Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1861 Page 6
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SHVATIONS W\tTBIV.KK??LE8. "a lady who is a rutin-ouu hand 111 awnxw A, BK O I furnlshlug business, 1? desirous of engaging a?it < liber an shirt or tie rntler or for?*womau. OM give n ort references as to the entire satisfanion she has given ill other places. Address a note to Miss M. C. T., 155 Wal 33d street. YOUNG HOl-THERN WIDOW LADY, OF OOOO PO Iltloti recently left destitute, wul.ts to arrantfe with some reep?'n?ible party aa housekeeper. Address Slit. L. ?jba?t. Post office, N. Y. _____ A LADY WOULD LIKE A SITUATION TO READ TWO or three hours In tbe day to an invalid or other person, ?r would devote her whole tune it' required. Inquire at N'o. 1 ?ew Canal "t, corner of East Broadway. PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES FOR SEWING AT her honae, or would *o out by the day or week; can make all kinds of family work, including shirt* and dresses. Call M 148 Mulberry St., near Grand, all the week. H7"BT NI'RflE ?WANTED, A BARY TO WET NUR8E, FT at her own home, In PacioryvUle, Staten Island, by a ?tarried woman who has lost her baby; good reference given. Apply at the .North Shore Post office, neafr the Factory v.lie ?flag. WET NUR8F?WANTED, BY A HEALTHY YOUNO widow, with a fresh breast of milk, a situation as wet out*; she lost her own babe at two mouths old. Be it of re ferenoe. Address or call at 24 Fulton St., Brooklyn, near the ferry. Tl'ET NURSE ?WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE MAR TV lied woman, a baby to wet nurse, at her own h?use?r h> the family. Call at 210 Piont st, Brooklyn, for Mrs. Cole man. SITVATIONS WANTED?MALBS^ Books posted and the most intricate ac eounts sd iusted, In afternoons and evenings, by an ex perienced bookkeeper Terms moderate. Best of references given. Address T. H. N., box 3,856 Post office, New York. BARKEErER'8 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO Ban; kas lived In streral good hotels in this city. Good reference <lven Address A. B., care of R. Fair, liquor dealer, comer of Broadway and Keadr su Patent medicines, druggists and per fuasra?A young man, who has been for three years Pint with the most prominent patent mortfaiine house In the men, wishes to travel. Hefera to present employers. Ad Jrsss Bonus, Herald office. nxi OBOCERS?A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION 1 u Clerk; has had a lengthened experience In the city; can keep a set of books; can furnish satisfactory reference. Adilrrss P. C. D., box 104 Herald office. Tl*ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION IN A TV retail dry goods store till the 1st of April Is willing to take half bis salary out In goods. Best of references given. Address Dry Goods, Herald office. HELPWASTED?FEMALES. A NURSE WANTED?A PROTESTANT, TO ATTEND on an invalid lady; she must know something of nursing ud houskeeplng, and be able to read aloud well. Address, fcy letter only, G\, 171 West 33d st. "|VT ANTED IN BROOKLYN?A SERVANT TO DO GE vv neral housework; must h%ve good references. Apply ?t 104 Fulton St., N. Y. WANTED-A WET NURSE; AMERICAN OR GERMAN preferred. Apply for two days at 65 Pineapple St., Brooklyn. WANTED-A COLORED GIRL, FROM 16 TO 20 years old, tor housework, at 69 Hudson st, Jersey City, In a small family. Good wages will be paid to one who wants a steady place. Call at 125 West St.. N. Y WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, TO TAKE charge of an infant. She must he a good seamstress, and have unexceptionable city references. Apply on Mon day at 272 Fourth st, between 10 and 13 o'clock. HELP WASTED?MALES. Agency??i,ooo to ?2,ooo ?wanted, a gentleman having the above amount In cash, to take tbe. agency o( a well established OH Business In this city best of referen oes given and required. Address H. B , Broadway Post]otUce Agents wanted everywhere?to sell pres. colt's Prtxe Packages, a new article, wanted by every body. Active men can make $4 per day. Samples sent by mail on receipt of 36 cent; or send a stamp for circular to prescott k CO.,^38 Broadway. D^m BUG CLERK WANTED?ONE WHO HAS BEEN LONG acquainted with the city trade: must be a single man. Apply immediately at the corner of Broadway and Forty second st. _ F. P. EARL. XT"ANTED?10 LIVE YANKEES, TO sell MY cele VV I.rated article, which every family is ready to buy. You ean make money at It. LEADBEATER. 107 Fulton st. "UITANTED?A YOUNO MAN TO WAIT ON A LODGE TV table or lunch room. Inquire at 81 Greene street, la the rear basement. TV A mfd- V YOUNO MAN, WITH $150. To ENGAGE TV in an easy and light indoor business, at a salary of S&5 ?er month (or first six months. One unacquainted with city vices prefensd. Address R. H., Herald office. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. MtNE DAME FBANCAIBB, BLANCHIsSEl'si: DE FIN ?*J de son <? tat, desire se placer dans une tamille Am. rl caine ou Espagnole; une famlile devant voyager ou aller A Cuba serait prtt?-rte On i*ut fourmr de tres 'bonnes re commamlaiion*. h'adresser au No, 9UU Broad ? ay, fi'th floor, tundi et les jours suivants. THE TRADES. SMilOW CARD WRITER WANTBD None but a good hand need app.v to I. BURGESS, Canal street, corner Church. WAN'TE?? A FOREMAN FOR A LARGE CABINET furniture manufactory out of the city; an American fcrefeiTf#. A lib*rsl salary ilven to a oompeleat and expo rlenoed man. Apply to J. M. Doc A Co., '.*> and yd East ?ouston] street. TJ mmiT. g-y 8CHWARZWAELDER, colonel or TBI riFtti regiment, made a promise tu the different companies ?r his regiment, to the fffcft that lip would present with a prize medal such company of bin n iflnwul a* w-.uld -h iw up on the day appointed for the regimental Inflection isoui" day of the month of October laxt , the largcs' number of new member* recruited from the 4th of July up to the day or in spection, under the espreas condition that those new mem ber* should appear In rull uniform. AU the companiesof the regiment maae their liest effort*, and vied for the prize. Tom panv D presented on the day ol inspection. on the ;id of Octo ber last, twenty-lour recruits in full uniform, aud Iwo be xtdi'N. woo, to be sure. had signed their name* into the Roll book, but were not allowed to oe counted 011 account of their presenting themselves in a civil suit. Neverthole-s. there was n<> company 'hut had t<> produce no large a number of re cruit* In full uniform. Now Company D desires 10 call your attention to the special order of Colonel Schw arzwaflider of January 10, lNtl. k ow carefully It evades the condition upon which lie laid the dectaion should be based! Then look at the eon' lualon whicti the committee arrived at. They re-iulred near lv four montha after the ini|<ectlon to decide which oompany was entitled to the uo dtl. I he report of the committee will ?how you on what ground* they baaed their decision. How, we contend thai, byreiening the matter to the Brigade In xpeetor, the decision might have been arrived at within five minutes, right on the inspection ground, if a tatr decision hod been deaired. No one would have more readily acquieaced with Much decision than Company D, whether In tavor or ?galnit them. Now, thia company complalna of having !>een ?nfairly dealt with, the decision not having been given on the ?aarlta, but on quibbles. They therefore demand th- whole transaction should be revised and entrusted to candid an.i Im partial arbltrarors They appeal to their Colonel's honor to eee justice done In the question at issue. J THE member* ok company d. llK?D<jra?TKiM Firrn R*c,i*kwt, , Jarrtaso.* OrsRH, N. Y. S. M New Yokk. Ian 10, l?l ' SPItCtAL Olio H. The ( ommandant of this regiment having directed a medal to be presented to that company which ahotild actually recruit the greatest numt er of men liable to do military diny. from (tie 4th of July I'M), last, up to the day appointed Tor the an nual inspection. Major L. Burser. Captain F. Heppcnlielmer and Captain J. Dodge are hereby ordered 10 awerum and de ?de which of the companies of thla regiment 1s entitled to aaid Bed* By order of Colo??lC. 8CHWARZWAELDER. N?W Yoaa, Jan. 28, Is6i. The undersigned committee, appointed at the last m-eting by the Hoard of Officer* of thi? regiment to decide In the mst Irr of the medal presented by Colonel (J. Hchwarrwaelder, commanding the Fifth regiment, respectfully submit the fol lowing report:? We have attended the company drills of p.,eh oompany Claiming the medal. Corny*WS A and I), and found that ? ompanv A had twentv-tour rvcrult? present and three ab ?ent? Company D had twenty Ove tir. sent ?nd two ab-ent. We then made a requisition on the Colonel for the roll books ?f each compum , In order todo justice captain (lerden vnt his. and we iirid he haa twenty seven recruits claimed, r? erulted from the 4th of July un to 2?>ib of September, show ins more reerulied since thst date Captain Mand'-r listing refused to send his toll ixiok, therefore, and consequently, we decided in tavor of Company A, Captain J F. (tardea, and the medal shall > e present, J u, that company. Major LOCH HI RUHR, chairman Captain F. IIEPFKMIEIM hR. " om Company F Captain JKKRY DO DOE, of Engineer* I HMI.KOA DS, _ tJMOIt RIVKR RAILROAD?FOR ALBANY AND Tr< y, connecting with trains North ami Weal. Tains ntOI CIUMS1FS STB f ST. VROH THIRTI riR'T 1TH1 RT. Eipress 7 and II A. M , and 7 25, II W a. M , and .< is, 3aad6PM 6 26 I*. M. Troy and Albany (with sleep. 10:It P. X. (Sunday* In to* oar* 1, 9:46 P. M. eluded ) Pougiikeepew train, 7 30A.M., 8A. M . 12 *) and 4:13 P. M. 12 and 4 P. M, reek?klll train, 6 Ml P M. 6:16 P. X. Mng Hhf train 3 a) and 4 30 3 46 ami 4 16 P. M. P M Tarrrtown train, 6 40 P. M. 7 10 P, V. A. F SMfTII, Superintendent XTKW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? J> For Albany and Troy, c nneeiing with the New York Cential Railroad for all points West, Norinwest and Ksuth wsst; sl#o with the Northern Railroad, for Saratoga, Rutland, Bnrllngton, Ptsttsburg. R<m*e's Point tigdennlnirg ami Mon treal winter arrangement, commencing Monday. December 14, 1H00-Trains will leave New York aa toltfiwv - For Albany, 7AM and 4.30 P.M. eipresa train from Trvon row, near cntv Hail. For Albany, 7:30 A. M and 4:46 P. M , do 35th et depot. Do., 10 A. M.. cipress mail train, from Tryon row. I>o , M 26 A. M., do. do , 2t>th st. dei>ot Croton Falls, 4 P. M s'opplng at all stations above \orkvllie, 26th st depot. White Plains M 16 A M., 2 and 6 P. M , stooping at all s?a toms irom JIUh st. depot. White Plains, 6 l? P M., stopping at all staUona from white street deiwt. WlliiamshridM, 11 1UMT, _ _ i-nfltng m . staCrinii nTriV^Tf^rmwt "WhlW Plstoa| wnf^Vrdgi tin ? REITAIIRAIITB. C|*RSBN Tt'RTLE BOI'P AHI? HTEAKH FOR DInVpr J to aartirow. ?For sale, RagHsh -addle and leg* o< M~t to?. Yararai/i Bloaters hngllah fill^rta, FiMon lladd>sn Jtol^y iainn Te,i t akes, Engli.h Mufllns, Haoon, Ch.?se 4, | r Usabeihan Ale Lunch Room, 66 Maiden ane, corner o! w 1 Mam siree4. T. KD'HAHDHtiN, Agent Dun I op sX X Pale Ala In tne condition, dr?wn from the w.?d Also la ball bar rels for family usa. l/eli? erad free la New York or Brooklyn ?r Jersey city. TCRTLB ROUP.?BPIOtm**. ATTENTIOir..,ORKEN Turtl- Soup, made b? theoe*ebrated eaten-r, rete? Bay ard, ready t. day, and every day. ? the Lafayette Restau rant, comer ( /ourtb street and La.'Mltte ^Me, V"??LU1I PALMEB _DRlf u<M>Dfl' &c* AT 447 BROADWat, Between Howard *nd Omul ?tree *? IN LIQUIDATION, . _ The '-state of Edward Lambert A Co. Continuation ol onr great sale or the Entire balance <T nur stock, Wholesale and retail. The entire building thrown open to our c sterner*. 1 he Block consist* of POPLINS. EMBROIDERIES, SILKS, HOUSE KEEPING GOODS, CLOAKS, MOL RNINO GOODS, SHAWLS, SHAKER FLANNELS, AC. ALSO, 6,000 dozen KID GLOVES, at 76 fenta per pair, TI1E BE8T GLOVE IN THE COUNTRY. ALSO. l.UUU pieces of 4-4 WHITE MUSLINS. at 9 cents per yard. All must be cloaed ?Ithin a short time. Bale positive and peremptory, Affording an opportunity to buy Dry Uoods at about half their value. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., In liquidation. A ROSENBLATT HEREBY OFFER8 HIS ENTIRE . *tock of Embroideries, Ijices, Millinery Goods. Ac., at much lesa than cost In conseuuenoe of retiring from tmsinesa by April I. 340 Canal street, near Wooater. AT MRS. GAYNOR'S.?CORSETS AND SKIRTS, SA erifleed fur a few weeks; Balmoral Skirts, four raids wide, from Si 50 (bright colors'; Corsets, 7ft cents; Hook Fronta, $]; Skeleton ana other Skirts at proportionate pricea and made to order. The most minute French Corsets made ?I ter patterns. 843 Broadway, near Union square. JgAEGAINS: BARGAINS:! BARGAINS!'.! IN MERINOS, PARAMEITAS, SILKS, PLAIN AND FANCY, DELAINES, BLANKETS, Ac , Ac. We always sell our Goods CHEAPER > bun tbe lowest BROADWAY PANIC PRUEd: ! Ladles should oal! for bargains al the CRYSTAL PALACE EMPORIUM, 262 Bowery. W. R. ROBERTS. Bankrupt sale of cloaks and purs. BCLPIN.GKEGSON A ELLIOTT, BANKRUPTS, .161 Broadway. Ladies w ho as yet have not purchased a Cloak or set of Furs would do well to exajttine thin stock. Greater induce ments will be offered tlnuTBl any other Store in the city. Th>! goods must be sold at whatever sacrifice to close the estate far the benefit of those whom It may concern. The following sale in worthy tne attention of purchasers, being much below value:? Fancy Stripe Cloaks, suited for spring $ft 00, worth $12 Seasonable Cloaks, long and handsome 6 SO, worth 14 Seasonable Cloaks, long, with capes 7 60, worth IB Elegant black Heaver Cloaks 8 00, worth 16 Elegant black Reaver Cloaks 9 00, worth 18 Elegant black Reaver Cloaks 12 00, worth 22 Elegant, verv long, with capes .15 00, worth 2ft RICH FANCY CLOTH CLOAKS, In plaids, stripes, snow cloth and other fashionable materials, made up in the most desirable shapes. RICH VELVET CLOAKS, from $20 to $*), being much less than half their vilue. FURS FOR LADIES. MISSES and CHILDREN In Capes, Cloaks, Half Capes, Muffs, Cull's, Ac., must be sold at any sacrifice. By order of Asaignees. BALE. 361 Broadway. COINCIDENCES! ! ! MONDAY. FEB. 4, WILL BE A DAY BONO TO HK REMEMBERED IN HISTORY! I At 9 A. M., R. H. MACY commences his first great uie (or February, 1861. Al 10 A. M. the COTTON CONGRESS meet at Montgomery, Alabama. At 11 A. M. the DELEGATES meet at WASHINGTON, D. C. The two laat conventions to diacuss abstract questions. The first deals solely In facts which we now offer for your DIGESTION! ! We shall open at 9 A. M. on that eventful day 1,000 pieces check CAMBRIC (flue) is. a yard; usual price Is. fid. Full Hue RICHARDSON'S HEAVY LINENS for LA DIES UNDER WEAR. Pull line JACONETS. SWISS MU8LINS, BOOK do., Ac., much under the usual prtoes. FuU line LINEN DAMASKS, TABLE COVERS, NAP KINS, Ac, Full Une entire new patterns. BLACK THREAD ami PURSER EDGINGS, LACE8, Ac. JOB LOT 500 pieces 8s. 4d. ORGANDIES, very fine goods, closing out at .'In 4d. a yard?less than half price. JOB LOT 1,000 pieces Scotch Towelling, very heavy, alllinen, closing out at Is. a yard, usual price Is. 6d. JOB LOT l,0Ufdoz. ladles' fine French embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs, closing at 3s. each, usual price 6s. JOB LOT SOU dot. gent's splendid quality Linen Handker chiefs, closing at Js , usual price 6a. JOB LOT 1,000 doz. ladles' hem stltcli Lin^n Handkerchiefs, closing a Is , Is. 6d., 20 cents. 2a , 3s., 4s. New line Infants' Embroidered Dresses, new styles, from $3 to $12 each. JOB LOT 2.000 needlework Dimity Bands, closing at la., Is fid., 2s., 3* , 4s., 6*., fis , very cheap. JOB LOT 2,1*10 yards .laconet Bands and Flouncing* la. fid., 2s., 2s fid . 3a.. 4a, 4s. 6d., fta , entire new pattern and much mulorpiiee. JOB LOT 2.0UU yards Cambric Flowerings, fine work, heavy Cambric. Is. 6d , 2s., 2s fid., 3s , 4s., 4s. fri , 3s., at half the cost of importation. Opening full Hues. JONES'S 6-4 CAMBRICS, BLEACUED MUSLINS, FINE FLANNELS, HOSIERY. YANKEE NOTIONS. Ac. R. H. MAI Y, 2I>I and 200 Sixth avenue, corner Fourteenth street. Cloaks: cloaks:: cloaks!!! OCR ENTIRE NTO K TO BE SOLD OFF AT COST. W. R ROBERTS, 252 Bowery. CI ARPBTs?SPRING, 1*61 ) A. T. STEWART A CO. are now opening Auninster, Wilton, Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry Brussela, Th reeply, *r d Saper Ingrain Carpets, From the mom CELEBRATED KIHOI'KAN .MAN l'PA<'TURER8. Also, AmerlcAn *0(1 English Oilcloths, Corn* Matting, Rugs and Mats, Together with every^itrUcIe conceded THE CARI'ET TRADE. AT EX1REMELY LOff PRIilS. If WILLIAMS A CO. j< lAf Peter Robert*1, 42>) Broader, HAVE DETERMINED TO OFFER TOR Till ItT^ l)AVS. THE WHOLE OK THEIR \ALCABLE STOCK RICH LICKS AN d'eM BROIDERIES, AT A VERY MATERIAL REDUCTION is PKICE8, TO MAKE ROOM FOR SPRING OOODS. F AMILT DRT GOODS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. will this day add lo their Urge stock of FAMILY GOODS One Ih< ustnd piece* of superior Shirting Linens, from 25c. to 40c. per jud. Barnley Table Pani*'k?, Sheeting, Napkins, Quilts, Ac., Ac. Also Cotton Sheeting! sod Shirtings, at manufacturers' prices. Canal street, oonter of Mercer. 1IHRS, Fl KS, FIRS. 1 A FBW CHOKE MINK FIRS, Selling at (ttohiIt reduced prices. Also, SIBERIAN MJl'IRRBL. Also. HI US' >N BAY SABLE, Very cheap. J. J. BENSON, 3M '.'anal street. DERBY AND COMPANT, . Baring completed stock taking, hare now rradvmade garments, set apart (rum their regular stock, at the following prleee:? Coats from. $14 Waistcoat* 4 Trewsers I 57 Walker street. P"T DBRBT A COMPANY ARB OFFERING" ETRRT . M'indar Henmants of Cloth* and Casslmeraa, new styles, at hair the coat of Importation, suitable for cap makers and shoe dealers. 67 Walker street. P DERBY * COMPANY, VFR. il WT TAILORS, Are now offering merino and silk Undergarments, new style*; Scarfs, Ties, I uibrelUs, Suspenders, at an Immense induc tion. fi7 Walker street. Great panic sale, MONDAY MORNING, at lOo'elock, AT KIN/.Ev'S. $30,000 worth EMBROIDI RIE-, LACBS. RIBBONS. TRIMMINGS, FLOWERS, IIOMRKY i.LOVEH, SKIRTS, 1ANKH- NOTIONS and FANCY GOODS, CLOSING HI T AT W i RVTS ON THE DOLLAR Wide 1 arletoiix, lltr. French Flowers, .'In., spray, silk Illusions, .'Ms., 6c French Flowers, to , spray. Colored llltt'lone. 6c 12c. French Fl >wers, 3e, spray. Mlk Lace \*ii-, 6c , lie. French Flower*, 3c., *j>ray. Fine Needlework Randed Collars, 13'jC Fine French Muslin Collars, 12'jc. Fine Hun thread I .are Collars, 6c. Fine Maltese I,.icc Collar*, 13'?c. OREaT PANIC SAl.K In Yankee Notions Best Ptns. :*? paper; best Needles, ,1c neper. Sewing Silk, ?r doren; lie?t Hooks ami Eye%Se.t llair I'lns, 2n bundle; Spool t'otbm, !??.; Fine Twitlr-d Tajie, Ic. roUs B atons, 4c. gros- Skirt Braids, .ill colors, ir ; Lin' n tspes, |i.; Linen Serpentine Braids. |r ; Gilt IWIr Pins. A-. with quantities of other goods In the tame <lei*rt ment cheap. OOODS MUST BE SOLD Fine Twist Nets, 6c chenille and Twist Nets, II,'.C. Rich Bugle Nets, ISc Lsrge t hen I lie Sc*iii. 13?{c. Paney Chenille Scarfs, 6c Cbiids' Heaty cotton Hose, 3c. i bUds' Woollen ll>se, Sr. Gents' Riblw-d Half Hose, fie. Children's Cotton Okeea 2c. Infants' Woollen B>s>ts, Jr. Woollen Jackets. 2ftc. Wool Tippets, 3ft, 6c. Fine l.iate Gauntlets, I2'fc. Merino Hone, Itte Oenta Lined Silk blovee, l.V. KtMied llose, Or. Ladles Lined Silk illoves l*e Wool Hoods. 6e., 12c. <LOSI.No oi T BNTIRB STOCK OF WINTER GOODS Kid Dloten ft' A tine lot ot blitck Kids, 20c 13,(1X1 lairs best Kid OloTeeln the city, fis. ORF.AT CLOSING OUT SALE. fJeitts' colored bordered Handkerchiefs, He 7,01111 line colored bordered Hsndkerrhirfs, Sr., 4C. Ladles' white Linen Hnnokerrhlefs, Sc., 6c Ladles' One French Lawn, fir , fir Oents' Shirt Boaom?, .V.. Sr Uenti Bnximt, file'plaits, I2H?. Oents' Besoms, very line, 14c., 188. 800 flee Worked Sets, eloslne, 2fw . tlr . Mir . Ktc 6.010 Worked Bands, fie . to., 13c , 18c SXOOIsdles' fine trimmed Muslin Caps, I3>,c. OOODS FIFTY CENTS ON THB DOLLAR Wide while Figured Laces, 6c. Fine Linen Edgings. per doten. 13'jC., 16c. White and black silk Edgings, lc ir SILK VELVETS, Ill,e a piece Silk Drees Trimming". 12',e. a Bte<-e Tnmmtng, Bonnet and Sash Ribbon*, Cheap Silk l)c ss Trimming*. Ic., 3c , Sr., 40. Kleh Sonnet Spinas, I1, yards long. Sle. Iarije quantities of other g?x?ls contained In the tw 0 stores all1 Wising out at ecitially low prices WM. KINZEV, Noe. 3S1 and 211 Eighth avenue. B' tween Twenty first and Twenty senpnd streets. 1 I AS8L?* STORE AFTBR A fRIL 1, I VrnhnM"! *t H1* ll,l,nr' "f mJ StOCk, <??n.^Stl?| Of Rmbroldertee U** Millinery tfoods. A?., at moeh le,^ than post. Call MMlnaMne goods and prtoes. R"SENBLATT, 399 Canal street, near Weoster, t)RY GOODS, &(-. GKKrt.f CLE A HI V?. Ktl.K OF FRKNt H, SWISS AN0 hcoi' b F.mLri ide.-les. 760 Kni'?niid' roii Bcj. k Muslin Pets, only $1 the Mt. 4S<> Embroidered Jac met Setn, |1 '.'5 t!.'- *?'U 1, 00 Embroidered Hook and Iwonet M uain Collars, H e*cb. 5U> 1 tne French Needle Worked Sets, on.^ I- the set, value 94. %*) Tiaveliicu do., (L SO, worth $3. 160 do., with ?an< v H' ui1h Hit-1 elegant design*, ? oni.y 93 the Set. J00 Dre** fletM, handsomely trimmed ^itb Ribbon a d Luw. boice de?itfii?i $4 50 eacb. value $8 and uinsaitla. ?MX) Aluruciiifa iiufcuiief, ueedt* work odd*M? ONLYfl EACH, V ALU Ki2. A. T. STEWART A < O. ("1 rout'S A COURTAULD'S J t ELEBRATED ENGLISH CRAPES AND VEILS AT EXTREMELY LOW PRICES, ,??m ?;kh PIECE AND PACKET, JUST RECE1V EX). A. T. STEWART A CO. M Great habgain* in silks. A. T. STEWART A CO. will .iff.T on Monday. February 4,100 pieces ' lira rich, P&j U ouality, striped, biocue, l.auoe and Kaconue Silks. \ vftrd wide. Only $1 76 per yard, Former price $3. OURNING GOODS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. Will open, on MONDAY, JANUARY 2.", A large itock of MOURNIN<fDKilSS GOOJS, Of recent Importation, suitable for the present and ooming teabon*, all of which will be sold at i prices. Canal atreet, corner of Mercer. Millinery bargains?bonnets at half pbice. $12 Velvet Bonnets are now $(i each. Open and even ing Bonnets, ipring styles. SkaUngjHats. Flowers and Rib bona. L. BINNS' Millinery, 681 He adway, uj stairs. Op podte Metropolitan HoteL EW BILKS. 10 CASES OF RICH BBOCHE POULT DB BOIES, SPRINT COLORS, AX Si PER YARli WILL BE OPENED ON MONDAY, FEB. 4. A. T. STEWART A CO. N ON AND AFTER FEBRUARY 4, AND UNTIL APRIL 1, will offer my entire stock of Embroideries, Laeee, Milli nery Goods, Trimmings, Corsets, Ac., Ac., at half coat Ladies will llnd It to tbelr advantage to call. A. KOSENBLAIT, 369 Canal street, near Wooster. pOPULAR TRADE. F. DERBY A COMPANY, Importing Tailors, '7 Wslker street. TO GIVE FULL EMPLOYMENT TO THKIK OPKRA TTV ES?, Are willing to make up tbelr stock to measure at a very great reduction from tbelr former prices, Yix:?Coats from $26 usual price $32. Trtnasera, $n and $10, usual price $12. Waistcoats, $6, usual price $Aand $10. And otber styles atlli lower in proportion. IT. B.?Our stock Is large and new In style. We ahall a* usual pay drat trade prices for tU? making, thereby ensuring to the public the best quality of workmausnip, style and rna terihl at the loweat prices, AND ON OUR USUAL LIBERAL CREDIT. SELLING OFF UNTIL APRIL 1.?IN CONSEQUENCE of retlriog from all mercantile pursuits, I hereby offer my entire stock of Embroideries, Laces, Millinery Goods, Ac., Ac., regardless of cost. A. ROSENBLATT, 369 Cat al street, near Wooster. TO HOUSBKEEPBBB. A. T. STEWART A CO. are offering Fine Bleached Cot ton Shirtings at 6'4, 10 and 12'1 cents per yard. Superior Quality 4-4 English Long Cloths, only 12\ oents per yard (formerly 18c.) Do do Cotton Sheeting, only 25, 27 aDd 30 oents per yard, ifarmcrly 30, .13 and 371, eta.) Fine Family 4 4 Iriab Linens, from 20 cents per yard and upwards. &4 Heavy linen Sheetings, SO cents per yard, (formerly 02,'i cents.) 9 4 do. 66 do. (formerly 09.) 10-4 do. 60 do. and upwards. 11-4 Extra Heavy do. #2f? do. (formerly 76.) 12-4 Fine and Heavy do. 76 do. (formerly 87 Heavy Beil BusMa Crash only d>4 oents per yard. Also Pillow Linens, Damask Table Cloths and Napkins, Damnsk by tin' yard, Marseilles Quilts, Furniture Dimitv, Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, Brilliants, Blankets, Flan nels, Ac AT EQUALLY LOW PB10K8. A 7di BROADWAY.?LADIES WILL FIND AT T: I U2 Madame C. BORDAS, from Paris and London, a cheap and large assortment of ladies' and children's Under clothing, and a varied stock of nursery, garden or promenade Clothing for children and babies, after the Paris fashion; Outfits executed atMhe shortest notice; Stamping for Em broideries and Embroidering done at reasonable prices on ladles own material The only place where can be had the Cnuine French Zouave costume for children. Ladles at nded at their own home on application, with patterns aud embroideries of all descriptions. No. 4761 d Broadway. 500 REAL HORSE HAIR SKIRTS, Only $1 60 each (1'ormerlv sold at $5), 200 STEEL SPKINti SKIRTS, 76 cents and upwards. A. T. STEWART A CO. nnQ BROADWAY. I I O LEWIS A SECORD. Vine Shirt* to order. Fitting warranted. Sample Shirts and Collars Made on approbation. Men's Furnishing Goods in every v riety, frum the most staple article to the finest fabrics. L000 OENF^iMEVa 8111 tTH, with fine linen bosoms and ruffs. ?1 26 each, warranted good fitting Shirts and well wortb 92. (Our own make ) 1,000 gentlemen's fine Linen Handkerchiefs, lie , 18c., 21c. aua 26c., with plain and colored borders. 1,000 pairs gents' Socks, la., worth JQc, l.OtO d). do. Oioves, Is. to S?. ? ,<**? do. do. Shirts and Drawers, !s. 2,6(?i gents fine Linen Collars, Sc., 10c., and 12c. 1,1011 gents' Mufflers, 2{c. to .Vic. 1,Oil gents' Neck Ties, Is. to 6s. Gentlemen, you can pur -hase good goods at verv reasonable prices, and many articles, such as HANDKERCHIEFS SOCKS, GLOVES, SIIIHTS, COLLARS, Ac.. Ac., way un under the regular market prices. Store itki sixth avenue, coruer of Twenty eighth street. C. J. CUSHMAN. IIOI SKK, KOOMS. A? ., WAITED. HOl'SE WANTED? FOR A SMALL FAMILY OF three persona, or the Lower Part of a House, ?Ml of Broadway and below Thirty ae<?nd street; rent not over Inquire a*t or address Mapes Hotel, corner of Twenty-fourth ?tml and Third avenue. HOUSE WANTED.?A NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE, with modern improvements, eligibly situated, with im mediate jxiaaenHlon; rent mait be moderate. Addrrss, stating term*. J B. A., box 7S Post ofllce. TV-ANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN AND HIH WIFE, f T two Rooms ou second floor, connecting, partially fur nished, opposite Madison souare; references exi.banged. Ad di*?? 11 U , box 1&3 Herald oflice. WANTED?FOR A STORE AND LIGHT MANCFAC tuiing business, a second or third Floor, or both If they are amall, ou or near Broadw ay, between Fourth and Tenth aireeta. mual have good light at Iront and rear window*, with ga* and Croton convenient, and cellar room. Addrcal Porcelain and Metals, Station A, Spring street Poat oOioe XL'ANTED-THBEE or FOUR ROOMS, FOR HOUSE 11 keening, In Brooklyn. Wllllamaburg or Jersey City, by a gentleman and wife: must be In a respectable locality Ad dress, atatlng terms, altuatlon. Ac., Adams, 31 Park row.

\lrANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, A 11 small house, or the lower part of a house. between Fifteenth and Twenty fourth atreeta, and Filth and Ninth avenue*. Rent not to exceed S.VMI l'nyment of It to be made in lots on High Point, near t'nlon lltll. The name kind of payment la offered for furniture, if good and cheap. Adareai S II . boi 8,273 Post office. Tl'ANTED?FOR SIX MONTHS OR A YEAR, AN UN f? furnished Cottage, within tfteen miles of New York, ?Khar M Ik* IJudson Hvi r, the Sound or staten Island; must be nleasantly located, with fruit and shade trees; one with a stable preferred. Potaeaaion wanted by the 2t)ih <?( February Address, stating full particulars, rent, Ac, which must be low, L It. S , Madison square Poat ofllce. Tt*ANTED?A SMALL HOUSE, IN GOOD ORDER, 11 with the nodm lamirtlinia, not .ihovo Forty til th street; rut not to exceed per annum Addrem box 1,903 Poat ofllce. (LOTIinu. Abetter chance than ever-ladiks and gentlemen, I have a gr> at demand for caat off Clothing f jr the tt cmi i ii market I guarantee to pay for silk dres*c* frr'm to from $ I to Jl* for coat", from 92 to $6 for pants and ?esta: also, for woollen dresses, delaines, snawls. furniture, rarpeta and jewelry, the highest price paid. Call on or address a note tn B M. tux, 79 Sixth arenne, between Eighth street and Aaverley place. Ladies attended to by Mra. Mem*. Abetter price paid for ladies- and gents cast < Cliiibint. I-iirnltnre, Car|>eta, Jewelry, Ac. From 97 to 9tft paid for silk dreases, from 92 to 91M for coat*, and t rom 9' Wi to 9? tor nanta A note by poat punciu.?ll *t tended to by E , 134 Sevi-mh avenue, between Nineteenth'and Twentieth streeta. Ladles attended to by Mra E. A GREAT D KM AND.?LA HI ES AND GENTLEMEN: Wanted?A lot of east off e.othmg, furniture, carpet* and jewelry I pay the b< at | rice In the city Call on or ad dress M Abrahams, 233 Seventh avenue, between Twenty tilth and Twenty alxth streets. ladles attended by Mra A. A^m QBEAT DEMAND KOK C|.OTIIINO-LADIES AND GentUtmon having any ctat off clothing, lurniture, ear tiela and Jewelry. I g .atantee to |?y us follows Pania, from II to 9... t'oats from 91 to 910, and dresses from 9' to $30. H'or barege and wnollr n dresses the highest nrioe will be paid hv calling on or addn-s.lng A IIAKRIS, Ml Third avenue, liwdiea attended by Mr*, llanla. A^hyoid una nunbugged i.adies and qu tlemen and c?|l at onro, or addresa a note by jiost to II IIARRIri, .163 Bowery, 1 here you may be sure U> dispose of your cast off Clothing, Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry at a falrjutee, and not he liumhuggeil For Silk Dreaaea, from 97 to 930. for Coats, from 9" to 912; for Panta, from 91 and up. wards Ladlea punctually attended to by Mra. Harris, 3M Bow ery, opposite Fourth and Great Junes at recta Am CARD-GENTLEMEN HAVING ANY QUANTITY OF new and lefi off Clothing to dlapose of will meet with ? cash purchaser t<y calling at the iiora or addtesslng Thoa. D. Ponrny, 44 Centre street N B ?Merchant tailor* having any on band will please addreas a* above. EXTRA PRICE WILL BE PAID FOR OAST OrF Clothing ? A* I have received an order for the same i rom the Weit, ladles and gentlemen can di*po*e ol them at a great advantage by calling on r sddrening a note to II , 447 sixth avenue, corner of Twenty seventh street Ladle* attended by Mra. B. AM BETTER CHANCE STILL I.VDIER AND GENTLE men, I bare a great demand f??r caat off clothing, Fur nlture, Carpet*, Jewelry, 4c. for ihe Western market. I will pay the following pries*.. Far Silk Urease*, from 9* to 93ft; for Coata, from >3to|l*. for rant*, fnwn 92 U 9*. Pleaae eall at or addre**.l. Anholt IM Seventh avenue, be twecn Twentieth and Twentr Brat streeta. Pnnrfr?I1T at tended l<adlea %ttended by Mr* Anholt. A Blown rniCB WILL BE PAID THAN BT ABT J\ other dealer for caat off Clothing. Furniture, Carpet*, Ae , M I hare Urge order* to (111. Call on or addraaa Due**, 910 Seventh avenue, between Twenty fourth aad Twaotr fifth itreeta. Ladies at'.anded to by Mra 0. ?ale? ok hfal kktatk. A HARE CHANCE TO PI K< HasK UK* I i'(AM li?OMb< i(l Karuiture at iw 2 Ji*^!! the prop*ity of 4 (tmily dec.iiim* > .-,^, 4 mad* to order, han bwo In <i?e ???.? sli month a t\i ^ZtL^r oetave roaew.*,d Pianoforte <-*>?t lv? win h* 7 including *t"Ol and coter, M^woud l'>rlorl?N r mi t?? ah ?f?j:1??e1f>/0li ?1|0; ''"??<? ?e. retail* .ad h,..* * w.*i vt1\* tlc?*r"i ?*1 l*u ' r $!'?? I'mm r?' *"Tore, PalnlitjjM Ornamenta, I^? i ult,IIIt, w., Sr^fiji H?<i*<?a<i< Mattre>ae< *, lu UlfT H v 7t Went Twenty alith Direct, near Klitfc a<enue RULD1M lot OJ* CHATHAM KQCAKR, ??II7, pitR tn\.?^hiT ?r e l4"*1'' ,",,0 ''"?"?hi# 'or [---?- T-tittnw i to e?change for Improved city | roperty urx^kK A HOI.dew, ? S? * I'lM atiwt and I Mt Br.?4?.aj ,BAUI ?*? ?rWDMO ACM lUmhnrff k!w ? lludswii run I*??**<? Foughkeepaie. on* .f the tw?i i , .. HI 441 itAVlOM A liumk*#r of All* fell lid Ift? ml .mm. Ingt SOT ifes? V.t 7"' r-Kl lar., b*t t L^OK WALK - A FINE FARM VdNUhl^t tMt a t, i r of good l?nd, 30 tulle, from tit, with JLfLHd?jl plenty of All kind* of fruit treea '"'J b"lld K.UIU eaah; balance In tv, ,e?? ?, Tu '**' ther paiticulata inquire At tKJ <<reen?ldi atrwi O. MALCOLM I/OK KAI.E? IV THIRTY KOl'RTII NTKRRT T Flfih avenue and Broadway' ,?' ",*tt5!! lUiM lliiiiio, elegantly and substantially bum. a%??j i.? i fX eitcn-l' ii ;tU Iniprmriueuta. Anniv u> R n' LI'PLOW A CO., No. T pin, itUt PPr 10 ? M Fob balk in bbookd h?two hut oi.ajm thrna ilury Brl< k Houaea, browa stan* M?im uat IlUk?!^* ?Uf' b"*"*n ^"1" ??< Pow.? straeta t^js rotitM' issi." ,ll,,?'f?v?'iuauU, a?a'?a??i ta tkm w prl^.."" ^ - J * P5 JJalk. i it map?a splendid oomog nni avenue . two hu"d,'*,J *??? "f r-wji 7k?jt foton water, itaa, narLW mautola. and rn?. A bi auttiul jCimrtyard m front ri.u .. ? gflod ('biiDCff to Mcurvm flo?? huuanj[t iti actual ?*o?i Aiaiv ?art do?f, Of Mr. MORUA.V or at M7 lludtlttujst' f?^?tHwj:f*L??ehh "kown btoxv movm H t'dt P orty eighth NtrMU l?tW8fp St> t h ??<< j-.. f^ avennea, wl-h all {he S?odern tmpni2Z,lu! ?nd repaired. Can be aeeu from 10 A. M aatuyp <l?ilre on the premlaea. uul" ? r* fah?.hj? EXCHAKHB?to A'.'REK, WITH TWO for ?pg au(1 "Ore with all fartnuig ulenala atuck *<? for Improved property. Inquire at y| BarrUy .treeI SALK nit K.XCIIA.NtiE FOR CI ri Kit!'-1K v mylr L'nl"? UlU- Addre^a H. ir. fcDro?rt? 0?"CHABOB_rOR KIHST CLASH CITV Ut" """? Eirj^p rA^i\w j'r!i k<i^UlttL|?e?5..EXrria5'<iE -A fiTO?K OK OOODS OK rnitrfn ?'is f,,r ,ow* land; only tajo In caah r? quired. Addrenn !?. 8? room 29 Sweeney ,f llotel f,?wrt^-it^it?),A EX(.'hANOE FOR OOODS OR PRO. Umt&anlffi.ffilSA 'at?*nfe1?h county, VjrrinU; ro.,,1 tts^. or exchange FOR A FA RM nu F?r!LZ?!fa?*?? a??faJ2?!font; lTp.ER Bevonl Houwk and nn ^ ' ?P|K)site the depot; also FRASER, Waahlngton^ avent7 bI?t^napf,v' u J""N R Htreeta, Tremont b?tH?CB fitch and Moll Good chance for bubivbbh? for mrt House and iAutge of I^ii ?.'?! pukik "ALK, THK ^wsdrw^^yski.'sha:^ ' H?Hom ^lth iP?h F0E. RALB ~A WMT CLAhS ;s;~"k'-isv?';-5irs:| ^^5tbjs1^ blm^?,s^a^ ?? *at. Merchandise wanted?in exchanup ?niT~T handsome Farm of iim liToa # *OR A Addreta Farm, boi ItiO Hetald^fl^i. frum Albany. T? i? wii!a,n< ie^?H A FARM OF i0 TO 100 ACRFs ??reti, convenient to I'nlo'niquare"'iLe wlteiitf" high stoop. 1'rlce $lt?,00O, mortgage $7.iwo ?Ur i10"**' ?? fl ?. ?DINUE'B A holden, y? 8 j?tre<-t and 1,244 Broadway. i rrE.jraj.HEK land, impro^d, with sTocicl-iTR. ? hamh. ru A Falrehtld, 113 Nassau ?treat " C ' \rA^l:ABIJ!. REAL e8tatb AT A HAROAIV l^tiairk,*?rssi baaemcnt, 30 feet front by 48 feetl^Tai*/ I me K IK0011 "iv E^rCHESTER COUNTY FARM FOR HA IF OR V* f^|s-hss5?fs houae, flouring and saw mllla U&E A HOLDE* 1 i No. 8 Pine atreet and 1.244 Bma^.v-V WV?lS ^ARM FOR RALE OR E\("HA\(1H pnn i niid beautifully located on (ir??en Lake in <?reen r?ikl i ty. Apply to Sf. BEKMA^ 77 Odar ?tr%L Lftk?C0ttii- | ! $30,000 ???D? AMD map; sssasr FOK SALE. Broadway leahes.-several desirable cor ner and Inside Lots, frontage of 30 to 7ft foot and depth of 100 to J00 feet, located between Broome nnd Bleeiker streets, are offered on long ltascs with and without building loam. DtNGKE A IIOLA)EN, No. 8 Pine itreet and 1,244 Broadway. BAR FURNITURE KOR SALE AT HALF VALUE.? The bar la copper lined; two Beer Pumpa, IN dozen Arm Chair*, four Table*, Sign, Picture*, Mirror*, I'm, cut (las* Decanter*. Glassware, Ac., Ac., all or any part, ''all ut 61 Vandam itreet. Fa OR SALE?A SMALL rectifying distillery, IN Williamsburg, cheap to a cash customer. Address F. B. 8 , llerald office. For sale.-thf. subscriber has two first I cla?* aide wheel Steamer*, one MOO ton*, one CM) ton*. In Birfect order and well adapted for a *ea route. For partlcu r* inuulre of JOHN ENIiLIS, ihlp builder, foot of Tenth street, liaat rtrer, N. Y. T/OR SALE- A LA ROE DOUBLE STAND IN WASHING r ton market, *ubtal>le lor any business Apply at 211 Fullon street, up altlrs, between 1 and 2 o'clock P. 8. F| OR HALE?A RARE CHANCE FOR A YOUNG MAN? the good will, ?toek and fixture* of a well established Book, Stationery and Kancy (iooda Btore. on Pulton (treat, Brooklyn. Inquire of McLaUGULIN BROS., M Beekman street, New York. FOR SALE CHEAP-ONE OF THE BEST DINING Saloon* and Bar* to be found near City Mali Park, the only one In the street. Apply to. HUHINSON, H# Naanau street, room* t and ft. TTOTEL FOR A ALB.?A SMALL AND ELEGANTLY J 1 fitted Hotel; i ontaln* all the modern Improvement*; haa Frlxate dining and Mipper rooma, rooms for clubs, part lea and Hamllle*; 1* net to be *urpa*acd for location or respectability of patronage. For full particular* up ply to W. H. CUES TRR, Wire Rope Manufactory, corner of Ilea er and Ceutre OTEL KOR SALE?WITH VALUABLE LEASE, IN one of the beat business locations In the city. House long establish) <1 and making money. Apply to E. LAW R&NCE A CO., 62 Ea*t Fourteenth stwet, I nlon s-piare. IMPORTANT To KEEPERS OF HOTELS AND RE8 I lauranta?The subscriber, desirous to find a purchaser who can c mmaml ?t least $15,000 In cash, t ?r the first claaa Saloon and Bestsurant. now occupied by him at the aorthweet miner of University plaoe and Eleventh street. The furni ture ai d fixtures are new and >>f the m'<?t elegant description. Satisfy ory reasons given for selling sut. Apply on the pra mlsea to E. f RILEY. PHlAlKNT CARPENTER'!) OACGE FOR BALE?TWO Stale right* for $J?. Addreaa box 87 Brooklyn Peat office. HMEAL ESTATE AND MKIU IIANDISE WANTRD-FOR which first tins* shuttle sewing machine* (all guaran teedi w III be glren In e?. hanire. Address, with full particu lar*, Sewing Machine*, box 2,X4l Post offioe. SWEAM ENGINE MIR HALE- A NEW STEAM EN glne. 40 inch cylinder, 10 feet stroke, liullt by thinning, hum A Belknap, of this city. Apply to EDWARD MIR Tl KN, 120 Water straet W^m HOLE 1A4.E DRUG STOCK FOR BAtl-Ar A gr<'at sari Iflce, In lots to suit customers, by the Assignee, :t4 Bi esman street. *1 nnn ?CONFECTIONERY AND BAKERY KOR V I ?' "* "?le. In a first clwas neighborhood Good leaaa and low rent A pply on the premises, corner of Broadway and Thirty Brat *treet. A P*rtner, with half the amount, would ha taken. < OPAKTSKHMIIIP M)TI( E*. TATANTED?A PARTNER, Willi A CAPITAt OF FROM II $6,'wn to $IU,USi in a manufacturing business where there I* large margin for proOt, and constant demand Ad d'?e* Box S,4I7 Po*t office. W~ ANTED?A PARTNER, WITH $5,000 TO $10,<inurTO continue the bu*lnesaof a foreign fruit houae, ha-ing a good State and clt* trade, or would *cll stock of go<sl? and lease of store on favorable term*. Location food. Addreaa W., hot S,M Pom oBC* New V. rk. dfcin nnn -1 party acceptable, with this ?i> 1 A/* \l\l\f. amount, can make a connection with an established 0rm doing a profitable btiKlness in this city, mid who are connected with a manufacturing establishment with in one hour'* ride of the city, where the party could realde If preferred Address J H , boi ISO Herald ofllce. Agent* need not apply WPORTIWM. ? E| RANCIH BUTLER, NO 8 PICK SLIP, HAI ALL TltE ? ?Mm breeds for sale and stork. Roller's Infallbla age Car* aad Flea R?terminator. A eenta par bottle. Bat pi R BALE-FOUR BLACK AND TAN KING CHARLES J"up?. $19 each. Apply at ftO Hlitb avenue. ?AAIPIIU **0 ? ? .?? v?w ?m 1 Tlr ' > "J2m _T'JJLI'ff* nn? rtWt ?* ??a?a "'"^ ? 4 ?m rvH?*? ?9?"-?^Jjggy^ Jg& Arrrjrx^Trrr^rr ? Mr^fcWgWMpPI* ? at ixvzr ISEaifiirS SiT^STA *?risJFtr?jr??-r? :,_. ___ - a tsv^jrls ?' S3 Sr* A ?ct=5>Ss ^s?SjT3 ? tmr+f** ?"?' "T. TgT. ?m laffrl t ?* iar^t^ss^V' ? A j* *?*? ^ ??? * ?1?1-1 ? ? !s/^3sax5.rrrt-ig' I a "" ?*?? jd A t%r*+**4. *? *-- >. J kmm Sm>i*** ?* *? ?fe?2S?3tw? a DFhIRABLB M IT <?r *??.*? * ,"'J,L^"r/ - A ?*???*f- *" - .?y f jiy tmwi.uf , UM K, ?.*# n?4M A?MWif ? *?* 'k^.VT .TT - ?? h-<-? ?r? at-~> I^g:^a=r?5gS Hnakfaai aad '??? ?' ""Or* - ? 4 U.NTLBMA* ABD ? ??, J^V JSS A-^aSJsSr*'-" a ??*d*2??l m""vikp .r"L\L?T??; A.aasa^ggsi..*'gr-? tllTfl, btorr* i???l??l ?' 7*^* 1 ill a I.I. FAMILY VOCIO EEBT A !!i .... - - -- i? ??..<i?*? ?? ? ?*????*? wIfe, with ?r ?tlh.Ul and coM water hou-*** H roadway Al^iy V?<k .tr~.ta , ! 1 :. r-l mMtt IM mKWm o *??*?? ?? . l i v I* m.iST R.m.?~?"N TIIK THIK!> -T'tK> A with (WO tori?V^Uroa^t.luT'iriJ>*^ cunt location. I nil?Ire at l?weet '"ur" d?.or? from ?eventb ww* . a rarunTfauilt. at <b?*?'?*? jSffBk LssrH well. Ollt ICllWO*' " |lw *** llfl(t"<* TJOAKn.?A GENT.\;*f*n Mu,J^iAf^r>iU ?*? par ttal' f"r W p,t*t""d WMm and private family d**ired Ad i^yrasKto?us wr*?? ?'< co?t-^ South Brooklyn pwj'rrf'? - - B"SK^?^5.?2t j? rS'SS^^s ^ ?lb ? B?rrPTr aviBSfRa.2.2 KtreetTifrnii $4- Dinner >l ?U. T?OARI? AND LODOINOH, OR LODOIH'l!* Al/>NE t'AS B be obtained with a l'-n' Udy; ?"?*?*' j*"1** c* add res." for a few day*, >66 7th aTrouf. IB the ?tor?. neitiiei. ? tvkard AND GOOD ROOMS ?' "ARIj: KoIMJNK OR B SU cm ?* otit.lned at W T'rra? modfrate, houM Br?t claae; home comfurta enjoyeu. rieaae call thla week. BOARD WANTED ? A OENTMt*AM AMD LADTDB nirr" S"""' Room, w Ith full Board lor lady ???> i-jr Ual for ^ntW? In a ?irictly prlTate.fM^, and Ninth arenue. aad rourWnlh ^nd Twwuy third itree* "drv?aC. B. R., Butlou D Poat <>Blce. TetjM mual ?? mn*. ?tunable, flood rrftrwcw ftttn and required. n*RD WANTED-BY A liF.STl.KMAN AND HIS wife a Parlor and Bedroom, In a |?r1\at.- family, where re are 'n^X'r l.*arder..f"Ui?.*rd required for I?e and late break!Mt for the g. nUeman; mu.i be In a location Addr. ae. *taUn? Urma and location, A. E. ?., H??M Oltl'O. tkoard WANTFD-IN BROOKLYN CONV ENIENT TO B tlie Wall iireet ferry, by a gentleman, wlff. two iklMli n i^ul nuri<e Parlor and two kedn?>iu? tJ'?"d llvlnf required, inrt HKirn. to be well Mrnl.hed; nrtra.e preferre.1 Addreiw Merubant, bo* 7V9 New \ ork I oat ofltce. Board wantei??in the ooi ntry, on a iarm, for a widow ladv and child; term* mu?l be rery m.-le rate; board paid in W Addre- ..aUn, all p^Ucu lar*. Vra. M Oukwood, Hol>oken I oat oBloe. N. ?!. Board wanted?in a small priv ate I or with a w idow lady, for a re?pe< table youn# ?<rl en g??ed durlAg the day; ^ould like a .n^ R-m [ob^ terins tuuit V ui-derate. AddreM W. B., boi 1W Herald . ?noARDIvn TWn LAKGE and WELL FT RMRHED B R^mi PoT^ w llb B,Iard. at 21 ?(. Mark . pUce Ki.UU, (Mt Hcrond floor* llio, two ?'ntry Bt'd ooini?. Apply ** abov?; location desirable and wltblu one minute * walk of Hi* adw ay. BOARDINfl-WITH pleasant ROOMB, rrEMHIIED or tinfurnlwbed, on reaaonable teima. C?U at <tt Henry *tn*et, prar Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?two oentlemen onbk accommodated in a private family and few bo*"1*"; houne 1h first rlaae, good table, and dinner ai 6 > odojl. al?o a back Parlor to let, without board. Apply at liS ftand? street BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A OOOD TABLE and the comforta of home can be obtained, ai .88 ^ohermerhorn ?treet, near the feme*. Partial Board lor ?'"*}* $3 to ^4 per week, or a gentleman and wife. A few boaraera only taken. Board in brooklyn.-a few jingle .qentle. men can be accomm'datad with Board and pMMant Room? in a modern three itory brown atone hou*e^nel? hood pleaaant and the healtbleat lnBr<^lyB, aadwo e to the principal ferriea. Apply at47 C oncord mreet Board on Brooklyn uEionTH.?a oentlbmam and wife and two ringle gTOtlemen ^ ke a^min^ dated with plea* ant Roemaby applytncM75 MonUyaepjaoa, comer of Ilenry ?L, near|WaU ?tr?et ferry. KWerww ai changed. Board on brooelyn height*.?a gentleman and wife, and two or three single gentlemen, can be ac commodated with Board and pleasant furnished Room* at lfHVIllow aireet, Brooklyn Height*, between Fulton and Wail street ferries. Board on broorlyn hwiohts-two or three ??ii k1- gentlemen can be accommodated ?Hli Ho, .1 in a tilaln Knsllsh faintly, with every comfort and good table, lerms t* 40; the uae of a pianoforte If deal red Call for on* week al tft Willow street, corner of Cranberry, fire mlnutea' walk from Fulton ferry. Brooklyn-furnished room to let, with convenience for housekeeping and cnokinf, near the Fulton ferry. Apply at 27 Hleka street, Brooklyn. DHKRIRARLE ROOMS, with FULL OR partial Board, can be had for a gentleman and wife and one or two single gentlemen, in a Brat claaa house pleasantly situated, mar Union square. Apply to E. LAW HENCh, k CO., 61 Kast Koui tecnthstreet. French board in bbooeltn. ?one or two gentlemen can be accommodated with Ronma and Board by applying at No. 198 Clinton street. Brooklyn. French boaro.-french lessons, at m ea?t Twenty second street, in the houau of a Tarlatan pro fessor, where only French la apoken. Furnished rooms in broadway to let-en suite or single, in a flrst ctaas houae that poaaesaea all lha modern improvements. No Ml Broadway, below I'nion square. One of the beat locations la the city. ?LURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.-lNyllRE AT 21U>, J; East Twentieth stivct, near Second avenue. NHO. 12 NEILSON PLACE, BETW EEN CLINTON AND Waverley plane, one block from the New York H?te|. A family <>r pattv of gentlemen may obtain desirable Rooma, with Beard. Reference required. ?\TO.?WEST TWENTY Pol' KTII STREET, OPPOBITB the Fifth Avenue Hotel,?A hands<imely furnished Kn?m to let, with of Without Hoard In a new and (Irst I ess |<rivate house replelu with all the modern convenience*. Dinner at sti o'clock. NB.-ROOMS TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN furnished, to gentleman aud wife, or aingte gentlemen. .Apply at 173 East Tenth atreet. OH NF. OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM in--dated with a nicely furnlahed Room or salt of Itocms, without board. In a private family, on appli ration at 24 West Twenty fourth street, a few door* from Fifth Avenue Hotel. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BR AC inromodflted with pleasant Ronma and g ?^l R?ard In ? house with all the modern Improvement*. Apply at 21V Weat Twenty ?evrnth street. OB BE OR TWO TOI'NG MEN WILL FIND plfasant Rooms and good Hoard, al $.1 to f4 per week for fall Hoanl, in a private American family, at 2W Hudson street, near Spring. TO LET, WITH FIRST CLAflS BOARD. AT 118 RE 00*1 avenue, convenient to Hroa<Way and A?tor plane, a tine front Room on the second atory, and two fourth atory Roma. rLET-A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH OR WITH9VV Hoard; a female preferred. Inqnlre of Mra. Roger*, Nn. 2 Mllllgan place, Hlith avenue, near Tenth street. THO LET?WITH BOARD. AT NO 1.12 WERT TWELFTH street between Hlith and Seventh avenuea, two large furnished Rooma, on the saeond floor, suitable for a small family or *ingl* gentlemen. Alio, small Bedroom* to let. References exchanged ANTED- FOR A LADT AND gentleman, A large Room, or a small Parlor, with a Bedroom ad joining, genteely furnlahed, lire, gas and bath, in a family where there arc no other hoarder*. Board for the lady only, which will be paid in advanc*. Addreaa A. D. C., Broadway Post office. W??ANTED IN brooklyn BY A SINGLE GENTLE man, one large, ?ell furnished Room, with grate and gas, or a Sitting Room with Bedroom attacked. Dinner at *fc o'clock. A private family preferred. Location near Wall street ferry. Addreaa R. R , box 1,471 New York Post ofllce | A/J ?A pleasant boom TO let TO A GENTLE sPU. man and wife?board for lady only?with a widow lady no boarder*. Addret* Mr*. W. W , Station D. IgjUtPttO Ajrp M)DCIH -* 1.5 , B0( *? Ik 25rti * trtu*l? f?nilemeij; * \hr ?rcood I* ^ may iow be h2lof5ber or * W rUaa buuar, ^ Improvements. Dinner el 6. UB !"HTH "T*"* between fifth a avenues -A good alzed tuUl Room ou seeon. taining i??, hot alio oold water. with hath on let, u griiiifiuru; alao one on third door. 1(1 CMO.V SVI'AKE?PLIASANT ROOMS !?' B<aiil, for gt nikturu aud tUelr families and ?' tan. ?J|| ? LIMoN PLACE-ONE LARUE F t?V Ko?ai. suitable for ? gentleman and lady ? k* m ? Hi' i, ? t ? uli Board Dinner al ? o'c' 7Q SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS > pel ? O ?ay?To let. several handsomely furiua ? . Mugto g, uiirmen. the location U near All the (Ud hTT*'k amusement; reading room free Inq' U() WHITE HTRF.KT-ONK IXK)R EAR.**" V*' . WmI> Huo^a, with Board, a Parlor And n. !"?* or ibwi gentlemen, Alio, <411? slngl* KM "IXTEBHTH STREET.-A < r.^. ? " two can be ac?oi f. ^ayrj-arto, ocasuare Room, Board, Ae.: bom* ItJv?7rh" r)i Iisauliy located M I A3 .OMM* STREET, ABOVE BPF'** I yO Rouae. Elegantly furnished aults of B "?? luti w1 every n*,\rnlance for bousekeepln l~.tieularly .uliaUe for anal) respectable fi T - Re at low lo permanent tenants. QQ FRlNt'E HTRBBT, NEAR BROAD' V" fantlf furnlabed I'arlor. and single Rooii "????. e?*rythl?g ueat and clean; all tlie modij '? Ai>pl\ a* iiwvi mgtlti'KH STREET. TWO BLOOBS _:li"0,,ui.w,th Board, fro* ? 1 21 !.r!ili,LlTJliKT -To "lKT, FCRNI81 If Badi?? ?"?nd floor, With Bai If required, to a MMtll private fami!y h iV>i mil ]?>? tin rwKjrrv fifth nm H -f*r,rB,k ??,d Kl*kth avenues.?f gentleman i wo alngl-gent.emet, can be aeeoiamodatedwitfa large aouaij Boon. on second Boor, with fire aai fc, ? aler ) "r ?l? pei week Houae W tto 14 "? STREET. HEAD OF LAF }X pla*.?Desiiahle Room* to rent, to tingle g> h?4, ,* would lurnish meals for a party < r 4. i ? n.? i, * h?? w?> i il to hiive an 1/5H KTMIT ?T CJLaIR HWNI wHhTdi "IS Bedroom. , , wnfc ill (ItmwHifteM ftr h?mMkeepinc oobidlI ww"' ?? *10 228 ?"OAPWAV-^OW, or two -* f*?tleinan and wife, eat Farnlahad law with Beard, at SM Raat ~ ? fnrniehed with ail thejiioder^eoeTenlS22ee n'i RROADWAT.?FI'RVIBHID ROOMS r Millen or ilngle gentlemen at low rrnta l uea corner of W aahlTig^n plaoTand Broldw.l ,. 1 o^uhi'hSLT'V' ,''UrtMure ^ i ?Aa and water **?AD1rAT' BETWEEN EIGHTH tvr IUO Ilrmi-Wtt Of f> miahed Room, ??C WOt llKw? KOdllJ, AC., TO X.I AUEKTLEhAN, WITU A SMALL FAMII t'u.lneaa In ihla cli*, wlahea to rent a neat! j? ? ?r1 !r.H"u,h ^i,T) And within 10 mlDute*1 walk of Wall mtrtmx ferrv ' ssr -Ss.' ai^^ir^hl FoW ??oond atreet and Fart aIao aeveral three story llouae* a> moderate i?nt? ? ... DIHOEB A ROLDE Wo 8 Fine street and 1,244 Brat WABOMIC-A NRW HALL TO UJT 81XTABI OT. Maaonlc lodge.. Address J. W. LOCKWC House, comer ofButh arenue and Forty flrsT ? V"EWARIt FROPRRTV FOR REIfT t ml. Buildings In Market street, m. fly on the premises, or by letter lo JOHN 4 $&!&&&S.'WIeJrfS.'W.ft.. STwulf -IiH.WKR n>. LKASE. m rERD ttU22,fi!!' P"""' I" the new bnlldings S wltb "tenslTe Bre nSof , ? buildings are Ugh led on all side*, healed by su-aai acrt'tnni<?lai?on, Ux-atlon is the mast central?one ha Tanal alrcet and BroadMay. in.nranee one per cent ul TSt *4xs"u"""dationa at a l..JTreiit art HOWARI. on ^ S1 wt? !,?{.'|W|K ,,kTWrn I RE FLOORS, HI] wlndowa on three ??d>a ?n | KtyifsT1.ii?!ff!" Immclialely ? ut PALMER, on (he premlaca. 441 oiuml.ia atre'i LJTORWIOI SB TO l-EASB FRO* MAT l-I V "AAningtoii street, mar Rrdir, It feet bv tt) fy tl^UUtV 'v*";7^r ?r.*n' ^ hu?ln?-aa A L*AKlie, Ko, 212 Bro?dw?y, rooms 1# and 17. CTEadt steam power to let-l\k<? amall Koomm wrilllfbiid !>. . ?? at ?W W.u STOKE TO 1.ET.-A VERT H ANDHOMP RTOBB. ?laaa wlnilowa and >1 the newnat tni|>ror-tnra ?daptrd for thr fan<-y or tn'lllrv ry burtnrm. a I rat .-? ll 'ii. entry ran br had tirly iB'iuirr at M2 ttrnui-, talrd ?totr abotr K fifth atrart 'TORE HO ?3 HK<<AI<wav TO LET ALRO t ij in todar, Karriar Fulton, < anal. Howard Leonard. I<uan. , Franklin and Wartaa ilmM, h DlROBK A IIOI.DF No. ? Plar Kwt u4 I.M4 Ira mo urr pro* irr or mat-the fieri X f umtahed I <iaa No. H Eart Twalfth atreat, or war. Apt>]> t? KH.tif A co, M Wail atraat rH RENT?A THREE RToBY HKICK HOP4E rerlay plana rant U-w; Km limndla'tl; at 1M Uraaawtrb atraat, or TV Hr < ad way r LET-TIIE WMaLL THREE NTORT hoof. ?VM Twenty arrant* Mrwi In r-mplri* ordn ?Ion Immediately. Inquire ol ALFRED meek*, so rlMT. A hrwwa Mm* front Hoaaa ta Prrty fifth Miw . I Btith araaoa aad (roadway. raal tlM a roar A brown ?U>a? fmai Homo to Early dllk at root. S Fifth aad Milk aToaaoo |I.Mimr A Www* atoaa fraat Hooaa la'Porty dakU itraat Elfhth aad math aranara ?d00 a year Xf rama Oat Ufa la Party alalk atroot. >aw?ia Am Fifth araaaaa.jNS a yoar A brtak txtaja la Forty aiatk atraat, hatwaaa ?li lrvr?a aranuaa UIDa y?ar A brtck Boaaa laTwaaty * th atraat. Booth rtdr. No I a yoar A (Mot of foar alagaat hrtah Koaaaa la Araoad arat I war a Thirty arranth aad Thirty eighth atiaota. $m Ma? A Aral rlaaa hrwwa alnaa froai . Mraav hat warn Plflh aad With aoon i I Alaoahrlrh lloaaa la IJf i f fifth atraat. 1 and Eighth avoaua MM a yoar Floor* In tha fall fr? at brtak Ifawaad haflt V ' Maraa la Ulth aranua hatwaaa Forty f earth aad Urr. i?**1 ? "?or, II.W a r?o? iroot aatwaaa An A Hoar aad a half In car of the aari4> trtwim* Ruth a?eana balwooa Forty IfU aad Party a wflit rid# t loora m th? Ho# a'ory now Inlldtngi la RUth twaaa Party-tffh and r>rtf rtith atraata. wall a family oa a loor. A aotipla of f nrnlahed n -aaM wall kaatad Aay number af llouaea aed larta' .r eat* 4pf<' JOHN ? A* AW A' N'rihaaai roraar Rlith araaw aad Party ?' LET?THE PI BUT FLOOR AND '"El ? warrh' liar \ 71 Ma>4? lane n?*i Wt, low aad poeaeaal?a am?dta<eii Apply to R FLOOR AND CEI.LAB < HHHVHHpBiL rilaa atr law aad poaeeaafca isatrdhualy Apply at L II If* Rererley pleor oear IRaik arraaa Tm O I.ET-THE HANDmiHE LAEtiB Pol ? Rtorxa. Noa fT and W ritta a*raa>. aaar O markrt now l? ln? lawhrd la IW tan laam.rr a th? lata ia?pr> ?rm?nta Apfdy ta B L hi T UA rarWy pla<-a aoar Mil* r^m LET?THE RTOEB l? BBBfEB ETEB Ma for a grr* *rj ar aim r*ai law >i aa? dtatrly Apply at ? I'd rl.BT- THE PProaD FW?.R OP M ?trr?t, hatwaan Wnwatrr aad lonrtaa vrwia ol from and bacA I'art. 'a. with kail IMa-<* a* aaa and OMofi waMr oa tbo t'?r Am i at tka m feaiiAM*. TBI LET-ForE APtRT??MH rORaiPTlN. t mnt an'I harh I'arior. hall It- an. m aad aip 11 Itira >hrd ar tmtwnmmm, aa tfcr ihtr l loar, wodrrn lau.ror. ??at? la a i l? aaaa' >.>tfhhnrhaad Thlrt* fotirth atraat. WIU ao IM rwr> low ia a roapo fatally; rrfriwao frra aad ra, ilrrd Addraaa I I aloe adnata foot oibaa. rHl LET-RAREMENT WITH hl1< If Ft, i M.ak ' rot. Utwrawa H.'tol, Brt-edway aad t <? i, ?>???' br Irt for a rraUMirant or any haatooaa purpaaa rax la* ply at thr MDaa o r h 'r . LET?AToKI-. TM RhoADH ? FIB Inrhnlii i i"?r lar>? a?lm r-. d-> r< aaAattrra aad *f?tai window han?1n?a. al*< d?atr RoaaaS aad " fumlahrd or uafarnichrd. Woatioa waaari aaaad aad low. Apply at thr offloa of <ha hi. Uarndl II -ta4 TO LET?OFFU Ef* AND B<mi||m. WITH OB WfTI l ? Rltaai Powrr In l-?llAla(r<?rnor nf Rrr?td?ay anH R' atrrat: oar Boar with if tarn wlndowa raa h* opard I rot. If drrlrr.l admlrtbljr adapird or i I?afwli warr r Inqnlra of J W H< < RTi^l, Ul Bmoair Mraat BEAl T,Fl'L THREE RTtlBP, HI" "* hrlrk Hmtar. artth ail itnprnrraiaata < hu rant $d?i. or will lot it furnlahro ot aril thr Fan . res?; "" *" TO LET?AT LOW RENT, TWO PAELOBR. Wl dln? donra, rloorta and plana, or an oppar (Uor. ralr h. ttar but Ihrr.'BintiUa walk froia Ha?lH<?i Applr at ? sarkat atiwat, naar Van Braat atrar I Brooklyn. rro i.eahe?no. ?i white htrbeT: ri rrti X any l ualtiraa, or i.fllrra Alan, a f -4 Baaaairn ra?lly allcml Ap| ly on lh? [irrmlwd. rPHTRH'TAER.-A PBACtlCIEO P I ? wlahaa to dlap.?a <* Ma iwoia, Mhd la h j