Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1860 Page 2
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es'lo-y* were duly exchanged tVa "ity on the ,tb 'ef November las'- Thus Itae a controversy V*n amicably terrniua'ed whiob hail be ouie so ?rioua At the period of tny inauguration <.. to i ? qoire uie , on the If tk Miuiater to demand his j a- ? >rt 1 and rttur ; to the , United Hiaten. . Under this convenion tin government of Qranada lid* ape ially ? k..- v edged >' elf , i responsible to our cit.i/eoa "for damages wluob j wtr? ciuw-1 I'V th? ri t at Panama ?>u t .? I -l'| 0 April. 1W#;." Vli *e c* ?" . . together with er olaim* of our citizen* whic., ha'1 be-."i ! .^u^el !? vine, are referreel for <n'jr '.-'.merit to a H>ar ? ' Oonniiseionera. 1 ilburtl a copi ot tbi ? ? %en tioti i? Coi>Kr?w, and recommeud the 1 g ' it uu MMMary t<> ' .irry it into c-tK "t. c."ST* H I a AXI> MC4*10ra PerseivriuK effort* hive hem nude for 'he )wtro?'Dt of (he claims of American cltiz- " >V > tbe g ivern nent of CiMta HJca and 1 Rin ' y "? fcilonn you that thi se have inaliy prevtvi ???1. A convention wj ai^n d ut tL ' cify of *an tbe 2d of Jolv iasi , between the Mi^i-Ur r > < nt of the Uuih A Sittie* in r? i II. i. a and the )? ???(>'> tentiaricH of that rt j .1 ?' u- . rt f?i i g tiie^e ? lalms to a Bo?rd o^ -. >, id providing '"r 1 p*\ incut. their u wt'ilrt. Tit'? convent! on will snbmi'ted imr.u'di it ? y to the S- :iate <r their eoa at/tctnr.ral action. Th? claims of ov~ citizen* cpon the republn o Nicaragua have 'ml ye". ' i n provided I >r oy Ires' y altliouj' i dilig* lit c its lor t). , purpose hn>' i "on mailt ".v "iir V . hU-r remfen'. to tl nit rejir' flic- * f'rtj still continued, with a fair proapect of *?.ce?a. NBIW Our relations wiih Ur i" o remain in a mo*'. rcr aaiisliictory condition. In my list t>vo annval Messagea 1 discussed extensively ti c pnbj'1-' of tbnite r?'Ve.tion*. and ^o n t nn*' propone to re peat at 1 n?Ui the t*- .* and arnmcntj then pre sented. Tliey prove I O . i.^le -ly that our "id MM residloff in Mer.eo at.d >nr merrhr.n'H tr'.d-ncr thereto hiul Huflt-reJ a Pi ' ii of wr >rijs atiu oat ragt'H ?ueh ax nc . never jiatiently t?ora? friti any other mi' i. u. For lio'se oar kui *r?.sivc m'ni ?e^* isvoklng the faith of treatkp, had, i.i thi n.iru? of th? r c niotr'-, pernio ( i ly demanded redreas and nuleriiui'l a* on tmt * ? ' . nt the t>li^fit4"<t cfl'eft. bdeed, m* Ronlrdeiit had tl-.o Mexican tithoHtlea become ol our patient i P. ranee, tlttt th y miver aail\ b*'lie\t d they mi^lit commit thes outrapeH ?bo'ii Aint n ari i itizeux n'h absl'ute impnnlty. Tbu* wrote ?.ur Mmhti r i nnd ex?r, ?se 1 the opiiiiou tni.t "ootli iik b'i' a maniVKtition of the powtr of tie government, and of rtc purpose to pntiifh thfKfc wro v; 1 av ill." Afterwardrt, in 1 ^;">7. ' line the udoft'lon of a new eoiu-titution I??r M< \i > . tut' eleotiou ol' a President and < ongress uno-r lid pri -i ions, ard the inaugn ratton ot th" I'reride it. Within on<j ?'?ior? month, however. t'ni< ri anient ?.n expelled from the Mpit 1 bj b rehtlli'iu in the ariny ac 1 the fipremc r>wt r of the leimollc was^ce 1 to fSuneral tloaga. Thi- UHiirper ?a< in hla turn noon com pelled to retiie ;>*id gi.e p'u< ? to jenrrjl Miramon. Under which had thin been adopu i), ^^'lll >r .In.iri ?/ .i- ("hi. f .'nsti of the "-u prefn < < uit. !.e< .me !>.?? i.i*ful Presld rnt of the repul'lio. and i' wac or the maintenance of the ?onMitiiti'iii ami hi* authority derived from it tint the civil cur comineuced, and atiil continues to be prose< ut id. . Throiigl.i ut the year 1T.8 tho c institutional party gre.v hU' riger and stronger. In the previ ?os hwtorjr of M?..\i"o ? suceeubful itiilUarv revolu tion at the capital hal alrio^t nnlverrially been ?*ie algnai for sul>nii>ion lluoi; hout the republic. Not ao on the pre- nt occaxio i. A majority of the citi*.e. h pei>i?t? !itly KUjtaim d the conatitntional Iov. i nn-, nt. V.'htn this w. ? recogni/e.i in A >ri' , by the gov-Mimett of th ? United ^tatea, ita authority ext. ml I over h tart?" r.i : i trity of the He x i. a i; MaU'? a>"l pe?i|.t,.. including Veraf'rua ?bit all il?e i ther tin ; ortm^ reaport? of the repub lic. Froui th it ju riod e ?, . onim. r.'e with M >iico began to revive, and the couatiuitional gorernmcnt baa afforded it all the protect! >n in t^'eir po*er. Mean * I ile th" government of Miramon etill held away at the capital aud over the anrrou iding coun try, ii : .1 rontlaaed |ta ostriKN igtM Im Amcri. au ci i/.i-ns who t<:ill had th? rottr.ige to re. m Mia within Ito power. To cap the climax: At-r the hutile of Tacobava in April, Hvt (leu. M vr qoea ordered three cltizer.x ol the I'd I ted S'atea, too of I hem ph> .n i.iuf>, to t e h-f/.-'d lu the lio*pi tal at that place-, taken u;ii u:>d >>^ot without c'tiiie and without trial. Thi.s was J >.u\ n 'twl Ji<t tu iiog ?or nulor uaate cenntrytne-n we*e a' moment ?ag*r*d in the holy riiise ?t ?n ?rdiig icf to the ??Idler* ol b?tb pnities who hud heeu wor.nded in ttw battle wiUrout UiaWiu^ any duiiuciion between them. Tbe time had arrived, in ray of i".ion. when tVa'nt win bound to ex"rt it* power to avenge rtud re dr< <- tl.< ? r"i,gs of our citizen" a id to afford tin ni protection In Mexlcv The i?.t*?r Pomiiib ob?ta"U ?a- 'hat the porM ?n <?f the country on Jer il.e t-wa y ol Mrrnmou ci>u d not he rea^ heii without pa-sins over territory uniler the Juris lie thin oftf.e conatitotionalg ?Tt rrmcnt, I'nder thi ?ireunistances I detuied it my djty to recommend to C<mgrei?fi, m my list am. nil M??wa^e, th. amployment of a auflicient military fi>r"e to penetrate into the interior, where the go vernment o| Utratnon waa to be found, wUb. or. if need be. without the con?en? of th>.' .luare/ fovernment. thongh it was not doubled that thi.-< consent eou'.d be obtained. Never h*ve I h i J i clear, r conviction on any cnbjeet thnn of the Ju?t,ee n< well aa wladom of anch a policy. Mo ?ther alternativ. ?a? left, except the entire" aban donment of our loil.iw . t./i ns who had gone V> Mexico, under the Ariih of treatic*, U> the ayitema tic injustn c cruelty and opnreMion of Miramoo's Ifovrrnnient. is alinoat certaiu that the rinple authority to emplo.v this force would >f fcfr't have accovpliaben all our object* without atriking a single blow. The constitutional govern ment *??uid then ere this have been es'abtishej at the city ol M> xi> o, and would have been ready and Milnrg, to tlie extern ol it* ability, to do u* Joatne. In addition? and I deem thl* a most important ?Ofieidermtron Kuropean governments would have been deprived of ail pretext tj interfere lit the ter rMorUl aud domestic concerns or Mexico. We Mould thue have been relieved from tho oblipttion of re?i?ting. even by foice, should thU become no eewnry. any aitrmpt by g.ivi mni"iita to de ?rive ?nir*< Ighbortng republic of povtiona of her territory; a duty from wldch we could not nhrink witliout abirni ?mug the traJrr .nil anl established ptdicy of the Arrerlcaji people. I ai;i happv to oV aer?e that, firmly relying upon th justice and gooj tali) of theee governments, there la no pieaent danger that such a contingency will happen. Having dka^overed that my recommendations wonld not l?e ? istaun-.l l>y ("oogrcv. the next alter native waa to accoTiplieb. iu ? me degree. If possi ble. the aame nhjecta by treaty stipulation* witti the oori>(ittiiional g iernni.>nl. Such trea'.e* were ?cc.trrlingly conctn*!!-.! by oar late able an 1 excel lent Minister to Mexico, aad on the 4th of January la?t were Mibmitted to tire Senate for ratfftcatioc. A* these have not yet received the final action of that body, it would be improper for me to pre aent a detailed aratrment of Uieir provision*, mill I may be permitted to express the opinion In ad vance tlrat they are calculated to promote the agrl. cultural . manufacturing and Commercial interests of the country, and t*> secure our Tut influence vrW> an adjoining republic a* to who*c fortunea and tale we c*o never feat indifferent; whilst at tbe same time they provide for tire payment of a considerable amount towards the satisfaction of tbe claims of our injured fellow cituena. ?axaaa sun rran. At the period of my Inauguration I waa confront ed In Kansas by a revolutionary government, tx toting under Is caiU d the Topek* caastituti in. Ita avowed object wa. to subdue the Terr-torial government by force, and to inaugurate what wa? called the Topcka government In lu stea J. To ac oompltrh this object an ex'ensive military orgxai ?ation was formed, and its comtnaod eutroat-d tj the mint violent revolutionary leader*. Under these circumstances. It be?-ama my imperative doty to exert the whole constitutional powcrof the Raecutive Ui prevent the (lames of civil war from ?cain raging in Kansas which, in the excited st ire ?f the public mind. ho*Ji North and Mouth, might have extended Into the teighborlng State*. Tbe hostile parties in htruMw had been iaflamej ?naiust eai h other by cnilesarlet both from tit* ?forth and the 8 mtb. to ade<rreeof inaiignUy wiui out parallel In nor U?torv. To prevent uctnal col liaion. and to aasiat the civil magtstraf ? in en'orc lag tbe lawa. a strong detachment o? tlie army was ?utioned in the Territory, ready to aid the unr^l and hia depntiea, when lawfull|r called upon, a a pons, r, if itatiir In tbe *xecntion of civil andcumi aal pro. rsa. Rtill the trouble* In Kan?aa could not have l?een perma.ienilv seul-d wlthou'. an election hy the Cple The ballot box is the surest arbiter of sites among freemen. Under this conviction, JIT.T '>rofl'r *ffort wa* employed to in luce tlie ? b e parties to vote at tbe election of delegates r! .* ronatitutlon. and af^rward* *l?'Uon to decide whether Kansas C.?^t n.r?l V' T* * fr*? hUl* T!''? ??jgont party refusal to vote at eo! I .... S ta? 'fviUt?.ri2P"^7 * recognition on their part ?f the Territorial government <sa>llshed by ? ,n j"*.' 52^2 ?rrrl? ? however, teemed *.,0n after to pravall, and the two partie* met face to face at ths tilrd election held on the first Monday of JanWl l??. for members of the Ugl.lature and oflWrs under the Lecompton eonstlttition Th? result waa the trinmph of the anti slaverv t irt- at the polls. Thia deelaion of the ballot box proved e|?ariy that thia party were in th* majority ?-\ removed the danger of civil war. From that time we have heard little or nothing of the Tope*# g0. ! vemiuent; and all aeriona danger of ravofutto tarv ?onble* in Kanaas waa then at an end The l? ompton consUtution, which had been ' tl ti? re< op-lied at thl* Rtate election by 'he vote* ot t> >Ui i oiuieal parties in Kan-v**, ?? tranwniwd ?o i ? wi h 'he request that I ahould present iw Vo Corgi es?. TI k 1 could not have refused to do without violating my clearest and Btrou*o>?t convic tion# ?I duly. The constitution, aud all the ,,ro c( cding^ w hi<:h preceded and followed itnfot /mi ion w. re tt.ii- and r. ^ular on their (ace. I then ' /lU-ved. ? ? 1 exni lierici* has proved, that the in forests o tt ?? people of Kai 'un would have been b-/tcoueui? ' c<* I v id' ftduiimdou ml a Stato Into the, Unoi.'-j i, .illy hs the Majority, wiihm a Vief .**'?? ,?< Id hitvi amended the ?o&*tituli in. aocor 11* to I it ir will and pleasure. If fr> .iid ex ? "1 ln ' nil or any of these proceed!' /j*. it w a not I t. r I he President, but fur C/.ngress, ?;? i'? vdigae ami lictcrroine the </ nation of iaud, ari I wh?' ought to llt< conae^ueac J. If, 1 ;r the C ->t two election* *'"? Majority refund to v t. i< -snnot Ih- pretei..i-d ? / at this rel.isal to *x I crcti eilie elective tranche ?' t a! J invalidate ati cleo i t?,j Unly t.f-ul undi r hiwl'u'/ autlioiity, even if they i hi l cot subsequently vo' #.1 at the * hird election. tt i true 'h ?t tin* whole ci institution h*d not been submitted in the people, i ? 1 always desired; but >e precedents ore uni*erouH ol th? admiaaioa of K. ti - into tl*e Colon v/fcjiout t-ucii subruutaiou. !? would n it cotni)r,rt with my present purpose to review the pioee?4uig<i of Congrens upon the I.o. < n.ptou coust?e,iti?*\. It U sufficient to observe llmt tin ir tinal action luia removed the la*t veatige o serious levoVatioofcry ti mbK s. The deaperate band recen'lv -a(iHeir:'ak? d. under a notorio laoirlajv, I in the fV-utliem poe'ion i t t ! >- * 'erritory , to resist the extvu'ion of th* hiwsau' to ,'l jriiK-r pein etul citV/eT'H w ill. I d ibt not, he speedily mibdued and broniiit to jw^H? .. .. llx'l I treate<l the I,ecomnton constitution as a nulittv uiid rciiised to transmit it o I impress, it is r.ot > Hit ult to imagine, whilbt recalling the poai li'- i i i the con ltry at that moment, what. Would h r. .e been 'he difcHsiroua conscquencea, b>th in and Kit id the Teiritcy, frorf. a dereliction of duty on 'he psr of the Executive. Peace ' is also been ret-tori d within the Terrl torj i l ' tah. which, at the eonnnencemetit of u v adtnti i.-ti&tion, was in a ituie of op?n ic K'lion. This was tl>ei more dangerous, its the peo^li . animated by a fantiiical hplrit and ^ otreri<*!.i'd wittnn their dislatit uiountain net^ef, ti i^ht have made a long and formidable re listancc. tkist what it might, it was necessary to brirg them into subjection to the constitnti >n and the t!ound tolicy. therefore, as well as hu manity, r? qnir? d tlittt this obj? ct sh..uM, if pos^i b'e, be accomplishen with 'T the etVuaion of blood. This i ould only be < t'- cted bv sending a i.tilHniy f?>rcc inv> the Territory nufHcientiy ttrrt'T to ccnvmcc the people that resis'aiice won' it be t.t cel. h?, ard at the same time to offer tbit. a j.^rdm lor past offences on condition of immi. inte pubri:i-tion to the government. Tins policy was j uthweii w itli eminent success; aud the onlv c:.uce lor reRiet i? 'he heavy expenditure re quired to march a large dct*:hoi.nt of the army to that remote region and ?o luriiish it sub nisttnce. Utah is no# comparatively peaeef i! and quiet, and the ji i iiary force hits been withdrawn, e*r(|it that pinion of it ueceM?ai.v to keep the Indians in check and to protect the emigrant trains on their way to our 1'acidc possessions. KlNASCaS, In m l^rst aniin.i1 message I promis"d to em p!o> irv In-' exertii in cooperation with t'on ?iicfs, to reduce the fxpeiidi-uics of the govern- j nient within the > units of a wise and judt 'iou* exo nomy. An overflowing treasury luid produced i habits oi prodigality and extravagance whi:h t could only he gradually corrected. The work re quired both time and patiencc. I applied myself diligently to this t?>k Troni 'he beginning, and wn- aided by th? able and ener^etij etlorts of the heads t.l the different Executive Dep.irtineiU. i i The ret-olt ot our labois in this good cause did not appai in the suiu total of our exp nditure* f?u the hr.ttwo yeaia, nm'nly in conseq ien'-e of j^e i ? . >? dinar y expenditure necessirily incurred C tH?1"tsh . xpedit mi. and the very la-ge amonnt r LrU f,xp,""-'s' of Congress duriniz thi* . oriod. Then pr. atly ex-rpded the pay aud Iii'lesp of he member*. For -lie year ending 30th ,'rrc, while the pav and mileage amounted to fl,?!?0.2U, the contingent ex )-ose to ?2,0t?:i.SO'.i T'>, and for the ' m ine .. il .lur.e. whi'.-tthe pay and mileage oni' tir.U d to ts5*i (>'. 3 r.?;. tlie con'ingent ex p? t'ses amounted to $1.4 il.Via 7^. I >m hni-py, however, to be able to inform yon that duiitg 'I. la?t Itfial ytur, ending on the SOth | June, 1HW, the total expet.dl'urea of the govern- j ment ui till its branch's legi-lative. exe-mttve und judicial exclusive of the nublio de >t, wero 1 reduced t>* the i-utn of $.Vi. 402,4^ 4fi. This con* 1 closieely aj pears from the b ?oks of the Treasury. In tlie year ernting on the :?)ih June. 1"M, ttie , ti al expe' 'itore, exclu- ive of the public ? Ud t, i. ui -ui.ied t" 171, WH I'M 77. and that for flu >?or ending :'0th June, Will, to 34*J ,TJi> 1U. 'st the books of the Treasury show aa actual expect! nine of fj!',^4s,474 T'J for the year end I inp on the .'mill June, 1MK), including 11040, t 71 lot the con'ingei t expenses of Otingress, tin re must be deducted from this amount the sum of f4 ,21 6 lift'.* with the interest upon , it of ll'iO'tn, appropriated by the <rrt of l.'ith l\l i i.l' O, "foi the purpose ot r. tying the cell. 1 1, c \ in th" revenue- and defr^j tag the ex ' |. -e> <'? the "It: e 1 vpi : ? nee1 for the star en'ii g the tlurtieth < one t1. .usaiid t ' ? ) i .i '.'it-.' and I. '.v tune. l'\ is s-im. there It re. iustlv chargeable I > the year 1" '. must be entailed from the tain o' f"vi,-4-,4;i 7'J. in order to an . rt tin the expenditure for the year -rd'ng on Ihe :tC't. Jure, 1S.<? whi-h leaves a b.Muce for the < xi>t!?diture* of ttiat year of 5">Vt<'i2.4'J.'i 41. Ti c ir.ti :? > t el. 111 I I.Vic debt, lne|u'?it:g Tre^otir* t otes lor I'.e eaitie t - il jear ending on the :tOth .iiii ? I- 0. nn.r.unti (1 to $.1.1*7 SU ?5l. which, ad led to the above nun i of f )i,4o*J,t->o 4-t, makes the aggii> ite ( f l.'is ,'i7!>.7'*) Cf1. It 1 1 Jit in just' eto be ob-'rved that several of the i i i . ate :r u the d ?p.irtmentK for th? year euliiig :>'nh of .Tu Iv<^). were reduced by Con grec* 1 e'/iw what wa? and atflt is deemed eompati 1'c with tie publi. intere t. Alljwing a liberal margin oi 12. MiO.OOO t< i this reduction, and for tih<rt tt>e- it i iy be - itclv tis-ert?d that the m ui of fi !. Pod ,(?10. or at the moft I?t2 .000.100, ia an, [ It ? i tit to aii:: .ni-ter t'.e government and to pay tl ? ir'er? -1 on the public deht. nnle?i con i.ngent events ahculd heteafter render extraordi i.aiy expenditures nece?Mry. I liils i e?uli has been attained ia a considerable degree \>y the care exercised by the appropriate departmei ts in entering into public contra."**. I have n yaelf never inlet feted with the award of any ?u h cen'raet exc< pt in a ?lng e e ??e with the Co | IvLkation Rode IT, tieetiiirg it advisable to ca<t the whole responsibility in each c*?e on the proper In aJ of the depaitmeot, wi'h 'He general Instruc- i Hun tl at lhe?c ci <- iluuild itsay ' be given to tli Jew t st and be?t Milder. It hi* ever been my opinion that public -ootracta are not a leg'tima e i et nrce of patronage to be conb rred upoi per4on*l | or political favorites, but thut in all sn^h ca?e<t ^ public officer is bound to act fo* the governinent ' na a prudent individual would act for himself. araictAK atavt raana. btc. I It is with great satls'actb n 1 coumuni. ate the ; fact that since the date of my U?t annual Me*, cage, not a *lrgle slave ha? been imported Into ttie l" tilted Statea in violation of the lawvprohlbi'ing the Aire.' an slave trade. This statement ia founded 1 upon a thorough examiaauon and in\ ?stlgatlon of the aut ject. Indeed, the ajiirit which prevall-'d , i-onie ti' '? since among port ? n of our fellow ri , ret.- i' favor of this traJe antti* to have tn'irely tubaisii d. | 1 also congratulate you upon the puttie ?enH meit which now cxi*U- a;a u?t the crime setting en fi >t n i .tary < xpedWoi s wittilntlie limits ol the I t i ted State*, t,? proceed from thence and make war upon the people ef unoffending 8ta*ea, with whom we are a. petie. In tils re?pe*t a , happy change has been eft. ted the com i mtkceu ent if niy ad ilui'irati >n. It suridy ought to be the piajer i f very Christian and patriot that *udi expedition* may never agair. receive countenance in our country o. depart from oar i shores. It would be a useless repetition to do more tlun refer, Willi earnest c luiutnduliou, to my farmer i trcommeDilalioea in iavor of the "aciftc Hail ro?d; of the grant of power to the I "reside ut , to employ the n?\al fitca ia the vi.iniiy for the prot?-< tion of the lives and property of our fellow ; citinna pa*-ing in :ran-it over the different Central i Ameri an towtoa, a^atrut aa ldcn and law!e?? out break* and depredations; and alo to An.ericar. merchant \ e?ae!?. their crewa ar.d c?r gw*. against violent and unlawful aeianra and ."on b- atii?n in the porta of Mexico and the So i*h Anit i an n publics, whrn *hese may be in a d s tin bid ai il revolutionary condition. It !? mt ?et tied conviction that without mcb a power we do i net afford that protection to those engaged in the | cotnn erce of thi country whlih they have a ri^ht I to ?1' maud. Kl.ks T O* Of MV4BC1* Of 0OVORW I asaln recommend to Congress the paaaare of a law in pursuance of the proviaiou* of the 1 constitution, appointing a ct tain day. previous , to the 4 il* ot March, in etch year of an odd number, for the election of representatives throughout all the States. A simiiti power has already :>een exer ciaed, with general approbatltn. in the appoint ni'ntof the *ame day throughout tlie Union for holding the election of elector* for President aud V ice I'reddent of the United Mates. My attention was earnestly directed to thia aubjeet from tlie fact j that the Thirty flfl h Concresa terminated on the i 3d of March. !<?!>, with sut making the necessary j appropriation for the service of the Post Oflloe Pepartment I waa then forced to consider the best temely for thw omlasion. and an immedlat? call of the preaent Congress waa the natnral resort. ' Up'intnquity, however, I ascertained that ti'te^n out of tie thirty three P'atea compiling the ' onfedera- i i j were without repitten'ativea, and th it, c?D?e j pnentH-, 1hene fifteen States would be disfranchised )>v StK^i a call. These fifteen diates will be in the I naif- condition on the 4th of March next. Ten of | them cannot elect rejir^enUtiveu, a wording to riUting fctate.laws, until different periods, extend in p frem the' beginning of Augus". next until the month* of Oi U)l>er and November. In my last Mctwage I pave warning that, in a time nl sudden nud alarming dinger, the salvation of onr Institution# may depend upon the power of the President to assemble a full Congress, to meet the emergency. TARIFF. Tt is row quite evident that the financial neccj ni' le^ ol the government will require a m .ulifUwttton ot the turitl duiing your present session , for the j.i rpOFe of increasing the revenue. In this aspect, 1 de^iie to reiterate the recommendation contained in my list t*o annual Messages, in favorof imposing specific Ina ead of advalorem dtitieo on all impo'ted articles t? which these can be properly applied. From long observation aid experience 1 sni convinced that speoiic dunes are necessary , both to protect Uie revenue ?nd to ?u_ cure to onr manufacturing innwito fiat amount of Incidental encouragement which unavoidably re sults from a revenne taritf. As an abstract iiroposi'ion It m?y be admittel that advalorem duties would, in theory, he the uhis' jti?t and equal. Hut if the experience of this ard of all other 'ommercial nations has de monstrated 'hat such duties cannot be assessed and collected without great frauds upon the revenue, then it l? the part of wisdom to renort to specific duties. It deed, from the very nat ire of an ad - valorem duty, this must be the result. Under it the inevitable consequence is, that foreign goods will be entered at less than thoir true vaine. Vhe treasury nil), therefore, lose the duty on the differ ence between their real ?nd fictitious value, and to this extent we ate defrauded. The temptations which advalorem duties pre i-eiitto a dishonest Impor't-r are irresistible. His object is to piss his goods through the Custom liouse at the very lowe-t valuat'on necessary to save thrm from i ? nflscation. In thi* he too often succeeds, in spite of the vipilauce of the revenue officers. Hence the resort to false invoices, one or the puichaser and another for the Custom Hi us-?. and to other expedients to defraud the government. The honest importer produces his invoice to the collector, s'ating the actual pti'-e ut w hich he purchased the arti le- * broad. Not ko the dii-honcst importer and the scent of th'e foreign manufacturer. And here it may be ob setved that a very large proportion of the manu factures imported from abroad are consigned for sale to commission merchants who sre mere agents employed by the manufacturers. In such cases no actual tale" has bten mpde to fix their value, [he foreign manufacturer, if lie be dishonest, prepares an Invoice of the good-?, not at their actual value, but at the very lowest rate neces?arv to escape detection. In 'In* n anner the dishonest import i r ard the foreign manufacturer enjoy a de cided ndvnntnpe over the honest merchant. They are thus enabled to undersell the fair trader, and drive him from the market. In fact the operation of this system has already driven from the pursuits of honoiablc commerce many of that class of regular and conscientious merchants whose cha racter. throughout the world, is the pride of our country. The remedy for these evils is to be found in spe cific Juties, so far aw this inay be practicable. They dispense with any inquiry at the Custom House into the acuial cos' or value of the article, and it pays the precise smount of duty previously fixed by law. Thoy present no te uptations to die ap praisers of foreign goods, who receive but small s ilaries, and might by undervaluation in a few cates, render themselves independent. Besides, specific duties best conform to the reqnMHnn in the constitution that "no preference i hall be given by any reg IstU.n of commerce or r? venue to the por's of one state over those of aootbir."' Under our advalorem system such preferences are to some extent inevitable, an I complaints ha\e ofien l?een made that the spirit of this provision has been violated by a lower ap prslsement ol the ssme aitis cs at one port than at rnojfcer. Ai tn.prcs?ion strangely enough prevails to some extent that specific duties are necessari y pro tective duties. Nothing can be more falla^i >us. Creat Britain glori?s in free trade, and yet her whole revenue from impr r?s is at the present m1) n.ent collected uLder a <>vstem of specific doties. It is a striking fact in tfds connection that, in the commercial tre? y of 2:td January, 1*60, between France and England, one of the artic'oe provides that the advalorem duties which it itu po?es shall be converted into spccilc duties within six ui< n'hs from its date, and these are to be ascer tain d by making an overage of the prices for six months previous to that time. The reverse of the proposition would be neirer to the truth, because a much laigt r amount of revenue would be col It <-t? d by merely converting the advalorem duties of a tanti into equivalent specific duties. To this extent the revenue would be increased, and in the same propoitiou the speciQc duty might be dimin i-hed. h'j eclffc duties wonld secure to the American mauulsf tnrer the incidental prote ction to which he Is fairly < ntitled under a revenne tariff; and to tbie sniely no person would object. The iiamtis A ti e cxiMingtariffhavc gone further. and in a liltrtl spirit have discriminated in favor oflarfcesnd us? ful branches of onr mat uf ictures. not by raii.ii g the rate of dnty noon the imports tion of similar articles lrom'ahroad. but. what is the ?ame in effect, by admitting articles free of duty which enU" into'the "omposition of tlieir fabrics. Under 'he present sy?t*m it hss been of ten trulj i< maikcd tliat this Incidental protection dtcreasef when the manntsctnrer needs it moot, and increases whea he needs it least, and constitutes a sliding scale which always ope rates agahist htm. The revenues of the conn try are subject to similar fluctuation. Instead ot' approaching a sttatly a'andard, s-. twdd be the esse under a system of specific duties, they sli k and rise with the sinking and rising prices of articles in foreign countries. It would not be difficult for Congress to arrange a system of f| e< iftc du'ics which would afford additional sutlu lity both to onr revecue ard our msnn!sctu,>ea. and w it best trjury or lajurtiee le any lowrsst of lie ooaoir/ Ib's trifbi be aoeomp.labsd by ssoortsiatet tbe averaf* vales ot spy ftv?a arlislt forassrWs of yaars at l?? plare of ripoiltlkm. and by s aipl/ <vwrirTliu( U>? rau of ailvalo((in on; iq>nti il wblch m ?ht bs rtveosel as itmty fjr revrnae v>urpos<-s eia the roftB tf s ?[^>oili ? duly, furb is uru |et&<-i out] not tnjnrs lb? ?>n ?? s?? r U tisih-rtild |*r s f'Ml't amoral of doty on? J tar, Ui's ?ouid be CoaoK ?l??l?rr?vl '>y s !e*s-n stn wnl il e i < it , u.d In lUe esJ the af r- (H? itnid b? i'j? time. 1 ftsire te eali jonr tmire<1Ut? stleM lo ia? prsasat resdilloncf ISe rreasary. So sblj aul et??' y preteutoi l y the fVerclsry t? h s r?p< rl to C 'bgtee*. ass to reiom 0 iii'l tbai BKSairSfS be pronplly adoi* t to en this ti 1 1 disilis<(t In i,bl f ?i]jcs Tr.- otuer reo iuns*o Setmts ef the iep"rl are well wo-tb; of ycur ravoesne cor strt?r sties I ti reeltb trtssiutl to Coafrsss ;M reports ef tbe Vr'mtujfi W'Br. <4 tbe Navy, of * ' s latsrtor, an? at the in^it *?t<" t*?i eral lbs meSaUiot asd y<s ler.s wbieb tbey saltln sic at|Uly valuaMr sal S? serve ywur earcfnl sitrst'ou I be report ol ihe P ?tma?t?r nsoersl detsils tteelr eaicitacee* cccvi wbkb C( ri>?lics V io'1-rbllt. on ny re qars? , H'wd, la tbe idct.U ef Ju-y last, t" esrry lbs r-c?sn malls btlvsrs oar AHaalle ?o i f'aelflc omIS. H?4 he not tt ua sete^. ib:s lm|mriaai ir.ierr -ran idi m >o ta-st Ka?e b?en saaptsded, at leaat fnr aeoaai- Tbe r nat easier Ikr rai l>?1 do pnarr to mske his any otber e? n>i? t fatten thai, lbs p>?Ui??oa lb* mi. matter arhieti be Dilfbl eatrv II ?aa kiown at thorns thai U>?ac p- ?upi wru'd fall fa: short ef as adr icate ernniieeaa t'.oe.aaaell ss of Its tan ? bteb th? a%<n* serrw* b%1 picvlnot'y oosl tue |oti imi lie Vsadsrbtti. Is a CKBMtttab'e sp'rit, wss ?' >ir/r to rr y upon tt?o j ins-* 01 riCfT??s lo mall* ap tbe debc.ierrf; iu.4 | 1 4? tbat aa appro|?riatios iua\ br graoieu fir ibli perprse I rbeuis do great isjostvt lo tbe Attorney (>?eer%l wire I ti eirtl toe meattoa of his disttn|t'i'.sbsi servtc>s lu tbe Rxaaiers adopted a-.d pr. i. r ,:n bv b 'rn 'or lb* d'fsneeof lb* fOTtnimfDl at stent DU?i?roas aad ua! elatms to land is Califoni.a parpertwc to base twee mace by tv i?.? f< rernoieal piSTl-ms lo Uie U?sly i<t e.x s o Tbe ? t^?s?f<il oppostltoa lo tbess el'lres Ss* sar?d to Uie I mud dial** public propsriy * ? rti m-r? millions ef 4t>.Utfs, and t> tadtvtduals h >1J it c title order thss to Isasl so eqss! annual It bas teea represesli^ to tae, froia Souroet whiib I d??m reliable, tbsi the irbabttaau la ^vtrsl portion of Kansas bate bctn re<tuesd nart> lo s sute ??' lUevstlna, d ce< ? i: tt ef tie almost total failure of tjetrorope, wb' si >h? b'rrrtts is every olbsr porllaa of tbs risulfv bar- e<?ti slmresnt Tbe pro?ps-i bri ire Ibssi tor tbs spfeatbieg ?'tisr ts well (?leiisied to esiiet tbs *y? psU es ef ttrery heart Tee desiit- t?a apwari to oe so t-tstal that It caeaol be rNieved by |>rUate oojtribu ?<oee, sod tbey are la ? b lod.*^st ctrrumstaios* aa lo b<> uasbie to mu obss > the nectaries of lifsftr Ibssi srlyea. 1 rrfer Uie sn1>.|srl to < oejr '?ss If any e foskltn tiets' treasi'rs for th?ir retkf sas bs dee lee-J I would rs onu'Sit its aier***) I eor<' tally soma, crd to yyor favorsMe rt f*rl lbs to tsrsste ?r t no people of Ut a ' >?iri?i Tboy srs era srnt:y ealilieil to yoer coaaideraUoe, sspec'.alty aoe ool tribe p?epte of tbe jstatee. thuy car sppea' ? . tyjratneal eserpt tbst of ths Talon Wh?a I sole red epia tbe dntice ? >? Presidsetlal office, lbs aspect neither of ou* fiT>l# r itoawm af lairs tsss st all tsitefselery Wa were laiolved la dee fereos eoMipiiesiiupa wttt saeersl uall^os, and two of oar Territories vers la s state of rev. lntleo sfsinst Uie povrrsment A rsstoralloa of tbe Africa Slavs traia 1 ad Doater-ms SDd pows fot sdvorates t'slaefal lattt ury sipeditmes were eoonleosrced by amiy of oqr cut i* ss, sod were r iOi-rs<l. Is detsare of the eTrrls of tbe r Vermont, lo seespe from oor shores, for lbs parposs ?r BlUtnc war i:pn? lbs iinilToait'op ^oepi# of aslftibor lav repabttee with wbmr *e wrre at neaoa. la aJdluoa to Ibses aad other diffloaluee, we st por rooed a revolsioa la monetary sflhtrs, sdoo afire my ad rent to power, of ssassmpled severity and of mtnoas enriK^^bOM to an I be irreal laterssts ef the eonotry Whoa we laka a re i ei pect of *hat was tbea our ooarfllloe , a-id cnnirMt tb's w'tb Its msterta' prosperity st lbs I 'me of lite tele IT? electloo. are bavs aeoDdsnt reason to rrfa: -r ?ratc?' l tbseks to that mereifu' Provl tsnoo wi ;b i.Mi.rsr .. real es as as s sattoe n an oar past trials MMtv! W ;tft?f \i * Cm, Dec 3. 1J* OLE F LB AH CIA L CONDITION. Annual Btport oi the Secretary of the Treasury. Twlaptk* Dwiimm, Dei. 4, IBM. Fin? !n ooirp'isnee with the act oUU?|rei sa il tied "Au set Btipj k>men'ary to an act to establish '.h? Treasu ry Hepsrlpj nt,'' spproved Msy 10, 10(0, 1 bars ths honor to ?ui mlt be .'oUowIng report O.i the 1st day of July, 1850, bring the eomsMnoeiamt of the fiscal yew 1660, the balauoe la the Treasury was $4,839,176 61 TV.e locelits into the Treasury daring tbe teoal year 18t0 weie as follows ? I ir tb?' quarter ending 8ipt"m^wr 30, 1869 ? Fr m cantons $16 04 T #70 6'J Ft m public. iscis 470 '444 ?1 Kr >oi rol?c? sources. 879,040 01 From Tretsnry to es, per tat l<eoen.i>er 'i8, It 67 3,411,800 00 r- n c*o.ptract Jose 14, I860 >10,000 00 $10,018 846 84 F r tbe qmiter ending Denemoer 81, I860 ? Fr' m rup' 810.7V5 849 91 From public lan's 446.634 36 hr oi iiiiHCrlitm ous sources. 14V ,3W 70 Fr. ra Trtssury not a, per art f*c< Diber U lfct J 4.(64,606 00 Fr m l'<aci,i<tr ?Ct June 14, 1S6? 00 000 00 10,506 2T8 06 For the quarter tiding March 81. 1860 ? Fr< m i MMN 014 7b3 *8 Kr ->m public lards ? 606 .VI 83 l>r <m m'scellancoa* sonroes 246,447 80 FViin Treasury lotn, |>er act 'lewnibar 28, 1867 .. 6,688 200 00 Fr -in 'ran, per sot June 14, 1668 l.UO.COO 00 For tfce quarter cnllag Joe 30, 1840 ? Fi<m u?" as 011 491 207 "4 From public isnds 367 18ft #0 From miscellaneous sourors. 238 273 60 From Treasu? v n<??>e, per set Decern bw 23. 1867 0,131 2C0 00 22 412 022 87 18,216,807 12 ? Making th< aggregate meai s for tbe rcrTlon C f l Liu UKt! ) Far iniilog lut e 30. I860.. 081.001 300 43 The < iperritture during tbe fircal year endtug June 30, HfO, w?? a* follows: ? For tt>e quart) r ending Sfptem-ier 30. 18&9 02ti,OO7 174 79 F r tbe quarter tn'ilf.g December 31. 1869 16 Oid 6 id 8? For ibe qun'trr ending March 31, 1880 ... 23 377.602 70 lor the quarter ending June 30, 1800 21.061 898 67 Whk-b am .untof 077 461,102 72 was applied to the respective bran 'tbe* or tbe public ser sloe ?? follows To cl?i , lortigu :nterconrse, and mlscella ceoirs service* 027,900,870 04 Tefrvlce "of ltUtior I>epartmenl (In dians andpecsl ins) 8,055 080 69 To irrvloe of War Itepartmnut 16.40W 767 10 To service of Saw Department 11 f> 13 150 19 To the public dibt 17 013,628 00 Exhibited Id detail Ir statement No 1.. 077,404 102 72 Deform? th,- expenditure for tbe filial year 1800 from tbe aggregate receipts during mat year, there remain <-<l to tbe Treasury on tbt 1st of July, I860, Ibe balance of ? 8,029.200 71 Ibe recwipis lor the i\r?t quarter of tbe Bsra' year Ibttl, irotu Ju.y 1 to Sdptemoer 80, 1800, were:? Fr> m custonrs.. . . ; 016,119 881 21 Kr"tn puMlo lan^s 281 100 84 From miscellaneous sources. 818,867 90 10 719 700 01 Tbe estimated receipts rfnrlrg tbe tbree ro naming quart m ? of t tie our ent fiso-il y car 1801 . arc? Fr<m customs 040 OCP.OOO 00 Fioa f-ublic lands 2 25" bOO 00 horn miscellfcotroua sources. 760/40 00 Frrir. Irsn auhor'nu June 22. 1560 21 POO.COO 00 61 0C0 000 00 ? Vafcicg tbo tout of ??orrt\ln?lMl eatl inaud n.rui lor Ihe tei vioo of tbe cur i tot OimIjw, 1M1 M1.M1W6 16 Tbe expeodllorea of ;nr flirt q arter of tbe current Ov?i vear?ibat endluf hfti m >-r 20 1840 wsre u follow ? ? for rirtl, Ibrelgn lab fwim , ?"(' ml*oelaof>m.* serv .1 tm 14,4(0,0*3 T7 fur 'M line of Io:erlor la pari ni"n (Indiana and p-n 1 676,67 4 34 Fur *erTtoe of War Imparl mcxi 6 M2 771 42 for service ol Nay) I' part m'i)t 3 674,078 98 Fur payment of editor* of Ttiat. ptr act of February 36, 1666 1 382 61 For r*'temp?to? of Treaiory note* 876 400 00 For la it re* l on public debt. . 11V&40 47 e I1I 6U 471 69 TV <*t mated expenditure fro? appro pi ialK l* 6'reU ffi* ntadeb) law ?l ar il g 'If three retsa.rlng quarter* of tbe rt.rrrt>? Weal year 16*1, aoxirdog V>lhe irp?rt of ibe K '"filer, I* 46,914 83 i M rb- loan of Jute it, 1800, toe amouul of which K ataial am >bk ibe iu*en* of tba tiara! jeer 1881 leexprefniy rrqj'.reJ to be applltd to the redemption of T ie? turj i'i tee ? itc amour. I o.' those noire and irtrTSt uernnn <1 <doolirg $176 400 r??Wt?.ed durtej tbe 0ret q mrter, as Mated in tbe expenditure of .bat i lar ter, U 90 6JI OoO CO ? Mak'Pf tbe arrogate expenditure, aaoer tain* 0 aad r Miniated, for the correal Su ral jrar 1601 194,108 106 17 Wbkb anneal, drduct< d from tbe Vital of aeoerialsed aad eat'iret?ci mean* for tbe wrrlM of tbe correal Oanal year 1841, a* before stated, leave* a b . ' la tbe u ea rn' y ob .Inly 1 , 1841.he<n? the nmroenM mcl of tbo flecal year 1962. of 344,991 68 11>? forego lag italotneat assume* thai ibe who # rum embraced la the estimated expeadller* for tba remain ng three quarter* o* tbe surreal tseal yew will be actuary carte 1 for within the year Tbe amount elated, 94 ,636 382 69. does do! laolude tbe en lire ba'nrre of tae appropriation* beretafor* mvle by law, bni ?irh turn* a* tbe re* pa it It* deparlmeate bare lad mated may probably be raqalrad But la praella* for many year* peat tba fam* draw a from thi Treaen ry dortot aay year bare be in maeh lea* Ibaa Ibe amount* rat 'mated a* repaired within each year, aaoordlag to tbe rhararur nf tbe appropriation* and tbe eilgeaelea of the public aervictl II may be therefore fa'rly anllclpaltl that sbuutd th< a^eralioae of tae gore-omen prooeei la Ulr ord nary couree, at least four m.iiion* >f dol lar* more may be dediclei from tbe ee'. I mated ev^eiJl lure of the current Oenat year, lacrraatag tbe ba aaoe In tbe Treaaor/ oa July 1, 1811, to taat exieal ernTW run ma rwn rail raoa if it 1, 1141, to /raa 30, 1644 Estimated recelp'a frju cunom*. 940 000 000 09 Fsltmat*' receipt* fr.-.m public land* 3 040 Ow 00 bit naie l rrtepls from mieoe iaoeous sources. 1394.440 40 fall waled la tbe Treaanry Jul/ 1, 1641 346 991 66 Aggregate estimated meau* fw IbeSsjai Jtar 1641 944 494 ,891 99 F*ltmaie>i cxpvatf itare froei permaaenl ap pripr tattoos 4 434,334 39 Estimated txpeaduare from belaac* nf for mer apperpr ialh ns not before r> quired . 12.194,113 03 Fstimat<* now submitted Hy tbe exeo*l>v* or p?rtm< Ms for appropriation by Coa g'eaa 94 639 327 39 Aggregate ret>mat*d rxpeadltur* flor tbe b*ea' year 1M3 948 346.7?lll ' * ? k a ;? v i of estimated meane it Ibe teerlee of tba ttaoal year eadlag Jute 90. 1943, of 3.847.631 M Tbe (uggeeiioM above ma4r. a* to art drawing from ibe Trratvry during tbe year tbe wbol* aawuat of tae appropriate* a >Huri*?<l by law, will applf to ibeee ?atl?aka ao thai. Ia*i4*d of tbe a rare defleleaey of 93 M7.b34 18 <h?r? - i prehabiy rem a la la tbe frea nury < n ll.? 111 C July, 1*43, a baiaaoe af about 98 COO CC0. The r< rreetc*** of Ibi* Mtlmat* of exp^n liter* for tbe prrfcetcMi next 6*eal year* iay b oetralad ta aa vii. r ai : *:m|.l*r form Tbe ealire ripeadlture nf tbe . ,0T?mmeT>t for tbe naoal rear eidiag Juae 39, 1640, et 1 eitMireefibe rei'Bpi ? v<Treaau ry t-ole*, wbteh are otb?ral?e pruTtded for, ao 1 Uie Inwrirl oa tbe pablw crbt, *** ?: .'.M9.*7I 72. and la that turn <-a* inr r led 14 446 009 i?. t? meet a deOcteaey I* tbe I <ei ' l Oe parm.rtil pre-i ieee by tbe tailor* ef tae p.iet u?je Ap { r opt latlaa bill a4 Ibe *e.-4a<1 re* tton of tbe Thirty ttfan Cot gr tea? thereby eau*la| uia anoiat It ba paid aad rharfe.l In Uit exp^ndltt r* i.f the geoal year end lag Juae 30 1 ~*0. though, In point u' fa-l, tbe larrue waa reader ed aad ibe liability incnrred la lb* preoedlag rear. It iboa'i ba borae In fciad Uiat tbli e 94ft.M8.4C4 71 ladl'ided nnt rnly pa>men'( gmwlbg o?il r I a[ pri>( r M f V li*4 brrn MtimatM for by Ibe (lr|*, but all other aun* appropriated by (km grraa. Tber* M *o rraeoa why ibe exp?adiure for ihe I - Tent i r nr-xi Atoal year abould exited that of toe lael year. Allcwlng, bow*?er. a marg a for aa Ibutmnc, II may be lafe'y staled ttal tbe expeuara f* uie two year* ? rM < ?ret<! ??0, 000 000 carl ? Ui- a<no ml t-i be jro* oed for, 9130 000 000 Tb" **t '.mated meaat o' II r T,-rat?fffBf Ik* 96W pert"! are for Ihe | ree?nl fla wl i tsr. 163.349, 949 79, aad fbe tbe year ebllat J nan 10.1643 461,264 004, which woulJ leave a* <?? cue o, tied mean* over ealtmal-'l exoenl* ore of $7 fP*.9l6 79 The eetiicaie of reoelpi? tnlr. tbe Trr%*inr hare been made wltnnat referew? to tbe flaanrtal aad c^mrnare al imeie.wbl. h ha* uiiaal *o tbrealenlng an aspert wltbln lb* last i>? (*ay?, aad of whleh 1 *iu!i speak n*e folly hi r. a ur rhe enont/y war nrrer i* a m>re prosperous r?.i jitk n Oar plaatere and farm r* have ben blrtl, as ? ferrrai rale, with abaadaal crape, aad ware real I Mag n n.i rtra'lee frlcee (or all kir.di of proioHa. Tbe ex rrls of 'be last flaoal jsar had r< n.-?i the enorme it ? i.a- n' 14 0.121.394, and U imports lor ibe aaase pertai wrre 984*1 1^8 441, yielding a rw?aoe from rwatome of $43 111 611 87. Tne ngM ft dome* tie proloe* (or ibe ? i f.toal jrar, ar ' ar aa ibet ba?e be>*a rawilred, la ?Urate ta arr?aae fu 1/ r^ a f ?<H gr<?vr?, L'.f, i' *tcf pi^eC'Dg jc*ra,lboftauUJO'i?!ng ibeeatimata Of imnmM imtw fro? Uit Mr? Apart. tii4">'? ti< b tbe ItmlwK MlkvrtMM(li la Uie trale aad bt k i of the ooontry Ulnae retlmatee, im.n ot eipenl inr# and raoatpta, would ba aub muted to Oni?r ? wlib ? " at oonfldsaoe tail Uwj would not vary very Itr Irom the actual reauiia. It a tmpoaan le to anticipate the effect* wbi.-n tbla threatened revulsion will prodno* upon the bulimias of 1 be country. Tba abacnw of all the ordinary cai?"? for rtu h a cute of things leaves do data upoo which tu make laJoniatlons? all tbae-lrnwia or prosperity are la eziat 1 Lie? -abundant cropa with remunerative prion. money rerfcji y nie luvcstmenle? and, Indeed, everything to l? dlcatc more than the usual Increase in trade aud boat Tin cause a which have *0 su-lden'y arraatel tb 1 iff of ' Uj mutt be looked for outsUe of (be floan . iS.T ""^""Jrolal operations of u? country; they a-e of and there 'ore u ue.iendsot for ^ ap"n fat,"'e developments that It la IwpoaelMe at prisat u> njr what will bj the eitent of if, 5, , ' ? ** bonw suppose. they a'e m re y f'i". T ,V?D ?**? ?w*3r> there wl'l be bo r^iiTe .LblmL T Y ?a**rrm' exc jH to provldo of ?*??'">? In COOS^ieUCO of tLem I., on the other hand, the eff.ot should prove more per matint, the fact will be n.ade manifest durlni the present '??'or <4 (Wyre?e ao i to time for iacb a; Hon aa will provide the ntocse.ary means to o err" on m? operatkiM ot the government, and pc*?rre the public Aliead f hu tb J Tr' saury been serlwurly aBKited b> tbr?f rvsri Tho receipts from customs roc the last few da) a bare greatly faUea off, anl tha I ml tod an. cmi kt received is cou.poaed eacn day of an Increased propottli.L or Tr??a?ury n>le? not vet due. The Iodic* liona are, tbai auch will, at leaat, for the preaeut on tiaoe to bo the oaae, ma only so, nu. .n o^uarqmaoe of tie f guure o l>?V<re for tbe late Ut&o to c m ply with tb* J* rm' of their bid, a portion of the ordinary raven uea baa been withdraw 0 from the ordinary sources of eipsndl luie tc> mtet tbe ; yment of Treasury notoa past doe aad tie Interest thereeo. Thla condition of thmgr domanda the im mediate attenion of Cvngreaa, and IU >>a'ly action Wip ht" tiqulrei to enable tne departmed to carry on the 0.1erati'ne of ibe government, ana at the mom time ore aerve uninuialrod the publ cmedit ? Publlc debt ?b Jane 80 i860, waa ?46,179 3(8(8. atid the ontatoo'llag Treasury notes at 'Lai oaie amount' d to ?l? 690 600. tbeaotof Jure W, 18<i0, pro via 'on wa? male for the redemption of Treasury note* and pa)moot or tho in Urrst therecn. Tbta act provided for tbe lsvulug or stook furi au amocat not eaoaadloc twenty 000 milll->n of dol lara, at a rate of Interest '? not e*ce. Iipj sis per ceatom P?r anruir and to be reimbaraed wltblo a perlo^ d?\ be yond twenty >eara and not less tbsn ten years " It was anetiP0Mjr J ^ ?*l'*,l""?t to nefotiauj ib is loan for ar?d at ,ucb M would place tbe money In the l>ea?ury to n..vt tbeee Treasury 0nte? aa they should (all ?iue. To have ne,(otlat?J toe whol i amonnt there., or any p.rtlon* in adv^w of (k"1"* *' woulJ h*Vd au .jeetjd th; govern n0LectM?ry payment or interest during ? k V tnorey wonld have remaluod lu tae va ilu o' I ha TreaMry uncalled for Th^re was no poJermuT, deoaiimeet to call In tbe Treasury notta until they be ?hl'aa*k'ilf4 ? ? of riich v, amount of Tt f |)ub^.0 Wl,a,d have been attondfl with the moat Hjurloua effecta upon the financial o.wratloaa of th* country For these reae-rs, ro negotiation of ?n? portk)D uf ibe i?i?u wm ttteapted uu tit the H.h di7 of ^ptember, 1H00, wtrn propyl, were invlt!i for ten mihlon of the nan, which was ample to meet a|i tni T'oaaury notea that wo ild fall uum belo a January 1 186I 1^' rala Utereat waa Died at Ave per centum per a 1 ' aum, uoder the -onviction that tbe I *u con'd ?iiraM,0tlM*<1 *l th4t r?,e. 'or at thn ^ 'be market at a piemlam of ? f cc.n^ rtsult reaiu?d vnia just ix awhMS1' " lb* wbol? amoam r.tlerod was taken B fare, however, the U?e drpartOiect, though it wou J ^t , ZM nf th^tt a ^0dcr lbt** cl?'cums,anoea1 an addit* mat term one ba f ?lTt0 to ail bllders wbo w>md deposit J* J_ amonnt of their bMa wittln tbe time ? i?,Krcrlb'd, Mo*1 o: u,e aelveaof ibis ez-ecslon, aud oh ir iVit deposits acoiri trgty on or before the ail N o.amae,, ,8tio a tbirt\TH?.f^'\t1 a"d 10 lbl Q tha additional ?, ??'roJ that thev woula ^tdjnVr^^v- ksr l~a Tbe got St Ion present* Itse.'f. wbtt action shall be Ukea iu?re is iio pover In tbe deptrtmeat km )>? n atuds, to meet the cm II ???a'?.?de? & ?? S7.'J'i r i.'"m<Ki'*t0,T ?alborlr;> the deparim-jit to ?V?S? u r Woe* ur>Jn tho beat p ?alt>l< t irms bold tbe deranltuig bidders reaponslb e for tbe difference i5e,r b'dl Md the for which '.be atock aaa now be n?go lat*d Toe neoeamtles or th? Treaaurv "ZZ ??d l,m nb)eoi Noi a natni) aoua past dae rapidly c ? In tar ssra ?,??? trrurtLJrsLr.S iwymrtt for the rtoea already sold In nectk,fl ?ui? tba r^t that capitalists, to ui aoualry, aaea ut willing to lnvrat In Cnitsd ^uteestn-k V P*'. '?d<n It almost c rtaln that this alevea mlllUta catn t .o? be lHoTLc4 accejdabie to the govertmv.t. foe c todlt cn of th JreMv?y ? .rcb 4tat to serloi del^ cm iL ,n ^ ^ rtootmtBd, tbrrefori*. t rr rni 1 of mn m-^K u?'K? 2 1.j^h #LY 00 V ll>f i>mf ?rn>unt, to be LCfMlmted %t S^JSTtoVr' .fTl Ue of ttfe eo.^r" 10 create tbat coaBduaea, 1 r?c mmuad tbat tie tmhin laacs be ut.crDdlli-Lall, pledged loe tbe oitlmate L?t Trr^: sr EZZZZ ra*.mmen/iation o? subatltut aier tbt d recti >o of Um Prt?cu^ut. to rn ?ei uoforAaA#n " ?? ? P'?er wb'.oh ? u^Jr salbaamouBt r<* ir?d from such source oan onlv he nsed ? meet lawful demands ummthcT^'^' NoSeuetary cf the Trea.ory or Preatam would ? '*<*!* compelled ti do ^ b, tia e,^!L"f & ,po\b:/a?.rto ^-i.r^r h anoajja rsvulatooa to whlob U,' wuITry la 3IJ IJ? luST ??f w?toi cataotalwsjs beantlclpataa ?ja uaiia, . ? tUteti that prOTlAtoD flh)Ql i b?* maHu >i oaca U relleva tbe Treasury irom ttsprra?t aMTe?lr^h??1^ h' l,t>* CM1*e* raf erred to. Io do thla IV Bgreva should authorise the isas<n* tf aa amount of Treasury ruMa, ?ot teal u^a U* m- IT^L W,Ul the depart?J^wTu bTll Wed to aseet all lawful demaada apJi it f ? the or^2? ?Jit Zb^.SwS? f!Te"^ h* ma la la U?a to 3?^ z wu-w Bite upoe^Ta ^l^,K,ITberb0?Vh*f, "">U'4 d^r rep >r It oe UeteabJ-ci. ' T Tb* ftlteMit.D of Qorf rtM 9 t n called to u?? sin r fba^to^ta.^ aLJMu * tat 1 rea. aM mo.: .Ojatkita coaUi^' fB eiUa<',? SXSZ. ^ ssatawra ra- o?22^ rapidly Svp^lantlag aall v wsaia >a the romsMki? ?s-of Uecwuau, tnat Srir^-a ^rX'r.wretJiu nxS SSir aa rapidly aa poaaihie. n-ae for ?" wbt tul|a?, with tbe ereiorniAikiA . ^ ? Ml 0*f ???Par aad laaa labor ,oa det.ew !a%l '? re r red to aa lacieaee of tfeiy , ,, .1 ^lnn, . . 7 i 7 "* la?y oplakir , It ateuU ... A",?t oj;: " """? j? ?? rjSSi n,;',; In ea< b of my forn?er annual reports 1 ea *-t tbe atlas llw of Cnayreaa ta tbe provleioas of tbe act o Ma*nh 3, 1*67 oa tbe subject of drfalts by tbe d'rbsrrng ag- ots of tbe grwromeat Tbe im twaiblllty of ea?cutln| tboae (trovlaeces baa beta so f ally d 400 wed la tboae repwts t?at I derm It atrrrtssary at ills t'ttr to do more thaa to i(f?r to tb? ?n'-iect, and repeat t* ?- vn?m -n lat ?es of f 01 BM-r reports Coerrras shoaid aot oarmtt a law t> 1 stann una tbe swtsV books a bleb caaaot ba eierited 1 wb'B. ?r a few s mpla moo iftrattore . tb" o*<jwits of tbe 1 law ran be fal'y elected, aid tbe pub tc late. -eat protect I eo agalaat tbe epptebecded evil Ibe report of Ibe Director of tbe M nt la Ifrtwltb traaa i milled It ap|?ara tost tbe amonnt of bull Ml rooelvod . at tbe several mlbt rstabiisbateata durlag toe ttsjai year < ?t.?tii * June to. 18?0. war (23 011191 ft la gold, and { M.168.MT 16 laslrer.sari tbat tbe eotaege dn-teg toe ; ssac period was l?sn;r*s 86 la (nil, ss4 13 tK 181 M ia silrer, teg*tb? r with 8842 0*0 la aaata. Tte report of tbe aetta( ftoglaaar la the a?arge of tbe Roreaeo- tvn.strncll >n M barawMfe aabssltiad. It far dMIk ? foil details a f tbe peograaa of the pabitc builjiaga ia om raa o( ooaatru <ttoa . Tbe- pot icy adopted by tbe departmeeit 'a refit rewna to ami ke of tbla character, aal rrea?at?d ib forai?- report* le Coegresa, bee baa* eorttnae! dartag tbe paat year. My Vtrwa ta refereeee to theee works, and eapectally on .fee rtibkot of taarlae bfWfitale have bee? so often urfed apoa Ooafrea* tbat 't la deesae I aaoecesaari to do m re a> tbla ttie toea to say tbat eaob year's o-?ee r vat.aa aad nil 11 leaat aoaBrn aad atrengihen former eoeinatloss. Aevwaaaytag toe report of thla ofl oer will ,.e fmmd the aattoaoftbe depart m??il uader toe ert of *?.cn I. 186T. aatbortatrg tbe aealyele of Iroa orre li w|i, ne f. ni. t 10 Be aa iMtraatlea d ?.m?ut oa tbie great mater ?! utorrsi of ear ooastry Oa ibe 18*h of J>brtar> , 1HV, (??tgrfea ' a joiot reaoH>tie>n aatbe>? s'r? tbe ' ?Wr? Ui-/ o' tl 5 T,e.*.,ry i? . r?uae li.q?try 10 b* made, by tea enmp-'er.t'f r'neieia, I "to peoree*ee ao-l - 1 1 1 *a?rf 5 ?n if lycn rieed by i. T. lb ( ?j fe>r prterj ting a V ? e j, I counterfeiting and neMneratk* of Uie oolaa of the United MUX* " Under toe tdnorlM U lUl law, MlMW Hei ry V> thakr ud R E Kogt rs were appointed to Mil aft nch comntasiocere o, the 23d Juoe, 18M, m addl tictal appropriate* of U 000 *M made to carry ??! Ik* joint resolution or 1MT ) ber*-*Htj ootnmaaloalft tbe report of ttiese oimmtMiooen and the wtlM of tb? depart meat oe the auhjeot. If the objeotft wbob Dr. Barclay propoaee to aoeompttah Ml b* fifcrled, it la tuHic uit to eel Mate toe advantage whlab woald b* dertw by the government and the palllo ftwar tla dUcovtr/. Tbe expert menu already mad* tmve bftuc attended wi'b s>i -b retulta u to induce the e?lnloa that It * ill i rove entirely sueeseafal. auob ta tbe strong o >uvio l>oa of my ?* ? mlti'i i ti nt ??P-ot, that I do not hsaltate to rmouimMci a iiifheteat appropriation be ma<le to teat fi lly tbe praotiimbtltij ?f the measure, and at Um sen* tlBiO to ooxprsHt* >r Ha-rlav li Orally for bis dlano *ery There lb. u <1 b? p wwd under tbe oootrol of tbe 8ecrct*rj of tba Ircasory fnt iala porpoae Uta mat of one hundred thousand dollars (V>up*?e. at iu last sees**, authorised the appolat mtr i of delegates to repr. <as in this government In lite la. lertatloaal Statistical Congre*ft, wnlch met la Liedon In July '.sut 1 bad on two ><?< -?V.>ns called the atteotlon of Congress to the la.|>"'Wi -ye of establish Log uniform rtai.J.H of wti((oli< MM MWWM, a uniform uult of our reucy, and a uniform mode of preparing aud keeping cim. nv relai slattatlos amotg tne soauaeroiat oountrlee of the world. It w?s with a view to those rem 'ta that tie aulaority was given for tbe appointment of delegates to tfciJ Ii-eraaUonal Oongress its wU? * is tnerefere locked t> witn much interest, and tbe most benadcui r<.sj'.tft were aattolp?t-<. frini it. 1 regret to say that the?c rincnteUaaa were aL d'rappolnti rt, and Oob a muse wblih It la not tas pro ? of this report to aiseuos Tha Hon. A. B. l?*>f street, of North Oarolinu, was tae only delegate from Uto ULlfed States who tocit his seat Li the Uo agrees. 1 here* lit sunir It bis refort, tbe re aeon of bla withdrawal tbereftnui on the first t'av of tta s< ssloa It M only neoea sary to say that tbe wl'bdrawal ol Judge Loogatreet fro-n tbe Congrear, and hi* refusal to return to lia dell bora t ors, received toe entire approval of Ms government. The general operations of tne Treasury Department s'rre my last araual report, have been of tbe moat aatta ftriory character. Taa coiirfy oad g-adnally recovered from tbe rc\Dlsloo o'18f>7. \uatti be\itby and pruaper<ras c na tion wsa leu In tbe relief thereby afforded to the public dcaoors. I'ut'.l within a short period, I hat' c-ntlnently rupee tad u> preaant to '^nj-eei lit Its present session a gratityiDg stateiL>.i>> of ibe Qoacolal ooudltloa cf tbe fovercmem A dill ? i rc*uH. however, bta been brought about by caos>t whi^h could not be fore I seen, and. If i"rc**n, ee-u.l not have been arertod b> any aetlou of tbe depart lucnt A 1 which i" respectfull Sk'><altted. Hi i^ tCLL COBB, Becfstary of tbe Troatory. Bon Wiuxam fiauDiOTo.x, Bpcaker of the Booaa s 2 ReprcaentatlTos. OUR ARMY. Artual Report of the Secretary of War, War '>*r i*T**!rr, Dec. 8, 18fl0. Fir ? Tb? authorised and actual atrenfth of tbe aria? rf nivic* aubMantialty tbe lane aa laat year. la oott formHy with tbe policy which 1 ancjunoed to yea la my lait annual report, tbe trx>p? u reliable for aerrloe against the brittle Indiana, ac<" stb^rt that have become ao elnot/ that time, hare beet Tjigs-1 In campaign* of tbe great (it activity. Tbl* year tbo army baa bean coaatantly in the field and upon an active war footing , Tbe department of Texas haa been raatored to tras< qullity and rellered from ail apprehonsloa of lnrnaioa or moleatattoa by tbe armod and marauding baada oe tbo Mexican frontier. Ii baa been found necr?iry to oooupy with a nffl olent farce tbe coa. rotating poata on tad aear tbe Rio Qraade; ao we bare that frontier well protected, from Fort Fillmore to Fort B'own Tbeae important inurement* bare not been made without moob toil and fatigue; and wbllet looking mainly to defaaaea npon tbe Rio Grande, an Important consideration waa alao to bald ' In ob ck tbe Oa '<anche Indiana of tha* iron tier, and to protest tbe *ettl*meat4 from tbelr marauding parties. Tbe boctilltiea or laat year with tbe Kiowa and Indiana upon tbe bead waters of tbe Arkanaaa aad the fbaarilan bare not yet been brought to a eloae. A rery actlra oampalgn baa boon carried on agaiaat tbem, aad Ibey bare btea met and cbastlaad oa aercm) occaaloaa. In one of thaae <*gag*a*nto warda tbe bead water* of the Repnb'.lcaa of Kaiaa.s rirer, a large body of tbeae Iadiaaa waa aa couirtered by Captain ?tu-gts, of tbe Flnt oar airy, aad eererely cbaailaed. P y fc*v->|b*ea broken aad da perted la erery direct oa , but, being entirely I they may concentrate and again make boat rte i tlona aomewbere within tbe bouudartoa ef lb* I region orer which tb?y room. Ia Now Me 1 too, tbe ontiagoa and dapradaUaw of tha Indiana bare been rery daring and numerous, aad nearly the whole ierniory may be aald to bare I by tbem throughout the aeaa on. To campaign aratin tbeae Indiana , and to I an exemplary nrarner, It bccame neoeaaary to I large pari of the troop* rutioced la Utah aontbward to | New Mexico Th a maroh wt* performed la a r*ry i_ altable mannei and in food time, fbo troopa. a' *r ao Oompltahlng a march oT alx hund-ed ml lea tbrmgh a trarklcaa wlldcrne**, were roadj after a abort halt, w make a aoremcnt of oao bunarei and arty mile* more, and picoecat* a oampalgn agitnat tha name roue and p iwrrful trlb? of tbe Harare rhare it little doubt but that tbeae taragae will meet wita ibe chastisement rh tb bat beooaw neoeaaary In orJur to bring tbem under control again Tbe Pa Otee, a powerful tribe of warlike Ia liana ab .it ibe region of farms Vailer, in the Tarrltirr of cta/i bioke out Into hort'.'ttT to the white* rery eaddealr thla icmmer, and cxcmltted many atrocloua murder*. A j*rtj of vouLWera rroiu th? v em'ty of Waaboe *llrer n into ?** O'gan <z*d, under the coomandof Mr Orawbr. for penult The Indian*, whe ware rery numemaa, *uo cteded in drawing tbiapartv Mo as amt>aaoa<te, drirlng tbem back with coasidtrable loas Amoigst the killed ii tbat unfortunate ?fl*1r waa tbe leader, Mr OraHby blm ?elf Thla Uatdeat created great excitement and alar* tbroegboat all tbe sclaU g coautry of Oaraoa Val'ey, diet rat idly tiling ap from the fiattarlag report ? of rich aUrei dcpoala there aad it became neoeaaary to aead a cleat force tbrro promptly to ohaatiee tbe ladtaa* aa< re* tore qnlet aad eeefidence amoegat th* Inhablttnio. Mere, bowerer. tb* United Utates troop I oould read U>* spot th* people of tb* ooantry detarminjd to organ la* a foree ot enflleieat strar gtb to paroa* aad cbwia (Orctualiy th* *ar*gt*. A f*w dyi were tuinoiaat fa tbe purpoae, aad a contf.dcrabl* body of aottve tartar enterprising men rallied uad*r tb* ooamand of th* *?? brated Texto raeger. Col >nel J U Bay*, aad after equip plug tbimeelrta at beat tber c ?'d. th-y a. t out In pur ault of tbe Indlaa* At no great datano* they w*r ortrtaken by the*e roiantacra, la conjunction with datachmeiit of tba Called ?tain trtop*, who Joined then They or mmiDotd at once tbe atta;<. Tbe lattaae wer rery powerfal la aumbeia and atroag in p wit. an, an wireaiained greatly, if to* ccm jand-d by whit* a?f But tbe practieed e?e of the eool aad darlag fonder en; bled blm to itad tbe aaaauit wmi *uab?k>il tbat th raaUy apwlar number of tbe It liana a railed the nothing Tbey war* dr 'ran flog their Mroog pwtl-. after a arrer* oocflat. and finally pat to a cimpMn roc Tbe Ia?aaa daperaed ia or try direotlon. aa vbeir ca*v> la, n*r hare they * no* ra'Med or glran m i eat a* for ua*a*la*aa to the antler*. I*Sadb?r*w>t thn;*yt af tha agadlUan, faraiah?i by Ooionei a?> to th* 6u*er?or of l*tah. aad by htm aunt to tha daoir moot Greet credit a da* to tha gaUaat offijar u7 u mm under ha command for tha timely and efflsantd feaa* of th* inbabltnati of tbat raaaot* port I'm of o? territory The lTalted Staue troopa, aft r a rery rar aad erery way crediubie march, reacted the a?W> | hood of tbeae traaenctioa* )a*t .a time t? engage la a: do good eetrrlee la tbe aetloa. aad, by tbalr ri lenaai a I tarwarda, affeetuaily to qu*U every eymotvm of homii arootgM the lndiau* tie latereM ial VumberTof o emteo* la that regfoa w*r* dented by the oomanaiii ( moer of tha departmeat *f *a:iict*nt imp^tann* to r ! qalr* tb* e*tat>^iabmt>at of a mi'ltary pint vuere wbt baa accordingly bat* done ' ^ ">? ???I?M* ta Waahlagto* ftrrttnry . on tb* ro ? recently opened from F.t Bndgrr tj FortbaJI* Wall i bent lie daring the peat ?*?*??; aid i tboegh a campaign waa uad.rtakea aad proeecuted wi i ' *pft tbem. It did not r**nlt la redoetag tie to enbordiaatu n B:ec? tbe traope bare b?-i wiinira (rem aatlre operatloc* to tha field, a largo torty of e < | graalo wer* attacked, aitcaet on the bord> r* of the **tt I meat*, aaJ many of tbetn mar 'tred EOictant meat I will be takea to ehaatlae theee In liana It abonld br borne in mind that, whllat appronriat o I bate been mad* to turtnlc oar army epon a peao? f <ovj H baa been called npon to peaaeeuta en net I re and i' gcaary war, Tor a diaaance axi-adiag from tb* th.rtr a to the forty tlxtb degree of north tatitode, with ,e ! atmrrou* tribe* ef benly and warlik* Iadiaaa. It *b<. be remembered, aJ?o, that the eoenea af tbeae opamti tare bcea <rer the rlldeet aud itir*t rouote r.-glona err mountelrm;* terr-torte* lying betwwre tte ?ta'.,? tb* eaatrrn a epe >A tbe Rooky Mountain ct<? a aad i I acifio Oreao Coder Ibe? ctrtmoatvic ? It a** r<q>i ? he grrateat watchfula*** and ear* to keep th* ei lt r?* tor tbe j ear wltbia th* app-ppTbtloet r? t at.? not lew tbaa ha.r a mtliivo d j ar* baa M^n r?a i - for three m>reo.rrte, tb* oeneei i? for wblob w MI aad coa Id a*t b* for<aeeB In tha trpartmruit HUU ac*a*; , I foal It" b?* I 'alien now In bringing to tb? n*'tc o**t?M tte tmrertnao* of rreto.-n* to tbo ?t *r i> na meat lb**ii|er'rt*Bdeae* tad valmlaf thj ln<: nia a quite laapaottba to tmprroe -:pcti t >**e earaae* th* ? of *b*dfo*<* by ary ether Uaa n 'tnrr uu. r#?|Mc( Both >i([ bt t ? *|rot)| vtini^r* f rt# an i prexlaity to th? m a Urr<fore *0? Tw' * wT'Jft ****'' pf wnperaud 1tat?.?,i which aetMrg bat ro*niaed ?rgr IbMt ooald are o Fa'pcle" /;?[?" hl' 10 S; ii ? lr< f,?li 90 ** to IfVit au^l Mi pun Uf |<t ? of i uairrodg trttH* ov>r . r Sl,S?25a .KV "?"? ' "k'lTWaSS tea*! nr. * ^ptwh?ni* aatalc Of e^Uil hoetx often. Ireerj c<rttrna!.y, hap aa* tatt m.rctc. ar. n.^,M., % bT "dd^nly Wji oi-rraw* or rt M M 'b**1-' rn i?*ma*a *?* atu*n It would be trey raey to I -r'a* * p|ta ne ? , . I.fantriNer by which a . t^tTlS^'J pri id h* 'a??d l<j the .reasury, by n* rg t?t? e&v.l! the atrny in taahilgbg tna< y of -Jte fc?t \t J t l-rwed as otbera ?t high rate* of r>moe**k|l p 1 ?<T< krey aad eeoo -my, ifeer* a *? rt ,!.m a' < i ? the pr I riely of pattlnf tb* Iud;t Ike eharfo ef lb" ^*r >ep*rt?riri,t qr*' tgg?,rrt? , R ! !"? 1 W'tb gf " ? ? It* i-,t )t! ,, .j, r ih r '?* *r *11 ? tte,. , r. f .....

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