Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1860 Page 7
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MB. L1BC9LH AT HOME. Bnaaintu}, lil , Nor. 39, 1860. I Mr. Llicoln arrived here at 6 30 P. M from Coicago, to Ut delight of tba reporter* ud a number of offlse oceiers, wLo bare been ljUt; is wail for blm slnoe htirtejr. Tb* Prrsldeot and party travelled lo roparato car*. No oralloei were reoelred on tbe *>/ ou account of the rainy wtainer. A. B Cot nor, Chairman ol tbe Indiana Central Commit- ' tee, vu awaiting bis arrl ral Judge Amy, of tbe Kansas Relief Committee, was here j lo day, and denies emphatically the report that Mont gomery reoelred any countouanoe from the oomoalttee. I He ooilccud a large quantity of prorialaas In Cen'ral ' ill mo la, ?EMS FROM W18HIXGT0J. Wambikotob, Not. 90, 1860. on rumcn/riBa with fbrv. !?spatches were reoelred at tbe Department of State this morning from Booth America Mr Clay had reoelred his pise ports, and was making every preparation for speedy departure. He la probably < ob his way to the United atates la the Wyoming, in oon sequenee of the gorernment of Pern baring reftsed to Bake proper arrangements for adjustment of the olalmi of oar oitlzeos. Mr. Zigarra, Pernrtan Mlnlstsr here, was Informed to daz that his diplomatic Amotions bare ceased, and hli (??ports hare been sent to him. this erent justlles what I ha re all along asserted In regard to ear relations with Per*, In oootradiatlastlon to InJtMution published from this city In aoms of your contemporaries. It Mk sewn here that erer since Ztgara came to thli coantry the moot abusive articles bare appeared In the gorernment organ at Lima, denouncing our country, our tnstHutisos aad our gorernment, from the President down, charging them with everything disreputable and dishonorable ? all of which, It Is positively asserted, emanated from tbe Perurlan Legation here. Such are the ad vlccs reolved by tbe last arrival. or* cuius os coils Despatches were also received from our Mlnlstor to Chile. There was no political new* of importance The aspect o( affair* was unchanged. Chile manifested no disposition to settle etd adjust the claims held by our cKlsecs Cults* our government adopt coerolvd measures, and abow to tl?e petty Soulb American States that they mean wlat tbey say, they never will enter Into any -Arrangement. TBS FACinc Blir.W'HON. Volnmliious despatches were received at tbe Nary De partment this morning from tbe Paoilc squadron, giving tbe details of tbe movements of tbe c jaalron. Health of offioers aad trew generally good Tbe Wyoming was ihortly expectod, with Mr. Clay, our Minister, on board illsks or as oosn Secretary Cobb la so muih lndlspjeei as to be unable to attend to tbe duties of bis department ths nisic.sAnoa or jcikis tasbt Tbeve bas been no official notification eoeoernlng tM reported resignation of Chief Justice Taney, as far a* csn be learned. Tbere is certbtnly no such information at ths Attorney General's office. TUB IS CUB RBBBRVATIOSa By the recently ratified treaty with tbo Raw (Kansas) '.ndtans, tbe question affecting tbe lntrnalonoos on tbslr landa bare been adjusted. Those Indians are now cos centrated w'tbln defined limits, outside of whloh the whltee will be undisturbed A few Intruder* are *till on the '"age reservation, but notice hss be? n served to them to remove thnrefrcra The Intruders on tbe Cherokee neutral lands havo been forced to vaeate tbem tbrongb tbe energy of tbe Cim I oUaskooer oo Indian Affairs. Horatio Klsg hsa returned from a family visit to Maine, and not, as erroneously reported In nme or the newspa per*, from a visit to Hsnolbil Hamlin. Both chambers of Congress are now in re illness for the member*, a rery few of whom, bowerer, bare as yet 17 rived in Waablngton. The old Senate chamber? the improvements having been complete*! ? will be by tbe Supremo Court of tbe IV tod Statee al its Deoea oer rtaslon. Messrs. Bwenejr, kitten house, rant A Co quote Virginia money to day at sl? per oent. discount tor specie and three per cent discount for cnrrency, an 1 sight ezchange as New York at three per ceat. premium TEBRIFIC GALE ON THE LIKES. Jluimu Iklpwncki Md Oitat Lom of Property. Ohwkoo, Not 2S, 18?0. Aooounta or the effecta of the it cent err ere gale are < :omleg In from every quarter The follow 10( tewli are reported u bavin* met witn dMU'^ri ? Tbe t'booner Forreat la frown In tbe toe near Trenton In the bey of Relate. Tbe (ebocmr Gaaeade bu been irlren to Backett'a Oar ber, dlaabled and with aalia gone She la loaded with vbni Tbe acbr>a<r Jcaile F Mark It ub rr, with a eargi >f CO*', tea id lira aboy* Port Colborae, on Lake Erie. The tcboontr liar 7 Bellna, with timber, la aabore In CUa.moct llay. The acbooner C met, I'ala, la at bore near n.g 80 dua Tbe acbooner Quteo City ta aakorc at Kingetoa , baa loet beata, aaiu, ke. A propeller (ornater) ran aabore eight m ea below ? Store M'lie, Canada, aid anbeeq'it ally went to piore. Tlia eehocner Augtataa Han't 7 la aahnre la Sooth II if ; ? sanvaa and beat gooe leaking bad)/. A lUia er from Kti<(a on reporte aerea ' rtiatla aabrrr between tbal place aad BackeU*a Harbor. Tbeie lea blind, rg anow atom from tbe aouthaaat ? now raging b?re. Tba tebooaer J J Motley no aaWe near Klagatoa, Game Cork at lvr'tnli Point Mian* h*h? dragge 1 both aacbuta aid weal aahora aear f'ape Tlaoeat, and Mar qjetto wet t at tore en film'i 'rlan t Over thirty rea e< la, bound to thia ynrt, are atlll Wi arrive rbe weaiber ta modrratitg alowif . Samam H*** ? Nor. 34 1W Two rater la are aahore at ."loof .r.-ek an I at Header ? 00 niTti nr.ktnwn Oae veawi b^twaen H me lelaal asd Moay bland baa a aignal of e i (tree* at ber man bead Tea eieamer Bay Slate U g-? lug to h-r aaaiataoce Immediately . Aiwia*. N. Y , Nor M, mi ?abooerr Edith, of 0?kvlil?, wta beaebel in tbe gele of Faturfa; a tntie tmth of Stopy F*< ot fgat ale bal no caret a trboonar <naar I'atba, with a cargo of wkrat, froar Toronto B it mi" went to ?!??*?, bat the er<. wa wtre eared, except the at of the P*ah% Bcrrtto, Ni* J1, IH40 Tbe ektrm of ?tturi?\ an 1 Hunt ay waa the aa?e'? ae <7ere that bat tvtcnmd bere f< r o<eny )?tr? Tbe dam age to batMtnfa la tbe elty waa b<i bee y? the darao't it oa of tbe caattog hooee of Palwer A Wa la * >rih, ?h ca ajraa ta acara* cf erert ??. ba'aj- th? prioc't't' rata. T.>e war Ire luaaaa, aa far aa beard from, are a? f>l Mwt ? Mr m br rtr, w th a Bar 1 1 of oata, it aabore in bay Tba bark thiraat, With ? ra-gi U ?>t Is ae?.- :e B ?>.* MtWlH* tbe a?b.-> t?r Faitry Oardn^r la aabo" cear th? Ft* baa ea ce'go. / Tta frofel.i r F. real Q-<-eB a?bore at Ba1 ijr'a Ha-?-, l?t grni to a ' A large pre 1- ? top^MM !? h: 1 1 tab. < l' ? Ktw York Central Ra'iroal lla? . i? atbore at KigMara Mtkf Creek Sbe left Brltal > o? Friday aftr^noon with a drabta craw na b'-ard , all of wh-<? bare ptrtabad. /The propeller Jeraey Oljr, of tbe New York and Erie Hal Iroad line, la reported to h*T* foundered near Daa k rk, aad a? on bcarJ periabc 1. Two or U.ree propeliera and a n timber of tail rrtaala art aabore oa tba Cane* 1 a ahore Moat of the drat of raMela b mnd dowa hare arrived aa.'e'y, tbe lotara being eoadaed auMtly to reatMa bound m. T be Kbnetier J I. la aabore aev G>ode rltb.C. W. Mooner Win Mas wall la tab ire above Bujar toaf Point. Tbe craw all par abed eaaept oae Tbe arboraer *arraaien'o la aabore near Port 0>lborae Tbe Kbooarr Tornado, wttb a rarga of e.ira, from Cbl rago, la wrtcktd cear K igttoa Craw all I oat aad raaaal l<?e ta ptecea. Tbe ajkoaar* Enterprtre ta aabore at I /tag Point. Tba tebenner Arctic la aahare at I'reaqtte lalaad. Tba a Vwf r P-aiitwagla aabira n-?rPar Stanley aad fc?t go?ie t- placet Tbr rrb t?<t wt iiata Oaaa, of Chicago, t?a w. r Goodell, of Buffalo, wrrt to day lowed Into Me river *1 B?rni?, completely covered with loe, wtUi ovory man on tbe Gcoleli more or 1?M frozva. The brig Caillti Mann, from Chloago to Bghlo, t * aabcre mar Gooderlch, C. W; ere* eafe bat the real el la ? total Iom. The Ckdet, of Detroit, arrived at Gooderlch safe; re port* leelng a loaded ve?*el in tbe lake, running under bare polei, la heavy tea*, aad thick* ahe must have fooo dered The achooner Cujahoga la uh ore at Port Col borne, aad the Jtunle Hack three miles above there. Three other vrteela, name* unknown, are aahore at Point Albino Tbe bark gucshiae an J achooner Kenoeha are safe under long Point, but damaged The ashooner Marco Polo I* C?palzed sear Long Point The echoonera Ht George, Mary, Wild, River and two or three others, ntmee unknown, are aahore near Joulh R ay, Lake Ontario A telegraph despatch received laat evening by K Inroad Walter, &q., Secretary of the Board ?f I'ndorwrltom, dated Buffalo, Nov. 96, ? la tea that It haa been blowing heavy from the north weet, aad mowing, alao, that the propellor Wabaah Taller, from Milwaukee to Grand Ha ven, Lake Michigan, la aahore at M.ikegon Veaael and cargo reported a total loaa. The propeller Foreat Queen, with grain, Hour, kc , from Chicago to Buffalo, la aahore la Bailey 'a Harbor, Lake Michigan. Vcaeel and cargo touUy loet. Tbe achooner Comet, with grata, from Chicago to Buffa lo, la aahore la oar bay. Crew partly reeoaed from her Tbe veaeel will probably be got off, aad the oar go aared In a damaged atato. The propeller Dacotali, from Bbflalo to the I'pper Lake*, with a full cargo of g>oda, waa totally lott a few mtlee above here. Crew all loet. Tike Official State laava**. AIR4KT, Nov 26, 1S60 The State Can vaaatr* have concluded th >lr labor* of counting the vote of all the oountlee In tbe State, with the exception of Orange and Sullivan. The total vote of tbe Btate, Including the unofUclal return* from tboee two oountlee, la 102.646 lb.* Lincoln, and 812,116 for the fuilou ticket. Stair* Extradition Cat* la Caaada. Toronto, C W , Nor. 24, I860. Tbc exiradltlrn case of a fugitive s'avo numod Jackeon, from Mle*< -in, to* In custoc'y lu Braitford, charged with murder and etcaplng from slavery, waa argued at It ugth tu re on Saturday before lb * Court of ij<i?en'? B' r.tli. The drciafon whether he be t>?j up to the Uni te1' Viatel authorltlm will bo rendered ou Thursday. Probabl* lit- H, I action of Mr. Cling man. I'BTXTtWHrBU, V? , Now. 24, 1880. Pcnator Cllogiran bai been rcoomtnalod by the demo Cratlc caucus at Kale'gb, N C , for Senator. Hon M. E. Mauley was elected Supreme Court Ju l<e by the Legislature of North Carolina ou SatorJa> Ibtre was e< nstderabli talk among the members of se eeealon. Th* Prince Albert (lalwaid Ittaud. Est N f , Nov 24. 1849 The steamship Prince Albert arrived from New V?rk at noon, Monday, and sailed at one o'clock for Ualway .-be waa detained by thick weather. There baa been cease Wee rain bare elnco the 6th Inst Tb* Great Western Railway. Toronto, C W Nor. 26, I860 The Great Weatern Railway earning* forth] week end lag Friday was $43 6(0, an Increase of 15, >00 over the corrctpondlrg wok of last year. laow Storm at Waurtowa. Watiktown, Nor 26, 1610 Tb* mow be>e Is from a foot to elgbtoen Inches deep, and much drifted' No train bare artlrel yet (4 P. M ) from Boo*. Th* Break la tb* Caaal. Albany, Not. 26, I860 The break In tbe canal at tbe Junction It cioaed, and Uts water will b* lei la tbe caaal to night to C *'? th* boats on the Ei le oanal to tidewater. Soatbara (K*an luamtr Mov*m*nta. Satasnab, Nor. 23, 1??0 The steamship Montgomery, from New York, arrived at the bar at tea o'clock last evening. All well Chablb<to?,8 C , Nor 24,1890 The steamer Marion, Capt Whiting, arrived at two o'clock on Saturday afternoon. Market# N?w UBLB*m, Not M, 1*49. Cotton steady salts today 6,000 bale* at lojfe. a lOXc. 'or middling. Sterling exchange 101 a loiv,'. b.gbt exchange on New York at par a Si |>er cent pre mium, aad leas pr**aur* to day. Naw Oblbab* Nor. 16, 1860 Tbe rac*lp* cfootton for tbe week ending oa frtter last, were 70,000 bai**, against 74,000 for the corn sp >na tog week last ) ear Moeitj, Nit 14, 1660 Cotton ? Sales to-day of 1,6(0 bale* at Hi. for miiahng, with a air demand. t'HABLBCTon, Not 14, 1660. Cotton aal t lo day 2,C(0 hales, q I'i'.aii >ua from SXc to 10\c lor middling Maiktl drm Hai nanus, Nor 26, 1S40 Flour quiet Ohio and Howard street "up'-rdae, ft Cltr Mills 14 T? Wheat dull red, 61 06 a $1 It. wbitt, ill 20 all 46 C>rn dul> old white acd yellow, 60c a 63 1 Provisions dull and nominal Coffee quiet bet slaa-ly Klo Ik a l4Hc Whiskey dull at 19>{o. Pbm UMLratA, Nor 28, 1M0 Flour rrrj dull rnipeeflae, 66 tVneal dul r*4 61 17 all 10 . wh le, 61 27 a 61 40 Corn dull sa ee of 3.600 husbels of yellow at Cii white 4Ji Coffee? Rle 13: a 14'?c. Wbiaae) dull at 19Xc a 20 Albany, Not 16 ?6 P. M Floor In better demand, principally 'or the Et?t Wheat ? No sal s Corn Is oar lots at 6>: . aod 6 000 b> rbeis eold at t2*aC In store Oata ? Salt* 10 000 l> 'th eis at St V Kt > ? -%'ee 1 f.OO b-nbela at 64 ? for canal aarley more tlrmly b. i tain 6 000 buaheia Cat nga at nor. , an 1 ear lots of Jiil-raoa at f>6e. ?oirk?> ? eaiee 66 bbi*. at 1?K*. ?l?r*Lo, N >r 24, 1840 TVre la nothing doing la tbe ma-keia tin mm. lug, hot tbe feeling Is gradually improrlug freights ? ar rlera are oflerug to take . bt-Al to R ?ouex*er at 6 csata Imports? 12 000 bushels wheat Ftpol* ? Vine Cocisnbti, N ji 2* I860 Flour v?rv dull at 64 V for sapertao Wneat qatet, bet boldera d< maa.i eu o 6c ifbiekey in la proved dew end at ISMe Hue dell *>.d tfeelminr at 16 74 a 66 60 K-ertpu Itpbt rligbt ei-waege no New York at 1 per cent I'm feellsg fluMriallr ai. I ooioomt cial y W Tiry eotettlrd OirAi o. in" N-?p V r our dull WbratqVM . sain* ? I 21 ,f 00 been.-ls at 14) for No. 1, a?d 76c a 74 S" 'a,r No. 8 0?r* very dell Oils cull Kceipte? 1.(-10 l>?>i* ihir, 4M0 aovhe's ? heat, 1 000 buetels rorii N( Sbi|"nrnta Fre S ? N th'r r 'ou g. ttigbt exchange on New i oek 6'in at 7 per cvBl prrifiuin I ACBA Kkids s Thkatks ? tbc graed spectar 'lae pl? e, of Ik* dlabolleel order, tbe " Serin Misters * whleh h?s bvea for t?w.e tune la prrparitloe, waa |<ro*a<Md last n'|ht at Lanra K'ene's to an laistue uildellgit i eudlenr*. It It eery hard to erilttlai a play witkoat a plot, aid aa u.s* rre haa ec pl >t, n >r tbe pretence of ote *? 'orttsr trWclia It t ? a m- at > ? irarateol et ? t(a za. fuilof aleurb b :t am ieirif eltuatlons, tbouai >rg la fair .real bit* aid witticism*, aad a'togethar ' prnv *!- 1 !roa I glawicit to end. B. t *:,* *,i* earth* if ti ? piece are ta* ? e epanaeaiir *n< ,tt t 1 g*(<i>icf* w.icb fellow *i'h oilier ko rapid aaecMstos, at u la <-"'.t 'r* tbe a cp telther att-dy aor exp*ase ?pr?ar to b* i and Tbe eceae U aid partly 'n lb* ii . n a. r?* r. and parly la Ka? York, tad, rur''>** f noec'i i' ' 'i* ? ? at I inci'teuts in *ttb?r plte* do a*t leeie to rt?> very n.arfa Tbo Iwltl Orlll aed t ireb a tt> eeooi 'l ect Is adnn*ab)? a ? 1 elielo I lasted Bfp'ai e bat tl e *re?aleg s'awy i.f the pleoe I* tie greed trtrVriini'' . enetie at U? c>"se At e epec tsr' It or ? ? rl- tt? flne*t lli'eg ever produced h-re, ' r C : olna' i" "I olor, change aad ?e?qty of e3 lit T? r en ? e e t i Hit tu bave coet tb. ii aeefenieat 4' 0(0 It ?h.. i be ?c? by every oa* for wh >i say il. . t in the *0v*M aad ? *eVacaler Iw dee eev attrer. t<rn Kit Keeae w i? ea ? ,?d out after Ilia fa. I "f iae cur t> i, lift nialit and aatbarlaetl'-ally applauded, tbe N via fltllc>?. " we preaeme, will ran a many week*. Groer.a T Downtim m B-wma? Mr* peeeetr* that our old frlead, flroege T. Downing, the oytter klag, ha* re wortd btt eeteb lehment to Rnatoa where be ha* located himself at No. 176 Tremoat atr**t, aear the Wiatbrop Roaa* Dowaltg carried on a *a**a*aful raaapalga a thW ?ity for Buy y*are, aad woa any qnaatity of laar?a ?ad beya, not raly la th* matter of oyatere, bat It th* n ore complicated fletd of th* from beaf (teak* to boned turkey In aoaaeetl** with ha It etoa corto be will continue a ?*l*r for Ik* people of Newport In and oat of aeasoa, aad we are aertaa th* . he wl.l aat fall to ?stablish the popularity wklah, tor a quarter of a oe? 'nry or thereabout*, h* aajoyad bar*. The le*ra*d pM kwepbers of the modern Athena ar*aot*o > - fellaMeg aa oyater ttew, or a Jokey " porter hooaa," tar tlvey are bat terreetrial bataga after aU, aad we aiVrtao asat lo try Down Is g, with his metropolitan atparlwce Rai ma ? Th* " Aaerloaa Ajmc'aI c tor the laproTemeat of Prison PMlplae" will boM It* leoos ' annual caveat lie la tbla *11)-, e.tniaeai og t?aorr* Part in '.art will be found la ?or advrrtat*| oolomnr The cause ta one wfcKtfc skiuid comathd U?3 alien' * of all trnt [*'antbroj' At*. Acattfaany of Hmate? Opealmg of U? W la ter l?uoa. I'l'man to pretty well known M i sort of public ai ton'aher. Hto energy ud perseverance rise above a!! ordi nary ? and we may tay extraordinary ?ohs IMtoa. Nothfng eould hire been more disheartening than the prospect# of the Ope re a month ago. Notbiif can be mn cheerful than 11a tutare, Judging by the demonstration or last nlfht Ttie Aoademy baa rarely been ao full ? caver fuller. Fro a toe front row of tbe parquet te to the bark seals la j the an pbltheatre every teat and Lncb of aland Id.; room waa occupied, and tbe vast audience include I repreeeita ; tlvta of all classes of our heterogeneous population. The 6eau monde came oat la full force, but the great majority 1 of the audience cume directly from the body of the 1 people. Tbe alterations la the front af the theatre, the abolition j of the aide entrance* to the par^uette and the substitution oi atanf scene boxea Brat attracted tbe attention of tbe ' AaNlues, to whom the change seemed a little odd, but, nevertbeleaa, a very grateful one. It waa llkewtae noted that Mr. Anaehuta had gathered under hto baton the beat Instrumental performer! in the city, aad the performance of tbe ffrst bars proved that the orcbcatr t waa not only full ana strong, but evenly balanced and properly distributed. The opera waa "La Jnlve," a work which haa not been over aud above popu lar here, per ha pa becauee It never waa properly per formed. Mareliek tried It toat sprlag at the Winter Gar den, but It waa done In n grant hurry, and the per fbrmanoe proved nothing, eaoept Fabbrl and Btlgelll were very exocllent la the principal rolit, aad that their sup porters were bruised reeds, whose voices poke under the weight of Hnlevj'a music. Uiimau's oaat waa much better. He had not aoly Fabbrl aad Httgelil for Eleazer aad Rachel, bat Formea for the Cardinal and Mate. Anna Biabop for the Cardinal. This quartette of artlita waa oertalnly equal to the extgeaelaa of the occaat on. "La Julvi" la rn/fow/. The muale is strongly dramatis. There ant no aalient airs t? abow off the prima donna's execution and the tenor 'a prettlneeeea. It la all downright, earneat bard work. The Quale to tbe Aral act Is a fair aptcimon of the whole opera, and Is worked up Willi cea summits mill Thie waa wonderfully well 1 done, both maalcally and dramatically. The stage repre- I senwd a street soene, aud was completely flUed with 1 knigbla and noblos, men at arms, cardinals, blahope, j prleits, attendants upou ths Rapcror, tbatj dignitary In |>ersor, and tbo populace, buiDheriog some three or four bund .id persons, all appropriately costumed. While this ipectacic li going on, there Is blended with tho martial 1 music an cxqulilte duct for tenor aad eoprano. It Is to 1 bo regretted that the beauty aud completeness of tio auc en tcene so far entranced the audience that the duot atti acted but wry little attention compared to Ita deaierta. tiligelll eiid Fabbrl won fresh laurels la It After this act the w? re calle 1 out twice, ana In response to an cuthnetasltc demand for "t'llman," the manager app >ar el II front of tbe curtain and recelvod the m >lt flattering tvi<'it.ce of tuo approbation of the public. No im<.l a*lW ftM-t ion was afforded by ibe oxcelltnl manner In which the vhoiuarei w?re glrea. It aeems almoet mlraouloui, but It Is nevertheless true, that t*ie drink ng song was s? wtll done as to gain an ealhualastlo eucore. Tbe second act, tbe aceos ot which to In I: eater's gave Fabbrl and Stlgelh One opparlualttes, aad they made tli? most of tbern Stigelll was very flue in the flrrt eel, but he ci celled himself In the prayer and tbe trio Quale of tbe second. as a dramatic tootllal 9Hg< III fully dcaerres tbe very flrat position His g.vue wtih Ume Fabbrl was aa fl .e a plice of acting as om would wish to aee The third act, the audience hall of t'ie koaperor, gave author opportunity for aceulc display, and thi coup d ml aa l he curtalu rose bat never been app'oached la tbia country, and would be onnatde*e<1 ?up->rli at Oovent Utr? en or the farts Grand Opera We d? not parp )M ti deacribe this scene, a* every one Intereitcd In tuch mat ters will fee It for hlntelf Tho fourth act la tbe best, musically onsHored Here we have a duel be t ? mo ton Princess and Rachel, a very fluety ooIom J drama ilc duet for tenor aad bau and tbe grsi ri air of tbe tei n?, tbe finale of this act Tbe opening duet waa very welt sung by FabVI and Bishop, but tbe tenor fairly carried eff tbe booois. The splendid (lecuiloe of lb?" durt between Stlgelll and tormca cre ated a gnat renaatioo, wtlrh w*s Intensifies by the rotrar ce dnale Tie artiats receive 1 .11 tbe usual honors, aid what is more to the, thiy were the genu Ice ant aponlareoua offvrligs of a delighted pibllc For the rest, we have only time to say that tbe perform an o em'rd as flnrly aa it ommeecel, tbe execution ?cere belLg as impressivs as It aould be made The srttrts all surg their bust and deserve oepecial credit. Fabbrl and Wlgelll improved upon lb?lr previous per formancea. Formes wax very floe In th < t,m of the Oar deal, and Mad one Biabop gave In oortaaa* lo tbe comparatlTe'y irslgelflcant part of tie (*ru? oi aa The performance throughout lndlsated a degree of care and compleieneea which la eepeclally refreahtog We have had occasion very fre q> < mly to btcure the medium of the complalcls of the public aa to tbe careleaiaeaa or the atage dlrenioe U the Academy. It allorda us, therefore, tbe greater gratl 0 at on to tay that, la "La Julve " Mr. Otlireul and h.a asaoeaitfa have fully and entirely vtndlnatM their repu Hon Tbe siiie en tcrnr of ?' La I ulve" la faultiest, and the manager may oocir'atclut* blma?lf upon tba thorough aad (omplrte way in which his plans havs bora carried on'. "La Julve ' will be repeatrd on Wednesday and Frl da? evrnlags, and we preauaie many times afterward li la the gr? at artiatto amaatioa of tbe day, the Aosterlits of the little Nspoleoa of Irvtog plaoe. Oar NtpUl Cwrreapowrionre, Nirm, Italy, No*. 3, 1M0. At.cvnl and Modern SojA't a Fhernt- Ruori ? 1\a Hr <??{,< turn and Oaiit'ddi? fxc' r A'manut! and frmtcii II ? The future Capital of Ikt A'tnftfrm of Italy- United JSta'el Minuter on J United Stain Cuniii! at Napl'l , J: For two thonMod jtar* Keple* Md la beautiful bay but been celebrated pin.-** of re*>rt Here were tbe country *eet* of the rlah ud lurarloui mister* of the worla in tbe palmy rtaji of noolcnt P. me Here Maria* Pompey, Julloe Cireer, Ctaem, Ylrgll, I.ocn'ln* Rnmii, T>brrttf, Nero, PomlttM Md othei* bid their vlllu, in ! ber* ttey cure to ei joy tbe charm* lutl cluatur art ami tb'f lovely *p>rt Md bow It ia *tlU aa attractive a? tb? a. and baa lie thouranl* of vlaltrra, *eek!ag rocrea Hon or b<altb, and erj>ytrg tbe mi dreea of u? ei'mate, II* romai tie aoerery end the rooollca* aamcintioM coa nerted with Ita r.laaatc abort a H t there are at the preeenl time event* occurring bore that g've nddltiotal Internet to the place I refer t> the rerelntioo no * ta progrrie It la pn.bable, hoarever, that the contest la virtually decided aa far aa mere f true of trta ceo determine It. Tbe greater rerolatlon. of ( v vtriBdil.o' mora)*, of principle*, l* yet to be eOwtel, and time will prove If the material thai eiiat* here caa be mnoltfod lata a free aed enlUbtoned per pie Frery ibtag I* atlM la raibor a cbatle elate Nuiaeron* Oor.*><-| -ig t* enter) 4 loto tbn rr volutin, all da on* of prndarteg a batter notiltloo of affair*, bit all ? ibcltoua la being It about by different mean*, and h-nce you b>a r one da) of tbo republican In tsnoa pr^valilai, acd acntber da) of tbe oocaorvatlve an l bnarte, ai< > la part, the frequent rraigaation* of Ui<> i rltl.ioai niU try. Naoy fcrgliah and American ba?> ? olaat-vred, ?i>J, a* bote are jir?7nrMaJ!y food of title* an 1 rf ? f . It c*n I ot he expected that aJI *b<u!'l be frat.Oed, *ad fcenre tbere eateta *o*oe at pleaaar t f<elia( ia thi* reaped. U*. rib aid i . however, the ruur *ptr It. I* bard at a ra la camp ax. u n?-ld aa aeii aa >u tUe cabinet, Md li? [x tae <3t?rr'a?l tlrmeai* t?r?i' r by bl* Inrtrfa* gvii* ^r^ vrraoea, devotion, wn "lia'lOB and fti' *??iel3<: \ Kit e.f? r all, Victor tCmer-.e! m<i(t at latl nettle aol regj'. a - a" ? -? and b<? nomteg I* availed with errmi laptUrc. Re m *ow at Oapua, twenty mki anrtb of thi> city, ajJ Will probably r< main there till it" r< turn* Trait the wli ,l? kingdom of Ike late eketl'ti are received bare, Md tbe retull olbclaPy d*alare<l P<<ma ity be will aiabe hi* I try to morrow; eth?iw eay, In a lew day*. Md *oa?* da dure be will ftrat vt*lt Hrlly. u rpatt-m are ailll In ?o i caaett'.ed c< ailitloa there TDM I* aot pr./jatiie, a* ha l* now but lw? hoar*' ride from Naplaa, and preparat. m* baee bei u romt!.ea>d In anticipation of bl* *pe*dy en tnuifle into the rap]4?l of hi* new klafdin. t -aeria I ! I* at ttaeta, Brty Bile* nnrthereM rf Nuple*, j whtrb, belrg on lb* ?? ?, ?ll 'da nlm ae oipertuolty t-? , I viatt fnretga l?ada far mora arc?a?lhle than ?'*:>ua, bl* lata he*4<|iiarlees, furatebrd It la aut p?obaM* tb?t tli era will be Wf further noeCtot* batween thr. oppna'of ft rr*a It I* *aW> lhat the Piedmooteae w label to bom- > b*r? OMt*, bat that a French Admiral, who wa* to tbe habor with two or throe ah I pa, o? eetad t?i!,Mdtho PlidmoateM de?i*t<d Tbe l.arlba><laB a r.?y I* ?tilled (aeerta, ftee mtUa from Oh? .a and aftoec from thla city, , Mil number* a boat M.CM man Vi ,u>r IshmI 'ai ?0 0*0 men. Tbnr* U coorlde-*bl* hal t aHout tbe filuee >*npi'*l of I * i kingdom of Itxly AJ Victor Faaauei ? t.i .? '.ba h..'g * Italy. 1*4 ml of Hard lata a.<cr, it t* -V?eme1 ' highly ??aeatlal ?y r?uy that f?r ta* i fciy of i t i Mtloa Mather Wpttal b* *e!rr.tal Tarln II ?l N* I I tral. Md, be*He?, hw oo Ttaltaa Mr a err* r tarnn ?" a . ae Itum*, Napla* er >k renw i< nwn Rome t itoa?> ee? I lh- graad eentr# of ibe |<,?llan neark be* va ?.?g a#. M i pok oa III my ? V*Mtt tbe Pnfe aha c i?W . " M ? tb? | "Cletual Otty INI will hw B' 'M* ?( tbht i>e I leg tbe *et">pr?l* '? NaplM * % an I M*< Ij r?i tral, *t>?l will mi' ? a rat a t >?? t?-' pte, nr?Bt il?1?k ner h ? will ?? i neta- l?h tbe goeertr ent - ftiti i ??* lerative liarl >.M* '*n traBler U tb" a-?r? o> ' ' I ma* be irr*?d a Ma> f?? ' *4 rtnk ' la enlarging M greatly the area and population of b.i i klagdom Tbe Hob. Joaepb K Chandler, I'alled mate* Mlnlatw rreideot at MapUa. eipecta to leave bore la 1*0 or three week*, or fhortly al' r the entry of Victor Kroaaual. A? bx ?u acoreO ited to tbe late Neapolitan govrrameDl. bo bi? duttca > i taa at m> iu si tbe u?w power* i?Ae otlloial poenraalon Mr. ('liaudler m Tory lilghlr eatoouioO, and bo and bu actompluliol lady have douomueh to rea der the *o) turn of American vmtora ve ry pl?aa%nl Uke in it of aur foreign oHI.-o holder*!, be baa found >t rattier ( i|? ohtvs to n prevent bu o >untry at a royal o xxrt, aod he ritlria wiib tho entlalactlin of atvlng I'ncl* ibv about four (fcouaand d< tiara yearly? i t , It ba* cut blut, ) understand , fonr tbnunnil dollara pir anuum m >re la live U *re tliai* the amount of hi> aalary, wai.ih I b?;>e?e ia about ei<ht lb tuaand dollars Aa ttr. CI la Independent, bo ran afford to pa; for tb" bonor of repreitecilng hia go vernmert at a f.-vei<n court. Aa I perre>ve by late *4 vloee mat Pteua* tvaula. Ohio and ludlana have goue fir the republicans in the rule electlona, ibore l? some pr> bablSty of Ltnoola being elected, and, If ao, tbe usual Dumber of victims to patriotism may be aouct luted in the (tape of oltlce ssekeri deairoua of serving tbolr cm n try at home or abirad If any one la anaious to bare a diplomatic or dviuular illlce, and has an In dependent lortune, let bim apply for ooo at any European olty (eiMpt I.lverpoil and a few other!) , and be will be aatlatled, before tba cloae of one J car, that be ta rw>t aerv mg bla country In valn.aa be will diaoover that bla lime, aervioea an 1 private purae, have all eootrlbnted to apbnld the honor and dignity of the great Yankee nation. 1 Know tbla tj be so; hut I have do Idaa that any republican trill take heed, for there will, do doubt, be ut great a ruab for ollloo m Id tbe day* of Harriooa Tbe Cnlted 8tatea Cooaeiablp haa been bald at Naplea, by Ur. Harriet, for fifty one yean Think of tfcia, ye aelf aaorlQoIng patriot*? Wboae bearta for your country ao ardently burn ; Who leag to aerre her Hi every Prealdontlal term Fifty one year* ind fourteen Presidential tortus paa acd and ao rotatloa. Aod the aalarr tl^OO, and tba rr nt* oaly $210 a year for a Hug la chamber, and a complete anlt of apartmenta lo proportion. A acrew baa been louee somewhere, aod who la to tighten It f The republican*? Nuut t vrrviu. K peraoa dcalroui of occupy In ( the Door about lo be vacated by our Mint Her, who pays $$,(?* per year for a anlt of room*, need Dot apply for the appolatment of Oonaul at Naplea. It la very probable, howavar, that Mr. H. baa not luat any thing, aa be baa no fhmtly, and bit offlaal aportmonta are very blgb up, and tbe rent comparatively moderate. Th. prime* of Wftlw* Vim la m t; Po??t ?' ^ , , (From u>? l/>odon Chronicle, Not. 8 1 The KBgllsh public hare welched with . ft^^lio* of cfttu n uH hoiie the nccesaiui tour ?blOji ttl I L,'1'?? WaUs hai j o*l ooDCladti IB th* tinted tilat**. rhSul m Ibelr tide, el?o -calculate" that th* visit wUI prove pleasant & nd profitable Home of th* pr.>c?wie? o ulSloD-' strike en Englishman M beta* rather sw^issr., j~? -f-Xi ?rarfij?. rssars. I ihrt i tli tb? ^tati. by I be amount of o rln wblob HUM r^dlor^rroVoci/uleUue, .mlt.U up ? ?>?? o early approaching t> a miU ?n sterling lo 1 Jglaud Wt art hardly accustomed to meaaore all onr pertormaneee, nnimcal Mrraoalsl or sentimental, by this trvroly pe pollticai, nn rtouHl, uu te sultl Btantl7foDd <>( money, and the Uouse of bomotoo., In a tbrlttv wood, will squabble and chaffer over Tory ">?'* Stmmi of expenolture This bo-orer, ? ? * matter of doty, slid lu the way of busmen Bat when \hu object i? die jf taste cr *eoliiuonl ? If we bavo to die n a* <iu * hoanliailty . li'Vi llsliugolrhcd guest, orprform ^T.h Tltta'*P . J i me Of thie gorgeooi .,Hmnltle. ?h.cb b. U * to tM tra 111 ions cf an ancient mosafct, w.aieoot ?out to icrulioiie too ta?r..*l> "J* * nl p.. ill aril! b *s To morrow, for littauce, between the prJressiou and tbe ftedlng, a go .d deal of money will he oir.ii.\ ei* bt m the city , atd still more lndire:tly put Into c.icUat'o* ' V.t neither 'he. * u' 'r a"k"a Snathe acri tuts Oor the p/?>f*"<i'? of what Mr R i ' ,?! '?d f trial s u i hi" "I p< luteal toonomy, will l iko the trouble to st-Ue a balam e of gain a:.d outla> as arising from the fcstlvltW* of Lord Mayor ? iday IVrtapn, after *11, the American Idea I* quIW M jT??d as our own at an/ rate it 11 Instating. utftul lo rtcard the lat* journey of thu 1 rinco of w?le? from* covalpolulol view, *sp<cl.Uy alnoe the M I of tL s ooucil nperl**bt is so .atlafa-tory Iu fcnglsnd we hareth'uUt P rbap. loo ricluslveiy. of the P'^ure wnub cu' popular Prime would, as we hoped, der Ira (r. n, i i. visit? ot the ore'nl Instruct m whiob th . nelr a ...rett t.i the Brltsh cro ?? m'iht gather from aper > biiI hi in a'ti lance with r?w countries at l p>p" at ous ? ,.r , f it.c rational Itteieeta that would be benefitted by an lueMebt which drew cloaor tbe ties of t?cto ibe two gnat fee* mt ? o our A".fH u ? **? In tbo St^UP, int. e^Mh.? been dtncu.t^<1 upon mo A Of Wbl,b tM.sstt.Ue tJjbs s.rn'.k w^ro publish. I li our >e, Vor <!.? s a er o( the lt?ms are very e ^*nd '.J. Httn.ouft ab lnt i&ii eiptD?1iiurc Oil Ibe vUllor ? i d? Ibil ?our^ is put down a. clear g.'n to tbe ni?irs W? houe tb?t the Amerloan public will be pro perly ?r-*nilert t>? learning that this outlay la preity L \,w Vo?k DBilsld tell* Ih?-IB of Are hundred or on* to sttobdauls ? of j thouftALcTdi Par cb? quf? 1! on nJi^t i* lh? d m ( PUh a .iiir aprreoitt.ODs wo iron, r i> ircitv ruft> ol incurred upoo ?p? e^ trains .Vd ' *it?. we n\v* nf ap*rtm~U at fash hoUIB" The f Is -calculatel." apeat a month In the United fl.ates, aid ,llslnre^ ln ' , hnndr*d thiusaot dollar*, equl ^Ut U. more thin twenty tbou**ad |?u??U tL ? stlmate -mr -ry modersUi. -^^t Tn?aD.f ts ^a on* who ha. th* \?lt ,h treasury at hUbscfc," sloce we baee oot yet ElfSSEf ZXX c^eW lClac"r sum lb. re is sa) ?T'"' ,r ' * , , than three or four ^,b^ xZw-t iszZ'&r. j.t SSs^H SSfS=?SiSS^Sg!| tbo..s*bd il n rhifl i,/ the e wt of the rnt<-rt*lB ' ?',r ? ,e,? " l it wew S.I d'.n at a ?li'm, the fl(nre lnrtt tlfeif M It ??J . Bnt (he (,rm ,rr.-,r',n T'll ! i .n i-.iual s'lare to the sros* *eeo?ot When trihut' rt I'jusi s.?r _ ^ Bro*iw*y wss cb< k*? lt?h 1 hwil" a n 'I oe ? 1 wto ' f%m" e*3re*l> ti up by bail ? D" 1 . 1 .nc,? w computed n ba?e ,blT^;T ,;ir o\ bl.b^^TsTZt trie ,wys I1;;'', . to see tnan >?' ? tie - boV ,f S. I?, the m?a? s of e'rw?la?l*f a ?u>w *???? ihrflOOCOO ^ raUadeT at tielMStl. d? 0"t d*ceo), pb?, ;t^t ,|W. .tS fe mx'est HWl.t , ,.?r ?o ib? ?l? tl , ? ? t ,inwn lo hsrd rt?t.*W m '.V. ;;i ,b. ?tiu,M. I. i.k.B moch w> ww^a :%M ?,b*heTu?a, .h^. ^ est'e ? It fly Horn the H?w. tuat cu. weU alT.r l r:;: rr 1 s Tr.y I M' ...Wf , I ?:t rd to be e*tr*T*faet y'srde* ?aw.?-.s ?P"^ b.'-^fo ,*d ;;.;7r-rr;* *ad -..w ^ HrZcTb^ ?,^r;;rvVTur.^ S ^ 'lba iei M ?>' goTee.?*et. far as^et.M.. that t? urb.tone of UTir pViTS rbesrer^thaa^thr * 1 aT^beltrred It V"? h? lUKivwMMmT cf ^.a P ( Ivmi b si. l.t t o SUM* ?Tbe IbirtftS andlreisarj f :'n Str i(;lu ! f lb' lodrpendetoe of P< and, la 1IW, will b> r.?:?%r?t#d on ?*ton*ay eesnltg ?e*t, nntmbtr 1, at Uie fv^fer 11 stunt*. Tbe frt**d* of poor Poland la N*ss Yirk never forget to pt/ acnual tanor to the cause far which So masy of bee peeple brare-l death and ex ll* Th* en tartalamsat will be nnder the d'rectKin of th* Wlow'ng or i*a>itie*,a*4 wllieommanoeat haJf past ieriD s'closk - Jail a* All** J*?b ttecek , W. Koch**ow*kl, Joha Mokrxy Ml Mil A n? owskl fa*ht*aj, Aft** AJI, la a Used Thlag to ka? as * kwI lostlt'itio* I* II* Hew W srtd her ikr'aM la I* Oi'ihsss. sad ekl?f aasnr. b?r faw?rl(*? Is r.'ir fr?e*d K*OX, ike p*l*br*l*i< ksUer. at tk* snrewr nf Hri\4w?T aed VaHia itr?*t Kses la last r**tl*( "*t SM a? pi is ul?*str!*f^r the ?'| day IIMW aad Usre will b*a traat mh tnr tkens. Ws nssnnl apeak leo highly *f th* rlrine e ef li< 1I.IA1W A 1 'a Pi Is aad o'r am fir Iheir e***de snr* of (Oefks s*i rold* i,i?r ?nDerlewM of lh*lr eflwaay saUatfls as that as better |ir*imr*ijna at lata. Rkdlctl r?r* nt llsrmla or Rift?r*^> |)r '* B. M Ati>B. nf I ?* *?D konwa kmw* of sink 4 On., F 7 V???y Sivl. AsUr '*wn?i|* |*? rhurtik. dtmui S"e?t* sMuasiT to tk* surftsal adipWuaa of his Hadlaal Oar* Trasa. To K?*rjr Wntltar Who II M Chlldrd Pm><rfiT4 frr *i at y of the r-ear'alat* liut >rl In the *erb4 c4 t<etki:g wr say, do Biile? ? o*r ow* r'eindlew" r the prwj* ?jjHr olkerr m ' I In u>? " ? f ' a . ?? r*t abarJm^lf aorw? tnf?"rw ? i cf ?-- W1*8U>W9 Mj *tur;j w.ku Dt?wla?i of ili? Oe i?wu< l(?U Lut. trrtoe - WOOD. BODY A DO . Mu^xn *? "?? nauwaaa. aaevrcar ajid mimomj ?ta tb um?u. I'nuxu-tini <~i.aA? Mi *o? M W#J 6, 34, 60, 76, 45. 36, S2, *6, I), I! . 54, 40, 20. I)ii a vim ? iumi bO* Mnr M. 1*0 ?*, 67, 38. M, 43, 51, 75, 1, lfi, 30, 31, 5, 41. Circulaia trot fr?e or charts h? artdn mtnt etl>"" ui wood. rnnv a oo , wiimttr** iMawara, Or U1 wrw >11 Krtpv * no . ?(. \jkJa. Blaaourl. UrawlBKi ?? H. Frame'* BtUwkrt LottaiU ?. > rMKX rorurr, O i i?.? 1*1, Jfo? t*. lifll *2, 71, 32, 28. 43, J<>, f>, 49, ?id, fi2, 31, 4?. 21, 12. j ('oxnoMDirrr IxTTrui Cuai 2,1 *0* if IWU /??. 22. 32, 33, IV 72, 62. *7, 54 3?, 60, 21. Ciri-.ulari i?ut fr?? of c^urmm by add/*?alu? R FRANi'1, WUailnicVw. Delaware. [ ? * "rid "?y ??bl? ran, 1 at %t WholMU. Prlf?, prloee, K'8r?3rKro2U7,,<,rt " Who,**?N Ladfttt' Kvrt-^O per e?Mi Ltai Chmn If/otdwajr prlocs. it DKA 1.1'N. U0 Falloa street. ???* luiTr??J^~ SLiJ'LVZl?-,. K.apo- | ?I Je? H.t.IUd j I laimtBM Stock WUTU CLOTHWU, Ac. O BEAT REUS CT ION. We tare emglr.cled to offer our large Mid eouplete atoek of Winter Clothing ltd KunjUhln# Qooda for nana ?nd boy* m % greet reduction la prior a. preparatory In rem, ml. Wa are determined to clcee oat the entire Mock In the pre MQt itttd. brtnr ubit It hit, 1 bla preaenta a great opportunMy to prorida ?omp!?te ovi* Bta from the laraA atoek of mas and bora' OlrOtHlMO A?D FUBIHIBHIBO GOODS In i be city At IXTBKMBLY LOW PRI0B8 D IV LI IT. HtJDBOW A CO., IRWul? Broadway. Khlrta, Shirt*.? Six for |H. Hade free* the beet Amoikaag and Wammitta Bnallna. Lepot 106 Chatham atreet. oorner of fmu-1. ?lz Viae ShlrU tor |H, W arranttd to Fit. MtHilH'8 Shirt Maoaf artnrr , Ml Broadway. I'lioiog i %i>i>e In Brooklyn Wtillaiu ?0*. ?lt-4tU?bM>l(ibleer: hundred ard fifty one. Concratra?il Laavin. Toimp'ov* the 'aror of fruit plea eahn rolli and pMtry, K ( kaabirlln A t o '? (do torn ror>?nlra'>*d I l? nni'i' an addition It la approved of bv thoniixnea wbo htvr nurd becauae It Lever aUi In what It la rrprewaied to do. For (ale by grocrr* ard druggl*! ??r?r*'!y. UIO. H. BAl*8 W t< Areit lo? rear! mrtel. KUfawtf A Bona' Ovarslrang Grand in J njuaj* 1*1mi * are oow considered the best inaniifaclirivd; ire warranted tor 6ve jwn Wareruotna )S and M Waiker si Herring's i>*t<nt Champion fir* and Burglar Proof Bales, 2&1 Broadway, corner of Murray *r?.et, New Vork. Th? La dd A Wabacer Slewing Narhfnae way oow be bad for Fifty I>ol)ari at BUI Broadway. Wow Within liearh of All. Clrwer A linker'! Celebrated Moleelena Family Hewitts If ar.'.-'ooe. Prices eeubUahed for ?ev?o y a ad tlinarda 4M II mad way, Mew kora Coal Oil and Keroiana Oaa Burner, * llboul clobe or rklmi ey? Patent ju?t leaned - It I* without any druol. tie beet jrt i flVred, and It ou'y needs to be *een to pro** It A one b*lf Interval. or a large portion of If rr lory will be eo'd eery low This % an opportneltv worth inapror lug. Addreee. wttk real name. H ? . hoi 1 |i?0 Post atbee Ownen or lloraaa Will Kind Dr. Toblaa' Utbeenl. Ik plat buttles, a; ft' ty oeula. superior t> an/lhlne eLe 'or rurln* nolK awelllan trails bnJeea. lumpa Ar frolJ by all the atnrrkeepeis and oiuulata Depot Ma M Oortlandt ?ire si, Mew York Cbrlslodoto's (lair Uya, Wlgt and Toa pnee, the beet In Ike world, wholesale and retail, aad the dye prtvetel;. app.ied Mo ft aauir u >.?? llatr tielor'a Wlya, Tonpeea arid llalr Pie ka*e lmprnremrnta surpassing all "birr natural aad east , perfec. Bt: no turning up behind. 16 BonJ street. Hill's llalr Dye , 50 canta, Black or Blown. Dtpo*. Mo 1 Barclay street. and aj.d by all druggists. SB ,.Vk" ?^"Oltta Moa 737 aid ?&T3, Harry 'a Trlcepherona la th? Beat and rikeapeet * fUele for tl ra?lng, beauUf)lng curling. elaaulnc. trn?nit|i and rrstnrtag tka Hair. Ladlea try U. Mold bj all anxrlala Harried. ljiwix? ljr rrr ?Ob Kunday, November OR, ky thaltov. F U. laaace. I'iukii Pah Ijwh to HaSiah, daughter of Mr H I?vctt, ol Philadelphia. Kngllsh papers please copy. Is?a?[)t FoiKaifT ? Oo M today, Novrmber 8ft, al the reakdeaoe of lb? bride, by the Rev. Dr. Ho'mee, Tnoaaa 1" lam, of New York, to l.nri.-rrn Funnier, of Rrookljo. MoaT?)oaa*T? Volk ? In this city, on Monday, Noren bcr 'it, al the rrs*ldcoco of the bride's father, by the Kw J A M:Keoo.(<f Philadelphia, Jans* M Mohtho* skT to Amui A , second daughter of Henry Yolk, E?t , aH of tb's j oily Rosunva? Hm ? Oe Wedosday, Norerab'r 21, by the Per. Mr. Hoffman al U>e r. i oe of the bride's Itether, at Gvyandottre. \ a , Willmm H Rotiin of New York City, lo Miss V Kiowa, daughter of iobn W Mile, Faq i Vail ? Mi iH? at the Church of the Inramallon, , MMW. Nortmtier 21. by the R?t. Henry I. M >nl I'-nery, W?irs* 4. Van., of Neeborg, lo Aaxa 0 , | Uaugbierof ibe late Altxauder M Mulr. Died. B<m?? f>e, No*eesb<r 28, of croup, A Botib eged 1 yi ar S nonlbe and 9 day* Tbe Iritsde of ibe (anally are reepnct'iilly lnvltM to at t'Od ll.e fuorra', ibis (Tuesday) afiernonn al one o'clook, 1 fro* Ihe rtsldence of ber pareiU, 2T0 Third a'enue Ca>i-? si L ?Suddenly, tn We<lue?day, Norember 14. kt New Orleans. Jcnn Ca*-wr.L, late of London, aged 29 ) > are krgltsb papers please opy. I - ?? ?II h r?ej Cily. oo Motday aflesiiooo. V >TeT|. I feer ?e lUsiei t. Linn, humeri/ of Lisbon, Oban., 1 S fed #7 ? ? are Tbe relatives erd friends of tbe family are rueorctfnllj Inrltrd lo alletd tbe funeral, oa WMineeday alternooa, at two o'elrck. from he realienre of his son in law, J C Tba>er, No 8S WsablBfton street, Jereey Clly, Norwich (Cfconfctleui) papers please copy I'itM ? In Brooklyn onMnndaf, Norrabnr 29, Ma* r.aitri s>M, wile ot [b >ma i Dav j, la tbe lkth year of ber ?I' The friends and rrlatlrea are Inrltad to all sad the r.Berel, en Wedn-aley nmrnlrg, at tea o'clock, from tbe re? det.ce rf ber mother, Iteyraw street, belwoau Wash lifti p and irsnrt art uvea, witaout further notice I swrt ? f?n Hunday erenlos, Noreirber 2J. suddejly, ofdireareef tbe beerl, <<ao*(<s W tiawar. sged 42, for 1 naefly of Philadelphia 1 'i? sloe. I'biladt l|iMa aad Lnulevllle papers please oopj ln.'?? ? Oa Ha' or day afternoon, November M, al bis ; r> sidi nee, No 0 Hut sea street, Jerecy Citf, N. /, Capt. , H Faaaaa, M*d 4t yearn The relatives and Irlect's of the family are Invited to alierd the f'-aeral. this (Tuesday) eftenioen, al oea , e'e > rk 'rosn his late reeldenoe. f sshv ? <*n Mneday, November 24 of drnpey no tbe brein, Pami' , juungtsl son of Klsza auj Uantel K trr.s, af< l 14 j ears The lot erel will take pla* fmii the reeldeoee o' his hro iber, Tboe Ftrrls, r r*< r of ffi rlii.ff acd .^nard stfeu, i Wnansburg, oa Whines nay afleruo<.n. alone o'clock Tt? frlfLde erd relat; ree are invltil I" sttead (.akk ? InBrookl^r, oa Monday. November 26. Mtsy K ^wl<* of Flward W Gerf, la Ibe .Its', veer of ber a(e ll.r frissds and relat rre are rrep ttfolly In v lei le sttrr d tbe 1'ioeral, from lo r lata ree. ' one*. 1?0 C Inloo stntt.on Wf'i ra>tav mornlcr at b..l past tin o'clock The r?rt a ns will be ta^eo W Wai|K/!e, Hawacbua< lis, fur taterment 1. 1 ?c?tis ? Mnorfav November 34, R.n r>i 4*r>asw KumsN tbe i>. ,ov?d son of James and (jatberlne Ho not de. sg'd T snubs and 4 days Tbe r?latlvee an I fr'eacs of tbe Tanlly a?e rrs?ertf :!ly lorited t?> attend 'jbe funeral, frosn ll?e ree Id ease of bis l*r?n's 1C1B First aeinue, this (Hwl>y) alletuoon, at ! tea r.'rU ck OnmiAM.? At bit r? aldenoo, VI , it.t '?l-a'A'-.i ' I, oa lea day wom'R#. No?< mte- jC, Mr Jiva* Iilt:. ??, 1r H e year ef bts ?mi ll e f i final will take plaro frotn Bt rant ilitsntl sloci, oa UeCnsedsy aftei :?->or., al oua o'tlfk Tbe re latlViS and frnada of Uia rise rcsp?*t'ull) IkMted 1r ?it??d tliMr ;*? ? On Wirday (hrnlir 3?, Ansa ? i of - ydar H?*en?aii 'i?tb?- 131 joar if lw:r a?i Tie fiiee ? of Uj" 'arsl.y, an t iboee of lier hi 'her, > I ill iiidciw.r a. u ie%MOif aily iu 'il<d tiattanllhe f ti','. ii IB hi r la e wsideace, JftO Navy street, iluua lys.oa Wrdasai'ay aivu-aonn at twoo'cloik ?*i)kii -in M-uday, Norvmner !in, of tonscnp* I tlosi. CAanuaa l> Iv tsiu-I Her frltads are ir?pe<.v%lly lovlWd to aUnod Ua funeral, oa We4a??tav aAarnooa, al one o'clock, al Tolleevt ke. Mat?a Mlaud Mas . a ? 1b Brr>? *<ya , a ffolday, Norember 24, ^aXJUt Ann, ? i4ow of kb<-'.aie yv -naa March, a<eii '( yeara Toe relativsa asi IrH ads i.f tbe family a ?e rnipe>jt(Bllf levtted li alteai' Mie leaera1, on Wedni?da> afteenean, at two e'eioak, froa ibe. (%nrch of tbi Holy Tr laity, Ulla Ivu, rr -t ar o' 'eaul^. street. Ma'itiK ? (kt *<*day, November If, Jr** A Man v, S|l?l 41 yeara aad 4 mor tha. ito fi fails, an", nlatlves of the faaklly an reaper tfdJiy Ibvltsd U> the funeral, this (Tvoalay) afiriroca, al bat/ past oaa etlerfe, fr> ? bis ale rMt<l*aoa, No *, SSibey 't'k eoaugs, Flfl- seeoa^ kU-oe4, beieeen Tentl and k evaeth avenoea l.mlia sad bialwh papers pieMa o?py. Vlky ^ soal rest la peaee. Mi Rxna. ? ')? ?.,v4?v, Neveanber S*. *?*? eli"eat dat ghUrof ,)obn ?ea-' Kary McBrtea, af?J ? > ears an 1 2 a-.oeibs The reKtlvee as l friends of the fsmlly ?'* rcspeo.tfol y InriUd t?, ?tl ihe funeral, lbi? fTueaday) afternoon, at twn o'n (,OIt ibe nsldence of h' r (arenta No 1'^% Fast F,e?, , itrrrt Her fa sins will Ik laktn lo (Jai vat* f>r ,atevv t s? ass <?i> ? 1? j*nei*ay, November 2ft, kfter a thnrt j^ Vrs far ?? "?e rf Ljeli I (Nbikl?4, k?? J tl I ? 11 W'rtr a? ?' S days I The reUtltie and frlanat o Uia fan. y a-9 fta ocUtUl/ lovltrd to atli 1.(1 lui <?!?! ?>; ? ( * n? Say ) afwnoou. a| baif )>??' ,, vt,?, , I,n r^Mcnre, |^T -t-m-w* ??(???? Her ii-imiw irtll b? ukou li UrMnw ml Ce-no irr > (rr li.U run i (PNrr.t ? On Knerf*/ " T-mi^r 28 eft* r i loo* and tedious llibeu, O'Min.r *g?d M years. Tl.e lrleui<? ff tl.* '^oj.ty |,no Iboiwi itt hrr p *er, Tb iTi^l ard J. bo, ar* iuvtiw? to *u..n ? ?i? runfcr,| i, ,, res Idee re at Hotter > Point, on Wednede j afternoon, at one n'olnot Palms* ? On Monday mortlef , ^>t?mbor 24 Ki a P4ias*,egtd " trail ai?* 7 mov.ns Tbe fileudp of tbe Umlly ere Invito to alien,] lb* fune ral serv'ces. at the n stiee-'* o'h'anoo |i? y w Puni er, No H R'th-e'mi stre? >. Ibis ( "needsy) electa o'clock. Ifts ri'mt'si will bo taJtau to Ciroea Jivinl, HaJtlmore. I'jurrr ?On Husday, Ncve?ber 26, Hri r.vm..? a Id Ibc .'iHllr year of bar age The frW cd? o( the family are reepoctfuHy Invited to at trod Um funeral. th? ( rueiCnv > morning, at alico'cioek, Irom her late residence, No 'tlfi Sullivan street Hum. 7 ? On Montis j, Nut ember SO, AMUli Kmui, aged 4 mnotba and 1 I'aj. Tbe of the family are lnv.Had to attend the ftw* ral. tbla (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'oliek, front Iht nndtoce of blf parents, Mo 3fld Teath avenue. lloMmrot ?On Monday morning, November M, of diplberla. il<u:n li , /ourgt-st child of Samuel a Otf Mary Robbing, ?M?J 3 yean and 1 mialh Tbe remains will be taken to tireeawood Cematery for Interment, tlla (Tuteday) afternoon, at two o'clock, froaa No 167 Weat Broadway T3e friends and ac-iualuteaoee, who can maka It oonvenlent, are leapeotfully lamed to attend. "hhiwoop ? On Monday, November 30, Nautoa 3. ;? as* wood ton of Nelson aad fttfmy B. dherwood, aged 19 years, H inoatba and 8 daya. Tbe rrlecda of tbe family are reapeotfully In t I ted to at tend tbe funeral, tbla (Tueeday ) moraine, ?* balf peat tea o'clock, from the realdenoe of bla paraata. lM Rest Seventeenth (treat, without further notice. Bla reraaina will he takea to Rye for Interment. Hwanai ? (>a Monday, November M, after a aerera Ulneae, Btm? Bwnnrr, aced 'it yea ra. Thefrlandaol tba f tally are re peated to attend Ik* fun* ral, tbla (Tneeday) afternton, at two o'clock, troaa tbe realdence of bar parenta, No 1 Cannon Mreet Taaff? On Sunday. November 36, Am* Cbtunn, wW? of Mlcbaal Traey, a?ed ".2 ycara Tbe hrtanda of tbe family, and tboaa of bar bro'.bera Wtllram. Michael aad Matthew Oolllua, an: reepeoifully Invited to atlead bar funeral, from bar late reatdenea. No 91 Mulberry atreet at two o'clock thla (Toeartay) af ternooii, without farther Invitation. Her re mama will be InUrred In Calvary Cemetery Wima*h Siddecly, on Sunday mornlnr. November V, Mra. &*uaj.i> Wwawe, widow of Isaac Win ana, In tbeiMta year of her a?e Alan, on the aaoie moroInK, after a abort Ulmai, Oaoaita BiiJ>wis, eon of tbe above, In tM Glib year of bla a?e Their funeral H-r vices will be bald In the Carmlae atreet church, Kav Mr Haatlnfa, pastor, this (Tuesday) raom Ing, at ten o'clock. Tba relatives and friends o'the family are rrqnrelrd to attend tbe funeral without lurtaer in vi tal Inr. Tbolr ren.alus will be taki.ii W. Oreeuwood f >r ln lermoct WnwiM _Oo Monday. November of scarlet fe?er, 1 i'i v Ja?*. ycungeal uau^liior of Ghttfie* and Lucy Jus Wl ion, ag? d 1 ji.arf and G nioulliS. Th<' frlenda aud reUtlvr t of tho family are respootf>i Uy levtud Ui atterd the funeral, from \he realdenoe of her V&rrtilB, No 17 S-.ulh Tenth at-eel, Wllllu-naburt, tbla (Tuisday) afternoon, al half paal one o'cl ?k, without further notice Her remains ? 111 oe tukeu to Ureunwood for lot?r<rert. MINCKLLAW KIUS, A WH kit MR A Willow ^ KKWINO MiOHmT .WITH IMPORT AMI IM P KOrKMlNTV, at Kednoed Piioes Inrreaa- d fact'lUea for manufac urine, and tha enrtalitaeaS of 1 'l*al m eiiieiiaes eora?'inecl hpon a w ??it deciaiuo at lie Un.tod Hiatea Court, jiwulrtea tbe sale of Wh?eler A Wl a?c'> M (nofaoiurlns ('< mpa?) 'a Re? lea Kanhlneis at greatly reduoy4 prioea The aupenortiy of Weae asacklnaa for feaaJ ; nae and man a 'actnrera In tKe mme nu of p'irpxee aad material, la alteaud by tens of thousands 'utlng tl'em. OPriC'M AU6 HKOAUWAt. New York. AT WM IVIRDKia.>SPONII-WBDniNO CARDS AMI Envelopes of the latest stylaa. 104 Poltoa street. New fork. Established MIA A OARI>. The acbserlber will send to all who wish R (free) Ike M> alps and full directions for uslug his OPAL HAUI. for the ra mi val rt blotebea. p'mplea frecklee. Ae from tha faee. > laa^ Pelatreau's Itimulatlng Ongueot whleh la warranted IP bftafl -wl a foil set of whtekera In from four to eight aeaka. Apply to or address THOH. r OB A PM AM, Chsmlst, 831 Broadway, New Task. A. OlJUth ?nK - TDK ORAT 0ARD8 AND UtBM ? nrTSliles. a sella Ue. for wadding carda la perfeetka. A CAB I*. TUB CHARLES PRODhMAM WaT> HAH AND CHRONO" ICTEIta. ?"WARkAhTEn OENlflNEtlt A eoeepleta aaaorlmei I of three "eiebraied pocket lea keepers for sale hy ROBERT RAIT k <X>., Importer* ? f Walrhra. Irwelry Ac.. Ml Broadway, oppodts tttj Ilal^ A KKW BIX HHOOTlM'l CARTRIDOB ItEVOI.VER. Welghisg only ft) aloe onncsa Par aale. wholaaala and retail. By .ICWEPB KKKWIH. Agent, 2ff7 Broadway. N. T. At bvbrdbm/r. an bboadwat? wan (tarda, Ac. Bar* job mm Ike Ribboo UK far W Part A1 ??lf 10 4CD 11 AWN ?rUR K rilMi ' f I Poable Sola Wiw Proof 8a wad Hooka. V. II _ < e I. ,,/tHilim Aovbnt np ,iaik froht-irish whwkby. Wkere can w* (lnd Ik* b*?t" JOHN McACUPPH 41 l?i*M : Mr -*t. kH put up 6.UUU kflt tin of etirb an *?? and aa kiiMW been Read Iks Important wntminj In tAla .lay'* paper. S>i reals p*r IkjUM. |.' 60 p* t*HoB. ALL MRN'fl WHIPKBRR AND MOPKTAOUBB WORT grow, but then mr ( >nf ueat *111 fnrrr Ike beard to grow wttkl* tlx ?fU fntn til* Sim application, and wo*'t *mtn or Injur* tkr akin I'rtee >1 rent po*t?c> free to *nr put of Hi r,t? or country. K U Urakain, 10# Raaaau atreri, N?? York. AT BIPHOP A RBIN'R JBWBLRT kTOBB FIFTH J\ Aremi* Hnul joM rerr Ited per *t*am*kl|> AfrVi*. a firir uaortnu ot of *? ? "| "lirrrf B IRIIOP A RBIN'H NKW noil FIFTH AVBBUH HoteL lb* i ublle are Inrltad to uamln* our sunt BCBPRALL'R AKVIOA MM M BUT, WHBH ALL i bu failed euro* Rbeotaallem. N*nr*l*t*, wound* M mr Joint*. fleer* and all eitemai pains and tnjurtaa. Pile* M mtt. 14 BmIam ?tram (V)RNB. BtfNlONt, INVARTBD HAT1A BNLAROHD ' Jolt U ar.d *11 durum of Umi frat cored wttknnt pals or lnoonrenienre to tk* ratlent, bf Dr 7. A<'HABIB Murfanw thirvpodlat. 7tU Hru*!*ft| Refer* to pb>MolkL* and ? .rtan? of Ule Mtj. In. XCTlCIOflU PI ndbva TOBK. i Tilt POPULAR BPAR1RH aMBRICAN PAPBB. PCBMRHBI) THIS MOlRlNll, rou. or KV.Wi. CORRBf PONDKA B, AC. RBRD IT TO TOUR SPANISH FBIBRM. A IX AUVRRIIRBMBRTH TRARhI.aTKD FBBB notick!) IB EDITOR: AL OOLUim. THB KCTICIORO OPPICB " MODBIAT* BATH*. tingle enato* of Ike paper for *al?> *4 ia* it rum, m an* lira nr. f^BNTI.BMRN IF Tf>U PBRIBR r<OL'.*IU HtDlIB ? IM beta manner I* ?lre and i kip* prerta?lr *a joa or der the*, vor <*l I Ar ' 'km H w'll n?r rou to t?U oaL AIL II AHV IT. collar matfv n?< r. 8? Kit Ik areaaa. ^AB riXTURBB. AC., Ail. BTBPHBN FHJLRI M 707 RROADWAT, Offer* for ?*!* ai r? j re-1 pise* a ailei. 'd aearjrtaaaaa fl Oae Fmnrt* P*?>' H BRORABR, HIRt 1 INI .. TkTIOH, ormdeun* of Mu-al OrnamcoU Wat net*. ?, Wroupa, Iafe? k'Ar.dn. Ar. Al '? -iir^'nr wf4 ''>** FMIt t altendel |g m ,??-*; at St FaaMB m.r>* and No * .<?? Hu<tm. R arv>r *?- m. Hours pi rnirhihh oooim at r a Nit; I'hicbm. f >nr r.**a! Roiitke-i ?*:?? havtrr In a ~v*aai n "neur* baa* ?tntpl b> i >ae '? el tar praaeni p..Utkt-?b?ab'e* wr u* p** , *f rd in nKut, t< r r*ab ? lit ttll wnrtk ? t t"*INA, RTi.VBR PUkTBO OOOM, "II ? R">RT.1V.|M, tRo^y.kH ?m. #anct door*. At i ''. e? herH.i' .re n:,?w*s In U' , markA r. |i?? '< *' >?? l?ii| rto* *e? WKi '.Iv-aare *r? ?ui, ' rtkor re-t-irrst kiM li Untr vH ?*? . 1 ? I* .?;.?* r ?.?? r>Ht u^prtre* H V It AI".H .?Uu t A t*> tap, 4Aw aad 4S* niv* :** j, .i*?ar ' < .??*?? *>*? jbP'iRTaft r?fr?AR -?la*tbi?i I Tti* r of ? r*? ? ! ic?"* ft B*k'a? mfk, a" -.1 ui .m kair-M ??. tawu utiarfpa'^i i?ar ptaaaaaBi taian.U *rd if tl , * ' krlri r >e* VTt?.*?p?* ?ent ?oalJ ^ie a, tar? -t , ?-??* v. ? i?k aar ruw plaaMa. or plutara. ?f Ike Poi.ikM a K,.?* tent au^-kr t*Mk| I* MM M , mtM ?IUi * Tii* M a?wlnlr .eetber ? wo*"."* ad??a>?le kr. Intr'rf noe *a^ ^aieai tako Li iNmA Aa. A? AA drua* Pat*at. liar 1 S^'Jra^^Var. stj PIOOOLO. Tea ?**t atatin ictmred y-mnrmmt M RraaAvar '' tiiprrer wt.i ir> rm ? ?? ? - ^^'Zet&pjs raggc ' 1 1 1 Mw ? ?rr*a4 tbs w ^ uni ooomi, Inwa

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