Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1861 Page 2
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ARRIVAL OF TEE H0RTHER9 LIGHT. SI,513,69S nr TKEASUEE OH FREIGHT Murdrr of the Hob* Joseph L? White, or New York. Tlureatened War Between Peru and Bolivia. PRIZE FIGHT IN CALIFORNIA, Ac., Ac., &o. Iho steamship Northern light, Captain Ttnklepaugh, (rein A6pin??U ?t li?lf past four P. M. on January 25, bringing the pa'Sen??is, treasures and tiitiig which left ban Fraucisoo oa the lltli ult., arrived at this i>ort yes terday. The alcamsbipColumliiif",from Central America, arrived at Panama od the 'zoth or January, with news of the death of Joseph I.. White, of N< w York. He was shot od tbo evening o( tbe 5 th of January, a few hours after landing, by a Canadian Frenchman named Gavltt. The boll took effect in hi* knee; amputation was performed, but ho died on the 1-ib Tli ? trouble originated in a dispute Connect'd with lacta rubber, (iftvilt iB under arrest. The Bteemship St. Louis, with 1 -a.ity Franklin on hoard, arrived at l xuama on January 21, fifty nino days twelvo hours frt ta New Kork?til well. She Bailed on the 24th for San Franc i/co. The steamer lima, frotn South America, arrived at Pa o*mv\ .January 22, with ntws of the dofi at of Mosqueraon the pUine of Ooyott, near the city of Nelva, by General Paris. H PEC IK LIST OK THE NORTHERN I.1GHT. Order (14 076 Kicbaid Patrick... #40,000 Wm. ll<>ge & C->... 30 000 bt 'ph. Tiltoii At Co. 6,000 P. Kbam A; Co 51 ,660 Raker fe Morr ill.... 1,862 Win. llo^f \ On... 10 000 Metropolitan Hank. 110,201 Order 6,0u0 Chas. 1). l>nvia.... 2,274 tV. Heiier < <?.... U,0"> Jeuiiingg&Bi-vwslor 9,000 llaffai.k ltoscnutock B.Ooo P Naytor 12,000 iScboll k Brothers.. my Ai.g Belmor.t k to 11. Cobn At Co l-? oou C w. Ciiaoy. 3,600 Wm.Sel gin*:. fi Co. ??N.of't) .tl?ibou?.'-iardyA:Co. l,f<00 Frank P iker lO.OtO U K. \Veot> Co.. 14,000 J. flutter A lire.... .1 A. Cogghnl 12,000 ftieustadter Bio.... 1 ?M-<? .l.u, ),u.>Atfo 1,000 J. B. We'r lo not Otipr.-in, Sherman liallinAt SandeM... 1'2 f>00 &<'?> 121,>'2 J.Strautf- Bro.\ Co. 32,000 \\ella, Fargo & Co. 2*1,out) Am. Ex Bant..... 135 O00 i it. a W. T. Coleim. i> \ Co 90,IW0 R Blanc.. 2f.O R. Meatier AO Ad. H. 1. .nshoiy ?v Bnu. 4.o'>0 am;> 11,000 G. <4. ll-.bson 72 4^1 Jas. Patrick A: (Jo.. 20,000 tV. II Huc*y 60J Trea.iwi li k Co.... 15,000 P. At H Ia wis & Bro HQ A.? Uotenh run kCo 14 000 T. II Muiioz A: C?.. 7.'0 Fug Kelly & Co.... 72 000 Urdor ,'IMI Coi'roy & u't'ouuor. 11,000 lappeu k Slodreck. 3,;>tf7 Total $1,513.693 Our Smii Fi anciiro C'urrtMpondcnre. Sa> Fiurwro, Jan. 11, 1461. Ihe Mexican IVuB tin San Francisco?ImpnrtiuU Suit, in Which the Cnitri Stat-s arc I'lai/ilif*?H'h Jt gal' Mur>lti* ,n Oalijvrnia?Inilictm'T.U by the (/rand Jury?Sv i of the Cumul Jur Hamburg?I'rize Fight in Wtvaila, <fc . rfc. General Woil, of the conservative army of Mexico, in now in this city, and will Boon depart fur Havana. Tho General hae long held a bi^li rank in the forces of the church party, and ??s one of the ofllstrs of distinction who capite j.t'% to the liberals at the si ?;eof (iuudal.ijar t. Hie two civiicaset. pending against Agf.sun lla'athy, late meller and reliner in the brtucb mint, in wLi^.h tho Cniteil St itee are plalntifTe, to recover ainouut of defalca tion ($200,000) in that department while under charge of defendant, will be trie t next Tuesday in the United S'.ates Circuit Court It will lie umernbercd that tbe defence >s that tbe gold evaporated and cc-capcd in a liquid condition through tbe cliiuiueyB of the mint. Ihe Urana Jury ot th.t> county have imlicted tbe fol lowing per? uh lor the crime of murder in the lirnt de gree:?Horace Smith, lor killing Samuel T. Newell on New Year's day; Michaol tlarfaiu, for killu g llonora Hargam, hm wi'e, Get. 13 la^t. Ma achl Kramer, for kill ing Martin Voltr, Dec 15, John Ciarkaon (n<-g:o), for kill ing Carolme F. I'ark, l<ec. 1 lust. Ah Potti. a Clunamun, will be bang to day for murdtr In Alameda county. W. Mar>-liall, a reenlent of Montezuma Hill, Nevada county, wax found dead laat week. He had heuu tdahbel in the brfaft. John I?ong, toll k< eper of the South Vuba bridge, hafrtx en urimted ..nd lodged In jail, charged with the homicide. N. T. Stockfieth, Consul fc r Hamburg at this port, and a merchant of Miuidiig, committed suicide yes orda/ morning in his room, No 17 < 1-mentina street. Mr. titockfletli w.u- widoiy known in tnu cominunity, and universail) rOvpcctMl. li? win most respectably coo nected ut BOBie, and it ?as to but extreme BeiMilivcnuM on a point too numy men uecline to oousitler as af fecting their honor, :ba'. in t moment of d<-ptex-ion ho raahly terminated b * lite lie w.iM born iu lUinliurg, and waa about thirty !lv?. veais of age. He came lo Cali fornia in IMC. The long talked of prite tight between Malt Tracy and Bill Bia< kwooo u*4 place at -tiorm'a i auch fliers lay last for $1,000 There were present some live or six hundred personi-, and the pit money amounted to about $1 ,.'100. The adnntuiice tee ?as (2 50. and nearly every m tn took a char.c- . At two o clock precisely tbe belligerents entered the ring, which was constructed on the plan of the Ij0?U< u pr>ze ilng, and everything connected with tbe''mill" tame <'fl according to the rule* ami regula tions of the L/ ndon Pugilistic Association. Illickw iod won the choice of corner and retired to it, Tracy taking the opjKM-ite one. As Tracy took his position in Iils corner an American bag was lied Pi bis sWlce, when Black wi ??!, with the ooursgeof a Say era, in a t'<ne of voice to be distinctly unde.ftoti by all, said "1 will tike down tLuee colorh " Bib i >a v is, one of Tracy s secouJS. replied that s'icli threais had ot ten been mole, hut "tWy never bio b? on taken down.'' Thirty rounds were fought in forty bve minutes, when Tracy was declar- d tbe winner. Our Aipiawall Corir?pnn<trure. Akinwaij., .lav. 2d. IM1. Arrival <>J lya&y Franklin at Pan ima?Poiuiral I'rirmm ? Advawt rf Aftsr/urra en lloj/ata?FuIk Humeri of his Dtfeat?L"t* if thf lirig Co/u'lle, dt . ifx. The HU-nuior JSt. I/<ui? irrtred at i'anami frou Ntw York ou tli# aUt Inst , in nine day* and twelve hour*, havirg only touched at Rio Janeiro unl I.tta for coal. Klie sailed for 8aa Francisco lajt evening (24th) at ?iz o'clock The only p iw rigors on board are Lady KraokUi: and her niece. Iter ladyship paid us a visit on Tueaday and returned the same day. We are very happy to have had the honor of acting ber and welcoming tier to our city Tl?e schooner General M <|UPra, from Buenaventura, arrived at l'anama on Ibursiay, the 17th, bringing seven political prisoners. Actordiug to rumor, these prisoners were brought up In irons. By ber *f have also received a few days later news from the interior. General Musquera was within a day's march of Bogota. <'Hondo had t?ken jKM-itcHHion of l'asto, tad the liberals hvl summoned the garrison at Buena vector* to evacuate tho city. The steamship Lima, frotn the South I'aeiflc, arrived on the Slid inat By this arrival we are In possession of furthor iews from the State of Cauca. It is reported that a bat tie between Generate I'aris and Moaquera took place at .ho plana- ot Coyote, four leagues rrom tho city of Moira, n which General Moequera was completely defeated. An lira sheet froni the /'a/iavwno office states an officer, on the 26fh ult., at four o'clock P. M., placed the com muni ation in the hands of Dr Cardenas, and that It was trans allied to I'auama in a letter written by Sir llamon Uai i trguela, Granadian Consul In Vuito. The news was re eivrd m I anama by ringiug of bells and tiring of ar ?tilery Of ktcai sflnirf I have nothing to communicate, except hat the I'uiiama llailrood Compuiy launched their drodg ng Dtarhine this uiornitig They intend to use it ia ieepeni: g the bay i mae to the wharves, to facilitate arge vena--Is unload ng and givo them more room along ido the wbarvet The brig Coquette, Young, manor, was lost on the 2d f Jaituaiy, at \avortl la Key, In s gale of wjud from the I.N.W., by parting her chum and ruutiing ashore. Tho alia, rigging, fcc , ean be saved Hho wna going to load -uano for Baltimore. The Mew Grsnadlan steamer i .uama tort yesterday for bo Atrato river, to take up Mr An***, wfc> ? ^ 'egota on particular buainchs r< .itiva to iu? , ,v ulutloa. *lbe news of tho defeat of M-asiuer* in* turned ut to be false, no battle having bean fought ii ter ih ime t Sifovla on the 10th of November, Iu which Oeu I'arm rM oompleUly defeated Thr Mulder of lion. J. K. Wlilte. Letters fro? Nicaragua brlffg Ifco follow lag account of <bo shock irg death of H'Xi Joseph I. White, oi this ?itjr ? hi the latter part of WOtOtabaf, Mr While I't New ork fbr Nicaragua, In order to transact some busmen mnected with the contract for gather lug In ll i rubber i that country. A few boon after landing from tho uateniMIs, which rt? had Naalejo in the early p.irt ' Jarr-fT. * ?an ''' n*me "r ?av u ,t?rr.l the MM in ash Mr v> h to w.?s ia ?ding to pasa the night, aid l>gm a m mi \.? tack upon him. The mm big tvlie.itij x: t 1 y drink, pr?cacded lo tlie Ml li. !'* .4 S1 ?;J?* to hirh Mr Wblteioplte' wllh r ?< rt< \ .r 1 ,? M .. ily SoMiirifi when Mr. wfcl'i ? .? Wircl/ unprepared ud standing about six feet from him, Garett drew a Cblt's revolver, and shot Mr. White a few inches below the left knee, shattering the boaea and rendering amputation nee wary. A Burgeon was sent for, but owing to the entreaties of Mr. White, did not amputate the limb until mortification bad threatened to Bet in. Tho amputation took placo while the patient was under the influence o^ chloroform, but after the ope ration Mr. White never rallied, and was only seusibla for a few moments. All the Americans in th*t por tion of the country attended his funeral, and a great ex citement exists among them against his murderer, who was immediately arrested ;.iid is now lu prison. Gavett Is h native of New England, and has hitherto borne a good character. There is no accounting for the crime, except the fact thai he wa* intoxicated when it was committed, 1 be mournful news, which reached the family of Mr. White yesterday, has plunged them into the deepest affliction Lt tiers of condolence from the leading Ame rican citizens have boon received, giving nn account of the bravery and fortitude with which he has endured his sufferings. New s from the Isthmus and South Pacific [It0111 the I'manm Star and Herald, j This community was on Monday last electrified with news received by the British steamer Lima, to the eflect that M< sqiieraliad been met about four leagues frcin the city ol Neiva, on the plains of Coyote; and completely defeat- d by General Joaquin i'arls. The I'acrflc Moaw Navigation Company's steamer Lima, Capt. Bloomfleid, from Valparaiso, Caliao and Interme diate ports, arrived at her anchorage oil'this city yester day, 22d, at (J A. M. CHILE. From the Republic the news is unimportant. In local matters the approaching election ei gages public atten I tion, and it is hoped thit both the Government and op i position parties will agree on a line of policy which will | tend to prev< nt a disturbance. . ; In the South the Indians have ravaged the country, ! burning the forage and pasture, in order to deprive the i arm) of all the resources tho country might afford. | Ihemaikit continues well supplied, and an improve I meiit in business is uaily looked f Jr. Manufactured ! goods, metals and liquors are abundant. Carolina rice is [ fcciice und in demand. In (Thilo proouce, copper dtHvorcd in Vtlparso. was token at $19; regulus, $8 . a $8 12; ores, $3 27 1, a $3 42. Fx change?London, CO tn 90 days, 44tjd. fated States, 13 per cent prem Freights?Knxund ?2. t5t(. j per ton. I nued States, $13 to (14 per ton. n.HV AM' 11D1.1 VIA. A Limn 1< Iter o! .tanuai) 14'h says:? j As l naid iu one of my last letteis, Congress has autho I rizid the Executive to declare war against Iiolivht In I case ail oiplomatie negotiations kbiiuld tail, and t<< raise for this pin por e a loan of four million* of dollars, tin ttiia bus m nt for rifled cannons to* Europe, and tue I other day tbey received ft gnat cargo of muskets, | bought by government agents in Europe, which were fouiiuhtre uit rly *-orthk-<-.-, ihusth-j squander their money. Hut the wir with Rotivla hu not com menced yet, and the Bolivians knuw very well that the l eiuvtans a'e ufruid of them A RICA, .Inn. 8, 1881. No news from tbIs quarter; it la reported that Linares is recruitirg stiougly,and intends to invade Peru, but 1 do not beiive it. roe Peruvian Ingato Amazonus is at prisent in port, the Loa having bieu ordered to Valpa raiso, to be put on the Hoating dock. KCUAbOK. Gt'ATAQCTt, Jan. 15, 1861. There is little news here at present, everything being exnedingly quiet Since the establishment of the new government the country uppears to have advanced rapid ly. " The next Cacao errp dot s not promise to bo very pro ductive, owing to the lack of laborers in clearing the land last season. There are at present three vessels loading CuciV) for Eu ropt?the brtg lr?s llermanos, for Hamburg; ship I'erou, for Rordeaux, and slnp Andrew, for England, besides whirh, lots a/e being prejtared lor shipment to Euroj>e nnd AmcWoa, via Panama. (ieuet nl l-.'"re? left here some time since for Quito, where Congress is n< w in s< i-s ou. 1 luring the session, a j lTtSh'ent will be appointed, but who is to be the choiro j has not ti anspirid IViubthss Mort-na would be selected, but ] learn that h< lias already declined, as he prefers remaining Governor ol (iuujaquil, and E lores would net accept, willingly, toeonUnue commander in chief ol the artuy. These two, no doubt, will dictate who is to bo put in the Hrrsiuential chair, and they will thus con tinue the. virtual ruling power of the country. There Is consult rable talk of Custula making another attempt at invading Ecuador; but this time he will be likely to re leive a warmer rtceptiou, and should he undertake such an expedition, he is likely to meet with even less sue | cess than previously. Personal lntcMlgciire. Mr. Wlnthrop, of the United Males storeahlp Relief, I ond T. W. llotchkiss, of l.linira, N. Y., are .-tupping ui tho I uiMge Houae. KPr. Tow nsccd, of Philadelphia. T. A Jaekes, of Provi oTlN; A. I'. Wild. Jr., aud wife, ol' BwtOB. and S T. I Kairchild, of Gszanovla, are Mopping al the Breyoort j House. Commander J. Dc Camp, of tlie United States Navy; 1 Lieut McAiann, aud T. J. Tredwell, of the United Sum Arm} , Amos Tuck, Aza Fowler, <Uid Levi Cbamberlln, of I New Hampshire, and W. Murgeg uid wife, of Chicago, Me stopping at the Filth Avenue Hotel. n. Henjimin Wlggin, of Maine; C. 0. Colgate, of the Blcauisi.lp James Adgcr; W. H. Studi>y and wife, of ll? ton; John Fijer, of Norwich, F. Hazard aud wife, of BuRalo, W A. IHivis and wife, of Kentucky, and A. C. l?an, of ran Francisco, are stopping at the tit. Nicholas Hotel. Fx Coy. Clifford und P. H. Phillips, of Mass.; Qoo. R. S Baldwin, Coon.; lion. 1.. K. Chnteuden and K.x <?ov. Hull VI . l>r. Wright and wife, fctis; Capt. J. Pop*, United blah 8 Navj ; Thomas I'. Trott, Washington, S. und W. S. I'incline?, Baltimore; W. Wnghtson, Cincinnati; W. K. J. Stevens and family, Mrs. Baker aud family, S. S. Fitch Mid F. B. Folgor, California, aro flopping ai tho Aeuir Houw. Gen P. W. Stratier, of Cincinnati; J. P Haven, J. Pen ny, H. .?* Mono, <; S. Adutus, P. M. Davis and I.. If. San derson , Cal ; W II Walla \ Washington rerritory, J. Jamleson and T. I>ough, 8t. Louis; W. N. Bobbins, I)e troit; W. 1.. o Brlen, Baltimore, J. Junes, K n hintor, and R. A. Paine, Richmond, Va., aro stopping at the Metro polltan Hotel. Thomas F. Conway, the member of Congress from the ni w Mate of K&ksas, was born in Charleston, S. C., and is now only about thirty >cars of ago. p]i.> resided In Charleston until he ? as about fourteen, when the death of his father called the removal of the family to Balli n uie. lie s rve l hut time at the priming bukineps, and while < ugagul a# a tourney man printer originated the or ganization ol the Nutn.tia! r> |s graphical I uion. Before he attained his majority a aeries o< essays tromhispen in h new - paper at Anim|xilis attracted much attention, j and intiodui i d him to tin' n?tloo of prominent democrat* ic politicians, whose %-i< \vb he s'.staiuei. lie studied law aim was .idinittiil to the liar, und lor three or four years acted as clerk for tho Common Council of Baltimore He wui.t to Kansas in ts'tober, ls."4, and win elected to the Council of the llrst Territorial l-cgisliture I'mm thy Fort Rile} district, but resigned when In' found that th ? elec ttoiis I "id l>wD coiiti oiled by people from Missouri, Instead ol roidents of Kan-as. He took an activo part ui tho organUation of tho free State party, and was olectodaa Chief Justice of tin- Supreme Jourt under tho Topeka constitution. While at l."a\enwuith in Aprl. lHOti, he was veiled by a mob and driven from the Territory. He was choeeti President of the Iie?vouwocth < institutional (invention in 1S?i8. elected reprt sentative to Ctmgrcas in November, lR6l?, under the Wyandot coa titutioa, with which the Mute has just been admitted to tho Union. Capt. Kingsbury, United 8tae(a Army, 1?. M. Barry, United Mate? Navy Hon. Abram Wakeman, of New York, are in Washington. Hr J. W. Qordua, Preiident of the Royal Ssottish Aiademy, lias Just been honored by her M^iesty s MtuniiaoB to attend at Win isor Castle for tho purpose of put ting a )K>rtrait of the Prinee ot Walog. During the visit of the Prim e to this country Mr. John Phillips, of this city, another eminent S oh h urtUt, received an order from the low it OdiimU of Cliiton, Canada, to paint a pjr trait of his Ro>aI Highness, but from some misundcr standlng at to time the order was not executed. Dttnait of (be Colored Inbwbltants of llontoil. [From the Boston traveller, Jan. 31.] We glre. In the table below, the number of colored persons in the several wards of this city, and at the city institutions, as shown by the United .States census ot lMSo, also the number of colore! fatniliea, including all thoso where oiie of the heads of the family are colored. 'I he table also shows th" number of cases of amalg tmu tion, in all but one of which tbu liust aud is Colored and the Wilt) white. The exceptional eoople is In ward Seven, where an American seaman bus a colored wife. In but few of the lanulies where the parents are of diflerent color an< there any i htldrtn. It will nlwi be seen that tho nrersgn number of jh rsotis in a family Me very small, and if from the total wcte deducted those domestics living ID white families, tho average to each family would not be much more than throe persons ? WhtiU fiio iif Amnlifn Ward*. N\im'*r. /bmi/isi. mniim. 1 16& 44 0 2 I# IS ? 3 ko ai ? 31 7 A KM 4J> 1,"00 454 JO i 9 a i 3 ? 20 3 _ 1 0 : ? 1 1 1? - 13 * - Al peer Island 12 ? ? H??uUi Boston lnstituiioul... 18 ? ? Tout 2,1148 616 42 Tn lHf>5 the number of colored penems in Boston was '^,21t>,ah4 In lViO 1 osj, sbOITlng a decrease of IBS In M e years, unit ut UurlTSiX ;ri t?'ii >eurs. A DilMlW Of t > itneil p, ,.j , tunc moved to suburban towns during th?? p-i-t !i\i y??is, but it ik . vid' ijt that there is no m<rkod it ureaseol Uie ooloreit ia. s in this city. Tho colored pop; ' or Ne? Wk Is now l?,?mC a Urge f.Uling oil during the p? t ten j< at Kinwl lnt.||,K< , TJ*Bx.m,hi i k-II I Stat..Itw ,t dl require be tween t WO and tlir ?? week, to Rllnhrt| ^ for sea. Hie mounts sin Uimy-two f I Mlspted to service ,,, ,|,,? w n i at nnoe fi*m Hie r*'i elvmg slop tihli, wnearly i hull I red n ci ills kave been iuimr drl.l roi any K ? j, | i f,\s?:r Cajiiov ? \ guu hs' j'i.?t lv ? n ' i t at Pitts Iran with a tw? i v?>in< ?> fxsre, whu it *,.? tn. w a Ual. <>% ? ? miles. It I* a.led the '?Unlou. ' TEX HEW UmNIUim. THE RETURN HOME OF MR. LINCOLN. Oar 8prta|fltld torreipowl?me?. Si'KutonKii), Jan. 29,1M1 Fir* Ihraft (f the lna*wral Addrett? Cabinet Negotiation* Bvq endnl? IHnnterettelneu <Jf the Herald'l Correipon dent?The Indifcrrtunu of Expectant* Wiwlctome Ad tiit?A Tnpinto the ' oun/rv?J'ertunal,<tc The Prt*>id. ut elect has eutered upon the discharge of ft duty next tii importance to the construction of his Cabi uet, vis: the preparation of Lis inaugural address. Al ready :a?t week i wo or three days were devoted to this delicate and difficult ta?k, and It la understood that duniin the lemalbder of Mr. lincoln's stay io this place bti> time will be principally absorbed in it. The material for this poi teutous undertaking was being assidu ously collected ever since the beginning of the present mouth Historical and other researches were made with great diligence, and a basis being thereby gained, the erection of Lhe argu mentative structure can now be completed in a compa ratively short period. The ground from which the issues of the day will be viewed is already marked off. Aba -Tact rights are ready to bo asserted and wrongs to be pointed out; but the remedies to be recommended have not been determined upon, in view of the rapidity of events and the consequt nt dangers In the aspect of public affairs. As to the party merit of the Inaugural address, I ven ture to predict that the straight oit republicans will have to ilnd but little fault with it. There can be no doubt that, unless the present opinions of the President elect undergo a radical transmutation within the next four weeks, Us tenor will bo in strict conformity to the doctriue.i of the Chicago platform. Only a first draft of the message will be made here, ingestions of modifications are expected to be rocoivod on the Journey to and in Washington, and the linishing touch will probably not be applied until a very few days before lhe inauguration. Cabinet negotiation* have been altogether susponded for the time being, owing to the commencement of the message. It is ev idontly the Intention of the President el. ct to postpone the completion of the Cabinet until ufur liiw advent in the federal capital. A somi-ofllcial hint to th'R tflect, indeed, has been given out. Inpursu. ance of it, the hostilities betweon tho partisans of the dillerc tit aspirsnts have been interrupted, lhe Judd and ant| judd men have both lowered their arms and lean on then shields, quietly waiting lor an opportunity of mak ing another assault previous to lhe 11th proximo, lhe r. tinners of ?miih have altogether retired from tho Held, but a 1l w faint * florin are still making by tho backors of Colfax Even Cameron stems to be willtrg to wait the final decision of Ins claims to the Cabinet with foldod uruin Altogether, tho newspaper reading public may confidently expect a total subsidence for the tioxt fort night of lhe countless rumors bearing ui>ou the Cabinot making of the great rnilsplltter. Kor this welcome relief the President elect is certainly indebted to a great extent to the disinterested vigor with which tho IUkalu'scorrespondent has labored duringthe last lew days towards tho dispersion of tho hungry, howling crowd of solicitors for thomselves aud friends, tbat hive plagued Abraham so remorselessly those many weeks. It is true Abraham's gain will prove his own lies, the Impudence of place seekers having furnished almost exclusively his sto< k in trade since the holidays | Hut our bnmane instincts of the pitiful sight of Abra Iham's did not allow us to act otherwise. ' Although the number of distinguished bores from . abroad has been for some days growing refreshingly less, the influx of written supplications for executivo favors is null as voluminous as ever, Boskets full of petitions and recommendations coutinue to ar I rive with overy mail, much to the chagrin of Mr Lincoln's private Secretary, upon whoso shoulders the main burden of this overwhelming Presidential cor re*pon?Wnce rests. Nor is tho number ol tho applications ihi ir worBt feature?their size is noarly always equally objectionable. Iiocumcuts covering from twenty to thiity ?nd more pages, setting forth the claims and merits or tho several expectants, are frequently re ceived. Some foo's even went s? far as to enclose essays en the duty and destiny of tho republican party and the r< publican administration. To all such indUsreet in dividuals I wish to say again tbat neither Mr. Nicolay nor Mr Lincoln are equal to tho task of opening, reading aud answe rlig a hundred or so letters every day, and that htPCO I heir epistles run the ignominious risk of being transferred to the |>apor basket unnoticed. If they are determined on being heard, let th?m get their papers leariy and station themselves at some convenient point along the route selectod by Mr. Lincoln for his journey to Washington. A box for the reception or their applications will doubtless be attached to the I residential tram. But by all means let them abstain from addressing anything to Mr. Lincoln previous to his emlaikation fcr the Esst. It will do no good, and may do a good oeal of harm. Mr. Lincoln intends to start tomorrow morning upon a two days'excuision to Charleston, I ho county seat of Coles county, in the southern part of this State. Ho pro poses to pay a short .visit to bis aged stopmothor, who lesldes ut the point mentioned, and expressed a strong wish to see him before he left Spilngfleld for Washing. ton. The strictest privacj bolng desired by Mr. Lincoln, no reportot ial shadows will follow him. AmoLg iho lute.-t hotel arrivals are A. L. Mansom, D* vid Haidss, W. \V. CoWrs. all <>r Cincinnati; D. V. llennett aud W L. Patten, New Yoik, and <ieo. C. Carbloman and I N. Mardfehum, of Kentucky. SriUNonKLD, Jan. 29. 1861. Authoritative Contradiction?lhe Petition ofthel'rrtuient A7>*t on the Compromise Question Again?Ike Dark Sittr of being /'resident?lhe i'trteevtitm* of rtire S>rkrr*? Hinting I'lwn? Additional in Nr/erence to the Journ^ to H'?uhingtm?Jtmntr* for Odfax?J'ersona1,4c. This morning's Journal has the following leaded notlco at tho head of Its Urst column ? MK. LINCOLN ON COMPROMISES. At a late hour lust night wo received the following tele crapbic item ? . . It s now certain that private letters have been receiv ed from Mr. Lincoln urging his friends to conciliation and compromise, aud It is stated that bo indicates the border Minted resolutions as a reasonable basis of adjustment. As eiiranceaare given that this information is reliablo. \s soon after the electoral vote shall be counted In the pre^y^eol Congress, on the second Wednesday in February, Be will acquaint the public with his views on the pending crisis. He heretofore has not felt it proper, In advance of official information of the declaration of his election,.for him to take a pr niin> nt part in the dire, tion of |K>ltttcal alUir* We of course, have had no opportunity to converse with Mr. Lincoln, but such L* <>ur knowl<>dge of his vkws and feelings that we have no hesitation iu declaring that Mr Lincoln has committed himseir t>> no c mptomise whatever, and that th" whole thing Is a canard of the first water. ll? has steadily refused to Mcede to tho demand of those who insisted upon but giving his inaugural iu advance. Tbo country may n*t awuifcd th% in Abraham Lincoln they have a republican who will give them a republican adininuiti alloc. Mr. Lincoln U not commit tod to tho border States compromise nor to any other lie stands immovably "0 tho Chicago platform, and bo will neither acquiesce in nor counsel his friends to acquiesco in any < ?inpromUK> thst surrenders one iota of It. The above is ?o decidedly and rorcibly to the point that It wlU probably set at rest, until the delivery or Mr. Lincoln's inaugural address, all the idle and totally un founded gossip that lias been floating through b.tta the Fast aud West In connection with a supposed willingness or tho President elect to renounce part or the principles, the prevalence oT which secured hit election to the chief magistracy of th country, lie stands now where ho stood on tho d*y bis election. He has neither advanced nor retreated a solitary inch, and tho public mind might as well bo made to realize this incontrovortiblo fact by those who claim to Influence It. The proMurofof place seeker* from both at home and abroad continue* unabated, although the 1'reeident elect t? not much lesi disposed to allow the abaorpti m ot lila now ao valuable limo by their Hellish, provoking importunities. Hut neither hi* coolaeaa nor his *nK?r, nor the various devices he haa resorted to within the IxHt fortnight to keep tho expectants at a safe dlnance, have altogether relieved lilm from this worst of Presi dettlial tribulations. The common herd of eollcltanM oT second ches paat offices, consulshipe, clerkships, It , kc., Is got rid of easily enough . Hut a certain cl is* of visiters to the Presllent elect have been coming here (or the last two months that are not to bo baffled la tliii at tempt U> escrow* upon Mr. I.incoln's time and good will. They are the "distinguished men" thit make thetr ad rent In Springfield for the ostensible purpose of gi\lug their diiinterc sted but unaollctle 1 advice In Vag ird to ap polntinetits to the Cabinet and other leading pvltkMH, and tlM> jsillny of the incoming administration. TIu'k volut t??r counsellors appear to think th it their pair lot i motives glv-e the n a perfect title to the attention of Mr. I.incoln during tholr respective wuys In SprmglH l The> ai I first endeavor to hunt him up and beaiege h ra In his iloan town office. If unsuccessful there, they wi.l rail at his private r< sidonco, ana If admi <"on to tbo 1're ?iilenUol pre, ence be denied toll.em upon the drat app I ? Uin ti ?) iiKver fafl t# make A aocotd, Iklfi, Are., \c , if ? , vntkl tbatr wish"- ar, nnl-nt '*4 n$ gratified by tbe object of their obtruslvenosg. Nor arc they hardly over aallstied with the privilege Of one interview They either exact an invitation to call again by conversational tactic* or persuade Mr Lincoln to return their call at their hotels, whero, ouco got hold of, ho U seldom able to cut hiinsnir loose with out the loss of several haunt' time. It is true Mr. coin's iucxhauelible good naturedness is mostly at fault in this. But then eiinmou decency should teach tha visiting bores of distinction not to tuipr ave this excusable shortcoming. Abraham known tliat there is no safety lor him from this infliction, either in liis otlic ? or his house, and henco he has been looking out for other placos of retreat, to which the irrepressible impudouCJ or distinguished strangers would not follow lilin. Knowing his present anxiety for privacy I would certainly not reveal tb"in, but that the prelude of the Presidential drama, that is, his sojourn in Springfield, Is so noar its end. One of his so crot haunts is thestudio of Mr. T. I) Jones, the Cincinnati sculptor, whither he repairs now almost ovory morning, not for sittings, but to open and read his morning mail. The other is the sanctum of the Journal oiUoe, where ho also spends many u quiet hour. J. T. Williams, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, whose princi pal stock iu trade seems to consist in tho fact that lie sent the first telegruphic despatch announcing the triumph of tbe republican Slate and electoral ticket in Indiana to Mr. J.incoln, and Mr. Mitchell, member of Congress elect, are here urging Colfax's claims. Could any advice reach them, 1 would tell them to pack up their traps and go home'. They can do no good, but a good deal of barm, to the cause they represent at this stage of affairs. Messrs. .lohu T. 1 >ow ling and M. M. Truman, of your city, arrived last night. Snu.tonmj), IU., Feb. 1,1H61. Mr Lincoln returned home this morning after visiting bis step mother, and the grave of hid father at Charles ton. He held a public rcceptlon in the town hill at Charleston, attended by hundreds of people. Being called upon to make a speech, ho stated that the time for a public definition of the policy of his administration had not come, and that ho could but express his gratification at seeing so many of his friends and give them a hearty greeting. Most of those in attendance then shook hands with him and dispersed, amidst enthusiastic < heeriug. On his way here he met a deputation from Cincinnati oa their way toSpringOeld to tender linn the hospitalities of the city. The invitation was accepted, and tho tirno of the visit fixed for the 13th inst. A bronze medal, with the head of Henry Clay, lias been 6ent by Daniel I'lmann to Mr. Lincoln, with a letter stating the gift was intended for the first President that represented the views of the great whig leader. Mr. l..ucolu expressed himself to a visiter yesterday, that if Pennsylvania be representod in tho Cabinet it will be by Cameron and no one else. J. a. Nuncs, of Sail Francisco, had a protracted privato Interview w ith Mr. Lincoln to day, lie is anxious to seo California represented in the Cabinet. Tho appointment of a member from tbe Pacific coast is looked upon horo as veiy probable. No communication lias passed between Mr. l.tccoLu and Coloucl Fremont since tho latter h arrival in the East. The report that General Scott has detailed Colonel Sum ner and Major Hunter to accompany Mr. Lincoln to Wash ington is bused upon a misapprehension, ouiy a few per sonal friends w ill compose his cortrge. 9 THE REVOLUTION IN CANADA. Resistance to the Tyranny of Britlsli Courts. fFrom tho Toronto Leader, Jau. 31.J THE ANDERSON C VSE IN ENGLAND?EXTRAORDINARY PROCEDURE. The untie of a <? it <f haIras cor}>ut in the ease of Ander son. bv the KnghtK ' ? > I of Queen'* Htnch ha< fallen lilt a U-ufohrll upimihw -ttunvvity. There was an unwilling n< ss to credit tin- tc'.rgraphiC account; but the arrival of the detailed report** the two yesterday set all doubt at rift Prcbuliy no simile r al.emjit has hern mat ft within our day to <naoa h cm tlu, liUnies of a frte people. Cana da, a great self govciiiug community, with a commor clal ton mi ge nioro than twice as largo as that of France, is ccmparod to tho Isle of Jersey and the Isle of Man, neither of which has a population larger than that of Toronto. The precedents quoted are well enough for a crown colony; but it so happens that Camilla possesses a Oourt of Queen's Bench exprissly rested w ith powers co ordinate with those of the Queen's Bench In England; and if Vuit Court can be ignored and *t aside by an imp- rial tribunal, where is the (fuarardff/or our Ubrrtiesf If the jmlvial branch of our ffoit>nmmt may >*e >rmhed uj?tn in his summary manner, who is to ijuaranter the ezcrutive ami le>jiJati<<e functions <f the porcrr.mrnt from inxaiwn? These questions forco themselves upon every mind as tho report of this extra ordinary case is read. The whole proceedings in tho English Oourt of Queen's are of the most extraordinary character. Mr. Chametouzow, Secretary of the Anti Slavery Society, who lias no personal knowledge of the facts, swore that 'John Atidetson. a British subject, domiciled In tho city of Toronto, was Illegally detained In jail oh a prisoner, without having been legally accused ol any crime.'1 Take it all xn all, this must be prmunwed a yntty haul <*ith. A nW^rxon may be a Hritish .'Uh/ect, Out his is the Ji'St time ire have heard 11 alltytd that he u. In anotbci jmrt ol the oath, Mr. Chamerouzow not only sets r.p hir opinion :n opjxisltiou to the Canadian Court of Que-n s Bench, but ho in efUct swears that he is right and they are wrong. Mr. Edwin James, tho counsel on trusted with the case, rested it on the power of the Crown to issue a writ of habeas corpus in any part of ber Ma jesty's piescsjious. There is no doubt that in enunciating this'principle he was correct, but does it therefore folio* that the English Court of Queen's Bench has a right to con stitute itselt the agent of the Crown In the case of Canada:' It Tien At Majesty intt a writ of h*d<jj "rrptu in this part, of her domtnu-ns, does not our cmstuulion guarantee that it iliall br done through one of her Canadian courts t We can understand tho argumeut, as applied, when n Crown colony, w ithout a constitutional government of its own, Is in question. I-et us see how Mr. .lames triil tooori v ;nce the Chief Justice of England that the OunAft of 1861 was to bo treated as a ? plantation.'' "Cana da," sajs the learned counsel for tho AaU-flUVMfj Society. "originally a part of the continent of America, was colonized some few years beiore the anceitsion or James 1; but the first instance he r collected ol a charter being granted by the Crown authorizing emigration pj Canaca was ?!?? nt th 13th of James 1., and it did appear that originally the whole of that portion of America wu calbd 'plauiations.' Call ida belonged to Ijigland Ontll the year 1833, when It was ce.led to Fiance. It was re taken, however, by I!nglaud In 1759." Mr. James is a great authority in history, and, indeed, he may boant of making a discovery that no one ever nnde bei'oro. He baa discovered that Canada was an English colony, gov orned bv an English charter, till the year l&U. Wo con lees we hail always supposed that Canada was n French colony, boih before and alter 1033 We have a li'ueud of its discover} and colonization; we have lists of trench Governors, volumes of ordinances pass-a by FrcuchCouti ? i 't least a hundred and fifty -.oiunies written by Krtncb mifSloniirK s and mart) rs among tho savages of Canada We have accounts of wiua wlih lu diat; and leagues with Indiaus; of monopolies of the fur trade; anu of the fur trade carried on by llc.uscr (n short, we lunciod the history of French Canada, before 10,'ia, which tills so many volumes, was a reality; wo even though that it pofs?-ssed a peculiar intertst But according to Mr. Edwin James, we have been all wrong. Quebec was taken by tbe English in 1029; but It was re stored to the French by the treaty of .St. Germain en I aye in 1032. This learned gentleman also undertakes to instruct us in the historical geography oi li. 'country "Canada," be assures us, was "originally part oftheeontl nentoi America. '' We are awa-e that, at tho date he men tions, 1063, the lower part of the e tun try was terribly di lapidated l>y an earthquake; but we have always h?en in the habit ol supposing that it still adhered to and lormod part of the continent. The point of Mr Jame s blstori al allusion Is that Canada being an Euglisli colony up to 1003?n blunder loo gross lor any schoolboy of seven years, in this country, to commit?the Court of Queeo s 1 tench in Engiuni never forfeitivl the right it then acquir ed of issuing writs of habeas corpus In ttils country. having done with history and historical geogr aphy Mr. James betook himself to l?w. He wont bwk to the reign of Kiibard III.. and cited a rose In which the House of Uirds issued a writ of holms mrjnu nl r'-sfntitUmhim to bring the Ihike of Gloucester from Calais -then treatel as a part of England?to give ovldenje What similarity is there between that case and tne present - Oalali was not a self governing country, having a Court of Queeu'i Item h isissesseil oi co ordinate (lowers with the (amrtof Vi.een's lb'in h in Englund We venture to say th it all the cases ref? rred to by Mr James had as little applies* in n to Canada?that they applied to crown colonics, go vernedfranKhgiand,and not to countries pomeneiof the sovereign (s)vver of administering justice id courts whose jurisdirtion is e<mcurrent with that of the English courts. We iiedeve it will be found that, after t ?? o of Scotland with England, it has been held that writs of Iiabea* ' rp .i<, 1-tMie l !>y tho KaglHti courts, did not lay In Scotland, and wo have a faiut ruoolloctlon that II wan found neccaaary l<> [vifx an act of ftarllameot tom?ot tho caac. Tim dilllculty, In tho caao of Scotland, wan the inwh of that country might not bo the sarin* as thise of filmland. In tho cn*eot Ointda, we know that neither our civil nor our criminal law* are identical with thoae of rnglund In 17H4, tho criminal lawn of Knglind were xii u ."d to Canada, and in 1791 tho b.vly of Kuglmh civil <v, llni In force, waa alao adopted, go far a* I'ppor Cata<.' a concerned. Hut with our couatitntiontl m? chlnery v ? obtained Superior Court* of our own; and when (he. rt of King * Reneh was lirat esuhllahed in (anuria It 1 vl power over all question* tint It* Kngllnh prototype bad. Tho power of tho Crown to latino writs of habeas corpus In Canada Was not altered by that fact, but tho machinery by wblob it was to bo done waa changed. I'riTi gntive lawyers, In opposition to constitutional lawyer*, argue that tho sovereign can ootamand the at tendance or one of her subjects to meet hor in any ot her coiirW; and reference waa made to the "( ana'ln CMe" wh"n thia writ wiw moved for, aa a pre !?</!< i.t in point. Hot bow does her M-^ei'v appea u Ibo "ourtoi ijti' cn'H Henohf Ity 'be ?!r<at Peal; but the great?e?l u>.??! in l.ngland la not tho great seal n*fd In il>i.- r ? i,trj , hoi ar<- we aware l>y what me hi* a writ of hub in qorpiiH trailing from an l-.n^liKh court la to take ellect iii i ni ?da. Mr. Klwin .lumes Ins a schem'- for ntr.eitiii?. tie (i.vernor tieneral of llritl.-b North . m tu a bailill; but he did not a how what roln i kui the Unv. noor (iMioral b t? to the Court of h lurch thut makes him tho jrropor olTlner to i X" ct.te the writ. He Ih not an >ffloer of the > >rt,*>d iei.*it ;>e forced Into that sort "f sarrtca. Hi.I eLpt? ?'ie ortit b? direct d to tho B.uutford jailor, bcw is be to obey itf He If appointed by the Canadian uoviriiuient, and he cur. not M>rve two motors we ' "T il 101 graiAtd thai he would be obliged to refuse to ? cute the writ- Wb?t follow*? hi be to be taken to k lai d and puniSbodr A judgment obtaiued to an Kng couit cannot be executed here. It muat be sued upo ' our courts, before recovery Is |>o?sible. Why bhoald this be if the KngiUb court* bad jurisdiction here? 111 "Canada case" in not at all in poiut. l?rd Murhtun s u tei ci d eleven perwns to banwhmeut to Bermuda, wI u out regular proem or law. aud on their way the v?yi coutuiisin*! them put Into Liverpool, liudiog theint-elv^o w ithin the jurisfliction of the Kuglish courts, they ai) idled fur a w< it of habeas corpus. But Anderson htts uA juiF'ed out of the jurisdiction of tho (anadlan courts It u, ea,v to hi. ho* the d.llleuliy aro^e in the prewut rate ssolf-aoverniig colonies are things of modem date, an?Erglifch judges think tbemselve. bound by prec-v dents tbat occurred four hundred y1-arB ag'., uuder^ to tally diBereiit ttatt ? f thing* Mich dltU"\.I''' ' .^ou stations as Canada have recently otuu?g'<d towards the m ther country. Tho degree of subjection to which th>v are habitually required to submit ^ than foimerly. Ibe finghsh Judges hough they could not recognize the Independent jurisdictioni of the Canadian court* as superseding that or the hngl.sli, b ?hcv foresaw that the interference might creategreat SfllcaltyTlhat their " writ might be treated with co* tempt an an interference with Canadian courts. hat Um \tsted uri-A all theaUrUnUe* of Ismtlalu* executive and judiital; uiul the will hardly now %?mn<ler oneof those ryihU in obctirnce to a writ from an h'noltth couit, which seekt ti usurp a juruduixonthat be i win* tn our own trtf unaU. In sytte nt the universal tympa UinrOjat thU j 4 M ij?i/ //? th\A invasion of frawhi&fS, Ii it laws provide?and in this way we suspect, If done at all, the matter will have to be managed. INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. DISMISSAL OF FOREIGN MINISTERS. DIFFICULTIES OF THE GOVERNMENT. PROBABLE WAR WITH SPAIN, Ac., &?> <kc Our Mexico City Correspondence. Mkxico, Jan. 18, IS61. 7he Entry of Juarez into the Capital?t.nioersal Joy At rest of Mlro Diax?Order* to ShoU all the I1>rgy Chi'jt vhm Taken? H'oman'i Influence?II* Order OounUsr man<t<d?Excitement in Consequent**?Ortega and Jtiaru Luting tvjular Favor?Urdo lining?Dimisxil ?) to reign MmitUrt?Probable War with Spain?The ReUxtwvi With Great. Britain?Mr. Mathewt I'n^aU?lhe Com ing Pruidtntial Etetion?Candidate and their Ohanti? Church Property-The Kenwiontt of the. CUrjy Party Juarez's Cabinet, <Ic., dc. on the 11th infat. President Juarez finally made hii grand entrance into this capita. Tho reception g,ven to tho victorious army on tho 1st was, hy comparison, in significant. President Juarez arrived tho evening before at the village of Guad*lupe Hidalgo. Kirly in the m >rn ing be wiw waited on by a number of his friends, and at 11 o'clock started for thU city by tho railroad. At 12 o'clock the grand procession made its appearance in tho Calle Hanta l.-abel, and turned up -'an Franc,.-co towards the Grand l'lnza. Tho sUeeU al ng the line of march were handsomely decoratod. There were two magniU cent triumphal archrs, and along the whole liao were erected i>olrs, at fhort distances, that were decorated with Hags. Every house was set off with curtains, wrealhs of flowers, dags. Jkc., and tho balconies and even housetops were crowded with anxious sprouters. As for the streets, It was impossible to movo in them at all in the direction of tho pausing crowd or human beings. The civil autho rities, tho clubs, tho army, all passed In the procession. The roception, altogether, was all that the most ardcut admirers of President Juaroz could have wisbod. Tho joy or this population at our deliverance from the rule of our late Insatiable tyrants lius made itself maul rest in an Infinity or ways. The Toreign rosidents or Mexi co have boen esi>ei iaily zealous in mauiri-sting their gratitude to those who have contributed to the grand re sult. Ccn. Ortega has been treated to dinners and balls without end. The French residents wound up the round or attentions on tho 13th lost, by a grand banquet, at which Gen. Ortega. President Juarez, his Cabinet, an l most of the celebrities of the constitutional party .v-irt ed. Everything has been done that could bo done t? show tho gratitude of foreigners. Now for the reality ! of our new rulers in tho capltil. On the 11th It was niado known here that Lsldro Diaz, the chief adviser or Miramoo, had been arrested near Jalapn Miramon, who was in his company, having made a marvellous escape by dusliiug into the woods. Presi dent Juarez, by tho advice ol his Cabinet, sent off an order that Diaz Sbculd be shot. On this .same order, which was communicated to the ilffercnt military coin manders, instructions were given to shoot all the chiefs and leadors of the clergy party so coon as they were properly recognized. This order was publlshod aud gave general satisfaction to the public, although there were many who considered that a mire formal courso ought to be followed. However, as all the world are aware of the criminality of Diaz and the others comproheuded In the order, it was considered that no great harm could come to society by their speedy execution. So an.lira stood when, on the night of tho 14th, the wifeorMira inon made a descent upon tho government, and obtained by tears, prayers and persuasion the reprieve or Diaz unda modification or the general order, by which the chief criminals of the country wore to escape from jus tice and be allowed to g > to foreign lands to upend their ill gotten wealth. No sooeer w?s II knewn that the government had t iken this. step backwards than tho whole city whs alive with excitcment. The clubs Imi their pronged aul noisy sessions; the officers of the army, who had no often soon their fellows butchered without mercy by the clergy chief*, oollected in knots and mattered their dissatisfaction, .md the pfe?s, with almost one voice, came do? n upon tlx' ptml atiimous measuro of tho govern mint. This brought on a crls.s winch culminated ycater day In a general Cabinet row. General Ortega, who had already acccpted the pot of Minister of War, is blamed lor everything. Ilo aspire* to the Presidency, and, Ilk' many ottKrs beiore him, h is niad? a bad bump u(;?iijst the moderaterook l*?\o and activo as he is in tlio Held, he tadly wants experience, and lias been prevailed upon to niniiuu trench' rous element known an the 'moderate jtsrty" in Mexio. As yet we do nut know the result of last night's dfllbsratIons, but it is quite ceitain that Qcncra.' Ortega will be forced to retire from tho Cabinet. The lest-.n he has received may do him good, and 40ubtlem will, lie will have learned, at all events, that a -though he has beeu a grand tnstrum- nt In bringing about the tiiumphof hh party, he cannot pro'ume to trample utidor foot its Uws and principles. Itolh Juat ex and Ortega have fallen in public < stim-ition by tho amnesty measures proponed, an-i Heaor l/T lo Ii is risen In proportion. It is not fair to judge altogether from a popular UK-ling such as exists hero at 'his moment, hut we consider the chances nt pre-enl are iu favor of the election oi I-erCo to the Pmidraef. I'nder date of the 12th passports wor' -tent to tho Sp\n ish Ambassador, the tape's Nuncio, an 1 to the Ministers of Cuatemaia and kcuador. The dismissal of the last three g< ntieiiieti caused little or no excitement, although tho n<wly arrived French Minister protested against the dismissal of the Nuncio. The dismissal of the Spanish Amhnmulor is quite another tiling, and has created an immense furor in the city. The Spaniards have worked th? msolvej Into a desperate heat over this affair, and coo elder war as good as declared. that it may be so. lor if tbore be anything that can avo Mexico from fol lowing her rood to ruin it is a war with Spain. Strurge enough, after th s step was taken, there wm an attempt made to withdraw the passports giveo; but a1 it was made known that Seoor i'anhoco could not slay? now that his pn i ty is lost?the government has cons If ii ntly Mood upon Its dignity in tins rase. A long list of private pers?i.n was proposed for expulsion, but th" retro grade moeomerts oi the government came lust in time to tave there gentlemen the trouble of packing tholr port manteaus. I lay beiore yrsterdaj tho llritiph Minister, who is ft 11 at .lalapa, | ar?' d certain propositions to tho g >vernment, which, If accepted, will firing about me speedy recount lion by Kngland of lite constitutional government. So lar ns I can kern, these propoettMM only refer to the robbery /"Occupation'*) of tho eonducta at Laguna St? on the Dili of r-eptembi r last. Mr Mathew pro poses that th> government shall pay back the Kngluli funds within the term of sixty il ? lavs, that an apologr shall he made lor tin Ir reixure ail.I that liar* i ?!u'l be reprimanded for Mixing at Tumpico ihe iiortion that (letteral l>cgolltdo had surre&dered to the Ilrillsh t'onsul. Hiefo, wo hear, are tho propositions of Mr. M-ithew, which, under the circutnstanws, could not \>a more wild Ihe government, I, i onsi(i?-ring that Mr Mathew is not here, will attempt to gain titno by making other pro pesals, or perhaps may jom! tho British Mlnlsti rhls pa*s porta for impertinence s-nor Ocstnpo, the spirit or tho Cabinet, Is believed to be eapable of any folly. 1 ho meeting of tho presidential electors is called for the third Sunday in A| til next, in thi> capital Affairs have taken such tpi<er shapes slnco the triumph, that <<ne emmet rtek nn oplnn n ss to who will bo tho choioo oi the nation The candidal! s at pre nt are Juarez, Ortega and l.erdo. A lew days ago fill the minces ap jeared in favor i t ortega, and hul three days ago?on the puhlti atixn of the order" for th"> shooting of tho grand rriirn'i ilr of the c untry and for 'ho expulsion of the Ppanlsh Amhv sdor -tho'lide set In favor of .luaie* lordo, who lias kept In Ihe shade, lias profited by tho vacillating nets of the government, and to day stands better than anyone. Tomorrow or the day after wo may have another i hange. Th Mexicans ere a musical jwi pie and are isslly t,it.<n by ti few Jincllng sounds. Th.? man who spe.'kt In st to th' ir fancy will be the one who will cariy ell tic p ip'nar vote SO far the pot TiiDient '\ >s done nothing fnrthei than I have slri id_\ rt 'aied The sa'ee church property havn not yet cotrmi uce?l, althtnigh the enterit g of J'^1 iu Iica liens" and '* diewmct meii's" I* going "u- /hi busl n< ss htiH l.een | i?^. d ever to the cover ment ?tf th ' dis ti n't. Tlie Mm< toe ? i hnnges m 'do In the iaws, w ith Hi1 mnltHarlvu*?'?plai<story ctrcolTS, ?ia*o put Wit i in such e pcelttoii that hul few nga uwiorst*nd how tb.s immense wealth is going to be realized. By decree the government h?e set tb<- products of the sales of convent* to cieel the demands arising from the seizure af the U gvina f*ca conduct*. puebia surrendered to Gen. Zioragoza without resistance, und now acknowledges the constitutional rule. Zuloapa, Vicar 10,1 agardo and Ooboa are in Iquala with aonic two thousand tuna. Zutoaga plays the part of I*e tt dent Forces are to be seni to put thrse foliowb te order Majia is iu the Sierra with near 1,000 meu. l>>zade alandoned Teplc to the constitutional forces and ha* ra ined 10 hlb mountain fastnesses. The Cabinet of the ITesident la, for the present, com posed of the following well known names ?War, Jesus Gonzalez Ortega; Foreign Affairs, Onampo; Interior, Ig naclo oe la Llare; Justice, Ju.m A. de la Fuoule, Finance, iUlcLur (_K:umi>o; Public Woi ks, Joue de Kmiuuau. Our Varrlflrloi Correspondence. L'nitid Status Flit Shh* Powimtax, > At anchor oil' HUcunaos, Jan. 'U, 1M1. ) Xtuif rem Home?A Gloom Over tk* Whole Squadron? KitfjiicUion of Ojfifers?fretiden'.idl Elea um in Mexico? Small pax on B<a>d IXe Cumberland, ifr., <tc. The mall per steamer Tennessee arrived on last Friday. All were anxiously awaiting its arrival, not having had any news since the 20th of December, nearly one month, owing to tho said steamor having missed the trip before this last in consequence of an accident happening to soma part of hor machinery on her last homeward trip to New Orleans. Never, since we havo been In commission, or since I havo been in the service, have I seen the reception of ?'news from home" cast such gloom over each vessel lh the squadron a* this last. Several of our beet officers < rem this and other ships have tendered their resigna tions to our Flag Ofllcor, l'endergrast, and I can't refrata rom mentioning here the name of First Lieutenant Jotus utiodgo, of tins, the tUg ship Powhatan, one of the most rllliunt, efficient und thorough executive ofllcers and irst Lieutenants that graces the pages of our Navy Re ister. All, ollieers and ci ew, deeply regret his approach ng departure and farewell, lor though a strict dlacipuoa rian, commanding and exacting the greatest respect Bid obedience, ho at the same time Is looked up to and liked by those whom It Is his provluce to command. 1 The St. 1/juIs and Sabine have received their Railing orders' for tho states. They will prpbably loave on the last of this month, if not before. pay befjre yesterday (Sunday ,20th), tho election camo ! off in Mexico for the new President. The result is, of ; ccuise. not known. I Iheifag ship thnt If to bo, the Cumberland, has had tlie "yellow" flag Dying from her fore mala ?Uy during ! tLe last two weeks, on account of small pox having I broken out onboard of lit r. lam happy to say that It w *h haukd in some three days ogojail signs of tho diaeaao 1 ave entirely disappeared. The health of the officers aud entire crew of the squadron is good. The weather de ; lightlully pleaiant. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. the expulsion of kokkiun ministkks?arrest 1 OK DIAZ?TliK BAUUNA fciKC'A CONOUCTA, ETC., i Vh< ni tho Mexican Extraordinary, Jan. 12 and 17.] ' Tlie expulsion of Senor I'achecj, Spinish Ambassador; tho Pi pe's Ni;ncio, the Charge de Affairs of Guatemala ; ui.d the Minister of Ecuador, lias been officially an ? nounced. The following is the notillcation parsed to I fcenor Pacheco:? _ btiuKTsKV of Statu ami Forkxgs Rklations, I Mexico, Jon. 12,1861. / I His Fxcollency the Constitutional Piesiaent ad interim cannot Hguil you but as otsor tho enemies of his go vcmnient, lor ihe services you have reudered Id tavor | of tLe rebel usurp* rs who have occupied this City for , the past three years. For this he orders that you depart troui this and tho republic without further delay than may be strictly necessary to piepare and make your As ail other friendly nations, his Excellency the Pre sident respects Spain, but your sojourn in the republic cannot louger continue. The consideration which moves his Excellency to ihis resolution is Ihorefore entirely personal. ? 0CAMI*0. To Sr. I). Francisco pAnreco. Certified to by Be.mto Gomkz Farias, T'nder Secretary. The notes to tho other representatives are couched in pretty much the same lingoage. We hear that jesteroay thi government had under con ? sideration, certain propositions from the British govern ment in relation to the sjieedy recognition of Prosuient Ju.rez. We tiemblo with anxiety, lu the laceof so many lepe.rted inconsistencii s, for the result of their delibera te us on this important matter. The h story of the Uguna Sera condurta is already pretty well known , but a? we have never before referred to the matter it may be as well for us to say, that on the ?ihof Ust S* pU mber, Geu. lJegollado, as commander-ln clntf of tho federal forces in tho Interior, occupied,** rather appropriated, a couducta containing over oue mil lion ol dollars. About $400 000 of this m< aey was recov ered and distributed amongst tho proprietors, and now l rtsiitent Juanz conic* out with tlie following decree providing for the payment of tho balance, with all losses and ilamug's that have accrued. After tho preamble the decree real's:? , . Art. 1. There shall bo specially consigned for the pay ment of the conducfa occupied by the constitutional forces iu September last, as well as for tbe Inoomnidcation of all lessee occasioned by said occupation, the product of the sale of those convents net sold up to day, and which are to be sold according to the liw of 13th Julv . I860. Art. 2 lo facilitate the sale of said edtilcea the obsta cles imposed by eaiu law, which require Ihe division of these propert'es into lots, a>e repealed, although Uie di vision hiay be tnaue when sales are facilitated thereby. ol'Strv ing in tins latter that tho divisioo be natural ai.d in accoidance with tho regulations of the police. Art 3. W hxtsocver dupositi'Hi, made In opposition to tbe provisions of this decree, wheihur commg from any < flicer of the general government or established bv the .-fates, shall be null and of no value or effect; and the au thor ?f such disposition, and those who mly put it inte execution, rhal' at once be suspended from their employ ment and submitted to trial as deserving to suffer the I c unities .mp.seu by tbe laws to dolrauders of the public wealth. our I'uebia correspondent, writing on the 12th, says:? 1 inz. with some others, was made prisoner near Jlco. Miramon, who was In hi* company, escaped by throwiug himself off his horse aud concealing himself in the wiods. lhree hundred Indians have been sent after him. aud, as they are good retrievers, tbo chances are that tbey w ill catch him. A corresp< ndent, writing from .lalapa, under date of the Oth. says?l>lnz was caught near Vtuatcpec on Sunday night?Miramon escaping into tho woods. Marquex is said to tie following in their track, bias is now here. me of tbe influential families id this reactionary place have prevailed upon the prefect, Sr. Gail), to place him iu comfoitable quarters in the cuartol Tho considera tion shown to this prime instigator ol most of the atro cititsi f the clergy faction is certainly not creditable t? the liberal party, who have lost so many of their re |>ecl.ible synipatlnzers through the blood timeliness of thi lr late opi?n< ins Ihe robbery of the British !><g* tlon and other outrages, which have bro ight so much displace up?'n the nation, wore no doubt instigated in a ureat measure I y Diaz, last night the populace wished to lynch Ma/, but were prevented from so doing. It is I tetter that the law snail have its couise, but it is ro .itiind that ihe ends of Justice be accomplished. Mirs mon has doubtless si cored for Oajaca, and wdl uot be essy for a few days to come. lbo following d? s|?ti h, under date of tbe lllh front N'r or l.lave, lo the general in cbi< f of t^p forces of Vera Crux, fully sets forth the course at first adopted by tbo k?>\? in mi m, hut since countermanded:? The supreme government, blindly observing the exist ing laws, lias ordered tliat fno chiefs and leaders of the reaction shall be Judged according to tho last law forcos sinrators;*nd as in this moment It has been made knows that D. Isidro luaz *ud other crlmlnaLs havo been appre l.endirt, y ou will dispose, as well In respect to this tlrst as to all others who may be taken, that ence Identified tbey thall be immediately shot. Those who may not havo the characters of chiefs or leaders, shall be delivered up to tho Judges, in order that they may be proceeded against ai cording to the said law and punished accord ?.ftiy. . . And 1 communii nte this to you th*t you may a t under your greatest responsibility, and w ith the greatest vigor, in the manner indicated, giving account thereof, kc. LLATR. From the south we bear that Zuloaga is play ing the part of President of the republic. It Is reported that he has rccelvi d some new allies in tho district of Cu?rnavaca. Ibis impudent and cowaroly fellow should be prevented frcm causing further trouble. [From the New Orleans Picayune, J?n. 29 ] In aiu ltkm to our Interesting correspondense from \ era Cruz, we have by the Tennessee (lies of Mexicaa aewspapi is Irom that city and the capital as lato as due. Allsirs s| fear to be progressing as before the usurpation ol '/.illoegs All the old journals, the HrrnUlo, Siglo, ftto fei'r and h.jfrcuinlinory, have made their reappearance, and iiOT.e of them during their long suspension appear te have cban|ed inientiment. Ihe . xpuisH n, sa It Is called, of the Spanish Minister, I'spiil Nuncio and Charge d'AfTalies of (iuatamala and Ru cador Is, of course, the subject of extended comments, as also of considerable oxcitement al the capital. Sone tlunk a Spanish war is sure to follow. Rut the more ju dicious think there will bo a general acquiescence In Ihe piM riphtol tbo new government to suspend intercourse with |H'rs<ms, though representatives of foreign gov 'rnmints, who sre (>ersonally or otherwise ohuoxloos f.i (In m?a rif'ht derivable not only from the practice ef all governments, but tl?e law of nations. The Macallan correspondent of the Kit-iwrdinanj writrm that llie French frigate serleuse had seir?d at 3an Tints, a vessel belonging to the government of Sinaloa, and had d( tnandeil the pavment of $10,000, and that the FrenJb li..g sbmild b" saluted by tho ollieers of the port, on ac ount of pome insult otlored to tho consul. No farthoc articulars are given. Tlie c inflfcatiMl church properly of Guanajuato 1ms In en selling out afetwenly nve per cent casii down ana the balance to be paid in bonds of Ihe Intorlor debt with in twelve mouths. Ijarge amounts, however, still re main miaold Hie national f'onjfrfw tn callftd to ji?>t at tta? capital i t the third Ttuailuy of April. IKrotn the New OrlwaM Picayune. Jan. 2!>.i Tlie rutted KUUa mail ateamKbip TrnMMM, Captain firliPf, arrived at tin* port yesterday,moriuii?, direct from Vera Crvi the 33d mat. Hho brings th<< following fr>KWliiror*?Mr*. Hula and ehlld, M"s?rH. [Into, man, \aladtof, ?ya, l^obr. and $2A,100 In MnxJcau The iWaeoiM wax detained at Vora CHx two .lays Wftrr her MNl day of -nilinn by a h'-avy norther. Hi* 1.1'vnge wax itl?o Hunirwliat ?wlay<>d by a ootitinnano* ot th>' "?nine wmila all tht way up Th?? bai k Rapid Waft tb? only Amiga m?r< banton m Ml iln'por? "? Vera i>?i? hhe wak liw'bflg for Ne>? y? r*, ond wa* lo nail < n the let of I ebrtkary. the i->i< >wirw| tbll* >r wni wnowt -<nr.rtflcti>s:?I nitod Slates auvimt-r l.wimtnn, failed State* Ktoamr* I'ocwboatiM, rn.twl Halt* I'rtfta'.e Kilitne, I i,lt< <! ?tat?n frigate Cumberland, l nilo<i PUtc* ? loop. ot. war 81. louto, Brltiah fri^nt.# Viiloroiic, Itrltlxti gunboat JM|WT, .Vteneli Img Merottr* till*. ?M vo*els, 'II fatted Hull'* fripitps s.iblnei?nd fhimbcrtnnA w'rt nb > t I' uv'ng for 1> >mo, but for what port la ?,ot mo?, i li ned I'y ?111" nrrlv:il ?,? hivo ndvicw frfmi the city oC Mr .u u to tbe 11".)i

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