Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1861 Page 7
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shipping. AND NOKTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL ~ ... _ rBO* ??W TOK* to LIVBBPOOL. OilIM Mbu $130 Beowd cabin passage *'. 74 w . , "on Boston 10 LIVUKrOOL. ? aief ?uln passes#" $110 Meeood eabin passage ...7 .'7 .7.7.'. W Jif* "5S* ?rom Ne? York i*U ?t Cork harbor. "Wm from Boston call at Halifax and Cork harbor. PERSIA, Capt Judldku. iKitii'A, CapL Shannon. ARABIA, Cant J Stone. CANADA, Capt. Lang. ASIA, Capt R (i Lott. AMERICA, Capt. Modi*. AI'81'RALASIAN, Cant. K. NlaUARA. Capt Audersoo. M. Hudkley. K JROPA, ("apt J. Leitch. BCOTIA (n >? building). These vessels carry a clean while light at mast head, green a starboard bow, red i>n port bow. &NADA, Anderson Leaves Boston, Wednesday, Jan. 9 ?iktralasian, look lev New York, Wednesday, Jan. Id '4 ERICA, Little Boston Wednesday, Jan. -i iA.Loti :... New Y Wednesday, Jan M dAGARA, Moodle.... Bostor Wednesday Feb ti iABIA, Btone " New * , Wednesday, tea. 11 *NADA, Anderson " Bostoa Wednesday, Feb. 3d Bertha not secured until paid lor. An eapertoooed surgeon on board. The owner* of them) sh'ps will not be accountable for Gold, Bllver, Bullion, Specie, Jewelrr. Precious 8tones or Metals. unlMi bills ol ladlugare signed therefor and the value thereof therein expressed For freight or passage apply to E. OL'NAhD, No. 4 Howling Green. ?TKAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LI verpool, landing and embarking pa?*engen<aL Oussnstown eland). The Liverpool, Mew York and 1 hllad lphia Steam Ithlp Company intend despatching their full powered Clyde bout Iron tf*iushr~vs as follows.? CITY OF WABHINQTON Saturday, Feb. 2, ETHA Saturday, Ken. 9, TWO Saturday, Feb. 16, ?ad every Saturday, at noon, from pier it North river. RATKS or TASS 4UK. first Cabin $75. I Steerage $*). Do. to London 0U | Do. to London Si Steerage return tickets, good for fix months GU. Passengers forwarded to f arts. Havre, Hamburg, Brem>"v, Rotterdam, Antwerp, As., at reduced through fares. l'er Bona wialiim to bring out their friends can buy tickets here ?t the-followiug rates, to New York ?From Liverpool or Qoeanstown, first cabin, $Ti, $*6 and $105; steerage, from Urerpool, $40; from Qneenstown, $*). These steamers have superior aecoaimodatlons for pansengers, and carry expe ' rieneed surgeons. They are bull. in water tight iron sections, and have patent Are annihilators onboard. Forturther in formation apply in Liverpool to William Inmsn, Agent, 23 Water street; in Glasgow to ?m inmsn, !> 8t. Euoeh square; V> Quaenstowu to C. A W. I). Seymour A Co.; In Umlni to "Ives A Macev, 6) King William street; in Paris to Jules I)? ?le, No 6 Place de la Bourse; In Philadelphia to John U. "e, 109 Walnut street; or a'- the company's ottl. es. JOHN G. DALE Agent, IS Broad way, N. T. IriOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, ON SATURDAY, Febnmrv 2.?The United States mall steamer A It AGO, 1>. Lines, commander, will sail t roin pier No. -1 North river, foot of B?a^U street, on Saturday, February 2, at noon. This steamer (unsurpassed for safety and comfort) has double en Kines uppei deck, enclosed by water tight compartments, which, besides other results, tend* in the event of collision or Stranding, to keep the pumps free to work ami secure the safety of vessel ujui passengers. Price of passage in second cabin, $76 and $0U. For freight or passage apply to SAMUEL M. FOX, UEO. MACKENZIE, , . Agent", No. 7 Broadway. The stermier FULTON willlil! March 2. STEAM TO HAMBURd, HAVRE, LONDON AND Southampton.?1 he Hamburg American Packet Com pany's h tec 11.ill IP TEOTONIA, H. Taube, Commander, will lenre on Friday, February 1, at 12 o'clock M., for Ham burg, vU Southampton, taking i asseugers for Havre, London, tiouthamptou and Hamburg First cabin... $1UI | Second cabin $80 | Steerage. $15 C. B. RICH \Kl> <s boas, lfil Broadway. The steamship SAXON 1A will succeed the Teutonlaon March 1. The nokth german lloyd s steamship new YORK, H. J. Von Santer, commander, carrying the Dnited States mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, loot of Chambers street, on SATURDAY, Feb IG, at 12 o'clock M., roK BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking passengers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN li the following rates:? First cabin, $1U0; second cabin, $00, steerage, $35. For freight or passage apply to GELl't'KK, KEUTGEN A REICHELT, fl'2 Broadway. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER pool.?The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company s tlrst Class, full jiowered Clyde built stesmer NORTH HRITON, ('apt. Borland, carrying the Canadian and United States mails, will sail from Portland nest Saturday, February 2. Kates of prissace from New York, tlrst class, according to ac * roinmodation, $06 ai d $*D; steerage, found with conked pro ? ?' Isions, $'Ml Certlttcates Issued for bringing out passengers ? 'from ail the principal towns of tiroat Britain and Ireland at -'very low rates. For passage apply at 23 Broadway, New York. SAREL ? SEABLK, General Agents. IjiOR LIVERPOOL?THB WORLD RENOWED CLIP 1 pership dreadnought, i'aptnin SamueN, will posi uvely sail on Monday, 4th February For passage lowest rates) apply Immedlslely, to secure l>erth, on board, pier No. H, North river, or to P. M. DEMAREST, 40 South street. FORLIVF.RPOOL-FIKST OOP BY THE BLACK MALL Line; the YORKSHIRE sails tills day, the NEPTUNE sails Iebruary 4, This ship has beaten the Dreadnought t>*ii daysou her last voyage, has Defer accommodations ai lower rates. Apply on board, foot of Beekman street, or to JACOB WILSON, lOj South Mreet. PASSAGE FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL BY THE OLD Black Star Line.?Drat Is on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Ac. The Al STRALIA sails Febnt iry 5. The JOHN BRIGHT sails on February 12. Apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 40 Fulton street. TAPSCOTT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL AND -LONDON packets?Passage from or to Liverpool or Loudon can always be engaged by this well known line, sailing weekly, at the very lowest rate#, and drat ts issued as usual for any amount, payable on demand, In any iiart of Great Britain or Ireland, ean be obtained by applying to or addressing TAPS COTT A CO.. 86 South street. IjMRST HIIl'B FOR I.oNDON AND LIVERPOOL ? ' Ship RHINE, for London, sails to morrow. Fare?Second cabin and found, $16 Ship SIR ROBERT I'EEL, for Li verpool, sails February 9; second cabin state rooms and foudd, $19 Passengers brought out frun the Old Country at reduced rates. Lor list ot ships, passage, Ac., apply to rnos. C. ROChE, M >*>iilh street. JAMAICA AND NEW YORK SCIIEW STEAM PACKET Line, carrying the mail.?To sail for Kingston, Jamaica, on the 30th of each month. The mall steamship ZULU, Captain Edward Goodwin, will nail for the above port on Wednesday, February 2a Passage?First cabin, $60. second cabin, $50; third class, $15 For freight or passage apply to WALi>EN A BOOTH, Agents, 67 Broad street. FOB CALIFORNIA?VIA PANAMA. A first claaa steamer will leare New York on the 1st, 11th >iud21*tof tftch month, except wbm these dates fall on Sun lay, whon the day of departure will be the Monday follow f or freight or i??ugo apply at the only oflioe, No. 177 West direct, corner of Warren. D. H. ALLEN, Agent. Havana and new Orleans. EVERY TEN DAYS. \ To saM on FRIDAY, February 1, at 12 o'clock. The steamship BIENViLLE, J. D. Bulloch, roinniandcr. Is now receiving freight, and will sail as above, l rom plor foot ot Murrav street. North river LIVINGSTON. CROCHERON A CO., 6H Murr.iy at. The steamship CAIIAWHa will tall February 11. 1/*0R HA'. ANA. r United States Mall Steamship QUAKER CITY, R. W. Shufeldt, commander, TUESDAY, Feb. 6, at 12 M., . . From pier 45, !fc>rtb river. eight or instate apply to HAKHOUH A CO . 33 South street. * savannah and the south. ie stesnishlpa of the American Atlantic 814 tnishlp ?an^r will leave plot 12 North rivur on the ioli..? < (lays, lUNTSVILLE.Cspt Post, Saturday, Feb. 1. MONTiiOMklta? apt. W. C. Berry, fuaaday, Feb. 5. It R. OUYLElF Vapt. Crocker, Thursday, Feb 7. MOUNT VERNON, Oapt. Layfleld, Saturday, Feb. 9. The ateamers of this Uce are all new, and are not surpassed to elegance, comfort, aaiety and speed hv any on the wocan. Tickets to New Orleans, (CI 75, Mobile, $15. Montgomery. 025; Memphis, $31 75; Nashville, $27 75; tChnvllle, $26 jO; Chattanooga. $26. Albany, fit, Columbus, $21; Allan'*, $21; Maoon, $26, Augusta, $17 SO; Savannah, $15. Aoply to 11. B. CROMWELL A CO , H6 Weal street an.l .138 Broadway. I^OB SAVANNAH AND OTHER POINTS, AS BELOW ? .F The lirsi clam steam-hip ALABAMA, Oapt. iloorg* R. hchcnck. will leave on Satn 1 day, February i, at 3 1' M , 1 rom pier 36 North river. Through tickets can bo had for tne fol lowing places,?New Orleans, 75; Mobile, $15. VonV Komery, $25; Eufaula, Ala , $24: Collumbas, $21: Albany, ?2$; Atlanta. $21; Chattanooga, $25. Nashville, $27 75; Knox vine, $26 Ml. Memphis, $31 75; Augusta, $17 5>l; Macon, $20; Havannah. $15. For freight or n.tssaga apply at 13 Broadway. The steamer STAB OF THE SOUTH, Oapt. Jaa. Kearney, vill succeed ? HAM I E JOHN K. WI HAM I EL L MITCHILL A SON, New York, f LDKU A UALL1E, Savannah, i M^nts. 110B CHARLESTON, B. C., SAVANNAH, OA , AMD THE 1 South and Southwest ?United States mall side wheel steamship line ?The favorite steamship.IAS. AIRIER, J. D. I'btlllpa commander, will leave pier N& 4 North rtver on Wed nesday, Feb ft, at H o dock I1. M. Rates of passage with through tickets as follows:?To Savannah, (la., $16. Charles ton, H. C., $15; New Orleans. $39 75; Mobile, $36; M on ten mery, Ala , $25. Nashville, Tenn., $27 75; Memphis, $31 75; Augiiata, Oa ; $17 50; Atlanta, $21; Columbia, S. O., $17 5U; Charlotte, $19; Knoxville, $25 50: Chattanooga, $25 For t relght or passage apply 10 SPOFFORD, TILEsTON A CO., 29 Broadway Notice.?Shippers are hereby notified that In coiu*>iueme of the additional expenses Incurred by the steamer*, the rate* of freights by the above ltne will be ad vanced NOBTH CABOLINA?WEEKLY. The new and trsl clans steamship PARKERSBCRd, 4'apt. J. E. stannard, will leave pier 13, North river, for Wil mington. N. C , on Haturday, >eb. 2, at 3 P. M , conneclng with Wilmington and Weldon and Wilmington and Manebes tor nilrotdx. ? Ooodi forwarded to all parts of North and South Carolina free of commission. Freight M cents per foot ami proportionate rates Insurance ooe half per cent. Apply to H. B OROMWELL A CO., WWWtii'eet and .135 Broadway. The NORTH CAROLINA willfcoceed, and leave on Satur day, Feb 9. Through freioht arranubmbnt.-for nor folk Portsmouth, City 1'olnl and Richmond, connecting with Norfolk and Petersburg and S?nth?lde Railroad, for Lynchbuig, Bristol, Memphis and Intermediate places. t-'rttttlit rorelT^d ev?ry day, And through r?06lpli turninhod. l at plrr 19 North rlrrr. ?... Steamship JAMESTOWN, Captain Bklnner, leaves every Ttieeday. at $ p M. Steamship % ORKTOWN. Captain Parrlsh, every Satunlay, at S P. IT Freight to Norfolk, 7 cents per foot; to City Point, 8 ceata, and Richmond, VI cents. Passage 10 Norfolk, stateroom and meals Included, $S. to Petersburg or Hlchmoud, $ 10; children betw> en the ages of 1 and 12, half price. LCOLAM A IIEINEKKN, No. 115 Broadway. _ WATCH I? AM) JKWHIjHT. LADIES' OOLD HDNTINO WATCHES, Warranted, $20. Ladle*' Oold Open Fae* Watches, warranted, $15. W RVKrtTSCN hMITII, 15 Maiden lane CARK PlNh?SOLID OOI.D AND COBAL, $1 EACH, ?J or live for $4; V an lie*, 1., . cry, cto Ws, Music Boxes, Arcortleo's, sold and repaired bv expnrinmied workmen j.verv nr'lcle repalrsl at ihls si tahltshmeiil warranted to give allsUctlon n'ul at moderat- pr II. MuRRISO.N, Walrhmaker, .**? Hudson streat. S' XHAAIDI AMI TOR M CO. SKOAB* AT P \NH' PRICKS. -I.IIOMWO HAVANA, l><? tnrstlc and German Segars et greater loss than ever. A in ,t inn -tinenl lan now be inn! ? y ie. ills >? Ith cash 10 n f;,,,; pr ftt. "? CTfERKs, 17 Br -adaay. FINANCIAL. Chicago and northwestern railway com. P?ny, New York, January, Ui6t. The Coupons due February 1, 1861, from the preferred sink Dg fund bond t of this company, will be paid on and after ihat day ou presentation at the American Exchange Hank of this city. JAMES H YOUNG, Secretary. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, Treasurer's oltice, curat[ of Fourth aveuue and Twenty sixth street, New York, Jan. 2H, 1861. ? Interest coupons of the second mortgage bunds and bonds of 1861 will be paid m atid after Feb. i, a. tlie Tr.asur. r's oil'.ce. W. H EMERSON, Treasurer. Office OF THE ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE Company, New York, January 'M. 11561. The trustees. lu conformity to the charter of the company, submit (ho following statement of its affairs ou the JUi De Ctmber, I860: ? Premiums revived on marine risks, from 1st Januaiy, 1800, to Slat December, I860 $4,001,726 77 Premium ? on policies not marked olf 1st Janu ary, lafiu 1,412,700 11 Tout amount of marine premiums $6j)15,425 88 No policies have been issued u|xm life risks, nor \ipou Ore risks disconnected with marine risks. Premiums marked nff from 1st Jauu\ry, 1860, to 31 st December, 1860. $4,Ml, 138 SO Losses paid during the same period. .$2,419,413 72 Returns of premiums and expenses. ttW -12 55 The company have the following assets, viz: ? Culled 8tales and State of New York Stock, city, bank and other stocks $2,868,378 42 Loans secured by stocks, bonds and mortgages, * and otherwise 1,1911,1:12 06 , Real estate 20U.000 UU Dividends on stocks, interest on bonds and inort gages acd other loans, sundry notes, rein suiance and other claims due the compauv, estimated at 106,190 11 Premium notes and bills receivable 2,OT,416 84 Cash In bank. 106,154 67 Total amount of assets $6,016,192 10 Kli per cent interest on the ?ut?tandiug certificates of pro fits will be paid to the holders thereof, or their legal repro senlatires, on an after Tuesday, the 5th of February nett. Aft ;f reserving two and a half million dollars of profits, the outstanding certificates of the Issue of 18B9 will be re deemed and paid to ibe holders thereof, or their legal repre sentatives, on an al ter Tuesday the 5th of February next, from which date all Interest thereon will cease. The certifi cates to be produced at the time of payment and cancelled. A dividend of thirty five pi r cent la declared on the net earned premiums of the oomi>auy for the year ending 31st December, lsjtl for which certificates will be Issued on and after Tuesday, the 2d ol April neat The proilts of the company, ase rtalncd from the 1st of July, 1812, to the 1st of January. I860, for which certificates were issued, amount to $10,278,600 Additional profits from 1st January, 1360, to 1st Juuuary, 1861 1,574,000 Total profits for 18!? years $11,852,560 The certificates previous to 1859 have hi en redeemed by cash 77 7,655,310 Net earnings remaining with the comt>any on 1st Januaiy, 1801 $1,197,230 By order of thcBuard, W. TOWNHEND JONES, Secretary. TKUSTl k'S. John D. Jones, Caleb Hat-stow, Dennis Perkins, I'harles Dennis, A. P. 1*1 Hot, Joseph Gaillard, Jr., W. 11. II. Moore, Leroy M. Wiley, William Wood, Thomas Tlleston, Daniel S. Miller, J. Iicnry Burgy, Henry Coit, S. T. Nicoll, Cornelius GrtnueU, Wm. Plckengm, Joshua J. Henry, t' A Hand, I.?"\vis Curtis. <1"0. O. Ilobson, Wait* Sherman, Iiiarles 11. Kusaell, David Lane, Edward K. Hell, Lotvcll Holt rook, James Bryce. K. E. Morgan. Robert C Goodhue, Wm Sttirgis, Jr., H J llou land, 1*. A. Ilargous, Henry K. Bogert, Henj. Bahcock, Meyer Cans, A. A. Low, Fletcher We stray, I Inward H. UillllaD, William E. Dodge, It tj. V Miuturu, Jr. Royal Phelps, JOHN D .TONE'S, President. CHARLES DEN MS, Vice-1'reside at. W. H. II. MOORE, 2d Vice President. u S. TREASURY NOTES?NEW ISSUE. For sale In sums to suit By TAYLOR BROTHERS, 76 Wall street, New York. C7r nnn T<) loan on bond and mortgage ip | fJ.v/U" (for one oi or more years in different sums). on first claas productive leal estate in this city. Apply to JOHN F. CON KEY, In the ofllce of the People's Fire Incur ance Company, 60>\\ all street. LOAN OKI'H ES. A T 68 CEDAR STREET.?HENRY HY.MAN, DIAMOND i\ Br k> r. Cash advanoed on Diamonds, set or unset; Watches, Watch Movements, Silver Ware, Jewelry, Sea.irs, Ac., or bought for cash. Opposite the Post ofllce, room No. 1, up stairs, <i8 Cedar street. T 06 NASSAU STREET?A. HONIGMAN, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advance?on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelij, Ac, or buys them at full (value, at his private No. titi Nassau street, room No.'2,up stairs. Business confidential. * T 208 BROADWAY, CORNER OF FULTON STREET, J\ Money advanced to anv amount on DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. PIANOS, FURNI Tl RE, SEOARB, DRY GOODS, Ac., Ac., ?>i the same bought at sight It desired. N. B.?The highest price paid tor pawnbrokers' tickets, 11. NEWTON, 108 Broadway, Corner of Fulton street, room No. 9. A A AT 11 CHAMBERS STREET.?MONEY TO ADVANCE to any amount on Diamonds, Watehes, Jewelry, Ac., by the well known and old established ISAACS, auctioneer and broker, 11 Chambers street. N. B.?No business transacted on Saturday. DVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, . Jewelry and silverware, or bought for cash at the highest prices. Old gold and silver bought. Apply at the old estaoiishod mines of L. JACOBS, 67 William street; branch 107 Broadway. AT 660 BROADWAY, CORNER OF PRINCE STREET, room No. 5. up stairs.?Money-advanced from $1 to t50,01*.! on Diamonds, Watches, Dry (.oods. Segars and eve?y ascription of merchandise. All trans i tions will be oopfi dentlai. BAUMOARTEN A CO. AT ill GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OF Broadway.?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Uocds and personal property of every description, or bought aud sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON auctioneer and broker. DRY GOODS, ?C. AT MRS. GAYNOR'S?A LARUE STOCK OK .SKIRTS and Corsets at n sacrifice, for a few weeks only; choice Halmora. Skirt*, four yard* wide, from tl up gixxl CoraeUt 75c. ;{do. book tn front, $1; skeleton and other Skirt* at pricoC to suit tbe time*. Broadway, two door* from union square. Dry goods.?for hale chhap, a stock ok dry Goods. Also Counters and shelving, btore to let. rent low. Apply at 332 Bleecker slre't. R EMOVAL. EDWARO LAMBERT * (JO. lisve oubed their twostorex WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at MO. 4*7 BKOADWAY. between Canal and Grand utrsetf. roirn it'\Tioi* or tbi GREAT SALE OF DRY G< ?ODS AT RETAIL, constating of our entire stock, in liquidation of thoesute. By thin arrangement both (took* will be thrown open to buyers at retail, presenting an opportunity to buy dry good* at about tall' their value The whole must be dlspbsed of within a short period In oide r to carry out our at rangeni' ni with our creditor*. Till STOCK CONSIST* OF 1iks, SILK.-, housekeeping goods, CLOAKS, MOURNING WOODS, SHAWLS, SHAKER FiANNBLS, A* Also, 6.000 dozkn Kin ulovks, at 79cbwts fkb run, the heal glove lu the country. to wholksalk butkks. Approved short uote* will be taken from dealer* for amount* exceeding $tt)0. EDWARD LAMBERT * CO., In liqu I iatlon, BROADWAY, next aoor to Applelon's. TIT'ANTED?A STOCK OK DRY GOODS OR GOOD TT Merchandise. Parties having good Merchandise for sole cheap will find a purchaser by addresaing box 3.U7J Post oll'.ce. New Tort A 7IJ1 BROADWAY ?LADIES WILL FIND AT X I Us Madame C. BORUAS. from Paris and London, a ?liean and large assortment of ladles'and children'? under clothing. and a varied stock of nurseiy, garden, or promenade olotlies for children and babies, after the Pari* fashion; ojit ?Uexecuted at the shortest notlea. St,NMtM for embroid eries and embroidering dune at reasonable prions on ladies' on n material. The npTy plane ? here can be nail the gemitoe Fiench Zouave c??tume for children Indies attended at their on n home on application, ?Ith patterns and embroider es ef all descriptions. No. ?76>? Broadway. w IHM'SKS, ROOMS,jdfcC.,JWA\TKI>. HOVflB WANTED?A THREE STORT HIGH STOOP brick House, full lot, between Tenth and i'w, nleth street*, west ol" Broadway; a rash payment on purchasing, the balance half yearly, without internet. Address Adams, lleiald ?' '-e. _ _ : TO LANDLORDS OlljtT?fflWIHOUSES WANTED.? Wanted, bv three private fandlies 'merchants In tbe city*, on a lease from one to three years, from May I. 1851, three neat three story, high stoop Houses inew preferred', to or 23 feet front, with all modem Improvement*, heated near to nether, between Twentieth and Forty-second streets and Fourth and Eiglitb avenues. Price from $HH tn$7S?, which must be very cheap. Address, staling particular*. Merchant, box 76 Poet offiee. anted-^byTan americajTTady, witholtTv Cumbrauce, a dint clsia House, where a portion Of the rent will be taken In board; she la occupying a lour story first elaas house, but uould like to make a lucrative change. Aildtess Mrs. C. A. Houghton, station D. Reference ex changed. li/ANTBD?TO IIIKK A HOUSE AND SMALL yUAN TT illy of I.and, with n 4A minutes ride ol the city. Give particular* and address. Address J. B., box IKS Herald office. YVINTED?To LEAsl," FOK MX MONTHS, KROM TT March or April I, on the North river, a neai furnished Cottage, with siaob attached, ol a large place at a small rent, between Ynnkers and Tarrvtown. Aadrses, with particular* and terms, W. K. L., ikjx i.t '< Post oillce. llf ANTED?BY' A GENTLEMAN AND LADY.THREE Tv nnfurnlehetl Rooms, on ihe first or seeond floor, in a private bouse. The rooms must hare all Ihe mislern hnpntve roerts, nnd terms mod. rate. Address, stating particulars, J. H., 1 nlon square Post < thee. YV ANTEL?A tMALL ROOM, WITH FIRE PLACE, BY TT a aHv. Location between i anai and HI acker street* on tbe west stole of Broadw ay. Terms must tie low and stated In reply. Addre** 1 ox 2,i?i> Post mile* TV' ANTED- FOR CASH, A ll'ofsK. ABOVE TWEN Tv tieth street wltb from six to eight bedroom*; ""t to Cost more then $W.tXI. Address House Wanted, Tribune i.flice \\' \N1 l-.ll- FIHNISHKD OK UNFURNISHED TT In a modeln house, wit? bath, gas, Ae. 1/ stlon must lie central and pleasant, ami terms moderate Apply at khi Broadway. I'KKT A CO. U, ANTKD?A Fl RNMHkll OR t NKCHNHHi:n House, in an une^ieptlonablc neighborhood, with all ll-e ne dcra tin I roremente, at a moderate i ent ^pp1v at h*) BrcMway. F. PERT t CO_ \\' ANT ED IMMEDIATELY IN * HIIST CLAM Tv house, gisHl l'K*tlon and *trieily private, h hamlsoine ly fuml*hed Pull r and ficdrooirkwlthoiilbperl, fer wbleh ? bneral price will >?? pnid. Adoress P. and U., Union square l o t e| e.\ i. r lbr<e day* H*/Nli;? TO HIRE A COMPLBTHLY Fl'ftSMHKD Motive, with ihe 1mprwo^nt*, Wn?rrl#?y |?n<t Thlrtf-fnunh Bl*lh ftnji rhird i,venues M>? f*mlly gofrg abroad fmm l -t of \prilnett, snd wlaMM to let their b?m?e and, furniture r mplMgv f0f i ne vi nr or I- nger, to a veiy small family, with mi chddre i. snd a iesponslhle pirty. may addre ?. stst'ng siiit-itioo and I articular*, for on" week, D., Ik>x W2 I ost offird. 'y HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. Bay make for sale-7 yeajib old. law hands high, bound ?na kind lu haruo**: good under the saddle; csn trot inside of four minutes will stand without tletug. sold for want of use. Apply at 140 Varrick itroet. TjH'R 8ALB-A Bt'SINE<S WAGON. lloKsK AM) 1" Harness. all complete aud In good order. To be aeeu at liver; stable, 42 Moll street. "L^OR KALE?A FINE CHESTNUT BAY HOUSE, l.Vf F t.atkdM high, will be seven year* old next June; p Treelly sound, a stylish traveller and kind in single or double ha' iiess Apply at the office, No, 88 Troy street, corner of Greenwich. T^OR SALE?A HORSE, WAOOK AND HARNESS.? I Bay Hone, 15'i hands uigh, 8 years old; buggy Wagon, with top, aud a set or single Harness Price for the whole only $175. Also, a buggy Wagon wl:h top; been used but three times Apply at Thompson's stables, lid East Thir teenth street I?OR SALE?A OOl'PE CARRtAOE, NEAKLV NEW 1 also a i alrnf Ponv Horses, perfectly matched, warranted sound and kind in single or double harness. To be seen at any time at ItiO West Houston street, IjHjK SALE CHEAP?ONE It AY HORSE, IB HANDS high. Inquire at the stables Bleecker street, between 12 and 1 o'clock. House lost?strayed from A stable, is Thlrtv-eighth street, between Bioadway and Sixth ave nue, about G o'clock '>n i hursday evening, Slst ult , a eh stnut. b?v Horse; had on when he lett a blanket, Anv one who wili return htm to Corwln A Farber, grocers. 628 .stub ave nue, corner of Thirty seventh street, will be suitably re warded. SORREL MAK1 ?-GOOD DRIVER; SO"- AL>o FOl'K good work 11 oi-ses, tor sale cheap. Apply until (old at 149 Twenty eighth street, near Seventh uvenuc. WANTED?ONE SADDLE HORSE, 0*K SINGLE rl horse Buggy ,<nd Harness, one pair llorsea, Hames? and t'arriage, lu exchange lordly property lu a thriving ctty on the Mississippi lit the terminus ol a railroad. Address box 3,:U0 Post olhee,.fi/t one week. WAM1 KI>?A SECONDHAND CO I 1*1-: HOCK AW AY, I.N good order, A pply at No. 7 East JOili at. ANTED?A LIOIIT ONE HORSE ROOK AW AY AND o Harness; piioe not toeveoed $125 Address v , West HobBknn. N. J. MI gll AL. AORBATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE, LIGHT*' A UKADIH'RY, Manufacturers of a new scale of overstrung bass, patent In sulated full Iron frame, grand nnd ?<iu*re Plauoiorte, No. 121 Broome street. Pianos to rent A LADY, E.NUAGED IN TEA< HINO, WISHES TO obtuiu a home In a private lauilly, where Instruction in Iretich, music or English would ou received in couns'io-a.iou. Addicss A. B., box 3,391 Post office, N. Y. A MAGNIFICENT PEVFV OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PL anoforte for sals?Richly carved legs and case, full Iron plate. Inlaid with mttnwood, overstrung bass, pearl keys; ii.sde to order lor the present owner bv city makers; fully gtiaiuntced lor three years, been lu use but five in >uth?, eosl $?(X), will be Sold fin $2.4), including Moot aud Cover. Also elegsnt Drawing R iorn Suit cost $:'-*>, or $lt<). Inpilre at 71) West Twenty sixth street, near sixth avenue 1MiflA? tm origin \i? com (M-NAsnn j cent rosewood seven octave Pianoforte round corners. Iron t runic, b. i naiuented. splendid tone aud t meli, warranted. My order of Judge 1, ? nard. Supreme Court. Apply at 368 Bowery. JOHN MoDONaLD, Receiver for Cooper A Atherton. Depot ok the alexandre organ. For Churches, t'uspeis, Sehools and Drawing Hisnm, 2tU Hioadwav. BOLE MErAL OF HONOR a: tUo'Lulv.irsal Kxhiblti ;i of im This ni?cnlfleent ln?'nim?nt (,>atenle.| In the I'nlleil States May 3, IfvVW'i, which tli) brilliant performances of THaLKERU. VILANOVA, MLLK. WELLIS, hate rendered us popular in Amen.!* as in Europe, has been adopted by the gi eat< si artists aud comp jacra of bolU conti nents, gottschalk, LISTZ, ROKINI, MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Alexandre Organ is oelel ratrd frr the solidity a id pre cision ot Its mc bsuism. as v ell as for the I* and )*>* ?r of it* tone and the remarkable quality ol keeping pun oetly lu tune In all climate,.. Pries a: the depot, $15, ?00, $1C0, S160, $135, $.*:?, $M0, $300, $"40, $4110. A descriptive circular sent to any address on application to BERNARD A FAUKEGUEi tt.c. Jr., 2D Hr>ad?av, Importersof Bus-on Vcoord^ons, Violins, Yiolla Mr in <4, Ao. deceived in EXOHAXOB POB musical instruction on piano, singing, th nougli Imss aitl composition, by u gentleman and his lady, both well known in their respective professions. Add less German Artists, Herald oflice. FANOFORTE.?FINISHING H PILS WILL BE AT tended it) their residences by a lady, who has studied un der thi first masters in Europe and can give the high^t te-di mon als as to her ability in perfecting them In that branch of their education; terms, per ntonth. Addrest Piano, box 190 Hi raid Office. "PIANO'S, MELODEOKS, ALEXANDRE ORGANS?AT X the lowest possible prices. Second baud Pianos at great bargains, from $^5 i i $lfill. one seven octave, second hand, front round corners, lancy legs, fretwork desk and over strung for $175 Pianos and %clodeons to rent, and rent al lowed It puirhaaed. Monlhlv partnents ri'ceived for the name. HOltACE WATERS, Ag nt, No :>;U Xroailway, N. Y. FANOS, MELODEONS. IIARMONII MS? first class, lor sale, to let or sold on Instalments on favorable terms Superior Harmoniums, one, two or three banks of keys, irom $175 to $ MM). Collage I'lanoe, fully warranted, 6', octaves, $15<>; 7octaves, $175 to $210 J. M. 1'ELToN, No*. *41 and Broadway, N. v. COPP AMI -SITVAlios IN A < H0XOH WANTED, BY a lady, who Is known as a first class musical artist; is an excellent reader and accustomed to Catholic, Episcopalian nnd ether scrvi?es. Also a place wanted for a tenor. Ad dress Musician, 90 East 2Sth si W ANTED-AN OI.oa.M.VT, TO FLAY A LAKilE OK It gati and iust: uct a choir in a Catholic church. Ca'.l at i o< m 20* st. Nil in as notal. (*.1 nil PIANOFORTES. $19). t|pXolJ??Hy the Iniroduetlon of machinery In the msnu facturing ot planolortea, ?< are now able lo oiler to ibe pub lic a seven octave rosewood Piano, containing all the modern Improvements for $150 ca?h, of more perfect workmanship than ba- usually been sold lor $.100 ?r $?<? by the old method of manufacturing. We Invite all deibrs, le.ichers of music Mid me public to call and examine these new instruments, at GROVESTEIN A HALE H, corner of Cnnal and Hudson streets, New York. MUTKUCTIOI. AT PAINE 8 -BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, ARIT1I. metlc, Ac , without which young men urn incompetent to enter Into business for themselves rr other*, are taught at 62 Bowery, and 2Ki Fulton street. Brooklyn, at hour* suiting, day or evening. Ladle* writing lesson*. $2; 16 bisons. A^HCADEMY OK PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEKPiyi}, 382 Broadvar, continued by W. (' HOOULAND, for many year* with Oliver B. Goldsmith. Application* received day and evening at the reduced term* of $.1 for the course. CONVERSATION PARLORS ?A SECOND COURSE OK ) Conversational Lesson* In French, Sjianlsh, Italian, Oer man and Engl:ah will be formed at Hie Polyglot Institute, No. 861 Broanuay. near In Ion ?|U*r?, ** noon at the appli cation* will lie milliclent. Private lessons on (irammar may be had of each lnngoage by native professor*. Till* tnatltute Is patronised by the highest society of this city. Kor circular* and particular* apply at the Institute. L. PALMER. "tpRENl II AND ENGLISH INSTITUTE FOK YOUNG F gentlemen, Pt Hampden itieet (Irving placei, between ndlMMMMMd Hunaon plaee, Brooklyn ?'I'm-third q inr tcr lommcncea on M< nday, Feb. 4. For circular*, Ac, ad dress as above L. .1 S1MON1S and T. I* CORRALLV, Principals / GERMAN AMERICAN INSTITUTE, :*i9 WEST TWENTY 11 (second street ?Term begin* on Wednesday Feb 0. For ihe female depai t merit a new higher class ? ill >?? ojiened, thus making lour classes In eaeh department, enabling us to receive scholars of bo;h sexes from the 6th up to the 16th year. Circular* containing lull particular* may be had on application to the principal*. RI D. DI'LON, P. D. 11 and 1.) Market street. H. lil.Kt Ki;, I'. l>. 30W West Twenty second street. Portuguese TEACHER WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. Address Portuguese, Herald ollleo PRIVATE INSTRUCTION IN ELOCUTION AND THE Dramatic Art, with an engagemcn' inago ile BfHr will be given bv a thorough at list to persons of ivilneinent ami requisite qualities. Address Tuition, Madison square I'oat otlica. . TU UTOR OR TKACHER.-A GENTLEMAN. AN EXPE rtented "holsr, Mrtf returned from I'arls ' France i, where he has long resided, desires a situation, either as tutor In a private family or as teacher In a college, lie possesses thoroughly the English, French, Spanish and Herman lai guages, and can. If required, Impart a thorough English claaalcal education, as well as the rudiments of mu?lc on the platio Would not object to going Soulb or to Cub*. Addreaa C. T. M? box I'll Herald office _ DAWIHO ACADEMIES. J^ DODWORTHS DANCING ACADEMIES. N'? .106 Broadway, New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn Wednesday* and Saturday* la New York Mondays and Thursdays, Tuesdays and Friday*, In Brooklyn. * 'irculara of teims, Ac , tnsy be had at i-lther Academy. At trenors academies.-classes will re main open until Mar. Soirees?Monday, February ?, at HI South Eighth s'reet; Wednesday evening. Kebruary a, at 6f> West Thirty fourth street, New YorB. I'artle* kn >? ?? to Mr. T. ran obtain tlckats at either aeadetny. Madame (TBRRero) .iackhons dancing a< a deiny, 29 We*t Thirty sixth street.?Dayi of tuition Mon nay* and Thui?days, Wednesdays nml Saturday* School* and private elaa-es attended. MILLIARDS. Billiards ?fob sale, a splendid stuck of Dew and second band Tables, pei cent less than ran !?? bought eliewbere. Bagatelle Tables lor sale and Tablei to let. WM II. OR1FKITII, ltd Knlton ?treet. TO BE SOLD?TWO SPLENDID ROSEWOOD, M ARBLE bed* and lombhiation cushioned Billiard Tables Part In cash and part In trade, or all tiade If the good* are aaleable. Addre*? bo* lnrt Herald otiice 11' INANT'H PATENT CHAMPION BILLIARD TA ff bles ?The Exoslslor Spring Cushion, patented August Id, 1AM, lively, correct and durable, beyond any ami all other* now In use. oflb c and faotory, 71 tlaM str?? t, New York. nATRinoniAb AOENTI.EMAN DESIRES TO MAKE THE ACQUAINT ance, ?Ith a view to matrimony, of a ladv between #1 and 2.'i year' ol age, of prepossessing manners and appearan?. All replica strictly c onildenllal. Address J. Y. Porter, Madl son Mpiaie Post office. A MERCHANT, AHED 30, WISHES TO MARRY RE flnerrent, education and social position essentials on the lady's side Sincere anasrer, with lull j>artleulars are In Tlted li rone week Address D. D S . Imx i:il llerald otll ??>. VLADY OF .10 WISHES TO MAKE THE ACQUAINT am erf a batchelor or widower of from .1# to M year* of aiir, with a view to matrimony. Mu?t be of good ?landing in society, and of sufficient mrans to live comfortably. Address, with rrnl name, Miss Morgan, llerald oillre. A MIDDLE A O I'D WIDOW LADV, PQflSRMINO no-an*, wlshe* to form the aequalntanM of a widower or bactrior with a view to matrimony, call on or address Mrs l^llv, No K9 Sixth avenue, llrat ifo or, lin k room. MATfIVMNIAL-A GENTLEMAN, A'IKD THIKIV thn e yi ars, young looking, holding a most respectable position In society' habits well formed bnsim-ss relations fcod, desires to niakr the acquaintance of a lady suitable to I* condition In lite, with the only objecl o' matrimony; hojies no one will re|ily except In sln'-erity. Add'est for utie

week C. Livingston, Proyidence, R I w AMt'SF,MK\T8.'a THEATRE TO-NUtllT (FRIDAY), 1*AST NIGHT BLT ONE FOB TUB I'REHENT THE ORE AT OKA MA. THE LADY UK ST. TKOrEZ, Traualated and adapte.1 trnni the Franca, e*pre.<sly for thl? theatre THE CAST Has been distributed a* follow*: ? George Maurice, a rich ship buidei and ur- iprietOF, Mr. Le*terWall?ek Antome Caus>a4e, head workman Mr. Norton Charles d'Arbtl, a young pityUn Mr Reynold! Doctor tlertaut Mr. Moore M. Eaiivl' la, a pi bite u tafv Mr. Young Count o'Aul>enve Mr. Flojd Jerome an inukeepcr. Mr Bernard Dominique, servant to the Count .Mr. I'araloa Joseph, servant to Maurice Mr Ooburu Workmen, Sailor*, tieadnrine*. Hortenae d'AuVi ive, <l?i f ht.'r the Co-iVt Mr* Hoey I'HUllne Tanglcl*. ?lie ?: la:, 1,.... Mix* Vary ilanoon Chariot le, wife of An tome Ml it Fanny Murtut Tolm tte, wife of Jerome Mr*. Wolcot Doors open at 7; commence at 7'a. Brooklyn academy ok music TO-NKUIT?MARTHA, WITH THE STAH t ASI, COLSON, IHILll'I'S, llltHlNOI.I, SCSINT, COLETTI. MR. RtREY'S CHARITY LECTURE. Family Circle and Amphitheatre 60 CMit* N the Sew aid Arabians, Old Peacock, Cruiser, "New Jer sey," and tb% little Hbcliie*. "\ r Al' X1LALL. YA1 XHVLL, NOB. II AND 16 FOURTH ? avenua.?VAIXIIAEL, VAUXHAl.E, Mo*. 11 and 10 Fouith avenue. Hiuginc. dancing, music and bin league, lmnienae sneees*. Criwdcd house-. Admission only lOcetits. Tl/ILL BLOSE ON SATURDAY, KEHRUARY I?TUB TT tlilld Au&ual Exhibition of IMc'ure* of the French fkhuol. Open day and evening. Admission 20 cenla. At OOL'PII.'S, 772 liiv>udwky. corner of Ninth street Canterbury palace, 71s hkoadway corner of V.'ashlugtnti place?The most m.i?[nt!tjent. KetrcA ment Saloou In the co?mtry, w In re the following article* of tlie Ilueat <|U*lity are alwa'v* to be found:?Imported Wine*, Liquors and Segar?, *upeiior quality .Vie* and lorter. foreign and douiestie, on draught and in bottle Families will be aup pllid wi'.U the Inst ni tide* and on the moot liberal term*. FOX * CURRIN, Proprietor*. REAT TRIUMPH OF AltT. it MaMMuth scripitral PAINTING SIXTY SEVEN UlOANTlC il.l.lSTRATlONS OF PROMI NENT EVENTS OF lllllLK HISTORY. (Irouplng together in one view the celebrated picture* of all the eminent ma-ici> of Scriptural puiiitmv* from Genesis to Ri vi latlori. Thl*, the most magnificent painting in the world, ha* been visited bv tlie ni >nt upprect itlve utidleuee* with the highest admiration, and is now i>n exhibition at llop,* Chupel, 720 Broadway. I'AKT Iht, 2d and'd?Erohraclug ality-inven dlst'nct, en tertuiuilig, and Instructive historic ?e?iics in the Old and New Testament*, \* ill be EXHIBITED THIS EYENINli. Admission Z* cent-. < hlUtren under twelve year* of age, 15 cents Saturday, at 2 o'clock I; M , to Sabbath school* at reduced raUs Exhibition mid lecture to ciitumcin ?' at 7', o'clock 1'. M. Ticket* ui the door. RAILROADS. noeeoft RMER MJUHUD-MR ALBiNr iKD ?..,e-I couueo""K wllt> train? North and West. Tuinn rM>M CIUMIII US hTRgKT. rKOK TIIIRTV riK<T STRKVT SET5 P m" M" "Ud 7f" ? M aa,| ^T" ^;r/eL?.^ri-(M!ih,,e<,p- <*"?"?????. ,?ti,.V:i!dV{?!a.7:30A8a-M. ft t'kskill train, ft:.viO t*. M. fi*55 P 1ST S1I'"m1"* tr"l"*,:a) aml 4; J0 ?> "aid 4:05 I'. J|. Tarry-town Iraln, C:10 P. M 7:10 P M. m -A. K. SMITH, Sup?riutendent. YTEW YORK, 11A 1M.K M AND ALBANY RAILROAD - iv, i f o ,nY' connecting with the New York C"'"1* W'-l. Norlhweat and Hon h ii ii' w!l. Northern Kullrond, for Saratoga It'JllMr. ? S ft uttsbtirj Kouhc * l'oitit, Ogden.burg and M m ii i ? "'^n ? '"mmeticlnit Monday. December 7 i ^ V Jrav* *''w Y" k "" '"Howa:?For Albany f'uv ii iV' I,? i xl'i''*s from Ti vou row, m ar Null, l or A b^ny, 7:J0 A M. aiuf4:46 P. M .do ' it\i no R?''ia mall tialu, lrotn Try >,? J o, OiO A. M. do. ik, 28th *t. depot. Protonrttta 4 P M Mopping at all atntlona ahore Vorkrllle "o h ? ,l.-n t' \\ bite Plain*. 8:15 A M? 2 ;??and ft 1?. M., ? mini ?" ,n m ' Hon., from 2Mh at. depot. White Plain*, tiltiiV stil'mdnj at all_station*, Horn White Mioet depot. WiiiiamVindlreI? A. M and X .HI p. M . ;,t ,11 ^IlV, V- -r ,.V t i , j'? ? Wffliam*btMfie, II <#p.V Vte.ine d.'iy'and Sa'tur lay on y stopping at ajl Nation., from dl..M)t KHuiin/ will leave Albany, 7 A. M and 4. HP. M ? Kait Alh.nJ 7-i< A M. and 4:161*. M., exprea* train. Albany. In: 10 A .M 'Kant Albany, 11 A. M., express mail train. Croion Fall* 7 \ m "I mm** ? " !",r"' Tremoiu. White Plain*' wWlawbrtto * and i p"?lo,,|'l"K at "" "tatlon^ tion? Wlllifimshridgft *U> p. M (Wednesday ancTfteLiinUv ? "" Tlck.u ^and checked for way nations at v0lll gUllon , u Jt>HN HL'ltiJlllLL, AaaiaUut Superintendent. CLOTH1MO. " A GREAT demand for cloth l\<; 1 \nil .-t wit Renilemen l::tv!r g vjjt off ('lothlnr Kuiint>ir?* or i.arpew will ri eelve the hixlio^t pri e bv .uidrc n ? .,. ,11 MiVllHrrti 668 rll'r,, ?v?uu?. Ladliw alt n i, a to by Attention.?i,ai)m:s and i.i:.m i kmkn. ik vor want to grt tho full vabn* i?-r your ' a"* oil' <'lothuiir rurnlture, ( aipeig and Jnw. lry, the bee. v..? , -end n not.-10 P. HAKIMS, 14rt Seventh ayMu.i. There V . "'?Jr bo^nvl.iccd you will be d- alt with 10 n.ur Ka Urv tfon Fi r ?llk dngjeH, from $7 to $.*>; tor 00a!., .r'n7i.l tT su fov panto arid yeata. from $1 upward, Plraae d Vor? 1 i i'nded by Mr'^Ha i'rl'a '' a' 1-d.caV.' AHIOHER PRlfR W",l. HE PAin THAN BY ANT other dealer f? r caat I.ff nothing, Kurnit.iro r\rt^l! ? ' ?'??? order, to nil. , all on or addr^M dSLJ" 218Mivunthavetiiie, between Twenty fo'.rth and Tweniv diili' trefta. Ladlca attended to by Mm. D. iwcntv njtft AYOID BEING Ill'MHCfifJEn?LADIES AND i:F\ "r a nole by'p ,st io'lt iiaHKIm, a&i li-wery. 1 here yon may 1>* wuro to dixno** of fi\ ^ Clothing, Furniture, Carpou and ?lewi iry at a I io IV. Tva<,.'d ?ol>''u"!b??'"1 for Silk brataen, from $7 rr",n * 10 !"T Pant*, from ?l and tin ?ard*. Ijadle* punotunlly attend, d to l.y Mr* llarrU ski Bowery, opposite Kourih and tlreat .lone* *treei*. A HETTEB (HAN'cE T11VN EVE ft.?I, \DIRS i\n r77iiS''S5 I"en' 1 * (ji-'-at demand foreaxt off Uoiliin-r 1-2, J. i'j Tark'1- ' Kuarantee to pay for tllk dreeaea friim $8 to ?.?); Iroin $3 to |lft for coat*, ; r nn $If>$ft fo? pant* and yc*t; aNo, woolb'n dreiue*, delaine* ahawu cioaka, luruiture kud carpetK, the higbext prlee riaid p 1,.,,,? call onorad.lreMR note to it. Mint/ 7? Sl?th avnno* iL. aD" Waver,-y ^VSSSJTo j ABETTEK I'HIt'E TAFD FOR LADIES' AND(JBNT'H J?;\ ^urn"ure, < ^pe?, dewei?' Ic8 rrom $, paid lor *ilk dre8x?*K, from #>?? to $18 for Aoj?f?' ff /ji i^ v 5P 'or pama A not#* )>y post punclii illv at' trndod to by K , I'M frvrath av# nu.-, hH^n NW^Iuh iind Twentieth Mtre??tH. Ladi**n att*'ndfl<i to l>y Mm K Abetter rn antr ?till -Ladibs kmrnmntM niton, I ha>?? a grnat d^rnarkd for cast off Clothing Ktir niiure, Carpeta Jewelry. Ac., for th? We*tern marl'et 'l ZL f Jh'foliowlng prfoee^-For Hi:k I)re?se*, from ?8 W f'U.aLLm "J1! *? for ''aula, from fi to M ? weeff Tuentt^tl.* ? Seventh ayeriue, be tween Twentieth and Twenty flrnt Mreeta. Puuctuallr at tended. Ladiea attended by tin. Anholt A^ari> ?GENTLEMEN IIAVlN'il ANY OI'ANTITY OP new and left off < lotbinu to dl-jxixe of ?7ll meet with a ea.h pureha.e, I y c.ll,n? at tEe store or a.ldre?ain? Thoi i> ~ ijkntiYth Y. " ARTIKII'IAL BONK riLUXD Pt(R DRt'AYRO TEETII put In while soft, wltb pr??aare or pain. Aehln* ^eihorm. re *h"ll? ran be filled with it by the dlaeovnrer ilde'6* I'HAKriON, M O. R. m.n?d to OSU Broadway, north "IYHS. DI'RKIN \M) P.OSSEA1 t'ONTINI'E I'. FT -,?,ar' To,>lh ?ll?hte*t pain by their new and original pmeew*. No eharge for temporary ae.a ot' extracting a here artllielal Teeth are ln*erted. AUoperatlons warranted N". .l,:t t anal -ireet, oppoaite We?t Broadway. LKI-.NCTKR, . ?1RADHATED ST'ROHON DENTIST No SO Went Twenty ninth street, Between Mmadway and Sixth avenue. XT B. GBIKPIN k BROTIIEKH INSERT TEKTII, WITH ? ih* Mn* i .! e>'"c"n* reota; on *llyer or rubber, fold $20._platlna $29; partial net* on gold, $2 per tooth- *11 It'lve?1Jhr:.h E3' "S,0*ii ^ eement and ar-fSrjSV F,tr*rtln?'2&r,:,,U- :)??0,?nd *treet. New lork, and UH rulton itreet, Brooklyn. WBDH ALi ~ ADYlt R (BY HIB ORATEKI L PATIRNTll) To TUGS* i 7^ ? who I are NnfTortNl frf>rn the uniiinwMfni trMt raent of their nhyatoUn. rea l Dr I^irmont'* P?rl? .m l f?on don Mr.Ileal Adviser an.i Marriage Oul.le, .old by faiwrenee Ne 1 X eaey ?tract, or coniult ilia Doctor ut 047 Br.iA.lway ml ?lalpri^from ? u. 6, and 7 to V Thuraday eyeniiig* 7' 1 P Dk. r.cobbett has removed from I9dd7v* ?treet to 2.11 Centre rtreet. near r hamh^a, wheri he r?.on.nlted ?ith the rno.t honorable eonflden-e on e.ri?S ?i???yeiL? .~ttr * '? ? member of the New York I'nl reraltjfeMedleal I ollege. See hia diploma In hla olll ?. n?. WA.Rt)' A" OLD, EX PERIRNt'RD AND RELIA J .bk phyaklan, can be .xinaulted ou certain dlwaaea Of. ?tee 483 Broadway, up atalra. ' nR...<,^'rilE"( .'4 1X ANE STRBRT, VAT BK ('ON lultf'd on all dHeaiirn nf a certain nature Twenty flihi W?,???ri? .'J "r1*1 '? "nable film to warrant a rure_In all .a*e? 't he ytetlm* of rni.plae.Hi end drnreln tnrdr^l nreU-nder* can call, with a certainty of be Ing radically ourei or no p.y, "I \R. RAI.i n S OI I-ICEi, l.? t'ROKBY STRRRT.? ipted^'ounlrom 10}. till 2, and from ti till 9, lay*, ?(. nR WARD'H I'HPOKTl'NATBR'S KRIRND. AND , 5r "V t. *n '"""erbate eure l'rioe i|, with an. ireitelTuii'h'inv TVi? r<"npl*J"u r-eelie at enllon and Of?r?4M Broid? "y*' Attendanoe tiU 10 P. M. ni". "I'1* *"or thirty YEARS CONFINED III. at entlon to i||*e;.?e; ,,f a eerta n cImm, In whlrh he haa treeie.l n..|.??thnn dfty thousand rnwi ?lihont 1111 In itan.e "r a '"re. Ilia grr at remedy, Dr Hunter * Red Drop, cum rerialn dl^a?ea when re?ul..r treatment and all other reme die* tall, rtire* Without dieting or re.trlcllon In the habit, of the pallet;*;mre* wUh...? the dlaguatlng and alekenlBgeffeeta he,?? ' 1. Ur"""1 ""w run'" ln ''***?> "> !??? than all hoiira It root* out the polaonou* taint the h|.K*| laaure to rem*<T " '??' ? 1 and cannot be olitalned uenlune nny^h' r* but at th?' Id oflice, No \ etTe!'^earrty ,.b^'k ^ "",h,n*' lh" 'r",N 01 the ev" IMPORTANTTO EEMALBS.?REMOVAL?BR. TII1KR8' ?ireet remoyed to 62 Sixth arrnuo, above Fourth T ADIEU AND OENTLEMKN ARE KENDKItED rilf nr.w iaa wii"'C 41 """" 0-1 eoninPIng Dr II V H\R 11 ... A H . o".r *'? '*? four door. Ir..rn Ma.-d.mgal N. Y. I'" 11 "'I' II I'll and (r. ,n 4 to S suridaya, till 2. \| ' 1 ;.l ? 1 , \ V :tf, ? utMISE ' , 1,1 'all) In the treatment of tunc. U?T?ur aexual *yat:m Hour* from ten ]>ROFK^SOR JjESTELL Ifil CHAMBERS HTKKKT, 2!??!?? hcV* * ?<Mre???d to bo* AwraBauum. NIBLO'S OAKDI'N. Jamet. M. l,Uon jli.T NI(,llT Le*. ? *u4 Manager Of the engagement this Maia?n ol MK EDWIN KOBRERT F8I1>AY I.' KM NO, FEB I, 1*61, will bo repeated bulw, i * gr< at piav of ElCI IK Kit OK, Tin; CONSPIRACY < .irrtlnal Rlclelleti Mr EDWIN FORREST >-e]o< t seats for 4r. Forrest's night* may be secured in ad tum by applying at the bui oflce, between 9 and >. To M< iltROW LVKNINO, a beautiful entertainment t>y the rt uuwui'U ZOUAVES. Poors o|icn at C j. Curtain liaea at 7','. LAURA KEENE'S ?UEA?RE. J.Al RA KeKNE'M THEATRE. I.AURA KEENE'S THEATRE. LA I'It A KERNE'S THEATRE. LAI ItA KEENE'S TIIKATItfe. SIX. I * EIGHTH NIGHT MXT\ 1 hi II1II NIGHT. M>.Tyi.l.;UTlI NIOIIT. Mm-Kliiinil NIGHT EIGHTH NIGHT. S!Siy.-5!,,HT? NKUHT. ^ U .- ',i,ITU N'tnir. S1XT\-EIGHTH NIOIIT. SIXTY-EIGHTH NIOUT. SIXTY EIGHTH NIGHT. NINETV-FIVK THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND FEOPGK NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND PKOPLK NiNETYUVE Ti. ol'SANIJ l'KO'LK NINETY-KIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-KIVE THOUSAND PKoi-l.K NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-EirR THOUSAND FKorLE NINETY-KIVE THOUSAND l'EOPLE fiAVfc MKKH TMK OHEAT TI1REK ACT LOCAL BURLESQUE, GREAT THREE ACT LOCAL MURLKSOUE, UNSEAT THREE ACT LOCAL BURLESQUE, THK SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISIENm, seven sisters, SEVEN SISitRjj. SEVEN SI^THT^, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTER1-. Sl.V EN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SE\ EN SISTERS, SEVEN MSTEHS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, WHICH WILL UK REPEATED TO NIOIIT TO-NIOIIT TO-NIOHT TO-NIOHT TO-NI OUT EVERY NlOUfUTIIia WEEK, EVERY Mt.llT THIS WEEK, EVERY NIOIIT THIS WEEK, EVER* NIGHT THIS WEKK, EVERY NIOIIT THIS WEEK, With the following DiSTKUJtTIO.N Of I ilAltAtrKR3 i MOKTAI.S. DounTriM. Tows ah.?rnmnifn!) < allod NV? iiil?our country cottsin frotn Vermont Mr. H (J. Kogkrs Aktiilk Sit'Nj.kk, dramatist and urUtt in crayon, Mr. II. F. Dalt Snail, his friond Mr. T. li. Jow.nmun r.rniKu > ? I Uiinal poiloeman, always la i ,. w,?__ I j the way when wanted, with aids.. J 1,r- " "KN Mary Sprikgi.1 .if Mrs. J. II. At.t.KN IMNOHTAUI. 1'iuto, Kim: of Hades, the Kljrslau Fields and all low counti iex ally, a monarch by no means ?i> lat. k aa In- in palmed, though probably not near t- > p")du? he will upi*ar by the NpewD tatlonor. Mr. Ekkhow, one of l'luto'a aids l?r. Barton Dkmomos, att old friend with it n< jw fare, hoping to Impress the i uldie laToruiily Mr. Lkvick Ctiri i k, one >>1 the original s.tb.e brothers, an uu mitlgntid nuisance, ut everybody's way, and never accomplishing anything good?tat tact so very had iliat Ida black father, Pluto, won't have hint a i I laden at any prl v Mr. Bcbnktt CoaKrHLOT?Hkdkvk?not bad spirit*, l>y any inranx, lint who while on earth, manafed I'lfei' tually in mlarepreHfut their ?onatituenta In th>< corporation council! Mr. Wai.l, Mr. Ooodbicu I?i woi.ims, flmt of the feven Slater-, raisins a re volt in lladm and a breeze on earth, afterward* tin'Angel , afterwards front IH^hlioy, af terwaroa the Muidrruua Moiltrr, altertvarda Elora, Gwideaa of Flowrra, at'tervviuils Captain lh^hlMiy, of lite Ki minlne /ouaves, aftefW'arda Khun, his sister, which disguises slit: aanitmes in the vain endeavor to tnis! ad trthur... .Mias 1, ti n i K itxk I'i t in i.a, tin' leeocd sistiT, a chip nf Um old block, out for a holiday, afiernarila the Ancnl , altci'warda ?ioh IHgbboy, al terwarda l'ayche, aflerttaida I.l< ut Hi?;lili<iy, of the Eendmne JCmiavea, afterward* Mis* Angellnn Ilighboy, a lashloiable belle, aftenvurd* a li'xithlack, always imslHting her si ler, and occasionally *pc> nlatlng a lltlli- onhertiwnae count Ml-s l'oi.i.r Marshai.i. Taiitakim . the tlilrd (later, anotner ll^uniiiMtm chip, ulsi> out tor a holiday, afterward* the .\ni;?'l , ar ler ward* Jenwhn lllgl.lviy, alierwarda Lieut. llli;hl>oy, of the Ketntnlne Kounven, afterward* Sli s MaMtabl* Htghbov, * fiuihlonable belle, nfterwar' * a h"t corn girl following in the footsteps ol her Illustrious pre deeesi-ora in ail particulars .Mrs I.ottt IIoccii SuLrnuniSK. i T hcreroalnlng i our of the [Mrs. 11. Vinimu | Isieyix Slims, I Farcimkli a . I who, In the most ati'e | Mia* Noha Lnun [ntauii* r, ?s>lst tlie dia { bler.ea of theirslatera, aa- Miss MKtvit.i.c saining ?variety of clia | Cantaiuix. .. J ractera for that purpose. I Mis* \\ imoi'iiiibt Mi*. Pi.cto, formerly called Pro*p> rine, the one fslrdaurhtiT of Cere*, ortipnaliy borne to her by Juplt' r, i.nd ?uh* queatly borne iroin her by l'luto, whit h f*ct Hutliclemly tu oount* for her appearing In this connection Mr. I'etsrs Canaa, an c-.timalile lady, considerably younger her ilaugiiiei above alluded to. aiiti lnlro diiced solely for the purpose o- Introducing the last scene Misa Evfrett Kcpiit or Aiiiui h's Histkh Miss nUM ti I'll", a well known spirit, allerwnrd* Young Sum, afterward* the Sprite of the ('hr/falla, Liitlk Mart Bdmock During the pii ce will lie represented a serious tragedy, in one act and several tableuux, railed the MlRDEROCS MOTHER AHII TIIK DEyoTEU DAUtlHTER. Tfre Hetnorselcaa Tyrant Mr. O. P. Browne Kreuiiwc Danseuw, with a Orand l'a?....Mrs. O. K. Browue DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE EAST ORKAT SCENE, THK Blltl II OF THK BUTTERFLY IN Till.: BOWER OF FERNS. BOX BOOK NOW OPEN, Mm SEATS MAY ItK SECURED, WITHOUT KXTIM CHAROK, TEN DAYS IN ADVANCE. Doom open at 6>,; to commence at 7i, o'clock. I'ei formanie over at 10o'clock. HOI ILK r A CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS. NIBLO'B SALOON. MONDAY evening, January 2H, *nd every evening. Flr?t *|>peai am* In ihl* city or the very talented Kthi>plan Comedian, Johnny Olky, laie ol Rumaey A Newcomb'a Mitiatrei* NEW KE AT I RES?NEW FEATURES. FIRST TIME- PIKE'S PEAK EMIGRANTS. JOHNNY, fOUNO YOUR BUOLE, COM PLUNU QtJM. THE RIVAL'?BRIAN O'LTNN, THE RETl'RNEl) CALIFOKNlANS. Ac, Ac. 8. C. CAMPBELL, the Prince of htliloplan Voc.tlUlf, In new Song* ami Ballad*, making an entire change of iwrturiiiam-e. Door* open at O1*, to eminence at 7?*. Ticket*, 25 cent*. VTIBLO'R OA RDF. N.?NEXT TUESDAY, FEB 6, IW. Fonrth night?T the Inkermann Zouave*. per torm*nccof th>-grand military aiM'Ctaele in three ac* and tomr tableau, the BATALLION OF THEFORLORN HOPE ? nfana perdue); or, HIF. TAKING l)F THE MALAKOFK. Military evolution*, bayi net exerclie, nle?'" work*, hind to hand flghta, Im-alMlble chaw fwlth the bayonet Iqr the Zouave*, atormlng and carrying of the Malakcfr Tower. Apo iIu-o'Ih?Washington and Bonaparte, th? hroeiof America and Enrope. will i>c nprwiel MM wiih victory. New Mi l t>eautif>i' ?i eneiy, r> pre*< nllng the Malakoff Tower, the Tower of Sebaatopol In the distance. Mr. rarey s charity lecture. AT THE NEW YOKE ACADEMY OF MUSIC, ON SATURDAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK. Senator Seward'* Imported Arnblm*. Cruiser, Mi-.-nm. C. W Bathgate A I'o.'a beautiful 1'atehen gtallion New Jeraey, the not< a lighting ?nd lilting horns Peacock. I rom tbe llintaon River Railroad ?tal>le*, and other horse* will be exhibited. Family Circle and Amphitheatre Mcenta Poritlvelv Mr. Itarey'?laat appearance. Fnmlly Circle and Ampbltneatre .80 cent* American concert hall. AMKRICAN CONCERT HALL, 444 BROADWAY, 4+4 BROADWAY, The largest and beet conducted place of amusement la the city. _____ DECIDED SUCCES.?, DECIDED SUCCESS Of the new local Rorle-uiue, THE CKNTRAL PARK CARNIVAL. The graii'l skating Scene WINTER BPORTS IN NEW YOBK. The new and beautiful Ballet of TUB CHILI) OF THE REOIMENT. MISS MARY PARTINGTON In several favorite Dance*. CHARLEY WHITE ' In hi* favorite Ethiopian Farce of THE BLACK STAT IE, THE BIJtC'K STATUE, Together with Song*, Datura, Banjo Solo*. Improvlaatore Song*. F.xtravaganxa?, Farce*, ( omlialltlea, Ac., by the large*t < ?mi?nv In eilatence 1 he great Irian t omedlan, Mr. W. O'NBIL, la engaged and will ap|?nr on Monday evening, February 4. Adnitaxlon?Parquet, SUeenta; Oallery, 111 cent*. R. W. BtTLER, Proprietor. Mo** La Thowc*, Stage Manager. Theatre francais, w? bboadway.-samedi. a Fcvrier, IH#1. A la demande gf-nerale et |*>ur U derulere fola de la ealnna, LBS CANOTIERS DE LA SEINE. I'fce anuatl'iue k grand *pe>taele. Brooklyn academy of music.-martha To night Lait night but one of the season. Klottowe'a charming Opera Martha. M1 m BROADWAY KRNESTIENK R I I R I I N AND SIRTER ERNE8TIE IE. ERNESTIENF AND MINNIK l?E FAIBER, THE COSMOPOLITAN SISTERS, YOl'NO, HE AI TIH'L AND ACt't iMPLISIIKD YOl'.Mi, BEAIT1FI L AND ACCOMPLISIIBO VOCALISTS DDD AAA NNN MM ?tt I'UU HSS BEE, Will be added to Ihe coapany at the MELODEON, and wUI appear TO MORKoW (SAtiwday) NIGHT. OPERA.?OBEAT AMISFMENT FOR THE LAD1F.N? Oyer* Bonnet* a' half price: Evening Bonnet* at half price: skating Hat* for ladle* and children; Tarlton Itlbbon*, viower* anil Feathcra at reduged prlcca, at L IIINNS' Mil linery, del Broadway. CT. LOUIS THEATRE.?J IV ROBERTS, THE EMT. r nent Tragedian. I* flaying a flne engagement at thlg e*' allt-hmml I?m? neia torrr?pondrnta wllladdre"* abore til further niW'w. B ROOKLYN ACADEMY Of MUSIC M ARTHA?TO MONT Triumphant success of the Itallau Oporn. ASIl'SEWENTI. A t'ADlMY ?*|r MUHIC. N. v -IIIHKUif A. MoNDAV K\^:NIN(i, FHUKI'AKY 4, Ko??iiu meii-bi'it-.i t u?, i THE HA11UEU Ol' .-iTviLLF MISS ISABELLA HINKLEY . In 1 'e fam?'* ^Udiuter or KohIiml Aim* S lv? ? E 1< It I 4s Kiinfv Sl'SINl in bin renowui d character of Doctor H ,rt.ik? 0OU5TTI a-.. Mtmtm Director and I ondi:<-tor .-iguar M''7U> Verdi'* ceieoiatnl now Opera. IN IMI.LIi IV MARCFTBRA, Whh h has I "en for many weeks la nfitKe r.'h<* inial. wIL ijc I'lwWti j in the noat splend 4 ltyl'\ for the lane la America, .Monday, Krb. 4 Comet Op, ra Hooks, at Hlb< ll's Wall ?tre?t Brooklyn academy of mi7B!c?opera, 11iI< . cuing, (FRIDAY), Fifth Opera Night. Di>t ulght but i.iic of the tCHKon, Cahii ?in uman)OMce of me imwnM roccm wblth Iw attended ili. iijuni :ii Hiooklyn, ttnro tta inaugur iti >n, tlio management lui reaolved t<> give three peilorwanoe-. tbla wc< k. th<-third i.: wlebwlll t.ike | lace thU i-reiaug, FRI DAY, l'tbruu.j l. \\ hci. will be piodu ? FLOTOH s <11* F DfKVIt* MARTHA, H itb entire!, new and g. n*in? C? B;umea nuufactuied e? ire**lj for the ootaatou, from the original sketch ia l'arit, ubii the lollcu tug star mat.? MADAMK I'ACLINT OOLSON, In liergri at original i art < f l.ady Henrietta. Mis* ADKI.All'K PHILIPS an Nanw MUOMU.I (. rlginal (dii'i Lyti? fil'SINI . UN nt.UKttt COL1ETI un Sir rriittju Director and Conductor . .kig MU/Io, Keatacan *1*? be aecuied at Si ball'a. Wall atreet. Kent t'jh'i u N??{111 Tu.sdav, Ittarjr fi "W'lNTBll OAKDh.V " 1 .. .v-ee and Manager A. W .1 ickarni Hie uahagnncDt hint pleaaure in announcing tli it tUl* .Fri day) ?renins, Feb. I hn~ been wt apart for HIE bknkfIt HIE BENEFIT or MR..EDWIN BOOTH, who ? U1 appear on thta occasion for . . . , , THE FlitsT TIME In lua grtut rolr of H1K OILBs OVIBREACH, A NEW WAY TO '* And athO, by tsiiecial denire In flu riiara!rt!rr PETKI'OHlO, in Sbakapcre's delightful eomedv of CATHERINE AND PETBUCHIO. UOWERV THEATRE le p opnet'iiK Messrs. Q. L. Foi A I W. Lmiint FRIDAY, 11.11 I BENEFIT OF MR !?'. .? CII kN"BAU, Who nIli Hi'p' ur in THREE OKFaT characters. ' be i etiii' eoiuedj of A I'F.EP Itl' illNlJ i III, SCENE* Mona. Achillc lalM i Dnfard Mr f. S. Cian'mo The I'roteaB liin vn<|Ui oi VARIETY; OR, THE MANA EU IN BBARC1I OF NO\ KIAY Mr. F. 8. CI at.frni> in hi* great itnluti?na of Mr Edain I'm rent and Mr Harm y WUlluniN Mi. U L. Fox'a great i,ec ure, aniltled RAltE) MANIA, In which he will ?ubju,Mte fie rtl floqr ttnUitnrd stee In. fhe?>pultr 1 icat dram i of M\V yohk AS I I IS Muse Mr. I". S. Chan'raa ConrlndlnR with tl?e i mgliab v arte of CU'HS ABE J ICi MPfe. BAKNUM'S AMKRJCAN .MUSKI M. IMUAV, KEHRUaJK^ I, Ml. 'I? i splendid ai'uinutiv p>: fort i inee-i, LC'VE AND i:i.01'EMENlj at I ortoek I*. M LADY <?! S'!' TRC>I'E7<, >it 7}i evening Tlie following wonderfnlcomMti itlon of Living ('uri >altim Is to lie si on lit .ill liotiiH for the very ion price ..f 26cent*:? mil AliA.Ms CALIFOJI.N'IA MEN An Eli IE. 'IDE I.I VINO MAMMOTH Hi.Alt SAMI'SON. THE LlVINtl HLACK SEA LION. TIIE TWO LIMNi; A/TMC I'llILDREV. THE LI VINO AI.KIMI FAMILY. 'HIE LIN INC. WHAT IS IT? THE IIVINO CANARY II1RD SHOW. IIIE 1.1 \ .Mi 1.1. VRNEI) SEAL THIRTY LlVlNli MONS1EU SNAKES. THE LI VINO HAI'I'Y FAMILY MISS DAWRON, IlOCBI E VOICED HINOER. THE $IWI Sl'Et KLF.I) HltOOK TllOL'T. TUB LIVING AFRICAN WAVAOES, who close their exhibition tomortoiv ADMISSION hi ALL, only 2.r> cenU. Children tinder 1ft, IS ei iiiK. l'aniuet IS ceutN extra; children undu' 10, 1U c^nta extra. BRYANT'S MINSTKE1.S. Mi liduv, .Ian. S8. and every nleht during the week, l'ltOF. KAItE-llIOH The oelchrated hosa tamer. The lecture will ho 1'KACTICALLY ILLl'STBAfEI) liy Tin: INTRODl'CTION AND SI H.IUGATION OK THK MOST VICIOl'S ANIMALS THAT CAN BE l'RODUOBD. DAN ltltYANT, 'Ilie plnnialloll Darkey, will dance hi* world renowned EssENt E OK OLD VIRCIISNY. ri'RCF.Y and WAMHAI.D, the bf?uUful tenora, In new ImlhidH, ii' w songs, itanc-N, soIon, anvlngN, hurlenipie planta tlon n enep, Ae, Door* open at 6Si. t'nrtaln il*eit ut 71,. Tli kota 25oenta. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. Nlneti i nth a .in?IStW?1HCI. Ill 1 HI) CONCERT AT Tin: ACADEMY OF MUSfO. Saturday ev. nlng, February 2, istil, On whlcfc oii aaion >lr. L'll IS SCII ItEiBRR, solo, eornet * tilalon, and the GERMAN 1.1 hI'KKK KANZ, of New York, Lave kiudly volunteer) d their aervlce*. ORCHESTRAL PIECES. Bhumann'a Synitihony, No .1: Baydn'* sympholue, No. 2, nnil M agner a Overture to TanBnaeuaer. Cotidnetor Mr TheodoreElafaltf. 'I ickeu for ?al'' at the usual plac*. All ticket* *.ild at tho door on the evening of ooncert w ill he $1 30 each. Door* open at 7, to c.iuimencu at 6 o clock. By order. L. SPIER, Srcret*ry. Mr. rarey-s charity lectors. Trices of admission. Tarquet, Balcony, Boxes mid Referred Seat*, one dollar. Family circle and Ampbltbeatrn Fifty* 1i. Kiln now on Hale at tbe tin uOlue of the .New iom Academy oi Music. Tbe public are cautioned against purchasing of speculators card TO THE LADIES. In reply t'i numerous Inquiries, I b< h* to *ay that the nlii^n corjia of Aradi my uiHioth b?ye b>'< n i'iikuoI; airl that apealal iittc nllon win be ghen to the comfort or lndie< attcudlng my taiewell matinee. JOHN 8. RARBY. Mt'TROrnuTOi Horn,,.Ian 29, 1981. ERMAN YOLKS GARDEN, HOWEIIY. 1 PALACE HAl.L CONCERT 8 A LOOK. The moat perfect place of AMUSEMENT IN T1IK CITY. GRAND ENTEKTA1NMK.NT EVERY NIOIIT. HINGING, AND DANCING, NEGRO AMI ACROBATIC PERFORMANCE, Ml KLK8VI K AND PANTOMIME ORAND TIOHT KOPE AH ENSIGN. by the wonderful < hlld Agnes, 6 year* old. A FULL HANI) OF MINSTREL SINOERS Is engaiji d for tba Mrtection of < ii>era Choruses. SOMETHING NEW. The only place In the city where tlm handsomest Waiter Girl* are to be found In KI LL FANCY COST I'ME. COME AND SEE THE WAITER OlRLS IN FI LL FANCY COSTIWK. BOWERY SURPASSES BROADWAY. BETTER TALENT, i IIEAI'ER ADMISSION AND THE FINEST WAITER C.IRI.S IV COSTUME. Don't forget the Fancy Dre><?. a. Admiaalon, fl cents; re?civ- d w?t*. cents. I3LOOR KK AT I Ml, FLOOR BKATING?AT RBBITY 1 Hail, ,'.j \\ ml llurty third atiee', nr^r Itioad a ay, wttfc th" ii'' in Floor ?'k.Mea Ladles will dud this an eaay nietbnB oi b ;o ?kate. t charge 20 ceats txi hour or seven les son" for $1. Open from 9 a. M. till III P. M. LIHHARV HALL. ELIZABETH CITY, NEW JEKSEY. ONE NIGHT ONLY. CHANGE. CHANGE, CHANGS. WOODS MINSTRELS, THIS E\ENING iFRIIIAVi H-.HRL'ARY I, 1*1. New I'nl'ii So<#g?, "Gallr the T onhadour." Hu-ir, Danreaml Buileaqua. Concluding ?lth thi' ecl'brated "Dixie's Land." K'KW TORKBR STADTTHEATRE, 87 VNDS9.BOWBRY. IN Tbiril night of DIE MAIJRRR VON BERLIN. Mff Comedy, wltli Songs, l>y E. Pobl. Frans, O. Iloym, Gaoo wkW'in, Mr Meauberti ret ir hen, Mlsa Scheiler; Rosalie, In. Meaubeit. IMMENSE ATTRACTION AT CANTERBURY Ml SIC MALL, ft.I UHOADWAT. SECOND WEEK OF THE OREAT BLONDIN, BLONDIN, BLONDIN, BLONDIN. _ BLONDIN, BLONDIN, HIE HERO OF NIAOARA. THE HERO OF NIAGARA. Who carries a mm on hm bark mo mailer what his weigh# up the whoie length of his great Ascension Rope everf night. BLONDIN 8 wonderful feats on the Tight Rope are positively astounding. playing THE VIOLIN aad turning Somersaults at tlie same time. TI RNING A SOMER8ACLT "??r burning randies nix feet higher than the ripea, an amongst ?im?nl the acts nightly performed by this woadar of the world. SAM COWELL, SAM COWELL, RAM COWELL Tbe most wonderful eomle singer in the world, tad J H. OGDEN, J. II. OGDEN, J U OGDEN. Tbe Irish Ambassador, EVERY NIGHT FOX A CURRAN, rroprleloen. MELODEON. .\W BBGADWAY. JAR. 8. WIBIRT. Proprietor. C. MiMILLIN, stage Manager PROF. A STRAI'B, Leader of Orcbggtlk DANCES BY MISS KATE rBNNOT|B, DANCES BY MISS KATE PENN YER, DANCES BY MISS KATE PBNNOYEB. DANCES BY MISS APELE OALLA, DANCES BY MISS A DELE CALLA, SONGS BY HIM _ ? kldbrton, RLDK KT< ?N, eldertow, IIATTIR JAMES. HATTIE .IAMEH, And other Young I adles In hMk Dances, BallaAuBo. Mon-. BOI XAKV. Ballet M eater, wltii Ha minpany of beaa tJful ^ mine I adlea. New rendition of the " Eaeonce " (douM* ?iimt"'if Old Virginia, by C. O Nell. SHAY, la hta gnat IhkmIiiiii Art?. Especial attention la railed to tBe Aerial ilyrallonson thr trap-* of Shappee and Whitney The eaea and grare oi their moremmta exiltea the admiration of their audlenrea, anil inspire them with ronfldeuce in their ability i I BreoB?i>li?n their startling f?ata Mr. rarev'8 charity LEt TIRE. Family Clrrle and Amphitheatre Ik)cent The glee and madrigal soirbe. whioh waa givrn .lamiary i2, at Dodworth ( saloon, will he repeated for UN benefit of mrs H. S JAMESON. at thr same t lacr, tliis (I'riilay) orealng Fen. l. ish. TO CnTnmfni'" Ht flO ' lOCfc Ticket, nne dollar Frr nale at Web* A Allen * osuaic stow. No I t Union Hall, Aator i l?rr. ____________ H^ME^wThJ!'" KLK,"A!fVHEt TWO J0??. $k\m\hyul> rHKt)VVV' ^tVi^te^jg: Ti Jtnv" 'Tuv FIFPI1ANT TNMlftE THF. CASTLK t.rt irRlVA STIFF." Ml SPR1RG s I KF.Rf. 101 hi "'g^^TVoNGS, GUM DCBTB. BC. N H oiill fot th- k "TOKTSTh w T n,!4l'KY- Pro^*Mr Aami??K?n rim HRSJ itOKKt, CitflreH