Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1860 Page 3
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the purpose of toretectlag sad "oslo-in.; the interests of thai sectlpo of the I'uwo, and a!n>i to wporop. i tie the eoaon Trrrttarlm 0f ti,e United ritatas to tL<: e\el? ?iv? use of Nortberu etuigrati- a for the purpose of ex tending, and r.udoring that po* or irrever aiLle. And wberosH, ib-so design* and movements luve attained bu<h ax. t adimcy a- u> combine * lar<e mijonty of the Vorth'TU tx'uple in this x.-ciiou*; parly, which had elected to the Presidency and Vice rr?*daem:y of the United SUh-h candidates ? ho are pledg - I iu the iuuhI ho Icmn form and the plainoni repealed dec .arai tuna to wield all the Influence and pnwer of the federal govenuwU to accomplish the object* and p-irpos-s of the party by which they have been elected. Aud whereas, tuuiy ui the tlavholding Stab's arc about to assemble in Ooiiv--u (loo for tho purpose cm' adopting measur--* far the proteo Hon of their rights and the security of their Insiitutionx. and whereas, the Stuto of Mississippi hut, In a noble spirit of fraternity, sent a Commission.t tocoinuuniauie U? this General Assembly her deeire in this amei geucy in our fe deral relatione, therefore be it Resolved. Thai the General Assembly of Georgia has listened with sentiments of profound sy mpathy and re rpact to the moeeage of Mississippi, on the subject of the present threatening relatione of tho Northern and .South ern sections of the United States, oomraunicated by her distinguished Commissioner, the Hon. William L. Harris. Received, That, believing as we do, that the present crMn n our natioaal affair* demand* resistance, this General Assembly at its present session has with unan imity passed an set providing for a call of a convention of the people of Georgia, to assemble on the ldth of Jan uary, 1861, for the purpose of dotermlnuig on tho mode, measure and time ot' that resistance. Resolved, That we cordially respond to tho iiatriotio hopes of Muaitnippl, so earnestly expressed by her legis lature, and so ably communicated by her C?mtntasion*r; uud we do hereby give to our sister Statu the onnfldem aisurance that, in our judgment, Georgia will promptly -?> operate eith her In the adoption of eitlcient measures for the common defence, safety and honor of the South. Resolved, That should any, or all of tho Southern dtates determine, in the present emergency, to withdraw from the Union and resume their sovereignty, it is the sense of thia General Aj wnbly that such Heeding States should form a confederacy under a r .-publican forin of government, and to that end they should adopt tho in stitution of the United .States, so altered and amended an to suit the new state of aflhirs. Received, That we do h-reby express our cordial appre ciation of the dignilod and gentlsmanly bearing of Us Hon. William I. Harris toward this General .Weinblv, as well as the satUtartory manner in which he has dis charged the us pons lb to Guile* of h:s high oomaalstaon. Reeolv-d, further, That his Excellency tho Governor be, and he is hereby requested to catse all the proceed ings in tlw reception of tho Commissioner from the State of Mwc-wippi to bo enrolled on parchment, signed by the officers of both hous-c of tho G-ueral Assembly, -ind by the Governor, with tho seal of State attached thereto, and that the same be presented by him to the Hon. William I. Harris aa the response of Georgia to the friendly greet tag of Miasksippt. T. Butler, Hugh M. Moore,'L. H. Brisx-fl, Hines Bolt, A. H. Law ion, It. S. Prtatup, Gomiuit ee on the part ?f the Senate. Julian H trtrlde. Ceo. N. Iester, I*ham I. Fannin. M. b . Iswis, (lif. Anderson, Geo. T. Barnes, John I. Kirris, Ommc.Uv on tho part of tbo House of Representatives. . GEORGIA. the secession mov?ment, so successfully Inaugurated and practically carried out by South Carolina, la rapidly gaining strength and new adherents in Georgia. Wo clip the following fron ? from the papers of that State to show tic sentiment of the people on the subject:? Amorno*. Mijn-ns Jits.?You are hereby ordered to meet this (Friday) evening, at half past seven o'clock, at the Jasper Greeus drill room, to make preparations for celebrating in a suitable manner the secession of South Carolina from the United States of America. Let no member be absent.. Delegations from all the Southern Rights clubs are also respectfully invited to attend. HENRY R. JACK-SON, Captain. Jrum A. Ftautru, Secretary. Aynsmox Savannah Hons Gcaan.?Attend a regular meeting at your usual place this evening, at half-past seven o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as but starts of importance is to be laid before them. By order. AUrst: ALFRED J. J. BLOIS, Secretary. NAMES OP SECESSION <?LCBS IN SAVANNAH, GKORtll A. Minute Men, Bell Dogs, Home Guai d. Rattle Hnakee. Seutbern Rights Club, Kangaroos, Bona of tho South, Nigger Protectors. BADGE. OP THE VIMTf MEN OP GEORGIA. The following is a copy of the badge adopted by tbo Minute Men of Georgia. The Inscription is printed on hght blue silk ribbon, in glH letters ? uwauia ? STATW ACTIO*. f Palmetto TYee.] 'Stand by your wnul'' 1800. ' ALABAMA, rn MWTRODIHTS or aiabama on shcnssion. At? meeting of a large of the raombors of lUo Alabama Ooiifn?enee of the Methodist chip-ch, bid at Montgomery, December 19, the following preamb.o an 1 resolution* were adopted.? Whereas, we mm Inter* of the Alabama Onfrrenoe of the Methodist Rpisropal church South, having, undor or diuary circumstance*, no disposition to Intermeddle with the politic* of our country aa b"ng foreign to the groat work in which wo are engaged, liut regarding thopr <s.:nt perilous condition of our common country a* a crisis in public affair* culling for uulty of actios among th t p-opluof the South; and whereas, w? Conceive it nnr duty, a* well a* our privilege, to give expremicn to our views, tinro fore Imhal. That wo believe African slavery, a* It exists in the Southern states of thui republic, to be a wise, bu rn uio and righteous institution, approved of <k>l and cal culated to peomote to the highest possible d?g-oe tin wdf.are of the slave. Resolved, That the Inauguration of any political ma i aui a which look* to tbo overthrow of this tnetitutioo. or frtoiiiU in any manner, or at any tune, however dietint, tiir : rn ? ?' th * -ill i lie- ml .1' d'"prn I ' relation, wbico is their true ami nominal estate. Into .ino "( whose duties and responsibilities they ar t utcapabl >, can only be dictated by a blind fanaticism, wbi.'.nw.'l ms lister to rsason, but madiy destroys those when it attempts to aid. Resolved, That, as in the Providence of God. sever ? 1 millions of the AiYioac moe have been nommittel too. r ,j> \ p. ?-p'-, WC AhM bo r-v-r.-a-.l tOMM we did not d. fcnd our right to tboir service against any and all enemies nuw and forever, ? Resolved That the election of asset local candi.late to the Presidency of the Unite I States, upon the plain al vocaoy of principle* utterly -ubvorstve of our rights, can only be r.inslilered as a declaration of brsti'.lty on the part of i dominant major ,ty toward the people of the Nootb?a de claration which In fact, If nut in form, Iseolve* the ooin pict of uBMin between the States, ami drives the ag grieved party to assert her m-tependence ami maintain her rights, at ail haaards sod to the last extremity. Resolved, Thai our bearu are with our brethren of the t ad Ma 1 '.bey ever need our lawul* to a a si achieving our into pen dance, we shall not hi found wito' big n Urn hour of danger. Resolved, That we place our lives and our fortunes upon the ai'ar of our ^nate. content k> abide in her pre - prriiy, to shur* her ad.ersity, ami druirm msl, as far as si as lies, to preserve her boner tmsvUied. TEXAS. A r*ry ub'o lotter Id lb" people of Texas hta lately *?> p. ared n the jn-wvat* of that Slate over the signature of John I. Hayocs. showing, from ilBo'.al documents, tbj vdvantsge* and bW-hsgs that ?mncxu'lon to the Cnlt 1 *ti tea has produced, and calouiatiag the ooatof escnwn i. The writer of the letter seta down the |opuiaticn of Trsas at the time of annexation. In 104.1, at 00.940 u tsM it was only .19,470. The increase .n nine years a n 42.470, wtat-h Is equal to an annual increase of 4,719. Thm etutgrali m wm stimulated itu. big kil tbuws ver i bv donations of uumrD'r tracts of laud to every per?..Ti who b.-came s dt sen of Texas, bee des special bount a to those who hail participated in the war of the revolu tion. Th? contractor* for lor* I lag a osrfain number of fa- il b?-s on tic tracts granted to tm m, on ocoditton of edd in a givrn time a certain additional population, up to the peresl of annexation fbiied to fnilil thnr obi cat* s, but lumctstl' n ?w scarce y nveshadowed before U. r pr'sper t improved Th" domestic ubtoi Terns, at the tme< annexciii, wv $s.900 ltd 'he f ireign debt wo* $4,144,956 To', d, fll 061.10' fVi Slate c, ,.ri >t He ?i te .irrt ? n rd i ire, after the war, by an annual average jf |l 227 soo In 1*48 a cen> us of th* .?Rnt* was takso. which gave a popu'.aths! of If,* ,292, an a? nu-vl average tocrxese, fv th'ee rear*, of f4.704.sgs.u-t the pvevHxi* average ,< 4,719. The o?nsu? of 1840, taken by the Unit.*! jui.h, showed a total pipulalWei of 712.641. git ,ng m Incr is < to two years of 70.940 ]?er annum, fhere wis to ?* .e ?f lanes to draw the 1*>?d of emigration, ?rr aay oth v " Suoeneft. but a free and strong gverrmTit vvl a slat contain aAd Isrtlli- ? d. In 1050 Wave rcu d from tV g*r.-.r?\l gn.nrrm nt 11 1 iioo nnn by the celebrated octnpromlee acts, for Vr Santa he lerrttery. i me half vi as pinned In tbs vaults of the treasury .v' . Tt i is, snd ihm rb this fnn?l the Rial" pa d Its rsv n tsmary debt, astshashed a fund if two milhoo* to r t perl pn die echo Is, WW enabled to found lbs gran* t system of internal'raiimvewient. t? build pwt>l?) b . ul ing* and to r-mnquish county Pixatioo for Ntnto ; ir pr^-w. In 1*60 a oetwu* tab vi by the ?tate gav a psp tlr.tlcn or 4*3 <?T, stiowing ah luor^we slno" 1S50 ?f ?12 "'2. * ib av.-mge loitrr sw for eight y-wm g 31,' i4 MllllS. In .M0 the vshm of the pr -perty of T^xiS was fU. AatltO, the nitoibtir of ????!>* war 82.144. In le-19 v. ?i value of ,in perty war t-.v.4,1Ai,2S0, Uw i imN-r ?.f sUvie 144 P?; ?4.c ?'ng so Inen .4* in the proporty of $171 Vh, 42C, or an av? rig.' incrtwe (br thirteen years of |ld.' 1, 126-apvwprrlty whhh, but for the statistics gl- o. would ?pp* sr sb dutely fabatagft M r nuul eery ow*be fstrral gi'vemmsnt has ev(?m '?! in Texas the sum i? $1027 9W ntwt .n'rot.brr purpi'w* m Pexus the st.m of $*i01 4.O. It ..nruaPy ? g pe i :? :n T"x ?s $2,149,914 fiw other p u p ????* i . rrnnrfs of llie g neral gnvsrii-n it show epprop. a tt ' r v?'on i ssrvWweed fbr impesvem-mts in iv. Wi emcw s*n ? '913, $21 fluj.707 Ji h it." IIgyugs by ? : >tatio4S f*i4i eflklal docom-uits shew* to have b en lb. t><>perils cf the Union to th ) dtata of Texas. He tfal pHk'Stt to estimate Mis dust of r-e-taht;ri ig h? r old goviTntm at by a ssceee > a from the Un'en. a ft- r ?Vir. fully gring 1 iro<ifch with <?ly c??ceasary pro /la . * A*r ths miM I oaisainil eanport if a ??>i-ap- g.vern >. nt, he arrives at the foll< wing ot.ncluei-m h i us siim ip ? for the War Department %1,0rbO.ifO Knr the \avy I >**>1 JO 7>f the Post Office T.'h.oro for ? he (Jtvil I OOP,'00 rer mlaoellaoMSJS 160,''*) Total $0,000,01)0 ??o to the reports of the genern! government, or to th" ar. hives uf the republic of Texa<. of ti ar y reliabla <Uva, ami then ukn a lata and pencil ami set djwn e ity *'i li svpeb.l'l'ires ?? are abeol'ilety ow sr\ry, and y.. J w l iind that the sum will ipher ':p as much or mora than the above eat.tuaie rin) quae iou then utm bow to raise the wind? Where is ttio money to come from? t*o rar as there has been any expression of opinion, it has be?u in favor of free trade and a resort to a system of direct taxatlou to support the propoied iOTWMWit. The report of the Coinpti oiler shows the taxable property of the Stat? for the >oar 103# 10 b? lilt,363,206. To Mine a revenue of six millions on this amount would re quire a tax oiM'i per cut. Tlw present rata of 'axution is one eiuhth of ouo per jcnt. In oilier words, our present faxes would be increased to twenty two times the present rate. The taxpayers can figure it up. Mult iply your pre sent tax by tw enty two and you will know what jou have to pay under tho new order of things proponed. This is turned upon the supposition that there will bo no decrease in tbo value of property, but wo all know the existing ex oltement caused by the action of the secessionists has de preciated all kind of property, and If disunion Is acoom liliuheil, the dc|iri< .aiioii will he much greater than It now is. Of course gudor r eh circumstances tho rate per cent of hues would be much increased. LOUISIANA. NKW OKI.HANS (IISPKNHION*. The following suspensions in New Orleans have recent ly been announced:? Hugh MePXIl, Aby A Catching, Thompson & Clark, Archer A Co., G. I- tk>L?<m A Son, A *1. Hopkins, Hren don, Whartholf A Co.; Woodman A Hentent, Molony A Brother, Kellows A On., Walter Ox A Co., A. D. B"rkte A Oi.,J. J. Person A <*>., Scruggs, Donegon A t>?.; O. W. Gregor A Co., John Oracs, Btcwart, Tuttle A Co., Watt A Noble, GifBn, Smedes A Co.; Patton, Smith A Putnam. ilarding, Ahhy A Morehoad; Brand A Loadray, Holmes A Spencer, R. W. Adams A Co., Oglesliy A McConly, R. C. Cumiumg A Go , Wright A Allen, S. <>. Nelson A Go., Hen derson . Terry A Co.; Coleman, Britton A Withers; Hughes, Hy lleeted A Co.; Hollo way A Lonsdale. Martin, Cibb A Oe.; Murphy, Siktw A Go.Campbell, McKeo A Go ; Cleve land Bros., Bragg A TV Aquin, Grcnuts, Chapman A Co. LOPISItVA BOARD OP ORDNANCE, The Now Orloaus ItrUa, si>eaklng of the now Board of tunoe lust established by tho Lei Ordnunoe iu<<t established by the legislature, says:? Captain Bragg, of Brass's battery, now a Iouistana planter; ex-Goveraor P. O. llebert, l.ieul- uaat Colonel of tho Fourteenth Infantry in the Mexican war: and Isaiah Garrett, of Ouachita, a distinguished lawyer and the candidate for Chief Justice of the old whig party a few years ago?these gentlemen are all e/?nr* of West Point, and arc eminently qualified for the dunce devolved upon them. VIRGINIA. tN-rrrKt) to lkavk. A man named Pleasant Wade, a tinner by trade, and recently engaged in peddling manufactured tobacco, h is been driven out or Bedford county, Va., for uttering abolitiou seutlments. Ho resided about fourteen miles from Liberty, in that State, where h ? had a fami'y, and was openly dotlunt in his treasonable talk. He got Uvea tv four hours to prepare to leave,and at tlMftpapiration of that time a committee repaired to his house with a rope, but he bad vamosed, and thus saved his neck. THE PRESIDENT OP THR CHICAGO CONVEN TION ON THR PERSONAL LIBERTY LAW OF MASSACHUSETTS. CORFKHPONDBNCE BKTWEKN ROBKRT C. WINTTIROP AND OBORtiR ASHWTN. Banox. Dec. 12, 1840. Mr Diuk Mr. V-nrvrvx?t believe we can liave but one feeling at this moment, and that is an earnest desire to do whatever we can towards rescuing our country from Its present perilous condition. It may ba too Into to do much, and I have no faith that 1 can do anything. But you are in a position, I think, to do a good deal. It seems to me that hardly anything could have a bettor in dnenoe tlian the manifestation of a desire and of a pur pose to repeal the unconstitutional acts on our statute book by leading members of tho republican party. I was eut of the country for nearly a year and a half, and came back to my old connections with tho party which sup Kirled Bell and Everett. But you, I saw, presided at tho invention which nom.natcd Mr. Lincoln. This gives you a prestige of the highest importance. An article In the Springfield Republican, in favor of repealing the per sonal llherty laws, as they are called, has been attributed to you, and I nope Justly. Now, it really seems to mo that no ono could do more, if any body so much, as yourself tu accomplishing this result. I know nothing of Mr. Lincoln exi-ept I saw Of him in our old thirtieth Congress, anil 1 willingly bore testimony to his conservative course at that time la the only speech which 1 made before tho election. It seems to me that he himself must desire, as earnestly as any of us, to have these stumbling bl ?ks removed out of the wav. If you had any authority for such au opinion your eflbrts wcnld be all the more sflhctlve. But an open advocacy of the measure on your own part, by heading a memorial in favor of It, would be a groat step; and if you could sucoeed In getting Influential republicans :n your part of tbe State to Join you, tbo n suit would be most auspicious. I dare say that you have thought of all this, and that my sugg catkins may be superfluous But I could not restrain the impulse to w rite yoa a few ofllvand lines of urgenry on the subject. The matter must bo token hold of at the right end of the rope or it will not go a T have been led to think more of it from let ters received recently from some >?f -Mir old colleagues in Congress from Pennsylvania and Maryland. Pray think of It. sean n.ably if vou have not done so already, and do something speedily if you can conscientiously. ROBERT C. WlNTHKoP. aratY or vnt. imri. Hi'iuvi.fikiii, Dec. 15, IHdfV Mt nc\:t ?I mo-t cheerfully reply toy nr letter of tlio ll'th met . In :he mm friendly apirtt In which It wits writ leu. The high regard which our anoolntnd rclatiou.-i, during many years of public service, fcn pr?f sod u|ion mo, haa not boon w-ak-nod by the Input of tliuo, nor l>y the dlif-rent jiailu which a sotmo of duty led each of t.a to pureuc In the recent Prealdrntlsl ete? lion. 1 believe wo were both gin P-d by the fame principle#?looking to their practical d veloporaent through dIPbrent mean*; for I cannot fbrgct thit yotir ildelHy to tlaisu pi uiciploe, which have boon vindicated in thl* -1 ctioti. brought upon you the ten. m mm ar M#l of the -mine men wbi are now endeavoring to break'he t'nlon of th ShaP-w, nor cau I forget tho niauiv fidelity with whieb too adhered to tli aw princi ple* through your entire public life. My deep an-l *in oere r.wfet?often publicly at well as prirat-ly de , lared?nor hewn and 'till is that reason* public or pri vate, or the dioUnteful condition of pnhli 3, or an unjti-t temporary popular prejudice. ?tv>utl keep you tn rctlr-mont fn>m that activity wb-h would give your iM tlulir-n to the n-i'ton. I receive therefore, tho tv.pi. st* and st'ggietiocs mvle in your letter w ith a hearty wulcouio. And however un 'mp. rtaiit mav be my opinioua on the sobj.-at to whl-.h you refer, and reluctant at I am to Intrude them uprn other*, euih a r'?iue*t. ootuing from one who h ie hel l, and en honorably tilled, yoar high position* tn both the State and fc'-rnl gov rntncnht, and tnua corurainda my personal enftMB, I* entitled to .% re pectful and Track rrepoace. I ?-a> , then, without hesitation, thit In nty judgment tho f-naotmerta of our I "glalatnre whlah are intended or calculated to impair the force and ?flect of the fugitive slave arts of tvaigreas arc wholly 'inconslilutlotul and void. They ?ht?uld never have 'ewn parsed, and ought uot to b? penn.tted t<> remain on *ur statute book. 1 de notmcr-d tnem when tb-iy were drat prgfeeled, and have ?ever failed to feel and etpmm a deop regret that any of our people vbould baro been led, by artaot injustice uc tho pari "f any of our Meter Stale*, to retaliate by an art of iMlefMMible wrong on our own part. The Personal l iberty act. aa it I* commonly called, waa drat pawed over the veto of ilover'ior tlsr toer in 1*55--at u time when the wild ?urge Of the Kivw V thing'' tempest was ?we<-puig all our bulla of leglslat' ? Many of it* mnet ot nov ous f. uturee were atrtcken nut at the <-artiest reeom tueadatioa ot'iovcpv-r'llauk* m There w ia an UJ lenlnm of entire repr il tn imf ste,| in the ' -glaleturc of l*ft? and a hiil I ? Id. >l purpie- had nctusltv |i?s-'! the trids'age nihei; u#rof Kcp-eacotnttvce, and every prdpect ef flral aocce**, when the stews of th? vi?.kutt on Mr. Sumner eo moved the public tfidlgn'itkn aa ??> arrest for the t me every uwf'tl efbrt In tint direction By th-s tneMPs some of the obu'-tH-ns prov laiotis of that act still remain, and are Incorporated Into our geo--rai ?tatntaa, and Stan a ad ? n-proweb to the usually J iat and cotmervati. - fM trr of our State legislation. So case hiui uriaon trader them, nor I* likely to arise, which would enable our Juslt di-twry to pronounce on their validity; but 1 have no doubt, If a -axe should he pr-" nied, tint -nr c wn high est Judicial tribunal w .u'.d declare tl.-to mi1' and ro'd, so fir m Utey go to defeat or impair the true intent aid pur pom >>f the ti of Um;raw. Tbc fugitive s'sve acta of l?d3 and 1?V) w*r < pt ?ed I" ev.-cution of a eke me of the -oust. tut "n of the I'nlted ?states, to which a'l the people ?, the Un.wu gitvu edema *-"tit and the gh they smtitn provl"'>na whlifc are needle, sly harm, and tbnajh, In my jndgtnent. they WO I'd be more e "-, ttMI top.?t.-ct tho ntere-tS ilf lh? c la't'ianl tf th* right of trial by Jury, upnn (beuneetmn of identity, bad beah(iv -n, yet tb.?j laws iiava bin h- id by all t?er taw rta, utate ia well a* fe-1.-al, to bo bind ? g on ts . na having b.*n er - ted atrc tly w.'hln the -as' ill na! powers <>f Cm free*. Our own ropr-ma t'o irt <f Mae "i h isetta, with Its fro republic n'odg'*, b"- r-> iccoguuksi iliem; ami prn'iably n? e-e >id/e h>s j b .' t o frcguent ore tali u to ?*? itu -in-i enfwe.' tholr re niilretn-: t- an thit learned, upright sod 1i"'o*'ie iwf? WI -au, Mr. .t-nsje .M. I en, of Ohio. Mr. U ? iglmt, tk >vt>. r lay, n '!? -^nate, d'd no m- r? ihan Justice *h*tl he ?eld thnk*Vnd.' Mel < at. a repub, ? ?niu%e, bad thr ty? en> luM Ikr I'fCMV) Atrt h* With ewlre I'.lelit,."' ' e -bite. then, ran be 'ifbtln It 'WptllMf brlef?stn- I ttv-i-nt-mMrita ton tllify or rvmlo those teas,or ,o ro- i i.tinhg tr y to b ?onrtmcnt wini- U wr .V'.i-jaaii j * ra 1e to vfoenr T 4 ? not overlook the ract that douth t'a ....rwt, and i ?i - - if the oth?v *? ivr f vt? - had. I<>eg b- ' ft. ptt ? 1 ;*ws which w-re Pi grt>-a tinMan ef ti*1 enfrUtutioo j ?he tnlted 8t I'm. and <tf tie; ilgbts of olug-up o otlvr ?'?vies. Vow bsee ywnrMtf. arrnlgnssl the*o h-fees tf-e Ik t. and at the '-ir of pobltc u?. noai, or th?*i ac* ofnulnlcettnn; andyoo oiwt'df at that iln" do (* vx '!; , i and u emberrmM d bv any -? naittoot. -w 'b*t tr t?i j -utebal folk wed the >ad e.:*rt pUt. Au l it . i Sv.tom s j tl swarvtes now. t?cn*t ipm ut fh-' io-n.|taf,<m dr i wr-egiM b toey were thu ftrat .t id wtuperpa I tra' trs -r to no d teit, a* a pr trtt for " a ir pr-* t trras tvabla kilmt*, that W" here e-ib- cihmtly bxm ftem I Vuksl u to r--s?tstory act" of a stmii x eht-vct-r It . n-vortb-1 ** 111 ir bad ail) ncm-e In l' a re peek should be tio uatilct'lon for u*. The Hw of Sn>tb tbr d ut Ir ? .i-T-tii m .vhat th" other slave '-'tat-- havo -kmc, null (|'t-ite the se -nd aeci'on of the a t of D-detBb-r *1. MIS. Nt '?r can fall t? see that the r -"it* of e.ery merchunt. at'pmner, iljitniSior and *ui r, a* well a* onior -d. are plainly W'laird:? sire, a. if ? y , -s.rl ?hall ? wwc'nis asvy prtH or hah r f thlv flate |r iii atiy oihsrnta e *fc-? p port, ha?i ; n henrd any fr?- riegi ea, r* p-rseSMt ef ulor, as co-Mi*, at *w srda, mariners. .a-Tn ,vnv -her rmplosm-nt on b -ard "f aald vessel, esen |, ?* negr-sa -r pcren.i- ei cotov shall be light" to bs aelted ?1,1 ooatned In jail nndl said s-ewl shall Hear oa snd drpart from this State; and nat when aetd ?**?*! t? ready to sail, the -sp ats of said vwtw-1 chad be bound t? "wry ae.y the s?M fees negro or free pwrann o.' rotor, and to ,wv t?i ? r? iwnaea 4 hiadstendaa; and In ease of ma n-gteri o- refusal In do no, h" 'hall ne ltnMatoke Indl -d. ni-l-e Stat "# , ther?ef, #:-* . be Insd a-n issa thaoAl.twn. stxilm, sened m ? leas ti-sn tw- on.n'bsj and aueh fns? nog-""- r persons ef ??dor ahVJ ^ <t~uo?d and taken tenkm late ?!*< ?? and s >!d In "oef rnvlty to the prrvtstona of the ad pwaed ?" e-rbeft' h, inn. Th's '%-v tjky inita re-eptiy have tv-n nnm what tnrdifle-l t ut 1 do tv-t forget the fact that in ittempt, In a pea" il way, to teet ?ta validity hy 11 ,i, |.-a! to tb t P-pr-me C -,rt f tlte I'mta-t .duio v.t -egtnWi hy fhtco ami v ? pee, ad'ir .w I towartl* a j uf nvoMM t honored citizens. Our 'wd nullifying statute did vi% then exist If >t baj sxIsuhI, couid wo L.? o uinplaiiu d, bh wo justly did, in ind.giiant tones, of that outi age Y Nay, couid we, with any show of seli'-ju.stllicat.ou, have wuit Mr. Hoar t*> 8011U1 Carolina at aMf Nor do I fail to remember, or tool, that th- biood of a M.i*sa<-hua<>tUi Senator was inado to sta n the the, floor of tb>< chamber, on avount of "words spoken In debat**.'' Nor (hat axoeuiivo fraud and eucouraged bloodshed were concentrated to cciah young free Kauaaa in her cradle?and vac and contribute to despoil her of her rightful place among the .Mates of the In ion nor tho crown I uu outrage, by which a majority of the Judges of the Supremo Court hero attempted to register a decree that slavery shall exist where freedom has ever had its Itome before. All (his ia too fresh remembrance. Tli.-so things may have prompted, and probably did much to provoke the passage of the unconstitutional provisions 111 our own laws and to keep tbem alive to tlm prewut time. All ibis, however, furnish"* no justification. The true and only remedy is an appeal to public opinion and to the ballot box. That such an appeal Is not to bo forever luetics:tea), the election through which we have Just passed furnishes consoling and satisfactory proof. Witn the right of free speech and a free press, the Judgment of lb" civilised world may be safely awaited. Retaliatory legislation shoukl ho left wholly to those who are conscious that they aro wrong and intend to remain in the wrong. While it is true that these enact incuts have never been enforced at our State, onqueetiontbly general public attention has been called to them just now for the reason that some of the promoters of disunion have paraded them as a pretext for the treason which they propose to commit in the South, sod undoubtedly they are a stumbling block in the way of the nuiiy true friends of the I'liton whose voice Is, for the present, al most drowned in the general howl which tho C'tu-pirators have contrived to raise. 1 would not counsel their repeal for t lie mere purine of attempt ing to please th" plotters of treason at the .South, nor would I refrain from It to gratify fanaticism which it equally hostile to the constitution in the North. The for mer class ojienly declare that they care uotlung about them, and that their repeal would cluing" no purport - of theirs. You have seen the senatorial declarations of Ivor son. tlngman and their compeers to that edbct. And the mischief makers in tho North, of whom there are too nuuiy, who desire to keep up an inflamed condition of public *?nt!mmt. will, of coarse, oppose repeal But they should be reputed because ihey aro wrung: and being wrong, our own good cause is weakened by their continu ance, and the sincere friends of the I'nion in the South are weakened because there la this s ngle and only vulnera ble point which they cannot defend. la:t our owu state be right, and thus !>e invulnerable I lot us, in coming before the august tribunal of public opinion, and asking for the Just Judgment of th ? civilized world and of posterity, strip ourselves of every impedi ment which may embarrass us in the conflict, let M.i-su cbusettn stand erect, cousciouh not only of the righteous ness of b<>r cause, bat of her fitness for its advocacy. * * Your letter suggests that, for this purpose, I should take the lead in signing a memorial addremed to the legislature, asking lor a repeal of tho objecti mablo pro visions of laws which have been referred to. They ought certainly to be repealed: and I have faith that they will be repealed it OBOO. Bat the node which you suggest of approaching the Legislitnre has boon so much abused of late in mischievous attempts to mauufacturo or misrepresent public opinion, that 1 ha\ n no t&stc for It. If my opinions can be of any value to anybody towards the accomplishment of tho desired end, this ex pression of them may go to the pre-? It may stand there for my testimony. MB I. ASIIWl'V. Hon. HubiwtC. Wcrmiter. LETTER PROM LIEUTENANT M. F. MAURY. Wjmviuiox, Doc. 10, 1*10. W*. H. Mxckabi avd, Ksq. ? Dki? Kir?There is a peep o'day for those who had rather secure the rights of the Snath in the I'nion tlian Kout of it to seek them. Tho dswu comes from New rtwy. 1 do not know how you are upon the question of disunion, hut I take it for gran tod that you think, as I believe a large majority of tho people of the South think and bold, that matters have now come to such a pass be tween the North and South that they miu-t b tied?in the I'nion, If w? can; hut if wc cannot, then out of the I d ion Supposing these to be not only your sentiments but tho sentiments of the great body of tho Southern people, it gives me pleasure to inform you of a move which is now on the tapis in New Jersey, the etfo. t of which, I am per suaded. will be not only to secure to the South her rights in the I'niou, but to give the I'uRu itself a new loose upon time. Now Jersey is one of the Old Thirteen. No Stute north of Mason and Dixon's line has been more faithful, loyal and true to the coostituttoa; and none has been more mindful of the rights of the sister -hates under it ituui ?be and there Is mil one among them all that commands noire of the respect and ?smlidnnoe of the Southern peo ple. Availing herself of the proud pout,on which ?h" o<-cuples, the plan proposed is that she shall undertake th" office of mediator between the section.'. As far as I un derstand it, the outlines ore these: .-he Is to-a-ml aootn riiiseloner to the couventtoa- of Alabama and Mtasinetppi. Ac., to ask of the sovereignties Uiere assembled. for a statement of the terms and conditions unon whicn they will be content to remain in tho I'atoa. Having thus ob tained from the people of the South acting, thou 01' each Male In their sovereign capacity, their ultimatum, she is to bring it before her sister .Statu* of the North for their action, with the request that those who aro willing to accede to it will instruct their Kenators aud request their representatives to go for and art, incorporating the tortus ot It as amendments to the constitution, to be thence re ferred, accord ng to its provision! back to tho Mau<s for ratification. Thus oor friends at th? North will have something t-\n glide to jjo upon, an I a jinoifi ii? ff-lirl wU*k tho solid m- a, the 4 plat rn of the country both N'orth and 8nith, East and Went, may rally. Having thus fairly ascertain''] directly from th>? peo pi** of tb" J'?uth * hat will satisfy them to this Union, It will remain fur those of th- North to accede to K. and save thol dk n. or to refuse It. and ?> b.-wak up the Union. But there is u ? fear of any such alternative, for tb peo t>l? of tbe South are not ifo'w: torcqn.r-* anything tb?t the North should not rightfully yield. l'lto - <rth iki"., not want the North to do any hitf that la tori'HW withniher N< rthmn honor, tra ? dignity or propriety Of come the convention* It t'ab . I Ml -? -|, which arc the Orel that tbe New Jsessy Comsat**"Star run now r web, will each leave at extnuDcw a iuu.ii.iomi with power to make wli mol'floatlot t a* hi the d t ii * of their ult.ui.tium at may be agrw <t upon by theirs-tor State*. Ibero it no power but the people. in those omventlons aaeembled. tint can ray whot wit) ratify the A utb utd to settle the dlfflcnlty between tho two seetlona, without knowing this la {dam and diatirx t terras to l?e slated bv tbo South hcr<--iif, would be .ike attempt-ng to n*ynt...te between two armies without a prop>* tlon from either, or to rettle a d'sputa be I won your neighbors without knowing what tbe aggrieved party had to uu oi. Mtoh hastily sketched, are the general out him* of the plan which. I understand, from su'Oetmt authority. In nrivv being disr in-.-d in New Jersey. 1 go for any plan wblrb will draw from the people of tho HowUl s state, sweat of the term* and end t 'otis upon which they will be o ntent to remain in the I "' too. This appoor* to be most MBiple, trped.tiotw and d:re?t and New Jersey has it n her power to do more t? sav* tb" i.'nloo tKoi ai y State Is It, sod I. for one. hope -dm w II not be slow to avail horsei'" of the glorious privilege. M. W, MAURY. THE RECENT RESIGNATIONS FROM THK ARMY AND NAVY. rsoM rail ssmr. Hrevct I.i* 'it. Oul. William H. Walker, of the Tenth re giment of itifa.itry. He ?u recently In O'mmatxl 'if the Unite! ttuten Arsenal it. Georgia, of which Htate be Is a native. Brevet Major Henry C. Wayne late of Omcral (htartcr master 'a la par iro ? tr H- hi* t nos anceptod the piet <g Adjutant General of tbe State of Ge *gu, of wh cb be .h a native. G*d"ls n S. Farley, James Hamilton ordtieorge V Reynold*, of Wmith itarnllna h*v nutated their Magea at tbe West Point Military A'Sadcmy, sad returned home. r?OM TUB V 4VY. iVnrmodore Tawreooe Kearaey, '?f New Jersey lie sent his resignation to the Prsstd- ut on the gist met. Surgeon lb" mas J. Charlton, of Georgia. IJeut. tleo K. law IJeut. J. R Hamilton, of South, of tbo I'nlu*! h'tates siuop Wv ini lug. IJeut. Wm B boater, if Booth Oaroltna. He was re neatly attached to the ?'o*m sloop Richmond. m the get) tarrsrv an, but fbostved per ii*-o<wi to return to th ? raited States in aiitleipatlin of the sei> ptac-a of his re ilgaatKin by the Department. THF NATIONAL FART DAY. t gumonwraith or n*ew?i NOMtrru, av g.g r* < *i ixmnr nath r. ?<***, oovatiMta. a 'W/ri.m. The President of Hie Un le<l Mules, by gis pencil. -v*ti. dated at W ashlngioo. tie- fourteeSith day of k? m ? -r iui>'s*i' ,n r'sw of "tne rre"' Bt distrivets I at d dangei ? ? rondittun of owmitrf," so I in oomi'lMwu with t! rsgutst of "pi an 1 P*i "(IC tsutbtuuIM MltlM, hae d-eignaieo gr day the funrth duy >g Jari ary naot as v ds) < f burr ludion, ftikt.tig ar.l prayer, and tie recioi.nietide't tb it th ? psnp's ars<>othle "it tit t lay i?B I. "atocrding to tlieir ssvrertf fkrsu of vramh'p, to Ksnp < a* * i 'egta fas' la pur* ivft* e of tMs rsontrmendsMM and nponadvir o' tle i smeii. | iia * ttm..fht it my duty to li i irmit li|a pmrian. lion th'"':gh "he aociistomud chuna'-'s to the r ligi'HM and piritnl sdvlMra aad VwdWrs 'if the pmt| >, and meosnnieud to the citiauug of duxsohtMeus a so ieaan and (Wts'tag re "gi tlon nod observance '?f the day thiir d sigoated. The foonduft "f thM Oonnr< tweaith ne- cr 'aiW in the b"'ir m t tbtlletlO" m.d trw! Vt r.?*igTi *8 tbe hfd <1 tiraig'.ty (i'sl in the d'spositimi of gre.t evonts, to *?-< t from fi m eSMp! "m>u and tgurwge in siflicti. n, ac.l w. dum and r rangth to av#rt pi W'c Aui.: ts. fnd'f the tltvl'W of in.iMtndt' g n aiooal 'sUmity, /? I us follow tbe nicotian mi4< ni Of .u. father- and m,iV ? ? ill-bussing of IP* -en upisi sir b MvUd coonfy; tfeub the prk> l"sr pi ifil 'yen '.hat hs.e b in transmit! d U) u , may be pja-.-rtel fofnve-. 'hat cir . tiers mar 1st .nrn?i ? I wgli wTTdtmi and OOWeg* ri 'htly t-t di?chtf,'i lit ii ditties lliat 'he people ntn' !? 'ni from Iflm t'.n reroifhitloB of the r.ghts 'if dh * in iudiepc m hie to tb? pntertion of their own that Id latins may tttdpsialyr .he hand "f wrtlitner labor, is* want clo id Its rfttoos of plenty .Ind that fistantal coeiesW may never r. ml our tar I, nor "the trumpet sound its gsasrgldtMh" t.iven at the! dmmher. this tw. uty-flmt dav ef TWember. in Hiev tr i ne thmi-and eigM hundred and sivty. and the ejgtity flfth of 'he Btdjpe*dflmo of #ia United Mates of Atom** NATHANIKI. I*. BA.>H*. ?y His Pvrelleney tbe Go .c k*. with advice *s<l r?.n sent of the tWuneil. oi.IV KR WARNRR, Seoreisry Basis trot to Tin ax . - The I twites ( ferae) llur i-'l seys - f>ur treets are daily througud w th emigra -'to this Mats. The clam of txopie owning thia s^lsi i are htghly rregttal te, having wttn them a la.-gu numht'. f negrts ? and vel-tsblo stock. Provisions are plentlf il u Pallk* eouniy ind easily obtained by emigrant* ."h.? Hsn tugustine Jj-prew says that ihree .-err eges a dosou ?*g I ? sn 1 n.nety negTO.?s t*te*ed Uirongh-ten ?ugu'U..e county a Tew days ago m romU for Teias Th" Kzpr*m , learns that there wtU be heavy emigration* from tt n '-"tates ?f Kentucky. Mississippi, Tsnnesres end Alahac t dtrlng the prrsent w titer CHRISTMAS DAY. Its Observance by the Firtnen, the Target Parties, the Skaters and in the Churches* How the Hungry were Feasted and the Empty Filled, ?e., &c., Ac. SERVICEM AT GRACE CHURCH. THE EKKMON ANU THE Ml The Christmas service at tiraee cli sfierday par took of tho u'ual deeply Impr- - dvo charaute rof theEp.a copal Church, and was atf immntMi namti r of iwrsous, many of wt u ? ittracted by the know ledge that tbo *irtr;ne , to if the highest order and tbe selection to L> i from tho faverito composers. At an early hour tho church begun to till up, tho pow3, a isles and portage ways id being completely blocked, and for half an hour before tho opening prayer the crowd so great that -Brown," tho ubiquitous Brown, could not give heals to all, and many wore obliged to turn away not being able to get oven standing room. A j.irgc number of ladies were disappointed in this way, Kverybody was looking for "Brown," hoping that ho would accommodate thorn; but it was useless. The thirty pews appropriated to strangers wcro tilled long ago. itnd there was not room for one more. The prayer was oltbrud up, and the succeeding leSSOHS were reed by the Itnv. Mr. IJttle, and tho sermon was P reached by the Rev. Br. Taylor, lho pus'or of the church, who obese for hi* text lite words, "For unto 'is a child is born," takeu from tho ninth eltautor and sixth Terse of the prophet Isaiah. He dwelt for soom j 11mo on the love the Saviour bore us and all ho had done lor us, uud then proceeded to speak of the progress of ro? liglon in this country, and prophesied a Speedy destruc tion to paganism and infidelity. Many supposed that Br. Taylor wouid have referred to the present national difficulties during bis sermon, and expressed some surprise that he did not do go, but tho sermon was strictly routined to the d< of tho chinch and Christian truths. Between the diOercnl leasoM the singing was listened to with a wrapt and undivided attention, a large number of the congregation turning round and liming the choir, so a* to obtain a view of the singers. It was really very hue. and ibo rendering of the "lndamatua" front Itosini s ??Stabat Mater" wa? perfect. Inadilition to tbe regular choir, them wits present a Quartette from tho Men delso&n I'nton, who kindly volunteered their services for that occasion. The folowingwus tho order of tho music at draco church yesterday , each piece being iu itself agein-? Anthem, \unite. Morgan (iloria Patri M'jeenthai Jubilate Deo Borgo Reritativcs from Messiah, by Mrs. Uodste in and cho rus Handel Hymn, tbe forty lifth Mo/art After thesermou tho "lutlatuatus." from Kossini's "Stu bat Mater," was sung by Mrs. Bodstein and chorus. During the service a collection was taken up tor the relief of agist and indigent raiuislert. From all appear ance a lsrge sum was contributed for this highly cturita bin and necessary work. There was but little extra ornament or decoration d g plavod: a few evergreens, tastefully arranged around tbo chancel and in front of the cbolr, comprised the whole. MP. STEPHEN S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. The services In this chureh yesterday were very ini p>4-ug. The flrst masses were said as early as six o'clock A. M., and tbe services were repeated previous to the grand High Mas* which commenced at .half past ten A. M. At the first maes both the church above awl the chapel beneath were crowded with devotees. Mass was also said In tbe chapel of Bellevue Hospital. It was esti mated that, including all the services, there were at least twelve thousand person* who ycster.tsy attended mass in that parish. At tho High Ma s tbo music, was . ery it ind and commenced w lib a voluntary on the organ by Mr. Charles Welti. During tho service* the following w. re Andy sung:? ?Torus? K\rie Hoi son, (first time) Otlerali. thorns?Olnrla Patrie, '? General!. Chorus?tVedo In Deo, " General). Quartette and Chorus?' Salic Rcgna Duhotli. < ifl'ertory Mrs. Clark. Functus, Heoodictus, Agnus Dei and Dona Nobis, frum the Twelfth Mass M<v.irt. The soloists were, soprano, Mudaif liton t"..rk; alto, Bergort t?n<>r, Signer Qui' to: baritone, mgti'.r Oontenseri. The whole of the i ..ul servwos were under the direction of Mr. fit Wols. A powerful chorus asststad. The sermon ?us preached l.v ?!?? it >v. Dr Ccmru ng, wl o, in hi* opening remarks, stated that th collection* of tli-day would be devoted t" tl. ? . ? ?. th Hii.i.o t' tirphan AsvNsn of this ? ? The altar was beautifully den" 1 ? ' , - . .were and evergreens, garland and wr lth*. 8T THOMAS' KPf*4 Ol* VI. < HUHf'li. Tlii' norvkx* ui tlim tliirch war* ??il attend-d ? / a m*h .nubia 1?nmMiip tlii) oburv-h wm tio rut- il ? .tli h<-*vy RkriittiilMMul nroiith." of rgroen. Tl. Har rier* warn bi-antlfVtlly lnter"tjvr ?> ?I with m-talc by thn eholr. Tb'? opening Tola itory, by Vr. Jubu K. Hunting tilft, wat an rtUuuporo pi'i'urmMK'i'. in .vh-uh bo iutro di-*--! by i-pi-cuil raqumt, varuUi n* U[??n ' S".i,1 tUn k> <1 iiBibi ?!.' Tito following >u tbn pragfBflteM fur thn now mm ? Otl'tW "v*" '? " Outte . rt*Patrto' , .Owwter. " "ThDuvnt" Mi E Uat Jaokiton. Alio HXtObnriO- P '? dietU*" .<! 11WT F'tty talk ' hi ii. Maui i-gioa. Fifty fourth II- ni--. '.ii.-'bot ^ Tlii- ri npHwui te il?i i i.n u<.iiuim#DU> hi 4 th" MMm at the CWi-rti-! y, w . , ? nd. r -*1 n i vryiH -cttvo maannr. ?-Hi'-r?)fiiri- h in/ h. t?y I?r. ilniliw. 'n tb?-<-oani<uu.?>i. aer-.-? J- ImH Ho ttakmli mule it ft. TImmm' iVircfc mi tii... iq&MKia. Mis* An drew, thn auprMio, app" not . ut volon, and, *1 thi'VKb y-iuiiM. m rvrlMU.- .i Mfluhr 1 in Hainan l|.r *ilo in tnn 'Brundletu*" i nlmbly-ring. 'In lady who mag the alto parte trm-.: <?, labor under tbi efhcu of ? -tavern mid. Tbo But ? p ? t.cntbo eb>.r acquitted Ui"m""lrn? Tory well rhi- mm >*-m prea-hed by Mm Mm '? ib ? i ran. aptf Ibn aarvlr.-it won- rone! idwi by'I. /rtuv' Ha':- oinh fro* ibo-Mo -toli." pUywd on tb-.- organ / Mr. H . tln^Vio. NO SKAT1NU AT CBRUL PARK. DlAAProibnuivT or ntur^iMw irtrwit tun n JUTTOW AT THl (1.1. HA ov TUB WK ITl KB Ou THB < PAN WlWAdrH*. Tbr " boll wm'1 ant ?? up ' yaaterday, m km arty fltmxand ponpla, m?n and boya, diaeovnr - d to the r ro ar t on rbiltlng thn pmclm U of lb- Central Park, whero tfai y bad b-ipiHl to ?p-ad p?rh.i|io aowio of tba moot pli-B wit bonra of their i br-tirm holiday. In other wnmla. I hi pood ww not fr??rnn ovor, art. kai ny i.pon it *U out ot tbo qa< lion. Tbr- iii/bii- of MifltebMtijr arroro f'-ot teuj ulapead, bat tb" <? o|?m tbr p?nd, nutwitli-tandina thM r? t, ww not ai a ?-??? ilitloo t<i prratlt ikatiaf. Tbo ilMBcnNy ?pp??ra W Iuto or!a'nat"d m fbllowa --'t Bill t). rnmonilr-rnil ibaln thaw aiiooardml tho loot ?po!l of Mkatin/ at lb>- Park, a?l tb? maaaarra think in/ to tako ml* anta?n of It to firm mi natirely c*w faco of len, aa lb" oM ouo bt ' Wn ?< tkorir./Uy cut up, hml tbo too broftrn tip, with th ? m-ntioo of flo-idlnr It and ?o ham a now and aniooth pirfboo at thn o?? t ,'rnrt tb.t lb* rnanaaor- pro|ioA d aul Ibn dark of the woathrr dl? pnaod Jack r'ni t ma ki-|H ?o --Italy" an bo did ?turn a thn Infrval fr-n- lt?n br-akina ot> i ?hn ?<- to a few daya > am, but wtma ha -ltd c-ana Ua wr 1 nl'rndiil "1 Ilia Inanm fr'nrtd, old It r.\ ?. ?h-r - botat- rour DKWrl pr? - nl?d J*'k frnot p*i-rormlnf bin auty at ibn Oatra> I'Wi ahaitn< pond; or, io ^p-.ji mom plainly. tip Inrh wild which hai prtv liktl dorth| thn pn-t f? ? -U)< > ai iu|Mfbrad with thn format-on of n?w lea, ?nd Ihi- "Id flnkla ti-d ft ' uri- atMl .'outlnf tl oat, dividi-d. !*?' tbr map "f -i -b-II watnrad ?5oi-ntf7) by nu turMuir rtrraiiui iad ri ulntl ink rarloaa b n?a of cd; tidr *?d i ?r* did a "dr-vlna" bar team yaaterday. m obira- paopia did tiot kauw wb'-tln r ibn b.ii war up i-r doan. unlaw th-y wi t io (ha Park to me Tor ihrnwuand, -n yor. a -., b-t ua L n ? i|t(aat a littlo improraw I ?fi Hot alrnsidy / '?1 dli of tbo <AxnmiKMtoo"ra. Vibynot alW n*'ao<l tha rfnrtnnttoti nrnvnyod by tbo PhI/ iwi; a ( tec rally tiuwi it ir,t pri-w ntf Thur a arr to my ?I'ul ? mpli niaan-i of om| 11|? Tl-? Ontml P ok pdHcn, bp 'b-1i 'ab-piapb, niifbt ?-??ttmu tldnta w'tb ail tbr ata fli-n Irvow i Of tb- "iiy. nod | that Buuni-r uotlc - f thn ei' iation >ii th?- ball ooald it plt i-n to ?ho mail, r,to of ??cli waM. kaob %ah,4mo n .pit aim bo t"i??r?i,ji?, and pnatad Bte to (Mrariom pablk plaow. -ikImi '.la:Cl"y tiniI nnd otbi r po'** ?t ih-h?iti-a, oaarwhi- 0 mmy ?n!i iibau n- rli'iiWi '"??? to itidy tb p umra aftirdaU at thaiV ntii?IP'-rk. an t nntbn I fbV<-u? t *!lr<-? ilriai. Mu< h an iiknna< uriii wntebi aw a Ttet amoant of trouble a. I ann- )?n- a, and prov. ut the rm-,|rrahcO of ruih g;nai tl *.< war oonaawm.d yon tar-lay. It h comp?itn.| Uwt not laat tten I'fty tboiinan I ;? ? pi" of all aai-a vlaiw iha Park y?wt4ilay A r tb- p irpna <>f akatihK Tb" arnatar pwtton - ?bo in tboiwruiofi ?? 1 th? ff t that tlmra ?wt no mn np i thn |?.n i lit fOr <1 it Ihf h* mt ?>?* ruaiornd about ill" --lly fT>-vatIti-<l l?-o Tinit* <<l ni'iof lli' mnr*, ol tel.. r * iw th<- i nnb r d-op)v>intad wot id lot* b-a itewb rr<"at-'r thnn tb it pltnB abuva. A ctMUnt ntrnarii uf pwa iia poura-l t-> .iBdMrontlw poad until a i?t?- l"?ir in tb? aib-rnooo. l>-n Mboituii- at Ilia tarnitnl of'teo <urr tlm aap-oten. rkatofc Oital ilm , -iii?t.- .ml nan?t (lanow In tl^ dirnctk-n of tb" ' all bnl ucrirht nirtth- ray*aaavatb ' l-a^frib--?? tan-.ln? up uit'-tha-Mty. rtinnaloftaaaadi wn?n fa t that uml-I hardly hova |."?>i) moT"'tarlinf to'h? m ? ?mi the tnnononatneni w mid bn toabrnkP th-it P>|r or iny rith'r a took iB wbi. h Ua bm mb-rrau-d a ?? dowa. After oo-n Ir p no f*r thny, ** ? f"n< ral thini oaBtlnuad tlr-lr pro a, an to t'm pop I. on tbatr way tteatlnp othrra from * ruitfcraJr.urBay. After ?i maim- mm and a va > ant rtara ihrr raturited ylao. o? bat<?>k thom-ilroa w Uta ifBW tr littln pnadt In lib oalpbborbmal, whoro ll.ayv ltd"! '>f"d to I-rmdy tlmiii, Moppuutaant nil aa, *? war moat fraqoanily tb* -aa?. that ih- ften Vt too "towd?-?1 for foribar pteaaoribla inlrn?'->n. Wt.n, -t la rori?id"r?d that ) --?t.-rd?y w?i one -tf th> to* b-dr' ,,-t <m whl"h opportunity ta yit-ui to oar uluwma t> oi,o? th*maa<rat, tt will b" aa? n how r*".?t wan tb" dk ctM? it m?-nt lly thona jutaiul-a upan abom ten' i t'lvin lot b ?tew-.I "o m< rp'abl" a pr-tanti" ? p? r f nk Mt Uvi nranmit prorlo- ? and to whteD wopMWtuaity a^tg cca to use them'or the first time juterditf. do .bio di&u.; putntment roust have been experienced. Quit" ?uumt?<r id carriages and like rural- wore t tin" 1'itrk yesterday, and .m tho air wax rattier u>> pier :? ?eg to let us b* lievu thai their <jccu|>omh were all thnri for the pleasure of a drive, we mud consider tie y W"ro disappointed also at the prosneet of no skating. It ut to hi' ho|K!'t that in a few days ? veiy "kattr even the most eager and exacting, will bo gratified with ilia formation of a solid and -month omi of ire upon'tin pond. It* pr< sent condition would seem to indicat-' that the' aul be speedily aocotapiiahed, and in lime lor tlio great holiday of Tin .-day uevt. THK WILSON INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. The Christ maw festival of the above srliool. 1 ::7 avt utie A, will bo held ibis day. at eleven o'clock A.'ll., and n large attendance of tho Christian public is requested so an to take part in the proceeding*. THK FIVE POINTS HOUSB OP INDUSTRY. 1 be juvenile residents Ot the Kivo Points, or at least those who attend the school ut the above institution, wen- yesterday regaled with "turkey, roost beef, pies, tarts, he.," tbe gut of the congregation of one of our city churches (name unknown), besides receiving a present from the Christmas tree, which stood in all the grandeur of fourteen feet in the outre of the ? Impel, the branches "bowed down" under a load of toys, consisting of dolls, balls, trumpets, drums and such lik< things to amuse tho minds of children, as well as books, candies in silken bigs. Ac. The services were enlivened with singing, am.Tig which w"re several hymns devoted to the day, such us Mark, the herald .vug' is sing, tilery to the new horn King. Ac. A pretty trio vms sung by three little girls, the whole school of. say ihrce hundred children, male and female, taking up the chorus. The girls were remarkably clean in their appearance, having on white aprons and cleanly washed faces. Over tbe children were the words, "I'nto us a child is horn, nnto us a son is given, in rustic let ters. Mr Atwcll offered up prayer, and also with Mr. liar low addressed the children. Is tho toys wero heiug distributed, when anything showy was held up, the little ones expressed their pleasure in some what of a noisy manner, and when one doll was shown, clothed m silk, tho breadths of its dress being "fed, white and blue," three hearty cheers were given for the national colors. Mr. Barlow asked tho children whether they would like "Christmas to cetno every day," to which in ullirmative reply was given, lie then asked why they would Itko it, when one little follow, dresnml like a mar shal of an army, with a sword at his side and the Ameri can eagle on his breast, shouted?"To eat turkey. ' When each cnitd had received his or Uor toy, a paper hug,oeu tasung an orange, au apple, some nuts and candies, was given to roch and they were dik'uifeded when they re ceived it. An accident occurred during the distrlbut'on "f the toys which might have proved serious. One of the window shades broke from its hinges and fell upon ftho audWncc, striking a lady on the head with some set *rlty, so uinch so as to cause her to leave the building, and ibo hurting oth' rs In her neighborhood. This wax tho only Incident that occurred to mar tbe pleasure of the day. THE DAY AMONG THE FTREMEN. AJ.X1 VKKKARY CKI.KHKATION OP THK KNIWHT* OF THK ftOl'KD TABLE- BANQUET AT FIKEMKh'tl HA I. In The Knights of the Round Table, a jovial and select so ciety, oompnecd principally of members of the Firo De partment, celebrnt"d its eighth ann'versary on Christmas eve, or, more properly, at an early hour on Christmas morning, by a banquet at Firemen ? Hall, Mercer stroet, D"ar Prince, uud 'r the auspices of Hook and ladder Com pany X'o. 6. The apar'ment in which the tables wore set was g:ty ly decked with Hirlstuias greens and crows,and festooned with the Ameri an an 1 Fngll?b;, the latter being commemorutive of the interest which the i'rlnoe of Wales manifested .n the X'ew York Fire Depsrtmcnt on the occasion of hut visit to our city. Tho various appara tus >n the apartment were also decorated with ribbons and wreaths, while a saiall round table, about which tho founders of tho society hod originally gathered, stood m ar the door, with a dog lying couched -pon it, emblem alieal of the fireman's motto. "Fidelity." At twelve o'clock, midnight, tho numerous company, consisting of the moa bi'rs and invited guests, sat down to a banquet, which in bountlfu'ru-sx and variety could hardly be surpassed. When full nati ve had been done to the more solid portion of the cut or la Lament, Mr. S. F. F_ KTnm , the President, gave as a toast, "Itte Knights of the Round Table," and traocil in brief the history of tbe organization. Mr. 'Wnjuw R. Bi.iss, a gentleman of blstrteale fame, re-p-'udal. He remembered. with gratification and prld*, the occasion on which ho I mil beftvt met thMk. The display of the New York firemen in h?n"r of the Prince of Wales could not hut bo gratifying to the Onsen, and they deserve! praise for th r "Obits ti tb : way to cement more ilruily the bonds of friendship between two great nations. IB 'wnclusion he wished health aud proo pertly to the New York Fire Ikqurtmont. M. Pvrna Y. F.v xhktt, foreman of lAfayettc Hook and ladder OMnpaxy No. 6, said, In response to a call, that he was happy to wet his old friends sciud .inco moro around tho feu live board to ''omniemorate an orgaiilisf i'*i which, though smad st. drst, hail Increased to great magnitude. He comimre-l the volunteer with the paid sysb-m In the (lrc deiiertmcnt, ami regretted that a movement In fkvnr of the tatter was '.olio set on (hot u the 1 tg arista ro during lb- winter. He oonsidered that under taeh asyn tem th? efllctency of the llrcman would not b" equsl 14 his efficiency i nder Un present aystcui, inasiuuch *aa vo Innt .ry, free devntlon t v duty was morn eW-eiiv" and more tjolilo than the Incentive of h're or pay In cofiolu ' ion he gave tho health of Chief login or lio.k. r. Missis Kirby, W iinhold at" Ms'lvlilo ?ing a number of songs Ke?pT'-iw to varlcus t'>*sts were msds by Messrs 'sc-ibs. On boo, Whil)<> k, Pa-wfsrd and M->rri*, and ai like cuitatory, blbatory and fornicator/ exeretaaa tb> company pa -a d tho urn., urn 1 tu 'w.esrna' t ct ay ant th-> tail." TUB rilHATRBS. THE OLD BOWKEY THKATKK. The ;? of the old llowery have c' Anted tho < hri-itio ?. b'hrtlnv* In tho genuine English -t/U, by ihi pr'?1nrfi' n of mi nid fashioned rant"intrae, cnli- I " Its lionet ?: f UieS'llpl ur Minn." The pmce is irr uM'"' from those paotomimM which the ta\< !s m ul l -> pofMilsr. It nrvmi withyi travertin of ' Ja>*k tho IVi?t K.'lrr," and the 'har.Mters nro tlmn trao 'irmed atothe ? o'umhlii??, Mar'nqiitn, Pantaloon and Clown of tho ?. rv. iue at) in. Tii- -?..eoery. by Rogers and Hows. U v? r> fair, tbsifesse* < 'Inn*. and man) of IhsirtohHuntqatMidall a'ifliabV*. Th- (rone * as greeted on Cbret n-as evo by i.n o ? ho iend tbn ? mat elder* ? nt to lyu to their stylo of -n ? . Hiiiu-oi ul well a-, f they ..ore Englishmen. ind at \ i e on a bo-nig right. \ little t?i* of t'moM-tii. whero a miniature ?tff*?h iCirOu iai*ee tin pii wir uliys . f vho Vortl .ml Mouth 'if applauded ti r?-al Bowery 'tyln, aim ?!.. greet* i -i u... i i,. oihoitcb th? Sooth per*lat fling from ihe plaifo'tw upon which ihu party a imp l behind tlm e "ne?. with a m?olut|nn whl< l? w . ,t.| In h- nur t > South Carolina He-If. In order t i gn .1,0 to Win ptthwh, 'be atige of the tl u ? m n*?i to Its original prnpor: ens, and it u? k! atnall part of the color ttiuitn-mt 1 > >r mptdV the bafpei 'fr>> 'OO'triet a utage. *mi'' glue 1 dl. and how v igtirnniy tbn p't hoye -?hear nn th? . irk. Bqons'rian pari orm anor* precede the panPmittri" slid bongh there Is a gr?i ? *? ? much of Tuny I'i 1 n thin r "g, h< rr" ' at imw , when ipon ih* u., nt.J- ??. r the ' ,.1n very ?nJoraM?' And to ? 1 <i?tm I'lke. n ? < w.l' denbilme pay it ! ?. ?<* ? n. 1. TAROEl < ilV'MSY ?'A1 i)t - TV re were v-try few vmjtm ?? *i? y itc '. moat of ibem uariag "tracd ?? it earth r .a the Bens f order to lake advent*, of be ?< 11 ? i t ns, V ? ? mefuis tV>> ?-re v 'ry en- ??? - I - ?.?. ? ? one candtdatee for ofliee, ati . er? ? ? tv any nutnhrr of prlzen. t e tnrday we note ? 1 . *' o cht .1 1 11 ? tain John craft, - ..a.,,, U t. <4*.?* fell bor.d. The eOBtp 1 I i|? ?. n?, : / of the members of V>\rr 1 V->. *"? M, oaa tf the most eflleient < y 'otr '?? *he Third aad fourth dtetrl .1 il :. rvs, Mark pants, With Btea> <1 V e -?.t ?* and bU kboitr. Some lifi'ou ? u., ,.i 1, rqtiipji"d m 'Vir foil flro sou. <r r< tarti h*'Bte, showed that it b?. < 1 \ ,. sty 4><od warmlag, ad d was con.pb (? !y 1 , . , ? nuniher nf pf'/ee ai!?" pme vb ' a I'I", - loas 1 '. time was hod by all present. ym Jerk-on lifbt tltMN. Chfit. O rart nut mi 'heir nnnaai i tcnr ion f'radlnr th ? "t; frntnne kin. ih< y abw ooot ud' i for a ouuihor of .alui-bio prizi*. k rmts ikial e..mponv. nor !?? nnjt ahoot ?ti..ty.flre, were e'en out, e- itit'4 ? gmnj do^l of m- rnui n'. o.'. th y pa i?d thrmifh Eroed ray. The-teviis liuard, Mtpned entirely of boys, anm bnrinr ' ? rwiy <Wh Biosk te, and Pea?b d bf ad ruin oorp-', Vlwliwt HohnlVn TTs M' l. an Haahetei m Raado their a>'T silh ani l.J parade yr.p . tay, j?od |nixe?i|,..| p, ntatmi Vta'<a. li.ey were iwoonipanli'd by a baud 01 flocty fessies. TOO KXTRAV \t?AN'T WITH Hi H CHRlfiTlAS 1'ltB.SFVTM. Mar/ Oirr, a rlrl about twetrw ynsm ??M, wtm he<l biee in tbn etnj.l.iyn er.t of Mr. John 1th y, In "lx?f ati-i nd stre-'t, n<-ar Ih.rd avnue, caib?l ad the Ixwsm a r> w -lays a|| 1 and rtole |I40. Tho juvenile th n went d'ism ii-srn Mid spent about f im of tl''m any in buying tTuvtmaa pr'-aente ff hen nrreetrd abe wee med<*l with t"j ? eat i, fui? and artici 1 nf jewelry, wbiob she oou temi>|eted alrl'if awny to her friends. BROOKLYN ON THB ICR Yesterday tv nrauklynksa tnrreA out h? atrengtb, prompted thereto by the fine bard frosts of the tart two days, for the parr"** ?f ?ho "poetry of mutVm'? 00 IV hw. Hin dre-le ?f them?evhowlna the several ettemp wised ahoet' of water found in tho m meroos hol lows of U10 waste lands at ronth Bronhlyn ami dlfhrent parts of w iiiamsbnrn?heVtrdl them??lves to that osetro tf aitra t.m, the s>w York OentraJ NHl, where, under well mplervtond rules aad retfulatlone, tho pleasnrs ot ekalinzt con Id be enjoyed, as they fondly hoped, ? ervnfera arf m It it sine, nn art \ lug at Uto F'ark, they were 'sued to Meappotaunrni, as the u?, rf.* tunately. was not In order. Tta-rc wan no help fur It but t?i return to Brooklyn and endeavor u> eujoy ihwnnol. *f without lie uiI-tv-utR>u of rod halls, tray ntmtnd pu linemen, and the oth< r porapi.--md * m< idnni to Van-* tral Park. A goodly number erf Now" York orh followed the Brooklyn!to*, ami repaired to Uri ulster city for the purpose of showing their dexterity on tbe ice; cni.s-qucntly there in no woudor* Rut the skilling |>on(i.i of that cit.v wer- onvcreffi with a multitude of well (lroas- d gentlemen and ladies, as well u* with a pretty largi sprinkling lit others, who wore far from being wit dj-wed, hut who, ne\ ertbclofK, entered into the spirit of the sport with a ant equal t<> that of their more fortu nate fclkiwclUaann. The principal xcenM of thin - xhilaruting pastime word those open lots between Fourth and fifth avenues, an J near to r.owanne ereek, south rrf the new works of tb>j Citizens' Cos IJght Company fhe skating oommaMUtl there on Monday, in fact, ami a large minibnr of iwrnonrt remaiued <4i 'the ice, gliding about by the light* of ilio moon, till a very late hour yesterday morning. The sport was recommenced at a very early hour, th<! numbers increasing rapidly .-in the morning advanced. Then were on the we persons of all agi s, from the four* year eld..just assay iug U> buckle on ins first mimaturo --kiiies. to the gray headed grandsire, whose skating rmuiniaoencen ?xt> nded ovr half a routv}. The ladles, toe, turned out strong, but. in ronssqusno* of tint crowded ante of the pond, ant many of them ven tured to skate. On receiving reinforceincuts IromOen trul Park, the numbars swelled to abotit two thousand, at which h> |sith< Iical rigur- they seemed to continue; l<nt as there were c--uetaut arriv am and d< jiariiire*, tber<i could not have been fewer than t-a thousand persoiuS present bwtwwen son and sun. Tlie scene was exceedingly animating, and the enjoy ment wa? enhanced by the geni .1 weather, redolent as it> was of health, and giving promise, as it did, of rosy Obcnks and improved appetites. Tbi re was a great dw.l Of fancy skating in all the varict -n of ?' pigeon's w\ng,'* otters figure- 8, end ether complicated designs, aiof much fun wm elictU-d by Uie fall of * too ctinli'lenl tyro. Nor was the amusement over aU siui-i t. nor long alter; for the enthusiasts of the qwrt eon. tinned to enjoy themselves liy the lighter the m *in,an ( it is not too violent a supposition tliat there were sonni who remained mi th< i> e all night, though, from having; been ho much cut up, it was quite rough. I ulortunateli , then Is no reservoir near to flood the South Brooklyn ponds, as b the case w ith those of the Central I'ark. Brooklym t lty !Vew?. Ai m o Tiisvi m a Cm hi it.?A woman named Khzabctls Mitch- II w.m arrested on Moiiday evening, on a ebarge of sienling u fine f'ir vlctorinc from St. Mary's chun k, cor ner oi Classen avenue and Willonghby street. The stolen article belonged to a Mrs. Harriet Winlluld. Ftto is a Phi a Phonic.?On Monday evening a fire brok I out in a drug store kept by Mr. Patrick Ayllug, corner of Ki it and Myrtle avenue*. In consequence of tbe com bust ihlo nature of the materials the llarm-a spread rapidly, but through the activity of tin- firemen they wcr<1 promptly extinguished. Damage $200; insured for $1,000 in the lafay-tie Fire Insurance Company. P.UMONl CoesTERnjT Moxvr.?On Monday afternoon officer John-on, of the Ninth district, arrested a inais nam-'d Patrick Freeman for |xi suing coantcrfeit $3 bid* on the Hank of Commerce, of Hostou. He was brought before Justice Morehouse and discharged. At eleven o'clock P. M the same officer arrested a man named Robert Fuu'li for having in his possession count-neil bid* of the Hiinm amount on the Market Bunk, New York H i att< mpted to pass one of them to James Me.Valley, of Walworth street. When arrested, he had in his poses sion $87 64 In ca*h, a n< w silver watch ami chain und va rious small artioles, which, ne said, he had iust pur chased. CIT1 COM.MKKCIAI* REPORT. TVkhpay. Pee. 26, ISdO There war of course no business tranaacb-d yesterday on 'Change, it being a general h lulay. We aubjiiin, bow - ever, tbe following statement of receipts, exports, kc , of oottun since the Ut September ia-t, as cuuipired wutx the previous three years*? 1867 1858. I860. 18di) Pu-C. at ports .. $949.<ag) 1 633.009 I 944.(810 1,518,000 Fx. to(1.Britain. 301,000 47s.<88) 731.000 >105,000 " Frame... 102,(810 228.000 17HOOO 166.0<X? " oth. f. ptfl. 77.000 113,000 8-2.000 89,(X8t Total exports... AKti.OOO 819,000 001 (88) h6o,00i> stick on hand. 477.000 700.188) 884.000 608,00l? Of which during tbe pant wick.included in thenbove: Rec. at ports...$117.(881 140,018) lhO.OOO 110,OtlO Fx. tod. Britain. 18 (881 4.3,(8)0 00,188) 76,(88? '? France... 22.000 19.(88) 15JK8) 24 00(? ?' 1-th.f. pu>. 17.000 28 000 6,t)00 18.(881 Total exports... 67 000 -JO.taiO 80,-8)0 112 000 The dm reaac inrecelp'-t at iho perts compared w tli last year wan 426.000 bales. The <1 > crease in >-xports to (in- ii Britain was 126,009 bale-, d- crtmse t<> FTun-'-', 22.000 increase to otlu-r foreign ports, 7,000 T--ta! d- ? ei>?#-?? in exyorts, 41 ,(F0 bik-a. M aars. Wm P. Wright A C-'., in their circular for tbe Bunqa from lkaiton, niak-s the following r-m,rk*:?Th re i no abat-'inent i'> tin- | <8iti. nl exetti-m-iit, it -lecd. th-- a t-onof Iho Mta> ? of 8>-ith Car'-lina 111. rea . * tin Bknltf,Ml U her ex ample W followed by oth-r i-fim lb-derangcirvnts of besii es-for ->me montbs may re ult in scrs -H evils ut home ami abroad lb" idvie.. ? irnm l.ivi-r|s*?) an b> cot ton. and from hoodoo as t.> m--n- y, as far aa we y> 6 know, say fo lfitb Pecember ore ?<> directly the eontrarv nf what was expected and predicted that a tnuclr more eheerfui view ol tb' future has g.adually - rapt Into the cntton mark-d, while th-- large import of qpeele, prearwt and pr- S|-'<tive. has caused mora ease in th> motley mark t, mod red tin- ln goliatini.4 of .exchiitlge le-a dlflkVtll, and ? BC-wirages tb< hopi ot a higher rate nu l/'-.d-ui .it no distant date. We have uiao a rupi-t faliiug <>tf in recclpu of Oett. :i at the ss-itb by mail an well -- by tel- graph Tlmcr'ai View-are drs-iil illv below 4 000 000 tiaie" Ike rhanc-sn ot plant-rs hniuiug bai k a ro:isid< rable js-rt -m of tb- 1* eroSar- freely eauvaes-d. Tbe quantity likely t<> beet l?- t"d to foreign c.-intrii-s in nleo a matter ot Imporinnc.-, ami -tilers s-miewbat it to Um;calculation of dnpp-r . Tb-re com.? icd kitluence* which bed nm . f.ivoraniy - tr pi ice* nnd estr-nt ol b- ?in< -s at the date 01 <>-ir l ist cl eular, have |<txiui'ed a more ma ked < it ? t during tl.n pa-t week the traosvctiuriM have tmrA-i a greater e . tent, price-, have ndvance-l, and tak-- (ffrice, ireightan l escliange, we arc not oniv nbova the p.r.tyis liio la>'. qnolali-ms fri rn Uvarpwd, but blKber than at -ny pr vkius time tins se.i-'oo Iti this ty we liav> h.el a goo-f demand fi-i cott- n nu tbe spot. ..n 1 ?? -ry pat-'?l ud rcl at maikct tat > hi>> " .nd a |>rmupt t-u ? has- r. (tie naloe, whlnk ntnoiiiit t-> 8.(88) bul-i . iuve been I -r lJv<-rt?>a, Havre, the Cnmim-tn of Wir?q- .m-t our own csaaemptkaa. FHccnhavn t-irlbe- advan -i >,c per i-?md,aiid cl --' flrialy at tbe ?n --vd qmitnikuts. Ihe cb ir.nn-?j fi ? tJ--? we>k htne h-s 11 as follows?fo iJinpwl 7.345 bole*; Havre, 1416; M-.tutrd im. 05O. Bremen, 311 (iinngou, 290: Antwerp, 272, Hpu-t--, 50, (id-iaitar, 34?Tot.), 10 >818 ).al> a. A niBorn. PATENT fiotrmt BKOON EAHK. k?l? KOiNOMY t'ONHINBD Kt-rj Irtdy ah ul i try on*. Mar.tifa. Mnrt Hr II. NT hMITH, W Mal.l'o Una, u.4 ?oM '>) gruora ai d houao furnla't AiirnU waatrd. M?T (Kit POVRO. LOHT-ON HI'MiaY 11 TI.I!S'|<?\ RRr?i.KN Tllli ? hurrh on W?*U1ii?l?in a'pura and IKI *iyt TwrKt't atrnal. * Soid and hair Mimrtnnv I'ln, with 'ha n I: lata t' I I tua.itnf A auttabl* raward ?nd tb>' tbaik. of tbn owhir ' *111 b* trtroo wbt-n rwtni tWMl to 14* Wr?' Tnrlfth alra-rC I OAT?A I.4RUE KEY, ONCE RRuKB IN THR CRN j I J Ira, and mnndrd Thr flndv. by laa In* It at III. ,ba .'*? I ? . firry <*>l'm..r w 111 Ur n w aid. at. WAY OKKII K* ~ 4 I II CHAMBER* NTREBT?NONET TO LOAN to t\ , J .tin uitt on lliatr >nda. art or uaart. Wairo^, ? t* . or thr hoocht for tha hlfli-at oaab prtrwa ) ? >' ' tl known IK \A< K, li t 'liaoaut ra K.raoa H. ? ?So MbAf V 'tanaactml on baltirday# a 1 EDAR RTRV.KT?HKNKY HYMaN, DIAMOND II r? t'ti?h adraorad on DlantwxU, art or tiaw, ?t .? ATnteb Mot-aarRta. HMa^rwara. Jrw-alry. Sraara, An, ar ? < .. ? i W . arh '?j ,?*to. w ? Poat ofr.oa, room Rat I, tip | aira. O > ? dar itrrl i I HIP ATIVAN. r. OFTH FA OP L .fAOOBR, MONET | A it ? <? 'dwatnod In any quantltT on vr?ieh#a. Jrwrlrr, i ? > ? rgart. Dry ttood?, Haralwara, W'Iimw, Brandtm j t'l w dfarrlptln of Mrrrhandlar or bought and th.. ?wa gl-rn. Rnainraa atrlrtly * .nfl.lmtul. Oonda binu t I .tabiirl I In 1*44 rrlnrlpal offlnr ?7 'ATllllat ? ?'?r . b nah oflbnti 407 Bruadway. At m hkoaoway, corner op prince ptrket. r - in No IV u|t atalra.?M n*T lo loan fr-on $1 t.. ia5,fll?i, on Dlam mda, R alrVa, Dry (i> >?1*. ar^ar* and arrrr drar rip. *lon 'if til. IT fan liar All Uan*aeU"B? will hr - lifldtfltal ()|f Omt A.M. to 8 P.M. B A1 Mil A R TEN * Ct?. A ROB R. THOMPBON, ACCTTONMRB AMD COMMl* /\ atari mrrabant, I'M Maaaao atrart. room/No A aar.n.| tot r.?Adranraa maAr from tl lo Aai.til on Hatrhwa, Dta <n< ad* Jawairy, Pagan, P an..fort*., Knrniiurr and ? kiaoa <f mrrahandtaa. Traeaarttoneaowtdeiiiial. Aamtoj ?M? ? ? d?d la la all paru of tbla u>iy and Una* ya ? > raw*.nab ? I _ _ An old MTA buried <?ppd r Diamond*. Ratrbn*. .I?wr ry, A*, bought at tbrtr Mghrat ralna. AlRo. adtan- ?? n adr ,<t m? prtrao. rr ita J. b BARRlb *''. IBI Mnwdway, ap atalra. i A r ?r. *ARK%r rtriet Ron ion an nftNt>>tr? J\ li.tnr, at.H'.il hi nal ? art ? t ?larnon.1 . Watr rm, Jewolr. Ac.,?r b'ljt atluilPaliw tM 1. ? i ^awtr w, *r.*Na??an at ra-A, r. m No I, ti|t Malta Un-narnm. dtnt'al. ________ _ __ | ia^TCMK a " i ? \V I I.H t T TlETATf, POR fllffTT D tTN, a at. i air . o k i/. V at'hraand aaMd arid Jraaalry, o* at* own"'a t t". lapffi . d at mail lor llilriy d?ra oaly. nWCMbfON aMITR, .Va lAWald- 'at.* nlKHOP A REIN. PlfUi Avail* II ttrl. t?rtd' t of Vlrtor Bt?h f J Maid.' a lana DMP'Oaa fnll arta, front |'..|??| to fltni. Pa Iat%t .!| ? wlri. Ktm.r I atnrr. Kwt? <ah't <N i-notid* or p^arlt. Prarl Pata, tYairhi af out all 'hr b ?t a?.?kt.?. Kilrrrwara, Pant. t(t?ra ttUaara. R rtmpofl onrnwn pood?. and rarn tit rati thr at r.auoa 4 tin t .?>l.? t. ..ur anod ? .wdt and ouriowr pn ??. BtiHur A REIN rath wnnr If. t*l, Nrft t. thr ladUa rntranra. H~l?1lijr A ERIN, PtPTM AVER* K llaaTRI.. RRAh< ? <f "Ra.t Hlalo,,, B Maldt" t.p*. ? im|wrt out wt gooda. and ramratl, -til titr ann'lor rt a? Wltlh to dar fool k amiottf j v artr-a hi-HUP A REIN. iti tA k> nttr II rtrl. nrrf to tV ladlr * rr'.anrr ?( mw !n ' i.da, N . Mfat d? ia Vrttrriai mZ"T7 iwwTKor'7 ALL THE f-Hftlt F. BRRfCtM AT JH?. .1 PRfE -UP ? Eti'lrr a Iniallt'dr Manfr t'tirr and PUa F?t. ? tOrrnt? in inttlr pi II Plrf B- 'rdlog, Tra'olnA I'liwwa. Ar, of P'*". $1 * ,Jt lr.afora.l dtwrawa Dogal tar" tIRlard, Ac A LOT Of CUult'E FlBfilNOCANARIES, LOXtJ A*I? abort brwrd, Jtwt tmn rtrd for h-diday jraarnta# Tbn?' r?. Bl?rk|ttrd?, Larka, H.ildllnrltra, Mia>klr<c Bird* *? I at* kind* if Yarwy whoirralrand ratal! Cagaa, Ac . for ?air No. Tl Enlton ?rran, cirnor or tl-M atwww DAVID VENTER " I1AA OKRMAN Bt"OTN(| < *N kRIP.R _ klHO \ Ut'lvv ?arlrty t.f fa-i-r Plrd*, from all pnrta f tl.% rnald '' r aalr wholrwtU and ratall at CiJAR! ' 1 ggk'HE A MiiU P., U chailnantfaet.

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