Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1861, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1861 Page 11
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SHIPPING. NKW VO.K AND Li.e.Kru< l, latdi* and Jlobarklll< Fingers at ?jl" K TownTWSST Th7 S?D*nifS-'*'2*\Zi fj.iUweied Cl> aitu& Iro- CLi*i^.s"?l^^ . a ? *?A Saturday, Feb. 9. OGO Saturday, Feb. 16. riTY OK BAIT;M< kr Saturday. Feb tX Awl e?ery 6??u:-?Uj. at toon, from Pier M North Blw. . . , RATH* OF I ASJAI-*. Flint I at).:, $76 i Steerage. .... $K> Do. to Lctuon hC I Do. t? London II *ii-eiwge Return Ticketsgood for six mouths. . tiO I'UMiiMn forwarded t.> Paris Havre, Ilambung, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwip Jtc., at reduced through tares. I'trw.ns w.-hmg to bung cat their friends -an buy tickets hi re at the following raits to New York:?From Liverpool ?r (juceus'.own, lir-t cabin. $75, $S5 and $105. Steerage front Uvcricel. $4? fr<m Queenctown, $:*J. Iht.e steamers save superior accommodations for paasen gem, and carrv experienced ?irge<>ns. They are built in na'.er tight iron sections, and bave patent lire annihilators vu board. For further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM 1> MAN, ug> ut, 22 \V uter Sheet; in Glasgow, to WILLIAM INM an. 5 Ft. 1.t oot, square; in yueenstown, to O. A W. O. SRIMOl'M A CO.: in London to EIVBH A MACBY, 61 Ktni? William street; in Part*, to JULES DEl'Ol E, 5 Place do la Bourse; in Philadelphia, to JOHN G. DALE, lOtfWalnut, nurcvt; or at ifce Comi any s office*. JOHN DaI.E, Agent, 15 Broadway. New York. rR fcOl'THAMPTON AND HAVRE, ON SATURDAY, February 2 ?The Totted States m.ulsteamer ARAGO, Liner, conuuan.I.jr, will nail from pier No. 37 North river, loot of D?acb nrei t. ou Kaittrday, February 2, at uoon. This steamer luns'irpafeged for ta.?ety and comfort) hai double ei. tinea upper deck, enclosed by watertight compartments, which. Decides other retails, tends, in the event of collision <>r stranding, to keep the pump* free to work and secure ihe aafety or vessel aial pa?i-.iig<-rs. Price of passage in second eabto, $76 am.' $0U. Fur freight or passage spuly to ^AMlEI< M. I"OX, GBO. MACKENZIE, Agents, Nj. 7 Broadv ay. The steamer FFLTnN will sill March 2. 7HE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD S STEAMSHIP NEW *ORK, H. J. Ven hanter, commander, carrying the Pnited st#i._5 nvill, will sail frvm pier 30 Nyiih river, :ovt of yhJUUbeiS sir. e;, on EATI KDAT, Feb. 1?, at 12 o'clock M., roK BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Ticking passenger* to L??NDO.?, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN at the following rates ? Flral cabin, $IU0; secoi d cabin, 960; steerage, $35. For freight or passage uppy to tiBLJPCKE, KECTGEN A REICHELT, 82 Broadway. ?H'R LI VERPOOL?'THE WORLD RENOWNED CLIP per ship DREADNOUGHT, C apUin ."am k-Ih, will posi tively fail on th" 7ih February, and challenged the Neptune, (>r any uther slilp, live thousand to one, for a trial of speed. For passage, lowest rites. Apply on board, piei 0, North river, or to l*. M. DEM.VRKST, 40 South street. PASSAGE FBOM OR TO LIVERPOOL BY IHE OLD B)a<' ~ *? * Ac. The. satis on Fulton street. t .1 Bla' k Kt?r Line ?Dial ts on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Ac. The Al'STRALJA Kails February 5. The JOHN HRI itir sails on Keriuary 12. Apply to WILLIAMS A 'il lON, 40 IJ1IRHT flllPg KOK LONDON AND LIVERPOOL ? r Ship RHINE, for London, sails to-morrow. Fare?Second eabiu umi found. $16. ship SIR ROBERT 1'EliL, for Li verpoci, bulls February "J; second cabin state and found. $10. !'a^seng> n brmigbt out from the Old Country at ndu?(l rates Lor list ol ships, passage, Ac., apply lo TBOS. C. ROt'IiE, Hi South street. fBAFSCorrs line of Liverpool and lmnbon X packets.?Passage from ur to Liverpool or London cau always he . ngaged vy this well known line, sailing weekly, at the very lowest rate*, and dialts issued as uoual for auv amount, payable on demand, in any part of Great Hri'ain or Ireland, can bo obtained by apply mg to or addie-s.Cg 1 Al S WOTT A Oo., M South street, >?w York. Jamaica and nkw schkw ITBAM packet Une, < nrrying the mail.?To sail for Kingston, Jamaica, ru the 2Uth of e '.eh month. The mall steamalflp ZC LC, ?aptaln Edward Goodwin, will tail for the above p"U ori Wednesday, February 2<V Pa?suge? First cai ln, $4J: se?imd eablu, $?': third -i*as, $38. For freight or parage apply to WaLDEN a BOOTH, Ag>nts, 57 Broad street. IjtOR CALIFORNIA?VIA PANAMA. 1 A first class Ht-'amtr will leave New York on the 1st, 11th and 21st of tach month, except vh< n these dates lali on Sun *y. when the day of i!"parlure wlU bo the Monday folic* % F? ?er fre ght or passage apply at the only oiflce, No. 177 street, comer of W arren. D. it. ALLEN, Agent. R HAVANA. United S'ates Mall Steamship QUAKER CITY, R W. Shufeldt, commar.dor, TUESDAY, Feb. 6, at 12 M., From pier 15, N /. th river. For 1 reirht or passage nppfy to HAKGOUB A fO , XI ?,)Htb street. FOB HAVANA, VIA NASSAU, N. P.-TnE BRITISH and North American royal mail steamship ICAKNAK, Captain Le Mesurler, will sail for the ahove porta from the company's wbaif, at Jersay City, on TUESDAY February 5. MONliAY March 4. HAT I'H DAY March 30. katm or rassscit: *o Nassau $45 Vo Havana M For freight or passage apply to E. rl .SARD. No. 4 B tlreen. Havana ami ?> orleap K.ERY TEN DAYS. To call on Monday, Feb. 11, at 12 o'olock, The ' eteamship CAHAWBA, ,T. W. SMITH, COMMANDER, la now receiving : reight, and will sail as above from pier foot ?f Murray street, Nonh river. LIVINGSTON, CROCHERON A CO , 68 Murray street. Nteauisliip IjK SOTO sails Feb. 21. rR HATANNAH ANI? THE SOI'Tll. The steamships of the American Atlantic St#imship Oomt'any will leave pier 12 North river on the lol!owing days, at 3 P. M :? ? , ? ? UNTHTILLE, Cspt. Post, Saturday. Feb. 2. MONTGOMERY, l apt. W. C. Berry, Tuesdav, Feb. 0. R. R. OUYLEH, Capt. Crocker, Thursday, hob 7.? MOUNT VBRNON, Capt. Layfleld, Saturday, Feb*9. The steamecs of this line are all new, and are not svAissued ta elegance, comfort, safety and speed by any ou the Mean. Tickets to New Orleans, $.? 76; Mobile, $.i5. Montgomery $26, Memphis. $31 7n; Na-livilh-, $27 75; Wtoxvllle, $25 50; Tha" $25. Albany, $Zt. Columbus, $21; Atlanta, $21; Maom, $26, Augu ta, $17 50; .Savannah, # 15. Aoply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO., H6 West street and 335 Broadway. rR SAVANNAH AND OTHER POINTS, A8 BELOW.? The first class steamship ALABAMA, Capt. George R. Bobs nek, will leave on Batnrday, February 2, at 3 l'.M .from pScr 36 North river. Through tickets .an be had for the f"I bwing plsoes,?New Orleans, $.?9 75: Mobile, $15, Monw gooieiy, $25; Eufairia, Ala., $-i; Collumbaa, $21; Albany, $13; Atlanta, $21, Chattanooga, $25. Nashville, $27 73; Kuox vUle, $-5 60. Memphts, "$ii 75; AugusU, $17 5*1; Macon, ,$W; Savannah, $15. Kor fwtjsht or ra^sugc apply at 13 Broadway f he stsano-r STAR OF THE ?OUtH, Capt. J as. Keartoy, will succeed. BAMfEL L. MITCIIILL A SON, New To*. I JOHN K. WILDE It A GALLIE, Savannah, i a*"1* North carc una?weekly. The uew and Hr?t clam PARKER^BI'RG, tapt. J. E. ^tatsnard, will leave pier 13, North river, for Wil mington, N. C , on Saturday, Feb. 2, at JP. M, connecting with Wilmington ai.d tteldou anil Wilmington ami Mai.cbev ler railroad*. Uoodi forwarded to all parts of North and Sooth Carolina free of cnmmimcii. Kreigbt 8 rent* per fool and proportionate rate*. Insurance one La.f i>ef cant. A| ply to II. B. CROMWELL A CO., lit VIA ai reel and 335 Brxadway. The NORTH CAROLINA wlllfecceed, aud leave on Satur day, Feb 9. rlROl'OII FREIGHT ARRANGEMENT.?FOR NjR folk, Portsmouth, City Point and Richmond, conncctiug wHh Norfolk aud Petersburg and ttouthslde Ka.Irvad, for Lynchburg, BrlMol, Memphis and Intermedia'.'' place*. Freight received every day, and through receipts furnished, ?t pier 13 North river. Steamship JAMEbTOWN, Captain HUacer, leaves erery Tuesday. at S P. M. Steamship YORKTOWN, Captain Parrlsh. every Saturday, at 3 P. M. Freight to Norfolk, 7 cent* per foot; to City Point, 8 centa, and Hichmond, 9 rent*. Passage to Norfolk, stateroom and mca'.i Included, $f: ti Petersburg or-Richmond, $10; children between the aires of 1 a ad U, half price. Ll'D LAM k II R1NKKKN, No. IIS Broadway. DA!T(iNU ACADKNIKK, A. DODWOBTHK DANCING ACADEMIES Nc. 8<i6 R roadway, New York. No. !.t7 Mo; tsgne street, Brooklyn. Wednesdays and tfatnrrtnys tn New York. Mondays And Thursdays, Tn?sday* and Fridays, tn Br<N>klyn. Circulars of jsrm*. ?e . m:.y be bad at either Academy. 'TfiDAUF FERBERO) JACKSON'S DANCING ACA 101 <k mr, ?< Wm Thirty alitb street ?Daya of tultioa Mon aaya and Ti,<ii>dsys, Wednesdays and Saturdaya. Schoola and private claa?ea t Mended. I?ORT AITD POI JID. UkAMl ( AHll.NO LOOT OR MI8LAID?A CCP HHAPR J> Caxting. weighing about 13 puuuds, of th-' greateat value to the ?* ner full coat will be paid for Ita return to No. 9 Mereer ?treet. DO?l LOST?'THE GENTLEMAN WHO PICKED CP, yeaterriay, In tba baaetnent, corner of Naasau and Spruce streets, a ?mall black and tan sickly Doc. blind In one rye, with leather collar on, will please return Elm to 175 V .lliaai street, and be liberally rewarded. Gold pencil l??bt-tkn hollars reward ? Loit, a gold Pencil Ca?e and Pen; haa a preaentation laarrlpnon engraved on It The finder will receive the alttve ieward and ibe thank* oftheowrer by returning It to W. W. Ik Vo^rhis' llookatore, Bl Naaaau street. LORT-ON TtEHDAY EYENINO. AT THE NEW TORB Academy if Music, or walking fn sn thvre to or In a rVurteenth street ?'age, a Gold Bracelet The finder will be Khar ally rewarded by returning the saiM to MaiUsw Paul, C43 Wrst Twenty second street. LOST?ON THCRHDAY AFTRRNtHIN, A OOLD FOB Chain snd heal, with an amethyst sone. The Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving Hat las .South street, up talre. LOST- THE BANK HOOK. NO. W.HS!, OF TIMOTHY and HiIdcet Buckler,on the Kmlgranl Ind i.trial far. ? ng* Rank The find, r will pteaee leave he *ame at the Bank, >?. M Chambers street. TU OBT-ON THCRHDAY EYRNINO, JANUARY 31, IN J going from Twenty first street, near Bmadway, lo Twenty aeennd strwt near Mvth avenue, a child's gild /atnts ean) Armlet, marked "Emllle ' on the Inside. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at No 61 W**t Tweu .y-aaa?tid street. J CST-IN COMING FROM JERSEY CITY FERRT TO ii the Aster Houston Ihursday last, a dark fur l?ljr's Wuff The finder will he suitably rewarded by leaving It with W. R. Roblnxin, 2g7 Brosdway. a LOST-ON THrBRDAY AFTERNOON, COMING FROM Luffs', down the Bl"Omlng<lal? mad, a black Muff. lined wMk brown silk. Th" finder will be suitably rewarded by re turning It to Mies Hamilton, OW Third avenue. HOTEL!. WBITNFT HOl'BR?NBW AND BLKGANT MaBBLB building, Broadway, earner of Twelfth street. Con dneted on tha Koropean plan New faro Mure throughout. ?aN* aad single Boone at Moderate nrteas. H. M. BENNETT, Proprietor RPORTTB^ FISARCIAI.. MO.NET TO LOAN O.N BOND AND MORTGAGE, IN sum* to suit, from $IOU,OUO d*wn to $5,0UU FIELD A \l l.E.VN, auctioneers, No. 9 Pine street T^EW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, i-' Treuuftfi otl.op, corner of PoorUi avenue ami Twenty nil Ji street, New York, Jan. Z\ 1861.?Interest coupous of the second m< rtgatje bonds ard bonds of liiol will be p.ild on ai.d alter Feb. J, at the Treasur.r'? utllee. _ W. H. EMKKSON, Treasurer. NrOTIt E.?TUB BOOKS OK BCISQEllTiON TO TUB capital ftock of the Transit Life Insurance Company, of ihe > ity of New York, Hill be opened ou Friday, February 8, at It) u clock A. M., at the otlice uf A. (iucrber, 6i Be.iver ?treet, vi 'Jil Exchuuge place, room No. 9, and remain open daily, between the hwuis of 10 A. M and 3 P. M., untli the block to be Issued l? wholly subscribed. SIMEON' DRAPES, 1 EDWARD flOWE, ; Commisei jnera. AUuCSTl'3 GCKRBER, S New York, Jan. 30, 1861. OFFICE OF TBfc ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE i owpany, New York, January J6, 1S6I. I'be trustee* In conform iy to the charter of the company, submit the following statement of its affairs on tb? 31st De eember, Ihfit:? 1'renduin* received on minne risks, from lat January, 1860, to 31st December, I860 $4,602,725 77" Premiums on policies not marked off lat Janu ary, 1*0 1,412,7?> 11 Total amount of marc pn minima. $(1,011^425 88 No policies Dave i>een Issued upon life risks, ncr upon tire risks disconnected with marine rlaks. fr* luiuuit. marked < I! fioui lat January, 1800, to 31st December, 18CU $4,3.11,135 69 L?nu-t paid during the nuoie per.od. .$2,419,443 72 Returns ot premiums and expenses. tioil ;M2 03 The roui|?ny have the following asset* ?5 ? Catted ssuti a and etate of Now York stock, city. baokand^ter atocis , TTTTT!.. MB,JT8 43 Loan* secured by stocks, bonds and mortgages and otherwise. ;.... 1,190,152 05 aw.uoo oo Dividenda on slocks, interest on bonda and mort fngea and other loaue, sundry no tea, rein surance and other claims due the company, estimated at T777. ? u*,H0 1J Premium notes and bill? receivable 2,378,416 84 Cash In bank 106,1M 67. Total amount of assets $S,6tfi,293 10 Klx cent interest on the ?nt>t?ndtn(f certificates of pro fit* will be paid to the holders thereof, or their Icg'U repre sea'auves, on an after Tuesday, the ftth of February next. After resi rving two and a half million dollars of profits, the outstanding certificates of the Issue of I85*? will be re deem! d and paid to the holders thereof, or their legal repre sentative, on an after Tuesday the 5th of February next, from which date *11 interest thereon will eeas?. The certltl catcs to be produced at the time of payment and <*an?el!ed. A dividend of thirty five per cent Is declared on the net earned premiums of the. oompany for the year ending 31st. Dect nR'er, 1800. for which certificates will be issued on and after 1 uesday, the 2d ot April next. The profits or the company, ascertained from the 1st of July. 1842, tothe lat of January, i860, for w lacb certificates were ls.-oie<}, amount to. $ 111,278 MO Additional profit* fiom let Jauuary, 18tfO, to 1st Jai>uai7, 1861 1,574.000 Totnl profits for 1$}? years $il .0,560 The certificates previous to I860 have been redeemed by cash : _ 7,655,310 Net earning* remaining wtth the company on l>t January, IHS1 $4,107 250 By order of the Board, W. TOWNSKND JONES, SecrrUry. TRUSTt KM. John I) Jones, Caleb Baratow, Dennis I'orklns, t'linrlea Dennis, A. 1'. I'lllot, hHtkOwMfc. W. H. H. Moore, Lerov M. Wiley, William Wood, Thonins I ileatoB, Daniel S. Miller, J. Henry llurgv, llenry < 'olt, K. T. Nlcoll, Corueliua tirniiiell, Wm. C. Fickersglll, Joshua J, llenry, C. A. Hand, Ijew's Curtis, Ceo. ?1. Uobson, Wat's Sherman, Ctiai lea II. KuBaell, David Lann, Edward K. Hell, Lowell Uolbrook, James Bryce, E. E. Morgan, Robert O Goodhue, Wm. Stur'gla, Jr., B J. Howlana, I*. A. Hargous, Henry K. Bogert, Benj. Babeo> k, Meyer t;nns, A. A. Low, Fletcher Westray, Edwanl li. Olllllan, WMiam E. Dodge, Rob. B. Mlnturo, Jr. Royal hhelps, JOHN D. JONES, Fresldent. CHARLES DENNIS, Vice-1'resident. W. U. H. MOORE, 'id Vice PreaidenU rpilE NOTES OFT11E STAMFORD BANK, t'ONN., WILL 1 be leiicemed by the I'ark Bank, ot the city of New York, on and after February 1, at par. JOHN W. LEEDS, 1'rea WANTED?ON BOND AND MOKTUAUE'ON iPO.tJUU Improved city property, for three or fire ye?r*. Bondsman good and property worth double. AdUieas C., box lDlt Post ofllce. <tl ^nftfl WANTED?FOR FIVE Y'EARS, ON BOND ip.oUUU and mortgage on Improved city prooerty; In terest will be promptly paid. Address O., box 471 l'ost otlice. *1 r Ann TO Utf, ON one HALF vai.I K ?PlO.v'/U of first class city property, In three sums of SS,?0earh Apply to FRANCIS SHAinill, otllce of the ullder. *9 Nassau street, from 8 A. M. to 12 P. M. nnn'To loam on bond and mortga je 'Pl 1/iUUU i for one or more years m different sums), on fimt class productive real estate In this city Apply to JOUR F. COJiKEY, in the otllce of the People's Fire insur ance Company, 66 W all street ifrQA nnn io'loan on bond and mortoaoe. ?JPtyU.Wult at the lowest rate of Interest, in sums to Milt applicants, on Real Estate in this city or Brooklyn; also $60,KK) to invest In purchasing Mortgage*. Apply to A. ser GE A XT, 16 Waif f treet. IZZZZH LOAN OFFICeT Advances made on diamonds, watches. Jewelry and Silverware, or liought for cash at the highest prices. Old gold and silver bought Apply at the old estaolisbod ollicea of L. JaCOBIp, 07 William street; brsnrh 407 Broadway. AT AC6 BROADWAY, CORNER OF PRINCE HTREKT, room No. 5, up stairs.?Money advanced from $1 to SAO,01)0 on Diamonds, Watches, Dry (iood?, Segarx and eve'V escriptlon of merchandise. All transaction* will he oopli deoual. BAL'MdAHl EN A CO. AT 111 GRAND KTHEET, THREE D(K?RS WBSf OF Broadway.?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry. Plate, Dry (mm ds snd personal property nf every description, or bought and aold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON auctioneer and broker. AT 66 NASSAU RTREET?A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advances ou Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, 4c , or buy them at full value, at his prlva'e of fice. No. (16 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business confidential. db.Tn nnn ?CASH ADVANCED IN SUMS TO SHIT on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Segars and all kinds of Merehandlse, or bought hy A. R. THOMP SON, auctioneer, ltd Nassau street, corner of Ann, sec ind floor, loom No. 2. _ SPECIAL NOTIBE8. C->EOK(iE S. MAWSON, LATE OF 44 MAIDEN LANE, T New York.?Parties having claims on said Mawton are requested to torwmd full particulars to box 3,^08 Post ollice, New York. nununi COI.LKCTOKS LEGALLY AUTHORISED X to rrcelTc laies fur the towns of MorrlKaoia, Writ Farias and East Chester, will attend at Weatcheater House, corner of Bowery and Hi ome itrecl, to tfcclvc town and school ui, 011 Monday, February 4 and February II, for the la?i time. I'HAltLKn JENNINUR, West Farms; 1). M. CHANK, Mor i-lssnta; F. DOl'ULAS, Kant Chester, and F. C. BIVlCHOR main, . THE ANNUAL BI.ECTIOR OP THIRTEEN DIRRtT JL orsofthe Sixth Avenue ltallroad Oompnny will bo held at the depot, Ktxth avenue, corner of Forty fourth atrcot, on Tuesday, February 13, from 12 to 1 P. M T. BAILEY MYERS, Heeratary. $e nnn ?mamobd enterprise ?take no. ? tice, that the award of the four valua'uc dia mond* will be made ntthe klrm'l House, 26 Broidway, thin iSaturday) evening. at 6 o'clock, when the few remaining chsnoea will be disposed of. A iv ncral attendance of all In t< rented Ik requested. ~ DRV UOOO*, ?Vt . I 7?> BBOAIIWAY-LADIES WILL FIND AT T: I Madame C. RORDAS, from Pari* and London, a cheap nnd large assortment or ladles' and children ? Coder clothing, and a varied stock of nuraerv, garden or promenade t'loibitig lor chlloren and babies, alter the l'ari? fashion; Outfl's rxectited at-the shortest notice; Stumping for Ein broidenea and Embroidering done at reasouatoe prices on ladle*' own material 1 he only place where nan be had the genuine French /.ouave costume for children Ladies at tended at iheir own l.ome on application, with patterns aud embroideries of all del' rations. No 476}? drondway. HOfMKM, lUMr.MS, ?( ., WW> VLADY WISHES AN UNFURNISHED PRON I Room. In the neighborhood of Canal street (excepting (?rren and Meuer etreetsKrent n-4(oexceed $J< per m'nth. .? .Idres* tor twoAajra A H , is# East Eighth street, front of Ollnton Ball HOUSE WaNTED-FwR A SMALL FAMILY OF three persons, or the Lower Part oi a House, west ilf Bi 'sdway and tx low Thirty second slre-i. rent not over *<>' Inquire hi or arfilrc-s Mapes Hotel, comer of Twenty fourth Ktn-et and Third avenue HOURS WANTED.?A NEAT THREE STORY HOURS, with modern lrnpiovcm< hte, eligibly sit tit ted, wii i im medlste possession; rent muM l? moderate. Addre*-, slating u nin, J. H. A., Ikij 78 Post o||h?. Rooms wanted?a parlor and bedroom, without t.oajd, for a gentleman, near th<i Height*. Ad dress Room 14V l'ierrepont House, Hrm >klyn rj'O i andlords only-three houses wanted.? 1 W nriUd, by threo private families interchains in the city), on a leam troin one to thive years, from May I, IMil, ihrci neat three stonr, high stoop Houses <new nrefei red., Mi or ta feet 11<.nt, Willi all modern Improvements, located near to gether, between Twentieth and Fortysecond streeta and Fourth ami Eighth are sues. Piloe from KWO to 971k I, which must be very cheap. Address, slating particulars, Merchant, box 7.'> Post o(T ce. WASTED?A PMaLL PLA?B IN THE YKlNlTY OP ?? Brooklyn; water view preferred Pries not ab >vo RJ.OUP. Also, to let, a salt of Rooms, furntshe l oronrir nblied, without Board, on Brooklyn llelghn, bet veri Wall street and South ferries Address A. W. P , Her* Id oitlne. WANTED- FOR A UENTLEMAN AND ItfSWIFK, two Rooms on second floor, connecting, pa-tia!!y Iur nlshed, opp<*tte Madison square; references exena ge-l Ad dress II. D . box IU Herald offloa. WANTED?FOR A HIORE AND HOHT MVNIFAC tilling buslneaa. a second or third Floor, or Ml If the/ am small, on or near Broadway, between Fourth and Tenth streets, must hare good light at front and rear window*, with gas and t'rolon convenient, and caliar room. Address Potceialn and Metals, btatlon A, Spring strwetPost oftlo. tV'ANTBD-APARTMENTH, RY A KM ALL 'AMILY, IN If a genteel house, consisting of a Room snd two Red ror ms, between Tenth and Thirtieth streeta and fourth nnd First avenues; rent mint be moderate. Addms? stating full Crticulnrs, with nrlce, convenleneea, location. Ac, H. W , x 1M4 New ltork Post o?oe. WANTED-NBAB NEW YORK, A SMALL nOUSB, furnished or unfurnished, with stable and conch houaa attached. Address <\ H., 4S Broad street, N. *. WABTED-HOCSES AND ROOMH, Pl'RNMHBD OR unfurnished. In any part of thaclty. Parties having ? ueh will please call and register their namei as we hare a i umber ot applicants on our hooka. P. PERT k OO., mi Bmadway WANTED-THRBE OB FOUB BOOMH, PoB HOITRE keening, In Brooklyn, Williamsburg or Jersey 1% b/ n gentleman and wife: must he In a respectable locality Ad dress, staling terms, situation, Ac . tdams. 31 Purk row. Wanted to rf.nt a part op a hopsk, or two or thren Rooms on one floor, suitable for housekeeping for a gentleman and wtfe. In WlUlamsburgor Brooklyn,E. V. Address, stating location, Ac., P., byx IN Qffald ol|f? horses, carriages, ?c. F OR HALS?A 1TNE CHESTNUT BAY HORSR 15)* baud* hub, will be seven years old next Juuc; perfect'y sound, a stylish uave ier and kind in tingle or double ha oess Apply at the ufllcv, No, 88 rroy street, corner of Greenwich. FOR SALE?A BAY MARE, til VBARS OLD, LONG lull, kind an I ?? ntle. warranted. Also Wa ;ou and liar nni>. Inquire al uie private stable No. J7 Ninth street. For sale?a fink large bob tail bay horse, suitable for any kind of work, stvlish driver; also light top Wagon and Haruets/itll in good order; a bargain; only sold l'or want of use Apply at 375 Niuth aveuuc, real estate clre. HORSKS, I AKKIAGES, HLEItiHK, if, FOR SALE Kaui'.ly t a mages, Wagons. Sulkevs, Ac. ; Orooere and Business \\ a^uiis. and second hand Wagons of all kinds. Also 50 Horses and Sleighs, selling off cheap at IM Fulton avenue and 10 Kevins itreel, Brooklyn. TM7ANTED-ONE SADDLE HORSE, USE SINGLE TT horse Buggy and Harness, one pair Horses, Harness and Carriage, in exchange for city property iu a thriving <nty on the Mississippi at the terminus of a railroad. Addren box 3,SAft I'ost ?0t(??, fur one wc?k. Vt'ANTED-A SOUND, YOl'NG, CLEAN STEPPING TT Horse, to trot easy under the saddle in 3;2U; must be well up forward, and not less than 15 hands. Address, with fuil particulars and the lowest cash price, box 1,082 i'osi MH8K-4L. At KEATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE, LIOHTK A BKADBIJUY, Manufacturers ot a new scale ot overstrung bass, patent In sttlan 4 lull iron frame, grand and square PiAnofoite, No. iiii lllo< u.e btreet. t'latins to r< nt. A MUX* V -?Von bxpbbienck, will teach TTr piano Ana slnginjr, also draw In < or rrouob, for flA per quauer or music alone for $10. Particular attention given to el iKri n. None n?ed apply except who wish "o become pt. d performers or teachers. Address Teacher, bta Uon D, 1 ible House. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PI al "forte for sah--ltlchiy carved legs and ease, full iron p ate, Inlaid with satinwood, overstrung bass, pearl keys, made !'? oider for present owner by city makers; fully, war rantt d 1 or three years; be.en In tise but Hvo months; cost $50d, will be told for $1'M>, including stool and oover. Also elegant draw ing room Stilt, cost fluO, for $140. Inquire at No. 7U West Twenty sixth str?e t, near Sixth avenue. Ml.. GEORGE CROZIER, vocalist, requires fome pupils to Instruct for sinking in a ehuren choir, upon v?ty advantageous temis to them Al home until 1 o'clotk. 52 West 1 wenty eighth street, near Sixth avenue. PIANOS, MELOCEOMF, ALEXANDRE ORG YNS?AT XT the low est i ossilile prices, fce-ond hand t'lanos at great bargain*, from #-'5 to $100. One .seven octave, second hand, froi ' round <>rner?,-fancy l"gs, 1 -twnk desk and over struiiK for $1/5. Pianos and ?clodeons t > rent, and rent al low i n If pin. based. Monthly payments received lor the same. HORACE WA1ERH, Agent, No. 3.U Broadway, S. Y. <;| - A PIANO FORTES. $1W. if 1'. I'.?By the In it odu< Uon of machinery In the manu lie till Ilk' of pu n< fortes, >ve sie now able to offer ti? the ptlb In u se.T< u OCiavi r. ??*' od Plntio, containing all the modern in I mveuieut-s lot ;l50ea*h, of mare perleot woikmilistilp than 1 as usually been .-old tor f.lOOsr ftoO liy the old method lit manufbctifvlng. ?Ve invite ail de.'tlors, teachers of uiusi.' and the public to call and examine these new instruments, at GROVESTEIN A HALK'M, corner of Canal and llud*. n streets. New York. INSTRUCTION. A( A|i";M% OF PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPING, ;'<C Biogdv ay, continued ?>y W. t IIOoULAND, in i: ..i,y yr'irs w. li Oliver H Golds nilU. Applications receive' day and evetu f, at the reduced terms of $3 for the course. \CAI>EMY MP LANGUAGES, 910 MROADWa?.-IN struct Ion ^tiven in Preach, i?erm?n, Spanish. Italia". i.nglL-h, I aim and (Jn? k. Ladies' hours troui it to t; penile men, fntu 5 P. M. to 10 P, M Terms, In classes, <10 per unaripr; to single inditrldiMis. $'</). At the house, In dames $12. to stifle ;ndivl luais, fat) the quarter., consistiuK o: twenty-tour lesHjos, two lessens is r we.eA. Apply Ui l^. MAK T11SFT-LI, I'rUiCipaL \ llTDATIOli WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN MAR ried lady, as governi--s, to take clisrge of and instruct. twoor three chilaren of from five to eight years of agr; will an to the r'Otinny if desired. For partlchlurH address a note to Mrs. P. 11 , cate of A. Ge.ssman ? Co. 117 Broadwar. At $2 ro, WRITING TWENTY LESSONS; BOOKKREP $'"t leesona unlimited; Arithmetic and Writing, $10 per quarter (seventy eight lemtona ea. )i>, ut PAINE. Mercantile ( ol.ege, 02 Bowery, ami 2ti Kulton street, Brool. lyn. An a npleudid penman anil skilful teacher (:ol. P?m bax no Kiijierlor. A LADY, WELL OI'ALIFIED TO TEACH ENGLISH mid 01 namcntal bran-beg, dcaires a .situation aa govern oil In n private family, In exchange for boanl, or would a. re| t a *mall Mlary Addreiu 21V ?Veat 80th ft, between Sib ami Mil avs Would uccept a Hituati'>n in a aehool. XTATIONAL TEACHERS' INSTITUTE, No. S3SRROAI> 11 way, New Ym k ?Open dally fur cot retmondence with all P?rl? of the country, anil introduction of Teaeber*, Pupil*, raienta and School O Ulcer*. Somi for circular*. RICE 4 ANDREWS BOOKKEEPING?MR. DOLREAR, 6J9 BROAD way, keep- rite latest commercial histtlutn In New York .s upt cial praotfc il cout*c i.i Double Entry will be given to bumiieaa inen ar.d clcilut for ? >nly $6. Apply ttila day l it vncaLt reatn. CONVERSATION PARLORS.-A SECOND COURSE OK J Conversational Lemon* in Krem h." Spanish. Italian, Oer ii mi aud Knglinh will l>e ,..rmed at ti. \ Polyglot luntltuie, No. 864 Broadway, near c'ninn mi tare, a ?o m a^ the application* w ill be aulllcient. Private Ituouiu Grammar m?y be had ot cm h language by native protestor* Thin lnatltute la p i tronlzcd bj the higocst society of tUia city. For circulargand pa.ilt iilaiit applv at the Itmiuutc L. PALM A D! CEFNOLA. DOLBEAHS hand rnAl.WNG, Broadway ? Dmi Mr?1 abnuld do tajuatlce to my feeling not to ac knowledge tlie rapid iinprovei.ient my soDsliave made in pen luaoahip iiikIpt your lnntruelion. At tin en J of ti.elr twelfth lemon tliey gave Bt a tpeclmeu ot their rapidoffhandwritiiv. 1 uiuat oouft-M I wail axt< niabed. Never before h*d i *een Mich Improvement l'i ao ahoi t a time. Tlw mere OHrtii ulai ly w ai- I tci~utItlcU an 1 bad always supposed them to t>e h'Tedlta rlly bad writer- Respect I ully your*, Ac. JOHN YOUNd. Tilt SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TACGHT. AH nERB totore, by ''IPRUMO UOHKIN, at OMaton Hall, Ani'ir I Uce, room No 7, 'v^eie applicant < are requested lo call from 12'j tc l!? o'clock P. M. RELIOIVTS NOTICUS. Brooklyn tabernacle, on fjlto.n aveni e, near Uoyt tire*'.?Kev. Wm. Alvln Uari'-it, paoVir, will pnai-h to-morrow umruiug Rev. iH.ia? S. Kail*h. formerly if Ben n, will preach in th* evening, services will cont inence at K'S A. M. 7ia P. M. BLEECKER STREET UNIVF.RSALIST CHURCH, coruer if Downing stieet, Kev. N. M. Gaylord wl I preach lo in now, at 10'; A. M. In the evening Rev. Mo*es H.illuu w ill ? onslder Matt. 4 < hap , 1:10 v?.: "Christ Tempted of the Devil. ' piIBIBTIAN CHAPEL?SEVENTEENTH STREET, \ / near SI*th avenue; harvlce* on Lord'* day (Feb. M), a> Hi', a M. and V. M. Preaching by the pistor, Urban C. Bitvver. DR. JOHN THOMAS will CONTINUE HIS dis < on rue on tbc 'Votning of the Son of Man In Power and at Olmy." on Sunday. at 10;% A.M., in the Cooper IimtlTiiie, room No. 24. EM RSI STREET PRES1Y1ERIAN CHURCH. BK f twren Kirnt and Secoinl avenue*, prenchlnf Sabbath, hb. ?, ?t It'i. A. .M. by the pa*tor, Rev. R R. I hornpnuu, aiiU at 7 1'. M a aeimon to the young by the Rev. Jame* A. Little. MliS O.ORA L V. HATCH, I'UE TRANCE MEDIUM, '.ill at; e.ik In Dottnunh ? llail, at 10'4 A. M. and 7>i P. >1 on i he ,vt ln?t. (MORIAlt CHt'RCH* IlAMMi ?ND TREET, CORNER , of W merlry! Rev. Dr. Chauncey, Rector of st .Inmet' e!iurcb. will preach tomorrow trunday) evening Servicca at H"?. of. and io iioek. Kree ?eat*. N i vs JERO0ALEM CHUBCf (SWEDF.NBOROIAN./? Public ? ' ruliip nn Sunday, l- eb. :i, at t!ie National Mn rkal Ihf'ltute, No. <08 Bi"?dw ny, at 10?% A. M. H?at? free. Pl'BLIC DISCOhWON?WILL BE lll-LD IN METRO poiitan Mail. 17s Princ ? atreet, to inorrow (Sunday) evening, at 7?; o'ciook, between Mr. Jaine* llegan, Itonian < atb"itr, md Mr. Jnuiex Mat^r ni, Pratoetaat. Subject? i?e Ki int . cnfevetenaL' Tic? 'in 10 cent* at tbc dvir. M1 FROTEHTANf EPISCOPAL REK CEURCH, REV. Bi ut. G. Dickoon piiati r.- lilvlw ser.-: -eevery Sur.cay In ter bAM m> nt of jBelrnewr .tch 1 i Ea~t Kourteentb atinei, ufpe'l'e the AcadtMy ot Mimio, al lo1. A. M. and?'. P. M ; ike on 1 bur-d.ty evening, at Ti? ? clock. I>E\. CEORuE A RINISAL L..ih A ROMAN CATHo J I lie prieM, w ill 1' cture on the Hunan CMM doctrine of ibe Havocatioa of eaint* to moi row tSundavj H\cniug, at Mill laiy Hall, lit.t Bowery, at 7l, o'ekx k Admi^ei iii, to dntray et|eiiM?, lSient*. scat* ic?erved for Indie*. V?T ANN'S CHURCH, EIOHTKRNTH BTMMBT, NEAR k/ H'th avenue, Kev. I botua* Oallaudct. re tor?S,"rvir.'H to-ntortow, aa u?uai, with Ibe voire, at 10'; A M. tud T, f. M , ar.rl I.i ibe nign lanii;ii?gi at i H. M. K-v. K C. Kwer wil preach in the morning. the re tor In the cvntng Sent* free ni PFTI R'S YIIUNO MEN'S ASSOCIATION?THE ^ If< v. ,lohn II llopklim. .Ir , will pi?a< !i Oti Sunday can Itut rot, at St Peter'a i'liurch (Twentieth *trent, ii,<tw>w-ii h hinl Ninth avenue*'j ?ervt.ea?o romineaee at half pa?t at\en. A coileetlon will be made In ai<l of the uhaiity lun'l of the ,\?Kicl*tiou. IllftD CONGREGATIONAL SOCIETY, EIIRITT H A LI,, m. Went Tblriy third itre^t, O B. Krothlngbam, wa*toi ?ub jeci tor Sunday evening nest, "Ihe ValtMof the 5-iul." T rrilK REV. SIDNEY A i'ORE i' WILL PREACB IN THE J Murray Hill Baptlrtrhmoa, Tliirty nith ^tre-ybji?een I inh uid jiith avenue-, to mm w mo.iung ivnd evening, at the ti.ual b'urn ot woiahip. rh ?rdiaanee of b? itisiu wi 1 be adnilmatered during the mnrnii c aervi.w*. "fTHE WOMAN OF SAMARIA, THE Ml ITAKEN RE 1 llglnu* Heciter," will bathe ?ubieM of th* ?nth rt.a ennr id the nerled at the Twentieth striy l tTnlv. rj?Ih, church, l?eiween Sl?ih and A< vnlli av?nue*. to mori-ow (Sun dav) t tteiaonu, by Kev. I G. Bnoka, paator. Services at 5 oe'ho k. sermon fu tbo morning t>y thu paitor. MIMTAKY. a T1KN I'loN, NEW YORK TOLUNTBKR4 ?A MBRTIV } ja of tbe New York Vnluatecr* will be held on k'v inlay evealcs. Veb. 2. at (he headquarter* nf the luiucenth Ward AMiielatlon, 144 Cllnl. n *lr?et, at 7 o'c.'.e-k precl?elv. Bu?i nean ol lmD*irtance will be tran*acte4. The se^it Life tluard are lnviti dW attend. By order. D_R. CABI'ENTER, Ho-g^nt. A MONTHLY MEETIN<1 Of TIIK VETERAN CORPS of the State of New York of the War of HI2, wl'l bn beid at 62 LUpenard street, on Monday eveniug, IVbi nary 4, Irti, at 7 o'clock. A general a'tendan s 1* rei{tiesteil on par llcular bimlne**. By order of THOS JEREMIAH, Preal lent. A. W IONE-4, Vioe PraMdent. A*njn?M COfMMt, Secretary. Kings county i'nion volunteers, coMf ant a, will hold a meeting ihis (Saturday! evening. K' ti. J, at Union Hall, corner of Oonrt and Sacked Mreet*, Brooklyn, at 7% B'eloek. A full and punctual attendance |4 I, \ All pereon* de*ln>waof lolalng cuch a oompauy a.e >e?|?*.tfii||y invited to be peeeeat. FRED. S. WORTH, Secretary. S.W?JS3?wSS? ?e>??. w AMVIBMHTI. allaces theatre" TO NIoht (Saturday*, last night QRRAT DRAMA, , ^ Tl.hE. ladv ok st. troVez, Tracclated and adupted from the French ejpre**!y for thta theatre. _ . THE cast _ been distributed a* follow*:? Oecrge Maurice, a rich ship builder and proprietor, ? ,?i <?- ? . Mr. Lester Wallack Antolne ( aurude, head workman .... Mr Norton Chartea d'Arbel, a youn4 physician Mr Reynolds Dcctor (iertaut. Mr Moore M Langiol*, a public nouirj m? v~?? Count d'Aubertve yr Floyd Jerome, in. iunkee[M r " Mr Bernard Lommlque, servant to the fount Mr. Paraloe Jontpb, servant to Maurice Mr. Coburu ?i Sailor* Uendarruea. Hortenne d daughter to the Count Mm. Hoey I auline Laugloi* wile of Lauglois .... MUx Mary Gannon ?_bariatf, wtf of Antolpe .Ml?a Kanny Morant Toluette, Hifnot Jerome Mrs. Walcot Door* open ut 7; commence at i\,. _ MR. WALLACE, in accordance with thi> eipre^edwiahcj of \ast number* of his patron* to prceeut cooMionAy some of the (treat and

i avonte * * , v . J , . 0I D COMEDIES, so celebrated in tkla thratrr, before in FINAL CLOSE, h?? arranged that Sheridan'* SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL will be given on ? MONDAY FEBRUARY 4, WITH lis I'NRIVALLED i AST. Among other neveltien A NEW FIVE ACT COMEDY is in rfhranal, and will lx? produced without dflay. The gaieties, the gaieties, HE GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES, 'ill*. GAIETIES, (18 Broadway, two door* below Laura Keene's. ED. BERRY, ED. BERRY, ED. BERRY, W M. BELL PIO Bl'TLER, W. M. BELL asd PIO BUTLER, W. M. BELL PIO Bl'TLER, m TttK NEW BURLESQUE NEW BURLESQUE NEW BURLESQUE To night, and the usual miscellaneous entertainment by the man moth company, which include* MISS C. MORI.EY, MISS KALLIE MASON, MISS F. THOMPSON, ' MISS LIZZIE WALBY, MONS. GREGOIRR, MONH, t.KEllolKK, MONS. GREGOIRE, QEOKUE WINSHII', A CORPS DE BALLET, Ac. Th--i: AElTlEs n{ili takes the lead In having the most at teuilve, uffable and PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. PRETTIEST WAITER tHKLS. PKETTIEST WAITER til HUB. PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. PRETTIEST WAITER (IlKLS. PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. PRETTIEST WAITER (11KLS. PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. pkettiest waiter girls. PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. PRETTIEST WAMER GIRLS. PRETIIEuT WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. LRETTIEST WAIThR GIRLS. preitiest waiter girls. prettiest waiter girls. PRETTIEST WAITER (IIRLS. PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS. PRETTIEST' WAIlhK GIRLS Admission 13 centre Orchestra seat* 2ft cents. NO B(i\S ADMITTED. NOT1CE.-THE LOVERS OF HARMONY SHOULD come to the Star of the West, No. 90 Eldrldge street, four d<? i* above Grand. Clitiir taken by (}. Stenbum. at eight o'clock, on Saturday unil Monday evenings, fared by unbound ed talent. THOMAS B. MEDLEY, Proprietor. (LOTH1NG. ATTENTION.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IK YOU want to pet the full value for your cant off Clothing, Kurqiture, Carpet* nnd Jewelry, the beat you ean do Is t" tend a note to F. HARRIS, ISO Seventh avenue. There you niny be convinced > ou ?ill be d> alt with to your satisfaction. For silk drcase*, from $7 to $>il; for coal*, frnm$:lto $1'.'; fur pant* and vest*, front 91 upward* 1'lease don't forget, U.6 Seventh avmue, near Twenty-Hid street. Ladles at tended by Mr*, llama. ABETTER PRICE 1'AID KOR LAD!E8> AND GENT'S caht off Clotting, Furniture, Carpet*, Jewelry, Ac. Kum $7 L<> f'a paid for silk dremi a, from $2 to SIS for eonls, and from $1 fiO t>> for pant*. A note by po*t punctually at tended to by E , i.M Seventh avenue, between Ninetaentli and Twentieth gtreeta. Uidli? attended to by Mrs. E. C1LOTHIF.RS ATTE>TION.?WANTED, AN OVERCOAT ) and other article-! in exchange for a $61) broohe long shawl. Address Optliuu* Jones, fostolllco ^ OGNT18TRY ? DRR. Dl'RKIN AND RoKSEAU CONTINUE TO EX tiacl Teeth without the allghtest (tain by their new ami <>>i^ii u.1 proems. No charge for toaiporary win or eitracliu'x wlitie at tlHelal Teeth arc inserted. All operations warranted. No. J7S Canal street, op[)oslte Weet Hroaaway. NH. GRIFFIN A BROTHERS INbKRT TEETH. WITH . or without eitrwtlnj; th? roots; on silver or rubber, ?"*; gold S'Ai; pliittna. $'46; purl ial seta on gold, $2 per tooth; ail v? r, $1. Teeth filled. gold, 50 cents toil) bone, cement and silver, Ml cents. Extraitting, 36 cent*. 37o Grand street, New York, i.nd 257 Pulton itrect, Brooklyn. ANTHOLOGY. A. FAl T.?A PHRENOLOGIST AND ASTROLOGI& i . that heata the world, and $A,0UU reward for any one who can rtpial Mirs WELLINGTON, who I* acknowledged tote the onlj ladv J'.i the c.tjr who truthfully glvee infurmatioi concerning fosse* lawsuits, j.iurneya, absent friends, love eoiiilkliip, marilayc. lieaith, wealth, and who will leelaln c2i unken bad unfaithful husbands. Mis* W. Is tho on!> person In the city who has the genuine koman and Ai able taii?mans for love, good lnck and alt business affairs, and at, guaranteed for lift T" lay not lo consult this naturally gifted acd beautiful JOliD# lady. Lucky numbers given. High)' n spo< u.ble City reiar. nces can b>! seen at her residence, jo'i Klitb avenue, oppusi'e Eighth street. ABoNA PUB A HTROI/kllbT, THAT hi'f.Ki ONr mil is ? id.'.iu* WILSON, a ho MM the o jut of your vlsltaPsoon aa you enter ber room Madam, n lison is tbe greatest asttologisl thai ever waa known. Mht will Invoke tbe power* of ber wonderful science, and tell ai ib ; event* of your whole life Her predictions are *o irui Id Hi i bey surprise every one that oonaulU her. Some ladi r Bay gel a little timid. ILu gb ttuy need nut fear, for she prac ti' i-a uo'hlna but ufat I* reasonable to philosophnis Ail should consult this most wonderful aud mysterious lady Hei auvi.e bus never been known to fall, arid twenty tuousajui dollats reward to any one who can eqn*l lur lu* tbo atnw s ieose. Jtadmne Vv ilaon I* In pos?e*t>ion of the celebrate magi'; charma. ar.- evei certain In their offeet. Truli may fte be called a wnd'iilsl woman. Ititf Allen street. l*: twecn Houston and Stanton, over the bakerv. K'ee for la<l'e' aud gentlemen, ?' uenis. ASTONISHING?MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH daughter, born with < aul and girt of foresight, l?lls ho? K?D Md olln fsii will marry, ana many eveuls, even youi very thouybts. ree 26 cent*. i94 Ludlow street, below Hons* ton. Oeotli men not admitted. A O OHRISTOI'MF.R STREET.?MRS. II. BOEDER IS JO ibe only tree Spiritualist, (Ualrtoyant, A.ilrologis: I'alruist and world renowned Heer and gifted lady In ibi" ? Ity. It. vealer of all affairs through life, past, preeent and future event*, gtvea tfw wmI WtfAt WmmHn on health, wealth, love arairt, josirreva, law suits, diH.culiy In bua: ness, absent fuends, airu rim, Ac. Thousands el' visiter* can wlinees tue truth of h< ? ijnett revelailoa* during the p'u>t sixteen year* Rememoer iier reaiileuoe, 43 Christopher street, arar T - " *? -id tvaveriay p.ace, if you wish true adilee i.> ?? t i i , osi:ioii. Mrs. R. has the real fcoiilne in ? . il. ?. i love or lo be 1 ned of others, and to b 1 i (" )'i 1 uudei tat Inge. ilIMNJk i 'illtli KLOOK.?MADAME tOI . !?< I .v md glfied mlsh l?ly, un ve ' ?.???? .'iv*, marriage, afcseat fr Md*, ;'ekngo? -? tr . ' .01 all disea???, tells lucky titlmh' " hi ???, Ac. Antirwt ' Mf .on any one who can s "? MEEK, th" well known eel" br*' if-1. asiii logist and >u>'dical adviser, who is u V (id to Iw the only lady in tbe world who ti uthltilly g|vrr InI iBiatlon concerning any case of liuuian lile. Mrs V r i h, 44 Ati rney sUeet, r> i.mved to luu Monroe street, ni ?r Monigoiner/. MiTIIIMOVIAL. AMKR' HAKT, AC'PD .IS, WISHES T<? MAKRY RE linement, ediKHlioB *nd *oi lal position nsseutial* on 'he l? ly * side. Wticere uivn, ?M!i ' mi tmrtictllH are In tiled lot one mek Address f). kj S , Imx 133 Herald otlloe I N A i MEDICAL. N IMPORTANT WORK-A GLTDB P<)R THE MAlt . _ lied, ni ll-o.'e i nteinplaliua il.- 'Hie aOlided, debilitate' rdlf^.a??^, sLou'd m t marry, or adupl any treatment, till .bey La e Informed 'l.?m*-lv?? of Ibe truth only found Ir. lit. LA tiMOVi 'H I aud Mew Tork Modlcsi Ad Ttjr/ si d Manlsge 'Hide. Mailed for ci b? ti. G. LAW RENCR, Na 1 Te?ey street, A 'tor Hons--. Tne Doctor ourar all *m ' kfleetMoie ie^ nt ei long sland<ii?, eije-dltiously and prlvat -ly. aa fur yekru (iasi, at <U 1 Brovl .< ay, up stairs. DR. R. rOBMKI r HA ' NEMOYElt K'ltOM IV DtJAVh street to 2il Ort iri street, near Cliambera, Where be cstn he e'usuited ? ith t! e mo*t honorable eon I donee on certain dlaiaaes. t B ? I'r, t I* a mejnhei "ibe New Tor* Uw verslty Medics 1 tulie^e, See lit* dlploe ?? In bU offlee. DR HI NTER TtAB FOR TTTIBTV YEAKu CONPINBi# l i* aMen'ien 'o 1 ?eas?s ?! acsria'U elaee, lu whleh fee l.a* treated no .?s? than fifty thousand oases without an In ? Isnce.'f fallere. Ills g est remedy, Jr. Ilunisr'i Red llrop ci rsa certain .r"iw(* when regular usaiment aad ail otfev rrnodlesfa' 'iinn without dls'mg or rest^etioa la the ha t.ts of til* patient earns without the 'iugtutltiK and sirkeainjt tflecis of aN ether reiuedler; come in now ease* In lee* than all iiours. It mola "lit the |M4sorious tnlnl the bleod I* suie U. sbiort. unless Jiis remedy Is urcU. It is fl a nai. and ean net be obtained geoolne any wbens bat at tbe old ofllee, N* 3'.n sir*.'. Book for nothing, that treat* of '.heevil eflreta of Miijt bu?e. ___________ DR. WATFON INVITES TnoME WHO ARB AfTLICT ? d ? Ith a certain form of disunat In cmJl at hi* reeMene* W I'n^irne ?treet, serond tliK-k v e?'of Brvtdway, where he gt.n'*t>le*s a perfect euie withreit klndran* Ui buslneea or change ln.snv respect. l)r. Wats' ri < work, "The Cauana and ?," on debility, disease. Ae. wl U numoroaa highly Aalsh ?r' pistes, may be had of a. E. LKNr, 4M Broadwar: price f'. 'I he lieet work for the ro? I'ref*e* reader.?Medleal 1 eview. _______ Dn. rai pirn orrirBa, i.w orosby itrkbt.? Hear* from 10)* 11112, *tnl from t Uil ?, lunday*, ei u | ted. DR. WABD, A\ Ol.D / Nil RELIABLE I'llYNICIAN, ran be er rsuited at all hours on certaia dlseaees. uflice <S3 Breadway, up stairs. DB. WABD H UNPORTI MATE'S PRIEND AND OTHER n mcdlrs are tbe urlalllng reliance 1'rlen $1. Kemal d.saaae* treated. Month y i'uUs |1 per bui. OAloe Prnadway Open tin In ? M DR WARD'S FAMOUS REMEDIES AND TREATMENT, the moat suaiaesfulpoealMe cure without slckeainger Interrupting bliatDeaa. ?ftiee 4KI Broadway LADIES AND i?KM?1.KMKH ABE RENDEREdThR aioal delicate awemtoo on nonsuiting Dr. R. A. BAR MOW, 1?4 Bleccker *?neM, four doom frna* Mardougal, N. T. Houn^rom 11 till t and from 4 lo A Bundaya, tUl lT^ \|H?^ MCNB0B ELECTRICIAN. tS * CARMWE m street.?Oalraalaoi applied dally la the treatmam of faoo i tonal diseaeee of tka feauJe aeiaal ayatem. Hoe re free* lea lo four. pNOFEMOB RESTELL, Itt CHAMBERS BTRRKT, Me^rSTwAr"1' ?""M" -**-4" AWISKMKVTS. NIBLO s oaRDEN. JAME* M. NIXON. Le^ee andMan* ;?* THE /.Ol'AS EiJ, Ob Sat until y evening, Feb. ?, DEI X VIkLLES GABDES, wall many new nunii. After which EE DINER DE MADAL1N. To conclude with the amp scene of the AMBl'HCADE OK INKEKMANN. On Monday, by universal call, RICHkLIEU. T ACS A KEENE 8 THEATRE. JU LAUBA KEENE S THEATRE. LAURA KEENES THEATRE. LAURA KEENES THEATRE. LAI HA KEENE S THKATHJt. SIXTY-EIGHTH NIUHT. RIXTY-EIOliTH NIGHT. SIXTY- EIGHTH NIUHT. MXTY EIGHTH NfGllT. SIXTY-BIUHTH NIOHT. 8IXTT-B1UHTH NIUHT. SIX! Y-EIGHTH NIUHT. SIXTY-EIGHTH NIGHT. glXTY-BIUHTH NIUHT. ?ILJ ?IXTY BIUHTH NIUHT. NINETY- n\E THOUSAND PBOPLB NINBTT-FIVE TIUIUHa.N1> PEOPLH NINETY-FIVE THOU8A?D PEOPLE NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND NINETY FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE N1NETY-*TVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY-FIYB THOUSAND PBOPLB NINETY FIVE THOUSAND PKOPLE H.4VK si:m TUK GREAT THREE ACT LOCAL BURLESQCR, GREAT THKKB Acr LOCAL BURLK.HU V UKEAT THKEE At T LOOaL BlKLEsijCE, TU f?EYEN SISTERS, SEVEN SIS TENS, SEVEN SISTERS, fEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTRES, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTER*, SEVEN SISTER8, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN BISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN Sl.VTEKS, SEVEN SISTERS, WHICH WILL BE REPEATED TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT EVERY NIG Mr THIS WEEK, EVERY NIUHT THIS WEEK, EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, With the following DISTRIBUTION Or CBABACTEIU : MORTALS. Dor?T?rL Towsail?commonly railed Dowte No tail?our country < oiiBln from Vermont. Mr. B. G. Roui KS ahtuuk Stunner, dramatist anil artiat In crayon, Mr. II. F. Dalt Snail, his friend Mr. T. B. Johnston japheuomlnal policeman, alwaysIn) v Wn,._ atchem, j the way when wanted, with aid*.. 5 ' r' R Many SrsiNOLkir Mrs. J. II. Allen KKdHTIU. Pmito, King of Hade*, the Ely-dan Fields and all low countries generally, a monarch by no mean* so black a* he la pninled, ihoiiuh prolmlily not near bo good us he will appear by tne represen tation of. Mr. Lekson Pi ntonvillr, one of Pluto'* aids Mr. Bauton Dfmonop, an old friend with a new l ace, hoping to impiess the public favorably Mr. Lkvick I'crrti, one of the original ?ub(<: brother*, an un mitigated nuliance, in everybody'* way, and never accomplishing anything good?In fact ao \ery bail tloit his blark father, Pluto, won thave him at Hade* ?t any price Mr. Burnett CoHWfc-Ri.oT?Rmikyl?not bad spirits, by any ni' KTiK. but who, while on earth, managed effec tually to misrepresent their constituent* in the corporation council* Mr Wall, Mr. GOODRICH Diavomhk, Bint of the Seven *lstci?, raining a re volt in llHdee and a breeie on ear'h, al tern aids the Angel , afterwards from Highboy, af tirwuiuH the Murderous Mother, alter ward* Flora, UiddrHH of F.owrig, afterward*Captain Highboy, of the Fi-nunine Zouaves, afterwards Flora, hi* f Inter, which disguises she amnmos in the >aln endeavor to mislead Arthur. .Mia* Laura Keknk Plctella, the second sister, a chip of the old block, out lor a holiday, afierw arils the Angel .afterwards Hob Highboy, alterwarda Psyche, aftcrwanls l.lnit. Highboy, of the Feminine Zouaves, afterwards Miss A nee 11 mi Highboy, a fashionable belle, afterwards a Bootblack. always assisting her si tor, and occasionally specula'lng a little on her own ac count Mis* Poi.r.r Marshall Tai.iakink, the third Bister, anotner llgmimvitm chip, also out fir a holiday, afterwards the Angel , afterward* Jenishi Highboy, afterwards Lieut. Highboy, of the Feminine Zouaves, afterward* Ml"* Mai Itable Highboy, a isshlonable belle, iifterwarrs a hot c.ungirl following in the footstep* of her Illustrious pie <it? e?son* in ail particulars Mrs Lornr Iloccn Sul>'huhimc. i The remaining four of the | I urn mnmm. Farcinfi.i.a . | who. In the most able | (?manner, assist the dla Battankli a . I ??! their sisters, as. I Burning a variety of cha C*itTABii.L*... J racier* for that purpose. Mia. 11. Vininu Mis* Nora Leioh MU* Mh.villr Miss W1LL0CBBBT Ml*. Pluto, formerly called i'nupertne, the one t?ir daughter of < ere?, ortKiliHliy IxTiie to lier by .lupiU-r, sod tub* quently borne from her by Pluto, whli h fact suthcleiitiy Hcoounta for her appearing iu this tminenloii Mr. Prtbrs Cukks, sn estimable Isdy, consul* rably younger than her ilaughier above alluded to. aiid Intro ducid solely lor the purpose o> lntriduciug the last scene .Miss Kvvki tt Si iiiit oi Akiiiuk's Illlll ......Ml?s PUMH CuriD, a well known spirit, afterwards Youug Sam, afterwards the Spnte of the t'hr\?slls. Littlk Marv Rrt.i.Ocn Dnrlng the piece will be represented a serloua tragedy, in one aci and *e\eral ta'.ii uux, railed ihe MLKDEKOLS MdTIIKR a anthk DEVOTED DAUGHThR. Tte Pemorseles* Tyrant Mr. G. K Browne Kremlcre Danseuse, with a <? rsnd Pas. . Mrs. G. F. Browne DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE I.*8T GREAT 8CENB, THK BIBIII OF THE BlITTEUFLY IN TIIK BOWER OF FERNS. BOX BOOK NOW OPnN, ANI> SEATS MAY BE SECURED, WlTUOl t RXTKA CIIAROK, TEN MAYS IN ADVANCE. IVor* open at 6l%; to commence at 7,'n o'cloct. Performance over at 111 o'clock HOOLEY k CAMPBELL'S M1NSTKELS. NIII!.OS SALOON. MONDAY" evening, January 2S, and every evening. 1 list appearance In (hi* dyr of the very talented l.tbl pian Cnmediau, .Johnny Dule.y, Ute of Kiimsey A Ne<tcunh s Mitistreir. NEW FRATI'RES?NEW FEA Tl'KK <. FIRST TIM E? 1*1 K E'S I'KaK EMIGRANTS. JOHNNY, SOUND vii.i* BUGLE, CI M PLUNG GUM. THE RIVAL"?BRIAN o LYNN, THE RETURNED CALIFORNIAN8, \c, kr. S. C. CAMPBLLL, the Prltice of Ethiopian Vocalist*, in new Songs and Ballads, making an entire change of per'orMisn'tv Doois open at 6j4', to commence atTicket* 23cent*. American concert hall, ? tl hkoadvvay. 444. *44. 4+1. 444. 444. 444. 444. UNPRECEDENTED AlTBACTItW NEW STARS. NEW STARS. NEW STARS MAM* PARTINGTON, MARY PARTINGTON, MAHV I'AKTI NG TON, MARY PARTINGTON. whone |rr*ce and bcuity nil appreciate, as alao ber ta?te in (he ariangrment ol nonie of it* moat beaulilul SAI-LETS BALLETS evei produced in tl,i? city. CHABLEY WHITE, CH *RLE1 WHITE, the only true representative of the darkey racc. R. HART, R. HART, the c< lebrated Ethiopian C< m< <!Un U SIMMONS, L. SIMMONS, Tlie aneoualled ban joint, A na the great BALLOT TROUPE, BALLET TROCHE, without exception the large?t in the country. The management take great plaaaure in announcing an en gac> ii'i nt with the only original Irish c median in Aincrlc*, B1LLV O'NKIL, FILLY O'NEIL, HILLY O'NEIL, BILLY O'NKIL, BILLY O NK1L, a bo will appear ?>n MONDAY EVENING, Feb. 4, and FORTY OTBER PKRKoHMKR*. ADMISSION: Parquet Wctnli Gallery lOcenU. Seata la private botea ?> ceota. ' ROBERT W. BUTLER, Proprietor. Moaa. Li Tuoiiwr, Stags Manager. MB. BABJCY 8 rilAKITY LkCTURE, aAT THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MUSIC, ON SATURDAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK. Senator Reward'a Imported Arablana, Crulaer, Meaar*. C. W Bathgate A Co. a beautiful I'atehen ?talllon New Jeraey, the noted fighting and bltlnr horae Peacock. I mm the Hudaon River Railroad atablea, and other horae* will be eihibltod I ami)) Circle and Amphitheatre Ml cent* Positively Mr. Barey'a laat appearance. Family Clrele and Auphltneatre. DO centa Mb. rareys chabitt lecture. Family Circle and Amphitheatre 80 oenta See the Seward Arabian*, Old Peaonck, ('rulaar, "New Jer aey," and the little Bheliiea. IMMENSE ATTBACTION AT CARTERBl'BY MUSIC nALL, ?n BROADWAY. SECOND WEEK OF THE (1REAT BLONDIN, BLONDIN, BLONDIN, BLONDIN. BLONDIN, BLONDIN. THE HERO OF NIAGARA. THE HERO OF NIAGARA. Who carrie* a man on hia back (no matter what hla weight) up the whole length of hla great Aaccualo Rope every Blah l. BLONDIN'S wonderful feat* on the Tight Born are po id lively aatoanding, FLATINO THE VIOLIN and turning Somemult* at the name time. TURN I NO A SOMERSAULT over burning candlea Mi feet higher than the rope*, are amengat *on>? of the acta nightly performed by thia wonder of the world. MAM COWELL, RAM COWELL, SAX COWELL. The Boat wonderful ertnk alnatr in the world, and J. H. OGDBN, 3. II. OODCK, J. H. OGDBN, The Irtah Amteaaador, EVERY NIUIIT. FOX A OtfRRAN, Proprietor*. Theatre francais, ?? broadwat.-ramedi. s F*vri*r, isgl. A la deaaanda gfnlrnle at poor la < role da la aaiaon, LIS CANOTTERS DE LA SEINE, Flhee aqnailqne h grnad i - TTNBWOBTH'S ^ minstrels -wanted, A BASS SLSSOVti^' ? * 'X" ? ASlUKMEm. AlAD^MV OF MDSIC, N Y ?HINKLKY MONDAY BViMINO, PEbSDART 4 B nghi I '?^bSU?4 0iilr?f * TUB BARBER OF Blfnt.l.r MIS- ISABELLA HINKLEY BRirvnr T ^ famo"* ch????r of RostM.' f e r ri i v. Sl'SINI in hi* renowned chanuHer of Doctor BarLola OOLETTI as BmSS i Im tor and Conductor .Slgnor Ml'ZlQ Verdi ? celebrated nrw Opera, IN BALLO IN MASCHERA, Wh:i h bw teen for many week* in active rehearsal. will bfl produced in the most splendid ?tvle, for the flrst lloi in America, positively Monday, Feb. II. Correct Oprra Book*, at Mi bell's, Wall str?v t. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OK music? hinkley. Tl KSDAY EVENING, FEB. ?. LAST NIGHT < >F THE SBAHflN, on wha b cccaH: n will lie produced Rossini'scelebrated opera* THE BARBER OF SEVILLE. MISS ISABELLA HINKLEY i.i ihe famous nleof ROSINA. BBIONOLI, FERRI, Sl'SINI and COLETTI. Director and Conductor. Big. MV1M '?eats can also be secured at fllbeU'a, Wall street. VI INTER OAKDEN. ?? l^?:6 anil Manager A. W. Jackson. Tl e management ha* pleasure in announcing that on Uujt evei tug, SATVRDAY, FEBRUARY 2, MR. EDWIN BOO I'll Will repeal his great role of Silt GILES OVERRECAII, IN A NEW WAY TO I'AY OLD DEBTS, Fe ng lils second appearance in tUkt character. lie w111 also rep. at tin- role ol PETRUCHIO, lu shakFpere's delightful Comedy of CATHERINE AND PETRUCHIO, Appearii g In TWO OF IIIH GREAT PERSONATIONS On the li.c night. m On Monday, btbiuary I. , MK EDWINB BOOTH Will apjear for the Urn tlnv an MACBETH. \TEW BOWERY THEATRE. XI Sole proi rleior*. . Messrs. u. I,. Fox and J. W. Lizard Mituidav, Feb. 2 1H61 Last night ol the engagement Of . ,M?- *? S. CII AN Fit VU, wfco will appear In bn original character of MOSB, in ihe popular local drama of , NEW YORK AS IT IS. I he protean burlesque of VARIETY. ('It THE MANAGER IN SEARCH OF NOVELTY. Mr F. s. Chanfrau's great Imitations of MR. EDWIN FORREST and MR. BAKN'EY WILLIAM^ AndMr.fl L. Fox's comic lecture, H A HEY MAMA. Concluding with the New York ciipiier drama of HARRY RLAK'B, THE MAN THAT TRAVELS ON IIIS MUSCLE. Harry Blak. ......... Mr. G. C Bonifaci BaKMMS AMERICAN MUSEUM. SATURDAY, FEB. 2. 1801 grand family holiday, two SPLENDID DRAMATIC PERFORMANCES, AFTERNOON und EVENING, at 3 and 7'a o'clock. At each Of t\ hich the superb French Drama, lady of st. trope/., LaDV o ST. TROI'EZ, Will produced in elegant atvle and atlrartlvene?a. LAST DAY, POSITIVELY, OF THOME WILD AFRICAN RAVAGES, 'Hi" Kalllr. FSngO, Zooloo, Hi ttentot and Bushman, specimens of tribes of humanity never before seen In America. LAST DAY ALSO OF THE GREAT BELGIAN CANARY BIRD SHOW. Car.ury bird fanciers w 111 Und these sweet little songstern highly Interesting anil will worthy a visit. The lolloping wonderful Living curiosities are all to bo seen, and all for the very low price of 25 cents:? OLD ADAMS' CALIFORNIA M EN AO ERIE. THE LIVING MAMMOTH BE'AR, SAMSON. THE LIVING BLACK SUA LION. THE TWO LIVING AZTEC CHILDREN. IHE LIVING ALBINO FAMILY. THE LIVING WHAT IS II ? THE LIVING LEARNED SEAL THIRTY LIVING MONSTER SNAKES. THE LIV1NU HAPPY FAMILY. MISS DAW RON, DOUBLE VOICED SINGER. THE #lNi SPECKLED BROOK TKOI" T. Admiuon to all. 25 cents; children under ten. 15 cents. Par? quel, 15 cents extra; children under ti n, 10 cents. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Monday, Jan. '2K and every night during the week, PROF. RAriE-HIGH The celebrated hoi.* larner. The lecture will bo PltAi TICA LLY 1 LLUSTRA TED INTRODUCTION AND SUBJUGATION or TilK MOST Viciors ANIMALS THAT (JAN BE PRODUCER DAN IG(\ ANT The plantation Darkey, will dance hi* world renowned ESSENCE OF OLD VIRGINNY Pl'RCEY and WAMBALD, ihe beautiful tenors, In new ballads, new Bungs, dances, solos, sating*, burlesque planta tion t ee lies, Ac. Doors open at G-;. Curtain rises nt7W. Tickets 25cents. TTNION. U UNION. c^ion. In consequence of Iti cntUn^luxtie reception by a lar-jo and iK&tiiuuabie audience, GEORGE VANDKNHOKK Will repeat hu V N ION POEM, Entitled "LIFE, MEN. MANNERf, MollF.s AND MEASURE*,'' Tuesday e\ ening, l i t) 5 At ilitpo ('Impel. Tltket* ion this 0"caslon only! 'JJe ?} o'clock. PHILHARMONIC HOOIKTY OK XEW YORK. Nineteenth season?INiO?Iht.i THIRD CONCERT AT TMK M'ADEMY OK Mi'SIO. !-atiird?y oyeulnff, Ki binary 2 tWJ, On which occasion >Ir. LOUIS S' li iU'.IltER, nolo, comet n pintail, and the GERMAN 1.1 KPKKkKANZ, ..1 New York, nave kindly volunteered th< li . rvl< s ORC11BS? I:Ai. PIECK8. Ibinuii'ii Hvmphony, No. .'i; H.iydu's sympholne, No. J, Hinl W Hgncr'* Overt on to Tiuinbieuscr. Conductor Mr Theialore Risfnld. Ticket* lot -??l? nl tbe usual plnr ^ Ail ti< krl* Hold at tint door on the evening or concert ?ii| le$i flOcach. Hour* open ?t 7, to r.'tiinieucu at 8 o'clock Ry order. It MKR, SwUrj. MR. RAFEt'8 CHARITY LECTITHK. I'rlct s of nliumf '< i Farqutt, R*leor>y, B'tu ? anil Hi'-' rved Seat*, on? ?!??)'?r. Family Circle and Amphitheatre . Fifty cent*. 'tickets now on **le at the b I oBce of the New tut A c.i demv ot Mune The pul.lic are cautlnned against pur-baaing o! npeculator*. CKRO TO TUT. I iDIRfi. In rep'y to nnnerous inquiries, I in t io ??y that the wb. 1? COrpe t>l Academy u?liei* have hi. n ec .mod; and that special attention will lepivcn to tbe c nttmt I oi,?. attending n>y matinee. JOHN S. 1ARBT. Vi tiiom i t*?*? L orn., Jan XI . ??! f^LOOH HKA11KO, KI.< IOK hKA>INtt-AT EBHI1T Hall, B6 \t i*ht lliirty third tiiee', near Broadway, with the | ati ni Floor ukalcs l.adles will ilod tlil? an eaay method of I* amine to skate. Cha'flV IMeerita per hour or seven i? a sons lor |1. Open Iron. V M. nil 111 ' M M R. RARBY'S CHARITY I i. TI UK. Family Circle and Amphitheatre SO cent CJBRMAN VOLKS DAKDI V, t., KOWRHY. r I'ALACK HALL t I'M 15 RT Ha LOON. The iii'iet per!?" t i Woo of amiskmenr in mi: <:irr. GRAND ENTERTAINMENT EVERY NIOUT. BINDING, ANIi DANCING, NEGRO ANH ACROBATIC PERFORMANCE, hi'Ri.EngrK ami pantomime. GRAND riulIT Hill'* A-I R.nrilON, by the wonderful child, r> yea n old. A FULL HaNIi OF MlSsit'L SINGERS la engaged for tho selection of o imruses. Rl'MRTHIN* *""W. Tbe only place in the city * i > haoiUomest Waiter OirU are to be found lu KILL FANG) Co I ME. COME AND SEE THE WAITF." ( un IN h L KANCT C03TUMB. BOWERY SI IU'A>->- -?K<i.vDWAY. EF.TTtn TALFN'T, t HI Al fclt AUMlS.-ION AND THE FINEST W UTER .litLM IN COHYCMB. Don't forget the Faney Dreaaea. Ailmt??lon, 6 cen'*; rc?orv? u ?eat?. 12 "?nt?. VEW YORKER sr.VHT THEATRE,.17 ANDSV BOWERY, il FOWtb nlgbt of DIE MAI'HSR VON BERLIN New comedy, with song*, or K. Fohl Franr O lloTtn | ??aetHelUIn ...Mr. Meaubore Fet'eheo Miaa Scheilet I Ko?alie .. Mrs. Meaubora w WASHINGTON IIA LI., NF.W JER-tEY. ONE NIUHT t)NLY. VARIETY. TALENT, FVN. WoflD'S MINSTKELK, IHIrt EVENING ..-tATI'KOAV) FK.Ht R VRY t, IMI. New Vnlon Hong?, "ually tbe Troubadour, ' Muidr. lianne and Burlesque. Coneiudlng with tbe orl> braced "DKio'a Land. ARION. ARI.<N. ARION. GRAND FA<'RED CONCERT ? .RAND MAC RED CONCERT. IRVING HALL, TO MORROW EVENING, FEB. 3. TOMORROW EVENING. FEB. X l.'jr the general deidre of the I'reaa aa well aa a great nam* ber oi our eubacrlhera, and In order to glye an opportunity w all Ihoac w ho were unaole to attend tbe tirat auhaoiipti >n Con cert of the al>oye Hociety laat Thooilar night, in conaequen< n of the inci* mencj of (be weather, It haa been reaoived to give a i? petition of the whMe Cone"rt to morrow (?i;nday> evening, TO MORHOw (Mt'NDAY) EVENING, IRVIWt/ HALL. IRTING HALL. Conductor! CARL AMBCHCTX, CARL BERGMAN. Leader JO*. NOLL. Tick'ta 60 cents. To be haii a' all the principal book aa4 music stoiea, and Irving Hall. No reserved aeata. The neit lutwcription concert will be on March 28. STRANGRR8 HIIOf'LD NOT KAIL TO ATTBND THB grand soiree danaante to nlgbt (aaturdM>, at Madsmo HAl^'AGRACH Academv, 7IO Broadway, where they Mar see the most accomplished dana?iine?. Prlnee Imperial anil other ({uadrtllea taught without eitra charge. GARIRALDI (FREE) CONCERT SALOON, MO. If) Broadway ?GarOsldl (Free) Concert, oorur of Amily str>et and Broadway. Open evuy ttwing, fnw M Febrtiary. UrrilL POBITIVRLY CLOSE ON MONDAY?TH B vT third Annual ExhlbiUon of Kietarw of tho KrencS HahooL Open day and sveiling. Admlaaion M centa. At OOUPlL'*, 771 BroeSway, corner of Ninth ilmt F'RRR INVITATION TO THR RRADRR, OR ANT OTHRK ?an. to see The Comet" In full Mas*, at Ao'oleefc, TO LispeDartl street. K. Rouse will sing the "Country Fair,' a? aung before tbe Queen; Rtobetteu atlO, the Orttljr tore at II, and a host of talent during the evening. Temjrus t CANTRRBURY PALACE, 7U BROADWAY, COUn of Waahington piaee.-The m<wt magniicent RdfreS. ment flaloon in the sons try, where the foUo^ng artlejee of the 8neat quality are always to be found:?Iwrnrvd w' SraswhwSi'ffaQ^a i piled with tb# bwt urthkm aod ?? rvx m uuniiif, rr wr -"VSWiteil PIlPNfWH n *<->4