Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1860 Page 3
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'roBi the Sxahequar tat hit geoertl oBVoir'a pay ft a day ; bo thai the stoo if '*s. h*3 aotuAlly bar iv ??a a ??? p?ands from person*! f/iecds .n Nac es to pa j tbe > am) utnia be tad tuoarrod here while Dictator iu be stlie'l uO he slopped at oar British tlagabip to CU! On K I mlrel Moody He .af'ted the admiral, ji oocttcao se- <r*l -tbc-r Rng'tsb friends, vo come and see at iMpn-re if ttit-y can But up wiib Poionta porridge ?a. fraeu ! aalik, wb?b are all te baa lo oiler ibeaa. The >*ar ilium .non of oar Bred a sa'ule lo the flasfcingtua u j ?ho (ailed off, which vu repeated from a.o forts, bat ' t.i'tt r* m there *m oc tbjv and no pomp, and tbcre is | tot.Vr c to rr-ord abort Ibe departure o' Ibe ex Dtalftior bc>uiid 1M great broad fact tbal Garibaldi J gone. 1 b?<-e bad to tl' *pprcTe hit policy oru>o and to that iU w^iiff-Tki : ttlli a.Bore but tbis I fraukly and truly ray, u at a great and a good man na< left Najjlae ixd cat xJl , bone u?i Jdb'? worthy of bis 'sher'tanoe. lc ibe morning a procuration fro as trarba'd". wt? : lanarOed on tfce walla of Naples; bot tbe news of t ( Je Kerned to excito little atteoi'os, and aa yet there baa i-een no n an'lcrtallcc of public fee.j.g on sabjeoi ?tie solemn act of ihe onion of tfce k ugd in of the Two t *Uh* U> 'la:y was co!ob.-?teJ at ihe Palaxao P-eaio o ?J.< |th xtt , (jaribal 'a last Interview, a p-?se?<vc of tfce K'.or. the Dictator b mtelf, U>e ml n. steia and ibe ooort. Ccafortl. Pr'me M okter, addrsMed bis Wijegty .n ibe folic wjjg ?orm? ? Sire, toe people of .Naples, for snob purpose assembled, ' bai preclaimed jm H king oy an mmensc majority. i Nine millions of iiai.ana bow unite themselves to ibe , eiber prov .scea anier yoor sway, and will prove | iL< irutb of ycur aoienx promise, that Iia yutould tn. for the Ha. i as a. The Ktofr replied ,c a short speooh r? ptete w us good ; ?*oae aad Italian tenl.moni. Car bald; alone was air lied M approach Ibe throne. ADDITIONAL FBOH MEXICO. tapiaia of VwlaUjant Poet lively Con- 1 Armed. CUB . TTT 01 K? IfcO OOHUBrONSlNtB. Mmtiuo, v<rr. u, >M0. | !<m.u -inter >' G~aiitua c.ra a%<J Reported ikaci-'wrn of Oat I 'iikt?TKa. Bo. i of Mar iuei? The Cafital 8~rrcu:jl*i? Gmtktrity ? f On C^nt ? Qr-ai Dmrttt?Dtgri^aic't Utttrryr-B-iuatli'. over '.\t .hl'.ndti Ko*vy? Juan. ike yatimaJ Omgtm 'a "ust. in fie Ctejrt lati 6-iaualajara surrendered lo U.e oona>..oitvfla fcrcee c? ' .m J9tb and on the 1st o' month .arafo^t, at lie lacad of 60ii0 men . attacked Mar r, is.- vrnc bad ar-'rel ? ithiB t wt'.re leag ei of that .liy, and xmpleie y rootod Mm. w (tb At ioaeof artillery, bagga(v\ money, aturqut. and bisatai. with dUBcalty eeoaped sc bo; was 1 %be par sail; he arrived tome days after c .oc c ty of | Hn c Luaceoupantec by even a ? dj-Io o. t of too i,300 1 um:h ix) u>ok oct w lb b c. and la near b ai2y etgaged or- i (aa,. Jig the realatacoe wb<ct ' . la biped wUl b' the lit: | i?ai will be oCcred to ibu of liberty an<: prog- .s . 1* is unpoes ble tr aaoerta.n w tc ary dwec ol certa-'c y ; wba. rea.'y toe- p!a~ea: uda'^ara, bat it wo-Jdieem I 4jbt tastUic, aetjig bit :aac wat tapelecs. prcpoaeu an I kroKto: jo d.Kase ite lerma of tfcnonifer. Its. Cipro- | (Hiaa ? as aiceedcc' tc acd tha?. be tva e ' b otso'f of VL# I apporuu ly tbu* affurdeu io escape w A 2.000 men of 1 Mi- cny, ih is breaaxg tee arma .oe. J. si goi was tot i dlscorered for some t.mcjhc was hul.yp m?_. and the ! greater pari of bit Mloweri dl*,x>ra> w. Scum a*f tbal he hjnao f has beet taken and (bot cat lift r? >\rer. : ?ocf.i mat;oL Ibe troops tbat rstt i.uod t w ida;? .r*, , amcuntlng to .p w ards of tfcroe ibousanC mec, bare i-r?n embodied :n the cooatitct'ooal rorce*. Toe p"?*t:ge of ' Ttcto'j no a seemr tc aooomi u]> tbe tan acre of 6 .n^atce Vi tega. ana to him we trust ic reaerred utc tuk of -Mansog (be !ly of MstIoc, the last a'.rorgbold of the etmret party aaierdola' aboT'natictr. wbicb, tor mm las> three years, fc~ive beea ? by wcid anc re road, i a?fio??t navtonr. Aa fax at: me oan . . dg.;,' the leid.n ( Kart'isaca of tbe chorch faction ba?e little x* y U e Met. J-oreifnera are loud that /mtloe ?houll be In t eat to thoee *bo bare i olatsd ere ry lam, I *1 yvw* 1 wid d vme.ano Mciijaos, peneraly be tor old, seu.Au - ! mated by Icellnge of revcuge, wb ob. up I ? tx : iw? ?Maient. nc ai.<jon; of n .oi Uic bae beec r"wor h isougi ? awaket. Nor ? it a rpr ant tbat si* .3 aftonid be the caac, for 11 * cu-d be dlftc -H (e i ??< ilaf a ? ' wajs the Trenoh rerilution) tc Klect t*:y- urs o t<M j bMtory of any na'.KUi which e&<>, ?eec a i cave <ll(graiec' tbe pries' ly r : i m Mefioo daring tea yoara lbi? acd 1WC, bavr eosn < 'inmitted. A .wrUon axtcaded W mec wh uavo Itnbuo Uie.r basda sj deeply ui .be L.oo^of tbe." Cvua tr'niea wbo tare v?en deaf to all cr ero'pUy ?j.'. noo* y, and wbi will ever be ready to larolre tneir aaisiry - um nm?r1ea -if Civil war i . t Ihj.r au ?ei .e3 tali, w 1 U latAT'jable aad ibe leaders o Utu coMtltuti^ca l-ariy ?.Unave<tu > to anawor for If tboy a * icy bivt d feelings ol pity to tcterfire w'tb U?<? *cd( *!f ;r? ii't. rbet the leU of ticadalajara and tao Uelou .v jar iiKi uik.o virtually aeaieu lite fate of tu. co .re . teClioa 3an dc it and alir.^l tin le?dc'a, >o iij.>'r da? perattab, may aiteapt a last eU irt In tho :j ol Vr?<r \ m i' me el oar Ibat it canuoi be suaoeaalui. 1 a* libers K-ocb, i -abtd w lb v ct^ry. a/<? uo? cloe.i^; in from >,n*r.ere Amp'.du, wilo 4 000 mec, K on t* ? side o Vuj&la Heart* * apprtadb log frjra M^ralta; #rre: ?ie , a iiuAjii his p^amoti at mj Aug' (tin. isi^ Uoaitioc O. Mga fib tbe kimy of -jj late. >t, a* I tat Id 003 e roug. a.?r. 100 ,-i >js? f artillery, a a i" " ci*?tc from f i?d?i? Ara To nppoee tbeae torMt M ram -a aedb s i?rty Will i -J able tu oolu . iooii 8.000 tuji: aui 70 pMC * c.' oajiijc out m eto'tbjai sen are il:u:'?:M, aad vmu v>'j a n gb' na?eea bat that 60 ir 100 deeert. itanjiv.*, wh'- anpsars to havi U ei toe o* w tc 4 mk c'.y . stem? ime?t or. sstao<Mlliag a re fu .. * r-r. * w?r) ePeoe*j agalnsi the Uywl; <M tuo caorah fact!' t w to be pialsfcei w' Ji tralb, aa l i a el *r inai r . lartaaat* lnhabilasits w.ll Rare mjr* to ~?ar )'? u D a r brinied p?M:oas i ban ir im any cvo-kaea lhat m */ b: by .jc at jk 'A . 4 ;?ri7 i >rjed .a il\l f s i: i i i? of fo?nn of *to)?5U we?^mi; cj'ai tfei o. or't ? n? o' '??* ?MhbMt Ui'iaoraata, an* aitn-jcft ?rttvUCH.-rf ba?e ?o?ao >*: ixmu or not .ou, t ttM* ao to bo ie?ii nbjvb*:, a :be Scar 31 r?l . :.?) ? t allowed to Tfce I '.dii'.ota! n i ront ir itomt u l ib? balf tw co'. on capital <i? rooi hoc j ftr tocl, w bu? b?iu| ai.aj -?ii i jru.ji ere at ^ t oa. ? ? at :ce qiib??i rn'jr, a (feel, o>.r ir aia an , r?-?t u ?an told, and ?rot:d tn at?olri?t; cbS?ara ue vo'i- . oo: Inr tbe ?|*toy d*. rorauco wo may uo* & a ' let,; y loot V'maf J lo I j tbe irxntb o." uo ooul tut r?':> T?t ?X pr ?al>ly ere m:o bare bearlo! tc> aioj- cMc pot by the *paBi*n k'.o mr opo- u.<> fo.j tuadrn ' :t ?and ac'it'i bam eo o tor to Mr ti.tonla. Aoaotdlaf : ieaor ra;aeoo'a taia.oa, (MM DafoiiAic lai txj?c 'roebiaj r?Wr to pay Mlf a i?h?r * rdt t? raa baoi ed 'tar ?no?7 wbloo ha *?? r ?!-o< -o) t?,r b' r. ?ko..'y a* bt "nflEf to opat.:a?ae, -? rnucb, er , HobaaootiCed ,a>a :*ct Ij Mr. Malta* m, ?:kj t-ay xaa Ofa'BOt Ul r m any o?.n,; on , ,?>? i t ? '? at a . ou. aad . a mod Vie rifU. f lo..<<wi?g no oc -<ey ar a. :< fr<t>"rty. Mr 14 ? toe* baa ag'rwd ?o a*l i le a ,-iii MJi the ,-ati V ul-: >aa Kr > .rd.tbef" iboiac'O* Coofu' at T?ra Ur hare boon a ,:{-<> r le ?e m?*ati>;*to U>? nitwr lie Vara ,-u g vc-ijb. . arc Ir.r 1 tt.? amtwio: , 'o rata a>. op', it 1 1 ;<?-.!? By la- '.br bq 1 t?i I'u T.?r air* ib? Oig ?fc reditor IB? aibo o, w tor .lo?.? ir> ntber* baojif c .a :y Ml au'i KiM c a n* f i/liab rti'T ;oa*i ?#, ?ui a ?? weeka ti l ?or?;. >i .. _ ? r p-a>' Mt ? b ? ai-? now aa 'ur ? f.-r bav oc al ? v*d U.* - r.,'Ot ?? o? ?i oad. i . ?r ?ai' y ihrxugn t ?i-rr::oua tr.?: tr.o f^uoy *a? reTui . fta-i I tn? la w as ?tat?d by > jo r "a lio "*, cac I r r ?tail! ?:?<!, ? ?'.'Uc.? 40 toboolTO : i tlailrr, .t ?+mztu:, ?rt??y, oocid bare act-d ott.-r ? a. tta. tax 3?l* ? t Bore U uiie ? o..i mr ku # Ml; raa lm "< i - e , * & ?f". ,-aja* a ?'i; i ti a;i?it 1 1 -ca io ? i a t< ;b? -arc iar ?ri i fill wi wora a* 'ed ? fm-.f it A'-.rvt aai i rroa at back, of "Cfc**: - ^a.MK . ? ? iti, > ? tfea .rf taaiof ' ut o -?r u ? .? ,-ac>c j ? f.icyed aod Mriatd M us r ^/reo ac.j l it y tf a . , r r -a*-r* f *!-?? il? r !i -a?!y da-, t ' .? - ? >Jier? i '1 t" ; .n ??# W o, ?*? ??, .-a. .t ai"n ?. '.a> ?? tt? c - t Ib'.ty Ul ri -a J i*' : ju vu . J 'j.? Cor,;f.-w ? t ? day ?? ary 'a f - <? ;f >?? r? - i F ?*,: ' tr? army ef tba lct?riur t or ? a : +? ?.tain >? koalh A mar lea. ?'T" tVdfsM ? YkJa* C.jkk*i''UM>L .tm d wvja a . aw, sop;, sn , iboc a? ? i / /'.?*?. a?ri ? urn ? / ft ana J'rwnt-tif? .Van ?/ .At A'?(?c-i ? .*?? r t ? -vj> wa /Cfc.' ? - ait if C'aa n fa' ><*i. bi; ifo/win .Vt A'drUi; ti Ar imr??rian'. rrwi i ?a t o^dv rr?J? tf nu; < I . I* ralley or tbe Ja f'eia ?! oMt. iwl' ;JHi) aj r,* refwaul U, eoS?r :t Co.fa^Mai.i i?bt> '. .c propor Mb, to ?< a? ?o*. a to to 1 lb<: to'c as o ' -be na: :&a oft t' t oc. MHp?l bar to 50BM) U. Wi ? tt? ??' ISt > ?aci'Md ky ???. :rtr i?. A!m* ? 1)4 >1y ba vi , i ?b ab arja BotcCort rac o?ay aa 1 Nili ? i"* ? $??! duo vktiry, torxi a aro tfrtd u^.c. P-' yr<o -vbo t ' o.oa; ^fty nojtit ?? l? ? rvoc | ir-1 r >41 v- >0, an ' '.r.flaa it> old a rr rtc vt ttet^Beri ?? *r ?r atn, i ? .? , -i r r ? . ? la 4o Co f>?pOMd o"a? nauy m-irtr-? (J'ty), Ha M i a U>a rr'T BoaO, a^;. rJ of l. t: o t s ati ? BBniwtm ibo?M feat* Cbb Mttv^riy M r? ?i,? ?? -. i- tb? aofoJibeaM t .jrdioi y tan N'a'. -oa Cocrortrtr ?t?: a. Fab 4a F# 1 11-- 1 J> cat. To II Pomo? tjrm Mrthwa'lw j?b yro at Sod lo olo:t fbr offjor* K>itra'? aai .ix-roL: km Tbo ncraiti waro : n? l,-?d a ?' > t. I. ? au.-i a ier?i' if wi ac%e'? ?y 4opt?d. 4i 1 1 liso olmrMlcr jf llw aaionu Uty krr -f iwaioat obi^btaotd and yrof toao to cLanr .??. "b-/ ? eft a r. t > too ttataamBBtt f H tfets eouatry , rr ra'.Ba feay J : cr? 1'. to tbf ' 'aitat iUt? for My are -6 a / wr' j' ?d from nr lortcf Sot ona' Ommum hao <r *4o ore doe 4?i:y % ' or ? ? - ?rt;i kbova 4M; tfe ? it o V H^aii(rd '.a na1. oaaw. it lr?t 'tt of -co "aa Lm ??r t actaa 'JalJaa del Fic de la Plalai, ttao t tacaira Ka c?p4bllca Arg ntkaa, atarirardf ? ?a> '? irtila Ba oo argtBt oa. !'a?no* A?r? * 111,1 ?* '* u B* arat Bfice M taa MMIafeMa aai'.o adopt id*crtaua?M!> all taoaa aameo. and w aaa 'a a" off at i aaatrto the *jkT ,? ??Kae'aa ^ffeit ca " Th io, iter, a aa aa-Bd * tddod tr. the oor.fu: >a ' .r? paf! 1*4*. 0.B .St . a tat. at ;of rt tf * Hoch ItidJaattoaa Of ? healthy, unforced harmony and q let bare not t ? >fO?en?j4 Umn soaUern Ula fcr yeu- , if eytr. It* ocxtry it bow prepared, for Use firrt U ae, for proewsrty. Tbe Iudxi of tbe oo he rj are beglcafcg tc foe1 adnt>rao>e poi 7 of tbe new M:c wier of vto ?rt*w; y , Sen or Don Roberta d* Xiestre. I Bead not gtre tbe t? talla of bl t pol cy, bot It laspjw credit at tome a ' abroad, and lae.'taUl coauuercc. Paler II tbe nation i. debt la disappearing. It la (till an unsettled eaarttoa bare wbe-ter Jm gooaa, to the aaaoant of over >0 000 silver dollar*, which were damaged x tho Custom Boca < by tbe great Horn of laai aumta. are to be paid for by (be caaers, the -nacre-* or tbe gi.veraceck, wl. ~.t rocs tea average far ksepxg goods n a leaky to ae. Tbe Kas Fernando Sa road bad ita embatan ec ;? *< swept away tbu ta gjing .a to oi ura. jc * L. ?* :or aboc. a year. 7h>' tr?xt * M oeated iar celcw P *1 water mar*. Tb? loar to ite eon. ran j eaccci be leet toan taj ooo silver. We bare informal oc ol tbe ccm ?i cl twen.y lao ve? ?e!a fro? tbe Ci tal ?ta?ee ard atTacieec Ut to; ?r i vessels oooalag from various p>-rtt of Ft rope. i ce' ai amo jci of Teaaela xos; keep frie(bu <ot wt r.m, petition already eiie.a tba; freight to Vo* York m $4 tu per von. The nomber of arr.rals c tbe o.ortt of d*i t'-mber wu 43. and Ult nombrr or depar;nr?* w?a S3 I Tbe dlticreoce .* SO. Or tneee 10 are disabled from going oat of yodbf ttoUtl MM. Tbeeu MM all Ifl ropeac. Tbe oan'. ty o goods in store nere it unr reoeaetvec ? overnmtnt te slorebu ??e x various parte <X the ohy '?r g ? J* n Bond. The Vlotor'.a tl.iw.rt ?>* uoa ccc'jp'isl, an". the Tr.bnaa rropoeee uu eg the dan } ru clsco caurefc for tbe same purpose. append marielr and c.mroer la rep"rta for the .:svt an 1 lb r tbe month. IHTEEESTIHG FROM SPRDVGF1ILB. Ihanbigtriag at SprlaglaU-Wbat Mr. I Incoltt I'hlaaa ol SUpbtu' Speacb? A ?5a .*< *-?>, III , Sot 30 )I6C Yesterday tor Lg Tbanksg'v og Day te s CLmbe* o! contry peop.e ere It tern at. J pt. 1 tbe'.r reer: te tc tbe ]'re?id?n; eoc1.. lir 7 toojj,i:ge ibe real c: A&gio. Aner':an manw nti, feasted ol a roast iur^ey. aid llt.uc s.xMa: ^aos< toank t ? Mtker. attended r r oe se'r^ot.. The ?rei dent eiect feelt greav'y rrl e?e<! ty tte p-oe pec; of a jtacablr so r t.'oc of u.e Kanaac troi b e? Mr. ^veptw* I'nloe speed, was read by)!" J>nc<iB ? :th gr?a. Hs Is r?p:rted ir tare sa:i :t<a; ibr be?; item ? ' nrwi nt nac re e*. red sxce :be<tb of | November "U .bu; o* Mr. Stopreos fleet' .10 at delega;? I to tbo 'leorp-t. 4tate Conven. ot George G. .-i-gg, set re jut of U* Kat ^oa PepcL o.l Ti :ut!?r Oomm.'tee, wae i sre yesterday, aci ltd a wag p' rate late-rlew w:tt Mr. Ijccx A: lasi a Stw Toi?er tat ar? red, la tot ;?raor of Fogt H OiW., e member of Ooogreae frcm Saraloga d# trlnt, wb< rescb<^ here '.t more eg. ?"t'Ve. bar ng serred s m.-.tacoous.y w'tt I'ncolc. was teart y n OC TCd at ai. old aco ot ntacse ore ."i:?ur:?i.D ioh-j rcvDiscE. 3.'k.*v mix, Kot. X, li-oo. l'.it an ' lS'iO ? T-.-. 2am-. any UcM of IXkrioit ' pAx^A rj Lin.c'.n't Or rap- nirr.y.? Wki it Wri '.aij?J i trailer c? Js'.xn ? Tie .rn yf 'Jut PritUiv.'. l'lt:'. f -*?"> CHxciy, 4 .?jr. aboc'. tw year* age Um wi ?er war ar : ueeva^y obliged w stc,' a lay o iti cliy. Tart'y 'rem cor oslly an -ic nr. t ra'.cra) symtatty w st ausfc-rtcae, bt ftlt .adtrec *. p'.y a rUli U; old Ahe He foccd t' m s Itxg r,o:itar> acd a.ccc .c t'si agy. .'usty itn office Bebad beonba ic-l b:l asboi. before in 1 1 pcaerfu! and pre'.ra<>'?d st.'rggle wltt the I ttlie ?? ant ' for tte Iv.ter s i?" !r 'It ' n ted ?taU f r-cr.sVe. Tte caly sro'lt be bsd -arr e*. ->r n tba; mnicecioas contest were a p le of eanpairn 1 <amen:i, rising tc bis r'.gb: Ect low of ' asd laVr, lisap^igted topes ac- ttwarto asp ra tone J 2 b.. sucnc t. grate -poa klr a. nd. be was re ?Igiit^. . e ?r* ' tba*. be fca-4 male a good Cgbt? no di'.Vi: ')ti' tt.o 1.. H ? t*'k wu ^eer'c:. His w:* aci b\in>">r bt' not deaerted hm Al'.cgetber be waa a ?trlk 'ok variation froas tbe r.cure :eta!iy f-?*ectx ty wi?uc : aspiranu tc clbje. At tt< same time a d'.rerec. (aosnce cat tnftrted not . ot* a bur Jret yar Js friin tit oftre a a tp*c'9M r>on: 1 x the * - ocd siory of a itret ttcry brick t dlll.&g cc U>e ; tart side o' th* - jllc sc-.are, r> tilarious, e .:;ing -?ib pajy tat srrra VI' ' Ttt" were tte sacbems of tbe U!l | noit J' mxri.y , the bad spsesibied la :be j timt. honor >d W;gwanj? ">t Tacttacy H.V a. tbe J*ra rV? flat*? to tt /iim orjr the tr'.nr=;it o; tbt> ct,e.1a.c Tte fast cf Tistory gleanssd from the r syst I'arly Ml, intensified i j free It 1 jigonoe x tblsp tf jlico.s, ac.mfcte ' tbrlr c unfaans* ,3e -an'. worJs of roogratt'^t'on 2owe<! frot the r Ji % An t well anoogb t wat for their tc be ; .*?!, an Tbo pci'.tloa: w wld looksl 11. e thtif own. Ar inabaui Usd re'.b ts tbe !"res: t?B;j appeared to be op"t t; tb .r ion 1 'r He Mitred Uie maa it tbe lay. E'? rr5*??Jt ?* being eierated to tbe ilgb.'t. oi! ae .a tte *ad wat svl tnl y car tali. S'o woodor tbea that Ucy ware brtic fell o tjjxfu c*;<ota:^n? and salt a; Jit eoaslag ? geod ti?a." B till. * c \D|" ant at dc an ant matura Tb? ctbor lay repeats! my rail tc tbe same ACailty la? ar a.'.b > o?r oaa Ta: man?, tt gljry bad de -?rt?(l. 71* jst lant otjwI of yore < as wanting. A table, a few arat jbair*. l colkCtlOL ot empty bottles a.' J a boat c* ti e vaiqblebed shaK^.oc of popular s rere gaty? not vt.Je: 'a moora'ag b.t tfc'ui la) ere cf lati ? ? rt new ! 8c cm y >ooj."*nv? t f '.Be ba:>;weJ ej?'. . Acla.. ttat itltlM abet b., aboee caoa caoaed 'i tc reajcoA w.U; i-.eiy JMere, war raoe.r .ng S-recty oppca te .bato'tigr . ? is ?o .cat h^: p*o?4 bnii :ta Lead f :hc su:oc auJ iteowned toe tI;iot of 'M 7nc V lbt DwODer :f drawtaatt vc pe t!? rrrnc of c* c tttt cc.b;j7 j the pan "Veccy ?'.tb vt \h ^aoe.jd, -gaoraat usd booriab cot itti. y vtr .jr. or lav iary affaa'.oca cpoo mix. c. liatla: ioe. 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Charj**u>t, E C., per eif-aa, rece'ved r mgbt, 1 v>--?k r' so it va*o. xa m c.t of tte Union, id J thai ibc Sortt c*c mu t c< c uch phi we-ct ate wl'l fcrc? , To ?ay the roore* cmni wll. no'. iu:tr. uy tbe wrfc> >r?, ? or. i mihi rd; but the weu'tfcy w 11 uiiet the d*tr?eee4 Eu; bow will it be w it tbe Sortb Pc itb Can oa. lak iLg icekad.w'U be followed y ffeorgta,>eip(':, An ukm>. id! F or la, thee w'.U n )?* \ .rgtcla, Maryland, A-kko?a?. UPUAxna and lexir, f< rm .or a -s .gbty Soul&urt Gcaedera.-y. ba i| for m mediate acv-l* ttoc tbe . order ag be* -an Stateaan-1 the gem of the Ant) let la j;?rt,?ct ve. Direct wade wlU Etnpe, acd i Deed tot create turpr ae if tbe aext Etc imer at Ciweeion rom New Yo.k, eipeeUJ toofly. will, Hicot aa ter cargo la di-coargcd, be tent tc Urerpoo! direct paa ?esgera and cotton 4 gcnt<?mon x Georgetown. S.k'JB U-o xa. tat p ;d Ive hundred doll&ra for 111 ale ? luoe to e.c.; a ocmf-auy , and baa preaente*; a large p ece of crdn.xoe, Imported from Europe, t one cf ti e arl.:.*ry co 14 aa el. A lady lii Atlng that brav and patriot! J lady, Rebecca Met, ef revolutionary fame, bar ; retorted a c ipasy x Cbarleatot wltb a large amount. Tbe Charleston m i tary ooiupaalei Lit engage C. Ketzler ran Eeklen, one A Ice J ' apolesc t ei per cocci diacip-Lnarlaoa, aa xitrtctor. Cogtpaatee are drilled every tigi ? am. are maa&f every pre; ara. oc X caac in y; w It tro.bJs or ia terferenee. J edge Magrat. wX. be f reeetled w'.tb a ouet.y ? .-*r ?et oa tla return from tire at lie. te a 1 nely to be U>e next > orertor of tbe itax or xe Cnt J reedect o." th Palmetto republic Tbe report that t e Sot x Our xa ra.lroaiia are aooat di et arg.of a (erg* t^mbe- o* taiidi ? -aafgoraved. Tbe ana.' number diapenaed w:U at tt a JaU aea*x x tbe -tale w.:l go, aad ao more. Tbe S'ToUt Oaro.xa unit- tare pVeaty ol oox and tte>r a^peaa on !a from pru .entlal cob* dera'.tona a on? Tbe "har'.aeton Cbuntr, of tte 28 0, ( jnaerra; re) aaya 'Xat Governor 01 t's mrsaage will mc- : w'tfc geuerti af pr 'jT* and aqjeptance tbronghoct tbe Ptate WjL?a;v/t js, not. 30, IMC. Tvepoila from Kent cay are favorable to rx'aa, bat oonpled wHb tbe provlac ton tbe " rt . aLall f. mUb setter i uaraateer for goc 1 fa in (or tbe future, and re jeal all atatatea antagoa'At.o to tbe sonat totloaal rlj hta of tte South Tbe 1 .'.ter eon 1 r? one are atiajted to ali reaolcttoae adopted at anion moet.nft *t*ur beid in LcntaoA/. . A large nambtr ef oaembera arr.ted vo day. an. are a^attered abont e.ual y aaoa^ < n erect li .tcia. Th : , nerver al f ipre*.oo la ttai 'Jb.a. ' are dark aad gtooaoy, wltb ao gleaa of ye;. Mr. Bocllgny, repreaentat'. . ? Iron: ^ew 'iean i e tricl. roci for mioc *Air:]K?t *, Ntr. 30, WfO. J d jlocr prolraeiea neaaioi tf lb'- ^tine'. wu -a; ' ta lay a!: tt? b?u b?r? wort praaac . the r*r*f tdrnl M ile rpor ibe rvfUvt a*. fr?t ii<co?: ?jy t) Mi*; no S.*ta Laa k ooaa'.itu; rlfbt lo mm r, aai m. IwM'.aar, at avc>w l\t aert. it: la a^tiotft tba Heacai^ I* out ;?l detarm -e oo t r*firi la tta: pox; i.Tvag tBant are be. of ma le fc. peracada iba Trwli -nl W wa r? ;o.T f I*" .Ming. C 'ft U W?T( 1M vbole tttb 40t OCt. W'W jKjroji Kot JO, 1900. iTi i a: ir? ?</cu iccic -Bora aid nor* g vmy ? rery a".d'.tiona' ar-ra. of rcrwou vcc U lxj*f?at cot trnrj *.b? Je*[ tW*C 4awrm ut. c? of tba tc t? WKC adapacdac.'. of tM irr'.la i.r.e, a. it w. mararra eestat.or and d _ry Tpot itwu byUa North SeTera: maicbe.-aaf Uafraaa t tLa : tear la In ibe 'aloa, >*y Uai del/ to tt-air kum w'.L eomna I fea r ear y rea'jnattoc after |L? aaaeaitlafc of oncjraar MOVEMESTB OF THE BANK*-E?THU'!A.h TIC MEETING? fcTEXCE OF Hit. MEAT f? OKB. Ci . No*. ? 1H0 TV fj-r tan*# tare a -ajar lai? trac e pay neat. The ? KmcrjU. I lala? tw vu?a xt rta ?? <?' u? aaoe , aaL ?ar?a oe TVdey |r ? Havaia Cr i ? .j* < , Sot . A u K Tbi oack tc >ty ij'X) om a^iarau j, ar.d m.rb re >u fipc tc ? . bj tbe ? aoa? t ima ly Neat ol aalbaa>ael.c jd<"iaod?,oo? ? * t rat aa .c U. aa ' aautb'ar .Bf Hi?t?e m pwttr t y ?trry mi: A pa actio Irte wac ritoad I* .?> x < in *, aa'l r?.ocn?a, (a. lea. caaatc, tAc ? %rt aiae, ?. Tm palatetw la bo* flpcai r ? tb? mxr? art :r r ?ai !b? 8rat avar fcro -?hi lo Cclunbl* Ad '.Mr 'mBiaaac m; e: c( </d fn, at aa lit* B?U, j V! b?*r ?4 .r<?ae? 't? >.'?t B|?r, C ?? BJilaMr U VV( a;a, aad .lb -r Va^o- ?. u:l>?u , *? I ilia!. <k ,-ar?<l a muKr j ayaach Ua rTiaaf'^l w'i??r abr-a a ' th r.~? aad aa1"! far -p , aatbortM attasp. wart uada Ic U. i r rl K rlir'a, tb? | (arrtaie war* a . >oor b iad to Jafoal t B-i ?h*a I Oarotbta. aa a * ri< ;aru??* of tba * coo j firs, (or^aU/ ..a.m? U* ."orS? at tttr itarc of aaatia Umb, U bo. |raate:, at Ua O'.rtmr ity to tba fni| mt- Tbar'aBW wk-? tr ?a fort*? ;?Ud appiana)? aad Lc lb.bta not 'a l??Bty f<or b-nra tb#y won Id t>a a -?iaB*aaine af tt? r (btfel owo'f* The 'a h'Ui wor? ??l?l v tb" fTernm?ci by tba -*M Vo pr^Mc; :H ?m of A? To lim tBair jr=Br tfainat the f?op* rf -m? C' ib-"*# r?f'? wh ?? u?-'.Br 1.4" aoth r t r tbelr uva, *c?:d ba faaaoc. La aa 1 t* mm cp p ?? 1 to *o1l?a'fl*d ^*BU o *^o?aa na *n! ?np' I'M tba'. absrt tar?c la ft a.tar ibe c rm >n mot f-r-m w wjuld ba aoBaummatad A. tea. ba Coot* tad aac aa ?**?ary fir tb'a t hum rapoai tba ->rd naa<w ty ct*" ti a rtal? :oa?t l.- J to >? ? mam' jr r! '.ba UaiOB. B a ?pcec -aa ro aaiadiy Itlarr pta<j bfb f?i? ' ap (Imm Mrwra Baaofecl, igbar'iato aa . *c.ra> y 14 A*, tba eaaeluator of tb - m?atir.f ar tfcar dam<ian-at.oa aa aBaona3a<! tor toTcvt"* z f*t. *r p tt? fttflati?a i Bota:. riE90UTe CABO.lUA MOVRMEJ?TH. Cir-.a ?,? C , v?* OC, ^t?. Tba pr vjaodiBf* a. tba : a?*?t. ra tc day ara of t a reaara! lBtarrat Tit Houaa V> lay apv lata 1 a . jsbKm oo ??i* Af fa.ra. as I t *???<*. a raaolnttnn j .rac: t| tta k" l.tary Qua | 1 a'tta? to to?aid?r tbabaat cr. tn-vl - f foft'iytaf tM -* ?oaad port .at of ;aa guaat of siu :l Jarc na A Setit'.uB waa rraalTad . ra/'.Bf f-1- b* Buapaaa^ ( of '.ra '* ? prorld a| "or tha o jt m "t latto Mr i'k.kvna a aoaouooail f i ?t a: tba ca; x 'b rr .4? ' B'tbt >t the i t'.fif f a '.?ai y4t?.t" -?k at ' ill* were played, Du. at im ootids oo it tbe oe.'-'iao-i -> tbe Marco. la.te m ?er urmed. The Mtr:ury It* morn ng org* too Sontb Gar.ji.n JLI 1 in tbe arm) and ntvy of ibe Toiled ?lalet ki .-jtuin kOM. It it uiid> raw*} mm; a abana will atnd Hut. Win. L. Y oiix't a coaui*K>ii(r to lie tio-itb C*roJaa Oocvtb tlAB< A p*im ??vc ire* *? trec'?td oc. Mam \t>m m<rn in(. A number of tpeecbw ?ir' madr oo tbe ?xi car oo, ar1 preat tntbuelatir pre?a led THir Mi?VEMEN-SlN t^BOIUilA. W ?.twr'tia, Not. 39, lb?0 A bui i tl bet'i ntn Jti id lnthe E me pot.'fc'tlng tbe ie\;lc of any e*?>rot oa from tbe Ceurta of tbe U IM -ik?ee ot tbe property of aKlznt o? Georg.a ptto" to De cern :.*r, 18'. i t1 mIm under m< t? r ? <ceea to be i old. A d- date too* i lacs lc Uie U?ute oo tbe bill U prote< . tbe rigbtt of c'tt or of Ooorfli. A r eiLuiKliuFL. (at of ?'d k, i.ileti tbe ft ?? ? -or a of ' tbe bill to evtrj gtate wb sfi ?oked .'or Lie us, act *u I agreed u M-. M Doua.<< ofi<?ev tin. b.i and & n?nc duos; e pretted wtrm 1 a on aen..ioeQ.a, and b< i<td at am<w< m?oi o)?g any Qeorpan I.' OO ?< no sella ? tale cf f'.ioc or barrel a; ,-ice v kit a Bortb of katoc I 01 ; '.n'i line Mr. McD>n. idi autLoir ot> cai-#<l * xtnoot oc. ai 1 | J nr.L oc ana ?*r.l!tE?u,.? w *c ci'.e.-td Tht bill wv nuaJt tbe ti ?o.a.' order for to-morrow . wben ar ?* JIbcum.oc .t tat*; p*te? Tbe d.rcriui j>tt opp'^ee. ant tbe (oetervaUct faror IV 1; t ft: I geneit'.ly I bo gut tbe Givernoi w.U \?U> Is. M :iD' i i , Sot 3f , ISflO TTie Lasr b.l bu pitted tbe Houecter tbe Uoranx/f't i *rtto by a vote of 106 is. 30. 1'? leg.tlatnrecbato i'ret'.dec'.'.a. iectort tt day, w tfc he follow log retell ?Tor tbe Breci. urldg'j t to., 17b f r tbe Bel' ticket. 64. an i lor tbe Lh-t-u ticket. ? Abont ie\?nty ntcmberi d 1 not vote. TLe Back blU |?Med the ?er?te tc.i lore ooc* over tbe Gore/nor'e retc, by ii to 13. Ai< rot, Sot. SC. 1M0 A (mnd an 5 eniDneiaatiC <lemi 'Jttra'joo took place bere tt?> after'.oon, n tonor ot tbe icpens oa over tbt

r'ver. of tbe Palmetto !!..(. A f?J te w?' Cred, asd tbe Marae 4'it ana rarioa polsaa were p'aytd by tbe card l?e natioaa. atra *er< ptHcrsti. iWli, V'ot. J9, ISflO. A grand drn>onatrat>?c )? atn <unoc?l to come off bere oa r rlday afternoon. A la to be auap'nded acrom tbe 8* vac nab r'ver bearlnf tbe coata of arma of Soutt Carolina and fc-eorg ta. A targe atundanoe * ex peeled. divtnun, Nov. K, I860 Tbe etlp Eeary bac airbed bere Irom Antwerp, wilt I renob and German fooda for tbe Macon fair. SECESSION SEPJJOS8 IS SEW ORLEANS. \aw <??;*>*?, Not. 30, 1M0 Tbenkf, t.h( Day ni devoutly obaerred m Utlacily An Immenae ooa oarae aaaembM to bear Dr. Palmer, of tbo PreabytertaB cboreb, at ver bit elcjoent and thrill lag dlKourae it Uxor o! aeceealoo. wblcb deep. y moved tie people. Dr. Lea <i of Ctr *\ t ctorch ,E. acopal), f et^rod tbe oncbriailac aggreaa.oaa of Um Nortb, and (poke of tbe band of > 'xl movxg to protect bit ortialaed ntt: ,o tiona. Intent emolloB prera!i?J. Abol con. tit are dally arreated. 'bare a ucmoaae ei c itemed, and Uw ??v t?t oc feeling moK-ently :n:rvat eg. L>*untoc la :neritab?. TBE SOPTH CAROLINA LEO.l-LATDRIl < liKiim, Not. 30, 1>>40. Tb? S'crvt Caro.jii :?r.a.*'.ore baa pr.i^one'l Ibr e?c t!oc of t Tn'.Ud 9 la Vet Sena'.or c j It.e ot Mr Ct eg mac THE FEEIJNU IN FLORIDA. Irit ntroji, S. C, Nov SO llvO Adrift FlorlCa ttate tbat aeoeta-oc ..age are Oj'.ag :r many porilonaof tke ?tato, and ;na: tJM t* vttV>c f cling largely prtdom'tttes tbtrt. IMPOI.TANT UNION MOVEHEN: JN ALA ? BAM 4. *0 rar tD.roit or tub aim if. H"ar?\ in*, Ate , Nov .1, '.WO. 1 bereeitc enc.oat you ar a<idr?aa, netted by roe bjr. died moo who Tot-<J for roufia' uil Jotaacn tod Bell ud I v ere U? all Un'.oe man. Too will a? ? ha: we aro for CO openlVoa w lb o r ?'nor Blare "tatea 1 fear we will fall, b t wlil tr.eke Ibe attempt. If lb" 'r~ "tatoa .do not r.? nl the r penoaai liberty 6 and their lave against the } -.f'tlye Slave law, anl '.oat immediately, tbta I ale* la goac u mro aa Ugh: i <v-v.?i? r'fht. We ?*n lake d oth<" rrouoda lu tbtr J-atc b' I ?oat eneau menu*) in our adlMee i tl aepa?al<- -tale att c* *111 carry xoj ai?!?it?" opera!!-* ? H . wi; ??, Ala. So* l'< 1-80 D?a? 3-fc? Toe order* geci, aaUeTUig tuat a m?-rt?y ef the people <.f Alabama arj unwilling to ml-ait to tn? role of a bl?.? r*T> ?jllcaa PrnH nt.a&t ha. Inge-. la ellnat'.on to orr>oee ,b.< 'airiy ?*;>reee?J * :lj '? a mi wily, re?p< rifuliy Bubto'l f >r lour onoa.dr rattwi (be f<? er.og plaa n be adopted as J serried est m taa ejection 3: date yatee W' ice Goavcoi t vhtct f ai> ? t w be called ay ibe >i veror ? K re'?- rbe w ir.Jrawa o! 7\ |?* I.* ? >! tfic ah" .. . .1 q-: ration of ?>' *??? ?. ?fc-?>Bdly ? 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The er-eeei' r a ftm *:at* ? 110 t ?? ' ui n| ai-'pe to xnre tue . :ocurr*eoe cf t*e mi re "j .it, m but to lor le ai. ibe barurt ol a war C.a bj| to be m mtd; tn rwj*. ( pprraa -a or degra datiaa aa Ux noat aptrltod of IL? party ic which we lately etood u|>paaad. we are MraUeiMi oppaaad 10 tbe 1Mb aad '*)*rate efpw'.aieet of preetfinatlag other Kiai '-r late raTolati'W aca.aa. their wabaa rfeey tare a rlgkt to be aueatliad harneehaad, aad l :e uaaofi to aa ?usie tba' Ihey wtt: >oul w tt > 1 rwrniiseat cpoo any ?nrettect wfcch may be Male x ctl or llera?ard of lots np'a'tooa They way baee p, .na to pmpoee whlal. wUl b? tatwl rtorj w> <ia la aay eeeat t ta tbej1 njbt to be neard. 1. we Ikt: to -fiei we are a ac arena oood ,? lion than we aow are. !f we afr? e wa aha.: bare power folati artee, through whoea wi operal.ot a'oce t?a- e able awMM'm m a r eaib.l ty. :t ta aol U? porpnee o. tbn teller tc e.a'iTrati tfce ae rca>?al 'M faeor of Jam plaa we prop^oc ta f^rpoae la 10 aarare ??rf? 1 ntty 10 our own riatt.arl after u?ai ibe aoK* -a Ibe s.oit We lay v ite Bre ktaridga sac wtf jl i' w th yoa a reetatlae Ibe ' JVf raat.hta c<?0 tint,'' lit f> iee.r* to gc pru^ anl -^ottooaty, a? wet. aa t ra y. W> aiah to ga.a a). lh? ft eoda we aao, aad maae tare of alJ the r<^oar-? In oar reaeb "crrenderiBg oar owe i-dgneal la lefrreaee * ite ma ority we ate rcaay to braee tbe wont wb^rh oaa cx>aaa, aad 00 y or tat apoa lb fiermre of aome ttlte ??mmoti ?eoee a prepa/ n# lor Ibo ooataal We oaaaut d?e' I tbat a Mjirlty , f not al. of oa* Dim* la t 'it t* ? 1 aroe^e w mte re eat, aad that Aahaai will uja b? eoan?-d to prewol ar uodltided fruat Very iru.y aod reaperu t. y . yi ur <h .o? c tl:eM, ;a 1. H H r:< Nt?o Darut, I si p "Vnixiaon. Jer? ' er*n> jm U tbi?ireaa j U Tr->tonar . ; weph 0. Brad ?y Via. Mcc'nry y. L Haaaoa'j 'ion W. Sea L B Sb?'i*y. J. C. Bali c. Ad While, W. D. ?limphn?. i 1. - m h er Ttxw H. (it m >%m Maltha ? 1 , 0 B 'aroer W B r'garn. M Ua agbar Joa^vb H K tB| , H 11 Haiter A. J. Baiiagar. . nait 'ehalawter, t. H. 'j??, ' -enema Biv.r. j *\ P. nttrt. "iw?rr, Tlma Tra tr. Ai'er Watte. '*ee W i.tne J i rmaerar A- C Bear). bn f. Hadet ?a-naa 0"faa> \w Maloee rrvia Va-.n. lag ? Rob .t ? >t '.'<oc?y % Bngg Jchr. ? Tn r II One* n w K*l?y. H. W ^rantiaac J. L Onopar loo W Irby, 9eo W Drah' Jaan B Bragg * J. "*bai ' 0 , Samuel C Barley i?a E. '<eai, Bn.i ;? ly, W m Rnwe , teneg" r>-ng*? J^hn *nay Z. P Da7?, Atrr. 'a Faait , R. W. (oliart . j. C ?e?le, BrjaatOohb ea ah Ml, W. raoieaabi' , W T ,?<MrW rea a? Jnrtet , B'lhert W*m?e. Rir.da, ? Rten T C Rae^r* p p '.fl. C. B. V' 11 '-aire lob' ' ?<ee. r-'' ah At: , H w Peeer-y I. V. a B.-lr. W n Wilaor ' . r. Bb lea J M '">nee 'jae >h f*?gg U a W Rr'de aan H. Pfa^ j , w nartn'nbae A. f W: h.natw | igii v Moor*. C. MrUa lay Josr. B #wif\ W? frya 4 H SJ!.att, W * Kerr. W D *?*?;, '>*?> I FAr1** t B "??!, Jawn V. ? 'tragf J R - ne-r, rchar, naoe Crthf J J. *#e*'t?fc'li Oaf wan *??wae, ? ?itd'Hr. w - W ? PliTt A CHANGE or F MCL A HATION ? A DAT OP HUMILIA TION 1NSTXAU or TUANtrHm INtt IN ALA AM A.| 1 uveraor Moore, of AlAbAmA, withdrew Iua TtaACki i p roolABAiioc , ind issued tbe foDowkof la Its ? Mil-. luvMwoftbe aoAmnity ?f the present cr.ala to the *P? reof tbe ooc'ederaof And tb? pe ? war d i^ors wh a turf At* n ui? people of Alabama, I bereny apcftnt and ?"i krAri Thursday, the twenty o.ulti flay of November 1 UAtant, aa a flay of fasllug, bura!l,*tlc>is toil ] ray or and ? n mcrt that All persons wilt on tna. <l*y from their ordinary ?oc?Uonn and uoite in sop ii?Nti Ions to the I HrfAt 'lr l' r of tbe iL'Terea to to fui ml ,u?l ? 'itt the minus end Learle of our people ilm: U>< / may b-? ?u .Died ' to pr< serve nnuujiAlrcJ tbe bUastor* ' of civi and rtli I tour tirty wt -X to bustowed up >l our f?'t rt. LOUISIANA. OtTt NVW OHLIA^M CORttlt- P )S1<* iCK. Naw OAtaua, Not ii, 1800. /acrwitalm <jf At XortKtm Hilhl in N-jurd to S; virion? rVc Stun u. I (??{ o? Stouii."n ? Ci? Cry of Hrii/' I we Jhimtiv? Maun. HA U and Kujfiit, <>f SottlJk Cairo .'ma, ???? a Pt?;' io f\? 3"ate Ltgula'.urtt?dm :ati >n of .'it iouuutna '*tyiila:u. ??? I n ,i*. 5- <mori ?' ?V<u Or;?.eni? Orpatii-atun . / :"if Southern R^kl! A/to lator, >f Ijoi. ktvirui ? il/? liijL.anJ CUuent in t'uun tli? trrtu if 1.' Ico Norlk?m ere yet rem l.itg to baiuve u? tpr determined secession uf tbe ' cotton ?lAtes," l*>?y h*ve otly to look b? :lc a lew years to see tbai ti i Sjuiu Lis long been preparing to moet Um> prec :>o tiue wa.cb Lit ?t lAFt been forced <i?ot tbeic by |> $ e eci o oft iac tMioA , AbvUliuft l'rctjdout. More two years Aud a hair A|0 Mr. YADcey jointed out u e r< ra 'Jy of tbe South against Northern aggro* twos, In . '8 ' ?lf brated ' dleugbter letter" (fur wbicb bo bar teen *o ofteu licuoonred as a tr*)Mr and dituoi Jultt), tbe loro^ al : truib of wbiob it nnw cmrtrBAlly AC ?.nowitUgcd. ? a that oocaaIoo best d Ibe remedy of tbe south muot In eucb a j>ro;. ??. It ti n a dil.gcui orpuiiiutt.nn ber ti ? ui<-u It tbe r?*i? of the neTt amrreiel -Q. It meet oom In the cature ol tL ma. No naliocal party cau havo u? uospc tlnna! parly ctn ever do It. B it i. we coald do a* our :atbtr? d:d? jrj;ani..i ' comtnltlflea o* ?a.'cty'' all o*er the cot'-ou s'lttltK (auil t in only .a Utem toat we can b' pe (or auy e' l'otlvo mii.umcct), we ?ha:i Ore the | ttomberi a?art., luauui.l tne Soblhuri. Biu<J, give oourafo to eaob oihrr, aiJ at the proper mooun.. oy oue organ I red, concerted Allot, we mo precIplMts toe cotton ?tAt*e '.nto a i evolution. Tbcee "oomm.iiece of aAloty ' had a rea y te- a orga Di.ed. uid, At a cooAe^ueoce, Minute Met bave rall eil under Ibe "blue oocltAde, ' And Ale fora xt tbruugbaul toe cotton StAtce n legWnl. Tbe Hontnerc teart tc Kre'l At iAAt to .la f'. leel extent. And hetber t Ci : tbe c mill tut'oDAl right to aerede or not it ? now too 'ale to argue, ?i no oa? w. I pretend tc Jonbt Ita ret" u! mary rigbt to , icotde. Vou wAy oonCdeully r> '.y tbal tbe >; tt>>n ?t^te* Are a ntt on tbe mention of reo??ai<'n, wbetb'-r tb^JuT tier Southern StAlei join tbem or not. AU parly lyflnfri Wiped oct in tie Sc lb; lc proo.- of wh.cb Vr. JoM^or Bytb.o AlAbama (ibAo whom there war no more bitter I opponent of tbe lAte Ureckiurldge Van ytf party, aa it wAt tailed), is a late number of hie pap?r I Aid ? We repeal, we aro "prepAred trr tbe worrt or tbe b"8t,'' ana wbalerer lb > p^oji'o of A labiais In coorentioo I afterr. shjd resolre lo do c'thcrby theiLFelv* or In co ojh ration wtlb other Hou:h<-rn Htatee, we me?i to ?ur tain, ar Mr Yancey aa'd," n tbe flell o' arrament or on ibe D<1J of battle. Itliln\aln, therefore, forwrlteri 'x tt'.a cltjr, tcc netted with the North through ue? of Ictorett or oib? r wne, to attempt to m'freprerent tbe trne fee'log of the people of th? State. .Sew OrleAAi 1a cot the ?iaic of LoulA'.An?? as the IaIc election hAA a.ready ?bo? a ? and Botw'thatandlng tbe great Northwestern and N'ortbeaetern Interest here, and tie strong Yankee art I tat am, yet tbe rati majority ol tbe people of New Orleans are coneol'dAt td aa 4 Mtnatc Men" of thr blue co Aide stamp. How ever some few of our merchAnia neie may quAt) before ' the storm, the meiortly Are determined to stand "the ba ard of the die," and tbe planters In the rarlsbea are wUllog to mahe every SAcrlboo, a ye, to aet'ai tbelr fron t^r brethren, If aeceaaarr. ti^ee Ibe meeAcreof se as lion oerrled through. lAt the North be assured thAt there a no i.:mbugln | the cry or wolf thta time. Tb?y w 'l aooc see tbe animal In Al. his living, ghtr>i|, ravlnoua resllly. | ] perceive that kmc wilier from Te ?a, aa >, hu bees repreaeot.Bg to lb? Philadelphia pbpara that the late ticlttmeol t. tbat ?iate ?tr a \ gotten op oo booouot ol Ibe late 1 rea.deuti* tecto, toil Iba*. u >tb ng bow ?? neard of It. If the i-obeneT.og boa | ever would travel through a port oe of bMterr Text* bad look bt the theletmia of mc t wo or three hundred bbolltlobllU hanging on lb? tree*, wbwt b idm are (til g ogl'ng lb tie wind, Utey be Jlk?Jy to pot acme ."alth in the ttorv . Aa a further proot b( 'b? no ted at, 'ir of ItseooUon dtale*, It la aald thai tbe B jot. R. B Abett and . Kuif.u, ' sow ua a ; latt to the Oeorg.a I eg'aiatnre, and woo oo .be | lift lot! were lav I ted to a aeat oo tbe ilior of tbe debate, all; alao vtait iba aeveral 1*; lalatureaof tba coltco Mate* to lnaur- 'Jtaa.m'ty of action. (jovrn -r Moore , of lb la ?tate, baa convoked tbe I efialatur* of Ijouialaoa to meet 00 the 10th of oeit month E ,th bouaea of tbe ! ag e'a tire .re principally couponed of p.aau-a ud youug law jar*, ana tbeie J not a doubt but ibat we r action ; oe :e, aotwubauoittoi; tbe harolaa who would | w lah to o aaoie U?e l.lncoiott*e with ibe . altering bope that Mixtion will be a fe.iote to tb? Ajjio ')??r thru- tbouaaoU |?*ipio tea- in. j 1 thl ?> saiug at I'iwi llali, fur tbe permm ut WpMrtdl a I -tx.lbern Ki?bta a>a.>ciatioa 'M ;?j jiaoa " A larg? blbi ' oer o our otdeat aod meat tn' olti 'oa ware pre e?nt , tmurg wboui ware eevera' of tbu ? i?oa of tbe | *ipr??t tJouit ao<; member a uf bo.L h> o: tbe , Ira aiatuir .tie lucut ar waa rt.ei io order 1y Has 0 K. Adatua. 1 wb>i !B an able *p*?.cb act fortb u.e wrong* lu l eUxi on | abw HoMb by tbe North ? Ibe o^n and . *g> ant t olai oo 01 tba xw at tut oo. tbe a rad ug of our MO, tbe (bedling ' i?f wjr bijod at J tbe Darning of our to eni? act* wblco b*tore mil aid mar gate u tba r.gbl tB rebe la ooa , rloaoe be B"?l sate i Hoc. W. L. C. CMUbarBB eta of tbe :>?i .nvernor of Loutataaai for I'rea dent, and a i.*t of oae buudieu aad uigot uf our in -a pr .minenl bill ibc aa ' vloaprt debta, wbtct. waa adopui Ly artlaaa; oo. A , eorr<-apotd>ag aad ?a**.tiUve c miB tlK were al?i bp , jintea. lb - eociuted preamble aod r> batiut >c waa tbtr adui tea hoc reue!?ei wita otocir ? taajB X WLareaa, we, the citl -?sa o' N?w r.eaaa aoi ot Ibe Ptaiect ouia ata, ignor'ng tf Tor mar yotittbbl Ilea, MM mi aaa'X-lktioua, bate mnt fn- u M pirpweof dor.ariag o ? wutlmeeta on tbe prraei.t m o. -.t a *ji in tbe blft ry of oar <?abtry, ard to form a ituilbaro pwrty aad ? tat* a oby st?, feel that a dae regard r ?r tbe t. ?; ol oar letlow .mpai aa to arow tae rvaauu aad caaaea lor aix b a rtep, wbtob are aaad up by tba b'alory uf ibe laeuit*, a?grraa><>M aad wmaga baa pad opoa ua aa Koutfe ara moa by tboaa wb<> abou.d bt our it laada and bratbrao, bot who are re>:'y aad la teat our wurat aaamtaa? wa mraa tba Nurtaero porttoa of tbla confederacy la aap pmtofwbi-b we r:belt Mo follralag fact* - Tb'j bare (or m re tbao thirty yaara aaaallad U> ? loat ? if.'it uf At- cau (lav ry ji tbo ?onlb,aa4 bavf mad> our federal >|?.atar( a grasd ailruontti. it ooaad'^ r am nod a'jol'Uoa ?piey ?' ny n it a ronnon pr-rperty !c ottr Terr' tor *ea, a V) . irrd equally by oar money an : btoad. oo tba ground tuat the people of Utr doutb, With ih 1/ ua: ui ma, ar ? ol Worthy t clor them Tbe? hare paaaed lava la a aaa.orlt? of the'.r >tate ?<eg *laturea a . llfylog tbe prorji >na of tba oooat tcttoa o th ' Vclt' J 'tatea tor lh - rsceitry of :'af tire alarea, aad tM law* of Coegreaa teand tbvr vrd ? r aa ! aaade tt a ar'Ui oa oH .ce o aay wa to bid t tbe eaaoatlo* of tr aa awa if Coagf aa. Tbay Itaee r'odein reprr ? ctatnr o orgreae o' ao avail to protect tba !aler?ii* of the " n tb? and u a Uia tioa w'tboat rap? eaaoutoa la prm-fratly aaf>-oed oter oa. Ttiey tbTn proc'^^rj iha*. U'*ri'a a t-i, Iter law tbao Ua nooafatiri aad 'a*r* o' wr onnatry, acd teal tbey a^lfaiareg.-vrd their oatha aad trample ipoa ocr rtghia. Tbe; hate orgasiara aaauctat.iaa to iteei our ilarea aad 1 preTrot th?!r reeapt -rr, ?a1 hate it rdere 1 1 hi ? MNM lb aeekvri Ibe r rendltna They bee.' eva.i- i Moottern a t aad aordar<<d oor a ofltnd eg e.nzeaa, aod mec aat >ag tbao, io pna tioa | aad off T0, bate -etowed pralaee ar1 t log arj ? Mm tb? aataariar? whl?t tbe eteenfe'e of ??T*ral if tbe r natea ref.ird to dallter |?rt ea nr. pi *1*. o t.i-ae -j meo, j poo proper aod legal re^u-a't ?na Tney bate aeot Mdltl" * ranp?.l-t? utJ r*r,T* aia-fjir' o?? ahilat ???tyi.ghtof their me : y'rt ? ?;oaf?aa <n> loraed Helper * Iirpaoi'.ng Cnan," aa '.rfead ary tjy* aod atlerly iwhrara'Ta or "'u' tbrro r'gata aad aa tlf. ^?y ha*? "Bt e?iRaar>* amco,'*; ititirt rr town*, ae I 4iatrbot* arm* an? poir a ??sirgat o r ('area to iaaolate tbe **"ftt By tbe'r ( acd tbloentrra. Uiry hare r/m i i*i 1*4 aa to ?' pa-ate fr>m 'item 'o oor A -tsh" an 1 itoar rallgiotM 'aat l it oaa ad raeeatiy. m I lo add tbe eroaaiar ne t aad wrong to tba long nataiooe, and to ouatpal oa to d *" are aa aaeerad tbe aat tie that bio ia n* t igett ?r aa a nat.oa ? wth tbe eh i oe of throe aat oeaJ aad r aaerr at'ee naadl datea, they b?ea, by a larg* ma, ? ty of a air etlr aaa linral eota, ?'?ated Aarmbam Maaa o aad ileaalhal ? am ' Hu to tb* kigh oe o?* of Pr^aideat aad \ I ? rea.daat of tb* L'alted "tatea? r*praaea tal re tea of all that IB 1 ->dloaa aal setae. 1a tbe Hontk? blanli re^ihloaaa la ' name aad aboi'txialata at baart? tha Brat of wheat IB tba author of tbe Boetr ao that tbara '.a aa jreuraaaia?e cot -t b*tw*aa Um fortb aad Bontb,'' aad batppealy | aeowed that be will H'treran tba ae?ia:oa of UMM ' pr? me ' mrt of tb* altad Kaaee danlarlag 't the rifbt af the 9o tb to aarry alaee , ?nt?ny ;ota th* lemloiiea. Aad bal'aelag aa we do ibat. y theaa daearatl *B aad acta, Ut* Nortbern ?talaa ba te elrl atly ai b?eew>d tha - nattotvia and ditaolre tbe bid , aad that tba oaly ralrguard for otf '?bta. property and ib<rti*B, ? la pr? ?t>t aat ea therefore, wa a?re* te ftr? a pe"t ra aa ace'tt'oa, te pr r'ded la tb? foi'owlar 00?*T^- * r* *ft*etB ) Tb * Baan-ialtea aaa'i be <aowt aa<l dea g i aat- d ea the "Toutaarn ttgbte BdBae at ' a o" tba tUle of ' ty> ta ana " , art t. Tb* oh.eria if tbla Aaao-latiea aha 1 fa torn j ttvirage Nootbero adef.eo<iea')e of Inveree' aad faal ng , Hj io revet* -naeert "f aet'.oa aa-rngat tba 'o th*ea -tataa aad abeald aay tale or ?tat?a m tb* a?err?aa ?f tbetr ?rreateirt rtgbl, withdraw froto te* C*bW, aad )hetert*-a gieen?e?*et atl*ai?t on?r- It ** ea'l te a-i'.* ?ia" ? '?*>" -r- t ' lit rnfwnr ard tym-wtky to nee all bon?rar,e means to br\nc about, under Ike unc t ton of ? Mate Convention, tbo withdrawal of the Stale of Loowlaua from tbe ..ruecnt I oion . and U>? asaer tioa of her ladspendence and sovereignty and, finally, to promote la evary way the cmilias nmt of a eoofo de rated government of the Southern ?tatce, or met cr them ri w ill nolle for thai purpose. A'l. 8 This association shaJI be 001 pised e' e.t.tana of tbe Hi ate of Louisiana Art 4 rbo officers of tb!i assoc Mlon shall ."mir of oDe prtiideal, one handred vioc p'OBWeuts, au ? oei n<i Committee, compoacd of seventeen momburii, t oe Trea ?urer, three corresponding ocrclarkf and "no recording ? tcrelary , who thall bo eb'Cto i Bt the genera1 meetuif to bo confined for tbe adoption of tbll constitution Art. 6 Tbe Kieoutlve Committee shall be obliged w in tbe general management of ttie allatrs of the aae >clet><>& ; tbry *bail select tne'r own chairman, and ntoe noewoere of tbli rojim'ttte shall conatitnUs a quorum for b re nnet Art 6. Kleot om Tor oi'ioort shall take plaio annually , 1 rommenu'ng from the data of MM adoption of Its coaft! i tut hid. I Art 7 Tbe Executive Committee shall hare foil powar [ loenaot by-laws lor tbe fivertimecl of thia assec .aim-c , ' not conflicting with the provisions of thia constitut'on. 1 Tbev iball bave lull |>ower to apnroprlale toe f'.nde of { tbli anuria'. Ion (or tbe advanoem- lit of tbe oo oote let I l'orlb in artic.le 2. to til va vnelee occurring In "io r 30 ?J 1 mittee for tin ane.rtilred term, to apix.lot from tbe'r own . body , or fn. i ibo asioc.atiun at large, iuob c n? k Ma i an may from time to t:me stwiu necessary , and esere *e 1 generally all the powen contemplated In the fc'irlfo ' of tbll association. Art tt Ibe Executive Committ'e shall iom: no. -ess I toau once lu eaob week, on ?uch day aud at SuaL ho \.r an 1 they may deslguste In thalr by-laws. Art V rnp ('resident (hall ootTIMamm meet?QC ' of tbe arso-.alion whenever required lu writing to ite eo by t*i-uly Uvo ruembt r?,or by luo I xoouitvc O. m whenever he u.*y deem neoe r ?ry Art 10 'i he 1 'ec'itWe (bmmliire shill. a* utij a? pratinaok- ai ler i ue auoyt tun of lull constitut es, isiae an aJdrns ui tbe i> ?|)w mnv *iate, letting forth the ct> jecta or tb t hfg- >"? w c, urging fie orranlr.*' loo '?f siai'lar assoc'atloi l lt/<)a'b,paiieb. arm loTHHig ibolr prompt and cordial oo- -operation, a: earnestly re-ionm" in. otf loa or . gan.^tion cl' M.aulu Men ai.d voloutcer c ai,jkc w throughout tbe 3!Ue I llr Ciufoasi n Uk'ng the chair, wan we. veu w vo I lmmcbte applauao, tbe ladiee In tlie galleries ?n.?tr ng I upon him an", qu^utlly of bi>tiqu?'ta. lie said ' Lo lpo> 1 latinona acseuibl-nf ti>g>'ih<?r of ititu^oaaf a'l r?rtiee U> | rilfbt, with but a nurioobreci .md dctorminat'on, was a I iiUUcal YOaefear tlat n< w Orioani was u etoutbeia c>lj wilt a &iuil)orn htar.. ftui was iuu initiatory ?tep of ! tbi acmislon of Lonia!aaa Our rltltct* rr >?M noon be ? called npon, under tbe anion of the U-g tslati:re, to e>?et I deiegaiea to a coutei tioii which wo?ll g v? oaak to i Ifluia ?u6 Urr r.*ht* M a .severe so State. After a moat patriotic opncal to ibe people, Mr Claiborne : >nc cded, receiT t ; "ibMirrted appiame tie wan lo lowed by )'. r_ Bonford, !?>?, , In a verj ao e ?no h.rguii>fbtal!\> >pc<jcb. lettlag forth the r ght o: Uie Mate t'> rcr.)Je. Daring bi? *pe?c ? large body of the Vitnav Hon onterod Ibe lull, when the a id.onco rcee and ubftrau tb in. I 5 Invert >r L> ?< t ' i:, o' Tv\aa, wa? thou 'jitr^Jcoad, and niai.u a noet atlrrlng appeal, w Utat Taxae won: l fall lBUi ih'j wake of loultiaa* Tuat though Ibe ! relent ciuculive of Ti xai w?* r >iia< rviUtto, yel If Le did i ot convoke li.e : eg sialuro of lhal Suaie before tbe 4:h rf Uari.l: loi'. tbe people would take tbe power Id ihetr "tii bands VouUi Caroliua bad already aat ua ac example, Willi 1 bo loll iveiv f.iulhero 8UU m n lei low. Tho vole of Texaa, by ber 30 000 majority wae a tufflclest guaranlto lhal Ibey would not bo la?<nrda In tbe cauao ol v uthern Indei iiLdencn, and bcr clll/ iaa were ready to mai b at aoy t.nie to halp a si.;ter Sumi. Tbe rerrarks oi Mr. I..ibnuok were revived n'ltb great ap piauae and ouibeaiaair. ?suii! Wairbk, of tb.' DflUx, followed in a ihort apeccb, letting forth ua rctules whu.b must f leoee lion In *ecnrli r to tbe ?oulh b< r rights uad Imm'.n t m, when tbe met ling adjixi-ned. I It was one of tbe most calm, ilclllH rate, ml d gr.iCed I aaaeoibi .es that ever tuet togetber in thia city. the Ml Ms MMMSM to roll id eainrm ai. ; s.e-.t? Carol. lb, tKorgta, Alabama and Liomaiaoa may as weL' be i OMated out ef the I nlon. Ibe tide of lUe "impending I criala ' baa torntd agalnal tbo North, and you may asou I look for an 'WTCfNM ole cootli it In toe Norlttera StaUt, wben the btindreds of thoosanus of inrchae' ?* aid labt rers shall bn turned out of employ tbat ibe N'ortt taa never dreamed of MISSISSIPPI. orE viCKwrao cokk?uoni)khcj!. V KMsraii, Nov. 2t!, IhM I Axtra .S r$nm of Jif I -yitUturr? (fiiiti D- - : iwn .twi I Pin* li ifl U Clusir ? VniimuU Vnpojt^l. r ? frtpir l I iii m fur a I n inn Mrcmj?lh' Only fuMU,k Bat- n? IhUt Lt u?. a: iht North Will bt Paid, <tc . Tbe extra sesalon of our I.octalatare meoi4 to-day at . Jk. ksou and judging from thenamMra from iter. re* counties a ho psased throigb bare ou tlielr way there b> day and yesterday the attendance will be \or> ?rgr . | In our iiy ai d oo aty the Ural ebullition of .nt* ie tee. I lng has a bildtd Into a ctl'ed and quiet dou-rmmatkic to carry out tbe nwrni of la m oriur y tail I el'.tctlve manner. thi 'ajuaid ral.jua oJ paOMt ary i tL I cttltlti wmgb not. ;ng .d the ?>?!*' agaiaat Una atodu ul a Ik n, and men of all claiaca, no longer divided by tfo bltw near ol i%rty feeling hatiu ol one tuiad od 1m tub <et. The tew who cl a; tu tbe hojie of yet >?rJ>g t&< Inlou.anJ t ruing tbo etnllmoiil from la pre mdi chant' I. are merely making taomaeirea oMtoitooc V tb" mat era Tbey are tnakinr utrenuotia endearo-ato get pa Union mo. tu jr or the fib, tb? rraull of wbnn in iu fai'ura will ?bow ihcm the uum aiaaoab.u rvimpi.noit uf i??pu ar opitiii u Vitarburg aii a W*rron < - uiy will v?to eec^a ?ion. calmly and di 'i'tere'cly , not from koMtttf Inttt I a Ion. bot from tbe oonrtcMcn mat 'rou. too North a > Iblsg ghatf eipetiled, ibat no g iara< ? ? . .n whicu to ground onr faith lor tbo will oof 'M, ai i Ibat no other honorable a'ttrct* re la left In o - ' choice If 11 were oitMrwlar? if ench a /unrarVrr. | oo'iM be given? if uofriundiy legjlati'm lo I the North i>. oold bo abrogated? it ?tipt>rue* "t. tif abo. lion aoetettea 'n tbe Kaatern and Middle xtate* b- vome a fait, and tboee organ atioee ?Iiom fi'p^ee >? to tea i rmiatar lea to begtl , .rile and Uu/- lai? i U' U?i; an and onr nryror* wire put an r>id to, o' thoee who are bow vehement ?nt! true n tbe.r be.let ,n tbe nrnvaaity o f hmwIod, w>ol I c i. e back to Uu.r old lo ? I't aod at tarLscat to Ui? Bee d"?b la very '? t. '-.J f ? nr.!> - ?.!' r>e entr. North ible winter by nor r.erehaata lnd> lb* "i?? lion o< g?ttic.' ?? long from IM North ta o. .?? ajruented. K> pi ilmitob uf NurliMiu* u ealM.?U?ad by swat, bet !t i- geaeraK/ bcli-red tin In . tati'ui * ' * cb 1k deote>!i m wll! be m~sb Mower loan trr b" -re TtXArt ora uoraroM touinwiiiiNct. Hot ?*>*, Imaa, Nov 19, lb>.Q f <U7-T. M. r-lmt of On f 7de r>f 7V?u at (V KUt .urn of Ltinxht Thf trUng I n'rntif yvng ? TV? U*u Cms.'. I if U .\u. 'twnjr.'-etdd tn IK- tlorik?Joto WtX y I Duf -a of 'hi 31' ac MtlKfia K A Ai. 7 >1 by //u t> Jowan? Tkt WkUt * m tA' < ml y Arvml and Gu?ru.ufi </ a lilmr'. ? rV Morthtrn A'uhtum Journals mnd C.Wura? rilir inttrui-unui 1/ / in Iht Sut'.K at at k' 3oui\ ? 1U .%'iUA ? I nil M Kr lining Cjtr tan? T\i Kt^L Itn, *nm ft a-> ? 1 1n only Ha. v /or a Fra'rmu^ 1 / tA' .V/M4M, A , ? Tbe feMttg u* c>aa|>vral!?? at tbe e action of UK aa< llou'el f.inoein lo tbe l*r?atd<Bt.y la lataaii > ag da'.iy Abead itie report la Ibat baaglagi have beg 1 V <b Waal lagtoa onaaty. ' <xl Baowa h bare It will ead. Sat wa are la tbe mldet of a relga of terror at preanat. ''aloa n. a are "ata b ???y d aoount" <uat now, mad, like aagaM ?ia i?, fa* aa? far b*tw%ea. May ttod aad ail toe orniL eel p<mer? help oar ev?atr> Tba palafaliy etcited atate ?f tba public m.nd .a u? mg'oa, and lb- real <mcaea trir raof . 1 ibiuk, ara aoi to dar flood ia tba North Beyead qoeetioa tbr-e la great daagar ol e!v'.l war ai. J b>ooaabed Mtey of Ue leg ? a tur?aof NorUiera fltatea haat paaaol lawa forb dl ug l> rtclaaiatlwu of fog'tl r>w from labor or aernoa alv t*e beavlaat ,-enaitlea. la Ula tbe oonatttotloa m ' tgraai y Tkilatad For ; etra, by r >nat?nt, INe mla ' of tba North baa b*ea adicat?d to drive aa irrtpreaaible ;oai..el aga'aat .^ooihsni lateraata, laat'i ? oca aad people. A Northern aee'.tcaa' candidate ha* beee clactad Pree deat, apoo a aestloaai platform aad by a p re y aa; tiooai rota. We lova I be ''aloa 'f It la ma ataine<1 a vr tp!r:t bat It la aot.aad abolit oaiam adfieraa nod >v ?la not ha. J ho Wna.ey , an cgl!at?an and a M?tho-lia', a r or lrw yara ag", ca.led African atrvitodn "the nan of a;. Vlliaaiea. ' Mr Wealey waa doabtlea* a v?ry goo>) man ? Ula latent!' oa; hot hta ttiur b la A war km , wbirerer IM mtmlera were broa?hl lato ao< h coataci w tlh tbe a fVleaa aa lo bee me ac,aa!tted w tb bit ta ? lil I ilea and total want of capacity, an1 the rtter ha> leeanrea lnherret la tba Atrtnaa cb*r?. W?r. threw Mr. V" raU) '* aiaTery dogma cre'board aa aatrua, aad were fore worthleaa ibe whiae T>aa i? am irni g laraiaa, protector and oaly fr ewd af iaa btaca. and it a only ' tMa r< latmo 1* M.aatar aad a?r?a?t u>?? ?r.^a lbs aaata jf the raae Oar people, perbapa, hare ant taea aa ??'b P*-"* aa Iter oeahtln H>rm? at the NorU a tree kaow edge of MM tlWw Tbey liaea ooateated th^wiaal raa w.tb (tteuding ta their own a raira aad lettlag other people'* frenehly it woeld here >>era aa weU lor bcmaa iy If 0'r Northern brethren bad felled a elm .lar nnarm. xo*e id the Nortbrea aewapaoerf , e, ?atralled hyaaabmw ? Wenteonh ofChfwr>. aai tbe rntm? and T\<nm aha lit t?a editora of yoar nty.are dally laaatag Urn Raaea of awroed and dimtaiah'ag tbe pi?i<hiittlea af a peaceable ?ettiemeat They talk of "whlpptof the Aooth latoaab ???lee I treat la (ton no oaa will near attempt tMat. right ef m u nigral paopte, with aa anaoai aar pioa laoom" orar neneaaary want* of two baa Irad mtllloa deDare. wrrald aot be naay to "w*lp." Itrbaaa it might b ? done, bat there would and he vary merh .if tne wh'r para left whea it waa done The idea of foroa ? errloa a reaolltag, aad will aot be admitted to aa loag aa mare * aa arm to atrlha bach Thla the aoercwalata, If aay aaab thrre are, may rely ipow The <taath la a -jail aw that qMWtloa With few eioeytleaa. the %ntbera jeop.e pre fer the t'atoa. with owr rtghta eahwowiadgwd, a?d the gnaranteaa ef the oeaamntioo adhered ta, bntetharwlM, thry prelhr dtnoaton. war? aay thing rathar Uaa Mbak alea to I be ?a)aat, tyrannical, faaa?<eal aad dtahnwMl ta ttailoM aad acta sf the abeMiea miaahMf makwa Tboee Melee *at prereat. either hy leglalatlow or moha, the rerlemetlT of fuattlTaa. ara, aa far M we are anaorraed, at war with the -5mtb, aad are cMarly vie 'et iig the federal nnmpaet They make lawa to daaaoll aa nt oat unwee'y anl protect the deapollere, and titan impadeatly alter- n tr -et ?> It by eome "h gher law ' J^etrirt lr>> '*a 1? '? ocr proper j