi* own conveyances and alway* cairies a complete om fit. Into ided to list several moatl.K *llo?log one vehicle aod two y. ko of oxe j, or a pair of males, lo every four persons? a prssumollon whl.-.h ?? ?mo'tent judges will certain!? deem rather b?iow th?n a^^ivu the truth r ime five millions more wo jld be ad led y. HECKSSITY , FR AC TIC ABILITY ANO KCONOMY Ol" A haii.kuak ACHOsa iuk plains. In oncluilon of our lengthy lalj It will, prttj', lii well to tell "Its mora'," ?!?:? the fact tba' art!' >1 across tbe Plains ? 'he eastern section of tbo !'*?* 3c rotd? is not only wanted, hot w 11 pay and f rove a r. ^.r of saving to both tbe government and tha pei/c. Ia dnoe this truth It sUlnotbe necewiry to v)- ;alate aod theonzs a? to wnrt it wiU be after Its cons ru:ti n in thi way of paying elements, but s'.mplr whit Inducement there already are to rea!lz- tbls grand rational pe-jsct. l wnv a sait soAB acKuas tbs plaiwh i? a'AXTSi) Kallroaos serve to facilitate travel, d?e<lopo tie agricultural rt sources of a country and qulrten the pulratkns ol comttsroe aod IsduHry. Yet, nrshty agents o' material peosperlly that tb-y are, their pre malu-e cotistruclioa ofw.i rjsulla in temporary d trailer, rhey are, In'tcel, only called [or wbt-re lr*" :t and irade have attain-d such niagnlmde as to render not only profitable results to Ibe unu-rtakers of thnenu r nrise but also a gain either in time or leweoed .i?stol transports' ion on the part of tho travelling a?d tra l.Mf public poas'ble Tbat the eommeroe and migration a-row. Ihe Plains are already ta'ge erough. an 1 more espwially It, at i hey would be immensely benefitted by ibj removal of their prioclfal drawhaik? the ?l.?wness of movement, COBSrqssnt upon the overland traosporUtion of many buudiids of mllcf? will bo domonstated in the follow U g:? It has been prevlausly state-l that nearly si* thousand m> u were ersased last summer in Ibe tranaportati n , is of New Mexico Of tb??e. i*<*?bly Mly ! thousand are lolereMed Id lh-i trsde n New Mexico lutlf, tbe bslsnce beli g freighters snJ teao<?ler?, wboeo wiling s wosid of coorso be end. d ?i the lnaugiiralion of a rail r< ad The bus'ross relates of tbeae l?o thousand coir pel them to cross anl recross tb" llalas at I Ml on?e every icar However expedlHomly they may travel, the trip to and fro will Lfcupv at l-a#t eight we'ka, seven ol ; which would be gained with a railroad between Ihe ba?o of tbe nwratalna and tbe M m ?ur! ri^e*. Again the cuntU'SS travel t > an>' from the goli regl >ns ; d< manes w re rapid niear s of iutu course am IS, all ; of Ibe that mate their ?ay Wlho IkiruSo, with the exception of ifte n?i*nlficaM njln Wily at sxmss psssrrfers, continue lo wsale both time and money In their rrestst tardy Irstslt. .. . . . Tbe itnlgraliou to L't?b, nimberlig se viral tbiusand s?cb resscn, woalrt mn' probably prefer the comfort tad speed ora railroad to the lodescribtbls veole joes aid delays of Ihtlr bandcsrl expeditions, which mw firm Ibeir principal mods ol j 'Orneylng Moreover ^ot only ihe overlan l emlgratlol te Osllter nia Oregon 'and Wsihlrgtrn Territory w >oli pass through any raliread cbann. I betwe. n tae Misa.url and Arkansas, 1 but aiS>> the largest portion or tbe tens of Hmo I sands tbat naw annually ???* tbe Ooldon H'a>e by ira wenld se-ek It. It would e. able people to reath the base of the Reeky Mono' aim from New York city JahM* of foor cays, ?td mull proferly Incress-d stage faellitles, 1 traveilit g st Ihe preset rsle of the floctbern and overland mail reaches, another week woeld bring them to PlacarVtiie, California, by way of Salt l.ake Olty n>e purposes of the Wsr rw-psr jnenl woeld also be rrestly pr jmolel by a railway arx-s the Plains Th> avsrsgs suw ber of trwn* that mewure them annuity, IB bclb aliecll-JBS, s ab >nt thres thousand luiwd of iuttorltg necli ai d nmiitp oo tbe road, a few daja would brligtkei. to ibeir destination. A Ifko rsplllly of movement wculd do mocb towards cbscklng Udlan ^ATi'o^he'.mount o* freight arross tLe l-alns noe rAll, u. rnP ra'.lr ai ?cc m ?Nations, iber^ are the etg ni^ea itoniand tot* of merchardlie and military swlree trana ported on r si.d during the last slcht msath* Tj? this ysilbulk the trsnsporut on of oniOis for overland emi grant* wou.<l add many thousands mors. 2 ?now A ILA11.BPAD ACROSS THS rt.AI!TS WOCUb K? HADt to rat. Public higbwsys cannr t be srbitrarily made to dsvlats from the courie of travel and trade. Whatever the sec tlorai i a,, usies ?nd cont.nllons ss W? Uw location and ts nstriM iM of ibe trunk line . f the Paclio Baiirwd may be and nhsuvir de ay tfcey may raues Is Its furllierajio^ the t riat and growing traft.e with Nsw M?*l?. the gold fields of ILe Kocky MotttaiBS and luh, and tbe prs firiBtc aliisdy g >cn f.r b, ^?.0,"l"atr",'r* im to ibe cri??re! ruutr?, ladlca'e pa.nlj tbat tbe Ortt raTroad Ve-I arn ss ibe Piatns will be laid In the ral ley ni r:a. r Ibe Arksnise or tbe rmoky Hi ! ^fork t^e Kanis or P.alte, ?ith biareh rosdg from tbe the Mia roar I ilur cm ? wnelbir tie more nortnery, tr ?' nudcle <r the more sorthery of these route* will be nltin.?t?iy selected, the cbsrscteroi tbs ountry adj-> n^ ir g a'l ih" e? hard, gravelly , gradaally rislr g; level or bu" K-r.tly nnaeia'.irr grot<Bil? IS sucn as to insure the co. uru inn o ibe raiiwsv to thi purs of the at a leei ooet than that of any other in lbs tsiled swales Tfce i-acltt.- Raiiroao survej* all agrss in this Col i exrriis* I hlrrsell pub 'e'y, not more than ayear sgo^hat i be ? eut.i undeiuke to build it at sn sverageext^sse of six Ihonssr d d bar. per m is But even <st n ate to be tuo low, and pulling the one I of the r?*4 , bed, ties, iron and roll!* g itock , Ac, As , st $16 000 , per mi>-a figure wbvrb wl'l be surely proeoun<ed high hy thiee laminar with tbe top<*raphy of tbe t questHir? end making the lengtn of Jhs Pro^>**^ U0 ni'les (from I .alls mouth SB.' Omaba less evs? I y lf.e r.r Miu.i s r?ute M|ll|Sll st wt eld spi ear to he oelj ??? .10 ?C0 xg to Ibis 66 Ml 000 more IB order to meet all nl'JWtto* ? because .1 loo low sstlmalss, we will hsvi lahwt 116 010 CM) on wb'cf. later. ?l of s'gbt per oeat psr ?s una wewld most llhsif prose salisfeetory lo capitalists T e ,,r.??t rg . IK' si <4 a road arrow tue naiBS would iTJll Iban taos^ O- Bssier. roads, - -T itatjou. would icsreely be wan ed west of Kearney Alto*'n? likewise a 'iberai m? gla !?* these n.enU of roillrg tlcek, Ac , Ac , $1,100, 00# will not hs l< a law Thus we have ? later. ia os 116 (00 0<0. si I per cent per an*M ll.lg 0?0 .Iperaliag exptbiss, Ac , Ac sw 9 i, 400 ,000 C an* th ts aifipar sa t >y inoirnoos aaaonnt hs rMllasdf Wo answer smphailcsliy . ' Yea ' . . ? t_ lkMlad It has sir. ad f be. n ohsir vi? thrt a^t Mtyteewws peepk ? nisrly Ml ads U? emlfvatsd l^^ uJ?osand\ays Ux rnwr Of this Dunber pet mioeally hxskdll Issil, w that aboet tbe ba!atce bate ninmtd to tb# ^ ^ ? h M nnmtmd BtaHf iboeraad p*cVto my bf But w* dc the PlaiBB from SBd to Ibe gold ref .?M ?* larwe fissre sot laund lo bSM our ealralalloosoBth1*^ ?xwai althocgh any ??? that, tlks the . and stisu Ibiis of tbe brmsB mlgratloa In U>*. |<t1>T.. from prisoi.Bl observsllos. will concede I u n *e w .11 ?npt<oe that, owlig to the ttj*apyT?BlSB?_ . ^ p.r rneid by mary gold nonuis aad otbe* ssrregate travsl belh wsjs will hereafter <fc'y . third of the above nnmbir. jdarisg tbe sverlaal *??? gralic n to rallforpla, Ac, at 16 (00 per siason (??? ,owet than It baa beia at any time for tl s Isst ten jeartl, tbat In Vtsb at 6 f(0 ihe travel of b.i?'ne?B mea, An . W> ltd from Jftw Me*, oo, at 9 000 the ncirber of 1 oiled BUM troops annually movlrg across iho Plains al the rave Ui-ure, ?? will have ? __ Travel to and from Pike'* Petk 30.000 Travel to California 15 OoO Travel to and Irom New Mexico 8,000 Travel to acd from I tab 5.000 I' tilled State* troops 3 .000 ToUl t#,C?0 Tbut ?*ch aod e very merchant, emigrant and trooper would avail tiimwir ?f railroad facilities, by which he Mould rave weeks of time, money, hardships aud prlva time of every description, will not be gaw*a)e<l by any oct At the rates charged by tbe Hannibal aod St. Jo it- pb Railroad, the we*tt inmost railroad uf tbe Union, ihe fare acre** would he about $26, wbicb would make the i'HHD(fr receipts SI. ICO, (CO. We gave put'iiicr pbowiog the transportation across ti e Plains of foms eighteen thousand tons of uiercheo dire aid notary stnr< * The figures .lid not, aa stated, Include all iho weight of mtrr.tiaudlse a-tua ly trans ported, ror a pound of Ihe many ante < a of trade c.trrit>d alorg by emigrants Allow irg 6,010 I >na more on these two accounts, we have an aggregate of 23 C00 tons At tbe raUs now paid by the government and private partus for transportation? for tbe coat per ton range* (at I a 2 oeni* per hundred pounds (or every huulred mike travelled) from on* bundret and eighty to tvo burdrid and orty dollar* per im ? 'an It t>o doubted that all tbe shipper* would l<> willing to p>y orn third uf toe first mentioned amount lor having it carried over a ItlM m Jlft a* mary ?8 it took the "prairie" schooners wetks? Bnt it may be argued that many mer ' rtaiita do rot ;wy the above rates, but <1o their own j fret? hi leg, and that tbe New Mexico aud Utah trader* would be ro fsr off the railroad an to render It of little c^DTf-neecc to them Th.' firrt objection la easily met by tbe w< II t Ptablished <act no man cau haul goods arrets tbe Plain* at a let* cat than from four to live rent* per ponrd, and that hence a of from $36 to . ?40 per too would after all be i treclel A* to the second , ] any railway * cross the P?tns between the thirty eighth and forty w n Ed degrees of north latitude m int prove to any Htlt I. ike or New Mexico trader, no mstter where he i* located, a saving of several hun dred mile* of ovrland freighting and from three to four , wreks time. J oundlrg an estimate as to tbe probable freight receipts no tbe foregoing. we obtain ? Freight on 28.CC0 ton*, at $do per ton $1,380 000 Estimated passenger receipts 1,400 ,00 ) Total $2,780,000 Tbe govemirebt now pay* two hundred and twenty tbotiraid dollar* for mall service to Pike's Peak and I'tab, at l<a?i one half of wblcb MlU SoablI$BB trarsferrtvi to tbe csrrli gs of a railway Nm express companies ?oo ? Ally tbouasnd dollar* more might be expected per sttuni Adding ih?*e two Items, we will tin 1 an exno<* of biif a rnllll >n of dollar* over the $2,400,000 supposed to be required to mako tbe enterprise pay. In all ol tbe above Mlculal Ions only Iho through bust lies* was taktn into consideration ; ><t an a? Ml tonal In come of many hundred* of thounands of dollars would sur. ly accrue from the way ptatenger and freight bust nie tf lbs well settled e*Mern portions of Kansas and vehrirka. Inhabit* d at this moment b> one hundred and Cty tliOksacd people Mttllsg of ib* Board ot AlUarniea. CI.1 AH AC TIH IhTIC BBiOLCTION OmMD BT At. DEB* MAN BOOLl? TUB JAPANIttB BILL, MTC , ETC The IV srd tf Aldermtn met }<*terday at Bvs o'clock? Alderrruc Pu k In tbe chair. Ail tbe mtmbeis were present when the roll was called . and tbe minutes of tbe preceding meeting being read, wers nnantmooaly approved Alderman Boots moved a recoss! leratlou of the motion appointing the regular meetlrgs of the Board to take place every Monday and Thu'fday, and moved when tbe Board adjours they ad jo am until tbe first Wednesday in free other, or nntll after tie election Alderman Passagm o' jcctej to having the buslnees of tbe Board interrupted for political purposes. Tbe motion to mett on tbe Ortt Wednesday 'n December was finally carried. An lav It at ion was received from Knickerbocker Etgine Corny any , No 12, to attend their annual bop on Monday, Iiteember 3, at tbe Apollo R-iomf, wbicb was arcopte<l Tbe report if the Committee on Sa'arlei aad OIBces, nonsnrrlrg with the ii<iard of Oouncllmen appointing F 3 Klrg and Charles )' 'hton Coamissloners of l)e?ds, wss lt!d orer Al<ter??n Boois presented '.he following preamble and revolot'-'D ? W hereas, In the inus of Saturday morning's TVAufm an artule appear* reheating upon the mem r>*rn of tbi* Board pa> Ocularly, aod strictures are made on the acts of tbls Board antborUlrg the purchase of tbe * aloe < f Waahtsgton now and f or some tlms past ??noted in front of the City Hall, tbo article In i|ueitioo ribclbdug with the following suggcstiuo: ? "fnat we have n< ibitig to r? nilnd o* of Boole and hi* oomiianloos tiki tlx ?r term of ofiioa has eiptred bat the debts they bare saddled na with. It will not be altogether a h%l Idea to ha' u tel* statne as a saitib a memtato of them, and let It be ret up ID one of r iir Jirtliat ttiorojglfaree, ? liieU n.ay V- calU J the Roolr-vard, as ao awful "xa-n, l? to pester II y." At >1 whercasan ahjeet dnfetence to public i cplctoo, a* repi. Rented or InttrprHiei by tho newrpiper ia q :e?tion thiuid govcri the antloo o* this Bjard, and that ; M'gg>*ti"LS maue by tur.h dlsiDti r< nted frleui* a< th? ' tdiior o' the i?per or auth >r of the article stfuld at ( LCe be gratlfii-d, acoepttd aod ajieJ upou favorably b/ | the Cbiiiuiou Council; bo It, therefore, Rc? .Ited, That tteitalue sow <n front of the City Hat. rrcer tly ordered to be purchased, be tad the mrn? If hereby araigi i <1 a local on 10 the counting room in the IfaJy rribtonr oSoe, pursvant to suggestion* contained In I he inne of tbe afrrrstld rewspafMr (as) tbe Dlthleet loralltv In tho city, be a**i*n<d fnr that purpose, aid tbai tbe Hfet-t Cociroiki ner he aod be ts hereby anttmisec aid directed to carry the rseolutlM Into <(!? rt A fur k me discussion tbe motion wa* withdrawn, i Aldnman . after a long e|i o aiiuut the ./? paLtre bill two or three M Itors, a?d ih - bouorablo odl^s rf A'rterran. ' fl r?d Ite following risrlutioo ? krsolv * , T- at the Joint Social C mmlttee <>n tho R? crpi u and Katertalnmi-nt I tb?> Jaiaue** Embassy be u.'i itii) ate hereby required and directed to mMt a*. Kmie rt ntealest p . l* be drugnaud hy th-- said ?| ? Clal f'< in ml ? tee, aa the firs; Monday of Dej>m*>er next. , iSi act) aio <le notice of th* t> me and place of #u;b ? "trnutue meetii g he gie.-n, and that all p -rsona having RlaiBSS *l*1tlt eat 3 Ccn mltlee be reque*U-l to appear anil p < r?i i II i m for final Bettiemest, ant furtb r, that the taid ?p*< al t < inmittce be aud are hereby n |>i<?ied a - I tlr?c*id to r> i?->rt ttc res?lt of their deliberations at tbe Lt*t mining of tbls Board, Itafrg, 4t m bv t.-n. , t M

?it ? ? nt of < icb particular claim, the amount allowed, lli* kni rrdured when noneideret' exorbitant, the aggre I gat* smoont of claim* *'lowt<i as well a* tbe MM i ritmid, an4 *ucb other Informatloo as will lend to arrive at a prop r ncderttasding of tie whole aouxiot req'ilred to liquidate the Indettrdnets Incurred la tbe rece/llon ; scd r i.tertt " men! of the Jsptseee Embassy AUerw an (B?n said there was no u*? af any oomm't tee. as a'.l tbe bills wrald have to Is to u>e t< mfdrrltrr, who*e duty it i* to eiamn e all tbe bill*; but the iinty of tbe Brsrd of AlCerrcen is to vote for an appropriation to pay the till1*, and the Comptroller, under L'? oaib of i csre sot pty any bills nnle*s properly vi ocbfd f.- r Aldeiman Bbai.t *ald thiy bad not asen all the b'.lla. Ihecmmitiee appoisUd for tho purifies of inspecting tt? m bsd only held ons mtrt'og, aad all lbs bills had not bee a pre*?med Aitferman Oimi said tb* bill* wers now In po* sseslia cf the speeMI comiMttee already aoixiioted, aod did sot ree ary particular aeotaally for passing tbe -esw lull* n i- *t priatriied A'dtiman (laaax.a said be had been muob aetoalahrd to b?sr the gentleain from tbe Filh aad Seventh dl* Initf >*y lliat the Mi M not b. rn ?erti hy the com nit tee *pt'0 -iittd for that parpo**. bow had tber then arrived at the know!i dg<- that an approprlattoa of $101,600 wool 1 l>e t'qnued to I qu cale tbe hlil aldirman i>imi tb>n ifug'd in some partlcnlsrly Strot g la* f nege abort the New York paper* earing the <aiy way to make ttero pay waa to aoiuee the men he-iot tbe city goveruaiutuf tbe worst crime* In tbo laltadsr.lbe cew*^tper* bad for some time past be ea A |. d with Bim?ett?B* .<r*ln?t ibe city r Steals W bare fared ato In pucrat robbrry, ablla In fact tbe paitera are tui iy l ite rrry <nit k sd of robtiarj ? robbing a mia > f bte good t ame aod rbaracter Alieraan .*>lari * motion w*a tiraify ktit A r'P'Xl *ppr< i r latu g $7(00 to flnlab lbs Infants' P' uit was *fopi< 1 Alt not! Pi- : s moved that tbe salary ?f tbe PresPeit of ihe f rrto? Aqn? (tort B?*r 'b* tacreaeeal Irom fS COO to 16(60, and tbe tnbureiaats cR.oerS in proportion Ls'tcttr Tie It ?*rd then ? 'jocrned netil Wrdaesdsy, December 6 at five o'olcck. Pirtoatl is>* iii(tnr?> (?<\m>on R?*nf, of MtilickuMlU, pt d a flail yr? krdt; to Major Wim*,i( DM CUf Bail U >? Bade *to>d be ? ill nmili In tb? city fur wo Jay*. Uir 1. Mitcteil ?d mje, of Albany, a** atopplag at tb* Ftirttl Hi cm Col A>Bill*|0, of Florlla, aad I.lovt Abernron.ble, of | lb* unatr Harriet I *o* ar* flopping at lb* r'aion P aoe Hot* I. t I' txeTla. Of iM'tno, C w A 1. I .'phi, of 4*1 >0, ?cd K li Wal*b, of Waabin (ton, nr? (topping at Um Bio fewt Hoa*e TUrr a i?? 8>OOC> 1 , KuMl*B Minieter W> the Ca ;ted Rt*t?e Irbi r Nr?a?b aid familr r.f ?tn?? In at<l, Htnrg- H Dorr, of New York, aad J R Hurt ley aad family, of Kje, ata itoppiaf at tbo Clareadt a IM? i II"B B c ft*l' aad wife, of UMiectppi ?ot Rank Irgtam i f C?B<ctmot H*n Tnttrn of lb* I'oIImI !*uieo Ara.y , and wif*; C Ab*ll ?f Neo Yotb. aad Cap* *>?o aoo, of toe nwatr Africa, ara *toppta| at tha Aetor Butae. J 0 faolt, aad M D. Tlx rp. of Bo*|oo: A. N n?rtra?, of|l*wYorb,R o I.tttiele'd, aad J R "arwo*. bou of N< rttaaiptoa, MaeratbuaeMr , ar* atopping at tba La larj? How Ot>er*l W F Braatley . of Raeaaaab , Ofoael *ooeil, of A'?t.??a. *a)< r W M. R Hartley, of Hartford; W. C. Klbbe, of rallfcirala; I.. Wright. of Oawego, H Valentine, of 0>Btle??co ,*td K H. Praeter, of Baflblo, ar* (topping aimer* Rtrbola* Hotel Boo. Ia??ta? Hoof , of Oregon , raptaia Omaway, aad l.leoteieii I<nTld>oe, boibofibe I'aitrd Male* Ooaat fur rtf, 8 Miller. Bra ry Ibiitp. H C McOwt, t L Rat by. J W 0>*bt, ari T. Rwttb, ail af Raa Praaotaoo, ara Hopptrg at lb* Metrorrhea Motel. The toot obrb etaeejed Riaatov Door'.** ap tbtM'e rlet ippl rwr 'topped a rbort tl?e at Rauh. r The dta i t girthed ft ntlrrr ?* *ai rtrelved with ibo Brief ef raaton ma ifc. boat rocedad to *t ibe I tat lag, aad nwp->n ? l*e to a c alt , bo eddreraed tbe large mood e?oewib!e?l firm tbe (wurr deck gairda of the boat Tbeipwrb wet-pie i loin* lea pnlbcup la IU lallrery. war I'aioa in Ita reattaeal, aad elle'Ud grant rboer'rg from b!a Ml*. Geveratr T O. Mr-ore, i> f riataiaaa, la la Now urltao* ] ara ' ?? b.r fcraiqn?ri?ra at tb? St. CbArM Hot- 1 THE BE4RD8LCY DIVORCE CISC. ! Kl?|i loam y Circuit Cumrt. Before the Boa. Judge Loll. FOt'BTH DAY. Nov. 20 ? Tbecourl km e?ain crowded tbis momiog from mi early boar, and oaminued no throughout the day. Tbe principal leatureo were the examination of the Rev. Jcacpb Law, U>? father of the defendant, and the examina tion of ? number or wltnesiics to impoiob the nbaraoter of Dr. Mabau ? a principal parly la the tr ansa 'liana out of which lb* com baa aruteo ?for "troth and verao'ty." The tautology mini be credited to the ieernod oournol engaged lit the case. Tbe drat wttness called wan ?Hmucl L. Ct/werly, whi Hlmply corroborated the Wat tnony of witnesses exvnlnod 1 on Saturday relative to tbe villi by the plsin'.llf to boute* 1 of HI fame. lav. mr. law 'a ?virtues. Tbe B> v Joernb Law, ihe lather of the defendant, waa then plaoed 00 tbe (tend, whin, after nn>i preliminary qucKUor 8 of no Important* to the gereral public, the rame questions wbir.b were put to Dr Mahau <>n Friday, rtUilve ?o ?b?t Uw DnMor t<>M b m (Hr Law) were pal to It* witness, la the form adapted to tbe change of par son and the answers eltclved tallied, with a few trlillog var laiicna with tboee glvrn by Ibe Doctor. [N 3 ? flMM ol lbr?e questions and anaeers are thnee wbicb were excluded from tbe Uxjuld's report, la con s quenre ol tbelr indecency ] The ciamtbsllon waa tb<n contlnurd nsfulows ? Q Did Or Mahan teli you and myself that KlchtrJ Basieei had been after blm <0 get bim to swear that Mrs Boardsley vv tin woman to * ham be waa married by Mr. Ma'ooe ; that be OsMii U'lul tt an insult to bo a*it-d to swear to such a lie, *tid ttat be tad done fighting for BusteeJ, b it if be evtr aeked hlto k swear to sues a lie again be would break 1 v< rj bone >n hl? body ? A. He did say something to that tfftct Q Did i*n further state lo you ? to nan bis own Urguasr? Out b. cmnd not accoant for old Maioan'i going ?ub tbe Beardsfeyi, and particularly t> Identify >tri Heardnley u the woman ib&l he married, upon any other ground iban that jou bad been preaching or lesturtng sgali at tbe Jeaulur A He did, with tbe < \oeptl>n that lie nicd tte *?r s K. man Caiholic, instead of Ksult. Q. Did be further ila e to yon that the woman ho married at Fatter Melon's waa ol bad nheract-r, as j on Mcer< tHtned sboitlj after marrying bir,anl that he advised Mrs. Boards ley to out her afiiualntuice aa one unlit to as nclata wltb htt? A. 1 have cot Ingenuity enough to au ivtr tbat questlcn la tbe 'orm la which It is put? It la too comi'lu. Some lurther quertlans wore here put and answered by tbe witntis, to ire (llect tbat Dr. Mahon had den ed to h'm tbat he had ever consummated the marruge wlib Mia IVartiiley. i). Did be not farther state tnat Beardsloy, George W, Niks si.d Mr. Buttced bad tried to make bun awra' tbat Mrs BuiMHy w?s the women he rriirrled tl Kalber Kolote's, but that tbere wai n >t money enough In New York to make b>m put tbat perjury 00 his sot 1? A 1 re coll- ct b:m saytrg sometblrg to that rfl?ot, but I can't lay he nsed tbat phraaeolngy. Q Did he f'irtber state I* jou In my (Mr. Shaffer's) prrsenee tbat Beardsley and Mies Greenwood had been suiting traps for Mrs Boards ley, aid bad Dually hit in tbls one, so tnat Beardsley and Mi'B Greenwood could go- married? A. W.-ll sir, I can't ansatr the whole of ibat question ; a part Is true aid a rart Is not. y. (low man? times have you aud Mt ban m? I eaeb otter el niy bouse? A. Sevi ral litres Q He b>a spoken of your subpcroalng him, will von slate wbttber jou did? A. 1 did. <!? For what purest? [Ob. ><:trd to and queaMoa waived ] Q Was be etamlued/ A. He wm ant. y Did Dr Mah?o say to you that be did sot care what be swore to? a. Meet empnatlcdiy be bid, tbe erploaallon la this: be waa Inter-ogaled en tbe ? ubjrctoflhe marriage; be said oa that interrogation that If be should swear be was married to a single wo man be woald be liable to aa ledlelnenl for bigamy as be bao bee* married within the laat tw > or three year* ti anrlher woman, he waa to advised by n'a legal adviser, bnt sb icgarda the secretness of aa oath, h; had no ei'Lseieoee whatever; tbat be would a* soon (wear one way SB another, If he oould keep blm self oat of d tllcultleB Q At what plaoe did he My this? A At your * Itloe Q Did you request Dr Mabao to let yon ire tbe letters be too? A I did Q Did be tell yon in rep y ttat be had destroyed tbe letlves to peeveot bl? al'efrom teStBg then - A At my (Irs t r >|U"?t Ui see ibem be ra d be would deetroy Ihem, and at the second be laid be bad Q Did be tell yon he destro) ed them lo prevert bis wife (run seeing them? Obje?ted to, and question not answer* d Vi IXd j mi sik him to destroy tboie loiters? A 1 did 0)1. () I'd IT Mat an tell you that Falber M alone t.a I made a devtlub fool of blmsrif. In protending thai be and Mr*. Bean'sley weie married? A He did aav so. or in sua I'snce. but te did net use ibe word "dO'tllsh." Q About what t'me ?sa 11 al?birb}0'i tad the file* vie# with l>r Mahan m my olllce wbeu Mr H'totlev w?s pre rent? A. 1 caccct 'e'l ibet-ticl time. It % ?om>) t ne lb tbe turner. Q How n any lib as sir. 00 If at a ' 1 , have ) on seen Mahan la nv ofll. e? a. Several tini.-s. Q Dtd ji u meet blm by eppotntowuif A 1 tbiak I did. Croee txau lr<d ? I am a cl< rg> man of the Methodist Fp'iwjia' chuicb; have bei n u travelling preacher slnoe ibe yi-ar 1838. waa so at the use of my danghter't mar riS(e,Biy caufhUr waa th|it"eo yearn old last Septum ber. rtie re-elvtd ber ednoalion at dltT. reol plaoea-at Hsrtfbrd, New PeTen and New York ; had known Mr Reartlsley, I think, about two yearv before hi marriage w.lh my csaghKr; knew of ihrlr tntetdel marriage bi fcie they were marr'od, 1 >h uld Vhlnk aSoul a year btlore; have ?><n my daughter wrll?; how ofter. 1 i annul my ?l>e I* now living Willi me; caan to me lo >prll, 1867; am rrquamled wltb my dacgMei'a b? .; iwilllrg. (Uitrr banded np ) Q Do yon 1 t yw krowler'ge if yonr daughter'i MMtfHIlf tool Hal letter waa wrlttea by ber? A. 1h< ie Is loiueK'StOib'unce botweeu this wrltlbgand her's, but I cibi ot; swi ar fi t at trila is In her hand wr! '.mg. Q. Can yon ?,.> tl.a. 100 M not tx-lievo ih?t It is In ber hnsd wrlt!t |? a I do not belk-ve tt is Q Have yon sees J onr I'aujbtoi 's write rec? nil)? A I have seen her write r<orntiy, sou l?ng slice. Q. On b hat sor* if psi>er have yen sern jour daugtter write? A On several kinds Q. Oo piper of wl at color? a White paper, paper tlsgnl wnb bine, jeliaw, plik, almoat all coloi ??. '?Vverel i>iber l< iters ard eiiveiopta vtre banded up to tbe W'Mers, s m'ler questions put an 1 si Til 'ar answers lMlat| aisountitsg. In fart lo a denial thai they were In tt j de'et dsn's haniwi ilit g J ft< exumlralloa then proceeded as follows ?I do ntt V' i? 'Mini daosh'er ? rites in d-itrroot sty lesof hatd <ri Itisr, *3 far as tbe torw alioo of letters Isnoonern"! ar i< rd ir lo tn? reto lection, tbe nret ua.o 1 law Dr Ma tan to kr> w bim waa at tbe flare where lb* Warren stirvt rhntch now is, sod * h i..n was then bmlling. hi ard alu 1 wards, from my daugbur, tbat be be1 beeu U> my tin < when be fame 10 me m Warren atrent te ?a 1 his bi sx< rs ? it h me w?s 10 re'eretee lo tbie matter: can't sey tow lorg tbe intereiew Issted It might have hn n ball sn hour n.y ia>| rcesiin is that 1 next taw h'm .n M' Shatter 'a alliee At tbls s-ageof the prorctdltgs a receas wai taken for half an l ?ur. APT IB RM'KKfl. Tl.e i:?? Mr a eiamttaiioo waa (mat oue<l oa tbe rtuiu mbllBK of the Court. He Mi'4 ? I in? emphali < Ally ibel ilurlr ( my part urate lay Attempt *u iba1? W> eiclulc tr y daufbUr fro* attendltf t*B mlalelratl m.? doo?l lit MtuH; |cm t.%4 ao j c mmu' k'tllua wllb ?njr iMiit rri of my rt'ircb rtlaltaa to thai Affair (?'im* m>re queatina wnc pn|, t>nv they w?re r uU d oal ) Hm wiueee underwent A rr>' ire? l ciamtotlfm . bul D?thlD| material elidird btynid biA r* imitation iq chin Kttaifreid Tt?d?l? MM ? ! tin ou of Iba alltore it.r Jimljy I'purur and A?e<Wte editor of tb? Irooklye La? a kaowa Or MabAO fr.-m tba early p?rl of 1US to ibe Wttr part of |MM. "r iho wiy part of 1M. Ib? wltarfa waa tiamlttd abiI rroaa a I. united at ouo aldnrahle la*| lb If a liatllled tn tba geerral bad charac ter of (>r. Marao. wko, b? aald, he would Lot bellera on h a r ath, If be waa laterratrd Tba wiloree *M oaild oo lb part of tbe iefrBoa, to laipew.b tba donor a vrrar.iir, at d tbe eljrct of tba erraa eiaminaltoo waa to Bpaal tba iTliktta Seaetal otter wltceaen war* called to Unify to the < drctrrabad cl.araci er, eapetially lo rrfereaicr to truth They All a? ore Hat tbey wi ola tot br- lere bis on hia natb bi*t Mr Bualrr d < natrlTtd to lbc.w l? c>oai muni ration, il at at reiki of taeni bad an 111 feeling *g*loat tbe dortnr, in cotaequr nra of t * owlog them a trtfllof i amo'iBtrf money whtsh be bad promlardto pay, bul had Bi't dvtaio, Ihbco tbetr diabeliaf la bla word, area < a f Aib Purag tba ekamiBAtlrD of Win I. flail, oaa of theae wttn<rt?a, tbe |a* aaat oitv, n rebuke par b ape of tba , quit tit) of |ta Ihil had b< < o eireaoj- txprDfed by e?uo irl Tbe prrredmga wrre, therefore, ?t?j ed for a lime ubtll candka eoa'd be prnrored While -larknaaa lAAtad Mr' ed IbI mated Ihtt the wlioeaa might Hand /nar. Tbe Icil# m prnm of darkin-ra, Boaarer, waa bat , o? b- ief daraii' a, >t d altti tbe reap;wamiifle of tbe gaa 1 | Mr tbe pr'trliAl ob}ect **eo ibe r rage of tbe ear I* Biei w.klag Jarcr. ebfcgaied beyoad a I reasonable p- "jx rtl< i f tr< 3 1 hia re-y diaa|reaab)e dleappolalmaot of an mpti'inplu t<*j?m'LtTieBl rbrollre fee tranCed tbat Rearda'ay rime to bar to aak ter lo ric.lf* ai.d onraa Mary Grreo wood, who waa a-ar bar littrfrtiienftl, b?t tbat abe refoaad to ra r#'re brr. The al n?t inderwrai a r'fd emaa eiaml ratlin in the eniirfe of wbkb tbe aald that Mr Sbalfcr aid Mr Hi. IT nc.kBael for Iba dafeace, Tlalted bar (ra qnettly < b b<a'nrM maMera WiliiatB Hid. Mr Kfcafr- r*a parlrer, ffnti to Df MuhAB baalri al't mpUd to borrow $64 fmai tbe Arm, on i be irouLd ibAt Ueoaaa bad |lT?a him a great daal of tri i b'i Wilt-Am Taykr awore that Dr Mat* a bad aald, la b la preti-BC" ard Hi (ra. thai Hill waa all A butbuf; but llill^^m'el' tad t* Id tbere waa t me bambuf la tba i main r; H. 'act, HtfT wat a* deep In tba nod aa Iba Do) tor wae In tba mire on tbat vitrei Kutai ! H BtiAtly, Mr Sbafler'a aaao-tat* la Um da r<i<- awore tbat I>r Maban bad kid bia i? a Rroofelya f.rriloat 11 at be bad dettroyad tba bltera from Mra frarVtW y to PiAlel* (tba h ttera ware prodanad la arort), and tba? If "be wllr.eee) toll him Ibat If only one had h. ? r prtaerard ba would (l re anything for It. Tbe Rat. J arjh Law waa rerallod, and pr.rred tbat be [ had iiamlied tba trgtater boota of Ibe Interaatkiaal Hf tal, a?d thai Or Mabaa'a r.aaiie waa boi on ibem Trie r naad Ibe caae ft r tbe defeaoa. Mr Bcateed la tmat'd to UaCoart lliai ba would biiwg wltaeaaea la | rrt< Iter lo prove tbat Itr Mahaa l>ore a good anaraeier . atd ibaacartvaa tbaa adjoaraed to ataa o'clock ont tnoiBlag. ?wra|?l*'a Cowl. Before Id ward c. Waal, Baf?aga>a. will pf MARoaaar onmoni. > Thla will dlalrlbulaa aa relate rained at tba larga anai ' of ?w?(fO. Tba toalalrli waa tba wMowof tha lata Aadroaleoa Ckaaabroagb, and bar w'" waa admitted lo probata yeahrday. After ardarlag bar dabta t? ba Itqntdaud, ?ba txqaeatba to tba f?? faaaaa l.albaraa cburrb, of Fifteenth atraai, of which Rar. Jtaai Soboob ?e the paatar, iba an? of M odd; la tba l.albaraa Kraa galkal Beeiety of Peeaaylvaala fbr tba Kdoeallaa of Poor Vol t| f' r Ite M.n'aliy . M 000 to tbe I'araat Ida ration "<*i-fy ?f tba (^aaral 9, nod of tba LaUtaraa rbt>rrb of io? Ta tad BUtea, 12 COO aad to tba Trootaaa M Ite partat **ialj of the Bona MMaloe of tba I alberaa church (2 COO Tbetirtatils h<<|?ealha then a farm r.f Oily i 11.0 ic>rg at Fort Waehlng'on lo b?)r two h wi, ?|;ii tie |'f ? vision ihm iu cum 't rh-ild not go to them it ?? to /? ''*** to Iho ? of UM> parent a'Mlety irf ir.o K ine M eali u of the Lulhe-au cturcb. *lj?? *ltrrsl5,fK0 o . 'ephen H Lenrsbory, whom ebe appointed b< r ev < lor. u< th.n btquealhs tbo rtil of her esiate rial Mid peraoLal, to h er r* laUies. Htbiaation Unj-iUElvtnnrjr P?r?tli? HlllUrjr Cere uiun tri. Tfeercvesty seventh aiii.lverrary of the evaenatloa of this city by th* Kngllrh trcj* (IT83) was o-'ebratel Jtltcrday by several tadcpcsdri# military paradee, Ibe I usual division parailn not belrg ordered by Ma) >r (Je ieia I Sacdford, he probably fe. llstf a rtolioa-y u do ri f. r reason. not apparent. It Is iuppoied, h . *?ver, that bo thought !t would i mark (r Inooeasteucy and iiseour tMaineM to order (be troop* to M)e .rata ... Imerloto Tlctnry ovir British troop* on an oteasl.mroourrlrg lame d lately after enterta-nlrg the heir to the British crown hl? Kojal HUfbntn tie Prince of W.ifl alleged rent'.menta were not ab*re<l by other g< ueral oHiocr* in the division, and aeeordlrgly the F:r?t brl<ade, 0<n Q B Bplcer, aid lM Fourth brigade, Gou John Swe?,?,n ?? rg oftcvrn or ?'ght regiments paraded, Tbebrlgtle ? WM ,0,m*d OD 'ourtfenth aire el, the right reft:, iu Broadway, shortly after ten o' Hock A. M.. and pcaed of the Seventy Prat, Second, First, Third, , icvenin 8eventy ninth aid Slilyn'ntb r.glment., under their rrr|*otlve Colonels, and accompanied by the re glnorntal bands. Tbe tvttl proved very attrac lire to a boat of ipectatcra, whj appearol oa tfco bklcorira of the fathlonable residences la th ? TiclLlly, and a pit be Ian ic mass making up ti ? rW'ewilk committee. After the formation of tha troop they were reviewed by Mahr General landlord, attended I'y h.t Hall, all in full uniform. The cnslonary ru'!!:ng cr dn, ins and oolor salutes were tendered tbe reviewing officer aH be passed down the military line. After the re ? lew tbe trcopa were nart-hed up Broadway to tbe rifth Avenue Hotel, where tbey were reviewed by bu Honor Mayor Wood, aller which they marobed np Madison are j nue to Forty tesend street. ant dowu rati avenue to Fourteenth street, whore tbey were dlsml?a?d Tie troops numbered about a 280 men, inclndtng bands and field music. The pobllo buildltgs, the betels, newspaper offi ?a Md Ibe fhlrplpg bad Uaga (lying; otherwise no Indications were perceptible of the national holiday. ications A t atloLal salute was Bred at the Battery by tie VeteraLi of HIS, wbo were escorted on their march oy the First con pany Washington CoLtln< ntal Guar I TUB PAKAPKOF THB TWELFTH HIOIMKNT. The moat aitrac'ive f.aiore of the Kvacuai. ,0 Hay an Dlvtraary ceiemcnlea was the liiiopvndent parade of tae IrideprLjif nl Guard , Twelfth rer^nt.Co! S Bo'ter T,le? appeared lu wtater uniform, with arm? blue f?d -llh scarlet , tbe,'aocom^f.d b! " vblr,3r plc0<*' ?nd * TOrT -H^i-nt dri m corps d &tte?n neu Tbe rtgimenl paraded three tuj.<lred aid forty seven meo, all told The reglmtnlal line waa formed In F'fth ?? ? rf,llD? on Wasblcglon n,w?, at Half pot tirae o r, Jock P. M Thf* -formua of ? dn? PVldl, when il* Tbe tl^M wlr. ,by ?",ooel Butterlleld lrKkuoi7.T" b'"kra '"to on.'umn by platooua and IUdl?.?^.uir. V?.k proo,-ei"r? UP |r'flh ?^o'ie to ?adlrm square, whi^b they entered, and were marcbe I to its centre, where the, were balled Alter a nS^?y I II.i, r '' 81 *" ,orme(' to to a hollow sqoi'o four ratk formation (Hardee), tbo band, drum corpa'autf !i Mi.7i ri<,rl 'n ,h" c*Lt'*0' 'be ? |uare, tbe stall lite and nut coBmisslomd till era taSiri their rn'atim ??r'Ifh,'n>D ,ELk 'TH*0"1 ?Pt" ,llu lh" Tjo trix'ps were l bra roaimandeJ to "order arms" and "partdereat '' The u oee tbea eldrersed tbe oommand, statlai the i*" b*"'y "n lh,,t to oonrratulata lh? m oa their st.ceess and pr< gross during Ibe past year and to confer ujion aome of the m< uners rewaidi tf mr r It earned by ibe m for worthy oondict The Colonel allnded io the fact <bat when he asausieu oommaad and Tor several paradea subsiquent, tbe averase number V* ,'1 m ''"c hundred and ten to ono hundrod and I twrrly ; but notwithstanding that paucity In bum tr, united ?.<;>? u uu torpt tbey h:t1 prcrreaaed ^tscipHne aid nutnoera t, . Zk whteb be l5S 10 kbe 'ie,M,tb regiment, aad be o.iei d< red it no diegrane to occupy a secoudary rank to thai T hoped they would continue to pr<?re>s urttl they tbouid be (emnd to no regl nent. Tim Ooloael sddresred ibe a.-a with n .,ch iarnestne?, and hia re ? prti'ouad atlentloa At the close of bis in. warmly applauded ^ Wm" pr.HeiiUtloo of merit tals to ,b<se teembrrs et titled to them Tats* medais IbTyMr" f0r 1Uelrt"or "n PW'^Md lrlUs during JISmSS&SJ " """ ? H. H. ?on,.ry P-Mg, anise W. Brenner, acl priraleaW A fbaw.J n lasts at.d V B Price UiiDpaoy l ? ^)rR^?ot | f. n Smttn, Onrporal A W 1\r V s, SBd prlvaUs .1 he Jack sow, K BirkeandA B lu.ter w~ il of" to formality lnre"ur?)l tom>iy 1? Vi|<i an la B. W. Cowan and Win. Paye aud prltaie J. A Rll-y. >? fheturna Mjwted for Informalllj )?><*? (east Mm I'ytr, and privities W. Hurkley aad foa<r>b UfKDtf. ' ( i ' mpM.y S_ ^Wgeant H. J. Baehrer, and private W V Boitharr, H V. Iiiim and R Mrtnl A g-io mroal nf the ftrrt ela.a was lima p-esented to fh.I?i?. . ? *,ura"n' tf ?"??P?oy I?. f r super lor rifle <?oh. r <"b .1* ,r|,,IM"UI t"?l 0f ,l,lil ?' W.'"* rA'"'1, r- M r ?f'?r preeeotsd w th a f f'r ?or<1 atirndxore at farad ee. and gincral ? tt# Iblrroti of tbe regiment. Itrnm M?)or Smith recelvtd a similar otl.mibial ?,)r tbe r?cmpl wanner lo reeroltlrg the rcri?.en.a! l-utn S i ? L h'gh st?ti of disnp.ii.e to whlob he hai Th rk ?, "il'1 *"'*!'* crt ' '"> ted to t .rjh.ral I . i . ''*l C Bremb?r, A B i:iler, Ser ???? Wrn^oll private W. W BMii, aad otbert. .? , ,'kl* n"u,'rJ,?,, >enark?d. la pnretticg lh<> uiela'a that tbey were not to be Talucd by rhelr lntru?ij w.rtii fni "V "'I ?* f"rpr> we 1 ??n>ej In eihib tirg a deep 1 Inuie-t ,1th which tbey had d iclarged th. ir duties Tka , .1 ?n1 < Itlal* u<-y lo ths regiment The cert monies cenclud.d, the r.gim nt resom*! the r< ute ? c-l niar. V paralt g down Filth arenue to S *teei,ih street up*xt..rlbatMet to Culon i.( lare atd thence IV" u<kr,i" * '? wter^ th? par Ado rfiviaiw *1 bn' '' Jf?tM* lo add that lite TwelOh eibl. P",0?'?cy ?? tbalr marching and martial hearing over previous occasiooa, and are r> t ttlg alnnc thrivingly uaitr their new Gdcrel n JJT '''."V! 10 lbflr B"'1 r?1"' ' ? m-,re ?I ! M<,pi">" of tbcm am mg the rat.a and Die, to lieu of U^e present teavy ooet I'nrnnata' lni|?iiU. Mil amiioi T, ?n? :;>? i* a Mtaatrn l-ntiY ? Co-enwr teld an Inineal at So 137 * rood arenue, on ucod?r, cpoa the body of a rrapaatable mart M woman, mmrd Caroline (Mm*t*ad, who oommltte'l aalcld* by ' I wallowlrg ? quantity of ttraninolrm ?r?d r Krom tb* evldtara elicited bafora tha Curorer It appra-el that on flBlarday ereatsf oa tlia rrtora bone of Mr (Negate*.) firm bcalaee* be *u rarprltnl to learn that hi* ?lf* hal oat ma^e her Bppearaare a boat tha bona* daring th* da r, i il>e a ?? w< n: to to 1'pon prnn?dlt| to hi?r bolrooa ' to B*f?rtaln tb* ranee of b*r aheeare ho f mod lljfl dor 1 Ixkodfroir aithin Ha Immedlatelr keoncad, aid ra qatrtrd prmlftloa to iD)<T, b :t retiring ho aoawer to the rrn.nrna he l.?r?m'> aiarmrd. anrt procuring a dupli cate k?y urh ck*d ibe di or On tnterieg tbe room a hr-r rl?l tp?< -taci*|?rf?hl?d Itfrlf Hia wife, wbom t r bad leit l Ita b?'?tra I ???'"re 'a ap(.?r?n Ijr food bevih aal epirltr, was 'bra >jl'g npoB th* Itonr, rlfid and llfaleef. Tl.* l>o<iy ?a? qaltc o> Id, and, longing from Ha appearan ?, diaih had taken |>lar<- at an early hour id the lay HopiBg ibal there was y?t a rpartt o' lifa reoa'olng, ha ' run mi tied lb# aid of a pbytriao but all r?nbly *ktl ptovtd of bo avail Mr U'mOa>l Infnrtnco tha Coroner ibat d?r a???t kad fit'iurnlly threatened to to nnjit rnkde, ard thai oa o?r or t?n nnoaawca te hal laken lancer i m 'rem bt r, whit b ?ba bat rrldnMly purchased fur Ifce pnrpnee of p<.i*ooiBg barn R. .-enuy, l.oeerer, hrr irlni dk'ii at ra?i>, and be had hoped that the bad gl? a op a1 1 Klra of cmmittlBg Mlf dr?tr..ctl?o The oaly leaaoti be could ani|B for tha romnladtoo of th* rath act aar tla rrcect arrrat of a ralatir* or tbe d t ceat'd, abkb < ar?<d l< <r great pain r.f mind rX'Ceaaad ?a* 36 j eaiB of ?re, aad ? native ?f this mate I?r?Mwit? r?i<t i* Wbitbimh Pmm.-Tb? holy of ao liifBBt ?J> U uad lying upon the roof of a wo 1 1 bed in tha r< ar of No U Whitehall atrial, by po'loamaa Jam j, of lb* Harbor Ft Ilea, n ftmday, nadcr elrr';m*t*BC?* a h'ifb Irare very Utile doubt an to th* eaa/> beleg one of ' dc' berate Infaaticld*. I'pon mtking an eia-nlMtl * of : tbt prtBiria ibe (Hirer foual tbat the body ha>! I* a'l ' piobablllty h??B lbm?B from one of th* r*tr window* of tbe fc uie No 41, <m npted by Mr tergtr He >"<r>rdia| ly M?r. bed the prrmieea, where he foaad a doni'Ptl* r i lord Margartl lalor ? ? k la bed. PuBp?rtlng Iba'. abe aal Ibe iroiber of Ibe infant, he laratloned her eloaely, bft the <lri.Md an kuoale?ig? of tbe child In her ro->ta, , h< ?? *?r, tha < Hirer aiaraverrd ktaiaa of bl ?>d and other nMtaoe wblrb warranted bin plarirg ber ua4*r I Btrrat. I-r frxivaa, at lb* rrqix-ai of Corocer ivbir- I leer, ni?/-e an eiaalaatloa of tbe prlvoatr, wlaaa at n. :>t?ki at. 'e erMtBCBbf rerrat rnnfloetneiH wa* dl* ?? * ert d Tbe priarnr drnwd that aba bad r?oe?tly g it'B birth to arhiK, Botwltralaaolag tha eTtdeoea of ibe pbjBflaa, but ter dealsl amocnied to vary HtUe Tbe )ury rtndtrea B aatdM of "IMalh from t lata no* ak Ibe h?Bd* of ibe prt*> ner. Margaret t?k>r," aad tba Cora aer tbert h;?.b Miaaiuted Iter to await the aMioa of th* SiaadJarr Tba aroa*ed 1* a Ball v* of Irelaad, aad I* I t ia? lira yeari of kga. Hi it ra Dutk at Mato* Wood'* H<n>* ? Ooroa*r bl* beld as laqwkt ifttarday npta tba body of Mr* SHbl ta Wlaaia, Mayor Word'* boneebeapee, wbo dtad *od dealy oa fuaday aader aonawbat matoB?hoiy eirrim at?i r?B. ftots* pmotB, II appwued, bad eailad for th* parpr** of ooamnatca'.li K U IimmiI lb* demla* of her ???, fierrae B Wlaaa*. a ir? telegraph operator at th* City Hall, when abe beoam* Ba rherbtd a lib th* e*wa tbat be dropped dead oa tbe fU>?r I>r abeeaaanaa , who Uvea t early oppoatt* Mayor Wood, wa* promptly in al leadakc*, bat befor* be arrlrad tba vital apark had Cad Deoeafrd bad bna lb Ui* employaMal of lb* Mayor a. ore Uia drreaaa of bl* wite, aad had always eajw.l tba ra (perl aad coaMeaaa rf bar eatpkryae Mra Wlaaa* wa* ? obMt* *r tbiB Wale, aad wa* flrty aijb* <* *f*. THE CHARTER ELECTION. ?'*? I'din lio o?.?? li|*itbblu?!kbiMl Uf lltti* <J?e? loufcei; ? ,\'o Otktrftl M?vc ??> ? tat fur ? K?f??ra. ltiL ' ' *u 1 1: ' 1 1 j ? n 1 1 ' rum t st M ems to bi i'trniiio| moro altecf- i? i !n> if?l tfe politicals Hiuia'l tt-.- r office* umb'tet A)l ii nil ? r of caiit id wu s, Bomi-ai'm hum all an is i f | uri t?, ato btiug brongbt into tho ?. ' 3 u.any<t thi m er->rf !ig Horn ?u ttwearMy wfciob it hi a bin ibeif fall to ujoyfir a ii>if t!n.r The canlldaUrS already biunbi r a k?H u, aid to<- rry .8 *1111 lb. J come-, w.'tl a f?ir jiff, ill of tifi LUrntii-g 4tfb befi re election tiny. In d id) IomHum we fid tbo to ver ttraluaof poilUciins < r *1) I arliis Itbb ; *l 1 bi il:r f. ? ith every prospect of ibilr (In I tlBBXMcg 0 wt ugriber, making a doro ?b'ib,!f ?wal!o?rJ bj h ; wiril or *I*CIiod dstnit, mutt | ? tbuti c|b vomltiug and purging .a tbo bitty politic. TL'? Is eipeclally the condition of that por tion of tte city wbicb com'* In Hjoie's dlitrlo:, where, It ?ouldr>tio, tb. to ibiUf liav* been irlveo to ? I'ripmlc p|l|bt anJ aro *?v " bl'"{ *a If for life; ani 1 Lav i g been thoroughly fouled lu itc ir achemui to tb* ra | Mat !*t at* eiect toe, tuy are t.ytug to mti together for ? cotter grand flgbt, wl:h a ctt<~rmlcal>ou to wio or die. Ttt) MfB to lin' o aijuatted down upon tbat seetlou of if a : 1. i vutirea around a uama?a, sl1 will |rrl a!.ily it mam tbere, is a pelt and eyeaoro '0 ILepibl*-. >.r 'cr* ?c they ft sn opportunity lo w >rk thrnuel... ifclo ? ir power W.: see toat lb* belter data of tb* demccim-y tbat iooel'ty are trying lo (bake tt?m off at.d jet rtd of the t*- ? r ibat is destroy .eg their belt interest*; bui ihej havebrcti i.ilowco tneir rvra way to lot g ibat, bavlng 'atUnrd wltli llie ?poll? (.f oin ?, and brcoise rary In tbelr b ol*, tbty now pot on alt a.^oaer of aire, ercn Crf} ir? tbo?e wbo by ratnr*, ui?nt an i a*ery> tblng elf* are qualllted to b?ld polltiral cii'tr-.I ' , that lo cality. The t In that, or aoy^otber porttou >f the city abere tbese mercer a ry bu.t>a bar" obialced a foothold, may expict to be lrflictnd by tbeae pea a at long aa tbey vote for R'tn btcanre Ibcy bave been nominated by the party to wblcb tbey bdoog. No perron should to far li re bis IbCereEdincs an to rots for any persoL (tor Alder a ai>, riuLClliran or Kbool MD^er becanrit be had been brouttl forwaid by tbe paity with which be acted. Tt ? bttltr for any party to toiler de'eat Iban be tbo mear.s of foiling upon the publko such no en as are being put for ward for moit of tbo offices by all parttee? *?pec'al y to contlnoe In power tbe gang that now rutin at Ibo City Ball. In tbe general roelic tbe rchool "aaUy tbe moat Important ? ee em to be overlooked In a few localise* ssfficlcbt lii term Is felt b j tbe friends of nducatloa to sea tbat gcod men are brought forward. Toe repnhltcana have renominated icveral of tbe prwent < 11.,-ers, some of whom bave d.Kbargrd Ihelr dnlles with credit, and some otherwise. Timmaoy has la a few listanO'ia brought for ward gcod mm; so bas tb* Colon peaty ; but tbe worst of all Is, we see no united movement an tb* part of tbo ord?r lorlrg poiiion of tbe oommunity towarda keeping this lmporibnl branch or ocr rlty govern medt ont of the bands of tbe claas that now bold forth In all their firry at tbe City Ball. What Is nieded In ibl* r aspect ta a gene ral abandonment of all parly hoes ai.d a union io every ward upon men, irrespective of party, wboie p>?tt>oa la tcciety and antecedent* are tosb as to guarantee ttit tbey will goard well tb* se.bool interests of Ibaatty; bat ihia, from all appearance, Is ihe last thing Ibat will oa don*. Tbe pre**nt indications are tbat our school sjstem will be made a stepping stone lo party lolluenoe and party In tr'f ulrg? a rwult that la to be deplored. The n mbinatioci and Intrigues that are going on In lha Aldenraclc districts are really beyond the ooooeptlna of a novice in politic*. The raging and foaming of tbe poli tical billows have already saept away lb* r.viodatloa of many an ssplrsLi * bo tupposed that be was rtaitng upon a rock beyond tte pe wer of even an earthquake lo shake. I We shsll have ooraslon to refer to tbe noon. nation* made I la Ibe levttal dlatr lets a* s'?a a* tbey are ooDpieled, and leave further comments until .then, lo tbe roiaollna pleading tbat some frneral mo -f as en i will be pat on foot to prevent any of the JapiLcte or Yutkert ratlri^d crowd Irum being leturccd. In our list of can ?: dates pub'.irbed In !uc<lay'* Hs^aid we gave ttc came of A. (-*(.0?ld a* the Nat < Cn><>n candilato for D>uocl)man Is thi 1 nrtu dlrtrkcl Wo ate .nil lined that the person niim naU I tb< r?i e Alvah CaiiSeil. If there aie any i tber eriors tho pirue* ce,a cerned will cot ler a favor by leading U>e corrert name to ti e BssaLD otlfe ekjbvii Trmrtar. twit riot. T4I* .? a receot'y fiirmel Judicial dlatrtat, embrac tig the Wlvteenih and Twentieta war 1* To* Tammany a t repubNit ii cur vertloB* met !ae( < v.rlrf to o.aJle th?. r i.uoi mat ions for Civil InetiM Tn? TAMMANY OCh \ KtiTWH Met at Vo 07 V'?it Tbl'ty *?c:nd street an J nrminit olAmrlK Hrrriek Tte hi mi icak co> fnfioN kf?t it No. 34 (< h Ighth h\ ? nee, t?>u tfrlrgat on* pr<eei>t Ir g iLr irei It ? ? fr( t> Ibo Twentieth **-i| Aft*rrot>*l il? rabl* iNbat* tl<- T?rrer Hal ir JmoffiMffMlni *?r in* if tted I? trail, aa.t tfca v (lTfotiup, aft*r ?. reral bailor, patted .irnl tbl* ivn >t| biii. cor yen manic nomination*. >; nr:A fnrrut- Iota ll rtt, Urat ward; Jtbo tagoa, fitirlb *ard Wortmer A -?an, K.fih vi rrf, en lli.fnMlk ward; H?rri? B >gert, Kightb ward, Joba lit ft., I uitrpblti ?ard r.f k Pit (Hrf Jnl> K Reynolda and Tb-maa Kane, htrvhwl ward >rfd Rt pj *r tod Thumb* J Oarltnt ton, S>tii Hi **>d, K^ari Maipby, Tbirio:i>ib warn; Alb Kil l, itelh *111. Tammany alpkrmanic nomination. t'irrt Ward? Hugb UPBB'O* RRrriLICAN Pt'ltOUL KOMINATIONB. .% t+i 4 tl'ar?- AO mrrt:t| Hti * H'a'd? No o rtllt f AxfrifllA Word? Ho*ert A AJbnik bbd flAmutl B H. VlDN f'tvnlA IV/tirf? T&? School G.i??ction m'l *al night. At SI Atrtoe P, ?l I a^ourted w thout reeull lul Ibta Hut th H'?r 1 '?r.hool O rr.mtltlocer, Henry <1 Ioa*t; Intpetlor, Alt tattler l.*rg. t<*nr ; Truant*, "eij gber wocd. Wn. Huelct. to bit *a;an<y, lobo Marcll K ><>??> JAUAltb< Vj the frbioorr *vmb n Soaro we have Jamaica f (ip?ri> to Ort?ber 10, tocloalvo. The Rrltt*b wax ruatr Baraooota bad brought .o two flpaetah brl|?. niati ankrowa, rapt .red jd tbo ?Af from Cuba to tb* A'rtoaa coarl. Tbrre other v?a** la, tappoafd to bo flaeera, wero o ? if bt ot tbe lla< tbo a bora ware taken, but tb* alaaaaar, Dot bar tg ooal *aoegb, oonld bot puroue tbaa flte bad lafl Port Itoyal aralc on a oral**. Hi r kfijeoljr'a fteamahtp I?ru>, fM.Ha'n 9*'a>">o, ar rlftd at Pert K j aI od lb* 9 th from llond >ra?, aad arvo ra! itratl.a bid rrcootl? or-urr?1 oa board anoeit the tf.cor* and inae frons yellow f*T*r. ^itt d?? ca*ta of j ?l'f ? 'trit t .4 alao appmrad at Port lloy at, pr rctpally air< rf tM .ado la lb* tavy , bAd b fr? r ad Irnclaalrd f*U "7. Walter (art'b ?ad h*<? rrroptiard a* Viaa CM* ul for lb* I'tilrd -talr? ?t K ir|aU o dor, of tte abacac* of iaaao Win toe, lb* Cot tel. Tt? ?r*ib'r ma ?tlU opprw* r*!y w?'in, A?d aocb ?Irk or*a pr*Tall*d lltary rale* bad Fbtloa aod U>e crip jro*p?rti mi-tf prom'ilr ;? Tb* l#|tiia!rr' wao to ir?t VoTrmhr' <(b. an<! a l*r/B ball wa* n> ?v ft*?n n ?b? <".ti by thr liovcraot'a >adjr, In honor o' tba I naro of Walaa' b rtblar Tba rfpnrl af tbr Caravor nf tha iUtb c?rilrta ?ho?a thai to l??a Ibaa U9 ustmrf. ?9 <-lnn?m >0 and Itlrarn aoi lapao c'yrwood I'laat* ?ar* dtatrlSnt*'! Uiroii|bou% tb* irlard la Ibo prrriona y*ar. at I ar* *0* 'inWily pro ??<??. r* loaarda that po ut ? hro th#y will b*?tn Vo n o trikaU tn Mw r?*local raaonr <?? Tb* native oi.tirrga ?*re already baaked atxnt the atreeta CxperlMeala ha re a ao pf' vM that tbe m <a tettiUil, frrm ?t> rh tb* Kabila hemp of vmmeroe ? obia'.rod, can be en III rated la tbo '.alaol la Vb* btfbaat porfcollia. Illy latolll(?M?. Lira oa tub Rna?? Coaa?<i:o? ?lb oar akefeb of tbooo who appear oa tbe raat bad faabloaahlo dflfta aboat tbo e!ty taPuaday'a Haaain, ?o plaoed Wai. Itmib, coodi.e tor, anorgit lb* Bl >o?tb|ilalo hmbt tw* Itabouldbavo read J Baoiti, b broibar of W nam. *bo baa two or tlroo flae roadalera Fiaa t* Ltnanrt Praiar ? Tb# alarm of ir* ;aot night, about ale* o'rtorA, ?a? raoaed bf a bod tabing flr* rn tb* Iftb Itor of tb* baltdtag X ) 33 I.'b*rty atr*o?, o<-i 1 ptod by B*o ry Win * ?* ? dwoiliM- Too laataga aminil'd to abool ?3? aot naored. grot** riAto ? Oeorf* ? Wioaaa, lata ?ro vnagrapber at tba tit? Hall, <M auddeal? 00 flea day aora'.bg. H a noiber, oto baa acted aa honaekeepor lor Bator W.vxl ?mr* tbe deatfe of bio vlflr, iJiod ab>rtly afwrwarda, oa b<aria( af the deatb of bor aao A Tartlflc ualo ta We atom Now Vark. | from tbo RrotMtltr Caloa, Not M ) A irrateadooa gal* la ao* awaapibg over uta aaeti >a rf tb* Nat* aad atoog the lab re. aad wa faar tl b?a airoadp (Jonegn at damage loot eraalag Ihe *r>U?r wao rataer mid atd tala fell Poo n a'ter mtdblgbt tba mtrrrnry fall rapidly to bboat o***a i*?n tigraeo, aad a gal* ooeaog op frrm tbo (crtbarM, obirh baa alno* rmgM w tb (rook etokaco ft* w<alb?r baa dm aoderatot ailerlallf 10 i'ay, aad lake It altrgMtor it taqalto aa Oerere aa tha art r??e of witter da) a Wa do aot b?ar nf any ilaaagu by th*|a<o, thoagb aettnga ar* wblpptrg la tko wlod, and iw'tf I r ? ni?l<' n ' ?t n i'-a'^ ??*?,?? irih*raro of tbo p?d*otila?? *h? ra tllo?a'y -a?ae? beo*alb them. IVopIo wlo bar* t " ' aa r I ?? "It of <too?a are nit arro, aad ladlra ta ibe ilrtet are '*? 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