Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1860 Page 2
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THE NEW REGIME. Our Rprla|a?M CorrwapoMrteaca. 8r*i.iGnsu>, Dec S, 1890 Who WiU UontrxA the Wmtern Patronage? A Guide to Of fit * Steken Tkt Cabinet- Robert E Scott, of V\ry\nia? Boat iy?c??rt Mr Lincoln and the M ney Market? Jotku a S &*d4\ngi (>n Hand? Pertcnal. >fc , <tc am tba eleolor&i ocllegca are about to saett La th? Northern BUM, and by Uolr TOtrs to make Ltnool" the Mm JuU President of the Unl a?l tftataa , after trhlob event Um paaga of offloo aeekera may bs suppoaad to commenoe la good caracal, your correspondent baa compile! a aort Of directory for the bene&l of such of that hungry kid Day aa ball from tbe Weatern 8taus 11 will tell them whore to prooure the neoaaaary ocrllflcate, showing tba time aerred in tbe rauki, the aeai manifested and the money spent for the cause, (to. , Ac. , before selling out on the pilgrimage to the biding p'aoe of the republican Allah. Hy availing Utomaelvra of the Information con tained la the aubjoined reliable Mat of political charao tera than will oontrol the distribution of tba federal patronage la the several Slates, they are ln i>ly to aire much unneoeaaary trouble and anxiety ? Oiuo? Tom Corwln, Senator Wade, Kobert V. Sohenck Judge Kwlng. Inmaka ? Henry 8. lace, John D Dofreea, Sohuyler, Ootfax, Ool Thompaoo. Iixutoia? N B Judd, Senator Trumbull, Wa. B Ojdeo, Judge I<ngaa, J Gillespie, K Peck. WMixMnax? -Senator DooUttla, Gov. Randall, Kurt Schura, aad nembora of Uoogreaa generally, low a ? Members of Oocgrtaa. Mia?>CBi? F. P. Blair aad Edward Bate Kawa?? Mark W Oelahay, Torn Ewlng, Jr. , M J. Par rot, M. 0. ; C. A Wilder, Judge Johnalon. It to believed that Kanaaa and Missouri will son I a comparatively more numerous boat of expeolanta than any other aeotion uf the ( alon. The nomber of free aol! mar tyre, both bogus and otherwise, that will preaunt tr*>- for lonsli'fratlon from theae t?ro reglona, will be prodigtoua. Tne Kanaaa delegation will i>a headel by Mart. W. 1M ali?y, *u empty healed, acif puling. rain g'jriooi stiui, w'ao fcasos h;s prutets on* on uuaolicitad campaign s?.rvlr s of do'ibtful ellljacy In Illinois and la dlima The Utfegouriana that will before long b. set ihe President e.cct, under the lead?r?h p oi K.P.Blair, are likely to farn rc atlvely bclt'.r than the appl lean la from any cth. r tta!e, as tfceir slioe will *?e ui arual'f large, In Tldw of the fact that the larg<st republican vota caat ;u a ?.!??? Slate was given la IliH >url, and that the bulk of the free soil party cl Mlsrourt l? male of G^ma-.s, who hare never boeu la tbe habit of running after offices, but ooctect themselves with voting, and l?ave thortlvtaun of the spolla to the comparatively few uttlvrs thai fljuro aa thalr lea la. a A rumor his been afloat to-day that tht Prealdeat eioct etrteir plate* a selection of bis constitutional advitora Immediately after the metiing of too electoral ool ege*, and bjbUck hla choio? known to tho oouilry at large m order to allay the Southern oxci lament. Having been unable to traoe it to any authoritative (ourc*, I place no oradeuoa In It. It mual appear evident to every Intelli gent mind that tbo preaeni p<litlcai aim-ct of tbe country rcodcra the compoaitiou vt tbe Uablcel a m si ditUjalt task, hardly adaitttlng of a haa'.y discharge, The name of Koiert V. Scott, of Fauquier county, Vlr* rflnla, bai been frtoly mentioned of late la o.>Dueet:on with tho Dccreiaryshlp of tbe IeUrlor. He la preased principally by Indiana and Pennay 1 van la Infljoaoea. B>its la nowhere His um? r.aa not been p resulted by any one. 1 tniuk. uw ?_??. ?rwechei will prove lnoi!?tual bida f.?r oflloa He seems to be pretty wen ?,?, ,m p#-tl drnttal ctrclea. Mr Llnooln keeps h'msalf fully p -ate I aa to thi sondl tlon M the money marker Mr Dubo'a, t^o Stale Audi lor, who u In dally and Ultimate tslegiapblo aud eputo l?ry Intuit* urse nrlili many leading Wall i'.reet opjrators, fo-eishra him c*^c?taut iy such lufortnall >n a*e; tblei htm to understand the st.acge cajxrs of your bills ajt beat a. J ahna R Gld.lltgs, ih< renowned prophet of A*h'a*>u la, arr|ve<l Le?o thta uicrntng to Oil au >ratorlcal e^gtco mtut. He called op .n the Preal.let.1 elect, aud w?a prl vately engaged with him for some time. Althougi cor dially received, I douht that he suanoeded la alibiing an oiprtaston of aentiiuenu on the issues of the day In Lat ?aony with bia own. Hoc Hugh While left for New Yotk tarty thla mora Ing. None ef tho elector* have arrlve<1 aa yet A heavy fall of snow occur r?d tiering the last two days thro uthmt the i*tate, whl. ?? may delay Uielr mn ,>m-tnta Praiaontio, Dm 4, 1*?0 Mr Lincoln and tkr Orrmam Volt of the Xort\?u<?Pr'> m tnttU Om tax Htp*cUinU ? W hat fhty Art Afttr?Ap yro*. AtMf Mrf!mf of tht Elrctmrmi ibUtff ? Larff lufiuM d Flue* Stfkm?TS* Prttidtnl EUet awd the A titmUtng <tf Vtmfnu /"trton+l, A' , de. rttat fort ige tltmrbU prevail nm;h wore eileeiiro'y to tt>e Notlbwceieru I boa la the U*Urn HUM 1* a Ufll Ui( cannot teU to bo autlotd by oreo tbo acxl curaory traveler. Thai of the betarogaaeoua moaaic cf bat tot *11 lie* ibat caoatllu .a* ilie population ??' tie forte jr, tb* Urn an la, I'll te.tbe nan re. the a> >?t nocneroai ooajm QtBl J>art, will alao ba teamed by a abort acquaint aioe with tb* rfepectlr* local stiaa. K?? atac* Ui? reaction apoa lb* revolutionary era of IM and 1349 bfgan to f well the aumbcrt of tboa* tb*( aocuaUy *c>.?bt ti e hiapitabi* abo re* of tbli republic to ia*rwto fort ankcovn pre portico*, ill* out of every t-n of tb* m? oo men eru***d lb* Aileghaclea la aearch of * cheap born* 1* tbo broad fre* Wtft, aal beuo* tb* la c ??*** of Um Ueroiaa aetttera la alt tbo tftetea vaal of tb* aforeaaid novate'.* barrter and north of tbe ualo rlT*? baa b**a proiigloaa dor'ag Uw> teat tea year* tam<eaae of laagaaga, habtte aad taadaaatea *K* tb?? a compact body, abo** l*Bo*aa* ?*? from y *ar to y w more decldadiy rait la tb* political ami**, aa tb* naoatisr of voter* aiaoog ibom waa aogwaated by ato*dy nam raliiatloa la lWfl tb*lr oemerlcaJ elrength aaaerted lt*?lf fta- teae atrlhlagly 'baa daring tba PraaHeattel o* ?>*>?* , | oat *ad*d, *ad ?bat owtef %* tb* teat tba* (ha Uaralfra Uoa of UM aad UU (tba aod votemlaoua *v*r laadad I la tbta ooaatry la a itka apao* of urn*) had cot be,'* aataraliard la tb* former y?ar. But la tbo late coo Ma I it ma? bewail toll that tij* voter a of (tertaaa ertracti >a held tb* balaaa* of j<>wer la Obi*, Indiana, tUtooM. Wu ruaala. Miaaianti ami Intra !a each of tbaaa 9tav* they nam bared ten* of ihmaania, aad on whatever at I* tbo/ I war* te throw tbe wboi* weight of t tr rote wee aar* to b* tb* w tea tag oca The ra waa act aa Intelligent poi la* l* the Njrtb *i x>. that waa Igaaraat of lb* las .anco of bta ? - i i ia (Yteada ?' Heaa* all puaaibla a; aoo-a ? r* l? " bear apca tbrra by aatb of tbe ateaJsng t vti ? * *qa*J Ttfor , bat diflereal euortaa Thi ai^ority of U>* r.ermaaa tf tha vutb*i?i, an'.** j that of i heir ooaot'/moa la the At lac I * cl.tea, avlrtiit' i td to U* larorMa of lb* r*poiiltc*a pirty S <t u nit ! Itabbaea fact te ?>>a l*r*d at Tb<ir abteat joaro*1*, tu*lr b*at ?p*aker?, tb?lr meat praai acst aad povaiar man , r*fl?ct?d r*pubi naa (lent. Tboy worked witb >ba pee* liar taal, e*rte*toe*a at! ladataligabteafa* a tb | wb.cb tbe 0*> taan talad I woat t j ma?>- prsp*(aa 1 1 far ' it* ooBTictinae aad beaae tb* reaalt? nawaty , aa oyer- | *Mali|Bi;m!t) ?a<t| Ikif (oapairiott for Uti 1 aad Bam liu to Okw, Iitteow, ladian*, lowa aad W.NMaata, olrt repablteaaa bow t>p*atT acknnw ?dga tbat ?b*ir *1'tari waa, if aal wb<lly, at w-Mtte* gr^at aaiaat, da* ti l?* ' larg aeoaaatoae thay rroairad i* tb? m-n. bot y ?>*??? ed aeetloai (Voai tba tJwmaa raak* ? a?tb*r tbair )tit oT tbo fralta of tb* traapb. la accMar ?h ag wa n ts-y ?uwWted ail bat <teci*)T**y, wUI b* oot**--o?- ri a in . *M they fbr*lab?<i, rewiait* te ba *?i Tbat lb* (tervaaa, a* a rate, n* te*a alter am* t*i?a tba aallra*, aa caadtd otaifnr of pailll.-al 1Kb will dca; ?at that *11 tbea* aiao: g tbaa tbat *ada tb<MB<air?a oa *Tteao?a by tb*lr effjrte, both oa tb* atwnp aad o'.fcr wW*. tebabaif orLtacote,ar*dl*tetere*?d pUrlotl, trt* frwa an yaaratag Tot cfflia, caa bar My be wppoaad. It la waU Itaaaa. oa tb?< aoalriry. tbat qaite a aaiabar ara raady te errT* tuetr amiatry. Of tbaaa IVatanlo ?xpwtaata tbe mm promle?*l are ? Oooff* MM*?der, editor Mate O+kU*. Chiaaff*. lit. a. fcanwteia. adNor to. I.-KIH, Mo. B Dnmahke, edlter AOm, ?ilwa*b**. t. t. Ikart ate, Isdtaaa Baatnr at 1at?* * T (teaaaarwk , oat* neater at I.w|? Ooateroa Kaarnar, e* Maateaaat (tetania *f l. os.a ? Raaab, *? Lleateoaat Oo earner af Iowa. JL Kwubaaao, Naw Tark DtatriM Sccter. Karl Sahara, wboaa clalaa ara Uu nUoagiA, ta e n * aidaratiaa of bit b*e,*f dtiiwtd or*r a hundred civ palfn ap*?cb?a aad *p**t a Mai' fbrtioa fir th <:%-i -t ? ip*ou te br VUMi 5Hat?a s*a?ior, m I hwe wii; k'-p j >-t o ( iba rteg 1ba atablUna of a'i of lh* ab?re a?p*?aate l? * man 4lMI ' th* tferraa Dtmrte But aa at ? aaaat b*gr*i' ii??l i, tb ? waf, a ? t will bar* te roateat tbema^ee, ? witb eon>< titng Mm I wo ild not bessrpsfcM, however, if ei Governor Kneroer Should be seal to BerHa. The (jfMrfi flrawbtok the Gftrsaan oaadidttea for fede rai appoli t moots w It eiperleooe In puthlng their oUtm, will be the oifflovli) or making Mr. Llaoolo acq'ialaUnl with the drift v t e Urnru wishes as reflfBted la th*lr press, and ben <-?, 1 roat, tbey will fe?l grateful to yoir correspnud ot for 'be publication of the abire dotaila, | which were tr lib d to hiu by one o the meat eulaont Germsn citizens of ? fata Bute lir Ltnooln la dispose I to ; he Just to hla German mends, and will doubtloaB act rpon lie bin s herein thrown out. The approach iuf m.etiog of tbo electoral oo'^e hai gie?tly enlivened gpr n? field. AM the electors hare already arnved. Each odo brought a who!.' snlte of ox pectant friends aloof, and the hotola and birroosaa are otue n ore w? ' Tiled Mr. L'nco n's r am wai ornwdM all day faring recmp tlon hours, and there was no end of lnuoiuollons, aaluta tloni, congr uU'lors, onmpllments, ko , &o The attention of the Prwtdent oleot li now flsed on Congress. Be awaits the appearance of His predecessor's Me'i-ate w tb ? he ? ? eatiet arilet. . Ttw attitudes likely to be assumed br Northern and Soathera Congress sen are a 10 a fr< quent theme of conversation with hl-a. Father Glddlogs departed early this moreiJg f >r the Best George G Tout, the Secretary of the National Repuofl I can Executive Committee, Is again In Own, and flgures ' pr mlaentl; about the Tresldout & me wsgs are dally en terlog the names of distinguished 1 Eastern politicians on the registers of the leading hotel I I Kacbstub Bo#rg n rlral -orts the political gosslppers of this oity luto a considerable excitement, until the " aell' Is discovered by attempted calls up m the hotel strangers. THE FASHIONS IN FURS. A ?*>vtre whiter may be oonaldertd aa nature's sudor to ni' nt of tbe fur trade loe aud Bnoi? help It along won dorfuJly, ana w long ipoll of ould weather ha aeatltaulal icg un effect upon tbr bu*U)<sa aa sprig baa npoa vege taiion, or kumtucf upou lnaeut lire. With the flret froet all la bustle at. <1 activity , ihoii the regular bjalueaa sot ?or net* it; then tbe retail re value of dlff?r?nt fan be craioe a standard subjact of dlacuaalon; thrn tiis faminluo mind la distracted thil to Uiooee, thon it wavurs, like a p ii?Jul' m, between tbe danz iog whltonceaof the er mlua, the ofter btaaty of the mluk, or the glr>?y Bplt'u or of ibe eafolo, la whloh "ail that la bnl of uatk and bright," meet and m ifte n a Tdf bewi Jenug earl of way Let nobedy ttah.k or *p> a* IignUy of tuta diffli .Ity wuo hu not ttrat aprm an hour or two ta Uucthur'a tur eaial?H?h mmt. aoi: turned from black to brown, and from -rowu to *fc;to. witb an ever mureaelng Beuao of perpW x< d unoer taloty; teat If, a .pp ? ;g tbey are going to bay, for, If a viaiter cnly, with a uilnd free to ? luilro ail varieties, ? thout ?M>atig t . an; , b i hour so B|>eol would atlurd uiuilitd rat afactioa. It li pleaaant to C?<-1 on^tolf amid t hi re tin moul ts of datlrg aJwnturta tn?l hair breadth escape- an; to kuow that every re;,.. >11 of tbe eartb, fr>>m La.uand to Peru, hae furnish h1 hi quotaof tbere elegant luiurire Many a ror&acoo Ht.bUJou la tt? ec caries and aiulTi tbat would aiartki iht> fair purcha aera even to tntnk of. They tel> o.' deroiate landa, of snowy warWa, ol track '(ti foreMa otplorod and traversed , of dangeia oocuunierod tUat might appa! tbe aioutugt heart, and nrtvaliona ndurod that mlgbl woar 1 out tbe matr ?>late pat k nee, iflo romaao* of lulaalry la a thousand tlmea more thrilling than that of trave!, act Ibe en erprtae of acieuce pain before tbat of oon mem Nowbcro do <ve rcctgnlae th'.a truth moro fully | than in a fur emporium, anrrounled on all atdoe by >>el try, eroogbt from Ibrte Continent*. This erttele of trad* la a oonneottng link between the city and tu> wtldsrnne It brln?-a the elrppre ol Kua>.ia and tbo Opera Hjose of I N. w York to ceaeo ujunciioo; bindi tbo Parla'an 8>u!e var'a to Siberia, and gin a tbe l'<>lar regions an Interest In 11; de Park ?"be very aigbt of an ermlno otpe Is tuo Aoaaemy of Mualo m<gbt aarj>ort a poreoa ol lively Ima , glnaili>n ati, to anouier i ??, and toaoenej whoaaaub Itmlly wou'd throw into aba^e all tbe mlmls g orl?i of the alage. 8 >, In audition ti lha material warmth an I r <m fort we derive from fura, we can extract alao a vaat amount of immaterial erjtrment; and If thla view of tbo quMtloa doea not pretnnt ltaelf often to the buyer, tt la only a proof tbat the actual worth an 1 value of the arvi ele nqi .ee no adventittoja aide The appeal to the eye la rlcctaire, at 1 taete aeltlra the matter nt once, without having reooure< to the I tr agination Qowevor, It la with fare aa a plxaa ire, to the algbt an I not aa a ailmulua to tbe fancy, mat we bare to do? and wllb fare, moreover, la ilia, mauu'a -turcd condition which ncltoa ta the hoeom of oar Nrw York nelltn a frverlah dealre of poi aeaaion Y<ar after year th'a dealre bewmea nun Ira portunat', and cow to^y? that la, nobody that lou>o'l? tt be anybody? ima jxatibiy de wilt out a mink aet 1 of fUra. It la a perfect iiv ;ua non-U la a mark of re ipectabillty, while real geou*ne Haaalaa aabla la much more. It reprcaenM, not bu ldreJa bat thoaaanda of dol tare It la a proof, not of oooanquenoe, bat of rlcbaj li la a paaaport good enough tn pan one readily nt any door Fun hive grade* ar alrtngly marked aa aoilety baa, though the law doea not deflae them hern a* It did of yore ta tb? old World Her" tbe pocket takea the place of Irgialat inn, and Ita edlcta an more potert than any aver decreed by K nga or Parliament; bow ever, even Ita edtcta are dtaregarded. With tbat, bow avrr, we have aolhtng to do. Our bualaaaa la with the Inn that an aoid. and not wllb tbe bn) an la no other city of the world are no much expsnal ve fun Bold aa ta New York The auperlor ktnda ben flad a ready market, while the leferlir and common brand i are thlpptd to Karope Fun are aot ae->ject to aa mieb variation la ?hape aid a'ao an other arlkciea of die* For the laat three yaan then baa been scarcely any change In either rtapect The mull an aa anaall and the fall ca;e? aa \arga aa tbey wave then, and tt la not Improbable that the nail three yean wilt aee them aa they are now. The half oapea. qnarter oapea, and vletortaea, have neither loat nor galaad aa inch during the aaaaa apace of time, aad the cuffl abow aa equal avtnton to change Tbe Urge cape, wbtoh baa all the elegaaoa of fall dreaa, aad all Ita aaaa of mrphfi, la all 1 1 tn faah toe. and In aU probability will long retain ita bold on pcpvler faeor. No other article of dreaa la ao uaeful, none ao convertible, for a fall eepe ran aupp'y the plaoa of oloafe, ahawl or mvatllla They are from thirty to thirty three Inihea deep, nhUe the fur cieak. whijh the abnrtaeaa of oar wteten reolere lew deeinhle, menttirea from forty (ve to flfty, aad tbe half rap ? ta about 01 1 Ma Inebn deep. Young tadiea, particularly thoaa wha p*tde them aelwaon the fanltlaaa aymmetey of what In Mantalmi wruld call their "ouliloe," affect rlctorlaaa, *a account r/ Ui.'.r vma-'l tlaa M .(Tt, aa wa aald before, are attti aanalll) J? tilil c<.ntiana lo replace the loag fliat'.tg that wen la vt '?* ? ' r?* yean ago, an>l good taat'' at ' orda?a thai tbo I'alng aUjnld aa>?imilata wiih lha far in baa Central Park haa or giaa*^! a aew fhahtoa, or ratbrr rnuaciialed aa old oe? The bra of former daja baa reappeared t iart nader tb toTa Impoatrg came of the rldlag hoa, hul coai torabiv abbrevUl-d tn Inegth. It form* a rerv grare'el at'ditlc to a r 4iag babit. aod enable* tb* rider to bravo with Mi?eatlf the *. en nlr of that open loealtty. ' It m noi rnavb worn aa yet, havirg baeo only lalrodooe I. | b t wa havoao doubt It wt'l be tn un ? -eel Jhvor era >og , cir talr etjucetr 'ana, who wtll not ha aUw to Bait* on a good Jea ard convert aa ladlvtdnal fhncy lalo a mgnlar , fhahloa. Far la nae I tor trtmmiag hoary mnterlala, par | tK-ularly velvet, ana would be m >n aaad for that par pone were it aot ao ??r natva. tbe eip.^nae of far trim- ' n. ng erewi dtapr >t>ortlo*et* tn the q>taatlty , bnt la to ho arcmntod fbr by the fact that fur maat be nut to a Head vaatage to pripar* It for ihat pnrp^ The dlffareai j kt^a of far a ready meat, >001* are need for trimming, nad another of wuwh an ban not yet apekaa ? a vnaadown or 1 war. ah In whtoh may ha rlaaaed a* the otaaaotlag liak between far aad featbera. Peanadown formerly bad an independent meieoce, tt am alalaed to lha dignity ofeuppiytag fall eeta . bnt now It la eeMeaa neen, aad ?baa nan manly ?ka* oat or ad <a tt the knaty of nana* other MMrtal. Krmiae onn never go ant af faahlo* . N la, par maMtntw, th* dree* far . the far for operaa, ball* tad ooroert room a, tor every whan then ta llgbt aad gllttar; I* abort, Ibr oaerf pahll* p?**a *r promaamd* thai In roofed >n, that tonvtag I* th* dart fan th* wider dmain oaao( led by "th* hrar* *'a?baaglag drmaaaeat " fe Ala. how ever, there a aa i?fllo worth ahroa?ollag. Naan la dlra <11 1*| to b* dtettagniabei l>?s tb* crowd, ban dlnnrdrd fun nltryothrr a* too conamoa, with the et n pttoo af a Mall ermtno muff, wbtoh nt the prneeut wc maat la, aad probably nntU th" rig arena oold of mid a a ter art* In wtll be, the eitrem* of fluhloa N * i'i vt 1 wa forget 10 add that ormln* I* q ilte th* f n ter eMJ. dr?a aad ft <ag r? **<?. Tt? y rtan w*ar ft oil *f doota, aad nothing ran b? more beflnalag t* the d?imtte faliree* or roey ooaiptetiea of yonth than thla baautlfal fur. Mlted aqnirm nut aie'nr ar* *l*a *?o*t?MT 1 children's fur* ? ths para white of Uw (MS Hi the pre poderuM of whit* In ths other readying then exoood tegty suitable for that par pose Miniver Is aot eo much used in this oouulry aa It la la Kurope, bat we see H occasionally comparing unfavorably with ermiae and squirrel. It la, la foot, but aa Inferior kind of ermine, and the dark s|?ts of aeei<ikta plaoed at regular la tor rail, la Imttatloo of ermine U^c, look, Ilka all {saltations, far away boh ltd the original. First among tha Imitation or made fura stacds Frenoh rabbit or browa ooa?\t , i whiah can be dyed to reeembla mink or sable It la (vk and glaaij, bat of ooarae It dot-it not wear Ilka either of the leading far*. It la know* by many name*? browa aable, queen ta ble, Frenoh marten, Ito Musquash, another imitation fur, la even more llbe*ally aapplled with aliases, alliter ative at that, for It li called marsh mink, iwamp saMs, river mink, Mexioaa naartea, ha. It, however, has one de eldod advantage over the oonay, for It la more durable, aid this fkot should offset It* unfortanaie name It I* wora astasad and aw naturd. Opoaium llo4s a read/ sals la the rural dlstriota, but la at a dis. Mint In the toirui and rltlea Generally speaking, Indeed, tha black furs formerly an common , bare all disappeared, being replaced by the llguter colored ones HtrangWy enough, the aale of different furs la determln< 1 by locality. For Inatsnoe, fitch la a favorite ta the West and South, * bile la the Middle aad Eastern aectlona It la at a dlaccuot, New Tork la the great market fx the lead log furs, sable, mink and ermine, and where Quakers meat do congregate squlr-M Is la the ssoenlant. It would ssem from this that topography has something to du with taste The prltce of furs remain the same aa last year, with the exception of musk, which has depredated full; twen ty per oent. Three oausea operate to pmdnoe thia effest: a greater oatch or mink than usual, the opening up of now sources of supply, aad the cosUlaees of the article, which tends to txcluds It from the European market, aud consequently to overstock our own. The present threatening aspeot of public affilrs at home bas not as much eff-M on thu fur buttress as oi other manufacturing Interests more intimately oonusoloi with tho Soutb, for In thoto sunay . ogioas there U uot much demai>d for furs at nay time; their mild, short wlale-s can bo cu lured without them, and any empcrary iutorrupt'ou of b*tloess tint s? tlon of the coantr; must fall lightly <>n tals branch of our Industrial Interests Charleston is about the extreme Southern limit ol the trade la rantnilartu'od furs aad ?? i(f? aiid victorlres, the only ;o?ds ordorfl for th<; Southern mar tut The amount sent gooth -a, therefore, greater in quantity than In value, aad a faiUo* otf is the d?m\nd would tot oeof v tal oiLScq'iftnoe 81111 II would be fc.i, aad the prt-aent crisis bas left iti mark, Blight though It be. on tbe tur trade of New York. the estimation lo ?hioh tbe did'arent species of furs are hell is found by looking o?rr tho oriccs donantM for tlum Tbe market ralne la the only real va'ue, Hr vrbat's the wcrth of miytblog, But jusi *o muob as it will brln<v Taking this poetical and practiral view of the subject, : and jadrHig by th's ra -Ir'Tht u-ritg^uoua platform of poetry and seLBP, we como to the oocolusl a that Kufstaa . sable Is the mo?t dean-aKe of all possessions la tbefnrway. It oc.ts froratro thousand to ?wo thou* ssnaflveb i red dollars a set, aal somelimos over that figure. We do not wonder, therefore, thai to obtain pos session of such a vcr; protty piece of property should arouse the most slnmbirlcr ambition The most listless lady might become energetic under the iofUeooeo! suoh a potei>t stimulns. There Is a pcsslbllity of procuring this (ur at a muoh more reasonable prioo ? say one thou sand aoilars? but of course it is not iho first rate artiole. Hudson Bay sable raiifea from two hundred to el|lit ban drrd MiiKra a att. ?fit ta * rei > utnvh admired fur. Of course wc sec- more of the Americas variety of this little ?>i?nal than we do of Its Siberian relatire, the prion of the latter placing n t?*ynnd the t?wh of all sare tha weaitbieit Next Ot'On-s the m'nk, tho mo it popular of all the dii.orenl varieties of Uiis laJispensabls winter lusury. To the rlab, dark glossiness of Its for, al mos' rlvaiiipg tbe beauty of the aable, It joins the very Important advantage of com parative nbtapr -**, a a?t ol this fur being procurable for priors varying from aeventy fire to two han&red dol lars Tbe ermlae, the regal aad judicial far of Europe, can be brugbt for seventy ave dollars, and from that op to one hundred and fifty Its oolor makes It mors sal la bia for bails, operas and festtvs scsnes than for the stnot, from which, however, it is not wholly exiled, sttoneiuartm, whtoh la not so much wora aa bcratofors, vat lea from ona hundred and twenty five to one handred an ? fifty, and fitch from fifty to ^.evenly fiva d >llars. Tfce mlxsd squirrel is a very pretty and becoming fur, especially for cbildrea, to whom it seems by common oonstnl a monopoly of this aal miniver bas beea grant ed. TV' gray squirrel Is a very so)sr, sedate looking far, and ws were not at all astonished to Qad that It Is la great drmaad and high favor arsons our Quaker population It is J'lit the fur that a arnss of the fitness of things woald point out for them It raagea from thirty to forty dol lars a set. Am?rlr?a S<?iin. Tfci follow lag til as Iblinot ul rataree of iMrlOU eea km rr|h?lrrtd to the nrm' porta or tb? United jitM during ?ee . ear eadlDg Srpltnlxr M. 1880 ? y<tiv ToCl Portland and Falmouth, Me.. Stl ? 601 Pae?ene<mo<fdy, Me 1*4 t IM ?Wrcor, Mr Ml I SOS ttetfc. Me 718 73 Matinee. Me 4S I 49 w?iOrto . ro', We 41 1 41 WINMWI, 41 .10 1 11 rmcMu'i ?a? , He .. SI 0 e*0ft. M? T ? T Kreeebnnk, Me.. 29 ? M PiuoNeol, Me 8 ? ? r.?Mftn"oih, N H 31 t 33, Ma? SIS 44 U4 stm &<ifi>rd, Maee. 161* 8 1,?M N?wbnr7pr^t, Maee 68 ? 61 Bsrertj , Maee.... 1*1 ? 141 Umaareter, Maaa 1* ? 10 Marb < b*a i , Maee 18 * n n)m <iik, Maee 11 ? 11 iteraetaMe, Meet 18 ? 10 NM?krt, Maae Ml IT U|?r<n*l, Maee, 34 ? 34 Fa I Rue/, *?a? i ? S Hr ttoi at. J Warren, R ( .... IS ? II R I 34 ? M ProeWwae II I *62 ? 61 N?* l/idw, Owe If 1 11 Nee ftetea Cbr.u IT t IS M.d<ilrut?ni, Ooob 0 ? S Now York eltr. N. V 16T 4T 304 -af Harbor, X. T 1 ? K'Wtfk N J 1 ? 1 I'biledrlphta, Pa SIS IT Ml naU'B><ir*. Md M 4 M Hiibm- od, Va I ? ? Afeiaailrie,Te 11 ? 11 Vnrfolt and oorlmoatb, Va. J*6 I IM ft* month, N a 18 ? IS Nr?MtM,N.0 1 ? 1 Mrntoa, H C. 8 ? 8 newew, H CI 13 ? 18 Waeble|t b . N 0 1 ? 1 Oia?!eeum, A 0 40 4 63 K?? Weei.Fta Ml IT ft Mark*. Pie. 36 4 38 Mobil* \ia.. 3 ? 8 Sew ?*???#. 1* ??? M 866 Uwle-etoe, Tei 1 ? 1 TVHat 6.TT4 M4 6 078 The f ISotttrir la a ?tat.?nje I M the inmbrr of f mer'cte a. am< a r*?ietrr ?1 te tbe t'l tec "?teV?? darmc each of I!'# an iwii) owe > ? Ir >? - ftaaibor 30, 1630, to fV(.t*'*b*r 80, ISeO ? JV?#4aa, If?l'jr?liii4 To<?! Tw andtar >|rt 80. 1M0 . T 0a I 140 8.091 ?? '? 1*41 ...1 016 148 0, 63 M ? 1MI .. T ,738 IM T.M8 " ?? 1*43 ...TM4 01 T.ITi *? " 1844 ...a.830 14T 8.M7 -< " 1MI ...84* IM S.61* M " ISM .. 8,018 IM S IM " 1847 ...4.MT IM S.0M ?? " 1844 ...8,168 *1 8, Ml '? " IMS .. 0*4 J S4I 1S.MI 1SM...8M8 101 8 181 " " 1MI..I6M 1T1 S.7M '? " IMS .. 0 883 2*8 10.140 ? " ISM ...8 818 861 0.M3 <? " 18M ...MIT SO-J 8,018 " 0.3M 800 88S u MM... T MS MT 8.118 " " MST ...T.0C1 121 8,144 M " 18M ...867* 818 0,888 " " 18M .. 8 840 408 7 0M " M ISM ...6,774 2M 6.HT8 Vain oe Ran. fruti a Veaarorr ?Tbe Mlawlaf la u abetraot of Ike ralouioa of real rotate la firawl, ao oordtag le fee weteal ef ISM. leeeUer wit* Ike baa aatfaia ta Ifta aererai oowaUae ilaaalkaMM apprel Oa M Lm t A<WlMa 16 1T0.1M M 1M.TM M ? Blajlno 48M88TM MM M - CbVtfoata 4 8T6 8MM - MMT8 M Obit oaMtt 6,418, 4M M T1 MS 00 - Mee? 1 180 688 M 01,077 M ? rreeHla 4 788 00106 Ml, 8 18 M ? Oraee Ma 0M.OM M -1 41, m M '*?i?tlli 1170.71* M Ml, 180 M ? 8.0M IM 84 ? 84,111 M '.?-W .e? IMiWM 491 **4 M ? ** i'?H 8.444 a? 00 10^346 M ? *?eb!i (tea I*t?0i?l6 iVwiM ? W? e.r 8 7I4 8TI 4* IM.M1 M ? V rdhhai * 816 486 86 - ST0 I8J Mai* ...... .MM** |M 91 loc*,H6 mm#!tW"m Net |a<n - 1,144,811 Tt ?. 11W FUBLICATXOHS. ROTIMT at TBI NlW WilltLS; om, run Phinck or Walkh ik Auuioa. By Kinahan Cornwall*. New Yorki M. Oootadjr. Mr. Oornwallis, whoa* connect! ?n with Ui? journal ecabled bin to obtain facilities for observation whloh otherwise be would have bean uaablo to obtain, baa em bodied a & mpiete history of the royal Ttstt la as exoeed Uigij lively and Inter eating narrative, wbtoh the pab lis, we aze aura, will peruaa wtth much pteaanra aud profit. is aa eya wltaeis of the events which he reoorda hla descriptions, which, for graphic simplicity aoJ vVjor cf"'W not be surpassed , have a peo altar valao, and there la a ooeaequeet frtahoeaa Impartod to hla writing* wbtoh otherwise would be hardly attainable. From the first landing of the Prince on the oontlnent to hla final de parture from Portland, Mr. Corn wall Is wis oonstanUy travelling with the royal party, and no one waa therefore more capable of form lag a oorreot judgment : of matter* ooonected with the Prlaoe'a progrese than blmiMf. We have here, 1 i the haadaoma rolame before us, cot eely a panorama of the tour, bat plotorlal glimpses 1 of the history and prenat Mala of the oouatry through which be paaaed, and aaeodotea and faa enough to pat as In the beat possible spirits. We here meet with moah that la aew aad mcoh that la both Instructive and amos lng, and, la tern lag over the pages we hare beea har ried from grave to gay, from lively to severe, with a rapidity worthy of the beat of novels. Yet we have noticed throughout the air Ic teat adtereaoe to the facta, aad the moat well weighed words In everything upon which aa opteloa la proaoueced The work la not ae

much studiously aa sensibly written, and no one oaa peruse it without reeling reapoct for Its author. Ia hla Introductory chapter, be sajs. ? When I am dead and gone, aa people aay In England, the vlelt of the Prlnos of Waive will be recalled tn the midst or pleasant associations by hundreds of thousands who are now ohtldren, aid wh'ae present baaat Is that they have seen blm; aad when they too biro gone the way "l all fl*-sh, their children and their chtHreo'e ohll dien will read In the history or our t me the chronlole of this rt>ya' visit, an 1 It will be ef-aby r*aembared In t'oglaini ani' America, and W" 1 for azt ^ to preserve and Htrengthen that friendship *u -h <a.ght always to exist b.tween the Rtgl'sb ani Anier'cans, w io are allied , not i.aly by tics of interest, but bran atll Ity of race and Ituyusge, wblch latter J. a raicn.! b'?nd that can never be entirely broker, and It is ?r? b. h pod that the day w'll never came when It will b? fooad -faker than we flr.d It ccw. Mr. Ccrnwallla Is a plsasaot travt llrr.-mlhttSlastio, per severlcg and overCowlcg with a bubbiuy gaiety an 1 good | humor, and befjre wo have rtal through Qfty pages of ills ; book we hatl blm aa a frtond, and win ter on with hlin , Ic perfect ooult cncn incur gulo wb-jrevor he may see | lit to lead us Ho has a qui lit and dlicrlnioaliog eye, j rapid powers of combination, a tme fueling f* nature and a wholesome targe hearted sympathy with his foilow n.eo. After reading h.s book wo reel aa If we ourselvos had bron spectators or IM s.-oies be doptou, so vividly are they brought before ui Any ono reallag this vo lume and tea-ling the loiters or the London Hsua oorre spondent cannot fa*i to be struck with the superiority or tbo American over the ?c glial) acooui.t In every way, and we therefore heartily recommend tbo work. Of th) Now Tort ball, ot whloh th*re is a long description, Mr. Cora wall!* says ? the tlokets not being purchtsable, tbo company was limited to the committee and their unmedtato trl?cU lots waa a n >rtak.< In a lenncratlr. oountry llxo this, an esoiustve gatbortag of the kind oujht not t ?> have beea tokrsted a high price upon the tickets, and strlOfeot rules as t > costume, would have insured, sot only *a seloot aoompaayaa were there present, but anaasembiy Ides oumpoetd of old fogies If the moueyed and vraarableOxip erltes who bad toe management of the affair, and who knew as much about dtuoiug as tbe celebrated pig In tbe hornpipe, wished to be exceedingly arlstooratic, why did tbey net oontent themsslws with tbe selection oi "lalles patrone<see," through whose vuitober uok.ts only ooald be obtained} U this plan is const tered perfectly satisiac tory by the nobility of sa old monarchical ouatry I its knglMd, and la a great c ty Ilka London, u ought to havs ?ip.iiulid* v.irk immitkc of fur hundred As it was, New iork did notg<re tu. ?*-'rnj a bail, bat a w ruin nomh'?r i f g<.nti-Hn< a, who suoacrib**! a ot w<> amount of money with wrooh to dj tbe thiog baod ?cmoly. It was a pity, after all tbeir pa'os, that the tl' or over too parq zette should have (alien is just as the dancing was aV>ut to cnaa^n^ Kithtr tbe uommlttee or the carpenters had aaade a bad job ol It there. Tins and the fall tram the front tier to ths fioer of two large (lower vases were the mishaps of tbe night. Tbe other di aw txtcks were the cooaeqienl past ponement of lancing till the narpentsrs bad propped up the flmr, the great orish of spectators around the royal party alter the danUng oommeoeed, and the cost ptrative InslgnlScancf of th* number that donee lot all. Tbe ball, however, bad Its bright side, sa everything mast have, especially when It beioogs to New York. Th? dresses aad totbites of tbe ladies ooald not have beea i clips ad la mafelSceooe and aleganoe by aay tn the eorld, while for beauty sou the dtiplayof diamonds, w hero mm their tm have been met? I kunw.frjm loos: travel aad expert snoe, that Ue women of the Cattod dtaws, and espe. lally of ths Km pi re City, ore matchless tn their grace aad cbkeied beauty, while their exquisite taste is matters of costume is eaougb to wis over thaee who hare to pay their bills into a tacit consent to sndless eztravs gaaos. We traatftr the foUoertag to oar pegee from bit eoa- | eluding rod to Wool ? II la hardly n?.o i ear y for a* to remark that lb* roval loar, which in lb* foregoing narrative [ have chronicled with oraaopoilite Impartiality , bu been a Croat euocea, both to UM relgatng family aad government of Kafland, I bo people of tbo drltt*h Krovtooa and their neighbor* of Um tolled HUM, With the exoeptlon of tbo Orange (liflKultMa la Uppa CtaeJe, Uta progia* of the Prlooe of Wale*, from hia flrat laadlag oa American aoU to the day of bu noai departure irom it, ?ae marked wiib a r?r lea of tte anat flatterta* demonatraUooa, sot only front tboaa be will one day, la tbo ordinary course or nature aad by tbo raaatltatloa of bla country , bo sailed upon to jot era, bat from tbo free people af a great and friendly power, which altheogh differ in* In ay atom from bla own time at a I ke reaatt ? Ibe pricelea* boaa oi liberty Wbcr ever bo weal on Brltiab toll tbo lahabltaata dUplayed tlielr lojaity to tbe throne aad their affection for tUe Queee aad that aaa who came amoof tbem a a her ro preaectatlTO. At e?ery city , town acd vlllai* lnrou*ti whlob hi paaaec, coe at leaat. acd frequently hair a dcaeo add caaea of devotion and wolooma war* pre aentod, aad aa promptly replied ta. I ah a aid hare fait moch aanafhcttoo la pirating iba whole of tbaae, lor they did eeeal oradH to the bead aad bean, hat tka apaoe they IRmM onoapy la mora tbaa 1 oonM afcrd, aad oWolal doooaaeata of that kind are, attar all, aot rary Itrely readlag The prepaaaealng eppe?reooe and aortal c|'i?U tire of tbo Prlno* ware of Immeeaa aelataaai la fenalag the ftre of hi* |it alarlty, ao4 bla toadaeaa for danottf aronaed the tairriai of the lad lea u a very high plteb la deed? aye, and of Ibe bm too; for what fatb?r or brotbar would oot like to are bla dao|htar or atata ? danoe with the rut ere Kiag of England r I keew of a*voral ofliolai ireaUemea wba Lra relied part of the way round with bti Royal Htgboeae, taking their daugbtota or other lady relet 'too with tbem, merely to order that they mi|bt bar* the chaeeaof being eeleoled aa tba Priaoe'a pertaera, or *r*a of eajoytag the aaly lea delightful bnoor of daaotag la tba mm eat wilb bla. Many are tba 00m pi atata that I bare beard rrom tboaa wbo vara <J laappotatad la their erpeotatloaa of aa latrodotloe to him? the 1 treat ahjeet of ffemialae aablttoa Maay blame! lead probaMy with good reaaaa) the mambere of Uta local Ball Oommltaaa, who. M M aid? Hoaght not bti teete to fliat. AJkad aot ha wlahea, While all aromd Ma ataad 8? aaaay miaaea, Mia at the right of bla, Bel lea at Ute left of him. Bella* all a froat of bla, Yeung aad fhll gr >wa. While that aamalitoe aat, AH arouad went to get Prlroda of their own. . The grerer import of hie rlatt wee, bo rarer, la ?tr ?n# turning the popular feeling ef atlachmoa ? ti the mother 0 -.entry. Th'i remit wit equally aahiersd la the Kntieh Pr irincee aad tba Tailed Miatea la the one oeae blading the ooloatea cloeer to tba parent lend, and la the other e?c irlag more firmly the geaeral latoreal* of the two g-eat f.vtlooe of the AngljJkaon re;?, aa raprc ernied by Ureal B-ltalu aad the Ualtel 01 itei tha aeat maot rxp-eeeel oa * -reral oooa* >a* by Lord l.youa, the Brltiab Mlnietar at Wathmgtoa, rbo err -upaBled hl? R nijiee - 'rom the land Irg at Q -tehee to tba depart ira fr-m HorUanl, la bla oillolal renllea to rarloua American cut /eve. and partlaolerly tha Chloagn committee, waa extremely gratifying to Ue paopla of the Oalte.'. .Htatea TV* the Prlece, paranoally, tha t-tar moat bare beer nee j of au leaa pieaaare than profit, althoagh It waa a teak wbbib few la aay Other puaitlon would bare bad either tba hoMaeaa to uadartoka or tha la loatry to eGooapiiab wlthla eo abort a period Ha ha beea thereby reread la tha nbol hotb o.' natc-e and hamao a a tare, to whlob a royage acroa tha AUaatlc waa a good InlrodnctloB , aad another baok again a eaila'ac tory wind op. It la troe that bo wdored no am all aaaooBl ef hard work during bla travel!, extending over mar* than five thmaaed mile* aal performed in tea* tbaa tbfea month*, between hit flrat laadlag to AaerKta aad bla fiaal departure, bat to a yoaU with aoch excellent etaaina, and eoob a fl <w of good eplrlta end lore of adrMtare aa ha pro red blaeatf paaeaaad of, It 1 a oat bar* bean moat obear'nUy andnred. while tba poai lira aa)oymeat with whlob 11 wa atoglad. mad* the ef . leal oaJy eimllar to tha of daarlag with the lomfy of tba : laad at a ball all alght Natare la tha New World opaaed 1 to Ma rtpw rlata* of atepeadaaa htkee aad rlraa, to whlah I tboaa of Europe are aa riruleta, mat peairlet, tba rraad eat ralaraM eater the aaa, aad a caetry aot oaTr aa jaatia a ta phyatoai bat la t%a aoeial aapeot He baa natta* groat ettm that only a fbw nmn ego ware great wiM 1 raaea, aad ha baa baaa eaablad togbaee, althMgb haatlly , at the moral m4 polttloal phenomena of pope ar onrereigoty whWh baa earned for the l altod Blatea Um repeat loa of botng the aafeoal of Matoaaaa aad tha atady of phHeeoffcars. He baa obeerred the (en*ral peaparlty of tha paopie, a oaaarqaeooe of their Indomitable aerrT, tad a try aad peraavaraan*, tbe*r Iatoll1|<mea and fH? laatttaVoM WbM oth*r ?ueh epieodid eiaapte of tha advaatagaa of a If go ran reeot 00a id be bare bad tbaa wa be-e a'.forded bia fhara wa aotblag aa maeh oalealated to labae bit alad With wide aad gaeeoea ayapatbtaa witb bla fellow area tar**, aad to ineplre hi? with a oahle ooafil <eoe la tba deetiay of tba grant rapahiio? that g'irtoaa Oaioa which from one exlrealty of M t"' N tee other >e no '?** me won<te* than tha *ary ef maakied, aad the at < tempted pr, ? eeae aa< 1 pr-wperlly of whlob rt amaadfl oairaraJ reepeot tliroofhir*. IN Mtlrt . ??Ua fMnltdh tloo 8u~h a great ltd vs?-taHs ??* Id awe* a position, la ornalo not to re otb product! re of the ei? happy rtiaiui in ever* ?t* j , <w;wnia>l|- ?hen coupled with ib? many pleisant assnc'atlonraf h'e vlstt Tbe Mil pr<imluMit oveu' iu bis history ratf too i foiin to India, where the prestige if royalty U an great thai be would be certain to m?wi with a splendid n-cepticn, iheeStotof wblali np^n tbe ratlve population could not fail id being hi* sly conciliatory an 1 beretal%l U> Brttiah Interests Auttruiia la ao remotely situated tbat tbe chat ws in favor i f the Prince of Wales vlsiltig i it* aborts are few Hut I run rwioh (or the dalight tie j I colonists woold feel at even the pros|)sot of auoto an evrnt, | I and I out Imagine the meg otflcent sequel. It la highly I probable, aevertbttetta, that Prince Alfred cr one of bla ; | younger brothers will, at no distant period, make bla ap pears see By the long wash of Australasian aeaa. I Almost every page or the book la frash and sparkling, I j 'ively, true aod original, and might be quoted with ad I ; ?*iUge, to the aathor, bat we hare said enough to la | duoe our reader* to get tbe work and judge for them 1 aalvea. We must, Onally, not forget to mention that the ! ' work la embtlllshad with a beautiful portrait of the I Prince, engraved Buttre on steel, from a photograph ! 1 by Brady, and which la the moat spirited llkaneaa we I have ever Been Tbla alone la worth the prloa of the j book, which la admirably adapted for a Ohrliitnaa or i New Year "a gift Lin AMD COKUflPOMDBMGK Of JOHN A. QfTTTMAK, Major Oneral United States Army, and Gover nor of the State of Mississippi. By J. P. H. Claiborne. 1 vols. New York: Harper Bro- ; there, 1660. Cotoasi Claiborne baa perforsaed a labor of love la ooanpiltng the life aad correspondence of hla law pre oeptcr aad friend, tten. Quitman; aad their puMloatlon at the present Ume Is singularly opportune, because of the Intimate connection of tbe name of Quitman with three of the meat prominent questions of oar day? States Rights, Cuba and kaxloo ? aad the personal share he bore la their Initiation. A native of the Slate of New York, he oinssad the Al legbanlei cn foot at an early period of hla life, and after a short residence In Ohio emigrated to Natch ex, where ha acquired both wealth aad fam? by praottoe at the bar and In ailing the hlgheet judicial poata of Mississippi, hla adopted State The war with Meiloo rouacd the native military ardor of his soul, and reoelvtng the appointment of brigadier general 'rom President Polk, he served with dlr Mrgultbed hocor on the northern and southern lines of operation* In Mexloo. He waa too first to en tcr tbe captured capital, was appointed Its floveiror by Gen. Scott, and waa recalled to Wash ington by tbe admlalatratlon to consult relative to the plan of permacect occupation of tbe Mexican republic. During bla visit to Washington tbe treaty of peace waa signed in Mexico, and Quitman retired to private life at I S'atchcz His views regarding tbe oocquercd ooantry i bATC beonne more Important through the subsequent Jo < velopemi-nt of events it tha*. rtimhllc, aad our realirs | will peruse with interest his plan FOK THI occtttat:ok OF mnco. To occupy l be wh >18 oouatry In detail would be Uablb ".r^atssri ?~. ??? -?* C1?ToocortitoQ would be likely to offrnd Ul irrHo* ibe p*o>?f, end Wua provoke hneUiltUa which ml?bi <x aTu^ouid tawnllH ??? *'?=r. by d,?;*rti_agU, retider impracticable tb*o n-gulationa neoeeeary for ..?r - number of Eoaltlone In Ine vliU parte of tl!^ country * ^ ?Wcted priaoipa >7 wilb n new to reronuo conuli || |fce itoit time tbe eternity of the po?ia, wt>i<h laoludaa the prieerratlon or ouiamunlotfloo bclwem them ? . Tbf inott palpable etroxcea ol revenue art :? lMpo?uaojm5w aoeaylog coining end export of ike piectona bm ia'a TtoSal^ to ibe ful'^tmenl tb? flret, w- ^ouid oc^ oupy p*Uion c .mroandlog tbe ^"**"^^0^10 . ' . arkDorti. The city of bo?ra thl? relation to VtrnCr^r S?r, Lu ? Potoal to temMro; Ortaaba and To ? p-ys; 7i?^VutM.ttdiP*jw^ i^o^reiaro itHHiJii be oo suited. iMUM, ttttTXrw-t. Zuia ??* '*? " tut'tgnwtl'Wry t?a, would r**??iro ?.??? <,l*wt ^/acaWcTa'aad Sen I.ola, 1.400 OA?'h; 7.-ila and Tanploo, InV^ueTeUrson line In eommnnlcatioa * 'liki!o<j,Cf*nei?^?? Perot*, Jaapa, PaaoU National aad CavafVfl, 11000 dl?trlbnl#d M follow* ?? Mritco, 4,000, Poebla, t,H0; Porote, 809; * *?' Puroto Natioaal, 400; Vert Ur?, 1 0#0; moveablt, 1,000. T?On'?b? end Tebuacwn. 1,000 The whole number of iroope required under this dl* oraltioa cf the foroea wouid be M.CQ0 "??"> . The occupation of a liae Irom 7,?oalooaa to Tamploo wnnld render tt uonooeeeory to bola Monterey and M tuio, or to keep oprn the oommuaioalloa between vh ** Delate end the Kio Qrande. . , . The above eaUmato (lom not Include any foroea required or the Bio Grande or Paoiflc frontier. In i860, u Oororaor of the State of MUolaalppI, he took an active tad leading part la the State* righto morwaent, and railed a apeclal erreloa of tlie L^glataiure to oonaldor the daegora that menace the South la a apeolal Menace to that body he thna trraU the panhim to th* south, axd rni umor. To derlM aad oarry into effect the beet tiiiol rt drrM for the peat, and toobteln owtali ?ecurlty fbr the ? wommMd that a lef?J ooareatloa of the peo pie of' the Mate ihoold be called, with fall aud ample nowrre to take 'oto caalderation oar federal rela. lone, th ifiMtooi whioh have bw oommtttad npoe the r^?MTX.lberD MM, the daapre which threaten oft d>>ir*etlo Inititatioaa, a?? ?" jolatly wHh other Statee, or e^a-atoly, to ad< >pt ejwh vmtrM aa may beetownport with the difnlty aadnfety of tbe^uMe, aad eflectoaily correct tba eriU oomp'aiMd of. A ooaTWJttoi tho? aaembled, aad repreaentmj tbe >n?r*mu of tbe State, would, of coarae, poam p'e ntry powrre, naoontroiled ?y any laatructiooj or riatnc tloi which the Lrf laletnre rnljht latorpaae II niikt therefore, be iolB3i*nl for me to resoeieeed tbl ?r I* we to brtu tato ~?a ora^nti H., letrtoj tbe mode aad nttretT to their Wdoei wh?a thue aaeetnoiea. >" _ ? r^w^r, repreeeattn, tbe .Jwatueisd ib? roptr ?ipon?oU of ihelf win. STLwte aulbSm^a aad all e^l -d ob-^ce Wb*a I r?n?ct n poo tbe pertmwlty with whlob the ea lauiie "poo our ri|bte bara beea for year* p-oeecoUvl, ibe evtdeat lacretie of aatl elarery eeatimente at the Vorth an I tbe aicltoOMOt there perradiaj nearly a.l aaalaet the law to prtTida tor tae estralltm of ^o^Taert. I bare little bop. Wl Uat tho.. i*? tffi tadifp*naably itoMvy to oar Hbty, will bo IMM rd by a major'ty floahed with raooal Ttoiorleo ant ea onuraied by apparent dlrlatoaa WW oaroolteo. ^ et, to^e aa efcrt at cwartilatloa """^whTiiUU 'to* m aaila with as thooe of ewr owa peopte who a vtn iook (or a rwtaralaf eeaao of Jaettee la uEeNorth, let the pro pnetMoao M dH" alar* b<<ld leg (Ml be ia the power to commI to rtoh aMOodabaata of the f. onaatltetloo no (ball h rreaftor amply oeo art tho righto of tbe alOTetaidlag Utatrt from mloooaotraotloo aad from '"bT" uT^iat of n fuoal, I do aot hoottoto toe* prua ?y derided o|.ialoo that tio oaly odeotoM rcaady to eelli which moot ooatinao to ?row from year to year ia to be found la the prompt aad peaooable eecearoo of ^WfprtbabUWr'of tbe a.'UmaU aewaalty of ? Ibia pflbetirt end onqueoUoaablo rtgbt at *0T*f^t?* nbouid be kepi la view, whatever m?aeurr<i may be adorted by lb la Stole, elisor aktao or la ooaoert with bw atatrr Sutea, to rtatkoe r ei .atiag evlla In tho Mtail ne, ?d I, etriy'.VrrtO! ^blo, iHv of the bJghMd l?of laocr that onme eommoa centre of op'aioa aad ?ct''* tbould be authr tatiraly eetabllabed. Tble ??y frctod by Ibe ccartai'itl of ibe eeceral amouiing iflatra piovldieg for the orga*i?Uioa and auhaeil jout ?rci?ent prttrdlcai ap( "intmeot or electioa of a commltue at iaMy f >rea?h S*t?. to eoiiiet of a no??? *? ibetr Senatota and n preaea aWrea ia .i tT <v>m?ltte?a, wh<wr du'.y It ihould bo porlo^ cally to ai armi>le at o^me orotrU polat for tbe trtne?ott?i ofb url ot?? ab)oU be 'ureal* with adeq iato pswera, aboolato or contingent, to act fbr ihelr roe poaOrt l?o*ee apod aB aontioaa ooaaectod with the proaorrttioa aad protoeiloa 2f?XTd^Utte inatltuti jaa, Md tbelr rlgWjaa ?oTarelrn Statea. Such a body of moa, area if ekdhed with the aalboiity of but two or three Statao, wjuld ooa m wd -.tvi, and aocure qolat aad ^ablo reoalto to tbelr delermlaatloaa ...aimaa Iter I bare thna ventured to prfoeat oo?e i aagraawoaa, rw which 1 am aloae rrt??alb?. tWy ?hM* changed by the reeuli at tha WaahTlllO Ooartatloa, n^ la reoaioa, aad tho aotlo. al the aoorgta OMmttejO. wbteh will aaorUy moot feriho PJ2?? of ul11' l** nam* laiportaat qurtitoa labeoonaktoralloa , t ndor onr natoi of ffrwam^ ha#pti y Vhe r U bl aad pneUego at doteraalatog theoo g" re aaa eaoaaeajo ua T or all oa aVia rofviag ^ vis: ???? ? 55,"" .. ? Sis;SL2.5fS with CM aaothor lapatrtotW aaal to *?****? ^?JtSS^S!L5SX*j5S - 'j? jsssst~ ? i-s. i iT. iTwwiaiT' ba eome uaa?<wary r^edW wSrtTlrlthla the power of U- Uglilatart IfWhcaa bo te^toed, It wlU #ro ma great pleaoart to o^S^TwUh faa la thalr appllcatloa Be rtba^aeatly tooh a proas law l pari !a tha ptaao of if nrir' ? aympalhlaert with tha patriate la Oaba, aad hla riowa aad via oa thla eabjeat art glna by OntoMi Olal borne aa fb'ty aad aa aomplotoly ? ia vMi4r*i to "rtag nartw^paton la that groat h?t ?>?e?rr< BiffreiTt Wt?fclegl"eha* (?Mj in f^ewa tr> tin. ttw ??> ?r>/ of L??><1 Brooghi? "**<? Iroe ten rf i inn mo ktan havmg o la ad rare* of his a#.*." On tiwte ihrtr feet qutrtlons Qnltose!) **J* '? advance of k'.a?ge, hut ho i? hv-.l>' joau to tlietomb, <?<y# the trreel?ilt/>e nmcb of ew>uts li foroing bis o'?U'i"v W? enter Pfoo It") rotullc*) ef the Ib're great que st or a w'lt1* ibforlwd so murk of I li thought <uii Itbtr? tit<n Cuba end Mexico. Col Clel 'Hirut h?a t/^te l tus aub;-?ot !n a gf n!sl en i plMelur etjle, end l:? b.oi , which li ?>?? dtcated "To tbe ymtb of the loetfc," may reel witb proOt by lb* y ouili *xA Ihoee of oo.lur*) ?$.? la ell parts it our country the ibdians of ambkiga Annual Report oi the Superintendent of the Indian Department. UarAOifUff o# mi Tvmioa, I Offloi l.tuuj Akpajs*, No* 30, 18S0 J Pi*? The tccoixipany ing documents, from superlatnna nil, i|tuii u4 tesobt re, iudmute the present ooadltlon ud pro* pec is bf the Indian tribe* within our limits In general our lad lac u bars enjoyed durlug the yetr uninterrupted health With bere ud there as cxeeptlau, peace baa pro railed within our harder*. Henteouaoeee baa generally rewarded the la.' usiry of ths Indian egri cnltorlet, ? xcept where the exceaaWu drought baa bll?Lied bla cropa atd rendered bis labors fruitless there haa been remitted for payment to ra-loua tribes, In eompilanee with treaty obllgnttena, during the prtr. at eaten der jear, In mrney, gooda and proruions, Si Kit, 009 00. There In now In tba Treasury of tbe I aite* autee tba sum of 08,881, 104 61 applicable to tba Indian etrrtoe for tbe balance or the Oaeel year terminating the 80th Jane, 1801. Tbe eetlmetes fi r tbe flaou year 1801-01, baaed on treaty p'umlsei , special pro* if Ions of lav, and tbe legitimate Incidental expenses arising tbcre'root, amount to OS, 114 e86 38. lie aum or $8,890 341 bu been In stated In atoefca of tbe Untied Statee and la s?r*ret of tbe Individual BtaU ?, the annual inksrtwt acsrulog there open (8169 609 60) being applied la tb: ru.aia.tcl or treaty atlpuiation* Toe amount which bat rt vcrtei le the Treasury an a aorp-ua fund riuMog (he calendar year, tbe objects for whlei. ibo aoprnprl it!oa* were originally made baviLg, in the Judgment ol toe vil?c v beeu accom plished, la $161,287 9V tilnoe lbe 4lb of March, 186T, elovt-n tr. a. <?? U-f e l>&ea uegotlsUd with va'lots lodlaa tube*, which triv?tlOD, with tbe etoeptlon of thx one with tbo Tona ran 'a b ad of tscaccaa, of Now Vurk, deaigcod to acttie carta. n oi - lias growing out of former ailpulatio la, ma/ be propqrly it pa rated luto two dlatlnot claa&e.^. Qret, trta.i?s of aoq il?< tlon for the purpnee of concentrating tbo Tailans wit am suitable reservation*; and seoond, treat lea of csacioa In tmat to Ibo rev oral government with % ?!?* to tbo tale oT Innda for the bmettt ol the tribes, In r.rder to aer lire to tbe Individual members ol eaobtrl jo pnru.i. if Qt bo iiaa on separate traote, where their tribal ch?rn.st3r oui tie gradually aboJIaheil, aud wbtre they wi 1 pu??jact ?e the amellora Ing infl uences of olvUlsation Tbe nuao 1./ of land acquired by tbeio treailoa, which aow y>t>stltuws n parlor the publls Uomalo, is thirty mituon tws hus'lied and thirty -two tbousand live hundred aad elgaty acres, for which tbe gavernmrnt has agreed to pay tbe aggra gate oonalderatlon of 88,7ifl 880. There havealsn been oeded by eaid trvauue s z hundred aad thirty two thousand four hundred eons of land, to ?>?? aoid in trust for the benefli of the roipectlre tilbee. Ten of three tieatles hare 'men raliaed, and one, the Widnebago treaty, Is now before the derate tor Its ooaiideratlon, and I woull respcetrallv suggest that ths attention of that bsdy be agkia called le the subject In view cf the Importance of smarto* to this tribe n permanent borne, at they hart become greatly dissatisfied aud dlaoouraged by freqneat re morals from point to point, merely to accommoaate white Oltiseaa who were anxious to poise si their laads. Under the rarlona uots of Goeiress granting bounty land to Indians, there bare beee 1 490 epoHontlocs traa* milted from this bureau to ths Pension Office elnoe tbe 4Ui or March, 1867, upon which 1,113 warrants ha>*e been lasaed, leartcg 877 clslma impended for additional evl dacoe. During tbe sam ported 1,970 warrants hare been lamed upon appUeatione mads prior V> that date, mating In the aggregate 8 089 wv rants whtoh hare emanated tn rarer of Indians subsequent to tbe time flrit ^ pec lied, and tbens warrants hare nil been transmitted to the re epeotlre agents for delivery to tbe Indians entitled ibaralo The Ia<* ' wlthx tfco llmJU of the .n?io jf N>w V rt bare rot del. fiorated from tb? faroraile Oiadlitoa la which lb* re* of leal year placed then tar eetUe BMtl Of the (1 fliSulili * of toe TooawkDda band of SeDUCd* Mini l? haregirrD a iiow Impniw to their exertiona, which M roan netted by Mt marked improve nooi o I their village, ud Um leer en xxi qoaatlty of laad orougbt under culture TheUdiana of Miebigaa, coDceetratod on ra?<l mtr TtUDM hare ben a?oneeafal to their tmprornmrnt lo the report tf ihi jftr u mm etatea taat im Jooidaa ID WucootlD were uilmu t > hare their Itod aurreyed, limited portlont allotted lo tun la eerrratiy, im the re tidoeaokl for their beorfli iubeeqaeatly it baa bore re pmwtii that the hoed aie divided apoo the aubjeot, tad, m k ooaseqedaco, do ttepa bare beea lato la tba prrmlece Tba mockbrldgea aad INiiiii, la VMMta, da Ml appear to give any aatla actory a ride a oa of liaprera meat The mombert of tbeae l/ibea are property reajoa ilbia for their praoeat on'tro-able ooadltlee. arleiag frota '.ha patty jealoaalea aaioag the Mora precuneal oi t|M for piaoa aad p..wor ana y oar approbation meaaurae hare beea rroeaily adopted to execute the atlpuaUoaa of 'M treaty of the llih of February, ISM, reepeotlag the waatllaa of pateaia to the reepacttva pari lea aailUed thereto. The Mcnomooeee, dnrtag the part year, hvramat f feted a eptrtt of lanbordlaaUoa to the nqalreaaeeta of their local egent, baaed oa nrdara from tfeta ofl a fla chargee made by tbeca agaiaal him, aim (rare regarded by tone of oar prtaolaeet eltlaaat aa lapeauhiag hla hua1| aad tategrlty, btraaw its enbjact of a apeoiai la reat Igat tea Am ageat wee, wtih yoor approbatlaa, deepaiohed to their 'ea.'rrattoa, with dlrejtioaa to lorae tigate the eebjeot critically The peculiar friaada of the ladlaaa war* laloraied of tbo lateattoa of the depart meat, and aatborlxed, tf they theegbl proper, to [rt.-mre tbe h/tioh of mu attoraey tor the la diaaa, to be preaeat dartag the taraatlfatioa la tba opiatoe of the departaaaal the report of the tpcatat ageat eioolpated that officer Oraa ail the ahargaa which bad beea preferred tfaiMi Mat. A oopy of the report of the dpaelal Ageat, wl-h the aaooatpaay lag pa pera, will be traoeaaiMad to yaa to ha laid before tba Hoaaa tf Repraaaatatirat, aa repaired by raaatatieo, ahlch waa aa i roaalred hare uaMl after thealoae of tba I eat ataatt a of fVmgraaa la aiy report of laat year I dwell ad oaaMaraMe ieagb opoa tba taiprortag pmaptaii af the SMai UdlaaC of Blear eata, by haetag adapted tba pet lay of <be ga rare sent la raatrletlag thorn to anall naarialmaa aad af dirtdlag their laada aoaoog the* la wreraity, that tbay were ? rapidly pattiag aatde their herbaria aiaiaaaa aad oraaaeeta, aad adoptlag the dreaa aa waU aa the habita aad paraalia of ctriliaed Ufa;" that "It It atatad thai amoag thaaa who have ao chaaged are aaaay of tba obiedb aad ouBbera of the moot lofloantlal aaaa of tba tribe that two boadred area, with taelr faailliea, aaafetag ta getber aeraa boadred ,'triooa, bare doae ao wtthta tba tat year; Uat Ire btadrod mora are now preparing far u, acd that the ooaQdeet expealatua to thai at the aad ot three veara the Aaati t ladiaoa *'.U aaatMr iraa ibaa did J?oee who wore el ' vl ooaiaaa two yaa ra itaaa, i efore the aaw moren <-<>mtneaoad." Dpoa reyraaaa tatioat made tn thia bi<M au that a pnrlloa of tbaae ladlaaa who ware areiae to i aAdoaiap their tribal ooataaie tad 1 abita bad tatuakda:* 1 tnoae of the uiba wl? bad praall raily appll d th?awni- aa to errteaiiare. aad with a rteW to protect the latter ta tttir laadahie ifforta for laaprora a>*nt, the War r>epart?e..t waa rr-,oea ted ta plaoe a <ytm paay of Called Metea troofa at tba Meaty at TetHw Nolle oe Kr the aaaatai ee <4 the ageat la protecting tba '"artnera" la tbelr rocatmaa Tbta raqoeat waa pr\>mpV ly acceded to, ard the prra ace of the troopa hat reaaJtad la atfomirg the reqqiattr proteaUon. The dlaatboted la dirldcaW off the tribe exhibited their hoatuity lo tba "agrtcultnr'Ma" aad their eppceltioa lo the paaaafbl par ?uiia of cinltxatloa by Itariag the raaaerallaa oa war end boating exearvmaa aa a onaaeqaaaoe, a portioa of the aaaaiUea to which tbay would hare haaa aautiad had tbey beta prearel at the aaaa at payment waa dlrlded among the "fbnaar ladlaaa." A report. Joel reooteed from their ^aal, eooreya the gratify tag lateMi geaca thai, w^th tba exjapttaM aWra referred to, oae after aaotber thaaa ladlaaa bare abtadoaed the rbaee, the drew, the fcaate, area the tapar aittioaa of their Calhera, aad aaw iianagj the poaiilea, raoogalae the obllga;teaa tad porfbna the datlaa af laar ?">ldmg, anber, ladoatr*eoa maa>vo.> *r the riremaaltr. Year aperial atlaatiea la larWed to the Intenmtiag nanrl froai ageat Bvava la reaprd to Ibraa Irdiaaa rba wiaaaaagoea eeatlaaa ttaadtly oa the marob of i*a pra i f tat The greatest ahbtacte with wblab their agaal baa ta ooafad hi tba aafarloaa traffls, la tba liaaaa diala r tetany af tMr near rat lea, la whiakar, wblab ra aiark la applicable to art ladlaaa with Ik ear bardeta. Tba ?dual of their agaal, aided by tba raAaatlac lr dlaaa af the u?be, la > i naarlblag lawa br Iba poakahHi mtat af offeadara. merlta OomaaeedaUoa. Tba Chlppawaa oa lafea Baparler, aa wail aa tbaae la Mtaaaeota, parttaa to tba trealtaa af 1IM kad 1Mb, kra re i -or led aa ?lallaallag a 'lapeeHlaa la a?all ttiaHia of tbo baatflalai -.woTieioeamM tbtraia torlbatrtdraaat *aeat ta kgrtewH^Md tba ? rah talc krtt ooeeeqaertNlStrtiee'anbeL ooafaratUy with treaty atlpalallaaa, atada H _ opaa Iba taaaral acraraataM M atU tba aarpW laoda la trm fbr &a baaJ.t af the raapeaUvt m4 ??aoa the lib of Mwr'd, 1MT, Mara baea haaa Idt.MbM M> terra of Delawrre Truat laada dlayaaad af thr tbe aaaa tff ?MT.MT M; lawa Trmli IIH* ****** ?1M.M7 M Kaekaekla. P*or?k. T** Traal taad *)7,T?8 MM! "ta. ^ la the ag^retMi dH 1T1 M IM awM tff Haf I thai mJaTu M icweal of Ira pe- oartom tm aauan, for tU ?en eft of <h.-ee iribaa mitce the a bore period 1ao^? ratty lo, tad ptlaatad tb ?'i MT W/aadola,