Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1861 Page 5
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Ik-'crl, ai d It U how foare<l th,t this ?mall boon M<ce1 for l>y it*- South ?lil be r?je< ted by U?< donate of tils Bute, wtiii b will thereby ylai?<e ?*? M?? footing With the Sot-tin of MaMacbue tls. TU? Senator question will doubt i.h? b.' settled to nigbi, whan Weel ?sod other conservative meu will have n op portunity to work lor iU pass**"! bul ' f"*r tliat tht> SdL?&t6 m so ly ttbolitWfiiMu thiit there If no hope in that direction. rbere ai e men in that body that txwHUuliy stau. thai they have uever been an far with ah Wa?hn gw? What elwe but a narrow mina *<1 policy ran be eapec'ed of wen of that stamp* lne Col owing In the vote on suspend lug the rules. !>? mov.ra'g in itaiice:? AvKb Meevs. Hh?d OMn,Oommalw, Gardinrr, Grant, Xlilihotite, Kelly, hetcham, J. M. Murphy, Kobertaon, iSjnnola, fruntan. NaT* Messrs. A bell, Be'l, Fiero, (iotw, Hammond, l,ap bam, McGraw, Mon'g"Uiery, Muuroe, P. I' Mmphy, J*ro8ser, Rascsey, R'cbmon'1. Rotch, -'mrtna*, Warner. A letter has beeu received here to-uight from Senator Sumner counselling a+iainn the appointment ?f coinniis aiouetw, declaring the Vwgmia proposition a blow at toe I'nfc-n an ? a kiaeof Judaa Uoartol. tit- b?li.tve4 ihu there fa nothing for them to do but to munlalu the gov ernment without an if or but, and mat any overture ot conprom se will weaken the govern ment He also states that Virginia will Recede and carry with her almost ail the rent. "God grant,' says he, <'that the North may have the ttrrun>-*s winch the ocoi Bion will require. If the Union goes, let us at I'-aat have our principles." TbU letter waa addressed to <ne of the Senators, and is causing several o waver In the appointmont of Commissioner*. The Republican .Legislative Caurni. Auii.Tr, Keb. 2?Midnight. This hati been one of tho most exciting days the of fieanon. The like will not be seen at the Capitol for many a day. Duilug the afternoon everybody appeared to be ? n tne rtin, and the doubtful members were besieged at rve y turn. The lobbies and halls at the Capitol were crowded (o overflowing at the opening of the caucus. Weed stationed himself In the Governor's room, fend after the first ballot a continuous line was seen go ng back and forth. The first ballot proved that ?toy canvass was not fonr out of the way, and its announcement was as a wet sheet upon the Krarts aide. For eight long ballots the friends of each ?watched the announcement to see who had ohanged, but not until the eighth ballot could there be found any evidence whether Greeley or Erarts would rally. On that, Creole) gained Ave, and in a moment the Ha ris tickets were started by the Weed men. Tho fact being known that there was a break in the line caused Intense excitement. Throughout the ninth ballot every body was on their feet moving about. Tliobaliot revealed a wonderful change of front. Ibe forty-nine votes recorded for Harris made his nomination certain on the next ballot. The ne men It was known that ho rcceivod sixty votes <hcre was a rush for Weed. He was pulled out of the Governor's room and conpletely surrounded. Greeley's friends have succeeded in breaking Weed's slate, aud tTorced him upon a third man, as I predicted they would ever since Evarts was placed on the slate. His nomina tion was a good stroke o' political policy. Everybody Suited, and no person to be found but original Harris Knen. domination of Hon. Ira Harris for United States Senator., Feb. 2,1861. The republican joint Legislative caucus to nominate a United States Senator in place of Hon. Wm. n. Seward ttet at seven o'clock this evening. Ansel Blnghsm, of Rensselaer, presided. Hie Clerks ct the Senate acd the Assembly, and Mr. C. ?fi. Underwood, Jeurnal Clerk of the Ansembly, acted as flesretarlos. All the republican Senators and Assemblymon wcro preseiit except Mr. Laiuouroaux, who was absent on ac count of sickness. ffhe rules of the Assembly wore adopted to govern tho Caucus, and the Uoor was cleared of all but members Mid privileged persons. Senator Sessions and Mr. Farnum acted as t o'iers. Ten ballots were taken with the following result:? Rrw BoUot?Whole number of votes cast, 116 ; Wm. M. f.varls, 41, Horace Greeley, 40; Ira Harris, a), W. Curtis Noyas, 8 . J?mcs C. Smith, 4 ; Henry L. Selden, 2 ; Hen ry J- Raj moot], 1. Second MGreeley, 41; Evarts, 39; Harris, 22; Noves, 6 ; Selden, 3 ; Smith, 8 ; Raymond, 1. ThirdHall/*?Evarts, 41 ; Greeley, 41 ; Harris, 19 ; Noyes, 4 ; Smith, 4 ; Leiden, 3 ; Ra> mond, 2 ; Blank, 1. Fourth Ballot?(ireeley, 43; Evarts, 41; Harris, 22; Bmith, 3; Noyos, 3; Selden, 3; Raymond, 1. This ballot overrun one vote. fajth Hall (A?Greeley, 44; Evarts, 40; Harris, 20; Smith,."5. Noyes, 3; Selden, 3; Raymoud, I; Blank, 1. S-isOi llaU'4?Greeley, 43; Evarts, 39; Harris, 21; Noyes, 4, Smith, 3; Selden 3; Raymond, 1; M. R. Brow ?r, 1. . Se?rt>th Ballot?Evarts, 41; Greeley, 42; Harris, 21; Kojes, 4. Smith, 3; Selden, 3; Raymond, 1; M. R. Brew er. 1. | An attempt was made artor this ballot to postpone the -.Domination until Monday evening, but without succors. EigMk Jtallot?Greeley, 47; Evarts, 39; Harris, 19, Noyes,1; Smith, 3; Selden, 3; Raymond, 1; M. R. Brew or, 1. Mr. here moved to confine tho voting after tho jjoxt ballot to the three highest candidates. Motion lost. A'in/A HctiUtt?Hai ris, 49: Greeley, 46; Evart*, 12 Noyes, 2; Smith, 3; Selden, 1; Raymond, ^ 'troth Halhit?narris, 60; Greeley, 4l>, Evarts, 2, fjmitb, 3; Blank, 1. Senator I^ai-ham moved to make tho nomination Unanimous. The moUon was carriod, when load applause burst forth from the galleries. The caucus then adjourned till Monday evening at Seven o'clock. Movements of Mr. Lincoln. Chh-acio, Feb. 2,1861. The Springfield correspondent of the Chicago TiHrunt Mys tliat Mr. Lincoln returned here yesterday and had a reception on Thursday evening at the Court House fai Charleston. Being pressod to make a spench, be declined in any way to indicate his future policy, but expressed great gratification at the hearty una nimity with which all parties had come forward to welcome him. < >n his return he met a commit tee of citizens of Cincinnati, who came to tender him the b?wpitalit ies of that city on his way to Washington. They returm-d yesterday, bearing the letter of Mr. Lincoln ac cepting the Invitation. Tlxe Case of the Fugitive Anderson. Toroxto, Feb. 2, 1861. The English writ of habeas corpus, in thi case of tho fugitive Anderson, arrived in towu yesterday. The Chief JusMce of the Common Pleas here has also issued a writ Of habeas corpus. As tho prisoner is in the Brantford Jail the result remains to be seen. Both the bench and bar are unanimous in the opinion that the Chief Justice Of England acts unwarrantably in sending a writ to be ?xecuted within the jurisdiction of the Chief Justice of Ouiada. The Verdict In the Jaekalow Case. TaicrntN, N. J., Feb. 2,1MB. The jury in the Jaekalow case came into court to day at twelve o'clock, and rendered the folowing verdict:? We And that the prisoner cille l John, alias John Canon, alias Jack?k>w, is guilty of the robbery charged in the first count In the Indictment in the manoei therein, ai<d that ihe ofli-nce wax committed on board the sloop ??Spray," which at the time was lying on Ihe waters ad joining the Hale of Connecticut, heiw??>ii Norw ilk IUrb<>r ami West, hosier county, in the State of Mew York, and at a point five miles eastward from Lyons' i'oiot, one and a balf miles from the Connecticut shore at low water mark; and thm further sav that the defendant is not guilty on the other counts in the indictment. Mr. Grandin, counsel for the prisoner, moved to set Aside tho verdict as being against the law and evidence. They will bring the case up for argument before a full bench at the March term of the oourt as to Jurisdiction. One o( the Jurors staled thai they had agreed only as to the coal mentioned in the indictment, and that they Considered the taking of the money not proved. The charge of the Court to the Jury was, that if the Jury believed the prisoner murdered the l?ets for the purfioae of obtaining the property, the crime was clearly jobbery. And as the verdict is for taking tke coat only, It -vill be maintained as a ground for a new trial that the f. rlrener did not cimmtt tho murder for the purpose of robbing'them of the coat, which was proved to be worth ?bout one dollar. Connterffclt Bills. PmT.ADEi.mia, Feb. 2,1861. A new and dangerous counterfeit on the Brighton Mar ket Hank. of Brighton, Mass., appeared this aftaraosa. 9m counterfeits are of the denomination of tens. S>eath of Chief J as t lee Hall, of Nebraska. Omaha, Feb 1, 1861. fhlef Justice Hall, of this Territory, died at his rssi <Jeoce in Be lie view about one o'clock this morning. Marhata. FBn.aDm.rBtA utook no a an. I'HHjosiewu, Feb. 9,1161. (Nooks heavy. Pennsylvania Stale 6 s. 91; Read B Railroad, *1 Morris Ouial. Mu, Long Island road, 10; 1'euiwylvania Railroad, 34. Might ex Cbaugs on New York, par a V par oent premium. I'mi.AnKirwiA Feb. 9, 1661. Flow dull at 96 26 for superfine. Wheal dull sales 9 006 bushels, red, 91 66 a 91 AO; Kentucky white, 91 60 Corn declined lc.: sales 3,060 buaheis at HWc a 70a. Mass fork, 918 26. Whiskey steady at lTXc. a 16c. Hews from K?um. LiuvaKWOKTu, Kb 2, 1861. The Territorial legislature is winding up lU business, and wilt probably tdjouro to-day. The btU declaring cer tain (Territorial claim bindb illegal failed to become a law. the Delaware Indiana have selected as their portion of their late reserve lands, that borderiog on the Missouri and Kuw riven, amounting to 98,000 acres. . The boiler ol' Wright's steam saw and grist mill at Alexandria, in this county, exploded yesterday, killing uigh persons, including the engiueer, miller and tome other well known citizens. The Kansas Sufferers. Atchison, Feb. 1, 1841. Messrs. Hyatt and Barney reached Atchison the day before yesterday, and hell a conference with General I'nmeror. These gentlemen have decided to establish re lief depots at three prominent points in the Territory as the only way to reach the sufferer* in the distant settle ments. Statements taken to-day by llr. Hyatt from the lips of some of them show that the worst has not yet been felt. The calamity becomes hourly greater. Forty thousand people need aid now, and the number increases constantly. Mr. Hyatt has written a letter to the Kansas Legislature, urging on them the propriety of Immediately addressing a memo rial to the Legislatures of tho several States. Judge Amy proceed* at once Into the heart of the Ter ritory with reference to the establishment of the relief dejiots. By personal inspection on the railroad fr im Men data to Atchison ho duds over eighty car loads of pro visions between these places, which, added to the pre vious relief received?unarly four million pound all told? will have thus been sent ato the famisbiug. But this is only about one fifth of the relief that will bo needed, and If tho country does not contribute seed for the people to plant, even this relief will not be sutllcient. General Pomeroy s funds will bo exhausted in ptying the preseut freights. To establish relief depots in the "Territory money is prcBsingly needed. From his Terr 1 torial trip Mr. Anney will return to Mendota, and then continue his efforts with the State legislatures for means to purchase seed. Of wheat seed one hundred thousand bushels at least will be needed. A Boston Dry Goods Hons? in Trouble. B->wroN, Fob. 2, 18GL G. H. Sprague and G. G. Maun, of the firm of Sprague, Mann & Co., dry goods dealers on Tremont row, were be fore the Police Court to day and held in $16,000 ball each, on tho charge of attempting to defraud their crodltois in New York and Host jn, of whom they had purchased goods. It is alleged that tlicir recent purchases amount to fifty thousand dollars, and that they now account for but twenty-five thousand. The Great Western Kail way TralHe. Hamilton, Jan. 2,1861. The Great Western Railway traffic for the woek ending yesterday amounts to $3U,300, being an increase of $11,000 ovor the same lime last year. The Sailing of the North Briton. Pohtlanu, Feb. 2, 1861. The ptoamshlp North Briton, which was to s.ul for IJverpool this afternoon, will probably be detained until to-morrow (Sunday) morning, owing to the non arrival of the mails from Canada. Religions Intelligence* CITY CUUKCHKS TO-PAY. Third Congregational Society, Ebbitt llo.ll, West Thirty third street, O. 1). Krothinghum, pastor. Subject for this evt-ning, " The Value of the Soul." ?' The Woman of Samaria?the Mistaken Religious Seek er," will be the subject of the sixth discourse of the series, at the Twentieth street Uolversalist church, be tween Sixth and Seventh avenues, this afternoon, by Rev. E. G. Ilrooks, pastor. Scrvice at throe o'clock. Sormon in the morning by the pastor. The Rev. Sidney A. Corey will preach in tho Murray Hill Baptist church, Thirty fifth street, between Kifih and Sixth avenues, this morning and evetiiiK, at the usual hours of worship. The ordinance of baptism will bo ad ministered during the morning services. Rev. George A. Rlnisal, late a Roman Catholic prlMt, will lecture on the Roman Catholic doctrino of the Invoca tion of Saints, this oveuing, at Military llail, 1W5 Bowery, at half past seven o'clock. In St. Ann's church, Eighteenth street, new Fifth ave nue, Rev. Thomas Qailaudet, rector, services as usual, with the voice, at half past ten A. M. and half past seven I*. M., and in the sign language at three P. M. Rev. F. C. Ewer will preach in the morning ; the rector in the even ing. Ihe Rev. John H. HopkIns,.Ir., will preach this evening at St. Peter's church (Twentieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues), services to commence at half past seven. The New Jerusalem church (SweJecborglan) will hold public worship at the National Musical Institute, No. 766 Broadway, at half past ten A. M. Public discussion will be held in Metropolitan Hall, 178 Prince street, this evening, at half pist seven o'clock, bo tween Mr. James Regan, Roman Catholic, ami Mr. James Mathison, Protestant. Subject?"Tho Romish Confes sional." In the Christian Chapel, Seventeenth street, near Sixth avenue, services at half past ten in the morning and half past seven in the evening. Preaching by the pastor, Urban C. Brewer. I>r. John Thomas will continue his discourse on the ?'Coming of the Son of Man in Power and Croat (ilory," at half past ten in the morning, In the Cooper institute, room No. 24. In tho First street Presbyterian church, between First and 8ec< nd avenues, preaching at hall past ten in tho morning, bv the pastor, Rev. R. R. Thompson, and at seven in th.. evening a sermon to the young by the Rev. James A. Little. In the Memorial Church, Hammond street, corner of Waverley place, the Rev. Dr. Chauncey, rector of St. James' church, will preach this evening. Services at half past ten In the morning, and at hall' past three and half past yven in the evening In the Bleecker t#reet Universalis church, corner or Downing street, Rev. N. M. Gay lord will preach at half t>aat ten in the morning, in the evening Rev. Moses Btl lou will c<-iaider Matt. 4 chap , 1:10 vs.: '-Christ Tompt ed of the !>? vil." In ilie PrtU'stiait Episcopal Free Church, Rev. Robert 0. Mckson, pastor, Divine service every Sunday, in tho basement ol' tholr new church in East Fourteontfmtreet, opposite the Academy of Music, at halt /past, ten o'clock in the morning, and at half patt seven o'clock In the evening. In the New Jerusalem Church, Thirty fifth street, be tween Fourth and Lexington avenues, the Rev. A. S. Smith will lecture this evening,at half past seven o'clock. "The first chapter of tienesls in its practical application to the regeneration of man in all agi s " Morning service at half past ten o'clock. Scats free. The public are in vited. In the Fourth Unlversallst Society, of Brooklyn, the Rev. Moees Ballou will preach In their ehap.'l, No. 274 Cumberland street, this morning. This evening the Rev. N. M. (Jaylord, pastor, will preach the fifth of the series of discourses on the eminent women of the Bible. Sub ject "I>eborah." Services at half past ten o'clock in the morning, and at half past seven o'clock in the oven Ing. Seats free. The public are cordially Invited. The Second Universalis! Church, Rev. T. J. Sawyer, pastor, meets every Sunday, at the Historical Library, corner of Second avenue and Hevenlh street, at a quarto ? before . levtn o'clock in the morning, and at half past S'"veo o'clock tn the evening. Rev. I. S. Kalloch, of Kansas, will preach this morning, st half-past ten o'clock, In the South Baptist church, 1 wt nty fifth street, bet ween Seventh and Eighth avenues. Rev. A. H. Burlington, the pastor, at half past seven o'clock In the evening, will preach the first of four ser mons to young people, upon "The Kour Potent Characters in Society." The Rev. n^nry Bbuichard, pa*tor, will preach in the Ohurcb of the Restoration, corner of Monroe place and Clark street, Brooklyn, this morning and evening. In the Brooklyn Tabernacle, on Fulton avenue, near Hoyt street, Rev. Wm. Alvln Hartlett, pastor, will preach this morning. Rev. Isaac 8. Kalloch, formerly of Bos ton, will preach in the evening. Services will oommence at half past ten A. M. and at half past seven P. M. Mis. Oirs L. V. Hatch will sp?ak in Dodworth's Hall, at a quarter past ten A. M. and half past seven P. M. NKW CHVBCBM. The r.ew church of St. Xavler (Koman Catholic), in Cin cinnati, w*s dedicated to the worship of tJod ou the 20th ult.. by Archbishop PurcU CoM-KIUTH.N or TIIK N*W CHAF*1 AT OlJ> POI*T 0>? m*T V*?We understand from the Norfolk Arym that this 'handsome and elegant little edlfloe, which Ivui t*>en r.* some time pest In course of construction, la at length completed, and will be consecrated U> day by the Rev. Jotwub H I'lunkelt, to whoe<' untiring energy anl perse veranee the Catholics of 0 4 P.dnt are 'r?TtiT Mbted. In fact, too much credit cannot be given to Uil? reverend gentleman for (he obstacles whieh hel.fts ha-1 tn smierintending the constriction ol two buildlngs. nav ing lost his otheu thurch by fire, In April last, at I oris month, Va. Rarey'a Charity Lcctart at the Academy of Muatr. HN4TOE SKWAKD'8 ARABIAN PTKKDS AND THl FHJHTINQ HOUSE PKAt'OCK INTRO fHJUICD AND tVRDI'KD? 61-LKMHD Tl'RNOCT OP BKAUTT AND MUUON. Vft*. John 8. Karey, the uucouquerable, jet mild and humane subjugator of horsedom, gave his f ire well lec ture and exhibition at the Academy of Music yesterday afternoon The magnificent edifice was tilled with an audience as refined and fashionable, perhaps, as ever at tended the performances of a Grial or listened with de light tn the jweet warbliugs of a I'iccolomini. The pro gramme announced the exhibition as "Mr. ltarey's Chanty lecture,'' the intention being to donate half the proceeds to the Metropolitan Asylum for Widows and Wrphans. This fact, together with the understanding that the beautiful Arabian steeds lately presented to Senator Seward by Ayoub Boy Trabulsky would be cm ployed to demonstrate liarey '* mar vi llous skill in horse taming, doubtlcfs helped to orowd the house to the ex tent exhibited yesterday, and, as we before remarked, attracted one of the most select assemblages of ladies ana gentlemen, litterateurs and speculators in horseflesh, ever witnessed in this city. When it is stated that the price of admission to the parquet and balcony was one dollar per caput, and that the entrance fee to the rest of the house whs titty cents, it will roadily be imagined that a snug little sum has fallen to the share of Mr. Karey .and the Asylum. About two o'clock the full gas wop let on, the green curtain rose, Mr. Karey made his apjtearaiice, and the perfoi Bounce c muueiJtxxl. The first part of tho exhibi tion was pretty uiucli a repetition of what took place-Rt Mr. Karey s former lectures in this city. The modest lecturer treated bis audience to a simple, ooramou sense discourse on horseflesh in general, throwing out some excellent suggestions as to the manner of breaking and educating tlie noble auimal, and insisting earnestly on ttie advantages of coaxing and mildness, instead ot tho commonly received doctrine of coerpi'.n Asa perora tion to lbene instructions, Mr. lturoy introduced the famous Cruiser, once the most vicious beast in KugUnd, but which in the hands of the Amuricau tamer had been reduced to a state of the most model docility and gentle ness. Having gene through with theso preliminaries, the kctun r led forth n beautiful horse, whose character was represented as gentle and kiud to a lault. On this aui ii'til he proceeded to exhibit his system of horse tuning, flic inevitable strap?tlie only agency Mr Karey em ploy p in subduing the most vicious horaen?was pro duced, and the left foreleg duly secured therein. With this simp he manipulated lu such a manner as to bring the horse on bis knees, then on his side, and, in fait, to do whatsoever he pieased. Hat ing ooucludej with this horse, Mr. Karey announced that he would next introduce the Arabian steeds which had been plact<d at his dis posal through the kindness of Mr. Seward. Mklauy Uldriin, a splendid sorrel colt, fifteen hauds high, and certainly a magnificent specimen of the steeds ot Arabia, bouuded into the enclosure, with difficulty re strained by his experienced groom. Siklany kicked and reared in a manner which must have conviuced the m ist skeptical that there was no humbug about It; the fiery impatience was altogether too uutural to be the result of auy understanding between exhibitor and animal. The M nitnetry of form, yet evident strength of limb possessed by the oolt, elicited the admiration of the best judges of horseflesh. Mr. Karey approached the timid beast cautiously, and, after a little patting and caressing, so far gained its confidence as to be able to staud quietly by its side without auy dangerous remoustrance. lie re marked that since the arrival of the colt some dllll culty had been ex|>erienced in its management, a circumstance which he accounted lor by saying that the habits, dress, ap|maranoe and country of the Arabians wore all so different from ours that tho beast felt naturally strange and shy, just as well as a human being would. He had no doubt, how ever, that after one lesson the colt would become very tractable and docile. This assertion he imme diately proceeded to make good by practical experiment ing. A brisk and exciting contest look place, but in about flneop minutes Karey gained the ascendancy?mind triumphed over matter?and the sorrel was Btretched ou tho ground punting, exhausted, subdued. Karey Uid down with the colt, shook its jaws, jumped ou its back, and tumbled it from side to side without resistance, concluding this splendid Illustration by riding out triumphantly on the auimal's back, in the midst of the heartiest plaudits. The second Seward Arabian horse, called Maanake, fifteen balds high and eight years old, was now pro duced. Not so beautiful as Siklany, this horse nevortbe less presented a good specimen of Arabiau breed, hav ing immense depth of chest, shoulder and leg, and showing all the indications of a be?st capable of extraor dinaiy labor and endurance. Mr. liarey did not experi ment with this horse, meroly calling tho atteution of th?< audience to the fact that its back proven! it to have been much accustomed to the caddie, it wis a custom in Arabia, he said, never to take tho saddle from tho horse's back, night or day, lest it night catch cold or contract some other sickn *s. Mr. Uathgate's 1'atchen stallion, New Jersey, and two beautiful little Shetland ponies?one weighing only _ seventj -seven pounds?were produced in suoeesaion, when Mr. Karey announced that he would next present to the audience the most vicious and the beet subject of the day?namely, tbo noted fighting and biting horse l'eacxk, from tne Hudson Kiver Railroad stables. Mr. Karey stated that ho had only had one interview with Peacock before, and the animal wag so old that little im provenient in his manners could be expected from one lesson. He read a letter from Peacock's owner, stating that the kicking and biting propensities of the animal were ftlll excessively troublesome, oallhitf for further correction at his (Karey's) hands. After remarking that the collar on Peacock's neck had only been removed onco in ten years, in consequence of his aversion to being touched by man, Mr. Karey begin his second le?on. Peacock was cunning and fiery, and seemed bent upon not being subdued. Every time Mr. Karey approached and attempted to caret*, the beast kicked and bit so fe rociously as to cause serious alarm amongst the old gen tlemen and ladies. Once, twice, thrice Karey succeeded in gently lirttng one of the fore legs, but each lime, Just as the strap was about being recommenced, away flew Pea cock, and the slow process had to be resumed. Bat after an amount of struggle which really seemed something superhuman, Karey finally secured the strap, aud the am mol was at his mercy. In due time Peacock's pride was completely humbled, and he bit the dust. But tbough the beast whs down ho was not yet entiroly subdued. The straps were taken off aud the animal's limbs once moro freed. Rarey attempted to mount, aud suc ceeded. l'eacock, however, instantly threw linn, with out hurt. Again Karey was on tho boast's back, and sg?in thrown, but persevering time after time he at 1. ngth brought the horse to such a state of gubjoctiou as to compel it to stand perfectly still with Karey on its back. ? ? This concluded tho exhibition, so far as further strug gling with the beast was concerned Karey, still mounted on Peacock, addressed the audience, s'ating in at this was the last exhibition probably that he would give lu New York before returning to Europe. Ho briefly re turned thanks to the public and press of this citj for tho kindners and liberal support extended to him, and con clude I by saying that if possible he wiMlld give another lecture in New York alter coming back from other parts of the country. The exhibition, on the whole, was highly satisfactory, and made a very favorable iinpre-.-e n on the audi.?floe. The struggle with l'e?e/Ck iw ve t Karey to be pDiseased of the activity of a d?er, ihe siM-ugth almost of a.Sam sou, and the most perfect coolness and judgment. City Intelligence. Tbk Fmi and tint Fkkkjkh.?The fog on the rivor y<w lerday was ho dense that, to use a nautical phrase, it could almost bo cut with a Knife. Object* at a few yard*' distance were Invisible, anil the several ferry boats had to keep their whistle? blowing and bell* ringing, to warn oilier vessels of their prommity, an?l thus avoid a col Union. Much indigna'iou was expressed by dwellers in WiiliamsburR, who*e busltosi talon them to Now York every day, at the closing of the ltooeevelt street ferry )Hi?ts for the day, putting sr>me of them to tan inconve nience of cropping over by the (Irand street ferry, with the ex|K>nteof a stage on the New York side, while others nnd to pay the tare of a car to tho Kulf<n ferry, to enable them to cross over that way, by which much valuable time was lost to persons who were not aware of the with drawal of the boats. People who are In the dally habit of employing the Roosevelt street forry butts cannot see why ihose t-notild be stop|>ed while the other ferries were in "iteration, unless it whs with tho view of the saving In fuel, Ac., caused by the laying up of the two boats Kjouoxation and Am?<m FrfAy last Mr. A tram f). C*r look resigned his post aa Inspector of In cumbrances on Wharves, worth (1,260 p< r annum. The .street ( ommissioner has appointed Mr. Hiram (Jreen to the vucancy. Mu rr. iky Honors Pa in to trx Max oar or tiik I .at* Caitadi 8. C. IUcn>, U. S N.?On arriving at Brooklyn the funeral cortege was received by a company of one bun died United Slates Marines, drawn up with reversed arms, who. accompane-d by the band of the United States teccivlng i-hip North Carolina, proceeded to tireenwood Cemetery, ann lired three volleys of musketry over tho remains?thus fulfilling every honor due the memory of the depart* d hero. Kik* in Sp.oowt> Anwns.?Between two and three o'clock on Saturday morning, a fire broke out In the porter house of I'atrick Connor, No. 3W Second avenue. The flremeo were promptly on the premises, and extinguished the Ore htdore it extended beyond the store. The damage to the stock and fixtures wlU amount la about $400 , Insured for (1.200 in the Peter Osiper Insurance Omipany. The binloing is also owned by Mr. Connor. It Is damaged about |100, msurcd for $3,(J00 in the tit. Mark's Insurance Company. AMnnrm* Citmksarias ?Mary Morry, a native of Ire land, formerly realding at the oorner of Broadway and Hushing avenve, Brooklyn, dlod on the 28th ultimo, at tho venerable age of one hundred and Ore yearn. Coroners' Inqneata. Pnnim or an I.WAijn?Information was reeelred at the 'Coroners' office yesterday morning to the elfrct that an old man. named Jaoob Keyser. residing at No. IIS lwltinccy stroet, had committed etiii tde by taking lauda num. Deceased, it appeared, had keen til for several vears past with consumption, and becoming depressed Is spirit* he determined to cemmit suicide. Accordingly, en Ki iday evening he purchased a q&uittty of laudanum, and en retiring to bed he swallowed the poison. Hie rendition was not discovered bjf hie friends until It waa ten late to save his life, and In a few hours after partak ing of the narcotic he fell into a deep slumber and e* plred. Coroner Sehlrmer held an inquest upon the body. Fatal Vrmnji fUti Airr ?<Coroner schlrmsr held aa Uiquertat No. 201 Monroe street, upon Uie trOily of Hhsl don Martin, a native of Connecticut, aged seventy year*, who died from tbee^fts of Injuries accidentally received en ihe 16th ultimo, by being run over by a furniture wagon at ihe corner or Second avenue and 1 wetflh street. Verdict in accordance with above faotc. I > N>Uce Inuui?ta(?, Aman-r to FWx ' City with Uh ntbvwt |fcar._ A wt II concocted scht me to flood the city with bogus money ww put un0 exe^ -ulion on *Yi Jay night, and be fore the police were made a *?"> of the plot several thou sand dollars of the spurious t10M)r w?a put into cire i - yunterfelt-a well si. -cuted -three" on u, m <k 1 <* Worcester, Ma^^huaets?toe* w and yUJhu,r ,Wl tb'',lty' ??P?ck along 'he Mill btwvili in rJJVlLU<*' aUd "'""y 8ho? I*18 sulfite arrests w ?ODf,'<luenc<? The police mao ' -bout a doi j I of tbegai^'.hut were unable to secure Uie nugleader. ni! iJ1'uam*H ! ^du'^ 'H>of 'he kighth precinct, arreted two puesins one ol th T 'Jfd aU(l J*u"'s M?Cleliand,on charge of mnf.n Lvi?"U ?l Ihe "'"on or I' ,ter U Kn. .. 1 .lacks n omu'.; ^barles Monday was arresteJ by ..Ulcer aJolh.T'o? th h'XUH-mlj PT^U?c?, Oil charge of p?ssmg OraceAlw tou"u'rfe"? **' the fancy goods store... N?' HO*1*** "venue' George Doug ..I the kan.? IT 00 * "lu"'ar charge hy "Ooor V.wblirg. Cot'? lu the Twi UIMHU w ?""oer Mc WiiiUnW lwo nK"' 1'atrick l.nugau au.i rf t! t'lT1! ?,'W"Kaf 18 charged with Having pass No 2.*>? Ninth al lB '" JOttt'l'h D Llllle, ldcLUtll w *7,"",*' b,lt l^'bin.-on hw not ve. !.??? MtUiiied. Win Bullford was arrested by toe rwentv so Karl! TT1 "u Ul,eu different complaints ?[ a ^wto'.0irMr,Ufc"ud Blr,'t'1 *?d Br?*dwaT john ? ^mgUm ^r!fSJ?l5*?uue- ?ud w?- M.Jbaru O JWN tV *veBue- wure U? victims Snnth fcrf lttko" mto custody by policeman one oi tfc, , J, > 8wond ? u" charge o^ passing corner o! Kit ivai nl Ul" HU,ro Charlei l.imi irger, corner of titty sixth street and Kighth avenue Phe ori Ju*lK;t' W'"Mkenbu?h,at ammatiou. 8 Court, and commuted for ex p q n **r?on*l Intelligent States A. mv'an. i*'o n ?1''c"t ?"?<**? of the Cm ted . tates Aimy , and \ . p. Ball is, and J. it. Burk, of England we slopping at the Brevoort House. ' ? ?f Kraneisco; H. II Smith and family , ot Hushing, and 1). L. Lambert, ol Vermont ar.> stopping at the I<ajafge House. ' New^H?v?r ,t?n8<'u"r'0(' Norport; J. J M Woolsev, of im . ??en Ejwin Husonbury, of WestchoBtor H I Hojt, of Iiat.bury, an<l llaniel Trowt.ridge of New Haven' sre stopping at the Albemarle Hotel. K ' aV*a' Baron Sternberg and CapLun Oman, of Russia fud^e NewTri?MN^bUr8: '?<' Jllds"u '? Sr'i ? Mi w Y ork M. Berrey, of Paris,an i J. Koeinir of Brenieu ?re stopping at the Huh Aveuue Hotel. ' t.en. A. C. Nev.n.of Moutlcello; Hon. (lurlesfl Carroll AmvvTr,0,r?::i:,;,y,,,;hu h,r'?''?> *>< ? ?? i ? Coma tuck, J r. t ot Luuigiaua; James McOrtwrv U Syt'a"' ?f cmcla?.i.,?? iSZi'zrxtsss;; nsr^ssr? J ergnson and Lieutenants J. H. Jon?s a B ???? C ,M?rcy, ot the In.ted ^ Navy .le^ ai'i n 01 EbgUnd, and J. Van Oatbock i?' Albany , are stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. ' County"'n YyiWt0S ^. V'8' "M,?or8- ot Hutchess , a !.. ij ?ill lot t and who, Georgo I'aliuor aud William riorn, of Kuglaud; Charles ihmtb aud w e lluMuchusetis; p. g. Washington' of ^ashlnglo"; K I). Williams, of Roxbury, JJass ^?d' lio!cl KngUmd, are stopping at the Clarendon Hon. I^vllndei wood, Oen. Haxter aiut A,, I^'h'su "t ?f V,erv0nt; H"n H Wttrr?" avd Him H. B. Stanton, of Now York; Gen. W. B. S. Moor of W ftrP.u ?<?mp'0^ ^he Unite! States Navy; H W Corl-itt (d Oregon; O. W. Sutton and 11. .Shaw ol ,VCk> ' ?' TL.K, U a"d Sturtevant, of New Ud. a^ anil (,eorKe W Kmory and S. K. Fuller, of Missouri, are stopping at the Astor Ilousd. A Dreadful Homicide la San Francisco. Our San Francisco oorresjtondent, writing under date of the 4th ult., gives the details of a dreadful hoinwMe In that city. He says:? A most horrible and deliberate murder was perpetrated lu this illy New Year s day, about eleven o'clock in the forenoon on Sicranieuto street, opposite tho What Cheer House, when Horace Smith, formerly Mayor of Sacra hVtai i Mr. Samuel r. Newell, recently of the Siynai, (published in Auburn, Placer county,) by stabblnir' him Tnt\,, ;Jrd hu8.b,in the Ui?Z"con mint In the city lor the last two days, and uas hoen va riouslj d^ctissfd by persons frlondly and otherwise to the parties. The circumstances, as gathered by the Alia from tLe rumors about the city, are as follows ?The iur Tu'fud^ iu Auburn Newell has long been ucT,u*mt*d with the family of Smith. Ho hod told Mrs. Smith that bo was a married man. Kor tome time he had been oav ing his aiidrefgcs to a young lady of Auburn, a c msin or ?.^iL . KVe ?J . ,s<n'Hh. who, remembering his coo fesst(?n to her of baring a wife living warne.1 the younp lady, and the match ?.i* broken oil. lb is excited the re Moment or New,", v l o urn.le some romarks lo M^. , r l?fcting upon her honor?intimating, m fact that sl.e h?d been unfaithful to hi-r hu^ban i with him' and using other ob-cene language Mrs Smith said then'that his head would have to pay the penalty. Tlieso remarks Sue communicated to Smith, who had received, it is said other proofs ot Ni well's peimstcut use of improper and disgtacUul language to his wife. Noweil then left for Son t riincH -o It is stated that he (Newell \ had written letters boasting of his criminal Intimacy with Mrs Smith Another retwrt says that deceased, In conversa tK?, alleged that he had letters in hut pof session to prove the fact. He had been a member of the Hardy family lor a long time where he received the kindest treatment I? Mouday night, Smith, accompanli^l by James H k 4"' 81xth ?'U(J,C^ W?trict Court, who is k L , ? broth#r> arlved lu town on llie Su ramenu. b.*t and It wm undarstooii that Smith was intruding u> kill Newell If he could llnd him. One or two of that party, h.arlng of this, warned the latter to be on hb guard, and one of thom took the precaution to erase his name from the books of the International Hotel, writing another over It. On Tuesday (New Year's, murilng two warning m. ssagea were Fent to him Just before noon Newell was walking up Sacramento street, and when on' posite the What Cheer House, ou the nerth side of the street, he was met by Smith, who approichad and ac cot-UMl him. What wotds pass.-d between them we are unable to state. Persons who witnes*ed the attair nay that Smiih uemanded a retraeti.m of the remarks that had been made, which Newell refused. They stood almost at the doorway of Ashim k Brother's clothing store, and we obtain from one of the clerks in that estahliKhmtrit the subjoined details. He save that heUrstsaw Newell staggering InU. the store towards him, and rTying, "Save m> I Sivo mol" but not lu a loud tooe. After him came Smith, who held a drawn knire in his hand. Newell staggered toward the counter, and fell behind it, where he was pursued by Smith, who subbed him again as he lay, remarking, "I'll teach you to talk about my wife," or words to that effect. Tho wounded mail g.t hastily ti|?'ii his feet again, an iatangered to a little buck room at tho end of the 8tor#% where he fell Slid died in about twenty minutes after the attack. The floor of the store had been w**b.?l up soon alter ihemur der, but the stains of the blood wore still upon it and the counter when we visited the place yesterday and no amount of cleansing would remove tho Mo. dy witnesses 111 the bark room. Ihe corpio was removed to the dead house, where it still rimalns. Our informant states that he saw Smith wipo his knife ujMin the lappel of his coat, examine the blade, wipe It again, and returti it to his side coat pocket Judge liar <ly, who had stood near by during this frightful scene now ap|ir?uchod, ami taking the arm of Smith they walk ed out together, and with f ibers proceeded t?. Hie ,h,i,Co oflice, and while there Intelligence came of Newoll's death. On a charge of murder, mUnitUiigJot no bail, Smith was confined jn the station house, and removed thence j esterday to the count) jail. A Cwouer's Jury was investigating the matter. Armjr Intelligence. Colonel Beall . who succeeded 10 the commiind of tlin California Jtepanmcnt on the death of Weneral Clark, is to reeumc command of bin regiment, the Kir*t dmg*>im, on the arrival of Uen?ral Johnson Hi* headquarter* will be either at Walbt Walla or l/m AnueiiM Captain Stewart's company (II) Sixth It.funtry, in sta tlorod at Kort Aicatraz, In San Francitoo harbor. The Held and stall' of thu Third artillery, with company I, are at iho lTesl<!k>. The Held and eta II of the Sixth Infantry arc at Ben Ida. The narnson < oijhikIh of companies (? aud K oi that regi ment, Lieut. Colonel Andrew* common ling Lieut. Col. bewail has been promoted to the rank ol Colonel, vice Brevet Brigadier f.eoeral Clark, deceasod. He hi* been ordered to the command of hi* regiment at Kenicia. Captain (Hrevet Colonel) Jamex V. Hornturd but been promoted to be Major of the Eighth Inlantry, and is ?l*o ordered to Hen icta. The number of United State* troojia now nerving in the department of California amount* to 1,660. The following exhibit* I lie poet* ai which they are Mlatloned? Kort l'mp<|iia, company L, Third artillery, IJeut I/>r raise; Fort Terwaa, company l>, Fourth Infantry, Lieut, t ook. Kort Humboldt, coni|>any B Sixth Inlantry, Capt. Luvell, Kort Crook, coui|?iuy Kirsl dragoons and coaipony ol infantry. Opt Adam*; Kort Go*ton, company B, Kourth infantry, Chpt Underwood; Kort Bragg, company 1>, Sixth infantry Lieut Dillon; Kort Tejon, companies B and K, Klrst dragoon*, Major Blake, New .-vtn Diego, com pany K, Sixth infantry, M^or ArmsteM; Kort Yuma, (. ni|?nj C, Sixth infantry, C and K, Kourth inlaatry, Major Cfedy. Fort Mohave, company I, Mixth inlaatry, company 1, Fourth in Sin try, Major Haller; Fort Church III, one company dragoons, two companies Sixth inltntrr, Capt. Hcnuerson; Hi ney lake Valley, detachment com pany 1, third artillery, Lieut. Warner An order has been issued by Col Wright, removing the h? *lquarters of the Fourth infantry from Vsucoiiver to the l?. lea This change Will plate Major Ketchum, of the Kourth infantry, la command at the Duller Arrivals and Departures. ABKIVAI.H. Cabtkha*? Brig Mountain Eagle?H Kllra. Kit Ws*t?Hehr Western Star?J O Carr, McDaoalA, (tar riM>a, Tbompcon mtrAwm*. Heirm<arrow ?*p Hums?steamship Aiage Two MIX < httu adens, Brooklyn. Mr and Mrs L O IMowa, si" V T HiiflUe*, Miss kixeri, flew York; Mr Oasa F Lousey. A<u liiau ('waul (General, Mr Haaiuol IJIy. Mr R Ludiasa. LleOt .? - umiaeadUrty. U aft. Mr and Mrs J ft D? llavee, Ueut Cllta, t H N; Mrs IJ-at A ? Curomlags, child and i?tr*al, I'bilrdelpbks, Mr Li??l Jones, WiliuiugMta; Mr Kugene (Ml ?er I an*: Mr Jackaoti, N V, Mr* J N H ??rd. HI; Mr A Itrgmaaa, N Y; he* Ueo i> Hoardasaa. K?chr?*er, NT; Mr ai.dMrs V ax Jaouby. Mr II B *sara, N V. Mr* kiita Urea torlx, Mr Vnebhaa. far* f M Kiaaofdan KjrnU, Mr .1 A rnn UrnsrV Mr sad In T W Thuer, RmUm. Mraad Mcs W ' 'h< ftrWht. N T; Mr W WVftrigfaL Jr. *>; Mr Hhaefc. Mi* A Alker. Mtaal. Alker, Master K A iter. Mi*a A >\lker, New York; Mr* flyaalaghsod and three children; Mr* L miercer sad child, Mrs .rosspban*, MNss K.oga, Mlw K "4?r, Mrs r L? Uruaa, M l.e (<r>ne. A I'onr.bun, Harn*rd llrady Lc< pold til< dusr. Mr a?d Mr* Maria, ?Ji Mool ?od child K U Wotdland. L Wartenstsbea, T flolnblnks Mr Walker, Mr ra?t*Be- l#w< lilcSaui, John It Itoarnrd. O f Tut'er. Mr Vlrn. Valentine Wail, u llMnsaabiirg, I" .1 Murray, New York; two M1s*aa i ilbtaaa ?Mp??te. $i,47A LitpsKkii-fVeanoahlp CMy at WaaMn^kn?Ml?a Alb-a llealher.ate. MtssT anaa, Mr* D Moore, W Ponntahl-, Robert F -?er4 ??org* Mo adraw. Hob A MnAadrsw, *i? Mrlntire, .lamer Uarratt, .lame* Wilcox Mr* I >e, Cap' Heyworto, il r* Btlbencoart, t>?*iare M Kodrlqije?an?i in Uieaieerage. Voamia, *?? flleamahlp Yorktewn-Mrs 0 W !>eut> 4 anil ?on. I>r Areoll, Mr* T .1 11 sines child and serrsat, P Kosfcay, J 0 Bradford, URN?and lln the rUn rarv The Firm of DUjtra, HuMffl 6t Wadde It. I jui.iotos , Uo., JVb. i, 1M1. W. B. Waddell, of this city, of the tlrtn * Kum*U, Major* k WaddeU, turn just completed >.* assign ment of all bis Individual property. Attar paying u tiiiall amount he owed, ami the euuru indebteduew of Rupsell, Majors and Waddell id this city and county, the balance of bis property goes to secure the eudorser* of Russell Majors and Wail dell. No one will suffer by tbfct fmlure, and tbe I- endorsers will be fully secured and all their debts will be fully satislied, provided tbuir property is mkl at a reasonable price. The trustees of Mr. Wad ilell are K. Burden and E. Waddoll of this city. l*rawH?ga of (be Drlawan Stats Lot tery's.?WOOD, KDl I A CO., Manager* of the DAUwiKi, MstrrcrKf ai?d mssouai statb uimiiiu. Dm.awab*? Kith* Class 107, Feb 2, tMl. 7, 3, 57, 50. 44, 34, 13, 25, 6.1, 71, ?, 10, '20, 49. n ?? DtUAWA*?_CL*M mm, Ksb. "4 tWH 62, 53, 54, 21, 118, M. ?;?, 20, 75. 70, 34. 40, 26, 0. Circular* sodtalDng Kheihea, wlih lull particulars, sent free of charge bj addtvattrtg elthrr to KIjp* i CO., WtUaMaton, Delaware, Or to WOOD, KSDY i OO., b" Loots, MiasourL Drswlnga of K. Franca 4c r?,'? |)rl?* wars Lotteries:? &UM?sx focnTr, Cl?ss ?>, P?b 2 |N|% 4G. 12, 67, 52, 44^ 2H, 18, 47 , 6, 34, 1*, 10, W, Uranp ConnOliua**!) Lottsht Class Hi*, f<* j 3, 61, 37, 5, 29, 4i?, 32, 10, 36, 15, 'XX, 7. Circulars sent free of charge by addressing R. PR/yNCR * CO., Vf UmingUin, beu.**ai?. Brooklyn ?To Artists? Water ColorVn, oompetent to command the Mgbi-m salary paid by any eit'slj llhhinrat, may apply at WILLIAMSON'S. Millionk of Bottlea of M KS. WINSL .W'Ht-OOTHING SYRUP, Are now used every year In tbr' United states for children teetliiiig, with never falling success. Belief Is IMMBOl&'I'E and I KRTAIN. Ntelnviay A Son's Ovrr?tiung Grnnd and square I'ianos nre no vconsidered the beki manufactured; are warranted tor five years. Warerooms 82 and tH Walker street Batrhrlor'a Hals' Dye?Rfllable, Harm less sad instantanenua; black or brown. Factory, Ml Barclay" street S. Id and applied at bAl'CHKLOR'S Wig Factory, 14 Bond street _ Urover and Baker? C'elrbrateil Noltslrs* Sewing Machines, $40 and upwards. 495 Broadway, N. Y. New Instated Wigs and Toapeeii alno Moldavia Cream, for preserving and beautifying the hitlr. Manu.ariureu by W. A. BATCIIKLOR, 16 Bond street. Wheeler A Wllaon'a Improved Mewing Machines at reduced prices. Ofllcn 505 Broadway. The Sterling tiaa Regulator Improves the light and na>ea the gaa. Warrant! d oy Wheeler A Wll aon's Sewing Machine Co. Office 506 Broadway, baaeiuuot. i'riatailoro's Hair Dye, Wlas and Tos pee??"lhc best In the world. Wholesale and retail. The Dye privately a( piled. No. ? Aator house. Hlrk or Nervosa Headaches Arise Kit her fri til debility or a dlw rdered stomach: In either c**e llill, l,OW AY S celebrated lostc ,<ut ifvlug l'Uls will uffect a posl tlv> cure by cleansing the stomach and invigorating the gene ral system. Trasses.?Marsh & Co.'a Kiidlcul Cnre Truss. No. 2 Vesey street (Astor Iloune), oppoaltc the church. Why Will yea Die with Relief at yonr dooit?Dr. ('has II. King 17H Broadway. New York; Mra 8. <). Weaver, of Albany , Mr. (leorge I'alUtian, New York City, and Mr. Laaiar, el Georgia, hnve been cured of consuinp tlon. Dr. Meacham, of Florida, cured of chronic dytoepala; Mr. J McWran, o> Brooklyn, eured of pa'alyaH; Mr Brliton, of BonUin, cured of pile*, and thousands In all parts of the (Tolled Stairs are being dally cured of the aame dlsea<<es by uiilng DR. J. BOVES DOD8' IMPERIAL WINK BITTFIIS. Depot, 78 William street. New York. Bold by all druggists. Trusses, Klaatle MtorklMA Shoulder Rracea, Abdsmloal Supporter*, lAjliOVKK A TUOHNE, No. 4 Ann stieet, aader UsflaBSlH^ciim. Married. Bnrrnfr?Tno*.v?On Ibursday evening, January 31, by tbe lU-v. Ksaiual F. Farmer, ut tbo residence <?f Win. Kirk, North Kiglitli street, Brooklyn, K it., Mr. Tiiomah Bi'ktom to Mies Matiuia Timkm, all ot this city. Wajwkn?Sim*.?At Washington, I> C., on Tuesday, January ^i, by tbe Rev Fatber Msguire, Wm. J. War hrn to hl>i>i?, uauglitor of Edward Slinms. Died. Brttw?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, February 2, at eight o'clock A. U., Asna Banes caughtor of John liruna, aged 2years.4 in* in'jh aud St* di>)8. Hit* relatives und Irlenns of the family are rospoctfully Invited to attend the luniTal, ou Monday aflornoon, at two o'clock, from the corner of Grand avenuo and 1'aciUc street. ltKMOiKT?fm Tluiraday, January 31, Amuail Q. Bo harms, wile of a. U. Benedict, In tho 45th of tier 1 he frienda and relatlves of the family, and the mem bers of fcureka I<tx)ge, No 177 1. (?. of o. K., are ro?|>?>cl fully invite*dto attend the funeral services, at No. 11 Perry stret t, tins (Sunday) afternoon, at half pant one o'clock, without further invitatiun Cam?On Thursday, January 31, I'm rat CxmwT, age*i 06 years. The funeral will take place front the rosidonco of his sou In law, Frank Kvann, (4 Marion street, tins (Sunday) alteinoon, at one o'clock. The friends of thu family aro invited to attend. C.iKum.H ?(In TUnisdiy, January 31, aftor a short and severe Illness, Gkdkck Camovum, in thu 60th year of his age. His friends and those of the family are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral, fr< in hut late roBMonce. No. 60 Jane street, this (Sunda); morning, at niue o'clock, without further notice. Camiion ? on .Saturday, February 2, Mart Aumhia, daughter of Jeremiah and Angela Campion, agod 1 year and 15 days. lhe frieudH of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from the of her parents, No. 76 Suttolk street, ou Monday aftornuon, at hall past ouo o'clock. Camsskix.?On Saturday, February 2, Class, daughter of James aad Kniabeth Campbell, aged 3 yoars and lu months The Irienils of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the luneial, thin (Sunday; afternoon. at twoo'clock, iron the residence, No. 307 Madison street. 1 Detroit papers |uease copy. O'UkU' -OS Saturday, lebruary 2, Miss EIXOTWOCS Ornii n. **?? 80 > ears. Tlie funeral will take place from her late residence, No. 4 Si one street, on Wednesday afternoon, at three s'tta k Philadelphia and Baltimore papers, please copy, DomoihiK.?1On Saturday, February 2, Jotts IJoSOHoK, In the 42d year of his age. The trlends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the luneial. on Monday afternoon, at one o'clock, lr< in his Ute residence, No 221 Kast Kleventh Street. I ki a.ny.?<m Hatnroaf, February 2, of a sudden Illness, \Vitjj.\M Iikia.ny, aged 38 j ears, of the pariah of Mldleton, county Cork, Ireland. The frlend< and relatives of tho family, and those of thelbos While Guard, Bro respectfully requested to at tend his lunerat. from his late residence, No 113 Cliff street, New York, en, Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. ]k*rria.v?on Saturday, February 2, after a short but palnlnl Illness, VUlijam F H IHiMuas, Jr., son of Willsun and Mary I oriian, agod to years, .j months and 15 days. lhe relatives and rknds of tbe family, also of hH brothers, i*aniel, Imvid and John (including their college mater), also of his brother in law, Ni hulas L. Hansen, are respectfully invited te> attend his funeral, from tho i! Kt0<iiee of his parents, No 40 Uouverneur stmst, on Tuesday afternoon. at two o'clock, without further invi tation. Ibe riggers of New York are also invited. Ki'Womn.?At Greenpomt, on Saturday, February 2, SoeniA, w lie of William Epworth, of consumption, aged. 29 ye rs, .1 months and 1 uay. She died in Jeans, and is blessed, Ilow calm her slumbers are; From S',ir>Tii gs and from woes released, And Ireed Irom every care. The relatives and friends of the family are Invi'ed to attend the funeral, from the residence of her riotber, (omnia Ibouipson, Huron stree t, In taeen K'rankJ.} n and I'nloD avenues Her remains will be takon to I'nlon Cemetery for in'erment. Eujsos,?At frbeflleld, Ei gland, on Tuesday, January 16, Jntirs Kniecn, for many years a highly esteemed m< rcb?ni of tins city. Fim*?On Saturday, February 2, Maria Ciirwtina, daughter of Jehn Friderick and Maria C. Fiook, aged 2 \ ears, 1# months ana 25 days. 1 be friends of the Ismlly are respectfully invited to attend the luneral, fiom the residence ol In r parents. No. 36 Jay street, on Monday alter noon, at hal'-past on* O'clock, withisit further invitation Frxii?n?on satiuday afterw*?, Februar> 2, (?hari>m Hrtrv Fkkiir.ii, sen of John and Margaral Kechen, agid 9 me,nibs. Tie friend* of the family are Invite'*, to attend the fu neral,fr? m the house between Fourttiand Fifth avenues, on Kilty second street,at two o'clock 'Mm ^6unda? after noon. Coissiaik ? In this city, In chil<U)trth. on Saturday m-rnli g, February 2, at eiglit o'cUsik, SnsAjt Aim, wlfv ot I'ltMii J. Oodsbalk and ; minges* dauglter of the late Charles 1 >-??!> , he>t . age* ?! > eers, 3 nmntUs wd 21-days Mother and (blid will he t.iksa to < h?v*r, Orange count), for interment, wh"re lbs funeral serrloea will take plae.e II.imi rd ?On Saturday njositaf, Kebruary 2, of eroup, Makiin I.iiujct. youngest sea of Wlnttela S and tVlacllIa T llauferil, af d 1 jeais aud 6 montlis. The dir eial will take p:?r?trom 210 ??nth ?tr?t near tw^ond avenu ,on Monday soTning, a? ten or kick. IV" remains wilt he taken to Narwalk f ?r InterMent. The fr ends o* the fanliy m iavtted ta.attend without fur ther notice I blladelphls papers pleeae oopy 1 HAsnv ?In Hrw*Jf,u, <? Friday, Kehraary I, of con ception ot the bfsiA, H K.?mnrrra . aei oud (teughior of Wile ' I la m si.d Harriet V Hardy, and Rrandrtnaflhter ef the late I H?m> Tudor, ut Sawh.rg, a?ed ? yuart, 1 maotb and M (late. I lhe relatnpM and friend* of the family are raap*rtf?lly I mviiel to i.LKnd ike lunesal. trou the reatdence of her I parents 60 wami street, ttuuth lires klvu, this (Sunday) aftarnoein at >>br o'-.loeh. ?N. Y ) a a* Philadelphia (l'a) papers pleaM POM. Kr.LT ?On Friday, February 1. of scarlatsaa, Jon* Kw^t, ol.iist son ol Hu^h C. and Rose/ Kelly, aged 6 >' At*, i mon'hs aud M d*??. Ttie relative and friends of he family are respectfully Wiled ?" alien*' the fun* tut, ii >m th* resldenoe of hi* par* nts. SSI avenue D, this (Jfcinday) afternoon, at one o'osek. Kkssas ? At Newark, N J., on Saturday, FebriiS'y Ki t??s?TH, wne of Fairick Keenan, a?ed 35 years i Tbe frleeds, aud Urate of her bribers, ^oh>, WOUam P. ?nd JidmJ Kelly, are rajuettetf to sMeml the funa. rmJ, Una (Sunday) afternoon, rt two from Gurf slrtet ferry. Her remains wifl Be interred to CWvarr Cemetery. Lamu.?On Saturday morning, February 2, SUetiAM* Fra.v ?, only child of Joeuh and Mar* 1 an* hm+4 I 4 months and 13 days. ?>-?-- / ? The friends and relative* of the family are r-wi-wtfuU* Invited to attend the funeral, from Ma V?m> street to Greenwood Cemetery this (Sunday) attentat), at <nm o'clock. Mi'?k -On Tuesday, January 15, bun Hk?kt. wife (A Patrick P. Moatftiaa Monk, daughter of 'aMea Hiary. (T any f/tends of the family should sen ChM pleas* to 1st il?m kuo? Also .fames, and John anil RRon Ffcnry, of l'MMpatown, Kings county, Ireland, will please write ta mo *t 40 I anj-inn Htrsrt, New York. O .'eatsoand i*>oblin papers pleaee copy. Mih>xs?'in Saturday, Jebruary 'J, at one o'clock A. M., UrAur, diuigfctwr of .ftagnstm? 0 and Nina Mboro, aged 4 years. The Inderal will takt' plaor this (Sato <lay) afternoon, at two o'clcrk, from t'laasan .wnue, second door </>utli Fulton avrrine, Hroofcfyn. The relatives and frlecd* are Invited to uttfrnd witlantfnrthcr'notiee. Maho.v?( %, Febrrfcry 2, Mrs. ITi n Iim Mahon, 04 jr.*? of age,. ? native of Tuaa, county (!0t way, Ireland. Her friends, .M those -if bor scfln-ltw, Mr. Patriot ftrady.are reB~*tfiilly lavlled tc-aitend lirt funeral, from 3V4 Water e'fMt, thisr (Stinday,- afternoon, at twa o'ctork. Tuam papers |>lf ?** copy. ?in Jersey City, on 31|tt:r<lay February 2, Wtt m* ,h?w, oldest o n <jf SunfXf and Isabella Moron, aged ? y par > and 11 mont.?. Tke remains will brtlOten to O?e?/?roo<7, at twf> o'clock *ih (Sunday) aftorocM'fur Intersnem Matsitwi*.?suddenly, <*n Friday eveninp; February I, s Matmkwh, 8/ .nged dl years. Th?> friend* (,f the fw^ily, ths members of Amity IflrtjeP. a * No. rsj3 aaff ttie inmnS^H of Knickerbocker Hod^o it <>. o v., ai? re. -4dfcfully invited to attend tbs fiMKVal, from W late roH.Feitco, WolChester IIWtse, cor ner of Hroome street auC V>wury, .* two o'clock this (8und.*y) MiH'iv? Mi*? Isai<ku.a darnhtor of John and Jam* M?vfe, tiped T years. The l'r>-J*ts of Cke family rr?f renpoctfully invited to at tend tlie JWthI, this (Sund?7) ?*fi*ru<io:? at two o'clock, ."bom 471 (iruml 8t??et, witbc-jttVrt!*tr i> <ico. Mi LVAjmr.?t*i KTMaa-. Fehr:vrl; Mat.^tw Mi'lvamt, ? iritiw o< Msite; onuwty Mnalh, Vind. Tim friends JW as^uaintanci n ot' the fatrfty aro Invited to : At end the funonO, from hii, lirtv residence, No. 734 Third avenue, ?!>'* (Manday) aft Nation, at t~rO o'LloCk. g Ann-.?In Wii>anirt*u>K. Mar: CH'Wn, the lute widow of JifUrtwel Quion| in tlio ?2il year ??(' b>r OUaily and beioitiful was L?r 'satli, leavr^f With ua the cumfrirt hiR a i-r*ir u*r? Hiut he.i w-tks the l>'-wt hope at bright immortality !>?yond th? v ?? n. Her friends aa4 those oj her family ire respnetfuii/ i;iv*ei| to i.ttonil her ftmeral, tbts (Punday>, fn in No. Seowtt Hreet. Her remains will Mi taken to Cilva.-y Cemetery Mr inter ment. Pt iijv>s ?At YorHville, on T1 -rwlny, Jantatry 31, Iiamki Si Ujvan, in t!i? 33d year of >'**vte. The relatives arid friends of the fa n#y aro rospe-tfnlly invited to attend tat) fnneral, froi' ti.s 1at? residence, KlRhty-flfth'street, be'vwen Fourth an (Vifth avenues, * tiS (Sunday) af ernoon, a: Two o'clock, llsreiiialii.s will b? interred in Calvary Cenfstery. hWDCSKY.?'Jo Satur-iay, February f, of c <n.-<am| ttoA, M.m<\ , tho w?'s-of Miles Sween f, Newman<et, county Cork, Ireland, aftoil 3s years. The friends ivre invit' .t 5o attend thc*f'.ms7al, this (r<un day) afternoon, at lmlf-i!ft><t two o'clo % from her lata re?ldence, Ktftysevtntlr jticet, bet-X*?-a Second and Tliird avenues. SiiKiTAiiD?<in Friday morning, Febrmry 1, of cob sumptlon, Wn.iiAK Sum eA?i?, a native c" England, aged 27 years anil 11 mritithA. The funeral will tjtke-phvea this (Sunday^afh rnoon, at two o'clork. I/UKlon (ttiRlnnd) ^r[mr - pVuse copy. Taumit.?in Brooklyn, on Friday, Kebrrary 1, Johiots Talbot. 11c leaves a nilt and iargu famity to mourn hla loss. The funeral will tak* pWo? v\m (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late reoittenoe, 4l> Prit.ident street, to Calvary Cemetery. L'bitiI..?On Thursday, J .ntiery 31, of effusion of tha heart, Kitiikh K. Cdbij., e!<fj?f.'darnghter of Theo<tore and Kllza Ann I dell, aged 11 years, 4 months and 14>d*ya. Tlie relatives and friend.) nf tho family are respectful invited to attend the fnn-ral, from the ritsidenco of liar parents, So. I Oft Kldridge at-.ffit, tikis (Sunday) afteraooa, at half past one o'clock. W aiton ?<m Thursday, Jr.nnary 31, Sarah FIowar?. youngest dnngliU-r of Tbnpiaa J. and Ruth WaSton, of disease of the heart, aged Ivysnn. Hie friendb of the latm.'y, iuni of her uncle, Harry Howard, also the members of Company H, Seventy 8ret reglm?nt, are resp?-ctfully iwvtte?i to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at ;???o'clock,from All Sat??Ur^ church, corner of Henry and S-uauuiol stroots; without further invitation. A MISCKIjLAJSjROVg. AT EVERDELL'H old STORE, 3ltt Broadway.? Wedding Card*. Tbaaeolagunf caida sold only at tMi more. T OIM BREDE'S?THE OKAY CARD AND OTHBB novcltiea; a wtlln tie for woddtoig cant* la perfeottoe. A SERIES OK SIX LECT0RE8 AT IRVINU ThtLL, REVEREND DBi 9ATWIJL. WEDNESDAY) 6, ? THE IRISH PRIEST AT HUNK AIIB ABROAD:" THURSDAY,' 7, " COMETS? MASSES?VEL<?<;!'? 1 Eh? ORBITS?THHUI MECHANICAL OFFIC* IN NATURE." FRIDAY, Fel?. 8, "CALORIC SEASONS?KOLAS LIGHT?BOTANIC J'M NOMENA UNDRR Rli/CHON Of SOLA& LIOIIT AND EL\CTR10ITV." TUf.SDAY KrU 12. "ECLIPSES?Sol AH AND I UNAR ECLIPHKS?DHAR. TION LENUT1I ?MI SHADOWS OK TL* EARTH AND MOO 31?THE THREE IIOl ItS' DARHNRSS AT THE O&L'CtMXIOR." THURSDAY, FEB 14. "ARE THE PLANETS INHABITED??THEIR "lig CLOUDS?Al MOSI'HI.RES?MOUNTAIN*)? MOONS-SEA SKINS? CLI MAT!*." KRJDAY^lfEB. 16, "THE POLITICAL BAI A! t K OF POWER I*. HR R01 E." The ball open at 6 o'clock. Lecture to commence pneciMtp at No cluck. Adtnlaalon .HI cer.w. N. B ?It If) euriicntly reqiie led that peraon* '?'ilnji i> >rf will kindly pay for them in aliver, In order t?avoid iha dirfaa of changinguotce. WM, D IIE.VNE.sMY, A<?n4. ALL FOR ABOfT II \I.F "RICE. Wo have a quantity of >ut article* em uiu rated below that we would !><? glad n eit,iaj?gi> lor MONEY' MoNEYI White French china Tea Seta. H plecea %i 75 White Flench chlu.i Dinner Platea, the dozen 1 00 White French china Break! a4 platea, the daioiv. I U W hlte French china Dinner Sain, Mtt |ii<5j-'h m 00 Uold and colored French ehituLTr* Seta. 44 plecaa.... HUH Hold hand t tench china Tea Sera, 44 pieces i HO Cold ba> <1 French china Dinner Seta, 167 piece i? M 7S Silver plated Table Fork*, thread pattern, the iozeii, 4 410 Sliver plat'd 'I able Spo- nn, Hi fad pal aim, the ikunu. 4,00 Silver plated Tea Seta, 6 pjr ai. US U) Cut glaa? tiohleta, (1m dozen It 19 I cI'ikvI Bohemian gla?a Hru|ar Bowl*, tile da'.i'Ji '? M Ivory handled Table hluve*, Uie dozen 4 tt Ivory haialled Tea Knlvnt, tkad'izcn _ 4 OO AI no An tamcn<?n cartel* J FANCY C4SMAR SETH, from $S" to $110 the ?t. W. J. V. DAIVW ? CO.. No. QUI Qo<W Way. Boots and shoes<; oft at Haw i-kicb, for I tulle*, qeiiht, ?U tea and children. AJI iwia-t rat ty go.*l*. ' iny a little aolled. Clolh hoUomodi '4a ,i> ^tli truncala fide tared and i'aagn aa Oatu-ra, si Impa ir an<1 Hua kti.a Now la your opportunity. Call, and a.,., r youreelTea atCAH I1.L A WOOD S, U7 Broadway, betwiMit. & ouaUMi ill lllecckcr atreota. CiROWNEO WITH BCCCESH TUKOiittR OUT TUB 1 WORLD, TIIORLBY'S KOOD rA.R < A1??U j. Wbit h wnvert* Uio ooorcat <if HAY OR STRAW - Into a aui^rloi tcuvattdav. for borae* !t l? iioliauenaaMe in i*romoU<a( and anaumlng the animal function^ in health and *1*o? I or nillch covva It la invaluable, inert .taunt >ba '(Uaullt) aW improving tlui iiuailty of milk. For baaaia noibhig can a? pure with It for let <1 lag i|Ul<klv. For abeep and |Sift 'ha +t> ^ ,,roduenl la one u. nth will eio td all mpe?tati'/n. St Id In eatka. oomalng 440 iet^a, pile* SI | half eaaka, eon laliiisig X14 Iced , $7. tw.d quutor uaaktk <K ntalntng ll? teed?. ?4. Ue|iot for tho V'nltad State*, No, 21 H?o? .)? ,? New Tort A i hiufibleW Ucacr.pUvc ?t ita tuUHi? j coti'taioing Uatti ?KinlMl* aim directlonaror ti*?. aent rr?? nitration N B-Agent. rv.,ulred la every jrl ^\Vu,*a io tJMl United Statue, whete none are already t puclinted CI HAPPED HANDS. FACE. LU*. ?,? J CERTAIN t'UltE AND T tK\ ENTIYE HEOSMAtN At 0.'? Cwuphor IM. wlth ..^retine, if need a* dlreoted. will keep the *>ft to lhp coldeat weather. Only i!6?e?t* sout by maillot * , I1EOKMAN A t^O., O emlata and I>rtig*l"W, t Ail and 7.W Broadway^ VM REKA SEWINO MACU1\/ ... KED(r? KD TO R4a r\J i>n ce ?*t Brtadwa (Rt ce ?*l Broadway. HoW*'9 . . ? I LILfaU'S SCALER I SAFRR TatLj *?no?rt kind "ai >+. nt different maker?, for Ml chea^ Alao bvaiaa. 20? Bvoadway, ?w blook | HAVE AJ-RW UASW lOMK CAPE CLOAKS, WORTH ?" fWl 1? Jk-ld1 r? *?ri M i ?tao- "O? Frock brnrcoata. worft ?17 *a.."-td<.ed_J ?* $IJ imnU ^ Home Ve?u f r $J Tht J^tle " ^ ^ ,1 *ely'"W,r Pn?~ ^ ' JLARKR, 114 WtUlaa atreet. TA?.*M Pal'h.Vv^'om' ?l "Of WT VERNON. l HIOR, Waahlngt nvllle, Ac. <T*i n r^tli wTeet^Mi M r '"Wrteeoth Wart Hotel, Oraod ani InTT ZZ7 Wed^^Wy. Frt Ills S YORKE, Oeseral ColleeMr. TH*.o^;Ka,BdL FT?* or raM DM??aai?plle?1 J b. Sold b, ell tie- TOL'CBT W? m ^HB CHAP .aoTBR AND INPLUBKCl ABOU^'oNISM; A Senaoa Dellreral bv the RRY. HSNRT J \ A"0!"; . | _ To the Flrat I'reehftenan t hnrek, Rroekljrn. frier Ave eenla. PtiMlabed and for aale br J AS. M ACQLIHW A OO., ?M William Mr-et. yMRRri'L '?WD RfOROIIICAL, . !(??? ? M v t. 4 ' " -I H. n.lne, for the InatMit remoral HgTMtae erota, pal?U, Re , Re., and for oJeaniag *,nT'^. 3S?^-?a5to5ttfcr fiw yoo r;A the ftauUwt artJolV

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