Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1860 Page 2
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STATE OF EUROPE. Our London am! Paris Cor respoin!fH('t'. THE LONDON M02JEY jIAuIISf, ir., ikt.y &.c. Wo k'ive th* morning some a Ulitio:i?l extra t.s from our UJ?- received by the Kurt pa. Mr (! 8. Thunder, who was chief ei:t;ii.por on tin-) Uiv Hero U.ui beru tried by co it t martial f ir b itruuk mi (be '.3>th of October, (to?iu niter the Hero left f'ortlau.' He pleaded th< ion of hospitality to viaitor ju.-t IxtCorv llir Hero nailed. In coiwe'.eration of his prove) uljr h ?h character, hw puiiiahraent wait mitigated to rivri iuiii 1 nnd duiniatial Irom tin* 1 1 ro. It would appear that K.urop ? is destined to lie .r ere long of I'oiibb nationality. Lettyrs from l'o?on t?t ? tint lit- CohA journals openly declare that l'oland tuu.-t bo ??.iin tl.o l'olaud of other tirno.-. Lord li/iu o degpatchee down to the 23d of Keptosubor have boon pubimho>! in llir lAinitnt Ua:etU The !?(??' rial Ounmi. sii ners had made a communication to l>>ri B3fin, d' daring thai th>-ir power* would enable th"ui to conclude a treaty . and that they were willing to sign a convention identical with that recently proposed to Kwi-lliaiig ? the terms of which have boon repeat odl/ be Jure the public. We k?irn from the CnmtUuti<mnrl that the Krei rb tioo^ are trWiug up their winter quarters in Syria. Our London 1'urrnpontlfnff. lAMfDOX, IMC. . 1, 1860 Afcurt in Kuropr? IKW is and ij not Briny Ihme ? Ih* A7l ) lu/i Hrimdt at yuplf*? Condition ? >f Italy ? Kurapran i>yna*ut? Tkf I'mBpfctixt American I'rindjialiii Jtm-d fim'nsrruil lYeaty /{'turret England arid .1 aslrui ? j%, cmna War? 77i. A< AVyiuA Srruil, Jr.. a Allaire iu nio.-t ports of continental Kurope are .is b i lly mm .tl up as ever. tiucta wont surrender, young llQtnba won't clear out, though lie kiaiws uob idy wants l/w:s N?pnloon won't withdraw his fleet; Uaribilli w ?n't e.?i? buck from Caprera. the Y-upnlitituH w >u*t b#i,u ?Ual to their ni w sing, I'd. >ur won't be courteous to . U>? IVUtor. An U>n>* IU wou't be un h mest Christian; th" I'ope w n't ruu nw ty; the H ipul>urg won't grant a le sit cmslitutiou . Hungary won't haul in her horns; Vmiatiu won't aii i the lievil se. in* along while in gsttiug bid own rrobxbly by-anrt by there will be h di. tient Htory to tell OlkeU f.i Is. lJomlia uiizzleH, the Pope slop u, Vwietn is In Hungary revolt*. and ib-n th" H*p*b<irg riim ii down on his marrow bones la i*orUl fear and promises any thu g, but, like 1' to the chicken, he spivik* t??> lute, tnd v-ry likely & doutsstic rebellion or thv hand of an tuwis in wBl put Hu una to a dyuasty that ha* reigned on the batiks of the Danube for a tliousaud yearn. All in? not glorious ? b it dubious uncertainty. 1 .$? Ion . an I Krauce seem tu be about the only count ri.-s >n Karope that eti: >y ooni partitive tranquillity . and hag m 1 tin- only eouniry where revolution due* n>t sums time, pri*i*elively at least, rear h< r horn.- Aud the Knglieh wni to get along much b> tU r in managing tfcur own ,.>ui>in<??' than in arranging the affairs of oth *r nation*, lam r. >t suro but the va unt Uelts who made war fm- the 1'opr, went to Italy lor wool and c .nir back shorn ? will b? able soon to turn the laugh again- 1 John . tull The Kngl<sh brifaue at Naples, from all accounts, s .-onu to be iu very much the name condition of Kalsl.kifs ragged n>gim< nt , that he felt nshnmed to march with through Coveutry If the Kiighsh profile be uot ashamed of th? csidition mil Ireutuient of th''ir adv. nturouh cuu try me u in Italy, then !m u pirkM herring. By all uc counU ?' no e) e h ah been nuch fceare crow.-. " The fai't is Uio heail aii'1 fi .'I .U1 1 aoill or th ? war luw departed, the go. I of their i iolatry Ii u? gone to hi* little in farm at Cabrera, and which Kiug Victor had splendidly titled up Mid planted for him in hi* absence; aud Dure h ' in aw.tilMig the turn of the times tlutt talk forth his trusty sword agaui. A flairs in the llnlian penlueula are In a groat muddle, and I ? ? *r it will l>? ? li*ig time before they are much better. UatWra with p?^r lVnuba grow w>r*e and wnri?? Tiia patriota are gettnig their ptra'.l-la and apf>ri?ch' * draw u i loaer and ci<?er, and th? U.uU Ih?iImHiii?.i ? w i??imruiT In about a week from thia lime. K*'u(!lK>nn had Utken pu?.- In ??????? r> OutMde oi NapKw. ..a?l m-ut? h.wtile ban. la ha<l raised the cry of " I'tes t'r?mcact%.' ' "l>own with Victor Kin^Auell" Then, agaiu, highway rubbery had b.-come quite c >m luou. T he pni.( pal care of the te-w King lia.- n to be to keep up hi* Mate, meet deputation*, receive p ??ti tioos.andin mn< ert with Ouint favour tu dirtribut? the variuua oflxra. honors and rewards anvug wh >m r *1iy, the creatures from lurm, aniust entirely igjhirillg the < &i?t? tuv u Neii|<olitau st iteemeti whoop|><M<'d the laU' Kil.g, ail.. UaribaldiaU ollkers whu drove him aw ty. that mode of prmetiure le v r will do. and we can only c<?nc to tb ' loncluslou, which a great n>.mb r arrived at sooie year- ago. tiuit Victor Knuuiuel hi a man of n ? wia d<?n , flrmiK as or ?t?acit> . It U not agn<??ide to be'i?ve that tie Italian. . oTter Uieir h?TI>ie KtrugfleS. where they fought more like g<nis tiuin men, have gut a sort nf jotl) King ? hari.s 11. for s aoveiy-ign. It took tho valor andsagnrity of a Washington to le?il them lo victory, audit will tak'- the w--dm ut a Vaahington to give peac?, qutet and ?tabllil\ to the nation with its ti t.>i o geneou* t at iona! t ,e? A long and ,?tortny career m i>e lore tb iu. i?nl unlit* mdvliy. pati-nc t wia.- govern m nt. liberal i.iw* ,>nd esilght?ne<l educi'ion cotniilne, there a ill be no hope for a united Italy. It is a hippy thug to ivrthrow a tyr > nt '' i IV] kI p ?: the tyrant l>ein* slain " but It doe* not at once bnug */>) and plenty aud que' lues* to the o)>pr.? ed hsasH You in America have had fnre.-d upon your mind* very pro .iiO' UU) lb* cur on- conn idr uc-' of a va.- 1 ftirnsi *>f | pol'tical element* timuliasmufly on N>th ?id ?< of th> At'tntic. and while b '? iu K nop> a itood in my dltlorcnt pwiplre aerm to be tired of their Huvr^irm, aid rhtmt uut their governments, you have ?om* re??ie*a rptrita ainusg you who would I*1 fUd to rend the l"n <w in *''ec** bet tb' m think twice twforv th"y act. What k.nd nt a picture does the AlmmA dr i ?<'An for l*dl pTf ?ent In ? mere ennmerivtion o> th ? enwe-d h .ids i?f Kur.^te ? There ari?? including tb>?e km/ling* iat-ly sp*at la the Dnchie*? ?" r< iguing mrvreiog* Iu Kurop " Tli ink of that, M*?ter llrooke "? Foety nine Kinx*aud Q-h+iw to reigu aa I nlenvra tract i/ country scarcely la/g.-r tb i.n i .V p.ri >ti m yaur cuntr> ' aa' it lb ? tir at FathT of Wat ' * And #hen yo* I t.tke an analytical view of th ai you will ?.<e th"e are <*iy ii.>ine Bv nf sit thil have any ^v.iti ?n or j?>wec ?tiUl.ani thai a great c*t -nt the p?<p*e hi? ' << ??! |*#ite?, are well cared f ?r. have roi.m an 1 verg" Miough to move about in, aud [>? ???>?** a distinr. n?tionvl char act r lo be proud of, In proporlnw lo the ?tssn< th country . There are, hwever. e?yptt-n? This. SwitsertsM to a fire and ptvs-peroiis and a Ivippy e mnl.-y? but *he i? a rofeildic. fiunpare, If yon will. ih<- P" lnm of n native rKiWleiit ISKt.ig i -r. a f i?<' vn. a H>iiiall. t r S native of some nt th" Utile ile-nn" nriuei palitle* w ith tie- ?<-nch. ti * Pfir?t?n*, the K<M* *n?. ?r ths Va^. >rh Tie i. nil- o? the little ;?*'t*l is? ftwigbs ? or , its von would *ay . t?i" ""Os W*" k enr k?mt ? cas only irsvrl a few riu b.-r.>re they corns t > a n-w frontier, wbere psMports, n w laws, new r*< d?tsi,*. new money , rn?t"tTi no i-edutie- . and pmbihl* :?"?r vn giiog ' . miUtee Ik* *stwi)e JK HKHiSet <?n tli ? ' i t< l ab. ! a direct and p-rjrt >%l o-ti..*lm?.-nt Hi nk f Die ' to .r I< h?- ng % f 'I ein? I*'i'e ni!?*v.?*t i-wa. a otth"l' i?c <W .*i tai.tu! ?.?* !.-?? sras h?* lust ??? n gul*eiM t<i b# ? itlisrn, S?Vr SB M'lNSlTSpl?t M S .If I hv Ihrv.- jri^r- . who niw I -n -? | w* much a do'.Vii %" ? e ttv f 'H'r Ti l* h till f ty ssd th<- na'lui al gr.? nt ? if i* I Sf aunlistb territ. ???? <if the I'rt ??? <>f <**'*??? j tni. -t.'.i, wb'?. ? ach ng l*r.iw? hi* ? h ne in-' t""* i i> i. t- | thr.* year* , or l? t>e v auh < ? of t'ei is ks > iiV i l*. mm ftoethen? a i " ' >jr years I a ? n ?? I Wish to in*Sll tb* h ??nb ??*? re?.|.* Who !?<?? ' i I r I w'tli a ptTiisal bul **<?| y I e.un. t h vp taicvi . tha" ! I nddr?** tnsny th anaivl* wb ? rr , | name 4 01 n> >f th'tM" illa'trt"1!* an 1 11 ?' ??'i.. > 1 the flrat time bol !f So, I a 'Mr* tli ?* that I ?m I . VA tag, but givlnr tr< m .? in id '?luM ? 1 ??? th* I taimee of r?wl ,!iv??? eirept oil iVruumi lrg lj:t w ?-. | lias just gone off t" SOtf kin/ * h'*?v?i t > r<* 1 iUl tue K^bib headle** fhartes Jail 1* Cm*i*. Al*sas1er, la gurtha and num*r <? otner sw w .> Xt >i o<lla*s. and very manr who were viw"%v< brainl ?*?. h ; ritst regal sovereign*, wh i ?'str-it and (e?.t tlieir^ Mttle i?,.ir wpi n the Stage, and then are b *rd rtn m >,** Sow, I faney" 'f a m iu I* a nitive <?r a sills** 1 few** Of Runeta. at Orsat Brit 'la, "f ??ratll. or t if t'n t*d ptatee, he pi-tak*s >f th* diglity M Ihe pnwwrtul nation nf wliirh he form* a part . fcit.r*a?ly, I roniwi ?" any dignity at aU in b^ itg ? n?tivd of ih* tlsitil' ^wi* nf fcbwa't'etrgltudolaiadt. or of *l?^klent?urg. ^t^lits 1* of Bohemia, thongh *om? " Boli>*?nlin* arw f T?X nf C0?*ewt**iee, or at ISMt, of aorns "non* ? " An<1 now you miy ??k what all thia M at?o.?t rr what It is aprnsa to. or w.aat I am driving at. Very m ich, I a*aur* y >1. I wa* tstsking bow ben'.t.f-ii thai gmtt v fry, Us* weet aids of the Allontte?tYil eo-iutry that burr and read* so many flww Tow Br*<ir>* ? bow SK)e it would lonfc cat up into a rr?ai ma >y Httk p ti Ht .te. an vs r*ignti*s, oak* l> mis repoblta* hiiig>t<ma? or vtnt niU How well It WOTM eo'ilei ?? this *We ? u | *v. pected! What wrold we sntleipat? elw. rwn a d*evv Craf r ? Thoee Ynike* have 1 isptayM th?tr ta?"i?-,r? k?ig ? rweigb about free governs?-s?s. Tbev mm* fan t . ptarw A or ef.e havs a King " Aid -ry k ? ? ? ? t th v have p?ue| and rh"*k ??o?tgb~?wn? >4 th?i? Hhr?t"l Vss msy e?wide?eend to otf^ tn r?tga <*v?r v ?i , provided yn.j hav *.?t ?r*l rf * r*poa|is sn 1 Wait a monarchy And bow i?* itlfslty a lot of naw t|il a i t d ? > ? 1 ? t .? I r'isis 1 ? ?y ftais, In dint p"r?^asMv?-? if, .? ? 'iit?, nn dsii'il? ? M rw t!t*W cnsiiHatfKrsltv * S t fdss-w. at w?tl g'll flvs us t'f ??is ? >?f V' isfi 4 Bstou lU*j'4*, or Bir Nurldtichca, and South Carolina c>i1d turr out GeoariJ I (Jnattltbuni. or I/> d KoiU . an t ho on aS infinitum. The nu> icua of a Hungarian l."gi<iii is just forming at : Naples. auU when t.anbaldi naJ 1Cjs*uUi got thoir pi*u3 laid it in h ppusod th t ? trip tuwai ,m the couut ry of thj ; Tyrol will Ix* f-?t on loot. Hy the ??)?, Men-us. John Arthur Rmbnrlc and John I Orit II l/'vei , two wall known in tubers of tho Uou?a ot Con.ti.cii. j"Ht on 1 1 ?ii'/ vumi to Vienna, trying I In 1 ij llie btsi* ol ? coiiim I -atj tiotwo.-u Kugla-il un ! Auati is, nuuilar lo in one tual j: tijbd uLuib -en s lJ*d uineut. I In brit mg ah<> t between ihm u^uut'jr and Francc. Fiom j? tilic luvoa&ta tui 1 prlvilu jure-*, II ;irn th;i! there team u th.i' | liability t!ut th" ?>m in i cinl spirit wlin louu ?t the t, uw i ri in 1 no md the Iii-Jul) i for Sholl.ekl w ill b ituc. cKHt ul II til -y ar ? it will ojH uup .4 1. w vr I |.?- Austr.a, and in tuna lay t'i fo in tialion lor rwl trod which aknld km rxii i, mil w hub must some lay . *!8t b.-tw, n th great Kuropaaa i-at tonalities Tin in got 'at ions .ir e Htill g -uug on.aul If tins M*N bUMMI ol . jt . ia ut wll adV'Sod, ton vtiil |. ?m iiaveuluit fi lend and ully in John U iU,;n Igllii.n in). t|y by tijM-ulr p an hom-st end p-oilta!>!" ??* ? iig-- b >tw ??<u liui -si inii win"*, Austrian minora!*, grain and m.iuii'".tc turcs on the one side, ail tli? goods, War os and fabrics of Manchester, I,ne Is and Sti ?fllt-1. o.i (ho oth -r ll fi ??in.- th ? dn> f treaties You hav# lately lui leam-d your trn<i ? a- d liustiio.-- a ?l political iu ti i ouiw w ith J..pui, and hail a siy poop at the limpo roi 's U|>t nt 1'ekir 'lalking of China, the Celestials got a few illustrious John ltulis iu a ti ;ht pi*4>.>, an I among t^em th.- *tn.-e tar j to the onihassy, the intrprelur, uud Mr., ?hi- special correspondent of t?n- Ijoudon Tone* Thex were out mi a sort of H'lrv ylng ptrty ami jjnt surro md.-d, made prb . n un and c.?rriod to I*ekiii, wl urn th 'y w 'to at iigt n^-xiiiiitii doint< well.'' (ire it Ciiini - 'CJ *? ns to b<- expri'txl In the Knv;ii<;h ji.:uais that tliry wifl b>i ki:dl> treated and haw a ' Hilu return," hut I emfiw.-i I am not very wuiuulne Th^e be.iats and brute* will do anything And the tw '? powurful natioim ol the W.-tft are not C"ing tu Miia^h up that pnx;<', or rather that set of tliiiu. a* e.taily a* they at llr.-t sup(iosi-l. I am oxpi-ot I ng to hear ol a tn; rible reverse boforo they have lialf ar<Ninplwhe<! their object; but wo twin hop ? forth" bust. Huec or four bundr&l iuilllo i |Mitp|.>, who have kanvn llie uMe of gunpowder for a tlio ,-t.uid years or no u, aro not going to b. shi-Ued out of half of A*ia by a few Ar;n strong (;uns in a single campaign. Hut let u? wait and Seti what Wi' sh.-ill S< '?*. Von will get by thin pi lit the announci'munt of the death of Ch- valler Rims'in, am io, lik- hi;' grrntr c m trj man Boron M iniN-ldt, illustrious both in aci ntitlc ,tu I ? lip matic Clroles. At Washiii t.n. where he w ?? well kiaiwn, I clottbl nut bi t there will bo suitable marks of resp, ct shown to Ills in. mory. llaron Biiftsm was olio of th. most Illustrious savai s > . modem tims,iwid gro.Uly beloved tor his spi tless, (e iv. t ? charact' r. This month flees the biitii ol a new literary serial, TfHfl tlar, u Uiudon marir.lii', fur ti.wn and country re.i.: or-." It t.-i ooaducie I byileorg - Augustus Sala, t-o long k .own a.-- one of tlm most s|>.i'!s ling and ainiising w rit,' in luck ' lUiu-smil I T >rdt, ate. known to ux here in i.i .on for hii nutn ?run ml able edlloritils, which h.:\e g,vei! u very hi<U SLan li.ig to the Itailii 7>l<yrap)i. it ?? i ij, large 4 'hilling's w.iftn of 11 >gtr/..:ie reading ever >. 1 - h* th ? hnglisli public, c<>nt Un it.g 14d octavo pages, lhn editor makes his bo*r nent pli .u ai.Uy to his remit r s in some ' traveln'' very near h< ine_m fact in 1 /union itself. Ho says, as lie h.ippens "to be tor oner the sole editor aid c ? itactor of this nine izme, 1 have an uti lonbted : right to compose my articles in my own laalnon, and therelor' offer 110 a|mlogy for ba.'ianing the' i | "Tiaveis 111 th? Oiunt; ' .ddl' sex " with a diss ??'tat ion : ti|<jn hero woi hip. I den t a-k you to rea l a hue of I wli.ii I li.ue writton. There 1, h.i d ceptiun, jmii are not if lruudi'd. Wi gne vi i rh ? more hi itt t th in e\. r It. :tish cuntributor ha! b'n. e for a shilling. I. t that 1 she. : be my sb. rt to spin a I list. Cat it ?> it if you like j when you Send 2em / /?? /'cV pi the hitidor. "* And, I jud^iiig in... 1 the lirst u unb r. a formidable rival it will be tor Th.-ick' ray's fruitful f niAill M: Sala his as sn'iated with him, I understand, as assistant, anoth -r I htemrj 1; iitlemun little I ss known her* m Isnid in he 1. b in 1 Mr Edmund Vales. One hardly liiow ? j uh rv si! O'o rt .. and b?>,-rs cwne from whl 1 un 1 s r.'f si 1 > i.'.j* new lajwrs. serials arid nugaz nes ? I sis dd pi* 1 an (our limes tue number that wi>re printed in IH60, b tore Ihe restrictive law< tirst began to give way and unshackle the press Hut "increase <?f app -titu gn w s by what it feeds on," and gind writers and good popular jiM.ruiuS hu\e v.istly multiplied Ihe readers. And >"t. a real, universal literary, or rutlier educ-Uional em ha- but just bt'tnin to dawn ii|N>n kngland. With a nuvio: ily of the population tli* IgnoranC" is frightful, an I it is astonishing hi?w many of the liborally ?ducat*! are proluui.dl) Ignorant of the elmnenbt ot the language itself. An Kugllsh rudimentary, or spidlkng biok, to your sch<x>i t iicherK wieil.l b ' a c iriosity. Tmml< Hi r Magazine iMIords a sub-t uitial proof that there are tawny literary minds ol a high order here. long may it tloui wit I Our Parla Correspondence I'ams, Nov. 20, 1*80. TK- St* Reform? in thr F mck Guiimwvnt? MiniMsrial Oiirujrt ? fmprtulinj Stni^U /Ittiren Ike Kmpmr arvt ?A/- (Viyy?l'cfrUaritjt <f Say* turn HI. ? Warlike Frt para,' i<mt in Xwlrit Affair ? in luUy?The Secession Ifuttrtum in I'arit, rfr In my la.-t letter I in uiti Hied the fact that liberal re forms were contemplated by the Km peri ir Najiolnou. I waa not aware how sum they would take place. Th ? day folU^ring the posting of th ? letter in question, Napoleoa in. decided upon granting at once such legislative reforms, and made aueh MinisU rial eiumgea as must pi <as > bis j-o'i'le. It was only late in the afternoon of last Satur ds> that h!s plans were detmUly n-ttled, and Sunday I hist the dorm* were publish. I by Ih ? Mnilsitr, th? | oC.rial journal. R fore this letter reaches yosi, your j readers will have become familiar with th? dec recti, and I w ill have tWseessed the Ministerial changes. I must tell you that some of the pn sent tip|MHniments are consider : e l here a* merely fur the time. Thus, Gmnt de IVrsi^ny, ( who haa ta.w iho p.irtfsio of tho Interior, will,' 1 ?" says rumer, remain at tliat ministry but a few months, | and that he will th n b" ap|*)intei! Minister of Koreign Affairs. It is said that M de I'ersigny wished to be at the Interior long enough to remodel the Corps I. gisla lif in a m<*.t lib ral s. ns. , and that to eO. i t this that body of the Mate should be diss-ilvisl and new meinbers elected I am aaaured. b .wever. that tho present meUi b-rs will o.Btinae for at leaM a ?rsnio? under the new regime. M. de 1 lah.i .t. wlio is the new Ambtasad * at the Court of ><t .'.imes. will, I am assured, remain but tern porarily at thai poet. >1 de Klahant wan nominal d at the instigai on of M de M .rnv. hi* ?>n In-law. who, wtaea preaeed by the |jo)>eror to acoept the nomination, l-refrrrr1 ..???.* iv..a?i ?r iWp. M. de IViuveuel will, it t? said, sacceed M. do I'laliaat in l/mdon when M. de IVrsiguy leaves the Interior for the (i.r.ign Affairs. M. Ki-uld, former Minister of Huta. is in retirement, having refuaed all poats of kon.* that were . ffeied him hy Hia Majeety. Ilo retired frnm nines, I am assured, hecMse be did nut like to uauertake a struggle with the < levgy , and aa < n? 1* mminent, he i^Tend his resignation to the Kmpenr, Who. appreciating hia motives, aec pt*d I*. M. Fo lid will en* loug. I am led to believe, be named Minuter of Finance Ilia friends think this ihe more likely from the fact that M. FWcade de la IVvpiette, the newl> a|if*. intel X'lmeter, is a )?ung man. and Just th" aurt i>f p-rsnu thu woeld be cboeen In act /tro fen. H"hon V F011M %? . his I ?ive >4 the Kinjieror the folio win* scene o. curred V mi are no outibl aware that M. Foul l has ev r b.^ 11 a wsrra triend and m.?C devoted servant to l/>als Va^Ui-aa, who in his '.if* <if adtarsiu lutd at hs> dtspwe* Un> *eil and the rollers of his rriend At th. ir last mlervi.?w M. Foul 1 said ' Sire, alt. W me to assure your Majestv that he a til ever and iu tna a laithful a iN?ct ami l>t?d and that my life and my firtuue ?h\il ever lie yieira. " The hmpernr mas fri?m bis ai'at etnt-rar-.! hi< If mister, and said uM<skilmir Iftmld, | rajowe to know that nlthoui'h I lose a Min.ster, i.ty old frifnd 1 stglpiMeW." .should M F "III not ar ept th. \|mlatry of Vituinee. t-e willni ?t likely >m> nain -1 Arrii Trm-s-irer, altlmigb he has, t am asHiirr?t. Jns? refuae i t? accept thl? high p. el. rh nature of th ? struggle again?t th? e|.'rgv will now b g" I, an t tha' rh inge will 11 sure for t ie Kmp,?r .r p'reotial Impun ty, 1hu? wh ui th ir machmaikcis ha. s nie th.- subject of diseoass n In the < ",.iamtH?r?. th? iu<-m b- m will c-<;. ii|??i th K 1 |eriir n tt will tw hy Pi s.l?iC <v his I ire that he will miv, aid not at hw own tuniigvinu. But vl fo-. ?e ? stiil :?irs lioeriU ministerial riimt'S, for it I* evident l.iat as milters new tttau4 th" Ministers are trriai)<'M>|,l^, aa.l 'eit ?li a: -fi. >1 h,. any me'nKi" >f the t*li*-u b -rt tt is th g.v< in. ti , ail n-tth* Msi ' r-. ?> ?l!iw?vd ehlain In 1. lo -?? i??n I.', ? i to' ? a ? e ini to O'f n*> o 1 ? ofnH ? bra, bis v ?> y "III av ? I n 1 I -Sill ?| of hit M Iiisl< S n i el. p nd-nt. a I 1 1 .1 v,.l s.?i iv- nfr, 1 . ? 1 1 ? ? n?. n 1. in; u, i . . d t ..i i'. ? r , , 01 ? . e.t. Its 1 >d gristi, and miMealM the heart the? er,.% tint IV re n> o ing bi-avea ,u>d e^rt '? to con \" lie' thai Uie ) ?';? ?WH1 HlMsk IffMl Ttires-*hrut Furot?e tie pri"?* p- i.^-s th llli <rai'iy of tho Ki i? or , w .th the ef | ,.) |,.nlou T>me<. tut Kw.rtuJ. faitliAil Ui its pri-jndloiw, ran i .t iinderglaa i "why. si a mo?ret,l m p? sp-Tity an I ?iihdltv, th? government sbou'd Iwoae mwe ltb.-al. Till* Is. t"i -SI l lie I art of it, .1 narr iw m Adeil view of t!l " p> lltii-al rhanges in Frai oe . -rte ever .-tp K rnr,s*ste?H-> or truth from the lo'.don Timet Austria .< en.ti-alii, h?r warlike prepar i*r>n? tn I It is evident she wtll ight in tie spring France aul K'v^ W*?d III. t l car a *?? arert the storm I M IS hop they may un-te t/Ote th- teak ere it he too lata ia has at last w 'kei si to the nsoae ty if iitm.ollinif in 1 man tier a p? rt ton of the l/rdon !*eso. and h.*r afuts are n"w in that city biisdy e'idejvur ng In buy up *911 sble p. ns Rut Austria will with dubcu'ty ffcui frlenls amo g IV Knglxh, who foel that he is s<s?i t-> nndati,"r the pe?e? Of ttie world !y a stuh ?orn au l us 'l>a?? Hriiggle * province that ts of ?*> lies to hor. ?i fa " an ejprea. ,n ? a burden, whti b pride slusn pri'T 'tite her ceiling at ntrs X W* Foianuel w ?ow In ?lellv. HI- Majosly will And K ? hartf rnniirr t-? ?!#? ibK? iif hi u#?w subjects, andhe Will hav a hard time .fit g-tt|Rg bis O-W kingdisn in srsn * a.rt of rrter Otv Stf with nil bis genius is p .nisi I, a t h ,?\ for Ihe sake of humanity, that th' statesman mav ane. read in repressing aaai bv an-l ronfwHm. an 1 .tial lie Italians may prove thi-m^ lvse w ?f |lb,.r,y The Ktag at Oaeta. rram ts II s still n h? r?fn?? but the ambaaaadora rf all the I' v. -* i,\-. ? teft him. and be atmH aoon tolV>w tliem te Rmn". whith* r th.>r have a!| retreated The Que<>a l*iwa?er and the i^o-en lr? nt Rome al an The rumor of the Pi pe's retraat fr .m t'i ? M?raal <>tr still ? irvsilate' hut Withn tt msrh fundi tsm Fins IX will reniais al Home ?s as ta < French remalti then* Th? unhnfW state of affairs nn yon r side nf tha w?t >r attr-wts grnC att'-ntton here, and Is a in?tt?r of regret I ts the mesa e*Vtaht*nel elvaea, who dspfs*.Se nay trrsjHt* In .s? adra >1 mailt : ?? I- las of jou I'atu Uuj.j, a * sua1 t U? t hilt i i ached hcrr IhmI weak. I notice that my fellow eortwr poi.iicin turn oi t* that bore the pvptc think you will ?non l i inc?j Allied, or now other m?mb?c of th* roy.ii i. mily , u< (,Mwni you. I am Dure that no such u nit uu lit was ? vi-r expntis.<d by any Krsnch people. Your ciirnwpond? > may have heard theao thing'* at th# Enf glit-ii , but surely he did not in ui) I'arisim ci. 1 11*. On lite coutrary, the people li 're have sjiwo emu ^h to appreciate at their just worth th." dein m.stra te.u> made i>> the American people upon lh.' ocoa.-<io.i <> the virlt ot the I'rlncoof Waiiu Tli > do nol, a- a*r?rti your correspondent, imagine t ii 'in to bo aspirations afte.' in; ally , but Ihr true welcome ot' u freo puopie, who Ran# louny i oeivo t In- descendant ot a i or HUT eunw/ miJ the suu ut u sovereign i?t -emed fur liur virtue*. The London Money Narki t. (From tii" London Tim s, l>oc. 1] The ccSMiiiun of the artificial drain of g.?H for the 1*1.1 of France been imuiodiat ty follow <1 by a lrt' nidi, i! of uii equally, although relatively unim liorUu t, character lor Amnrica. The a I vice to Ay from New \oik of the cxt.insiutt of the political paaie hive led tin- 1 ami don correspondent* of various Hi tns in U?:?t city to make ihipuiint* of sovereigns and g >id bars by ih? Kur?|ia, which anil* to-morrow from lJrerpjol lor !k*ton; nnd the Atlantic, which in to leave South unpton on Wednesday direct for New York, will probably a.>o Uike a further sum. Tim amount with Irani u tliin mnrnnif from the Hunk in l/indoo wv ubout iTO.CXMi, and it is not unlikely th at a larger total will 1.a\h Ik i-u taken from tho Uverpool brtjich. Jn ad'iitiun ?.'10.000 of bar gold has a'..~o been despatched. Tli - shippers of th'-se parcels, looki'ig at , bo probability of an early reaction iu proportion tj th'* vio.ence ol tho recent movement, do not appear to en leitain much idea that the operation will prove directly proiiisbie, but seek rather to furnish thoir friends witn the meunx of advantageously meeting all contingencnw, espt ciallj as the lat. st reports mention that discount w is n?t to b obtained iiuder IS, ]kt cent per month, aa I that I ore igi: bibs of eKchange wore unnalrable. The eHct iS iheae ciixuuistaticeii un the Stock Kxchang ' lt>-<Uy was niaiiiftsti d uoly in a slight 'lepiossiou. Th" Kngliah fun is i>|m neil Kti adily, but were subsuqumtly flat at a decline i>l ail ' iglith The tirst quotation of coositls for monny wafa 'J3*, to \ , i md the llnal bargains were at ?3,' to lor money, to !?4, or U2\ to ox dividend, for the 10th of January. Isians on government securities were in lurrcased demand at 71 per cent. The accounts fr< in New York by the Atlantic to-day do nut add touch to the to the details previously rec-Mvvd. 'the tnotoey |?nic had at lenirth rench-d a ?U)!'i r^i"i? bm:g Hon ii* ot Ibe Moot days of 1>vA7, hut ii/i th? I --him,/ or/i? inrr. -uil }*"pU 'crnte/l to U aunrr u f Ut uJtgr ifnumllsM >*?*>, *> UuU Utf alarm teas by no u team i /uai t/> ?V ujUa /ion. [From the I/vnlon Gu<>tti<, Dep. 1 ? Evening ] The lUuk of I jiulaii 1 returns for tb ? week ended W -1 m-S'.a* laft l?liow an incre i^e in the bullion ol ?501,245, th< t. t. . VeinK < p to ?|.'t,h?0^76, bat tXM, ?6 of this aiu.' . iioin ti r ci ipt of sliver bullion from the Bink of i i ai.e , lor which no gold bullion h;u> bo n shipped m re turn, hut which inij-t ultiin it.-ly make the loti Is i in icii ) h.s loci ? -i tlie actual mcrsasiof the I link's own stock ol buili'.n ?ll>6,74U. the reserve oi notes, which is the next it "in ot iinixu taiico ai th^ mom 'lit, shows an In cre;i ' o! no I than ?1 , 092, tiSO, which brin?r>) op th" total st' -ck of uot' s ui liund to ?7,036,360 This large augui lit it. oil ir. duo to th inc:ew>e of ?442,010 in tlv public or government deposits, and ?7ftl,iiS in the other or de|SMts, together m iking ?l,14S,24o, and uttor deductiiii; ?l?4,'i;iC increase in the oth> r securities, K ing bills under di cjuut. kc., inn?^.- about tlx amount ol the increase of tho res rvo of n >te~ hkiv l: entiolied. The i!i>cre:se ill the active circuiitmu. i>r no|e? out with the public, is ?4W7,-'ll)0. l'bo oBlclil stat ni'-nt <d the un v inent oi the p ,*;n milils fur th ? we< k colli tig We.lnssd.iy giv<? l!ie following rexait-i: ? Tot il iinpoi ts, ?422,004 ; t cxjiorts, ?373,736 The bullion tn-irket is quiet jmt now, but th -re are some shlptuentx of goM go in-: mrw ird to Aineriea. in cobfu-qiievc" of th ' tail m the exchange*. It h, how ever. important to observe, thai ut the dat ? oi the pre sent New Yo: k advices the) were not iiwiro of too rise here in the Hank rate from 4 li to 6 per cent ? a dilf Tonoe so as must surprise. Further it maj he ob served, tlmt Iht full in f/e rxe <>f rtthangr LSsrt canivit Imii (r mafnittfisf. a* it u*u rau-tef, in a grml ivaiur, , by artijuiiU vii an* CLOOE OK TDK U.VRKKT. The market for the l-n>;lisii funds pr. seats no fro?h fea ture, and prirw rli^ 'd steadily at previous quotations, consols betng !?1 to X 'or money and accoout. au4 Kx niequer bills *t<. to Is. discount. | From the l>>n<l?o Chronicle, Hih-. 1.] Th* American adviceti h\ the Atlantic are, in appear nin e, of n very ularming chariK t r, bmt the rtnnh of th' rjriU-ntmt *nW U> |>r. tii/ in thr Suuthrm nrr hnfUy iiiimil by (Ac rinUrrti -n nuiiUrt of /.v i, iu them selves uniMM'tai.t iio doubt, h it which wheu in*gn:lle.l are calculated to mislead and do mischief. i"he '-paiilc moi.ger ' bad lieeu sucii s.?ful in chi-cking trad", and causing large 1'i.ctuat ? lis ill lioth th stock an 1 moaey inark. t . hut a r-wtum mi tuprcisil. There had be-n i heavy fall in seeuritiK mid lh" rate ut exchange, with considerable stringency in money, the ord.-ia-y run of bilbi being at 12 to IS |st c ut. Tti" 0x1 uanc.< for iii'ir ( hunts' dialti v a." down lew as 104, 1U6; but bauk -rs' drafts were at 10Ai^. A ruu upon one or two li.uiks hal utk ? n pl.'u e. but ev. ry demand had b en promptly met. The following letter received by Me.jsrs. R'>U rt ll"iison k Co., treat their Iig.-ut in N w York, will give a very corrn t Hlea of the Htate of allaiis in America vrh-u the At laid 11 lell ? Oi 11 a Inj>i 'in (^kvtkal R mi w.w C-mrkxr, ) Naw V. o k, Nov. 17, 1H60 f (irvnKMU ? There ap|*>arx to be more exeit m'^il in rig.ird to iKilitical qm sluiia tlian at the tiale oi my I el tor or .be lllth last The lear of the *ii?peii*ioii i1 of the !>?ithern liankh has d> riuiged the 1 nch.ii g", nnd giveu tb mar cliantsot the dill rent cities increased iui|uiolude touch ing their receipts, and n 'pur '<1 ot th. in additiona exertions to provide i.gainsl luiy contiiiKSiicy which may ari-'o in reg:ird to ileir lulure |iayin :it?\ The-ie fittrs are rather abating a ith tb > improve iitetil iu South ern exchaiiK'- mov. in. nts. Th. consul, ruble aiuoiiiit of ^ptcje which h;v< g 'ne for ward to New tlrleiuis has air. a Iv indue d a mark' t there for bills on N- w York; but it 1 h e 1 40 ami ether Western Cits* d sirable bills aic dill. cull U bd uld.i.n.*!. oven at a high premium liusint--r is, oi coii-? , much obstructed. Tli s sddden and unplei s uit state of ihinics in iy con tinue stversi weeks, sad Cause the iiiiiv.ilu?nt of producn to be cie cked mat *ri.illy ? to tl:e injury of our ow n traffic this month ? tending through Cairo Th. fallii r oil .11 th ? ??iirniin.s iu th" tirst w.vk of the p'<?ent month wax owing imillv tosevor.U days of rainy weather, xnd (?cU'tly to the utl* :.tlon uf the |x<op|.> b -iug tak<u up witu thveieotian, which employs more time and atti ntioii, |>erh.ipN, than usual. If the unf.ivorabh' state of the exchange* and the cur tailnant of currency continue, it will ten. I to impodr the business of th' conntry by a decrs.i*ed moroaseut of the ero|?. and Uiiui It seen our gwius from train, thu mouth, so that any failing oil. should any occur, as shown at the end ?f Ui. month, w.ll nol b< traceable lo any want of product, but to a decline in pr io? s and temporary nbnence of demand caused by these conflicting cheeks to the regu lar hi.'Pim ft ik.'tngi-x are, however, so quickly brought about in ntfctiiibU ?>??*??< if tlK.t ?bi.ii vis- . v u ui* Jf iHitit ?u?. > I few days very oiler, entirely allot their ac' ion, so that we raay hape sixwi stain to sett the whtvls ?et in regular mo tHC.and huswetx relations proceed in their usual c mrse. The sail x In the l*nd ofltre, Ui the 14th ???!., foot up about $U0 MO. and the collections .dx ul $44,000. A (entk nuui iiist from (kicagu. who speut a day last week m the Ijind oflloe. deacrlW the scene there ax very .ictits : nuuierot s buyers, ot the vary best ciaxa of set tiers, < ach wanting forty to eighty acres of land, and very few over Uw latter quantity. This is the very l>e?t evidence we can have that the land is w.uited for Cultiva tion and lor house*, which t? ex ictly what tlie rouipiny waiils, as it will give its r??td the n tsled Iralllc The rak- ol land since the l^t September are 1 .*-<0 THOMAS K. W kLKa, Chairman. Executive Couiimttoe. Vanhloni for Deceiaber. (Kroia Is Kollet. | The rigor of tlie c. mm< ncen.ent of winterly w <ath?r has preiared us for welcoming the new cloaks and man ties tor out of iimrs. and there is 00 fear now of our nviptatning of tlieir length or ainplitwJ*. Tlie palatot form is d>?tdod|y the maat in favor. Hither the paletot sec. with narrow rere-i and small sleeves, or if one Wishes U les* nnglige. it may be made tnflt shfhtly In tothe luure at the wius* and w ilh wide ale ve?. For young p- rxous tlie baequine is still in vogue, and It dons net appear likely ttiat it will allugetli r give up its pLice to lit" pale tot. The basqniim for nKf-iiIng ? r iw hi r ne ally of clotf. when ma-te of velvet it is tmf" dre*#v. and is ire quciill) irimmetl round with a bus of quilted satin, which gives tt an niegsnt appenraucw. T1e< pilet .ts ui ck tli and of re vet are Iwaided in a pattern, trimmed with baisis of colored material, ??r with jt.rrow fsr. I'o luscf and I/?iix XX mintlesaie becining more rare, and are only made in *,!k, wi'h rnamtnts ol gntpur" or rich pae-e'noiit. rte. Ve'vt t shaw N have alwivs Wide flouncex "f guijsirf. n "tiling Itx k ir rs styh-h th in the*, for visiting drew. ,s?.oMi ??might t starfs, t.lmmnd with tringe. h v. b?*Mi -eeti on voting persons, b it th -y ap|iear ve'j 1 n?'itV.b!e for the weather. Many hint k ve| ?' t o arc t itiiv-' with wh te satin, it lias a very (ta <1 e|!?*t. .?1 c > with nwintl wsi?ts nr wilh points, am! el'lt ? ti < ? p "n n r*i?nt so to -?h w ? chemisette, lis* 1 : 1 an be riiade in two ways, gen raly, thsy are ojw i <1 In tie -'lajv-"1 ? h- art, nhout linjf way down the bust, am! with a ?mnll col a? t iri>e.| back and rerers: hst cc.i- < na'ly ths oj- nm* is <? :.tH dow n to tlv waixt , Willi ?t: ;.(*? icf 'h" fro?t? , lids t* th ? m<?.t suitable for evenmr ?' .. I.'?' ? 1(1 oprti ?(eeve? are al?t> b >th wenj. -ti'y tit 't' a-" 1?. -epivlly for demhtoilettC. For UT t;#s r -s It 1 1 ? ? e >hM pr ferre-l; but I4 ?e of tnoirr ard s 'i 1 ?? ? ti <r to trim witn maoamts> of v leet tnd g" nf'V T'- nrt ?.eorgs of rieh pas* in ntwle. lit mis of velvet on the bi..s, h. me plain, t.ihr. * waved, iaoe. Ai . Ufht colors for mit-of il"?r' m*nr are no I nc*r a In ?stale- ? black , ehosniH, or rV4i"t ?ilk< P moa! gp dress e._ If at k ground, with ottfored tlower*-4tre fashionable 111 It Is, we think, tnor" tha i ev -r Indeed, tl is j >wr. te>l!ilti* hut aurihre shvde* are ?lrun ib'.e.ereti r* paytnr VitltS Of ettquilte. We W 11 proC d ti. d" s. ribe s few dre - ? I'M walk int or vtMtli'.g toik tte: ? A Mark tair. tss? very rk-n silk, with a wid"'e ?et . n m larg" ploi*. bke tlie skirt A very hrutd ban t of lilnrk velvet cut .ti the h as, edged III" ilotinee, ami at the of thui. and also at the hex 4 H 4 of th" 11 utm-e, a ruche f narr. w bla. k lac? the lx?Jy and sleeves alisi trimmed with 1 ruelie The sIh?\ s, painxta, strsighl and op. n, ernam'-nii d with a wide b .w of black velvet. Tli see bows are s. met hues llr d stilT net. tebteli k "ps them in form; for tlx aame re-.,i ei , 1 ^.-e Souuvs :ifc f re 1|U"V ll> 1 red with crape or Itllle. A blue figured laifcta*. The hody high at the back, and . pets d square in front , with orace- trimmed with Mark lace and white blonde, which are larad tegetiier acr.?" the chest, a gold braid is laid on fur a heading to the l.vca. Sleeves, op. n nd pointed, a la Chinotse, trimmed wKh lare and hi nde. A d rt-ss of violet tafh m?. with eleven (Vuinces art ort in B'ltes, with a black velvet as a heading. A Harie Ai.b'lnetle c-rmge in tiat ptaita. Hlerves i<> ui itcU In pre|?aririg lor the spproncliing winter -?* on rmr reader* w ill lw <h-i,r...? to j v a liti|< of the fc?htoa for evealnt and bah di "iliev will ''ud the following drrxse* rxc.-eding y . iig iut and t Tect. ? ?. ? ' A whitw ChsTK" rv ^ tot" drw, wilh an uader skirt ?f white talf. il la: a strsu.M h->ufl Heine at th ? bettom cf the akirl. then twn too- bninJIoiin < wave I al tl* et'.g", and at tfach f e'.o-m a b stqui t of htcieMiw'* t Uu Ir fAtcd tii. ehivll li Ijw, Lm a d. ajsry of wbi'e taffetas, rrnssed at (be irud , ud termina'ing ?? wi<ie ends embroidered withhold. Abomjuntof b.icb ?* lor V buttons on each shoul ler. A coronet of bachelor's but In? Another drew is of while tulip illusion. B"iill mnm toward* the bottom of the skirt, in b?ri?>iital I >7. <n*?e. /i the U>p of these ar<* two skirt* of tulle illusion, uovered wuli a tunic ot tulle, lUun-J wiltigjll, caught up at the side witb a wide black velvet ril>t> m an I a l?> qui t of g< J I wheat The body his a b -rth < fli'inil wiib gold, Willi Oriental sleev is. For coiffure, a kin I of lur bau in tulle, worked gold, with black velvet ribbon and gold wheat. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. Hpmiat , He*. U, ISM Hie Bnanc inl crisis is beginning to affect the import trade of (lie port very seriously. Our imports at presont nre not over half what they were al this time last year. The eouditlon of the country holds out no encouragement to importers to Head orders to Kur?>p?, aud the British and other loreign spinners may as well at one* realise the (act that their sales of goods to this country nest s|>ring will be the smallest they have made for many yenrs. In the meantime, our exports of product- con tinue od a liberal scale, and enable us to retain in the country all the specie which we receive from California. The following are the comjiarativo Custom House tables of the trade of the port for the week and smce January 1: ? Imm. M r$ke uwk. 1868. 1869. 1660"fl Dry goods $1,300,176 2.842, 230 1,277.804 UoulmhI merchandise 1,536.380 2,113,446 1,347,008 Tola! for the week $3,736,566 *,1*6.674 2,634.062 Prcviousl) reported. 138 .343 ,660 218,013,167 2U,?M^63 Since January 1. .$141 ,079,226 223,168,831 2W,913,61i RXIDHN Of l'R'1H>C* A .YD MkRCKAADU*. 1868. 1869. 1S60. For the week $1,069,663 1,666.060 2,147 413 l'reviouaiv reported ft 7, 347 ,668 61,807,704 92,687,606 Since January 1. .$68,417,221 63.664.673 94,7.16,^19 Kxroinv or Sn*VK. 1868. 1869. 1860. For the week $193,364 673.223 71.000 lYoviously r< ported W ,630 ,420 68,634,353 43.2.U.423 Since January 1 . $24 ,823 ,784 6tf ,307 ,576 43 ,;i?6 ,423 llio luniks will probably sliow a gain of specie to-mor row. Their lai-t average, which was a rising one, was $18,602. 743. Since then they have received over a mil lion from California, ;iud something from the Sub-Tro:i Miry, in which institution the yesterday s'.ood at $2,663,630, against $.1125.300 ill Iho close of last week. A hii all amount of gold lias gone South, to New Orleans aud Mobile, but not enough to uffuct the average. The Furtps. which arrived yesterday at Baton, brought $.'.30,000 in (.jk-cIo, und the Atlantic, whicli will arrive to-morrow or next day, will probribly bring a million mote At least a million is expectel by the Persia <>u Thurn'ay .and on Saturday as much will be due from Cali fornia. Hie prospect is, therefore, that our banks liavo touched the lowest specie p >iiit for the season. It Is not likely dial the New Orleans hanks can draw much more gold from us. They hold eleven millions st present . which is about as much as they can expoct to hold. Fvery other section of the country ow?s us specie; and the si ato of the foreign exchanges, combined with the decline in our imports, indicates no renewal of specie shipments to Furope. So far as our banks are concerned, therefore, tliey may be considered to have pissed the po?nt of dauger. T?ie experiment which they made three weeks ago has proved perfectly successful. The bank* will need to nurse their assets with care, and they must make up their tninds to lose something in consequence of the improbability of making collections in th" Wont r.nd South. Itut their own safety Is now assured ? .it all eveuts for the present.

The money markot is unchanged. There is plenty of money everywhere; but no one trusts his neighbor, or is willing to buy paper. <m call, on the pledge ol good ?to< ks. any amount cm be obtained at 6 per cent per an num. But the best paper goes at 12 a 16 perceut, and very little business is done even at these rates The banks are discounting as liberally as could be expected, though much lees tlian the tnerciiants require. To realise the state of things, It must be borne in mint Out in the cot ton Stat<? hardly any one Is paying bis debts; aud in the Wrnt the currency his become so depreciated that ex change on New York his risen to 8 a 10 per oeiit premium, and remittance* have ceased in oonaequooce. Hence a general want ol money among jobbers, which lias alrea dy caused many failures, and must cause many more un less relief be speedily afforded. The crisis will prob ibly have the effect of puttlug an cud. In the future, to the loi.g credits on which jobbers have been accustomed to sell to parts ol the country. Foreign excltaiige fluctuated daring th') week. It op* n. d with a pretty Ann market, but atoned yesterday dull nn<l lower. The asking rates at bankers are from 103 a 104 lor sterling, but very little business is done a the Litter Itguir. tiood m< rcantile bills Can be b ut a 100 a 102, and d<?umentary bilL- below 100. At some of the Southern ports 96 a 98 are still the quotations for the beet bills. These low quotations arise ui part from the fact thnt the country owes little or nothing to the ftveign world, and partly from the want of money among buyers of bills. At New Orleans, for Instance, the banks and private bonkers have been compelled by the tin in - ctaJ stringency to cease buying exchange, while Northern bouses have restricted their operations at all t>M Southern parts in consequence of the tnenaciug aspect of political ?fairs- ilere the leading houses have already remitted for their spring business, the weak houses have not made their collections. and have no money to buy bills. The n?eipt of from Euglaud will naturally impart more activity to the exchange market, as ?*? ??n? ui? re ?< ~ui ds reinvested In bills, but for the present we look for no material advance in exchange. The following tab is will show the (our so of the stock market for the post week and month : ? ffms. 17. JVsr. 24 D~r. 1. At 8 Per 15 Mlsenurl 6'S 60 72 70 64 64 Nsw York Central.. 72 76 75 S' 70 \ 7J'i leading 3H 37 3l\ 30), 32 % bs 27 X 3I\ 2v^ 24 S 27 '? Mkhigan Central... 47 65 e0l? 4.1 l, 45 \ jouthern guaranteed 28 34 31 25 1^ 28 Illinois Central 56 >, 02 68 63 ? 68 tialena 66 6*i\? b-\ 6 61 R?? k Island 61 67^ 53\ 43 46 Tub-do 2SJK 80S 26 23?, Fsnama 100 119 114 100 113 Hudsou Kiver 47)? 48 43 37 381^ f'aciBc Mail 74 64 61 78X 70 Tbeatock market aactnakw from day to day, in e-cocd with th-- ten i r of deapatrhea from W.i?hinitv? m<1 new* rri'ia the Smth. There U very littl > apotulaUon, except far tli? f?l. and that tun not been pro (liable of lat ? State ?torkx. which are ujiju?i ifUbl) d<-pre<? ? <d . are being picked up b> people who do not lu ltevr thtt, in an y com*, the peopl* of ToaiU'**."*, Yirjrini* and Mi ^uart will repudiiUe th^ir debts. Ttiey have rallied eomewli.u frifn the recent foU. tu.lway ahare* are Begtaotod, and are nut lik-Iy to advance until amae* in Ilia horiaon. The doctrine a State ' j i r!k''.t to * .T^do from the l"nK>?. independently of ttic c <? ? ' <t( iM I <t<-r Slate*, haa now received th ? *.m. t >11 ot a to il* p- ip-a 'i? t, r uot a maturity, of th ? repreeenUt.v of tu?i.-' itli i b?' > hoiiaex > f Oroigr. ?, Including the t'ii urman of the 4HM 0 ;iiRiltt?? on Way* and h. Tliit la n.>t the | ace to di?- na* the p"Ut eel Oouoeiyn nca of (hat d ctrln<?. lut rtaancial aapcot. hw-vor. m?r be mly Mamiuod here, and no one wtv I ?>t"? a th ' tf fit to the ?!ib'<?ct can fall k> mw tlut it ''MiioitahM at a Mow the whole egl&ee ?f 1 nlfrd glibi credit for n?erlj baga c.titary I itltol -tit- - ?t?-ck- h.**e b*-n the b ?i?est ?MrMN kS w* In ?urmar't They hur? been*-!' : I by c>irtaaa id yp ui etite for truat f uOile and th pfofevty of minor' ; Ihej havr b-en admitted hr ill the MMegia th> safest p<>?athte hunt* banking iaaite*. tli -y hare b-en MV r. ibly ok'M n m pur hlkeee in all where ab?'l?t* *<?. C'irlty In |nt fer^nce to inctpe wm the ohtect arniglit. Ttae> havo eujored th..* Iu?b character abr-?wl an well ax at home. Many of the rich) <>1 m mber* of the Hrltu'i . <reey are bolderi of 1 'ilted Mate* stock' l,w? 1'htllppe oi F: ijicc | *ilc care to inr-iit a rnnall fortune in th m whil - he wan Mill >u the tbroue; wiihia the pant month the ex King of HapM ha* wild in thia mir Wot aotiw Clited dtttea fire* whkh ha h iRht long aft a-' a provision for a rainy day. It hat only now h?en duciover >d, after flfty jreir* dilmioo, that the*<? fitted stat <* si *k?.eo highly prlvst abroad and at home, or* re?,ly l.uw valiabla th ai even many of the fat?c y railway *bares dealt la on the Hlock Kxchan^o. lor, If the confederacy of the rnltei Mate* Id pompoeed << .-tate*, ena^ of which boa a right to with draw from th' partnership at will, it ia evideat that the bolder of the bond." of th?- oonf<"Jeracy may at any time rind hi* debtor disappear entirely. If, for mstuna, the Cott< n Ktatee eecedelhi* wlntor and the Middle Statca separate, aa ia pagg^t^d, from New nigland, while the Weat Oete up an euif ire of IU < wa. and our I'aciiic mate* declare their ?e^ ?rate lii'lepeii,. wiie, U> whom phe.ll the creditor of the t*nit?d ><Ute* ap;>ly for bh July interest? Who i pa; bta hiwtd en maturity? AM imtn< m-?t each of th frm m^tt* Into whleh the I'nion k? divided la di?p>*. :?!,! ia altle to act b<*>< <t y, what guarantee hta th'- creditor #1 the *?reral i ? t? of the oM onrnfedrary wiU agree M nvp?ctir? hljarea of the oM debt? If they should ditto ? and they would be vary apt to 40 m ? where would be bet Perhaps ii will ba Mid there id at preseut no danger of any dts.nion save hi Ike Southern and thai all the free Htatf* will iluig together. Admitting this, so long an the ri^'ht of secession w acknowledged, Unitod Ixijidn must still be denounced ai <a tircly unsafe property to hold. Though the free Stated may agree to remain united at present, they may differ next vi nr, and if the right of aed-ssion be admitted they will m {unite on the first difference of opinion. The ma terul and commercial mtoreste of New York and Ver mont, oi Massachusetts and Minnesota must, in the na ture of things, become to Home degree antagonistic. If, on the Hist antagonism . the ptirtuership between them may be dissolved by either, no prudent person will hold the fluids of that paituership. The same rule applies to the South The commercial interest* of Georgia an 1 Tea nictM'e, of I />u is tan* aud of South Carolina, are naturally antagonistic. If, on Uie llrst open antagonism, those mem hers cl the proposed new Southern confederacy can sepa rate, the bonds of that confederacy will be most unsafe property to hold And if either the Northern or the Southern confederacy were ever impelled to go to war with a leading nation, they would tlad it impossible to borsow moue) for the purpose iu any linancial market in , he world, and would consequently be unablo to carry on a war. Tins is no new point in |>olltical economy. One of the most ?uhsUuitial reasons for the formation of the present confederacy was the impossibility of raising mo ney for the purpi?(? of general defence and general government without a Union of a permanent clia i after. Highly yean ago, as now, capitalists would not trust a partnership of States which was Imbi* to be dissolved by any partner any tinu morning, llonre the fathers of the country contrived, and b) great perseverance and mutual compromise and concession consummated, the present confederacy , which being accompll'-hed, and its perpetuity secured iu as strong words, by as binding guarantees, as could be devised, men of means deemed it safe to trust it. and l'nitod Mali* bonds hecam<' one of the blithest and most i herished securities in the world. It seems now that they failed m their purp<*i\ and that the perpetuity of their l'nion was not secured as they sup|H?>ed. The necessary conscqucnce lb that matters relapse into the condition in which they stood before tli > present con federacy was formed, and that United States stocks are really worth no more than the old Continental monex . The present financial crisis is doin< some good, at all events; It in the merchants of Illinois to the monstrous inconvenience of their present system ol bank ing. In Thursday 's I1kxaix> we published the rejiort of a meeting at Chicago, at which i reform of tlie-pr.wut hanking law of Illinois was strongly urged upon the le gislature. It is to be hop.-d that the movement will not prove fruitless. Under the present law Illinois bank uotes are practically inconvertible into spccie. They ore mostly ba^ed ui>on deposits of Missouri and Tennessee .statu bt<cl>8, snd their value fluctuate according to the lluctuatioLS in the price of those stocks on the Now York Stock Exchange. There are altogether, it is estimated, about $1^,000.000 of them afloat. liofore the present crisis the) were current at about oue per cent discount at Chicago, sight drafts on New York being the true par standard in that city. Since the panic articled the price of Southern State stocks Illinois currency lias declined, and the market report? Iiave recorded, from day to day, the advance in sight exchange u|>on New York at Chicago to 6, 7, 8 and 10 per cent premium. The mean ing of this is s.mply that Illinois bank notes have fallen 6, 7. 8 and 10 per cent in value, in cotisi-quenee of the corresponding fall in the price of the Missouri and Ten ties - see State stocks, by which they are secured. At the meeting lately held at was urged by soma speakers that the currency of Illinois should be sscured by Illinois and Utiit<-d States stocks only, while others thought that a specie basis was the only safu plan. In the present condition of the Wont , it is pretty safe to *sy that a currttic) resting on a specie basis would not satisfy the wants of the community . as it would not sup pi) an adequate circulating m dumi. it i? doubtful, more over, whether it c juld b" established at all. A Ciir rency ba~ed on lllinwi-, Oluo, W isoon.-in. Minnesota and New York Stats stocks would b- much preferable to the preseut currency. United M .l s stock-, so long as the right of secession i9 admitted or undetermined, are a very insecure basis for a banking currency, and we should advise tt.e Illinois baukers to beware of them. A disruption of the confederacy would inf ill bly reduce their value to as low ? point as that at which the old (lontini ntal currencj stood before the organisation of the prwent confederacy. In the meantime the best course fur holders of llliuot ? currency is to hold It a short while. Whatever happens, there is every prospect that Missouri and Tennessee will pay their interest regularly, and that their bends w>il by-und by rise to their old vahiei. Tho legislature of Illinois will doubtless adopt the sugges tion of the Chicago merchants, and oblige banks to re deem their currency for gold at Hprlaglield or Chicago. But tt will be a great mistake to allow the redemption to be made at a discount, It should be at par. Import* (Other than Dry Oooda and 8p*cle) at thr Port of New York, for the Week Kittling December 15, 1H0IH I'kgt. Talus Chin* gU?aud K. ware ? BotlU?. (tuna 47 Karth'waru. 153 GlaM 3 ..'>07 (?luMwarc.. V9 titota pate. 32 Drug*, kr ' ?w.ji 4 Arsenic... ? B?rai 100 Clwlk ? Ort .km Ur'r 5 Cfctckotv... 101 Cr?hlB?*l . . 104 tiuma crude 8 Gum ?raMc 5 Gum eopult I 40 Indigo 51 I^rch. -.... I? Ijc. . . '?20 I Jo. ri?H. . .1 01ft Muddr .... ,'WS Otis 74 Oil, olive. .. 500 Opt'im 21 l'alnti> ? IT. ervatnl* I'obU'b J?>d. R<g. auti'y. Hkuborb.. . Saltl?trr ? Har-aparilla >0 Celiac .... 2S? >hL?, b c irb .'00 Nnd.vnltrate ft* la. Ml. .. aeh... ffpmflM.... ftjg. ot l<?d. WliHmg . .. Other Fur*. ke ? Turn Fruit*, Ac ? Cnrraata.. ? DrMfnil.. ? Ff ? J 11 Hill.... ? N its 0t-| ?. .. - IMlSl - KaiafclK..,.. ? 4 f?reii ? Ir.-tnini' ntc ? Miioical,... 41 Nautical 2 opt tr*i .? J< , Ac.? 4. w Irj . . 38 W.itohe- ... "d I>rithef, hide!, A'' ? a 10 14 24 14.) M as luo f4.K31 8 XU 4 77-4 T.3U 5.202 6. 0*4 1,179 I 337 1.501 74 l.?W? ?1 Jl? 14.576 ?H& im 3W 10.677 1ST 1 701 1 "'>4 12,841 4*4 l ta# 1'4 1*0 lll.UA |JM| 2.477 7.S? 4 55 4 008 1.007 12 Ml 1 674 2ft .W* I K* 3. 774 1.H47 1 ?UU lrtrf i.vw 102 39 M0 ? 6, *07 ? 1 at ? 12.044 ? 4 1*3 4 .*< 4 A 3 ?4 ? 76 ? 2^04 C- H18 Br, ?t? ft* U M thm Hi .<??. dr'd " unUr d I- ltlicr, (?t Lkuofe, wine Ak Urai.d ?, .... " 0?rdln!f . M?n Hum ... Whtekev .. Wine*. . . "ehm f-kts ?? Ul*. he ? Mi ?*?..- ft?? 2 Ch? A. Hl:ch. M OTP- r ? Oiturj .... 4* ? utw . ...... i.0 Hardwire.. it fr< n. h p t? 100 " |>i?. l.TiNV 4r, U4 4.' ,6*., K.140 .10 t> iu 57 ..47 1 h?H . kr.? 171 1 .Wi km 77t h 7*1 . 102 . *7 . 4 U> 24 42 2>?1 1. it ?.?>7 m.nM 21 M)7 331 2 164 Ul MM "lii ."> 0?4 K.i?W 4 urtl i<?41 47 7 2 2 0 S 4 Ftp. Metal* Aec ? Iron . RK brs fl-4 '? to. 33 " |abn 1,175 ?? oth<-r,trl.lM L-'mt, j?tjr< * mpi uguuda. N nU N>.dl.-t . . . . Nlckt'l Old nioUi. . HLttcd ware. IV r. ca|# . . Sudl-rjf ...... 1 ^148 8pett.lba.tVl .920 Tin, Ik?h? 7.W16 Wirr 139 time maim flpkvy ? ("AWUt ? iitapr .... ? > Mu urd ... ? Vilmcft. . . . ? narat'i..., ? Mt?tton?Ty, kc H-. 1M Kngrnvioip'. t r.-tjHT 40 Otmr 1 Roodii ? Cork ? IJKiiumrit* ? ll.iiiog.viy . . ? R..tUB ? Ulikwr ? < ?CI?**r ? Miwvil aje>>ua ? Ua#k>tri 24 1?*g- ? Mrtrfce ? BoitM ? ltUttO!l<... UuT-.-Umm Uiy dim u s. vara ? ( '- . I Ti* 4 X%4 <>>rk? ? Ok Ml, 13 ?J3 :S *u? I ,1 J n I U .1 . ??.. . _ ?',-h ? < - t; m i., . i ? u Mv linr t.' ill c. >th II lbtxT Ir>>rr 2 Vnchtucrjr . 1 W' 601 <?i! point /a. 4 P.uior luo'a 2 Plfc.'"T _ !'? riimiory . 37 I' - ? Nutixi,.,, ? Provtaama.. ? IU 156 ^a,t ? Htlll If! J! mm I. a-..,u!. Hib?|?. ..... . 100 (*nr w h k b. fll !*>? I xk l.c.l.fto-1 trwa ?plta T..i 3 714 T?va lot Totmor'i .... l.VJ Wart* 447 U'M ? ? Wool, hi* . M other ? ' U i ? '4 i>I7 ? I" 1(1,-17 1 fl ,.147 CM CITY COM.niBRriillj RKPtlRT. S*TT?r??Y, n?r IV? ^ |?. M. A*m? ? Tb? market wtm h??T3 ^od k>wi r. ? h le raina *trbr;i?Ht a few lola of pota at J4 40 ? f4 0. , ^rid tt( p"af!? at ft 17 a to. Pna^nwrrfW ? FV>ir ? TTif hol l'f* of m if* ,?>?| \x "T? braada w??rr ilrp** lr their vlewa, whtle aak<* for rn i were <ltfl?ct It tv itwiie Tlie <1. :a in. I tyr ex(*?rt ??, - derate. 11k* market rM<>1 with #?,? ,tv. ? To qno tatljiu" did nrt rary mjgfc-i?!!jr fmm t?rr pr r!o < ?n * fioPWia' The rule* footed >ip n>w.,|i h,o>)0 * 0 > ? H '!a. . ctoatn* within tho ra??.' of itae fatkmuiK Mtii *.u. - ftiif*. i!ne ? |4 M , | ?xtr* lat-v K".id toehot<*,, 4 , <?. Safeifo* Wraktn 4 Vt a 4 ?. Common l" choice Waterr extra Mtaed u> saatti rn Mmght to g<?,i , jtira do 4 85 a 6 M 4 16 a 6 M* 5 25 h 7 O# Oieleetatra family and bak'-is' brands 7 00 a 8 M *ye Hour 3 'JO a 4 (? Ci rii ijictj . Ji-ret y and Brandy wine 3 20 a 3 4fc ?4 aiiadian flour was turn, while aal n wore ll?''t# beUf eoiillnod to loo a vt>0 l>bU., at $5 a $7, the latter Cor oiuall lou of citra. smtiifrn B mr was lu fair deuiaint lor eaporl to the West indi-s and for dotn<*U? ise The traii; .ictioi a embraced about 1 .500 Lbls., cUttiDK within Iho larfe ol the atx/re quoUtlJlu. Kyo lioui wui quiet at our (jnotathwia. Corn ineal wis null ?>??1 sale* were limitsd a our q Mstion*. Wueul wan less itctive,und witli holders' m?-? Hl> v .? lhow. ol buyer*, f-aiiti were liantid N ine t2,6W a 16,oo? bu*b ?!- cb<>ioe Chicago sprtnr were re|?.rtixl Bold ut | . t , and 6,000 de. JUlwtuikw clufc at i> t O n was heavy art dull, while tlie sales embraced about 4/i,00?bii?ilieis at 8Je. a (Mo., aud round yell' w at 66< Kye w?s ina live lit Mc. a G6o. Barley was IbfM, but q net arid n>.!;u: a; at 70o a Me. INtts vtem active, with sale~ ot Western and tU.ia.lmu at ;iflc a 37c. , ill l at 37 SC a UBo lor htate, Curni: wan quiet and :.ul<? limited. A small lot of M Ii.irf Jamaica bold at l'l\c C.itt* n. ? 11. market w is firmer Thf> whole advance firm the rectal iiepiewoon, un l man ly sinoe the rec^pt of the hurO) a'H news lias been Iran *?c. to %c. per lb. Mmdl-41 Uul dt< !>!?? d down to 'J\c. To day their eliwwt at about 10^e a 10*?c. , according to Use grade or quality. KHucim> wero without ch vtg* of moment, ih>u#fc >omewhat lees active. To I.iven?>''! 10 000 biHhelsef c<>rn were enraged atllifd., aim 15 009 1 ?> j^li#-!.-; nhiat at lli,d. a 12J. , In bulk and ship'; l*ms, 1.000 bo cheese at 46s. By .steamer, for Liverpool, 100 boxes baeoa nt 5Sfrf. und -J*) package* laid at Ms. TV? London 1 ,0M boxes ch?e*' at 60s., with some flour at 3s. 10>id. T? OL.-gow aOO buses of cheese were taken at 4 6s. Hates t* the t'oiitJient were unchanged. Hav. ? The market wa.- without chantre and saie? c** fhied to a few hundred bale* tUiipping lot-- at 70c. a 75c. Ikon ot all Ictnda was dull, and mie* quite lunuod. Moi ? .Salt* of 20 bbls. new were inado at 3ic r and 70 bbls. do at 32c. c u<h. Navai. ? .^rtritB uf turpentine wa? in some re quest at the low rates the article has rv.iched. Si Is havt* be. n made within n day or two at 31c. a 31 %c. for Blraight lots, and at S2<- in shipping order, llio laat Mice of conimi n rosin ? re nmde at $1 20. Crude ter pentine wtu) quiet and nominal. (uik ? l.inseed was dull, and i^al s confined to jobbing lots ut 61c. a .Vic. , while crude Hjiorm and whale were dull hikI nominal. IHOMMONX. ? I'ork ? Tlie mnrkrt w.n heav\ an ! lower, wh le the i-ele* embracel about .'iO0 bbls., includirg oM mess at $ 15 , new mess at $10. ami prune at $10 M. Heel was dull and bvary, and sab* oratW-.iced abrxd ?JM bbls at fV 25 a $10 tor repacked Western, and at $10 50 a $11 lor < Ktra: |U ime men" W IS quiet at $16 a $16 50; beef liitins were quiet, anil suli s conilned to 40 bbls. , at $13. Cut meals were qtilet ?i d p~ic s unalteted. Bacon was Ui fair den. .lul at He. a l.ud w .? steady, with Ktli a ol lt>0 bbU>. anii U< it.* at 10< a 10>tt. Uutler and cheese were tmel,ar)red. I. Ml. was quiet at $2 76 a $3 75 8ri.Ai>*.? 'ih denim i v. * cl fly from refinors. while uo sales ?l r'lCty g-a'iis ol ui' uieut aero reported. Tin sales embrace*' about 376 hlids Cuba, chiefly relimag (.oods at 4*?c a 6o. Inciuuod in tlie sales were 76 bbcls. New < irleans at 6c. Wii^kkv was flrmnr ?n<! in better demand, with salas of 450 t his at 18*-,C n 1!>C SHIPPING NEWS. iuu?iO ro* irrw iom ? da*. MaM 7 It I ?oo? SMS in M ?5 ?" ? mI ?.?? - - Fart of New York Detumbcr 10, 1SW. AKhWB. Bark Trswit (of BrunMvi k, Ue), Mini .It, CronsUdt, (VtL *ith hemp and vm-d. to \\ m de Unnit. Ifc* a *1 adam W ?T ti e Bank., w itli heavy WMV and > W galea. N ..v ->. >n th? y, etlgr of the Bonks spoke Hr bark!- ! ? iu< r. ieo.3d I. j* lnatjat 40 411. Ion W. elgnaliied a?Mp Li " i?d K, ate. it ng 4 blue with white b ill and red letf?r *? J tje os.1 Brtg Caroline K Kclley, f>nare, Cadi*, N. w.a Wiue Ac, to K Swift A Co. Experienced l.envy weather Bru Kriuliw (Brem), Ilallrnbeok, lUo Janeiro, Sudsy*, ww coffee if, I" II ae Ooer A Klfllard. For the U-t 30 tl tya e?p? ileneed heavy N\V and V> SVf galea: tioat, bulwarks ?U ahu.bed a heavy >o? which flUad caoln kUiI done ?w dip damage. Kehr Lady Antrim, Thomi*on, Plymouth, SC. 2 day*. Hchr B Morton, Campbell, Chin -utengue, 2 day. Kclir Two Brother* WnnLVlrslnia, 3 days. BciT Ci.mnicrcf, Dnslela, tirgnls, 2 days tjchr . I oh ii li Kerrla, 1'eiker. Virginia, 3 days. Scbr B Brown, Brown, Virginia, * ??jr? . Hchr Daniel .Immona, (Ir..**, v irglnla, i dayv K-fcr .lului A It ok or. Chnmhon-, Virginia, day*. Scbr S I' Slmpeon, Harris, \ Irglnla, d?>'? srhr Mail n. t>u|dwaltk, ?Uul etliportfor Boat**. hcbi M II Heed, KeUey, New B.-dl ord. 3 day* Schr .loaepfctae Collyer. ? ? Providence, i day*. fit 1?TT? Boatun. Cruoki r. Philadelphia. HteamorCurtew, Aldrich, Providence. BHL0W. Batk City (X Boston (Br), Victor*. from Liverpool Nor I. HAII >D phip F.mplre Slate, Liverpool Wind during the day W to YVSW. Mtnrellaneove. pTttAMKBir Two* 15 tfWAWJr, R.imaey, hence at Portland, g? port* ? I3lh lu-t, AM. off t ap# Poge, . wind heavytrom WSW. AigunjH, of Bt <<*>rge, in dlttroa*. with looa of Mk anchor*, chain*. Ac; ?ame day, S I'M, Capo Cod 1 NW ldmUws ?iiW a Klir with colom In rigging, " iPP -ed in dUtra~< her >.nd found her to be the MinWVe, ..fand ? land t?r New York, linie laden, with !< *. i bowsprit, Jlh''*'" V und headgear, and otherwi* dainagedr? thtoagtiluwuhed ?? 1* towed to l'n.vlncetown, Hoaton or Por^and: M>ok a h?w ?er to b?r and prwceod.-d for )'rorln?*?<iwB . at ?:3U, t ape i <>d liaht I .caring ? . the wind ln<re.?-ed >?> th.?t the ?te.uner ootild timbekep*<5> lJrcourae. and It WM then thought be?l to u.m ber to PirtUnd at 12 that ntgbt the wind laoreaaod to ? g ??e, a heavy sea running and the -chr In tow laboring heavily; at ^ AM ' ape Cod dlktaut 24 mlle>, the hawser parted, and a lUlek'vaDor rl>ln? from the water, could render no more aa ?^SfnwM thew\r ? out of aukt In 10 minnte. Smr OaKBOti, Orr, fn>m New Orleana for UwMnol,' bard agix.und on the Mr ol i'?aa-a4'Ouiro 6th 1'iat. Two boat* were alongalde aaiUtlng her to get off. a... Brnrn-1 he (Jreenp-irt Watchman of the l&th tnak pny?-? "Cxpt Kra?tu? H Booth, of thl? vlll ige, late master of tbe lark Buckeye, having hotn t iken ?ick ou the vo^r age, left ?he vi ?>*l In charge of hi- chief otttoer, and retur nod to Kew York fin Rni'ttttif WU1 rwoh hit horn# In a l?w ^JT* Tb? bark being nearly full of palm ?U al the time of h>" depa? ore the wlB probably be In i*?rt before long. Prom lb-Taj* kr wn ber engaged In legitlmaU> commerce, nearly i ? aded, he think* the report a'.oiit her having aui'.ed with. ^a cirgo ol alavea Iti'.mt he In- irert; at all ovenU he la la no | W1,r pereonaily affec ted thereoy. Itas. a, before lep rted in dl'trea" off C ape rod, U at anch'Tiindei the lee ol W ellfloet. The <4eam lug? ? went | ,o puieult of bei Uth put u?to Proviooet own. MaiuUy*\gn Oott. al Holinoa' Hole from Turk? UinA, V^vorriinA* aVriea of weaterty galea the entire nas.age. ?h ^L durtaa a heavy gale, waa ot.llged Uy t > fci h >ur?, SS^to??I!afi ?? water. >1 v"b,,t., pill ailsic. l";iing the ga!e sMpped a lie ,ry ?e?, which -lari.^l a pi ink on Ue quarter a the plankahoar. r?u.siag the vewiel t. lea*, badly had U> keep lx<h p imp- going unUl the gale aoatod, when temporary repaint were made. SchhOi ivk* heai.?AJ<. hpelm-in, frue Albany for rn>v1 ileixje, with I cargo o( Ih ui lime. ne-d ,y evening in d1?tie?" W k. n off rUybr-..k ah> sii.pped a heat* aea. and the water geUiag In am ng tbe lime il s gin L.f.'ck ?' d in I. short I. .Tie et the%e-^.| u fl- T . ,avg her fmtn destnict n ab< ?<>? h? bbls ..i lime w.-re Ihr .wn ver l...ard and 10 blda ttour wen al.o i,. i hy bard w It . .nd keeping the pump< Constantly g tv 'he whr *?? got into SCH? OrHV Cottley. al II .lme? 11 le, !rom Bon.ure f r, Portland eiperli iiced a ?tive?.l .n of w. -terlv gale, during Hie'e paxaae, which caused he. to leak h ally while , t M'a sp-it ?au?, broke iuiu i m, and -taln-.l . ibor damage I SrnatKO. of Bowdolnh- ? ' w? ? wreelced on Pem.i<i>il4 alght ol It nh last ?'apt .a n.- . the ciew wero f.?t Dciia T K Km?cn, frotu .-uffolk, v ., for New York, put lnU> Norfolk 13th tn?t le .ky, where -he would repair. Fcne Hcaeni "f l'lvtn' nth, 1 - r.. r?r> rt.>d ma intt off Cape t.'od. ha- arilved .1 K.. ? r .pur- llei hull n S. nicwbat injurt d. and ^he l? b ' ? v- ? :u >-ti and main '""cm* <"oa??ac?. M uilia*-. wlneh arrived at hag Harbor li*h in -I ' p m l! <n>r -r. Me, , de> k I ' I .m ? r ? i I b at iti PoO. n B?y unng a heavy ?."'e nb-bt o: ,al ;u t She put into Kdgarti ? n Cth. hum (.XTim llniroi, Pend'a-t >n. fr n> T! <-k ind fir New York p?it in! I'rri i. ?|mi. in-i, wita ? t. .*l, davila, taff rail. <|?artar rail. Ac. 11 . r boat waa allerward? recovered . Cot i IMO0? I>nrtP| * ?<l'i ill 'il Peniae?i|a "Bd ulf. brtg R- ' In I J.J.,. . ? .?? k ' me I . ' .0.1 Cir -d away ber j.b 1 b<a>m. Thet<rHiau?Uined i?m MM|I (Vs.totii'oi ? k. N < .'.-1 e y ..-en of th" > uth. with % K?ri. i*; ? "g t m New r? < ti.e DtHane.lea, biit Waa lowed off. Fi ?ot -o. 1-ee i "Hp Keglna U. n- n, fr n? -he lis |..r N.w l rw p.' ' .k>.? ? , I ? l, -wepi. Ae, hartng been atr ck with ?? heavy eea Roe B, la Ion 12. ef?rs?wiw*. Nov In. ahlp?'harle? Uprague, Pik , fr> m I * ndon lor \?-w Orloeus wilU l<uu I I iri-uu. t aud *? attarl.ed me in deel st. ve in, Al . AS *chr Ing mai . of Boal n, !Vlt n' b?llt at gath. Me, In lib. , and me?Hi >n lv.7, U.,? la*n ?<d to . apt A lielaad and<4Lers on prlv.iU term-, mjc will hcrcalt-i ha . fr ?-? Niw Y.rtt p, hr Tt V lelitiaon. built li?t tiamTMr .tthr yard of Bi-W'P A 1 In ? iihili at I .rreiip..rt, H, tor the Tetaa tr ?de. ha? b.*n . ut $M06, aBadreia-e ore loffr? \V!ml t-ieii I aodf.-n! WBrtagnH. v W. a. !p , rdo, tr ?? " ? x h.'-,r . V W.":. <>? ?a . . e i.e. Tv aJt! all -s Aj'. '"l'*. ?* i m j i, ^ .1 1 ** ?*? ?*? '^0; ^ ? 1 ?? * ? ... *, _ '' ? I , tr- r *?. 7 ' M ? *. ?40 K ? a ? . .. c. ta-eeial w bolei . . ..d r ml ted ILA.4?d. t?K ' . e* \ quite .. Be? t ' ifm-'ed to Wmch more In I5$S? .SvSwa h i^Snd .ama day to. New /*mimA Hail ah i ped r.JJ Iba b oe by mo Metier fr -n U.e flr-t elie-r ?f ?Mf et .*ae.t'"n Kit'tf" Miiia.nHl "flriil'roj . liea , whei*i<? .a r>ea-"?> bt.!- "and then put MorfM'^'od reemiwal Mm J^p'lTJ'Sil^ankand Kw? arreewl 'll.-l weather emmg ^"SSt'TrJS? H.e'uHl 'iff cer of hi-k Eltf.hflfc SwIO. 1-dJrin f5|5rt*vra- ...v'.iirl\Ul?*,M I44>?'tw, W th 4ia> h'lle o l. ali told, all well, I und to Ne<v 7-eiland. * teToff lUkl-,'- Isl lid, no date, hip Japan, "rant, WB. ,UA'Ett<T fr. IT th- aee. rid (l ee- of ?hlp I .hn MwwIaM. XStcTi-Z Ml. rep rta I -r al -an IT.rel-eo N v U. with ild bi le wh ?nd rf ?l?lt ? '-one .11 ? M WnnM ahlp . li ..n 1 'no I lav >r .'ale pj >rt i ' ity 1 iferea, alid pr.aeed to tietenaa Hay or devil (teh Spnkrn. A?. ShipBaiiet t'allao Cort, Sept B, '"l-tV t rff 'Va i'na. I'rar. from CatUo for Martinique, Oct -Vp llartTblrn, fr <m Cardiff .July 5 for Rangoon, r'j'r'. W '? tiH,1^ m Baklmor* for Port Spam, Nov IS, ' BrMu'v^Thanic, ln?i P'.iUand for Havana, Nov IT. let " I'ng I .ant, from Turk* l-k.nda for Ale*ao*ia, Dec S. tat JS 01. lou;??6. ?'orr?gn Pot4?. na" .tare! *. 6 *i\ . ha-le-t-n; M-w ? "a, Kn.w lea, * Ii'i'k ? ?h. M t. r.'ir". C me*; ir }W J> J '??*?'. K V'?ev NiefctlM I -i-wln, * V.'?e?W?, v ^ W? m* nv-m p~* he-* M,ay R P efc Kl h, |?r ^Itlo.ra.. ?? i4'Jr et',1* ? ?-.t. n-? -n Ii*4lVl".*l- Vrr Ajnui.ta" t , IK 'i?l . II K ,-?iert Da>