Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1861 Page 3
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SALES AT AVCTI09. ALBERT MOBIJMEH GRIFFIN * CO., ACCXIOX *"* A BARE rHAVCB TO OBIAIN F?8I CLASS HOUSEHOLD ""/Vfclljc APrTTON. Over $16,000 worth of elegant Furniture to be peremptory ?wldat nif-ioa, At tb West Itith moNUAV. ^ i January 7 at 10', o'clock", ib? catalogu# co-nprfsing the 4 7 1 largest And richest swhortruflat of llouwhold Furniture offered at r," .|,,n Ihis m'a^ton- The Furniture ?H maue K? order by Bnldwiy mak?V and of the boat d -s^riptS*. Proving ?oem>7?M ifnlfio'Dt seven octave Pianoforte,Stool and Cover; two .-.l^ant drawing room tuils, coverei ii. French satin; CentreTables, Etegeres, Velvet Carpet-., Huge, Pjeracd Man tel Mirrors, Lace curtains, superb Dresdou and Sevres china OrnauK Utx, artlatlc Bronzes; Oil Pauittafli by eminent flit*? The Assumption, a copy of the celebrated pilutlng m Ike Louvre, Parln, by Learned; Fruit P'eoe, Winter Seen-1, much lint' Engravings, bronze uud ormolu chandeliers. Se cretary, Bookca?e, llatstand, oak, Extension Table, China, Glass and Silver Ware, Table fullerv and Lin.n, Bu reaus, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, C^miuou- <, Ha'r tud q;>rtng Mattresses, Feather Bed*. Blanket**, C. un"", and Ingrain Carpets. Clocks. Vliri ,rn, Shadea. Curtains, Ho'as, Bocker*, Chairs, Tables, Bookstands. Als >, la. .re assortment ?f basemeut and kitcbeu Furniture, with which the sale will commence. The above elegant resideno* for kale or to let; possession immedlat ly. For further Darticulars inquire or ibe auctioneers. XLBKRT II. NIOOLAY, AUCTIONEER, Will sell this day (Monday), January 7, At 12,'j o'clock, at hla Stock salesrocui, No 52 William street. REGI'I.AK MALE 10 *hs Oeean Bank $50 2) shs Uebhard las f 100 Ml Clinton Ins- 100 23 Exoelsior Ins 50 M Cflmmfrte Ina U*) 43 Market Ins 100 15 Sixth Ave. K. R 100 40 Hope In t SO M Empire City Ins. .. 100 60 Galena A Chi. K. H.. lllO 30 Mercantile Mar Ins ,. 100 40 Washington Ins ..... inl 80 CfcL A N. W. R R 100 40 Knlckerbecker Ins .. ml 31 Equitable Ins 35 200 Cairo City Property . U10 30 Hamilton Ins 15 WO H. Pacific K. R Ic?l 40 Jersey City Ins SO SO Am Ex. ins. Ml) 60 Am Telegraph Co.. . 100 $2000 Keokuk City (Iowa)? per cent bonds. 3000 Missouri State 6 per Cent bnuds. 10,000'Racine A Miss. R. R. (W. O ), 1 mtre. 8 per Oent Vmd?. 110,000 Flint A l'cre Marquette (Mieh.j H. It., 1 iai^e. buuda hypothecated.) Next regular sale on THURSDAY, Jan. 10. Rugular Auc tion sales of Stocks and Bonda everv MONDAY aud Til (J US DAY, or every day w hen required, at 12)% * dock, at the fttock salesroom. No. 52 William street, or at the Merchants'. Exchange, as desired. Slocks and Bi nds bought and 8jld at private sale and at the Brokers' Board. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Auctioneer and Stock Broker. No. 62 William street, near Wall. A W. PORTER A CO., AUCTIONEERS. A . MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At the elegant residence No. 218 Fourteenth street, west of Eighth avenue. On Monday, January 7, at 11 o'clock, Tbt catalogue comprising the Largest and richest assortment of Houselield Furniture and Works of Art ?ffered at auction this season. Superb seven octave Pianoforte, Elegant DrawingR<?>m? Suits, Artistic Brontes, Statuary, Oil Paintings by eminent artists. Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Yelvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; solidrosewond Etegeres, With plate glass; marble top Side and Centre Tables, three apiendid carved rosewood Suits In satin, su|>orb bronze Clock, elegant China Vases and Parian Mantel Ornaments, Turkish, Easy and Reception Chairs; together wltu a line assortment ?1 Dining Room and Chamber Furniture in oak, mahogany and rosewood, In suits: Beds and Betiding, pare hair Mattress es. elegant China Tea Sets, Cut Miami and Ruby Ware, rich Silverware. Ivory Cutlery, with many other articles not men tioned, including everything to be l'ouud in a ttrst ciat>a houae. Sale positive to the highest Didder. AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE ELEOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, This day, MONDAY, Jan. 7, at 10) i o'olook. Positive, unreserved sale, of the entire elegant Rosewood furniture, valuable Paintings, three magnlttoent Rosewood Parlor Suits in rieh brocatel; superb Pianoforte, Bronzes, Trench Vases, and rare and unique curiosities contained In the residence No. 162 West. Twenty-first street, near Seventh ?venue. The clreutostances of the sale make it impe/atlvt* that the whole shall be sold strictly without reserve. PARLORS, DINING ROOM AND CHAMBERS, Contain magnificent f ull suits In Crimson and Maroon Broca tel and Velvet; m.irble top, center and pier Tables, Turkish lounges and Chairs, French Escritoiiv, Marble P 'dentals, Bronzes, Silk and Lace Curtains, Paintings, I'trns^m Orna menu, Ormolu Chandeliers, Tapestry Oarpets, with elegant Bosewood t'hamber and Dining Room Furnlt'ire ..f every description; Glassware, Silver, Cniua, Ac. Bale positive, rain or shine. Auction notice. SPECIAL SALE OF EXTRA FINE WOOLLENS. WILLIAM TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, Salesrooms No*. 9 and 11 Park placc and No. b Murray street, will Include in their sale of TUESDAY, January* SBylms superlative neaaonable Woollens, Including Blolley'g aad other favorite makes of BBOA DC LOTH S, C A SeiMBBBB, CA6TORS. FEA VE Itfl, BOE3KTN8. OVERCOATINGS, FANCY CAS8TMERBR, And other strictly Reasonable goods In the line, the whole ?omprlslng the finest and most attractive line of this olaas of aoods ever offered at anetten. N. B.?The whole will be sold without re.seire. A BSTONEE'S BALE OF STATIONERY, BL\NK BOOKS, Jl Ac., Ae.?A. M. CRIBTALAR, auctioneer, will sell on Tuesday, January 8, at I0}i o'clock, at No. 102 Naafcau street, the entire stock contained In said Store, eonslsMng of letter, ?ap, bill and note Paper; full and half bound blank Books; memorandum, time and pass Books and Diaries. Portfolios, Wallets, Portemonnales and Pockctbooks, portable writing Desks, Chessmen. Dominoes, Playing Caiil.: and Games: also Cd Pens and Pencil Cases, large lot of Em elopes, Pens, d Pencils, and'a large lot of Stationery, Law Blanks, Pa per and Fancy Goods, together with Store Fixtures, con sisting of Counters, shelving, Show Cases, Desk, Hashea, one few blank Case and Iron Safe. By order of L. JACOBS, Assignee. Amotion pale of ready made clothino, ac. A. M. CR1STALAR. Auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell this dav, 7th Inst, at 10l J o'clock, a largerUvk of fashiona ble Clothing, comprising cloth, pcteiabam, pilot and beaver Overcoats; cloth and cassimere frock, sack and business Coats; eaestmere, doeskin and satinet Pants;silk, satin, velvet, clo'.h and eassimere Vests. aUo Piece Goods, Undershirts and Drawers, Stockings, Ac. A 88IGNEE SALE OF BOOTS AMD suoefl.-.\. If. .A CRIRTALAR, auctioneer, will cell on Wedneedav, Jan. 9, at eleven o'clock, at .No. 405 Siith avenue, a a-je MM f neral assortment of Boots and Shoes, consisting of la<ll?H, mlMN and children * prunella and Matter heeled gaiter*, boom, shoes, slippers and ties, 0*Mre*a cait< M and Oxford ties, men's patent and calf boot*, shoes, r alters and fcrogans, also. Indiarubber boota and *koes, and a '.iirije variety, too numerous to mention, together with the btore Fixtures, Ac., by order of 8. Penner, assignee. A BBIGNEE B HALE.-A. M. CRISTA LA R, ADO n Uoneer, 2S Bowery. will sell, this day, January 7, 18G1, at WV o'clock, Leaae or premises 908 Chatham souare, up to May 1,1881. Also a separate Lease, from May 1,1961, to Kay L1M4. By order of A BONDT, assignee. Auction notice?crockery and glassware.? J. S. H. BART LETT, auctioneer, Tuesday, January A at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, a positive cash sale of all kinds of saleable Goods, that mu?t be sold. Call nnd see. BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER.?SALES, room No. M Cedar street, directly opposite tlm Post oSoc. CLOSINOHALB OF THE SEASON. BCPERP FRENCH AND ENGLISH FANCY GOOD*. Seine balance of Invoices left over from previous sales, far which importer* have given us p> sitlve orders to close out. DANIEL A. MATHEWS k CO. will sell at auction this day, Monday, at lOij o'clock, at tholr om, No. 64 Cedar street, a large assortment nt elegant Fancy (ioials, viz. ri.Ji Bronzes, silver plated Ware, bronze, ormolu and marble Clocks, Parian Ware, decorated china dinner aud tea Sets, dressing Cases, Deiks, Work Hozes, Odor, Jewel do . and a great variety of Other elegaat articles. Catalogues and goods now Browne a NicnoLn, avctioneers-tuesday. January 8, at IO' j o'clock, at the utlcarooin* 3J N'axeuu ?treet, a large assortment of made op Furs, Carriage, Slelgit, and Lap Robes, comprising a very desirable assortment of rr-al Hudson Bay Sable, Mink sable, real Pitch, ( arrive and hall' Carriage Cape*, Victor!nes. Muff". Caffs, und children's Furs, In great variety; gents' Collais, Fur Coats, Woll, Coon, and Genet, lined and unlioed Buffalo.:;, Fool .?luffs. Ac. The above goods were all freshly manufactured f )r this be* son's trade, and are warranted in every i>artleuiar. Edward rchenck, auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. By E A F. H. ICHENt K, on Tuesday, <ih Inst., at M>?: e'clfpck, nt their salesroom. No Ml Broadway, a large wk el elegatu Household Furor are, comprising losewuod, walnut ana mahogany Parlor Suits in vsr.otm coverings, rosewood marble top Side and Corner Etegcres. Centre audSofa Tables. French mi Pier i.iass.s, Ghs t nandaUers, Liiuary ami Hecretary B"?>keascs, carved and plain rosewood, walnut and mahogany chamber Fnrnlture; oak and walnut Dining Room and Library Furniture, Carpets, Mattresses, Ac. Henry b. herts. jr, auctioneer. HHBRlFV'ii HALE OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, On MONDAY, January 7, ISSl. at U o clock at the SALESROOMS'No. 6>, PINE STREET, Comprising ?he entire Furniture of a first elas* hoqse; Rosewood suites In broeatel; Bedsteads, Bureaus, KInfers, eentre and side Tables, Oil Paintings, Carpels. Beds, Bed-Ting, China, Glass ntid alated Ware, eitenslou Table*, Oilcloth, tiall Stand*, Ct?ad?Uer*, Ac. By order of JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. TTF.NRy"B HERTS. JR.. AUCTIONEER. H SHERIFF'S BALE OF CABINLTM VKER'B STOCK, oia'Tuesdav, January 8, at II o'clock, at No*. 37 and :tv King dreet, a large lot of rosewood and maiiofftny K multure, finished and unfinished, rosewood and map'e Vsneers. Lum ber Varnish and Varnisli Cans, l'alnts. Tools, Workbenches, So. Br order of JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. TTENRT GREEN,~AUCTIONHBR-WlLLBELL ON MON xl day, Jan. 7, at lOk o'clock, at the auction store No l?t William street, a large lot of Groceries, Soap, Cut ? ants. To bacco. Tea, Coffee, Figs, Scales and Weights, Brandy. <lm and Whiskey In caxks and demijohns, a lot of KhineWiiie, ?7,000 Segare, 4c. Henry h. leers, auctioneer.?auction no tlceof Church Pew*?HENRY II. LEEDS A CO will ?ell at suction. ?n Wednesday evening. January #, nt /?, o'clock, at the new Mantlet church In Madison atwne corner ef Thirty-first street, the I'ews In said church By order, WM JAS TOUD, K M ll CilAI'MAN,}' 0Tnm,lu enry ii leeds, auctioneer-henry H LEEDS A CO. will m'U at nui (ion, on Monday, January 4 IS o'clock, at Chtcheeter s stores, foot of Joralemoo ?treet, Brooklyn, U.noO Gunny Bags Csiu be seen on tie. i ?Uses before the sale. TOHN IXOYD, AUcTIONERR.-?N MONDAY, Tt RS ?J day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Jan 7. *. P. 10 and II. st |i>', o'elo<-k each day, at No. 8 Astor House, Broad way, the balance of the ?toe* of Furs of a whites i'.e furrier retiring from business, conststlngof a Isrge stock of made np Furs, omnprislnf full sized Carriage Capes, i and 'i do , Id real Hudson Ray Sabine, Mink ?al>le, real Fit h Ermine. Ac , Ac.; Vlctorines, Cuff* and MnfHer*, Furt tnes. Gloves Ac. Also, a flne assortment of < lilldreu s Furs, in .laliie. Mink, Squirrel and Ermine Also, s large lot of Sleigh an^l Carriage Robes The above goods * -e all fresh made for the *ity trade. They will be sold without reserve to Oluee the Business. JMORiaRTY, AUCTIONEER?WILL SET.!, T:I1S ? dy, at 10'i o'clock, st 17S ofisthstn snuare. Furniituo, new and second liand; Carp* ts. Feather !Md>, Oil Painting". Olocka, Window ('m ain*. Fur*. Glassware, Dry nmt Faui y Ooods, and varlmis other srtlclee. MDOrOHTY, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM W NAS ' i*oi"?T r"' ''1' "ell on Monday Jsii 7, a? 10?, "i at ISO 119 Mer er .in, t. . ? ,Pllll HousMn, tlv e III*' hon^hojd Y o ml lore mntnJiiwt in tli? nbov#* r?*i i?n iT-w r?li K1.1* ?I \Wo (Mtwoo4 fmri??r noteH ?T ^ Iti i; i!rn P^r ii? m and J M.J. v. Ghandelictp, oil PainUnrs, de. ?nmtofi ciifi# ; BrufwwU < ariw t?, ro9p*rhi4 ffVjf 'XTa.r-L*^0?' floater, extension dlnin / ^bles, china illnner snd tea Sets, Gltuwaam, si* or pitted Ware, rtinlUg C kair*, F'igrarlnga enamelled elianil",r F'lrai tni*jn?rble ton* r1*:-lTiii*ana, Washsuinds, Bedstead*, best CTjffcd hair Halffessea, feather ll'd. Moiw.-m Pillows, spring JUi'tr> ?se?, Camels, ualei ^"1. Ac together Jrith a large assorlnient if basement and klivhe* f'umlttire. Deposit* reqiured frytn all ;.urel iser*. rnai at Arcnoir. PAWKB^KKR'S SALB-THH DAY~(MONDAY), JAM. 7, bv JOHN MORTIMER, auctioneer, store la East Broadway. corner Cath irlne street, a large assortment of uo redieemed Pledges, suitable to Uw KfUon, by order of D. U. FEBOl SON, Pawnbroker, 174 Vartck street. SnrnrrF-" ?*le-coffins. *o. CHlMHEI's* KAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, salesroom 1!3 Nassau >lrw', will tell on Tuesday, January 8. at II o clock, it Sn. 137 Bowrrv the entire atock of an Undertaker's Store acd Factory. consUuug of about 740 Collins, of various dies, in Rosewood, Mahogany, Black Walnut, 4c.: almut 300 Pine Boxes, of va-ious ?uc* together with a quantity of Roww xkI, M.ilnyany ind black Walnut Board* and VcMcn, Finn and White Wood Primming Material*, Hardware, 4c. Also, the Store rind Office l it'urts and Furniture, Wagon, Work Benciie", Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff C 4 J. booart, uvtiqseeks. O. THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, A: the Auction Room* No. 1 North William street, CONSTABLE S SALE. The S'o'k ard Fixtures of a Liuuor Store, consisting of bar rels and boxes of Wine, Brandy, Hum, Uln, Chuin|>agne, bose* of Oliver, 4"., 4c. MICH'L McCANN, Constable of Sixteenth Ward. U 4 J. BoOART, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL ON IkJ. MONDAY, January 7, at 10>a o'liwk, At WO Brsdway, by virtue of a Chattel Mortgage. The entire stock of a iarge Stove Store, c iiun '.nig of Parlor and i'?>? >aing Cloves, Ranges,Furnaces, 1'arlor ileatersJRegiv tar Frames, 4c., Ac. Sale positive. DAVID C. MEALIO. Atfy for Mortgagee. S4 .t. BOO APT, AUCTIONEERS. . This day at ii o clock, at No. 1 North Wiiliam street, Moitgage tale. One liosewood Piano BENJ. J. CARR, Att'y for Mortgagee. TVMLLTAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ft this nay, hi i o clock, at 454 Canal street, mortgage sale of Furniture: Parlor hulls. Pier and other (iltsses, Paintings, H.ino, Curtains, teniae, Dining and Tea Tables; a largo quan tityot Velvet, Tapestry. Three-ply and other carpets; Oil cloths, Mahogany, French and Collage Bedsteads; Hair and other Mailresses, leather Beds, Sheets, Blankets, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Sofas, Lounges, Cane and other Chairs, Dltoug Room and Kitchen Furniture, Stoves, China, Glass, WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 East Hi oadway ?By virtue of an execution, I will ex pose for sale to (ho highest bidder, to wit: Tanks, tank Coveis, Ladles, irnn Safe and all other articles in and about the sioie lOOliociok fctreet, near Stanton street, on Tuesday, 8th Inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. LLOYD BRYANT, Constable Eleventh ward. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS day, at 10} j o'clock, by virtue of a cliatile mortgage, all the Furniture, 4c., in the house No. ? in Twenty eighth si., near Madison avenue. By order of *'U AS. F. WATTS, Attorney for mortgagee. SPECIAL. NOTICES. _ ~ D| OS 1'liDKO XI. 1UILWAY. Rio d* JirsTBO, Braid,) September 18, 1890. } Proposals are Invited for the Graduation, Masonry and other items of construction of 11>* miles of this work, ex tending lrem the western end of the Ureal Tunnel of the Serra an Mar down the valleys of the Scrra Familia and Pira by rivers to the banka of the River Paruhyta. The work Is generally heavy, comprising 1,300,000 cubic yard* earth, 350,000 cubic yards rock, and 7,5)0 cubic yards of tunnel excavation, 9,000 cubic yards of bridge, 8,000 cubic yaids of culvert, ami 5,'WO cubfc yards relalulng wall mason ry, together with iron bridge superstructure, permanent way ami ta . At tli- Company's office In Rio de Janeiro may be seen 8lane, profiles and 'speculations, where sealed pro|x>?als for 10 whole ll.'.t inili s, or any portion thereof not less than four miles, will be received until February '.iS, 1801, at which time tin v will he opnii d and the work awarded. The Directory determine that the technical direction of the eork shall be exclusively In the hands of their own Engineers, bet will ri ti i uln proposals either with a scale of priues for tie various k'nd* of work, or for the entire construction at a Axed price. In the latter case the monthly payments will be rcgulai d by a scale of prlccs. All payments will be made monthly In rash, a per eentage being relsltn d as security for the faithful fulfilment of the contract. This, however, may bo dispensed with in case a deposit is made in money, stocks or Imnd. approved of by the Directory; in the latter case the depositor will be entitled to the acct ulng Interest upon said security. Parties nnkncKii to the undersigned will "be expected to present evidence of their ability from officers of works upon which they have boen recently engaged. This work is In a mountainous and perfectly healthy region, within s veil hours' ride of Rio de Janeiro, About 300 addl ro, Abo tlonsl miles arc loeated and remain to be plated under oon tract. C B. OTTONI, President. ANDREW ELLISON, Jr., Engineer in-C^ef. NEW YORK CITY AND COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS' Protective Society.?The regular monthly meeting of the above Society will be held at the Bleecker House, corner of Bleecker and Oreene streets, on Uondav, January 7, at eight o'clock P. M. By order of THOMAS B. KERR, 1'kTEK McQimue, Kee. Sct'y. President NOTICE ?NINE TICKETS FOR THE BALL OF *A!f h.ittsn Knpine Company No. H, bearing Noa 317, 349, tflO, 361, .102, :i43, AM, 305 and 3M, having been lost, notice is hereby given that they will be stopped at the door on the eve ning of tfce bell. Signed, A. U. OUDKN, Secretary. NEW YORK LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY.?AN election for ofllrers of this sociciy will lie held on Tues day, Jan. 8, at the Metropolitan Rooms, 140 Hester street, t>e twecn the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. The annual meeting of the society will be held at 7,l? o'clock In the evening, at the same place. P. W. ENOS, President. XJOTICE?THE FUNERAL COMMITTEE OF THE DE J.M ceased Wllltum Hcdden most respectfully return their sincere acknowledgments to Mr. Robert Smith and other mem bers of his Music Corps, for the marked respect and very va luable services tendered in the co-operation of the funeral obsequies oi the deceased. lFFICE OF THE MASTERTON, SMITH 4 SINCLAIR Hone Dressing Companv, foot of East Twentv- ninth street.?The annual meeting of the stockholders of the above company will be held at the company's cfll.-e, on Wednesday. Jsnt'nry 0, 1461, for the election of seven Trustees. The poll open from y to II o'clock A. M. By order. A LUX MILNE, President. The transfer nonks will be closed from date till after the election. Nkw York, Dec. 29, i860. Q* QOCIF.TY Of f AM MANY OR COLUMBIAN ORDER. 0 J SIP Kth of January, 1361. "The I'nlon muil and ahull be preserved.'' Forty-sixth anniversary of ih? BATTLE ok new Orleans. ? ?HAND REUNION TAMMANY HALL. The Societ y of Tammany will, in accordance wftli H? un varying usage, cel-brate tbe anniversary of the battle of New Orleans by a ORAND DINNER AND FESTIVAL TAMMANY HALL, TIESDAV EVENING. JANUARY 8, 1301, AT 8 O'CLOCK. At thin time, when the peace and welfare of our beloved country are endang-red, It become* the paramount duty of ?he Bravra, Warrior* and Sachems of the Columbian Order to rally around tne council board, and while the "council Area" are brightly burning and tnn "waters of tbe great spring" are flowing, to fire expreaaloii of their devotion to tbe 1 p!'<o, and assert their fixed resolve to maintain Its perpe tmty. Dinner will be served at eight o'clock precisely. mriw. Daniel R. Delevsn, Peter B. Hweeny. Otto Ottendorter, Matthew T. Btvnnau, Samuel L. M. Harlow, Thoa. B. Tappan, kmanu.l h. liars Maloolm Campbell, Smith Ely Jr., Thomas Duntap, Samuel r. Butterworih, John Rlchardaou, JsffrrsOB Brswn. TICKETS, PRICE TWO DOLLARS, Can be obtained from the following oflicera of the society ? Sachem Wm D Kennedy, Sachem John Kelly, " Elijah F. Punly, " Isaac Bell, Jr., ?' John A. Dlx " Henry Vandewater, " J?s B Nkholson, " Wilson Small, " Rli iiard B. Connolly, " N. J. Waterbury, " Wm. Mitu r, " Oeo. E. Baldwin, hat-hem Douglas Taylor, JoiinV Savage, Jr.,Treasurer, Oca. K. Missei-ve, SsffamOfe; C. F Lindslev, Scribe; S. C. Duryea, Wlskinkie. ' W M. X). KENNEDY, Father of the Council. ?TAMES CONNER, Grand Sachem. C j<ru C. Child*, Secretary-. OKAMKN WHO WERE ON BOARD THE CO!*STELLA O t'on, Cnj'?a?W, San Jacinto, Mohk-an, Mokawk. Wyan dott. Mystie and Msrion. when slavoa were captured, call oa Thomas I? braj nai J, HI Wall street, TUE LADIES' T-IB NOW BEINO HELD IN TTTE school room* of the Transfiguration rharcb. corner of Moti And Park streets, will be continued during the week. Tickets ten cents. HAILRHADt. T1 L'DSON RIVER RAILROAD?FOR ALBANY AND II Troy, oonneciinj with trains North and West. Train* leave? rnoif rniMiFTK strfet mo* rni*rr.rtR?T Ifnress, Tfi.dllA M, and 7 25. 1130 A. M., and 5 25 b p. *. p m. Troy and Albsny imslli, atS P M i 28 P M Troy and Albnny (with sleep- 10 I ft P M Sundays in Ingeari, V 4# P M eluded;. Poughkeepsie train, 7 30 A. M., 12 M and t P. M. A A M , 12 90 and 4 23 P. M. Peek- kill 'rain, 5to P M. j 04 1'. M. King ?lng Ca?n, a 20 anil t JO I'M .1 45 and 4:56 P. M. TarrytoTn 'r*in, 6 10 r. M. 7 10 P M. A. P. SMITH, Superintendent V** Yn^K, inRLIM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? i.1 For Albany and Troy, connecting with the New York Central Railroad, fur all points West. Northwest and Honth woM; nlso with the Northern Railroad, for Saratoga, Rutland, Huriinslon. riatuburg. Rouse's Point, < igdeasbnrf end Mon Ireai Winter ."uraiaj'.ment, commencing Monday. December 24. ISflO- lia.LS wll, U ave New Vork as lollows:?For Albany, 7 A. M .ind 4 .Jl P M , express train from Tiyon row, near City Lull. For Albany. 7:20 A. M. and 4:45 P M_, do , 2t*li at. depot Do.. 10 A. Sr, eti>re*a mall train, from Tryon row. Do . 10:25 A M , do. do., 2mh si. depot. Croton Falls, 4 P. M.,stcp;ing it ft.l lattons above Yorkvllle, Mth at depot. White I'.nuui, H.ift a. M.. 2.30 and 5 P. M, stopping at all sta tions, 2t> b st depot. White Plains, 6 15 P. M., stopping at all stailon.H. from W'.ne street depot WUliamsbrtdye, 11 A. M. and s.:vi r .m - .<?.....? '??: - " ? VMh. ill U 1 lr"ln Albany, 10 45 A. M.; Baal ?i. nl i ? I, ' I"**" m*'1 ,r*ln Croton KaNs, 7 A M zt* ?55hA&s JOHN BCROHILL, A.s'l Sup t. HOTELS ~ scTvihg &JZ i^nflt^Va" Wo '? I,r? ch?^ N WIlAlfK R y7*4dT srvLr.a vxlyst bonvrta 9fI.Kvt>rn - ' ??yi'?h Monnet., gr??i bargnins la<lle?''??H .ilia Boimeta, Children's Hats and Flats, Tur in, lla'a. Ribbons llowei?, t.-sihere and Velvets. Trades supplbd VelTrJ L;"'"' "'T In all colors, st $1 ftOab.i "h |. bVxnm I* lltTI H'oSr ,h" *r>r,d' "PPoslte Meli o xruTi^E.-THE fliTRscRrnF.n hayino pcrcihofo T! ,f Millinery ?nd Pan-y Ooods of T K n-.n h.Uin" . i_ 1 f ,,Ty n" milllrfry, ?ilk in I rib' xs5.v; crs?? br^ur;-1 N*W )f>u?, Uf 31, W. IrtAAVJiiJ. ?IHCIML AVT&IR8. Department or public charitieb and cor reetion. New York, January t, UMtl.?Nuticb.? A Book of Record will be kept at ib? ollloe No. 1 Bond street, and at the rotunda In the Park, of all perilous destitute and applying for work, aud alao of all persons wanting laborer*. Persona ?f the above description may obtain all the Information pos sessed by the Commissioners, free of charge. By order of ? be VvMrt of i. unimleaiutii i a, ?BQ, KEIXOCK, Supt. 0. D. P. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS -OFFICE 6? TUB C?M aioueraof Taxes and Assessments, No. 32 cE.**?*'''" ? trect, New York, January 1, 1?<J1?.SaiW?' la hereby given that the Assessment Rolla of Real and Personal Estate of the city and county of New York, for iho year 1841, will be opened on Monday, the 14th instant, for public lnspetlon. and will continue open until the 30th day ol April next inclu- ' alve. All taxpayeia are earnestly requested to call and ex amine the same, in order that any errors In the assessments may lit' otrrectcd. Also, all persons entitled by law to reduc tion of their assessments, by reason of being clergymen or for military services, and also literary or charitable institu tion*, by law exempt from taxation, are requested to iutk.e application lot such reducli ju or eiemption previous to the closing of the rolls on the 3iHh day of April. The following section of the act of tprll W, 1>S50, is puj llabed for the Information of taxpayers ? Section 10. During the tune the books ahall be open for public Inspection, as heretofore provided, application may be made by any person considering him tell ag grieved by the assessed valuation of his real or personal estate, to have the name corrected. If such application he made in relation to tin assessed valuation of real eala'e, it must be made In writing, stating the gronad of objections thereto, aud thereupon the Cominiasionera shall examine into the complaint, and if In their judgment the assessment la erroneous they ahall cause the same to be corrected. IT such application be made III relation to the assessed valua'tonof personal estate, the applicant shall be examined uad r oath by the said Commissioners, who shall bo authorized toad minister such oath, or any of them, and U in their judgment the assessment is erroneous, they shall causa the same to bo corrected, aud llx the amount ol such assessment as they may belleve to be lust, and declare their decision thereon within thirty dsys after such application shall have been mate to them. No reduction shall be made by the Board of rtuper Visors of any assessment on real or personal estate imposed under this act, unless It shall appear, under oath or ailiriua tion, that the party aggrieved was unable to attend within the period prescribed for the correction of taxes, by reason of sickness or absence from the city. IUu i of 1HM, chapter SB, section#.J| A, J. WILLI AMMON, j Commissioners, J. W. ALLEN, J at' faxes and J. W. BROrtN, ) Assessments. VTOTICB?"THE COMMISSIONERS OF PUBLIC Oil A IX BIT]EH AND CORRECTIONS" have established a naw system for dispensing the relief which is called for, at their etfleee No. 1 Bond street, and at tha Rotunda in the Park. Blanks are furnished to the applicants by the odloer Id charge, which will enable the worthy po <r to property pre sent their claim, while the profligate vagraut will be ptoed at labor on the Island when forcing hinisrl' or herself upon fee Inatitndons for maintenance. Certificates of known ci. tiaens will be required in all cases, and aulUdent time will be taken by the Department, before granting purmanent re lief during the mouths of January and Kehraary. By order of the Board, eBUBUK UUOVK, Sup t. Maw Tunc, Dec. M, 1400. The followtng la the form of the application necessary te obtain relief at the olllee of the Departmwt of I'ublle Cba rltles and correction, No. 1 Bond street, near Broadway, and at the Rotunda, In the Park, (where blank forme will be given to all applicants) Nxw YoftK, 1801. Name ef applicant, Oeeupatinn, Ag^ Place of birth Condition 11 ow long in the country, llow lung *1 city, Number of persons for whom relief is askad, Resilience., No atreet, Ward Front or rear house, No. of room, . ..and what story,.... Whether relief is received from any other quarter, Whether assisted by any charitable luaettuliuu, and how longf Has aid been received from this Department, and how longf The namber and age of each parson, and If any sick, how many? What Is tbf relief required? Any means of support and what are they? In all cases or sickness, the physician e certificate most be furnished If possible. All applies lions to be made (me week la edeanee, to enable the Commlsskner of Publle ChariUea and Connection to ex amine as to the claims of the parties applying. All applications to have tbe following eeruflsate of charac ter signed by some kuown resident at the neighborhood where thev reside:? ' 1 am well acquainted with and believe to be in want aud deaerviog of aid. Crrr an Ootnrrr or Sir Tons, is. I solemnly swesr that the foregoing statement made, Is true la every partieular. ?worn to before me, this day of IMS. The above affidavit ean be made before tha undersigned. No feo required. In all cases of persons of dissolute and vagrant bablta being forced on the Department, they will be aided only In the the usual way at the Institutions on tha Island, and be re quired te Mior for their support. My order of the Board of Commissioner* of Pobhe Chart ties and Correction, OKO KBLLOCK, In portal se dent at Out Door Poor. PAPERS PENDING BEFORE HIS HONOR THE MAYOR for appro*al. FRO* COMMON COCSCIL Resolution to purchoso enuino for Engine Company, So. 3, and appropriate $1,600 for the mm?. Board or Councilmen, December 27, 18tt0. On aye* and noes adopted. Board of Aldermen, January 4,1861. On ayes and noe* con curred in. Preamble and resolutions relative to the ?iat>? of the I'nlon. B^aril of Aldermen, January 4, lbtil. On ayes au l n .i"t adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noes concurred tn. Resolution to increase the salary of the keeper of the City Hall $280. Board of Councilmen, December 27,1800, On aye* and noes adopted. Board of Aldermen, January 4,1811. On ayeaand n>cg con curred In. Revolution to donate $30 to Isaac Vonholtz, an indigent and worthy blind person. Board of Councilmen, January 4, 1861. On ayca and noes adopted. Board of Aldermen, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noes concurred In. Resolution to pare Eighth street, from Broadway to Sixth avenue; Greenwich avenue, from Sixth sveouo to Eighth avenue, and Seventh avenue from <(reen?lcb avenux to Central Park, with Belglau pavement. Board of t.'ouucilmen, December 13, I860. Ou ayes and noes adopted. Board of Aldermen, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noes concurred In. Resolution to nay Peter Tracy $196 32 for servioea as attendant at Fifth District Court. Board of Aldermen, December 30,1861. On ayes and noes adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4,1861. Ob ayes and noes concurred in. Ordinance to repeal section No. 151 of article 13 of the Re vised Ordinances of i860, relative to Bureau of Assessment. Board of Aldermen, December 24,1800. On ayes and noes adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4,1861. On ayes and noes concurred In. Resolution to repair room now fitted up for u*e of Eastern Dispensary. Board of i Aldermen, December 13,1860. On ayes and sow adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noeo Concurred in. Resolution to release M. Oarner from an erroueous as sessment. Board of Aldermen, December 30, i860. Adopted. Board of CouDcllmvn, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noes concurred in. Resolution directing the Street Commissioner to advertise for a new truck for Hook and Ladder Company No. 12. Boar I gf Aldermen, December 17, 1*01. Adopted. Board of Councilmen, January A W61. On ayes and noea adopted. Resolution directing Street Commissioner to dig out cellar of house of Engine Company No. 17, and appropriating 9230 therefor. Board of Aldermen, December 10, 1860. On ayes and noes adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4,1861. On ayes and noes concurred In. Resolution In favor of making an additional appropriation of $10,Old for salaries l,egls'stmn l>ep?it!ii>nt In terest on Reservoir bonds, SI7.0UU for puvmeut stick rebuild ing Tompkins Market. Board of Aldermen, December 31,1860. On ayea and noea adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4,1861. On ayes and noea concurred in. Resolution lo relieve the Second German M. E. church, in Fortieth street, from assessment. B"ard of Aldermen, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noea adopted. Boaid of Councilmen, January 4,1061. On ayes and noea concwred in KeAluilon to pay $290 for rent of honseof llook and Ladder Co. No. U. Board of Aldermen, December 21, i860. On ayes and noes adopted. Board of Councilmen, January 4,1801. On ayes and noes adopted. Resolution to permit John T. Mills to run a portion of stages of Bull's Head line thr aigh Chatham street to lower end of Park. Bon rd of Aldermen, December 24,1860. On ayes snd noea adopted. Board of Ponndlmen. January 4,1861. On ayes and noes concurred in. resolution to refer to Comptroller bill of N. Sexton, for fitting up election polls in First district, fourth wsrd. Resolution to refer to Comptroller bill of Hugh < 'ary, for First district, Fourth Ward; Krnest Buernieyer, fitting up polls; Anthony Oonron, Second district, Fourteenth want. Thomas Riley, Second district. Seventeenth ward; F. J. Van Sawn A Co.. Tenth district, Ninth ward.

Board of Aldermen, December 31,1860. Referred to Comp troller, with power Board of Councilmen, January 4, 1861. Concurred In. Resolution to confirm assessment list for paving Forty sixth street, between Firth and Mixth avenues, with trap blotk. Board of Aldermen, September 3, I860 Confirmed on ayes and noes. Board of Councilmen, January 4, 1461. Concurred in on ayts and noes. , . ?_ ... | Resolution to confirm assessment Ust for paving Fortieth strret, between Second and Third avenues with trsp block. Board of Aldermen. January A 1861. Confirmed on ayos and noes Board of Councilmen, January 4,1861. Aye* and noes con curred In. Restitution to confirm assessment Hst for sewer In Thir teenth "treet, from Hudson street Zt2 feel east. Board of Aldermen, January 4,1861. C inflrmed on ayes and noes. Hoard of councilmen, January 4,1861. Aye* and noes con curred in. Resolu i Ion to confirm assessment list for paving Chambers ?treet with trap block, from Chatham street to Hudaoo river Hoard of Aldermen, .Isuuary A 1861. On ayes and n>ies confirmed. Board of Councilmen, January 4, 1861. Ou ayes and noes adopted. Resolution to eon firm assessment list for paving Duano street, from Broadway to Centre street, ?lth trap blook. Board of AldermcD, January A NH> On ayes and noes confirmed. Hoard of ('onndlmen, January 4, 1861. On ayes and noes Concurred In. Resolution to eon firm awafd of contract for repairing pie foot of Wtft and 131st streets. Board of Aldermen, July 23, I860. On ayes and noe? adopted. Hoartl of Councilmen, January 4, 1861. Oirtye* and noes concurred in. FROM BOARD OK SUPERVISORS. Resolution enjoining all county officers to purchn'e no arti cles for public usi until previously authorized by the Board Of Supervisors. Board of Supervisors, January 4,1861. On ayes and noes adopted. BILLIARD*. THE BEST CONDUCTED AND CHEAPEST BILLIARD Saloon in this city is the Metropolitan, (WS Broadway, next door tn Laura Kane's theatre; seven new uiblesatU ccula a game, pin and U boll pool. Give us a coll ' RKb.N fZ * ?r?NS, Billiards -winants patent champion ta. blew Ths Excelsior Spring cushion, patented August Hi, 1W8. Lively, correct ind durable, beyond sny and all otheM now in 'iso. Office and factory 71 Gold street, N*w lork. PHBLANS BILLIARD TABLES AND COMBINATION Cushions New Improvements, patented September 23, 1660. Pi lot( reduced ten per cent for <*>?h PHELAI* A COLI KWDAR, Nad, $9 to 66 Crot by street, DRY GOODS, AC. A APARD.-THE SUBSCRIBER BEIH LEaVE TO IN 'urm ladle* requiring any kind or plain work, ahin u.akiLK or bauy linen, In *111U branches, that they can have tie saw ? ex em led in a superior manatr. an 1 on tne most Ui eral (eras, bj applying at No. dl Marlon street. A note a. dressed to T m. wui be Immediately attended 10 V R _ " ill (ti required) Attend at U10 residence of any lady, by the d?J or week. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. ~ CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS CLOAK P, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, ON AND ATTEbTmoNDAV, JAN. 7, OC* ENTIRE STOCK OP OVER sjm CLOTH AND BEAVER CLOAKS, WILL BE OFFERED AT COST. WM. R ROBERTS, Crystal Palace Emporium, ? M8 Bowery. A LBERT WISE, A 186 SIXTH AVENUE, Continues to Mil GOODS at Ruinous panic prices Splendid BILKS, OTTOMAN&r Frnech MERINOES and POPLOW at 80 rents, worth $L Beet French KID GLOVES, 80cent*. SHAWLS, CLOAKS, And all other family Dry (looda, AT GREAT BARGAINS. AT. STEWART * CO. (FOR THIRTY DAYS ONLY) ? rill offer at retail, at an immense sacrifice, tn? balance of tbelrstock, consisting of every description of dress goods. ?U: Silks, Satins. Moire Antiques, Moire Francais, Flounced Robes, 4 c .suitable for street or evening; Laees, Embroideries. Cloaks, Sha vis, Purs, Ac., Ac. Their customers, friends and the public will please call and examine them without fear of being importuned to purchase. Bargains in laces. U0NITO5 LACE COLLARS, HON1TON LACK SETS. real DUCHESS POINT LACE, The balance of stock, which must be closed. 100 SPANISH POINT SETS, $1 to 9.1 each, about half their value. BRETELLES and CAPfcS, In black and colors, handioiun ly t rimmed, with ribbon and velvet, at about one third their cost. APPLIQUE POINT COLLARS. SET*. H ANDKERCHIEFS, TUREADLACE VEILS HaRHKH, (OlPPUKES. Ac., At exceedingly low price* A. T. M l KWAliT A CO. CLOSINO Ol'T. BI LPIN, OREOSON A ELLIOTT'S Bankrupt sale <>f CLOAKS AND KI'RS, at 301 Broadway. The following lots are worthy the attention of pvurhaaers, being much below value. Fancy stripe Cloaks, suited for spring wear, all at $3: many are worth 9U to ?1?. Seatonable Cloaks, long and handsome, 80, worth $14 Elegant Hlack Heaver Cloak*, ?H, woitu fid Elegant Black Beaver Clonks, $9, worth fl.H, Ebfant, all wool, Tricot Heavers, $12 vorth 931. Elerant, very long, with Capes, $i:t 60, Worth *20. Rich Velvet Cloaks, 920 to 980, being less than half their value. Furs for Ladies, Misses' and Children, is Capes, Cloaks, Half Capea, Muffs, Cuffs, Ac.; must tie sold at whatever saontioe. By order of Assignee*. 36l Broadway. BULPIN, GREGSON A ELLIOTT'S Sale. Popular trade in h?csekeeping goods. A. T. STEW ART A CO. will offer, on Monday, Jan. 7, 1,000 pieces line Bleached Cotton Shirtings at 6'4c. per yard. 1,000 pieces line Bleached Cotton Shirtings at 10c. per yard. ?00 pieces extra flno Bleached Cotton Shirtings at 12}?c. per yard. 1,000 pfeoes English Long Cloth Shirtings at lS^c. per yard (value 16c.). 800 pieces 8-4 Bleached Cotton Sheeting* at 25o. per yard (value 30c. \ 800 pieces 9-4 Bleached Cotton Sheeting* at 27e. per yard (value 33c.). ?? 900 pieces 104 and 12 4 Utica Cotton Sheeting* at 30c. per yard (value 37 V'.). ple< :00 piece* French Percale* and Madapalams at equally re duced price*. 1,000 pteees 1-4 heavy Irish Linen* at 30c. per yard. 1.(100 piece* 4-4 heavy Irish Linens at 26c. per yard. 3,(JU) piece* 4-4 heavy Iriah Linen* at 30a per yard and up wards. 180 dozen Damask Napkins at 91 28 per dozen rvalue 91 78). ao dozen Damask Napkins at $1 80 per dozen (value 92). WO aozen Damask Table Cloths at 91 37H per dor.ra (value 92>. Jt0d?z?B MM Damask Table CloUta at 91 W and 9t 79 .(value 92 25 and 92 80). DOFTLA* TRADE IN BURROTDERIEH. A A. 1. STEWART A CO. will offer on Monday, Jan. 7, Embroidered Jaconet Breakfast Sets, hi colors, Only 91 per set, formerly sold at 92 60. Embroidered Muslin Sets at 9> 80 each, value 93. Esiello Embroidered Sets, at 9-1 each, formerly sold for 96. Estclle Embroidered Sets, 9J 80 to *0 each. Broche Sets, with buckle*, Only 92 the set, value $4. Broche Set*, with buckle*, only 93 the set, value 98. Walewski Jaconet Seta, 93 80 the set, value 98. 800 handsomely Trimmed Sets, with ribbon, From $2 to 91 the *et. French Embroidered Sets, in boxes, handsomely trimmed With ribbon and luce, 94 to 93 each, worth $h and 910. 100 Medallion Sets, at 98, value 910 180 Needlework Collars, with buckles, from 91 60 to $2 each. 500 nEATY BE AVER CLOTH CLOAKS, FROM 916 upwards, The laieat and most approved shape* A. T. STEW ART A CO. 1 nnn HOLIDAY presents, 1.UUU From 29 eenta to 80 dollars each. ?vkrt FIVE DOLLAR PURCHASER U entitled to one of these presents, Which will be on aiklM tlon on Monday, December 10, and distributed from that day np to January 1, amongst the many natron* of th* UNION 8TOREOF ALBERT WI8E, 186 Sixth avenue. First door below Thirteenth street. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED. A FRENCH GBNTLEMAN AND WIFE WISH TO rent a large room and closet, or two small fur nished or unfurnished rooms, with carpet; prtaa moderate. Address M. M , Bible bouse, stating terms. ANT RESPECTABLE AMERICAN FAMILY IIAVINO A modern liouse, with more room than they ivoulre, and willing to rent three or four Room* on same floor, carpeted, to an agreeable small family, will address M. P., box 1UI Herald office. Groceries, dry ooods. crockery, hardware. Clothing, Hata and Cap*, Furniture, Pianos, Carriages Ac., wanted in exchange for cash, approved acceptances and selected Wisconsin land*. Call on or addreaa JEROL1MAN A BO 1D, h3 Cedar street. Horse power wanted.-wanted, a second hand crown ? hcl borsn power Anv one h i\ inr ami rule article may Bad a caeh purchaser bj addreaalug A. T. D , Herald uUlCf. TO PATTERNMAKERS ?WANTED, A FEW PATTERNS luade. Inquire hi Bruwi * White, 20 Liberty street. TO BAKERS OR landlords ?WANTED, TO PCR. rlii'c a go.?1 Hakery or a good business Store. on a cor rwr preferred; or would purchase a Rood Pie Baking Estab lishment. AddrcKi for three day* Baker, box UU Herald pUJc?. WA>TFD TO HIRE FOR A TERM OF TEARft-A ?mall Farm nf about 30 acres, undar cultivation, with dwelling bouse and barn*, In good order, in the neighborhood of New York, aroe*?ible to ateamboat or railroad, aa the gen tleman wiabea to be able to atiend to buslneaa in Mew Yark every day. tddreaa A. B., boi J,7M Poet ofllw, N. T. WANTED TILL MAY-A SMALL, WELL furnished Home, in a Rood location, fur a Arm i-fcuta tenant; family of thr*- peraona. Rent sot to exceed $7 p?-r month. JAItbH K. EDWARDS, 277 Weet Tweuty-Ulrtetreet. TTTANTED?A HOUSE, IMMEDIATELT, IN THE VI ff riiiity of from Peurth to Sixth n.renuea, from Tenth to Thirty fourth streets; rent not io exoeed $i,3U0L Address M. 8 , Herald office. WANTED-BT A gentleman AND fill WIFE, THR first floor, with baaement and barlt kitchen, in a reaped, able nelghborb'x>d, on the went aide of the town, not antra Twentieth street; must have all the modern improvement*. Addrcaa, with terms, R. M., Herald office. TfANTED-BY A ^MALL FAMILY. ONE ROOM AND fT two Bedrooms, unfurnished. on second fl ?>r, between Tenth end Thirtieth street* and f ourth and BeNenth avenuca. Address box 336 Poet office. WANTED TO RENT-ONE THREK STORY HOUSE IN a resectable neighborhood, not to exceed Thirty sixth ?treet; advertiser ha* no objection to buy Furniture If the house la suitably furni-dind. Address, ataliug particular*, 11, box HQ Herald ollloe. UfANTED-FOR A oentlrman AND HIS WIFE, ' without < hlltltvn, two large Room*, connecting, on the second floor, unfurnished, excepting carpet* and curtains; liv ? ation oppoalteorln tho Immediate vicinity of Madison square; meals *erved private; more than $30 will not be paid. Ad dress, eating full particular*, M. M., Ilerald office, for two day a. WANTED?Fl RNIHHED HOUsE, BY A FAMILY without children j must be well furnished and located; one with a stable prelirred. Add re**, with particular*, box 436 Poet ofllce. Fl'RSITlRE. AUCTIONl NOTICE.?BIRNHAMN FURNITURE EX pre** and Packing Establishment, No*. Ill and 113 West Eleventh lit reel, between Filth and Sixth avenuea. Ilouae bold Furniture bot*d and shipped to all part* of the world. Pianofortes, Mirr.ra, Tainting*, t'hlna, Olaasware, Ma, Bcked and moved. Corered wag-ua fur re muring Furniture the country. Furniture stored. Enamelled chamber scits of fuekitubs, in all oolora and stylea, at wbole*ale or retail. At $26 and upward*. Alao Mattreseea and PaJllaaeea. WARREN WARD, 277 Canal street, four door* aaat of Broadway UENITURE BOUUHT for READY MONEY-A FAIR _ ralue given In ready money for Furniture, I aipet", Book>, Ac., at No. 133 Hixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth street*. FI RNITCRE, F0RNITCRE.?PAHTIES DISPOSING OF household and other furniture will receive the highest caoh price, or -an store the same on advance on aatislaciory term* for long or short periods, by RICU.vKD WALTERS, 18 Kaat Broadway. ? ? DENTIITRY. " F L Artificial bone filuno for decayed Teeth, put In while sot t, without pressure or psln. Aching teeth or mere ahella can be fill d with It br the dla covcrer, JAMES PEARSON. M. D. Removed to Mat Broad way, near scienteenih street MUNBTER, WHADCATF.n BITROEON DENTIST, No. HO Weat Twenty ninth street, Between Broedway and Mlxtb arenne. EAINI.IM tootn EXTR \f!TION, WTTn00T the ow of chloroform, plwirt'itf, or any ntupifylni nfn' ? BKTIIh L ha* liifww and j*w?tnlp'l an >?pi4iriiitt for thf ^itnMHton of if^ib ana ?tuvni>a. T?M*inv>niaiff ?WlfytW 'h*1 'Hm? from p^r?ona of h??h p ajikifi may bn at 1#y H n ArMflcfal T^th. vlih all bia WiHr P? tentril nrpr ? . I'frfnta. flllH T??rm*ilo<r No M flond ?tr<" t, cm n^r of th* JKWfiir, rivf l>r. s name .n, for sals. A nr. &yuTbSlSl??1' ^ wnlh ?ir??t from 4 untu & p uuU1* ?Ml? tfa -"orty ra;i;;,;as.^ " saa?;; ir*aswBHii F?.? 8AUS-HAT. <AP and pub store nip ri.>.t ?>r .??U?r? r"r bu"'D,HM oa the Bower}', at No.'l??.FUtSS ?Oubitt Art*1!r8**on f, *B"'u8i ">? proprietor in g- .ina to Uia wuutrj. Addreaa or oaJJ at the mm .iw, 146 Bower* F?? (iROrERY A*D LIQUOR HIORB, WITH of the city !Tii,WKT'.hn "u8 ?' the Principal thoruughfai?n ef Oaawroorfl premise*, oft Uudtwu atreet, coraer F??neHoah8~mo.?Kh?Y A?D .LIQUOR STORE, IN avenue; will bo hold^,^,?,p?rU 01 ih? ci,X. wei<t of f*n tU the preneut occupant owuath. ?J g " ?K>d bunioem; factory reaaoiu tVr ^llm? n ?""dll'' ^ SiU j t&'&fttzv. ?tifa&^te?dX^;Leu?t: F"MartetFwnt^\o^roonDH8u\uWeE?T ^KHINOTON I W^tog'XTe^ J- *' MAJN'186 F Store, wen loelte?do?ng *u.Lg?!d fam'lW^d bu?la?M, with three yeare lfa^. win 2??1eh?? lr?n?in,? Huence of going In the country. _Appl> at No. Wllud^n ?. IPOR SALE.?A FINE LOT OF THE HFHT amciy.. l^wlumfWOOD AT TWENTY rFVTS C. COLLINS.' SlSi.'XjM&iS. *""?< ??n?p?K??^SrSf l^OR SALE?the STOCK AND FISTI RFS r,R- a tm&wmsm Ittmily <ir<?cvrv^torp^ *flu?r !a1*\aild nrwt daas UoM. Appl/Io RO^iNWf^i^^.r?'1^ F??aSAa!^MWUNO ?SALOON N0 861 BROADwI^ nOOD INVESTMENT.?for SALE A VAI.P mi p H?w?e an<r,SJo(iJr,5^1robWtio?/^0jn J101^ baaemenlP?5n5 It to.nUins vaulig, cellar anclK^ttirurea'1 1"," ' rejldeno*. at?,,o?,?ytM. App^.^.i,^ jttn;reren^ JST'omVof ADDISON* EtSHri?f? wlian, and within the llmUaJf th. rlEf ?>? v 6 *?*"nnient now ..tiered an a good ln?gtmen. 2, Ncw ',rl??ua, '?* of aiding In the iik ? w'h" may b?i It If now in eomAete repair and wen"? ""F .,nanufa,'lure. engine*, boUer*? vac^S?'?"*?? bUck furna.e, Alter*, mouMa imi'le b"ne co< perage, and, In fact, all the' r^ul*l?c* r, r " J""1 -00'". ?ug?r rednerv, or moUaaea rahnUino i r c*r,7'nK"n a a little additional exp," ,u Xh%l'n'2 ^rgB With a cotton or other ni.aS ory |, & T~l ''V"v,>n^ ln"> It on the levee, with water ?n?irL?r^ ? wharf attached to of Te*8f!la delivering or tAktru/ILlH v H ?wonamodat^jn - m?"oSes, ?old cheap in consequence of ^ther bu^tueax' "?* WlU - 1SAAC A. BlOilS, 73 Nasaau atrcet. pHS:S.K WRblklfUlig grindingaurfaoi. ? power, BOL'TU WICK A WOOD, H2 Xaaaan mtrmf whkh?MrEETTBR5eUvE?I rF1RPT proprietor, made a fortune U now fni ..t. . y' ,b"fo"tjer t v?; Ko^to'LaSo^n jpjr aunum. .? Tke bar tanuot houfl** at rerv low i^nt- nniMt !?? I .?i l"*** of ihe whol* other buiilD4-flfi. win tikf. nj.rf J?tu % *^y ?P account of one block weat ofBow^'. *1 ja ^cu $2505&%?SS2!l^j? ?rU51??2LT prFIT cuatora. Heoulm nn *ad eiU'n fSSUttl? ?" "* % -ii' OB* REAL BRTATK, from il.OW to 92.UN caah. on a 11 ;,*lould and F?s<.";iifcs'si'w ffc",v?L'* ?o"v ??<>*? aag^aSggtgvi 13 ffaajwg^S A FARM IN NEW ?S? sE^r~? I ?f-res tine Land in I'AlmvtV P. %* r . 1,1 W|<^on??n, 464 10Lot. nca^ater*on depot. * * LoU "P l0wn- N?? ^?i ' ???? ^ M William ?tr?et, room II rnmffiSmm Agents, 71 Nasaau atreet, room ? d tommiaaiou 535SS^,SL?wfe ww.w,te? $8,000 !ho f.'n^P^w^l,,uuL01rH KEAR Jfes f:?^*nd ,nlU"" ^ Wi. Addriaa WDHICAli. A MAGNIFICENT PEVEN OCTAVE RO^RWOOD PIA D'lfo 11 lor Will'; richly carved |egn uui r?*r, four Mini corner", full lr?>n nl*tc, inlaid with **tinwo?4, ovenurui.g ban*, lnl?ld and eoiia pearl kejr?, to order for the pr? writ owner by city maker*, fully guaranteed for thre j ha* been In line but Ave month*. ooot $.K1U, will be add for $2M>. Including ?tool and rover. Al*n, an elegant Drawing Kuom Suit, n?i Saw, for $140. Inquire at No. 70 Went Tweu ty xlilb ?tr?et, near Hlnh avenue. A PIANOFORTE IN GOOD ORDER, PRICE |3ft. AND mufli' mitde eaay and Interesting on th<j piano, night Hinging guitar, accordant nnd violin, *even I'liinofortr* *or Rule or to let very cheap, by M. DI MHDAV, 300 Uraud itret i. A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. IJOII1 K A BRADBURY, Manufacturer* of a iiew *<-%l? of overatrnug '*??. patei ' In ntihi'Hi lull I run frame, grand mid nuaru I'lsuoforU", No. ???! Broome street. Plaaoelo rent. Banjo, ranjo. banjo-banjo tacgiit on tho> rongn and aclentlflc principle*. Pupil* filled U r the *tage In two month*. OeaflfSMm wishing le?*on* will learn particular* by applying lit William Hall A Hon* mualc sb.ra. M3 Broadway. N. B.?Banjo* selected. QHICKERINO A 60NI. GRAND BQARE ANB UPRIGHT PIANOS. M Broadway, New Tort. For halk-a beattifvl ?>t octave roukwood Pianoforte, round cornered, < .ale maker, ge*l aa new, com $JUU. Will be gold a decide bargalu. Appy at ?ore, !HEa*t Hroadway. JIG DANCING AND BANJO PLATING TACGIIT B* the underaU ed KM. OUIKK, 444 Br adway. UOTC.?IBHTRl'CTION ON T1IF. PIANO AT $3 PER month, with pitvllem of practice, by a lady well quail lled. Pupil* attended at their realdeace*, from flit to fli per quarter. Apply at 173 Twenty ftfth itroet, between kevcuui and Eighth avenue*. LOAN OFFICE*. M AT U CHAMBERH HTRERT?HONRT TO LOAN TO any amount on Diamonds, set or nnsat; Wawb**, Jewelry, Ac , or the *ame bought for the hlgheet oath price?, by the well known |haa?h, 11 chambers a tree t. W. ft?No business trsnaaetad on Saturdays. AT *W BROADWAY, CORNER OP FVLTON 8TRFFT Money advanced on Diamond*, WatChe*. few ")rv, mo. Be. N H. The hlgheit price paid for pawnbrokers' ticket* a !M5 Broadway, cvraer of Fulton ?tr?et, room V. AT 6B CEDAR hTREET.-UENRV HYMAjr.DIAllONO Broker?Ca*h advanced on Diamond*. *?*.'? jmeet, Watnbea, or bought ?taira, 00 Cedar street." roier.?t a*n aav*n''?"t on ~ - - Watch M ivement*. Silverware. 1^1 , nr bought for c*?h. Opi*jwlt? the IB* nwB ?i *?P 4 T 68 NASRAt* HTREET ?A. j\ Broker, makea liberal advance* on Dlam ndn, Wa'< lja?, Jewelry. 2c . or buy* them aifttt valua, at hi* private offi<*. No. *? NaaaaV dice', room No. 1, up stairs. Buluass oxiB. dentlal. , VMS BROtDWAY, CORNER OP PRtNCR STREET, twini No 8, up ?tali??Money advanced from II lo ftM, Ifflnn Diamond* Waicbes. Dry Hood*, xegar* and every de ?ctisUoB of Beroaandlea, All trnn*aetion? will ueconiiden ti*J. Open from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. BAl'MOARTEN A CO. AT 111 GRAND HTRERT, TRTIRR DOORS TP^T OP Broadw.iy?Voftey advanced on Watchee, Plant Jewelry. Plate, Dvv Good* nnd personal j)roper<y of >rcrj dewnip't Ion, or bought and (old, by JUti?rli A. JACHC.*", anctMbeer and broker, aop?, blooms, un>, APARTMENTfl TO LET-CONTAIN/NO MINK KOO?fS. Jn *.,rHW brlck '?""??>; only one family in lb* S"1T u/? u \ ku-iui for $10 per tuo.uh, 173 Atieuti iVwl wl. ?l*Mt, Unoklya, foai block* fcom APARTMENTH TOLBT-THKKK rooms, AT 101 KA'T Twelfth llnel, |I0; Ihn* Room-*, at UiJ itilrd avenue (10 60, threo Rooms, lit <8 Downing f'reerf, 48 >) ,Uu| Art. ah.I in rear house, $3 M. Apply to J ? HlCHAMDn A cTT ayu Fourth avenue. A NEAT PRETTY BRICK COTTAOB, WITH <}AH PIT. lures < oinplete; In handsomely furnished, and will (mi let for $60 a month. or will n il the furniture: price 4>J0, hi raty terms. Call at the cottage Mo. I West Ftftyflllhstreet between Broadway and Eighth avenue HOl'*E AND FORN1TTJRB TO I.BT-HOUSE BAB all the modern improvement* and 11 nicety ,furnished. Rent very low to agood tenant. Ixsiation Id'/ Weil Twenty flf'h street. Apply on the premises,or At N.? IJ Jonea ?trcct it. C. UAH SB Y. rpo LET OR t.KAHB?niK BASEMENT (KH KBET _ ? ?..y.. , u,,,. w?v AppIy"to !'' RANV;IH BYRN5", l'jl NaiUu"?irecL p' of, ami wvrral olflco* in, the new building No. <1 fa??ilu street (between Fulton ami John street*), Uil.i elty. AddIv to FRANCIS HVHMK I <2 Vammiii TO LET?AB OLD ESTABLISHED BNOLISH SHADES Ale House, with Lease, Stock and Fixtures. For laid, tha whole or part of I ho Furniture to suit puicluiser, the pmiol proprietor going to the country. ApiAyon the premises, HO Fourth avenue TO R> NT?A LAROR HOUSE IN ABfNODON HQIIARR. Eighth avenue, very low, uutil May, or will be teased I141 two 01 three year* J. rl. KIlWAKOH, 277 "est 1 wenty-thlrJ street. TO RENT-all ENOMHII HASi'.MENT BROWN HTONfl front. Hoiim', la West Twenty thlia street, at A bargain, from now till May I, will leaae fur two or three yearn longer. JAMK8 K EQWAHUH, 2Tt West Vwuity third Itreet. LET?TOE FIRST FLOOR AND BAHRMBNT Of A L house m TliiiVenlh afreet, west of Fifth avenue, to <* ,lnjUi family. K? vit $19 per month, ( tW'.uies In. Apply at IF2 I' street, uer 1 With avenue, In t&e grocery. TO LET?A VhkT fllCR IIOIIRB IN HIXTT Firm Htreel, near Mi- on.? avenue, wilh all the modern improve menu, rent %2b (>er inoi.lh. Alao, one lu Thirty- third * treat, one In Thirty wiventh -tract; low.-r par(A and qwe ttoorx; V' I> fln? tocaUoua, Ap\i?y to JOHN VcrTRBtVll, No, tU Third avenue TO LET?THE LOWER PART <)l'~A HKAT TTIRRIi "lory brick Huu??\ l*u. II* Jonea ?tr??t between Bleeekei* and Fourth atreeta rouala'ing of front and back Parlor; alio Hft?*nieut; Tearoom ami Betuootn on the third Uoor, (lag aiwl water. TO l^ET'-TOB "lTK<(K~KEHT,riJRAHT CORNER OF Broadway ami Eighth street, titled up with gaa flxtiirea, marble eounlera, Ac., will lie Itt for any btishivn* purpoea. Apply at the otllee of (he Si. l.awreuco Hotel. TO LET?HI ORE 760 BROADWAY, FIRST LO?"T UDXM feet, Inalicllug four lar^e mlrrorM, ornainental wimlow hangings, Ac. Aui 'y at the oiilee of the Mt Luvrenoe Hotel. TO LET?A ' Fl'RNIKIlED HOFME, IN LAFAYBTTH avenue, H100 'lyu, to a good U*nuii', at a moler.ite rent, Irom now to let Uay, or longer tf required. Aildre^.tJ. H, Herald ollke. m i w <rK L.ui we? w b BlIROLAR^I CANNOT ENTER YOUR ROOM WITH fal?? keya if yon uho Wheeloi 'a I'atent Keyhole (lu.?rL rrlce 25 cents; forwarded l>y moll for eenla; elreul ir, with rum, xent on reoelpt of clump. Admiaa (leo. Wheeler, 603 Broudway, New York. (CHAPPED UANDfl AHD LTE?I J Chi red in a few houn, and the xkln nude ilcll^Uely ?v I and white by the uae of TADMAN k AO "I OAMTHOR CAKrt W1TI1 Ol.TCERiifK. H required ro artificial heal Ui applying, 41 it ll?*jfv?i readily when applied to tho akin. 81 Bleeeker ?(., and 2b8 Fourth a von tie. By mail 29oen(& FxrawoBEs-SDoa* first nuwrox mnraiUL The tubneribern have on haml , nd are eonxUutly manu" fa turlng exhibition Flreworka, of every cleaeriptlon; alao* Edge's improved eongreve or war rockets, slunal roe.keti for laml or nea aervb'e, signal lights, patent torehea, Ai. All or ders directed to J OMR I'11 O A ISAAC KINIK, lltiteil Slate# Laboratory, Jersey clly, N. J., will meet with prompt atten tion. MRS. VANCE, OBNTLEMEN'n FINK SHIRT MAKER, AIhd, ladles llnou DUkd* up lu the MRlMt 111 inner with out niae.hliu) work, ('.ill on or address Mrs.', IM l^m reus street, near Hleecker, rear building, room Vo. 1. Speci mens of vvork shewn. T1.7TAKT Eg Oil *TENT< AND LEATHRR WORK made In any qunntitlen, a( a tew days' uotlen, by r. .'? rEYBW, 215 Pearl street, New York, aiul 4<$ liiihy street, ?*st?n, Vluwaehuseltn KBELBfTT, "UlrlMN T. EVOAOMV vr WKAim Ad parannn (teatreus of rediw.iim (heir (Jt t?H\arxt at the same ilsie iuapnwa tiulr bcIA sImmiM at ?u?* WYBBRDH yATEU'T DAY AND MUIB'F LIUllI R&. FLECTORH Tfcey are tk* nasi lulauus, The most durable and THE CHP,A VEST, C'au be had In every variety al <60 Broome street, near li road'v Ay. The ta'tewaUi'i heave powder-i/iikd ? years In England, and l.'l years here, 'unvi Iwayaa. eoilghn and colds In horses, and enlivens tho animal more than any 'Iclne; 91 a package;'1 for is, oriloia or free in the Vnlfed Ni?|,.j, by ORBAHl? its, 11 Hold ttft. t. M other condition medicine; tl al one doaen expressed f n A OOI'OH, Orro LET" AND "FOR SALE '?HOUSE AND STORK 1 Hills "To !<et" and "For Sale," for house agents, kept constantly on hand, at the cheapest prlees by FORIK A OO., .12 ANN KTREET, STATION* RH AND PRINTKKR Ainu Paper for drawing Con hurts and U<ju?e Vlanson hand, cheaper than at any other statlonei rS ?E?-T TPRJFYER OF TUB AUK, HI HTOWWR Expulalv iuid Hum Kllxer' vrups. Tltey will cure *U kinda tf diaeaaea of the system ller Llnlament and Salvaa will cure ol<l son*, faluna, kn XMBroomeatraet. i:hc never ftoja U> cure. WAKHINO MACHINE i llAlXfs NOE-A MIIJJON OP TV dullara for dome ?m?rf man -1 challenge the Inventor of any washing maehlue. and the worM ut largo, to produce m family waahlng machine thai will do an much work III flvamlB ntea aa mine, without friction or Injury to tins < autl I make no cioeptiona My maehlnc* ore all mad* of wood. i*> Iron to runt the clothe.*, and will be retailed for **; ifwy waala the clothe* cJw, aveiy Kpol, anil then wring tli.<q out dry. without spilling one drop of water; it h about .w Urge r chatr and weigh* from la forty | iiidn; it waahea *? Iklit Uiv.el* in one minute, a ?Mi( In ene minute, a ?heel or table cloth In two minute*, and wi .tig* lliei.i out dry. Men of hualneii* and oaed towelling |Mt?nt right* should kxn no time, lut apply Immediately for eounty right*. whleh wilt be aold for $IIM and upv/ardH. Any xiii.ti-t man, with $I<U or $1M), oan make $.'t UJO by the lit of April hy wiling town right*, for the [x o|ili will have It. Apply ut 73 Henry itreet, New York, In tlio evening or before HW, o'clock A. M , wherw the machine ran lie *ecn in operation Vlfty thoiMMna can ba *old In ihl* cliy for $.1 apieoe. It. H.-Any pernon having a alore to let. In Hroaditay, may addre-i Van tfoeeeil A Bro ther, captain* of merchant*' police night watch, Mo. CI Moutta ?tree!, wbertvall communication* muet be addretwe L I OOK I*nKJ~~ _ Jfe OOO. NRWIRO MA.fTUffW, Tatedlrd February M. IM ftaJearoom Ho. :iJS Hnxulway. Th'.a Machine In ooaotruclerf oa aa entirely new principle of methaatca. It poaacaee* many rare ami valuable lmpi?v? mania-baa been eiatmned bv tha meet profound oiperta, aad pronounced te be aimplicli* and aerfeoUon combine*! The following are tha principal objection* urged against ?awing ma".hlTiaa ]. Kioeaalve fatigue ta the opera'or. Z liability to get oat of order. J. Kiponee, trouble and loea of lime In repairing, 4. Tncapaclly to now every dee. riptlnn of material. It Djaagrecable imi*e while In operation. TUB EMPIRE NRWlNd M At.UIHK la eaerapt from all theae objection*. It ha* a iLraJglit needla, perpend kular motion, make* iM lock or ahnttle atlih, whl< h will neither rip nor ravel, anl I* alike en both aidee, perform* perfect aewing lit every <bv acrtpllon of material, from leather to the flneet Nanenok miaa lln, with nation, linen or atlk UirraU, from the eoaraact to tha ?ne?t number Having neither Mi nor cogwheel, and ifec tenet piMlhU friction. H raa* aa euieoth aa daw. and ia BUKH ATOCAI.LT A ROMRlJMf* M Arm MR It refaif-a Of y per neat lee* power to drive tt than any other machine In tnau'fcet. A girl of twelve year* of age can work It at*ad%, wttheat fatigue or Injure t? health. Jlaetreugth and wonderful *tmplt<:ity of conxtrucUoarennet it aluioat Imp-eaahle tagetuut el order, and la guaranteed by the company to give entire Mitiefactioa We respectfully invlt? all thoec whi> may dealre to mipply Utamaeleea with a aupartoi article to< aU audeiauii.iu tbi?u>v rivalled machine But In a mojoeapecial manner do wo robed the patronant MERCHANT TAILORP, OCA Oil MAKKKS, UOOI' SKIRT MAirt77ACTURBR% HURT AND HI MM >M MAKKkl, DRBHHMAKBRH, 00 KM IT MAKRRP, OAItKK MTTKF^, HIIOB BINORRT., ?/KMr AND l'AfTAL<x)M MAKHHSw MUOlOf " A MI) < IIAR1TAKI.R IMMTI rUTIVMJ win. an tinrwAi.i.r r/irn POP MACUIRKK ''OMrLF.rR. Sit 1_Or family Machine |M No. 'Jb-Hmall *i*c ninrufa* tilling . .. 91 >c V? lairgc ?lic inannfnctiirlug . .... 9) AOKNO'IBS l-.HTAbMHHKD. WILKOV A CO., IM North Ninth utreet, Philadelphia ???. n. OBirriR. IS Korth flay atreet, Haltliiiore. Md. JOBN H va Rlvei atreet, Tmy. M V JAMFt TOD. (ctn menial Building*, Cincinnati, Ok la Ac*nt* wanted for all towna In the United Htatc*. Tcnaa luada known by <n?intrlng at th? ?al. aroom. MS Broadway. T. J, MuAWTUUR A CO. IN1TBDCTIOP. A I ADKMY or IBNMANHIIIP ARD BOOK? W Broadway, continued hy W O. UiXHi many yearn the a*ef?vuit of Oliver H. ItoMlilfta received day and evening, for thorough praviieal too1 upon very favorable tern \ AT PAINE'B MBROANTiLB 001-tgBB flMtAWil|fl. ed IHW ?Bo' kkeeping, renm .n?hp, ArtUyaUd, Ae , 'aught day and evening, -illlng laugh', the Engllah }?nguagoby AiajfJ**'yfVSAll* Power? tncl 2^1 Ntou ntfcl. ttncklyn. Ah .% man and rk U ul toa- ber Col *?? nowperior -fkwp?.r? Rew*. | Aonorv ' ?OQBHlWRO, WWTINe, ARITOMR* llo ?Mr. fxit-rK/* R. ?>9 keeiw th? Urgeet nmereM Inatdutetn New for*. Rflptla who enter nowct^ take a general >r "pc. lal oourwi on low U rm*, awl b? pr? i!ir "for btiame" In a enpertor practical lanaer. A hU MD AMD fOCtfO, SfytT JOIM ?OLOKWITtl'* A Writing niaaaea, thla week, at one third the regular abarge. vlg:? for a oonrea of ten ie*aon*. Oty and even log H'XikkeepIng at reduced charge*. OT.IVRR B. IMHiD? kBIIII, 921 and 883 Broadway, eornw of Twenty flret (treet. FRRRrTi AJ?D CIKRM AW XiIRO^ A?F.i,?PROP. R IT:In I.RRINO, WO hroadway,'ornur twelfth *lreet (eetahllafu #<1 188X1, will receive new *(^>11. atloti? for pri /ate MMHaatloti and ??onveraatlna in the aforeaahl and elanucal language*, ainP make tranalatlon* of rwirreapondence, Ao. C~" ERMAN tBRKl RB-'-RT T, PlPTi < EtiTf) I'KR I.K7 T miii. \t home from 10 lo II o'lM A. M. Apply to J. TAt'KMJ, Ro, 18 >lo?.uii atxeet, itecond room from be en trail e. IMT'lRTANT TO TIIOHR niniltMO VWTRDrTTON AT hi me in Cngliah, Latin, Greek, Prnneh and MuaRv AI*o, Rlocutlovt taught by a new vnd rapid tin IBM T-n?* ro.?de? rate. Addrc?* Rdueatlcn, atatioji D. Nihln Home. MARCH'S COVNTtRG ROO*'>, VVe pi imlee and ItttrirtBl <tl BOORKEKPINO AND BLHlNRxl APfAlKM, BM Rroa tway, Irving Hnndlnu. Clt ulare, wlih terr??, Ao , en appllcaiien. .. RITINO ARD BOORBBBPIKa-TllB ifaut HaiuUvriMiw UlnuM In t?1 ?WW, or pilp1t?i AlNNPWH til tWf i'liBpoiitlAO, VngU^h Grammar, Mu*1c, oy * 3M ^lxib (tvcnvio, qthf ,>jv?K?Bttl iWIi