Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1861 Page 2
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THE PARK IN BROOKLYN. Mr. Virlf't Report to the Ilroolilya t oot iuon Council. The Brooklyn Common Council mot Monday evening President Kalbtlcuwli in the chtlr. TI1K i'Boit?W> iMi H'>vi;xj_vrs in riw#wr park. Tho following elaborate and carefully pi opared roport of tho ton.mtseiouei* on this proposed improvements lu l'r.epcct Turk w;>s prtsentcd, una tlltoen hundred eopios ordered to be printedt? . ? , The following report from Faibert I.. Ylele, Ks<| , tbe Higineer appointed to survey the proponed park on I roe ptct Heights, win prcu ntod hi.iI ri .nl:? r ' Chookum, Jan. 15, lnol. Ib Tilt (V.IWK90KBI mt in* Uil'K. |\ KMIJ.T UK rW*W1 l.i '-iuaiKN 1 bctf leave to submit herewith my report up. n the i.'i? j(r?pb) nr.d improvement or together with the noc.mpiuiylng maps aud itrswiUK?. Very rctpecUully, jour obedient ser van t^ ^ vjax TOTOCHAPIIK *1 l'KM lUITtoS. i Tho denied Ti-fo wh.eli is the utaWnf IVatjtre to tho unwgraphy of lb- w- stern port [on o , 1Cl.Ilt | aud which, fri m the d.piefc*?:d < ham. ? ^mry, [xxt- i Innds, commands a vety oxten no wUioh tlie ' pet Ken in us entue ext. ut no other pom ^ jnljuid eye cun embrace so wi'? ? ' bj, u (]1M, b?n noU?tod for ; scenery ?s that division >?< n.croaUon, and unit divotid to .be iMro^r P?W?l "jwaau , lujown uk ibo.''^rofiKMt latU ^ by the Mt of ( The bouncarka ol ih par*. follows:? the Ugisla tiro Btreot and Wash- ! B< ginning a ! Jheuee^ruun?n k southerly along I teuton aven?e. ?nm ^ Hlreia, thence ! .^ tfrlv in a stia'gbt line to a point <>uo thousand Tt^ edy in a Slight line from The Intersection of l^nth street with ih.'Citj l-nc; thence to tho j tinn t'f iiu? city line mid Ninth itrcot; then?? north westerly along Ninth street to Tenth avenue; fce:ice , noi lheily along Tenth hv< nue to tho northerly Sid" of Third rtieet; then, e northwesterly along rinrd atro t o Ninth avenue, northerly along Ninth ave nue to Flat Wall avenue: tlienoe along HHtbuah | nvenuo to Vandeihilt avenue; thorc.? along Van derbtlt iivtnuo to Warren Btreot; thence ?mM,i1> lOoiiK Wsrren Ftreet to WiublngV.n avenue at the l"*-< <*bcciiu n?,encl<>ln? an una of about threehundred SUttilv" < r<8 'lh. b mndeit by theee linos is a? dlv.-ii-iin .1 in sut 'are ou.l in vg. tatl >n as auy spot oon Ulning the same area aiu possibly be. Nearly .. he centre lies tho tew datiibuting reservoir, frowwh.cha panoramic view is . blamed of the c.t . so, New .rk and Hr.-.Wlui, the iiiiior and outer harbors, with^th ir He. is Of .-li,i>e and steamers, a ta. go portion ot N<?h .Kr Fey, Staten h-lnnd an.l Uu* tela: 1, oc.'un beyond, Kt.euh.DR away into tin aisunt . Vi h.u the puik itsell a suecet-f.ion of b. autilully wo.ide.1 liiiN anil iroad, grt in meadow8, interrupted he ro and there ^ a i atural fond ol water, i tler Ji^turt'H ol atirac lion wliicli nxtuire but littU aid troui art to lit it for all he,.1th aud rooeaUou to which i I. . be devoted Nearly one bail the area is woo ;o i wiih tree.^ Sf lai^'c crowth many of them noble siiecunwi." of tbn u k.ou'.iI. and sh.-it< ie<l cttlli Bcription 0',^v1(, u;v(1m,k^ of a site so judicMusly rouuns ti.1 ^ , ()| ,1,6 H. .., and not only o\ r f oils the entire ana of tbe park, but oon.mands the I'm st view that can be (.biaie.o 1 Irorn the grounds. I he ?(>?> uatk IInd a valley on tne w. sterly sblo l> succoeuea bv a^ow ranee of wiislod hills wh eh form the western Iniisni'ich as that avenue do<-s '."t . r*s tin > <> s h right ang'e. an-1 would thu pr. vent th.! I^ ?n^ iuai txn in ii of the nark from h?vtni: u sijuaro I rout i be x teuhion of the park to Cl.wu or to I'lanV .m llXPhu ' 10 a new avenue between Vhoso two, would obM it- this vrr\ |.oiious objection, while at the Mine ^ . V imptiT Ol tin RrOUlld ill lliat tin ??viull In Se'rta 1; add'materlal* to the b auty of the tote ou the aecoinpanjinn l',aI1 l"tK llbTliKU'AL ?SMMimoXS. In addition to its inteiestii^g^?^?K^phJc^Joaturos for preserving them talnbth?ve?lUhlartTthe jark there i, a quiet .1,11 which iisSrE?g wn'itlg1 'ilTo'1 nu?tl"'all3i|t ''e' 'l^ <,'i iot.'d by th'' American SSTifef-i ware batUdwua, un _ ?ut,onf>.l on lh O^v'not'h^surroundrd in'the rear by the rnemy Who had the left wing of the America. mercTby U e Hessians; some'ralhe<l in groups and made Tin whole iMiw was a s?.ie ?'i earnaffo, rouuuu.u* ? ih th. !b^b of arms, the tr?P of howii, the voicing of of one who uilrUfle<"nin tho tight, and whom we have be"r'1 mingi1 o " * . ' t'urv witn which the lies XnZ ' rtl ? 'fry wltn whit h th; lies iTuiw Dlo ?tl'< bnvoii. t .U length -me of the Amen ? iltfiM rate effort cut lh. ir way thiough tho host their rvtreat. HgUtlug M thoy wcu , ^r^uir? |,T 1 *t"then blood of \ > 't>r?hervt*d it for to other reaaon than that in >? ???'?"? ii.-w hopes lor a trior, giori.'ii* tuture. r,As < > mi aovmiHT. . In invinK down a plan lor th? inipiovement andem)>el I Jh i "n ol <? ? urea has b-. n il. s. r.b. d, it seenM ? ^^Jsarv tO ray ih it tho natural topo?r^phir.<U t utuf s -hould b? the I mm. is of that Improvement 1 lav, ''?sioe the .tm -t."i"'l the g. eater expense win. h .. .V fl er loeth.^ wool l inrur, the miring* metit U|i*in i. Jw t '-te in I V n that r-i arc'for of nature ?^^2Tl v everj . ult.vHted notid which would result fn m ? dt-plav nt nrtilleW constructions, would deioat ii .. .r n srv ect of the park as a rural resoit, wh're tho fx-oi.le ..f ull clashes, .-m aping from the >;l ire itiO ?llt STd urmoil ol ih. city, mi.-lit relief for the mm.t ?, d t hy' csl recreation II- ,?irk md. r such clrcmr "!::i,c,s b.o ...?l' a mere place whore the eMJiens nU of tlio town were continue*! iu another forns. b?th slike d?^ ?i . ctiv. - I that rep<?*> of the mind so es?-ntul to the b. allh of the body. B. sUles, aichlt.-Ctura^iBHtnKt^M ar. I'D olieti matteisof i?Bbioo,aswo so*- in th. c n hdzvti on tlie othor hand,Buture in its b??nty and vanb It never t?a ;* ut^ n the sehsva?m ver fails to our H *mlr.4tirii. whether dlstilaying Us wil'i lr"n,'p11' I" ',' viist K.ntmJr irf the forest, or thmwitiK Its ful. clusterii g shadows atourd the .lom sti. iiair. wb th*r. l.ursl^lh" -n^tsol wmt r. it ..pens its buds in spring t,nir or fielding t.. the o,hilling ntssts. It cate.ri .U ?u tuma h aves it ,-onv.js u. .11 its ,.iu^ s st.d through Ul Its . Iiangos no imoti. i.s which art. not In hirmonj with the biirb'Ht r?Snement of tlio - ul. When with the i-kilial liau*i of unpsre^ved art, Its * Unit A 'bMii'ies an* mad" more U vrmoannis by tH'- Citl t Jus .VTrcis. the nice,button of -1 >w rs and *.lint ?* of utnlergrowih, the Inlr'sluCtoo of th<- gr. on ??looe of velvet Iswu sti.l tbe silv. r gl> am of water, and the?Uirough public muniOc. tics all this is out in tbe bea^ tKe b.isy city, and at tbe feet ol th*? wosrj t.dler it supplies a void in his e*ist.ine.e, and s. ts ^i ' P* r. m tl^ ^re.t and hllng of extemsl mil. ? whTehKSther strength t-r >d us tne mind b ci.tiies more re lined and more Hppr?UUve in the c>u ?"?is substitution of art for natu. e. In th tniblto (rounds had Its origin In sti ige when th. iii nature were unknown *nd unfell, and among a pe*?pl whoiwi worslilD Of art was a national cb-uactsi iKtiO, and who n ganle.1 an artistic display as an essential acoomjw tiiment o' imperial gmmieur. . . . lonsd A later and a higher d-gree of civ IhsatlOH has^lev.a pel thst love for the higher Is sittl^of nature wlHI h h'" ?tatnp. il lt??lf upon the K.niflish eh^rai'ter, which i |viii|<ths ni.f lactam purFued in France, and wlili i i p.iiuion 8'tcb rapi?l pfgi'M in thin country, in* or r i row of tin* anriont Idoai* Wbs not acoompJlshSM without i n eflbrt, and not *iutil soni" of the flne.t mm ts in (treat I ritain had b??eu enlisteo in tb. u.ui'e, and had shown the i tky of one pjhV'Ui and the benuliex of the other. To return to the . l.f m tl >h1 now would bo to abandon nil, and to substitute ihn .)t>?o!..te for tho true. It the ancient style Is to beeome the orthodox U will be II s death blow of rural itnprov. im-iit iu this r sitfry, on tie sours of eipenss alone, rttie? tlio T?ry ..* tb*> i jst< m is to know no limit ?t> ex(<>n.ntiue .tn.< oonstriie tion !>. '? ts, until nature is otila>'r .u-<l &u 1 art liecones supreme?ruml s.u.pll'.ty give* p'.i t?. ? r.11 s\ vacant ptetenskjns, at-d we t" > late tint we h?vo .le Mroved the very thlrg we sought tocreaie. Hlnce tlien. the dl. iatos.,1 g?od taste and <vf economy ?>!. scribe Hia' the natural reatur. s of the -urfac ? -h?ul 1 |.o the b wis of any plan of Improvement, the next Htu^ j. ibo adaptation of th*>?e feiitures t i the purj'.Mtes o1 a till .tniir*' grouu 1 for the i^. ple Ar. I h r \ ??i.n, 1 em J t r.Mist tb' r?fltctl?>n Hist true tasie in :>ny artemsists ,11 ndsptit.g tri.d expedients to po?*u. cecum fitaneos ban in that-nordln"! . thirst after Bovelty?th^ tjb nsrtsiistic 'if uncultivated Blinds. i hern'.' govern the Iniprovm.'ut and emli* I lifl.ti i ' ,.f grottni are nr sell deflaed as th >m> tvuieh r, ', ,.e (lie duties of nny o'her prefes* on or oe nu tti in. , .. , . .ion ?i|s?n th* ? tiil-s, in#ead of be-.n^ an ,, , * ?nt'iF shows rather tho ab-a ? o! it "i I . or> ? ct knowle-'j-o of th? snblis't If-'h* y,, i ,* ,ii'h ihttt,' lukahi* sfflied tv tke ViUietles o? sorfsre?got rti? oxhihttlne of absurd given tlul variety in th? landscape which wo look for a aklHullv Improved i>ui k- _ , . Among these rules are the following ?First,studiously 1o conceal every apjiearaiiue of art, however expensive, ; by which tlie> scenery is improved ; secondly, oarerully to disguise the roi.l boundary, however large or Htnall IM | urea, ihi'ttlv, to hide tb<' natural defects, ami to display tho DHtur.ii beauties to the utmost advautago, fourthly, hii hlaln from the inm' favorable poinUi thegreatestpus bib!i* tixt^ut of view, and to conceal all ohjecli which limit or nl struct the view, to blending all tho ?.arta that, w'uila the beauties of each are distinctly visible, there we no abrupt contrasts painful to the eye and destroying the symmetry oi tbo whole, thus securing thai unify and harmony SO ' ssenflal to the perfection or the desgn. The boundary may be successfully disguiso-l by au irreg ular belt of Ircor ulerg tlie exterior line, and the view a* a geneial thing being limited by this exterior line, it fol lows ll)?i lis extent is diminished aa we approach tho cou lie; since in trud of lm-ing oue broad view, with the ne cessary distance (o complete tho Undscapo, wo divide tlio view hi two utid have an incomplete one on cich side. Hence tbo avenue of communication which la intended to develop*' ibe principal features of the l'aik should be I) rated as near to the exterior line an tin- character of tho ground and other circumstances will admit. An addition al reason for wlilcb is louud In the greater extent of drivo which Is thereby secured?an important considera tion wliere the irea Is limited, as in this case. These general principles, modified by the character of the ground and the recognized necessity of adapting the I kirk to tho wants and pleasures of all classes of th" v ?rn muuity, liavt determined tho outline of tho plan which accompanies this report. The entrances have been selected at tho corner or Hat bush and Vanderbilt avenues, at the corner of Ninth ave nue and third street, at tho corner of Washington avenue and Warren street, at ihe corner of Cl>eaon and Washing ton avenues, at tlio southeastern angle, and at the intor mtion of 1 latbu.-b avenue with the ousterly lino, as be ing ibe moat ready points of access from tlio city. Hbould the park be extended, as proposed, there would be no alteration of the design, excepting in the improved location or the muds and walk? In the northeasterly por tion of the grounds. . . . I have considered the m.ilu entrance to the park to bo located at the comer of Flatbush and Vanderbilt avouues; the former buln^ a bioad diagonal avenue, passing through the densely p ?pulat?d poi lion of the city, and Inteiaectlng other principal avenues aud many principal streets, would naturaHy be the route selected by m ?ny citizens to reach tbo park. From the principal eutrauci* tho main drive takes a northerly direction, penetrating at onco into the hcciu slou of till' grounds. To Ibe left is tlie exoluding bolt of trees which it alternately outers and fktrts On tho right a succeesion of woodod hills separated by pictur esque valleys, rise until tliey culminate at Mount l'ros im ct?tho highest elevation in tho park. This lasi point Ik , oncenlea by judicious planting, until by a gradual and almost imperceptible ascent the road re a:lies th' sum mil. when tho extorsive landscape burets upon tho vw#. lb re a broad esplanade Milords room for a reason ?i.lo uumbi'r of vehie'es to remain without interruption to those which are passing. The roa I hero divides to the east ai d we. I the latter crosses Flafcvash avenue by a simple but substant ial viaduct, an 1 skirting the wesiern bound.iry reaches 1'The l'a'ndtl'' at hirst slrcev, disclos ing in its raute a line interior vi< w. It may be objected ih*t a military display de "troys, in a measure, the needed stcl tsion of a park; but happily the topigaphy of the situ selected is such as to confine the sp<ctnc'e to id immediate ItK-ality; while to exclude so largo a portion of tho public from tlio advantages to bo derived I rem the pnik would be to defeat one ol Its leading ob jects. Thm same ground inny, of course, be used lor all kinds of outdi-or t|M.rts A spaa- sulflciont for all these purposes ife piovided; and th* green, level lawn will .nit Feif add mm h to the general beauty ?! the landscape. At the prime time th" genflo emiaen *es by which it is surrounded will allordadmirable positions for special us In tho finished plan 1 have no doubt that this will prove one of its most interesting and attractive features At the southerly exlieinity of "The 1'arade" the mad enters a wooded valley, where it meets tho westerly entriince; thence sweeping around tlio reentering nngle at Third ?tieet, it continues its course through the lioautituily wo.xied wi sterly border until it d' bouchos at "The lake"?a line sheet of water, the sources of supply of wbioh. from the Interior of the grounds, it is believed will prove unfailing. ... t j .u. Crossing the head of "Tlie Lake" by a rustic bridge, the road descends into tbo east by a valley? i slightly undu lating plsin. partly woodod ari'l pnrily lawn, where It id proposed loloftite "Ihe Botanical harden." Its position, sht ltcred from the north, *nd with a southern expo sure, together with its well drained alluvial sod, ad mirably uriapts it for the purpose. The be vuty and utili ty oi such a feature wuiiiu the park cannot be questioned. Whether the imptoved cultivation and careful dcvelopeiiunt or Innigmioiw and exotic trees and plants shall i.o placed in the hands of au im erendent asaocuition of cltlz'us like tb> Horticul tural Society, tlie ^ia?u being set aiiirt tor this purpose, or whether th.s shall form one of the duties of the Com luiaeioners, is a question not german to thta report to dircnss. 1 earnestly hope, however, in oue way or the other this desideratum may be accomplished It can I not rail to prove of great value and ini|iort mce to many, i while it will assuredly he a mailer of iuterest t<i all. 1 leaving "Tho not;inieol (;arden," the road enters "The Forest " and pasees under Flatbusli avenue into "The til. n where, ir In the piantutloa tlie evergreen should be made to prevail, there will be produced a variety aud liOYoltv. if not a grandeur,especially in the w interseiison, exhibiting llie llnest possible elfcct. lirom "The (?leu the road ascends to the esplatnde, or continues on the ' circuit to the main entrance. An Intersecting roa I from | "The I**"" and- Tbo Forest" passes through 'The Battle 1 1'iu-s" and mtets the main drive at "The parade." A side : road for equestrians and n walk for pedestrians sccomps ! nv the main drive. Certaiu minor walks and other de tails ure shown on tho plan, but those of course are inci dtiital and subordinate to the leading features of improve m< nt Kuatir fwaiH and arbor?, where interior vkwi or shaded relruils shall indicate; winding paths through 1 woodland dells, or which there are a number, minnt ire I lakes where Ihe to|?igr?phy ?nd supply of water will ! p, rmiU-all these iollow in tho progress of the improve ?V& IlUn as ?ketcbed, is believed to be consistent with the character and situation of Ihe ground, to conUin every feature which it Is desirable to provide within the art a and to require for Its execution a aum much below the value of tho results attained. MATHl-KIl AVBM K. This avenue, as has been stated, runs diagonally through the park, and is excluded from its limits, being 1 reserved as a means of transit to the suburb* It may, i nevertheless, lie made to form a striking feature in the 1 u. serai design of improvement Its ptcullar location is ! such th.t it opens a v:cw. through Brcsiklyp. of a r?rtion of tho harbor, and In th?? dircotlcn, through Hat I bush, of the ocean. By planting a double row "f trees I on each; ido It will form a line promeuadc, while the i trees will s.xm hide from view the disagreeable accom 1 i ati.nient of a traffic road. If the cobble stone pavement 1 with which it is now paved could be exchanged for a j miootle r material, it would have the eifect to dimmish ! ihe noise which, froiu th" character oi tho travel over it, wruld be inseparable from the use of cobblestone for 1 pavemmt. royT of afritoMtliKfW i Among the arguments used in opposition to an exfeo Slve civic lniprovi rneut of thi"kind are tlio largo on i clmlcostof the grmind, tho c< st of putting It into a I stnleblo condition for use. and the cost of maintaining It ! alter it IS lai! out. Anil It is contended by some that I the total outhy under th <?? thr-o heads s not warranted b\ sny results which n.ay be nturned Fx pet tenet in Knglmil, France an.i th.s country thus far lias proved that the Increased value ol the vljacnt lands lias more than balanced the outla*, by the increased anounts derived from regular taxation ui>oo fbe property. And in regir.l to the c at of improvements, It ? a mistaken Idea?unhappily become loo prevalent?that epibt lltshineLts of grounds in the hands of public < It < ers is necessarily ? very exp<'nsive matter, while, on the contrary. if the rules laid down in this reprrt be fol lowed?thai of a lherlLg closely to oitur* in rvorv step ol improv tnont?there is no reason why this public work cannot t?' completed at the nam" rale of exis-odi lure which would go* ern a private citizen ia improving his own property, doc allowance, of course, being made for the thoioughtn'ss and tl.e slablllty of the work In reg.nd to the pre-er"st|on of tbc gr. unds alter com pleilon, u comparatively small sum will be sufllcient, If iodicio<iSly expended. Ti following estimates of the cost of the entirs im sre rabmltted as a maximum sum, which, in various reduced, if thought exjiedioul during the progr ss of the work ? t ,? *^'25 Manure 24^ Trench " ??, ? u ? ??HH* \\#.ks '. ?2.0? ?Wis ^ It villing and i sjilansde ".?* Viaduct Sub nadwuv, nn?:rr llaibttsn avenue "J* J** Cat* wait. l?.d. s, and conlingen les 4s.0o< Total 1300.000 I I'M I I Ttir baai* ?ip< i. which tlv- UTPRolnft aMlmata ban hwn found* d. and Iw in winch tL>. n?-in r?i concliiHiotia htva been drawn. are ? 1 I A trianjruUtlnn of the ontlrp ar<* "I thi k. tin:." l<* ai mg md dHlntnn it* ifneral topo K' *|'li.* ill feature M. the inatrun.o ual travertin* of all i'< Onod llnti. :t.i. The inMrinuntal location ?( all w?l< r rtrprrlt#, and CMnrction of the mme by a oi !? \m|h; and 4th. AAWt-ful and thorough ev limitation and *tudy for ri'vcral moatba W all the natural featwa In inii'iic find detail. In Iht dally prw-*cutl<>n of my labor* I have bran m ira ?M niorr nuivinti-o of th?* litn? s-i and adaptability or tlia gr uiid to ill-1 |iutpnF?>H pro|H?tr'd. <>( th?' m-'Mfwity, I li'ivi i>? ?ioobt. nor am I i<'?ii certain that It* economic ??xrfiiii i < un b?< w urad by atritt adbarence to well m ta'il;.-b ? I rulr* That tin city o' Brooklyn may wire, and It* tiihalu taut* IM> IM K < iy?>y. iIiih gnat puh Ic Mrnauig. la my Hio-i hrnrllrli ? *h lb-?p?'otfully submitted. Pm-wkiyk, Jan 16. l-?l WiBKKT I VIkI.E. Ibi> question of *lml lljjhtinir ma* again brought up in ti) oth?T i'omii. V iimolutton wa* mihmittod, j* tbi? ?runt Itnnrd bal nppi"priatod Kiifltiient monry foetba pi.ri"*? the-lre>'i i,.in|* lie ligh'ed from hal. au hour nfii r cr. *rt till micriaa f-'omn dltcuwlob ilHiae. in the ronrne of wh!<n rtio abili ty of 'be l!r < klyn C? ui|iny to ftirr lab a r .flic ? ut ouan t?\ >.f (fit- w#? Itfidentjilly qa?<#tioned and affirmed by aotn< tiii'tnitfr*. rt>? Hifoklyn Company, al a preview meeting bid if n irn-d tl ? ir iPabllltr tn funilab an e*tru supply Of gw ? th'.ut \U nding tlieir work*, and -inking, a* i condt ? > ij <>t iint'ii! - .. hi PitpnoioTi of tbBlr contract 'or 0?i? >imi ,1oi ; r. iik (>hh i ? rnnnttPd Utd madi! a n port re c- -i ?i. ? 'Urg tliut the daMaadOf the fimpinj b* com phi'ii witii vl liMin .it |i (iii.v.x n fnrlou* ?*/*?>?, bunaly-? iedth( rcii'-rt without reailufl It, uadcr ' ' "ii i,1u ,, v.. ? hi?m liilnrmi'1 tint It til (loB in It 11 i on tin.- .iixl I A quantity i' r<Nt ? Hit4' iK .ua a *< irau-aclfl.udl tb - Board of Saprrv I sort. TUIa Board met yesterday?Presidout Stewart hi the fluiir. Tlio minutes of the last meeting were read md approved, and the regular buainets was proceeded with. The late presentment of the Grand Jury, eailormug the action of the Board of Supervisors id relation to giving tbe city courts proi?>r accommodation, was read and re ferred to the Committer ou Civil CourM ?11 motion of Supervisor Twkkii the bill of Flmund .'ones k Co., for stationery furni/hed the Court of Com Hi on I'loas, was taken from the table, and, after Home debate, it whs referred hark to tho original coaiinittoe. It will be remembered that the committee to whom the bill was originally referred reported in favor of sending it (wick uopaid, us the articled charged fur could not have he u used by the court, although tho bill was cortiik-d by the signature of the Clerk of the Court. An order was received from the Supreme Court that the Hoard of Supervisors show cause why a mandamus should not be i-wued cuBunamiing them to settle tlin bills of J. A. II. Haebrouck It On , amounting t<> $1 377 73. for stationery furnished < ouaty odlcern in tho yuar 185ii. Kufwrtd. Tho Clerk of tho Board was ordered to send to thn tni mhorh (f the State Legislature the report of thn Oun mlitee on Harlem Bridge- also that the (lurk of the II >ird H?iid to the members of the State Legislature copies of all printed re]ioits, resolutions and other papers relating to the Commissioner of l'.ecorda of Uio city and county. and recent the repeal of the act creating such Commissioner. Supervisor BLDMT ollerod a resolution, in pteM of tbe one that was vetoed by tha Mayor, autho ri/iig and directing tbe Comptroller to draw his warrant on the late County Treasurer for all moneys ia hiH hands belonging to the county, aud to c>>llo't and do posit tbe same, to the credit of the county, with Dauiol Devlin, the County Treasurer of Now York. Adopted. Tha veu of tho Mayor in relation to the resolution adopted by tho Board of Su iter visors, authorizing th<? cleaning of tenement houses, the cost of which was to be taken from Hie surplus fund of the Police Department, was then taken from the table lor discussion. Tho Board adhered tu its former action. The Committee on Annual Taxes reported in favor of adopting the tax levy as it was drawn up by the Cotnp 11oiler, with tho addition of an item increasing the saluries of tbe heads of tho Finance Depirtnieiit After an animated debate. the matter was disposed of by making it tbe special order for tho next moeting. Hie Board then adjourned until to-day at twelve M., when tho tax levy will bo token up for dual adjustment. The Anirrlrnn MlnlHttr and thn Kmpi-ror. (l ioni the ljunlon and China Telegraph, Jan 12 ) I-ord Elgin forwards an autograph of the Kuiperor, foun ! In tbe Summer I'alace, relating to the Amerieau Embassy:? Camp rksiirk Pi-win, Oct 21,1100. Mv I/ord?T have the honor t? enclose herewith the translation of a draft note iu tho vermilion pencil?aud then fore pmporiiig to bo tbe Emperor's autograph? found with several other p ipers at the pal ice of Yuen tiling v uen. It relates t? the question of thif'pri sentit'on of the American Minister, Mr. Ward, to tlio Kuiperor, when lie visited !'? kin last year. It Is impo t tut, in asmuch distinct assertion oa th ? Kmporor's p.u t, to t! eeffect that Mr Ward's oiler to pa) him the same inarms of respect as to his own President was ab surd, because it in piif d the placing of China on an equal rank with the barbarinn rations I'he Kmp<?tor's ail'e; taticin of superiority is not in itself of much consequence to other sovereigr s, bi t it lias an unfavorable bearing as tegnrc'a the v iliill y of the treaty rights which they ob tain frc in h m ou b" half of their su' jects. be aus?? it i:u patts to them in seme sort the character of concessions made of pure grace by a suzerain to vassals, mid enjoyed, tbeie ore. under s?me not ver> dell liable conditions of f.alty. I have, kc., ELGIN AND KINCARDINE, To the lord John km* 1, kc DltAIT or AN IMI'KIIIAI RBU'lttlT I* VkBMIUON, TH \T IS. IV At malum, mi ,m> i? tuk Pai-ao* ok Vii? mino vt **, OS TtlK 7rtl OlTOtiKU, 1H60 ? We have this day perused the roplr of Hie American barbarians to the communication of Kweillang and his colleagues. (It shows that) in the matter of their presentation at Court nothing more can be uone to bring them to reason. (1). Besides, these barbarians, by their avertnout that tl eir rep(>ect for his Majesty the Emperor is thv same as they feel for their pih li-sl 'len-teh (President), just place < l iua ou a p.?r ?ith the barbarians of tho South and Eist (?), an nrrogation ot greainets which is simply ridicu Kus lh- proposition of yesterday, tint they should have an interview with the princes, need not eithor be on tertained (1) Lit. Tliere cannot lie nay more ho i 1 mn^ns for bringing them round (to the right way ) .Vrgument is exbauatetl, so let the question ot an audience drop. (2) The Mir,in, ancient barbarian# ot tho South, the I of the Fast ? Police Intelligence, Annum An kmc r at ErromoR.?Mrs. Ilennlngten, wife of General C. F. Henningseb, late of Nicaragua, ap peared before .luetice Connolly, at the Jelferson Market Police Court, a iltiy or two ago, an I preferred a com plaint against A. Easterly, of No. 500 Ninth aveuue, charging him with having attempted, by means of threats, to extort money from her under the following circumstances ?<.'n the 22d iiialan'. the accused, it is alligcd. calhd .it the couipLiinant's residence. No. 78 I<exingten avenue, aud left a handbill, representing that tiener.J Hennlnpsen was a debtor to the amount of $ft,ri H6, and that tho bill could be purchased on advantt geousterms by applying to the defendant at bis resi dence in Ninth avenue. Shortly after thU Mrs. Hen nltigsen received a threatening nolo, of which the follow ing is a copy ? No. f>00 Ninth AvK?rr, Jau 2.', 1161 Gun. oh Mrs Hknmm.kkn:? If this bill is not settled in forty eight hours I shall send 2.000 around Now York and South A KASTKRBY. P. S?I don't want to do this, bid I must h:ive my money or send A. F. Tbe' complaiuant states tjiat she Is not indebted to tho defendant in ac> sum whateviand can only account tor the innultmg conduct of Kastorhy ou the ground of extortion. Ihe accused vius hold for examination. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Trifliur, Jan. 29?G P. M. The following is n comparative statement ol the export* (exclusive of specie) from New York to foreign ports lor the week and since January I: ? ISiit isao. iH8i. For the week ?1.3021?01 1 till itC 2 706,740 Previously reported 2.S?t '-00 4 0S7.S7D 7,776,4UO Since Jortiary 1.. .$.1,H-_'6,101 6,469,421 10 541.230 The ratio between the exports this year and those of the last two years continues the same; we are siiippinK nearly twice as much as last year, and nearly three timci as mnch as n Of the exports last year, about Jlti'2,000 was cotton and ?420,000 breadstuff's: we note also heavy shipment! of provisions of ail kinds, irnd some large rchip roentH of coffee and sugar. January will Ugure as a very active month in the trade of the port, not w iil>standing the political distui-l>an< es of the day and tlie low price of foreign exchange. The money market is ra'lier easier to day; mo ney is offered at f? a fi per cent on < all. Tlie quo tations for paper continue unchanged. The very choicest names pass a! seven; good commercial paper ranges from eight to twehe per cent. The news from Europe has had no effect upon our matket. Foreign wo* dull for the steamer of to-morrow. Hanker* asked IM^ a 107 for ater ling, an ] '>.30 a 32% for franc-; but the doiiaml wa* light. The importer** are not remitting am a general rule. The condition of tr:?'le prevent* Home from doing ho, while ftther* took ad- antage i f la^t year'- M -y money market to remit in a>i van*e. The nto k market opened .trong thia morning, but cloned dull. After the flr?t beard very little wa- done: in the afternoon the market irm rather lower, and closed inactive There i- very little out-lde buxincHft loin#, and operator-* generally wein to be rather disposed to await the cotir?e of events Unle**, koivtrtv, tome very di* i strous accident - should ot ur to lopresa stock*, bti; cr* t?eem confident that the growing ease of money, and the large timings of moat of the railroads of the West, will lead to an improve ment in price*. There was rather a better de mand to day for United States stocks and ?ome Mate atocka. The price of the fttoek* of the bor der Statea fluctuates a< cording to the progress of the d'Minion movement if \ irgima, Tennesaee and Missouri ,-ecedo, their ato; k? will not command lift v cents on the dollar m thi* market Ihe following were tba closing prkea of the day: United Btatea fa W74 W a 91 Virginia C'a, 7.p> a'4. Tenneane*#, 74'{ a Misaonri fi'w C,Hl/t a :'4- < anion, 1.1 a 16, Cumberland Coai preferred S^a'lj; Fldtc Mnl,8fl)^|i ? New York''en tral, 19"', a 7K Kr.*. JWr,? u a4- Hudson Hiver 4-">1 a Harlem, 11 a %; Harlem preferred, t a *4. Reading 4..'t a x/t Michigan Central, "?7,4 a ">n Michigan Southern and North' rn Indiana, 1 f*l/t a do. guaranteed, 3 i'4 a 4 Panama, 114 a 115; Illinois* ('< ntrai 7!|"'4 a Ualena and ''hi rago, 74'4 a Cl"oIand am) Toledo 14 a Chlckgo and Rvtt lalat.d ">"'?? '* ' hii ago, Uur lingtuii and Qtiwey. 72 a 71 We hope tie people of Baltimore, \ tl dk and Memphis w ill not V unmindful <>f the nc< <? Ity of keeping open the tranidt bet ween polnta and Europe They can follow the example of (?eorgia with even greater benefit iIihii tin' which faff ttaliatii W/ ai?vMin>li. There are Mi cations in this oity that Norfolk, Memphis and Baltimore are going to enjoy unexampled pros perity, growing out of the new impulse given to trade between the Chesapeake and the Mississippi Valley, from political causes. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and the Virginia and Tennessee roads, will begin soon to feel the effects of the in creased activity over these routes. If Norlolk.Mem- ! phis and Baltimore are kept open to the trade of the world, an immense amount of produce will be drawn over the Virginia and Baltimore routes. Freights will have to be provided; and thus, by a little prudence, our Virginia and Maryland friend* will be able soon to realize that dream of every Bouthern man transatlantic steam communica tion between the Capes of Virginia and Europe. The manufacturing capacity of Baltimore and Rich mond would supply that industrial element so es-< sential to all great seaport*. All these advantages will be dashed by precipitate action. The coal and iron of Maryland are as important elements of State wealth as cotton or tobacco. Cheap coal is a great modern power. Baltimore would hud in her foreign trade and manufacturing prosperity within the Union the devclopcment of her natural advantages. Aside from other advantages, her position iH now to the coal interest of Virginia what New Bedford was formerly to the whale oil trade of the United States. Maryland and Virginia coal oil can be made almost as important a pro duct as the sugar of Louisiana. And the fact that ti e leading men of Baltimore are holding back the disunion movement speaks well for th>: future of the city and the credit she will enjoy withiu the Union. As to Memphis, if she understands her own future destiny, she will secede from the State if disunion triumphs in Tennessee, and take up Mayor Wood's programme and become a " free oity." Let the merchants of Norfolk, Baltimore and Memphis look to the future. By reference to the shipping column, it will be noticed that, as at Mobile, nearly every vessel at

New Orleans cleared on the 21st and 22d, so as to obtain a federal clearance. We observe that some of the New Orleans papers argue that a-t Louisiana is now a sovereign State, her right to issue clearances is indisputable. That is not the question. Louisiana may be a- sovereign as All the Ilussias; but no power in the world has recog nized her sovereignty, and until it is recognized, clearances signed by 'her officials, ami vessels with no other papers than those issued in the name of the State of Louisiana, will bo viewed with suspicion in every port in the world. The law of nations and the maritime law are clear on this point. A vessel without a regular clearance, executed in the name of some recognized nation, may be a privateer or a pirate. The presump tion of law is that she is not a fair trader. And the port authorities at many ports woul 1 take her into custody with a view to ascertain the facts. Until the Southern confederacy is recognized it will be safer for merchants to ship their cotton from Savannah, Wilmington, Norfolk, Baltimore, or New York, than to run the risk of sending it to sea with a State clearance. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Receipts .*18# .768 18 ?For customs 3*2,000 00 Payments 613,91*3 59 Baiftucc 6,048,1)14 60 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning wcro $19,'>30,182 84, and the balances $1,573,732 0T>. The Leather Manufacturers' Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of live per cent, payable on the 1st of February. The statements of the Philadelphia ba?ik-> for the past two week* compare as follow*:? Jar. til. Jan 28 Capital stock $U.K'J7.7S5 II,*07,786 Tuc.... I/oats 20.172,473 25.8V2.2M Dec. .280,208 4,268,106 4,443,781 luc..lH0,?7? Hue from oilier b'ks 2.110 M07 2 011,217 1 >ec.. JO Due IS Other b.mks. 3.411.292 3,143,795 Ito - . .267 497 Pepoatts 14,150 382 14,891200 Inc.. 140.818 Circulation 2,764,315 5,737,038 Dec. 18,677 The Pacific Mail Company is paid to have sold to Flint and Holiday six boats, comprising the line from San Francisco to Puget Sound, for $250,000, payable mi instalments of $10,000 per month. These boats ?re: the Cortee, Fremont, Sierra Nevada, Oregon, Republic and Panama, which were esti mated in their last November report among the assets at $593,500. The lo*s on this sale from the estimated value is $313,500, leaving their surplus at $150,000. A private letter states that Missouri has deter mined to pay tho coupons on all her bonds, with out reference to those stolen at Washington. It is also stated from another source that the fede ral government will be formally requested by Missouri to reinvest the Jndian Trust Fund in Missouri st<?ck?to an amount equal to the stolen bonds, simply as an act of good faith to Missouri, which has spared no exertions to maintain her State credit. The following communication on the financial condition of Tennessee was sent to the Legisla ture on Wednesday by the Comptroller:? Comihioukk's Oivn k. Nasiiv iij>:, ,ian 22,1S61. Hon. W WtirrmoaMt, Speaker of the House of Kepre sentativeb'? tip?1 have to day received the Joint resolution direo tor> to tbe Comptroller, li as to ihe condition ol the Treasury to meet existiug and i.uirent engagements, whether any railroads havo tailed to meet thtr present .lanuai / interest; and rhould they tad to meet their July interest what means the frwiiiuty ho- to meet it 'Ihe balance now In tho treasury "? $13,140 17 He Venue due aiu" repotted to Attorney <.ene i 'il for nttMttM 80,17159 llerenue due lor 1800 ? Krom revenue collector 209,672 46 Count) Coiutclc'kH 5,120 94 Circuit Court cierka 1,377 22 I banc ry Court clerks 327 93 Making due the Treasury $3??.K10 21 Tin* amount would have been Increased over $200,000 !t the Itank ?>( Tcnuesbee h.oi paid into ihe i'r&tau ry its profit* for 1860,$24?,529 13 Ot m<mo p-o ttts, however, it has paid but |*tO,:<91 31, withholding the bn.anco under tho net ot th ? Alh ot Kibruary, HtiO, chap tor 27. section 8, aliening thai $l?;,tU2 66 were had not douctiul debts, contracted under a former administra tion of the bank, and that VKI.flOfi 0a were duo to the bat k as a credit, according !?? th- i<U ? President's report made to the Lagialature. Octotur 3, IH(>9 Without n inait tltii' or dltcuish g tius rtjtht of the bank to withhold mesa pront . I can only *ay that, as long as it umsso, it cannot lie relied upon as a ?ource <4 revenue to m %nt the ordi nary t xpenses ()? the Mate nor i-in th $100,000, autho ri*ed by section 1-48, sub section 1 ut the lii ie be dis tributed t? toe Common schoer., if the uai.k either fall to make or pay over us profits. Assuming, however, that it will for thu present ,i ear pa) its mvi.iendi into tbe Troatury, snd that tbe i egi-latuie wdl not -nsp'-ad the prompt collection of tho revenue, and thai the balances due will be |>aid the ordioiry revenue to be collided ought to raei t th? exlatug au<1 tfirreot expense* i/ the State. It ?> true tiie revenue for the present year will be li *s than for the last, as under Ihe tinanciil and political trouble* Impending over us, the ae-easini nt ol the value of the taxable property of Ihe State will be be'cw il at of lstlO, win li was $391,023 811, and to that extent will diminish tbe reve nue to be euliocted. there will al?o be a furthei proba ble r< ducti?o from taxes on i?njn-rt -d goods Hut should there be a dtjttcianiy of revenue to ine-t existing and current ei gagomei tsof the state before the nod un of tile l egislature the Hiok <?t lV>i iies~< e, oy a sort of common law, nml ss tho state '? usually a boavy depositor aiwn> ? honors the checks ot the Treasurer, ant lits as i,'ired th" > MCi ive olhcers it will continue to do ??> If, however, extraordinary expenditures or app,opriatlons are niado during the p'fkOOt s? Ssiob. the Leglsktltfe Will, iK> ooiibt lev." a tax,or order a loan or insurance of hi nds, or provide othet means to meet them 'I he H igetloid and Keut'ckr, and the Winchester and Alabama, tw ? short railrtads tui'i.isheil in their connections or to their original terai'nt, hv ? faded to meet their .Unitary inie real ihei are mow in 'lie hands ol receivers, apmnoted by tl.e <(ok ei nor, (or the lienniit of Hie Htate 1'uder stetioi' I 106 t'f the C<nlr I drew up.mi the l'revoiry to fit.; th'- inter M (or each Of h'tii?lor th' urst iiifliMi'ii g exrlm ge $2.'l ISO :5; ami for tha last als'i 'licit diog exehaige, $13 :<i>'.i Ml. I bive a if j hoe^not i Ind ,hat the !i.n'uiy loteioat h.i.< noi Ihuij met upon the $.ro ? to oi Memphis c.ty bonds endorsed b> the State for the !>? netll 11 iho*.-, arid l.lltie ItocK llillroid I have directed Ihe ine e. l ii|? n tbefP to tm ( ?i I 10 tlio rH; sf New Yoifc, in' at a! d ? (change amounting to JtlO tvift |( all the ?ailr"S(i n Ihr St-ats fall to tneet th'Ur July inlet est, it is not p>e.aired llio trenail i? would h?/e the 'Ufa!'" to III <" II, lint ( so luiprnbable a eontingefiC) ? ?eel i Ihe .-l ite wouhl take ch r?re of the roads, ami I slimil< draw, under .?>etion 1,106, u|*>i. th treasury, and the 1'i i k ot if nneseei wuh it dna'it wouhl 'ur.ilsli ih i money, trii. tn g to th- I e?( diiture in 0.:tobei top-oto -i it ?? tl ll.e oi the Mute Tne Inietie t ililo next .lull t.p' tt 0D0 of bo n' liviu'd to t.illioi I - Will ta $. r>a,1t? It to 'Ma * > tded tbeluwreii mik ihem 1.1 in the $2 3A4 0i'n nl !'om! <?> , loftier tn' tito for i iiliMo! tie v I.op a- mt would t> $16' III I have h< ml no ?p|itei ensii ii exprefs-sl th .I tne ,o ig r aud tlMih il !? s s would l*U '.ii uout their tn'ereat, but h< hi Id *ln y i o J r n i dou'it 'he "tat" wo ili proni|itl) |ia| it. 4. 1. UUM.Al'. atMk BtchM|?, Towuxr, Ju 2$, 1141. 96000 C 8 ?'s, ?T1 coo 01 ICO bhs Harlem RR. 16V lbOOO Trean 12 per ct t >" V 100 do pref b30 38 V 1H000 Teun fl'a,'90... 7j V loo Reading RR 45 V 6000 N Carolina 8 s. 71 100 do bli 45V 6000 Missouri O n... 6.-V 160 do 46V HOO Virginia 6 a... 7-'V 566 Mich Cent RR.... 68 6000 BrkljnC w 1.. 1X< 60 do blO 58t( 7000ERR2dmb?K'?4 9K>? 100 do *30 67 V k?0 HarUm 1 rntm 99 10) Mich HANI Hit. 15 V 6000 Mich So s f bds 70 6 l'auain . RR 114 4000 Chi liKWln 42 10 111 Gent RR .scrip, ?o ^ SO00 do 41 6'*) do ho 6000 HanfcStJoRRt* 66 100 d" ?15 HO HOOOnlAChtlratg 98 60 do 810 79 V 2ti o C A lol s f l>da 76 60 do. 7?V 16 fits Ba?.k America 106 60 do 816 7'JV 2(0 Butcfa ADroHuk. 120 200 ilo s!0 71?V 10 Poiid Coal Co.... 70 100 do siO 79 lOi uinbO-ul pref.. ?V 60 Oal A I bi RK.b M 11% 25 I'ttLlUc M Sb Co.. 87^ 60 do 72 266 do 87 >5 60 do 76 do bJSO 87^ 100 do WO 72 V 110 do b30 88 150 do 72V k 620 N Y Cen KR 80V 160 do i>30 72 220 do 80V 400 CIov A Tol RR s30 34 300 do b30 80 100 do 31 360 do 80V 100 do b30 3?V 100 do 80', 10 Cbl A Rk I RR.. . 67 V 100 Arte RR *16 3?V 360 do *'-0 67V 200 do slO 3?V do 67 V 450 do 37 10 do 67V 100 do 840 36 200 do MO 68 100 do b30 37 176 C, D A Q RR 73V 1^5 Hudson R Rll.... 45V "0 do bl6 74 60 do blO 46V 60 do 830 73 15 Harlem RR 16V 50 do blO 73V SECOND HOARD. ?'000 Treas lip c u's 102V 500 shs NTOenRR.aSO 79V 8000 Tenn O's, '90.. 74V 50 do blO 79,'f loooO Vngioia 6's... 76'4 60 Erie RR 840 36 5(00 do 76 110 do 36 V 7<*M) Mi.-sourl 6's... 68V 60 Clev & TolRR.blO 34>? 14000 lirookljnCWlJi loo 26 do 34V 4010 Erie 2d in lids. 0?V 60 Hud IUvRR..b30 45V 6000 CM A NW lstin 40 26 do 45 600 III Geo RR ban. 06 V 6? do 45'? 2000 Hud Riv a f bs 08^ 250 Reading RR 46 V 100 flifl l'ac 11 SSCo. 87 V 6 Mich Central RR 58 10 do 87 25 do 57V 100 do bl5 86V 60 MSoANlag8k blO 33V 180 do 86V 200 1U Cen RR sp.slO 79^ 100 do 810 86V 100 do 79V 10 do 8614 60 do 820 79 110 N Y Central RR. 80 10 Gal & Chi RR.... 72 160 d<> 79V 50 do VSK 50 do 79 V do 72 V CITY COM M Kit CI A I. REPORT. Ti mi>AY, Jan. 29?6 I*. M. Ahiikh ?The market was quiet, and sales lunito.l at all |l| ICOS. Hi(i'AHSTi>rti.?Flour?Tho market was buoyant, while the demand was fair. The sales reached ibout 8,000 a 10,coo bbls., closing within tho range of tho following qui UIICI.B:? hujieitlno Mate f.1 'JO a 5 .10 Extia State, good to choice 6 30 a 5 55 Suieitine Western 5 20 a 5 30 Cimmon to choice Western extia 6 30 a 7 25 Mixed to siru;ght Southern 6 75 a 6 00 Straight to good extra do 6 05 a 7 26a ( hoice extra family and bakers' brands 7 25 a 8 50 Rj i flour 3 40 a 4 20 t. pitnenl, Jersey nud Iirardy wine 3 00 a 3 55 ?Canadian Hour was heavy and dull, with sali 8 of 200 bids, ut $6 40 a f7 25?tho lat er for small lots of extra. Koulhein wits very quiet, and tho market was less active; the sales embraced about 1,000 bbls., closing withiu tho above rnrge of prices. Rye was iteady at our figures, with bales of about 200 bbls. Corn moal was heavy, with small Bilk* within the range of the above figures. Wheat was ii regular and prices were heavy , while tho demand was tolerably active. The sales footed up about 80,(>09 bush els, at $120 for Canada club, $1 56V for white Canadian, $1 56 a $1 65 for choice white Michigan. $1 46 for white Ohio and Indiana, $1 31 for red Western (and prime lots do. at$l 36 delivered), $1 25 a {.120 tor Milwaukee club, $1 28 a $1 31 for red Suto, jl 23V 'or Northwestern club, and $116 a .?1 22V for Chicago spring Corn was tlrmcr, with a fair de mimd from the domestic trade and for export. Rye was tirm and la fair demand: a sal<>of 300 bushels of Jersey made at 70r., and small lots Northern, at tho depot, nt 73c a 74c. Barley was in fair demand, with sales of 3.400 bufbels State at p. t. Oats were steady, with sales ot Western And Canadian at 36Vc. a 37c., and State ut 37c. u 37 Vc. Cid hk was steady nnd in fair demand, with Bules of 1,2f'0 mats Jamaica at p. t.; 100 niits Java at 16t\; 400 do. Maracaibo at 13Vo. a 13\c.: 1,250 bags Jamaica, part at 12Vc., four months. The following is a gtato n.< nt of Ktotks ?n tht? market from the circular of Messrs. frottftSon-?Stock of Rio, on the 22d January, 1861, 48 864 bogs sales lor consumption estimated at 6,678 bi gs; stick of Rio, on the 29tli of January, 1861, 42,176 bfg*; Mararftbo, 4,322 bag?; Ijigunyra, 174 bigs; Java, 19 1)89 mats ami 700 government bags; other descriptions, 1.178 hays Total hags und mats, 69,539. The stock of Rio, on January 26, at New Orleans, was 49.500 bags; Baltimore, 14 000 bags. 29th, New York, 42,176 bags. Oittos ?The market was wlth'iut chango, though llrm and tolerably active. The sales footed up about 4,U)0 bales, including about 2,000 iu transitu. Wo quote iu> follows ? rjilintls. Florida. Mobil*. N.O.dbTerJUt. Ordinary 9V 9V 9V 0V Middling 12^ 12 V !-"? 1-V Middling fair 13 13 13^ 14 F?ir 13 V 13 V 13V 14 V Kbhwitb.?Rates were steady, with miwlorate engage mi nts, lo Liverpool about 40,000 bushels of grain were engaged, including corn, at lid. in bulk and 11 Vd. iu ship s bhgs, and wtieot at 11 >jd in bulk and at 12d. in ship s bugs 2 000 bbls. Hour at 3s. 64.; 200 bales of cot ton at >,d.; 300 boxes bacon and laril at 35s. n 37a 6d. To London wheat was at 12 Vd- in ship's bag.s; 600 bbls. Hour were engaged at 4s.. and 1,000 do. at p t.; 300 boxos bacon at 45s. and some lard At 47a. 6 1, and 1 ,:'.00 box"S cheese at f Os To firemen 200 cases tobacco at 27s. 6d. To Glasgow 6 200 bushels wheat wero eng iginl at p. t. IIay whs steady, with sales of 800 bales shipping quali ties at 90c. a 96c. Moia.--sks wus quiot, with a small sale New Orleans at 26e , cash. Navai Storks ?Sales embraced about 500 bbls. spirits tuipentine, at 36^c. for straight and 36c. for shipying lots. New York bairels were held ut 36'jC. * 37c , an-1 400 bbls. common rosin, from yard, at $1 27V- Crude tur|Kntine was nominal PitovMora.?l*ork?The market opeped with simeghow of steadiness, with ?al?* of 400 bblb., closing at $17 75 a 117 87V mess, $13 for prime, and $18 37V for unin spec ted no sa Beef was steady and iu fair request, with sab s of 176 bbls at $8 76 a $9 62V for repacked moss, and $10 a $10 62 V f?r extra. licet hams wero firm, but quiet Ilacon was steady, with sales of 250 boxes short ribbed middles at p t. Ij?rd was In fair request, with eales of 400 bbls. at 9*,'c. a 9VC- for No. 1, and 10',,'c. a 10?,c. f"f g< od. Pre.-sod hogs were selling at 10 j,c. a 10T?c IiutUr and chcese were steady, and prices un changed Rn*?Salisof about 200 casks were made at $3 75 a $4 26 Shjv ?Salea 600 bushels clover, chiefly a? .s'4'c. a SVc. Shlppe:s are Inclined to purchase freely at 8'^c ,-Hcv ?The ^ales embraced 1 000 mats of cassia at 17c., 2f> bal. s ckms at 7J,C-. 76 cases nuime^s at 37c. a -l"c ,nnd 1.000 bags pimento, lu bond, at p. t !?'ii;ai:s>.?The market waa more active, while prlc-? wi re without change of moment. The sulcs embraced abort 1 600 hh<ts. Cuba. Toiiaoo.?I.ittle doing fo> consumption, but sales for export of m<diumseed leaf at low prices continue. 37 bales Havana were sold at 38c ; 212 cases seed, 4c. a 8c.. and 16 do. Tlorida at p. t. Wmsi kt ?The market was firmer, with sales of 400 bbls at 18V0 Sales of Krai Kulatr at Auction. Hy Adrian H. Muller. Hnnn and lot, 167 lludfoo at., 26x109 6 $ 13.000 S H 1 PPING NEWS. movement* of Ocean Steamer*. FROM KUIIOI'K. JTilOVH XaiMIL PtW Bitiwmlan Liverpool Ian 17 Portland Arabia Liverpool. Jan IV New Vnrk V tilled Kingdom... .Ulaagow Jan 15 New Vork Kedar Liverpool Jan .. New York New Tort Southampton Jan 21... Pew Tor* An/jln .-.a ion Liverpool inn it..... I'urtiand I'una.'a Liverpool Ian 2i! Boaton A'rtra Liverpool Feb 2 New Vork llavarla Southampton Feb 4 Now Vork Liverpool Pob .v.. .Mew York Fnltoo Southampton Feh ti... .New T'?rk Atomic* Liverpool...... Feb f .. . RoaUm Anitr ti mUit LIveriKwl Feb l<i....Nrw Vork FOR RtTROPPt. J )hn Bell New Vork.... 'an 29 .....aiaagow \?1a ... New York... Jan *1 . . Llvemool Marathon. New York. . .Jan 81 ...Liverpool Teuton.a New York Fak I ...Hamburg City of Wiihlngloti 5ew Y< rk F?b 8 Liverpool Araap. New York A Feb 2 Havre Nortn Briton Portland ...Feb 2 Liverpimt Niagara BoMM Fen 6 Liverpool Etna New Turk Feb 9 Liverpool Boberolaa .Portland .Feb ?. Liverpool Arabia New York .Fob M ...Liverpool Keder New York Feb 13 . Liverpool McloSai .it Portland Feb !6 Lv?rj??il New >or* ... New York Feb Id. ...Bremen United MinKdoui . New V<nk Feb 19 .. I.lvrpool < ana-la Riato'i Feb B) Liverpool ACnea Mew York Feb 17 ... .tin# ... New York. . .rtb M.,., Liverpool HPKt'l At. NOIUF.. A't nnrX <7*? n> J hthrt MaM fitr the >? w V.tR* ll mt.ri **?>[/?/ Af.MAfV.tC I0U Nl.w VORK?TWI* IMY. Rt*K* 7 12 I moon hum. . .fr? 10 22 rtrn 9ffn ft 15; watkh .fflirn II 07 Port of New York, .Vhiiuui) 'i1?, IWI, < I KAlUffl. Nte.imahlp x a (Rr) Loll, Qnamatown and Ltretpoul 1? C'in.ird,> Jame?t?wn, Skinner, Norfolk, Ae?Ludlim A Heliiekcn Mteatrahl0 i.eofe'a Creek, Wllletta, Baltimore?11 H Crom vell A I'o SMp \ tkina Sm'tli San Franctsao? W T Co'eman A Cu. hai* F S M<uti . Meanit, t adla?C A F. .1 mwi. t" ?u'. Monletuma, Hammond, Barbadoe?I T l>? i,"ltt Jtrlg Carl (Olden). i'.rke, ( ork "I Falmouth -Kiikm Mroa. Ilrtu Arijyle (Br), W iinlsur, lurlMuioa aim DetiMiara? Brell, Hen A ' I tin : Mary Hreviw.r, An* i'aye? llr. lt, H n A < ? s> In A tee I la Ma'key, Week*. Bt ARti'a "ay ,'a Poet A Small Sehi W I .a raster (Hi . Ilendereon, *alnvi ith, .la ? Miller A lioi.,: ilon. _ t-<-h t II ('oak. Iparka faamel?F A Ball. f-tti, i A Ni vIih, llawkln., new tm^ulia S II llrliham. .sun Caktoe, l ane, Jack?i?Wllle-r*i kArutmh ?-ihr \t n. <'ole. Hiivminnli Hnnlmm A I'lim -t Sil, F< JohiiMin, LiHk?>oo?l, NfO Iw-t n (' H IM'ilile k Co. srh.- M ll'ii r, llalord, jOcjainlria-H lltlr.-lH" .V ?'.t AHHtVI'l) Pteaw-'ilp t|tl?iker Pl'v. Sh'ileldt, II ivana I ill 2S nl I l*?t lith mdtie and 4S|>awenaef . In Harguu. A i'o ste in>H*iti> Mn'in Ye n n. 1a*>tliHd - ..vanoM't. * in ind-t and | ??"' n? te t*toN B ffumwell A mp ii ?ln| * . (?'< 1'i'tii'K 't.i.'.innio fit;, mdse atnl yartng? w abuh'?i L MittWU A ?va Mik msi, o ?j am, NKW at HaUecaa, pwted iwiBMhlp Au*u*a, hence for * Ship Phantom (of Boeton), Bargent, Hhanghae, Oct IT, ? trim, Ac, to UfliWB Bacon. Had heavy E gales from 1 N , passed Anjier Nor IS, Cape Guod Hope Drc IS, en the Equator in the Atlantic 6th lust, In Ion 38 02. Dec 1, lai 80S, fun 67 40 E, Hixjke Br ship Sultana, ir<>m Calcutta t Ijoiidon; .14, lat 26 JU 8, Ion 51 P., *poke ship (ipanlte 8' from t aJcutta for New York; Uth, lat SK 28 s, Ion 30 K, ' Br tiark Arthur I'ardew. from Maurltlua for L.ndon lat 36S, lou 23 K, spoke ship Lucknow, of Jersey, 16th 8, Ion 13 K, spoke ship Nail jnal hagle, froK Calcutta I ton. 13th inst, lat 14 01, lori ft3 5t>, saw ship Stad Ram lat 2ft :*), Ion 71 30, ?[?' k? ship Oceau Steed, froin Can New York. (We ur?indebted to theflrstoflMr andsto? .? the ?-hip 1'hantom forthe above report ) Ship Win Tapseott,VeU, Liverpool, Dec a), with mdse an 127 pasM-im rs, to Taps' ott * Co. 12th lust. 111 I'M, lat 39 U Ion 56. >hln heading MV, wind strong from W'SW wnb bear rain anuait" and very dai k, was run Into l>y a ship or bark ?? lug before the wind, wl.lch oarrh J away our jibboutn, bul Mays, cutwater, I ead and everything atuichi it. and raised tb ship to leak, bailed the vessel but got no answer, aa ebe w? out of ti?bt In 2 er 3 minute*. t-blp Manchester, Trask, Liverpool, Dec 18, w ith mdse, Trask A Dearborn. Hud heavy V\ gale.'.. hark There*# (Hremi, Hohorst, Bremen, Dec 10, with ind ai:d 167 ra*?encers, to H Ki* p. l*atk Mr La.<c Newton ilium), Janjensen, Hamburg, N 12, with nnlseand56 puaaengeia, to LIS Atn-inck. Had vt 1>> avy weather. Hark Augusta (Br, of Jeraey), Rabot, Klo Janeiro, Dec with coffee, to Ceo Moke A Co. 24th lust, lat 85 53, Ion 7* had a heavy gale from NK with heavy sea, split suils, spri fore and main topmast*, carrli-d away main topsatlyurd; a I'M the wind suddenly shifted to SK and blow a perlecl b ricune for one hour, when it cleared up and moderated, wt M\ . same day, tan' a small brigautine about half a mile w indw ard, pafnit d all black, had lost jibboOtu and lore to f a;lamina-t, lying to under reefed main staysail; scon after tquall struck *ua suddenly, throwing tbe bark on bar < lids, ste\e bulwarks, after skylight, and tilled cabin, sq listed .vi minutes, and after it cleared away tbe brigaa ? ould not be seen?supposed she had foundered. Bark John Aviles (of Baugor), I>ee. Uuadaloupe, Dec 28, t Martins Jub 10. with '-alt, to N <) I'lllsbary. l'aik Henry Illll (of Boston), Watson, Boston, 3 days. 1 nllast. to K A Brugiero; canic to this port to load for C~ stuntinopte. Brig Isabella, Hlgglna. Tar* and Maranham, Dec 39, ? mdse, to KL Doming k Co. 21st Inst, lat 2* 25, Ion OV rike bark Indine, of Bath, steering W?W; 23d, lat 32 90, t 56, Ppoke ship lTncle Joe, of New York, bound K. The I;__ I ella bad nothing but llgiit N winds the first 12 days out. O the 12tb inst, oil the Island of Dominica, Charles Miller, agt : B years, first officer, died Brig Napier vBr, of Yarmouth, NK), Burns, St Thomat,' days, with >alt uml 13 passengers (fioin shl]> C A Stamier, St Thomas in distress), to T James. The N brings the cargo i Br schr Howard Putnam, irorn Anguilla for New York, at. Thomas In distress, leaky. Brig I'llncess Boyal < Hr), Newbold. Bermuda, Jan 15, I alia.-t, to smith Jonea A Co. bailed in company with I Anna Kimball, for New York. Brig Ada (Br, of Walton, NS), Creenougb, (JrandVurk, Y 17 days, with salt, to D K Dewolf. hchr Charles 1' stu kney, liarwood. Key West, 12 day!, wt cotton, to master, llui, been 7 days N ol Hattera-, w ith he* N NK gales. ."?cbr Thomas 1'age, Fanow, Virginia. helir W 1' I'hlilii s, Smith, Philadelphia, 8 days. Fcbr I> i Knight, Whirlow, 1'hilaiteipbu. Sehr tt ashington, Mitchell, Creat Kgg Harbor. 8cbr Marion, Jordan, Morris Klver, .NJ Schr i'lundonie. Brown, KlizabethiHirt for Savannah. Si hr Susan, Hearse, Boston, 3 days. Steamer * nmautia, Arey. Nuw Hudford. t>te?ier 0wrlew. Aldrcii. Br ivmenee. B'.eamer Wi-Htchest^r. Join's, ProvlMHfc Hlesacr o.-prsy. Kenny. I'rovidence tster.mcr New London. Smttn. flew London. Km hM D?llark Crimes (Br, of Liverpool), Baknr, hem 2?d Inst for Liverpool, returned to port thi> msraing, iiuvin on Ibe 24th, lat S? . 0, Ion 73 10, eipmuweeil a heavy ca'e fro, LNK, with a very heavy sea, daring which stove bulwarks (plit sails, loft puit of deck load of lar, and sprung aleak, wa com i e|Jed to run before ii ?>* far S as [at SB to k ep the v?? m i above water. On the iXth, at 1 AM, lat !<8 54, Ion 7'.'. 30, wa* boarded and taken in tow by jiilot litat Washington, No 4, antf towed toBandv Hook, and there transferred to steamtug Ihor Kre? born and brought up to tbe city. Has 3 or 4 feet of water in ifce hold, snd will prolahlv have to discharge cargo to repair ti e lexk. During the gale Of tLe 24th saw pleees of a vessel's bulwarks, sailors' chean, and other wrecked stuff 'Seo full< account below.) PA1IJD. Steamships Roanoke, Norfolk; Jamestown, do; bark Bit VVinn, Antwerp. ? Wind during tbe day HSW, very light. HlwtlUiurai. Copt Sargent. of ship Phantom, of Boston, smrc.1 last ere nlng from Shanghne, Is ontitled to the thank* of our ship news collector, as hi* conduct yesterday adonis the collector nn excellent opportunity ef contrasting it wttli that of olbar masters of vessels arriving at Ibis port. Lai'kcii??'The new pilot boat Wm li Aspirin all. No 21, Capi Walter Brewer, 1U0 tons burthen, owned by the pilots former }l,?r the ^ Irginla float), will be launched at noon to morrow (Thursday), from the yard of Van Duaen tiros, foot of Sli U.uth street. Kast Hirer. 8t> iMsiripfoiuMni*?Charleston, Jan Ti?The steamshla (.olumbia still remains ashore in Beuili Channel. All her cargo lois been dlschiirged in good order and lightered to the city; will probably lie icaliippod in the Marlon. (See another off'Ac > UeW" mn' w,llth HlaU'H thut the C has be?n got Jan ?Khlp Ionian (of Th.mas ton). Wade, from New Orleans bound to tils port, went ashore tbla morning under (Jape La'rave. She whs g it off and towed la here with 0 feet of water in ber hold ft appears that her c< pper is badly wrinUed aud part of her keel gone Ship dR/rr (iotrno!*-Report of Car* Babson, of ship Grace (.onion, of Loston, Irum Baltimore for Liverpool ?Kncouo tcrcd a hurricane Dec 10, wind EKE, carried away masts and l v' V?n *7 *5?*?rew we"" t"k*>n the w reck br British bark Kathai me, of Vermouth, Nri, from St John, MB. and landed at Dublin on the 12th. ' * w.oL?'."'JAKr?,;VKRW"" '""ton 8t Anna Island, while bound into Maranham, previous to Dec 29. A Bkluian Ship (name not recolleetedl, with a cargo of 2000 p'rertouiMo bec'S 10 M*<"*"hani, was lost on Cora (irande (>I"K*-E*tran r,r<>m lbe of Rr ''?rk Crimea, rn iirn?d indist rees -J an 23, left Now Voik; wind NW. mod - ?Tate; at 11 at night commcnccd to blow, and on Thursday i morning had a heavy gale, the ship labotjng heavily and mak ?ater, a very kigb sea running, all band* I ?? ? ii I'""1!" n';1 keening her tier; at N AM Imd 4 teet in the well; at 10 ..clock A feet, and at 11 o'clock ft', feet; at i??bLe ?*"?? topsails and reeled main ^ i "Jho *ct "f "P the foicsail, was throw-' on her lies mends, currying away bulwarks and stancheor bn aktng a'lri! t deck load and water casks, breaking the lasf ings tr.,mthe spare "pars and washing away deck load. TM? righting again was compelled to heave a great portion I lilii .i.0V .'*/ ? whpn she righted a little, the wster | still gaining, the captain, mate, cook and steward working at the pumps while the crew were el >se reeling the topi alia, the 1way fr"ra tb* P"mI'? several times and l urt fnm wUrh he la now suffering; 2Mh, the weather mod eratlBR and sea going down, gaining on the leak, both pumpa constantly going, at 7 AM set close reefed tore!' psaii sod wore ship to the northward, with the intention ol returning iJtT ?;..k?n' JopoUant yardson deck; 20>.h, moderate ? nd cloudy , all hands still at the pump* and nearly worn out; ? til M had reduced the water to 3 feet, and at freed her; I u i!:kJuW'-!,w",J.,hkk 'now. wind from ME, the ship IS pmwnle underwater, one pump constantly gji ng. the weather growing more moderate made sail .is the n ?' 10,.AM "P"ke slnp Manchester, T.ask, * " HI ?? d , a ork' who vri7 kindly offered to lav I n*?'?tai?ce we might stand in need of; ?i h St i ia"^ il. i!"!'.11 "wend time proi-eedrd on to porti Mirf'i.V... in the Capes of Delaware, was boarded . y p l,,t b.'at Washington. No 4, Admiral Murphy who towed us up to the t>ar and then tran-terred ua Th?fXw??I ."T** K""'horn wh" brought us to the cit* inn. n lll'X,r*r?" bills Ur, 3 casks naplha. ft tons logwocd, ?44 bbls crude and 7uo bbls spirits turpentine. Si nR Bki.lf Bttitiros, hence for an Eastern port white STlddfA'!. Ugi o e" ?",e *Uh""1 ? P'lot, went ashore ja riill! n : ;el Reef; was afterwards got off and take* <>a ' the railway at Astoria; has her rudder badly damaged. , J- 7'R * Hali ock, I'edHck, at Hnvannah "'rom New wh'teh>M?n 'f 'nH''A*. eiperienccd a heai y gale la which lost nihjnma?t and rigging ',an "'"ry C Brooks, of New Tork. from ( uba for ??, is ashore 4 mile* WeHt of o, raeoke ( nij?osavi>d; vessel in good condition A contract has beea made to get ber off ?(Hy telegraph to Ellwood Walter Hso. Secretary Board of Underwriters " r' KWL Flkktwoop, .Ian It?The Amc.tran bark fllobe Ilovt 4ft s;n,,.n"ah\ rei""-'? having lost one man mamn - cmlttcdi, washed overboard; had bulwarks stove In a sale .1X P*."Wced at rung I. winds the last 3 weeks. At an- - .^5? V T. J *" Li?nlhou?c the A inert-an sblp Hough ton, trom New Orleans?cipcctcd t?. get In to morrow s tide. |,^,/Krf>?.1' ?'nn's?The Oustav, Nienaher, whieh arrived ' raTV 0m BBlUranr?. had thrown overboarl part of !/ \7.0l T,!l J"n. ,4~'N"' dismasted and disabled A inortcaa 7?a towed out or Plymouth Hound oa Hatuidsy by steamship Nafs.leon, which, after obtaining a SSEW Kr,"" 'ron.MllH'av, towed her to sc. ag.ln fae Tiwrfiw ' P"' .n,? 8ol'l'r' fr"m N?w York to Londoa. Telcgraphh coiiimunicatlou having I een mide with London, a. sent down, and in nuw od M tLellltllTHrt 1 r T|t?0N?"?The brig Retrent, of Alloa, frmji Ardrossaa for New York, which was on shore n. ar L' Chindabl ,1aa ?, * bai been got off and arrived here to div leaking badly; will require to discbarge cargo (coal aud pig Iron), tin] go inte M'halrmrn. Off and on at San Franclaeo Dec 2X ship Reaper, (taller at NL, fr im (Vhotsk Sea 4<t sp 10P wh I4VI lbs bone. Off ( lice 4, Nautiltia, Saatn, NH 40 bbls sln-e leaving Inita. S| ok*. l>ec 12, 1 rldenl, Kish'T, do had Just taken 7e bbls, and one whale boiling; same time, Ospray, Hlant?a. do, nothing since leaving i'alta; Afton, Allen, do do; Ca?he|.i< I crrv, do do. ('cm Morris,, Kill month, do do. I'aita. .Ian I?Anchored Dec it), bark Joseph (irtnnell, The mas, Nit llro sp on board; ?td. Courier, f'oltin do, I VS) do 2ftth, off and on, llesner, Hamblln, Fll.?4) sp last erutse" * bafk Marv Ana Mscy, Matt. 7U) ~p all tol.l; 26th. sea uuae^' Burditt, i.f Westport, .Km sp. .lOtb, Montgomery I'raDo NB 3fi0 sp and 50 wh on board, taken last cruise OD and on at do Dee 2ft, Lalay.vte. (tar. Nit llOOsoal told; t.r;.,m,n.o. I.efrtezrWeetporl (W'.dodo: oWTliStS Hit, M4 SJ?. l!?l*h; Mary Prances Kille, Warren HO an ?|i wh on board: 'flth, Osceola, Hamblen, NB, HWI sn Mon'iota I*.""!..': "" "?"1; laatrn'r^W iTll^ld*"' ^ h"h KUr?' Ina i's'l'ub" 1>f?7' b"rk NB 1") <p since leer Ship ( smllna, Harding, of NB, wblch pnt l?ck to Uonolula from -III In dl-tres?. reports left Honolulu Nov 26 and duriac the day a man was washed overboard. a boat was tmin*diat"lr lowered, and succeeded In saving him On Ihe 2Nth dlseoverei toe! to be lesktng, and ..n ejamining tound 3 f<et water In the hold 2Mb, alter pumping steadily at the rate of nwa Miokcs |er hour, put the shlti ah ut for Honolulu?the leak hud Increased from Ift.iw io 2<>,<)ie> strokes per day ami It waa with mu> h exertion she w as kept alwive water. On the tilth brct. out the fore peak, and founn the leak to tie or the .tar bonid bow, about the size nl a man's arm She sprung aleak In lat 17 >, Ion 1.17 W On getting Into smooth water the leak (ilnio?t entirely c-ssed, which led them to suppose It to be al egetlier above water. She Would be repaired without break ntf < nt^irgo, ftaik H?nj*mfn Ruth, Flub, from Oehotnk, ??f nnd *t n.>n#v lulu, iriorU exptrlrocinf ? hrnvr fin thf i town fr? m SSVV, I *t f*i tai.d bw' txmt* \rid t??i d<ivltii' huh 'iii?.i?d ti<> further ?the Pndly Mortar, \( iitte-lde ?( Nit at Honolulu Sih >ilL with OOP wli nnd iii,(ail lbs hone, cruised In stv lliy all the icas. n, but saw very few whales till October not most of bar t II during 'hat month " A letter from ( apt Crapo of bark Montgomery Nlt .enorU hei ai l.mler. l>eo 11. with .Wl sp and M wli board t\k?a the last ert"?- l'e,sirts Hee!2,iwk Ih.m.iiga, Lee, Ml r.-W f*, HI) * Il il tOlu < Ictt. rlrr .ii C.iH(V?veNnd of hark M.tthew l.wv\ re r oris h. r at ( allso Or, to with (??. Id,' t ??d ?? . ',uh K? ii I? k " >? ???*r (rtnm* not n??(rd. ^Iih r? br? *t^ii!,."/r.I.!Tl '."li' T'"1? " bark dary Ann, of i. 1^! i, <i r i i I*i ' *'? ie|>>rU her from I 'HtU, Ion. h..l for li'lteis. ? lih M0 > p ou|..,M,d won,I l.e it files huanoin allweT r.iMll'l-I"'.1". V"t",.Tlim" ?" .l?.e,h (Iromell, NR, ' U Imh i d * * 1201) ?p All t If! *' Ml ^1* aL\H !',ir 'M** tslanda no date h.ik sp" llor* , /'? ;?r ? li. Since Id. Ing fomt-. Pa ' I II 1(11. |l M,| *|? (] , S| o," S. Is- ,M H, |?n 171 W, b.rk ' i???heih -<wlft, ' ???.' ? of N M, ti?) rep rt, v V ' hl "'"Hionp, li?rk Marparet ?r dt. .'Isii elsod, NIV 'a,'ii d to .ncahnano I ii't of','.1*' "* U,t> UH K? 1 irk ??"?*. Mr Karl hi, NB, >?.? re, S/ .Tl ' t' " "? W) K- bark t'Amilis. Preoll^e, Nil, '? I'ce I, no I.,i, Ac, '-srk Lagrange, Ootd.nj. NB li?i-;n^"?"e ill. thi It I' >- |?y n fieri! %? -vl.i'f i ?f ft?, w?lp w ftvcilfy, \ IumI, > h. no rrp??r? of otf