Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1861 Page 3
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?*>y dystein of religion that plains to furnish aa aat.qu-Uj busiei tor aelf-goverAing uuituulf-ia. Du SBmmi, Ux?, would in vtdvo the rupture c' cberlh.iud eccM Sauftiaal ties, uuu the aiMU>o<iomt)ut <rf co-omrai' ve (n ij.t vuJtncit at butux and abroad. IT.o nonio aiui'iln ol American Qaistiao etiterpri* , ?ud ihti rising in- i ?uoikm <if our (hrietUui civilization, m i-t wane ??0 react, as the Ilia curr* nte of cL.wlty dry BP, and tbe night of o*ir brtei ou t b iUUut >Uv ??. titers doom. And shoul i prevalent ipprelieugi ins rli'u kilo (act, bo that strife sboul<l enSiiy Uie ? ;? -V ?ent of utflltiiliicc uiKfiubie to reusou, pitiioumi JKt rei)Ki<n and thux peve tbe A'.iy for popular mtilelity, flabbalb breaking, ItusativuiUM'U?ail tbe terrbio cou ?coiiUiiU of ci? U Wtir?how jumiy wond the gumy aatbvrs and abetter* of thin uii* r? be vwited with tno auU<dictluriH oi (.InIgifu dm, am: h 'W bitter mult bo the self -leproaches of those who iwgiectod any par' of tboir duty in arresting or avertm# the 'tire caUtetropUe. We cannot doubt that a npirit of candor and forltear srce, such a* our religion prompts ml <Jvtnxi?<'an.>sot utir UncH oi inau, would real tor th.?pe,<iy a ijusimeut at our diAicultie* pontihle, consistently with every constitution *1 right. Unswerving leuity to the constitution justly m terp ? ted, and u prompt ret?r:i to it* spirit an I require ?Mots, wherever tlx:re may have been divergence fro;n either, would soem to be the Oral duty of citixoas and Isolators. K is our hrm and we think lnb'llignnt conviction thai mly a Vory moonsiderable traction of ibe i>eople of Uki Berth will hesitate in the discharge of beir constitutional obligations, anil that whatever enactment* are found to be ill ooi tltci tberi wiih will bu annulled And it is our lur'.ber belief that an instructed and corrected public fioutiwi nt will ooiiHlram a stricter regard for truth a id lor itoe rights ami tetlinfis of men, on the part alike of the press and the pulpit, in the popular di-cussion of political and morul questions Thus will the more im'n?>l!aie causes ol alienated fteling be suppress* I, and the healing touch ol tune, tho seasonable oxe. tk>us ol patriotic men Ibe pe. ce-inspiring inllut nje of religion, tbu spirit of fer vent p. aver, and tbe tavoriiig providence and gracu of triune Go-t, wni cement am w the bonds that u>ut<-the North and the South, tbe Jju-t and the West, in one thrice bleakest Amerkan bi<'therhood. It tlius fnu, dear brethren, and for the sake of those spiritual gifts do imperatively needeu by our Amerlctn turn, let uh unceaiiUiglv impiore the outpouring ol the holy ppliit on thu rulers and people of these United OflCWL GARDNER SPRING, rastor oi" Briuk I'reiibymrian church. W W. I'HIUPS, Pastor of Kiiet I'resby terian shurch. ?ifiu. PUTTS, University place Tre>byterian church. J. UiELKOr, Fourteentoenth street Presbyterian church. JOUN M KKEBfj. Rutgers street Presbyterian church, N. T. CUAri. P. McLLVaIN. Bishop of the Prot- KUnt Episcopal church, OhKX FEANCU L, HAWKS, Raster ef Calvary I'rotee'joit {episcopal church, N. T. THOMAS HOUSK lAYUJK, beetor ef Gra?'.e Protec-tant tC|>lsi?pal church, N. Y. WILLIAM E. MORliAV, Rector ef St. I'bomas P. K. church, N. T. john oorroN smith, Rector of Church vl the Ascension, N. T. H. DYKR, Secretary Evangelical Knowledge Society, N. Y. N. bangs, Metbodist Episcopal church. N. Y. J P. DwRBIV. Melbo-iist Episcopal church, N. Y. JUeiKPH HOLIUCH, Secretary American Bible Society, N. Y. ABEL STEVENS, Metliohw Episcopal church, N. Y. EIiWARli LATHKOP, Pastor of Baptist Tabernacle, N. Y. A. 0. U1LETTE, Pastor of Cklvary Baptist church, N. Y. THOMAS DE WITT, Beater Paster Collegiate Reformed Dutch church, N. Y. GEX). W. BETHI'KE, Paster Twenty.first street ifelormed Dutch church, N.Y. ISAAC FERRIS, Chancellor of New York University. THOMAS H. SKINNER, Union Theological Seminary, N. Y. joel Parker, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian church, N. Y. N. MURRAY, Paster ef first Preebytoriiui Church, Elizabeth, N. J. DAVID MAUUC, Paster ef Second Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, N. J. CHARLES BODGE, Theological Seminary, Princeton, X. J. ALEXANDER T. MoGUJ., Theological Seminary, Priuceton, N. J. JOHN MACLEAN, President Nassau Hall College, Princeton, N. J. barrugatc'i OHc?. Before Ldwa<d C. West, Surrogate. WILL OP JOHN D. PB0BN1X. Jan. H.?The testator in this case was a millionaire. Bis will was admitted to probate yesterday without op poenion from any quarter. He bequeathes his entire es tate to about a soore of relativee in pretty equal shares. Twelve of these are nephews and nieces of the testator. He bequeathes nothing to any religious or benevolent so ciety. Per>?Ml Intelligence. Colonel W. L. Brauiey, ol Connecticut; Or. Boammon, ?f Cliicugo; Captaiu 8 CioweN, of Savannah, Ol; W. M. Lapsley, of New York; W. B. Scran ion, of Georgia, and K M. Holland, or San Francisco, are slopping at the Waige House. Rev. O. F. Rider, of Poughkeepsie; Rev. C. L. Leftogwell, of Miudietown; Dr. H. Weeoott and wife, of 1 ailauelphia; Willum Sim, 01 Ireland; A. Barn", of Eng fetud; F. A. Maourlhy,of scranton. Pa.; N. Carter, oi? bigland, and Theodore Hart, of Montreal, arc stopping at the Clarenoon Hotel. Lieutenant* Gam brill and G.Dewey, of the United State* Navy; U. Washington, of North Carolina; I* W. 0?e and N. S>. Morse, or Connecticut; J. Xicoli. ol QuetSs:; Dr. Hals lead ^nd wife, ol Muscactiuseiis, C. H. Stow, of Hud son. and H. Blood, of Vermont, are stopping at the St. Nicholas hotel. Hon. Caleb Cushtng, of Massachusetts; Ron. Daniel 8. Dickinson and H. H. Woicoti, of Binghainton; Judge Mil hM,ot New York; K. J. Hakleman, ol PuunxyIvania; Dr. R. K. Dennisu>u, of Northampton, K. A. Riduirds and party, and 8. R. Pay sun, Huston, and C. A. Washburn, of baa Frajciseo, are stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Hon. Amos Kondall and wife, of Washington; Hon. CL L Upham, of Maine, John Hiugham, of rniladeipbia, Robert H. Hall, of Detroit. J. D. Momry, J. M. Bucking ham and K. 8. Converse, ot (Ainnecticut, Peter Carroll, of Canada; John Hughes, of Baltimore; M. H. Cochrane mad K G. smith, of Montreal, are stopping at the Astor Bnm. M^jor G. T. Beauregard, United States Kngineers; Dr. Jones, of the steamer Glasg >w; I.ieut. Rah. tall, of the Duiteu hiatea Ajiiij ; Mr Stearns and wife, of Mam tiester; J. J. Collins, W. Kobmsou and Francis Mclaughlin. of Bontoo, f. B. Harrison, ef New Orltans; W. chamber bun, ol Red Hook, Peter McSab, of Halifax, N. 8.; f. S. UrUlin and T. 8. strong of Island; J. Mundolland W. Colgrove, of Albany, are stopping at the Everett House. D. H Follett. of Bo?ton; T. R. B. Eldridge, of Rt. Paul; M 8. Whitney, W. M. Wecker and J. F Williams, of Ca I lornia, T. Ryan, ol ft. lxxiis. if. Wllk.nson and S. MclJ&e, of Virginia; E L. Lee. of BullUo, W. M. Dibblee, w At. Louis; C. O. I'hapin and U H. Tiylur, ot Ma*H-iobu t- its, Capt. George bu?< kman, J. Kirby, .1. ri. Mitchell, T. 11. Howlana, S bond, U. A. V-soon, ti. Monro and rt. M. Doyle, of Dunknk, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. Judge A. D. Russel has resumed the prwtice of law in this city. Governor Andrew, of Massachusetts. has appointed Henry Lee, Jr., Ol tho tirm of l?e. Higrfinson /I Co., brokers, ot Boston, as one of his aid tie e.unpe, in pla*-o M < olonel R. 1. Burb.tnk, div.lined, and Mr. I>>e ban ac ?epteu ibe poeiltoM. This complex's the stalf. whi :li oou atsis of (Xiiouels sargent, Ri.chie, Wetuercll and L?o. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednesday, Jan. 1(1?6 P. M. The money market is again easier to-day. We tear of a large line of paper going at 7 per cent, and quite a large number of names are current at t a 12. On call, money abounds at 6 a 6 per cent. The tendency of onr money market to increased ease will assist the negotiation of the new Treasu ry notes on Saturday next. 1 he prevailing opin ion in the street appears to be that they will go at from 8 to 10 per cent, and that the bids will con aiderably exceed five millions In amount. Much, however, must depend upon political events. The ?nly tear of moneyed men is, that the President may ?ot show firmness in the present emergencies. If he continues to administer the government with courage and boldness, people will be ready enoohg to lend money to the United States. In th!? view, Mr. Buchanan's answer to ('ol. Hayue is likely to assist the negotiation on Saturday. The stock market continues firm and even buoy ant, though there is not much outaido busi ness. There are no stocks in the street, and thero is a lively inquiry for stock* from parties who have sold short on the political crisis. Illinois Central, which has been freely sold, advanced this morning to 83%, and this afternoon to 86%; it sold throe days ago at 76. Beading also advanced, and the general Western railroad list was higher. Tennessee 6's fell off a fraction, and Erie was also rather lower, iu the afternoon a very large business was done, and prices were uniformly higher than In the morning. The 12 per cent Treasury notes flactunte between and 2% premium. At the close to-day the ?arket was firm, the following being the quota tions- United States 6's, 1874, 92 a 93%; Virginia 8's, 74% a 75; Tenaessees, 74% a %; Missouri 6's, ?8 a %; Canton, 14 a 18; Cumberland Coal pre fer* d, 7 a 9; Pacific Mail, 89*4 a 90; New York Central, 78% a %; Erie, 39% a 40; Hudson River, 47% a 48; Harlem. 1#% a %; do. preferred, Ma % Beading, 41,% a %\ Michigan Central, 64% a Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14% ? 10; do. guaranteed, C3% a .14; Panama, 114 a 116; Illinois Central, 8I>% a %; Galena and Chi?a go, <iT% a %; Cleveland aad Toledo, 34% a %; Chicago aad Rock Island, MX a 56; Chicago, Bar ling tou anil Quincy, 69?4 a 70. The buBUieuB of the Bub-Treasury wan as follows to-day:? Rx-^ipia $68.fts.-> oi ?Kor Cm; toms h .000 00 Paymuatf -4.4;;j s4 Balance 2,1 30 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morr ing were $10,729,9:17 97, and the balances *998,306 99. The Hudson River road will pay the interest up on its first mortgage bonds on the 1st of February, and will close the transfer-* on the 19th Inst. The Insurance Company of Norih America, of Philadelphia, has declared a semi-annual dividend of 6 per cent, and an extra dividend of the same amount; the Hamilton Woollen Company, a quar terly dividend of 6 per cent. The semi-annual interest on all the bonds of the State of Tennessee was paid in New York in fall on the 1st day of January. All the railroad com panies, to whom State bonds had been issued to aid in building their roads, tarnished their quota of interest as provided by law, except the Winches ter and Alabama, and the Edgefield and Kentucky. The Governor of the State has appointed Mr. Lamb, of Fayettc\ille, Receiver of the former, and A. Anderson, of Nashville, Receiver of the latter road. These roads will bo operated by the State authorities nntil the back interest is liquidated. The earnings of the Erie Railroad for the month of December, I860, were $412 722 73 ?'I 1BOU, Were (412 TC& Earnings in December, 1869 409,1:11 00 Increase. .ft $3 691 73 The movement of the cotton crop coutinues to tell behind last year. The following is Neill Bro ther's statement of the movements of cotton for the last week and since 1st September last, com pared with the five preceding yaars:? ,?-? Heceifl< ?Eij<ortt for patt Wetk-y fa*' wrel. Since Sej*. 1. J? O. B. H. F-. Oth. F P. IWSO-fll.. 100,000 1,829 000 1st fc-00. 151 000 2 4/ 2.100 ls6f-?... 138,000 2 070 000 1KA7-M... 76 000 1.221 000 1866-7.. .129.000* 1,740 000 1866-6..107 000 1 733,(00 EryurU iince Sff/ttmbrr 1. 7V O KrU. T\>. Pr. Oik P. P. lutnl. 1860-61.. 80? 000 20NOOO 122,000 1.134,000 1860-60.. 076.000 264 000 120 000 1 860.000 1,003,000 186K-0 ..610.000 267.000 163,000 1,040,0C0 837,000 1S67-8...383.000 141.000 08.000 622.000 691 000 1866-7.. .S63.000 167 000 112.000 H2.000 770 000 1866-6.. .537,000 200,000 149,0*0 946.000 677,000 Thus the receipts show a decrease of 623,000 bales from those of last year, and a decrease of 241,000 from 1858-9; and the exports exhibit the following results:? Compared Or. BriL France. (XXr F. P. Thiol. Stick. With /W /w Inj' It*, fW last) ear.170,000 46.000 2.000 216,000 386,000 Ivc. Dtr.. inc. 1868-9... 196,000 69,000 69,000 94,000 230,000 With regard to the crop, Neill Brothers say:? The crop is moving to market more freely sine; the re cent advance In price*. rh? deliveries at the 4?ulf ports this week by telegraph are the largest of the season, and at New Orleans exceed even tlxse of the corresponding week last year Thus th ? falling off, which his increased ao rapidly ot late, will now be checked- and In view of the laige quantity which has been held back, acid now ready to come forward, it is Dot Improbable that the weekly recei-<ts may fur a time equal those of last year, the rtedcter y, mm compared wl<h 1868-69, will be gradu ally redui-ed, and entirely disappear during the next few month*?both of which will tend to correct the extreme low crop view* formed by ui:iny during the |*Tiod of panic, and consequent light receipts. There Is now no inducement for holding back the crop. Prices have sel dom been more remunerative at this season of the year; the rivert are in good navigable condition; while in view of the unsettled state of the South, planters must bo anxious to secure tbo present hi^h rurrency for their cot ton. The New Orleans Delta of the Uth says:? The demand for foreign exchange shows no abatement whatever, tiut with a more limited supply we caa only report modei ai? operations at jwM>ni?v'? &siir?a. trans actions in time bills oo New York, Ac., have also b?en restricted, but this was owing to the mistrust with which they have been viewed for so ne ttoi4. Sight bills, how ever, moved along Ireely, and transactions to a fair ex tent have been eO'ucted at previous rates. We quote m Mlows:?Clear sterling bills, 2% a 4 per cent premium for the g"tieral run of names, and 4.V a 4!^ premium for direct remittance. Dill of hiding drafts, 2 per cent pro mium. Francs, 6 47X a 6.67>4 per dollar. Sixty day bills on New York,te.,3a4 per cout discount, slight, )%,a per cent discount, borne of Uie missing lots of specie which have been detalued by snow storms along the line at railroads have turned up to day, and we have to re port the following receipts by express, via New Vork:? 60 000 sovereigns, 300,000 francs aud $296 000 in United Mates gold coin. Ibe sovereigns and francs have not yet been disttosed of, and boloers appear to be undecided whether to send them to the miut for r< ?coinage Into American currency, or keep them for reshipment to Ku reps when a turn In rales of exchange will justify such a m< vement. The Chicago Tribune of the 14th says:? The work has been an eventful one. Immediately afte tbe flr?t 01 January exchange begun to decline froin tb high rate?10 [Kir ceM?at which it had ruled for ftom six weeks, tbe fall amounting to almost a panic, tiU I reached three per cent, and Inat figure, though mill three time* above what It ought to be, g ?ve groat satisfaction to our mercantile community. This week the market opened with a rising scale, and it went up till it retched eight per cent premium yesterday, where it remain* to day. A? Bight be expected, the demand has become vety light, and most of the banks report the market easier to-day, though the current rate is still maintained, like buying price is 7 a 7>4. Banks don't like to give over 7. Within the last two or thrte days we learn that large purchases of pork have beeu made by merchants and shipped Kast to make exchange Should the rate re main at tbe present figure, this policy will be very gene rally adopted by all who have largo remittance* to make. It will tend very essentially to regulate the exchange market and bring down tbi price to living rates, tat tae work go on. tJold?buying nominal at 8. selling 8 per cent premium. Little wanted. Mr. Arthur, Huperintendent of the Illinois Cen tral Railroad, writes under date of the 12th:? The largest freight earningp ever mads by our road in one oay were yesterday?616 878. lbs weathor Is fine for farmers to gather their o?in and lake It U> market. and if the price whs high-r we should be overwhelm* 1 with it. As it is, we Und it difficult M do tbo busim <<* oflfcred promptly. There wa* never one half the coru in this Mate at tins season of the year before. Large ship ments are making South. 1 apprehend no daw r to the shipments of produce South. Immense quantities arc needed, and If the shipim nts are made insecure none will be sent, and sufferii-g will be the result. Tht people of tbe South know this an I will lie governed accordingly. We have received a copy of the message of Lieutenant Governor Hammond, of Indiana (the Governor, Ashbel P. Willard, having died in Octo ber last). It gives no information relative to the flnuncial position of the State, merely referring to the report of the Auditor upon tbe subject, which bus not yet been published. The Governor say*:? Iiuiu g the time tliat I have be. ii acting as tbe JfckaCu tlveof the ?taU- there has been no ?MMaa presented to me. save one, that can by any possibility aOi?l the po ouniaiy Interests of Indiana. Tbe semi annual tntoroet 011 our public debt tor January, lxfll. was maturing, without the nn-ai s in the SI?to treasury to meet it rheru was no m< de of liquidating that interest except by bor row 11 g money And bon-vlng that the citizen!' of In diana iie*iml that her obligations tbould bo k>'pt, the Auditor and Treasurer of Sftate, tigutber with myself, taking as our authority an net of tb? General Assembly prescribing the duties of Governor, approved May 27, 1862, made a I *vn of 8126 000 from Messrs. Window, Lanier ft Cb. ot the city of *ew York, giving our obli gations ?o pay the wime in May next, out of the revenue for th ' )< ar lseo. It is a matter m ich to be regretted that Indiaiia is in such a condition that she is compelled to go into Uie market to borrow m->noy for any purpose whatever. Hut it is due to truth to state that thin ne cessity would n< t have existed jut for the failure of tho Senate of iiiUiaMA to paes a revenue bill fdr tbo years 1867-4. Stork Ktrhange. Wbwsshat, Jiui. 18, 1881 100 liarlotn RR 15 20 do lftltf ar?i Healing RR. 60 do 40 6M do 40 S' 800 Mich Ces 100 do Hio 100 do blO 53* IV K .1 On KU 101? f.0 Mich S * N la RK 14S SO.) do 14 X 200 Mich S ,* N la g s. M 100 do 38 '25 HI Osn RK scrip.. HO 18 do 81 20 do 81 ^ Ml do s3 *l)tf 300 da C 82 160 do slO 80 200 do ?ao 80 200 do slO 81 20* do sl5 81 160 do 82 SO 1 nalA Cblc RH. blO 88 * 400 do 200 do s30 80', 50 do bin ???; 200 Clev ft Toledo KR 54 300 do 33 V 800 do 8|V 200 do blO 34 4"0 do b3 34 ' 100 Chic ft Rk Is RR 66<< .100 do WW .16)5 200 do 66 100 do blO 66 100 do ?10 M'j 60Chle, Hir iiqRR 11000 CPA's, 1*87... 07 1000 t'Sft's, 1866... !?1 looo Kentuckv fl's.. twt 1000 Tcan ? *, 90... 741* 2000 do 78\ 6000 Virginia 8 <... 74# WHO do 7?ii 8000 N Qu-oitaa 8's. 74 8000 Utlliopna 7'!.. 87 % 6<t0 do 88 lOeo Missouri 8's .. 88 V looo HarHn Sdmbds i?fl* 6080 Ilarl -n.3 I nihd.t 77 4000 I/'AM'I I g bds. 18 6000 Chi ftNWlstm 42 ;^>00 Chi ft NW 2d m. 18 ?2?K?o C,RfttjRR8pcb*. <tu 40**1 t*t M ft Tol bcis 88 14tbs Metfrop'n Pnk 103 8 Wxlh Avenue RR. 136 6 I'aclllc Mail W Co 80 SO do 8!>U 60 N Y Central RR.*. 77% 26 do 77% 100 do b30 77\ 200 do 11U 260 do slO 77 \ .100 do ^.10 77H 60 do s5 77\ ^?0 do s3 77', :t00 do. ....MO 78 2/>0 <lo 78 ;soo Rrie RR? 88 10 do 3814 100 Ilo o 30 200 Usdson River KR 4?X 60 do 47 26 Itarl- rri RR.., . Iii1, 2t<0 do b80 16', 9VC0KD (2000 Tatted S6's,'66 91 2000 Trea'y 12 p ct u 1<>2V 1000 Tonne-w^o h,!*) 74 1000 do fftW 6000 do .4)4 3000 Virginia rt'8.... 7-. 8000 Mauouri fl's.... 68 ? w oo do I, *; 1000 California 7'S... 8" V 2000 OiiNW 2d m. 17\ 2000 M IJ 1 BtBUII'Ob 96 ii 48 ?br HI ol Cm'rco 01 26 Ch, BurfcQRR.. 70 60 do MO 70 10 CnRm Hank 06 276 Pad fir Mail SS Co 8?V 16 N Y Crniial KR.. 78 40 do 78U 900 do <10 7H 860 du 78 V 200 do ElO 78 V lfO rto 7t>V 236 hrie KK 3?V 100 do 39)4' 400 do 40 BOAIUK 266 aim Hudson R " R 47 V 200 do * <> 4? 100 do b46 4S 100 Harlem RR I'M 600 Rending RR 41 100 do 41V 600 do 41V 100 IkrleinRRpr.j*0 37V 100 do 8* 360 do 37V' 200 do t-HO 87 10 Mich Control RH. 63 V tO do 64 150 do 64 V,' 300 VI Soft N U K t.. 14V 300 M Po it N la BRga 34 10 IU Cent RR scrip. 84 60 do s3 ?4V 60 do blO 84 100 do 816 84 60 do W>V 60 do bflO 86 M 360 Galen* A; Que RR ?7 V loo do nlO ?7.V 300 Clev ii Toledo RR 34 V CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Wkiivbuiav, Jan. 16?8 1'. M. Akhkp ?The market was quiet at 6o. for pole, and i^c. for (>uarlH BuEAiirrm.?Ktour?The Inclemency of the weather and slackness <'f shipping demand leu led to check aalee, while ptices were irregular an 1 closed in favor of pur chafer* The salet- embraced 6 000 a 7,000 bbls., Glutting within the range of the following quotation*:? Buperflne Stale..' $6 26 ft 6 36 Extra State, good to choice 6 46 a 6 60 Superfine Western 6 26 ft 6 36 Common to choice Western extra 6 60 ft 7 25 Mixed to straight .^uthern 6 66 ft 6 U) Straight to good extra do 6 10 ft 7 26 Cbeice ex Ira family and bakers' brands.. 7 25 ft 8 60 Rye flour 8 40 ? 4 20 Oorn meal, Jeraey and Brandy wine 3 10 ft 8 80 ?Cana'lan flour wat in light demand, and sales con lined to about 300 bbls. at $6 60 a $7 26, the latter figure for small lots ol family Soutbei n flour was less buoyant and closed in favor of purchasers The demand was good with sales ol about 2.700 bbls., closing within the range of the above quotutiots. Rye flour was Steady at our tig ures, with sale* of about 200 bbls. Corn meal was In fair supply, while sales M' Jersey and Brandy wine were light at our figures. wan heavy and dull, and closed at a decline for some descriptions of about lc. pur bushel, the sales embraced about 70,000 bushels, at $1 Av for prime white Michigan, $1 61 for whito Indi ana, Si 36 fer Kentucky, $1 3d for prime red Western, in store; $1 80 a $1 31 lor amber Iowa an 1 Wisconsin, $1 30 for Milwaukee club and $1 10 V ? '<?3 for Chicago?the latter pi ice paid yesterday Corn?Corn was dfill and lower: the sales embraced about 38,000 bushels, at 70c. lor Western mixed, In store, and 71o. delivered, and 73c. ft 74c. lor old round yellow. Barley malt was quiet at 86c. a v6c Rye whs firm, aud the supply light: a small lot of 360 buatieis North river, at railroad depot, sold at 73 Vc. ? 74c Barley was tlrtn and in demand: the sales embraced about 5,900 bushels common four rowed, and at 72c. for unsound <"a.ia<la Hast. Oats were firm, with sales of Western and Conftd an at 38c., and Stale at 86Vc. Cokvkk ?The market was Arm but quiet; a sale of 260 bags of Rio was made at 11 Vc., and 26 do. Java at 16c. Cotton.?The market vol without spirit. The weather was very inclement, whih* dealers wore disposed to await the receipt of later news due by the Asia. The tynaac tions fowled up about 800 bale*, in lots, closing ar about 12 V for middling uplands. iKHiiiiTH.?To Liverpool about 27,00* bushels of wheat were engaged,in ship's bags, at lid., 200 boxes beef at 86s., 600 packages laid at 37s. 0d., some lots of flour ftt 3s., If to load at up town slips, and 3s. 6d., If to load down town, and 500 boxes cheese at 42s. 6d. To Glasgow 600 bbls. fl?m at 3s. 9d. To Bremen 100 bbla. ashes aud ?CO bbls. lard at 32s. 6d A brig was chartered for Cork and a market, to load with wheat, In bulk, at I2d. Hay.?The market was steady, with sales of ft few hundred bales shipping lots at 86c. a 90c. Oil#.?Unseed was lirmer, with sales In Jobbing lots of city at 49c. a 60c. cash. In large parcels *Ues have been made at 47 Vc. a 47c., now held firmer. The movements In the New Bedford market during the past week are thus noticed in the Wkaltmm't Shipping Lut?n?e de mand for sperm for export having been supplied, we have a quiet market to report. The only transactions are rales of 130 bbls , In two parcels upon private terms. Whale continues dull; no transactions to report. I'bon mora.?Pink was firmer, with sales of 800 a 400 bbls., closing at $17 26 a $17 60 for new mess, and at $13 12V 11 $13 26 for prime. Beef was inactive, but Heady, with sales of 230 bbls. at $8 76 a $9 60 for re packed and $10 a $10.60 for extra Beef hams were quiet at $12 a $14. Cut meals were Inactive, but steady, at 6Vc. a 6c. for shoulders, and at 7Vc- * ? *?<>? for bams. Lard was less active and buoyant, with sales ol 600 bbls. at 9Vc. ft 10c. Butter and cheese were unchanged. St'OAHS ? The bad weather tended to check salee, which were confined to small lots extra at unchanged rates. Wmxxr.?The market was lower, with more doing. The sales embraced 600 bbls. at 18 Vc ft 19c. SHIPPING NEWS. almajiac rOS inrw YORK?THIS DAT. strw kirks 7 <11 noon s?ts eve II 50 sen sits 4 W I H1UH WATkV mum 12 07 Port of New York, Janaary IS, 1ML CLEARKDi Steamship Columbia, Berry, Charleston?Hpofford, TUee ton A Co. B*rk Anaganee (Br), Holder. Glasgow?O C Duncan A Co. Bark Reindeer, Lanlalr, Hart>a<l<>a?II Trowbridge's Soon. Bark Griffon, Itavla, Perth Ambny?Master. Btig M Post, Robinson, I*. >rt de Lin ha? Moore A Henry. Brig William A Mary, Norton, HI Pierre?Brett, Moil ? Oo. Schr Fanny heating. Snow, Havana?McGuirw A Armstrong. Schr Mary Emma, Tlulse, Lavaaa? Norcrnss A Prince Hcbr Manrhf t?-r, Nelson Richmond?C II Pieraon A Co. hi hr P H Abbott, Hmltb, Baltimore?Merrill k Abbott. Hi hr Wonder, Hallock, Bristol? L Kenny. Steamer Jersey Bine, Chadsey, Newport. arrived. Steamship Locust Point, French, Savannah, with mdie, to B B Cromwell A Oo. Had heavy (tales from HriK to NK the entire package. Thla morning, at 4 o'clock, paaaed a bark ashore ?>? Handy Hook Point (bark Jacob Merrill). Hteamahlr Thomas Knann. Ramsey, Baltimore, with mdse Mid pa**engerc to H B Cromwell A Co. Hlilp lieorgea lot Thomaxton), nlaler, Han Prandsoo, 13ft days, with wool Ar to WUIetta A Co. hhip Alma (of Boston), Graves, Kan Bias, West Coast of Mexico, Aug 23 with lima wood, to master. Dec 2, lat IS M 8, Inn 31 30, spoke bark City of Carlisle, of and I rum ljoodon for Bombay, it days out, 21st, Edward Page, of Uonfleur, France, seaman, died. HMp Ellwood Walter, Chadwick, Callao, Oct 3, via Hampton Roads Jan 12, with guano, to BarrUl Bros, vnasel to J U dar dy. Nov 3, lat 61 In H, Ion il 35 W, passed three large Ice bergs, 17th lat 30 31 H, ion 27 00, signalized Br ahlp Ht Helena I or Liverpool; Dec 4 lain OS S. 1 ti 32 (M, Br ship Culluden, from I Jverpool; 6th, lat 8 06 30 8, ion 32 SO. Br bark Factory Girl, from Hwanwa; same date, Br bark Isle of Man. from 1/ondon tor Oeelong; 7th, lat 636 H, Ion 33 34, spoke whaleahip tmire, 36 days lr>m New Bedford; 3<l Inst, lat 3D 30 N, Ion ??l. spoke Euphemla, hence tor Porto Kloo Hhip John Htuurt, Bernsee, Callao, 86 days, via Hampton Bonds I dsys, with guano, Harrlll Bna; veasel to B A Mum lord Off ntaten Land saw a very large Iceberg, bad heavy weather from lat 32 8 to 4A on the Atlantic Nov II, off Falk land Islands, 'poke Br bark Resolute, of Hunderland, bound Into Port Stanley, with loss of fore yard and fore topgallant mast. Hhip Calhoun. Truman. Liverpool, Nov zt, with rud?csnd 196 steerage passengers. all well, to Hpofford, Tlltwton A Co Had a siim-eesion ol H gales throtighoul the month ot U? cemt'er, sotne of tbem awfully severe Owe 12, Robert Mc Causland, a native of Irelund, seaman, felltrom alott and died soon afterwards; I2tli Inst. Kmile Klmer, of iJeimany, a paKsengtr. died of Inflammation ol the bowels. Hlilp W i-comln. hCott, l<ondon, Dec 13, with mdse, to W T Frost. Was 17 day* imm London to Habit) Island, had heavy weather on the |&sa*ge Hhip Confidence, hears, New Orleans, Dec t), with cotton Ac, to W m Neleon A nons. Hark Atai.-ma (Btem;. Horstmann, London. 40 days. In bal la.t, to llei.aliigK A tiosling. Has experienced some heavy weather i ai k Canton (of Savannah). Aintbury, Mllford. 62 days, In I allast. to (ielt cVe, Keutgen A Beict.elt I.?th In it, off South Channel, sp< Ke ship Hydra, of Boston, steering K. llad heavy weather: split sails, Ac. hark Bi?MiPnu>j, Mlnde, Cardiff, Nnv II, with railroad iron, to A W endt A I o. llad very heavy weather Bark Virginia Ann, Hryant, Alhwra, 12 days, with sugar Ac, to Brett, Hon A Co. Baik V\ avr Crest, Harmon, Galveston, 18 days, with cotton Ac, to Wm Nelson A Hons. Bar k .Vin.moena, ^eundori. Oalveaton, 24 days, wlthoottoo Ac, to J II Hrot> er A Oo. hark Old In ru nmn, Johnston, New Orleans, 16 days, with sugar Ac, to iti Ik it A llliams. 5th lost, off Uoulde Headed Hhot Keys spoke l ark Ben | Hallett, of snd for Phtladeliuila from New tnieans; ?th. Key West NW 30 miles, aaw b. ig D Maloney, ol Philadr pbla sii erlng F. Brig Livingston (Hr, of StJoLns, NP), Roar.he, Ht Tbsmaa, Dee 31, with asfihaltum, to m*> ter trig 1 Jidy ? ashington (Hr , MorrU, Cornwall Is, NS, f days, wllh |Otau?s, In H>de A iMiryeo Brig Hultan, Hnto.n, tieoigeuiwa, SC, 10 days, with naval sti res, lot' H Dbble. Helir Bowdlteh (of Castlne), Collins, Tampion, Dee 17, with goatskins, to Miller A H. ugbt?n. Had liKht head winds the enure P" aage. D'C 2b. lat 24 48, ion H4 U6, up >ke schr Kd wsrd xlade, i4 B sAl.sven, from Attakapas for Kii 'i:nond, \a. 3H<h, rand Key Light Hearing N, was in oompauy with shl|> Kdwani Hyne, for New (irlean*. HchrJohn Mood> Hr. of Varmontb, NB), Klllam, Angullla, 17 days, with salt, to l^i.ycraft A Co. H< hr Tin.mi li (of Gloucester), Lurrey, Havana, 10 d?ya, with fruit, to Purvunoe A Co, Had bewvy woatber, apilt t'he foresail and lost one suchnr hr Ht-mlaid (Br), Card, < ornwallls, NS, via Portland, Me, ? days, with potatoes. u> It R I'ewolf Hehr lla^e, H'lUth, Mobile. 12 days, with cotton Ac, to Stur ge?. Clearman A Co. Hchr a Hhaw, rihaw, Jarks..nvllle for Roaton. Hehr B N Hawkins, Wyatt, Charleston, 6 days, with ootton Ac. to McCteady, Mow A Oo. Hrbi Manhssaett- Ward, Charleston, R dsys, with onttnn An, to Dnllner. Potter A Co. Eiperienoea heavy NK weather tue entire passage Hchr t)antllle, Chester, Rlehmond, 4 days Steamer Dawn Perry. New tledlord. Steamer amsntia. A rey. New Hodfard Steamer W estehesn r. Jones. Provtnaiun, SUamer Petiean. Aldrleh. I'rwri ?enee Steamer Curlew, Aldricb, Prnvnieuoe BHJ0W. Ship William A Male. Bns Ben Dunning, of Portland, f rom Inagita via Fortune Island, la at anchor In the lx>? er hay, w th all bands sick. She la bownd to Portland, and would nut U<w to this city. HAIIJCD Pteamsblpe Australasian 'BiJ, Liverpool (and passed the Battery at II AM); Colutn' ui, Charleston. Wind at sunset NR. ?(?ccllAMi??aa. Pairs Ashork?We remarked a few days since that tbeprae tke of anchoring vessels in the North River during "Ice terms" waa fraught with greater danger than If they were brought to the piers. We have now to record the grounding ot the shipa Fearless, of Boston, from Manila, and Calhoun, from Liverpool, on the Hate between Ellis' and Bndloe'e Islands, carried there by the North River ioe on Tnesday night. Tbere fortunately being a very fall Ude yesterday, with wind from NE, they were floated off at high water and towod to tbelr berths The warn rata baa eomewbat r. ) ined lite <i?a.-i tity of drift ioe. SwtV floi.nvit ?Vil* fnf R rtonl, Staples, fr ira Mobile V iv III for IJverponl, ws I wrrelted neer Wetfrir l, In 1 *nd, tin Ja'? Cept Staplee, wife and vant gltl, and Id of the arew, were drew ned The male and 6 men were tat ed. Bark Jitog Maaaat? A teU-grapb despaicli freut Handy Hook raperts thai the bark Jacob Merrill, of New fork, from 8t If arte with cotton, to ashore on the Point of * Hook, with a staamiug near bar. TU.i J M remained ashore at sun set The wrecking ^rbr Norma went to her assistance during tbe afternoon. The Cunard w?- steamship Australasian, t'apt Hockley sailed yesterday morning at 11 o'eloek lur yunenaiown .nd Liverpool. She look out JO passengers. The British Hteanishlp I'm ted States, Papt Melk-lreid, sailed en Tuesday lor Glasgow witb 11 Id. .awiijcrs. i rimp QriciN or ru* >iu?A letter Wo-n Hon* Kon?, ?ti ed Nov Id -ays -- The ship Queen of the Seas, from " a." with a cargo of tuml lor Mianghae, u reported to have I'o.ind- i ? red nfl hoi dioh In a g?lc laiely Ship (Jucen ot the Seaa. Caj la:u Crowell, suited from Liverpool Miy 9, and pe*aed Aojler Auk I'J foi Woitiuns, and u. i v b? the vessel aliud-d to. She v. t* bulk at Ronton in WjJ, UiiO tou.- register, rating A!},, ai.d hailed from Poston. n*H? VjrKKB*?Th.< bark wreoko.1 In the Stralta ot Fuea was the Vickery >no. as lc'?Rraphed<, Capt Uocg which sailed from Sun ftaaMO ' ov 13 for Victoria and she was no d mht en be.* way Irom the latter port to Port Tow-mend, WT, at tbe tin,i' of the disaster sh- v. t? Z*\ tou- register, built at Calalit, Me, in 18&3, and o*. ned in Kan Eraneboe Bk Hark Kuuhbh Chaki.ii, from Alexandria with flour, wheat, Ac, bound for Kaimouth, ling, put into Hampton Koad? 14th inat, in diatreei. Hikk M B <TtT*o.N, Sherman, fur Boston, sailed 'rom Mee Ina Not 2D, and returned to that port Lk-c ill, on aconii* of tbe captain being Oct bun; ( OMurtsT ashore on If orlches Beach, UI, is to be sold at auctiou to day, 17th, Hkic I'ctium, Carver, at CharleNton from Havana, repoita | having been In contact on tbe night of rith lnat, in the tlulf Streani, with bark Sophia, from Havana for Boston. Both , vessels received sli'-ht damage. Hcbr Henrietta Jonea, from Seal Harbor, Me, for New I York, loaded with granite, went ashore on Cape Pogi! ab mi t I AM ol lilb lent, wind b owing heavy and accompanied with i anow mi'.uUs She remained tight up to the 14th mat, but will have to lighten to get off. ! Scmk t'HiKr, of Harwich, from I'rovideoee for Norfolk, was I achore ut Bullock's Point at sunset 16th mst, but waa expect- ' ed to float off at tilgjb water. Sciir Locy Ames, of Rockland, was ashore 16th lnat at ' Tarpaulin Cove, and would dlaoharipi. ' Baltimokk. Jan 15?Steamer Hen DePord, arrived here to ' day, reports having seen ahip Sumatra, from < 'lilnctia*, at ?u ?hot in Hampton k> ad-*?so that it la presumed tbe retain of her having been ashore on WUlongbby Point was an error, or that ahe was floated off without any ditliculty. Ship Naiiier la at her wharf, discharging balanco'of rjrgo; she leaks little or nor.e, being in tho mud.?, by letter to til wood Walter, L*i, Secretary .'<oard ul Underwriters.) Cow is, bee 90? Hut In, bark telipse, Elliott, from Auck land tcr London, with loan ot bowsprit, jlhboom and head gear, having been in cnlllaion at 9 o clonk laat evening With the Saxonia issj, from New York fur t'owes, about 12 miles below this port. The ^aiouU has to day proceeded for koo doo, in lieu of the Hamburg, without having received any ap parent damage K .ljioith, Dee 29?Put in, tho Maid of the Sea, Htanwood, f rem London for Kurrachec, with carga shifted and leaky In Ui|~>klea. Kinsai.k, Dec 2U? Put In, American hark Greenland, Merry man, of Hrnaswick from Baltimore for Londonderry, 44 uay?; ou the 0th lnut cairicd away raainuaai and all atbu hetl, fore topaailyard and fore topcalUiitinii><t. making water. Liviurooi., Dec SO?The Brldgewater, from New Vork, grounded ot) Brumley Moore Dock, while docking yesterday. A1 ship Oclavius, 8tll tons, V year* old, was purchaae.1 yes terday by Thoiuas Ountuauaad Slopb<:n W Carey, on private lerni*, W haling bark Tjtrk. of New Ijoniion, 2ffi! tons, bollt in Phi ladelphia, ban been aold to Capl 1'euney, ol Ureeuiurt, LI, ou tetms not made public. Notice U narlners. ril*?U.sfOM, SOI'TH CAHOI.IN4. All the Bar Buoy* en euting the Inner one have been taken awav The uiuer one has been removed Inanoi e, and U oa.'ro tated to put veeael* Into danger The B. aeou at the IJgiit bousc, the range to ciosa the Har, h.o been re mo-, ed; and the Nnrihei ii Bcw>in on huibvan s Island, tho range to run op the Main Ship channel, has been torn down. IKLAKIW IN THE I'ACiriO OCEA*. Captain Rtone, of the brig Jonki hink from Baker's Ialand. at Honolulu Nov 14. reports?Sept ZS, ran i'orau ialand laid do? n iti the chart in Ion l<4 deg 02 M', lat 4 d. g :w ,N , salle.1 over the poslllon ol tlila island at midday with goo<t obs.-rva tlons; saw some lanie fl> ckb of birds, and many ol them laud I'll da; believe that there la an island In exiatatioe thereabout*, lnit net w ithin sui> nilleaaf iia position on the chart Kor three days had the wind SSW, wnb a euiivnl setting NK at the rate of 2}.. tulles per h nr. nept 30, run for four islauils laid d<'W n as oocui>yiiig a apaoe of live or six miles?poeition on ehart ion lti? deu W, lat I deg 'ii N, MM over the poa tlon of these islands several times at mul lay, clear wt aiuer, g'isl o.'aei'tationsiUiU a lookout aloft and on deck oav and night; looked Ibr bene iala >d< three days- mis n any biroa, ?od iue nioai i f them land buds; relieve that there la one oi more Islands in this vt. inlty, but not within dd or llA) mil< a of the poaluon oi these irJ tu ls, is jmo chart and the latest survey lobe h*d theru. As these seven |sia ida, which I have i>arched lot, are more or loss in tue traok of khl| a bound from sail Kra eisco or Hoo>lulu to b?ker's Island, I would say that skip luaau-rs need not tear them in the positions 1 have givm, and may run in search ot t' rm with sal el', eltbri by day or by night, with the enltnarv lookout. I would bere say lhal 1 nave i.l (1W Oluul a diarta of date HMD, wltn additions to 1KM. W haling l ark Nile, of New Loudon, at Honolulu, reports:? FebV, laitltl N, Ion 14442 E. ato:li I'M, paaaed overasun ken reel, with veiTlittle room to S|?re, 'he rocks neing plainly visible on each slat- of the vessel, and i he man aloli. reported breakers one side. 1 he bark waa bet ore me witni at the time, am! only two minutes between the nicks .ihe waa heading In the sun-glade, which prevented the earlier discovery of tbe dji tiger. wntlemcn. Bee correspondence above. 8ld from Luhaiua Nov 23 ships Euphrates, Heath, New Eea'and, 24th, I. ncaa, Line, do and - ome hid I'rooj Honolulu Nov 22, ships N'iinrod, Howes, NB, New Zealand and home; Oregon, Tobev, EH, do do. 2<d, M s te zuma, linker, NB, bome; 24th, California, West, do, Uoaat Calilorula; t arollue, Harding, cruiaa and h"inn; Kabius, Smith, do, long do do; Marenuo, Eldridge, do, New Zealand; Metaeom. Hinds, NB, home; robi Edwa ds Vt.atd, do, Coast California; Sbaron, hwllt, e It, cruise and home; t?aik Woo SeolL lluutlng, do, Coast California;20th, sblp Jauus, niuilh, NB. ao: Breu ship Kepubllk, ??. ei, cruise, ioib, i> 0 ito:b mood, Haibaway, NB, do and home; Nile KUh, S h, cruise; harks Kavorlte, Hmltb, Ell, do and home; Uypney Manter, NB. do do: 2itn, Harvest, Mai ch sko , do, i ruise 3, lleory Kneeland, Keliey, do, Coast California. Kofiian 3d. lJehart, do New Zealand. Ontario,, do, cruise, Mai tliA 2d, Llally, Line and New Zealaud; 2Hth, Chan.l.ei Price, Hoi comb, do, cruise; i.ldeon II' wland. Wiil.a>ns, dodo and borne. Montezuma, Uotnao, NL, Coast cialiioru a and nome, 2Wth. Charles Vt Morgan, smith, NB, muse, .* ii. itos? mi, tlreen, do, to t rulse ! or sp oil between se tsons At do N' V ID, ships Arctic, PH; Arab, do; Majestic, Othello Isaac How land. Levi Starbuck, ll.bern a, and Moutmai, NB Bi.uth Boston, HI, Maria Theresa, NB; Omega, Kit, uetngi Howland, NB; Cambria, Harrison, waaiiington, and Mra fanza, do; Klorence, Hon; Alice, C Spring, Gratitude, and J ? Weet, NM; Harvest, EH. In Straits of Alias Oct 2. bark Rodman, Whi'ton, NB. 10H months out, 300 bbls biackflsh oil, b.iund to Banda and Cbiau Sea. Huokta. dia. Hhln Heeperuk, Dudley, from Liverpool May 31 for Shang hae. Oct 15, Ut U 24 N, (on 113 II K. Khlp laabella, Collin, from Allele for ?, no date, off Cape Horn Bark " Sea Lark," from NOrleana, steering N, Disc 29, Ut 37, Ion 7# Porrlgn Porta. Ahjjkr, Oct 19?Paaeed by, ablp Magnet, King, from Fjo eho? for Roitiin. Anuuili.a, Dec aft?No Am veaeel In port. ('aook ii a vkN, Dec28-Put in, J Godirey, Clarke, from New York for New Koae, for oidera. Core, Dec 2b?Arr 11 H Fi*k, Flak, New Orleana; Advance, Cain, NVork. i idii, Dec 17?Arr Volant, Bntaford. Vigo. ('anart Im.aRDfl, Deo IS? In port ting Mary A Jonee, IM *tI'dei. (ram I lotion, lor do a. on. Deal, Dec 29? Arr Jan K Keeler, Delano, London rand < I flat for NVork;; 17th Mai, Falkuuburg, do mud tld for P.iiv j land). DuROVEM. Dec 30?-Off, ffoeuioa, Dellanlo, trotn NVork for biiluro t'aLMuiiii, Dec 30?Arr Maul of tue Sta, sun*wl, Lotd ? lor kurrucLt? IIaii.k, D<e29?In the road-. Rufu# t'baate, Klen, from NOrlean* l id 29th, Mar/, Orr, NOrle.m*; Liu ,e To .y S ? lie, Mobile Himv Konu, Nor II?Hid bark Klval, lto*4e, . uj ?e it at )iMi (, i n.i.uih, Kim.iaLa, L?ec M?Put In. flrei nland, Moi rytn *u, fracu IU1U more lur Londi-Merry (ae< M until) LivKKroOL, Dc?;3l>? Arr Cl'y of Washington (???, '"Trey, NVork: Alice Hall, lllckey, N<)rl*.<tui Put back aka, *** lngalon, w ililama, for Acalacliicuva. Hd :*Hb, North AniorUari. Kerry, Mobile, 31?t, Underwriter, Robert#-, N York. fid 29th. Leucothea, Clauurn, and Volant. Bray, NOrleana; DLChoate. McManoa, Mobile; Alamo, o alfrey, ??.uv*.,inn; Old Knfcland, Deiaiio, Havanuau; CalWMi Sauna .IfWL Knt l..r lii|| 2Wib, Avon. llaee-, for Sen Kraueiwo, M mgo lla, Melcher, Norleana, Altx'rt In, Dela-o, NVork; ? a iu*dian i*aj, Portland. Lostoa, Dee 29?Cld Am Eagle, Mo ire, NVork; Free Trade, r, do (arid aid from liraveeenit ikt|> >ld irom Ulttnwtl U-t, I J Ko^t-r, D?y, Newport Dec 28-sid Jo* dark. Ktoerain, ai.-..m-lrla, Va. Porikmoi tii, Ihi29?Pat In, li<<che*ter, I'altm, fioui .m-w Oruana for Antwerp. Palerbo, l>tr It)- In |>ort brlr Moonlight, Hmail, for Haiti more ready, wtg wind, ?id ub, b.rk r.l a, II i?ea, H.^u.n; l"rlg* WaJU r llimra, Pleroe, do. Kly.Bg Eag.C, Lord, i'ulUdol (lua. IHh, l.tictetia. Wallace NVork. Pokt At: I'kimi.k, Dec 11?In port brig Itockliuham, Upton, for H<?ton about Jan 1. yi?>Mo*N, l)?c29? Arr Oman Prl le, Prior NVork; 1? leiiiHitonal, Seavey. NOrleana for Liverpool; Ln.wooJ, 1'en nv N \ ork for do. Tahi icu, Dec i7?la aurt brig Balcar, Fliettl, to hud fur NVork. Aueiitaa Porta. / PALAC'HKHILA, Jan ft? Arr bark* col I^dyard. Hntton, K' ai< n. oil., Aretlmaa, lioofier. A?i mwail (auil olit 7m tor lioatonj; Krkford Wi l>l>, Wjiaan, Ho?toO. ("Id ,Ji. '?aim Hoi^'ta, (ilblo, lioxUin. Mb, Mr Hlilp Jane, Dull, Live-.Hjul; barka llai.nah heoor. Br > jk?. do, 7:n, Flwtwlug, Jayue, Ne# Vork. In port Jan 9, ?hlna Fin ana, Jon*?, Al ibama (Br), C ir iran, and dane (Bii, Doif. for Uvi-rpoo' ld>:, bark< Hannah *?oor, hnxika, fci do. F eetwlng, Jayne, for >ew York *>, H g>ui. <libba; Krklord Webb, Wymati; ill L?dyar<t, -tot on, nil Areih'iMt, Hooper, fur Ho^ion do. nclira Ann Maria, Miaw, from Key Me.i ?tg; Kmelliie, Denru?>o, and D H Baylea, Ja\ne. from NVork ding. BOHTiIN. Jnn 16?ait ?teamer H K Wpaulding, Howaa, Bal timore via Noriolk, barka l anada, Mlushel,, Matanaaa; Mo dt-na, Ryder, I barleatou via liolmei Hole; fylph JO'iea, Bal timore; Prig Pilot Kiab, Heard. Miragoann via lloime*' llole; acLra Urn Vi aZ.o, iialiarar. Port au ITinfle; 8 H Wlie?>ler, McLaiiKhllD, V* i.mlngUMi, NC; J"* KUh, Hlokin >re. and .lo* Oaaat, Kenear, Halilmoie: Humui Hakei, <)ookliM hliMlietll polt. T?le)jr?| hed, ablp ^lyiiw Dragon, Irom -va.aunaa He low br.g Kudoraa, from Havana for Portinnd; put In for a harbor, t'ld abipa Hurprlae mew, of Hua?>n, 11/4 Jtt-OUhx ton*) Irvine, Kan Fraii<iM?. Kockltijbatn, M"I Iter, vOrle*ni<; H?e buk D?g<!en Kohaa. Bremen 'it Savannah, brig Kannla, Lorentm n, I artli iiaa JWM II MHehell n <?* maMtei u< bi ig Bird of the Wav, Khleb eld llth foi Port an Prince. Mid" ? n.d KM. Ui NNK ahlp I'unjaub ship Sunrlae atartad and anchored In tne Road*, wberv remain* ajiIo Knock Train HALTIMOltR, ..ail Ift?Arr -teHiukUlp U u DfKord, llallett, N<*t<n rla Norfolk; aakrH N Batt% wMttt NVork Hi Hiw, a ablp, itippoaed the Hannhee irom Rin Janeiro. Cld ? hr l.Klie Rii-m II Tndd, Spai.lnb Main. Hid bark Ji ho C Brunc, I Oayle Hueno* gyrea. t IIAKI KriToN, Jan 11? Arr Br nehr Mary A Knnan, Clnare, Naaaau. In tbe oiling, a bark, unknown. ('Id Hr *bip Annie Laurie, Morn*, Liverpool; brig Blackfloh, FaMlIM, Nrork. Hid ablp A Wallalln, suj- t, Savannah, a< hr Kdlth, Nlcke wn. NVork. HI.ip Lmllv Sr Pierre, Temier. fp>m Liverpool, pre* loual* reported In tbn ofling, ha* neen orderoi to *av*nn*n 12th- Ait *teani*hip Naabvllle, Murray, NVork; brlga Fat nam, Carver, Havana, Wm Maaon, tlardiuer, Cld Mcamabip Man..n, Adklnx, NVork. ahlp Arain>'ile so w. Mai den, Havannah; ar'.ira Meaaenger, Pulford. and 11 B Warner rarrow, NVork. Hid *hlp W r' Hclimldt. seara, Savannah; bark Ja* Brlant, Cook, do. 13th?Arr Fr l>rlg Loulaa, Ducaaae, Point Prtre In tha of fing, a nehr, aupimaed to be the Jonathan May, from Pbllad.:! ; pbia. sid Dutch bark Nederiand. Kuyter, North of Kurupe. Br thlp Mlnneaota, Fllnn, fur Liverpool, crogved 'he bar oa Saturday momtug laat, and caane to an anchor nutaide, where ! *he?lll remain Tor a few day*, Ui bni*b loading, before aba prooeda. KIMIARTOWN, Tan 14- In port *chr* rallaa, ( nemo*, Or rtn Cowl, Vlnalhaven, and llaitet. UALVEBTON, Jan I?Arr act r Henry Perklna, Ooodrldge, Ri cklatid. <?<>! I.D-ropo, Jan 3?Arr nehr T B Hamntor.d, Oerrtah, NYoik for Pt'iubroke Mill.ll.fc. Jan H-Arr hark Ql*n IIolm?a, Portland; aobr Bnako Day, Line, KinR*ton I'M "Mfi* (fotv Cornea (Hri, H<pt*;th; Mi'i l.uiom mi , While; <lr>?on ilfr>, ?teWb. Tl nn.'r(Hr), S|tirr; l.e.-am<r 'Hri, fowler: Julii (Hi., Will- | I lain . Thi'tla (Mi l, ( baptnaB; Konac) ,a (Hr). Ha >tt vn I \ n -- I rkan t'*m. Ltimbi, Lutifn I; Mule llarwa. l, U?r*ar1, Uavrt; bark I'Ugcm, liaUwk, dti, i)rlg IdaMcLoud, uarls, 4o; ?ckn< Ok.kjna. Wheeler. do; Brail, Iln?man. Bra??i; I S*Nl?fr^oSfi-KA N?>)?Q 10?Arr rteamihlp B>eo*tlle, BtJ- I Web JTYork > i? b?rli i'ar.u?, liwyer Ho*t?>n . tb?iJohn, Moran Kmpreaa, Lee,aw, and B4 Hutlrj *i>ehola, Liverpool -ip bark uum, Oeipt,, wmJ u M H**Hrd, Miller. Mar*llles , nth? i" i?r ?h!p Eimne, W all* P?rt Olaagow; bark K? n u|oj?nrlro Old ahlpa Oeea*tSooaieb, ago. dr. D, K nu,ran .sir Allan *eNab Chapman, < onr * *?*? ? vLnV^ "><* ???? Now H. Lowell, tr' Bx" JfJ' ? . . . i jiwhw yueenatnwn to . e '?I'Tff1-, S, ? (Vr>?, Humnbre ?. V ot | ti l id Tiding* . Me?", r |t?v.e U Wbou ? W ' I T^n^d! &??? .'J** Blunt, Charleatoo; K O Knight, Olikey. Uty I'oioli >*. ocean Relle, and Hpark ihe T. w. d 10 in 'd In't, ship* t?c. an " ? W(1 p KUa. Onau. 4tb, Mm tin Luther, an* .'"ahua *auran, . ^ cbaid, IlurnsbuiR. aud ii*.' V! ' V .,'n ,n uua MWHBRN, .Ian 9?Cid acir Mkabeth. laU, Aniig<laBo(^ NOKHil.K. l>eo 'Jo (bark d?l?^?Ait ?mp I ? y.,.,, bourn, liu\aiia, bri< Sarah Mill,' lh-'1.1 ? irwicb; < dhtti-Mfi. luby, ^unawtcu; Pennsylvania, uw * i.ntor, ration, NNork. . . ^ R/m'Iaw&t. .Ian I#?Arr to llan?pton Ro?da (by U ) DM* KOC*A B NKr'hJIIt, Jan 16.8 aM-Io t*>rt achru from NYork for UohIuu; Mora, mats, from BrUUH ?0T ?? ^ "nKW IiOSDON, Jao 1&?Arr aehr Hila* Wright, Seaman, ^NK W' H AVE* ,f J an 14?Arr *chr Btianda, Ward, May* '"kFVSAOOLA, Jen 7?Arr ?htp tWnmbu-, An;ler?on, Dub lin brig Annaiidale, M-tcb, Cauid.u ?ha*li,?uii!i?i7A KMiuiler Ireland, an. Witch Queen, straiton, l Ul.edeU .i. t. <-ld Slat t.i-tga D O tfantner, lla?lintj?, Harc. t il j r.'?t, llorkln* Tortugaa; .1 W l?rt?k.?, brudw, B..aum; l-a*r < ar prevtou. ?, Jan!*, bark Arcadia, Hood l:v n V. H keunedv. Wuifl-nr, BmBhii* ?'? OJf '>*'< JSTuUrt2?L hS^; .^mcr l'a.a,?co. SaU, N?w FROVTOBNCEj.-J-U-Ag ?^WalWr,mt TllJimiTON, NO. Jan 13-Arr ^br A J DeKo^V Blw7"rAs!-!kT*Jan 14- *rr brtg W C Clark, Dafgett, Boston tn load fi r Cuba. Md 12Ui, baft ?aiu HLepWrfTUaihawkJ, 114 van a ^ PKH80HAJL. r,E iii?d InTviiii). can r?velv? the money ibat la appr* Prta Such cUei by o'klng tbe pn.p.-r applloatton. 1 uM P^Jteu , _ ?lv^u bv atturt-^Hlng J. Bennett. (iommUwioner f?r 1 "**?' New York rlu N?-A rr..??nabl? oomp^uwtlon wlU b? given for the addrest of aaid p*ri>s. HFVRY VANhTKNHUKtlllF.R OH HI.1* NEAREHT KIN wamed-^upuuaed Jo be ti. or Outob. ?* ro.....y New Yort Any p^nou knowing in. Ir a-Wlreas ?iU reee.te ? reuaonable oompensailou by addre?auig J. Bi-unett, C. uiniia hioner for TexaM, New York city. . . IV nvnKHV OF TROY. WHO WROTE T<? ItLAHCHE, ?ill write agiun. b>- will ixinler a furor. ^ Ijb tbat I ^"hTcb" X-erixes in* ...lure, 1 ?y I dW no. ?add?? uI,u i.*tter ti1 vou at Troy, rti.nie one -?l my Irl. nua, tbr'H Lid knowing, 1? rhape, tbn original, mav buve addreV?"5 yim "f ff lei'dlbip f?.r me - 'b no bad tnol.v,. and y**t not *'ut? thoae facta to me. *?"{ wh%l know who tou are. Aet In uroordiiiico -?tth tnte, an?l wnai ^radruul^l may enjoy tbrough?y you will deiMind upon your own ??aent. Addr. >m BUtnot , 831 Broadway riTMiRM aTION W*!4TEIMrr JOHN ITRUISWI*, I ^nminL^d to be a farmer in Northern New i ork, and a na tire ol 2aJiiKf<?te. oouulj K?1,_Kngtaiid.^^ hi* relative* will k??r ol ?oni'-ihliiR to tbeir i?d*antaxe by aa i iimteg P^HJtor 3roU?fri, tlli'ifilir. ???a T O. MINOR ANT)OARDINERW. WrER rtTRCHASED ?I *niu? I"iiw lauds. Any piTKon kn mlng tb? ir uO'l" hh ort'he address ..r tbeir kin, will recelfe a r.'iisonable ooinp- n aatlon b? ?ddr."?inu J. benuett, Comuiiaaiouer for ie?M, kew Yoi* city. MKDF.A?MKKT MK. WITHOUT KAIU ATTUK 1I00BB where we lait met, on Krldtiy, Jan. 1?, at I o clock I. M. ittAMVN who wkrr on boakd rnR utiLFHiB S*ih2J*r~tu? Echo, at .ver, ?^"^ha^oc wlvod their prfee and noiinty money, oall ou TUOMA* U 3BAYNAHU, Bl Wail atruat. MWT IRD W?CID. smY ornCR REfKlPT LOST?A RKCEllT IHStTBD b? the United SIhUjb .*a<??) othos N??w York, N?#i ,aLw J4 IHii or 112 *MOi) ouno??a a4l?-r com. ra> ibT S l'hn W rV ir ord r,.baa been loet, tn? pilbVc are 1 ofU?5 Vill^W un delivery at No. *) Urove Ktroet, oor ntrr b**ll oi d IwMi ? TVOH OlfiT-A LVBGE YKLLOWI^n DOO, FART D pointer blond, white ?|?t on hl? bwaat^? ward ?Ui be pa d lor hia return to ft* Oreat Jonea atreet. Iiwt ON Tl'EHDAY KVBMIN1, A OO J) FENOIL j all<1 | rII ,q Koing irooi Abingdon ?ouare >?Hb a Moitog ?te?e to?.and BU^t, ai d rom tt re t-? r-ylhag'T - I,all ?'anal atrert Bo re??rd v?i* be p*ld byiwowner on n:.ainitkg it to H. Harper I* Head.- atreet. LOhT ON 1HE FEKRY BOAT-AN INDIA RUBBER EN vtiope cun.alning law paper*, ou the *<"1 ,uv..^ ?][ W UllaniaSu'rg lerry boat >n tbeUth Inat. The llud-r wll lb* rev. aide I by r. Uirulng It to M. llajwanl. oorne' Mr?t and South bevmth ttreeta, or boi XI WUlUuiaDurg Fo?t oUioe. _ LO?T-BETWfeF.N MVTll AND 0MJ8 ???"??> Hr<*d, a parcel containing a ?ub?crintion bo h^ltk ronr lerilBcatea of ineinb?'?blp in the .,o?mop?)lil*n Art A mj-ciatlou. The Under ?Ul oblige by leaving the aatne a ?... ad way, wilu Mr. Avery, tou?ea? the number* arj ' mo, |w d ? ?' - - - T OHT?ON THE TTH INW, AN Any I . (mm Ki.glne Company No. 4#. No. ot Hadge, 25 Any " *" ^ ^^JO^lTl WKkAK. Jr Xj?HTitbavenue and vied m> nionHiUuin Hook, foolacap alee, ruLed ian. tbn 0udo will be liberally rewarded by II at tbe studio Building IA lentb airect. %toTICK?THREE CERTIFICATES OF BBFOBIT ^ Xlcb for live hundred d..llarn (?4U0>, t-ued from the At lantic Hank, i?ro.'klyi>, on the V h of Ja'.uary, I86i, iia a ?? o 1 Uon>ao H Blo'on, were ?tol> n, and me public la hereby warned ^al?t neg.,Utlng .or ^"fHOMlTii. HIorON. tJTOLEW-rBOM THE OFFICE OF THE S ,,i? within a few daya pant, the three voiumea of the few York KevUed nututea, Hanka ^rothera Oitb edlU''D, earh V"luine atami ed on the corner wlih the letter 1/ In m H Ve Any one who will give Informationiab..ut tbmn juj keei the book* and will lie liberally rewarded uy l??veil A > or man, *? Broadway. $10 HKW4RDR. FF.WARD ?LOKf, BETWKEN CORTLANDT AND ChlkI WWII, a gr?*en I'ookctbo >k, oonutluing Mi-ino randoma knd I'ronil.iKjry Noira, ot uo uk to any but the owner, ua hue (>??<?11 atopped. Tha pub.lo aiv nan tii.11' tl .(flu t tmytnrf aald note*, naiur<yitur drawn by A. MtMM 'or and one dr.iwn i.y J ll.iuunn A Co. K'f ?!?>" Ml the u'Kive reward ?Ui I* p.411] by returning fcild 1 < ok lu 11 W U?ldnng, rootn fio. 1 UUaey Mulidlllg, Hrued ?ay tm UWim ilKbK 1K V ur?Li?lkt-l!l aCCOKUANOB WITB I 1I111 nr'i'aUm ?r t uiwl> r o( iMdui fiillMH in tbl# AMIBT1NQ or THK UE KM ?N DEMOCRATIC CITI KriiS of the hli'b ward w?* hfld at Mr. Hrokoig'a, .YVJ feari nr?t the lol owing g-ntl.-m-n hare been air nil lor !><W'KaW't to tlio (>? rniHti l)-ioo> ra !?: iiMtlriil Clu >: -l?r. J alius horn, Jacob Kutliler, Cuartea Kend"'', il unking, Knd. lingerer. JACOB Ki>Ki1l.?.k, I'reMdrut. CNii BfNKitH, Bi rrrtary. N I * \ Oka, Jan. 14, I V)l. MltirxMt. MIII1AKT SQUlPM KNTB.?K Ml FB AMD .4 WORD frabliard* I'la <>l h..liter*, Helta and avery variety ?f lea her Work I have greater facilltine Tor inanwacturlng the ai i-re ccoda ilian anv b hm lb the city. ?KEbEKU:K itTEVKJH, J1S Pearl "treet. NlltlKUAilBUCa. Alabama law fikm I'll hi.AN A FHELAN, Attorn*-)n at 1m*. Mon'g .lit. ry, Ala , Will attend pit>tnpily to tb> collartioa or clkli?, and to all I?kbi burtnatMi to tnem a H Moore, Jmlgi a A. J. * alkrr, tifO, W. ston- nod H >V. Walker, of the huprtme Court ot Alabama, at Moulgianery. IH. IIMl HANK, ATTORNEY AT LAW, MEMPHIS, . Tpi.ii. Llllgent attention will b<- glv. n to the hindneu which may br ??*ni 10 lam by nou raaident corraepvndania. Kindi.ino wood.?for rale, a CAROO OF Tin glnla I'lne worn. In good order.lying ?l mgaide ?f the lateiv.n dock. Inquire uf K. A A H. T. #??1. II N?*vk ana. Jeraty C'liy V/l AKHLB MANTEL!*?OREAT R 4 ROAINC IN MAN JVI tela ?A large aiook ua band, and a gr>at "xtnaatan an tne prloea lor ai>y Kind i.rdere>l Una mon k 1 all 10 A. K l.H HhK, warble yaid ll.t Kaat high tenai h MnH, Mf Third avnue. Mkotala put up In any ?.a. ? .a \u? anioky. TJARLOR HEA1INO?ANDEft MOM 1141.1. WO RtXTll i manue, eirnor if Thirteenth HrM rue u?d.T*^necl, having Ultra up the above kail, reapeeu uliv tnmea ail lornrs of that ?l'K?nt atnuaemem to eiUud UM4T patr m*,? Kill clenl tearlirra alwaya Ut attendance. Pftm; ol akatiu( X) canta p. 1 nour. Op*'ii day and evening. W. J. HOlTT, Utoof EbhlUa Hall. HfATIMQ 1)ORT OFFICE BtlX WANTED.?ADDREHS, lowent oe<b price, I'uderhlli k Ha>en. o7 Wall MATRIMONIAL. ATOCNO OENTI.KMAN Ot RDUnATIO!! WOULD llk>' to meet wlUi a youag Udy. not oter 25 year* old, wltk a view to matrimony. mini !>?? good looking and amom pli?k.<i Wealtk la no objae*. an tlta adverlaorMw a for tune li'ft him, U called go- d looking by tadtea. and 1 an tm*. by btrlh. All c >mtnunl.'*!l .11* will ba atrwUy o.nndfla tiki. Addrrw. In H*i<*erity, Knui.H, Hnx klyr Kaat "fllce. AOSjiTLBMaR FKOM VIEOIMU DEMlKHfl THB A0 (jniintaine of a Ikdjr, with a view to matrimony. Hh? my at be under "Ut ?ear? of agw, amiable and kfTnrttoaale. and willing to r?*ld<- In the Mouth Money uo sbJaaL Adilraaa Edward A. Morton, bot 144 llermld otUcn. Matrimonial.-a toi.iiogentleman utino n? the Interior of PeunaylvanU dealrea to fori* k mat. 'mo mal alllMorr with a young lady, hhe miiM be kind, aEkctlon ate and lnte|llg''at. Wealth no obj?iet. aa the a'l' ertlaer haa an ami la fortune. Adlreaa Ularenoe Ell wood, Maunh Chunk, peanaj tvania, box 176. XV AKTED-P.V an AMI\BLF ANi? KI T1RINO YOUNG ff la>l>, a ll'iabaad. Not being faatnl >un, the only re dolrerneiila requtalte are, a man wh- *11 apell d-?r inatiul uf d?er for kta lany love, know an article from h noun, oak lot hla voice fall ?t a period, and cyphirka tar aa tha nrat four rulea in arithmetic? A man po'aen.rd of more m"??ey lb:>n hr-nna. And who knowa Jh?; >.?o'igh MMWI in when It nitfi Any one paeeraaing theke nunliil''.iil"iia wl.l plcaiv ad Irew A?ui? Ai.'i?nt?n, l 'dighk' epale, N. y. '?OlAt lOTiril. JAV'a --^"bal statement or rrrw n?v. York " of the ehy tad county ti inoorhura ted was, made In compliance with the miuiMun uu oi the 1JU uwtin t of the url "To authnrtie the rorminion or roeiioratiana for 11 anutacturtnj, mining, m?U>Au!cal or rhemlaal purpwea, r?TKir*?looa for !!?? ilNUtAUlOU ur HMT ' ] tf ved Keb I f I,tin Capi'al atork af tlii? ?'i>mpa?y la JWIi.On, the whole amount or which la ijr i-ald In The n mount of "Xirimg uebt* nf thu Company UTwi-atv il* tooi< doilats and lot .} e.'ght ivou ( o til. I>'day of Jtarua v, ld? , the i<aid company wan ,n_ debitd eJ?blecn thousand itoUara and forty eiiih cent* 'fix.. Uk'-Wi, which waaaccuitd by m<ri??ea up >u rtkil inflate aa follow a:? ' I pun mill catate lu Kmoklyn \ ?... flo.flOO Ofl I) pon reel dilate lu Rockland county H,a)0 trf Total $1H,WI0 tH since making the last annual report th? Company has par chaird additional l'eal eatale In tiie dtj of New York. to Inn amount ol Ill n) Of whtcli mm they have paid *,08 leaving a balance due Ihrmm of $d,UUJ ?which leaven ihe entire debt of thia company $3tj,QU0 ts, a4 above Btii i d, ' """? 1 All laid ri al estate baa beer, pnrrhaacd fur the nafl ?f Mki Company, liDd In the oplnl* n of the fruetecn waa nmrMnry for the irwAlabU-management of Ita huxtneaa It la actually worth th> unm af ret il to ? paid tuercf-ir, and now nonaM. tutea a poi lion ef lw *M?ta of Ihe cimiHany. over and at/ov-1 the amount *1 Ita capital a tort A LarM'iRK, jsk. itun r< in. A. OOMPloN, ^Trustc, HAMUEl. HIM'OX, 1 HORACE Dk N N fcTT J H. T COMPTOK, Prewlden-, Thko. nn.)wMi*o. Peer Urv K. T fompton. Preald-nt, and Theodore Browulni;, Secre tary, of the Knickerbocker l<vi Company of the city of New > oik. moo Ann d naimare, Joacpb iititcn, A r iai . n, Samuel liiacox and .loiace />enn?i, fruau-ea of aald Cnmia uy, beta* ? Ti-rally duly i-worn, dapoae and say, a:id mtah for hliiiM-l' 4aya, thai he forvgolng I* a full, true and eorrv<-f, atatein m of tiie alfali a ui Ha d company. and that they aiD the above desci ll> d qitiwra and V unlove th-reof Hubaanb^d and awom before me thla tenth day of Jannary*. 1M1. WM. UKE. (ommlHaiuner of Ueedo. LETTKKfl FOK EVROPE PER SThAJIHIKP PALKflL TINM, will be recelveil at the fniupany m office. No. 4 hi.wliDg ureen, unul ha.l-p^nt ten o'clock, thla (Thuradayl morning. _ E. COWARD. Masonic.?the members of ionic lodt.e wo. 4M. F. and A. M., are reounati-d to atu-nd a apeoial meet ing, at their lodfe riv m 1> ! Powrry, on thla (Thuraday) criv ung, at hall paat neven o'cieek. lor work and Inatrucoan. TIIO.VIA8 M. WOOLH, Maater. Hixn A. Liucrr, sec. pro. tem. vrnricB ti? TaXpatrrh -iirriCB of the ooiu i.~ ataoara af fuel and Aaan m.'.!Ua, Ma V llfeaiabeil ftreet, Kew Tork, January L itUi -eutiea la heraby given that tl>? Aaaeaxroent tt .il* of U< al aod Perai>nal Kalata or th? akS and enmity of law tork, for the year MCI, will b? aj>jiwl oa Miiaoaf, IW 1Mb matant, I or pubMo lnapecUon, and will aniitlnae oiien untii Uip 1Mb duv or April ami Inalii al?e All ia*pay?-i? ne ?.rn. ally roqaeiited to call and ax amltte the an me, tn oider thai ?r i -r-or* lu the aaaoaaiocnM mty >n> oarrcc-ed. A Urn, all iiTfa.nx entitled hy law to radoa Uon o: th< Ir aaai?wn-uU. by mutun of being clergyman a* foi milUat7 aarvtrea, aud aian nt. mry or charitable InaMta tiona. by law eieunt fr ?a laiattou, are raqueated It raaka application for auca nAwtl n or exemption pravtooa to tb? aawlng af 4ie r 11a on the .Itftr. tuy nf .tprli Tha falluwlag aucMna of the in af A|irll 14, 1M, li yux lakad for the information if a uayara :? Heatira HI Itwiag tka Mtne tne book;1 a hall bo opea ti0 paklla inapeatlon, aa heretofore provided, application may be made by an* prnwu o-naid*-rtng him-elf air griavnd by tha a?nmna valaailoa m hla real or panaonal aatata. to have the -aim corrroted If aiaah apiihratMaa aa made In relation to th im- onl valuation ot real aalat% K maat be aaada In writing, atatiug Ik- ground 'if obineilntm thereto, and thrraup at tla*' < eaiinilaalo: era ah all riaaalite into tbecamclMiat, and if la taetr )ud?fim-nt the naaa aiaant !? arraueoaa <key ahatl o-.aae the ?am. to b ? ci-m-ctad. If anala appteailm be aaada* In ralatiaa la tha aaaaai ad valnailon of peaaunal aataU, th' ap|iiimiil hail ie- auuauied land-r uatb ay the aald 4:?a?intaatoa?a?a. wbo abail he autlmdaed oad mlal> 1ST aue* aath, ev uny af them aa l I In their J?4parat tha aaaaaamrat la arvaaeoua, ue> a hall caaae the aaine to b? ?aareand, and fix the aim ami ai maeli awiaaivni aa (bay nay babeve lobe Juat, and deahara thalr d ?ial .n thaveoa withia tbrtydari afV r auob ap:>Uoatlon auaU h ive been made Ma lb am. No lediaetluai ahall ue made by the Hoard of buper vtaara af any ai emameat on ieai T oeraoaal naUte Impoeed under thla art, aleM It ahall appear, under aath or aiRrma Uen, that tha party angnavad wa? imaiilc In attend within tha period praaaraad for ti.v aoin-clii n tf lan-A ti naaon af atakaeaa ar at aaaae from tin alty. i lawa nf IHH, chapter JUL aaatiaat > A.J Wll.U AMnOa, i Oounlaabmara, J. w. AlJ-KN. ' or faxna and J. W BHlir H, ) 8m F'FCIAL NOTICE? itHADVH NEVENTU REOIMENT Oi mnaaiiini, SO ht Mark * place, Eighth -trret, and 20 and 27 bcventli gin et. ?U> conamiueruw ul ihe demand lorad mlaalon to the tlymuaaluni I have be- n induced to make for th) r additlona tn the w a> of duaon^ cio-eta, and am aovr reran d to a<-cummodate a limit d number of frii nda of tha raiment. New ciaaaea are now foruitug. ABNbKrt. 811AOT, Pjmprletor. BILUAHM. B1 BERtlER'h FAREWB1.L RXHIBITION9, ON MONDAY, T< KKbA\, M MINhMDAV, AND TUlJRaiyAY NIOHTS, AT PHEI.aN'S KIM IMS, FRIDAY and >ATI'RD t V, lu ibe RaU Boom, MONTAlil R II Al.t, Brooklyn. Phelan and other prominent plarera will play with him theae oocaalona. To commence at 8 o'clock. Tlrkrta at) ceuta. Billiards.?splendid htock of new and aecond hano 1 abk a lor aale at $1(11, Ill's $190, $>?) and |jlW, everything lOtnpiete. TalUe- t? let. Ilidera by mall ai tended to. W U. UHlKFllll, ltd r ultou atraet. BILLIARD TABLES FOR SALE AT PANIC PRICES.? 1 have a large at<?k of aplendid flrnt claaa Billiard Tabl** an hand, which lam dctrratined to aell at twenty per laaa thaa the uaoaJ price L. DECKER, to?nn atreet. PHKLAN'S BILLIARD TABLES AND COMBINATION Cuahlona New improvemenn, pan-uted Hepteaaner tt, UMa Prlcea reduced ten pt r e^nt tor raali PUELaN A COLLENDBB, Noa Ai to OU Onjeby atreet. nriNANT'H PATBNT CBAMPKlN BILLIARD TAB LBN. TV The Eicrlalor Spring t'uabion, pa tinted Aaguat 10, IMA. Lively, correct and durabla t.eyond all otbara now tat ?e. Office and factory 71 Mold aireel. New Vork. ~$BOAA$ AMD T4?BAGCO. SEOARS AT PANIC PRjCEH ? K?,<?0,?JU HAVANA. DO meatlc and iterman S. gai-a, at greater barjataa than han ever b? en offered In New York. Inv.-t all apaie caah In ne gara now. O. ClIbEKH, i7 Broadway. dbntT$tht, " ABTITCYIAI. TKETn ?4>*LT $M FOB BEAUTIFUL AND anbatantlal aela oa pare atlver on Una gold and pbttlna $86. alagla teeth. $1; teeth tilled and extraabd with out tka leaat patn: bane Airing, Ml eenta No eonnaethin with aav atber aflica. Dr. LI THisR, ItenUat, UK sixth avaaao, between Teatb aad Eleventh atraeta. t k BTIFICAL BONB FILLIWO FOB DRCAYED TEETH, A pu In while aoft, *1 h ut preaaure or pain Aching teeth or mere ahella can be Oiled with It by Ibe dlaao*erer. JAMK* FkaRmIN M. D. Removed to8W Broadway, near Seventeenth atreet DRR. DURKIN AND BOURMRAU CONTIN0B TO BX trart Teeth without tha alightcat pain by tbelr new and original pr. ceaa. Na charge for temporary aeta ir rilrtelai wbeia artltcial 1 eetb ai* iaaerted all apnratlaot warraat ed. No. S7S Canal atraet, oppualia Weat Broadway. Fa CLL RETH or TKBTB INRBBTBD, WITH OB WITH out extranilng the roota, >n ativer or rnnber, $d. gold, 991. piatiaa, $96. part al a. la, on gold. $3 a tooth . ailvar $1; teeth fllleo with gi.ld, Mleen a taBI; boue, eement and allver, . aitractin^I^ aen aj at OKI FFINO itKoTIIKKS, T7i Oraad atreet. New York, aad M Fulton atreet. Brooklyn. LMUBKTER, . UKADUATED RUBOEON DENTIST, No A) Weal Twenty ninth atreet. Between Broadway aod allith avenue. ASTH(M.OUI. A BO If A FIDE AMTBO o<;is. THAT evert omb ran d<-|? nd on, la Madame W1L*<>N. who ulla th- ob jnrl ef yt,t>r rl-h ait aoon ilk you enar her rooto. UnUmr a >1?K n In Ml* greB <-?l ??!!?' lotilKi thai ever waa kuown r*h? "? 111 Invoke th>' f'tfru of lirr wond?rful arlenor. and trll ail th'" ?*? n't ' f ?mir whole Ufa Hei prediction- an* ao true (hat III' y "urji tar ev? rv our ronault* h.-r Mom** i.ullra may *i ' a tttllr 'Inild. tbrugli tin y uwn not fear. for pra tea w ihlng but wi ai'a ir?aonai>le lo pblio*>r>a--r*. All should ronaiilt thi- m"?t woridrrlul >n<l myetrrioua lady lirr ad Tier tia? never >* n k0'<? n to tail, arid iwenty thousand dol ? lara reward to auv oue *|,u ran ei(nal tier In tlx- above art. rmr Mait.iine V* l|?on la In poeaearion of the O'leln alad ma fir. rhuni', which air rve- certain In tbelr "ffert I ruly may ?h' be call* d a w. mierful * nun IM alien etr?it, ??etwren Houston and Manton, over thr bakery Kor for tadlaa and gentlrmrn, ftOceni*. A S.IIMMIIMI -MADAMK MOKKoW, HKVh.NrH J\ daughter, born with i-aul apd gin of foe'l^nl, tr'l? h w ??- n ana MM roe a III many, and many avra'a even your very Ibougbte. il> ernla UH LndiOW itm\ tnlow Motie tou Uantlnw not admitted. A FACT?A EHREfOLnolRT AMD A^TROl/WlHT lliat brute the world, and rrwarl or anr on* wIm> ran equal Mine WKLI.I.N ?TON who la ackiiowl .|grd to tie tte nmy lady In thr cl y who truthfully ftvrm Indentation loam.lng loaara. laaauita, J. urnria, aoariit frirn-la, m*, rouitehlp, marriage, health, ?e?llo, and nh.i will reriaun drunkm and unfalthlul liniban'l*. Miaa W. la thr only CI* n In the rlty who ha' the notnr and Arabian lt?m>m? rnr lore, guild lurk and al> !uu.lnre? affair*, and em guaranteed tor life. L?> lav riot to onau ' il>? uatnrally <irt ed and beautiful young lady l.ncky nnmbrrt given il.gblir reaper table city n I ere nr. ? ran He mt n at her reaidenee, III! Bluh avenue, oppoalt* hlgbtli ?trvet Madamb bat, wo rrvwtth aveni;*, near Twenty aeveith utreet, ?nrp'laraall who vlatt her TtM ?Irk, troubled and uulurky ?oonId t?ei her pewera. Hhe trlhi your very thought* lucky somben, loaeee. Ladles, X eeutes feme, M can la. Nn?who hah not hkard o? tub cble . breti d Madam* PKKWHI MKT Hhr haa beru eonmiltrd by thouaanda In thin end other eltlee with rntlre ?etlnfaati n. Shr feela r. nfldrnt aie bea no e<|iial rthr telle the nam*- of fuiure wne or Miabend. al?) that of her vlelier tf yuu wiih the truth, givr her a aall at 161 'I bird avenue, above Twenty flint itreaU Ladiua 5) ??rata, genUetnen $1. THR 'JRRATBST WONDRR IW THR WORLD MTHH yuuni and aroompli>hr4 Madaiae BYRON, lately iron* Pari* who nan Oe ronnulled with the ?lrlrt?i*t oonAdetfi' oa all alfalra of life, em bracing love, uourtahip marriage. ?lck araa, intemperance, at nation*, law aulta, iruatn-m. traveli ng, al-e. nt I'rtenda, loet or atolrn property, Ac. Hhe haa ?loo a aecrrt Ui tnakr you b*i?ve4 by vour hrart ? ideal, aad brings toge'her th'we long eenaretrd K?-?tdenre M Third area'M\ above Twenty aeventli * ,rf?-t a.^-oa.1 a*>r, eear the bakery. Udm?f<|lii gentlemen 10 ceata A Q7 WIUfD RTRRKT, THIRD FLOOR.?? ADA*lt "f ? ) # WIDOKR, rlalrvoyant ?nd riftnl rtpanlah lade, nn Teila the tnynteriee of futurity, lore. n.arrtoge, aoaeot friend*, ?liknee*; preacrthra nedlrlMa for all dlaraaee; telle lucky Buabera, property loet or stolen, Ac. miirrrRR. A' BEDROOM SCIT Of RNAMRLLRD PlfRWITfRB for ?*, In all eoloie, of warranty manu vnure AIM aolid rhretnnl Chamber Huiu. plain aad ornamental at H. r rARRfNt?T<>*'H, *8 I'anal itreat, oppoehe Wooeter. j Batabllabed in IMA ! t^BAMVLLBD CHAMBER RUITB Of fTRRlTURB. IN Pi g|| eoiom ana "vlea, at whoieaale ?nj retail. At an i tire aril" Alao Mattmeaa and Falltaaaea AAKKhN W ARU, Tti tjanai (tree*, four 4oora naat??i Krsadway. Ipramn he -art versom HAvwri a eartoe 4 I honae to rrnt, and Furniture for tale at ptnte pro-ea, ? an hear of a eaak eogtomer hy applying at til BleeeMf ?wtft, Ui ifc# ?wr?.

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