Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1860 Page 3
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SAL.K8 AT AUCTION. Aujkht mortimer griffin t co., aictionukks. vjh.-t class U<X ^EUO(J) FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION", The property of * f tmlly U aviug for Europe. This day, Tuesday, Dee. mber IH, Hi itl* ? KUteeulli street, between Filth and Sixth *>eou-s, Ut/feuwuud i trior t>uu. covered lu bi> > at-l, _ Superb "K, octave ruMWn >d Pianoforte, Rosewood ukd mahogany Ch-Uiiocj" Kurmtute, f ft auite. Ormolu and brunze Chandelier*, Solid oak Huffi t and Extension Table, iter md Mantel Mirror*, La e Curtains, China, alas* and Silver Ware. Oil Painting* by eminent artist*, Etogeres. Centre Tables and B?>kcue. The au> tioneer* wmld call the particular attention of th'.'lr 1 1 lend* and the public The catalogue comprise* the largest ant richest assortment of Household Kurniture offered at auction this season. The furniture wan all made to order for pnwent own?r, byoity makers, lean than Mi months ago, and is of the b?5st do ?KripUon. Catalogues at the hoaae on mornlngof sale. Drawing rooms constat of earred roeewood Etegeres, marble tops, French plate doors and buck*: Work TaMe, In laid with pearl; rotewood Centre Tables, nt.itii.iry marble tops; two full suits Drawing room furniture; elegant Tele a tetc Sofas , twu arm, reception and eight oral back Chairs, coveu-d In three-oolored satin brocade; brocade and lace Cur tain*; all light ormolu brunze Chandelier*; pier ;uid Mantel Mirrors, rich gilt frame*; Sevres und Dresden china \ ases, magnificent seven octave Pianoforte, carved lags and case, round corner* and finished all round, inlaid with ana solid pearl toys; rosewood Stool, cloth Cover, sheet and bo >k Music; Hats tit nd. Oilcloth, Brussels stair Carpets, Ac. Chamber* ? Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style of Louis II V., Bureaus and Commo.les to match. Wardrobe*, Ilress lug und Toilet Tables, Couches, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices, hair Mattreaaea, Palliasses, feather Beds. Bolsters, 1'illows, Blankets, Sheets, Quilt*, Counterpanes, chin* Toilet Sets, oval Mirrors. Dining rxmi Furniture Also Kitchen I'tenrlls. Cash deposits required of every purcb-tser. Auction sale of first class ROSEWOOD PAKIJOK, DIN II LIBRARY AND CHAMBER FURNITURE, ROSEWOOD PARl^iR, DININO ROOM, eoatly Bronzes, valuable Landscape and Historical Paintings elegant Mantel Vases, mosaic marble I'edqptals, marble Statu ary, rich Silver Ware, Pianoforte, elegant Cbaudeliera, Ac., contained in the residence 152 West Twenty- first street, a few doors front the Seventh aveiuu The whole to be positively sold without wserve. Thia (Tuesday I afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. The contents of the house consist in part of one solid rose wood Parlor Suit of seven pieces, covered in crimson and gold brocade; suit of seven pieces, covered in ricli bouquet velvet, and one full suit in green silk velvet ? all three suits were made to order and are first class; large French Mantel and Pier Mirror*, damask and laee Curtains, rosewood Etegeres, Centre and Sofa .Tables, Bronze*. Statuary, Paintings, rose wood Bedsteads, Bureaus, elegant hair Mattresses ana Bed dtn?:, Extension Table. rich SilverWare, French China, Cut tiluaa. Portable Heater, rich Cari?ta, with everything adapted to a fashionable furnished residence Sale |K>sitive, without regard to weather, and no postponement. A J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. ? Supreme Court sale In partition OF VALUABLE BROOKLYN PROPERTY, under the direction of It. Emmet, Esq., Referee. A. J. BLEECKER, SON A CO. will sell on Thursday, Dec. 9), at 12 o'clock, at the Commercial Exchange, opposite City Hall, Brooklyn, Nine parrels of Land with dwellings and buildings therein, ?ituaU d on the southeast oorner of Concord and Washing on streets. Size of plot (9 lots) 113.4 and 116.4x2.17 fe I Will be sold in separate parcel*. Term* mad-: known at time of sale. Maps giving full description can be had at No. 7 Pine etrect, N. Y. AS RICT1ART1S, AUCTIONEER.? 600 CASES BOOTS, . Shoes and Rubber* at auction, by Rli'HAItDS & W IIITINO, on Wednesday, December 19, at 10' j o'clock, at stori 44 Cortlundt street. This sale will comprise an assort ne tit <d Winter Goede, an?l will be w,.rthy the attention ol city and country d< alers. Catalogues on the morntug ol sale. 4 R. THOMPSON, AUCTIONEER.? S KATE S, FVNi'Y _/\ . Ooods, Oil Paintiiigs, Clnck% Perfumery, Sugar*. 4 this morning, nt l;i?a o'clock, at 17a lit Midway and No. 2 Cort landt street. Als<>, elegant Shades ol' Birds, Under Qar ments, Stationery, Fancy Brushes, Toilet Soaps, Meerschaum Pipes, 4c. Auction rale OF DIAMOND OOOD8, (?OLD AND SILVER WATCHER JEWELRY, Ac., Ac. A. M. CRIKTALAR, auctioneer, will offer for sale on Kri da) , 21*t Inst., at Klf., o'clock, at his salesrooms, Zi Bowery, a choir.- and valu able Tine of line Diamond Good*, b'lng the stock of an importer retiring from the business, comprising; In I art, ladies' Ane gold 18 carat diamond sapphire cluster and opal Sets: ladle*' nnd gent's diamond, emerald, single ?tone and half hoop cluster Pins, Rinifs, Earrings and Studs; a choice assortment of tine sapphire diamond Pius and Ring* , several very fine single stone diamond Rings and Pins; also a large assortment ol ladn-s' diamond and enamelled Watch"*, toxetber with fine gold Chronometers, double tlm", and One Magic I.ever*; al-ot-'lver hunting Patent Lever*, silver hunt ing Aneltn ? end Cylinder*; a large lul of gold Pencil Casei and Pens, Hrnceleis. Rings, Pins, Earrings, Sets, Sleeve But tuns, tc , ,tc ( atalogii' S at sale. The trade arid private buyers are respectfully inviu d to attend, a* the ab<jv? sale U peremptory formal), without n'serve. Auction notice. LARGE BALE OF INDIA RITP.BER TOTS AND BALLS. WILLIAM TOPPISt) A Oil., Auctioneers, Nil. iiud II 1' irk place and No. 8 Murray -ti wt, Will -?. !!, on WEDNESDAY, n?e 10. at 11 o'clock. l.V) CAHEH INDIA RUBBER TOYS. Con-htlng nf I>n;u, Doll lie* ils. Dog*, Lam'**, Cat*. Chicken*, Duck*. -Vx.d a great variety of other articles la thr, together wl'h rw flu *m India Rubber Balla. All buyer* "f h .llday ,(oodH are invd.-d to attend tlii* ?ale, it being the flint large tale of llMMe g'M?U ?rrr offered at aeation. ? ? v. 1 iiie* icidy i irly on morning of tule. AUCTION notice? M. DOt'<lHTY, AUCTIONEER, will U thla il-iv (Tucaday), anil to morrow iW'cdwKltf), lJei-cm' . r Is. and l?, ut 111", o'clock each day, at auctlo i. at ?aharoooi, sft Ka- mi newt, a larg- arid germral a<-.irt?n it ?n h UM'tmVd Furniture. Caj peta. ,-uiUd rotlwood i> utor Snlta, tevercd In brooatei n plmti; Secretary fl N>k.'.t*'?. mar il W?, owrtiti Table*, gltt t in w mrrwa, roaawood ? wen optica Pianoforte. richly carved and %>? ??? . I kqri egtamadoii tuning MK dlonfflSalni, Cl?Mk (Iwnt Seta, It ? i-mla a il crystal Ulaaawarc, i . I"ry, dr.. i 3 llui t'l*, W i.tanda, 1 i datcud*. I rfU M.tttr. -+>?, leathor II >d?, Bill. Ward ? ultra, Louugt*, Ac. ; th? whole to be per. .upibrll/ aold. A CCTIi N NOTK T-.-M Dol'OlIf'Y. AUCTIONEER ? .al will ?ell thla da) ie*day), Dec, ?'?!>.?!? 18, at KM, rei.i-k at i|f <mn, s a m f t I- , Panrr (tool*. ' for th 11. .iday., ooaal>>ttiig ci dNonltl rranelt China UmSu, 41 pi? rea do, fete a ?. -t Seta, do. Va?"?. iu >tto aagm Cupt and tSatieer* hi qn*- P imrea, llawei V?a <, Shad and St vi la, ?'?ii.. ia? wi'.'i to?|ii ? C.ilaa >p't u ???. rry.tat c it a, . Ho '? Mila . ?! . a i>ec r 'era. wl,ie 'Mittl.-?. c tmptjn* ti.;. c *, wine do., i l.u-i do., O ibleia. /. ?. ; the wh ;?t/? be p" empt lly - II. aUoa Ine line of oil l'alat.:ig?. In flue g?l.l MMM. Auction m itice. M C EDEY, AUCTIONEER CONTINUATION OK tHSIUMgfC S HALE UK BRANDIES, WINES, .-EC. VRS, AC EZRA LDDLOW, .lr , s VLESEOOMS M CEDAR HTREKT, * ill ?en, u W I ilnf ?. lay, Dew mb*r 19, at el.-vi ti Ti-'.-rk, fci UiUtiei' ni ili?- ikM'dt off. r. d (? Thnraday laat, by or I rof W. J. M..inr?. I.?i , aakinn.N'. Th- lo;a unaoid .'ujhra.v .-h do" Khi-r lea, r. rt.i, M? '? r *a, p,(> mk| d irk Br .ndl.-a, Sr,jl< h. I nab and liourtx.n Whiak ya. In bottlea, r taea, ilemijolina md quarter ouka liao var. ua Champ .gn. i?; ai*. ? ( raitlii . a*u>!? . 1 lav. ?m? bmn .1* llarana and do meat le Sr^ra Th ? Uooda are of brst rlua, and guaranteed la ? i t ry rvapect ASSK.NEE'S S.UJ! OF READY MADE OLOTHIVO, Tailoring (l.toda? A. M t.'WIMTALAR. aaMtaa? r, will aalLon l lund iy, Mb Inat., at IOU o'clock, at No. >ai Cltai bam ?'(uarf, Ika eutlre well ?el.i ;. d and faaiil.>tiab:. HtoeS ?Itiitanir-it ill mid ati re, r nslatlng in part of Kn? iah and Preacfc lu.inr Pilot ar l Clotb Frock, Hack, Wtfalniiaa, aod a flnt h >w I' , it' .1 0*'W i-ta, Caaiitinrre, D wkin .i 1 WtlaH I'aiita, Si k. Via, Vflnt I'luan and ?'l nh Ve. ? In variety,'.* or aith t aaalm-r. ?, l?--?kJna, <1 .- >attui"t-., I.inii c - '?! >l.m, and a get eral ??aortiiifi' of i all .ring <n i Paratnli .iia <?. l? alan, HU>re Fiilur. ? and l^aae of 1'remiae*. T?nu?c T li. i xita r< quired. I!y ord'-r "f the Aaelguet Iht trade > ill Hi d abore aalf wt II worthy of tbelr attemTia. Al'C HON NOTICE. Large aale thla .lay. Tu aa iy, IN-omnber I*. WILLIAM To I* PINO A Co., Auctioneer*. N"a. ? ai.d II Park p! 1 ?'??I N '? M Murray atr- <??. luttK Uh atieuU'ii of riahtu . r? tu their v?r> larga and a'trar vr ?..?? STAPLE AND FASCY DRY OOODS, To h-id thla day. yi * and g >oda now r .id>. AUCTION NOTICE ~H WILBOM, Al CTI0NERR ? J\ ( '.u out ?siu 1 1 i:o.A? and Shoe., on Til' !ay. I ><y IS at In o no. k A VI , at the .tr-e of A I) Ua!e. No I ? l?ey rti?:?t. A' mt TWaaaea l''?H., --iiof* nnl Ku HK-ra; agauera. aaaui tiuLiit, aud Bioat lie i" Id p t i*ratory to a jTlog \rcriov bai.r? or ciuka toii iid paict ? ari' I> . t to I I daalam, brHB.NKV O EVANS, n Tt.' -d i ., ? 'tinh?r ; ?, at t* i> o ci<ck, at v> Maid 'a lane; ai? ? alii a- ri air nt of while graaitt- and common Ware, lilaaa wara, fraac Caloa, Ac .'r for the hoddaya. sat ? p i*t Uve aud I raa. arciti N- WALE con ir i ED BALANCE Or THE J\ oft. larg^ and etega . aiucfcaf ? ?r)?uui. Oil. >Ui? A" . n aTotiM of tin* owner daatlai.ig bu ,'n .? . IHM'tlHTY, Awciion f r, arlU ?c!l on Tn -? '. ,y, De<- K at HI i aek. at the kkut of Mr. I. Hyatt, SW Bowery, a ?? .i .. i.?? tiaent of C. rpatlna, OiialtAha, Hearth Kuga, Mr , A , t>i t o heat btd.lar. All In want of Oarpatui^ aliou.d atteo 1 th:???lf IP HON not:- r -?"ONTIVATTON (MT.EOFf HIN v J\ 1 re, Mt Brnadwap, i mi?i?ttn oi uii ? ri> !?? at a 1 1 h- ?? i aarlm.r.t <i i hina. Ml.iaa, si'.t ? ] .it I 'tare an I ? rutkeiy, will bp *.hl ?n *? iu-al iy, H ,-'inb.-r 1.', a' t. . ?'aivck, mt ng *h. h will be iwuud u aeia au1. labia i ajfT'a' I r-i h;?lld y*. BR?>W*E A m-'ftOIA AKTIoNEERf Tl KHIUf, D?< IS, Oaaunuatloo ih t.KEAT AND ATrkA? THE HVLE on manulaelnrar a mnnjt, or bouse /.no i AP i.i . n rni>iu..J and fancy OOOIM, Oa TTEHDAY, Dec 1* At i cloek. In ti.' aal? imrni and gallerlea of BltOWNK a, Nl< Hul^i, aa Naaaau atrect, aafmlte PaetaMea, i naiaiing of ? moat *?-lait tu 1 deairable aaaonaiaat o V.enek p< !c Ma t D oner heta, losle'. Hot*, rich Tab!- >}i*y? wire, Carl an iiamary Rfwii>aa. fji.iika, * ve pU'nd war?. Ar, and a varteiy uf Pan-y At lei w, aultali e fork U ay 'I In ?? g <?<$? wfrtf |hr th ** OMMU (tdtiren to . . . I V lIACtlHWOl'T i CO , for tn Hirii?r* trade, bui in *;ouw-au?no ?f th# **l*tin? ^'1 ??J financial lliiwaltl. ? they will b? aol I in ?hn markrt. 1JY DANIEI. A. MATIIF.'.Vg A CO AUCTIONEERS J> tJl '>4mm?m n ? u ceiiAr STKEKT ? i?,i I tly nnpoiNto Ike Poal oglea i.ol MI'A'ilt IJI 'tHO W. I"" ' , : ?' ? al, a. it' a c. ok aajl ?gewani' -? lif itr?l. : . i 'toffli i'<>. ii> t v s m n O" .-m. a.n'' FAUCI goon * Portal) t ?? a ??) cir> -alia., or. r |jtn lot*,,' th ?W ( " I i ???!.?- 'a ir.i' .. J tw aeaa n. t!/ , M i*' i-' . '.?'?) i i * hto 'T\Trr.r\r\ I'll" . .1IAN ilLAStWAWf, BK>. i ' ? tND MABBLK ' i '? 'SJL E1L . ' 1 0? ' ? ' BN( 11 l !?!N S ASK 1, DINNER, *>.: Avi> fi >11 ST ETrt, PARIAN AND ! f^lUS ?J?Ot'Pf?,BTAll K I 1 9S, VASE A'' FIN B SILVER CLATEP RICH CI r AND PLAIN OI_\S?iWAKE. Air* ? an ..a? .rtm. M .' tl AMMKE TRtYH, BOXEP, CUP\ Ac., l< r W>r with a gi atrarhty-f H'.uae Pnrni* <m ? lo nla, a ? Tli. w (|.h .in ar #.>na;n'*l to ua ot th> lm| rtera dir t. ? ?th ..?t r? ? >! W|!h a! i -giird la <??.t, oil a ri~.' In wiv-. i ? tt ?a<"? t'. ,ui?j|tiea and (>o ? ? a'/ f i ? ?aHf ? ,i' cn *9m i.\i "f a*'' 1 ? ab at. VI. n ,'?'<! i ? :'id s. 'h?a^, D - taw V t od ? ? a ma, 54 ( t SAL.K8 AT AUCTION. Auction notice. M. C. EDEY, AUCTIONEER. PtllEMPTOKY BALE OFVeHICLEH. ON MANUKACTCkLU'R ACCOUNT. EZRA Ll'DLOW, Jr., will wll ibu day (Tui aduy), at twelve o'l^ock, at salesroom 'V> ?'? <lar street, op| ??!?< the Post oHm, a large number of Ve hiclra ot sup. rii>r guki1 and finish, which th?i exlgeuoy of the tlim * require* to Ik- aold w ithout reserve. /^RO?'KERY SALE.? P. H. VAN ANTWERP, Al CTION. \ J t-er, will *eU at Urn Mure of N. T. A K Matthew*, J73 Pearl . tieet, at ten o'clock on Tueaday, Dee. 1H, a iargu lot of English Toy*, juat arrived, whloh must be sold; also .1 l.irge lot ol w. g common aud Rockingham Ware. Ditch bilks at auction prices-fifteen canes Hyaclntha and Li.l< --, 4 wu:< ; Tuli|ia, Irw, Nar cissus, Johnqulila, Snowdrops and Snoivflukes, l1, cents each; Oladlolas, Anemonea aud Renuin ulaa, I >, cents each; Crocus, 30 cents per hundred. Address or call on 1*. MUR KAY, 1S9 Pearl street. EDWARD SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER SUPERB COLLECTION OK VALUABLE OIL 1'AIN'XJNOS, AT THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, Selected by Mr. A. D. Huyvetter during a recent vlait to the art studios of Europe, among which wlii be foun t the work* of EUGENE VERKOECKHOVEN, PP. OE BRACKLIER, H'Y SC1I AEFFELS, VAN SEVERDONCK, LEICKERT, REEKERS, KOEK KOEK, MOERENHOUT. CHAPMAN, WOU VERMANS, Comet, Scl.arp. Redlg, Boynham, 4c. Ac. Each Paiuting 1? signed, and moat of tbeiu be*, the guaran tee and eeitiflcate of the artist. To be aold at auction by Measr*. E. A F II. SCHENCK, on To lie sold at auction by Messrs. E A F II. SCHENCK, on the evanlnpa of )Vc?lne'<Liy and Thursday, Dec. 19 and Al, at the galleries of the National A< .-vaeiny ot iKsxigu, in Tenth atreet, between Broadwavjuid Fourth avanue. Theabovova "JelloiiU limbic ami beautiful colleMkm ia now on free exhibition, from 8 A. M. until 10 P. M.. each day and evening, until the sale, 1% haiuhi y will bo positively aold without reserve. EDWARD .SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER. IMPORTERS' SALE OF HUPERB FRENt II AND BNOLISli FANCY GOODS, si 1TABL!-* FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. By E. A t 11. s< HENCK, THIS DAY .uiil WEDNESDAY, December 18 and IP, at 10'2 o'clock, at tlielr salesroom, III liroadway, gieat sale of the aiost superb Fancy Goods this season, comprising a large aaaortineutol euurely new patterns and design ??, just imported, consisting in p*rt of FINE BRONZB8, SUPERB PARIAN HOI RES. ELEGANT BRONZE, ORMOLU ANI> M AlMiLE CLOCKS. SEVRES AND KKENCIl CHINA VASES. DECORATED FRENCH CHINA DINNER SETS SI PERB CUT AND BOUEMLAN GLASSWARE. ELEGANT ORMOLU OOODS, SILVER PLATED WARE. And a large variety of ot! er elegant Fancy woods NOW ON EXHIBITION. Indies and the public generally are to examine them. Pur< hascrs can bare tlieirgoods carefully packed and ship tied al a amall coat. I EDWARD SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER. !i SUPERB HOLIDAY PRESENTS Elegant Ca?ket?, Jewel Casea, Ladli-a' Work Boxc<, elegant ly fitted, superb Kevraa aud arm du Odor Cn e<. ormolu and leal bronze Statuettes, Bisque and brume Statuett -s, gi>ntle men's Dressing t aaea, India aud Ohlti' ;e gooda, together with an elrgant aasorim>'i<t of other rich articlea of Vnriu, by E. ? F. 11 SCHLNCK, tltia day, at lu.'g A. M.. fti their aaleiioom. No. 141 Broadway. Ladies are particularly invited to examine them. tr* COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? LARGE SALE OF CEN . ti-el Furniture in Brooklyn. ? K. COLToN will ?ell thN day. Tuesday, December Ih, at 10*< o'clock, at UO Clinton atreet, one d "ir from Amity, the entire g?-ntenl Furniture, C 'mprlslnK every article from baaem- nt to attic ? on? Piano forte, rich Carpets and OOclolhs, velvet t.ipeatry and other Carjieta, Curtains, marble U'P Dreaalng llureans, Sofa? I'ete a-teiea, French mid other B. Ule.uls, leather Reds, hair >1 it tietsi ?, Heddinti, Oil i'aiT.iinga, China and rich cut Olaaaware. Kitchen Fuinitnre, Ac. N. B. ? House to let, p >s-">,?i jn lm mediately. Henry h. i.eeds, auctioneer.? he.vrv n. Lr.EDs A Co. will si ll at auction on Tuesday aud VV'jdn Kday, December 18 and 19, at l"1., o'clock each day, a? (lie aalenroom No. XI Naaaitu atreet, superu sale of Ja|>aneae and other Fancy C ioda, comprising CaMneta, Tray*, Punch Howla, Cupa, China \ nai-a, varioua deacrliiliotia; Tea Pova, Ac., Ac. Alio, an in ? ice of French Clock*, Brontea, China Vaaei, Ornolu and l'arlaian fancv art i< lea, French China dinner, tea and doaaert Bete, China Clock*, Fans and oth"r contljr g mkIm. Alao, an entire lnviiti-" of very rich Terra Cotta, Juat landing fr >m the ship Helv.-i 1. u fMin Antwerp, conialnlng Flower Bowls, Pitcher*, Gobi. i> and other rare and beautiful gooda. Ala 1, a fresh Invoice of recently im|s.rted Boh ware, Co i .giies. Plates, OlaMware, engraved Warea, King r Bowl*, ami other gol d*. Also, an invoice of Wax Flower*, Fruits, A'- , Tery beautiful, under glaaa, v. 1th other rich and costly good*. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.-henrv h LEEDS A CO., will sell al auction, on Tueaday. Dorcm bei if, at IK o'clock, in front of -lore No. Z\ Naasau atre-t, a bay tionie, about 14', hand* high, 8 years old. guarant.-ed found and kind In every particiifv, : also a Grooery Wagon In ffio l order, bull! wltlilu six Dicr.taa, and little u.tod; single!, my made. HENRY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER. Peremptory sale of Elegant mad up C'irs, Robes, Ac. On W.aresday. D-ci mber 19. al 11 o'clock. At lb? * il'-s isiiTi.t, No. line atrneL Being the entire *t . .,f a wholesale furrier, to be sold w ithout any reaerve lor oaah. The stock comprises a aplen dld aniitlroent ol real Russia ar.d H iids n?Bav Sable s ta, rw daik. m-bI Milk Bet*. Royal Knnioe, Kltch, Mkwfal Kqulrrel and ot'iei Capes, CI aka, Victoiines, Muff*, C iffs, Collars, Gloves, children a Furs. Ac. ; alao a One lot of Woli , Bcai, lox, Bulla; ? and other Robes, warranted frean ana fre? from moth. Good* an view and catalogue* 1 mly esrly on morning ol sale, at No. S , l'lne itieet, liroadway Henry k iierts, jr., auctioneer. FI RS, FURS, FURS Peremptory t ile at Auction, This day, December IS, at II o'clock. At No. '.'Ve Sixth avenue, Iwtween lith and l-tii str-et*. B. u.g the ei.lire aurp! .? atock of iwukuiulaet 11 nig funl r, ciinipr&lt |f ep gant Mink, Sable, Ermine Filch, Squirrel atid oth. r Cloaks, 1 a|?a, iipp<.t>. Collara, VicUtritiea, Mulls, Cuffa, rtitldrer'" n 1 i.enl'a Fun, lloliet, Ac. Every aril- 1 ? rair.iutid tr> .1 a .d 1 ron fro u moth, and to bo pxltivly eoiu without any lecctve for cash. HKRNY GREEN. A Ul TIf'NLER? DRY AND FANl ?" tiooda, Fur*, w'mehc* Jew Irjr, Ac ? Thl* dav, at I'll. o'clock, *1 the atoia |->| William atr<?'t, a .rg>wloi ?>{ Dry ana I aticy ?,is !*. seta Kura, VIctorlaM, 1 ulfs, VIIIT*, Ca|ie?, Mo ? eri.Clov g, 0 1 ail* Himta and Shoe-, .several valuable g'?ld atnl ? v?r Watcti< ?, JeweliT, Ac On W I.D.SESDAY. Deo. 11, ?t ''I' ' efe, al the r <v, iir.icerte*. Win- <, Liquor*, ehot"' I " 1 .hi igi. ?, ^i, A?i Sejais, Caa-s, K. Mi .1 ,ar? , run ] \ Ac. JoHS LT.OYD, AlVTDiNKER. Kl Its, n Its, KPRS. On T'i'v l??, n- l Thar !.iy, ').*? 1' 19, -.oil 50, cotnni'-ncii * ? : MM< o'eloi ic each da,,, at No. 8 A?f>r lloiuc, Hn sow ay. opp nitf the l ark. Peremploiy ?nle of el ;ant made up FVr? .*'? , tiMni* tha entire I Hi *! CO of the r'..,'k f * whole u?le r - . r, 1 i In a4Tl without In of ratlrtn;! : i h urn1 Thentncit cnopri-ea la part ?np< rt? ltu? i . ab'.a eUrani lli.U'ii H.y n'jie vt-, rich dark rvn -eU, to (?-tMrwIb it crii ml ???.inn. ut of ladiea', ? t?' m l cjfl oreii - Fill* tn c.cry . m1cy. U?o a ?pteu IM to. ' f ? eigti. Up knit lairtaire Kobe* Ac Ac. f.ic ?' ??? will bo i "?* ..fed an I on ? if* Monday, Due. 17, wb?a purvuaaara acw i . ...<?<! w oaU buil eiamlue. % John n nrmrv, At'oiiovF.rR, wti.t, -i:u, mi< diijr. ai - ? ? <-i?0k, at <M < m il ??p-e*, a law M<i?tOW of 1'i.inititro, i .rprts A ' ; m t>le top anil ? ?t!?"r Huce ?!* Kofi.*, .-of.i i-i t*, oaewoo 1 ami to tho? iny Hookcaaea, Wn ?! r In |ner. torn ;cl .i.d i ther lilj . eiu nviou, centre u 1 i i.ibl? t.iir " i Miter Mattr??>"?, Ke.itbci Bid*, H"d I'.titsi-. Hnif ?. , tlii?"' ply and otnei Carpet , oilcoih?, ma hogany and i I her Cbdtr*, 'lam. t ncd lace Curuin*, Conking Miiv" . Mali ck, thin* Dinueranl Tea v t?, Cutlery, HUnk eta, Kiwbn ?arr, Ac JOHN HH.DRETlt, Attorney for Mortgagee MAUXIFU EM HOWE HOLD Fl'RMTITRB, WORK* of An, Ac , at public auction.? The propory of a faml j ly !? *? ln>: the city, tula iiMT, (Turadajn, I*. at the cleg it i | rtulc iwlitiuo- oi Mr J"e\en?on, M H>< t Eleventh ?tr ??, 1 between Kllth and Ninth avenue*, wale common* in* ?i in', io"cl<<k. ilr : roxcw nod 7la octave l*la:?..fn<te, i ?-ewo<id llraw ? il# IUm.iti Null*, bi'.me and ormolu ? 'hnf"?eltera, Velvet arid ne 'tellbui I arpela xrvrc* and l?re*den < 'n'..ienl?, pier and irmntrl Mirror*, brmade an. I lace 1'iirtilu*. nrtWtfo bronre Mii 'art. (Ill Tainting* by eminent artl. *, oik buffet eiia.i ?bin Table. Boiiki*, Ktcfre-, en' r? Table, Chi in, <;ia-i wad Mn erwaie; rrw-waid and mahnxany chamber Piirnnure. Ac Be<l> and l!ei.< uf of all klnda throu(liout the bou-c. U< uae to let. Mortcaof kat e or hoi!hehoi.o ri'RNtTrRf - A. M. t'lllh. Al^kU, auctl nio r. Howery, will ??U I ibi* dav, |"h In'tan', a' l"H o'cl.Kh, Murray*, fto'a Itcd airnda, rcatlicr 1 d?, Maliiiim, UuilJ, HUnt. Cualra, Table, ?|. .-ai d, Ac. By ?rtb r at JOII* Tit IX Y, At'-or I nej lor Mot tga*ii . Mi)HT?iA(JR SU.R-HBNKY H LKEf>s, \r? ttoi rr._IIE>fRT H I.KKtlS ? >'u will ?II at tc I tion. . n Tu. -'lay. U-eein'ior 1A, ai I2oetoc?,tn Iron of atorc. J K' U'Niiw- i ?tn ? t, the c lel.rat- .1 M?re l ady I' it a .t ' ? r 9 ii ira old. and baa tr .tted ..n tne track In JiJ'A kind and Criitlc Hi all fa. ..? ?*. Kal<* without re -ei-re. H. LlTINtiriTCW, AW y for Mort;a?e?. , DAirxRRliRr.. "AI.E.-WATI HES AND .IE?VEI,RV I A V. t rlHTAUA1., am ion<-er, -I lottery, will a) ll t|l? dav, leib ln? .mi, n lu', o cloi k. a U aa.4orunentof Hold and MItt W ? ' ? I1n?. Plnpt. Karrln/*, (":aln?. Ken. rllina.\f u4a. Ai%. Ac. Al?s *?.?l lnnruir n *, f.iol*, i into aid l".?'ol? Ac. A". H\ trdr 01 A. J. .lAl'kil'lN, !)u. W tfklkcr. late M MM aircet. ______ PUWiiC! rT AROi' * mSOHt EIAROK! y tKK WRAV. AiK'I meer Rece|r?r'a ?-ile of Hr?t cla?? ?c\e(i octave PlaimforUia, At a?ctl"ii. Ti lay, I1 h lti?t , at II ? <? ?**, t' tHe Corner of iVi.rt anil JieVMUS <lrto**, lirtMklyn, Tu uliMe tin: s~tatj of Co >pcr 4 A'W. .oq. The nock l? now :e*fly for evtull ati JO. I ? l^u h ham wamuiad thn^> j i By order of Juilrfe U ii.ard. JOHN Mcit-iN \l<0, Ecee rw. 1>A? NRROhT II Rf*ALA? TIIIH DAT. Tl'KSDAV, AT U)A J M . JOHN UOiti IMIK will all. a: HKa>' vtroad t a. i lai-ffe am^iw ii. o< iii. n i and ?omciia Wc uuu A|>i irvl, lynfl ? Hla:.k' la, and a r&ricty of other ?<>iN aultaliic f ir bii?ibi I p I a. Alao, i.'ild and Sllrrr Wa'eiia. Bracelaia, ~ ban ana harrlii*e. f utable for d.-alera and oi h-in. r i vT-r illtv ?Imtt S c'cloek. By order of II. BAK A Hit', 21 Third aienar. T>AmiproBEH*>.' ?Af.E ,-ir. r momxi wili. *ri.u J tbi* lay, bt ii i lock A M,a lam and cboloc I ?! ?l alrt. t CI. lb nj{, ( o?Ui P?n??, Mhawla, nri*' ??, feather H" !?, rillow a, taiiela, Ac.; Ill) p dra ? dorwl Rlai.k-la HRNKV O I AKUKl.U I'a* nbr..k' i, Jn. ? e?t Thirty tt. ih atr?-i t, oo.' dt> r ol K'uhtii areauc, _____ _____ 1>AW NBRfiK KR H SA!,E.- TIM.H DAV. AT In , OTI/)Cft, X we win ? II al Ri rX * IRiiRAHAM-H a ;etlnn niooi*. jr. Hew R. ??fi , loll flcai rat' men and a oi.i n'a \%eur.n? Ai iar*l. r?h !?:? HbanUs M..nt. ; i>. i'.u?!t?, 1 1 c >?? Br.kf . Quiltn, Ml c' Illiiukeu, Table I, men, a ;>!e id'd lid* of $ !d ai d allrer W atclie* and nc i Jewelry, Open wlaaana, all t -r A 'ie, Cut'et ? and niliei osotee %ruote* amitable for the holiday ?? ariM', *lth'"it reserve MTAfTtiM t CO., AS Mew Canal atreet. ! ? - 'i in ? and .le*' Iry "B KrlJuy MM. By nrlei of W A It * ! M I'Bi IN. ______ If T n c/. M APfTIO? HER. t .ill IkHOkE .* UAJE' u iKiebarot Klntrtand A JaX ?. I.i tall a a i ). thl* day, (Tueadt , a: Id a ctodL, At the!.- >ul?Broui i, ii1 ilena. M aRDW APE AMI# 0 v'TfiB." ln? . c f foi ! I >"d domeatlc Iffr 1 ."iitiery, M ? siAXH rLAlSo W" ?i. tn.i'Hiea if Daw- ' Aarelograat .at !"?y, i .?????? rising Tea Ket?, _( a^tenL Mum, Cup*. Napkin Rlojp, hflA -Ipoon. Art FKlScl) AND UErVaR FAMCT WDDB tND TO**. A tei jc? aworurient of Fancy (iirz-li, eon?MlBfOT Ac ordeona, work IWxm (Iotc B#te?. M??ri 'iaiimi, I* a and ?Mua rip<- china Y&m> maWh Boiei, 4c. AI? >, * (mat i a*lei? 'if klil, a?' c' Ka and 1era?"d Dolla. Alao. wood, Uo. pf-r and MkMieTof*, H?et:i4?r with a larjpc _aaaortBirnt of une'foya. _____ c * 1 ROCARr, AU< Tl( INKER*. -TWTH DAV, AT II ?.7? i? *V> k. In front of 1 1... t .? o tit.t Hoi ?'a, (M al* aati I ? nay. and do-jl.le Marnnn: bro \ i i 'AC ; l?oi '?*, !'? <?* ki?! one ft | liar*., M J baud* 1. 1^ , ? xtf 1 WMBn ami U t? I HA I.KS AT AKTIOH. RECEIVER'S SALE OK WATCHES, ill AMOXDS ANO other Jew elry, solid Silver Ware, 1" welter' ? Tool*. Ac ? HENRY 11. 1 hhlJH JL Cti. will sclL oy auction, ou Thura iluy il'th, and Friday. December 11, at mi o'cl ?k e <ch d if, In their gallery No. 23 Nassau street, the entire stock ol a llrst diss jeweller, oompriMng over IJWItli of every dencrlp I lou iiFuuIIy found in a large establishment, Including it" ex tensive assortment of valuable i,old and silver lever and other " .ilchen. Diamond Jewelery, Stone Set do., solid silver table, tea and cescit Spoons and Fork*, Ft ited Ware. gold Specta cle*. Thimble*, jeweller's Tool*, 4c. To be told to the highest bldde, by ordei of the receiver, without any lOferve. (J 1J BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS.? THIS 1IAV, AT 10', . o'clock, at Ihe auction looms, No. 1 North William street, Household Furniture, c n*tstlug of mahogany Sola*, Ia unnes. Chair* mahogany easy ( ha:r, Hatstand, black wal iiut extension Dining Table, tna'iogauy Bureau*, Urua?'U and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth. black walnut round Table*, Stove*, Kitchen Furniture, Hedsteails, B? da and IteddliU. A lao Constable's *ale barrel Lluuor, 12.HM Segar*. 1M Stone Jars and contents, lot of Tinware, Horses, Wagou and Har:.e*s, Ac. Si J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS? WEDNESDAY, ? Dec. lit, at I(H, o'clock, at the auction rooms, a general assortment o! Ladles' Furs, Sleigh Robe*. Dry Gooda, Ac. TTTTI4JAM WITTERS, AUOTIONBEB, WII.L sell Tv this day, Uth irist., by virtue ol a chattel mortgage, at 10 S| o'clock, at 57 Cortlandt street, the entire Furniture of the hotel. consisting of I'arlor, Chamber, Dining Room aa<f Kitchen Furniture, also Bur and Bar Future*; alio the Fur niture of the Dining Saloon, Table and Be.l Linen, l(K) Table Cloth*, art) Sheets, Spuead*. Towels, Napkin*, China, Glass and Silver Ware, Ac. Byoi-derof l'a -hal s. Leonard, At torney for mortgagee. The ubo. n sale Is postpoued until .Monday, 24th iiict. 1'ASCIIAL S. LEONARD. WILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL this day, at 101 . O'clock, the Lease, S i oc k aud Fixture* ot the Kestaurnnt una Bar No. M Nassau meet, with every thing appertaining to the business. WILLIAM W1TTBR8,"a'. 'CTIONEER, WILL SELL this day, at 2 o'clock, at 442 II idsoii street, near Morton Ati?ft, lUc Furniture, Ac., of a family breakl.ig up house keeping, coniT!""u< of a general assortment, one euamellod Suit three ply C arpcta. WILLIAM WITTERS,"* AUCTIONEER," WILL' ' SELL on Wednesday, at 2 o'clock, at 4M Canal ?trect, the en tire Furniture of a hotel and il'niug saloon, Counter*, Olisa Ware, elegant Carpets, till lotus; al?o, a laive lot of good* held on storage ami to pay advances, comprtaiu : six or -even hundred lots, and must be sold; no postponement. Also au luvolce of Cloaks, Mantillas, Jewelry, Ao. WILLIAMSBURG AUCTION NOTICE.? WM. H. WRIGHT, auctioneer, will sell, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 20, 21 and 22, commenciivg at 1(M, o'clock t. II. each day, at No 127 Grand street, Brooklyn, E. D , a large and extensive aasor mem of house furm-hlug Goods, line Cutler)-, l'lated Ware, Bird Cages, Lamps, Brushes, Baskets, sleigh--, Skates, wood and {willow Ware, Ac.; also, a large aisot '.uicut of Toys, suitable for the hull days. HALES OF REAL KSTATkT A GOOD FARM WANTED? ON TUB HUDSON RIVER, *i rth $10,(*l>; also one, worth $7, Ml), n the Sonnd, lor ca-h and improved city property Money to loan ou cill and on mortcaice. Apply io 1'. J. HIOMAS, 19 Wall street, ro m No. 1, second floor. A FIRST CLASS FARM lilt) ACRES), 23 MILES FROM New York, near the Hudson river, at Syacfc . house new, 15 rooms, contains the improvements; fountain io front; fruits abundant: price, $l.\i)Ui. W. II. MELICK, 4<r7 Broadway. BEAUTIFUL LOT FOR SALE? ON SEVENTIETH street, north side, between Third and Fourth avenues; also L? t on Forty third street, between Seouid and Third avenues, 25x1(10 feet. Apply to F. 8. W. ULEASON, 10 Wall street, loom No. 12. BUT WANTED? $1, MM CAN REMAIN ? FOR SALK, In WtUiamsbuig, at a sacrifice ^owner going to Call fur nl?), a new peotcel ('? t'nge Also, to let, a genteel Residence, $10 per ni"nih. "In ,uii o at 452 Grand street, Williamsburg. IfOR SALE? 1IO' SE AND U)T CORNER OF THIRTY I ninth street and Seventh ?venue; frnir stories, hi^'h stoop, brown atone front, In good order; will be sold low, ou account of the present prospect of national affairs. Inquire on the premises. FOR SALE? TWO HANDSOME COTTAGES, WITH Croton, gas, marble mantels, Ac. ; eight rooms, five pin tries, and good cellar* In each. I/Hs 25 by 1(1). Location Forty sixth street- 300 feet west of Tenth avenue, north side. Apply to E. MeGRATH, 557 Hudson street, or P. MORtl A.V. second clooTWl of the house* l'rlce low Terms liberal. TTIOR HALE? A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, J? ou t tie lludr an river, near I'ointbkeepsle, or In en bango for city properly. Four tlno up town Lota, a valualde stoiii fi iggins; Quury and 50 excelUnt Farms, near the city, and nine for exchange. . SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. IIOR SALE? THE NEW FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE high stoop House, known as ISA West Thirty ninth street, uear ilroadw.iy , house 22 by 50 feet dee p, lot a by ltWf. et; built b> day's work In the most substantial manner; h'?u*' has all the mi ale rn improvements; solid black walnut sutirs, marble hall, French plate glass In the windows. I'rice $11,0)0. V,uu0 or lii.ouo can remain on bond and mortgage for a term of y. are. Apply to JAMES B GLKNTWORTH, No. 7 Br ad aired. I^OR SALE AT A SACRIFICE? THE THREE STORY, hlidi Stiop, 2t*leet I rout, bruwu atone House, 07 West Thirty tlrst etreet, recently pointed and papered thr >iigho'it; gas fixtures g.. w.tli It. l' $11,000, $^.tliA)'- in remain. For c i;ds of admission apply to II. H RICE, 18 City Hall, secind flwr. FOR S.U-E OR EXCHANGE FOR 8T(K:K, BONDS, Mortgagee or K al Estate at tlie Ea t, two new three ?lory and bawn. nt brick Houees, free of encumbranoo, built mostly by day's work, In lb ? b. st manner and most ;ai proved style, with evi ry conv nlen<' , water closets, bai'.ia ? a*h hand t tail.!*, Ac. Wilkin one bi It oi three fart laa? l'etk slip, I >1* t? Inn street and It, naevelt. The altuatlmi I* of the very beat,iorn r of South Eighth and S eond street! Hrooklyti, E D. Call on or a<ldie?s Fraukltn J. Bean, J. Son i h m v? nth stiiet, liom 10 O'citK k A M , to 31'. M., ui at other ..ours at 4rt7 Graud street, Br >eklyn, E. D. r OT ? HY 100, IN WEST THIRn RIGHT!' STREET? 1 J To ill or cxcii.iiige, will trade lor merchaodi*? or a f?oH fT I fTT or Ilqair ?! re, or If I loral.ue I do not lnt<>nd i ' ltd, so 1 will trad> !ur seinothing, 1 liave a per. ocl title. . I'piy in 'tie lutuor sk re, lb Division street. VfERClfANDISE wanted POR he VL EST.TE. i^l I he a liert'-er wisbea to eithange r?-al estate, wn ist'iu ti live four etury brick dwell aga. all well ienant> d, , h:ch a e located In a reev leshabie nei ;|ib.irh<ssl, 'At mlnnne' div taa-c from State st.cei, i; stou, > *^s. The h"u^es are uo ilerr l.ullt snd n s| lericlid order; tenants In the.n. On? orall can kx- had .u en liauge foi any k.ud of uir.chandi ?i. Adilrt ss c uU'ien'. ally S., l.oi 3,fM) rest, '.lo-.ton. Mam. TTKINCr**EnED TORES, A>' , TO EXCHANGE FOR I. ettcum < red Motes, Houaes or Lots elow Kiiiy ninth l!IW t. I ott v a corner urn* rty i n Broad strer-t havlr.g KM f.s-t fi mi hi re aid lea ed lor over live ytai v. Adonis O. K, He raid ofl ce. "IT ALU ABLE REAL ESTATE A* \ BARGAIN.? Mot> * '-rn br wn stone L >' ll.t g, N ?! Weai Twenty < tghtk street, r,e be ck fr m Br .d ?i ? , tb ee Mary and hl^h atoot b.? ment, *)? et f.oot by ** f?> L Lot 10 bv hi) feet Tei thbus of the m a?' can run ou ni >rt;rt^f f >r ftvt jesra I sm determined to si II 1' It Is as v iluehle ** any 'ilv ii < pcrtf and Inereaeiiif lmvaiua. Apply to U. T. ukKlj/. Wliiil). WUliam street. "II'AS rEI -TO FTBCEASE FOR cash, OR TO LEASE, II s small, wen lrnproi<d Farm or Country ReeManee, with tktrty I f- rty acres lasod, with gi?d rap ply ,( Flint tteee jnd a St '>stanti?l mislern Dwelling Hikm, with ?qrdful Onjbonara, not atv ti u n to sixteen miles frum t'ie and location a t raay ace?ee by raiir a.t or neamjoil. l<li> e. A .' , r M. . *Ol l D EXCHANGE a LAEgB "ovr story brick i dv and location of raay ai e>ss by rail r ad. or stei 1 Bird partlea need not at ti.jr, AJiin-ss, partieuiar*. pr to I olio, Bn>. A Co., 24 l ine atree', between 1 and J I lii mm- in this city, in a ? A ue ,b rb set, lor V iiviina Mtaeouii 6'e, cr stwk ..f thi ' 6 ?, or V'se-'Uii 6's, rr stock irthi Galena and i hnaR.i or 11 MM Central RntlfAd. Addreee for three days it I. A UU Herald o., ?je, stating where an intei vl? ? may lie bad Ml LIT Alt Y. ^ A KOTIIKR VKTKKAN OK lalj UO.\K.-IlKwTHKKS. J\ ym i arr attrrnu.iird U> attand IM fnitonl nf nar lata br>lktr?MI(r, Vr.i Hutlrf. ?r>i llr <ra tl Ikr bdtllaof lialthnare in thi- bi Ijr Twant* -rvi-ntli re.'lin**nt .if mill a, f'<m 'll *" brurrlj ?t Nora I'l'llit. Tl a f uu?r .1 Ink. ? plan- tb'a7rii< ?d.iv> f>a<- K *1 one o'cUirk r H , fr. .in l.l* lull' rt aldi not, >!? A'. 1 1? ii>t i/n >ln ?i Ul entry Vata inn 'and, with th" tii. > I l?*d of nimirnlnc Itl.iU U-l lioii . m* iaii tiitlcr on ? br Uur -nil. r. itv order, ii< :? II IUVMONP, AHM. UAL.LV, t l .url. ItFAArV Parr*. A^Jntrnt. AITKWLOUl . 1 SOMA nvu awTk 'UiHlHT, Til AT M i?t?f OKI LA ct'i ii ? rd n, if V?<,!>ni V U.fc'iN, ? bo '? In th?oai>^ of t vur Tlift M km ?? ffi dm 01 bar rwiB. Mnrima WiMut In the *r>at*at i .1 evar ?n known. Hh? *U n.okr tin- imwti- nl I ? c wowl?- n.! arleoc-, and till til tb eatiiUof jo<>r?b la Ufa. Ili-r |> rrficti >aa a>? to tr .M'i? '.Iky ?.irm'lwi tran oar 'hat ton*, u b?r. una adtaa am J get ? Utile ito/d, Uiougb Ikej n< ?4 ?4 ft ar, n-r >1> pra< nc.liim but ? to.t la r*c. net; -aW to j-hlkw.i'.bera. All abo".'' lati-uli Hi ? Di?-i wuidi . I til nUu lu?.u>ri?.i4 laaljr. U?r *ivtc> Iim natrrr barn kun* u to fail. ?h? ot- -a t?.r;lj tb<'..**n. dollar* reaaid t. mi one *b.i ' an ? , t?. .a tf?- ai> ? Ml^lW A'll?0n la tn i!i ? I. ,u< m??. .La in*. *l.Kii a. a ?*i:f ra- lain id Utcr a^art Tiu ; t.ia, ?b* I' ? i?Uxl amiHl aom! rfnl aou-au. l?9 Allaaalreei w t irri ; . u?ton and I tautaii atroela, orat lb" lai'rj, |?r ? a. ladtr* aiul (? nU'tuan, *o"i? A *TOW IMITNO -Sf Al?.\*K KnttkoW, HK?KnT> A (Uuabt r, Im.iD ? lUi ? itil h?4 aifi f ior.-*w;ht, tatia jo? a, ?. i-.4 -.ftrn j .n will tuarry. * V| man/ ??*i ta a*fn i ??rjr ibiK^h a. V r?-uta LM I vuU.) - airaal, brtow 11 /Ua Ian. <iaatl> nen nut Mlmi ?! ?\r.\rAMK ii\k\::v i as r;.'*ovf.d ro 277 ill Tltii-tjr a^pt.nd atrrfO. - n N'.ntfi and ri.nth afwnaaa Mi ii.n 10. rut Iter iuA*y frl't !a ati-l tin- juib ot> ilitb* ? r nta of lll'a? tha part, mshi a d f?tup?? ?' t^flr iiln ?at>afa<-t|. a. bl.t. let t< r .aildi at bia n> "n's il. It jro w Ii ti.f trui -i ?i?r ,ier a cud. Lad i a, 13 unit tieiitlruaet not Mauamk ratT"** hkvknth "atmi-s, mil Tamil? (ta*antb at.aatu 'urnnaMi all ? rWIt k?r Tfii ak<, Irt ol- rj an. I ualiacV i afn.uM fat : i-r p.)*ara. Hha taiii j' ttr irrj thi-ugl.H, lucky .niaibara, l.taaaa Ladlaa M c*"U grata, Mieaata \IHS. H. F COT LLVs TKST URDU M AND IMlKI'F V Jjl dcrtt I'latrvry ?i.k, 17 Bond fitrwt. Ilu ira, V A ?. t-ii I*. M. Taitu. $ldl!.

rI.AMfcr.-?R?. K"?7 HIA JIl'MWIEt A f? fOM ? nl-. d tr. rxm 1 fail,. la r?.rnpl ilnta; tlalv iala.1. I'd r?hft."l"0'??lr>a?iiti.atlona both lafa d ?v-nin*, fgf ladlat ?Mgmtli'l I. . < -! Iltl.i- ? r- I, I. r I . T, ?m n - v uo if .1 not ;tra id or tup, rKr F.nRvrir' Mad?W" P*K*SttW Khe haa tx-?n ovttnHp-l Ii tbouianda >b ?nd o bar rltl'-n a-lth nulin . lUfwUui A>f?i><NM nl aha haa no r ,n?l. Mha t a n-iitr i?f future k (Ti 0' htiab itid . a ?? Hint of bar via tnr. If aial tba tmlh ?l?* bar >. " i, , ? jr>l Tiitrd ??anua, abora fwi at; ?rat atrarL Ladi. r at raoia; *- nt.(riiia:i |1. JfllR 'iliR*H>i WimnCR IK THW WiiRTD 1.1 TRb L *n>' *t * Tar"?'??d *f ? H t"'V ta'r fw>r? aria, a !M> car I ? itmau.tid * '.b tt? r neta i i tla< i a tt all ill rai'fl t riilbrM' d| iovc, -'If tj .^.i, ?i>-k nraa, lntroi|i? I' I', a, alluatioaa, ta atillli, Ml. it* % trarallla* abai'itt frt< nda, 'mat oi au.lrn |>ru;<crt/, &c. Mha ii t? \l*o ? ? < ?n* to i jaka Ti.a lit ImrM bt jroai haart a K ?!, ? d brln<a t> r >1 ' i abarc Taratv-atratti, a<irrt, ond ""trf, arer tha Ladita SO << n'.a (M>U?t^ra fl. _____ __ A O CIIRIoTf lI*'IEP. Tl'.KI.T -MRl II fiOpDR! ,' Ri *?0 tnii- Inft.f ?tl n-n tllarairathr t: -h lif. in r , t> health, wrBllh, lute affaita, imtnuWjJ .urn 'd ^ It* ttilb itif! ruttlaa In * ? an 1 t. . .. Mr*. M. Rta-di-r !t h? tiaw lady whs f ru i- 1 ./ r-fal ! !p Wmatar atr.-rt a?ni t:t?li' -rtifi atr^t Hh? <| ikn F.mtlsh at.d t.rrwtau. ii. d *.< tv-rd? ah.-.ia.i .th- ri (all taari-ilunnl R*fn> ia^' r tia noa, 4.1 ' hrtat" nl i ?lra?.' n-"ar f 'Urtii atmtnnd ??ir . pi nr., if y..a waat trtM .ui nraui/ii H?r fata are fr-*. 3& n nta to <1 ( ?J7 m.f ~r *1 KPT ->M CI WTT>fIKff, fT.ATR. rO I ?ar a' 1 glftad Hjartl '?df, anf-'lla tin int t> I , 1 - i ' fat'.|l* , la 1 , tr *1 I U4*?, ??! it F ^nda, rir%iK???. p.a -. r '. tnaiWi ?? a nil Aaajaaj, |?Lj? I ^1; munN ?, pro . ? ? , ? t f t < -i, Aft HOARDING AND LUDOINO. A FEW UENT1.I-.MKS CAN BE ACCOM MO dated la Weil furnished single or double Kooias, !?.?? ing lire .td gas, with Buaid. ?l ItIK East Fourteenth sliuel W.iki Vn jii square. Dinner at 6 r. M. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR ON fiisi Uoor; also Parlor and on secoud dour U> lei, hi without Board, No. 61 Fourth aven-uf .cur Nl uu e', and one block I rum Broadway. A NICELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDR ) >M, uImi u uice front Room, ?u 1 .!>!? fur gen.leraeo an 1 their wives, tu let, Willi Board, iu a stiutl private lamlly. C ill at lttS 1 .allien* street, below Bleeder. A WELL FURNISHED ROOM? WTTH OR WITHOUT Board, gas und graie, u a very small genieel house, w .ilinut children, uncxt cptiuiuibly situated, l>elwee:i \I;idis in mjuuib und Fourth avenue. Inquire uu premises 36 Twenty fourth street. AFKONT AND BACK PARLOR, ON THE SECOND floor, handsomely furnish-*), to let, with Board, firo and to a family or single g. nt.emcn, in a brown Hton i Eug lihh basement bouse, 1KB Twentieth street, between Finland Second avenues. A PLEASANT ROOM TO LET-W1TII BOARD, TO A gentleman and wife, in a priv.ite t .inily, In .lersey City, wliere the comforts of a home iuaylH-enJuy. il. Terniit very modern u Reference* required. Address bun 164 Herald of fice, for two day*. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, FURNISHED, A 1 1 ' fit Parlor ami Bedroom on the scumd door, and mini lar Foomii oh the third floor, with or without Board; house Bew; hot ami cold ?at< r aud gas. Apply at Ittl West Nine teenth street. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET TWO OR THREE pleasant Rooms, to ladies or gentlemen, with or without Board. Apply at 136 Eleventh street, corner Sixth avenue A SUIT 0J-' ROOMS TO RENT? WITH BOARD, FI R ni.-bed or un mulshed, in a private house, with all the improvement*. Inquire at 123 West Twenty secoud struct. Ut'iereuces requited. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN required, would rent the whole or part of second floor wl.h fall or pan? Hoard. Location Twinty-seoond str.-ei between Fifth aud SUth aveuues. Apply at No. UU Ninth street. AN AMERICAN WIDOW, LIVING ENTIRELY ALONE, la ih -Irons of srvommodatlng a lew I uslneiw gentlemen ? ith i>li a-tintly f urn: -he-d and desirably located Roo:ns, In a strictly private bouse; lias no boartleiH Apply at No. 177 Oreeue street, next door to the Franklin Shaded. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO ONE OK two gentlemen, with Breakfast, a nicely furnished suit ol Parlors; also a large Bedroom; home has all tli.i inodivu improvrnn mo, hot and cold water, slid healed by furnace. Apply at .11 Muyvesaut sireet, oostlnualiou of Astor place und Bear Broadway. An eleoanti.y furnished room to let? to a lady, or gentleman and lady, with Bowtl ; also two front ii. . tin I > I c nt.i men and wiv s ; 'lr-t elans; French spoken. Apply at 2? West l-'ilteeuth street, Uear Filth avenue. A YOl Nd LADY OF Ol'IET HABITS CAN OBTAIN 2X Hoard and a pless mt Room with a widow ladv^Jn the city, ? here she can enjoy (he comforts of a home at a re an .li able price. Address Mrs. M., box 121 Herald uUice. I BARE CHANCE? A LARGE, FURNISHED ROOM, j'Y with lire, gas, Ac , to let, with Boar I, to a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, for wt pur week ; a Bedroom lor lady or gentleman. ?*. Family small; dinner at 6 o'clock Apply at itiU \V i st 1 hlrtysrventli street, n- ar i.i&bth avenue. 1 HANDSOMELY FURNWHBW FRONT PARLOR, WITH JV B< dioom adjoining, to l> t, with Buard, to a family or a pnrty of single centlcin. n . the hoi.*- is g '.ilerl and ? uive nlent to car*. Term* low lo a reap, usible parly, Inquires! lWi Forty e ghlh street. 4 FEW OBNTLEMEN <>R A OENTLFM AN AND LADY can be aeeommodaled w nil Ur<t rla-s Hoard at AH Went Ti wi nty-elghth <trrer. betWii n Eighth aud Ninth avenues, n< ai cats slid -.lag.- s. A 106 EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, URAMKRCY Paik ? Very desirable furnishe'l Kooni", on second storv, with closets and BediOoms atlai hed, for families or single geii llemen, In ? first class house, pleasantly located. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, ON SECOND . V floor, for a g> ntleman and wife, and al-oa Room for slngh gentlemen, mu* be had, with lloanl, at 119 West Twen ty second street. Call for two days. Reference required. A SECOND FLOOR, OF TWO ROOMS WITH THREE closets, lo let, neparaiely or together, to wugle gentle men or a gentleman and wife, In a small private family, with out children, with lull or partial Board if desired. Rent low House har. ras, bath, Ac. Apply at No. M? Fifth sin ;l, U' ar Second avenue. Avery handsome front parlor, dining room and tuo Bedrooms to let, to a mall family, with all the conveniences for housekeeping. In a first d.i.? femse, or sepa rutely to single gentlemen. The house cotitnlns all Iho modern improvement*. Apply at lfltl Waverlej plam. Apartments -an entire second floor, new. ly and handsomely furnished, to let. With private ta'ole, at No 74 Fifth a; i tiue. Also a very la. ge alngle Room, for a gentleman, with breakfast If deaLtid. A LARGE BACK PARLOR TO RENT-FURNISHED, on the fj-et floor, lo ? ntlewen only, at 7^1 Hm .dway, betvecn Eighth and Ninth streets. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH FTR^'I'L ? ? r, to let, lo one or two gentlemen, 1., a : rii it - t y in Suffolk slri-et ForpartU ular* inquire at IS ' < U!< ' <rtr ? A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM? IF DKtfTlEO, TO lei, to a lady and gei lieman, with Hurd foi .-Iv. Iu a hon' ?? with nudern Improvements' K ?mn newly urmshed ; no boaiillug bouse. Apply at 141 ibompsou *lieet, uea, Uouaiob. A (JENTLI MAN AND WIFE, OR TWO np rHUEE single gentlemen ean be leettnunodaleil with d i rdan i a.l iheoouiloit* ola home in latnlly. l?LiUijrat6 oe ck. A) pi) *l 60 Wf v snteeOth strei t b 4 TO UNO fsADT, CAP ?? ftf.f: Of TEACHING AV. THE | J\ Eti(fl-.?h bli nclic w ^ ncii. and i n- l an i inslrii nietitai ttiUsic on the | in. . ile*,i es 1. . erding In a l - -.lei't ih|e I smlly w heie lesehutg . I l i ismsidered ?iimis"' i.tstiuu Addr- ? M. 0., Box 14.1 llei'li I -the. Board? with < omfort ably furnjfiit:d p ?o";j, Inu-e ?. nd Minill, can lie oludne I atlPtlast Nl'ieteenUi streot. a next R<" m (or i gentlenuni and wl e at (l i fawllr small ; hut a ;. ?? boa-der* wkc i; a c imfortaUle h lor the w Inter; convenient to cars. |>OA RD ? t LINToN PLACE. ? TV'tl FRONT BOOMS. J) fi.iiu e.l to let, With hoard, at No *1 Clinton p!a ?. i*i- dour* east of Fifth avenue. Kefereut - r**i ilrt d. Board.? to let. with b< ard, onf room, spit ?Me foe tuo single tenUeim n. Apjny tl luV K.u>i F o l it'hslre t Mnni'rr lsalf pat si* oe.ock Term* >t fti I wnk. UWtriuc i * juit ? d. OAKD-A FRONT ROoM ON THIRD FLOOR, i 'in-able for two g. nth men or a getitl Moan and w ?, alb tijl <T partial In1.. , it.' y lie ootiUuei al lilt West Llevei fu alreet, bctve< j. i i. ' .. .. sixth avei.ue*. Board.? furnished iHKtMs ro let. roB gen Unio n and tie Ir w I - and *1 igle gentlt-u n. on nwsoa ^ble t< rnis. In a mod- rn i ..use when- the '-omiorts ol a home ? an be realized. In at. I~ui loeality. inquire ai 37 East LieM Ulh street. OARD.? several pleasant and well fur nisi., d Rotiin*. w ith Boe-d, al Kl Clinton plae- ,n ar Fll ' b I in. r at St? O'claea. B B "nOARD.-A PRIVATE PAMILY CAN ACi.oMMOD AT. J# a (-entl< m. ii and Ida wife, or two ?|o^| ? genii- men, w i. . 1 1. asant Keoms and I', ard In a hoos.- Willi m d' rn Imp ->v i.j. ms Ap, 'y at No. IU NluUt sfaeet, a few d i irs west of I'.i- adway Board ? a few per^onx hating g'?od rbfe renee ean b>- anc ii.iiaislat.ed with Beanl and w. fut rUshed Re< m? In a first e'ass hou very e .nv ui-atly i i1 pleasanU) located. Apply al No. 14a West Tw.-u y.SvOoud street. Board -to i.rr, with board. at i.t: sei njr*? tifi H#, bftw'*u Kbtlitli aid Ninth Ktf-oul*, Moalj I ii nl-had R. oni?. aultab > for r <? ?>? i . I ? ? ? .r grutlomei. , local: v?tf dr niiabta; rrfcitucM MCkM|?l. Board at a rUNTow PLArK? yrusinnvn H'k.oih ?muMr for iamlllr? or ?lngv g till' iu.:n, with wit bout Hoard. alStt'ilntmi I'tao r Hoard at >o ? uTi wESAvr utrfet ?a ors til-awn mil " Mk riw itinul' gt-nt!.'iii<-ii ** in haa:*>ui nm' ??'<1 wlili li< ?ia irfl p> iftt R.i. in*, fiinii?:t -4 m un I, ?b?"* tha ci.ntfi r.* ? f b nuc can t>. f.nin.1 hoc ?nj of tin nrw Fnrli?b baarinaut horna*. mil "f HilrJ ?v. nu? i.Bd i<ir i wi u ml Aatot place, t ravtuwut w ?:ur? auU _ BOARD II* BROADWAY, BRTWBBN TWMLFTU AND TklrVTlilli XneU-Tlw Vtl li> iti >11 tn t.'i -ity. !i -u? ?i?tdiu> p ?<?"??? ? all ni'Klam <mpr'i??n. nia: an ?ioIUuiI tab'*; d.i. m r al ?U o'aioak. Vfpl/ at s.%4 J?r U?y. noAKlMN A THKM II FAMILY. ? WAN i BP, BV TWO |> at :> j.t . T.. ti, fuH < r ( I! .? r ' ; I tl'iti 'vlthln lOrtr it. i .til> a' * a'k "I ih ? ? Hjr Mall. AUUrea?, elating Wrgaa, Br . w ., ? I.UN"* \ ik ioat.Oic-. Hoard in jw.'Ty city.? two or tiikf.r Yorita m- n ran m?-t with k> <4 Baard, la a aunfnrtaM>. boaaa, . a n. xlaraia In ma. \di. raa Ki t, l> i 12 1 Her . I nib. n. 1)1 Al?I> WAN.KD-. AO ROOMS, roMMI'NfCATIMo, li on lt?a Ci't r.i Mfnnil tto?r?, nnluri 1* n .l with . t f>t . atj? la, a lib too-i I trd, lor a a .i diuf.htir.-. at. ! p*i it"' ti. ard fur cantt nan firm now until M.iy A'11r> i ii rn. I*w!\, aialing l< i?.ii and ?. ?? alum, 1'ia. >. ? ilion A, fptlt g "irtrt. _____ _ _ _ tJOAPD WBJTTRD- llY A OBJfTt.EMAV WD HI I) * o ???<? d4?<-'it?r 'tour jfim ?? of agat wu'i (umt- i. t nw m, ?i ? 4 fioor, fr?ipi, la a boti*" ?Ttli mvl .a improve n? nia IVrnia. hi< ln>.lng g??, not tn at.vad l.VI a month Al *?. II r?.m nl". it. * -nr.. r?i rattii I . i r<rm?, f^th ?1?. *7 (?r wwll l>lnn?r at o >on pi> arrod Adore** I. I oiiaiit, sUuon I ae lUi at , for two d ?jr?. f)OABD YANTRD- nv A YOl.VO I.AUY, l.V 4 Iti J> .p-,',,;. ?- fanu'y Addr?>a Mii'.c r. *? li#r, b * IM lUra.u t? . >.** KOAKD W AM MIX-IN V I'RIVATE PAMIl. I'T<??.V for a k nil' man, ?we and a n, fur nbi<-h |U all) b- p at fUv.ln lodlitg lira and ga*. Dlaoar al ati. Addr -? ?> a \:tto I Va' oflln . ?"AKD WANir t' IN A IRiYATi; KAMILV I'rtTiriiR | II rad. ? K o?i wlih Taa if '.ala ln.t-iar, fur a ga Limit, and fall H< 'in! lot a dattghw t M IJ and ? r t .a I ? . uld bt ^ -Irr ft d InlWtirer.- balmr fl'*r-'t?r ?tn-l Ad dr? ?a, ?l? ting tnui , Br., 11. \. R. . U U. I laitu t TJOABD WAJtTBD- I OR A OKlftl i.MAV. W|FR AND 1 J> twn rblidtau, in a |Hiiaii- ramby, -i wh?- ? |N< ara iwt frw b< ardar*; 1'iall ti irt"?l b'? . n II r ? ? ??!?? u it ? all .< i Fuur' ?li?at, t? oi? a-ruf Adtl.eaa hm ill, IA IVII | *tr*H, ?. V. , TlOAHJMRO. - rt R l.-IIKD R??(' df?, tTlTII lln tKli, Jjf.r r-?l'lam? K .a<-?? vaa 1 Ih- li **??-. -r. t. n 'nlit't'"* N.l A .-at ai.t.iU R'. ui, ?wlt iMi- f'ir a ^antl uan. la rim/ l.frr.'MM ai.>?ng't! ApiHr at K". Iljfi Kaat I Biwiinay. lYOARMKO. A VO' vO vtAX Or OOOD II 3IT AND I I Tri/ n/jiar uhla fa n. If <aHr?? H'ia: - '* ?i i>wa'l I tj. In . "inall am' fctixt.) privata famtlr, ? M ?n ho yall ?? irtr i "d ai ' li '?a ib? nn'n- '? I h .tru* ' L <*!;'? I. KxV'.U ?r.<I ro'irkm t h ... ?. mdHff r1 n it 1 nth twit ? I B * lift ?-.? i -It i anaw. M.Jl Itl?! ..I- J, I. b-. I' . 1.4 I 1JR?I< ..I YN-PIIOXR ?>* TM . .11 nooR. ! .1 J aiillat'.' ini l.i- ii!t?* or b.t.jla matlaui t, r* i b? l.a4, ?Uh Bnard. atM> '.inion Wraai BOA*'Df ITA\IN'<? A *' ATLY ft RVIH'.RD R*r? ! i ? 'I 1 1 rap n % CO pla . ' ? -I ., .. aanUa- , | Pia *. ?#?;., r (?>' tow frt' ? ? $jn liwtu.|?d : i ii > Una t ?? -t .n ircvr.d i.jcr . ,.+rlli . ir . I u?- h -<t * m r rty flrt : ? i iio.p '?? ? rt y* . a i r i/t in* on ?:*, I I -I s k ' ' ? t Ho'ird, oan . i . ^r. l imii hi, taa i ' ??'! tu III I rrT*Tna-tt Ai rb *.1 CUBt m -? ' BOA H DIN O AND LUnOINO. Board in Brooklyn a (HWiueha* and hi wlfe or ?? few single geaUonxm cu otit.4tw Board in the house No. lul I-awrenco street llroukiyu. rue auu .Lion id gonvenient to the ferries. Table irood and I rms moderate OAKD IN BROOKLYN SUPERIOR ROOMS AND B Hoard ar? offered by a pnvate auiiiy in tSnldai bruwn stoat house, No. 101 V mil * tltMl, OOsraileH lo Kuutk and Wall street fen if; dinner at 6 o'clock. Relerencej ex changed. BOAIU) IN BROOKLYN? 14 CLINTON STREET, A PAR lor u ith Bidroom attach* <1, on the mmiuIiU story; also Rooms for single gentlemen. Dinner at IS o'clock. Also ublo 11 carders taken. Board in Brooklyn -a oentleman and wifk, and one or two siu;; a ?eiiUeiueii can find board .it ? 52 Kern i en street. BOIRDIN BROOKLYN? A OENTI.F.MAN AND HIS wile, or two siugle gentlemen may obtain pleasant front Rooms on the seeondiioor, at IS lit Hicks street, cjuveuleut to Wall street and South ferric*. Board in brooklyn.-two rooms, neatly fur ii lined, auttable f or geutleiuon and tlielr wives, or I or two or three single gentlemen willing to room together; only three minute*' walk from Fulton and Catharine lames. Ap ply itt t>4 Sands strei t ; table good ; terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wife or two young men can have a pleasant front Room, no tlie second Boor, with full or partial .loard, ut 50 Sauds atreet, a short oltiiwice from Fulton lerry ; U; r uis moderate. B <*?*>. 1!i. BQUTa. gROOKI.V N. ? A SMALL NEW England family MB >t a neatly f urnlahed Room, with raa, hot and cold water, to a mau and wife or two aincle ireu Semen ; terms reasonable. Apply at ?i Toinpkina place. Board on Brooklyn heights-two front H? Dis for two or three gentlemen, m;u Cranberry atreet, w est corner of WUlow atreet, one block from Columbia, hi the vicinity of Kul'on und V\ oil street i'errlea. Modern lot provemcnts in the house, Board on Brooklyn nEroiiTf.-A gentleman and wife can be accommodated with Hoard and a iileu fant, ii rge Km m; also one or two single gentlemen with singlo Rooms, at No l.S Willow atreet, Broukfvn Heights, between Fulton and VS ull atrci t ferries. Board on Brooklyn liieioii is- pleasant roi tin .with good board, now vacant at lit Poplar street. Dinner at ti J clock. Two minute's walk from Fulton ferry. Board on Brooklyn heights? large hand tomely furnished and convenient Rooms are now va cant at 63 und t>S Columbia. street, coiner of Cranberry; also two single Rooms; three minutes' front Fulton ferry. C1IK AP LODOTNGS.? GOOD SINGLE BROS, 12 TO 30 cents; Rooms, single or double; gentleman and wifu, 50 lo 7ft cents; lull meals, 12 cents. Watchman and lodging all hours, at ifi I Jspenard street, near Broadway. Hoard by the week, with lodgings, io^o $3. CMIEAP mump ROOMS, AT TIIK FRANKFORT J House, i i ue ?It. inkfort and William -troets, ? i!<h>4 Iti oiii* fn nj $1 to $.1 jh < eek l? dging- from 25 cent-, t < 117 cents per oi^lit. Opcu all night. ClooarestauraolsiltaelMd. LEGANT FURNISHKO APARTMENTS IN SUITS FOR families to let, with Hoard; also most desirable u - vu ?lations for single gentlemen. !n a strictly lirst . lass . eptionahle references required. Apply ai it Uu.versity corner of Niutli street. IMtENCH BOAKD? AN ELKGANTLY FURNISHED Parlor anil Bedroom on the Hint floor, also s l!edi' *>m on the third lloor, to be let, lu a Kim h family, v. In re Kng II' h, Spanish and German ant (|>oken. Apply at No. IS W est .Sinih street, between Fifth anu Sixth avenues. TCRKNCH BOARD? TWtl NICBLY FURNISHED HALL F rooms nod a large one, handsomely furnished, fortnight gentlemen, with first class French table, 47 West Twelfth street, be' ween 1' it th and Sixth avenue. Dinner at 6 o clock precisely. fT'RENCIl HOARD WANTBD? FOR A LADY, IV A Fn nch laiuily, for tbe purpose of perfecting herself lu tbe French language. Location desire. I between Second ami highlh avenues and not above Thirty tlrst street. Terras must tx moderate. References exchanged. Address box 1,011 Post yi KNOTTED BOOMS TO I .FT? SOME AT $1 PER J1 week Water and hath on the ll'kir. Apply at ISO Mott stieet, above Li lot me Stages and cars con. cnieut to all pai t< of the city TpUBNIKHEOt ROOMS F(Wt GBNTLEM EN if 1 50, $2 50 .T per week, 'he i' d; one sullablelfor two w ith first 50 per week. 512 Broad* a), opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, up stairs. tflTBNISHED BOOMS? TWO GOOD ROOMS FUR 1 nlshrri with eooklr.c stove, ie m small t umily, both for two dollars per wi ek ; lIno a furnisl, d room low tor a single pi ntl) iran Afa ly l;tft I iiznbeth Broome Street. . E Hi* wu..v? Lnexcep place, coi Ii'l UNIHHED ROOMS TO LET? A FARLoR AND BED ' mom, together or ?op>,<k Also, stogie Rooms Meals served In th<M '?oms II desln J.nml where ?ne cruforts of a hi me cun be rc^lis"! 1/ Clutatopher street, near Sixth at enne. IU'BNISHF.D ROmTs TO IJST-TWO FRON I ifoOM S, on the tblrd II ? ?< < r, w? I furnished, and eonu l. to be le?, 'eparate or K'l,' the, without Ixnird. Term* low Apply at 3D Bond at FfU BNISnRD P??OM8 TO RENT? IN SIMTs oft IN gly, to* dtslraUe 1 e.itlon, to genth uien on'i. Appl\ i? 44 9tl> St., t. in '? kw. IjURXIKHBD HOIIM- TO LET? FOB GENTLEMEN am! their wives or sin/1* gentlemio, aitn or wlt iotit H> ard. Apply at 67 Amity Kiret. J Fit KEY ( IT'i ?A NICK I \TiilE FRONT ROOM, Ft'R Utah d to let, wi' li or ? ihout board It c.ntai'is two b da w II let u. t" o f ^ie genth i len without boafd for$t p? r ? ik Three to onto s walk i ram ferry, I door from roi tier \V i l.iii ton and M> : eer > treet", next door to Savim Hh ik \T R - TO l.rr Ft :\ !', !? OR I NH RM- rrn IN ? Re u v ! i vi ' i out i>ua -a. Apply at J,*j K.uM 'iinth atml, M. in 1 lilrd arrniU'. VTO. -I V ASIITNfiT iN I't.vrK. ?EOOXD DOOK FTIO* 1 I r. Holloa* i ? h.? A I ' third atory fraM lion n, Willi I* 'I" tn ?n<l r1 iM-t? ami .1, t<> let, with R. rd. n ? ] first r m houno. Lcfi'mn is doaultba ..ti'l laijily urn... I. App y ?' OVA. , IJKIVATi: BOARnrStl ? TWO OK : HREF. SM U.I. ' J in nl H i.? mi I p I ?!, * i" i rd, ?( l? KaiI Flitn- :h mn 1 1, ? at I'lilon M|tuir<'; t ' .? l.ou ? la flur!,.' lovibd, h.i.i li.?, ffi h, dr dinner at ri oYI k ; t ma f'irtw |t?i o:i<, $9 m d tW|? p ?u*k| ?ecortiiuf to i<. .m refareuoeav:.! I ( ]?i i:A'AM ? it!':. -nr.i> room* to Ll.r? in a m.i , ,dctn h 'liwi, a ill. twitb, ?*!?, Ac. Fum-lr am til >nd , H i vul< i"u i.: i.p.l u.. - ..?;(? ri.liV, u ' far i. ui trmidwai Apply at 4J M Mark'* place. Teraan moderiie. RFFrECTAIt.E BINOI.E WOMRJf FNOAO*:D IN ' atoraa, and ? f?w altiRie man tii|lmlkiiMvi|il .? . i I ????.?!.. i till' ; h ? i i iv I , H i I ?? I 1. nl ? I ..' 1 1 I s . I.t itml mtr-r of M. Jfulii'n lano, Canal atrial, tliq m< ii ?t V: 1 1 1 *. k, Ilia *i,n;i u at t.J 80 |*r ?vi?k. HMiMS TO LET -FIIIMSIIED OK I NKi UNISIIED I .<* at 0 " wh 'In t ml (!?*? oie Ron' ?<? i wn n | i ir ..i.j ?' . | atlio Hn m. at 9o KouitU avail .<?, dirt. iiy lac n ; San hit ??ruth itr* ?!. ?pOfiV.. Tf. RFTT, ITR.Vf MFD. SIMJI.I-: OR IN Ji :<i i , ii ' f l*ui?n t"i - ho c ' Bowrry, by t l>a w i-iik i . ? ? 'h. I.oi.. 'i '? ! rn.ture na' \ " nn'uce iik."?l. Inquire en tl. tbm nor, ol .1, VS aHI.KTh.N' fl NT1I t.TKF.r.T- -N 1 i, IIBTW1KX TMIRO AND 1 Kourtb aTcrnBT", etu-e t" tun i nvar.? A baud* n. I'a'lor and BciIii.oid to U tjacUaM Unaid, upi ii rfta oiubia tarma. Two~il il itrF.- i k ati.t ftr xix n k p roowb larg. *nd ?nwill to Int. tagetbar nr a pat ii*, aultaM* fm I ?injln g. itUeun ii, c ii.i tilint U> Rrviadwa; , X roaimla Lliir? ry 'fid i '<'l?,i" InaMnn ?. with a private Aran van family. 4p I pl| at ^u. 8 Hflb (inc. naar Tolnl a>> uun rrwo O* THREF. HIKOLK (lEjm.KMKM CAN P.R AC I I i i m?viat<Hl with |.|fa?anl K?otii~ i?M ? nrtl? Hnnrd ?i ' 2& i aiiain fin-e, bwwuwi HkfciMf ai4 Htumo - ?- . , u I ma mud?ra'.c; Itierania rrqoirtd. TO I.KT-t HTM inn FRONT K in ; t??f THR third at. iy, witu le>nrmn(o?. Apply at (>i t.a^t Tvtu ly iKnad miaat. TO LET? WITH JtiURO, ONK HAXIWiMr/.r Fl'R nl?hr.| front Room, on i!ir woinil floor, alan m plit?...nt I w in an Ibr tl lnl flo .r, at #0 Wi- 4 TfraMjr.nlatll atraat, Iw tairu lirnadway ani ItlaUl aranuo. , rrnm roaionaMe rpo IKT.-t "WAIT, ROOXf TO r.FT, IN A MUTATH I '?ft Uy, will, or ?. mi H. .i ?!; ailoall. n upiunn. for I ai tiruiara a<IUn *? bo? * >7M I'o* ul&ca, TO I.ET ONE Ftr.N I'D I Itf iNT i'ART OF TERM'S I >? j?r a^i-k. Snc'iin p,r gaa ami lii*. II mimj prifaHi M Maa^nngal atraa% a nr iJcackar. 'po I ET TWfn ; If ITR El KJilslIF.T) R i.MH, WITH I tl r r. rr ?n .'?' ? f$ 'ltd bath -Nl lha ? .1 rn " fln?ir, ?iili Hip u*>i - f i. mi ? .... .urn i idsarku and plai , If fMitlfrd; i.. if i' n. .i .1 p. j ?i Wtiti Ki0n nth <tn*-:. bo tarcn 1'ifili and .:b ..vauurn. ?NIII \Nvf.v l'i RXlSflED FHOWT I*vR lor, with K.'rooi' 1 1 ...'iiail tilkor wlii mil b ml, toa ti. M.i.n ... I k.<wi ??, ar two arnttaaaoa : al*na ?u.?U bad r? m in n . i,ti rant. Kii. tf t'l uabf n'.pari, t'Ta loiw fr> oi ilii juj. 'piu i.: ii . ' m t eiaor of a nil- r ri, ass I I Won *??????? "? I ? i?l. -r M 'dl?-.n IV V ro? ; i|n; I i.f fi.a I'. "ii? and Kltrin .n I ?? bad With twrr , | |pi ? r | i !, i * ih j ri i'o til io f ir A ' i.i* ly ?'C two or #*r | ?r? mw? m . nil r .1 rtrr-.mio-?iattiia'i. j I'll ' ii I'll I .ir- a] | j LkWKfiXC'S A I'O,, lii t... -t t rtitrt. 'pllF ERITATE EAWn.Y. OC? 'IT IN l Tift IDt'HR I II Hon o null'1, .11 let o haii.ii. .moly fi.rn'?' cl P?i ! i and Rati om, ?ith tratr < fiad f.a, i a r?nilrmin and w.fa, i >i. Ito -i-'i fur i <? l.?d*, o* wiuMsui' sn glo faatlt ia?n. Eaitial poar . if roqolrtt i It'tNTITi HV A VOtXO ORNT1FMAX, * ItOftf. ?? I o. ,r. M.lh . ?, I ..dr., and lull nr p.rtlxl R anl. Mr?( OMM be rtry nodei.ta. Ad'IiPiaT T., Ilnnti'l r.:iina. W t N 1 1 . 1 ' R\ AM CTLKMAR, A NIrF.I.Y FI'HNISH T? ad front Koom I nil Rn .kr??t only, in a prltHir lamilf, wl ?ra | ?.o e> ininrt? of a 1hm..? can 1* onjoyrd. lb.- bowa of a ??l I * l?.tjr ptTirrr*<1 Addrr a, wUI. u-rroi and full partim Ibta, t'omi"ri, UrraM 1 wateri.ev ruirE -EPKNinirRn roomh to I 1. 1 a ill r.r without R. %rd, In lb' vry lo?lralily I - at.^1 hmkiii Roatbc iiortbet'Ml of it roadway and Waverfoy plana, 0 *Ri*nnr\ ? u i-r , .-uvrn of nrwon aro ** l. 'Uk M? IS- a n it. nd a iitahln lur . a nlln-. ai.'l gi a !'??? n fain . ?! ? ????? Roi*. ronooa rr<|iilr?d. A H\*rp KTIljRT, rOKNia OF FI'l.TOI, RROOR ? ijn -Hirr|.l.oa or uf n ralatiad Kootna to lat, althor ? ..',..titl, ard. Lorftt. ^a>i?U?itl| fa* mhnitoa walk from i. .thartiio and Fallon forrtrv 1{l PRIOR KOPARK-r " KE ROflM^ Iff ?T"fT* 1 ?/ nr ?liil?, nl'h Hr l,i l ., If| Ihia favor!!* looatKfc I r.1 r? f.i?y I? .uroMllai -i-y , ',rr tho rUy Ot w?:si ?,! fi-'-ii ictt^rnnnn P'MM *'?' flow ? ;tt tian'ir, uuvii. I,/ l*a.:o ?. ..II firt I - f - ly ftlri.i ' i t nn , ? ar?f"' i 1 ' * "? ?t . ?i I. n.? 10 , iv *% ujn.i'ii, ?;tii ?m a?ti.v?t Kraab bit, HI l Irrccli riu ij. jK' CM.- n.niv trrki rr trn \ tirr*; ,'*n llO '? '? ;. I far* i ? ?i'H of HooHM ti -t, ? l V"-i.',"!i i.j . . i ? ? ramify ? tnii> of ?*n#i"* ??! ?wi. a ,??,.?? aa^bbaragod reUrad, and aaar H??j Ii i-uua lata. ? 44 "* TV T X TV Ft) i ItTII PTTiEBT-El RXMIFf) ? with Board, l"T grut. bmo only, arar tbo Kirtb Ataaua __ _ PO fT MARK " EMCJK -AOCOMRODATIOXR FOR <?*"? lao f?n.lllo< nr aartira nf ?liidr u?iiU?nH?n can ba obtalrril I.i a Cr?t i U?a h o'o l>|i not at I n'rbK.k pt\ r .HT twesjy ?i.vem*i stu..f to unr v.l" IX ' fiunlabi 4 1 ' una# . I ' - ao T ?'i d, naM ? in >t\d H'di ,?I y b i*f t?ta . Hoa. I T?'i aia i..< dirt. BOAKIHSG A!tO LODOINO. 71 WFKTTWKM-, ? IUH|> TREKT, BETWEEN KIFTII I i . IXth .Venn; > ? , ! un>!?U'il |{? nut, on Hie ??. or t. In or, Miilablr t .r , k, i?i. iimu Wi,i w,fe or for* part 01 - 0*ir cuuerieu. can l* Lad, with u Mr<i. Kelerenee required. OA !?!:< I 'D ' VEN'l'B.? I'LEAKAST i l UNl-t?F.r? CM J ?:? ? r. , ,?r nvl? gentlemen <?! KmiUe:,,",, ,,n1 luelr Wives, with lull or partial Hoard Al-sia Ur*? IV-. ur, ueatly 1 n r it Lr> I. < d lluti-^ contains modem impi v.-iue,, , .aid wa venlt ut to Proadwsy. (??? UPEEN1T rfHKKT. ABOVR BP?INf,_ArHTO'? I/O House.? > .egantly furnished suits of Rooi na; gas, ilro ton. nod every convenience for housekeeping ?oonoralctUlv , pa.tkularly suitable for email, respectable fami-'lcs or ?la0? gentlemen. Heui low o i>eiunuient tendaia. IOii fohsvth KTREET, WITHOCT BOARD-A m') uicelv furnished Pallor, suitable for twuir three tenth men also Hull Bedroom. unliable for "M gentleman, ii. i) In- had cheap To the light kind of party a pleasant, liouie w offered. > 1 Qft MADISON AVEN'IE.-AOE.VTLEMAW AND WIER JO'* run tind a suit of Koonis, \vltli Hoard, on aeeond I. >i i in a tlii.1 class pmaie houae, handsomely ks-ated; al?o a Koom for a tingle gentleman, licit of reference# given and ie i u n id 1?JM I'KINt'R feTRLET, THREE BLOCKS WEST OP i )1 ' liroadway, pli awl lit rooms, with excellent board from $:i to (.*> per wrek. Jlriaklaat from C.'? to 9. Diuner ut VI ttiid 6 o'clock. lO- WOOSTER STRFET.? TO LET, TWO ILANO J ?)? ) M.mely furuiabed front lledrisima, wub gas, for ain gle g< nllemen. References exchanged. 1'J7 EIORTH STREET, THREE DOORS EA8T Of J O | Headway? Elegantly t urnlahed Apartments for gen tlemen and their families, or etngle gentlemen, with ur with out laid iiinner at nil Kciercrce* required. 1 (t/i PRINCE BTKE1.T ? ST. CLAIR HOCBH.? BUt luU KKiitly turtusheu itooius, ?rh or without hoard, tor alngle gentlemen only. If. MOLLOY, Proprietor. ilateartha llajtuilou Hotel.) 1QJ_ TENTH BTRKFT, TWO AM) A HALF XUjT blocks oa*t of l'.mtulway ? A hand *omn Parlor, ou tll'i-t <ir second lloor, nicely I urutahed an sleeping apai uienis; aho two ?mailer Rooms to lei, to gentlemen, with or without Breakfast ami Tea, In a small pmaie laiuily ; ga?, UiU auil good attendance. <>-1 ft El.M STREET, NE KR flPRINO ? MAKION HODHE. a- I U >.celj t'lrnHlied Apartment*, arranged for eoon .ml 1. ? i ? _ -w -?> cnureaieaoea, .dcludingeooking ? ?ter. Ac. ? Rent low V> reapecP ?l>le U nants. rai'.nkeerlng. h th all tbe c<>nr?nieacs?. .dcludingeooking nteii IK. (>???{ i.?-dd tig, gas. v ster, Ac. . Bant low Vj res pec e able U nants. I VAK.CK ST HI-' El Til I.ET, RooMe. WITH ?IK I unb(<ut Board, ut in derate i>ricea, ilui houae is well i urnlshed. (U'l ForRTII AVENl'E ?TO I.ET, N'EATEY Pi'R ?>')! nUIn .1 liooms ?-ingle r In tult?, t > fain lies ur ?lnglo geni:emeD. I'rlrate table l> rl..inlllcs, rpirtLil l o rrd for gentlemen. Hie In u e bax all the modern Improvements, and the location la very central. Reference* eicbangcd 000 BB<M?ME STREET, BETWEEN FORSYTH AND i, ? ) ? t Eldrldge street eond aiorj from Roesa ami Bedroom; sIko back I'lii-l -r o let, to a gentleman and wtfo or n f>-w ?ingle gentlemen; a.'o a few day Hoarders caa be ac ouiiinn Uateu. 61 r. AND r>47 BROADWAY CEISTON HOUSE), OVER ""I ? ? Mendl - aU, on Elegant ?u!t* of n<K):n-? for gentle men, new furniture, lie.i i ami bedding, a:ul all the convo uleiices of a liist class Uou-u. /1JQ BHOADWAY.-M.KOAVT PARLORS AND BED 1 )"j O r<" mi; alno single liooms for gentlemen, may bo had with full hoaid; In use List tints; g<>oa table, aud lorn is rea sonable Tianslent b -artiei $! Ml per dav A few day board* era ? ill . ? be acooa.ii.()dau 1. 11. X* KNlUliT, Proprietor Pianter> Intel. 7Q | RROADWVV OPPOSITE W WERLEY PLACE? I ?>T in'- .i Pari' ivlih Itetlro ?ms attached, on tbe second loo to lei to a n rty ot geutlemen. at very low price, with or w lihou* I'onnl Anply to THOMPSON A PI B t'KLL, Supeiiuteiinenla. MIBCELIiAlIBOrg. C?ARlIOTS -92S WILL Bl'Y 100 BDSHELS J VY TIME / wlthlti a week, at pier Si Norib river. / 1AKT STEEL AND IRON-BY THE BAR OR CUT TO " order ol different size* io suit eiiatoweni: fortruig aud ma ehlne ? i.rk made to order, by WM. II. ER ASER, M Cb-tt bnni street. (VhOCIIETINO AND KNITTING DOSE TO OHDKK. shawlf, Sontuga, Searfa, Tidy ?, ? ,.iuds, Hot?l?, Ac knit or crocheted on most reasonable terms by Mr*. IIICKs, ieu Vte*t 'Iblrty Keventh Micet, near Eighth avenue. (lORNS ?THE ABSdL' TE HKM< iVAL (MN'ORNS AND J Hiiui- lis, ii>?i and e 'cic -ois cures without cutting, pain or bleeding Ve**rm. lll.NDALL, 42f> Iwmw street, leier.-i to Edward II lilxon, M I) , editor of Tho (?cs!| el. 42 Kit'tb avenue, and others of the faculty. Dyspepsia.? to those afflicted with this pulntul disease Ike -olTcrti'- r would lie happy t> call uri such and mnki knew n a cure, simple remedy. gruMs. harirt been ;-ei-f< ctly t ured al t' i auQering tbree years. Addiess . . N. J., Il< raid oltiee. r^OP NT VI8MATISTP? A~"cr)LLE< TION "OF RARE Num -rai tle Works, sui-li an Van Mieris. Bitot, K lehlert 4' , for sale. Tl e 'I ?< n re n 1 ? SI I'll at J47 Br >..d? .V, i r a, Allen ^ire< t, na m 10, lifter buslne>a h^rir - f IIAVF EXAMIVED* " W I ! E E I .F. R "PA T F VT KEY 1 ll'lel-uard. aril i in rec mim"i<l it as the a ind iw ut ?'m| It- f> r s- - ur. ilgalntt f^ls"- l>?* and the Bill la i * ni|]iis 1 have , rei -? II. .lo;,n A Kun. <ly, Super InUl.di'Dt i 1 Pi lice Solu at lln adway KINDLING WOOD AT TWENTY CENTS, WnES ten or more Imx*- are ordered. Oak and pine by the d. .(red, will ,-e sa vml, or sawe-l aaU Spat at : low i ate-, at yard .* i?it of En t T <euty third street t . COLLINS. I VfOTH E.'? LAltIEK', HKNTI.EMK.VS, .MI- ;T> AN D J\ <'h ''nil'' Ho t -nd -'h not v-rj- il ?eri| .on, . am pr i ing li, lit colored tla t*rs of all kind*. S'rltili'ii tor Un* liollilav an1 all V. Ill I I at half pric;-. We s. -o ?tate tliat * e l si e redttft d ail th" to* k twenty live per <? 'it !e?a than I < rti ei p ci -. I'AIIIIX A iVOOIl. C2| Hioai!' .if, b- tv . *n V aiston und Hleeefeer streets. "PATENT WRATlti P. STRIFS? "HR C\' \ ARTICLE J to ci tKr doon .' I reoeh i at the bottom, i rsa' I ap| iled / J. 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