Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1860 Page 3
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?nd U alio* the la-ui fcy wtrtb he' '?th*r bad be.-?e tap' ' fe\ Igaoraaee of htt vl<u?,?u.d D*: been ill mil t? the yrtwnl litigation o.Ji luitoa, ?(, en q neatly frroea ?d tier ? un i f the Wwpnrfeet m inner lti wti.:'- *kV hu I ?peued brr oaa<> 4' her lat&er had <w.?? wr'te* f? K?. I Wiiii?oi t'uln.-*, *ht V.t Ui?i ib 11 r>?*? ni ,?- ?.i->o ek?o ?ver Mb ttat g'-i! ,t??aij (lut df'tti'ilttl) ud bofMtl-" Over b'.m, roai I jo hufib of yoare vtilsh ha already t> ?i? vouotira'oJ to bin over brr, beca'*ie the tu ooa ?etna* :l?' ?ni ?' ? had , one through l> pr-weeullng the ?eliltoMr1* cm. ii? ?.juld iii.t out have m e GdCt anon bar frame &*1owi-d v?iui a vlgirout ooorttutioa , alie had *o fr.r (wr?f oj> afatnai the <v>nm>nlB< aomctv and d 'at real, IfcOMCtmau* [.bi ileal and turulal lab ir which during tbe Met lour i aa's tt??< u?k ba t euiaited nonb'r:V:lilM fcli -lul toere cou'd bu bo holler, un m >r? b!aai"d work ?r. wi vh l : ipeut ber M<V? thai lb* we it ? f dearliu bet fair er a ntir.e from oiasraoe end her m > b-r'* charac ter lr?m diebeuor. she then called tbo lolloping ?it Cirtea. ? Dr Waltr- w.rhlngtor Buchanan? ! ru born ?n the ?? t of June, 1777 at J ?ae nai i 1 In ifaj arm* of (J. or?? Wath'cgio*. with ibe Merqvs Lafatalte fur my ?,> ma jr ] ?n txir." at Haii >?er. but iry faih.r aO'i moiber mo red tbto Nea York lb 17 id L toft u>at city la 1T19, when I waa art*, to Hootland I knew the father of the petitioner. My %?S r, ben g eon*i<iee-M tbe r'ebeat mai In New York, iiept open bouao every day eseept the rtaV>ath I bave an n numerous peop'e at my ?eiber'? dlnnen, from Waehtof io? doan to Paul Jonee Mr i^bedden waa often Ultra Uia blandlabtr.eoM rtrtoly Imprvee.i h'B Bif'iro tu nr.y mm l'? eye, and ?beu I law ihe petitioner, 1 aalJ mm, "?;rod , Mr Mbedden. ho? like jour father you art'? onij not to tali " t remember my father laying In a juke to u>e petitioner** father, ".So, yna oM J u are goli,g to n'arry one ol aur young girwl" So , rame aa* mention?'), but I otiieve It *ai pretty reoe rally ktiown whom he meant. 1 returtod to New York In ?a> . 1791# Kit-r Jean Barton Shaddett wai tt n sworn and exua k? i by Ml*1 Sheldtn. I?ie mid? I waa b?m Ui the city or F-co; York 1 am 61 >eari of ace My f?WB.-r #as Vr. Y> iniatti >bedt eu, a merabaut In New York, roe maiden n :xt of aiy mother wan Anon WHe<a, bcr married name At 1 1 Snenden I have a dutlnct remem <rai oe of my | la' her ar. i mother I out a perfect r* vi'Uctlon of t'anir ? hAte. kijf fatiie a oltie ? waaaa tne Qrtt Door, and tbe | B -rerry oil tbe ihlrrt Thu Bwtilttire i ich ai any i fentleaiau'i would be If be lived in good it) le I par j t ou arly temember a; mofieal clock t; wui Itke one I ? ?fu.rnarui taw at Mr. J hu I'atrioa'i. I bad anellcr ! ?liter, named Ai.raioP*. I ha 1 a brother abou'. two . yoars younger than myielf ? the petHlonrr. My fa < Iter h>d a Country bouie at a eu>rt dlltance from New York, callotl hingtbnlg.. %? iMd WMfll ?ervanli A* children we were tak"n down to 4< inert every day, whether there waa company or oat V> toother oil al ? ay a at the hoad of the tahlv. 1 never beard fcer tpotea of in my oth?r way thai, at Mr* Sbed . dtn. 1 lie letvinta ca led ber m1itr<*s. John Patrick ? ? ?>nitantly In toe liowe, and we were ia tbe habit of : nl'Uig h in c lUitn John. ia)*aya thought he lived In , Ihe bonae, till my il?t<?r icna^ella eorrect?K) mo In aft?r ytir* Larln uKd to ?>me the ho ire a8 wi ll an t-.n tlcnien I remtmbtr Mri Bard, tie wife of Dr B*'d, oi.r family phyilcian, Mr* JuJge I'cudlewio, Ur? Alo* anew Hair!lt<?r, aid Mri. al n*uJer ia p?rilr.u!ar. My laih) r was tall, thin, and eii-ied ngly rtlgnllled In bl* d'Oieannr aLd mar.ter. Bcaai kind to k!i cb'Urea, a~d very courUioua to everpL one My mother waa reein^i 1 xcry bandiome; the waa very g?ot(e ip'tght 1) and 4ind. Bb? waa vry pa^t'caiar la tiacbl ig u? cor praytr* My father bad a paw at Trinity el uich, and I rtmi-aber grtrg Ibcru I rtm raber bit death and being taien to bM b'm farewell A* tbo funeral tk"e * >* a la'ge oi^nou'ie of oarriag * and Cepie. I fead a brooch in wbiuh my fatns' aid m i b?r'? Ir wax nailed, and It had it Ir Initial* lu th.i giaia " 1. W 8" My r'rter w?f lent to a otVhrated echo >1 of tb? Moravani at dt,tn ebcm I waa a m inni there In Da ? mnor 17WS My m<>th?r to* me In the rqmui'r of 1x01 to tfco tHi<J(et jo iig to Xi w H?m, oa my way to ?-oool at LltahCeld, Ou*n*o<lMI f-'ae put la tbe ?barge of, I believe, tbe Treasurer of the Vailed <tat?*, IX tioaask, one of my lather'* election, aid Judge Peu t eUn went wlili ua to the tiackct. ( Lorcr am my ?othrr a??<n. .Sie b<d a lister Maegtret, ?h> wai aoartiei ti Mr Nugent, and ?h'> lived al TrlnMtd U/ niuihor d ad ab >ul 1802 1 never *jw tt><> la'lm an1 g'-nt'emen *bo vliliej my m it*ier treat ber In try I'ifjrcst maoner fiov watt I utn) *: ea other mairh d ladle* treated. John Patrick tsaed to irea' bi r -je?y petipetly. Mv *|<ter <ra* mirr le 1 1 1 tin fro of Mr Tapping Reeve, the sin o' tb? Ch cf M ?yj of (InnBrctlcnit Hhe wa* afterwards married to Mr Judgon B- *?r. of R'r.bmood. \ irg'nia Mi Roll, Q C , lunm't ed that as tbo elder mister liad ?ol b"rn iho*n to b4 a legitimaio oan^Uicr o* M.- Shtl d> n, s?e cmid not be considered a member of tbe family, ?? as .'> n.ak.i ber atla cvl leice Tbe J..d?<- O'dlaarr said that that was so; aad aft? ? ?eme conversation, ha o '*a -ved that as tba t!a<htd ? moat which the court asaaliy row. the point might ; stand or>r Oj Tliorsday aome gMitletuaa irom wtnija ' M ir Shorten bad not lakeu the papers, mlgbt ptrbap* f ' ' -sceod to aryne It for bar lhe CMC was then adjourned till Thurtlay. THE CHARTER XLECHOH. I'h? Lut ltr?||U of tha PoIIUelaMS? 8cl> out uilrif Md C?m?cUni*al? Cor rection*, iiC. Ytsterday was a day of general oom Motion Id tbe acre ral political ciopi from one end of tbe city to the other, K being their flnal struggle f >r tbe oocleet to day Erery candidate la positive that ha will be eleoted, aad pro fetaea to haTO tbe return* all noted down and added up sap ctaily are the Japonaae philosophers sang'tloe tha* taey will be anareaefu! la spita of the universal denuncla (I'm of thai - acta by tha city preaa of erery polittaal faith Bat fr?B prvecat indication* not a few of toaaa patriot i WU1 be fojtd thta evening committing the well knowa and unlveraal custom amongst tba Japaaaaa, who wiah to prevent a publlo punishment, of "barrt-karrl" opto ifcetEeslvsa We would adrtaa their rrleada ta keep a cioaa watch to alght ortr all of Ibote aho are ain.otid th tola AalatM diaeaae, or they mty be oonpslled to Elcnd a Coroner '? Inquest the Beit m irnln(, aad *ee a iriiiot of tbe Jury paraded la the papers, "0* ae to hla aib by ripping btssseir opea." The eaadliiatea for *cbx>l oil. ;ert should be closely aoru Clsed, aad on4y thoaa voted for who are qua!. led for t'.r , oe We ate that thle braacb of the city government la imiag Bore attention th n wa generally auppoaed, aa I a b"pe to be able to record the eieeUoo of a better act of CD thar baa beea oar privilege for some tlm pcit We , itlune to receive corrections of the na-jis that appear la aur 3i.nday to list of Srhool officers J 8o!lla Rittar j 11 states that be to aot a candidate for Iosjwclor or aay ier ctlioe la the Twenty Irtt ward Philip Oreahaa, a ?Bleb uanofa tarer, to oae ot the c*U'luaioe for &Jt . >? ? atr'sstorets ta the Fwrtli wa d. ll'obtei Ryan, In ad bf M i bael tUiegaa, to th: t<an aiy aad Moa*rtoan ate for Inspector la the Klgntaeatt ward. We ga.a on sfuotfey tbe name of J.jha Meajhaai at ean for Botoui Trustee la tin SeveoUao Jt ward; It ' akl be J ha Mrcbaa, one of the old realderU of tbe rd.aada worthy and upright cltUn. Be ha* re , H ' ' <be and M ut| aiaiUiatloa. repub tcaa eebool ticket la tbe Ninth ward la? Tor m M, xrr, W Farr IuuacWs? Jaruea lltrrl a, Oaorgi r m- file T> a vactnay? T. jswss, Au Ci r law, Vn W. Cornell. Cskrn ticket In tba Twentieth ward is? ';*n?ia |u< r John lvarborn, lua|k!>-.t?ir? >i<??iga B k arret flfft ? i;?orge Prjcr, R Ix-rt L Ludy Ti> J ? ra-^aa Atoaau K Peck fs II fl 'aoa, a * -r'Ay aa.lrt le ma.i. la ruanlng for Trnetra it tv glib ward. arl<s McCarthy, awe of the roptib'ijaa SMdttrtsa Tor si.mna la Ute llvvesth district, (late* taat be ha* n.'. , urawa. an 1 etil hi la the 0*14 anUi suaaet today y<*t*r<!ay that he had withdraw i wet a by vines of a I' tier ItotiVld froat t repeb t<iaa ta district, b it It t?.ea<s to bar .' been oae of the tricks ? prtlttlC'ABl J .*? V Frost, an! r. .1 *m <? Fr^t. to tba Datow <!atc for O aoj'aiae 'nth* S xth d>atriet H la a . bat , <1 i>g baalorte at 7J Broalway, aUi^ayer a Kan of iswllifieoe; t ?"r t*i becoap^it ta, lb t ?oo..oa4iua ?>f |- itR.I npoe him lis wi I do at '??UC1 aiUUVOKtfWTO. 6er.. ral ftopaptataadant, Hf. Keanedr, ha* ata'a Ur arrangem? uta r?*p?ici g Up p >t?oe forae aa wti td oc! at tbe N rrftber cWt'.oa A atrucg force, 0S*d of Uto Ir adway tqnad, *W?sbo?t sqoad, har atd itetectieee, are tab* kept la raaarre at iqoaitera, aad a like force a th* Twenty nth pra ttatloa, Ctty Hall. Twi ttagea hive been dray* ^rr to carry tbt r"*err? f-rcato any part of tba la battc, ;j r .ae thetr s- r-i?ea are aeadad. TO TBk 1DITOK Of mi IkHiU). We a paragraph la tbid m >-atiig s Bsaam to tha that I ba-l w thdrawa from the coo teat for Onaaetl of tba <e*eat!i Srnawr'a' d'? ?l^ w .11 ft be km! a tr give rnj coafadie' oo a like rotmlety la yo^ nf to -eorruw. I hive aot wlthdrawa. 3, 1IH CHAd. ?c'JARTT. llaaMl (?'migrant* Wntward. I niribivllle (Tens.) B pm'jw aaya? Nerer at aay |l* tba aiewiory of Itoo oldasa MMM bae an gr*t i of ea'cratloa beea wfoMSd a? it dally rotllag |?ard tbr >otb this town, They hail from Virginia jfnrth QaroiMfot from everjrwbera eaat, and are l tow fee T' ?aa, tn?a foe Mtaeourl, aad an?e fjr >rd I newt where. Our owe sewaty aad Ptata hav* ir>i fireat ->oe to the great Weet We n?tioa aa un giber of tiavea la the trains of the movara. >?i * Bit i aa ? H W Heeeher, ef the M ie?o >( r g la a pb !aethrep<a bewl at tbe Inali sets In th ? -'OPtrj ert i'ged la a On?>?? u.r* at H?>r r.f th? N?w V >rk f"tisa'i /.antil Mr Me r Ihna r?f iee>?|t it n?wa t ?t Aa?*'?:?a free^nta. tlagnaliro fr at Ktropeaa, Kiaes rqaalltr for ae ?WlktaMsiMk f "t i-i, l> 1 we ??r, remark to tl?r in tli? hfUj** fiat he m iet be a very to pat tat >r>n from ?? 1 > iwn Katt " oe ta? wnaklhtva iwa Ht ' ' graao'aiber wsa taht ng for a > ari t>?M? ara'net tbe ae t lad'aaa hej.tad the a* la* at <be ti 'hai htS franift'l ?r ? - ill" th'oorh Mew regitad to aril to tbe dr'iiah on Tea aaa'aats a pari r>r p Mtt cat ant battrare tfc. r gr?r la as DIPO&YANf FROM WiUdGTOR. THE MEETING OF COMRES8. The President's Position on the Secession Question, ite.? to. Ac OCR DWPirCBES FRO 8 Wt90ljt.r0 J. Wahhj.ioio*. !>c 3. |M|. The House 0|>?ned at twelve o'clock with an impromlve aad eloquent prayer for the I n ion by the Chtplaln of Um Houie, the Rot. Mr. Storktoo. The South Carolina mem beis are la their teals. The Union teeliog is more preva laat The galleries were all crowdcd wttb rp^jtalor*, 1b i eluding a brilliant array of ladiea. To the surprise of some, every member from Soath Carolina, txeepl Mr. Miles, who ta on bu way hero, an a wired to bhi name on roll oall la the Hoore Bit the State* of Louisiana aod Mississippi were represented by bu'. ooe caob, vis? Bouilgny of the former, md Singleton of the latter. The attempt to wmmenr* business at onec, male by Mr. Grow, cf Pennsylvania, by Uk'nc action on the Homes Wad bill, foreshadowed tbe Imeiitloa of tbe rrpik llcaua to make tblc emphatically a buaicess aoeaion, ao far aa their side la concerned No Senators are present froai So jtb Carolina, (i?<rgU and Ioulstana The opening House proceedings wero watch)! with uuch attention by tbe spectators, while an eternal hub bub ard hum and bunlpg of voices characterized the conduct of the mcrnVra fn the floor. But tbo confusion was iwifclr;. more tban usual, scd did not teem to indi cate tbe etistouoeof any additional rancorous feeling be tween thu North and tbe Fouth. Tbe President received this morning the visits of a large bun ber of Senators and representatives before tbe flour fi r the mooting of ( >pg-ess His goueral reception was alto numerously attended Conversation on the absorbing topic of the day war rery free aad opon. At balf past twelve o'clock tbe President re Mired the Caief Justice aud Associate Judge* of tbe Supreme t >urt in the Blue Parlor, and im medially after they retlnd, The )>lnt oommittee of tbe Senate aid House were Introduced, and a tor tbe usual cocrtcsics he Informed them tbat be would sen! bla acnual Mriragc at twelve o'clock to morrow. Sone of tbe pollt'cal fr'ends of Vice President Breekln rllge wai'.id ii p->n blm on 4aturday and Uudered blm a serenade, which be deelioed. The c<- '.giatulattooa among tbe members of ba'.h bouses of C' agrees were seemlagly as cordial as hereto fore. Many of them bad met to day for the first tlms In their respective chambers since tbe last session. Everybody la Impatient to ate tbo Meieago. If tbe President's advice la followed an adj-istirent may be had C'tlec'cr Pchcll loft here this evening for New York, w'tb the Pr?*ldcnt'a Message, and Mr Tressot'., AmiUnt Secret ?ry of State, left this morning for Obaileston, with the Mcs?a?e It is understood to be prepared with great ability, and to be m>deratc and oscillatory in Ha views and term*. It I* too probable, howtver. that It will give cjnal cil'ore to to the extreme man North and South. He adhere* to tbe doctrine that a State has not a constltu tiotal right to secrde, but alao malrtaln* tbat tbere is no poser to oerce a .'Utc. He bold* that it is hi* duty to see that tbe law* are executM. Tbe Meffago of tbe President could not be'tted to Congress to day, although in print, simp'y bcoaoso fair manweript oopica for cacb House cwld n >t be mad* la time without employing the clerks on Sunday. Tbo public solicitude to aec Uie Pres'dcn'.U! M s/aji wis sever higher. The statement that Mr. Secretary Cob'i bad resigned, to taVe ifloot on Wednesday, U a little premature. Ho will bold ou for a few da\s 1. tiger He baa prepared a letter for pat'. ratUn, aldrrssrd in tbe people of G -Mfla, In be will sesirt tba right of a State to secede. Tbedostrlnsa announced by him will differ ao widely from thssd coo>< la tbn President's Message, that bla withdrawal f/om tbe Cab 'ret will become a neessF'ty. This publls* tlon will be wide tbe laat of this week. He will remain until It Is made. It la understood tbat Secretary T jumps u will purio* a rtmllir ciurte. A-?oeg the Tartou* propoaltlona, with a ?!?? t-i qn'el : 1*1 the pmni political eelle, la one p'opnelug that the repreeenUtlrei of all the Southern State*, Sooth Oarolina eaoepied, hare a oonferenoe, nad prepare a lut of their ' grlerencfe. acd what wUl tattoiy them at a rem*]/. Tlila U to be submitted ti the conservative repubilaane, and if It me*t with tofflclrnt faror fro a thoo, then, 1 nAnr tbe reading of the President's Mrssage, th?t that pari In referraee to the political trouble* be referred te a eommlttec of one fro? each Stale Tula prupoeittoa la bettg dlrcureeJ to day, ant tt ta said that aercrai I lon-ltent r< p'lb'lcnes ba?e already aeqUeseed la It. _ Sol or Plores, tavor from tcoalor, baa presented a letter from the Preeldent of that republic to the Prseldsnt of the, United BUtee. arnoinclsg hta appointment a* Hi fi liter from that State Toe aud'.enoe waa private. TBe President staled that he waa utrtmely (ratified In r# oelvtng a Hit later from that rfptfclle. li la prctwbla that tbe oBoers of the Brooklyn, now at Norfolk, wUl he detaJkod aad a new let tm-n*l lately or dered. Peek of tbe men aa have made tbe fall era toe will be dleobarged. aad tbe octuple* eat Oiled op with recruits, and the vtaetl (eat Immediately back to the Golf. Tbe Seprrme C<art today waa attended by a'l the Jostles, cieept Judge Wayne, of Georgia. The abaenoe er the latter, however, baa r.otblrg to do with the South' era movement, aa he la a decided aatl et> anion tel. The Cblef Justice a| peare* in ecusually Arm health aad good splrita B? baa ao thought of realgalag. A committee waa sppolnted by tbe bar to draft renolu t<> aa In bnnor of /edge Daalela. J<fl, rna Davis la chair mas. Tbe Attorney General will prcaeal them to the C alt to morrow, aad oa Kedataday tbe docket will be CiiM. llokoel A 6 B ion# arrived to Jay from Dearer City, under ordera to report for doty la fta lad aa I iter lor '? Mftmfst. Oo!. B. Tinted tbe Cheycaaea, Arrapahoee, Om*f'(bea and other Indian trlbee, wth the Co mala ai"t>?r , tad ma Je the terms of a treaty far Ieliaa reeerra tl .)? ooverleg tbe Plke'e Teak region That region haa an inSependeit reoresentnllva la Wtablagloa la tbe per Mml kr ? C. Jew Bit. Tee Treaenry today wis e tabled to pay only abowt tweaty Ire per teat if tV mileage of Coagrtsam<-a. F.i a* a* o'Ctoc* P II. Tfce enaanltatkma among tbe repuMlenee rsaatt In the Mmmt bp as 1m roe coceusloa that tbey will o(T?? ni mm promise Tola la the lateat declaration of tbetr moat promiaeat men Bm Anrna K?Bd? 1 baa tikra epertr>eBts at tbe Ma-' tinaal It la wb rprred that there le not ta Iwpoeetbllity o* bia bilng id' red a aeat la Uaaola'e Oahta*t Fecretiry Oobb haa written n long letter oa pnlitWwl matter*, which aiay b? soaa tab I. shed. A etr<w?g p**e tare la eserted t? hare bim leers, and another that be tb< old rtmala le the Gnbtset Sacatnt Iverr a, of Georgia, haa arrlred N? nrmpreaiire or act of ooaeiltattoa *e*M now to be ara'iable. An ri^oewn, for gool or III, te lacntable The President doee aot reoomsseed a Cmmt oa * all the Jute* Be or gee apna 3oarreee ta amend tbe coa itttutioa. Firtt,*o that slavea aball be reanffa>a<>d aa property ; recemd, that It ahall be the duty of Ooagr*aa to pan law* to protect that pr^pagty ? meiatnr alaraa ? la tbe eame manner ae all mber property Tbe p?ejeet?d meetlvg to a*ght of the l'al*a membera ard eeaatora baa beaa Incelnltely poetpowed at tbe re qutat of Mr Orliteodea THIRTT'BIXTII CO^UfllCfS. accoHD aaeaioM. leaaae, WAWmr-m, D* >, 1**0 Tbe Sraate coatered at twetrw o'ctoek ptwjlaety? Vr. Raa< ?Httn.a la the chair Abaetit? tteaare. Berjtmta, of U Hi-^nt, of S C ; Clay, of Ala ;Owta,al Gal Hamnoad. r.f ? C . flarlaa, ef lod ; Irereea, of Oa i i^breoa, of Ark J"?bee.>n, of Tran ; Ma t lory . of Fin I'egh, of Obl?: mbaetlaa, of Ark aidoll, of !a Ten K?ck aad Tnom-MWi, of If J ; Toofrte. or Ga.,aad Wi kiaeia.of Tb* gallertea were two tblrde ?IIM. Prayer waa off -red M tbe Obapia?e . Hr GweVy Mr f'ai'inv, (ipp ) of .Tad , aHWd tbtt ths S?--eU?y la'otm tte B >oe? that a >|Mnn of tbe A*?ate bad a* M*tb'ed, Bed waa reaJr to proewed to bn?tr- ?? Ai?->t*d. Mr pHiiaa, (npp) of Pa., Intmlceed It* f>.' ? a'ng mol?tt?-r . H**i Ired, Tbat a r-xnmitm of IS r r -b* ??? ?v- wvt toe* aa way ipninVit by th i Ron??. wmH "n tbe *r? atdett of ibe Uaited statca ?D(i a f irm him tha". Ihi-re tt a quorum Id each Hmte Mid th?; tine grata ie ready I* re ceive any c ommuutcai.oc be It plcaaed I) tu*Le Adopted. Me??-a Bigler. Maaon and Oil'amtr were appointed the eoaaKll.ce. Mr. fmr*n**, (opp) ol Aj? , o.lared an order ?hat the bour o' ria<ly uitetirg "f the Senate bo twelve ooloofc. until otheralte ordered. Adopted * mttetge wee r?c?lred from Ibe Hone* to Ibe eftwi that ft eatNCNd In tbe Senate r??o' tim for * c >ra mltue to wk't on the Pr"S'dout, acl tt 1 appointed a atHUlar committee Mr CtinGaAjr, (opp } of >' t moved t< Ukfl a rec ?? for balf en bour Mr. Ta< Min i l, (rep ) of li! ,<rii 't!i?r;r?l that thry woult D?l , ;t ibt Meetage lofty. Aojourcod at ten fDlnotti pact one 11o?a? of Hepr?te?i*tl?ca. WiHtltumi, I Mo 8. IMO Exceretve good huuior prevailed pe*rio<ta ti the S fiak ar taking ibe chair at dood. and caiflrK tbe Houae to order. taa Flint or r<ia ohaki us Tbe following prajtr waa ufloiod up by Her. Mr BUnktoi ? 0 tioj ! we r?m< mber tbe patt, aid we are grateftal for Ucpatl Welb.uaihee ft r the t leeovery of ibie No* WorM W? thai k <hee for the e ilootaa'ton of our part ol It We '.bat k Tbee for the rtiahl abdieut of our national Itden n^'ure We Ifcai k Tlxti for the oigAUinlion (if "Mir tatiora' I dud We lhai k Tnci for all lb?' nwatinfl we bare ?t.Ju>ed within lbl? L'nl<n National ble??lng, r.ltrll bt? itirft. Uncial bu-atiut* apiriiual bi?aalo?a, ailkiodao' bU r?iui!ii, tutpeakably |'ri?( icd preoiona bieaaln^', mob b ?<*'? >? a* were tierer vi> j< ?> c d by any other p.- ijiui ?ln?e tbe world began ! Anl n>?, (I. 1/jrJ our (tod, we ? If r liiTbcoou' bumb o pralre lor ?he paat, too i>na<nt, aa<t for an tbo future Will it pU-aao rhee, for Ch.u.'a tue, to fraiit t.H rb ? ?p>olal all. fho'j art very bgh and ll'trrt rp Thou k>< ketl d"*D over ibe wbol < Iru1, from j lake to (u)', fro n >f? to at'a from lli? rltin* of tbe aoa to ' the going d >?n tbneof. a< <1 Tuou lo'iortl a.' our do'nge : thd Tbroi krowcat all our cannon rnoo kooectt tbit | rur go' .1 bid are at ftult, ann that our wite turn art at I fanll tn tht North and in I'je "toi.tb. in tbo F.^it a-it ki 1 the W.n, lb. y aru all at faull Wo know ?ha'. la but li r ut to do, an1 with cwumna couocni ae rotne to Tb?e, O l/>rd our Ood l and we p?ay Tbre to overrul* all uo ea?>n?bli? ai-d ?lrke<t m?o * In all [>a fa of our C "uf"lt rtoy w<> may loe? l i loapirtt an I to i-t'rryttKo ar>1 to a-fci?t ail tru pawi >ta in erary part of the I'lIou. May Tny birM'nK r?*t upoa all de partmt cta <if our governtneiit We r^roein >er wtlh mi pt-o'al n l'Citode tho r"r??iiJ-iii of lb<*e Uulttd ?Hate* aad bic in u.' l a<tvlao>a TVioy la. k wuib m , b it if tb>y call tif* II rb?M? rfcon wit fire tben wl?il ina, fnr n?"M j t'ttat it to all men llbrtal > aul upbraidrlb not Wbllat ? we truH that Ibey pray fir lb 'nre m?, wo here alto pray for thrni. I ot *>y b' l; spirit bp ('an 1*1 unto then, aid (rant that they may iitnodilT are w bat la < sadly tight lor the .a t> do, atd frait tbeoi facte to do it, aol tj fully ut'derttand tbe pr?lt't>n !n wlil-b they are plawl. tVe tbai k Tbr? for tbia bt yht aiirt h auttfnl mo'iilnn for the aaeembllpf of toe two tioum-e of 'X>uK>rta Wit pray 1 that fby b'oaaltig may real oo tba Vtoe PretlJent au 1 j opon "YCr? fV-naii-r In bta place; upon th-i ^pt?k?T o' tb ? Houte, an<1 upon erery niMirr tn bi* placo rejilr* to leain tbat tbry aoo tb> ir rerpj hi tintiaa, anil t ,at .b?y fiel tb< lr rraprnalbtlitk a. aLt if at mtny of ibrra ar ' k* kit; ??warda rb<e ft>r conrtel atirt dl'ootlon O Ooni, our ??loo ' iet 'by o?n prca-'oc^ aub-lu'erery heart, er try mind; and aatictify ail aotlop* to Tnv own <K >rr, and ti e grt atm ta r.f our wbo>e iieoplo And 0. graut that w^ may dill iitc In peace aud barnooy in ibt? blettnd I'ni'D Tee roll of Bien berf waa then ? allcil About two bund red member* r?apoodel t> their didiw I Tbe aba< ateea were Mettra tiosc) nail Dtwea, of H?* ! eacbueeltt; R?rr, Van OIIDMdC B Onchrane, o' ' New York: Plmmtck, Bur and Montgomery, ofPeon BJ Iran la; W .-baler, of Maryland (detained by alckjer?); Garr.ett, Isate and Oneri, of Virginia: Sntib and Vance, of North Carolina: Mile*, of South Caroline; Crawford, of Georgia lamer, Davie, Berkadela { ar.d McR&a, of Mtaairaipol: Mallnry and 8' on, ' o' Kentucky; Brabtoo and Wrlglt, of Tcniaeeee: Ti'.?->u aad Prlt'.t, of Indiana Paroeworth aid K'llogg, o* (III. to'*; llleinaa, of Arkaaaaa; Waldron, of R. gtn and H??llton,of Texas; Snott, of California Hjope cf Ttab atd Dally, of Nebraaka. Mr MiKbbtt, (opp.) of Pa., appeared In the p'aoe of Mr. Bobtmrtg, deceased. Mr. Biautrr, (opp.) of Mo , and Jobx Yonw Bmw*, (opp ) of Ky. , aeverslly appeared and ware joa'tflcl. A menage waa received from the Senate annoqrclog the appointment af Meaart B'tler, Maa ? and Oollamer aa a ommittee on tbe part of the Senate ti Alt on the PreaUtnt and Inform him that a qioruon of both hraeea are In attendance and iruay to receive any ommmlce tlon he may be pieaard to make. Mr. Moomiac, (rep ) of Pa., offer*! a a'mtlar rcoila tloa, wbich waa adopted, and be and Maaara. %x- vk and . Adama, of Kaatucky, vara appointed the committee on tbe part of the Houee. Mr. Grow, (rep.), of Pa. ca'lad np a m it loo male laat teaalon to reooaalder the rote by whet) tbe Htmnteel kill waa reported from the Committee oa Agrtoul'nro, and referred to tbe Committee of the WHola on the 8tate of the Catoa. He moved the prevlooa laeattoa Mr. Finn, (opp) cf Ma., eald the geutlemea from Pennsylvania could oa'l np tbe aaotloa any other day. It abould not aow fte inalated oa, aa aaver*! me a ben were abaaat. Mr. 8aow riplalaed that hia raaaoa fir call lag np tba motion aow waa that they might have bualaaaa befjro the Bonae, tor the geulleman kaew there were special orders for the Brat three or tour waeke of thin aeoaioa Mr. Crow yielded to a aoggaatioa to poatpnte the motion to r the preaenl, that meebera might prcoaad to draw for aeata. Oa motloo of Mr. Fion<m, (opp ) of Pa , the da 'y be or of meet lag waa fixed at aooa, aattl utberwlao or dered. On mot toe of Mr. Oaow, a maaaage waa aaat to lb* Prnate tnfcralag tb?m that a quorum of the Hju* t waa preernt ani ready to proceed to boa'ceaa Tba B 'iae, purtaiat to a rtaolotljc prevloisly adopted, proceeded to draw far aeata. Ail the m- moera rot tied without tbe bar, aad aa tb< name of each member waa taken from a bo* and oalled by the Clerk be camc In aad aaade hia ebol ta. Mr Wiraaraa, (rep ) of III , aaid aa b? would vacate b'a leal en tbe let of laeuary be a eked to be eseuaad from atrrtag oa tbe Committee of Wiya aad Meaaa. Tbe armtKaa replied that the oommiueaa appointed at the laat eeeeioo would be ooatlaued throughout tate. Bob jit to the vaeaaclea wbleb may oeear, whtoh will be filled by h'm. M' W**K*ra* waa eiouaod Mr Gaow renewed bta mot toe Aw a reoooaMeratk* of the reference tf the Hcmeatead bill. If any oa? wiahed to dlacuaa II, te would be willing to allow opportunity for that purfoao. Mr WaMlBtaa, (rep) of I1L, undentood Ibe Preal deot'a Mereage would aot Come la tlU to morrow, aul moved to adjoera. fa- r led, and the Hooae, at half paet one o'c'ock, A1i>urtrd. ____ l.ataal fiaia .lamalra. Ot a KALNUCTH til?RB?ruKI'K?rl> Pais it'ta. Jamatoa Nor ? , IW Rrw<r%i y. mrnutt? A Conner Ckirpd m>k Pfi-jfy? /VyUar rd?;et<* and AaaMary ??J'I bread Jurmt , <tc A etagu ar reltg'ouo movrra?nt la taklrg plane in the partrbea of Wirtmoraiaad art ft P> ??tetb, la th'e oeubty (C >ra?ali) It la la the f >ro of a revival a; n la. to <h ?e wbtcb, aome time ago, attra. ted ao m Mill aotiae ta lic'ead. Tbe torawall Carcniu* aaya that ibnaa wb> tac put away tie r wlvta bad rooetveJ tb. m agaia. aa<l aoafetaed ibekr atai and mia. o>nga aloud, praytaf tba Almighty to lorgtve them Tae tV which te tbe Neetor of tbe Veet Indian pr aa. do?a a t eeem to h<*e< manh fal'h ta theae "mUatght org tea," bat la, at the aama t'we, tor totting the people a'one The Palm mth oa the other hand, arena to believe ta tbe alacerlty of tbe perple eagaged 'n the moTemeat Mr David A. PeerUdo, tae ooroaer tor Halt over, ? about to be lad I 'tod for perjney, ani tf found gnilty he will, under aa lelaad atatnu, be d'roiatitfied for re elect too are belag made to Introduce a ramprehoaalve teh?me of cootilar etlorwlloa, leairabit aler ?be tee'i ran model, by an anpmpriailaa of from tM 000 to filf) 000 per annum. At pr*m t, the appropriation or ed??tt?o at rurpr^c la OUIJ fit 110 per anaam ilwirtbated la the f.?m of trettinl a tm^errvtng acbooi tteabai t aa at tempa te ehn tietrg ma^e to mattta ? Pyrrole eatAbliah irt 1 1? an over the tataad for the preaerratma of the pan lie hoe'ih A curtnua 'art bae tearaptrel r^apectlng the henaking rp of a t raed joey ta the tmra of P?rt ABtoalo, la oooae q'wtr. ?.f tw? of tae numixr preferrlag to noeopy the r> -w rl a r? lit cal frftal to tne one a^p letod by th? rm??t B th are mealen of Aaarmhiy, and ,we?o re cratlr atr?r red to the mat atrany To? ?le'Ha loed th? r 1 0| loader, Mr Ka't* re. LbO bat tbe er tire *rl*taal t> a<ieea f U>0 dtetrlat baa to lie over to the taxi teroi. ?t>?o vteg tbe notmtry la mich addttlocal etpoaee, ao * ?nt-Jeatlrg i>->ertkiy . tanoorat le icea ae-ne. 4 of artaae lo an acibtthaal tw Hut en . la jail of tour months Mo?a Gooo t rr* ton P!?HBaw*v ? Tko (!*> >*? at Btl i'r???ate P> mt on Tnara^a) ani frllay uf laat war ter? ee?e. ?a'itl Moet tfcai laV harteia of maeae?el ao'" T| h'a<ktali wrre takea by ah >nt twenty p- re iae from k .i>a rjie f?t> aerel wr?e iu>a la rnu. aad w?m ,, c\ n. . n- "e? A I. leaf prvapertl/ mifaaoiB I , Ski ?o at -'lei < f tr the new regime. t*?r Sptl?|D(ld ftnusoraiB, Ul. Nat 30, IBM n* Trcubla ?f a Fr>n*mt Iak*M Btut by rditi i^am - An Ifnnrrnumitui Btctptio*? Ike RrpuUiemn Jvbiite a OompMt failure? Sunt at itaeoln'i Prioait Dwelhny ? A Sketch fr cm & nam TryimbM ? !U Kftc i, <fe , 4c To day' ? work waa the narleat "0 d ibo ' did ainae hla election He ua i hardly appeared at tbe Bute lliuae when he waa heiet by as eager orowd tbat b% i been on the lookout fur fclm ever iluce daylight. Tiiey gavo him do time W occupy himieif .he uanal4wo hours previous to the mom tug rx-rptioni with bt* private 3oir*Ury, hut clu'g lo Ma coat tall with an ubatluacy worthy of a vetter caure Ho had toadmit them at otee into bla apartment, aid then siorait for nearly tea long, we<i-y hour* to th) libporiuuiiice vf a ateady tide of callaia. Limited aa the tpacc n quii ?d by the lean proportion* of the Preeldenl la, he f ctd it a m> Ft difficult tvk to flo4 aufllcien'. atandtng room Uy tobfu^ enlreaile* to make room only be ' maintained liimit If lo olore proximity to the d tor, woloh pot'th'O ho hid <:aoa?n with a Tie# to factlta ting the laev.tanie hand (baking*. Bot he found tobl*!rienre bodily iuconven'eucc that tl.ia dofrre nee , to iLecim'ort o( the callera waa not the mmt practice . plan be might Lave adopted. The curlout defiled paa fclm, after r^oeeiitg tbe Prealdeotiel Brg'.ra, Into the i room and KoUird either on the aofa or chtlre ?r remained ' (larding for protraoiid observation Ooly after having Man d \? ith ( pea month* to the'r hearl'e rnutent? many ? nipl }<;<! honrt a tha' agreeable paat'm ?? they would move ou'. of <bo room and enable otbora to gain admit, tar e. A tight j .m prevailed, therefor, all day arcund 1 tae Pn c Jit, I, who luund t.mii'lt freqieutiy " driven to the wall " B?yord tfce mrtomary firharge of eVutatloct and tome a mmcuplace remark*, little waa tpoLon Too morn my ?? at var ..d at t mo* only by Horn-' intend 'd compliment of doabifnl politico** and propriety from tin lip* < f aome unsopbiilicatod yeoman. lie reoei lion w?a anything bot oore nonlout. Few oi if tjok the trouble of removing their ba'* and aegars, and Iht aflair looked, Indeed, more like the IMa! sofore a tout try tqutre than a I'rerderlial levee. Mary i'*t y mon county jouth* brought their aw et> hiaita a:?ng and pns^nUil l.ivm Ui "Old Aba,' who waa at Hints mhoiij lurrounced ?y mbo" bevity Place ?i tktri wire iu dlitpalr all day. Io va n they trltotogain tbe Pirai ear U waa mooopollaed from early In the mornltig ant. I lata !?i tbe evening l y the "people " Aa predid'td by me aoma daj a ag<% tbe rep'tMleaa k>1'I Aiatloa o ' tall)' wit, aatadlfp ay of rnthoalaam and number of attendance, a c iaparativa failure, althojgh beld at lie capital of U e 4t*te an) tin home of ih > Hreel f r f>t elect Ihe 4n>rrlcaa peopto are knonn eot to he able lo foaiar a pr.itia. lcd eiela meal on ore parl'oular aub ! Ject.. liating betn triaUd ad narurum to Wide Aaake proeritlona, mertlPf*. npercbea, Sreworkf, nc , ourirg tho campaign, they are bo ? alok of all a mh rivpiy demonatritlooa, and wlab to *ta no more of tbea I t Kme time Tbe a?n'e??> number of aileodiala from abioad did not tueci t#o tboiaand, and tbat of actual i<art'cl|iant* tH ImIiwIii hundred. I lie Wide tvakea that Jtteed in tbe torchlight irooaa ?Ion ware a ?< rry Iwkitg b uly. hailing, aa tb >y did, ?>< ily Ircm rouatry lo*r? They ravoaled all iba clum ? lot**, lloaintra or movtmrnt aid lack of general rlaar.ity tbat dittingulabea rural from city bred youth*. Tbe illumination waa <lne but not general. Too Slate Houao preaen'e t a brt'lla' I ap earano", every wind ) a beltg I'gbted up fro u tbe cupola to the bus neat. A lot oi dlatlngnwh-d l!l!n'>lal%n* were la t<*n,but, with the nreptliu of [Xw Piatt, from Obi-.), act Jobn Uovoda, (if Ptn(?yiTaata, ao one of aot< from abroad. Alibi ugh ' i)IJ Abe" bad been tearly tortured to daa'.n during the daytime, th- people giTe li!m ao real n'ter dark, etea at bla private re*ioeaoa At half paat i x bo , waa oum moro etoaded np>a ta bla parlor, an l had to undergo atiO.btr agony of pr'tmUI. *a. Tbe who a lower atury of tbe building wa? Q led all the eaeclng wl b wall drriaed lanlea and gentl man, wh oomfort waa, however, grtat y dlmlnlahel by tb? 00 .aunt InB it of an 111 mant' rad pop' lace Mr* I.kcoln had to audura a* n any Imporlualtlce a* the head of the ^Ua often had to bear oal era aik eat n other, "la that tha old wo rnanT" Tbe Prea'.aaafa cdaprlng, bowerar, *semxl to aajny tha fv>* bngely Tbe cheariag ouialda ?a*alway* reapoc itd lo by tbalr Juveilla jella Mr. Lincoln repaired 'n front of tha hosM, while tbe Wide A wake proceaaloo waa drawa up, la raapooa* to a call Bade by aa aapeetally aatbaalaatic admirer, wboaa aleatorlar votoe, rtalng far above tbe clamor of tha multitude, aaj ' ined apoa "Old Aba lo oome aut aad abow bla bo ^ eat Uee " What HUia waa aald by the Prtal lent waa apokaa with great deliberation, eaphaaia and dtaiinctncra. 1 be meat iromtntoo* * veal of the day waa, of sooraa, lir. Tramboll'a tpeecta It waa prepared ualor Mr Lin eola'a dirtci tupei vlaloa, aad already la type oa Mooday "area lag (Xmiag aa a clear aad fol I defluiitoa of I la eo'a'i policy, alter the lallar'l many aeemlag re fa*ala to laaicatebia admiaiatrative plana preriooa to tha 4 lb of March, It created great aurprtae. Tbat aucb a proeunelaroento wai deal rad eren by a ?ai?rlty of the repu>lioaaa la plalaly tbowa by the aal verval la'.IVarttoo It prodooed. I la oor>eerTal!ve tone la bat an eriw of tbe ooatervatlve flow* of th * part of tbe coaatry. H " bettered by all that it wi<i go a great way a in clearing tbe Southern aby of tbe eload* of dttanloa. Frmt*<.' :?i n. Not. 29 1*40 Lime <Jn at * ft y?HU Ptrr* Mi /Vj-vfartj? in Jn,rdo '? In of tkn J'rriiirn i Otrrtpnndtn ?? //u Hiding ? */<?<( r/ fcxVm ,V'? Mr AUwatKl-rll K ?; Vwi' Vniii *)?? \ ? I'iii/ </ |A? Srrrrfary #f IW >*?? Mi *1. ^Mt.wan ? >??aMC?? ??;. Tbia b'-ing TLatkagivtog day, 'ialM ? U'g* insSor of 0) '.i>try paopla fame |BV> tarn tl r.l the r <t ? nary turkey* m lib tbelr c'.ly fi |fn.|t ud |?, their rea.^u 10 lb* r. ? Wool Al I be b?le| < j.tar onrra? poedeot, *? aid jouple put up la Uw court* of tun f >ra ?roc, that fmrn ihc moment of tLelr vr nl vnlj ui? of boifelag but '?< Hd Abo " Tbe? w-rr e Tnoct ag'/ cnai aiootoetlT*, Mil bmrlrg from tbe laa (lord that tb*y wore he rug lb* oMe*t acuitr* la tb* cuuety a at on kuoaa l.locola iaai yj?*r*, I made It an oh)?et t<> g',? Into enawaal.oo with lim Tbe **rrvjK<ui oiJ I* 1/ bom delivered a li'gbly Intending tlx* of Lnoota ramC* i reoea. Sb<- aaid that ab? bat boeo vyia l wlib t ? . bow hftMni of the ( nit 1 if. a tea *Vi peotla d la't i oali blm "Hid" Aha, bat aiiapif "Aba,*' la fan, laat abe ?til rerora bered h'm ab?n ?til* a b", la Ma oil hia? la K<a>Bcky, ara> ?b':h ibe bal aim I <o rataal !? t ai ft' ?acd great aatoalabment ?*. bia ?Iot?U in to Uu b'gboat tC.oa la Uk> land, "fif," ah* Ball, ' h? <? a* ih i ga?ktaa?. dolieat look'rg boy Jim awtaa" "lit,"' aba add<d, "tb<>r* wa< uaa to eg r<rax>ktbia a*KX'l hi?. Ha oaul 1 aiaaji remwutor tb ngi j\tt~r tbaa aty o'.bcr bo; ID lb* ??Igbborb'vid " Tfcr neat c*tdeaee of Hr. Uooo'h'i ptrr>ta' popntarltf la tb'a tie ally , where be baa I rtl f .r u?aiij lit riy ) *ara, I* furoiabcd by lb? fact tbat It li a)tof*IM( l-a^j* nbk u? c BTfra* w Hi any oil rrai leii a' oa. bi?i m aoti tlicltirg 'ft* of mn atirtta tUorratra of bt* a?ar r*a4/ aril, laatUaiiaiibla bow, > ' ttt. r? ! parlaf, ki MtfnikMH atd goot nnirr?UaHBg v'tti 1 ?*?r}l>od|r. Ota eooid with lata eol'?et a ??>'?. a? r.f p?riiaai aoarlot a ay a r*3iaw of tha la? | )???' oUiMf, omi'l room*. ?i*t? and ewn'.y of? ? ')?r rrR>ai#, A I , la a?\rrh a' (liat'ar 'i^rnaatioa O^lf laM njM a ?*???'at uf Iwooty j?a?a' atanllug t*?a'?d ?<? to an lafiJatkt of tb'* kind taraoty tb<v? y*ar* ? go, wbaa Llacola ?aa d< lag tbl* l*t?M *lla fl-rt terv a, la I La capan'ty of a nwaibf rrf IM tow-r branch of Ih* Otoal Aaarn-tJiy, the trgl?lat?r* mm (It to ra r.> Ihrlr fK r Irwm two tn four d'lilor*. To* paa*at? of Mia 0 riolt?d a gmd deal of f-rling ta iv?i p mr i>n.?* It ?*? U ' c*il ?I'.ir.'1 n<i ? > I f ", ex'.ritaj -a' , an I aa oatraga npoa tb* Uipajrra if tltv 'Uia Lla ootD tad to eai'ure a good dMl >1 dot < i.r,i?>toa ap n thai i<v, r afur bia ret tb '?, ? d?y an o!d aeqna nUa -? lo Ih* rh*f* of a lit i .t, I'a'd-w jrkUg y<-oa)?a, aa- 1 blm ai'l ai*o 1 If " n, ?t at'ig a?- -it IB* Bafi< maM'r Re c mid an t woul I nui ni1?nuil ?ny m?a mid be paid (o :r ih ?r? p?r ilay f >i "do i.g oottilog b it Ulk irg Bad r i. leg i n. liia, ? bi'e he arer#gf.| only ?v.. ? oe fir Ui* bardeat klr.d of ?i?1i Hari ,g 'oMy I'r^n r-st to I ? If i'tga, be woord up at la>t wlib an at g-y, V A he, I aar.l to k'0? wbet 'o toe wo-l-l n i u ? ,.| 1> ?? Koln'rg danat?d by tbe d ???'.laf t'l'oa of bi* oonat1 1 jeti l, "A^a" rei iad tiaaWr, "I i?i i tb* nely rea?! n * a* 'hit ?? ?? Ud e.e tr -rey ?? I>arlig I bo latl twn daya tb* Pratl'teat'l e >rre*iy<nd e?i ? <ii-?-rt?a f-1 a rfn r*?b> la.-n-Mo To* ann'i'r ?' ?' ? '*??? ?- >* a* v ? haet ?? *?p? ;a!?y the * ... . *?-. | , ??...% fh??n ?! ??' -.1 ef. iT?t?Mr I r i i- ' >?'> I r al'l i '* a ? ? ? tbat > ? ? tie r ?? # H. il.Li.aaiiic rtfrn itMiff of y?* l.^ari, t-? President it more fkroribfy Mlvl tnm ar4* 7aakeed5B than before. A'l Use aapliMita In that latitude wl I, however, do well U> procure tbe Vim IVendent'* eudoree K'tl before addreaaing thennelvee d>rect)y to the die 1 penclrg power. Jodgmg Iron. the fcesvy newt ?per met.' Mr Ltoc>ln M daily receiving, be uiual be wsl ported aa to carp-ul event*. The leadlrg dalHe* from tbt E??t, Vorth, Weet ud ?iutb ?UI be found on bia Utile*. K?ery editorial and item of newa beirti g npon th* qnceiloo* of tbe day la fatiufally peruacd or the New York dalliee bo reel* tbe If Tribune, Ti n*, tt-urier and If /uwr. /'cti aud Krj r'u regularly uf wei klle*, a large Dumber I* ??ut to blm. but with U>e (ioopti< n of tbe aad one or two other*, hard y auy are ever opened by blm. Oouniry editor*, who have eudoa nr?i to iogra tiate thenuelte* by *jppljli<g tneir rr^jcttve ahe^u gratuitously, will pleaae take not'ou. I d<> not Ihtnk tbat Mr Lincoln read* the Lti&r The more peaceful chat aoter of tbe latoct new* from the South produced a feeling of r illef In Presidential clr nlr* Alth >ogh the probability <f a le^otaion uf two or I three of the oott^n states 1* no longer quertiouod. It 1* Dot be leTOd tint any of the sugar growing and border State* will be drawn Into tbe dual) Ion vurtei Mr L'ncoln watch'* every m?nl'e*ta tlon of I'nion KBtimenU In tbe South with lstonw in tereat. The great and jatrlo'.ic effort of Mr. Aie**uder H Stephen* wa* fully appreciated by blm, an 1 formed the lul \5t of protraa'.eo conversion. Highly Dcoetlcla rtaull* are expected from the restraining Influeuoe >f tUc distinguished (ieorgian In the coming ^Uate Convention. Mr flroipC. >ogg,of Conoord, N H , the secretary of the National RepuM can Committee, arrived here from tbe Ea*'. on tbe rarly mom log train. He bad a long private interview with Mr. Lincoln In the course of tbe Cert noon. It I* rumored that bla vlalt I* connected with the latended iatue of * man if ea to by the body be ropro lenta. BEW BUILDINGS UP TOWB. Fireproof, Substantial and W?U IJnllt Theblatory of New York Tor loo put fifty jear* bag been rf p!oU; w tb descriptions of Improvement In build Ing*, tod when any of tbe newly e rectal o' thli city are oomparod with tboee of tbe noted year 1312, th? remarkable change la the more easily percsivrd A th'oe ?lory building was then ooialrf rn.l a very Sao one, but now we hare edifice* tiv atone* In height, ociup/log a wbelo bloak, with cileoalve frontage* ou tbrce streets, and more window* In It than ibere are dnj* !n t:c year. But probabiy at bo one time alnoe the eaiabliahnu-ut of thtacly baa there beeu more alterattoa In our puilh tboroughfhie* lhau at tbe pre* -nt Pr >n> lb? Bjtlery to 1 Harlem , from Uie UnUon to Iba Sjaod, and from ihj N'ortb river to tbe Ban, Ibere I* Ktrjeiy a (tree! that baa not had aome Improvement male la It In ibe way of building*, either In tae erection of now oo e? or tbe ai Icrattun of old oar*, an J in more than one Inaunce whole localities arc complet ely rejavenatod Tb t lacvpeclaliy tb* caa. up town, along llroedway, aid In ibe crou Uriel* from Colon (quare lo Centra Park lbVIf.0 HAM.. One of the noently ervr.t-d Ia?i?e edifice tint in%y tbortly De bi'>"gbt lut > note, la oout"-; >enoe of !M arm I public character, I* ibat which bus by it* proprietor* t>' -u hrltlentd a* above ]| I* *ltiwtid oppwite tUo Academy ni Muilc, on the corner ol Irving plan ana Fit IrriU street. ll seem* to be well adapted to the pu j lie parpoeir for which it baa been lcrlfrnJ, ant to the ta tty, e'>mfort ac<: c >nveetetu>? of a i pete'ioe who ma) t talt toe time Tbe principal object of tbe proprietor* It to aapply a want it at b a* for a gr"*t l.ujib o' lias esiitvd in that i?rt of ih?clly, via >o *-<ie*tr?le bill, talUlle to* bah* , c r,*rti, tvoturr*, (amy fair*, fetil tela, publla dint, re, *? ? 'o fa'-J, a "(era;!1* f>>r tb3 mute" and it 1* tbelr Intention to charge for lb* <u> ?' lb* ramc a far l**f, and <clIIt a m>rc aoocornietl, price 1/ an bat ntually been demand* U hadiMlion tothe large hali, or auditor c.?b .hUield to be larger than aaf otner In tbe City, wUh tbe mplM o' tbe Acad< 17 ol Mutlc, Ibere are tpt :to it offl o*, par lor* aed Unlet nun*, v. ilch wh"D completed wilt t*n m?Je% of oonvenleoe?. Th< re a*e llll< in aupper rojit* in tb<- basement, all of whl"b are es peeled to oi filled u,i In tbemcat elcpatl *tyle of arl, wktlo the ad litioa of a i barroom and kitchen* f ret pn mlte or the realauran, ! being of a complete character, rapt Die of aoconaulattrg ' private and public parti, t of almott aiy reaeoatb e *lxe Tbe dimtnti m* of Ibe building are *erenty Ave feel ?loeg Irvleg place by one hundreJ and twenty ibreo feol on Fifteenth * reet. Tae large ball I* n'nely *ix fe>t lotg by MTU ty ere feet biond, and thirty icveo f? i high It I* to be provided ? tb a aubfuotial *pring fl jot. Tb* temperature will be kept it a proper point by ibcm* of the bM air frora lae furoac *, bi\. ? muderiied bj flrat rate rentllatlon. Ike e- ISm It built la ? very ?uba'antls! mtener. Tbe fouttfaliona are of tbe m<?*. iraietre curt ner, eti.>a< ron, ten feet belcw tbe eurb to alt liH above It, ai* farmed of ttone to th* tbirknei* of three Ml. The ?\ all* are forced at brick, and pre*< Dt the ?am t ?u'j'iaatia' f< aiure*. Evan the pt'titloa wall* la tbj Hyutr dtp til meat are rlxiara Itch** thick, *o that it I* apparently im pnealbl* for any break down to revolt, evea If 1 le la'ge hal< were to be crowded ti lit ulm :*l cap-i -Uy. In fai t, the entire adlfl^e la *a d by the ii>ape:t >rt a,>p>ln?od fir tbe pnrpoa* of eT^mtcing bolldtrg* to oe the *'.roig *t and meal j" r?ct of It* kind arreted in IM c'.'.y. wiiua'i KEir TBitru. Acctber ilrotg atractare m tbe rt-ne rtctalty It in Ibe sonrte or erection, on tbe eomtr of Tblrt -on lb iirwt and Foorlb avtaoa, a vary abart diaUnoe fr >m flroariway. Tbe , r?oa : tlooary m< n*nrea that bave ibo* far b<>> a ad >pt ed are of tbe nott admirable ofcatar<rr, at.J Mr Waltank Mi deserving of praise lor the llb< ral -.'H'ay bo h%e m vl" tn that deparlmeat. Tbe tro md foaidali >n I* Uld on*. .Id | at-te, tbe baiem?nt aall I* two feet Ut'Ok anl twenty 1 1 1wb?* w'.de abive, and a rtroeg wall Uppon* the par ' ; qaiiuand Jr*ea circle Teir* t* ai?o to be a wall, two *to i rlc( In height and twelve Incbe* lbl< k, toarpara'etbe loufey from the dre*a olrele. The same iniMlaaliel oia*truclt<in I* to be obeerved Ihrnigrhont tbe belMIng, an 1 II will be ; wilbowt doabl Ibe *tr?" feet and muntoomaolioat theatre ' la tb* eltf , if aet )? <be I'nloo It le lalewled to tivia [ modale an anllre. e of a U>ooear.d preeone more that cae > be rongregated la tbe pr"eeal Wallaie'* theatre on 1ro*l- I wty T^i* efevetten 'ir tbe eew theatre will be nearly , ?fly r Ibeeorb. th * *r, ?rdi g vpac* tor three Here, while from each of th* lbr?o *tirl*t ibere win be ( an pie pruvlfkn* a a a for lb* lagreae and egrfM of th) ' aiMllttcw? Co perf*r?, tn fa t, that Ihs fcuac may be ?mptHdof a iriwdcl a . 11 tee In tlaoel lb* brkifret ' lime poiitlb'e. We nollse .Ibere tmprnveventa t it peas ire, for o te'r jeer* the !'0-y 1 a* been man 'wled to "me ee"' btiiditg* of bb ru*u ?iecharaoter, bavisg **-?-* tb" o? ! Helln view of a "qtr-k relare of lie money" by an rn'weiooa per eeoUre oa the outlay ia the way of r rt tf'kii for any permaeett i?m -g of tbe bulldl f, aad It It i ol to be wafered al that per ms* rbuddev a* they pas* a'ong tie eltewelk aed In k if at tb* lofty but diega, dreeliag I wt tbe wm'-e *1 vnle ?' buVi" a>'?t io,">p'r '-rer them, e* i*ing the t ?*i?'b 'r itit at * It le bit a few day* reee ?e t* I le rveor ' tn- fait 'ok a bm'd ngnti Weiubail e're-'t, by wbieh a HUfc g?ti w*? ro l? red thai tbe ilea at tbe p.. let nf ?>alfc , anl (1 i.btieea tb?,r** are be treda ,r ?H h*r ? ' W* le ? lib* " eba'^y" eiedlllee tbmsgbte^lb t rtty, m* h o?ly rvqi're a f?w p>, *d* of eilra welgbt, tbe retn"Vtl of * brain , wail or penp, or the erf i .inoal iar of eow* mai-hleery . to br eg rf.twn the wb He ?aa* lat> ?n??tr! ?*!?'* rule au4 i^rbape c tnea the oasia of ben Ml fertnea'ely thene rtaark* are be .-n ng 'eeeapp'Wa | h> t^rrr dav, ted w? tr ?t wa thnii eeoi hive aafll^ieet i r are never *{ l'a to ma, e ibrm. Wallath't Theatre. It la rather atiosatar, and eretniei a bnpr*ai e>1ee ! tfvnee, thai Nier de O'larlV* " I vlj Tarlaff'," w'llcb wa* wrl'ten for the de>>et at tbe Tbnilre fratea a a Mite. lie ban, ab^eld have been fthteen foe lb* flrit *p pecratre < f to hopeful a drain ll c 'V? ulie flonri fi- ?. who made on lest treeing her Iret *V>p In the votettae ?be b?* arfeptod. That It we* aot a falae *'"p may be readily Inferred front tbe fatt, thit al lk>?|li If'r* I' waa firroaade,t by lb* b>*i . dr<titiatlc art tat* la Ihr city, en-l the e.leei: -newit -? Ibet ' tb* **<lleeee we*, with few rve?ptliB#i ewiloeat r fa?l! dk il, tbe bore herself wt'b tbe 'n ?' ** old tiegtr, and oarrtrd ofl the h nore of lie aigbt wltbnji ??ealeg In be wry natlo-j* for tb?n A* far Ibe pltj ae orr? we bel'ere H le Hr, I -a t?r *.,!?<?< -ha ? alien pled to r''1 *?>* Of dial'* etnnb 'a Tn-nr* 'sit e'?fael t'.if i?? anl h?? peH'tUlf leeeeerfei Tbe llt?? U*e ?>??" rhteged te Ihei r-f 1 Tb< ki" 'i ?I' ' b w 1 do ' ' we? t wf s ; bel'er The i - ' a lb* *em<> *? tbet ? r in* r rm?i (, < ?t , ' tie B ??ee (trt, R *y) ar'" 'i wr. , Im \ 1 it / -i In b'r (ime, ai>4 J noe ?!; ^g tVe ?negclW-k.! 1 a of Ht'Mn te nr^r to make her' If a ?octal pf'Uoo, KtMlkr HM? Uiua ta oarrymg oa a Ire Bfbiloui !! rtallun with ? p iuiy |H fello*, M ia Man* ihal d'li'tgay (Hr Blake) , la tbe chi?f cbannier iu tho Ira ma. she unt only iuwnda to te ;urt) too M?> h*l vyi Wr/ ?sorry for b?r?K, bat a'*" 'eiutfn Ul 0f(.M ofl ne rUgaof hla liu'OcntuiiJ i. j;w.uoii?g'?a" r. >iee,.j umette (Mm Hcirl<iaoa), da gbSar ol Hui. la Otoaaa it dar root (MtiaF Uvrast), with Hector J. fcaaavllla (Mr. Reynold?) Mmo d) Blocgac'a plaoi go alone Uucly enough. Sir baa nearly luoceetlod in ruining JeanneUe, wbvu b?r unfedcralo, I.atoncbe (Hr. I^ater Wallaok), goea ortr to tbo eiemy, a rci'oaiary c'ai-n which Mine. 4a Biotiac boll opi >n him bav tig b?ao aatlaled, anl abe ia deketed, u m Mated, eJ>i<oi*l, aod altogether m.'d up Is lb Freocb. tho ct'.ef attraction a*)oat th's pav is a dialogue, which la pollaiied to tbe dla n ot (I , nt II la I perfect picture of French id mue- , and requires fro.n the artlata, above all, f r>d breed i j, ail that faire which Ttry.iw ptople (Soapt 1'ar.a'aaa bare; aod although the perlrrDDaica of Ult bight u-aa Dot quite <q \1.Uj toil ol tfce KaaLel c >u| auy at tbe A adcisy of Muaic, flva } (an ago iKanuel waa the Mine, da it. and Mill, l.ia Felix p'aytd JeaaciUt), mill it waa uudou rtodly bet ter than we bad any ri|t.t In ezt>ectfrom an fc- glim out pai y. M i H<*y played bar ecene? with the M?i* tu?l r ic:t iHi j. j will a d tho ucJcuoe ?<r thai tlio de 8'' (Mo 1*4 tbo noble art ol 0t'tail?a at b*r Bogi-ra' code. In th U'tli ct the r InpeiM Into oonvonti > .allty. anl bade au ta t vb!. I', l.oairtr (SecUra it My km bwa I in a itieatrtaal p<.1li >f ?s w, waa qolv no ? y for a ccatdy of ns l r. f No ? m would, uo lor any r rnun,t land p, l<a*<- au ap?rltn<-ut afur the manner of a tragedy queen. Ailile froaa this, Mih B?my givo a cl.^ur and well oa*ak}<r?d Impt'tf na'loa of tUo character. Ttr <frfcK/a?.fr, 11 Iff lln rlfjm ?, i< reflrerb'oglr uro-mven t local, ki d ba? at ibe ris <? Ilka, a goo I manner for tbo ?l?<e. or arj wttre t lie, aa far as that la cJDrernrd SLo la c mrly, wltbont being dMivroual/ ban ir>?e; ?p- <tka taturaMy, dorro't act &t the ai:JKi ?e, but mlaaea to pi int (fide bcr p>uaut way of teiimg tbo li rg ttory In tbe f.Tib a. O, aud It all >g?'.hor a v?ry aincable arqqlattlci; to the N??r York hoarda Slio bad vial ia raie '0 MabaM, tbo rouao to befta with an ea?y part. ir*>tn?ny r.irvcr p^iple havo met with lln' fate of I--aror Ti r the nat a word will f til iv klr r. akr> ard Mr I "ttrr Wei a> k'l parti bavo btrn ifmiwbai a'Ured, hut not materially laiproTed. Tl;i y ?t. e <-a;i fully M.C * . acted. E'aae w?a pirtlcu lar'y g< I'd In bla flirtation lor.ea. Vr. Norton had a ?krt< h? an o'd kv > t rr with a lotig yam oa bli olud? ah'cbhe w ik<tt up arllttkally. Altoicthor, the per font atco, tbrn^b !t lacked va? awry creditable oce Thi- pl'jy ray be arcoLrlcd a luoecaa ao far aa tbe "ju d iclrti ' arc robceiE^d. Whi ibar or not It ia too acrth<>i? for the yrur'al public, wh'oh don't care to biiihcr Itaelf with th'ikicg abn.t tbe real atm of tbe drama or itndyi g cbva)ter, ia a quetilca for that b''rer?blr body to rettle. Tbe andf-ace laat uleht waa lti \cry gool huttor, aud tbirc were p. ip'e a> lia^reoa bly ertliu?laHie a* ?o Interrupt the perfinntaox by call )rg rr lira Hoey nnd t'irs ll^nrlqan after part'oiar ? a piece of abin llty which' we atrur taw la tula tbia're t>. fore, atd tr- nt *e rerer ahall aj;aiB Mr Lea ti r v. nil ark anoinccd tb? ''MoJcl lypoorlM" for repe till*. CENSUS <>F 1 H 6 O . MM I'annaa of W l.ramln. Tb? latt ? mui ol W im*i nilu ih?*R Iba foUoWnj to mill, a? tr.mparci witb flv* and t*n yoara ago. Tbe in ert %te i?r rent l? PDorBoflr ? C V>V7Uitt- 1K50 1815 1 WO IU>| 1 117 ? MS 7 0o4 B?(J A*, fmiu traw/?f<l.. ? 4 K'43 llOIS B i,?a 8 216 11*00 i ? 'Dinoi . i m J hi i m IblppfB ?<* ??'>* 1?W t'lttf k , f'OK Uili'lfflRloo ? i'i 7*3 C..I.U.I.* 1 T?"? ?? w Ctltfuid 8 491 8 21ft 8 0T| I ,,, WKtO 17 714 48.418 ,lto 19,138 34 WO M 084 IX* i . fr m Bro? n ..... ? ? 7i? 'i W1 K?u Llal.r, tin Cblpp*wa. ? ? 8 818 ? nrd rtu 1 14 HO 34*84 84,304 Oram 18, 198 3* 176 81 17* Grtt-u . . 8. Hi* U 747 1* 80* Cirft? lake, (to N*ri[n?ll ? ? 18 070 !??? . . ??i* 14 JO# 19 343 J?rk?.n. fiom Craaf.ird.. ? 1098 4 184 J Ceraon ... .... 15,917 S*,ftM 87 460 Jutipcn tioin Adaa>?. . . .. ? ? - 8 714 Kn'annua, lrt m Hrotrn.. ? 1.108 8.888 Ki ni*ll 10.734 la 397 18 M4 IiChpio Irim Otufurl ? 3 Wl 18,134 ijfMCtl* It"' 1??"< *18 844 M?i >i wf, 3,704 1.1 043 84 40* U, 8*8 1.48? 18#3 *ar.:.itlU 8 041 14 81? 8 880 ?.l? 81,017 ?? ** ?847 Monro*, irotn <4ilpp*?a ? ? 9 407 8 44T (K<>ni/>, If' m Brown ? 1 *4>i 8 881 (hjuiiw^.lront Btovb.. ? 4 4 14 0 008 Oiankrv.f rrm WaitalD|W>4 ? 12 #73 lft, HOI Onw, INB A. CM8..? ? 1 ?<0 4 47T 1*0 I, m 7 .*80 e?ib? H?'3 so m at^u K cMaid 808 ?**4 *730 90 7*0 37 MS Kat.k 4 871 18oU 1S8T1 Hha?aoa. fiow B'nwa... ? 8*4 880 Htrbin|in 8 878 90 301 SO 72* Wvwoftb-- ?? 17 892 VI Ml 80 *94 W*?t>r?ton 18 414 18 807 33 *38 W.ukrfba 18, .18 St 018 SO 088 W?n|iac *?, 'm Win?#hf|0 ? 4 487 8,818 Wiu*tiarn,fm M*rq i*Uu . ? 8*41 181* W.arr ui 10 1 07 17,438 38 788 Tnoa, frcnn Portaf* ..... ? ? 8,438 iH'Bu, fn in Calppawa. . .? 1.8W) ' 4 Mi l>nlB,frr,?n iHmn ? ? ) ' KtCnll C14 #,04?| He Ik ? 1 *!:*?, frota l*olk ? Burt<" Ui - !!???(!???, 'r"tn I a PotM. . ? I Aanlild.lrau Uthiia'.. - -f a, 881 la tVml *08 fj' l ?tflato, fT??B Chippfwa.. ? 134 ( - ^ Tnirpr>ean,f? Cbipp*?a ? 488/ T,,?al r?i*3?l **8,1C8 TT7 ?71 Intrralf from 1860 to 1848 310 108 Irrrcaac Iiom 1866 tn 1H00 33?.0*3 I .erf afe In tan 471,778 *Jaa d la U let aattMWd T?i* Ctani of Mow jtrnr-i/ ?laaal DIMrlrtl. TV) popolitlon of lb* out* of Sew aonordlaf to I ho mm ]u*l take*, la a ft-aclloo or*r AM ,008. 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