Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1860 Page 5
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? aot tu; to seneelve * ytos mM be saptoyed SuAoUutly eouipre toast ve w> Um purpose. Tim f Mm tap "tod i* Gum 'Mi '?S too enaotmeat tTUw wi Jtoroh 8, ltol, <? 6 7 so WW Btuo eppei Ml ? tbe hum ef to* argumM*, ftl aenspcly creates by the Mt Of Batch t, 1M', ??<u J MM to OAWUd alike to ?**/ post r?4d i km or thereafter to ?vb?to*r eorvaalsg the eooatry or too city, or *aaaeclttg d Jdroat Kal omeca with eaoh other or with the doaljU of toe otU aa. iktn m ao wuMIm la tha language. anil to i* mi on* by oonatiuction la to Impair, 1/ nU to defeat, fee enrrier S) stea which Oongreos ku reeogmaed aa a aimwry Integral part oi the poetal aim It aeuima that every couaideratlaa which aa* be urged ta support of the aaoaopoly, coacedod to ekiat aa the general fto roada of Uta Souatry, wUl equally apply to that stomal lor ttoM sf toa cny Aa the oonstti*tiownl power Mr the purpoaa la aot aeriouaiy otatrovsrtod. with a view of relieving Uto depart BMa I from tat are litigation upon lto qssstioa, I recoaaaaeod that, la lerw ao prealaa an* ? paalis aa Ml to he aawtahca by the oourta, Ooogrea total) apply the provtsloaa or the act or Hareh 2, M27, to ?N peat roatea otoablahed la the citlM alitor Uto aathori tf oT the (totuto of March 3. 1861 Ma ebjMiieo, ea toe aeere either af policy or principle, ssn he anuoeeamily urged agelaat the aeppreaaloa *f the private eipreatea occupied m the eoeveyanoe oflotter* and paakeu to oar (t Ilea. The growth oT toeee altiae sad the wants uf oar alvtlunl'.an reewer the ?alnWtreUM* af the pootal aervlce, to the delivery aT letter* aad packeto at the faattennanftbeaillaM, m indlepesiMtto aa they are to the transportation u-d delivery or the malla at the varl ?aa Pal ul.rea la the oountry|aietrlcia toil the eerrtoe ?an aaly he aaalatotnod aa a unit by oiothlng It with the right* aad privilege* of a oompleto government mooop ,ly to all the Acids of lw operation 3mm or lto braaahee are well knew* u> be heavy burden* apoa ttte depart meat and they wouM be tasopportobly epprtaalvo were to aet for the roller afforded by other branch** which are iwaannorallve, but which will ooatlaoe to he oo ooly ?o loag eg the oea petition or private Mtorprlae l* eObot sally fMMMiMl. There are aow fonr dally deliveries or letter* aad pack ?to by earner* In the elty of Mow fork, lour la Phila delphia aad three in Bootee ; and the * umber will to tnereaaed freak tltoe to tlaie m the toereaM of papalatl >? aad oorreapoadoaoe will Justify It The htga prloe of labor, however, aad the low ratea of oar poet age*, forbid the hope that, without ecne chaage la tha ?alatlng lawk, the syaten can ever at tola the perfection whleh dwtingulkhet It In tome of the Earopeaa eapitola While Una If atlm.ited, it should also be elated that lie operations ihua far bare becu more suooear.'il llun ooald have toon anticipated la rlew of the obstacles It ha* had to Mcoaator The totoodnottoa or every new ayatea, While seeking the advancement of the pub.lo good, can rarely avoid the Invasion or local and pet-y personal la torsato, which prevokt* a toaUlit* that too often ta<l* it* expression to deceptive erlttclsra aad unscrupulous datamation. Whoa to sooh ao worthy opposition the prnes 1* templed to lead Its InOoeooe nndue Mkpertoace * given to the slightest irregularities that any caoor. Every effort powtblo with the ads an ler the control or the department has been ado to Improve the efficiency of the carrier syktea; aad whil* defect* have ei'.swd. and etUl*kl*t, It 1* believed that Ike resalt aas sat la fled public expectottoa. and has feosn creditable to the vigilant and faithful officers who have been charred with the aapervlalon of this difficult and perplexing braach or the public aervloe. Appended to thik report will be found an Interesting communication froa Bon. John A Dlx.tho present ealtghtened head of the PMt Offioe at Now York. The view* which he pre Mata are th* r?*ulto of a thorough study or the details ad practical working of th* carrier syktea in that city, and hit saggeetlon* for 11* Improvement are worthy if the aost oareful eoaslderatlon of Oongresk. naoainanoM or LmrsKA. lto aet of March 3, 1M4, provldtog for the registration a valuable letter* poeud for transmlailoa in the malla of lto Halted ?talee has now beoa in operation aaore than ?ve year*, but wl reaulu, 1 regret lo add, whleh have disappointed the expects! leas that lad to the ad op, loo of this novel fkatar* la oar postal system. Whether re garded as a precaution for the protsctVoa of the totoresto of this clsss of correspondents, or aa aa Instrumentality Ibr the detoctloa of depredatlnss opon the malls, lto law HI proved n failure. The goveraateat aaaata no rssponslblllty whatever for the kws at latteis or packets thus registered, aad as they ?re sonveyed la the was pone bee, they are sur rowed ad by no greater guaraiit*** tor their aecarlty, ?tther I* tranaaiMion or delivery, than such aa belong tu tto ordinary aalls oT the country. They bear n a ark towevtr, which Indicates In all tlrough whose hands they pass, their valuable ekaranter, and this ^ad Mat loo Serves ralhsr to ktiggast and invito depredation than to fr*ve*t It The practical work tag bf onr mall system aaken it entirely anaifkst ioat sverythlcg? be It balk or ng;Birj mark? which poinu out the va.uable contents af letters ud packetn, la as far as powlbU to be avoided ? Mrtolalv MdaogerlEg their kafetv. The prtnolpal ar fsasat Which has been advanced In 'upport of the sxlst ?g registry act Is that It operates as a safeguard for the restef the aalls by diverting the attention of depreda tor* from them. While tola is ao doubt true to a degree, It serve* rather to ooatra than to ooaTute the vbw whljh I hav* preseotod againat the longer oontiau an oe of a prasantloa that isfiultful oc!y 1u danger to what to was deslgaei to protect. The sagacity of private uste Nkt is proveifeial, and too following table, showing the iwvtnae derived frotn the regirtratinn of letters for the last Ive years, makes It rlear that the pcblls are fltot '.us ing the ronfldenoe with which the registry ayatem was ?t first reoelvec ? Amount of fees eollected ^?r registered letter* for the ?Hal year June 30, 18(1 til.MW CO " Jnne 30, 1M7 86 8Td 17 ?? M Jues 30. 1*68. . 28 14 j IS '? ?? Jua* $0,1*69 36 0*1 Si ? ? Jane 80, lido 26 Q?l 70 ' It will he obaer'ed that the receipts for 1800 we rs no 888 17, or 3S 2 10 per eent lea than ftr toe year 1M7. Thia exkiulto a failing <>9 in the nunmer of lett- r* and parkots n gistered to the aacuLt of 210 700; and y< t torlag tie brief period In which this decline oocarrcl, the general correspondence and revenu>s of the Mrr -co toerewad at least Qftos* and a ta'f per tent. This onaii Men of thlrgs uao only Bnd aa ekplacatloo in the r*- 1 that correspondent* have be?>ae cosvisoed that in regis taring their valuable letter* they hav* been but holdieg a Ight fer the depredator, instead of darkening bis way or embarrassing him In the comalssion of his crime. toils eoavletiun I luilyooneur. H can scarcely be dvnbted that aoms plan ooald be do vleed, in coocectioa with the existing postal servtoH, Which would aecure the oonveyanos of all vaiuablea oora altted to the mails iad?r savis'aotory guarantees r .r toetr aale y, and nndsr proper reaix.BMo.ittie* on U.? part of th* government, bnt whether the public would submit to the lacreased rates ef pwta*- wb eh the at alalatraUcB of such a system would involve, saay wall b* queelk tiOd The Sub;- ct S commended to tto Oo.' Slderat'ou of Onagress ae one of much mportanoe. a I aheu d SB n a plaa as has been suggested be devised anil snoeessfu ly narriad Into exeoutlon, sot the least of Its st vaatogee would be th* withdrawal of trsanore from the srdlnary malla of the country. The tompUUon to whtca psntal offijlale are now exposed would no longer extr*., and aaoat of the demorallaauca that dlahonosi the ear?. ? would thus disappear oar alu now or mmuiiB at mrw wax to a report addressed lo the Bout* of lepreeentetlve>. wader date or ttb Jcne last, the arrmmstonoM attending too defalcation of Isaac V. fowler, late Pnatinaa^r at Ne ? Tork, were duly Mt forth. B'a Miiwoi'm- nt has be>-a ?IMS ascertained to aaouat to I170M7 ST. For th s adhaca. whleh the statute lastly puahbca as a tetany. ? tod lota Mt has bsen found; but m fowler .s live froa justioo, no arrant has takea aan be had. A civil aalt u* Stall s fugnive froa hktss, and ao trial Ik efficla) hand has ttos, bat ao ^udgtosnt has as yet beea ubta'.aert Ti MS 1st tha i ass i ary , principally aw the grouad that It ? dwaliil lilrtr 1 fowler thntanotH wwaty should alga the bond befer* tt was daltveroJ to tt? ?ereruaaant, whtoh was sot don* fowler has gives b . deposition to support of thwdarenas.allersR that ther-a was inch an ag/eeaaeat between hiaaeif and thn t? I ?uretiM sow su*s, hat that hs fhiled to prooar* the algu > I The. M' i oT the third surotr aaaad, and forwarded the honJ to Uto drpartmsat without appr.stng tt el the *xtsteao> af thW agiMaMi It wm thus aaxpisd Is good fa I lb t>| tto government, without the slightest intimation from any qaarlsr that tto rnsutloa wm t* formal or lunoapiau Me gross traed atteaptod to be praotlaed br this ooo seamen wm s ?ttiag prelude to the emW jlemeu. wbteh rol lowed, If ledeed it wm sot a ij sisal ti- pret>* rattoa for tt. Should tha sourt bold that this ascrto oum past betweo* these srrettM aad th?lr principal, thoueu aet neamaaleated to the goveruaMt, wlU b?r the pool kg auit, than ae ooutdenoe ean be eafhlr repunni bv the depnrta^wt* In any bond esooutod ay Ihelr etooera en faced m the pub lo aervloe In that ereat <t will be ' tangrcM to detoraln* whether tws further lsglala;< m Knot sooraaary for the protontlen of thoM totoea'.i srosny toe an awuo cement ef eo extraordinary a ?gal propMltion mart eeosaearify ooaproaina sanwiavi The CTperleneo of ih? past yen r hM fatly vladloatet tto IStl'H" l'-nest aed reSirfnO previously SMd*. adwblc were p ?^rn. * enatwbat la detail to the last enatai re CM * far ''im Impa'r ng. th?i har* greaUy IncreMet ItBHmsy of the enrvoat, *hi" they hav* aniuewt-ti* abit r evated and porifl d Its m-ieal tone. The pit) ? whleh ih< ? anen*a<ai# m h*iv ?? I to have the Mpp t ?f ts* dol'^vniW Jadgtoeet sf lto ooeetry, and Is ae' t ve l't* vk u?d hnraae* 't* nfwii-*l na) '^erasat m*/ have given if<M< I* th as wttw* ?v '4.UIDW It I wwo'd aM tto -"ea "O .? I <artme? a? at. B.e*t fnr vmllt'oa) ? r?e<* ?? .t ? op a ? i h *at>-rtalaevi io ? *?*?'? U.aa wrer thm the deoar aer' aho i a be edtn't i*??"<l i* n-a wtil y tu lto ssl e~ft* t t?g t^r^rv f>* ?h eh it w?e *ei ?? *?< **d tit'Mfa!! fbr fort J ??? yiara aad that e.-sry 1 vartu > ? pr.*o . I* is 1 tM r?> 1? iO t? lender ? dt to P* boaer aed to the v r ' aad nxr* m oi ti* uperaMM* Lart' re? et thm>*'s ua stt ??*< ii y tfe.i gtrviss Cur1..g the p?rt ?ea-. w*lrti ? v*r wfi r ? everocme by ' It* ?*t<ei <ti<a??* *fmo the *eweout?? tr do?r<i by &* *'?? as* wti'o* !.*?? ae > r?t 1 .1" ,wra | , ? r* u.. ?.? ?' - ">1 ' <I?WIWI feat a taa I tnprt ?a to the a av i<?Tf :s <*- twtoi rtvirt'S a* ro?ia/?d wte te* fe-?i-?? ??ar;w> thtl tki fea**<'<al status of t"? depart n-at K ?? I o?>-ia i?li/ larruvlag, as ra,i'.<>7 as ha legislative of ft*, pea wi 1 permit All enairt*iats sade of md'W ttoes upon to* route* have tMt ear*rnlly exaaiand. Ml I additv-nal aail taetlltlM have beea ordered whaasear ta ? aaiwai ef ourroapmdoaoe eoav?y*d wouki a any i gr** justify n. Th* pootal fund W the soaason fswparty ef the aatVoa, and atouM bo dWhuvued *a enitora ecd | just prtnelplM, and ae onaaealty or reg'on a* eouatry has a right to desaand that a larger preportlea rf It aha. I of Ms aails, than its iimnniiwi will ahUUn It to I to togland MS rule sf adataMtmtlca M eetvenaliy r -? | ^^^HH^^Mlwwd In by to* paMto. sagnlaad and ahaerftory ansiliaiiU I* by th* puMto. la ttot oewntry, draw whea* largo MpwlMSS aad ripsned jadgasnt to paaM affairs nadl saap to lawwad, whan e otty "t anwaahf re^olna anil sannsawalatiiiM boyoe j what lis legjtlaau sanre of to* pnotol fend will aflhrV U>*y are gruatod nmty an oondlttno that th* nosn* aha.i h* paid lor by iheM at whoao astanas and IW whw b* ?edt the eapewdlter* ta aanrfu Thiols the tooawwhte tow af toe earvw*. and while Ms ?to? W past t i, -t ?totow eatruvsgsnt Ml wuaefoi awa swi wtot tr ? enrsausa, nd ttaw pruts its (lis iep*4sasnt , roa sppilta anrdena whiah are as liiilliwly taa paaod apoa It In tto relied (Wales. This prtwolpte W Ibue SareodevM egoMrt the goveranMt tto. *. o* tont while toffiwh alaaT* sarrv the stoUs at twormoM mat to ai mart every pert or the etvllisad world the foot (Mlo?| toHrtoaant w dshtled with only eo asen sf this s>p*n disii M It MTorsd bp too paslasss reoel red sn the aaatto towiooovoyed. ttoatto|l?<*stoiys<lby apprspiiaiiun. f r< a> u? ifiiio/j af i be aatioa, la fnrtberaoce of r><w lo-trriu it is uusM aa>d OMrwaMrrlw la perferiaM cart.uliy a?intaiaed, us aa lliuetrat-n alike af jaulm ud of ia MltgbMMd abate Mku should >01 Ue leet. ilWMtll 0/ POTTAL LiVE It Ue last lesaieB tt Uagrnea, bilia ware la tea* BSC d la Ue H use of bprtaMtoiUaa, baring lor hfceur eb>?l various modiBoatloas, arfe>oh I reaver* la hoje wli Ba made la our poetal law* ai aa early 4a;. Aitheug b the n ? usurt ? tb.rela p-opnsed have Mu rtaenui" aded by >ba department la special ooaamuaiaallaaa to Ue Puet Ofkae Committee af Ue Houae, 1 deem It proper beta to 'e'er tt Ifc-m iad to recapltalate briefly Mae of U* rea ?est submitted la suppert af Uelr passage. It Is propcaed to tlx a uaVorm rale of tWe oenta for iblp k tiers, wheUor delivered at tbe port of arrival or forwarded by a. all, Una avoiding I be anomaly of sbarglag (Is orals whea delivered at the port cf arrival, aid oal y Ave wax wbna forwarded, aa re quired by existing laa>a The feea to tbe oaptalaa being two cent* the TVparUneat will receive the uniform rate of three rent* aa its thare of the p?aU(a. To gua> d agataat iaaa to the poetal revenae from tie trearmiaslea of sail natter oataldo of tbe ma: a by lUaaMblpa ruining oa mall line*, It .a recommended tlut tbe ordinary rate of poatege, wltb two cocU added (the aaptatn afee), ba charged on ail leuteis ae carried, iu ?tead of the ship letter rate I'poa all letter to foreign oouatHe* with whloh we have ao prstal arra<igea>*BLs, aa u, Mexico, Cuba, Ac., it la consi-errj very advisable to have a uniform rata of tea cent* at lend of charging, as at p eecet. tea or tweaty Otn.s, aor. rd fcf ;o dlstaaoe. It is sftea dlBcult, par tlocUrij for poatruUre in the tatenor, to determine tbe dlalanoe letters are to he traaaaaltvd, aad tola leads to Irregularity abd complalat. la ?<m? lustaaeea laauOi olent postage la tabtn. and the letter baa to be returned for foil pri|?>B>eot. while la albers loo much is collected. Much l he greater part of Ula correspondence oomta wlUt'.a the twenty Ave haadred mica It ia p-opoeed to permit regular dealer* la newspaper* sad periodicals to noeiv* by mall each quantities or either as they acay n-ju'ra.and to pay tbe postage oa raoelpt. at the arme rates as regular subscriber* to such publica tions. Tbe abject and propriety af Utla will he readily perceived. Map*, eogrsviar*, HUofrapba, or photographic prints, oa rollers or In paper covers, phonographic paper, letter eavelcpee, and books, hoand or unbound, It Is recrmtbtBded eball be allotted to he seat lu the mall charged with postage by tbe weight of tbe package, sot to eixed four pounds, at aae oeut an oDnce, to any place In the United State* under fifteen hundred miles, and two oenta an ounce over fifteen hcu dred mile*. It Is proposed, also, to apply the same rate* to cards, blank or prlated, wbea put np la paokagce ol at least eight ooBcea, and of seeds or cuttings, la package tot exceed lag elgbt ounces la weight. Many of tbe abov* snumerakd v"c)oe bra bow entirely withheld from Mm malls, owing to their being sui\,ect to latter postage, ami by redoeiag Uie rat* upoa them, a much deatred aocom Bodatlon will be secured to the public and the revenues of the df i art mat Increased. Under Ike act of IMt, the domea;,c rat* of poctage Tor letters Is tbre* cent* uader tbre* thootaad miles, and tea ceata wbea tb* dlstaaos exceeds three Uoasa*<i miiea. "I bo Intention oi this limitation was to saoaru tbe higher rate upon aU letters transmltt/4 to and rrom the Pacific tsutea. Bat since the aatabliahmeot of the ??crlaad saaM, the dlsUaca f. cm the valley of tbe Miaala slppl toCfcllfuraia being less U>aa three thoosand Biles, much of this corrcspobdeaee pays oaly Ue lowav rat* at three ceits; and In order to stainUUt Ue original psr poae of Ue law, It a rcoommtDd.-d that saM set b* so modified bs to r?]?^e Uwteonl rate to bo prepaid en all letters coaveyed In Ue tuall fruaa aay point la tbo I'alted Mate* east of Ue Ho iky Mountains tu any Htato or Territory oa tbe Pacific, aad rte* tvraa In view of tin expensive obaracter of Ue otall rvrvlee to tb* Pacific, thia rat* Is arffioteatly low. From 1848 Vo lltl It ?aa mrty eents tbe single letter. Drop letters, Ilka all other domestic is ad vlied abouid be subject to Ue aame rule of coapulaory p-epaym .'?t by p*atage sUmpa. iMBLuxaum Tt? grooad bow oecopied by tbe "oat Offlo* hi New Tcrk has bren bought aa a a!te for a new aod enlarged eatDce, whi b la 1U d isaenatcaa aad arraagenMBt* shall b*crmm<DSur ate wltb tbf war ta or Ua service. Tbeprlce agreed to b* paid la MM.OtO, wbls* leaves of the appropriation a balaaco of KKOOM fbr the construe Hon of the bnildlBg. Tbe tin* to the property baa beea examined, and da term sad to be p*rfaot by Ue Attoraey General, aod the assent of Ue Legislature of New Tork Is alone required to couumvat* the purchase So Boon aa Uis shall aava beau obtained, a plan will be adopted, and proposal* invited for Ue erection of the baltdtBg lie OommiM<cners have also at length socoMded !n procuring a site la every way dtalrablc for Ue new Post Cflce, wtilcb, foraseriis of years, it has been in aon lemplatioa to build in the city of Philadelphia. Tbe coat of tbe property, however, has so fbr exhausted the ap aroprlattoa that there rtmaias aa unexpended balaace ot but SIU.IOT 29 Thla sum will probably b* lasnfflcient ftr tbe erection of Ue ? dific*, wblrh should, la its atyle, correspond wlU Ue prevailing arohltectora of tbe city , as, m It* proportions. It should b* equal to U>* preaont and future exig- nele* of U* p- aial admlaatratlon Tba architect of tbe gn vera meat is aow engaged la Ue preparation ef plans for such a build lag, aad should bis estimate of Us ooat exoaed tbe balatoe of the ap >r<>prlatl.? remain ing uaexi>mde,t, It la recommended that tbe d? ficleocy b* aufpiled, aal that Ue departetat b* autboriaad to proooad at oaco wlU tb? work. AlUocgh tbe fiaeai year eaded 80?b Jon* last embrace I one of tboae periods, recurring quadreacially , duru ^ which ttere is an unusual demand fir oall bags, in m aeqnenoe of Ue vastly increased am uat of printed ma?w <? tranamitted tc rough tne malls, Uere was a redaction of twenty tiv* per oer t lr the expeaae of all tbe mat) oagl purcbaaed and repaired 'or the aervKM during that ) sar, ecinpaied with the year next pr >cellng. Tta i< ck*d bats of ail kinds (asaU for Uc traasalaslon of letter* pur. t ared and put Vtto service dnrlng tbe fis cal j car tBrfed SOtb Juae last number t TtO, and coat ?M 2M S9, be'ng U.rty tsvss per cent i?ss in nioirr and fi iy eight i?r orat Usa In cost than *u ah aa were purchased and pnt Into service during U* nraoediag year, the *cat of whluh was U? U? 06 The can\asa sacks (used for tbe traasportatloa of pr*at sd matter) purcbaacd aiid pat Into service durlag Ue Oa oal year endt.d SOU Jus* last number 22.900, and coat ?SI .SM, being about three per oea i mor* !n cumber aod twaaty four per cent mora :a onet thaa such as were par. tba>cd aLd pat lato ser/lce during tbe preceding year uadar a prior ec a tract aad of bb inferior quality. lb* mall big* of ail kinds irarc^aaed darirg the fifcal year eaded ?0 Ja Jtae last number, la Ue aggregate, 38 000, aad coat f3T 300 W; belBg ?ev*a per cent leas ta number and thirty one per eeni leae la e<jet tbaa su-h as ?vie purchaaed and (at liWs>rvior during U* prtcooJng year, Uo ooat af whic* wa* IU.M1 78. Tbe repairs ef vail bags darlag the fiscal year aaded MU ef Juae .act, cr*t $13,102 04, cr about lr* p*r asa t a ore thaa daring Ue precedlt g year. The total t xpeaee for Ue purchase aad repair* *f mail bag*, of every description, aarlng the fijoal yaaj Deled MU af Jua* Seat, asa* un tod to $4* tot M, *r ?lfi M2 il leaa thaa ta* *xpea4ltars far Us sama objects durlag tas per red lag ysar. The earn (9M.T10 30) statod la aaoUer place aa expaadod for mall bags darlag the last fiscal year, laolndes pay menu to Ue aacaat oftT.llT M made tor mat) bag* par chased aad pat lato service darlag th* prisma* year eaded Juae 5?, laM I have U* boa or to b*, very mpectftOly , yeurebadieot ?srraat, J. BOLT. T? Ue raan?an. OUR ira&lAL AY7A1BB. Annual Report of the Secretary of th? Interior. Dvum t? mm Mm, \ | Vmimim, Not. ?, ltd* J ta?Te tk* kmtrj of tk* latertor, in eeporvie ea ef theee kraachee of peklla aervlee wktek pertataa to Ik* Uml peilty of the pTwiMtt wee ombIIM kr tke Ml of Ooifrm approved Hint I, lMt Ike pirM ef Vjm wktek kaa ataoe alayaaf kae Km elgaaJlaed fcy **? irwrllMr; eatarprieo w| w people, la the tore! epeaaeat el Ue lateraeJ imimiii of lie eeeatry, tad ttia (ifvtaMt, la iki anal, variety mi tipit; if :u faaatioae, u4 ike malar aad jvMWloi o f la nffloere. kaa nwuaflly riperteaeed a eerraepoadhag pregrea, id Imwi eae of Ike larfaat ef Ike twwllw deparV ?aate. lie operatioM lavatve ibe lateraeie ef ?aay eiti na ta aD Ike Mataa aad Ikrritortee, u< devolve (real laker epoa lie chief offlev. 6m of the naoat importaat ax) widely apreed kraeokaa of the drpartaieet M mat of the paktle laade. for de tailed laf. raaatioa ta ra?ieaoe le Ik* ease, 1 keve the keaer to refer lo the aeeeepaay leg aaaaai report of the Opaaaiaeiaatr ef Ike BeaanU land OCoe. Bm report la eaotker e< lama ef tkle L>ornlac'( Baald ; I lavlte Vvnr aiteaUoe to tie eoalaale with eoat.daaor aad, la view ef Ike a:r font of ?nk do**, Ike dUBialty aad *i*g. a tede of the ,-j*ettoea deeUed. aad the aemker af our p> npi* wbe ok tela tkreock II the tttiaa le their aotaleo, I (?el aao l that yon will he (rmtlflsd te obearve Ike toaraed a*elity aad aBcieaey with wbieh the detiae ef Ifcie k?r?e* bare keea dtaakarred. D- Mr* tb fl?oal jmr eedlag .Tnae M, IMP, and tke ???? \?r ew*ta? ta# ?*kef laylaala leet.ld Mt Jglaaree of pnaitr Ian '* have e*aa [wnnlalaaed few eat*. Dortag i a**.* prrkKi, 9 M0 471 aerai kar* keea aarvaped aad prepered lor r wkea, aad l|,CeO .061.73 aeria kara keaa dl^wa* I of .. i-m roiiewtag ?MP ? l M we kave keea eold far aaak , yt?kha g ? 031 ,43# P7; aorea hare keaa ekeavked ky Ike looetlea ef kiaalf laad worreale; l,oa7,77e.M aeeaa appiaied te Ma*** aadar tke earaap greata, aad mm aadar the railroad greata. The lealw of aaUHarp koaaly laad WMnala ee tot aad lag aa ike Wife ef kplwika leal area 74, dM, aad Ikaj wlU repair* ? .lPd.MOaaree af Ike pafeUe deeaala le aatlefr tkaaa. k fanar i1 a parte l have api? I a? daMad ap proval af ear asMfeg pafeUe laad qatea, aad bj el jeetioaa to aay radJjal ekaage la It. forty yea re age tke mtalaaaa pvlee of the paMie laade waa laad el II U par ear*, aad at thle rale Ike prlaetpal port lea af ike aa Mera alepe af Ike aaallaaal ekaeed aad Iwpn al aad Iw aaaat have aew rtaaa late fparteaaa aad are rapidly advaaelag le power, wltkeet up eoaaplalat (Vvaa tkelr ettiaaaeaate the priee at wklcb paklto laada are aeM. Ike avateaa of aarveja la parfeet, the prtee M Moderate, aad Ike aaiaiei keecarad k Ma Iwpi 1 1 aaiaata. Thla ke tag deae, tkeJaad* a?i takaa ky pr?Map?are, are tknf at public nit, Ihe unaoid Mads become tab/rot to private ?nyy , aad Uto SSIUer us iHt u?ol< * ?llo?edtWelT. musths ? tihtn wbich lo sit? proof *aj payment for the quarter section spun mm be bos bad bis bona. a bee landa hi ee boui aubjecl to private aatrf tor ?<*? Uaa tea years, Ue V,;oa to aclea) mttler* aaa oeJtl valors la reduced, f,?. iiaTo U) salil after the aspiration of Ulrly years, II Ik oaly ^ -^,,p*r1*?r* th# dnaalLs Impro per y le rased bsmestoaJ poliey-bassd upon toe fallacy a/V^na^u** #t*)'*c4 for * certain number Jf.'*"** ?hail. Instead of a Iaad price, b? made the oea 'be ssttkr to Hie teal ke seeds and occupies. baa bees tried. and, aa slated ta my ?flUm.[*??.hU MU 1M9' u "wr where fatted th? J?.. u "< ??<?MaeltoB. It was annoying to the settler, iri t'uclive of caatrr verties, aad Injurious ta the coamonuirs in wbich ihe donations *?ro Jade. Dwii>| the past Jtar, In every caae of ihe peooto IS ^ > i!^ . P!1 10 ofcrlr* ?* **taasive portions af lbs public laid*, urgent request! bate bwu made, as terete rore, for a postponement of tbe sales tbus V*4-., 71T 'e<?ue*,i "-did ?ot be aooec'td to without interrupting ibe bai uionlous operation of tbe tors nocstl tuilrp i ur land sj Meat, wbich requires the ]iubllc laads to be brought icto avttl frenj tluie to time, la pro port.oa aa survejed tends are diapcet d of and other laoda A* ^her? *** aoi bee" any considerable oom pellllea or carh demaad for new land! during tbe peat year, the relllt-re on the Ian is brought loto i?arket, who were unab>e, irom particular miaiotlucis, to mitr ii*y. men I liofore the day of aale, have KOterally been able to file declaratory stale litems after the day of sale and thua avail the nwe.rca of the twelve months' credit eoourod ay ?w to pre-< motors of landt|icl>jtcl to private entry. It ? believed, therefore, that settlers have (offered no aa I . ?|"?l?blpa. Owlrg to tho al>,bt demtad r? ? Mwf tovestsaent, the caah reoeipto from the public salee hare been inconsiderable when compared with tbe quantity of laud oJbred uprritEco baa deoionatrated the wiadoau and pra prieiy of the rtaoanaendatlona coaUlned In my lact an nual report: fret, that, in a ?plrlt of liberality to all aattlrra upon ontffcred laadi, two ytara should be allowed rrom Ike *ato of iMUimrut withla which to make prior aad pay moot; and, second, that it ahauld be made incumbent upon the executive to offer at public sale, by proclamation, within two yean after survey al tbe lands that have not bean claimed by aettlera. The Income from the pubile lands daring the four year* pait baa tot been so yreat as wac expected. Tbe ooa mercial rrvulalon of 1M7, fcllowel aa It waa by ahdrt fl??? ?.f V? new Sta?? ncd Ttrrltorice, cbeokwl tm^riitoa, And alto it? mentation of caplitluto lo make furtaer iavrsuoenta. But tola 1a not the aolo cause of the re?octlon la this revenue Ike matt er of dtapr?tc? of tka public lands baa bten made a topic of political dtrcifsioa; aad, whilst aome emlfarnt fkmUlea b?ve made ailtirmenla and delayed (Ivlne tne proper not too w ?tllr| u; pywtii, la iLe txpeoiatlon of a dona^ lion, ?tb*r l-rricts, who are cootomplattpf cmlgrattoo have deferred tbelr rrmova! from ibelr o.d bnmeeaud the purchase llanos for aettlemen., aw?Hln( aome .leOnito le?is)atr? upon the subject Should .he diacuation of aiterattuaa in our land ayatcm cease, it M believed that Ihe revrtue derived from sales would speedily rise to a n?TI!biei**?0aJ ?Ter*??' * specially ir the quantity of on leas led land warranla ootatandlcg should continue to stmtaisb from year to year aa for three years paat. A ceatroveray waa pending In this department for 5*f I Jr*Tt' !" K? li? title to the laada at the IlotHpringi, In the State of Arksnsaa rbeaetofGon ?r*? ff .*? 2*lh April, IbOa, entitled " An act aotborlslEg the Governor of the Territory of Arkansas to leaae the Halt Bprlnga la said Territory, ard for other purpoaes," i<rovldea seotloB 3, that the Hot Springe, In said Tervt'.ory to (ether with four sectioaa of latd, Including said sprl'an " ?? c'EUe Uereof aa may b. sha 1 be reaerved for the future aiapoaa: of Oon?re?s, an t ahall not be ea whatever*"* ,ppr0p,l4Ui" fw ?"* ?^har purpose Several clalaxa to a portkm af the iaad so reserved were afterwards presaatoi to tbe eAcera sf tho land Depart mast, on behalf sf Individuals , which, howsvsf alter sare ul examination, were all rejected by a decision of Secretary ftoart, made October 10, 1861 that the Iaad had been reserved by the act of Coogress above q acted l*"?* rewtine/ In tU KfSi States, subject to such leglalatkm aa Oonrress Blgbt specially nrsvlde Nctwithstaodiag Uis decision, be allowed a speciu tatry of the quarter section, including ^ ? *I??W purpose, la I>ssm ssr , IWl. The claims of all contestants far this quarter section were submUted to the lata attorney Usneral In 1?64, who waa or the opiaioa that the act of CteRTtas bad reserved tbe land and forbidden tla sale ar location and J* "P'"oa my I"adeerssnr sesasa to have oonc erred la April iaat the api>licatie>a of the |?rtles who were al towed tbe entry of Dee 19, 1MI, for a pateal thereon was rabmiitsd to me, and after a deliberate view or the that lt'be canoe'tal "** "'I*1' Md 1 know of no reason why Ihe title to tkt lands at the Hot fpr)n?a ahoald be reserved In perpetntty, and there tore rrremmead that the dlepoaal or the lour section re served be provided lor by approi rlato legislation Sj an act of Osegresa, approved Ausust S, 1M0, a grant of lands was made to the Slate of lowa for the tm K>vemrnt of the navigation of tne Dea Moines river ?> lis mouth to the Racoooa Fork. This grant for mure than two year*, was regarded "a all hands as con ?ned to the Use of tbe improvemat, aad limited to the laada alerg tharlinr aad below the Raoeooa Fqrk ; aad this view af ibe matter has been maintained by tbe De partment of tbe Interior and by the tteoeral Ijtnd Offloe Ibe quantity of land thus admitted to be wtthin the grant waa found to be 823 SB2 acres, and waa long siaoe listed aid approved to the thate. Secretary dtuart, howtver. oa jted some of the laads aloeg tbe river and above the Raocooo Fork to be liatod and oertitod aa part of the grant, and a Hat was also approved by Secretary dc lei land, before bis a.lentton was called to tbe questions of J* ? *b'ch bad been presets on b< balf of Ibe Stale la 184V, that the graal extended lo lha bead wat era of tha Ues Molaes river Ibo ngbl of the ij ate under ihe grant of the ?tb sf lag oat, 1M0, to any laads lylig above the Racjooa fork. Wtaditecliy involved la a cauae which waa determined by Ihe Supreme fWt of the Celled Aalea al tbe Deoem ber term, A. D. IMS, sad that tribunal therein decided that the grant did aot embraoe any such lands, aad that Us lata and rerllflnales which bad Issued from this la parlmentcxiareyed no tills lolAe Olato. lite quantity of taed embraced la tha lists of Ibis kind is 311,172 aares, aad, wtth ths sximptkm of totne sixty or seventy tbcusaad acres, the same tracta bare also been claimed by ths mats of Iowa, for the aas ?f railroad companies, aader the aot of ss .approved May 1?, 1U?, as parto of the grants thereby made, lo aid la lha cooetrsailca of ear tain rail roada. Saving reoommended to the Jssamltlas uf tmbltc lands of ibe rirseto, in June 'sat, a r?Unquiahmant to the Htate of all litis re ma ta lag la tha tailed Ma lea to Ibe 271 AT2 acres of Oaad srrcuaously I Is tod and oar I! led aa der ths I<es Homes grant, I have directed s swpsaaios of immediate actiaa under tha ratlroad graals, so Car ss ths two conflicting slaims interfere Tha lands aloag ths npper portloas or the Dea Moines rlrsr, sot smbraosd la aey of the oertihad lista, whioh bars bass sarveyed for fbar, lv* aad als years, but witohald freas market oa aaanaat of Us cla m of tha Stole, bars raaaatly beaa pro claiat d aad nlfcred at mtbllc sate. , 1 ?mso la to (Aos ths graat to Wlaooaala to aid Us lmprovemea! of ths aavlgatloa of Us fbx aad Wte aaai a rivers waa ssaslllsd. My priliisasw, a tew wasfca be furs thai parted, made a declaioa eaoerd tag to whlcb Ue qaaatlty af tola graat, aader all Us laws spaa ths sub)est . waa aaoartataed to bsMtjMaom. Bsters l!"* ^ saleotod iaada, aadar Us tew of 11(4, largely la sassss af UM qaaaltty ,aad tha lilsillsss had beaa wlUha>d frsas aate la Uia stale s ( teala 1 dirsstod the lists or sslseltoaa to ba takes op aad ap proved la Uatr order of preasdsaaa, la sasb aa Mast as wsald complete tha qsaallty af laads das Us teals, aad tka t rasas sslsKsd la sxasas to ba raster ad is martrl Tha waa daaa, esasptlag some U ?M acres sf aslaettsad whisk were sr speeded, la order to ia4 ia.M part af Ike grsai.aaak edd aambsrid late m ihe Weak bridge to wasklp, g" Ufc* Wiasibef b, as might rsmsia ? Ike Called Weiss, Aaa from aay stelss af tedliMiisM aadar Ualts M,r?? ratewary, 1U4, wtu Ike I USHZjTiS Muasse lad waa. Ike lista sf seek tote have heea re osatty prspared, sad, anu a saypliasiatel list * salaw lieae, approved, tkaa rally ataatag ap Ike bwlsaa !t has basa my aim. wbsaever Uses aaasa or Isag teas d lag aad thswate difflsaMy have legklaalaly sne before mm, to tally esemtee' aad carefully eonsidsr Usm to te'srat myself of all ihelr history aad deteiM, sad to dlspt se or Uem laally ia a splrll ti jaetlea aad assorting to lha tews rsapsetivsly gevsratsg task saws. Iksra Itsvteg tka geaeral kaalaeaa at Iks Laad OSes team the lasubas which, by rsMsa of their BMdeaay, prsaaad apoa aad deratged ths service aad perplexed Its otters The progress sf Us paMle earveye te the Tsrrttery af Waakltgtoa has beaa laterrspted sa aoesuat af Us ss htsaco or aertoia Iaad eielam aader Iks treaty sf J aas Id, 1M?, wlU treat Brltola. Oa tka sxptralisa of tka saarter er the Bodeoa lay Campaay, la 1*M, Ike pw sssaeejr rtgbl sf thai eompaay, aadar Ike Ikird artiste sT Us treaty, tor ml salad lastrsMtoas ware samrdiagly tssoes to the Surveyor Oeaera! ia flsptemhsr, 1IM, to ex lead ike ltcss of Us pablia aarveys eras Ua laada which had bee a ocerpted by its ageato aad smptoy?e, aad eoa tracts have sloes bees mads for sebdlvtdteg, te Iks WMti mat ear, a eoeaMerebie pvrtioa of Uaee ktada. two tracts? oas at Nteqaaly. asa tola teg, by sM mate. Id7 OM scrss, aad saother at OswIMs, eoa tote teg abost 3,K0 sores? ha vs bssa ctslmsd, sadsr the tearth article oT the same treaty, tar tka Fagot's Boasd Agrteaftaral Csmpaay It is stipe laded la UsU ar t?le that Us "farms, teens, aad otker propsrty sf every daemiptKm betnegtsg te Ue Paget s Aaad hgriaaltaral Ompasy, sa ibe aonb sMe sf the Osiambla river, shall he eeairmod ta the said aompeey lis oms. however, Ihe a It eat toe of thaee lums aad laa* skoate be oaateder ad by Ihe failed Matsa to be oT public aad pel it leal tm pertaaee aas the Carted teateagn i sramsat sksaM s%ai 1 ? 4tm>" te oktate posasssioa sf Iks whole, er aay mvt Ikeree^. the property so reqnirsd shall be trsssfcsisl to ths said geverameat al a proper ratealtoa, ta be ^read apoa botwera tha parlies " ft M steer ly Ike dety sf UM goverwmeal te asa Arm te ihe I ngot's hssad AgnsaitoraJ (.amp aay all sash "terms" aad "Made" as bekmg te mid com l*?y ?* ?he date sf ma treaty Ike treaty, hew evsr sreated ao right; n simply provided ter Ike eoa frmatlco sf a title, siUar lachoale or porteet. prsvtoosiv SXteMlf. Title to ted aader te teitleh gersnassat aaa *7 M derived from Ue Crown, either dlreelly or te llrestly. ten ibM daparlaseal M eel ad its id teat said 7 have. or claim jto *

I p,.; ?mmrwm mm, L_ wo reject Ue lttormj',~obvtow latorprwtaUoa.aaTi te wsrda "hetoagteg lo" aa sqalvalsal to "sooapted by" ?ks ssm^av, still ws Bad aeUteg te Ue worte sT Ike treaty which wiu warvaal te stelm sf as astaeaive dte tetet, whoa It M well kaewa Mat al te ted* af te treaty catea tew employ *e et UM aampaay had I folds aad satMe pass, wlU very sassg ' teterad ever a wtde aad aadskaad Sack a aoaelmatloa sf te treaty M I aad teasas Islest wtu the Mad pel ley of te fatted (Halea ?ad Seeat tettam. Wktlte M M mistfml frsas all the rvtdsacs sal lasted, that as part sf UM Mai ubeMaged te" te Paget *b Soead AgrleaMaral Ooaspaay, yet sosaa Mattered part leas of It might aaawsr the dcacrtptte of "Wl ? ? ? ? or ma claim which baa bssa arsasotod. gad which I regard ao aovely tpoeateltve, delays tka pttella surveys, retsrds settlements aad prsvsets tka improfamaet sf te nmlry, tedaed, ikg Hrvefsr tteacral rrporte that al aoct *n the eld servant* * for**! OLUd AgrMu.tam. OwpMI have "I *?" MD? Antrlou eitlaea*, and are ao* olaimleg arm* nadir eur former denatiun and pf**" ' pitUi toerrgiga ihat tea bono claimed on the N\?q -ally rt^J*U due to the people el Waahlagton Terrtt >ry that ?one denial** attiun *boild be tokm 1 am uct ?""?J'4 iLat a .y portion ef the Irncla a aimed are of any P'ibU* or politic*! importance to the Cm-nd Mate*, aad 1 r?K)e? ?lead that toe surv*),ir i.onerai ol Wtahiufcton TWri larr. uader the tuptMttloa of thli department, do au thor u4 by rpeciol nM? at to decide upon the vali my of the alalia of the Pugtl'a Amud At rlculiuial and. If the* are entitled to ocnlimation, to determine the loeatltn and boundarlea o( the "farm*" aad "land* that bekngod vo lUe company . which should ha required, within a given period, to preaeut III claim* lor Una! aolk.ii. IKDUa AHAIWC Detailed information in reg aid to the operation! ef the Indian CDm during the (uai year, aad the prceont aoadl Hon of ll*> *ari"oa trlbt* cr Indiana within our llmtta, ? 111 fee found In the report of the I'ommltaioner, which, w>ib the accompanying document*, le herewith wbmiv led. [See report la another column of Uua morning1* ^'in* reviewing the result* of tie policy pomtJ by the ?overnmentof the tailed -taiea toward* ine Indian tribe* within their limits. It ehould be borne in mind that, while tbeiatnc general relation extote between the lit lied itates aad all Uetrlbot, that relation haa been modi ted \a reepcel to many of them by treaty toipalatlona and Mia of Ctognto, and a* the** modification* vary in ea^h car^ aid ofles la reaeallal partleuJar* , the *?ijeot becomes complicated, aid the ditticulty tf ^ to a uniform policy I'eafy lacreaawt With Ue wild tribe* la the heart of ths sonlinent, la . . California constituting, po**ib!y, the BMJorlly, ws bare nolrest les w bate v< r. whli r^poct to policy then it I* obvlou* ihat the lad Ian* murt be clarsci? those with whom wa bare treaties, aad ihoee with whom we Lave tot. Ia tie osn* of the ,"r^r * are clearly boend to be guided by treaW n? tte cane of the latter tbe goYeramenth jy jg Jg^j* inch a policy aa circumstance* may r?ndor expedient, iubcrd mat*, of course, to tbo*e general pr ltcl pie* bat* bten declared la the e latum* aad *anotluued by the ^Agwa* tbe treaty or aaaolty Indiana may be arraaged in two dl?l*ton*. With one we have treaties and we i>av Ihem annuitlt*, either In mecey , good* *# tracttlof country, deserbed by mete* aad bound*, aad guarantee them uadtatorbed pt?*ee?lon (to U* *am* tor_ frtr. Tbia latter clat*, again, mnrt ^ ihoce who bold their Ur<U in Mimm'jn^etheruree-'r by tbe nruaJ ladlan title, and tboao *?? i^bo in ftert reiiv b? the indltlioal member* of tae tribe. There la yet a farther dlatlnolloB to bd between Qioee cart* where the leveral r**err*ll ?a are Inaaompaet SS? rounded b y a w.U dcttned extorter ?>ouBdary ooiltltutlug them a tribal reeerTatlon, over wbloh the inltrcourte law* can be enforced, and Itaoae la Nto toe individual rt mi t allot* are scattered among Uie wfclto ?etilemenW, *nd *nh>?otod to the operatoa* r ,w or Terriiory In "Which they we ittualed. ^r^r^Me Sw tribe, ilth whom we hare . .r ^. ,,a oxoert U?f*e in Oaliforala, Uuh and Ne * m?i^ who are nider the control of agcnU, la limited to SSS: r wT^:l^*Tr^ ibVumouT rrotAler! o*? eS^JS ... ?vnrdiik>DS WiU? Um exoepiJon of Ue Navij<* an s ISl^Uto^dlaMhaie ?? I? ? ss'ssahjssra jygwssvii. 'orSKS*! aisji? -?? jj treatr It !? to be obeerred that thoae wbo ho.d the.r STi* la commoB. ?d thoae wbo bold Im aurally ,bui wkM* rtf*r?aitoai are tailleaent*, hare made and are ?a>la? HUle or ji ^ Kn ssra?.~ SSJfJSi V!?~ ?? m**_ Utm t ci,ui?upb, ?iher Wlfato property aid laoleltoa, *eet form Ue ?a H Jlkr^ow- dlplamaey atd cur legi*latlon. P^Tatetroperty tB thi *oll and tu prsluct* .Hmnlatoa b? faariteetog ibe aadlaiurbed eajoymeatef It* frnli*, and laolatioc la an effect^ protoclloQ H? J?l .w- rnnMti\ioo the , %B<t Uie oirfopiinf inwo Ifc^* of'Si w^lto B*n Thi* frnet ??r* theor^it naa too ST*"cn acd Wahpeton 8loo*, reclaimed In ail i ln^ bly .fcort time by tol* policy, from toe their land* a* tonanu in WM?. Tbatoaureja wmw to but nc mlnal wllh theae inbea, wn Xlid'^pri^cirrTrogn1!^ oftoe'rl^ of ^ato ^tiZTtSTiurotu/Be law* can bo eulorced ttereo^and to divide tfce*e r??er ration* ^to fbrir* m<rfer?to di mf t ft u n* to tie htld In eerera ty by too ladlvidaa. mem m?t*na*. . I! lh .^la incident to an estate XSJi vrnSHSSm. Aanuitt- .ho.ll be paid not' in m^aey btl la g??da, peon ?l * ? i *5" fcsKi",i!Sras treat lea ? h?h have been negiAlaled luring four trallon, and I will tuggeal tba| llbey *hou|d be catobllahe ??!>?* u^der U>? direction o# Oongr^ aadfrom Wkich l a? oae lime boped foe toe moat favorable reealt*, ST^UtTi i Wu??>aUn^ n * .ipeoawa^djadl ttZSZJU'EZifZltZ DOdtiOlilOBI ? ... | , .nriar>T \T\ tbe DfOdOCil ?I um and benefit ibe Bnrj.luB which may 2f jS^?5C-ri ? *ow* ?d reap* aad bim who d?^H*t etMPlaliU hartag beea made by the (Wo kee authoriuee ef L^T^tL?*TLT mti ^to, tSTiwBrt ware mUM i T rlaed la trader*, mere aaked treaapaaBer*, la DmN, imM Indian reserve, aad that they mast remote or toe lawl would be enforced agtlMI IB? Ma attoattoa havlag I beea paid to the aeuoe, the agent tor the Cherekses, aot I lag uader order* from toe Indian ofloe, has reeeally vl- I tiled the reserve, aad, fey toe aid ef lb* Called matoa I treope, forcibly removed the aellier* from that portion ?r toe reserve lying *octo ef what is known *a tbe Oalhoan ??? It appear* from to* risstds ef the dapartaaenl ?W owing to aa error la protracting the aortharn hoaadary ef tte nentral land the line was made to ran sight er nine ?ilaa Bsath ef the tree Ussdary, Isavtog sMsMs at the raaerve. as marked en the asp, a strip knows as toe "Dry Wits*," which shsaM bava besa MhM la It. It was gaeeraily believed Ihat the dry weode wm part <4 the Dew Tort reservation, on wfetah **ttlimmU were permitted, aad aa ths Battlers thare had geae la H gnad (alth and mnde mJaahta anpro i immtr, the ^sal did not mo lea l then. Believing myielf that the Bottlers aa the trnst la nwstlea are law ahidtag ?Ua*aa, that they estafeliabed toemseltes there ta good tolto, and In attar ignorance ef the tresoeee they were oemmtttlng, aad toat tony have sspeadsd larg* sums In opening aad improving their ferns, I think ft would be n grant hardship If thoy wave tow sospslisd la rsMova. 1 hnvs, therefor*, aaspendsd the execution of the law nalH the end ef the approashlng aeaaion of n?sgi? , la ardsr Ihat Ihsy may have an opportaalty ol *pplj lsg lo that body for relief, the (Jharokees do not ?ut the land, I wonld ranommead the pssasgs of a law authorising this laad to be snrraytd aad sold aa Other psblln laads, and the p-?B*sds paid over to toe (foerokeaa. M It B expreealy attpalntsd la Um treaty of New Echola that Um Inad* er I'd u the 'fonra kees " Anil In ne future t ne, wHhoal Ukeir mint, IM it cade<| with m Ibe Urritorfol litniv* ?t j.rwetotwa ef any State or Territory," pro* unci ?v?n be made in the Inw for nhtatalag ths enseal of the tiher<*i?e a a a snadl tins preosdent to 11* tekieg efl,? t, aad with a view ef e*o*rtog sneh ssnent. aad prevent ib? nay '? ? ? re eeal <i of .nrmdiotton, ton bnusdnrlee ef Kaeeee abouid be *> modi Bed aa to Stake her ffontbers lineootnldenl with ifet JforWerebonadarl?*of toeUnemkee seviral I tad aad the rrssrvnliotis, ?? p'">' ?? ?n kr Oaihoue * mM tame *rro r w*a enmmuted with eenpnot to the nsrthsrn benadary . f ths ? i*ne- rreereniom, and as liver ? art eetUer* apon the tutp ?n fe'noed bxtearn toe tr?a<y line and Mr Ghlhour'* lu.*, end Wbelr union IS IS all i uptot* dm.lar to that of to* eeuier* m the Dry W?xto, 1 wonld reoner ' .end tMt the provls .aa of ths law b? en tondsd ta the umga rene- rno.? Tfoe fbawaeea, Mlamiee and the ooeff derated baads a' Ksahsshtss, Frorlss, W*a?, aad Pisaherhaa*, beieag to toat otaea of India** wbose mad* bnvn besa d vidad among ths Individ on) member* of the tribe, and are held in eeveraJty Th*a* tndividaai i mm mil*** tf* aot fell within th* Halt* of a tribal r*a*rv at tea, bat are i ? - ? *d antaag Ma whit* sstueatesis, *ad to* ladlaas i ? U*satly mail to all ths evils mUtog frees aa reatratoe4 tatsrooar** with ths wbltaa Thny are ast only mahtag no progress, ha* sre rapidly I***r1irnttag, sad I fsst aoaMsat thai, aaieat they an w*m*l tram their preaest Mtenttea. they will dimpp?nr altngethm la a (hart time I wwuld rseommearf that nathority be gl v*a to thM ifepartmeet to *eU thetr leads, with thstr ssasaat, aad, with ths prossads, panfoaa* ihma a ham*. ?Ithsr la the tfoerehee seotral laad or in bosm part of the (Mag* raser vail?a. Ms dosbt M satsrtolaad tf toe feasibility of toll ptaa, sad It odn th* dnebie ndraatnge of removtrg the iadlana from Inllosaoss lliat are surety working their d*stru?ttoa aad reltevlag ths rut*ra "tot" of I? t from ths hsrdsa of a larg* pas par ladlaa popilatloa hesldas, n will spaa to uttlsmmt mm of th* rtatast ?ad moat pttd?tlr* Inada la Kmamn ladeed. 1 am not rare but toat It woald be ad v inn bl* to ristir* all the ladtoM sf Kaaaas, sad locate to em apoa the saasanptod port km sf toa Oaags reservation. It would relieve Ksbsm from aa Ine* fens, and allow ths tndlaB* a fair opportaaity ef working eat a fatere r?r tbemaolv*a, aarwUMted by toe tatorfaroa'-e of the vliites Appropriation* wer* mad*, to ih* last **a*.*a *f Oka grvss, to *aahl* to* dapartmeat to aegstlato treat iss with Ik* Afiigkhim aad Chey *?***, and v th toe th'pytwa* or Red lake ud M rHor- lb narry out the w eb a <st Conge**, Umi Arrtp.Uijr* W< Uht*.-nii"? wort) uoiulod U' unbMi m ?ort Beat (BOW *ort Wm) Ui? Oemmlrtloaer of Judtan AUVrb *U taatooeV ed to aaect them there. rbe Arrapaboeo ??ei Ibo Ceo qalaalenar.but o*ty twe or three ehieft of Ujo Un/w a?* were able lo b? preeeatat tbe tppolst <i time Tho prcpo*il>oaa al the (tvcaattl were aobai led to Ibi :n la tooactl, and the Indians wore aatlaaed to ?'v? ,>t them, to: aa too rsprteeolalirai o I the 'kejcnon did not it oi auita. r itd to Ota a treaty, the l)omm!e.*>oa' r *aa oo.? palled to return without completing hla work. TUe negotiation waa left la aucb a conditio* aa to bold out tbe expectation that a treaty will bo oonalooed at an early day. Tbe 8t;>orl*tendci>t of Indian affair* for Ute Northern *v prrlatefciienry and an expertcared efttoer of t'lie dr pail men t wtre appointed Commit/ iueer? to negotiate wl*b the Ublppewaa of llrd lake and Ho?l river. Here, efa'n, ibe negotiations were Impeded by tbe abaeooe of one of ibr 'laDda, a boee aaoeat waa defined eeeeotlal l>y tlr Indian* themselves. The delegates from tb< Isd lake bard demanded a moat extravagant price for their land, and maintained toelr demand wlh 10 much perslslarce, tost the Oomnusk uesrs deem ed it Impossible to conclude a ' rt-aty, at tbat time, upon U fa,? acceptable to tko department, and eo broke up the conference Tbe departsient waa tnSsenoed in the lernui It offered by toe rtct that tbi> Henate had r^iectod a treaty oi gotiated in 1MI, by tbe 11<m. Alexander Kamaay. tlteu Uoferoor ol Minnesota and ex < tticlo sopnitatondeul, by ahlcb tbe> Indiana agreed to a?ll tbe moet vaJuab'o por tion of thetr ocuslry, including the valley of too Red river of tbe North, for tbe sua of $JH0 *00 It ? therefore, deemed ueoe'ssury to demand a larger oes*loo for that turn, while tlie amploet reservation* were ooo trmplated for Indian oocapnji:y. Tbe Indiana have a'oee eipre?B? d regret for their o >oduct, and sakod to be per muted to visa Washington to cnneluds a treaty. IVraic. oon baa been given then, ano it a ei pooled tuat o treaty will be shortly eon iludsw. la tbe adBitnlairaiioa el our Indian a9alr* tbe all of tbe military arm of tbe government !s often Indispensa ble. and at all times a cordial go operation ana friendly uncerstaed! eg between tbe Indian aconta aad tbe fBloers of the army aro required for the auccoaa of tbli nervlo I am of tho opinio a, therefore, that tbe aaperv.iion or tbe ladla* Burrau might be retransfferred to iho <far Do pertinent with great propriety and advantage. If ail tho cttcera sf tbe governs***! who wer* brought to <*x.tai . with tbe Indiana, and were Intrusted wltb their bustaeso, were under tbe immediate order aod control of one do partmeat tbey would necessarily feel a more direct re rrons'blllty, which would certainly sect re una tor ef ficiency, moM I refer yon lo the report of the CommtS*wner of rs* , Rlrua tor InformiitWiB In reaped to tho operation* of the- , Peasio* Bureau for the paat year. Tbe wool* number or pet (toners of all claooeo new re ?aln'rg oa tbe rolla la 11. 8M. and tho mm required to pay tbclr penalnci la 91 001,011 Hi Daring Jie pMt year the amount thuo expended waa 11,103 642 OS lliboDgh there appear* to have been but a alH-bt diminution to the work of the oBiee, yet lueh la tbe coadlVen of tbe bueiaeia tbat It will adcail of a oon ?lderable ice act loo of the tierM foroe during the next year, and, oonteqoently, toe cetlmaieo now lubrailted for th:a brar.oti of the aervloo Uave been reduced b> tho turn of VSiS.SKO. Ibe energetic meacureo wbteb have been adopted for tbe prevention of penale* and bounty land frauda upon the government bave been aUeadad with very Uvorablo reaMtla aa lockarly tndUalod by tbe decreato In thu number of pre accutlona lor nflenreo ol Ihla character vatwt orn<K The Increaao <H buatniaa lu the Pater t Of?\oe, and the magnitude of '.to operation*, give additional fo-oe to tho iroemmeaaailos* heretofore made for a reorganiiation of tbla bnrcao. Ilie amount of work devolved upon the oi tmlcn )? enoimouo, aid It la difficult to believe that tbe re Iterate) appeal* In tola behalf wonld have been io entirely dlar garJ.d, bad Oorgreoo realUcd the actual condition of tbe buainee* of the offloe, and aa the oBce la aelf (attaining It lo only reaw nable that thM (to parurtat choald be vmpowercd to graduate the foroe ? m ployed, by tb>* work to be done, provided, alwayo, that tbe eipeadtlnre* (ban be kept vtihka too reoelpla. I Uke cceaaloo to r^new th? reoon metdation of pre v'ooa rf ports In regard to the aooinaly of allowing ap rxaii from the Comml?*i<<ner of 1'ateato to o*e of the three dial net judgea. la add It on to the reaa ?u( urged tn my ftr?t annual report fur an alteration of tbe law in tola particular, It lo :r> do olaervid that, aa each judge *cto *' | arately ap<? too appeal token, It become* very dllTl calt. If not Impoealble, tn matnta.n uniform. ly aad oer tawty la the eiecvtton of toe patent law(. Tbe inooono of tho cfloe Ibr ?** throe iuartera ending September SO, l?tO, waa $1>T,(I48 40, ar>d It" exj>eadl ture $119.87* 28, (bowing a aurpiuo of $7,078 17 Daring tola period Bve thoiwaad atx hundred and thirty * gbt appllcatlonr for (*teato bave boon riKX'ivcd, aad eight hundred and forty one oavnata Oiled, Three tbouaaud tlx hundred una twelve application* bav* boon rrjeeied, at J three tbouaaad eight hundred and alaety a'l pateata tarued, Including rolMtuea, additional tm prnvemento, aad dralgaa. la addition to tola tbeio bava beta forty nlae application for extenalnba, aad twenty tight patent* have b-ea exfn.lod for ai>eriod of oevui year* from tho expiration ol their ftret term. auuvTLTcaa Tbla la oao or to; o.?'n ptUara of tbe pro?per<ty and power or any country, and tt aamiaaeo additional import ance in ouia, be canoe of tho extant of oar territory, imbiacipg every variety of *oil and climate, ths cheap aeta of laad, and tbe taeil ty wltb wblnb lta prodacta c*a be tranaportcd to market. The liberal apfroprlatlona rade by (> ngre*a at lta laot aeaeion, la etcouragemeL'. of tot* moat useful art, received the oh? rfui aaactHio of toe people, aad thta drpa In. sat h*a labored falthriliy to carry out the benolcent lnatrnctlona of Ooog"r Mil grot Ittulry baa been aaade fbr toe btwt varletlna o' niada and cultlrna al avary aaefal plant *ol veeklable, aad aatlffactory arraagrtneuta bave been anade tor pn> curltg tbrm I n toe beat term*, and iraaarmr'.lng toe in la the eaten manner It la man, feat that, wbea we bate received aa adequate f pply of the diftereat planto aud *eed* adapted vo our various aoll and climate, aod bava devrkped our agrlenltural reoouroeo. by toe jiull c.uli app'loatlna of tbe resuiia of iclentilc ' tint*, tha laiud Bute* moat booomo too graaaryv>f too word ?r.iri cwwrs. The general interval fait in thia work, aad the tnpor toner of tbe DMTtit poaelbM approach to accuracy in aJl IM d< tailr, have bove pr'perly appnuiated by thle de pe/tmrBl. uid It la boped that tbe energy mad care with which tl lis* bern conducted will tnaore raeu.'ta la ae oora u oa wilt tbe pibl'c ripecltiM. .'he Kbrdulaa and carefully prepared IMlroetloee war* d'atrlbated la IW to ecabte lb* Catted Hinte* Marahala to w?nMe* Ut wutcrtilug oe the day appointed by law. The i'iu? wllbla which all the reton* aaoukl bare been trade la bow past, aad tbc crnaua baa b?en otrnple ted la all tou dtotee aad lerritoriee, with the exorption of acme few tub divlat >oa, where. from clrcur: etaacee rrprcarntea to be nna voidable, delay a bare oaeamd. Tba (alls re. however, crealue ao au/priae, when It la Illowb that the Bomber of neeraeary aab dlvtelosa re nu*ed tba urplojaieat of tocr khouaand tour butd/el differeat ejceaciee. The rrtsree bare bees piaoed la the ban da f as abla and efficient oorj* or a'erka, aad I havo lh? ec ru ranoe of tba aaperlateadeot o f tbtaeervlee that with bla preaest force, he will *aable ma, darlag the ap proacblhf SMBMo of Oeagreee to praeent aa eibibit of the aggrrgate p- polelM*, mnnafeotorre aad a*rtottllaml production!, aad to asake tba apportloeaMat of repraaea tatlvee la aocordaaeo with tba taaaty iftb aeoiloo af the law approved May M, 1U0 BetoeMat informative, however, baa beea abla load to Juatlfy Ua eeaoJnetaa that oar popolat .oa baa kept paee with Ito ordlaary aatoral prrgruaa, aad tbat tba lacraaaa la tba pradnatMaa af agriculture, maaatoctarei aad minee, will ahow aa aoceleratod adraaoa la aatorMI paaepertty. For the eeaiptotloa of tbe eighth eenaoa tba raaa af $417, ON, aa a drOcteocy, wlU bo repaired for tba ear rent taoal jear, aad a farther approprtotloa of I1M.0M Kir tba Baaal year ending June M, IMS, which, with the appmpriailoa heretofore male for tola art aire, will Made the aatlre ooet td the praaeat eaamera tloa aboat I1M2 004, af which aaia about tl^M OOO wi J be paid to the marahala aad Ihelr aaalataata, la aneord aaae with the rataa aetobUehed by tha law af UM, tar IW ana daaaaaded for tha eseeattoa af the eighth eaa aaa i a aai H thaaaat af the awroa to to taoana ef Me*,gaa~ ? aaaaaa naliiil aoeaeanry by the toaraaaaaf aar Ma lta dlBeelea orar tha vaet ptalaa of tha la Mr lor p ? 1 barraa ar ttotlatiee. Aa totaraal trade kalatia tha dlftral Wataa af Ihla Uataa to (raator thaa aar fbrolga trade, aad dtraaUy totortato a aiacb greater aunber af aar awa people, yet wa poaaeaa aa agaeey by whiob wa aaa aaoartoto aad dote Italy praaeot to tha world tba raJaa aad eitoat af tola ri char fa of the pro doeta of labor. Wa bare ao eeatral potot af elatltotaal k bob ledge by whtoh wo aaa ahaw tha eoaaaatica aad iiepaadeaaa af tha aeverai Btotaa a poo each <*ber r t their malarial advaacemenl aad proapertty It la trwr that race to aanb period af tea yaara to? ooaatrr la a applied with aartala laA-rauWua reg ardiof our agri?aiteral, aaanfoctortog aad aXnliif taweaia; yet la ti nara cf thelaiportaaee, dlractloa aa< ohararia of nr b< bm onaiataraa 'ougraaa, tha decartmeata aad toe mwanatt) aie without aay granai "liable rrwar w fr>r it r arwriairaMBt a I ear uiteroal teaaa aad tba aaaaiil pit <:a?v aaa of agrioalture, ana8'ifar.?nri* aad ai aaa It aoaid ht a wlar ror.B'aa* to ???l-illrb ? a?<wy whlra anal,' arrurr tbe dtaHrvd aforaiat'oa 'a tor moat aatbaa tie. prariieahle foiai, aad regoiariy r^-.ri tba aa ma at rach x-reloa oi l>? i rti> Tha r> i i?'<a fnror w^ald be ?ataii, aad I taei m.i.a<i< dt that thr ra#>?rta of aaah a ba rraa aoald f aiBMta I for It toe paaoc Urxtr. JtWUtT frww cHaa(?a la the ia?a an? r?^ iln d to W?ie thia d*pa<Uaeot toaaeure aa 'i^ally and to aaforoa aiiatiag rag aiatioea la regaro to J"dir *1 ai|i??raa ef the ("rem Bira*. BBd f raaaw ay toKDOr r*e?<aa>radet!oae ?? th a aahjr?t tlltbmit aaat* ad<"n<wrl ouwar, proaaptito<to aad accuracy la the rrt m oi tbe eaii>lniaaat earvtoia of the atoika or the rvwxl -aatre inartonaoaet ba aaoarad. raa ?r?? ?a ?u'i ra>oa Tba taatf aad wan ?atabi<aard w< ot af the gerar* ?rot af toe TaMrd -taue roor ia* jear IMS, baa aoea tbe aatipiaaaiaa af the afriraa tiara trade #reaa Una la tl?a elate tea bare beea aaaated to a<aa?a?to thlaab hat, aad the bear Mat peaaltlea bare baaa praaartoed egalaat thaaa wha ea?a?a la tola traffic, tka aavto lad great dlAoalty la aaaatratof the htwa, aad the Jad?? widely difier fn thetr optalaaa aad total m alattoa af tbea Tha aaUaa af the Jartoa to all aaaUoaa af the aaaati y to dkatoa that tbe peaaJttaa prwarikal for rtototioaa of thaaa la we are daeaaed altofVUMV dhnroportkoaato to tha bitofatoaf the iftaaa, aad tharatora aay liahalnal dafaaaa ? aaiaad a pea to raaaaaiM thaa to iadiaff rtodtoto ef aaqaMtoL Haaaa, ae eaae baa eror yto raanh ad the daareaaa (tori, by whtoh aiaaa a aetttod aaaatraa tloa ea?M ba gtraa ta toeae lawa. PaWM poiuy laaaaito a rarlaw efthaaelawa, aad a ahaage ableh woald raa a, aad a abawge whieb woald aaore pratoMal, aad toarafora i iy Jadgtoaat, ba both wtoa aad i dtart. Mat 1 t -aire awrrr partK^Mrfr B nail year attaattaa to that frutolf af the lawa tor toe lappnaiia af tbe Afri can atora trade, wfetob aathoriwa the Prartd?t ?ta aaahanoh rigai? eaa aad arraafaaaaato aa ha aaa? daaaa anedtoat for tha toto keeptaj, aa apart, and reaavral ba toad the Unite of the Caltod foatoa, af all eadh argraee. peraoaa af eater, aa taav he to delivered aad broagbt with la their jartodtokkto, aad to effort e presto paraaa ?v peraoaa, ra aldtof a pea the eaoat af Afrtoa. aa acaet or ayaaw, for reeeirtog lit aepew, ataaUoea, er per ?<>ni of color delivered from >n beard .-eeeets arlaad m the weal ptasiDle 3e:ay Goslraris wfre etWul lato wlUi the llciiCki w'oiocut on Bo "lety fur thu tr^utfiruiioo of these- negroes to Liberia, nil for U>r|r sup. or. lor tu year Inn ike date i f their being landed on lha eoaat of Africa. Tfce wtd aocl* ty contracted to f urn lib vessels uf the ht>?t class, to be II tied, equipped ud provisioned lr accordance with the requirements of the act af Oongrev enlltlid "An aet *?u regulate the carriage ?-f pa?set>?era 'a ateamsbipa and e.iher vessels," approved March 3, IMo. ?Jood clothing, food. mediiirf" aud medical atteadanoe were to be provided for Mid Africans om the voyag* The contract for their transportation was performed with fidelity . Approved vessels, which had been examined by an officer or the navy, at the mitanoe of this department, well provisioned, aud with ample root, were provided, and toe result la u ft.!lo?s ? 1,432 was the nutrber reoelvcd b / the M&irbal at Kef VTuM; whlls un<"er his f barge 384 ded and the survivors, numbering; 1.138, were delivered to tfce agrLtt of the Oolontaetloo Society <m the voyapc 216 died, and osly W8 wern laideo en the oraat of Africa. This department Is without definite information u to the fate of tho sur vivors tlcre their arrive! it I Iberia Tfce I'xpeiae* Incurved by th> k.rrhii Id kc-ptrig them Afr can fur about lis weeku, including 15 408 00 for roeoiclnta and medical atti ndao<*. ?m *27 ado n tlto coet of transportation, eieloalvo of the aaUrtoe of tb? agentanf tfco government to ttipi rlr und the ruldlmeut or the col .ran, amounted to ttt 900. The coat of tup porting and providing them clothing for one year will amount to 189.810, tu the evoot thai uo further mor tality ihall occur tmoaf tbera IMrliig tht month of 4ugurt last. Uree rowng Afr leant, I round eu N-ard the alavrr W. R Klbbty, were bnogbt | Into the port of KewTiik atd a. I vend to the United .Htatra MarthaJ for the *outhrrn Ifiutot of ttiat Mtat'j. three bo>awere quick, sprightly aad promtalng Vn n-creua application! wore made by cH i < aa to have them boDBd ont for a term of years an apprentice and olners proposlrg that they should bo placed lu u>' Oolored Or phan Asylnm, to the city of New Verk; but as lb.; law allowed i o diacrell'Hi upos tbe tu eject, I cauaod then lu be delivered lato the charge of the Colonliutlon Societr , for transportation to Liberia. On the lltb day of Octobor laat this department was ad - vised , by a ocmmnntcatlun from the tfec.retary cf the Navy, of the seliure of the brlgamlne alaver "(Morns King " with 910 A'r'oans, an I also uf the capture of the flave ahlp "Trie," with 897 Africans on hoard, and of their arrival at the port of Monrovia. Tbeoe Africans redu.-Ml by death Vo 1 483, were delivered to tbe agent of tfce rnlt<<d Mates for lll>erau?i Afrloaus, la a state of per feet nakednoa, who provided them at once with olothlng acd loud At the i, air or the land lug of tbeoe aearota the agent of the Lotted Htates was tuformed by the Proald*nt of Liberia that, ualeas the government of the Ualtod Elates ahoold pay to the government of Liberia the tame per capita cf,Bald?ratloB which bad been allowed theOoto nliatlon Hr ciety for their malutenanoo for twelve m oaths, be could not e nrent to re alve them 'uto tils oo>intry. Tbs Afr leant were landed, bowrT?r,and tbe question WM referred to our sovernaatut. I'lmn examination It waa foond that the law veau d no authority .a the Prealdont or the UnlUd States to contract with the government at Liberia for the anpport of thew people, a&d aa the Coloni sation Society bare a special treaty or agreoirii ot wttb that government, allowing ibem to land and maintain In that oountrv reeapturcd Africans, another cootraet was entered lato with that society for the Supfmrt aud clothing of these Africans f?r one ysar To carry oat tb Is contract an apprnpr'atiou of 9148,800 will bo re quired dsrlsf this rsislon of Ooogress. The s>r> m establithod by the lejlalatloa of the last session of Onnrreas, by which tbe offloera of the armed vrBSels of the Totted States are tntb'irlsed to land those negroes round on beard captared slavers "a tbe ouaat of Africa, is regarded sr? both proper and r onomksal. In order to carry out tbe policy of t^e government for tnpprciultg the African t-?ve tr?de, there is oo reason or nrceMty lor trestlng these un/ortur ale AfrloaBS, when brought wltbta onr jurUd tUn, with arantty srd laho the operation of a eyatem whioh Entails a heavy upon tb'? governrcat. ELftebl'Wu tb?y aieby a voyage 'n rrowded vessels, and wl*h tcaiit provlaion, conCnri wl*hia our fbrts and barrarte, wheiy bo one gynpathlsea with or can nsder itand ih?m. wlvl noni intereatod to study their wants or V" administer to their nerassitle*, tr. >n ehl^ped again upoa anotfcer Icig voyags, it is not wonderful that more thiol oaetblrd of th<m die. A'Ur tbey are laLded In Afr'-a ar 1 kept for twelve month*, tbry are tUr wn off by tbe. Crated -Hatne to take earc ot themselves. In this oondltl * half elvlllmd and half savage, they are much l< ?? t apable <>f supporting th' mreltis than If tbey were altogether ?avage But the governm<Etof I.llwrla, moveil b? * Spirit of haaianlty, ?as been compelled to remedy tbe < if cu of our laws by enacting itat each rer*pt-r. d Afrioan, at tbs esd ot twelvemonths, shall be bound to s?rrte? Inr a term of ttven year* to It bim fiir the dutlet >f Clttarnablp. CK:r system Is pri.'uctlve of cutut gated ernelty to t here uuforti'uata beings; bnt uwtag to tbi pre Judlce and atstruat nt ot? people, tt is a to sug gest a change which would bo awirtable to all Aay cbarge, however, wnu'd bf an Improvement np a tb^ preevbt inbi:B aa and -oetly system Tberrviba a Into wh -i har.da thnae Afrtcana have . b*?n dillrrred bate perf. rmed a moat arduous and dira grceabie duty with gieat iPceuey ane fidelity, but tbe taw allovs tb' m no c mpetaatlon whatever fbr their ser vices. This !? nrjtwt, ai d I hope that Congress w'll net hesitate to remedy this def.ct In tbe Isw, aud will antho rise tbis df partmaat u n>*ki Mfe ,??>!? u ss may bq Oommettnrale with tbe trrvlet* rendered. To provide a roaeooable alk>?asos therelor, and to meet tbe neoesaary ejp< nses arlait g frooi tbe prnmv.illoo orperaoua charged wlib vialatmg tLe laws for tho snp prtssloB of the African aiave lea le, and ai?> to eaahie the government to (ay the km ittl now due on aecoanl if the bocLty provided for by the aet of Marr.n 3 1819 belng 9'iO for eanh aegro, mu:alu> or persoe of oolur, do liver eo to the l a'ted matae Martbal, or the agent ap (Kfnted tc receive recaptured Sfrteana ? aa appropriates ef 8*6,000 will he teqairtd at tbe prreast seaaiua at Out. greee. Iff-nTT or nnirwau In ay arm? I reports 'or 1 ?Ld !?.'>?, allgaloe war BUde to the huM tbat Urn OObriilultoa id ? "at* Uopw ?ub r<L)?r:r? legialaiive c.ulr". ot er tbe Matr'ct ?l Ctl??bla, )?l Ui? peof .'a of lb* rtlrtr:t, hits no vote* la MMMMM ? er member I r> i*-t ipate n tu nour ciia 1h? ibMMi of uf dir? I rrapuaalbiiity uo tba part of lb* IrgtalaUre body, eoLat'tqtra tbe baauufap Ca la Ita aei *e of joatioe ud t'beraltty in their behalf, paat la fail of ?ndeoce of the generoelty of Oaegraaa w. tbte diatrtet Liberal ohariera bare baas |mk d to Use eitif ?? of WaebiugloB aad 6eorg*luwa. Judgee aaJ otbsr Judicial oilcan bare b?ea provided a* U>?i 'ipeeee of the raited Slate*, fbr tba adaitaiatralloe of (ualtna aid tba aietaleeaeoe of good order balia hare beaa eeppiled for tba aoouaaedaUae af ooarU, aal a jail for Um aaffl keeptag of praeaer*; a peelteatlary baa baoo bolli ud aapported from f?*r to year. brtdgce bava beaa one xtia-tad aad kef* la repair; atreeta aad tnatta bava beaa para* and lighted. an auxiliary pel toe foraa ? tabltabrl Bad paid, aad a beary aipeadltarc haa beaa lEOerred la brtagtag a boaatlful aepply of para water tato the cttiea tiaaa a dMaaae; aevera.1 i^uaraa bava baaa laalnead and Ucterullj adorn ad, a bueptial fur tbe inaaae haa baaa erected, olfioarerf aad KpporVed. aad prefloa aaada fbr the rdeealiea aad ?alataa aaaa at tba deaf aad ta*b aad toe biiad. Macn baa baea deae, bat aota la itqoired aad aipeated. Oalag, however, la the fraat of aay deialle rale or aeltled poltoy oa Ut part ef ( Vjegreea la iwiaot la appropriatteae Ibr iheae lineal objeaie, It la dlBeuit to deetgaale etoer aad addltlaaal ImproraaaeaU vhtab oagbt to t>e made at U>e axpeaaa <4 tba Called Htalee To raiciab aa lilaalratioa, f ae?d aaly refer te tbe aettaa of tba toaili at lie late aeeatoa. Thia depart aaeat waa ree aired by tbat bed j to auburn it eat I mate to OafrM at tta approaoblag aaMoa for tbe aaaatraatlea a 1 a bow jau fur tbia Dtatrtet. Raeh a baiidiaf la eeaded, aad iba apprepria "" ?. *?* perpaaa weald ba proper. Bat aa Iba aaaa prlaoipte far wblab /oa woaM ereal a Jail far Iba aafe keepiag af tbe priaaaara ef tba Dmum. ree weald aa large Iba ONy Ban tar tbe aaeoaaeeu ne ef Ha aaarta. Tbe eaiy laaaMea ef dieeretlon *hub tbe aaoeaalty for addiUoaal oourt m nrpe>t aad preaaiag aa tbe anal** rt a new Jatl. tbe repraaaatatlaaa aade le a? I eeameer aa addltlaaaf aoen reeaa aMre areaaaary aad aaare p~?ag. la aa? ?lUtog tbe repaired aetiatw for balihiag a aewiatl.t t??e pled tbe plaa d?e1geed ky Mr dark, arcblMet ??? '?><* depw^afrt. TM propaead atraetare waald ba aaBet^Up teaiaiti ead ia>p?iisg la appaaraaae, niapln k> t ? a aodwaa <ia arraageaeata, oafable mf baraao i <m.i ? (tear ' ? ? l? r?afler repaired, aad aonaomlaal to neer*t ef eaatrteaioa aa wall aa la tba aotiay tbat wil be croaaary br lie aafc t<#pu>g. Ire rer- r a.?M?t' a i ? W la former report*, to re fi4 U i eg la la a e Ibe fha?- rt of (Jnlbmbla, ara aaw r?*t>*e ftoiTy reeeeed Tbe |> IHjy tberela in diem tad, |f a* '?!?? an. earriae av . ?m..d ix j eat and fur, aad, It to aeiie->rd, eat '*} aai want, ry to lae penpla. >i.r rwa ? n 'o tn the "nblte lmltdla?? aa<? gr?ne?, a?d tt?? a?| nadHara <n um> ,.eiaiMM tbe>?e"*, I ba?? the h . or in Mffce tkaaaioiei ?(airt <4 tr.e ? ii l o?.e and *r.'ul m-q>oia*M haa b>?a erten** it %,? th* aetalli of tola b it, ) af U>e a- rn*e dwriaf >b* ia*t > ear Tba II taee.1" g ,.i?#t ad Hupa r aten teat ?* Ute 'W ?>t? n Wee, u< n.r the li.eei.-e ? h?r-'?ntri auhaiii ted, aad nm tbat tbia ?? eriutwie la lo a ?a' - arUi-y ai c? i ne Tar an'M''** a?> an aaarlr re a pwiad b? ) taw t* ?n r*?aie? <?i la a fliibeav't>al ti' t*at?f<il maaaer, atd ta? met aa* ia r > i-mm rin*<l?l U>a aMaoprl*1*'* Tfce luaatlea m i*?art?fai an I aem ?aadlaf, aad Ibe aaarm mode ate >n<i><a tor all a*, tiaata toat era ?et tied to adailaaiiia. TW aaaabar af la aiaiea baa 'anreaaad fmaa year lo year. Oa Ike Ut o Jaly laat ibere were frotn iba arar M, fVaai toa a*rw irjro. tba BaMlara' Ifeaae 4, aad TroL oirU tlfa X?T; Tbi greaadl aroaad tba balldlaga abaaM ba IbM off aa4 Ha proved aad toe eallre tract of taad eebetaatkalty ee *?<???# I" P*rr?? urn* addMteaal approprto ueaa will ba aaadrC Ike laMitatlea baa ber?totova baea ?aaafladwttb great Ito^f.aadbMi fair aaaa to toMM Z>+l <Tto _I? M ft rrmumi of tbe (Maabiaa toe Miad, win be toaad aaaaag toe aanaia aoeaaipeay lag .una report, frvm wbleb It amTtbat, la raJaeat ' toe aaaa W to paptto aad toe Htoteaey of toe Waa aad aaaafaMat, tola toautatiaa ba* beaa mm. Tba aaaiW ef pepilg toaaM <*aHag toe year aad. to? ?*? ?f Jaaa laat wMtbirty, ef ?bteb tweaty I oar wave Matea aad an Miad He raaaipto af iba Traaaarer ware M to* *, aad toe pay awato by tbe riataadeat ware M.IM to, toe turn* betof aMtoai*. laaaa to kM haada aa toe MM af Taaa. ltoj. T*atoato of Mary lead haa reaantlp BMde eanrlalea fcr pMu paplto la toe toatltoMaa. aai am bara be?^aaafiad aa4 elkan we atpaatad <??**? Mi h?Udto?i and groaadaa^Saad Belle be eeftotoatlr aaaaatoaafca toi MtotoMai of ?" toai n dtoi/ad to mNBw^