Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1860 Page 2
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TEE TWELFTH STEEET TKA9SDY. C'nnrluitlnn of CH?- Ooron*r'? Ini(ii ?Itl'oiml mill Inlrri-Htlii)! Tr>- 1 lmo?i v ? Vertfirt ot the Jary Af;?lii?t ?'?e I*ri? ?oan-Illi I* \ u nt.n ui iuii awl ? ommllwl lo Uif Tomb*. I hi' it! vi tuigait,* in the raae ol Vr.< s'ar-'h tfia/i'-fc*, who viai uiuidit ??<! ut her retidei. . 22 1- .?st fwelltli street, on Friday morning wr .? concluded y>*t r lay. ui th'< KJf teenth precinct atati' i nous<> hi Coi auer Jarfcman. fhn WWi'ttCC adduced ? a* quite interesting. aspe. i.iily th u of rfficer Mui'h and tended i" strength -n the ?impii lo* agiunft the prtooaer nwf^ flrm'y Uihji ever. Bui-hauau behaved with t- markabl ooolnea* durr g tti-> day, an 1 at no tim? <ihl ho ppear down hoart.-d or un aiy. He * as atlandrl l>y hi# father and brother, as on the previous day, a* well as bin counsel, Mr r, *Ce. Tha following la a full report of the proceedings .* iui>y triumplrad baforu Coroner yesterday;? floral A fTITT'H E VlIiKNCf. S'phin ftitt being dul) sw >ru depones and gaya; ? I live at No. S I'ut h street, lain the sist t of Civile* Hard;-. 1 saw him on the Thursday p~evtou* t > tU? 1 murier; he lia i been aw ty for si* weeks, and c me to tin house that mo. ning; he a d he w is goiag t> leave t. wc that evening at Ave o'cUk k. Ur did l t siy wlvsro he v \a gi ia. to, hi> was going w:th his etuplnj er, ho MlJ. he ie'.'t my house about hall past four o'rlock I'. M ; , 1 do n-.t know where he now is; l wished I 11 1, he is a tni.UI hi zed man, and has a mo ist e h? and goutOQ; ho w aboi.t twenty ei?'ht > s.irs of aire. I hive heard my brother ; fcpeak of Mr.-, rti.-tfii k#, heu.'i I to sell her embr i 'cries; I I do not ktow who hi* employer Is ho spi4c.> ?>m thing uh." t ,-oir.g to Soi -h Carol ina the iim time he spoko ii bout going away. UHACK DAVIS" TK8T1MONT. t;rw-e Pavis, of No. 47 Eleventh ?trcet, depoted th<t she knew deceased for about eight or nine year*. w i? in the habit of vending her hor mania, the Friday morning T sent deceased hur broakfa*t about hall ptst eight "'cJ k, e took br. .k.-st at eight o'clock, and it was .?.'ter w had finished tVit 1 s ut to* niew around b> th" gir!, T hav? bc>n in dic^asiil'i st ire, j bu never saw any male person thi>re. RKRS0CA DOWT' V'K STATKMt'NT. It h oi* ' wtun icotor' :). rr.-:?ling at S"<> 17fi West . Jo ?. iii nth iiiri-t, ii 'fi ai d- ? fli t ?h ? wis a cook, on ' Wedp r<lay morning 1 w-i'Lt into Mrv. ?hau' k>' tore,. mi there niw i young tn.-n; I i'fl l know that I siumld ku?w lnm again ii I ?...w lulu, he had on a brown C 'toreU - I a- m-n- b -irda under hjH arm ; on riiurr U.. n> Ting I | cvalli-d ag in at Mrs. .-h inks', and - iw the itue p> i g'-ii.g :ii ;s 1 CMlne out h.- h id bhoct b iar'l? uu lor i his ;.mi tli u. the prisoner is ub<til th-.i aix? | of the Twn 1 and h'1 t'.ands like bin, hit ; I ennn r?igu^z- the face; detea?od spik'i to j <he }? tig man and told ltini to cill agiin; , the youi g inanth n lett . the dcc^a t then t' I ' m tint I th -on sb- did n it ro into th b .. k ro>r.i >v;:h ma 1 *v b-< u se hn did not like tii- I ?k she a d that ha bad b n artwiud there to do nom^ Job ; that h" al!ej : ttii r? again to ri'Ti'ive pbiyni -ut lor ?? >rk wui> h nio h i l j alr -a.H iia d him for. sh ' did not date what am ?<inl of j money he |*id hint, 'he piece of board ho had in hi) I liain' wan m I planed, this w i> on \Tislnesday tliat ihe I j.-|k ki the jourg man, th > lx>ard now sbowu ma to ex j f* tl> the -ii of the one I - iw .a the young mto'n hwla; ?m Thursday he pa- i-d in as 1 w-ia guing out; M-?. F1 atuks w-u> .ii the f-ont room, ml tha ' y iii^{ m.ui parsed thro- gh to th haik r.*>m ' wiiii' .t saying a w?rd. Mr . >h.ini,k< did not pp ak to him on eith'-r of those occasions; I tn uik the prisoner !.?? the per-on, h it l cannot ki) posiitvelj , bfea'jrt1 1 di I ' t ik" any pu li -ular no te ?? o: his f.u <>; wh ii M:-< Shjini'k.- said -h w n ;.f raid of the young in in. -h ? - id she ? i ifrai l h" w < >1.1 hWI N-ne thing, I ne?.-r saw :ui* lut h. is ubjut tb> plaoo; my Lousi to at Vo. 24 Ko?t Iw lfth otre. t. JAMt> ??. WITT H :V|D?Nl7*. Jam< . Stomal Stitt . <>r No. 9 Dutch itreol . ?l> p > . ?? 1 thit b ? but Haw Gbarh-fc lUrdy on tact Thurtdiy afternoon, abot:l half paM four or taont* nunui'-t to 0 \ > o'cWx lt; li.' mi J he # ^ g'"ng to Cbarleat n?; I do not k'.uw whit. w,i> he went . h<> ha : iiovalwtt- or t> 'jr.? with him h< raid hf came t4> town morning; hi* -.?n he h i t j i-tl come fr an Churl' Mou :ut<l v.-t g'llg l>ark :tg.iu; 1 lit* " lnnr 1 hiiu fpeak of Mr-. Slum'k*, b it 11 1 ij.wanU of four yearn ngo; ho left ourbMeeog the Tu ? ??> lay pre vlogg to the k>'D"I<>1 tfecttta. and avid h-* vrv x in? t? A'*> ay , hi* came I >.*rk on Thar* t iy in I eaid h" baa turn arrived fro n Clui I'Kton; h" hat a gold uat? 'i ali >ut fo or yearn ag" after he v? -i,' to New crl'iui* Mr Hardy wile Lvea and fmbmidsrHi whl> llarrf> null' N?*t (Tlai.iui b-alt.'udl 1 bar, nilwli.o In Yirkabnrg he was cmpl< ... '?! m 1 drug storg. tVI**K*TINO tTATMKKVT #F OrKICKK HMfTII. t.?>ig" .1 -initb ben h .u \ aivucn, ?ii i ? I am attach ?d to the Kifleenih pv tr.el pal tee. th* f-waif ? m !U ni) < i.^vwly rooniug down (MM Su*j i-bonna to Jiew York, I had couiidcrable con variation v,i'h him from ih.< time w? vrlv.-d th 're nntll wa * ? to w York wh- 1 I cotivi ri-fd ? ith l,im I aak- . turn wbi<h wa> he in> fn>u when he *f1l to tti*i|Uf ha'iun . hf Mil th-?t Ha dialed to it". S|"in*ntrUi that hf tmn? irom Alb ipy ou the oteame'- Uiiai Newton; thai hi' h*J been there to work .wd 'hat he had ti t t>ut of work and ram' on do 11 and f '? <?i I, ?, n h*gn.v th.- wan not vo b* * u !. lli:tt he told Mr ptu pti-n a tali** hinnl. and be wn* * > ! r it b' ?aid . ?' * ..*I.ed h" b ut ("1<I I1...1 tb wh >le t lib I then a?k* i b'tu shttv he di.' r ? m. ? Ir mi . he Kit ! 1 lu' h ? left 1 in f?th 'r'fc Vm*? in N w York on Sat "irOir 4 vrn.f.c fib mi ei^bt u'dt?k, I u.-k J h 111 ?^icb f?*rry b * und hi vnd th'* t'irtunit Mrt*'t ftrry I ti-k ? I h m it h" wia ? t It w?? tb"> Oorttiuidt itr?t 1 -m* tud hi >?? h- ?w I ai-k -d him wb'-r*' hr <-"t bu* t.oiwr <, .ot.i h-' Mud at th" 1 i. k hI b in what hi (oud for th-m. HD'i h' ><aid (I 50 1 iu>k?<l him whorp to. an I h? *ai I Si ra cult', it th>' iMni,riuit train. I nxki'il bim hm h liatiii* to Htufi at SrHjuehaima h ? r?id hi- b i d hi< t<ri4br *f> *k of Mr .'?'priagNtii'n. kd ! b? UH?igM hr would like t'> hk> h 111 tnd that if he saw hnn be ttiMcbt p- .My t;< t work th 're; 1 then mid to turn, ?? ?' i t > u tbiak it I'tiked twd on your -ilc t.i 1# 4v? Kew Y 'rk 'indi r th( clrrniritiujcw," he tuii J he tli fcht it did. hut tNtf h" wat.te 1 t.j got out "f H^rv ?York unt 1 In* hand* would grt hettAr; I "Yo"i %r-' tc a prrli) bnu M-rape be n.nd Ik- dkt not ktiow whit tt Inked i.k b'.t li<' ? it tuii' trot; 1 1 to him, "Aitwt . th-r. r- n?tuf.'< me *ory ?tn ng -Ux* print of '"o?ir r> t b.ii.d i? 1 n th> ri. k o( the d mr. and tbe mirk of the other ot <- m ot? t hi knob ati'l t'ie key lut iu.ul- in i j 1 " |' > wUti'Vie, t ut held h.- h ad down f?r a f.-w i ??? (???nin -I. -it iftwtrm and mM h?- '.id uct care Tor b';ai?ll IMH b^'waiiwirr* fur bia pimf niotbrr. thi' it I w .kit' I. ? I Ut I bun '.hut 1.0 din ht be Lad brought ( ? e^*' d<?: tr '?h!? ? n l? ih hk>< fulhrr aud m 'th"rt ! bi ? ho n f< .. 1 'he b-M b" c>?ld m>w I ?itl. ? tin re ie 3 f rl tb-rv Albert, iianiMl M?ry. who ??yw J'Ott ar.. a (r tiy bid V>Ojf . he aa.t, "You (t>u I mean Mary, tnerr w u k rl there nam ?! Anni>, a t'.ir ; haired ji i," i a . y 'i are rigM. ? ; know mor* ! ab'1.1 tt thi?l? I do;" I wauled to M l' What he wool.! ?JT 1 when 1 celled her hj lier wrur.g naat>- I then v>k??! Uim , wluii the tri.ble w 1* bclwre.t h m an't Mr*. Khankr h' , Maul theri- ?nlMr I iwnl ihen- be. an OW uf tue 1 girl* jiil Ihe; ?? ri- ii'i*. rel ng ab-'ul - m ? wn.-li b? *aa? ' door; h?> ?t*i.i there **? no ija.'rrel about It. tbv he bat ftnl the ateoi' for h<'e an 1 bad cha'tred her a dollar he tb ight tin- y.'b ww worth that, old hn ?a. I lo m >, ).Hj think 1! w.i*:" I toil him It w.-e a eery 'nii'l jol>. !??:? r^'Mbly hie eha rf wan reus- >n.-' hie "nreijh: f un'lerat'aiU b.ti. to aay tlia' Hbe hat pai l him beeaM llul wae ab?ut a yea. .iy'. 1 aak t hiia if he Uvl .lone auytbi-g flee for bor. be aald be haj; 1 aeke.1 h.m what tt wae and h" eal.l ba nv?d? Vr a c > iple of mooII beoi h.-?: I ?*ke I bim wh<t be ctu.'iret h -r f.?r Hum, in' h eat 1 two ^bilhnga oach I aeko t him ?b.'.i he wat th. e tart . be K.UJ be wa< t.'Wf" on Ifelt iiiir; I ? H'h.' look y ?? there*" " f w.v pnflif tkMVOti TWdnj," ahi l ke, " wh-n ?he *t.<pp.?d m ? an I >r,uit?d t?i know wh"C I weak! 11 x the c.'iuitvi . ' ue mi I he woukl III 11 ' <r I . . w. nt eway and got tl?e pi ink to Ax it, I a^kod h.m wbere h" got the plank from h* <ial t fr -in> 1 the ebi-p. m win. g hi- father * ?bop | aekwd h,rn ii he ba-1 ? rel .1 - itm' lo tbr rarp uter b tetaeen. w.'?-? i be eoU N I then a-ke'l him why be wi.?nt r->'int t> get job* if h? w.v? not a c pe-ii?r, h# ?*i t b* em tftemd tlie ? ' op a g"<?l Jen) -.a 1 c ml t la _|"b- like tiifiee will i'n.*igh ? I a?ket hmi M h< liKnd tb- cvx'n'et. be eat< I Mo t . ttm. when be we?t there. ?'ie wr>a I, *y ard rould n't alien I toil, ebe to"'' him be ewld, that ?he <bi" went ? in? h or eb? lei a teidwe tbr 1 earner he h*4i?l to imo what ihe had re' renre to, an . Ib*'n t ?! 1 her that h? eml I <.>1 boarii* W? aii'wor th< r'irT*??, for flf y c ut* I nk | him If be f?t tlw bow** I tit 'eratood h rtn lo ? te "Vt," tiiAt h rarwnt lo 0 x t n 1. inter ? . I u>k lhuav'ir' It.' got t' ? ||* OW ,.f Jila ,1 left tn.T. for Pr WWO<; U.I mm be ifot tb''tn ' tn the .ibi'p. and !wtl oft n r t n ? ' bee li w ?? ! ' I a*k t im if be ?p It ,t MO ? 1 V bnwifl.t It tb-rr, nod he* ill 'So ' .4H | ? #.,* It ItMu y>" broiighi tb*-' Merk* ,rf ?i?l th "* acd b ?<ll ' i >, it w?? Tbirwlay, I h n I m wli t beeani ? rf lb-' clo'h * b1 be! on on f r l be *tW h> tink tbe pattti.miM ? ? and cut Ui?' |eaa*i* g?u' b^cauae Liey w<>r ? full of hW; I t*k 1 h ot what Ih'v did w tbr Kkei*. aim be ? iid thei 1 r.e tr.rm tMke^fc nwbaf <B?e of h j> aJur ; an I o ber cb'Ww, h Mid h< l-mk tb?-n otT*?d th if the; were mit Ij'o 1 ? wa?h t th i?-' (Stately 1 aetrg bim if the? h* t -11 1 *wa* , wh n b* Mid L . ? i i ' . , ? Atheri, n iaaWJh'iejK*a. vou M M*< j witb Br-w-.'*! on ffHMf :iwo?ldb* h*tt~r tf n e tvtd k*v? away," be aaH lie .nd ant e tawt tkirt ?,? ,q?. thing bad ub<*'t M. I a4k : him wiiy u- III t n 1 ?tt U eelf up, be aaid be di 1 not know, 'bit M th ? lght o' ? ?i Bret, mil tt*it ht* hand* I ^>k <d en h wt . If Ibn i-viikt him ibey might tblrk b do?e It, n *? dl ae bw father b. I B"t he?-e able l? fnd tb parti ?? h tia I tb' llglil wl h, I told bin. that wk too Ini". tbal hn father would not h ? able to had inv otb-r p?rly than ibo pirl/ alr. iJy foun l, aatd 1. 'fh'B you -?i nt there on 1 Ht?p <1ld f*n to w? the rDnnler*"' aatd he. "I win not there o? r-iitay. Mtd I, "Tee yvw w--re, Ibr yiet J.itt I^if iT40? ^ lhM 10M wrr* th'-re with thoe-' . S*i "tr t did I mil* a mt** ?ke I tnew lTTwifW-lay th^r. 1 aekedbini b ?w H* meant In *bew li* h^ -inde _got r _ t in tte manner (bey were; be eaal t'ut wbet V tefl hfc fbthe'-e .h-m be mit with a roqgti 'so* tmtmrnm . wbo aeted h.m t . uke a drtnb, anl t'ni he v nt witb b.? into nptrt r h-m- | him wb.'*e tlie purter h<*?- ww. be?? d be dt-t got ejuetly knw ? .Id I, Wee it in T W' lfig ,trw?- ^ ! d. a* be luwl turned aroci. t a co-n> r t a*k d him if It taf ;c foi., tb erenne. when be e^id hathon?M tt wi* 1 ? I|k...i. Tbea whore dM yvi c? ln, . ^ / i'.d be tbmight be bad gat V*>w Fowrthnvwine nto tlie IV werv eavnl, ? Mnw (V ibati the How Ty 4.. ??, tbl-^i yiwt gid. e-ere \wtq bw gg llotgln tdftiq'1 h< tb.^irfJ, le, he MM, VI, .li," gi< It rotigd tube ^,ri V - ? ' ;..??! twMt i?>e drink V ?aid "Ytw, " wild 1 ? t..? w' t ?! .! 1 tt rto?" ?*;-* b?, 'Aft. -r we ilr mkthe * ? t- ? ' a-i ' i-t'i -.. l. yon am o, % b? . liuu ^ t * ? 1 f It , ! ? ram* llnsd mak .<? v, it iek ' ' f. ...? . *. ? I.- t I, W t^-I W *f th ? . : ? ? j*< ? n? *" h" *?U, "Tl ' : ' ?*!..< n-it * , ? vy. ,,-r vt ? ? , ' * or. . <f b> 1, "ded iff tlK' blew i. hmJ in doing ?o turned U?* (-? '? of (ho hand lowwl u?e ?*?> he, 1 ll' kit ill drew b.M* , and I mate Ittr I ae J. , i ;.nd run," r-.yn I, ,:Wl.ore did you i nu to'*' n?y? li , 1 r.u. ri ( .f (tic hona ?, lull v?H i? to aft >r Cut i don't l-ii ? ' **>?* I, "l>did ho follow you'" ??*?> h?, "1 ft. t ins- Uitn alter (hat;" aav; I, "Which w ?v <111 jou t tli n Nt/H ho, "I did not kn w which wiv I i!i. (T until 7 gut t .i Mn'ly di-eot . and tiieu ' *new *? 'io-n I v *..)? I. "Then w hare did )O i no (?'*" ha it .t t I n. ill Li ni$s 1, "H><tne t? your father 'a hum >?y I.., V ???." *?)? I. "I'id yon rot go ri^ht i#i) t< ?Ol'- Utliei 1 to!! I' lilt IllHMlt til 111 ' 'HI , H" I tilt ll'? ?ou! ' Hi d the porti.**" u < raid hm f tlvr was ti on \ Inn t . ?! ?:'i< IK fat?i ?? . he mid and nut, "ll-e in A!f n>s I "I'id your father nee yo'i?" a?v? h>? " ^ " *i)s I, "What did ho aay t" yao" say* II \i n vi j a. rfiy. and twined n ound an ! and 1 Vou in a pr.-tl) Ik. king chap to come horns m il.ii- rn i'nm " I naked if tin tol-l hi it lull r >l?>ut !)<?' tlfrht , an'1 ho KHi'1 ha ' id, and tint h.? w.tioiI iiim to c > unit lind the p rti -a he had tho in'iaa w ii ; I o rthi t I ti f.ithor a ud Micro wndlbe n i ua < in t! a! n> ? . that i' tlu-re whb ftooh * pa ! y the) w mi l h ? g< no before tliat time; I then stated t(> him thai il mi rather i' hard titory, iitaann" h aa hi- c "I ! n I nulla him celt in any place <>r alrcet .t tho tim he naid he raoelvl tlie I'i'tb naid 1. "Tim Irid b"tter tell the t "th it our ' and be ih 'Bo with iU" ho aaya, 1 'ou't caie, I am innocent;" mvi I, "Ymi killed her hill a i'oi*d ihhm, whi'ti once would h<> caotigh " naid lie, "N'?, I didn't;" t-ai<i 1, 'Yea. \ on ha. e, and it in of no oho t? deny it, it it. h horrible Job, iind nobody hut \n ia. in" p,TH"fi ? ?? II havo ?1one it;" aay 8 I, "You hut betti'i acknowledge it nad ph-ad luaanity; it in n n< <k1 i iiao for you to plead insanity on;' he iocki-d ?t niennd l.iu?.'li d.aiid K-nd ? Tlint h" d ? nn"d,' orioinethiog of that MM t h ' hortt it <d % moil nt utluyi li >. p' ttmg ha> Imnd up to h -i f;iC" " Wh it w . . th .1 younif fi How'k name who fikihb' d th<> min hi Ninth o Ter'h avniuc'r" Miid-1, 1 priwum ? yon m iin youn< Itoe -' - sud he, '? y?a, thHt is the tum? i hell >v ? " " -p^nkm-r o' ron feffiltlg " ha id he, " he riinte-t^' <! aud it did not do hi'il in*ich giiii ; they did rot -how him much mercy ," 1 .11 tha he ron'ii->ed on the pillows and not b for i fijl h laid ho did not underntitd 1 told him that th - Sh Till L i<i no I'D* r to stay 'ho t-Utloa th'ii. nad th > e km i;o\ -inor there to portion him ; alt 'r that h > canv -eii>d ii ill me abort h.s inj'iri' ?<, and every tim" h" sjioki alwn t the tlf-'hi h > chins d 'he I'icility. wl i ial 1> get so inoAeienl n|??i th" aobje* t th U h > did not know aaything about it ; hm ri hi hard, lie caid, wan injure.! bv limiting old rib biali nnd t ails; when we arriviv! at the ftenqi it Stiporin lon wTt a ' Aire, the eapt iln n.u c ???v.v-Hisn #i'h t!? tlerrral .^iiponiitendeiit; ihep is-iuor h'^ard s i n" of t!ie conve;hation; he fhke.l inn what th ' cm>tiin's mm* w t.a; 1 l?'lii him his name w">8 I'.iptiin Calfry; he h.i ya. "Of wl t u ?? r.i?" ' 1 told hlin (li? Fifteenth; he w uit?vt to l.r> w whit he w?8 fo hard in him fo;- , an I mil thit C.itli) diil i,ot be iijve anything he R'lil.siil 1, ' Voir h ? ' ii-R :>?.-??? imi '"h, bn that ii ia vei v har.i t ? hS ve tin nr. I Mippuc'e ho h UI .->.11 ?! exactly whit lie Ih > '/'it, for ho ih p. ctty h| t to toll noi'p!" what he think < if ih?y do n- t toll-a ftrHiyht ntory . nn-' youm jj ?.,eh a da 'k one, 1 do not weiler at his not believing it " 1 v?? ?ii i he. -1 roii't liiip it, 1 am inunvnt;" i" t'n-a B.ii l that !u- felt b.iil abo 't tel'.ing Springs; ten Itio f i!? b'X'd lu- had . 'In ti w li ft and r un'* to the nt r i >n !i m >; th> amount "f money fov.n ! on the p".s >!i of th.- p i- nor w. c four 'hi liars ; it w:u- taken from him t>^ Ih - cousta'il" at hep^ui'hanna. ? * I atrul' tally, of .100 Rowrv , dep* ?o J tluv. on- day la*' '?e< k , between nevei, and eig it o'ck>ck in th" mi 'ii? h" : o\\ a crowd of ah?u( fo t v |iorsons almul a hi >ck a'f; u toy came along air I tol ! mo i|i;i two boy a hi! b ? ? i IU I tir>,'. I don't Icnow th? pri.'ioner: Ti in't say wh.> !i the ' vbt waa before oi alter ih ? dnt" of tli" tnurler; I di n't know when I h viril of ihe murder ILiok I* Definition. "I 604 s' on i avenue, dop >sed that on Th'.irM.iay laM Mr (lardy l 'ppo-' at hi3 houK" aad aaid lie tru g>!' n to Charlesmu s C. lie xaid that h" Ual made .ii eng ig -m -nt with a mau n.ame 1 Lynch, an I t' it h' w 'K ^oiu-; ? ? !? av? by the rbila-lelphia train at hatf jviat tiv ? o'c ck tint evi-i-inf : Hardy liad n <jolil w itch in Inn p<*-s ^wntm ah "it ill we**-* r,go when 1 mot him ono ?' iy in th ? c i s th> wnti'b w a a Uwly'8 one, an 1 H..r !? sai ! it wan a n- a ut , he naid h ? would foil it if he got bin p ic < for i(; h" In! i Bilror one tn his |tne8eaaiou, Umi. wlncli h" wanti-l to s dl me hef- ni-s! (o lie a lltd" itifxic I ?t th ? tim ?: in-vr lua: .! bun sp.\ik of Vrs. Sluinc'\H, I m vnr kn -w Ifi' Iv Ii be enyag-d in the aoap bi.aln< oh; h- (i i"d to ! iru piano forte makiug, hut falli-il, h" then took to pi-ddllug, which to haa follow d ever htute; 1 lardy w > tiv> f "t ait UKhm in h -igbt, wait well built an I iciv ; hia h'l' Wii not very dark , he had no wh takers, b'it he ha l a m ".a tache. he w.l ^b> nt Iw^Ar tuic \eyrn of iye. Arthur MiC'ddrich, of^ix .'13 W ?? niii-leoTth at ee' , dep~?Mt that he was a hl-ickamith and li-id k sh 'P t N" i. 'Si Kant fwelft!' Stroet, opponita the r^i lea' e ofrt Vitoi; at for(y Ave minutas pi"t "igkt o'riock on V-iday m ?rr. mg I went to a bartier'H shop, corner "f Ki-yoath 'tro- t and Broadway, and got aha\ ivt; 1 c?imo baek to ths s'l":) at about forty live minutes imat nine o'clock, a lad. rini't out of Mr# .-fnni Ic'h hniiKe in g eat tro,.t?lo, ind r r- d in a'urm; two of the meu ran out of the "hop, all i we?t over to her ar-i atan e; I followed, and ?p<k" to tho wo man; un ofTVor \tr ih called, nr.1 he mj 1 eite e.l Mr* Shitrck'n store : the door waa nhvt wh"ii w * w -nt there, when we w .it ' ?f the door w > a,iw a numb ?r or clotba coverall with Mood, lying on the count '' ai.d on th" Uoor; we then wwit to the dour of the biek rom. acii on lookii g I .side I a-.w thj body of dece.i< "d lying on the floor, with a big c"t >n her j.w, the boily was rcstxg "gainnt a btok' n < h.iir : wo did not rec.'giii.'-e the deoeaaod at flint, and though' i( w is a co lored w-'tnin we a.iw no one entering Ih" ab^p thit morning I never aaw the prisoner ei V-r, 1 don't think 1 rvcr a..w th ? prisoner b. fore, after we d ac .t."-o-1 that i murder had been committe'l, we clearivl th? ootn< of n',1 the spectator" md called in a number of other pilleem >a Ola r lea W t'a.Tiey recailist ? m.p.?u-l , thit bvo d of ih-- #.iri m r ho vmiied all the ! fal<? n- grissTie* and public plncea la th? Ilowory, bs Houston and Konrteer(h *tr"ota, and that h"wu nn.ibli' to li-ai n anything abo<;t a tight the propriftu'-a or h ? .iifferent place* a(ato<t that no dint ir banco oceurre I on truaj aud tha(ih> y knew nothing of any ntahbitig alfrav. MT.MCAL TKSTIMOVT. I Tli. WW w inp affidavit nw read to tt??.)'iry ? Pre. .'<-hn lle.arh and iJumtophcr Wrluo bung duly ? w? rn. d' |*wd m follow* ?Wo ha%* made % pint wort-m examination of the body ?* Sarah Shwk*. \i No Eo.-t Twvlflb trc.-t, tho hMy w*s found lying ii|?>n th* tUor. the face, Iu*ad and ' .ind* being cov-Ted i with b'fH'd tin* upper portion of tho clothir* wan alu* ? rmwd wiik blood. np> u an examioati >n of th* scalp ? there were found tin I allowing wound* ? 1 Thro* ovor th* i frontal b"no. twj oyer trie right an! on* over the k'ft paruUl bon t, <ne over the loft temporal , bi'tio. on the fort-head, ov r the right e> ???brow. rt?cre W'-ro t*u on lie f?oe there w?re four? me over th>- brl -!#?? 01 tti ? ?o*e, another >-xii tiding from tho out?r | angle of tin- I' ft ? v*. r-nniiif in a ctrcuUr ooqrw to th> ? lower p'lt^ n ot th? nu*>-. another <>n th? left aide of ' the Lt>v- r lip. another an inrb in cxt at jn*t in j TP tit u; tho r ght ear. Mother roinm' n< mn about an in- h below and b bind th< l*f? ear, running ucroaa the -ngl>* I <f the i< ?.rjaw in a straight dire. ti?n, 'luiltn; the h?Kk nrd kwer lip. terminating at the ini tile of \h" I <t>in. another the nerk, *xt*n<ling from ear I' eer, dividing the mu? le*. liathea. a*?phtffu?i, *?*?!? ? and ne<\<*. expwiug tho Turtebrn, of which tho b->li<v j of the third tud f< urth w.<ro rut into, no removing tint -? .Up a frart'trr ab>ut an Inch in extent waa found over th?- left perietal l one on rem* i ing tbe calrarlutn th" dur* m. (Cor \\ ui found to bo punctured, on removing tb? *im? the i ig> t ti't* uf th* brain w v observed to be vry m u h I' je- t?i . In <><ir opln^ib duaife wm cmmoJ b) the iniu.-ie- More dmcrth*d.'ur J?u ktrun bere ma- e a few remark* to tb>* Jni),aiid atn- ii r?t that he wait willing to submit th? fa o fp..ii the ?v<->noe e! t it?1 Th* t??r v thi-n r-tl'-et. .n1 alter drlil>er?tr.g about half an hour unnoumed that th- y b kl iigrtiM upuu the follow inf rniDtrr. W- tind llu.l th"' 'm I .-?rai: 'banckit rune !?' her tleath br Ipjnrnw nfiirt' d by - me p^e "B -r pf> >ni< -inknown, "fi th ? m- muig of tb?* 7th 'if fv-cemhir, 1<M0 but ? h?ve e ffimi to 4-n<p><rt. an4 do *u.<|fc-ct thtt th. ? 1 -n -r ? w r inflwte<t b/ lh? prtHMT, Alfr?d H I ch jan. and we w. nH reoomiaend Lhe (Jornaer lo hold bim ^? -wait the actcn of tb<* tirnnd Jury. Bixh<aui wm ejutmlue4 by Ovotter Jackman, In U? tb-ual form nr??4*rib<d by Uw. aa toll>.w* ? Q Wh?t ia *o?ir tMwf A. Alfred Buchanan Q. n- w .iH are yo<i? A 10 jrearw ?J. * twrf w.-re you b"rw A. In New York Q. Wb **<? do J.JO lire* A. At No.* 137 We*t Tenth ?treet. <i Wl?t in yo'ir r?rii)?lmot A. lumit orr ipi?-d at anytbin;- at protect, Q._ What ba? e you ik<w to *ay r <lattve to the rliar(< bore preferred itgamel >ou? A ? t have expi i.n-d all that 1 <u*i? or rati say iv regard t > thie i-htrie an-l ray wit *??1 ?!?i e. m-' t"> u?ik" no rurih-^r -tatemont ia re.ivcn-a to it. 1 theref?<re docUue miking any *t?! anient at pre ??tit Tie pr?-oner'a muinor wa? ralm ar. t -torn "that dignlfl ed duiun bji i-xaui nite n, and not tu\rked h ? an> ?t<:i< of f<-ar or gri'-f.a* o ihr p""*!."!* da# 'Vh'n l^av tg th" room fwr bi.? rail down ata-.ra. he w.iik I with <;n?i tt mn ?e, and a^e?ni->l aa little trn-ib! ?d br t'ie y -rdlct of the j< ry any one of the epo<-tat?r* ? tU there * m nothit# of th? brnvado ib>-tt h.m. n > ?iythl^g that *.?.M l*xd 'o an .v-Tah * imp-t - i ?:?, h? conduct In tl.le r? "iw*- I beuif ea'tr'-ly diff reut frutn thai of the p.-r tUme day Thi hr< end Avmnr f<nltro?<l and 1'p Tnntt Travrl. TO THI KPITO* or THK RK?Af.f?. Own or A*?mt R?n*nn Ci . 1 N*w Yo?x, f>* l.i I Mn | . M cj a >w wor^a !n forir va'uabie >wtrn*' frora ft- >*'t < of the Pr<'tMm' of tfce Ibtrd Avenih* JV-il I 1 ?>tn .mj.p b ^hcdlnjour pa|*"r ofyerterlay, m r ( i-d t? tho ? eu> of hie Honor 'he M,\yr+ the furtbrr rxt< r? "i of the Third Av< auc Ratlr?a<l t -?< k# the Pir+i <1 tit of that yrry liberal and magnanlmoiM r*i><v.<| coti p ny afp^arx t?> have abnegate I tht lVm that there m ia ettier r -'.road on th* eaat ?t'?e ' the cttr. and rlaitna to b tbr only roa ' hnv ,ng th < ab'lity to a(>?r.1 airdtino I* I n ta thr p"i?- -c and eiat<? thit the b-irtn^** oo th^l* r*tnl Ir n arly dr^sM* that of any o*h?T, and yeit ther 1*. *ir?- to firrtb- r li u withreit ^ny addttton't chart* Th-- p blhJ are. tv> Ve K?, fully ?w*"' how Sr-a> j> 'StU't# are. and *m)d ?o? anaprrt ftw a ?n ti -et that th- Ihtri .\v?nnc Rattrfmi fVrnipnnr ar* mi hiH be W 'Cet ln?th-rt Th? We.orel ATtJi^ Paiimad aprll*-' to tlieOty O^mctl e^tne nwni'V *.noe for c'tatn ?xt nfkCP. tW?i: li1Ml e*ie to the ONMftl IWtr tb> lr t rat ton war regnbtrfy rrf^rred to ih? Raitfwi t'omrndta , anfl win r?o dot ht bo h"*r<t In dne eo?n?> of tin#; h?t *(| w*h u. a^uitJUth b!? HotJit the Maynr tb*t we hare tv* tv ~n vtnmt?-d Mb. the Aeemw luiimwi eotefy br a d'tlre t* ?cr?<?? lb* bia?e>? "f one r ?d w-tbo'lt being r*nier*e?t*d fr?r tt. T1 he ?i-e, ?* Kat-e ?-oi -nd not proprM to tfclr ?ny addt*>. 1*1 rlto-v* b"i *? <?? antw |(*ne th*' ? 0> tb-> tnc-^# ; (fcoditk* t > the pnb> we eha 1 hr>v? a I w tnrr?j'0 f>4 bf t'iaw, ea. pe telly *? we are Ool ?? or- Van^rtiH M the rh'rd tr? t.- e FailrrMit our roe^ <? 'h?* r?*" ? V"?Hh ^t a )e?? ?a'e of f*.e to in rr.? l*>tc'* tvttb *rv k? hi th? Viiwt a?d *e e?rdp t-??.a ? v't|| h *M hu?e ?of ibe Th>r ? tvemie r,,' ? ti ?ga ra ? if isnn i ir to " '' 11 "tKeu' a ? ?? Ifinr- lllwt ?o i h'> pn.ilV o-i 1 ? a?? a 1e i ' e -?-ii ( ,i : ???,? rWwIMe r?tri?.*h ? wrmwmKH&t, r * Heart! or C'ouiu llm?-n. AITKinT TO I'AHO THIS JArANHflll irVHOrtt tTON ? fl'NKX H my MM. PINOCKKT? A MOT'ON TO AIMOWKN OAKKirn. tm WTC. li nt IVstrd mot last evening? M irsun Jo?<- F?| , I'rO aidetit, prefcldtBg. Mr. I'nnn pi iwe?ud h resolution instructing llu* ('? nplrotl.i to infotm the Buard why be h n not p.i I the lu ll ringers thjir mc-isum of salaries from the lat of i Juiiuai) , with h wo* t'r Hah oKtmI i ranlutlCB i'1'trtlm tktCMptrtlltr ! to m!rc< ( iw fi i pioi??.. * to clean tho Ui sits of the city f i the i in of t,v? yew*. It w >4 adapt *1. j A report ? ( the OMiiuiitespii Kepii' 'id suppli'* is I favor 1 1 com an ire to appropriate $'< o<io to to ih > infants' Homo. wan laid ?nr; iiIbo, a port of th ? i-Vj I ?fuini<iit ( < Mitiii'.tio in ,,f dir-i-ting th't i ?'ut> (i o l?r to p octuo a dow location for th ? ue of 11 m ? Cn? r i ; N' -0 A larp' miirhfr of hill* for tlttinir op ?le*tion*?>i's m >f? 1 r< ??. it f i iii the Aldei m-n, itud refer i ed to me < iim? j tio !er, with |?>wer. Tb? report of the Fire Commission " e in fnvor of d'.s I < tidliig I ngtn" t'ompani'-s Nos 13 an I 21 wsa ?< -nt front ihe Alum mi*n for concurrence. Ik y rat us -d ta ratify the decision of the Pire fomiiiiN.??<' ? as *"10 ts the re port w?s read, which ?? very lenght/, l>ut very ably wrdten. Mr. Imt norcd that this Hoard h> st ?in th- decision o( tin JFIre (ouiiniflaioMra, which motiou wuj s c->ul d by Vr. Va* Wajrr. Itie mo I'D wvi lost by (be d"einiv? v<>t ? of Aft* >u to s;x * Mr. Ru nn suited tha' a* tho eridonce t.iV*n during the invest galim was ai th ? cofltmand of th* Common Cot nctl, hi- moved to deter further action on tue suhj'Ot ill Monuay. ( arrn-d. The lobby wi f. v ->ry nvcb c '-wded during fie r'?diug ot the rep? -t, und no matt-r con .ect?d wnl; t ,0 Ktr ? !>?? t met it that tun lie?n brought t> -for# th 'tVmiiii >nOoon ctl < reated ao much luierest a? this d ecision of tue Com Hi :*-:h (IMS. l':e l'<?id conc'irr d to piss an or.1iii.uiC) luthn-ijitnif I e Proton Aquednot l*pt?rtment to ai>i<oini an iupNtnr 01 city rail.-oa w!io?? duty It shul! 00 to tint the or<tii.AUC?oof the city arecarri <i 0>.t '?>? ill the 'ail road c< 1. 1 uni>*. nnd bL-10 to report to the Corporation Attor Bey nil vio?ialk<iB of ordinanoM l>y railiOMt or ^.a c >m prirti<-?. Itko aalary of thoolliC<'r U t j b<< $3,000 p-.-r an Bum. The jViar-l adopts a resolution to p-iv- w t'i trap I'Kl phvt merit 1 iglilh street to nxt 1 nvn le, theijo ? 1 1 cefi* lib avtui.ti, i.nd i-oventb iv n ? ? (Vtn*. al . k . the f>wn< 1 a c !' property ou the line improvem -nt to |?i) 1 ue jia.i uf tin" exp ruin j i.uj e uuniber of uminportint g^nenl ordm were 1 ?!.??< ? Tne inrd reso.ved to piircruipi' a now f '1 r < ' escape and in.'. ' r Hook .ui'i Ladder Comp-tny So 4 ?i iiu expt^iso el j ! 000 .'I ,'P late pi f>n I,f th* p:0ce.> 1 s Coq'id'm >t %tW nif ve l to miapet'd ihe regular "? tor of l> -e ??=< ;or pu'j *i> Of t.kkn'R 1 p a C'TOW li:r.?l:on of Ihe Com t>l roller r> v 1 i; 1 111 ordinance pros- n I to the It wt on the 3^ of At gi . 'ihe mo'ton wrh oarrl-t. A r which Mr. hn/w movcl to Btriko out the item ?! "|10i 0 ?> ' . >r the .'aj , ue?e .ippi> pi i .ti 11 ?n 1 111s >ri th ? ki lu >? I >0 )00 J r. 1 t.n iijo- o I that each u- m b t ik < "J up s -pi/aU'iy Vr. l\ 1 n* Koconded tho motion. V Sn>w ebjoctod to a >t:\ iK'.on of th") question. T! '? Iii mil km d crloi in ivu uf Mr. 1 . wY m ri"ti. J'r. 1 im theu luovod the atopt jo 1 the :lr-> 1 ran itie ordinance, which ? it. th cum "f f-t) 001) f the mail.ten nee ai.d |{ovor< inent ??f the t -ntrai furk, which i' 1 .s i<-?i by a tie vote. Mr lt> ?.?'.k> c.tii. d for the pre. i .its question, where a p"n Mr. I i N'CK KV miele a ripeech ill ojipOBttkWtOtltepBKIlAg') of I he Ji I'.n -h. appropriation, lie ;J1) in "d tliu ib -r ? wni- r ni* nipt to 1 ii tl irnvitter th.' >ut:b i:i opp>?itli:i to lh" wi bos ol th ?"e ra mbuiB wholw.tiil'-d ta items ene, it w s by re ison of rum u s which reache I htm la hi* sick n 111, that he w w ill alt 11 -nee to p event tfio p.i* sage ( I b appropti lion. It w s d l?> some tint our dt 17. hf, b| th' i' v '(j s at tuo rec -nt charter 1 -cti m, cn'lo.H d tboSi' m< n who VOli'd for the .' ip n?M ippro priatim , be' h'xieBied Hon, tor b twe n thirty ami forty ibot ui ? it i s n maiued iw ly from th ? polU. Ami he I* lleveil that th > " int a infllri nt i- ?? sou for dolne so, b> the aaflarano' the u 'xt l.-gtaia tan1 would wipe tlx: ('? mmoii Cotmfltt out of exi*t"noo. He ha't been told th?t nlefc^tlu- appi >piliitl >n a smile, the pn: Iks havit 3 cl i.ns upon lie' it v wonH p-os ? -ute then in the courts aU ' recover; but Uiero w.?a no jury wot.ld find a v-'r 'icl v.iiint the city, exo^tl inj? the amount whi< h th" 1 mmiUe.' w 1- v; thoriaed originally to expend, which w ia $';i).oo# lil any of the members of th" It a-d wh > w >r* in th" h'lhlt of glviiic prlvs'o eot'Tl unments claim 'bit hia stew ir ' Iuih a rvht to run his prinr nal in debt (30.000 lb ?e who ' ( i*??d this appr p'tation w 're -d 1 1 |n*r the n ney with 'is eingthebtllfl; th cimmitte-siuio y r'plyir thst " th" ontertBlnBH-nt w s minn'tic-nt." <Hil> *W" it- ms were pr a- nt si , th was "26 boti qorta at %*0," and the f c n ' Hteamor Alid.i, to btiiig ih 1'mbassy tr- ni Ambi > , f' ?oo " Mr. nnetcn<*y alh <1. ?! to the e?|> ?!).? f hat att' ndiil th 1 receolioa an >n let tan ment i t K "ssetfc and s'nv ih ?f staid as l"iu' MB the Jnpanrw, and wr In a Mod at ?* 1-st r %s? h t 4. a>? 1 the entire expemw ? whehwu c nsidcred normonsat the tiro' ? w a $16 OS." 14. lb? total 'Xpenoea attoodiar tht i 'C'pii. nof th.- .tajiau ao at i%riBtk#hik M w ok *-tf otily |7,--09r0. a.i I . alh win* ? li.-ge m.?r>Ttn, he (Mr. P.) th'" k:ht the ? m of $\!0 000 w >';li b" a- tiici nt to pe> all h nest hills ih c 'mmittoi 1 n -niTtaiau u?e 1*1 io<i' of Waiea pave ->il the items and p aent.'d iheir bit's t> t. days aftei hu d< partero, at 1 why sh<>ul- '.it thi?- c.-mni.ttoe fi.lii w ? !?eir exauipl'T ii-> w.iild n>'? voie t^i tli' n -asun- b ran se it was evident Ui'-r ? was a fr ? td perpetrateo soiucwhtre. Ho itw. It . .yVkti the susptct'i'lS action of the C'Dmiit'** In re>t'icu.g th" origins *ppiB pri. tun, end 'ii ct?? c'er'.oo app-aled t tho .. ij-i'tl 'm- n w'-o voted agnpn he measure b-'lor ? t?> <tan ? b> him in ai'imi*tl' g to defeat 'he pasa.ig'' of tb ap*?r..prlali."i II- o mptlmenied M'ftars. Psrl?-y. Km -. I.*!, Tow id Mi d l?-cker for their opposition to ih ? '?pin ? bill, Iw mg it 011 (in tbe expre^lvc lauKtag ? of u by sian t ?r) "rather thick." When Mr. PlBcknov tisk his seat, M* Cimihkii ma? *a inotkm to a>tJo>irn, which was ca' ri<* Th'' matt -r wi!| be brooght up again at the uexl bj ?? li ig, wtiicb will uik - pace 01 Mon- ay New Unitary Organisation (tor the Pro teetton off Municipal Itlght* and the Haatlu By rttf? mrot is another <?*>!' mil u will b- n??i t'ia: ? m w military or^nniiatinn in ab >ut to b? ?-?tabli?h>d 10 th;* ritjr under the ai . picc* of Mr. .'a.nea E K Tri^nB, m mb<T of Oongie*! elect fro? thi- F";.i th diMrict if tlm city. Thcihvvtnf the profv?.>d rur|? M of * chat A m mowhat dill, rent fr? tn that <<f mi. itvrv 'mptn.-K .n ? ral.l* mgt-othlrtm.C'' nor lew than prot" -? ??>.? of ?lv municipal right* of thia m>>tr polm from :'urth< r r publt. mm otR-f**' hoiPMi*. ft In b. n .\(d *h?' the nev J. kis.v tur? which i? I. m.-rt at Alb.U'v Inland* ?0 J m"fe wilb ttii tUm riiy by ' <Voyui( ct aia <<f ita ron*titrii? rii(ht?. and byl<rtlHln? ??rtmn ffl t'lnln r <? i. .1 ty tbi> p ? pie o?it i4 o (la-*, m the M-'iu ?t) m *m d<?? iu the CM* ?f Mnfor Waad. Sm-h * " in . I. Mr KVrriiwn'* < -gan ?t >n >- d?" *ui.hi l<> w itrfd armit; wo that cur rcpi.bli.aD lUrgi bad l>. Uar all -nd to their ninna?ra thi* winter, and k>*4c ell -r > th.-y 1-ap Irtoa couftw whk h may ha\ e a Yery ond - - bi> term I aatton. TUt Kerrigan gfK?uiiatioa will. marooycr. bo pro ("liirrrr in principle, and will tak prompt a tmn ia ? aee of a?? e*al'>a. we underm^nd IM flf? jr rolniit -f c< nrpamrt, repriweimcg w>mr threa Uv.'Utaa ' nvrnb -a. hew :Jrnadf r-xpooded favorub y to tV All ? ip tain* of yolr.nteor coir pan, en ?' aifOUli of takl T pari in the mi-rrmi nt are in* it#-d b) the n il to ( MMBtnk at* with Mr Kfrrig.'n. at 74 Mott *twk Cain* Utram Kipaaalvrlr. TO TI7H KDITOR Of THfc TV ? tperiirnMiU of tbe I'uitM 8Ut a naval er gmeera tpon th< uae of ai< ?m eipar?lv<-:y on b-ard of tb ? ?t"4.tnrr V iab gan bare go far profreMo<! a* k> prnr-' th a all o<*?;ilK>i<a being equal, Ibero it bo "cou *ny in oiiun Hon. and that (Bin IM ie*r hhcnrM u "? I ft.1!!* from h.? r*poriB>? nU in New York w. re eiit^ely r.irraot Tbr g ? at care wilb wbkch the prcnmil e\p rlinent? al Kxle are conducted reul^ra It Imp aatble that tn ?J lh'.' Id i?rr. The coal, water, cliwb n and aali.-a ara aJ carofu ly weighed, and .>t>aeryati?a* are taken ?>yery hwf FV> :r eipentnot'ta bave bv u tr1?-d ? t' cif iuc follow. Irg that<-? n f" nrt^ ntlj of the ?t/ ke; ? oud. uue engine rutting off at one Unrd of tbe auoko wltft both boiiart; third. on?- engine cvtlit * off at on. thir-1 of tbe *t-oke witbone boiler . fourth, om engine citting t>T at tblr Iih-o fn?te? nth# of tk)' atrnke. na n.\ar aa ?h' j <v??:d fe| I. w with the valve* TV fourtL w*f a r petition of the Br?t, on acco'u.t of a leak in thr ?? *'** "in" ("i^.rtan * of thi ae r^ulta to our vt^ainxhip owner# t e .m.ii a<- M Tt?e <(v in Dtvnrff t aw. to th* turroa or rrm hkkai d. Jf*w Yin* , l?ec. J2 IHflO TV folli.w.nx parngraph *p(v>arinir in yrnt rilay's I pane . c<invey? crr<ti"o? information, and ia cak-unti d to ?to tnitirv ? IIi.?">h>imt Pn?niia<;rti ? The cav 'f M \'ary Erati* hnliivfin , i liHfit' d w hp>rj'ir> ,ii ib<- Hwift d %ofce . aa.<, n tue?' a few d?)? ag" in th.- Mm?u> wa#. aflar \ rare fnl r nam n.ti.on b ;.r? Ji'atkr (old- illy, honorably dis (ha*ce?l? the rmnplammt* tn app- >r. n twith atvnJitg ilie rtt 4t< m.ide b/ tb to jbta.a thair pi oaeaca in omrt. ibc ??areiha' 'V .>*i?niin*ti<?t ofth^ciaereferrMto, wh ? h wa? ??? ha? Ik* n h> ?d .'n Nor. irt wae ,n l 'rtu.i.-lj |> >tp n.>d, owing U> ??"???? ilin*-*# n itu. family of Mr j .b?i t , <%e if n pia - .Mil 'a ou ?l. wh-.h r?>qilred I < i t>? ' ti'v by i V ?. 'k fclB-.jKt .i?U( an.; n<> ? uaii. - 1-ia W*n *'n v? b ?i. t aei ? r 'lie tiag.itrita *'?# b?en '.rttbi ? t any i?o*i to ' ? 'lor-t-laJi.Mii ? r t- >-.r if Vr wi'i ?.-?r k i n*vtn? r v Tih>n.v, (iomi?< I r<* ??mp ait n'i." I'' r?onal In* 'lllgiurr. ?' i '??>? i.ux-k, of Orr -nn , !?r T l? >*.? -?n. * V rtl ? rr>lt:?? Mr S. " m|, ,'r.j of h^a<|!^.?f, a i l (In < M.mkv of it. | ,i ?i ih i Vi Hot*., \? W1 'r.ev and f?tni'> th *?< i ? an.l v ar ' A ? >. i * ' ' . t Srw > rl J W 1 our o? tYigiand and V Pober-. of iTn. S4o. a e itot* p pg i' the A i ben \r\r H~?l Col. C. I??*. o' It ? Cbl'ed <*taUi \Tmy CWpt. R. fpanldliiff. of M sapt tk R 0 ?t?- r^Ma of Ono ertlcat. C M 'Vn.i. t f Ttrgmla (Vriw p nreeaa and wife. f>oc T M T' i ? fr> a <od wifa. of ?v'ifi>rnia aw> fpetroe ft h i<M -*vi If of Maw T?wk ar? ?top! pu g at '\c Ijktud |r >k>< . ?cn A- r. Xl?i r, j. Mi: *-?!; Ol I! Brr Atacy ?? f>. f W'.Vi i? . >f MuAiaa'ppl, A. M Mmd# rai ef ^?ih i veifew. B 0 ?f M. .K. Dig I iM , nf I neden ; R ?1 Tr- 1 ct i'4?a.-n: ,ioh? H'igkea, of I* Irr -e rtpae Whltv^, nt T?'aa:iit gt.n *iwt lien a - t it a l, < f < Tk w?f , er ? *'ojt ng t tbe M rcncl' Ma 1h?t I. '?'tt fl"kh(i? ng. of Haa^V iitli, Maty r L or. Iu ei?* w>f.'. rf t atf . J r?ri" <> *? W fW i'f \ ? Or. ??r H. V ?>, ?, <w li ut'i A'a W J, *? "t i ' c ?' II I' ^ of ? ( Vhr ? , | I ? li .f V ,.i -I #'i '? > i . . bwprimr Court-Hptrlal Term. l>fb-e IU?. Jui'ge IaocmM. TUX MOMCRIJiK PIVOKOK I) AHK. Pro \??Nar,-ar* Mvncritf t? Juki, Mvnm.-f ?Thai rot.' t"U<ii-eno?i tw-day. It *> a suit hreught by th? pUin tiB a#aiMt Ler husWand to procure a limitc 1 <liv9?oe, iu iLf (IW nd ol en. el Irntwrat i,r. Mal!ord,cout sol fOI (be plaintiff, naid that heundor s?<n thi refeudnit haul employed nten<>*r nphire to talc j i-lu rt Land note* at the pr< c -?tl i" !?* <?(' th.- trial. n? r? m4, I i i iu h r?*l t pr? vin<? nl th* Co It cam? within ?!?<? !?< ?*r ? hi* Honor M direct the avott lanU to furnish lL ' I ii.ntiff with a cvpy of the tvinut-s. 'it.. ?<ujt ntiiti-d thi t I lir tu t panse-i might omi?ow?r (lie (curt t< appoint allograph ?ra, both td lea paying I ve tutliais per ?;?? in Hr MeO nn (fit? .tndge elect), ff?r th*dnfe*dnJ>ta,eaid i>\ rn?>i t of HtctU'C <pli h wan ? iirmtc ar 'iil ii> !)?? nt ? 1' U eir own, and, thonfore, Jul not o omit ? > . I , tlio neei.t arrat fewer. t. ,!?? i r I/* noril? If I umko aii on1,,r u < 'or th* ood", I w ft do tin strictly in icorrtaice with it ? which If, th.U km h Nile |v?y |i\e riolk'rti, and no m re. rotuux-l for dcfemUat staled Hint the stenograph -re niMf i npioyed cxi li'jiiM \y on tin- j>arl of th? defentaat. lip hd no doubt the plaintiff could procure a copy of I) .? mini tea from them The raae wan tlifii ofiened, and tho plaintiff b-'ing F.wotn am' placed ou the stand, Mr. P P Field, couns'l i r ? i fendant, objected to her giving tcatimotiy iu b r own cai sc. llie Ooart baid tha? th? decision nhoiili be i aaervsd, ard adjourned til] tern o'clock A. M. Friday (this) rauru ?>?? _ I'nltrd St ?ten Comm Ustaner'* Court. Heforo (;<xv F. Bettn Kfcq Charge rf Slsnling letter* from the I'<*t Ofhrt ? Til* Ootn mlWton*-r decided on committing Amon l/~* is, Ji ., for trial oi a i ha'ge of etetlir g IMters fr 'tn th ? I'net <)ittc?. financi'al and commercial. Tumiwpay, Deo. 13 ? fl P M. The better fe 'llrg in mcrcant'.ln circl -w whii h wat r.> nmiked yn?terday wiv preraleat today a!#o, th h./'j we con not quote any very markiMl iinprovment iu pip-r. I in-t clw?s RlgoaturM contitiwi to at 12 a 15 i H p ?r cent , uiid th ? dim in l for pap r ia .-till ijaito light. C<u tideriMe aurpriBe i? exprm^f 1 at th > cool manner ia wtufc the ni'm of our <-rit?i? > 'o hav? boi>n r>'r iv >d n Fif 'tnd. W h n th ? Furopa nailed, iii:f>igit-h hil N?f? re them qii-OtatvOB? of storlii g e*i h uigo hero at 101 .? 102. w tl. i i dcm ind at th ? deciin", .ui i fVOUUUlii >f .1 k- j: uerally lowi f than any which h'vo b -uu -'ut ? >\-i r ^ . t in th > f? e of this, the Bwik riviuc mj Hi - ute of latamt, ?nt >i. but 1 !>wr ??eut, and Arn -ric-ui trxkh utr malfitalMd 5 i 0 p> r cent ab i?e oui t'liief. Ilie favorite theory in Wail ?tre?*t is he l J'?ti*h had not l.tno to. realise the e> io' > ; (??? of our hit nation ; that thov were i-jc e iu) na i? to the parp)<M of the .-<mthera Hatee; aii I tint whou tie) icoeiTC the now? by the Psrsia .ml the st,'im>r? which f' I lowed her, tlx ?> will i'eul h-sa h >p9ful, t'i ? Baa k vsi'J raise the rute nf interest, and euHnnaad at ick* will all. ll.estr<k ma ket epenci! to lay with a hotter d-tniui iVPt te ?t< < k?, which n! e heginnliig to rif >ver f:ora th? ?miiic, hut with iui incie--?l supply of V-w S' irk (>n tral, mainly H cotiacquet oe of Uie "nauiafact'H-y nature the report. 'lh t <'rcu;.?ent, of which we .1. til poll eh f rue extracts wlieti our eoli iu ia ore lend crow led, Iwwa, i a ?? atate lyeeteniay, a n t piollt for thi* year f (?H 0V_. per icnt. It will oondrB) the belief of thoaj who laive all ak i g aimerted that tl.e Centra. v? w never run for in Ftnnll a propwtion of th ? groM oa nmg* his lieen ?tute<l in the rep nts. The expenaca have l\* some . me been In'ger tlmn wan coefeihiHl, .ml tUo cor.R ' Vicuco ia that now. with g. iMH evniiug* hi-ge y iiicrtiuied over Inat year, the directorg are force' U> c< ii (os that their net carnicgs are letw "till, n< t? ;il the ailverae ellV t of tli?tie dis. cloenr s on the nuuket, the scaroity of utock began to allrct pikes alter ihaliriA b mrd . and there was a g *neral ' y, wL'ih lasted till th? dune of bumnew. the ma. Icet b 'irg q?ite fl.m at the cluet'. The following were th ? last quotatMas of the day ? I ulted State* b'a 1874, a 90, ittdiaaaa.M Viig*niM 0'H,T6a II;Troai?iMfl'i,Tl)( a7J 111 Hwn 6 e, <J6 a Catitoa, 13 a 14, '"umberlar. Cue preierred, 8 a 10; I'aclllc Mail, 7U a S'; N w York tv itral, 7!<>, a 74; Krie, M a S Hudsr* River. .1# a V ? Hariein, 1 ." l, ? Harh iu prele" -d il\ a 32'. Reading . 32 1 a ;?1, V.c gun Central. 47 a >4 , Micb^m Southern ,>nd VortLern Indiana, 12\ a 13; Miehi#: n Southern and North* rn In :. na gi sranie< J, 27\ a 2S'4 . Panama , 112 a 116, IUuioui C? utral, Wl% a . Oi!?la and Chicagt, 62 a ( levrLiOd and Tole?k>, 2-P, a >, , Citicago aad Rock b ..nd, 47 ^ a 48, Chicago, Burlington and Quincv, #3 a 44. Pel; ware, lackawana and Woatern. 73 .>75; ltlinoia Ct-ctrai b< uds, H7 a K The biamese of the Sub Trratiury wan an follow* to day:? R.'ceip'a fliO >t-S 85 ? > or <*ti?U inn 3A 'i00 00 :'m KMHtl 32M1.0M UoalrtM- ...i,6l6.*6 72 ll>e 4-achai gee at the Pai Jc Clearing House th.-i morning wen *17.073.192 W0. and the balances fl.224.9TU 78 Ihe I <* t< n and Lowca Railroad haa diciared a a, -mi ni nual dividend of fo?r per cent . payable January 4. The 1 hiiaiielptiia Ledger of Deocmber 13 aay?. ? There m tw change in the money market TV only run at wfc ch any p?pw aclla at *,. are lift 18 ft M par cei t . and nrtbli r but (lot clww Meruit tire* can fee p i**?d a* theee ratee TUe dtac' tint brukera report abeoiul" dul !??? in ib ir Iwataaw. Tlte applications at bauk routluae pionrft, il.ounb the detiuai: l? met with moro .lb -alily ihai woukJ be k 'etlng ih current rutoe of papar Oil the etm-t ChU loan* are eAftted at 7 a 8 p?.<r Wll. Ik*' r.uOtk) Ccmt menial AJitrtiter mj? Tlv foil' wick lre? bank* of Indiana have ben thrown nut:? Bank, at i rookrtlle. Bunk of yrvu* , tiPyrarnae Bank of In tana at Michigan City; ia4taaa P *rrr. Hank, at K"k< m<>. Kayette Oouaty lin k Uauk ?I rfaillllla. H? l Bank. at ! ? tiansp tt They are ill wl;:Cli i i p. an*!, It t* eat'i, have Iraa th.ia fl,000 v h ib (trcolatk-n Tl. n?rtvit ac- n-Tnred br bonus jin-n to t he iK ilor when the eet tint** were aurrenderert. lh< New (irleaM J'icayunt of Saturday last, Doc nber ?, eayfta? Imu i the iaflarnce of ibe New York d*?pnicb a, for "'KJi < *? lu>rh gave way la IS V'T cent tbla mining, and ti^ottniloni coolil only be aflkdM With difl.-tilty CVar Meeting w,<* dealt In moderately . at 06 a ? #, the Mlrr ?n ?MMM IlKur.- for the b>?t DratU wuh 4M*> n.'i t?r) ?rl.linc are not oftrea. Franca are <*ku ajl ?ending d< wtward Prcbably tb^ correct quotation would t . K W a M W, au w-pttooaj n*toemi;!ii b. lag a ("raft km tree. Time l>u!a of the N'orih "ar.j wD.illy on .>i? b l w? truuoru .1 at t ^ a 1', p.r cent die- ?'tint. AJt<>T?'Uw>r the market c.-wd ti>vr<Iy The motley market root in-iee in jtatu ,/uc Out ?toe )<?; w arr inade m rare uuttaace* at c*ti .? ?? mt rat a, t.t, ae agi^ral mi<\ tberc ia no waled price for any tiling Th. tfjipt twioB of ?'r*r?l prom.m-nt bo>iae? bw ,? oi' ? bat li the preeeint dt-m-UHl for tuoney with ?I t iMvee* ina tbe mippiy, en tkt prnctually we are b tier i 0 i:ut ta tin- m^anw ti.l< tbe banki ar? daily KK Winff atronger, nn! b* u<# ?lr <u:? tn a pueKkw to wvitti <tand any imnnlt, they will ?hnrtly h- tftn tn |....k a.nuu t for caemtl uireatnenta In feet, there m an Moma'tun to ?nU'i taia p<< poaale for n< w Uicco-inte. tbo-i^b on < limit*] fnotlng. but thie fi < ling w h' l.t >n .b*>rabc" until wi can irrlre ?t n tnc tlmt?- Mil ax to thi> reuree of the N'-w Vork b?nk?. Thn rec ?pt? of tap oie ttux Wf k am unl to ^42S.M7. i't wbkb (IS from T *w, f'i On f rim lWnaue. liao.Wt from Havana, and 9TZb 000 iiom .V*w Y*rk. Tn ? ftinpnrnu oomprtee ? few luai^alOraat par ? ? le not worth n<Hic?g There le Do BMrk?4 lor ii? ur tat air%i v ktatk Birhangr. ! tt II Mi k.1 f'OaO U f 5'* '71 cpn. ink* N ihrcliaa w* m? 2>?00 Mtanut rt ? m M0? .VT t?t r? M , '4irt?\YfV..tb4 j? mi toon MieMt3?h it ? MM r'kRK."n.b lki loao t rl" KB 4 78 lUOOi ri UK? . nl* 71 50', llu?1 M 3 Ut be K1 ;?M Harlem Uh 1 a {<1 ?.tOO H.irl 'tn Jmbi Si MI0 111 tietii KR be 100* d.1 M', KrfWthi &N? 1 m 40 lOMChI A NW in it 'Jt ?!? Mecbanlra Hk inn M Rk ?f *m?rn A ? l?k ft K Yoi k . . . 57 Am- r Eir Ilk ? 47 Ketr' Itiaa Pk .* Imp k Tra>Ivn> Pk ? no ion Far,?c Ml N- To., aojf Y< atrai RR.. do d-> d<? 4> do., .anwk ?te.. ..itwk ?to ?ft OH* BR e 4- ? da o 7A do *8 !'? d<i clO 4e# de . .10 :o I > ?<? ?? 1 * U? 1<? "4 10* ** u\ 7-.-V 7i '? ViH T*S 19% 72 7?V, IM J '."?S M 87 1.1. li 160 nha tiled Kleer Kit ? du M du blO i4? <lo ?15 3<0 Harlrm RR 100 do blO 40 d<> tt*? rUHeti" HR prcf. l<at a < Y ?w M Mil RR M KmkI .if RR M 100 do 1M Mioh ( ?n RR .. 1-6 M.cb S A NUKK iO do r+ M !? * N r? fU?r ? 1M LI Uea RR * rip V+ d" 100 do *10 v* *> e IS do do *1 r?*kii rr ?.t# 2t do ... , npf 4 do IMOnrehTol RR .. 10# da 1S? de 100 M M mo frfwtfFS'a.^icoa looo Kiew iiri 0 a. lonoo dr ?,* som d< *?? Tee i. ra. oc . IW9 Rro.A Ciyr WI. 10M F-m RR 4 to b :?)0 M".b 8 flfg f b ICO IU I'"n HR tx'a to ?h PahV Ooni'ct. :c nrv ikitk ' itfci k let < tf Wt *>' r- " '.I r n n, > ?< ?' .r t* Mall s' Ci . YD a IK. .Ml : ... *> nr.centt PO Tl* W 7$ *7 loi M p v :i ' ?> da M da. ...M# 40 Obi ft IU It, RR.. 100 do 100 Chi, Bur Ac u RR. ?CARP. VOObIji Hud Mr RR 100 Harlem RR if> do lflO do 100 do . . bao 60 ?:ich Crn RP M Micfc * k S la RR k r? ?* ti.? rr. . . wmrai rr * r a . no do . . o M 'JaJ * (l.t Ri, pftc .V "^oi IvO a?. i *11.4 :: .T'S ?1.< 1 \ W'e SIS IS ?"S IS u . 2*l< 67 S 67 V ITS no ?1 ,ll S ?IS i'lS 24 34 S 2 ' S *?* m ?rf TO {4^ 1.1 \ n\ 14 *7 r.-V *15 ?JK city cor nxicuL keport. im km av, Dec. IS? 6 P. M. /M)? "1* business doing limited at 60. a t (ot brthaoita. Hi 1 11? 1 1 ? Tli 111 1 Pa li |t to more st I (These ft 1 'i:l to Liverpool the hrj. s wore It*-) active. Th viee* of holOers we>e ibove th.*e ?>i buyara, and th niaikei ato***! witli moderate sale* within thu range " uM ctiay'a hguraa. The transactions footed up #lwi. 7 u<< a tt.000 th ji . Clean g w ithin the following range 1 |? K.t*i ? hupu 1 $4 M a 4 TO 1 M it Ma to, k ?? to cli<>ic ? 4 0 a S ft'i 8u|a 1 11110 Wcsaara 4 W a 4 10 (< it lm-u to d.? ice Wittsrti extra 4 0 .* 6 ."<1 MixmI if straight southern 4 MO a 5 15 Srtra gtt to gin*. extin do S 86 * ' "" CI 1 11 e I'Xtru iiimiiy hi, ,1 b..ker*' brand*. ... 7 00 a 8 ?r>0 Eye flour 3 J> a 4 01 Corn meal, Jffaay ami Braadywiua 3 .0 a il 50 (Vrmiau was quiet, bi>t m-inly feel while iwles w ?? e I 1 1 I nnd confined ti 'bout U00 n noo bbls nt $6 1 IT, the latter and outside lignre for smill lot* of extra Hoot hern flour was in fair <<em: 'id and prices sustain -I, with f?le? 1 1 i.boot MO bbls , c'< smg within the above ratgeof prict-e. F> e floiir was steady .it our figure*, with sales reporfid of about ;S00 bids. Corn m?il ww in l?:r riqiest, with moie doing within our rai ge for Jersey and Brand) wino, und at $3 for common Western, and at $.'1 26 for Marahas' caloric. Th? sales looted up about MO a 600 h'llf Wheat ? The enhance! views of holder* tended to check sale*, Shipments were !>? ing n.ado from first hands. wWh there nil a moderate dn.ind ftir nulling. Hit* ssl"? cuhraood about 15,000 a 20 (** bushels, including imber Western at $1 18, and a lot of Milwaukee club at (1 11. Corn was firmer, and the d? n'anri fnir. Ihe sabs embraced about 30.000 bushels at C2c. tor Western mixed in star", and at 92 >4 c. a 83c or <to. afloat, and at 66c for round yellow. Barley waa ntcady, with fait* ef 4,000 bushel? coirmon Canada at esc outr were tl rn w th mi If of Canadian at 36c a 37 ^c., aiid Mate at 3T>?c. a 3*c. (V nw ? 1 !j' ma; ket ww q set, and sales affined to f?rr nil jrtl)b g lots at nominal quotations. torn*. ? 1he m.uket continued to be sustained . but salsa were li bs active than they would otherwise have b?#n lia< vol dealers uianifestod a disposition to await the receipt of private letters, dtta by the Kuropa. The trarsact 1 ns en b'aced 2,44*> i>a! ? in transit, aud about 1 .000 bales in separate or jobbing lots, from gtoro? cloa it k Ptu . ) at 10c. ior tm Idling uplands 1-pkii i'tv.? Kjit- s to l.ivorpo-'l closed with a flrther feel Irg. wi'.h KhjpiiK nta of grain at a sligh' alva:ico, com pared with yisterdny's q?otati<dis. Th" ?mmitH ? nibiac' i! ubo' t 20 000 a 'J0.00D bu.-hels of com. in h Ik m at lid. ;i 11 ; . I. ? chiefly at the latter tig 're for both; foi wheat in ship'a baK". 13d. was asked; 2.100 l arrels 'l luir at Is. "d., ?uh a small lot at 3s. id.; MO< ' of cotton at <>161.; 500 barrels of f-tiuch ut 38s., an 1 100 tana ?':ano at 4(v. T 1 Icr.dou rates n 1 rather low, with nors oifi ? uig. i in.: k tie 1 It. v.'0 Imi l> sh< 'h ol wheat w To reported, In b k i'Ii l-fii-*, at l.'l . 11 lSJi-i, 1,000 bb's flour at 3p. 10 lfO ti ? c-s In-ila beef s? !??., 90 tun* measurement is ? . ij y stortisj it VVs , cud ;;50 boxoa euK?r ai 4is 61. IIav. ? lh> market w quii t, v. ith a iui>deratc U uiauil for ai I'nieit st 7oc a "6c I iv _ The tnai k t w!ih q' 1. 1, with small sales of coin n>< 1 nt 7f?. , 1.1 d ot li mp at $1 ? H< ckland. Moi f-ie. ? .11 BftHil et WI S tivr, with i?aJe<) of 100 I b f Ni w i.riivns at 31c., f 1 looiiths, an ' 42 half bbls. 1.134c cash." A s !e of 1C0 bbs Now 'iilcius was ni 1 e by ate; "ti at 2Sc. a 31e. c^w-h. and 60 do. at 24c. a VJh c: sb N. \/i Sti 1 if were in limited, tho marUit ini cttvi . an. pries ' :*?lt? <t . I I <vii ms.? Coik? he I'cmnnd wr.s lmht an I m.iI?<s 1 1 line* to iibuUt HObbl* at *16 25 a fltt fO for moss, .ini! ?t J10 n $lo .'0. Ijcc. was in limited refttust, with ^ :es ? f 11 M Is tit 50 a #10 for rep eke I Wtateiti. I'rim' ir>i i w ?t quiet at $16 a $17 lleef ) 11: wi re hiavy in. m.ictue at 13a. .1 13c l.ard was ?? j ollt-'o. . hi .. sn'es ir.'ule lor export at 9\'c. a 10>?c. 1 ?.t n eats w? 'e in fan demand at 6>.c. a 7c. for sin lIi eis, (liv 1 t PVx a 10c. fur hnmn. I -icon was in Mr request, with sales at v?. a OXc. for W^tc. n But tei ;.nn ihe<se weie lull ;u . hea. , Hlit. ?Pales of 600 a 700 i-isk- were made at 2'iC. a ;; ?4c. hi 1 / ss ?Ihe demand ws lif:bt and sales confine I te sboiit '.DO hhda. (\il 'In iota, including 100 it 6>?c The uuge ot tl e ms'ket wes 'iniiinl at 4J^c a 6,^c for le flri-K fct r 's, on' at te. a tic for ^-ocert gra ;es Wia-5 :;r.? ."-ales of ijO I bis. were reported at 18o. a 1^> c. SHIPPING NEWS ron t A 1.1 PORN U North Star N?wTwk Dec 21 AnittnwsH Arte1 New York .'as 1 Arplnwatl Nortl era Light New York Jan 11 Anplneall ftrKOIAL HOTTCE. J1 writwv'and ItMr-t i*irnd*rl fir ,kt >*w Toil IlrSALS almasac row srw ross? mis oat. tea sues.. 7 17 I mooi tm e*e S S-. ICS *kts 4 14 I HiijH ? \tv c. . are 111 Ot Pott of N?w \ork, Drrnuhrr 13, IMHi. OJ-jtRFTt ^?tcnnhip l!unt??ll'e. Foat. Savannah? H B Cromwell A 1 o. el tp 1 anthe', f amelt. Liverpool? Cary k Ca. S-b'r Knp'.rr Slate, Br'gga. Liverpool? U k A Klngalatid k fiiitln . | Wise a fpT\ Tintann, 1 Jverpnol? H J k C A Pewolf. t'h'p I an'el W abater, Hpe.i' -r, I . end in- Morgao k Wiley 1 Kin, >rec>o, Havre? Boyd A jltn. nen l?rk 1 mpltthter, Thotnp- oo, Der, arara- J W Smith A Oo. bark Alt?r,.na. Barton, lla-aut- Moeea Taylor Hr:j Ada (Pr , ?;iren. Turk* 1) R Pewotf. I^r^s Kaaietn ftate Ackley, (1al> e*Um? I) (C Murray. tVhr il *.ajb?e. t'ul?er, savannah? 1> r Murray. Schr >' V d<te- Haakloa Wilmington- I>C Murray. IxfcrHH Heara, (iood?rll, ''lie^ajvalte "iy -Ma?ter Mbr v*ra. .loidan. l'tuladelphia? .lav Hand '<lr Pay S'a'e, llallett, Boaioh? Davtnn k ^praftw Frbr v;?'ry KUen, t'aee, Norwich? H"s Korketl f-loop An.cnca. Allen, Bristol and i*rovk!snco? L Keuney. ARRTTVB. Kt'atnrhlp Roanoka, Couch. Norfolk. Ac, with mdae and [wnjiri to T.udlam A Helnekm term?btp Mount Vernon, i.irr. Wonlnfton, IK', with ?.d?o ar J zwrjrr ?. to 1! B Cromwell A Co. hfclp rd?ar P Springer, Win or. Manila, July 17, wMh h'n.p, mgar Ac. to Imuran A Kat.dall 1'awed Anjier, A tut T.' apeCood Hoi*- Oct 7. t'apa Matter*. Peel, llad e\ ?rm-iy nmnV weather and beary W ralae *lne? paaMrtj Bar ? i.da latUKK, l?n IAI7W, ?f*? "mrk Alder p an Tfcompaoe, front Maca<?ar foi Van')*, 4 day a oat; Sen 34 John Autaraa. -eaaaan, of Belgium, d ad: lat W 14 H, Ion 21 F, ?poke ha i a ? ' , . lenahea, ? from Maurltlua for Pal movth. r daya out: l?t luat, lat M *1 N, km 7"* *V *>rnAllied ?h p "Harem," ahoartn* 9d diet* jwdant, Kon 7HI or 7S4. Aw if at col< i, ?tjerin* K ; Mh, lat 31. lor 71 44, ?aw two water m-.k' ra'nted white, with Mark hor>p?; IJth, took pilot from bra? Vtttlr. No IP .~-Mp .' aiatog-t, Mather. New H nlfn-d. V hour*, in hallaat, to ir.a#trr lait 1> 'of Fall Hlt erv I otl ? arderaa, 11 data, with a and me'ado to C A 1 J f'eter*. Ha*" lieaay weather for tl e ,*at 7 daya. PaikVa<a4 'a, Bio* a, KWhmor I, 2 day*, with wool to J P .^poford Prig Parr1** Pa) lock. Kin* R?o r -anile Oct 12 with hide# Ac, to,Tf?ejh Pen'o. Nov e. lat 14*8 *. Ion *4 11. paaacd llwwt I ?!f a m'lr n Kewurt o' it e ??r?r-k of a veaael apra reotly by the alia of tha atmua of l' e raaa'a and bowaprtt ahot ? ?lr, -cllln? hea*"'*? ?hl* wreck >a rt*n**ro>ta to ?eaai** crraa'n* the r>K ti.'dee f"-. lat K 40 N loo AT. 44 apokr ?rhr OuickiMep from t* eat Ind'ea for Bermuda. P g 'aabel'a P-iiiTnann Tarrma T.wi an ''fin* Nor )< wltt ci>ff#* to Robt Murray Jr Fth net lat W 07 Ion 71 IS ?fir ark Volunteer frcm P-'atol ric 'or Bamr'Oa Roada. ?hort o* bread- /v*ild not a?-prly tVu *h 1*' <4 lfl Ion T?to ?pvkcaohr "Slater." ofl^ve-jxel rvw PfBl* 'or ritftadel ph a. It iLe TalaniK Lad b*ary T amlea: !<*? and rT,,!, *ana 7T?h. ""ortuna laland bearlnff S* 1 trllea. Iiet lar ?oarl aachar an4 W oma chaia. haa be?a A da ya N or ITatierma. with hea?? N'W -alea. 1?1h tnat. whlla cmlr. up 'o?er hay, waa run tain ?>? an uak?own a> hr. o>iV warA Kurd wbich sarT'd a?ay fl^b?o^ aivl a'ara. ?>n the on t? ard ptaeAce Oet 21. eneounl'reri he?vy ralea and r*e-K. w ?> (1 hea> y rain; apllt meat m ?A? aa'U. *?*? and natnaall and p'tchej awaf Jlbhooia th? ^aaael Ir'.na disabled In tha Irraiph of th? aea HA ho-ira, w'?l a inrpannn '? tha wea her mala r1??u.?. reaael rol af be*>1ly. ?ea making ? com pley l"each orrr l er. Vrtf * Intbrop ti'-arae. Ma* an -a. Nm i? with hiAea Ao. to rtr^ A Prerett. Pr<r 11 Ilareiock 'B'V Pajlrr. Dc-ebeater. 10 day*, with almta to t H Whitney A fa vctr Me<*ad Tlntt. ?te%enanti < ;on? < daya. w ith lor aood and trahontii*. to rvelaf <-M A *or V a? <'mokr<J 'eland, an* batk Irma. of fhi?ad?lfhtn. troea Mamea'bo, W> >??<; 'or rM'adelphla. Tha M ?' c opener *d Han?y N A NW r?>e ? he I^iftre pnmce chr Pom d fr. o< Bennuda . fearyxJhn, Ann)!' , Vo* $4, ?'th ,?a)t. |o V'l'HIetcn A Co. ">l t ?t lat II len 71 71, anw Vrlf kinry I lwra. eteerlr* H l ?.?ed <ionit?ram Nor M. and ??w ardor larka fhe-hire, of ("antartiCiMia and VTarran, o- Pait rr. >r? >-tr Wary fohfc. *11 loadli ?? ?>r ilorernor. 'or Naw > ork. >aii?d 'torn Anju lla 4 itar? si.r.l W .Mllen. Poar.e, flahMnr., 10 dayv with out ton a' ?o t otxl A Chnwh !-chr?.eo I'ar'a. T.^nry. s*>annah. Adaya. with aott-n A?. to Pr.har- A T.tson. 1 P arrlct V Fotera t ee -town Ada>?. i hr Pc'a, Hickman W ilio!ncti>'>. III', J4*n. *-eh> P K ,?n" ?cr. Miinoll, Pe', ity?. with cotton : ?c to t l>a? M ?'rya. I '?cfr r. W i"arHn?ion. T?ehl6*on, *'e?an1r a, 1 day% R i r I'nrt tet A <arah Price, t 'r~?ln'a " ( e- fcr ? ai'P'V'a, I awry IMawa** I'M*. 1 4&r% ( ^ rl r V t Cr 'r, Po'lncr <1 < eorrp-, Pel " d ?? ? ??' r i lfT'a tturton. V >n an?-, E! raV hj-ort fo> Porta , B-nulh, S'1?? Wr",^t, .lofenao", rV-ihetVp-.r' 'nr I'o nn. j ' chr Fmt*. Hkimkob, T !' aVeihp-*l ror '??amfnr.l | lahr ataramow, !>#r daon r>oirh??te?. 7 da-a. Kv*,p^a h i rion. Richard . Ffraha'tiiort orTnintoa -If-op 1 !e 1 ?r. fhrcl r. Kl -at"-i ?? or . | fieawer ' i iccrd. S?ma ;, 1 h ladeiph a ^learrar ''a 'ran Baker. "rmMene Meamrr >aM?y t'lty, Cbanman l^-rtr*. Ct. Schi Vat..d? <o' fjywvijth, ?a* arrir.Ml W?1 a; ?fc, i from fr-i no ?'latt 'not ae reix-rtrd in yeelerd eonalgtieA to B'chaiA TW-k?-ay PF1 <m ??h p f Tath Brand iPro?\ Veckrd' hi. I r.? Ij< rp^il iAI?o one rblp and ona bnrk, unknown p*nrp p?eetn?t r Miint?lHe, Karan ah ?bin? 'acoh A - a^nlr*. I"'?l i . Anliani A lra?t?. tlnivaau>u. Iir* John II I >?,-?. t ha?|ea? -. I Wtad ?t auaaat W. Pf larellaaneo ?a. r*???atiip FiO? ii ? Oowe|| which anHed h. noe on Wad needay a'temonn f<w aa^annah. rwirwl *e?'?rda? aSoal I I orCh ha>tn? been run into Thur-day. alw.t I AH, when If n .lea BouU iff Harne?at h* a p'ope.ler, iptwd from Ph'lade'ph a frr Poaton, whtrh knleoicpany ?? ,th tha Plofda tin"! aiinr ae The F'onda waa kept 'mm alnk n( by the son atant eirrtlona of the p*> ?aneera ao'4 r*"w. Another account ?a*? -toamah p Kiorxta. ? m-?ell hmc? for tah SPM 12th, at II W We-lne-wkny nl?ht "b.n n<T AhMrnm ratre in contact with no ankoa^n pro^elW and earned a* a 7 boa -[ail tut ante*, and Mom a ho?e In bar bo ? whl'h eiictda to h?r flocria?, cauain* her H> leaa ao badly that her fire ate an. pwu^a caa barely k<*p h? If- Hie pro pellar auata n.-d b'lt liif.'nfl damaae ?Yr far r-anctfci ah?t.p'"? ?" Pre t, *? t taj?an to Orl TP .by f . a* Brpree. .ae v*< Pol itwfc CiMf Aaoa 1 .wr- 1 ?lfk ao->, 'r I'aTpior, P ia<h> 'rvrrr I al'eo with f am lot >r*er?. W't. TWI vry hav > ? M iV - di rl?* tha t??? fw? th ' *Vh aeprefn'wt * a' t ap> 1t<. n, Ut l? I ?a?ar, 1 r -t mate <*?. i Ma< f < ? itod i?y | ?l i(l*' < a aa tV< " ha H, n ? 1 h. nn, , ?.|. , a ti , I t.T'" Vine I. ,| ,C , | , -ft A ' ? ' ?-ar , . ? ~ V 1 *? . . ? . a* 1 *? . ' 1 ? ? ?a. ?... ?. .. ?.?t *??wl at Cctta, F.anee, in S7 .va fro-i N Tort. Tba ? ?' a *< ry ?t,,rn r one. On tVl S. >? hi n imlr a few dar* frt?n Kf? %'ork. ? kravy (?! eairjMl n?aj t'te'da-.'k toad avl r an ?w? ia, atar*i d ib ? ; ro u4 tnkt raUs f illlnm All Kt< rea and ,.an u tbebo*--. flm r, norl and v? alor. a l the an:; t> and paint ai d i ait of the cat tana rlutbmL I <h ki. rtkrU, *<? , 16-t. 7h- Itr ?i->d< a- al?ocerrie# ttv* kT. MM* 1 w *e* '"'a1 d?K? ll.o cap! ? :n and erew * ere , it?Hfc"*d If , r m!" " "*l Tt?" veb?oi, at Un dale ot the letter, h<>* St. v a> < nlumlin#. Hi i.O rm <>? -iir Koitti, Chapm n. at Pmridenee Irwn few (??' -at>i>. on the sth Inat, off Hait'raa durlnea hea?? j-ale 'nm. N B, fpnn-r aleak In the tow, r.jd to gei at it bad t* ?'ave Hli'iil 40 bbU DMiiaxM-H Bh'H A 0 Mriniui fror?> Harai a, ?ht<-?i ?raa .trTc? ?',l < re i few days iHnor e*>t uf ih? rririnw to P rumonia bar h< i, bf lent wfail.i", l?. t MnpMte wrack, aud uoUUug ml \ al> e v? *11 be au\ ad but her rUgi >g. Bel H, ('.? k, of M?d from Calala, v lilrh ar-irM nt Kali I ?i i i n th ICth Inst, < iperianet d -er, u. ?tj w,^ 'her, tid n Uu Bight i if 4-k (nut, dnn r % th .it aaow lUm, ?ttin k i i> Nautual.' ' hb t la, but >?' ? ? d"1 n k?-u ?*? ai; ? ftrr throwing overboard a pi rtlmi of tl. - deck i.tad af Ian le-r. 1 no ,'i |i ?, of Boston, h?forp report d ishnre at Armgaa full, I< i ' lului d. and ? hlch ? ?a h id at auctl m on th i bM tr?i, t< r [ a* d Vail, uf Hiw HmkI, for a'l iu' $??W, wm got I f It b- ?rb on 1 1 Lb, anil *rrivi-d nt ,S"?r|i >rt mm ? iii<M It ia ?- <1 ib' vraarl la not HTloiialy it Air. ?gd ftawlfiH Hhih i h fnf K'ni^ton) Ptteh. wUla kcAtlnf on"- t|vM yfi?or<1aT morning, tA-icb' h?r mala atar on the n1 air I > m of Br chr .lohn Northnip, lying at anofcar off the i Httrry. whloh parted thf ?'ay, raualng the maal to ga over thr hldi> 1'hc J N siuta.ced no damage. While tl i> I ai k Si a Hangir. o? nrd by Meiuira Orcena k Ar nolil. of i ro dent*, and v. trrh was tnw?; .\an:uck"t ?? BrUtol on Saturday, wan hf>in>' taken upon the manat all* ay at tl r latter place, ot> 'he Ijth I nut, the railway flare way ai d lei tl a bark down. A despatch fr,>m llriatel aan hat al r had t uatainod no damage, and wai l>tug perfredf Cbjiri ? Tfii T?ec 1J? Ship Tamerlane, with a r?-so of rot ton. ready for Havre, was on fl-e to day, b Ualca o: couoa were bi.rt ed Fatal, Ni ? I.V-Tbe Star of Hope, from Callao far Qarnei town, whli h mit In here leaky prer|i.u? to Sopt 21, haa hove dowr t1 e leak dlaeoTered (caupe<i by a butt having atart i d) and Ilor oi rtr, t ct 21 ? Whaling ?hlp Rapid, of New Bedford, wa* wi on firr in ibe harbor or Ouam, MarcU 21. and ?w oea fldetatty dan a^ed before the lire ?m aubduetl. On the Ml of June, in he ''ichotnk NM, the R at ruck n xunken roi aad etnalrr <1 0 houii- ; got off a J put Ioto Ayan, where ahr. waa l:aulrd nut on the ' rat h, and tound to havn sustained ii jury in brr false keel and bOtUMn. Made temporary r^aira and proceeded. ? The arw steem?hlp Johr P King, of Spoffo: d. Tll??*na A Oo'h t barlehton line, wao yeaterday morn.n^ taken ou the dork to be coppered. A! haik Bhio Win*, 190 tona, hi.ilt In Baltimore lu IAW, haa hern * Id here at auctl >ti fur i rash. Whalrmm. Arrat New l on.lon I2tl., b?rl. I.;nk. reikln", fmai c *iat *C linn California, ? Ith HU bW? whal ? oil og b ?r'l A letter frt m i aid llagei, of ihliJ Vnupg H ''Otcr, NB. re i I . r at < >t olu, Nnvi alur lul vrnia, .1' n' 'i;, with MH bni* i*l o'l ? i N aril? nil well. Km nd t- online on 'he line. A letter fr m Alexan !ei Bathurnt, dated I'ayi'. N ?v 17, re I oi t~ lark I'ai'.moutl, !Iii:kL( n. Nil, with Jit bhla ?|> (Ida Tenon A Ifttrr rerehed In Nanti cki't fr- m <"apt S ?iln, of haili '?mi! I ? M' i epcrta her > ft and on nt I'ai ta, .s v ?>, y? lth lib!* 1 1 oil. llad take n .TfiO bbln !n 17 dava. A:etier'icir ' ark lalau er, S-a ' rk, Nantuokat, rene-xa horte tin off I'aita Nov 12th IT*! 'aken '?n! bl>l? ap Ml aa fn-lglit ' rom Morning Star, and laaomi .a, 3d, of Mi, mil U ? per, of I II. A let ft fr m iff eer of bnrk Vautll *, of VB, dAtnd I'al ta, N.i* !7, repirte having U-ard from, in OU, bark Aurora, .Var?li?U, Westiort. 1400 up. A Vtt<" n clved lu Sai'.t'inket from Cant 1'nmhl 'in of ?.i-k lleaper, ot I ilrl.aven. rop< rta her iifl G^.h?n; .a lalan la, Ot 17, w*th 37.' bbta pp lliu, ahlpi>?d home 2ii1 DDU h^ th - Inland er. Kf^ i rU fam ilate bark t>aoe la, .VI, HaniOlem, N ii, MW ?p. Ilnri ahl| ;e?l In tne 3' -p by the lelnn'te. l'eard fron In Ai r, baik > meriea, I,noe, of Matt, off the In. and of liM.rb >n, ? ith 4 a" all sperm whak* alou^ldi*. Apoki n, Ac. M Ip Village Belle, from I'biladelphia for London, So* It. lat 41 .<7. Ion 47 I" l ark J ratice-a M-cor hence for Naplei', Dec 7, lat C* U, lao ?j Fort 1 km Porta. Ar*C*v? p. No* 6- Arr bi .c I'raiiUH^Chuprh, H<jei.nn Ari cilla, No* 24? In por Br rhr Pbobe, tor NYork aarae dav ItRirror tr il). No* 24? Off, Mary Baker, Berry, from i*a vannah fort louovstrr. Hi ot wi i .i n vx. No* 54 ? Sid Hermann, Kuhlmau, KTork. Fllrn Pood, Kill.*, NOrleanx Hkihh'I a' m.'Nov 21? Md Krnat Morttr AnuU, Hae^Ioop, NOrlean? Html nldt, I'miuemann. and Kdiniii d, Wrbin**, do: 22d, Irw, Jieetjen, tlalve?4a>n; I'a-iada, Wytnan, MoOde; i oli. ml a, Sa rnkr. l.aJtiinoro, Klei.a, ?."uhlmaun, JfYork, 234, ClohuN, riar ke. do, B?i?ri.iMi, No* 17 ? CM Kavorlta, l orotaw, NOrl^ana. CABPirr, Km 21- Sid Antonio, Negouth, KOnwu; Croatia, Vnlentli.e, c fcar!e?.ton. i'PXxatlii, No> 21 ? Sid Sir I*aac Newton, Rruach, NTork. ftowmilUKIi, No* 24 -In p?in Imrk Irma, VTortinirer, li'm Var?? a ?e, t(. load for I'hiladelpli ?. I eai. No* 24? Arr t'oniellui <Jr : nell, Rpencvr, f.^ndoa f*r NYork (ard rroreededl; 24lh, Flora Mcl>onald, Fuller <trooa I oi doni. Bait irore. I'aKprd l v 2- ill, Hermann, Kuhlman, from Kolteidam for NYort. Off the Owera^th, Sir Robert I'ecl, Jurgens, from NTotk ? or llaint'iitp CmoA, Nm 3H- Arr Samaon, Robtn^on, Richmond Uavri, No\ 2:' ? Arr Fnltoo 'si, \\ in ton, NYork. ll?.r*oi -. No* 2S? .-lu i adrandrla. IHiu, t'hlladelphia; Ma r^i Ha A Grertm.da. Vor de Taa, Boeo>n I'ALtra*. Dec 4? Arr ?'lir* Tboa Ba^'.ey, McCoonel. Philk de.pfclr; Hi., VaVirotia, Hitoan, do. I n Kkroct, Nov ;'i ? off, Olohe, B-er, from JfOrleon.? Hid '< h. I mi!* ht F'erte, Te--ter, cfarleati n. !r the ri*ei outward bo-nd 2Mb, Fidelia, Boh- ling, for New \rk. F nt ont N'h, Si ?a! O (lwfiti>, Norton, for < 'alculta Miiroai, No* 24? Sid tallica, Am?bvtiy, h\ork talao re fmrird for liar en). Wi>Aitti ? n, Nov 2* ? sld achr Amy Chav, Benjamin, To to load for N * ork. V/i^Ahn i >. No* 22? In port brig* Randolph, llalloak. froi and to- 'owon 12 or 14 day* Idg; Mary Meana, TtbOoua, f i ? m st .'ago iuM arr N?wro.'T, Not 2V sld Ka'ahdln, Am?hury, (lalvettoa Tort ac Pi ?t*. Not A>? No Am veaael In port. rontt rimer, Nov 17? ait *chr Wm Wl'too, Weatan, r o ton. in port Nov 34. bark Chaa K Lea, Almeida, from P ha ad at t'h a arr 1Mb. d c, for do Dec I r r? Blra of theWavr, i i from Wftkm w tttk, 'ff WM Idg; TrtuUlo, Mulll can, ard K i.g Rmtbdfa. I arraway, dl?g. Ptciuc, No^ :*?? ? "Id brig Milo, Fougera, New Tort; Dae 1, lark Hope. Ir*'ne, favannah Orrvinrro* .? . Nov M-sId Canada, Herbert, Mobile; Jaaefh C.'lihrlat, .'oiVae (from ( allam, London. Julia O Tylar, Low it t rom Caliaoi. Antwerp. ? nmiiiuki, Nov it? In port bark" Chea-hlre, Reed, fee Manipton Rooaa l<Ur Warren, Pri.ihall, do; brig Mary Cckb. P 11 hury, lor Kair.ptoa h<?d- do s?TA?nia, No* )-Nii Am vaa^l In port. StTiioha . Nov IS? Arr F.r bria Culi.are. Steed. New Tark c: d rUl Six u>r I < roil with part of oargo). In port Nor jr. h'p Jenny Tard, Umbw, for KOrleaas re-dayi.-. I ark 1rm?, P??t#r. hence air tlat, dlag. br.a Htt ' ?, Heele, lions I?-i.'arara. arr SBth, im-klnx: achra wind aard, I"?rir1d*?, !rom Marttrnque. air l*th (ad for Tarki In I nd?". ?- ? J ' y hex*. I ai *l-j . * ill prupnMy be con ft MB Bed KM ink, bi t Rol l A, Keti bum, i nrV . UlimU Ft -loi' *, NP, IV. i~ Arr trW* K?M R?*d, WnHngale, Alex ti drt*. < >sr?t. Smith, NYork; 3d. ( yr<-oe, Smith, de ?chn? < tiflon. I'f'.jih, do; S'h, Knr'ka, (Tarka, <to, 71b, L M Aino'd. Atkmeos, do. *th, ???hr? R McAfee. Ortwaa, da: Hall I ?, Hai h?i .c, ! hlladriphia ( Id l>ee ,\ *cKi Gertrude, Canal dy, ST. rk; Mh, >fc p* rolar Star. Pearaoti, Llrerpool; Alme da. Mal i g, do Tojtai *, .Not 21? In port ?-lir Typhoon, Donne, for Dennia for order-, ldg. fPri. StFAW-^irKrupPk. at n?ttr*?? rrt -yjmmtc 1 Arr front Jl York Oct 14. sprin^'iot, ai TaUf Hay. !1?', new York, at dp. Nov ^Ud Rot- i, at Kxlmouth . Suth, under wr.ter, at d Abbtet Law rr r T, al l^rrrpool. Arr In tr> RoFtni. *pl 23, Aaletta, at TaN* Rat. *? Id for Mork * ot it, ttoro c a*tle, from the rill Shi for I'Urlrnm Nor (9, Jan*, from the 1111 hid (or se?aiu*li Not ;v, Sarah l'ark>. iron? the 1 HI. tike late?t ?ta gueet.ttown * Arr from yTr^k, Anil# r. ram, at Plytoontk; ITelett B, at rroianne. Jar niha, at > t?r Amer.nn Hani*. Hero of tke Mh, and RoImii l.o-d. at lw?l 5or?ay, and N'a<a; a, at L.t erpool ? /emtti. at 'voeeurtowii lit Arr from >(jr *an*. Windermere, and Peiie Wood, at Ut prpool Arr from Paramah, Var'a Raker, at .'iloueettar; Qlo'.oe* Ut. UlC Utoifa, at LlrrryooL Arr fir B> OaK"t?m, K Von B?anlieti, at Qt:oen?'.ow*. Arr fill I hila.I'lpkU. Holla. at gi,rcu?u>*a. Fhlp Chat to* Spra^r", rtk?, from i<?ndoa for Mobile, p?t lute QtwcMumi lit mat. wttk Iomi of I ore max I wup H?*tna., for New \ora, pat Into Falmoti'h lat I net, lraky, t Da with deck' 'wrpt. Park Oetden Age. *om Lirerpool for Xew York, put 1st* Vaterfcrd Nt !a?t. VakT tmrlwi Part*. BOSTOX Pee U? Ait ?cnr* C W Drer rien?, Tanxter I tpf? Wll-y. and H M At* nod, Hlch, faoaVr. fc H l^ock iran. fcud.cotl. Al'ia&dna; .tohn it Hather, Mtcfceraoa, Phila dr!)bia; Hik, TaC?, JUilA^tVhnort B^low, l-ark Growler. nmiVorlW t Id. ?tramm Wmtart JfttXia*. llaUri Haiti D.ore Tla NnWali; ihtp AnUtaot (pew. of Borion, iJJf toa^k l.*a\ NYork; lark Mti?tati?. retinlueton. Mobfle; brUi V I r?M-n iBn, McPhea. Port au "rtann; Ncrtbmaa, V ij.? uurtaam. ..lia W Holt, fod;", safja. Madelnt, Mer trt , Kb Mat ~r?UL Puller t alrnton. ?chr ffurhUacUr. * at f, ptu..drlphu fid, wind W. ateatnaklpa AraMa.'Wd lii.n; .'r nts u Northman. H.tI.n?iORK.1W Ij-Arrbark J C Rmokman. ( r^ekHI, I 'Trrpf* I -efr* Mercy Ta* lor t 'rowfi;, Lt? ru-4: Liict J V rm>. It.r,|MiL t'alalp whiir f' ?m, yinikrn, Prori Hirlinlana K???. V?V-t?Jl Pnn tde?a? cm hart Pa u, WlUra, K. Dtrrtilni *chr slat, I) *? **-af, KYirt. <1d Jr-irrn frjp .lilanoa, trn Trl-?(?r, P'.rorn; brtai " O iee*. * Itwh. m*t, A?i 't.??u f i??i T aTrUer, saitrwt, Ow ?' ?h". *>"<1. Krrrn?.i, UTetpooL PtTH. ivr |V? *M hru Hit* a (m, ? , Mavana t KI AR K t ?a? In i* rt rw id. b- 4 itandy, Daadr, fi- o. Kinr?i u a>) Not If, for NYork. td{ At i "?n*. v?||a, .i.ibn no, Ma. whr ?' W C'vanor. Ura to, foe f' CUm, ira4> ? flArn 1< K. rv? It.pv-.p:t h.rk r-'-ran. ,4waa. u 'f| .1 t I t -tv ?m*bt|> 1 atar ba, Rnl||a>. Karana rta K* *..l Q h- Air Urtiin hit Key Mont <*!>.;?, Maraiitntn. fTavuna ?ta K>: Vrat: halt .' ^n t iiri-, Alrvaodi-r. I.iiauxaa. acbr W ic >t. I If. run ?, N > .'?* 1 TfiAl Trtrs, pee W? Art whra KtrHaoa, veoodw?r4. Ivjtt AmNiy for I' e-. o; V*r*?|i ' w*r, Phtude pWa f *r ito Jeta, wri I lark, b* ti > p.a?t a-<f a!l al.. I.'th SI4 lOUl, ?(kr? t?fc>.?rkl f. Pi ae?y. fortlaad, Ada Kranraa. Ha* * n, < alat?, tJlh. Waicrlna, aod Win H i'arka, aoora O"! Aiti' ill. n.'l !' Twa. nil RrVf r>- ll--trr?*trK H Daly. Haphont, PU * t ? . .tuttei. I ctet, M|9th. Ait UU, aobr >t y. r<i\ Rt) ,6m, oe* ;i -,irr aaip Amoa Uwitw. " ' " ' ? ? 0 or or -"* ? U ? . U I' >fv na, to p M -Arr It*** RUney ' . -A ' f'i R ? n R-be?ea* Krancaa. Mb .roe,' t. Mbr<ppM i U 1) OhaloDrr, Keiinea, Mtefa!^ for . , ? . '7, -.??< 1, ? |a; i ? ??''< Clmr: P k. OoomB*, *le?andrla for R * . WllUnm Alb n, - mcr. Rattlmora for do. Lebaaak. Trri, Pl,^be I p< rt f. r do varah t'ptun, <fY"r* f.*d>i Arai da P. war*. KaMar. 4o f?e Rorfcland L?iHa Ann Mar, FhW-r, PMInd? IjJita for ^aiaai; Heair aa. Ran n S.irtliaurt. 1 If. rPMl'j Trr-ura , r?M*. Roaton for Al-iandrls; \ Ttrr?ll. d? W Ra1tt?..rr, Aram. *tr?H, Rntt?irt for do; OCr*n Sta.. U'T^la; d. > an^-n I r Nirf. a K?<ue, r*?. ??> fill. Prf'tat d f. r Plitl-'drlfM*' R tu?. * Ka 1y, It .bhlaa; W-.ry (atifdie. ? *nd Mim Wania, N*ah, KurUa:^ f* N > I fk . ddk. Rr-d, < la ? fordo vTMIiaBi I>rlnh^'al?r, Palb fordo; ffTrrtl Piirket. Randal. Vae^?la fordo R* !'iri??4, arke Ymdarl, A ?? Hrooka, Wm.d- r. tt#orr< Waahiui; t< n. and Alrrt Sid bVg I < tvatrr; >eb? Mtry CUrk, PaUa*. ar<t Yal.-ar loc l'? Arr her to Imara, Rick. RtUdbrthDret Mr k?t n, t,t?WII '?m< ( ?.:k I a.*pt', Mlna Itlan, f -r R at...!, WJ I 'in *-f<'Hrry, (? l tl orp town DO for B<?f"i. IWJ k Arrx.n Iff Arrah r T l*a, "h-rtrood, KYork for Boeton, brlf 1 arinw , Ai*y. 1 n .,r a?ra wkea D M Hill, Mr?? % Yuma, Vd, ti r Ki irbti' jpvit. l(a(o, Mea man. Pkilaiiri|>k^ 'er do. Pawrd In. l-r c K Ra:dw<n Montfomary. Alo*a?drta f r h. ur n. Ml tark f WnrM, Jr: .1 k H Oowtry. tprni state, Pv;cl.anJ k Torrey, Flnra I.lo- "In. Fl oin^ LrrtatbHo. Sf nt#?h, Jfefcr IkiW, and Rikf wa A fraiKva. <rhj> H.uinr*on. Van Muran, J Tlakar, ??l?or^, f Lot d, Len >:t jr. ' iii< nfak tiaHnwr, Kleatrl ? T?anHn|i Ontario, p??tr!rv T?toot, yn tc'. ?tai> O'pjy, 0, i <ado , V -r..nw sur. V kaw*. i*km??rta ???a 1 -nr, I ;.l?n O^ii Piaora. Ft. ?!?<, Yen* rt A V n#cr, Akr. WlMkin Aflra. t kaaa*. t>arrt?. I...#? Aa Ma\, AbtMU M(H.'r>?o, J' 4m, U ? ?"-? to AM. alio. . . . _ ... ,M>< I'AI"P< kT Pee?-A> urtgUm **' Mt*?w n a* ?' ? f'hw'e rtrd, hr>g t or.-aa > "? P"> ? 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