Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 13, 1860 Page 2
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INTERES HWa FROM EUROPE. Details to Nov. 27 by the KeduT at This Port. Slat? of tlic English and Freucli lloiify Markets. What is Thought of Xiincoln's Eloc tion and Secession. IMPORTANT REFORMS IN FRANCE. THE NEWS FROM CHINA, &C., &c., &c. The Cunard hi rew Kteaiiinliip K<>dar, Capt. Little, from IJverpooJ for Now York d:r*vt ou the i'7th ult.j at nine . A. M., arrived here early yesterday lbrenooa, bringing fllcb to the i'Tth. tho day of tailing. A d?*<truitivu fire occurred on li >ard tho West India ; trail steamer la 1'laia whilo sho wan lying in dock at .^mihainptoa. Th ; damage was extensive, bat fortunate ly the vemel bad not commented taking m cargo. Tho bull cm not injured. Tho Rev. l>r. Croly, the well known rector of St. ~te phenv, Walbrook, London, died on the 24th, from ari .U tack of apoplexy. Tho Duke <>f Norfolk died on tho -.'7th ult. The Ktjxr^ >f Madrid. elate* an Kngltsh company hiw proposed to th Italian government to OHtabllsh a*ru gular .steamboat wruoc between Italy and America. veMrk U would bo largo, and might be used iu aid of t'ao national nary in rai-e of war. Tht> Jnatp^ulen's if \aplcu, of tho 13tb, has tho lowing announcement : ? All persons wh" have anything to si nd to G-'nor il iiarl- ; baldi. ut Oaprer < may c^poeit either letters or parcels in the bandit of the explain of tho .?< hooner Kinin*. who v*ill convey them t>i the Oenoral. The Kmma us Vt Ali'j.uidre I Dumas' yacht. U>rd John Rumc I's circular upon Italian affairs had not gi.eri sattHiu'lio^ in the Russian capital. Th" Jim. nal tie St. Petersburg, In particular, express,'* i\ very ?n fav Table opihk n ? >f the document, and a^ks wnal w^ui) be the roiutequt >ce il the doctrines of public law. proved of by ibe English statesman, were put in iic.wlice by the inhabiting of Ireland and the I . i oi I>UnJ?. IMPORTANT REFORMS IN FRAflCE. lntp? rl?l Utcrrt uu?l Ibr Opinion* #f Ihf Piths Thrrron. The Mmittur publishes the following imperial decree ? Napoleon, by ihf grans of God ..ud the ballon: 1 will Km per or of the French, to all present and future, greut in*: lVt-iring to *Ift>rd to the belies of the .-tit" a more dir.-ct fwrticipution in the funeral policy of our government and .? marked proof oi our couildonc \ we have decrtHxl tin I decree an follows ? Article 1 . Tlie senate mid (Virjat 1 oslatif shall annually vote an address .n re|>ly to our ppaccli at the opi ums of the ?<T^?oo ,\rt '1 Tbe Addreai. sliall be dlaeussad ID pre* ice of government cvmiijite.sionerii, who will give to the Cham ber* the necessary explanations on the home and for u.;a policy of the empire. Art It To facllitatate loth" legislaiive bo ly the . x predion of iu opinion in framing laws and the exercise of the right of amendment, article f>4 of our d.-cr. ? oi tho Ittd of March. IS52. w revive, awl the regulation >f the Legislative body i* modified in the follow in< maiiu-T:? Immediately after the distribution Of the prrnf* tU h>%, ami on a iter tixed by the Prtwtdent. the 1 'gudHiive body, before up|*'iiiting it* committee. will hold u ?'??cret committee meet mi a g.-neral discus, ion will be >>p,>ned oti the prryU df l<*i, In which the government Od.'iiiuu> Stoners will take part. Thin regulation is iml applicable either to .?? lot of local interest or In ?uo-s of urgency. Art *. With ? view to render the rev-ft* of the d ? bat. ?? in the S-nat>> and legislative b > ly in re pr mpt and more onmpl. t Hie following project <f Srnattu C'uit imitnm will he brought be! ore the S-uat. The r. ports of the sittings of the -vuiato aad of the lerwlattTe bodv, drawn up by aw rotary reporter*, pli ? ed under the authority ot the Proaid -ul ot either cham ber, will b < sent very evening to all t lie journal. Moreover, the rebate* of on. h Hitting -hall b" talt-n down in stioi than I and published >? cxwnt0 iu tl..- o:li cial paper of the following day Arl ft As long M the ?h ? Etnp i >r w.'l appvnt mmi-teni without p>rtfi>l;os to deiend tie- pr-jiti d* 1.4 of the g ?. ernmeat b >fore tlje cimtnbors. in coucrt with the menit>o> of the (tained of Stale. Art * Th? Ministry of our Handhold tt suppress 1; its fum Hot.* ar?> aaa xed io luuac of tuu 1 il of tba l*ala e. Art 7 The M'ni lry for Algeria and the colonies a -u$?pr>*~ed The t immistration ot the Ononis is sun. x d l? the Ministry of Murine. Art ? All function* which d<? not directly . -once -n p< bile inetriK lion or the xpooal eanibllHtiin-'Ulrt of tlio f'niverKily ar. Uk. n away (rom the Miuiatryof PcbJc In-tlru' tion end pi .ti?l under the Minu-ter of .?* ?t. Art * The udmuiutrau n ot th ? g overnm nl (f.artu) m t..?en ttw:?y frotu the Mluiairy of Agrioo'ture and Commerce and p'lace?l under tho Ministry <?f State. Art l.? Oonnt I'hawdonp lauhat. e* Mmi?ior of Algiv rn aiid of the tX>:oni"i<. i* Afipiinied Miniau<r of M triad and i?f the <"?ii?:ren, of Admiral llauie I in , called to other funeiNKm. Arl. 11 Admiral lUmelin ta a:>p-nnlel tlraud ("lua- I eellor of th?i lA'ri-n of Hea.>r, in the nt?ad of Marahal t PelinnK-r. l>uke of M tl.ikotf. cai<?l to other I'uacti na. Art II Marshal lViuwier. IKlKn of Mai ekoff, t* .tp [ pointed tjov vtior Ut>neral of AUeria. Art 1* Tho Minieters without purtfolioa have tV rank j and aalary ? Minister* in .Wee; they form jxtrt of thti Council of Mm ter^, and are lodged at the exprui*' oi the , *?l? Art I* f>ur M n#i'>r of state w charged with il?e rx I ecu t loo of the pri'teot d.^cree Ume at the l*alnee of the Tuileri-s. the Mth day of No vemher , 1*? NAilMDiN ('?.l uter* .gn.-d a. Wm>.wmu. Minuter of Slat?- . oriMONd or thk vkknoh thkhs. (Frotu lb- I'an* ivba'.a. Nov ?? ] We cannot but appla id and c wvirraiulate the ir.vrrii ! meot on tbe happy policy on wh. 'h it h.M enter -d Tn ' roaume b> d?c.*ei itowerer ai' wiy. the btbita.H'p ib licit) and disej ian>n. will be for our countrv, wb ch Ljh ueed of it, to rf?' * an mipri'iitSc^bip hb rty. (Krom the Paris Vro*ae, Nov iH.) Tb.we are mol ileal iMi> whi< h w ?dl b" re retved with unuiireoua natiafactioa. Vibat app.aara U> ut of paramount importano*' in ih'' r turn of tho Vliutxlry Ut tbe *1w(nber><, aud tb ' right of addrf?-> conferred upon tbe .Hriiate an 1 th ' I/*i- .t ve b??ly !t> ; !*.?t wnnf eo larg.-a r<?M -iderah', Ute functions of th* 1*1 Chnmberi.. and < btaiu* for public op nion th - mea n >f manif.wliiw iweir >n a oirla a au l ailUtuftaKl Banner. Everybody now k: .>w< th.<t. after alt public op aKra Coreroa the w *ld Ibe b^<t *arv.?1 goverament, ilien, will be that which wdi be iu a p ?a.tioti to let it M?ak tl? ? m.?t plainly, lit a|>pr"? m?< it, opinion -trrng h n.? it, in biaariing it, op uioti imp di-a it and oblige* it w> re cede Voted w nb that indepen Sour wiiboat whlob Un ra are ii# r.t kku vi4r^, tlft a Idtoww I the two 1 < a will be maiufrauti-uui of epinion a gre.?t and moon triable aotboMiv. I/1 Sard (R'lMiati t*i>. >* 1 To lb. imp>wtakt r*f t o be add d. ir e .r; poi.deat tell* u*. the ree tabl ' at of the ri,,h. f :i ??al mitiatiTe. that I* H way, . ara ^W-a' T\ ? opatok which Iran units to u* lit kotlyaia if ill i" ? j? i?l drcree dr?? B< t allude to this reform, but o if C r ?-p ? i ?t? nt baa abowu him-' If t ?i well inh rui -d for ua t ? u ' hi -tat. rn.ti' thu ih '* ia r*-tU1jr th ? m -anin ; >f th? w r*. ' to fwrioiata U' th.'iVrp? l/t-< at'.f th 't,v - i.?u of Ha opinioa in tact, aa our ?-.rr^p. nl-nt ??>, lb* wt-h n< U> divide r -p "i- blllty w th th n? t * nai r. pr *er.taii ou. and to tike > .ch 'U-'a ire .ha 1 ?"tnpiet? lb.- c r 'nai -.n of p...i'iatl ostMutt a*. c<; I Dot f.*get ih* right of amenilm.'ul Tbe (HftU t'. a*> ' rein t'k that th'* n ? i ire i..e: y to uae lb" llbet ii i?rt^ aJ a w. ij u ?h'i'b th ror i nay oombat li.* uitraiii^iitatie and c 'rtci' ?*?:' n i' Tb<- "pww-av V.fc.a >'?*!? prom;-'- t ' . v IU ,?inl m ? ? marrow. Ibe /?? iri, aJmrl) xprewca !:? tl aetioa OPt*l'?N? llf TtlK KN|?I. II 1' f?om tb? liwloi IVt. N'?v id.) Tbe Emperor of tb? Kretn h hae un 1 ri tWen to ?o!v ? i ? pr..M?.m of reeon 'illnjr the ?*i*t'-n > M '.be tjlip " ' w ' tl th" popular righw of repraaoniati .? *.rrumwii 1 m resolution is the f..imm*i of a right whieh, aft?r ;h . f.wndationa of th* d? naot v had been ??.??? a ir -t. w n tbe doe of tbe Fr-nch p^ -iple. It is w u. act n. > iry t . ?tre perifiajtent ?UMIity t<? ? r-'Kn n, r. i whatever be the iai*?rv that may htvs b?-n < v; > i to France by the fearful infatuation whieb marke I t'n ' years of the reign >4 tk' First ip.?ie. n hiai tbw age and tn this generation d..f?- tiewe >? ii It t that rountry I'Jtn sW?t any ennb r of Ire i rulers bad hith .rto c< inferred upon it. *e rxu ? In It bei-amw the inrreaalng n.iuplteate>a of t it ? reels, fftr.ugn ai l d- m'-etic, Cl> tl anJ Sj'irltiwl, broigJl Into tbe .taily life of the French |>*<^?te, MriHetljr r ? qutred that the Severe gu and th" p^snd*1 ?h 1*1 b brought to *p?ak to <>ach other a* it were, fae * M fv i and t? arrange th?? principle* nf gorerninent ori wb1'* they Whether were resolved, tn ?rd-v that th i> -<i]ii might snji*?rl tbecriwn. and tlaii the crown in ^hl .in def*tand th-' pe-iple. Tbe Fr^tieb ifor rtiment. w? letfn kaa decided that 'he (Twmlwr nf |w-).|t shtll psa-i -t the right af rotmg an addr?M to vh> crow.i in renly t the Imperial sfeeeh <? th" ? oi.g of tb ? < htmS -r- an t it Is ua<er**ood that ihM rigtit.thw owHal by ih ? crown, will result in the aub.* tuiat?.ei of Minnt?ra to wi? votae of a nuvon'F- of tb-fb.m>-r, <tert>d by uaiveraal ruTTag- to im nd ih* atir -t ta a sense hostile to the ad niu. ration H r .? 4 awed by th* erown iwi a b ir M tV- T i-tb ' "mpt n > t u J Ht ih ?? Minrnt -r' Tie right 'hn* obuutvvl m uit aao*, ta th* natnr? of things g -ow prs^ript re. anlcoa >- I MWoei ? M i-?ot>? th ? a<6?ur # V, ?. B.-H ? ? i??h a full >i ae ?< it .f ih> I'.i-iiarawitafy d^a>sa. aat a (*aefSMlt will be transmit! <d *a h -i long ? Frenr't >n.iraal* Tb p-o*H ???* S" mi l ? * - urn ih ? ? k'>?hm?al of a I'arlla-ii <ai ??y sy*t in of g ?ve nn- it ? p -ot Tji ittog lo enr own . I h* Kmparor v p >'"<? liss b' n k i >wu now ' m tn / r- k f.. ik'V rntu I ?lis fia lr0 ?sf yrwl<wr< <sm (is#itl %t ">*'<' "iKHjl (I* ?* Al two-' (la* M?n> then districted the isaertioc, m.uiy agam did out duly regard in? aitua i n, whiofc 1 id no parallel at any ? Court of Kurop.? We bjo4 not go b w k m> far m the eowp d 'tat. \f<i L i ? i Ij' ,~.ty of ih it event that, whtfever th Emperor's ? -ire ' t assume the imperial purpio wtweb his uncle had i" i i <1, it was a rus ' isary condition, in th" deplorable circumstances to wlfoh Krasco was than r.-ducod, eith ir of the President's personal safety or of th i 4eiiverano?of ' Krauce f rum total anarchy A" lord Macau ley had j ift , before written, al thu time of Oivaignac's military pat ion, " it was necessary to -tacrittoa even liberty in , or ler to save i iv urn " th ? empire one* re es tablished, ita chief w is placed 111 this extra ordinary p>>-o lion, be hail not only U> make head ;igain*t the reaction ! of liberty against despotism, hk ) an Ktuporor of %u.->lria, an Kraperor of Russia or a King ?>f Prussia; ho hai to defend an mnpire which, unlike theirs, po-sossiid no sort of sanction m prescript;. >n. He hai, aga.n, ' equally unlike those sovereign*, to maintain his j empire, not only1 against republicans, but against rival claimants ft* the .same throne. There wore the I igiti ' mists, under the IHio de Bor< 'aux, there were the (>r leoniats, unl t the Oointe de Paris; tor 'hnae two parti.ta had not then effected their fusion. hollow us indeed it was, under tho former prince. Th'? empire, no doubt, '? existed upon a very broad basis ? the li.isia of univeraai . suffrage Kut it wu a bxs.s coutirni 'd by no victories, I by nothing but a name to Identify it with thn glories of j the ilrat . mpire. Ther> was th-? army to bo consulted, I thoro was the church to be consulted; there was the great monopolist party, of which we have heard so much; and there wore many oth?ra. Abso lutisrn 8>*omed the only safe, Indeed the only practicable course through ao many shoals. Bu' Mugeuta and Solferioo did wonders They sent th ? HourbouiBta to tlie right about , thoy a -nt the Orleaaut ! to the wall; they rendered the Emperor quite independent I of an encroaching a^jd increasingly ultramontane priest I hood; and they e.smi)lishod an indissoluble sympathy be I tween the djnuatyand the army which had together achieved such ? nii"r? But more than all, they kni' together a sympathy between prince and country, which must hav ? rendered the former almost fearless, and w hich, in fact, constituted it his beat policy to throw himsolf openly into the alliance of his people. 'Una event, by a striking analogy, like the establish ment of constitutional lib rty m our own country, is the lirst frui' of the suppression of Papal power. It is, in fact, the third victory of the war of last j ear. even aa within the limits of the Trench empire itself. The l'all of the monopolists and the crest ion of free trade was tho (lrst of th'See results. Then came the suppression, or ap proximate suppression, of the I'ajml power, e\ meed in a ? ??ral important acts. The Uriwat foil; the collection of Peter's pence te* the I'ictiff iu the Fronch territories was forbidden; the lampoons of the prelates against the go vernment, under the title of pastoral letters, were for bidden als". Ailt^ by many other acts the cb'irch was c m trolled. Now we arrive at the gre, .-??st result of all. The imperial dynasty is now s<? strong that It has nothing to I fear% Popular at nnoe from the success of ita foreign po I licy.'^iis military campaigns, its ecclesiastical r 'pros i .-unsound its commercial reforms, |u has every ; thing gain by a more dirtc.t conciliation of the j Jh" pie , TH? Km.pero~ %'aj, u crrtiinly pairing th' k ?V to" rrndrr hit ifyiuwy the l?gtttnta('. dynirttf of i Franc, on l tod itut lie euivandi ng Ho\Ue? etvn irntm thi charac'tr nf prachoib ' jfr^mlTS at tnr irrow the queitim ft yrvernm n! in Ft* lisintt a q KittM of hit dynat'y or no i lijfiiiny at ail. This is the m ro satisfactory, be cruise, i whenever war is to be revived in Europe ? m l we trust I the ev. nt m.iy he distant ? It ippears to be more and i more assuming the shape ot a wir of opinions. I Praoce will hereafter stand out mor* anj m to i .o.'irij as th<- ally of It uy against her enemies, and i. th" rrpre,. en'.u n e of freed ni She will, in >ro.)ver, no longi ; be Uabie to the reprosrh th.t while liberating abn ad, she is despotic ^t home. >h < loses this arnbigu ons charat t<r, and we Ux k ujion the event as an impor tant pledge for tho security of liberty wherever it exists, and as a new augury that the Italian settlement is too tlrmly supported to bo assailed Hy any foreign Power. Stair of Ihr Kngllsli an<l Fri u(h >1 >ney Markita Hrfon- the Shipment of SjX'cle to tl?r I'nitrtl Stiati-s. [From the l/oudoti 'ost, Nov 26 ] The Eriglixli funds ke?p well supported, th" broker acting for the Court of Chancery continuing hin par cUubps, and thereby imparting steadiness to prices. It 1! supposed by many that tbe flank of Kngland will mako a reduction iti the rate of discount at their weekly moot ing on Thursday next. This would, however, Rive addi tional facilities for the export of gold. The directors of the Hank of France ware prevented from raising their rate on Thursday last by government influ ence ? a crisis being feared, which the Ministers were na turally anxious to avoid. M Male! . one of the directors of the Bank of France, w is in London. and through Ills personal exert iensfthe negot at ions bet wen the two banks were carried out Tie runwr mmtvmei I tn the fort ? weeM at o, of a riimtntf frrnch idin of ?16.000.000 ear If in Janu ary, hat r desire i additional confirmation by the adeiaf re eeiiv4 U> iMy. tA<iwk it u rrvt*an r?t to keep the rnaXer quiet frvr the frri-mt. Tho momentary excitement here has for the tuomcnt subs id d but v trill hax r, una to htiirve thai the drain <f i/vl< i u no ithelt to 6/ entirety discontinued, as thorp are still orders ou han ' for it which have not been countermanded. (<>n*ol* hare been d'lalt In at 9.1?, a tt3l, a 93\ money, and 93 -, u US '( account, oio-iug at Kji IHS andfl#4, a9."!V resp.?tively. Reduced, 9l\ u yi )i . n- w 3 por o ut . V1X a yi V ^chequer bills 5. ?Js discount. [From the l/mii a New,-. , Nov. ] The tend<-i,cy <?f the llwik accounts was regarded fa \ urably ; the rates of discount are receding, the dram of bullion is suspended; and tho dividend w: l bo deducted from thr price of consols in a fortnight \et the fundi to ?lay uere **ry du 1 There was little buxuieaa and scarco any variation in prices, which c!'>?ed precisely ths samo .??? 1 St. I 0>nnd ruble i continues to prevail In tt?<> discount market Tne supply of money has become very large, anj holders betray increased anxiety to employ It, even it reduced rates Good bills up to two m >uths were -keu readily to day at 5 to ft1* per cent, and in sonv in stances there were even transactions at 4 V At th" .same time the receut indisposition to tak? long dated paper has disappeared <ii?>d four months' bills could b - placed to day at !>\ per c ut The ianoilift iia tretium i; very itrvng that, wKatrvtr may he in ttor' in the future, Kt maeM't during t V n exL meek or two unll be char vtnriMed fry ease Some persous ar. , therefore, inclined to look for a reduction in the Rank minimum Th" amount of busi nei-s at the Ilank to day was .,f the quiet character ord. uarily witnessed on a Saturday. the price of I'ltno.* Central Railway shares here is 6 or 7 per cent above that last quoted from New York, after allow'ng for the ditTon-nce of ??xchang'v Thu cir cumstance den 'tin that holders on this Bide regard th'' fall in Ni'W York as to a gr? it extent the r> suit of a trail si'-ut panic Should the tine price of m iny kirt'U nf fp.-u ritir .? at ,\Vir York Vmj< on Knglish aocuiU, the exhtinqr arill be 1 eyt dtmm. With reference to th" caus s of the adverse trade bal ance between this country nnd Am-noa, Hi- H >n y .Ifiir k.t Hnvw of d.?y has the follow tag ? Recttrrlng to tbe Ugurre us -d on the 27th October, tho grain mnvmi tit from ih^ Cnit -d Stat -s to th.' I'ait^d K ingitom , up to the 1st of Novemb t tUvs yi-ar com pared with last year, s as follow). ? For the twelve month* ending Ut September, Is*) 10.74*151 km.shcls lift? 1.413.303 " Incr .ise 3.4-V4.H4H busbela For th"- rourte n monihs ending 1st November, 1*?0 Il? 4a0,#-20 buah la 1<W? 1.A20JU " Increase 17,7?0.9r?7 bush.' la 1>ie ?hipmen?s of th'- last two months ar?, therefore, all but equal to the ? h-'le ..hiptuents of Ust year, .mt they are seven t ine ? gri a'er than th ? -hip'n nt f ir th > whole twelve m nlhs . a ling s, pt.-mb t I. 1 *49. faking the in. r. v - for the fourteen moaUu at th.- l.iv rp? I market prii e of i-ix shillings a b bel, we ?tan 1 in lebtcd U> lh< I nit?l Slates tor gram n exce s r?f wh it we did at ih-' same timo last year a n ? less a .sum than f.' 0"0 i?i0: an i the ?uppU p t tn <nth b -ing Is of 4 000.000 t. ishi'U, our munthly obligatioua to the Cnit.'d Mates atuo. for grain are v.-r on . an 1 a quarter millions sterling l'.iki:ig into cmetderat ton the enormnis sup plies whit h tfce Cnite 1 -*tat"s haee stiU o-i haul, and th > exertsms that are being made to got them- supplies to market in thia country, it is aot too much to eip.. t ihai before long the price 'if grain will b? reduced. W.. may iude tlx se remarks bv citing the tr ? ie r?pnrts at the P?rt of Vi w York for the ti r?t ten tntiihs of th'' nres-'nt ? ar ? ' Th v fh- w an incr.-a,-"* of etp>rtsof |i'>.'?.l7.000. r say 100,000 sterling a decr 'ise of impirts i?f 110 07*1 ono, .>r ij.isio.oiio -trrling and a 'lecrevs ? hi ex p.;- ..f * >v !? of ?17*r>000, or Ujm noo sterl ug. Ih - .ins -h 'w ? ?v litslre'f th<* adraut.ig" America f- g fr o her !?{" fr?u>? of e?>ti >n and mrn, an I elia:l> a- "lit : >r thi a tv state t> kagiand and >ra< of the ? x hing s Ami'ti hi r ?ilw ?.%* se< uritt- w -isduli. 1'ilaot* i ntral ?har<-s ? ? I at '? t-? f.? ?, l'~?" "i and ? w York .ni l Fj le at lo 31 S A heivv (all ?t it re 1 In NtW Ttlfk Central. /?Kill, n i oi ravKu vt t urriM \ >n n?it w ?\ ? 11 Price*. -cxlw. Maryland. & percent Mil* ? fMt.d Plate* Sp-r c 'rt ridn 1**4 Wl a 9A ? Yuguita M??e 5 per cent II a N ? l*> 4 per rent . Nl ? 11 mm l.lln. Is <'? ntral 6 p r ???? t. l*7J ... HA a *7 ?S, a? lv. 7 jK-r i erit , t*7A ??? *7 |s |iwi ?hs fsopud. dis ... 31 a 2* a all paid <W a 72 ? M ? h psn r.-Titr,l, * p >r erut. l?*-i ?t n ng ? |V .J" .? f ) innj . ? ? ?| - ]v |100 sKirea AA a ? Mich >? * N Ind , (s f ) 1**A, *o, . 70 a 72 ? f?. f 100 sliares. . . . 1A a 20 ? N Y. < e?i 6 p r cert (r f.) |sV aA a *7 ? I?> (t< ? 7 per cent (*. f.j 1^64.. v.l a ei ? l?o. do 7 p r cent (?. I.) 1*7A.. 9S a l?7 ? Jv. <ti> 7 per cent (C b I 1*76.. ?A a 97 ? P" d" 9100 share*. 74 a 71 ? S-w \ rk ft i->'e. ,.t m rt . IV.7 02 a M W, a .1 On d" at do . IHA0 W a 91 ? 1%> do M iVx,l**3 assented.. 7f t Hi ? D" Nnds. 1*62. 1671. IS7A.MM 60 a 61 ? Is. altarsK asMMted 30 a 12 81 a S l'a nam i Ka lroad 1st inort^ s. l*6e 1H0 a 102 ? Do do *1 d ? 1*72 W a 101 ? Fenn Cent b?n<ts. i?t mortge ew *tt a Wl ? Do. do Id mortgage do,. 40 a 92 ? 1>, do,, DM) shares, gd ? 30 a M ? Philadelphia aud Keuding bds.. 1*70 76 a 60 _ miNdi niancit. [From the Mo??>y Market Review | Nov tksat tbe attention of th<- commercial comarinitr in thu country n la tn especial manner dkrect.-d to the operations of tbe Bank of France, it may be e-insldere.1 a moment to take a brief glance ?t the :lnan*lal Bltion and the (lac*l burthens of th> French natl st will coutae csiraelves to citing a few preg vtnt Oguree ? In the yenr M14 tbe o?i?-ival debt of wae ?A0 .046 .106. In tblrtr eight years, that is lo aay in 1*A2, it ha.l increased lo ?2M.W5 ,4Hd It la now C..S6 **3,671. so that in the last eight rear* It ha< increi.."! no i. ihsn f.l43,0M 37C In 1*M Ih' im. h.rg I the pub '.eut i;f Fran-* was stiletto bn C* "* > ! wh let in J unary of the pre ?nt year it was admitt' 1 in ' hi' ?16 (**i mjO, and ? proii?hl} miH'h tn 're. W ia e >. >t ?p*-< to entee l''to po* tt> 'foil pint'?' ar* "f tbs ? a?uer m which this la g in' r?ase has aris a in s ? .'j art a spv-e of t,me Tn France tbe 6n i-. ial se-re* ' tbe government are iiw it tt n teTihlt f',v* 1 thm th face <f !h' I ; -'(?l 1/a tt dJr-Vi -I S t.'' i<h lionet it ctf jvrtfftt burDwird, it wmnnw nrcft ny <" eld largely, year after year, to the natimat ti4*. Curing ih?? a?iie spacv of fi>rty jri>ir?, the Kng'nb na tK-unl Hebt has undergone several alterations, ? un -lim * ru-tpg and M.>m?ata?B railing, bat It is At present very little mure than it km in 1920, wli.-u it stood at ?790, U00.0M), whilst the charge on the debt has considerably luMx-utnl It may convey a lessoa to those who complain so bitterly ot our Hyxtem of taxation If we p!a' e in juxtaposition the account of the revenue derived from the Un? * the two countries. It will be seen that Franco actually outstrips us in the amount of hor rev-'uue from taxation At tho same time, it must be borne in miad tnat the figures do nut Include any local tax ition, which in many towns in t rance, ad here, id considered very groat. It is especially heavy in Paris Kev tiiuf </ Orrnt JhiUiin Revenue ?f f'-an*/ /of far 1360. 1M0 1. Income tax. .?12,903.715 1. Direct taxed, 'J Stamps H.040,0U1 * land, house, .1. Crown lands. 416 ,th>l personal and 4. Customs 24 :?1 ,4M pat ?ts .... CIS, K00, 000 ft. Rxcise ?J0,^40,+<}7 2. Stamp* and U. Post uilioe... :t,ol0,flf>5 domains.... 14,300.000 7 Misc<*lUuieous I, *01 .544 3. Woods, fnreHts and Usher ies 1 ,500,000 Total ?71,104.127 4. Customs and taxoaaalt. 9,100,000 fi. Excise 19,500,000 6 Post ofltoe. .. 2.300,000 7 Miscellaneous 7,OVO.O<X> Total ?71 000,000 It muHt be diffl uit ? nay, impossible ? for Franc? to continue for any Ion*: period the immense sacrifices sh? id now called upon to make Unless the heavy load of tax Mtion which she is forced to bear be sp edily raitigato4, the effects will be most lamentable. There ig a point beyond which nation*, any more tlian individuals, cuui >t carry their expenditure without tempting ruin. The Secession Movement in mn BnglUh Point of View. (From the Ixndon Tunes, Nor. 28.) In electing Mr. L.ueoln to the office of President, the Northern I'm ted St ites have ventured on a bold experi ment. They have determined to test the courage and slncer'ty of the South, to face unappalled th" Kpectre of secession, and discover whether it b'? really a terrible spirit, potent for evil, nr only a bugbear, devised by a clever fiwtion inflated with the breath of rhodomon fading orsi .rv, and dressed out with a hideous misk by placemen trembling for their appointments The next month or two will show how far those are in the right who have calculated on the strength of the American Union, and tho supremacy of national feeling over all sec thiual interests. Should South Carolina, Georgia and the adjacent States, separate themselves permanently from th' federation, constituting themselves a new nation, with their own army, navy, customs, foreign reprc; ?ntatir -s and all the appatiagi s of Independence. ikrn th' wnoU ? riel of .lmrrtcon fwi Uv iam v;ul Kn^e tn the wrotvj , and (til journal, which Hal t <Uelirr,l iti-A an ttmtt to be impttnli't, ictfl hit ? been tn 'he. wr <r.g wtih Vim. Hut if, after in out burst of party pulsions, the Southerners tb m-tolve* become si nsible at the wickedness and folly of their course ; if th y recognize how far the possessor* and ex ctalits of official places are th" morers of this agitation : and If, moreover, th'-v .ire calmed by the re llect ion that i President, powi lful as he i*. can do little to niter tho policy of the republic, and nothing at all to subvert the domestic institutions of the s 'verul States, then the r< ^ult will be such as we anticipate, and th ? United 8tat< s w ill continue to combine in one federation two communities, with widely different politics and sys tems of social life, but fortniug essentially aad unaltera bly one and the same people. ! For tin' pr-'wut, however , the storm is raging through i o-it tho south eastern States. South Carolina, of course, | tak<8 th'- 1 1 'ad, and Georgia throwing off her usual old I fashioned quietude, surpasses her hot tempered sister in ? revolutionary violence. South r.arolmH is. however, tho I flrwt to net " The federal officials at Charleston hive to llm<d their appointments. Th" (lag of th" fitate tso-'ten tntiouHly displayed, instead of th* Htirs ind stripe*. Kvon a steamer coming into Charle^um harbor was obli^d to discard tho symbol of American unity. Horn? intor ference with 'he Inderal I'orirc- s m within tkl State seems also to have been c ontotnpl ited. In Georgia the Ootrernor, in a sp'-cial message uj '.he Legis lature, i carried by his aeal beyond the buttnds of o>m iii umw. II we understand aim r gbtiy , h< prop ?.? not only tu separate front Maraachu -.cU* b n to carry on a t hromc warfare against thit off. ndiug Atato. Because the lnviri ? f Ma vichueetta do not pro! :ci slave property, or, In other words, "onuoo plunder fi >m Ov'rgian citi ?? ns," Mar.-a' husetts mi tbe < mp-llet t> in ike com pensation. He recomrru ii . th'' enactment of laws au thorizing the seizure of tie- n n"y >r property of any citiz< n of such oflvndingaud taiib'ess States, to indemnify the loe . s of the citi? ns of (i? ah. Hostile tariffs are to be established against the abolition^ is Th-p >pulati >11 is to be called to arms to support Us rights, and money is to be raised to p>it the Stat" in a posture of defence Th ts is a specimen <>( the counsels which are now offered to th-t ?Southerners hjr their magistrates, and at ilrst sight thsjr would seem to'portend the immediate disruption of the r pub ic. But through all this violence we cann t but think that signs of insincerity appear. Th" Carolinian* and Georgians protesi too much The tiame is too violent and tor) sudden to wst l'ir.g. No doubt much s >dit|on will be talked, and m?ny acts committed which thefederal gov rn meut might be justified in treating ut> treasonable; but when time has been given for re Sect too the Southerners win be reconciled to their fate ? which, after all, is no h.i-d one ? and common sense will show th in the ab surdity of refusing to accept a constitutional election be cause if has none against them, and bre Jcing up a ::reat nation through the vain fear that a magistrate of limited powers will do what no despot would l?e able to effect. In the meantime, however. South Carollni will make every show of seeess. an. The American p*i> rs discuss the pnwpccts of the new republic. Its weslth. material rMMtrCN, psril railways, anil commercial system I'ho j complications ? hich woulil ensue ou this ever. c? tpokeu of with much gravity. Tlie effect on the cotton trade o-peclally wou'd be most remarkable, when the produce of Georgia, on its way to Charleston, would have to be bonded, and Tennessee would be divided from the Atlan tic hnd the Kuropean world by a ?? foreign country." So immediate has been the impulse, we hear, that engineers are sent to examine the old scheme of forming a groat chipping port at Brunswick, (Jeorgia, in expeciatiau of tins state preferring to remain a member or the old federal ion It is characteristic of the Americans that even the disrupti.<n of their beloved republic should bo viewed at one*- in its mercantile and joint-stock c mpany light But. as far as we can see, even South Carolina d -es not yet propose to make h 'rsolf a new natiou. Tho first plan i^ to embarriu-s the fe<l -ral government by re fusing to fulfil federal duties. South (Mrolina now has no federal efflclals. f^te medial"- withdrawing her Sena tors ,md Representatives fnm Congress, and opposing a passive resistance to the execution of federal law. i"he people of the 'Palmetto State " will then loave the gov < rnment at Wa>-htngt<>n to take what step* it thinks tit. In short, the scheme of the South ifcroiinians t< not so much secession as "nullification. to the t< rm current when the same Male attempted a similar policy :n th> time of Mr Oath-un South IMrolina will n >t declare her independence of the federation in the sens.' in which she declared her independence of England eighty four years ago; she will tie content with pu-huig t? their extreme limits her rights as a sovereign State, and. while re maining nominally in communion with New York and Masaaebnset t* . will attempt to limit the constitutional authority of the federation by her i private enactments. There will not be a <Mr?iinlan rremdent, w.lh envoys duly accredited at the foreign c* pitais of Washington and Ismdon. but the authority of the federal government will be impotent with n the li mits of that State, and the jieopie, if determined to re main obstinate, will undertake to manage their own Poet <Mficc, their own Customs, the lighting of their coasts, and will. per!i.tps go the length of CoOStruCtlng an I arm lag donee tic fortrceses A strong minded i*resi leut like .lackson. whatever Ins own irniittMw would probably not heeitate to cr ah the (arolinians bjr force, it is evi dent. ind? -?J, <>n th.' smallest retlcctiou. that the South, even if united, n -ltd never op for thr?e m aths the C really pr puaderall'ig streiRth of the North A few undr'isl tbrnukind SlaveoWSere. tremblMg nightly with viskhis <>f murder and pillage, l>arV'?1 by a dise>itute po|m Ution ' f ' pxir whites. ' are no match for the hardy and resolute p. .pulati 'us of th" fr'-e States The Northeraera have hitherto treated the South like a petnlent child, and gH en in . >a!l its wavs, but if ever the .lay of conflict were to c.<me It would be *h< wn that the Aiuth s but a child n its weakness as weU as its frowardness We be. e\e, |?owe\ er, that moderate counsels prevail at Wash ug ton Public opinion Is evidently op|>-se>l to the use el a military ferce to quell the agitation Vie lence Is to be met by calmness, and seditt m by a qn discharge of const, tutional duties The S? itherner- are n?>t to be coerceil, beeausa ? a ' xp"Cted they will shortly b<- able to restrain thorn nr., The '\erthr< w of a parly |.>ng ib-minant could bardie t ? i fcited without ""me display of e\r.tement in I ?e ?? Tbe extreme sectw n of the clave states have M lot) * ii > v bemeetly as-erted the..- rrs?If? never to ?.i^mit is a republican ? x CUtlve tl. it they rou'el not w ihout be ridiculi 'is, qui< I ly acqub see ,n th.'ir defeat. Eve lyilung has been at stuke with them? piac . power, )>.? cial position, credit wltb tln>ir fellow eitlaeib. ani '.ow they oaa li.'ir ly bring thtinselvi s to believe that t'tev have !? t th ilay But the s e,?h is not nnltoii Wb >ie siat"< are lukee . m in th" lotnoe?-!itle cs'ise. and I >-k v\ |t h h rror or. anythb^ like a disruption of the r ptii lie 1 \ I'ti in South ' irolina th re i? a mod ratejany. which, whan the first efffve?e#nci' ha? sub sided, Wiu tli ike its inft-ence felt. To l?ave the So ith ? rnera t> tnpieti 1y to themselves, to t ike bo notice of th ?Mfawal of ias Hrtxtnit nr RrprwUMitni. to avoid as much as |w??*lhle any confix between the federal at| thoriUf* and the eicittsl populace of Ch irleet'Wi? in short, to opj??i. s 'rly in ictivity to the excitenv nt of tho South l? the police ri-eomwn led of the North, and j we < innot but think 't will be fuwuMfal The Smuh i will grow accustom' d to a republican rresident. the mot "mem iL S'Uth t'aroim.i and Oeorg a will be oontlaed to only a sccttcn of the s!ave Stat' a. and after some months wiser counsels will prevail even Ihore ['resi dent l.incnln wtll probably be fiwind by the elavsbolders R' re harmb-ss than th'-y anticipate Wen's ints ari ne.'i rao extreme as thotr "pms^ns. and as the free soil ers have flour, ?h' 1 under the d<?ninlon oi th' ir opp<> n nta. si> the Poath may ex st in >?p<te of a chief m tgia trate wh<?e opine?ji on sin* ery .are not considered ortho dot at Charleston. Holland. The Dutch Ministry had brought in a bill for a n?w tariff, which iiKr<nee? the dutiaa on ootton g-<odj savers! binds of iron, and ether articles Relf|lnnt. The Kittf of the Belgians was seriously 111. ftnlp. A despatch from Hum* slates that, at the request of francta if . the whole diplomatic onrps bad quitted <?a"ta? and arrived at Rome l>ioe to their departure, the Papal Nuncio and the ambaee<v1ir? of Austria Russia and rrus sia rivetved the Grand ?'< 'don of the t>rder of W. Janua r is from the King. t> tor ^mariuei w ss to take his departure for PV-tly nmediate.y afl? r r'- e,* :n * the deputstioa from the Sar dinlan Pari ament. Tb< munici|iality of A- xitia had opene t a subaortic 'on

for the con?ir'tctlo?i of a wa? v<w?H, which the Mar b provinces will offer to th# fiarina of th ? state, m com nr i* oration of th* annexation t n ?sr 'tnl.a A fiaribali'ian ilemot -tratlon took t are -it i be r?ntn> Noovo, N ip. M tbe Ust Tli'- project of Farinl, for the division of the State of Nsp'e* Into districts, had bees adopted by the Lieuto i ?11 1 \ Council ud would be immediately submittal to th < Court il of State. \ icinr Emanuel deferred taking the title of King of It ily i.ulll be Is proclaimed such b y tb > Italian Parlia ment. The Latest Xewi from China. The mails from China reached Marseilles on th > ?jflib ult , and were due in Kngland on th morning of the Kedar's departure. Tho following telegraphic dvspalch m 1 are published Hkapquaktkkh, F.iiiirr Mti.n kk >m I'rkis, ) Sept 33, IHflO J Mr. Bowlby, the Ijoadoa Timt correspondent l: Mr I. ?ch, Secrtdary to Lord Klglu, Mr. l'arker, Msctrs !>? Norm:m and Anderson, of Kino's bone, and Captaiu R'abiini, have been maue prison en, whilst engag-vl in choosing camping groundti. Ihuy have been takou to 1 Vic in, wh to ih'-> are well treated. Engagement* werefomht on fee IRth and 21 d Septem ber ht iTian^ kia-wan and Jatig-chan On both occa sions 90.000 Tartar cavalry advanced, and wre com pletely routed by the Allies. Two thousvtd Tartars w?ro killed and fifty g HIS taken. The Alius had only eighteen wounded. The (hineoe have sent in a flag of truce, with tho pro vis on- for a treaty. l>ord F.Ik m demands the release of the prisoners before negotiating. Th* Rmperor's brother has boen appointed chief com missioner to mak>* peace. T a to the value of ?2J>0,000 sterling was taken at Chang kia wan. Hhay?hia?, Oct. 14, 1800. All i? quiet. Hie rebels are threatening Hang chan. .iAvi,(>ct h inao. The Dutch troops at BaijJermassing have been torice re pelled by the rebels. Poivr dh Gaixk, Nov. 1, 1860. S.r < liiirles McCarthy assumed the governm -ut of Coy Ion on the 22d October. Th?' latent government dot-patch announces that on the '23d of September tho Allies wero within six miles of l'lkin. [From the T/imlon Globe, Nov. 2fl ] There is a novelty in the news from China to which wo have bi-en unaccustomed? the Chinese have captured the right hands of Lord Elgin and the Timts; that is th<* hands hold the pen. Mr Harry Parkes, who has prove I so active and useful a diplomatic assistant , and Mr. Uowlhy, whose letters we have all rend with pleasure and profit, have hud the honor of an unwilli'ig sojourn in tho Chinos ? capital, which they aresuroto have mado the most of. Anderson, of Kane's horse, and Captain Brab 17,011, of Brigadier Crof tea's staff, both very able olflcers, were iti< lu.led in the capture. They h.. . gone out to select grvund for th< encampment of the army, and, we must presume, without pulttcient escort, , for tho Tartar cavalry wooped down upon then ?td carried th 'in may captivc . More valuable prii* could hardly have been made, unless they had Captured Lord Elgin, ltn'on Vnt, General de Montaubaa and Sir Hope Grant. We are afraid that easy vict ? 1 ?' by the aid of Armstro' g guns and dashing Sikhs had best o< ten an un due confidence in our ofltoers, and we qu tion whether any meu would hive gone out to select etieampi: g ground, in the preseuce <>f a F. irop- in enemy, witdout an ade quate encort. There is a little too ni<>ch oi this ? >rt of dash and venturesome spirit In botb oar civil and mili tary services when are dealing with a half b irbarous wil'iiery . Iriegular lighting mon . especially bowmen, are certain to hover about an army, oven after defeat, and the seizures made by the Tartars in the r.-ur of our force, alter its advance frem Febtnug, ought to have tieen a livson to the adventurous spirits 01 tho army. TLo advance 01 th- Tartar cavalry uj-ou Stirliug's guns, iu the attack upou ih? Tartar left at Sin ho, o.ight also to have acted as a clincher to the rapture of m"ii on the line of communication. Hut easy victories Inspire excess of confluence, yet, iu war, no matter with what nation, it is retry unwise l<> diirt gard reasonable precaution. The telegraph reports that two actions ha.' b sen fought with immense nut-sea of Tartar borM. Di b >th action* we won an i?a?y victory. Ah tho action* took place on the lfjth and 2Vt of September, anil as o.i the th ? headquarter* were within eight miles of Pekii. w > infer that the tlrst occurred near the plac ? m irk. d in the maps a* Kau lien-way, h polled Chang ku-wan in th ? tele graphic dtS[>atch, and th-* second near Tun/ chow, up >lled JanK chan in the telegruphic despatch, wtwrwr th :ae actions took place we may Infer that they happ.u -d bo foro the officer* were captured. It is natural to suppoae the Tartars would attempt to defend the two im port. ait place* we hare named; and, being beatm. of oourse they would retire upon Pekin. Th" allien would follow, and it I* probable that tbr officer* wore captirud when selecting the ground where the he*' louarter* stood on th" 23d Tn:rt is conjecture, and it may b > erroneous, but It appears to us th - most reasonable mode <>f inter preting the tcli graphic despatch Wo know thu th ? electric needle* are not particular in wpollitiir proper names; oven Mr. Bow bv's name is Mj^lt tip* different ways, 'lb" aeicnro of t> a w >rih a quarter of million sterling at the place called Chaag-kia-wan. i->auuldi tional argument in favor of th" ruadin.; >*in sien way , b v cause the Pekin depot* *en at that plac.- mil at Tung chow It repairs that after the combats of the l-<ih and Slat, and the advance of the army the Chinese sent in a Hag <>f truce to negotiato a peace, appointing the brother of t bo premature V decrepel Kiupcror Chief Commissioner, lord Klgin refused t ? negrtiato before the prisoner* weru returned, an l defeated in the flelil and throateiie ; by an immediate advarce upon Uie capital, It is probable that this condition wits complied with. 1'ekiu is not a arroug considered in relation to our means of offeaoe. when l,<>rd Macartney was there the walls were from twenty live to thirty tcet in heighth There were square bastion* about every seventy yard*. Those walla wore twenty live feel at the bane an 1 twohe feet thick at the top. They coosislad of brick aud stone enclosing a rampart of earth. If the detencee have not been im proved, they cannot be regarded as obstacle likely to top the Allies, t Hir greatest enemy was time luthewtn *r the temperature w rarely above eight dogrees below freezing point. The canals and rivers are covered with ice. and the Gulf of I'echili L<* vary stormy aud trouble I The I'hxtwe know that we are or were tl^litluK ig unit time; henc their exertion* to delay negotiation. But If he Allied Plenipotentiaries ware resol ne there would be plenty of time to settle the matter before Novomber, and embark the army. All depond* upon the determine i ion of l/>rd Klgin and Baron Groa? and In this re-ipect they have not hitherto failed. With the prospect of an enemy in thair capital before them, even tlnueae, we ma) suppoee. would not heaitate to accept our conditions. The CHamploaahlp of England. [From the 1 /melon n*t, Nov 'JH. ] The orlft&ai bwlt of ttL> champion of England ha* b*en duly presented to "The Infant, Sam Hurst, of ft a ley bridge, who lately won It in hi* ftght with Paddock. Hurst haa recently broki*a the small boue of his left leg by an accidental tail, lb' t? n?. w challenged by Mae an<l one or two other*. He must keep the belt against all onmera for thn-e years, m order to be entitled to it ai i the "(hampioti'-hip of England" for life. It appear* th >t the original belt was in th ? pi*ae*-ion of Toui Myen, ?h> war- using it ui a starring tour ui the provmcs, for which Me?*IS. II we* and t 'unhang pay him ?M a week He has now surrendered th belt. it will be remembered that, on the eettlrment of the great tight at Farnborough. it was decided that Hayars and M" nan should each waive h.s claim to the real b 'It, and should each be presented, by public snbacriptl on, with a /er nmtl< of it. This presentation dolv t>>->ic place. but as the belt* were n<>t paid for. neither m?n really received hi* due. Hancock. indeed was p.?i ! but ? Mr Morrl*. who advai.d'd the money bold* th two b. Its tl!1 the public ?ubacipti m is completed. It m >y b ? rcnicrob. red that , at the time, we pointed out the ab surity of the whole prt*-e??dmg. It it ? curious coiiim-n tary upon the justice of our remark*, that, while b-ith *ay< rs and ile< nan have received thoiwand-i vf pound* ia testimony ?*f public approval of their bravery, it hts been, and still I*, found impossible to raise inonei to give then the b- It#, which. h<>we%er valuabk-. were r?-lt to bt altogether msppr ?priat?>; so much is this the rase that th an bwrtpiton list has never been pubtiahel ? a gi?)lpr?>f that It i* of wn-tehed pr >|xi(ttoiis, and ha* no decent names or sums attache- 1 to it. Tom SsTers, it s vm*. la disguated with this part of the affair, and renouncing the beR which Mr Morris holds, ha* ordered one from Mr. Hancock, which he will piy for himself in order tocontlnue hi* starring hnir Me sup p>?*e the c.aintry folk ailmtre the glitter of the silver tr??phy. Tt>? may rely, however, that what peo|>lo really appreciate and Wtll narer foiget. k* the Hr.tish pluck which he displayed when he fought for one hour au>! a half with only one arm. under every adverao circum stj nee. hia tremendous antagoni*!. THK VKHY I.ATKRT. I/mdiw, Kar. 27. lSdo I V U ndon AVk* (city article) hays ?The fun. Is opened i ' miming at Katurday's prices, but fell inthaafter n upon the new* of New York exchange having fallen to 101 ?, and t eased at a reduction of a not wlthstari . g intelligence of a fresh rise at Parts. Tha 1 other nwik< t* w. re steady In the morning and flat In tha 1 afternotn The principal exception was in Midland Kail way -to> k. whi< b sh w i a fr> *h rise. American Railway i se. n r it lea hava fallen lonsiderably , but are In most ia 'tarn ? much higher than m New York. Great eaae con | i moid to prevail ta the discennt market, and the best ! bills ap t > two mi*>th* are taken readily at Bfe per cant. | At the bank to day Ihe application* wera consequently \ i ry limited. Ontsol* opane<l w th continued steadloeM this morning, s id Mion sb ? d a tendency to Improvement, but lata la the day th l* was suddenly checked by a despatch fr< tn America quoting a vary adrersa movement in the rate of ivha ge The demand for discount today at the Hank of Ki gUind waa less than on any day for many m eks past. There were no transactions In gold at th) Mink to day. The ?2 000 000 in silver from the Efcnk of KrftTi4*. deliverable to the Bank of England under the late arrai -' nwait. are now in couree of transmiaaion; ?11* ooo h*rn already arrived. hi the corn market yeeterlay there waa a general de clme of la a is while nom* description*, from their In ferior quality, were unsaleable at a r nction of 4a. Foreign wheat, the arrival* of which are very large, waa about Is per quarter lower than on Monday week. The 1/ ite Ion TUaa* says ? American railway seevrltie* showed Increase.! flatness The advices by Ihe overland mail freaa Hotur Kong are to October 19. The Ijiglirh mails of Augmrt W arrived out im >bor 9 Tlie Wtlnaeha Legldalarr. 0***a. Pe- 10. 1*90 TV* Hooae to day pae^^l a Mil to pr ^ibit slavery In the TVrrifory, with but dtawaliag vote* Y!h< t.ui will be co?i?t'tere?l m Oi'inetl to m -rrow. an 1 wlil |woba bly pe?^ Ml ho ly in a f?w dayf. A bill to Inc orporate tha Missouri an I W<?tern tad Pa ? i?c Te'^erap), Pom pen lee has been iatro.t'ice'l la ta* ll< i a, a?'' will ' I'iMl <as beeom? a law. Mi' w fell v< sieri i> I" tli > depth vf fight it" hea Tha wsathe' t c xifratci> < ?>l ' TUB BALL bKA?Q?. THB THirnrSEtH>ND ANNUAL hall OK THE NRvr Tort Klre Detriment, for the h. nrlt <jf ttie wul >wa ?ud orphauaof deceaaed llreinen, will lake pi u? "0 ^ MllSDAY EVENING, J Ml. *<. AlUie ACADBMT OK MUSIC. TtokvU may be procured of tho ui?Mig?*n? or or tbe nnlow. ing oflioerv >? UK.VRV A BURR, President. .. Corner HUB and Frankfort areola, k PETER U. TIT EH, Trea>irer, W li*st liltpr Saving* Hank. JAMES F. WftSNMAN. So?rua.y, lio 1'earl street. MUSICAL.. AQBEATLT IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. LiGHTK A BUADBURY. Manufacturer* of a new wait- of overstrung bmi, ualeat la tm'.aled full Iron Tram', grand and aquare Pianoforte*, No. U'l Broome street. 1'Uuua tu rent. A FINE SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PI ANOjrr)RTB for $120. In uae but eight month* r?t fJS ) i)i>e x v. n octave for $100. One t>'? for $70. A nix octave, mm >?uiy, for $28. A $45 Melodeon for $25. Flmt dan* hp* I'imkh, aevim octave, for $!U3: MM plain for $175 and $150. Ware bouae lis avenue A, corner or Tenth atreeL It. GONZALEZ. LADY OK MUCH EXPEDIENCE WILL TEACH Till 1 A Piano and Singing, alao Drawing and French, for $15 ; per quarter, or Muaic alone lor $10 Particular attention giv | ? n to children Nona nerd rep y except those who wish t>> become good perfi rment or teacher*. Add reus Teacher, ?U lion I), Bible llouae. AMAONIKICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE for calo, at a great sacrifice ? Richly carved rosewood <aae, full Iron plate, ovenurung haw. lined wlih tulinwoid; bat all lha modern improvement*; made to ord ?r for the preaent owner; fully guaranteed by the maker*, hat been in uae but Ave month*; coat $600; will be Hold for $&M, Including .-tool and velvet cover. Alao, elegant Parlor suit, solid rone. wo<>d, covered In French brocaitel; coat $500; will be wold for $140. Inquire at W Weat Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. BARGAINS. ? A FINE HOSEWOOD ROUND CORNER, ed, aeven octave Stodart Pi inofoite, at $175; two rose, wood 6% octaves. at $100 At CHAR. J BETTS', late Wrn. H. Gelb, No. 4 Leroy place, lileerker street QHICKERINH k SONS, Manufacturer! of URAND SyUAJRE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. Waierooaa Mi Bmadway, C. A SONS have been awarded thirty eight prlie nvMnU, for the superiority of Uielr manufacture, tor the past thirty live yeara. PIANOS TO RENT. Musical instruction.? miss farren continues to give Lessons on the piano and Hinging, In claaaes or singly. Her facility for conveying a rapid and corivc; know, ledge to beginners la well known. F<r ;eriua (moderate) ap ply at 27 Cottage place, near Houaton street. MUSIC-MRS. IlEGELl'ND KNOOP, DAUGHTER <>F the celebrated violonr"lll.?t Knoop, h w arrvedintht* city. Mrs Hcgelund Is it pupil of the famous ' larcla, In Pari*. She I. a* reoelved a thoriugii inuilcal education, and la fuimllar with the English language, nud In every rescs?t worthy the patronage of our auuit> urs. BefeMnc**a; ? l'Tau UliU. Ttma, ScharfmbergMd lireusinf. Terms n. Jerat". 121 Mleecker Htrei t, corner Wooster afreet PIANOS, MELODEONS AND ALEXANDRE OR<lANS, new utid aecond h.iml, for wile or to runt, at great bar gains. Mel. id' on* at low *a$36. Piauoa at $75; monthly iuy ments reoelved fur either; rent allowed if purchased. One Keren ootave Piano aa'cnd hnnd) fi r $176. UOUAt'E WATERS, Ageut. 333 Broadway. SECESSION PRICES.? atl PIANOS, MUSIC STOOLS, Watch, a, diamond and othel Jewelry, Furniture, Paint Inga. silver a: <l piat "fl Ware, Sewing Mat'hines, a small at-'am Engine, Ac. Cheap to pay ail' in.-.-H. 1. F. JO.NES, !>3 AnB atreet, aeoond flour. 1VT>NTED? FOR A YOUNG t MILD, A TEACHER OK tt niuaic and the Orst rudiment* of education; he rau t lw a fori-igner and reaide in the family. Addrem, w ith fullpai ticu am, ti. D. B, box 111 Herald oilice ^ INHTKI'CTION. Academy of penmanship and bookkeeping No. 303 Broadway, i-onliuu'-d by W. C. HOOGLAJfD, for many fun the aaalstant of Oliver R iktldn.nlth. No clasKt-i, thorough practical Instruction, with earnest, . <?i-ef a! attention. Terms moderate. t 'pen (Uy and evening. All in bookkeeping, penmanship, ac ? Arilhuict.e receive* strictly individual aMctiliou it PAINE'S, No t'J Bowery nnd 2H3 Fulton strut. Brooklyn. and pre <gresa ax rad idly as th'-lr enterprise and ability urill p?r uilt lu one course r >l. Paine will teach jiny person to a rile an cany, graceful hand.? N>-w | orl New > A LADY WISHES TO PROCUBE SCHOLARS I(> 2\. ?. a<h the I'rench or Oermau language Ladles aadrbll (In n taught at their iiirn residence* It preferred. iMtvfN fereccea can l>; given an W capacity, Ac. Addles M !?., Herald office. Atocm Spaniard, fifteen teaks 014 op European education, end 'alkl'ig English, wtshea to leach, theoretically and practically, Spanish, Freud. Aritli niello, Hlatory an 1 Oeographv to th<- young folk of s, i:v c honorable family, having lodging aud board gifeu In ex change. Beat of references oileied. Address L. M.. hog |3k? Herald ollice. BOOKKEEPING, SHORTHAND WBITINO AND 1'EN manahlp are taught at Room No. 9, 6&n l;r> ?du ay, where per* >ns a isning to acquire shortlisnd writing, will h?ve ail the advantage* of becoming verbatim reporter!. Grahsiu a wi rks on Standard Phonography for sale. P. O'DOW D. Marsh s counting rooms, Kor practice and Instruction Is BOOK K KBPIN O AND BISINK.SS \h FAIRS, ? Broadway, Irving Building. Circular* with terms, Ac., 011 application PRIVATE INSTRUCTION QIYEN IN THE LATIN OREEK. HEBREW AND ARABIC LaNGCAGES. r at 1> tf ightb street. near avenue A. Reference* Her aphall, Ur! Maciongii itm t. *PI?ly * Dr. Bap TBACHBB WANTED-A FRENCH LADY, TO <MYB leawns to two boys In the French language Apply to Dexter, 17 Spruce street A. DAWCISU ACAOKMIKS. MMMMM MHil No. SO# Brondway. New York. No. 137 Montague etreet, Brooklyn. Wednesday* and Saturdays la New York. Mondays at Thursdays, Tuesdays and Fridays in Br.okyo. t'ircular* i terms, Ac., may be had at either Asa demy HEW PUBLICATIONS. AN OBIGINAL work ON NBBVOCB DEBILITY AND other stetlll of Importance to the sexea. By I' D. lUiionn, M. D., formerly Profeasor of Aaatoray. Ac.. in the Syracuae AledWal tVUcg? New York "Dr. Hammond s t*>ofc is worth every on*'a owning. "?From the New York Home Journal. 1'rk* 91- GODFREY, B.*ilt?eller. No. (Ol Broad * ay, N. Y. ? IN 8YO., WITH PLATES ? SE< 'OND EDITION ? TRIt'B mM khilUsg tn4 iixprrtof*. OB THE fON'fTKLt flON OF HORSE RAILWAY* FOB BRANCH LINES AND FOIt HTKKET TRAGIC. Bi t'harles Burn. C. h Published by JOHN W EALE, Nn. M Htgh H <IN?tn. L*i 4na, Hnglaad. WATCH KM AMU JKWKLRV. OCAKP PINS? WARRANTKIl SOUD OOLD AND O Coral, $1 each; g <id uid stiver thistle Sh?wl sn.l -,\rf Pln?, tVu rhe*. Jewirv Ac. Fine Wafhee. French < 'locks. Musical Boxes, Aceordeoua, sent for retired by mperteuoed workmen and dsilver-d In any i?rt nf the cltv. W. H. MOKKISON, Wat< hmaker, .W Hudson T street. HE NABDIK WATH H A. KIM It ILL 4 OO , N<>. m BBOADWAT. Having made avrangeraeuta f ir the sale ,.f JAMES NABIMN'S POCKET CHRONOMETERS. And other Fiae Watches. Are mow prepand to oCer them at the loweat axarket priest Aad HIGHLY RBCOMMEND THEM TO THEIB Ct STOMERS. _ FtRMITl'RB. A BEDROOM StTr'<rF~ ENAMEIXED FrnMITrRr POR In alleiMnr-s of warraatcd maiiurarlure, al om>'M . heetnut oharatwr ?uit-s plain and ornamented, at II F FAB RINOTON'H, 3W Canal street, oppoelte Wooeter Established In JIHS KNAMEI.I.EDCHtMIIERIiriTS OF FTrRNITCBE. IB ali o?ot? aad style*, at *bme-aie or retail, Al $Ui and opwar.U. Aleo Maitrea*e? and ?'alUaaaeta WARRBN WARD. 777 t'aaal atreet. . Four door* east of Br *.: >?*7 LTRNirt HP BOI'tillT.? TTIB HIOIIBST PRHT PAID r la eaah tnr all kinds of Household Furniture, t arpeia, *lni ra, t- t all at 471 Third avenue, or addreaa Pumliare, a* abote N. S ? A go.->d aeeoCmrat of secondhand Furnt lart always oa band Tar sale. 'p) I.FT - A 1/iT OF Fl RNITt UK si PF1CIE>T TO I furnish a three Morr h use A ^>iendld rkaar* f >r amx l?r*'n to : >!? a h ii? 'mmrdtat. '.v as itiere Is ?reerithing nearsaarv f.* hour i ?* ptng K?nt aWiut * ni <uth klNslliMER A Co . MS Fourth av.-noe HOTELS. Ml KHAV HIIJ. norsE, vlITH AYEN' B AND FOB 'Mh ?tre?\ arutly s- d slnt'e ? >-<n* hi let ? th hi srd, at very lew rai< ?, for the winter. ^ J. B. RQSTWICE. rroprleMr. Renfrew EOiftK, 137 Ktauiii stkket, neas Br*?i-*at -Jm?' 'ipened for the winter. Ai-?-i or grii li n,. n and their ladi eor?ingl> (<-nti> -nes THK TRADKS. fOOK AND CARTES WANTED? A MAN WHO THO \ ' roughly undet-tan i* the c<?<klng ?n>l ro^nting <1 all kinds ot menu -rd is ac'i'iaiatwi with the making of puddings hut must be at evwllent carver None but 'ho~e who c?n g v? satisfactory references aee.l address 'l D hot i.%) ller .i.t office TIN RTOFF.RS WANTED IBMHPtATELY -APPLY st W M *v . to ft. B Stead To photoobap?:rs and amrkotypihth -tub ?ul>- rlber would I ke tn;.ureha?e a -e. ond tiand lialf ?i?e leusaa>i <ul>e of C. C. Hansons makn Apply to LAW KENCE M KINO, V I.I peuard Teat, N V rTAILnHH.? A TOtmi UELRMA.H. WHO W1X4* Into that irsd?, VMli a ?tiu*iioci \?idrM ? , horn Ut H?nM dMb . POLITICAL. I^IKSI WASP GERMAN REPUBLICAN ( Lt S WILL P bold aaymsl na-ettng at K t ? Oreeawk^ ^reet. on Thursday. Dee 1.1, forth* fiurpnar f ad S?tla? ? w rule* ai d regulations aud al acting its ..Iheer* 'or the ematin." year. LEWIS NOLTE. Secretary pro tem Hair it Fmii, P?e?ldeul pm ?em -- - -~~r air AtTIFCL Lot t?f * sVi't l-H E NtlBAYlNOS.- ,n, ng Ijutdse-'f, Ac ?)' *' yUGLISH /^Tlngs " ,7%e Import** ?> 0F.0 ItAPSA J L * ? lot a n?.tHnV.- ;;;,?^'.v,.:,'.r,n 'ne? ur,. MMUj - M(,t SS9SK W A wantku-mot uvku iuu M'KKH, with .XV st? "Ck, utensil*, Jfce., to hlrt?, wiib vVw of imrcbiuc, wiUi r<i b ?u?.' and outbuildings, not over fit If mucn from Neir rk I neioopUoimMorerfx^iaoeft. A|i|?ly 10 ii DWYKtt,GS4 im>ad??y. VI au r front pirfi-ri^d. "LV)K SALE? A HOrSH AND LOT IN TUB CITY OP l1 New Brunsw ick, M. J., but a short distan ? from Hertxoc Seminary; ; locatioa high and healthy; the Uou*? which Is in good conditio?, haa nine rmwM aud Lrsa csiilar On the lot, 309 feet front by luo feet deep, awViwLt vartSr of TruU trees, pe%r<, oherrle*, ;>lums, grapes, peaSbs, a?i>los[ aiiioco-, .-nveiiU l^iuJ* of berries uid .? rcigctUble garments* llue ststt* of cultivation. Kor fmtber info. 'uabon adSre^a Sinclair D. Brown New Hrua?wick N.J. 1.10R SALE ? NO. 39 WKXT FIFTEENTH 8TRHHT, BR r tween Fifth end Sixth avenges ; three atory, high sio..? brick house, -JbiXl, lot IU8, With alt improvements. For terms apply to BAl LI US A BAYLEY, No. 4 Pine ttrori. tlOK HA LB ? TjiK NEW FIRST CLASS BROWN STQNB high stoop House known an 138 West Thirty ninth street HVBimIwI}; bou-e 22 by M loot deep lot a by 1*1 fe.4; built liy (lay 'a work, In the moat substantial manner: hour* has &II ibe modem improvements; aolid black walnut staira marble hall, French plate glass la U>e windows. Price fll.UK 9S.IW0 or tW.UV can remain on bond and mortgage for a tana of yearn. Apply to J AMES U. GLBNTWOKf 37 Now 7 Bread street. TOOK SALE? THR PROPERTY ON THE NOBTUK AST J? corner of Third avenue and Thirty lint street. Lot 35 l>y 111) feet, with two Houses thereon. Inquire of Mm. DA VIS, Second avenue, between Eighty fifth and Eighty -sixth streets. Fob rale or exchange-all kinds of orrr and country Property, embracing over *10 Karma, Bed dencea and Building Kite* ib healthy location*, con<4guous to New * ork, with fine water and Inland view*. SILAS SttT HOUR, consulting engineer real estate and general agent 3$ Fine atreet. T WILL EXCHANGE MB ACRES OP LAND IN MIS I sourifora Piano and household Furniture. Title Indis putable. Address A. Blgelow, Attica, Indlaua. Lot for sale-*) by 100 feet, on forty third street, 80 feet from Thlnl avenue. Price 91,900; terms easy Apply to F. S. W GI.EAAON, 16 Wall street. Room I*. Real estate -parties having houses to let, or eligible Real Estate for saie or exchange or demands ol any kin 1 forooUeotlon are requested to call on K S. W. GLEASON, Real Estate and Collecting Agent, lt> Will street, Boom IX VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN.? MOD ern brown stone Dwelling. No M West Twenty eighth hi reel, one block from Broadway, tbiee story and high stoop lusement. 3U feet front by *8 feet. Lot 9) by 100 feet. Two thirds of the purchase money cau run on mortgage f sr firs wears. I am determined to sell it. It la as valuable as any eitr property and lucrrasiug In value. Apply to 11 T. GREEN WOOD TO EXCHANGE FOB CITY PROPERTY, DRY GOODS in original packages or groceries? One of the most boau fnl Country Seats in the Slate, within etgL. mile* of Buffalo For particulars address box 1,148 Post olllco TO" EXCHANGE.? A SMALL STOCK OR SALEABU lio.sls to exchange for Illinois or lows lands. No oas need apply unless they ran furnish $3M In cash. Address P. s., room 13, .sweeny's llole.1. "lAr ANTED ? IN EXCHANGE FOB fiOO ACRES HOOD TV farming Land, In Mercer county, Illinois, either Li<i>iur*^Ba Segars or Tobacco. Address II. M v., 17 Broadway . ?. WANTED? BOOTS AND SHOES, DRY GOODS. Clothing or .lewciry in exrhange for valuable ReaL Estate, in this Stale, free from encumbrance Horse, Car riage xml Harness and a handsomely carved seven o-'Lave Pianoforte, Watches, Diamonds and Jew-dry for sale cheap. Inquire of N 11 WHEELER A CO., 123 Liberty street, op stairs. inn ACMES OF VALUABLE AND HEAVY TIMBER TvU ed (arming Laud, in Pennsylvania, well watered and good location, to exchange for city or Brooklyn Property, Merchandise or a good business. BOUTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. ifc'JA AAA WORTH OK STAPLE GOODS WANTED.? M/t F At', ut on' quarter of which will be paid fi r in ? ish and the balance in tine timbered lands located la this Suite, ut cash pflcex. S. SEYMOUR, JO Pine street. $20().000.-^a5^??3 tioods. in imbroken iar^** a 4 l<orae money wHessle ,-l^;r; WOOD, 83 N??u street A HOISK9, WHIMS, <WC., TO LHT. A SPLENDID CORNER STOKE, ON F1KT1I AVENUE, to !fl ? mable f or a jeweller, milliner or ooiifeciloaar; w onlcl bp an e\' ellen: -ta'in for the exhibition of fariry goo. U during the holiday!. Apply In Ilia odica of the Hotel St. Germain, ccrncr of Klftn avenue and Twenty -second street A CHOICE OF PLEASANT ROOMS TO LRT? PUR niahtd < r not. In a modern house, with bath, gaa, Ac ? (?i.nflly t>mal! and etrlrtly private location contral and unexceptionable, and not far f rom Broadway Apply at 42 >t Mark'* place. Tri m* mod-rale. A FURNISHED HOI SE TO LET AND FURNITURE . V f or aale or to U-t, in liraud atreet, near Broadway; la three atory. and I. an t a boarding houae lor a number of }eai? I'o-WMiion Immediately. Addnaa h A White, 23J Amity at. A STORE TO LET? NO. 90 CEDAR STREET, TWO d->n fr m Broadway, for the eiprea*, aegar, aar other eommisHi >n butlne**, wbi-re no #tor *gc U rtx|ulre4. Knit t',M i'oaaeaalon linnii-dlataty. DINGEK A HoLDEN, No. 8 Pine atreet. GOTHIC con age TO LET. furnished? till May or longer, with ev.rvthlng new and complete for uouaekeeping; or would sell ibe Furniture on time: ha* ga* MM baih I'oKseMiion at o:iee. Apply at No 4 Fifty firth xtrett, near Eighth avenue. Broadway store to let-lotated IN THK BK*T part of the atreet. amiable for any raa pec table bualaaaa equinng room; rent re.ux>n?ble. Apply to 11 L. KNIGHT, Planter* Hotel, Mft Hp adwaj IjTONOMY WITH GENTILITY -A SMALL FIRNISH J id Room will t? li t to an aoreptnblr i tarty, with privi lege*. in a private family, for OU eenu |nr week, to one or for l<Treuta to two wrtw. L?-at|nn South Third atreet, near Truth atreet, Wllllamaburt Addrem X. W. X , Herald oOoe. MAISON MRrBLEE.? TO LET, A LA FRANCA MB. elegantlv fnmtahed, to mngle gentlemen ar famlle*, Hoora or arparatc Kooma; Parlor common to all ocrupaata t private reataurant in baaement. rent payable quarterly In mi ran re (Invariable rub \ bouae Brat elaaa, new, four atocy brown atone, between Broadway and hlxtb avenue. Apply M 70 V eat Thirty- rlfhth alreeL SEWING MACHINE TO LET -ONE OF WIIEELKK k Wllaon*. nearly new and in An* order, to let at $4 per month Call at #77 With avenue, between Thirty ninth aad Fortieth ilitfU, over the more SEWING MACHINES TO LET. -WHEELER k WIL aon' a aew lng machine* to let GEORGE WALKER, 211 Weat Ha aim atreet 1H> LET? THE BUILDINOS NO. 327 AND SB STANTON atreet, kultable for manufacturing. and now partialy futeil up for a Brewery, will be let forateraof yearn Ap p.y to K. UK ANT, 66 Pine *lre<-l? fro LET-TWO ELKGANTLT FI'RNISHED PARLOK 1 Room* and one ball bedroom aad one neat and nioely far ni?hrd Room and Bedroom on aeeond floor Apply at 72 Hlttk avenue, near Warartey place Alao, one elegantly furniabed larlor Floor at 111 Weat Eleventh atreet r LET- THE SMALL THREE STOBY HOUSE, NO. 7V Wpat Thirty alith aUtrt, In romplet* order and wHM all modern Improvement*. milted for a very aaaall fam*v Rent *M> per annum. rLET-AT WEST HOBOKEN. FROM 1ST JANUARY, a a mall, neat and wall aituated How, having aultaMa aiN ommodatmn for a respectable f amily Kent BU parmouth. A|Tly to WILLIAM SINCLAIR, -- THO LET-TO THOSE WHO WIr.II TO PRACTICE f.i'O nomy aod vet Uva genteelly? the front part of the Aral ?iaaa h iuaa .?rt Weat Twenty aacond atreet (alt n?ma> la oBered to a email pleaaant family lnquim ua Uif prtulm TP LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OP THE FIRST i LASii brvivrnat ne h. um AM Eaai I hlruath atreet <'?msieM Willi -ni" rf. 'I - ?? mat Me !? wla. i a'b r m. Ar Kara rhanee f or a amnll family Kaut per month Inquira upon the premlaea. r) LET? TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR. IN A TERf amall famllv, part t a four ?u<ry Engliah baaemeni II In Weat I ,.irn nfili strict, with all the modern Im pr- vementa faa fliturea and <band?lieia. The houae la n-wly iwtln'i I I |?n I - ?> w 1 1. S"N W Broadway. 09 alalia, from 10 to 12 A. M and from 2 to 4 P M. rt I.ET-AT 704 RROADWAT. "PROM TWO TO 4IE I'll rant Room- mliable for any muteel hu-ln-?a I* ?.a*a -lon Imm. dlately A poly to Dr &AMBON, at the abuea uumbrr. ? I.ET? A BASEMEN r. WITH OR WITHOl T ROOM at No ,t *e?i Bain eet, Broafclyn rpo LET-IN A H'l ? *1 PHYSICIAN S FAMILY. A 1 large furnt*) ed R and tedn?m. with gaa. at I ? Tbumpaoti ? 1 real To LET-A IM"" ' ' PARLOR AND RXTRNSIOM I Ri?>m. iiafnrtiial.e-t on tf'e rtra' floor, having ga? flf.area: frwe t-'M per monih i-ari?et If eequired. witli or wlthoai V- ard Al-o a -mall fro room on the third fli?ir at 142 Weat Twenty third - raet. between Saventli and Eighth avenue* Car* paM every rum jte To I ET-TO A FtMILV WTTHOt'T CHILDREN. FITIt I email loge.ber or ? karate, neatly furnlabad, ta a utile:, genteel hou-e with '.lithe mtvlern lmprovem*nU; ete'-yibitig pomplet* for l> keeping; with an agr?e?M? widow lady w "bout Tamil* The hix'ltat referenee. givea a* to re?pectabillty Apply *1 2T> We?i Twenty-third "treat T" LET? AT 130 STRING STREET TWO PARLORS, ON 1 the flr*t fli??r. ar.d haek B eetio ni antteble fi* a tailor * any light bu?ln?**. 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