Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8847. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 18G0. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE SOUTHERN CRISIS. B?6Mteh*s ftroa Washington, Charles ton, Richmond and Louisville* Proceeding^ of tlie South Caro Una Legislature. GEN. SCOTT CALLED TO WASHINGTON. DBIOH MEETBG H LOUISVILLE, KY ARMAMENT OF VIRGINIA, *??, aa*, Me THE REPORTS FROM WASHINGTON. Wamubotob, Not. 37, 1860. Ik* President and Oablnet are very dtiliwi that Sn Soott should b? present here during tho approaching bm ttoa of Oosgress, and be wm accordingly summoned by tekgrapb yesterday to repair blther forthwith. A de spatch waa, however, retired by Secretary rioyi tbla ?ventre, that owing to the sudden U!neaa of (General Soott hi New York It will be impossible for him to come on. announcement haa cauod a great deal of unsartneaa in all circles her*. i It te naderetood here that 'mmedlateiy on the aiaem blteg of Coc prees next week, a caucus of the Southern men who Intend to take their (eats, will be oailed? at ienrtorth* conservative portion of them? and the pro bability la that all in* members will attend It, when the present condition of the cnuntry will be dlscoaaed, the grievance* under which the South now Buffers will be aet forth, and aome basis laid down tor pacifi cation and the settlement of all the difficulties which beset us. When these matters are la (air training, and the Southern members understand each other, the ooaaervrtlv* members from the North will be htltod to eome into the oaucna, and the whole business will be dlsenaaed in tolemn oouncll. from all thM tus keen said her* about this measure, It see a* likely that a re port upon th* atat* of the country wUl b? agreed upon, I* be preeented to Congrem, and that It will recommend the call Inc of a cooTentlon of all the State*, to oome to oom* arrangement whereby the duference* cm be Anally settled and th* negro kept out of polltlca In rotor*. Th* Hon. Jabez L. M. Oorry, of A abaaaa, in a private letter, give* a fiat oon trad lotion to th* report that b* I* agalnat neoesatcn. Tke anxieties of all men here who lore the Pnion and M* no remedy In disunion for any of the evlla of which th* ilaveholdlng State*, aftor years ef endorane*, most fortly oomplato, are Increased by th* lntrtllgenoe, public and private, that ha* reach*d h*r* to day. It cannot be doubted by any aav* tbo*e who will not toiler* what la reported from rellabl* *o arose, or who hare not aoceas to tho** copious mountains of Intornut tten which the press and th* Port Office cantata, that the Cuk>o I* on the ere of subversion and destractloa. South Oar- Una la bent on quick work. Disunion la th* work by day and the dream by night of almost ?very man and woman there Senator Cheatnnt ?ays s*. Senatoor Hammond *aya ah* will wtll oeitalnly go out on the 17th or 18th of December at a'l coals. They all regret that a commissioner had not been appolated In time to reach Wathlngtoa at tho open lag of the Sim Ion of Oon greet. This regret la qalto ua nrreeaary, as be will certainly not be received come when ?* may To reoetve or recognise such an ambaisador wo-jld be a tur render by the general government of the whole position It occupies. 7b* preparation tor hard times is manlfeetod by the tadie* of tho South with a spirit wirtby of the nobleat oaiiso -be ?t Oeoella and tbe race balls are to be given up und tbe cavaliers who erst fifured as manager*, ar* adu muih'd to save their money and tholr vigor for oth* 1 crpoaes? -eichacg t.g the daaoe for the march, the music for the os* con, the ballroom for the battlefield. Domestic uniforms are becoming all the rsge among the military companies. Southern railroad companies are o-intersrand ng their orders tor Northern Iron, be'levlng that a!Vr reewlon they will get It eUc where free of do?y Mr n.:fer. tbe Charleston Portmasler, baa notlfi. ' tbe public that, while holding on to bin office far their oon v cleace, tew id promptly resign whan South Carolina secedes. Tbr , rayrr Tor the President of tb* Inlted Stat.* was omitted in the Charlee^u Kplscopal churche* on Sunday tart. mrrmj of Tin cabtvpt. An. 'her retracted *>?* on of the Cabinet was held to day The meeeage and reporta of Secretarlaa were under noertderation. The former, as aiao those of tbe latter ar* ready to b* put In typ*. MoeJi baa bee* aaid and re or* written respecting th* meuage or tba Preadut touching th* qoertion* at isau* between th* North and th* Sooth. If both Mctkms wIM bat toUow th* wb* and reasonable rwMsieaditleas of th* President, th* fearful and alarming crista that M npoo us may be averted. He sgr**a with th* South that they have jual rsuse to com r lain of th* North , but that they can aatUe and adjuat their grlsvai *** asd procure the re par* tloa required b. tier la th* fnlon than oat of it. Ho la underrtood to r*ooaame*d a geaeral onventlon of all li e Stale* for th* purpow of discutsiag calmly aad deilber ately the questions at <?sus If the two sections, after a fair b. tr'.ng oa both skies, cannot arra-.g* t ie dllToreuccr If the North refua* to conned* th* jam and eqaltab!* de irault of I ? Njuth, rich aa repealing tbe obnoxious la we that are now upon the statute books In many of lbs 'taUe, and guaranteeing to the South her just r.ghts an dor tb* constitution, then, If they msst strata, 1*1 It be la peice. Tke Prwidcnt maintains by a little oooo***lo* aad tort-earano* oa both sldsa th* Impending dlBMtar* may b* averted. Tke P reel lent that a Stole haa sot th* con stltuileral right to secede, and Is swtatesd la tbla port ion by svery member of bis Cabinet exoept Mean Oobb asd Thompson He arr e* lb* qwwtioo ably an 1 rtab->ral?"ly, bat be will aot attempt aoerelon. He will hUorm li s South as well a* tb* North that whll* he le Pm lent of tb* Called State* b* la bound by hla oath to see tb* law* executed Ills mraange Is ml'd aad conclllntory throughout nmnm. Tbla "tote '? almnat at violent aa South Onrollaa. R? vletaiiO* to I.iD* ' in tbe aerr<s to coeslder is me?nlagl**s ?e Intends tv run up the banner of secession aJoe* Me expect* nmblrg from tb* border State*, provided thai Mwsms j>pi would noctisss m buy at blgb pries* tbs Slav, t the latter ralas. ?e tcont* the talk about add l ttonai g ^ruteee from the North a* of no poMSthl* worth proteeto *ra ntt tempnrUitg aay mger, and ina'"'? that delay will **!y *t 111 furth?r Irjire the Sou t?- *>u ?at tLe kaat i>?*ible benefit wtboa* *bo would pr<*trrt the Vnton Tb. toov* ar* only mederalt apee mens of tb* t*mr and, fgrat to add, tbe detorm.nel re*olr*sof the cot to* ?ute*. There la k ts* dltguislag farts They in umd to br ak ?p tb* ralon If they cm fee a nil I fy tg otate* of tb* North bar* driven thaa to | this fearfal remedy, and I now a*y that anles* th people of tboe* State* -itboat Mort ?? pae.ifl -rtion by repMlsg their obaoxtoai ^ liwt will be at aa ead. Tke coldest, mort d*llb*r*t*, and mort safnikiM m'eda here, under* inding the of the people Md S>uth?. rt, are firmly eeartaoM of thl? troth 7V> report from l*. that Jok* Hell ha* | p^-d an elaborate addrase to th* A a>?r loaa penpi. o* th* crirt*, taking stron- pngnh ag*iart tke right of aeeetBton and the e*p*dleaey of It, Ml de mocstratlng th* m a to tb* hiwd*r** wblob mart tollow knin the On If *tatsa golag oat. It nan not be forgotten that when .Tauten* laaoed his pro ?la melton the Tsnassase tUagevs ware eager to ma down to fttnth Otrolta* at the flrrt tap of Old Hickory's dram , ??t Rett advisee, it la aad*rrtood, onMlltalory ?*a*are*. Md thow* bow atrnng th* uattod South WUl be aga'nsi My repub. mii foray, and how ( IscoId will be *nmpe. ed to b* eoaaerrativ* IMPOBTANT FBOM BOUTH CAROLINA. Chablwtoii, & 0., Nov. M, I860. Tbe Legislature meals to-morrow evening, when the Governor's BMM|t will b? read. Senator Cfcesuui is stamping tbe upper districts of tbe Mate to favor of aeoeasiea. The uteamahlp Oolumbta yesterday oarrled back to Now York a largo number of laborer* unable to obtain employment ; also two abolition Ma, a male aad a female. Hie banks will probably commence dlsoountlng to morrow, Chabuhto*, Not 37, 1800. All tbe Hoc lb Carolina member* of the federal Booaa of Repreaentatlves hare determined to |o to Washington, and resign there. 7% la courae la taken la order mora ooDTfutent.'y to confer with representatives (Km other Southern State*. Tbe proprietors of tbe Institute Hall, where tbe Demo cratic Ooarentlon met, bare tendered tbe oae of tbe ball to His State legislature or oooveatlon, in oaaa the small pox In Colombia should increase. A petition for suspension wis presented ts tbe banks to-diy , but no action taken thereon. Tbe tone of tbe mesaage on federal relation!) gives grant satisfaction here. In Ooinmbla nothing important was dons except the Governor's message being read be'ore tbe Legislature. The meaaage, among other mature of State policy, touches on direct trade. It says there can be no diffe recce of opinion on tbe Import an oe of establlahlng direct ! trade between Char lee I on and Liverpool In the Union. It waa important to divert part of the oommeroe of the world from New York and other Northern cities to CharltalOD, and that build op a commercial emporium and supply mercban a of neighboring States. In rlew of tbe secession of Sooth Carolina from tbe Ualon It becomes doubly important. Tbe Governor recommends the State to afirme a share of tbe risk tn establishing direct trade, and especially In tbe Item of direct steam communication with Liverpool. He reoommends tbe adoption of postal arrangements to supersede tbe United States malls; also tbe enactment of laws tor tbe summary punish ment of aboil' lonlits tampering with slaves. He also recommends fostering the Char lea too Marine School as a nucleua for a navy; alao the establiahment of a Southern armory by the united eflbrts of four or live cotton States. The Governor then takes np tbe subject of federal rela tions, and aays it Is loo late now to receive propositions for oonlerenoe, aad the State would be wanting In self respect, after having deliberately decided on her oonrse, to entertain any proposition looking to a eontlnuanoe ? In tbe present Union. We can get no better or safer guarantee than the present constitution , and that ' bas proved Impotent to protect us against i the fanaticism of the North. Tbe Institution of slavery 1 most be under the exclusive control of thoss directly In- 1 t? rested In Its preesrvatton, and sot left to tbe mercy of those who believe It to be tbetr duty to destroy It. 1 He then speaks against ths right of ooerclon, andcon clades thus? It follows, Ih>m ths views presented, that ?he federal government oannot rightfully use foroe to prevent or force her back, nor rightfully use 'nice to prevent a State from seceding, or foroe ber back Into tbe Uaten; bat, In the language of the late Judge Harper, men having arms In their bands may use tbem, aad I oannot too earnestly urge ' cpon you the Importance of arming the State at the ear licet practicable period, and thus be prepared for tbe worst. It Is gratifying to know that If we mast resort to arms in defe&oe of our rights, and a blow ahould be struok at South Carolina before the other Slates move up in line, we have tbe tender of volunteers from all the Southern and aome of tbe Northern Statea to repair promptly to our standard aad share our fortunee. We oannot pene trate tbo dark future; It may bo tilled with ashes, tsars . snd blood, but let us go forward tn tba discharge of our duty with an uo wavering trust In God and a conackous ruas that anything Is preferablo to dishonor and degra i la Hon. The Attorney General's report has s>ma n Urestlng details on the system or the land tax. Be says over lO.OCO o" acres have hi en retcrned, valued at 20 cents per acre, agreea bly to tbe law of lStf, when aeveral of tbese millions ?we worth Immensely more; be advisee an alteration of the law to Increase tbe revenue; be ol j xta to tbe sys tem of banking of the State, but eooslders the Institu tions ss solvent ss Northern banks; be advise*, Incident ally, a granite capttol, at Colombia, as the capital of tbe Southern confe Jersey. The public debt, tn stocks and bonds, is 14,406,000. aggregate receipt of taxes near KOO COO; average tax on lands, a fraction less than fire ornts per acre. Tbe Military Committee advise tbe establishment of a Board of Ordnanoe, aad the adoption of all means a sees rary. The oemmittee on raising supplies, 'eeommended nego tiating a : <an and sot taxlsg, aad proposed issuing bonds 'n mall amounts, relytag upon the patriotism of the Blti- , tens to take up some A revolution was offered to inquire into tbe expediency of providing a coast police tor Sooth Caroline. In ooniequenoe of a number of oases of small pox t^c legislature will probe', ly adjourn to Charloaton. THE FEKLI5G IN RICHMOND. K?imo> Not. 17, 1M0. The Charleston Artww pnbliabea a letter from n Pnal d?nt Madtaoo on aeoeeaioo, written to Boa. Alexander Rum, which baa navor baaa published before. It waa e? led forth by a oornasoBtoatlon la the a mne, written by R.rca, an'ar tba atgaature of "A Frlaod to tba I'aloa ud State Rlgbta." It II pnMtabed serbaHm from tba maocacript, aad baara do data; bat o*e la aaawar to It, ? ritua by Riraa, la dated Jaoaary 17, IM3 fraa It I lake the following extract ? 1 do not oonalder tb? proceeding* of Virginia In 'M and 00 a* eonateeaaeiaf tbe doctrine that a *t?l? bit at will ?eorile from Ita coo?titotl<?al compart wttb tbe othar ' ?uw A iMMNMM re iuiraa the oiaaanl of tbo vber> oranabnar f tee compact, abaolrtag tba aeoe-ltag *rty fr< a tba obl'f*tl"oa imp<?e.l by It. Ad Inference rrom the doctrlae that a (tafia jltau> bea a right to aeoMe I ? t will from tbe reel. la lb at the reat w.old hare aa equal right to teeede froan it Id otber worda, to torn It aga'nnt 'U ? II oct of ita -inK with them But auch a doctrlae ' would not till of late bare been pa'atable aaywbere, *iid nowhere lean ao thui where it la so# muel ooeMndeil for. I Bee It rtated that Robert E Soott, of faoqoalr, la rptkra of for I.lnoola'a Oabtael Be wenM aot glee half ?a-moch aetlafaelioa to the I'aloa taea al Virginia aa 9m la. is my oplai^a. BMta' gre*t l,ynchbn*rb apeech baa been atareMyp?d Id Philadelphia. ard la belag printed for general eireulu lloo. Tbo'?.i?da of co? tee are to be aeetterei omr tb "'ate Hefrrc tbe meetltg of the I^gtaUtore, by tbe Catoa m?r It will no doubt do much to allay tba dlaoaloo iiaitemaat The Ba* k PreeldeBta bald a meeting to day to CTnaider be report of tbe Committee of Directum. Ti-j dwtida' to rernre on depeatt aad pay oat tie bllla of all eotrmt iiaaka la the State, except tbe Bee* of WinchwMr, the 9aak of th? Old Dominion at Pateravtrf, tbe Dank of illlllpl, lb- Batik of Fatrmoaat. ibe lltok or IVwkler, tbe Back' of Wheeltag an J braacbea aad ?? e Bank of the Valley aad '>raarba?, aot laolodlng tba Bank at Staunton aad the Bank at Cfcriatlanaburf F\cbar>ge ratea betweea Richmond and tbe *fwth*ra c'tlta r? rtea from eeee* to tea par ortl BuatauM la job Sard to tba broker*. Tfca market* are more cheerful thla werk thaa lert j Irttnlee for which tbe Sou lb are depending em tbe Vortb bare adraserd, on arouoat of tbe dtoarrangwrneat of ex obange FVmr IB eery dnll, aa1 ho U ere are W1l'la< to ?ell for oaab at M M There are bo paaa or potato** In maikat THF MISSISSIPPI LROWI.ATTIRE. Jaci m, No*. 21 IMS. Tbe l-ffialalura organic W> 'ay The r. ireruir'i r~?eraf* ? u delivered lie loee naoompr o>? Jg fbe member* are unnaimooa for "???(!.? ATTKMPT TO BORN TUB A.LATUMA C.tPiroi, korr **bt, No*. 17 l*eo Aa attrmpt waa made ti barn the Alabama Jt ?le Gael tol th It mora leg by Bring th-< door* of the third rWy. A befrr eerrant dttoneered tbe Are ard extler'iiabed It UM10N MnnSQ IN KRHTUCKT. lyomrrruji, Kt., No? IT, I WO. A eltiaana' meeting, aompoaed of all pan lea, waa b< Id laa* Bight, which pwed tba minority reaolttkma, da plorlrg tkaalnetioa af a PraMdaat ap? aMitkmal laaoee declaring that Rantoaky baa a oommoa lateraat with all tba alarabold'ag matea that abe donl dea,m'r of jniUoe within the Co ton, 1 a both houese of Ooagreea woeld bo opposed to tbo Rxerotlve; that kenitcky will lnalst opoa I bo repeal of Ike Northern statutes nullifying tbe Fugitive Slav* law, appealing to Um Southern States nol to dotert the oommon oanao of th? South within the Union, and resolving that Kentucky will stand by the Union till aggressions on her ooaslita tlonal rights become more Intolerable than revolution. VIRGINIA. OUH NORPOLI OOKKKSPONDKNCI. Nortom, Va , Not. 31,1800. Progrtn of the Seceuion Moment? Pnderal In' rpoti&tm Regarded oj of I.ittU Importance ? A VeUiiion Between t*< North and So%4k Apparently Inevitable ? The fueling of Virgimiam Prior to the Late. PrttidenHal Election ? The (XnthbvtuMi to Ou Stceuion Fund by the Daughter* of tXe SculK? Untticceuful Attempt* to EmciU Servile In turmtim ? The Cotton Jrade, <fc. Tbawlah of seoeasloa grows stronger every day, and the benefit to be derived therefrom la discussed mora folly than ever before. The course which Mr. Buchanan, aa Prealdentof the United Btatea, or anybody elae, may take, la a matter of little consideration wltb men who feel that their rights In the Union havo been trampled upon, and their equality In tlie .States not oonoeded by thoae wbom they hare fed and olotbed for 10 long a time In detriment to their own growth and lmporlanoe m a people. However Vlrgtnlana may dissent aa regards this or that policy in the Inevitable oolllslon between the State* North and South, honor Is dearer than ail elae, and the attempt to marcb federal troops through hor territory for Ike purpose of Invading and subjugating the people of a sister Southern State will assuredly be taken as aa open declaration of war against the sovereign people of the sovereign State of Virginia, and will be met with all the foroe of arms which an excltod and outraged popu lace can muster. Previous to the election our people seemed careless and unconcerned aa to the Issue? they had not counted the cost of the sacrifices in the election of Lincoln which they would have to submit to. There la a determination upon the countenance of every Individual we meet, and It will take very little to arouse the lion blood In every man and boy In the Old Dominion ; while the contributions from the daughters of the Sooth to the newspapers show what a noble part they are ready to take la the expected contest. Sod avert the storm. The women or the Booth have inherited truly the spirit of their mothers of '70. When they beckon, the man Is a 00 ward who will not obey. No wlah for fame nor thirst for gold Is theirs. Tbelr percept loo| of right and wrocg is more quick, more true than man's, and though nailed upon to act a more humble part, their mission la more lofty, more holy, more sublime than that of sua, Several attempts at Insurrection here have followed In the footsteps of Lincoln's election, and the perpetrators of the next will meet with no mercy at the hands of this ex - cited people. Itase attempts have been made in the eonatles neighboring Norfolk? as yet they have made no attempt In Norfolk. We are too well prepared here. Cotton la still Bowleg In upon us, and a gentleman ar rived here a few days ago and ooctracted for twenty-Qve thousand bales on his own account, to be brou|ht from Memphis to this city. This lot will make thirty aeveo thousand baits from that point within the last month Nurfoik Is improving rapidly, and new buildings are going up In dlflereat parts of the cltv every woik. New steam boat lines are being run to different parts of North Caro lina, and the fbctlltles for travel and or.veyanoe of pro. duce. Ac. , are ennsurpaased by thoae oflerei In any other portion of the Uatted States. TBI ARMAMENT OP VIBflrNlA. [From the Richmond Enquirer, Nov. 34 ] Virginia baa an armory In thla city, erected no ler the provisions of an act parsed so long ago aa the 23d of January, 17W, entitled "an Act to establiab Arsenate and a Manufactory cf Arms, and empowering the Kxsou live to tsfabliah a Manufactory of Arms within tbe vl dully of Richmond ' Arms or virions Kinds have b.*o manufactured la this armory; there la a large number ef them In flae condition now 00 band, and armorers are ever enraged there, cleaning, alter'ne and repairing weapons. Attached to tbe armory la a Stale Guard, first 1 crganlnril under the provisions of an act passed U 1 1 Jku<:ary, 1801. At the last session of tbe Legislature, (31st of January, 1800,) aj aet entitled "An Act rutkmg an appropriation lor the purchase at 'I manufacture ef arms and munitions ef war,'' was passed. By this act aa appropriation of MOO COO was m *'e, 91 HO 000 of which wis to b ? appropriated " to purouvse such arms, equipments and munition* as may he required fi r tbe Immediate use of the Slate; " and the oalaucc to tbo remodelling of the pr?**nt armory, so as to fit It for MM manufacture of tbe boat modern weapons to tbe ex tent of 6 ( 00 pieces a year, wltb a capacity for 19,000 per acticm, If nrreasary. Already the ta-ee commissioners appointed to carry out the act have c.aJe largo purchases of arms, and Oapt. I' m I. <?'? (a Weat Point offloer and oominaniant of tbe Armory Guard) <e busy superintend In* i:..- n al trraliors for tbe Ir trodrctlon of tbe sew machinery which Mr. Anrterron, of this city, has obtained the oootract 'or, and which he engages to have In fall operation on tbo 1st December. 1831 The editor says:? "la tbe meantime she must depend on tbe North"? that Is, until tbe armory is complete. Th<- mm reply rao give to this Is the following "late meat, wbleb we gather from returns now In Arfjataut ] General Richardson's r filer ? nn w fsrot orrouaa 1, 1800? raaion or a-vxrai. urraaa. Mnskets 48 9*0 Muskets receiver October 1 6.000 Total ..... . .M 990 P'.ilee, ef all kinds 3 ,W0 Oaralry pistos (revolvers) 1,348 Do do (Hint lock) 110 Oavalry sabres 2 Ml Artillery sabres V* Hrr rre mortars, 10~'acb Bros as K pound b B .jBMfi-roend O.'ld pieces M Brosas It pound bowniera 3 Iron guna? 7* - pounders ? Do. lS-poaaders 80 Do. 6-pooad field guns 110 Do 4 -pound field guns _ 3* Tbess are (xclnstve of a complete cavalry, artillery, light lufaatrv sad rifle aramtneal as Lexlngtoo for tbe la strnctlaa of the 3*0 State oa lets tberw, sad aleo of the ar tU levy aa* la fan try armament of the State guard la this city. BesMee, there are aew in tbe State the fbilowlag aa I formed volunteer oosapaales:? Eighty-eight troope of oavalry, twenty- six eouapaalee of artillery , 1C0 companies of light lafantry , 110 oompa nlre r.f ri!!?men And of thsae ssaay are armed aad the balaaos are betaf armed as rapid I r aa poeslble. . Now estlmatlag the average Strength of th -so volunteer com pan lee at tbe very moderate estimate of fifty lire men earh, we have aa elite fovea of 18 ll'< men, r ady for the field at a motxxnt's notice Again , 'he regularly enrolled aad organ lard mtiitin of the line of the sute oan be safe I) aet dowa at 1M 000 rne?- more Aad we de not hesitate to >ay thai of tbe whole foroe ai?ve enumerated 100,000 men will rprlag to am* at the mod of the first gun In Me above return of artillery are aot lac'u led the six twelve pound ho wit ?? re. (eae of them ridel) In tbe lien-U of Uf How user lr n.(?riy of the f 1 ret regimen'. of Virginia volunteer*, or the several batteries of riled c te nor recently purehaerd by tbe Armory Cwmm 'ssloaers lo varmoe of '?rir? ?i ho .. ?i 1 colleges o' tbe HtaV\ tli?re are ? r.l ir* red carpet# We woaM | tioc , too, that there las large qnaality of itanunltion ard acc ulrt meats of various kinds ou hand, aad, tbat la tbe Armory bare, a large quantity is mad* Tbe volnntter force or the State is inoreeaing every day, so much so mat th" A1)utant General aad bis clerg* are ke^t uece ifttofly busy la lesniag oommiastous, te., and vsr.oua ther eutles. The Governor, the A Orient General aed the Omnmla siorcrs are bending their best eaergtes I" the armlsg of Ue state, aad old Virginia la now ready for the worst, If tbe worst should enwe, and wbal we bava't rot. mr hart the jmttr le lake frrm H. rper'l ferry, OU Point Omfort end 9npmt JVary I'ard Bitnaopn amp tivrnrooi. 1,1*1 op packkt anirs. iProm th* K nhniond Inepateb, Nov 3*1 1 Tbe ?b<p Virg1a*a Dare, l>alit In Raltimore for tbe R'rbssord ssd I.lvsrrool Itae of packet-', is expected hero lo day. TTr.s is the first v aael hul t order the arspieaa of the cwnpaay oharlered by 1 be last 1 eg la la tare. Opoa ihe spur of tbe 1 oecwt'oa, to begia operatlora without tbe delay of build ?eg, tlie ship Pioeeer wee employed by the cm pan 7 sood I enar its orgasisatioa, to raise a voyage to I iverpool Nuw Ihe e< mpaay have oaeCrstnlaM snip flalabed and aaotber In rrmrae of conatrnetion oppoe'te Koiketu | Three will be followed by a third, and poeaOly a fourth Tile le a beginn'.nr wbioa, IF sustained with any sort of ?hvor by our merchants and Ihe Virginia public, will ex pend leto a great and thriving commerce Tbo Aral ves sel la a b>aotv sa remarkable for hrr admirable ar rangement a ith refereare lo the transportation of rreight ae for the symmetry of h?r prop irt tots I* one of the very beet models of Baltimore ollpr** b?Ut ships, worthy ef tbe reputation of Captala Abrahams, wt>o built ber Um Viriinta Dare baa her freight already engaged, "aad will have d repair h " she Is eommaaded by Capt J ? flair., a sa'l-r of experleneo, aad a man of energy aad sp rtt, a ?rry tling ofTloer l-> take nbarge ->f tbe first of eur pa? ka?, having to a large amount that kind of vim neeoeeary lo posh abead and suocemfully maintain new eelerprlaea Hla ship baa alrealy bean dearribed la our oolnmr* <%r baa a eanan'ty of 8A0 tana, aad, In the laeroege of the Kartiiiore Km Veepr tier model and flalab throughout oombioe ntlllly, beaaty and strength Tie organisation of this Klohmaod ae4 Liverpool 00m paay areae oat nf tbe evils men! prodooed by the John | ?trowa raid aad the widespread sympathy eallated for h'm at the North Oertalafy, lher? haft beea no sebae qnent lemoeelrattos of fraternal sffertlons and kind an timenls among tbe great body of Northern people for as of the Sooth aad therefore there baa beea an reaana to rvlai our exertlona to promote our la' ^pendent nommerre en that snore. Nevertheleae. were tbero ao inientivee like th's, of reetlonal outrages by tbe Noth npoe the nr>atb, to stimulate onr esterprlsee, we wnuiJ r?e ue worthy of eoaelderatloa la the oommerelal world. If we were eo wanting In energy sa lo faly entirely upon others lo ennduet onr oommeroe for ns let our peop'e show tbat I bey hare soma of thoae oberactartstMi wbiah i %tc iMdlapenaeble to Uu buildln* np of oonnMrw tml < I ! great cities ? that we havo a spirit of tdmulijr< ?nj [?r severance, (aided by community of intertst, liberal ty. i intelligence Md (kill. With these we m?y v?ut?ir*s uJ achieve, ud when we due we wUl triumph. | Let us unfurl the fl?(t of tho ' Virginia Dif?" ?? the signal or a new era for Richmuud aad Vir I tola, And let us never falter or tarn baoi from

| our determination to build up a great oity ui I ^roei I commerce In Virginia? a dotermlnatkon laudable <u any ( time, but which not to sustain under the clrcum*f aoow of the da; a In which we live, would prove ua unw jrthy bolh of a glorious Bother. BOOTH CAROLINA. ? TIU U8UHT LAWS. ?The Ctoamber of Uuumeroe ol Charleston at its ?*? quarterly meeting unanimously directed applicants to he made to the I^rnla'ure for the abolition of the 0 <1 r law*. In locorJaaoe therewith, tho subjoined memorial will be presented at the approaching mm Ion of tho Gene ral Assembly ? To tib Hosoiuiili nts -jwati Aim Horn or* iitib or tu? htaik or Sovro The memorial of the dumber of Commerce of the city of Charleston, In the State aforesaid, respectfully sni'weih:? That yoor memorialists forbear to enter at length upon all the question*? religions, moral and eooanm .oal? u voived in the con iterations of usury; but they r ape t f.illy present, tu a fact, that money, whonever H can be invested without contravention of the laws against usury, so aa to furnish to the owner a higher rato of Intorest than tho law permits upon oootracts, will sasureaiy bo so Invested This fre quently occur* In purchasing at a discount bonds or rook* of State*, d Corporations and of Individuals. Whilst Individual* desiring to borrow at the same dl* coont upon their own bcndi, or note* made for tho ex prtrs purpose, being by the Usury lawa prohibited, are unable to procure tho money, often ewentlal, without admitting to most ruin on* sacrifices of property for cub. or to moat eitrmaguit usury from persona who k>flngly risk the penalty and charge a higher rate be cante of the necessity of the borrower, the riak of loss ana the odium attached. Thete cause* operate to drive out f the State large amount* of monev Invested In se collides in other StaUs, and oventually depress the market value or our State and corporate sec or Hie*, a* well &* of individual aecruitie* If :eft without restraint, individual* needing money, and a Bert Eg satisfactory security , oould fairly oompete in :>rccurtBg what waa Deeded, and lender* would prefer securities nearer, rather than those remote from home. A due regard for existing obligations render* It prudent tbat the contemplated change should be carerully and judiciously made, guarding against suddenly throwing the debtor Into the power of the crsdltor, who, though ?at rHed with the security he ba*. might exact a higher than the original or present rat* or lntereat. Yosr memorialist*. therefore, pray for inch leglalatlon touching It* premise* aa to your honorable body may seem meet. And your memorialists, aa In duty bound, will ever pray. fone at Charleston this nineteenth day of November, 1800. By the Chamber of Commerce. A. 0. ANDREWS, President T. J. Tcnus, Secretary. GEORGIA. TH* STOBT OF KIBIRO. We oopted a few days ago from the Boston pspcrs lb? account or a man named Joseph W Rlboro, who bad bean Offfr 1 and had one lido of bis head shared In Havannab, and men ib.pped for Boston. The Savannah Jleputlican fayi ? We know nothing persocal of Rlbero, bat on Inquiry are told that be Is a mulatto, and has been oon vlcled on Indubitable evidence of lnsttlllng into tbe minds of other negroes In this vlclitty that Lincoln Is to free them wLeo be ascends tho Presidential chair, snd inciting thorn t? rebellion and murder. In this he was detected, and in a sparsely fettled lecllon twelvo men were suroonooed to attend as a Jury, and on trial Uu of them were tu favor of cxacutlcg blm on the rpot, but more merciful c-n>?< e pravalled, and ho wis privately tact oft wits tbe punish ment above stated. Bis Btalno frlen'ts may take Rlbero to their bosoms If tbey p'eaee and make a martyr of him , but the sentiment here oannot be cheeked, and all sucb Interferes will be similarly treated? self preservation drmsads it. PERSONAL LIBERTY BILL IN VFRUOWT. In tbe Vermont legislature. on tbe 231 lost, Jod*e Tbomae, from the select nummlttee oa the Perron*! 1 I b? rtv bill, ivprted In favor of its repeal; but the re port w?i not read, but was ortcrnd to be printed. City lBI?U!ge>H. JLmuyai of a Hi itt KiMiiT.? P.ather an unaaual cargo was Imported here on last Monday, To. ao'ioouor ri est wood arrived at this pert from Pare, with a family of t>or -en acacotdaa on board of tb"? U-r-r than*-" Bat have ever before been teen to Milt ooot* try. At >e?l accrvul* *iu> " rrri.ent*" wr.< alive. anil doing as wall as oonld be eipccted under tie cireu-n StSBOSS Pais to* t*s Bsssm o? rns Toon.? The lal!?s (f ?. Y'nccnt ds Paul are enclhave b, en for the past two days i b< Id ng a fair at 772 Rroadaray, corner of Ninth street, j for tbe of railing fund' to aid the p->or during I the severities of the erfn'iyr winter When the b?-d. net* of tbo times aro MpMMri c*eat will hi th? j dritittitlon srtslog from tbe lar>;e number of operatives tbat have been thrown ont o' work? each movevnts j Aboo'd be enronrnred bv those who hare the mean* I Tbo well known charity of tbe before mentioned 1 wiles is a ? 1 : t guarantee tbat the work will bo crrrted oat an ! Intended. T* ? fair will be oontlnned open to-day tad I to morrow. A Aaiior Psowssn ? Joseph Cram back, a sailor, was j accidentally drowned at o'er No If East River, on Won day nigbt. by fa'iirg overboard fro ? a ashooaar. All sf i fortr to recover the body wsre unavailing. { f Kiss m Gsjlvd .*rasai ? it about one o'clock on Toes day mornirgt a fire was dlseovsred la the fancy dry goods store of John A. Bell, at No. 875 Grand street, cor oar of NsrMk rt'eet The f ames spread with grnat j raplrflty around tbe store, rfratroy leg an 1 damaging the | stock to the amount of about M GOO. We are Icurmel ; by Urn I ire ilerabal. that from Lis Investigation and et amlnitloa of the ->tor? as sr.on a> tl?e Ore *>i ->xtin ' gu'.ifced, tbat Its origin was under the ooobSr', lint how. ! or what oaused It Is a matter for him to *aoertaln. There I it an insuraors on the stock of 97 600, In tbo following 1 w.tonanies ? I'aclflc, 92 OCO New York Plre and M?riae, f i COO Mecbas'os' and Trades, 92 000 Re' of, 91,600. The bslldlcg Is damaged about 9300. insured. rmowro ?The body oft child tear years old, who fell from tbe dock foot of Brtdre street, Brook Ivn. no tbe 19th Inst. , baa sot been recovered Bad on plaid pants and jackal Deoeaard resided with h s grandfather, Mr Brv soa, No. 40 John street, Brooklyn. As Astwth Bums Piui.-A boras attached to as express wagon yesterday had the bad maaaers to wslk through, or raibsr senpeJ blsaself lain the large show window In frsat of Carney's Hellers on Rmmiwny, I ear tag a "sharp picture." sad a kill of 9890 bnhlad blm as S mstnentaf of bl* vlalt. Animal arohrotj una . eepe^-allv oa plate glass, are aot tbacbaepaat laxnrtas In tbe world The Charter Klectlom. If 07 ART HALL SCHOOL A Hit SARD NnXTHATIONO Thirteenth Ward ? Oofntahlee, John J. Mulligan, ?v< jhen A Smith Hebool officers will be aomlnated tk'.s (Wedneeday) even'ng frmrUmth Ward ? ifehool Inspector, John Rnhe*ta, lr ; Oommlsaiocer, John H Oolltns. Trsstrrs, Thomas H Cas s's. Patrick H"f r rv>netabl?s Urree ft ran. Jobo Collins. fifth Ward ? School, adjourned Ull Wedneeday; Ooc ?table, n larksra Fit AtM lt'?r?f - Vhwi, adjoorMd till Friday; Ooasta bl^s R *?ld J, Arm?trong. fifreent* Ward _%*bool and r/mstabiea. a?*|onned P-vrtJk Ward ? TbeCanventloo met at to 14 Roraevalt ftreet last evsrlsg b*t a^joartx-d Ull Tharaday, without eB>c'irg a emj'ratloa. fittk War<f ? Tb* Nominating Committee of this wsrd mr) 'a?t evening, at 71 Kl aabeth Street, hut adjinraad till We^reeday day) wltDoot nominating uy one Fifth Ward ? tdjoiirned ? i' I Wednefday. rifhfh Wnrd ? tdinorned till PrMay. ,e. -,wh Ward ? Adjonrard until to n'ght. Ward ? Adjoernsd sntll to nlglit. Warl?fnr lldsrmnn, Qiarine 1 rhlpp !*rt*mtk Wnti ? Aormm'ttee oonftstlng of alao dele gaUf. met last evening at No 114 Seventh aveonn forthe pvrpoee of nomlcatkie school rfloers. T| ?aa st?'?d by oee of tbe delegates that the Tammanv'tea w?re deslrri? or malrrrlng a 1th the Mi tart wing In tbe ward, and that tb? rerob'icsos of the wsrd had e?i eesand themsslvea to the rfTrrt tbat ">t wool 1 snoport th? eomtnstlons mads ! by the Mosart party for school oflloers, provided the I notnineea wers rd'inated men and allgihls for offoa. fla irotloe a committee of tbraa was appointed to onafer : v'lb the Tammaryltes, an 1 tbo Convection adjoarasd Uil I to morrow svsalng rMOW VOKIN ATTOWS. rntemth Ward ?("omwi.seioaera? Dennis Mflflartv, ' loegf terti; II Ford, short trrm Inspector -M Fl. Mor?aey Tmstoes? Tboa MoMannls, long term Pan'el Rallngher. long tone, John Oarvny, abort Urn Oon stables? John Maboasy, Joba MoUlyan. ArAbnrr or ?Tbe pre?s 'a nnsnlmons la t-"Uac of " Ia Jnlvs," and the ftar of Ullmaa is again la the as caadaat. Bsooad perfnrmanoe of *? Ia Jalva " to night Arrlvsli and Itepartatai. A SRI V A (A. IligMini mi fa>l| i Hy ef HaWmore? Wra O^liln* and wai Mrs Mnna. I cbiMrrn ae<" anrse ?r |to.l?n Vli 1 OhU dres and narae lira ?iai *"?eM and I eWI'rea. r?*?nn m n Henry Paeesgort, Mlv Me* hi. ? r Hewitt ?n i-nm d and eblld. ?as trHns*oe Hlae s^lkeld Eobt O Rntbwell Rev Wm naenrry Mr *.??? lev Oeot Snan. J Hrn' k Jokn Bn? mil J T J mee, 1<>M Pr??*a, P o'doaeor. Win Daw, J lie* ?r < h''d. Jaa Orartoa. .'oka Ovartoa. T\ a Howard, and W In ll?? ai<-era*e. *?T?rrAS- "te?mahlp Hrtanraa-Wrs ? O lta:inL*si^a i It Warren .1 N thnnpeoa. J Ilejir. ?jv <?soWrerrU W A How ard. A t rv neu lliae Afr^. A ("alar* R Dnea, Frank Joel J Tcntelle. 1 P faley. < Mortoa. J Barllsgkam. i P Ayala, J n Datta. W W Deakon. Birsaosn? "teamakin Roaroka? Jna * WlittefK ad, T Prat Hn M r? WHfer. Mlee Watsrn Jns A Sea well and lady, J ? Wei* and lady, O Vnrphy, D OampbaU. O R Brady. ?iMOA-nark CUatoala Wright? 4 ? Uookla. lady sad two <>. dras, A Par a PST ARTt'RItS. Rirssosn to- ntsaauktp Jamaavnrs Wm H ftadd, Wai A Oodfrey. u WiiHeote. J llne-i, A (We. O Wllllamaan, fa tfnnd J Va'eeOae C Taleathie P rv?|bnm, O P Jordsa. ? t'e s?d i"?'i?kler O r K*nms. .? M??kan U a C?; I Powtsa n H ClandMr C Wotf ie '? Howard s rank t ? WeUta. t ? MPS, f f i W Joms, aad A k tbss-svaga. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OP 1H aR*BiA AT HAL F^X. FOUK DAViS l.ATKK. Nafe Arrival of the Prince of Wales. TBS rXCTAXTCXAX. CRISIS, Mh **? fe*. Hautax, Nov. 37, 1S90. The steamship Arabia, from Liverpool ten A M 17th Via (jueenMown sterni on ol 18'fc, arrived at this port at fior o'clock thin afternoon. Tbe Prlii or of Wake tloet had arrived. Tbe detail* of tbe return voyage show tbat th? Hurt ex perlecred bead wind* and bad weather daring tbe entire pirssge. The vearels wire within a day's s?ll o' Eiflard on tbe flih, when a heavy gal* prevented any firtber prfftrf ?e ; they t a t only another week's pjo V iSloofl cn boord, ami tue royal party, for tho last few daye, lived on rait umi preserved provision*. The parte, however, landed ail well, and ibe Prinoe reached Windsor Caatle on tbe eveniwg of the 15ib. T ho return of the Pr'.aoe na t tho theme of cjngrn t'j'ntory 'editorials b? in? prone generally, and tbe red ? ritioa ol *i rm '?nmpl'm'nte to tho American people. rtp IiLdnn Timu ray* tbat tbe Priooe, while rhonii g the/e? Hogs of a tree hero Englishman, ha* ellnltel tie vehrg* of all trno Americans, and so brought tho two ftne to race, and r?k.? tb< m iedl tr a '. tLey aru brothers. It la rnirore*' that the Duke of Newcastle Is to receive ibe I'rder of the Garter, r< w 'n the gl't of Her Utjeity, owlcg to tbe death of Richmond. Tbe ejprrse mail tr? n from 6l*?gow for London, wb?n *t fnl![rpeed, ran Into & fa' le train on the Trent ValU J ?ailway. .Nine imisoos, mostly drove's, and thirty bend of ratt!e, were%kliiod. All U.e ; as&enger" mlracul iuh y "?fcaped LLhirnDtd Tbe Km press Biigenie arrived in London "on tbe 14th t it. , and remained there two days In tbe strictest Incog iilto.Jt'She w 11 make a visit to SjotJani! , In the hope if repairing her Impaired health. The Bishop of Worcester is dead. The' steamship City of Washington, &t>m New York, arrived al yneenstcwo on tbe 16-h last THE FINANCIAL CR1SIR. Tlo minim am rate of diaooont waa raised by the Bank rf Kr?:?DJ cn the 16' b inv.anl to all p*r oent, aiteouxb bo (old waa withdrawn that day, and none haa been ilnoe. ft i* murmeut ?aa telegraphed to the lank of Prance, and lbf,oonUmpl?'<d a-.U'loral wtbJriw*1 l1more gild . ?. t*?- lanlr i.f Knj land by^'.bal t)m? wu ni?p ? l,. v ?u*Ci*|i*n |0ld4 tofthe rali.e o' ?470 000, arTlirrdo!n!ue l?>h whteh *ai lmim diately boaibt for the fUntr "f , ir ?u 1 tn'J temporal!!) prevented^ any lartbvr ?iu. ?'.I#** a irum lie Hank of Kuclaad. Tbere wee more confideare in flo.acial etrclr* oo Frl day , and the fundi aitgbti) ra ?rjred, doting lirm. Tie -t *enf-ot'nte'kelaeoallburi to | r.-rmt an.analoni and ne. i. i'a; peerage , and nufttur ne? < bad bf?*iTUo5?Tt!n^y ..... -r>? minimum, and in tuai.y cad ? 8^ per <y?nl oaa ttu .,??at rate mat wnHh? takeo"- Tbno in iuii pa per wai C(ttn'*otiabie b? Itw 7 per cent, .and i x mentis rriv"? ? I ( mi rent lb# atrrunl of t>aa>neai < on* at the TTT^nTFr'miy', afthmiirh r. ot'a n. tti o t1 n * * Wi a pt("ir? w.i large. Onthe.aurk mbtir *!?? rate fu' abort lo?r wearily, wia at<nit four per e?~ I ^^Tid* .o?i ?ay tbat a though tee pri-aanre for gout . ii. r HtiTk 1 f Fiat.ce oot.'eu*d,.Ui4t eiubllabnaent ..a<l uri.ioid uolto raine ite.rate of aUpxuMjamvo four an /"* c?T.f per ueal I? r the }ir?e?-t. Jt wm thought the Pv k oT Franoa woo J continue tjobiati gold eupplioa from Fx r land, but the 7ia??' city article maiuleloe that tuM u.rd xicite no unraalniwa, although the drat a oa the B ? k or France awce the statement, la aald to have bun laameaee. The aberea of the Grand Trtuk railway, of deteda, rall:el three ptr cant, < n the jeto ITALY. T%< re was no moTcmr jt of tmportanoe. Tb. re waa a report that a oonip:raiy had beau dleoo re red at fSeeta agaioit Fraaeia It. Two <><V- ra and two men were abot. Tb - efflotal Ptedmunteae Qaiftle ? f the 1Mb, lays that Ute Neapoittana^nuder Gereral rta'.r-'am, bad pr^poeed to faati the surrender of the Neapolitan troopa, who ro ma'Ded uutaiJ'- of (iarta, (-OGilaiiag of tea balaliloM of ebawcnra and a regtcienl oi cavalry. >auti rejected tho propoeitiaa. A% r a ctml at cn ti t 12tb, the Btarbon tro >pe re CD i era 1 Oieu, at 6 tbr Her Jin'ai-a took up in %i poaltlona roan i tb? town, n.e garrieoe of Uael* toaaiau d of eigb 'aa ba ai:iiita, but, a dtapatoh an te n ?e that two mrrCan tveamtrf, carry og the Fretwa ooiora, bad left Uaeta.Vltb troope. rinroeed for Uivrta V?c:ula. The l#z ar mi at Naplra'lndu!fed la a i< m ?rr rntlto In favor of Otri^aldi and the Dictatorship, and were die pawed by the troopa. Victor Emaooel bad prch!b!ied the dee trite* 'on of Pbrt PRANC*. Tbrre were ronton or a 1. 1 tale rial r.hangra rife. It waa reported that M I ?'ly. who flgnred in the faroy aegotu tlora, waa to re Iflalahr of the hilar lor, ft waa raid that at the f*biaet Otoeaell a plan tar Ike amy iaa?i hi waa flaaliy aattied. A project waa oo r>ot 10 abollah the prreaot ayeun at farloogha aad to retab iah a r?eerreca the plea of the rntwiaa ItB'lwihr, rom^aad with that of lite ug:iah ?Uitla. The romm*rc *1 trea'y of rraac* an 1 Knglaad waaoom pleted at Par r oa 14th, a id reoe'ved floal algaat-trea. Mr. Uobdea waa M d u be (Xim(>leiaiy prnetrate 1 by labor*. The Brraree oo th !? h waa nrm"r *oi Mgber. claaiag at Mf Me. AUSTRIA. An atteaapt bad been made to In trod nee arms into Flaa gary. Fellah *??ae a aa.age-1 ia the enierprle* Austrian prepare na i. r war were coo .tanteg at Man toe. I' ______ 81'AIN. Tbf Corrnpo' if ? a iu Oifre a aaae-ia that the tjurea Wa? CHINA. Th? P?rl? If nrr'r aa?'#t? tbt the 'aWt t?' frtph'fl tfe*)* OK fr>M *lr Mope <Jrant f ly ao'ho '?r? he nope tba a rerxt r?e U a- ma ?HI r-.t he neoeaaary in Cava COMMERCIAL ItlTKUJORBCK. lonhom atOHBY v aaKirr. rioted at k.1 , ? HV* for atnery. and 03 a 93 fr>r a# "?nrt Ifee bul ><m in the fUek i>r Kog aad bad nc-rraaed ?*M 000. Tt?e hank rata?-1 I'a rate of dlaonuat an per rent on ib? lltfl ' n Brot?i< ra quote ear ailrer, Se. \%4 Her ran dollar* , H a 'ad ; Aire- 1 .a < .* ea nominal, at 7*a 4^1. A*m< ? ?a ??< i urnaa Bar'ng^Brotber* report a lim led boar *ee, at prevtoiia Meaar*. MIACe report the market generally na changed i.tvmtmnf. cottom wititKirr fbe B'r??ra nretila' reporta ? ftie aalea ?f the work hare h??n 44,000 heun. inelollag It <100 t?> apeeii!?tora and .1 000 be ee to e*twe-e The market opened firm, hat cl'iard eerr doll, irr?#niar atd withaai'gM de lta* oa ail deaerlpt oea, amt.'.ctii g tn it(l on lower t ee, art >,'d oo mlrfdiinr Hn?ti.?aa *aa almoat paaded by the adeai.oe In the bank 'at * The aalea on Pride* wer* H ?K? bat-a, 1acl't1'e? I PtO ha'e* t ? apeeolat'ira a"t < * > ->?e?, t|j. <narlel ei.atng dnll at tb?- followtag anthor a-t ita|t-?i* ? f><ir Hii New fhdeeeg TV Mohllaa I'a t'plarda 7 * S lie aetlma ee reek '? t?-el ? IK 9 9 0 balea Of wbleh 44? (0? ere Ao<riei?n a-, tea nawcniarrtre aKntttt. The ad Tier* I r* rn *?o e'*r ?r? aafarnrab'e The | market fhr eo* ion ?o nd? ao.t * ha# a denllaleg Uad n ry , prteee are I onuaall ? h???ed with light traua n* vaa O rrmn a ? aa rr. T)f aa:e* of in ???k* *? " Orieane 1r?? eHl eal?? , 100 f?aa ?ae, t??rr?'r t"e market bae a down Ward lead eej ? th ? i? e i a raae# oe the w-ea rv,Utl Wtrk le port, JOt.lCO nat? ? tirrarooi. rH?*it<rr wm mabbitt Brealataira f aae a?ailait| teedrnry tfeaert Ri. b ardron. Ppenre \ Cu repjrt: ? Floar dull end oflored tit rtdunicn. quota < D? are 2Ka ? .'>U 61 Wboal dull ao4 declined Id * iid prr c?Ul: r?xl W< lern lis. W a 1'Jb. lOd , ?h.t? I'M 61 ? 14* Corn Uriu. uiliod mi >eliow ?>W >8X11. :<d ; while 4311 ?4ft? M< Ktr? Wokeileld, Na?b Co My -Fire wheat gene r?liy unchanged, but infer lor uuia.uable except at I re duction. l.IVXBFOOL PHO VIRION MARK IT. I'rovisloia generally are <|niet Mrurt. Big land, Atby kCio . Waki livid, Na?b ft j., and others report:? He? r duU. 1'ork )uiel Bacon qnlrt, and uo American to tbe murket lard lirm, and he market cleared M 63a 6d I allow la go*l dtiiiucd at 67* a I9e. for North American. Liverpool prodcck uauit. Tbe Brokers circular reports ? lab*e tleady pota, 38a. 01 a 29* ptarla, 29? a 29? 0d. ftigir dull OuHeo quiet Ktce quiil I Inered baa considerably advanoed. Unwed cako u> good demand, and lis 5d demanded for American I. nsetd oil In good request at 80x 3d. a 80a. ?d ; Cod oil ?80 Rosin dull: oommon, be M ail. 6d. on tbe spot, is. 3d. to arrive, Si'iriia turpentine doll, at J4s. LONDON MARKKA. Barings' Circular reports ? Breadstuff's qnlet and quo tation* barely maintained. Iron, bara and nalla form, at ?6 10s a ?6 16*. for both. Hugar quirt. C'cflee quiet, with an advance of ?1 R'oo steady: II , rc wag a large buttons In the early part of lite week. Tea all. btly 'Inclined; noiumon Congou, le. 2^,'d. Tallow Sllgbtl> advanced, qnoted at SU 3d. a Oil 6d. I.I r seed rak*S active and rllrnily advanced. Fish oils dull. Linseed oil. 28s. 91. a 30a SplrMe of turpentine dull, at 33a. 9J. a 84? HAVRB MARKKT. For tbe week ending 14tb, Inclusive. RreedrtnCfe doll Pot ashes dnll Coffee quiet. Oils ? I, title Inquiry and pricra weak. Rloe and sngar steady. lard dull. RHIPI'IN(< INTELLIOFNCB. Arrived from New York, 16th, Henrietta, at tbe PHI; RroUo,aid Hrrsilla. Id the Clyde; Ji'.th. T J Roger and Atntzon, at 9hMds. Dreadnought and Sir Robert Peel, at Liverpool. Arrived from New Orleans, 16tb, Pocahontas, at Liver pool. Arrived from Charleston, 16tb, 8. Q. Owena, at IJver pool. Aimed from Baltimore, 16th, Black Hawk, at Liver pool Sailed for New York 14th, A. M Lawrence, from Sblelda. ''ailed for New Orleans 10th, Flora McDonald and Rochambeaa. from Deal Tbe (Julde, from '/Anstbar for Aden, ran aabnre near tbe latter place on the 4th (September. Tbe crew wcro saved. Tte vessel aud cargo a total loas. "?w* fram Vantzaiia, I OCB CAKACAS C'OKKKSrONOIMOI. Pro Witn-Qm^nor, Ordrr-d f? Trial-. Tk, - - ZaZ'~DTUty WviaU-Departur?^ Brazilian Ckargt, <fc. , dc Thert la bo partlonlar variation i? ^ _ white (be government I. pro,rettf?, , alibon.h |)oirfT 7* the pacification of Ui? country. ' te f The condition of the Oriental provlnoet may * brWfl_ ?Uted that ? The SotlUot, f?lhcr foo ***?? Barcelona and Malaria, and commlttln, depr?utfj^l ?*?*?. JB1,0 moomm ^ Barcelona by Run and Adrian. Ohmero vainly mim D* K> the fcaion threaten lo, Cumaoa Mar farita and (iuayaoa art In peaot. The condition of the central provlneen la abort the baaf. """ tamerona control Her Ida It readv to tl,?- hVLi? *OT"""?Hnt 2, XET"-" "---rtTTiSiSS ^rncrv^iaTu'^r^Lr ihzf ? ? ?" ?* m they are bj a pro? ^t?bto HimUtd nrK t*uZ ^{3SXS2?Si ?f, Car^b?. "m ban one ?,h j(,?(> , NnBft> KiS^wTtnTta' "" h* tt# rlalma rrovo lo he nataat ^25 M. OrrUln ^ssrssx&F ?ss ?rs We n* ThuT^e'f"" ?MR'^^Ifot?Prc^ ??? , Vfh. .aver a^y"* Me V.<. rtuala Friend |, reconquer, bat to buaUii end a knr, element c h. noble eon-loot f/? .i. rrnnxn: ai d penpltof ret'ntla. ^ fr ,m *??? fotonrtt' Omit. Pr\rtrm wr Hatm. -Tha Com^, Wm noting to bold .n tnqneai. at rn ,tr?t nlv>n th? w j , M*? man. t amec.. b? ? ?bo<y,mBmt<yl hfur'r, IVce. C.1,,1 Vf-tr-d. h? ?oo.rr,, aoino ' *J*J Irrrre of lair, tronMed hi. ..?4 e,,.*,tnfly Hi car* I him tobrcome ,0tt? molanr.bily and aorre.' "?? ?"*? *?. h fWm, ?? h'nar !a , cyMrrloo. manner, and nothing w,. heard ?( bl? nat I yttu rday ?r,nto,. wh<m rrtlrn^ ? ? , I iroitly m rrry low aplrHa flWM rcllfe t to bl- bej ;? -H tak.t., ?o thai all r.hiorc of ri> ?7lu?^? .^ . war< i|tnf?heq>jr?tlon fW. aaed ' Itrnd .lib b'H hrnUvr ., TT-TSot?^0" T T will prohtblj be bold ip.,0 ib? bMy * Ctrairet) to Daarw rr Mam?niT ? B|.n r%t>? rwh a girl abont e'fht year* old, aaa erunbed lo daata ymiir ?' lhrorB,b r?"???y of Kobxrt Harrlnr *? tfa Zlirr1' ?r!",lh hr her HKh^Sil^ In th. merh'oery while the wm in Coem-, ,u ootlded to ho* ,B ,Dqnwl ' <'***?? r>n?r jKtmu held an mqnent Mb V?J w"t0n C<,,'^,? r,lT*r"t* ?P"? the body of I Mrs Rertha II* 1 1 man who dlod from exhaaMbia nra "Aoeideatal death " "Wrwardi Vardtot, PoIIm latolliieaaa, ^ieuwo trmn ?The pirtar h .oea oonar of Tm. ?l?h *treet and Haeoiid arena* wa? the anaae of a llralr * r ?* Mob<?7 ?i#ht, bftween Wun,w Hoblnaoa of M7 Fonrth nveooa, aad Heary Wada. of No ]U Wrat Twenty foarth atreel Roblre-n U(| w?de It ac peart. Ud been on unfrieadly umia for Ha,,' ^ Kit oea^quetoe of teme doaeriH? IronbJa, hqt m * *? ????>"? *?de wm UIWM lo bHJ otd ?rrtar,d irate fr'erdt with bl< en?m> ?-- -? . oa ?Mir!r* the aalonn |n quwttoq. and e<?tB?^tTsiil!l ?raled W ? rr.alr. ha he I oat b!a bani In to* "fT* Whra R'l.if?fa b?CMr? rar>| rd al lb- fawillarttr rf hli frlerd, ar d draw.*, , tB'?. ?111)1 "* ?Uhb.d b,m la t|.c wh, laflT" J," bi c????r'l? Dinteri <i?, wotitd T>?e ?- - - ? #>tth aoi af?ef?,rd? ?,r?ted h. I be 1, n w.Jrf "HL*"0" ?or?ed ?? ,? the M,|U? boa? Ve.UrL, ^ ^!!^ "" "7? ?^ hefhee y ^.aVSTiS ^.*1"^ <0 aaa'l the reanlt ?,f t te wmaded . ? ""?l?l**td hlr.ot . rwtoi Hhh ??, Jd ? V^tT1. J>?llre <<e|?rtirei1| "w?arly la Ita . n'Ha on the aame ~_ ' t ?>?'<" en two men e*?e- Wllllaw ' < ra ? iiff jV !?. W.trj. * 'eeet, aed fKrl I n.rr? .Of ,*7 ??m %r'Xr'T c af?,t th. !X,? . w 57?"M Pn,,'y' trr< ?ted Hr?mr opoa h? irt brt.r|[M ha^re Jontina Kelly ,, ,UH ' fcrTT'l.' rtTh'fv m"v d ,n Xh~ r"m(>a "hUmui^ i?rry la at Ihe Nrw Tort II e .iul " ?rtt unita a?r. AtatBTw _r% Monday ti?bt u>e r*ied r^lT^lrftwrn.,^ lh4l iwn rha.r*?d nrot. the roof of the hntldiai No 193 nh amber a ??reel, atCer flrri*.Urrra .hi, h led Ihe lafermanl In believe that Iher meditated a bn-f*ary, a oonole of nm rere yre -r.t0 W* .fl^r Ih- a-7pvioaTXr2-^' yd after a food ifea' er fr mble one of the jj1 i wm u*'r ".?ody cmnar on iranared u>r.-ap. bo( / ."TIT*" ? B?r ?.'* tM appear v?ry rlear " wU* Ae Fey'iahman named qeerv am*. . rt-Hedy m tb* aame r'rf t hT m? nf7?T? ?** ***? Into pel'ee, e? arepteioe of ha?'ef bnrr1aML^2T!ViZrT,nfll eirtbtpf ft ore of Woire,an? ?oaa No ih" rteallr, the,errMB , OHtHy 7 JSte! ^57' a eeaa.d -aa ormmitU 1 fcr 'tam'tUl^a ? raaant or rt.^K.T ? Aaaant -MlrHei ciara wm ^?Vel' rCl^T V"rt,r' Q ?? 10* >??*"? ?h. ? "? ^ havm, o. ? iui^h,hB^r.?!,Ir,r,*,<,0"W-' Htanlled Will lax H Wood that ?- * winatet. tB)qrla? tl* to amrerafy a nee r?? ?o atlead lo k>a baa *? evtr , , ,rTh rtrliea . It atn?>a<a .are nt a larfet etear fs2a^l2IS!7 ?" ** "*r ,rnm W?X- what <l..e?ii^ eowifJa f ael It the tiaraer a1 ready daaerl?>e?l Th# Na?l>|raU beld Ita ancatH lo hail In tbt ann> of || ceo i? " .lamee Mrrnllnc.b. t p'ominett e'tliywi of f*aterebqr. >a , .at married oe rtn-aday evenlnf. In thai ?tty at r ?r o'clock The aonp'e rame over lo Rtebmond the 'irn? e*ee'e(r lo apend Ihe b' oe* moon, and be .?a taken I in anderalv at the a.lflt?r lam. at the *r aw.ood n-O'e and dlad al balf ,-a. . ^ v it o' ?lnr? the a?^a n|t?t the i*i< a ttial an sour re h.a marrtaae aan ?i ,?? t, a d^nlh ale.i ^