Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1861 Page 2
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Our Mlmnf Correupwiit^*' Al-UAKV, JSU &. I*01 /v,?.rf U? J .??*? /orrt, Oitfrol f. -fiW </ ?<? h?rj*f?'>v" Svhtwc 1 ?<* A" ?*/?}.end ('<? D*rn#nw>t*t *.f J, tr>1 St"f* 0 <~j< rjlion tn thr Octroi l'"' ' '"un " Ari*t'< <o<? CM Homa, ?*?. ? 0/<i\i a ?> ( II s rtstf ftr* OfKfjy.fUtU J ** rtr #V'? UKS, J* , dr .. ? . . ?jhi-rc UC M in.: facts U> be staled toucMug the Central rwk sud D.o |.'opnod I'gi lalton ?u regard toil her* Un# vinler vbieh rwjuire more detail than a pw*^ "? , your liei.i ri'l s| ft* l|('* 11 npiiMif. that tlii-re i? a general concurrence id the *x|rti< w> of reducing tlie number of numbers in the ?5oard When the Investigating Committee shall report, Hi,ill will l-e. introdmed remodelling the commission. ?^it)ly in tl-e in n nor of the Commission for Corrections IlJ Cliarlti * II Is conceded thil ibe division of such I oards equally between the two political parties has l.tcii found to v orl: pretty well. Vbc Control r?vlc Hoard now comprises cloven rneni |1(irh 0f v l.oiu tlireo are absentees abroad. It is not yet nettled wlio wi'l b- rolained of tho present communion The fate of the propos-d extension or addition to the noi Hi end of the I'ark will probably have much to do Villi the matter Messrs. T C. Fields and John A. C Ciiav have been at variance on ibis subject, the latter I .KisUsully opposii tl?-extension, whilst Ibe other as rcUvcly sustained i' Tin- result has been ibal the Board fc^ tb'riiiht to order a discontinuance of the ? ?l?1 procWmgs for taking ?be t waive blocks of land from 106lh sucH to 110 h atreet, between the Kitlh and ?".I^bth, at the prices ?Messed in ihe report of 4Uc three Cuntnlasioners named by the C-ntral lark t*ard tlie Court ?ud the property owners, and vrliose uppiaiM rneut will fhortl) be arte* upon by the ' ,?,,t >4,o 11 this action of Ihe Board in slop,dug those oceedingfc be Bustaimd, there will be a regular civil ?i among the various p irlies in interest, and the battle . ?t bo fought out boie, in tlie lobbied and in the l,egl? urc*. It 13 of no great conscience, perhaps, who shall be ? I le to c i.tiol the namoK to be excluded from or included i,; the new com in tee ion To the public and tlie property owners ibe fight sb..ut tlie extension, and its effect upon the speedy completion of the Park arc of far more account. The board end it- ad\iM*pbiivo laken very safe and judi clous ground in relieving themselves of responsibility for the large ?if*.*6nieot of a million and a half of dollars wbicb the afi-iitiou will C'*t At the time waen the t .k ilia of the land wna dct?rnilned upon its value wa- vastly less arid i < doubt that nt this mom nt llio appraisement, in v'iow o! Ihe times, co;:M not be realized in the market But Ibe wneif claim thai, at tho time when the report was iccl?r< d, the xft'ue of lots had rear bed by actual ealx. ten thousand (loll ns lor liuiit lots at tlie lower end of the I'ai I., and that noilb r tho oi iginal value nor a panic appralfaemeiiI,r.i d 'i the temporary pressure ol the turn s vTill beendurwl by then. The valuations of he report naigc from iilue h indred dollars for the rear lots to li ve thousand tlolliiis (or the front lots, in winch Ibo majority of the ownci s arauiew - When the matter comes up for consideratl n li co ut there will be a very curious exhi l iti >u of UiO rupiil ris?* iu va'ae c?r roalentato aro.nia tho I'ark It is certain lluit, while Ihe assessors valuatlona ?f wweity In vliol - city have onl> doubled in ten vt*r? tbc pctuel s.'l > around ihe I'ark show an increase ?Mraiue hi two yea.s of tenfold. Thus, lots sol I In 1858 between Fifty -eighth end Fllty-ninth str<".it- forfl.MO, wore dispcfw-d of I >-? year st $HKKW Where will they l>? this ycert They woull not now realize even the old BDOrataemenl of th - 1'a-k grounds, when the Commls frioners allowed leas thuu Ihe Corporation mortgage* on ; lots bought from the city. Hut Mil of tlie difllcullk-a pi wnlod liy I In - mstter Iihs Arisen a most sli gular scheme, which has its agents al ready In the lobbies hero making their arrangements. It fitnHutrs that, in anllcipatlou of the defeat ol the n?|iort for taking the land in question, a regular or raniMtioi. has le,n made by a portion of the owiiora to gain e ntiol or the whole nuilh eud1 or extension oi the Pari;, tor tne purpose of de VSlt U*|u i\ ale ^-s and l?lv?le profil Noth.. ,; more |i ep.sU.rous or mischievous than the pro ill auesliou. Ill" act authorizing tho eUenslou rXT^lTd a ^rUoii ol Ibe I'ark. ? W it b.d boen laid down as h publiJ plae.e in the original map of he oily 1 he Mif is and nvenues are thus clo>od, and.the lawyers claim that tmder Ihe a' tion of thei C ??ntral I! ark lu.-t'd 4f41iotwor.<.edii+s are H"|>ped, they I 'm only be renewed under anew set of the.legislature, and until then the laud remains to all Intents an purposes n por Umi of tlie Central I'art:. In the possession and "*( J.I i.rivUio.vt er: The few parties In this plot ex ks-rt I) at by cinbarassing the proceedings tln'y will be Jilde to buy rp the lots at greatly depreeiat rates, and |,, preventing any further kgiilation here,-tboy can nit. t falelt km ere the curiovs and anomalous advantage of a .k.i mam i I owne. ship in a large tract within the boundaries !.f Uie I'ail: which, it is as?umoJ, can be pui In a few voars beyond the reach forever of Ms purchaseor seizure for i i.M<c lit tliro"K^ tho vaHl increase of it^ tm kirfivciiii'iil^ mid llij* nw in ^ ulur. , . . The itssi sMiient ?h now formidiible enough, but what would Ihe sum be II the projwls of th.-se speculators aro alc4?ir.(ulij Set on fiK>tr They pro|K?e to ejUMUlh .it tn(r\il?tiHi in the north end of th^ I ?'k, after the fashion of Ihe evplo led Crysl .1 I'alace schemes The I'oa of nultii.g the I'a.k into tlie hands o a cor,.oration, which lut- .ilrcidy h.-en attempted lielore the hns'?lalure Will fftn.s, lie li led again this winter u. the form of ?. LVt 1,1 isko the land ct Ihe projwsod extension the I.,si< of a Vdiit slock company, to finish thi- end of the \Zv st ov.n It is assumed that the pre L-t'v.Mild |.ay rinouMy, If proporly carried out, by lunhling e magiiifteent s unnier olub bouse, refectories L lively oi curlsge depots, conservatories and luuW'inis eleg.uit aristocratio summer pavilions, to lie .enle4 I'ko the boes-s > In Regent s l'-rk l,i>iiili.n with va>i ' is others of the features in riiktal In the pok. abr-ad It li is not transplro l whether Bamum will be t ,ken int .the precious precinct, l.ut it v oiihl I e interesting tokuow whether he tlnnk 'Vlfc1U? ry*s>I<? Of Vanderbilt and of the lo?? of tlic rinOlxon /Vvriiu. tlaj? llit Chwrlit ftotdadiaua *V?i ;? liuplialcharch, cantor <>f Hnrty ftnrl f *. """- ???' 40 IUo wor*liipi?< &c:l jester ?ley nicrnkf: Another vm; lino apeclmn of cbuicb MrckitcatWt tathu sfUMed t? th ?*? with which our < ity tft*ln*'lv edorti'd flic building Ij> of Hip Byzantine or dcr of erchllctttira, e'ld 1'iou^h in tin.* order li&htn<-M Mi J t-U^in oo rnlbei thMMlidlt} andmaanirMieas are mm UiClMl i>f Hiearclilto.t, Mr GrlOilh Thoma. , *11 of tli-se feature* art R<uied Tht? odilioe i* balH of lliiladelphi i brick, ? i'b brown etone trimminga and the trlHHnt f - of varied deiign In Ui<> rear i au tk-fcanl baptistry, and hunday fccilKil fpoiul Hie ):il'?ri >r t? sl'Uingly beautiful No i olttutns r-up |H?rt Hip Ceiling, MXty-lwofanl high, winch springs from v m11 to mil ii ail uubroken of Bixt) fept Thr (bwA k (li?iMMdiol M( kl foet loii^aiii) its width ?*Y0ut} tluoe (tl At cither Ntrenitt) 'tre cor, loi?|H>r.dr> rti Miruiounted by orn.??nent'*l archi trove*, Mi' i oppori?t bjiginla columns, the one re Cwi coi.l.i'i . .# Hi' platform and pulpit, the other thl hew ami fi i ill oi^an, btull b) I'.ifcfii Spacious f(.*l MM ri.ii rl -t Ibfiilrvifli tt?e wo;4work la painted in whit-. relieved l>) walnut, a'id p.ineil'd in rink, lli? wliidowp ere of Kta'np'l gli,<, the up olalery crinis m The mf d'nil is, therefore, wonder! 111 y rich ami pliant, an I In airint-sfl r>iid bentjr u? almost ?in*Hjualli"l TIip yellow gla.i? In the door M?parati:i|; the vesilfcUH to. however, a deformit) ho ghrtaffml (uulM Hit tri?(M? tif? uhauatad all ths (aale wbich is wadminilily ahown ela?wherej it will hp iinmedi iielr removed. Ctooilort, couveuienco and beauty Imve nlikc been roM'illcd. an 1 the odlflce goes from the heniU i>l the aichil-ct and worl.m n a triumph The I: >v I'r Hague, pastor, con luc.tcd the dedicate nmrvicm yuderday. The choir waa a double flirted- Urn H>*irt (<1f church), *oprano; Mi* Bhrtfaf, alto, Mr Miranda, tenor, I!r Oik>-, baaao, le*din>; Mr Rente, of l/mlon, a? ??1 i<d at tbP organ, which L? rooiarkablp for Ha M inpi Ihttir Voihi Th'1 preliminary eai-rcla.* belnx o mriuded, f it Hague announced *- lb 'lift" nlu vpra-of the aevi nth chapter o! Clironlrlea t'omplimontlug the enl.iftt -ndliu-ieea MM Uu- winner in which tbey liaA i-11 Hiiil their lihiir of love In the erection Cif MicV it (V'irch ?flflrp. the reverend I?octor prodded to cm,1 w-r, tn !*h v,<?iil'Mii itlou* airle ?Klrnt, the of #eruig ?W?i? nU-?t, an I khohh I, the objoct of the dedica tirw !i??',p <?. Ii>.e* Mir h ? mori th* dtolictlon betw.-en 0 JcwlM, tenure end a ApMrmh aynagogurt. and the cor B*-H>?c?;eticp ?f tn eh ireh?? wuti the lauet, wm* lucidly utid wt ewli fttagi m the ?ui?MUd n???niPBt ..tie jarkJO* p;rtioii* i.f tV? edliK-.wtba pulpit, *?idi'noe I I'M ?, tl... c?i"lr?were <.n? k> 0?e ?o1 unity WWWWltn Of*1. T(i:u lang mm ,n m?nt ii?tn?? ?ech chip of ?r<- ?4 4:it?roM, the rm rr. rl liw ior called rat * 4r?t ion to M.e e<?ea wbh'h i-nrnn-unli-l ?r the towem Mid iVtwifled r from tbp P?r4?H%nl |ir*u'i'1k' agaiiut lt< *1 showing?mcbi*4v?ly that-it wv< ?%? naivp> ??1 ?4Mrit>-* ef 4ha wly OhriWaa-v, tha* (t wax bv ?n price pi- Ilentli fl with theJtoanaa (>illiol?c. eyint 1 jiranH?e r riKutin, and that, even ft It were iiMhticu t: tvould t>e folly for Hip HapH?t?to refuac to f* idojit it 0n |li't ercn:nl, ?iiile?a thpy wniNi alw prri>irelt > give up their t*afMalrina, as the l!>m?n t>ttinilic4 at (jenoi )fvnichau] Sii'ith'inII tl> li ?! I. hut did not 11-Pthebaptist trhaerected !?> prlmlttveChrilfUnta The pastor e opieat ly r^rietwded liv tiit ling In. rongref;ation not despond | p. ni}.- the) took iKM?nial'iu of thpir new edl In? at e tta? whoii the conntrj wmi> 1 in IMrilotw 4anger. In aueh a hlly pi ice th-j- should 1 itlipr lie lik!? thoae t iv?Pt birds he ?rd through the lap<e? fif Ih? HmiimIpt In Hie Mnrnn ofl the west Indian llJa?ilM~4il;i|tfei?i aweMI| in thn s in.^hl'ip above the rl<>u43, IhilUfO thn leinpctt raged in?dl* h^luw rlaUmi like irifin. c^nool die till the If wofk Is tfonf Inlnh r* fleaixd of Ool, and, ttnughall the t)lk*e too trlhM died a?l Ikiujamln w.u* iu?rired la podah, (Uill f.'-Vn bleaamg aurrounded it like a tfhi?!1 viilfl l!? work wm done and Shilob htd come. Then the eagle* of Rome swept down upon it as ii|*>n a (load body. No, Uod ha* a work for this nation and it cannot die, and, believing this, let us stand, like Paul, remembering that if all fail "we have a kingdom, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." The very interesting st-iviceb then concluded with the bulging ol the (Malm ? O Thou, whose own vast temple stands, Built over land and sea, Accept thest- waits which human hand* Have raised to worship Thee. Lecture by Blehop Tlmon, of Buffalo. The Bight Rcr. Bishop Timon. of Buffalo, lectured last evening at Irving piall, on the subject?"lite Htate of Separated Souls in the Next World." The new and hjmcious hail was densely crowded by an audience num bering nearly 4.000 people, a great portion of whom had gathered at a very early hour in the evening, while the platform was occupied by a number of distinguished Catholic clergymen of this city. At a few minute* before eight oVlock Bishop Timon made Ins appearance, amid much applause, and proceed ed to the delivery of his lecture. He divided its consideration Into three parts?the state of eternal bliss, the state of eternal puni.-hmcnt, and the pi rgatorinl state. His subject was one, he said, that had already given rise to a great ileal of discussion, from the earliest centuries down to the present time. Heaven was the eternal dwelling place of God and His friends. Were there nothing beyond this world the soul would sicken at the idea oi monotony as nothing created could satisfy it II Its Immortality. When they spoke of (ipd it was in a philosophic manner?by negatives, lie wts infinite?that is, He was Lot Unite. The other extreme state of futuri ty was the abode of darkness. The eternal punishment of hell was not merelv tho tortures of hell?it was the l< sing of God. All other pains aud penalties were to this but as a drop of water In the ocean. The third, or purgatorial slate, was wit considered. Many hud contended against its because the word purgator) was not in the Bible. In the s ame way tbe word incarnation was not to be (ound in the Bible, and it was owing to the primltiveness of people's ideas ami want ol technical and numerous names that no such word could be foimd in the Scriptures, though the idea existed and was expressed in later days by the word uow given to it There was a disposition of late to reject the idea of an eternal hell, but he contended that God was eternal and everlasting In his punishments as ho was in his rewards. The lecture was listened to with deep at tention during its entire deliver) aud was interrupted at frequent intervals b\ loud applause. WilllnmMlxirg City News. SniTOSM" Imulvwaky Kirk.?Yesterday morning, about half past one O'clock, a lire was discovered in the fancy goods store, No. 211 (irand street, occupied by hewis Shanlleld k Brothers. The engines were promptly on the spot, an a, by the exertions tf the llremeu, the llames were extinguished, will a loss to the stock from fire and wator, of about $i!00. Insured for $1,600 The building which ^ owned by James Kit^numons is lulured to tho extent of ?250. and Is fully msurod in the Williamsburg City company. Krom certain Indica tion.5 It was supposed" that the lire was th? work of in cei.d*arisn>, and Lewis Shan field. the principal; Frank Abraham* and Solomon Newman, clerks, were ar retted, on suspicion of having set fire to the premises botore closing for the night I)t;-iA.m:iM on thk W?fnuu> Waters.?The Louisville Cmiriti gives a compiled statement of the disasters upon the Western rivers fur the paot year. The recapitulation Is as follows;? StcamDoais suntc aim uama?eu oy ice ;> Steamboats m igged and suuk Steamboats run into bank 10 Steamboat collisions IS Steamboats burned >12 Steamboats sunk ou falls 'i Steamboats sunk by storms -u Steamboat explosions 12 Machinery broken. 10 I Collision with bridges - Total steamboats '.'10 Ooolltonts lost litH Flatboats and barges T41 Number of lives lost '2-'I Intimated aggregate loss $3,145,t>00 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sunoay, Jan. C, 18G1. The new year opens with a very dull state of ' buHinesB. The great staples of the country have recovered in price from the lowest point of depres sion ; both cotton and breadstuff's are considerablv higher than they were. Hut all kinds of general merchandise are slow to move, even at prices far below those which ruled in October last. Our imports are small; our exports large, though gradually growing less. The exports of food dur ing the past few months have been the heaviest ever known in the same period of time ; and, con trary to general expectation, they have not de pressed prices in Europe. We shall be able to present our readers, in a day or two, with the an nual tables of the trade of the port for the year 1800; in the meantime we subjoin our first weekly return of imports of foreign merchandise for the year 18*il IMI1.RTH von Til*: W?K. I ? , . 1461 Qeoer tI merchandise $711,916 1,438,541 1,001,225 Our bunk* continue to accumulate specie, hast Monday they showed un average of #2.1,275,0.>8. ?sim <? then they have received about three millions from Kngl ind and from California, and have lost but iiwle to the South. The Sob-Treasury balance lias increased in consequence of the recent award of Treasury notes. It stood yesterday at ?1,645,437, Hg?in-t #'-',222,167 at the close of last week. The prospect continues fair for further accumulation* of gold at this point. For n month to come gold must come here from Kngland. and there is no prospect of our losing any substantial portion of our California receipts. The bunk loans last Monday stood at 1131.316,258?a de crease ??f $<>*>,011 from the week previous. Seve ral of the banks appear to be preparing for the new rtgime which is to go into force on the l*t of February, when they are all to keep twenty-five per cent of their liabilities in coin on hand. As the money market eases up the street lenders will come to the relief of the banks, and th? dis counts may be curtailed without injury to the mercantile community. Money has grown easier during the week. We j quote call loans at G per cent: first class *hort paper Pa 10: fair paper, 12 a 15, and names not generally known all the way to three per cent a month. The difficulty continues to be. not a scarcity of money, bi?j a want of confidence. The failures which have already taken place, and those which cunnot fail to occur if the present troubles continue much longer, deter men of means from bu>itig paper w hich may. in any con tingency. fail to be met. The government last week borrowed five millions at twelve per cent? a very high rate of interest, no doubt, but no higher than was paid the same day for the obliga tions of parties who manage their business far better than the government of the United States. Recent political deyelopements, combined with the new stand taken by the l*resident. are likely to enable the I'nited States to borrow on better terms by and by. Foreign exchange is rather dearer than it was a week ago. Hankers' bills sold for the Saturday's steamer at 105 a l4. and at 5.37% for francs. Mer cantile bills an growing scarcer, and bakers are not very anxious to draw. The exchanges at New Orleans were higher a few days ago, and a good business was done in cotton at an advance: the rate has since fallen to about I02JJ. The following table Will show the course of the stock market for the past week and month: ?? Orr. 15 ZVr 22 /V 2P Jnn ft. Mt-sonrlS* 64 64 6i>>, 67<? <W?' New York Central.. 70 V 72 S 75 ?t 75 7M ?J"*'* -'?S. .U .'. ay.* ?????? 24l. 27', 36*. CT , W>' ?Uchlirsn Oirtrnt 4.1 45 \ 40 c. 4m :~n\ fleuthern*uar?teed 2->'k 36 32'. :ti i 34* Illinois Central .. <M\ to ?; <j? 7!>, ?*?*?a M?S ?I 64 ^ 65'! 65 C Hook island 41 46 f m. w* - ?'?' :?)>, w :4 "to*"*- 100 113 IIP 112 11B. Bwdsoa Kiver 87 45 4.11; 4* r.^t?ellaJl........ 78?< 7? si* w4 The stock market shows a marked advance, which is predicated upon some hope of settling the present political difficulty. Kach day ha* <ecn some rumor spread through the street to the ?ff< t that this or that plan of settlement was * ?out to be adopted ut Washington; but the tele grap i at night seMntn confirms the rumor* of the mom tig. However, in the event of anything being Uv!H\ -toik-i would move upward so rapidly that many per on- are willing to take some interest on the chance. People are tired of panic, and ?othing but actual chil war is now likeh to exer cise n generally depressing effect on the market I The progress of events at the South, and the ita ' min<nt danger of armed collisions between the force#of the United States and the people of the seceding States, are raining commercial ques tions which have never been agitated during the present generation. It i# well known that /or Home time past large order# have been coming from the South for arm# of every kind and munition* of war. A# a general rule the Northern recipient# of these order# have executed them, charging the usual commissions. In a few instances, however, the order# have been declined on ground# of principle. The question ha# now been rai#ed whether, in the event of civil war, Northern mer chant shipping arm# to the South might not be charged with treason against the United State#' The constitution (article iii., section 3) #tate# that "Trenton against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or iu adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. This section, as we learn from the commentator#, was formed on the basis of the English statute (?!?? Edward 111., cap. 2), which has always been the great law on the subject of treason in the kingdom of Great Britain. That statute, like the constitution of the United States, declares that "if a man be adherent to the King's enemies in hi# realm, giving them aid and comfort in the realm or elsewhere," he commits high treason. Commenting on thlsclause, Blackstone (Commentaries book IV., 82) ex plain# that "selling arms" to the king's enemies constitutes "giving them aid and oomfort." With regard to the term "enemies," Blackstone adds:? "Most indisputably the same acts of adherence or uid which, when applied to foreign enemies, will constitute treason under this branch of the sta tute, will, when afforded to our own fellow sub jects in actual rebellion at home, unomit to high treason, under the description of levying war against the king." The same doctrine is laid down in Foster, 216. It is to be hoped that the lameuta ble dissensions which now exist between the North and the South may be healed by some judi cious compromise. But if this should not prove the case, and actual civil war should ensue, the above extracts would seem to place Northern shippers of arm# to the South in an embarrassing situation. We have received a ropy of the annual report of the Superintendent of the Banking Department, transmitted to the Legislature now in session. It commences with a review of the revulsion in com mercial affairs, which the Superintendent attributes to political agitation. He says:? 1hi wisdom or the hanks in the city of New York, in combining their interests and extending their acorn mo nations, cannot be questioned; but the causes th*t pro duceii tin-- necessity of their action cannot be explained but by the force of a single word?pauic?skilfully and adieitlj manufactured for political and sp.oulative pur poses and useTo what extent aud how ruinous the re sults or this action may be, is beyond human keu Vet, to tlie capitalist, the merchant and the p.oduoing clas?es of this State, it is none the less disastrous th*naro\ ulsion resulting either from war, pestilonce or famine. With regard to a remedy he say#:? Tlie permanency of our laws is secondary In its opera tion to their vigorous and prompt enforcement, a- they exist. The adaptation and employment of capital to existing laws is proverbial, even il oppressive, an I is sure protection from comparative annihilation, wh'lst a failure to execute them is fatal to Its value under all Cir cumstances. These periodical revulsions may be a con dition of the form of government under which we live. 11 so. it is a serious difficulty, and a drawback to our pros peritv and onward march as a nation The founders of our government l< ft a single legacy to their successors as a remedy for all difficulties tliat might arise, ana of wnat ever nature, vi7 . the prompt and vigorous enforcement of the constitution nnd the laws. A bad law enforced is better than a good one unexecuted. The one admits ot amendment and correction; the other leaves the body rx-'litic to certain death from Inanition. The one w a eor taintv aid capital can anl ?ill accommodate it sell to iu em< lions, the other is an uncertainty, which utterly de stroys and annihilates it. The total number of banks, banking associations, individual bankers aud closing aud insolvent banks in:? Incorporated banks JjjJ* [tanking associations *7" Individual bankers ?" Closing aud Insolvent banks ^ j Total 843 The circulating notes issued and outstanding amount to $38,034,800, as follows:? Ranking associations and individual bankers ,$J8,H41.416 Incorporated banks 0,103,884 Total *38^00 The *28,841.410 circulation of the free banks is protected by the deposit of the following securi ties :? Bonds and mortgages ?. ? ? ?? f?.8?l,4d3 \ V.stall suick 4', percent . *1.4.400 IK, do. ft " 7,4.11 ."69 IV,; do. 6* " 937.000 Ito. do. 6 " 12,061,061 U States do. 6 " f2.M9.0tt0 Do. do. 6 " *201.000 Arkansas do. 0 ? ??'?? Illinois do. 6 " Michigan do. ? " Cash U<m 20,664,421 3.120,?00 Total *10,195,46-2 Apgrcgate of tho securities held in trust for bank'tig hsr station* and Individual bank er* Sc) tomber :t0,1S59. 28,00* 330 Increase during the year 1h60 $-, 127.1*25 Amt. of circulation outstanding Sept. 30, 1*00 $2s,H4l 4lfl In. do do. do. 1659. 2?,4HO,032 Ibcroase for the year ending Bept .10. 1#60. $2,350,7&4 Thi* increase of #2,127,125 is that* made up:? Now York State stock $1 .2W.3J* lulled State* utock 1 '250.600 $?2,548,880 Los* decrease in tlio following:? Bonds and mortgages $325,449 Arkansas State stock 20,000 Ul ID'iiat State do 7?,4*-? Ctoh 2 8*8 421.760 Total $2,127,125 In addition to those from the free banks the Superintendent holds securities for incorporated hanks and trust companies, under special acts of the legislature, making the whole amount in his hands as follows:? , Free banks and bankers $30,196,402 12 Incorporated banks... *0,351 '21 Trust companion '200 000 00 Total *30.4*1.813 33 Of the $200,000 held for trust companies. $100,000 is for the United States Trust Company, of this city. The deposit on account of incorporated hanks is to redeem the outstanding notes of those closing their business. The Superintendent re marks:? The Superintendent has n? hesitation In saying that the currency of the free hanks and bankers of this Mate never was better secured than at the present time, In the kinas of securities held by the department It may not be amiss, at this point, to slate that. while the opinion of the superintendent in relation to the reception of bonds and mortgage* remain/ the same, as to their availability for the redemption of bank would appear thtt the experience 0( ts:.T ha- taught, in a measure, the same lessen to the bankers which the reports of the Su perinteiident have heretofore tailed to Inculcate. The amount of bond* and mortgages held by the Bink l>e partment on the 1st Of October, 1857, was' $7.850,'231 50. while the amount on the 1st of tvtober, l*?o. was $5,851.40:! 79, showing a decrease m that peculiar Security of $2,004,707 HO This decrease has not MM NMm and unexpected but every quarterly balance, from the former date, has shown a decrease in those securities over and above those received in thl? office From the concluding paragraphs of the report we copy the following:? The ev:l* of the dprescul com] t on of the monetary affair^ in our State can on!} bo ovrc ??me bv in.iu dual eKortHin and courage. It Is one <>| the Mtang" phases vf. the present money panic that it has produced no change in the twnal transactions of the Bank Department. At the time of closing thw repo? t. l>eeetr.i>er 10 (?*? re H' by Ui? pro\ isKWt-at chapter 4.17. of the laws of lU(), m> s'gn of the actnal existence of any change In our monetary uffalrs, from their usual condition. Is sh?>wn by the bt*4.s of thlt- department. TbUfaCt alone is one o' great oiicourafcement. It at lea-t a Ids to the hopes of the Puiterintendebt that we shall soon resume our wont.d activity and prosper it). * ? ? ||,> has full confidence in the present system of btnking as pur sued in this Stal<. Neither does he MUet e particularly under the present condition of the business of the coun try, tnat either Uio people of tho state or the banks re quire any charge in our pr.sont laws in rclatiou to liink ing; and. In the langiate of his report of last j car '? The Superintendent most respectfully submits this report to the legislature without my siigKestion for analtsrat'on or amendment to our present banking laws." C ITY ( OMNKHCHIi HKPOHT. tUTt HbAY. Jan ft?0 P M Aks ?The market wss steady, while sales wer+ light A sale of 1t*)bbls newly lu*pi?-tod pots was made at $5, while pearls were quiet and nominal Bar* osrv res?Hour?The market for common gradev of State and Western was hear} and lower, while extra adet- were firmer. The anlea footed up about 12,000 a ,OCO 1 b ? , clo?tng within lb. following range of prices Su(iertine Slate (6 30 It 6 35 Extra Mate, good to choice 6 66 a 6 70 feu per tine Western 6 30 a 5 35 Conation to choice Western extra 6 60 a 7 26 Mixed U? *ti aight .Southern 5 TO a 5 90 St i a if til to good extra do 6 00 a 7 26 Choice extra lauiily aud bakert' brands .... 7 26 a 8 50 K>e floui 3 35 a 4 15 Coin meal, Jersey and Brandywine 3 15 a 3 16 ?Canadian was quiet aud sales light, having been con fined to aU>ul 260 bids. ut $5 66 a (7 26. Southern Hour wua I)ru ly held and id good riquest. The aalea rum piusiii alNiut 1,4(0 bbls., clotting within the range of the above figures. e Uour was io good request ami tinner, with safe- 200 bbls. at our ligures. Corn nioal was inactive at steady, with moderate hales of New Jersey Brandy wine at full prices. Wheat?Ihe market opened with firmness, but enhanced views ol holders and the high rates demanded for freights tended to depress the market, which closed tumely; the sali s were to a lair extent and embraced about 76,000 bushels at $1 46 for prune l/ng Island white, $1 60 for white Miihigan. $1 36 a $1 37 for fair to good red Western. |1 30 for Milwaukee club in store and afloat, No. 1 spring at $1 20, and Northern club at $1 2it. Corn heavy and rather lower, with sales of about 43,000 buahi'l* at 70c. a 7lc. lor Western mixed in store, 71>?c. do. de livereo, 72',C. for yellow , and 72c for prune new North Orollna whito Rye was irregular: Miles of 1,200 bushels were made at 75c. a 77c. Itarley was in lair demand, but quiet, at 73c. a 87c. Oats were steady, with mode rate salon at 36c. a 36'jC. for Western und Canadian, and 36a 37c. for State. Cowlr?The tnniket was quiet, but steady. A sale of 200 mats of Java was made at 16c., aud 260 do. Rio at lie. a 12V'. Cotto.n?The speculative feeling previously noticed con tinued, and the sales embraced !i,000 a 10,000 bales, in eluding about 6 000 baled iu traufclt. The market w is a#aiu Urmer, and i lotted at an ol about ^c. Wo now qiioti middling at about 12',c , which is an advinco ol 3c ]K<r pound, m about $13 60 a bale from the lowest point, or c The stock here :a reduced, aud estimated at 16.000 a 20,000 bales. pRkH.H'8 ? I'n Liverpool nboiit 33,000 bushels of whnat were ei,gaged at ll.tjd. in ships' bugs, 1 f>u0 bbls flour at 3$. 3d , some Sea Island cotton at '*4 There was more dotng In beef, bacon, laid anu cheese, at rates var> ing from 37s 61 a 40s. To I Aim Ion 300 tierces navy be? f were engaged at 8*. 6 i , 600 boxes bac ?n at 40s. and 3,000 bbie lloui at "a. Od. To tilaagow 40 tons tallow at 4?s. and Uaxseed at 40a. Kwn.?Mackerel were held with more firmness, but no sales of moment were reported. 1 >ry cod were qulot, while herring were selling moderately at old prices. IIa\ was dull and lower, with sales, within two or three dnys, ol 1.000 bales for shipping, at 86c a 00c., aud for city iise at f 1 a (1 05 |ier 100 lbs hois were steady, with bales id small lots new at 2ac. a 30c., and of extra quality at 36c. Ikon was quiet and nominal. Ijmk wiis heavy, with moderate salea of Rockland at last week's prices. Niv.u Sroiitti.?Sales of 600 bbU spirits turpentine were mai'e, at 34'?c. for Southern straight lots, and at 37c. for New York bbls. On*.?Crude whale was quiet and nominal The stock in the country embraces about HO.000 bbls. At New lied lord, within two or three days, about 6.000 bbis crude sperm have been sold at $1 40. The stock embraces about 16.000 bbls. Unseed continued heavy,and was on ly Bi'lling in jobbing lots at 60c. Within u day or two 10 000 lbs. t*llow oil have been sold at h^c. cash Provisions.?Pork?The market was firmer and in bet ter demand. The sa es embraced about 600 a 700 bbls., including new mess at $16 60 a $16 02'*, oil prime at $11 f>0, and new do. at $12 60 Beel w is in mod'rat. demand an I prices heavy nt $6 25 a $tl 12 for country tress $n 75 a $W 75 for repacked mess do., and at (10 a $10 76 <or extra. Itacon was firm, with sale* of about 160 boxes at 9,'ic. for Cumberland cut, and at 0>-4c. for retrtmmed slant middles, at 9tfc. for short city, an I U\c. I"r city, ljird was tirm and in good ri quest, with sales of 700 bbls. nt 10 v for steam rendered and at Wl?c. for city rendered. Butter and cheese were steady ami prici* unchanged. St'iiAKH were steady, and the better grades were firmer, with sales ot 300 hhils. Cuba muscovado, part at 6>?0. a 6c., including grocery gra tes. Wiiwkky was tlrmor, with aaies of 300 a 400 bbW. at 10*c. S H I PPING Nf W S. Havimcata afOaaaa Itaaaera. FROM BUKOPB. tfamf*. Zam?. IbiU. For fslesilne Liverpool Deo 29. ...New Fork Glasgow Liverpool Dee 37 ...New fork NovaScotian Liverpool Dec 27 .....Portland Bremen Southampton Uec *7....New Vork America Liverpool Dee 29 Boston lobs Hell...'. Glasgow Dec 29 ...New Vork Edtnburg LlverpooL*. Jan 2... .New York Canadian Liverpool Jan 3 ....Portland Out nU rtonlhampton Jan 4 ,.K?? Ann Liverpool tan 6 .New York Reilar Liverpool... Jan H ...New York Vigo Liverpool Ian 9 ...New York Arago Southampton tan 9. ...New York North Briton Liverpool.. J?n it) .. .. Portland NrvV'iit Southampton Ian 111....New Vork Niagara Liverpool Jan 12 Boston FOB XVROPB. Canada Boston Jan 9 ....Llverp Kangaroo New York Jan 12 ....Liverpool North American Portland Jan 12 ..Liverpool I niled Stales New York Ian 15 Glasgow Australasian New York Jan It Llvarpo. I Palestine New York Jan 17 Liverpool Glasgow New York Ian 19 Liverpool Nova Sent Ian Portland .'an 19 ...Liverpool John Bell New York Ian 19 Glasgow Bremen New York Jan 19 Bremen Amnio* Boston Jan "it Liverpool Kdlnhurg New York. Ian 20 .... Liverpool Canadian. ' . Portland Jan 2# Liverpool ana New York Ian .10 Llvernooi Teutonla New York. Feb 1 Hamburg Niagara Boston Feb 6 Liverpool FOB CALIFORNIA. Northern Light New York.. Jan 11.... Asplnwall North atar New York Jan 11... .Aaptnwali Ann NewYork Feb 1... ..asoluwal CINMHTON, JA., HAVANA, U ATAKKAfl, NttW ORI.KAN* Zold?From New York for Kingston, J a., on the 2nth day ot each month Bibsvills?From New fork 1st. arriving at Havana 6th ana New Orleans 9th. From New Orleans 1Mb, Havana Idth, ar riving at New York 22d. HTtaor THr Wrsr?From New York#th, arriving at Havana 14th. From New Orleans 23d, Havana26th, arriving at Ne? York Oth. Csnswas?From New York UMt, arriving at Havana Itta and New Orleans 19th. From Nea Orleani IMh, Havana 2tith, arriving at New York 3d. PatLanKLrHis?From New Y >rk 19th, arrlvtnn at Havana eth. From New Orleana 3d, Havaua 6th, arriving at New fork 12th. DkSoto? From New Torkllat, arriving at Havana JBth and New Oi leans 29th. From Maw Orleans Mh, Havana 8th, tr riving at New Vork 12th. Bunas Citt?From New Tork 28th, arriving at Havana ,*L From New Orleans 13th, Havaua 16th, arriving at New York (1st. QctnaCrrr?From New York and Havana every t went/ lavs. MsTiaa^s?From New York for Matanxas on the na of naeh month, at I I* M. Kaunas?From New York for navana via Nassa-1, VP, on the arrival of every alternate Cunard steamer at New York. N B? W hen the above dates fall on Hunda) the steamers will sail on Moadav, except from New Orleans. Whnn the dates fall on Monday, the steamers wtli aaa frees Mew Or leans on the day previous. HPKCIAI. NOTICB. All mmtmmm ami Ultrri tslsiilsf /or Us Naw Yoac HaaA&B awwki ?MilsrC auuMo roa raw iosi-this aa?. so* amies 7 2ft I aooa auas mora 4 I0 sow sits 4 48 I man watbb eve 5 23 Port of New Vork, January 0, 1*60. ARRIVED. Rteamahin nuntat-Ule Poat. savannah, with mNe and r>ai aengera. ti> II H Cromwell A Co. PteamaMp Jameatown, skinner, Richmond, Ac, with mdae ai..| paaaengera, to (,udlam A llelneken SlilpMedway (Brt, Kennedy, Bombay. Aug.31, 8t 11 clcna. No* I. paaaed t'?pr (iood lloi>e Oct 1!>, crowd the E<itMlor and aignted St I'aui'a Kocka Nov 13, with llnaced Ar, to V'rost, Scbroedcr A Co. Hud favorable weather to Algoa Itav, but very heavy gal'-R from thence to Cape tiood Rope Binee Dec 21 a mn>Uiit aui-ceaaion of heavy galet from W"t?con NK to NNW . rendering tl Impossible to'mt.iie any northing, h verv atrnng cui irnt pelting to the H and M . 2d Inat, readied at far N aa Barnegat and wax boarded by pilot boat U yv Blunt, No II; 3d. took a heavy N I g*. and was forced to haul off atiore under close reefed topa.illa agalnat a Vi ry hearv head sea. Nov Ift, Inl I fk'i N, Ion .?l 31 W, anoke barli l.lczl'e steering WKH': ?d. lat 16 (IK, Ion 46 14, apoaebrig.loaephlBe, of ll.tvre, hound to Trinidioi, 27th. lat SO Ion ftl :*?. ahlp Nubtn, of ana Irom Londonderry for Mew Orieana, IB daya out. I>cv- H, I*t *7 (H?. Ion tWi ftj, ba'i k Montetuma. Atkins, of and fron Pal mouth, I'ng, for Charicaton. X* da\a out, all well. 14th, lat H Ion 72, aehr I>arne. from Newport for Havana, 8 daya out: 17th. lat 31 4" Ion 74 12, ling Falmouth, from Havana for Nonh Carolina, fi daya out The Med?ay croaae.i the ciulf Stream between Ca|ie? llattenii and Lookout; Her i!?, had a heavy ,s gale, and t ??t day a heavy N gale; 2lat, a One day, with wind from H\\ . reached aa far N aa lat 37 5H, when the wind Iti w ar und to Jfw In a\ery aevere gale, aame night, narrowly caca|H-d being run down by a large black double topaail ahlp running beiore the wind from the mouth ot the Delaware, w ith red and green aide light* burning, but no look out; the M waa lying lo with llghta burning, and alao ahowod a tlx ah light, which the -hip juat k?? In tlmf to altar bar course, and eroaa our atern. t'apt K wlah?-? to return hia thanka to the commander of the I S at.atner Bumpier for aervicea rendered him while lying at HI Helena, She lirlng* a letter bag from the Hummer Ship ,'ohanaiA (Prua>, Domke, New port, 20 day*, with iron, to orner Ship Wm Nelaon, Oheever, Havre, Dec 16, with md?e and 19".' paaaenger*, to Wm Whltloek. .'r Hark Royal Woverrign (Br, of Sunderland), Dale, Fonder land, 64 daya, with coal, to nrdei Nov 17, lat M? IW, low 31 80, ?poke ship Frank Pierce, Br<<oka, from New Orieana for Llv *Kt Northwood, Itillert. Malaga, 46 day a, with fruit, to flrtind A Weatervelt. Dec X), lat 29, Ion < I, lignallte l aehr Mary. bound N. Bark Clariaaa (Bremi, Hanson. Rio Janeiro. Nov 16. with eoffee, U> Jaa Pairl"* A ( ?v l>ec 4. 1st 1.1 44 S. Ion .12 16. a pete Br ahip Loulaa. 96 daya rrvw Cardiff for Bi>mt?ny. Bark Venua. Alklna n. Curacon. Dee It with goataklna Ac. to Boenen Oravea A W Ha- been 14 days N of llattara*, wltb heavy NNK. and N weather. Hark Fame (>4 ftlctim< n4. Vai. Kennedy, New Orieana 27 daya. witk augnr Ac. to <' II iVrson A Co Ha< been 16daya N or Hatteelia, with heavy > gale?. had part o< the crew null for daily for the past IS if. y* I are *V lat 36 M. ton 74. aprtke brig rue* Darling, hence fur Naaaau. llark Med'.rn (of Boston}. W i liater. New Orleans, 2H daya, with vigttr Ar to N H Brlghrtrn . reaart (a foal A rtrnall liaa been Ift Bafa N of llatten?a, Willi heav v N wealMc M inat. off Ahaecum. a|<oke brig J B *tanatleM aa uBder?t'i<i4>, 2N Au? from i 'harieatnc for New Van* Brig 1'aroilne A White (of BoMoa), White Malm;*, Nor .1, Willi tmlt. to tllro A flMnn Had he tvy NVV aM N K galea for the laat 14 daya l>ec 2t. ff Hattera*, apoke aehr fluaa* Baki-r. from Attakapas for >ew York H rig I lea trice I or Ifarrlngloni, Prt-kn. King-ton Ja. Deo Jl, with mdse, to Brett. Hon A Co llec lat 31 14. i?an 7fl 2#. apoke brig John Italeh, Itouiiil s Brig Muany Houth (of Hnn PfMCtocoV Trowcr, St Martina. Dec IN. wiih aalt, to ma-ler The tirlg llrnry Matthewa aalled ft daya prevloiialv for New York Hi'hr Mariqnlta, Barrett, Wlo Congo. WC \ Nov ?, with cop Eore Ac, to l.lnia Vlana 2d Inai lat '4 14, l?n 7' W, apoke k A'lelln". .'(A daya trom Kreni n for l'hila?lelphla Mh. l it .Vt 2ft, Ion 72 .Ht. apoac brig Id ? Itayue*. 19 daya from Mew Or. leana for New Vork. Hebr Marv Mice. Welrh. Ponce. PR. Ifl dava. with fruit, |o Pttirge* A Co Hail very lie.iry weather off ilattera" Whence ahe haa been 11 days; i?ftemptCi tig'-linto Cape ile irv, but being of light draft fell to leeward and WHnWIfH toh ,ul off, ??anboardi^l by a sea whichatove stern boat and cirrle.l <aav chain locker*. So date, la> 37 20, Ion 7ft ap >ke aehr Hltit mond. 9 daya from W iliaitlgton for Hoaton- had lost bo it an I part of M toad, ?b>ve gal ey, aplit aalla, and carried awar all the head ataya . Hchr J l< Bow man. Wood, Bonaire, Dec I*, with -alt, to Mil ler A Houghton Ha? b*?n 14 d?y* 1* of Hat' ??, with heav/ NNK weather Hulled in company with urlg 0 11 Kennedy, Wlnnlow, for Portland. The Br acbr Oceau (Jueen, WUaju, ?ailed |>ec II for Boston Sclir Stephen HoUbkiHH (of New Harao), l>oane, Havana, 16 daya, Id tutllaat, to Trajlllo A Kuaa* 1 Hi - b.<u C lay i N ol llatieraa, with heavt NNh ?t-?tber. SchrJobn Boita*, Lingo, (lalve?ton, d*ya. with oolton Ac. to .? D Kink, ilia been 8 day* N ot UatWrM, with he try NK galea. scbr Su*an Moore (of C'herryfleld), Siraut, Jacksonville, 1' daya. Had very heavy weather the entire iiaia.-ige; Ua-. be?.i 8 day? N of 11 atteraa, wltb heavy \ E Mini. Schr Muaklngum, Higglnii, Jackaonvt!>, 13 daya. Has bfen 8 daya N of Ilatteraa, with heavy N and NK gale* and Home nr. ScbrKva Belle, Lee. Wilmington, VC. 10 day- Had very heavy weather; baa been 6 days N of liatieraa, with NJi gales; broke forobooin and lout part of deck load Sehr Ocean Wave, I'rioe, Virginia H days. So In M L llartlelt, Saunders, Little Egg Harbor, 2 day*. Schr II II Hay, Blabop, New Brtinawl.:k. Schr Orrlo fowl, Smith, Kllzabethp?rt for Boston. Hrbr J I>oty, Smith, Bridgeport, 2 any*. Sloop K Hnragne, Oibbt, MunhalUii v.lie for Prjvideuc?. Bieamer Penguin. William*, I'rovideroe. Bteamar Oapiuy, Kenny. Provldenoe Schr Sarah Bruen, arrived yeater lay, reports:?iih Ian, Cape May bearing NH 2U mile*, paawd .vhr Stephen Taber, from Apalachiuila for Portland The ?i B put into Ilatterai Inlet I He !!M during a heavy NK gale, ind wulle there 'lrajjge I iiaiiore on the South Bar: lout large -tachor, broke tluken off the aniall one, waa compelled to ibro\> overboard pari of deok load ot H?i bbU roaln, and loat falae keel cauie off a', dav light without other damage, and does not leak. BELOW. Ship Induatry, Waters, from ManUa, Aug t. Wind at auiuet s niM?lUBeon?. Bark Campankro, Dubell, from Rio lanelro for Ne# Yurk went to he* from Hampton Road* lat Inst. but pnt back satne day on account of a heavy NK gale aud snow atorni. Tito ever attentive ami obliging purser 01 steamship Hunts ville, tiom hlavaunah, has our thanks for Southern paper*. Sine Tii.tok, ashore at -Mattituck snm? tint.' since?pur cliaaed and got off by Ira li Tulhtll, o1' New Suffolk?h ?s men thoroughly overhauled aud repaired, and was launched 28th ult, at Kaat Marion, LI A letter from the G'hinelia Islands, .1 >1 'd Dee 11. aceoumi tor the ioug detention of ships at thai place by the house of Ellsa noi paying the laliorers mid th< tclunl oi the tatter to work There iu due to them from i! ?? 5 months' w ase"; nnd ftqiu this cause ships have to lay their tune out, and often come on demurrage. 'There are," ?.)?? thj writer, "ships here nt preiient 60 days, with scarcely enough guano on board to ballast them " Nkw Vohk, Jan 4, 1861?W ill you uo me the favor to print the following card, thanking (lie authorities of the p >rt <>l Port iu Prince for their generous attention and kindness to myself aud crew:?On the 20tli r f November the brig Rohio cleared Irom the city ff St Domingo bwm4 for Nr.* York Soou alter sailing both the brig's mates and lour oi the crew were taken dowu with yellow Tever, loavli.g but two iai-n Lt for duty, so that it was found necessary for the safety of tha vessel and cargo to bear away for the nearest harbor, which w as that of Port ftu Prince I there experienced every atten tion it was possible to show iny siek crew, for which kin lues* 1 row wish to make a public afkuowledgin at, especially naming Vr I'rlee, Director of the Cui?'oins. Mr Sllencler, Cap tain oi the Port, and also the General of tho place, to each of whom we were much indebted. Throug i tho influence of these gentlemen the Mck were so we'! Vended to that, with one exception, they were shortly in a condition to return to their duties, and the vessel was enabled to resume bar voy age. The kindness experienced is the more deserving of thanks, as for the past three years no . e .f y -.lo.v .ever ha been known in Port au Prince, and tl'? authorities aitglit nat utally have been provoked at the ..rrivul of a vessel with fever patients on board. By giving a place to the above In your valuable Journal, you'will mucn oblige, respect fully, DAVID liAUlLEl'T, Captain ol the l.rig 3c?hio. A Carp?.Ian 4, 1R61? Steamship t'ahawba, oQ the High lands?A! a meeting of the passeu^ers held on board the steamship Caliawba, the following ie . olutioii w, adop'.ed'? Resolved, That we lender out since' e thanks to ('apt ,T Vf Smith, the officers ard crow, for their unilring exertion- in adding to our comlort and safety during the perilous voyage that we have just completed, having broken our starboard main shaft (placing the^ihip in iuim..i. ut p. rlij ..te n within 30 miles of fiat ana, aud being oblige i t continue the voyage to New York with only one w heei Hiuce le ivir.g tho> ? have met with a succession of heavy galet head wlr.Js, ntid lo?gy, bad weather, not having been able U< get .in observation tor five successive davs:?('has A Van ZhiiuL, President. Win (' Allen, Secretary; tVm 11 Church Cbu-i l'o.ter, J il Chapman Ueo W Turner, E H ('aril, D D A S;!vn, J J A Siha. \Vm II Johnson, Samuel W Gomez, .1 B Hun , .Joseph Silva. Hcl 'u F Rittenhouse, Emma Iilauvelt, E A Tryon. F B de Luna and wile, Kianciscode Velasco, J as 8 Crawt.rd, Giovanni Martni, James Dodd, Win B Allen. The following table gives a summary of the ve?e!i in the harbors of New York, Hostou, Baltimore, Wllmicjton, NC Charlcstou, Savannah, Mobile. New Orleans sal Ua!f0W)n, at laiest aooouuU from each ol those porta: ? MCW TURK. Steamship* .HI Brigs 92 HhiiM 118 Bohcs ueri 127 Balks 109 Total 477 bostojt. Steamship* 4 Brigs 18 Ships 3.1 Sohooucrs 43 Bartts. 38 Total 116 s ILTIMOUK Steamships 3 Brigs 17 Ships 18 Hohoounn 47 Barks 18 Total. WJ WILMINOTON, II. Steamships I Brigs 7 Ships ? Schooners 91 BaAs. I Total 2? CH4BLKSTOK Steamships 4 Brigs 12 Ships 15 Schooners. 15 Barks 19 Total 55 UTAimti. Steamship* S Brigs It) Ships 21 Uchoo- :? ijj Barks 3 Total MOBIL*. Steamships ? Brigs ft Khins 31 Sohoouurs. -?t Barks 9 Total 7U SIW ORI.P vKS Steamships . 6 Brigs. 17 Shine. 128 Schooocrs 31 Banks. JJ Total 234 fl-lLVMTOH. Steamship* ] Brigs 7 Ships 1 SeUoonors 6 Barks 8 Total 24 Notice to Mariner*. BUT1C?lit ssu?itAl'Or*." AT MOITTH o? |i?IMA A*P AtTKP-A TtOM Of Lit.If Misibtry or MARiitr. > St PrTiRsarBt;. t*pt 19?Oct !. laoJ. > The Hydrographic Department of the Imperii J Ministry of Marine gives notice to mariners that, in the s'.mrner ol the present year (IxOf i two signals were | !ar .1 on the Island iiu>.holm at the mouth of the Dwina. which, when in one, in dieate to vessels the direction of the chanuei, in case of the pilots owing to rough weather and a heavy h?.a, uuabie to venture to approach to guide them These signals are both alike, having 'he form of a m.v-* with supisirts, on the summit of which is placd a tilangular frame having the angle turned toward* the top. upon whicn a barrel surmounted by a cross is horizontally placed The distance bet ween the signals >? fathom* of 7 Eng llsh feet eaefe NW and SE 6s 4(1 (true The HE igual. or the farthest from the coast. Is KS feet in height I rtn t ii-baie ,o the extremi y of the cross; and the F\V - i^tial or the nearest to the coast. Is 86 English feet In lielfh'; besides, the >-as? of the latter Is 8 feel higher than that of the iormer These two signals can easily be seen at a distance of lo miles. Conjointly with the placing of the above meationcd sign tis an alteration has also been effected iu th? dltv.ti . of the I^iwer Light placed in the drum o the temporary Lighthouse of Riga This light, which hitherto lighted the part of the roadstead of Riga where the vessels anchored when, on ac count of the darkness of the night, thev could not enU r lh? river, has now been turned 31) W, mi as to show a light irom NW IS to N W JIM (trnei Instead of ligLliitz Irom S bj L'.E by N to NNW'.W as be l ore * ' * Wkalemer. Rid from Han Francisco l?e< 8, John llow'and, ".Vhelden, of ' NB, to cruise Off and on Pnlt* Dee 6. hark Balmns '15 sp?ptit in t? take f'apt Domln on board, and returned itub to land a siek man; 8th. Franklin 2d llowlaiid, NB, 11(1) <| no hlkft- ,; |Ath Mary Fiances, Rule, of W arren from Tombe? lor letters, oil ss be fore reported Arr at l>absinn Nov 2. ship llarves' M > <%e.;?? Nil .Ml sn 250 w It At Tombez Dec 1, bark Franklin, (.ilford, NB, oil a oe.'orr reported, no date, bark Joseph (iri-nell, Thomas, do, with 1150 sp A letter from Mr Smith, first officer of -hip ('neMj Vinrent, NB, reports her at Bay of l?land> ><ep' 14. with 20M) s;>. Ft jiected to be at home In a year A letter from ( apt Ray. ot bark Lafayette. NB reports her at Tombez l?ec 10, having taken ,'KIO sp "last cruise 12jO bbls all told. Hsd on tgt .ml sp trom bark i -cramcnto, We-tp r' Bound on a cruise and home A letter from ('apt Norton, of bar* Morning Star, NB, re ports her at I'alta Dee 7, 400 sp on b ini. hadih-pped 300 do by Itark Islander, and sold ItlOdo. all well. ?? und on a cruise till March, 1862, and then home. A letter t rom Capt How land, of bu k Franklin 2'!, NB re ports her at I'alta Dec 6. with lift) sp d(J bluish Bound on * cruise to Callao (Iround. A letter from Capt Cole, of bark Y!*!!*it VP, reports I er at Chatham Island, (lallipsgos. Nov 6, oil as before reported The small po* broke out among his ere * a! ter leading Palta, and he put In al the above Island, boll' a house, and put the three men attacked Into l(. two hail died?Itenrr W ilson, anu a Kanaka namrd John Manjler? an (he thir l malt w.u rc covering. A letter frt>m Capt Sllv* of Itark (Jeorge, N H. reports her al sea lime 19, lat 20 8, Ion In) E, hat in , taken 24U sp sib' e leaf Ing Sandwich Islands Would erui-i for sp till the i :ght wh season, then to N7.ealan4 A letter from Capt Wlnslow, of shir El!rabe?b. NB. -eports her at l'|H>la Sept irt ail sp. all well A letter from Capt Haker, of hark oblo NB. reoorts her at Palla Dec 15. 001)sp since leaving Taleahuatio tietters received at Sag Hart.or from ( .s;>t King, 0. srhr su ssn. report her at Bio .lanelro Nov 9, 5vHh ISO sp '<00 '?lk1sh all well. Would cruise off River I'lat Spoken?No date, bark Aurora, Marihall. We?tpor?, 1150 sp, bound to I'alta latter part of Dec ?(token, *r, Ship Nuremburg, from NOrleans rnr Havre Dec 24, lat 45 SO Ion 3915 Bark Harvest Queen, for Buenos A vres, IKt 11, at 16 07 S. Ion 36 37 W. Brig Breeze, hence for Montevideo Nor It lit 1711 S. Ion Mt'JW Srhr Angella, Handy, from Baltlm re for Sal?m. was seen Dec 27. off Cape Henry, and again 2?th off Abseenm. Schr Ooodspeed, frrim 1 angler for Boston, was seen Dec 27. off Cape Uenry. Foreign Ports. Bokairb, Dec 14?In port brig* Ht Agnei (Br,, Mill.-, irom Martinique, for Portland 16*h. A Bl ncli.ird, Blnnc iard, for Boston do Princess (Br). f?r 4n JOth sehr Julia 4mlth. Or lando. Iron Laguayra arr Mh. for Philadelphia aboot .'1st Sid llth. Br *chr((eean Queen, Wilson Boston. I*th. brig ? H Kennedy, Wtaslaw,J'ortiand llAMaAros, Dsr 15-in port bark Jcltu Denham, G.ay, dug. leaky. Is likely to be romWrnned; and ol' er, a - bef', Dec U?Inport ship Heha^an ralifL Watts, from Coast ot AfMra arrtSti, for Chtarhs to load for Hampton Roads at III; bsrtt* rerlele*, Show, from Knmna arr l/?h, disg; W lelsnd (Hress), Ostermann, fmu) Bangor, Me. arr Mh, dlsg KM 8th, xhtp Bssisoon. Baker, ('.hinchas. m CMnohaa Dee u. ship* Trs A P t.roer, .vllen; T! B Mild, may. Wehk; -lames Brow n. Ctabtrer Mows \t heeler. Whit man; Wlnfleld ScotL Wilson, and I.yen, t'heevor for Cork for orders. Ids; at ?2 !(?> |>er ton. Klla K Badt-r B(U'nff? Ye tick, Soule. Eastern Stale. Nlekerstin. Britannia Fatten Au ' dnbon, J'hlnney; Harry 4lammond, McCilnt sk St Helena. Springer. Juventa, Young Criterion, Haid:ug, and liunker lllll. Smith, 'or do do at ?.'<perton. Mary F. Hal''i FUritge, for Spain big at ?3 Ids. Kineo, Kver lt, Tor Maurphu 'At st ?S; BosWell sprsgue Whttmore; Witchcraft. Booit;C D M?r. win. Merwln; B F Hnile, Crarr ln<e?t'g*tor, (' srver; Hip pogriffe. A'ldv. (ioS)H.rt, Merrill, anu Elvira, Andrew *, tor Hampton Itoad- Ids at$l6. Susan lluwund, Adami, tor d do, would gel awa) Tatter nnrt of Jan Kikustow, Ja, I fee 21?In port brigs t| f Colthurs,1 far New York 8 days Voisni, fordo 15. *ehr* I, W Aleiand?r fordo 2; John Hllpln. Tor NOrleans 2, Break o' Day, dlsg Rio t'osuo. WCA Noi a?In port nark eiarllgtlt. for Bos ton about 25th St IK *KTtNs, IVclS-No Am vessel in port. Sid IXth rig Henry Matthews, NYork American Porta. BOSTON. Jan 5. AM -Arr strain' H n Jenkins, Hsllet' Bsltimoie vis Norfolk brig Monte risto N.rthrup, P!t?t Harbor. Tl. schr Helen M Mayo, Ward. PI.,lad Iphls Tele graphed, bark Anns, from Cronstadt, 'it w of -tfesTilt't K R V'orbes. signsl for one bark Cld st?am?. i S K Spatiidlng. Howes, Bahjfnors via Norfolk Keo>..tgtou, llakor, 1'hiia.l.i ship l*iac Newton, Merrill, *Orlea?i5 brigs Vasco 4e isma <Dufrli>, l>e<!r"Ot, Kotleida.* via Wilmington, NCk Ollva(Br), Bernter, Samei-tca via SaU?a, *chrs Jsinta Merita, Kelley, NOrleans Cferl* l<o ser, l<aws Philadelphia via W1 mington, Del Sid, wind NW, bark Itowtssnt 6U1?Aji iby t?<> ship Siargo, Calcutta), bark X H liona^ Oalveaton. acnr Mo .nllglii, do. BALTIMORE, Jan *?Arr atenmshi?< bMMki Crow*, KVork, ships Arthur, jSchlhye, and .1;>bI! T'.skrr, Matthew*, ('aliwi; Hercules. Jack, Loudon. Cld stcamship-Ben DePiiriL iiallou, tkoiuu via Nor. oik, scbr s?-a Nymph, Iwvw-xwi, Pnavt dence (and sldl t!ld -hip John Kno?, N. yea, barks diaries Biowncll (Un. Berwick, Liverpool Bay ..(ate, May*. Fonoe, I'R BCCKSPOET, Jan 2?Sid brig Elrnir, Tapley, Potnt Petr% Ouad. CHARLESTON, Jan 1?Arr steamship Columbia Berry, NYork Hid acars flying Vend, Carmine, Havana; U J Miller t.Br), Jackson, and nine (Hri, Slin?, Nassau Ni* 2d?( id scbr W A Kl is, Nichols, Wilmington. NC HAMPTON It KAIM Jan J?Arr ship Herald uf the Mora lug, Mitchell, Caliao tor orders JACKSONVILLE. Dec 26?Bid brig Taratme, Pres-ey, S*ri nam to load for Boston MOBILE, lice as-Arr Sp brig Nuero l'efilllo. senaii.te, Ha vana; achr Maggie Vandusen, Ireland, Philadelphia i 4<1 brig Tanner, Hodgklnsou. Glasgow NOKFOI K, Jan 3?Cld I. >rk Ospray. Nash, Matanzas nbwhuryport, Jan 4?Arr achr R 11 Perkins. Ureenleaf, Newcastle. Del. IMI11.ADELI'llTA, .Ian .1 a ft? Arr ship Saranak, Rowland. Liverpool barka Reindeer, CoutU, Rio Janeiro; Loaugsv Evans, Cardenas, via Jacksonville (witb foretopmast and lore yard sprung); brigs Tllier an, Lecocq, Clenfuegos, Mystery (Br), (ireen, St John, NB; solim Eben Sawyer, 11 acey, Kast port, W F IhlUns,, C ih&sssat Narrows; steamer Diit ware, Cannon, NVork Old i-teainer Phlueas sprague, Mat thews, Hohtou; achrs Lone Star, Mc^ab, Klngst' n, Ja, Night ingsle, B^ags, and Diruo, Cook, Havana, W P liilUlpH, Smith, and Triumph, Arti", NYork PROVIDENCE, Jan *?Arr steamer Penguin, William*. NVork Hid ships south Carolina, Kempton, N'Orleans; llea rletia, Trecartin, New York; ltr bark Geo Bradford, Robbing 1'hiladeiphia to load tor Glasgow; achr H B Jtctcult, Burlen Baltimore. SA\ANNAII, Jan 8?Arr steamships -Manama, Schenek. and Mouut Vernon, lay held, NVork rtoos Swsnn, Itamsef. Baltimore; bark E W rlilit Ulbbn, Bonk u. brig l! KO'Brie^ Damon, New York. Cld achr Alice A Uandei, Alt-horn, Ha vana. WINTKRPORT, Pec?-Arr achr -if* Miark, Solan, NYork. LOST AND FOOAO. DOO LOST?LOST, ON SUNDAY', DECEMBER St a largo Elaut ami Tan Terrier L>og, having a brasa collar Tviiikfd "Jank Piatt, 49 Park |Jaop, N. Y " Vfhi* ever will return said dog to tbe above adilieau will b*- auit ably rewarded. DOO STRAYBC.?A RED SETTER, ANSWERS TO TUB name of Pork A liberal reward will be given I?r retura lng (be said dog to 12H W lilett ulreet or at the I (larden. J. D HUUNS. Found?on wfdnesday, dec sa, near hixtt mxtb hiret-l pood, a Pocket Case, containing Papera, Se Ksih Ac The ?r> aer can obtain ibe aauie tiy ippiyimj at T. Oaiy's Stable*, Seveuly Ural stieet, riear-Tbird avenue. FOt'ND-ON DECEMBER 31, A LARGE BLACK NEW foundland Dog. ibe owner can have tlie xmne ?'T proving property and pat lug eiptUei. Apply tat ItMtioM street, corner oi Kranklort, for one da> only. F1OUM)?ON 111K NK * YORK SIDE OK SOOTH ferry, a Plir*, ivhich (lie owner can obtain by Calling at No. 12 East Warreu street, Brooklyn, and proving, property. Lost?from :i3 bowery, a large fokkton cat Auav era to tbo tuine of Wooley, Very big iie.ui an4 tail, tbe breast and feet quite white, la.?i aeeu oo 1'rldaa evening Any oni biiuglng tbe dame lo :.R> 1 Caual at.cet, wul be handsomely rewarded LOoT-A CAMEO BREASTPIN, IN BROADWAY. BB tween Canal and Fulum ftreets. 1 he huder will be re warded by leaving it at 17i> l'orsytb a tree i LOST?ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, I,N FoBTYKIOHTH atreet, between Broadway and Kiglitli avenue, a beaver Mir Collar, lined with bio? ok.Ik and<|UiHed double fur omla. Tlie llndel wll pieasrt leave tb? Salop a. T. W. Prank's dotli ing htore, '?Xii V. ater at, bi tween Oliver at. and Iauies-skp. IORT-ON SATURDAY BVENINO, OOINfi FttOM J Broadway and Twelfth .t'ect up Broadway to Pouneeuth street to Sixin avenue, a ml down Fourteenth street a pack age of inonny containing tfjfl Any person return'ng the aauie to WI Walker at will be rewarded. IOST-A BLACK LACE VEIL, ON NEW YEAR'S RTB, J in Broadway or Sixth avenue, b"?ween r?e?ty-iuurtla and Thirty fit at f-lreeia, I'Ue Under ? 111 be rewarili>d by leav ing it nt .'it West Thirty first aired. Lost-on satpriiay last ;\ a pdhrteenth strnd aiage, netwecn the Metro|Hilitun Hotel and Four teenth ,sU eel and bevcutli iivenue, a nnuk Mutl. A reward of $3 will be given on tbo return of the same to 101 West Fourteenth at-eel. Lost?on sunday evenino, in crossing catiia. rine ferry to llenry street, a hUrk thread lace VnlL Whoever w ill return the same to Zi Henry street will be baud aoiiiny rewarded. RaWtK?1'' >1(1 REWAr.D.?LOST, OK SINDAY AK1ERNOON ^j."" in Seventeenth street, between Se-s>?d and Fourtk avetiuea, or In Fourth avenue, between !?wenteenth ao* Nineteenth 8 reets. a gai net Bracelet. The Under will loceiv the above reward by leaving It at 11 Whitehall street. db7 (t KKWAUD ?LOST, Oft' A CARRIAGE, IN OOINO V I't from Itioade.ry, Ihrough Pulton, O'ee^wloh, Der Md West Btreet", to the Philadelphia ?u o'cloi-k tram, oa Saturday, Jan. 6, a russet leather Trunk, containing, U.i* de wearing app> rel, 12 pieces of bait cloth, 5 hair cloth caps, several photographs and a captain .. commission in tlae sar diuian aimy. "i he above row itrd will be i>aid by leaving R at tlis olhcc of the Si Nicliuias Hotel. I'fcttSOWAL. Adoption.?any respectable person wishing to ad.^pt a healthy male child, ot American parentage, ?hr?>e mouths old, w ill hear of a t xxl opporlohltv bv addreaa tng S. H , Herald ofllce Adoption.? any pfrson wishing to adopt a fine, healthy I.-male child, one month old, can see It at 143 i"lompson ctreet, between Priuue und Houston, batween be hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P M , room No. 9 ( an be a.-en for two days. "I>ABV -I HAVE NOT HE\RD FR. >M YOU SINCE BE J> fore Cbiistmas Where ar< you ? Why do you not corns snd see mc t Write to rue, as usual Dr ip t line to D K , II ?rald office. WYLLls IF FPF.DERICK YOTIFC. (>F RIPPING 1LE. ENGLAND, who arilve<l in this citv In October la*t. and worked for Ar utir t.reen, English Neighborhood, New Jersev, wlill call at a& Peart sti ? et immediately, he will dud a letter froiu bin sister. Lelar,ait Jujhis [ lease ropy INFORMATION 1"ANTED?OF JOHN M. ROURKB e ?u:ig"st fon of the late Thomas Koorke. of Mayfleld) i ".aremoi rla, Mayo, In land. If this should meet lua eye he is directed to write to Mr, John Mehan, fll Lower Meek'enburg MK-et, Dublin, Ireland, and he Mill hear of sotnelhiugol no portance to him. RORF.RT n ELTON WILL HE AI 34 bei.KMAN stree' fr'tn 12 to I P. *1 , and at "WiUm 1 from ItoSP, M dally until fnrUier notice rrit) L? SEVEN THOUSAND Dl E. T fro P. D X-TOfR N'AilE A>DPRtH>FS. MY TOWF!. 1 denceIs pledged "FAST ASLEEP " Wir.LTAM CVRTI8 Ml RTO-N will HEAR OF .silMB ttiing vei-v interesting to him, by calling on or address ing O. T. A>i Seem d av untie or 42dli'al avenue, ktn wtll bod a letter to LU address lu the Post odu-c CLOTIIIKO. A RARE f'HANCB FOH AND .KVTLF.MNN to nou* rt tlx-tr i.iat off clothing int. a- tb ? From SA to (CW paid l ir bilk Itrfisaea from $.'1 to 13 for I" ,aU; frornjl t? 14 (m J'.iM* aud eat*. Al. t iiiaili;ri':,nd I nrpela bought Pico-- riV I>n or . "ldtea* B. Mlntl, 7!? Mvth avenue t*twcen Ktgblb ??.reel tod Wavoiley Lad, t attentat by Mr*. MluV ABETTEB PRICE PAID l oR LAD.En' AND GENT* r.4?i oil CloiUog, Kvmllnre, OtraMi ,v? r)if,|t;fna to peld tor *ltk <lr<-a*ei. trim $1to tori <xtu tad ti<iDi$lWto $6 tor pani? A note l>? p 1*1 punitiially \l l>rd>M to by E , 114 ei'enth avenue, 1*1*wn Ninet-?nth and Tweutletb i'rwtv Uidloi at'.sudf i to bv Mr?. f. ArosrriTE fact Fi.r ladies avd oe>tt,rmk . tn get htglici price* in r*?h fot csurt off ('lotliing I arpe Furniture and Jewelry,a* I ?m mmpelli dtoftll in order I gi raoij* iu pny itigi o Ui-n an, dinler In the ci'y I'ietae call?, addreaa T. llaKKIS, No. 1!M? rtrvrnth ITHtt, near IweOh firat atreet. Ladle* alluded to by Mr*. liarrta. AOOOn AD7IPE ?IjADIP^ AND OF.VTMMFN, you wuh to iltfpow i) your cast >ff<lotbiug*t a f Srice, tin l <'?t way l? only lori'lor ?en I ?nit" 'o M Lr\) I Ke?etilh avenue tifar "f'vrntoeath *tret Ladltj* altem' rd by Mr*, Levy. VOID BEING HIJMBIGwBD, LvniKrt AND men, by lal* t?n u-ud 'rt. .ml rail al once or tr H " A VOI A u r ? a not* hv i>o?< tr H. Ilarrlr ,WI Howerv. Tliate yon i aure to dlapnw ol your ca*l oil clothing, furniture, i and Jeweliy al .. lair price, and not !?? humbugged m dane by .ii " P rtillt dTFuaca from $' to M; rnrouau, from U to $17; for panla, from $1 an I upward*, Ladlea piineti >lf ?tt< ii<l I u? by >lr? Uairl*. 3M Bowe'y, oppoal* Jourb ana Uret? Jonet (treat AHETTHR AND HEK 7fAV FOR LADIRh AND g.'nth iren to li l thr bl*li> ?* rni-h piicp* f .r tb'<lr i-4Mt off L,'loililn|L Furaliurrv t'arpat* and Imairy, and niM b? biimbugj'wrnT grtMt roff" I* to *and a not.- tiy ;n.*t to I Aahol', IPlMvroth bfitwron Twi-Dtleth an I Tw nty t1r*t?irr?U which *lil bn pi.nrtual!; a!t -u1-.| t'l L.tdir* atirnditt to by Mra. A A ?i A R' UREA1 DEMaND FOR OLwTniNr. -tADTFfl A' __ _ _ rornlt I'arppt* will r?flrp thp bl(thr*t prKra 'ly addr<-??tng or <?il Ins on A. HARKIk, 58S flilrd a?rauf Ladl?s attend, bv Mra. Hard* AORBAT WANT OF LADIKn' AND ORNTI.FMH cutoff Cloililnj, Furnltniv, Uftrpeta Ar Th? hi. pi :M* paidL A ootc nadrt'**r?l A. Dura*. X1A xii.-nt n avru will b.'punctually atieodod tc Lftdlr* atlpndn l by Mi* ' A CARD ?KBRrHANT TAU^>RX HATINO FROM *i to >l,00n worth of W!at*r *'loihlng on hand, and wtl to dlapoa# of It at a fair prtrw, will meat with a oaah |. (r ehaarr h? ralnns al th* itomct addrrmtns THOM^ D t't>N BttY, 44 OMlM atr??t OMUrai?ai b*?Tm i?ft .ff ( UMk m I* diapoar of will (deaac addreaa aa abort AORCAT DEMAND. LAIME4I AND OENTLKMBN - 'A'anted, a Urge .(uantity of r??t i ff t lothtng, Ftimltort and i arprts. I uur llseWwt pito? ia thr oily. Otlloum drr-' M AB* A llAjW, W Sfrrnth ?rmiM. fifth and Twrtity*ttth *ti**1a Indici a'? -mlrl to by Mr* AAA WORTH V OENTIJ l?ft iff Clothltif wanted ( to*. The httfltrmefh price t??r p*td cat ?Mr nanoqy. tor large or aatall lot* CI InBXTLBMKN 9 >'?W a ed ror the Wrtt-r n n lean be obvuuad iq ? > ' aUiag at The *utre. or Alah 41 Pewtre ?re?it WINftM AMD U^t'OIU. t'si^vbntii aTT>*pa msTtLUtir top nrr rt . beat I.I itiort to be hail In the city for the letat m?m In %if qiantitlea N B Uqtwn for **ie in Iw.rid *? HOOHMH A nON. :M?and:t2l S-rentb %? A\ rT?TKR.VTa BTRRF.T ntRTTI.LF?,T E^TABLISHR x^a.. - ? Rinu t *d< flat" t'HARL^A WH;tR. Prourt?>W ThhflTit KihnPiT itlNTiLiirrJ. f*TAlLnnF KB ? The obetpn-i pitee to bu* flno Kranl.e*. Wine ? *'bi*key?. C' dliN. Ae , fo* whnleaa.a and fami ?? VI W??t Fr'teerth atreat N > Un iir aold by HATRIIIOWIAL. A vfiMtWER, WITHOUT \Vr EN'UTMBR ANC' J\ ? onkideiTd H>ud looking t ml ti?lur:illy alT-eUonale, r a> >w.iig p ,i|ietty a.iltirfem to li> >- comfortably, but being lonely, MMrIt g l"? fem*li irqiitintMire* l? d?alrmi? of meet ins w'tli a rr |iertiV. nidov or maldei. lady teforre-pom with in r*gnid to n'a'flmnnv. *nltiibie for t' "mpan'on fo> I ! Ag?- io b?- iibottl :*l oi :Vi reti< Am U.l\ auawertw till* In ainrerltv niH\ *ildre*? It If M r?re bt II Ui k xv" (halhato a^.iaiw Poai ollire, dmriptton ?nd j "A ber? an Interview c m ??* had

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