Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1861 Page 4
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THE CRISIS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. The President's Letter to the South Carolina Cunmssiuuers. The PTope-ty of th? Uuited States to be Proteotod. The Frigate Breoklyn to be Dispatched to Charlcsten. Appointment of ? Collector for tlte Port of Charleston. Ttie Puttee to be Collected toy u Revenue Cutter. The South Carolina CommiMioners Re commend that the State be Placed on a Wax Footing. Hostile BCovements of the Border Slave States, t?n *??? U WAhiutfuroN, 2, irtflt. Tbe President's ro;>'y to tho (V>minlnsl<>nors of r*j'ith Carolina har-just b?*<n coBstnuBicatud. Tli^ doinandod, m u preliminary *t?p to the Imitation of negotiations, tbat the troops bt> withdrawn from the lo. U lu Choi lesion harbor. I Tho President positively refus es to do this, an I rcit?- j rait* hU view Hi tsfertnoe to the p' hlie property ?a set j forth in his tncu agi to Cuegrrss, and informs ih in tint he cot only intend!" to collect tl*> revenue and execute the j laws, hut to del nd the property of tho United Stat * ! with all the power ui his ? mamd. He dote tint nebulae the O'? an lQrt^ officially, b i' regards ibcm ns dinuig'.isosd ctUz-ms of th'? Umw 1 fcit&trs fr?m Scuth '^aridlnu. , Ihr ordcis to MaJ' r Atdoreoti are given in full. , From them it appear* h? osuid uii'.j l'-*vrt aatod as ho has d *o, and certalaly, it he had any ungibio ovidanco that .South rv.ri/lin* disignod taking Kort Sumtor. The policy pursued ana the understanding hid with tbe poop lo of Mouth Carolina up to ilia evacuation <-f Fort i Moultrie are given, and th? people or the United Stale* 1 will now understand what Via l <>f pledgee existed bo twith? rrealosut anil the authoring of South liiroltnn, I ?ltd whether bout* Carolina will bo sustained, even by tba South, in taking possesion of property which does not belong to hor. The position taken by tho Present bu.< proiuoed the utmost consternation among tho Commissioners aud their frt?Dds. Instructions havo been sent to the commands. of tba >1r.^ frigate Brooklyn, now at Norfolk, to put her m readi ngs and he prepar.-d to loave at a moment's warning. The qor etlon of reinforcement has sot yot bsou fully de termined upon, but bhei.hl an attack be made upon Port Bumter a larg* force will at ooce bo rienpaudiod. The Commii?oifuern have telegiaph.d Cover nor Pickens all the particulars ef the Pro sident's letter, and also thai they we eetHlled that the President had determined to reiufoice M^or Anderson. They further sigo upou the Governor to put the State upon a war footing, and W> oenceatrate ai his force at once. A brief though earnest address to tho poor''" of tii0 Cnitod guiU'S las been pr>'i?ared, reoewawndi.-g thorn to rully to a compromise on the baaie of the proposition "t Senators CWltendoe iu d Digler, it has al ead/ boea alKUod by a uuu-.b' r ?f iu< mbers of both houa.* of (low g: eas. The member* of <*>ngws who liavo Just returnud from Tisits U their homw in tia fcon.i-r si.ive status expros-t then alarm ;it the pri firt*. of tto<- a esion m )V >?eut, wblie others from *<?ia of the non-siaveholdlag St.U re preseat the people ?? rapidly and earneatly oou*?li.Ulu?g la tbe opposite dlr?cil?n. ?Oie most Intimaioirienda of th^ Preai lent say ttiat it is his p-tmtil'i Jotermlnate?a not lo rv.ui^a l Ai?d< rsoa to Fort Mo?iH?ie. Ot lain Bouthemeis were opooly indignant to-.lay, under the bolief that troops have been ordered to Charles'on harbor, ar.d ?t is w?id tli*i they Hegraphftd to ihe iwlh e.ocordiiif.lf. If auy such onlor was givtu U was revoked. A rej-ort that the Pouth Carolius Commlaaioo rs we, a to be treauxi to a caluhompian serenade oauMd a con aiderable polio*' force t?j repair to andst?y ui their neigh borhood all night to prevnat it, bul it was alt- gvth T a false Alarm. It is not true, as ha- been reported, that t he 0?tn:nlitia of Thirty three heie acocpW llr. Crittoud ns pr poel tP>n, but some of the membe.S are yet Ih injful that lh. y may arrive al somo gsnerai ugremunt. WaUBKUTo*, Jan 2, Infll. New Year'* p?m*d off quietly. "lba I'rwHoiitN r<* -p. tlnn waa about half of former year*. 7fc.> hoi m of flu parimonta, fanatora ani oib?re racaivad viaitTa, hut politic* bHUft the nig-irnc tuple, tboro wan not muou ou jo> mt nt. Th? bright, K' li'iti woalltor aorvea i?nrtliMtO em'iTi-u lb* gloom cotiH<?|u> ut ou Ui? powtlcai cou iltioi. of the couulry j The lor?jii tuinUtrro, In oourt tout nine, mi 1 aftarwrarda thi' army am! na?y ortlcor*, In full uniform, pui.l tbeij- rn I rpoctw to the l"r?aldent. At nooi the doors were opraod to olher vlailerH, who, on pinning through lh? rno?ptlon rnr.m, awrrallv ?b<?<k hia band, .-ot -rul in rub ira o( tbo ChbtBel w*ra present for a bria/ period. A ft?w Uai>n ai (1 a i aaMoii C' ?kad-a wra r+an iu thv crowd. The raeeptioti, aa con>pnr?-d with th'?a of former ??Art. hum i li?(*|n?at nor wae there the MciiwtntM of g.vtn?.% U?.' bitl.irto prevailed But faw tix-tubera of Uaugrma wrrp Iti attend*! Co. ?be m*?b Carolina Commiwiioner* did not k"op open bouae. Li ;-orraUry KloyU wu in with tbtro la tbo cvruii-g The Cetninuwiouera were much ewrrl?ed at tLe r<-j?,ri that Secretary Holt hud ordered reltiforc??ien? to the tioopa in tbo Charlteton forta, to gn by the Harriet Un* fiom (Mraruor'B Inland, Vew York. Pw^iclw* for the lirittah R<>v*nm?nt, Intended for the ttMUvhlp P'f*U, fttiln! lo reach il~ train In time, tba coaeeqaraee of pt<-o*M.i>aiton at the l.?*ttoiv Thay go by the nrat aleamer. Mr IliiaMi) Wtll prr bably be out on ball by Tburadny. Offer h (or the anv'uut veeetory h*?o h?.* Wv flay from the E??t, but hie Mleeourl frtanda j?r^r Om, lt be furnlahed by thtin ; for the huudr-M and Arty ti,w. 1 aand .Ultra bow defoim.t a party here undertook tu bro- ? fcerlre, aifltln* ftre per centum on hi* procuring It. wbieb propnaltinn Rufweil pr>.mptly r^actnd. Tbo ixtfwty rierge<iiit at Arma of tlie Hoo*e ka now lu Kaw York, ?ummoning wltti<-moa la tbo ahatrnotton of tb > Indian Itturt Bonda cw, bafora tUe ^loct Committ^k W.vtanniiT i*. Jan. 2, 1M1. Mr. nuotcr't rsaflutlwii, Brt?OillN u> tho s>>n%to t<) <]aj , a^kthf for tba pna* w of a law anttioi um< tbo r? t ILBlin rf r/>. im ?aga?in?>, araeivala, doekyardt, ?r.d nil o'bar biddings ?>olong rg \? the Unita<l sutaa, to tha wherein th..y are V* at I'd, la r g ?r 1?d a? ? vary ltnp<>- ?atit meaMtie, ai.d when It oom-a up f-* e wtal lera *k* will glre r'M to an exrttad debate, rt Indloatea th? piMMx ria whkh ilia So'.th Inionda to lake, and, coming fri.m Mr UuiMr, (.*,? more ?tginlir?nfi? <* UuU acooont. lUi. ItifrJCcai MAt IU wu vl Mr. KOBWrv, of 1?AA 1" tbe Remit* to ('ay ii8 Collector of Charleston. Ili 1 utiilriit tnuM Li t lind a Kiel horn man who woull aw pi. He will, It u1 understood, ha aeut to Charleston ?u u revenue cutter, and If not allowed to land bawl (?iil-4>i i ll ll f htrbcr and there eolU ot Uio revenue. lr< u> ti e ?(ln? of the Monthern Socator* to day, I* re fi pij g to gc ex. citive M-ffkin to oouflrii th? OUac V i of ( har)*?t(*i, it Vishnu that the/ Intend to resist bis coi.Iii tnniion. ILf con <?poiidenca which ha* boon going on betwoen the I rcHii'i in ui.d tin; South Card uaCotnuiisstouent will probably In- f u.u.iiuKViiod to the Penal* to morrow by tio ? ref hi tit. Ho intended to have sent it to-day, If tha C'i omissioiers tad roplird to his letter in time for hita to do mi. 11.f netore of their reply la uut known. It baa birn pri pan d with great cart, and lien been submitted to it la. go in u.hi r ot loading ^xitberu Senators, who, wheu It ? in>t> More the rierwta, wtU mmtaio it. The i'rsal detit w dotbt. be dcuccucod by the Southernseontors ntiil M'|xt ? uiut i\t b it both houses. lie ospoots it; but he Luu aton his position deliberately and after stutora r\(k>ci>on, uud hi) intends to stand or full by it. Ths Huuthe n mi n assett that the I*rcsiiieut has over, to tin- rrj>- blu'Hiis. Iho Utli will undoubtedly bo opened in the Sena to by Moturs. la vis, n.<i'.'uniin, Kleiell, Hunter an-i many ..thors Mr. Thompt-on, fun tary of lh<> Interior, who still holds otl, will bo compelled to retikn. His delegation insist ih) t be shall Uave the Cabinet. Ho c*nuoi resist tho houtLt-rn ni'-n who are hourly bistegmg him. Mr. Iboiniw will imtrmigu. lie says Maryland is for the. 1'iiiou 11" may be compelled, however, to le.ivo iho C*bin-1. Mr. liult, the I'oslnii'Mtiw Guncral aud Acting fiooretiry of w?r, if .no of ilio ttrannwt nn<l gt.iuuclioel friends of the I resident and the position whicli he tus taken. Tho win ie U'liili, ii ir. rMid, have unite, t iij>>ti Mr. Cbitteiid.iu'a proportion, wlieli is t!?o samo its pies atcd by iiimtsihe b?'!i?te Commuteo ot Thirteen, with Mr. IWiuglaH' frt-a iii> .. i la'.no, i ot aili wing them to vote or hol'l ufllco. If tie icj" bliciirm wul aeccpt this, a settlement can bo h d In tweity-lour h rs. He hays If thoy do not nccoi't it hi) lorti.Jios are with I he South. 1he republi u.i h a t-eil jMfnilvily tha. they will not uei opi, it. Mr. >? v? il, it mn'iil, i> pi < jw.riiig u |.ro|jotiition, which his Ili. iiiV ?:iy w ll lie UCCO{>tablo to thn fcoutll. Wh?t it la I'/iH not jit k'.k'd out. 'lJio portion uniiumed by Mr. <.i' e ey , an i thor repulilicaii paptti? In toe North, it .a li.' ? f. I IV ill pri.luJc ti.f [/orbthtltlj Ol ll pli'fer lUld aaiiHtucti ry i iljuetn ent. >:?ny lepuhinmBd who are anx K.<t a ioi u B' ti.i uii tit me aliKKi ul'oooouutui'tig tha aua th-n ' b hi ih? laUid hla-'k rop'jliilca.i pruus of Uie North. t.tti. <.'?ruoiot. arrived hen* tbi? n'.oniu.g tro.n spring ticlrf. lie gow into the t 'biuet proh.iL.iy aoe,rotary of the i rwooiry, Mr. Vi irni i ? s'wstt to efprli.^Aold won not for ar.oat in ? h" <. Luiot Ii>1 in r?-i< r- rico to the benatorahi.' o! Petrn cy 'ihere ui no niit.iui(lknii?m;uig ti <wi><ut Oadia r< n iiiid V. ilmut. Tl;e taller ti< to.tii will undoubtedly he out oi the fcoiiatora iicm tliiit Mala. The m ori;i: Hotu>i coir.nuttCi. have not u|K>n Mr. Crittcudbn's plan, anii tbnio in no p,ob:?l<ili'y ili it thoy will. Iho ooti.niltteo aro oi opinion to day that th>?y will bo uLtiblo to iigtK upon any plan ot a4jusln>ont. WiiwuvoniN, Jan. 2,1861. lbe l'ott Oflicu Department hua availed I' telf of the prirhege ai-coidcil in Iho imiii oontraot with iho owners ot the mi-unit-! laab?l, for const pnrrtco between Ciiarl.? ton ai.fl Hov VCst.nt forty liiou'.'UinJ^rs jM>r .innum, to ciinool tho liania upon allowance of one n onth extra p:ty. 71.0 contract with the hi mo pa-uwa tor curry iu^ the nni..'c to JhtviUiu fo? tin- p- ?i?^;i? roinains in forco. 1%,. ii< uw C< mmitteo of Thirty ihn* ha ialorg aum u> i'.?y i)it.?i?l Mr.Hon's V'01>f>?ii>o^, ?M vnt-d ui-or, and lost, a.l the repjaluan; aa-i Wintar l>a?w ?ot ' it g in tho negative Mr. yolson'M pLiu, ns m<*iified by Miy-ora. Crittoudea ' and tv.rwin, wn? then tok'n up <itid dittcussed. It wax w lvod tti^t it ia in. x| e i. 'Ot to alx.liali >iav.-ry on the F'.ven.n:ent gioun?.? iu hiavo .-tat. a ; A !?j.i.'i inn regarding niavery In this Chtrict was p. l.iiu g whwi oonunittce adjourned. The ftviing gri \?s daily htrougor among the republi | caiiK nfcfUifl jiiOiC'ing tli?mi r?'^oIuIiooh aa uinendiiiouti. ? to tlie cwu titoilon, th?y piofcrrii g to pass them nr. Him ply oxpAuat iry of tlut un>trun*?ni. WaSIUXOTOK, J AS. 2, 1381. lb' expectation that Senators 1 <> ig.-m and Paker would ) ,'ut<;r. ? tho hensto tn uiy, drew logctlior an ItntueiuiS I iliioig. Hie j dllfi ii a, lobbies *u(1 pusaage way* wore ctimiUd liji h ditiMbtwiil hum.<u h-Mifpt, a larg- pro portii t b*i i' In 8r> mouse w ot tbe preiwiire that Mtiril I.i'ich' minted, and wero witl> dlSioulty oonvoyed tu tho 11 n c, where restorative* wire ap plled. , Judge T < u^lus did lot apci k, but Colonel Raker riveted tin' atwcit' oof the tinmen."'! audtenoe during the doll WJ i f t! ' his nialdrn cffi rt In the tipper branch of tho nai) r I l,e>;is!fitiirc Tour rcn l'*r? will observe, fa ni th?> "gttlar rep"tl of tbe Senate proceedings, the gnu ni's 'Jio Or?gr?itu> Senator aFSntnoa la the pro Hint ei and .i? he fcas Just iTtnruot from i a \.^:t t?? the ItesiiloUt it is not un iiki.:jr In- may ft.''hadi'W some of t ho Tic wit I'Uteitiiii.. > k> Mr.Lutcoiii. Asa wiiole, th ? *t-t-?ch did ii< t ituIi i . vo ) g . ?? i^atiea, but tho p.bllo autlcl I t?M! uM.. 'a.. ;b torical ? rt, anil in thu tbolr pectsttot- wi re iji t tulyii iiz. J. .some lwt- nora ovuii dkriaro tin' speech to hnvc b on a failure, while otbors give it ii.'HSu\k wunl? <>i pri'ih* He also oppoeoa aiy ( out option of the border State*, us luj bo. u pi opoeed, to nMhombl? in ruitlmoro? It being un ti ??titiittoii:*l. Kvery pro?eoi towards adji'Utig tho dlttoul'tee m nt be uaconatiti tional, except tboae to IM ameodntenik una compu niio a proecribct by tho eon Ml tn i ti. Th- whulo people iinil ct?loe muHt act together, lie believes H:av?rr twcui e ultly by the Union's pruteo t.. n. Nothing but a^jt t,itn. ut w .ihtu the whole Union cuaftY iti tttwai. Ho tti.l bop a llit* hottlemoni within tlie rui ge m pottibiiity. A larxr Northern munu'acturer pun hased an extensive l.p. of leather here, ywtonlay, after i nns'iliation w;ih Mr. Howard and other prominent lepobilcuuit in Washington, on Monday, tboy assuring him ttwvt the difflculttos woold bo amicably settled. Ilk' public i xpe> tat too of a* message trom the PraM d?'Ul having Ihdii diH?i>pi<lnto<t tor the day, rumoi* are again rlfu tiiat tin Prwtdnt will shortly transmit a war menOAge, and i^sue a proci > luntioe ceiling a fcroo of sixty th?iu-aji<i mon to tbo national capital, to proicct th'j federal proper'y and sustain tbe government. the ??u<h will promt an ultimatum to (Xm kioss Willi ii. tbron days is asaorted upon trustw vtby ai.thority, and r dsiitoil lin<n tsiii tlw conitiot inovttabiy b'gm. it" I lot,a*1 pn> vodii.f,!- tn day do not poiut to an aniiia blc ik ttl. tncni. It is rrft rtnd with utni'- ? conCJ^noe tlut Senator Ckn.iron bus today b<on toniUreJ by Mi. Unooln tho p??,t ot SmioUry nf toe lr>'??i?ury. WjUHfTNi/ojK, Jan. 3, 1M1, /r,M?g O'lo-r lei satirDC todny w ,h une tliai Hsnatsr Wade wa- to ba tmnumatsd. The pxrticulars are as fol low ?tno (Use stne? ^Oine < *e residing tn Mimuoppt, si^iotig bin -nif rhi-lpe, wrote a letter to Wa.lo, aftor his Lat" ?p"'Th, titi i atet.iDg to ?hi>cl bitn at sight on ac -ount i f tin anu .** i.thcrn ??ntinn'tita Uwhls conuined. To*> lettiay allotti'mn a ni in ? .'uied upon Hon. LdwarU Wade, a ro|?mMtsilx ftiD" t?hlo, at bis tesid>'nee, Mrs. Carter's, No. 4 A str> i t, < apitt 1 llill, and uskol U bo was ins t ot ; ri? ai*n who haa latmy made a speech. Mr. W. rs II on il at it w?s not bim.-eif, but a Tbostrwxsr (lieu t. krd wb; ru hut relative, tho >ouator, Uts 1. Mr. v. g ive tbo >iire<lH>n, nod deuimoK KU vmit?r ii|xin i n ? protect or otbi r, twt t wnd to tbe ?*ea'ttor lUat \ ?nsptolotis indiTidUAl waf on hi* trurlr, and that h < sbOiii<l be i n his gt.ard In tb e llSM the ntrstiKor appeared a tho i* -Ij,Itia* Hotoator Wnd-i, ai"Mr?. llyatt s, Vo. 33J I*CDt;>ylTnnia atoi ti*. ilo wan l.ivlted into tho purlor but drrliood, stating that hM buHlnoris wun with Mr, Wade al"oe ivtil l>e w.shod t<> m* bna Itt bis apaitment. He was then courronti-.l by the Hon Bid.' ey hdtfoi Ion, of Obk>, who w ot utoppt.ig at the m m |.lac?. Mr. a-Kod tbe sliatiKor wliero be was from 11* replied, Maswiohiisctts Put his pmntuioiiathiB an i getn ral apjieartn eo It rllflctl Mr Bd for ton to betlST'* tba. be vr*a not from tbat region. Mr E then ajdtod him kl came, llim tL<> stranger rcfusod to give, and nuid ue wot id di>u W*? it to Mr Wade ai"ii*. Ho was t' Id tiiat Mr V. w?a i. t u tu. ti m. I to i. ce ve tl e vLslui of str.iu i'i"' tt\ it'St ni i. und th r''ii|ion 111- stranger with ! drew. I 1bt* ii ?1? wb<ile of thit a?ma HatlM storv so far fho s?l tr hi'* eri?'e.| r. ,b ?? toltt and S|?oi 'ilatii>n, fi?r tu tli' uiMiet of tiie s i ? 11> i bv..?i <bit ti w ?iirg>M b - lw? Ml* North .tad 'oil. taste ^ l i k i winj. whit au bo i ms) btitit; fWlh H i "re-: -ttt V* ???ii ?' t#Nl?tKs in tm.itt irthil ? ^ < rtt- w i to *??? ft Sertoli* ?tiimblt .f b ? ? t 'i tlm s i in 1 tH'U ot b i ?nc saor J H it.. Uki> ib . ?. .1 i.*: of afpvwiluga Nstlhera It) It tv the v?Wn.t fi<t?tai bltclttrl^ of (l.aileetoti in tbo person i f Mr. Mclntyre. or York, ra., wb>be reel | dct ? to ? ohort dUtaica from tic Maryland linn. The re| ut? leans are in Lb;h epiriW o\?r th!*, am.nig otb*r late indicetiona of tbe d' U<rnilujiti<n of the Kxeeutiye to oiiiurt a tbo ftderal law-. Ihta, with utbtr nuutiiMioiui, wuh rot acted upon by thj Sennto to-day. TLle afternoon tbe South Carolina (^mmUwioaera, vhoee t< legri.pb cowm'iniiiationa between tbo ?e*t of trouble and the M*t of government are c*>ndnct.>t ia cipher, at if the/ ware apprehensive of tho fidolity of the tele gmph #gi uut, writ a written communication I" the President. In it tl.ay accuse t im of a vt'iUtiot of Lis pledget, niid Indulged in other remtika of ro off. wive a oharaetar that Mr. nodi/uian with out further hisitation returned tbc cmtn..uicaiuin to tba Outtimiaeioncni unauiftrored. If it had be n auu*uuo>-l j ttu.t tbe city of CUorli -ton bad been shelled by Major Anderson and sacked by hi* troops tho sensation could [ uot buve bi" 11 greater in tbe onmp of tho GmimU?i<>o?ra. ! The j w< nt in.mei'tate w^cret mansion consulting tb lr own ci bltif t, as they imui It, and wen* at home during tL?; tesekii to no visitors. What their Un&l detormiua- I tk.nwillbe niay be disclosed during >bo night and tho IlKH/ ii) duly nppriFod. Mhi y poisons found il imp< wilble to obtain adml'taure ?o the hici'ti' gullcri'S to day, they being crowded aa eat Ij as loti o'clock thin ni'.rnlng In nd'Htioti th > ora torical attiaetlon, it was thought th..t the I'realdent would trunfniit tho contemplated nietwage oUtin to tho iftiira of Eolith Cuolina. This, Iowmwt, ha* uervaeartly b^ea delayed ov> 11 g to i ortuui pending queetloiii. Instead of the miMftge, however, tha I'restdwt sent In an im portoM im mination for " Oolieotor of lleveuue in tho i.< igl-i<ihiod i f (barlratoo harbor." Ihi nam? is b>> !icve.d to ho William ilclntjre, of l'ouiisylvanii, although others ea/ bo is of New York- Tho farmer Li probably tl>i more correct. Tho r<*j>i blirm Heiiators desired to go intoi secutlvo session on the hi i j.i t, but this wm roatst e<; by 11 e ''liter Dido, and no HdJournmont wita tatil.-d by th* di-niOoiaia pres. nt, with tlic c.>;< (|ik.u o! ?eii/t>or8 P glar, Luham and PowclL It u not c?ttain. aicoroii g to pres. nt appeanirirt*. H at Mr. Sic'.i tire ? i:l be c.fiflrtn'*1'. Tli nouibiation ih con^i.lerod ill I he bithrat t'lgrw- inporttim, tUit'. aa foi m I.nlowihg the n ti re i p< i..tioi.s of tn<* aomaiiatration. I rivuto bccoi-nts fr< tu (bailtston statu that a thou eat <! 11 gr.'t'P aro n gngivj ui tl.o on oiiou of fortitl'ytlioi.a in li e Im bcr, ftr,rl th"1 tiel-i lou-'.ii.g to Koi t Huv- j ter Im*e b<< u ? bstri'et<'<i ly etinken voBheia, and tho I l u >> iimovi d. Also, ?Uat (iovoinur rickoua h.ts re Cfived the oflrr of 1U W>o v<.litnt^crt. fr..m witiio it th? Stfiie, anil vvh' bold th. u.solveM in readine^w to tn.vrch at a u.< mi l t> warning. i ti i rtrrti at a r.liitito'N warning. 1 w 111 into, aa baa l>?eu rrjiorted, thnt Hriuto' 8ev arc, <J Siw V'uk, either to aui.mitn pollution relative to the i uofiit ci if-i? or t>i mako :t vpoech on Urj Hilj'fl. "> hi' r< ti iiiitt. e appninto.l on the part of th.- border .'tr.lOK in pt ifuaLio ol' the rraolutinn aduptoj at t!ia rot ? lit c..t rt s C'lt .iais of the following ???'-nr.tor Cr.'tudtn, ni' Kentucky,, Misah. Iluria, of iiuiyiaid; ormun, of ('bio; Nixon, of Ni.w Joracy; S-ii. 1.1? ty, oi I elr.wure; Ciljnrr, of North Carolina- Mat toe, of Ti-imetaee; I'etit, of lui'lana; A'drrtfljOf Virginia; Mil li (uand,ot illitiota; llarrott, of Mtaaouri; Srbitxtian, oi Alkanfaa; Vuru'evcr, of I< wa; VnOe, of JV-naiylrania 1bs,< committco will hold ii? (Iret meeting to-morrow mot mug. Jt ia undeirtooil that .lu g Diode, from tho fl.-Bt ap poiri rce of (lifl'oultie?< at Cburluatou, atrenuooaly iaHi.-itivd on it Inferrii n the for in in CbatJeston harbor with a furco alt. i c onotiKO to lefcifrtaiiy p>?>il>'o attark, m tho bo-t mi'.in? of j t nxrving the jxwee of tbo neuntrjr. lie ntj"1 (Imii i nl Onga wore together oa that question btt wb< n Cinerai CaM left tho Cabinet tbo lutlmata rela tn i-E red devoted ftiomiebip of Judge Ulack fur the l're rtr'.iit induivd him torrmuin, in the full belief that he Wo' W aetdertdcdly ami in?' cc. .iiu>ce with tho policy (.f his m - .go, wbfi 4-v?r be was lonvinced that rolaforoeniente m i e iii c. i y ir> to pri sol re tha i uaca. No mau lias been nn'fe ilrm hi approving tho coodtt t of Ib^nr Andor-.m, > i ici>'dtto a. tLo dotorn,.nation toauppoitaod Hfntain turn. Pitch tiro tho repr? jcutationa as to hu (J'ulge Black'a) | < altinn. tt in undet-tood 't at Pobert W. .Vagraw, of Maryland, w.ia to day nominated oh Consul &t l.i\ T|>ool. t prlvuti- letter j ct i ecelved from Port JeffiYann, Key Went, ?ay?:?live Fpaultob veaeela uro lying off the h*r bor. Their pur] riM is not luiowu, but the au)>poau.oa di re b. that they meditnte an att:iek on tho Mexi <*n ci nat. Tho Uuiti"! t uitoa crui.- ing vet>aol having h-ea n : hdruwu the pioplo there are ia a defenceless oon 11 tk.n. W.itmxov"f .tan. 2, It01 The btmbrho'l has burst. Th? South Carolina Cow mi.saionerH, having b* n, ns they eoucWvo, auuhbed by (he Kxocntlve, will !????? to-morrow, pr.ihthly by ilia Cm train, enrouu for home, at lialfpist ton u'cloi k. That wan tli ir dnti'initiation. An.l wbi'o thiy h-tva under bu<1i rnfa?orab!o auapitva for ma atniciblj ?'tU i incnt of existing dilll'.iltiaa, t!i:>y Jo not yet 'losp.ur '>f a UiialmitMncU'ry adjudication, pror. m l no roiuforoom>uis ar ?? ut to ( harlot-ton t y th'1 governi,* ut. TLo c< ii ui' ii i atioti returned to tin m ti.'a afternoon by tho fxe< w 1a Mttiply iiiileis-ii by Mi. nnchuntu us not of a character t<> b? entertainod by the Presldon*. I1'#t>u.wlMh?urfl warn out whan ttio rommtinU'V. :./i w.k c. 11 liu? k, .uid when ihey roltiitu 1 toihcdr r?o tln v fr pd It on their Otble, w ith t'..< alive siguhlcaiit nioncniilit. They weri> astoutulpd at this iiii iii*'in* a.'r ?oi to ihelr p?|? r, ui'C as i il.irft ubruplly broken tit:, tliay tl t r t: . i.otUi' | more to do th.tii to |> < up m i bo ? t fi Cbnrkmu n, e?rly In the nv rnr 1 linvo tli? am uruRcaa of t' e ('>>u. r> ? i r. r. ? tb t tb' ir lott .t to the Proan.;> t s. i..?t i i h iJli ti-ivo to that dignitary. They docl. <? ' .1 u, -in.11) a rrply to his comniut.traWon, relating i.. t tli 'Wilg their li? tlmato com uakma, thai If tho prtjior ? ... iliabSlvo to tho la any |>articular hi- ou#ht 10 have had at leu t tho courtoay to have ttated in whtt ti'lue tt waa offeiusive, and be would then havo i:l:ed l2>it off ?C? W.ia D?l ilit^o<l*<l. 1 quota In- wrrta if one of the CoBimiaatoroa. I'lio On ititnliiira drtiieil In tlieir comiaunli ation tin n?? i mplti ti iii tho Preatdt tit that tin y b ul doin aided aw (hd/awalof the hot \m fpmthe fin titlrationa. and tbut rub Fa that i>tiiacd nan cmi li?>d wiih 'hpy torniii.nte m K'.tlatlans, or that ttioj had orgoli t thfia; but th<'} did iiinU, ard piolntbly In Uirt lan^aa^a, (Ut the riMVUfc had not auBicitituly r-'Jocmel hut pic gi- tv tho ^uth (.angina dt-lcs <tk>n that tho tt't'u* of tb?"foiti? ?honM r< t b? (tangwl. Tin; rlploaion thia aJtrrLoon and to night bet*rPen the FiirtitlTc aid th? Oimniisiiom're will rrhdoi' forthf*r H|i''i hlfy u ( unlafii'tnlUK and tiuup?p?Hi>ry. Th? long k* 1 -n! fur l ban at .son, and tho CoromitatoBpra of tbo 1'aiun tto Stato wilt return hom> tu roorrvw with nut bavili^ b?-n ?Mii to take the (ir t icltiatlro ?t<> in lb" adjui-tiripr.l of tiia diflcul ioa. They irtiitt with glare and illiitnty, ?u fllr'aa thrir paraocal it<-I?.rtlJi: ut if I'onc'Ded, to Lay b. fore ih? . v.Ui Carvlilia ("ohmnth n the rmulii- of tl>eir nnwion. Hip Pri'fcii '-iit a C"iotnnoii ation to tli? C>>mmiaKionPts o0Cupip<l Ufteen ragi-s of fonlaap. It will t.ol bo ma'io publa' wi'h the Ciiwiiiaaiubara' ci.aent, unaN ib-?> wl.ol? bm k*1"I Washington p*j?r(p|?re la laid I elore the U n tpinii b, under whita* ai th<atty they act. Iha .-teuir.-bip laaM, plytng b-'twe^o iTvu 'iatoo and f'mmi viah<: Wi at trl.l be reii?\od of tho fotty thou Hii'l ci ?r'< r< vettiiii. ut ri nipevatii-n for carrying the niNi'f ?? K- y T?t-t nfti r be pri fer.t iu nth. It la iiu 'or Flood heri that the lfabel, *l ? b *r? built for a wir atrrirer, with tnarrautile proelirttMi, la alrwidy uii'W tbn nibtrol i't the South Oftr"iina goToruniuut, .uiil ia c( and equlppe<l for naval Ttip Hntitb fVrollna O mmiP*loiiPt? to night ta'V of sink 11 g "bl|<a at the entrance of tho harbor of Oiarl"aton, after the nianner of fee buca.nn.? at s.-ba?to|if>t, to pro tcvt their thief maritime city from hoatilo rtwtatwn. Wa?n*irr"i?, Jan. 9, 1861. The Cabinet bad rather a protrart< d aeaaton today The rop'y "f the Sjuth Carolina O>nmilnel'>oera to the Praaidint'a letter waa receirrd at a lata honr. Tho doi'iimetit la unbecomingaribumiutora from thegr?it.aUi of South Oarollna. It It replete with ahua-i of tho Preal dent, and oontalna not a tingle point to regard to tb* iaaura InroWed between the State of South Caroli ia and the KjecutUo. The CreaM-nt lotenda to treat tl with oontempt, and will eirlude it from the oorreep->nd.<nc.i, which be Intanda to aeud to tha Sacate. Their cauae niuat be a bad one when the* reaort t? nbwe of tho Kxa cutivo. Tba iTeeklent'a letter to th?m waa o?ur?eous and dlgnlBed. 1b< ir reply la loaulcn'. and 'Utdigiiltk-d OUR WASHINGTON CORfffiSPONnRNCE. WANtMtnoar, f>?* !tl, 1 'WO full if nf f>e ViWive?T\f Ruth to !fx (htpi tii? 7*' (rnnij* Arrninrt 1h? r%*rnti<* Miimion?1*>* H* rrfHtm "* AVw I'rat'r t*Ij/.ifr At Um< Ik air I write tin ahoi- clt) ir On th* tlpt > of i xi*- tata n to t?> tli?- t'm>W?nCa a|Kcial Meaaafi. r.n !'r utb CaftllUA rC^?.lt^ Pt'j l" 'Mk i"!*, but tH ar ly nil fem.'.M!* th n .. ? f ? i ? roattwa, took hd ea > frUu I ibi- m?.i r. .1.-. Wtit ?!?-#?'. t ? th?*?- ?l a ounip 1 ? ??'. ? Wilb .'?Ujuii! ;; eel ??t>-, .J.d b ? V ?? k? i ai.<3 oihur i-rlvato trohi ti+ w c- nip <1 wi li c. o.v 1 111 b amfi'i th; rfwlrtasi. a. .\v .t 1 ,1, .ha 111 *id*WilJka >4 FWf> I* ?? 6T 'I' 1 4 ' with . Jjif H, i f a) aiw?r nu t a. i of lot h *?, tn Hi| ii g tlir< th mi* atuaii to Hi me p 11.1 J ?ontdthi'r Lt't'M was ImhUx*1 ?'! th' tO".itoi> '</ rr\i<ir.qiiif1 .r? ) vt Mr. Bt.chui an, qui ttj *vv ^ ' hi tlf* lihraiy, y,ttb hjft ?'?W"UMTl< , U'.'i* iVniO . t.i a.', rtel toi*. At ft quail- r before twulvo ck th ? C l-.uet w 13 r-< 11 n "ne<l. AO.e liist a<j'iraN w r*> wr^tariua *lt.i ii |*m 0 und 'i 11 m.'f, tlii s I'i'tlti j a atop '11 11m im fot.?i<hd ri.Bwr ?of-| <(.tw.(f thilr rrajjraatKm*. ?? j'oIki cal b><? - tx-iLg c.. bot of even th ' <! teotlvua, t.'io li ci< wii w.rar.big tobfCOot ntmth oliaorr trg tli< | cfi nthn y th* wrlrniMi and prranta for ll.e ><w Y> nrV < i.y r?v'f>tw)ii to morrow. lilra I c bat irpr returned oc ^.turday a*?lm from Pliiia'!ol( 1.1a, vL'tli'.r :b" hot |{<ih- to attoui iw flrxt I rk'.'-Fn . <1 tli" otairicgc of! cr 11: ud Misa Mac 1! liter lo M. I-rfLu>?t>. of t!i? J>'jj'ku '' nation, will, b> !>? 1 pita. 1 04 f'.n to t)ia Htt<"kft>w4i ? fill |.ulilia "t'c.p'.nB 1 fc-nxrnw ai 1 v> ii o'cIihk U> > n-l ui?Uaooi|? will b* 11/1 i\?'d, lii' .v titii. tho d)Itar??t ?'!???? Aa .1 w.thiil i'.v tkii r?ill iipf ? j" in full eonrt <'<?ti:raa. Noil In or'i. r ? ii c< ui" ti ri !. f Joatliw HO't ii^'k ih'?? .til- i*f tl<a fcu|.itij..< i'"'t; tkn tt c? raof tha arwjr und navy, in iiuHcris (rcwidtii b; l ieut. (nnmrii, uiul kite a<'i lor 11 i.tii ?v (..< i<w rt W n; fa -i'K t ? -ti Aa tU? wi*-* Mid i n' 11 ti r* >'t tlir luft- hctHOl thr f?thlnM,of >? nato g ub'! 1 ? i' fxtrt i.*t?via, luvi llmnM.c nlxittl t) e ...i?.< ti/na, tl i Nbic mi. <.i e. 111'mlorK will pi <?odI a dazzling *h >w ofbiUfant ttin iivisj co.'uid iirttu-8, aiid of ilia tin gvlabad nmi i>ni ! v; iy w U"*n. 11c ^ r>>< ra( r ^'cpfioii will b< kIii lit iw^lve o'clock. The ) ren?' w :i M- i v?? )ii> iili< v. c)t h in th# BliM far '(.1 whtiiee tl < \ imIi pi'f# to tt. ? t ? "i'ii I'urlur into the lint Kiiai, aid tl? iitr n.ftke their r?r<*a bjr Uw (rent ir?;i t wniUiw, Idvt'in which ai>U tLc paM-un at a teai | hri<?(n- haH I ??? n c??i atri ct?j. Notwhlnlaitdir.g tbo nu ua<-< H of aaraeaination and of iiMi It with which ti ? 1 n-aii'oiit ! us bi.on thriiutoneil by tt.c V4ttr.nt t.( tiTi.l Wi I b and otlu-r awuaii b'ukkTB, he wilt, ai> na?al, I'f itrc-'ttiihle to hia h i w elU^.. na of all |.nrMi??hiiv.i (/ p: aril )>ut the coiibcIuuhu, m of dia ihargty t i>- t'rtj wuh ?iitfliw+s of haurt, aad thorn ?p?ct (t the /mi'iimi p<ot>lc for the cunatitutod author! tit* 1 f this land. Thr. y<1 </c mint/ Jtindt/e . n .Srruth <Mr> lina Affairi. WASriMnv -i, Doc. Ml, J .GO. In proportion Ui th? Intf natty of pui>lio p?p' UiM of i.l.o t'aj' liioi K>-ss?gli to<luy wiu the public iii?- ppoint* tr' i t, whi'ii it I" gun to be wlu.-j> ri (i a'"i t that it whs wttl.hclo for fuithcr coiibiiicrattuu by tho'Vblri't, which, as t wrote, I:; fttl', in i?. *aion. > (:, ? Htai'd?'.r< Mi d 1 taction har. takon i?lore horo tr. nnh lie t? ntlm? nt wl'l in tbo laat twenty tiair hrxira In i'?'|prd lo t) i) 11.1:1.-1 01 the Pr< Hidcut. 'i'lioho who wiiiu loud iu tbfi- (loin r.clatior.'- 01 bim, but ?1 on Idle rumoisas to bu< I'cif'or in Major An>'rrBon'M c m>, tire Bow oom p?-l]i i to a< know'cio that J hey had too haatity prijn dlci d him, and uc<|iiK?oe hi tho pn prloty ot uwuitmg ihn filial mi< nmpli'tc ( M ention of h.s own prottr^omo of opet. liiiw. Candid m n of all pai tbf It b t b'ir^ joa? Co tomjcpt'iui thoir Jo<iginon>a tmlll th<y lic;?r me apticial Mnar.Ro, which will not now bn ietii 'u bafo.e tVodi. riUy, unloaa 0>r.grt<aa, contrary Ui hivannbi > in tcm, ahoulu ditormme to Bit It to norr w. Tho South (an 1111.'1 t'onvotition hold h Hitting ye.storday, altlioo^h it viif : ui.' ny, and t'on^rMf- di^j pat, porhijb, as little re paru 10 ti e groat annnal holiday ki ihos" fourful Uutoa 1,a the ae< o*-atonlptR did to tho UirU'a hoi/ dny. THIRTY?SIXTII COKGRESS. ftfcOOM) RK8SION. Konate. Wabiiwotos, Jan. 2, met. *11 tbe galleries were crowded b fore eleven o'clock AH she lobbies were full of ladlee, and a largo crowd w.?s giitbet ?jd outside the do?ra. Thequestion of older row?the fiacific Rail..*..! hill being I! o fcpeclol oriiei?au.1 Mr. IVikor hiving t)iu ?,?,? cn untttiihivj btu.inotia, tho I'uciUc Kuiiroaa bid wuti inuio tho fptcitl order for Estiircay. siw-vn of int. n.>i;iat. llr. Par in, (rep ) oi Oregon, p-viceodo! tospeik of tbu great responsibility which ho folt in speaking m such puscuce. He cc inj lln'orted the sp eoh ?f to < Senator fum Louisiana ft beii?g the bi*t ho hal hi aid; bat still it ron,iniI<>d liiiu of wlial wiu once uui. of a fa-no is lio. k ?"It to the beat way that could be mid wlat never ought to h.*ve beoa said at all." The nrgtmeiit oi the f'eralor k<m>m to prove that the kov<iU2i>nl Ih of no arall, and that tUo Luion was ..t |i rissolvcd He h?(K'U his own purpose was highor. II* b. p d tocontribute his |>oor argument to sustain the ipmii n? i.t ui.der which he lived and under wb!ch he ?' 'Hedwdred to show that thin government h bstaM m1 js.wei, sovereign in Its sphere?a L'nloo (m 11t<. n.j net between sovereign States) which has j .. i i lii H i-oli jnitictim. Its constitution U a perpetu I i), i.iM it - p-^.?r l* eqr.nllv capable of being exercised '?K ii M Hiehtic titvuson ai d a foreign foe. Ho would .?.?> Uuv, lUt llii' orgt meat of tho Senator (licnjajnlni l.i.K'd in i n ri-p n j.tion chat the constitution ot the I i l. <i ? lates I* ? e? n.p?rt betweeu soveroign Stair*, and ! :lio cc ;>>c ethi.ttbi compact wan br(4cr>n by one State. IhitSu L Cnroli: s Tiny withdraw from tho Uiil'* was i o t c? t? g m. nt li w is a repetition of the famous di.s- | c.f mi I"' I j i .. ho n He dt'inxd, ,v) WibHor, Malison h i .? I -..j. bad i ri.i.d, tho constitution was unruly I ( 11 I IC between ?? verolgn .$t*t.s. Mo referred l<> the ! a.', .run (j;: t; .1 by tbe Sen.i tor from Lonl lan* as lieing n? Hi.d o?iuieti>. and read copies of ok ' ' ' f ? ' li, xt*. . >. '? i< ? t. it lie WiUI l>p|HIM>d t'l lilil* ? Jfl. J.I r, M 14:1.01;I'4 to arguo that Mr. Madle m 'msi} ilir^red tlutt tho cni.nt lti.ii.?n wee notacim i !>? w. . i 1.1 n --i. t. h. lio^-eed frooi Web.ter'e IlifOpiiiii.ii that noSt^ie l?ad a liglit to ilu( ive t? i 1 li, i u. iii> ml g- vi.inont, u:.d there c niid it in t.--.<n wit.Vt rc-v ill, i ion. Ho then .In,ip?.| 'li'*1 ' ec"ri n>g to Mr. Wcheter tho government was a ('M'l.uieut of the while [?< pie, foiund by in Oiviin'a'fi He bb id tl.? aigi.nimit undo n?aiiint i i ? t ' *OWtd ipi ly to ^ec.*?i. n, for so " '? '' ? - '>.o HJimo leUii.m to niili/i- j ' Kf?i!.y b.M.ri to history; somebodr ?? tu t. > vs in nrupby with tho biaiii* kn.a;k ! J-"' ' ' ' ' oil, ...? WM ?.cpnion with ib-> bral is Y oil lb met. retoin d to the cl'raet rea<i by | i, m driMW tn t iebyj. Q mUhh, and lie n- ..-.r cm ttiiig') l??ft out the Orft |Hirt, i he sunt li^ii Lullie>u.tion wai en idea too ubnurd gem nt an<! too ckli.,iis tor difcussHHt, and the rnrht .. Mule to . e io etpi iliy aleutd. H.? tlion ro.t 1 tho elf*.- oi Mr A. ems' ad.Iiemi, to th i ctffct tho i < r,. ( tut inn r _m tho w >:k of one peoplo of thi l' Mi.tif ?lid the Tilled Main*, ih nitfh doubled in in.ftl ii ? 11 r e p.-, |! ?. 11.' lb. n re erred tho forr. 11 attcmpis of Jontb t irolhm to lo what she save ?lie I,a* dot ?? new. W?, U,,. lre .deiil of tho U. i'hI . I ites ri m!) t,. i'r. bit. wl . le d*-.ty r Wh. Ilf-r thore w J h 11. a IVi. iiii'i.t now. be woul. Iiav.' for others to letei !??? ''Mian 'tract f,>lu the prieUmition ..f .'a. 1 son. I.. f\:r. i:. j<cr) (leniod tlie :-.?iutnpii'>u tli it K. i. a were p,,v..r. , n, .* the .-ovi rnmrnt sovereign, lueie wan but ono Kuve. eigti, an! that w.ts tbe pe<|'ln, nil.! taid all arg iieTts In. 4 on the ni\ir< ? f a >iute iwe failac .. !!<? s.iM the conslitu te i itself oocl res il w mad.' by the people of the I BlMd Iird M.I l.y thssutee. 11i? Senator from I on h.uJ i ,a.I t net 1 to ab-w t.'iSl a sovereign State coiil with lrnw the ci-tni^ist. Tn answer f" vould | a.j , thai Swill, t'aroiin* wna not a sov?r< ign <t,ue, and i.oigbtnll aigiim nta made with uperiai refrrenro to I ui. i. i n s not ewtly appluabio hore. ln.1 il; ? < tii mi hi*rg ? that tbeie was a right of se fW 'n Miller the c' l.-iiiiitionr Mr. Benjamin bAd a?k. 4 if i-'onth Ot.nlma xent here two Sena i Slid one wi.s retimed vlmittanco Mr ''Jit. r said he thought J-'0;ith Oirrl'na should flirt aek cai^e for such exclusion, but said he inippneed the m i i.tor n-cni.t if it were right for a representative lo be 11i n.itil. i.t;y denied hts rent his Mate hart a right to se ct i.e. He.-aid tho right of r-prescntstt-m wxa inaliena l If Iieitnwoieusly ,eiiie?t may bo repel! 4 by all the i?-. e i,t tf!V? Male, but such right t* rebellion and re volt. tioiaiy. He ai-ked agina if the right l aoixsle i rai.gtmtol tie constitution. Mr TVr\J..mln r.ferr-4 I in ><? ilii iiintJi sad tetlh am. iniin.giu to tho constitu tion J!r l?4*rn?(be rigbt to so< e?!e spring out of or b. .. ? ii tt tl e i KtilLtn.n.' If so, where is Kf i M, I'rj. mr?I s,i{ pie^ the .S nntor wl!l warcely deny | tl .ii ..i Mite* have reserved to tbenir-elvee, under the . n*. ,luii,,|. evi'ly , iglit not oxpreM'v detilmi to th?m li* | 'it ., million uml 1 aay the ninth and tmt h am n4 >n?i t to iho <^>ii?iitution roeogniae tbe vory right which lil m. \o. )!???*?i |,ave been endeavoring to show that, so la- f in Hk being line that the Stat s* had r sorved all . ? . I .leleg.ied, I hey ill.', not rse.'rve anything, and Ui i. no *1 rh Ui'ii* nh ri<eorvallon by theSuu-s. The i -1 n i nt w .,?? made bj tbe j?wpie,aud lberi<eervatioDa, If ni.v are by I be |>eopie Mi. HrfWAMiM?I aek the senator, whether or not, after tho c< luiiittitiofi h? i hi en framed, amendments were not prcfo/>d by nearly *l| tbe states to meet the vory ooc str. i tjou for which I am now rontemiing, and for r %la m the very propoe.tion ngainst which the genUeuua rrw e unee, ibe ane-ndmenU stating distinctly that the ti.cnr.ii g of the onimtlt-jllon was not thai the government wss hjr the whole people, but It was a delegation ' i pi wi-r by tbe statee , end tl e people of the SUtee re rei vi ?! ti' then ; slven (he powers not eipresaly delegated. Mr. liisin?The nnsw t t<i that is, tbst tn tbe fall ' gM >.r ibii em- t-dment. very aignmcnt which 1 have ? tsi. ed ft on. .larkion, Ma.'.,son, Webetor iu?d Adams *11 united in the proposition thn this l?. a gorernmeM tiu i'e 1 y the [*oj le i f the luit.'d stairs, in tlielr oha r"!-r< r of the pe<iple of lli? Statue, being ooe oovenant made by I belli Mi. called tbe stteotioo t? the seventh and Inst arin k' r4 the convtttnilon, and a k?d what was the mee'.li g of the words ' l??tween the sut.'ef" Mr. R>*ic>i?The conslitiitlon wee innde by the peonle in fh.- flr-t pi*ce, and it is to ke ratUlmi by then in the ?oo i ?! pi . e r .?, I a*k o*er again, is tbe right to se eciii .1 right growli g out of the e<?stltatlon Itself r If ? tetel What is that provisionf I an not now v ox le bunt for nny vagrant and doubtful power. I ?t when a Stale propo?m ?o secede, break up the I : ? e< I .is war, Wretch th'-ee oonfe.ler?ted !:l*te* in I' r . I a: k (f they claim it as s e? nstitnUonal right f I ? k ii* ih.. W'.rd, tbe |ieit >, the plaoe, and I meet with ne reel). x. p^j.vtn- h the right of ssceaeion ovists nt a>, rut 'itk ntu) . i is a -Hate right. The qumtlon v ' 'h. r :i . m. i* t>r,<ter the constituiion rsn only bo d? inn, r I g lb' p. w. rs prohibited to the Mates, and nest, umi.'.i n:t wbetb-c lb.- ro-vtrs not p?'?hiblt.>d are re ner?Vd. It.lvrn >t: h? 'ih'ttfht we abnnM not gain ?""h i 'id r i' 1 ,e if qvssMottrg. (A ii? r*. g. t (.1.1 the Pwsiaeiii was here receivfei /. 1.1 its iii t- i; i.i I.- k.r. Kuk-r pre ??; od ] 1 |T 1 .'I ? KI.|. ibo ??iBi' Ity ?CM08 to urine, tkt-tt, frulll i i ;rt i la c i . i. < r the c".i*tltuiion, and chiefly \ !iit: ?.?(. tl i >?li r:, this ooi.slruction of Ih- clans ? t(4.tli? to iu.- ItmlMOtl of tu^UifV *ia?Uri, auti < (.1. , in ll maiiUcr of governing lb.* Territories, v hiob "tci vcii'T Hrrtrj from the Twi itorie*, either j U> U.w k< .-I." iji'vn.iii M "r tho TirriWaiai i/>gtai4- i l i" m , ; Ilhiik we have dearly thequeMloris tin. iv l' t' uel>?l*d b twien us Now, what is ibn ((. fcl< IC'i< t v.l.'l. wo luvi' gi\en to the Kiifttivo tU\ U.w. if v?ir.ib the Senator oomplikliui! 1 have ?iM : n> iuiswiic.. ill t guoMiou. Wo gave a .ooairucti.ia ; i?. n(ji il t ?ji t">u< it \ a.-" bi?x glit ba'oro Ih ? :iap. omo fiii V ?? \? o overruled, and we hnvi< obeyed that de- ! iifcii.n ?tiv Ami wo have never eu le.ivur- i r. l?. t ? ? ? i i , ni-r t-ivi' we. as u paity, endeavored 1<? j (Jolmt ll.i ? net t**t. Say, If wo hod, that in not within H i aiul, Ikkim, d<i'ii be not 8*y, "tho diffl- j . i.My n> x(H, not tf( in, but froul didereocea of ccbttiictK'U el tiic cOi.Biilutkm." Now, to b.-gin, ' vil I iji.ete fiitn Mr. Lincoln, a mm w'no is iM-t to be iit?i>gui?ited r.F l'r<Hi>iant of tbu L'ua^.1 Mai'P?it man who took a to mako bis opini .tin Mown tij<<n .".II proper ncc-siou*?i mtn who, tor tin i 11 ? .rp-'M it- not to be surpassed ia thin c?un try ? <i ii iiu vl.t se 5-.e:'-i> but* ah cany i?.8e?il into p-o vtHd Yoii will tli..! in iho history of the debate, un in this country, bciwien lb" distinguished - r.iu i f i in lllumir (Mr. Ixmglnf; ami Mr. Liucolu. that l.i tv. n : k a. for cbviou p> ipotKU, his opinion w.-i/i i I i li.i li.jn.iM' fiavr 1 hu replied, "I do n-H !.??*> . Mb ll'-vei Clin , flint.) Ill l.t vol III' an UIM OUilitiOUlii 10 p it. tl,?i Vogitlv- 8lavo law;" anil, air, I etli# 1; II,, uit hcui.Hi to h I'resident, but because bo it> 1' ti< "I, w's. n(?< iriie. 1 rtply with hi'n, as a So uait i i n ibis I tor, iepi- tii?n what 1 bcliave to be the n i inn nia of my < obatili oubs, without (liBtinc tii.n of poity, 1, too, nay 1 have not bw-n, urn! never wiH b.-, in Iiivol <? at rric.>i?iHtiotit.l P'pial of tho Kugltue ?!avt J w. /-K-'ii', t- r b i ??? Hi- .{?? of tins law tha ifpt I.Itviti ptti iy hi'tt iri?i **1'^ into cxihU uce. Wo iuivt had ivic gicai pobtUal cuii.p.i,gi H In tbi ono, unliieI aiid m.(((i.i.l7c<i. wi'hi.r.t roii#(;uanIo Rrounil for bopo, we Uh'lhrl.M' oi.iK'lvrs mid toe cmutry by our sirttngih. ?li. I l.t ilber, t'.tU ug togetli'i ail Ui.'Irrosistihli-ole guiii if fr?<I'om in tho North ami West, we havo (biai&ed a jfieat |iol:tical triumph, wbiiji we intend t.t lite wter y, ai.d wbio'> wo iM> ml to g i ?;d v.t-D >ow, hi-?, bnvo we in?. atforni, or in an> reso ',i'1m, or by nii> b.II, havo w - t.vitcei a tii-nwaition to ri; 111 gitivi .-iavti lnw? IN. weut-l aM le by il on *11 ( tent h i a'r Ibi'i.^'b believe il ib a tmrd Uirgain, yet it u- to iK'inuiMted m tlie Itt-nd and wo will endure it. *b n *?!? ?i like tb -e aiaieittenbt what li th i roplyr !t it. faid, while our plaiiorm <to<'S * t jir jiOHO to re pt 1 the Fi.j:itivo Pluve law, tl"*ro are states which pthh itrtui...l I W U geutlemou lb tun to oi.r (Him, funk, ci.liiiid leplyr 'I'lii' wi.olJ North ia ' I pin ii to tiiiliilli atiou ia iiny wiy, or upon any nub |ict, ami we will v 'I'll. obtKiieui'e?which is a b'.-lter wt.r than n-hn..fmoi?tro w i 1 yield ' bci!it-nee to tuy pio\intjjiof tlx.' iti.liOu of the UuittMi Sta' -B, ait it m i? i.Btuifd by 'he ultin i'? tr.bjna'., and tb-it bu, w .? ui.(i' 11><d i ecuT 'O tlii.t law lo bo constitutional, if, flMi*. 11 e Mat r w! th in.vfi jutKWit iuws ii> vi ilailou .)i it, j :< *oi lir? it, ni in hliider t.r defeat It, in my ju 'g met', niv wb..t it* o' I'lhiltely m'>ro oonm^piouca, the Jii'Ulml.t of the whole No ihw Ct, thus > laws (,t ^1 iu i e r.-p^nleil Not btt'aiiKO Su.ith f^iroiiiia tlirfhtei i- ? not l/.u t.i.tii.i * ill 8i t*ide?but bo w- d(*iro lo yield nbo;!1ene? to ih'ise lr.-h obliLHtioijf) oi i glit und tl1 ty. li'it the honoratile g.'I."i n an I in v. h very well th:.t there Is (.'real iV-batu wl t.lhuj th'b1 laws ?it in uii> rit in c^iistitiilj ti.a!. j V>'e Hit* tn tl tin t s. uie (if tlt'm wore made before th? l ugi'ivt hliivo lr.w wuf jMi.-fod. We are t<?id th?'. the pro vipe . a oi :. ai y of Hum me intended to stecuio p.TMjual iibt it>, ii (t< pt-iiileui' t ary queeikon u-.i t. a Fugitive Sluve law, bul wl * tl-er iltil b* i-> i"?i?y mlcit or lo wliat ex t. nt vv?- i*Bj if iliey cii til b? prtivad hrfor any compa Uiiii ti iln nal, iuid, uio-t oi ail, I..d'orc tho Snproriic Court ot i|i( t iiiud Mfltca, tl .1t those laws do binder, d. lay, or | dt'U'ni theex'ciiti ?? nl'thtt law, we will any, "Ijettiiom bo lofotmtd alUg'tber."' And, fcir, si>eakiiig In my j pUice, with ni'iao kLowlo.ign of tho republic ui | paiij ? i-peal.ii g bv no authority of tho Pro?ido??t i elect. l-iit becaiiee I have known bim from my boyhood? I I saj thai the timeiiriIvh> wbonfcoahallb-i inaugurated in tbib eapital, and t mew in Ibe chair <>l the (lilef MajU tiote all I'm, h till i tt*|?*iii*il>iiili* a and dull, s of that place; | tbai he will enliven the eKc?ution of ail tho lawn or th a govt tiBietit, wh ther revenao or i'ug'tivo .sluvn law, or Ten :oiialcr oilierwMo, twnh tho wiiulc iutegrity et but detractor nnd ih" ? bolo power of tho goverumont. Now 1 oi k my frieiul il' that us n fail aud frank reply to any iltaii he may nay about ui! ore noes of c/UHtruetion about tho y uplt ivt- Hnvti fciw t Vr? ?If I were in a court riHin, and not in mi Kiave a plait ax ihto, 1 rm^bt quote to my frionl r,oma l i ft of iludibi aa ab ot tbobe v, no ai -fior Trom the !:iw lint hi.\ 'Ug a favorable opiidon of it. Rut 1 refrain. A t I'.ai u?Lui thai ean scarcely bo cuntldered omt t.f thi1 (.hjcctii r>. b'i n,-!ne tho flat" of .-'outii Caioiitta, il rt. gb ^ r wily authorized exp .^ilor, the <^harlt*ato<i Vnii.ry, "clan a, nnd h..? dec^ired, that :iho believes tho l ugiwvi Slave law unconstitutional. Any h'^w. one of ttio net. t distil'gushed of In r soiiB, Mr. Rhott, ropoati, with . mpi i tls, tin i am"reiuaik. Andthodiatinguiabediieli&ttir !.t in l.erigia (Mr. ivorson) Raul latnly upon ibis floor tliat ibe Mit'lh tines not complain of any conatruclkni which the North f.vra to that law. The law 1.. wtVll madeaud carofully gnaitit'il. Now, can that le* tin* ground u)>on which South (art.*!ina is gou g mil f Will nhu burnt tho bonds winch have bi nnd us toi'i'tber for seventy veins, b.Miausoshe does not ibn k we give the right interpielation to a law which aha box self il'ciares iiMX'liatitutionalr Now, will Qoorgi.i folk w the llli^ti fi..mplo of South (iwoilna, and de at ri the it pub'ic, when her ropres. nlative upon Ibia Boor declares that ibo North perforins all la 111ij.alioti|>? Agnln, Ibo Senator from I/Otitsiana (Mr. l<ti^m u) p. ,iits out the construction upon tho sr.bjoet d g tbo Ten I. tries. Kir at. w prrpiattr.tly ro fi ?e lo (OLt-iil. r, or Uut wo deity that .slaves aro pro peri). Ibis* li a very mtrioiis cLarg", .nd la fr'-q'ioully i. p. it ted, ana 1 do hr ? ve thi.t thero nri pa*.plo wlio aro P'-rftx lly rnnvinced that it ia tmo. Hut Ihu hn.iorable N rater ( light w>t to bo one ol tli in. Jlr. ?Ix/t? 'he ^enal'ir deity that ia sof Mr. R.xlr? 1 do, sir. Mr. Bkwjuw^-*'itutt is precisely the pi'opt.^i'.iou set forth elx that slue. Mr. B'KKH p-itt i.tnlcd to qnote frt m tho speech of Mr. Wofcsler on tb" b'll oigani?u.g the Territory of Orn^m, ii t" which h?'l tn put the Wlhnot Proviao, to tho elt'-rl || .1 I'loptri) ill t-Uvet* is purely baal, and oliuuiOd this the i liin >-?t> opiDi' a "f th? yoits Mr. l'xvj/jiix Mitl the South ? omptaiiusl bt*ci' M> hold irg jro]?rty, which w a roci, i: zo 1 as p:op.'rtyat tho tim" of tho foiuiatiMi of ihe>n by all tho Mat ?, the North unw ui doi lake to sav, und ;r the con rt.t; tion, that Slavet. a, o not projjerty when i?'ijid within the.iuristtirtlon (-f the federal goverrment, outside of cei t .in t-tai s. Ih y <* in pi tin that theftde. al govern ment (lo.s not reC"giii.i" slaves as property iu the Torn tdi i< at the i-suiti l me 11 <lo?e rccoguliic il ou tho hl(jb seas Mi lUrw?I undoTTt; - d tho Senator now sayR to bo milling more that a spool Heat. <ui by them of ibo roiu'K(.f complaint. Ihoio ia thisI'lTereoce ol opinion, wo do belit ve lhat ituvery is the creation of the Iccnl l?w?, nnd cces not, of its own force, exlend btyi nd that jui isdb licit. Wo do believe, when Sonators claim Ibo contrary, that liny interpolate a new n?t g In Ihe rrotttdtion, nnd rloMta the eardinal | bt Ik i which" Iv ? n outertelTied in other aad bettor nap bj (1L" 11. It 11 aletl al.!. nun of I'.ua country, and by the!* veiy organ ration, und beyond thit, which ia on teitamed by the wl.olo Civ tilled world. ia'avery is Ihe C'enluiu ef li c?! law Ilut we do nol deny that il ia prnpt' ty at all. lie* win ? ?*tet.t of our oD'ei ce la tound a.i.i e In rtif eariiet-l rtt ogn11b u of the great doctrines of civil utlb it 1'iid be inanity , an.l of common law, and of unixt ii-sl law. Mr. IW<kt i ihen quol*tl irom i ape. nh of .j fena'or Puller, whittJn t-n'Mi- Sniitli did not wish U rxtr...' rlavery. He or > indeed lo h ive hands oil If that w .s ih ?> i ot Nwith Oiroi .a then, and if it ba nol trul} ib" t.pndon of fwailhi artilin.t r t*w, then 1.1 wt/uld ap pt ai in i. riiUlp,or Philipdriiitk tii' tulips, ber. Unquoted f'.itlei fi( in a si?t t b niat'e by ^!r. lluclmnin tn ltHA, one. Iso frrn. a ??nept h made by Mr. flay tn 18M, son it ndli f a*,au>l lb** i ighl to Ink" . lave* in the Territories; and attil further, to ihe ttstlr.i'ii.y overwh.lmiqg. ho ipietcd 1 oinaa - ch niaib* by Mi. Cat's at Pelroit In l^r~|. takii Kionnd that if slavery rould go tnio the Trrtiti rus iTntitht go into a t^inte In tho same way. Una UfI great loader of the dnmooroey has shown In ths gr< nt crisis thai be loved tho count y nioro than state, pi; re, [k wcr or party May his mt'inory rornain green in Ameitcan lurria forever forever. Mr. Haker here yielded ton (notion to adjourn. TIIK KTATV. miJTAKV ItHUtlt. Mr. I avis, (opp ) of Miss .ask 'd leave to present a pruiB-ble and res( I'lllona, which waa granted. It ta as follow IS H l.t rrni, li* the aee..nd and third arlleleeof thernnatllu. It p. It la pn vltlttl lhal ihe mtutla *L*1'ba the seeiirtty of the Ki,.it-a, and il 1a al?o mt'drri'liy j-rtetldeil thai a Hiata may In nine ? ' reare b ?i> ir^paand sliii* "I war, nnd by tha ae*t>? ie?nll( elaiiae .'f'.h? lira amdeloo jur.adk-Cionof the federal U(.? n Idi.eld la luiilUtl; I .. v. i, T!ai njit n 'h?* appl ? Hi of a Rtate, ellhar a ron*enth>n or the l.i>, Ihe ft^leral forces may w nhdra* n. and il al lha I'leetdent of tae IfnMed hitalat Ml all ort'.er the wtihrtrawal ef the federal aarlson and take reedful a?eurity for Ihe suety "f 'be public property " m*m U.\ further, Wbene*ar a Slate In Convention, lawful. It nibh d. altall enart tbal the safety if the Htate reoulres (he kiftdng of lr> oi a and sblpa of war. :ha l'r?%.d?nl or tha I nl"e?t hla' ea la i re by directed to r*eogoiai Ihe power of lb* Mate'ode rt*, and by his proelamalbtn gl?e lufi all th- pertlea ceoeemed . I atri on the tabic and ordered lo bej>rlnU*l. | Adjtturned. formaton le I(o?m of HrprtM?l*(tvr?. WA?nwtm?i?, Jim. 2, 1W1. Mr. Gwwi, (rap.) of Mo , < in plaoo of (JoYernnr Waahburn, appeared and wan qualiflcd. m rmnom or*wnaf? of to* oicrrnr. Mr. f^nurros, (rep.) of N. J , pree.'ut',?d a tn '<n>rM Irooi cttltfiln of Newark, N. J., "eking CV>i<giow lorn conuti*nd MM4Dk>nU to tho oonalltution to Uie m /or-U SUUm, in rlaw of Ibe preeent political condition ?f Um i-ountry. II* mored that It be referred to a *W<>. t 0001 bilttof of fl**. ' Mr. Wxtui?? r>"k, (ri p.) of IU., wml we lu?ve aire*.!/ a ccauiirtir*. Mr. JTkvww, (rep.) of IV, moved to lajr tho memorial oa the tahla. Mr. Matxakp, (opp.) of Two., calkid for the yeaa and nava Mr. W?fimifli withdrew btii notion, tbat the memo rial might b<- referred to the U>'.*mitt<* of lhlrty three, which waa ordered. Mr Jimy OorwKjum, (rpp ) of If. Y., ineffectually nought to amend the motiua to iiialruct tUe committee to retwrt ?neri*cal>r on the Rul<>?t Mr Amuii, (opp.) of N. J., pceaented th* reaolu ?k>o on que* ??, m adopts by th? Coorea tion Intely h?*4 at Tranto?, N J. Similarly referred. Mr. <l.?*a, (opp ) of Mo., wtabad to know whether tha commitU* were Ilk. ly to report at an early day or at aft. It w tn important that Uiia ahowld ho known. To tbia qiieatioo there waa no rtapoaa^ an! aovorM g> nu<-ateo railed Mr Out to order, % I Tli.' floooc tVn [v.RP'd ft.* Tnrt' r Aji^rorcrUtlon ttifl, Th? Hoiiar l?.< k 'i|> the > t*i4iilinn ??|T -r?tJ by Mr. j of li diana, on Monday, im-iti ?ict<tg iv-? 0 'mH'teo o* Judicial} Iti ilMtuui' illtu att i rt ^'l'l k tlin H.'i.-O '.l jiuy | linn vkat I. fcii-iale n ;i fcpy, li<ul !??<!'.? ?,. ?? "hj ufl ib> ) hi t ol < it ((? tt? i|. i|"< in t of Int> ?Cvn-.nt pe buu-u Mflhi m... by .oniA (jini:u?a. 'Jin* liM.fce ibtiaeil to *< w>4iii ill,* denuum lot i.n! i"*K vlOit ?!> HI Kit ?47 iiga'UH 72. Mi w.ihdi v* .to resolution, Mr. JiolnuH II.. V ! 1 |j IJU 11 It If' I' ItH II 1* l;t>*ttttltH lip' 11111'.'ifi it ^?&l I*.* bt' * li, Km* ht k 11:n Ui Ui? i hijjiii, hi or tut- army au4 ui.'ij .if It"' 11 o| tin* I'tiiiitc pi C|n'i! v a id ool 11 1 i the ri vi'm a m TUM.VWWJ/*, (opp.) ofotik>r and Mr. StiKiiMaa, (ri|> ,mv. A-o i.<> eu iiut .*/. i>uv.ii fJj.Lt in wllii im M? n?">iolion li .-1 ia 1 ti. ItH mi tliiU Mf. I'ftvU had sneb rigH. Mi Wlili/.? cii, ni(.-. tfe. privil.g.j to olW-r Ml 1'wvii1 or 1(1 i>.' 1 ft 1 iituu, i^it ab"Vu. Mr. ^t4!h liAi'iu.-i:i-aij suoh acion wu 'la 11117 out vT oril' r. Mi. ((. in.) 01 Va., t?ok the same view. I Iheih pel ticij i; ' <1 ill I lit- iit-b < e. Ihf ?H/Mm'tiWcd J'r. -hermau, quoting the nth* wblck govern*d bun. tlr. 1 uu iA urp. .iliri irum tho docuion, uuyin;; tl was dee'o the O'UhLy ibul t>ho' bo u v>.lu iaj la? pt<>lx?Ui' B. Sir Al'H.'IN, (upp-) of K J., inivil to lay fh'- appeal ? be kit* f, it m.iikiug they cot111 have a Vuti at a In tuit limn. Mr. AO 1 ain't- l;i ttnr wan ilU-.i^riO'l t? by ? ii'jn ity. Ml. lillL, (' 'pi .) ? I <>M. , UlOVol U locoilttlviol.ilh'il ut U?>" yoti. Mr. ^'in-i t, (fj.p. > ?,i Ky t niovMt tb? Houtte mijurr*. Mi. Am ki t *, (o| 11.) ui Mo., uii.! il aocuioU ;u,tiaa au tbia siu w?s ti ift.ia'ctt to irrit; to tbo pcbUu t?Aig ii> l'i FiMi ii:.' i'iiu:i g rvmlf. Ho lii 'reiojo I'mwud Umi itx lioi.t- hi- vi .I ,iii iiiU> CotbinilU-o ot vbe WU.h? on th' fiuif -4 tin t iiior. Mi. i-j'u ic.ih n-iir il 1 lit- ronolutioti hhoulil bo allowed t? c Dii1 hi, L' wn.iii luovo to rcfi-r it Ui a hvlect oututult'^o ol live. N ? cri'l Rlilt!. Iim'Ii ll;lfr|.MM>t'<] ubjl-Cti' li*. i'i Hi I w N , ) ?'l Alw., xrggfftftl that Mr. .-Ik* r: ui: <*111'. iiitin 1 1 '? tlii; resolution 011 Mouduy, bli iiiid ho obiBji. iht 1101 r. w itin 1.1 uiuLiiiK iroub c him bi.w. Mi . Mllhl?>^ uphtil l.o rofiitd to tUu rcsolu ti< n to a nJcct c u m itfio ol tlvo, with hucb iiiHiiiictknui n? wi? '?! iot|>ub t'i) ixcite niioiiMJloii. lite 1 'i.nimttts* cl ILir'j tbitf ?? ui' liirg to ci.tihidrr the projM?nn?n. a 111. in ii i< adjourn wui ti g. iivi'. ??7 ;.guiu t 10#. Mr. Bh>v. Ri>, (lip.) ol Midi , mum unwilling to volu ?? tfco niWhitii n, iu> it coliliri u! aU-trai t |.ro)??itii.iia. Ho ccKixii tin 1vl.1l 1 L'(i.;tci tc 110 reiorro.; t?u ?< lu;t com Uiittiool flvo, witlf im'tr'-cti lis, wcio iimd lor In ioi u ni on, m lb ci 11 uiiitco am ri ijulroi! to ir.'iuiro aud 11 p. 11 \\1 1 tin 1 ; rij r 1 flic, i- b'i3 boi-'ti, or nr>w 1b, tnul i-K 11 Lit.? ;I ;? ixumuii iCiitli U w lib any pa; 30. ut pi'iM 1 b, ci iaeii.;j>; ibof- itaor otl.or public proporty nt 1 I in .1 1 < r, ui. 1 win ill' 1 any < ri'm1 tin.' bi?n ina/ln f?r tb?~-ii Mil 1 >1 <!?V.11 by whoni, an.' whatarifcw*<r bmt i-e- o (lii-i ; v.I ai on!1 r b.ivo IiOfh giV 11 to aliipA of- war: wbdbi r the t'tHU ti' llni ii, Dlliou am Amonal at < |iailrK<i4i, a* 1. tiii polii.c bulliliiixa, li.ivo bo'n aiie-4 b> 1111) porfci l), find, il w>. to obtain tbo partii iiUri; w'l e'hi r ai > rtv am cutlci La b?'i'n tfc;zcil,iii;ii wltolhor aiij- . in 1., bavc-1? ? h mu'io by 1I11 bead ol the treM'iry to rroaptnio tbo iv nt?, mid t! at the committee h ito 1 t,w?i to fc. kO foi |t.ri"'LH ui "! j. i|it'i*s umi tako loflliuoiif, ami M'i*u 1 ii'i nn tiiuo to lioio aiu'b fttcm an may bo mt* ttmil to the l'.niiot'Ht wvlaie. .Mr. 9nKrju> '?'?ill, in cas? (bf apj>M?i fbonl.f io< talnrrt, hi wbvUl ii/i. prrw n veto, but was that B.cli a tin t id t'.- mudv without om*. Mr. IIi.ipton n pilo t lor biniai it bo could m.ik.' 111 c.ta prinusi1. Tortfoi with iualructioini in contrary 10 tha n l. k (I tte 1IMIW-. H o 41 fcoii'-u w?.. a on Mr. ilili'd tuntnm to teCM all ei the vote b\ m ' the lluiuso rel'uso 1 to U) Uf. Hirrman'8 appeal n tha decwion of *ho Chair on ttw table, tu;'l it wae <J?? iuu?l iu tbu afllruiativu by throo ma jority. Ilio quentioii, thorofitre, aj'ain recurred 011 laying Sir. i-hoiinan'a apptal ui. tin table. Mr una uas iu trni itod iho yens ami nays. rib?' lioubc at iiiii rotuaeA to tabio Mr. -kui mau'a appeal by two n:;ijority. Mr. VAiLAArioiMM moved to aijourn, which wa.. d?s agrrri! 10 by two innlorily. Mr. Mav^k? nn-voii that wben tbo Hm-ao adjourn to mrrrow, it be till Monday. Mr. liAMw-aiai v. (i-pp.) of ilira.. ni'ivcd a call of the House. Both were wgativo-U Other dilatory iia lions wore made to avoid a vote on tbi? qiieMk a, " .-bull ih? i1e?ifl|im of tho Hp^ak.-r nund ?M tli? Jui'gmoi t of tin Ilouju.f " be having ruled Mr. Sh-r luan'H re>" lutton <u-t of or.'or. Mr. Ilow/.nu, of Mitb , proposed as a compromise that the HocAe iigrou in t&kn a vote on tho wboie nunjoot at one o'clock tim.eriow. Tlio opt* aita toiio 1 oft.ami to ag oe to thia. Mr. 1J. w<rn, or Micb., tm-i'-r^tood, if th ? ili"?M<?i ?f tbf ( hair be ovomilod,then tho nauatum will ooma up on the ret?r? lice ol tin- r>B"Hiri-n. It wi:f aijreiMJ that the question b<? lakoa at ono o'jiuok to morrow on the quc-licu of tho aj.|>?al, and the House Ari.uiurr.ed. IMPOKTANT FROM NOliTH CAROLINA. Hu hmi mi, Va., Jan. 2, 14Cd. Governor Ellin, of North tVoiiua, lua d.^;al, triKipii to aeizn upon Kurt Macii, nt lii'uufort, tlio fori* at TViluilugton ami thu United .Stal.-a Aroetial nt i'ayutte vllle. Tliw lnformati >n has b r n brought h -re by a gen tleman oijunectod w till an iufcuruuon olU.e of th? oity, who baa juat remrned from Wilmington. It l, daomod reliable. REPORTS FROM RICIIMOND. Kioimitim, Jan 2,18<J1. Hon. Mr. Trofcoctt, Socrt tnry of tho South Carolina Commiaslonere, an ivo 1 hero from Wmjhingtou at fa ir o'ck".ok ywterday m mlng, and Immediately wp.m the cpoaing of tbo teiegraph 1 'fTlre nent a dispatch from tho CVminiMtiotieie to ( harioaton. The 'cu.or of ti e mt ver* Is not pt?itl*i ly knowu, bu'. tho ljeliof la that 11 'irgod the taking ol lort Sumtor. lb'' object of tl.iii movi-m-nt was to prevent tha tan or of tbo despatch icuihing tho eare of Lite fa la ut au thorities. A gaitieaiao from r:ilpe,-]icr oouoty infoiuin ma that in a wink from iht* timu there wiil t.ot be a doz >n (lalon n.< n In tbiit cool ty . Y/UifeS, wh" * mo days ago wore noum.iLg ri c?-t i' n, are uow rumpai t secc?aioiiiuts. Eaah HiM to be tho f?.to ifraii parta of the .-.late. THE GEORGIA CONVENTION. CltAJtuSauM, Jan. U, 1M1. Ri-uirno indicate that Cioorgln baa gone for immodtato Brcfsiiin. The Unto tr-op* of <>eorj;ia now occupy the forta of I'olai-M and .'ack.-on and tbe United Stale* Arseual In EWllillli AFFAIRS IN NEW ORLEANS. Nkw Op.utA.>a, Jan. 2,1M1. Tho d?"i dirhfnm the I'reai-lent of tho South Otroliaa < 011 v'-ii 1 ion lo tho Uovcrn.<r of L(>uUlaua and th? Mayor of Now Orleans, thai tbe Ooliiiuli-HiiinerH at Washing to* bellove war In. vitnl le, produceit Intense excitoyient ? her?'. Coiiitaiiilea raising la Now Orleans to embark for Churl 1 ton contcmpicte to obtain i? 6ao<?i. n ol two Spa niah war Btenmcrs, now off New Orleans, oon.lomnod by govertmenl; alao to scizo tho foits 011 tho MX-uaaippt river In.mediale y on the sece&iton of I/M isiana. Ihe rca.giJitlM of Secretary l loyd Uaa done mack to bat-ieii aeo-aeairi action. l*reenleut Ubi hanan ia uaiver aaliy condemned. THE ALABAMA CONVENTION. MmmMMKiiT, Jan. a, 1881. Fron mil return#, fifty ol^lit deb'gataa id txvor of iai nrxviiato hi c??.sivd wirv ulecteU to furl)' two en uperaii? tat*. The cooperation favored by rt *t of the latter clma in already u enrol, and lUey will probably volo wiUk tba former. Al>D!tEHP OF HENRY WINTER DA TIB. Diiuvkr, Jim. 2,1 AM. Henry IVtutor Davie' addreea to bla constituent* HUe avar two cviunn H in thm an< rn< <>n'a I'utr.nt It* main featura I? it pMrerfnl ap|?ni MgAthft cotiwmltig the Mat; land La gi?4ati<re. He aontaoda thai ??irh an act, un the pr*. tM>ot e*elte?nafit, trouli ho fraught wfth imtntnint danfar to the Cuion, anil to any Uupe of adjust nig the existing natlotiAl diffcuittca Me denounce* the e?brta made and making to have our 1j gielature a* cmbled, m iti*tigatod by the extreme revolution ieta and sec<vwionl?Ui of Um Nxitb?apiot to fr.roibly take pcaarssion of the federal capital and prevtot I.dio?!n'* Inauguration, which woaM Irretrievably diseolva the Union and ptung<> tha whole nation into civil war. Hi' ai? nays that Mar) land hna everything to U?e and nothing to ?.?m by Joining a Southern confederacy. A disaolved ITnion, under any eVrcumataneea, deatmya bat identity, kills Uw commerce, her railroada, miaufact'iii*, everything, lie only sa/cty ia la the Puion, ani hot I>aramount duty ia to defend it at every hazard. He Hays th? Southern secessionists have been stompta* the titate, inaiduoualy poiaor.lng tha mind* of tha IUrf and people, and on ieavonn* to get thorn to urge iha convent km of the legislature by ovarnilUi* and inuml dating Governor Hick*, that If the LagisUUra were onm venrd, suah representations would be made u? th? mtnbam as would cntiee tbem to take aidea with tho tlllboeUrlug rt \-i>uitk?iau, and pluugo the whole country into irro trievWe ruin. THE FEELINO IN MAHSACHU8KTTS. Hievron, Jan. t, 1W1. H e ueual sermon before tha uovimor and Staff and lie IrgiMi'tura, State dignltarUa and military ?M preacl;?d to-day at the okt Keith church, by ITafiwer Anetin I belpa. lie ?aki" Aa people we never com(*ro ii b-cd to material tnt*r<*rta. Kod foihM thet we eboilld ?In co ww (I oiig applauja ) We m ifct be pio(*red t* makd in our lot, ?banter however thatilal of fr?d ituMitutkiM ah?ll riWt*tc_ (trrmtadrxta npphM'fle)??**> by tha Mcrlfloa of vtrtoo and our beet blood."

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