Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1861 Page 2
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ABBIVAL OF THE ETNA., rODB DATS LATEB FSOI EUROPE. 91,500,000 IN SPECIE. $14,725,000 ? Received from Europe S;noe Nov. 28. THE COTT I'aMC IN ENGLAND. Rifled Cannon Shipped from Liverpool to Charleston. A Habeas Corpus Issued in the Case of Anderson, the Canada Fugitive. Rumored Embarrassment of the Bank of France. A FURTHER ADVANCE IN COTTON. DECLINE IN CONSOLS, fcc.) iM. The screw steamship Rtna, Captain Kennedy, which sailed fiom Liverpool at noon on the 18ih, and from Queenstown on the evening of the 17th January, arrived hero yesterday afternoon. The weather, after a thaw of two days' duration, had again become quite severe. Numerous railroad accideuts had occurred, owing to the action of the front on tbo iron, &c., and unusual precautious were being observed. A despatch from Liverpool MMN that the l)uke of Batherland di? d at hiB seat, l.llleshali, on the 14th Inst. The Ibuik of Belgium on the 1411) raised its rate of dis count from 4 to 6 per cent. It is stated that several rifled cannon had been shipped from IJverpcol for Charleston, South Carolina. Tenders had been invite*. !-y the British Admiralty for the construction of two m >re iron rased ships-of-war, of about 4,000 tons each. A company had boon formed for the purpose of estab lishing a permanent camp for volunteers near lx?ndon. Two thousand huts are to beorected and let at small rents to individual volunteers. The cultivation of cotton in Asiatic Turkey was receiv ing some attention in England. Prince Alfred bad arrived at Plymouth, for the purpose ol embarking on board the St. Georg<>, to join the North American squaoiun A correspondent ol the Iioadon Timrs at Pekin says that the estimate of tl.o property pillaged and destroyed at the Emperor's summer palace exceeds ?6,000,000 sterling. Every soldier who was present is replete with the most valuable loot. Domestic articles in pure gold, and gems of great value, are in possession of many of the I men. The Manileur contains the following. A letter from Berlin announces that the recruiting, which does not usually take place until the month of Oc tober, will this yew commenoe in April. This hasty mobilization is attributed to the events which may arise oo'accmint of the complications with IVnmark. It is not only at Berlin and in Germany that the possibiiilv ot a conflict on nccount of the duchies pre occupies the at tention of the public. In Denmark the same feeling pre rails. The Paris correspondent of the lx>ndon Herald writes:? The preparations going on in l'msata are believed to have a far more serious cause than any appreheusions of a complication with Denmark?that of war with "the enemy," which throughout Europe means the Emperor of the French. A despatch from Catta ro states ?Thero is a report cur rent here that on the Oth Inst. 2,000 Montenegrins made a sudden attack upon the town of Sputz, on the Albanian frontiers, and arrived as far as the gates of the fortress, where they were repulsed with great lues. The bark Grace Gordon, of Baltimore, was wrecked on the banks of Newfoundland on the 20th of December last The or.w were ten days on the wreck when rescued by the ship (Catherine. The Grace Gordon was bound from New York to Liverpool with a cargo of wheat, and went down with everything on board. A large American ship, deserted, and with only her mainmast and bowsprit standing, was towed into Ply mouth Sound on the 12th inst., having been picked up by sobs Sicily pilots at the chops of the Channel. Another battle had taken place between the British troops and the New Zoalanders at Mahortahi, in which the latter were defeated. The Cunard screw steamer Jura, from New York, ar rived at IJverpool on the night of the 16th January. The Bornssta arrived at Southampton on the 16th. The Cotton Prlgfet la KafUnd. [From the ljverpooi Mercury, Jan 14 ] A letter from New York, of which we published an ex tract os Friday last, will have painful!) brought home to every thoughtful reader a question which can never be long abh' Di from any mind that known how to appr<>clat? ita importance. The catastrophe contemplated by the wTlfcrr May or may not be so Imminent a* he believes ? but in Uie present temi*er of parties in the I'nited States all thing* are possible, an<l it is aaauredly high time for ua to look in thr face an emergency which may ariae no man knows how soon. What are we to do for cotton Id tfca not eatravMganlly Improbable event of tha disruption oi the American I.'nion leading to a general, or even a partial, suspension of the staph' agricultural industry of the Sourttf In otner word*, supposing certain political forebodings (which no osoaoi prooounoe entirely unfounded) to bo realised, what In f become of the manufacture which supports, directly or indirectly, some Ave millions of our popula two, and which supplies a l ull third of our export trade? For upwards of four fifths of oar annual imports of the raw material of tMs cokmssl manufacture we are tudebted to a miiiniti) is tin li ?|i|u in ii si I his iiiniiiiiii to be on iho the brink of political dixsolutioa, and which is, to say the very least, violently and dangerously disturbed. Wkat an v*io do if. at many rrp*ct. thii mud yrtxarum* toun t vf ruppiy tXtmLl rwidml* fail ?uv flfroqu^a^mdos News, Jan 16]. As every strip TOM WNtmerican port brings fresh de tails which show the growth of dillleulttes and complica tions, tl it rnmtabU thmt vie Enghth itvyuhl hnvme xncrnuin;] /y anritnu It tHu vmr what wt stay ncpni i<I our connexion Mil the OMtrd SUtUt, and etp^ialljf in rtganl In a cm tinned tupfiy qf aAttm rhsmutsUiK for the present the new facts which relate only to the poiltios of the country, we may try to see whether there is any light on the pros peel* of commerce. * ? ? ? The impossibility of compromise becomes more widely admitted every day The esuse of discontent, rage and faar la the South in the condition of opinion in the North, and this is no subject of compromise. Already it is ths general cry that the word compromise mast be exchanged for concession, as the Houth has notitag to offer In exchange for what she dessaads; and from this It is a short step to ths avuwaJ that what the South demands is that which it is not In human power to give?a revolu tion of conscience and opinion. If all Personal Liberty tawa and all opposition in Ouagrsss ware withdrawn to morrow, the case would remain as insoluble as It is now It is the public conviction which Ilea behind all laws and arrangements that is the real antagonist of the eeoedors. and that renders It isapossible for any kiad of so-oalled i to work. We may add that this publio con HHHf hourly strength >ning the timid and unit lag ifea strong la lb? Northern cities, 4nd stimulating tks sMasns to Keep ths republicsn minority In r ? Clusgl ees up to ilieir duty; so that, if that party at wsshitaglou cannot carry a policy of their awn, ibey soem likely to defeat any pro . paaad by U?eir enemies. However this may turn out, it la evident to all clear sighted men thai uo pretended cota promfcs, If it oould be carried in ('.ingress (which is leas aaS teas likely), sowld work Former cvinpremisss have ptevrd uaworkahlei and th? chances are a hundred times rreaters^pUaal any which could be framed after sitcb a ? ollisifle between the principles of barbarism aad clvi his lion as horns* taken piano. If the free States would i et hsfora ratoh slaves for the South, they will never do '? sow Thus, there will be no atore outtoo grown as a rorteot of the slsrslslrtlag republic of the L'nlted States. There remain* the project of a new slsvsholdlng repuh W-. at other confederation. Horn would cotton grow sad reach ua uruw such a system!" It is enough to say that jaensedfui capital w obitont. The soil and Industry of Wates do not yield food for the people who inhabit these, nor slothing, ihey owe their roads, tholr institutions 'iofeai^ snd trade, and sven of tillage, - iatae<r r<i4eral connection. Tlie pitiable coafusloo and alarm which followed Instantly upon the signing of the * , thovr how unprepared evsn ths leading men are for an Elated exiatenV ? They were ell adrift ss to their currency, their post offl. e tholr ?**?". defences. They had noi loot i lh? 'piat t cabllity before they took the leap and they we dome nuu the sssse about tfce future. Without M^^tTSoru shipping, varied industry or availablo capital, UieV thai th*y can provide the world with cotton, while a'l the world see* the impossibility of It. It must be re metnbored that there is Bo fre?h land for tb.-m to oocu py. Th<>y iiave no means with wluah to tike Cuba or invade Central Amorioa?even if the Northern Astes did not preywnt such an attempt, and ihiy are birrod in on the southwest by a desert too destitute of water to sd mil nf even a railway acroas Its breadth Ka*lri>i?l withla their prceeot MllMf). which la yearly be< im i ?'xhausteil by slave tNla^e, and supplied with the dear -at UiK?r In the world, which will luto t1>e free ?? fsster than ever, the Amerteaa otiou planters no* only 1. i ve ?? cha.'.C'i Other pnxlu< -r o, r to br 'il',' ? ' ?' ;? I Mi" ' Ifi #he> If tfcey h?VS l?C?B kohj tj, ?bttberto, much more lmpoe Norih< rn 11" 10 ?"1 ?*J*-?*"*. wheo "the are L0 lo^r !^/ sustained Ui*>? uertt hni ^t . 'r ,ellow citizens and pt t to 'iliin i? rivals in policy ami trade Add allv ,tu? tLei ?*>?"?"> SUC8 w mJta Doo.iii!^! 0?>nU?Uot>? that th.- i>u<k ot their white population ie oiHMtiudMj and turtMilent, th? uj^ck ra,-? Ms, .-xciied, and suddenly brought within view ?r an pqimhtj 0, ?LBlbi)rh UOll th? moHl x,, * f will scarwly ali.g.. ih?i ib?- |?o.h(*, ih 0f c?lu' ?p'r*n ',0? *** B"Od I bore is no u?e in diavuisiuu ih? ir^KUf' such a c#k\ anil tbe plain t.utb is tbat iffina ^ I mteo Stnii-8 c?u take no turn which will not *1 our < hance ?.r ouon aupplj preowio. ain 7k- ? "*ve Wha., .hen, bum we do/ 'J." l*e?treme. wi<y?-.|/ <A* fpimih of rot'tm wti.r.^-r it unit *" P*0" vious metbo i it> to ftr.ngib.-n 7h. ?I /"5 Tha ob fuppl, A"<u ciaiion, ano ft CuUon Italy Ksui iim HhUity to grow ?h,i? *hlchcan na owi, dep. iid.'Ocies or elsewhere Phi" Wll"t' wilh'n our ban*. Australia or KMnJ a,v."* 'Mn ?ur own but no without Home dhiuk m us all we want; i "3TSJ Wh- -?? not m the Xhu^ rl^rlT^ 'f tort ^ ir c" power upon the North ?? n"# 1 balance of ? real I n ... n,,,.,. h,'? ?" H>o orn States Krone|v of u, j^^<!'a?'ea?Hrst. of <4ou(h thirdly Z' ^.^^d and Western ^ Md fe.. nt ?nd anl^^TS^S? "r *b'?h will have dlf-' appea.e to p^va.i tC T ?JV. lhu uo1'? be supported by C*rollB"? atut and oth. r KlivT^ thT'v1*^1 ">aW" dmen into Home fom..roni? ht ,na> be pinia aa a ki..,i ,r wtauj. of Vlr tbink i hat the froe Sta^' JIlii*!. ^0' do not prn>e..| surrender., g the right^I uS^T' ST tbe To pit*, rve the Union theJ . " humanity, but they cannot furih r consent lo sl.h n^U,ly gwt tfH*i|l?lfihl.siiiiihil J?ubm.t to thi? arro b?,h the power andibemea. JtT^ b*Ve>'f <*"**?, Of South Oiwolrna Ihev h?i? onlw'?1 '"? "He lleneJ bellioui- Stat.- the onli..?ri f MPP'> t? 'htt re fare, .0 UWcept ihe ^iL 1"". ?f war with' ll.eir i riva/rers an.i u! t T" Ij. U" iap ?>p.'b the e'/fL, of X;* ','Z,erth?' rU'U InuVj'trr f i,rol"Ja ^ turned i? not withaut to re. oBt.iW. ,h^?y,'.CV? 'hH u"u,'trv. lB ^Kland ihA?.? . ,,l in tfovernment which exist., .n r? *? "S* ? Nort" ?r? ?'"?"? 'or .he take of *z?5. :t?z- tTsanss ,r:;\10 1>*X l.tV, . f-'^^V.h0 h" aVr?ide,; baa!< s^Rsr. S2j~ -r?r 1 HH th.a<. men) ij.nli u? : ,h:',or;- ??? '? ^?or ' that they 8h..ul,l clterioh a wr.lW h ba .01."""^? in.n.ovaHe attachment to it aa-t ?c th?ml 'i T i!i^y^T^t,nr''hnTT? ?r lhe,r P"'^' puSHiiwav; in fact it hat. burn n^*'.. *?!* '8 t0 'oiindalionp S^;d ^v _ . _T, nrt*n-l,tnr halanc* of iv>wr 1 at tonal an well fguI?t,Tlltari. In w, /nTS1"" ",f palhy of the p?. pi.,, w?h theVorth.n o', "ym *?"? the "fmemhermect of ,gr^, ??|e^e wbow* trciMUi HOd rchftliinii ila? , ^ tfj? *^ocif,ti Kur1""""''nrissrf * -"- ^^srsrjss: ?s- c.? OF AM1KK8ON, Ifroni the Mverpx.l M.ecurv .lan Ifl l giii^?tfer p?nj;?r; tame.) a tn the jail of that cltv. He aekwl the?r lothhipH to includ. the Oorernor of the piovtncc h th > ss^rst^s^as".^ s iitn na (,a**o ? tie allidnvlt ?n whi h ho founded upon the precedent of the f'ana la ?... un I Tt 3JNp?H^lt .Mr . l'eWI,, AlM,8 Cliamerouxow' oi No S^aph^Mr r6?h tb" 1 '"?U ?r"t S? a ^,tU XT"^3ir,. r ct^r Toronto, was now Illegally detaine.l in the i?il of the eltv ? a prisoner, without even having been i vaUv l"-vnc"n,f' ?r "gaily tried .r s5n.ence.i U,r thTc^ ^ rin^ *ny Cr'a,tkD"wn t0 the !aw of Ihe p ovtn?e A Jt^^l ' ?r H"y 0lher Part ?' her Majesty B domioloM waa of ,h? M(O0d Paragraph It was sworn that the case jf. greatest urgency , auo that unless redrena wu ?pc-edtly effected John Anderson's life was exposed to the great, at danger). In raorlng lor the writ a'Hhe h2d to ft? ^?fy Hh?ifl0Url 11 ^ authority t.>lraae it for be bad no doubt, under the peculiar circumstance heir*"^thor av r|f0ro.e,PS W0Uld not b,,e,,aU; to o^rcise th^i fh. ? 7 Cy once came to the conclusion that the Power was veeied |u them The propo WM lha[?rtheW(Wn h!,. Tk" prepwod ?? fonteml nt k v^*V Crown had the power to issue the writ of hsbeas oorpus to any part of her Majesty 's possesatona i"* y * PST1 of ,he Oou'inent of Am-riot . k*??r yf*r* before the ascension of ' b.UA^e ar?' UwUflce be recollected of a charter being granted by the Crown authorizing emigration to Canada was about the 13th of Juraea I., anl it did"dwja? that originally the whole of th*t portiin of Americf^ called "plantations." CuHi belonged to Kok and until the vear 1033, when it wm> culed to France, it wait re taken, however, by England ni the J?r 1750. Mr. Justice Hill?The statute 14 Geo. III., cap 83, recite* tliut it was then a part of the British p<H*e8.<ioHH. Tbe Chief Justice?lhat in enough for four purpose, Mr. James Mr. Justice (1111?Tbe eleventh fleet ion of that statute declares thai the criminal Uw of England is to prevail throughout the whole of the colony. Mr. james then proceeded at great length to contend that In any part of her Majesty 'a domiaious ?more espe Cially where the laws which governed UWNdMWM emanat* d from her Majr-stv in England?her Mjjegty hid a right to know what hao become of any one o> her eub jects. By the common law of England the wrH of habeas corpus lay at any part of the Queen's doininioo*. rhe llrat authority which might be cited on ibtt pilnt was "Bacon's Ahri^gment," Haoeas Corpus, letter B. which spoke of the places to which the writ might be grante 1 It wa# there laM down as having been held that the writ of habeas corpus lav to Calais at the time It was subject to the King or England. I'p to the time of an act of Par liament having been pwe?l by the Irish Parliament the King's writs also lay to Ireland. The Lord Chief Justice?There la no exprsss case of tbe writ having been tsaoed to Calais. - Mr. James?Oh, yea: and a very remarkable case It was. He had a c-py of the wrH Ijgfore him In the reign of Richard II. the writ was issued to tbe Governor of Calais to bring up tbe body of fhomas Duke of Cluster. That case was to be found in "Rymer'a Foedera." Mr. Justice Blackburn?If I remember rightly, the writ wan issued by the House of I/>rtls sitting as a court of justice, and It was but an act of haheaa corpus ad respondendum, not subjiciendum. Mr. James men quoted the judgment of [<ord Mans field in the "King v. Buriooghs," and the "King v. Powell " (3d BurreU's report)?thai was the Berwick caise; "The Quern v. Crawford," tho Isle of Man case, and the Judg mente of Mr. Justice Patrrson and Mr. Justioe Erie thereon, likewise "Vattel on the Iaw of Vat ions,'' book ' I., sap. 12, sec. 210: "Campbell v. Hall," Hoop er's Reports, page 304, and tbe judgment of the court in that rase. Mr. Justioe Crompton?In OoweU's case It waa admitted that the town of Berwick was not subject to the law of Hoot land The Lord Chief Justioo?The q<ieation waa, had he power to issue the writ in ca^s where there were one independent legislature and one independent judicature* The case of tbe He of Maa waa certainly in great favor Mr. James?Yes, my lord, theee are local courts: yet it has been derided, at all ev<>nta since the passing of tbe act of George 171 , which vested tbe ialsad in the King of Knd, that this oourt haa tbe power to issue tbe writ bees corpus there. UkevHse in the St Helena case, the writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum waa granted by this oourt. The learned counsel then proceeded to argue at length that tbe existence of a local judicature did not abridge tbe prerogative rights of tbe crown of Rag land, and their lordehipe represented tbe crown of Eng land. If the present application was refused, he might appear hefor" the <Viurt of Exchequer, and make a mm I tar application there, for it would be no answer to him to be told that the Court of Queen's Bench had refused compliance, Their lordships were not asked to interfere with any judgment. Tbe prisoner was not ia cistody under a conv iction in thef local courts. In the Jersey case the application waa made under tbe common lair right. The Lord Chief Justice?If our writ should be treated with contempt, as an interference with the local powers, It would he a very serious matter. What means have we of enforcing our authority? Mr James?By attachment. Mr. Justice Hill?To whom would the attachment Issuef Mr. Jame??It would bo for the Governor to execute tbe writ. Mr. Justioe HlU?Suppose he refuses to do sor Mr. Justioe ?rompton?Have you considered whether mi indictment would lie lor refusing to oboy such a writ'' Mr .)anies?Oanala is a British i**isc*,iou, and the persons to whotn tbe writ is directed are British subjects, fbe Name objection would have been applicable Lit the Isle of Man and Jersey cases. Mr Justice Blackburn?Hardly in tho Isle of Man, but it might in the Jersey case. Mr , submitted that, OB the authority of the Isle of Man taid the Jersey canes, the "vrit ought to IfHQe. Tiifir tordahips then retired lOcMUcr th- ir fttffmsnt, and, aft " an abs uce of twenty minutes, thev returned Into court. The I/?rd ChMf Jut-tice then d< llv rrd the following iudgment;?w.. (avej iretuliy considered Ibis mat tor, a jd the result oi wit ii\ioi li.-iji t, ? ion is int we lfci'\ the wtit tUt.lkl u> Inm, Wet.rf ; the ?..&?) of Lie iLcocvuituico that xitty result from tbo ?x n?ruuh^ht**ij^.?r'ty- W# feel thAt it ?. a.?j ui-rKUKir^to, ssk?2 Sruss.r^ssisrir?^^S*25 ^ %&? TZ1 f^^SSSffJSSSS Ai'a wi> /lnil jhui "e of the wnt ofbabW corpus. ?u.tTJ^h?," ?UKf?ce <* 'he Jurw.Uct.oo m these from th* ?'"'.est times, ud ex t l!7 y, ! fU'Bt We Iwve it upo.i theauthorl PJ_? , Holt, of Homers, of Biaokntoae. and of TrnTur. t? h f UJ'"S.1'lb<lt wr,'# Lave b, , n wheiever ttU the dominion* of the crow i, Al (1 III t nil, ?. 'J?0 Cr0wn 18 illegally lmpi ISilUed. And n ,' only have we this authority in theory, but ws of lhe doctrine down to M^nr.^ wkT,!. "J"? remarkable CUB are the in ,1,.' ^ore the writ of habeaa corpus waa carried into are .?P IU1' "n(1 10 Sl X'-lufiA. AlPthiwe ..Kml YL er? l,n" B- We U"d il e ;i**erl*d not h . r^TO**t'bU,,arr,^lul" O?*1 ?? nri 11 i Prutlicei 'hnt even where there is an lnde pern eu I ocal Judicature the writ of habeo. corpus will wnnbi L,(,1# *bort ?f a legislative eutctment woi lil si.fliCo to deprive us of that authority which waa oj'iileritdi upon ui lor tbe protection of the liberty of the rl i i , v ? therefore, we should not bo doing rw. LiJ? 'r lho ",,u">"ty of thu precedent cited, U we retum*] to imuc tbe writ. T>?'re wasasitght manifestation of applause in court mMhe conclusion ol the delivery of his lordship's JuJg _ u . France, ani tk ^niXr,"[ Polishes ? deoreo convoking the Senate and the (or,*. U gisiat.f for the 4tl. of February. ih? "an,e JO'ir' ai uJso publishes a comparative table of ne rnouue ol liance, which shows a decrease in 1H80. rvllUf'- .? 1Hi9>o( twenty one mlllioaa^f francs. _ ' ersigny bad given oiders forTn foreign ZZTr*> r,tbT wception, to be allowed free oircu Jation throughout lhe K/enrh empire. Ih , f8"1 lhnt 'be Kniperor had been much struck with ne statements on tbe navigation lawn of France contained in the mem<.riindum recently Usuel by Mr I.indaay, and Mr JjndBay taken place between tbe Emperor and I i W ''ruMI0? G"ittte says that the French corps of occupation it >m will be increased by a portion of the f???n China In fplteof the . ffjfUs of n , Pr? *lble tbal ,b? French forces will ro main until af er March, and the Russian Co**,, approves ol tbif course in order to prev ent fresh measures. n,=";:C'^ dullcuIt,l,B '?> France ha<l Increased, tho tioiiH1 raiC ^WCOU11^ having riuM-kod ojH'ra .nd^wV^lSLrd.flrm'an<1 Pf 008 ^ WhMt badbe^sS!^ UiMy be'WeCn r"?>coand Belgium unrt1!6 I<0"r1,,fl?rlt,e lfi,h ?P?ned Urm. but closed dull and lower at 67.5 lor reutos. . . Italy. iiu- m /''"!vt?e of Jl, publishes u despatch announc lifh ir? French lloet lellWaota on the both smen' U"a Ul boetllUle8 lud blCU suspended on re?1h?c.i1l1r|evn, h Ambassadors ?t Vienna and Berlin had wold. .K Ct>ur,l:' lUt *"> ^wnch Hoot wi.iili. quit, (.uet i on the l?th of Janna/v. It it- stated that, prior to the conclusion of the new ar A T*"' I'"' ",rt 0f.'h" b""V? *"d become terrlbll A apluc despotb from wys that Klnir r'Drr ,to 11,0 Kn,turorN*p^nIw?3 v IK, "n' l.^? DPW , lcul<,I""'t of lhe King, had ? ?hLh m ,Ie Wui< saJ''u'* on bu arrival by the |H-op e ' enlllU81;'?t?<??y rtcjivod by the 'lhe Council of Lleutoi.ancy at Naples lad tendered their resignation to Far inl. erea ulnii,,Tlh,IvtmnJirKlIW Vlc,or Kn?anuel to the inhabi Uuitsot ihe Nea(H>litnn provinces bis been published I'be r?K^ir;Tb-,tlUi"of tho Stat? -o."^i meTo ^ rate ni>self from you. A domestic ulllictwm has caused the Ne .rT.U Ut ?f }mriDi ''rlnce Carignan will govern tbe Neu|? l taij provinces in my name. 1 kuow that vom always d'sir>- ine uujtj of Italy. }0U oKA Kug Secretary to the private fnnntfc.,rH?,r"id 111,1'Jn the 0TMt ?f war betwcoo I'ied f i'" * * trench army will occupy l/>uibirdv * about l eclaring war against Austria. mbardy Ine new Councillors of l/euteuantcy had b<f?n well ? SSS iU BlC11^' ^ trwi'iumty was re esuWished in the lhe'I'ope had despatched provisions to Gaeta The re rtl JiwI "m'T11 ?f ,hc with Austria baa been dciiled Major Merode remains in oftloe The rtardiniiuis m V 'gh tb'' pr"v,nre of 111811 ou their march aguinfct I be Insurgents in tho Abruzzi It was asa-rteu at Vlewui that Francis n. had written dele^d (?r.r?J,^m^^0ttnCtDg b" lirDl re80,ve ^ uoivsr Austria unless tbeio is a war between Franco ? .b:;Tp>r4r?"K' ,mm: ?- ???. lr? MRSn"""?""0?1 WU"? plac. la tb. Uk?. '?:r. r;,H'rUd that 0,0 British garrisons at Malu and Md th^ii ^ increa8e" lV tw,cc former strength, j, lh"1 " WhB ln contemplation to organs a militia at 11 WUb l"*? s*'d ,h4t 1 ^igbah wJIIilioo in the Mediterranean waa to be reinforced. Praaala. ' . 7? Vuafilaii Chambers were opened on the 14th with "? o;i^onK7the,l4arm0ya w^hmebnB said, bad become ne???iry. The <ioi.^a ?r ih?' in M'fu-i'.0. terrllory being his tlrst duty, his SH i .i. ? negotiatiom wero Imminent between VraDc? Hud the Zolivereio in reference to their mutual commercial relations. His Majesty continued thus ? 010 freat Pow?ri? have beoome ?till more friendly by the personaJ me* tangs which have taken place. It la therefore to be regretted th%t the y (Jf,rm"ny fop tho settlement of the que* lion of the constitution of the Gorman DuchiM oiaced under Ilantab rule have remained without any result. Ituaala. aa well aa the rest of Germany, recognise* It aa a tb. y.. A?*!5' brln* "bout tbe proper solution of , kui* energetically atatod that it waa ki^. faithful to tho principles of go vernment which he impoued on himself on aaaumin* the Kegency, aa be found in those principles a safe guarantee "*??> ?, * ?P'rM ?PrwMl abroad In fSirope ,-t.iilfi Stsau A'uey>r contains a royal decree pro claiming an amnesty for all persona who have been found guilty ol high treaaon, treason against the country of against his Majesty, crimes and offences constitut "h"80 of.1'be rights of citueua and for those per VB b?*" convicted according to civil law for resisting the'authorities of tbe State, or disturbing public order. 1o those who have evaded Judicial inquiry and egal judgment by taking to flight, permisaion is granted to return freely, and in the event of their being after wards condemned, the Minister of Justice is to mako pro posal* lor their par -on. The King himself will decide In the cases of those who have been condemned by military tribunals, provided they Impioro pardon. Asstrls. Count George Apponyi Is gaietted as Judiz Curlt for Hungary, in place of Count f*irak?s p?e Commutes of the Comitat of N'sntrw, in HunmrT resolved on the following programme, viz:?a ro-' xpoesible minister for Hungary, a Hungarian Diet select ed ontne basis of the tl5??omov^f "uj. f^L. troop* ,rom Hungary; the Hungarian mT^SLS ^Vh..0f ,h* dilution of l*hs, reorganization of the national guard, and flnallv a ITU1?1 J?ii* made to government that a UberaS constitu lion may be granted to tbe other crown lands of Austria "tdHWW MONKV MARKET. The funds had been steady, but on tbe 15ti? they be MM dull and heavy, and cowIh declined '? pec cent, tinning at 91'4 a % for money, and 9\ \ n \ for account rhe heaviness H ua caused by a report (hit the lUnk if France van still liming gold, and that a further rise la the rate of discount there waa contemplated. It waa alao said that the Bank of Kngand waa taking some cotialde rable amouDts of monej on I ?an* of stock. In the dlacount market there was no change, (food bills were negotiated a( a fraction below the (lank rate*. The I/ondoD /tally Ann says many peraons believe the Tlank of Fram e will have great difficulty In maintaining specie | A) men is. Tbe lx>ndon Morning ChronirU nays some arrangement bad been mmle with exchange bouses to traaamlt geld to America direct from London <mi French account. Livrrj-ool, Jan. 1ft?A. M. OrrrroN.?Messrs. James Hewitt k On. report aa fol lows:?The cotton market, which was very active, with an advancing tendency, upot< tbe telegraphic advices per 1'erata from gueenatown, became excited upon the ck? livery of her letter*; HO/MK) bale* have been aold during the past four days Tbe sale* of Monday and Tuesday were 40,000, Including 20,000 oo s|>ec*Ullon and for ox port. Price* have advanced ^d. a *<d. per pound on Friday'* quotation*. the larwet improvement being on grades under middling We quote middling Orleans, 7 9-lfld., Mobile, 7 71fld., and uplands. 7 ft 1M. There are at sea to-day, from America, 330,000 bale*, agaiaat 2*0 000 at same time last year. BKKAWTt n*.?Messrs. Ricliardaon, 8p*noe k Oo. report flour flow ami 6d. cheaper. Quotation*, 29*. a 31a 6d. Wheat In limited demand, at about former rale*:? Red WtvUru, 11*. 4d. a 19*. 44., red Houthern U*. 4dal3?, white Weatern, Ma ? 13s 3d; Houthern, 18*. 0d. *14*. 0d. Cora in rather more demand at 39* a 34*. 6d. for mixed aad yellow; white alow at 40*. Waketleld, Nash k Oo. *ay holder* of Dour inaiated oo full r.tce, and they call corn 0d. dearer. Psovwuijw are quite unchanged, lard dull, at69a. a 00*. for One. Tallow steady. Pani?r?n.?Aabe* quiet. Hmali salM of pots at{39* 6d. Htigar firm. Coffee steady. Rice dull. Unseed cakoe? Hale* of American at ?11. l.maeed oil 2?s #d a 30s Ros in oulct at 4s 4d. for common. Spirit* of turpentine dull a( 31s. a 31s. dd. 1/>kik>* Makkkp ?Rreadstnn> dull aad nominally un changed. Sugars active at full price* Coffee quter but firm. Tealirm and In more requeet Rice wanteds* very lulipiicee. Tallow 69s ?d. for V. C. Unseed oil 2*< 3d. TaAi* at MxKfWiwntK.?Mw.ufar,tur?ra complain <t dull trade, and with dllBc.illy maiutaio their rati o. Sp mer* are demanding an advance, and busmen* IB gei>'' >1 I* checked thereby. Napoleon III. Nkaflag on I he Central Park of Pari*. The Pari* correspondent of tne l/mdon HrraiA, writing on the 13th, give* the following account of the man in r in which Napoleon 111 sometime* diverts htmeelf. Ihe Fmpnrnr Napuleor arrived at the lake in tbe Ik' a de tionlogne ahmit three P. M on Friday, in a plain charrlot drawn hy Iwo, (Uiil unattended br any escort. Ill ??lighted Ir-itri b.n < arr'ig* and i ro??e-i Mv> lake on hi* akatea He kui soon recogaited bv *ome men warlnir Mo'iso'. who raised a ery of " Mere is the r?m>eror. Viva I'Kmptreur!" The cry attracted universal ati-n tlon. and even body run ind everybody cheered. The I nipetor ei*iiiuue?l ? > ?*<ite, :?|>;>arent y<Might IWlththe ?itUutekdlk .-ftciMiJt U.: cut .iiU. Tlu J'uijicTti child li- a ilrtg", p'i>ht?l Inrwiril !>j a nurKry mai.1, took the place of the servant and drove the sledge. amused himself for about half aa hour, mor* Uke a uchootboy ?ujoy ing a holiday than aa Emperor, he left ai quietly aa be came. There were several faeliioaably dressed English ladies among the skater* THE LATEST MEWS. Jamvakt, IT, 1861. The I/ondon Daily AVtoi' City Article, nay a :? The fund* opened at a further fall of one-eighth to one quarter per cent, but the closing quotation*) were fully a8 bad aa those of yesterday; throughout the day specu lation was checked by a desire to seo to-morrow, the wetlcly board day at the Bank of England, p<tas over. The share markets, in which this wan settling day, were heavy, though the closing above the lowest point of the day. The discount market wu>- higher, and few trims actions took place below the Ilank rate. The London lima' City Article of January 17, says :? The Frplish funds opened with augmented heaviness this morning, but on the receipt of the despatch one day later fr( m America, showing increased ease in the New York money market, where the rate is now the same as on this pii'e, and subw-queutly the arrival of better quo ta! ions ironi Paris, (he market slightly rallied and closed with a tendency to tlrmnoss. In the discount market there has been rather an increased demand, and the general rate still remains about one quarter per cunt below the Bank. A further sum of 60,000 sovereigns was taken frem the Bank to-day for transmitting by the next American steamer. It was stated in some quarters Uat a suspension of cash payments was contemplated. The general hitters from I'arls yesterday Indicate a partial recovery of coulidenoe. Tho public continued to invest freely In stocks and shares. The London Timet says that Miss Nightingale's malady, far from being alleviated, Is reported increases upon her, and her state, whiub confines her entirely to her apartmont, is one of great exhaustion and severe suffer ing. A heavy fall, amounting to half per cent per ounce, has taken place in Mexican dollars, owing to the high rate of money and the low exchange in China, which rentiers dollars no longer a profitable remittance to that country, except at the very reduced rate. The total shipment of gold to America amounts to ?2,046,000 since November 28. The shipments by the steamer from Livorpool on Saturday are again expected to be large. The liondon I It-raid concludes that unless special reasons present themselvn, either in relation with France or America, it is not expected that any further sudden or extensive measures of restriction will be adopted bf the Hank of Kngl.tnd. The 1. " don i'ok't Paris correspondence says that tho people t" cm ftt'ly convinced that the armistice will ex pire without any decision el' Francis II. to surronder Gaefa lo the Sardinians. The lorilon Pod, in a leader, proposes tho coinage of gold live fhiltaC pieces. Iho Duke of Cambridge is on a \init to tho Karl of Derby at Knowsley. Yesterday the dfist end of the me tropolis pr< *ented a sad appearance, inconsequense of the large number of destitute laboring men standing oat side the workhouse doors and parad'ng the chief tho roughfaiea, seeking for alms. At the Thames Police Court the number of unemployed laborers relieved in a few <!?js swelled to 1,600, of whom 1,100 received tri fling assistance on Monday. It was announced that on Wednesday only women would bo relieved. At noon a vast number of poor women, thinly clad, many suffering from cold and hunger, assembled in tho streets They continued to inorease until three o'clock, when they amounted to at least 2,000. Soon after fonr o'clock their numoers had increased to 3,000. Tho work of relieving them lasted many hours. At Yarmouth the fishing interest are making efforts to secure the application to fishing vessels of the powers given to owners of other shipping with regard to the regulation and control of refractory crews. In the railway market this morning there was a gene ral disposition to press sales. I Ate in the afternoon a recovery occurred from purchases to cover previous ope rations for the fall. The non arrival of the West Indian mail yesterday in time for replies for the outgoing steamer, has caused in convenience; no alarm, however, is felt at the delay. The Fortune, from Girgenti for New York, is ashore north of Mazagan, and will prove a total wreck. The accounts of the Duke of Sutherland last night were not hopeless. ?60,000 in gold was taken from the Bank of England on Tuesday on French account, for transmission to New York by the Ktna. Count and Countess Montemolin died at, Trieste on the 14th Inst , within a few hours of oaob other Count Mon temolin was a son of the Infant Don. Carlos, who for many years asserted, arms in hand, hist laims to the throne of Spain. The French fumls rose etie qi*rter per dent yesterday. The improvement is attributed toa report that aCoagross is to meet at Paris for the settlement qf the Italian question. i The prollts of the Scottish Australian lovo8tM?qt So ciety are ?10,260 for the last half year, and the dlvtfteod recommended is at the rate of ten per cent per anauin'. There were rumois yesterday that tho Bank of i France has effected some new arrangement to meet its present requirements. * FKAKCK. 1'ahjx, Thursday, Jaa. IT, 1861. The Monitrur publishes a decree abolishing the surtax of 3 franks per 100 kilogrammes on foreign sugars im ported in French vessels from countries out of lftirope. The Monitrur also says, by the advice given by France to the belligerents at Gacta, hostilities are suspended udMI the 10th inst., and Admiral Barbier do Titian will leave Gaeta to-day. Tho Monitrur of to day explains tho dnopateti of a French fleet to Gaeta was intended as a mark of sym pathy to a Prtnce cruelly treated by destiny, but its stay could not be indeBnity prolonged without its pre sence constituting an encouragement and material sup port to Francis u., and the fleet would accordingly be withdrawn, RURHIA. The Russian government hah fkotested, or remonstra ted against the warlike projects attributed to the German government relative to the designs of Prussia on Den mark. IT ALT. Tfce Aiutrian GazttU says:?Oaring th? last few days Hum* haii repeatedly despatched do tee to Paris declaring her determination not to acknowledge the blockade or Gaeta I y aea under any circumstances. Ia the political circle of Vienna it is said that Krancis n. has written a letter to the Bnperor of Austria, In which he declares his firm rssotve to oootlnue the defence of tiaeta to the utmost. Traor, Jan. 18, 1861. Another Frnich vnwl will leave Oaeta immediately, and a singl* vesrel of the French fleet la to remain unUl the expiration of the armistice. It Is not truo, as stated in a telegraphic despatch dated Home, 13th Inst., and originating with the l'arls /Vmte that General Cialdtni refused to suspend the siege work* d\mng the armistice. It is reported that Geieral Turr has consented to act as mediator between Count Gavour and Garibaldi, with a view to persuade the latter to postpone bis threaten* attack upon Venice this spring The l'arls Patrie nay* that before embarking Turr had an Interview both with \he King and Count Ca rour. I On Tuesday, the Ptuft. an aatl-IUllan Journal, and the Optimum* AatumaU, the warmest advocate ef Italy. had both articles h Hided, "Peace or War," and both came to the same conclusion, that Italy must postpone the aoqVuiitton of Venice. The Opunitm, of Turin, Count Cavm*'* journal, has a leader, which shows that the battalion! of Austria can , not be put to flight by a few bands or volunteers, nor can her fortresses be taken without immense military I efforts. J*. 18,1841. 1 -General Quyon has demanded explanation from the Papal government as to the object of the n^vement of llie Papal troops towards the Neapolitan fritters, li. Mevodf has refused to give any reply. GenOA] Gayon Iws, in consequence, referred to his goverameit on the subject. Naplss, Jan. 14,mi. Prince Ckrlgnan has issued a proclamation. In wbch be says:?"1 have come among you to hasten the wVk of reformation and to maintain public order. The go\m. ment will respect the church and its ministers, prov^nj the clergy obey the statutes and the laws." The Pri^? promises administrative reforms, and concludes by e>. pressing the hope that Gaeta will shortly fall, and tha the Neapolitan provinces will be ready to make any sacri fice for the unity ef Italy. OnjSfrAvrwonJi, Jan ?. 1881. News hss been received by the government or the ap proaching arrival of Ave more ships, laden with muni tions of war, for the Danube The Austrian and Russian legations have addressed strong notss to the Porte on this subject. COMMKRCIAL. Unmns, Jan. 17,1881. Consols Sl'.aOlS for money, and ?l*a?l*< for ac count. The Bank rate ia nnchanged. American Hecurltle?? Illinois Central sharei SOX dis count. Brie shares 32*32K. Livsmroot, Jan. IT, 1881. (V>tto*?Hales Wednesday and Thursday 10,000 bales, including 30,000 to speculators and exporter-- The mar ket closed with aa advancing tendency, an i .Tames Hew Itt k CO. say prices are ?tfd higher on all descrlptioBS sin os KrMey. Breadstuff* quiet but steady. 1-revisions dull The Msver Cora. r*mn> status cmcuit court. Before Hon. Judge Hmalley. Jan. 28?Charles Moore, and fourteen others, Indicted for transporting negroes from a foreign country on board of a vessel owned by oltlsens of the United States, were called up and arraigned. TUey severally pleaded not guilty. Home of the prisoners were also indicted for voluntarily serving on bosrd s slave vessel oalled the Oora, and pleaded not guilty. They wero remanded for trial. Thomas Klynn, alias Knox, convicted of passing coun terfeit coin, w is set need Im hIi months' imprtionmsnt at hard labor imd to , j a line of $1. Arrival* mil Drparlnrrii. a .ttVAI.S. liirfcsroot? Mteamahl| htua? Mr and Mrs Duke and child, MU'< Ro?inl*ht. Ilu^h Boyd, H Wllhraham Miss J Gr^-'O, Mr ami MIm I'hinrs*, *i?sr? I,angi*rford, Rnrgnr Kltalry. I,out* de ? liamp??Mlf r. P M anion, Kohl l.? arson, w II Jan.'-*. Cal vert Vsui, Mr l*>ng, MrKdmund?. Mr ll^mtrel, J 0 Crwfton, Mrs Tinker?and llymtlie steraff*. Matansi* -Menm'hl^ Mntanraa Mrs Mill?r, P II Dvkens V .1 H Iteerh, W Walton, Aim llorbenoler, alei Montar\ anil lir'nher, Oscar ? ohn, Jeane Prnnt, KiMnluh liivaaay, wife ni d child; K linJI and lady. M II Oiwf, .1 II klilivi, John Hnm- s, .Mux-* t'oeran, K I'aiTier, Wm Winn, I Daiton, John 1 laiiloti, I ti Mot-ell. l!l*m,ow?Menmship John B'-l' -Phi.lp Morris, and 5 In the steei agi .!< II. Ol->\ alalia. . .It. U?it la. ilMailli, ? Ml'ifro. K !ia i and a i.i th? sieciufn. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Jul 28?6 P. M. The bank statement of to-day compares aa fol lows with that of laot week:? W?* end'ft Loam. Sjxcv. Circul'a??. Depantt. J*n 19 . . $128,034.6J0 29,594,783 8,007,5T0 8?.flS8,69fl Jan. 26 .. 123,934,153 28,9?8,9tl 7,929,298 8T,38?,04? Dec.... $2,099,367 629,842 138,27.! 2,302,654) The heavy decrease in the loans and in the depo sits is in accordance with the policy indicated by the last three or four bank statements. The loans are now pretty well down; it is probable, however, that a further reduction will be effected, in order to enable the banks to live up to the 25 per cent standard. The reduction in specie is of course the effect of the Sub-Treasury gain, equal to about three millions during the week. Our bank* have gained specie since last Monday, and will continue to gain for a few days; their accumulation of gold drawn from Europe will, however, soon be check ed now. The money market continues dull; quotations do not vary much. A few choice names pass at feven per cent, and fair names, not connected with the Southern trade, at 8 a 12. There is now just as anxious an inquiry for Western names as there was for Southern in 1857 and 1858. On call a fair tiemand exists at 6 a 7 per cent. There is very little doing as yet in foreign ex change. Rankers ask 107, and the indications are that to-morrow they will get it. At this rate, with money worth seven per cent in England, there is a loss on the importation of bullion from the other tide. The stock market opened dull and heavy, but improved after the first board. In the afternoon things were steady, and the market closed firm. Very little business is doing, and operators gene rally are waiting the course of events, nhere seem to be some sales of Erie going on, appa rently for foreign account; and Illinois Central drops about one per cent a day, seemingly from the same cause. Pacific Mail also koeps declining, and the street is full of rumors about opposition, Ac. We have no reason to believe that there is anything in any of these stories, though the sup ply ef stock in the street has evidently increased of late. These downward movements affest the whole market, and depress even the shares of Western roads, which otherwise would, in the present condition of the money market and of railway traffic, attract the attention of operators. It is hardly likely, however, that these causes will continue to operate for any length of time. The following were the closing quotations of the day:-?ffennessees, 73 a 74; Virginia 6's, 76% a 76; Missouri 6's, 68 a %; Canton, 15 a 16; Cumber land Coad preferred, 8 a 10; Pacific Mail, 86 a %; New York Central, 80% a %; Erie, 36 a %; Hudson River, 45 a %; Harlem, 15% a 16; Harlem pre ferred, 37% a 39; Reading, 45% a 46; Michigan Central, 57% a 58; Michigan Southern A Nortueru Indiana, 15% a %; do. guaranteed, 33% a %; Pa nama, 113%; Illinois Central, 79 a %; Galena and Chicago, 72% a 73; Cleveland and Toledo, 34% a 35; Chicago and Rock Island, 58% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 73% a 75. The steamship Etna, with four days later from Europe, arrived this afternoon. She brings $1,500,060 in specie. The financial embarrassment in Paris still continued when she sailed, and a fur ther advance in the rate of interest was anticipat ed. Some of the newspapers continue to specu late on the probability of a suspension of specie payments by the Bank; but nothing had occurred 4o warrant the expectation of such an event. The nowa of the difficulties with regard to the ship ments of cotton had caused quite an excitement in the^iivcrpool cotton market; the sales of the four flaya preceding the sailing of the Etna were 80,000 bales, and the market closed steady at an advance of % a %. Breadstuff's were rather easier. The British funds were a fraction lower, the cause assigned being the financial condition of the Bank of France. Money in London was offered below the Bank rate. For the latest quotations of Ame rican securities see the news pages. TUo Now York and EH* Railroad Wu Bold at noon to-day by Ma Anthony Bleecker, the auc tioneer, to Messrs. Dudley S. Gregory and J. C. Bancroft Davis, trustees under the new organiza tion. The Bale was on the foreclosure of the fifth mortgage bondholders, under an order of Philo T. Buggies; the price was $220,000, the balance of the interest due on the fifth mortgage. The property was sold subject to the lien of all the mortgages, and to the arrears of interest due thereon. Messrs. Oregery and Davis became the purchasers as above stated, subject to the conditions of the contract of reorganization. Theirs was the only bid offered. Payment of the price is to be made on or before 31st December next; between this and then moneys derived from the net earnings of the road are to be applied to the payment of interest on the mortgages. By this sale the payment of the mortgage interest in arrear and the organization of the new company are insnred. The unsecured creditors and stockholders of the company who have not assented have now six months in which to assent to tha plan of reorgani zation, after which their rights will be cut off by this sale. The amount of mortgage interest in ar- > rear at this time on the fourth and fifth mortgages, ! the payment of which is now necessary to secure the road, is about $796,400; but this amount will probably be considerably reduced before Decem ber 31 by the operation of the road, the net earn ings being applicable to the payment of it after payment of intcreat on prior mortgages. It is also probable, as wi stated the other day, that the new company will have to make Borne assessment under the contract, kin order to pay whatever may re main due on the bid when they tako posses sion of the property. Under the new organization the bonded debt is about $19,000,000, the preferred stock about $10,090,000, and the common stock about $11,000,000, making an aggregate of about $40,000,000. Tho business of the Sub-Treasury wis ns follows to day The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this m<*ning were $25 ,*24,866 48, and the balances $1,*1,778 24. M<Vg. William and John O'Brien offer for sale $>>0,0<fc j?ew York State sixes of 1873. Gov.tanks has arrived at Chicago, and has en tered ufcn his duties as Tice President of the Illinois Ootral Railroad. The corona of the bonds of tho City of Mem phis, due ?n?ary 1, guaranteed by the State of Tvnnosaee, vlll be paid at the Merchants' Bank. The Htate Yeasurer of Pennsylvania will be pre pared to paJthe semi annual interest failing doe on the 1st of Abruary next, in coin. The amount will n-ach neaiy half a million of dollars. The interere< coupons of the second mortgage bonds of the em Kail way and the bonds of 1861 will be paid <n and after Fobruary 1, at the company's office. ? The following tel^raphic message from Mobile has been published :v Baicwra k Caijiwkix?lour despatch was duly receirsd KW.*y. The lights o?this port urn not extinguish**! buoyx we Dot remove, and not likily U' b?. A corespondent fro| Charleston sends us the bill for #>e relief of d^tora introduced into the South Orolina House if Representative*. The bill proposes to render It unlawful to selae goods until nler December I, flfll. It makes no refe rence to Northern men. ')ur correspondent says that th? bill will not pa-is. The Georgia stay bill ha-< bo)ome n law. TheK'ew fJrlearn Picayurtf contains tho follow Inf? arlcle, from which It mavb ? inferred that New ( hanestoM ni. ' >Wle. '?ri I unlike | ?a.a#!&h, ia g 'lt'g to b?i-t m raignitlon of lUceipts ?Kor custom* 'aymeuts.... $416,MB 90 . UH.000 00 801,006 11 6^)1)6,141 01 MoMix,.T?n 26, 1S61. H. O. BROWIR ft OO. the United BUtea Collector, and upon the app. merit of a State Collector to issue clearance*. bel? arriving in the porta of Liverpool or Hav . with clearances in the name of the But* of Look I ana will learn their error to their coat. And vo i aeU entering at the port of New Orleans with f? ' eign goods will, if they attempt to enter auoh g >o<L at the Btate Custom House, incur the penalties of |* the United Statea law? against smuggling. Thel article of the Picayviw ia aa follows:? I We notice by the marine report tins after no m, th%t I one of the leading ship knkM tkanI th*> i?. p<? no* I of the VMNb under their charge, ?' tue Cus'otn Hoi-w,! to day. otherg ?ill pursue the a?<ne co use. The In question do not anticipate any dlliouliy after thsE secession of I>ouiHtana from the Union, w'n h will prooa-3 bly take place at the close of the week, bui-oiioy of vli? shioiuislertt bave got bold o' an Hea that tb -ir -in ir n will not be a legitimate <>n? after that eveot -->m the shippers share the same opinion. To iim tbe*e d cult let* appear imaginary. 1/miainna. as a pail of Union, ot a?htrtiug ita ludepoudent capac' ?q'H sovereign. and ran perform all the fuucti >na whio ilt facto government ia called upon to nil. \ t?r the o , ? throw of tbe Bourtou dyuast*, in July, lttfo. an tlu Louia i'bilippe in Fubruary, 1*18, was n?t ih-'li?ar of a vessel fr>m Havre auu ll.ejeaui ou the 30' b J 1830, unit the 25th February, 1^48, iu ov?ry re?pej' valid as on the 2!Hh July, 1S30, aou tbe 24vh Ke ir iW8'. Wo are now equally in the midst of a sue ievolution?bloodless, tt is true, hut not wvting f the attributes ui stability which tbe majit<t> ? pie united In one common sentiment can ouufer Aa the doctrine of coercion, and war growing out ot It, condition of a vessel sailing uuaer the s<ars and atrl| would l>e then quite aa espoeed aa that of one Haiti under tbe 1\>Iloan tl?g, or having Its patters coi tile i Mr. Hatch, under tbe authority of the Independent 0" moo wealth of Louisiana. We bear that in vionlle a ? ference of )^c. is made tn the rule o' freight, ' ) the prty"4ice of vessels not cleared, and thooe t were despatchod at the Custom House prior to <he or<M nance of secesNion. This, however, is mainiy owing u 'he caprice of tbe bill takers. Here there ia also a p ? ferenoo for foreign bottoms, but not to the same extent Freight room generally H so scarce that ahiop> rs art glad to get hold of it ou any U<rms Cotton is rolling li rapidly, and the amount of tonnage la quite ills proper tiotate to its removal, fo our ports w? already hear ? engagements at a p any and two cents a iiound. The annexed review of financial affairs in Loa don, after the lute advance of the Itauk of Knglant rate, will be of interest to our financial reader* It is copied from the London Economist of Jaau arv 12:? Notwithstanding the raisl g 'be rate to 7 p?r cent, bf tbe Mank of England, the demand for dipnoi titers >hl continues very active. Hie .einanrt ts doublet# yur i much increased by the discount bo im* acting with a i it extremi caution in prepa? nig tlieoit??lve- for a <) eoie gee cy that ni glit ariae by emitting their duo >uii?s, w'ovl neccj.-arih throws additional applic '"om on the Bttik a Kiigland This Is nothing more than the natual ream* at the ret-olution the lUik ba* come io ot refining to rod is count tbelr paper As we bave more than one - re'na'k"d this rtsolu'ion does not save tne Hank from ih- inconvn nlence of being called on when their reserve is ow, ihij discount quite as much, and prohablv more than belan they can e to tbe resolution they dnt, hut with thiMiuier ence: they now difcouut tfieir paper i.iUimu tke i/wirnm.*. of the discount houaee inrtrart of with it Tbe rule of tbe liank OTtainly h?s this effect, thit n compels the discount h:>us>s to keei> a much larger re serve of bai k notes, Hnd consequently tbe public sudn in the occommooatir?n that wouM he a(forde<i thorn hu for this compulsory locking up of capital; and 'here c tainly does appear this amount of anfairneMi in th' ir ter, that the Ilank of Kngland can and do uau the rese they compel the dlacount bouses to keep, wh cb t atltutee a portion of the reserve of not?s h"l t hy llvX Ruik, In discounting with tbe money belonging to th< discount hoasca the ve>y bills whsch tbey refose t > >iiia^ count merely because they are presented hv dls --lun' houses, thereby transfer!lng tbe protlt which eq niaa'i belongs to tbe d scount houaee to its-tlf tnd tii s th< Itank is enabled to do with impnntty, because it know that if it over discount*, and Its reaerve ia reduced V nil, the directors have only to apply to the gove^n-aaa for a letter to permit them to Infringe the law an I thet obtain it. This certainly doea seem a very h <rd case, am we mention this now because It may be attended, shvili the drain of bullion atUl continue, with very grave coo aeqoenoea to the Bank. Money, although tbe rate Is high, continues aHuntant We have beard of nothing, however, being discounts unccr per cent. The discount houses are acting will great caution, and, although they discount bills hiving few days to run at 65W, they charge the bank rate on lb great bulk of the paper preaeuted. The arrival of th ivrs.a Is ezpeoted to morrow, and the alvicea oy her wil tend greatly to guide the future of the money in irket If the American exchanges come lower and the drain e bullion continue? e ther to France or America?and hj the lateat advices from New York the eicuange show* symptoms of going lower?a still further rise tni?hi t> anticipated On tbe other hand, if it rises to 106^, a the Mint of the United States can only coin $750,00# week, the delay, with the rate of money at 7 p-r cent, i so great, tbat it would teed to paralyze transact ions, aa might cause a suspension of remituui'?a o' bullion. But the most serious cause of alarm m the sute of th Baukot France, and?as wt believe, tYench tlnanc* alt* Sether; corn and cctton havb much to do with ihemntet ut these causea may be greatly aggravated by a reektte expenditure. To-day the demand for dlsoount at the bank aa<V t Iximbard street has been active, but money continue very abundant, and the least improvement in Amertct affairs would be Immediately followed by an eaae In th' money market. But, for the present, we see no eign of an easy mone market. Gold continues to be exported both to Franc and America, and corn and otton continue to be higho here than they are there, and the demand for them i apparently as great aa ever. One good feature ia ok ervable and that ia. that the pricea of American aecur lea In l<ondon and New York have approximate-!, aa herefore the temptation to send gold out to buy thaa or the purpose of selling them here no longer exista. Stock K: ?1000U8 6'a,'?8cou. 100 2000 Tenn S'a '00... 74 600 Virginia 0'a... 77 90000 Miaaouri fl's... 08 3000 California 7'a.. 87^ 10000 Brklyn C w 1.. 100 1000 Brie RR lmbda 106 3000 III Cent RR bds M 2000 Chi&N Wlatmtg 43 S' 4000 do 43 0000 C ft Tol a f bda 76 0000 HanAJtlRRbri* fn 6 she Continent'IBk 86 10 Bank Commerce. 03 30 Pel & Hud Canl Co 91 60 Onton Co 16 lfiOCum Coal pref. .. 8^ 26Pacific Masco... 86^ 60 do al0 8ft>? 60 do slO *4>?" 100 do 841, 160 do 84^ 200 do s30 84 200 do ?3 84 100 NT Gen RR T9\ 60 do 7#>, 60 do blO 7?)? M0 do 70 780 do sflO 78*f 460 do blO 79 300 do c 79 60 do c 79'i 160 do alO 79 U 8CCOMD $9000 North Car ? *.. 76 2000 Virginia fl'a.... 76,^ 1000 ETie RR 1 m ba 106 8000KrRR2mbex'64 98 4000 Krie RR 4 m ba 88 2000 I.Erieh W lmb 67 14000 Cleve ft Tol sfb 76 2000 Mich 8 1st m bs 83 3000 ft N W 2<1 m 17 10 aha Park Bank... 100 36 Pariflc M S8 Co .. x? 60 N Y Cen RR.. bl6 79^ 200 do T#K 200 do s30 791, change. Mo.vmv, Jan. 38, IHt lOOahaNYOen KR bOO 79) 326 UudaoL R RR 441 *<> **} *6# do 44V 360 Harlem RR If 300 UarRK pref . b30 38 00? do 371 100 Del, T, ft Wes RR. ft* 100 Reading RR..a30 46 100 do 44 ?? do b0? 4ft ' too do 441 ?? Mich Oec RR.... $T 1fJ do M) do 60v 60 Mich So ft N I RR I6v .5? M0 16) do bi6 ltt 800 Mich So ft N 1 g ? 33 do blO 331 ?? Co *30 31? 300 niCentRRaC'in.a> 7? 200 Gal ft Chic RR?" 711 J00 do 71 v 100 do s30 71 100 do a, 426 Clev ft Toledo RR 34 TOO do a30 34 d? h30 34 V 10 Chi and R I RR.. 57 160 do $7 60 do ait $f ?OABD. 10 aha Erie RR 11 do 7 60 Hudson River RR 10 Ch ft Rock I RR.. 200 leading RR Uo ?** ? '?0 do b30 46' 100 Michigan C.<n RR 67 ' 30 Mich 8ft N I g s. 33' 100 I'anamaRft 113' 10 III Oen RR scrip.. 79 60 Cleve ft Tol RR.. 341 do 34' 100 do r'jo 34' New York Cl?y B Bank*. Loam. America. ?6.163,106 American Exch. 7.33i ,644 Atlantic 616,128 Broadway 3,301 ,623 Butch* k I)rv?'. 1,667,874 Bull a Iload 433.702 City 2,460,461 Chemical 1,WW 117 Commerce 13,304,410 Chatham 727,746 Citizens' 681,700 Cora Exchange. 1,072,613 CMitral 2,066,009 Commonwealth. 903,606 Continental 488,103 Dry Dock 363,861 East River 312,387 Fulton 1,412,684 Greenwich 634.2ft# Orocew' 482,602 Hanover 1,414,216 Irving 787,606 Imp. 4 Trader*'. 2,327,677 leather lirtra.. 1,798.106 Manhattan 4,060116 Merchant*' 6,206,614 Mechanics' 3,630,606 Merchants' fix . 1,746008 MMha. ft Trails'. 888,756 Mercantile 2,247,660 Metropolitan.... 6,028,002 Market 1.503,674 Manufacturers'. 862.788 Mech. Hkg Ami'n 670,607 Mer. h Mwchan.. 713,060 North River ... 664,266 N. Y. Exchange. 30,?,640 N. Y. County... 34o,406 National 2,002,012 North Americv. 1,733,304 Nmwii 1,704,276 Now Vork 4,671.267 Ocean. 1,709 102 I'lienix 3,263,850 Pacific 908,072 People's 639,809 I'ark 6,799,2119 Republic. ? 4,021 ,"71 Seventh Ward.. 1,216,096 Mate 3,906,636 St. Nicholas.... 1,066.976 Hhoo k leather. 'J,09.1,0; 18 Trader*' 1.311.104 Vniou 2.S74 laO Mlu, Jam. )M, INfti. Spent. Circulation Ofpnti 2,443,233 107,682 6.770.M 1,213,483 148,676 4.3?6.31 80,767 86,686 222,31 073,421 271,701 3,224 if 612 400 217,611 1,427,21 100 764 103,860 452,4f 408.364 _ 1,028,71 1,270,786 267.246 2,006.71 2,024,640 1,076 6,42S,fc 132,668 101,061 461 14 174,218 133,823 5*6.fc 246,861 118 076 T70.91 690,860 in ,606 lJlt.Tf 261,667 210,930 810,21 114.379 91,661 361,6S 38 066 98,473 143.06 *0,276 72,203 237,01 411440 184 317 1.224.14 162.667 166.028 411,64 84,T10 46,726 XiiJX 177,420 77,173 619,6k 161,670 116,143 690.6? 303,640 1HO ,600 1,420.60 334 221 263,301 1,069 94 666.066 327 .902 3.301,6# 1,603,037 176,263 4.290.4'! 764,476 269 956 2.417,93 346,478 118.197 899,09 238.0211 164,140 744.6'' 689.668 26.846 1,703,6ft 14130,1J8 208,288 4,136,17 320,120 191,682 018 9 1 164,283 124,700 469.29 103.819 8I.6H3 316 44 160,804 123.068 466.4W 420,496 70,718 20.(179 76,031 102,314 64,1H3 402,604 138,882 1,066,37^ 306,301 HO,616 1.027.93 318,663 117 366 1,056,72 1.332,?10 375.017 3,.'tl 1 Hrt 307,442 :?8,936 964.4.1 057.826 l'2fl,t>2K 2.U...51, % (9 736 118 69-2 79/ " / 141,347 90,863 4'o, 2,724,87.. 161,229 6.084 f 900.1(14 176.140 i.,991 283,76ft 191.839 7?l \ 765,446 22r.,6i4 2 66, 19*1,076 78,852 07? 314 828 8J2,:?1?: 1,146 2'1,019 ;t0f.,9<)0 736 I 796>:?? lC2 0fti 2,76.. Te?aJ |1?,936,1*5 i?,?e3,941

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