Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1860 Page 2
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NEWS FROM tUROPZ AND ASIA. Arrival of the Persia with Three Days Later News. Over $3,OU<>,000 in Specie K revived. EflVcl of l!ie Iramcau Crisis ou Uitf London Money Market. important from china, The Capture of Peklu by the Allies. FLIGHT OF THE EMPErtOR IMMERSE TREASURES IN THE SIMMER PALACE SERIOUS POPULAR OUTBREAKS IN ITALY, llf?, kt? Tbo royal mail ateanifctlip Persia, C.tpUin Jilukiu1;, which willed from Liverpool ?l three o' ock P. M ori tli-* 8th, and frmi Qu -i town on the all' rnooa of the (Hh icst , arrived tarn- at half pn?t oue o'clo k yeetord uy a! ter noon. Th^1 Per-ia ha* ?0t< .'>00 in specie. Tho following are tn<- consignees o .-.peel h t'i ?t ?ainshtj) Persia from Liverpool: ? J H. FuritliB & Co. . ft;.***) Cragm k ( ? (2,000 A. Bailor ^'<00 Brown. Briw k On . . JlH.SOO Belli Ss On 1 VOO Malt.inl.l'hi'lpsftOo. 1' '*W Tba Scott 7 OOO Deli .i-Uk k ? <> 1,0 ( Coo. MuAlliater k Co. Au^. IIelm< >i 4C>..1G ;.vi (Philadelphia) .... 1,000 Merchants' Pink... ft",0<i0 Kr. Alexander 1.000 11. A .i"hti*o>> itCo. C.'.M') Uco Moko fcCo lu OOO \V. A hilt- ft Oo....^ Wo l> Torrance k Co. Uunman A, Co * 3 500 (Moutroal) 6 000 II. R. Anderson. ... >,u00 1>. A kings liu;d M Mors in k Sons. . . 4>- 000 und Solum 4 Co. . 3,000 Walsh Cirver\t 'h se i .0*v) Ftod. Hprlal 1,000 W. II. 1). Mali & Co.. 1,000 C<a*luer Bk of Amer. ' .000 (! <? S. Mevca >u k T. T I Hi Fais 1 Mto Co ?T? lloory A Its-hard... fiftO T. N.cho.- n k Oo. . . 2.000 Krighuu h k'mrmnu*. 'J.ihju MacdoiuiJ.i k Co. . m,4C 1' .-pcyer&Co 15,ikx> l.udwig. M>t. k Co.. 4.0oi> OljM-ckp, Hcutzon k Wm I>ep< r Co 6.000 Geo McAllister J,5oo ( i "i , l'r.itt & Co.. . . .t.vj William* k tiuioa. .. . 1 Hr.j gob l.'.'oo C*fuy k Pauii I ooo Hund:. , .loues iKudgc 500 Koop.. 1 Henry Hastings 481 Amy & lieye a,401 K W litirla+;e 1300 K. liuttortn-l i & C^/. . .40 00<) ftui'L!iarilt& <?.t>t>ard I! .000 American Ex. Bai.iv.. 6.V: Waldroa & Booth ... . lioo snow & Bayer* 1.000 A Iseliu k IA> ti ooo Charles I.uttng 1.1000 K. ? >'ergiinatiM2rain.&O.OtfO Order .lU.100 lawyer. Wallace As Co 3,000 7.. Schultl (100 Total .MJ1407 Thi'Bremmi arriveil at Southamptcm <>n tho ?t i, and me K*rvMt >o and North American rwlicd l.iverp ?>1 on the mortiiog of the 7th ln^t. IMPORTANT FROM CHINA. The Capture of 1'ik.ln by tliu Alllr*? S??k ot lite Kmpriur'a Palace? Flight of Ihr Km per or to Tartary, L uaax'?, Ihx. 9. is*). A foreign olBco M"tfraphic despatch says tlwt tho Allien have captur d IVkin, that th<> Km7>.>ror'i summer puis ?? had been earkcd anil Immetiftc spoils taken and tliai l ho Kmperor lui 1 Hod to Tartarv. furke and loch, thn Kngltsh prisoners, bad returne.' Two others had died from IU tr atmeul. Two more ?till ucacc aiuled for. Tbe Allien are to winter in l'ektu an t Tien-Urn THE AMERICAN CRISIS Th* l.onilon Mont y Mnrkrt. |fYoui the lamdofi Chronicle. Dec. 8 ) Tbe lUnk of Kn? land returns for the week ending Wei n.-nday lust, l*e?'eiubor 5, win n e<>in|>.ired with those of Ibe pre>ious week, show th'* follow itnr result* ? /silt I'rnent In- Ot I Vrfk. Wtek. crease. craw. KM* '.-sue.! ?27. .'?.id, 575 27.4?j.l75 ? 131 10) Reet 3,166,972 3,16*834 1 H?2 ? i-ublic ilepuMiU... 6. .'<46.612 ?>,ei7.4f6 101,873 ? t tber iloposiU... . 1X3(16,260 12,472*148 ? S93,C*02 Seven day and other bills T1VH.12 716*14 <566 ? truv'ot. securities. 9 .490 .273 9.49U.273 ? _ (Hb-r arenrtttw. . 30 392.242 90,104,334 ? 267,917 R.*. rve of n< tee ',fS.3tO 7.19?,IW6 ? 43H.274 Gold * silver cm 79* .HOI 734,491 ? 63.310 Stock ofhullkm... 13,*60 37f< (VXJ ?194.710 Active circulation 19 WiO^lft 20.'JU7,0e9 306.H74 ? Tbe first it. tn >n tins account diwrriug notice In the total of the silver bullion, wbfch lUBda at ?'>11.132, and tutx tuM-n ad<i<d to ?tt>cc the return wax made up In con sequence of the shipment of (fold |.> America, th'*re is a de< rcase in tbe u>t.?! stock of bullion in the issue and banking department of .?'104 710 The other or privito deposit* exhibit a decrees*' of ?993.902, ai isuig from tbe , cutiuiuTCul p i.v menu laliiug due on the 4th of them mth, ; and tbere U in coaaequ nc a dimui it.on lu the reserve of note* lolbe extc.ii f ?438.274 Thorp Is n >t!nn?' In tbe charatl.r of tbe changed in other uem* of this ac count to call for tv t ice. The official statement of the movements of tho precious metal* for the week ending Wednesday , Dwctnber 5, gives the following results. ? Import <. K.yortt. Gold ?12,021 203.434 Silver 31 *,63.4 M.WT Total. tiUl -JM 2H74I1 We subjoin ? letter r.-e.uved l>jr* Robert IWii'oii k Co. from their ageoi iu New York, shvh corroborates our *Utenienl as to the b ilance of Ira 1" with the l*mt I nates being against this country. Of course It Is n 't possible to asci-rtain tbe amount at oar .a'i<'bi luoss but tbere will be two operation* tfoiug oo in the I ' ailed Htat-'S, hot b hNtrlCK ih t'?-l> r.i y to improve tbe er change on nnglafid, tbe one will he tbe investment by the hank* of New York of ?l,0U0 iN*) . rl.n^ la the pur cbaee of btUs on KiuUik!. and the other the arrival of ?700.000 ta gold tn Now York. ah., h lias be->n shipp'vl trow ilUs country wit but tlw last t<a days. We are qmUi aw. ire that tbe .<sp^ ct if a.' .rnlo America sisldsaly cbangce. but we think there has b en too gr<>a a d lepoort ion on tin1 part of our-cnatemporariea to treat Uii- matter lightly. * think, both pollticallv and tloaa Clally, H is Bi'ich itravi r than je-op ar<- U? lined to ad mtl We oannut thiuk tliat the e* uige, which is the enter .on by which we are to J< ??..??ill h.ivs b -en forced down f row low to 9* wit it a Tory heavy hi lanoe betr^i agaiiiet this i-<Mmtrr wit r. the n>xt arri val or two wtll eruible us liiforu m< ' - K-euratn i ; !k mewl U the barik.^ tn Antsrics ?|k> i4 sj ? r (iayi.iei.t. of oo>irse fid will biji l.s -<? i . b reo^.iv*!; hui tl v .r merebxnts here tak- ftdvat.tags of the low ? xcha:: > a 1 send ,'<44 to make porchae * of r rn aad oottan. theu the drsiti may aecime \ ery MVtout dtn. -r. .tui and o mpel the lurk of Englaa I to raise the rat*.? t>mc? Jta *ow ???wait KatLw<r I'onrtiv, I N*w VoHa. Nuv SI l?&' I Onrnssim? We Iist* noth i * of "p^-ial ln>j>ona.ii-? (wii Qknets slase ?? rosveets of tbe yek we !??<>?? toryw at tba end oi tt?e ? onu f |i? ??? ?>' < :!? etlon i iad$?).na? alM It Ike l?n l d rtrtm in Th ' r mse-"* Ktive m?n of iki South app?*r lo t?< in '*i'U a: ' to ?tew tbe iirsn. of the dlsantottiet*. and It la gvnmJi b ilev?lis<. tuejr, wlib Korthera wi.iniKur *i h KMaeplaa of adjoataaeni afior ih* oonreniug <>f ( \>r?T-? l>n n; ?<?? ewdu hi ot the w?*k nf panic ffsn owe ?-*? perp ??"<1 n <n>lnln how - > macli ilflli-nlTy eotild ari? n ik- n>->nii*in of tuoa a.ipail tirrwpetily Of fer*e ?i jnru ?r>'t * mil impo-' l< seews lb] IS.- haisnr.' of i' ?!? a*, fo a I in ... . . . i ,< : /*dedlv is f??oe of ib ? exusir? iban h"r oftr ? T t?r'rr> have ssr.1 ibr.r neanu aud er<<dh f?r a raon'b or twl (?at to prepay their debis in Knij ?nd hj | i- h\* ?of htll?, tbe Mme Umo lbalth<* eiponer* of crala <a>l prodive w re under beerr ea?afrrn?nui for Immodla ' ?.< , . ? t? I. ill* demand for bill* H.-bo- ibe la.*s?dlee<>unt ai tbe latter of SK, or elevoo pereonl. Kven now, with ih* so- n m"dati n graii!i-d nnd?*r Ibe c ina Il lation of tbebankliw.1 .(4 ul of Wow York, the twai rlsa* of btl s are at alt per e-ot I < eotini and tbose le?? known, wtih Ml!* of Iodine atla h 1 iu?F be bad at im. or nine per rent k>aa Tlila dues not an* from ia? ? *r I da/, bui fr .1 I . ' M twai?? uudenaood '.bat ihe belan .? .? in fav r of tbU oonz^-j TW? h?r? b? n no failure*, although mercantile pa?-.- ~ an tor a w?*a ulrti ?i unaa >-aMe in r o*>- iuen?? f the s en.< id L?oa railed Is fr'an net* aid *toek h-ilier? ?atd lo avian lo fifteen aillh<>cia The ?ru>n of -ar N-w V ak banks ;-.aa Ueved the eotntnnallT. aid w* have a beiter : ."-.Ins la all d" lartmenwof trade at the Houth Ihaie l? a very a?1 m trouble? suspenat- ai it banks, d~ '.lo* tn eoiton and eiem- r* raioagh for aneaslneas f r vr.ral months Ii *.vtns impeo bab.e that la* bala.i e of trade can vurn In favor of Kn<l?n*l at an rar^; p?ciod. *nd w* appr?hen4 aerioua alarm on v<eir aide If yov rari*a?-a of prudue^. nr? made with *>id Yoar*. re*pe?tTully, I I Mot \\ %Q(|? t halrman Riei uiire i oaoilt'e. (From th' I ondon Times, lie- ?.J Hie report of the l.lVMpool cotton market ror the weak ?bow- a stoady bnshtass. pri es cVving wub renew 4 Srmn*s* after an oocasioaal I" lino of '?iT. per po:Q.i In tbe foei>tgn ex< banges th. 'har* was no tlt< rsttoa of unpwtanos from lbs r*i** of last po*t. About SO. 000 sove reigns were takeu fpoa tt*' to da) for transmtask>n to I ^v to be ablppot by tl>o ? . . ., S? \ rl 1 ? - - v ? < "I h W| ? *un win ha drawn from tho Liverpool hrancu. Tho ui aura ncea for speete by tbvs vessel bsvs been so n?n?ero"M as to eauso sn advsnca la tho from tlM <w ul "Ate ef fr- td la Ida pee cent. In* letters from New York to day represent Ih* moc ?v paoie to be vrt >Vly al sn naxl <m tbe 231. tba h v het e-e the departure of this Mall, the mark?< ted '?*? - s.." n> .h i aaf; but if a change In Ihe cond i I r 1 th ? Vew York bank* liad not t <k* n place a nttnt ,, r (4 *we?.i|fig f^ilorea ? ?i 1 inevitably btvo Ih-. i> mnmine I, whkh w I In e i n -?l th<?* Inatii'i f. hi to au?.-nd Ail fear ?.n th ih.. thai n w < ene-l. u?d ilii oo ? ? ?min^i'Q'.ie- .ippreh i.det ss Ilk - < ? iwe . n iv .1 of dit tr u* consisted in the poMthflitr ' ? t ? 1 ?-vr? eoa*K f: tun kfegUnd, or iM any fri?fc ? !' ?*? spUy f \ tolenc- in the ijoulh From ? 1 '? ' that the rriaut would cauae some terrl th mi eh.u- Ii . d mm of tb- ciuaua lb. a ?i! k a rerovary. liw^ still thought that, with 1 i i. <f tlns iU N'i w*, tuu whole ui' (he i ! rti bm ks *? ni t h .spend speow piynient*. but il t'i t tbto, niMcnd of cism* |>iuMiari' ia New i t! w tilu I ,-t ii .1 a. .umalatioa of g< i t U tut Alrt ?;<<:>' tb# i xabai'?. ?, at nil point* w re in in f..k-or.uud u., lbea>i^uui<iO.) of thi? l*biladalphi* b.?ak li.i 1' ii continued, h'i! lli'i-. <ii I'lUaburg? lb J Hrf n. I ..'in lit Am ri ? ? frkv* Mloiroil, together with t. nio ii tin- SUU u N\ w Jart 'y, ih no u> etury |>ra? >?.? in \ i.l t i^ : ?s .i . previ >u*l> i i . x ? : i' . i ,?l. Not o.i > will tli ' ( 'il.i'ornui *rrivaiB ,teati . continue, but it app irs i it CU<XM*k). wait - \pect J .'(*)> I . .iv i i. ilia !i iu ti ? iu tra ir iuvm< w in l' to their &?, ret-p . . .... r qu-viiiug till. atipjHul, win I ;t ii u t ? I oit< :. 1 1 uJ that, Buppouiaj; th<> i) hi i ' tbi IVr-.i t.> morrow to be equa to U?? umoui.t ....iicip.t ?!, tb? a . . ( I'orwardod ir mthii oo-uitiy .u . ? .(? 'i.g tin pi :t v* ?> >? iU act'ully #* <??? ? I'"' i ti xt-nt "it' drain froi" KfW :Q|k tilth I' ll I i.? .4. i.l U.iiii lbat,owia* to ib'tniguit' of 1. 1 a .1. c a, i'it uioiwj, liio auppiy of t ILicii Ib^'uii.l U- ... - ?? U.M - l.y ! 1, g.- I :i tli"i'" 1 no *1 a to n'i),i -( tti \t . 111 ii 1 . 11 ? mi. ' ' j eiobauf!'* wo il l havo ' lei! !? j \ . .. aflid c iun'-qa -Dlly, ? v tl.-) : i.i' ever I ..r. UiUix of gold : , i.ikirg pi 0.1 h r ,anMc scale, ii i difficult ? i? ??/'Hi mm re.i|x t-? >i?- . /awti <> will eoru ut anj i !' iu:. r Ui iiiii/iiiii to vory li<:.tvy aicriuc iv ??ntl> 11 v ;u . 1>1 ?' 1 wm- iii ' *ir. ; , bot l y " tii'i' our (fold . f 1.- out IjiI . m-iy i stli/bethf artiflaa moat .-?;ut{lit ! 1 ?: th -.- n Cui:i.-l.v. < ini.iy ji,v~'?na vitpraai - ir I p >oal IkukliiBBi n ti> now bt iiic uUMif ?'> ti" uii?rch*nt?< . ? l ? r.J 'I ui"' l.iv- 'po< ' < ?p"> iKv 11s tbi' expert uc* of lsf7 ni'ist be f< "li i i their liiin l*. Tin- news oi that I 1, ,.rrr . d 1. foul-out lb ?Udlp lit Oclob.-i. ?T2,60W \? 1 .tb ? ui out 1 . tb.' i'.kllic Mleauior. the Persia took ?: t j '.1 ?' "0>>. th.-fie m.iuis wor<? foll-wred by a I lei oihei* oil tl.e tftlli ot Novembor, that is to .ajr, wi' h it. ' nth, w baa miv 1c s that 20.000 of lb ? uovo < ul 01.1 by tb ' Ualt had baou sent back by the s'lixt rt t Mrn Bt< imer, nr. I from that Mow we coutiouett te . tily to roeeivi t?re? mn.s 'int'l in th? mi'idl. of Da rex, we iui|Xirl ?? ' from A iirica. iu oue week a'-iae, & i >t a oi iu <1 . t! in ' w,ooo. '!:? t'i l.ondit) 'JfWi, Dec 8] TI f . ..i ? , ti. fmrbt conttaiin fin oruble. ue-vite in ucrei -1 deioaiid 1 m inc?ui'> <.ad the aeceleratwt i!ow ol guid \'j Ai leriCit 'Jhe ui uket WM chiefly in lit. r <: ' 'a ? by t1 ? ? r ft? 01' tlx re coot Absorption of ? . ; lie tl'? <?; ("1 1 inry, combined with th- oUn* inv .iin?i?i? wliici. ii |?i *<? ?U? the ciiwi.ix <?f the II 1. r t C ? i , ? .he account, hiv.1 .?xpe ri.-. ?. . it"' . it, whteh waa W"il m.iin ?a ! J|ii i' It ih |>rob'ibl? that ? ? iiri.i*'tn ?' h ? '?? n -xhibiteU but f <tc the ti-. ilui Ii . . ? f tlii 1. ? .v ui m irk, t to .-liovo if liV ittl. ' ;; a I' ?' l Iifhp" 1 ? wi'i y lleid in ? . , 1 1 on; 1 he.' f.niL-ii r.tliroud btoeka i ??- .1' ? 1 , i" ' r ion, yet return great ? . . ; 1 . n li ? ?? ? . .. : truu -i'IIiiu The . ... - rand Tr ???? of Can.i ta 1 f jj'i ? d, and \mericau de ' .11 ill l?il ' H . ill. i'i.e uuii . 1 o 1. .1 r aw 11 from the It .uk of i'. land i > ? 1 I" N w Vo'k i'v the JVrsli* ? " (IQ0. in 11 ' HtJoB to the 7#, 000 itiout ?! . } \ f>. .ii i mi."^ am ? .in hi? b '-'u I i ! i.iwii . ' _ 1 .1 r 1 ?i br.< ,cb. It is, t . .ro, . .1. : ! ? t"t,i ;hlpoi'.<nts by the j ? .! will .i >' 1 . 11 '.-ioo.'oo In oascqueac of the 1. 'I. . 1 1 ? in,, mi th . 1. ' 111/ ur "ie , vhicli 1 v ? .i ? <et ,.i.y ??? ! jvr ??.?.?* , !ia.> 'i?en, 10- Laving j l?. ,1 (in : to (j 1 ' . -iral in 1 11. ; dr.i'o ii'.! . i. ft t '1 lay au nclire damwl woa < ; 1 -nc .la. I .1 ? or cent 1 'v oeat bill . At tbe }? u.k of i n^iaMii i.i'i applicatiia. were to a c>i.-iAvrable ; an. 'in 1 ! ti. <\ '.xch.tng' the rat for she jk mson Km ? ft' '< 1 . . 111., -lit . "Uiritlen robe ' I'ifli'N Ui J1. i 4 por | irtit. [ Tl>.?- Ii? port unf of Cotton to ttrt-nt Britain. [J'roiu tb*ijy m1(h News, Doc 7. J ? , u'lui the :;nw Cotton Company ilxed th'> icrtn daring which the c-'tion n.orcli.iut aiid roanuf .cturers might j idiww how mn.'h of I' ont rpi ise tliev dwirtxl to k?"ep in tlieir own liards it v a.. well understock that liy the ex ' j-tr.itloi of tl- t term rrtu< h ilirli* would hi? ttrown ?o tbs prospect ct Tore c. if*r ,>1y. l*f to thr pres. nt month the ?V'nc ?u opon to tho trade exclusively, tlutt it might l . eon how m . h of th" requisite capital '? w< .Id be eubrc ibed by th most nearly in'orest-- 1, j ih r were aupixised, truly or otherwise. to be more nwaro than th> ?ensr?l public of the doubts an i dilllcul ne ?lwayx b ngicg al'"Ut the pi st. on of a due supply of [ tUe raw matciial of i jr *,r' .t nanufhcture, and of the probability of a good r. tur for their Investment, ax sub I s< rioi r? to tlii achcine foi gi-owtng cotton m t ifer l-lavvd, sad aedvr t^eurer vucumstaaccs than a region in at ?! ipn C'lntrr, poouMariy liable to (Msturbnncv Be fore th>- day arrived for throwing open th" sch unr to tie puKiC, thi r. moat h av been n. m ? from America, which i wo.ilo rou.- Hi d flat Uio attention of all Europo, a* to the . pro.-pects of the planting states of th ? American Union. 7V in'i 'in r+mr nrul ft t> rer'tinl-l -f a rhanp-fer u-hieh noht tr> hn>'er> mtr rrepamti'*>< for rmdermg nurtdeet I't* ' itspeii lent lA in u? art >n the pr^itict if the fluty States The project of ? h<? Cotton Company la, as we 8." by an adver t isemeut to that efl ct.Bow thrown op.-n to the public I The trade haw !?'>?*- illy snpporte 1 M no they were b Mind I in prudence to do. They have appropriated tin' nlur>-t> of 1 ?100 to a most encouraging extent; and now the rent of tin subscript! n if expected from the pnM' . In the form of share' of ?ao each Tlie two consideration* involved in tho enterprise are closely connected, thoegh tin . require to be presented separately The on ? rot .iiiation appeal* in prudence In th'- national orpa- I triotle sense, and (be Other to the prudence of tho ind' v dual, iu regard to hut personal fortunes. It ought to be enough either th U the country require* a great exertion t" gn w cotton in our own territories or that such a scheme oflWs a profitable Investment for money : but If it I* true that the danger of our depend* no* on the t'nileu HUM tor cotton mi reatu - every d iy , and that the pros pect of profit fiom British cotton growtnf improves In proportion, there can bsrdly be much doubt of the huc cesnof th<' company')' i>roposal*. As to the ii rxt < ?u*iderHtioii. the actual ro:nrc?nrial an t political panie in the I'mted Statin sjx-ak < plainly enongh to ux, an'! ti ? all the world that uaee cotton Tobncoo c*n be luko el i w here; and ot sugar th'' <-lave States grow only a email proportion Of what ix wanted at home, but wry eivOited <x unity it inlt-rttUxi ui the prutpert of (Me <xt Un rrUh, nrul certainly ur<*r b^f re ?tu thai fro: ;v ' ?n j*-r ario>iJ Whichever imy the rsithni ? ol ru ircd may i * He. the ( >U?n cultnrr it im rr"il danger We have hover behaved, at our readers arc aware, that the American I nioti wo'ild t?? dixeolved tar the defeat of the Southern party W< ha\ e n'T.-r h lieved that the phui'atinn would ii? ravaged h.v civil war. or the ero|ie trodden down by tho uiareh ot tlie federal troops. Hut wo lioubt whether that i-.-oic w "iilii b ? wor>P for the pro* |M"?t cf cotton supply than ?n> pro1??hle alternative If the cotton Platen attempt t" withdraw peaivubly from the 1 nton th> plauter^ have no mi'an<> of supporting 'heir laves and tilling their lands w it ho it the ai I of the N'orth ? ru capital which they would th?n b? unalde to ol>t?in. Alr.wlv the value of b< grOiO, land and crop has fallen so fatally as to ptanjie uiauy of the planter cl.m- in roui.ati l, helpl -ax as they always are about making thetr eaat'-a profitable without Nortbeva a??>ney ?mt Northern capl tal, tb< y could not i?rrt uu product ton at all while sepa rated from the Kreo dtat<*. Their proposal !" to obtun the rei|inaite aid from us . but. in the lirst place, thev toy down the iMfiMailds eonditk-m of supplying our need ot cotton, thai we shout- 1 remove our interdict on the Slave trade . and in the n. jt. it we are to ail vance in m?v lor (be kp wthof the cotton w" neeil, we had b?tt?rgrow th * pott < In our own territory, by a ?<vt of labor we eon h ?ve c< ntideaco in, than in* slave States where nothing is, or can ever again Be. secure Thin bring* us to th ? yet graver consideration of the prec*rt?n*ne*a of th ? labor on w hi b the Americ in cotton orop depend h The negroes are little likely to he on k'*h1 term-< with their owners iu one event a* another. If the political qnarri-l is n ado op, really or apparently, the negroes are likely to take th. ir albirs Into their own band*, or their owners believe that they will, which oomee practically to the s.?me thing, and if the quarrel goes on, the Brst effect will he to free the ne^r -w. under the worst prwihl? oon d ti< na for their n-speo'ability and industry Kveryhoiy has beeo wooderiag for a fortnight pan*, why wc? h^ard nothing "f the negroet: in connei ttoo with the turmoil in the southern ?'tatea Wert other dnao Uaa had its b. hsvtor dOM-ribed. and there was something eiispiot"UH In t! ?? i '.<??C' aiKHit tt?e claaa who*' destiny is the #uhje?-t ; o-'iitenUno. But a few siKnifl-int hint* are imw e ;r..' : > >er whieb pWV*nd ativtlui* fath r than a quiei b ? .r-r of ihO notion t.eid-. ? lar*-? importations of a iao au.f atnm'iuitioit itto S'.iliern pTis are not, n i?ei< nd< 1. for an at' i k no WaAington or for r" ? -t rt>ce to an tnv -ion of fe-lsral troops but to keep down the nesruea Whatever hai^eve, tin) tlrat supp "?i tion aiwaya is. vn.?t the negrns are ? dissatisfied, or ?ill affif t<ii ?' and ill -y are tvpi>rte ! to b ?0 Bow by po 1 t onl ?!avi wner? who b.tler,;. t?lsm ? one another for t.. kiCg fre> ly wiUiUl bearit.g Of the ? 'Vile Cl**" "f 'he triumph > I aboliti-si -m it Mr. I. re In should be elected. 1h< negroes are expected to revolt >n tro<mph <m ier s*i .intlslavera giTrrMSent or to revolt in d *a|>is'iiitni' nt If til ' new r . -el? ut Wol red help thi i.> lnregai-| to r turn croj It li ti e ran* tfi'ng Wbeshef the nagrors rise <W a" ? fpr^ted of 'nteodMitf It They are treaU' l a r bels in olthe*1 rse?' |*stm stops work, the planters ay thea mWt ssvs their livse und f?mili?" before tl.? y can think of Hi Ir lal !?. tud lite slave* are pros t- ie*i n t"rr>'-. and >uid<r Mnishntoat, lian*>'d, ?<Jd on and dispersed or r?me,i *? indostrial laborers. Wiist ha* often Us | iveoed wi lat>' year"', ta/lla'ly and lemi'ora i ly ?o proeps' t ? f n (hange In the f**l< ral policy, now tuesntens to ha|-p>n m r- e?t- na.vely. ta i-o?i?.s,oro-'e ti that change being *ci< rnptuhed The tmwt ?ti?rl SM?iI men n tsuh tmii of the ?tintry doobt whether the *Li v "* w il ever thoroughly ? tile to their oewpnls' ry la or from lh S t-tne forw ard Tho emplnymaol nf fr?o labor is cotton growing w.lno doubt bo the ultimate l*?ui and Ui' pra ticabiilty ?nd e oeomy of this afe I already | r< *e.l In the frontier slave states, m wen as in 1 Texas at the , t|?er xtremdy but a lonif trncl of dieor ger. risk and losa lie* betweo the present time and that niiirnate issue. The English Frees ow the <mccs?Ios HsriOssi. (Proea the Lsmdon Tost. Deo I.J Tb? peoph of the Unitod stat<? are at tbe present no ment exp#d to the danger* and evils of n grest moee tary sad polll'o*! crisis The disaflection which exist* in the >k>uih ti^e had its nstsrai eff.xt upon tho com merce of the Morlb, and at the Atte if tbe last advices a panic, quite ss dlmstroo* as thai wh. h prevailed shout two years ago appears to have aflheted the eaUre 1'nlon The paaW may. and #e gtcsruf hop- will, apee>1lly pass *wsy, bat it hi difflcolt to how general <>onfldeneo can be restored until tbe onose of all ths diaarramr- m nt has >>een removed, aamely ?that poliey of aeparsl ?? wh ? h ?hs ??wii hern Mateo si?m determiiiod to assert rven at ?he r*it of i- :vd wsr. But the prsaen* p^^if i "0 < ' - in ihe Culled ?tales epens lit a very re ? nark able manner one of ibwe great prohl' m? of ptibls law whwh lie at the root of all ? ? w ? ? : its ? ? pin ' sis an I statesmen if? ?. in fVg (Siini*1 nf mm lar trhief VMS* at <neil nt * fte the rommtn ~.t/.ie? Iwff ntjT*,e,i t mrr'fler m me iHtnrai at *i nrifiMol ripM imaJt ?naNe witKmt their -yrmtr ?> lloi'i 'tbe j admitted as s matter of fsct thai l he th.rt--?a ? when they fr ed tu-rn ? 1 Ifciltftt I .a a. <M ? r at perfect lik> rl> to choose that f>rm of gorerntn ?nt which tl.ny th-xight moot conducive to thnr own inte r?*ts. It so happoned tliat they elected t'? form one (in at r<>itftHjar.iti>'ii, which, acta.* ia aub^rdiu.tiou to u omtral Mars! administration, left lu each the man ig ? meet c its Ii>caI aff.ti.~s. The malcontent* of Houth t'woliiin, with i.ortTOOf Urown at their h -il, no* H-rert nut the Siullw* hi ivo States have an abs > tr right, not only tc dissolve th Union, b it to ?>???,( to ;h.i' position of sovereign indep ad-ace which, I . tl.oir wii .tot, they surrendered aeventy or eighty >- m i.i.ustioos of this kind cau only be (i t r i i > comfnomiae or by force. Tli ? abstract right i ?) * -t, 'hi* authority which gave the ecmaent m iv . .ire* (???it, hot at th ? same time itc>un>i be .lr; l t< ii i hat oiji tt oi tli. i cou^eii . was not thu fo. uu ti a of i mere i >n i>>n, the duration of which w i. to tlepen ! upon ; he popularity of I ho federal government, out thu ostubii* anient of a nation which, it was hope I , would endure tor all time The c institution of the Uni -J Slat' s was the w ork "f the people of America. llcompr v. machinery which in a necessary for their welfare an toi their power. I'hehsadof the executive, with the a-^en'. it the -enate, declares pc ic e anl war tli .-toiprein t'"urt is arnwd \>ith t ho jurisdiction of docidin? uptai tin* legality *r iilefallltjr of the acts of the federal 1 ittfislal re. Tho revenue is colli*' ed b> meaus of le deral ctliecrs, mi 1 the expease'of lU<* navy, arm) and ivpt OfiiCC are defrayed out ol i ue* whic aro levied by ti'iigress I'll ' on ? ntiou of thu South l.- that .my Stat-' may, without incurring the danger of tnawn, revert to that pcaition at sovereign independence which >i occupied t?<ft>r< it gave iu its formal adhesion to the Union. The dtorte may be arranged by the Noi th surrendering lis lugltive slave lawn, or by ailuiug ?omo geographic U limit, a? in the case of the Missouri compromise, b-yond winch slavery shall not extend, tint if m nlerttf? mun .els if Ms kiml thmdd not prevail . the theaniical right </ v-parutiun most be ca-t to the wiivit, and the 8 Hthsrn Slate* must be 'aught by that force which rypuHia, as well at v, -narr/i*, <\-citionaUy *w. th ii to the law and coiutirutian is a duty ivhich . for Hie gentral bouJU, n? govmtmmt which p^ntei the. n "Mtary power can nfrain frt/m ejenisxng. Ireland at the present time affords a rase in point . After a long and happy hiterval? one dining which th" material prosperity of tlmt country lias bean largely developed ? a foolish soc tion of the people Is clamorous for repeal of the Union, liie Irish agitators do not ask for entire a. parut ion, but for a sep. ii ate] l'arli?m<>iit. The people of tlu> South ern Stales are, however, more onactiag in their demand. Thej require absolute sovereignty, so that, indepond eutfy i the le<! -ral government, they may declare not ' only peace and war. but extend indefinitely the domestic institution ol slavery, forgetful thai with a weak and scattered white population they are pursuing a course of policy which at no difclant da> may prove their own destruction. Hut we cannot believe that the 8outheru Statee .till plaoteilhor Mr Buchanan or Mr. l.iaroln in the unplo.maut position of being compelled by iorce to v Indicate the authority of tho le ierai government We are told that troops are not t ' be employ eu. but Ih dnotl agcau be on tier thaa to establish a bl ?ckatle from (Seorgetown, lu South I Chroliua, to the mouth of th<> Hio Cnutde, I would Include the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Ueorgia and Florida, aud the bull' coaal of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas all slave States 11 this course should Ue adopted, simply ?is a means of enforcing the eiisliu# law , what, we may u^k, would become of th" cotton trade' fhe South would sulfur, ne*t the N'orth, and ulti . inately 1 jycrpool, und the other s. Hts of manufBctiires ia | this eonntry . The monetary crisu in l.'ie I'uit ii Suites would be sure to hare its eiiect in England, sad thus w Have an immediate and personal interest ia d -oring to <#?(? the removal of h dullciilty which would not only weaken the power of a great, oognate, .ad friendly n? Hon, but etnbarrtus one of the ui ?.t iaiporiaut branches ot' Anglo-American commerce. If the Southern at ues were the advocates of a cause lets if mieions flBddetesta bit than the extension of slavery, we should still think their proceedings fot.hsh and suicidal', but, under existing oircumst inces. they can h. e neither the sympathy nor good wishes of any man, either in America o; in Kngland, who has the slightest reg ird for the pr>^re of civiliia tion and the Inte.esls of humanity. * Italy. Another pi otest by Francis the Second, i:i the shap* of ft circular to hi# nmbaaAid' >r t ?t foreign courts, h?il been L-*ued It ig (Jut oil (iaeU, Nov. 18. The circular, whilo a limiting that the King'* arun* wa.' dcnioralizodby p r uiciouh doctrines, and that treason b ul penetrated even to the Court and Council, contend* that the King would have achieved a triumphant return to hi* cipitai, had not 1 a perjured and diaioval aovciuign interfered tu pri-Tcnt it." The King complains of the apathy of Kurop-an sove roigu?. but pays a compli oent to the Ijnivror Napoleon, who showed a generous dUpoei; ion, for which loyal and monarchical ICbgland reproachcd him bitlorly. Till Utoly the King cherished a ho|>e that th? Conference;3 at War Haw would have led to a Kurop'an Congress, but the Towers think more of their private ammunition thin of the great principled of order and the security of thn>n<?. 1 he tone oi the 'ei<]?tch dote not indicate a prolonged oc cu|>aticu of Uaeta king Victor Kmanuol had taken bit departure from I'aleni.o lor Napl-a. lho tuciliaus madfl extraordinary manifest of their sympuhy tor tb" King, who wan ver> well satutlied w Kb hi- reception. At Naples on the 3 1 the leatro Nuovo wm elated by the authorities. It ?u, kumrn, rMWKd aud illumi tiated by the |ieople, who sang Ua.itmldiau v>ngs The crowd* afterward* dispersed without disorder. The news trom the .VUruzzi is more favorable, tha Austrian and Koinan Catholic o-g'ticj having e\ iggerated every incident likely U> give an unfavorable dea of tho Mate of thing* under the Dew rtgime. At Caeorta, on tho anth November, a li/lit took p!?ce between (fi? Knglish volunteer* and tho t. tribaldlaos, and r-fulti-d in the loss of life on both aid'*. I liil led to ih ? duhandmcllt of the Kngltidi legion. N.tplen latter* speak ol' the d scredil thrown on the Kn^o. b name I y tho di? graceful proceedings ol inauy of the volunteer- and their ctllcers. The l*nri? I'atrie Maya ?It i> e\i>ectod tlut a levy of lAO.OOO men will be ma le in Southern Italj The I'atrir, adds ?Tho Hungarian by ton in bt ing actn ely oi <ani?ed. * *sr?. Rothschild , of Pari- . announce that they .ire ?nw (laying the int<.<rr*l ou the Kom <til<s>n due oo the Lit of December. KImk Victor KaMaurl tw the Sicilians. The following proclamation lias been pub'i?hei at Pa lermo.? Paoru: or Sx n i? Willi a heart deeply moved I act foot on tbie Illustrious tola, which former!? ? an augury, a* U were, of the present destinies of Italy ? had for it* prince or- ol uiy ancestors . which m our own day elect ed for it? king B>y lamented brother |*i>d which to day unanimously em. .mens iw to extend to it the b ueQta of living in freedom and national unity. Great things have been effected in a <hort t me great things remain to be done, bit I l?vc faith with the a I of Cod. and of the \ irtue of the Ua .an people, we shall accomplish our magnanimous undertaking. The xoverninont which 1 c?-n??? hero to inaugurate will bo a government o, reparation and of eoneord. Sincerely rrsp<cting religico, it w ill preserve intact US ancient pre Hyalites, which .ire both an ornament to the Sicilian chur<h and a safeguard of the civil power, it found an tduiiui'lraiiun which "ball restore the moral prlnet. plra of a well regulated so^u tv w hi' li shall by unceasing economical pr>.*re??i rope * tfie productlven'-aa of vour t-horiit, and wbu b sha., thus render profitable to all the gifts which Providence haa largely scattered over this privileged land. StctUaaa, >?mr history is tile history of groat <l?e<U and generous aspirations . n<>w W the fur you. aa for all the Italians to show to Eurnpe while we know how In cofiqm r independence and lib>-rty bv v?l>?r, know ? >n the oi i, or hand bow i.i pre er\ ? tl-om byuusnlmitv and the ? ivic Tirtues. VICTOR KHANITi,. PaiutMo. IV c. 1. Th( l.ant Protest of PraarU II. (?"rom the I/>ndoo Tlm -s I>?c 9.1 We neeeded not an in vi tat inn to the funeral rites of N'<?- | spolitan royalty. Wo were rnady to pay tb? respicVdue to one who baa unworthily worn ? crown banded down to bira by unworthy anreiiiflr.', but who In the supreme hour of hta destiny has endeavored to red em tho pnat by a display of unexpected courage tut the politician ?mho plays the pnrt of Minister of Kor. gn Affairs lo the fallen King baa iaaued a manifesto which sounds like th*> dirge which l< to conm-crate *h< l.lght of departing great n-.s. and apprise the woeld that It h.w flown. Aa oog since as th-' 12th of Jtovemb<-r Francis II. must have rnnonncod nil bop. of regaining bis throne, on that day i*ifn?r tWells nddrnaaai tV> Neapolitan Envoys at aU the canrla af furope. ->nd aaasw 'd that the revo bitioo bail completed the ru o of the kingdom. In a long and irritable doeutuent th'- Minister reviews the events which have led to this ca*?otr<>phe lie la the thorua wb: h.pinttng to tho lonely figure of the vanqui lied sovereign rarMea Ins mlefurtute *. and c-aH-, on tu-n for pit) and on the ikmIs for vrnge?n< r Urraf ?rltnln. There Is no |?>lltical news. ? "he laindon /tatfv A'eict state* that a pioj??- ?! ba t been made to tlte Krencn governnvut lo sulwidifla a line of staamrrs bet ween tislway and a Krctn h port , with a view l" the i'"nvey *ne? <>f tite notils f' "m Krau. e toAmortc# via (iaiwa) . att'i that sh'.'i.d i! e appBcnlMrbe a? ceded to it |? pro|>*i>.| to relnfaraa thnflnlway Ime thevosaelH 1k> iiingiug to the Ang'a'-iu4> ltrarili-'in M^vn Cumpany, which is WW being w.oin?l up 1*rtvate letters from l'ans ?leny the pr..l ability i>f the tinway compuiy obtaining a unlnct ii'ii. i the Iretk l) govMBtiiMl. Ihelondoo tform'V '*?* pr"fen?slo have goo.1 au thurily for announcing 'hat the I'r uceas Alice la certainly betrothed U> bis tlrarid Ducal llighne-- Prince l/?ir of tl<<sae. The sam< journal jm) i that th-? police are now lu a i?> ?it Ion to establish a facis case against a certain person in regard tc the Ut? extraordinary child murder st Rf'iid. In a few weeks they h -|>e to hs so tiaMM Iheir case as to he ible to apply for judicial assistance Mr. llnnell bad '?e^n making a l?ng s^?ch at a clart ca! meeting, ag*!fl<l the repeal of cbnrcr rate* ,vi<1 In farorofthe maintonnnce of the national chur- h aa a mate institution. The I/'tidot, Timet ask* whether It I* a fact that the Hera lost nearly one hundred men and the Ariadne over lorty during the Prince of Wales' visit to Am?ric?,aad r 'tnnrk? that if tbli ha so It does not look like the naval parndlac which Admiraia describe Frtate. A report had bean current that Ijord Cowley had t'n d- red hi* resignation of the Rtglisb amhaaaadanhip At Pari*, but it waa pronounoed unfounded Negotiation* wart pragreeatag farorablv at Itela Air ? aomtnerctal treaty between France ind Belglnm. When terminated negotiation* ft* ft commercial treaty between male and tha Mtvaretn are to he opened. The bipe trr Vapaleon had returned io Cooplagna, ac cantpnniad by Prince Melleratch. the Anatrlan Fivoy. The Paria llouraa on the Tth waa Una, but quiet. Rental closed at M 10, at dividend Thaw figures ahaw an apparent fall of ahovt 1H per < ent which v aooooofted for by the stock b*Mg now quoted with tha half yearly dlvtdiend off. The Parts pnb|i*h?a a circular addresaa>l by rvwrat I'erstgny to the prefects on sr.'^tng apon his func t n* as Mini'ter af the Interior In till* circular lie draws attention to the generosity uf the set at the 34th No rem l er. which he ?ys prepar the oonntrr for th peace fe' "irrcise -4 I hertlea wboae t -sslopeni 'nt tne potwiOT ihre ? ol the Mhpob on? la h?i?ad to protect C>? 1 1 ? r, , u" ? ? '* tha prof' y> ta ne. Ui .g , Iqnel ' ? ? < ?I| i r -I ?* r<T'rt'd ? ? 1 * ?)* \ uon or th" ("orp?, Lejrhdatilf. and Omut Morny against it Tlit* wmi '" journal* a re less positive in coutradict in;: the rumor ol a di*.-iolutk>n. One of th- liberal joar uaS thinks it would l>e better t > postpone lb* diaaolutiou until it m seen win thur th" new institutions work The formation < f ? Fourth battalion, which in in a fur ward ?Ule, vv ill ail.l 40,000 mull U> tint t rench army M I'oinsot, Prosidcai of on" of the c'aauil) rs 01 the ]iu,<t> Court of Parts, been ass animate 1 The fot J iwim: are the lurticularu of Hip (loo J: ? The deceased wtu) .1 llrnl claaa pasti-ti^or by t lie niirht train from Tioyj* t.i I'..; ik, aud on starting was th* only person iu the c ?n pHrtinoiit. The murderer iJ auppn* .1 to have enter. -il a

at aiiolhar station, and to hivu (jot out at nine station near Paris The inuriler wa? not disooveret until tU* train arrivitl at the Pari" terminus. M I'oinxat had b>en ?tabl e I tu the b.?irl, and robbed ol his purse ami * udi Austria. It reported that at a (~ibinet at Vienna, ou the J'lli ult. , a pi opositi >n for putting ail Hun ; ir> undet martial law was seriously dwrniw!. Kx( ''otnent in Hungary vras spreading, md s re|>ort w;.s curreut that a Hungarian committee lit Milan intend to make an offer of tlio crown of Hungary to Prince Napo leon Hi" programme drawn up l>y Baron SVbtn'rlini; for the interior derelopeinenta of Austria had been agreed to by Mm government, aod it was consequently stated that the Baron had or was about to enter the Cabinet , ?uper sedii.g Count Coluchowiski as Minister of State. Hwlturland. On the 7th in.?t. the election* to the Federal Council U?.k plaoe, anil all the former m"mlwrh were re elected. M. Kunsel was chosen President, and M. Staeinpdi Vice Preside' v. Spain. As Geii'-rai O'Donnell w:b quitting the Senate chamber on 'he 7th he war; wounded in the shoulder by a pUtol f-hoi The assassin, whoso name is Imai, wad imme diately nrre-ted. He l- known to be a uia-i of entieiue opinions. Turltr>. A Constantinople dee|iatcb says; ? 'The M^rquui Do La vali tto, the French Ambassador, uifii. U on the extension of the French occupation of Syria. The Porta ref uses to accede to this demand. The other ambassadors maintain upparoMlv a neutral attitude. Fuad Pacha will remain iu Syria during ihe winter. " Another den patch says: ? '? The French Amb*S4ador continues to urge the extension of the French occupation of Syria. Petitions to that edeet are boun; got up by the French agent* amongst the Christians of Damascus and Boy rout." Vewr-eL, laden w ith ammunition had been seized on tho Danube. The (iurmy Klopi mtnl Case. [Krom the Manchester times, Hec 8 j In the (Xmrt of Probate and Di> .0 , ou Wednesday, the cas - of (iurnoy vs. Carney an I I'.ijlor Ca ne before Sir C. CreSBweV. The Solicitoi <? neral ;n >ved for a rule ult" to take olf the llle an ;utfwer til..' lb. ' ' ? rinp.>ndeuis to a petition for a eettl.'jn.-iit. iul- or.w .-ml petition wa-' by buhbwid for a dissolution ol in. *a^ ? on account of his Wife's adultery. The rt<i>p<Hident aud the co-re. ?pomleiit pleaded "u denial of aduitery, and th eau^e had been s*-l down for " bcloro the court wiilviut a jury, ou Uie 'Jiili of October Mr. (Jurncy preaentcd a petit i tu setting out the will of the lato Mr Ournoy, by which certain real an I p ruji. J pro pcitv had bi-eu devised iu trusi to th-- separate us - of the I et-|K>lidei!t for llle, u)le?iui( that uud.r this will the rciiie hi, (I proilis o( certaiu ri al estate, aa well aj the annua) proceeds ol the g .m ol it;#), 000, w >re payable to anil received by Mm Gurney, and that there w-re two sons of the niarrlago, one aged eleven and the othor four, aud praying that if the court should decree a disso lution of the marriage, such settlement should be decreed ,v to the court might seem reasonable of the rents and prolit. of the real estate, and of th; dit idetuls of the X^O.OOO. On the 7th of November the respondent ob tained a fortnight 'a further time to answer this petition, and oa the 20ih of November ter solicitor filed a docu ment pu*porting to be a o answer, iu which she merely denied -'li-at the said John Henry Curney had any right, either In law or by the practice of the court, to present the said petition, or to call on her to answer the same; wheirfore she prayed the Cburt to reject it with costs." tir C. t ircsswe! i ? 1 gave time to llle an ruiswor but that is no answer. You may take a rule m'?. TI1K IiATKST NEWS. ? GKK.VT BRITAIN. 1/MWos, Dec 9. 1W0 Iler Majertr'g yaclit Victoria k Albert arrived at Portsmouth yesterday from Madeira, whither she hud convex cd the Empress of Austria. The marriage of the Prince* Alice with IVincc I/wis of liesse Darmstadt in definitely settled, aid will be solemn ized during the coming season in London. 'ihe sentence of death on Anne Padtteld ha* bcoa com muted to penal servitude for life. Her Incnlpitions of other p- rsons hsve no foundation. The ir-lallation ? >1 the Duke of Ncwc -mile as Knight of the (ii?rt> r will Uko pi. ice at Windsor on the 17th inst. The Kuiprees ot th. French, ac< unpaid d by the Duke of .vthol, vurttcd the c mie show in Hike- street y.*t?r day. PKAM K. Paris, Dec. S? 3.30 P. M. Bourse firm. Routes ckw^l at ??f 14c , or about the same as yesterday ( The French government i? about to grant an amnesty to the journals for previous iufracti.?u. of th press law, Th? l'aris 1'ayt announces that the Rmpero." of Austria i u> about to annul the concordat with K >me The funds are again i?etter today, having b-en in f!'ienc?! by r.>p'trel?a*.? to cocr th. ac, ?unt? of previous speculative sollers. A fresh rise of >, per cent Luw oc ? urrcd and the market ?s tirm m character. lu the share market firmness la observable The Cardinal Archbishop o! I.y? n., has published a v.-ry harp pastoral 1< tl- i in rep, v to the circular m. hill. i lit < >n the subj oct of mbsci ipti .a- to the i'op ? ('ocnt Persigny ?? circular to the prefects U r. ivel wuh most universal favor by tli? Paris Journal < \ M Petersburg lott-r savs the d.*crse emancipating the K -.-ian p-asants has ogned by tha Kiup -r r Alexander, nud that it is to lie proni' ng.ited on th ? 1 I of January. AUSTRIA. The Vienna corroepouleut of the I/m,lon T>m?i Kiys that n > real codi-?wi?m are likely to be mil* |i the Ai ,iro <;.-rniun pr<>\ n. es *o long as C unt Rechberg * *t '.hi h?*a.l of atT.iirs |U" *une writer asserts that the -tate of things 111 Hill;,. irv .-to all Kit?UU mij pti'pjses revolutionary. It is reported at l'aris the i,?w Minister of the In terior is anxious f?- Hi" repeal of tli- law-" of g. neral safety . |*-se.i after the attempt of <>rsini. and for ? more liberal m <le of dealing with the press _. _ , _ . Visvxa, Doc. 8, 1W0. King Francis II. has concluded a loan at Vienna. The Neapolitan army in the territory has liun nisbed to 0.000 men. ITALY. N injw, I>ec 5, 1S?0 Reacttnoary dw-turbancee have taken place aMfcecra. occasioned by royalist wot* and a port..* of the inhahi tanu. Ths-tw manifaolatioiis were followed by srioua counter manifestations The whole <;ar|t>*idian army hantene-l U? the Fpet to crush the mob About one hun dred perwms were arreeu-d. and several of the ring ? id ere shot. Numbers of the inhabitants have taken fl.ght ri.e c,'v f Av r a ha- al-o riser in insurrection agi n>t the fiarlbaliJIaas. who, however, remained master* The Ordinal Archbtahop having arrived at Xtples manifestation* against him look place before his palace.' !*>me shont'-d, '-The Pope forever," other* "Garibaldi forever." A riot then ensued: the mob b?sieged the pa lacc and attempted to aet it on fire. The disorder lasted eighteen hours, and noly terminated when the Arehbiahop appeared oo the balcony holding the Italian tri colored JCing Victor Emanuel is eipocted here from Palermo It is rumored that government is about to contract a loan on account of public works. _. _ . Minm, Dec ?, 1*? KmgV ior Rirwnncl arrive! yeeiarlay, and will r? mam here i foru ,<ht A deapatch re- etTM from the camp Wife Oaeta, dated e\en:ng of the 6th innant -t.aes thit a trial bad N^n m.v1e of Um> Chvelli Bittery aga.nrt the f jrtrtWe of t.aeta. with terrible eff.-ct. The government of Vi-tor F ma Quel ,n-re.| to be m??i -ible for lhat part of the public debt ol Rom? which falls ?o the territory occup.-d by Sardinia Th cabinet ol lar AntoneUi met ih *o ort-i lures with p'-rnmpiorv refusal. ^ ' Tlie numl -r of dejaities la the Parliament of It\ly from the Ni-apoliUn pruvlnces i? to be 1U *r"0t NiriJH. rv- 7,1*M A ri set i. ii*rv ?novement ha-- taken place at S*i but Ptt'lia order has keen re e*Uhli<heil A grand military review will uke pit ? to morrow arAi*. _ , . Dec T.H? 'he ( ?rr*j?j?>n.j.i|. . ? A itoprrV" givm ,i denUI to the r. port of the organisation of thirteen > ,uU| ,tl of Tol IU l?r? in Catalonia The garrlion ?#T?l'.an Will be rei O .M . iro IK from the Peninsula ^ P\r*i. srvne* Thepfcris corre?pond,-nt of the weekly Rtautrr i? Ro Tlin Catliollc p*peri, h 1\ t the Pope Iia.-< written to tlte> t ardlnal ArtbbtKh -pof P*rm. aeking him to reelg i his i .ace as grand almoner and member of the privy oouncil I he car I ins! ha rep l.-d tliat if he resigne.i bis civil fflcM he would reeign bis ?ee al?o The Pope oea^.'d to Tlie Abb.' Marol ha- offered hi- res.KDitum to th? Fmperor. who replied thai he should make no freeh a|. pointmenu till Kom? had ace. pte<l this The Hlabty of Versailles sought an interview with the Fmperor t? try and make bun feel the woes of the ehur, b and to remind him of the end of bis ancle The Kmp?ror listened to him patiently with hi* segar In his moiitb and at last said, Hon* fcneur. your distress does you ? redit, but the temp-iral power Is no longer ?..mnailble with our civilisation, and w? must put an end to It as I put out my segar." I'omnsrtUI lat>uig?atr. Livs?ro?L KARirfa _ IJVSWWN . D?c. (U_No?n. Cottca.? The Brokrrt" CSncwiar says " The adviees ra I ^ JnL^!rT '? ??>? Vilt^ Steles eauasd graat dulnees hsre . and the demand fSr seveval days wsa very limited Alihoush th ore wis soma Utile revival of inquiry yasterdav. the m irkei w m -o fn sly supplied that a decline In ne.r). AmertMB or Sd par lb was aabmittad w. tuher ,]e script teas of cettap are duU and generally r*th-i easier i r* r?* ?p ???*<> ? wi. eh^cu latore took 3, UO and e*port?rs 2.M balee V^ewdav Friday) the boslnsaa was ran maud at aN>.,t s l100 ^ including 1 MW on ajiecuiai c>n and for export th. market c I. sung steadily st I'te ft llowing qu.>taiions ? MtMling. 7Sd gT/S TV' 4 13 10d Lpla?de. 71 ,i ,w,, J<tock ?* hand ?79.tJ) bales. Unhiding t-i.tno Amer can W^sarMTTTss ? Messrs Riclmrdaon , ^penea % 0> , Wake ^ssh A iti , H an i. Athya k (V. , rei^.rt heavy im pwl- '' eh >nre ilt'S^tel b iy.?es |ed o> m >re basl * w?. . ?'"** l.Hr.and M-l ftl a is I -.?ui * . ,,a?. r ..t \% *.'a..'ai :X-> ' Vv* tiorifc C7>i <i 01 Wheal cm Tuesday was 2d 8 3d lower l'? l yestcr 'ay , w lib a Ltif(- bufcim- . lhu> decline ue w ly recovered. lied ranges from 11k ? in 91.,a.'i<t whit# VA*. 13m M Indian iorn dull at a farther decline of *J per quarter, but rather more enquired for at th' d?- ? Mlx-d, :We U , yellow, 36s a 3Td. ; whin* .?'!>- .? 4lv Puov ?*.?*. ? Ltci-f deprtwtd and lowu , aivl still Jilfl cull of hale. Pork -low at 57* ttd a tM>< for old Hioni ?I'll .1. Clu-ttN' tirtu. I?ard quioi for want of ?-tock fal low unchanged: sales ?l from LT ?. t* OJn as in quality l? Itmn'i i ? The Hrokm' Circular quote-. ? \she? "leady : pots, 'JH. tkl . with retail salea at Sfcte. pearls very ?W, with rot ul ti.ili.-fl .tt j'.i,. i*M - ;;.?r-> mac ti\e a ad ouster, tho decline from tun lilgli'-.-t point being *! ii 1.-. CoOoo quiet, but float I'"* cir/ne* i:i most demand. Rice verv quiet, without material Kit rutiin I lark sale* of lAui.m at fr- . ttd aud ot coarse Philadelphia at 9s Amert.'an liii.- -.xi cukes ?11 per ton. Kirh oils stouly Sale* ot cod ;it ?37 aud sper.a at ?104. Linseed oil quiol but steady. Rosin dull .mi lower, common A*.. 'id. down t roe diurn and line difficult to move .spirit* of .urpeotine dull and prices have declined to '13s TR APK AT MAN0IIK1TKH. There has boes a st-adler feeling siu e Tie s 'ay, with a more general inquiry, but it Inu uol led to any .-xlensiou of busiiius LONDON MVRKKT8. Me"ri. Baring Brothers & (>o. report? KoadstulTs, notwithstanding liberal .itippliofr of foreign, while American wheat, 60.-. a Ms.; red, 6!>s h OO*. Flour, 2Ts. a 39s Iron dull at ?4 5s. a fA 10s for b ir? and rails; Scotch pig, 51s. 61 Sugars very quiet, but steady, Rice very dail aud rather easier. Coffee quiet an i rather cheaper tor Oeylon. Linseed cakes ? quieter for Ameri can New York barrels ?11 15". a ?12 Hop ton bag* ?11 10s a ?11 15a. Ki*h oils dull , sperm ?101 a iltri. need oil dull at 'JVs. a 2Vs. 3d. Tallow quiet at 60->. for Y. C. Tea dull; Congou, Is. 2d. a Is 2i,d Spirits of tur pentine dull at 32*. HAVRE MAR!". KT^ Tli<- usual circular had not reached Liverpool wh n *.h? Persia left that port. THE POLITICAL FORGERIES OF THE DAY. The Letter* of the Politician* Alleged to Bate Been Written by the President De Facto and the President Elect, Jte., kf., lie* p-'roui the New York Tiuaes of Doc 20 | THE BUCHANAN LETTER. Wasoinotow, Doc. 16, 1380. My V' iir Dki? SiJ? Your letter of the 10th instant, in i ri. iag me that several of the more distinguished of my ]-ol i . nl trieuds liavn expressed, with all kindness, a sc i itu.i i:oubt reg.udiug the propriety of the course of ac tion which i am pursuing ? aud that all hough the domo cnuic party hM met with revei sos and defeaU, yet its rrmaiuiuc vitality may still be further lessened by ahi zardoos line of conduct ? lia.- b.-en received With repaid to yuur fear thai your couitnunieation may ''e inoppirtoo*, since I have air. udy acte 1 on my ccnric t iota, and unao:eptable to me In my oilk-ial character, I will justly way, that the alarming aottlUnW tktMtt try, and your zeal for the re establishment of our party Into a powerful unity, are your snttcieut warrant I will be glad, therefore, if you will eomnmnicate the i ont?iit? "t this not* to the gentlem -n nam -d in your let ter, and also to those coutalued in the enclose 1 list, re questing tlieiu to abstain from making any use of it, ex repi iiuihii/ our true friends. That a : late a soverciKOty must bo aiiaitted. except in so nit as it lius yielded it. but, under the con-ititution, all of the Mat. s have yialded i portion therof, for the eutablishtacut of a central affective government under whose string arm tln-y may lind protection. That the States have relinquislitHl an important portion of their wTereignty is conclusively shown by the constitution tselt, ariiele iirst. section ten:? 1. No Slate shad enter into any treuty, alliance or con federation: grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money: euut bills of credit: make anything but gold and silver coin a tend r in payment of d bis: puss any bill of attainder, ex post facio law, or Jaw imp'iring the obliga tion of contracts, or grant any title of nobiliiy. 2. No State shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any imposts or duties on imports or exporU.oxccpt wliai may be absolutely necessary for executing its in?|H>ction laws: aud the net produce of ail duties and imposts, laid by any hitatc on imports or export*, shall be for the ise of the' treasury <>f the I nite l States , aa.l all such liws shall be subjei t to the revision aad control of the Congms. No tHate .-hall, witbout the consent of Con gress, lay any duty on tonnage, keep troops or ship- of oar iu time ol pciw-e, enter into any agrecmeut or com pact with anolb'T .-late or with a loruigu Power, or ea Kage iu war, unless actually uiva led, or iu such immi nent danger as will not admit of delay. No one can deny that the powers uauvd above are im portant. aud that the States are correspond uigly w aker by their losf. Ttfm again to the constitution, articles sixth, sections second and third ? 2. This constitution, and tin- law.i of the raited states which shall be made iu pursuance ih-reof, au I all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority ot the 1'nited Stales, shall be the su|ireme l.iw of the land; and the judges in every State shall Is- bound thereby, any tbtoig in the constitution or laws of any State to the con trary not withstanding 3. The Senators and Representatives beftw mentioned, and the members of the Slate Leg islatores, aaJ all executive and judicial olUcors, both of the I'mloi States anil of the f-eveial States, shall l>e bound, by i>ath or ufiirmatlon. to support tins > institution Now these article* are entirely inconniston I with the alleged supremacy of the Stat'- laws; and the claim of ub*'luto State sovereignty, In the lace of th .m< Ouugres sional powers, taken (root or given t>y the (States tiiem selves, is wholly irreooucilable with the constitution. The question now presents itsolf, is the coti.slimti >n a contract? Judge Story , a m in of eminent authority, ox Eessly denying it?, says:? li it is a compact or contract, vmg parlies to it who are hi<lo]?>odenl jodgen 'if it# obligation). it must be so, either because of the sti pulations contained upon its faoe, or becauso it is im ptied from the nature and object*) of a frame of govern ment. The constitution conUlus uo c Unite inftirring it to be ? mere compact, and makes no provision fur Mutt con struction On the contrary, the preamble emphatically speaks of It as a solemn ordinanc and establishment of government. The language is ? "We. the people of the I 11 '.ted States, do orduin and establish this coustitittun f<Jf the I'nlted States of America." The people It or d mu n nd establish, not contr.ict an 1 stipulate with each other. The people of the Uiuteil States, not the distinct * people of a particular state with the people of the other Stales. The potato ordain and establish a "constitution," nut * "confederation. The distinction between these t-rm* is tins: a pure oon redermtioa is a mere treaty or league between imlepen dent SUits. and binds no longer than during the good pleasure of each. It rest* forever in artioles of compact, where each is, or may be, the supreme judg ? of its own r Iglita and duties. A cooatltutlon is a permanent form of xovvrnment. where the powers, enoe given, aro irrevoca ble. sml WK be res'im<-d or withdrawn it pleasure. WheUier formed by a single people, or by dilTerout socie ties of people, in their political capacity, a constitution, though originsting in consent, Ihixmuks, when ratitled. obligatory, as a fundamental ordtuan. a or law. Th ? c in stitution of a confederated republic, that is, of a national republic, formed of several Slates, is, or at least may be. not less an irrevocable lorm of government than the cot.sii'ution of a State form al and a tilled bv the aggr> gut. of the several counties of the state If It had been the design of the framers of the constltul iuo, or of the people who ratilled It, to consider it a mere confederation, resting on treaty stipulations, it is diffleult to conceive that the appropriate terms should not have t?<cn found in it. The United Mates were no etrangerr to compacts of this nature, because they ex isted previous to the Involution. The articles of confed eration. though In some few respects national , were mainly of a pure federative character, and were treated as stipu UtSoiis be tween Mate*. for many purpoeee Independent and *cnrerelgn And yet It was deemed a politi cal beregv u< maintain that under It any State had a right to withdraw frcm It at pleasure, and repeal Its npetation and that s party to ths compact had a right to revoke the* conipe t The constitution of the l'mted Mates, and the laws and trusties made under it, are the supreme law of the land, the Mate Jodg"? to ?>? hound tb-r*i<y, anything In th? constitution or laws of any State to tL eontrary otwiih 'Ai.ding If It Is the supreme law. Jnw can t Ii-- people of a Stat# repeal. abr<v its or suspend itf The grand object of those alleging that the o-ia-t itution U ? ? mpoi t Is for til'' purple of enabling a Mali power ?o decide whe'her (Ymgreeeional measure*. are unc-mstitu tieoal. But this con'tm>-tion is no* only forced into the aegusge of the constitution . but bears upon its I tee an unsound reasoning sad an artificial logic, which are op : ymed to rur existence as a nation. I'pon these two important points, then, it is olearly j "iy opinion that a Mate under the constitution m not a , full sovereignty, and while the constitution is not radically and fundamentally amended, no Mate can ever ' seceile from the I n we , and this I stated in my Met* ig?. | As It Is, then, impossible to destroy the t'uion .is It now I ? toads, except by a revolution. I have, after grave re line tion, determined not to p irsue that line of ostein et 1 which, although ti tnigbi be legal, would end in rlvll strife and the overthrow of oar present form of govern ment That line of duty and its probable seassqucases may be ?luted thus ? After the resignation of the federal oActs I could have appointed others who would hare retained their i posticus Should they have failed. from an overwhelm j ng opposition, in carrying out the oiecuttun of their decisions, and the laws of the UMte4 States, I have the C"nstit'it?**l power granted me, to "lake care that the laws be faithfully executed, and aa act of (Xingress, (passed February 2*. 179A, section second,) made m pur suance of the Mastttirttaa, Hives me ths pow.>r of calling out the militia to enforce the Laws. If I had felt sertaiu that thi .-ourae of conduct could have been pursued . and that no otlier emergencies would have arisen, I woo la iinqueationabi) have slopte-1 it. Hut attbcsig!) 1 am bound to sss the faithful execution of the laws. I yet have aa oath upon roe to "preserve the oooetltulvna," and tantnaMwnt to this Is ths pr "starvation of the rs:oa. Should I have called Into play the exer oiee at Tore, I unhesitatingly believe that I would have Inaugurated a civil war. It might be argued that If t had preserved the constitution by enforcing lu 00? mands I would at the same tlsao hare preserved the t'nica, for the oonstltation and the t'aloa are Insepara ble and form aa Indivlsable unity. But I rn<** *f the times have proved It , that logical oonc las ions give way to the pasalon aad will of an eioltsd people^ And not only is It trae la the ordinary clsssss of our cititen*. but also with respect to oar lewesentatlves, and other selected officers of the body politic It May be best, perhaps, lo allow the hanrrs ot thi political' body to anpraaoh a bead, rsth-r than to let fhera^e dm5a in fTSnT gUrs erupt, ;n f granl thst a etusen is a eltHen Of a Math, sod a eBI sen V the I iltsd Mstes at the same time, utd tf a SMate ooadea tlw* he can only^ bv so dokm waive many of her rights la the l*nl'*, but thai, her territories will still i rssam under the author ty the geaeral g >vefn meat If she is ade<l by a JtweUii Pow -r the l aited Htates will defwl her, although ihe has s,>i~e,led, bseaews there has ! > *0 s i !? iati<e, of the soil of th comm in eouatn Tho NfUlt ?o>tl<l ?t 11 be oodecteJ . the pott mite* pre* ?r\ cd , and th? t'-deral oAmm prot oted, even tiiu'i^l )"<?? . rlitniW be inj iu n-cut^iry t it' <l 1 j;nuii i.Uu (liuv iu iui|),i .4 allegiance <.>( tho uat . r*l born cttlwt . and the . xpt ?< nil ? o: the alias (?orn, pli??e llirm in a po?.:io;. similar to thit of lord *i?4 vsi" il ll !lw futilHilli*, that is, ttio ti?w' or i ilit n obey Lig (lit i iti or gnvfluinwil, wL 1 li aecar Is iu ro turn a ?*..!< prit ?t?ou this bo a I in met -at t >mi'r> ait I in A Ik> In ken ly 1. 1' l?>;d or v w?- 1 with it mutual c 11 .-tor f . iwid g'? )t H" im. *?> h ? wi h "???*(>*? t? tU;? Reuerat g vwi.m-nl ml lh.- ulixm. While there i* a < -oust it Ui' ii it should be ot' ycd, sl-J d < bta ai. i un ? ?r limit. k of ill iinauh'tf c?n baprop. ly referred and de termined b . the Supretae Court ib 't?, if ihTf bug' nersl tepiv.uaare to th* r istil Hi a tL ? r??n ly ia I 'it, toan !id It iii tho primer w y aroor lag ti -irt n i? fifth I'll til tliii" it- done tin- c t:*ti undoubtedly mvn ob.? lioaa ? t<> tli< esist ng .iwi* of but t?io:Ory , un ?! tip- gov iniueai w til iv vp 1:1. :i constltutioual rvdr?.ii in Hi .-.nprsaie Court ..r oti r.w- , andai* lei ! bin p w 1 idp ?' ?t n. net n!y w th 1 1 ct to 1.4 pr>ijA-i ty, b .t with 1 i I ti tiu person il safety and n?6w Ky. Rhonld a aiaglo oitii a, >r ni 'Tieri .a bodies of tl n, violat- th.? mituil b./n 1, iiad oppo.e iL' lawn.itnviybe i?mied a mnr.d trna> l? iry.tiut sho. 1 they w. igui ..1 ttw . in"' . it 1* justiy f illed un ?it.tioual I t J-<> , iu 1 is .1 by duatn Thi th. if,.-: I grait' . and to their l ull ext ul . and ?l tboufc'.< it waHd appea hat aij line >?] duty w.i. pi. 1a and i ukK''>1. > < 1 1 x"i> linnly p*-r?i a u-a thai maliu l <?< r'-wtoriiiK order und ob 'dlcii -e th ? ^">ut th* Lind, 1 would L. iv 1 hu "d lU"> lollovv.ii?; t ribl r-'sult ? The ralli! g forth the irlllti* t > g1?a*Cfrct to tho "f the OiUraSbtd wol.,'1 Ui. ililP'. the cxciU l lutw'i with alarm :i wa.lik' bplrit w.mld hav? lie 11 ar >u*fd throughout ?vj.'ry sta.o 111 the l'ui"u , tho.u*andii of military rt mpnulea would !mve clamorously offered thMi m-rvicea to po to Hi,- 'k>oth, tb'^o who would n >t hiv ? been acm ' d wonld l ave proceed "d <n: their own iccovuit nd wuwd tavo )J ?d tb.'ir .u.ijuet by a jjood or xc'iae. an would have it, ihu qua' tor of a tnilltoa of l>eople who ire out <?? employ uicnt wir.11 liavejoinixl th? irmy either fn It.' rauks or out of its rank*, the lack of :? out hern pov or w>,uld have baer. productive of afg-nvi' iiif epith< ta whi h would h iv' cu iso-i an inuu iuL (Milium of blood; the o<U>in({ forth of tho rnUilia,; . 1 (f quickly a;.d rtrn.'y pruHo.-vinK the a ith"rity of t!t> I'u.UmI .stat.ti oouria und law., would hare pi^ctit<UI|r irauaforwed A fedeitU array Into an ?wf-ii crw.i l ? . j ungt he entire South. With the vast multitude of oiieniifs before thorn, Had th<* millioiif of clar <? within their niM.M , \ 'i:'i ro ild ike conflict hare b'-rn t ut ? hi le .a muK- . : el 1 h ? South ernere would fall iu t'teir 'jpirlt-.l d(4'e>:> 0, tli? alafed would beoou.f a bi.ick wavo of terror, rullit.; *iUt ltd etrengtb 11 ? Jn?t h;> North Tho n t 'rvs-ninp ftptco would b>" I i-d w.v?to by w.-iul ? und their vie leoco, and \?hen they appro-eh fh" -V>< th-rn nmlt'i, Mm Northerner' would hav t ' i. c m;>elkd by< ncity l<* mow tbein < .wu, ii< o-.l . to #.v.? then. >*!.'> tad tl elr mtnilies froi; ruin ami d it'>. C <t> id r the v.w>t mllli>>?t of property , either tdavo o' i.-ndrd, wvich would ha* l*vn ;luin s?.-i iiioe... Thci exam ie the proeperts -.r r.tir na!:onnt r -sourseri when our roti n ll> M* nr.- d . oyt-d lif the couatry laid iu ruMix. 'Ki:gQi<t jn,"w!.ou v. .1 >;?a(:ili^4 tor bi twei-ii England an- the 1 i... a. would Wave ?unk In mid oivan, -tnd h>ft u t> i? ihm, n of w ir or the lof^ of our uationai d.gnity lad wlnt 1 - mi iic tho : 1 ' ' ? n ? , til'- civil uar would havo i iillod fi ? ill the i ntire nniiUry spirit of tbn nation j, wi ich pi Imp- coull nut hato b'cn controllod. 'IIip genera', >, booming 1 ich la the gratiftratiou of their : i . b ; 1 1 ? ? ? would 1 iv? displayed jealooey in th'dr oorrmaii '. ,tnd th . would have resulted in purchasing the t poo. I of thoee lieuoelh th( m. in order to light I'raori; th n;.. d for su; r"iu?cy. The national capital won l> hi.v,' b:fn . aed, the ooaaM tutlon overthrown, a military d clal r ii(<|k tiled , to otid, perhaps, in the formation of a c .^'itutl nil met # by Then whore would hitTi been the boasu-d prriu.uuao} of our free inet-tutlooa, wher< ti:- . T: ^e of <> j> -ie?;ute1 world, and where the exam plo and hopo of p cuted Christendom > The onl; ?n - 1 !.ave uow at toy command ceatre in extorting the peoph .? n uatin: to imploio th? av.ulame of an oxerruling Piovldeuco, li 1 d. f to avert the daa gcrs which now bead our belove d Ian I V01 y rr^fwctfi* Ty yours, JAME3 BtTCHANAN. Wm H. CoNK'Jt, F:q., Philadelphia ? - THB UNCOLN LETTER. [From the Clevi .and (Oluo, Dec lfr.j The following letti . , ad ir.'.vsed to lion. 1'Uomas Kwing and healing the sug: m iiiuel of the I'rcsiieut clovl, col. a to us with an endors.-ment tif it* genuineness. Without this eadomntent Wf woolil >uuch ^uebli'u it. Th:- Urn I part of the letter .3 o well written ? the latter part too patriots ? to come from tho 1 'resident elect of a party of the irrepressible -oniict schoid. 11 genuine, it wiH sil l much t ? the beli f in the taleut* ntid the pi'-iotwia ot President l.incoln If not written by him. hu> denial of it.? will at once thro* upon the porsou wht> handed it to us the necessity of proving it t?y com pcient witnesses to liAve been writloti b\ i'rbsideni IJu coin, or elxe he will have to xhotil.ler th? falsehood If not written by Mr Lincoln. It In lu^i Fi-'-h a lettor a." h? mWht, with the aid of a dictionary and a complete letter w titer and well p<?led friends, imitale. uud aU will agrss it 1* just buch a letter as he ought to give to the public. ? Srsixanao, ul. , Dec 11, ltfM Hot. Tbomas Kwijh; ? Itlik Sir: ? Having been elected to the high office of President of the l'niti>d Mates, under r lina; y ciri uiu Kiimces I should feel it highly improper to mdici'e to ths O'tintry at this time tb>' poiky that it in my intention to pursue as the chief executive ut the geueiai goverunieot. My excuse for so doing at this time may be t'ound in the detracted condition if the country and the imminent peril in which the Cuioo is now plai ed. The gi eat quos tkm "is man capable of self government T" In Involved in the present ugiU.lion, and if this cuun d be calmed or quietra. tho liberal and patriotic throughout the globe are soon destined to nee their bright. -st ho per. and noblest aspiratious perish furevw. An awful futur* uow awaits us With union and luirmotiy among the states of this mighty confederacy we are destined in the short apace of fifty years to become the most prosperous, happy and powerful nation upon the globe Kvon uow it ueetis but be known that a person Is an American citixen to Insure In* protection Id any foreign land, n<> matter how distant. The Mils of our merchant vohhcI* wbiu-u every sea, while our agricultural, mechanical and manufacturing inlcr*rt.- have grown iunl are rapidly growing to gigantic dimensions. While the burtheus of oar government are eoui|wiralively light, every braach of industry and trade hJe been n aj- nablv losU-red, and avvry Cttlsen, nu mat ter how rich or how humble, has received ample protec tion. Indeed such MpwilliM happiness and pro*pority lias never fallen to the lot or any nation or people la the midst of this bright prospect, of a sudden the country is overcast with a tiark cloud which threatens the im mMM< MntUea ef the fair fabric sf our government. He that does not s<^e that th< Cnlon is in imminent dan ger but poorly understand* (he true nature o( men sad things. It is but a waste of time to attempt to convince OM so iMm and stop h1 Wliatever may be the affect of mlicaitng the policy iliat 1 design to |>ur?ue upun the political organisation which has conferred upon no such high honors, or upon my humble self, is of no moment or consideration with ma compared with the existence of the American I'aion ? a Union purchased with the toil and suffering of our forefather,* and oementad with Ihelr^precious blood. "Ihey cherished the hope that the fraternal feeling then existing between the people of the different Slate* would be perpetual; but uuliappily dragons' teeth have )>eea ?i?o am<?g the people until tliat friendly feeling has beea destroy ed. TTi is is the prime aad eeaential cause at *11 our percent trouble* But onoe more restore that frater nal feeling, an J no more will be heard of secessioa or re volution. This it| will be iny high aa<l constant aim t* bring about. I ahall feel it my duty, under all circtua ? lances, to woe that the Fugitive Slave law is promptly and vigorously executed. Any eflbrt by fXmgress t* Im l>air Us efficiency I shall feel it my duty to meet with the easeutlve veto. If the restoration of the Missouri t ompromiee line and IU extension to the raciAc. coast will rotitribute towards restoring that harmony so much needed, it will give me great pleasure to reooouaead t. Ho far as my influence oaa go it will be exerlod to secure a speedy repeal of those law* unwisely passed la several or the States oonfllctlng with the Fugitive Slav* taw, and Impostag toes and im prisonment upun i ^rsuns lawfully engaged in eodeavorlaff to capture th-ir r ,<naway slaves. flood faith to the South ern Katss requires thai they shall be treated as equal partners In tho Union, aad entitled la settle upon the pub lic lands, taking with them anything that Is regarded or i cacedad to be property by the constitution. All agita tion of the slavery question la the .Morthara and Westers States should be disoounteaaoced by every patriot or lover of his country. Societies having for their chief ob ject the agitation of this mischievous question should be promptly and forever* disbanded. Aa earnest appeal should b.> made to Northern aad Westera churches to dis MUtde ibeir miT,i?-ers*r in preaching upon this exciting t"l>ic and to return on? ? nor* to the service of their W v me Mister A stron ? rt should he made to persuade i anal teal, misguided p< ns from celebrating the aaai versary of the cxecut u of that warshef all murderers, John Brown. tbre should be taken <n electing men for office that [ they never have part icipK' d In *uch disgraceful urm i>lsges.aat hsve hsd r synaathp with them Tim \'->rthem *nd WestefB pre s ?h< ->l?i cease abusing tho pe rW tl'- South, snd no longer labor to excite i>reja dice sgsiiiot them The Northern .mil Wmtsrn peoMS, is s body should return as rnpellr as possible to that fratnraal, brolh'Tly feeling wl.-.-h characterised the early dsy? of the repnb'tc. K.iially. the people of srsry ? tion of the oountry should be engaged in the lauds hie. praiseworthy bu^iacesof attending to their ows af fain ind of letting other persons ahme. This bslng doae, harmony aad good feeding will soon be restored, and we shsfl hear no more of secession or of persons bein^ lynched st the Smth on the trere suspicion "f iavoriag aholii?o.?m Nothing short of this can give peace and quiet to the country and save the pmWMi from ulti mate ?f not immediate dissotatiou Very respectfully, j-oar obedient servant, A. IJ.VOil.V V Ml ted ItatM tiwalt lourt. Before Hon. Julge IVHls, Ow. 19 ? As Oesdpsar Audi; >toriri Company n. JoKht A. Fitters <i?*?sls|.-A motion for injunction waa m this case to rsstraia the defendants from Infring athe Goodyear i-atent by the sale of vulcanised India, ber elastic goods . nian-i'sctured In Europe and Imported latothsUnlted^iues bribe defendants. tfansrs Fischer k Ascbsnb erg appeared by their couassl, Messrs Bliss * Bartow, and constated that the injaootioa prayed fer la the bill might **u' . and stated to lbs court that th*y hvt cknowledged the ngbtsof the company , and bad tak i*. I - license under tbetn sad accordingly SB Utfaaotten w?< ? rdered to issue The defendants la the above osse hav<? defended against these suits for two years, sad have been jr user* i ted seversl tlm?s. and were the principal on?' seats of the rights clsim-d under thaOoodyear patent Csart af Oysr sad Tsmlaer. Before Hon Judge Balanmb. rnor. 10 ? lb tktmamer of |L penpls ?a *-T ^? prisoner, as reported yraterday , is r.nargsd with the m ev der of Michael Kavaasgh The testlranay bavins bee 4 aN in. Mr James T Brady sassmed up for ths defence sa l contended that the pri<n?er had bees violeatlv aasa .lo I bv the deceased and his aesoclaua He wsa In d*ar< r of bodily harm sad fslt thst be bad a right to do as b hel done The crime, if say was oossstitted , wss rvetdMM^ or efeiiSSble homicide fMstrtct Attorre T.Watevbmy rimmed up for ihepr.?. cut ion, and after an able efisrg-< ftom "?ti i idee, tha nry rra'lered a verdict of m ?' -|e ght. hi ill? i .?! d?. gree