Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 13, 1861 Page 2
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DIARY OF LITE IH THE METROPOLIS. Event* Civil, Uncivil, Social, Religious, Literary, Dramatic, Musical, Educa tional, Meteoric, Political and Military in the Metjppolis. CRIME IN NEW YORK. DOINGS OF THE LAW COURTS, fcfi, **?? JAN0ABY. Spndat, 1-Now Year's sermons in the pri .c pal city Ohurohes. S?New Year's Day occurring on Sunday, tho usual fes tivities were observed to-day.... Snow on the ground, clear sky; thermometer eight (legroan above sero. Weather delightful for calls. 3?Fire iu Division street, six lives lost.... Mayor Wood and tho other newly elected municipal ollicors entored upon the duties of their positions. 5 Ihe Hoard of Counollmen met, and on tho first bal lot elected Morgan Jones as President for the ensuing year. Cburles T. McCleuacUan was ro-elooted dork by acclamation, and all his assistants were reappointed. #?Senator Seward paast>d through the city on his way to Wsshiugton, and slopped for a short time at the As tor House. During bis brief stay he made himself as promi nent as possible by receiving calls from every ouo who saw tit to make them, and afterwards took his departure in the six 1*. M. train for Washington to take his soat In the Senate. 9?Tho anniversary of General Jackson's victory at New Orleans was celebrated by the Tauiiiimy sachems and braves, at the Old Wigwam, iu spirited style. 10?'lhe Supervisors organized for lhe uow yoar by electing Mr. Stewart lTusident. Most of tho old clerical force were retained. 11?The Hoard of Education organized for 1880, electing William E. Curtiis Preside nt and Mr. lliomas Uoeso Clerk. 13?At the m> eting of tho Police Commissioner* a reso lution exempting tho police from arresting fugitive slaves wan lost, and ouo dismissing all policemen fouud driukuig when in uniform was passed. 16?llie Board of Aldermen met, and on motiou of Mr. Brady, republican, of the fifth district, unanimously adopU d a preamble recapitulating the points ol an article, commenting upon the character and capacity ol til' m iin bars of the 0>mmon Council, which appeared in (lie 11* Aioof January la, aud also a resolution uppointluga woint special committee of three from each Board to take i le subject into consideration and make investigation is to the truth or falsity of tho allegations. Messra. Brady, lktoie and 1 ?agley were appointed as the oomiuittoe ou the part of tlie Aldermen Sunday, <20?A very destructive lire occurred in Arm Street, by which several enterprising business tlrms were entirely burned out. Robert Bonner, proprietor of the '"'Offa '"-enpieil the lirst lloor of the building, aud hla prefScsT with about 80,000 copies of his paper, were destroyed Mr. liouner's loss was about $o0,000, in sured for $110.000. 30?A plot to murder two of the night kcopers of the Pity prison by two murderers, Stephens and Ktuchoa, Was discovered by Mr. Sutton, the Warden. A loaded revolver was found in the possession of each prisoner, after a thorough seaich of their persons. Stephens rs fused to be examined, but was overpowered by the ?9>eriffand Warden, who compelled him to submit. The tntentiou of the murderers was to shoot the keepers, when the latter would bring the regular evening moali arid open tho cell doors for that purpose. It is thought that Sanchez divulged tho plot, unwilling to kill the keepers, who had always treated him With kindness. FKBKUART. 3?A terrible disaster ooourrod during tho night In Kim Street. Afire broke out In a tenement house, and nine lives were lost 8?The execution of James Stephens, the wlfo polsonor, took place in the city prison, at twonty-ono minut-s to ten o'clock in tho morning. The culprit died protesting his innocence to the last, and with very little appa rent suffering. The hanging was bungllngly done by an Inosporlencod person, who, instead of cutting the rope, merely unloosened It, letting the body ascend gradually Into the air.... Mr. Faulkner, the new Minister to France, was serenaded at tho New York Hotel by the Young MSB'S Democratic I'nion Club. Speeches were made by ex Governor Seymour, Collector Scholl and others, and Mr. Faulkner responded In a patriotic speech. A?Joshua K. Qiddings delivered a lecture on ' The Du ties of Human Government," at the Forsyth street Metho dlsl Episcopal church... .The Opera season at the Acade my of Music commenced, with Briguoll, Amodio, Suslul anil Pattl in "Krnanl." 9?A terrific gale, the most violent experienced for years, swept over tho city, and resulted in a la go de struction of property In this city, Brooklyn Williams burg, Hoboken and Jersey City, besides several accidents to ship* in the hay, as well as to th"Sn anchored at the piers. The hark Holland wr.. a>-u on llarn?g*t, aud abandoned bv her captain and crew. A portion of the roof of the Catholic Orphan Asylum was blown down, and created almost a panic among tbe children. 18 A heavy snow storm visited tho city The {seventh Regiment Band gave a grand concert al the Academy of Music, which was crowded to excess. 21?The Seventh regiment (National Guard) took their departure for Washington, to participate In tho inaugura tion of Mills' statue. 22 Washington's birthday was wet and disagreeable, but was celebrated with considerable spirit. The demon stration, altogether, was not up to those of former years, but what thero whs of it was creditable. The Eighth, Ninth. Eleventh. Twelfth. Sixiy ninth and Seventy first regiments, as well as several lodges of tho American Pro testant Association, paraded during tho morning ana afternoon, and In the evening a number of baJfr, sup pers, he., came off. 23?At the meeting of the Hoard of Aldermen a com munication whs received from the Mayor James S Mbhy for President of the Proton Aqueduct Do jiai tne-nt, ami All irew Sheeban as Inspector of Vessels. The latter nomination was ton Ik mod. 24?Tbe Seventh regiment returned from their trip to Washing tea, where they were pros nt at th inauguration ol the djijoNiiian statue of Wasmngton. They were wel comed In the most enthusiastic wanner by thw military and populace.... Mr. PiLsbury placed iu the hands of one ot the rVitnmisslouers his resignation of tho post of General Superintendent of the fores 27?Commodore Vanderbilt purchased the California steaneihii* Moses Taylor and Illinois, whl :U wore soil at publie auction, paying #2S,00? for each 2ti?The stom*: utters, numbering one hundred workmen, who were empl> yod upou tho now Koiuan Catholic Cathe dral to bo erected on Fifth avenue, between Fifty-first and Fifty-second streets, stopped work, owing to a re fusal of tbe contractor to Increase the rates of their pay. 2U?Major Wood delivered an address before tho New York CarUnen's Protective A>-relation, at Convention llall, Wooster street. MARCH 1?At the meeting of tho Board of Aldermen the Mf?y>r Kent In ii communication nominating ,!ntn''S C. Willett, 01 Hto'Tiff, m <>f the Croton Board. It w u re ferretl to it epeciai committee for action 6?At n H|HTtBl meeting of the Hoard of Metropolitan Police Oomennmonere ? l^ttor from Mr. Pllaburjr, r* Bigumg tle> General Fnperinten leticy of the force, waa read, and the reelgnatlon wra* accept* 1. 7?A tnuRK meeting of tho ahoeniaker* of thi* Citv vr ti held at lite K<iurt<?nth Ward Hotel, to oi|<m tlvtr *ytn |>ftthy with the movement of their follow craftaineu of the Kiu lei n M?t? ft?A match of two gam** of . h< ?* between New York end Huston whu eoronn- <vxi?Minora. I.irht'nhem. Tomp ?on, Marache, Luyd anil Fermi pi iyuit( "n liehalf of S?w York, and Meter*. Rk'hardaon, Hammond, Howard, Ware and Ptone on the *ide of B.?t<>n 14?A meeting of hrtckbtjrer* wan held at the hall in HvvrnUi atreet, nuar Third *? unite, to combin* tlio trade In nupporl of n detnaud made for ii p*T d .y. jo ami after the 2d of April, tlenerai T.ilinadge and other* *;>oke 1??Tito telegraphic eh<?H matt h betw<>en New York and BucUmi war terminated bv mutual oon*eat, the lln ton player* agreeing to concede the *ec>nd (tame a? won hy New York, and the <lr*t game by them*olvue. Unrty Mvea move* were made In the flrat game, and flfty on* in the *e<*>nd 17?K. I'atrM-k'n Pay *a? celebrated with ttnmual en tbimlaam on thi* fy. The clvln and limitary dt*|day waa the Ivgeei eve,-vltti'**ed <>n a *imllnr oeeaakm in ihiaclt/. l-'twi Mat i a of K'vMm tni. delivered an eii*4'i?'il | ?'ii?(i? *10<.i 'ti i AiNntle at the Roman Oatho'ic tetlied'aj ?ui.' in l.e ,1 eMUg I?r. Ukhill I'Vtnred at til* .'<*"? tn) <4 I'u. io bet ore an iHUBMM* audience Th* lii no y ?< ' not St Patrick wonnd up ihe celebration by a i r?... .per at the Metropolitan Hotel ?<1? Wendell delivered an eddrcea at th* ('??yr lnatilute on tlx* *uhject of ''Agll*t'<>n IndUpen. Mble to Reform," before a oroerded audience '*?To* American Muteum closed for repair*, an.. Itninem iruole a a|>eor.h KOIIOuntllng that lb* eetablnh tnetit had ngaln tullnii into hi* I tan da, and would be re ?fpeoed under hi* aurptce* , 27?The Rh'iemakrm of New York bald a meeting of vmpatny With the *trtknr* m 1 rnn, Mm* JH?A Are occurred in the letiem<-nt Itottae No. 90 W*et urtjr flftli by wblcli t?ti v*,ru'uu) w?ro liiiloit. "??John (Ylmmins, ootivlcied ol tho murder of Don i m MoHeiiry, e*i>iftted hn crime otitic man.,id tn tho j -laoa yard of the Tombc. iraik. BtmiAT, 1 - Rev Mr ("orbett, of the Oreeaa atreel Ml thodlel eburch, delivered a lecture t? "tUievaa aud liarWa," be for* a crowded oonrreiratien. ;i?A celebration cowmemorfttive of the birthday of the late WaahlnftUm Irvluff took place ?t Uie Academy of Mnatc. The orator of tho evening was Wm Otillon Rry. ant Addreaaea were alao delivered by Kdward Rvarett, et Oovenwr King and othora 15?At the meeting of the Board of Aldermen a cor*, inankcatkm wa*t received from the Mayor nominating e*. AlderniM THomaa Mtephena for the Presidency of the (VotOD Aqitedurt Hepartment, and the nommatioD waa forthwith eontrwed, by a vol.- <>r fourteen to two 18?Mayor Wood, lnoompenl I by deputation* from l oth Board* '<f the 0>mmnn Ootmcll and a number at other gentlemen, paid a ccramontuu* vUit to the lira elUan ehlp of war Donna I*ahelU, at anchor In I our bMtor for aereral week*. The ahip waa g?) 'y dressed with lmating, and the visiting party wore rs Of'vsd with nil Ihf honors by the officers of the corvette. 14?JiniKt* Howi'ii,J. G. Bergen and Amos I'llnbury, the new l'ulioo CommiMuionei h under the new l>?, mjt for (lie Uirt lime til headquarters and oigauis*d by the nkflion of Commissioner I So won as President, and J. O. Bergen Troaaurcr. t>iMuv,Xfi?Rev. I)r. Hoge delivered au open air ser mon at llio corner of Worth hi reel and Cow Bay. tl?Angutttus M. Connor, pupil of ProTessor Wise, made a beautiful ascension from In lace (ianlen In a balloon, and landed safely at West Held, N. J., early the ssmo evening... .Comptroller Haws appointed Simoon Draper, Mote* Tl. Grinncll, Iaaae Bell, Jr., and Jamoa B. Niohol son, as Commissioners or the new Department of Public OiuiiiitH and Correction, in place of the Board of X u , Covert org. | 23?Ths 8t. George's Sochty of th'i city cel> N a tea their anniversary by a banpiet ui Ltolmoj.eo'.^ tu tho evening. 2&?Tho British yacht MagnoPa sailed for Cowee and W is escorted beyond Sandy ll<K-k by a party of oitistus on hoard the steamer Jsmos A. Stevens. I 20?At a meeting of both branches of the Ooramon I Council $30,000 wore appropriated for tho sxpouscs of the reoeptiou of the Japanese Embassy. MAT. 7 At a meeting of the Common Owned a resolution waa adopted requesting Mayor Wood to inv te the Prince of WaleM to visit New York and partake or the municipal hospitalities. 10?About five o'clock in the afternoon Augustus M. Connor, a pupil of Professor Wise, attempted his second ascension in a balloon from Palace Garden. The voyage *"* ?f brief duration, the balloon bursting against the wall of the concert room, and Mr. Connor receiving inju riesi from the effect of which ho died at eleven o'clock. 14?A!f * meeting of the Board of AMermnn Andrew an{* l?**athwr Bink, wam removed irotn tno office of City Chamberl tin, and N. C. Piatt, of tho Artisan#' Hank, selected to till tho vacancy. v.5?""Thte (,*y ? t,,lnR the anniversary or ijusen Victoria's biith, was duly celebrated by a public dinner at the resi dence or the British Consul. 25 The trout wall of No. 8?5 Broadway gave way and fell upon the sidewalk, severely injuring four laborers. 28?I'tliigst Montag, or Whit Monday, was duly cele brated by the German societies by gymnastic and musical exercitos at Jones' Wood and tho othor public parks. 29?'ihe lease of tho Hamilton avenue, South, Wall, Ful ton and Catharine street ferries was sold at auction by Mr. Comptroller Haws, 'l'ho Union Forry Company pur chased the ljaso for tho sum of $103,000. JUNE. G?Seven of tho Central I'ark swans died from poison ous matter contalnod in the food with which they wore supplied. 15?The Japanose arrived in this city from Philadel phia. They were receivod by the First Division of mili tary, numbering between si* and seven thoisaud mon, and nearly the entire population of the city. Tho day was boaut'tul,und tho i-jHdacle in tho highest degree im posing. ?f>?Ihe grand civic ball In honor or the Japanese Em bassy toi k place in the evening at Niblo's Garden, and a regular "crash,'' somo ten thousand people having attended. 28?The mammoth steamship Great Cistern arrived at the I.ightship oil I Ins port at Jwrenty minutes past Bov?n o'clock in the morning, and arrived In tho North river in the afternoon. Sho whs escort"d up the bay by a flotilla of steam tugs, yachts and small craft, and was received by salutes from the forts aud shipping, and tho cheers or an immense concourse of people, who thronged tho Batte ry, tho housetops and tho wlutrves along tho river. 30?The .'apauese Embassy lelt for home ou Iniard the Splendid steam frigate Niagara, amid a parting salvo or artillery. The hnhlt'ial reserve and stoicism of tho Ori ental oharactei was not proof ngalnst the manifestation of reelings of regret at leaving a country whore th y ha t eiporh need so much kiudness and boepitality. JULY. 3?A dinner was given In tho evening to George , Wilkes, Esq., at the Astor House, by bis friends, which was also made tho occasion of the presentation or a suitable testimonial or regard Tho groat uuterriflod met in mass oonrention at Tammany Hall to raliry the nomination or Stephen A. Douglas ror President, and Herschel V. Johnson ror Vice President. The hall was wall filled. Kx Mayor Ticipann presided, aud spaoclies were made by him, by Mr. Parsons, of Alabama; ex- i Cong rssman George W Jones, or Tennessee; Senator Ptigh, or Ohio, and Jamos Gardinor, of tieorgia. 4?llio national holiday was celebrated more generally and enthusiastically than for sovoral years. A grand military parade, Artworks in tho evening, balloon ascen sions and excursions by railway and steamboat consti tuted the principal features of tho celebration. 6?The Seventh regiment (National Guard) proceeded to Stolen Island ror a ten days' enc impmont. Th >y turned out men, and marched down Broadway "company front." An unfortunate accidont occurred at Whitehall to three men, not belonging to tho regiment, who-wore engaged on their own responsibility in tiring a salute Through their mismanagement of tho gnu thoy were severely burned and bruised. Tho camp is namod Camp Scott, In honor of tho veteran of Lundy's Lano anil Mexico. 11?Tlie vicinity of the City Hall was the scene of con siderable excitement about one o'clock In tho afternoon, owing to au attempt being made to take tho life of Alderman Genet by ox Councilman Kerrigan. The quar rel grew out of alleged insults oflorod by tho City Father to Kerrigan's wife and sister. 13?Albert W. Hicks, the murderer of Captain Burr and Cr? w r?f thi* oioiur klihtn IP 1 iwu?v?i *ut oa tremo j>o?a)ty of tho lair, ah >ut norm, on Bcdloo'* Inland, in the presence or some 10,000 spectators, who stirrounde<i ? lie island in steamboats, sailing vessels aud small row beats. H?John C. lloensn, tho <'BonlcinTJoy."and Ills trainer, Jack McDonald,arrived latoat night in the steam?hlp Van derbilt The I'nited State* Zouave CUdetS, of Chicago, arrived in this city in the Albany boat,and were reouivod on arrival by a detachment of the sixth regiment. Both commands proceeded to tho Astor House, where ih?y breakfasted. In the afternoon the Zouaves gave an ex hibition drill in tho I'ark, which was witnessed by ten thoi sand persons, and considered to bo th" best spectacle of the kind ever seen tn this city. The Zouaves sustained right well ihi ir claim to bo tho bestUrillod mJitary corp* in the couutrjr Miss Myra Kusella rnado a balloon ascension from Palace Garduu. IT?The commencement exercises of th" Mount St. Vin cent (Roman Catholic) Academy took place nt Font Hill. Mayor Word and many distinguished clergymon wore present, and Arrhl; shopnughes dcllvoro 1 au address The annual commencement exercises of the Free Academy of this city wore hold at tho Academy of Music before a large audience. ; IS?An eclipse of the snn. only partial In Now York, but total :n some parts of thi-t < >untry and In the north of Spain, 'sourred. It commenced at ten ininutos past seven o'clock A. M., and ladled exactly two hours, being nt Its height ut ten minutes nrtur eight. The speclaclo was very beautiful and Interesting. ?Tbo Chicago ZounvcS gave an exhibition drill at the Academy of Music before an audienco of ft,000 people, which crowdod that iaimunsc editlcc from parquet to am pbitheatre. 20?The Savannah Blues, Capt. John W. Anderson, ar rived in this city on a tour of jjeasurc, and wore h"*pt tably rec.'lved by the City Guard, who escorted them to the lafargs House .... \fter a sojourner nearly a we >k In this city ^ the oolebrat.-d Chicago Zouaves took their de parture for Ihiston.... About a <iuartor bororo ten o'clock in 'he evening a mosl astonishing c destial phenomenon oocorrej. A light cleud appearisl in the west, from which a blue tinted luminous globe shot out, which at tho flrst gl 'uce suggested to the spectators the IJoaof an artitl cial flre-vork. Instantly It lo?t Its g' .bular form, b irst ing, like an immense skvrocket, into four po'tions. Tb? first two are represented by one or our cor re* pond en u ??? tusenibling brilliautly lllnmiuatod chandeliers, with innumerable jets of purple llame; iho others were g|.>bu. lar ai.J comfmrativelv small, appearing rather as the t.illa of the Orst They maintai' ?d theii relative disiances as tliey flew athwart tae sky from west to east, occupying In their (light something like % minute. 2f>?The S*\ ann??h Republican Blm>s departed fw boras In the steamship Florida. M?The Chicago Zouaves returned to this city, and were r- * eiv-d <n their arrival bv the (tec <nd eouipany National Guard. Opt. Alexander -dialer, accompanied by' the rull National Guard Band. The two cmpaniiw sub scquently embarked on board the *1. amor l'amiuoiid, unl proceeded to West Point, where thoy vi ited tho Mllitarv Aeademy and gave exhibition drills "on tho lawa in front of Oossens' Hotel. AUGUST. 10?The grand Hecuan reception presentation t?k f.!ac nt Jones' We. d 19?Tho Great Kastcrn sto?m?hip 1 ft this port on her homeward voyrge, taking one hundred first class pas sengers with her. ,T1" ?P< " air coti -erts in tho Central Park by Dod worth's Hand woro commenced, but attended by a slim a valence. * kkptfmrkr. IV?A beautiful eUnd of colore wa* pre*ented to the Sovcuth regiment, by Mr. Ould, on behalf of tho ctty of Washington. 12?V l><>uglaa berbecue came off At .Vino*' Wood. Th^re were lnHw.-en fifteen r.nd twenty thou*aud p'fle on the ground, aim mimic. roaet os. banner* and Mtlflwy to en liven the ?>>oe 1.1--Hloo<iin give a grand tight rope perforri.?n.:e at Jonoa Wood, and the republican athletes ha<l ? grail bio* out at the Oooper luelltito, Girl Srh'ir* being tue principal per'oriner. It?A splrmlll dlep'.uy of the northern ltolite occurred. About half naet nine o'clock at night a brilliant l.ght be catni? vl# '.tie in the northern part of the ally, which eoon changed to pink, crimeon and blood red Iniee. apparently mingling with each other, and forming one of the m?it brilliant epectarlee It ht poaalble to conceive Hie llluml uailou waa vielble until .iin.ut two o'clock Sunday m?rn Inf. IT?A great antl republican meeting tor* place at Otx'per Inatltiite Mayor Wood, On v. M <rohead <if K*n tucky, and olbere, made speech-*... Kdwln Twreet opened an ongajfewent at Niblo'i Uardon, playing llam let A crowded houj?e greeted the popular Iranian. Ib? amwal Protectant Kpieeopal Convention oon wned at St John'a chapel. Varlck rtreet. An?a new lion,an (klhollc church, Hr. Mr. Ward, paxtur. wui dedicated al Morruwn* by Archb?h<>p Hughe*, OCTOBJOI. 1?Miaa OharWtte Quitman tn>vU? her rmlrr* at the Winter (>ardon. 8?The corner it?ne of a new Kptacrtpa.' (>rphatu?' Home, corner of Forty ninth rtroet *n<l l#rtnftOR ?U laid by Rlehnp Potter !t?A Wide Awake republican torchlight prwwilon, emulating of aome 10,000 person*, took place in thl? City evg&AT, 7-H* iofldeli of the Called states opened their third annual Coav ntton at the aty Assembly Kdoouj, in Brofcdwajr. 8?A tremendous Union meeting at Cooper Institute? oratora, Chas. O'Couor, James w. Gerard, Hiram Wall bridge and others... .1 ha laUdol Convention adjourned after two days' **8ion, having given utterance to tha most atrocious anti Christian sentiments. #?Wni. 8. Lindsay,M. P., addreesed the Qhamber of Qjmmerce on tho subject of ohanges in the maritime laws. 1??Hon. Wra. L. Yauoejr, ofAlabama, addressed a Urge assemblage at the Ouo|M>r Institute.. ..William S. l.iii> tuy, M. P., in accordance with previous arrangement, appealed again belore tho Kxecutive Coiuinf.too of the Chamber of Commerce. 11?The Prince of Wale# and suite arrival in New York, and wero received by a splendid demonstration on the part of the military and p>pulaoe. The royal party put up at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel. 12?The Prince of Wales visited the University, As tor Library, Cooper Institute, tree Academy, Central I'ark and I)?af and Dumb Institute. In the evening he at tended a vrand ball at the Aoadmnjrof Muaic. 13?The Prince of Wales visited General Scott at hia re aldenee, spent several hours at Brady's photographic gal lery, examined the curiosities at Baruum's Museum, and spent a portion of the afternoon at Ball, Black k Co.'a Jewelry storo, on Br ad way. A grand torchlight proces slon of the firemen in the evening?one of the flnust dts plays of the kind ever wltneiaed?was reviewed by the Prime from the balcony ol the Filth Avenue Hotel. 14?Ibe PriBee of Wales and his suite attended Divine service at Trinity church. 16?Ihe winter course of the University Medical Col lege was opened by Dr. Valentine M >tt, who delivered an i liMjuoiit address at tho college, in Fourteenth street.... Blondiii performed the feat of walking ok Btllts on a tight rope at Jones'Wood The New York Homeo pathic Medical College, corner of Third avenue and twun ty third street, was inaugurated The Prince of Wales ai d suite left New York for West Point. 2a?A giand Union torchlight procession, In which nrarly 40,000 people i>articlpato.l, took placo iu this city. #4?Hon. Ilerschel V. Johnson and General Leslie Combs spoke at the Cooper Institute. .(ieo. T. Aiker was elected Assistant Kngiuoor, vice Mr. Cregier, resigned....The corner stone of the First In dependent Methodist church in this city .'was laid In Forty-first street, near Sixth avenue.... Hon at>r Doollttle addressed a republican meeting at Coo|tor Institute. 2<:?Hon. Jiimcs T. Brady addressed a large meeting at Cooper Institute on the political topics of tho day. 27?'Ibe three little negroes fouud ou the bark W. R. Kibbey, wl.lch was seisod us a slaver some months pre vious, wero given up by Marshal Kynders to tho Secretary of tlie Colonization Society. Srmur, 28?Tho Evangelical Alliance wis inaugurated at the Presbj teriau church, corner of Fifth avenue and Nineteenth street. NOVEMBER. 2?Senator Seward addressed a republican mooting at PalateCurden,...A Union meeting was held at Cooper Institute. tt?The state ?nd national elections passed olf In this cily without distui baace. 13?Ibe forty seventh anuiversiry of the Fom&Ie As distance Society was celebrated at the Reformed Dutch church, corner of Fourth street and I^ifayette place. 16?Tho sixty third anniversary meeting of tho Society for ihe Relic! of Poor Widows with Small Children was held iu the church corner of Tenth street aud University place. 24?Tho first regular cold ."nap of the season made its appearance. At eight o'clock P. M. the thermometer stood at 18 degrees below zero. 20?Kdwin Booth commenced an engagement at the Winter Garden, playing Hnmlet. 28?The rear wall of storehouse No. 30 and 38 White hall street fell. 29?Thanksgiving Day; weather delightful; general Mispeimion of business and tremendous destruction of fowl in honor of the day. PECEMBKR. 1?A light shower of snow fell, and a heavy northwester blew over tho city. Big ovorcuata aud furs in requisi tion. ? Huxiur, 2?The Rev. Highland Garnet delivered a sermon at shiloh church, on tho aunivorsary of Johu Brown's martyrdom. 4?The charter election for Aldermen, Councilman and school officers passed oM quietly. Weather exceedingly unpleasant. ' f>?About eleven o'clock P. M. the two large main Oro ton water pipes in Filth aveuue, uoar Sixty-firth street, wore broken by the enormous weight of materials pilod upon them in grading and paving the avenuo. An inuu dation of the neighborhood followed,and considerable ex citemont and annoyance ex In ted In the city in oonse. quence of the necessary temporary stoppage of water. '?J. T. Rarey, the celebrated American horse tam^r arrived here by the Asia, and put up at the Firth Avenue Hotel Billy Mulligan was m irricd in tho Tombs, by Judge Brennan, to Mrs. Mary A. Lewis, of 46 Houa ton street. 8?Billy Mulligan departed for tho State Prison, to serve four and a half years' penal servitude, for attempting to shoot a policeman. 14?A number of tho Southorn students mot at the Fouiteenth street Medical College, and threatonnd to se cede, iu consequence of s letter lo Dr. Aylette, written by Mr. President I Taper, asking an explanation about certain matters of a private nature. Sunday, 1??Skating at the Central Park; fifty thousand people joining in the aport. First skate of the seats*! at the pond. 18?A meeting in favor of Garlb'iMi took plnne at tje Cooper Institute. Speeches by John A. Pix, Luther R. street Medical Collage met and passed resolutions disap proving of Dr. Ayletto's conduct, and asking Profess ?r Draper, who lia I resigned in oonaoquence of the difficulty, to return to them. 19?An explosion of one of tho steam pipes on board the stearner Commonwealth occurred about four o'clock in the morning, oil I hrogg's Neck. Some ton persons wero resided, but none fatally Injured. 20?The trial of Coloucl Corcoran, of the Pixty-ninth re frlment. for refusing to promulgate lh? orders of Major General Samiford to |>arsde his regiment on tho occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wales to this city, commjnced at the Arsenal, before Brigadier General Spicer and Colo nels Postley and Plutkney. 22?Mayor Wood wss married to Miss Alice Fenner, daughter of Mr. Drake Mills, of So US Fill h avenue.... The New Kngland S?h-| 'ty of Ibis city celebrated its fifty -fifth anniversary by a banquet at Ihe Asior House. Many In teresting speechea were made, almost all of them touch ing on the great and absorbing question of the day. At a lute period ol iho evening, the Vice Presidentelect of tho I lilted states, Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, was Intro duced, and made a short spcceh. Near midnight >V?nv tor Seward, wlio had just arrived on his way from Auburn to Washington, made a speech whieh occupied tlitoe quni tars of an hour in delivery, and tu which he discussed the question of sec-sslou. 24?At a regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen. Acting Mayor Tech scut in a commune atsin removing Nathan C. Plait from the office of City chamberlain, and splinting Daniel Devlin In his plaoe. The recommonda t ions of Mr. Pi ck were agreed to. *?flhrlstmss I*av was fine, clear and In every re spect pleasant. The celebration, in a religious aud social aspect, w<s very general and hearty No skating at Central Park, but Iroion |*>nds in the vicinity of tie# Arsenal were crowded with skaters," and female. 27?The New York Hanitary Association held a meeting-, at which whs considered the ptoprlety of establishing female sanitary mission societies. Speeches by Dr. Bel l"ws, .las. T. Brady and others....t.roat exctienieut In the city, occasioned by the news of Major Anderson's evacuation of Fort Moultrie, Charleston harbor. 31?Mayor Wood sent a communication to the Aller men. announcing that he had suspended tho newly ap ItoiMcd Chamberlain, Mr. Iioniel Devlin, on the ground that the appointment was Illegal and without any autho rity. Ttie Aldetmen, by a vote of 12 to 3, agr vd to send back the communication to the Mayor, without taking any action upon It The debate w.ts lively and spicy. 29?Ihe opening of thirtyone pro;>< >sala for rleming the street* for five yoars. look place at 'he City Insooe tor's office. Humut, 80.?The Rev. Dr. Vinton delivered a srmoa at Trinity chapel on the crisis, sevor< Iy handling both aboht ion lots aud accession ists. CEIME IN THE METROPOLIS. Mardfra, Ilontlr idea and Mnlrldca Da ring th* Put Yr*r. In accordance with our annual cnatom wo preaent our r?Kl?r? with ? carefully compile statement of the mur dera. homicides and suicide* which havo boon onactod in tbo metropolis during tho pvt your. The statistics ?re compiled from the tiles of the Haauji, and are chro nologically arranged. an as to be useful for reference. Although the figure* ahow ? satisfactory decrease In the number of auicidoa, murders and bomiciilea, it will be scon, have boon aa rife as usual Anue*od ia the stale nient :? JANCABT*. 2?fienrg* W Church beet-n t-i death in a fight, at tbt coi nor of .Tftne and Washington street*. ?I?l'io'-" 0. Sorrc, a native of Kranca, committed sui cide at hta residence, in Eighty seventh street, nsar highth avenue, l?j taking arx?aic fl?Thomaa (Tar*, a native of Ireland, aged 2* voara, fa tally stabbed by John Howe, at the corner ?f Centre fend l?ooard streets. 9? 1'atrick Brogan a native of Ireland, residing at No. II W lllet street, committed suicide by cutting hta throat with a racor. 24?R?njamin Mackio. a lawyer, committed suicide at No XM Monroe street, by Ukuig an overdoaa of laudft ?nm. 35?Carter, a lad, about 15 years old, com. muted suicido at No. 31 Park row, by hauging hinuialf to ? beam. FRIHMTART. 7? Pavtd Somers, a native of oarmanr, about 60 yaara of age, committed suicide at No. 144 t^urrh street, by cutting bia throat. 10?William ?. Tuora, a Custom House watohinan. f>und murdered In !-*aie street. No clue in the usaassln. 11?OeorRe W. Shaw, a porter in tbo Market Itank. com mitted anlclde by taking laudanum. No cause could ba aaeigned lor the act. 15?Margaret Ptowart beaten to death at 41.^ Thomaa p?ro?H . in a drunken flght.... Mr?ry <>*11. a native of Ire land, 27 years of age, committed auictds by taking laud* nrni M 26?<ir?ce lleenan. a >lotneslic, burned her IllegltlmlU ebiul In denth, for the purpose of hiding her ahame 2*?Richard Ou?rken killed In a fight with Detdrleh Paminan. The part lea were native* of Germany, and were uxulor the Influence of liquor at the limn of the light MAftCIT. 6?Torothy Kanlnga. a native of Ovrtuanr, a?ad #1 years, committed auicide by hanging herself. Insanity the rauae 0?Minn7ehl, ? native of Cermanr, aged 30 yeara, committed sun <g? si No. W Cllntou street by hanging herself 18-flfelbftrii* JfcCuir#, a do?satte, liyiaf to riflf ? eighth streot, near Second avenue, committal suicide by laudanum. Ill health ?u the only rnwua assigned for the ?C(. IK?( -ojUuu l?ete and brother, of the sloop Spray, sup poMsl to have I'Son murdered by Jacalow the Chinaman. SO?Ceurge Burr, captain of the sloop K. A. Johnson, Fmith Watts and Oliver Walla, crew of tbe same, mir dered l>y the ptrat? Albert W. Hicks, aud their bodls* cast Into the biy. 23?William Hickey killed in a fight at tbe corner of Carlisle and Went streets. Deceased wad it tabbed ui tbu Hb' union. 27?An unknown man found murdered in a vacant lot in forty eighth street, between First and Second ave nues. No clue to tbe parlicip.uits of the deed. Al'RIL. 2--Peter B. llall, a ship caulker, was klukel to death by 1'atrlcU Murpby In a drunken affray at a |*>i tor bouse in Water street... .John Keevan, stabbed In West street on the previous Friday evening, died at the New Turk Hospital. ,V?Mary Ann Iviteon, wife of Dr. Wm. B. Lataoa, com mitted suicide at 386 Eighth avenue, by suffocating httr n If with the fumes of charcoal. Decoaaed was of a jea ]i us disposition, and had frequent quarrels with her bus

hiind <>n account of buspoo ted iutlmacy with his female patients. 6?A man named Jean Baptiste La Rochelle made an ante mortem deposition at the Now York Hospital, to the e licet that In company with two men be had get tire to a crockery store in Creenwich street, and while escaping from tbe store with his clothes in flames an attempt was made by Deduce Morrissett to thrust him back, and by ills ueuih destroy tbe evidences of the origin of the lire. He subsequently died of his injuries. 12?Laaarus Michael died at No. 5 Ridge street, under circumstance* which lod the Coroner to believe that the case was one of suicide. 13?William Brulman, a native of Gormany, aged 21, ooinmitted suicide by stabbing himself in the throat. 20?William H. l.yon died at thu New York Hospital from tht>effects of a fractured skull received whllo en gaged In a light with a waiter in one of tho Broadway di inking saloons. 21?Ihoinns Creensn fatally stabbed in a fight at the corner of Orchard and Canal streets, by Charles Rabert. 23?Henry I'ickiuson, a nutlve of Sweden, died from the ellicts of a blow with a slung i-hot In the hands of s< me person unknown. 2ft?Rudolph U. Kohn, a native of Germany, committed suicide at No. 140 Houston street, by ti.king morphine. 2N?Alphonse Casklll, a native of England, ag d 3ft years, committed suicide at No. 182 Grand street, by taking cyanide of potassium. 2S?James Fleming died from the effects of injuries *ii| |HSed to have been inflictcd by a man t>amod O'Rourke. MAY. 2?Joseph Aschcnan, a German, sixty-nine years of age, committed suicide by cuttiug his throat with a razor. 8?J. T. Fmmctt shot himself through the head with a revolver while lying In bed with bin b other. Cause?de pi ess ion of spirits arisiug from shknoss. II)?Fianz Cerbor was killed by being thrust from the tilt a story window of No. 184 FldrMge street. A w<> man named l-mma Miller, alias Holt, was arrcstod on suspicion of being implicated in his death. 14_Ro!wrt Vacdonald, tho murderer of Virginia Stewart, committed suicide in tho Tombs by taking ixiison Augrst 11. Aretisfold, a German, ilfty-eight years of age, committed suicide by blowing his brains out with a pistol. IS?John Cunningham, alad,w:ts fatally stabbod by a coin(utnion named Edward Hodgson. 17?Michael Albergrds committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol. 22?I'atrick Corcoran died of injuries received by being struck on the head with a stone while engaged in a light with Ihctnas Woods. 24?John M. Coppt r, a ferry master at the Weehawkoa ferry, died of stabs received on the previous Sunday evening, while endeavoring to quell a disturbance among rowdies. 26?Valentine Dick committed sulfide atNo. 704Fourth street, by shooting himself with a pistol. 2V?Clara Glrbardt, a German woman, thirty six years of age, committed suicidoat No. U0 avenue A, by taking a dose of arsenic. Deceased had lived unhappily with her husbnnd. 31?Thomas Mclaughlin waa stabbed by Patrlok, and subsequently died at the New Vork Hospital. l?o ceased wasa native of Ireland, and tweuty eight years of age. JTVK. 3?Francis Luta, a German, forty years of age, commit ted suicido at No. 134 Canal street, by swallowuig a doso of strychnine. Cause?destitution. 6? An unknown nutn committed suicide by jumping Into the water foot of Tenth street, Kant river. 8?'Thomas Cox, a night watchman, residing at No. 00 Mulberry street, died at Bellevue Hospital of injuries re ceived in ? light on the previous,Sunday evening. 16?An unknown woman, about thirty yrvs of age, committed suicide by Jumping into tho wator foot of Houston street, East rlvor. 12?Mary Cromie waa beaten to death by her son, Ed ward Ciomie, nged about twenty-live years, at No. 88 W illett street, under most brutal circumstances. Id?Matthew Walsh, an Irishman, thirty six years of age, died at tho New York Hospital or a pistol shot wound, indieted by himself, on tbe fttk of June, for the purpose of committing suicide )ohn Gllvaln. an Irish man, thirty-one years of ago, committed suicide, at No. 1'37 *?; Water street, by shooting himself wHh a pistol. 17?Rebecca Nesting, a mai ried woman, living In Tenth street, near avenue D, committed suicide by jumping from Harlem bridge into the river. She had lived un happily with her husband. IS?.Michael Ely tin, an Irish carman, thirtvflve year* of age, died at the New York Hospital from the effects of injui ies received on the 10th tnst., during n tight with a man named Michael I<onehan, at Yorkvlllo. 21?Andrew Schcno-ky, a native of Poland, died of In V'maFrlSj1 woman",' rtWldlng atNo. SI ? lark street, committed suicide by taking laudanum. Cause?domestic dilUcultles. .?0?The Walton-Mathews tragedy. Tho murder* were committed at the corner of Eighteenth stre?t and Third avenue, and created Intense nfcitement all over tho city. The Coroner* inquest, and tho arrest of diaries and Ed win Jelleros on suspicion of being implicated in the affair, occupied the atteution of tho public for many weeks. JULY. 2?Henry Jauica Skinner Iz-ar, a native of England, sred 20 years, committed suicide by taking strychnin*. I'omestic difficulties led to the commission of the act An unknown woman, about 23 years of agc.sup [iosoU to have been a domestic from Slaten Island, dl? l at the Eleventh precinct station house, from the affects of laudanum administered for tbe purpn*o of committing aulcide. 3?William J. Mot Vane, a native of Ireland, aged 24 yoaia. died at Brilevue Hospital from the effects of pot sou taken for the purpose of destroying life Patrick Dituond, a physician residing at No. 200 avenue C. com mitted suicido by taking morphine. No cause could b* aligned for the commission of the act. t??limbic murder at Manhattanville. Mrs. Anne Schu maker and her lufaiit child murdered by Fran* Hoffman. The p. rpetrslnr arretted, with the evideuco of his guilt In his (Kieseiuion. 11?1 * wis Hunt, a native of England, died at No. lfll Ess! l h vetith street Irorn tho effeots of a stab rocelved In Illinois some months previously, at tho hauds of a man named Evans, 12?I'ennis Ryan,a member of 21 Engine Company, died fr? m the < ffects of Injuries received In a fight with the members of 13 Engine Company in Chatham street, 24?.lane Collier, a native of Scotland, a^od .13 year*, committed suicide at No. 320 Madisou street, by taking lamlatiuRi. 27?.'<?< ph Rothoray commltle<l suicide by drowning himself at pier No. 1 North rlror. T?ui|>orary iusanity the ciinse. 2H?Robert Matterlv, a native of Ireland, age! R2 years, di<d at the New York Hospital from the otfects of Injuries received In a street fight with some person un known. 2V?Henry Pacbler, a German, killed at the corner of a\enucAand Fourth street, by an aopiaiutaacc narnoil AiUtu Jag r l'aebier was stabbed in tho abdoinon and dle<l soon afterwards from the Injury. .10?John Sprigglngs, a.lad. kilb'd'at Jones' Wood by a cemjianion named W illlam Sheehan Tho parties wore sk . larking at first, but It finally ended in a Oght and the fatul stabbing of young sprigglngs. AUGUST. 5?Mary Halllgan fatally Injured, ner h'ishnnd was arrest'il on charge of being tho perpetrator, bat he was I subsequently discharged. 0?Catharine Brown, a native of Seotlanl, agel 32 yeaig, committed suicide at No. 6.">1 W^ter street, by iwaliowirgopl'im. Dotneifilc difficulties tbe cause 14?Kosmna Williams, a Dative of Irclan l, aged 2i years, killed by lier husband in a drunken quarrel al No. 126 Molt street... .Patrick Oillahan, a native of Ireland, aged ltf years, committed suicido by stub | fcing iilmself In the abdomen. Peceaiw*! had si>tne diffi culty with a fellow boarilor a' No. 6 Varick street, and this led to tbe commission of th" rash act. 18? Isabella Tukcy. a marnod lady, c 'mmllted aulclds by hsnging herself at the Wator Cure Establishment In I aight stn-et. Ill health was tbe only reason assigned for the commission of the set. 24?Thomas Paine, a native of England, ngo.| 34 yeart, committed suicide at hw residence, No, 3H1 Cherry street, by cuttli g his throat with a raaor. ?'0?Catharine Cordon, a native of Troy, age 1 17 years, committed suicide at B3 Grand [Street, by taking arsanic. A love quarrel the cause 31?lituiiel Horrigan, who wan so severely besten in th* grocery store corner of West and (%*lar streets, dlod at tbe New York Hospital from the effects of his wounds. The police made two arrest*, but tbe prisoner* were sub ?equeotly discharged ?WWII. *? Ferdinand Pierre Antoni, a native of July, commit tal suicide at No. It I,eonarrt street, by shouting hlms?lf with ? pistol Nu cause nave want of employment could fen assigned for tbe commission of the d??a. 10?RW-hardson tirftjr, ? member of (iiMrdian Engine (Vrnpany .No. W, kiUod lo ft street flght by Man hfttun. The perpetrator wm subsequently cotirlctod and sent to the State prison for life. 14?John Farrrll killed in ? Qttht by John Fittpetrlik, .0 Fortieth street, near Tenth avenue Fitspatnck was d/unk ftt the tlm? bat managed to make food hi* escape, and bftl not ulnce boon arrested. The parties wer? natives of Ireland, and lived In neighbor in* shanties ftt the above plsoe 29?-Thomas Hayes fWtalty Injured by John Hojr ftt the grocery store No. 76 Mulberry street. Moy wm enraged because some one t>lackcn?l bis f?w while bo wu *sl.?p, end thinking Ifciyi* wm the perpetrator of the Joke, he rushed upon bim with ? knife hp I stabbed him. 23?Aa unknown men, probably a laborer along the docks, found dead at pier No. 1 North river, under cir cumstances which toed to the belief that be wm foully dealt with. No slue to the murderer. 24?ignats Reguprkl committed suicide ftt No. SU Fourth street, by taking arsenic. Deceased wm a native of <;ermany, aod was M y?Mi of ago. Insanity the as ? ignod canoe. |6 -i'entel O'Rourke, killed at No. 119 Water stre*t by John M Keogh. The parties tired in the same house ftnd f|i*rrollert about some trivial matter, when MoKeogh drew a sheath knife and stabbed his adversary to the heart. They were both natives of Ireland and were alongshoremea. W--:ohn ? nirwith, a druggist, realdlftg ftt No 1M K?ist Twenty eighth street, committed suicide bv takiiv* morphine. Intemperance the cause. Deceased WM Xt Joam of Sfe, and wm ? native of UeroMOf. OCTOBER. 0?Mihael Haley faulty slabbed white engaged ia i fly lit with a> mo uuknjwn man, at tho oornur of Loouard ?11'1 CeUtTO Street*. 7?Hiza Kinley, murdered by laer husband, Daniel Km ley , ui Font I'oui teenth struct. Decea* <1 was stubbed 10 the breast, and lived but a few uwDbt al ter the fatal blow ws? struck. Kinley was uudor the nuld ence of liquor at tlie tun*. 12?l4>uls Deitz, an old rnau, committed suicide at N<>. 63 Troy street, by taking laudanum. Dece;i*ed had b wn ariested ou chaige of false pretences, and the thing weighed so hoavily on bis min i that be b >cuino deajxtu dent and determined to kill himself. IS?James Robertson, while witnessing ths firemen's protXMfeiuu in houor of the Prince of Wales got into a light with some unknown man at the cornor of llroadway aud Prince street, and was fatally injured. 19.?Henry Waxier, second mate of the bark Crusader, died at the New York Hospital from the olivets of a s'.ab in the abdomuu received at the hands of oueof the sailors, named William Skluner. 24?William H Green, a barkeeper in tho saloon, No. 876 Water street, killed by a drunken sailor named J >hu McUuiro. Deceased was ejecting MoGuire from tho pre mises, when the latter turned upon him and stabbed him in the chest. 27?Bridget Dugan, a resident of No. 40 Roosevelt street, died from the effects of injuries supposed to have been received at the bauds of hor husband. Dugau wm trii d for the ollencv and acquittjd. ? HO? Michael Cavanagh, killed by Frederick Schacht, at the corner of City Hall place and Pearl street. Schacht was irritated at the conduct of Gtvanogh and others, and snatching up a cleaver struck deceased on the bead, inflicting a fatal wound. NOVEMBER. 1?I/>rento Meyers, a native of Germany, aged 22 years, committed suicide at No. 676 Pearl street, by shooting himself with a pistol. 2?Thomus Comauky, a native of Treland, aged 20 yetra, shot dead on the sidewalk, opposite No. 43 Uiureus .street, by some person unknown. Deceased was drunk at the time. No cluo to the perpetrator of the deed. 0?An unknown man committed suicide by drowning himself at the Grand street ferry. The act was a very de liberate one. 22?William Kelly, a native of Iroland, aged 37 years, committod suicide at No. 221 Murium street by cutting his throat with a razor. Iho act of self-destruction wus performed before a full-sized mir ror. Temporary insanity tho cause. 23?William Hau I, a native of England, aged 56 years, died at the New York Hospital frotn the effects of a fractured skull, received at the hands of Johu Crow'.oy. The affair took place at No. 78 Nassau street. 27?John Duncan, Hgeri 6ft years, committod suicide at bis residence, No. 339 Washington street, by hanging himself to a peg on bis bedroom wall. Pecuniary Iosjos led to the commission of the act. 29?Hermann Knatt. an apothecary, doing business at | No. 103 Knst avenue, committed suicide by taking Wuda- : num. Intemperance the cause. Deceased was 40 years of age, ami was a native of Germany. 30?Mary Buchanan, n Canadian, committed suicide at I the Second precinct station house, by hanging h> rsolf in her cell. Deceased had been arrested for drunkenness, and in u moment of despair destroyed herself. DKCEMBKlt. ' 2?Peter Vac Note, a native of Now Jersoy, aged 47 years, committed suicide at No. 23 Wooster street, by shooting himself through the hea l. Pecuniary troubles tho cause. 3?James Oommerford committed puicido, liy cutting bis throat with a razor. Deceased was laboring under delirium tremens at tho time. He w.m 36 years old, and was born in Ireland. 4? ? eonurd Gsudor died from the effects of a stab, rocoived at the hands of Xavler Hockriotor, in a melee at the lng :r bier saloon No. 142 Kssex street. 5?William Morrow, a native of Ireland, aged 30 year*, committod suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. Deceased wus an Invalid and dostltnto of mollis. which probably led to the commission of tho rash act. 7?The Twelfth street tragedy. Mrs. Air.ih Shancks, of No. 22 Knst Twelfth street, brutally murdered, apparently for gain. A young man named Alfred Buchanan was subsequently committed on charge of being the mur derer. 13?F. Gurden, one of the guests at the Metropolitan Hotel, committed suicide by takltig morphine and lauda num. Deceased was a native Of New Orleans. Unrequited lovo led to the rash act... .Thomas Carroll, a native of Ireland, committed suicide at No. 126 Clinton placn, by taking a iptoniii}' Vt laudanum, No cuute could bo as signed for the deed. 20?Edward Schneider, a German varnisher, living at No. 30 Mercer street, whllo walking through Eighteenth street with a friend, was stabbed by somo unknown as sailant, and so severely iq)ured that he died In a short while afterwards. No clue to tho assassin. 23?Klias Kemp, a native of Poland, aged 52 years, committed suicide at the .lows Hospital, in WestTwontv uglith street, by cutting bis throat with a razor. De ceased had been sick for several months, and had be come despondent. 27?Joseph SutchlifT, a sailor, dlod at BMlovue Hospital from the effects of injuries received at tho hands of some highwaymen, who robboU him of hia watch. De ceased was passing through West Thirty niuth s'.reet when he was attacked... .John Hughes died at Bellevue Horpital from the effects of a gunshot wound, received at the hands of John Keulur riuriug a light which occurred about two weeks previously ui Wost Thirty-eighth street. 28?Conner's inquest In tho rase of Daniel Duncan, a native of this city, aged forty-five years, who committed suicide at No. 101 Broad street, by cutting an artery in each of his arms. RECAFITTTr,VTORT TABI.K. 1868. 1869. I960. Murders 10 15 17 Hnmifiiries SO 44 42 Saioiae* 67 77 67 DIARY OF THE COURTS. We subjoin a panoramic epitome of tho most important features or tlie law courts during tho yoar 1M0. The re view thus given does not include the numerous motions at special term and chambers, nor tb< vaft number of minor actions, of no public Interest, which so frequently occupy our courts and juries. The following compendium wo publish in addition to tho annual ''law Statistics"?a feature which we originated some years ago. (>no shows, as nearly as possible, tho number of causes entered and disposed of, and the other iterates the results of tho more important trials and do c is Ions hoard and pronounced in our courta during tho year that has Just passed away. The results of tho criminal trials portray a f-arful in crease of homicides and other inhuman depravities In our midst; but that th ro hare not been any capital couvic tlOus recently Is owing to the of tho last Legis ' lature, which, by Its peculiar and unprecedented onact inent, wrested from our court* the jtower to aenteooe tho murderer to elocution, and rendered nugatory tho once greet terror of the reckless slayer of human life. Thus the binges of the gallows rust, whilst there is an iaa munlty and a legalized privilege for murder. JANUABV. 8?Tho lion. James J. Roosevelt, ex-Justice of the Supreme Court, was this day sworn iu before Judge Octts as 1'nited States District Attorney for the Southern district of Hew York. The following are the num?* of the gentlemen who havo filled the oHkc of United States Attorney for the Southern district of Now York during tho last seventy-five years. It will bo seen that some dlniinguiflicd personages aft amongst thoni, and the l.ito liou. B. F. Duller was twl< e appointed to tho often:? Kichaid Harrison 17!>o Ogdon Ilaftnan IH-tl fi'ward Livingston.... 1M)'.: Ib-njamin K. Duller.... 1845 Nathan Waaford 1*04 Charles MrWaa 1848 Jonathan Kink 181ft Uirenso H Sli> pard ...1840 llol.ert Tlllotson lftltf J. Preeott Hall....... 1861 John Duer 1*'2S Charles O'Couor 1844 James A Hamilton 1829 Ml M< Keen 13.84-'M U4..|am M. Price...... 18.14 Tboodore.Srlgwiek.lM7-'58 Boiyarnin F. SellerJ, I fta^evelt 1*?0 ?I?In the Common Plea** (OtwaabsiS). before Judge l>ajy, application was made in the ta*o of Kuydam, Sa?o A 0> , for relief under the Insolvent act. the Arm ''sv. n.g liabilities to the amount of nearly fUI.nun.000. The |<< utii u for retiel was opposed by a large number of creditors. The remonstrances were ffeeeaM to tho Court. fi?Another writ of error has been granted by Jmlge Sutherland, of th-! Supreme Court, to Jami? Stephens, sentenced for the third time to be hanged for poisoning hix wife. rt? tJcnrgc Jordan, the actor, recovered a verdict of 9100. in the Marine Court, against i/iura Ki ene, the ac tress and mauagsreas, for One week's salary under con tract, which Miss K. refused to ray, because Mr. J. de clined performing a part which ne did not deem within his range af lilmsilai Henjamin f. Ronney. K?o , w is appointed by the Uovernor of the Slate as a judge .>f the Supreme Oovt to nil the vacancy createi br tie election of Judge Havlee to the Oonrt ?>r Ap ? '? ... Judge l?aly dissolved a temporary tniunctlon wu'nh t*. strained Geo. law from occupying and using a f.Ma.a ebarf at Aspluwall for tho vcsfeltof th* .No. th A'laut.d Steamship 0>mpany. I#? Mr John l>. hurchard, a member of thi .VewYork bar, died on the 9th iti't. .and some "f the courts In session this day adjourned In re-,*>wi to his m<'tnory. II?John C. McAvoy was onvicied in tho United Statei Circuit Court of setting ftre to the whale sbsp Ja pan, near iho Asoree....Jadgo Ingraham giautela mo tion to remit to the Court of Seaat?ns the trial of Jamas Hhepnard, charged with bnrning his dwelllnir house, by Which means bis wife perished In the flames. 1ft?William Wallace recovered a verdict of 9A.OOO, la the Common Pleas, against the corporation, for lajurine sustained by him In failing into a hole in Tenth avenue, left there through the negligence of the otty authorities ti?William Jones, indicted with fcatrkk Farrel for the murder of an unknown man at the Five Points, waa Bt upon hia trial la the Court of Oyer and Terminer fore Judge Ingraham After an investigation of three dajs. the prisoner waa found guilty of manslaughter In the third degree... .The Grand Jury presented seventeen bills of indictments fbr murders and other degrees of honk-ldee. Crt?John Donnelly, Indicted for the murder of John fhbane, was placed on trial in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, and found guilty of manslaughter in the third degr.-e ? Patrick Farrell, indicted with Jonas for the murder of an unknown at the Five Points, plead guilty to manslaughter In the third degree?the aflfcnee of which his accomplice was convicted... The caaa o< Henry Williams, charged with defrauding the Poet Oftoe, was after examination eent before the United States Orand Jury by Ctonmlssk'ner Hetta. *<?In the caso of the United States against John 0. Vo/voy for setting fire to the ship Jansn, and of other persons who were onnvlcted, upon wnteh a (wtnt waa rst?*i that the indictments were not valid. Inasmuch as tht>j did not contain the signature of the District Attor ney, the office being vacant at the time the indict menu were found, the Judge rendered a decision over ruling tho objection, and sui>Uiniug tho indictments as valiil. ao?Hie truU of John Orimmius for the tuurdor of Denis Mcllcuiy , by stabbing him with .1 award, wu c m inenced 111 the Oyer and Terminer, and lasted two daysf liif jury found the prisoner guilty of murder, with a ro ciiuimi'iiiUttMMi to mercy.... Ujrttaw liuy ?? u-wd for the iuur?i?r 01 John lx>ary on tho Hvu Points, and was convicted. rnmtT. 2?Id the Court of Oyer a;id Tonnluer the Jury in the os*o of Mortimer Shay, tri?d for tho mur der of John Lcaiy, ruuderod u vurdu t of guilty ug.t 111st tho prisoner..Judge Ingraham seutoncsd Jonus and Karri'U, oouviot^d of killing an unknown nun on tho Fir* I'oints?tho former to threo years and six months, tuil the latter (who had ploadod guilty) to two ye#rs and lit mouths imprisonment... .Crowley, who pleaded guilty t# a murderous assault upon L/ivqjoy, was sentence to two years and throe months imprisonment.... Donnelly, 00a victi d of tho manslaughter of Cobnne, waft suntencsd to hard labor for three y urn and six montlis.... Frank If. fowler, codv>ct#'! of swindling a poor emigrant, by soil- ? ing him a spurious passage ticki t, was seutencod to two years and sis months hard labor in tho Mate prison. 4?Jchn Orimrmns, convicted of tlw murder of Mclli'iiry, wuH sentonood to bo hangod on tho 30th of March. 6?In tho Court of Oyer Sad Terminer, Margaret Sheridan, indicted for tho murder of Michael Owloy, by stabbing him with a knife, was permitted to pload guilty to manHlaLghter in the third degroo. 7?Ji hti Hayee, charged with the nvtrdpr of Ddward Kelly, by shooting hint in a drinking saloon, was permit* ted to plead guilty to manslaughter In the third degree. 8? Moses Stafford, indicted for tho murder 01 an unborn quick child, by stubbing the mother, pleaded guilty to uisnslaught. r in the second degree. The trial of Henry iAughrane, charged with killi: g Timothy Mulcahy, was cbucluded> and Die Jury l en&jrod a verdict ot manslaugh ter In the third degreu.- ? Jurrfid P. Cook pleaded guilty to on assault with intent to do bodily harm. Ho was sub sequently sent to tho penitentiary for one year. 0?In iho United States District and Circuit Courts tho death-of Judgo higersoll was announced by District Attorney Rsosevelt, In appropriate terms and tho Courts adjourned till Monday ur a mark, of respect for the memo ry of the dooeaaod.... In the Court of Oyer and Terminer I'utrick Tui.nart was Mod upon the charge of causing the death of l'atrick Houoyma' , in Decomber last, while en gaged in a prize light, audth* jury rendered a vordict of not guilty. 10?In the Court of Oyer and Terminer Judgo lngra hsm sentenced John Hayes, for tho manslaughter of Ed ward Kelly, to the . Uil1 ptison for throe years and nino months.. ..Daniel Lynch, who pleaded guilty to an as sault with intent, to do bodily barm, w:>n, in conso<iuenos of mitigating cirr mstaBces, only hudI to the peaiton tuiry for six nidutlis... .Magaret Sheridan, Indicted l'or tho "murder of Michael Canley, bi.t pleaded guilty to fwuisliieghter in the second degree, ?vas sentenced to tho State prison for six yeais and six months....llunry lionghrane, convicted of the manslaughter of Timothy Uulcihy,was sentenced to tho State trisoti for throo years or ! three months Joseph Staffed, for killing an unborn child by stabbing the moth t, was sent to tUa State prison for four years and six montlis. 11?A meeting of tho Judiciary und metnbors of the Now Yoik bar was held in the United statos District Oourt iTxwn to give expression to their feelings at the loss the lecsl profession h.e< sustained yi tho death of Hon. Cliarles A Tngemoll, Judge of Iho gNatrict Op.urt of Connecticut, and Assistant .luugc of this UHtrict, who ex pired at S?M Haven on Thursday last. jfi?An extensive selsuro cf jewe'ry on board the Asia terminated in a verdict in favor of the claimant, Mr. Gorozpe, a wealthy Mexican banker, travelling with his famil/, and noariy at>,0?0 francs worth <>f jewelry; but it bring satisfactorily proved that tho articles wero for personal t<*e,aud not for merchandise, the goverr ment eonsontoi to surronder the goods to the claimant, which whs dono. 1H?After u trial of four days, in tho Oourt of Oyer and Terminer, W. J. I-iuo, Jr., was convicted of defraud ing tho Fultou Hank, lie wag sentenced to the State prison for three j ears and three mouths. Ti?Quimbo Arpo, the Chinnman, who was sentenced' to bo hanged in July last, for tho murder of an Irish woman uuraed Mrs. Fletcher, was respited for the third time. ?4?An appeal was brought In tlie Supreme Court, gene ral tortn, from the special torm, where at injunction was granted restraining Mr. Vandcrbilt from prosecuting an action in "the Superior Oourt for damages against the New York ?u<! New Haven Kailroad Cynie-yiy for refusing to allow' iiffl fo transfer sLaroa *n? f1 privation of bis rights as a stockholder In respect to same. This is one of the many issues t rising out of tha Schuyler frauds.... J udge Smalley, of Vermont, wax la tro'luced to the bar by Judge Rot's, as tho Juft?re who will preside in tho United States Circuit Court in this city, at Its opening, on tho first Monday in March.... United Mates Commissioner Wbtto committed James S. Williams, charged with robbery of monoy transmitted to this city from the Norwalk Dank, and fixed tho bail at f 3,000. A peculiar circumstance connected with this affair is that the witnesses ilmt positively InotlM a man named Uenry Williams as tho offender. 26?Mortimer Shay was sentenced to bo hanged on thj 80th of April next, between the hours of 9 and 12 o'clock A.M.... During tho term Judge Ingrahim sentenced two men to execution and twenty-oue others to various pe riods of imprisonment. ?Ttin Supremo Court, general term, grantod anew trial to John D. Ifromer, convlctod of manslaughter In killing a rowdy who assailed him in his (pri.wnor's) res taurant. If ABC IT. 0?Judge Smaller, of Vermont. t'?ok his seat oa the B?nch of tbe United Str'tw Circuit Court, wj Assistant Justice of this district, in the room of the lato Judge In gersoll. 7?E. Borllnor and wife reccovercd $200 damage* egalnat Andrew Reyberg, for an assault on tbe female plaintiff, arising out of a dispute about rent.... Daniel IL Palmer, the indiridualwlio was caught while in tho act of abstracting letters from the Post Oilico lottui-box,recent ly, was arraigned In tho Pnited States Circuit Court. H* pleaded guilty to the oharge, and wo? remanded for MB tciice. 8?John Duffy,an ex-American Consul, reoovcrod $40 damage* in the Common Plea* a-jainst Captain Schenok. of th<- steamer Alabama for aasault- Damages wore laid at $10,000 J. B. Ptngledoln recovered $200 from T. W. Birdcsll, chimed as all < d usury paid to tho lattec oa procuring plaintiff a louu of $11 000 10?Charles Brown alias Sheohan win convicted in U( United Btatee circuit Court of an aanault with a knife o* llotohk 'as, the mate of a vxj??rl. 12?In the St.preme Cour., Circuit, William Caff recovered $300 damages against Bobort M.irtiu, for firing a pistol st him on Independence day in 1KS8. 18?The report of the extension of CliAmbors street to Hast river wa; confirmed b) the Su;>roino Court, gcu?nd terra. 14?In the SuperWr Court, Judg1 Monorlef rendered a d"" ision confirming tho report of the referee in the For realdlvrrce case as to the amount of tbe allowance of alimony (deducting the *u i paid bjr the defendant as tenipor.-.iy atimoir* ), and fluil Judgment wn.? ordered in conformity therewith.,,. A trla' of ono of the seven or eight hundred suits Involving the pay of the old police force was commenced in tbe Supreme Cburt, Circuit, be fore Judge Jam**, and baring lasted auroral days, re sulted In s verdict for the plaintiff (Gorman), subject to the opinion of the general t?rm. Tlie sum of $409. earned by plaintiff at othur business, is to be deducted from In claim... Hi ? of what is known aa Uia N?rwalk Bank case, In which .Tames S Williams waa charged with obtaining a letter f. otn the New York Poet (Hike, addneaed to |'. a. Williams, ooutalulng a promis sory note for $8,000, wa* oomm<no< 'I lu tho l/nlted Statea Circuit Court, before Judge Snrill -y and a jury. The pri soner 1a charged with altering the note from ??thtae'' to "two ' nvutlis (as rnquected in the latter), sending It tu tlie Norwalk Bai.k by express for d.*count, ;uid th'in oh talng the proceeds by fi>rglng the nam) of F. A. Wil' liama. After ovctip) ing the ot>url t< u lays, the aociaed wns convicted ,.nd wUencod to elg'it yeara -t hard j\W in ina ?ii e prison. Ift?TnteTugence of tho do.Uh of Ooorge Wood, a vete ran and emia< nt member of the bar, was announced In oar courts this day, which were immediately adjourned out of re?j>rct to the h vh profeseicnal standing aad private virtues of the decea?o<l. 30? The long pt nding auit of the New York aa l New Haven Baflroad Company aifilnst Robert Schuyler anl ethers is now brought oa before Jn ig? Ingrahtnt, in the 8uprrme Oourt, todetern Inn whether a largo auount eC spuriouasick meued by Rob?rt ?'ch'tykr, as President and TransUt Aguat of the New Yurlt and New Have* Company, la to form a portion of the legalized atock of that co*e< rn,or to he?.*crlilced by th > pnrtiee who had taken It fro* Schuyler M hona lit^p. Thj nuuibor of aharea Involved la something between uinte?n and twenty thousand, at $100 per ?li vr<? TJi.irt* Were ftirty five lawyere representing the several defendant*. XI?A meeting of the Judiciary and th Mr waa hsM I# express their re^rat at the daniise of t^aorgs Wood, KM, A|>propriste spe cln ? w -re made and resoiiitioiis paaaad. 11? la tbe l.nit' d Mules Cirrntt Oourt P. H. IVmT, who nloaded guilty to Mealing letter.' fiom the Peat Ofllc? lamp post letter boxes, w.?s settenced to two vearc aud six mouths Imprisonmei t.. ..A man nnrand (Sirtla waasontenee-i toflve years In the state prison for pisnlnf oounterfolt coin.... In tbe Marine Court bifora Ju Ign Alk?r, James Ponohue, a lad, obtained $200 verdict against Kuphrsu* Hirst, the principal toucher in ward acbool No. 18, Nineteenth ward, for cruel treatment. 87?In the Superior Court, before Chief Jnetioe Boa sr->rth. Judgment was entered for $12 030 for Hamnel If. Hartshorn, agalust ti e t'nion Mutual InsuranceCmnpanft being the amount of a?policy and interest from 1 . - la the same oourt judgment w.ui entered ag?lnat the eame defeaiianta for at the suit of Pratt k Me Kenale .. OapUIn E B Mallet of the ship John Cottlo, was put on trial in ths United 8Ut?n Ormit Quirt. ekarg> d with the murder of John H. I'orry, drst mate of tbe Cottle. The Jury acquitted tbe prisoner 29?Albert W Hicks, alius Johnson, of oyster sloop notoriety, was committed after two ?lav? examination, fey Commissioner White, on chargea of murder an i robbery at sea eltb?r punishable with death. The testimony established his identity as having been wgagsd oa the sieop K A Johnson on her last trio, his name wan found on the sloop s articles The watch found on his person waa identified by a watchmaker, from hia buaineas rerord, aa Miat Inft with him twelve montha ago to b* cleaned for a Mr. Burr. Armiu jo?Oeo Oawer, mate of the ship Devonshire, con-lcted in tbe Catted tSUtes Circuit Court of tlie maa slaughter of a son man named Humphreys, waa aeatenoed to three year* m tbe mate prison, with hard labor, and to pay a Hoe of $300 before h* la cUa charged ...H>e Court sentenced Chas Brown to six montha hard labor la Stu* Sing for an aaaaalt with a daa geroua weapoa oa Frederick Watkins on the high s>?aa 11?Wa Nelaoa waa seintanced to twelve montha har? labor for embeaxlinc lettera, to whmh h > pleaded gnlUy. 18? The Orand Jury found a bill of inuicUnsat agalnat Albert W. Hicka. aliaa William Johnao** for robbery and piracy on board the sloop K. Aa Jobnerm. The offk-aee la punlshab a with d<y?th .. - Is the Oyer ar t Terminer, before Jsdga Kmott, John Ht Ifmmer was trWa sonon<i time for the manslaughter of Wurgtas. The jury ware unable to agree The priaoaOT was auitaivp ently admitted to ball.. . .Margaret Rark^ chaigi.i with tbe Fourteenth street poiaonlag. waa at mltted to bail on her own recognisance. It?In the cane of Albert W Hicka, Indleted fsr ptrscf, oouaod put a plea against the jarudlotm ef fee