Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1860 Page 2
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FINANCUt- AND COMMERCIAL. v. 'M> v , i!?-. n o p. m. Tli# bi?i slat Kf:.t ?f i ?>-?'. > ' .nipsr:* til tha' of U t wti k ? rtitJlii;/ Lt*n' \ S'\- i f'-r it Ihv. s f I'O.Ul ??.;>> 1 ."15'i.743 S K'J 1*4,107 in', i;-. ?... 131,7*0,17;! <3.jli.o>| Increase .. fl.i>25,M.J - ? 1 >30*17 Dec rouse . . ? 1-' '>46 2 -<>,403 ? It must be Iwm in wi' I ' tl ?? lit - from Oalitori t a us ? ! U'J ' >'inted twire i,. ih'j HVv'rw Tin- ui I ui K-jj ? ?j?4* i>of Kurop'i, did not arrive in Hint' to count at all, s-o that the t>a ilts really lii Ul ,i i! ..'! "U and a half m >re than ti ihowa above, \nd I '"ii' ?'?e < ? "f tl* ' k tl? y will re Ive about two millions ?or-' i'"r Atlantic. an 1 t'.r t, from England, ami 800,000 Ironi California. Tli increase of loans shows iliqt the bonks are k< th> r promise to merchants, and the increase of tlep ? i t Indicates that the uiouey i- ii"t being taken from thsni. Tlie news from Europe receive : to-day Imparted a more cheerful tone to bnsicc a circles. The private let ter:- by tin' Kuropa are generally vry c icouragltig and the telegraphic summary of the u'vices per Bohemian shows tbat tbe Kiiglisli we -juiti ci ' ti nt to send ?s i lew millions of dollars In cotn for tbe Siko uf saving f>eir or live times ,is much on the rust of their cotton, br-ad stuflfc, U>i> irro ?nd other Amenc hi pr? luce At the 1 ?*? st date* per Kuropa, mercantile circles in Kurope vol* still incredulous as to the Sec as i ? of the rot ton States. I'.* aiblf when they Mt how run ? ?! ? ith .- iu j>ur jm-m* tlii > may take a more g'. in \ icw of the future. But m the meantime thiy are latino in n manner vrbtch cannot but i.ssist a c< mmerc i recovery lion- T? day tho money market was, if m t easier it lcost less depressed than it has been. There w s more diajiosition to buy !?]H>r and more confidence ex inched than has bm-n the case for wnM time. Tbeexi h. i ge market h..s hardly Oj>"ced ft* Wdinsday '? stcmiici but drawers are stiller in their vii w f. At w< st of the banking h "is-'. 104 a 106 is asked (or sti rling, and foine business wio' done to lay on tl.e I . i- of 108 Some m-rcant.le bill* piu-sel at 102 H a 103. Tbe inercu.- '?d s ;pply of coin frill lead to more iwji: i.v f r bills, though the nductton in the Irn jiorts of fori ign goiKls ui?.--t uiiiiiiugh the demand for ex change among im;<orterft. The stock mark t ' wtinues it ill, bat pri.?en arc g-n ? rally higher, especially in the ? ise of stcx'ks wii ch are dealt ut abroad. The Europa brought lug' ord rs tor Illinois Central. Kri . New York Ceuiral. l'anaraa and other leading railway Stocks ns w >11 as > >m ? orders for Stale hiKks and th ? better dun of rallwav ti m Is. Foreigntrs, still inefednlonr. as to the nature of the re volution whu li is pending Ue. e. are taking adv int ? of tbe present low pri * to buy freely i . thc.i lav 'nte sUKks. The jxirtivs In re who s?old sh >rt on the pr."4umid eff. '-t ii ir ? ? . - s In K:>'an J, and on tlie probable let-irn oi American s; ks for sale, tlnd th ???? >?> iu an embirrwsxin,' po sition. soi u as the h ry fall in Stale stock* b?ceaaos known slirfwd, we n iv <?\i < ? t an a* t?\ 1 dentin I to sjirtng up for thein also. In in> event su* h St ites as Tennessee and Virginia will pay their t! Ms, and the dis count at w huh they are se'iv i is llki !y to tetnjit pttr chasers. In the afternoon to-day there a. is ^uitc an ae tive market, and railway a- weB as State stocks were in lively demand at a advance in price. At the c!<ise the market was trm, the toll >wing being the list quota lions ? \ irgiuia <l's. 7-i i a 76 Mi.-souri <5's, 06'j a 67 Tenncwscee, 73S a \ . Canton, 13 a 14. Cumberland Coal preferred, H'^'alO: Tactic Mail. 70'jnM. Xcw York Ontral, 74 >,a lirie, 2f"4 a H idson Kitrer, a 40; Harlem . lSS a \ llarjam pfefurred, % Rivwling, 33 a \ Mich^ .n Central, 48>4 a >? . Michigan Southern aud North-rn ln tiana, I3?v a d?. R'larati Un-d, 28', a PanaiiM 114a 115, llii.iow C?':itral, 83 a S\ Catena \ Chi. ago. W . a 't . Cleveland Ac T il. io, 25 a i4; Chicago & His k Island, 40', a Chicago, H ir lingtonnml Qu|ncy,63.Vs^4; lUin M-C ntralb >ads, 8?a00. Tlie business of the Sub Treasury to <4a> wa- a-, fol low? ? Reocipls >'i3..ttrt (HI ? Kor customs l!4 <*>> 00 Paytm nts I'M '.tSftl M Balance 'J 1.1 1 a 77 39 The exchanges at ihe Ikuik Cie.iri'ig House thi> mo, n ing were *24,158.352 S7, an ! the li.lanre,|M8 '.'-'7 22. Tbe New Orleans /'imjuhk of tV 13th Inst, report- ? Foreign ex liange wa- l>etter al very gi*>diter Imc ? ie lu.ide up to t's1, ? i; ot fully iwo p< r rent over >e i irilay's rules. We <( .? t? the range from ?"> a ?si, tisiu-n '.ons having Item arcomplishc 1 at 'M>th figure- A Sale with bill of lading, made at 91^. f rancs were In id h-sber ? ay $1 70c. for the l??ni l"it ihe tiOfine-- ll r?aiini light. We fnote from .'if.a.v-. U 7.v A round amount oj flo days on New York w.ui piace<i on private tetm.- Sight ?.?? dealt iii to some ex tent at '.a . per ernt discoont for private names, and st i4 for blink chei ks. Tbe I'liilad. Iphia Lnlgrr of today says ? Iks money market is, per ha pe, more quiet but it do* m t arij-c In lu a ic ,-eiieii demand, more confidence iu the future, nur from any gre.?ter UtspoMitkin of cupitalists to lend tbeii monrv, hut from tlie I n t that it is now well known ; there are few ieud> rs? therefore Hie leag ued .mporti.nit) to i bum it, a-, well on U?a "Street as at bauk. A few A Vo 1 bib- are dsily plat e.1 at rate* ruling from 1 1 . t j 2 |K-r cent a n< 'nth, and a few call 1-ans are made at 7a* Kr cent. I*"K paper, or which i n t thoroughl> ?pt>rove.'. , is not i onnMered at all Ihe b^uks ronUnue to discount uio4esntei> , wu>cly ?!*. raninating m tbetr acc<>mmo<talioBs in fan* of tb whose want-- are immediatoJi pri saiug arvl where the great<?it g.*jd to the great* -t number may result frvni It. We reml in the Cincinnati (ituHU ? ?wr Western railways begin t" show the eflVcts of the I- litiexl ]<anic n dinitmsbo.i trafllc. but comparisons are i "w. I ? ?rtunately, made w ith a (? ri- ni of great duluet* Li?t y c ir Th'- bulk of the crop of lUt moved r-ipidly t<> market, and but Utile remained at the ci.* ? of navigation, but th.- Immense crop of lMK), although crowding the avenueh to lh>- lak< s. and employ uig every ?eseel aud txml on navigat>|e wat 'rs betwrr. ii the East and th Wist througti th ? autumn. *till reinaina m >re than nu' halt In the han.:.- of the farm<vs The de.ul I - k m d> me?ttr and foreign exchange, and the extlue. ti?n of rriimary credit facilities, olaitrui ts, the miwt Uu t?rta:-t reri-al crop uioveiiuut we have had for years and l*ral)ie h\i?\n>s* for a time; but the interrupts* can not hi so eovnplete for any length of time. The crop nt wanted for uxisunipti- n, and inual come forward, and si interi al of dulneMt ie hue.- of tr mspurtatlon uue ?..? lowed by a comjo-tisating activity. The following statement shows the indebtedness of Pennsy ivania on tbe 1st day of December, 1VK) ? Six per cent l.uina MOO. 030 Ktve per cent luwna. 30 v*7 Wit Four and a half |wr cent loans.... 3sljHiO four per ccnt loans 100 .(WO ?37.HW.I2S I'nfunded del l. \ is ? Itellef ni4es In cli< uialioe # *J.4t>2 Intcri si ? (<rtil1i..ites outstanding id 074 latere t c?rtitii ati-n um laimisl .. 4.441 l?on?"?tir creditors' rertincate- 797 1120 721 Total state debt . Dee 1, IsflO >J7 ??* S47 Aaio<.nt (if pubii* ii. ta on the 1st da> ot Drccmber, Ihmi tss ?as ??l Deduct .tin 'iint pant dwtug the its<'al year emiing with l>0tb Novemix>r, lMSO. vis ? I SfcUt* riHi' ?iue?t . . ... K<0t "^7 Itelief t>"te* cwncetled. . . I .Ml Interest willlHieUa 2 4.W In>aii ti creditors' < er t. Dcitas ft 000.113 Ti tal ?? $37 W <17 Tbe fol owing are tb * earmn ?>( the I.ittle Miami a J Columbus and Xsn .i IbtilKBad tor No', ember ? l^tsi <3 1W liecreaee.. Then -t we.-k ol I ei.b i on the Koci g ves about f400 iiicrease over List rear. The earning* ot tbe S< iit'-srn Mich . a i rov^ ? ,r t ?' 't so-li in lVe? r were ab?at Kt.' g.. n o ibmt H ig)0 over the name week last year. fbe following is an approximate -tatement i-f th e im ?.* gs of the Titteburg, lort Wayne ,,nd tli^ v Rii' (vnifiaiir during th* iiHHith of November l*6o o | i e.| w.tb the >ame period of la*t year, vii ? JSAI 1<6? /*? /V Fr ght $130.7*7 ll(?..\? 2* .^4 - Casxengers 75,014 66.221 t?7?3 Hxpre?* 2.600 ?.?? ? 6o ) Mai 'at 7 .W- 7 *16 ? ? Kent of road 7,tW3 5,500 1.AH3 ? Kei.U A m jtO'l us $13 532 JOO ? Tout *?30.143 1/2 ,911 37.?JJ ? ijtrb ?a tr>m 'an 1 to Nov UI M.143.108 1 **1009 3ST>? ? Mr. R. f MatUrthwatt*' in lit* rifruUr, r.?nurk.? ? ThrHlfcrtnf ih< r*r<Mit tatHlirfiifa frt'W tm rt * hat b#?n to rfcacfc tovntmwil la IrotMi In statu ?u? k< an! r?tlrn?rt t-mdi* A m.?nr h?r* com*' t.?ni irkrt with out ?o'l jutainw ar? ln?M tnl rirr no mtnai In th? afcarca of tb? Railr?wt at*l tU" lll<n?M Onlnri, ?h* M?o atorka nv*t ?|wruUttv*ly <wu in, lta > fOKt tuu bo^B ntvyfthor d.ff rent b-;th kin lii of <bw ?? ha?a b?*n l*rfl?lr ^ttr<h??<l by j?rtw?? who oxnwt cvh ?TKr??*!inf ?wn* V* bf??* ?? ?Wll.fat?.>n M m.. 4114 of aflkim taat ro^irtcd, and ??Vj f"r ? rw- ?? r n>i?l .?? ihr rail "Thfrrmtrr CfmMdrtf aw?r? totwMt tn lUinott whfc-V Vtaf twenty n\u? .Hi^xntnt, btgr-'m, a.~?iru>t th* S'-m Y'fk prtrr "f thirty tun* 41- m. t .* MTI&l U? fxTtv ???" ^rtaujjt" 4# <t (> r < : aw rati r ?*i?>f at thirf.T "??' du"- It < *??!&?>?> h?t ?tn;nl*r that N>*w V >rk 0-*itral -hit- ?, v?.i h nr? r#pnrW front ?f?w York about a ? ttjr f <" ? ?t I* here at ?<>v????ly Hv ? Th c exist* in lbi< matry a Bt"*t tn'1t*l>"?tlk>?> to t?*'t ve in tli m - ?> ?* > t ,4i> a-wlTr. *M w<- not" *riMitn th" ivt twj'tv* D? "> ? It M rair?4 Iwhi- ? it ? i< r!( n? of tw > 1? r ?<??< Annexe 1 la lid ? tlie Litofct ?L t iu(Mit of the Bank of Kn? Ul I. I'fl M.TKlr.T. . .?27.530.075 Covernm't dobt ?11,011,100 < ?!i -t ,-i 4 69 OoO iloidcomv biiU'n 1J.726 ,07W Wlvcr hulliou. . Total. 1UMUMJ i I Capi i'J>r tal. IWtt I i. ll< ill ]* H.l , It Itidrri, x ihiqucr m it K* '?? lig, 1 1 uini.-KHiuiH ? '1 liMl'Cat debt iiiiJ di\ id< nd account < ?tl ?-r depuHU. . S\eli (l.n; ,.nd ether till'. f.14 563,000 3,160*72 6.616,612 13,300,2(0 715.MW i ?ii ?ar,&3o,5Tj ??.? -nnwt. < viMimwil * ? cuiith* (m el li ng d 'ud VV.'lght tti'QU it>). .. oth-i u-rordlefl. *.302,263 NVtm 7,630,3mi Gutd mi : ouvcr CiliD . . ?0,4lK) 273 7'M.sOl Total ?3*,317,0?6 I'kLivI ?3* ,317, 036 llai BUti nii-nt shown tli" I t>li< >\% uj, variations an com pared with the previous week ? h " /'?/Mr'. I'l.WiC deposit*' C-J4" (>J5 dtlw ilr|iniiii.< tm Note* in cir< illation ? Hi*t ? On (hi- other Hde ul (h" uccivint: ? Government m-cuntim u?? chi^R tilhrr Mt'i'ui itiie !?4,2.;o C<<ui anil bullion 603.'246 Notts uucinjlloyed 1 ,022,440 D.'-'iirr. ?4'?,:.00 3S,(fc>3 m hi) 7 < i !). DO 71 70 7V fi.i ??". 87 74 7-1,', #10<r0 r S 5 s. '74. cp :ooo ji'iin 6'?. '.'0.. f. < HjO Virginia 6s... (COO N< uli Oir (i n.. Z0OO Wiw<? 1 1 6 c. . . 4000 ... U>00 do moo t '.ilifct in UK K) Frio RR 4000 do . . . 'JOOOO Erie 4 in ll Ul Kt it' KB c b ' T I 10(H) MCHpolti fh 6000 Chi \ K V. Mb iX.00 i l.i U N W 2 in 16 ?!> ('till U J'.lllk . . & Hank d ('. tn. . . 10 . in I >:< I,, p- l!k 4s Metri'l 1 II tan RV. 100 r.O radix Mail Sh ( 7t> V 10 N V C ntralhi: . 73 Block Exrliant('> Mr-vwr, IK*. 17 1W lMslia fcrio RK. *10 27*? IS Hud River KK.. . 80 jO Harlem RR I ;*j 100 do 13',' 100 liar RR pref 32 60 Mich Oen rk. -;io 45 V 150 do -30 4 j 60 do 47 ?JO VichSA; N I RR. 13 160 Mich SkK Ik?. 27 V 100 1'uuuma RR c 114 60 ilo f20 113 CO do s30 113X 100 do c 114 ^ 60 do C 115 4. 0 111 c RR scrip l?3. 74 17 (Ml H'l I j h7 1(4) 10 Krle 1 R. 160 (i.. < '- ?*! do I 60 do do do.. do.. do. do. do.. do. >"0 .v30 $7f'X) I 'f?V '74, coup WOO I S fi>, 1S67. . . iwo Uihsourt ov. . . 1IM 0 (lo f.l/IK) : (hh) Virutusa 6V ? ."UlOOC.ilirMraia 7V.. '.coo Rrm k'm n\ w 1 fx ') II! On l!K bdr . lo ,-h* liai k of O in. 7f> Cum Cimi pitf. . . 6o do . . 'J76 r.icilic Mall S-> ('? > 1110 X Y ( ? u RR.. do. . do. do.. do. do. do ?lo 00 Krio RR hio 60 do 40 Hud*on Uiv RK.. .(W 6fi0 L'00 100 ?J (1 'JOO l.'>0 ? >.'iO . ?30 . ,f5 <30 71 HO 66 1 f' (V. \ 6l> 74 '4 *7 PH ?Vi :KI y *xi 7!", 73' 73V 7-*-? ~2\ 7-S 73 74 ?JM 1..J 3D' . 60 100 100 160 ;mm) 160 ;t-20 60 .k4 .S20 . tC.O .KlO ? b!5 do do. , do. do. do. do do do 35ncv,Col ,V Clti RR llOOGal & Chi KRt'iO ?J60 ilo pAic 100 do opg 460 Clcv ^ To I R R.. 460 do 60 Chi k R I R R . . .. 600 do OO A HP. 600 sha H Riv RR.^30 61 do 100 Harli-iit RR iOO do M Mlrhig:'a < "tt RR. 160 do 160 Mich S .MndRR. 60 MichSicN'lnil g s. . 4(jO do ?;I0 loo l* inauia RR. . loo 111 C RR scrip. t>15 375 do :j*i do 100 do -20 lu) do -:w :oo do nl5 'JIO .V CIii RR.opg 200 Clevo n TolRR... SW 4m . . . bio aoo 4a slo ?J0 ilo 360 ("lii Rurky .inllK 20 lH-1, L AtWVst 1UI 00 WK no 00 60S 01 01 v 00 fil 62 ?g 62 . 40 4 5 if 1 sk 13^ 47', 4 S 15 2HS' 27 V lit 61 02 02 V 61 61 62 62 V 26 V 26'?' 26 25 04 75 Wrw York City Hunks Dir. 1.1, 1*00. Hani!. I* ?m. ,S/m>. Cir-uln lentils America .M.M7.0n? 024,421 American Kx 7,i94,lo<> 1,088,174 Atlantic 628 043 49. 1?2 Broadway *.?w 258 *27 o? > Bun* H< *t 70001 Iti. tcli. fcl't 1 7i<ii .'.li M7 022 J.U.'l i?f"i 1 230 127 2, AM) ,873 416 004 14,006.219 1 105.140 776,733 hti.livi 747 113,252 ( Ik micai City <v'intn rc?' < " I Mil Citicetw Torn Exrl.&nge. CantiMVtuI . . . , (Xmiinutivx u iL I>ry Ink Eh pt River 1 .748.8 !& 181,676 3,616,249 386 047 i.ooH.ns lie;, 324 387 ,360 79,44'.) 305.131 38,42# Fulton 1 49H.811 . 228.484 Ur.tiwlch 701 .?w *7.w4 tii<r?rs' 634.0?H .0,147 1.409.387 121,240 InitiR M6 261 108,062 Imp. IYh.K tx 2.370 "06 .148. Ull I atber M ufa .. 2.073 20 4 237,400 Mcrh k T. iuli'r# 8*6,66# . 162.007 Manhattan 5.4M 059 8.11.160 Mvrrh;!!1.^' S,(W,W7 710.116 Mithaiiica' 3,019, 5.'13 4*4.424 Metropolltau ? 7,762,678 879,1*1 M.ttket 1 .644,612 112.076 ll.iriu. '.<06.877 06.416 Mec Hk. Ar* l? . 740.468 71 3*1 Maul". A Mcrth. . 798.C.VI 8<H48 M> rcanlile 2 363^-t 349.'/20 M-rchatita' Ex.. 2.0.14,443 219 <62 National 2 217 *68 2"-0."72 New Yi rk 4.964.631 C-1.1 .252 North Kivrr.... 544,78# 74 606 X. V Kx. hanjjp.. 327,667 21.119 N . Y . Count y .. . 40 1 .664 60,706 North America.. 1 ,76.1.264 204.6% Naa?au 1 642,6*5 18; .498 Oriental 634.268 71.211 t iccar. 1,715,780 1W.766 pacinc 1.011.630 i#2,#4a Fheatx 3,214.760 370 064 Park 7 . .46.362 1.7WJ?4 151 ,778 4.717,801 202.134 4,804,1'JO 01,147 214.463 277 ,107 1.980,721 113. 966 421.373 177.737 1 .269,755 331.883 2.887.605 _ 2.040.626 1,976 5,674.600 111.447 436,840 171,593 533.617 1 ;t:> ,022 864.128 190.102 1.781,818 243,115 6- >4.611 132,921 170,356 82,606 170,919 214,214 1.106 031 166.896 421 514 52 39# 312,004 79.H74 579,781 122,300 607,726 176 675 1.681 ,57-1 277 .768 1.200,381 157.870 691 '294 913 3.661.286 203,766 3,464,476 2*9 ,467 2.320.60# 212.2W 3,910,360 209.612 778,711 138,137 464 607 105 880 367.6*0 135,173 427,212 '14,780 1.687,864 130 607 1 .025,169 163.670 1,000.644 416.038 2, 843,433 78,883 <30,533 93.942 80,644 78,108 100,751 101 .191 131 .920 130,434 266.893 302,407 9*6, 104 001.720 437 .036 124,117 751,66'! l*oj.|e * .. 616 ,663 Repi.lOc 4,000,964 M. KtcVtUf. .... 1.164.727 ttft* 'i l*?ther .. 2J41 .060 M-i Ward.. 1.26 ' 871 State 4. 263... 64 TndMBMtl.... 1.316.433 lukii *7,686 644 ..">83 136,733 I?%1 ,666 132. #00 >01. 'V. 2 163.832 .">,'?3,061 140..U6 1,736,771 171405 7 974,503 91.104 46,1429 196 ,*66 2.965.793 1-1,221 701,102 240,649 1,217,770 220,490 611,1*9 2.16,124 1.563,144 301,021 741 .Sii'J 116,012 2 ,07, *>.561 Total *131,740.17218 <34# 308 6.676,793 83,214.394 CITY COMMERCIAL RKPORT, Mohiut, Dec. 11?4 P. M. were la fair d?taaad, with a*lca of 160 bl>l?. at for Udh aorta. Biuui?hvt?m ? Wror? The market, nn<i> r the influ- n.- i of tie forelgi aewO, cluaad with more flrmn.-s*. Ornish wltt-ut < hai'.jf of imjortance In quotation* Tli>> -al ?m' r i. .'1 al" ut 6.0U0 ,i 7.000 hi If , tlonuij wiihia tha I fellow lag ran*-* ol prut ? .? ! Supot line ... 44 55 a 4 65 I hxti.1 >'!ale. goad totboxe 4 75 a 6 25 Su|>or6ne We tern 4 5." a 4 66 Common to i hate* Wcatarn extra 4 ?U a 6 M Mile, I to ftraiihi South. rn 4 ? a S 20 Straight to <."*! extra do 4 00 a 6 20 Choice extra lamlly and bakerr ' brand* 7 00 a 8 60 Rye floor 3 20 a 4 10 Orn m? al. Jersey an<l Hr.iodywine 1 00 a 3 44 ? Canadian flour ??? hekl vcith tn<*.- frtuti. ?. while the aalea emhra. .d 600 a #00 bblf. .it #5 a I" South, rn I ft ur wju< flrtu and m fair (l.'in mi, with aale* of almut 1,300 bhU. witfctu the ra..|(fl Cf the above quotatHin*. Rye flour waa, with aal.-a of about 100 I'll* at our q.i toll)**. 0?rn in -al w?.? keevy and l"t?r. with ?.tb* >f 900 a 4??o bl.ln witluti the r iii*'.' . I the above 4(ur<a. W heat, after the rtvilptot the c.ri'i n tu-wn. rkaed wlO Iaentwl trm b<*m Tlie ?aiee ? tui.raivd alHuit 30,0*0 Imnboto, Incltd Ina rmall Mircila Wcatwifed, it ft 15%$1 fl 44 lor white Mi, hiktan, >1 07 for m.\. 1 ??i'rnW.*'><l41 .' i{.v?l J white ohn-, Ml I |1 08 tor |m ji>irtliweit,ern clib. 0>rn ojn'iied h> ,i%y . but <i|> n ill- rwei, of Die fore if a ' tv w? It expei hn>? ?il 1 1 1> it jr MM 41 iam "k , w it It ?a! * about 5H), tkw biu-h- l". Ii?. ul n* We t -rn mix <4. in flee, at 62. a 6.' .-o'lv.'.'rn \ ellivr at 41 . nnt H>c : for tour tl ). I 'W. H.rley ? tr linn A nil, <>f | ,'100 i 'mi-IhI. wa* in .<le, t-iter**. ?t i>riVAtvj term*. Rvu I ?,-.}ulet a of 4o4 buolteh w ?? mile at 65c ???'?, *? r.- tlrm atnl In ft <*l r?|t;. ?t, w ! 'i ?alea of Western ia1 t ..iiil.m *t ,'A .i 37 , (Mb: ut J7< a 3* Ima - ih ? mark' t wa* I t and wk- Umr*d. A 1 mii.i1 lot o( Ki IMaKoMallS' t .^r. > ? I i do th utfl tent ? jf the for i<{'i newt th> m.trkr t wa- <!? ute41) b ijher, a 1 1 1 -'?<! it an a trance of %<? a V . !?'? Ik. . etui* a ti ? fKm th ? lowe.-t jv mt rhe | m, , o( i ' li ? t aikt.nlr' wi #itn i tiic ?iW ha\ ,n? rai h" I a'< > i-alcs. . loM'ig brtu at th ? follow Itij q,|.<(..t: '' .* ? \?rw t.'Kk rt *-.-iFW >rt.>* >1iri<(.' Mi4lt rw<iinf. t>rd nary 7', Middiinf 10', Vi.idl i k faif.,.11 ....llV 1 air. 10 i, US 11* 7S' ln?; >1 12 H .V. 0. d lkv>v> lis 12V 13 Vrnmirie ? Ritea were with 'it imp>rtant cfun/e frnm Siturday ? pni-e*. 10 Uvprpool aln^it 50.000 buihel* < if cora wre ? nKa?.'d, In buik an.t ahl|i ? bag*, at II*, d a Iliad., ai'.l h|h>iii IJi.ono bu-hel* of wb.-a' at 12d. a 12>,.| , in ?llip'* bag*. 500 t ale* of colt-ai at 6 161 Ity -<t >ani r. 400 pArkare* butter were ciijt.i^ *1 at 46* . 100 b.ixo* ba cotl Md 100 pa. x??'? do.. Ill <11 lh' f *t' . tiller, M 66a SninmemeM* to ll>?<Wi wre lutht. and ratea W 'ra u:i cha?rnl. 1.500 bbia iS-u r w.-re taken it p. t. A lot <>t aoiall ticrcxa l? ef wae >'hgu. -.t at 4a., and .W0 ro*io, to OlaaRow. at 4* T" Hrem- n 200 tier.-e* rice were en aaced at Ml A BrltWli brtg wa* takra up for au Kto^ IM pert at p. t. Har wae quiet, and aalc# li?ht at TOe a 7? Moia*hH?.? The market wm <t?i, t. small aak-a m N it (Mean* were made at 3fr\ a 33. >*4vat. Wr>mo- ? A i?ale of 3M) bbl* roam w^t m.vle at |1 JO !*|.ir!ta lurpcDlti:* an I eruda wer? firm, and price* ucchiPcMl r*'>?Bao?* ? P'-rk? Tlie ilemaad a t* 1'itht m l prie * were beavT; aM nee* i.>M at tl4 02(* new ' f '.V iil P' mt it ^10 a |10 50 Iteef wa* m t'atr derntad an 1 wltl.i*t , l?... 4 uf m ment tn prle ?*; I ?' bl.i a >1,1 it f# 25 ? f 10 fn repacked me ?, and :t #10 M a ft I primi wa* q.iW-t *t#16 a #17 Mwf haw** wrr* heavy wltk caj.*uf l:o bbl* nt 414 ?$I3 .A fx Winder i lartl waa steady aud m fan with Mle* of >00 bM* at 10c, a 10*^r Buttrr and chit** were heavy nod pru t* unrtudK^t Kit k. ? A Male ?f l.'i 0 Horn* wore made at S V Su.Aiut were quiet, and a ih*> were ooutiui-1 to 'J00 h SOB l.lnJe Cuba, in li b, at datuHii') '4 ra' ??, and a itnull lot .VwOrlean* alp. I WntKitrv, ? Ibti market wu bteadv. Willi sale# of 4 ' I I If. at lh%c. b 10c. A HOC 0 KM, KOOMfl, At'., TO LET. K BN1SHKD FOI'R STORY HOCSK TO LKT? IN W e.?t Twenty Ullli a*r?et, to May 1 or longer, h a low 1 In * retptn-iLle nod careful fumily; poaieaaiun .lulu* y 1HM.LE A HitLDE.N, No. ttl'iuo ?tuet and l,'M Urwd A r A 4 HOl? SB To LKT? FURKISHED, OR TO SELL A J V 1 m i 1. 1 the I'm 11. lure, with Immediate poa.teadtm. to a taab fuht< bit 1 tl.c leruix v? ill be ??*>.. Addre>.. or inquire ior 1 !?? v. i rk ol A il., carenl J. Savage A Sen, 'M Fourth 'hvi uue. Am mrek ok first class fit ;ished houses to le. w i ll situated up u ?n; amuni them ir? one in 'iweni) t ? tli, 'hui) third, TUrty ?* tenth, Fitly-first anil Ki ll) in ud Ktii eu; ai?> a . oom'ier unfui malted c. lllbiiol', U4 Uroadwigr, ?t .re Boor. BROWN STONE HOUSE IN TWBJf ununited "i unl uruwbod, hull 11 b. c'.t 1, 1 i.ll vliMli, lour atone*. with huh ram , will 1 - leaaed on liberal terina, aud . 1, given; " three ilw) brut* Houae :a ;+,, 1 > ueet, X5 leet wide, In good order, with it.,; ren #<??; hImj store No. WCeanr -trcet, lor en .. i. i i.j cMi1.111iM.ion biiMiMMH wtu . no ?i.jr?t,. 1* .ni. D1NOKE A HOLDEN, No. tt I'ine ail ett aud l.Mt Broadway 11KP HOl'SB IN BROOKLYN TO LET? ON '.i' 1 .M?" 1 aven:v * ny Railroad. an I w Itliin v ik ot . lull atrt.-t lur) Inquire ol A. 11 .., j. 1 iii uc ntHCt, brixikt) n, or Uen B. Urttn . 7 ,'iu J it ? , v 1 . 1 1 mm rAt.i.i Family, wishing to bcono mtae, wll' "I the u|>per part of a hrat home 111 rM-vtu'L M. ,u 1. ' Inquire ' Mra. E A. tileun, l?i S ? tenth ttreel, belt, ten avenue* 11 and C. (Ill V. 1IA' : s- i'l-.K!', NO 19 ? TO LET, THE FRONT v ? Mi ! , vitli hnit kbow window? u good altuation lor a nit-u j bit ker 1 . 1 !n . ligot buune?K. I > KSK ROOM C'\N UK H AH AT NO fti CED tR .1 > ?treet, 11. Ofl.ue No. 1, b id f dnti ut ?l?ii'H. al At n uilh TjTRNlNH 7? HOI HE TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, 10 OR I lii mini rltle f-om either ferrjr. A beautiful thive nmy Ii mv ik \: newly painted mid paperttl tluou ;hout, wilh?a? ?.u, I. 1 i.ud ioli wttl' i, aad hca t'i H pi-ettTiwl, the Fui mti if t-oulil b ! < <>ri i'*-y tei m ? Lnmi' llat* po -1 on 11 daalitod. Addretu N. H., box 2,575 Fo*t o ,eu. LM'UMSHKU HorsKS.-THH l'NI.>fliSIt|.N'Kl? HAS T three newly l'uinl>hed Ilounw, ftentmliy titto! up ?ud tit irnl'lv liK..te<i, to rent to 1 nvnio fainilteo for Ihf winter or for u li nj:ri uirel: defied. Inquirt' .it tuV irwme ?trnet, ut it 1 1 1 nl< 11 plate, beii re K A. M or between 0 and 7 1'. M. I>r atiiiiunii I). S. H., MaUon 1 I'o-t utbee B1CRNITVRE STORAOE TO LET? ON EAS^ AND IN Mind, lein.f, for lioiu hold ?ud oib r Kurul ur^, I'm I < M'lir* n?, Sl.-lj he. Mert h u.dl- tnd 11JI kind* of property, ii Mini sold i'ii iiiiini'i 11. 'lirmn r.. ode rale. A; |>ly at auetli-ii aime, Is L. t llroudney. MA ISO N le EC BLEB.- TO LET, / f. A PR ANCAlHg elegantl) furnlahed. to al.iglc "lulU uieri or famil- ? Ki ?n> or afptrate Hoow; Farlor oonu^on to all ootujutute prlv ate n Xaurant In biut'-iin-nt . ivnt parable quarti rlv lu ej fuin iliivarml li' rule); b u? Urat ciaaa, aew, (mr tl<>n browB e.umr, l?. i?. ilr n|w\y ?.nd SUtb avenue, loplv ?'? It) VS eat Thlrly-eb(btb utreel. PAKT OF A ROrsE TO LKT. -THE IIOCSK Ml BrMNne atreei, it l<-w dfK>r? m-o.i r.t Bm?dtt itr, will be let, llooi - tbiougb, lor fmruln a or lit,:il biiaitir-a. Uoouu nud Ledlioina to h i, uirul-liftl, ll dt^iiid. tiaa, balhn, uiv QTEA>> 1'OWEB? IN NO. 15 NORTH WILLIAM STREET. ~ To It t, h fir.-t floor, 19 le.-l ilerp. Inquire of J. \v FOR I I NB, 191 liathain alreet. q-10 LET? THE NEW STORE. 15 NORTH WILLI VM J meet, 4? feet deep. Inquire if J. W. FOBTCNE, 19 Clatbum niit-et. nvi LET? CHTTL MAY 1 OR LONCEK, TIIF. WIK>LE A or paii of the very pleaaant tlr>.t ela- 1 Houae No. JV Went 1 wenty -eighth ?irrri, lumiiihed or uulurulahed. Mirror* ai d chnudi lli r* stationary. Inquire on the preuiUea. TO LET? AT 10 ELEVENTH STREET, FOl'R DOORS ? t it of Hrt>iid?a;. , t?o Room* on the aecond ll'wr, fur nlnlnsl, with all the modem Improvement* TO LET? THE NEW FIRST CLASS STORE (WITH IRON revolving i-huner*) No. 17m Ninth Avenue. Inuiiir - of KOOME A W ELLS, No. Iti7 Ninth avenue. rpo LET? STORE ANI) UK KITES IN BROAD STREET, Jl nt arWall utreet. Store No. :t Kn ad Miet-t Oilire. on third floor. No. 5 llri ad ntreet. Apply to A. J. DLLATOl'R, tt>, W all Mtreet, near ltii?d. TO LET? THE RAB1IER SHOP ATTACHED to THE Whitney Hou>e, torn<*r Twelfth i-treet and ilroude.iy. TO IJiT-A NICE COTTAi.E. ? 10 PER MONTH, ELL Bibly situated on Brooklyn elty rail. iad, 11. teen iiinutci' tiim Kiilton leny. Al.-o to lei, from Hii-t-ut- nt, I lit H?t Rrnadway. Imnedlate |tos.*e-Mon of both. Apply al 'XI Willi. im atreet, room I, up ?tam. rro LET? THE THREE STORT AND RASEMBNT 1 Hon?e? No. HH Thirty ?eeond ?treei, betwet n l^>>iiu;ton and Third avenue* ha* ^.-'aa. t'roion Wnier, b ttli Ac. T . a 0><?-d t< nam, lent 4..21. Inq ilieol R. lll'SSfcLL, 127 W eat Iwrnty llith atreet. To LET-PART OF A Nit ELY FURNISHED HOCSE, n> ar fourth avruue *n mutl ilw*; ha- all the m tdim Impnivt roi nia, and ?itli a n*?t agi -able fandl). Will be It t to a dt alrable | ailt f . r $75 a month. KINHIIMKK A CO., No. J45 K.mrth avenue. IM) I KT ? ON EAST TENTH STREET. A FIRST CLASS ll. uae, lntM' and furniture for aale on eaav ler-? t riir An t b pant five at<>ry brown at 'ty il"U? on E >?t Fourteenth Menei, parttallT furnlaheti. rent ?!.??> H<>th wry ch> ?p KINSHl <f*.K A ? t*u. .*.1 Fourth avenue. TO LET TO A SMALL FAMILY, HALF OF THE FIRST rla? bi u?e No. t3? We?l Twi nly a- eond atreet, ivnat't Ing of tine fmnt Parior, ulth 8ve oihrr deal 1 able R?im<, pan tilt e, cIom-u, Ac. Rent low to a good k nant. Inquire ou ike prenilaea. T(? LET? NO. !77 W EST FORTY FOCRTII STREET, n-ar Ninth avenue, a new modern three n >ry blub baae m. ribrt'k Houae Ootid nelghborhrv d. Rent in advanre i<? Wav I, %?'?& i* r month. Poa^aaion Immediately. DINOEE A IH il.l'EN, No 8 I'ine Hret l and l,tfl itroadway. HOLIDAY PRE8KNTH. A CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS PRESENT FOR EVERYBODY. E. MEN DBS, Cbcrolate Manufacturer and Freoeh Confectioner, M5 H roadway. Hi irepretfully lnfoma the public lltat bla uanal holiday eihlbl tfltl of RICH BOXES. COFFEKETS. BASKETS, JtlSTIC BASKETS, SURPRISE BOXES. AO. will take plaee on Monday. D<'oember 17. E. MENDES' enlleeiioa of hl? owi^ manaftvtured ami Im l?'rte<t artielra wlU be found well worth loapocUon for nch neaa, novelty and ?|4end. T. Splendid aw?>rtment nf FRENCH CONFECTIONER Y, IN ALL VARIETIES. A aiieetallly of Chocolate Hoc bona, only to be fouad in thia entabllabment. CHOCOLATE TOYS AND FANCY ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS TKKKS. ARTtHTIC HOLIDAY PRKSKNTS ? HR Vl'TlKt'I. KN graMnga, framed; I'alwrr a t'b.>lugr?ph? and other* in C. parti.M. rk"U^n|>hx' Mhumi for rarl'-n dr rtulu , Color ? tn rrory variety . b ot-m of lira* inn and llraw log iDatroiornW. Albuma, rorlf !t>?. al?.. <anri d ??> km?n4?. Heading l>mk>. Flower Va?w, Mr., Mr tlie *h .le forming a moat eb-gatti and laaty coUi-cttoa of ob tela d art R'. rit HA I'M, Broadway CriKISTMAM AMI NKW YEAR* UIIT# pIXfcM'ID EXHIBITION AT HENRY MAII.l.AMD'ri conkkctio.nbry II M. reapartfully lafitna hia luatomara and U?a public that be ? III open III* FjUblltknwnl, NO till MIH ? Al>* AY, |v<n uibrr 17, IMI, With Ma annual eihlbltlon of ChiHtmaa and X.-w Year a VHEMLXTH Kan. y B"iw>. K?ncy Bona, Hli'li Ynanelled Boira, t'rbeitle IVIntaaiera, \>l*et Huin, IVn HukrU, Jnurt Hutrt, I'ttirn Kuitlijuw, 8alln Hoira, tVibellle laluwiNi^ Mo?r? M. (in Any Hbell ail I'earl Maaketa. Mi' b l'aT>< 1 O .k H' ?<??, W It h fiui' ruum nw, Kan. y H' nbunlrn, fnkn d? Enntaale, Of tven tl< x rli ll' <n \i lib flue angravlnga. t iikKeth, niriAKs, And a Urge an* i un.-nt of PANt V TOYH AKD ORNAMENT*. rot CHRISTMAS TREKK 0 Thli rttnenl, Use tloi-al tb;it h*a ?ff been exhibited In Ni'v* V tk, liaa leen a-le, led with grral PAT* br Vr ?l Mall k*t\i In the Mattiiiatt.'Vire la rati*, tlx in at n .< ii <i.'d i,.r *n< r ?r.d b ng ut le ejlr iprdin*i7 Tarlrty ?f rtylaa and li mlt every Uate nnd rverjr purer. Kr-mt lb" m..?t in ideal lltiv ?? titentr tn the him<i? me*! fum y Un, e*ety ar..< ? beat a lb# ? mln I 'I f * *1 laktr All Ik' aaa i uut M m til be auid la retail at ? liuieaalc prW? TIOMPtT rUMBSTB.? TOTTH-H CflRMIOAL C*IH

XI net, inntalnlng upwatda of ufly b'mtcal | ep ?ra Imi> and laafu) appai alu?, with a r?- ?? -It of laweeUoua for performing ow hiuidrt d and atifen aotecl and amit?ing rue ni i*l ? > itneiiia, without >tr< ng acid* <>r oibrr d'-le.. rfi.u a tMiprwi artlcli tltey ar? ... rf c<lj lu Ibe hand- i } uili of bub Miea, and am admirably adapted a* prvvea *. pruea, 4. and foaierlng a laaia lor c.i?mt-ir> tu >b< jott'liful mtii'1. I'r.f-e $A. Nul nl ? Oa mlcal I'ablnet, c. (iialMiif nt"ardi ,f one aillnba aid ap|? rat?n i f practkally umfitl aif. I'rkv $lil. I'or a.<!? at F. It. Ki !??*'?, r!i< oil?t, II# .lobn airael; t'. V *. Ilrnrlrk a. l.Mi Hr iado aj Jatin a Mlll?r'a, ?ur.?aa. i t? C. rt Kran u< A t-' ., V?4 Br adwat; Wtu. W. Swayn* a I)U >'ult?a air t, Brooklyn. &ijKSManHr9*P"P!nB?? NOlfBa, IttHiM- 4$C., \* TRII, TIOIKK WAWTKIV-THKKK ?TORV aNH 111(111 iTa-<K II nent, la a r ?hI trl|libirli<>d, with m-*t?rii Impi <>ve mmi?, t?. $.?,i.M?r*ah will b? paid It .Ifirrd at a bar lain tddreaa II .u? Herald ulScr. auilrtu >l/e of |i uae atid .ut, with pnrtlnJlara # WAKTRD-fART or a kmam. iiocsr, or kivk <m " ??* K??tiia, ttnfnritiabi'd, in a go. .1 n-uhlan bond Ad drnw. ftating trrma. II J. 1, pnritl I* ?l iMt. C legal I lie It K.ST A I It \NT?. Fpnaunn MI'TTOR, ril.BKRTR, HAI.I.Y LrBB TKA J rake, Kpplng r?M?an*. . irh ll^rrl ?? A .for ?-'* a? tkrTII# .briha i Al?* l.ntv h It ><ma. IK M <l<fen Unr. mrn?r 01 Wllllant atrtei. Ben Honey (lip. rtnlenda lh<' nllajt de. pari men t. T KK'II AKtMO.V, Agnui Till PtNlNlJ, UUini R?N)Mtl AND BAKERY, 1 35 Urand and M John atreeta. i. 11 RARRR, Proprietor. or'vxiwiH A>? At'iri^TM. I^RO *1 mil Ottl'BRIRR l> < 1 t i < VMi- ? DijiR \jt>, 3 I of l' ye l?r ROI'IMEU ha* n-itti nedl If wra k a? n K?nf?"aii wf"Md b ti e hl? thl> m aid t" NMire i-?p? ally for W* ? f f l^twllng t or <a:arrtah. alilct t? Ml* u'> 'II ?l p I Hy n?r : b? ' l|o? nr .n,. ?r. . i*>-ull?t? ?l I ?r#? Hf ?l!l d"*ote h'li.) rlt In th- ?r i t. . i ? of ,,i.. aa*'< ol ih" ? .. and o. < Bra.Hi' WflMPwrth a< nil trtty tnionltig till ?|. n a r cint%. POB HALF.. AliAKhKVrOK KALE ? ON A V ALU ABLB COKN KB, With Ml ib? buildings ihrreon, lagnther with II'?n*e4? 1* agona, Carta, Immi, Bu llied ami Klstui-ej, kltuo (W S few 1.1. An irom the Kuliou aui Catharine renri.-s, Hr iklyn. l.imj.aigr. Inquire of JOHN f. PHILLIPS, No. i?J lJly IliOUlll Ktnol. |>aR(?K ri> R SALE.? THE BVRWR TNDBPBNDEW K. J) now ruuuiop lieiWMon Kuliklll aud New *ork, nh.i u 17? tons CustOM House measurement and will onrrv *W U.Jlll !- lis; Is tilted up with state room* and cabin*, and i* in p*.r fort order for any buaineas: will be sold with >>r without he furniture. Apply (.n board, at foot .?f Itoblu* >n m-eet. or 10 WaLTKU KKK'IT A 00., k'uhkiil Lauditu;, N. T. T.-<OR SALE? NO. TO WHAT FIFTEENTH H1KKKT, OR X i?'? u l> if tli ami Sixth ?iinars , thr.v story, tiUh si > .p t house, 26x52. 1..1 KB, with all Improeem -rut. For I run apply lo BAILIE.S A UAYLKV, No. 4 Pint, scrout. T.10U KAI.E? A FIRST CLASS SALOON I)OW.V TOWN, r on the cortierol two public .(tieets. Il la now doin ; i good business. For particular" apply to J. SPARKS, ft.' Jo.iu ?treet. Blolt SALE ? FOR C'A?H OR PART CASH, IN WIL Uam?l)urg, a tli ft rlasa corui'r tiro, cry aud Liquor Store, In a first cla>? m igl.borlmod; Slock, Fixtures aud lour vrnrs' Lea r at u baryiiu Oood iea-om<gl\eii l or lolling. Address lux Ifto lie aid oilier . T/'OR SALE? THE EXCELSIOR RESTAURANT FOR r sale, corner of Kacketl aud Court S'leeia, lliooklyn T."?OR SALE? THE LEASE. FURNITURE AND ALL F other fixtures of * sp'.eadid 11 -arding llun?e, * uh every lequisito lor eairying on the business. Mir further pai lieu Uik apply lo WILLIAM ABBOTT, No. 4 ha >1 liroadaay V<)R SALE? LIQUOR STORE.? THE l/NEXIMUKD " ['>?c of a whole* .I,- Hud reiull t.imlly '..quor ??off, wnli or without Stock, a< a low rent, now d-ln ; * p.ifl'aole li 1*1 nrx. Reason lor wiling I ully explained Apply al 141 West Eighteenth (front. F""OR SALE? A HANDSOME AMI WELL FITTED UP corner I.l.jU"r, In th n. ?' <viitr?l pan of th>- etiy, furhnlf it* value. For furtiici Informally.! apply at No." 4 Beaeh alreet, T,^OR KALE ? TIIF. STOCK AND PIXTCRES OF THE J? elegantly fltn-d up Reatauri:.', Bar and Oyetor Saloon, ,U7 Broadway Term* easy. If not sold by Wwluuwlsy will b?- sold til aucllun the follow log day al lo'i o cluck. For par llcular* apply on tin- premises. 1.^0 R SALE? A FIRST CLASS CORNER WHOLESALE JT and retail Liquor Store, dulng a fine trade, befttitlfulljr titti-d up, Inog ieoM- ai.d I .w ri-nt. a lir^t iat<- luaaliou, a large taniilv tnwie. ? 111 U- ?.>li rhrap, ami II. r> b--nt rt-uoim given. Apply to OAKFNEY, Ni>. S Ciiambcr* Htreot. r*c>ll SALE? THE RESTAURANT AND OYSTER S v F li^B if rtlnvi -l coroei ol tiie Bowery an l H u -ton tr- t, ing ii Qr.-t rate I '. .im ?n, mid in ou,- or tne bi?t loc tlion > in the uty. Imjuire ud the pmniaM. SftiR SALE.? PRICE $1,^*>, A 8PLBNOID FAYllfO i Liquor "tore, alt uat 1 near Ca-ial rtivet; acaa>ien foranjr Alt', the al) ive atnotint ; Sa'id 4 hu'iilre l lain ile< live in tii. 1. li.lli.g . doing ,i iarg- family trail i-. Ap,.ly thU to WM. AMHOTT, No. 1 Kant B rv - lv .iy or 117 Leonard ?tr,---t. LVHt SALE CHEAP ? OY -JTER AND DIMNO AM) " Ijiji i SaiiHin, don. ; a :>( d bu.ilnew; one notn and ?<?.- I iitu i"--i' - prtce >?"' v rth $Mt); two year*' lease, luitulie at 47 Nu -lUitreet. /Mlt. ? ERV.-A VIRST CLASS CROCERY AND LtQU(?R 1.1 Store 1 1 r naie pr'ri>- $*JUi I , worth Sttki: with leaae, utock .uid fivturis. ul o, uu i.y !i r Saloou ou Li^hth arenue Apply at 317 We t Suteenth ntn-i t. /^ROCF.BY K)I1 SALE? A GREAT BARGAIN, ON A \I prominent miner i'lid thoroughfare; favorable Unite ; v . II ???tnlilisi ed liotii,; ?n increaaiiig trade iiid moaey making; fctock, and Ur>.i elatx e and .) Il >riiood. SOUTH Vfl< ' K A WOOD, si Naa <>u ?' reel. PAWNBROKER BUSINESS FOR IALB? ON MODS r.ite tot urn. I? located in the beat part of the cliy, and donik- hi. exoeliciit biialn*KK. Thla In a rare ohanoe to make a pioli'. iblo ami Mle inveatRicnt. Addri-?x l'aw .ibnjk -r, II? nild oILie. Principal* aud partlea with only will ?ppiy QCARTZ Rt)CK MILL ..ND A PORTION OF THE PA teat for ?alei eonoeded Ht ihe mines the bent. If not only ?mil of value to miners, reducing to jx-rlect iliutt. having lmideiird, shii itiu, prinillng surfaeea, easily renlaeed. KOI I H W 11 K A WOOB, tU Nassau street. STATIONERY AND NEWSPAPER STORE FOR SALE lu consequents- of ili health, auuati d in one of the priori pal thorougblsi .-s of Brooklyn; established upwards of ten years. Attached thereto aie morning, evening and Sunday ruuti s, which may be considerably ei^-nd -d. Address Sta tioner, Brooklyn Post oQice. Mo agents need apply. EWINO MACHINE FOR SALE-ONE OF JACKSON'S lale-t Improved; sold at the low ftgur.- o( $40, the udrt-r tUer eonaiders It superior to any In the market, wk he hn ? used Sill r's and Wheeler A WiUon s. Can be ?eea at 3U1 S.-vemh se; ^."1 fTA WILL PURCHASE THE LEASE. BTOt LC AND Flitniesoi a neat and tidy eorn r Liquor .itore. aifu a re? uudertieittb, with roomi for a faiiillr, rent In . , on a good avenue. Apply to T. UAKFNEY, auctioneer, No. ? Cbmpbers ?irw-t. ClQAA?FOR SALE, POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY. A ?PO'/l/ hi-stsur?ni ?nd Drinking Ssic?in. well Ineated In the lower part uf t he city, near the 1'ost otbee, in good order .ii.d doing a fine businesa. Appl> si HO t'-ilar street, office No. 1, tip-suuv, between 10 A. M. and "J P. M. tOAft -BUTCHER SHOP FOR SALE AT A BAR VuUH. g'ii?, loisted abou' ten miles Irom (hit etty, in a tl< Ul lolling town, with a g--od II..: w and Wagon and a well ex t* Mil-bed route Apply to T. OAKFNEY, auctioneer, No 9 Chambers street. Jionr WILL BUT A CORNER LIQUOR STORBi long lease; st.Te r'-nt fn-e, doing a latr" c.??h irad-, go. d stock of liiiuors. Will take part cv* "" 1 ?poouiit i f . the r btirinese. Leaiw Is wotvh more '>--o we ask for the wbi la. Apply ou the premises, No *" ' street, one Mock ? 1 14 of Bowery. _ _______ . d-o rt\n to ."^S-roR sale, patent rioht I ^r mannla. luring in a Southern Stale, low pric^ h>? enormouKiy valuable, eonnivied with i* p.-r aud oil V. one not pro-Kuuthern., ni-ed ai ply. S. M. KY1)EK A CO., Si N.ii*au street. WWT AND KOI' WD. * DOO LOBT.-flO REW ARD -A SMALL R< OTCIf TKK rier tilut. buck, gray and tan eulor Apply at S# Julio meet. DtMl LOST-$i REWARD-LOST, ON WEDNESDAY ev< r.lug laat, .? gray otcb rertli-r O n, tlx munlha old; had en k '-"liar wllb rid irhlre An; imp returning It to K Ji'htMU ti, JtV and 411 < anal Mreet, will receive tbe above reward. IOST? ON BAIT R DA Y. DEC. IS, EltOH NO. 3U WEST J Twenty third atrrel, itull blaik and tan Terrier Slut; had a niffii leather d l!.ir on. and an"* era to the natue of Funny. A liberal rew ard wlii be veld lor her rvo.vcry. LOST-A OOI.D HI.EEYE BITTON, WITH THR IKI ttnla K. V fufiruved on it Tbe Under will be liberally rewaiUcd by leas ing It at Ilaggi'rty A Co. 'a, Z7V Broadu ay jervby notified from negotiating IM MM M parnMUlt hi b.?n at".|n*d. The Boder By living the aama a* tie teak < Lore joy mi Hotel will be eaJutbly rewarded. ? AH11IW SMITH. LOUT? A Tan TERRIER KLCT, WITH WHITE Ineaat Anaweni to Flirt Whoever return* her to M Klilb at , corner Second a venue, will be re* a riled. Lost? on Monday mornino, in third avenve, between Eighteenth talTwi nti. thaireiU, alady ?l. ?'.ii r purtn><<nnate, containing acme dm^mt la fold, ala* other dlfl rvnt i l.iiiK-. rateable . Illy to the owner, 1 he Under will Im ?ul1aldy rewarded by returning the above to M Eaat Keren teentk atreet, near fhird avenue. Ioht-tiir mot day ok Avnvm. a bane book J on tbe Bowery Bank; book No. W.7M. II reward will lie wM to whoever rvt'irtia tbe name taiok to Henry Belior, 411 \\a?l.lngt n utreei, N. Y. LOST? ON WTH INST, OOINO FROM AMITY KTREKT Waaliingiun I'anide ground to St. Joseph'* i burr*, thim-e t ? t anal airact, in M?th avenue car<, an old la-hloord Errant I'ln, having a amall Ring attached to one cud, f. me black and gray hair amuno the edge, (aliened irith white iM'arla. \> boever will return aatd I'M W 62 Amity Mi i et aball rvcrire $i. Iost-on st' n day mornino last, a sinule uiv J mMid, ael In if' id aa a altde, and highly valued a- a reiM ol a ilicrarfd irli nd The Andrr will be auitaoly reward. U by returning It to 130 Went Eourt<<entb atrei t l'awalnrike"* |i.raar notice. 10?T-IN YoliKVILI.i:, TWO YOl'NO MOl'SK t'OMIR J i-il Ureyhotiiula Th' Under will b? Ubermlly fwardi-l by n turning I he aarne lo Mr. liarlai.d, on sotb at , betwi--n ?venue A ami lat avr, or to W. I', I'lalt (dentlat , W Bond at ^ HKWAKDI, TO 1IACKMRN -9SS RE WARD.? THE ABOVE RE ward will be given to the h ickman who ?>l ibe call, or any ceraou who will gtvv Inl irmailun that will lead to tue dlkrovery of the |?rann? who gut off the II o'clock Boet-m r M>(?a? train at Fcrt) aeciod atreet, on Friday night, tha 7 in liiai. The |?a<cngera bad tw,. irni.ka. Inf.'rtnati oi given to Certain WALLlMl, Detective ogtie, corner m Broome and ?Ml ik) REWARD -I.O'T. A I'ROMISSOKY NOTE FOR ?? |.J Mi ll", di?aii hy UtvW Muuav to lh>- orili-r of Adol|ili I Jaaner, lor lour nv.nlha, il . d K.raKr Id, 11.H. All i> l* ln art l ? i bid ni g Uatlng aaid n te, a> p vyW'Mit hi< In <ii ?to|>w<d. Ibi abofi. tew are will b. pM I ??y irxving It at 4il til lull arvnu' AIMD.I II LISSNKK IXII I Vl^ 1 EWAHIi - Losr, (IN H VTI RDAY AY ?T't len <*>ll, la rvnlng oitt of Ian ra Keeni ? theatre, >r in i.. ng III a math ?V| nnr ocnnlbua i plain g >ld Itrai-plet the altove irxaid ?ili be |m|iI <m rriur oug u to MUnitUtme i. ue, emtier of Tw< nty eeventh etrvx-t. lop floor ? * m w tRii lout on the nioiit ok dh< kmhkr i?ii It, |p t?i n Mr III eeni r a ehiirrh and Um flilnl nvenue (?m, New Yoik, ? l..di' > auU Mnti'b t'ltatn, e I. <-trt and Hr<?? n nttachetl. The i will do a (ii-ui lavor by retnio i, ,< the t?iT?e to J. II H., li t ooper In.uiuie. Eighth atri-ec REWARD -tOST- A BLAt'K AN!> WHITE ?l'i>r n't) led rifcirli dug ftae abeve rew..rd will !?? paid upon U.c rrtuin tbe d<>n to d ilM hevenieenth umt. |S NEW ard -iobt, a hbtter iv?o, marked ?a '' black and yellow Tbe Un ler will receive the aluve it* anl by letvin* ktni at 100 Oixhnrd ?'ret-t ^ m?w p A - 1:EWaRD.-I/)ST. IX PLEEi'KKR HTRKET, ON J sm'mUjr rt rntnf, u ?m?ilV whltr I^ig Applj *t Xo 2 if )mii row, Mrrti A]A IIF.WARH-I,0>T, ON THI'Rst?AT K\*ENINl?, l,T Upaetimg ol a waron, on Hr ad<ay, betweeu 1 ?i nly third and thirty llrot atreeta. a lady a Mink Mutf ; eleo a Tu>ean gold end anil' Bn a?tt>ln The ab 've r->wanl lor hall I or etlbi r an rlei will be pnid for the nrtldea at tbe oAee of the f leven'a llouae, tn Broadway AH* REWARD -LOST, IN (JOINU FROM ANN STREET ^1" to c rn rof How' ryand fleeter iWeet, an eegmro4 -tevl p ile, with *ariou? .1 ?lgn? upon II, of no nweirept t > ib?' oaner. The fln-l? r wHl rreelve the above reward by l?er ing 't at y+ Broa,!??y. rtw m JU up atalra ? HEW \RI> ? UTOLF N. FROM PREMISES COR ner ol Seii>ad md Mcaef !e alix-ta, UraenpotnL a ? '.M Repeater Wali-h and i hatn ?aker Kr-quet, N > V^t he ( ndi r will mene the above i*? j I '?> Ipuvlng It at the nbo?r prtntw'i < IIArtLES KJI'KRT hportims. I NY ONE HAYINO A OltOD RIFLE OR IXH'BI.K il liain'I.ed -b -t Otui, wiih the are.) itremenl-. tor ?4l? cheap, m 'J h ir f a p>ircha?er by %ddrr i|a( t. D. F., H? raid Hi! re, at :l ? g p.irile llara. with leWrat p -nv rro pi: fof.ti- .11 t"\t BR, \ t.\n nfw I f< m ltDr I 1 1 t y ? ? ' ie i 4 u "' > <reia mr .?i, Is<' i be mi ti al >'u > r.iLi atieet rilAf EnBLINd. iraciil jroricES. DR. L. PROl'DPOOT HAH R^EOyKD FROM NO v. Ea*t Twi III* ilmt to No. M MTc?t Nint.i strwet, b> . wceo P. lb ana Sixth tvenira T^NTKBPRISB LODOB NO t? W A. M? Til i I\i annual elec ion of minora Uke* p! toe ihi ? f renin Du ? If, lbfili. Member* will pleaae b? punctual. E. J. STAFFORD, HM-VmtJ. PAIR tfOCIETV Hoc. lub-r I J, HEBREW KK will open un W>4nmAit evening, Dtx h l thf C< rui r at Mfoudw .<) and T nth ilml, uud< r idiui ? Uilkr; The I'Ub'T arc respectfully invited to aid the fu ida o ' thi* cl .uit.., uli ich hiw uiv ut calla la tlii ^ baa 'U uf dlairoas. QARIllALDl? FREEDOM OF ITALY. GRAND MASS MEETING AT COOPEB INSTITUTE, TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER It. A> meeting of the cltl/en* of Hew York will be held at lie < ia.|.er Institute, 011 the 1Mb of Decambfl . at . .1 f>'clw K J'. M to eccreaaion to Hit" sympathy felt by the Amer cnn nation in beball of the catiae of liberty, loiwolcll the Italian peop.e under the lead of t.'ie heroic Garib 1 di litre kj nobly and successfully utruKgled. The meeting U c died in Ki.BMor tO the PERSONAL APPEAL OF <1ARII<AI<DI, and over one thousand prominent citizens of New Vork. An original ode, written by William l<os* Wallace, a id aung by Dr. Uuil.nette. By the kind permission m Caul. Ward, I'nlted State* Nary, thi I nited Statea hand, Iroin Hie Nary tard, will perform on the 1 cvaaion. lion JOHN A D1X will preside. Tli ? following d.ot.nguUlitxl gentlemen will address the meeting ? JAMKS T BHADY, Esq., LUTHER R MARSH, Esq., JAMES s. THAI EE, Esq., D. DUDLEY FIELD, Esq., ROSW'L C HITCHCOCK, Hon. JOI1S COCHRANE, i l'roi J. c. FLETCHER, Hod. THE K. TOMLlNtiO.V, j Whereus, the sympathies and enouuragemenU ot the ? p!e ot these 1' nited State* are eminently due to Garibaldi I i.ud the Italian i-e<.ple In their struggle tu regain their ancient liberties, Then-lore, we, the undersigned, Invite ow fellow citizens to 1 unite with u?, ut i.n eariy day, in a grand mias memin^, to I I as* such resolution* and take xiicli in watt its at in iy be { deemed neceaaary to give a full oi]ire**ii>n of our feeling*. Jauic* ttordi it Rennet t, August Hi lii. nl, I). Apple ton, Alex. ? . Bradford, Moses H. Grtnnell, Cyrus Ctirti?, James tialUtan, .lamei Harper, ll.J Raymond, Wm E r.vsrts, Robt. S. Hone, llenj. K. M. in., ire, O'emrd llaihct., John T lliUman, Myron 11, I lark, Caleb Kurstow, Eiastti* Bi noks, John U. Jones, John Anderson, V 10. Cm t.s Noyes, J McUod Murphy, Wm. A. Si-aver, Geo P. Morris, la ?i? a. SMyre, t nrhsl, Noriemid, Thus, 'l ile ton, II. II. Ai ketiburg, Wui. K. lla\rmeycr, A. K MlJ111af.l1, Wat 1 a Sl i rniim, Wm. Culii-n l.rjant, Jol.ti A. lllx, Jol n J. l Ik-o. IsaucC. Kendall, Truman Sn itli, l-.d?ar<i I'lerri (airit, E Codillugtoii, J\ii 'rev )l .jirkle. Elijah K I'uidy, John H Huskin, \S in. C. Alekhuder, John \\ Harbour, lienj Itiandretii, W 111. \ . liruiiy, AmbriM: C lunula d < lawalit OttendOrl'er, Matliew Morgan, iiuhtav ua A. C'ouorer A. V. Slollt, ,'au>e.~T. .'souti r, Geo \\ . Vai ian, .iMmea R. >paultling, lliram \\ .ilbriJue. E. J. Hrow n "lhei dure Dehon, Arthur GIHender, Samuel M Kox, John I' Ilimaid, II \ an X halck, J. s. Sluyter, Sja ncer A I'l-rter, I xriah Wenman, in. \ an Wyke, W in II Antnoii, t:. II WhitUeld, Jetnea It . Anten, H. H. W aUon, J. \ . V llaidwin, A. P. Ilal?ey, I.. L. Johnson, Clayton Newt?ld, John Audcrsou, Mnlth 111ft. K H Clieshlre, Alex. Jouet,, R H McMillan, J. V. V Smldt, E. A. Union, Heo. D. CruT-' ]| ?? \ an Vorst, |>.,iiiel Drake ^mith, Hubert J . 1 1 ist, H B. Hyde, M m Da 1 is, Dunlap A tie , John L. Tuw naend, J. M. Edwards, J. H. DfiuliiR, John G. Falconer, *? Tucker, Edward D. Howell, W m. A Gaary, Geo. T Hope. Thos. It M. CaU. A C. M. Lr<id, Isaac Hn uson, B Jamea, H. W M Mead KiBiuel Boaiilman, And one thousand other citlmna of N>* Vork ... , JOHN AN DKRSON, T. Jokkk. Jr., Secreu 'y"1"11 1 ^rangementt Bayard Clark, Wm C. Church, Em inuel B. Hart, D. A. Hale, Wllaon G Hunt, Morrta Franklin, J H llolbrook. Win flail, Marshall Leffertu, James Wutaon Webb, Elijah Ward. Stephen C.irabroling, John t an Buren, Gorhaiu |i Abb >tt, J.tmea Harper, Jr., E, T. Jones Jr., Julius Suhei, It. J. No: ton, Win. CauldweU, L. L lin'.ion, Eraatua Lyrn ,n, Prank la-alie, V< m. P. I'almrr, C. L. Tiffany, II. P. Whitney, Oilier Charlick, Abin. Dm-yee, laaa?- Dayton. Sinin.ui Draper, J. II. Hoili iter, N. II (, t'liriat. G. OuiitUer, Francis 11*11, Geo. Ilngx-i, Horace ley, John A. SU'Wart, Sam. BlaU iiiord, Eli P. N irtou, 1). De.11>*, John Hopper, John Kitcn, <i S. ltotlingheiul, John A 1 c/z.ilia , J. C. But nham. F. P. Jules, tie -. G l^ke, Wm. L Ntv cll, J. II. Rk'iiarUa, Egbert L. Vlela, AuiorJ. William ion, J .s S.iutlinoitn, I. Edward Kuw ilngs, Theodore ll. Knox, David M. mohi., W. Wiuslow, Chas \V innate, Ciiaa. Stan too, K. AI!ii!Hr, E. A. Vt etmore, W A. Be??- ier, B. S. Waleutt, Jr., .'as. P. Hall. Julian Allen, liowers, Keekman Bradford, Fred'k A. l.atie, Edwin B Moore, R. A. Reniaing, Conm er A i.ab.ig'i, Prands R. Reeves, John D. Townseiid. T. D. Killiman, J. Miainar C"u*T, V. A tii'eum, <<? -orge F. 1 h nat in, M. D I'm roll, GUberi Deaa, Kdtvard A. Stansb-i'-r, T. B Sal teeth waite, Richard French, G. A. 11 ill, H. N. Gray, Henry Keedunan, F O'bri'n, Wm A. Burtnett, Bowerman Hmlher, Horace II. Day, Wm. E. La . reut'e, J M la>tu. Franeia Duck, Chaa N Innate, Augustus* Uowlng, 'tlmalurv S. 'I alliu tOgi*. J . nil K Tapp iQ, Mu.iL A L IUM'. ury, Mali o'm sa m Jen, George Wilkes, PBOROK WASUINQTON LOD41K, NO. 2*4. K. A. M.? VX The member* of this Iaidge are bcrebir notified to attend Ibe next regular communication on Friday evening, Decem ber ill, at their K ?uia, Hwmk Temple, oorner of Broome and Crgeby ?treels, tor the purpose ol elecnug oibcerm for th? ensuing year. By order of GEO. C. A. BAK.KK, W. M. W. Wimm, hm?i7. Notice to contractors. Cirr 1??wcto?,!i Okpaiwikst, ( No ? Ciuthab rr , Nkw You*. Dee. U, Wrt) ( Scaled proposals, directed to Daniel K. Dulavan, City la Sctor, with the umii of the bid.lcr endorsed thereon, an ) l words " Proposals tor cleaning tbe ?treeU aod avenu** of the city of New York, for a term not exceeding dire year*," will bo received at tbe Clly Inspector'* oflloe. No. If Chatham sti eel, until KDA Y, the Wlh day of December, UMt, at twelve o clock, at noon, at which Ume the ume will be pub licly opened, fur cleaning I he street*. avenues, lane* ami alley* and all cutli <, wlutrvr*, pier* and head* of slip* te be thorough!) >.w< pi aod cleaned, and to remove immediately theevfrum all dirt, manure, ashe*, garbage and rubbtab for a term aot exceeding Ave year*, la compliance with a resolution of the Common council, adopted by the Board of Council men. Dm mber 13, iNtt By the Hoard of Aldermen, December l.t, L86) Approved by tbe Mayor, December IX bxKX <># whfc h the following 1* a eu m:~ Heaolred, Thai tbe City InafdBtnr he and la hereby directed to advertise foithwith the annexed propoaala for cleaning the stieels of the city of New York lo accordance w ith the foartb section of Uie net passed April 17, I1**, rntltl 'd "A a aet to enable (he Hupt-rv isoin ut the county of New York to raise moo. y t.y ta? fur city parpoe-? and to rngnlata theexp-ndi ture (hereof, ami atith. ruing the lizard of Supervisors of tbe county of New York to lev ratal for county purp .*e? to regulate the expenditure ih- reof, and also lo borrow m mey In anticipation oi tbe collection of said tax. and to laaue rouu ty revenue 1*1 ila tberel or." and the ?*iJ Clly Inspector h heicby furlbei dlicctrd to return the bid*, ?uO*e.(uenl to the ten dav?' adrrrti* ment, to the Mayor and Common Council Immediately, who "are au'hrl*d to make or cause te lw made any agreement or agreemetiia, contnvt or Con tr acta for denning the streets uf the city <il New York? and during a trrm ol y.-ar* n..t ??> exceed Ave Tbe party or partlaa to wki<m ?ucii contiaet may be awarded aliall give aach surely a a Bay be prescribed by the Mayor and C runtr iU r, and tlie propoaala shall tie for a period not exceeding u> e years. raoro'AUi roH ciBamnu twb %rMtr? or tub cm or a*w VOBB. See I ?I, , hereby propose and agree to thoroughly clean nil ti>* paved at reets svenuee. lanes, aileya and all gut tera. whines, piers and head* Of allpa In the city of New York, aa heremafter prov I Jed Hoc. I ?All said street*. avenues, lanes, alleys, and all gut tera. whanee. pier" inil h?ail>. ol slip* Mall HmflalhM om e In ea< h *??, ami the sweepings shall be Immediate, v removed. See 3 ?Tli ere shall be removed from the vtroets, In light carta, all aebes, gartevge, rubblah and *?e.-ping* if every kind which may tc delivered lo him, or may be plaeM lo vtasela upon the aide walk*, or in the front area ot. or upon tbe Up|? r arew ?lep* ot any dw elling house, .lor - o pulU building, every twenty lour ho. r% l-und .ys rvcepied. Sec 4? The driver of alt car? emp'oyed ?* aah ,.rt? >hall have .i hell attached to their carta or harness, tba: nottoo of their apprt?' li may tie h <d. and ahall r>-ee4\ e all ul>e*. is* r h-ge. ?we. plnga and nibMoli which ahall he delivered lo t!iem or that r.>ay l>e pi..' ed upon the sidewalk In ? c?eK or In the an a, or np<>n the ut per cellar itejia of every dwell!!.,; hnua*, -tore or pnlni. bui<4iag l h^ party emp! ve.l Bndsr UK or duianee U? lisve an ilielr own kl! ashen- garbage, ruobiah and hu m ptiigs of every kind removed, by them reaio^ ej put ? ism tbetaui see .1 Broadway froni the Cattery lo Fourteenth ?:reet, aha I be 'wept iluri. g the nlglil, an ! H-f >re 'he houroi 7 A M . one every 24 h.-ur* l ark row and Chatham s^reei tmilt In Onnil ulirel, Piling ?irrel.oa t from Itrnal vay, t ortlaiidt upeet, W all airee", Mai len Une, Whitehall ?'."?e, t; r anil ?t reel, east i rum Hr :id'?*v, shall he %eepi al Iwi Iwl.e In ea< h week All rtreet* bel >w Chamber* ?irt?t vhall l<e I leaned .I'trlng the ntvhl and before the tionr ot 7 A .VI , lieiv e? r. t' a flr" <lay of May and the Br*l -lay ut l> tob.-r, an I d' rti.g the nlgtii aau brloee the hour of # f ,M , between t!i? fiisi day f 1 t h-utbrr a*Ml the Ursl .lay of May in Hank year * hen tlK perionuanee of ainb work i? imprw tiewble ire.u JI.e -taif ot the we.ither the t "Hy l'i?pe^'or m i*, frvm lline I . Ume, In wrlm g, deelgnaie a later ' our for the work, or dl-?. pern* with U.e ksme iemj<.r. rily; but h? ??hall tioi giant ?i? h iilapen*atk>n for a U nger perto.1 than one week from the late Sec g Tl ere ahall he removed fr -m tb? ' I'.yall d rl, ma nure. tar bate, ?*!>? ? and rubw?h ol every kind a* fa?t aa hesaewcaa he lojoc-ed, anil nodepo?( of any kind ahall 'ie made wlibin tl^eitj, eviepi ?ueh a* may he -uuable In IU up low grt und or ?unken lot , and that may >* required fui mi n purp. ae pjv 7 The Mreeta ahall be kept eon i en lent hr paaaaMe for vehicle* durii g the wlMer, ana tbe .rA~a??4k ami all gui ?en Intersex Mug the -aim *h?U be kepi e|e?r .-f snow an I tea. Sec H. The berth* s' pr.-*ent uaeil for the loading of ve* aela reqnlird by the r..nli a. tor fur the purpo*** herein apeel A?h] al.all Be art apnrt l? like object, i.rV-rth* "qualiy ad I ?ala? mn *1 all be k?n4 ter allowed to the contractor. ,*-ec \ The cntitraetor I < he autborlxed to u?e the i"ni*r>n water li ? h)ilrar,t. for *ptit.k!lng *treet< It advance of the gw i ep? r? employed t^ereoo, bnt not more than one hydrant for eacl gai-g abail be o^en?-d ai a time, and Uil? only *o ter a* to enable the watering pot* I ? be Idled Bee. M If the partly contra< ting ahall fall ?o^erf >rm ally duty r*t " " "" right k writing theii t . ' , ? w -? .. ? ? ? . ? ' " ' f r - ? ball c mmunlcate the aame lo the ?nr- tfca theirof , andll the an re I lea rail In having tbe work performed In forty il#it hour* thereafter, then the city Inspector *hall |ww^*d and have Ihe work performed at the expense of t?e anretlea. fee II The < .mptroller *hatl *em I moot lily draw hi* war rant In favor of the contractor for a IJHfJj'?' th?? tot#1 unm of tb* fffilnw* ?? *9 M?yor iAd 1 ""^"pud b'y'the Itoard of t ouacilmen December I \ 1 m Ad. .pied bj the Board of Alderl^n. Deremb-'r It. Ifttkl A^fJW ???' PceemterVV, rvTfvfr Clerk of C n i n c m'ncfl The rich! to reject any otall piv?oa?i? >r bid*, If d?ma.l t , the Inteie.t ol llieCo,p?T^|.,?, |* herei.y I. . 'V. L vc vi,"^ ?? H?hm MU', v\ In'r' -V*. special ? iwn'4 Families, at Boi.r.lcal H.U, <4 *s?. _ u .T^fl iLftW *l'*<"1 cnmmeiiringTiJcMfs^, DfMtab*. ; clock P. M and continuing every da* ami e?stdtl| J * I *e!!i _, , e ' a'r w"' conducted upon tilt* mum BASiW *. e Principles, and a f?w shilling* rponl their, for foil n&ay relieve a great deal of suffering. TAV1?! \rf^I5."7TJIE *<ADIE* or THE FK?K iJ.: '.U 1 _I1^ Kl"fh?u7 H ,1J '"*f a FAIR for the hilrrtt **'il chuirli, In (he basement of the name, ISO SUHiion fc'ieet, between hsarx and Norfulk slrwi, n, u..,l,i..n,l*i ud Kriday, lice. 19, Su, >.id ilTfrom I lJL Mjlofi P. U. 1 he atleiicaiice and pati-nagu of all fneud., to tlia ol> ject are nspealfulljr Invited. Masonic nottck -mystic tik r,oD?iF, so V> r and A, M. The aunual election of oilleariukeB ntac ?' thin (Tuesday i evening, at 7\ o'clock .Members are reuutwi ed to be punctual. Hy order H MALCOLM CAMPBELL, W M I'ms. A. Kkktish, Secretary. VfAHONlC.- THK ANNUAL MKKTINO rOU TUB ijl electtuB of ollicen>of iorubbud.-l Chapter No. 147, R. A. M., will be brM on tho evening ol Tuesday, UtU Inst. Unit ken are hereby eiuumoued to altood. i>. COCHRANE, H. P. Macon and wkmtokn railrod compant.? ma o->r . Ua., Dee. I, UlfiO.? Notice to stockholders The *a uital meeting of the stockholders of the oompany for the nlat M m of President and (IX) Directors to serve for the ensuing year, will h? held at the company 'a otttne at Maoon, (la., e? Tne?ii>j. the Aral day of January next, at U o'clock M. J. *. DAY, a?or?aiT. Notice -all perrons whose interests auk affected by the ?nacnmeul about to be ooullrmed for paving Eighth avenue , between llud~on ami Forty *cc >nd street*, arc requested Ui call at No. 419 Eighth avenue., be fore the lttth, and algn a remonstnuioe against the .tame. OFFICE OF THE JEFFERSON IN6UKAN0B COMPfe ny, No. GO Wall *tr?et.? New York. Deo. 10, L800.? At a jegitlar meeting of the Board of Directors of this Company, held thin day, Thotnaa Morrell. Esq., w as unanimously etsnlol President In placa of Mossa Tuoker, deceased SAMUEL K. BELCHER, Secretary Pill KAPPA S'ltlMA.? THE BIENNIAL CONVENTION of thl* fraternity will be held at the Ki/th Avenue Hotel, in the city of New Vork, on lieceniber 27. at lu A M Ora tor, Win. (jndley, A. M , ol Heta Chapter, College of New Jersey, l'rtnceton Poet, Albert 11. Slape, A. B , of Epulou Chapter, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. REMOVAL-DH. UUMPHRBYB HAS REMOVED HIS Homeopathic medlaine etore and oltloc t >6W itroid ??,y, where he will be happy to meet his old friends and custom i *. fP HE PHILOSOPHERS stone. A (Translated frt.m the N. Y. lleim krat, Oee 11, W69.1 Perhaps wi' should be ceem.d more than chimerical li ws even hinted at iinj diacorery that e >uld e^ual the tabled ]?>wer ( f tl<at uiiaubktanlla) p< bble, w< knit: lor ublfU ali' leut al 'hi' mlftt. h) ent their live*, health ui.d wraith: but unKlem acieu.o 1-tlOK* ?? nearei th?- dmcovert of the true j hlli t ijih'-r't nl no than andeut al' lietny, und that ton, wuhmt sa : Iflcing life, w i aith or health; but lather vl.n tho inciea^lugoi all ot 1 theae, |Arttcularly wraith, and making oar ni?l-nc" rf11 of M BUine ami i un happlm ?a. Will the eUlement be rci oiv il | ? lib iiieri'duiity, that ncionce baa e*-olved and dlncover da I ii^ean w hereby v.e r?n not only enjoy full) ihe pleasure . of | < ur Ineotiie, but, bv laying u?ide el it a mere trifle, we can >\? <uie that tin- ? bleu ev ry man la bora in. at? the l?yiiii{ tip of j a anug fortune lot- hl? family and the entire en jo} i?i lit ot bla < aroioim. We will hui>|k,?.- that a I tnan of thirty y an prM-ceds to aave every J.tlLtr he cau xpari', full ?avril.tin^ by denying many of ' the luxuries of di nie*t.c ll'e lor hlm elf and bla family. After laborins I b ud and fcuving frncullv lor ? i. w years he U ent olf miT i (leniy by ili e.lh, leitvltss til.-, famUj a small ?um la the Having* ; bank. Now lo the plulueoi iirr'? Htoni . We will nay he laid ' l > in the bi Ht j ear, and then abunld ilie Will It be con 1 n'd< red impoMHible th it bin widow and fatherl -*s little ones iliould rt*ceive irom l.*i?t yliu no les.4 tli,ui i-i.'luu. and t.iia, too, without ttkh.idnw i f doubt and by a proo ,.n tltal has b^-o i rxinling dun^t the IhkI half eentniy, and a:i Inntanoe lilua | tinting It oceiiiri'd only a ahurt time nines 111 thin very city, ! where a pLinolorle workman, a OiTimin, living in Ihn i S< i entU avenue, in January ol Uieynai liw, appl.ed lo matiio hi? llle lorJl.Uli \*itli the Hriti.-bt ommemal Life 'n.uranco 1 Ci inpanv, a very old and re?p? cUtblc c.oipati.v. who have ail ot!i?e la WaUntivel ol ihincity. He wan th.riy-Hoven years 01 nee, and paid every three inoiith.s 9?i 70. Ho died th?? fall, aiidhihwile and childn-ii will receiv in n ah'irt tim- the $1, OV. lor whieh ha? been p.?id in all only$U>9J. A 'till niore ntriklng illustration ocurred only a day or tw > ago. when, an npi?-nred t)y the m w^puper*, that during a (ire which ircurrrdcn KriOuy, the :?xh ol Nifverabcr, at Na I -"9 Canal kill et, the t?cop<iut. Mr. Ju.-tus lleorge Wuest, In his rttorta to tan' bia family mid property, returni'd to th. room fii.ui which he had jui?t reneued hia wife and child, and wh la b indid by the lire aiid Hiueke eith'T JnniiH-d or fell frtmi thn thud Hi ry wu .clow, and injure d htiiiHclt ho severely thai ha died on Saturday, the 1st inat., at the hospital It now ap |a *l> he by hi' prudence had insured his llle, for the benefit of hu wit e, la November, IN6S, and th? same company will jwy shortly ttf the widow Sl,UUfnr the support of hernelf si d child Se Mr V n.'st by jiaylng the amiifi aum of $t? 40 n ved tho.- c who bad the tendercst claims upon him from probable buffering ai.d privation. This far exceeds what any savings bank will do. It pays the amount, whether It It saved up or l ot, lor II a msn live to a g.iod old age he will even then get more than he would from any Having* bank. We have in- ui' d our own life in the Kntish Commercial Insur inoe Ct Dipan), which U au old company, having been instituted lo iwn, wlih a eapiwl of and which ha* lately ab korbed ?r b< eo anialgamated w ith the Urttiah Nation and tv, .lows' Fund, both I^ondon companies, and It 1- proposed to annex still another. It is now a very large and w ealthy cor poration, and without the addition of the two last companies lia busini-iu on the 20th of June List was as follows Number of poltcii*- Issued this year l.UM Amount Inntiri dtberi'by $I,OQ,3UO 00 Aim iiut id prcintuais received therein 34,143 U Nun.berol deaths * hich hav e occurred 66 Auk i, til | aid and payable thereon $C2,S7M 43 'Ic.ul iiumher of policies in force 7,#05 AtnotiDt insured thereby 910,90l.7)'s, 04 Annual i reiuiunis thereon 961,000 M Amounl ol annual lie 'me 40S.SA0 M Our esteemed fellow ? dlscn and fi-Ci roner, Dr. H. NTwil helin. Is mt d>.,l ndv.eei or the Herman department In this city, sn.t w ul l? h m py, no d ubt, to give any explanation or advice in h s eounlt vmen, at his residence, M Seventh street ; and v e wi uld earne-tly appeal to every true husband, father or brother t<> aet In this matter without any delay; for we may die lo nionow ; and every time his eye may rest upon m beloved wile, child or slater be haa the consoling reflection that, die when he may, his own prudent set haa ahlelded them froui want and it's worst consequent ea. COPARTNKR8HIP NOTICB8. _ nINKOLI TION. Not|.? t? hereby given tliat fmni and after thi- date the interr-l of F.lw-rJ M Willluma in the copartner-hip l.u-ine** lieirHofi'l* ril-UllJI and carried on at Oft Cat limine Her*. In the city <>f New lurk. In tbe name of "IV M WU lam*,'' I* terminated? ?atd oopartnen>lilp baring been dla olved by mutual r n-tnl K H WILmAMH I*. kjmm 17, Irtfrt. t || vs M WILLIAM*. Partner wanted? with from $*ju to ? in a well eatabllaUed f?b bu ?lnea*, wlilch p.iy* a net profit [of more than 130 per cent oa the coat, la very plcaaant and highly respectable. The mlrei tlaer being obliged to be abaent < n other Important Ini-lne-- wl?he? to ?elj part of bl* Interval to Komr rapaMe man to aupei Intend the buaineaa generally and to travel for the coooem. part of tbe time to app .Im agent*. To a man of the above menu and ability very libe ral inducement', will be offered by applying at 71 Kalian are our, Brooklyn PARTNER WANTED--IN~A ~ EI MT CLAM BAKERT and confectionery, already eatabUahed ; tbe party ooaxing ?n nay have the control of the bnalneaa; th>- adwitlaer to at end tne manufacturing department. Addrsaa Baker and Con fectioner, box 171 llemld oiLcc ? PARTNF.RSIHr -A OENTLKMAN ~WITtI ABOl'T fill im or $IMK> r*n tnd an eligible opportunity to In t eat It In a well eatablUhed agency for the aal<> ot aa arMdn already >u<ir?alullr Introduced, by ?ddr?a"inc t M. H., box 178 N. V. 1'uat (dice. Elm claaa reference- and re quired. PARTKBR WANTBD? WITH FROM f .Uf? TO >t.0? capital, to purvhaae the tut* real ol a re Jrmg partner In a Planing, Lumber and Box Bnaln aa In tY.? ctty ; the remaining partner require* the aaalatanee of an active and addi tional capital In conducting tbe bualneaa. Addreaa, with real name, box 1,301 Poet otBe* PA BTN ER WANTKD ? WIT H $J,n? CA*H, TO JOIN 1I1. adietllarr ta a manufacturing tiuatneaa, ae< ured by jetreri patent. The arttclr ? n>c- t v, itli r<*ady aale for unalL al good prollta. Aitdreaa .la- Wood, box IM Herald office No agent need nf ply Thla la aw humbug. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A MAN OF OBNTEBL AJ> drea-. with a Caah capital of AttU to $M>, t.. ike charge of a flourfahlng rMabltahed office bu-dnea*. . pay* net profile over $u> per week. Apply ta Dr. Cox, IM 7th a v , from ? till 3, fur two daya. TX,' ANTED ? A PARTNER. WITH CASH, TO f f manufacture a patent article In ern-ral uac There ta no n*k, but ready ?ale Inquire for r. W. it., 113 Orchard at., after < o'cluct P. M. 4. rfk -partner-rare chance -wanted, a ?T* m- ? Immcdlxtelr. to receive the r4*h, and abare equal, la the beat and m net rc.nectable m ney making baai neaa In thl ? country Call at tbe bar of the EI D " .do. No C Centra atrrv* t&QOA ?A PARTNER WANTED IMMEDIATELY, Tiff a genteel and plraaam caah bw-lneea, well eatab llhhed for eeieral yearaluihla rliy II. can litr about U) Er e o k, aa can be acn Apply to T OAFt .^EY, No. 9Chnan r? at reel. d? CArt ? A PARTNER WANTKD, WITH TTTIK AMOUNT, ?T'MlH, In a light, g.'nteel, well eaiabllahed and profitable huMneaa With a go. 4 hn-ln. ? n . 1 tMa m vr.., ? 1, I oXing after. IMA AC A. HK.tiH, 7) Naaaau atrect ?nnn -a partner wanted, with thm amount In caah. In a well eaiabllahed, large paylt g. pleaaant and llgbt Manufaitatlng and Jobbtng Bui tun Nalea only at wholeaale. and money making 1KAAC A RlUi.rf, 73 Naaeau etr-et iinnn T" tl^?? PARTNER WANTKD, WITH " thla amount. In a well ea'abllahed Iniatneaa, In I'tMMif tlakfit lorntlnna In the ct'y Ad lr. aa Par'. iter, bos It* Herald ctiu-e At) enn 1 Sh and Arrfvi~i p a rtnkF wanted. VAi'Wfv In an iatabll>.b"d Manul a< 'urlug Hualneaa, with actual propertj to repnaent the fu|t |, vestment, and fa cllltln to tart $u? per month. Addreea Lumber, Herald ? >tl.ce (iHO -*AKTKP PARTNER, WITH THIR ammtnt, lu in eatabUah'd Mann factoring HnMtieaa, paying tart- pitHi 1 f.r,d ai enred by letter* patent a II KVDKU. gg Haimm nwn. fT*MTt*E. ^ . BEDROOM Rl'IT OF K 5 AM ELL ED FVHNITt kk rot tn all eol..i . of warrantMl tnan?ra< lure al-o a?M ?SoatatM?bMBhnr aulta. ptati' aodamamente.1. at II V I'vtt KINiiTON M, .M^ fatal >u ci, oppoalta Wwiatar KatahlUhxd In liMR. Enamelled chamber Bern or rt'ENiroE*, ta aH -okwa and atytea, a* vheteeale or retail. At ft* and upward*. Abe Mattrtann and I'alllwaaaa. WARM.EN v? 4KD, VI 1 'anal* Fe-ir doon i-aai of Wnauhmy. fTH ENITl'RE BOI'tlHT F'?R HEADY M tNEY.-wh FA1K J1 value given la rendr !????? (<n Fnrnltnre, t 'arpeta, Hooka, Ac . at 111 Hiith aveauo, between Ninth am* frnth ??recta tJlrEMITOEE BOrtlHT-TTlM HltlHEBT PHWI PACD JP In caah far all klnda ? Hreiaabold Furatanrn Oarpata, iflrmra, ffa. Call a? ?r? Third avanne, or a*taeae fMMtai% aa ahova. N B. ? A goad ?? lure alwaya no hand lor a F' Sr'nlnlSi S \1*r, sn fi rnitcre rnxvnmm V fcaaKlilaiJlmlla KtpTI^< K'lrnHW PlW* fTio. .1. 1,9 W**' aaeeei, haietaan. fifth a ad Slttb ivy a -Farnlture li,mitn?s I'IM'KoMV ftutnary t hina and tlb>M>?are hoiei ami tamped t'i?m3> nitSr?" rnotmia* t of funllk-a. m<>ra?a fa* !*? L-1 V r V I T ' R>., m i' 111 s , AND ' t^OMTFFT'lwRE X* for aale -Well eatahit^he'1. in ano tbe beat taealMlea In ? U? cit jr. or a void exchange for a plav tn the oo<?ltn, aa tha ? - r ?.. 'ng a ck Will r<- -I'lT" t th. i't Apfdy to Mr ''EDDIE, 77 tThamSert attael 1 1OI VF'Httl.D Ft RNi ri'KK WANT* Ik ?I Wisn TO II pnrcha?e abont iU?U w-rth ni llouaehold I'urnilure wet'inm quality, fm wh ch I artll t^y taah Any f atnJF ?r I t lire o' '? A I I11.W B, IV He. kmaa atraet ___ WtTTKF.H ? W/NTED TO PVP..MM-T. MR Will, ft R rhnea It ?< ..<1 law, U Itettaaa, a?* omiii datlng fire paMong ?r?h. liffiii, Hat'Htari', D Baldwin, llemld Mot