Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Aralık 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Aralık 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8868. SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 9, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM WASHIN3TOM. Conciliatory Disposition of the Conser vative Republicans* Forthcoming Manifesto of the Vraident Elect. Hit Position Said to be Sati Victory to the South. THE CAITIS OF 8QITHEEN SENATORS. PACIFICATORY PROPOSITIONS FROM KENTUCKY. &*?? 4tc M Sic. THE REPORTS FROM W ABHIN GTON. Wihiwgto'*, Dec. 8, 1WO. A caucus of Southern Senators was h?ld to-day for the purpose of considering the present state of the country, and whether some plan of adjustment could not be fixed upon. While the Senators from the border States wore anxious to make an effort to preserve the Union, the general impression seemed to be that this was now impos sible. The current of opinion seemed to set strongly In favor of a reconstruction of the Union without the New E&gland States. The latter States are supposed to be so fanatical in their views as to render It Improbable that there should be any peace under a government to which they were parties. The debate, which was participated in by nearly all the Senators present , was diverse, and covered a wide field. Messrs. Pearce, Powell and Crittenden were for leaving no effort untried to save the country from dissolution. The Senators from the extreme South were of opinion that all efforts to even stay the revolution would prove futile. They and their people regarded the election of Lincoln as a declaration of war on the part of the North. It was asserted by many of the Senators that k> the event of reconstruction, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, and in fact many Of the Northern States, would go with the South. They never would Identify themselves with the fanatics of the New England States. The caucus adjourned, however, without accomplishing anything, or proposing any mode of settlement. It is not at all likely. Judging from their ?otion , that any will be proposed either. Many of the moderate Senators thought that proposition* or modes of adjustment ought to come from the republican*. Every hour convinces the more moderate of the people here that the Crisis Committee will prove a failure. Its eoujporitioB c1,os a' oat Uiseatisfaction. If the suggestion of Governor Wins low, of .North Msa. and John Cochrane, of New York, bad been followed out. a much better state of things would have been the result. Senator Baker, of Oi .gon , despairs of any reconcilia tion. WjiarcoToif, Doc. 8, 1W0 The caw in of Southern Senators wait fully aUendod to day, Mr. Iverxm being tho only one absent. Vice Presi dent Breckinridge was present. Governor I*owell, of Kentucky, offered ? serte* of res?. Ituioos In favor of delay, mutual concessions, and the preservation of the Union, and supported them tn an able speech, which produced a good Impression. No formal reply was made, end the remainder of the * as ion was conducted tn a mere social, conversational manner. Nothing looking to a practical result wss done except by Senator Powell . and his resolutions were not adopted. Another meeting is to be held, but It dues not appear that anything tn the form of a compromise that could b? satisfactory to tbe cotton Mates will pass. The House committee of thirty Ukrse have done nothing Officially yet, bnt individual members are preparing pro positions which they will submit. Mr. Or* in Is said to be in favor of calling a convention to amend tbe constitution. Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, Is preparing a basts of settlement, which has for Its main feature Ibe settlement of all the Tsrritoites upon constitutional grounds, ignoring 0>ngres ?tonal aad Territorial legislative interference with via very, leaving the people to settle the question for tbctu nelve* when the? oome |o form a State. Mr Hamilton, of Texas, arrived her* to-dar. an I con tradlcta tbe retorts Uut Texas In favor <>f u. -solution II ?ays. on the oontrar.v. that tlv mOority of tbe people are decidedly oppmu-d to wesfc ion, but, be adds, if all tbe ether cotton States show I I unitedly detcrmlns to -*ec?de Texas might then ? n them. Tbe Prse i?n< stated, in a recent conv.rsation wltb gentkmen. that be tntenied to collect the revenue at Charleston, and tn case tbe present (Elector resign* I 1* would send an officer thore for that purpose, and if re sisted tn the performs nee of bis dutlec the present law of Congress gave htm ample power to enforce their OOi lection; which doubtless moans that he would place a revenue officer on hoard a man-of-war, and collect them snder Fort Moultrie. The Presidsnt. h<w*ver, does not anticipate any tucfe necessity on bi part. Hon Mr 1 dinar of Miesisippt. one of the most hril liant youaf inen la the f*f>utl?, has received a despatch front bi" district tottt; in*, him that he 1 ad be n oomi dated as a candidate for a s. at In tbe Convention, which which meets on tbe ftth of January. He <ntends to leave at once for Mississippi and take stump. is for imme diate action T1IE LATEST P.ITORTS FROM WASHTXCTOX. Wjurocwitow, Pee 9 ? Evening Titers is at last s icleem of stm->ldn* It may be illu #mw, bnt all saivatw) merlin's ni'w* at thi moment o< peril h* regarded a? provHul u1 Th Committee of -tit'* will mset on Tuesday, per'?a^t Monday. South Carolina and msv not M repre 1M1L The Chalrmin of tlx committee, ?ov. Ctor*- n. of Ohio, Is disposed to a 1 vanos oonc.listory Bteasuro The feeling of conciliation Is growing mors snd mors prwv ilsst. (Jovernor Reward is not disposed to yield, bnt he may bs ovsrwbrtmsd by the power of tbe administration. "Hiere are own? matters of m mont tn abeyance ?h*h Ui* eoaatrv at Urge may r?fard with aatisf action. 1krrr it SMTf BMm MSB mt Is night, among pnmtmM mm! minmt rfctssnt, Aon km rmmtp btm , mkitdiM Jtary tmr now Kt*t for tkr bftt, and Mler Mtaja wiO serwr mtMn 0 fortnight than tkt mr*t wl fr* of Hiker ride anticipate Ikert it a iwwor Jure Ikit evrxingtknt Jftnm Pnvit, Mutitippi , hot rtcrirrd a frtm Mr. Unrein, A<* Prnidmi tlotl. tinting thfit he (Mr. Lineedn) mm pre parity d I'itrr far pmHiraHm . drjh*4ag kit pmitom upon tk* <funtY. at now diMrorting At urtimt As mmtrg, **irk win it it torid fin mtir: to tke JbnNk. CALL FOR AN EXTRA SESSION OF THE TKNNE6SEE LEGISLATURE. iijmrmM, Dec. 8, 1840. The Governor of litis fUte bu called an extra set* ion of the Legislature on the 7 th of January, to consider tbo present condition of Um country. THE SECESSION FEELING AT CHARLESTON. Ciurubtcun, Dec. 8, 1840. A large ccmpnny assembled to day on board the Rhip John Fruser. The Palmetto and Lone Star (log* were run up, and sccesfkn speeches and seniimenw were uttered by mai'y leading shipping merchants. To-night s< me of tbe frieuds of tbe successful candi dates for tbe Convention are serenading ibem. THE COURSE OF TEXAS. New Orleans, Dec. 8, 1880. Tbe latest advices frcm Texas state that tbero is on un derstanding between the members of the Legislature of that State that the Legislature shall meet at Aus'inon the lTth ?f December next, without a formal call from the Governor, and that it is understood that the legislature will call a State Convention on tbe 8th of Jan ar.. . THE KENTUCKY BANKS. liOUMVILLS, D?C. 8. 18V). ln"re*p< nse to recent arplirations for a sua; era "n i f specie ]a\ment.the Kentucky b*nk? have determined that sui h a measure would afford no comme c & rel ef, and <?' tinquenily they will continue to pay specie as usual. TENNESSEE. on XXWHIB t'OKRBHi'ONDKNCE. Mmraw. Dec. I860. Conservative Tennessee has caught the disunion fever, and men w ho a month ago were horrified at tbo very name of disunion say that the Union must end; that it has failed in i s mission; that all hopes of conciliation are past; that 'we have borne the aggressions and insults of the North long enough, and upon the shoulders of the black republicans uiust rest the heavy responsibility of sundering this I'nion. A meeting was called for Friday night, Nov. 30. and about two thousand of our best citizens responded to the cull. Fiery ilisi nion speeches were made by the MM con servative leaders of tbo Bell and Douglas parlies, winch were warmly applauded. South Carolina was rapturously cheered, and the strongest Southern feeling prevailed. LOUISIANA. THE ABOLITIONISTS IN NEW ORLKAVg. [from the New Orleans Delta. Nov 30 1 1 esterday morning th- Mavor was informed bv two of our citizens of the fact th-it a wall ~ name,. Arthur Robing,? noxious sentiments in the shape of Uih anti slavery onm ions. disgusting to thoee with whom he conversed Lid 'l-f?roUS to the comm., n.ty and to ? I l'kljr'' < "r1B .. rr>m Ireland to New York in i 1864. and arrived in New Orleans in 18M since which wLWui f r"* c"mP<?ltnr ln thp Orleanian office uH i alwav? UkPn?r^,ian ? 'K 7H' offlce. He has alwa>B taken pain* to air his abolitionism on every 7^ ! i !** ????Mered by most of those who knew , ?j> be a dangerous and suspicious fellow particul-trlv remhlBpretenMon, to sanctiLnious^s J ?' JgSfc to the Mayor s questions, he admitted having coovW^d ;?me subject, though ? M SS^'ltSSdS ? He war committed for examination before the Rec<?rder' ' and a.- he niay cacapc the taw. it is more than E ho !KkSuto.T,Sll? """'on"'" MiJurut lc?3E5i he obedient feelings of their slaves, he must ha v 'Tin very , scrupulous during four year, to be u?n He umnmunti that Robtoe?m ua*n.e<i ana receive a.. pretcctlm of the Bntish Consul at this port ^ i i^i3SSSiS!SSS!%'?BS I VI f*Mr? l* ,? "*l?n W U) * rpff glAte^ t)0 |g now jn hMd, of sxya a iXntir: .tm banded to >ou by Mr. f r. l?rean. JS? *" .... KB hTERN, ? u ^ ( hairman Vlgiiauoe Committee. * h" ???? ?? tb ik man m - ? y ?bo*l'<1 ?f ? Meamboat. upon which he was Shipped to Cairo, care of /be IJfcooin There i?? '"ellng aroused to N*w oJiean* at last and abolitionists will soon learn whether or not th?i ??? w Ltinue to disseminate their incendiary doctrines and tamper with cmr negro portion with t?tlnZl?? they hate heretofore enjoyed through the Inertness or ,r norance of our alliens .utriu.xs or if ? Arthur J*" N'W 0rl<*M **'??. D*C. 1.1 dav ? tlSrffi!!!! V. ^fur" l^"r">r Kw'm,?ter nay, on itlie i harge of tamperinf w ,th slaves and eir, ? tatlng ltieetidlary documenta He nbserfttod to Wm lojd t.arrisoti s Boston Libnattrr and other vile aboil him XA?* ",rr" WH- ^Ut/ rendya^l Mm, but he wm ?ent down to the parish prison to "" 16,h * Dpr< ?',"r Jfc has not J la 'mod British protection, m waa stated Harris w? that 5 wrlt.Thi'h Rrrc/r'1,'r' but ** it wai understood ! ? . * habeas corptin had txvn until ??d for in Him I'ebalf, to be served Gpon the Ma^r .nd ChZr JJarrix *as returned to bis cell, t be held by th<?e nnc' tlonaries. Another abolition case came out un- xpe. edlv ",n^:u,i0fM,o,b'r ?" ?JwofT.SS,SS .t the landing, against Mer Bro?" , mate of thThoTI ? l.argirg hlui with thnats against his lifi- it ar>n. ^r?<t ^ i S?n'? ^ l' ,,0IDf* of ander ground rail road, and frarirf that Harris had told or would tell thn ZirZ ht" br ?*?iened his life in the event of so o rg The ( use was discharged, but as Brown wa* lear. ? g court h>' was arr< st?d and brcMigbt before the Mayor who ga\i bini M>nic kind futb. rlv adviee al>out not re mniiiiiiK many hours in SVf Orl< ans if>?t miv -i r ? ?.hT'l!*1 ,HOV' d< ""uental to his h?ajth, fcc. Brown took slid mid to hav ?IojkmI, i> w^S^L ln t^Flrat District Gmirt.Cnl A P. Fii M presented the following pctitu.n in writing ? T,A?rStf.??8ai-? " "?? ?????*> S.ts'sri'i r t!l ?*A he waa forrthlyVtaed and ?< Koremhrr, Ol lli? rtrst (tlatrtrt of mid rUw ^ I"1?' polW prison jMimrnt acaln t him, and be la rd 7JT * no cnm' ?y Old. r or lbs Mayor of the ell, <7fTJvor!lI5f<l f?SS ' 'ny authorltT of law *** ?nai, wittoql ; "?lll grant htm lh. writ nf haN aa rormii ^l*rt?CSr llnnorahie J, T. Monro*. Mayor of "e eX of ?^7, J," er .>oh ri Met'leUand. chief of Police, t., Drawee (b? MtfOl ' yo?r nrtlikmer b. lore your Honor at aurh Urn* and 2a ' ?,Vr"iio,'h'r w,th ?b- SSiW fil*! 1 lure and dcn-ntloii: and h? prays for general r? lief. ' C? l. Field Staled that his client had been seised In the tree, an,, totwceralad without pr^-as A"S i& ib s s> st. m of oppress sm must in, Mopp,^ ,? ; bal^ess corpus waa grantai, returnable this m?iLwa ?t half past ko o clock, before Judge Hunt. TEXAS. rrni.ic f^vriMKNT in rn r. j.ost btar stat A larrely attended meeting of the cilirens of Tract. ftH*" ud A ownmittee on rewoluti.^n ?ItiewniSiitlwrspnrlMaifrN of resolutions whle'i ? ere ad.pted witlio<it a dl<?entfng roice. The iveamhla 'e's^Jh n" lmv" of Tr,,"> rest ? il ? .iiih are in ftom the extraordinary sute of n.ihlic oi r. T* lo th' ?t,esidenc> of the candl ate mat fai" ene'^wrl'? "" ' ',"'<'?"?tltut tonal, .rat ral *ne,eaching snd de.?ructlve prlnclplea " against ?^taOf the Xooth, wm, a mo.t *t'?b ^r, ?? wlhere to the al y I tf}|f f f H troiJP Y ioiat Of th^ coivtlt'ltion nf ih* I DitH PWUBP. m all !!h? Northern su and to I^evere m ,h(. pro,v.ratmn and establi.hment oPth?.; -ai lto?;s ('Odrlnet, ex. n to the further Cta.lL r of ,h" ^ 'JT* Of Ibis ex lge|?f y ? as the people of Texas hare ^rrTr!?! ttrr., wouW pro 1 il i**1 ' ? lutffMtt and ?rcijritT ?? ??., Ar Itono the le of 1*-Xa? sbonld b. Uk- n before iV. '-"???? ? t? n... r Hi: x:^r. ::r, ? ?. ... .. I:'lr< .1 ?l ?] t the r iverl^ '"L"'r "?It'lin of >h.?e .? ?!,? ,1,! i, " tirfed . I , e,e. ve,1 Jnd al and ^1."."^^ L"!.' ' "" .Mi,.? tc, mine, ii .111,1, loyal sr?i|nn ^hmihailStl I" fW"irr.*n ftat. r.,\ emnrent, .. - "u m: SUmPST "" e-S?.CS. h... Sty e.r'i'^'ll,1" ?.r'*Tln :. e"* were sppcirred in Ibe e,.?n?T lo "' " ?'?<? obtain ?,?? ;,t.,r.-u , he . tale to r.^eiv. ,nd ,T. ?e?, the,r ? ,h? . v l?: ?' s? .iTn ' ?'|k "" ?' is.t? of t!r fori-, tver 1 to .e|f r'l ?' "' Monday , I m ihe(h^f ju?,r?^r)n;r' ,h" ",h ?f ?'?o?rr 1**1 BUfflbf* aa ?,0Tf oeJYoh l??f ^ ' ' 8Mi.,i'a si .h a ' ^ to me to i J*ra. ?n; , lardable tut* for then, I obey ibis request promptly tad with ? b< UlJ |M? Will. At Cenirevilk, Leon county, on the 13th, Judge (iregg. C< lone. 1 uraxit, Judge Jewett, ttolouel Whaley and R. S. Cci 1<1 addressed the |x~ople id favor of resistance. A mass meeting of the citizens of Braaoria oounty wan brkl at the town of Brazoria on the 17th in?t. General Jis*| b bates called the meeting to order. At S'? uin, on the 16th, a Urge number of cltiiens as sembled, W. F. Goodrich presiding, and a resolution *M M'ipted to hold a mass meeting on the 24lh, to consult v but course it is advisable to pursue In the present exi gency. The lone Star flag hai> been raised? the ladles cheer fully preparing the old banner ? at Wallolsville, 1'eters buig Hiid Sweet Heme, iu I a vara comity, most of the citizen* parttclpatirg in the move. At llaliottsviUe, Lin coln wiif hung in < rtigy. Ihe Lone Mar Hug Heats from the top of the Oourt House at On the 17th, at Pallas, a great meeting of the peoplo Uxk {lace, at which it wus unanimously resolved that !< isf ocght to secede rather thuu submit to black repub lican rule. The Tyler Rrporlrrof the 1Mb. on the receipt of the n? wp ol Lincoln's election, issued an extra, headed "To aims! To the rescue, Texians !" It savs:? < ur w> rat fear* are realized Lincoln la elected. Comment, at ibla time, would be an insult to the feeling* of any Textan in v. b< m tills in ? h In b< rue. Let us pause for a moment In philosophical preparation for the eventaof to-morrow. only knows what our fate Is to be. We, as citizens, who boanof descent from Revolutionary aires, are alone respniiai ble for the condition of onr posterity, through generation* yet unborn! WIU we traiiMnll to t h< m a degrading deoendeney upon Northern fanaticism or a n. blelnde|iend< noeof ih< ught, action and poaltlcn, bv our promptness in this great emergen cvT Fifteen States of the federal Union have already do rian d os to be unworthy of association, as equals, Willi them. F ball ?e, who have never bowed the knee to power, submis sively receive tbe yoke which la to be placed upon our necks U|>cn the 4th day of March, 1*61, or shall we, bv timely resist, preserve our rights, honor, and equality f People of Texaa, answer! A large ctmpany has been raised at Boston, Riwie cornty. and money subscribed to buy arms aud ammu nition. THE TKXAN HECEPRION COCKADE. The cockade is the badge common to the citizens of the Southern States. The star Is peculiar to Texians. The combination of tbe two emblems seems particularly ap propriate to the times. Doubtless this bad^o will lie generally adopted through Texas by those favoring resistance by State action to the principles of the black republican party. HAVE DECLARED THEIR POSITIONS. Fx-?;ov Winston and Col. J. D. Webb, well known All bania politicians, have declared for immediate secession. Gov. W. was a supporter of Itouglas, and Col. G. a Boll elector, during the late canvass. . City Intelligence. BltlY Mrt.LHiJkN'8 lUQ'ARTt'RK FOR TUK i^TATK PULSUS? Hk Takhh to IIiumclp a Wikk.? Mr. William Mulligan, celebrated somewhat for extraordinary exploits in California, and more recently brought into notice In this city in connection with the redoubted Captain de Riviere, as well as by a bellicose tilt with a member of the Metropolitan Police force, yesterday terminated, for a while at leant, his brilliant career in public, having departed for his destiued resi dence in the Sing Sing prison. Th ? distinguished '-Billy" signalized his departure by i.n act which threw the ?'b'hoys'' into something of a surprise for the day, and astonished even bis most intimate aciuaiiitances. A boat sundown on Friday Mr. Mulligan wag duly united in the holy bands of wedlock to Mrs. Mary A. lewis, a widow lady, residing at No. 46 Kast Houston street. The cere mony was solemnized by Justice Brennan, Mrs. Flora Foster, matron of the Tombs, and Mr. Charles Sutton, the popular warden, acting reflectively as bridesmaid and gn omsman. We are credibly informed that the bride is possessed of considerable attractions, both as regardn person and rash, being only thirty years of age and quite i rmfortably situated. She is said to be warmly nttaclicd to the unhappy prisoner, concerning whose hard fate she is of course terribly amx-ted. During the trial she was unremitting in her attentions to the prisoner, and excited no small amount of sympathy in hie behalf But law lias k no regard for se* ?u" -*?<? w aceoeft i?*i, ruiilU'ii. About Heven o'ckak yesterday morning Mulligan bade an affectionate ndicu to his newly made wife, and was immediately afterwards conducted frcm the Toipha ? hrongh a private entrance to a carriage awaiting outfeido, in which ne was with all speed driven to the Hudson River Railroad depot In due time he left In the train for Sing Sing, to which he han been condemned for four years and a half of penal servitude. Mirrors tor the Ctirrm at W ami MM*.? Two v -ry elegant mirrors, one of them eleven feet high by ftvefeet In width, and the other sixty eight b> fifty four Inches, and finished in the tight st style of American art from 01 igmai designs, for the tkpitol at Washington, ware ex hibit* d at the store of It. W Merriam, No. S4 Chatl>iui street. The larger one of the two Is for tbe "UIH Kr>vci," and the otlier for the Military and Naval Committee Room. These Mr# minors complete the ccitract (of thirty-.lhrce of these mammoth mirrors, twenty of which are in their places A the Capitol. In connection a 1th this contract it is hut just to mention that several exten sive Arms in other, c It Ice eoiii|w (or UiIm contract . bat tbe (elaborate artistic designs of the Mew York firm were considered the best. Ttt? '??numm CmommceT This favorite I /me Inland Sound steamer, comni mdod by the veteran Chptxln Wil cox, rceumed her place in the Norwich and Woroes'.'<r line yester(tey . having been p*it in perfect order lor win ter service. ' She will leave Tuesdays . Th>ir*<btv-i and Saturday* from here, and on alternate days from Allyn's I'oint. connecting with the express trains for Iksiian. 1 owell and Worcester. The Norwich cotnpnnv are build ing two Urge and substantial boats, which will be plaootl i on the route in tbe spring. First Piiad or tw? Sxaoo* ? W.i have received a flue shad . the first of the season, whkh was brought to this J city yesterday morning by Mr. J H Taylor, th? steward of the steamship Horl'i i. It was taken a few days since in the Hav.innuh river, by Messrs. Tyler, Bradley h Oo Tmt Cass or Framts Thrrr ? A meeting of America foglne Company, In reference to the above case, was held on Monday last, and the reei Jt of their proceeding will be found recorded among our advertisements to-day. They fully exonerate Mr. I>u ffy from the charges pre f erred sgainst him. Firs is GsmwKit r*nurr. ? AIkmI 3 o'clock yo- 1 >?r is y morning a fire broko out on the top floor of the f<r% story building No. ,K0 Greenwich street, owned and oc. up.'-d by Hoffman 4 Curtiss as a distillery. The flr m^n q is kiy responded to the alarm , and were soon at work . and sue- j c ceded In extinguishing the tire before It extnded b'-yud ' tbe bn tiding. Tbe three upper floors only were d'HLiijred. The ure. It in said, must have been the work or an I incendiary. The still was running at the time, and l it Is believed that the Incendiary must have secreted himself up stnirs, and while the workman wse 1 pitting coal into tbe furnace fired the premises. The I loss on msclnnery, stock and building will amount to ' about $16,000. Insured for 913. <100, as follows _lteli?f, I I'J.l'&O. Miit veaatit. ll^tOU. North Amcric in, 9J.260 Ex celsior. fl.M'O Ringers, Jl.TOti Artixtua, 2.2V0 Fxchange, $V.200? Intal, fl.l.liiiO. It is some- > w l nit n markable that all of tbe three im jorui.t tires which oocurred during tho at n> 1 psge of the Crotou wafer wore In close proxirau y to the rtver. Slid afforded a flue opportunity to show the gieai utility of our steam fire eiigmeo. Fir* in Bkavxr ^nutnr.? Between thre^ and four o'clock on Saturday afteroooo a fire was discovered In the itore j of I.ionel Moses, comniission merchant, No 52 Beaver street. Tbe flames were soon extinguished by the fire men Dstnage te stock about p i ? M> ? insured. TV <ir'i|iu ot the Ore is under inveotigation by the Fire M New Ntsmprd Knvelnpea. Kbvelopes, ruled and unruled, with a on" ceat Mamn, j liave been oidcred by the rest IHIIce is-por* meuf , and n III be for sale at l he Post office on Tuesday, the 11th Inst. j There will also be in readiness at the same time < rive- i lopes, ruled and unruled , emborsed with the one cent and the three rent stamp" The former are intend' d for city I use? the prstage and carrier's fee b< nglM>tb paid b> the one cent stamp, and for circulars to be transmitted l>y mall. They will be a great convenience to hus.nsM houses, ssving the lime and labor of affixing stamps Ws anticipate a very ext? naive sale fur th' m. The f ? ;r sent envelopes will be a great convenience to thme who use the Ismppnst boxes for letters to ho trail 'milled by mall, the two stamps covering the mall postage and the carrier ? fee. The Mvrder In Twelfth Street. To THK IPtTOB or TWIT IUUB. Permit me through yonr columns to deny the assertion made as to sn engagement existing betwe, n the de ceased Mrs.< ks and mys< If. the parties who to-di ned tint there was were no doubt mistaken My busi ness r- 1st ions wiih the deceased made it nec< s?iry for me to call st her store almost dtlly Respectfully T'sirs, WII J J.\M 01AMI?Jtr< BsnrsTTV, IW i?oo. Did the Prlnrc of Wales Elect Mnrslnl [fptn fh> lur.s ci rres|* nderice i.f the I/>nd>>n Hinmicle } while the I'ai is jotirii.1 Is ate trying te spi ll their w.iy to the real s cniCcatain of Mr. I incoin a elect i'? to tbe Pre* Idt l ey cf ih< I'mti d Ptsl'-s. it is most grxtlfyltfg to hear nlghu n<d Amerlcaiis In this city attrlbtite, m a grrat drtr?e, th- MCOMtOf the ant i slavery candidal'' to tbe i xcelb nt efli ct pnducid by the viait of tbe Prinoe of Wal<s. lb?> pi Int stkaUon to tbe fact that the el'-otmo wss dec >di d I y the ftatc of New York, which wan the Ci nc of flic trial, st enthusiasm during the sirioura of his 1 1 ysl III* 1 n< >?. t'pen fotmi r occasions of election rou It si s Nt w York wavered , snd it was known that isalotwy j of I nilacd bad much to do with U>e indifference mani f'ttid Irwi rds the anti-Slavery candidates. It wsl be | it ved that I nglund Mt stroBKly on the subject, and it ; ass fmcl< d thst the Fnglish (aople meddled t<?? openly ? !?h Mint expressi<ns "f opinion Along with toe l r!rce> presi nee. a riactien set m, and freiings of sym pathy with laglifh feeling" aroae, so ihst it seems no ?t'nin?d rrDclnsim to attribute Mr. I incJa s return upon rnti s'avets mireipl'Sto the genial effect produced by i the visit of the Prince of Walw. ' Religion* Intelligence. CITY CHURCHES TO DAY. Rev Henry Blanc hard , (mstor , ?M preach in the Church of the Kestoration ( Firct Cniversalist Society), corner of Monroe place and Clark street, Brooklyn, this morning and evening. In Ibo evening the tlrst lecture on "Meu of the New Testament." Subject? "CMphas, tho Prleut and Form* lilt." Rev. William Alvin Bartlett will preach iu the Brooklyn Tabernacle, on Fulton avenue, near lloyt street, at b.ilf past ten in tho morning, and at half-punt seven in the evening. In the Protestant Episcopal Mission church, Clinton Hall, Alitor place, in charge of the Rev. Robert G. Dickson, di vine aervice in the morning at half-post ten, and in the evening at half-past seven. Mr. Frothingham will preach at Ebbitt Ilall, northeast c< rner of Broauway and Ihirty-third street, this morn ing and evening at the usual hours. Subject for the morning, -renin of Fortune and of Misfortune;" subject in the evening, "The Church in the Past." "Heathenism in New York" is the subject of discourse this afternoon at the Twentieth street Cni verbalist church, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, by Rev. E. G. Brooks, pastor. Services at three o'clock. Sermon in the morning by the pastor. In tho Bleccker street Universalis church, corner of Downing street, services at half-past ten o'clock this morning and at hall' past seven o'clock this evening. A series of discourses will be commenced in tho evening by Rev. Moses Ballou. on "The Morning of Life." The New Jerusalem church (Swcdenborgian) will hold public wort-hip at the National Musical Institute, No. 766 Broadway, at balf-past ten o'clock this morning. In the Protectant Episcopal Church of the Atonement, Thirty-third street, corner of Second avenue. Rev. M. E. Willing, roctor, services at half-past ten o'clock this morning and half-post seven o'clock this evening. Tho Rev. Dr. Muhan. Professor in the Ocnoral Theological Seminary, will preach in the evening. Mrs. Cora I. V. Hatch, the trance medium, will speak at Podworth's Hull, 806 Broadway, at half pa-t ten o'clock this morning and seven o'clock Si is evening. Dr. J. M. Whealon, the blind lecturer, will deliver a lecture on the subject of "Our Country," at the Baptist church in Thiity-flfth street, near Sixth avenue, to-inor row (Monday) evening at eight o'clock. Rev. D. M. Graham, pastor of the First Free Will Bap tist church, Twenty-eighth street, near Broadway, will commence a course of lectures this evening, to be con tinued on successive Sabbath evenings, on "Religious I Life in England." This reverend gentleman has recently returned (torn Europe, aud no doubt the lectures will be interesting. St. Ann's church, Eighteenth etreot, near Fifth avenue. Rev. Thomas Galhudct, rector. Services as usuul at half-past ten A. M. and half past seven P. M., with tho voice, and in the sign language at 3 P. M. Rev. F. C. Ewer will preach. Seats free. ORDIN ATION. Mr. J. A. Grilles, Lite of the New York Theological Seminary, was ordained an Evangelist on tho 20th of Novtuibtr, by a ccuauittee of the i'rcabj torjr of Waahte* Daw. INTITATTOV. Rev. A. P. Fnilth has accepted n call from the Glebe Street Pretbj terwn church ot Charleston, S. C. INSTALLATIONS. Rev. W. T. Eva. Wte ot Newark. N. J., wa? iu?tuii??j Pastor <>r tho Fit at Presoyiennn church ot Kensington, h'ladelphia. a few ''?> ? since. Kev. S. <}. IHmlap. kite graduate of All* gh*-"* Somt nai y , Iwifc beep ji i - 1 .i 11*^1 as pustiir lDe Central l'rvsby. tMlw church, Baltimore. DEATII IN TftK MINISTRY. Rev. Dr. .Irni'-s Rroen (father of K< v .1 M. Bruen.of Irvington) died at Phila'd< Iphu on the 4th inst., In tho 83d jrt ar of Ins age. NEW C HITCHES. On the 2Tth nH. thw tf'-w church af the South Ccngre piltMil^orHjr la Concord, N. H.,VM dedicated with tin- usual e*CCCl*C*. Tin' new I'nivei i*liM ? hnrch at Merlin was dedicated on th? 4th last. A f>rcst>yicri?n rhurth bee lately been orgauU <1 at RlcLtnoud, lit. , toiutieiu a of twenty racmbora. MIHCBLLANKOUS. Fnrnlay lart wnr the tirM 'lay or beginning of tho oe c%ls><ttci'! year, apd accordingly th? Aral Sunday in Ad voet. Kaoh' euceeeding Friday between now and Christ an* will b? r>i?tlng duys. The ecclesiastical year U divided Into three fart a ? ? The And part, frotri the first miidey in Advent, i* Chriattna", or the hlrth of ChrM, 4he second j?rt. from Chi istmaa to Whit Sunday, or the Ahccii -kju and the fliird and laet part, from Whit fun day to the Ar*t day la Advent, or the beginning of the tceieeieetleel veer. The daya ot Uie holy ohliptttioD are ?even in touuiW. The limber deys, or Querter Ten*e?. which occur four tuni c a year, are <>u Wednesdays, Krl day? and v"aturdaya:? Flrn, Immediately after the list HuixMy in lent; ?eronrt, In whit Monday week; third, tin mediately .?tter loth .September; fourth, Immediately after the third Sunday in Advent. The Esat New Jersey Baptist Pastoral Conf< reaoc will meet at Widdli tow n on Tn- Mlay, 11th met. Two Indiana church s deducted on*' fourth of their mi nisters' paler tea bccausc they had been ill two months. The Arat M< lie dut Episcopal church tn Amcricawas built in ITOO. There an' now 14,000. Rev. F M Ilitnmlck, recently ordained a* an Rv?Bge|. 1st, by the I'reshytery ol Ctncinuetl. baa gone to Omaha City, Nebraska Territory, a ? a missionary of tho Church V xteuck/U C minlttee. imtlCiX PtBi r SOCtTTY. The stated meetirur oC the manages *n* hc'.d ??' U n Vibte Hc?*e. Astor place, oa Thiyac'e) , t*i?- r.lli in,' ill lulf-puat three P. M.? lion. I ait her Brad h in tin cbmr, n?slhietl by Benjamin I. Frarcia lull aou I'iui.aU* lerlt, Isqe Tl.e Ret W. II. Xorrte rea l the Foil; -ath Teilm and ottered pravrr. Foot new auxiliaries were rcco#ni/'-d. otic in eucb of the states of lit liam . IBluole, low.i and Miamiiiri. ( < TiiBi'.'i C.ilnai* were received tiom agents, allowing the fthte of the w>ik it bome; froai Rat. John Mee. rretary oi the ltrlti"li and Foreign Bible Society, slating the ii crensing labora of that s K'iety and tftvlng favorable account* of tiieir operatioas In Italy ; ft < tu llou. S. Well* Willi we , ? -k it.g ho^ka for station* along the overturn! route to Calitorin*. which were granted. fiom Rev. l'aetor I^nne, t?r.<n, in rcgnr I to coli>oileiir lat ore if Bev. Ka nion lion tea irittg* *lui Mr. HaUieta Mauri, in Algeria; frcm Bev ,'i ri miali Tort- r. Chicago, and Rev. B. Duller. In legard to the warfc in Italy (the Hoard a( the hat meet ing atithorifed the ? nu-lnj nnut of additional col(<Kteur* In that country) : fi -m Rt-v H. B. Htirgne. Beoretary of ftrititli end loM i?in Bible Hociety, In regard to iwinilug the lurk fh tr-neliti'T of the Wlptaree, b?w in the eooree of i reperanakK Conataiitino|4 ? fnwi Mer laaac O. IOim, m th verv encom aging facta as to the circulation of tl e >crip!"ri* la Bulgaria. c.i?ntf or t <<>ka were made to Wilberforce flilver^ltj ? ? CtiM wble iaalMuima fa "*4<>Te.l >outh in ??hio; to the n-mniuey ci I my. In IkVfDeh, Fieaelt and German; to the f?tmi>ii> l!*tr< it, h'?t?n leland to the Rnard at loreign Mire tons of Reformed rroteetant Ptitch Church, In aeveral lanfiitfi* , for Brest!: Cerman Tirtanntita for dlatrlNi t l?n in li< i Im ( auat'a BlM* ? for ( .ipe I'almaa. Alrifit to J S. I ler^'n, I ?j. . be* ki> in varloea lanjri agea for dial r! bi t.m by Ca| talae of v?>-?la nailing to foieign torts, ? ilh ee\ ernl otliera r.f rmaller amount, aud elx volume* in talced letters for the blind. Police Intelligence. A n ?*? Cn^Nfana Ttiit Aaoirri.i>iKr? ? Wm Perrival. S colored boy. about 13 yearn of age, was tuken Into cua. tody yesterday by policeman <?ol len . of the Sixth pre clnct , on charge of being a de? rter from tl?> ei h'-otier Kapt'lo a, CapUin Sirmond. Tlie priaoner It ain*>nr? ia ? native of Tr in Idnd, W I., and Is a Butl*h subject , hie father bemg a eoldter in the Enpliah army, atetk>ned at the ahwe mentioned r^kmy. Captain .S|im >nd met Ihe priat>ner at Trinidad one day, and being In * ant of a eah in boy , aeked I'erelval h<?? he would like to t;?ke a trip to the I'nited Statea and bark The boy fla tly ac cepted the iitl. r, end four daya after the agre? menl m* made the arhooner aet mil for tliia country. The \a|>" |e? n t"Whe?i at Hampton Rondr, and after a delay of aeine daya pr'xv^ded on lo-r voyape to New York H>?>u after the arrival of the \ ea*. I in tliia port I'er elval and a number of the crew (all nefroee) de aerted, leaving the captain In the lurch. (Wflrlf tiena of the were fuiM-h. d Ihe police, but the cabin boy to have been the only one tlierftlceia ronhl Arid. When taken Into cuntoily. Peri ival t?>M Ca| lain |v wlirg, of the Math precinct police, that h we* afraid Certain Strm?ml want? t to take hun and Mil him ae a alave Ihm wae the reeaca be lied a ban dened Ike veeeel, and >h> rnmpani ar, he ?nt I, were ec tuated by r milar molivee ('apia n ^Irm^ad informed the pi'lle'e iliat he would have to forfeit a fine of i.4tu u he did net return perrival to Trinidad, and demanded that the deaerter abotild lie piuced in bla immediate en*. U-dy. Meenehile the British fVsiaul wml of ihe affklr, and en having an Interview with the p? tier he gave n> tlce thai he would defeml the b <r to the laat. Captain prvwltag deelde<l to bohl the prhinner In hie ru? t??1v until the matter ebon Id he decided by the lawful sutborltKe. Ft M*?t or Brani.UK. ? A Patk Btowjr Oivx.? .t? po hcrman Wagaa, of the Fourth pre< ln< t. *** paitflli'g hie beet eboat half peat three a'i lock yeet^Hsr nvmilng, be heard a Kurd nolac, ae ff produced by an cxpi iai. a, prweeding frcai Ihe eetahli?hinrnt of Meaer*. .1 k M. IhryMle. N" "*0 Keerl street t> n f>relng tfm the fl-cnt door the store waa found to ?-e Mind with im<kn, and It *?? thoi ght Hint the pla/o waa on Are. Closer examinatsm of the ptemla>e. le wever, rhowed that the >m< kn was e rasi< ned by an *tfc mpt u the part <>f m m<> l erglets to hi- w p?n th- tefe IV door oi the aeU m*i dor was morli -kcltered, hat the Int- rl'ir was f.eind t'-heirteit The bui gLu ?, *h> in ma^> d t i ette. t their r if ape by the rear, left before ac mp i lung anvthmg "tier Mien the damege to the aef? U'^vr* H?cr* m< on Uijif Misaiog IrtBt the More. THE CRISIS IN ENGLAND. The Effect of Lincoln's Election on the English Money Market. ?. merican ?ecnrities Gone Down in Bngland. THE FUTURE EFFECT UPON ENGLISH MANUFACTURES, fcc.j kt., iw>) [From tho London Herald (Wd Derby'sor|an) , Nov. 24.1 Full jukI no ha* never yet been dun.- to I/>rd l?.'rty f.i that noble and wise ai t of Hlatesinanfihip which rain, d eight hundred thousand slaves to the condition of frc ? men. Had the noble lord continued Colonial Secretary he would doubtless have entered still more fully into tho spirit of the } mancipation act, and worked a out in n.i h a manner us would loug ere thw have led to the adoption of similar measures in the I'nited States, Uke liiazls and Cuba. HVarc now de/iendent on slaveh-Ading <Mcn tries for out chuf supt lien of cotton, tobacco and sugar ? it matter of no small importance, when we tind that < ur annual revenue in tin- List two of tbosc article ixoeids twelve millions storlirg, and that on the first depends the prosperity of all our cotUm manufacture * in Jamarhire anil dtewkere. The preterit UaU of j urtit .< in America , iwmcikW < n the election of Mr. Lin rota, MMMrf Uit lead to much uiu crtainty in this country: and tur cotttn interest finds itntf in the position of a man having I ut cm tiring to hit bow, anil that s'rint) in diinger tf breaking. There are but tun si lutvnt of the Qordian knot if traniatlnntu difUvlties: either tM> Xnithern .States of the I nu n u ill ren lrt on immntiate secession, or they will a<lofit a vailing policy until mirt acts on the )>art of the tiew c id mini/traticmfive them color for rebellion. So far as (/real Hiitaiu it concert i*f, the former alternative would tie lets do in (tying in Ut results. for a coutest be t ween the Northern and Southern sections of the republic could bo of comparatively abort dura tion, barked ts Mr. Lincoln will l>o by the federal fortes, tla ovi iwh( lining in ilitlu of the free States, und the con servative fei ling of the whole country. There is incal n lably gn liter danger from the course which the South is most likely? we might, perhaps, any moat certain ? to toll' w 7 h ? flare Statu it ill /cared y dare the contempt of '.he t ihile cirilited us 'fid by refuting obedience fa a chief magistrate, elected aecortHmi U> the constitution, and who has, a* yet, given uo causc whatever for offence. They w< lit Into the lute election with tbeir eyes open, and the very fnct of i?irti< iputing in that election in volves the nccesflty of recognizing the candidate of the major ty, and rendering obedience to him an the prop?ily appointed I'leskliut Should the proposed lonventioti for dcckling ti|>on the time and manner of Si cession ever meet, there are nutiihers of sufficiently calm and i< ng sighted Southern ttalnmcn who will .show that sntt ty for the present and hope for Ike future lie la a waiting polio* alone. 'Ibis policy will resemble an armed Boutiulity, in which the minority will over l>o on the qui rirc against their oppoti* nth. and ready to seise the flint Hp" itunity for disunion. It is easy to foresee whit must he the (Act of such action upon the commercial relation* of the c> untiy. I w rtainty in Mercantile attain it posi li re i/atii er. cud the ail )ii< n of this policy by the South will infalliti >/ destroy the con/i lence of every capitalist, in t.urc) t , in other words, Southern planters will be limbic to lind the means wherewith to carry >n th ir agricultural operations , and their slaves will a dead weight on their hands. The ui] ital inust'd in stuns is drawn fnm other sources than the Si ulhcin Si ctet, und the vas 1 majority of those slaves up in< it gaged. Is it reasonable to suppose that any fur th- r advances will be made by foreign capitalists "when to mm h danger attends the investment* ? . * ? ,\ uui In cause of I'rew ntpoutital leoling throughout tin North is the tyrannical Fugitive slave law, by which the federal government is bound to seise all runaway Be en ? s hi d restore th, m to their owners. Mr. Lincoln lias ru t u elect, d to ulioln b this act, and his administration w ill m ir> ly alii w itsi If to be the sbel ill of the South etn< is. who will bitterly res, nt his refusal to enforce a law wbii h is the safeguard of tbeir properly and lives. The question Of ow nership of the vast territories of the oi nli deration will be u fruitful source of discord between tl.o two sections, ai.d the slorebi Iders will scarcely keep quiet wl'<n they see thos*- territories rapi lly |?eopleil trim the North, and entering the Union as States to outvote them at the federal capital. WorBe remains b? bind. Every year t> lis against the South and in favor St their ( pfx'nents. The Vocal elections of lfifll will re turn ov< rwlx Iming republican BMdorities to tlie lower House ?,f ('ui, gren., ana the Senate itw If is likely to be et me republican do ring the administration of Mr. Lin coln. It is this fact which, at much as any oilier, must tend to embitter public feeling am >ugst the i?ro*laTtry democracy, and tin. illy diivo them, In sell ilefcrco. to nttempt secession Another danger lit* in the art urn of Iks stamrstk i ?stsss. Ac late hmmrirctumi weri < nly lot at, lot u hen ail anti tiavrry 1'refidemt rule * at IVi' hii.i t n if is / v He proLatie they nmy larome, nM mt it ly freetun t, > u> widely extendeit. The knowledge that the ioiieial government s> inpaihizt w ith their lot, and that coloi cd meu arc now enjoy ing t <ii.ol f iglits with the while man in the Northern .- int"S, it likely to be prodootive of pWster re-ults smorgst the nccroesof the South. Ihis w utd ruin their mnrtcrt. threw thoumndr tf our maaufac lumtiuti f emjUi i a., Hi and effect tuch a jmnic in the mi ioy market* if ih> world at uiu never tefurc rxjierienced. [Fr'm tho Ij>ndon Clobe, Kov. 2*1. ] Further s\inpt<msof reaction have been perceptible in tLe maiket for public securities to day, a few specu lative sales La\ iug led t a temporary decline of pt-r cent. It might have been expected, however, that the operators w< n'd have taken advantage of the late ad ?ant " to realise pr< tits, and thus diminish the buoyancy of tbe maikot |?i ti< ulnrly a.- it jrot remnlns to be seen wle thct the bunion ariang" m- nts ma-le by the ltanks ?>f Fi gland ami France will have the desired influence upon monetary afluirs. Cons. Is at one period of the morning conscquenli) tout bed K.;1, lor money and account, but ralln r more flinin?-? now prevails, and the quota ttons are and Wl?, for transfer and the Sth pi< xinio mpeetlvclv. Ihe variatkma in other Knglisli . U ks 1 vi n unimpi'ttaiit, ai.d the Indian securities t M:i ,|i let lit foreign end colonial sharea, el" ) t . 1 1 ? 'N dw ry?it?i?, wh it h are ih jinw-W, are m slrndj request, without any mat. rial uMeratlstt In j> Tin antitip f-i the moasnres adopted by the Banks of Fig'tndi r.d r.-rnce ha? I' d to an e*p- .tation that the olltciel ra> ot ' -count will sp>t dily decline, and tlie demiiad for u> < t lul odatH>u I. as Is ? n curtailed iu conseqi.i nee. rapttnlists. being of the same opinion, are already aArlt g Ittcrt ??? d facilities, Hr?t class short 'luted bills h?%t! g been n> got inted at 6^a p- r cent, while Mecuri tioa Itasing more tiuiQ tl,re? months to run, which a few day- ago COO Id only be discounted on very- onerous ccadi lions, are now sought for iii hanktnl oircb s Irwirg to unfavorable advicen brought by the Fulton from N?.w Yotk, tin market lor AmorkMn shares, evpe daily N< w Yotk and Erie ai. ' the Illinow f'< nlral, has been very diprusu d io-tiay. The Ibtkiwing information ie spi o.aU> acppl led fiom Messrs. F. F. Salter thw ute * I1". The m?ik' t for An ricaii securities, which bnd been stesdHv Improving during the week, has tuffn^l Olt >te a rebtfwr on the iw? ,pt rf intetliQence this wraiiy hy the f'ulii n that the anrau on paity tn the NtutKern St.trt wer- aetirtly slwwtrtsy tketr e?m?, and tliat the stock market In N< w Vork laid again serkoudy given way. lis alotk in(?t sffectt d her. are Krle shares and III inoiH shar< s? Die foi luer have given way to 30 an l .'M, and the latter, which cke-cd li t niglit .ti and 2.1 ili.coutit, tipei.i 1 tb's n ornii g CO and 2*i, after b urlilng .'il close ralht r rteadk r at .10 diseouut buvers. 'Fri m lh>- ls>mlon T>'letrr?i>li , Vov 'J4.1 The cli..nK. i. to lite K?nk ot lot land wi ck!y ri-ti in. ilatid tlir 21'l iWt..H " morr aaU?Ii?#tory than irilr't ha%<" bcrti I. tbe cltcnhttou bavlny Iwon ront n> < o-4 to Ifca ??*?? 11 af ?iili> 7fi5 which lua l?i to *n ii i f ? intbttiwrvMll ?? rind k 4*1 . Bwn r<'?nilta. t< 1 1 tin r v iili 'I c p>ironfr pwciiowirj tuninc) winch in n? v* n|ifinrrn* In tha dlarownt mark ft, will, no dowM, slrriftltin th< i tourmalin wlnoh haa already faloatl Kioritd tbwt tlic ai tMiltkt wUJ pooq b? ui a )K*ii|. 11 rrl.ix 1 1 ?? fir iii i,i i?'l wtiich him born latalr r. ?i|?m thaw thrw . h tin* Ptri pilonxl fow f * .l?l t<> tha Hank of Krue UnwIt ? >t l???r faotaraof Iwpnri <*M In tin- I'M 'lit Ii:.Um? *IimI la an aildltluB oi LMf,61& Ut Hir art tnrnl <I? |- alta It" rw awalw-F* hw tw?n HpirlfWWi HI th^ mortar hMtk< t to day , nw nit to lln> imp-iram that tin' Kink rati will I- n?"'iilj rcliKi'l, wlmh hi>a |> d ton i on tin' tun of th? iinwH, and a ft- itar |Mri' on tha|iait of tr'j> ial:?t? to ? mplor If :< r>" vt ? at th< ir <11 fnml A farther drrltwa liar nt ri|tl< tit|y Uki'tl t'l " IB Hi" in mi- i lung- <1 iu lli' <|?u tuaik't, ItmIihu tKioa katrlu 1 ... n < it' t' rt into at fljJ and ? m t. ?t f> |> r r? nt and, ?1 tliM irh thi* f|iotatloti ijjim to tin* b. ?t <1?? ? rip turn* of abort d*t< <1 pa? r, till; !? ,i>r tiii.r. tli.?n thn?> nioiit k to run ?r? lr?l* rnn nn.Mhkifc't i- rm than th< ro?'iitl\ rrqulrri k)' tu< tat-k" and discount hottf a 1ha l*t* a?l\ ?t re iti tha I nrli-h f unilw linviriR |r?d to aj ?r ilat iv f aaltt . parti) In i? illation of protiH. and partly in ?ntW)tiMM Kr aa ItBprraatoti among tha tima da ilnt ill 'tt tlia Hi aaanre adopted by the Hnnkof Knglaitd to rflii trr tlif Matik ol t'ranof winy not prova aiyrrarful, railKr Ira* huftyancy Itaa bun an?raBt IB thr m^rke* for |?' l.!i?' aar'trlt i?a to-day, bnt Ilia qabtattOM h*vo WTfrtMM nhMliI MuMMt atranirth, additional a> | |ort hey if * 1m en 'l?>i ive?t ftotn ixircltanaa to th? ?l|* twill ttO.MW tl IM/KO If I)m Cnwrr broker. Tin1 ("rutiward tor> -Vnry of the rataa <>f di?rottnt alaobpirf. dio^da fsrorahb rflret and tlwlntfat |it iroa war* tta? m ma aa tl iw e irrant on th? pr'-vtotia alWnoon. T'f ?i/n arrui tha ?n?1rr?Mil nor.hat>(ra of laliiri h it railway aharra wi re rwtbar flatto and A mm'^n mtirrip Mm wti i ifrr??l<trlj tbprttnl, fat Omiafqr no* of tb" tuil?\oral>l?ativicrf itKsfaed by tb? Fulton Inm S>-w Votk. Ant'Hfan railaar acrnrltia* on th? Pt?4t ET<-har(?r warr 4> praaod. Ibf aharaa of tbo lllmoia t WJtral , p?) laid, wire largely daalt In, pric?* vary in# fro? ? dl-ioni.t lb> a?'ti>n prr will bond* war* *" ? N> * York and M> ??-anta?i ?har** 'i?'lin?*l to ?1 l, a 32 a 33. Hw a<.\ Iwaftt n^'aw Yotk hrln? BBlaioraaH. f><ntt'h^j/^iiton HiraH, Nov 34.) TWO waa a hwi^ffc..HUt? "!??: f?" ?? 1 ******* <<( Atn*rl? ?n krcnrll1'", 1?^"' gf *' u''i'o?l t*m K mtim bv tlif?rr"'.lt "f ?' Wf Pr^?'l"MiaJ..|.-r t ion. and ttofMitttnatfaia wi re ratl?< r of an init?rt?nt . hmctar niitiot" f l"0 bar'^hr'wH a rftrogrraal- ti of t t ' r n r\t bat it I "n d? alt In ai: low aa SI nn-S ?."? dH rtiii t and tb'1 )?-? P""" ? ?" ? Tba I . m'a im I r? t r?"' b?T. hax >n? b?>. n aacottafd at a?t, IS'rw Totk and Rrlr aaaatit?d afcarra r?w?Klpd fully talfka rftrtit i,iai?rra?t, haviriK alternated botwM>n JW ,ia and al at thp fbaa tb-rr w >a no raoorary, and t?a yaluta ?;t?iKiaU} Mill ? ii* 4ui?a??. [Fr. w tL. M ui < U< ?!or Time*, Nov 24 j Ct i 'r 1 1 1> 1 1 <i f t < L' ily, iwd 1 1' *? d without variation Ti m ? oci.i ;tn-i- w? ie ii m. liailwaya were tlaUt-r m tl i- tt i 11 ti g, In* c I < ^ < cS at iui <n!viu <o Midland* and < mIi till unit wi*o ill di Baud. Amr-ru an ?Au i a. tyrant ad I a I it UP f 0 ii ?hmlr ah it th'ir l<nrrrt pint. lUnk*, mini * i to tuiH'olIarcoi * t-han h w? re about the hwdi [ f i t in thf 1 ? ndop i azi Ct Nov it.) Ibe truri-actu < ? In /tie iican *nouriti ? bavo been ? I'lii. i I* fVi ti ill, l*7fi M'.'i to fl do., Ibi6, ST; do. $100 ?hiirir f?0 raid, Vfl 29 f \ ill?ronrt New Yi>tk and Kite, flirt moitgnge, U67, do. i-ha? e* iuwoi ted, 31 t"Xi I i-i.i > l\ui.iu< < 1 . t ? a I boiid?,?ecou> moi tgagi-. convertible, 91 Si 1 -r.jrrd w the weekly t b'e, afto'dinf a comparative vu w of the I'. r k lotuiur, the I'm k 1 ate of diMount, Hit- |?i Ice ol i-> Wrola, tilt- pi ice of wheat, and the lending cxcbi cgen, durii g :> |* ni.d of four ycata, corresponding with thi prei-rnt d.itr ? At i'"rtr-j miiit q <t<th > viil tit, 1817. lKfiH. 1899. I860. rirct'lnUon. Im-lud n<r 1 1, nk 1 1 IK 1 bill* i22,IM,W.t 2I.IW.?7 2l.flftn.731 11.121,176 I'ublk del (Mia ft.Tw-.yie 7.IS71.7W H,i?2,071 tfttVW ( tl I 1 d?-pwit? 14,9M,M? l?.*r>tl,W.1 11,?t2,Mft < OTnim t?'-i urlti??. 5,W -7,4*7 l<V*?V#l I", WM67 ?,4?V/73 < tl . 1 m i urttlen . SI, 360,7 17 15,:i2?,774 1#, 068,408 a0,MK,01# I turvcot note* and i fin 2.'flH,'V)7 in,m70? 7,4.V4,?1? 1 . 11 mid bull', n 7.28M72 IH 7*V"0 lft,M(t,W4 1S.1S7.1S1 I unk rat< o' dimouut lOpeir. Srerc. 2).uere. tp ere. 1 rt. . of 1 niinolit 'JO 9X' jfc 9 CJV Ave. prtt?<rf whr?t Mr. Td. 41?. Id. 4*a. Id. 68a. Id. TIIK KltKCT IN I.IVKKtOOI.. We (five the Ii llowirp l-xt net of a I- iter from thf cap in in cf ( ne ol 0111 - cra(k" ihipn to h.a conaignec in thin city, nceived by the Asia: ? Ijvravoni, Nov. 14, 1M0. ruR Km ? Fince I laft wrote yon w.- have reeetwd the in ws of lincrln'f electim. I think it Iuih hait a gri-at ? flirt ( n the export market here. The Britlahern feel very Fhy m ? nding poodn to tbe I'nited .'?tatea with poll t i al matter* so udm tiled. They ap|>- ' h nd fC disunion. Ml-.ati ver the ratce may be, It in certain that there la ft very pr< at falling oft of frtidit*; only three ahipa are Ii ading for N'?? York. 1 doubt if any of ua get more than half full. Arrivnl of R?rry. TIIE IIORPE TAMFK IN TIIR MFTROI'OI.IH ? HI8 MtW TION I1KKK, HTC. Among (he passengers of the steamship Ana, that ar rived here on Friday, was the celebrated J. T. liarcy, the professor of horse laming He took rooms In tho aristocratic quarters of the Fifth Avenue Hotel, whore he was waited upon by his friends and admirer* during Friday evtmng and Saturday. Ho has brm absent about three years, during which time ho him astonished John Hull wiib his fratH with the horse, accomplished won dor* in the land of the theorct, al Frenchman, caused the Arab* of .Asia to lock with amazement and cull upon Allah lo attest his wonderful power. Tho I*hu far hi of Turkey gave hun free ti rnw amongst his well trained animals, snd on visiting Russia caused the Cxar lo l<x>k around bun for a magician to perform ibe Name de?d*. Having shown to tbo European* thai Nome things nan be done as well as others, ho h'ts now returnud to bis native country to practise bis art an! make our wild horses as docile as a lamb. In personal appearance Mr Rarey is tbo last person tbnt would be selected as an adept with a blooded and fiery nuinial. He is a little below the medium height, rather slim built, light complexion, dark auburn hair, lij;bt colored lnustaibe. of tbo most approved English Style, with a bluish grey eye. with a stern and sharp, piercing look, ai.d in fact, the only point In his personal appearance th.t would indicate to an obse'? that he p< ^ ?u? ""fse. He would be taken by a )b> slogm niist us more of a practical person, possessing greater tact to apply bis kncwlodge than originality; dresses genteelly and has a pleasant and agreeable ad dress. He left bU room* at an early hour yesterday morning to call upon friends at the ft. Ni< bolas llotvl, and spent most of the day thus and looking after his baggage. A laige number called at the Fifth Avenue Hotel during the day to await npon him, and were obliged to go away without seeing the lion of the day. His rooms during the evening were thronged with former acquaintances who went there to bid him welcome. Mr. Rarey leaves this city on Monday or Tuesday for t hi' , to visit his friends, and after "pending a short time reel uitir.g, will again visit the m tropolis and give a serli s of exhibit!' ns in our rnid^t, at which time be will no doubt Inform the public in regard toth" mystery of making the wild and ferocious Cruiser as docile asa Uuib. Mcxieaa AOiIti Fmyu? of Pmm. 1M1 HKTAM MTATkJUCNT Or TMK MKXIC'AN UON4PL ?0D4l. [From the N'cw ftrl. w I icaynne of Nov 30. J Mkii< a*. Oiwi'lJT* (imotiki , I Nnw nnuuM, Nov. '?), 1M0 f The interest m.tnifoet. d by many poraona on calling at tbi^ r< nst. late and their evident aoltcitate in regard to n< w? fr< iu Mcx>co. arming from their deaire In aee |??r? < tabl.slnd Illmt r> public, where Uley are au.xioua to take their famlUca and aettle tbemselvi ?* perinan fitly , induce tne to communicate to them , briefly . through tho columns i f your lateemed journal, the information re ceived by th?- I t.ited itMni'r ^'lamn. which ar rlvid nt thi* t<Tt a f. w day* sinoo From thi* Informa tion tho ?t< i ? tu'ift prcetmptien ?rin * that the Ion*! de strid li < iik lit |fl about to be r> a,,/, .1 ami tluit v ry soon tliat orn Mr} . f'iv<T?d by natuic, will offer to those who d< rlre t<> M ttle in It tbrao guarante* a of order and qui. ti de w> nicexsary to the developement of ita pruep. rity and jrntlni.'". It is, well known that the war, which for An* year* ha* laid * lit te the jr, has tut 'I for It* object on the part ot the liberal party the aecurlng of tbeae guarantees v> ti ich . M well us tin ? wtm m. tit of . iv,l. |?ilitical and re lit i tv . the con-litution o( 1 vf?T BM indeed grant ? id to *11. foreigner* a* wi ll a* native*. Their miciiihk opp<?(e reloim and contend lor the preservation of ancient all-. - ui v. lut li arc |?ti t icularl) interested the clergy, the ai toy . a fi w lame proprietor anil some speculator*, rot all Mexican*, wbo enrich them elve* under their pro notion. 1he t: i.yylc ap|>ea! s to have come to an end In rccordarcc with reunm and justice, as represented by the gr?at liberal ma'M* of llie nation. I,et on bop? that the s..crHlc? a which have been made, and the blond winch baa b? n ilicd. w ill not prove fruitle**, and that the M. x Man |*ople, tu'>bt by the painful experience which lie y have uinU-tgOiO, will prove to the woikl by their pru ?'i i re and m>i n<' |i grt'.nt hew mi rh they Kive deserved the syn pathy which thi ir misfortune* have inspired . arid that tin > iu <\ Still III 11, titled to oonai.leration and e* tnm, Hot gh tliey niav have been Hoarded by some a* an ' i civil, ted and i nchristlan pmple 'lite f. II. wng .a a *h<Tt e. mv ndmm of the new* buisbt Ljr tbeT' t w f see, pre< ???!. d ly a brief anuimt of anterior even la," wbkk I de. m try fcr tlikMHf or mj ri hi nsi< n ? I the MibJeot, i tnltlltf commentary or ri ll< < In I a ? After the defeat of Ihe reactionary army, under the ci n.mand of I on Vigm I Mlrsm- n near Slbo, in the mouth if hi ['li mlifr Isiil, thewh<le ei ,iiii try between the two sen*, and aa far a* the /tni' i a an frontier oo the Dorib, Ireiocnlcid th<> aulL<,rityr i f the e<in*tituiioniU (overn lull with tbe eiirptkin of iIk . iiv ' f (.uadalajara, the *e< 1 1 d tr> the r< public, wlp'h with a stronf and w< U " l pli<d irarri*i u. wa* still hi H by l.enerab laatiUo and Will In ei r, |ii, l( i, il-i.of defiut, the eaatern dn * i' n. uiidi r the ci n miii d < f FVn Mi(piel Rnblea eva i usti d the ritli*o| Cordova.. >Hlar? and Ori?*va, and <nn Inbtrated in tiixiro. where, aleo, the ffarriAi na of Tulan i ii I'.u bi:r i. 1< lui ? and On rti.. vara, were ordered to f I r thiit th- re t . w r- to.i ? ? d under the ontrol of M'lintin only tie capital, I'm bin and tiuadalajura. Ibe List nanxd i ity has bun taken, and IU defendi r? have utii e H mod the liberal army, their former op I i ' nt I'll' wit (r their eifirr'le, the forced that, et dir ibe r< ri ma nd of Omtril Maripiej!. had eomo to tbe,r r< 'l<f fl < m the < ity of M' *|eo, alter being ilefeaU-d. I,ki w ire t nrolled tl ? tun Ives- under the same banner Aa for I'm Ida. lift a* that city waa without defence. It haa I pi r, I, ably alnadv piot.outiced In lavorof the conat ini tios., at all i venia, It ? an ofli r no revi^taiic In < aae of an allaik It !? not ne< ? ? ary, in tM* abort summary. U> (five the deti.Hp of tie military operation* which have I brot gbt ii bi ait tlii *e reaulta. What baa been aald la *af fl< ielit to i > pin III t lo position of the contending partun ui tin | a* tit time, and, I oti?ei,u? nlly , the situation of the country. Kirm all tb (a, it la plain that th" reign of the reaction bar ? m'ed, and that tnerraof peace and happiww" (or Vi ?u o I as airiviil for it la not probable that the great defirna prepared In the rapltal will ever be pot to the vi ii on account ?f publle i^itaWt, wbkb con ,,i,i Ibta vHhMt d 1st i ,'t ion ot l-a/U , aa alao on ai - i ot i.l r,f di fn t i t, and d. morali*aiion of the troop* de? titied to nae thr m . Kurthertnor*'. ft I* known , almost to a certainty, that Hit,1 n on, in imitation of one of hia pre di i , *- ' t*. more ca|?ble, n ore.nlllled, and po^aaed of great, i tower, b?* every Ctrg prepar-d to mable him to I'lmpf ar frmi tbe scene of a> tion when leaat ?n*pe< ted. 1,1, h t \ me. oubt It It ta only wM?mry, in order to i?a tonv rci-4 if tin truth, to read the manifeato which baa ji-tff.n pibllsbid t" the natK n flhe eltv of Mexico), In ? huh ho *< l. mnl> pretest- tbat he will bury himself 1 1 der ilie walla Of ihe capital aie.nor than give up. Home i n,. ' i e > ver anxioua b> prove a propoetllon My* suf I I fer t to di'pn ve It. t I el i ve. then fore that the moment baa arrlrH for llirse whi' d?* re to eimirrate to Mexico |o prepare Imma d lately lor th< tt.derlaklng. with the full aaaurance tbat there lbe> will be n moneratod with Intereat for any ?ai rlfici thev may have ao made, doubling in ft ?bort inn thi capital they take with Owra. To apeak now of lie wealth of tbat alnii at virgin country, of Mexican ? t I I 'I . I ft II. let . f the |ieop|o n tbi ir dl?hrei,t pur ? to- t. rno entn ? U iirvi;.-e?**arv AU who g>, will Old there the sane tbey tcaro bere, and, without offend Itig Ibe m<et maccptible, I may aay further, tbat they ? ill And h< apltaltty and amlabilltr *ncb aa la found among thr Mr xicatis atone Of thl* tmtii. all unprajudieed and hmraitial iKolgiiera who ba^a studied the countfy CM give their test mmt Tr- Ming. Meeer* Fil ter. ih*? mi will grant me the r to give publlcrtv to th# r rr im.nieat ion In your wHleh cm ulaf. d and' much eatermed paper. I remain, very rrspectfulh , yaur obedK nt servant, 7 ' F NEJBAVD. Ka.nx to Ph>th ?A ymrg ?>encbman, named Pmeat ii,. r. wlo w?- i i ? > f a party of men from Ohio who w til into lero*? county. Va on a hunting espedltioa, w aa in? a U> d-atb on balumay atfbl iaat.

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