Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1860 Page 4
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THE SOUTHERN CRISIS. Reporis from WtubtogtoD, Charleston, Macoo, Columbia, Baltimore and Richmond The Bank Suspension Act ill the legislature. MEETING OF THE LEGISLATURE OF SOUTH CAROLINA. Hoisting of the Palmet+o *'lag at Baltimore. Lirirn FROJ1 HOI. HfcRbCUEl. T.JOHIIM, -to., Ac. (to THE RFPORTS FROM WASHINGTON. W a, Hi-. i. him, Not 24. 1"V) /t lh!? critical juncture It beooouw a duty to re run frcir ? vlug undue cootcquebcc to mere rumora wlioM pubt'ce.Ww would <?-ly add fuel to itie flrca o' naiUODll aiia ptly aK-ady kltdlel Into (lame, and th<-rc!ore I acrupnU>u?'> ?'ft for ita* Hirau> the report* poured along the channel* of new* fr*>m a hundred sources, and tndiaTnr to present tbo f?e s wlnni ?"d from ronlncturta and Invention?. 1 rrgrit ta Bay, wr.h a" the caution tmpoacd by Ihla oooald* ration, that ibi Umr >f feeling here within the l?*t f< >rt> e'jbt heure, In circle* that tare accc#* to the reoat e*'. 'ual/c an! reliable lnf'>ron* loo fro-.i the cotton ^t?t?s, I* n?n?i1cr? My mnre dcapondlng f >r tlio prcervitlou of the Colin tbau h?a c\ietod i.t a. p'evloua atnc<i t'.c Treat , dei t'al election The dmuuion xentiment ItgrowU'ln tbc Maveboidlrg State* attry th-ie* rhr> li?l any | r o , cllvitli* th;?t way, and b '..let Ii bccomm* familiar ti | thouMnoa who heretofore Lave lookod upon the doa of dl**o'uur.n with horror It M' an quite coruls that South CatoilLe. w 1, Ir rplte of all 'ffoohitrabcf.* fr^ra her s'.etor Suva, try tu pro. cip'ta'.o dUunlon She wlli pat* & r ordlrace * or *4cea *'ce tivtr ?galt> to i-r.Ur a I'jioa wltfc a non aitvoholdlog ytate on any term* wlalrver. at.J will rnact the dlplo mail- performance or temllug to W? b!ugt<-n her H'riiater p cLifi tetiliary , or he- high r.omm'iMonor*, who, of ct.rae, canrot bo rrogt ?e.i In any lueh rt.uslty Tbeitupon *bc will ni lirUii- to occupy I ho for " ntlir* to 8>>utb Carolina t? lunein^ to the L'u.te : state*, ?.id the Cuit in H of the |x?: t*, aud will thus bcj'u war on the federal government Mr Mroiminaer * teak* la CaroUni, acd otb?r*writ* to per* oal frlende here, lut'.mat'tit' that tbe Idea of |v?ceabii aecee*ion ia, la their own oplu oil, <^ut or tbo qncatloo. The ei'entlve preparation*, all Uic meaa ret of urm sg the s ulb, prove thut the rec- aiiir .i* icuowlb'yaro revrlotlonle ? ? nothing let* or morn Tnej ctpou lob* CoceidrreJ b/ the federal g ivnrnmont In n>othiras peel , lloa opposite to all thli pacilon. vehemence and latera j-fanf* ia tbe cone** or the 1'retili-nt the Meeeage Up -.1 will (how He baa made no threat* Ibe Chief M*gl*trate of the whole of thl> gkrloua I p l>o . with a motL-ry that retalu* aid ree-llly recall* all the put, and an toiag L.t'l ia that with active preaciecce advaioe* to tte ?till m re p ~oepe rourasl m*gr.lfloent future o* o>ir rirnmin co-intry, it may be really conceived will addre-na h'? fellow c tli?u* a? l>r:tbreo. and to far a* In him . ne will put dowa forerr r tbe dee gn* of tbe eitremelati oa cHhi?r aide? the ct.;l!l)erf of th^ North U'l the etcoret iiilita o' tUe Sovtb WxajiiAOTO!*. Nor 28. 1400. Everything fmm the South hear* tbe gloomleet aspect A di*tlsgu'*hed iVuator, a man of moderate an 1 con aervative vlewi, *vatet today that In l.ea tlian ?nty da>* Ore Mat- * will bate diaaolvtd all cwncctlnu with the govertmcot. In the evrut of a Southern confederacy 8<>ath Uaroltca haa Ind rated her tnWul.oo to force upon It free trade, which Involve* an Iar<.pp?rta4le direct U\ to auitetn the government Should her loafederaUv oppose thla, ebe will, d^uMloae, eeicd* from them, and a.'?pt, on her own a<-oount, frt<e trade In Ita broa let- 1 ?<-c*<v and the importation cl African ?l area. It la aaid here that the tai upoe h>r po-.ple toacnaln her a# *u Inlepen l.-ui power would depopalate the State la two year* The free impr 't?tlon of African alavee by South Caro Una would rendtr aUtve prjperty In the border Suite tlmoet vaiuele a. important from south cabolixa. Coii'Mnu, No? 1^40 Th* oily bu pffttcUJ a uaoauali* b i?f ? *f? oe? to Jar, for tbo mmbet, uul olhar pat* it tateraalaJ la ttilf deliMnilNI, ban bftt irrlr td lo Uo I 'ltnl at tbr optoiag of Uio Legislature to L.^bt Thai body la now :<? leasum lu delibrralloa* will k t lUMftllf r *? Seed t > tbr crdioary tuncu of the Mot#. aad ao dlraot a. tioo cu be ta?*n regarding tbr trceottoo aovtmotl, for tb* I g'tiaturr La* * i rod / gone lo tb? rxiM.1 o( Its JifiMKt o la baring iiturd the call for a oooroetaa. Tht lay aitl, rr, bowartr, baa Juat rea l fur tba drat tim<-,ablU lo aim taa ,?uir, and to ralte four hundred lL<itat.d doUat* [or that pvtpiN. (mi of tba one hundred and ality terra member* tbero la aot a ttagla man wbo ta haown lo biaeo oporallnalit? ortry one l? la 'atl* of aacwdiltoaal **c?**toa. U it bo tiered that if a ataglt neabrr avowet hit rartlme ,u lo b* ottrrwiae, l a auold b? ? mmarlly dealt wttb Tbara la lillit raid bcrc, bewtrar. upoa Ibc great qa^attoa ? l.ieb aow agitawa ibo nati ja. rbe [toplo bart ropooad into qalctude, but II !a the r?,ioao of aetilrd oonvlctloa ki.ll ca ax . dollbaraic dolt rauaatuO. TIm ra la bat <me t ollm ni prrrallng the mind* of tht ?nllr? roaauatly. a ?? at mrat I bat ta ratrrtalncd altta by all naaarr of eittxrc* aid that it. Ibal ,-ouia Carol! c a will aol, nod' r a ?y elf unmlaacra, remain la f !?? ( a oa Tbarr are maty an la South (Arollaa mho bare bw irarly dtrotod lo the t'Lirr, BCD wbodorply drjiiorc ibo i << realty Utal bat >>n.-ir'l t r it* ditooiulloB. To r* ar ? vet; Hw la all the 'tai* ? to would aot hart prof.-rad Ibal MOtb Carolina aould b art beta permuted lo tit an dtr ibr ffolwl "| wtat* of Iba i arrat confederacy and tba greol heorl of tba Slate, aa reprtoented la tbt tbmtaada of bar poop*, baa b'.ad at tht hta bee? com p.'1'ad to deliberately and oooortentlouoly raoolra that abr could oat rta?ata another day la tta talon Pol Un tatalM ?aa earrowed dowa In Ibla petal, tbat ?fco Bull nil. ar girr up Iba I'nioo or giro ap all elemeata of brr on vitality; aad Ibo firti law of aatarv demand, d that aba ab aid protect bcrwlf. Tbarrlbra South Caroltta I* n >w oa. of tta I ox n at macb at tha can bt All that r rnaiao to bo door '? Xbi ttmpia drrlaratu a of tbt fact by tba (Htnlka wbi b It to m?ot oa tba ITtb ?f Twooatb #. Nobamoa powtr, ootblag but aa atorpo allM of i rnrideacr taa arrrt it II It t (T?at pity tbat Iba North did oot.aad cnt a?l, or wlU aol, oadorataad tboSmitb ai.d bar lartilct *t la th-tr traa character; for If tbry ru Mattel wis.d crrlt nly MVlt bare ooat* lo thW lamaolaMc ewid i nn Tbr ,-uatc mik rg art>ro pr?raratiooa to r?aiat aay drwrt tlraiioo on Utr part of tha fKaral yir ruaxot tradart of aid fr^a ? in?r Mal?o ootlaaa lo < -ma to tbt ( orrrwor, aad at airvrg aad an aatrmal la too ftol lug tbat tbr anowut too maotaaJ a ball bart b??o glrao "truly tb noaad ?? l<-t wltaia brr ?wa hoondari<?, torn tba !BCi.Dtalaa mi ifcr art. trill oat forwtM la tba dtftoce <4 8?uU ffcrallaa aad ibry all ?<>?ld aowoor dio, or too the fiatr a ati* ogtMd prorlaoo, tbaa raatlraly tr. ?ailt t.> a rontinooerr of Hortfcom ooorooebratott oa bar rlgfela T,.< tl^rronr w( ! trrd la bio atrotago al nao o'olick 0 a ma It. wi.l rronrimaa.1 that Uit (.agitlhlara ahoa d. lo HUM, fi >ur and oaroaragt dirtot tra-le Willi Farapa aad tba t ?milt cat, by Uklag aj?on Itaaif a ran af tba Woaoo ibrt w?gbt Ottr fro* lb* aotabiwhnaat of tvrb dlrarl trado ft tbta *?'! tha prnpna-t a r.f mm" on ' aana of ('oa/lattoo loratablith a llaa of '.aamf*- brlwtto thai port aad 1 h rrpool la Wrorably tb. ?bt of la W?o rroat of traitora ar tiag w tair tha Diato aftar #ha >0011 barr atart?>d bar trrrrtlgaty. it it pmhablo lb it ho will adriac annua lag tlMloa la aor* rartiraiaHy daiatag trratoa lo tbo Mala, aad artlliag Ibo pnaiahmaat lor that rtfaroa ft la hrltarrd tbat b? will ror xnkW| that a law bo paired puatah'ac r iamartly ??> ; t-r-rr y _ porbapa with daaib? on: prrtot wh cl'rr air* srar, diary darnmaatr, ??? ?? htawlf aa abolttlm at ar ta tay way tadaa . ort lolaottaiba aiarro lo taoua-wdi aa <oa or 'norr-arttno tad that *oith Ohroi'oa abai' btad bertelf to tike flrty tbous?nd worth of a-ms an Dually, (or Ave >esri, from Major Ripley, tu accordance ? ub the proposition of that gentleman, au't that ? nego tlatloc be oet? red Into between Svuiu Carolina, Georgia and A.abamn, to Us upon a ilto for the armory. He probably will recommend what the Legis lature baa already anticipated htm in, that Is to arm Uie stale al the earllttt practical period, *o an to prepare for the flrtl overt lot oo ins pirt of the fede ral govercment. It la believtd, however, that the State Is well ai mod already , (it, Id addition to the arms tn the arsena.p, many cf which are of the most approved pat tein, the mating law under which the military of the State Ir organized requires each mail to have hli o m lire ami. AFIAIBS At CHARLESTON. Cbaklihtoii, Not 26. 1M0 The city li quiet to day. The members of the Legisla ture are (.early ail gone to Columbia. The regular session opets to mono* night. The Governor's Measago will be read on Tuesday. H is rumored that troopa are coming to Fort Moultrie. It n now evident that none will be sent to the Oouven lion unless stiotigly committed to aeceeelon. CHAHLamon, Nov 26, I860 Flrtncially matte's are growing desperate here A petition la to -lay clrculatlrg among the mer ibautt ask leg tbe banks to lutpevd It w 11 be preceded to mor row; b I tbo banks bave now fifllotantly concerted to be r*<o il < nn>e ivos aid they !ck rstbor ccolly on each tcov. meets They want to po tli rough the ordeal ua eeatkrd. Tto Governor's mtv?g<< Is anxiously looked for litre. THE FEELING IN VIRGINIA. RjiHao.ii>, V* , Nov 26, ltflO H.-n Mmund Rum p. of Virginia, arrlvol here to day from 6nith CarollDii, having failed so far to lill'ih Virginia to S^uth Carolina Mr. Kuffln 18 ao honest dliunlonlst He s ' m It* -<1 tbla evonlng, In tbo prosenoc or revcral gan t', tuat be w?s for disunion, no mattar who had been elected. A grand maps meeting of all those who are In favor of the I rlon, will be held al Klncastleoo the second Monday In December. A (? mmlttte of loeferenne of the different banks In tbe city e.graed to day to receive on dtno?it the notes of all tbe solvent banks In tbe SUte, the Wheellrg hanks and the Valley Bank brarchos at Slaunlon and Cbarljtteavtlle , etrjded. The Treasurer o' tbe Virginia and Tennessee R all road glvrt notice today thai from and after this date be will be prcparod to cash tlje Interest coupons of l?ie flrst atd second m"rtgs(:r of the com 1 piny, due In New York on the let of January, 1361, with I out oiFCviint for prepayment A fr? of our merchants held a msMing at the Yoatig Men's Christian As* .elation to i^sy relative to tho ratps of exchange between Richmond and Northern cities. Ttev, bovertr ar*j urned without coming to an) deflalte COCC'UIIOD. The w.'atbir It pleasant and everything Is qulit In tbe metropolis. DELEGATES TO THE GKOROTA CONVENTION. An.r u, (ia., Nov 23, IS80. Ron A II Slept. ens and Doctor I'erkins have been unar. roncf'y seltited ai del* gates to the Stato Onvuotloo i f'om Taliarcro county. Mr Stephen! made a oUarac leiittlc conservative Sf*cch THE SECESSION FEELING IN* MARYLAND. ItAi.r.MOp.t Md , Nov 21. tSOO. An aifcclatlon, calling thimielves the "Southern Vo | lenteers," displayed the l*at<netto Hag from their place of ireetlrg to ?.'ay. A large nrr>wd was attracted by the uo I velty of tbe tblog, and tbe liag was greettd with groana and hisses from tbe crowd, and with plaudits from the j Vo.unlctrs Capt. Jonrt. of tbe btrk Isabel, also displayed Iht Pal metto flar from the masthead of his vosaei this uorolng, when a'l tB* ship* in the vicinity Immediately ran ap tiie start and tlrlptl. BANK SUSPENSIONS IN GEORGIA Mac-is, Ga , Nov. M, I960. THB 311 1 l.iCAITSI.M. PI motf TAPVt.l Bl TBI B l *?, ItC. The Manr.faotorert' Rack of Macon suspended tall mornlrg. Tbe b !1 lepalialDg hank suspensions pained tbo Houta to-day. It will be vttoed hy the Governor, but be again patted over Ibe veto All the Georgia bank! will then most prot sviy suspend It is whispered there will bs many heavy fallaret la Favatnah this wo*. Buncoes It prostrate every where. EXCHANGE ON NEW YORK. Aroma, Ga , Nov. 21, 1B60. The l>anks to day advaiotd their ratet lor lyht draft* on New York t > a half per oect premium. HANK SUSPENSIONS IN OEORUIA. Kaih?, <;? , Nor US, l%0 Tbe Men /arturti*' Ilatk Of Mac>n tutpooded ion | morning . P.i.Ldl tt |rr*tmlc c \ rryw hers It n wLlt.'orod tui lUte n Im- wary faJurii in 8avat>ntb tbl* WKfk. StSPFN-tON OF THE TENNESSEE BANKS. Nasivjui, Not 29, IIMO TUe State Bui ad *11 the principal bank* In rebneeerr ? '?prod. <1 Ik i* morning Philadelphia bank statement. niuNuat, Km m, i*?o Kcrrsaed i'?n* tin ooo " apart* TTo.ono " nrc.:'\lirn 1/ 0 1 00 " dflmil'l I 13.1 f II Total tpcrlo la I auk* S.J II 0C0 THE RETUIiN OF PASSENGERS BV THE STEAMSHIP FLORIDA FHOM SAVANNAH. *f learned yeaterduy, from both the a tent of thlt Una at -%TmoL?ti, d?? la Sew Yr>rlr, anl fritn Mr. MllrbeU, tbe a*?nt Ib lb is city, Itat Ur t alcmri.! to the efffCt that fonrtren cahln paaaerge?? and twenty el;,*t steerage, ba.l bnrn rant back to tbii clij b y the'p Florida ?aa Isoorreet Kbe arriTrd oa Friday nlgbt as stale), but br>pght the in*tnrre of ttr ailknn.N, but i>aa la.ll el wtc ba 1 made bl-nself rff.ct'u* in Mastering, la e??je way, altb tfc; negroes, aid w b > was po iteljr re quested to W ave Tbe others w.-re thiss woa bid II veJ at tbe hjutb. or retimed of their own accord, tbe *'. cr*ge psteeogrrt *c e mostly laborer*, Some of ?h. ? n had want odt In quest of employment, but flo'lio* pihlle works suspended, aad U>* linme^isti- opea;T<g foe work, aixi being abort ef m> aria to support lhotr>*< Irs* until work en u Id ?e fouod where Itelag waa esp aair?, they ooec'uded to retnrn Tbe *aeanaah i(*it etale-t tbat tba Knatb did ent uli ?ct to ewdgraata foieg oat who wan d be al'le to lake rare of thea>ae!T?? till work omit be found. Aad tbat all respectable lU'Chum wor.ld b- r >r <iiaJlr reeeired. and e?> ry fa-i'ily all >r led tbe en 'or ea tali I ?b leg thewte< I era In tbeir bualnees It waa sncli that tbe "onth needed. Bat g'llns oat with buooees views. It Woul.1 of c nirse, laTolre tbe at iruy of Uiiae catjiog <nt some m ana with order l o keep tbem nlotg tiat.l they eoui.t *?i eater weigh OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. W*?ni.a< tub, No* M, H00 FV CS ?wMe?a Bytftni if to B'll ? A rrtril of Nrm>?n of O-tj-n ? //.?? r a Ciraia Annf iv Hm o? Hintt ? Ot' tr ! irtuf. i?v?? L> ><rdn to 9c fo (A? A*a ft' ? al? AivrwWl frtia fW ? llttrrd Rttfrrn (A, Tuv Mkat-ftt /*?? rf O > iffftmfe* rod and tHr Dt a, of Vu.*lutum A< irfaiA\r>- it; , J . Tbe rauMrou brglDa to bol . Mem'jart of (' mgreaa are beg'sctag to ab. w tbrmaairaa, aad a ftwetrengera ru rtralty Bocgcra, c ^ain. arckeri u 1 loiby a<n are already oa band Tbe Hoo. Tom Cbrwln ha* errlreJ, aa l U atop piBg al tha Nati<*ai he io<>ka a* freak a* a Jnae nee. There at Cab'.aat wfc>?perinfa la r<nafrti? with bia reaa* Tbe oomia| we?'k wiU aea oar c'ty overflowing with tba cream rf Amrr ran political aoriety, aad tba ea erase of pollt'cftl ra* ality. W,Uart*a wee opened yeatar day. and la aa tidy aa If tbe enure eatablirbmeot bal juat emc-geu froji an upbolaterer'a baa Ibis. The National, aad 11* popular raantant pbyalctaa? IV Ji?ae?? wboae pbyaw it it at to tl?a diaafreaabla to taka? la tprneot i cp for the aria, n Brown'* and the I'atlad 9tatea arc a'ao ant ed tar a pir fbr the c-wning tournaaeat o businu*. The Clarendon baa been aawly fumUhed aod retain xd aad all tbe ether pabIM aad all tbe prlrato botiM are rea. / f"r tbe ap^ronrbleg ruth IVealdaal 1 lacolo. It la new nnderatoi.l , will tarry al tha National during the latrrTal between bit arrlral bare aad hie ad I real lelo the Wb.Ws Hotiae Aoromt* fre? the Sooth agree tbat nale?a tbe North noerrnl to repral tbclr reranoal I.iher y bill*, and make aa ?n?rt to destroy or pualab lb< r orga-.tred bands tbat are rngafe4 la lbs huelnees of rtinaiag off iinre* ard cor. my leg th*a oa Ihstr waytoOara-la rta tbo | urdrrgroond railroad, all brpc o? a aatllemenl of lb* eiMleg dtmrn'fieaia at end A arntiaeat Is eatertalnel br pr-wiinrnt politleiaaa here, th-aa wbo are mw iden t (led with tbe refmbllrM party, thai U?? atn?sa of Malia, V'>a?*l, New Raainehlra, aad eewa daeaarbnae'.te, nan ha ledarad t? repeal the'r naroastltntloMl L'hsrty Wis frr the saks of keeping the Union together, and ai tor penisbing the c:gg?r stealers, tbat can be done t) ey lay , when the tbtevea are caught. Bat thin ti not all the South demand TUey dematd the rigbl to take tbetr slave property Into the common Territories of the I'ii Ion, and that Congress shall protect It tnere tbi f?n>e M It would any other private property, anl a few MpubltoaoB are growing wean Ic the knee* even on tbn point. Some are already ? tiling to take tbe back track ir U:e!r cotillon tbat C ingress b.v? tbe right to prohibit Slavery In (be Tern tones If thegdiuihcruers will with draw from their*, tbat It ta the (Tuty of Congress to pro tect slavery in tboee Territories. There Is a bare puasl blllty tbat some oonpromlie nay be offered at (Be an prracblng session of Congrats with a view to harmonize j three extreme interests; but I fear the period of compro mires is peat, and that notbtrg but g reconstruction of tbe federal compact can rave tbe t'nlon from dissolution. The lather or tbe annprf inlse of 1 MO, Henry Clav, died In tbe rtom adj lining tbat In which lam now writing aid It his tplrit could witness tbe feeling of intense am undisguised bitterness raging In the bosoms of Southern era sgainat the people of the North, and oould at tbe sane time behold the condition of lbs Northern sent; ment on the subject of slavery, as eiterutned In tbe all powerful agricultural regions of tbe North, It would utter the exclsirattor ? "Atast the day of compromises has la- i deed panted. Wie to By country' ' Personal Invest'gatloo will convince any ons that the ! boatillty rf one sertlon of tbe Union to tbe other na tbe j momentous question of human servitude Is more tbn rough and bi'ier than was ever entertained among tbe 1 French and Ki gllsli dnrlng the devastating wars of tie early periods among thnee two rival nations If it possi | ble, tben, tbat two pty>pl?a? for so must our countrymen > be trim' <1 at tb Is crisis? can live In the bonds of amity i ?nd pence unless there be a reconrtruc ion of ibe { plan <>(' mat* il govercmett ? Tbe ides of coercion Is pro p. s'ereos bight or tei millions of free people, like thoie of Ibe ^ ctb can never be caerced, and their d?matds for ; eqosilty of right* order the present or any future const, tntion ore bound to be resected, or sepiratlon is the In i evitablc consequence. Maryland. OfH BALTIMORE COKRX8!*ON~DBN-7K. Bai.tixoes, not 22 iaao The R'SiUt of (he Election? The figures and Qjec' T',ro't^\ the City a-d Stile? U Winter Davit anl ihs Kepu bli cans? Hrpubluan Mass Meetings? Davis Pp for the 3o! Ucturthij ?Lincoln's Appointments in the State? Thi F'.entrrt?t 10,000 to the I' lice Marshal? Tie Firanciai <?' Judge Tane% on Secession B:nce my first and lut dish or Baltimore and Maryland |>ol:tlri), cvcuU havj hurried oo with racebjrse tpeeJ and 1 brlt'g dowu the Ktory tj lb? p-esent boar. In tbe Dm place I must correct my dead reckoning You will r< member I gave you an estimate of tbe vote of our Stat* on President! vi eieclloc day, in wbicb I acRorded Breckinridge a majoritj out of the cliy and a tlo wltb Bill m tbe city. 1 pot down Llnooln 900 voto* ia tho city ecd 1 COO In tbe Stale. Tbe ballot bo* revert" 1 my ertiniite somewhat It gave Bell a slight maj >rlty, or raiter plurality, la tbe eoaalle*, and Lincoln got nt about 1 CCO, ai I predloted. In the city Breckinridge beat Bell *omo ll P00 votes of a plurality. D>u gl?t got 1 600, Instoad or 1,(00, as I prnph<*cteJ, Hjid I.inoln only 10S.1 1 Now for the esjiiaoation ol thi* lattri vote, at upon It t'epende tbe rc*ult actua'.'y ob tamed In tbe otber ca sts Alter the stamped" or tbe Davit Americana for Lin coln, sTtsr the defeat or Lie candl late, Hiadee, for Maynr, Davis, to the utter amaz?meut of tbe republican*? who bad come to regard blm as a Lincoln sympathy ?r, If In died not a republican under a Bell dljgut**? set blm aeir to worlc ted wnu back tbe not! or bit old rrlends and comrnlee, by causing loom to unde-staml or believe that Lincoln preferred tbe tocccti of Boll In this State to tbat o' Br(cklnrldi;e; that he (Davis) wat in Lincoln's ooofl dcnce, and that bo would certainly be oallod into the Cabl net: and by threatening to cat off at tho knesi all Amsr ' cum who should pr>S'iine to vote for Lincoln, if be (Da ?Is) should have any Intluence with Lincoln , In case tbry wai ted ofl'.iie. Tbe republican* had no proa* to counteract these ln.inriou* imputation! on their candi date an t U> pull the musk off Davit1 face, for the Patriot, contrary to tbe wish or oo* of It* proprietor*, Mr. Fvant? who wat an 0|*>n Lincoln man? played into hit ( 3. 'a) bands Tttrg* went on In thl* way until the republican* began to bold mats meetlngt. Tbey only "held two. and they were broken up by the Bell men of the Davl* stamp urg Ing ot the Boll men or lb* Morrison Harris fa;tlon ? tho Breckinridge police etudlng by and consenting. In accordance with order* from headquarter* Tbe effect of breaking up theee two matt meeting* upon tbe German Llnooln v^e ? numbering at least four thouaaud *troog? was to prevent thslr appear ance at tbe polls, tbrvogh dread of a new specie* of Plug L'gl)l*m. Many of them who did vote were drivru to go for Breckinridge, through the thretls of their imployer* to dlaml** Item II they refuted. 8o far the Ur?? kite* were galaera, and *o far the republican* wrr? delighted, bectuee they preferred Breckinridge to succeed. as a?a)hst the Hell party, tbat bad treated then so had I > all summtr and fall, ftie Hreckitee bad aoiiie 2 ftO newly mats voter* who waet with them. fo ibat, alter all Mr I>avia eflortt, bla u. ? tsaemb'y rocm and bit Cecil speeches, hit rldliig the n<gh horee of republican u in wilh a maak, be wat defeated twice wilaln a month >he vote for Mayor and I 're* idea I In hi* dil trict, l he Fourth ? the twelve u?|wr waro* ol toe city I tfcow btm to be nearly S TOO In the minority, where, latt fall, he bad a snuj -my of nearlv 8 000 FreryboJy now see* that be was i Ier4ed ttec by keeping bis oppootnl* from the ba lot boxe* Many of tho (Scrman Lincoln voir* wire throe ti ior Brock Inrb' ge on the ex >mvm ground of biatu ( Iiavts, who ba l. some yeai* ago, vindicated lUryDtol the nativi* to drive 'tho naturalised voisr* fror the ^olls. at d sustained tbe l'lug I'gly denomination Is tbr oily Mr * inter Davl* hat* tot to the end or hi* political letter. Hu aspiration* ior a cubket ap x>iotment have bern rtci nti> ni,.ied so deeply in the bud us to sb ie n * l.aiff ?* on that itine n? ver was any real otiodsti m for h'? uriimptiwe. Mr. LlntMn will uke btaOaslntl from ao.oua't tb<< rspubmans, sty tbe reliable c HTvaponddnu ?<l the llssuai'.atd nobody but. a aimpieloci coul l ever have rtreamtd of ai y otter result tVn?l ueit> R^mor has it tnai M'. I'svi* is now op lor tbe G>!lrctor*htp. If so. l.r will faie no l>ettir Hi* lri?an and pitaber, tiover not l( rts, it also in for thai < lUce, and hoib have t ielr Cls trs u, -x n the fart that tbey both did all they could to d< fr at L'.acoir U Is nowkuosn that Mr Lincoln will nuk> h'8 a| j) .utm nti la thi* Staie from amongst the reiatlirat * *b > vttod lor him, and cofrodt but the olll ? bnnters r.f n nlrary politic* I* fara d to i In -cl. rrrto nal^ly tin re are rrpuVseats enough lu Marylatid, wh >*? ? ai ststu* is e<{ ial t-> tbat oi Mr Davn, Governor Hi.As ir an; itb> r of ths B'll men (?lire ifae e ret lot ifae Baltimore Fa'ri ot ha* beso bai eri-ning Mr. lia< o:a, palling bim oo Ute *aik and Uli'i g bim l? ti' a goo i buy, anl prrptrieg ti get u? that iter grand |-ariy, < ul . ' the d?brl* of Ui<- defoMed parties, wli rb is ><? supi- rl his admlnKtratl n tn aT mat s laa (?l and t< ho'd it bark In nil that is umawfat. Is w.t tbat irltc-b ig Tuia Is I'trls' sebt-me U>- openly ??; a Itai rep>.b ioul>m can I and shan't 0 -ur'sh in Mary iar l The r*|i b!iear* sav It nan and rtall, and ih" war has alriaiy begun betaren Ibe S-iroo "urrs and ihe Hwirs n.i r. . t a*i< * The I .te ^lretoral candl. Iat<* lor I 'D , r? ln lu tbis ate have furd a maniltsto, whlrh I *?>e yen l*re p-Mittej Ij thi* tbey tats open ground agal. si IHvta' | tan tf a grand oppoi tlon p*rty t > support liiio'i as armed biutral* hie republican* have a n.<- quite a* able 'cad' rs a* the Dtvlf faction has, and If I wire a tietiir* man I would lay a large wager tbat !b< f?im<r wl'l overture the rew fkavta party. Mi anl ire tne liougla* men have issued an aldretl, and are to toid a ?t*t" rmmi oa in Rtllimore next month, wteo ibey win probably 4wHi?'.d. many going over lo l.lrcnln, and ibe real to the B-eekieridgw demo erwy Tbe I* i.glis lix'iri ate living In hope tbat some thin* will turn up to give thnu a tug tbe Tresturr Dot bam * j Ttr Brerkl'e r-ewooary ai" not roetent with their I vte !?>?)? in ilf su e. Tl o republicans hold ihe balance 1 nf |*iwer Itr i.bjTt of the f"r?er is to wt? over *l| the 1 dtsroc tee I* tbey nan In fire ror Ihe ne*t fall Onngres sioen' and * ate elrctloi.* Tne latter will run fell ttekeu nnt fall, sid |r ib,.? f,?f.ot ts-xred I bey have not the lead objection to >b< 0 i ck'nrldge; droneraRy. A* Da vl* w*? told to Jay by oi e of tbe?, settber he nor hit ! party will gi t a single rvpnblican vote Tbe Bed party prt t>er ara Uylng V> make *ome Sort of a rally They hate IHvta too eordtary to Bgit under fa<m.*ndlfce rrsult wt'i be th? lm rease of Ibei pabll , ran feicr* la tb> 4tai< and city. Tbe Mat or and Onjnell ate tow nader full headway Thi y have done nothing cf any i*?r>-rlanee, but te run after \Vb line y, the 8 tats'* attor i cry, wiib a hot iron, and to tb tw thai he hat recelvwd t< m lit no *iert he has b<?a in i.nioe, some three )i?* rbr\ want tn penr* malfraaan >e In oflli-t oq blm, 1 tf possible, *e a* to t?t h>m otit of soaer. ito which be foist. d btm?*lf Ibrergh the Illegal vote of Utt autumn Msrabal Kaie, of the asw po'ice, resigned soma dar* ago. b? I be has f ,oe back again His (alary was oaly $1,100 It l* r id that the n erehanls are ao pl?i*ed with h ? (flitia; i-oadcct a* to Livs ra sod 910(00, ?b h they d# ? ?ga ssltiinc oe hi* aite Tb re I* no doubt he M a capl lal < fl eer, and bad be protected the republican* la their late tra** ?reting*, wh<rh he could rat, ly have dour U" re wml I eot be a wort of ? Mnpiaint agtir*l hm Ho mil h frr my so rot I dish of politica Now for the uproar tn Ute Sculb and it* fitancial eOsct* I do not kt.uw tbat ! ran thiuw any new light on the dallr errcrt Is j ou gire cf ? vents ta the South . ? teepl to My that nobciy be'tevr* in Baltimore that tnmh (Mrollaa ard fJ-or* m, ted Alabama and M la'sa.^l are ta earneat There are to tec?as!..iiieii ia th s Stale or la thl* ettf. We 'onk up* n tbe flare np wlih per >cl contempt Hue; i.rss ir< a who are not In the oor.aptracy to try I taenia'* serve* are vrry ravage on tbe (Ire eaten Nobody her* ba* b en caagbt a* yet, tnt those wm talked aaenMoa t tf I inceia were elected. The cutperfloa of the baak* eicltes rohody 'r wctder, for the .-hmth ra biaks are al way* in aetata of s *p?e*ton. fwpcclally Ibnae of Vir gin* V ?e o< iii.-m cut stand a rua of ireoty r?ur honre teewnse the ej'terr, I* rotten *n Ihe oor?; aad yet Uey are aara'rl) adwitatNered here <n lUliimnre aa any other pepr r irr^cy n.ari/sctorie* are Wc all buy *?ore thea we car p*y r>r ia Ihig regk o, more than we make aid sell . and ihi* tel's tbe whole etory of our depeodeaoe 1 >>a New York. Tbe aew* here fu>m 9ontb Carolina I* that theeecea siieilsts have lakrt care to sead to the Uoirentio* **eo who will vote down ssr saton M st of the maasber* are ecw me* The Ueorgia and Alabama aa 1 Mlaalaatppt roa ventlee* are to be c< instituted In the same manner Marylsn', the greatest loacr of sltvt* In th* Caloa, ' want* no cn? vrntior to rhaope the r^aetituttoa 8te vot?l down, al i be laat (leetlm.the deliberate peopoel . tli^i lo enslave tome g( CCO rree nrgmea la eleven of the mist pro slavery nonetm of tbe Mate, hy a vote of l? CCO against tbe law te R (90 for It She ie sat sfled to viadicale her r'ghte to slave property la the Caloa' aad ! tf im rote ware taken dlrertiy whithir fhe it in torn of e xteudlog slavery Into ftve territory or not, I belter* the vote would be else taniln of the State agaicst it i Judge Taney, I learo, hol<1? that there is no sucb reme 6) unJer tbe constitution fo? grtev&aoea m the right of leoiMkcoi Seceealo? :* rebellion 1Ult:*o*i, Not J2, 1i?o0 The 8m*'.'? L* *>lc to th* Sent'e ? Public Opinim in f'aw f Giritig AoJUwnal Gmiervatiae Ptnutr to the Sr.ate? 1 t\ icntii*- of the States?The Cotton Crop? The f'lj?t<rt ( Mi i*'i?Jmport?vt Meeting of Cotton Qrmoert ml Marin, Q. . -g\a ? Sm HatU fnr Etc hinge ? OorreJipondtntl of the Leading Jmirvali, <tt. Public opinion In Maryland, Kentucky and Virginia la being rapidly concentrated on tbe policy of strengthen leg tbe Hecate, aa tbe tree conservative poll ay to be pur racd. An ameodment of tbe constitution, which will j mskc a two tlirds veto of tbe Senate ntoesaary before ' toy net of Congress cm become law, would give to tbe South ample protection Early action by Congrea* intbli matter will at once allay public excitement South aa well as North. It la quite evident, eettlog tbe negro quss tlon aa'de entirely, that tbe popular force or our government la getting to be too strong and threatens to neutralise II not deatroy tbe cbeok which was provided against the rule of mere majorities. By granting this additional power to the Senate, leg U La t.oc tray to some extent be retarded and fewer laws passed. But this would be no great calamity. We have too many ne ? laws as It Is. Tbe country la too much governed. True statesmanship constats In fortifying tbe coneervativd elements of the republlo. The friends of the l/nloo and of tbe constitution now look to the Hbiuld to elaborate this Senate amendment. Tbe South will yet fall Into the proposition for a Na tional Convention. Tbe aeoeuing d talcs believe that the act of aeoeaelon will give more earnestness to their position and command more respect from tbe North. With speedy action In Oongreaa in regard to increasing the conserva tive power of the Senato, and the hope of an early as semblage of tbe States In National Convention as provided by ths constitution the fears of tbe frtenda of the Ualon will grow less, and public confidence will compul an amicable adjustment. If tbe blaok republican leaders attempt to thwart us, and demand a "high old panio'' and sn " Irrepressible condiot," lb? indignation of the people will sweep them away like dies

Tbe suspension of tbe banks of this olty is caused partly by the conviction among lLfluentlal people that nsws will soon be on us from Karopc showing an advance of tbe Bank rate at Ixmdon to 8 or 10 per coat Tbe merchnnts approve entirely the aotton of the Baltimore banks, anl we may look for a regular break down all over tbe coun try. I bave ipccial Infounatlon from tbe cotton dlstrtots to tbe ellect that the planters Intend to bold back their crop*. A meeting of planters will take plaoe at Macon, Ga., during tbe fair at that plaoe In I) cembor, when this powerful Interest will, for the first time, play an tor portant part in tlie commercial history ol the world. A central association will be formed, acting In con junction with local committees in i-aob cotton growing country, for tbe purpose of moving tbe crop forward ou k plant. r?' acnouut to the foreign markets Tbe priuolpil cepot; w.ll be I.'vsrpool, London, Bremen end H ? -? re On tie rcco'pt of tbo shipping documents or tbe arrival of the cargo, atelMMMl ol npocio will be made direct to tbo ioutb, fcul ihe Mwil MM for Aaier1;an account Oaa of the larg'st banks in Europe Is already In negotiation wltb tbo proper p titles at the Soctb, with a vie* to this BWHMM, and it needs no great anouat of forer.gbl t > anticipate tint Ihe planters will bo but too willing to ewape In in the ruinous depreciation on tbo value ol their property. They contend tbat if tbo banks bate a right, by exceptional measures, to protect them solver, tlx- planters bave ejually the right to combine for self protection Toe factors mtke no r ppositlon, anl tbe European buyers see no other romely. The u utn is, tbe sooner ihe MM m crop ts sent for ??rd to Europe the better for all ptriirs, and as tbtre Is no ?MM to mo.e it, and ?be exchanges of the MMMf are entire ly deranged, the only atteri awve Is lor tbe planters ? heir stives to store their crops abroad mitead o' keeplag tbem <n the p'octatlons. They can draw against lbs pro ceeds of the sake In favor of tbrlr merchants, and these drafts sent forward to tbe North for ptymnnl iu Kurops will furnish the basis for a aafe and legitimate exchange I begeoroesUy to call tbe attention of the writer o' your motey article to this subject. I am eipsotlitg further news to day, and I hope by to morrow to give you tbe detail*. Tb' re will be present at tbe Macon meeting fron Ove to six thousand cotton growers, representing through committer): over one million bale* of cotton The specie to pat freights to tbe aeaboard wp| be furnished by the Southern bunts It Is expected tbat considerable ship mrnts will be made frt in Memphis thi ougb Norfolk. New York srd Baltimore Order* for flrca-ms are pouring lo fro? the South Tbe commercial letter* to Baltimore homes all ?pa?k the same language ? that is. the determination to pty so soon aa tbe ootton crop ess be moved The fast is tbe country was never tn a better condition for with standing tbe shock which has been importing over it f ir tbe last ten year ? Our imports from abroad have diml nlsbed. Our export# of specie ditto. Personal ewomy is the or ler of lie day. Auil if we can only woather tbe storm, Mitrgtbec tbe conser v ott ?e dement la our aystem, snd thus grard against tbe revolutionary preaanro of ths naiiirtty, a national nocvention may assemble In time to etableuato start on tbe new era in American progriss by spring 1 hav* aa abiding faith la ths auperstltloa, If you call It to, thai tbe I'nited Slatce bave yet a great destiny to fulfil. Is the micst of all this excitement) let not the pjhllc b.rgrt th" service which Hie enrrea poni'c nts of the lesdirg nurnals are now rendering to the country. I believe I know personally nearly every g?r connected with this important an 1 commaudlug profusion. Tbey all foel the dignity of tbe sacred trust c< ii fuled to there Tf the soldier who risks on tbo fl*ld I.f l ame bie life for hi? c 'UCtry Is ene iurjgel by tboa* wb(?e In teres* 1 and hotor he detends, how equally de servlrg of pratse are those men who are now al liog la giving a profer direction to public opinion, in this great noc flint of opinion, aad in whoso ban la toe poo ts mightier than the a word YIBGOUA. On RICHMOND COBKKSrOKPISCK. Ricaioxb, Va , Not 22, 1S40 n.' Ft tilim of the MojerVy of (V on the Strmimt Quet'un ? What thr Maintenance qf 'hat Position Wil1 I a ad TV ? Dtlviiw flafrt of the North fr m the /V**n( Omparmtir* /.mil <n the Sntitk ? Pn unify DifficsU'iet 'he f'aramcunt Omridrraiun for the nw H< tup ? G-' t n Sent to Mr lort a* a Ham of Kk hemgt ? Prte iV? froet Metmmt vg frtm LtUria and .tiling 1 %emteh?? /(Mo Jfanry? 'Condition c f the Free Iftfroe* ? Ftnincet dC , ttr Tbe rewt brought here to lay by the Hssai.n, of a dl viilon In the Cabinet to tbequcetloi of secession, baa led to much discos* ton among oar I ?? J I n $ politicians. Mr r ? hacaii'n position bat caused considerable d!i appoint*) ut among I'm leas conservative, wiiila tbi-y beiteve tfcat Iba enunciation of bii pclicy will rath?r Increase than diminish the ?coition furore which bo? distract* the country His repudiation of the doctrine of peaceaMe eect eat >n, ccnplel with the purpose attributed to bin, of enforcing submission to tbe federal authority oa the part ot tba seceding ft ales, la regards aa lonoasiiteal with tbe possibility of ? peaceful adjustment of the pending diffl 1 oultha. Joet aa certain aa bo proclaims thlt doctrine la hta tn ravage, ao certain will the aeoeaawa cause be strengthened by the aooeesloa of hanlrada of thouaanda who are now oppoeed to It. The most moderate, the moat conservative of all our cllltaaa, proclaim that la n? evtot will they tolerate coercion of nay acceding State. Aa attempt of thil aort woald make every una la the 1 Soith a dirunloriit. And It woald I a vol re mora tetlona soaMcquences It woald lead to ? bloody revo letloa, which woald cauae tha cos airy bitterly to regre' that tbe alternative of paarefal r'snaioo waa lot given I fear that enough of what ocearrnd la tbe Oablnat oat ell of Tceaday taut baa traaaplred to give aa active Im pulaa to the Moeneton movement. If there la aay hope of ? ptaoeal><? a4jastm?nt of ratal I eg difficulties, It la Is be found oaty In a policy of " maaterly inactivity" by tha general government. It la (loath Carolina's fiadeat anticipation that a oolllaloa batweea berntir anl the feia ral authorities will eaaoa, for la auch an ereal a an I r or aal i) mpathr among her * later 8 withers Htateo would be aroused, whl A would Inevitably lead to a Arm anion of the South both for mleUsoa and sscaaeioa. Mr. Rarhnnna should, hy all at a? a, avoid fern lebieg aay pretest tor a coll ir on Cwrcioa la the present tute o( the Southern mind w tald canaa every man la tha South to take op arm a aad promptly go to tbe aid of the Palmett > State. I aaa well (oraaee how negolt allea will be Impeded hy auch a proclamation of vlnwa from tbe President aa the despatch la tbe Haaau> of yea tet '.ay foreehadowa If la tbe dteoeeeioa of the coaatitu noeai phaae of thla qoeatloa of aeceaatca la hia aaawafi he should doeaa it hM duty to preaeat his owa oplnieaa. aad they ebould turn out to be la oeallot with the pre railing idea la the Sooth of tha right of pise sable aeoea alea, he should by all meaaa etpreaa aa optnloe of the ImpoMe? of entorcing auch a doctrine while the poWie salad wsa ao excited. If a proclamation maintain 'ag tbe uaaoaatltulloaallty ol peaceful se< esstoa la made, without aay oouatereallirg mod IA halloa, moh as I Ir -iicate, all hays' of paaoeable aettlemeat will be at aa aad. Public ladignatios la the ?mth, which, U la ta he hoped, will bare materially sob aided by the time Coafreaa maata, will be Insuatly rtrM up, aad In tha deeperatloo of despair precipitate actio* will be lakca, aad Uioroagb dlsuuloa mist bs Iba cooae queue* Ooerrioa would make Virginia a* aitra as Snsth Carolina. It la. In faot, the rery e^serreney, aroordiag to her own adrnwoe, which will cauae Virginia to take toe Held. It W lt> view of each a onutingeaey that >he is no? armies her citirca aoldiery with anon ha?ta aad at e<i-n IWBKuee etpaceo thla, la ahnrt, of all otbare. Is lb* Irsoe which would isroire moat rulo to tha aausa of Me t'ntno and belt cod tribute to Uic mc*** of the es'^esV'n MTIBNl The black republican journal* tees to eotorlaln atroaf hope* or an early aubetdacoe of the *ec*a*n>n eaci '. i mrut. because of ttie comparative lull which they <1 ? cover Id tbe political altuoaphere of Ibe Mouth Th ? hope wiU, I fear, prove a deluelve ooe This i* an tutor v a. of comparative calm, which will terminate with the meellLg of tbe flrst cot venlioa to bo heid id the So?n A Dew era will then turn np and a sacn* of escltein int srtll follow, compared wlih wb'cb the agl'ation during the abort ptrtcd wblcb baa Intervened *ince the Prcatdentlal election will be at tfce ?ip pla < f a em ill pood to the furious upbearing* of tbe agUatel oceaa, A t -rrlttla storm le brew'cf, end I look to tbe period aadigned for the meet log of tbe Southern convention* for a fat: developemer.t 01 Ita tury. The debate* in OoLgres* upon the esci-etlon question will, in all pre ->abtltty . bava attained a legree n bitter tttrnsiiy by that time, wblcb will meteriaily add tc tbe eicltemnnl Line 'n, too, will be on tbe eve of inauguration, and tbla c ntfmpUltou will tho already excited populace In tbe ultra "-juthtrn rtUtoa. But there ta do luaterlal abatemoc. In tbe popular excite ment now. Meeting* are being held every where la Vir ginia to prepare for tbe coming crtFla. "Minute Men' are being rapidly organ'aed, arms distributed and volunteer com pa aire drilled for active service Thti la (*pe:lally the oaae lu tbe cooatry districts, wh're drill baa been heretofore neglected Fvery wbera, In f*-.t, there am eigne of active preparation, and bo la?.* of eotbuaiaam la vtaiblc. ao that tbla porod 1* employed for purely practical purpose*, and It i* that fact that ha* rendered It *o Iree from the eioltement pecallar to tha paet two wecka. Bubtneaa icon are rendered more atald and InJttljrent under tbe pressure of ibe prevailing pecuniary revulalon. Willi them the operatioo of banks, ibe range of their dl* count llnee and the rate* of eicbioge are paramount to ail merely political consideration for tbe pre*en: But they , too, will fall Into tbe main curreut, if only t> ro movi the original source of their eiLba'rastwents and st ttie lb* pending dim -ultlu In one form or another. Tbe rate* of ricntnge on Me* York since tbe euipon ?loo of our bank* b?ve ad mooed to a^veu per ceat pre mium. and ibe probability Is tnat a further ad^ancd will soon teke plane If your bank* continue to pay mil specie. A | rimium of $46 van paid aero on yesterday for a draft lor $810 t.pou Baltimore Uv. aa tn:s ttat? of til gs 1*. It wor'd be conslderab'y worse nad the banks coolinutd to pay out sprcl*. Such a polmv would nr>-i-*?llate a cur tailment of the discount line to a ruinously lot *l*a1arl, and Ihua rerlou* d 'rasters ?mI| be entailed up in IM mei cent lie community. rbe cotton *t?tes hive a great advantage at such a time over the nou cotton g"> win State* They can, as the ) are to? dctcg, s.uid :ott0u to New Yoik and rtr?w upon ita proceed* I), th'.i nteAns they (fleet a very lar*e raving in tbe w?y ? f premium*, and many wbo have lo cblgslkus to meet dt tbe North augment tbe promts of the cotton returns by sell a; Vn'te at enormous premium* l'eterabarg, which command* a considerable trade wltb North Caroli.iu in the a tin?, tuiltrs comparatively Inns from a derangnmonl of tho eicbarge bssia Tbey manage to prese'vo ttio equi librium acmirably by seeding to New York ? suflbiont quantity of cotton lo meet their reqitretuen'.* In tho ei change I toe I ?as informed lar? evening of the return from L.berla to tbls city of so no negroes who u^ro f. rn r!y m.imnnitie 1 in this state, and sent at their own request to that coun try They told themselves Into slat ory Immediately on their return, a ad are now Iivlu* boro much more content e<l ILaa thty wero while In tho ei.jjymtn' of their freo dom. I waa Informed by tbeaarre gentleman tbat mora than half the free negroes who die in th'a city are bar:, d \t tbe public -xrtnse Th e ta e jfoof of tbefr lrpprov:4cncc, si d fhow* bow UL'avo'abl) their condition ontrwle with that of tbe (love* Sooth Caroilua motey Unovi atadiaei. tr,f ten i?r occt, and North Carolina at Bve per c?nt A etlU farthor dc precletlvii 1* apprehended the It iter of tiovernor L'teher *o artebln it hlK'nr oommended here Bis mesKage lo the Legielalcrelrlli l>? marked by tbe came Dun and consc-vatt?e ton? GEORGIA. OCR MACON CUHHVBi'C N S.SC9 MiOOX.Ga , Not il , 1360 4 It Rhctt in Miludyerille ? Vni n i'arty Agitai-1 ? P />' lar Frling ? Ou oprratf -r Between Georgia a- J A labl ma? of Trait in Micon and .Tai linah ? Prrr uion Credits Stnppnl, tfe II n. l: B Ubett, ol S.iuth Oert ilna, is at lfllidJgeTlUe, tea i. if the temper of the I<eg irlatur<) ud lufustng tome of h. i owe. An attempt will be made to get up a UnlHi party and run In anti secesuon delegate* to tbo Conven Hod, but ( believe It will prove abortive It /raacerta'.nly tbc underatudiBg of the twenlfr-two reforeca summoned by Um House Comic It tea on the Siate of the K "public, and who agreed upon the Convention bill, that no Colon party tbould bo started, atd tbj mode and measure of ?'rraiataice" pledged lu the bill ehould be left to the d.s erf t loo t( the Convert too Bat if, In apUe of tbl* agree ment, a Union party IB started in Oeargla, I believe it will all the more certainly commit tbe State to secession Further observation baa atreugtbeoed tbe opinion* ex pressed to you that Georgia will go wth tbe weeding Stale*. An yet but rne county meeting haa declared against secession? the email county Of Taylor, about Bfty mile* couth weet of thla point? while all tte others which havt yet spoken have in very numeroc* meeting! al most unanimously decla: -d for It. Sumter, which polled *00 Toki fur Bell, Ian >atur '.aj oeclared for eeo?e*lon, only two diaaeLting. Ine ItUle we have beard from up Mf (<e< rgia, allien It It supposed would !>b iv atrong hold of I'nlcnlam. show a a remarkable change of opinion Cobb county ceclartd for secession unatiimau ly a few da) a ago Tbe (norgia Convention II to meet on the T.h January, and tbat of Alabiina, noejrdtng to Oov. rnor Moore a pro mlse, will be cailod for the 9U>. Tbt* v lli allow a parteo! co rperalli?. Bus. cere 'n Macon remains depr* *ed to *? cstrwrdl nary degree CoMoa accumulate* slowly la tbe waro boure* at the rate of Ove to aeven noadred lisle* a day, but net one bat* ha. been eold a'oce Friday lad, aor more iban three or four hundred ? ilhiu a fartn^bt the betkiarr afralu to dlfconat cotton bill*. In toe faoe ol the fart that their money cornea right bat <. upon mem I'lsMeis, under a nervoua apprehension of tbe oonee < s of a g? political disturbance, I ro tbair cropa let j gol 1 a?d ley it away for future contingencies In thla eoudlt'nn of atrair* no rtliof la anticipated until Mjme of tbe extraordinary penalties for suspension are removed from the l<iaka. Kn nr. tfaTecoa'j ( h*ar even wore* amounts. A letter rrom apnsideot of a kadtug bank In that city to Jay aaja that ail buainraa la aull.-ring unocr a tjla; parelye's K? e bit i go can bo aoid on no point, and cotton bayara hue Ken oi.upelled to surrender tiaek their purchase* In the tbape of t> i : .* of lading Be e eo prop wee, aa a deep* rate t vpedlrnl, the Idea of makm^ SCaU alienee* < n planters' or tton, shipping it to Liver,' acd icturn Ing them tbelr manufactured r.ippllea. Mi tfes rnmaindor In gold Tma plan, however, be will find impractloaoie Beyond a douM, ui.ices some relief la bat very quietly, large amounts of mercantile paper must go back I > your oily dlebnnoied. Other*, whose credit (toe* not binge eo etoer:y upon part leu, ar date*, may console tbemaelvra With tbe reduction that, let money tier.- be aa acafM a* It may, It Biuat be ultimata!/ forthromlng for the cotton I Tbe ? i. ii mul be had aud in ,lu? time It will ho boegbt and sold, If tbe gold haa to be brought arioa* the Atlaailj ' for iba. pi rpo*e. O .r pre vtaion and grain men were cotllel tb la mora leg from H Lou la that Georgia err lit waa to b? (topped Ihe fear la ae anall get so far ou . of the Ualoo that remit tacce will be impetkibl* So be It. 1 w ah the world ; WtinM stop iviLibern eredlta a*. inrf? ard forever. A planting country Ilka this haa no need to owe tbo world a rop|>er, aod the greeted bleealng aha could c infer on oa would be tbe *toppefp of credit A **ctloa of cmatry prodoclng annually two hundred and eighty million* In eiport Of"pe, with tbe commooeat pru lenee may bo tbo world'i creditor, juat a* eaaltg aa Um world * dobtor. Mjirem, Ga , Not. 22, ISM Pattoft nf the Oar^i.'fm Ihtl- Bank Surjmtvm? f-tgu taiiw Beceu?Cornrh*r'$ KettmmrniUUom If Ckmtt A'e Prettden'iml KUcton?rvblu Met I'ejmUr (>pin t(4a? JkviiiVw or ftoal Surrender, Sc. Tbe felU calling a conventloc of tbe people of Georgia to l oesider the mode and measure of reaistanc* to aectten*) aggreaalen la now a law by unanimous ooacnt Tb* ori glaal bill bai been amended as to time, an 1 appolata tb* election of delegate* oa Wedaeaday, tbe 21 da; of Jans ary nest and the se**ton to commerce on the lTih of the ran ? month Tbe convention will rone tat of ?02 meat hers, and, without doubt, will embody tbe beat la! eat la the state The but removtag penal tie* for baak sueproeioa will probably. If It pa* are, caoxinler tbe Governor'* icto, cuch, at kaat, is the rua*or Bta Kxoallinay laaralloai aatl bank maa.and etpee'ally averse to baak * us pea sloa*. Tbe *troage*t prtv. a appeal* are. nteaawbU*. go ing te MllledfWlUe every day, and a gene'al "susfcnsloa" among the merchar ta and baatneaa men la pr^lirted aa Ihe certain reanlt of the ooatin nance of tb* present state of aflalr* a few wr?ks longer. Not a bale ot eottm la sold, atd every pecuniary rwourea of the country I* locked ap The groans of the woanded are awful to heatr Tbe l.egtalature baa a motion before it to take a reran until the 23d day of January, to avail llMlf of tbe tight of tbe action of tbe Slate Oonventioa. Of oonrse, if the dee talon la to seewte there will be ao eocaaloa to *eot I'aited States Senator*, and tbe a;pro i pr tenon bills most be passed with a view to ail coatia gmclee? civil, military sad diplomatic It Is probable, therein e, that tbe General Assembly of ieorgla wiU very bortly enapead its faoett wa for a seeana. tte Gevervw seat la a special bm ??age r?"omnaeadl*g I tbe l/sgialatire to elect so j*res!dential sleatnr*. Tne | Joint majority ol Be>li aad D>nglia over Brack inridge. la tbe Mate, H shown by tte offlo'al return* to be abo. t i '>00, aad tbe oonetltotMm, In aaaa af no choice by tbe Kj|?ie, deroirea tbe daty upoa the ftenaral Aaeemniy. * Governor tblaka (Morgta bad bewer a?t rod tus fibgaea furtbrr with a aoat rovaray wbiob baa alr'^iy fooad It* practical detarmtaattoai ta eo uaaeoasUlie diabonorable a maarer, bat I tbiek U IS. aeTertheiaae mere than probable- that the e?e*ort may be cheiaaa. It ia jeat wtlhia tbe mage af humea poaalbllltlee Vmi lew V irk aad ansae ottar iMalea mar noaciuia, at th' aieveatfe Loor, that peace aad I'nk* are beilee lb u> taa^lrre prtenihle ea .fU*^ " aad give their electoral ve'.e* to acme man anoo*H?llted to that am ab<e the rr ff *o,<t tuie <f tee teWw ayb te wire* would settle the whtd* freaideitlal qiieat(< m ael*lbaloMl? In a f?W boore Br.i if so dr|pe r*ie ebaaca a* tb'e be nnwoMhy of SMlce, <i la certainly or aiegmre for Grorgin to g've last (Wtldesiin. rede rrr erase priorities aad a safe aiaa Pnbiir meeting* era in progretl li> ?r*r the >Ut4 a the dtaroioE ijUtMlm-.. 80 far two btve deoiarod again*! ** r?* r ion J -iifr* >n county, tw rcaitiooee of ? (r ivomar Jchicon, |*Ta a atreag It a?a:aal It. The uM arotaakin record, boeaver, w yet ve/y meagre. I hear aJI k'i,o? of opinion* nbuui tbo ullioMt; coinplnxlon opi nion will late, a.tme >?*?elon? me* predict Itg that lb art will be a large p >puiar an J repreaentaltvo mijirlty u?aiuat atotMwii to iho ?? ctloa and Contention 1 MS en rcawa. b< wi tv, t-> ofcange the <|;Qlon originally e* pn-Mec, tbat ;c 18,ooo n.aja.-u> agamat *eceai ion in II*# It vuatly coi.nt?ri'?l?uc?i iu ibe aoceeiofi of lender* and rank eud U!u to ibe aentaalon movemeut of If n (1 rtuict Ifeue is maiie nefore the people, I think the readtt wilt be a more dmtaively diaanlon Convention vnuM b* eta-clod "u the orl final programme of an unoommiMed itatios in thai t>ody i"irtr<"?oie 'h ? policy or tbie State win be oltlmatato iDiiM'bc.d to a greht i xiom bv tbe attitude *r ber nt'jti hora She cannot reoia'n neutral in a cjmmon oau M, wtib Sci-ib Caroi'La and Alabama on either aiae of b?r la a poeitioo of ant*?tH'1em to Him federal government. Tba l olit; i t a C ioarrvati ?e or U?.lon majority in bcr Coqvm tlon, rboulrt auth b<' bal. would ifouutiM* be to poupoaa act ui' ti r an aunraiit to cnll>t tbo cooperation of Ik* other foultcni Stain; (tut tbn aocesaion men see tt ? now or Devi r l<t t ibt in 1 ir? ibH pot & I of rebalance, and a toutl aurr<>L(ier to a MMltlnn'ini 1* epeedy and inevitable. Our mot aagacton* mro Fay, U the CV.on oiirv von tt* election of a black republican I'realuent, an lutcrceola* war la unon tbo Sontb iu a few yeara, unl??8 abe aeta at i once at>o?t a h b?Bi<' 01 jrrailnai mancipation I GBAN& MASS COKV?NTI(>> OF Tll( PBOPLI OF AU I PABT1B8 ? OKOkOlaKK, ALAIIAMAINS. MOOT El G'AKO MNAINh ? AT COLC1HIUS, O 4 ,0ft 8ATTKPAY, NOVBM' brk 21, at tun o'clock a <* , at c n ar iioum BQt'tKh H?S1ST AKCk TO L^UOLK ? ANT1 BLBJtt* | HON htjsii!" ?Tbe foi'oa'ag illat''.sbed epoakem hare hein invlutl and will attwd: ? From SictQ C*roHa*? , Hjc. JamtaH Hammond U. a A (. Hadrian, H>n 0. G. lii mtoirgir t'roui ^Uuaoia ? Sou Saoi'i F Rtce, Hon. ! Tbr* U R n Wn T. Yancey. Krom Georgia? Alenaiii'er H S?e,.h?na. B H HilVn Law, Thoa R S. i Col'b, Hoi V Mi.ler, W * O Doi.iuccy, V Bart'iw. Thnlafl e? M( tcT|led, and will aueni. Ample pr??t virion *111 be m*fle for Ibelr comfort. On ak ok lua luy ? <a?uuj of one biindred funa at atM O'clucA at tbu Ooutt Souae i>()uare. Tae v'oneaaloa wtU form ai Btui- o'c!'?c* iu (n rt of tbe Purrv Hiuae. Order of tbe proei reion ? Marabat M ulc Tb'i m"ttAry of the coumy, wtiu bantu 1 8. turabal. Kuaic. lire OapW> mi r. t, v.'ita balgea a..d haunt, e Manihai Unnm Old Felii ??, th - revorend cierg) of all (lenoinbalinua, ota* mitleen of di batee and cor'p*|h?cdence the orator and guuita. rionUi'iu oaard Marsha: C Hzsna (eneraUy. Tempcriu.c? Hall has l>e?u ttca'-ed for tbe evealnc, and will be r><vi i i ciae Of rain la tlie mjruirg Cu?c una, co riio ail Now or never GOVEMion IIKBSCHRL V JOHNSO* ON THE CltlSiS. K* Govrror H X Jol ts-n, m rnsponre to aa luvlla tie-n fio-r a lu mber of ux m'-ers of to* L'gis'ature of Georgia, pubi'thes a letter enpo-.r.JIng his v , earn on tbe prist, rt ntv-.n i ttje So th. After arg lag the: IM thcii >n of Use .in v f>* tiie r<nrn|UoDoe of the division at lb e dtmorrtcy, l?ort it, or JobLSuo sa>s ? tint <v e elds i i!. other ?as wr. tig is self evident: for hoi p. iooH r- ? ?>rt r'^n We arc therefore lndeb'e* tosncrrrof our oan. for our sign*' d?foat ? it sleoted Ln co n Heart, an ?s uc not entirety blameless. it be b vis l < to wju<*i i.'ir ? TUrj cru.iou by calm roflectio* and prudent eturrels. Hatty aciioi la a!wa <s unwise; tt ?a superlative to ly ."twit prompt d by < aaalon for wtuoh ocr o?r Indiscretion huci.iM the e-rtstiug conation. R-l " t'. it r ' eul iiu > thi tr deed ' i it the ooufltot through ah cfc v bK7 jolt piM*. . , withal! its atorbiiv sod rsnnor, be rotiSVt ei ? bllvton ; aud animated with a|ui>l? te culm to rtscu* our co-mlry from tmpcodlaf dm ft" s, Ii t i ? take cot -ttrt with. eacti ntuor, ua friends at.j 10 iow rltl* i s e 'm?o InUrcati aud destiny are one. I do tot I bin* itr election of Lincoln a sufficient cause fur secsttion Nj man deprecated it more tban I do. h more In , !*ei<t>iy Iksii ? to the avoared pruclpis* and p?-ltcy ol tbo roj ublica- party. I truat I km t.s soad toboone <n au inin.t<eot devotion to the rights aad bnt'>r ot tt>" ?'uio Rut be is Intimately elected? plbcti (' m rtrU ? aroovdan c with tiie constitution, and, therefore, beti * sticklers suraelre* lor conforsilly on the part of i-ttem to tb< coostllniion, let ua practise our pre cept oy obierehg it on w p trt If tie on j a the ?oa stitut.on in b:s ai*inin:Mr?t i n we shall h'.vo tufftred do iijerj hy his e;ertto*;tf he v-oUU* it by aggrveging upo* our r'gbts. w?> will resist It. ad tbe jutitci. of that re ataiaiice v, . ; rtlly to. uolteC L arts and hands of all true I at riots But It '* cot. tended by many that re must anticipate aggtessloi ?assume tbat it wul rotre, and aenoae fr<>as tiib t'nlou i a. mtd iat iiy to av i'.d It I do not approve of eucl. a etiutse Bat*aLt!Ripat!nb that It may c >mo, pro deoee strgests that we begin at once to prepare to r? sbi It Ibditve, bortrer, that, ttnder the rxiat'.ng circaas ?"ancta, it raabol ru n The Pr aideal Is powerieaa wltbcnt tbe cobCurreM-u of both bojsei of Oongrese Bat t>oth are kno? n to be oppoaeti to tbe federal principle* and policy it tbe republican patty. How Is It possible, theo for I t.o'i t" ronunlt tcy aggresrlon noon the ?outhf Br raon' t orractse bis a<i m!r titration except by tbe approval of the Senate no trevmre can be adopted without the action of CoBg'tM lis cm do nothing of * biniedf. He is at the no< rcj of (Jon^rtsa ? aiinjaet really to Us fiic'ation? as |MWM aj Sani?oc rborn or bla locks Iharo'ore. when It it aakod. all! yeu aubmlt to tbe rule ol Lincoln- I reply no; 1 am not under bla rule, but uiider the rule of tbe gort-mmi-nt whose legislative depaitn.eut >r kioau ti be friendly to tbe oonalttutlonal rights of tbe soutn. Ho ia oce who is nndnr rule? Oound baoo aod fnoi I bid blm deQanoe while tbna bound but i' tb? c mplesmn of C ? g'ora >>oall change to that of hnetlllly to my secticn, kucoc < If h a fetters and violate our rlgnte, I will defy them ail; and If I caunot oitiaia redie?e In tha I uion, tbeo, trust:ug t-- the reset vol so re rclgLty cf the .??tate, I a nl strike tor separata luJepea dei ce <nt o? th? I'nloo But tbe t?onib baa gr emncee of which to oonplain far mor < tallxg than lee ba-a ei<-cli m of a republican to the I'raaMitocy Tne surrender of fuiittve slaves la a onnaU tnlloeai cbl'gatkn up -r. every Slate in tbe Union With out such a guaranty the In Ion would never hire bee* formrl. It carrot :> eg survive tta ciotioued and pee elsteni disregard by the non aiaveboldtrg states Tka violation o' It, by sr><ge, commentid altinii s'mnl taneouily with the abolllk a agitation It bat " grown with its groatb.and t>lrergtb<-ii(d with Its strength," until r.ow, In defiance of ral etuntnnu's, a majority of those S:atea l ave |?saed riribK at laws to oijairuct a t4 b Inrer the recovery ot fugitive ?laws. True, tbe oottoa Slates have not suffered very considerably on this boo re; the (v I motrrarily falls mnlnlr itpnn the border Matea >tnt all tho aUveboltirg Sutes have fa It, and do now keenly feci, this icfldentv of their Northern sifters te their irfalu oonal'lultoi al ob igatlon They have and but tittle, r.ow< vt r trey ha* v aubmilUd to u almost with out rnmptaint Aml-lst the aimott nomlxad evil which I apprebet.'l f'om tha elect loo of I.'ncoln, I tec on<? c ?o4 reault, and th?t ta, the awaktttiioe of tha .s><uh t > iO"sa groat ptievatcra They -nigat not to be perrouieati/ aa t milted to, b 4 protnptlj redressed, upon tbe miteo de mand < f tbe Sooth. Lot tbe appeal lie made to tie doita ?(i.< at Mates. I'CiftDor Johr'i i: lh--n refen to his previous <v. nloM on tbe poellli a of Georgia, and ooacludea aa f <> lo ??? ? These wore my oomluoa at to the proper oarae far ik< rgta to adopt ia 1M60. At tar at fioy are appiicahte to the preornl i-rlsla I wen. J aiv:se their adopt ov now. n-.en I trr u d oay ; ? 1 1 4 1 tbta U gisiaturs osl a Cenveatloe of tbi- people, at such time ar oaf be ccetovd most convenient, n coti eiaer at d determu e what tbe 'tale tbotild m l aise, In tbe meat, tin o, jmt the Mate in a condition to aitet any etrerg- oey. X Iat tl et foorrbitoo rea' irm tbe ' fie-trgta "lat form" i f IHtO. ar.d il. marl the reptal of ail lau-s paaaed by asy cf the nor> rareh >idtrg Stairs, wbich obstruct ta* tici utioa, in good fa lb, of tbs not of Congress for lbs rt nditioL t t l. utire ali.: j 3 C r.Trutiin appeal lo tbe N'orltera Stalsa to snpprt f a by all leg-i.mate m.-aanr* t Ihs slavery agtta tto* ss subvirtiva of Um peace aa* fraternity t> etwee* tljeS atu of Ibis Union 4 1 1 1 tbat itmventto* aak a (vt,mllat io* with the other <oinbt rn Matre. elthar in a Ctm*rer? for trial p*rps*s, or in tuch o her traaner as may h t best salculatcd to stent* oonorrt of aetiou I tt peat abat t said Id tbe letter alladef to ? As to ttoe nrais h -Utnlhr'.) .^.ngreae onrbt to ad not to enforce lh<*e propoa'tiooa. tt would he orveuaptlo* laaa* to venture a etiggt stl- D I ; filer fatber to ataad taut* before the wisdom o* Its ot unsels aad tea eu*atastveiy to MS dcciaw cs. i am willing to oonOde Iho latere*!. Its boaor and rights of the 6o?il< m lhehao> s cf auch a body, and rare I feel tbat lta ma' al ttdeeoc*, rcprtaeollag ss It would the patriotism, tbe InMlligeane and flrta rnsotw* of Um- douih, would he pott ot lo save the (Jskm sad ava> ken tbe Kt rtbern tilaKa to the oangar with waicti tnetr a'rgak'ra faaaitciim has imperilled it. I rbruld b< pe that a fl'tn and earrtst *p;-aal by th* South to U>e Northern States srtntld be heeled . tbat thap woi td, uadtr a sense cf coistitunoaal obiigati'n, r?p?al llitlr "I*rrfocal Liberty bills," and cease to btaier toe surrender ol teg it I ve alerts I rti eat, a ooulioued a ad prs auui oiaregard of our rights lo this particular, by the dcu alavehoiding States taoaot and oaght sot to b* schfntitM to II It time ft-r the South lo deoaaad eieap tloa from tbe afltatln* of sla-rsry, from ucjintlSaMe la terferroee wilb oar domestic prace a?d a- curtly, fraaa farlhsr sggrresloaa MNB our >igbts. Hi th? faULiut eh serTM -e by the Nertbern Stales of tl s reqalresieals aa* Itiarantera si the ronalltiilim f#t tt>e o iaiseas of r* drtes be begun now aod pro*tcaled to a Oaai onesaassafe tlo*. Ia t t-vrry tfVrt t>? made to J every meaasbee* hansted to restore tbe t'nlrt h u-.a lo what it was latoaie* lo be b) its louaeets If we fail in this, wbiob I will net antlcpete, then the Interest, right peace aud boaor of the South w IP etqntrc * dissolution t> f ihe 1'alc.s Tbanklag you. fnt'imea, tor the cmpllmeeiary terms of yw*r note. I am iruty asd faithfully yctr oteaieet aerraat, aCRd^HKl f. JOBS (HI. SOUTH CAROLINA. mi ao? m btio* r* covnitm*. | Prom the caarleeloo llerrury , Ilov S I All it ?ulaltooaof oommsree *ra In ih? hands of Oo* gr?ae AS the laaa now are, lbs people of tbe fatted plait* have a r>gbt to trade with " sry r,?t!*s of tbe >arih Tbey prraume thai all peoplo wtlb ?h ?<* they are bo( at Star are frleocs. Tu make Smlh t aretlaa aa ei ceptlo* Id an v way moat he done by a n -? not of Ona greea Ot* such aa act bs passed' let us roasider tbe saoject la the lo wrst Mb4 eol ls*t t iew Tbe peos s of tbe fatted -tut- s bavs aars*lriat** c^>*mert"al reialtone with Raytl an1 L iHorta. aad haea r >a>*ierc lal ag< nts In supe-Ut -nl and |>reaiole Ihelr laka traas in tboae resloa? The aitol u loo lata tf Use North, Ml select with tuoh relations , instsi tbat ws thsai a?ass ledge them aa 'quale, and bavs negro a ia*al ii s at Wsshingtoa u, rvpreeeat thrtr dignity A very feae years, it mauart were left to tbe r onarss, wouM sss ihht poliej rssJised New. 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