Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1860 Page 5
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Tbt Impending Crtots and Um Anti-Slavery JPress. Senator Seward's Propositions for Com* promise Hot Very Well Beoeired by the Bepublican and Abolition fresa. Ill FEHSOHAL LIBERTY LAWS. Tbt Abolition Jiarn&ls !? Fivor of the loitf 6?iag Sot if the Uiioi, BBPL1ES TO THE ALBANY KVENIXQ JOUB HAL. [From the Rookeater Daily Democrat J Tfela brief article bMbtea road by political rrlecdt and Hn with eooaWemole amaaement. H ?moi to ahadoir lorvb a propeoition far compremito, in mm rmptcU im practi.abU, and in oJnr fipecti, <J it mm to im, uncatUd for, and not UM y to do ike loot'. good It la aetaad j,> >n with eageraeaa by demooratta journala aa an erlrtecoe of the lnatneerity of tho rep ui ion j-trty , and a a a aort of admia-lon that In the long iirujgle to overthrow >.ba sowar of alarery In the general girernment, we hare MM t? toe wrong aad oar ad re rear I e* pretty nearly in tbe right fa know that bo auch admlMlon ?u H? algneu. H it la aiil will be ao weed br tbe implacable Mob lee of tit* republican party. Bat Joat wb?t li pro poaed, beyond a very pla'n au(. eatioa tor aaoibor oom pualie of mo? sort, we do not understand. [From tbe Rj recuse flatly Journal ] M1be Albany Homing Journal ? prate for a great many republicans" wbea lie a iterance acoord with U>?tr oon ?to loua IV mennres it yropou* art not Jair, they iei!! not be gtnrra'ly rnj<mdtd to in the frtr Statei. '.hey wtll no! |e rmxiotd tciih firjor tvrr etM poiien ot earn by the moot do mttd frimdi of ihcu. pajxr. In fitti, tee knn w of no* kin j (Ml ? ou<(i loontr Uucui b the Union than a paiuUnco m urging I heir mrMurei for adop'im. Vae people ot the f roe (Metre are not to be lerl'latod Ink) a lave oatobers The people or tbe frea *vau-? are Kl to be oompclled to i*y for runaway ilavoi, any mor<> than tor runaway harees, hogs act other obatte's. Tb ? people of tbe true -iiatee are net to be ecpeoted to itand ?> and w*?k at kidnapping, ae r very oat a o. Uu roo'axa Hon of loKitiveS nudor me exlet! >g aw '?? Whenever a man la claimed aa a tleie, lot the fact be tat* raited by a Jory, selected with tbe name J-aicua retard to impartiality aa 1* praottoed In any other oaao. All thli should be done at tbe expecee of the elaimtnt, tbe tkiue aa if bo were reoovertug ttray borati. fhen Ike matter *t all thua hare been diolded by " die pro oeaa of Itw," let the glare, If he be a alare, be dellremd to tho muUr; and ilirn let thu master get aim kaaM at kit own axpanae, u ue would *iy attar chattel. If other partita latoi fere, be baa hit remody for da aaagft, ibe aanae aa In oih i? c*??a TK* vita Ku llu JferA U to bo the po lie a! the 1 lave c<Ue\ert, ant to pay i V it mm at that, it not <n ihe Uatt than nf in/trno to Bather taan auamlt to aoychlLg a> alrerau Uj erory aorrert notion of liberty, let the o.itton SUtiw hare what they want? i . Mlon and a diare holding and alare im porting confederacy. ?nd wby , I' t ea aak, la It tbat the N?rth only, eren by laadiEg republican papera, la call* <1 up in tor co.n?teioni, mtalai and a^jeet, when the Ooatb It infinitely more lu fbaltf Tho oppoeltl >n to the eieoutloa of tbe Fugltlrc Bare law haa carer been from oiBolal action, bat al ?aya from Indlrtduala; while dontbern Legialatoren, Southern Governors and Southern oourts have perpetrated number Iwii oniraj.ea on Northern ott'aena It la qu'te time tbat Ike North ahould aak raleaae from oompromiae or from Ut?-e wrong*. THE A.LBKVY EVENING JOURNAL'S RE JOIN DEB. (From the Albany Er suing Joirnkl, Not. SO J Ike saggestlona, in a roocnt number of the J/urmxl, of ft luii of tctttomcnl of dtlfrrmcM bet vera tbi M irtti Ud South, bays. to awitfccning atteotlon aad dtaonsatpq, aoounvltshed their purpose. We too# that m no quarter would these suggestioni be more distasteful thaa with otr own mutt valued tr ten da. We knew thai the ocoa ?ton wc 1 be regarded aa inopportune. Wo known*) the provocations in the oontrovorsy were with oar oppj Mill Nettling It ea*!sr oertalnly than to domoustrate rightfulness of the w?itlon of the republican pkrty ? h putT that fa created ov the rep>al of Uu Mtaaa-tri ? m promise. and owea it* reornt triumph to the Jjkr minatton ot ilavrry to extend and perpetuate us political ?do? mi- a, aided by two ?uouaair*) ko4 besotted federal administrations. Bat, unfortunately, the pending Irne M to be decided Irrespective of it* merits, rua election of Mr Untxil j ia tke ri MXt for, and lot tho eanae of, disunion Tue ue algo originated with Mr. (?ib au, who, who: b* taltad Ui be itwietii Prea1d<at of the whole Union, termed tap Bchtr" of diving It, and devotdrf the reina'a ' or of hi* Itlc ' . tralalcg ttw south up to the treason uiw irap* Mr Cfclnoia bar*, la Vchiitie, Havmar.d <>tvtr?'.?t?!m >u, , sKiqueiat auxl'iaiiea. The ooowgtoa extended to other flpeiiarn SUM, and by dlllgoucn, an -iiy, dlitipline and crgatts-i ??o. tho mole peonies' ??.?? lulf Stkua have eojM. to a>iaiiathize wttb toeir Iu4m, we avi ? aro, la th- i* re* liwias tor atrtl war, in a-iv*ao? cf VmIt tLa'i era They hive been e^iM*u>d to belisva us ttulr one mf?. This mm oeeu cfli-c-eU by ?ystemsDO iniaro.iretoi latlona of 'ha aeatUMUfe and fooling* of the N rta, ncd mainly from the laiaehoote of the ln*ldi >us Jut^nU of Omv.rrct, It a IB fa worn Mtprrtt, and tie Warn Bixalo TUa remit of ail thii ?, that wbile to* Soflvijem CH?l~, with a 'ioanimity n-' gtiueiklly Sk*ee?i hkJ, ucn patlott l.;r rtiauntou m >re ihaaoi**i*if of tuim t'G ant -tig tn ut-er ignorance of too lnttntioa*, vlv >n\ *u<t feeitcr* o. tb?> North Nor will the i*a l?rs ptrra'i thrm to tie d laabuaed. Tiiiaa iea<MT, know tu*t Mi*. Ltacoio WUI aioilBUUr the t .Terumout la sutot and il oVkiicuoe fie (vn*ti?jf ??i and la?rn, *eek*ng Wl.f t<l( 1 aafti) and Mlfef* <?' tn" ?b<>io MfH throagh the p*? :*rtiy a?<t glory o< the um <e ?" >r ih*.a reaoon th ?> , e elp!'%t< ?h? Mali tt, fear: g that if they 'wi p-o ?oc?f. n none wtll bt faroifi.od, a*d tuat aitnout i'ael their flrrs mast be axttn(rnsb Ail n, tn?4riit? (%* iiwyriiif rf t\>, Vni<n and thf tj 1/ I 'g, ue rtf-jU, vriJi it U* K*nt irT'nr tii* "f ut ?H'litl '/"ares mferr?Ms at of a mitetaU* <ufa*i4wr<ift.*? im! "ur> U* tlm n't-n, trjorf tAf rfpuUitUM wtminitt'ti ti cm met or V V.i'd Airtn, 'Jl li tkrrr ??'M i'l infwuyi w?U bf ?.,-n mi fcU in Uu <>f yrt-lar !?>??.*-??< fu , t** '.vmorim and i'i Jo cnait will tn -v* tV J*r.rt? ami w?/?a?i? ?*? Uw-tmt,,* i tV 4'? / ??r t te Kwtwri M *? SI ?rrwUK-dlg a%Cumber*d if ? 4tlci*Jjtra u imbecile er teer btq-MUkrl. ksniiD jfi as thai ealate baa rv> ij , and wrote je 1 aa t '* pr-f< i.t c iJltl- ii we rf?vrl It an ? >oati-na 1 pricekta mi precious 'nhsri iioe? an Ichrr'tiiio- wb'l"J nt'i 'iui.ii: g to ?(.? wholly sq aadered Mtore w ootse into p- ns^-'oo To^er f aerotl g frlfai'a, wt" will ant qa'Vtar ->?:* ierol.on to fretd?oi,bo .t* mac1) th><7 may 'list. *t?ct ?or ja'i?iile t. wesj-><?tta 'ewea-raat a Iwnllnws ? 1 rktrr ii uam*r.<M dmmfu of a dmoUi !??>*? of JU X Thla dat'??* or'gtoat-d la Ike arab'ttoo an1 enptditr Of mi u Mbo dral'e a Honthero leap" ilea; *nl )n IB - feiiatte aeal of Nnrtfeera aboluioeiata who eeek t*M eaar ail at ? a of slaraa regtrdleM of onaaeqaetoea I jv ran tm lj bt %oniM bf luck aMlsrafea and toib*araw* as awl *rmm out , ttrmghm ?* J ttt r%x,m t*ntimerU of A< w\ol* country Iht jnsfimenl is poroasmmt in at UaM Sirvt Bait, v Kil4 U 'ti-vtfi and dutrmeu as many mnrt It" it \ U wit* to dtrt t t ittrtrlrtt vnth IMt imfwrirmn tksl A* H wtA k f I M 'urnM. tl u in torm* , and iHt Ifttmrni Xj taldi ha .d of oli (Ikw mcA suck Wind esVmen <* ml tc ??o rul <*?."? Ut? r?i-nj tenement Now, hH'.", *# bt* beoa la *a*y Wi prora k'l thla obj at aud wring, ao htvm to doal wi.h tbiugv a thay are? with (aot# aa Ut?y ntn? w th pe . He > i!nJe ? by p-??MC. J i$ n1 irn'mnL-d r^r ** ? mro' U<*tU m? if tuck was tk ^>jtcL Mad, b'>ai*T?r. ?< the 9)?th la, ther- Ma Gala aMttaiaat War. wmth cherUbiug. It will 4ar*Wpe had eke ii1 n feat aa tb? tarkceae aaJ itelosioa, In re:a>'oa the reeling* of tbe Norsk, r* a be dispell *1 r n. ' -all- for tn .Jeralt- u tad f.?roear*are Wt do +d. ?i?'i evr limUtik; ii its /btatu, Mnp M euctrtam mk*t\tr it mf On work of an iawer.diary V/or? mr mhn/uu* lA* Are flen i\ our g?gfi'?Mn? o t baata of, wif? .j Ike rlpoctation that wou'd be aoo<pt>l. la tarns by eltj^ eectioe bot tt*t ih?> m'ltia p-*? u.j laaag* ial? a muTimui n ib?i lir?- Hi ? fke OaWMi M Wank 1 priWivliig AUd il Worth prcacrvio?f ?.<g^ .i >n> t> If. hiwewnr omde. will n t bf oonWmret AVIM<ri ana party nan *IT >rd k> bv w^ranu? aot aa oar I- e* (unie, tn t'.e a iatdotimtat "r aba? n?ot of >w |<vtn sipiaa ar rt>?rari< r ? hut ictff.iw to o>rr?-t and lisaojiiijr Bi'not ot Uiree ? no te a ? ,J?*r*.a .d b '<u JB %/urr a /Iwal arjv**? '-/?*"* ? "*or< >1* ?' *??w# ? frrtm ?/ war." w? t?-W4 Ikk* t? Sr> l contenNen r.Vr?' ale, t?,nrt*k?a> f dtlfOttt Iflputavd bf tk* \U's* Aft? mur* l' .tat; yara of " w-ar a<.d tear, of e ill t m hid kD'ael?n,tt abwu'd nooaneeof ??> t?i?r ta%< r aarhlrory of gofer m > ? f unl *?ak >i?d, >r O.n i fppet*. if errp d'N*"tlv< ?'ov WTtud tt be int?r>kt? i!? ki the north aal 9>ata, b'leitif ttw - re*p??tivo frtkfe eikiipf tad r leased r*i<>rma to a <?aiin m ar.uraai.ut, t. BMt. strcias ard letafmttt" upon a future It a'.il be saitl that W% have dona aoUtirg wrMf, MM havM Bfth?r? to >*?? Tbie aap??>o| ti trie, t? rne^m 5f tkk r aa* .* ?t at a d ?-otb (inf ?i ac . T m t a*t*n ??; h / l o I'ty, aver* the or us ef otril war, kb1 pi ktev tr? ' f Oktao J Wans fi.r^wr (kat Ou !f?rtk *as n<?*inr #? !??* fy a Mn IVMt ?f * W t'l 1-n JMf rrwn iky (*?*> -?t ?l*U h> By IT H'lianef 'nr aftrious ?< t??M la'-n-l !o dt ?? 11 *? asi -,t of -o. ;??.ni Bat tt te a at* ?i ?? I ?rr- iea*'1 aa 'tperislW W'lake To* foe'.b and -wr.h wnre wl sly aan ' y a good i'nnr. ?-ooe aEtk-d. Tkeir utetwats. ?b#. watfara, tr jir ta th. t' I 'J, tttir ^-eiliv, it ?no V|t~i a tula tk* Maeih laagnisha* tha A.aL'i beoouio, i n a u?apaUaa, raaaies rt t (or a wt a snr ? aired Afrte tn air very , to (lure ia tlma ??*? (ate of avevr troyi al oat. a, whether l*ap> ttaj>. aio. tr ?ojr or r. pa <ii? That tate, tr.'.uor ! b/ Uii tn>i ? noft , feiury aid tai <y of the prtTliegad IkW ovr- the <iu mmt d, ti*trwire att eoMaved mar.y, ii anarnhy at. i iaatrootton it at fate 5 wrlt?i n th. bMtnr; ar t ?aeltve.1 at>haa-lk aaafwt, mar ad aad arvBstiiiag but feswuetiv^ m innaaeaia ar* aeea la Egypt, ta Ita'y. iu Ceatrst Auieftiaat d la M> ilm tkeee are the ertM aait the/ are Ml hMtlaary? Uti w? ilea re to avert. Hut, ooaaolotie of the f? I. i >ee* of a ?tan i? rutee ta a tewip-et, tarn i* tin ? to ?? ,?it bat to ?kM' Itr pcuagk the rapaa ieaa party aaw repreaeole we i IJe of a r.mtroTarey fraught with tie aafaty aad wai/are of tbie gaveraweet aad taklaa am aa tadivldoa wa akail endeavar to do anr doty: had aa we aadaratae 1 It, that dnty firm aot anwetat ta t?tdad arms er eea >! eaia, or at aad eyea grea tf, a* oar Koak^ter aad Myva ettie frien'a- and ibey are *oe^ la the treoat tneaulng of m? wort? fee North etaade, 'a all reayeofe, Htam alias tn tkM oeatrororay, much M aaekad to oorreet U?e taprvw Itona of the touthera paorle. emnv of w*o? traly 1e Maid woalJ )"tn aa la dafendtag the I rioa Wo da a> t Mlatakft tbo mtrat mi of U.a r^|ra?iieaa party la aaaoaetag Ikat White dofee ll*g free WrrteT free* eccvwwia*. It ?aiaUlao end uphold* tie mprtaiaov of the rnoetivittoo ?MS Mwa Tk* per I le have ent-aotod th- goveeaoteoi to eat beef tag. tad **?*? i-H aboae their ocetdaaMav iMaaweiat tb-lr ei.-waaat'ooa Wo Moad ia atswa^n d?t* i the q-.settos* raiaal by the D**trer*l ud Journal It la proper. though perhaps tcaroaiy mil? iii J . to aay that m th.a aolwlluae for Um Colon, we thtak and speak only for ourseif We are at 'ber batter, or not *o veil informed of Um ooodltltm at he ocuDtry aad the beartage ol this oontroreray aa other*- either la advance rf or beb nd ttao Intelligence of Um iibm. Bat we rut on It far o urn* If, nebody eiae can be oocnpromlard ?" oasmeu. HO SLAVE HUNTING UN MA8SACH08RTTS. it' rum the UuaMa Liberator, Nut. 30 J The folio % ii>k petition la now In Uie bands ol reliable frienda of freedom In ail par v* of the Cumin itneeeit'i for immediate circulation. It la precisely Uio same witeh, lor the two precoilug years faaa been slant d by tUouaturia of ta<> moat vittuoua aai humane portion et the purple, and which ought to bo (nbaorlbed by every man and wok an In Mateech isellt. Thoae to whom it haa Ihou aaat are tar neatly urged to l>e op and doing, for lao tune la abort between the preacct and the period for (be tuem bllng of Ihe Lrtltlature. Ut every family, and every pereon. be lea ted by Ita presentation; let It be (?* it will) ? revelation of eharaoter aad of purpose; and let the world kuow how many Umio are among ua whj'Tfmeiu ber thoae tn botdB aa booel with Umss," an la>e there f ire for protecting the fugitive, or. on the other hand , how many are atlll for allow tng alave-hiuitei s to arlae their pray with Impunltv on the furittn and R?*ralaltonary toil of tha old Baj Stale, and to ut ai their accomplices In kidnapping To tbi BoaoiuBiJiSnAn a*d Bora or KaraabWiATivH or tub Cobb jjiwBii.rB or UAiwuciirtiBmi ? ILe undent <ned, oitiaena or Maateohuseita, nwfotfu ly aak you to put an ?nd to ala?o hustlag to Muise^hustlta by enaotB g that no pereon, who haa been beld aa a nitre, ?hail be dtllvereJ up, by any ? liloer or oouit, Jute or federal, within th'.i Oommoowtalth, to any one claiming aim on the ground that he owea 'eervioe or labor' to ?u Jh c aunaul, by the lawe of one of Um litre tMatee of this Union. LEPEAL OF THE PERSONAL LIBERTY LAWS. [hW the Bueton Liberator, Mot. 30 | That Un (live Laateia of the South tod their Northern atwltora Should be clamoroos fur iho n*,)o*l of inj l'e> ?m *1 Liberty laws lu the free dtatta, in order that do protouton miy be given to any victim ui&luial u a fugitive, to nothing at fit g> , but that a iIuk'd republican Journal sli .ultl La found no dt iieuted or so brutal aa to Join in thti fleuJLsh cry, is Indeed passing strange? espvoi.My en Uie pretence that eocta repeal eoull at eoaut.onoll late the I, ruts and trai tor* at the Pontb, end give repoee and aUbiilty to Mr Lincoln '? acminUiraiioa. Nothing mil appease luem but a Suirender of all uuibooJ on mo j?*rt of n.? pocple of the North, a lit1 entire conformity io all Uielr d'.uVoiioit purpoaea. Tbuy era lreiornble a* deatii and insatiate an me grave. Their principle* are thoeoof burglars, hi^hwayintu and piraiei ?.ad itoir praotio s ate a groat doal uorae. la aup^ort o I tbclr btUiah alare ajsieru, they would (If noootsury) ii u.hliato the t cy extxtenoo of the Norik, nor stop at tne cdimtielon of any ortW, h'.m.rer mt.nslrojii or da viiish. Aa an otTr t to the despioeb'n artic.e on Ihia subject, from the "(piliigfle'.d Htpubiiam, which may bo foua-i in the UeparMM t of lufa? j , on j W tlmi p?ge. we oopy the fu! oe leg at cailue und spirited paisgraph fio'n Utu 1Y? vtllrr ol Saturday:? Tuo?e ciarcne who rec wtand th-it the Po'enoH Li berty law of Misaacbuetts sh uil.l Bo repealed oujUt at least to shew that s.rfih a proceeding would satisfy the 8 iu la la aot a fact, however, that oau be addu> ?d in support of the proposition thai repeal w ,ul 1 be ac eeplrd by tho Southern ultres '.n a fraternal or a gone roue; They wo aid Juatly desptae us for such *n eatiibitK.n >">f cowardice. If the law is to be ropeaioa it thoaiu bo *o dl/poeod of oo pruolpie, and not boo?nse are wuili threw a honii ? and a dry bone, too ? to the fog to U wrong In Itstif, the law should have been reoioroJ from oor atalulo both oe'ore fie Presidential eieotion, and not hare been kept there (or tbe purposo of aeoriv leg men. There Is no fact better eaieolls&eJ than that the B??v?a1c n cr/ *nd WNMl ere net owing even to Mr. Lincoln's election, m.icii loia to tho extsienoe of a few PerLi .ial Liberty law*: but that th? aeocs nlonirta regard that electioa and the ptwa|a of thoee laws on y M ?rci3. tb lor wba IhOf mo do ng. what Uiey have be a resolved to do for Tee-n, aoe.ort .a< to the adulations of tie honest and plain speat ng in -a of their party. H-uc* the repeal of all the laws meatioae 1 would not move t&*m from their purpceo, or oauae the.n to wavi r la s.-ekLig to arcomptisn that purpose. Let Mum cbnstMs repeal the law, anl she wouid buinMi?to b jrao.l in Tain Iris la on reaion why she rbould ina'biala the lAe, If ab? bjn evta it to be ?rmng;bat ahe tnoat ant ei pecv toaa' r'y th? aec:va1'>nl?tt b/ repe*llng It, except In so far m ther would b" lattjQed with tae apoct.ote m her at If ovgra lath-n. Ti e day on wbic.h tint law ahail be re prVcd ?:".ll roe her rebubll. *3 party go to wraok. This last rtn aik U "aa true a' th.j mfri ' tM th* republlrsn party almw ar> a.rp ^Uion to baca 1i?n from Its act l slavery pr j'esel ir s, at tfeo dictation of the S mth .-.??j overs* trs. antl It will be broken as qatckly a a rope o' ra Li It oaea Its iuaw entirely to thoae prof .ma. v.a, and to abandon them will be mrtain defeat ana an ever lart'cc al?g-ar? Tlie fipnogrild P'fHbi i -n gvtssly rereaH '.he mora1 protligacf which It tuts feaa uniformly o?n u ucU. i u prrta nbig to ''thi' vexM qn*slk>a" of rlavery. It frankly admits, (what It Is isrlera to deny), that "tn? f.-?tctre of the eotsilftK i nun '.?! to uronue, *od did provide, for the rri ilittan if iltveii," and It te !n l?vor of executing the inbumin provltion, oeoauae It Is In the bond. f? if rvy so-.h ^t.,>ui? lot were cot noil a#d void bccause tf Its litrtuvo vlllar.y. As If ' framing m.bcf I -f by u 'an" ? -ri f t a di,ua!j Uiieful a^t ou ?c eo-:rtrf its V<1sltU re cbaracter. Af if l ,e imot'iotand n"irderotis p na for th*i eroriamtiu of Joiut !>/ h a rne^m. "We tuve a law, ana by What taw he oog^t to -ic," avaiie-j them arytb'i g. Th < 8?; ti'-'t.nti farther n-l-n'U that "tha pree?^it Tufl tlvr Slave law onutali'a ivm* --iv rt i .go .:'t t< all th j ax tuoi.slieo prlnuipUs of taw, auii repel* ivo to a!i tuo a wti n tu? of bumre a.rl Obr riiai ur..,' tU.'-ug'<":t Is con ??ltot'oE*r,ii ils lrl-t-t ari rc"i.e," >et t^at J vtraal gr>-s f < r rctni vim from tbe siatuW book every cm >..? In t'>o way of lia * i orc-'tneni it tot, VoitD. fa one breath, It plerd* that ttv prsrnal liberty t* ? is of no rtai van-" betanro w'ltout it Uie noiratiu fi ei.^get tue p^ .,?ia. "wit1 prrvtrt a? 1t a'wa; a b?? 'ao *etu*r of Miy ooas'-lrrablo Bumerr of fugitives who ba?e on e tewchud ir?* eoil," ant' Id tje tfxt thit'-tf ?i 9UMt >'-ay la t'je Unv>n aa It I* ar.!* fu'fll the ooetr ?et ?? It !s"? rn%'k that? "tneu thr oely boa:ora?lr ??< uia' is to go -.utol im I'aira o f rev lllw. h line Ik ffcreUee |n otioeK -o do " Webytj irear* uuureti'. from t">e eeaetastoe as to lbs duty cf die solv:ry toe l. tic Ttu.1 MH la Imperatively itnpo*?K: h'x i rift by every mo si and Nlftue *ms: >r? tl d. Tea, "the ??"?uar' witb ui ? h" tftuaa bo aa mil ?: , ? the agnrweot with b''l" meal ot steal It le p it di-ivnt 7r,? the North to vn't f'r th ? %?nth IP take l?e IniUatlts It oegbt to ("ta'tre in* o>icdltlua* of th* IVca I eger to be t. ie-atvj by e saorat and iV't u. peepSr i-oa ?ta' tbn Soutr. avows twr rt*1lr -^4 t with drew let tbe North jo) felly end p: iiApt'y ecqu;e?-> In th<- aranre. tb. Pi I .nal Liberty lew u Kart*!^m?Jt?? WlU not be repekv-, ' it it e!ll be ex. ? -4<"1 t- 1 i.Ue ed.eiua' fo the "'#i<Knl^ of every bar?t f>. tlve oovumf wlibln ute itmita of tike 8 --ate Th U tte nrvt duty to He etie I*t I He brard of vl'.lale tr..l kldr a?i??i bt out upon ever} w?*n who la for tto e-r? > t<o ; of the fugitive Hlavn lac oa ?ur soil, let everf }i- jrnal 'het exinae'a e.fxr. ..ileeot with jruthare decay's be left wnbo>it aeibeorlber, in lie editor oe dcatcd eum tiMoe to toe locci? of tv fl-tuoui aed ajiTifhi. list lav- ? ">e oalkd by taeir right j canee, eed tbn abettors of OUvery ranatd ax *.g lac V.!ist of ibe T ie. . PBOSPBCTS Of DISUNION. [Tr.-<m tho Nt-w To?k ilrtl Jlaverr Standard, Dee I.) We appear In b* oa the e >e of tV> odd sat revolution that history has yet seea A reroh>tk.a for tbe greater Kc.r'ty of iDj istlee, and the flrmer eetabllibn. >at of lyrasay. And this carried on seder the sftowi and i?re teccesof aa lrjareo aaltoo rising in lis mi4ht to vtad! eate tte rigLte of mathnvd. N-d a react\>nary oiove nest, sum aa baa more than oooe a?l op e;aln a thru" t that be! i "y pled ^owii, and brought bank a rtiacirJed erecarnh; but a rrogrmel^eone le the wrong way , out on luol fi?i toe ax I eta oe and perpetuation cl tutsan V>o1 age. It 'f aM le lis maaifeeiatlona. bet aa old as cruelty erd fraud la lis vital prloelpi* Tbe opjneseor bu af ? a. a beer a*ift eoough to tigbveo th?> <^a'.na aeu eeiarge the nr t. hers of bis victims Oely it baa not often hap pei . r ? ever, that he baa doue It In toa earne eat oe th L?-i:aif of p piilar HVr?y l*"? trv t 'Vo.' (At- mrl-u%m wiil If ?rmWtti (e gt forward t? <kt mA ?' atew aJ wi'.k??t m^/?.?t. -n jail w* raihrr Ikink Umli. W. belltve rt'D the repeelieara are rlvteg th La>i.lina ibe c/v"i of betsg in earaeat. MfeVfMI and eela'eet ipl-'.a arr eo ther* ea' be no don it Ae? It la >nrs? that mx.trol lb* alower mov rg miaa-a of lo t< r<aeree aed wnith Evna tho e, we ooolit wbctfier a 0<a/ tlU oor.'d be loeod _tn v?4? & r a die??lull->ij of the L'r no. if Ui< vo'? uhiII a* take', wito a- iclut" snerfrv, so Uuii tnrre ebr<tU be e>- ^weibiiity of Ks ncinr known boo any ^at^oi^- mar tar* b>* aoil-arn li-it as thia Is lp |? as ti*, Uw v. i.i-'i t a l'j too W. *y ar< aurotobavr Ihe.r way. Tbe r>a ar? t ?ld amrj whore, and atoia ao la tie* a eoebtrtre than ?aew Wa; at' to*y e n eiuer be iaMmi'iaw-l trto aequieeesMe, or atdt tbe in j*ets o. ' .r J?ca 'oe aod ,-X'k it le t&e na'urul a .d te..*#etry ecur*e '.f t.ilsft. Ca!auia,'. at snt pru'.nrrf ?> for no(Ai<H' in - ? . t r' .( u an-f iTf i..'??, 1 my , fff nrwH are ?*ia/?.Wy egwy (."is' 1 *> t\'. -iwt tAw I OKiraotef .< ae e?M Uru It >au t*en w Tkutf la 'V 9> v'.i nf> etin.) far Iwgr't imd yeor t, url w J , w?t Mvee, a. ! ?!* d ? rn drm?, fAu' or?v *J) e* Uijf ' wt h- pM h at Kro U Ml ?/ Ui facua If too AuuUt ' a ?fS Win tai>. ?ti t Of .aim? ?ad It CUgi-t lo be Worth Si ne ill nr. rlroe vn a."' "f geeo^U oonr- ot tbe g*eat <-1g as birstf tpi- elate n thinsa they c-mp'sln of? ibey will dtaeint'u s ^*lr wai'.ika p-ej-o?-eVio? r, and n--t otax* l". v ? a ?,---. I alt tb* r l tuia a/tnair t 'a ." lAfftrt 6rel "O get*) **t "f f'.? fVai^n, ei m tru* <an?f V Um. v, aiU eir^f ml * > mnU?lsU"n to I V ;i?v ?.i In a ?*,- yr.-'tj nr On PTurtk \ -?an * j ?*? hjyajl f turn' ' t mi y-???.r -- l ~i bri (Arra r?l4 nttht a vsmm, o mm a id, a fimJ. a t)ait, fl rt4 tf W h?r it- tVi r tt nut. JA* (Awitf u e? i Ik' %?!'* </ a fni' W I" tSi fat/ei ? i?o i (m't it a tt Hhctl atxwdWy of iA? utry fin f water .?? 1 : ?in aJ'rm-t trooid orroy a^ot d i< Uu mm/iw ?fy nf m-i m ' (Ae Not-**, a .'Halt Ur*is??-a Aii tbe (1'iwoaraU and ail tl.e A il Eiermt mra w o.d, of oeuree, be e a toe able X the iii any si oh attempt at noeretoo 0?r wor d inn atr- thaU vraw, as they have tb i panie they (in cx eitod benause of tbe e erttos of f.trooie, br too pnrpoan U letlm 'at rg the Nt-tth InUi eaMntaebon to the eiavn f ,?? r a* it i w" end tb?me?lvee as Its *alrspe, while all I V h^ter eort <f Mr r-fmNvn u wrntld lairt (A? grmmd IV Ti iJ-?*? Aos aoivnaO thr f*4u y. tf lad **s eb tract fn.niemt aosstbm le ail easoow | rn 'tl & w'<i F.'J ?? 'on' and Mif. alao, fW Ihvtk ^jrafieo will ma i vm sI<?m ?n tV rawJikamenr murrm-n/ if iAh to s be wail < srry her asifAberi waiA Asr And thti tbooeh H is perfe<tlf deit-osirfhM that it would act rweiu their a^t al Intsnets. er eveo Ue sieerltr of their beloieo SetiUlioa, but qu'te Urn eo* irary. R? 'ntulioas era eevar good for i-ede, aed are always eip^oa'.re and dan agir f to property Ftaoe tha mereaatUA e'aaoae eod tbe noh ore alwata oppoor.1 to tbMi. They were oopooed to the aeserleaa ftevoiatloa. a* a - 'e. Tbe old *amtllea, trtfeseral thing, wrre oo tbe ? io of toe torlea. tbe mjTemeot tb*a ee low. came larg?ly from m?a havieg otiineorotivnly but tittle stoke la the oommunity? maay of ikeea, an .lorht, moved by high prloeipiae of dsty ee' etvret bivae^mvil liberty, out e-t a few, we one 'oar, le t?e *< to* gnod things that eilght noma to them on I af strife aet che?go fbt It may ho with North Caro ''no aal rt-eapia, hoth nf whleb eatn <trato Osrollna with a aeishh ,r'y hatrM of wh'eti we have eo Idea aod eo oe 1 am yte el toe North, aod eftafb at tbe Wee of being M by i her. Tet the chansea ut tbat they will bo, ud U> ml aa*. too. Taxaa, Md Arkaaaas, tod Aiaoaiua ar? all itmly , aa Hn u tbe n; is olearrd , and thougb tl It of ?o o?tif*qoraM on whioh kid* Tanoeosj* ataada, It la u >? likely that the will aland oo auy tide bat laat of ?!???' y It M cartons to note bow ei tally the mm m tbe ma chinery need to get op Mid oarry on this revolution ?uh U at our fulatra employed m that of '70 Theru hat buen th? tame prel'ide of loaf y?ar? of dtaoontmt, ihe savin aguaiiou of Um popular paaaiona by tho proa* ?J1 by j public apttcb; She aac.e taagi.i ratio 1 of grlrvanoe*. and ] i be mm propteeles of dlsgrao* and ruin tn oats of aa? mlnkn. And. we are aorry to ? ay,, I He parallel funk ov-n aa to the methods of Intlmldatloo ueeu to overawe the , dlsafltclod. The mobbing of ttoveroor Hut .bin*'* 'a boaae. tin* tarring and feathering of oil>u?(?e olllre- I boldert, the domiciliary Tlilta to snapejted torlaa, in title and oouOaeaiton whioh were threaten* 1 and ca forct d, were of the sure gonna aa ihe oorrmponila* | mumta of tbe slave Blatei, though with mlldnr apjoiflo ! dlflereic.a, arising from the b'ghor civil aailon of tbe | actor* la the earlier drama But tbe reeall will bo the | tame. All tbe naeasv spirits, the landless and tbe urgro lew ? tbey who are alwayi ready for charge aa ooe mire I ebaoot for themselves? all knob will be kure to be round en tbe revolutlonrry side. The timid and i mo aarvtag, | wbo may dread the oonaeqoeuoes, It; ordiat" anil re mote, of the movement, will yield to tbe tapalan of the 1 mora daring and liLperlons, aa tbey hare la all ltm*s. [ Mice of the wealthier and more Intelligent of the il<- ? ' holders may try to aUm the to* rent, and to keep ?'t kblp of State at h?roM and safer moorings Bat an ei I ample or two of lynch law. judiciously applied, or or a timely oonflaoallon of the relates of mal'gcaets and reou ? tacts, wonld soon bring aaout a marvoliouk unanimity of I action Nor do we consider t\s chances tj a Sou'Xern Omfi dera tion kcldtng lofetfur i c <Usperaie <u do sgme of our intxlem- i prraritt Ike two tJnrolinas, Georgia, I toridn, <t( U>ama, Miuxttif pi Louisiana tu.d fra-ir. kid Uxjr krr, u* I860, 1 at? ut (-v.' millions amd a half nf while pcvidat&on Wt ap j prebend ikry tannU Jail muc<i ihnt of three now, andthol t?o.; nt^ny as the thtrUen SK Uet .VM tiIT7?J It will be (rightful); expensive to carry on ihetr government I* k I true, and It wl I bo ooe of the moat ho.vtMe dripo''tu>? i that ever blackeied tho eartb, 'or khe white man a< well I ? the biack. Uvt then the alave go^rnmcata a?e all that row, and Hie worae the new eo?fn<l?raei> -aakes tbe | matter the U'tirr ttc obar c? of aootharrevolutt-Mi, wli'- h i tball < man :!patf both ?blle an 1 biark A war would be ; rnlcona to theo< ; bat thee thoy will iak? care u> keep "ul or ac> wnr with a Fow r atroag?r than tbomanrae. ! Aa t > the effect of the teceaslon of the Houtb era Ulalea apou tbe Nortbem, It wauid be goo! - yood only? and tint ccntlcualiy Vtr.'uta, Kentunty vnd would be all made tree State* by It, an 1 tbe republic of tbe North may indeed oecnmo the model re 1'iibllo ofiheWoiH. Tbe reptile <J???Wv y, wiib its paraaitto Bell-Sven-tt vermlu, woold bo trod ton down into tbe mire to >?b!oa lh< y b ling, an.l thrro would b* chance of hoi. at men having their o?p agalo. Tht Kelly lluuilillf 111 U rook I yn. HTATKMZNT OP M'CAl'LBT, THE A LI KURD MUHDBHI1I. C'.*rl?B MoOauley, tbo du> frcm whom Patrick Kelly oet bin dcat It In front street on Thanksgiving algit, bn made* aittemrct to tbe following effect:? He aaya ho railed at Alexander McDonald's bonis, In Water ttroet, alter be bad committed tbe deadly utau'.t on Killy, but that b<> ?u not h*r bored by either uf tlw Mcl> naida, or \tj otb'r pcirou. Ho win al nply ordered tc dear oat. Afur leaving MaDonald'a be proceeded to bit blJIng place, whrre he remained In momentary Var of being discovered; but after remaining there for eereral days with nothing to tat, the pauga of hunger ootcpelled bias to deilrte himself ap to Ute offlojrs of the law. He, how ever, went to h!t boose previous to prooeollng to tbe fol'fe nation, lnlo whieb no let himself wlta a key he tbea bad lo Ma poitrctaluu, ?ud after thtrlng himself he went atiaitlit to tbe &Mvujd district Halloo bo'iee, where be surrri Uered. He further aaid be waa Intoxicated ?b?a ho commuted tbe assau't on Kelly, and that b . had only an Indlftloot reoH lection of tbe mailt r. He remembered going down f> tba yard fur the purpose ol fijtitlog Kali) , out he eald be Hal no rcmtmbraiica of bariug osod a knife during the aff ay II b? d'd, br.<revcr: It mast bate beta a double bladod ^etkolfo, wblcb ho ha ! sluoo loat. H ? further Inter ned the Uorooo tba< Jobo iMoTamney and Koliay were bow arraultiog bit U gfther. McTamaey goiyboid of him by the aeck, u,*>n wbirh tney both fell upon their knem fcblle K*i!> lital run ab? ut lLo knt, llo u?i to cut Taim.i j on tbe le l Utigh in order to inluce hlni to loave to bis bold, and It waa then he mate tbo ruab ui>oii Keli; Pivirg Ui't relial be exbtoiwd rourh eorrjw for ht? | ? atldren, a?d w?ei> he wia vialled i?y hla wife b?.h of tkrui experienced ronslderablo relief wbeu, U> anaver to a que iou as to wVmer be stood lo darg?r of being Hindoo , i<(. waa told that tbe ntmoat that culd be d ice i<> Dim lo toe preeeul state of tbe law' waa to mud aim l > tb> Mute | r'roo for Ufa. He wn ta.en to tbe (Uyinuoa st'tct Jail, wbei ? he Iter r aat* keeping. Ho ?j.j> utrs ? I l e a u wretdMu o bdttlob uf aiiod. The pr toaer it a native oi Gore wall county England. Be la abot t thirty year* or ago, a.. ; ratber under tbe mlddio stature. His father waa one of Uie coast guard :n tba Ct vi?h cast. Wben be terrec dered bo tu i ad in a ratuer warm ?u l of black and a i\o??yiii bat Wo ami to ilia m tbe t onh of In Uad, hear the to ?n of D r?y, It 1*4*, wuere he Worked tprtrelpetly a ear p?t.ti'r t il ?noot Utreo yars *g ?, whrn bo oa'ue to tr. t <yuttry. P* ><?> ? ft b? ?u marr'.M o Orry. Ho ttrft *nrl d t :? lt> bti ? cir? ?b:.e k vl .4 U /, at U>e loot < Mio'd ttrret, Brwowlyc. bat Jm bu*in<?i was ontuaitby b" t>*<qn< m>; onia 1 rd a sltuatmn to K T -t?<rari * 'a fUre, Nt ? York Hit sue fviln,; SiO?, I>* g?.r?, up ?hw r.i^.atl' 0 in or#ar ?<? t^^o oare o' b?i Thre?- moi ?' <i ?fo Pe < '?'ai'iC'i a situation in tho store of t.'aStD , at i-l ?u ti 10 , Nu 111 Hn*i?ay, New 7o'k, v? be WM err,n'y?d a^he time rf ?i?'d ocoorrejuw nhioii bM Kixle him atoc&dabic to the law. Ilrooklyn City flaws. inttmii if sou*t.? Vtterday morning, between, ote ai.u twoo'cl ok, ofllotra Vaby. Karri 1 nod 'Ja ynor, of tbe Ptro- d pr- r lnct, 6 tc- rered tow iota la the aot 0 1 o^crm:1) / t, .n a ?bo?t?r, wbloh they a-ro^ o>led .u fcir.jlng ?pea, of Mr BiorntoWi o?j go<- s *urr- >, 8S f?'cr at.'rrt Tue in?j wir- ail trrstlH, wh?u a eb.^il, t%e njl'rmcnt tirplnyM le lie attrni, t 1 burgUf, waa to* ad op one 0' llii'in. ft mm wer- s'l eoneorr I to ttic Statloa huuir, ? hrre ll.t y dec arc u tbenaavirrs to be frletarto. Tfc';y prtetut a(er/ apjv:*-uio^of belug aew 'imiiailaai A?cihu lnroii-f ?rr? ? 'till aooti.rr divorce arit, of a r r." whs', ring' st charac ? r, la pending, and will prv a t'y no.?'*. ' ?f trial 1. ting tU; Jatuary ten. Mr S Kj!l?r, a ra'?-e~'oi in a la-ge 'mportlngl ''i?^ 'l Nev Vcrk, w/.b an tnea jie of >i,(Op?r a?"a<3. appltea fir a dlsi'fv tr m t.ia wife, OalMIIM *. Ful>r, tt>> d?o(hWr ol ? *. ?pt< ??uk i ii? rut. la llrook a wr m\r. tag , ahi.'i took piaM la lkttf, tba ,^1 to >oe MKWM It Wli'tamaborg, from whlsn they a. bee qurr.tly ren ' red to hr 9 ???p!ar r -eel, Mr<x.aitn Ou tbr vu f f April 'ait M>? r allvr uta ivr uus'itud skwint V" w tb ad-, tarr, an! r*<j . -?t. t*h?r to Ia*to t-ai, wb rae u'1, aid we; t to re?. .a eitti her frlauda tir ?u| )? r, In tho Iwiueell Molt th; Clt; Court, gl.-re 1 dlOo rent T<rst>? <? the story He denlta hat'.'ig t Id :>er V' i> ate, bhl taya Itit kit of her oaa anon. si on tne ltd ol April, and wtimut hla knowing*, tboncu they bad p*e Tkeaty ,iaad baipily u>g?ther. He waa tboa tick la ixvt imricg her aieeiice Mr. fu<>?r heard ? xae agiy atoriea about her doings le a boarding hnraa. A few tays afw r bar dr *rture SLe retaraed roe h? r uoibea, aad, wlta bar toei-and'a permiestoo, ah? packo.t ap aaverai truals. ? hloa, kowerer, she had to leava uaU i.'tut fr .ai lna?l lii> to remote them. Donag the night, 11 ta alleged Mr Fi'Cer op*?ed the tmaka a?d ahetraoted Ufre'rwn a quKituy of letters, from wktah, aa la al.'agad, ho ofc?tried at rare I r<-n,aof in<ora atica by ao uwai a ploaaaat to a burbv.d Tbeta Is another al'-fa?'"0, aacaetag Mra Taiiercf pra bnptul Isbieilty, tat tbH ub*rg< U? bw< sfrlrAtn 00 1 rf U.? u n-pialtv Tt? qu<at>?n ol aiHi.ay ? M p'aoeo in the htiwlaof a refrraa, by wbcai, tt la aatd 10 per wet k waa recomaMndrd aaa proper aiiuwaLoe Tee report baa BJi. kowreer. been ooafl?m?l A mot?"? waa n.*'eoo Ktiar la/ , hy Mra. Fallef 'a munael, 'or tb* I p eee<< .?* of the letura, but fa .'ff Ceh-? r a cwrt order aiaykrg pt?>--ed uga Mra Kull r la aa d to ts a vtry l ire ? ?<. h?j, aad aiuob islai'sM la tlkely I* be exalted is Iba laaue of Uil oaaa Kirai AcoDaxt ? VeateMay a aeainen, aawed )acaa? Baararat, a I lie en ployed on U>? rra'n yard of tb* (b*p j ill r.iifOii, lytag la tbe At.Aatia ba?io,f?U to tbo (tack a:,d kr itc ?*e uf few lrg? H.< waa Ukau to the l/"i/ irand Oolhga Hoajitai. where b?a la tar las wera al l*t.~.f 4 la. t. jtow, r n Ca*?noT? Klbctjo* or Tai-rxaw ? Tba a'ecti a of 8rc Ussteta Vo Ibta eo loratloa took p*aoe a> 'ie "fflce. y?? to B'oartway, Haw York, yeetoria*. Taa fo'loalor two t r.tete wee run ? Jfrp *Hir T\<*'l - A?1 I A. Ixjw. Ru?e? 'l We'Mai, luka C. Wisaa H.rfyK Hterrriwel. l .ae.iti A Perry. ***t IkM Untoa BUbwt, him L 4d Oaap, Jamre !V||, V rrll fmltb, Honri Story Urewt m"-r??v ??? mwlfe*.t?i la tbe peoBaed'Bf v* npivl 4k boar frox! a Ooot auoJ to arrlea, witboot f pruat<Wl af tu? y>>na being v*aii>.et? / coa^t^l eui iog Hie a'l^bi. Ivpnine Uirt^lpirial Taras? Brfcra Bom JuJfi Aonoy. D?r, 8 ? J*? fir ' f and FiWy of frfnuy Obiwek u Itrml V*k." lb? ptalail* la ibta caae aaaad proprty la Keade sirvet t Frrdeelak ftaawaru, ne atd b<? aaaigna to fay ail Utaa \l 1 uaesaacata. W?"i rao?-?i,i*lij ?? 'gat J hta Irate lo It?ael Co k. IV- It" wiloe *g ?W K?aaa street thr protwriy w?a a?W"??e"l ti M, m tea tho piamt.Qs now loaut tbitl u.o defaodMta *b<> u 1 i>?/ Taa lefenda'ta refnerd to iay aed ooite?ded in at tha p'ale till* bad b??n awarded II 760 f' r da-ja^-a to ttte!? pro party, aa 1 aasrarn att4 <utl for bes>llia, wnliio hawed! i"fru?ant aal>mitt<jd did rot raaoit to bit ad raaUf , Jodgmant for tae {rfamtta* oa demdVrar. TUB WAJID Diruaci c??. Daa ? ? Auaa O d'ard at fkowvis n' War 4 ? The defer >aal In this eaae w OoL W?r l, rata * n-noaa Coaanl at ^aaaa>a rhe suit la orongbt for dlr >rae, a wt tbetMl lidgmaat waaeimwvd tbla *o-nlad ra>daoe?) Bbls a perpetaal dltorae W> the piainftf froa? b" h^a 1 00 aooonn'. of h'l tr '-l treats nt, and be U >r<1 *rrd to pay pla'Btift ga OW per ?ob. m, ai"< to ftiraieh a'ca .t? for aaok partaeol Mrt War t la k> h tea tbec;?ioiy

the two yo-iagaat ahl'dren wttltout aay rtterforeooa oa tbe pan of the defeadaat. Jfary 0 Brmtr st IV MdrMe Hmk ef Otorfin, *: ? Tnoiwrat that tho plain* tT? are I'aiio opoo tb'ir apaa thalr aooa0anoa of tbo draft aa between taem. aad Iraore the drawers and ta bet *?*a tb?a and Manna tank of <)e*rgia to the a-noaat of M 3tt M, w t-i lo'-en-st from XVI January IMO, and that btyewd aa'd atNtt tina are n ?t liable, *a rtat th< *m-rliao Kxruange la say* tally bou'd to apply se mdrh 0 f th- miaoya la ttt poaaiwatoa. etandiag to tba arodit 0* tbe Bank, to tba payaMnt of the baianr wki h win remata loe oa tbe tali acorptaao* foe M IOO rh t tba defend aul, th* Awxriaaa tx?!naa?p Mailt, w ai I'll" 4 In r?no?ee fro<w tbe p'aiM flb, oa their ?ald anaefit?aoa for H WO tb* anm of M MI, wltb atereet 'mm XI ? Jaa -ary, 1IM That tba dWfseadte. Ike Aasartoai tsrhanga Batk aad tba Marine Rank of >te<irgla, are eat.liod to rairvar of the F a nttflb the t ??tt Id tblt attlea THE MTEI11&T8 0.1 THE CtTI MTOfilTO. ?*?Ub| o t Ibi Hui pcrviawre' I'ommllUe ">? Cltjf Ch?uibcrl?ta Kiknliitd Mbarp Snots Between HI ra 111* Ciiaii man- A Little 1. wttt, &?., fto. Th? special committee, oonstot ? | of the lire Com mitteea of Ui? IVnrd of Bepervlaois "? Prloliag and tttk lloatiy acd Annu&l Taxes met ) f. or day aiternooa, la the rbamber of the Board, for U?e purpose of ascertaining the ainoocl of litemst paid on tbe ooonty deposits. 80 pcrvlacr B tut pr?s del Mr. Piatt, tbe CUy Chamber lam, waa present, and alio ex Ju;tge Whllug , who aetmt aa hla oouase'. Xbo Ciuikmaji asked klr. natt if be bad any objection to bo sworn for tbe puipoao of giving evidtuoo before tbe Co* m like. CooD.el objected to tbla, on tbe groond tbat tbe law of tbe statute book, as ahowa la tbe Oral volume or tbat book, bet worn pages 848 and 861, conferring power on tbe B-ard of "iupervleors, doea not authorize tbe Com mittee to compel tbe City Chamberlain, aa a city otlioer and only ei offiolo county ofbosr, U tbla resolution waa t iiaeu authorising tbe Committee to ascertain If tbe fundi ? > <e tale, tnen tbe Hoard of ttiperrlsors might have power to make Inquiry. Bupciv'wrs Ptidt and Birat differed with Ur. Wblttng on tbe oooati uetion of ibe rtatute, and a discussion of me e length aul little Interest ensuci. Tbe Uburtnaa finally ruled ibat lb: Committee bad power to priweed witb ibe Investtgttlon, and hla deolaion waa sustained un>ntmcci>ly hy the O miult toe. Judge Wauuio then Infbrmcd tbe Committee tbat be had advised Mr. Putt to walTO aty legal objeoiion be mi^ht raise, and atawer any qjeatious under tbo rrs. lo tiOLS wbicb tbe Coinn.tttee were acting upon. Tbe Chaikm-i* tbea pi acceded to question Mr Piatt aa follows ? Were yon appointed City Chamberlain by hia huuor the Mayor, reroitdo 'Wood, wb! >b app.?latui?nl waa ecLdimed oy tae Board of Aldermeii/ Judge Whitmo cbjsoted u> tbe qui at Ion .a tbe form in which It wu put to Mr Plait, m tbe Mavor La J no aa" tborliy to appoUit a City Chamberlain; bo oouil only no rniuate him, and the Hoard of \Her31eu bad the power ol appointment Tbe qieelkri was then aim* Ved to read ?ometly,aud V.- P at', answerei in tbo ?llli-m?|i e t ilai*man? What la tbe Aioun', of jtoneyi uow depait ed wnb )Ou aaUu'inty rruamuorf Mr bL*TT? $1>80 H32 ('bainman? Is mat iho er.ttre money ? you birj dopo 1 lied Nivb } ou now u County Treasurer? Mr Platt? Yis, air. luiiMiD- Waa there any understanding or agreement with bn Uobor itn Mayor or any olb' r pcr.ixu tnat you were to pay any interest on anv moooji dt- j< > tiled with yo j as City l bainher'a'r> or OMI .y Treasurer? Ctounati objected to 'be anf wrrlii# of tnis question uo less ite word! City (uamtHrialn were ttret altlckeo out of tbe qutstlon, aa tbo Committee bad only power to In. lerroRate Mr Piatt M a oonnly officer lbi< * ha ik maw said be wcuid odd to Clly Chamberlain and ex c3lo;o County rrear arer. Tee counsel objretod to tbe qoettlon in tbla form also, and *uf xeeted tbat the quesiloa be coutiued to the monefi in tbe Landi of tbo Cuy Cbasaborlaln aa County Traa ?urer. rtjjierrlror Brioos moved to atrllce out tbe worda Clly Chamberlain from the question alt yemer. Tn? mitloa I yavr riaa to debate amoug tbamcuibtiraof tbe o< mcr'ttvo, an.) n ??s Sntty i'?t Tbe queatlon waa now aaked again and ana we rod in th? negative Wrre yon Pmeldent of the trllttna' BtnkT Coui'a- 1 objected to Mr Piait'e answering tulr qu-elb n. aa it ltd not oon.e under Ibe resolution. It vaa ticn w)t berawn. llu:i?ii<-HaT? yon acy mowhdgo of any onler ???tidier r r a^rerrarnt en lue part of toe Artteana' H*u? or the Park Bank with you, or b's ti nor tiie ta or or \iij attar ?, e??>n, hy ?ti. u latsriai was 1 1 o?' paid, or ia paid, on atyof tb>? moneys d<po*lt^d by you aa City 1 bam her am, >>7 virtue or yonr ofiieo as Oounty Trea SU'eif U'uassl stated that Mr. Datt deeliocd tn aisver tliKt qiec ion, fccaupo It did i oi c <me und .t vbe reeolutloc empowtritg Use 'Joa tninee to not H> fc bu[<rvi?'?r PvkOT r>mu<<d tb* he consist red the >.bJ<-<'> of toe Ormmltter's appolntu ?rt to be to aacer iu :. wh.'ru r there wis" *rj af" *iw ut Ootwoeu ajy re et>i tibie 1 ?rtl< a or biiWa uf tl.< oliy or c <uuty gnttrc u>eii as 10 whether ?'j lul*rr*l sh n.l J be ^iald m tbe >unty depoeila, and therefore he enuld hot se? any par. tl : ila' re? o for ob>ci.n( U> tbe qi.csiloo Tbequri.*i>a wtanrw ?fk'd tbe r>llo*ln?; snawer returned by Mr. Piatt ? 1 bave no kaowiodgo of ui> *ucb arrai'temect you as nty rbamberlain, by vlrtui of raW > UU ? of i'oorty IVoarurtr, pay, or Uav> yua paid, or have you at ativ time pall I. larsM 00 n. -r ys d< paialted wlib yna, acd if ao, what ta t?o rata of mlei.>at ao pal''? Cm *nai -Ww object >0 that aaestsoe, tt> oaus< yon nave not hi |t t"iaj <0 Mr. P!s'? aat'lty Cb*mb ve CF.Mk*A*? ?"< >ou. aa m. oh Clly Lfeamhorlaln, reoetve ai.y ??>oi>?y a? 'Vjunty Tr?a?'.rn?V Tu squ>iuon waaobj icted 10 en tb? lame (rounds aa tbd rre-etiog i".o. Tl> Chakmak tore rtate-t his ortrlon Iht tb'* Onunoi lee could kol jr. l at Uie fa? l * ibay dealrc I snl- ?? th-y riaa ne<? Mr Man ai City Coai^otrUd, cy virtue of wb vh ' fllre bo waa U>iii<ty Tr Murnr Uopi r> iior Poant 001 :J not j ?r *lve row tbe q'i<*t o', C'U'd be fairly obj^r-ed to. Ha ronat 'erf I. tb^'ie was nothing In the 'orin if the question raoocawiect wun a>? pr'arr* of tbl 0>a<Ul't'<)e. I im'siar ? T ie qOT'irn t? f.'a'n and elcar, and It r'fera 01 y 1 1. eoaaty j ut ejs, tb?ref.?ve I can tee 110 1. aa nab!? 0' i"-itf.n to bat mg It atswi rtu t. uta> I then f (aired th" el<"k -f th" C'-ninlt .. s to >n t?r 'te foi'nwira 'n 'b mtautea of the C m m 'ite..? ? h? q u- ti on '? '?bj*c'a*l to on the grounda tial it Is pot witriiu the powers ot ibe 'V? n.ltlee ooalafd ?.n .101a b/ tbe r-srltition. Bot Mr Piatt wIM ana?> r <lu> 1 im t oa ret rtder ^ath, If the Onvrmltiee ir? will uj 10 re. otlve 1 ucb ana '<<r. He lalea theae grin nda i)<e>ar? be la t.iw.llitt to erkooal- g? aay right la th; ? n:ttoe to put ?nr L a q< Htkb rnaiavA*? I bolt tbat tte qcatlon la wlt^'.a lh< poaer 'if tbe Ontnmlltee, a> d It 'a :?r the OiDinUt* t) aay wt?ibor tbaf will soaU'a nv opt ' .a or not ikCwiL? Tlel qaestlun h'f oeer< ?? ta .'a-l/ It a. 'her f .im a*. tl Mr Pla't has arswarc' tt, a id sow yo . are |.< Itlkg it to l.'m araia. Tbat la tbe reaaun of hia iSjru ti n to newer. 1te ?<*?.'' rem J *t r a-:mort*a > on ? I'frri-ga'n aa ?? wbclbtrany inte?i<?t ia ,?tt, bet ai "J wl.riherauy atrrr^ m'r.l bat oaeu mai"e fbr lite jetytaent of laterest It ail wt ii ibai Mr fla'.t Should be a. little dignified w '*ii ibe O moiituv. for bal ib *y l' a'?l btrn r h proper t ? nea y he w ild have giver ine a all the nereaiary Information, bet 1 raw ad at tbat tbey mi |u.a h>m u> a; p??r b<."j>? them sa a wiiqi>s? T11 ' balnraii o 1 nail neon the Cl'y rii? n>>? '.aln, a i r at . blai if he waa pa d any tnterevt on tb" elty d?-poetla. and he aald be ?aa riot; b'ii tr? * did e ratteiy tbo Commit lee Tbi y s^.ta'-l ba?e Mr Piatt b*f te ih Bit 1 ta Hi re ILia la all fur Ibe parpeae of getting op a noes piper excitement to Ii Bi*ace tbe election Wbat e>.urse doea the (ovrrnmeot of the eouetry tain 'x a case 1 to tbe preeaat > 1*1 tij?y i*1! oi?t. a anhordbiate ofltoer for laforma'lon f No; they brlri tbe bead of a depart mam before tbetn Tbia Ooai mitiee hae leken ae op,^elle eourae Sot eearytblog la done wreng Corrnptii a M la every (fepertmani of the '?> 1 vasMasal, sal tM If bsnMeg se Mtarteaa tfi'. peM a*e aaked for meney te ?et meai;ar?w tbrouga the lubile bootee The whole ay stew of eer aoveeanent la onrrutt. and c rr'iptlon (rem Washington doan to lb ballot b'vee, wBUdl can be b?naht for VU/ oente a plei.4 manuKa ? tt .a neoenaary far ma, M Cba-rman, ta der.y ? h .1 bra been aald. We have not brw.l.l Mr Piatt np have before ha wss firs', req J'aiad 10 o>mt I deny it, sir We met b?re aad a? re? d to Bead bim a c< 'M to attend at the Commute* be 'ti'ecardej the Suttee and lb> n w* ueat tcr power tti brltg h<m ber.i H' says be told me ib< re waa to laterest paid on toe m i d<-j r rw ithI by b -n for ibecmrty Iteay It; he <M ireted me te 'be '> mptr* lu-r for in'ormat.oe, bat awvor told mr say s'irb th'i g aa baa t< en stated. Mr I 'la TV? I did Mil yon ae Tbe iHAikMAi? f never ta ked wl.h hi a on tha ao^b'". air fart is the lert It was oaly when be referred <nc | to '.be Comptroller be waa efbpieaael, and hi waa bri u?bl here atreply 1. tell oe wba her tne obietv gets luureet "U Ibe H tCC OfO or *3,000,000 useaily In nj I ran 'a of onnnty mott) whion he reci ivra femn lnwi to I tiru> v th regard to ib?. baaoomb* abNl oocrni '. -a aa | frr >i this ft ltd of (^ervairs are & nomed, I dea) , that Itr memaere are gntiiy nf aay s?j j ba?e ooa.torl. I wiper r^ur PtaDV ncr liiie->% d tii<' p- ??>ai ; iga vHb 1 : bnmerooe spee ;b, tn a hich b* d* tended the ^rp-rvlso** tad ei|>reen?l h.e 4eleeaUa'V? tn etipp-'rt d? a .crate, 'batevev dlffle jitles he mar ti d ib'm ta, S etag that tlair opiamee'a ba?o hroea'it s> marti evil on the coon I try (lanebteri and a Vutae uasaaAii { "Is *w?l a de '.oeratV') Hero Wamo<i not*. and in?r d~i'..a* ???? -r?? ? c'tarlj abat kc I la bio Uit r, .-utb aoaa l?r??? lot gib, Ib^li Brt< with n. ; ?> warmth ? It In ? <i< *? <w> of ????? ij tbot I u 1 1? arlaoa tKW.on <4r HUnl ui Mr Plat., ard B? lar M mj ti:i>ol*n- if bom gMMIoabii !t? of>rr?rpf(1 I wind U*? Mr I'Utt ? ?r?M Ul |?- ? f roi ? to tbat of U? of lb ? Ououg.M Mr Ptatt t tar da boro oo bit total ilghui n? (UIMU-! 4il im.v Mr P ?tl | | Hid M>iba( t'? b>o .'.t jrebt <>o iijltiif furti-r i 1 U'ir lb*' Mr HawO w '.Id ?t?- n<? tb? hfwmli' >ti I 4? , otrrd ?t. Pia.t p?M 'bo o?bi>sol ? l? ff I do Bit. I trioo'ore, fte| re nco ourpnoo *e?t t i U??a b i Word >o p. tr> biluo. f.r ftjirr? >'? u *??~1 O! ' if I paid any lo-orceton fi? r. mm rj i I tuifl ihn I JkI not, lint im Com*) troti'-r ?? ntd W't >"o abr.ot It, wd tbat /ua im ? wall Mnift boo ibat ?H mnoii (oarir.lf)? 1? no* aonoartatlob monrrot hr ????b ?? Tb# lata* 'a ahour ' ob tbo -o of tt. Too nrro'j trfbrrad an- to it,* O m^tn liar. Too nl j< rtK.n nu B'j* witn^i *wn, aad tha naoatl <a h' 'D( again put U Mr Piatt, ? u aaaworrd to tor o< |* throw r mumo? Th*t la all t ba*o to aob on tb" ao?>J -* of 1 'it*r*yt Wo w'll bow tako op Ui" otbor r??oititt->n la rcfi rraea to tbo gtvtug uf boada 'or tbo OKijrttjr of tbo Otuit/ Bfic yt %*no d*annoB?aa fi)"'ow#d aa to wVtbor tb* itbor rooo liit'cm weald bo tab's op by tbo C-<*m>ttoo or aot, la wbirb tbo Cajraaaa ium that II KM.feO >f ib? coaotjr bm.oojb la alwaya 10 tbo baa do of tbo tttf Koanorloto, w lib ml any aooarttv balag (iron for it* aaHoijr Till waa don'od by Jodjo Wbttl'g, wbo qnwd tbo o^laloo of tbo Corporation Onaooi. who ai?to?d Mr. Phut that bo ?aa an| b"naJ to giro a bond 'tr tun ascarltf <* tbo jonrty Bowoy . aa bo bad al??a1y r ?on ore to U?? oiif , wbrftl) aooerod bntfe Ob ?ottoa of 'Jb?a?Mobor Praoy, it waa Oaalty agtoai to artjrara ttl> tf lodar nw?t, to' too porp<*o if -itaj?a'of of tbo aanaad part K tbo aaijoct oo*oro tbo no?*naoo Okltibifi Mr fBan UTTUvqam, at <ma :?a ro yirt>r ier tbo ^ Uirm ^ibiag If* m, d'ad at i*a (Mr f)<*a't?i, >a *t f/Mtla. m T%araday taat. wbtlo a a *t of Jaiir ra tr<~aaaa SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. Wo Pi lie Fights Ui Vu Hlaf-A Thlrt la Com Off Im ? r?w Oojri. At *o early hoir on Buodiy night ? roport was circu lated among the uportlnj aul .'aroy men of this clly that there wero to be bo Imo thin bree prlae flghta fought somewhere to the Highland*, N. J. The name* of the principal wtft stated to be Uoif e King, of > bM elty, . ?ad jotui Wotdi, of Button, alias th j ?'Boston Pet ," Den Bis Horr'gan, of Liverpool, ud WllHim O'ark, of I.on don, bad John lilekey , of Oeaeda, and M trloo, familiarly ( tMfl as Hany Jennings' Pot Boy. Th<> t'ghibetveen King and Wood* was to be tor WOO a ?W?; Morngao and GUrk tor MOO, and Qtekey and Morton fore purso to be contributed by the ouUlder* oa the (round, fte now* spread like wildfire, aad by tea o'clock every drinking bud gambling saloon In the olty was *11 re with p war as preparing for aa early start. Aooordlngly , from on 9 to thrte o'clock yesterday morning, between Are and e x hundred (asanas eromed the Barclay street firry. Tbo principals wera already In New Jersey, they having left the olty before the refort was circulated to prevent ar r?t. This was necessary, as It will be remembered that the Intended flgbt last summer between King and Woide, , on Long Island, wm twice broken op by th* poi'.oe joat as they were In th* act of letting to. ? tight wm the result, la which halves and piston ware freely Mad, and Are or six persons seriously Injured. 8>tn?inirty or forty persons were arrestod, and the prliu j als boun.l over to keep the peace for sU mouths. On the arrival of the parties on the opposite *Mo of the river, carriage* were la waiting to oonvoy then to the ground, the exact ipnt n >l being known until their arrival, m they wore d?termln*l this time to dght with oat being Inurftred with by the poloc The pL".<:e I agreed open by the principals and seconds wax Bill'* 1 ferry, abjut one 01I0 above Weebewksn, N.J., and tbt whole paity tUtUJ for that ^Iaoo ihortiy after Ore o'clock, in order to be on lha g vuud 10J r?edy to Qght at diyllgbt. On their arrival the ring <va* pitched mid ever) l>ody was on Kic Hp toe of o\^eotaMon to wine** the Ictig expected '->uUtl tx. iwouu Kin* aud Woo In, woi 1, to uielr dl*?ppoluiuii'u>, tb y were luf<ra>J thai lha i whole amount of tAiocey in t?o for a* agreed ujdo balivcoo ille principal* M.U Moiuli * \d Out yet made Up, aul | that On Dgtil *>i|> UponM tj xo.iie future tunc Uorr'gau and 3l*rk (llghtoe gula) enter 1 tb? ring mil oomoicioeO to titip fjr itu uilll. TV* 0% m 1 about a quar ter to a. veo a'emck , a jd by acvca o'aio-.k me figut bad fairly cmmencel. tMh men am j Wo ?cratch carefnHy, an ) aeveral fe'.nta were m*t<- on eaJQ (Ide without a blow being |tiuck,wbm Hirrlgtn gave the Brit blow, whilst ?u? Initially follow d <<y o e Irim hi* opponent. K -r a time the tigmtrg continued D Irk ou both ildta, when tUia g?vo Hoirigaua ttuuner ju Ute left rye, ahii h w ado bio reel ana tbo leoondi ro*h to h.i ?Pitiunro and brar htm to bl* oornrr. Thli ?*a> evident ly the aiiiu.u^ Horr alU'r w?rua rarao cau- 1 tloucly up to ' ic- ucr and fought etr?fully, while Clark, elated at bit goo-- luck, dance<) round ano at apt- ' td the laaie gaine. hut did not luocewl. Uorrlgaa'! <-ye, I how< v<r, w*9 faet eksbf, Mi i It wai rv.dent, from bis rai.doui urokn, that the udli In favor of his op.rouert winning the fight Odd* of frotn ten li eight, s?vfn, and even Bvc were ofTc-ed. ' it 0040 aero Ukea that our reporter could learc Tte light laitod two ho?rs ai?d dfty mianti*, and It li ?? a tnat no lew than fifty round* wure focjbt befeie the battle ?un ded, wb.-n it declared in raver of Clark. It **1 repn^ud tea; the m m?y ?? not given up, and that Ute dgbi was prooouoend a draw by Ibertfrree*, tint lb a r.-ita falne,** < lark wn pubUn'y def'ar.d the wiotoi. Uotb m. ri lornrtiy p.i-.uih?i, Uoirlgio m ,:c ? I'louil/ about th Ure thau Clt'k A collect on *a? n >w taken op ij tb>i frle. *tl of Elckoy nod Ml ru>e, I gni w> thu for * aot to, too winner u> o < < rl'tled to thi- parse. Upward* of f tO we.-e collected, ao<l tto men entered the i^, ?i r.,k banrii, and beg?n *.h: light. The l| arrlrg 1 t t '.haldtitat vory flue, aai the mi h "\e;e pretty fairly mel'ted, but after half an bot.r'j bard tlght ng I'm ipjngn ?aa throw 1 up In favor of H,okey. It is it '1 that Mi. n eobld not ? in the flg^t k* u- rt%.. but l?w frtecdi o > 'b * MNM ind a a* a foreigner (unf >rtur.ately an EngMehuiaa), and tbl* feeling was evide .tl. n'.ra "cvtre agalnct bim on that aooouct, as ihe unfair tr>.atm*ut whino ll eumro flelvod la bla great Ugbt with hwyer* rasaUl in their tnlrds, and crlea of " Kill tho Rogliah inn of a b ? b,'' ?' Ulve It to biro, lilckey tnd 1 tier ex|>r*M<.ir* of Ilk i MMSfl ?? M '' ny uaed, *hlob prnbiolr *0 nuimi.-ai-' : Mi rtoii that hn neclrl Lot flgbt The ggbtnr* were r. >t iiileriered w th b? the polio4, and the *p ct-.t rn ha 1 ?'iu I pleasure <f wlti..ib?lng t to prla* tlgb 1 ai l out being , ij,,t i. iiu d to pull up the itatc* at.l pitch to* rug u> hair ' a d''i n ( latM-i It la rail that lha loot talked of flgbt betwnan King aud Wcoci will oouir oil a about rail in a fe - 1?*i u rv b it an la read) sud willing, ion) th" oiooey will ill be I mad* up. K1r*a t? ih> m?t*o|>ol1?. \ FIBIt m PlGIITn 4V1I.II ? eKVUUIi Hi A MI BTILD IMid DbttHUTtO?A kT UhlM Ot VuO* I CI KNKD err, ITC. Bborcy batir* out o'rtootr yosmrday morn'rg a lira broke cut !u a f>amr fcnlMlAf, oortplad by .1. i-o ?Jo liar, rtar of low frottug ?u K'ftuli nenui, betaoto | Foil/ fifth m il rcrly -tilth st'*? U. Tbe ectrtitca to tbe ' tfcop ??t Inn Twty ?<itb st-rei. Tie flKte spmad Willi grrat rapidity, uiu br'ore to* Brrmrn ouold { t i Mr od Uw are tUo rear of tbo frame ttiruo uo Ci|Olb 1 arrnue was In ? b aaa. Tbe Ore ourneJ tbe f'lur.o; i stores ?i.d Jw<ntr<* ca V (bib atcour ? I Nj *?JX, I'Milp l/fieou, fancy 4000a store; lite r -ar I part of ike bur rttl. U?s n'laair'l at tM. 1 lcl<. red for 91, KO In tbe ? ? lanntio and one ujrn ! p*ty No. MB, Janet Allot, milllitf ry |OJda. Oar? <n ab',.r tltf. No laaoranoa. No. 9i#X, A t*otueob*rilcy, elotMog ttora Damag" V? ' stole atoul $ltO laatired [? i 91,000 ; Si MS. J hi, A Vartcit, a;utf?roah?r aad jeweller, ' ii *? about i.'iCO fur. red 11 0C? '? a nity Cimpajf . '<n eiJ, J >ba Vat Hnrc, : ,ir store, djirje about I $1(0. Naieaarasoc. .*.o <XJ 1 tc hurt al. (i!t"tar Bg< te mike: , l>*s a'Mnt tl M N" rtiirtt-t* He. til. J-o. ? Gu rrta, c.'j!iw) tUro, last t*ioot i 91.000 No tetuitatfc So etlX. Jsit.r* boot *od afcoa flu *n ? l*r. llttd op utalra- nt d wt aboat W.O. to. ' r r?d for M.OOO I 3* U?, r*:;n O* I <n ibr u JttO atory of Um Miot.iag bailings, familial ' wort '.timid (ml ? No em, (!n *!*?? a-?l fatuity, f:*?<Hur? itartnyod, l kbvi.t 91 ,M0 Nr< IMaratw. 0. L It ion.tjr, 1 bol> I |r?ib, he Km* ab"ni t700 No li ajf-ure No M6 Ct>*rlf? t'nra aoa toaa abnul ItOO; an 1 lararator ar Fiai nr tail (anil/, naa about t*b. ao la ?araaov. Cfcarita null and family, toaa about tW, so to , tcrauor tao or thr^e .itbrr ju nr famtUaa were buret oi.*. ?time ratata *c?u!<i aot aaaertata bialu rtano >. ?b'h areaoe m daasagad to tba aroiot of thorn 1 3,0?t Nua MT X, M? aad 64?J4 are owed by Hnify Kruaiin No Ml m <?a<rt by a Mr PudetblU. No*. ?l A ?6X MI aad MTX are owned by Mr. WW droa Th* loaa wrald to ba *>rer*d ay lMiit?a?a. The c?rpcM*r'a ro"p, maettor w'Ui tbe a toaa ..f ? ate 1 lariat, mco lb" wnot'aheda and pr'vlea boioBRlne U> tbo I ttorta m ibe a?*tr.a, ware dratr?yed. Uae tai'raaM at ' atx i.i|500 co ii:aM?L<4k Capta'D hmi, of .be tweatr aw*?d ward, aad h ? ia*a, (fit | roo pilj on Ui' grouao, aad rtal<red raleaoleaar tlo* to tb? orrupacti In aarli'f pr<iperty. kn. Heig'-atl N*y , o< ii- fw?a irut ward, aad Befeaiit Ru>a< i,, of lb NuirUoatb, r?ib wit*i a piavooa of moo, r*| or??1 to lUpUJi 5I"?? ttii , H foo<l arrtlo*. Tito mm hualiht* aiatenai of lb* oell".Bf? eaoaad a grrat I'.jhl, wbt'b arrii|ht to ,r,r teero a large aumbor nf poop la Tbo Irti la *' pv"0?'1 to bare bem In* aot or aa loora I < ?ry , a* two attempt* nad prv. imwty barn aoad* to bura tbe i i?*irii?a aert ttrc* ?aoiika *f> rut! <k aaTabD rricar, m a toikpt aorsi. Betweoa twelve and one <>'o?.Kk yrater lay aflert >m a Bra <?c3rred ->o tba at rood floor of tbe tearmtat tioiiae Ho. 10| Haawd ?>r<at, to tbe i* mla?e of Jane* ' yecb Tbe fla?>r( wars ?> ?v i4' i?n<d bv tba Sremea Ow J.y to ibr batl way l?'l' t '-ill of tiauko, toa egraaa of a naraearof th* unaaia ?a? ml of Peroral m? ?d to Ibu r^'if, *L'I oWi'r* Hrir* tH>nt Jump's* from t^a win d?wa wb*a Ui* tr? waa pap irted Vi b??l Tba ,jauta<rn lo tbe fr.raltura will .1 to at Mtl tti. No Lrttran ? I (?>.? oaiMitg la (> tatd by TVinaa HarUa. It Is oaiaifd tvbcv.1 IIS l?o lar:r*rc?. I'oioaara' fri'iaret. fvKtM *t faooi u ii ? Corosrr Sc 'rmrr held ta Inqnaet 1 at No IS street, \.,we tbo My of Patsr Van Not*, a natlra of New J*rr?y, *fe<1 iT ?*are, wbo own no 'tu i' a^lclde by tbootloi Jf t'.rmih Um bead with a p<*ti.l. from th* etl<i*eae e.ioitad aefore tba Oraa?r, it S)>rrart.! for iV?l ?'* or tl?bt m ?lb^ peat ii. c?a>. d ha-i beta Ir a or* aiedieg naf of o ad, la ? <4 ii me p. -attar) loaons. tin tuadar ia a Ipg, dntlag U>a laa ,-<?%??? aharooe of hia ?.r* fro ? Iht teerrN.m, be pror r?a a hiaiw I p<?VM. aad apfHrtng i.t n.ot?'e '.I t?< ???,?* to tta ba. ? of nie o??il ab< 1 1 o w*rif tbmugb tbe hra'u Tbo roiar inoaaiooad h? tie Silngattrao *? tba axontioa of Mrs. V*a Nnia, a . ,->a ; rt t jtMrg to tba rrom rha foo- d n?r b<Ml>ard lyings tba r*.r la a pool of k'M ?r<l ?n tha etmgfkw al d?a?s 4 ' pbjlrtetea waa pronptly ta att??iiaor-, bat all atadioal a d vat un.? lt<7 P.? oaf. rtanal* ssan i nyad ia a ' ?utt of er.ix.a*Ploi,ana?e lor an b.>ur or so, aad tnaa at pi .id Tbe j-iry rtad> rod a tare tot ia aaocrdaaa* artth ibr abote fa?ia Asothsm (*Ar s o* *t i?ii.s ? . ar.l OoiasterWd, a aa tiT'iof l/aiaiu, a?.td tatrty i i >tara,dlod at BaHetaa H apttol yaat. rt ar. fr^ui tbi tMof t wovta In Ma ibMiet, IrflxU (I b> ll.irrif for ia? jrorja*. of oo'a.'alt. tlag aoMil ,*. |tMwa>rd, It apprartd, waa OiifTartag nndrw alt ?lUrh of dnllrli m tr*ro*ra at Ui tlmo (kinvi JarA | waa ttolillea b> told aa is<|n<*t o^oo tha b->dy Caw* w? Oyer aad Ttrmlasr. ?afore Hoa Judge Dtawi;, Om (.?Tha Dee**ber tor on of thla Onsft waa apraad by tbe ewipaaaelltrg of saraatai ? hSBtm ef Ike Hraad Jvry, of wboart Bdgh Auhta law, |R| , waa a war a aa ; farowtaa | Ttia Jodgeaatd Uta sain at"trww (Taaaday) waa etaott ? day, lb* naart woaid aot att, aad aa dnobtlaaa nthar m bar# of tba Hr aad Jory w.<ild ?>at* ta on W?t**?at*y IT. Ting, bo would t oll 'ha chart* ?*"' Wadne* '?? Morning, al It o'etort Tha eonrt Vboa adyaoraad to that Has*. j THE BURCH DIVORCE CA3E. TliLriaamt, L>?y. Narnkvuia, III., Dm 8. 1840. Rlehard Ho'mea, eler'c of itaa United 8UV* K.vpreoa, pron d the rroelpt Of ? be* tor Mr Burcfc containing l clrctc from Tiffany A Co., on the 39th >.(ytbi uary, Ii&7, Ud the <2t lively of th<- nine at tot Bureb'a ho.iae B. JT. Aycr Uatlfied that ha dlnfd wuii Senator Doogla* ?Ed wife at tbe Trean nt Honae about tue middle of orio ber, Stuart waa preaeut; dlntd aUo'tt thruo o'clock, ro (L< ait)- ttu conversation abcut the fair lu tbeei.y. Iktrld Ptrwi recalled? Kxji'alned that he wax m latticed aa t j thu day tbe letter wa a Jenvered to him by Mxa. Bui eh at the Corrt Bouae. < rota nam mad? bid not lnforn Mr. Joy or Mr. FltcB that I huj thu original letter; lai not prapaied to iweaf that I did or did tot explain to Jo y that It* original Ml loat. The oompltlmnt admitted U*at Bureh WM la Ublrago flrr.m the *'h to the X6th or no.obor, 1*67 The aotloo icf><d oo judgo Hkli utr, r?vokug the aaUxxtty givea li'm b> Mra. Burnt to act aa bj- attorney, waa admitted la evx.'.uce The defcnce hore cloeed the naae To complainant o(ftr*d lb 3 llow'ng teatl mony ? Jau.< a T. loy, of Detro't? Converted with S.uarl a bo at th k ciae , i'ol ; P-eulleo! how 'i? g a'ter the oocurnaooo; bo rtad n e ,ko letter; undertl >od be bad tho original la h.-r hinawrttlbg, iad utver doubted It UU 1 road tho tcatimr.L) In tbe (Mae ? Cri?r ejataloed? Saw B?lg?wlok nod Ayr aboat tbo mo " t'mo i >aw Htuart; hn a oooveraatton with Ayar , hin, hi might have apokto to roe aoout trio lett-ir, inj j told me the original wa* <1 etroyed, but I don't roool I l?ct; d i? !? rtcolTiot 1' et< *rt tola mo tho let'or be n 1 oeive?l waa tbe or'g'nal, the letter htd no date, Btoart told mo be wonld Ux the dat, , hr?auM> the trtw r waa do liven d to Hm a*, the Court IIjun Uuru g <t>e Atioa trial, an<l war wriU'n alter th< r>o? from Miaa Simming to lira. Bu'Ob; 8ltiart deomi d the letter : mi** tail lH>,jnu?a It aa* written after tbo crime ?i? '-?u?*goJ, and waa 'u ec'jiiafeiit wub any Idea of the gill; of tof wri tec. Mr*. Aoua T. Mather teatlflel tnat Mr*. Ojrrh nailed at h?r borne oo the 14th of Out oer, tbo da/ tnifjre tho wit ctia ?u ma-rled; tfra. Hu'?h anrmed in Ji?'> .?.*! aod ro r.tlcrd ntea between II, c and ?x o'ol.?Ji, did'nt aoo Nra Bi rch there between ton uud ? voire o'olook; aha l?ti J?t hef-'re dark. Lroar /? \ '.m^tetf? don't re<x>ll<.it aoeltig Mra. fljroh to the kt'i k<>u Har*e> U Thomprt n ie?t'3e'l? Waa at lira. Math r'a hoi w oti In 14th ot intoi>i'i; wji In aoi nut ail day; at* Mra Rorcb thrro before Ua; leu't r?<JOlleotaetlug tor Is tbf iroru rg, she might h*?v b> ? there two tioura la *.h? mc rmrg without atclrg her; ciunot a*y w bother aba wa' thtr* or not. H'rry.J K.tco, CttlteJ PU'cs Dlatrlct Attorney de po?e<1? Mrart read tho letter purportlrg to come M'? Bo'tb; ai'it-d "t >art t or hf aua gotug tJ Ux tbo date; he la . I It was a'moat IV >7tderttal Uc hit abown t tic I'll- r to Bifrtll wtbin two o- thr-e l?y? alter he r? oelred it; crtblcg wm aavi a>>- it <t wlr ^ aa or^teal oopy , ] anppored It to be origit-al; fu the wrltinj; at a '11a tan.e; bttght It waa a lady a Laad; did uct .ooogulae U1" writing frrwa eiamlred? Nnthlng wna ra'd to mo aN>ut tho hauowrlttug, and I did cot uo the letter clnaelt , or have l( In my band; rttuari t ill me ho bad ivmnaturJ a reply of three cr f<>ar pagra, hut having met lira. B' -h. who explained to h'nt. and aald ibe wai er%zy at tbo time alio wrote tbe letter, and bo hid <1eetro/c<i it; U>a l< IV r waa read to wltDon by dtaart !>r J. A Allen (!epoa*d a*>.rg tb? letter, which 1 un ? derrtood to be lioa Mra. Burch; coulla't rionllcot any lit ???i.agrt oatd by ?tiMit ab >,it the letter; exantlr the auomarce of It waa that he ould dlaarove iny idea of gulit br the letter bo bid r>4?ired Imn Mra (torch; bo la d that be oould prove t ie citoof tbo la'ter by 110 recflf t durlLK the trial In trie naaa au t D> an illa tion In It t<> Uary HpauUIng; he el?o Rai l be rvml.: provo tb?* nc?Mpt yf the letter by Mr Marrlll, to wh >in !ta had shown II; directly after It* rcclpt 1 aaw the 'e't?* I did Dot rccognlaa the haadwrltiig a* that of Vr St'iart; 1 tbirk Bon.rtblng w ia aald of b>. *!?g a ) ae a^er.l'n^nM ot Mia Bureb'i htndw-rltlcg. hut 1 o< n't r<: n'j.u-w" what. froaM-exaniiocc? Mr htuart made tr.' rem?-n tbit ho oi uld eiUbllth the nce'pl of tha letter lhrou?b tie Jur rl'l, to aeon be had abown It aoou alter iM rooelpt; I tklLk refereroa waa mn:e to Mr. Burrill xmw Irg Mra B"rrh'a hindhrlt'ig t'>e eccver-ttiinji to wbieh I ha o a'ludrd, lni,i( i Ur<- In I ho oll-a of Wl'ker, I?xter * Van Arma (o?.n -I I nant'a i-<>u>.eet): ci tb Dg waa and about the let: tr r< aU 'King the ortgrnkl or copy. A jomaed tl'l BlnaoV'iC* to n?< rrow nomlor Tbo court n ou via erufra"<i to day witn > uu^ra fruot ntoago. Itctt edla?' ly after the id}o?rr "irt t of the tVart, a la r, > nnmNtr ?f tbe r">?iiifut eii'vu of Oi j*io cruai'e^ iroacd Mra. Rwcb, ai 1 ax.luu.giid f/l'Uialf |r?etlagi wltn her. HUM y lnUlll|(iar?, ARXIV Al. MiD lilPAHTURt O* 1 JB Pl'INAM Mi LAMZ. The rulcato Pb*'Ml, of 'Uit!ord, Hcna , Ha)"r Horace 1 Gool*!n com.. audlrguid anp.berliir oiijH.a<!r? I tad fltij murkcti ?nJ a mart .al norje of ha rneu, a/ r I ?<xl In tbta eliy jertrrd iy aiurcocn ?? three o'duoc.m nttU vn * pl'ltrlmage tu the Irm'o of W^n njior, at atonal Vernon. We a b*lef h jlcrf of iU? urpa on 'Uiqr<t?y lael. ? lih lue lauiir J'tn uil lac gi.oat* ac* cnwpaojtrg the corjxi. .be Ita'aus ?rero re Cflfd t/ trit- Tn.rd rfinjiacy Coat'ci ? tat yi :aid, I"a; iae WlUlltia r, ; rid eeix.rleri from ll'C N?w H*w'a KaH^'ad ?? pot, T?e?iiy eoreclh Uriwt do*o U'4d?*/. pa?t...g il? I \a Avium H Wl. anl ? iiiuud lbs Wi'i' tiyl'ti blatoe in 1'eloa *i| uv-iol cf!)?'ri ulnt 3g uil i hi' rvfll >. ir aa ?-? tro>,.d iui '0 Tb?> -irovx v et! lii % elrcu.tooa rente to ilie aetor H' >? ??, Wieio tte Mwlirl dti?4 at foor o'cbiek. Tie; n.;.*?,uitly to k kllir 4 .variant f.r <*Wlalel?h * lit (Ire o*<t'?k, wnere ?.?.? y ?ere bo revival with [till rutltt h'.bu t. Tue hi1. I to indn prutkrl orjiu. ?- ?tM ?. or. npotod of *uiite .if limi m.wt HMTlUt ud ?e* ru'n of lUrt'ard Tue (v ai u j repriuau "l^bl cliltnua if d. l art Thr.r kdif iiln U an erw. Imiun^a of ue one * rj by A ae ti lt gU L <urluK too Retoiut ,.?>) ? ni^gi*? a nolfbrm wC ct. to iro. rlctr wculd d>tr*M. Linit Oo* Ualita, Hi?. 15 jtLH H srtmour (laVu Mit.k*i?r wi Hurt ?), Hon J?mi? r, Co. fu-i Cull, a. J a moiotr ?> .to^r ??, -all) d'?'.-."|u.jbtv ft : i i .e lr i . / . ? Uok, Km mpaay ttie ' xcart ? ? i vrui ptilM! ibri . ?b our rt'ejtt Met m .rrhK' j oM frmtta <a U' 'o (4 ?,|. i:-tr ui i| iiiimM I'ttiil kit* i ti .n r&? eomtr.auCfcat of ta? oon>|M> ; >? or, r t" vei tf >iur* cf ?<e, et h* irr -,? u rettvt m am/ i f jut ;oue< m.4 ?*niif inHlt?ry Ml. fbey v.M r?icrti nr. t??i;.r iv. i aopo i>ur uM lor. u.?u er'.i giv? tbe.i ? bvuly -.elootue. Pollro lnt*Ulr,et>c?. tu Aurr.iu Froinri ?to* ? 'n Mm m-raUi of AugufllMt.a Mrr.-:?ALt Lk.iC ) B-xiJ .o. Ir t.lalorim^a, boilitj 'roin Weet Bclford, Ohio, canm in to N.< ? forfc for I ho [>arpoM of bajtef f^xlj ?alt?'>ia lor IV Wratfro market Al Ura^Aoo, Mc'jraorj % U; 'a, aol oth^r atorea he rrprtotaled blBae.l ?a aa csleaa.Ta taod owatr a ad maa of brlkocM, and om ?tjilrj a atateaxnl to Ibal be o'.ulnwd credit for tome fl?? ur da tliouaaad ?*o!iari ?urlk of (uotf*. Be U>m pr<?e?J*d tu !>nlla<Mpht*, ?here, cpoe mafeUg a MoitUr etotMseat, be oOUlneil fl 000 worth of property <>j fomr noolha. nakaequeuUy It waa dhcovertd that the r?; rearntai >na made by l iod eranith were fWJaa, aad a.a4e vithh view la t* Vraad. The New York aredltorn U)i the mtiur before t^a Oraad Jary, had the recall wo* aa lad etmeot aca'"?t Modtr ftnltfc tor falee preletov^ A rw|ata>lkM ? n iv?<l hy Oute-nor Moraan ap>n <>r lun.utur, ol unto, aad Ik-Veil re Kcatav ?aj to work ap tbe eaao. 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Xavter aad Carl R ?krleler, bxoarnd ? lifed at (one rerr.aJk* made hy i^ecnard Ouder and Bet i f Kloti. aad the eae a qaadrllaUral flghl and tbe freo oee of ?ul*e* ?i 4 glMeea 'a wti cb W*a '?r aad KMi caBK oel rather U?e tnrai tor wra- ftaadee, oo r?'C| rtiertl to ?ll r^H? er?, No 'Ml lt**i rtreet, ?v> ptoo< 'io *d It >>? ^angeeeifty ??aho<td. HI- oxapa a.oc ??'???< 1 * .h a fe? rli^ht oil* and emiaee ?e It wae id n. ..< wary to ?? *4 him how*. *ha p^ilea ? rewV <d tta' r? Hochr.eler. ard brought t >oai .ief>>ra Jii?nc* I'm -..uau, wto cj?).p'|.t"d 'h' ra trr ecai uuaiioa. J <t.. j f li*>4 and 7usti a oou^a vl Jo'.rae;.ae? bak>ri, eap'oy^d hi Uii fW*.at>ii^v.oaat of Mr. 'lew 'it, No M Cr ??>y rtreei, fi laU a row on tahday alghl, wbeo floo<3 struck llaiera ue the bead with a ?lub, frao larl?( h>( ekall aai Infltetleg probably a fhtal wrond T"? tijo<ed man waa hrontht tulho Xew York H ?pital, * here ho tuw ? n ? crliieal roodiilo?. 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