Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1860 Page 2
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ADDmOSH FKOl EUBOPt Arrival of the City of Wash ington mid Saxoula. RECEPTION OF 1ME CANADIAN'S MMLS. Views of the Kuglish Press on Lincoln's Election. Garibaldi, Like "Old Zadi," Wanta his Letters Prepaid. THK STATE OF1 KUUOPK, tti| kit, 14, Tbo steamship City or Washington, CapU'.n Joffory, from Liverpool ou the 21st and Queeiutcw* on the 22J nit., tu1 the Saxouls, CspUIn Ebleni, from Brulhampton on Uu> 21st, arrived s.multancoiisi) at this port yesterday afternoon The malls by the Canadian reached thla city from Port land late lilt evening, autloipatiag the new* by the Washington and Saxon la. From our flies rooelved by these arrivals wu g*thor tome Interesting details relative to the tiate or Kuropr. ? The Opinio ? XatwnaU teniae Ute statements wh'ch Bend Garibaldi from the scene o T ht* great deeds to ftli tails J home, In bitterness of iplrtt at the tugratltnds or nan ?'There assertions," H ssys, "rejiose oa uo serious foundation. We rejoice V) ttete this for the honor or luly aad of the government of Victor Emanuol, which ran apprec'tto at once the Liberator'* jobla patrlotiim bis f,CD*rov? character, great abilities, and the 1m DKoaity of tbo service be has rendered to his coua | try and to c'vlllratlon The highest rewards hire been oOt rod auJ e-cu decreed to hl?, but Garibaldi sought neither honors cor raik nor wealth. He bai leng pro posed to hlmse!', when tho victory should have be on j aol' avod, to seek tbe repr?c of prlvato !lfe until the oay i so anxiously expecte ! 'hull arrive when bis sword is again to be drawn for the coirpMlen of the holy work of Independence." Reference is made to a sermon preached at Naples, on the lUfcdT ^tember, by Father Gavarrl, In which the fo'lowlng expression oocurs ? i "When La aball have triDinfhod, be Is n >t tea man to ask for keys and collars; ho wl!. become a peasant jnce more In bis is. and of Capie?a. Another Ctnolnnatus, be wiU retern, II nooraiary, to candle making, as formerly wbeu in aUa" Bt'oro leaving Naples Gat Ibaldl publuihed iso following aonouno mtr.t ? ."ffce pnblic I* !Df->rrned U>tt I ob all re oe>re no .otters at Caprera uniuss they are propall." Our London Cuinipomtiari. Loanni, Nov 17, 19<0 /V.Vmhi X if and? Pi-'.-ni on the Stumy?Ad^ii * t? th* Ka. tor Inlet ttl?Tlu N'* Am*r\;<in Tb*o?Aal Agent at Litxrf-ool ? Removal of Oaring brotktrt, <fc. . it' Our dcmeatlo n ml i? getting more (ttarcsttng than It bu boon H <uo po itlcs will K on bo an absi rblrg topic, the Snl premonitions of which begin to app-ar Mr. Bright bu jut written * letter to a journal on the lub ject ol extruding the fianchtte, anil a few O il fcasltt have bad iDiichc over ? cruit and a cup of Ua on the eub Ject of tie ballot. Tb< y no more require the ballot tn this country than Ibey do a republican form of gavern ment Si n.e inUrt'l rg elrctioi s are coming off In sere rai rar!i?meetary d auicta, atu there ti no lack of candl Uatvii li Sruthwark? London south of tbe Tbamer? the ?oat ]ust made vacant by the death or Admiral sir Charles Napl?r, there aro Ova candidates In tbe libers! tnterce1 only, tbe moat pri miLant or wbcm are Mr Ooldsmlil. a Jew of great wealth; a Mr. Scored, a prooa'usnf reeileat merrtsuit and a man of wealth, and Mr. Charioa Dickers Tbe expense of a euccoesfu' caerass or t>ist district i? said to be from Ave tc e'gkt thousand pounds Mr Sooveil tu* run oace before, ant came very near be'ng elected, i acd ta eald to have a greet local interest and j popularity Mr Uo.dsnlil has tbe botviott ex chtquer, and pusseaeee tbe israeiltisb lotoreit? not a small cone, .is ret. ?u ? throughout North as well as South 1?d ion Mr Dt -.Sets will carry Into the caavass a wide fame ss a popular writer and a novelist, aad mils else Be II net reputed wealthy, and be 1 ne?er (-barged witn ai.y large amount of personal p puiartty to ract, tbe auth r of "Pickwick," except ansoeg a very 'ew lati mate frlcndi. la deciileilly urp> ?ular, end there ins Tiry lutlc cbirea of t,s It a ug a seat in tbe U/im of Vc turnout at prest-ul. tie Wu- toroegbs? Including lb Orkney I*Unt?, OaH.o*a?liwe and J ha U'liroat's Boa*' ? Save jest lost their nu .nber, Mr. i-alng, who ha roue to ladle to 811 WlUoa's piers Very few asplraita to Par Lament see a to tb:nk tbe her rljg Halting roeet worth canvassing. In feet, there bars none offered except Ix>r d B:ry? be who out so eo-ry * figure In the Oeiaray ftteam Company? a very ?ma i pet tern of a man? end be set-rns deniceii to wale over the course. the ceci* of this s;?airn la the proO\b ? near ap-roach of e d eeoiuii u of i'ar, tmc: i and e geoerei eicct: in Ins lacal paper, tbe J?kn V tir&i t Jrvmal, di ?a O'.t s-tn. able It dad w.rda u> ?j proas its Jirgiet at U>? uabaj pj i anion of tbe d is trial, the oetig "led by tbe no?? ts esses a1**'' by a pauy lordllng. at. '. such a K rd Tbey must bory taelr u ?,?? s and asptret "as till e briahter day eppeare. eud tboa go forib u.i redeem thalr ? i.a?a cure It.' rate M latereat bts Jast beon ra'??d by the B*nn u> ?tx p<-r oont a rery h'jb rate considering toe plentiful ness of mxi'-y The ?rrlrals m Austral a hare iH-eo tlnaly and Ire jueni, rn* ?? eael, tho Huisea, having jaM ertv.od w.ta or*r f 1 800 COO the demer t, howe ?r, baa been Urge tor tbe t><niioeot . e large sum aavtag b-'ea Uthiii to France luring tbe last six dais A Bsano-a; 'bat ge c some lntt're?t In Awer'ee ha# J :?t tektti v'ace Mr Jatnrs MeHeery, of l.iror|KH> ay Amervto, tas atel? b?>o appointed I'niUd -<i?i.?aD ii- i Clal atoot. vyn a?ru g B.. there ft 0>, rr-moted. lvie latt< r bare held tbe p'a*o, l e sirataad, r?r orory sixty ' years Toe r?m>?a. t>*a 'irulienl roaeldt ra*> t? UK emong flnatfla! men W aal thf ri-aai-ne may be 'or the | obangn I em en* ofo'tred. ?h??li?r tt ta any ale ?atte'ao tioa reepert ng tbe way i*e goreroanit m n-? uw beee trasiact J. or u.rrely t uat- en Amerleee to t^e ofllee, I here not ieerned Yoe are so uteri, ly patrv.t c aad repubueen uedsr toe stripes a-j.l stars 1 eupp- ?c you coeld e >t abtaa the vbougbt of e ' #rl4i?ti?r" ?Tlog e icb a poe'.ttoe, eo lo-g as there ere Atn> rt-?ne ever) way repeble an 1 responsible for tbe poct-oj toe fcnueeof Bar og B-.-tbe-s is peobubiy tb<* Men-, i if u >t tbe frst iiaau'-ta. bouse in the worll.and oe- ? nlf? 'u tbe Uass .ac? ar tbe i^B'liammuriass? s m il "dl toj prosier d m t > do eo> doaeclet 1asio<?< >ul t.i* i ?e lasnKog ?b t: 'ise, .? crs.nUif , howe.-r*. s-?"ra. *m* r loan part rvrs i: tt <ter) natural, tnugh, eed pardoa- , able, that tLe youcg "(<lai>k of tbe I'll' -n i. t hare repp a. < u. ere of I'J owa race, blxiJ au 1 a ft - an,-* to fill atl of Ispi'tanor. p%ri< "ia. ty ta rat- ign oouetrlea It would probably t?e dtQull to llnil a p?ia o V?t?er rttt-'d for tbe plnre thai Hr. yojf ur /. He le a c*ot et an of le-?a a?o*r?? ?.'p i?? I I > he ? rth from ?1M <>eO t ' tKO.OCC? a m at sag* - rae >1 1 > ''ileal men ol b.?n ?a an1 p-rtooeHy *e-/ r i> 'a R* -i*a oeg t *W I el th<- heaviest floai..iial ooe oected wlih tbe fr-S'-'i, th? 9patab an I the i' . la gneoe gorerem'*Dte 'ust bare be* n (fans* ? u I Kngiaeu for f*a'e I bare tt'erd? th > <sli i> *t 'r ? him, as I tier* no a v?a ciane* ? tb him? 4het be btl 1'Sta arp ed t> r>y the ttodei otes* I:? gorrrrmeil to , r iertaar 'b"1 of ? ? "g Iteee or ruiweys is l?l?, perMfi ia?iy o?.s c- im , n . plee with use*. R<m" an t florea e !? Mr <;> ? a mat. of extreme t?i"iirety rraee eodrliaf u > 1 bare e<* doust be will see wl.b e m* serpr .? > it ? .at tsead mnetcioeeeer > N> raade of h? \ n? Ira- oiy nocgratu ate tbe VliU>i italieforertimeet on tbe a root i of eg??tiemau of Merlit g luu gmy au i b a ?? i oa- al ter to U?? res oal '.b ? f ? * It n o; tfcr'r R. au. sai ?? m. i I bare beard iiat P?* n* llrMbert lut? nded ti< ? ;.?? Onegrras to get relMtated le tb? peelttoe o ageel '".I e*a > arcciy n,agiBe tb- j would d > any sac' ta g ? >y ought to be ?at:s#e I w th hiring belt er. hiooraW ? . 1 htrregiee ?r c* unteterrr ; t?d fcr ee*'ly tbr-- jo artel * ? oeat*ry ( bacge s f e cr.'er of ttt rgs Dm mm ,d eorere gns snd u; t rasK.rre pass evsy, and k?-? .tt reiga iu their atee<* The Kffeet la;Ki|ised of LlttC?ltt'e Btec* ?Inn. ffr >m tbe I.onlon < br???-'e, N?r jo Whet will be tte c ?as? iueiir? of Mr 1 n-< a a t a lo tbe F*r?*"dene|r < f tbe t sited States 1 W? mm i'sm ?i without mncb bes tation tliS exa?aerat >n? .( S ?tn-'ra , dewtsgogM* or itoutecrn alarmists A few reset a al Ibe , North here expressed rtmpaihy with J< hn H- .*? ai l rp?ak ?: ,p^??ntiy of th* HfWM war taat wm,J ha?" eo I sued froea rree btt ttntp -rery sooceae tuhere n, ... ? f> m'oeat men of tbe repnolloao pert?, ep?a* ea? iety . r ?'a , very heisg " doomed." eo 1 seem to erttelpai^ tuat a are i hoidois will bs ooerred Into surrseder by ts- grsiual ' otoe'og ta around thrm '-f frreeoll i?tatea. To 't . hie | ever, aes hut tbe wicb?d or wan tne dree me of a,ra a Msr* wetftiM er iht 9m,/ h ew' tr ul l'*l *f IW rvi^i uii i ( of fheper 't^rr tsfre (*?f? wsi s Otti <*<?d -Her ??<?? ? II ' a?'??vkal frt<maa#n< it ? snerrra^n end MSdepeaeem V ? ee tndepea deet of ite eeigbbors aa. Praeeie or Bararia ?? a* the etlt*re In the Uermaato otefederatton Th*y ?lee forget that vbe ofeareeter aor s,-*cbrf of Mr Linola abow aovthtet like dee'g-s ho?i ,c to the rights of tbe Pniitbern SUtee, eed that e>re M' *?as?d? I the Jotta Br igbt of tbe party , awi d* i*m I aid n* rr 1 ftera i/.if?ea<an;i ornur-has rsfratesd f. -m \ rtv g like threats of positive egrreeeioe. tMttWtorttl or ?xecu live, oe the rigbie of tbe <toutb e a e We are col l*ft t.i oo'i"etere sa lo Mr I, ?oia # r? aol the potley he lateads H aio,->t T \rin ? ? , I rir f ttq aiaitlvettwa ef the New Toek pr*ss ? \ > t ?*>u r.<ito? tak<F down f^oai his owa I je a . ' "j ? ? n. lo? e eiic'trd by tpiWf ??!l?er ikttfal a? r ?'?? r' r "'en' W> Had fn uisrep ei ?-n i,. , , gi*- -rraa' in V* ''ec>n, *? ?i <1 ? o> r ?, ct kr tbe r'ffctt of Us fleetn \ti ? Brm rwotr* te mala tain the I'd too. In a ) iptrct delivered it Ottawa, In ISM, Mr. I. aoolo fa d ? "1 Lavt) bo purpoae, direotlv or Indirectly, to Interfere with the Institution of slavery in tke State) where It now ? ittt?. 1 bollove I have no lawful right to do *o, and I have bj> dt-sire to < ) ?> " In a upeecb de livered at I^ateiiWuflU, Kan*aa, during Lac l winter, Mr. LU rolc Mlil ? Bot you, democrat* are for the Union, ard you gr?at ly fear the ?hocpm of the rtp> blica** would destroy the Ut Ion Wh>y Do the republican* deciare atjaiurt the I'ntor* Nothing liac It Your owo miemiiil of it Is iLut If the black republican* k'.ott a President >ou won't Itand It. You will break up tho Uiilon Tb?t will ba joor act, not our* To Justify it you aiuat *how that our iH)i.c>ylv<i yoi jtiet caojB for suca detHrttn action. "?r tou do that* You will find thit our policy Is oiactly tfce of the men that made the Union. * ? ? * Wb le }ou elect I'recnteut* we submit, neither hroaktn* tor alti ff.ptUg to break up tb?- Union. If we shall con ?t t> tloi ally r:ett a Trtildott It will be cur doty to see that you also submit In reply to thia tpeech Ibe Naw Font; H*kA:r>, tbe Uadlrg organ of the dem.Kirit*, aJmlts that Lincoln la ' c"i " rvni ive," and hi* p< llcy will ba "to oonciltate tho St-u'b into lubmlrstOD io?uad of exasperating her Cis-pla Ihto open rttballlea." It la alio admitted that Mr. Incoin wll liaro Southern moo, m rretl aa Northern, la bla Cabin* t ? hi* Southern advltcrs boita each ooncerva tive n.< n la Hoory Winter Oavla, of Maryland, John II nor Dotla, of Virginia, and John A G timer, of Norih Carolina. The Huaiji, at the name time, records tbat the I retailing Idea in vImi Mouth appears to be "the policy of waiting lor some direct abolition provocation from the n w dynasty bef-ue embarking upon that unexplored aoa of a Southern ccLfed?racy." Since writing thua thellSKALn j baa changed again, and baa been rather hysterical la lu alarm at Southern secraalw; but tbla waa to "bear" the p? luteal market, anc terrify commercial New York Into vtlirg agalnat Lincoln. Now that the election l? over, we may be sure that the Northern friend* of the South will become Brtmy ootaervatlve, when no political object can be gained by ettrriog up the K'avo Stataa to rebellion; at d in all I ikt II hood Mr Lincoln will, In four year* from I March 1801. hand over to bis snoot saor the Presidency of tbe I'naetl Mute* undiminished by the lecesalou of oven a single State. [ From tba London Ne wa, Nor 30 ] Now that the election la drcldod, wo may look for a greatly improved tour In the domostio treatment of th? a Hairs or the United Htun-s. for tho I art few month* a stranger to tbe taatloa of trans atlantio parties might have t>oen led by tho language of a por .ion of tho American pre** to boliote that tbe L'nloo mutt certainly be hrokca up If Linooln were tlecWd. Tb? aen.ocn?U ltduloualy Inculcated thi* boi'tt, pretec mg lhat adbertnoe to tboir policy was ab solutely uecresary to retain -ue Southern otnteti within the Confederation, Tho merchants of the North have b. o tdd thttV uu.vet8%l ruin mint overtaka their ca-.-ro apoi-Jenta In the S ,'Uth if ?n> at'empt mu male to eir cuwfcnbe th? ir tin are of e avery Paeudo commercial rei'orta, tu ?khu-.b nurointlle facte were fraudulently ma e I'lsiitMl lor political purpoie*, have toen foliUil Into Ne* \i tk J?'u.'nal?, and the elector* fcuve boon uMdon to r(m>tuo?r ttai tbo question the., were ca!>ed 1 1 iKtiie c tunutd proaperlty or uni?era*'i ru j To the Pf".i.h tba m 01 r < ckiow longuipe wa& i?d i r>>?<d? ? ,.h what motite I* inonnc-ilTaiile, sioce \ tt? pre glu . < xoic wn* nalc In tbo very ccarlng i ( i tfc t < ?. , 1 1 tbr rt> niorrat' .mputad to M'. I 'noln and b ? ia ty tn" Uxetl lilt? tlW or violating tbo constitution t-rder l > a' litb nlartry a? d rn'?e the n gro to a politl- I "HI aid ;i tat rqua' y v. la tho man If tue Sutbtrk- t. g-- .r \ ho hu,g upon every word of a white nis.. ?l , n ? ? (I tit tb' ir lnterctfa, Ip.ivo bell vad tbla, nm o ti e iii*app"!0tiBMt ? blch i? in t jici vc fjr tnom, , ?fcould rise >n lunrrectloo, the blauo will be juxtly | chari<>abla oi. th s>iutheru democrat!, who lor i *rt y ' tcrp'?<a, xiortod lo uacgtro>* miar?pruH atatl?n. ? * ? ? ? ? ? ? ? lb cry oi B. r^e>|on ba* b. oo u*er>;l for parly ourp>*tj; i but tlx i ou'*i' * bit b it Invoici'd will cot suit tfn.tuorn I ter'f a uv grtat *ia' eboidet know very well that It t no pa t if it" po.'irj of tbe rei uVtloac party to violate ti ?t | irt of iho ooL^t'tntion wr.lch forbid* iveiy ftite to late f fere with tho l'.torcal cincoro* M any >.iher .-tate T r,a preat Lt victiry mere'y *l(ruiflea tl.iit 10 tbe wld(*|>riailltg " ferrltorloa" of the ropnblic, i ot jet till ctentiy peopicd to be formed Into State*, aU ^er> ebn'i have imi h gal exlitrcpn, nod coieequcntiy '.Lat j th?y bt'?'i not grow up lain ilave ^tata* Tho South, I Gi't trior 1 1 tel. or atd Jfhn M Dattr out ?ith?tandiag, I will ar^uletce in thiadeclii n T:ey dire not go out of tbt Union with tbelr tiav^a, for tliey ba -o no?h- ro to go to ibi.v art a gnat real *afcr lu tbo frienasblp aod alliapcc el the North, wboee ba;. ooeta would be aaread'ly lo. tboou.ii g to ic^preai a servile ioaurrcctl' n aa to pre. vt: t a 0>*(>lot)ou >.r tbt conled^-ratloo. Lorg before next ! Hatch, wti n Mr Lincoln remove* to Ur< Whlte^Houga, w? ?h*ll fltd that al,"t*iti"a have ailjuatod tbom*<.i vea to ! tbeirte* reiatl.>a, aid are preparing for a liariuKsa cam[*ign vuh lb - old wordy wrapota |Fm the London Hi rail, Nov 20] ? ????? The or. I j ci ud m tin* brUht her lane It tbe throatoaed i "<v t i*|o i i f ti t f u ili. n, Mat * Should lb s lie attempt p'l the "trufc i mi -it < >t lut long, for tbo fren North will to 1 it ii ?l euppo'' the llw I'i eenitrt, au.1 the army aud cavy Of thi repobl ' ?; ! be lauicbed ac?: i?t the eeioder*. Tlie S.>ntb *ill bo driven bark Into the Onion, If noed be, at the port oi the b?>o?et Sue* ? am/lict, h itoer-r, kihUi bt mot* i i'aitrou) in Ut cfmte(f.:rnce> in G'eat Bri tiii n and. wbetr.or it toko (.lac*1 < r noi, the ill leelmg In the *.??? e ilnricu I* is * to great that the ordinary op# ratii CP o' ?grMaltn?i wd tnde muats-iff-r Mvjbtwe i kail thonly now to look to other tourcei for our ootum and ilhtr &,jU hern y viiuct, an-1 it >a to be hoped her Hajo* ijV imiri mm, In view of the preconvti* esadltlon of Amtr cai. atTa.ra, *nl dovotfl ita Immediate attention to i ou- imiob i ogleettl *>m Indian and other ooionloa, ao na to > baijie our planter* to auppiy ths rir Actancy. | !? the ',ui.d m ritnea, Not 21 ] The further WMMiota we havo received iron AueMca I ' l tut rely to rocflrm tbe view we toot of tbe proba bin 'llvNa oi ilio rrctideeliai auction It MM qulto < ?r ttat Ihoae * ho aero oa tl? apot, an;' who, from the " itrtai the; oat.. rally fe't m what waa paas'ug around ifcam, would to thn iii-atliktly tooiagterat* the probable : c "?c?|Of no- *, eaw no reaanc whoever to thlnit that tne I'Nattf the boi tnt rn c*;: 'idalc w "iH bs fdllo ?oJ by a | ItHIfttN tf tjba l*o .to Tbe dnnthtrn Statu havo, In aildlt ,i.n to the olhir Ian tl which we pointed eat yea tor raj mi r ti j i ' t y of the additional error of dividing their at r< tg'b . i wtrg to tbelr trail "ty tt agree vpon a can li ifMr Totr oti'y b >pe wu that Mr Lincoln would cot obia a tbi itqui* to number of votea Tbey coi 1. 1 till eipect tent the) would bo able to ibta:u that ?r for any oee e ao Whila ?h? j w?ro on <?ed the?- were miocenfnl Then th..y t.< r?a e ell* id< a tb?y fa;!rd It I* tba tnmmoa I >t of man , 1 at il ram .1 be irvirte 1 1 von in favor of (? ntlemuo h*;iii( irh |?cu ar jtn.frtt for eip fting evtryttiinf Lumau ai<l avp?rbt man v. c tn'uUc Id thrlr favor aa tbi aiavahi idcra I ' Ibe Si utbrrn Blat't W bin we real* the ?perh or Mr I '.nrMr m tne rtff slavery, aod oooaioer tbe t* irt?? tr.' iratijoof ihe n Ltiaoi ui* It expr. ?tea, tbe a'. w.n?* ttat f B>ade 'or the aitiiatloa. for the foeTnga, 'ar the p'l . id'.t. a of tho Houtt; wuinarMi bn< eut'reiy be I Or roa? b'i< ppi % tjOQ lo tb : al'gia point of the aJmia ?1<"B if r aTety into the Territorlm, wo oannot help belog . Tib y ltr.u k hy iu *bciirdlty of up a vast ana KtattMB crsfidi-ac) Mae that of tbe l alted Statn f< m ioe or aJ abd Kn*or Ineplred by the elertloo of k cb a u. in to the i0i*e of Chief Magiatnte. 1/ I ha ra-?c tt tbi> ^o?Ji?rna ae reai!v ao good, et i!.i tn a. w, i r rtlbrr let the diaapToiated pWWM in.' ? r Irertrnal agiiat -ra ah) aaaume to rapreaoat them *1 a a litt e more etoe 10 It It I* true that the In itltiltaaef tiav^iy cjtnot exiat in c mfe<terat >o with freV'Tm. nalata It hia in ita hand* the eeatra! govern utei.i, Us onii apply priaelpai.y , tr uot ioi?iy , for Ita ma'-? racti? Huppiar tt thnuid o? eat?biiihed aa a fund unit i tal aavm of tha Ci \-m by tba daetaloa of a ita fftlMOar'i, to which both MM **" nyvaMBMi, tb?t a ; lattler hae ao lahaieBt ? i?ht to takn hie alavea with h.aa ;om< a torr'tory, MM th*t dm? attei it tbe ojtee t'srcce tbat MtM MMl b? proerribfil aad aballahed' J ppirea ret?al of ti? r'ufHIvo 8'?va la*; drwa that " ? v*rt tte i'outh ftom ta> c,r B eh ifltalett meat ir.-? aa rat be!rtd tn hrep it* atavee from fti gbt ? rd <?c?r'< If atari ry t.aa ladeeu eoaia to tun , ' l. Hi- l . itdcvd, la the da) of emaacipatl n: for tha ifg'o ncarir than apy of no bad anpp'iapd But, if ao, w< <. 14 tot the uthi riado more wieolf in aatttng their hect* la order, aat prrptring a.mie plaa of (MtMl rtrtar'pM'oa ny whirb the vlo'i-eoe of tbo Impendtog rMkf > i bo m'ibt d a im* degree he tnitigatel, than la r t rg to a ?}*U'ir wh'rh, op torlr oei aomtaiioD, -ao in j r\?t nmor tbe very Improbable ci edit >n of O ()?t<oiat,c ?arr fli-? nf th? ittermla aa i fael'cga of tha Null to tr -ee nf th? We <1, t. a* ?< rave ?aid, balleve tha cataatropha to ?e'wn ? ri and wo ar? dtapoaod to atltibnU) to tha in ft U' ' - of a'avi?y a Tiiaitty It aoeina, Ita v> ifti . lT vr? 'oi ,t bo;i,-v.' it t.) i->*e< a* SOit i*e ' tal at I'Mrf't l '*al f?- nrcnal wnfo of the n ?> ; if ns u frim^kt nt h rvw*y mniMiiw r m I ;t //,< nf Ki>a a />ra?v>?o( * u hedl efactai *' n f> ? i7? ? I it' I -at' ty o ?ii?"*i'v in *\ <~ry .wote nf (*' ' #? llut ia hr m . M taiioo'o thrrr u ? ron?? irrntit ?. r-.l ? * 'tnt- m v ?? * r.ot a n?..> aef' ieo* c?t for fW ?? t '? r tM'f '<(?/? 1h'* II ie raid, aat nut witlont a.?me ? f i.?t wn,.a airte'iy t? tuat alato of partica ?l? ? Waab ngtua ri?.p?ia >ea 'f con nee led hia i ? . i ? < d vi. ug ttxm^i ?aa ia<- iartooaile ? ^ ? . iraph.eal Malta. Iianet aioajabera ai - ?* ? ? ? > <r, tl at : Mr I 'cooln baa not h?l even a n. i -? tj a may af Ma Mave tHatea, tnia ua* lmi>|i-a t> ?? <i ? * t'"M frtMlag to theeKteafdo m BMla ? > .->y a arrat otoiber o' tbe Soutdarn Tttataa ? ., ? ft. i -'Ity A mao ma- have < pltiloaa a.lvrrae ' li.- .ut a nun may reai.ta la aalav* *tata. bat ha taut ' *>. >n iln?'- th'tf* at oteo If be aaaorta bia r i' ? it set rbarge bia rra iieoca. or mutt prepare t t?? ? ? r \ ?e*i<ierr ? in a wnrH be> oad th? jiiria I let ion a Ifttee th? ra be o < Liinorltj in favor of I ff't-.f . t elect n <<> ne of the Htatea, It la booa<i*o ?'rat tfi* quitiit aiavery toere la oo Oe? d >r' ?? lift rt) of tboagtn, apr?;o, writing, or * t n and it ta to tb.a aouroe. and not to ?r t *. faeUruat-oee in tha aaipptirtera of Hr Lin r : : 'iar > ? oi t',i? divlaio i oo e made appa ?at oft* r< a tM North ??<! tbe %>nth la to bo lr>?4 la t ? S t there are irajwiii a and nia>Mlll?a no tha th*a Itlo* lo tba MMi thi ro ia a . w aat apparent tsM mil- i.ri .a nare ?? aa app? aranre aa univeraai i ' ?.* i j le K< tt aa Catholic raiigioo la Hpaia or la the ?'?ate* ? f "it rt-;*eh. ia<Hlir *tr. f th.' c.l arte wblrb hae j id taken p ana f ? jir;'v to Aaerlco, but wblcn aal airi ng r <?'' a> i ' * t* .1 * ' rt* |iare a gn The Mr>?iharoere an 1 it - r i ?? ra g to a tenure of rfllcr ctteadtrg orcr a> m' -.rt aaTe :btatiad a ?(?nopoiy of ifflcal know ei^go ani aptit . <!? 'ong and ao Brm'y Mtabliabod fcaa lni tbMr d) tatty that tha sauaa of ?he v r.s ^aB beta fewt'd la deapa'r hy tba o' Norttiorn |K?I-tUlai.* So. .ag oo f Km of Jr :g that which ha? mat bain tore. Vr V '.<a: -r, M' geerett, aal ao<iaiharofan)lnrot turo ?l l. e tan.r parly, have allied tbemaeivea to tha Strath ?ad a gv.t by C'irvaa<or* to tbe aiaea owalrt In t*?eet 1 oft.n a |?* mo which thev bel rrm tbe Niwth wmM oara? h *b?a to give them fheae m ?, the tatu rai 'tader* r tus -ap-iblioao party ware Ifl to tb*? omea u lb j 'ata 3>i?ca'c4'ai do, aad fr Z,?*'o!n *-tU 'l"!? ***> f* :'Ji''Hillf(l./ii(ii !wlrW i." <W? '/ a*,y-o?t "W fmllaf aAt'Wy tn wf It l bit'. ??, avert. ?; 'hat, a li.t tbo PeMidaat M id ynt: caa ?be ab.'Tity "* t?o ntiaiah<>r? la deti<w frat:c ?o that Mo aaw i e ga atari* wi in that wbteh m Mly tco i.'ra tba fiffmHy af Aanma poiituw? a i'**et r t ot i>etwoee the lii|l*i#pa an^ the * ubal 7 It * r> il- ii i ? . .1 tot. i aa ta va ba|tb'.a| t, ? IM tbe (i.a? *ab? ut tha !? oath I'pon the vMt, though, wa do not expect 40/ very oooslderable beneOt to ouroeivsa, and although ?a btluve tte rtoutbera States to be a groat deal mora rngbi eoed than bait by tbe recast election, we rejoKw, om higher and surer ground*, thai it baa aeded la the return of Mr. Lincoln. Wi art glad Is thtnk that the march of tlutvry, and the ilrmineerittg tone uhick Ui odoocal't we Uytmimg to auunw om r frtedtm. have b?n at Unydi arrested and til meed Wo iejo:ot> thai a v?st community or oar own ret* ban al length given an authoritative ex pirtilcn to sentiments which ai? ealertslned by every 010 In llill oountrjr Wt hint to tee the Amir inn govern mt rU tnfilnfti m ci more worth) tf *fiUUe f uiu Jed on the dictiuut of Idxrty and njualt'y (&<jw the inveni m of ih{ft and dtvtcei 1 0 f*rf>Mua-'r tervitude; and we hoar In this great proust of American freedom tU? tardy eotoo of three humane doclrlnt* to whleh KngiaOu luu bo long be come a oenvert. (From the London New*, Nov. 33 ) A calm review or the position tea *ca tbe result, to the tbape of good and evil, ruineUkgit 10 " ,To lake the evil liral:-? the existing Tw^C, 'dunu^ wii'cn the oHfaent are banging th.w a<<l;hb >r?, aad any stranger who may cross eiK"<. suspecting and punishing tbelr siw*rr,*nl bonnitHKiuelr gold, and armlsg their laroilles, and ignite oil tbsir ako an evil; bat It la a leea evil ifcan'thi reallt/, In the place of tbe panic, won.d be the unlvsrai! e*pf?ota tion of a rlalng of the slaves. lu case of itr. l.iaco'n'e fall* uie, should almost recoups the citliers, and taelr commercial correspomienta, to tht mi?obl8vo'>s ag'tt ttcn they hive created, even if it should end in a con siderable cra*h Tbe negroes art leaa llkoiy to rite now than at acy time tbeee tbtrty Fears paat; and if there ta mora or lera rebellion. It willtoa aw tag to tbe croel tiee v< bleb u.o fears of tbelr owoaMiare now 'fnpetCng them to Inflict. Theie will be a period of obetructed legislation al Waahlrgtoa, and of virulent party strife, tni the hitherto dominant party baa learned ta ihow duo reelect to the national will. There wlU be disorder and ttiucb complaint from the change of <<(Molibs throughout tbe whole hierarchy of government, aohacge lndispoosa ble In this case, on account of the reform ta tbe priastple or government, and alao at the prevalent oHielal eorrup tlon whlcli baa been eo lately expoeed Finally, 11 I* pro bable <hat all partita will oomplaln of Mr Lmnoln. We know no more of Mr. Lincoln than ail tho reel of tbe world; but, It he were to tarn oat a atcond Waablogton, he would buve eo t haccc of attlafylag a commuulty like that or tbe United dtatta, at the mooiMtl of lu going ovor from a corrupt to a regenerate ppublicaa eyftcm. If tt la a myatery how any man caa govern, at lusi a mo tncra, a titu n whlcb t* living In difliMeut aUgea of oivl ligation, l>. '? to mjnery that be muat rail in dettg at ot oe what the people exi?ct and woat tae nation require*. (>ne more evil moy be impending ? the ftnltre of the JiUm ft'fj iy it nc<d cot be ao if uie pianturs were wtae, bat tbt> are, la this matter, cot wue Weoan ouiy bnar In mltd t ha! a lem'.c tutr uoutd have o-tn ? oorte far (H? cdim crcji than a fanciful ycltiu al agitation, and ircantma. for cur o* n / art, make f.atte to create nthcrso titns of tupplv A? for tbe grx d reeaitc, tbe ^reat repub.lo wi I, as p >on aa an Improved ( mgre*s pennlta. transfer hor UHtira ay from the ?'<Jo of tiaiery 10 that of free labor and froo e.\ ItUcoe. W N*vrry la nboljihod within tha coogres ?iooai I) fit riot of Columbia ? which the lehtbiunt* 01 the dtatrlct are no* ieu:.?i)<lirg? uogro tiarary will oeaae to bear. American tcatlUitwn. Ar.y of the State* to which It n!?lt may keep it up if Ihiy I ko and If they o*n; bat it ? 111 bavecvurtd to be a ti?tlocal intereel We aball l ave the nation in our hide in our oppoaiiin* to the slave triu)< , and tt our end< a\ora to .i.aku litddi>.rlai alliua of tte It'habll&nti of Africa Bpa'.o mM'. tben gl?? way about hor Cuban alavo tiu..e. In A .tHrtca, free labor will pretently tupcr*. rt*t the mere txt'avagai't atUWl of pro dcctloa, ui thu anUsonlam of iaoe wlU be much * fitreJ jk The llbttrtles if tbe c|t'?ocR wilt hefecovered from tbia day of ward adir buvlng htea tu?tre and mo-eeDcroa'lied o)? u for a quarter of a ocntnrv. Th^ Ameriraas will ?e *tn n tfce lite ptople fiotr father* n..u.a iU?m Beat or all, the catl< nai oliaracier ac1 repaution will lmp?ovo an.' riao, ? ib?ractt r n.n'1 reputntlon do vlee after tJio oactlcg off a great *ir and More disgrace. 3otb have auf f it<l ftrk'vourlj ; bi t we may h. pe now that they bave touched their lowe*t polr t, ana that thetr present nobla f,. .iiitmrg to duty luol rfji-clloa 0' the ooinpromlao* nl tt If intrr< st n.ay be in tima to aecore po! tloal regdnora tine and social fcace at homo, and the recii?c'. of tae c'vi llzed world to Institutions wtiioh make tuo peop.d wbo I've boder them really fro?. (From the London Poet, Nom 23 1 The ?'.ect:on of Mr. Lincoln to the fVeatdaorf or tin I'nlteJ Stiui- i* justly rtgrrj.*! on lUe'oiher si Jo of tba Atlantic ?p au c voi.t of grtal political liaportanco. It is a victory of the Northern o?tr tbe Sooltfe-? statos wbub Ik certslo to produce an lmDiwaae amount of dUttontent thn ugbout iue laiu r, and, If wo aro 14 judge by the lao fuagc employed Id certain quarters, tola dleoonient la ?ery likely to lead to sn open rapture betwsen the two fit at ttlvlslous of the Union. W# moat, Ipwever, recetve all etch rumors nod reports with a da* regard to the otr cumatar.oes under which they have arisen di'must matte al'owatre for tbe eicltnl a'ate of fatltn^ b->tb among the ?l( tora ?rd the vacqnlebed , and we aaust further bei' In tc ltd that until the retail of the votion ? was kaowo to tbe Slate of Pet nsyirarla, Ue Southern 8tau* appear to bare txen ccnBdcni that their candidate muat win the day. $ L(?e. bowtrer, the "Qaaker Slate declared Its*!f in fa ?or of Ltoeoln, the election baa been virtually decided It wia In vain that I. la opponents, e'ter that aerioua re *eree. rorretirtWd tbe whole of their ftl.Hts to the ssla Ing of New Yc.rk, wblet m-gbt st'.il have turned the rea'e In their laror, Gut the "Km pi re 8'auo ' has follows! Penrsjlvai a, and Mr Llaooin la Pros' lent oloet of tba treat republic ee ? ? ? . 0 a e As to the catiae of tbe argry f,elijpi e- locod tbiiughoul tbe bouthem 8taw? a/ainst tbe.r poli tical cppoeeota during the U* et'i.'fg'e, there caa not be the smallest doubt avery 1a tbe i'*nd arret. ran dilliLUtty? the source of it'll' ?a peril aod of endless strife between the North and Sr .ta mo d>?bt be cry will he that fie ??dimeet'e, tnstltnt ou" 'a now In darker The triumph if the NartAmn repMi cmt u HiU rare nKjwnPanf in a soctai than wajt flri of ttfl It tat put, in all pntMbOuy, a rt-iifbn 0/ r'n Jar- a a.f'dwt ilatvry It le p'lee, al all eroou. that the ??lusiuuttoo ' wt.i Lot be tiK-nJ-' : to quarters wbore it d >ea not now eitst. There will he an end, for the >ree"nt. to al. pro /ret* of st.n> nation tn Centra' Aaiertcx audit all tl.ib^a teriug expeditious to Cuba I be democrat, la short, have be< a tnoroi gh.'y biaien, aod she only question now ta, whether thej ?W atteir; t. a* th tbre.?l?*o to do, Vo eel aside ttr derision of It e l tlun by foroe Toe uew Pr?sHout doea not enter opon " uj'.U tba 4th of March. so that tn< re ta time euuugb oa tbe one band (or tbetr .eaters 11 rocoert measures of aotlre oppoattlon, or. on tbe nther, ttrrme to aerne klsd of ucderatandiot wt?b tbe fjrtb ? ?' of 0t ml a tat rat loo There is no doubt that tbe state of aOst/a Is critical. Tbe demncra'-a of the Sooth have of late eiercised ao roo i '?te an imcvniianey at Waahlngton in al: Utat re?arda tbe qutation of slavery, aod that , aea tioo baa of late guru rise to eo great ai. am ill of liritatton throughout tba I'nton, that we Deed bstdiy be eurpr'etd at tbe attitude they bare assumed In the face of thrir trtampfeaol rirsa Tn all ujpraranc*, American ssfiru>u/?M art abou'. to t* tiud ly u ttitrtr tut i*??? Aaj n-r yttlxm apptird t" !\*m. ohJ t v r -ns hardly Ihr! a civil vj?r t-t <? tm thf .Vrtl and S-mlh v-mlil ?< [At prutnt tim* pre t in. urn "%i U> thf caw of pcluiral frrtdrwt th* nxi*td Ke trust lL?t tm Km SUief.iieo d( a!! In w ate their utmost efloru to prerent ao (treat a calamity K ich will eepend upon the atrtode a*s iTud br tbe Preaideat riert, much will dtpeoj upon the pn.tey au 1 ciuiuct of thr preaeot a<iaitnlstrstlon. The Koremmeotof Preaidest B "cbanau baa beet cbaraoterleetl t'leoi.gLoil by mod era tioa at it gfoo ??T'S?; It remaias to be seen whether it ia to the .aak 01 matctatalof tbe nsttoral laatttnttom an t tbe majesty of the law afsinet tbe daog?ra wblat iow tbreatea them U la eaay to perceive ibat at a ps rl?d of unexaasritd popular rvcitemee*. a single faM etett tn'gbt pn>e.. latal to tbe puOitc peaoe K not to tae very ea'sUnre < f the Catoa Bat we bare murh fa'.th ta that le >e ef palltteal erder wfctcb te akereot in tae anglo Seine race; snd, calling to mlad tbat ihte ia not tbe Siet oeraslon en which tba d'sa? lot >0 of tie I'eloa has b?en violently thrnaUre.: . we trart iliat tbe aew Pre rtdeat, wh?n the time Ihr bis enteric/ offls* arrlvee. will he able to prrceed t.i Wathirgtnn m'Ant/' fo- "sua irrd thiuiar.d W%dt Awai t* al . kAu, U i. M?d, art ready, 1 f wed bt , la a umi/eoy Aim (? iht (latlbalril t VelMtssr*. OHL'KR OP Tn* DAT. The sriry of the viuuateera nmmaaded la jo^lhera Italy by t^eucral (taribaldi bas ileeerred well of tbe ooua try and of ne. I am b'tay, with my government, .n pre r>ailpg for it a deBt i U organ 1 tat loo , sg reeably to ta? ."awe aod >? go'at-rne of tbe State I deterntce, lit. that as to tbe ranks ol tbe n (Bee rt a rovmlsstrn of general and Oeid olfare, thaeen out of tae twrarnki shall make me suitable prf?po?als oe there esertive documenu 8<l. that the olltMrs lob commls ?\.r?d iffners and soldiers dtraHed from n ' tary eervtce by wr.uni*a rrreive.1 10 war. tbe'.'. r<oet re peneloM in ac | eorlatce w^th tbe law* to force o our au -ler.t (ttatee 31, { the sen C( mn>*?slOB'd < fjtcers o?'rpera!s ind eoMi?re who msy wish to return into tbe hoeom of tbe-rramlnea shall re r. r,'.?n t llgMksHfyMNt 'e lb ni?aesof rw 1 vel .t # by sUawers ar,d ra'l?ajs tbey r>t?U, bee dee, by way of grat<tlcatl?i> rtceive ibree mouths' pay a* travel I rg tSfeetee. harh a dtfn'ssai d ?>? ant ?* >nerate Ib^ae wbu m'ght have obi igat 101 s towar -Is the Mate and the army, eeo rr ...g to ihc !a?> a force 4iu. tbe volun j teers*b?w>sh to reir >;b ur Pe artre must etigsge to 1 serve for the (eri< <1 of two yea s Tbey w> I ae crcau s<-d tnc?if rmit> with tV? Other to rpe cl the kraiy fttb, ! tie it! '^re who may teader the;' trs'eratioo wtll rrcelre a s'aiiflt-atinu fo> travslln ^ ? xpens- s equal to s'.i moeths i f thflr jay Illh. the i 0% er* and soldiers of the South #rn m btitsid Natlccal fii.ard who betorg to tbe rtoatktera ami) shall rcccive a grat ncat-ou tqua. to oae month's l?? tilven la Napiee. the Utli of Norrmber. Hfs) VlUORKjUNTEL Pabllr Ptatlnient In \ eurtla. An addrrse fri m the Veuetlais to the N apo itaca, oa tte orcaston of Vlrtor Ibrar nel's cstry tato Napiee, te nrw la circu'atloo tbroughnot Ita'y It ia as follows ? tttra jm reeclve the fraternal salute of poor Veoetia, the kirg of Ita y will be ameer job, and j ou will ea'ute himwitn <>y aa.t b'rse him Willi tears Rej iice.brrtbren. a. d do rot t-m.Wf jstr the- gt.ta with the reaieasbranee of nnfortcrate Veoetia and bcr sadrees \ onetta today ri jo'i-is with you she knows that to 'ay yoa rejoice with her \ eeetle suffert all tbe sbame of hoatile itoeal oat f a, but she te trdomitable aad atrorg Aoetrla may dr*tr< y. but ran ntver bend b<r Vcnet'.a doee not aom p'am, Vut waits her pp irtialty : she doee ant groan be ca-r. she belteres sod hopes, she hel'evee and hopes la j < n. le tere-lf, in cur Ktig.ln the valor o' tbe army, tn thr ebtt s las in of thr people "he kaews tbat ebe bae (inn her hleod for y"Q. sod sbe kDOws tbat you will give j rots for her? for her liberty. ffietnow?that you rsjotce not only for Neplee. but tx cause Italy bis beea ct nstitcted from tbls day forth I. is Italy that adraocsa. It is the K'sg o' Italy that Is com'rg to \ eo^ee br way of Nailea, thet we bare opicsd lo bim by tbe Mood of Our voluatrers The Impetnots energy of twenty three mil llore of Ita! are a tone nan break tbe rbaiaa or tboee who aie tooLd We know tint to day a i Italy Will tememher Vrrctla Tell ibe Kitg of fla'y to 01 - name t?:i Oarlbat dl, tail tbe army, tetl the r?l lateers. tali ail free lia'iaae, Ibe thruiibte and biarts of Vetet'a are with yo'i. tbat their vl."te?liS are curs ihrt? |oy oor joy, their nele haa.toa eur (etabrMton, 4eraus? ?e keow ibat tbe :> aoa. tbe stflerlt the 'orturre of \ti?icearo tb-we of lt*Jy ? (*? The Oiral Ortan *ery?y. [In m tbe I. >adu.". Aiioi ? urn, Nov If J Ibe fci.o?rio( litter froa, S.t M Ct;at??fe to t*pMUa CoBmou tun bwa courtcoaaly ptaoad It ?V hauda lor pablieatiM Uvuoou, ? BAB ROfl BALL, Nov f. Cumw at Kiixitiaa s, Nov 14 Mt Au Coiumi ? We bave nearly brou|bt to id* about m tough ijibu usually fal^i to tfca lot of U>? m j?i hard work lug? even of surveying ft tit pa I have bi?n up (in the ship) to the head of Hamlltou lnlat, but *>uia Gireaandwe found envelope 1 lu aaiLusual amo ant ?f P?0t; so much ao that I had to go up toOixl .Hu?b (?< <1?? Lorib) U'ore I could get Uito any harbor Oa tho 29;u oi fet j/UxLbor I suoceoded tn getting Into Jullanau?ao, w hi* 1 ex pec tod to flnl tho Fox, but oould o stain bo in* tt.llgeooo whatever respecting her. our vet art wan ibe earliest to arrive there this twa?->n, tbe ioo bsvlnc ooan impeuwrabui. Ttie Fur ( Captain Allan Young, CnJouel 1-1. ilner and Dr. Use on board) b id not arrived at Hamilton Isfet on* the lftb of flepumocr, and i tear stio baa beta (U iati. -d by to* on the east coast of tue-'tlaud, although la a letter Touug 1 ?(! for me at K?i? lavik be sa) she Intended going Oral to 1 J quads :a*b. te rbta'n an Interpreter ft?r the east oosat. W- bare had desperate woatb^r s'aoe the bufleein* of October A gale oa the ,6th of l) tober almoit ortppied

MS; we loft two boats, bad our bowsi?rlt snapped off by a sea, bat ii the fan. iron ng hell it f\at, be bat since been ?'HgbtetV-aa* at kaat looks shtp shape. Tb? Iron linar ?B?al?< bn km and a vast (leal or dam^ertooe to the epoofrai, padule wheels, buWartt. , lying to ttader bare p lea for thirty bourn, eieet aloft. Bad eoas ooalng over m below, usabio to oook, I* r dixagreaable enough eve* lot a "Polar " To aceomplteh a llneef (ouudlngs from Cape Farewell to Rockali has proved rather *e? ond oor powers at tSits 'a to *eaaon and with each onttauad ST vere weather, yet we have Bounded at Intervals toe * boe way aad 1 think suilwi*cti> tor orcinary pyrposoi. Houtbwoat of Iceland, where are expected 2 000 fatnoma, we only foand 748 fathoms, and In 1,300 fatboaii *; brought up a living starilalL I triad t& July, August, September and October, yet could not ap proach Cope Farewell from the southwest within forty - ?ve miles, the intermediate ipaea being aloae pack but at the same time the praeeM is such a bad year that the Danes lr Greenland say they have not had one Ilka It fbr nearly thirty years. It has been very ravorable la I * brador. aad very little loo ae<a there In Iceland also the summer baa bees very floe. Wo have had much moru Icework than 1 eipeoted. aad the ship has ssffsrad accordingly? paddloaims beat, cutwater eh.'od away, and copper bolts standing out. The sbtp rolls vary houviiy, and la now quite "eager" far a good caolklag 1 thick we have dare oar work well, at least we have itooe all we can. Instead of a deep ohaocel leading Into ham il ton Inlet, I doubt if forty five futbonl can be oar rlod In tide the outer islands, and would reduce tbe width of tbe main channel to about five miles, and th?re la an exterior back along tbat part of the coast, bavteg be twaea It* atd 200 fathoms water oa It. I have comp eted the oeuBdu gs atiuas tfl Ktickat], but limy ate ai long In tervals, andnot a* straight !n line ns they would have been under mere favorable c'rwmatai.eoa wwaenr. I obta t?ed 'Jeep water again taslde of the Rockali H?lt. 1310 fathcjrs about m d***y Tbe same southoist wind la stl'l blotting, which taj ssirc ly ceased atocj the 18th o! October, itoat siaoevely yours. v l k-cusroos, R. N. RiBkni|>t?r rrocwiltBgi. j I rf in the Giaagow Joc.-nal, s'ov I'i ) EXAMINATION Qlt HUGH M'LAWJHLIN, I'ARTfc.'K OP TUX I IB* or ROllBhT 8. UUUt & CO., MJiBCUAJbiTS, LATH or NEW YOltk. Before Mr. 8h?rlff Slra thorn Tbs bankrupt, belt* exara'mxl by Mr. Salt, ? I bocaaio a parlour of tb" firm or R. a Hu'.e k 0% la 1U64; ttmnti no otter partner* >n ttoe Bra except R & Suie lid nytelf: T bad no capital when I jtmetl tha dr.n, but mj partner t?u ?200, whioli. I behove, wm bis own; ray Interest In the business wur u> tbo extent of ice third, previous to toy entering that Dru 1 was employed iu a Urge 'obacco t-sUblUbment m New York , I am a native of Ireland, as is slao my partner, I was acq 'ia in led wltb Huie befbre leaving fur New York; we were en gaged U) tbr> same tsiaMisbnaeot; my psrluvr left Iron: d for America In tbo year 1849: 1 shipped at Gieenock for New York, going t irect tbere, abcre I nmalnr.l uulll 1 became u partner of tbo firm of AS. Bui a & Co , and until 1 jo'.ned that tlrtn I was II employ mint In New York, previous to my joining tbe 9ria Mr. Huie waited upoc tne,aB<l we arnuigod to commence busi ness; 1 cmiucled tbe indoor department of tbe bustuoss. but Mr Bulc IOC ? cfarg? of tl. > counting hour*; for tbe first two years tbe bneino*s w?? r< m met alive, at toe ecu of tim" the l>ook< were balanctd. c* that ba lance we bad no money on hand, but some assets, ran silting of stock and machinery; I do not recollect the value or tbese atscit, afur tbe fl at two years tr?e husl nets did cot scoored as formerly, lc oonreqiu/uoe of tbe raw material bei-g increased In value, and tbern being no corresponding increase on that manufactured ; ex pMMBg tuat ih? buiine** would Improve, we continued to- carry oo the same outil May of tbo pre fect year, when we found our allairs were a luei tr.tabe cot fusion; my partner then to>k tbe Irgal ad vkeof a New York Arm, wboee nam* ( do not recol i<xct We were adrisM to purr.baie at much tobaoco as ? e could obtain nn credit, but 1 do cot know whs. bar it was tbe leg a' flrn to whlob my partner applied wb) so aavirod We acted on tbat a<lvicot> Some extent Part of the tobacco subictr-foily ?o.d to us was ordered part by me and part by Mr Hme Previous t? this t me we bad shipped no tobacco to Great Brlfain or elsewhere, but we thereafter purcbaatd a quantity of tooaioo. w hicb was cor.S'go;d to Messrs H id At.iasgov, of I.tverjK.ol To* parcels of tobicoo consisted in all of sfeut forty seven hogsheads, which wore toot at luodry t.mtt. about tee hogthescis bclog despatched at a tl ne Tle firft sbipmett of t<n hogtbeads was made about the 2H!t of Jai cary, I860, and the last on or stunt the 20th of April. There were no other consignment* ma 1* Toe ? *1 el tho toaacoo consigned I flaaaMir to lie about ?1,410 J-H10, the ^ruvtatia oi tbo trsi consignment, were remitted to our Ira in New York My ere mors la Ame rica were not aware of any consignments being made by our dim Tbe firm of William Agn*? k i*oos, of New York, 'nierrrgaled my partner as to the (Kieition of our Cm. std were ass i rod tbat our business w*i prospering We Ihsreatar received from thai fl'm, on credit, a quantity of lobacoo At tbis tlmetl) >re ?as no diligence ?te'tf done by our New York ere liters for recovery of ib?lr debt*. Finding our affairs la inextricable eoeiu lloo , we resolved to leave New York. Um creouori were net aware thot we ioteaded dolog s> I left New York by tbe Prune Albert during ibo Ian week of ML my pa-t urr, Brie, obtaining my paeeege I sailed under tbe Lsme of J 1. J >haatoLC 1 was not aware that 1 had be<n to booked until I aaw the name on my patsage ticket It was arranged tbat Bale should follow me In two da} s the ?200 referred to as proceeds or firBt con ? grni-ot was pa.d away iu regular couro* of bus. tens Ti e wach'oery 'n our place of buslaesa Iu New Y >rk was disposed cf by our legal advisers to pay their profeeai'iaal nccoutt We bad graulfd them a mortgage ever thla chinery, the pnoeeds of saioamounttog to about 1700 rue stork in trade we disposed of previous to leaving New York, wolcb ri a r< d ab< i.l ?4C0, ?bl 'h Mr H '> rMain?1 I took caliber merer tor goods wiU. me frost New York (is arriving !a Liverpool I app led to Messrs R*M k G argow fi r the proceeds cf tbe oonsignm'nts, 1 received ?M0 to account. Mr B'He received ?175 of tbat mcney t havs not opaoe.i toy back asnunt s oce 1 came to It's country. Mr. Bale followed we as ar ranged. meeting me in Glasgow, wbero be koev ray place of reai^emo He alst wrote to on at G'a*?nw. Tbe dlveion of the money which l reclvtd t.-om Messrs F< ; i sod r. asgov took p'ace In Giaemw, an>i I was Irft wiib a balance of ?475 of which sum I paid to my irus tee* sundry sums, amountltg In all ti ?1(0 6? (an aware tbat on ibe 17ik of August Bule applied for se qurstratloe, having prerlotiK'y eoaealted me. Be wanted from sse what money 1 bad, but I thought It advisable to rctatii tbat, and also apply forssqussuatioo. Tfesre are so ?tone) a due to me b? any person in ibis country. I have an votsrt It in the less* (f a dwelling hou? In London derry I do not know tv whose hands ibat leass Is at pressal, but I will make nqutry asd la form my trtsiea W;th Ihe balance of the ?47*. I paii for thi> fltt:i<|* and good will or * ep rit shop, No 222 H 14b 1 street, Gisegnw. tbe sum 0T1193. the arrangement* roia tlve to lb* p'jiobsee of tbat bu*;R**e being nrnduntrd oo my txbslf by kus'i Matthew Qjln and T Walsh, bitb sp rtt merohants tb* price I hareed to Mr WaUh, who paid It to Mr iiugb?a, from whom tbe p .robaar was mad* Mr. Walsh wsa pressnt wbrn Mr Hi gbee reoelved the mcuey My wl<B ami fsm.iy are still in New York I remitted tbeni ?40 Ttie balaons of Uie ?t76, afier do ducting ibes* teveral sums, I have used is paysi-?t of oetsi'nal ext^nsts Tbt llasiUlies of ihe arm amount to ?& Off Oi lSd., my personal liabllltlrs to ?4 10s #1 , ss<] my assrta to ?144 2< 10d , but from this e?m tber* fa. I 10 be ded'ic.tsd prsferab'o clams amounting to ?24 13s 4d Beside* tbe rise In the pr ou of raw material, I scooont for -ho of tbe firm from our having Bade bad debta K bsvt 9 be'og etam '*d si a wilne** by Mr ^ Rait, depose*? 1 was a partner of tb* flnu o! B. * Huts k f o Kint.'sg to* sila is of tlut firm Isex'ricahly In volvcl. I resolved to come to ibis oountry Mr parlns' and 1 bad ro oosvariatkon relative to mr lesviug Sew York 1 followed b'm about a w< .-k alter bta leaving New York, bet I wa* 1 nt aware of his sddrois In U.a? gow. having only wi"t hlwi in tbe atreets by ehanoe *ibJ ooaciuJed the examlnat oa. Naval Intsiligiemi e. LATm TROM TUB A I Kit' AN Bqt' A HKON? CAT TCRI OF , TUB BAKB COM* WITO A > AKOO Of tUTH, KTC. |Corre*poBJ*ace of tb~ h * von Pallv a lri-tiser ] Ujhtso ytav*e *an- Oosmu anon,) ?T Pail r>B lxia*in. Kept 30, l?0O / We srrived bare Ibis afu rtoos, a ter a cruissoftwes ty iso dajs duration af the coast, durii g which we havs vl?!l*d ill the sisv* petts of luportance (mm this place a* far lo the northward as Lnatido. N' very rs a v I able occurred until tbe ctenlsg of the it. b, helsg ibr a ah'.ni e'fbty mile* from tb* c.~>ast ard to the south ward of tbe Oongn river, wbss s sail was discovered ab >st ? Ovf mile* to w.adward, sortbwest. We msds all ssu, an J after three and a bair hours' ohase sucoeeded Is (Terhanlltig her, firini four .12 ptuodsbot before ihe bore lo ?b? f rorsrl to br tbe bark Oova, o( N*w York, one dsv out frrni the coast, aal having on board TM Afrtcac iiavss 8*1. 11 g maater Kattman, with an arwrd crew ol fitters mm. was Immediately *? nl 00 b<ard, and took chaige of her aa a pr:** Ber officers and rrew, arooitiitsg lo iwsnty el|ht i?rl iu*, were traas rerrc.i to th.s ship, at; with he excepiK>n of her first. rec<'Bd tnd third mates, who were lent to tbe I'nlted j states 10 her as prisoners, wore brought to this port. t I'ur'rg ths chare she made cvrry *i*rtioa tocsoaps, 1 ahow ng so light, and throwing overboard her b ?ais, halckir ipare spefB, ssd In (bet clearing her spar de.'k 1 of every th.Bg nm -?>abk to lighten IbevMwl ths bad on V?a:l a .'?ooatsb aad an Americas crew An Indi vidua! givlsg the nan.e of I<orrtu > R nx (supposed to be ! Octittoui) war rousd os board, aad stale t that be was ! nai' r of ths veseei His real n?m* li suppose 1 to be I air .01 by whom the vessel wai cleared at New Y >rk ?*li cf the t?panlsr err w were ri al Is hsr to tatr clargs ibr avu ustll she sal?es at M firovia, where thsy w ih tbe slaves will be landrtl, asd tbe iattsr delivered to tbe Tnlted *tat> s agest lor literal" I Afrtosns, after which tbe veestl IB to prrc<ed to Norfolk Master T. B Kssimas, Midshipman W B Ht'l aad a ersw of four Urn wen were eesi to tb* failed States lo charge of tbe pr *e. No colon or papers were found on boaid. ??fee is a flee bark . nswly coppered, of shoot 450 tons and arout e'ght years lo strife*, ard .was rornerly iwnrd br I (rf>v Mi. 'ran, of Ni*w T. rk dbe la a v*r? last sailer, | aid It It dcsblfal sh .h r Ihe iimIiI hevs been c*p"u?1 > had aal stber veiscl of ihe sq^acroa been ta pursuit of , o?r To iicrea??> tl * Vi'ianc* o' ths tats statiou't ai ' 1 'b* lookcuia," Cbpt. Nicbo'a? ofsr^i a reward of tiC 1 lo l?> pa ) to th" pent u first il?b*., >g a VHIll wltbilave* I I oa hoard, aal after the oaf.urs of Mac Oora paid Vhe I ftbore iBMBt Uj one of cmr wtww Baot bar ctptsrc t reward baa btM ralaed to JIM, the tiiOoid ofl giving iily i?4 Um MfHi lwew?y. Her <af)ar ?fevers bad belter (It* Um Ooaateuatloa a wide bsrth Corporal Jum led wards, 0nlte4 Hialaa Marmot, died ob board, of dtaeaaa of tba heart, as Uka 88d>, ail nl ferried tbe fallowing da y. it* ?kamrr Mystlo, Lias*. Laroy, la lb port, whlls all tbr i iiber reaseli ol the squadron are walking along tbe Commander 8 W Godoe baa baen iwlnavMed to thi or maiaud of tbe ateaaser Motilcna Ttie iMtfk Ado k Mary is to sail tomorrow mora lag for Sales , aid wl 1 take jur mull. V OOTOBOR 1, 19M. Tbe storrehlp Relief arrived tbla morning from Boston, brtrfti e a Urge msll for the squadron. It h bin Ibe laat six weeks 3 Ml racaptured Afrloaas have been ariit to Mourevta, basing beea oaptaead on board the .ollowliig venvla by our prcaent Afrioao a>iuv firno, vly? Ibe ab:p Erie, of New r,>rk. rapturt J bv tbe steessor Mob ie Wo. Ooom aider 8 V- Godoe, on tbe Sill of Anguet, with M7 aiavra oa board; Um brig Storm Kin* a'ao captured on tbe 8'h of Auguat, by tba a'-eamer Baa Jacinto, Captain T. a. Doralo, aad bavlog oa board 61? alaw>; and Um bark Cora, captured by tbe flag ship UoontoUaUou, Captain Julia fl. Nicholas, in the vicinity or Mnnaua Grande, with 70? e'ave*. fhe laat named waa amply tiled oat for a long voj age, aad la her oabta was round every laxury bulta bke for a tropical oLmate, oonaiai'agof tba oboieeatWloe*, preterved meata, fruit#, Am &o Previous to bar taking her deperture for Monrovia, a boat load or tbooe atorea waa transferred la tbe UacatoiUtloa for tbe uae of tbj "ward row.. officers," which la In direst violation of aa article of an act for the better government of the navy. For en offence somewhat similar Ova of tbe craw of tba Oooateiiatuni ware tried by a summary oourt martial la Qeoember, 1M9. and tbeLr pay taken from tbem aad otfcarwiae jmuished. Tbe ship Porta nontb. Cwmander Caihoan, sailed from Klnaenbo October 3, Tor Loaado. Tba United Statea i learner Rlahnsond, Capt D. N In graham, with Flag OKoer Cbarlea H Bali on board, ar rived at Gibraltar, from Norfolk, oa tba Stb ait., and aailed oa tbe 18'h for Bpezzla. Tbe Polled Statea sloop of- war Vandalia haulod front tba Navy Yard yeatarday, and anchored off tba Battery. The Broderlck Will. TO THI 1DI70B Or TEB HEKALD. In your aliaaioa this morning to Senator Broderlck 's will, in the oooree of aa article on tbe late cue of Mulli gan, you errtneooaiy state that the will bears date on tba j day before Mr. Broderlck left New York fir tbe last tima, which waa March 17, I860. This is an error. Tbe will bears dtte on the previous 3d January, and after a legacy of S10.040 tc John A. MiGlytro, of Ban Fracolsco, it tnakea me reiiJ iary legatee. It was drawn by A. A. i Phillip*, Eaq , wbo bad previously done buelaeie for Mr. 1 Brodeilck, and it waff witnessed by him and by Ur John j J Hoff, formerly a member cf Uu California Legislature, I and oi " of tbo pesllemcn who firmly voted .'jr Wr Brodo rlek In tbat body for Di.lted Stat' ft senator durlrg an en tirt- neeelon rhe original pr ofb *ere iaicea baforaJoba K Harwell Esq , of tbie city, aet'ng as ooaimlsx^oner ap- ! pointed by the San Fracclfca Probate Onii't (c>ut(oi ap , prarlni rn tbo other Md' ), arid tb.- ? were forwurlel, uc Cur h,s ( 4rk.iQr.ate, to ?'ali,'>rnia. On the will bniug oflared I there for pribate. Us geni^nenets vas dispute"!; but after | an lr veaiijat'oo of the cl3?nst character, whloh Ks'^il I eeveral mootbs, tba following dec'slon was rendered ! by tbe Ocurt; ? IN TBS PROBtTE COCRt IN THE CITY ANH OCUNTY OK SaN FRiNC18CO, 8TATE OB" 0AMFOWI4 PirrKaasa Term, Oct 3 13S0. Pren-tit Hon M. O. Hlak'. np'nti* /i ' h ' M if. r I 0 r K-hH of tri ' C Ur nl-ri /;, ,f-. ?rn%|.? Tn the DMtrr of Ibe apv'l ^ tion of John A VrGlynn an I an i1r?w J. Kuil?r for U? probiile oi Ibe '<*?'. will amt tetument of Duv.d C. Brodbrlck. decensed, and for letters u.-stamentary tb?reoa. tl'ie mau*r bavl rg h?reto'ore e .rae oti for h?a lng a?d trial on the pe'ltlmi of *?la Jofcn A. MeOlvan aad Audrew J. ler. and o? the written nr< und? of ippotltl^u ber?in rsipeeUTt Iv S'ed by B'len Jane Hroarn and J< bn Brown, by l.i?*y Browi e, by W il.Uai Brodtrlek *cd Robert ItrrxiMick bf Jokn Mel onrell at d b> Dtvid l>lh?ri. an.', on ihe U*una tb?ret.7 joint d lr ikli <>iurt and the trl?) haTlp? b??n ouiy anoHaaad : i 1 1 it > t ti.. noil' tko 6 h i'*\ of MM, A f) . lddj, and tbr oral and dieomeatarj rvldruee ot lh?- retpeet're par tl*? 1 nTlp* bror mnrl'ided. and th?immr o the t?ld C hday of Ol Uiber b*?lnr l"?"3 dulj ma < .tt^d to lb? Oout for denial in and flra' frdn.acd Ue f'onr! kavlnt duly onnaidered Ibe ?aiP(* ard It nppMulB* to tka inn, endue pmif mitde that nollre of U* hMulnu of laid applloa o> waa Julv |1ren ae cr' ding to the Mat "U In aoeb ewe made and provided: at d that ibe tame waa duly corttnued. front time to lloaa, ntlll ibia day, and the trs .monj of each witness ba<iur been rtfnref to wiling atd alrned by hls? ard duly 11 ed with the donumeciiry evidence and it appearlrp to tbe ?atlaftcUtn of tbe Cn'irt fmm tbe proofs aotatm, ibut lb? em 1 document tiled In .hit <"oirt ou the 30th day of Fehrnarr, A 1> 1*0 ttirp, lire to be the last will and i f t tOI I'avid r Bri>d?-Hck. d?c?a?ed. waa e*eetited bv Ihr raid Kroderl'k; and lho> the s*nie t< his last will and tettamect. an that It w?se .'cut?d in al! pnrneuHtn m re quired by law: anl tbat at tie tine <-f the execution of the vme, the nald Broderlck w?anf soun4 and it,?no?lng mtnJ. and i ol nnd?r iter. int. iirdne loducnc* o - fre dulenl repreaenta t ion and tba'. eald auru'nr wltrcMes Hoff an<1 Phll.lpa. duly wltiicte<*d aed at'cited lh? e?id eieni'ion o' ??aid will, n *1 it j/ to ths fimrt tint *>ifh and <i >'! ><<' tJ ? Hi iivi tjTtrvt '1 1 o/ opt o/ Mini re*j*r> fi, * flafwtwfl are tmlrwA, nr^ no (jrw t b1*-. us Orcn . Twrea by any Ct "aid tont<*?tanti. rbow'rg or t<-ndipg to ihow. that tb^y were of the relaUia to rtld d?oe"ent, by tbem r<*?peet!*c|y ?!le?t"d. aed It notapoetu Ing to the '"orrt that a y of theeaid noniealfU),s are !atereate<l In ib? asid eitate or w,ll. o? natters theremto apperulniag at.d It appearinit that aald Broderlck died on tbe ICtb day if Petteneber, A ?>. 186?, a reaideLt of the olty aal oounty of Ban F rnar*wf: i ills ibcrefnra ordered, adjudged ar i drcreed That said pspT bnretofo e ftl?d pnrprrttns to be the lact will aad teeta rei t of I>avtd O Bo* fries deceased. Is tb* genutoe laat will and uaSament of s?ld B-odcrlck. and the*, 'be same waa dn)y enrnted by h'm *nd atieeted *j the said wtu?*ee? at the ?n' U??. In rJI re?P"Ois aroordlng to law; Sid that eats last wl 1 end U-(tam?nt be. ?nd tbe same Is her. by sdasltted to I ri.hate aa tbe last Will ard trotamrot of Ua?ld C Brniarlclt, dtrrajed ard thai sa< 4 John A k'r'ihrn and Aedrew J. But ler he ?nd >ey are hereby app Mrted es^x-iiton of asld last will aed testeniebt, snd tr?t letters lestamentary there, o l?ne 1 t>> the i eld pMtlrveis wllbiiotar* b. nd being r1v?? for tbe (altbful eiT-itton of their duttm the Niet* required bv atatule bar'rg ii?cv dlapersrd with by t*ie ?1U of said lestatir Ajd It ta I nrtber ordered ad. udesd and dec-eed. Vhw the arevatlons aad grrmni-s of oppoeMoaof said rre ieetlre on leitacu are sect snd all uotrne. M. C Bi.Afc.1, IVrti .lodge and ai-Cflido Probate J udga. PaU d October 8. I MO. Out of tbe large number of w tneaaea abo appeared la the oaae. but three persons, and ihr'e oaly J> the shsrao ter of eiperts, qneatlooori tbe autbcntlotty ol tbe s'goa turea. while among tboae wboae testimony supported tbe will, wore b, lb of the scrAods wbo accompanied Mr. Broderick to tbe Held, aad 8ho. Samuel Pardy , ex -Lieut. Go?e? no* cf California. OdI Jonathan D Stevenirn, Rich ard M mow dee, C->1 A. A. Selomr, ffm M baot. Her maa Vobier and other well koown ger'.'emen of hljfh stand lag. who were moat intimate wttfe Mr. Sroderlck, aad well acquainted not only with bit reUtlocs toward see, but with his baadwtlUcg. 1 make tbfse rxplaa allocs aole'y to oorreot lbs errors and apparent tcfereneea of jonr art'ele and not In oon oeisluB to anything that Mulligan be* said To? abomina ble celuariL) tbat h'a sigtature waa wanted to give character to a doccmot to be proved la California, whars his reputation is oven worae tbaa It la bora luSclealiy contradicts itself. In codcIlsIod, air, Ibeg to aay ?bat, though quite will ing to bave any proper octree of to juiry dlrectad to tae subject of Srpator BroderU s's will, ? pro .est :eepectfnlly etatBSt any farther ne parir trial of the eisaa In tba naws paprra. baeed on tbe naprtaolp:ed state treats of a person li' H'm Mui'tgen Ynnrs.Ac., (>B0. WlLKCJ. Naw Yoaa, Dec 0, 1800 TIM Niw York CbarUr Rltction. i no jl rRObran ?lict?d. 1 ? John Hit* R?pob!!;*a U'rtui *ulil?an Mozart 2? Jamaa r norm RapoblitAB. IfcTid W Orpbr-aa UepuMwn. S? (Jf ?"pa B Rngltab Tar ft Mnnrt. fAlncii Kelly T*m h Muaarl. 4 ? R O'Nell Bcztrl. W r Kirk Ttmiiur I?a<?i H?a:y (to III rmntney) Tammany fr? Wtli.iro A) in<r B?ptibllcaa. WilltMi H (-titan RepubllcAa. ?? l'atr'rt Rryroida Ttmvu;. JohaTeektr Tionu;< 7? Hm naro Smjltae... r?m % MoiArt. W Sa,all K'pabltoaa .T?lt" %n>pU (to Oil ??owe;) Mor.?"t 8? R. B Boaarll R'pnbtlcaa. 1. Oubar tAuijaaj, 9 ? ArgcatiaV Dc? fepabltaaa Gilitrt E rVrrt* Tam ft m ittrt 10? 1nt>B H?' *? <1 R?piMtcao WmIWO R IIIKIICJ ' 11? ????<! J tuff R?*fc'lcaa. Ar<1r? w Pt-r*-* T??n*or R I. lArrmoro (In 0 i raeaucj) . RfpoNi.aa 15 ? >o r?|w?t 13? JotaB II -til N-pofii.-oc Vi?t>r < oba r.?pab'ieM 14 ? Tbciiaa .... I' 7trt fMi'.ck B ,?? M 'tul W? Tt . n.aa R-"| iMicm V Knot R"t<ob't*%a 16?1 IMeu at- r .. R?pi hlicao 'I nB't? Itrlttj H'puhliMli ffrum '?? J. Lb, (v*cui>iy) Rapjb,io?o 17? H H K-iuMlcan I" fttiixmi Rtjqal'rto H H (?a.?bc;) T?n \ Wottrl H? [*m>? B'rtnu . T?mnatiy J T J n* Rf mblirtn. Bawl} I> CUrp, (vacancy)... Timnnnf IP? !*?in (??!?. |h?i . T?m. k K >ur t. TbcB M VrVtl U? ? J< tn Sebattt (?ar*t ry) Mrtart 2ft? John R bn>. i; TtuMy. .Un;f? I P'Bii.n.- Nnniiij ? k. not |? , (r*nue,f) n it? j r lWfimi RrpoMtan MtvIN BIoob) ! ?loo 12? J c. ONltor R*put>.'cu. ? Jo4id * Btrcb T?rjn,*3 j , IkHOOL INSPECTORS. 1? MIcbMl Rl G m r(f K ttrl 5? Mirib ... R?pub lean 5? M'rfc??l II BartolHI T?m A MncATt. 4? M'rharl K?nuy Tsmmany 6?' G R^rriann.. TtuaMQf, W B JobBiot (lo fill A TMHOl) .. Tt imn/, 6? W? Bl'r* T?mm?oy 7? D Mnrplif Rtpab 'o*? I ? frABCl* riM. Kf R-pa??ltC?e ?? 1aw?? HA?r*(.r R-ptiblic?A 0 F (to Oil A TAomry)... R^r.ob:i?AA. i<>? Phuip t f*iB?Aor. 11? ChAflAt OuriM ... R-pablMtA II? WliltaDi HArtKAB T?m fc ?rk 18? ? R?pub!'rui. 14? 'oM Robert#, it * ?v? U ? Jan ? C HujIa* R paMlnAA. 16?11 I, Wamh... Sepablwu. IT ? J C ClianibATlAlB R'imUj.u.. 1A? -M nbarl njao... ... "a;* H VotAri. 19 ? Vdi ."'?.Ha ...., . r.<vp<?blit-?n. 2C ? Prtar K^rrrli. T*rn-..?jr, 91? J. B tJidfrhlU BapnAitMB. SS? Aif'.ih Hi M *?f IV Joba Cilaio, o( i.h',?h, 'a n < t?.| U :nvii*i ttr In ?hi ?? mtb V. ar?. Jaoia) bAaga.Hi M ?Jecwxl la tba foujU ward, 'a?\vvl ot Or una A YoU| Mali Robber. Urw TBOUUM DOLL AW BTOUM .'AND K*> tiiid. Wb. H Hudson, ? tad of eighteen years of age, ea Ployed U train toy, to oarry water, eel] fruit, bo , qp tt Cfeieago, Bar I teuton a? d yuiuojr Retire id, ?y arrested < Monday on anepiclon of having robDed lac mall. A* U train waa approaching Otuoago tk< ba?gag? master pa?w through the mtu oar, where HjUboh was making bis b? aa wai bis cuatom , when lia obeerved sere ml letter* c njor. He returned with n light to tear oh more oar fully, when aotniag oould be found. Hudson was a reeled, and three letter* wore aisoororod It bie pooke one of which bad Men opened He waa ouore/ed to Ch cig'*, whore a par.lal esatninatiai wis had, nod the ho eventaal>y oonfeaaed tiiacrlata. Mail matter has bo< missed frequently on this route, be* no one sospesle J tl train boj. On tbn eight of Sept 16 the ha* sent from Ota to Quuiejr arrived at lta destination tn doe tia? but cuipiy, the entire oontenta tun 04- bteo ebetraotei Tbl* wus 1 be work of Hndaon, at now a?oears b y but 001 r ration upon nrar:b?K bit, trunk* a lar^a amooul 1 mall mallar was founl, among which wr.o dr*<ti, uota iaad warranto, An , absenting to 911 IU 78, a I satVuh enveloped In a handkerchief. Among the ijroporty re* vored to the foNowing An rrv elope containing a dra't drawn by H K Love Co., Keokuk, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1999, ordor of R Hlggioa Co , New York, on Importer*' aad Trader*' 3auk, Ne York, for 9764 46, nddrowed to latter named drm, at roe lain I ng a draft drawn by a K Steel, oaetrter, Aloli Iowa, Nov. 28, order of i I. Tuiuam k Co ot Davi Wagat&lf k Co , Nee York, fur 91 60, addreeael to payee one with a draft dnwa by Baggage ft Co , Laouqa< loaa, Nov. 14, order of N. a O.ohraoe, Neebeo Fait Kanaaa, on Park Barb, New York, for 8213 10; nootbt oonvalB leg a draft drawn by Ex oh ante Bial Chicago, Oct. 35, order of H. K Hu* caabter on R. 3. Lowtaf, oashler, Ne V..ik, for 8(8 60; one drawn by Daniel Rati barn, Posnaroy, Obio, Sep'-. 22, order rUoaiat Biwer, t Wlntiow, Lanier k Oo , New York, for 930, and ot drawn by. F Q. Adam a, Ctioago, Oot 90, order H. I Steel, on Tbompecu Broa , New York, for 96 90; anotb< containing a drift drawn by Well*, Fargo k Oo , Calumbt California, Jul? 19. order of Wm Daegener, on Wull Fargo * Co.. New York, tor 9160. en:!o*ed to Ollmao I Fogg, Maaobeeter, N H.; another draft, George G Ande rou k Co , Keokuk, Iowa, Nov 3, ordor of Youcker ;iroa. , on Park Bank, Now York, tor 9200, directed L. M. Yoiibkc, Leoaard ttroet, Sew York , aeothnr, wll a dralt drawn by B. F Alien, Dee liotees, Iowa, Nov. order of Llappock. Qarbutte A Co , on Oilman, Sr>n k Oo New York, lor 91,438 79, addmaod to payee*; one 00 laming draft drawn by Theodore E Hart (Sank of Caua daigoa, N Y ), Oot. 16, order ol Byron Tiffany, on Mstr nolitau Batik . New York, for 9260, am' oca draft by B. Allen. Pre Koine*, Iowa, Nov. 10, order ef J A J. Kub ol (ii! man, fcjc.u k Oo., New York, for $330, ail ci closed to Arnold, Neoab&non & Nlralnger, Phlladelpbl I one witb cfcf.t. drawn by Sherman, Coll mi & Cj , Sot. 1 I order cf na> At Bro , on Hetropolltnu Bank New York, f i.iJS.W, enclosed by II. K Love & Co., K.akuk, Ilea, 1 Itt>r>eiler# and Trader*' Bank, New York, one wll dra't drawu by B. F Allen, Dos It'Uoes, Io^a, NoV j oroer Clark, Undue A Oo , on ^ilmtn, Son * Co., Ne j York, for 9a'.'3 78 encloeeu to payeea one with orafi 1 O K Love A: flu , Kt<.knk, No/. 17, oru3r Cb? Smei k Co . Phltadelfbin, cc Importer?' and Trader*' Ban 1 New Vo-k, io.r 697, addrewed tor*yeer, oue with dri I t'rawn by W Thorrpaati k Oo , Keokuk, Nov 2,30 da nftefdate, i rdrr Herrj S Taylor, Ralnmore on tftubatt Co, New York, for 91600, addrerffd to i>?ye.-*, o | B.-auob of the state Bank of lo*a I01 1 t'ftj , e?Lr 24, order G W. Gro!1, on Am^ricao ?so^ao Bank,f#w Vork, lor 903 80, acd another drewnby H Boiqunt, Pdia, I< wa, Get 30, ordor Co* * S.nlley, I Pi'ccan, s^bcrmar 4 Oo. , New York, for Mi IW, dlrcot to TLxrnaa k Martin, Philadelphia, one w.ih draft by F. Love & ^0 , Keckuk, Nov. 19, order McLaren k Bcia New York, on Importfr*' and Trader*' Bar.k, New Y<* for 9116 M; atdrreaed to p*je?*; one witb dr by J. W. McMlllin, Kooknk, N ;v. 14, order K. Bteel, i.n Amerlcaa FJicbarge Raak, New Y01 fcr 9197, ad'retaed to Da^id k Go , New Y01 rne wltbehtek.C W McKoisy A Oo , Phllarfelchi*. Nf lu, order J.L MoNiiicb, on City Btak, Philadelphia, 1 93 CB, imloacd to W R Henry, ^loo* City, Ijwa; 0 wi'h draft, Bernhardt, Henu k Co , F:ilrflold. Iowa. N( 7, orier of editor New York Independent on Gi'peiftei Yormilye for 87. addreatM to payoe: one draft by H. Love A Co , Keokuk, Nov 1, ordor Hartford Bw?k, Oi r?c"rit, on Importer*' aod Trader*' Bank, New Yo for ?109 io add retard to payee: one with draft by 3ttl k i.buicb, fan Franctaoo, Cal , Oct 31, orrer Fuz<era Phltla k Co , Amor '-tan Kxcbargo Back, Ne* York, 91C0, addreaaod to Nni E Fitzgerald, Portamouta, N 1 oce with or-vft by Parmenter k bavia, Waterloo, I01 Oot 19, order G. M Merlll, Hay ton, Kansas, on Hattf & Koger*. St Loul*, for 91C0, addr<saaed to payee; ( with draft by H K Steele, Albia, Iowa, Oit order H. I). white, or David Wag?taff k Oo , U for 9110; addreaead to payee, Athena, Ohio ; < with draft, P. H Brows, oathier, Provldenoe, R Oct 23 order M-* Olivo Arnold. American change Bank, New York, for 966 26. and rne A & W. A Saunders, Mount Pleaaaal, Iowa, Nov 14, der Maish and letter on F. Granger Adams, Chicago, 9S9. both Inoloaed to Harmon , Aiken k Gale, Chleigo; c with dra t by Welia. Fargo A Co . ?<an Franc. too, Caili nia, Oot 31 order B. W*<le, on Welia Fargo k Co , N York, foi 940. addiesr^d to payee, Bangor, Maine, 1 with draft, H K I ove 4 Oo , Keokuk, Indiana, Nov. order Heed, Dreioi k Do . New York, for 9107 74, dreteed payee; one wi b draft by Meek k Broe , Bi perle, Iowa. Nov. 10, order 3. S. Towoaend, New Tc on Woodrufl A Oo , New York, for 9111 76, addreefcjd ray tee, one with draft to S. Jonee A Co., Pittsburg, I Oot SO, order A D. Burnt, on Wlntiow, Laalar & I N< w Yoik, tor 9500 (No 88 321). and one by tame tc D Bens, ("S.!>20) on sane, for 8690, both addreeael Cumalns, Vainan A Co , New York; a r.heok by J B TcJd, Fort Ran All, Sept. 27, order Wat. Oroed, 00 Me poiltan Back, New York, for (20. On* land warrtnt 120 acre* land. No. 49,196, made to Clarlaea Staual widow Joaeph Staunton, mualctan la war 1812, OnaUy tlgned 28tb October, I860, In blank. John Joi* (wltt envelope or letter) ; cne land warrant for 190 acres of It No 69 149, lined to Roswell Alford, private in Cap Hwaln's company New York militia, war of 1812, drtaeed to J U Bnoemaker, I^eroy, Kanaal, under 1 Not. 14, from Albany, Wis , by 8 D Noble ? ?parlor Coart? Special Tar at. Before Bon. Jadge Hodman C0K9TTTVT10NAUTT OF THH 8OTDAT LAW. IV Ptoplt of tXf Slate of Nad fork M. Otto Htym Bdwwrd liaymam ? Tble li a general demurrer to the < ^la'.rt tii at ? t)o?a not state facia suffljlent to con?t!l.| oauae of action Tbe complaint itatea that the defend ? ?unday. tbo 30tb of May, 1860, did exhibit to| public, and ailed, by advert eemeet and oUiorwiee. hlbltlof U> tie r :b.!c, In the ba'.IJIng and rotim utal ti Nw 37 end 18 Bowery, wlthln-tbe city or New " and known aa the New York Stadt theatre, a pla> ? one or Our Ptople; or, tbo Brave Iaaae." and parte there's, anU crrta;o other dramatic prrr-irmt'l wbereby tbe dereodania bad become eut>i*ot to a pe o: ?6<0, acoo'ding lc. ibe provision of me atatute m<ntu>iirl, and are Indebted to the S>rlet? ror Uinl formation of .'jveolie Del'.nquente, In the city or Tor k, to the amount of tbe eald turn of $$i0, < by aa actios baa accrued avorllag to ^ Tit ion - of aa act entitled "An act to tbe pt-bi - peace aa 1 ortW . the flrat da<B tt.e oommtmly called 8und*y," pip April 17, 1SC0. aid of tbe fl*?t and lecwd aeetlons ofl MM art That the Hooie'.y f"r tbe K?formation of ntle Deling icuta a tbe city or New York, la the i tbe p.aistiTe. ;be I'eop'.e of tbe State, tut for the P??aity, r?r ?b? uae or tbe aa.d aociety, accordtog f ?FW leioci tt the laid atatute. Another caue* of (or a ?m. . ar eibibi. in oa tba tTn of May, l?d0, !? (vt lortb , and . la demanded againat tba de ante Tor the rum of II OCO, with coete fo tbia o>mp there to the general demurrer aa before eteted. n r? rred to i* rnft.rvt aa act to preserve the Ml peace and ord' r on tte flrrt day of the we irot.i) ca: ?) ftn'a;, paeecd 17th or Arrl!, 1H00, to i Hr< i 'mn.edlate'y it proTidea that it lLall nil lawful to aahthlt en tbo flrat t ay In the week. I moLly r?md Mead by, to tbe public -u any ho i| garden. matt, cr urert l ?om , or other room, or place within the c ty an . county or New York, en | Wrlude, tragcd<- . rtoicJy. cpera. tt let. uiay, farce, aural ciay , r rgrn. or au) aabf, or any i laU-raeot of tbe atage, or any part or parte therei any rqueelriaa ctrcoa, >r dramatic 'performance, or performance la juggl.rv, acrobat or rope daocio* tbe lecc :nd *(ct<< c. any peraou "(Tending agatuet th t tliae oi tbla ;*w, ami every ptfx'a a1 1 o|t In [ eiblbit'.oe, by uiwtnaaat or etharwiaa, aad i owaer or ieeeee of bui t bob, he. , wbo (had or let oat the aave, for tte porpoee of em-a eth i> | e aall begitmy of a m MMNMT, and la addition put >*1 meat there l ore prrviced by law, thai, le an | td to a penajt? of Ave bnacrad doliatf, In faror < ^ C*t) for tbe Reformation of Tnrealle O^lioqiie beeuid f r 1r the cini o' tie p-pie loadi't abirh crery eucb txatb'toe or perfoemaue- ab itiell lorfeit, vacate and tnaul a?y ir?ia? whioti bare been | . oviooa y u lU.acd by aay aaaaager, | tor. ownrr or kteee . e>aeeattBf to, cauaiac lowiac, or lettiec aay part tf a bellMfl tbe t>arpiM a ( ary exhibit on aad .?? 'or a | rtx .in f oor.cludee an e abrate optaloa by aay It MM '*ni war a tarera kaai^r, duly ileeaaea by tbe CMa*l, aid bad pa tbe tav k. firea tba bond ril td by law The time when he got b>e llceuee did n | pea, r< r 11 at the ordiuarce waa peaeed after tbe lti| !' i| ? t ? abuh trrilit ariae ou euoh a a'at* fMadtd nut preaeat tbriuaelvee here. Aa tlte drfc H ? aa aop? an) o( tba orduiaacee at the tiaa ne too| l cer?e, Li waa tot d?pi -ed of any right which *1 iieted be waa eatttled to. RigMa may etiat m ? -..J owner eaaaot be deprlaetf , bat etUI tbelr r i?rwd irjeytrrM m?) be r??tralne., and rrg i etej b? n far aa tbe , rh ie latrreet may reader proper Tbe aiuat be e*er< iaed in ancb a manner a* aot to prejoatcially tbe Iradqeiliit) or mora lly of public The I'gwatire pow? r, tber<?fi>r?, wor(t u<| all futnre eaaea, wa? perfectly el?ar la tb* ciol w>?'tb r ainat NeeblU (34 lean. Rep IM, )0 i f l<eft*a: .r? of I*eana) !*aala ia reraed. aMMI an act T ldfil, forbiddini people f oa eerryfi| world It hiiribrea na Mi n lay The f'fiiah (JBn , I, 1676.) ba I Brridai model for (Mr "?n| Oeart < laerre* ? ' Wc are ?nl forg?ttt?< that ti<< ac" of ' ur Hiate abff a ' u .'ec>'tt noa to faror ef I of wr-ln re, ar I 11 nl ? < r.^jar ! Ibeae dt? !a?a?l cc? ar aicnt * t.i li> - ?y law* H> our <*iwi')ay aoa our oiber aei aga.?et ? io* aal Immorality, ' aatarar to -r r^e ri?:??;on? we adrait taat to k pc?i ? B w > :>ot tn'an to i.mteot nu? ceeao aiatttr thai they mar hare originate i In oar reitgb tbe a a ?l*<*atia; parti of Bar aaslal 1J?" Tbe I ft rl '? iv ? wirMly empliytnent or bwetoeaa erer " lie mxac. w waa d?ee?aae<i at aaaab length ra*e wae ol a tar rati drlalag hie employ e*?a oeu ?oai!ay, ?h4> waa bold eat to be wittta the act Com mna wealth acmrat Nay tor. |S* ??*? R,,P > B a t (if 17b4 fe?bi(id:ng aay worloly nwpJoymeai eerteta nr.i>t,aa, t? i?B<!ay,w*? ' rare ot Smith *K?'i rt tke ft* *****_" j* waarrft'rid to ?rd Bjurored Tb??a It waa hr., I?c?e?c.i >aa kee;?? enu'd not ae ? ile>M r < n ?aa a worlu.y ba.iaiaa witbln the fm. a.ew? aad anthi rt we lead me to the n .? ? ?tetnte In <i?atlrs a '?a! Id, and a ,a? ? i lit .Ira \tiborlly Tbe <*fW ? r r ?ltb l't*rty t.. atdwir o ??' '? ^at., oo pa) net i* li< ari A Oia? Tr i-orj I. for rfefWaiJ*