Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1860 Page 3
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fhanaass MO Ml WJ aad M axmbora of the oouJederste i ^dsuiiimkaaklne, l%HW, Piaokeshans IM Weaa. Am VtuMiLmnm ? IM mMpteutlB MiliMiMii rt to ibemTandlbe oU>?-r tribes specified hare authority to iHMM of their lands under tbe provisions at tbe 11th Ml mil of Um aot of Oosgmss of Mareh 8, lOM, subject to Um> regulation* <* thednpnrtmsnt.ofUensmbnrlO, MM, whtoh r?|atra Ute nipronu of vtie deoretary of tbe lit terlor hi order to vest ? oompleto title la tbe purooaner. Thus, patents bave ? neted la favor of 1.880 Indians, ' ml m addition thsreto, lauds have been ssntgaed to 889 bidlansof acutd bloed, under ihe provisions of tbe 10th article of tbe treat; of Prairie da Obi en of July 18, 1830, for wbleh it is uaderstood toil patents ?ili be issued at aa early day. Land* hare also bean allotted to M Nov Y?rk Indiana and 84 member* of tbe uuiied bands of ?wan Creek aad Keek Rlv?r Ohippewas and Christian or Mil nam Indiana of Kansas, who hare no poirer of alloc* Men, bat merely hold the lan da by oertlloalaa of allot ?ant issued by (his bureau, making la tbe aggregate 2 088 i Indiana to whom lands bare been asiigasd to so veralt y ioriu| Hi if admlBtolnttot la oonneotkm with this subject I wool I remark that the atalma of oar tain Stonx half breeds under the ninth art I ?leof the treaty of Pratr e da Oh lea, of J air 18.1880, have been Snally settled by the eeannntloo of sorlp la tovor of thirty-sight additional claimant*, by arhloh eaah , k authorised to kwats MO acres of land, making In all 078 siaims to land within the Lake Pepin tract in Mtooenotn, which bars been adjodloated by tbe department as a inal and aattofaotory disposition of this anbjaot, to oon tarsal* y with the provisions of tbe aoi of Oongress of Ja y 11 1IU Tm aunsss. er Christian Ihdtoas, who ware ooefsdera tod with the 9ni Greek and Blaok River hand* of Chip pa was to TTissss, nnder the stipulatloas of the treaty of Jnly 14, ISM, are asw provided with ooaalbrtoble heme*, ana by srdinary lnduitry they will soon occupy as envia ble a position as that of their biethren ths Ohlppewat, who. to lbs arts of olrlltoatlon.are la advanoe of alJ other bands or tribes of Indians to Kansas, with ths sxoeptioa sf the Wj andots aad Shawneee. The Superintendent for tbe Ostral Supertsteedensy asmmuntoatss gratifying iateUlgeaos la reiatioo to Indian aCatrs ander us supervision. Tbe Impressions derlred by that officer from a vis it made k> several or tbe reserve tions tbe past rear Justify the conclusion that the system sd opted by ths goverasaeat, tending to ths strtltoation of ths Indians, soottonas to sptrato sscoemfnlly. Material improvement in their ?muni oondttton Is suutlfbst, and many of warn particularly thoss who bars several years been bring upon msai res? already appreciating tbe saelio rating afleots which ths pursuits of civilised llto produce, nre reported as having expresasd a desire to be afforded the opportunity of realtoiog the advantages of sdncatlon and inntraotkm to tbe meobnnlo arts. Tbe extreme severity of ths drought to Kansas to re Csmd to by the Superintendent, as having been meat disastrous to ths tribes to that Territory and those la Banth Nebraska, while ths Ind lass located on reservations to North Nebraska are reported as havtog mads a bun daat crops, which, with the annuities they reoel re under treaty stipulation a, are deemed sufficient to meet all their wants Uirongh ths winter. Disaffection towards tbe ?overnment sad Its agents exists among the Eionx of the Missouri agency, aria lag from the Impression prevailing among them that ths lands they olaimed to own have been osdsd aad disposed of by other tribes, having no right or intercit to the oountry, and which tribes, they ansge, are reeelving the benefits which tbsy should enjoy Dm ooasaqseaoe Is, frequent violations by ths 8tonx of their treaty stipulations, which they Justify en ths ground that tbsy bavs beea wrongfully divested of their leads. It Is recommended that new trestles be negotiated with these bands of SUmx of the Upper Missouri, sthsrwtos, it to believed that their observaacs of the stipulations of their present treaty can only be eafbrood oy resort to ml Mary influence J. L. tt tills, Catted States Agent for ths Pawnsas, la his aasoal report, dated October, 1800, bear! testimony to the general good oondoci of thoss Indians towards the whites borddrlsg tbslr reservation. ? With tbe ad vies aad consent of the lad lans nnder his ?barge, be bai organised aad oaiformsd a police torn of six from each of the four bands. lbs police take grant pride is keeping order to their camp, aad have rendered god aervtce to samndsrtog to ths sgsnt stolen horns, lbs snent statss that ths oouatry, from tbe Missouri river to Pike's Peak, Is tofestod with qrgaaiaod beads of deeperato horse thieves, from whose dsprsdatlons ths Pawaeea bars not beea exempt. Nn war party of the Pawnees has gone into the Sioux country, though such parties bom ths Stoux, Cheyennen and Amp* hoes bavs, by their jpreaeaos on their i as aria Man, kept ths Pawnees, as wsfi as ths whits employ**, nsnatantly en tbe alert. In the attnoka of Uses war par ties tbsy have killed thirteen ladlans, wounded many nth are, carried ofl more thaa thirty harass aad barned en the rem r vat ion more than sixty lodges. Two attacks bavs beta mads sines ths arrival sf ths Called Statea The Pawneea, to a oenacU with tbe Agent and Captain Bally, 0. & A., expreaaed ? wlah to stake pesos with Um ladlsaa named, ud, at their reqaeat, Captain Ball/ or. dared la officer from fort Kiamr to proossd to iboas baass aad n*U a proposition to Umii to Beet the Paw A grlai aad saw mm um bees completed tad la la no ceaaful oparattoa. Tbls, aa wall aa <**?? work on tha re sarvatloa, tea been retarded by tbe laooratona or the Moax, tbe work men, oa two oooaaiona, haviag bean planderad of then toola Tbe treatlaa with tbe flacs and rosea, Da U ware and Kaaaas Indiana were raMQed by tbe Senate at Ita laat aee stea; tbe drat without amendment, ana tbe laat two wltb oertota amend mania, which have been alaoe aaaenvad to by tbe proper authorities of tbe respective trtbea, and tbe aeaaaaary atepa hare bees takaa for the aurvej of tbetr land i, wblob will aoon be aubjoct to disposition an Oer the attpulaltooa of aald treatlaa Tbe <: ifflculty grow in* oat of treapaases or Intrusions by white otttaaaa upon tbe lan da of tbe tflants, Oaacea aad Cbrrokeas sssmlng to de aaad prompt aotloa, la ororr to protect tba rights of thoaa Indiana la aooordaooe wltb tba obiigatioas o f treaty atlpoiatlona, and especially id regard to tba Cherokee neutral tract, it became neoaaaa rjr to employ a military force to rssaovs the Istrndorr, who refused to abandon these lane a after doe nottflaatloo Baerraaatallosa ware made la behalf of aald Intruders that they were m la led into tbe belief that tbay wore aat titnjr upon tba New Tork Indiaa laada, aad tba . the 7 were deoutved by the map prepared by the former Bur reyor General or ffaasaa. la reply to these repreaeata Uoaa they were advtaed br this Bureau that the error waa not made by actual anrvsy , bai by an taoorrect pro traction upon aald map; and they were Informed that a disregard of law aad trtaly stipulations bad lodnoet Oangress to paaa tbe act of Jons U, ISM, w til oh rsqntrr t tbe UammlMoasr of Indian affairs to remove all person* from aay tribal Indian rrssrrei who ah juIJ be loan 1 tbsrvoa la violation of law; eon aeq neatly tbis offli* baa mo otbar aitsraativs tbaa to eafbrae tbe imperative pro viatona af lew wbes the milder meana of pii-aaasloo no t an Hue at km bad fntkd to tadooe them to abandon tba lu dlaa 'ends Noams to tba Intntdsrs spoo tbs Obcrokec lands w.? given aa early aa tba wtatsr of 1M9, requiring thrm v> abandon lbs laada by tbe lat of apri i. IMQ No atb 1 Una waa paid to tba notice, bat .he aeU era want oa ac<t planted tbetr crept aa aaaai Tba aswly appolatad sgen . lor tbs Cbsroksee IbUiag to rsach his agsacy until May, bs wast upon tbs rasarvauaa in A^ast, aad agala noi Aad the eetUera to abandon tba reesrvettos within thin, ?ve days To this aotloa tbay paid no attaatioa, aad 01 tba 1Mb of OMobor last tbs agent, accompanied by ?'i < dragocae, nader tba osmanad of Uapt Burgle, we-: npon tba raaervation aad again insisted that they ateu I go off without faitber tronble, tbey refused, wbaraap 1 tba agsat, on tbs third day after his arrival, oommaac* 1 tbe ban tag of a few oabtas. Bnbseqaaauy tbe asatUn ooevaaed aad proposed to tba agent lr be weald daaut the? would qaieaJy abandon tbe leada by the Stlh of n vr ruber, nsleea tbey oonld prevail apon tba dapartmn; to allow tbeai to remale daMag the com lag winter. To > agent eaaaad h>a opera tinea, aad tbs departaaeat, tj,i arpik-etioa of tbs aettlsrs. tbroagb their ages Is, agre 1 that the? should remain tbs somlag w later, from lb > re wrt of tbe agsat, to whtoh I respsstfally refer yon, it ?yuan that tba oaly reason tba aettlsrs rave for n it bred lag tbs aotlcs, was that tbay bad basa often aotiHt I b alert ta quit the ressrvatloa, aad no atapa having bar 1 laaia to eafttroe obedieooe, tbay supposed thav woald b 1 allewtd to ramala wltb libs sscartty la this lastsaos : . Is snrprwag to aac the growtag disposition oa the part of our eh issas to wholly dtsrsgardoar treaty obligatleas a.. 1 Indian tnbaa within our borders, aal It Is to bs bv that la fatare their rights wUl be beid more aaorel, a that tbs gevarameal will la svsry iastaaos prampUy tee that tbey are obssrvsd aad raspaclad Is tbs aan sal report of tbs Saoarintsodoat of ladi?. Afhlrs? Ssatbera Hoperlataadaaiy? that offloer refera t ? tbe aooompasy tag reports or the agents of the ssrsrs' tribes aader bis jartedlsUsa for Um pest year, for dots I. ? 1 hhraallaa respecting their ooaditioa, impr rveaaeal a? ? Much escttemeot is raporlad to exist am nag tbs Cbsro bses, aad dartsg the past year many mardern ant otbar erlaaas aad ontri?aa have bssn parpetra??> ? A aeoret aasociatton has baas for mad bv ?b > fall blood msabsrs of tbs trtbs, aad < saase oT all tba pr asset a a tat lag dtffisvltles < kUriantaiis, It is altrgaid. to tbe mtstloaariee awoc< them, who are charged wltb tatsr*arlag wltb tbe mat'* i tleai of ataverr tn tae (AoroSee cation Um Oraefea are aa agrleultarai people, and are repor,?i aa peaoeanle and atvadiiy advaaotag ta o!villa*l< >?. Ikeeat Importaat obaagea hsve bssa made In their torn of govrrnmeat A ssw system bss bssa tsasgarated '1/ the at-optloa nf a pew ooaatltetlos by the ?eo?r?i (>? Ml, whtch, amoeg other maasarsi, provides tar a dlr ?tea of lbs csims in to foer districts asd tbe an lection rf ablefa by tba peof?s; it alsn lasrsssas the power of tbr - aoliss forse, ?? tbs l ight Horse," aad rsqalrss aa e? fcrut msst m tbe law deaaasdlag the destraatioa of a I rpintooss Ikpora brought isto tbs aatloa Taey bat . gives avtdaaoa of their ability for satr goversmest. a- t aaaaltaat essteataMst with the obaags tn tbetr aat loci all tbe tamilaalas havs not ret tasaavsd to tbstr arw sssatif lbs Orsefea ha?s ?*tsadsd tbstr laws over that trtae, wblob, la o->aasqs?r-<> of tbetr tgacrsnw of the aa Means and aatars tberrV, have operated "pprssaivrir B is, hawaver, believe t that tha aatloa of tbaQrse.a arlB prove effect] re ta ooaatraia tha frmlaatsa to lata tfesss mambara of their trine who hare already ss tiled oa tbs laada aat apart lar tbaaa. Ifes dHalllii httbarto a* 1st lag amoag tbe Ohoctaws aad Ohiahaaawe, le noaaogaenaa of a MM of sest saest amoeg them raspsotlag a ooMlltutlea for tbstr gov I arsaaeat, basa bssa ran aal Cad by a veto of tbe pMd ?a aattea, aad all parttoa bavs sahmltlad teaad^^H to abMa by tbe rssadt of lbs ballot. bf tbs rssadt of tbs mm | 1s5y ars. however . aassyvd *y ? taaebsra and geardiaaa. ' who eaaeme to pr?asst t^Hr toreeto wltb jaateaa ears, aad tboa have ebtaiaad ta? aaae aad papolsrltp aaassg tbs gHM srsdatoaa aad <-? ?. ladaaaa frsaa TVana, aad tbal^^^^^^^H the fritter ? that ra? ibis ?hsr*s lbs Klckepooe be removed t% a reoer Tattoo to ba leieotel lor vb<n , star Ibe other head* of IiOImi. aad oompolled to ?ettfa up<? Hid oaliWato the land. la ouaeoqwaaoe ul Um uapreoedeatod beat and loaf ooo tinned drought of Um laat iutnowr, which oaueed ahaoet a Mai rail ate of tbelr oropa, a bill to prov tde lor ladlgeat Cbootaaa, aod for other purpeaes, waa paaaed by Um lie ueral Council or their nation fbla notion waa bad adth a ?tow to avert Um horrora ol famine with whloh they are aaeoaocd. Ike neat or the Ghootawa, la tranemMtlog a oopr of the act or the Oouaoil referred to, upraaena the opinion that without the aid of the govern moat of the uaited Statea, many or that tribe aad of the Ohtokaaawa will euf for, and la ha report apoa Um aubjeot urgoa prompt eo tloa la regard to aa approprlattaa out af the uhootaw and Cblnkaaaw ran da for their Immediate relief. The general aad exoeeelve drought the paat eeaaoc hat been neat eevereiy fait throagh?at the uUat of the Southern ffoperintendeney, aad baa utterly deatroyed oropa whloh, In the ipriag of the year, lndloatod a moat abundaat ha it ml In ooaerqeeaoe of thU aaiamlty great dlatreaa aad aufferlng already prevail among the various trlbea, aad the goveraaMat M invoked to faratoh food t> ?apply thair waata for another year, and thai avert taa danger of femlne with whloh they are aow threataaad. L?aa of thatr oropa. from any eaaae, oaaaot rtaeooably be aattolpatod by ladtaaa. and ai maay of the trlbea da. pead for a aubalatenoe entirely upon tha prod note of their labor la tha oa Uvailoa of tha eotl, a total failure to real ?aa ?y re tor a for thair toll aooa redooea them to a ooo dltioo of comparative, IT not aheolute poverty. To prevent ?tarvatfoo among tha (offering tTfMafl du ring the approaching winter, tba aartatanoe of governaaent ahoald be readered; aad I have the boaer to eaggeet that a reoommendation be aMde to Ooagreea, at an early day, for an appropriate aollotent to neat their teamed lata aad preaaing demand a, aad to aupply than with rood to relieve their fa tore waata. The Importance af aetoHMhlag a military post with la or near the llmtta of the Cherokee ooaalry oaaaot be too ?troagly urged. The ooadltloa of affaire among that tribe la such aa to demaad the Immediate attention of govern ment, aad action ahoald be had without delay, with a view to the malateaaaoe of the authority of the Uaited Hi a tea and the eareroeaiit of law aad order within the limite of that country . I concur with the Superintendent la the opto tea that a military poet ahoald be located at IVoaea Rook, aa the Arkaaaea river, and have the honor to oall your atteatioa to the rr porta or that offloer a poo the eabtoel, ooatolnleg orgeat aad forcible reaeoaato ruataln hli reoommenda lion. The coalition or Indian affaire la the Territory of New Mexico baa not materially Improved during the paat year. The Navejoee are tat opea boetlllty to the United 9totee, and are deflect. Notwlthataadlog the aaaaraaoaa of pro toetioa from the government, the Uvea aad property ?t the oltlzeoa, even la the aeUlemeate, have ao Immunity from the foraj a or theae hoetile Indium, who, ombold ened by the anoaaat of tbelr predatory exoorakma, make almoat dally lncuraioaa Into the vtllagaa. The aggreaalona of thta tribe have oonttnued aiooe the war of 1868, aad the at lam pie hitherto made to chaattee them have proved iaeOketaal. They Invade the fettle meet* and commit daring depredaltoaa, almoat within rijtMof the capital of the Territory, without foar of pun The Uaited Statee troopa have recently beta Joiaed by Mexican cltlaeaa, Pueblo aad Utah Indiana, la a campaign agalaat the Navajoea, the reaolt of whloh It la proponed to await before determining what aoarae to adopt reapeot lag the future mac age meet at that tribe. The Jtcartlla, Apeehee, aad the baade of Utah ladiaaa known aa Tabawaohea. Mohuaohee aad Oapotea, inhabit the aorthern border of the Territory, aad are favorably reported to the department. The Jtoarlllaa and the row Muaealero Apacbea living with them manafootare a ape elea of pot tor *a ware, rroaa tba aala of whioh, together with the ratioaa auppliedby the goveraaaeat, they lealise aaubetatonoe. They are addioUd tothe vtoeeer intern peraaco, which reaait frawi tbelr proximity to the eat Momenta, aad until they are reaMvod from tha evU in flueaeea that aow aairaoad them, aad eaeoaraged to rely upon the prodoeta or their labor for aopport, ao lmprovo ment of tbelr oondltloe eaa be aalmt paled. They have not been bene St ted by the prmeat policy of the govern ment in making them prceeate, for It la aaaartod that two tblrdi of the articles given to (boa paaaed into the haada of the whiakey dealer*, who l&rmt the eoaatry, wlthia three day ? after they ware laaaed. The agent of the Gila Apache* baa beaa authorised by the departmaat to reaaova thoee ladiaaa and otbare under hla charge to a reaarve to be aeleotod for their oae ; aad I concur la the inggeetloe of the flapertotoadtat that the Jicarilla Muaoalero and other oogaate baada be aaitod with them, thue bringing together the er tire Apache tribe In a dlatrtct of coaatrv wen adapted for their rutcre and permanent home. It la believed that tbeee ban da, from their lacllaatlea to labor, eaa be ookmtaed aad taught to maintain themaelvaa with leaa trouble thaa any othera wtthla the Super tntoadeacy. The accompanying report of tha ageat for Um lodlaae la the Territory of Ariaoaa la reforred to for Information reepeetlng the ooadlUoa aad proe^eoto of the tribee la that Terr l wy. The Pueblo ladiaaa of New Max loo are reported aa ooo tinning to b? qsiot aad tiwtaatrteat aa ueoal. The eatab llahment or icbooia amoag theee people to mrgeaUy reoom mended. Being eaeelleat form era, the advaatogea of ada eatlaa m?M eonn reader them uaafal aad worthy olU SCMk The appointment of an ageat amoag the Oamanchea, now oooupylng the ooaalry opoa the Gaaadtoa, la aug geatod, with a view to prevent outragea by tbem opoa the people, which are reported to be of frequent occur. In consequence o f tbe umim aUU of affairs la Utah, and the so recent appol?tmanl of a Superintendent of In dlan Allaire Pnr that Territory, tbe DepartsMbl It la pot seeelon of but little information of a satiefaotory oharac ter from that distant region of oountry The aooompany lo( repgrt of Afot Humphreys, relating to tbe 1 ad 1ft a ? coder bin immediate charge, la regarded u representing tbe general condition ef all the various tribea within the Superintendence. Tbe Indiana la Utah art located apoa reecrr*ti?n? known aa Indian far dm. Tboee la cultivation the pa* I year are represented aa having yielded fair cropa, which, with proper ecosomv, are deemed eaffljlent for their w&nta during tbe winter. Tbe aid of the government will only be required to supply tbe Indiana with beef aid some clothing. It la proper, however, to re nark that tbe Indian who wore settled near I'/ram d lake were drivea off at a time when they weie usually rtlgagod In supplying themselves with flab, and may alto need aome arr.iuooe from lb* government, whloh woo Id not bare been Deceaary had (bey beea permitted to restate. The fam* are col lira ted mostly by white labor at great deal to tbe government, and It la believed that were the different tribea furnished with the neoeaaary agrlonltoral tm piemen ti they would, with proper an x>ur sgesasnt and loitroction, toon beoome ssooeasfttl llUar* of tbe aol), and by tbe product* of their labor ratals themselves The adoption of this policy wiuid be les? expensive to the govern seat, and tend to tevnlaps habit* of industry which wcmld rwalt la the material Improve meat of their condition Tbe tribsa la Utah are reported as being penoeabtn aad sub wrvieat, aad aet addicted to habits of vlos. Noiwith standing their utter dectttatton tbe greater portion of tbe past year, no deprad it leas have bean oom Bitted by them They have on one or two oosseleni, whsn Im polled by ire pnnm of hunger, made peremptory do mands apo be citlsac* of the Territory for food. Tbe act of 1Mb June, I MO, maklag appropriations fir the Iadtaa aervio* for the flsoal year ending the 80th June, 1 Ml, authorised a reorgaatsaUee of Indlaa aflhtr* la Chilton la, lavaatlag tbe Secretary of tbe Iateriar wlvh the dlacrailonary power of dlvtdtag the 9ute Into two districts, sad oonfsrrlng upon lb* President tbe authority In appoint certain agents and other employ da therefor. Tae Hrerrtary of tbe taterler, la the exerctee of this dlscrstlon ao vested la him, dsoided to divide the State Is to two districts, to be designated reepeotlveir "the Northern and Btmfhcrn Indian diet* lots" ef OaMforala Ike Northern dlauiot to Inalad* all tbad ?*rtl*a of Oall fore la north of the *ontharn boundary *f the oouattae of Marina, Sonors, Solnno, gnorameale aad B Dorado, to the eestern beeadary of the Mate The Soothers dietnot to Include tbe remaieleg portion ef the Stale, sooth of tbe kMBdiri ftboTt The President bartag appolated the tve superlatendiag agents aotho laed ky the sot cited, instructions have been given to them to report to tbe department tbe condition of tbe tervioc aad tbe program made la the isolation of the sew system adapted. No reports have bean as yet received from then* offioars to justify the npresiloo ef aay optalen aa to tbe results of the ehnage ef tyetem above rsfcrrsd tx No dee Ms are saUristasd ef lbs favorable working of tbe system ooeUmpUted by tbe pro vlalons of the law rsforrsd to. tf the services of frturnt agents can he menrid who wlli tak* the least pain* u .a duoa the Indlane to remain apea the itamiilliBS aad labor for their own support. Tbe report of the Sapsrlstandsat of Indlaa Affairs for Oregon aad Washington Territory esatataa a graphic and Interesting history of ladtan adhlra within his superls lendeacy during the past ysnr. Tee trratlea were lagotlalad with various ladiaa tribes Is lflM and ISM, bat aot ratlfled a* ill March aad April, IMP. aad for fc I tiling these approprlaltona were only made during the laat saaaica of Jongrass This delay ec oaaiottrd discontent and doeat la the minds of the la dlaas. aad the fear that tbe oooatry occupied by them would be takea y unaaslnn of by the whites, without their ohuinlng the consideration speofed la the treaties, r rented r ich excitement among them that the peeoe of the country was thrcntsned, aad the danger only averted by the conciliatory ooaiaet of the several agents aad tbe preeasMs af a military force in that region. The notion already taken to carry out the stlpala ttena of the treat We referred to will, It Is bei loved, reassure the various tribes ef the friendship of the govern saaat, and land to restsrs uf sontiana the ami cable relation* whteh have hnsn Intsi ranted la acne* queaoa of the delay tn the rati heal ten ef lbs* tssntlss. Tbe ladlsss Is this sepsrlslsndrecy are Umatil at thirty eight thousand Bonis Of these seven tbensasd are in Oregon aad thirty-ens tfesnssad la Washlaglna Tern tory. There are three ihoossad la Unas apoa the Oaaat reasr vntton la Oregon. Of thna *ne thonaand ana hundred aad thirty four (l,Ud) are prirtded for fey trasflp stipule lions, sad one thounaad elghi hundred sad slaty-six (I.(flfl) are unprovided for. These latter were soliestsd at Pfert I'mpoaa darlag the treables sf 111 t, where they wets clothed aad fed by givers mast appropriate** for two years. Thcss appropnatteas bavlag bssa with hetd^ihe aepcrlslamdsat la withsnt fhs mesas ef ssppfy " The ladiaa* at the Oread lands and Betels aa? mm ssa be auhsistsd with but little aasistsnss ftsm the gerara ment, as the erepe at Iheae potata are r *pertod to fesit yielded *bsadsat barvspts | Tbe "Ooosss" and "I'mpnssp," r sonify rmmi rsd is the "Aicsa," la puree as wi sf laatrastlaas fNn this sfBas, arsraportsd to os tn a ss?riag oondltlon, owing to a I tstnl failure sf ths crops at that point. T? relieve their I prenoat assssslllrs, and to srovlds for tfeslr wsafls dsrteg Sa w.'nlar. 'he 9*portBfdimt wig snflit fey fesmnae sonsi motions to sntfesriss ths loaBl ageafei ts pnrohaas anppllea, aad sscpMs Mad sa appropriation he made by Quegissa _H ae sarty day to i ihslaras ths amsnnt tha? "ffs r?Lrfc< sf Af?ts MlUsr Ml NStrg?fe, fead sab Agent Mai, a<wta)s lalbrmatlsa la detail impsstlng the masagam. at sf tadhm aihlrs, aa tts Ossst igaarnMsa, Us pat yew. The Warm (torls^^ raasrratlsa, talsetsd tar the aas ef (fee Tad MS ar aiidK- Orsgsa? ssrtMs Is tts treaty sf Jsns U lMd-? hns hssc aewtaTstaes IMC Mlto hnve been arssnsd sai stfesr lapirffe sad gsnsw has ths aftarts sf mm ladisnp I* oslMfeMe tte sou. Jhdy were embnrr*?sd , ky delay to the mtlAoalton of their treaty, un their lall 1 ore to rewire (be protection of the Iroope tbil tu4 bom frequently applied for. Tbe Suki Indiana, their hereditary eoemiee, are oom Mnualiy depredating open teem. and by their freqoeat la euratoc* they are kept la constant apprebeaaloa. During tbe abeenoe of the Reeerre lad tarn oo a bant the Suakee made a deeoeat upoa the ageooy , drove off the cattle aad ; bonee belonging to the (erernmeot and the Indiana, kill ed <w oaptored the tew women and cbUdraa remaining at home, plundered the agate? and ownpeUed the agent and empkijfi to flee for cafety rtreettona were anbeeqaentiy given Mm agent to *n tnbllah hie boadqoartm at thla reaerre. This being done, tbe Indians worn Induced to return and rename their work In the cultivation of U?? lei da. Their oonflleooe waa partially rettored, bat the Snakoa oontlnalag their anaoyaaero, the Superintendent In Jane laat attempted to dlooorer their rendearoon, and, if pieelble, hold a ooun oil with them, with a new to tnlnoe them to oaaae their oonttaual warfare upon the tribea who are In amity with the Doited Statue. Bo waa unable to And them, after re occa altering nlaetece days with a military foroe, and re turned heme, touring the mUttary In the BeM engaged in owning an emigrant wagon toad through the WilllametU Valley. Two daya alter the Soperlataadent left the military were aMaaked by a large bodr of teakee, who, owing to the ragged character of UM ooun try, were enabled to eaeape with little pnnlehmcal Following clow a pon the retaining Woope. thene adroit out daring ?evagta made a aodden attack- apoo the Waim Spring! Bwnatka, and drove eg all the atoeh found there. The Superintendent reporta that thete repeated dlaan ter? on thlarmw >atkm leare no alternative to 1U aban donment hot the eatahUahaaanl of a permanent military poet for Ilk protect Ion. three Indiana, though known an "itoakee." moat not be oonfouaded with the "Hho aho-naea and "Baanaaka" or "tkakee of the Roeky Mountataa " The tatter are well mounted, and prooare a rabalataaoe by boating the bulTak> on tha head water* of th* Yellowstone, white the former are a miserable raoe who aabalat upon roota aad Inaaota, except when oeciimfui thieving expedition* far nith them better lood. The Indiana with whom the treaty of Mth Jaae, 1846, waa oonchtded, am reported aa being very tractable in their dwpjelilon Ike remote dlataaoe at which they are lo oatad from aril Influence* and the aptitade arlnoed by than in the adoption of tbe dreaa aad forma of otrlllned life, enooorage tbe hope that they will make rapid im provement Ike protection of the government aboald not longer be withheld from thou. The Umatilla Panellation In rtiaarlbed aa being moat admlrabb adapted to Ue parpoaea for wbloh It waa ae looted. Being wall watered, containing timber and much fertile land and exoelient nataral paatarage, ample for graxfcg large harda of oatUe and aheap, It la regarded aa potaaaafog auperlor adrantagea, and would aoonbeoome aelf anataulag. It bordere upon the whitn eettlementa, which, aa weu aa the reaai ration, wonld aoem to require military protection against the Snake Indiana who lun a hit the aqjeoanl country beyond the Blue Mountain!. The N*k Faroe* are located apoo a rtier ration of la meaee aien aad mat natural rceooraaa, rmbraotng ex ten ?Ire paitarta and agricultural traota, abundanoe of game and aah, while foreata of pine, oedar and taroh foond nlcag the ooarae of the kCHaar Water rlrer, with the timber of the m^ontalna, would ylald a permanent Income to tbe tribe, the atreama being adapted to rafting and nartgable Ant biUMU The Nez Feroea are reported ag baring generally adopt ed clrli i red dreaa, and a oonalderable aamber profeaa Ohrtatlanity and are exemplary In their eondoct, although for thtrteea yearn they hare been without any wh te tdntwir of The rartoua tribea confederated under the name of the Toklma nation are on a i*a** aMon caat of the OMeade monataiaa hartng aa area of about eight honored eqnare milea, of wbloh the Blmooe ralley M the ohlef habitable part, and wbara the Indlnna are located. Three Indiana partlee to the treaty of 9th June, 1854? ware all among the hoetllea during tbe Inte Indlnn war. The earrtrora nre aald to he folly amalble of their folly and appreciate the adrantagea or paaoe. They are oon atdervd aa entirely enbdned, aad are ?u been lent Although Inferior to other Interior trlbee In their phy alcal aad mantni power*, It la hollered that mnrked ac<v eeaa will attend the eforta to carry out the polley of the government In relation to them. The oontlnunl inearalena of the Indiana raaldtag beyond our Terr l tor Inl limit* are referred to by the taparln Undent, who reporta that oonatant aotllalona ooour be tween them and the ladtaaa of the reaervntlou, aad that the Urea aad property of the white aottier* are Jeop ardlaed. The employment of a mU awift war ataamar la Mala nmumiM (or aervioe againat tbeee "ontailo bar harlana" of Paget So tied. la coeeeqoeaoe of the follnre of Ooogrem to provide for the employ meat of additional ageat* la Waahingioc Tor rltorr, the diiforaat tribea with whoa wo bare treaty lipwoltoM, tad lor whoa Uo additional ageata woro In leaded, have boon Waaaferred to aaothar rooorrmUoc, with other baada not aml?r*??d hi aey treaty. It la important that oil tho Indiana in Orogoa ac t Waahlngtoa T?rr ivory, not provided for by ox lotto g treaUee, aboald bo negotiated with at aa early day, aad ooafod orated with tho? ?"**<? ?lrca4r m mo rod to ud aapoortod upon tho roeerrallMB Mr Mi.ui^.1, _u atfttoprfetioM ahoald bo aado by Con greaa to moot tho expenaee ineldoat to an oh aegotlatloae Tho act making appropriation ? for tho correal and contingent exprnaea of tho Indian Department aad for fuiailiof troaty oUpaiattoaa with varloo* lad Ian tribti for tho year ending Juno ao, IMt, approve 1 inao 1*. 1M0, appropriated thirty fro tttoaaand dollar* "for tho purohaea aad traasportatioa of proriaiona aad preaeota, and to moat expeaaen aoooaaary in holding ? council with tho Arrapaboo and Oheyeeae Indian* , aootn of the PlaUo, oaat of the Rocky ttoaatalaa and north of tho Ark ant af river " By yoor tBatraoktooa of tho llth of Aognat iaat, I wu charged with the duty of carry log oat the intention of Coagreee In making the appropriation, and on the 16lh of thai aMoth 1 left thia atty aad proceeded at expat lUoaai/ aa practloablo to Baat'a Fort oa the Upper Arkaoear, about aix hoadrod mllea from Taiaa City , Miaaoarf, at wh 'ah point I had directed that the two tribea ahool i meat mo I arrived there oa tho Sih September, aa I found oaly tho Arepahoee encamped. To the abaaat Obey ennra rnanora had been despatched, aad a few dajra be fore I loft two principal chief* and a few heal men can to ay camp aad lnfora?ed aaa that their baa da ooald not reach me for twaaty daya. Three Obey eooe chief* an I tho chief* of the Arrapthoee woro ooavaned by a*o aad it ? formed of the object of aiy vlait to them They readily aaaentrd to the propoaitleae which I waa authorised u make to them, reetocttng the rodootioa of their preeeai roaervailoo aad tho deeign of tho gorernaMnt tj eooot i trato thrm upm a tmaller tract of fertile oountry where they were permanently to remain, aad th?y agreed V? oooaamaiate the arraagemeat aa aooo aa thtir baada r? to mad from the boat la which they were tbea eagagad. I loft the ?altar la oharge of a apaoial agent , not being able to remain longer at that point; ai<l it ta belle*? l that ertielee of eg re* meat prepared by me to bo execoted by theaa Indiana will be oimcloded with them by aald apodal agent or by tie rtoeatlr appointed agent for theaa tribea A detailed report of the proooadtaga wttb the Arranahoee aad Gheyanaee, dated the Mth Ootobor Iaat, m herewith glrra, to which yon are reepeotful'y referred. It nay be proper to remark, that aot withstanding the open hoatlllty maalfoatad by too Kiowaa aad Comanche*. I paaaad through the ooaatry avar wblah they roam with oat aaolae tattoo, aor did I ana aay ef either tribe oa c-.y amy: aad ldtdaat await of the order of tha War Depart meat npoa oommaadlag offloora of military poati for aa aaonrt, either gotog or ret am lag acroai the 'lalaa The act above quoted ate ooatataed a provision ap proprlating tea thoaaaad dollar* "for the porchaao aud Iran rportaUoe of provMaai aad preeoou, aad to m? t expeaeca aeceaaary la balding a oooncU with tbo K A Lake aad Mad Hirer Chip pa waa ta the State of Mlaaeaoia, for tha eatlagalahmeat of thatr title to laada la that Bmta, provided, "That the gooda parchaeod la osteon haadred aad tfty atght for the Taecioeaala 9 aad of <honi, tho maiptiua of which waa deeUaed by theaa, aaa y be aaed ta tha aogotlatwa with tha aatd Cbippowaa ef ?ad lib* aad Bad rtwr." To carry late eCtoct the objeot eoatamplatad by Oee grma la making tbta a?ingilaMia, nimmtaaliaaia wore appelated, with ywar approbation, aad, la eeeordaeea with laatraottoaa from thla offloe. ef tha Mih Jely lam, to tho Bod river of the North, aad M i a oeaacii with tho Uhtppewaa af Red lake aad Rod river, to whom i boy made tha propcaitloaa aa aathortzed by ' tho doaartaaaat for a aaaaiaa ef their laada. Tha Commimtonera foiled to eoaclada arilclea of agrre aaoat aad eoavaatloa of three baada, by reaaoa of the abeaaoe of the ladtaaa from Ralay take aad Lake of tha Wooda, and ta aoaaoqeeaoe of Um d?logot*e from B?d lake bemg omtnrraami byprammoa tfoiy had giroa to tbo mamb*ra of tho bead who re aaalaad at homo Aaopy of the rep Jrt of tho OoBHataalooer* ia herewith traaamlited, ta whlah thay atata that, from lataraaettoa that haa reaohod them, it la bolioyad aagotiat oaa ooald ha reaamed with r*aaoaabla pi uapeole of eaooam After the retara of tha Ohtppawaa to their homo*, tha oh Mb ef tbo Bod lake baad, after ooeaeitattaa wlta their people, nominee tooled ta taatr ageat the ooaotaatea to wbtah I boy had arrived, aad aakod that thay might be aBbi'iad aaoihar apportaaity for aagoaiatiag a treaty. Iaforatatloa haa raanhad thla oSoa that the Amblaa la ? r ? of the Rod river had made a almllar re ^eeat, aad bad MMd to ooaalaia artkeiae of agroemeat aad aoaraatloa for a oamWa of their laada The attaatkm of the dopartataat waa oalled to thla eab ?act la a letter ntdriaaid ta yoa, by tha Haa Boary II Bkw, of Miaaoaota. dated ?aptamher 39, IMP ? wbo ?* preaaad the opts ma that Mthe priaoipal obfoatma to a traakf" had boaa removed, aad lavoked tho aid af the govwamoat to aSaat the object eoaloaaplaled by Ooa 1. ? importeaoe of aagotiatlag wttb the Rod laka and rlvar ohlppewae, aad the advaalagae ta be aeaarad iterlag la to treaty atlpalatioaa with them, are am forth ta my Iaat aaaaal report I therefore i neiimm'od thai atapa may ha tatan at aa am ly day for the parpeaa of efloatlag a treaty wlta thaae trll ? Aa early aa the year 1M> It waa am loaded by the Offloe of lama Affair* that the capability of the lac aa for a* If go i> r* moat waa aa loo gar a problrm, that ; althoaab with aoaaa tribee all eflbrta for their QivHimiloa had proved aaavaUiag, yet with etfewa the loetering ear* ) af tho tmri? 1 aooomoiiBhad tha aaala deaiga of aab f rtiutma tha paraalta ef alilllaad for thoeo af aavaga Ufa. aad Impraaaod their mtada with etevatod modoa of > thoaght, whlah gaoa tham a prefer appreciate* af mm al rwpeaetbJlty, aad the fhtare ta tham waa prom la lag BAgakt, lh IMt, H wee taalated that nietory furaiaMi aaaadaat proof that tha ladiaa paaaaaood all the aieaaaBMi I I mmmM hie elevalioe la an the pemw aad ayaape Ulea which appmtala to hie white brother, aad whlah proper deretopeateei to eaahle him to tread ? li aaoal atop aad dlgaliy the Bat the dtr?K*{ae to be take* for that dmlapami at waa a loeetloe whtafo hag awvar reeelred a a*llafoiliiy aa awar. The megaltade af the aaaj?ot, aad the d Jtonltlao oaaaaeted wlthlt,^MHMB^^^H af theaa who had of thla policy; and alfHoofh mach diatruat baa been ?aalftated la tha ?ytlem by otber*, 1 ui o<-iii><frut of Ita ultimate aaostaa The Dacotab, or rttoux, of MtooaaoU, furnlah a laudable example. Willi tbrui tb? practice of aetaatnaltoa waa inaugurated ta iiu aa IbM, ai d m <1 of It* pioneer* la improvement are sua la a prusportraa aoadltlon, although they have to oonteai wltb many ad rem* lataeeeee la oppoantou to all prenonenlred opln lew. Itarmg the pa*t )?ar mora ttan one huadrod of thla tribe bare beea ooentaoly engaged in agrtoultare, ta" oaHl-mted oyer two thoaaaad aoree of land, enokieed their BeW* with good feaoeo, and materially a"ed In vha eeaatroctkn of aomtortable dwelling* They hare aban deaad lad tan cuatoma, and, M fungal, tndoatriou* aad ?uooe*n(u' former*, will compare faTuraDl ? with I be aanvw anmber of wMte ottlana In any part of Mlnneota If ruoh Improvement h*a beta effeoted tu the eoarae of two brier yearn with a tribe to wUd aod barbarooa aa tha Daxitah, bow eminently encouraging to peraereran**, although th*rc tare been with nome other* partial fail area and much disappolntmed. Before elottog thla report I doem It aa Imperative dotr to aoggaat for your ooMuierattou the propriety of oalltng the attention of Got greea t? the n-cewtty of making an npproprtatioa, for which a (postal eattmate aan hereafter be aaada, with a view to praroov aa Bering and atarvattou anoag many or oar Indian trtbca, ftoaaequeat upoa the failure ot tbetr oropa by reaeon of the great drought ta ear tain portion* of the country dnring tbe put aummer. The deetltute ooadltioa of many of the Indiana under the fcetering oar* of the government reodora it abaalitely ae aaaary that a rand, adequate to U>e aoompitanmeut tf thla object, ahould ha ptaiwd aft the dlapoaal of thla bureau under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. I re gard It unnecejaary to preaeot any arrument la iapport of thla tuggtalloa, aa It appaala to tha ooaaaaoa *ya>pa tfetea of our nature, aad wlU so doubt reoalra the gene ral oo operation of Ucfrr** at ? early parted In tha ap Coachlng aaaaloa. It may be proper, however, to refer ?one teglalatlre preoedeata upon tha inbjert, aad I woald here apeolfy two laataaaee where apprjprtntloc* have bees made utile r atmilar clrcuonatanoea ? Flrat? by the third aentlon of tba Indian Appropr tattoo bill, approved May 81, 1U3, the aunt of Are thooaaad dol lar* waa appropriated for tbe purpoae of being expended, under tha direction of tha Secretary of War, la the par ehae* aad delivery of oora, and other prorlaioaa, for tbe aae of the Seminole Indiana, who ware likely to anflbr on acoaant of tha failure of their oropa from a eerere drought. Booond? By the la it provtaloa of tbe Indian Appropr la lion bill, approved July T, ISM, the auw of one bundrel and my thooaand dollar* waa appropriated to be expend ed, under the direction of tbe Secretary of War, for the parpoaa of affording temporary anhaiataaoe lo each In dlnna wtptot the Miaalaaippi who by rr aeon ot their en I gralleo, or tba territorial arrangomeute lac Idea t to the policy of aetttag apart a portion ot tbe public dooaala went or the Mmlaalpp'., for, the realdenee of all tha tribe* reatd lng eaat of that river aa ware unable to rnbalat them The appltcablllty ef thla latter precedent to thla (object la obvioaaly tire ogtbeaed by the foot that tbe reaaona which laduecd that jnpproprtatloa In tbe abaeoce of aay allegation of tha failure of tha oropa or aoarelty of pro ?laloo, are not ao forcible aa Hkmc bow auggeated by tbe lndtgeat aad *uflMtag eoudltkn of thoae Indian* who hare made reeeoaa'ite elVorta to aecure the ordinary mean* of aabtlatenoe, yet wboae pro* pec I* hare been b la* led by aa agency beyond their oootrol Very reapectfnlly . you* obedient (errant. A. B. GRKENWOOD, Oommiaaioner. To Ba. JaooB Tbomphob. Secretary Interior. of the Qovtrmor of Florida. Extorma DxrAxina-vr, \ Ialuimhi, Nov. M, 1900 j Owtuhbi Of m Bnun a?d Hocas of Kvutnu The or tats, loi| expected by ? of obasr ration, bas ? length oome. inrlM o ( aggressions aod insults, oom MMt?| forty 7 Mrs ago, by Ike Northern Stales sgnlnat tbe Southern, u4 Increasing Is aadasit y as I Ism rolled on and the South forborae, has bow poshed to a point at which farther forbearance a f Um Ssalh would jontlfy the aUsgbUea that ?? " are afraid to roatat " The election of Lincoln aod Haaalta to the two blgbeat c meas la the oonfederncy, viewed in osaaeotloa with the circnsastonrrs that led to the result, and the determine tioa of Northern flaunt Ics to orge their Md sch cease, re taidlesaol the welfare aad lbs security of the Soothers people, ought to exttogotnh any dealre of the later to pro Joe* their oosnoolioa with thoaa who ahow soeh aa otter 6 h regard of oovenantod rights and plighted faith. I will not la suit your Intelligence or traapaaa on year iwtlen oe by rsooaaUsg the aggisasmaa already perpe trated, or by referring to thoaa that mast follow our sob ailsston. for ssyaaif, la fall rtaw of tho reapoaalbility of my position, I most decidedly declare that, in any opinion, the only hope the Bonthsrn States hare for do mesUc pesos snd safety, or for fatora respectability and prosperity, Is dependant on their aetlou cow, and that the proper notion la . secession from oar faithlass, perjured confederates But aome Southern men, It Is said, object toaeoeaalon antll some overt not of unconstitutional power shall bave iltted by the general govern men t, that we osghlnot to accede until tho Pnahfe"* oongrsss ?mjm la r*? "" ^ nucMaivocally hostUa to oar ts ?t It at loss, and fraught with Immediate danger to oor rights of property and to oor domestio sefsty My coon trynss, If we wait for such as overt aot, oar fats will be that of lbs white Inbabitaata of St Domingo. But wby wait far this overt act of the general govern meat? what is that government'' It la oat ths trasses, lbs oom moo agent of all the States, appointed by Item to aansge their sOhta according to a written aoastitn lion or power of attorney, bbonld the sovereign Antes, thsn? tbe principals ana the partners in ths nsaoolalloo? for a moment tolerate the idea that their nation mast be graduated by the will of tbs jr agents? The idea is pre posterous. Let it be constantly bad la mind, this cestui. al dlffe rence between tbe relation in which tho thirteen colon tee atcod to the British empl'o aad Ita government, and that relation whicb tbe Stoles of this Union occupy to wards the federal power and nnthirtty. The ootoales were fr?cn< ual paru or one consolidated Stat* They had no separate organisation or powers, except ssoh as tbty derived from the King asd Parliament of Great Britain; consequently they stood Is tbe same rstatloa to that government tbat the coontles of Florida do Is the State government. Bui bow different Is our oondllloal Oar gesersl government was created by separate, independent, soversiga Mates It was satnbJlabsd for ecrta'n a.eotfted purposes, defined by a uon Mltutloa, wbioh sosatltution Is a oom pact ba t weec tbe sovereign States who created It, asd all who have become parties to it rbe colonists were subjects of tbe British crows. This they often acknowledged by pe tltlonlng thai Power for a removal of their grievances When, therefore, they resisted the authority of their con fessod sovereign they ptaoed th missives is a state of re bell kn. the purpose of which was revolnlloti. They knew this, yet did they falter even with the penalty of treaeoa staling them in the (see? No? they met la ooavsniioes, thsy declared "that governments derived thslr jaat pow era from the consent of the govern*! ; that they were In stitute i to protect the people in the enjoyment or life, II berty aod tho pwnuit of bnpptnees an 1 that whennvsr any r rm of government becomes dsa tractive of these ends, it is tbe right of lbs people to alter or aboitah It " Had i bey failed to me trials their aassrtsd righto by the sword the; would bars been amenable to the penal t toe denounced against trsnsoa. But they soooeeded in eeta b'tsbag u.e r lndepondesoe. after this ooasummatioa or thslr noble straggle tbe people of the several colonies, then acknowledged to be free and Independent Stolen, formed a new ooa federal ton by treating aad adopting, vo Ion tartly, aad each one tor itself, thai oonstltutiw which la so fisgtotooaty violated by maay of the parties to ths compact of fraternity. The preamble to this constitution recites ths purpjsss for which it was ordained, am sag wbioh are these ? "fo sstabllah just toe, issers domestto iraaqnlllty," ho Has II efireftel ibeee objects? I<et the q nest ton be answered by the lerty years' war waged by I as Northers Slates upon the jast rights of lbs Southern? by tbe statute books of thews Stat so, dtscraosd with laws expressly dsslgned Is defraud us of onr property, aad at the ansae Urns insulting as with thrsals of Sao aad tsurtooa meet If ww seek to realahn owr property even thraamh the operation of that oeasfllatisa which thoy srere sworn la support Let it be ssswsrsd by the moohiasaiuac <>r toantias, aad of sold blseded knaves. to destroy oar "ho sassUf tranquility," aad this, not aaiy by sesrst sedition sad Inaarrectloa, bet also by avwwod efforts, aew nearly onasaasmsted, to psrvsrt all ths powers of s anmaaaa go' - rnmeat to the per; etrattoa of their ?*ndleh or Isies Sueh, fellow ctttsans. is a an nog re outline only of ths ptetarsc of wrosg sad oatrags that ws are expected to eaduro narsalatlngiy Bat shall wa sadure It? Heaven forbid : Forbid 11 ths ssomory aad the example of theso ?obis patriots w bo pledged their "llres, their fortnaes sad their raered honors' to mala lata their liberty aai their righto. Shall arc, the dsassndaato of sash sires, reitcqslsh the rich IsherlUnos thus acquired' Moat ws leopard oor preaeet security aad oor future tx Isteaew aa s tree people by stopping sow to rs argns the abstract question of ?be right of ssososton? I have already aavsrted to ths tm portent dig* res as be twees tbe poiltloal reepoosibtlitles of the people the thirteen old solnetco sad thocs which at taoh to the p sop Is of the I'sitod States Tbe taimsr he lag sabiects, conld not withdraw from or forcibly oppieo thslr govern meet withtet aa set of rsbeUtos, tor al though they dsniarsd It their right to ohaags their go vernment, they were rally sworn thnt ths right depend ed upon their sues as in asatntalslng It Not so with re garrf to tho people of these Stefa Tbey are sot sub jects, but cntxsss ? sltissne, swing their Seat aad high eat sHagtasoe to the rsepective sovsretga Slates While the States remain in the Union ths nltU?na My ooaasi t aa est of rebel I me sgaiast thslr pnrttooiar Swiss or sgatosi the United Slatss Bat the ssrsasat thai a Stats. Is bsr sovereign capacity. I scleras a dlssolntlsa of the IMeral ttee, her sUtaaaa ars absolved from all t asp ties Ibtllty to the toderel government, and ths Male released from all esavsatfosal obligations to bar former Mostolea And mors thaa this? a palpable la fracUoa by one sr more of ths other Stales of ths cove sastsd rights of one or more of lbs others, rilissis the letter from thslr obi tgat tone to ths compost aad of snob tsfrscUooa sad ' the mode and messsrss of rs dreM." eseh Hats bss-ths right to judge tor itself this Is a right Ishcaaat ' j Statscand can only be alleaated by thslr voiaatory sot lathe ooaisttutlaa of tho Vsltsd Atatas i here is so rsHnqalshsssnt ef this right? no trans tor of It to any other power, tribunal or Js^a Tbe right sosaeqaeatly remains to the mats, pcrtscl aad nslm paired . aad It wvrs paerlte ta dispute shoot ths asms of tho thing whan ths tuso has oom tor proving Its sdR VeWrtn nlng thsss views, 1 sscst earn sally rsccmmssd a call nf a Osn vsstion sf ths paspta of ths lists, at aa early day, to inks soeh artlee as la thslr Jndgmsal may saaary to prstssi i at the people of I a rsvtoisa of Ifeg more ifccllvs orgaalaaUea of ths mil ntotkm of caa haadred tksessal dellsra as a military Tor the sasalag ysar, Is be expsadsd as tost at the ~ ssay rsqstro. Vary rwjpi jtfy^^ Daao JUnas-d MvsrsaT -h tow da n Ma. Ml MM Brmphto dryne, a nana arrived at Ripley. Ba, having to chairfs a dsdhs. asatstolss. sa ha assarted, thsbsdy of his I est seed hrsihsr, whtoK be mi ssaveylsa to his (Vtaada for MS? art Mb hsdMM ftaBy saptoM, is, bowsvar, aaastaded to bary It agar that gsnee, aato, aa a lag two asstotaaM, aacaasNled the sswlaw toirth, isaaaadtohsty dtosppaass i ml las sa Mass hash haardof ffhs sssistonia, tolktog over the sastter af arhai, M ths iriawts or ethers, the ( si lha body |aM totorvod, MM, peWts g etna bnvtofbeaaoseHsd, tho |rwve was spaed aad bo snosssary to prsteea asd sraasrra IherMMs.hsoor aad safeto of tho people of Plarida. 1 wontd farther isssm mend ? rev lotos of ths mllltln laws, with n view to a The Prrfcomal Liberty Bill*. TBI IV UK* KAMU It Ut CUf ? Lie T SMTWJUIN VUMIMM AND L rkhJtH . LVANI4. Phjl? p?i fH'u , Not. 23, 1M0. Bti. Jew 1 mull, ttoternor Virginia:? Pa* it ?i* I r<ad with rnuoi lik.tii m this morning's paptr J oar answer of the I9ih teat , to a letter purport )? k to tu?? bttn ?rittcu b? a eltiaen of tula dtate I am | a democrat? wed against Mr Lioooin, aad uaed all my bumb e etcrin to eidtaivr to preveut bla noooen* Bat 1 | am alto a l'< t-trj l?ai lau , by btrib, education and feel li g?im proud that I am cltlsen of this good old flute, tba Keyst? d? at Uie nrcb, and uauoot boar to bear bar a la i repriseLted lo any way I therefore was grieved at read to g tbe following paragraph lo youi letter ? " If I in not greatly mtalakea. Pennsylvania la one of | tbc ek-ven dob slave bold Irg States which have pawed lUtulee now In full ft roe u d rffset, dastgned to obstruct | tie execution of the Fugitive Slave law." Now, atr, I doubt not but tbat a blgb minded Vtrflala ! gentle -nan, aa you are, will be phased lo tare tbl? mla- ; tnku corrected And we cannot blame') ou and other South , ern Uoveri sora for beiur tbm mistaken, when a lawyer of ' this very city, whose daty It waa to bare examined tbe iub)eet, ta reported to bare made the mum charge In a ; spsecb dell rered a few eights slnee. Bat the faota are thnee,? In 1M7, three year* before the paaaage of tbe Fugitive 1 Slave law, tbe legislature or this State, ta ooateqocnoe of nemeroun outrage* oommltted within her bwdere, panned an act entitled "An aet to prereat kidnapping, preaerre ! the pabllo peaoe," fee. the only section in Utla aot vblch could In any way be ooneldered obnoikiua to tba 1 **>utb, rii; Motion 0, whtoh forbade tba uae of nay pri son of Ike Commonwealth for tbe aetentton oC aoy peraoa . from l*1"*, waa repealed la 1UI, 1 while Senator Big er waa Governor. In tba commencement of this y oar three oommtaatoaera, appointed by tba Ooveraor to eooaotktata, rariae and amend tba paaal lava of this Oommonwaaltb, mad* a report to tba LagMatare (a oopy of which I take the llbertv of aandlng yon by tbla mall) On page* 81 and 81 yon Will did two Motions, and on page 30 tbe remarks of tbe oommisatoaer* about tbem- Tbeae aeotlons wore adopted by tbe Legislatu re, aa yo* may aea by referring to oar pamphlet law* for IMP, peers 400 and 40 7, and these are all tbe laws we bare oa tbe suhjeot No olause ; In either of tbeae seetkma deprive* any parson of tbe rlgbt to eaferoe the Fugitive Sara law in this State, or ! throws aay impediment In bla way. It punishes any | person who kldnapa or endearora to kidnap any i free negro or mulatto from tbla Stale. It pro ' hlblta aay Judge of aay ooart or tbla Com- j monwealtb, or any Aldeitaan or Justice of tbe Peace, from having jurladtetlea or taking oognlMoce of | tbe case of aay fugitive from labor (Toe *ugitlv? Slave law partlaalarly provide* that tbe J*<lges of the United State* Oourta aad commissioners appointed by the United : States shall have jurisdiction ) It alao pun in art any per aoa el aiming a fngltlv* from labor who ihali violently j and tnmnliuoasly seise upon and carry to any plaoe, or attempt to aelae aad earn away in a riotous, violent, tu maltoooa sad unrenaonaMe manner, and s> as to disturb and eadanger tbe public peaoe, any negro or mulatto within tbla Gum mo* wealth, by a ftne not exceeding one tbooasBd dollar* aad Imprisonment for not exceeding three months, at tba discretion of tbeoourt (Would aot Virginia punish tbem for a like offenoeP) It also for bids tbe sal* of fugitives!!" running"? a practtos watch I am sare that every Virginia gentleman w label to have j broken ?p. Tbeae, aa I have before said, are all the law* we have oa the subject. And, sir, la there anything in tbem you | deem objectionable T If so, will yon plsase addreaa a com man leal loo to our Governor, who wul, I am sore, lay It bafor* the Legislature, which soon meeta, and tbey doubtless will ooasider It In a spirit of conciliation, and 1 a resolution lo do fall Jastloe to every part of thla great Union. la II unfair to reqneat yon lo point oat a single Soath srner who baa been Injured by aa " obnoxious" Penn sylvania law t If a single person oaanot be found, la II not dear preof against oar laws being considered " obnoxious T" With in tba last two or three years I oaa remember three fugitive slave oaaea in tbla city, aad I think all tbe clalmaata were from Virginia. Ia eaoh oaae there waa a fair, hearing? In one the olalmaat failed In his proof, aad the nsgro waa diaebargod? the other two were seal back. An attempt waa aiade by a few Ignorant ue groea to resoae tbe laat fugitive, bnt It failed? tbey were promptly arrested, tried, convicted aad pun la bed by One and imprtaoasMat. So you aae we do sua tain the Unltod States tew*. I was mseh pksaeed with tbe following paragraph la your letter ?"In oooeludlng thla branoh of tbe subject, permit me to add tbat if the North will respet aad uphold the rlghta of the Bialee, tbe Union will be perpetual. our country will oontinue to grow In power and inBoenoe, tbe people of all seetloaa will have aeoured to tbem tbe blemlnga of peaoe, qalet aad order. V"1 1,""* perlty *ucb aa baa a ever be? *??"?? or eppreolated in oar pmn nauiry wtu ne the niosemry result. ' ' Ood .grant It. And, In Concluding, permit me to beeeech you and all other Boothern oonnervatlvee to examlaa tbe statute books or ih? >.vib r ? yourselvoa, and not rely upon tbe statssnents of seam hired scribbler, wboae eely object Is to make seme bad newspaper s^ll, although, In ao doing, be may "add fuel to a flame that la burning with salB clent intensity now " Believe, sir, this Is wrlten only (or the purpose of oor reeling a grave mla take, and la tbe true sutnraent of a private cltlaen of a great State. Your*, reapcctfaiip, LEWIS D. VaIL,. urLY op somxoR mtchik. RifHBonn, V* , Not 28, 1840 Put Hi*.? Saturday evening last l reoetved your letter at tbi 83d mat. You think I have unintentionally done Injaitloe to tho RUte of rei>n*yi Tenia, Id Bay reierenoe 13 bar legislation respecting fugitlvee from leoor. 11 woald be a souroe of painful regret to me to find that I bad either tatnot loc ally or ub intentionally douo Injustice to your State; and no one, when oonvlnord of tbe error, woald be more prompt to repair the wrong than myaeif Tbe faithful and prompt manner la which the preeeat high toned aod einelkcl Chief Migietrate of your Mate dUMhargad bin duty toward* tbie umimoa wealth, on a reoeat memorable oooeelon . and bv wh'ch be ha* endeared himself to tbe fri?-n<i? "flaw and order eeory where, end the praite worthy condaotof > our oltlaeel. In gurreu lering for trial thoee who had rtolated our lea? and ih*d the blood of oar uoof fxndiBg oitinens a poo our own noil, have innpirad all true Virginian* with alooere respaot fir tbe "Keyatme of the Arch' and her oosstltuied authorities. In my rrferenoe to her legislation on the qixwttoa bow agitating the popular mind, I deelred merely to call the atteutk>a of your cltlaene, aad the cltiieca of other noc aietenoidlag Butee, to a eoorce of Irritation that wu doing aa much to weaken tbe bonds of ibe Union aa hay other one thing baring a legal file loo or With tbeee introductory remark! I proceed to tbe die | euentoo of the *ueettoes in lanae. Tbe portion of my let i ter, ei which yon oomplain aa unjust te your Bute, la mi bod too 1b tali hbMdoc ? - If I am aot fgnatly mistaken Pennsylvania |la one of the eleven dob a In v ahold log Melee wbloh htra passvl ?tatatea, bow in fall torse and effect, designed to obairaot tbe eieoetloa of tbe Fugitive Blare law Tbl* obargr wna not made without reflection aad exam! nation, aad 1 feel persuaded that 1 eaa eaeiaia it felly and to Um kUar, by each authority as cannot be tooceie fally anal led or controverted. The Drat f og Hire Blare law wae paaned by tbe OongrcM or tbe I'nlted Mate*, end approved by Preeldeet Washing, ton, en tbe 1Mb day of Febroary . 1TN. Tbe act la en titled "Aa act reepectlag ragltlree from Juetioe, aad per en? weeping from tbe ssrvlos of their masters. ' toe third section ef that act provtdee ? fbat wbea a pereoa beld to labor la aay ef tbe United Metre, or In either of tbe Terrltortee on tbe northweet or eoutb of the rlrer Ohio, enter tbe lawa thereof, shall escape la to aay other of tbe eaid Matee or for ritary, tbe perooo to whom inch labor or eer Tice may be doe, hie agent or attorney, la hereby em powered to eetae or arreet auch fngitive from laoor, aad to take htm or bar before aay Jodge of tbe Ctrcait or I)ia trtct Onurte of tbe United Melee, reading or bemg within tbe Mete, or belbre aay magistrate of a aooaty , city or town oarporale whereto each aelaara or arrexi shall be mads, aed upoa proof to Ibe aaiKfactkm of aaoh Judge or m^tairaU either b y oral taetlaaosy or ad) davit tua* be tare aad eartHed by e mac tstraae of aay eaah Mate sr Territory, thai ibe psreea ao seised or ar recti I d?ta, an der ibe laws ef l*e Mate or Ha tilery rreaa wbtab be sr ?be fled, owe esrrtoe or labor to tbe esreea claiming him sr her, It thai I be tbe dnty ef (neb Judge or megtsirele to give a eertlfi mte thereof to each oiaimeet, Lis agent or at torney, wbloh (hall be aafflcient warrant far removing Ibe mtc fog'tlve fram labor to tbe Mate or Territory from wblcb Im of IN Hod. The Ibarth Mctlon of the act farther pro v I dee, " That aay pereoa a ho shall knowingly aad wlUIhgly obetruct or hinder aocb tlalmaat. hie ageat or attorney , la so ceiling or a/ reeling *ach furllie* from labor, or shall rescue aaoh regit I ve from eaab claimant, bte agent or attorney, wbcc ao ar reeled, pursuant la tbe aatbority herein glrea or declared, or shall harbor or conceal each pereoa, after aotice thai be or *he wna a fugitive from labor, e* efore aald. thai I. for either of the eaid offences forfeit aad pay tbe ana of Ire hundred dollar*, which peaaily m?y be recovered by aad far the heneBt of such claimant, by action of debt, In ary court proper to try tbe name, 1 eevii* moreover to the pereoa dalmieg such labor or | eervlca, hie right of acttca for or oh aeoounl of tin aaU b Jnrks or either of them. " Tbe previrioea of tbeee eectlcaa ef tbe law of 1TM are i tec plain to be mtenaderstood They refer to Judged of Ibe Urcuit aad I net Hot Oanrte of the Ueited Biatce, nod aleo to magtetratee of oouatiee, citkee aad towns oorpo rate All of tbeae oftl Hale, aadar the term* of tbe law, have dottee lo perform la ginsg fall foroe aed e?ect to I this importeat law for tbe pretsotkoa of tbe right* of cltt- j sane In tlavr holding Matee Ibe lav of March 8, 184T, enacted by year Mete la fid latere, aad whloh waa paeaed any roar years a tar the law of 1TM waa peaeed by Ooagreee, wea intended be yond all quceilon to defeat tbe operation or the Oo agree aloaal act. 1%le le tee palpable to admit of a doubt , a* It refer* la express terms to that att la the Pennsylvania law. to wbleh yoa refbr a*, year lag isle Ian do -tiered, In the thtfd, toarth aad nflh eac tioae thereof, "That ao fadgn of eay of the coaru of thia Vnmmoe wealth, ear eay Alderman or J set toe of the Tease of said Ocm mo? wealth, ehaU have )artedleilee, or tabe oogBlsaace ef ibe ceae of eey Mgtiivs from labor, hum eay of tbe Veiled Melee or Terrtlortaa, aadar a eerteM act ef Oriagrcar peaeed ea tee twelfth day ef Wabraary, one tbooeaad cevea bsedred end etaety three, ea titled "Aa hat laapwl lag fsgltlvse from ieatme, aad pww> saoaptag froaa tbe eerrlee of their eMMer*;'' a or abail aay aaab Jadga, AJ dermaa ot JmMm ?f tbe feaac.el tMe Hi? wiiMk. iseae or greet aay aartiiaate or warrant ?f removal ot aay nab MgHie* freen labor, seder tbe aaM eel ef One rreaa, or ea4*> aay Mbor law, nalberMy or eat of Ibe OongreH of tbe railed MeAee. and tf aay Alder maa or AMbeof Ibe hilt, ef tbte Oemmneweallh, aheU NM iigil? a or Jarladielioaof Iba fMahf aay each fegiMre. er ebaO grant or lend mj mmSk* W wnrraat of ra moval, ee eMeeaaMI, tbea. md ti eMber eeae, be mO be 1 af tbe Oaart, aay m ad Malbae ?ee haedred ^eama, IK hhmDm am ikotfMl ilnlkiit Um om to IIm gre ar maMMa, ea SKMOfS^^iSlKiSm r-sai atsgrSSr-TO 1 I ia|aai|r~ nf ttfeMf ??T* ? mabiHe Mm gay I di&tfict Of In dm* tv ib? I.JC Jof ?> "J* per^>? or t**r?one ao oAad,.. aay oourt of Qu*,t,r i"? 00 "??Tto,1<w tWeof, before ahall be aenw-noea by aueb *wtULlUI" Ju??"n w<nkUi, U>aa one hundred dollar* nnr * Qo? <* aot imt dollMn with oo.u of p,^0nl01LmOr,^M ?? U?x>Md tlj.rd m ike couolr/ jail ror "'"i?'. to ??? ooo of (be Cou't, not eioteding flfo. f Tbat aotbu/g to tbm acv *h*u w. t?k? ?wa y what la bJrahy declared >>Mln>?d ??> Jadgti of thta Oomnawweelib th? rt.h? v'*Ud '? ihe swcstSsjrHSBE-r5 = C*a there be a donbt that trila law waa inu?n,i^ - ftnct the elocution of th "la w of tkL? ,? ?" of futfltlva aJarea? It reaify'aUma to ?L left! BO IBia ran I hfiin ?*- ?- ?. r If "fteoa9]B<*d Ibat .uch ?u tweifif, * ' Jb? ?P?clflo mention of the act of^?ul day of Febraary, ooe Uiouaand aim ? jT? ud ninety thrtef" mwiaana HTM hundred When my letter to Mr. Brtabia wat niaMi ? r i f"Ve^^a ^ tb? ?>*? **100^752* ia^S s-^^^ssssvs ?"? ?* '-nkSriiyzyiSJi, J?vM5 X S'ALJKnShSS v.'.'y:"?." ??.' SUSIS""" ?.2}S?MJSS'!;5TEr "2? SKUttKsr ;K*,-k e-l ?? ? -MSSt 52. s-w: My era, IndloWxl unTer*th??!j?e Ww***. T* t^B,b*'aild 09un^. ln Ponwyl^' wd ~ ?r bad ahort/y before rttlgned hit pieoe, and UmU twii waa no one there to Imu? the nr?M. - were fujlllvo Blare m oMSo^Sok^SI Z2L!Z? Sddi^d isi1 t-^L br???ht u?^^?flrs?u' In F '? E . "j I v ?V "?*r ,.'7a? <l?lhJ i i?"~ !lf p?0? sysdi^V-^.^t.'w'Si.vE.'Srs Hitf. isssxzt. ? 3S .f ;?sr,'rb, wrpur s^jaria m *1 ' . , WM ludloajv teizod by the Shirlff 2,??r""^rUnd ??ODlX who roojhlr treated^ bound him, and harried h m to |?ll at cb?' ltale An tcdtctmenl ?u fouud utiMt iSH ^ ?"Lerl' fof kWwpplBf , under % oeruST act of iL" S!5!?^K"iKSK;'3S! -'VifllS'rjS "Wl*" t0? c.roum.tlLo^oT' JaSSi4 ^^uwT^^-^hu w^21StSd!5 ^l2.'wTw^J^^l<JD*'u,r tadao,K1 ?? ?? off uThuT Ibonfhl II doe to th< m> in torMta i!i l^i,f 0WD<r>f I oonn.%1 lo Ti^1 reqoMKd Jooathaa Meredith. Ciq 0f Balitmor^tT^Ul oeed ,to Oar I tile, a* oooeael for thia/^t^TT^-f, JT?: her lstereata, and to afford, Hao thT^ aid rfiTJiS and oooBtel In the defence of Wrera Th? jLi\? frawed ipenTliy witt tot^toti#*U,jriT!i?h*S!?bt? SThsa tfy 1^m^orf ib*? without the hi-4? ?. ? lift ESr-53 charged upon hla owa reoocn!aaao?. to an*lr ta? ^ tfooe whtoh will not be moved for, ainoe^i ha* S5I ehawd and i^alored to their realdenoe I? the alavra whom be had itken under the rniruiul^!r the coMtltutton of Ue United Siatea *|,?Jfee rf thta State baa aued out, by mTdUr^t^n r^rVTL!? aSSr*' - 5&sw,jrS 2 si ai25 the h If heal tribunal In the Ian1 l reaneri/nM.^trlw 7 ? ?PProprlatiea, ?wSPwlU tt, C^dd^^^ tho rfSa cecdUig!^ dtacharge the Mp lDC1deat lo thla pT ?r^w,ST,:^ '^r?z^y\i*x Jarr,"/r & oiled the fact that both of Dpo? ,oor ,Ui?tolIer Tr^'0 " 'T ^'",re <*w MMter error tba^^u.t"1^ wIm 'y? ^ jcu oonaidrred the > uftiive Nar? law of l m ZEZLTJl ' act of I860 The law of 1T?S hM not bfeT^^j^ and If now lu full force and < ff, ct The J J inerely cuasulat.Te, farcuhiu, adlitlonal ^J^dl^for the recovery of Have |.roperty thai haa ^ a a^ '** Tho title I. ' aiTtTto ?en^ ?r.(.wPP r """J*" 10 "?* "el MiuM "aa act raopeotlar fnr'tt'ea from Jcatlce, and peraoca eaoaplaa rrtta the nr vtoe of thr'r maatera," Ao U 11^ T ' elarod that the clalmw.t or hi. or '? ?ball ucc ?ucb r?a*oLabk> fore? and rttiratel %m m at he D<o?Mar> , under ibe orcomBUnoet of toe obbb toUBe "?h f??ttt., peraon back to ttaSIw LI T whenoe he or iha may have eaoaped aa alnrMiii ?? The eiero ie of "au^b rcaaonable foroe" la a rtoUn m of jour law ot 1MT, which aubjecta olalmutta their umu pt nit imeja, to tndietmrnt in jour oourta aa the caaaa of Paraona and M voia clearly prove ' And, tirially, lb* cumiunUou of the T'nltod SUtaa, la the fourth article aad aaeoad eectlon destoree ? No poreon held In oerrloe or labor la om State, aadar tba lain thereof, eaoaplaf Into aaotbar, (ball. la oooee qoaace of aaf lav or regoiattoe thereto, bedtooharged from auch eat vtoe or labor, bat aha'l bo dellrered op oa claim of the party to whom took eerrloe or labor may be daa. Under thla profit too of tba ooaatttuUoa, what la tba doty of f'xeaaylra la aad the other aoo da rob old lac KUM? U :t not pialaly aad palpably thatr daty la aM la RlTlag full cM to lu reqolreaaeatr Whoa a peraoa b< id to err v toe or labor la Virginia eeeepea tato yoar Mala aad to there foond, la It not laoomboot aa yoar ollf ? km to ate that kaoriM "aball ba dellrered up oa aiatoi rf l be party to whom mob aorrtoo or labor m*j ba deaf" Ought aot yoar Lr|totalar* to rrqmln /omr Jedgee, /?r tioee of tba Peace, Aldtraw aad otbar offloere, to aM, by all eglllniaW mean*, tae claimant la reoereriog tba P?*acae1ea of bto wara property that may be fooad ta your Water It caaaot ba eald that yoar law of 1847, m it now ataada op-m yoar alataM book, wea tBteaded to efleet to tbla nb)eet. la r? enacting tbii law, at your laat art* too, It will aot ha otalmed. I tat tore, that tba object waa to aoo are a mora efiatoat aaoaa tioa or the r*f litre Mara lawa of 1TM aad IBM, aad a mere OMM&J rrrf rniean af tba daty Impaaad apoe yoar alt<a?aa by tbto artlaia aad aaetiaa af aba fedora) ooaetitattna tr the Uotoa to ta ba yi mm III, It la aaaaaaary tba* ab caoaee nf oompialat, irrltatioa aad dtoeatiafeeUee, ehall be apetdlly remored la tba praaeat ooadltlaa ef aflhlre, de'ay eoaa la deatrvotkm. If the bob alaraboidiog Stated dee Ire to tare tba ooaatitatloa from ororthrow, aad tba oot fed r racy frtm dtoaolotloa, let thorn "abow their fhltb by tbalr wo'ke." Let them repeat at oaoe all atatalia which are Icjarlooa to the rtghta aad lalariata of taatr B> utbern fellow cltlseoa.aad ahiobara la aay degree calculated ti em bar rue latm la the reonrery af fuglttra aiarca Thto oanaot ba doaa a tntmeoi taa aaoa, aad I urge yoa aad all other ooneervati re mea la yaw arctiee, to act wltbaat May, aad ebow to tba froth that yoa realty dm ire tba preeerrattaa af lt? Colon. Yoa raa do moeh to allay tba eic'tetTfcl now ertetlng, to reetore ooaeord and frater cal fee Hag. re r ire leat oonfl trnoe batwaea tba aaatMaa, aod you oae It ta yooraelraa, to yoar ooaatry, aad to iboea who are to aooaaad yoa , to do yoar daty aad roar a bole doty, promptly aad fhlth "ally in tba aama kiad aad aaasorrattre aplrlt wMafe dtebrted yoar lei tar I hara rep) ed to It The qneettoa dlaoaaped ta oae of great latereet aad impnrtaaoa at thto tlma, aad la attraotini much of pab W attaatioa la Wbo aaraaat h-.f> thai the ilanaaaloa may raaolt la aaaaa practical good, I hare onaaiodad to pnbiiah yoar lattar aad ay ro piy. With raapaat, I aa traly , yoar abadtoat aarraat, Joan LKtCUUt. To lm D. Tail, bq , Philadelphia, Pa. Daaaaatte Hawa I teau. ?<a ? ? ?flat. Milea H IW?ehee aad Oboe . lath of Mtoatoalf*!, hare eeea prop-mod Mtoeea e? a hundred to giro eaa baadrad balaa af oottee ta half ana that Mala. lUo t' rmaaia w Ci oar* ?Two m-wt palafhl aoaldoato aaaarrad ta TWi faUaaMn af taa Oeocyla mmary to jjjhb, aow oa a ml W> ?niodgertl?e, dartag oa artille &? eierclae ta the Cbpitoi jrouoda, ooTbureda/eTe ? n.e Cadete were Brio, rapid ealotee Wllh thatr Tram laid < ead Oadot 0 ? L*?e, of (Wapball ooaty , waa eo#aaad la lead lag oae or toaa, wtoaa, fraaa aoo>a defeat ia the ramaaer or faa, a prima tara Ala chaw oarrtod off bto little lagar, drara a farttaa af iba wmddtof aaiMy tb <aa?b bto foraarat, batwaea tba laaaa. aad aaotbar partoaa la Iba teOhy part aboro Um eibna. The wooaaa, wttb tba aoatoMaa, vara rery aerere. aad tba ymaf mea aaaatad ta aaMw la I traaaly laa aaflbrar waa aftoaad ta a aaail^a aad I tafrea to tba raataeaaa af Or lab, whara ba to raaalr I aama faa aa eaaatly aimflar aapteotoa which Oatat Heavy ?. ( nabaae^^^^^^l tba flaab aad taadaaa oa tba Malta a( bto^^^^^H r?Py laaeratad ?a waa atoa tahaa ftoat tba g faadd to of lr Orma, hie r?la*??o. aaa peeper^

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