Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1860 Page 3
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PKMMON Ala. _ W. T.? I WISH ID HBK VOU US WliJNti >*. . nat at 1 o'clock, bum piaan, to emtaio ml *?k- "?]< tweak. TUHOUMiY. rH ADOPTION.? A LADY WIHIIKrt ADlP.iiU A Hue kealtky boy, two month* old bv any re n. .v .l?i? Ainertctui family. Apply Ut M i A- r aimer, iij l*u? H ' fine b^lthy boy, two tnoncha old. irictui Bra* dway A HUT I.F.hTER WILL FIND MRS. LEHTEit XT iX , ou Sunday , 8. o'clock. Till* SHOULD MLET TUB EYE OK MAKY PA.t Nil, wife of Daoiel Hooliu, she can ueai if her ut ter, lio kPam-U, by calling at 37 ??ei Washington place, X. V DBMOMAL-THB holder or TICBRT NU??Rk> X t> W. 38 In Consolidated Lottery of Delaware. e.a?s 2Ai, drawn December i, will yleaee Mad his address to the agiot* B. P. DOlUHTfeN k CO., box 764, WlhMagton, Del. Brown, jonks or robjnbon ? send smith s aij dreoe, a* be wu iu y- ur coiupaay at the Prtnue ? lull, where he purloined Young Heiress Heart; and other Suat.r* desire to enter the lists for It* reoovery, or the favor of p ?anting their*. Addr??? t'. U. E , L'ulon H^uare i'u-t Hhawk, 8m Jacinto, Wyandot, Mrstle and Consignation then alevers were captured p lease call on Tboa. 1* Bray nard. gEAMKNWHO WERE IB THB CRURA DEB, MO t Wall street, CIDNKY OAKHMIT1I WILL FIND 1 JOTTERS OF 1M p portauee for hliu f nun iVutral America at !*? State *;r<*.*t, hioukiyu Letter* can only bt' delivered to blin per*ona.i." TH? HOTEL KEEPERS.? ANY INFORMATION CON ccrulng a gentleman and ladv, wliU two JT"UIU| child ?".i, who arrived m New York on Friday nlijbt, Doe 7, probably ou l heir n.Lv to England, will b>* suitably rewarded aud e >u Ifi a gn at favor by giving Information to < apt Walling, II lac live, comer Broome and Kirn streets. NPKt lAL NOTICKt*. AHTOa llO!>E LUNCH AND KKS I'aBRAM f. ? i Ut damage by the late Ore having been repaired, the A *10 House Bar, Lunch and Resauram are again opened ta pubite, wboee patronage la reopeetfnlly eolloited. B'NAI JKSUUKAN l^AIilK^ IIHBltKW BENEVOLK.M Society for the n-ltef of Indigent K.mdc* of the Jewiih persuasion At an Annual meeting of the above Hoc lei y for the nnr)M>M- of dueling three Direct re#ae*, ta receive re,>o t < ?f Dlree're****, and Treasurer's (Uttement of account, M-? U. B. Hertz, Mm. I*. J. .loucuim*s.u and Mm Martin. were uminlmousiy elected member* of the Hoard. The Directresses ?en reported that there ? a* an Increase of sulHu^n.i^rd uiim laat year of tweuty.four, and that Hie munocr n .? amounted tonne hun>lr>'.l aud fllty: that 9611 72 ha.) ei|wnde>Un elotblng tbe |04r,wliH BjItm to iheoi 1 money order*, I nun lll'iy rent* u> two dollar*, and thai tin Treasurer h aceount Mill exinblii a haUinr.t of $'il'J VJ lint m Ike fa<? of all thexe lavorablo lUrcuin^UuttitM the r.ill of tbn poor 1* *o urgent and loud in thin luclemeui m>.<*<ju oi tbe Cj-, that the Jlourd l eel tUo neoea*liy of appealing u> the a.ii tbropic to kiwUI them In affording relief to their fijln ,v ereaturm le*n forttnutte and le?* happy than tbtmelrM rhe Treaaurer'* account wan then real a* follow*:? ProAt* on Moclable* , K.? ,,, Ktpenae*. , tl,3iB IS and Sub*crt|Hlon*, >* Hafluxu , 6t;i ;ij Total tl,H.V M The report* wen' reeeire<l with i-oml.ler.ible *a Ul\c ton l> tbe member*, who then ndjournnJ. Ticket* for next Sociable for the 80<h of <bl? month, to be obtained from Miw. David Kamaon. 1'realdent, J06 V\ Font teenth etreei ; of Mr*. Henry Leo, Vice l?re*ldent, 9* Thompson atrettt, and of Mr*. L Bern item, 410 Broome ureet. Department of public charities and oor rectlon. No. 1 Bond street. New York, Dee. 12, 184) - Propoaal*.? Huppllee of Fresh Beef and Mutton.? Sea ed pro posal* wUJ be recelre<l until Deoember 21, at 2 o'clock P M for auppirltig the De|?rtment of Public t'harltles and Cor raetion with fre*h Beef aud Mntton for une y.*r, oomm^ncinji on 1st of January, IMI. Sp.-elOeatlon* for the above and %ll Information required will be furnished on application at thi ?Alee of the t'-oumiaslonerx, No. I Bond street K. Drai>er, Prealdent, Moaea 11. Orlnnell, James B. Nicholson, Isaac 8eU, Jr., 8e?9r?tajy Coaualaaioner*. Dr. l. proudfoot has removed from no v. East Twelfth etreet to No. 'M Went Seventeenth slrti' t, kotweeu Fifth and slith avnnu-'a. GBtlROK WASHINOTON LODOE, NO. 2S S. F. V. M - The member* of ihl* Lodg-' are hereby n <titied I j aitend tke neit regular eommuBioatl< >n on Friday e v.- nln?, Dee-m ber 21, at tnelr H<?mR, Ma* 'nic Tnoapte, corner of Hroo u ? and Croaby stnet*, fm thi- purpow of elee.tlnif olllcer i for t?i eaeulng year. Hvord> rot tiKO, C. A. BAKEH, W. M Wiuui W. Warxkh. Secretary. Masonic.? kotice.? the members of mari. oen-' LodfC No 67 are requested to attend thoir regulm meeting, on Monday evening, l>ec. 17, at the lodge, o>r ner of Broome and t'roeby streets, for elonUon of utiles r<. SKWALL FISK, Maatgr. MABONIO.? THE MEMBERS OF CYBUH LODOB N'? 21ft, F. A A. M will plc'iiw hike notice that the ann .al eleetion fur otMcere will be held on Monday evenlni? n xt the 17th inat. A full attemlmne la reuuesteil. By order of H. B C. Milui?5, W. M R WAlU FIELD, ??-c MAOON AND WESTERN RATI, ROD COMPANY ? Ma Oun. Ua., Deo. 1, 18*).? No1 lee to stockholder*. -The an aual marling of the etockboldera of tbe tMmpany for th<- clco Uoo of Preadent and i IB) Directors to serve for the e i?niii? year, will be held at the company's otllcf at Macon, o:. Twaday, tke Bret day of January next, at 12 o'clock M. J. B. DAT, Secretary. ?R/AKONIO.? THE MEMBERS OF JOHN D. WIl.L\R > m Lodge, No. 250. F. and A. M , are mjiNtnl t<i ait-tid Beat regular ci.mmuiilcatioii. at tbeir r xinut, corner U.n i aiid tirand streets, on Tuesd* ev-ulng n.-it (ISth lust , for tke Mtrpoae or electiag nflloers for the ensuing rear. ii\ ord tiEORtlE T DOLI.INdRR. W *1 ThokasJ. Dhicw, Sec'y. IfAMINlO. ? THE ANNUAL MEETINO FtiR TTIE ill cle<lion of ollner* of %enibba>l I I'hapter No. 147, X. \ M., ? 111 be held on the evening of Tui day, k5t,i ln?t M m b> i* aie hereby summoned to Httend _ ^'0\:UR\SE, II p. V*"OTH'E ? TO SEXTONS. UNDERTAKERS AND H\?'K iiwuers and driver*.? on and alter 12 o clock, thmdn , he hrtdge over Newtown creek via 'be Ten h and tie Twenty Jkl rd sireet ferries, will have repaired damage* <m?lalo.*l by Weakagc of It* draw Dk^IA 1<*?). New york cm wu <???? nty u^cok de.u*ku Ppdeetlre 8..<-l<ty.~ A iwlil ..f the .ih >re ?. alety will br h. ld al ill. Bleeckt r II igw, corner 01 Rlflnck r ltd llmu ? iln rii. 'i Monday. IW. 17, l*rti, at s I'. M By olderof T)I<)M\sH K E RK, I'r ' i I ill. Paria McQc^Uk, Ikon .III H H. r? i?iy. Notice.? an appIWaVioe wru, bf. maiie to thMi ?t l.<x.?laiur. i.?r ib> |?W|( of an net to hi. ? all the land ?'mbnt'i'tl wllb'n tlo following liml<?, \ i n i yf th* n mrr of l'earl, aooth of the <>i' (Ihm. ei- ?' lb* orntre of Elm, and ?r*t ol the cetir.- of Muib ? r/ oil ? baibam atraet*. in the city of New Y'ork. 01 *o mitc'.i iu- ? f a* ?hiill be n<-<-> ??.<i v, derl.i:e?l in b<' ?lid taken for w i < > plaee, lo r?moTr alt but ding* now tuei.-ou, to ixiui|*!> air , ?* 4*.. Kford n? -o law, .nd lo have ?ild land d I for | uhti. building*. for tlie fede ai. H.aXd and m titirii Oi.iiirnl*. and that William II % m r. I". t< r ?' .j> I. i rrpoel. Simoon l>r?|. r, Jamr* l.ynrh and ?<-:ij;i> R .-.<1, or ihi.'e of tbem, be ap| omt.-d ilia i'oiuiu mi a :> Eatlmate and A*ar-*m> o< for *aid lmpror> neti I laird >rw York. I>ee U, 1WT VJ-OTICE -To MFRrit A*TS, CI ERKX <M> OTHER* - ll The tinder*Wn>ed ntabr* lo Iniito bi*fr?'tid? a'id lb* I'libl r br ha* ..p nnt tb? 81. ? .air llouae, No l.V> I'm, ? ?tmet, between ljiuren? mid Tbompe<?n *tre? la, ax a b .it with reataurant attached. mii(1p g-nii. mrn ran obtain . .? trantlv fitrn'?ti.'d Rootn? In till* eaUbl.ahra nl, wllb or ? , >i. inl Hoard, rqoal lo any hotel to thl* city for the foil living h .' pr <v? ? Parlor ami Bedroom c>iiu#etin? from $2 to $S ;? r ?? rk aitl "nl Board ! n? Hiding ra?, and no estta ??h.trif* lop two mtlH*M I neu t* <? rttpyiiig Uka miv *|>*r.m? r -. liouaae. with Board. ?> to $7 > ? per ? n k. Mali m i?t? <? mnt a* r?r order M MOLJ/OY. l*rop. nor, late of C ...?ml-.n Hot. OmrE OK M 'PERINTSMiEN T <>K Br 1 1. PI NO* v ?, ft i i L'nion, Kourth aoniK-. In??n Ki'traikMni and A*lor platv- _A' a meet in* of the ltt?->-r?of th< ? .?rd Inapreiloo of Biilldln**. hf'd inlx r 15, l*?> on mo', M .l"tu' S. I'bilUii* ? aar^Il<4 lo the rhau. at. it Mr. Wal L. I'analn *pp<.ini'd -'??rrt-iarr. The following |.r?autMr i 1 1 rrwdutloa* were tuiamtno<i'.|y vdopted:? Whrrt aa, It ha* | ? a* d lti?' HuprMnr Ruler ol th^ nalv -j 'In hl? wlndora. lo remo?? from tbl? life th?- paitner o( , eai.'i'inml aaavUi. , Petrr Toai>'\ in, lia.| lU?olr>d, Tliat we dt^J'l) ?> mi a'liU< > l.h ??ir .ia?? ia'. t bta howrol I rial and *M< n> n. an I truai inn h.r ?uir.iln ? thl* world *01 b< i?-?aidt<l ??? a bt1* . ?i I fu ? Be It Ri*..l*ed, Thai ?? W In ? l*d> *n RHMb . Id* h til- ? at 12', ?'ekick, 'o a' ? n.t U>e fiinri nl. H'-w K^d, Tlia a eopj ..f ill- ?. t - .;n . .n? ?> - n > Our b. I ta><4 a? <*M?t. . liiNAK N 1-nn.uis JAM KM V Mi URKHOP W Al.TI K Yt. W>\M.- "" WUiTRR f.. t'A? IN .loMkr* N. I'll ! I Ixirm ? , VtitM L. ? ??-i?. Keer. i?r?. Orrit'E OK THE JErFKIt-<ON lNSrRANi-R ~i?MP v. uy. No ?i Wail creel. ? New y .rfc. f?? ? hi, i*<l ?A' a aiar nil .'UM oi it.)- K.?| I at Dlmctoranf thla (' impai. . thlt. ilar. Tbooiai M ?rrwil. Ea-j.. a a* utianlra >o*ly at" I rteaiilent In nlai. at M ??mm T'i<-ker terea?e.l nam I EL K Bbl.i'UI'.K Raemtai-y K| MOVAL? AMERICAN IirREM OOMI'Afr? ra 4 doe n i ?tt olfcte .f tLia C iui?ay i*? Wn.e?. i l rofli *v M to Nu. 124 R^?*<^^?'ny. urirr V i edar ?? ~eM - ? d .lh i\i.ri**.*i r t!i? Weal Ur i I ?. 1a u and liar .eat e? 1 r mi* -7 A. M 10 \ M . II A. M , ?tf. A abd 6 1' M *1 ?rr*narnwnl? for *peed? d'^eery >>f b?xl la? t.'?*?nta WIUA RrTTERriRI4> k (XX Prim-liMtl oSre. 41 H id?.n MlMI Rranrort at 1S4 an S Btadwny. llEMot All -OR. ST MPHKBTR HAM "rKMoTEO N :? Jl II meoj>?ib ????iK-.-.e ato re *ud ???.?? I AarHn^oln aheir h- will he happy to meet bla nM fii. nd* and rtuintn. r|Hl THE MF.MBERh <iF i HyRTRR ntK Lui!?I. I 2 ?' an. i A M ?TV' menttxT* of th. ?!>.?*>? tc> ta.- ?? ? . qorvted to alt'-nd * raoeunn .t .he E?*i Broad* ?y 'i . I m. r of Ptke atrti't. on Ml ndiy -rrning Iterrmb- r I" ui*er*a re l?y order. ^ E. I K?15tj^f4ee:et..r> TH?a*5>I???,4M0'w ' '""*?lo''?WEA|.TH UuOt.E N . 1 W. r ?vmI A M . mrr w*-br ooltfM th?* # ?r?nu.?l *kt Ntiou of wt?l ukr pimt+ ai i^ -. lf d - ?? T.i d,y e , ? | .j, fi.1, |?? Hr order 4 ' j am 1. 1? m rrtus r. * ?? The bkkt iukv 'iv'mcvn i<onor v<> i?>~V\ ? A M., at. beri'by oed t(. ati. ,d ib-tr ne?? r?' ?? ? inRMinl<-><t! m o M nd*\ e fnlna. I>e.' 17 at half 1 am ? . n ?t ? I. a k. at tbelr r ?>tr<? fl &l lM<;ae>ti *tr?'. t forth* e|.*. 1 *'l ? 'Ilk*** f.^- til. c auirtg ..?/ l>r rd- r v e rtt.o?, s *'.r~ r m tai.HLW* * v 'P*IK i .A I'll ,1/ NKFIT "171 X 4nn?* t'batroli Or tK'tf Mute, will V i??ld 4uri<%g I .? TIr'n",mm 9*"* M "? it. al > VM Hr ?.l * ar , ?i J "? Ihaalit li'f n*et??.t '( tl?* It. , |ary . X,,. f * ,m ? igMeeoii ,irw4 T' ffiP^e-WAjrv-V'. A REMRONMIBUI PAltTT I la l>aUd a - ore a id d??^l?f AI*o a b.itel, at a ral!-??*.| . iif * ?iii mfrom i Oi>* ?l?o mmld fj?k? e.i|d oH it New Tork I*OAB OPIiCm. IT #8 I'l.DAR ?1 KJ.RT ? IfRMyHT HY MAN. UlAMos t A Btoki r.? A.'aah adraaced < n I 'lam .nd* aet or 'in? Wauhe-. M'al'h Mo ement*, l iiena-", .1" ?lrf, ?**?'*, A or i-oaal.t for >?ah the PiJk Odl^* imooi N? I, . ? ??ali*. iW I'edai ?t At ii oiamiu ?TURflinide to mar t ? any amoHai <* OtaiaoaAa ant ar naaai . Wa*ck?a, Jtw i?e?? tranaaeted *a tatarday* AT in MRAND iTRiir T~THRKK OOUR.4 WlMtt ,>r J\ Broadway? Money alrai l on Wa'?h"a. Jrwrlry, Pla-a Dry uu?d< a id peraaaal pi ?aai la fc'' fnw d^t ilpMan. orti'Mil a..d ao?J, by Joskl'H a /ai'V ^ON, ?n- iloaeer and t-wr A T THE APT ARC* Offirfl OR L JAOORM. MOI?V? r~ aan ha okialnad In any ?n*ttf Mr on Watehaa, Jewatrf, IMamond*. Hap* *, Dry (1 ?ida, Hardware, Wine*. Rraadle* ?ad eeery daarr' " - - ? - ?l?en 1 Jd 1 1 Mowm nr V"'" *nd th< ? X.VLEM AT A VCTIO*. AI BE>T MORTIMER OK1FF1N a CO., AUCTIONEER*. F.AONIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE At PUBLIC AUCTION, The pr< perty .if a family leaving f r Kumpe. Ou to-nw-miw, Monday, Dim- 17, at li% o'clock. At iht- elegant residence uf Z. ii i Ulruh >m. Eaq. 4f We Sixteenth h reel, betw, en Fiiih and SUt.i avenj.w. Rwewo d parlor Sul ?, covered lu bt-.*?d*. Sup. rb 7'a ' msewoo t Ptanoforta, Roaewtssl and mah ogany chamber Furniture, suite < Irin Id mid bruize CIHMiti'lt<? , f olid i'Ak Buffet and cite nalon Table, PI. r and mant. 1 Mlrr M, **? I'uru in, China, gluts and silver Ware, Oil Paintings, by ? wiueiit artl*!*, Etegere, centre Tabl< * and Hokciie The auctioneer would call the particalar utt?-ntl .n o; hi* ' I* I d* and till' public to this *.?l?? the .-at ilogue omi r.? ? ti e larg. *l and richest of hous. hold Fui.iilur , *r , offem! al auction this aeaaon. Th furnltnn' w.ta nil nmlnunkr for prci nt "wnar by city m-iker*, le-? i ha i six month*, and 1* of the beat deacrlptlon. Catalogues at the hi u?r on moruing of *ale A J., AUCTIONEER. . Supreme Court sal.- In partition OF VALUABLE BROOKLYN PROPERTV, under the dlr-ctlon of R. Emmet, E*u., ttetereo. A. J. Bl.EECKER, HON A CO. will *ell on rhurtlav D<v. A>, al 12 o'clock, at the Commercial Exchange, ipp..*lte City Hull, Brooklyn, Nine n.areeln of I -and with dwelling! and building*, sltuat.-d on th#1 antitheaai c irnei of i oneord and Waahlngt.'u streets. Size Oi riot i? lota) 116.4 aii.l Ilu.tx2.i7 fwL Will be so'd :n *n| parcels Terms undo known at time of Bale. Rape giving ftiil description ran b.' had al No. 7 Pine strei t, N. \ . 4 1 < TION NOTICE. ? RICH IIOLL1DAV ARTICLES AMI t\ bra-, (I; ul Household Furalt re, consisting, if overtlO.'OO a or hot tin- Furniture oiev-ry d acilption, being the aontcnt* Of tbelarg* reside nea No. 21* Ko ine, nth ?iiM. near Eighth MtM ? J. VV. PORTER, auctioneer, on Mondav, December 17 at II o'-lo. k iwitliont >eg?rd to weather . the entire va'uab e . intent* of tne abo? ?? r -ni'l n.'?, cou-lHlng bf ele. anl velvet A ubusaon, Brussels and Ingrain Car|>eU, wild arv- d losewood Parlor Suits, In sallu and velvet. rich y rai-w d ro*e?ood Centra and o<h r Tables, io-t wood Etegere<, a Ith p!ai> gla*? doom and liackn. mip?Th rovwood I'lanoToii ", ?tool and cover, oil I'ailiUn^., i 0 lam and brocatel Cur tainK, large l'l< rand Mantel Minor*, Turkish, muiy and rin-ep. lion Chalra. oak Kixiin Kurnltui-e, npiendld Ulna T a and Dlnn* r Sets, Hen cut < ll4*?warw, ?olld Silver Warn f ?very dei.< rlptu n also, a large va.ten oi tln'M'hanaber Fur uIiuit, in ius> u ,sid and iMhuftO) ; Iteds and It ddmg, punt hair *atti*?s. ,, line l.builiets, & ?. I'lio whole oi thti ?b.n ? Furiiitui ,?of ??*.? d'srription, and *1:1 positively be wild without ally reeei r*, on aoeo int of the rarnily re nio\lng to the country. >a!e pualtlve. VICTION NOTICE ?M. ItOl'ailTY, ACCTIONERR, ? ill s, 11 ...i Monday. U> c 17, a' 1' o'etv k, s' ^?le-r> > i H6N?? in ti ' ? I, lii ar I .ili.ui - i .-t, a g-nentl aaaortment of Tlounel.old Furniture, Carp ta im*. ? ".<1 Farlor Sulfa, c iv 'red u ? I bro?-?l''l. m.ih .gaay and ro-iert joI HCr. lary ninrhl tup Centre Tublea faivy eliltn v'a-.'M, Mantel Oruamenta, Ciilugiies r. a ; Tete-a teu. Sets, il. ranters and Wine H ittl ??, Extension Dining Table*, Uinliig i lia.r>, l)r>*-.lng Bur aUK, Mfaxhatanda, lledsteada, llalr Mai tweneh, Feather Bed*, Blauk' ta, A , the whole to be p.- . < mptofily sold. t CCTION SALE CONTINUED OF TH'I BALANCE J\. of the large andeiegant >? is k of c* jieilng, OiU'l uh*, >le , in account of the owner 1 cllu.nk b.nlnes*.? M. IMll'lillTV, Aiiiikinwr. ? !i w.i nu Tumlay, line. In at lit' . uVloek, ut the . f Mi I Hyatt, Jut Mo a ry, a general asaortment of Carpeting, Oilcloltia Hearth Ruga Ac., Ae , t. . th.- highest *>ld<ler Al' In ? tut of C irp -ting should attend llti* sale. Auction saxe-i.aroe stock of first class ready made Clothing, A- -A. M. CRISTALAR, a ,c .ii neer, 23 Moweiy, will ?eii on M.ia.Uy, IHwaiber 17, at 1,1^ o'clock, tine KnglfaH and I re ieh clotli pilot and bi;aver I',. ' , urlt, Biidneaa and Overcoata, .1 *!-kiii and euslmi rc P it , larce let of satinet Pants, Milk, saUD, ?. alencia, iljlMM ia. do h, plush and velvet \>*U, lu gieat va lety. Al?o one Ore p.iolbafe. i rcnON NOTICE.? BCRN II AM K FL'RNI TURK I X j \ press and Parking. Ratabllshment 111 and 11^ West Eleventh street, between Klithuud Sixth aventlM.? llooan. hold l urnltun- boied, shipped to all parts of thu world; Pltno lortea, i'alntiiig <, Mirrors, parked and ra jvcl I^trgo eovere 1 wugiin- lor removing furniture to the country. Storage for t uri.ltnre. ! \ CCTION NOTICE? CROCKERY, OLA14S, CHINA, ? A. Toys, By J S H BAR i'f.ETr, ?il':. ???leer, on T i <? iimv, De. ember IM, at tell o'clock, at Zil Pearl (tl'tf't, a iatgi and iH'remptory sale In lots for .1. alers, of all kind- sain.tb.i> le uda, and worthy their attention. Browne a nichols, vi ctioskkru-will ens. i Untie tfie great and attractive sale, ,):i ma'ur'a.-urera' Hccount. nf Houae and I'ahl ? Kurni*ning and Fancy trools, on Tuesitiy. Dec IR, a' i'l' . o ' l.ick. at th sal sroom^ h i 1 gill'1 ri< ? of BROWN)-. A NICHOUS .19 Nik hi strati, ppjiite the Post Offlce, Cona, sting ot a ni"st ? li<t and .! ?ir.i.e* a-s<?rtni nt of French Pons lain Dinner Seta, Toilet l)rll, rlok ItMa (MN' ware, Parian statuary, Hnnr-s i l >dt? siiv a plat.^l War*. A and a variety of Fancy Article*, ?u:tabl- for h ill lay p s,iu ?? 1 h?c gooaa ? ere ouslgu.^l l>v the insniifa tutvr* t > E. V. llAl OH vVtll r Al l /or the Southern trade, but in con-equ ni !" tie .listing political uud 'lllatu al diiiietilii. a Ul> j + ill b i jtd id 11, .s market. EDWARO 8CHKNCR. AUCTIONEER. HLPKKB COLI.KCTION OF VALUABLE OIL PAIN I'lNus, ted by Mr. A. OeUuyveuc" d inng .1 r c.;u' r. Jt to llie art sladlos of Euiooe. Among vi bich will lie fonnd i^e works of El'UENi: VEKBOECRUOVEN, A OK iIRACKELER, II V. Ht'll AKt'FEL-'. V ALHEVKKL). VVCK, lEICkKRI, RRRHKRs. KHEK KOEK, MOKKKNlfoCT, Curnet, Kdkatp, R'.'dig, Chaptpao, B")nh.,.u, Wt-averraaxis, Ae . Ac. I- acb panning i signal, and sunt of them t> ar the guaran tee and certiBeat ' -u *he a t,-t. le be .old at aiM'Ui.n, by E. A F. II. riCtlENi R, an th<5 rreti ug- of Wnint da. anl Thii.saay, Ooce.uber 19 and a. 7}i " ei ck, at the .alien* 4 >f tbo Naltoiial \a* le ny r I'e-ign, Tentti treet, between Rtssadway an 1 urtli avaaae. flie above beauti. a. an 1 vai iab!e r. .ilecti u l? n v on FREE evh bit n at the ga leries tioin ?< %. M. .intil 1<> P. %l ea? i d.?v and. evening ittull the *aie, wbeu tliey will be p- surety ??id a thout i tp. r.r, HKMO OK El N, AUCTIONEER -OROCEWl.-', Lli|i i-i-. sefai A- i in Mo i iy t> ??? ,ii, at lo , . rlaj* . t..iV"b on -tore 1M W. lllatu "et a- u i*>* -al. n a gror . ti e s? ck, large lot of Li'i ierca-ksand C niilo in-, la ??.*?? * Cbanii agn. . alar] dr.- prual >?., , a!s > t Wpalrs II oixa. I SliM ?. A o. ON Ti ESDAY iiEC H at |< .. c'f* k. ai I ie kiore, l? y and iaucy i??i Is, lai^ ? tol ? f Fir., \ I'-'orli < - Muffs 1 afs ., t'ulT Hosiery, l lot 1 1 ? aed Jeweliy, Toy*, III.NKN B HERTS. IR , Al i HOMER. I I Will sell on Tuesday, Dee Is, at Mko'^ock. kill i store N.i 2/#MI?tb an inie, p rrrfit >ry snle o:' a large s'ufk ill le?.ly uiad. Ladles Hal I luld. ' 11 s I'll s .il cv .. .'??i piion, i* tnpil- sab' , mlak ? rmln* and ?|Uii l? i ape*. 1 letoi lne?. Muff*, i^utls, Ac , A ' Alvi i, ut a FU'-s n . ry . ? Ipti il. Robe*. Ac- Ae JOHN LLnVO, aim Tiorfkr Fl IIS, H'lt-4, ri KM. I On T IT' ,r 'lay, Dec. 14, W, a -ft j\ I r..niui. m in# at Id', o rloek ?? U ?;,>i Nt ?< A-tor ll.? i -? I roadway. oppnalto the Park | Per? tnpiory -ileof gam m?U'U|i Fur?, Ac , b?ln? tin i en'lr* balance of the ?ti*"k .f a wholeaal" Filrrier, i > d ? ? I j ttlihout if-rMr, In ?M>w<4inari?r of reining from b.i>ine? , Tl ? -t<? k o?n|.r1-> - In |iui ?u|- tb r- J R i- t i -a i|? ? el (am lliid?"ii Hay ?ab!?t e:a, nc'i tiara ra* Mink m.i?, ?> , gt ibei with 0 general a--o mi' nl of U'll< geM?- aft ??'ill rfr* II'" Knt? III ev?-ry variety. Al?o a ?plendhl |a? of <1- K . Uri ! ai.'i cairlag' A'.* Tun *iOt* will fee 'trr* 1 1 I .?n i I on ili-w Monday. U?t ?7, purc"a->ra ara Invite! toe.,il ! and avatun <? JMORTTMKP WlI.LUBLLTHlit DAY, ATM WO CLOCK . IS KmI. Broadway, men'a an I woman'* tin lo*. Silk ; t>re?>e?. Cloak*, Cal ioe?, Detain*-, * 'al-, Panto, Overc ?? -, * ' laiV" lntuien'a ami women". B?v?. Shoe? al?o a la*-*" I t, of ? i rhf ?, H e?* I'lna, Kaninu", Kin ?, l/Mkrd, IV k'.I?, Bra' lota. UoH autl Silver Sp? fiane*. PI>iola aid Klflea, Mvtoe la. (,l At ' iK >' A I H l.fcls, ,j Ha, i ,| r?. ?. P' IANOH ! PIANOS: PliNOfl! PIANOS! HAKK * R*V, Anr'|on*er Receiver a .ale of Find el??? aeeen oo?a?? I'lauo. nrVw. A* aoetlon, Ttie-day, l*ih In*' , at II o'rlnck, at the Corner of Court anil Jorwii'to ii vtwu, Mm klyu. To r-lnae lh>- eetale of Cooper A Wnerm i 1 ha atork la now* re?dy lor elimination Fa?h PIimi'i winitlfl three yeara By " .1'? of .Inilge .1 t 1 1 I ?? VI . 1 1 "> \ \ 1. 1 1 R. , , IJABNHROhERh 1AI.R ? \ Wll.l, X tell to-morrow Monday , v 10 r..?-k, on ijf cirn r of < olnmbla autl Brooun alr?< la, i*k> Iota oi ma.i an t w?ni n * Clothing. rl/ ai Ik <!? lainr and ral.i-u Dn??a ? . lien and ?n-lla t'loaka. K*-iunanti. H - l?. Mh ?<. H..(l in. I'ir|*'i, ' Coata, Pallia iii'l VaaU, and *?rlt>'ia o?li. i ribva loo bu 1 niemua 10 menti n I'y t.rier of Mra C I'liHIf. >i H ? Tb*' ujeu a ?'| t l.iua ?hII'OkU* I u'rluck D??\BKokiK Bi 'tSK-s i ok iai?-0> m ?nr. J ial? Wrni- It livat'd In the l>e?t p.rtof th? . Hy, i I ! doing an exi*U' tit bti?lne??. Th ? la a ratv i haare to > <t ?< a proiiaMi- ami -rtfe inveitrornl A ldre.? Pav?tibr >k ?' 1 ial<l uucr. Principal* and part ? i arliA eaptlal mil) mil I ?P V?J ?>*? s uttoK r p s - u.r, -?.s vn.vim inn in r \t X HI , m:l i-k, at >? 4 Ka-' Hrrautwar A U j{e a< ol tjtAir andt.euti. W?? mg \p|air< I. ?-? > ? w- 1 - 1 i>f 4 heaij I oa la, Parit?, Viaw, KbaeU, yulli-, Hlan?e*?t itoH a >d si|? W airl* ?, iet> elry, t> a I Kb will l? ?"Matl.,'J o nl tck |> a *i>ely. Hy ordei jf A. II rroeLAI Rn?'?tie? i WIIXIAM ahhoit. i'tetiouMi TIIF AHBiiT-Ki>RI? EIllTIO.V (>K THE WAVEIUlf Norel?, Kntcbt ? S nlwrr, RI'Kardann'k Well *rf, Pl*rv ? Japan, .f pa rke a N .?liln*ioi., fH?ili < Bible K u?l< ? orlnliial Plrtarliil Shakapere, waTpole'a Rnjral a?4 Ho?.*e An Miyitrli ? >bnli-|""re. All- i ? AmerVa i ReroMm, Tlioma* Paine ? Wnrk?, ? np-tber wlih a jrrat trMfcty of elc fantly llln>trale<l *frW? to la- ?"!?! h? ?n<- ton on flwMil and flitiraday evmlnga. by AAKOm. yi.KWIN A t'o . X?i .?id SM Broadway m rrrf Rs Af?*Ti???(KF.?-A* i m, *klu TitiJ ?? day, lllh l?et., b? ilrtue o: a t bai .e, Mo.u^,., at |uv^ o i it? k at >7 CurtMill >Ut<L th<* enllre Kurwwr* of tbn 'I 'el. nMataUM of I'arbir. I hamt?'r, Utolnc H" >m an<l KUi lien Ftirattnre; ?l?i Bar and B?r Future-"; ai? tin Ftli nl uie i f th" Ition ( *<akiu<i, Tahl# and IM IJaM. liklT.itito t i ? ?. .vm '-.lit . ("nrradt, Tov ?l-. N iiikm-, blna, i(l.?< k d ?l|ve| VI A<". By order ?f PAS?'HAI. !? LK'INVKU, AMorftn r Mart| .?* TH" aktt Htln l< p? Ip-rned nnlll M nd*/ 17th Inat. 1'AMI'MaL M LEONARD. M WITTER-' O'llOSF.KR, VOl MRU. <iS Mond<- at 1*0 n ? uirft. at ?A4 < anal alreet all U>e w Houaehod Kuinfure, A. , a fain > breakinaap h'?i?^ k"e|rtt|; I'al h>> "t?i'?, I e?!re and ' T<tnea, PlaitO, Ov toWfc, dlgBiil.t r" ? IMWatry, ihreerir and "toer Carpeta: ha' aid Ot loth?, l"r>?fn *nd t'oiOMp- B~dat- *d?; hair in<j mbcr Mat* ^ ?? ?. )'*?> hi r Bed*. Table *ad Bed lanen. O ain< "onu .ud Kllehen f'urntrare A" Alan, the h?l.n* at ; l>4H ?>?da Alao. MM Hilda aBd < afea TUB BALI* RRAMIH. /'I *>P MfiP If <?r tjie ' fTT WIHK tVAIFX T I# S>:w <Tv\'u?M HAT.f., OptK'-l ' 'uf A?* ?l Mll#C. Till I!i|l|f RVKVt^rr, Mlk at fW niber. M i: aw hy the KmMal o?ard Band. Tirkat , ?/ run* h< "hUilned fi in* t i?r tn wher rf %, r ,4. I wloa liitiiraBled : A *t Mo M Fro'it -trret, F. M. Ilnlbeit Bo W I'ei. * ? ieOif tllaral all. 5" l7w>-tfTlh ?treo' t'. F.. lit mrna No .? Weal Broadway. ? litrtmi >0. a v?a iwb W F i amp No <t? Brofci atteat r. 1. T'lOuieli, No ? rtaUatn>el C I. Ilayd.** No t| Flue ?teee t II llatkwy, ti:ti>* K..*lrerol T?*e?. 1'#"k \Urn i'ntherf<ad. No IW Bn^dway r II, fan -k. No. MO Hi oil tray | Mill acARB ball Ai ADRMY OF 4VMC 1 HI RhDaT, Febratry to, IMl T; le?a T?1 IXAIara. AdaUWlof a f?ati<-m*.i ?o<i Udh$ A MiacBbusiovi, LARMI?U BACRJF1CE. IAWcThicM. n< Piat?l ttipln ww <MT?rad to Um public In New Tort. Vno.ouo worth of Or onertea, Wlnea, TfU, Clour and fmtMiMM* being sold at m< iiuu pnr^t, >i Um gi?M CANTOR tea warehouse! Theaa in facta, faota, facia and no humbug, whiah thoo ?tnda oaa ratify. Give nwan! and you will alao b? aa tailed Ujt thia la tka piaca to buy yoof wmiu Mock uf AND PBOTIUONI. Cam* oar and all, great and wuall. Coaault your owu in larcata, and buy your aooda from THOMAS R. AONBW, SAO Greenwich (treat and N Murray mn?t. New Tart. Qooda daMr?rad free tn the city. At emberkonk, sixTn avenue, cornek of Twantjr second aireei, N. Y.? Papier tnauhe and poarl lnkataud*. Work Boxes an I ><e^*r Stand*; all kinds of Kao- y Good* for holiday presents. from auction, at lialf prloe; poarl Portfolio* for f&. worth $10; point Collars an I point aplniur Handkerchief*, very Cheap; woollen Hood* and Sou tag*, At' , Ac. ____________________ A RECIPE FOR A PREPARATION THAT WILL produce whlakera or monatacho* In atx week*, and pro mote the growth of ihe liair, sent to any addruie- for 12 inula by U. COLSTON, cliemi*', 7t) Hi oa I way, New York. 4 ('UNKIGNMENTH WANTED-WANTED, BY THE HI'H J aeriber, 110, <>U worth of Oouda of any description on conatgnmeiit for W eatrrn trad '; a -1 $H,HW of good a id sati* factory New York Hlo-ka 10 trado for vooda Apply to (or addrcta) A. HASTINGS, Ivy Mrwt Houae. Beat New York and Boaton referen? ?* given. (1ARROTH.? $2ft WILL Bl'Y 1<? BPSHEL3 ANY TIME J within a week, at pier J2 North river. / 'HAPPED HANDS AND LIPS CURED IN A FEW \ h"Ui?, and ibe akin ma- 1 lellcately aoft and white, by the uu of Tadman A Co.'a Camphor t'akn with Glycerine. Nun. 81 Bleecker atreel and 268 Fourth avenue. Hy mall, 25 c iili. C'AMPHOR CAKE WITH GLYCERINE? FOB CHAP / p?*d handx and 1I(h TADDM AN A CO , DruinflsCs, No*. 81 Bleecker itrwl. Mrt Fourth avenue, and Medical Hall, Yurkvllle. By mall, 2b cent*. COD LIVER OIL. Rear s pure Cod Liver Oil c.411 now be obtained a', i'.io Fulton Wholesale Fish Market, alalia 19 and ?4>, and depo', 4A Fulton street, Brooklyn. tstt FAGRE I H HAIR TONIC-TRENCH PREPARATION for aiiengihening and beautifying the hair and prevent I up It from falling out. Prepared by Mine. KA.Klil', For nale at No. 6 Amity street. TT<OR CHAPPED HANDS AND LIPS, FOR ROUGH r neaa of face and hands, Tadinan A ' 1. '* Camphor Cake with Glycerine. No. 81 Hleeckci street Sent by mail for 25 out!. FMIOZEN OAS METERS FILLED VVITII BOWERS' Jton-Freeaing fluid, by HORATIO EAWLE, No. I M Maid' n lane. / MS HEATING STOVES \ 1 W. T GEORGE'S new Patent tias Healers, aupeiioi to any ever offered \\ ar> anted to give auitaf action, and at mislerato prlcos Small ?l??? expiesaly for hatb roouiN M AN U FACT t' RED W F. G BO RUE k < 0 (at Oeoi-ge Ptero- A t o 1 utoret, No. HU# Br-wdway, N. V state Righta for Kale 1 HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE EXAMINED THR contrivance paienteil by Wheeler t<i prevent burglar* I ruin etitertiig room* by meana of nlpp- rn, ami consider It aperi> c* aaleguard. and would recommend all peraona who depend on a lock 10 their doora for ?>>'?urliy, not to fall In proeiiring 011a of tlieae wafeguarda. They can be earri-'d In the veil po?ik-t, and may be obtained for 21k c nu at &n Broa>lway, N Y G. WIIALLING, Captain of Detewtlve Police We have examined the Patent Key Ouard ol Mr. Wheeler, and we would n-commend it to all travellerx a* N lnv ju-t w hat la wanted to prevent bnrgiaix fmm picking locks ?l? u the key la left lu the door. S. LEI. A .VI) A CO , Metropolitan li ne; Can be obtained at 008 Broadway. N. Y. T7" INDLINO WOOD AT TWENTY CENTS, WHEN IV ten or mora boxaa are ordered. Oak aod pine by tiia load, which, if daalred, will be aawed, or xawad and split at low 1 Maa, at yard foot of East Twenty-third * treat. C. COLLINI. Marble mantels. -<ireat bargains for From ?0 to tl) Mauu-U always on band to a?le 1 1 com Tho~e wlxhinit to buy cheap should call wionat A. KLAHEK S marble yard, 113 Ea?t Elgliteenth -trvct, waat of Third uvenu TJATENT WEATHER STKIPS-THE ONLY ARTICI.'. I to meke doora and Fi>-ucli window a tUht at the IkmuhiI. For tale and applied by J. V BEEKMAN A CO, l09Ea-t Elgbtaci.ih street. IJATF.NT ASPHAI.TE ROOFING AND SHIP SHEATH t ing Feita, the cheapeat, beat and moat durable ever o: fend to the public, cireulara aamplea, kc . w 11 ha I ? dfree. Agent* for city aud towna. None genuine unless J urcliaaed "f AARON A. DEORAl'W, iU S..uth alreel, our a?ie agent for the I tilled State*. CROGGON A CO , Ixmd in PATENT MEDICINES WANTED -ANY PERSON' lutvlng a tew <sld lota of P?t-nt Mt-iUein- s t > diap >s cl e?p, trm v hear of a caili pun-haeer by addr> asin< a line tu Kl il cub, lli raid odice. PFRSIAN CORN PLASTER? A CERTAIN CI RE FOR liaid and mfi eonM or bunion*, and all isiinrul swell, n..s ol tlie leet. It ba? be?-n before tbe | uljlU' many ve tin, and taa i(iven universal aatlafact ion to all wlio Itave trt.-d It Sold rinlv by C. II. PHI LLI I'S, druggl*t. ll onton alrvet, c*i - of'Wooater, N. V. Price tfo>'Ui? pi-r pwck.txc. UlCVTBS.? KNOLIsH SK \TES AND ftTR tPS FOR SALE ? to the tiade by w M IRVING, JO CUB street, N V fPADMAN S CAMPHOR t ARE WITH GLYCERINE 1 For numbness and exportation of the akin. Cures in a iViv )e ur* and 11 akea ibe skin m<i 1 and w bite. TAI'MAN A CO. D uggi-.K, SHK F.atrth avenue By mall, X^cent? fpilR <;REATF.ST NOVELTY OF fllE HAY la floo:: I akiiflng at I bbltt Hall, No A W eat Tlilrty third utree I'madway. wiih > 1 1 A l.E K tt Patau! Floor >kat?a. ? fhls Ui ai.ti oomniodlou* Hall will ?w o|? n on Monday, Dacemher I,*. I ?'*!. fer akatiiig The are loi lltid lo call a;td juUg-' lor then <?lve* Skating for the pubHc from 10 A. M tin jT M, ai <1 afk r 7 o ck* k lu the evening t'harga, M cauta pat ti.. parvon* u?lng tlielr own ?katcn, IS* per hour Prit* 1 las* (or ladles, miss.'a aud maate.a, Imiii 1 inl ft l' M. r.ui'Mt lu ten leaaona; charge. $1 Floor *ka ting I- a most el.-gnnt and nit UoiaUng execctae . Il vivittes the tvholn uervttua a) - tem. ana Is invaluable to promote robust li anh Skate* ?i| I at the Hall. THE ST RO BOKO HE. PHANTASMASCOPE OR IJV Ing Tableaux, an amuaing op kal Uluaiou. tat 1.111a ,-a I,. - \ diffcunt kinds. p?i free, on rendp' of thirty eanta. Ad dre?a T. % a ? a. IJ11 Cannon aire*!. N? w York. ROSS A nil HKY, w hol. sale ag< nt*. UWT AND KUIHO. ?>. HONEST MAS- WILLIAM DII.WORTII, CVRI KN Mr, V*l liudaoti found a roll .f in ,n-. c hi aluing ?i IS. ?i.<1 n uii n- it It 1 . ui - II>' ?mh1 mIi' [i h. r it?1 $2A t. w..rd, ;hat he b?ln It would do Mm more it -d than If h.' had hnv.1 kept t' .? Wnole amount. Mo art il. pervee the at MM commendation. rh.- lad " dr 'i>p<*<l I' feela tefy grateful to hlui. Th wh . may eraid >t tilm i , feel Lt.upd that tliey M? dealing Willi an Horn - mm I > .-| that 1 dlechaig* a duty In tftt in# |>ubUcu> kj the a. L O. AN'i ! K VI V F. Ifao ii.)1 *<& bitfiith arenu* . DOC LO ST -A SMALL SCOTCH Hut r, bin* n, hia. k and lan A lihrnd rewatd |>aid to an, I ? i ?"<? ri turning her loWJakl Mrni T\oO I.OKT? A BLACK DOO W ITH WHITE KUK V ~T 1 " Annaera to the name of Mc<t-r A ttt?-r*I reward a ill ti ? I aid to whoever will mum It to Mr. Schwartt, S . Walk-r ?ire. i, N. w \ i.rlt. __ yilUMl-IHK WOULD H OKKAT riKCRETB? WOULD P you all be benefitted *end at oner, with - tamp, to boi 2J, I.j on ? I aiu. Lewt* county, .V Y. Lokt? a draft for 17.000. at mitt path* ?iubt, on Meaer*. Helmoni A Co., made at Man FramAen, by 8. l>a< Idaon May, aad aoeeptod by Mbni < Oa All perenaa are li<n by n illi- d f mni argoiiallag Uie aain* aa nmnai tuM b mil Th#- Inder by tearing lha aat el lb* Aaefc at U-r. Joy a UoUl a 111 be xiliably rewarded. _ ANDREW IMITH T OBT? BCfTORBD TO HAVE FVLI.KK FROM TIIF. lj horan wlmn tunalng a?.?y from corner Twenty tlilnl ? tieet and ?l?th a- enue, a Woll Rot* ? lilu- centre and bt . k boidrr. The Ruder will be lib i ally ie?r?rd?-d by letting It at t aUaglian - II. <07 ?table, Thirty 1 bud ?tn-el, n. ?r ? , a' Mi'r AU peiaon* are lorbld puicbaalnK the ?atnr ]?(HT? i.KKKNW I'll HANK B<H)K Ml MJM TIIF. J I' 10I1 1 * III Confer a farm ?>,. rrturtilug It lo I . Iiunaiu t. , U*.', Eaet Twcnt* ? lfbtb <tri T OUT? THE FOM/iWIVO .VOTKH HAVE BKK.V I'u-r MJ or mklald ? An(. J. Brown, dw Jan. W#l J. h. liaillb r A I'D., March N. It#l, #>H4 4.' . J. H Merra A *on M'll I.V l.-eil |in.'t7 HI I aymi'iii havlnc brrtl -Inppnd, all |wr*OBa an' <auU"to d acatio.! MfHlMilll Ike -auie. Tit ? 11:. II. I a til be leaaxtrd upon l.-arlnj tur aaow with T Lewi<, 4# lire* duay. HKU IBM, Kl? VKD-TIIK I'AKTMAN WHO TOOK ORKAMK I.N 1 IrnD b ond Wrela. Iieada palnual Mue, (rum No W alrr atrenH. wlibln a *?k, *01 Be i?var4ed By oaUlnf at Uiat Dumber M'O IIAC'KMEN. ?f. KKWAKO.? THK A HOVE Kli I vardalll b? ?l\?n l>> tUe h ' kmirn ? ti" g-t 'ho all, .1 a.) |?i?nM wlio * 11! nit" information that .Till lead to lli diet U eery nf the |? rw>u< who got off the II o r|<?k B ?.t n K>| r> a> "train a< Kor1; ammd on Friday night, ibe 7th I'll. Thr paao tigrra had two trnuka. Informatbin gleon l < a| lain W Al.LI^U, LM'lecuv* r>Bir> corner ?1 Br . .n?' am* Kltr. ^ " REWARD - I-Ot<T, BETWEEN WBDNK-UA v V.\ HS ?T* ' ln? and Tberaday ? vi-nlng laat. a gray Hrn'.-h t? rri?i l>- ??. about ali moutba old, baring a white b. ad. biaMB mmm irrd I??iir?*l, and anavranng la tho nam* of .la'k lb' fin vr

by retarn iig 11 to Kobrrt lolui.i. n, IU? and SI] C<utai ettnet, will receive lb* ab?er reward and tb<- ifcanka <4 hr own- 1 tj."! REWARD -LOST. OK THE HTBSI>?J OF TniR? C?J day, I.Vb mat . In lb* Tletnliv <4 Ht Mark * nteo* a Mot>-aliri<- Moealc Hrwrh. abi h If thafln4- r am r uru i? I Ml ?.-c.n4 arrner be will r?wlre the above reward and the tbauka of the owner. 'tilt M. ?L jSSwftlFL or Ml keward^-lwt. om Tin rhdat kvemiio. f' rv/ In a Fourth ae>iiU.' atagei, a diamond ejwMar Itmj. Tb? abnee rewaid wli be paid by returning tb? aatae to 1,1 Weet Bonaton atre< l. ? u-j-a-.i MILITARt. F|H>? KALE CHEAF-A com plxtk n ation a L <?l A HI! uniform, lettable fan a man iir* f-?t ICa In. bee, ?nartv now and m eaceileot londiUoo. Apply la tbe atore .it lluj ?on MiBel ?laee, bad prepaw to im r ^ ^ wtli 1 L| .^K*T REOl^ ^LAR I "J. TT Vutum?m will ba beUI at Th<*w * ? lie. 1 M?AKMI? AID U?D?IWO. AM n MNIHIIKU room to let? m ONE or two iriiRl* Muilfmni with partial Board. Inquire at U7 Fi fa Ftm tod tHmto4 avanuea. AHA.NDW.MKLV ri'KNIHHBD PAHI.OK AMD HKD rooin to rent, wi b Hoard, for the wlnfr Alaooiei large and one -mall Room, Dutiable for single geuUemo, lit the Bi*l elMd buiuw So Went Twelfth straet, nuar Fifth av? Bit*. Dinner at 6 o'clock. At no M East twenty fourth htrket- is a ?trictly private family of adults, a null oi furnish *i Ro ma, wlili full or partial Board, to gentlemen or a lanally, w lb p ivate table served. A LA ROE ROOM? ALtoO A KMALL ONE, WtTII Hoard. -ul able lor a family or single gentlemen, In ulabed or Uni nrniiibed House Ui i; oUm, locution very good. In mm- at KM l.'ilngto uviuw, corner of Thirty ttr-.t aire it. At NO 7 OR \ MERCY PLACE, TWENTIETH 8TRBBT, aeeonddoor Irom Fourth avenue, a haudsomely fur m-bed sluing Itoom, anil Hisliisini adjoining, to let, I '? "no oi two single gentlemen; house private and uotniortul -iV la-t ana teail required. A raw HINtiLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE AOCOMMO daled Id well furnUhed single or loublc Rooms, havlm; tire and git*, with Board, .it 1(M Fourteenth stieet, near I'nlou square. Dinner at 6 P. M. A^m WELL FURNISHED FROST ROOM AMI BEDROOM on liind floor; aUo. a Bedroom, with a u place, to rout t. . jeiillenien ; family private lawallon 42 I'nlveislty plaoe, on Kil tli avenue -tage route, one Mock froui Broadway. AI'ARUlR AND BEDROOM CAN BR HAD I1Y A 1 idy aud gentleman, or two or throe single trn'.lwai'D, ul 0?. K'?l T?< nt) i IgbUi utreet; dinner dt 6 o'clock; private I, bit il (leaned , rvleieucca etc h.. ug< d An KMKIIED ROOM TO LET? WITH FULL OR partial Bourd lloun ha* gas and bath. I ?trui.-r at 6 1". M. Apjily at 71 Hi. Clement ? plane, Macdougal aroet. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY, OK TWO PKRHONK, II AVISO A J\ houa. haudaomely furn shi-d, In Twentv third atr ?? t, i few minub* walk froui Flub ?feuiw, woulil acooimnodat- ? family of thne or four peraona, for company ; the highest rill erebcea given and required. Addreaa Q. T., Herald (I. 'In: ?. AI.AROE HACK PARLOR TO RENT? Vl' RSI ?< II H, on Hie Aral floor, to gsntlem.u only, at 761 Bro.idn.iy, between Eighth and Ninth Mreels. A PRIVATE I KMIiV HAVINU MORE ROOM Til \N they req.ih, .? a ? ntlftna.i au.l wllV, or tw o Klnglo !{? nl I nu n, v. lib Hoard and |ilw<ant Kooiiik. Dinner at 6. lion 010.I rn lnipio\eiaoaU. Apply at Sp Weft hevenl''entb ?liei t. A A LADY IS hksiroub OF TAKINO a LITTLE Olltl. ^ \ to Hoai it, ? nere *be will bava Uie advantages of a homo and rNMte the attenti inof atnolhei*. Aitilreaa rji thrw da>s M . E. It. , I ulon xquare Poet office. A PAHTMESTS TO LET, WITH BOARD -A FINE J\ tuiuare Riaim OU Die "eioitd floor, with ga-s au.l tire, for two pei i iiH at 91^1 a week; >>.1111.. on tbii third tlm. well I in iilkhed, for a lew, price. Apply at 21 Seventh avenue AYOl'NO UENTLEMAN WlHHIfl TO OBTAIN A plea ant Koom, with p<iribi! Board, tire a. id {.r., lu a inn a;e family lu Brooklyn Address, sia'lng >n? ?.,? terms, E., It ? 17 New York Poat.otliee. A Rt IT OF FURNISHED RouMS ON FIRST FLOOR, J\ front p>ulor, chamber and olo- l-, to lei. with (uivai. table oi without board. Terata i-easoitabl. . No. 371 r'oui tli street, n> ui laifayette plwe 4 Fl HNIHHF.D R?X)M, WITH FIRE ANO OAS, TO let, Ul ae> olleman ami lady; H *nl lor <h<- lady only Apply ai or .uidn na I'JO hpi ,ng alreel, on. block I roui Br st I ttay. ltisuns on the iliat and ft- loud H .or*. VERY PLEASANT SCIT OK THREE ROOMS, handsomely I urnisbud, in a ne.v llou e, with modiTu i luprovetnantri. to let to a small family with b.tard, or single gentlemen. Ilioae deairou^ of tlral ela-s .tcc.num sUllOn. may apply at l??7 L ist IJth at. Kflleivnrvs exchanged. 4 EERPECTABI.E SCOTCH FAMILY WANTS TWO ^1 young Men to b>ianl with ihein, w here they trill And a quiet, cle.m ill id eouiforiable h mi.', no other boarder* kept Apply at weal Thirteen ih stre.-t, two HU?irs up, front IUVIU. A UENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK TWO SINGLE g. utlemrn, Ran b>> aeoom'uodat. d wltii pleasant !toom?, tn ?>ci nil or third tloor, with full or partial Hoanl; hooae pli araiiilv situated at W W est I weuty seeonil stre<'t, between M?th and 1 igtilh avenuea. 4 NICE SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET? AT NO. M EAST -?'Y Twenty seventh stn et, third door from Fourth avenu. Csil ai.d M-e them \ ery cheap. A LADY AND OENTl^EMAN OK yl'IET LAD* CAN ibUin a newly furnlahed Knom and g.sal I lady only in a bouse with all the modern Improvcineuls. No braiding bouw. Apply at 144 Th .iii|sm<u atreet, near II .u>t ii. AtiENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH \ neatly furmahed Rnura or suit of Rsims. without H 'aril In a private family, on application at No. 24 We*t riven r urtfc ritn-et, a few do?r? froui Fifth Avenue Hotel. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE REQUIRING OOOD in a priva c, w ill nay AS, to meiuio tin anlgas als.) Hoard foranelleili lidy flic m.i for S3 Adtlrees I six 1.17 Herald Olbce. 4 YOI NO WIDOW LADY, LIVISO I P TOWN. WILL >V lei, to a genii' man and, a furulabeil Irani Koom. with Ore and gas. Hoard for t lie lady Call a' So M Weat Thirty aeeoud street Looaliou betweru FU'th aveuue ami I'rOMway Call for ihis e days AHASDSOMB si IT Of ROOMS ON HVCOND FLOOK also a few Rooms for -ma araUemen ; . *u b had in . Ilrst rlass private hons,., bv applying lmiu Uavly ?t So 2 Eaat > Atl\NtM4)MKL\ rUKNItftlKli BACK I'ARLOIl ??V Ui ^ tltHir, nU i I*iAtlur Miid on Misoi?i)<i rt ?>n i?i i?i, ?i mltb- ui Boar4? N". 61 Founli Vmu mi tli ??!??* bl'?rk fru I HiuMiwty. Board -a rntixr iumi* on thiiui nxnia, HimaWU- i??r two #?? a K<^titU*tii?iti and vrif ?? with lull <>r fditlal H?>.trd, ?w obUAlttHtl iu 1 In VV.? t Elevriitli lit reft, betwn'ti 1 itih and sixth av?tiu?x. BOARD.-T1IKFJ: Kf.r.tiVNT ROOM^ i'AN BK OH tai i iif?l l?) In g hotlftr* with all (lit* ui tl"i u Ira I'lovmuriitn. A Iiouap atiU ? talla*a ,;iiAi4iita'st .>i9 Vfttoilon^.ii rtnfi. IMiAHP ? Kl KNlMlhD f RO.N r l?AHU)R, OS fllK Ml J CO'ul tl? ? ? I', toi lun g> ullflu -ll, al' I Oi Ml IhiUIIM. ual am, ?? i?m a gaolliiuian anil I-mJ > ; l ull H< ar<l for i!i<> lady <<?i-a d -ta%'?*- pa-*? ihr uoiwr No twaHnift C ij ?*. Ihiw iiliiff ?.Infl Hoard iv a trivatk fawh.t in hroowlyv U? ar WaU WlWi t aod F ull ii lerrtao llcM>niii t ?>r a ip?n tl- luau and aifc j* f*u Ivmen. at It lleut j itinvl, n -m I'?Dra^t>k. BOAKO IMIM .> TOWN -no > BKOVOWAV sTNOfal K?'ntlritupn or fnuiili***, Ht'wr JiiU-lent <?r iuii' U1, rati )ir m< ntinm UmU"1 wllb oa*f?4l?blP Ra? wu?, wlih flr?* diiilngth* ^lou-r llUAiiD I M ? 'A \ rt'MV -A H KMMIKII ROOM, Willi 1 1 I uii board, tor i? ii ^iiU'iim u ' liiilita, fliv mil w t-fiiti ( In omik'il, t* |".' >\nk U' i ?ii uni mill -li-i| i iHiin ('urgim )> nu ii init w'lr. in 4 -mnll Ann rlrati family, I ' till tirvrn UM'b Mirel, urai M John * farfc BOA I; It. Willi KTKNI*HE1> ROOM*. PUB 81NOO U> n (? uien hi n?*n le-utn a I ?lir, in a (in va c family okwit ikftf ?i> Inn f*i> imrim Ktmii fur xlngi* ?emk lii-n ? $! I-. ?> erk |t|miri at in ? luck A f|il> ^Jill'tirji* UOAItn IN RROADWAT, RKTWT.KN TWT.I.fTI! AND Thirteenth atresia? The beat loeauun In tba rlty , h ?im fltatolaaa. p'la i'aai ? all modern trapnivenvuu, an ainall?nt labia, dmuir at Hi uclork. A^tpiy at itU Mr ladway. Btl\KD *? ASTKD-I'WK A IlKXTUMlAN AMI Wilt; a pliiln r,?nif.,it?li|e K' .ind <?.. rail Hoard fur lady : Itteakfi-t ?n.l I*, ami rtlnnei, HiinAar*, for MBtiaoMn TinmlT p?wwk. au'th a i'UrM u M A , 1 lei aid ? fur iwu day*. BOARIHM. -A i.F.STU MAN AND LAOT OR V rtw ?lulr (rnllMMl, ?H l>e .???? omm -laf-l wRli ?ool tmanl and the . ..mlurt* .if a botne, at 711 Wr?t Thirty el#litli belwrrn Broadway and Mttn liftrH ie |>OAHMNr: -NEATLT PTRNIflHKD ROOMS TO I.KT Jj la a flrat rlaaa botao. la a prOaia family. u> afeniimnai arul tiki wife ?r ilogla IPm lemon. In ThlrtyMhird eiraet, b? ttreen Hnaulaay aod Hub amnM, .Vu XL Cuetorpuouabl laflldiWI DOAHIMIIi-* YOt'NO LADY WfxIlK* A KOO*. II wltbmn UMrd, lu a plain, n>?p??aWr lamllr. Iie-iilou I i a.fn K.'Urth and Fl^li h ai nur- lddie<a|Ml? I flee MM K Be?l ul rw?i?iu'j(lv??. T "" BOARDIM; -Will* TIIRKE ROOM* TO l.r.T WITH Huaid. ?Ui ah a for a lamilr or -Oflr gentlMarn, III a plaanaiii ?aim houa.- *m taiainf all the a?tern impmv. reun- ierj raaaunable Apply at III iMThUtmm utreet, KMI of Hrooud axnti' HOATIDINC ? A VERY PLEASANT FRONT ROOM ? i'ii M' irtaim Mtaabad, ?miatti* for a^ii'leiaaii ami wire, nrpa ty ?>f unil'Bi ti. an i,ow b? o?MaIii?.l ai II E*.| lit Irani ii iliwl, linn I 11HMI a-.u?re; ale* i a fuud at/.-'l -a 4 1 Romh, ?n' warmMura ni i'i' BOARIHNM -I AMIMI > OR Ml.luu; 4KKTUCMK> daairmir Koartl Mil vbtiio auj? rmr aw ?Inmodat! >o? at a \i 1 j low pr re i?,r fi arlrti-r Rut !? w Iw.rdi r. tiki* 1 ply at Zl 4 w a>i T- ??my iwaH ik? i BOVKDIX". A rAHTT'iF TliRRI. OR Kni R Vol N-. mi" ran *re oti iu?U?l wall ipwl bu?rd at $.1 p. , ? Il k. leludlnii W.tabloa. Ititii a ptraaan- alttl i* r. 1111 ,? ill all ' It*- rnnft' nrt* af a b"*?a. at 75 W*?i vvru'iaatli atraa litar alxih ???' ?!??. Uiiai him; -To i.p.t n> .i>t: i mi-.* and TiiKli: w|\ ? . aKu, a l?? 'iiMtirgrnUriwn ?*?n !?? amunm -lataii \ppiy u x itv Woo-var atrrH BO.VRI'IRO-A Torso WVN OK I*X#D IIAHITr t-ry r'?H' table . untly dealraa Kuard In ? p.aaaam k<-all ty. In a "in" 1 and alrl'-tlii pflrat' family, ?bar?i he '?u tw a ell w mm. alati-d and l?a?e (be ? . mtoit.- uf a (??! Hint" Isialllt lat??u I urtb aU'l fouiterntb ?lre"U an I Mw -nil anil Hli b X* aniie. Rial' 'lln| bullae Kee-?r* ni -il nut ?n???r \ddi^? ?IUi ft*.: t*rtlrular<i C., l? t?4 Herald flice BtikRKIN RROOKLV5.-A llRNTI*l<Aj< AXU IIH ?1'. <?r n f+w iltifl* r^n mitra lo tn? m iZrLl in?t. , The .it.,.uo? ; W. the ? em. . T.s fOOd ... I Vrma moilerate II OA HI) IN RROOKLYN -A I'ARUIR, nl/ITKH Knit t If ia<1v and irffMlraaan or t? > <la*l- fe- Urraen, a lth Hoard, u libln ire miaou* walb of I^iIKmi l?py. Dlao -r at ? k oVlorlt Apply ?t W Ra?-an -tree< KOAJtn IK !?OI'Tn RRfw?Kf.TN -A RE-"*B' 'TART.E pilvata ftall*. "eeupjri >4 a Br?t rjaai bottle a abort <tl?tan?* from tbe wall Mree' f-rrf, will a- ?> totno-lal. ? -Wv alngli r ntiemen who are wU, ij to > i?n togaiher with par lia! Boa I Hre?Ifa-< ind ?upt*i Refarencea eiriikriceu Vddie?. f ' II N Rmofclfn ?*rv-t o#"# Board tv hoi th waoon.rn -a ofrtijim ar ami? Ikla wife ar aln?l- genwrnen can b? aoooia?odaird ml'h rond Board ?Bd home enmrorta. at Henry atreel, eorne? 01 H:aie A n t ' . a few mJaatea watt from rttber Wall atrae* 01 | WouUi ferrf __ OARD WAirrtP Il* MUx;KLYN.-A RVIT Of RQtlKH B far a amall faaliir. la a lm rlaaa arieau- boaae, kioa tlon near Wall o> ?n>iOi ferry, .kddreaa Vu 17U I' ^1 '??? Kf? York. Brooklyn roaro Wanted?a oentuman Wlabaa to take bla dinner (wHhovt room at ? o'riork, whrre tber* l? a ffaod taMa aad aaodal eowpa ir Uieailnn to be betwoaa Haaallton and Xoutb fnrrtaa iUf~r* >v+ *?? ? baa?ad Addroaa O. It , koi LW Rarald afflre Brook i.yn- room* ov rira br4"ond ri/>oR ?unable for faa?lli"a or aiada nttaMii, aa M bad. ?i'L JfcWjit, M M aiBivn ?r*ti HO\HIH\?. A*I> LODOISU. BIO0U.VM.-A I.akoE BBOOMD -roll. ROOM A NO oD' tn third Nil ? rv, handsoru* ly furn.shed, 'O let, at ? '? and $10, Are and light; a wod story hall Bistro- 'in ?i|(< at 'Jki llkAs *tr??i Dinner at i o d-iok. 1 ELEGANTLY FURNISHED huts and 8INOLB J Room* ui lot lo gentlemen, with partial lizard. If den red , the h?uw contains all tin' modern eonvMiilsnot*. and ?* very desirably lorat <1. A ppl r at No V10 Broadway, botweeu Twentieth and Tweuty Brst streets. IfLEOANT FI'RNIKIIED APARTMENT* IN BI'ITS FOR li families ui 1*1, wi? lt->ai - 1 ; alao .? desirable a m BualaUona f?r alngle gentlemen, iu a sine ly firs elaas no iae. , 1 neiueptiobable referent ??? iiMjulird Apply at M I. n'.verslty place, corner uf NUiib street. I UI EoaNTLV FIKNISHEI) BOOMS, EN Hl'IYE <>R I Fj singly, for lauilln s or single gentlemen, with or without board, in the mod rn house, IMl St. Olemimt'a plane, i Mar doiigal * re, ti nuriier of Clinton lilac1 >md nixtrll b.ivtuue. . Term* nfcati-rale T^LEGANTLY Fl RNIKIIED ROOMS, I.N THE UOTEI, Fj Si. Oertnaln, corner ol Fifth mnv, Hniadwa) slid Twfnlj *eoond wrett.- Having completed tbe apacioua Duong Room added lo till* llot?l, the Proprietor la prepare I to ac commodate families and single ><?"nut'u>eii with delightful Room* and Board at table d'hote I'm ate tables ?u<l nu lla a la carU', a a heretofore LMIKSIKIIF.U ROOMS To LET. -A FARI/lll ANI> BED V rumn, luptbar nr arpariilt Al*i, single Kainn Mim i , ?ei veil la the rooni" If desired, aud where Urn onnifnrt* of a homo ciui Ix rualtxed. 17 t lii ist- ipher struct, near sixth , avenue FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? A P4RLOR AND BED room, Uic^ther or ae|iariit?' alao a a mall Be. I room, lo gentlemen ouly, meals l in itialled II desnxd Applyatlt lev roy plan*, Blecckcf street, one bksk well of Broadway. Refe rence repaired. Fl'RMRHT n ROOMS WITH BO* RD, FOR HEN" tl>' mi ll. .Near the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Addi' as V., box 740 1'oat udlce. "LVRMfHED ROOMS TO IiE T? WITH FIRE, FUR I Kiiigl'' gi iitli'ineD, w ith or without Board. Also, * I'arlor : and Biilrooin, lor n family. Kate* moderate, at Roman* iii-mlj- t it i-in?li?-d and renovated Hotel, HM Fulton street, two I door'- b< low Church. l^l'RNItiHED ROOMH TO RB.NT-WITI! BOARD, FOR i ulncle gentlemen or gentlemen and their wlvea, at No. 4 A -bland plaoi'. Perry ?treet. "L^I RNISIIED ROOMH TO I.ET, WITH OH WITIIOI T r partial boai a, at MU Writ liou*tou utroet, tlirie do i-h Ii ni Broadway. ( LH'RMSHKI) ROOMS IN TUB VICINITY OF I NIoN r Miuare ? An entire woind nto try to lot, u? two or tli . e t;i utlenien, In the houw of a private r.iuilly \pply at 11 ICj?t Si venteenth Htieet, item In ing plane. I^CRMSHKl) ROOMM? TWO OENT1.KMRN, WISHINW to room in otto houM", can Bud two watlv furnmh- 1 Kminm in a private f.imllv, term* low, at INi} Sixth treuue, Ix iwoen Sevi uti'Culb and Eighteenth ein* w. ITH'RNlSllED ROOMS To LET.? A PARLOR ANI? " Bedroom in third floor, w.-II furumbid and ivinrnvtid, Ui let a Itbout board; tenu* low. Apply at No. ;*1 B n l ?tri <-i. | ANI1SOMEI.Y U RNISIIKll APAMTMENTS Kill \ lady and nti.-maii, board lor th i?Jy only, rau l?o . li l ^ "?"J ?????< m'aiM ?<f( ui tained on upplu-atiou at l<ih Ea*t l.'ttb it IS ABM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY, TMi: FIIONT Sl'IT on tlie (eiond floor; baa ga?, g)H*l pan' y. and i* well fur. nl*hed : bath on the name tloor. Board If il' iln .l. 06 l.a?t Twrlfth ktre<'t, m ar Bioadway | MRP. MATTHEWS CAN %COOMMOOATB V FEW MORP, permanent >>r traii*ii'iit Iv ai d< rx w Itb I'arl >r* or aingle Ro ma, with or williout Ko.ird, In In-r largo and oommodiou* boune, 110 Bleecker utiect, two blooka went ol' Bi.-a'l.vay, a very pleasant and central location. PLRA8ANT ROOMH TO LET ? WITH BOARD, IN FIFTH avenue, between Twenty nixtli and Twenty-eighth atroetn, in a private family; two iHWUjr ing one room, $JI; om'. (I t, aud a Room on the tioor above, $10. Addieai M. J . Mudl-ion Miuai* Po?t oltU* FJURAVT FI'RNISHKD ROOMS, WITH PRIVATE Rouni, in a giaid n'l'jli Iwrhood, oali bo be fouud at Mr* tioush'N, tgs Bi kiumi Htlxi't t'roUm Water aud btlli tul>s on the pri'itii>>aM. I PRIVATE TABLE, WITH PARTIAL OR FILL BOARD anil freedom of a ?< leoi liime.? An ''legant nuit ol Rooms, on the fliat Boor of a hamlaome mcwlern hotiK'*, with a "Timd atory tnuit Room, with all Improvement*. Orates in every room. Strict attention paid to neatnea* and eniufon. References giviu and routuied. Please apply at MO tail Tbiny lonitb atreet, near Third sv?nue. mwo OR THREE WE ATI. T WUNISIIED ROOMB. ' 1 large and anutll. to lei, together or ik paraie, iiiltable fot alngle gentlemen, cnnvsnlei4 to Hinadwat, M.'roannle Libra ry and t'oojier Instltule, with a private American family. Ap ply at No. 8 Fifth aireet, near Third avenue. rpwo OEjm.RMBN ntlENDS CAS IUVE 4 LARUE 1 Room, with Breakfast and Tea, at $3 31) ?a<'b per week ; I but a tew fl rat elasa boarders taken, and no niheiv |i>ire?l. Apply at 1,17V Broadway, near Twenty-eighth atreet. rpo BIXCLE <!ENTLKME\ -A GENTLEMAN fMYTI'Y A llll larfe, nle> ly f urn la bed. Well heatml Room, every wny *ultable I Or two. ile-.lro In mix I with n '|iiie?, re*|ieetab|e I gi nllenixn, to abate It Kitk lulu , lerin*. it lu lu g 11- anl. f ' pr w*lk I oi at I nn po> d, and aceemlble by the Third are! ' Vouith avenu.' cars. Ilefun le*1* ext hanged. Apply at so Last Twenty ninth -treet IV) I.ET ? A I'ARMlR AND BEDROOM, NEATT.Y Ft'R Dished, withiaa, baih, ke,, si $2A |*'r niontli. Refe* renc t re?|ulr d Apply .it N ?. 37 Si-ootid avenue. fl'O IJCT? ONE ?)R TWO MTIi ROOMS ti NFCB 1 nlsh'-dl, with grat>>. gas and wan r Apply at No. I t \ .1 1' k plai i , sullitau sti< ? t, neai Bli ? eW? r. Kent very rca s"i able. f|H) EET-WITHoirT BOARD. \ LARGE KflOtfSIIED I front Room, for $3 | s> i *s ? ? tc ,i So, $ Kam Headway. T1TASTED-THKEB HKMMIKD ROOMS AND PRI If \ ate table, for a 'in. >11 family. Addivas L, b')i!9M N V Poet odn-e, ataBMg term and address. W ANTED? BY A si\,jj.E <;nv i l,FM tV, t Fl'lf VV lite h- il Room, fiontg nil. III I'oili I' I'litli. Flf l"e I il or hi^ti emh ? In i'i m-ar Fifth <veti?e a . ft coal reqiilr?.i: ga* not ihali i I. \.'lt*-- t| II, |*ulon si|iiaie INx-t oile * , -tating terms. A'' H'ANTKTi -board RY KiFNTLEM IV, rN k F\MfLT a hen; spa it lab I* oonvolwd Ad'lie-s || I , Ian J, 111 Pnsl lit Pi | il M.II.soN PLACE. BETWEEN CLINTON aNIima I ? vrfVy plaiea ? A aelt of Itooin- <?lttMi' foi a g.oiU. mail and his v\ il i ir foi aiti||ie ip'tiileineti, to let, with Bo.ird Ti i mt niod< rale 1 / ? II VM HON n STREET. NEAR WAV FRLKY PLA< t 11/ Pleasant Ko"iu on aenMll lourof a ino ii-i u t>ou-e to let, with Itoai o, to goh'l' niJkn an'ln iie or -Ingle g- nllonieo Every loiali-i o roiuenleiiei R,'|,i>:ii?* excliangod 1Mb tier at ( u'tki k I O norms si KKI I", BllVVKKS III li-MS %MI j "I ?! m*?ltord 't w- \ on ?*hh??r flr*t or | M?c?.n<l 1b*> r. .furnt^h^ill to l?*t, with Bur l, to % g^ntWAAii ?ixt hU or to t wo ^mtomen Kami's aiuill (|1| WIIITF vTHHT f?NF FR<>VT WIl RACK ? M " : tU4m"Ti; g?* n tut bmt it tlirludrd no (1PFFVF. P r R F FT. ARoVf SFRWJ-AIJrrOR ?70 lh-um? K1 *antly furulahul aultaAf Kmma; pa l'r? M ?' I c 00 . olrm 9 foi bftnaakrvpinft MMMHlallT; pan U. m ty ?nl'abl<- for ? ail. rrapactohla f aaalliM or rtnfV grtiilrni' ii. lu-nt low 10 pri iuauvnt tauan'.a. m- XlMlMtK STRKFT ? ri'RNIsllKD ROOM*, ? I wtik H?nl, for ?ln?l> (rnllrno'ii aiHi fi'itlenarii a i 1 r lb> ir irtfM, wub **? and Nitli In th? bulla". inSi N,Nr" 9TKl:?.t ?A SI IT itK hanosomki.v IOO fnmi-hrd llaaitn- un ?**'(> lid rto.r akai a very rmu I foriabl" Mile l(<KMn Ui lat ?|ib?m Hoard; all ;b? modern ">n rwilrrxr- !.<??; it, ..n very d?alraM< 1.H * A VIM } T FLAfE. RKTWKRS fUlinaTOM j 1 a? I ?n'lA'*' ?nd Mltii M'l'i' ? A |etU>Tntu and ba wlfa fan < bcalri a '.?rk? And bat><U . y rimlab'd Koora ouaaooud ? ?.r w.ib (>w ta krt* a. batb aiwl * ?u r clone* Adjoining Dlanar a> 60'rlork. 1 I 'jo wkhi twkxt\ riitmi sthk.f. r. nkar *mn I ?)?) ?????< - onl (1 "? furtv?ba<l ' 111(111 In nbrd nr* 1? |>*u>'iril. ha* <??, 'i<atha, Uif parlor, A- bill uer at aj* oVIorA Pra-neli and En?ll*b are apoken at that MMr, Krf?-i?I?*a rinian(>"l 107 KIOHTH rtrkbt! tmmee doo rh raw nr ? dl Hr.adwajr- Kl?-?ani:? fiirtiiaheal Apart'n<-iiia f ,r fn Itia^tian aud tbetr latnillea, or aingle *"i>tWn<<n. with nr with out t>?rd. BtMrMM llrterencra required. 1 W! r R'*r* BTREFT ? PT. CLAIR HnrRB RUI 1# JO faulty furmalied R4? i>?, with or wlth?trt Roard. for r ntleni'u only M MUiaLOT, Fraptiator, (lata af Ifca ; Clarendon Hotel.) ilin Kf.M RTRFFT NRAR CPRIJff>? WARIOW HOC4K. b 1 ' ' Mirwlj tini>ba| A partmanla. arran*?d for m nul r?l bnn?? kr. ji.Dg with all ?br ?*raM?M?a, idcl.i l - '<4?aAiaj ?J ar?;l? l??l b?-dd,iu. ?aa. watar. k* R?t( Low to <?1(1 ?4KANI? hTKKKT - tO IJiT. O.Mi Ho. .M. 4'. Hi 1 1 1 ? " Hfart ?inr.i f ir mm n* mmHMm >r mm iiMHB xai ba- t i-%* ?'?o, tbn* R<??i? m ?Mn? Iloor, for w r* ?bop* Wr asj? m; wnoAnwAT? tlirt * uocni 4 ?) |r? clrrantly 1 imiali?d R)r>n.?, f ir gMtlaBMB, raa nuw m ?ngAf- 1 br api>.k?t n tb? a'? r*? a wi. Murrwrmv. 4 KTirHIAI. III. ill, T* I *0' M'll J\ ed r i'ial ??( ?u* maV r>"?p?**tliia '?au il*ht'?-? ? !r?n,:1h, annthUH*. MSanUMaa a -id enmr. r at>|r naa l"a ton 1<<- h ?arrly ????!?' "-d, without pain. ">1i ASflraM I ? - FalaWiah**'! rbtb'rcn ???-?- ? I?? HTIH.R. m . U#t,-i. i AITiriCUL RDM nLXIKO FOR DBCATIB mi> rilto wti?ai>n w"fco^tpi?aa ir?o-nain A??i tita t< ?)i 1 .r n.. r>- abe.:< oaa 3a itLad w.ib n b^ lb" J:r.rT? rar, JAM KM FKA RAOR, M U. Imx.'. ?d ii m ?r anl-ay. umr HaTwtarplb iwt I|H tit.tii uh DIErKK .NBA' '11 OBNTIkT, i". rtl.l k< RFlt I w*i ??? t lira d-i? waal . Hr tUat. raapa^ It uUjr in. I' rwa kit frt?M<ia and iim puMlc ?< Mp, UiatM aarMuri. id fr- n> Fir and tiaa i ip h i t<la< ?? ? lib Iiip wnt In*. i>r? DjKri'PlAi if Rr. irtfi ;th, ?%, M;x*?..r?Uf < > II _|?rvii?(a ?upfd<~i ?' ? ?f),| !>' DtlOr aa t?Ual, N'atii ?> ? i. m. i?vU.?.rv, ?. vru \Vg. SI R ' >iiwt "f iwrtitv ? r- -t, pa*i" prt<?j. t?*tb, art* aUv. i A>. ?AI. \?. >Kt, |l ft nblM-r. 4<. <lnm- ? */???* lon . raij - la gratl>; ftlilnM, ritra.tft a toeih, 4 r , ?1tla.iUI p- a. aai'itarla Or WANrtijR. Ipmn tlat, r*tabM?!i? " Iwl, a?? pr -mli-oa V KH'ffU.MXXuPVTWi, TO. m mam* VI . ftra" !?*w Tatk, an I *T Falion atrwai, nraaMfa. Is arr* 'till or racial aata '<f T~*'h .* iMr !m jttM aflinpfc r?epia?a wttli or*llh?ul t>ivlv tka r>*a alWar $X; 7T{, ESTi*# tasna jzrrf Suwir V>M, tll?w ot v?, M 0(?M Twk KMdJ v3b? pain. S arata. HUTkLA. t|E!?TREW BOVtK 1*7 RI'lHTH NTRBBT. NRA IV Rrr?4w%? -Jm' otvwal fartha ?<a'?r t wawntort i or frat>*n and ibati atrfw v ra&* Twalf tk rjwi Af llf HITRIY HOD?E. Tf Rr m !??; . -n->"r -1 T*' COWDL'CTIO Q* THR Kt THla maw and rWani marfaa MitU1 14, ha?lm onm fur ?iabrd ibrootfMM I? ?b? ui??w ot?? foj U>'- arflnmBn^fatlnn -.f *""2 *^.'r j* hot and -.UJ wator. bJU <*?**? *?*" ??rrad In lba tadW ' Irdlfiarr ai all bmara. (If *???? 10 Uio r*w?a with "ll ?atra ?b.r?a. t&tt. ?ad nn#^ j": P""' (RETT. rnprtO.i MALM OK UUAL ESTATE. A coi'rtky rebidkncb. nkak the oitv? hh S\ *""??' PU>'. ? for ?al. in tb?! lower pari of Weaibeat* r KJM,iVV' J.. IroU1 ?'.?**) to fM.OUl). Al*?i Cuiim Mid building fcllea el bargab.i. o. W. OITOUETT, No. i Tryon row, room 9. FOB HALE? THE PROPERTY ON TUB NORTHBAM# corner of Tt.lid avenue ^.,.,1 Thirty Aral tuwt Lot 2(1 by 100 feel, with two Hon... thereon. lnuulre of Mra. DA V7H, Second Avenue, bf i.< <*u Li^uty 111'tL aud Eigbiy-aliih street*. For hale? the new first :la?h brown stonh btvh ftmip U(ium known as 1<W WftHiTtlrii ninth uLtmL new Hioadway; house XI by OUfeetdeup lot a liy UD feat; bulll by day ? woi k. In the moot sub?lauual iii*nn*i houa* has ell the modern Improvement*; ?o!id Mm aalnnt ?t*,r?, ma* tile bell. French plate gifts* In the wind ?*?. Hno? |11 iiio. p- '?? or tt.OOH r?u remain < D bond end mortgage for e teres ol jeer*. Apply to JAMES B. OUUfTWOKfH, No. 7 6ma4 eirvet. t'oR HALE? HOUSE AND LOT CORNER OK THIRTY nluili street und Seventh avenue; four ?UJflj--, ai^ i atocp, brown sMwic front, In pood order; will ba said W>w, on iirauit of the present proopnet of national alfair* l" |Uir^ on the premise*. h'OR RAI-E? TWO HANDSOME COTTAOBS, WITH Cruton, *??, marble mantels, Ac : eight room*, Ave pnu trie-, and in**?l cellar* In each Ixjt* ii> by 1UJ. LoualloD Fori) ?lith rtreet, All feet ??t of Tenth *venue, north "Ida. Apply to E Mi'DKATll, 467 lliid.ii ? t. eet, or f MORUAV, ? <*.-. ml door west iT tbe hou-en Prlne low Tenns FK>K HALE <>R KXCHA N'OE - FoR KOl'TIIEB* PRO perty, In any ol the Ho ibern State*, <>r good* ?u I labia lor Southern or Western market* from $5,?W lo g *>,JH worth of u< J Brooklyn property. Inquire ><f A. HKEBK, H8 Broadway, m* lu No. 7, or on the o?rner of Myr 1?? and l*ewla avenues, itivuklyu. Wi T. M1LLH. I^OR KALE OR EXcll AN'OR FOR STOCK, BONDS, Mortgage" or R* el Estate et the Ea?t, two new ibrwe ?ti ry end basement brick Houses, tr**?* oi ruiminbrauoe, built uioKlly by ilay's work. In th* b. et man in r and moat Im prove! **tyfe, with every convenience, water clo-eur, hatha, wai-b bend "tan!*, Ac SVIihln oue block ol three larilea? l'eek ulip, Division at reel end Roosevelt. The situation U of the very beat, eorniT ol Soolb KlKtilh and Wmumi I ?ti*?'t?. Brooklyn, E L? < ell on oi eililrriie KraiikUa J Hntn, ii Komh K? v.'iith etrert, from 1(1 o clock A M , to 1 I' II, or hi other bourn et tf?7 'ireiul ulreet, brouklyn, E. D. BAROK Ft) P. KALE ?THE BAKOE IN DKKKNDRVl'E, now runninR Iwiween F^b .lll and New York ?he le I7t tune t'ue'om Home meaxnri incni mid will otrrv 'Ml u> *D tone; le fitud up Willi ete'e roouie mid cubiun, uud Ik 1 1 iier feci order for *n> bu?lru?H will l?- * t.l w?tli .,r wtiuoul the eublu fnnilture. Applt un l>*rrt, ?i fi*?l . .f Itotiui* i, mrcnt or Ui WALTER BRL.T A CO., r'Uhkl.l L.?ndtiig, N. Y I WILL EXCHANOB :rjn ACRE8 OF I.A ND IN MIH eourl for e I'leno end houeebolil Fnrmiure Title li?ll? | u ible. Addiene A. Hi^eluW, AilP'a, lutllmut. MERfllANDlSE WANTED F<?1{ REAL RHTATB.? The edtertUer wisIich to exi'lienve r?el c-tete. c n?i?i nff ol live four story brlcK dwell nn-. ail well tenanted, when ei e l'K-ated in a very ileMiable D< i(;lil>oib<-nd, 1 1 in nute^' die tanee from State vtreet, Hoxton, M??i The h o?">aie mo de' n built end lu npleMild order: it1"*! tenant- in Iberu. Onit or ell <au lie btt'l in ei, ban^e I or any u nd ol n>o vhandlne. Addreee c< tifldeutially S , (hu *1 Viy Po^todlee, Boaton, Mate. \r ALl'ARLE REAL KSTATE ATA B \ ROAIN ? MOD em brown ?t?.ue Dwelling, No M Weei Twenty eighth eireet, one bb > k f r? >111 Broadway, three etury and hli-b ?l7?ip ba-? mem, Jtt fen> front by 4S feet I, n Jll by f *-Mt Two tblrdaof the pun lutw nmnev e*n rue on m intage f.>r tlve yeant. 1 am cV .ertiiined to a-ll It. Ii u aa valuabln k? anv vitr property end incj^ aaliv In value. Apply to M f. HlOtKS etftll), 7h William ?tre< 1 \1' ANTED TO IM Ut'llAsK till I. EASE? THREE LOTH ?? of O round, twt front by ldU ?l-ep, In any ol tlx) fol lowing >-tn*i?: ? Canal, between Centre and llron Iw ay. tiiat.d, between t entreai.d tireeuc. Broome between Centre and (?rre:;e. Howard, lietween Cenire and Broadway. Crimby, beiween llowaid and Urooiun. Mercer, between Canal anJ Broome. Addre??, with full |<articulaie, I'i?<l oflM, Hoi U'AN rED? TO ri RCIIASE F??R CASH, OR TO LEASE, 11 sm.ill, well iinpioved Kami or 1 ouniry HeaMleiKK', w ith thirty to forty eere- gixxt Ijind. with g-iod eupply of Fruit tre> a and a ?ulietaiitial modi rn Dweiilug lloii-u, with ne, uful Outlv us- a, uot above ten to niji.- n tall a fr m the city and Ux-atl 11 of easy aoo-ae by rui:roa>l or ateaiauo,tt. Third | artlcx lu ed not aplily Addn ??. ptr.l< ulara, pre e , to l'orto, Br>. A C?> , 2* I lne atreet, b.-tweeo I end t P M Art OKA ? FOR KALE, TWO LoTH ON FIFTY S*K 1 -lu et. between -i.mml and Third ave ntie?; mreel sewi n-d and pated with l',clg|.,ii pavement . ul>? neigl.hoi lioial. Sixty per cent can remain Site, earb '^?>I<?I5: won'd eii banflp. Aildn^a or apply to M 11 Underbid, tu Read street. rt r.Ort \CRF.s CHOICE WK.-TLBN LANDS W1LLBE ? ?? liaiiK'' ! I01 uiei ''lutuil'ke by J. S Ft KtiER M i.V 37 Na au un tt, ro?tu 10. I W w I WORTH <>F STAl'I.K OOODS WANTED. ? 7? F.v Ft M ' About one rjuaiU 1 of ivhu li will b paid 111 aach. and the l?alaiic? In pine timber* d land, located la thli Sluie, at ra- h prlc- a. H. StVMOl it, 30 I'UM etiret. FUR HALE. \kAKKRY FOR SALE- ON A V ALI'AKLK CORNER^ Vlth all the building* thereon, laMlitr irtlll Bury* nanmii, Cart", llarnen, llutiiie-a ana Elituree, mrua ed a few b|* xki f n?m t he Fuluni and < at>. urine I er: ie?. Hi klyn. Ternia eaay. Inquire of JOHN K EHILLiES, No. Uo 1'ly. motilh enee'. / 10NFEC"TIONEH\ ?.v|> TOY STORE FOR B*T.K? " L* aee, "-tia*!; and I ulur a ? 1 i'< . I1'" t lenery a- d toy Klole, in a ???* d I* it '"II Inijiur* '"'i> L . itb av. . i -, onit (Pie! above I'll tl* III etre^t. 1 v l( t 1; eToRE l"K SALE lllr. -I >? K ANII FIX 1 t turn of ? atuall retail droit eUic 111 he . *i c ? i? n ., Ill . lerroa, t<u* l!|er Willi the pi.. I tie. l'a late upant, a pi\?|ei n piriitlv deei-aeed Tl*** Ntor** I* eiit* l?iy'd, all* 1 1 r*-* lit a 1 1 rill tac iillt k for bu?ln*'?a to a voting tnl tier F* r I'i'Ttlettl.ira *]>|'ly to Mr*. 1 ROSBi &L! Fifth Vol! SAl.E-1 ??RK STORL DOINO V le '? ID ?r ?l P iH --, In a bii**lr*?-- -met, with Ittnm o rnpleie; I101 *<| and cart It W anted Apvly en the p rml***-, tirand "tieet, tMrd door abote Umi?< <?p, VV illlam-biii g Villi SALE ?A FFLENDI1I to -Ti:K tvf? Ii|NtN<> r ael' Oii. m it b crlvat* ?upp* r 1 .. *n - In olr** in tli ? - 1 1 it ond* r th** lie I i lucp i II I* I e mi ? of II ua on Ulid Cr* **b> air*** l?. v*)iWi WILL I'l'I'CH \SI X HI MNKs IN llRiMlti. ?filUU lyiu by wbb'h a Urge amoint of mon.j *? *n Ut m.'de arid no r(-l Cull '*n T SISHFK, at the - in \n. |**> llou e. Ill Nii-nau etreet, New Vork lioi s KM. ROOMS. ?W? .. TO LRT. h'I KMsHI D HOI SES To LI IM M KDI ATELY.? A hao'l-ou.. ly furol lieil llou- **u M*?t r?* ntvllftl> -*.r? el. r* n $1 .'<?l; . * n \Vi ?t l *i|1) -nt; - l et, $l, ll?l, *?*,* iaii* **n Flftytlfth -tn-el, near Broadway, i * ' a 'north; * I'* t> Fi.riv -Ixlh atie* t. t> .Vm Klegant I'ail .r- 0*1 Krailwu, K1 NSHIMF It i CO , 1 ; Fourth av -nue," JUS ,">ssa*?'T; ISi iK ,?rs'. prtvala r-.u?ir?ntln b.. m- iW JOJ p?^ fl),r MTU ,? "iVr u,l?ky md HI.U. ar.-uu-. Apply A 711 Veil TblriJ ?< >?hlt 2?| . ., - , At Ra?t-, *?? hT P> No- ?? hi K>' :*) bj- 7?> No .0 MMTtfi K bf U; ><i. ? BaifUy, J6h* 70 \i?i inan><lhci- in difao'iii. W-i lion Apply 10 BAVI.IEH A H\\ I.KV, No. i Fiox ?uwi. TO LET? IN * BROWN STONE Hot'Mt, HATWO A Lb It* iiaidarii Imprmami nu, two or llitaaf ninlvlvl Kmim?, wlili < it wRhnut pat' *1 K'onl aolUtblr f-.r gvnll?oi?a. Ai \ >y at M W ?<1 I ?* 1 1 v It: -? ? i ????i ri'O LET? THE STORE NO. 11 WEWT BROADWATf 1 kiwi A|nntm.'iit? al 29 and M \S ???' Broadway ; H, 'W *i?f 4n Th'tnaa >lia<-l lit.. riiuin|'*o'i *'.*?i 21V llna.ui. atrcclj Hwrnfiii h2 W a*t Broadway alaotba I'arlor fli'V and bu tc Baaamirilnl bouaa 14.1 Maadcw alrai-i, Hohokan Apply to Jl LIEN I KKVIKR, 9T. O-.iaiio iitraal, inrnarof Broadway. TO LET? AT N<> 10 ELEVENTH HTKEET, FOI'R door* *?l of Broad *ay. two Room* on the vi'inJ floor, tum.atifHt, with all llir nvduii Improrearnta. r> l.ET-uKKTKKh A FA RTUFhTH, AT WO 1*4 THIRtf ataoua, nrai fifln i'lb -Irwi, l Ut'-r K<?>ma. ai fl<> MJ aJ-a> ilirwr mi* l.'r?.nt-> at ,V. ltd TwairtJi ?inwi, n.rnrr ?r Third aii huf at $t*' al-o ilirta Hwiai al .No M Davollif NmL a' ?.'> .4> 111 111 mc* ord- r I M Kl< II A K US. No rn Fourth aranna ?|'<? i.i r-WiTARM rr?R A ??frvsiriA* or others, I Ik ill' ?11.11. II. iwiinilly I uini-bad, on Fot? - t ?rt II . iKta'iiy IroDi .lamiaryl till N.tjf. or lon^ar Kant may a ar il a' BIWW p?r yrar or la-- Won if rant Uw- ..III. ? ??paranTv \ddri - *ilk W *11 Hro*.tw?y. '|*n IKT? INTII. 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