Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1860 Page 5
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question to hold oat any prorp'ct of seeing Use b!U nu ft, iod so, on the 28 h of Hay, be bad It reooosmltied to :he ?elect oomniittee. If tbe PaciHo Railroad measure bad bo ekuee then, what Jhanoe will It hart cow* th* acquisition or cu?a. Mr. Blldell'a pet measure, tbo ?U1 to fac'MUt# tbe aoqulaltlon of Coba, standi an equally poor cbanoo of cooeloeratlon, although he gave notice to tie Senate, near the eloae of tbe last session, that he woald prase the matter for deolalon at this aaastoa Congress will hesi tate now la paying mouey (or territory, whether It be a million or tbree bundrtd mlillona of dollara, which may, the day aler lta admlialon ai a State, coolly tarn round and eay " Alter all, we don't admtra thla Yankee form of government, and prefer to hare a Bourbon or French prince to rale over us. We therefore secede." Until the question of tbe constitutional right of secession laaet Uad, either affirmatively or negatively, we will hear no more of the purcbaae of Caba. Senator SlldoH's bill will therefore be thalred for the present. ADMI88I0K OF KANIA9 ? OBd*Kl/.ATI0N Or NEW TKR KITOBIKS. Kansas bag applied for admlaalon to the Union as a State, under the conatltutloa formed by the regularly or gunlzed Convention at Wyandot, and approved by the popular vote. The noaae of laat aeaaloa, on tbo 12th of April, panted a bill for her admlaalon by a vote or 131 to 73. It waa aeat to tbe Senate; but that body, on tbe Tth Of June, refuaed to take It up for action by a vote or 10 to 33. Legally speaking, thera la no objection to grant lag the application or Kausas for admission, for there la co allegation or unfairness or Informality ab >ut tbe formation of her constituting; and at tbe laat census taken the population of the Territory waa 109,000 ? 16,000 more than la required by tbe present Oonjres alcnal ratio But there art reasons why, for the sate of Kansas herself, tbe application ahould uot be actod on at thlaaeaslon. Tbe existing riestltnthn In the Territory ! a so great that tbe settlers would be utterly Impoverished toy the espenses of a State organisation. R rokleis despa radoea are rovlrg through tbe Territory, oomia'.ttlng atro Olooa depredations on barmlens and uuoffjndlng tl'.seas. What chance would a poor, miserable abortion f a ?-.?to government have of pultlr g Iowl. thoss rafiUr? aid pre servlrg ptivce, er?n the 'eirral artie are nnabl.-' to keep tbTn In subjection. Basidee, tin party which tcck Kansas under Its apccl*l prvten lion will euter rpon Uie control cf the go vetnmect |D tbr;e mat?''* bene?, and t!?en her people will have rcoa n to ? Xpert very llV'al appropriations for public works. It would be, therefore, an act cf cuelt* to tbo itarrlig people of Kansas to Ira pose upon them at scoo a tia>K tba oaroi, tipcats and responsibilities or a tiiate go- anfnt>iit, which mi be of no poaaibhi ailvattigo, but of vory dlMlfa^taje to them. Thetr f.- jcJs 1l t*i - H>u?? ought t) -vlthdraw the bill rroir the Setato without delay, lest the Souale might be disposed to tike them at their word. Tbe very dtcide<! dlsiuttliuatiou un.jwu by tju Ujuan at tbe laat aesa'on to o ginize a?:y more no* Terntoiloa will probably pre* eat a renewal j( th* attempt at lb a ???! a. Mr. Grow, tht Chairman of tL. Committee on Territorial, ' rtpoi ted bills for tbe organization of acme half a f'.oaon ?ew Territories, the K"o<raphy of wblch no oue kuew ? r oared much about, bet wmoa were bap lx?4 with tbo euphonious naiu? s or <i u<k?, fUcotau, Nevada, Oo' >ra do, Cblijxwa a. l Iii aho. the Cret of thou that hi tried Uie Icinper et .ha Houkc up u was Nevada; b .it a m> tlon to lay tl>3 bill at the UMe -as carrlod by a 7>tc of 91 to 73 Tie rest of iheai followed Bull, and Ell Tha*er, alluding to tbe ''tie witn whion tiasy were <? iapoaej or, d* r gr.itc l it ''the slaughter of tba '.a noc?ui?.'' Gjow Mill u . .1. taio the trouble o( ie *.iug thf etp.?-wni tktr te??ir?. POl \ 0 AMT IK HTtH, *.T>e blli I or ite j>uuUiiu.ent f polygamy lu the Tmllo- I rlei of ibe r.BltPrt Sla'.i-e, pt?(?d oj thj Houoe an ifi 5th Of April, by * vote ol Mt> to *), wu not net. oa b / ibe Senaw. fiiriLer tfeaii I > bar ml re'ur/od to a o-. unilt eo u<l rejwrted bark with aovr tn> mi T:.e (jc fit ia lug. (rati llae'f no-* al-.^ibor, !f C'ib 1>* 1 he<m a I -nut") ?* a State wliw gb? applied a r v. r>le o' >ea"* lyo, rtae would have b<v>ti junlSed in duiuwalof fedora. rec ^a'lloa and protection ol ber poljgaiu'c tailUsUaa In *Jl Uie fcrlto rics of ilit* CnUod o.a:re, ua>. JuU.utd Ui te:xil a if bar ClaUs were rut alio rod aB?>1 TK?N O* TO FB?Nt'WJ FRIVILKOK The Senate baa thiwn lteelf rcn<*rkably una jlmvia In oppoaltloo to th* mai n l< uanoe of tbat tharae'tilly a 'Hired prlTllrge wb!cb Ibcy and ni.nutiere of Oocgrert eojoy, cl' having Ktoolr Mwi, dooomau k, bovk* aud pjiliua' up parol earned (rec tbr'Ogb tt.? r tlla >f tbo Coitod Bta e?. Karly lait ?oeeioa ib?y patord * bill ?l> dialing tna prlvl lego b / a rite of 6t Is 2? the two negative Totei being tboae of &natoro H rochtii. of T?iaa, and Wllkln oan, of Mlaaooot*. The H ?? .il ?ri?d It to a -elect mm mltteo, of wb'rb Mr Vat ?u . ?u?m wan cua rim. aid tktt ooBBiitte iclutH} rei>'iiii>l it book, with a ror"-n- i mrnlatim tbat It do not ; sr. lie cociKrrat'. o ?? pootpooed till ine third Toee ijr 'i OeC*n'1*er. Bui ' th* 1 government l? vg to b-> 4 t '/el, whtt uin In <? ff time orer ia? id alter f Prn< n* privilege* will go by j the boa. d aitb e\i r> wu.* . ? NIMUUK OF litMBKM. TbOaltitide of ibe fliMinn tnvardtba Seaati bill for ttoabctitjo* oi tb? fraokl-if prlvll.vilt pr-otiely that ! ?woupled by the Booat* in regard to tb ? Hojts h II r?gu Uuitgaoa r?JMlo? ???**<? Tt'1 b,il' m Meedmoni by Mr Aiorittii, f?o-? ilia CmuniilWl f I Waji and Muas, propo* ?: tr? alow tireuty ccc.a ?> t lalUeaeb w >?y, tc bj e .? '.-d iry ietr?'_'jt g ?' ? pbica' lit* from tb? m ? .tr'? p'aci of r<??ld>~?ra l? thr eaplta1 Tbla woal l mvc? o-e ? arrount 10 bat $60,U8? I'M thin OH* fo:irth of what It A >w rnatr, Til: ??68 30J 80 laa UaaUe c immHtoe report <4 at Terwly or ihla bill. Ti:? ei -cai've mlie<ur ) and t:m franking prlvllrga arc t lb tbim ?>!:??, aVitj'ajble rr?+dt , ar t oo|h*. la comr. .n deo?ne/, aa l f"?r the ?-If rcapect nf Uoogivaa, to br a">o itfeel. ivr?ari<iaTiN? (omnrnu. The report* of tb? (>mui Oo?o t* Cjoraliiaa. nf Baard'a Ojiaai!lU? to laqn r? into iba aliegal tatar ferrooe of tbo aadout.vo ?..u tea a- J 3a o( tbi Boom, of Birr'a Cjiomi'.1 s :i reg?rd to taa f jr (.be taHir tf the pubno ?w>ri ? in ti/ ?'i ? -? t, a j 1 f tli4 Jodielary ikmaliM ?n tb ;>?<?! i? p- '. ?t a(almt tba Oomda lareaiiittlne, #?r? i l arMJ oo at laM ?o? aloa , aad rama a eti;' ti >. .li*n " I i?f at tli* e'aotua U orer, and tbere It c ? <u >ra p >lH.aal eapttai M oj ma '? Oat of Ib'-tn. * 3 pr< an u* tbat itj eooittoa coal ui tbey WlJ b? aJ' * to Or >i It II hardly uwn-atary to uc laytbln* -nora In tblt aril- ! ele than to rafar in ntlxir aii)>je< ta awalliac leitflative ai gioa at iba appruaenlog roatioo. am >ug Uieaa ws mty Huatralt tba foln a rg ? A btil rafrtad by ? ? ? II . .a? J.i 1' :lar/ Caam'Uea tor th* repeal of Ibe art organ'* og \tt? ? "n't o' Claltnt A bill to anlbor'a* ihe oal? >f pnh'l.i arait U> the tere rai RiaUi and Territoriea aod to r.gaiaM lb? a.-tpnat IMOt of aapaflatia<t tata of ll.e ptbi O ana rlei Ton 01:1 WM roporlrd by * r.?t->r ?*- fr u Iba H>i.-ar? Co* n'.ttee, at d wta by !.e C.otti m the WM(A Mareb? *' to 1* It *>* a it *'<et "i la tb i 11 >.: ?a A bill In prwrast deoan loa %ad r?ol Itata the riltat-aent Of 0014 tor*. Palled ** r> Jolat raonlutloa la r'gard ti irrtgatlcg th* Ooliralo inml by tl.o waUr of Ibt Uulora o tint, i i itaato Joae II Bill giving tbe ?*?eit of r-ar*'?l to the loryleg ef tsn. ?age Ontieo. by tre o? aUbiwa, for i>m l<npr no ma t of the port of Mi hi la l'?aai*| la tbs 4euate I <ag Illation for tbe fliltrrt of OolumbA. A gooerai baLkraptcy l?r, u.troducad by i* ottjr Toomba, and rtfarred In ib? ' H <*'ary Oeaaltlaa ?III to repeal lha fie* -y bo aty Itwi, r p -tad by ?mater Clay froia lh* Ut w?lttee in i^miaerna Th* Vreicli itpoilat .n tin. Inlioduord by 4aaot-ie '' It teodea MkrTMliair'rm m? tire, and r?por>?l ba.k W'tli O racomaMu.'k'.i.ta tail It do | tak. A ei?i"ar kill waa re.ort 'l is th' 8vt?a. and w u poit poand to tbe out of K?y |k r-v? oo*. retcheu la ?ltb?r . ba*y Bereral blllo to relrthure^ n?i.n fn ladUn fir eli'H', tbe principal being tbe Or?4nn a?>t Wtiblng'<o war OialBti Tbn latter, approprlMing u too 00w pMOOi .aa Hrrata Kay 90 It It mil before tbu Qoue* i>mn ' ,t< oa ?Hilary Affaira Bill to awaad tbe otlMieg la WO reladwa It (he iwikhi Oat ion of Iba Plot- let tiMraria. Marahala aad (Jlar?i of tbo aad Dial riot Onarto of tbo* Called HUtea. Pooood by tbe Aaoaio, and refarrad to Iba Room c >ianlt toe m tb? Jodtrlary. Bill to reel ore to the Bre?elory nf f? iha r-pTT'ror-y fowoto la relation to tb? ac't and dnltea of the Cno?M Hoaar of lad I an jCblr* Paiaod Ito oeoad reading la ? tbo BaaaW Joist raoolatloa ootborli'og tbe 9r?retary of tb? Vary *o pay to tbe offleero and roajtea of tbe eipedltioa la ooorefc of Dr Koae th> fam? ral? of pay that wat alio a od the r and aeanen of lha aipadllloa aodar I.iout Oo Ha Tea rawed ito ftcood reading ta l bo Booolo Pill to or ls.rje the Capitol groan <ls Rill to promote the progr em of Km Metal arta. BUI to facilitate the ?rganl??ttow ?r Uu House of Repre sentatives Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Toe Hocuas Oram bill. I'aaeed the dsaata June 8. Any number of bill* in refersnos to the management ?ad dupriitl jc of the pabllo lands and to land oiaims and titles. River and harbor lssprovsmsat bills. Several bnadred private bills. Thla summary of the work before Congress might well atartle that august body If tta member* enter tala the re mo teat Idea of making an effort to perform the work. Bat knowing It to be a hopeless taak, they will go oa ooniumtng the time la acrimonious political debates. There la ao help for thla. Tie people will aaad mere poll tic tana, tnitead of wtae, intelligtnt and practical men, to Congress, and of oourse It li their own foall If the prao tlcal leglilatlon of the oountry be not attended to. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of the California Overland Pony Biprtaa. Foot Knurr, Deo 1, 1M0. The poo/ tipress passed here at (bur o'clock this morolcg. 8am FRurmoo, Nov. >1?3 40 P. M. Tbo election retnrrs are not quite complete. The total vote returned Is 117,819, of which Llnoeln his 38,019; Douglas, 87 81P; Breckinridge, 38,3(7, aad Bail, 8,407. The vole of the State cannot ex-eed 113 100 Lincoln, It la generally oonredod, will bare 700 to 1,000 plurality. Retains from all tbe oountlc* In Oregon (ire Lincoln 318 majority over Breckinridge. Douglas is number three In tbe race. Grrat anxiety cil?t? In California for tartber Eastern Intelligence, the lateit datea from St. Louli being to tha 8(h InMant . Pun> express dates to tbe 11th bare not ar rived, although overdue. The late storm haa caused much damage lo the interior (if the H e.!?. Many flumes and dltcbes are serloosly In jured, houw s unroo'ed, feno-a blown d .wn, he. Uno o! the big ti era of Calaveras, measuring thirty Bis foft in <!i?m Itr, w?a prustruu-d. Wo, fchantion, editor of the VjxaUa Dtlla, and Wm. Oouverccur Morris a lawyer, resldtcg id tbe same town, fad a irn -ontre, |ir > oat of a (Kililioal controversy, on the 15ih, durii g which fbacnon vru killed , afur tae partln had changed mints. Morru hat boe;j acqulttod on tbe groin (1 tb it h> ai t.' In ?olf a< et. >3. luijuldtl tlir Kr> mi.r.t gold m I u < ?< lor tbe put two w-<kR, was elate 1 b> <!.?? tc u *grr* at 132 600 Accounts Irooi liwr r California slue thi? hand of flll butlerr, ?b" hr.r? be^u committing mnrdws and depre datloc* lu tho penltjula, are ail driveu out, aad leaving the country qul?i A t ip of oro 'rrn (Wo different le\4s In tbe new Oosisll ver cinrlct liassrr'vwl at San Fraufttsoo, aid Is iicdurgo u.ji a i. rt Ibe owrrri aro saO(tuin? that tno invettna I! i wlil tbow thi e Ivor ro^lou ui eioira Nevada the boat and must exiccrlve In the worl 1 (lie folluwiu* >* Hi" treaeary lift ? VfcllH K?rjo k Co .$230,100 8 T Hastings >VCo. ?3.ri 500 A'eop k lio 140 130 Fr k K?l?toi.... 3ft 000 r?. 1VH OCO Henry Hrutech.... 32 400 Luibrr A. Church.. 1<V3 300 Jam* I'alrl '* k Oo. 30 000 r Of Guy ro 100 Trrad well k Oo.... 16 000 !*vl 8tr*cts t7 OtiO T. H k 1. 4 Utcnn. HUiO raale fccCahdl &To. 60 386 Flint, PeahodyAi r>>. 12 67J I y< n" K- 1 1 v k Co. 60 OoO UT Header k Co.. 11,600 M HeUer&BrO... 60 ()00 Kerby, Byrne ic Oo. 10, <00 Tal ?nt & Wilde.... 43 600 Oiher shippers.... 73 316 W T (Vil nuilrro 40 000 The rt<'?iTier CnMan A?e, left soon after nine o'clock llil* winru rg wllli tbe malls, and 81210 313; of which II ,< 73,718 gotH lo f>e w York. $128 000 ?o Kcpland, 810 .000 ti ?'?! a ie a. lhe GoldeL Age also took 620 pacxrngers as folio wii II I' 'inurk Or Adrl* ?rg ("apt J MrOowan. C*rt ? Tlawra H M kin? W li !'??? ror KEajrrque N Ha,er jiie M Unhru r<?L<twle t)ol il'bhc, ?'?pi Hold, t H i; J II rbimaa, F Tlo i !??. 1 1 honcM. Pill i ?dlev. Capt Bnrtww, I'fla , H Klein, J i per J rtUtb a 1* fhium. hr?John Unrgin Oeo rt*i 1 IS?)| >>>n Hut-Ui^a. E k<trli1*e, k K KimOall r MrOom >ua >0, l: 1 runiono^d, l a Ki.lpr M'a Diana IV Un. J an ih n?, wilii anU iwo infant*; i"u Humbert. Jano>i Feller an<t, K 'e?l. l> H ScAun ck, M a l'ejrtr. 8 W Merrtnu. U V l'?v I. Hoavklrt. Mr* M lierment, infant and **rrant vlaa The-rM? 1 eraent ("apt bnrt^n u A II KtuUn.1. <1 W Me 1 i. i)?it1. R Hin kny, J K Prternoa aod brt4her; B F and Infant; Mra b?raa K**\n. K tl Matoa K. 11 t'ajborre, U t'?bn, f H Mewa'd, A Me;ar. A>? Weill, oeo I'aiker hBl wife: A t To oh, B '1 < rah, !? n Fmit* ?lf? aed tw ? cV'dren and rerruit, h Mile ? r? L i ?t tri ard ae. v?ot, J D Friabee. J B *llsoa. U faaiT Mr* B P hurt three ch'Mrrn aed a?r'ant f H Par thai J Morris l?r MrClmuey, * W joeea. r !1 Whitehall, M M K win. H a ?;<*??. IJ I l-ro n, M Keimof. wife ?n1 tw*1 la Nn??: M Orlrnn, K Hterrnt, C Ai ituate U .la'ber, tl >j??de Sir, J II Oilman, 11 M I ea.'i, J JMer? A A liar. la, J Boll, wlf- ?r.d two rhlfdrtn; Mlra Ivlpp f K Toll, Mra A H tiklav. A k I'etrMs J ?? I nMe. wl'e and alt oh'Mren; T J (Jear? H ? a Halt. J Adam* and ?Ha, N <! heal, I. IteaJe. W 0 liow laid. J P kn'erj J Heal. Mra Milne. O .1 Jn-nea, S a i-mitb, H A Hu>r, Wm lllsnkotl B 1 areelln. Mr and Mra Mtciow ??d ihild. P S Hoaoel, OCWert. i'hi? Jaikea Hou drtv LOtltna. ? tr'.eetaml aervant. B llarrla. H P K?ker. H Otmi-u, <1 Amador, K K oarner, II l*etlen?i 1, 11 O Van i om. f A 1 handler, ('barlea Ordway and wl'e, H I, Hlnoo. H'^'iVr. Mrn ~-ii?rN>ra ard lofvit Kl.oweia A J W'oter, A l. Prwihury. Urnry R \\ hue * t'ay J nneee, Mra.l How aru an! child. P Mvrrlll, Jr aod S 6 other*. MtRKnrs. TU-irvketc ntlnoea q Hot, and itl, ? from drat hwda r?t In,' ? i < l?y ihi 'e la au Improve! remind for ranal.e by II e tra p; 2,0t0 b xe? adamantine cbanired b-j ? M II,Vj'b a 21 , bulng <<c I'rovUioae of ?ii k'U<? u/? heaiy ?g1 i?nJ!uf downward But Ir u verr *l-iw, with only a few <Xra h.?u> r (It-ibmee) etllli g el32Xc Kron. rmn :pl? .{ rplr'.l* fcure utprefiaeJ tbe markjt pr c?( hi 111 . al, 8fo. enu'd not h) oStaueJ. Oh Satnrday l tie Km"y MT V) bora ?rrH;d with a n'go of Uobaan^ar. 1l 1* aJv?rt ird at t , tins and oiei? boldera ere preening t . - ; ; qu%J 1 ? laUty wcrtb 10a. cm be ba t for { ,* , witn i.fib,i,ir? All dtecrl^tlona in unfavorably kill ill I tfirell ?e)<? rruabed at lt\r a li\<s stp'rtta "toll and uLCbaig. d. Hl< alj buatm ae dr ug 10 whint lor H|"rl;rw?lp'i Itht but prloea gonl; 'hipping qaallllea ?. ri.*r 1 11 fO a $1 16, Md extra 11 00 flour la at (Ten et a little Parley or eurrrinr quality la telling for N'e? Yu k, In D.udcratc quatttt cs &t 11 a II 06 [er c 'utal ox- 1 port <>fde ? for bread*!;. fl? aro mostly n.led, but will be 1 r?-r?a?d u a >on at tonnage ea? obta'ned. | flie Tri ple aal'Mt to day frr New York with 1 K0 SH^kf 1 MrN y ? too tarta wheat. HCO balee of wool, 15 900 afee, 371 bbl?. base, ftO b ?!* pork, ard a qcauti'y of bvd w.-'.l, b.r cargo la ra'ued at tlil U0 FiBMelai ailalre ere hi-almr, bet riiarrely i-wtjr. Ttie country own large 1/ to the r.lty tiada for tiramer eonagrmente Y*?t*rlay r e; ru.Y* at 1 a 1 \ ; ? r rrnl eithabriak ?> ' , ;r |j hart ti 70 a t* SO, rgbl ei liarge 00 New York, 2.', a 9 rtr i_?ut (itin.Lm pnirriKO ??***. Arrived 17th, br g Emi y, W. Scybora, from Cuba. Sailed 17ib, tblp Meteor, Falmouth, England, bark ?tarab ' Warrcr, 00 a mballrg crtilao. bri( tirbtt, Hiio( Koof ; hark Tuact, falmoutb, Frfaid 2l?t, atoamor tioM-n Afce, a. carrtlnc tH> taarri(ma and tl 210. CO0 t-"a?m*. tl C7S,0(0 whleb 'a foe fttm York. Ship FMnfliiab taa < l'-ared for (>?k, wuh a c*rgoofn? M4 b%ta. 1 tim.r aiid Si.Oco aaokt n< wheat. Mb ip Wio^ad Arrow la loading for the aaaw daatuialiua. Tha Kanaaa Tronlilwa. Wiimw, Ho , Pad. 3. 14(0 fWerat Frnet'i krlitmde enoampad laat alfbt bet wee a raibonn and Be I in out The* Are mortal tiow*y, the it mi hawing werf aoro feet, oooMionad by marcbiag owar ri ogb road t. (>? r ?ra! Paraor* paated through Calhoin yniUrJa", >n a icertl miralon to tfc? border At the latett acetate IntfaMry waa t^'ti eecamrted at or rear Fort .Volt, and defied the wort J to ta*e bin It .? tb 'ugtt ttat ho ? III laawa when bo heara ot tbe arT?oarb nf n-nerala Harney aad Froet 1' be | <-opf" la ail U>e border cuantiee endnree tii>- notion i ? r - ? art la linJ.'g oet trfvjjje If they oaa I ik ly e.ttrh Mmtrofnery ? general day of thaukagirlng ] alii be ti ll t& th. Ottge Vai ey. v ! . ? ? c Oimaii 1 will eeer-up to r. <^tit at . j Calpoaa. Twy acf| t?'ooa eh?ra'4#r-, etippiaed to be Ifonlgo ' rm ra'a t| M a, ween ?? m jetti'ieay In tbe nwltic: t pa-t ITi r j couity, making tra <? u U direction of Furt , itentt Wi-n'gi'inerj 1 iri} a?e all throttgb tbe cuntry glrlng ; . , j . r la t? ? !? a4 i' p?"p'e 1 *T> ?e f?"?at | ootrag'e ?n the Wretem herder by aM I Ititcii bandt,*are kudliag a atroag aiaur.ioB ip rit Here j iiouia on the llarlanai. Ai.aa.wr, Dee 2. 1M0 r>* w a'her la eold an1 Martertnt . an 1 anew haa heee 1 1 pnf all dar. rncre ia contlde-able lee oa tbe e^eal acd -i mm 'n lb* irer. Tfce ateam tug 'tblo left for Vew Fork tbta ewenlag with a re rv large tor. It leatt 1 e bend red hoati am bctecca bero and Troy, walling to | be towed to N?w York. Ilaiilar Arcldaat. NawaaK. N J , r?ee A mac named Jcbn Murray, lirlag oa Madteoe ttraet, , in Ibta etty, on Samrday erentbg planed tax muaaleof a i loaded gen barrel, delaened fron the tto-.k, ti hia month, Md wku* iik/wiag 11.U1 it toe mixlle mi la eoalact ? ttba l!*bt?d ean 'la, <ie:bar? ag tha ffetpin Njrray'l bead waa hmtn '?!! Md portion* of h<e akull Md hraira a.*ailertc a boat me room Tba barn 1 reboaoded, Md ! Krklng bit mother it lair, ten ftet dlatar.l, pei?l-ated four lasbat lalo ber obeat It la behwwa J abe oaaaot a<ir ! wira Klra lu Boetaa. Dee t. 1W0 Thf large nnflitahcd dwelling boaae, Mo Hi R -nr,a etrtet owned by Jobn T OaolMge. aat d?atrr jid oy tire lart r.'rhl Tne aeJMn'eg hnltitag wai (MM'dera>)iy I da nag' d Loai Mi.OCO. tLtored. Mirketa. N'aw c>?:.aiw?, Dei I, |WW Cottot?'alee to t?ey, 1.V4 halea; nal-llling. 8i<a. Viinwi , jo- a 22 ? F our dentlala, aaiea at M <lsi ? I M Tl for aupeiHue . Corn. C2o a Uj. Lard to aega, lie ' Fx-Jtacgti? Moiblsg deltg lituar, Dae 1 ? d P, M F>or In fblr demand W^eat Bain la ear Iota at II CI j tor Wat e. 4 CC0 huahrla while Mr rao la ear lota o? prlrate trine (tata rery #rm aalie *? (00 h iehe?e at 80o , drftwered at the <>ntral eap * Md afl ett, la tinging II OkO baakala aduat, or private torma. eeppoed at Mv^e. Ourn doll at 64r.. f?r Wralern mnel,6Ti tor ye'i>* round ?arlry le inquired fur at h?tter nri*e? aalee (I 0t0 buatrla Waj ne email at TOi . Md 4 000 h??be ? Haai-n"udap?rt lour raped a' Wc. Wb?ley : aaWx IMt >h a at It) Uew wk), Dee 1 ? ? P M Fleer atrady bat dill Vneat an 1 e?re dull. Baney M eet'lag la eaaatl 1 .ta at M-v l?k? laip-.r'a? M,IM boeb*a wbiat. O.OCO hnabaia oorn, l.flt.0 baabela ba>l?r, 1 ! .000 bushels rye. exports? 1,000 bis. flour, 3,094 bCabetaeorn. CHjoaoo, Dm. 1? OP. IL floor .?'oil Wheat note* 1? low: salM 41, 0M> b oatoeM at Wte a 73c for Wo. ?'? a Tic ft* No I to store Com 8te?dy Oateflna Keoetpts ? flour, 16.000 bushel* wtMl, 10 000 fc oicbaoge os Now York flrm at T poron. ' premium. C man Art, Flour unchanged ud to local denand at $? *>,* " w for *up*rllne Whiskey, d? at toed *o at lie ? "J* changed, bit buyer* mor* will lac to operate at ?*, hoider* iik M M Reoelpta light, drlrer* holding h.*?; I'ork duil. Me** at >14 a $14 16 Sreea meata doll aw " pecllred at 4 Ve * 4*?o for shouldsn and 0)<e for h*m? I Larddallat #H?- ? #Ho. Money market unohangad. ! Sight exchange on New York, 1 par oeot preatiuat. Tk? Liquor Dealer* la Tromble. AIRB8TB MADE BY TH1 rOLICI FOB VIOLATION OF Till 8tTNDAY LIQUOR LAW, BTC. Reoeral Superintendent Kennedy eanaed to be kned ea Saturday a secret order to the m? bar* of the Depart ment, to arrtat all partita found selling liquor on Sunday, and tboae found tstoztoated. Laat evening the aereral precinct* reported the follow log I lata of arreata: ? -Jr sU for Srlltnf Liquor ? > r-Ar'Kt for Drtmken wet) Ward*. 1. 8. 8. 4. ?. 0. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12 18. 14. 16. 10. 17. lb. 19. 30. 31. 23. Malt*. ? 1 1 0 4 0 8 I 8 I 1 I 1 T 4 0 1 0 0 remain. ? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A*Mle?. 0 0 0 a 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Tula'. 34 Th* Muuaiiiiirr oi tiaaarwoov Cuimr ? Some coa tiderable dissatisfaction exists among the lot holder* of G'eeowcod Cemetery, aa to the loo*e m inner In wbtch affair* ?ro conducted by the power* that be. It tl aftofod that the pr"vot mantger* bare departed from the plan of tho fcuodcr*, and bare transformed the association Into a ctoee corporation, the lnoomo a-Wlng from t"? file of tot* and receiving vaults tl largely Id adrarre of expenditure* for current ex proecs, yet no treasurer's report b(* beeo render ed lo tbe sto-Lbnlder* lor a period of twenty year*. It la all ged that rock lee* and osckts expenditures have bora mace lor lodge* and other unne^eaaary matter*, whll-j Eec??ary Improvement* are neglected and tbe whole property allowed to tuffor Injury ll> act of luoorporation fifteen truetoe* are to con <1 not It* afta'.ri. ?Q( third of wblcb MM are eleced Ml alljr As election of five truitee*. Tor tbe eonulog throe year*, will bo bold at toe i llioe of th? company, No. 30 Bn?dwiy, to day, December 3 at J:c o'clock r It No luttasle public notice of tbe mo<tlog bis beeo ftv<o, cr will be, by Uijm whose duty It is to give such not loo CUjr lalflllgtBtti Tin Fsra it Sr. Oabkisi 'h CHuarH ? Tha aboro fair for tbe bt nrflt of tbe now ncfcool attached t) ft ?ehrlol's Rumen Catholic chart h to East Thirty sixth street, ?u quite a s'leouarul affair Isst wtek, and wlU be kept t?pe* od Motdsy , Toe* day ar.d Wednesday of tbl8 week, to af ford those wbo have not yet attended an opportunity of doing so. Nearly tun thousand dollar* has already brcn realized by tbe charity, aod If an equal ahare of patron ?gc ? b< stowed tliia wetk, the Rov Mr Clowrey will be able to raise fnnds enough to defray nearly all the <iebts Incurred In the rreclion of the new scooolbouve The i>forle of the parish will lo doubt o.intluue lo rs spoLd liberally to the apfeal of the lalie* in behalf of education. Tn? W k a tuck ? Ou Saturday n I jjht winter wu fairly leavgurated Scow fell daring the latter part of tbe night pretty beastly, and the 1ft or December prevented Itvelf clad In a rncwy garment. Yeetoid ty tbe ttmosnbere waa lotecacly chilly, a Mrosg norwevter prevailing throighout the da? During the n'gbt It froas hard, and present ed every Indication ot hard weather. Ermha ht HiNuiac. ? Mary Bucbaosr , a aative o Cai>aUa, aged twenty Ore years, committed vti.ilc at the Second prrclrot stitlen bouse on Friday night, by hung lnf herself to the grating of ber cell door. tV<**aveJ I. vl 1 been arrested by fo'lceiran Philip* for 'Iron ?"mesa, and > ta that may ba attributed ber oo omitting MH d<w'.ruc tion. tenner Ja' < man hrl<4 an Inquest iijjon the oo4y Caih** or a Ei ki.ui ? A young man named James Roach,, waa srrcatod yeaterdaf by pot.oetnao Quli ti, o' tUa Ri[bth preclact,on charge of burglariously cuU.-!m?. the d "tiling bruso No ?2 Domlnlck street and ausllvg Itert fron ab<,ut 126 worth of wccirg appai el. Th privet er waa caught la tbe aot of c j'.t-g oat o' ti preu. %s with tlio property lo b.? dmmMm Upoa , rearnbing him at tbe station hoise a burrh o' slrrlot <a k>ya waa lo> nd on his paraoo. Justice Quark, oh s . ooa iritted It acb for examination F:n w A Tz*ims?t Iior*a i* Os ti tun "trnnrt.? About ten o'ck ck last n'ght a Ore broke out la the rel'tr nf tb ? tenement ho> ae No 148 Orclurl owned by ,te' o Hill The (Iremeu extlngtitabod the t!*m?* before they ** trri't-d beyond tho cellar Tho 8rxt U'or Is occupied la f rt by 'i . |.h S^rrlt-e, aa a gri t ry,amMra ll-rlmsi: 1 ?? a <!??? lirg Tha loss t.n the baildmg will amount la about 1100. laaarad. Tbe era la supposed to be tha work of an la pedlary. I. nok l> s? C'Jtjr flaw*. Pah so to <n **t ? Yestrr l*? aftrn one ?' Os?j Firth a?en ei s was proice'ing no |:e route ' ~i ? Kehoe, ?he t r , w?* struck by tba note < t a et-r<ast com lot along a tratsftrve strati, and falM-g i >tn tbe p alrjrm, tbe wteei* of the ear I brae the fo..t of tho unf 'ti f ?te *b*o. t roahlng li te-rloly H? *a? taW?n to the K<gblb ?aid Italian bouse, ?b^rabls hurts irxrti at tei,4e?i to by Dr. Ball, after which be waa seal to lila Ink Isctttsr Psatti T?on tuTFWPtaurni ? Oorwee Hoevm j liar 1*1 J Mid an li q*iett on the body of a man nans I Michael M*rt a, ?ho was foual deti la a barn, st the ror per t f V f ih iwn> ard Bn'ler street Tho eeldetic* ad (??.(*d rbrwrd ibst be had beqpme latoklcatod andioik ?bolter In tte hern, ?b?f be died froaa lh? oooblat"! tiitcis of ram and oold woiiher Tho jury returned a Tar diet In accordance with tbe Jkcta Fiarro* or a Chi rr K)?';i?ir*e ? Qolte a ctit*e' ? an aa prrredeoud clrcamttasce In Brooklyn ? la expected on lbs 10th leeient, a*, tbe oleetloa of a Chief Kaglneer of the Ftre Di pertmeat forth* Wtstern district There arc thrre cardldate*. The Irst la William Vandereer, tha prevent in taat Krgteopr, who II supported by th* ont go'i f Krflr?er ls-a>l D. Velfor. aad will be narf'iltedlf ssppnrtid by th* eioel reepecuble member* or the I ?e .a:; it ibe next randic te la John Oanoiesbam, f-M n?M. of No T ' j!*e Otmpany. These two fitie ext. ar> the ' regviar' aanCldau* It la *alJ Itai Mf i ? i. it (I am win be largely supported by the " roughs " Ibetblrt candidate la William Fury, wto la *al? l? ba tbe cl'.tc" of the ' |r po.idenla," and will be vupiwrutd bv th? r*rvonort? of Vandereer He, howre'r, d -ea not stard the (best of a chance of ?uoeee* There te *re?t ? ?cH? it ti'i ao ong tbe lie-met oa ibe so^Jer.i ol tb * Mrib rofu'og rlectloo, aad, altogether, a e* y lletly time 1* autiaipated _ Hnpniii* (o?rl-Dp*rl?l Tirm. Bel re Boa. Ju1(? I if a bam Nor .10 ?Th* ffne fork and Sew flvn Railroad 0? ill") k AVrt &AuiUr ? Drclilor.? 11 la kH, !?t?, i'ur the J d?itii>t bai bw acttlad, to TkOTef^r as alio* aj rn Tli? atnonet wh'.rh tbr doftodanU e>u d hat#, la an? HMl, I* unal', and It la col arfrtaabla to opm tba i {uiiinnt N that aroouBt, iharr the motion mull be !?!<<? J' hn n rMNp$ r? B? ? V*tloo t9 rarato orler 1 , lor arrfft drt led. Brforr Hob Jndf* Rnfobnom hi Ikt mnUr if Ikf IVinOi Av*w Railroad -rht not loo I rrr u jufcctu r. In iliie -aa* ?aa called oo al a lata hiur o I : iM'ijr nw? arfnm?n.t ip'oit lb* lajwctioa vmow { mm etc atd B? potior C?an-Ap*fUI Tarm. Hi fore Hit. Jodff rinffaaa par 1 ? Korr ? B B?nrjr n. John M Oarnocbao ?Ho I tton orr led wtbnat met* Jaw -n jart ?? John !*":???! , Etecttor ?A BBW rrflwad to ?>* r?rr'd Brown* Fhlrra Har'fa R ??r*. Adminicular , Tl Mwta P. Cbrtrtf ? I 0?ii? r ir< iilWd. 1 Ji.lii lii?rf r* Wm 0 IJrUo, tl a! ? Ifttoa (ru*?d cm rajirg tf ?<*?? Hrtvr* Hoa. Jtidf ? tloacrtt'. Nr. n#l IU. ft ti>4 th?f* n i J Zoliler ? {Vaiur t?r In Oet d?'??-c? art op !a d-tfeedant'? eaawer aliowrd, wvli rrii, w lb llbrrty k, d^ndant to air?Bd Ml acawar w t hit i?l '??!?, ihi | attafii of <van Tbi fiil pin' Rax <1 ArcliiaM 0 Roge: I ? In If t?t)? i?f plaint 'fit ob drmnrror to iitth difero* >ip la ("ffrrdan * aniwrr wttb mats. with liberty lo drrao Iwit i in itnrrd ?> ai.iwer ?|ih)D tin data on ptjroioel of roata 1Tr'mi? Rrl ? re Tier Ira ( ? Cornell aad other* ? Jad(< mi at far the defetdanta, with roata SKNtKAI. T*Illf. I Fta'oia R<n Jodria Hw worth (t Jin* Jnati?e), (lofTonta, Wood mil <tobertaon. Mmiorirf and White 11 r rtM" a RHertim, AMi?nn, and tlhm M J acq** i fl? ? Or^tr (o*ia'ah<i (fcfnu. rw rmrpra (and Judfinnat ordrrrd frr plalnl'fl nn oraiorrnr, without grail of appta* to Bilker party, with l?ara lo i? [ordant to withdraw da a<?rrrr and aaiw#r ib tan days, oa p kfmm\ of aoala a.' d? aiurri r prior to tha appeal.

PTnnoimrT in Oai^wtaa ? la tba rieweaatln ronnty flM ) nonrt laat w?? a four peia wa ?nra anotnn.-wd to I unlebariool at thn wblP|i'nr pnM.OM of tb?m a ?-> li itaad la Mm piliorr tm owr hour ran aamW of la*h? awardod waa 8fir?n to twratr **"b THr~> of tb* turn ??** al?> ?MHMl tl. term w ImpMeoornnii I, aad to wear ? 0PB?'-t )a-rrt 'or alt rr.iwibi afl?" tbolr J ? c bar fa Tba oriaa la aaob eaae waa ?oal'B( TU? Dniminr Tartu of Court'. Tb? 1MQ 4nnn lo ? olote; JM U* MiaM*. ?f 0,U' taw ooarta mm to preeent u formidable m array of bualaies m If bo oau* ? had been disposed of for the last eleven months. Cimi that have bten on the trial terms I *>r Pending, and partita who Iter the due i administration of the lew procrastinate and still pray for time. Tbe calendars wo gorged with cueee against publlo oompuiee for actions for damages, either sustained by I oaaualtlea or insurance polloiea, which are loo frequantly I oonleated by Um parties receiving all the previous bene lit* of the premium*, and by other companies? city rail way', whlob may be called pablio convouleaoea and pub lie DiitanaM lor damages sustained by the negligence of their ?erraata or agenta. Snch li Ike extent o: the business or the law oourts or New York that, la the Supreme Court, tbe aid or judges of aelghborlxig dlatrlcta la Invoked almost every month, and at an expenso or f 10 per diem, exclusive or hotel bUla aad travelling charge*, which amount to sometb ng about the lame. The Oyer and Terminer, having concluded lie session before J udge Gould on {Saturday lait, with a sentence or four yean and all month' laprlsoament on William Mul" llgan, will not meet again until February. How many men, bow enjoying the Ub?rty of New Yorlc life, would be In 81ng Sing ir they wera punlihod for half the tbor tlf* attempt! that tha puglllatlo vlcllm, Mulligan, hu bM* enrtoualy and ooislralncdly convicted of. We hope that the examples male at the recent terms of this court by Judges Ingr&ham and Gould will strike terror to tbo hearta of our "young rren about town," who are ao fond of barroom la> '41, and always go armed for aay colla gen jy which ihelr own mltoondcot may Induce. The Supremo Court, General Term, will meet on Thurs Jay next, and renler deelskns In cases argued during . tlMlr last aittlrgg Tbero wlli be two trial branchrs or tbe Supreme Court Circuit, where tbo calendars are still j onuaually lar ??, and which Include suits against various ' public Institutions? insurance ompanlos, for oontested ' pjlkice, and railway oompanle*. TLoro are several thousand cease* jet to be dispowd or ta the Clroult Orarta. Special Turm and Chambers of tbe 9apr?me Court will be he'd as nsual for melons ar-1 questions or law and foci. Tbe Hoperlor Court, General Term will sit this month, and two branches (or trial by jury; b-t where th?y will be held it is Impossible to say For the vaguo Informs tlon of wliiKwe *nd Jnrrrs we may iroggrst that this tribunal will be located for the nonce either In the chan ber or the 8?p?rvl/ors or the Aldor?nen, In tbe top rocm In the brown stone balding la the I'ark, in the i-irgy apartment over the Ore eeglne house, e.cir or Centre and Chambers streets, or In a room pot acued with a political atmosphere over the bar vf a pub lic bouse ? (be well known Tammany. Tbo Oonrt of Oomtnnn P!ras, tho only legal tribons! In Uicclty that cat' boast of ilecont atnommo laMoe, will hold two trial branches and one epec al term and e-iam t?r?. to the rolled ntaka Plrcrlti Cwnt tbo trial of the cap tain ard Bait* of the alaeer Frle, whieh hu been already II Ujc prellmtca-v examinations rery cxtonalrely r?> prtfd, Will te dispoae't of. Id l be I'nlted States District Court (He fnlt In forfeit the bocda ol Oor r*8 U? aid Guatarna U OonoTsr, ai auielle* (or a fotimiiltr Fowler, win be tried before jL' je Bills and a Jiry There are a!*o several alsre ca'es ot the calendar, anorgrt which la ti>*t of Da Onsta, an k.Lg aiid fn iuiDily before tho public on cbargea of bt-u.4 ooiLccied with t> at traCc, Id the Kirn urt, whert tho calendar la a'so hcary , two trial branches oan aneclal term wll! be held Areoig't tlit< ipccnUtlre jobs perpetrat**! by the laat legislature v a* a . act compelling eanb suitor la the 3n per lor Court to pa Ave r*o|lsr? a day to a ispi'ler ? l?n do'lern per day for takmj. uotet ol path trial; hot what canity a>lt*ut*gr the durmatl hieroglyph ea on the re portir'a rote bock can be to the litigants we cacuot dl rlne TUi la an Impositma which sereral r?entleiien bare rrqerated oa to pretest agalnit, lnaamuco aa they have been mule ted ta ten d< llara a day, an 1 wuno they hive demanded a ?opy of the evidence the> are charged aa moch aa If they had employed aa Inrtepen lent rtporirr at tbe naval legitimate prlcea, witkoot the per diem "arrang* meet." Ttere are many minor eases, rot InroiTlr.g flty dollar*. aud yet by thia b tullfni hl&ck re public* tiialatWn a poor litigant, who may Und a lawyr gencixia enough to advo.ate bla claim wltlunt a ! e, a.nit, i eve?tlir|cMi, pay down hla fire dollars ti a re.wwt r to take enlr noe that li noser to see the light, ?biff* te '? abe to pay to addition a good round sum to 1 hto it U ajkortbo 1 The aot la lo obiiotl->as that It must tt rufwolei rALiNrnR roK fun dav. m rams! < ? *t- < l?< t r* ? Part I? N>s IMl.lta-' 115 1SW )S?8. l.Y." b77 1403. I MM W? If 40, Mil. Mil. 1001 ]((S, 1AT6 1CJ7, 10CP.1811, 1"16 isrtl? Vns f.27<3, 1170, lit 6. 1 > 0 )??*. 1064 w* IKifl. IMS*, 1?S?. lwta, IMI 1946. WS, 1816, li.ll, 1MM, law 9t ,-t* O I ?T -Cart 1? *oa 9' 7 716, im P*6 7 llM 1(61. 1C7S 67 46 041 SOU, Sit. 7b7 ! 35 C'.t, tCO WW H?3. 101! Pari 3_N<* ?U, *30 *44, o?4, <.V8 1S8, pa, IW4, (ISA, S00, l?, 761, H34 62?, 603 Oamrm Pis**.- Parti- Noa 2082 AIM 2310, S3r? MM, '.111, ?7I. 2CM JM?. ?i.'i'j'i S3W, it'* ?l ??l' I I'at f? N?e 2-illl 22<?? ?M 2i n i?376, *IV2, 2379 US, -AV SW. 881. 1710. 1072 3149, 3S1 rr?nva ' A, a IS New Jaunt* ?Hie Ne#arli Alt err iter i' the la- Inst aa) r list fi. i, tii^fel. ',| , l't led Ft?t ? Mai>bal ?'n'tsri, of tan! na csi?t?<t la N?nr*ato'?a, f ../? lb< purp-we of ar t'ftir,' a pea re i smm P#rr< "'ijimor.a, ^n s'lej. -1 f ;,ltl?e t >fB?l??tr? :n Virfl?ta I :> ?? arrtaieg a* the b mae oct pied i',- tfc iiigro ia fwratloa, an4f;nteUf?4ln'fc?l u l?>.j rnr rrese- 1<? ?jr?piinrg thrlr writ, n-.t oilf by the r-'ty <bey nieiw?i arrretlng, ?bo stailonel IIMeV at ti.. u>p ot a filgbt ?t ?tepe, ana ?rm?i wl.h au axe n-d a t m, ttrran i <"d ^eath to ary nn? ?h > ?*i??ld sren'uro fcj ?urerd, hot ? ao hy th? as?emxi:rf nf a lar *e noinb?r of ii. j' ? r? a. who durina 'he tig1** ha<l l?.*a a :tim'.n,d tolh* ri i l ) tLe outcTlr* nf th > at cgr1! fiiguiim aa ' th'>ae of h a hooathold. P ? i.ftl'era r tumtd U?Da?<1"n shortly ?ft?r aor.rtae 'reW'ay W^rsimg witnmit a-r>i?ing fugitive, ahn is prnhK''iv n >w ue rxi'.e for Uaoa>ls, ?kt tbe ufidargroniid railr ad of Ida IMlawaie lUlts I.ot tern-W< 4 >I?. D OT * in Iraeaaei-s ih? uki * * kt*iKk> t\B aiMHMtuM umikM. Ittnwtsr K*Tk? Riw 673, l?t t lWi 53, 4ft, 2d. til, 73. 11 *. At, .??. W>, .??, 31, 13. l>ri.??<Kr-('UJw 674 In I. IMbi *, M. 4t. 7 1. M?. 17. 37, T4, Tl, 64, 31. f.3, 3J. Ctix'ilare s?ni fre? V . h*in? t?r a^d?swte? elib*r te W<m>|) fci?pv a <t>, wimtnatM imimi. trto?r>)t.|l KTtnt fcOO. 44 li.qk,?lMrl lirastlnga of K. |Pr?aie?'? Dalawara ? ft at Copjrtf ?'t.'as 1*7 l'?i I. itao. 31, ?, ?, l?, 7", 24.6V "4, 30, ?t7 71, *<> 'liinA (Icsxuii'iiiii U?rrr*? t u<? 17 l)?n I I**" 25, 60, 43, I, N. 10. .Mi, 61, tit, 11, li, M, 68. Ctriralanaenl frt? ol charge by a44rer>ltf k Wiimtact -a, I* Ptrfsrtloa St Ijaat.-Thr llnlidayr Hoft U?i for }ouag aaata. al ft U H>. Hi lU.ur, <14 Jru^lway ? hlrta. Hhlrta - Mia for fN Ble^aat Ho?*< (i ? h' ml. re at ?*l' erws Dn't Iff Chs>ti*ni aires, t?i -rt at Peart Clathlag for tl'latrr.-HIra Whe Want Orrmeu ir<l Rna'.r >*a tube. ?l?n tvrys i xAstne V all aiola will 4o well In eien.lne rmr e>s irtawet t??fi >r? . nr~>aa4a?| AL> HBi> HHK a A IVI.H' *r ?d*ar, ITader the r t > If ho>M Mi<W, Ptinfncr*4ilia In Rrnnklya,> Wllllauf KOR. ejtahwk?a alahleee hnntrad aaf *1? ana llolixea' t'anl rbiii?(r*ptia.? Hla Poal Ver i.i oe siulne a ????!? 'rll rice.t pleturea ta Aa wcrld ual art SM U-nad say oalf. Kiklhlitoa of PAIFtlHOi, ifftirti laclndleg Ik* DCIWW.Dt Kr <?A!X?.tf and JtRfU >ULL?>TIUII. 4'im'saioo toeet.a OrtN THIS It At. Ho 421 Broad srey. llirrlM'* P??a?t t hamulu* f'lrt tail Ru>(J*r Fr ..I Wa/aa Ml It r ailtra} . ru#r of <ur?< Mrt at H?w Tor*. Rlrlnwajr A *nn? 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I oaiamptloa aail Kla?tr?<t OliaMMlaiw nua'nllT tn * Hiatus Ma? an"* aa th-oo nl tt?a Ttir >??. fcwaaa I i?w aiwl Haan ( noaaliwi <1 aa.l Mdintn* Im|I. ?H?a ?lil '?? ?f?*r t*?ai<aV)v?a [???#?( "m n ar r <4 d'aaa aJi nrtr iko i nloa aa r*n*4?t nf Ifea aN>?? i P PUFI :? R eu '<r*4w. "?? '? **. n?w.J?tQ2 ud Couhs, I'm H *ry Jobai, r?abrut iUmI, Brook I ifi>. "M h?W of u oM aanaarooa aloar om the lac. y UreePtrtaof HuUonj'. Unuaaat. Hhe had baas Iraafcxl tor Bto years by several eatlnea whh without Jm alight *t | i aoefil. : **?" ** "* *" ? ' ? _ ?uniid. _ Bais.' i, ? Wbavbb ? On Wedneaday, Novem'ior 11, by the Rev Mr. Bill, Mr. Tuaooou Bbibi.i, of Astoria, to Mite Habab ?. Wbavbb, of Whlterone, U I. Haamao? Oobmchinu ?At Jeraey Oily, on tfcturdar, November 24, by tba Rev. Paul D Van CleaT, F. tfr to Jbritt I, J, Oomcnm, daughter of the lata I Maltha* Uoatnhlaa, of Kondont, N. Y. PraDv ?On Saturday, I*omber 1, the wtlto Of Ltaao I . Purdj, of Tarrytown, N. V., of a daughter D1MI. Baaav ?On Saturday, December 1, Thouab But, aoo of John and Mary Berry, aged S yoara, I months and 21 day a. Tba friends and relatival of tba family are reapeotfully Invited to attend the funeral, thui (Monday) afternoon, at hair paat one o'clouk, from bit lato realdouoe, No. ? Attur ley alrcet, without further notloe. llAi.LBt.? it Brooklyn, on Hun day morning, Deoambar 2, Annu a Kcub.ib, youngest aon of J, 4 and M. U. Bag ley nfud 7 years and 0 mootba. The luoeral s-rvcea will take place at the realdence of bia partLU, No. 30 First place, South Brooklyn, this (Monday) afternoon, at lhret|o'clock. Tfco reaalns will b<' Intend In Massachusetts. Bon? At the residence or her brother In law, John Wallers, Mlsa Hannah Bets, eldest c angbler of the late Ukruikii Uo!e, of Klllsshoe, county LouglorJ. lruland. Tfce funeral v> ill 'ako place at one o'elrck , thll (Hjn i afternoon, frt in 114 West Klevemh street. { lAiblla and Longford papers phase oo py. Ci'SNUKiHAM ? On Sunday, December 2, af congestion of ! toe brain, Maht .Catbabibb, only daughter of J">hn and Mr.ry T Curelnchiim, sped 0 years, 9 months and 14 days. Tbe irirnds of iba family are res|M-olfully invited to at v. i. luu luncral from tbe resldtnoe of bur parents, 2Hi Mulberry street, tn Ti osday afternaon, at hal' past ooo o'clock, without further invitation. I. kiiKY ?tin Sunday, December 2. Mrs. Bainurr, wife of Michael IVelcy, aged 88 j oars, a native of Laugbroa couuty lialway, Ireltnd The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at eid her funeral, ooJTeeeday, from ner real ticocc, No 36 Oak street. Pt ll.trti iphla and California papers pl?w cop?. Fsbwick ? on Saturday morning, Oeoemoer 1, Mrs. Pun 1JB |Ksswiac, wife of William KcuwiJt, agui 8'i years, ai 201 Church street The relatives and Irlends are r?spect!ully invited to at tand tbo funeral, on Tuesday morning, from -<t Phillips cLurob, Wtaley plaoe, Mulocrry street, near Bieeokcr. Kutrr ? Ou taliuCay, December 1, of oonsump'.i;n, Aswib M , wl'e of Obarlea R Fleet, and clrtrst dangbtnrof Jobn f aad Hnaan A. Fituder, In tbe '.Mm year or ner age Ilia relatl tes and friends of the famffy are rea|><>ctfull) Invited t> alb nd the funeral service at the rt-aldeuo. ol her parents No 167 Kai>l Thirty niat'i strvet, this (Mju day ) afwrnoen, at four o'clock, without further Invite Hon. Her renins will bo taken la MaM Chester ou luce day rni rn'ng, at iln* o'clock, for Interment Fajissb? lo Wlillarashnrit, on S^tH'day, IVcemher 1 . after a tbort ilhiees, Ubukub Kbwln, ouly son of William and Siu m L Fanner. Tbe fr U n-Is and acquaintance of tbe family are re ?|>ectfully Invited to a'.teud the fuceral from kbo rest <it are of his father. Powers street, betweoa Graham ?vo out- aad Smith street, tbia (lloeday) aluruoou, at l?o ( o'clock HaAn?n ? Oe Satorday, Oecrmber l,_3'.Hnros Ohhiam. j a|io in ><ars Tbe Irltuds of tba family and the mer?b#rs of I'rentlca Riy Irffi- No 7 A f A. , are rtspentiady Invited tn at 1 UDd tne funeral, from bis late resteer cs, No 210 Wust 1 Twenty sixth sireit, this (Monday) afternoon, at one b', wltbuul further lnvitavlou. lit i.i'tH ?<>n Haturday, December 1, Doratiika Hi 0'tsn, wlte ol l*atrlck Hufihta. Tbt relatives and irlends uf the family are respectfully Invited l<> attend tbe fuu^ral, this (Monday) a'teruo IB, a', one o'cleck, 'rom her late rtt'detce, 88 firtland avtbun, Brooki>n lUr rt mains will bo lakeo to Calvary Ocme wry for interment. JAMB. ? On Su iday mornibg, Ifcucmbor J, Mrs. i:ua . pith. wits of Ihr Her E I. Jauts. Her funeral will take plana on Tuesday rftornoon, at one 1 o'tk* *, at tfco loiaylhsiroel Method 1st hpiscopai -?ur,.u , | D?r L'l '*tr-n ? I reel fte friends and r? all era >f tUe "V ir. My arc Invited to attend without further notico Jokai-tMon ? At lb-.* rtildcnco of bis fvir.ur, In Fir*. Newark, uu Munday, December 1 U*, of Hobokro, Toucgust mi of Miotiolaa ?N. and da/ah .lora lemon, Ktil 34 Ji-ari The Irlrnds the family are Invited to atton.1 the fune ral, on ruetc'ay aftcru ?? u at talf pas; tw.> o'o. - a, at tbo R'fo nud I'utoh church, lu Bel!e*;!ie,N J , v/ithoul far ther unt'ee tianiia ? < ? Falari'ay, Drcember 1, H '..jwta, wife of Hrur) 1 (iterated, lu the flOlu year of her ???? The relatives atd Ir lends of tbo famil/ are repeclful'.y IriT'Wd lo at'eod the fur oral s^Tlces, at half pai i?? oclwk, on TuiaUay afternoon, at Curl't cs<nxo, o-ironr of rv. ri> flfta Uriel and Fifth aruiue, wlUost fiu lUtr lj tire. Iaisy ? On Haturcfay, DucniWr 1, I.aiwa Woo* ' ma*. daughter of it,e late I) Aug-mius aid Lki .a i:. Lac-y, ?*<o 8 j? ate and 3 months Thu lrWndr of the Urelty are lnv'.><l to a'-lond her 'uiiital Ibis (Mouday) aiierooon, at half past it: re. o'tlo k, In m the rtsioenoe of her mother, in huuric avftoe, Qttb bo ore Month of fkau street, Biooklyo Hur rrnoaiis will be Ukeo to -Hratford, ()om , for lal'mem (.vim ? Id this ritj , ol WediiesJa> ttarulng, Noroaibt. 18, if consumption, KtKitn tlii u Lien, agxl .la years H.KS'n ? (in Friday. November ro, Ci *?..*< Ks ??*??.? , sen of jtlecsndcr B and Sarah Morr'.i, aged* years an! 1 moiiUi Tbr frlen It of tbr family an litlt to sXWai his ' \e ral. this (Monday) aJWnouo, ai twuooioc*. from N't K* i uxforti iii *i, Lew fr juon avuuar, iiraoKiya. Vc<"ti as ? la Brnoklyn, en h'Ltng, l>M?m*Mr LQl Irakis*, Vogttor of fbomas and OaOertM McC ur? r ?i ?31 wr?, 3 tt.orlt. > kOd 11 '?ajr I "ie luttral ink's p'ajo n.s f'Stn '*/) afwrmoo, a< | lb re oV.'.ck, from (be r<MiiriiMi of *?r paroutit, N t i (i ,d strict Th* rtlalnea and fr<tu<ls are rerpeifully i tu?tt<d lo attend with "it lurtr i mormon ? On Huuday vr?u.;aj, U'jc^mbor 2, %tu^as Ifci-sixw. fr . M' d T t /tars Notice ul the .'uneral wul bu | r?a tn tomorrows i? per* MrGBJTn ?"a Saturday, I*ram'?u/ i Joan McUkatti, | a 4. jiar*. Tli* r? *rd Wends of Vt fv> (ly, ami IhiM i #v( -on, Mailt ** KaualPg, ar? reave . uut:y lanwd to ai I ? . tb lu< r J, from b.t n ,ia?u--, N j 3V l'erk ( Mint ?*it* (*"*??>) ???, wo d'nti '< Mom:* ?On Subway motaln*. lar. mt?>r S, at nln* i aVi' kM. ) ?- tut*, W ?V i l ,*uu, it ai.'iri o it vi n< (Hi m Tar fr'i i,j? id I relative* el tar i faoiily are r i*|>t<lfu , Iltite4 In it'Wil Ikf fuxrC t<< a tt? rreite ? ?? of b'i ton and ?or l?w. Ni> H? '.j%V ,u areoue, o. futile/ af l*mn.T , a tw* o'ekek, ? Hi * i 'urt ..t I .vital >n. M<>a*iiv>a ? <>i Ptturday. Mr rmtwr I Tiritf Komi*", ?M*d 40 >? aii, a nemo ul ui-k Ireland H>* fit*nea*Bd r<*<iL\\t*Uhi n TMp- cltu'.ljf It.t'ted t> at tend Ui# tttsrral, from bin Itu rwiilMM, N^> 83S H?"t ni'l, on U..B (U?uJ iy) t'lnronou, t te.i 9 i.iock H ? "m .>? *11! be l ill mi lo Calvary (Jv.X'Wiy !#f lnler fctkk I <1?'T"rir pep? r* p 3* Nok?? ? lo Hr<.-;S ?n, K I) , on Hnnilay, rvnember f. MUs kikl lBTaM,U< t?i uaugblerol liter It U J an i i,>dia W Norn*, lo U><. J2:j<ar.jf ben*. Iha fro nd# >4 la* fan Hy am reepamtnlty ln?tt?d to aUru ' Ux fm rial, of TwMaf iillarMuu, al himvoiiM, ircm lb* reetd#' oe of bar father, la rat lor ttreal, eat-oad door ea?t of Wltha a' enuo, wubul furl bar Invitation. l*At*ta ? Ki.ia^usnt Pttma, d>i>(Mrr of J aain H. and> Palatr, Bgrd II >eere aii'i 4 nneilhe 'te funnel wlU tBko plan. bar lat rm.'Jenc*, 3*9 Fybth liixt. IH (Miniaj) afWrnon, at on < V -tk Pim-kut ? ?*? Monday, I *<-?? bar t, Impba ashiara <t\r-r hu-rnf XL '-^u C a/.il Cw?.i.a fl? caoe/, a?? 1 11 >ioir and ? mociba. It' fiki. 'a a Ifee family w? lavltod to aUrtid loa 'wfal frna ?!>?? reaidee** of h" par? ft M H'?t' a?-?(, rrar Par.Kle tlrral, Oroifclja, oa Taavlay afkar tooe , a 1 1 l? o'c I irk. "rnaT? Al MaMi-lta, Ot?v-. on 2' ^aaaa Mum a?ad f# jiam, ? do* 01 I ha iai? Capuia Kiabuia fi'-rj , ;orm?ri>af Hal. fas, Not* * ^>.? , aim mo U>?-r lb law of J Wirrkcalar, Kaw Vark frwi ? A? '?ma ca. laiai'd.-a 4?l-rday fTan'nr, l>ac?ir.hrr 1 WliU\* f ProaT.of %n I ranoiar, >, a .a of Uia 'ale <k{Hato J ?a H|o>y > SI taarl Tfc- if ati*i? \?J tiltodao! lb? a-<) |o7!t< l t-j ?tl?i d his fon ral on Tuna iay f nfn'w at b?i' p?at ala?aa ?> rM^ca, Iruai u<* nai'Mw ul a >a latoar la law, Joba N Ritarki ibiifl, >?*ira r>iu(. t*araa dauia fv*i/, ? *>k ijt , at M a'toixak A M i'u Kiaa* <?c? |?l"t c'rin copy. Pbaw ?Ob "?a'ii'da?, ^mbfr 1, lln Ut&r Aat rail >1 of lit .r*? rltiaw, a#?: 4* ) ear* Tt a ralatltaa a?<t frhuda ??! tlir la.i ) <?# r t,>rct, ,-olj Ikftird Va tlKad III* fan^ral, finm th? -aaida.^o* of hat b'fitb?r, I'wptau. Ji4iapa l>ural|, t< ^aial I R? (iraat art?rkl)C, ILI? (M- Ji?j ) a'Wrr. oa, n. twoo'i-losk fAtt< a ?la J<rt?; city, N J , oa fliLday, D'OKta^ t 3 lira. PaaAM Tatuia, Itl <,1 of Wliiian, It tb- flk'B ytar of b?r a|ti Mb# bora bar abort hnt ar**ra lll..-aa with alias rf?i|b?tloa Her pray* ? wrr? fraqivtal aad ?a?T'*t t^al h?r >%?Tlotir'a will an'^M V d.?a T > bar w??p?rf r.blldrrn brr l*at wonla war#, "!/>?? Otd and iuii will be " farawall, d#ar m?U'ar that p?-ti6| wrr I t? nirti - p ?t aim oa ab-ib n .al ??*? ??? Wa n atri-e ti m'tl liiea la |oa bi i*hl ?4rii, Wtiarr faiawall l?-ara d m ant Cl.- riif Tb 8 fill uia 1.1 U.t lamil) ar# re#|?oiiu>ly ibv led to at W?od fur fm ral o* Tot-aday afu-ro^r , at kal' p??t two o'cWh. ft oi the raaldatioa uf her Bon Moat D Taylot, fo U7 W?rr<*B atrrai, lar??? cty T*.- .ia ? In Br<v?#tjB, on ?%,n'da7, HaifmHef 1, at ^a t?t ' Bee of bar b'otbar In law, JttaM H luwaoo. Ko 10 B?*rBHi atr??l, IU?aa?. dao*"ive' of Joha and CbHariaa Taa?<1ale. of .^tnVm, ??aearh >a?IU rba f.iitral (till take pan at tba Imi itatok Ra foriprd t> lrab .f"ralta?. n tlrtat, U.l* ( Win-la^ ) after ro n al two n'nloct I ai (Krr .s. -On Su? ay, Dc?tr>.bcr 2. a.'Ur a abort II n .*, am ?? *? wifa o* Wurri* Ti t> 'urn it ?\ vba4l?t >tai r,< p. ? af* ra'altaa and frlmda nf the f?Tiilx a-? r<??i*r|follf Inrtiaa V> altar d lb# fab* ral. firm h?r ai" raallanna, Na 740 B raoae) Uii* ( dnadai ) aft*ra?>a, al taeo'oioob. V??mniT - Oj ^a?nr)ay. iWaiW 1 , at 'be rinra, Platen la and. *r# A?T0,?ife of Joba It Vaadarbllt, la tb? !? h *c t ot bar afa Tba ralalltea and frlewo# nf Iba family ara raapertfnly It w i't -1 f ?tiei d Ibe Mortal. f" ? b *t late rre'denoa, oa t-'-'ay a'urB^a. at half ra?t one oYhw* Obrrtafa wll he in aliaada aee, at Vandi-ablll IBadlag, oa Uia Bf'laal o iba lt?rt?o o clock boat lro? U> > Bltf . * ? Oil Pv.r rlajT mo'BU'f . Per?taher 1 Chavb* Kcaati )i?iti(eat aon of Robert K and Fraaoea Amanda ?*? m, tn ib* 4ib ? e?? of h ? ate Tba l> leant and retatleat ara laalted ti attent tba j f?ti.*i f ? at the n* t -nna nf hi* parenia, Ni Ml Watt | f? tfih iireet (lata Tr atraal), ? ft?a^ay it rattm a? I itn n'.wt Ann* - U BfWk^a, >a 9btw Jb/. Decaabar 1, Jaaat 1 UTS, k UllTt or POOUaad. la tu SOUl mr or ha tM.' iDTllab ^ ,fUQ***i fro?> U?e reetdiuce of h* o VAr, lhi.VK,IW T kht rcooB Ifc Brooklyn, ob Bandar DeoMabar 1 x*" wnw-ia wir?of n?uhe?wn^^ 1 ' wUL ""?J. "*??">?. 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