Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1860 Page 2
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r' wl ' /rr hah y {it home tofely trmt tt?? of it L ww, Not. IT, 1900 r n*.? <i Wait m Jhtfiia* 4? I'uU rg Ou #S wo* * aw 3to *+iuX ? P?crty tf fof-t Pvu IJT?Ara ?* A'. y-lki4 of OmUc i*Q Tao* ? K. I rrmsnt i f G*ri 'A 1?7 .V CiJ: i wtte* M fide ?m>u?tK? I /"alA?l** My o/ 6a<: - 4c , dk. All m 1'OH hearts and loyal Ue*J- n lb* i r?l realm ttl E-i iecd, * ?ier, Scotland Ireland, and ibe town of ?w^kR-opon Tweed, tare been relieved of considerable lu>cl]i by the arrival of ? d?t ngtiubed deeoei. husl of Will last it* Gjx' .eror, au<i a long ltd lliutlrtoiw Ha* of Mur'Ci,vliu Lei b?-ea <? " Payulm sho'e?," beyend U>e broe J A:l?bl J. Mfcire be bed bocl reaping goldoa ?p'ot^ee from ? torn of peer lo N'ow, ?:r, do yon tb'.uk thai , it i Moorish void DC i uid n' by ibe vcri'.able hnk.i,%< . t Bui the I'riuctj baa 1 uo aotoi ? " governor " aiid b < lilumri ius toother nave leeeo <citerta.r<d and a I the Utt. ? ocee made giad, by Hie ruLitai ?? fami-U of all it', jolly adieu'.ures? such ? ?bIoi'c Aebleg f? tbe ^ae'iefcsy pralr .a fowl ahoetlug in U ?Ir.oiF , iu ! tfaoc'.rg ? Ih uuaopb.aliual<M] girls In Ohio, and ?me of toe rtfit an i'/uet of K- ntreal, and g me still asort aiitiq e in Kew Y?rk. Bi.t )< l the eeceainne elide. Tou bare bad jcur share, end m-jcb good * 11 ll do lo tvtb baltotia. Too most i eurt bear in mind that we bare bail a dls ktegulrr'd v'S'ter lately , ibe fmirm of the Freuch aavmg iet fyuuroed, a la 3aroo iUuifrew, el one of our betels ttrlwj days Her W?;??iy liae ,'jt gnne on a visit lo the !>ube and sj of Hiailton In dootlaad, ? >a?o rnle t i ' h r aiid change of scene beicg ne:essary lo ber beallb and tpirUs, aa tbey are temporarily lmp>lrea by aatiely er.d grief in some late family Dereavi-m-nls. P? h?r Imperial Majoaty cboaeo lo liavel publicly, to ?w?d of prererving as ebe bis a strict lnoognito, eh" ? wild bare met w itb a cordial greeting from all claim* Ber jcnlb, bi-r beauty ai.d ber gentle and beoeroleot ls?M in hare )ustly made the Emj rcss Eigenie a popular ptric tege tbroegbout the world. Tbe trar ?le of ptlBcet, prlnc?*ifs, kltge. queeiie e*i|jreee?s aed ?B*er?lgre of all rai.ks e^vm lo be or tbe Inceaie The pre^t^le<1 mey In t#? or, perhape, be'lef 10 d by the poo a oi'i word Tigaboudug of ibal ion of Bella', ? -*u cj cf Naples, m>i1 probabiy tol bo pxipouea anion toug< r, a? b f tp* .Itllti ftl'Qds arjuul b.m f-obs im ease' d w Ih * iVeire to <10 ib<- g?me tb'i g Vmlor Foe out I bai irjveller as far as Na <ioe, and row martilalee go-ng lo tbo iriai d of f'.i lly Toe fO{M, w>, lb poor old ft>nl'* ciho, would b<> gu ' to g^, b l ha liai no na 'nfly, ?ad " a l> ifcat Is tbe very n-ar- n why be cm stay at Eo<r<' *ub raMy He had better une lbi?l cjrrujl Movudrel Antouiiil, and *qu?ese b.m. or do u some Aral' ik\ i?' relets d > lo ttxljoora subjeail ? put the via IMS l -laetu two p snks and r> mmeoon sawing in to wb^of ifce ribs, Dat?iug iho intn require I, and oy tie Use ' tu saw lei. h g>'l preity well through wa-.stcotl It! : ilrl ho gri.wa pl at.t, carei in and sVI's t ut W itiout k. y ). ke ?l all. lh-i sffiirr of the Popus>jrm S" ewy deaperstc that lh<-re will n"i b? a cr>wn piece, d m a Paui lo pay to ?'t l'eter 's ?>ld'trs aftur i>. p^tn^er 81 We ?re ntft s lrpr.ted, then . lo Irarn th*t pjor I'spi is ready v> treat with victor Kmuiuel. he, ihe rf .ly Cither, ?eaoentlrg lo give up tbe t! wbpnts of i?m|ioral powe', *br wbet ? only a million of nUer croens p"r annum' Owe ms'licn dollars lo keep ap bis UlgnHy, sn J h- a mm of no faa-i'y ' Dob'i he wish he m*y get It? But Viotir laianuel ran t afford to fav that. Thore is no re.ison wby be Ft.. ..i t l.?i bits pay him the same tual Is given (lie Arcfcb Fhop of Canterbury n?. In.pre?s of iUpi"? Hod hpr travels. Mist com'tig to antairp, wl rr??That opnleni aud prlnoeiy, and liieral ?dy. V ictorla, Uo#rn of Kuflaad, ts about teaderlng to ber royal SiSU r a lullooal ship to take ber to tbe mild ?Moult of aadeiia And Wsrlbaldl, he too has lately been travelling? g me to bla s aod b?me lo bave a quiet rest wuh bis g iate MdebHkrrF Tbe very devil will be lo pay soon Ibrougb Ml tbe domalBS of the King of llaly In faet, tiring ?y uiinc n.r of anarchy are a, i*v?rirr, aiid not uodsieeted, ?tther, whin pctip'.e are ground uown by despitism oo oee taod, aad letting ail their < uergles on ibe other tor freedom Tbat occe acbtev ' t. loere rcmsiii* an 1 1 bwoeieil ? iilry*aud a pei.>ple wbo bave lew productive trades wrh that kind of va'-uum Ibtl suooe<'ds strong p> lltlea, i icilenient Car'baldl talss In bis farewell lo bli ?oldters of a million of men thai be shall want before ?est March In the meant. me I.iuis Ninilion I* urg ag tbe Eo >er< r of Austria >o the mall.-r of \ etv-tla, an 1 at Ttateg h o' to "eell out " llood advice, and 1 bopo be will tallow it TV-re was a Singular ef??ir oorurred at Trleate lbe?tb"r ??y, tbat sboas tbe ooaBJettial stale jt sOnrs tielweno ?evereigr ai.d j-eorle A oinpany or brliaie of mllltla vsvre asaea to subscribe to a l> w fi rm of "W'b. bui tne torus of which Ftemtd vury cbaoure In y bellevotl thai it would oblige Ibrrn, ''called u.nn to go lo Venetls So ftgl.t. or lo aiy other foreign country, an I tbey de etoetHi, anu being tcld they mas!, tbey peremptorily ro toed Tbe urge operations at Oiela are belar p ishM oo with Wtr-r and tbe King'* lorcet are sa'-J lobe si douurtliiol thai ib< < lt <xrs ran hare oo control over Ibe ? itdleri. n ?burl, tfcal complete auarc^7 reigta la tbe omp The Elag a fs d lo be trytr.g l > influie the t'ope lo r?celve aow.f at h.s regimi-rts The Pope don'i waul th -m . he ???*1 '?ed or arm bis own m?o. fhe lafsl deaptwb w toU us o'a oiyiterl >ua departuie or tbe il:ameri Iron ttie harbo* if flaeia, under ibe Trench Tag, and loadet with treefia Tb.y are believed to he ihu Neapil tai Sot Iters Cirg lo ( ivita \ ecchla under Freceh pmteclton Wuh > court, csn.p and rrlgn of Frtui"* II Ibe day of diss i Nlttori s evidently a! band. B it as the hsrooi ol tbe Clews tree at Ty burn usej to aay. he ioea aot die ra-ne. ire is so game about him H- Is not ? game bird la amy eerae. but a fl'tbr busaard, wbo preys oa UesU aid ?arrtua A Klcgof r?U and to-. urea and aplkea aad ban he and duBgeona' I-et him slide. War Par la Carraapaarfaaaa. Paws, Nor 9, 1*60 tf Ikt ] ?U*n Baaoia tmm?Fmuum and F?w-\ r ?/ .Napeleen III ? Frrmh Inter fmmct at ITartr "i I'rof jed Visit of tkt Hitflith folmmUtri 14 I'mrti?The An gl? French Irtttfff ? LvfK|HuM*?M vm I'M UMlawnl if#. II M ot>? ?ua dcrrd that tba Bourboa fame at KapUa li tolrly up. The K l| of Mtrdmia b?e made ba entry Mo Km- capital o" Uie laat K'n| of the Two Btotllto. ud, kfter trautrg a daerca dec!*.- o( Uie annexation of Srily to Naplea, aleepa id bta r jn pradroear >r'i bod Ptfaaa ttOMitd Meapolitaa troop*, with four thooaaad boraea ?ad tweoiy two |uU, para cd by U>? lardlataoa, hava token rcugr c tbe Papal Stawa, aad the a ray of Fraacu D a redterd to aboal l??l; tbouaand men All W?? ymuftr cCoere Lara d.eappeared, aad lo aup,>ly Ibotr I roco'. oa 1* made frwoo too raaka Tba o'd n ? are all pretty vail uaed op A* a aol ofl, I may add thai Buaoo, a v m poind of compulsory la aatiTHy m rka<-d left Mareetllaa la tbo (fcilrlaal for On la Vecch.a oa UuaAay lut ll? wU! joia tba Kla| of ?topiea ?l t.aeta V IMf be any tritb la lb* old Gallia proverb, "Qwi I'vw t'aautt," Vapolora 111 bda food daal to aa ? in for 0.a alancat aoacrra that bo la aot tirod of aaakti>| ejp'aaalnaa, wbkb aro rarrly explicit, aad wblcb. if itay wor?, wov'd aot abta B credit The two aaoat raced aataocte ara tba a !a(v4 braacb of faith of ?Ba Tr'tet f> ?erta-ert 'a togard lo ike aarri ty of tba P?po Mrrlloff, aod tba afla.r at i< e ?oath of lha i.*rif. Itaa< atea tb? Sard i .aa a isalra! Partial waa ti ?ilr j-d wttti a brradatd* frnta the freer*' di'mra! Barb er da lUu It ii .,al a iwpeaable for any uapre, d:c?4 peraco to aaadthr itaumenu pal forth oa t.iber adaoa Urea vary taper tact matte' ? w tbovt aec'.af that all eif'aaatioa aa ?Bo part of tl a ? reaali |orarsmaot oaly proraa tbat, coa la aa a 1-4 by u>f auto af e< aapliaaikia, <1 realty did set kar? prertaily a bat curaa to I Uta Tlia -aet aald, aader aaU crcaartMaat*, tbe bettor The (Wuli'ofMiMl tbta wore rg derate* ibrat colaaca to tba f lcnaecf tba Froaeb |oraeaBeai (or reoal af >.?? Ma dlctiM. - 'bat Fraaoa wo? d opp*e a ?ar1 a aa la :ar atoa, aad tbat troopa vara ready to 'I apart froai TOaloa tor ibat pr.rfoae " aad It co?ria!B? tbat tba v ?uti |*nriBtal ..aa tamed a daaf aar to tl>a apaeiai plaat r? aftaa Daka da i raainoat, tba 1 raacb Aa>baa??4*r l>. tartaaataty . aorda ara aorda, aad no amoaal afrtaair tog abawiaf bow lapoaa bla M would bara beea n bare aaaated etUer tba Rnaiaa (nrerafaact. after ita aiadoat, ar am la?or<c ara? ab^.by tbe aay, It tak<* aafHcai atoa to aatofiae? wtw waakaa tba f*c. tbal ibe ian(<:afe af f raaca waa paa lira at la IU datorataaliaB to ep,K*a Card t a. abaa it d:d aotbtai of th- klad. to abcal tbe Ireaob ai?tral'a latorfareaia wrb 'fca ?ardawa Ada ral al tba tooalb of tba Oar f Uaan. Bf toa ?aiarfareaoa all tba eperaitoaa 4 tba ?trdia>aa r.ra togy war* parafj aad, aad aotfciaf bat tbe extra irdiavy pradir.oe of Ada'rai l>raaao rea'^aled aaolbar Haaarl aa TU rreaoB Admiral der ?red he vu 3rd by btl MJltwiW r Irtag a braartaito lata tba ataa M to whiob Fnaaai replied ? ?'Taea av by til aieaaa aad na yoar awa bead ba lb# rtop<** bit ty. I tbt'l v? ral ara I. bal aball oertaloty aa* withdraw nr an pa UM Pdo eo Wall, aow tbat M la Tlaaa ba< a-r.t l ftWB aatraMtoaa. all tba - " . 'ai mraaa ara la prtteat Ibat ba form ft ?mr m noa did ar-t a.ww of k-a ("tag ao far. Umi aota.a* waa rrraat Sal lo aJiaa a fraa aoarae ft>r ??? earape c f r>aaea II , wboae boaaa bad maw) t'l.Te jni Bat , * "art. aa tM>e?waa aa blnckadaaad aarar bad beea, a <.( tba poaara rafnalac to rannfo^aa aarb, *aa M a!' li?ea op'o lo tbe nafoetoaala K ai to jaata afcea aad fo ?bit)i*r be wouM. II oaiy proeaa **** bK> taai a aei dowa.aa I bara repeatedly nb * or ??waard.aarf aiachtaaiioa ta tba f raaob poll f L.?M!? *!.*** ***** raenaiioa. bat leapjriaa _*** . 4% - tbrae day* a?o oflaa raq iira ^ ^2* **>* asvraar-a. Trie ?a a ra ,a3? loaroa aad A?*ea ara t?<nEd?in'y * ako m tia a aba aad tba mwy BU)fa. tbat bar, r ^ , ,,v >'?- bare wa.T- .a aeaimydrf M#T ^ it, an m* .al tf MO bat uii o ) ? a! t iBawortd.aaditod for ,^l|0. The nme thing <Tt1.d "a inglaod, e-,*o among t *(111 proud and onecauiadarialucraoy, from the alHtioaiiuaof toe Bt..arU l> Itir coaitiKBUUi- ul 'I lb jreiguul tio.irge 111 ? k , c d of more tluoi 10 years . ar j what woudsr ? . a ?t l ?i< eld still rtiualu ui Frwoe. vdiM revolution . tui r?ly one of " root ac4 branch' Much iub M?X)>cot?4 from vlia ? .???( too British to liwUal, iborMi cbu eveut 'call* take plaoe. !l is rcaree'y eM'blt Ihit rra I ko tie 'Hike Irui) .1 ? ei. ' ?'lduejr Herbert ? bothof tbeui u tsanlw w ? a urn;.!' n, ivy abroad u at home? Mould encnurag j riot ? (.rijr?t I ho I?u?e 4 Oenibrd*i. ard S1.1f.ny " it. if I ? I'll know that lb" Engl ati-nan p*' >*? '?? r>ig it ' am ' th? e a** fiom whincolbi ho'k n? thevoljui" ? ?i'i-:rg? !i be Id l the '? west c tll??;lon toro Ho "4fc r> ,<y 'n h>( pieke', and It f r?* ly ? Qat.C'* !io Ik c I come to I be shopkeeper but t encotneu Ui We gMgate iiok with contempt upot. Kim as a sprite* of Oar harisn, whose uiauuers are '.u tbe higluel degrx- uo e- utli and wh' ae taste* are thos.j ot a v,.lg*r ???t Is ? d luarv vltw, wb? ever iholr cnvictiou of ih" uxtl' - V roniaye they affect to de*pi*e th" rug'tah re^jla" a*ro.r, i "i an i fflci r o' which la enr f*m at a guiie.i.i' ret iow but * mad* the but of rldlauie ?UI w uUi bo tt*:-r jplLi.ii of that flcdgeiirg, tbe volunteer? It n tube' hofoU th* projected v 'sit will be iiipt?d id the bud llr Cob"ei>, wb> Is becoming ? seri.nis *nll-rer from tboatlrct on t lo* throat which U was Doped th? dry r of furl* tn'gK have removed, Is (till In 'ofatlgaHle a b a labor* to bung the Anglo French treaty to a ejxicas ul termination What be h?* I > uu Jergo .u tho sti-| e ot u if to eflcrl his nb) ct *urp-?**oa all bellaf. So lon< a a 1. 1 1 rhu<an relieves that the present a 1 rantag e of ? ? u (I..- ? lit me Is in bis ante by keeping hta baud nloat-l h< re la waicel} any amount of roaaonlng which will Ui c' h Li to op?i. it b) fbowiDg tbe cerlaiuty of Iboreiu^d ' . at Ug<l id tbi- liilure Tueo, agalu, the noitr yirirr bat murl be goLe through b?f?ro tbe "Oorc or the apple' an be apprixub<<l, and th?. tntnrmtcablo refertuce to ata and -iau d world" calculati 'oa, with the never ervt tg I'.UUneaa and ?i.lpliwm ei i*>'ir(i???trg nvry drta : kr i'ch.len happily bleaaed w tb i dta > i- tloo "Blow i ? Lfir acd ot great" it* iif'Ua th? frin n lai gLnie Impufectly, hut hie thorough keo ?!e!ge of ttie ? uhjrct would n.?ke him af|iitt biaiFoif wile credit in L?gi t ato g a trn>ty of t imuierce with a ''h'lieae, ami tbeie la eviry probability thut, a'ier all the abuse he bat n.i t wih iron. KEg'm.iJ, tb.' treaty will In tba main pro?o a WI> aa^'afsi't. ry oie I'nfort .cat* !y , hoaever, for btfl l< rulfai txubt taint wblrb ? an ulloct oa of the iaryux, it. DB<ut Ulk that ha* km wivatsr? is pei'uiiar'.y prijudlclal and tbe great t riK-ra tination of ine Fr^cch has ilepnerd him of his promised Egyptian trip, fron wfclrb he h. ped t ) veoceWe both n-|n>fe mil Inelgorat'on Tl rr.i.n be added, to Mr CSobden'a groat o-'.-dit, thit Frfirhmin of nil clnrars, who have la any way Wo tt'if' ii'tli bin, aro JH-ctjhar y atruek with ibo n-gi l*r pir . ghtloi wardoets of his p iltcy and th? aimpl city of h neaty which uDlversaliy characterises him u a wofati'd man j'arturer ra.i tu me, there is no manor j ?r'tg,rn fai.clcg, no dlplomai^y . about biro; all Is day light; te is a minor wbti'b r it nets tde o.stnercial r,'er?M? of hoth i irrtrlts at ore and ttc uaio tim II. > i.ijt'.euro and ; ainin hs of t n por aro tbe aluiplu ru suiia of his honesty aLd r.nv ctmu The Cntcese victory has oome just In time to give m n a tr rtbiig to talk of, when all waB b. i ?uiuig aomewhat llait with the lta>lan ittttl. |t? Tn- tt mxteur, gtru < the of General Moutiaubin, w is . .4 arded on an the public cfllcts and on all tLe oDlef buildings aid Ihor.jughfarfs of I'sri* and, as usual, arheu any mil tary leat Irs brio per ? >rm ?!. attia led crowJa of nailer* The ? t! ctal , > irrai anno icoed yesienlay the tar iii* pr. n "tlor * * b'ch would be m > e In c xuequetine, and It It tilded th ro will be a ibiueae meilal Tbe French never let oblivion veil the glory of tb-'K armv iliey at'iko white the Iron is hot, and when men's bnart* are Inil if warlike daring and the mighty deeds of their rouitiimin, the reward is anoonuce.1 rh? a.ilJhr In the field and b's kiuimin at are mutually gratiJed by lb * i rLmpliirsa, which presnnta a gre*v oouirast to tlis laid ir'f* with whlih hon isar.d prom >tl in* are besliw ed u tuglacd, where men fight "under tbe o?ld ahade of aristocracy." Auttria, it ts said, after arming Venetla to the tnelh (bo lets than I'xf.-n 'oris are In .irocess of ooostrtfctloa i n tie lago >i *, and thi se a*e unite 1 w>gMhor ?y mtans olfiraller ba.ttrtea. so tnat tbny oould ouly oo takon by an att rk f.oin sea), Is about to try the poor King of Napua' do 'ge of giving U, Id tbe vleventb boor, a oon slituti >n, the management of whtcn Is to be coutl led to the Archduke Maximilian If yoi will not when yo? may, Wheo yon will, you shall have say, *a tb the old aim* and at a lima when tbe grod o(C ym of Maximilian would have bewo cheerfully reo?tved la l/itnbardy, tbe Imperial government d)*couutena..<?d tbem. and something mure Is It Itkely that aay otfjrt ?Lade at the pnseot moment Ui Voeetla will b? looked upon In.ary other ihape than nip to Oerierua? Prlvl | lege* granted at a crista such as that no w prevailing In | Yeoeli* are reldom of much avail The young E(np*ess , of tnatrla, who Is only In bar twenty tb'rd year, Is In a ! conanmption, and has been sent to the Aures fur six i months ? Pa??, Nov. 1J, 1190 I J'arii (i?ii(>-T*i Wtmt*tr?Rifff4U>ch&?T*t A'vJrtwf if an to ? An Amrriim utth OanlnMi ? General Wheat? lt^ Trift?f Publication? JKa.A.I and Oytiert ? <~Ka%c* for an </>i(rr?ss mi faru ? Bi ITin'er *- tie ??? Creat Iheatrxcal Uu cceu?dpermtv: ana tti eotrxcoi G ?***/ ? A ''Hungry Frm< h man " on America, <fc. Tbe god Plnvine baa "drtad up" for a time, and having become tired of pouring bis buck eta down on us, as ha hsa been doing for tbe put year, has abdicated In favor of old fal.wtobaa been showing ua hla brightest !ao* for a fortnight paat All Paris taken advantage of this streak or sunai'la* and hasten* ont to eeioy it. Tbe Bots de B>i logce and the Chasnp Ei> tons are erowded every after noon Rigtilboche, wltb her new team, which aha drirea brraelf, handling the rlbbtoa with a great daal of ?kill, la Tteitii* now every afternoon, and crowds of people go to tbe avenue for tbe axprtaa purpoae ef oatshlng i a g!lni|*e at tbia kicking oelestty, this god | desr of the cMiian. Hbe baa reoeatiy returuod from a trip through Belgium, where aha la aald to bava tnrni d tbe beada of half a dojen rich fellows, ( and baa come back loaded with aabatantlal avtdeooes of ! llitlr ftror Sbe om't a gold or dlamoad miaa to ketp f brr la bwaee and dreatca, irnl to pa? fir tti* grand aup pcrf which the gltea at her alr-j *nt apartmeata la Iho quarter Bmfa, for It Is tall that lb la kicking ftsala, about whom to meet baa beta wr'.t.oo, aud wbo. Ore i jttn ?go, waa tufcuowu aad lirlrg In a garret, now tptoda aboat Ira hundred tboa*aad Iraooa a year, and |,ro5ab:y will continue to do ao a* Iobi aa abe can gal U. 1b order to , rereat tb? t?o rap'd ppread of the Rle* ! tkrbr mania, lb* government, which la beoooilng no**). 'r g'j moial of late, tat gltcn orUrra W> ibe pillse to pot a i atop lo toe tutalnr} and gi moaat .3 perfnrataata of Iho ! w*mtn of tbe d<w?t mmdf la abort, va rtop the high ktflk 1 |pg at the bale, which, tlooa Rlgn'boeba creatrd ?ueb a tir.rali ? by It, baa baen the eoaalanl aiudy aa 1 practice at all tha female (raqoaafra of tbee?* etUbr.tbmectt. who, ate. eg tbe naauaer la whlcb Rgnlbocbe bad boea rewarded for her effort*, ware deaimii of iKOomiag fr?al tod rich, and fam >ui aa ab? baa Ilia raid tfcat Bin rt order* to hauia* the ..irv-an from the pablie balia i.aea been gleeo oa a -meat of Im j (act i bat latterly many af U>a InWaa, Id orier etitaar to j rmder their parlor aaanota eeaier or aiere attractive, had btto Ib the habit of dtapeeaiog with tl.e utaa1 uu .or gar : mtttt which bad beea prrrtooely wern Colonel I bar lea Carrol. Hicaa who te we. ?nwn a Mew York, aad wbo waa aa efltatr i-.tor Ocm >cfait a ' tbe Mrilaan reeolBtloa; and la (be -crrlet of U.e r? led , Maui duriig tbe war. paatrd a*. + i Pari* a Mat a j ?.oath eitce on bit way to Italy to jiln tttrltaldL. He ? at inmrdteaeiy attached lo Oeaeral Are.-tai a't alai. ' a lb the rank of Oo oncl, aod alBce lb?a bat ; arl'ctpale>l la aJI tbe halalee which bate b<eu Might fir irnuw 1 thai aow l he flghttrg enema to #a about crar for ibe prreeoi h' ibiaka be ataall tei'.ra In Pant an 1 await Ibe aitara anna Ana rla, wbic?> will dnabtleaa bo w>a< e h> atanhaldi seal tprtta <??neral Wheal 1id an l-wta Uli out h ?'aria, bat tailed dirwaaly fr.nw taglist, tarirg ? Mltu d aa a private Tner* are, I bear, aboal a buadred American* la (laeibaldl'a latt army. A ear? e-irmae booh, particularly iMeretttag t* the I lcix.rt (4 dramatic r>miBiee*a<w*, l* abial being pii iwbed II Th'rrry, the director of Um Cnmcjtc fr?n ralae, ,t prepviag for pablaaaiww tha amtrat of tlie iheMre, wbicb uau back lo the tear 1M4 Shv of arte, which ba?e b?ea pabliab?d. bar* beeti rery ca MM < .<? Ooaaoir fiaaeaiaa bat beaa the auraery of | abe FrracJi drama B?ralgeiiaio not oaly produced a la n-a t he*, but plaj ed m u.. m bi?? If. and It waa wb'.e i |*r''?Tn>.ng a pait la tha ?? UUade ltuaglaaira" lhath* waa ae'fd wlib the tod.Vn alta*k af apopleiy wBK-a I rauard bia death Hrra a l ibe great art it*. fr?a Ta ai? to Raobel, appeared aad aa tbe work ib queatioa will KBiaia BMby of lit ' -tiara aawaj aa re<a;aiao-e.'?i m Lb<tc gn?l art lata. It ? m.<>kad Nr witb a (>v>l dral of r?f?rattt 8p.?k'og of Ktjb*l re-atadt me thai ber t tlr?, M ? Mara Frlit, who Irt relief a: b the tragtdieaae la lb* Intel t*( ilea, aad who, I pla?<d with ber, bat Mloael tbe ibe aiae la tbe fa>ee who qoeaobert h? nil lary antor by fo'tg ;alo lb* "oil aad raralth line," aad bat baiont vac owitr of antre rtr,j out ki itrrt, or oytaar oedt, ttar Htrra, up?e wbloh aba baa espeaded about two | biid ?d tl. otai > fraaaa of Ibe m rnj wtalct her great t't?er made Wbat a daaatwi high iragaly aad oyr tart | Aad. taikKg Of 01 Itert I thnald think aooie eaWr-irte<0? i arkte roald makt a ma I fnrtoae if ha woald ooat oeer here ?rd aa eeattr >aubi abmert, lo whi?h be won'.! terte op Ike blvaltea, Mewed, friai enaavd aod a ike tbell H?-ra they are oti y eelan raw, aad a*e xatf arrrrd at realtnraaM aa paatrte* 'or re* alar Meal, an J eatea tiaipir with blaek pepper, to tha avitaaioa of ibnaa aalara), ontc^m taaw. pepfwraaoea aai eranfeera We hare already la rarta aa Aaertaaa barn^iai. where Voatg Aaxita (eta daly drunk i|?w b a wa? haiorad norkta .ta aad amtthtta We hare a "apaeW'i*- d? pemp k'r pt#," which i* aa* esart'y a ??epaca'iiy?- bat w-.era are aerred ay Ike Beet dalMteaa tuahwhtal oak a, puap kia aad apple aad auatw pta aad Taakee fiagcrbrwad aad aow.ta a>ak< aafaal aod ?aHy . ar aailoaaiily eo? ptetely , wa oaly repair* oce of tfeiat laatlliiUcwa ta tbe Tailed wiaita, aa "oyttar aellar." Tha ibea'jea tre prr^anag thai r win Wr rer! ?wa To ward the claaa eeery year all tbe tbeai-ea a jParW wh oh ?ana aay pceiratvrn ta twieryriM. farnah a ''rae'aw," la which ail *a sal aat prnaU af lataeaat la the a?-a?aof lb# ymr are hit Hf, IB rletwa whaefc ?ra git cp with great regard to daorralloa dreaa, pretty arireaaaa wol mnt r Pheae lenatfy Una p. aai >?x>c of tbe atage abont the aid d'e af IWa? btr, aad are gaaeraily rnn frnaa three lo fh<ir meat be Ia?* year tha ?1?*g !""'?? w?re the I'.tllaa war, Ibe e*:argra ?al of the dtp aad WoadH. rka pra rent yrar kaa aot beea M> frall/al la create of ln?a! ata reat, bait I aot the draaaiwu wiu Oa I taoagh to keep ta it for b wh.< lae of tba aoal ritraoro rary evtmpla* -f tbeatr cal tiximw m pi laaattd la tbe h?S> ' 'para af "O-pfiee ei* t ntet wbchabiba piayed lo aigbt a tfca it .e tbe atrt ibe Btti'a* fhr tratea, is tba lataage Ckr orr , ?or the two hundred aad ahietystxUi time. TOmo It r -actee the Uuw boadrodth repreeea atlon, II la to b ? with dtiwo, a* tbe irt!ili. rather thaa tbo public, ire i* .tiug tired of It It euealna a greet deal of very prett, music, wblcb m " interne eu, ' M ther My bere, by n.7 t rotly girl*, wbuee drrsaea mm to bive bea-j made fir ibem a Bet wbile ego, or to hare "beea began tx> late r left off tar'y " Mario baa cut (aria1, and la sin vug at tbe Ita lees with out brr, doing "II B rblera*' an - "Rlgoletto" with Ron aoci. Zucchini and A'b<?jl. Poor Uriel' since b:r unwel come reception at MaJrtd 'eat year the baa nut ixen die posed to appear in Parla. a . u. French < i > llirbara, M*ichia.o aid Tedtsooare alternate y in tbe"Tro?atore" and "Le Propbete." Tbe March ito (later i are g''lng 10 London, abire It la probable they wilt bo better ap predated than they were bere, wbere a eebal waa or mi' n- 1 against lb em previous to tbelr arrival. ? ' Kaisly, a tragedienne of considerable poeer, but u"> patbe s, la doing tbe legitimate at ibe Ode< a, wbi're it is laid that Kiatorl wil soon appear, giving her reprjee-U tier* in Kri tcb Tbe new Lyrlque. on the Place uu Uba tr let, la U> be opened In January, with a uea opera by Ureter The Qymaaet >s about reviving tbe everlasting "Dame aui Camellaa," with Roee Cberl La loatalne In her original oaai. Moat of tbe Parisian jowrala have bad their tay about tbe ucepiloo of the Mroe of Wales In the I'nitel Slstee, and have eihlbltcd a vast degree of Ignorance <a veil aa a wilful desire to misrepre?titl in tbetr treatment of tbe rubjtcl. The Vatrie, In Ita article, dated that at tbo President's reception tbe propriety of eearlug white gloves waa gravely dirouseed In tbe newspapers The latest ridiculous tbfrg wblch baa been aald about it wata fe w ita> ? ilrce In an article lu the written hj U^ll lar i ?, one of the "hungry Frenchman" of tin U'urrur J, j j-.iau < nu, ?uo. aaaong other atup d things, tr ?J\? l?Ka. the lemark *?ld to havo been made In tbe bearing of too Prince at Kch moral about ' Eu?llrh ij iirta," aa "Jupjna Au flats English pett'.ooats? Vollal Paris, Nit. 1? 18W A* airi in Ifa/y? Garilaldi'i /'iiptdan/y? 'In. IjomO'-x derr'l Jut<i/icaiu.n? h, ligation among Ike Oaribai'l i an? in -Yoj It ? .Va/.l-oti i Isitrr to Victor Emanuel? M fVtiijpiy'* JfitiiM to f*tuL n ? 11- tUtk of Ike flmprett Evfen it, Je , etc Tbe recent events at Naplea have entirely recalled tbe glory of Uaribaldl Certals;invldlousreileeti<)ne,cflon re iterated, bad lubj'cted it of late to a partial eel i pee but the suicacu lurrender of bis diilatoribip. bis hearty and Irncklrg r<cf| ll<n of tbe Klop, from whom it is evllcnt be hud never od(? swerved ( ven In thought; bit with draa-tl to bl? sterile farm In Oaprera, tbo revenue of which la rtlimated at something like $3(0 a year, hi* cccc more r? -usoiluted the romantlo fervor with wblob *t ihe onset of bi? ci-ecr Uaribaldl was greeted, To? world iwoii nover tired of tilklng of lbs wonderful things bo baa dine, huw with lhat bindful of derotad iifL bo Uuog himself on tfce ooast of Sicily, and as if by ?nrbii lait'ht bort' dowt all oppctltioo to blot, with a tul cr? ulteriy unpreoedrnled In his. >r scared tbe ill fsted Hour Hon frem bis capital ci rove b.m out of Oapua, atid dually ihut him ap at i>atla. Then In such an age or ogoliim an; seld'buns bis almost divine example of aelf denial, 10 dllTeren . from a'jy inaUnoe of rey al vlrtoe ? ao did- rent, (some are mischievous enough to add, to lb? precedent set In France In 1862? ig tbe thorn* of universal r n'ogy , Tbe shops are ail blazing with red shirta, n la Uaribaldl, Tbe salons ring wtlb ecstatic laudations of bin unper.rbable glory, and every poet In the Capital la bury graidlcg blsmuae for an ode worthy ao noble a Ibemo Journals compare blm to Wajh'cgton, In dianteres.o.1 Lfn, giving Uarlballl, however, tbe advantage For Washington, It is raid, In depriving blmacl'of tbe su I MD.o pj?er, kotw that ho waa eligible to It by the |n prlar wlil, which, indeed twice rep'aoed blm in tbe ch'.ef magisterial seat. Br.t Uaribaldl can look for nothing of this kind. In laylog down the symbol of bla dicta torthlp and retiring Into private life, he doea ao v. 1th the conviction that bis future career muat oeeaasaiily be oue of cumparatlie InalgmBcauoe Of jourae a good deal of Ibis la far fetct-rd aad exaggerated; bat I mrntlon it to ?Low tbe enthusiastic itat* of the pu>ilc mind, wbicb la just now so full of the ?.clilau hero that were any circum stance to brlr f hla to Parla, ha would reoelvs, ! really believe, snob ao ovation aa neither Klag aor Kaiser rver neclvtd lu f rauoe be'ora. Tbis mail will brlag yon out Genera! 4e Lamorlciara'a co/lcus juatittcation M bis fallara in Uka eaaaa of tba Pope t or some ca*rae or other there Is an evident dispell Hon ia high p aoea to treat iAroorlctere with dtatlnguiahed c?>r?ideration All bis statements aal apologist are re ceived wl.b narked deference and reepeit, and It m wll tirgly aooeced to blrn that without better caterlals It waa utterly lmp>isaible for U'm to do more tbao be did. All tbe goTorkment organs are loud la tbelr eu log lea. and if be had tx en a aworn imperial servant hla fair fame could not be watered with greaur suaceptiblllty Still, there ia a large party who, fall ef enthusiasm 'or flaribaidl, do not tors lie to say ? "Look on thte picture and look oa that. With 600 men tbe r?l rbttlrd brro ??>-?<* blm*t1f .maalcr of SicHy ud Naploa, im litlig a poarifcii ?fl aud otrerwbelm'u,; a well urgva i/ed atmy, compete ta til IU aeri oea, while ilie b na Midler uc renoaard geeeral bu not vnf ta abow fur hit rrt? t pMte but *t*leen riIdoidi of tiplu tl ixii and ajo Ii g ???,<? what eaerybody bul blmaelf well knew Wore " T<< i'v> tMtfli Iru'u Lamorlctero * *laioueat would be oul of plac* bwo, tbr n cire ef,?<ciaily U II U cure to f.ud it* wi) lato ) our well circulating journal. bat many parti ? III ?r!lr>pa) paruaal, ?? >'.MniiiauMiD| the attar power luirru of tbr Papacy, in Ibeae day*, to make bra') agatnal tbe bi ad tide that I* aalting In upoa II. Tbora 1*, bow ever, a rtrong auaptrwn toat the Neapolttaa troopa wh> bare n ade thatr way la?o Uia J?lat1a of tbe <lurob wi I tot be tbere for n ilblog Tti? laat report* daclar* pMi tlrely ibat Fraorl* II ta detrrml iaJ to bold out aa OBg a* be tar got a cartridge ami It la aa. 1 toat Austria, na ctr tte naa, will do all *.ir can to keep bin M a thorn in tbe nda of Victor Fmaauet, Uiat be may loaee bar alooe IB \ r ortia Altog. ther, the make at preaeat (i raihor Koirhrd than ktiM rid Oar'.baM' ta generally held to bare good r"a#oa for what ba fay* wbaa he let la Italy to be a are of ib?'- Idee of Marci ' It larurkua toobaerra with what determine J per?t?ten y> maleroieaoa ?kill adbeaaa In IforMaldl In tbe tmaMtdi* ate i?te o* bia iMunpha The atory la the of Naplr*. which ta ao doubt ??ihe'attially troe. la aa d.uretftbl* Accordtig to that journal, dated the em ibitart. Uarlhaldl w re|>rca?aU4 ai Mill daairoaa of r* talc it* the ollioe of ItictaU# at Naples To? PIplaaatl'X o' tbii baa brcn glrea mo 'run wbal I onocalre to bo eace'lent aatbority. Uaritaldl llteially *otglil uotfctag of tbe klid; but te did Mala la a leUar to Viotor inajjv i rca?oea wti.cb b* belle red In he *.f the moat cjgeatoaara* trr, why Faraa waa a aaor. Intltglb a per*otj 'or the 01 I I<li baiit l. rurai <A tbe Nekpol tan peorlacaa, adding bl* itneere belief ILat rery aiaa?tro<ia ooaa* qu? waa would rn low - My nwa oplaioa la," be (ah j^ u>aj, "that tbe laat part I bare playad ta tbla drama wakee me lor tbe moment, boweror ar.leat'T 1 may low for lraai)uUI;iy , a tecaoauy fur Kap>aa '' If tack wrr Uartbaldi'a wutda. ao one oaa doaht that kta altering tbrm at nik a aonaat waa aa e vatataat wtta bta omi plate abaacalloa of ebaradir aa bta prompt withdrawal to Oaprr?a wtlb ti teea bnad?ed fraaea .a bll p->-k?l It m< ma be waa very aafrr with tbe pro DiHal >r, Pa laoeaa . f< i t ? aroeptasoe of the (read oordoa of the AaDiaeiado r>r tbe Har?j'i.a deprerwiiff any oppoel ioa laaiaclri j war ihruld break nut to My. "Noj aaaae," ?a J tf*r I haidl With ia*!'ahle dladalo "Italy baa eo nae.i I of any oaa? aeitber of yoa, nor of me. a or of the Bag Her ??. ai i* y ?? groatar tota ait | tnaa or body at men, aad o -b-xly oaa llgbt U|i a alTil war, to bimIo wbat baa beeu doua " lonai ately a'ltr be lefl oa i-oard tbe Waabiugtoe? that reaar ?boie bitna at J itfli.iiaai to pruatala tbe pirr aoul the maa? 'or Oaj'rera Tata wae no tbe #lh bot leltrra teaaiTMl la Parla, dated tbe U'J?. ataU Uui hiaabaetre baa ?-eany j ro.iwl an ropl?ta%nl npre? tl >o, acd that tba word ?? tarantula" beftna area ao* to ba beard la the rack* of u>a ao 'l>e*e of I a'armo. Ma lazao aad Volturao A Part) latter le tbe taut/ fwWac of !.yowt? ajoaraal, by tba way, a Inch, II laaaid, tba tape rial goreramral ta aboat to eoaneaa w tb a character al ttoet more Uiaaaeml ofll.l*;? baa thef?l' lain* paaaag* ? A jrteral tub lect ?<( cwreraat' a ta Uta dipliaaalla Vr cWa ot Pari* I* aa aatocrapa latter wn.on tbe taipa ror la aatd to bare lately add retaed to V trior F. naaoel oo ta? lubjeet of tba faeorabla aad rapt4 rtaalla obtatoH by I ?vlBor t ta tbe 8uotfe of Italy Tbe Kmpernr ba*. tl I* ? ?Id, rr< -Mnaraled b m to ra^oabla bi* pradearw aad am derafoa. ard to bave r r*trfe>*lloa far tbe feeliata of the pcrple, a*aorta( bta Ibat F irope mnat J i4(a lia y ay her work*, aad Ibat It W ror tbe Italian* to merit by tbatr coadaet tba raeofaittoa by Curope of tba aaw omer of lb rg* la tbe ltaJiac pealaaala It ta geaaraliy naderatna4 btra that tbe reeat of N Pert *gay a; Ttait to I nad. a ta a mstaal nniWataadtrg be tweaa Kagtaad aad F aaoa te |lra a formal rv Munition *n Viet. <r Kataaoel tbe niomoat Fraarta II h*a heel ei pallr? trom Garta. bat till tht* la aaromp:whe<l mattera nub leraiB a* ibey ara A pamphlet, entitled ?? !',*?? et tlrprrear," baajatt b?*b piblwbe!? a ?>vy of wM<-n I will radraror I* f noure aad (aad by thta mall It rrrm wenda U?> t| poiataieat of a patrlai-eb r>ir Fraao*. the eatabltfbmcat of a g?a?rai eonaaH "f tht Frnao.h epta ec wj, ihe tc lea lo aa-lrala*tl?al < m-ya ^r tbe dargy b) meal * ef c*ire ??l *wX-*|r . tbe * >ppr*p?ioa of aa fordala. aad tba <-4etI oowatitul'ia of U>e ela>tf. Tbe Fmpreee < ' the rrearh, wbo? health i? o'a aat ara rather In gtra eatway than any pnaHtee alarm ba* guttled r* lo ? ny a T'?n ?e the f><ike a-d [ta-Vta af H*?ii tltoa b will be reiremberrd thai bi* 'Jra marrtat a pr a<?aanflba boo?e of Haden aid Tneet u ? a aemad couata of the Emperor Tb * Pr b ? ?* * i.r? ofine moat rbarm ag womea of ber I n>a. Her beauty . <ba * tb lily of her maaaara, aad aer anrompliabmeot* a a re ta :.-iaa ard *a aa art lot. are tba theme of aateeraa praiae Hit mar' *ge *e< gbta, t la aatd. ta eoatraata aad tb t* ber bi*itard ta ta all th *i* tbe eery ant'p-K'r* rf hT*elf. Is Me pere>* be r*pre*eet* the rrry he?i Je*l ?f tba apailad abiM of artolacrary To hi* eqoaa aad lafertora ba ta wayward, ctprtetaaa. and guractlai** la tr.leraat'y ft.ighty * <tbtag but tba "reaaaoa of a rack a.ora alreaM l has hla own rag keep him u wp< rate aad oomplaiaat Ktpp'if i<ia I bta* e*e- eea an 'fv-rma-i ...flur- ? . r Va for b<a good Md aa II la gntv tw>aoa*th:e that h? *b?nl4 eibttit ?*y of bta p?-n|jir Oea** with anea a man aad rocb a temper a* tbe Ktbpwor, a<- ha* alwaj * be?a a fb atflte gnftt at tbe fiilterw*, abera, 'B l.-d.h- and tba . Ih-tbeaa *p<?i a targa parttna of im yaar Tba Ham<l ' tr?a rtrrewr a pr'ae?iy bnapttaMt* t* their Sc >ttta>t r?*. lie aad wtlb a r-.iehe** ao a*tab<?, aad an Cmp'tw* ao * t*"?r>e aa t bf*?t :c', and taipr>'?iee by brr p?e?vlge, tie P iki r*a fardly h I to bo nc h>* brai hoh* Tier, aad gtra bar Ma *atr la atr?e*h|e and pVaaaat eta'l Tlf 4' nib af tbe Par** g'Aiba, tba ??pre?? ' a tier , wa* * *erera biaw t' b-'*. and r*iange jf *<>>*?? ia> .era *tr<-agly r?'W?ome? ???. Hrr Manly iraeeia inter I th* earr* the rwa ^* to rieaifood T>j chara-?er 1 ef tb a nr*r?l vly t* not *- a a* w!l mi * ber re#-, t I ?h? '.*? V"*rj <it r-ybl tt*ga'5(j*iv^?. ]| * simply 1 ?a instance of the eaprtoa of tb? blind rorfdoaa that toe dang bier of ? at M jntljo sboalii have been ele v?i< d lo a throne. If tbere hui 4' en anything la lire ? bleb Irom her create th- bei Bought mure a. dentiy Ulu another, It bu been fnedom f rum every ipcelea of restraint And now that rtrenm ?Unci have remit i i ber the very luaniBatlon of arrtmooy, ah*' abeolatcly only Uvea ' or those ini'Vi u ?hta, iurrounltJ bj the rroest aad ea'^t of btr maids of honor, ?be can, In ber own boudoir, rattle no about novel*. romance* , 'trees and good bumorud saan dal. Imagine the Irssomenees of a th roue chair la the grand raknn of tbe Tuiicrlea to such a porno. Auy one

? bo baa wiUjesied the Irrepreaalble gapes, whloa now acd then ? 1 1 break through and bid deSaooe to tbe 1m pcrialpuiple on atata evenings. muit uudersi*n<l btr Uajetly ? frellrg*. Hbe la a good, chute, simple minded wife to tb? Kmperor; but for Intellectual con venation or pclltlra! InUrtst sbe has no head whatever, aad without thla a Court, lo matter bow spleudld, muat be tbe du lect region oo em Lb. When Josephine aat la her plaoe ihe mane the air red debt with p' lineal Intrigue, at did Marie Antoinette before ber Without something of thla kind a monarch's wife, 1 fancy, la much In tha poaltloa of a dummy Other women have their bourne, their obi! drin, the Intereata of their lorda, commercial or polltioal, to lock blttr; but an Empreaa, whoae hlgheat ruU la t> otftr prlwi to cbarlty children, cut up llct ror tbe wouud ed or prta de over an army or amitin. r?i, Incotaantly cotlUg. ?!a?biiig, apllclng allk and velvet, muat have no tfcii u V' regret in attking the brajn.;; air of the High land* of Scotland. riam. Nov lfl, 1800 Ktiignation and Metirmm'. tf Garibaldi t Officer*? The J Titfxc/ii* Hungarian Campaign ? Kuyal "Tin Trapt"? tatiUUdi Indignant? Affair* in Venrivt ? TV frtnri /tree in Syria- I 'lan fmr Improving |A? Sardinian Aary? TV Mrnprm Bugrnit in 111 BeaUk? Pit loan Scc-ndal, da. V.'e rear leaa laid now aa regirds war. General Gart baldl baa laid aalda hla rank and sword and gone to Oa prera, bia Island home. 8<neral Turr, tbe celebrated Hun garian, baa aJao resigned hla rank and sheathed a weapon that bu done good aervloe In the oauae of Italian liberty. Gen. Eber, tbe oorrtspondent of tbe Ixwdon limei at tbe teat of war, aa well aa tbe valiant aoldter, baa alao oeaacd to occupy bia rank, la fact, all tbe moat distinguished Garl baldiaua have, like tbolr chief, retired from actl to service, to ressme It again, say I report, next aprlog, at which ep<?h Garibaldi la to lend bis pro npt all to tbe Hun?a rlana. Be haa openly avowed bia intention of ao doing, and moat likely be will. Francla II. baa been warned by ibe representatives of the gre?t Powers atlll at (laata that lu- bad belter leave that city. Aa yet, It seems that the jourg King Intends remaining, all good advlca to Urn om uary. He still baa Oftoon tbouaand troopa ? ten ihouaand tn Jte city and fire Ihouaand in tbe outer de feLcra. The PledroorWee bave invested tha town by laad, aad will no doubt soon do ao by tea, unlcaa Francla II. cleara out, wnicb, were be wite, be would at onca do. Sartbaldl return* to bit tfland retreat, without having reoelved? or rather without having accepted ? any of the booora Intended for blm. Be judged that they were of no uae, and styled tha rriitaea and decorations tn the gin of the King aa "tin trapa" (^tun cailUrie). Be deemed bluiaelf enough re compeesed by the royal promise that he should have the command tn chief of an army that will be ralaad next ?prlag, ovtr which he la to bave entire oontrol. Thla promife obtained, the IMetator retired irom tha aoene of bia labora and glory. Tbe General, wben taking hla leave ot Victor Emanue wore hla,rtlrgy olotbea, and waa oover cd, when departing from hla Majeaty'a Cabinet, with that xame "old wbite bat " He went away aomewhat tn a . bad Lumor, a. none of bia eapeclal favoritea have turned out aucb with tbe King of Sardinia Pallavielno, whoa be diallkea, baa received tbe oollar of the Annonclado; wbtia liordlnl, pro Dictator aa well aa tbe Marquta Pallan cf nl, got r.or.e. M. Mordlnl la a great friend of Garl baldl, ar.d tbe General eoaiolalned as to tbe pre'eraoop ahown In thla tnatance by Victor Emanuel. He forgot tbat Mord'ni made himaeif tbe chanp'.M of the anti armxationiate, aad that of oourae Victor Eounuel oould like btm but alltbtly. In Vcnetia tblnga go badly In aplte of Oroata by the Ihouaand, and police epic* by the like number, the people Cud tcoaatcu for n anifeailnc their d lac on tent. At Veotoe, at Padua and Baaann. leru >u*trationa were made a few daya ?t:o by tho cltlaera tbat It required armed foroea la atop Re*' luttooary proelamattora are aomehiw dlatrlbuted throughout tbe eonntry ta aplts of the unoeMlag vlf I latre o' the Auftrlao police. To cap tbe cllmtx ef Aua trtaa blqoj atr?a, Koaauih haa jaat addreaaed a long maiiiltaio to the B^ugarlana, la wbtch he oall* upon th<m lo refuae all Auatrlan aooceaaloaa He proataaa the pe>ple that tbe day of their deliverance la clone at bai.d, acd enrourap?* tbem in ttelr struggle Tor their aa ttooe tty He asn.rts the Hangar lan ? mat ftaooe aad Kogland will lavorab y view mt cauae Ofooeraeal thla ? tornwof d and ga>l for tbe Vienna Cabicet, whiob have trr ubleeac ugh, surely , aa regarcs the aoanc'.al department of tbe empire. Ibe ton* in England have found o-it that tha French are I ktly lo stay a while In Syria, and ao they ery out against aay auch occupation. Bat aa I aald la oaa of aay f.wurr lattais, hern all the advanttge la In favor or Kraiior. PceiessWin '.a nine polnta of the law. aad baaide, ? fTiglard objects to tbo oocupatlon, the 'y rlana <la not. for thi j bave juat Sigurd a petition to tbe effect that the Frrncb fi rcea aboeld remaia. as tbe preaeaoe of tbe Eaa peror Nap'ileoL's troops la the only gu irantee of rafety. Ibe'oili wltg dtut i aa to tl.e' plan* or the Aardlalan Bivertnu i t ror organ. sing tbe navy of tha new Italian ligdcm w II he found ? lit erattloo "f ft maritime latorlpuon hu, It la Mid, be*a deeded on u.e tka tiecutloa n(I'h?t Important meae'ire, bor roerd from Kranc*. Ii I) be w.mrdlftlelT rxnn??l. It will heai piled t. tka Italian roaat, which will be dlrV.ed la*o dlf riw.t /?* *a Tkeoklef Iowa la each of ihsaedletri** will take lb* ittla of martum* arroad memant aad will rota?rta? ft certain tmuber of tub arroodtatemeala *nd q<i ?>tera The port of A none a. vblck li diwMnad tobwoat Iba maritime ftrteaftl of Italy o? ibe Adriatic, will ke ike chief Iowa of all Ike c~?>t of ibe Htfttra of the Church and put ' flb*t of Nap lea. It will I. are fnr *a v at nadlaaamanla tka porta of Ktmlr i. Pa aarro ftftd (ilotlaror* Aa aura aa tile protected organli?t< -m aba . have been i <hrt?Ujr decreed. tkat la to aft) , al>oot (be 2.'*h cr jiiib tr*t ft general lerr of maH wtll be nrdtreU m the newly intrt'd Itabaa abor* Tka men raleed by that le ry mint be Inscribed la Uetr quaiiar*. and dlrerte.1 to Ike porta ttrilrg Itoee farr'ab d br il>t human co**t will be *aat to Arrotft wkrre ft directing ' (lice for tka a?ewa of the Italian I ret *111 be aalabbehrd An thar eaunbllftr aaart af tVeaatae kit .1 wtll be formed ftt ? ftp I* a fur tae le?r la tka hln?clcg? of tka Taohidlira Tie runprm quitted Pari* y cater lay atom |B( m rotUe for ^VxHlftad. llrr Majealy led St. dead at tlx o'olonk, and aai aceompaaled by the Emper*r to tka railway drpit. Tbr Imprcr* goe*, ll la laid, no a rial I to b*r re allre. I be Doefct** of HamlllMt, and will travel la the vtrlcteel la ongni o. The pcraoca uial fora Ute ruit* of ber Naieaty are tbr Princcaa d'Kaallat, Uraad Hiwai Uma de ?Sulcy. lady la ara.tief. Baroo de Pierre* aad Marqula dr Iagrange. iquerriee to ber Majeafy. n>e Eoiprea* will return lo I*arla about tbe lai af Jaaaary 1 oe Kmptror, ftTUr leaaisf bit Imperial *p >ute, pronoelel lo the Tdtla rira, wbera be praa tiled at a ooaaotl of Mlntiier* Oa aft?r lo morrow, bla Majaaiy goe* lo Om petga*, wbera be will realde for aaaa day* Noae will be In mm durlag bla alay bat ibe lallea aad Mltemeo form ?a( the ooart Tbe depart ar* af tbe F nprett bat of confer flren rlaa la a linge aoaadal, tkat will and Ita eobi over all 1 uropr. It i? gravely amertad here that abe leu i'arta becauae tbe nouato* < f Cbat'glioe baa retaraad to ibe my tumor baa. aa yoa are aware, aaairael t-> ibla lady a pemciaeat place in tbe affenioa* of Nft.wleoa III. kr* tbe trvtb la *tmi<iy Ute ? Tba lapraaa baa i>oa to I d't.burg lo ora*all tb* oelrb rated Dr t?impeoe <ba It [ t?H(iii| witk Ifcr aame diaaaaa aa Ikal wbirh nnoaaloaed I he dec- aM of ber tialar. tbe Dadbeaa d'Alfte, and tt la tu| poaed here tbal Ilr. Slotpaoa mlfbt eura ber Hat^aty. Of eoorat Dr flaipeoo mifbt hare been Beat for. but ibe cbeageof totae waa recoinmaaled by ber Maj?it'a phy ticau, wbo bop* a thai ma ?!?* ftboul will dlapel tbe (real o>r itrrboi* ibtt baa fblkn a, -on bar she will, It la aald. ? it the w^ocn af txitlaM baf>?re ber relara. .,mle m/a en'fr Tbe tcaadal moogna b >re aar that ine K<aparor b ?* trjfti *d ? home for Uie r-.unwaa Gaai^iioua. ibat be aDowa ber a mostbly praatna of twenty ate iboetind tranca.aad before l"og Uf?y wul ao doubt Irt aa liatw ? lal caraabe faataaad wbal daya aha feaau mringeV) tay. other* aeaa gobble tLcee ? heard ramora witb half the 7?1 of our oo'tatrymea At for tbe F.agllab, lal! lb. ? ibal I/mlt Napoleon baa a 1*11 aad horu aad Ibal "a darfl la ha," tbey will aeerei.i the lea with rr> tk oataam aad bkta the laforaaat Yackaaa tboaid be luoie tbrewd la tucb mailari. tjrr ttrt ao pre ]a?"rra to bllad lbea>, tad ibvold taca a oimta * artia new of accb Ib.ngt n tUbda lo reaaoa loM Nap .leca III. la too lateiiigeat a maa to act aoopaaly aga'r at all tbe proprtottaa of Ufa Be aaa aaoae aa->acb lo t<* a f? Vr hi* amoara aboald be feel Urltced thereto Ht Majttiy aay aay day ba aaea at ibe Kola da B>a Irgie rxltag or waJk'Bg Ha aotr dr'.ree tune bat Aaa rtrftli hortta. Among It. jee owaad by bla Ka^ty la a pair af dirk bay geldta|*. tbtt trot rary 'tat and art !a deed a moat thotry aad maga'Aienl m> . Thay iaar along at a pace Ibat leave* all c m pel It oa octof tbe qoaa lien, ibort el 2 44 oo ibe road I hare J net btard tbal a nbaage of trie at*r? it mral arnt ? Laity, hundnt a* tb? Freaob ajt-it la Xioa aa? ?aa .y ftt tbe data af lb* aaaetai oa, * treatlieed aa If lo neetad Mr. Bllianll aa Ifialatrr of ibe 'n'.erter. It m ft au attd that kf da TV irtael wtil be rem^Ted :rrm llie hlalat?? nf foretga Aflfttrt Thia, 1 an loet'aeJ m r>e ?are, la q?IM unllke'y <?ttr Barlla I oiraapondiara. Bnua, <Jir H, Lsr4 J A* KuutiV' luUim PtpUcS ? Tkrifunm Amcnq Ou n-li*g in Austria aad Pruuta?7\i if a- lew* Id A 'ear ? K* fau'vm Htuwm Prt i%n aad It*? n? fyera Ml /trr'.im, 4c. U>d J< ha Rotaei t deapatab to ?lr .laotee Bodrw baa gpraad iba greatrat ooafaama ui the (aglilalat camp. ?nd rc tnf ;ete'y deatro) rd tbe haLucwatloo Ihey war* labor iag under that England waa aeoreiif m ellaad lo iba prlac'pl?a af U>* Rr y AiMtaaai aad oonid be w bead led 'ala jolalag a eoaliUoa agaiaat a* Freach oaorprr aad bla llalita pretegaa Tb* Cablaet of Tleaa*, wbo ara alr?*dy ladalflag !? t roat of a IVtttafc tqoadroa appear ag la iba Adriatic to aaalal , them ta de'Tidlag Vealoe, ara perfect y agbaat at Ula oMspa;tad maalfgalatlM, which firaa tbe flatik. eg rtroka to U>e dtaaomfltora prodooed by tbe u a to ward i*ta* of tb* 0o*?r**9?a of Waraaw. The Pr ir* .a g-reranieat are almrtt ar touch pat o* aa Ihe.r Aualrla* oilee* .?*, acd M. de Srble'aMa la part^tar noaaiiert b a*alf e*. ' aeeairely lit need by lb* Rrillkh Miciaur, wboat babavlor *1 Obleali bad by aa m?fta? jwepar*d h a for a d?!ara t!ra *e tinkmgly at tiratM with ibe d'jct inoe told dow* a hia pr'T-ota r?Heof ibe .?>ui ? f t-g ?t? NMh'iif, ladted, en** -?f*t m?f widalyifcac ibe i?r? tf ih* two itnsnswti prsasulgatsd by to* noble Becrstss j for Foreign ABalr* la om be insists spaa tbe obligation of Um King of Bard tait to obssrvs the stlpo'ailoas of ths truly sf Zarlah; warns Mi slsrnly sgatast tningi 1a| to a law of niltoaa, and tnitmatss tost Um mdulgsooe shown to his oooduct by Ureal Britain "baa, la Uia opinion of ssaey of the courts ot Europa, been already carried to* far." la toe other b? gnoree Um treaty of Zurlob altogether? ex patlaki ou "Um gratifying spectacle of a people building up tbe edifice of their liberties," whlsh oaa cer tainly never ba oomplete while Um eornar atone, Venice, Is wanting, and speaks in almost oon temp too us terai of the adverse opinion ?? pressed by tbe European court? , in eluding thai of Ruaala. Tbe oontradictory tenor of tbe two despatch** may per bapa be explained by lb 9 fact that tbe first wai wrlttaa before aad the secocJ after tbe Congress of W irsaw. At any rata M. de 9chlelnits la awakening to tba oonvlotlon Uiat be haa been slightly " aold and that tba language beld by Lard John at Ooblenlr. araa merely Intended to lmpreia him with toe Idea that the British government coincided with Auatria and Prussia in tbelr Italian polloy, and thus prevent them from yielding to tbe wishes of Russia in the Oriental question. For an old pract lit iner like Sohlelnltx to be nude t dups of by tnth a tyro In diplomacy as his little lordship most be donbly morll lying and 11 Is no wonder, therefore, that toe official organs declaim in good set terms against toe Mscblavellsm of perfidious Albion. In s word, Prussia Is savsgely vexed: and, notwithstanding tbe Intimate oronectiou bttwecn the royal families, Um pollltoal rela tions with England have become almost as unfrleally as tbey were at toe time of the Crimean war. The Mcdonald affair, which Is s. ill pending, has oon trlbnted not a little to Infuse a spirit of acrimony Into the diplomatic intercourse between tbe two cabinets The lnvecllvts of Ihe Fogllbh prtsa have aroofel thd national pride, and as It Is the Invariable rule of tbe Prussian go vernment to protect ihetr subordinates, right or wrong, tbey are lies Inclined than ever to give way on a point 'n which they have public opinion In their favor. About the end of last month I/jrd Bloomli.ld presented a note from Lord John Russell, couched in very severe (toe Prussians call It arrogant) langnsgn, and demanding the exempla ry punishment of tbe railway oflloers who had laid tlteir unhallowed bands on the person of a rirw h,, mania, and of the legal functionary wbo had vituperated lie whole British nation. M. de dnhleimtz is said to bave re plied In a irosl decided tone, observing that Brlttsb sub jects were bound to respect tbe laws of the oountry they were travelling In, and could claim no exemption fro.n Item on the plea of their calloballty; that Captain Mao docald had Interfered with Ibe railway servants In the performance cf their duty, and had been foo 3d guilty of misbehavior by an ln'Je|>ondent court of justioe, from whub, If be thought himself aggrelved, he might appeal to a luptrlor tribunal, that as to the expressions etui billed to District Attorney Hollar, an investigation been comment* d, tbe result of whlcb wouH bs apparent In due time. This reply did not la'.la'y Lord John, from wbcm a second communication arrived tbs other day, reiterating bit demands, Bad hlu'.'.ng that If Ihey were re fused , bis government would bave to consider what further slepe should be taken to enforce them To this no answer bss se >tt been returned v:-anwhile. the prooeedtngs atalnst Bolter bave terminated in his being reprimanded for tbe "wsnt of tact ' displayed by blm In making use of expressions Injurious to so allied nation; and It remains to be seen whether England will regard this as a suffl cient atonement for toe wound indicted on her dignity. The unsatisfactory nature of tbelr relations with Great Britain baa evidently manned tbe Prussian government to attempt a raa>mmndsmt*l with Louis |Naooleon, who, whatever may be said against htm, does not openly advocate such revolutionary principles as those proclaimed by the British Minister. Besides, all prospect of a ooalillon bavisg vanished, and being lsfi without any one to lean on but that broken reed, Austria, tbe Prussians naturally begin to feel alarmed at tbe stale of Isolation to whlcb they are reduoed. It is no longer a stcret that me oordlal understanding between Fraaoe and Rusila is restore), supposing it was ever se rlously Interrupted; In fhot, Russia and England are both runnirg a race .mat now for the goodgraoesof Franoe, and whichever obla us them, It Is mor.b to be feared th-.t Ru>sla will have to pay tbe piper. Wbo knows whether the Rhenish provinces will not be made tbe prtea of oon o< sslons to England in Italy, or to Rq?la In the East? At all events, tns Prince Regent and his advisers art t>e coming aware that It la not safe to trust toelr formldab'e neighbor cordially as they bsve done hitterto. Toe government prints have received orders to sbstain from tbelr habitual attacks on tbe French Empe ror and his policy, and tbs official Prussian GcurtU sur prised us lately wttb sa editorial highly oompilmentary to France and cont-astlng tbe moderate and oonclliatory attitude of that Power with tbe orerbaarlng insoleooe and I superciliousness or a "kindred nation." It Is doubtful ! wl other tbisr bland ishmnts wlil bave mucb edeot upon Ike man of toe 2d Deosmber, or serve to modify toe plans he may entertain in reference to UM "natural frontiers;" but tbey show bow tbe situation has changed in the last few w<eks, si d h iw completely Prussia has given up all toougbts of an offensive movement against blm. But a truoe with politics for the present. Toe got j ? ltr of Berlin Is more Interested in a civil war that Is rsglcg In Its vsry vitals and divides too wbols populaltou (at least Ibe ssosical part of It) Into two hostile oamps For many years thry bad been deprived of that indlspensa ble adjunct of oivillaatloo? aj Italian Opera, tho last bad been killed by toe police, who nrohlblted toe per fermance of the "Mute of Poetict" on aooount of Its re volottonary tendency, which so enragel the imprruartn tbat he srut cp ahop and aNuidoaed |tbe Berlint?? t > ILelr fate Since then, wltn U.e ezoepllon of a star or two who appeared at tbs Rojal Opera House on their way <o and from Ft Petersburg, tbe wlo fmoiila has beea bauifhed from oor boar.;*, till latt winter M Italian ooa pan? ?M eiiued '<>r * lurin of performacota at aoee theatre. called the Victoria Tmtr anooeee ni Imiruo all Berlin fluekel to hear irnora Artot and Slgnor Oaaloa tbc houac waa crowded nijht alier nljht with the m ? i elegant and raebtanable aodleeoee, ar..t tba Q?rmao Opera waa completely deaerted Tula eeaeon tb?y retureel again to tba acrna of tbetr triumph* bat In the meanwhile tba director of Use royal theatre* bad (latermtaed to take a tear out of tbc hooka of toe rl val c* la < I lab stent, and I multane MMty with thtlr ap[>?er aaee at tbe Victoria, a eeojed Italian troape waa Inetallcd at Uw I'.oyal Opera ilouee. At drat tbe Vlcvorla waa de cldtdly In iho aacrri 'ai>t tv pr'ma doiaaof tbe Riyal opera, Htguora Mar tan t. i a neither ao yoeng nor eo goid took irf aa Slgnora Artot. and although tbe drat tenor, < .aiebao , ia at leaat equal to Cantoa, tba other ratmbert of the oonpacy are far Inferior to tbeir oppooeuta Sni deal) , bowerer, a M carjtatrlc* entered lbs Hat*. In tbi peeeoa of a Blgaora Tresellt, who made her debut a* tr uce, ta Ronton ?'Semlruat*," and who baa driren tbe Berlin mdonaniaca fairly oat of their aesaea He rotoa la a magn'fltnt contralto, approaching Aloonl'a la ooatpaae, and excelling it in a veetneen aad flexibility: bar perraa, too, la htgniy prepueeeaeir g? In abort, abe ta as anuu worthy to figure In tbe galaxy of nog with a a 81- tag, a bras, a nrlil and otbere, wbaee tradttlore aeeatd to l<a?t t>eeD loet la theae degenerate da} * Bcatdee Araao , aba baa performed Roe'.aa la toe -'Barbtere," Mad'aim* ta "Rigniatto." tnmi la ?-ti Trottetore." end Ora'o; n l.ucrexta Borgia,- la wblcb ?be gate the 'aaior,* f>rt lUi In a rtyle perfeet'y I rra ?tetlbte rhe tr -n ?t era of tbc Victoria fe't tbtt they were May grr-iad, at;' th<*. it ?o^U be ae?a*a 'y t? Rake a gn i?.*jrl to revrrer t? they oart tbeir Lot upoa the wait re f >r u rlra' "f**, aac flaa If drew out your old ai , mlatance, Ktym: Anna da I<a Gra g* She ta tot qu:!e ro ji an; or efl raaelnatlag aa sbe waa t*a year* ago, acd tier roi-*- been lightly. rmy Ilgb'.ly, tou< Mil by tbe wry h? of the relentleee eucay, net ifce la a.lil i Oral rata etnger, and b?r Trar eta baa ou^e more attracted cuali to the Victor 'a, wblcb b?1 bagua to exb b t at-m rg ryaptotra of a failure a lace tbe alrent of tbe t bar Hi it g Trebelll. Many a<oa prefer her to tbe latter tbey lay (be la aoee graceful, mora ladylike, mire acleet Hi tnber method of tiaitag I* apite af all tbeae parftclK>r?, however your eoreepnadenl feel* taciloed ' award tbe palm to her youthful competitor It la reported now that the director of the royal tbaat-e* ta tegoitatin* with tbe leading mraberc of the Italtae <v?ra at *t r*e tertberg, wbote performacoea I are bona eu*i>?n ted by the death of tbe Cmpreea of Roaata, aad whom be etabaa to ergage fr the rtmalader of the aeaena la that naae ?a abaT bare the px-aaare of bearlag ram bar I Ik, Cat an tori atd tie other nmadrrtt of tba Italian dag*, aad it m'.:' tbca te eitreairlf diOlsalt for tbe poor Victoria to ?take bead "afin atch a reg iar knock dowa o' Uleat " Uw -V?plea CeiraapeMabaei Ma nm. Italy. Nor. ?. Jfmtn in Smpift?Pubhc ftt|li> upem (he Ooomttm qf I'k(ot taaaml'i f vrtax M? lb CV| ? iyptaraacr at flt< A't?f ? Tkt Krhftom Orrimtmia? 9*nt*idt fUfm Du?t*f.< 4?P<yt.i?r few nmt to Jfmfim, 4c , * V r tor Eaaaaal haa entered the capital af bla new pre ? reet. aad aow oarnptea the paiaea ftma wbiob Fraactt C C?d bat tww Boat be am Wadaeeday, tbe Ttb taet , ] wee the Meaaorable day oa which thla aatlaaaly UMtted for en at took piaoe Ti.oegh hla p'aaiaae waa aiach d? aired, at'il tbe people ware ait prepared to raoalrd hi a, txeept la thrlr kaarta. for the trioapbal arebea ware Mat half to ?t.ed, tad bat r? w of the > latere cf '? ictiry ware comp eted and plaeed la tbetr poeitloaa. tbe framework ' of a doaaa or sere Kaaatnae arebea waa (reeled, aad tbe pedetta'a for tbe atataea ware all arranged along tbe ! Toledo, tbe pr.ccipei atreet. Tbeae pedeatoU are aboat ' three fret fear* aad tweire high, aad Itae both (idea of i the itreet being oae baadred feet apart aad ?ttndln? on J the evtward edge of tbe aldewalka. Tae atateae are aU to be mailer end of e?!<wrat aiee, and repraaaal a female, j with bar rtgbt baad exteaded la fraat, aligblly rateed aad | lioirtlrg a ataff. to which it attoebed tbe tr'setorbf flag; ! tbe left band graape a gilt wreath, aad a gilt tonneH oa her bead The body Inclined a Utile forward, ae if eager te lee tbe oeBv.nlrg hare approach. The gr* tier portlca ol thea are now la paaltioa, aad tbe eSaot m rery baantifbl. Tbe atreet ta abee* ferty Are feet wide aad a ata la length, aad aagatO-wat palace* atd r balldiaga line ?e entire dlataitee n either ?Mt. Wbea a# the auiaae? a buedfed? are (>eeed oa the pederaM tbey prce*at a rery Itrlk rg appearaaoe raMgb tbe preparattoee wore, a?t roapktad (aad they are null la progrcM), yet" tbe Kag made hw grand entry oa the aura lag #f tbe Ttb. Be caate froaa Oafoe ?y imll-oad, aol then i>a*t?d down the T^ta^eo" ?"f*1 **?? ?' toe healo'a .wt jaof k? tray, to tbe rt?a' Toe a. reet. tbe he eea trd kaMr- *r?e u aare ol tteaan betiga, ta t ' waa quite stormy . Looking op toa Ihlado, toe but mtJ nmtk woo magniflacnt; oountieaa ?M? were npMM ffom the lofty be umo, and decoration* of vartoaa klad* wore placed over toe doori or window*, tad Mr ga y colon eontraated beautifully, while toe orowda M meo la the itroot oad oo toe balooalea pn aal "??Job to ite eoeoe. An laeenas ooooouroe woo to to* ?" ?*o?? of toe nalaoe, oad toe King, paaalnf ' "-1*"1 too bolkfter I" o tew muautea be aj) _*? !** ??'oooy and made h e tot 'ormal bow to JTw,hX toby 22 L:Slv--^tor?: ? mendcua tb?nls, etrai claup'n* of k?j. uj _ln_ ?? handkerchief* ui beta tfba aboutcd "Ti*" and cl?pp?xl thalr' bands Tba Km* bowed repeatedly, but be nS?. mJEZm jTlnt ~ or toree minutes re entered the palace Yealarday toe K leg waa present at the chart* SI Lo rr oxo, where woo celebrated a grand it demm tota* gallant monarch, " Victor Emanual King or lu!*^ * Being written for toe ooooaion, it waa very aid begins In tbe following strain:? . * Tt VUlurium laudamut; Tt BmtmueUm eo^/Uemaur; Tt noitro Rtd'JuUta httto l orbe vtneratur A I? U franco Mutu?; a Tt I'Anolo-Amencato tt thM p Uttalt*; A It I'ngluri e broait," kc , be. We praise tone, Victor; wo glre thanks to tone, Rata el Thee, our king of Italy , all tbe world n ?n? T> bee France, Kucila. England, Amerloa and other Poweri 0 tbee Hucgary and Croatia to thee Polan<l ani Greece . tc hee Aala and America to thee Africa and Europe; to toeo he aoato, the aaot and toe weet, to toeo toe north, the < qoator and tbe zone; to tbee too aea, atare and heaven*) Eroclaim with exalted voloe, K manual I Emanuell Soaaanali .pg of a Tlotorlooa world. Beooa. tbe Po, Lombardy, are tilled with toy woaderfuj ?alor and glory. Thae,oorp?ral and king of ZmarM; thee, hero of liberty and civil life, the h <et of twMty oerea million Itotlnna pralae. Venerable toy face, iwoet toy voloe, toy sceptre win be terrible to traitor* Thoa or toe molber of Brutoo and of Cato art a wort Or ooo Tbott wilt olt on toe torooe of toe Capnra.a loyal king, ero vnedl In too Romaa Oapttoi. And oo on Iter a no >re or moro of laudation* and n few aaplrntlooa. Among tbe laat 1* one hoping that tbe great hero won id pink out tbe faato*i? oC tbe eagle (Auatrla, 1 mppooe) But this I* suiBotont to ?atlafy even toe moot coriona mind. It la a mongrel pro duction, about three fourths It* llan and balanoe 1*1 In 9 presume, u a composition, It 1* foil/ up it toe literary ?tandard that prevail* In tola benighted laol , wbero church and ^tate hare Joined to trammel tbo Intellect. The prayer alio, oompoaed for the oooislon , was very denunciatory on too ' reprobate and moat Iniqal ? tons Bourbons," ityltog thorn " traitor* to the nation, teacher* or Ilea, tbe moat Inlqoito** *erpent?, toe moat, rapacious wolve*,'' An , &o , and Invoking " Gold to aenci the Archangel Michael to aaelat our m<?t amiable sove reifn? to de'end and protect him till too tjtal i weeping off of the wlckod race, which oaused to bl. aaom (gtrvw gliart) In onr beloved oountry ohaloi. pll>ori<i*, oaatlna doe* and cutting Iron, and burning load and giobela;" and, Unally, that " he might be enabled, in the K>man Oa ? pltol to declare to F.urope and all the world, Pat* omnatwO hominWui btmat vnlunlatit " Farlnl baa Uen app>:nted by Victor Ecaanuel Uea - tenant General of toe Neapolitan provtnoe* un toe Oontt nett, with power, till a I'arllament be called, to poblloh all kioda of act* requ itte to eatabllab the noion of toc> prorlBoea with toe real of the monarchy, ami to proTtdo for eitraonlu ary Dccewit'oe. Farlni'* flrat lecree mitl tutea a 'Touneil of Lienteonc^y," which he oalla to gether at bl* pleaauro, and ojrer which he prceldea. BIO ntit lnttitutea a bureau ol agriculture and oommeroa, for to* purpoee of glTlng enoouragement to tbe*e two im [?or tact braccbe* "7 MWT, which have, in ??imee paat, received no countenance from to* government, and arc contequently In a moat wret :heJ oondltlon. Another decree ncmlnatea toe Council or L eote nancy, j\r. ?Of the InUrlor and Po loo, V. Gaetano: of Joottoo and Icc'ealaatloal Affair*, Prof. Gutasppe: of Flaanoa, Prof. Antonio; or Publls Inatroctloo, Prof Raffaele; U' Pub'lc Worka, Marqul* of M mtefaloooa of Agrlcoltare and Commerce, l>eTln*nil Giuaappe; and three without, any charge? Prof. Paaqual* Stanlalaua, Ferrtgnl Giuaappe ai d Uarqult of Bella Fjr Secretary of too Council, Prof. R Buoghl Pay of tbe Oouno Uor* per moo to, four' hugdred ducat* (about 1830}, and of the secretary two hundred ducata. You will bear before this raachea you that Garlbaidt la* gone to bl* farm at Caprera, to seek repi*f> after hi* ardnoor, and, In tome racpact*, rexatlaao campaign He left bera last night, the aeoood even ing afur the entry of Vlotor Raaanoel. Be waa wllb the King when he made hi* entry Into toe c*ty, and ap peared with blot oo tbe baloooy of toe paiaoe, by bta> aide, as tf presenting him to the pe>ple. I a now not. what palled between h m and the King Tbey are ?tlLH on good term*. I preaume; bnt tt 1* generally ?nder*to)d. that Garibaldi baa go c away d?*atleSed. Uii anowo enemlea bare been appotated, and now hold too atoab Important ofllcea. When a man baa acbtevel a great> work It la natural thai be should desire his f> lend* (aad not his c-nemlea) to rtsp the bene file "here is *omo talk of toe Gartbaldtan army betng liabat lei, bot tbe matter is not fully decldcd yet; and It may be no easy thing t3 disband them, unlets they are wMlug Proclamations and maailuatoea af all k.ada appear daily. Statesmen, warrior*, patriate and poeta call In ala tbe type and preas, and toelr prrdustions are p-?ted at the oorrert ol tbe streeti or boM at the etmha OM to ltx> Kirg and Garibaldi are very ci.mcr >us Oac of ibeao pla carcs contain* a long I'at of what Victor imaocel pro mlai* to do Among other*, he] lasting napol ~ ew>, true liberty, JHHM to tbe appN*asd toe moat ta red and utalterab e un'on between blmself and bl* *aa ecu, an eslighlened and liberal m'nlatry, Instruction to 1 la people, liberty of oonicienoe, tbe n :reate of on me roe and agriculture, ibe d?etruciloo of all monopjita*, the eliivatlot or tbo arts and ec'.encta. new railroad*, em [Icyment to tbe well detorvug, A.c Hwill be no e* sf taak to fulBl all thoac promise* Ttc document, however, l?ear* no droature, and It I* probasly the production oj some ardent aanexatloclst * Nov 12 ? t ten. nr. Grand df monstrstloos this erenlog by tneG? hanliaae I Tte* ^en'raie is being boat to ca.: tnem tagMlW IVe -l musmuMimh taMaf Ibm wsleMp9H|SiM all want Garibaldi, who is faraway. Cannot aay what I they will reaolve or what they will do. Th? Kl?| ud Garibaldi. (Correspondence of tbe I moo sta- ) N a riv . Not 10, 1M0. <iarl*bldl left Naples rntcdir moru'nj el lit o'olock. after a short visit paid to the British ddm'ral, on board the Hannibal. Be has left Id an ex rcnvly 0 *c intented: ud melancholy mood. Wring Ibe leat f<?w da>t M baa i bwi exposed to the moat lmpudaat Inaulta Here M tbo histury of wbat ha? ukn. place fheo be ir.wd wlib im Elrg tbe rallaay teim nos, be fvr.e1 tt to arranged tbat tbe NeepollUn Pro Dictator wa? to have a seat la tbe King's mriifr. while lbs Sicilian Pro Delator, ' arlbaldt's own man, vaa to ba e tended, bad (terlbaldi's ptraoeal inlrrfeiesca, and thai of the* King bimwf, were ntoeesery to rrocure ? mltr treatment to Morditl. tbe atmpli barrister. ? 10 laJ.avl elfcl, tbe marquis. On b - relnrn from ibe Court 8arl baldl dU-' not go to bit i ,-.clal lodgings, bin ?raal to to buel, tbe Major of Naples havlrg no ibo jgbt at making other arranges en ta f>r ht? At the theatre a t ? Carlo, m tbe t'eolng.lbe Itteailart Uraera bad aot efkred bin a box, and la the transparency over toe entry had placed Cialdtal to the r'gbt aad Oarlbii i> l > iba left, of the King Hie devote<s of the day before bad turaed Into la quejt of Garour tn tbe abort apace of twenty - fotr bonra. But ue cnwniBg Intuit waa ihtt ? It bad been deeded tbat Oaribaldt, ibe tw? Prr Dictators, tt.? Mlnmien, and tbe gre?; bodies of tbe State, Wi re to go, the day before j r?.er>lajr, at none, to convey to hie Majesty ILa p tbtaoile by wklon be mm Made King of Italy (be Klog, at tea o'o b, sent to Pailaveclni tbe great cordon o? iba Order dell' Ann unci ata. wHb an txlrimely our to: us letter, In ?kick nr rn treat mi b'm to put it os while performing bis fuaotwna at Moa. 1'ai.avH.tat lamellate!) a-iar<r?id a abort note to Oaribal dl, to Infrrm bin of tbr roja' prevent, aad tbea vast lc> Ibr Brttltb Hi tel to soe fcia at aboatelevaa o'oioca Oarl bad< rreeiMd him la an Hi bun >r, aad to id blaa bo striuld lave returned the dworatloa, wtocb had baa* g ven to him, and not to Wcrdml, for tbe sols inrpo-er of lefl ct'.ng n pceonal luiult oa io? latter PaNt'lcol replied tbat be oculd not aeed baik tbe doo-atloa with ? out c Pens icg Ibe K'.ag, an4 begged b:m not 10 llatoa vol ? be dargrrcua rounnis < r the Vfazslatans who eurrobada* bur. . atd not to a l< w his name to bee >air the nwlard of cpf<?tllon, aad thus to ereato < idl era r la I ?>f. Tlaat * tte way tbev have regularly baabary. e-t ana by tbto ctrap appeal to bis burtmg r*'rtnl sa Hue : me, h.iw ?ver, be proved rbtltaale H- exca'mad, "Italy waatM nrbody, Gettber yoi nor me. nor tbe K i.g; sb? taa sprat g from tLa nrcts.ty ot tfcirgs. at A nrtbmg wbatsnerer caa erer tnsoeda n<r oawartb mar-h faitartctnl, upoa this, tars ot bi? deco ration, aad said that he would a?t go mi Quart. Hat iag returned b^iue. however, ha wrott to ike King, aad desaaded aa andleaoa to txpialo to t u> ?bat hv? happened Ii waa a-ra?r??l t? at tne au<?t? r *- ao ? >11 tasc* place at oee r 'el'Ck Tbe tratb is tbat Farla' tbe If in? ur, kad Bialtrratod Mordial, becauae bis Usapateksa to Bertanl tad beta found, fro* which tt waa t . be ears, tbat be had latr'gved la o*dar to bare tbr annec*tl>a <ie !a;ed At aooa Hartbtfai, M rd?l, tbe M n et?s, MMt tbe ntkera PaHarietal etseptod. prr??nvt triers brfora tbe Kisg, atd tba ous?unioat-' a rf tba ptebtrctto tick p?e?e aa draenoea 'a nar last letter Tba racaiHf-n waa oat shTt bf tbo Ktag, a bo took (larilitKt with bim mw a t>r. vate cabiart They roaver- J f?r ha aa b- ?. wn ? Oailbaldl reappeared, kw cM hat aa bis b??d ar J a ea? .r >a kiabaad. which be cruaMad to >a ib "fii Antveo at bta l>- t?l be wrote oaca ?ere to i>? K r,< ?od ut tb' last tou-h to hU leave tailing ad lree? ?? *- r. Be ba t ft st tkcoght ot sen* tag kit JeUar to tbe H' uf ikrorgk PailavlclBl. but a te? tbeaoea- 'a tte r be pr. frr r#d frrwardlrg it tbroagb Mordial Wi?a dar d'bl r< aebed Ue patone Palla?ia?al c?ase ett, a # olt hi a tbat tba King bad largbeJ at tbe rjarrafr la Ue mora lag, aad bad said, "Gar oa ?? itee r. ? 111 tie cap* lew, but M Is, ? <a.e dcro." Tba Kmt bav'ng .arlh, . eu r iiroeeiaifly sat dowb to reply What her. : <1 to -a? tbe ult'W'im of bis geseral liartbaldi 1 9-ra4 to rw main ob cond nca tbat ba waa to be rre^eJ n<'d Mesleaaal. wiU e'taaeiva eiril aad at liry ir?r<-?. aad Uat tba a aaaaf his fbototorial goTrreir?-.t ati%id not be altefftto r eacerllett. lad reeliy tr '>??a?itl'.M d emiraal cf rant! aad Kar'n I Tbe Klag repltod tbat it would hire beea r >p? > >ec tr. ai mmot. bim to Napiat, If the Dictator x i >?rna?t waa to ooatln r that he w?s a cocet i v aa k g, at ! bad cease to latrodoce eewsHtallcnal. are t?,i to crntinna abeolato goTnrnmeat Thai aa a ner< io i total King, he waa b.-mnd to lake tbe ad r e ??! t?wa siltntloaa) K'ntt'ert. ar 1 aculd not nism s? 'Vat ? tt. ? a vote t>f watt of coaSdcace from rarliaouet "be K ng srtt Ula rep'y to General Tnrr Garibaldi eoee'ved t aa diar?r,rote ;maaed lately, t" t bar ag read * e*tn>??d I ? i go and to! tba SrttMi Ad?<<ral r I b ud ard ?i r b.rr, at I Ire e'e'ocb, b-i . In espwt b ?? la ?e?? t!r feet b?l at ba" r art s'* f' ,r be *ft. )f** ' lay at tbat bene. T'bty will aever f?ll fbr b<?? i? re a. est r nt Carnor "-.ay j ? tear fri.n f. ta tba; t, w?'b? l.lctetl w th. Nartar, V ,v ? ,Wi^ OarlbdMI IS gma I an nlgbl it ?ae ataeeteo toat m part ire bad beeb Itded- Iteiy a" ?-nea ? r^e ? rterlutlna. however, waa eonse to. aed ee"r tir? rf" he tatltd a tb? Washlngvn for naprera Vvta-lr ri- f.% hie 'it mediate 'rieni.e, si 1 r.ft a.l iif ?*<'.-?. ws ????? f h.s Ana' ? etc Ire, a*d, la arneeno?Boe. b? r'!pt>el awar s% hr?a? : f day rtattei Jf I, aBd aioinat aancw-i ?<, >ow ast LS 'eMOiJ rrtrytl tag fr? ra tbt K ag at > <i'm a*