Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YO WHOLE NO. 8913. ? SUNDAY MORNING, HERA I, D. nWTABY 1ML I'Uck TWO OiNTS THE REVOLUTION. IMPORTANT FROM TKE SOUTH. Seizure of the Mint and Custom House at New Orleans. The Government Funds Held by the Secessionists. .Col. llayue's Comatmiralion to the President. THE ULTIMATUM Of SOUTH CAROLINA. Meeting of the Pface and Disunion Conventions To-Morrow. What Will Result from tlieir Deliberation? Passage of the 128,000,000 Loan Ball in the Bouse. Interesting Correspondence lVom the Houth, lie.j kc?) fcli THE ULTIMATUM OP SOUTH CAROLINA SENT TO THE PRESIDENT. WAfUWGToji, Keb. 2,18dl. Tbe Piesid'int horn received Colonel fluyuo's communi catit n in regur 1to tbe public property in South Carolina, srtl rtrmnu'llnt'. in cibo ho will not enter into negotiations 'f?r it, tbe surrender of Fort Shunter. Thts letter has been prepared with great care, having been submitted to Messrs. Hunter and Mason, and also to Uetbrs. Benjamin and Slidell. Ihe President will reply to it as early as passible. His views are already well known to the people of South Carolina In regard to this matter. Be has seen nothing in th j events of the last few weeks to change them. i-knit. Hall s departure for South Carolina, with official drspatehes, hap been postponed for tho present. Ho ex pected to have gone to-night. SEIZURE OF THE MINT AND PUBLIC MONEY AT NEW ORLEANS. Washimjtov, Feb. 2,1861. 5jeni< ten dnys ngo Secretary Dix gavo to Adama' Express Crmpaaj aft on the Assistant Treasurer at Now Or leans, for the purpose of transferring tho coin and bullion in tho Branch Mint In that city to tho Mint !n Philadel phia. The ; mount of the draft was three hundred and Nifty thousand dollars. Three days ago he received ados 1 h from Adams' agent in New Orleans, stating that tho amount would be delivered in two or throo days, but that the A-sWta't Treasurer declined to deliver a part, as d"?*ntng a* a n ti-'uo that he wished to pay the cntlro draft , at occ ?. Secretary Immediately telegraphed tj the frftfc'TT to pay to tho ExprMB agent on that day as largo an amount as the agent could transport. The coin nnd biilliou ire chiefly silver, weighing several tons. To Jiy the Secretary has received a dispatch from tho Fxprcsd Company informing him that tho Assistant Treasurer refused to pay any portion of the draft, and that llio Branch Mint bos been tiken possession of by tbe authorities of the State of l.ou..-oana. Tho circumstances clearly indicate deliberate contri vance on the pait of tho State authorities to get poe r?slon of the money in tbe Mint. This action on their part is unlvcr-ally condemned, and Is regarded by tb? governm lit at <uic of tho most high handed and outrage ous trnn.^ct onp that has yet been perpetrated. Kven so 'h Carolina refuged to take the money belonging to tht? govertyoeut. having accounted for and paid over fvery d( ?1ar to the I mted State*. On noeipt of t' is ncw-< this morning tho P/esldent ciiilc! an extraordinary s< sslun of the Cabinet, and tho nhele '.Tibjrct was considered. It is understood that Se nators Benjamin and Hlidell were sent for to know if they wero ftwsr of Ihis transaction. Tho government, being w.lllput aii) omc?! ???wledgo respecting this matter, iuuaedhtcly telegraphed tho Collector and Treasurer to krovr the facts connected witb this seizure. Cp to a late liouf this evening no reply had been received. TUB WA-HTNGTON A.ND MOVT'rOMERY CONVENTIONS. WiSHtJtCTO*, Feb 2, 1801. NJtwithi'taiidu g tho high character of the delegates ?pp luted to a" ud 111-- Peace Conference In this city on Monday next, 1? must be confessed there is little prospect UuttSnylhing calculated to restore harmony c vn bo pre cntflf. Hat. as a matter of historical record, this Confe rrn<? will be ef th" liighct importance, and if its delibe ration" arc not secret, but ar*> submitted to tho people fin day to day through the medium of tbe press, much good n?j he i Milted which will otherwise he lost. It i>' not ascertained whether the sittiigs w.ll be open or errot. Indeed, but few of tho dtdegaU* aro ns y-"'. here, and th rc set ms to be no disposition on tho p.irt of men to give the conference that degree of cor::v* loch people at a distance oouceivc it to bo entitled. If ti.e Mouti.ou ry CoMention, which iwoU on tho mme day. promptly prwuds to a<"tjou, us it proteabljr will, and proper ? ft Southern eoufederrcy, .greeibly to l)j.' phn of Alex udc? f. Stepheus. a ?idglo false step on Ibepwlof the Washington Conference will precipitate the ?ntire liordrr Southern HliUa Into iho secession i..i venunt, Old tlio South th* n will pne at aa unite 1 fr'?? % ft < utinc't be ?' 'lied tluvl the ictii.menl ig ilnslJtUd oil t'nio:' in tl" Mates which luve alrea-ij gone out It deep n'.'tct. ar ? for the most jut! unchangeable; and It I* the o;?tn*'<n of rened conservative men who stick to the 1 ten, Ci .t tin gulf w is msp^l when the acts of se tt II wt ro a ?? pled; that then '.11 'ove and reeling for the odfentiiop l iti n c. ue*l at out-' andforsver, and that Uie n I . < ? iho laotssionlst. no* are to construct a formidable g->v< rnti?nt <mt of the 'ecedlng Stal..- t> live in ntnlij w :*h the N'or'h, .uakc .n eq.tit ihlo ilh i wn of tho public debt and public pr'> ? iiy, ''?% mot Ihj two co!if'vl"rnc.?s in ly on ,,n?0 to tu. vo I >vai . u common p.irpwo, although In iiVrent ,'j hor>'. It Is believed thit all tbe ar^^ineiits an>l all 41. ? oh 1,(1" in tlf world ? <nnot bring b\-!<; two .mi ?f ih*i hIx Hat''* that luto uk(.?dy m*"dad, .ml the (rrnnd ?bject nf ni'nWato, poaoc lo^ In;: m< n U to ivo *hal?n ' < ?v?>d from among !h niimW of slaveh -M insc'ltAl''?>.! remaining la Mio tn. i . Tho i.'lfrrtf t>f th-. V?c<>,vMionid b" dlr^otM to this end, whtflfcttii bi (T inpitohi I, rath r fh in by striving to ?k>t?*??B" il, *u ' tfcij.i Mtfrlflcc -11. Till* is the t >ao r>f ^pnt-^l'tit a I'oii^rrr.itltc r Ire Its In WMhlnftm t<> dty. Mv.:h ;m >ty prm. :1* to ho',r from Charlaftt n aaJ rctt^fda llio ??utl?orDor* aro confident that b>th KortiftBtcT MMl Tickfnr will bnwrrstod from tlio Ko ?V?r#l (*>T?mment within n f#-w day*, if both event* ha vo not already occurred. IVtween thin and M>uday the Vortli ln?y tw flooded with Ix-go* leapitoli.*. pro tending o gi' * account* of b'.(?wUh?v| between Slate and tflilttd Sri' ? tr?p*, but in reality Intended to operate up- n tli"" important ovenu?the W jihln^ton Peace Orwgi'"" III'' Mot(?*mwry Piuthwn Confederacy Omren ion, at'I the rl( rti' O of del <gatefl to the Virginia Mtato -n.vontiti, nil of which occur on Monday. Among h" delegate* ?o the Peace (Vmferenee arrived > night "? ,f(>n- <ta">rle nT>d Gen. W. O. Ilntler, r K'-ntnrly; . a Arnold, of Rhode Inland, an 1 a few A<r*. Uiu. 4??? A. Sfddon, of Virjiuia, Cturfc* 3. Oidon, F. V. frtltLghu)t-en, Jog. F. Kaadolph, anl W. C. Alexander, of Nv-w Jersey, hu \ <? arrived. Meters (luthrie Movehead, Clay an<t Bell,of Kentucky, arrived this ev? ti rg, and have taken quarters at Wil laru't, as a so the <>h>o and New Jersey delegates. It is ezpected tb'it ncaily all that have been appointed will reach here by Monday morning, and that they will pficeed at once to business. Everything in in readiness for them, the WillaroB having tendered to ex President Tyler the uso of their spaci >us hall attached to their hotel, bb'I Mr. Tyler having aooepted th<i It will be one of the moot important and interesting Con ventions ever assembled in this or any other city, f >t un the action of this Convention in gre*t mea-turo de,<cnds ! the settlement of the momentous question now ag'tating 1 the country. Hksc men are believed to bo equJ to the j crisis. THE TWENTY-FIVE MILLION LOAN BILL., Feb. 2,ISfll. The bill to enable the Incoming administratioo to carry on the government, authorizing a loan of tw<>uty five millions of dollars, passed the House to-day. Tho first section provides that the President o' the United Pt%tes be and hereby is author'zed, at any tiro-: before the 1st of July nest, to borrow on the credit of the United States a sum not exceeding twmity-ftve mil lions of dollirs, or so much thereof is in his opinion the exigencies of the public service mly require, to bo used in the payment of the current demands upon tho Treasu rer, or for the redemption of Treasury no:ci now out standing, and to replace in tho Treasury any amount of said notes which shall have been paid an i received for public dues. Section sccond provides that stick (hull bo issued f.>r the amount so borrowed, bearing interest not <v<co <diiig six per centum per annum, and to b? reimbursed within a period no*, bejond twenty yoars and n t less tlian . . years; and the Secretary of th" Treasury bo and is here by authorized, with tho conseut of tho Proaid ', to cause certificates of stock to bo prepared, which shall bo signed by the 1 leg is tor and sealed v\ i',b tho seal of th.? rrca sury Departm'nt, for the amount borrowed, in fav<r " of the parties leniing the same, or th'ir assigns, whlbh certificates may bo transferred on tho book- of ttae Treasury, under such regulations tvs may ho established by tho Secretary of tl.e Trotsary ; provided that no certificate shall .jo Issued for a leas Burn than ono thousand dollars; uml provided, also, tli it whonovor re quired tho Secretary of tho Treasury may cause coupous of semi annual Interest payable tl?er< on t > b ? ;iti ? lied to certificates Issued under this act, and any certificate with such coupons of interest attached may b? assigned and transferred by delivery of the ?m?. instead of being transferred on tho bocks of the Treasury. Section tlurd provides that b foro awarding said lo.ia, the Secretary of the Treasury Hliall eft'so to be in>eri '1 in two or three public newspapers of the city if Washing ton, and in ono or more public new. papers in other ?? iti >s of the United States, publis notlco that sealed propo*Is for such loan will be received until a certain day, to bo specified in such notice, not loss than ton days Iron# Its lirst ii.sertion in aWashingtou newspaper,and such notice shall state the amount of the lo in, in what portions the money shall be paid, if by instalment-. and at whatpluvs. Such sealed proposals shall bo opened on the day api?>lut ed In the notice, in tho presence of sii' b person- as m ?y choose to attend, and the proposals be decidt | on by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall accept the uv.-.t favorable offered by resjionsiblo bidders for sail stock: and the laid Secretary shall report to (tenures , ;.t t' 10 commencement of the nest session, tuo amount of moony borrowed under this act, and of vsli>m.and on what terms it kball have been obtained, with an itb.-tra tor brief statement of all the proposes .-ubmitte 1 for the same, distinguishing between tho?o accepted and tli rejected, with a detailed statement of tic expense jf making such loans. faction fourth provides that tho faith of the United 1 States is hereby pledged for the due p at - i t.l.-< ia tercsl and the principal of said t^ck. The bill reachod the Senate, but wv not i-n Mere 1. An attack will undoubtedly be mado upon it similar to j the opposition manifested in the House to diyr, but It J ' believed that it will pass. W.isnv i I'.-b. _ 1*01. One hundred guns were tired IKlny b.v a itiaotwt of I uited States artillery in honor of l li" ndml?"io>i oi' Kansas. The tlrst gun c%iu<ed a thrill among th? p - j.J.', fearing it was the signal for something luuu seriou-. The joint resolution which pissed the Hons" 'hi- it, . n ing provides for a relinquishment t<> Iowa of all titlw t<) lands heretofore errtmcouslv c liii-l .?]<(> r th ? !>? moines Improvement act. Joshua R. Giddings, of Ohio, arrival to mght, tui wa at on:e cioectert with ('aasius M. Clay, n hotter to remon strate or encourage has not transpir <1. Colonel John T. Mugrudor, of the inr trttlltrjr, now on a tour of inspection In Europe, kw b<-. ti crdnffed liont^ by tho government. His companie- ire no>.\ h?re Geo. O. Weddenburn, of the Loulxian i St \t? irmy ar rived this evening. The President to day gent to the gnat* thp name >if Gforpe McHenry, of Pennsylvania, a- <Vvr?ti! to I'-or. pcoi. OUR WASHINGTON CORRBBPONDfiNCK. . WAaHTHiTrtjr, J ,n 2*. 1RC1 flw?nmtnU Rtttardina Lincrin't Calin-t i]->oinlinntl[~ Cotnpr)itni$e with Camettol?A fff*P llumjtihttf win'i Ctrming Vinm on the CrisU?t'nUtd Fifi-ii for Comftrrnnif with tht Snuth?Thr. V" i hi'.' . lrni*% Memorial?M'*r< Rumiri nf Iffitili if-. A movement- is on foot among republic ma to ,,.,J difi- rentes in their camp relative to I nroln j < ;,"oinrt ap pointment*. It I* generally undergo Virit Sewurd and Weed have supported Cameron tor tl pf t of ? rrt irv of the Treasury, and Greeley and Bryant, of the Eimng uavfi Sustained Chaw , t>a? ? il by tlM> No % York barnburner interest. Accordl i',- to t'n pro? ,t programme, the quartette?Reword, W"?(d, . y and Bryant? wil use their in'.'.: n-o with Mr. Lincoln in favor, for tho Tr t irf, ->r .lull Sherman, of Ohio, who, in Chairman of tii ? Committee of Ways nnd Means, hi obtain 1 ? 111-, rough insight into the financial ooi i n aud w.:ite of the country. For the sake of closing up the ile.xtJly breach, it Is supposed that Seaoral Cimeron * ill ui. oe. fully waive his claims to theTreasury w?;.r<?!??>?? ? 1 tho President elect, and assume the Secrt inrv-li.p of the ! ? psriment of War. By (hit arran^-emr f 11 4 the existing differences may be h. ?!."i. ..,<1 t?,. p 1 , i?. a unit when unity I* most to be 00veto l. Reports.readily believed,an 'hat < ??<rt* ire 'tehic 1 'o by republicans here to lnduco Mr IJn< "In to on-,-! ? EmO>son F.therldgo (American), of Te*tte n ' ;i ? John A. Glhnor (also American).o( \\ rlhc ? >' na,pb In tho new Cabinet. flmnm Ollnn opfvo? 't;.?n to th - I^ecompton bill, and hla lato Cnioi ?p '"h, i> ? i'lo h ' l aiuraliy high toned and patriotic .1 *-s on m il 1* f nation,"I polity, glvo him a fkf*raMo (c"1.' < 11 l ore tho wintry. Mr. KtlierlHge i<-' iIfo ku w ? n ! '1 \ 1 nl<") man . lievoid, like Govrruor Ollnit" , of t! i;l'r il?tn? or the i ttrtM foutli, and rewly t< a-i tli> country whenever the dominant party hbull out ;J ibp oii, branch of cnmproml*e H"ili ti ? 0 y ntlenj^n are supported far |*>?iilotig m the n- w nl n i letration by promjuout C iBp'om i. |>ubli< rw New York, New Jergey, I. agyUanin. '>hi , \'\ It Is doubtful, however, whetli r el?h?r g<n'.l" man would aec? pt place under I meoJu, > 1 nl? ? j ill" In -r should show a nigpoxitton I" bi tho PrAl'l oil 01 th<l whole country, and not a jxirti. 1111' i 1: ;t, .1' .?t . t Is not likely the I resident elect ? 'I ?i . 1 t-iine fln?!!y upon the ci mpoeitioti o( hist ibin ?! into h' 11 r h' lite nor tin rn bank of Ibe Potoniae.. Mr. Picklrs, of New York. 111:1'.e : 1 1 >. ? p?. ??ft ' . Ti i t to day to g'H in a repolntin-i i- ! -i; t u the S 1 t in o* Ihnlreasury for Information h* '? tin e p*?rf< if I'loi ? (ieorgia. Mi.itii Carolina nnd Alabwm.i inwblrhtt m *. ntie hinW fulled to be collet te l. v illi the emi- 1 !i??ri " r. It wag objected to by a South rn 1 - m' ? 1. and !;? over Hon. Mafon W. Hupan,tf New Hh'iiji lili<. will 1 nrt ly make a slashing Union rpi e< h, taki' ,r h'; li t r> 1 n favor of gt,staining tho nitfi nal ? protnctinj. ?uMM pr<Tp?'rty. 4c. He will ? v n ?onr ' tb ? r.-a'm* 01" pe? >v to sustain nnd oruament bis pr'SHon, nnd nako ."t ft>v. happy snd stirring quotntioii? feom ? tn "1 Ne w II mp i-hlre's favorite poets for that pnrpf '. TI10 Chicago and Mllwt'ikee l<of,rrt? of r<-a<l<>, lieforo mention" d, nnd a number of oihe: wt tern mereh.ints, arrived lo-dav n large ni nibcr -uv i 1. of ore htm Oreil. They are all I'nlon men. s-id ait'11 < netllatlon anil compromise. To-nlgbt Ihiyctll'il open 4'"1 Ptwldwt, (ienerni h'cott., a number of f mtom an l f ther flfdNa rle*. ?nd ?eeme<i to enjoy the occwlon x astly. A large nuioiier of nnval apDOlntmcnt* were ni'leto day, mostly from the Nnvnl A' ademr, ?'teh M midship men, masters, k>\ Come Were nwifned to the Pa< IIK , otbf ts to the Mediterranean. None of the sppolntments were to fill TticaBciPi. No reslgnutlons were recelMil at the Nsvy Depnnment to-day. As yon hnve already been inform ' l wad Ilk lv tobo tho case. Hon Ale* II. Rice,at Pwt m, |>r'S??t?><1 the mon st rpviiiHii f.'.'i wis of that in fsvor of comp'-o rniftv. The petition wm in bulk two ?|'ni ?, and wrapped in a neat American Ha*. Mr. Ric* tn >\ ?d that tbe petitK>u Ik- read and pruit.-d Mi l^v?y V. ?' Illinois, objected. At this tho derma-ratio si lo ot the applauded ; but the Speaker lail-d to hear th i ?? lection until it wa* genera ly declare i to lie "too late." >u which d> cl iration the sonorous v> ice <u tho -?P' aker li >n Bt-ll wus Leurd I>uruig tho presentation of lh>) petitiiu the boston delegation, consisting of M? ssrs. viward tv r ett (formerly -.crctary of state), Robert C- Wimhrop ('orm-Tly Speaker of tho House), t'has 1/h i Wxidhiiry (I'DiUd states District Attorney, and son ot'a late re tary 01 the Treasury). A A lawren.'e (one >i the soli.i ni.not l .oston) and K. s luney (laigely ut<.ested m th?> <ommerctal prosperity of tbe e mntry) occupied ? it* ,|i . q,. gallery aseij:ued for tho foreign >oi ps Some one thought south Ot'Ohtia should have boon ru present. 4 tjtercat the s?m? time and then, with Massa Lb?e?i Its UUtt .-O'lth Carolina?tho Kilkenny cats f ' ll" LLj'ti?iu one box, *iu? c*Lu?tm?'nt might be en?'i?t), or they w6iu.i feat each ><W up, much to tho ii. lit of the balance ol tho CoUttry. Kumots of war continue, an<! ?so !.ave mporta'il lufoi million fioiu tho Indian counli > in that oauiectiou. Tho l>.-|iartnn-iit of the interior is in receipt 01 informal iou to the i tli ct ihat the Western Sioux, l he*i ul.'S, Kiowaaaud other tribes in Nebraska aiu forming ulliaucoe for the purpose ot taking ponossion of il,. I'l.ilto Valley ami g<u nt route and duving oil the soltlerg. Utters hive In-, u lecciveo fioni ieliaMe Wi?le>u u.eL and represouta fives here urging them to lay before th-* Executive tho necessity ot tending troops theie for ih" protection->f th-- settlements alio iH*t tout"S. The Department of tho Inirrlor respen. s '<> the notification that ttns stato of things . xi-ts. and tho -ecn iary stal.* that the protection HKk d *1 all be gr..nte? ii th>- present h stile altitude ot the liiuun* is maintained. A stieng pr.ssttre will bo brought to b"i.' i|>"n tho lor ill bill, eppeelally in relation to th ? only ou t'on. Knsterti IroiiinongeiH are hero, nn I urge that if 'he duty lie established ?s proposed i' wdl o|M>rale as a virtual pii h bilion ot the iinportalioii of tho article, and'hurt I educe, instead 01 iuct. asmg, the revenues Mr. Tunis, of low a bus nit i o. lured re?' hit ions whuli lie over, i. Ivrse to the purchnse ol the l1ei niiij.g-- for ill- p n po?0* ot a mili tary scaih niy. It is now w.- b?'lieve, thr- prope-tyof the ,-ti.;e ol T.-ntiess. e, ?.i State lias expr. ss. d a .Villing ness to pur< liase it front A. J. 1'onelson, if tho I nited Slates will buy it for ronie jaTmanout military p-irixm" [he recent s. imre of the I tuted -tales arsenals .mil otliti'public property in several of th1' Siuihern Stits w ill operate adversi ly lo the fulfilment of this pa riotic ile-igu?for it is evident the country is not, tnelined to expend ni"ie money for md'tary pur)M>ses in Hi.; So.itb. unlesti it he of a l>? character, until hartnonv is restoied. That a spot so wirthyof the patriotic c->n ?ioeratiott of the wlioie country should bo sutU-red to go to decay and ruin is much to be deplored. WABmtiOrov, Jan. 29,1S01 }\l\ ? ftu rtu.rx of Conerfsion?JV? Voir*- II,mid frr-?n Mr Lincoln?l>r)>?rtment of South Carolina lo Vinjinil, ifc. If Abrabnm l.iccoln has written to prominent repnbll cnnH here, urging tlietn to titiiooth the way for liis advent into tho city of Washington, by a^rcein? to some plun of adjtistment that will nocify tho South? which was tho currcut report not twenty-four hours ago?sLcn letters or ?ueh intimations ha\ei>ot comu to tho hatiils nor to the knowledge of republican?, who aro likely to he among the tirst consulted on such subjects. The Siateujent that such letters had been reeelved in to day denied over the signatures of repuh licans. The conipromise pressure comes moro directly ftom ni"i i h.mts and bunur. s pi oplo gctierully in tho West, rather than from wilhiu tho ni.igtc circle that sur rounds the l'resident elect. Iho panncea lor evistmg ills, now in p<iss> ssion of Mr. Lincoln, will probably njt he present* d U> the public before his arrival at th. seit of goveinni' ut, anu that it will then he too lito, tho-o who seati Uie lurid signs resting ujs.n the So ulierii horizon must be cornpeliod to admit. The course of South Carolina iu declining to roceiv* of UeiaHy the ambassador from Virginia, Judge Rob rt o , and at the same time coolly lebuking thoSute ,i . 'o* n g Ir ited States trotipr. to b? s.nt lioni her s u .. - hos tile tniw-iou to the South, tails like a lump of 4oc the warm blood of the representatives of iho t?ld Ikimiuion. 1 lie pride of the mother of Stati s and statesmen ir: touched. her d gmty is affronted, au ' she, who hu h u tho ot aictatwig to her Southern sisters, is treat ml al niest corittimeliously by tlie compar U'.vely little ,-tato of Soutli (Carolina, and that, too, while that little fit uo ;s noiug it alone, without war shipsor i--veuue, except from . ppussive taxa'ion, as an iudepetid?ntCommon*oilth. What a spectacle it will pieseul to tho world when tho liiagnilieent empire of the Old iKim nion shall be seen dangling at the tall of a Southern confedem y. of which the little "gamecock State'' shall he the c ntre and coti trolling jsiwer. 11 the eyes of the people ol' Virginia aro not npencd by this initiative act of airog.nioe or irn;m ou the pan of South Carolina, then it U'nst h- .>ni tpac.l that Old Virginia has scccdod from her >i'ty posi ion .n the luton, and quietly submitted lohoing . nui.bed b> one ol the roost talitaliziug. r?eWlors, 'iravo. it.' pendent, saucy little couitnuulir^ on '.Be ermi ne lit of America. If the rofiubiican< ?hoold .? i this opjiortuno moment anl i>ciii' the balt/.y ml of compromise into the C o! \ lr Sitria, that great State, and with her all tho b.irUrr ,l;.vo Mates, would be saved to lb" I nim. At this too i>,. r.i the selection or delegates to th \ !r;(?ni "!Uilu Oxi Motion 'lnftt G?ii\to uockInJ wl.t th r the State shall or shill not seer.,ie; and if ev.r words were fitly spoken now is the time to spent them, if the lultei calamity woyid he aveihyj. Virginia received froHi the I nlted Silt*-' gov.Tmrent, turplus revenue, Id '36-'37, tlio '.uui "f *1,?'.1.U37 "t. it has b?en commonly undeittc l that this sum has D1". cr been touched by the State. T1 ..*! true ro !ar aa th. pripelpal is cnicerned: but th - money wii. !n\ s'fd in Vmic stock, and the etate. draw livMi ndt thTcfrm , from other stocks. rov. Jan. L't. Is'.I. Aljrtfund'd Pifturt*inn ol the XeUi'Jtuii I'diriUil?Oj' >v tiom of the IM-y JMer*. if ? . >'V. Painful apprehensions have been ? rn i c. ? 1 ai re gard to the preservation of Ih pe:.e- ' ? cupi' ?? ?!' t.. the 4th of March. From a sour.-- eniitM the foil- st c< ntl lence I learn that Oov.-tt -.r II.-1 ?, <-r Vvv land, has writt<n a letter to General '-of. -.igiug hltu by nil means to have at least eight thou ui4 trr-op* m tin city by the middle of nest muntlsji. "ri'ir tot^-i--'it-r overawe any intcntloa to disturb J|e p. . 'if mo?. e, n lucLt tiW'PB 'Uvrv will be about H-v u 1. iiurcd c 1 t:ate<: here, whleh, with the lo co of ih' IHet'iet, will make an airt.y of about live or it thousand t;v il, ett-etive for tho defence of the pla. ' in on-e of ottui k. doubt seems to exist in regard to tV loyaiiy and .",i tr.ui* of tbe Histrict militia as oftrani*;;, nna th? Cov trnor of Maryland ?ug~.*W troop- d^i'moil to moot the anilctoatwl extgeney t?e H?embed direct ly Vt.'dCi L,x" call of uie government So cno eem:-cap< ble ot dettnmg what the threatening danger ts or from tshat quarter it will make its appearance. All is dim and . had'>w\ and the very inceitainty whk.h involve too matter adds materially to tho teai ?1 tuo occasion. may bo a micD to bcMcvc tl?a? 4 invrntioiva exist U? m tk< tbia city the tUffv for lb- Or.-t net of o?vU war, and it may bo that tho fog which uon ? i t?> dan ger greatly diitorts Its proportion!'. The loibv has bi^come as h v as a nu t ot HI' ftiitim sc --.on draws to a close 11. H itay h " made hn ap pearance be?e, and, It is susp^ toil.h a a linger .n the I'ac'lx Railroad complication*. Capt. Alex. li?y and Ccrnt Una Wendell have be. u la c'oeo cori-uitatloo a ain in the lobbies of the House, nn l tho#?- are striking eTl denci n that these worthioa are trg'i 'd ;u th' >r old woi'k of bnn'.b tbe repreeenlativ.ot i f the untion. It U rurmis d that the India rubber nt aro to tie revived. If tl" tin.-s present tbe iMcasiou. Other ^ l?eme? are ia ? s i,,.t nnfe u on Pi. ir.r.ent members ol tlie repub icanis.'ty deny that tho l itsident elcet has written iter-, ret<>nam?'i.d!M com pre in toe. It IS said that, oil III" coliu.iry, he C"UB s is a strict adberi nee lo ib< I hlo?^i> platform, and then is a shaking among the oou*. rvat've r- publicans in fc0TisO<pieBf?. F-EIZUBE OF TllR NEWORLEANP MI.VT AND CUSTOM HOUbF. N'kw Oaiiuxi, Feb. 1,1W11. II,Mint an! Custom Horns were quietly t-ken ycetor <!aj To day tbe ulllcialR took the oath and. r the ordl tMtnrc of the Convention. ihe r? |K rt of the Commltt' O on' AU -ihip o ?ro>? up >J? THE NOIITH CAROLINA CONVENTION, Raijoo*. V. r., rth. t, 1861. 111? cU'e Convention la the Uaiir* t?pk! c| < onversa tnu 1' re.- Several membfra or the LrgiglaMnY! lmve ftrno l?'nie to pri pare for lb'1 riniitu ?lection of dele gate*. Volunteer companion aro form tag throughout liie Stata :o ho ready for any emergency oscept ? Of>roion, GREAT UNION MEETING IN CHARLES TOWN. MASS. Buro*. l'cb. 3, 1*61. A great end'm'ottog was hold l?te\enin:< iu ibo C iy Boll at Cfcarlcrtown, over v.l.ich tlx*' 11"C. B. 15. Thorny oa pildei The (HKdlffrg IricliMnl M< <rf. f'rorott Salt in?tall, JhliM Iwna and ftirhard I rothlngham, Jr. Iho following rrxolutloiiH wure nd< pt?d:? TNfw l<-od. Tb.K this mM?tlo2 pfincnrn mi"! heartily in the aontlnvnt of Ibe dlitlnguWb)"! republican b ruler an I rrcmirr oi Oie Incoming administration, WiUit.m I' reward, vi* ?-That the question of slavery 18 not now to be ttikrn hi to account; tbat "wo aro to nave tho Union, and thou tbnt we lave all tL.'it la worth" Itcsolvd, we earit<?'ty hope Hint t.iO proposi tion or Hop. J?hti J. (rltteruien, or Kentucky, will be adopted rt b.v-.r <.f s< tt lenient f?r the linpwi Tin.; |*>i ila W the I riled ftatw, It belnf the only practir plan tbat nil m ftl- ri? rr y IWrly und lim.t.rnbly adopt, and which i n'l tint human Wisi'otn ItM beoti able itoflfcr to Mir 'iMr cteii. ottntrf. H'*olvni, Tbat tiie pi . eedln,; of th1* noot.lnf? be forwardeil to the tior. .1. ? 'rUteridm, with a re <l'ie t Mm, ho n <t* t . iim I tbnt t i tlie henite ot th" rnltcd Watt* .ir tli* vofoe cf ttm t'oHn m<-n of li .iiknr Hill. A rat' has beep leaned (Vr n Mm Vtkm me?H(i(i)i thop. < ij of ALmii.-b if :t? In Kanu ul itull'in fr *Uy .itgbt a- st. rHIRTY-SIX r?l KKUIINO rflitSSIUN. Senate W isin.v. ro.v, Vol1. 2, MrSrra. 11k.i ah, IVr.H and C-mkho? presented i nuuib. r of memorials 111 fa -or oi tho Oritteiidea ruHolulsm*. Mr CfcAMPIKK,(rep.} Of Mich , presented i potlti >n of the citizens of M ehifviaskingttwSenate;?Kirgt, to isc-r tiiin whether lh*y have a g/wuincnt de foot or not; stroml, that it so th it measur.-s be taken for ttin appre hension of til persons prihentiiig themfclvos it th' s.ui of gi.veruuieut under I'cleuoe of butug C?wuai. >aers trom independent govern units oil Ui-wtfe oi ; Ihjrd, that m* "nires be uken to protxt tl?e archive <) the government fourth, that th; fortd, while la the pis *???>!' n of the govflrannnt in the -touth, bo promptly supplied with men ; tt th, that a viittcieut number of vch seis t>o pl?< ?-d 'i -outh?rn poi is to pro ce.t commerce and collect the revenue. Mr. Trcmiwi)-, (rep.) of 111., called up the resolution ofler-d yester'taj t ?? the appointment of a joint com nutter to pr?*V'<M> a moon loi omuitlng Hie votes '.'or 1're-i di nt und Vice Prist eut, and uotli'ytag the person elected wb!'-h ?*;?? P? -ed. Several nm nrtmeim loported from th.; Cornnutteo nji Indian *tt'airs renrtulepted 'the lull vv.1 ib' ii poetpi-ned until Monday. Irony u?m wns wi aput lor the consideration o' private bills. The Pest Itouto hill, with th intendment from tho HO'.* Was tukell tip Mr. ll?ir, (rep ) >d' M It., said '-hit he was in f:iv >r of the ovoilaO't lu'O , but thounht. n 'his mute win adopted ti e thitterUcld route ought to bo i?l.-qionsi4 with. the btlt was thru or deied to bo pruwet and postponed. The tiilt to oigatnxo the government of Idaho wan taken op. Adjourned. House of H?prc?rntaU?ii< Wamiimitom, Fob. 2, IMI. Messrs. John Oiukank, Muki.i*, of ?r'a., mid Voi.l, of Mo., ormented momorut'H expressive or m.i .strout? dwiiro for an a< jus'merit of the dull ' Hima by the lan named incliele?l signatures of thirty flv lad'es, whodo

not thus approuch Coiigrers in u spirit of dictation, but ns tho desc ndati's cf honored ?or.> -a of the Km- dutlou Mr. Kukjuuin, (rep.) of Ohio, called tip 'h? b 1 ?>ulior iZlUK 'ho Pi evident, at any time before tho 1 t of July, to borrow on the credit of the I'diN states, not exeeoding $26,000 000; certltica en to bo limited for n it to-; tiiin $1(00, with eotipoiiH |iujublo ?etni ann illy with iu t ri*t, and tho f.iMh of the t ut*, d !t*t^H plodged f'?r tho pa^tnont of the intoreat aud prturipil Mr. riiKiin, (opti ) or Mi , otf.-r* d i enlist If nte that tho third section of tho act of Juno, lHtJO .providing for the reoeniptioti ol the IYr?? iry n?tef, t-e mixlitte i so a? to empower the Secretary of tbo Treasury to n> gotiate ttio ba'anrc of the lo ai not tukou tinder th it act on the most fnvorabto tei ins. luFtead of restriction tho ueg illati, n of the loan lit not ii SK tbau par, and after notice of ten in stead ot thirty d,.jH. Mr. Pnvt r.? fain tho Morrill Tariffbill pi-opo.ird a loan i.f $21,000 ObO. and the bill r*pnrtrd from th"1 C imnittleo on Wrijs and Means ih> 000,tH O, thus nuking $4?HWo000, wh' n tin re i.-, an un> xhaosl(d loin oi jilt 000,000 under the act of June, 0f which he di-sired thu govei ntn' nt to avail lt?elf withi ut umieeeis.iry oetiiy. Mr. PtutiVAN iipprorod of tho auirndnient, s*y in^ lis it the ten millions under tho act of Juno wm up ?cttlc illy rip preprinted, wbtlo in that of |i h nubor last it w.ih tor tbo redenif tt( n of the ireaHiiry notes. To apply mm amouut lor the payment of tho current expat*!'*, n.s proponixl t>y Mr. I'helpii, would, therefore, bo a violation of tho pub lic faith. Tlio 'oau now pr"p"Hiil w;is for tw ntv Bvo mil Hoi s, fie riipp<i?fd it would -ttio up tho accounts of thin administration. Am there was no nv>ui>y und little revenue they would bo obliged to resort to the credit of the government. Mr. HiM'Man, (npp.) of Ark., ottered the proviso that no part of thin Iom should be used l'>r th" !?? ituteiunco of forces to make war aga:u.-t any Slate which lu^ or may secede. Mr. yuKHM-iN refuped to accept the atn -ndmotit. la re ply to a question by Mr. Cuim-lt, lie "ii I that >-\ ry dol lar under this hill would be required to meet tlio liabill up to July next and th" remaining fourt en mil lions under the actof June to nu et the outstanding IVea sury Lotes. Mx. Gjwsktt, (opp.) of Oa., considering thai the Mor rill larttt bill pr< vidrs tor a imui of twenty une niillluus, r* garden tbix bill d< sign,^! for wv pui jh x ?. Mr. Ju?w, (opp ) of N. Y., s:ud th ? f \|. ^'hern an de|x<ndoil (in that tarlif liiil for Kulti. >. r ?-i nue he would be metikeu. Th promoted >'v ?' o raroipg the warebo w. would ahnejne and p .. i ?. in too. y.i F Kim, (opp.) of iV. V., sniil that .????? not sur prl: Hg that a prmectlve turltl' bl'l frl?0iiVt wnhrai'O au ll.orlty to borri'W twenty ore million- au iUfvouM make up lor th?'revenue loft from diminished mipiil-i Tlrs is the r<public?n taritl promised in the < iugaK > pUt l'tm. _/ Mr. Miijm'N. (opp.) of Va., moved to ^tnKo ^uKT.Mr.' I'helps' substitute l ho Words, "tile pt??'-'tl8 Of HiiJlu-UL nu) tie applied to dit-chargo the current e uie(isr'R '<rM government." A/reed to by 126 -igaltmt f.'. ? The subi-iitutc of Mr. Phelps was then rejerti -J, by l>2 against 111). tTh e bill, as originally njiortcd, w.,3 tb"a p;^ e^,hy 124 again; t 46. fl.e oppohltion huso from the dLimc?. tic Id??. The Un ite's resolution in r< lattt.n to the nun payment of the construction mileage to the widrv.- of Senator l.inn, in opposition to the order of the Senate that 1' should ho paid, was then taken up and <ll.?cui>sod at c 'bnUWable i nirth. :n I rr|, ned t'> th-< ? iiiniittr.- |0C .? I ?. the Indian Apprtpriation bill was then token up. \\b n Mr. Wiittn rv, (irep) of til , moven that the lt"'tse proce<-d to tho eonsiCer^tlon of tho Honat 's rcsoli.tiou |,ro\|,lii.g for a joint committee to count tlif v t^" for President and vico ITesldent of the Liited Statr", and infoim and notify the persons chosen of the ir election. Mr. ?tAH>?rr h >d no objt lion tu considering th" resi lutiou in the regular wa, , but v. on opjw. ? J to taking It i P at this time, it not b ing, in his opinion, a question ali-cting the privilege* of my member of the ]?> The tlhuKtiH overruled Uie po;n' .on the ^rovnd that the constitution required that the vote* tb-jld counted, and such urrnngim' ut ui-r i be madi for the p irti"S0. Mr. f; irrrrf'-lt himse'f eowlrained to >pi I ?Vom the dec if I- n of the cha r, but the I lo . -? laid the ,?j ikjiI on the table bi 1W .tjjtt.u 119. On in t Ifin oi Mr r> t si tat a? a commltteo of fiv v. i eider? .l lo be ?pp< uted to Join tlut on the part vf th Senate. M.frrs. Wlib .r'i of flHttois, Adr.iia, K'*. Atulei.'-oa of Kentucky, and Cr,..g ><( Mit "jci,?ertt api?jinte<l m th' committi , Th': Home thi n w. u! iut<>' *.nim;itoo i;f tl, ? Wh ile on tho If-iiai' ncy luil, and too C'tiiriii'.iLutnen iVnent wr : (lis discufed. ? Mr. I i>.vun, frio.^ of Ohio, wiu not ill.tpo d, owlr,; to tlic c w.iiv-n o; th flnaaces, to m tlce the ipi>r<^ir'a tlon Mr. S^oTt, ('^ip ) o Oal., ad-, icuteil the OMendtrvent on the rfimind oi t great ,vi .n'.ig-s to tr .wit to th PaelQc over the ' hiri iul Isthmus us well r.t orjlh gi and ot rriwmy. eon r?-iin," tho i <0,l..:<tnt and I ppr taritl'of the IVn.iio.i lUiilrr-ad t'oni|?iny 1 . II o government w;i '???i Uryelj bCuOtlttVd Ui OOt.l haibors, and so forth. 51r. rotrrp, frep.) of (nd madn ft spee.'u agai'i t the Mnen in.' nt, when tlieconiftiittee ro?e. Mr. fVRw v, (rep.) of fihiO, gav-- nothe of h intent i to move to elf*' t I I ;to en the I-Cpo, t ,.f tie t o.nit t:p of Tlilrty three no t Thursday. Mr .-iiu; * ? -ted that a vote sliOuM n't bull' i ? ?it. It 'hi i? I? 1.. <: "f t?I !.;??; ?' . Lie Mr. O k?i.\ re,. , ,t that lie ?oul! !'? - rn- t l.y < ,r con nt?ne's lii thatjarilctdir. Adjomnet. a MAHovn \ri'HAi? k f'alkJ V '?> r V/liinlo* 1/nls, of tie Mi.Wicbt. rtU Grnod JxhIk" t/f Kre^nwioiw, hit* a<htre?w*i tbo follow'ng letltr tolUi (.mull Miwtcr uf VlfKl>la:? il run, fv<\ 10,1WO. ? ! W< ?i.r-ni r?. M iotp. or tbj (>r.iwl ! "dffo of \ k | atft;? |. .n Btf'TMM;?'Hi" !? r 1 >1 'mm arriveJ ( .'.>?? that it should i vci l*iol wbra it bobovew ovcr> one who hw lived and flourbtbod uador tl.u ben'tpi Pii iioncor, m' our ?'Irrio' ?liiloa lo I *' i t lik< twt en i< ;iTt m to obviftto that s-ad Impulso whieh threaten* it? dinol'itlou. In Ibo ro IrtU'W of follow cit;iMi? of n wtdo spread repnbilj, ?*ir cfl ? 1 bAV' provW lOrT'-ctnal. Fanaticism m the pro nil; tt < ? m? n rii??l the lioi aluch hnvc hound tb- .Sooth an I North ?" l< tiff ?ori tlior, wlncb carrlod t!i> rn sbouklor to *b?l'ier Id (li i'n }?? o f our 'athcrn. aril l.ivo con t un< * tb< t'< in tln lr property ns a iiuitcd nation, aro nrvr m pmustioA to lie Mirrrod. I- it i< "> lit.? t ?> mi-ri the calamity? 1* IK. re nought retnaltift of roiii" rvatl< n to bo IrWxi 1 Hnvc wo nut in Itiptlt'itii u wbi?h bind* un together, not only a* follow eitiMM, but o- brother#, iunl as broibir ? can wo taoorato tbo^e iHoflj ir. tlM * i ir.i'inl,. ii of our faith and prm'tlcnf fht'Cf' re, may w * < t |n*k t. it -m a "I'onn olepioot lo allay the hitler ant' i-U of I/*-? Jark d.?y? in our n itlon'rf history? Ii wiisinj ft ' fortuio to ti it Rldinu'td with a banJ of om oid< ?. nod 11 wttr.< ? llic mighty operationwhloh ccBi'-titfl Ui !>*irisi of rill tbo participants on that occa sion. TIm lolim ticti at thai (m oting nra Ineffaceable, the luiprf a indeiiiido. Witk surh fool i if? of hi poworful a frat*rnt*atk?. bow disunion nnvt patl tbo heart* of thone \?h'-p n'<tii>' i n* brothci" urosowniiiod i'twari!n tho o *> dear to t bom iu Virginia, audi* oiio, I w*n resolved to pr.ur ont my own ;.wl to ixprfM t> yu wbnt I d^m v> bo tbo moloml mmt rentimant in Hilton, if not lo tUo wliolo In ri* Hctlon over whirh I liavo tlio bntior to prr*iilo; aii-l I rMiia jon, my ii* brftber. Ifcat wo i lin^; to ^ou, m t i.tdj ? biotbi bnt a* f.-llnw ri'izons, and may that rvri I'ny lio fur removed when Virginia aul Mmwh i " tin. tbo Slid' mbleb cave to onr country a Uu'liinitton >nd a Kr.n klin, aril to ! ri. ii voory ttto of iU biifthiflMt 11,'ditf. ?h..ll Ik- f"tind opp' - i| n eriemki, and wverotl M ioirpoiierU ef tbo 1'nlted Mat. ?> W i> Ood avert that terrible and may J To Instil Into tho h'ar'? of alt our Order tho ob?rrvai<so of that prorept if III* floly W. id, tbl* tl>i? lo-m-n to every n?o jibvte in Kri'i'Trni?onrv, "Mwdd bow k<> k| and bow [.leu mrt it In for brothorH to dwoll Uwetber In unity;'' am. nay nil um'er your tratemal | n i*<iict'on domonatrala by their #rtR that in the "Old fioHilnlon," ?? well ia nrnoti> ouiS?lv?s of thi "O d UnyHlate,"! iilon an<<!en.'. and brotherly I >vo Mvihm. ittiali now In Ikli m-r-' it hour, M her?'i< foio nn?lrr tbe ilnys of prupiwrliv, oe their aim a&d rwvlv > f'> mofo it bo Kratoiriaily joor?t wu? jLOW UWU, M. !>., tiraaa MmtW, VIRCINI *? Ot'R Rli'llVtOVtl fOKKKsl'OXllKNtK. Kmixo.xu, Va.,Jtu?. 16, IS'll. A'id?xil?f ^ Ih-n. Arthur h\ Ibtpkitu, On? uf thi iniSiit tmr* ftom. Alabama, Ufort the ti///iM? / egMi tuir, d Hon Arthur K. It- }tkinn, ? an of lliu C O'uiun-- i ?u?"rs from Alabama, .I'lJn ssvd b?th lloii-.s or th. \ .rginia le gislature to day, In lha li.Ui of the 11 of ivieg it.-s. Th? galleries and we?o tbrouge<t vw.uts, and the adilfsn, which lusted liul<j ov;r ,k? li'mr, m In t. ned to with tho utmost attention. Mr. Hot Vins begin by saying ?bat >"idor any e'r.;-,im glanci t) be ?h"U)(J, as a citizen >r tb > South, feci gr.?:-.r knlicitude 'hat Viigluhi should -uit.r .? tii? gr-tt -v.:.-s ?ion movemou', U-Mliwrt. ho thought, to .-.-oro th* huu<. whkh ha* boen d.niiulnlwU b> eubanwdg too long to the aggressions couiuiitteo hy th-' froo on 'ue stave holdir.g States. Our reautauco against tio violati >na of our righ'ti lus ha*-" 1.1*00 on paper only, io lI?" .?{ resolutions threaV-ni.g resistance to any repetition of outrage. the resolutions have boon rodo'innd, when ccn.onined an<l J ^regarded, not by acU, b it r. s?!v-j containing threats iguinof resistance. For this course wo have bueu derided by our otiemies. H 't, my solie: tude for this union w ith tho old- t ol' tho -t it- ?. i"d tho m?fct ,?wwful of the BlavclioldJi g, is greatly tocr.?w-d by the ia< t thai thn is my own native State. I was horn nn<l brought up iu it, .-a my anooat >i a of my own n-uae were for snvorsl ^onoraitons before wo. \ irgou.i hm more nailvo nous in \l ibama, the -state which > have tho honor to riprifut horo, Hum live In any other of her confederates I have been charged witj^h" doty of m il;wg known the reasons to th.s Assembly which determined Alabama to pursue the coarse she lui?, an 1 withdraw troai iln- mil-called I'nion. -Iw has a r? nvntlon now iu K.Hfi<>n l? consist* of one hundred delegates, a largo imiiority of whora nr.- in fa\ of -it- on. -ho Inn icunieo ihat portion of her sovereign!} which slio granted n. Hi. government. She n now ,1,1:01) to form another I'nion with ill- States ? Inch have f. c, .led,or niay ?lo -> h.-retifl.-r an I di-nu sneh a eon neet ion. In ;.0i .g aeperatrtlj l?o haa !)>???? g???'ni'?d by what "ho tl'oi g 11 th" h iditi; auth< rity on this ?? llifot? winch fh" found in the pre-clout a> t by eaeh ol tho or umul thirteen Mate?. vAnplauae.) I hey pr ? U:ra^l in the lierlaralion ot Inuepi ndiitico aprlta-ip ' not aa n.itted by uny ?..v. rriio.-nt of .-my nut ton w. 11-h then ?xUteil?the right ot m lf government, ami the right, e. clwngo tho govefinm ut wh. uevsrtho in oiilf 1 oneimled Hut governtn- ut rttd not aeeonipilsli the , bit eU? for w hich it wa establihluxl. to h ol tho thlr ,cn colonleH whs pKwiftimed by that tie-larat 0:1 to te a sovereign Mate. Th?t King of ?Jr. at Britain, t-y the i-.-aiv at pmem, MkMwwu^ tbom to !??? aotwetm stntof. iln wt aro tho Hoiiree!-uf tho t-'ivcrt ii.'nt> each Stnte. ToPUftam 'bat dc iamUon tle y tougtat thn i?h loni! vears >>l haril.-hip. and eonipior. d '.lie admi>(Sl m made h* Foltmn treaty tr.10 tho mother ' mtr> that tin v wetf overt ign -tales. The lii>t I nion w. ;-t lot mod liv the articles of ct.liteder.uoii n> wl '. h the Hurt' 11 w'vervigu Platen *?? the parties. Thai in. tr.iment. otv tain. d a tie. laratit n tfcat tl.o t uVm o l b' t -lj. ,1M lie [teriHtlunl, ai'd that tho .itrl.n sha.ild he mvI'latiK ib- rvetl by every state. Any alterit on t,1 < lit aruclea utis prohibited, unless such alterat ion .should bo agreed to hi a I'ongrt sh .1 1 he confederal Mi.and n rm '"s em it rmed by the I.e.;1 lalitio ot ewiy Stale. In delliuic.) of the Ftiong tan^ergu of Hi- nrti.-les usen? by tm. parties to i, |||?t ij,e I nion stioill I bo p -i p. tual ;in.l U'.i .':It"i at 1**11 afterward* made ir it, ox. ept ,? ?>m?r.and alter wares by III" i.e.^islulure ol oven- Mate?the wh' le compact ivas nfiei ward.- ..b an I '. a?i<lo hv t lit* separate t ee ion ol I. vn Stat s. g* i3t the wi'lof North 1' f. liila au'l i.hotlt 1 '.nel. Thin -.ari ilono ill the exeielfC ot tho r ,ht Of relf -IV- mtui-ui and upon I* 4* irotin<?s tba' n?-!/oof SihI< * h . I n ' ?liarg'vi their obligation! atid the ? overnmeiit f i t 1 to i lish the objecti fo? which it had n (1 institute I l -icb utttte netodcd fr? in H10 conHstoration I ? 1 *? pnrate act. That act was the r..t 'Icati-in by i.v.h State > i rately ??r I he r.M't-t tit COI letion. HMl'lO l>y a fouviuiioil or each State ftep.oal. lv. The t'obv-ntlon a?' l- l of d< !ogab-s elfletl by th. pef.ple of ea:li it I h rati... M.011 was mad. by the *e\end Hut. at di.T-lent ti o;*-, M the or dinimces of sec >i n wort? adopted. i th Carolina an I Hhode Island di not nn. 'y the consi.nition for nearly two jrarsnfier th. Uist rat ;n:ation was lindo by 1 -tat?. 1? theft-proceed lev th 1- it ample authority for tae H ii.irate ?ee< FSion ol n State from tie- -erverted 1 nl' 1 with the trie States. Th" rirl.t of ? an from tho III st conii-o I I el we n the St it. v.:w r- -Milwd erclsnlb. acli'I the toil Stat.- ler North I *i ullna i.nti l!ho.le Uluvl ultiir.nteiy rallied tin ? .ii^titut..?ii I icten of theio umI *> a?ail>"t U?? V/- 'itloii of two which Brefeired th. urlak ?. ..nd did * regardlcas o: th> ogreenieiil that the I*n ? n honl.l be J?-ir-.-t ITiei" Is no ?ch fCpulatKin > the ? ti tiri t 11. ' ?' fled the fonftil.He 11. Willi thn. ? 11 tltui,. n h.'ore llu-ir e>?s ulven hv the on 01 .ill th- M te? rr.mi th.' j confederal loli niu:t!.<J to., .it 1,110 ! I hit m ?h-> v of tin- tight ot - : i 'J |.t 1 in--- r.e r ght I to secede separately tiem the i? i.el. a o. the i>. i.era. j''"j w, tho 'Jt't.t.0?. ? tU;? ?<001.1 . compact nntOOi: <*?? X .tee Itei.Cf m.?t of the Slav, .did not deem it ?i< c<s-?? vpl^ sly U) i^^Vj; lhe i;lfUl of ,rcensMi In the A of ratii.e-iflW which thev re spectlvely inalt* Thtv- 01 c, siat *?t irgf.11, Niw To'k ai' ? I '.attr! -etch expresalv 'rtMi^KfjIiKnalilpra'' ri^lit i". llie ratiflcat on aa- h rrflMj erniffiglQU. A.' there is an otpiallty of oboeirtafj %?il^WHfW^ritMi.'all the bond ot M Alabama, by her coretjtnyer/W greff. and uptm which WtfJ" the t?n ion, 1 xprtwlr if ? rvedt. iovt riiment fhritla if ' coj? with a know'.edge of tti'- ffff ?( A _ grew into tl e I l<ill. .ho right for ..gfcrtefejr imt un t nd to tie rout-til ut kin result; fr -m thtfij? .t " , .n.t the n.-.tare of the cr.mpo'-t TlW cf the partit F an 1 the ii-.t ir-' of the c< !i.|?et rKQdT tie" fir - tov-rt -talr,tj the samfjeov re cubt ilwWmWrL w,re iiartivs ^o the ai llclca of the e , federal I-n. 4ml whleh sect .1?! p Kt .tbly fi in them. 1 t. l"r the oe' .to I',:; , n - was the ft I itw g-n. yoi the Stat.a Iii...rr the eonfctitutlQO. What w? e-iU the general government i. their federative sg.|ey. Thi* ..K.-n?r^ known as tl.e general government, is no |urty m .hi .-M.Vl.luti-n. y.hith eilst. d le-f-ie the c .i? mine.mcnt of the "pt-rntions of the govftriiun-nt. Ihe governnu-it ia the tieaWW of the '^^tl'iition Hid the BK-nt of tl.e States?the only mUm v. 1 "bee- naUlntieti. and 1 lt?e<1 t >.nor. p .wor f* div^ , incthe ffitt - ef tlicu- iovcre gn power 1 Oongrum lua 1m th foaenllt- agency nnJer the articles of couredera u know tha' e Jh one ol I. m -jo lty of the ' tnti ? ?.?; from tv confciler. > f. r lew other c.auMJ , ,.f cfimpiaii-.t than ?<* luefflriercy for th. prole- tloti of , ? the r 1 ipl.t. r -t th. ir ? . t n, -f Hvln^ | \.. t-. h ur.-PSlelt'xt .t, | tiii' . r- n?l* ? nt t ..ry . now tb. 1 c< ? V ion- lh- 'av '.-Id - Ha (tpidwwe.) | ; 1 1.' ii ..... tr"; w iitruwh 1 U,. fr rn;h n..ih rc, m j ;rUv?rV,.; ' '-"iTr.'d Cv-'iio gl.t t ;?eterminj , ? 1 . | ti t' 1 1 fi".'1 -* ' V V lol lll JD Ol on tl . rood, .un 7? J ,',; tho raieral it llctu-i ;tr th# . . , not m ?'< n run-, b lite e?.n?tttulion, goverome. . w^n'-tme ,r a p..i ^ ^ i'en"th. ? f '1 r ' etu a m-.t en toide to live it, tu n, lb . - ? ?? | ,. 1 um< to grai.l? U'e isiw. r - .h ? ?? 6 ^ ^ ,Vltll Mr. Mmlhim !,?o. to ..Ol. II. niliton Lai '? ?i ? ? & 0,.|a*J ,>..??,o..-i;.-;:--v i.-Vui : 'Ii.'11. 1"...-- -....-I t? y .55rir?s?s! ti-ovldt 1 10' ihe elmi._ . - * .. -??......... flight Ik come ttt-111 bat s of tli^new ?ribc.l In lis couslllutkm. cipaic!. iK ft r n?re mi tl ? ie?n pte eri In Itt eo..?ii?in'oii. t e , !?i",1. ?' r iggre-ioii the most UT.erLl hr . hss ; 1 o 1 treaty with - ir eolHatia, havt not h. > n led l.v tne -r ti e "?.?-??? r 'lc::t;lv:o,/,,> ?V',,?ho' nr x rke 1. u, ? ,n t.reteiel to -tny c alm ?o tower to i.i-.k. wai 0.1 a e? or Tore'en mr for In! wi se, even for a vl? U'U-n of tho treaty, it pr- ents > r- o i- whleh th ' Stub 7?the portles to the emipect? i.iJhat ' t-V .ior should be p. aceatde the otmsMto. !..? mv.i g no power of eisjrelon to tho a?-.., y. ,nd the r.irti. f having I ? pretest to clam any, as the s. eet-sion 'WM from the artlc>tof confeleintlon. .. . u. iif.i.kiji rt a'l F"?TTiC p1' ,g< p fromR tott? r a?ldrjww1 l?- tlio Hon. L. V. Walker to H Forr ?/, Juck^jn Ato! in rcouni) r I. t, ? ' ^ v"**> further elnl orated tie vie- H "^'meii'eT -awh in.. ' flu imi t'h cn'b'i ? * r.?Uy r? < in^i m. i ..vo tb eide l utiffnctlon to all who listened U> i' thoit .?p. , ially who f \or unni iliats weiM^ n. ? RHTOMfTD, V?., .T?n. 2%, 1SG1. C. i aii n ft v% Gv-mor IH'li, of Mar^la-ifl?The I fi ttk n Ohtinamr cf f,'tcr<,ia, Hr - > ? ling to Kiu/.-nd ftr Armr?rtf hrily Ui. I'lan ci a !>? WeGmfnh raq,?-7he letting in Virginia AUvttht /t:inroioin'nt if F rf tHiXt**, <fc. Thf Governor of \ IrgiL.i rent to t! * T/ Mire to <tiy the following communication from Cover nor IIuk?, of M rytan?1, lu r'p'i ?? to the renol'illon* sppoiutirg Corn mi fW-icri to meet OommtMlonen from other Statoa in We'blrftlon fn ill" 4tti of next month, i '<t by the j/'j>>:.itnr< of Ibis Ktiitf on tlic I8U1 iiwt . ? i?r*iK ? >? M n?f a.ii>, K<sMvmK CiiAwrn, \ JixyATiM, .fan. 31,1B61. ( !)?,<" I lintt' tl>? I.ouor to a' kjiowMgc tho receipt of a piloted copy of tin" reeoluttoue atlopu <| by tha Omm tnl A^ tmbly of Virginia en ibo 10th iMt., appointing (' ? milp lorn ra to nif ot In Washington on I ho 4tb of K< binary. " ?oconnd.-r, end, If practicable, agree upon, ti m? nltab'e adjustment," I tat >- t' h?ui? in wtir'.n* yon thH OntutsNnon ?ra frcm tiirjland will meet th<wn fr-m Vligtulaaad other Mate* n Washingt n on tho day on ?<et1 I cm f)o:' <i<1 that Virf iota hu< made tht* novo. ao<i ii'i tlbatlt will be ri t li -? ci>rri:-, ?pirlt by ctfer istaica. U cO, wc way aim i^alo the belt come <i'i? i-.-i p. fiom illik patriotic action on the part of Virginia. 1 have ihe honor be, very truij , yours, TH?H. H. HICKS. Hi* i-'.vc.t llfucy Jiiun I>i (ijk. Governor of Virginia. I h. t.'o tri.or also iriumitM to the legislature tbo nee. situ ordinance pa>s?d by Georgia, and sent to hlai by ihe (invi'tiior < r that state; ?ino a copy of (be resolu tion adopted bv that Couvorctn ti accepting tho " in vita tii n i xteiided by ihe Convention of the republic of Ala* V i.i i ti? seed Commissioneis to Montgomery, on the 4 lb >f i ? \l in.'tub, to <? id fon.nns?ioiinis fiom other seceding Matt? in oig. niiii g a provisional government. All wers luii. on tho table and or-t rt >1 |i< lie printed. H i- pi.-suge of Ilio bill appropriating one million of ,\'liif lor purpoe.-s of Slate defence w m delayed until today, owing to the engrailing ipon It o iiinuJuji tiin dc iguaiiag the particular loca itieB vhere e'eienc .s should bo erected. Five hua dud tho r.iiul dollar* of iho amount will ba applied to the e? l.ehoiei.l of an ordnance department ii tbla cit>; two hundred thousand dollars for do litci-. in V>iW liver, the K-iateru ahoro, and Nortb wiri.iu Vligiuin. a.oi.g the Olii > river and Pennsylvania line, i ml Hi r.o hun.lrcti ih us.itni dollars tor tho pure, has? of .Unix An aveot will be forthwith -Vapatchod to Kag Irti il to make tin' purchase, iIihv may reich hero as si on :it trr th? ? ? 11h ? ? t" Match iui possinie. H.u will ba f 10 0'.t> l. st t;> tli- North, because of the cou luct of the \'? w ^ "tk police. Hie pin ii of a double confederacy, detailed >ti the ablo l.'tt. 111 your Ni w <>sl. -ins correspondent piltlistied in lai>t Tliui. iU?\'? mo, in i Ik wiili nior. gci.i'ral .nd cordial ?i ipiovul limn any suggestion heretuloio u.ado iu connec Inn witli tin. |>r> -> ui dilUi ulti. s. Tho IIk?.?;j>'m editori als mlerrii g to that plan have been u.tentively road, a ml r. not nil) <??.?. irui teil on m ti'imn o f the tiighcxleiilo g\ H olleiK, according to the opinions uf the m nl en livl.'i tied iim.iI'K mh, th.1 beat miIiiIioii of n\iting difflc.ul tn l ai?> 11 ui \ft presented. Ihere seems to be nt> possibility of a leconvl fcition beiw.-oii the two see.Hons, ul Ira t of a . barn, trr winch could g.vo h >po of pel mat.? lit peace. All admit tho nvitu il autag lisnid I > bo too deep even to admit of a pcttfi.l on.l stable uni-n of tin two sections 'ti the future. The biiuhtyei truthful drawn by llio IIkrai d of tho graiMeur of tho two c mfedetaolcs alter Hit y shall have re pi ( lively fnlillled their destiny oi lorritori' I expulsion?the oue to tbo Arctic (Jceiu, tho oilier tithe Orinoco- Ins literally taken captive tho opinions of thousands who were heretofore wavering and in >. tiled with refeii tire to the policy bent to be porcned. S'r.M ge. tli.- idea of this grand South?rn cotifeilerucy never eiit. i- I the In ml <?!" .?uv of our wl? -t men befora it found evpression iu the columns of tho Hku.u d. Thu ileveio|H n ent baa itlaxod the conservative orl'monte uacily 11 tlio'ieaiu's. In this connection, ?oo, the sltuplo mode of raising irvenue by an export duty ?>f ono per cel.t n|M>n col ton has produced a dei'ldotl r. rol ition :n public st ntunfiit. It . H'. eliveiy cetM at rest all appreheu aiciiof .'xorlni.itit taxation, and hh thu won lo tlm so C( ff<ioii eausc many who dreaded the enormous burdcui wh't li the inia^'inalion conjured up a? results .if this change. Ail wiioinl h ive heard spoak on this nuhject of a douV In conlcde racy oxpriuacd a I'ect wiilini-'ti. y. to enter into iroaiioa ttffen^lvo and defensive w illi the North, anl ciu cludo t uch commereinl iirrmgeinents an will provo Uitit'i.illy li.xeflrlal. Thii? will iiuqueaiionably be tlm ili.ul aiTiingemctit of exirl dig di. luultic^ if a colluilon ut avoid* d. An attempt t en. re ion will be the end of [icuce able aiijnstmeDl. as It will be ..f uuion 1'ho latter res ile hto tome any how, and Is d est i ted to be permanent, tu? matter w hat tak. s place. A po iceful solution of dlilluul ties w ill jupart tho best pha to disunion of whl-h ib can adiirt. Wai will but aggrnvate its evils, if any it in volves, vsliilo it cannot possibly avert disunion, fbo flr-1 mult of any attempt ?t coercion, on the {tort of Ihu North, w ill lie the opening of every zotithfru port to fretj tiauc with foreign naliotis, ami th imis>sltion of sucti duly en all Voith. rn itnpoils' is will . irectually secure a. in" i!>.[K>ly ol Mulle in trade to foreign exporters l'eam fid i?i | ant; ti wmld probably av.rt inis, and eauso a dls crlniii alltili to bo uvule against foreign importi 11> i ili.ii> otherwise. People here lan^h at the threats of! cty icion which are thund.-red forth in black republicm jeurnali. The torch ot the im eL'lUiy will bo applied to your North.-rn fiti- k up< n the firing of thtj llrnt cijorcion gun. \oi.r thousands of unem ployed, starving poor will be Invited to j .in in tho plunder ai.d ransackiug of the rich Northern 1 la. its upon terras of rn equal -hare in the grand ag?;ro |;ate. This is no ?? ban-lets fabric of a vision," but a well org .tjiretl which w ill have IM dovelopemotit In n sp. i.t.u e..i s rush of tbon-nnds to your Northern cities the motiicttt the firsl act . -I war Is consummated. t.reat indignation in fi It iiere ot thodespati h of re in f. i. ? meets by the Breokh ti to Kurt I'iekens, after f'om mii-lioi ei - bad be. n -cut by Virginia to the President amf Pouili Caii'llna to jireserve tho tUtlm/vo respectively, until the, result of the peace mensures institute 1 by tbo ('id I'omins ii ahi ,i t have be. n uscertainel. Ex I'rosi dc*'i Tyler is expecied here tn niglit or to morrow morn le^ fi?iii it shiugton. and if Ik (?presttatH that tho fedt i 1 authorities ha' e act- d in l.a<l I'aith In thin matter \ lrKlri.i'? m cession w II no nger be a matmr of duubt. Rolls is out a ? card In thlsni.rning's Df/vi/rH agreeing to I < roine a t .indidati- for lb.- Convention, in con'ormlty to tl:e in\ llatun of s .me cilizens wboee sigoatures to a eard w re precur"! after a locg and labr rlous ranvasw by llt-tU'fiieii'ls Th?" Pwjuif r saj s that uunv of tbei si^nal'iri s were those of men. while from disclaim . r.> i piiblisbcd ,t appears that some othera wer?* fnrjjed Pf.tts has been shufll.-d off scores of timeji by thn ; . u! i:icl.mcnd-but L" F'.lll tticks with the tenacKr '?! the ihirt ?f Nc-mm. What tho fate of Hons will ba after a southern mutt deracy in formed 1 tremble to con tcrnplate. * The subjcct 'if fixing the c.nnp.>nsnlon of the flommls n..tir:s ;|. m this MM to Washington and South < has been rcferrt d to (he Finance t'ommitteo of the llousa of IvleK'tles to-day. The Mate Armory for th<- corulruction of which a sumr i f ff 10 OtO was appropriated last winter, is now in pro ? of c-mpletlon here. There baa been an armory itiK in tbo city for years, which was occupied by tho t.i ard. This baa been alloted for the armory or d< red under this new law. and a contract entered lata with .1' m pb K Anderson Ui . of tho Trelegar Works. t? supply the luachinery. It will bo In operation about thai CT' Kc Of IlinTj ear. 4 LOUISIANA. OUR NRW ORI.KAN* CORKKSPONDKNC*. Nt.w Okinawa, Jin 16,1M1. Vra< iv al' lerdon and Civil War?A Clear Viemefike <1*m*? lion?Prmenf. CMHm of IK- Southern SUitet?A Warn in>i U> the ,\oith?KHnui- n of the Conlmfor a Southern ftmfe>lrrn<ij?F-t,iUi hment of Si*Jhern lmlepmdewe? I'otHi-n oj the SurtK and M,uih?(!?neral Convention la be li-ltl al Monlifmery?The I'rofirionaX Government? P mmi**iomrt fa be Sevtt> Kwoje to f'mrure Re agniti ft i f Hi Iti l i* n.'<??<?. <M'i Wntimalttf?The t'nitrn Irrevoca bly hi t' l id?Pea table Sidu'tim of the (/mettum?Hrilith am! American YetfU?Ureal f\e<>tei <n Minatippi? Kailn ad "'a M Attxty?Scenes in the Cars, <tc. Three days are daugeroti' : V ntne incliok' ! with loul ambition, And (liaiity cUte'd beuce by rancour's baud, t'oiil kmI>w nation is p;> dominant, Atid eq'llty enl'd yoor highnee*' land. So ii plied t.l'ster to Hotry VI. when oscusod of high treason, and the W'?rds ar>: not inippllcablo to our own tioublons tmirH of revolution, when the States have be" c me discordant and dissevered, when our land la "frsi'iglit w;th fraternal feuds," and soon It may b? "deluged bj fraternal blood." Tbe theory of coercion so earnestly riWUulM at tbe North by tbe Governors of lYl my'vnnla, New York, tfassacbna* tts, and such vetc run watt i..rn as Oenerali Wool and Scott, practically put Into i iv-i t by tbo fedt i al government, can alone prodoM tli a latter calamity of atrocity and Injustice, lor, .1 once eommiu.od, It would but lead to OM of those wrotrberi revolting wars which ever attend t-etwper ctat?'S * hon wedged upon fanatical questions of mi! ?-r n lv ious or t*>Uti< ,il faith. And under whatsoever j??<?rt'K n inaj In- a'tempted, whether under tboguis<t of it T. r( .i'g tbe law? or collecting the revenue, when th? hi * i: r en on shall be manifested by the employment of mi! ' ry power, from that moment tbe country will ba nvulaicbed into a bloody strife and ceaseless carnage, wli (h ii ? ,-t fl. .illy end, avoiding to Seward's " Irreprea pibic rontlict," either in the subjugation of tbe North op tbe In tb. It Is all Imi'i'itant, theo, at this moment, that your leading men of all parti's North should take this qaeetion itito aertooa c- n* Merit loo and deep contemplation, and I propter, In this connectloo, to giro you a very concise and reliable view of tbe present rendition of the Southern States, so tbot your renders may bncome fully awakened to Dm poslttoa an i lotfrmluatloo now occupied by tbo ?Ntfe. A ti.ajotlty ef Ike Southern aUtee hove already tlin wn oil tb ir al'. ? < > co to the federal govern ment, either by a direct declaration of their sovereign indeiccdetca on tbe port of tbe peiple, tt < i gh tbe ballot boi, or by an overt act of withdrawal from the ronfciN i>cy, by the setiure of the foderal forll (lent lore with .ii tin Ir t<rrttorl<a, which only await tbo If form ? of ratlf \ aiii n. Thus Florida, TV*w, fyiuisl Mlrtissl|>i>l, Alab.iina. tl^orgia, North C?r?iiua snil South CWolica have alreoily withdrawn from tbe I'nion, uiid take lank as dinsevcreil. sepirite sovereign State*. A'kaii'i s, trnne--ee and ti e tobacco Motes are mlelly fri I'liritig t"i follow. It s best thiii the peo|>je of tbo km tb abmiltl be prejmred b' rea'ne the trutli for bow ? a . ? . . i .L.? ...a? rrilil in IIA lit hit ore et niorouf r- r a ^ ? j eboeh wr Suth in statin W kave Stud tod and inve* ti goted '!? I-1"? of imi-e ai'h tb > North, [WNimtt ON Hum* PA?I.|