Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1860 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mondat, Pec. 10 ?C P. M The bank statement of to-day compares a* fol lows with that of last week:? * H <*k ending Lnunr Sprfu Circulation Itrpmiit 1 $12f>,ft37,4:. * .'>41,702 h .MOii ,!*44 80.TX1 TtS L**: ? 6J.74.. t?,W*U?i t?J 1>4 ,lt>7 Increase... $ti77 W>4 150, J49 1 .461 ,VW< The increase of Joans continue*; so that tie merchant* cannot complain that the banks have not kept faith with them. The in< rcase of deposit* show*, too, that the mer chant- art' simply keeping their money in hank to he prepared for emergencies. Ho long as the de posit line < ontinues to Increase the bank* run no immediate risk. The discount line now stands at a higher point than prcviou- !y touched since \ugust last, and higher than would l ave been reaehed, in the ordinary course of events, before Marc-' oi April next. Considering, however, thai tie foreign exchange- are uM in l'*\or of this country, and that the merchants have every it u-on to sus tain the bank-*, the dangers of the present expan sion an Ict* riiun thej otherwise would have been. The specie reserve remain* pretty steady, not withstanding the drain of specie to the fsouth. Jly the end c?t the week wt sliaii be it in to re< eive jro.'d from Europe, and another remittance from 1 alifornia w ill be due about the saiu? time. To day alx'Ut $100 ,000 went South, mostly to New Orleans, where exchange on New York stand- at 1 per cent discount. There i- uo change in the money market. The 1 ?nly rates at which any paper sells at all are 15 a . 3H .i -M per <ent, and nothing hut first class aigna- J t ure* < an he pa.- *ed at these rales. The discount ( brokers report absolute dnlnes* in their business. I The applications at bank continue moderate: but Jioston continues to lean ipon us more than hjfe. There was a rumor to-day that the Boston bank- had suspended, There m be no question tl at they are in a very itisei ure position, and that they cannot expect u< to carry them through. The foreign exchange market opens with a very li^at demand indeed, bankers are asking to:', a 104, and there is a little business doin^j at the lower tigure. I'here are mercantile bills in mar ket at 100 a 101. The stagnant condition of the exchange market ari?e-. not from t ie politii al rondition of the country, but from the h?-avjr re - mittances we have made to Kurope tin's .car, and our light purchase* of foreign good*, flu leading importers have already remitted lor the next season: the weuk houses cannot sell their paper, and will n<>t remit at all. Intra*. therefore, the fail in cotton and breadstuff* should be greater than now seems probable, the exchanges may rale in our favor for some time ?o come. The stock market, which revived 11 shade on f^alurday evening on the strength of more fa vorable despatches from Washington, relapsed j in.-* morning into its previous condition of dul r' t". The feature of the day was the decline of i tilted State* sixes to !0, and of the fives of 1*74 to *!?. Whether the report of Mr. ( obh's resigna 1 .on !md anything to do with the d? ( line it is diffi cult to say. An infusion of new energy into the 'J r< i-ury mi^ht perhaps help the price* of govern juent stocks. The government will have to boi row nearly ten million- to mc.-t Treasury noted maturing before New Year and f<>r other purpose.. It is urged, on very good grounds, that the rt?*w note* should be sevens, not sixer, ami that they should be sold for what they will command. Hut whatever is done should be dom quickly. Tenms pecs were steady this morning: Missouri* and Virginias a shade lower. All the railway stoeks were lower this moruitiK than they were at the clone of business on Saturday, though higher than on Saturday morning. Some further orders were filled for Illinois Central shares, whieb advanced under the Impulse. Many people ure inquiring a hat people are going to do wi til their money when business is at an end, and Cnited State- and hute stocks unsafe investments. The problem is a curious one, and will take some time to aolve. Thin aliernoon news sum received that South t'arolina had resolved to take no overt step* toward secession until after the 4th March, and, thia intelligence being construed favorably, the whole market Improved, and cloecd firm at the following quotations luing in some iaatancea an improvement over the prices current on Saturday afternoon: ?Virginia 6's, 74 a Missouri 6'*. e>:t ? Canton, 12l4 a 14: Cumberland Coal, lx/% a %Y%, Pacific Mail. New York Central, 72 a Erie, 2.1 a y+ Hudson Hiver, 3d}$ a y%\ Harlem. \V/t a '4; do. preferred, ?.'7'', a 2f; Bead ing. Mx/% a 31; Michigan Central. 44 ? .Michigan (southern and Northern Indiana. 1 1 14 a 12: da. guaranteed. 2b a '.V4; Panama. 10*% a 109: Illi nois Central, & a Galena and Chicago. ('?(>?, a Cleveland and Toledo, 21 a l4: Chicago and flock Island. 44 a Chicago, Burlington and (Jumcy, 61 a 62; Illinois Central T's, 82}? a &>. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as fol lows to-day:? Ke?eip*s %i\ v?t oo ? Koe custom* J7.000 oo raiments ll.> jus 44 ttUaac* U.M1.642 11 The steamer Habana, arrived at New Orleans am the 4th iast. from Havana, brought in apacia. The net receipts of the Harlem company fur the month of November are a* follows:? ia6?...... $???'+* mi imo f" *t? .>4 tacrr.iso #U.?7i 14 The oet receipts for the aaiue month for the last three years were as follow*:? tUT IT&.'MA |o IS-'* M.Wt 44 If* *> T*4 *0 The New Orleaaa 1'ieayHne, uadcr date of De cember 3, thn? notices the exchange and m<>n<-y market of that city:? The ?fHo|am wiUuiut aay symptom* of .mproTrmetif . and ttie tu'ln) ?w xorety daprvKWxl Tb* le* hovers of stalling hid ihe market to iii?m*el\e< ttu? moeaiag. sod about tM OQQ wrre uk<?, bvw?t In grsaUsr part OA prsv sm? ettaatfemeul* at M I VI t <>S, toe burr fur v? . ? srleci ouiii med hanker*' credits We quote i he rtiiK" irom witu tbe remark nt in* rw the very k(M asanas mmtd aot hm* over si * sf ?> did n?l hrwr of .? siurv transaction m bill of Unn draft* They m ght |m<t>ahly command tsi a s?.', Trench ewkaage i? equntl) dejiteewd, The lnguc?t rate fat clMwesiKUJiaresoii farts direct i? fti 76 W.-q,i?u the wiioieruti from <K a ftf 76. There are- a Mie <x ft'wwit >Ju uoo ai*?y day* at 4 |?-r eent di ?<???. inl . ? v*ry (l<w*t r?t? >uut wa* a ?li.?-te llrmer. opening at I a t'| diMsoini. and chving at 1 a l', i,h Irtdr detuaao w b"We?<?r. rtlre .icly ulirlt One (| ? p thi was d?i? at IH atsevjum With re^.ird |n IMIKf m.?lle,? lb* ?U.I lias (ktswt Otf S tai'ijt aay aMMragewenl sotu?? rottoii ?a- anrM hut aa'a H'fial : ui- toe l-'adma ta< lor* did ts>l a|ifs-ai dir pos?"i Wi aoow Us- naMipl'-a. n?a that ih? y werp av.-r>.- |o a<-lltaK. bat tlial lb- d nn.ed is t?? r?*trn ted lo art.ird a rhan ?- ft* fair priow mwiw, muter lbs ?-vnt or tntidllkm of e*? hang'-*, buysrs < aii t>ol> ?i> rat- very sparingly The >eat of pristine tw-in* ttiu* - idd.-uly ?r rvsird arprivea tbe mark- 1 of all vltaiiij , and *ti< n a Ihiag aa a new i<?n or discount i* almost out m in (|U>->tKMi Th<* tiauas eooftne t n*-?r daily h.isiBess to rr u??al?. el whM I) all purtii" uo? avail tli m?e.v.w To niorriiw s tnaluriths will he large, but are not ablf to assert auinoi italu -ly llvil lb. y are all pro\ ided lor. The New tlrleana t'otism*rrntl Bulled*, under date of !>se*mt?er 4 (evening), says:? As ^rrd k l?-d ib oui ia?t, iiiern was . for oar i cxnmandy, ?a unusual i.uaiber of misp. iu.ioos lo <la> Tbo aagre??ii matured dis<?uBta and kioum amounusl al lbs arvsral laaaks Ui la.sT.'i <?io. aud wmlis tb?- former w.-ra mosfli provided tor >n aotau.-< b? r<*a> wafa, llx* tetter proved too h?avj lor tbaaireadv ??. r? ,-n. rg ??? ,s th ? m -r raotUe and cmnm.-rvial toaunuuuy. Kroui Uv^ bai. fr. d Ib?uaafid toa inillsai .loUar* worla of pap..r bad to cu to Wrotaat, and we ars paia*-d to l.-ara iw>i m the dowuward tura several of our l. adim Qrua bar* i.?m tavotvrd * itber aa principals or seoant.aa. But lh.r? ^ ao alfi >n. tie loaa appi etosndnd ta a targe majority ef lbs a^. fault* to day , and It IS even palpable la maar rtM Hi. * uepeus sais wUJ b? oaJy temporary Tae ?C?riag? at bank this owning Wei* disposal of as beretofors hi rwlisvoOntliiR to a ouoalderahls nl*i, a?l t(M surplus of yraWday s ibcow for lb* bensflt m wtw, If su?wed to go dowa, would 4onhtwaai ra rr* (altera Willi Ibsm, aad finally eniall eonsiderat'is In-. n? soaie of our k-adiac flaancud lastitotions Ua tbs airsoff keaevsr. there was ao oomprnrms# offered, and. .mi.rtnrt hks aioat capital sua refus-d to take anything snort of ffe pound >< flaah. (K oouras there *<? nothing done |e kny riasa at stneka or bonds, aid holders of ths deacriptmn of ?eeuriti?a n v,n hi effect sales, eten st ev r v?rdn?r} OW nvarHi dpp'r salon, fcn-1 the movement ind <*ate-i no act ?lty during ...e day )? any clai?> of b.Ib* Ofl*ruiga id both foreign and don?tic were he ?? / thruughoyt^ but the dema/id eout auei exceedingly r^tr^cVvX., \w\ opvr* t.ons indicated do mcr -tse whatever on yesterday's re port Nwiie small lot* of clear ?lerling were takeu it 95 uP7)ffor the very beat bib-, and u fen unmpovtant halt* i>? fr.tncs trm -p. <<d at i.tC :? 5 !?0, but holders of bills with sh.ppiag doc .ment- attached found it nnpo-?i 1>I ? to eftect negot iMt o j- , and l me bilL- on the Northern Cities were wtiollv neglected a nominal quotation*. New \ k sight \*.vs al-.o in le-- request than heretofore, and were restricted at Ul^u 1% per cent ilSc mnt Tbe Philadelphia Bulletin of .^aturda) e\euiui(. Ih ember ft sayst? ') lit. pre- ire f- ? money on the -In el |oJ? wi- ;i/;uu heavy, anl 1. a 1* p"r cent wa- ace.'|ite I for short c) - |jn| - i.-rl a 10 per Cent lor Call 1'iij . on ,?ticl !? Litc'.?l- It lit v ' !??{ been tlinounct ?.: lliiUlb* I n.on i i; ?l bondboldcM hav e unan.moii.-ly .h'ris-d to n plan of i < mpron. -e involving .t lUrrcndei ol <:?, coupon-, we iil. nnjue-ted to Male there are a iitui.ber of bond holdui.- wYmI il not a. tend the im<cinig atid who, instead <?' ..<rce.ut 1 1 lli ? prop -ed (.ompfoiui-oa, insist upon their ii- li r>u< ? ;nl have i-dituted proceed, uu- w th that i .aw. The ituit nore <s?/n of Saturday, Dec-mber 8, rt m <rk-: '? h ? >v. < cto-<\ with about :ir. uncertain a state of feel i. : III imv.cial stuck and trade circle- *r ha-. pre. a. led - ov t o c t.iuieuceukonl ol our preaent political trou bii-- In laok of coi.ndence render- money negot uttlons e*i.ev velv ditto ill, and stock prices are depressed be yon i precedent since th>- panic of 1 s,"?7. Trade, too l won rl'ully contracted With man;- iarge e?tablisbmetits 1< t l.i-nii i.aif ope rat uk. a"<l breads utfs and other pro d< ee tending" u- anward. Money tn tlie street continues t (Ii id I -ip i?l ?>(- allow little desire to In- eat at pre ,cii UV quote class endorsed and single named j,,|? j a I , .carcely au> other being negotiable 'ilie .' inks, hMvVW| It n understood have l>een far ? i i< a?. .- gu:te ii^-'ral t? their cuitomer?. A ;th reference to moaer matters In St.i ^to< k the jlioaton Trait Mrript of Saturday evening, l>e t ember 8, ? Tlr k ci< ?' - w -thowt any : narked change in mone t'ir if ;,rs. Tli on th" iie<-t \ar; from 1 \ to 3 I>- . i' p :u* , according to the charvter ol' tbe 1 ??!"? T 'mi nr.- di -counting all th' :r receipts. A p i' *' th- lo.-uv. bo?- \er, are at a perfect * ? (i> -d iv. ' ii i-? -Ii uigef between the plates ot" col lee - t - in the city '.I. i.? too great to aiiiuit of their availa I it^ her he New kuglaud currency ha^ som -what at<a?< 1 i i ip d mo mi-nt to the p dnt ol its redemp t.on but whil" thing- r< mam In the present < ,i I ,-fiti and Ni a York and !So?ton eouttnuo to I, .-ft t 1 ?' i- - i n no ? >a sp eie. country moil.-- i. r- - " hii ?! at ptr <n eith? r of thi ne pL -??- a ill be eagerly K'n a ter iti the ehi ip- t medium of exehangi be f ?,??( - the \\t j; arid the K-i-i. t oti-eipientlj thecouiitrj c ien'it a I! cotii r.'ii- to linn t ? tlv- eitj In large *i 'ii ' ii ' n* - !'(" --tin- fine toiotne N A Vorfc t <U??L are |. i- >\ net! ? our bank> being al-li> to draw on that e' l l.ig' luiiiiint? ? biUm.-es in la vol of New ^ork j tie. ' ? -n ill s i the apecie now held here will be like : l-> '.-uiM.i! a; the pn a-nt I unt. Ihe T' port that a com I t- 'te- ti> tin IV. -'.>n o.i Iia I been to New York lor | t' jet 1*1-- 1. 1 pr< . 11, V a loan l? incorrect. A Ruggei I t ? i ' , that '-feci w in i it- 1 si due of th ? banks here | ' -r 1 -? mi ? t ; <t w ith ia\ot ,t wu.- abandoned. Thespeiie ! la-. ? ? il It i.< ii bank- remains atxuit the same a- re I i?-i i I'd I i?t w i ? k thi ?os.- beii g onlj $!l'i,000 Thf I ' iii i'lfiati (iiUfttf ot Friday, I>ec. 7, says: - | !:i 'In niKikelfor New Y> ik exchange to-day the si p [ i-i and deinat.d Were about equal with most of the b "-I-. ? und the seihtiif rate was matnta iuHl at pre m n? Healen bought at from '4 to premium. Th< sitle-t at tie Valley liuiik w- "e up to the average at -, t>rc'n m lln re was an uriwUiit.gue?i to pa) over |>ar t ? -r !!'?? t-..n ehe. k-. th :gh the linuied demand i.;? n the b:iuke- - ?a>- not MUppi ed at les- than We quote: ? fltiyi U4j .sis/ 'no; N a York sight a pi em sj a *, prem Hwtoti par a *4 prctn. f-, a Jj prein I hilad. lplila par pi em. luituni*' 1 dw par New Orleans 4 . par ^ prera Arm-r . an gold # prem ?t' a 1 prem. The St. I.ourn Republican, under date of Wed nesday oeniug. Dec. 5, sa)s: ? We have no ehaege to *M;ee in the niark?-t Kx-'hange was in di iiiaiid to <t.,y, but i?old at irregular rate* The iiavings banks ehei k at 5 (M-r eent pr. mvim Tbe bank i he, k for I to pt-emium. but 10 tustotner- only at the I' west rate mentioned. The Mechanii a' and Union Hanks che? k t.-r tne.r t ust mera at 1 premium. There I- a fair supply <?; t ine bills, wliieh are taken at about 1 p?>i- cent a month by the institutions. The Mechanics ' Bunk, it is uiidei -li- d. buys p "<d short bilU freely, taking thirty day ? at 1 d aeouiit 01 f, per cent, and sixty day < at I to '-4' Tlif fol lowing t iri ulur has been Kent to the banki of Illluuis, higued b> the leading hankers of < "hi< ago: ? To Tli I'm II- ?..KToK"i (.> M riR?Vl-VTO> |J| TltK ,vr?t? 1 uioi-: ? In the pre-ei't un.-attled H'ate of ibe ex' hange maiket, we < ou-'der 1 iui imperative duty on the bank.- ot thi? .-Jate to all iu tbe 1 |?mer to fauili tate the eacliatige IRitrn tbe West and (be V'jvt. The si.ppl) ol i urri-ney i- so mueh greater than required by the w'-nt-. o! 1 aiie, and the aalety of tbe whole hanbuig sy iem ot our Hate requ.rei thai prompt measures should be takes toward* the eiirlallmeut of the circula tion ot our banks. We therefore propose thai etu b and every one of tbe banks ol ia*ue 111 thi- State retire, aa an If- |ire-etited. at le?t one tenth of its whole eirt ula I ii, mak'Ti* 11- ronemption tbrouxh some responsible .gen! nthiseltyor in .-prlngtleid, in satisfactory sight II h im.e on Nea York, for wniefa we will allow (for Ihe next ten dnya) tne per cent pieimuni, thus redeeming ? oe loss uliii h may ar -e from ibe s ile of Is -uds at pre ent pi we*. Me trust that you will give your hearty eon t uriem ?? to our proposition, and will at ou<-e take proper step- to carry the plan Into effect, aud relieve ua from the ne<?arf:ty or sending home your bilU for redemption Ihe bank iug houses in thtf city have large ameunta of your circulation on band, and (bey expect tu receive an lUimedmte re.'ponae to thin circular. The earning- of the Illinois Central Railroad for tbe first week in December were:? 1 *?#???? mm ? ? i>n, 1 ???????????????????? ?? ??? .|49,lJb .12 l<.i? 4U.XM 3? C? d 98,90!l 115 The following la the Illinois Central company'# htau-meni for November:? Ian. Dvahtiiioit. ll.lTfl M acree sold for 91*7,314 SI ?0,il?.:iT do. eince January I.. '1*6.^16 Ht 1 Z.7 MO 66 do. previously 16.T,X6.?36 Ot I .'iJ'A'H 91 acre? Total .sale* 910 7ttt 0&< 49 IVti-tniet.on bonds cancelled m No, siniier. $6# ">00 09 Ito. do. pru loiisly l.MH.uOO 00 Total bonds rancetle-l 91-?24.600 09 Total cash receipts in Nov., 1*40 $v?.W> 37 Total cash reraipts stwe tot Jan., t*?0. ... flD.VM* *9 Total rash aad beads to Nov no, 1MO 4.0U1..1M 70 Cash reretpta in November , applicable b- c?nreUatiou of construction bonds, 9-"4.'J7S 07 applicable to free land fiind.99.tS3 U, applicable to iaMreet fund, $91^01 MS; lui-aellaneou* areuunta, 97,740 36. Tatvnc mruman timings for Kov , 1*0U 9-42.K4.. 00 l>'4rn.i gs for Nor., llM ....... 070 K: Jn< 97,274 17 Total wnif^r* *(?<-?? l?l im . .J J. 4;*. 3*1 14 Of rr-j<m<1u.f period of KM*. . 1 .MW.UM 47 tlicrr^* 619, 1W ?>* The itateiucnt of the Rhode inland bank* made on the .Id taat. ia m follow*:? f'rvruimc Omt <f rrarinirnc caput.... Crr ulat .nil Utpuritt. m joa . i.vw.vtt . i.M^a l'wr bauk* l.lM.lir.' iMbl 19,74" -j" ? 84.. IM Hank l>< >!??.... VTW.6V4 IHe t.x UnU lib Mi u.fci:,23? MP 1.470 WW.OtMl 77.54U 7,;.v4,oti i:sw,07l> l.Hi04 303JIK V4?l. 'Jl.l&4.4ttt C.M4.4-XJ il.MK.HJH l.'J4l .046 ?J7.KW.jO I 473,213 1 U07.41M 1,017, 6 JO A? compared with the pwvioai atateraent, the Iv-ultn air aa follow*: ? l'nw%dr>?s. ihU ot I'rnrvtms, cap 1*1 9M.SM i?> inc. 040.000 00 ?.< ClraaMM <? *? doc. 4<>.<m7 00 d? |h 7??7l WdfC l.<? 174 l?il.* I?i. h?i.k? -J4.00& 09 Mf 4 171 <M <W IM .m <t?T 3JD.334 hi d.r ?pvt'i* J.' H IV dov 4#JH 91 4rC. 1*1, k. r?.-?? 104 KM M lac. 00 3M 'JO U? Iwiluki- 0.704 73 dec W719?J4? 1 7i*i" rii- i*a7... ?JU0 t. .- i t 74 00*. ;j*m mi mim do . m ' Ki-afi nk> 11<?) 1-uii 0 * 90... IllM 'i NM> V rglBUk I t... 00*0 'to 4090 M ?I?n 0 a... 4111m do. . '.**?> <!?> iSM) CMHorftia MflO M- 1 Hiv .'Id tu b .'""Ml sprlm?irl> U?I0 Mir mi ^ t hdH lOOOCb . * \ * .|b ftOOV tUn *f< Jo HUb 17 Iwk of Own. to 1*4 k Mud Cnl <k> no l ariitc Mail .-*<0o 6 do 130 Arm rtean Coal <h 14*6 N Y iw>l KK?4 fttmrk K**han?r. 10. iHflft 06 ?" ?tw lUrl.-m KK . l'J>, wo so do lOt IS H9W 140 liar I'OI KH pr?f. 27 ?< *>? 10 do 27 H luo 300 K-smIiivh JUl *>'. I no do *10 .TOS aa 100 do ao\? 76 a7r. Ml. h Oti RH. .... 4a 74* 100 do tJO 4J (Ci '? ISO Mil * ? f KB.. . 7>? tt?i# 101 IM. I. ft Wt?l RH 70 ???>, 10 Mtcli .s ft N la RR. I J a? i>0 do.. U-* MO N? d<>.. ....... II'* ww 100 do 11 "a ?6 an MkI? s%? fc N 1 g a 'JiS 7,t 'jnu do. 9ft.\? 09 :*? *? .24 (.7 100 Panama RK...HJ0 10a Ml 30 !?*' 7 ft W do 1?W*< 7. ?< 400 IU Cfcn KK ?CTlp *8 68l. do.,, do. , 'lo al6 do. .i.*. .? k>..... ,sl0 1?0 Erie RK........0 J0 do..VM..e J00 .10 *16 \? (to 0 "<0 Hndac* KiTrr RH ?'*> '+ *J9 *? do...... . ? do M0 ? do....Ma.. ' ?> U .Wl" ?jao [?a MO :iso 7uo 100 dOt.M^^.alft d?,.,...fl0 do siO do. . _ do ft CWt , vol* Cm RR l?al ft Chic KK... ?J.'. ??t ft Tot RR. ... mm 4(0 jo ?jan Cftte ft Kk U rh* 160 d* klo A d* - 15* 00 M dO hlO ?u Ctiir.?nr*Q<iUiKR 6.1 M?* 6.1 '?A #7 J1 WH ao?i 4.?*4 4-tH 4.T4 ?S 4.1 H p) to*an loo *h* SITC RR aft 71 < lio .lo on 71 ' ft# Oa % Chi.-**n RK no M> do . ... ?*)?*> M d ...... am 1W tlM a K.K UH Ki? . 44 I Had Rit rut feCO 1 1/ itO 7 Ch ,Bi rl fc CJ KK 1<0 (!o ?00 1(4) NYC* Dtrni RK.. 125 do <1o do mo do b 10 do do ao .,io 550 WO 2U) 15 50 100 36 mi 00 69 *i 71 71 ? 7-.' "X 71* "i '?7. 71)* 60 Erie Kit 100 do sio aoo do 00 do 20 Harlem KK 15 I'auama RH loo d? 8r. 100 111 Ceii RK sc . bl<l 100 do 100 du Kid 200 He* & ToUMu KK 200 do blO 24 23 ^ 23tf 12 V, 10H iuki; 64 1? 64 31 KeW York City Bunk*, lire. N, 1M.0 1a* int. ,Sptfu $6,030,462 1,154407 . 7, 719, *02 1,092.141 . 546,213 62,835 . 473,636 2,743,622 404,292 249,427 4?: r.7H Hank-, AUUTU a AJU. hXt'lliU l#V Atlantic I kill V Mmat. .. Headway , .. . Uuti hers 4H'i? 1,747 045 ?1t> 2, 785, 083 Chemical 2.013,265 1,197.206 (<<111O1<TC<- 13,028.674 1 ,052,389 Chatham 747,407 100,309 Ut iiens' 734,888 Com Exchange.. 1,69*, 013 ('?aiitmeulHl. ? 8,369,418 wiviltb 1,075,152 Dry lock 386,761 ijut ttiver 813,483 Eulion 1,513,004 Greenwich 702,019 (iiucers' 655.1106 Hanover 1.480,772 rviug 761,491 Imp i Traders'. 3^4M.IU 1 /father Manul'.v 2.0*7 740 Me reliant 6.4tt2 .(M6 M mi ' I! ,91 1 .! Ml M u h<<'u4 6,432,401 Men hauls' Ex.. E.OBO.ISO Meeh. A Irad'rs' 082.796 Mercantile 2,30!', 900 175 I I Metropolitan.... 7,605.789 Market Marine Mech Ilk. .Vhh'ii Maut. A March. . Svi tli li.ver.. . N. V. Exchange. N. V. County . . . Nortb America. Nassau National Now York 1 ? .<ji oriental l'ark I'eoplo'a Pacific 1'licziix Republic St Nichi las Shoe 4 Ijeathi-r, s. renth w ? <i State lr:?i!< -nv?-uV. . . 1,578,113 938 ,260 746,32*> ?07,s0<? Mi#** 329,526 413,647 1 ,71 1 ,889 1.614,009 2.256,272 4.789.406 1, 782,139 610,463 128,t?s5 108.233 415,896 140,062 70.540 39,376 229,362 04.41.1 7 ,'i ,'.<0.". 120,105 10ti,297 864,066 265,542 000.241 413.000 044 ,!016 213,941 156,700 ;jo6,m 069,1. "-H 173,870 124.984 50.087 07.619 70,473 23,1*42 f>9,.? 7 21.' HOO 149.550 200.154 7n7,';tt? 2000118 6?,076 Cirru' a ttryositi 146,: 17 1.921.416 2901,948 4,0i;i,f.:<. 92,691 22' <034 113.66a 427, <>4 203,fct3 2 0 ?0.-i?7 183,923 14W?.?7 ? 2.242 70 365 7 .4 2,727.1 -I 1 .975 & ,619,306 119, 7S7 4ls*J0 100,024 647,920 134.279 000, 'i6.'< 205. H93 1,690 ,. 41 2.4.214 712,232 131 ,670 181, lot vi.200 176.638 225,564 1,137, :;71 17'.'.016 40,1 I'M 63.646 Ml ,954 01. 973 til 7,009 126,100 464.188 106,701 1,651,496 809,040 1,161,1.1 iM>5,302 3,628,972 295,839 2. 159 ,150 300,145 ?>,375,166 131,70.': I IX) 1,127 160.460 669,502 25,712 1,618,703 209. 947 3 772,712 213,082 796,505 142 999 105,608 139.322 78,391 9H.96;; 06,064 75,403 09,920 529,963 329,461 438,761 340.215 274,798 811,902 978.867 075,895 7,007 'CI 1,H4,141 87! ."21 113 ;?n? 969. slw 3,231,751 8,808.391 1,185.796 1 2M 4-.?l 4,19s .016 1.341 435 ,i20,*?6 172.0V 395,327 607,426 IUi.777 197 663 126.660 499 < 21 1",7 0S7 512.007 176 ,0*6 1 ,0:i2,;. <0 436,105 2 872 .004 138 10.1 H97.199 105, N06 324,691 17." ,01 8 8,164 229 I'M 620 469,356 123, 954 729,090 1,7 127 1.773,647 2'i4,274 2,740,516 '<2 ,853 870 .420 287.321 1.1UI.075 226 ut8 616.927 242.395 2,444,:;7S :,J0.70s 015,619 I '.*2,214 2 >463 060 'iota $1.^)^14,36-; 18,562,743 St ,950, 193 02,104,167 < IT I" (OMMKKdlli REPORT. Mom u.<T, lie. 10? 0 P. V AtiHiat ? Th< sal< - *ere l;!uitc<d price., noumml, at 5<' a 5>^r. lor botli ixirlK Htt.ii'.-nm ? Hour ? Tli< in irket open<-<l with rather hotter <1? inand, aii<i hol(i< r> uK'umed more iirnitii in their >i> ?H but In the ataeuce Of uu export demand for Europe, and the inokmen' y of the weather, hkIw were niooemt-' and embraced about n.OOO l>l?li- , clowiug * :ihio the range of the fullow Hit; quotations ? Btiperfiue Mate. $t 30 Extra suite, good to choice 4 so 4 50 4 75 4 50 6 65 6 50 6 10 7 00 0 50 4 00 3 60 Snpcrtllie W< *tem 4 30 Conimon to choice Western extra 4 90 St Louis eXtia A 26 Mixed to straight SoiiIIktii 4 60 Straight to g<><4 < xtr.t ilo 5 15 (iKiice extra f.imllv and baker*' l>rand> . 7 00 Rye Uour 3 20 t .irn meal, .lertwv ami ltraxid.i w iue 3 15 ? Canadian Hour wits h< lil more finnly , With -ale- of 250 bbl ? at $4 so 11 $7 ? the latter for siimll lotx of extra R>e Uo'ir ?ii,. steady at our ngure*. ? itli sales of 120 hbls Corn meal fx- quiet, and sales limited. Wheat mm m la"" (ieiiianii. yet sale- were moderate The sales embraced about 20,000 bii-helc, at $ I IV for good red Western, fl 05 for Milwaukee club, and at $1 for CbtOftffO spring Corn wax in fair reque-t, with sale.- of about 30.000 bushels, at 59c. a A'.ii^c. lor Western mixed afloat, and 59c In -tore, and at 62c. n 63c forjellow. ltailev wa<. quiet nt 70c. a 86c Rye was dull and nomi nal at 62c a 64c Cat' were dull, with sales at 36c a 37c. toi Wo- tern and t anadlan, and 37c. for suite. Oomc* ?1- dull and nominal. A small lot of 66 bags of K10 wa* sold at lo^c. .ca^li Omni, ? The market was quiet, and no Rale-, of mo ment tian-pired. In the absence <H sales quotations were nominal, at 10c. for middling uplands Fniim were steady but less active. To Liverpool 25.000 a :f) 000 btaMl wheat were engaged at 14d., in ship - bags, and 25,000 bushels of corn at 12,'tu. , iuliulV.anl at 13d. lu ship's bags. 450 bblM. flour at 3e . 4 d . Cot ion. was at 5 16-i. a ^d. with little square cotton going forward 'J0O bales Sea Island were tak<-n at 7 16<l. To lonilon 1 uOO bblx. tiour wen- engaged at 3a, 10',d. To Antwerp 300 balee ol cotton were engaged ai Ha\ was qui) I . w itb little doing We quote shipping lots at 70c a 75c V<v<! ,s?roKKs w< re qui'-t and nominal, at Sle. n :iM;. for shippit.g lots, in New York barreUi llo- u dull, with ?alea at (1 loafl -20 I'komsjons ? I'ork was heavy aod >al< ? llmil'd. being coiitln?l to 180 l>bl<- at $17 for m-ta uuiii-peci. <1 m?-?, and $16 37 a $16 59 for old, and prime do. at $10 25 lici t was dull and heav> , w ith sali-s of 125 bbls at $9 50 a $10 lor repacked mes-. and at $10 75 a $11 for extra do I jird was in fair reque*t at easier rate*, with aales or:?0 a 400 bl lii. at 10',c. a 10.Sc for good to prime, and 9\c. a 10c. for common ltiitter was in fair de uiatid. with saled of Ohio at 10c. a 16c.. and Slate at 14c. a 19',c Che<-.<- was dull at 10c. a 11c. Hacon was steady . with NUe* report<-d of 76 liova at 9)^c. for long ribbed WcHtcrn, and at 9\c for short do. Rio: was quk-t and nominal at 2 '? c a 3L;c. Si-oaks ? <iw,nc to the inck-m-acv of the w<ather. combined with the prevailiu? stagnation in trade, no sales of moment were reported, and. in the absence of sale?. quotations were nominal. Wuwaxv? ' The sales embraced about 300 a 400 bbls. at lTfcc. Meteorological Register. The annexed table shows the temperature of the at moephere In thia city dnriag the week ending December $, the range of the bar?tneter and thermometer, the variatHio of wind currents, and the state of the weather

at three periods daring each day, nx ?at 9 A. M . and 3 and 9 o'clock P. M - oaa. Mow Tuea Wed Thur m . Hat 9 4. M. s r. *. N * lj? 71 ? I V? ? t|39 sat.D^ m . B SB .1 ao nla x w .? 0 * 4|.w 1 1 WW. K.?D Oll.a fl .V isflMN. E P0I? .10 sl.iu i*|rl w K 16 n 7130 MiS'l W Isn 24 %4 8|.W 43jS9lK. E.|3U ?|S1 ? r m ?.7r)?N w. a |? II 1.11 I.N w.l ?| w, w K E.I RX*AajLS. S.iturdsr? Mornmr. orercaM. snow dsr and nifht. Sunday ? Morning, cloudy : night starlight. M'>nday? Clear all day , night, overcast Tueartnv? Morning . orercaat , snowing after uooo , snow tug: night, snowing. W ednesday ?Clear oil day and n'ght. Tbnr*day? Morning. < iear afternoon, overcait; night , clear. FrMay ? Hear all day and night. Saturday? Morning, snowing an 1 overcast, s*lemoou, orercast, night, clear and cold Prrtoaal ,Tami? I, Miirh< ll and wifr of Albany W. "hanihrr lam iif Rwl Hook and I. H. Tuekrr, uf AlUnn arp Mop ping at lh?< Krerftt Hook' T Van Tamil mkI fun. I). of New York. T ti.Hhaw m,d f?m ly, of Stat> n l'lniid. F )l IJoiM njid UmJ . of It. too, and Mr t'?>lg.tlr, of N>t|?(l, aro ?U>ppn? at lb I l?r>>tid<? Hot?>I J. HlrfhfM, of Ptll?t>?r| A. B. Brown of Xnrcton ; I* II Aid. n oi V? Vork .lottn > Union, ol I l-i. r county. and W II l^rix-d o< WcbHtrr, arc ? oppmg at thr Al'"-marlr Hotpl. 1* Hrolaafciv and * (>? .1 (Vwk and wlfp. ?nd Jmtfp Hlpbura and ?')!>. alt of thiUdi Iphia; R Sago and wlfp, of Troy I* Cbarlm T?yl?r, of Own.-eticiit aid Jnllu." M?t in* of tnt ditto ari rtoppttig al tbo !*t. Nlcli<la? Hotel J ttuxUni'tb and A. S IU.M, of W.??lnnglotii S Cobb, Of ft Ixnii*: H. Marshall, of Npw York . J. Ttmnipfuai and ? (t, Of Oarnoia. abvl .1. I Smith, of Uc lu.ted fuif* Nary, ?re ,-topp ii|i al tho lafarup fl?ua*. Captain H t of Troy. W Hh'elda ind family, of Virginia. II !< Hoyt and family, of Ntt Amy ; O. p. Mrong, of Norwtrh. C Uilbert .' if Ruaaia, and M F Handera. of OiHornwi. are Flopping at lh? SI. Den* Haul. Colonel fander ^'iperititonilanf of the f>rt*-Uui<1 rontp. V, H Wnt rmil t? t* ? onnPTv, of t'ajifnrn'* l? 0 BipII, 01 fincim ? .1 R lla'u'h rt i ? t Henry R.i-wn . of ||,p l'mtpd S?.t< ? Army. ?nd H Mother of IVnu* Itan.a, are (topping al tbr Mi tt?>pol t in Itolrl X*l?n Utnloo, of N7? .bratj A If. .^ir ig, of Ytrkt b >w J ?. V .V >r (if .'!?-? M. .1 >1,11- and family, of H>ila<l? Ipbia W M I'araHI. of f%n KraO' ( Ri <?. of Sjiringrleld, B I' Miller, of Ijnhb.irg, ??., and John Oabaracbr. "I N'W UrloaM, tfi ?H>ppio$ al tin Aito* H?ua*'. r* floT?ritor M ?r?l?p*d. of Kentucky. aritTpd in K?w (?rHrna '? tlw M m?t U< rornor M. tut* b*?a addr.-i??tn<| bw frllow ritiaea* "f M:a?nwip|>i on thr praWI ti'imltoo I of political alfaira. taking tbf I mm r rw.aml O i'MwI ling lb"* rooopotaiieow artmgl of the rio*b*rn ^' a^a. With nittrtur M> ibr pm*nt potiiicU rriu of afl r<. Am'r<an? in T%r* rfft?ti>rfd at Mm* !?h*r' ftta, Kan* A Oa '?, No ? PHre it* la Bmirwr , Pam tiding Mot ?. t*? ?Mr and Mr* T. N A flriavoM. Oi.t*. H r Al?r*n* 0 MT. Jonljn *tlltani T?fK * afid Mra. P. L Mill*. *. M*j?*hfttn .tm T Wn*r, .r., William T tJurnrr and Mil* C <?MnT. William R gdM (lommodor* MeKin?tr*. I'. * " . Mr and Mr* Krrnaidu (latti^rrt, Mr MrplM-naoa and family, T. C Wauinaon. H^nry Brown, ft.. William Oab' and faintly. Ma>i n? Rlair aad OwlMTC* l,lp|tiM MrW York Alfrad B dullrtt . Cinoia ttai ' Thi?*|orr Heard and W | Farmworth Boaton R tU*,rt|pi*t, ?w Prtc?u-; Fdward P. Krll) , Philailol plila (V>ti nil ngrdf, of th*1 In l'?l 3l?t>w Army, ?nd Major *<> '.hull. < f th? rira| |X\ i .p i\t>at ^ rij), bava b ? n tnvite?l t? 1 1 lr< ?? th* N> a \ <? rk M*to M l tart A. ???*!? f >' 1 ' ? i "i' I ' ? V iwy? Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Hon. Judft Haicotnb. TUB MTRMM OF A MOT UK* AND CUILD IN BLOOM owpiu. Dw 10 ? Tht rrnpl* tu. Prom Huffman ? District Attot ney Walerbury naul that in lbs* ruse he had oneenfod O accept a plea of murder In the bee on <1 decree, b** ause thore waft aonie doubt as to the pi o*eni law in relut ,du to the punishment for the < apital oln a< e of murder; and uhto because there was Home f.ouht of tbe*aatiyot ti,o prisoner, whose state of mm J had be>n e?uiim?' by Doctors lUnuey and Ogdou It Will bo remembered that, the prisoner tuurderei Mrs. S bntuacker and her chllu, ui the ab-eare ol her husband. Tha following in th? medical uertilicate up<>a wh.> li the District Attorney uu upt*i me above pi' a The undersigned ex attuned Fran* Hcffman on the I t ai. 1 5l!i Inst., and tin din 4 no evideie.- of insanity have form J the opinion mat lie i? saint. There ? m no aopeai aiiee ol n , attempt to simulate His answers seen. -I irum.ul, anil im exhibited more iutriUgeni-e than our wuu,d infer irom hl? phy Miognom). li found guilty, however, we it-el that he ;<noiiIil not sutler the extreme penalty of the law, for ttw follow in# itani'ti*:? First ? Without doubt Hitfinaa 1j.?J fits, probably epileptic, ? ?ci asionally during ehlldh'od Setniid? He m?v?l a sevt-re blow on tin* head about tb? at;e ol HveutJ y<ars, wl.i t\ prnd n-ed uucon* k*u*ueaa 1 1 ? r some Unit* atid dlnablitl him lor army service l or several weeka. Third ? Thr singular cimftguratUn of the head. whether seining fr-'iu the blow orolht-i causes, d?-s not indicate a well ba,i.nce<l maid. F.pllepM , or ii severe blow on t'.e head, might produce a little dulltiesa i.? liilellert. m.t amounting to Itiaanlt) proper, but neve rtlielcw. 1< enlnt the pow t ol reasoutug and th<* ability ol sett control, without entirely destrnyltig thr power ol ehocaiug betwiun rtgnt and wrong That sum an effect l.?d been pioduci d In J: Uruan woul-l *??? 'run-red Horn the peculiar expression of his eoutitenani ? resembles that ol an epileptic* and to Ibr 1 eelliig el inn. t nee exhibited to the condition ?t> which he i* plaivd. 1 Most:* H. RANNBY, M D., HEN. OUDK.N, M. D. CHABGE Oi I KJ.OMOIS AHSArLT. ;>7 it ?* Jam- Sli\sy. ? Tills wao :u indiclincnt for a felonious sf-^inlt on a pilif'c /<;ilc?r. Th?* district Atlcrnej moved the tri?l ou tor i he pri.^.her tuovd for a po-tponemeut , in coiirequence of the al - lice of a tmiler..?! ? itui*^, who is daily expocted from t.urope The limtpct Att<>rne> consented ?nd t'jo tr >1 wad I-oritpoui-d until Mcuuny , the _'4!ii in-t CM AK<)> OK MtJAOKK. Thf l\<r}J- rt- Jvhn M < iuir ? 'ihf |>i ixoner ? i- lie tod fur the inuruer ol \s limn 1'. tireet.e H? pleaded not go lit) . aud I he irm! wio- ? ?! dowi tor ti'XI ANOTIIKK ("il \1?0K Oh Mt/RDKB. Th- rt. t' nlrriik X )ui/ht ? The pr - ,n, r h In lii.litl lor the murder ol Miu ael (':? eney. ile pleaded not guilt* . and his trial went i 'f for a wetk. ANOritKU CUABI.K t't Ml'Ul'KU. Jh- /'"])? i.'. b.'ii h/ilo-i -P ii- j>r s, ner - d - led for the minder < ' In- wilt . Helen I- inlay Mr. .U 'ties T. Brady asked that tin trial be pn-tpotod for tht ?..?y . a.i l.> u-. i? i t. o>ui. M->, wh<> wa-> .n [? -m< snon of the paper.- i;i t ???? i m.-m-, h ui i. I arr'ved Ihe i e-e w as then p - Ijiom d unt 1 Tuesday in rtrng INI'iCTMKST FOR MISDV.MKANOR \<i AtNciT A RAILWAY t'OMl* ANY. Ihr l'nl>lr r? tht A#?i" I'ori .- iitvl Hnrlrm Haihi wl I hh) any. ? Tlii- i- .ui indictni?..t ?>{it)ti>t the lTexdent and directors of the New Yn kiiml lluhm Raili ied t oui |ia?i,r lor a m -deme 'e.r m i in-intf itn- death of I *? i?ui - Tul>erry. The trial wasaet d 'wn foe \Vednesday ue.\t. THK tiRFKNWII'H PTRKtT ARSON t \-<K. thf l'fo)4r rv. I'-tr M->. it. ? The pti-mer '? brother of Mori .,-??? it , ci ii\ icied of murder in the second degree hi causing lln death ol Uapti.-te IH iaitocheiie by a lire in tireenwich street. Tlie present primmer i> charged w th the tarne offenre, atid he consented to plead guilty o! arson in the fourth di gree. Ill is plea was accepted b> the I> -trict Attorney, and the prisoner was r? manded. No case being ready tor trail, the Court adjourned lor the day. Thr Will of Kanti) While. PlUROOATtt'g COt'RT. B<'f"re tdward C. We.-t. Harrofaie Tlie citation in this cane wn< returnable y< ?terda> . and accordingly the will of Mrs itlaiikmau? or as ahe wa> more generally known, Fiumy White? came up for pro bate. The will i? contested by K1 tj? Williams, of Hroolc lyn, a sister of the testatrix, aud KKzabeth Smith and W. Vt . Myers, the children ol a deceased sister of the testa trix. Junes T. Hradv and ,1 S. Cnrpenter app ared u counsel for the proponents, and II. I.. Clinton aud 11. 1*. Allen and E. I. Hudson for the conte.t, mi Mr. Clmton objected to the will, oh tlie ground that it was not duly made and uttiMcd, anil that * wit- not tlie List will and testament of the deceased The will recites thnt the testatrix, being of sound and du>p<*ing mind, made and published. \c. Mrs. Bl inkman bequeathed f.ri,ouo to her brother, lltriun Kunk. to her nephew, John Jacob Funk, son of Hiram Kunk. she b?> ((ueatheti a legacy of leu aliarii- of the Keeolule Fire In ?iirniice O'liumny . To her nie< e, l.illn Bennett, daughter of lliram Fulk. the kiihj ol $1 ,ouo was bequeathed Her husband wun uiithoriied I-. dispMe of her wearing app.rel aa he thought lit. provided that he gave none of the mime to any of her relative*, who did u< l respect her in her lifetime. All tlie rest an-l residue of her real and (?ersonal ertate wa* boquint hod to her dearly beloved hiiMband. Klmoii Blaiikmau, for hn -o|r use absolut. |\ and unconditionally. Mie nominated as her ? xerutor b> r dear huslmlid, *lm to her liml been h"r best frieud in life. The will was made on the l.'tlh day of Augiiet. 1H5?, aud so witnessed by Henry Roltor. 4'."!i Kroadway , aud A. Maillard, Park place aud Hroadway The deceased left property supposed to be worth in the neighborhood ol (7.VOOO. rwtl and personal. The will, n stri?gl> contested, aud the litignt ion will probably be somewhat protracted. lite Qrst called for the executor w|i Mr. Beniamin J. HI. ink man. who testilied that he resided at <4P We?t Thir tv -fourth street: was a brother ot Kdrnoti Hlaukman; was* lawyer by Occu)iitiitu and hi. oOiee was at No 7 lleekmau street; was aopiainted with the deceased; knew her well previous to her decease, had known her for four or lire years w a.- at her residence after her decease; was present when tht- will (nteuttfytnf it; was found it wi> loiaid on the 10tb of October. Mrs Hlaukman ds-<l on the 12th. and was hurie<i on the 14th-. the will was found by Mcmts. J. M. ami Hiram Funk, brothers of the deceased; W. otten. J. K Furlong. Kdnwo Blank i nan aad witn?-s, al) were s< arching lor it. the box of decease] conUming her private papers was louud in a closet in the third story of her house; th?" box was hand<M to Mr. J H Funk aud carri.<?l dow n to the secund story front room, the box was of strong tin and was locked, search was made for the key to open the box, and subsequently Mr Funk pryed it open, m the prw eace of the parties named by the witness, Mr. Funk proceeded to examine the pa per*, aad among them found the will and maniacs certificate folded together (tt*Mlft??marrta?e certificate; by marks put on it bj Mr. ruak when he found it, Mr Funk marked the will at the aanie time the marks were no the will now produced other pap-r* were jmt in the box. an* wttneas took poss<-seion of the will till deposited in the Hurrogate a oOoe for probate, on the Kid of tie to ber; the will was m the Kami cood tna as whea be re ceived it. Mr Funk examined each paper as he took them oat nntil the will was found when tbey ceased to search any further. Omm -examined ? The will after fontei was put in the private drawer of a safe in his ofltce, to which nu i.De else bad access the Will was Imiod in the ev.-niag. be tween right aad nine o clock. Mr Turloog aad Mr. (men went up there at his request . so hr thought, but be was not positive that thry were up there but for that special purpose onlv decidedly recndected Mr J H Funk to be there. Mr H Funk upoke to witaeaa Br-t about looking for the will, aad It was then suggnsted that Mr. John Funk should be sent for. this waa on the day previous to the will King found Mr H Funk spoke something about the will, and that he knew how much had Keen left to him. he said thai he heard of the will being made from his deceased su<ter. she told him The caae was adkmrned until to-day. Own dcrahle in turret was evinced m lt? progress by' the unui-ual number of persons who crowded the court rooin Called Mates District Court. Before Hon. Judge Belie. THK C ASK or KX-roSTMAHTKR I'OOLKR'g St 'RUT ISA. n?r 10 ?Hmrg, /xiw ami Otutartm G. (hnoirr tw. Ikf I mtrd Statn ? Th ssult, to lesl (he liability of Messrs. law and (>>no?er as i-ondsmm for Isaac V Fowler, was postponed until the ISth Inst , on the application of Mr. t). W Robinson The district Attorney obtained an order to examine, fir (i m. 'ttr. a witness in this case now in attendance frt>m the Post Ctfllce l?]iariment al Wa?hingtoo Culled Rlalei Clrrolt Co?rt. Tliis court was adJourn?-d to the first Monday in Janua rv, in ron?eqnence of the contuiued indi-pr?-it,on of Judge Wilpman. Brookljr* City 1?w>. Otmcru? Thr Board held a sperla; season last evening? ITeeideBt k?ll>fleu>ch in tba chair A i'iimmunir*tniii ru rn*it?l from lh? IViice fV?m mkMiooer*. asking for an mcreaee of the poltce force, on the ground set forth in tb?> quarterly report of the Oene ral Superintendent. Referred lo tbe 1'ollee Uimn itKO, A petition tnm the Oooey Island and Bmofcl) n Rail road aaklng the privilege of laying track* for th*mnd from or near Firt.-nth street, to tbe Kami river, watt referred to tbe Railroad (Xm?mittee A pelt Km was presented from tbe Brooklyn Oty Rail road Company, ae it tnff Tort h that, tn consequence of tbe rotit em plated change of entrance lo Ibe <ireen?rood Ortne ter y , It will b* necessary for them to make ? correspond ing change to tb? terminus of their route. The petition #r?. therefore, pray that tbe Board will connect to tbe taring of a single or doable track ua Twenty - fourth and Twenty * lit h streets, With a stogie one on tbe east s??|c of Fifth avenue, so as to carry pis ?enger* t? the entrance of the cemetcrr, and that the track he laid when the ctrert Is opened ,ujd graded to the new entrance Referred tn the Railroad Committee. A halM wan taken for an engineer to take charge of the heating appnratuaof tbe City flail, resulting In the election of .'ohn Finn. Imtcnmrr or am Au>*x*i.* ?Tie Grand Jury of lh? (Vartof Oyer aad Terminer foun t a trite ti ll yesterday ajrauwt Alderman flreew, of the Tenth ward for a mis d?meaii"r. m certifying Ihrtf tbe <vnfr .< tf ' r,| .-an.ns thf struts in his w*rd had performed tbe ? rk. wli -n allegp'l before the (Irnnd J'try , the r nd n ih?str'-.-t? ??? ol C 'fv*. derahle depth Tliere %r.- rim ?? of o?>M ^r.vnr rli-irip* |?'ti'l u *r? tv*t ?n> I h?r Al ?? rrnan, t.,it th? |i?tr" ? Alt- *'i> y i? wi t nr ' '' " , . ??> < f?rtlp t ?nc<vt hef ri- C'V'i t th* ' <? ' ? p hi ? The rh irg. ,r. I ti !? I" ;r.fl l'Vf 'r t'- f ' ? ' f Of-r wuiu iernun^f. Court of Umrml Sesxion*. Before Recorder Barnard H1HHWAT BOMEJlT. Pre. 1# %-Thf find prboner opposed of tb .*!. wUl u young tnan wusied Jain,-.- t>ha> , *b<> v?ae jointly ladioted with two other men for robb ry in tb* first 1 ?m- He WW permitted to plead guilt? to ai as .u't invent lo n>b, w h cb loft th ? pum-hm-iit born ??, h i ?,S?mtb the Court-Tor lu.1 1. ? b^u tried and ^ .V,^ of the origim.1 ch-ir*-, th ? I- went j. -V.t t , At coulu be Inflict -d would b - ten y- ,r-' , ,ipr- ????*?* ? Kate prison. Ta- pro*- .t-ng ulb< * r "'J 1 '.'Kf.'Vi rtl ?*t oij coiidit'iHi lui' i "* 1 Krt'V.r, < ... the ,>bh-r> thrown all tb..l.rnt ?? " tb?- itfln'r t>mt it na- p'-M far bta to -.0. the tmwi wr. ?- d t p - - J ? ( wbirb iuiprv^'Ji'i* - 1 ?' V1) " ? ? - ! \ ohi*- hd<1 six uvvittiK i TUB SIIEVAIIW ( AHK U1LMAI K.sllMk'l O. THK ??OY Kit *>V Tlt?. I'l'.KHS. r,,?w\ for M.epard tn< r< se for th, jn.r|e- >f ttt .kng some mot .ou in r- r -r? f . t- - ci -at h- .t I ? M be rt-ui-mb -t. <r '<<hr' t. - f->r :.r- ? ! *??, fjp-t rt'*2v' Vk h" . ,m t j im-<i in tlie Lib* tb. ,ur> laKn*' to *{' **MtC -o, of S&is&is ri j inn hi- con!..-*! :-ucoe, ned ,, oHaM.-nc J<ew r .U. The co in-t l added sonietll n-r which *;>?> lint heft.<l ? mXrTtnbV, rr-!?rt:s the ?,-n - n ' i hi- nterv't - fai- client when th? Recorder, w th a Ihppanrv nod un nr of M tfcrenee M.d <le??ice ????"> nbel ting thed gn.ty o?he bench, reir irked U?t he b^'Sud thv censure the ,e?* p^c. , for the tea tiii'tf \ c;.i ? . that Ue tliou^lit t %ery i i? -worthy t< re e v e tl <? ceiwurt of the pre*- M'<i u tonseq. ence of re :4v?n? the centre nt the ,,e- he ran M thon ,i,d .lu>,' h > t.-k-t. h - tat?ereai?rk , au^ed con ,1-1 XtW H-.uttrfu.ent to snntiy of tl? esp*ctuVU> ni)d m leMxi-ot ( '?*?)?? w?50 wer. ;? ;,r* idvi? w*lt:n^ fo' t ie I ii. t cml f-oceed n?i' to >-f? o?i THK "BH4V!!I0" CA?K? COVtHCTtON Ot OsK OI T?K ITALIANS. | The only j.iry trial of *1 ?*??'! infri-.-t that <?' I utuNiio l?t>t?niiO. wtio wa 1 1 w '?'? Andrew ? nd Jjeopold fiUHiavell with r. bb nt Mi ,' WsOA, . I innvvh;in' .1.. ?>r foot' wli'.e tm lx>n.jt^b?%ed u the " K.i i .i ?IWBMI m MM .?> I'otel l^t ?eek yoia.K tiuicUveili w tr-.ed for M.e wme of I imco? l.?A K . I- t I. .. V ? ?' ;? *.?1 r *tr. to b?vo , wuMtc tr.ul? *t *b>h time t h tiry f?..ed to ugre? nWBii verdict , itnd a ere dx-h.rjted W,- me :? d.^t I ot tL^ at thet :ne. wlien i* hhuwu llukt th<- ia?.ney -tolci. l'roin Mr W U.-U wiL- -.vret-.t tu tn? I lx ? ' i ' * oui.L' (i 'stavell: , % p. >rt ? , ot w hicti v?iu> uleu' :le t.v th- owner It wv no' pro en thai th-- young pr ron-r / n the Mlwn at the t -i e the lurcen, y ?nt porpetr.t I tad hail it not heeu tor n ?i>nrle ...i-picioui- circm-i r(- -n connect on ? th the other 'Vts n tl.e ciu*. the rryvuml.1 have m K-ibtedH renter, -u n unM-mon \er I 'net of ?Ctu.ttal Juecir, '"..-tan- v? - this:? ^ ben Mr. Wal-hca- -. '1 lhearr.vt ot lUe Uuhiut., und I eior, tb' > I ivr re circl e.', he told the . ricer lb:.' one ot the 1- !H h d ?Woi m tik oa the vlgne te or rattier upon the win:: o! lie Off. and ??- eooa - n.e yo'ithm! pri.-M'iier ua.> I M-iircheii Lit only vere ihet. tlso: anusuul currency ?? r? wh oh pr - -d to he * ncUr In de ? cr 1 1 on io ltio Mr Wal-t. ? , hot the . er> I bill wlh th-.* |<-Mi!.r ink ??- Uxwerel. ?<! niiir--1 the ituienio, - coui or the ?.r MHt contend. .1 I that the. ouiht not to -"t.'1 hi< client (o the state prison on such ? t:i?ht circatnsianee ..a tiii.t whiie tb'- prtwecut np uttorney "-n ten. led I ?ith <*,ii .a t utelkH mk m an mm MM newoeec I a bonk note a# the dm In n..--' w ??- -:> m- v -n I w ilb other ,-ir. >.m.?t:.i-c?- ,-.?n,-'-i--.e pro, ' >?? h ? j: - It U.i! a baa bwn al^ndv .at. mat-1 the jury tailed to I lufr, i- npon the km 't of y-uii^ (iuataveU., and ti.' **.- re nandclfor trial It t> n- 'i pro", hie that Hie present I panel of )iiror.- will he caHcd -p-n to ?rv the i-^ie ?t th* I or. sent term, so ttuit h- will rema n m . iwtody till the I Vumary teiui. Tlie reader may w ith propriety why I wa- Ai tonio ]<nblMnno?t?i?v?clfd " the Urt ?*n> b> U?e 1 jiir\ that tried hi- ca^, when it wiv- not ?h?wn that he I nhvt-iially commit*. Hi the ottence, or that he received any I poll ion <>t the money A - -lut am o! th- apparenl ' I .Ktenrv will be l-nnd wlo n it 1- considered tha the I tbeorv of the pri?' .it .-n ws that (he twot,UMtatelU I father and w?B- owner- ih- and U?lnunno I tortned a coo-pintcy torwt'Mr. Wt.lahot bi? money. Ihe pr'.^!'riii-.on showed, hy the e- den- e o' Mr. Wato.that 1 oil the 17th ol' Jnne he cntt-r-d tb<- al-jon for tbe porj^se I ot being shaved ; that h- war- waited upon by U'bianno. 1 who requested take ?H bi-.oat and it itp: that I he complied with the anu.-nal request, but **? I enat.led to k'-ep b- eye- .:[?n the coal while I he was i*wg Shaved by meant. of the I reflect wu of the mirror. N hen the operation of aU- ia? I was trt'ina on th- pri?ner a-k- -d htm if h> -pok- <>erman, I to wi ich the victtml? d straojr-r replied in the negative, I whereupon lobtnnno (as ?a? a -timed Uy the Pr,??e< u I ti.'tti < ouimunicat-d somethins to the < l.i-r Ouhtaveili to I further the pros. . uiiwi of their criminal Intent. As o'K.n I tu- Mr. Walsh wa* shaved. l?blanuo pro. -.eed-d. Without I any intimation from his customer ? to -hamp,*' bis be.,il , 1 unil in douiK so .i-?d a large quant ty ol ?"??, so th t the I t*-lite and geU'TOns bartier coudu -ted Mr. \N to a l.asin ,.t water near at band, and while his cranium wa- In a I r. . . unbent paettlou the prosecution alle?.-dthat th- father I and son whower- Hi, ollus am, abstracted the pocket ls??k I irom the coat ot th-ir c-'intrv customer. l'?-e were U.- cir. .. upon which the Jury founded their I verdict ot gulltv; also, lakum into eonsiderat on the well kuow n principle of l?*. th..t . I two or more p rsons con I spire to commit a felony both are equally utility .although i *ie ma) not has. phy.- rally part, p.t-d In the com I mis.- ion of the otR-nce. After the uiry had r- ad.-r. d the I verdi. t liObianno ?a.- pla.-.-d at the l-?i tor s-n MM, wh-ji it UOMTtd that Willi- h- was proeecuttng hi- pn>t?-ssl?* iti the -having and ba> -sili* department of the Metropolitan H iJteti removed ibe extraneom tw-nr.l Irom the lace of he K.-t order, wla> u-e.l t'> '-ma-\ h<-w styl,-bl/>b i 1 Art -ed. The pri - d? ? ted for this by stating tnat I he was a splendid workman, and hm < .?im--ti<?n was, tberei-r- reepeetable anu large A lengtt.v -olloquy ,. ..slbetw.-n the Court i?n<t the pr v-ner . w ti , h wa. wound up hv the Recorder remind ng Ixbiauno that he W <?H? Tr<ll?lt ' ' murder I tie i.artiarou ? It ,iian gc-ti- uU?t,-l v i. lent I. .1 wa.- tlaaiU i.-t,sl n the Court He w v.- acnten. ed t- inipri^'iiment in the State pri-on for three years and e ^ht mouths llis . oui -ei signified h < mt. nt on to , arry up the . a-e on a bill .-! ?iceptioiui POSTAL DIRECTORY. I'orriga and Domeattr Malta. TIMK or CL?Kt*U AT THK N?W YORK orriclt. The Poet Oflkv n. w cl -?? at h^f paat ?tt ? clock f. M., la ?tml of ?evvn. a* berrtof,*e IWiutic. . . .liorib? Albaaj, Ttnffaki aad Lanada. . y, P. M. North aa<t W r?l war mall 6 A. M. WeMern mall, via RR U K and 3S f M. S- nth and Ho. W. maiU ... ?A. M. and??, P. M. Eaxlvru mail, bv ratlrr*d ft A. M. and! P.M. " " by rallr wl, extra mall. . V-i V M. " " t?j Meambt-al 3 f. X. rivfOAV Mail.* On Snnda, all mai s close ai this oftim-at IS P. M. Cauroasia Ut maaiiu-htp > .rtbern Llgbt, Ttiea dar. Dee. 11 77TT .10 A.M. Tbe Overtaad Mall for t'aUfm-nla leaves m. Uonl? ererj Monday aad Thursday at 8 A. M. betters des%ned for it shooM be mai>ii<l "Over land, via Pt L?nts" H Uu ("ITT Tbe Overland Matt fn-m St Joseph (Mo.) to Malt Lake Ottv. leaves Ht .l.oeph every M'-?day and Tburartay, at 8 A. M. keiiers should be marked "Overtaad, via Ht. Jo?epk. so. I'Minc. >y staansship Northern Ugkt, Tuea daj. l>ec 11.. 10 a if Bahama Isisaos t H? the day after the arrival r.f'earh alter nate CuMU-d packet at this port, betag <uee a m- nth. the kteanier karoak will h* tafMrM altb malls for tbe Kakanyt Island* to be landed at Nassau. N P. Ecaoeic..... Hy ?te*n??hlp Arabia, from Boston. cl.we here Tuesday, Dee U I', l.V. P. M. IIavaha.*,.. By uteamer Cabas ba, Wednesday. Ue eember II A. M. TIM* or IXOtXNW AT THE I.OSPON OfrtCK. Uos? The Overland Mail lo H-.mbay etoe* to London as foil, wst? Via Marseille* n ihe M and l-sk of each month. Via Southaaploa on tbe I2tb and 17th. t'KCtrTA... id, Mth. l%h. Mih. via Marseilles. 4th. IJth. aih. rm. na .souihampv.n. CbiVa, Ac . Via Marseille* ?a the loth ?n! 3Hh. Via South - smpt. n 4lh and JUUi Aisthaiia t la Marseille- aud sues on the Igth. V.a South fimpi -n and <.i?t. 13th M?rniTtr? la Aden on the ?th and Z7th of the month. Bkasil. . t la Southampton on Ibe Vlh if itir in -nth. ?9* Tbe Maisetlle* mafl* are ,1r>i?n>',ed i.n ihe eve nf above dales, should any of I row dale* I at. on suiKta; . tbe mall 1- des|?iched the (ollowtnf: evening. The ^. .ull>anlpt.,n Mall* are de?|sitrh<Hi -n the m mlng ef ahove iiate* should any .*f these dales tall on Snnda) . the mail I* despatched the ra n In* prevt-ns. kS HIPPING NEWS. nrrt i ai. notu'b. ' -"P" "? A tolraW /?r N - w Voai If, su.p aJxmMI nr ?ettw, 7 1ft | Boo* net* . ? XI | HH.H ? AT, K I*?' t of Htw York, Dtttmbtr 10, 1<*00. CIJUMD Fhlp (Vnrtltotlrn, U??r| ?ii? W iImmm A Onion Hhij V-> ' ' Tlefc, ||wewl'??i u B!i<l ? merkfi ? A Wftidl A t'o. Skip Hllai lilfftiug, W?M*r, S?* < 'riMkn* ? W T Hrt|t l.Ullun, *l?rr? (*<>nr? R t Hall Hr? UhWi > Wkitwan re. IVufii' (<?? ?>im|?oa * JUf k*W. Br 1? Vrrr ?. HI .t?hn? M K Or?w?w> A CnrH* Brt# PmbU, f lumnrr, Nc? i iri*kti? n A Kt?4H L Hchr Mmintftia Avrnttr, H*rry. Pla*|? T II Chaw. Hrhr Kill. .it, B?rt.*rfrw_MklUrr. U>m A ()'in>w Hrtir Mi'ntMiiM, lirM, Anti#iu?? U A J Hon* A l'* Hrhr W T f.mfwti. A .t>c ? It I* Bu< V A ' o J<rhr Emily, Hh#ph*r?t. W - IM' Hurt** Mir* H stnllb. Ha-tl. WUniBftoa ? Smith A Co. Sr-hr F.ll" H?*" si?.|m? *?' ? ?- < ' l? Abf?m? l?rhr M?r**rrt IVtirihiirg- MiM< r. Notir rivm nil, Knrk Vrm, te t. I>?jV"i A Hpr*rw. ?!??{> I'txron, WhfphrM. N*w M * R?rt?*t ARRTTKP K1#Wn'hlp?.<il?(llrt, Of??1?rtf? J?. Df 1, with ?Krurss&f ss? -v,-, ?? pawner*, |p HpolTorA, TIlMM A ro. _ MA i?*t, ?V H*. >1# ? ?... tssssSSi 8T& <MI. with mtntn* t ' lUnrtnl! A imi f. il u Hotwm. rri*i lfc? "KM* "*rn""1* **Pr rlMMvX llvht wind* ?*? h*? *"??? wm?NT Mows err? 4t? Ihr (Kllf MfTMB 55*1 A ?W*. C???. IJ?? ?> "A"' 1.* *IUt ?"?M ?nrt ai. |w? t" m ??W Mart hrnry .ntthor Hark I ??rln? (**? p. Mmn?. M .i ibn.ijp- IVdM?. ?1>k l<im irr I,. Klrnp- n A I apt ? <JTrrh. Iw HAITI T"T * *lMf? ?? r?llr? |m? **?? Hrl? N*p"in l)rt*? ?'? n ? ? ani with ??), to llrnnlnt* A <k? In* ll?l h?ry W the p?M of ih* i *? **?' Itx f .~-k tic -.a (p.:tfc k? "c Aata,u4Mft ?'W Tdfl. r?t ?l'Ji m4"? U yup?-b < ??'n^k? I ?rfg M. <i!ie Hr r-f Qt.-' rr. T'el.' ? ' ?" *" 1 ?y - >v'lb oata, t,> unl. . Had Ten heavy wi a'Xel - k - ' nan 'ipsad jufd. nllt s tii. ?r>t1 . < a -al. Brig (i'lld Hunter riti i, l.avl,. .<i r? i?ba, Mdifs Wltll plC'.ft-, to r I A.-Vlu: i ... Brig I-niiraiBr , Jiinthorn. Hi .' i . hp ?? 0 . .tlthlalli, to Brett ."i-m A <".<?. Brig H.ii riei v Mr i, i '41R1I<<T< JUalMi.o V ? Willi p.a-f?r<tr to H A ' A t ? < - \% < t U -'.g Almore, Small, Oaiid ? iv,< * ib uniiirr, to I BlooEtnun. Bin Kmlariek Kugaw, U?<v?- itocVcjiu 7 ???? wi'.h IHn 10 V\ ru Bro" n :-c!ir F'i/.a s Potter (o' Nounk . * II cay with cut t<<<i to Brodli A 0 ' ) jjp, 1 4 winda the or re p%*? ?vlir Kut< vta:;?er <of Barn . 1."' ? r, ?< av. .'.<?, ,g >t.?y ? ? ill p.'II" til J JtOllll' - Schr Ann K ijioTcr, Kobin ?< rt, r .vao'iah, 7 .lays, v ith out. ton, to Win H Hwcnliin. :vhr C'-Oorad*, t-heppard f .c.r^rtown, Dl t d .?ebr J B it.' 'her, Kiluwdt, Philadelphia -dir. 'ami i.oriiuni, \inlrt * - maheit.i . for he v pa,t. ,-K-lir.i ! I! Iks, Plizai. ; .It Providence. ?srl.r ,k hn Dot < 't, Browo, K 1 ? ?r< ? < h jj - f ?< : 'ackonsarh -(?hi <1< : ti Voitit'ey, V 1 !j 'hport f >r llud flunk. ?I'll Klmi'll; v, ? -h ol, r.l!/V.i '.t ! >rt tor N<-w b! ru Schr W f Kmrf ? lendinn'n, I .tlhl.s, lOtla."-. j-clir U li Kiu if. ttCKMe . < *.iii? ; Jiij Sc'ir .!<?- l'i-h, HlcV.mor .-? <;<?< s, , r< > "-'o mi U9 Soiir ft A Perry, Mailt. . huclixpi-rt, |i .la). S< br * Tho:npeon, Hull, t-url, 4d?j ? .vhrD H l<airtuln, < <iuver. Kaeklxni. Schr riti7?n NIHeblii !{?<?', land. f< day* Srlir '.'nlj)' II rt.u, Bilfiili: Uoc?i ?: ti )?/.-< Mur 1 urrnff, Jmncxm. It> Utint, .'??'<*) s^tir 1 ?'ioi lt?ini|!(in H 1 Sclir >? k'c tt, fukrr, ft< stor; ,t di< ? ,sr! Uii?u,t< Lod|i', i^rr, i> oi<ri*?'.?r, -<i*ri tirlir N. iuUi'. JtniN r, 'l u ntna 9ilt]4 Sriir K Wot'.rn l?il<til< J'rovMcn^ , ca/s ,<cVir,t (ImkI jxi-d, J'cjit' ,'.,| C u iy h,r,<'i t lie, Ni.thditt, 1 llribollipiirt forTitunUic rt foi Nortli|i?n .sloop I -k.i r H Ho.-dfli, ('i.ui'-.s hmi Z <11*5111 >'c?op K 1; !? 'oic Alien, i*rov<.!rm* 2<i?\ - M: <,p Ore?< ti. ittiodr s J'rov lci<<x, <lt>.js ,sk?ip Kn-<1? rick Brown, ?'arr. 1'rr vlji-nce, % iay i .'MiTDT I* T nearft, SkldcII, i'hliadi lphla hteaiutr 11 wak .-siiark--, U-mule; , f'nilidclphla J.FJ on Br<a Vi (<' 'he WiiD ? Jj pi.ot !< >at Jane, V> I H%' , l?'ja M cfJev, Wriphl. from K< < ?i<-t 30 barlr Horxtijran, Hal -, frt'in Be" re, Hon I *?" A!( ??nilre Alw one brig. nnkn< v n. SATTJ3) ,S jip L.'i 'd'<n, IX'IiJko W"< j durni; 1. le ^aj Sf. vritk S a: ' *r 1 1 at 10 t'*<, >li?? rllaiiriiuv A runwr reacl<?l va^;<aral* vt 01" f 'Cton ? r<f a v.- v#l ?pa tvn a. ulie was w*n luto h hlk'aal I ->.u<nit> (by another vc^ie* g<<;ngcnt', thai kIh- had on be ?H lb cr< w of twoviw hi ls tiist liad founderivi off 1 ape Horn. Name', of the foua Ucred ?h), . not rtporir i. t < ne o\ the 11 w? ?aid t bar# t>e?'n American Ki r .-an I ?*? "! " < K>i'>i>ing ne - tc N ?i(by "<iny K* pre?n), n-e nev - co!<.ma?. Tb? o'jl'^lng j ceer <<f Meuti.-' mbia, fit>m CuarU* ton. win pi' i"-' our thartii for - fti,<-ntion* Smr Ci <?* I, )' :>mt, Maxwelv. <i vinbi <? fn.m I<onilM, wnsni;, ul? in tbe t 'lannel by an < tiV< ?>?* n ve->oi but una tainea no matei-tai i imug Hi;:. 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Ko?f rt A I'iMiiU'., at Si Tnomae ltKj u't from Ne? ^ ork. damajp-d ber cargo conslderab ) Scur. Marv.i Hott, t'eacoclt, from Vork Mot 26 f w t 'ett<-, WH- ab:uiduue<l Dec ?i In !at 4?i J". Ion 7" The crew ar rivet) at Baltimore lt'<h Inn The M ,1 I( ?-?, bulit at 1 am ten, N.I. <n I1.V1, .'iW tone, rated A1 1 . and v as oh ned by J V k J A Starr, of t 'auidi'n (By tei . SciH.i L- vaixc., lUpari, took fire at .lackxonTiHe night at ^Sth ? !. at"i ?a tot?<)y consiimeil tO(jet! erwltU her carga sne.ha<l cleared for >ew \ork with a cm go ronsutinR of *one JM bhls ti rpea'.lne and 625 do ro?iu. * a' go ins. n-d, but not tbe ven* 1. s? hi: .t>?, ^ IitwaxMri. Alen h?n' e it B<*ioti. got afmuag 00 spectacle Ixland when going up ttie l.nrbor Hih, bi:t ria? off *.'th without damaso al . r di-cUiiging a I cjhter load of Ira* 1 at 0 aioop Sain son K< .ir Am ? m.r (of New l?ondon), l.amb before reported lout ? n Ci.niberiand strait-, waslil ions, owned bT H ililarat A lla ven and ? a? formerly engaged In the !ian>- eipeditloa S< <ir M I'ltrris armed at hew Orleans "th from Prince Ed-i ard Ii-iand, with lo*? of deck loa<l, aaiU, Ar Thewrci'kof uhlp Souter .lohnny. of Kr.-eport. Me, before rrported ioM mar 1 aoe l'alo?. Spain. s?pt 1,, ? an -old pre* iik to hov 16 for $17(JU; the ringing brt>ught 919UU. Tlie w reekers were adjudged by the hn*sau Court for getting off the ship Liberty. Scnr >arah N Smlvh. from I'Mladelphla fo- Boston, before reported ashore In Ba-sliut i'otc, v. a- -old at auction Wh in?t, w-flho it h -r sail* arol rigging, to W m K lireea. of Boston, far ft&t lii-r cargo (3Uli tou- coali was to W ru P Ailen, at Sclt'iate, for $mti l.irm n? A v. hlte oak ship of lift) ton*, copper fa?teae<l. ealieil ibr H i Bavt*'r. was to be launclied at Bath. Me, Htk !o*'. M.e U om nrd bt ii. !\cr Mom?. K?q, the builder, aat < "a|.t Charles Ow en w bo Is to command ber (Votlce to Marlnt-ra. Notice 1? hereby glren. that the Hhorelful -hoa!< laghtTe* ?*l, * hieh parted her chain on the night of the Jd last, <*%a r? plan <1 on the 7m. By order of the l.l?htb<r;?e Hoard MKLANt Tn.N ?sMITH. foni. t S h , Boston. Dec $. ldttt). IJghth u-e iuepedcrSi dial Hlialemra. Arrat Albany. New Holland, Sepi i\ Thjman. Hamlm. NB. I9? ap last crul?e? ret* mi on S t am of New Holland, (/?* Trout', helley, N B, .'!<?? ?|i. A letter 1 rum * apt Stem<<n. of bark KenMngton N B, reporta her at wa Aug 1&, no lat. Ac, 73 sp :?<> wh line* le?i jng sand wieh ialaodi ? all well, would touch al Talcahuano durtag Xarch A letter from rapt Mleholi. of enlp*. NB. reporta her at eea .luue 9. lat 25 H, Ion 125 M", VI' ?p. A letter from ? apt Allen, of ehip Daniel M'ebuler. NB, rt oru her at Niatllr, t'omberlaod strait-, Oct M. with to bMa II. going into winter quartern; aim r.-portu xaine day. bark* Blark Kagle. Allen, SB. t wlia; Ante!oi<e, Wrialey, do. 4 whu. A tiibba, ?'ha|4'l. KH. 1 wh*; Hannibal, Rogers, Nt. 1 wh . Pioneer, Leeter, <k,, clean. A letter from fapt Vmal, r< bark Warerler. KB. rer?orta her at ?ea July Jli, Ut 3b S, km I7? 3t? W, 7t?' ap Ml wb. all well Alun rrp..rt? .luly 4. Xone. Praiier, FH, HU) up, 8th, .lame* Ar ii"ld. Sull^an. NR. IWUiip; luth, Kainbow. Mt'bola, do, 300 ap Oneida, Vincent, do. IR7tiip, 15th, Sea liulL Nichola, do, 1M up; Itth, Japaa, t.rant, do, *l> ap; Monnt Wollaatoa, i'atln, di .MAUap. Hrari fn m In June, bark lludaon, flab, of PH, ?n mi. A letter fr<im fapt Wing, of ahlnJamea Maury, KB. nepoeu her at Albany . New Holland, Sept 25. having <*kea ot ap ?> aer iart report. Kpakea, Ac. Nhip Siirren. from JlOrleaa* for Llrerpooi. S\tr If, off Saa l Key (Jght shin .lohanalkherg, Sttiphen. from Nor] ran- for Liverpool. Sot XV lat ? 17. loa Tt.tU Bark Curlew, Ballard, from Boaton A n 9 for lloog Kong, sept Iff lat ? 811 ?. Ion ? WW. schr River Uneea. Cole, hence for Carpf! I UriaU. Dec 1, off Pa?i t'arailo Bar Porelga Porta. Bid! i, Oct 2S? In pi ?blps Monimorenei Rrr.wn, for Sf w Oeleaa.- Nov 4' New I! i i.-hirr. Lord, for Mbbilr. C*o??Ti?T Sot 17? No Am efswei In port Pauioctk, J*. KavW-CU aehr Alekauuer M HaJ, Mew *ork. ? - ?- - <? i-rtwmmm , a Beatrtre Drlako, Bangor, aokr Lucy W ? I imIi i Aieaaa <ter, Ballimoir Md Hth. brigs Joaaphaa. Wltaoa. a pott la Meite.^ 1Mb. Haad;. Hand; norfia. SM. Lna Amlfo*. Brownin* . S Vork . I7lk Kei?k (Bri. Baynea, do In p-.n l>e< 1, ting 1 afoUne. f<<rver. fra NV <rk for Aepta wall. In <tUtf*M npg, an I the aboie ?rnuv Livaaroou Nor 4a? Arr .lota Bright, CutUng, aad Lucy Thomraoa, llubbani, SYork. Sid itth Kelrla. Itelrea. SOrleann; I-lringnon WTtUaM \|*larbir- la . A?t< na, .Slrt'her- n. I'enaae .la Karl <<f Der*?. -1 Lawrence, Hajis*. onward. i'hi?ers, and Medina. M..rri- Savannah. Brim Brum. Baltimore .1 i. Vt 1 ark, K'.pii rl,..idt New < ir,r*in tang. ard. Halleti Mobile. Emily *< Vlerrr. Traater. t harlnatoa, rldaiia, M-? - 1 t<?i M"rk. A'lv Mih. North Brlion <?>, for Portlaad Vth , Europa (?). f .r Boao.n Dee 1 Kerlar (m, for N<-w VorkN'<vJ7, V lg? (??. for<to>?ib. Kdiaburg <?>, lor do D?- 1: Parata i? , far MM, lr<<u?iitea, t'haar, for Boston lib. Wilbur Plak. Cutter, far 'to ??h: >u?an illnkii Atw <?l. for do, Aa?er.< a, Halter, for I New Vork Nov V. Dreadnought. Saaiuela. for do .Vtb; Ner inandi, Tiler, for do with deapatefe. Prank Bond, Bocae, tuboielphla N"tT7, Samoaei, Mi Near. for i'hart<?ioa P:orida. Mortimer, for saraaaah. Bay staie, CmwaU, f * A|*la< hi'ola Pnwi maa. Delano, for Sew Orleanl. tlaiiBM. Ki*n?, f,-r 1 ah una. I Mum.i, Nov 1A? In port bark- 3 < Niekei*. Niekela, foe B* <? ton Wildfire, l'rrkln? ao<l Northw<??t lli J.-rl for New S <rk lirtg W H Town*en<l 1 coin. t"f do; ?rhr d T Bah?W. I Price, for do, all Idg. , IB port M OO R?t It. t.rtgs ,t C B'.rt, for HV ork; W Plerwa H' < o-i.-i fm ? It 1 7th iiark I jbert v , HtaW, BTarm , BrbrtgSami Kli'atn, Cam, MM; aehr | i is-ta, i rwioa n > 'Tk H*h. bark* pbrr. I jum do, Idib l?anlel wrn?i*r l?r H??t<<n MtR.riii r*. Nov 51?ln port ?hlps llenrv I !ark. Bruwa NVorkldg Hr'ine. l^ndl- f r. m MaHiaaoee, harke I , ... :,.r New Orleans rig. loate. nutnhlnx*. I .... '1 'k- II ?es. ?n.t M*n < l?i<r Plekr tt, from NVor*. brig- Var-ha ? . .< ' < i'. ' .w. f .t ?"?" " '? tning Bird, P11IUL d|s? , i. i? ,.,e? bark* r;r,k,r"' fm /..\nrll<ar 2^.1 W arrrn llailetl, lUllett, far do I or . I ilaj? Ho!*T??in?o tKt IJ? Arrbark J t aarruig, -I *ary?, l>a, -Maim PR. Not Itv-la port ketch tXnaeir-, Haraa*. from I'hiladr phla l<i?t arr , , ir.KO?a Nov JB?la !*?' ?klp? kh'taadHae Titeomb hirftrl l Hull an<l t'airo, Wouater, for S fork. J T-l a, Allea. f * MltaMW; ?m W liberie. At .nod. an t In Ma. H,-?aU. for Norieana * is,, the follow lag foreltn n .?;- I realrt, C|? Min. rra. V an ? nnervm t- I' I for Boal?n. Ar i/.,iin* r Pros Ha-ha^n. for NVoft. PMtny KlrrU? ft'o" i ? * r lao ,'t^t a -M h*rk Hermitage, Rinf, NOrieaaa. K10 Bc?*o -'a. Nor IB? "Id hrtir Vari < ar?n. it Vork ?HB*a??. Not It la pori 'M?rk. 1 a n< " <t n ? ?e nire to load ft* Bo*t <n . B> unulng Bliloa, Harding, ^or New Wt S or I dav ? Tiinitt, Mar 17? In port hark Tremont, Baker, from Bo? loa dleg nrlg Ugabet, Meaaa, do do. Amrrlran Porta. A< MJk" Hit OLA. Not ?- HM hark Col I*4rar4. HuttM, Bo-v ' AI.EXAfrOKIA, T>or *?<*14 nrhr? (t*o Hearing rinkhua. PortlMid. MUierra, .trfurixn, ao4 i.~>r*? M Smith, Mill*, fall Hirer. RONTON, Dac *, V ?? Arr hark Alrmrvlo. All#* K?wOf W*?r>?. brig. !? B K Kat- n. >?*'?? Haitian, Ko?4. I'ort Kwm Cr>?ilna. rt ketv do whm J*ara? Burton, Ad?m?, 1't.n h'i Vr-w. A-inl. H#r?T, Al'Wndrui. AH ?irum. yntnn Baltimore. M?ry I'tarop, Ounton, Abb< ii Law r?no?, rttanln . (teorjr'*, R * Prv?. Krllry. tnd.'nlla A Mtrha, r<*>? hak?r. Kilialtrthpurt. i:hart*? H??rr, Ntckw ???n, All*nj >Mhan Clifford. Hkutr, P"it Bir^n. CM auaai ?r Joseph Whitney. LoTrland. Sarnirmh ; bn? Ahbutt l-?m r- fuller. Philadelphia, aehr Tneaaurer, Kiober, l man, IX ' *h? Art amiwr ramhr^. t?i, rhila/lH|i?i ? >Mp laaar N< ?i i *?rn Nor <-?n* 8- t?rk s?r?? ? Hn leti?, 1'r.rtenwnnh, NH, brl? Tlirwe clutof*, rink hum Nobile; ?rhr* .<?M A Par*. no, Hha* . Will* "ijp^n, NC, II M H At ? . 1. Atw< ..<1, Tanflw. l.uiher CbtUt K<-ller Hnittn ,r>, >aaw? M? r*m"#, A"?i, " ^ >rfc T?l?<fr*: ' M ' .">?nai for t?? l?ark? aid ?*?> hr>?* ^ ^ -*inr <to?, ** U' UK, ?t/-an?#r .'oarf-* Wh ?< t'w m -m . N? H > ? ;w<i IUiii ilt ?I<1 i r. I* b?|. ? Vrt Ui ' ? > iSk? ArriVj ?<?]? ?i?>arn<r? HMWli ?/?'> , M(M tTm h*?V * h??> i>?V P*tl m t*" ha"kAi'AtaJPA. HA'Ana; II * ' Ar 1, ^ ? i/?l?an> Aftm < - ?? . ?