Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1861 Page 2
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ADDITIONAL BY THE KEDAR niE cotton rRuairi* emlaid. the BOAAPAKTK WILL CASE, llfif JtC#t fcC# Tbo latont*'^ of tli<* hour At wilicb ihoKeitor arrived on Monday i*<ght ptevcnie?i Q0 from givifc# a full report of bor Li wb yestetcJay morning Tho additional dot uU win h wt> publieh tb.s morning will be f^uu I int?ret-tlng. The Otrmam Jvu-nai of Frankfort mates thai in Venctla and tbe TmoJ opitattcn w iti'.-reMUJg, R id that In coum queLOi order* have bum givea to tbe e ia Veaetia, ft.iithcru Tj 10I. and Fiioul, to exercise a wwt careful hu> -illjircd or. r all a tractor*. In nil parts, tbe Journal add' e>?>* to the at my, openly tall 11^ ?u I be men to din ri, are tu ctrcu'ation. The Mrfhttdanrf /telflr bUuh that a i.ew proposition lia. b. i n m-tde from Paris to tbo (fleet lb it the Syrian coinniiw-ii.n (bail meet in that capital b f"ro the l&th of February, to consider the cootlnnnuce of "h-} French oc Mi|>h.i?c Tbe Kni>6ror, while declaring hi naoif ready to Hubuiit to the decision of Europe, reltca much upon tbe lullucnoe of dtMu*&i< ti to iniuioc the llritifth Cabinet not to initial upon tbe reca'l of the French expeditionary COfpn Tin- Welled y, from Melbourne on the 4th No\ ember, arrived in I hn.ou'.ti Chanul on the 22d, m rout* for Lon don Hie bri ifiH 1UJ.GOO ounces of gold, sho landed ob v.'ti ugtm. A great robbery haa been committed on !?< ard. THE COTTON FRIGHT IN ENQUND. VIKVS OF THE ENGLISH PRESS ON THE COl'ION QUEtitlOS. [Fron. tb I omton I urn-a .Ian. 22 | There in >.ot an hour to be lost in providing against tli k i i tin ndooa uiiDgirr. lo put ilio cas<> in tbo mildest tin it, thi ee-fourlba t't .>ur cult on supply has become un certain, oni tLir ? ol our unite u in Jeopardy af t the run.iiiga ol ooe-alxth of our population may be rendered nr. I m Ii.t a An- u< t U1HM31 itcls enough t > so' up ni work wii|< n win'? Not t> doubt exists About the r? sources at ow command t tun can be gro*n almost as om Dini 1} ah wlit-nl. 11m bi -it Si oils Hud the beet 3'aples 'ire n. w wi b until i Moo-1, "i d th- proper me b id o? c'caniug tiinl packing c<o be i MSily taught. The rest is tlio woric or n \ ear i r two. tin publication of our last remat Up ou itiifc; it ifct *i Inn o. ? ?vel a communication Irom one tit (lie soeletk-s interest! d m Africau civiiizmioo. inform ii ,.H ibat tb' in' g.esb ?l cotton cultivation at ??? kuia hk miuulu in uuuibeut caily '.r 1,8 torniiuli tlie begiuuiuf'8 of ?ven Anieri.-iin enterprise. In .bai oti.i un \*oi ah P1 odnctive region sent Hboi-i ti. I' a bale ol cotton I.. England If 18oi> thta mo d'Ct'ti turn been ?uct ?? 1 bom and in 1860 it actually amounted to 'J < 00 balw. We .ire ii-mmi I bat tlie <j.mmci conn e?Mlv g.t * O""" euongh for ';011' mil,pti n III nil l,?ec.ii-hiro, an l we are a?ko 1 wn ..tnor Uh ii tioduct oil' i skilloU II jroes from the I u'tdl States would not mi ii give us a new Charleston on the African CO a*./ Irom tlie ofl.rsi.i" tin simo If iu lSf?7 Jndm < i-uld wnd us. .<? sb? <ti*'. ???"i'.O'NI bako, . J fair enoi k'? W> p'ei-uun that, unuor the pressure and w.'n the encouragement ol ti btmng demand the coul t raise I,or Mipplns l' I i.'iO.otiO bides?nearly lialf ol our ?,tuecuite wan *. then, again, there 1" Austrilii uctua !v uiquirii p lor a Maple article ol produce, -ml <!? Bitouc Ol nethirife bi-ttsr thiin 10 bo set r t'.on grow-in? for JOrglaiel He oo uit dbi-emblo tin particular dnHailty ol tin c .so. We have rt peatedly observed, and we ac ki owledge out e more, tbat America has e<?t t'i9 rail ol I be market. It t- ne: that iier t ivantagee iniht n-t be ouuuiU;tl ui iL*. by rL^st of Aiistr?ilia or In'Ua, bui rre <%nt i-lio <rbJn>K aii tliefiiCilitieH of or^untr-itrm ana Itart/c w'jicli would bave to be creited oHewberi" jhe creation would be pertectly practicable, but it ha* still to l.-> in eoft'i't ?1j?h1. tind in tbe rauaiitime tbore if tae old e-u.l i 'md mm, witb IU capital, its connection*, an l till tiu.i tiuikM bur in n> proOthble, yet undamaged. Nobo iv ? HI. bi, however, that tlie s-curity will tart a month toLc r nd, bisi-ies th?t. our national InlorusUt call itn uratn'. ly tor iu w supo'te* U ts worth reflecting mat I it thi' .iti icuiture ol tli? t-lave dilates should be rttinei ] tbire will be ft trade of ,t?) a year to be picked up by some other couutt lea. fVrom the Ixindoii Poet, .lan 21.] I'riiiuid is uow tlireclouea with a griat diui^er iu two firnue the ou'j inimedia'e, tb' othir not very distant, (1*11 UMt 4v>n<<r amtrrns net im'y the tn^ietwl prntfierxly, but U,? rrrv tsmhnee >f toinf.K^y l'f the uni'/oHm 'I he lb si lorni ir that, in the cuating state *( -bu BH in tbe t^'ithern Htutf* oi Norili Vtnerlca, civil var or i e. vile iniurrectioii may pie vent the cotton crop bo.tic sown .n March or (raihued in Sepiomber. Tlie He. Ot d If. that an so. n a* th-South-in confederacy ba! ?onsoUiiated Itself It rn*y revive the ?.la\o trade, and the el", throw d-Wculties tn tbe way of our churning cotton in-m Has before, llpl imaey, by tact, limine* and I'ttii -i^ee, may <lo sotcething iu tbo matter, but eotn lui-ivtu'. a. <.(??<} ?..n do ?? Ileal r?wr?. uud it is upon It tUht we rely lor relieving us of Uie disgrace ol d:'l*?M'etie upon J.ot only a slaveholdbK, but a slave liiiportitig ciiutiy for our supply of a Ohro nsoMeniial 10 us as tbe btowi r <at. l/>t us now consider our prospei ts of dom>; so, .nd bow it sLjiiM be done I p to ibi. ih r?/'< of tho Intil.n mutiny tbo proportlou of <.iir c"tion supply coniiutf from ibe Cui?'..l Slates, aa i<npari i W'tb our t ?tal cansnmptioo, was in coiirse ol u p m diminution. Without troubling our icaiow with lets arravl of l|uni. we mny ?iy thai the proporti m of An ? r. -ati eoit 'u t< the whole supjOy w.ia, in Xii *, si tier ci ni. in inftf, |*r cent, in lti6, also 7t? por cent, and in lbo". 6i I*i CHI, tb'3 great fjl! having *ris?-:. uounly i rou, thi lio-t 1tiHi* s ii-plT having r?fi bed its maximum 11 '?:fii> 000 <ss) >: pounds, nav in# been ISO in tho pre visits iraraia. 14ft the jeur iK-fore lu tho next yoac, bow iver,tb> elficts of tbe mutiny were f it?. fall to U2, a;in tb.* Amcr.c.n jx?r centngs ruse to 80 but in lH.ri9 in?ltid;?n supply rose to 1H2, and the Anieriem |sr ;.u?ge fe.l to 78. Of the int.male actiuu of tho Kisl I. : <h-, th" ongmsl heme or cotton, in freeing us fn-m in i. ouni'ce up n the .-outbern Males, the.e i ui b.- l.tilo d>4ibi b'.t It will bo slow tiiei Mwui, and wo waiit an''M'. ? :e^u:u-d Irom au :mmli.ent laiuc r. How to i t |1 we Riual i oowoer the b iblts of the plant the lo col t o w it grows, anil the period wlUilu w hich il caii b? * laiei trt h brcifh'. under c.iilllvs''0n in ths ( uitel Halt;, will yield on an average in iu I.OUO to I .J* 0 potMd.4 t*' i-cn <?! cotton, with tlie seed, whun will jliM of ucai' ctt'>n from to : 0<J pounds. la tho old suta* tbe piuouce H not more than '.all this tyi'milty i?ne tttlo bodied laoorer Is sutli. ltnt f r e? h sl^ht aeres oT t?i,d II ..e lrt. n n the lighter pirts of the w.Th by tin .1 ana ifliui and ib? young p.-. .pie who belong lothr-e lamllKs tlie whole will at toe s?ni" time be able to culti vate fr' ni B\e to eight sci-eof provision g'o ;nd i"r tl>. .r own support t'apt.un Basil Hall iias given d.'Uils Ol s plantation where SCO seri s weie under eottou cuiti i, ard en wb eh the ?nitw number of negr e^wi 1K. t'?i these JH were children under 14. an I f>ur were wholly ?v nn?nueM>d, ot .ue c tuiloiug 70 only wete eiieU! red full li.nds, 18 were 'ibroe-inurter l.i.n't* eleven " Lali lnuns," and four "quarter bei.detlie abole beug equal t > Uitt eeven and ? half able I o i.ti brers. Ihn. projurtion of libunrs is Bte.te. than ibst 'irst s'uie. ,ot "lie a hie boJte.l laborer to eigbi acres,? bb h i sis however upon very respocuh'.o authority. Ibe ana of laud etnpoyi.i in the I ui'e.1 bintiS' icluMvely in the culture ol eoaoo pmounts ta from tb'ie to four million acres, sn l our whole supply doe* n?4 reqelre more tbsn nl*; one en tlflh more'.hiu the ares ol tbe ir-'and ef Mc:ly alone, where it ts mi. e'M fulii cultivated Hut tb-. !acl L% thit though thoS .uih eru Mate*, of N"iiU Amirii a lisve vtrt ially sitn-if t a iuh Dtcolv. celt on will grow over nn enormojs exteut ol ibe .-iii th s .1 urtaie where it is not at pi??t grown 'ibe eoniiueror* ol M'.-jst" . (ouad eoiton < luvhe tbore; it Is uow laigety cultivated on th const of l'< ru; it cine ri frein llri.rll, and we c-nn'iutttv li"?r oc th^ prol .c ug power ot tioiitb Africa,Ui 'ai' 'ndfawlti beforevory k)i? be its niightj m 'bt<r. In the soventi entli ooni'ir> tat too wo< I wss to .. gbi from the 1 evaut itu l mo'ie.i'itctnre.l at Maneh?su>* the Saracens eilti?at"l it lu S'- ily, ml tb?- MotnS tn tpail' In lksf?r 1M7, Which Wfl ael"et, be<H"t' K was th" >e*r in wnl. h lii 'i? nriai nairly np nroatbedbiii natural cspabthtie , we isi. ortol, In roMid nunifere, ?MW0.00# i*ninds tpno tb" l*nlt 1 Mat ?, 2?itgOob(i p".iu?ls fr tn tnilw, W.OUO Uti pumd.' l> m Bra*' irt> '^lO.OCO poundn from Hi" Miollb-rrtuoaii, 1 n'vi two pio-idi rroiu tbe Bellhh We t Indies and H.OUO.OOO iiounda frem other co'iiuriee. It is hesrever to tho r ?.t t-.n ptoducttl p-werof the MadHerra*e?'i tl.%1 we i.u.M ?jort < apeetoM/ tfl?ee*attoniwa, luastnuoli *1 it i U"t fr'?ie avaiUbh fcr tho rmergemy which iln?y arVO, a0.; foe which, howev i much we imy di<f?ceel?te .t. w n.uht be piepared H la wwlhaown, grows beet near t>e - a; tr deci it la aaid tbat in America, nt all events, it will n t lloen'.b st any di^Uuce from It, ana tin"t it* ?? :ai?r '? crndna ly d. teracaieti ?< the plant- aie rm.iore . framtli Mdutary acth* ^ the ocean's i-praj, hence itj ??*?*< u. Hout' Carolina, OeiTgli and I lOrida. Now, the aeabo ir I frf the Me'literraueaa mar bo roughly ?i*t' i at 1? mil. s whi. h. na !t ia Imposn-ble to ink* its minute in . n tHti im s. count, Is ptobablr an iinu.. jtateme-tt, ^iad, tHUMTiiiuf It'T Ibo mofiittol tlw?t u Ml <>: uOl> oti*1 . is m leiitli ail round It were to bo app'lod to the c i'll Vat -i H wouMfft* at oac<- a? area of .,py ,ird .,( 6,(MU '?*> acren for that purpsio. Oi oMrw we d" n >' ? *ia ot (o M? U>. Mediterranean girt with sucli s co ton 1 ell ua tbat. but tber? are mil'ir us upon millHns of' tt'-re ivlnn w iisU) now on it* shores which cral l lie called irit ? riMiuetlyo itiergy wef? it known IhH th-iro wa? un reetit tor entton Ir, IC'igland Veen ?"* ' a drooler <b ??(i.ncl.sil to all th" Hrlt'sh e"n uU >n Midttorrarayo. \<uts, 'llrsitln* th.'in to it" ' rfss'.pfrti the dhlef nvti or ih. ir dl ""--rt UMrn:! Hnwe ea* s strong probabil ly ot s eolum t >nlno In ! n/ lal.rt, w? b< lieve a la'ge rop m bt be ra d for tin jiar. There Is Still time In - -litVi. Kt ' tboslve wtini (armors are In the vab> of ^w-it o. it u, ., howi. m Morel., In lines thro-- fe. t.... t two foot a; art In tlm loiea Ihe i iilb .? s.b.* 11 . . or horse plough, "T ^ ? f is eo?4i as tbe tloweiIng . ? u ii i >i t.i n SStMBbw.theenei' f ?????--> w wertpj- l .:i . - T.I Mip ?o the fruit. 'In. eap ?? re. .Me H? Us.y rlpoe, a tedlona prooe*, l-attna tw;? uw:'th , tb?* <>i i-ovmri (ror. .It dwl n?t uplift t? 1. in i.-b mmenWT in "i. pr ? ... n.< l l.uo lie withdrawn frtm olh"r l;'' llsve ine n bote O'intry rr .tr a piln il jfiomMi I'seb n I oat, ?' ?" -- 1 t Tliat thett is 'tr'n ie ' * irgoro ! JT'7 ? .. 1 ' i can no b-npf l?e dmi''tr<|. VIo si .? ?-relf Ir. t U ?? ,H.rll ******* w .'I- t '"nt ' '>n' hIiut our i * ?* to Its O ,4sie with spp^en';""! ' ' ' J ' ? ly u k./.i - ^ - a. lUUaf Xmeri'-jMprudvit miHiom are lUpenJtHl in Ms country/<r tAct'r daifv lirtad. It is true that we now g?t r. tion in consider !e quantities both from India ana fi urn Africa, and in both those quartern tlie production or tbh gieat mticle of commerce is fast increasing, and U likely to Rcreaae. But India wants railroads and Africa vviiiiim capital lor Use oiteonion of cotton cultivation, and until then wants are supplied we moat practically re* luam dependent upon our imiiorta from Uie United States. What uould he the rault if lhr*e Import* ur?v twidmlf cut i ettn laryrly dimimiktd' Such oonllpgeooiea are, lVar, but too probable In the event of a civil war to America. A protracted struggle could liarilly fail to in ?ite the cluveu to insurrection, and in such a cafe the lal>oi of the Held must be abandoned. it behovee us, tliori fore, with siich cveutna ;io? la prospect, to en ?oarage wttao growing to the utmost of our power in f vi'iy other promising quarter, and, above all, through out our own dominions. LOSD JOHM RIDHKLI.'D t.KTTKK TO THK MtNCUKsTKU enamui:r oh commerce. Fokbo* Omti, .lan. 10,ISfll. Pjk?The uncertainty which must neoesxaiily 01.1st us to the eflict that the prtaeot politic*! crisis in the United Statu may have ou the! upply of OoUOm, and tuo d'rioiw results which might onsue if that supply were to fall short, appear to I/ird John Russell to HugR-si th<* expedi ency of making timely Inquiry as to the possibility of ob taining fr< m 01 her qu irtors such an amount of cotton ;m Buy compensate foi any doQcienc;' hi the amount usually obtained iroro the Unite.:States. In compliance with the wish** of the Cotton Association of AlancWter, the utteiitiou of her Majesty'? Consuls was sometime fdnco called to the facilities whiah the countries when in they resided oil'ered for the eiiltivati m of the cotton plant ; and mu?b \aluuhlo information on this point has betn from time to time communicated by the Foreign TVepaitmeut to the Cotton Association; and it has bein made aj7"ar<t>< tfuit. with pntptr rnmurapeiiieilt, a vati mfjily of oitu-n mifiM be prodwd for the Rrituh i? irkd in tnafty plori) twit hi'hertn retortM to fin- that purpue It would seem, too, that, eveu without more thun the o: dluary encouragement to industry offered by the prospect of a Mire small amount of cotton might at once be obtained; aud it occurs to IjOrd John I'.iisfoJl that it would bo of great convenience and ad vantage to the cotton manufacturers of this country, in anticipation of a deficient eupply from the United States, if they could obtain u fair estimate of the amount ot supply which might at once bo procured from other counttles, if it wele thought worth while to seud and fetch it. I/ird John H'lseell, therefore, desiiw to place at th? dit pofal of the cstton manufacturers in this c wiitry tlio services of any of her Mn.esty's Consuls residing in countries which, fiou th' Infoiuatlon now lu the pos Btbfini, (1 the C'tti.n Anocitttoa. Offer I MM of immolate supply, ii it wore ncociwary to have rsoourse to thom. U'i .1 John I'.uFfe!) would no*. in-lv d, thick it right ihat her Majett) s Consuls should be i? il<>?\*???t to incur any ex ptneitufe ??f public money ru tbisui ount, or in My way to plu'ge the government to the collectors or produces oi cotton ttiihm lln ir ili^'i tint the I'ruiioi their lit hoi < would suroiy find a Uritibii market. 4 tut the Consul* iMk ht imtaln what onioastof chiton might b? expected to tie foi thcomiiig iu their respective disti ic.U to moot any siiili!eo lit nidi'd, or what amount might ne brought into the lixal n;ail<et if th.' nativ > deal* 1 j it id .1 ro?ona hie ;.ssaraiiCO of liudlng custom 's for it :it a giveu time. 'the attention of the Coosuls. l.ord .'olin ltiisseti cou c.eirei?, ini>.ht usofi lly le dlre< ted to 111 . :tn well as to ether similar points which ini?iht In- suggested by your association in comnittnicati .a with tho Ueneral (ijtton A.-'so<.'.ition, uno .'lsu with the C'haiulier of Commerce of Liverpool. The practical know ledge popsenscd by ihe members of the rfiveial ?u-?-ociations will enable them at once lojudgt? wh' ther any beneiiclal reai ltt would l^- likely to attend 1 urh an inquiry which i-ord J0I111 Uuseell, if tii\v cluose to acc<pt hut ofl.-r, Is i>ripu.'d to instruct her Majesty'* Conmlsat once t" set on foot. I.ord John H' -.-iel i< uwaie tlit' in mikinp this oili r lie is tb parting i" some tfegreo from the usual practice, but it appeara to hiu lor.'thip ihat the viat amonnt of the intercsta at ?t. k", m t only na regards the manufcturcrs themselves, but as regards al.-o a very large porportion of the hlwr ir.g poputitloa of tbi^ conn try, warrants li'.m in infonn ir.g the pAi tiee who, from their position tike a lead In such lB.iiiers, th?t he is prep.treit and anxious to aflord them all the aaslstanco. more i>irti;u!arly at I he present time, which the ilrpurtmeut under his miiterlutendeace la abie 10 tender. lum,sir, your moat ohedloat Immblo seivaiit. K. HAMUOXD. The Prksu-knt of the Manchester Chamber of Cum mcroa. Latr?t Markri Krports. Saltj-etre?About 1.000 bags Bombay were sol4 by auction ut M2s. a K}t8. a 32? 61 , beiug 6d above pre viou- vulue. Tall"w?Market sfcady at 60-i. a ? >0J 6J., for delivery from January to March 'sa. 6d. from April to June, and 57s. (id. for the last three month*. The Late Post Office Defalcation*. I'KITKD *<TATKrt MSTRU T COl'RT. Hefore Hon. Judtte Belts and a Jury i Pvi 5 ?In 0\c Matter of the Untied Statu rs George \ ami Customs A. Conover.?Jll>i.? was a suit to te?t j the liability of the defendant* a* sureties for I.-?aac V i Fi'wler, lato Postmaster of the city of Now York. The 1 ground* ui>on which they dispute tholr liability arc that j tUe i>oih! wns not perfcrtod, hiu&tnuch as that Mr. Char, lick hud not offered his signature to it as the tbirJ bunds man; tlut the di [lartmoiit at Washington held the bond j In 11 nt t Imperfect ftate. and that tho government were 1 aware, or fclioold have been aware of the fact?thai Mr. 1 Fowler was actually a defaulter at tho time they (the defendant*) were induced to M((n the bond. Fx Ji iljo Roosevelt, United States District Attorney and Mr. I W. Gerard appeared for the government, and Mi -sri-. ("hariea ?'Conor and II. W Kobinron for the do ftudanu. The opening of the case ?(n th > conceited ri^ht of the dvl''tidHidi<, and Mr. O'Oonor proceeded to addref* the jury. lYom lita-tatement it sp|>ears that an action was commerced on a ifpocial e?iuit> i?l<I?? of this court by Ueo. law and Custavua A. Ormover nj?altKt <he Lnitcd states, tor the purpose of pftiuuiiug ttin application of Mrtaia Piin?ip!<'? (flaw nnd noilty in a controversy with tho United states. It i? a n.-e In whidb the jury weto to try, in f.?et, a ?l*im of the I'liited States against tlu-ie gontlenu n, who, nevertheless, are tin- pin mufti In th? presort action th" jury woro to say whether the government can aelzo upon the goods and chattels un 1 property of these gentlemen by ? sum mary dlitrets warrant. therefore the law p*i uiita th?m to c'ino into tbi* court to have it determined whether ur.y debt exists or not. Mr. IwwV. Kowl?r was tor a cumber of year> Postmaster of tiiia eity. In the year lnflo the <ili:;e waa taken out of hia hinds and he wa? do curcd to l? a delinquent, and be went i way to avoid i<r | rest. l"ubl;c oil cers gonerdly gi\e bonds for the faith ful performance of thoir duties. There was a l>ond for I Mr. Fowler, in whicn lavs and ' ouoter wore sureties to I the amount of 47 j.utw, and it is to tvoid the enforcement i of tint In i that they w?re thee before th" jury As to the ?bj?' II >us, Mr. O iVn >r Stat il that Mr. Fowler w.n gp|Miti!t< il IV-dmaster in May, IS.'iJ.and his term of ofllce ! expired in 1?67; hn li on obwlnod an executive appoint uiont, that if, by tha P??? ident. uWii appomtel by tho c p<-ci t i f tho Souate. Th> oonrlrtnation hy th" l*? nate ti? k place in May. l&M. a draft form of the bond wn I r.iwar :-'] to .Mr Fowler from Washington for execution, and ?o frr an Uiat bond wa? evor executed. it was signed , on the y.h of .-H'titemtHir, lhji, md < (Beer wasiw^ i miltej t perform tiic diitlt? c-f one of tlie Lirj?e?t oinecs ; in the o'itu:!ry for ironihs with >ut hi. 'ae given perfect b-xnU for t> > diHoharge of his duties. In Sop (em be? . I"''*1 the bond flgred bj tti'*e twodoferdantu came itto ilo p"r*.?? oaof iho d<'p&rtfnr>nt at Waahington. IL'. prec -o ictt^ un >liy this I ?d ahould not be nforc-d p^ain-t the-? (fesUrtitien are, th? fi*at bind was for I'o.oou, Mid w?w exfiutod by law, Owrcr nnd Mr. i Cliariii k l' ?? fo-m of tin" erond t.en?l was forwarded to Mr. I"?.wli # t? be ?*erute?l t?y three anretie*?:h< re were no naw cmbo iitMi, tot tour smUs f'>r the Miguatuicw w?r?> aft* to 't. Fowler ?pplio-i to f.iw and CVnover, r.d they pr< cr' ded to o*n< utettie lx>nd, beMev'Mg tiiat the third paity war t'<->iga it bofore it wa? delivered, anl ha.i'n f',11 conQttetiee in Mr. I t*lor us a public oiiu ir who, ae lh' y b* ioveJ. had fnttiiied the duties of hla of) " '.thfully. lor "oine f n, p^rlu]>? the ab m r of Mr. CharlU k trotu th?> C'ly, tho 'Mlier idfrnat ir" not ol :aujod. In oont*.| .enc of tho ; rg'-n<> of tlie department at Wsatilngton, the bond wa* ? nt on by Mr. Fow I-r rv,jvrf< ct nno lne<mpieV>, and reriutlno I Iti tb it ktit" in tii(> dopsrttnent Itie llrst intlmitl'in either Mr. I aw or Mr.t on. , t iiad <>f ung de!. ipicnoy <m tho part of Mr. 1 owl r was the ituttilng nt I h" ?t!?tr?-e warrant' Tint e?'t' tlt it. *? ;i defer.e* to tliiiwirutnent, a'nd the qne*ti >n ot fict wli i tlie j.;?y w"tiij tie called uprn tt. 'D-w*t ia, whotli'r .; Maadui;' ?:*c .1 i without .bo signature of ti.e third t If tt^o fnet ti<" that thoji" two >tere^ wire ei \? <! to tb bond *tnrli w i not to !>?? |H?rfoel ?ntil *1 Hi- ? ku.v. .r<K were attach ?l, why, ikon th>n tlie ii<tiuiretit rofni'ned Imp'rf^et. I'm and Ciluivei lid in>l a tUei i th? denreiy of the ho;..I V> ?b" ?oT?rnmei I unt 1 It ia completed, lie luty \ ould lie ea'b ^ i pr,|v in ;ii,(iwrr, ?It>t iti to Mr. I AW ijei lie ii i? to Mr. r. sli^lhit he pjeoutel this i>ond With the ietonte>n T h vlug it d< Itvcred witb oi t n>th.nir forth' r. f his own #< t . nd without ttj* ?d diti n of , iv < ther eo we .ority. \nd fM>?UI?, whether ai any tltno prior to tl.c dlii'.e'ilty of Mr Fow'er, the d?. fen 'aiit' h e! any Wn< wk-.lri or notice that tlie tn^ed kvi b?oii 'lep,i?i et ii, tb. iu|isrfect '?tat" hi wliieh it was. Ami thv, ?iict'oi r at lie tltue lUe^o hnn'l-i wee jut m t' i-1* ? r-: ti?.t iho I'm nfik-e iN-pjrtm. ?it, Mr Fowler triif I di'llm nt Mr ii c. nor referre t toth? bu?ln'-s wo i hit if i- oi i lie r.*t i el to atel the t aiwrt;<>nf hot w*x*t I ? w lor aod tlie ge\a nuient. Mr. lower w.i* retpilred bv '.iw to m..ho I Ih de|?'-ita ? 1th tho AHUo'ant T. eesurer at !? -t o?, i a week, no Unit if the public buaineaa was ri .Jitly e.i(Kt ict?d i'it?'i n the d?|mrtment at M.inhin^, l mi nnd tho Post in Mor of UiV i ity, be eoutd not b<? more ban oBo ee<k in nrrsitf. an l even ikal would >mount to i Ti-.etirii, e. nridrni'l? .ii'I city lik- this. Mr. fi'Conor r r<~d'>d to road tlio f.t'ikj:at!? n between t'.io l"nitf?d i?t?* fastrli t AtMirn and Mr. H W. It.ibiu. on conn el tor il ? il -frcdaiite. an l tho statement of iwcouDt 'etwien i .?aa !< r nod tho 1**1 Othce. (XmiiisoI t(K>u (fnti,ec?d res.Jiag the an wei* to th? interr *.v. torka iiut t" ? Mr l -.elar by < or.imi*'ton In lla>nr . .id wbeh wee 'Ished in the llRn?tn im lu'ed, teiy* .n th? ioturn of lie ? vnuii;(salon frt-io-tlona ? i.i >t the fjiieitama and - <w>^S wer?. mtecl bv the in .o mi. : u y-n I M- t. rarJ, and fully Wg ud bv il ctn Mr. OVonor. it. il. . ii ..| u,r iru'itre'.t. Iud,;e It. tta wii?l ?Tie i ..iii i: t| w i| mctt net I Its lurv unler ft-.i Ou l-' i n ih ia ivotii. It s '11 toll the* tlmt vlw.av r i" i ?.. ?? i '?rv,,e' !?twecti tho parties m iwp^l t ? tl.e '". i. i , j ,i y ni'alit tak Into cm s i r .t ? ii i --i*. t t.i tli. . ? ii it1 uid ni! of tie- ptitW ?igini<ir. d ill- e. na i i - d|.| iot ri fctts ts the ate i ? i ' f ll ? 'eeil, bin * ran m .'A . the t vMcate ,?? iId t>e <.f i.o .v^ll. I Mr 11 ? .r?I I I ! r , y ri.tir 'd wltu the set of , dcllv ' v, .ind wa?n |>*ii t i ' i? trauma I on lb .ind^s inrlher i.ui.tke -i admit tin orldence, ' Io I wlli I tl.e eu |it ? ? II. ? |e,t i<-t AI' irnry, tl:vl II f poll,' tony l?e disc i.'sed at the dnal arnmri'Vl f>i the . <t. Ill !1 tie dilnMyof tht di I, .veort! i< to thn Inlf r.t md f.hl'rt Of tt ir i?uer?. ?S the e , rtoe Of th" FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tu??dat, Feb. #?6 P. M. The following a comparative statement of the exports (exclusive of specie) from New York to foreign porta for tiie week and since January 1:? 1M0. 1881. For the week 128,817 l,y0?06W 2,8W?,?64 Previously reported t "Ufi, 101 6,469,421 10 041,230 Since January 1 .. 4. "40,918 IfiU.MQ 14,48*2,004 The ratio thus keepc up; our exports continuo twicc as heavy as these of last year?our imports being about the same. The leading exports last week were breadstuff), cotton and provisions. We note an export of <86,910 of domestic* to China. The money market is unchanged?rates rule from 7 upwards for paper, and from 5 to 7 for call loans. We hoar of several failures lately arneng the smaller house* engaged in the Southern trade, and quite a number of these houses are reported to have obtained private extensions. Until within a few months every one waa anxious to sell to the Bouth, and on any term*; the result which has oc curred would have ensued, in any event, from the mere overtrading of the past few years. It is hoped that, if any arrangement can be effected at Washington, or if a peaceable separation can take place, a large proportion of the Southern in debtedness may prove good. Muoh, in this regard, must depend npon this year's cotton crop. Thus far, we hear that the preparations of the planters are progressing -atisfactorily. Foreign exchange fell heavily to-day. At the commencement of business 106 a % was about the late for bankers' bills; but as the day advanced the maiket gradually became weaker, and in th* afternoon first class bills were sold at "> a ami mercantile bills of 1be highest class at 4:,4. Rates became very irregular. Home hum-en declftied to sell un der 107, while others followed the market down. 'J lu? unexpected decline ia exchange will strike Europeans ?uost unfavorably, and wi.'l have a tendency to revive the panic which the advices taken out by the three or four last steamers must have allayed. At present prices gold may be pro fitably imported into the United States. The stock market was quite firm to- lay, and yesterday's decline was more than recovered. The news from Virginia was regarded as encouraging for t ]>*- Union; when Virginia 6's were called at the board thi> morning, three hearty cheers were given f?>r the Old Dominion. Private letters from Washington were more hopeful, and in addition to these elements ? f renewed spirit, some outside orders made their appearance, attracted by the re< cut decline. New York Central rose 2 per ci nt; Erie and Hudson River as mush; Ilarlem and Heading, each, 4; guaranteed, 2%; Illinois Cen tral, 4}?: Galena. 2\; Toledo, 3; Rock Island, 3; ltarlington, 2J-?; Pacific Muil, \yv State stocks improved on .he brightened aspect of the political horizon. Tennessee* rose 1%; Missouri*, 1; Vir ginias, l^s; North CaroMiiax, 2. After the board the market was steady; in the afternoon every thing was strong at the quotations of the morning. The market closed firm, the following being the quotations:?United States #'s, 1874, 90% a 92; Virginia G's, 73 a 74%; Tennes-.ecs, 70 a Missouri G'h, Go a ; Canton, 14% a 15; Cumberland Coal preferred, 8 a %; Pacific Mail, 84% a So: New York Central, 78% a 79; Eric, 32 a %; Hudson River, 42} t a 43; Harlem, I514 a do. preferred, "8% a 39; Reading, 42l? a %; Micld I gan Central, 63% a Ci}*; Michigau Southern and Northern Indiana, 14 a %; do. guaranteed, 30% a %; Panama, 111 a 112; Illinois Central,74%a %; Galena and Chicago, 69*^ a 70; Cleveland and To ledo, 32) 4 a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 56}^ a %: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, G9%a 70. have reason to believe that the negotiation conductcd by Mr. Baylor on behalf of the Southern cotton planters?to which we alluded the other day?ha- been so far t-uccessful that It now rests with the plantar* themselves to render it complete ly so. A leading banking home lias cxpres: >d its willingness to undertake the business, in conjunc tion with banks and bankers of the first standing in Europe, and thus, we presume, th9 way is clear for the opening < f a direct trade between the plan tations of the United Stales aud the market, of Europe by Northern ports. We incline to the opinion that the Virginia and Tennessee and the Baltimore and Ohio railroads will soon feel tho benefits of this important movement. The following was the business of the Sub Trcteory to-day: Receipts ?I'or customs *62,32* 00 44 .OUO O) 88,470 77 4,007 ,368 17 Payments llalruicc.. The cxcliun^es at the Hank Clearing House were *22,Wo.I7<; 71, an?l the balance* 91,2fl6,721 22. The following dividends have hern declared:? The Irving lire Insurance Company, a ?emi;.nuual dividend of live per cotil, payable on dmntad; ibe W.vsh irriou Kire Insurance Company, a dividend of the balance i the acwwd lnter??t tor th?- year ending ou the 1st payable* on demand; the Now York Insurance Onupony, a acini anana dividend of Ave j>er rei.t, p*y bio on' demand; I lie Ciijr Kiro Int,urarro Company," a ? Urtdead ol J7 per share, payable on Uie l.uh iuat. The Michigan Southern road earned in Jaunnry: isao iiai, 4M 65 l??t l,n.e?4 ?t Li $7,228 14 The January earning of the Chicago and l!ock Island Railrood w ere an follow* ?>: January. l*?o t7a,M3 laii'uu.., ls?l so 065 InCICArO 910,100 The Chi> ago TrPmnr of Friday evening, Feb. I, my* Th'' ?i ;?ply of IW-tern exchange to day ?#< liberal, *nd the market flat and heavy, wth aiilee on the htreet w* low an 11; n 4 V per cent premium The bank welling rata wa* nominally 6>, per oont; bnt tn<? dennnd who llkbt and lb' Stil'-a at that ngnrc were few. About the there ? however ? better demand on the street, said rateh v*( re a <4?aile lirwer tliau in the early j?rt or ihe day, bnt there were no i-Ikd* of amy ailva ? >- in ratca. Ibe dem.'ind for currency waa light, aa<l tl aup ply good The ?ntina! teport of the South Carolina Tiail rr ad ?-bo?s that th< bnslncr- of the y> *r l?r.O w as as follows: Tli" gross inrrme fl .493,01 3u And 'he ex| ? w a of m <nageraetii .... 7Vr,flu.1 3? leaving 17011)4.100 l?>1uet latep-t, dum-'Sft, Ac !73,::''H i?2 Vnd tlice ' Vft an income of *628 6M OS :-?'v?n |wr cent dividend I07.V.H 00 P< trlu*.. .. f 121,18?1 01 This hIiow a decrease of i',7 In the in come from np ami do?n freight aa compared with lK*.f?, The funded d >?t of the company la ?? follow *: i aat due 1 91,100 00 Payable In J "41 ?'! Vat 04 The report eajitt? The 'iebt >f the conn my < <m*...i.* the Roar ' no f ?> ling of anxiety ir enborrafwn<ui. A, -mall nine??at 'alia due during th<' n it two ?< ?* ?. that whMi v II IW'MU' in 1S4U the lloai d ha. o every re^.^on ?o believe that, aflei paying divldeniLs of uvea percent jx rarnnm. the e'.rpliv that mnat accnmniat" hy ih.,t time, to?' lli wMli a |"*wtion of our asset#, will evily tnii abiiaoantiy provide. Nothirs ir dnrli'ijfrora'ar; to'H, a favorable f'npf>rtti r.tty Will li" ? flerd'd for providing for the sterling debt In a h rn in. < i n? inny bo mgg'st. d by a proper ;?|>precl? tl.-noftle lien'x! '.Dg genend leudne-K relation- nil i li( nniMfi':< f of Ihe lliro * I'ndei (he |ir? nt condition ? f th ngs there !?? r.opre. I nhllity of u es'l b*'irg mnde njrfin the new atiek until littei tne year 1S<W, .vben it nm/ become B'-'e** (y in pi on id.ojk f< r thi det>t <4 W.O. The unruihl met tiiij< of tlie renaaylvani^ 1? i mad was held lit Fhiladel|>hl? yasteiday. liie bueitu i>1 U?? ri a-1 fi r 18f>0 wits as follow < Payable In 1Hii.i, Payable in ts?U. Viunlde In l*?n. IV nbW< in 1S6S 4,14,333 33 l'v'>o? <a) a.noo ooo <h> IS7 000 00 T'.lal ?1,013,993 f:t l'a?S' Bfera t nltr'l Hah* utall .. . 91.406,092 11 7t,.ro4 nt 76,120 00 ,... 4 101,7111 !?7 .. , nT,"v?o 40 The expense# of operating the roa?l wore:? Oxl 01 tooduttwg truispcrUlMHi |i.f3tTiftl ?H M?liw power ylO.iW 32 M?iDt<i tiUC? ot cars. -460 452 41 Mmuwmuce of road. 7S ? lt>3 HI General i Apemes S2.K3I 4t? Total $3 0 8,*!<0 04 Net eari ings of the road .'% 4'iJ 40 lie >iiw ovpr 14W 670 346 '1 Karl' ri. (lirwiou ]5'.i Oil OS jiinUia divhtion v-O iho !?5 Wes.l?ru (JivIsK? i? 00167 Mu-ceilauioua receipt* 7 ,610 *3 H&lanre $50 uoj Incu'K e over 1B*9 '.. 32,5?4 20 MetJ-r*. E. Whltchouse, Hon & Co. have received tie following not.' from the I>e. ur.i'.e t of the In terior in lelatiou t? the Indinii Tru?t h md?? Dkhabtui:?t ok Ivium k f ?? i, i >11 Ckvikmkn?I hav ? to acki.owlf g.i fie receipt of your Iet'. i ?' the 2sth ult., >u ?vbi 'U fll '<> be far ci.-bed wi ha lull oe?><Ylpti?r ol the In-tUi I ist Kuul bom 8 r fitlj abstrnoU-d from till -n.-pirt rout lnc<>tnp'i4i ci wstli tha req.ies. 1 i> ? ewuh o'.olme a Citri H.liy prci i.ied lUii, giviux, iri a diti.tu i<> tho uum btiB 'br dutf <? iaaue, from wl.lcti tlie !vii<?.. of aiy bond iM'arti g a ti .iiiiici iu'k ^kji. i.({ * ah nty .a brtM'?d >b' r? in n>a- be m.ahlau i ? do t-ui uo ?rh-tUc jt ie cUiojen b> ihia gov<i> .i.<nt It may be proi+r <o mid <h*t thid dep.nine it w in p(*w<HtiioL oi ti e eoupoua wii.cb Jti' .lu:i'i v y t 1VU, on the ij.iSfiug bond,., ttr mii'i uat m> <n which ? < piy-t'de ui .isuub. i ;uid tuly, cxoi- nog .m m bimist, ni nibrrcd a? fi Hows ?'.it, 27". 2*4, itol 40?, 3,lit), 6,711, 6,71-9, 4,610, t>.biz PerKJDf, then-fore. *h't am ;t p.. nioo u ?.<y nottdd of the Mate of M i iti, Vr '!? f'.n.i'ui <r iVu-ie:?ee will perceive t) it.vMih tt ? ;.'"?vk >; 'pt.u.a, t' lUu Jai.u:ir> coupoua Itielv .??? (? iUit ?*.l i> the bocrta ?Ue> hold, llioi bo. .j- num. i r ? r.'-jn. .d with lue doHcription and imnibo:n udi ? in- ? . ?uil will n?t i ia n-cd "> ?br gov^rnti '-ot >i' > - .??> no ?' ?> uoor ?itv I el ng ?o h oiflfbicnt cu: or e^ib^or uaiub.rit Very icej.ect.iuli}, jour t o ? nt n. >, Mi ^.K> KKU.V , AiMtug x'cri-Ury. $f.000 Trei 12 po tioic* UOCO 00 ?>(0o Virjiu ia ft'h... |:COO Mi-^ouii C . ... :MK)0 C*lnortii* "'a.. 10 ?< It> 6'h, 't>7 It 000 Ki ii ui bs 20(lO Midi. '2.1 in b fOCOCIiu.S'V. 1 I, l-li' 2MH. liltSpi i C0hl<y HU MMt.' N V. It IJ Ct.Ulb ? (N.l | : ? ' I !0 I'ac Mil.' ,S < ? ..0 326 >!?... M<i N V t '?!. IS it f ^ r too co t :t .? do.... - ? HO ' 100 I.o... II & J MiO Hi'H I;iv i:it fiO tio 100 1 . w ?llfi IO 100 4(JO 'O.. ... 100 ilai n. Rr. ; 400 AO 800 2o0 Road>i.g KK.. 400 Mil hig 'U Ccl; 1'!: f.O (1o do .. .. t 100 Mifh!-'0A;4N . . 614 M So .1' N f.t ! (0 do 400 do - ro fO '!o. ... fit 100 111 Or t i.l-. . f20T,Tr n'rlO, 17(M<)Trr/ f 7000 V if.... 1000 N Ct. Oil: 1G' ., looc n.. 20nOC!itc.V ? ^ '? t t-.i b f-liB Ann 1 v i .. OOPacit.. H. 100 t!\ r>0 ?lo. 2 i0 "limb ' ro k v r 100 6?0 ?260 "O. '10 k . "r i 40')]., , ' . ioo jr?o ? - ? ? w Btv< ? l)jx<'lmu|<

i Ksiiil rob ft. IS61. 4' 0 U? Lil C l'.!l?cri i 74 in... b<0 H d i ... bt? 7 101H >0. 11 I'.:: li"j 64 IOO 10) I J ?AO b A) " 4 7' (j ?< 1 4 SI 'i ? 7 14 J r.<i>i .0 On 77>i l ;i luO 10 2 ii 1(0 Id 1 73 U ?fiO 1i RiO 72 Vj ,'M 71 o v 2)^ ....>10 73 v hi i; . ? 4 i'd i. ? : f'V.; to 6:?x ?i :?,0 , MO ?'X ? "K ..10 31 ...?ID i ., .f t r> ?l , M ir .v ilii (i.i <!?... bl? ?? * >1 i I..V.1 . lo I .0 4 os Mioh Obi ItR 5 t^ f-0 Mif*?i W I <l'.\ 11^ 25 i .i 10 i Kit .114 1 ?. .hi . -i ^ ivll 11 l.lyjorip bCO u 1.0 till 'X/) ?? Co d<>.. -is 7' : i>? 71 h rh. .'vc A: i'o ; * . p,'. 100 '2n0 loo a 1.0 b.'O 'l'i 6!' l( CITY CtJJ.MU i III. I?I r i? 6?c . '*. Am.--* ? Ii ' ?.< M n. ?< . ill; ... Ii? I a'. #(? H ft '? 1 ur -Tb n. ' I wi m- ? .la th* s* i. ?? I in - j. -i ti . 1.1 " -t -.!? n.i t ?V. atj .. ww?d"! -.rd r -?? ' : ? r ?? ,..r r,i> ?. i ' % brv .K Wfr? I'imi niur-'. < I - i p ,i >"( 13.000 hi 0.<-lu^. Willi ui I: . i . ? .. /f < i> i ..?? _ * i|.f ? ? "" |<iU?tr. Vitra ? '? ,? ? t.? ... 5 .0 ?. . '0 S f" ?'? ' v' ? ? 0 Jr- ? ?? :?? C uiB'iu tr ci i'Ce V.'v'hIm a Oil fa 6 ?.i> a 7 'J5 fitted to Btfr 'fiht *rc ? '? a 5 :Ui Mru #?.t to S < r?n? ?' ? .. ... r. 0.' ?? 7 T> < UOKf i v11 b Umily anU bikers' hmndB 7 08 * II 00 Rv o flm > > j 15 Cr>rn ft)( al. .Tr>r>?'y ocl Hr oi lyw-i'io 3 OA * j ?Ui ? -?"? *r. i roltel i!< 5 m '?i ? c ? ii ? i In a' . . ';ih ,i ? i :? i VS,' fiiilTl fr.l r:. Ii ?J-?Qii-.'. .U.1 r ' I" 1,7"o . , < . > .i . .(j v i. r ? < I'..- iu" .. ? i.i <. k jl. Hj* (! i r w*h iiucbs>nwith KUf8 of ISO l-V-a. Oonil > 1 . , ? esst*-.'!?, *:th t ! ? i'. JJ74 bbl.. lit ' V.: i:?'*.maoa (;?' Un ?* * ie t-f. ?? it lh< r n* f'r ? to |:oo<l r, ? i v a ' Mr ? - t ar.d : ;ig d?m .-<* ? . ? u. t . iw-j .-.i-'s. v. Ii 45 far f'-r i ? . t .. r. ? , h . .. (I 85 far c< ?h.?f M for rod W ot i (tfliVBR i. ? ' ? 4. 1 Ii.. l, nnil $1 17 , *? ,'i? t ? a . vu.-:'li I q> .HI jo |, ley t alt ? b: 'I- a -t 11<? bi>U r1twtr?Mw . t ... <.'i n wit hOKT) 01|<: , H ? 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Ooo XI! 000 '? otberf. p. 126.000 2i?oo<> ihoooo 172, tatBl cxporlB..., HO,000 1,281.000 1.742 riOO l^M.OOC Strx k on hB!i I . 012.000 1.040 000 ?i?, KiO <>f wlitrh du. mg tho wn-k, inciade i In tU?al>o\ ? li'-od. at poiM., 110.000 183X00 1C7,<**) 1W.OOO l ip. to'it,1V. 40 000 #1 OCO K2.000 Ki.OOO KraiiCP. 12.000 ft (XX) .'it OCO ?1.<H)0 " clborf p 11 00O 11 TOO 30.000 13,000 ToUl rxporU... ?; ?i00 H, 00 14S OOO 120,000 If. rrtiKP in rfPnipts at th<? |??rt< Jr.<itnp?ri<<l with litBt y .'Br. .Vj? (KK) b?l(-B. iHierm."* in rec?.ipt<s to Gri'*t Krlutn. 114,000 hfll^B; (l<><TfB?o l?i Kruno*\ 44,COO, dorrooic to filler foreign |?>rt?, 8 000. Toti?J di?cro**e In p*port?, ?*)0 (wit*.??? of t.fiOO hagu Kto at He a 13c., and "4<0 mat* .Ibv;i at 10r * Thf following itatomont from tlif rlrnilar of Wm. ^ ott \ rV'n rIv.'b thf> miiTBmcntn ?f tli? rnarKSt, with "'(if-k* fur th? w?fk ending to-day:?Stock of ]!M cofW-e nn thn 3?th January, 1H61, 42,170 t'JgH. Binro to dato, pr Augusta, 6,?00, p>-r 1 ml*. 4 -07 bags. T<>1*1 >3.0*3 big. Halo* and nhlp nifnlB for thn week tMlimnlfdat 4,241 b*^H. Huwk of Kto on tba Stk day of Frbmnry, 1*01, Ix,7i9 b-g?. 4o. Maraoaibo do 4 100 do ? lajpi*yr* do. 174 do.; do. .lura d" uibIB, 10 000; do. do. gCT. b.igB, 700?19,700: fi hnr ? li>?rriptl"PB do OoS bngB. Total bnf and in;ilf, 7;!,071 ?tork of Rk> on band, January 31, at Vow orlcuiH, 6'>,ooO . htgfl Vtbraary 3, Bnlttmoro, 15 MX) do: Vobruaiy 6. ' Sow N oik, 48,7-10 do. Tot ill im.21?. Ho;, mx ? liatca wire Bt.'uly anl engnromi'ntB ra-xlo . nlo. To Mrorpool about .''Ji.OOO bnahotB of corn ind wbMlWWt ?ng?K*l. In bnlk.nt lid., and Bomo whoat. In iMp'a '???*, M llH^i ^ M*nd cotton *t 2 !., Ha.1 1 ,lx o do ?mi*ro b.iloi, at ?,'!, 100 ttorcoB M*t m. I'd ui JOB , MX) l>?rkngi>B lard at :i/?t , ftOO bo*i'B ba . n at .Ifi* oud 200 boxoa chew at 41b. R*t<~i to Ton tinp *nd fil'ingow wore BU-ady. To Havre 700 half* of . tUow wor<> on^ igod at lc por lb. Stx.v -h..iux w -re q'llot and ?alB'< limit" I at 30c for :J'?iii li' rn nhiiT'n loin. (Vwnmm roain wm nominal I'aovi-i -Pork?The ninrket wm v?itli<mt an.mi <:<*!. whii tho nab'* woro cont'nod to alvmt 200 bid* , In tn, ut fj: 87>i for mi ?*, an 1113 for primo. Boat \*i?* t/'a?Iy, wltflo ?*U>* wore light, and rmbmr.nd ISO b'i|? it ^ liar 7ft'or rcpa ki-d Weatara, and OlO.tflO 76 for < *tra. t ut maatu wore Biaady and in f?ir demand, with aalofl AT 190 bblx. at 8\.o. a R'.o. for h.-ira*, and !ic. a ?',0 lor hoaMers. nrea*ed hog* wr? dull nt :1,c for Worttein m4 7 ' ,c. a 7^c. for oil*. Hi ? .n * ib >.?mlnal at Or, ri' o. Urd WU qui.'t :uid lower, witb tics nf tSO bbb ? OJ^c. a lO'iC. Huttor and dhoOSO nor" nV'iwly. Si i.?k? ?'llif i'os canbraoed abO'lt 1,600 hlidB.. in indrd in win li 'vore a. m? a 600 reilulag grades at :?? a S'.c. and 4<p) bbls. Vew Orlennj) wore ?ild by auu I'm al 4So. s #" Toii-f**)?Tbi lioifio trade I-very light, an l anil's for >l?.rt can only be made nt low; an''>s 04 bal*s Ma im p t , 1st caaos seed leaf at 4c. a 18c., an.; 10 do., ?'it , Bt p. t. ? niBBkT.?Tbc msrkM wa? lr"? active, with **l"i f ??f> nl M al 18o. n 18',,'c., and some In commnn bblrf. wds ru i? Mod Bold Kt 17 H'C. Malr* nf Hri*l Kilalo. Rv K. H. ISiUa*. li ,-*o I ? ,1 |. t \o. 2U V><Al 221 Si, near 8 b a v., 2 ai< r st I utile $S,9)0 Hot m.' ! If.i ya. 66 He*'er riM lot with 8 ? *> ' ' ; *?9 SHIPPING NEWS. tuuio m ?* rou-rnii o*t. Mm mil 7 OS j hooii atsta ni iru 4 57 bu* tm 6 iH I uijiu WAikii eve 6 12 fort of W?w Vor?, February H, 1ML ri>;ARf.D Kteamahip Kmnnk (l.o ]<?? Mtwiutier, Nnseau, N'P, awl Ha ??n??K Cuuatd. Memo-bill Vuaker City, Shiifeldt, Havana?llargoua ft Ca M<*n,?Mp Montgomery, bciry, davannab?U i? Cromwell ft Co. fcicuuBMp Jameatuwn, Sklnuer, Norfolk, Ac?Ijtidlam ft Belnekeo ship America, K?l'er. fJverpool?I) ft A KUu^laml A .Suttou ft t o. hliip (il)Jfit iHaO), Terry. IliuatmiK?I. B Ainsinck. bark M Metcalf, Hnowman, Montevideo, fto?U Harony ft Co. Haik Young Ami lira. Colltnn Ellzabethport-Hobert ft Wil liama ... Hi ig Sunny bomb, Unit- y, Cfcl eTowu and tukt?uaahford. Hoi lt< n A ? o hrlg billot (Hr), Faruiibar, Hri-tol?R Marnli. I'rig Innirlali i Hr). PrljrgH, t>ti>illn?Kiliululou Br.*. Hrlg Socratr* (l/an? Heir mert, KioUt?A Weudt ft Co. Hrlg E< ho, Kic*-. I'ort ?u t'rinoe?DeiaAe u Wilson ft t o. lirlg Heatitoe, Itckkn KemedioH?Slmt?>on A tfaybew. Hrig Orinoco, Talbot, Norfolk?Brett, Son A Co. ?chr kiiu-ouio, I'erry, Uithir*t~K I* Buck A Co. trln N Chaw, Hoeue, Martinique?T B (.'bane. ho In W () A In tan lor, rocker, Havana- W W Ruawll. Svbr b C Emu,., l.tiiaiuoud, javunnab?MoCreeuy, Molt ft Co. Schr 11 B W arner, Carrow, Charleston?MeL'roady, Mott ft Co 8chr Mfczyck, Conklln, Newbern?C B IMbblo ft Co. Kclir All'anoe, lrriano, t'lymoutb?T J Ihwnlon ft oon. KcbrJ H Austin, 1'. v 1?*. Philadelphia?J unnd. Moop .1 K V?I|, Vail, New Haven?IJ H darken. 8te Delaware anuou. i Uiladelphuk ARRIVED. H'aainihlp Keyato'-e Mule, Marahman, Savannah, with wlM nod cngei?, w> I h ?? fiiahardwn ft Co, 2d met, paw (d K K Cuyler, ashore on the pimt of the Kjloll; 4ih, at III AM, ?' m Im f1 of Chtrroteague, it'-amahi-i HuoU vilie, bonce 'oi --aval ii..,i. Experienced heavy NE wind* N 1I < ape Hutterr* Kie?uiahip \uguala. (\ Oodhult. Savannah, with mile* and rNM<np?r?. to 1. Ml . bU A duu. 4ih iu.t, II SO AM. of ilgtterai-, algue'Ui'd Mruir.ship Alabama, heooe fnr 4a VKiinHh. 1 lie Auguata baa experienced very head wind* the cntlte pan-age *teem?hip i.oriiHt Poliit, Krcncb, Savanna:', wltli mdae, to H B < r> unveil A Co Mark I? ley (of Hi - ton , Cobb, Koochow, Sept 6, with tea-Ac to Brown Bro* A ?'??> it?npc<! two days at AnJIer, cleared ,'?va Head >uv 4, pui cd (Upo Hope 1'ee IJ, croM-cd tbo Equator Jan 6 In Ion 'S8 W .Inn 21, U( Z'. S, Ion 63 CiL, W. i p'k' achr CalttHrine. I utcbum, 10 dav? from Dora eoki- 'or i iti'i'otlo* ?rl? Alio I'-anklln iBr. of Yarmouth, KS>, OfrmMU Ar dr. teraii, \ia I'ct inudu t * here kuu put In in u>?treaH), .'V> day*, w th < :nl :.i d iron, l? Sin:ris 4 t , . Experienced booty (I ai.d NW galea; lie* i M> ? B tl Kevml itm'H. Jon 17, l-u Ion 7? dorlug a N'W galo nhlfied c.'xrgo, l->?t and split .'.alls, n?l tbtew ovei board i*' ton* ii??u to Hgpiea the ve-sel. >:tlgKta<ii Hii el iltreni'. ?ailrhb?, ?k> Janeiro 64 duya, ?itb ri ffee, to UbifeUI, tlajiet A t o; voeael to rtug"r br>t th'-rt hrlg Nice u('tal', HenedetU ? itidad Bnl'.vftr Mdajrs, with hide-, to /t>i>iai A I'n, llttR hadter* Ue.tvy weatbnr, ,iud la le-ky I'.rig I'nnola, I'iiniiiner New Orleani, 12 diya, via Mewoort 1 i*ay With augur anil iii'ilBhiew, to i<ob?ou A k<>adlck .'au j:I, I'flf lirfn.e at, loi k a I a\v snlc fmm BW. ? is blown 50 utiles, litl-i'n ami Ac pui hi o vow P 'ri lor n pair*. Hrlg ' no At lnnlfi( t hllK'ie'.pM. ,, Has, Sc.y Ortoana, iddnyt- With atigarf "i< n?. i.-< ->e.<, ? ? master li'lg tutihtl i, lla> (Hr. "f N ittii lludspi tb, fiofton, 7 tlf>? IB bnl'sat, to J .1 Kn x ft Co relit- sutwi, vt' lib, KlUabetliport for N"w London. Schr K t< Mckeraon, NicKeivou, Clouceater, Adaya. Kehr t Bik-r h (t, t lark. Kew I:aieti for f.l:7.ab th; ? rl. ^r.'umer ??mm, o, i,.. ''mvti'enrn B<?a?i,?r Pot"*; \ru-a '?rorl^rt'ee fklenmoi Nc< L'-na^n Smith, >ew |, udoa OKI OW. Paik I- ,i otvi!t g. .ItitiM, from Apalacliicola Uriji ( ?nducioi', Ttuks 111 itnfs. Alao one hi if,, unknown. Rteannli!| b K.'irmtk, Na--an. NI', and Ua^aua; Monlgo tnery, -e aunali. Ja:ue-tov. n, Norfolk. Ac. Wind kt Btiii' et SSW. Mi*?'rlUnri>n?. Butt Ceitous i, P&del lord, from I'ardeuan for Se v Yori, ?lth 216Mid* melucu, wiut abandoned 'Jtlh nil. in l?tE>', l'ir 7'J W. the Dtcoublcrfd a violent gale from rt night of '.'liii, wiih h Uiti not abate until 4 I'M of 'SM, calling itj ? vessel to leak nboot rikW strokes per honr. Was Id a -In. v> hen, 'oitunstely, a'l hnr.'ls wove t..kon oO by r Harml i?l, from Pink Klver, ,1a. for Philadelphia, ami arrived at Delaware bi~:ii?ater 4th mat. The ll rate* VS'^, 105 tons. Unlit at Cum Jen, .^J, in 1AM and oh tied by M'v?r* L A Sou lier A Co, of 1 .liladi Iph a, win re she I* insured. T'u/iig a inuiiry i n beard tin riilp ChiuiM IVMMliIro i: .til Liverp . i. tlii ta4 !?lu and iirH and ?ttuJ mfttu* Wore i-cvwely wwind' d. Str.iukk Kir> PtRT. hence fur Ch na, was?l PortoClrftule. Cape Ye:<'f, 1 Hi- '?$ rihe evpetlenccd very teavy weather all *.J-* w?; down, I >.i behaved beautifully lo the heaviest of lk ?' '?* <?( lebr&U d ? u' lit America (now lhr Camillla>, built by crpe 8t<? r>, o! New }uik, le abio here on a cruise she at t:considerable aitetitinu. t'R 8uir (JutsLvo*. trotu S vntinah fftr Liverpool, prev ,'ihIv repui t, .1 i.b,.ndt ned at sea hao a cargo ni a yit >'al.", of cotton ami US til'ife of rutin, tabled at flol.lW. Vu r. RK l.ti.aa*, Lealto, brnce for Plymouth, Kng was, n in witli tn ? sinking condition, no da'c, by Br bris > or t r..m li'-ni naia I r Livc.rpiad, SS, ? bo took iff the crow i.udcairied ihem m 'initial, Nr\ where she arrived ZUl ult. ? l e 1. via* an AIl. ve?*d or W7 ton*, bulit at Arbroath in loM. &be eb.nea Jan i, w.lh H.O'JCl biiahAla wheat. it?r-k Kepor1 of Captain Honker, of the hark "I nnr.of and from Mcbmond for Duhliu:?On tneaday, mn *? m I a M. being flood. th ok au'l cloudy, wiud iW, a t r. ?ii gale ull in with Sleep* Ueid, rutraueeof uunnit nu? fay. tbr Und not beng observed until it ivaatoilate to v, ar mndi- more ?a'l wth the ^re*t<-?t evpedltloo t.t vri-i-her land on th. l?>e bow. About ludf an hour after war, 1?. I rs then on the in atbcroruw h ?He of the bay, the wlna I t tin tiuii- 'jght am "(.iHlng. lni'io'd *tay*. and tliou wore i I .p and hiO'd nero?> ilie bay. and iVtcl.i*! near ibn iatue up it ? here Hbo ? a* m-areit n.e r>- k? at flrsi; tie ?-i?tiil time sli" I n.-M-od ai.iyo o vituc ki the ?tnd bolilinx to ia?utb; tl'lod | ,;i.'n. Mo <1 on h llttie !onper, polntlnKe'.?ar of iho !an l, but fie wind\e ling '?Kaiti th* i 'p had to tn' k anfh >w; bauli d dov n the J1V* when bead to wind at* mail* atemwav am! ?>mrk on the ro-k*. broke and tin?hip|X!d the rudd-r and M*rt?d? leak, intt tk'-aul.a b< lint Qiied prompily ?bo muted ?ir ?t*iii, but be tip untnaa,,j;ca!.ie iibo.i* tlic rudder bad to r.iuber In 3t)fa<botna water. Abov 4 o'' l'H-ic oa W'-duo'day t ..irn'njt, th- h Inst, commended pumping; worked two i'it"i till davlight: tB^ipd men aborw to > hii: in p'tmplna: bi rd a pilot pilot thi- hhip b) a ?afe anehontge; i'1'kagtd Ix-ala t? inn: w<-lgbed anchor at 11 AM. Wnllal *3 i.l- ?t!j to lb? bead of tbt l-ay, apolic andengaibd ??''?m 1 < at to tow the M Ip tf. i'it> kiutr. ti, ?her? ?U? arrived at half |w>t ton 1 M. tvi 'lai anil'-r r iiph to the ii'ad of the. bay. a i gui.rd o" err (t'o>nk..aren a'atl'in; offered hla aflrvloe', vM'-h w?-n- rendered In an elliolent manner uu ler th? nn? rr'a directions. (Ti.e 1'ionet r baa , I nee put into Cork lor re I 1*1 rf ) Bntf. Joll^ Tt I?nw. Colby, (rein 3t Van*, (la, for Pmfl deuce, which put In. Vt lTmlngtoa, NC, ^l?t ull iu dlalresn, w ill ba\v to dlacharge Ollf) for repair*. Hciik Noam Statk, ol New York, fmm Savaunih f.>r 1 totl'JeDte, remained a: bore near Point .ludilh early on K t-day tnornlM Khe lays about one mile to the weal?v?rd ?' the l'g. t, iu I of water' Th* ?< earning fczra f? Fogg, illbix, 'i r I'lOiiei ne?: till Inal f- r the purpose of trying to natil Uor 00 a? LIgli Rater thit evening Her cargo of eotto.i la Insure.} \i tbr following ottheatn l .donee;?Commercial, i.3t*W; iji-r V. lll.aua, 8>w0, Oaspee, $I6V1, American, aiout ?.<? >. *id at IW" of een In Boaton, fl'JUO at lha \lilaie?, I i'Utt ai tbe t'bina M i iial; total, KOi-A the .North ? !* 1" a>i a'.' tesnel o? 4*> ton*, bul't at iltitrolk, LI, in IS'?2, d <? n?d Id J??w Vork, by M ?r? Igei'ready, Motl A Co i letpatrbfi dswpwt twatea that lighter* wera alangal e til lue North e??ie M< ndny aflui uooo. and tliat abe a) ? aiy ?int R?rki To?i??, Ironi Ktl/abethport f.-r Boston, put , |.iHolm?? II"'." id liiftl nith.'iieet of water In Le: uold, ??L i?: UP a'.Ka..a ier h nr. *A'1U < >on the ntvtoe railway t r repair* Hour I'Lia <.r *cf, o' Ciland, M.', wbloh w.t? towed tnt> " ><p'it >ih m t a ter b< !?'? a hore on Hazarl * Beu^h, 1< lying at L>>ng tvfaa^f ful' .f water and ??ka. Hlie will 1 ? ??ken on the murine railway In a lew dava for repair*. ;Vi i (ihioiik fict" Miila i bad been a- 1.ore on Black . IK(I ? E'.Ut. It* ef |l?fore reported!, but got off ?ith tlie W ?aree of nrn^kri*. to ttbtni W?* l?id fUMMltage. life < > * u> bound t ( ork w lth a c.irgb of inoUasea. r'"nr. Kl*i Mud, Mat o, from l<ty Harbor. Ja, for Se^w Itirk. put into Newpoit So inrt. l'r u, ,l, n ait? Arr Am ship Jacob A Stamlor, Young, from N.w ' ork for L ndon, wlili los* of lo?.-r m?lnto(?al! yard, 1 ?.S.-i ui, *alU epilt. a?d l?o in<u crippled; h.n twin aieam >? ton tot in nil f .vhat'llltj broi ghi up ud u tjnul of the ? ti.l'k r<>c. 'i-rn t i on. .Ian " h< wrecked \mb irk Vermont, w hich ? so'il ti re in Umibei la-t, w*i floated gff and towed rw'iud to Liverpool to day. Litttront, ,tai 3(1, -The AnnatKi'l-, arrtveil het" la^t ev n 1 Irg from Raltlaoffs ??rimn.ered b?-?ry eaaterly gale* dunra ti e jia:>age I'ee M, In !?? Ion W, -|?ike the rtaJb eie. of ? d fn in liatteidam ?n < h iart?'pl?u? with lo*a of fot?vard ?*i:?, *e and > i.ppiir d h'i w uh p'ovlsl nia and wat* r Jan ??, In lal 44. Ion '*11 III with !hc tilerl.on, ot New ttu**, iroui Ha?ani.?h ? r rhla. p?rt e otinni, with l.aa "f rti'Mai and iu n inking* ate, and l.ak ? C lit eruw Jiu I I. In lat '), 'on I.', *p"ke l?ark Sicilian, rmo Rl hlbwe.o, ho'b bow por , on , n.aln ano m'meu cut uw*y. ana vea*ei waiarl iH?*d. bnl Ihe mas'er n..akmg uloii to gel ha Into aoine port; aup j.IM h?r with provla.i'aa. Mlt.roRn, Jan 2W? ehtp l '.mrui*?*ry, llntehlng-, frotn Miunawirk, I S. pa?wda waieilogged bin ..u i.m"lilne, In lat 44 OS N, Ion i' i*t * , ap] ar'-ntly el 'ttt 700 to in. Hleamiiilp < nlntnUa. of the Chart ?l>n line, prevl .nalj re ported aaliora near -xilltvan Islam', i- now on lire tau^? ">ao n nal I)?K'k for ciainlnntioB. The new a'eamer Juiw* T II#!", r"flantly tiulU to run on lh'- Rio t.n.nde, wblle on her way " ili? Br i ?.'?*. enontinteiml a heavy wt"d, and was hllg.- l tn t trn l>a, ?make a bar l'r. In at'empttng to make ibo Corpus I'brlatl r,,< |rtn In I, *be ran on tlio south 1'i.tniof Muataug I-land Kh? ilci'* not li ak, and If tae.nte rail* abe win lay'-a *y, an.I It rinooth may yet llmlx-r oif. la owticd by hnn:ied> A King, and valued at A I'fe t??t iel't 1,'orptia Ch ?tl 1; lh t>U for the pnrpi * .r rendering het .taeiataiiM The owners of the *'i ? ".er Eaatern Qrti?en '.<vl 4 venllo fsiltri given am.liiHlt i < ? In 'hn Kupi ma .I'l.llelal fonrt, at Itnngor. on M e<lne?U- ,,r dam*k ? eatinad !?y amk.n.t -brj Caroline tii>i?, in a ? "1 'ton whl.-;, oe"iirr?d t* .ween tli i orj ti aaelain lHSft Whaleut' n. Arr at Honolulu Pe, s, .1,,* nhu.e, t li*!>?nan, of Mil. from Hlla (and aid MHh, lith, J I' W< ?t .Tinker, ni NH, renrne I on areaiunt wf illnes, ,.f captain; Mill. #? .tganaa, T i; nex, ?. NH, retnrneit an account of llleeaa of eaptaln At Jan la Island N"V 17, 'hlpa ller'tile*, Albearn. VH; i mi' ?a. sanh. rn, ni Edgar own; Iter 1, B*rl (toanal't, t.'lark, N It, all frotn Sandwich Island*, b< und on a ante Touched lit do Nov 29, ship we'w cea Klnia, lluwe., Kll. 17 ? lava from llaboitilu 0 atl tak.ui n elilng sin- ? laavMi; ll ?l)i> M|i Rpoken, Ate. SMp PavM Brown. It -rev, frnni Kan t'mnetsfo Oct 12 fr i I .IvertstoL l?e. 24, lat ? M >4, Ion ,Vi III .Hblp i'lmlyalore, li'ant. Ir nn Cnlentta Oct t<u U>ai<>n, N,,v?, lat ii Ml s, ion | k. Ship V. t rrlgliton, (lulu M.nilU fyr Llv'wp s I, Jan it. la JA Ut,. Ion N) 07. si bin Dlrlgo, Eionry. fr m S.lnev, NKW, foi B'?mb.%y M >* VJ, lat?, In I.m K. ' ship '.iirtba Blibot't, Po I", f r<<i*t I .an lasli for Havana, .ten IS, oil Ureal leav*. > blp Heaper, if t ar in >ti<h. fi ni XOtieau* foi 0* joa, Jan ' il 27 .T 1. n 7WS.t Hbip Angelina, n. B ai i), i'eerli)4 S, W"! Xt, oT Pernaei itaik fiyrrn illr>, hnnee fa, LireridsJ, Jan 2H, 'a1 30, l-m f/> -.v It nk <? C Hamilton, < liaa ?, f, , n Pn- ;*n<l for II i ana. I in II, lu ,s ,'tth l hannel Haik Knte Lincoln. Tin d e .. II daya frotn Havana f ir Hal iltnore. Jan 29, 1?t W, lop 7-4 - inrk Maiel*. Koalon for Norleans Jan ?. lat "t 21. I> n VI A l"irk fho ,|mr a red apd vhlle algual di ijnna'ily attipad. buit-'l S.-.tiin 41. 'iiS.,n"|t uitui'l III ?. '{.i ... i \ fiahi ? In ?" ' .i- II;.. -I n. i?>, ' in ' f 'II si i r/ ."o i'i s, ,ia i i d V. ' n9,ltlM|f Ion 70*1 Ken Ipn l'nrti. Bnnot. Il li. Jan ,?ie IV,I. Cb'treb, W Mir! te'i n.| I ? ed 111>, '.'1*4, Arthur tilill'l, a,id llr?. dlo.O. kef, KVork u, ItoNne in *. Ian 17?Wd Hfjlo. It tea. \ , i Co*iw. .?in If?Pn1 I ?'n^? it it, flWl W'.kMHM ?i ''-.n. riBTMTT. Jan Ift-HM JiBH Tm, Heo?. MoMe ruXNAkKH, .'?!? W?Ari Boruaaia ta), Trauunan, NYork. Ctu.ii). I>ec 3b?arr *blp" ObarlotteW White, i'eudletoo. Melbourne land ?'d 'an S lor Chlneha Ialanda), Jul 4. Brit ? taenia, ffttirn Cblncba Inland* twd aid Mb tor Cork), 7th, kale hwcetlaud, Thayer, H?l<H>iirne 'and aid Mb for Chinch ?; Caroline fcetd, llougiaa, NVork Via Valparaiso. Hlill??c29, hbiiK ?? u>an I. Fiugeraid, ilrwu, \ alnaralao; Jan'J. l-afajetu-, Hmt'l, Cork; .'id. Mury E CampbellMonte (from Melbourne!, Cliinci u Islands; 410, Joseph Hale, His vena (having ii-p.iired), do; 7lh, Agu^s Leeds, Uooney (from < I Incha Islands., llamp'on llolad*; Mb, .Mary ngden, Hatha ?.i), 1 l.iinua IhUuuh; littb, Kiuw>, K?t-relt trow Chluoaa lumida, Mauritius; WlUbciat'l, Booll (iroui do), ll?juplon feoada l aui/kkah, .Ian 21?Sid brig Saiab, I'.o*', Portiaud. Ji?.ai, Jan 19?Arr J A inatnter, Young, NVork lor Liondoa; 21*1, London, Hurlbut, and liai.lel WebsU'r, Spencer, for do (and both i i .seeded). Flit lu ;? ti<I anchor* d P.tth, Isabella 0 Jonea, Woodb .rn, of and nvui Baltimore for itoiterdam?remain* in the Downs on aii*>ui.t of the loe on thu coaaof Holland PaxMid do 2 III, Daphne, Havener; ilolden Rocket. Oolllnil M?>iui Mlid, d'Ojrley II B \\ right, Park, mi l Ann Lllr*. 1 >n viaou, In'tu XVort, Victoria Berd, Preb.e, from Phil?lelpiila ?all for London, uiikj nock, Jan 1R?Ait Queen of thn Isle (?), NVork; June, Scotland New (>rlean? Hid 19th, Highland Chief, Uarctow, Air in I he Clyde Slat, John Clement, NVork; Boadioea, New Orleuua; hliann ju, Savauuah. I AVKk, Jtin 19?Arr Fulton n\ Wotton, NYork via C'owoia Sid lath, IVlloula, Hansen, Bosum; 19th. Northampton, Ml wt il, NOrleun*, KM i'uoker, ?'lark, Charleston IIiimii vlo, Dec H?Sid abip Arctic, Phillip-*, Maker* Inland, to load guano lor I nlud btalea. In i?jii Doc 14, brig- Joaephlne, Stone, tor Jama IM tnd; MeI V Klleu, Bennett, tor Victoria aoou; Morning [star, uel lilt, Mo up; and othera an b- fore. LivkHi-OoL, Jan .9?Arr Cas'ine, Blmpaoa, Mob'le, OdMit, Buran.w, bavanuah; II M Haye?, Elliott, BohI.d, 11 a trey Hin b, Nelson; Milea HtandUh, tjurdinor, und Prtnoeza Sine ?lioii. N k'cik. Annaihjli*, Kicketl, Haiti more; Olyde, Colli a. (>alvoai->u, W ll uilllland, Krrlcktou, Cb-uleston; 2otb, Ana Gray, baxt<-r, NOrleiuie; Antarctic, Sloalfcr, und prauk Hay nio, Kauda'l, NVork; 2lit, AsbborUin, Hradin>4 Almurai.WU llaDia; i!o*ui A lleiru, Stewart: Tb rut n, Colilnx, and VHula, Biualey. uo; City oi Mnuobenter (*), Halcrow, and John Por ter, PortH-a, do; ciebaati.'ook, Okn-ie, and Canada (a>, Audar ?'<j, Boaton : Weatiooieland, Decan, 1'hiladelpbiu; by Mi, Precinan, balilmon-; Southern Ulghta, llarwnrd, Chailentou, Senator Ik<n, Beenken; Cbarica H Lord, Paine. ) II Kiliott, luckcr, Mninaroneck, 4;uahiDK, and Oleron, Orr, Nttrleana; Ctill'-den. H uley, Moolie. ()0 2uto, Magtiperb (atippowd:, Koltncr, from NYork for London. Md 19tb, Columbus, Hmall, Cardiff. LoM.ON.Jau 19?An- Allcc, Murphy, NYork rla Plyinoiitb, Ac; 21kt, Onefclpboious, Caiu, NVork Lot out 1'itb, l>eut*clilaud, v\>.- <olho'tf, NVork; 21st, sax oi>iu (at. Killers, llniubiiig Arr Jt iira\esend i'.'l'i, A-piisia, lyjiub, Bremen; -Iji, ",Ytl belniaburs, NVork blu 2l?-t, "Litcrpool," NVork v-hip Liverpool, Kearney, i? ni-w ut tins port). Miuoui>. Jan IS?Arr ConimissHry, Hutchlin, Bruna wiek. (la 11 Jan 17 ibefore roportod 14)?Sid A H KtvUw, Mcatif-, and Minnpeite, Lewte, Keuill*. Aik.abiHa, Jim 12 ? it i.ot t i>aik< Jehu, Tripp, for llontoii l-'.in: hpt-edwtll, Howe.*, lor do idtf (uo". all. a.< :eporu-/j; t :un bndh ?, cj'arrov., I oi do, rjig; bn^- Humiulutf Bird, Putu, lor 1 bi'a'li'ipPla, i-etidy; Ab'ij tiizj.t.ttb, fhinney, r>-pn, and c.irj* irni'Fb pf-ed lu l.nrk l.v, nlng tar .sid (iiii, b.trla P ula (N? af. , r> toik Hill 1st ana returmd:; 'in-rnout. Maker, ri>tiii;7ih mot &'k), John <<'liliti, Treat, do; lit Ig X?r(b?iu l--' ll-, I I lie, .lo; f.b, barka Kaiiny I'.ir ?, i i , k< it, Norleaaa: llili, l.v> nn ti. i-tar, Man>Si'd, N tork : Jlih, Ida, Jobnaou, do; Mlti A 11 Con id, Smith, tin. Ml i inn ' ? i , Nov Jj?Ai r off l o't Pliiilji Heaia, ?hi]i Un dauiiK'd. hie. nan, London, and .l'd*)* from Start Point Minatiti.*:?, Jan !o? lu port bark Illinois, brav. for N Voik Id it. f 11 nio- ,m 3D?f-rld E'liopa, JVancU from Wi'iningioa. N'' ? Jon Poin> ioi ii?. Jftu l!l?Arr JOlin Howell, Appleby Maulniala Oii't l>artiooiithV I'OHTO O it A?, iii, * V, lie.' 29?tu [Mil ste.uner Plre Dart,, liom NYo.k for ilong Kung, toiiclied for atippllia taec AliM-Ci) Qui'i-Niiov-M, Jul! 19? Arr lJhinc, 8tmkey, Norteani lloni hi-?*. Jan W?lu port .-.bini, fciiward Kvemit, Uunby, fi.r taltlinore; hulamuzoo, Taylor, and Julie' Trundy .Spal ding, tor NVork; biiHa WorsutH (Jam, Becker, fordo B.-a ve< i Hr>. I Hey, lor hasten; Jolimnu Mitriiia '.Dutch), Penln g.i, tin do, lluiuca |Uii! In, 11 a*>t, for do; Saiuiiiii<'.:a L?ut ;b., I Vrles, l or do ht.M.1. t?D, .Ittu20?Arr \Ytr. fbo.orison, Bell, Newrcaatle. Pt Cariti... m: s I'oiht, Jaa IS?Off, Vusta, Stfengraafe, from NVork li.i llr. ru n. Mv'tn, Jau '.i?lu port j?rk? Sniyrnlote, Weaton, lor Boa ton about )2th, Wyandot'", Hoyt, fivui t .nst ijtinopla, juat arrived, to loiil f,.r Boa.on or N Vork. St Mi< n.vixs, Jan el.J New. bov, Perena Liverpo .l. St -? H0M.ii, .Jau 1A?In p ut i-htpa I :rie, Preble, from Ar driHtan, ri'pn; t.'ajali, told; Mary Ku.--nil Crocker. In Li vi rpool, reloading; !>..i*kn Pcutucki t, Lelahton, for l.ond >u, repg; Humbler. McKanz e use; brU loni ido, iibbetta, ding; ateauicr Prlmeiia, r.Mig, and other.- t < b -'ore. SrJoi'fi, Nb, Jan 2o- Arr s?br 11 be. Now York; 27'.h, bri* I.i?7.le lillie, l oarvon, >*vann:ib. loii'i tr, Jan IS?oil, P 11 Adams, from VYork for Bremen. Tabka.-*.sa, Jan 4 -Air IHj^ciu-h, NOrli -?auk. i Ian 12?In iwt b,?rk Dam ?!, Ha'.lett, for M<-asl.-ta l.Vii. Sid PJlb, liark. \ em on, Bi.tks Boatou. AMrrlinn Hurt*. Al'ALACIfICOJ.A, 29?In jorl Villi liikford Webl*. \\c>umn. lot Liverj>ool idg; W H Wall, Parks, and (Jul I*;d yaid, Sulion, lor lioslou do. BOSTuN. Kib 4?\rr nlilps V.-r?.i'ne?, "h.'rbume Si.njpt pore; Lciali Crowd1, Turner, Calcutta; National Eagle, Mat thew k, do; bark Zldon. Hulbr. jk, Ha v. i.nah; aclirt Expresa, Wlle.y; Mi.ry U Iyer, Purvler: Ruth N aiwchsI, Kemp; Knw ill i, ( olby, mid Mary Ann, Colby, Tnnglur. Mgual lor a brig. I '!il bteain.'r Kendnj'ton, Bake, ( 1'iillalelphia; ship Alfred lllil, Kills'. llong K'.ng; achr Jo? ph (}iio-l Italneer, NYorfc eld, wind h to NE, meamer Ki:n?liii;lon. B?rk Sylpb and brig Young i<cpti>ille -ia:t>-d and anchored in ,he Koada. uAi.iui.Jw*, i"oot-^rrH'.enusaii' Ihom?. Swann, Ram fty, sir k; -OUji i.Iud.ator,T.nt;;,CalUo vialianipton Hoada: atiiiK W'*t l>et nls, studl-y. bofton- J P Ames. Amaa, Jack ? nvllle. Clil aie.nn-hlp-(,hi-sap>.tki', Crowoll, Charleaton; Montn eilo, i.a^er, b,n.innnh; -hl*i Antii" bowoii, Colilua, Kla Janeiro ami a mxiktt: Imrk Colmrbi.t Brim), Semeke, Bre mei via City i'oint; aehr Aurellk I' Hoi'- e, Chaltiu, savan na!i. Sid a.'iip Ptitdgle (Prab , llanlsi-h, PaimoutU, Kng. Bld8T?L Fi-bS?Sid s -lir 11 11 Metcalf, Hurtoo, N.rfolk; el -op cregon. Rhode*. N V t.rk. ell MtLKSTuN, Fell I?Arr ?cii < BaUle, B unt, NOrlaana; U \S 'l'roib, Johliaon Baltimore; N S llu?, W right; Ann I>, lilllespl. , ami S. aWitoh, Jigbi rt, Norfolk ( Id nark (llioro kee, liopkln.A. N'.w Orleaua. Sid Br biuk Alabama, LngMih, Li ertHiol. Hp oii^ boUWrio, Oliver, Baio?lona. c \LAls, Jan 31?('Id brig Sumuol Preuch. Parrot, Port Mum. Up.OlU.ETOWTI, PC, .la i 2'J Arr Har.ih Bruen, DoukUh, NVork. Old 29ih, aohr Constlmtion. Stront, Bo< ?H'?)LMES IIOIiK, Peb2, P M-Arr btig B a Cbaloner. Kinney. Vl.-nna, Mil, for P i iaiuo'dl.; m-br New Vork, Oood reli, Nlork lorBoaUdi; Kmprnaa, forrey, Klizabethpori via P1i-r:own tor Boeton; Marv iJr.-ennivHlekmaij, Norfolk lor i'oiminuutb, Amanda, Kendall, NVork for Portland; Sp4 ? ula. iliui'hlnga. Ilappahaiinock river, \a, lorProtiu.-etown; Pant -ni Plain, Col", Boston tor Tangier; Philip Biidgeo. J.loitney, M.irsii bead for NVork. old nchra t' 1), Ueorm W mover !? id H\ilrsng?a. I'l?Arr Rfhri L-na. Pendl'ton, Port Rpain for Boston; Rietanl W lull, Toaujund. N'Orleana fordo; Herald, knight, Norfolk I'or do; Taylor Small, Long, NVork for do; Kate NU wart, Madder, Mobile for Ponlaoe; Krndrlek Plsb, Wall, Naotli oke rivtr, \ a, for B:ith; Ilai mona, Maioney, York rl %er, t a, f' r Belfatt. Hid aebrs New S ork, Mnry Greenwood, Amanda, st.lrula, Eut tern IJght and Philip Hrldgeo 4tli, in A.M. wind light from RNK? In port, brigv Xenophoo (did not i-ail Prid.?y in report-^), Samn?l l.lnA?y, H (I Chain Iter; eobra P.iupntas thaa ?i .pp?>d I?aki. I^oia K W Toll, Ua i al 1, T.ijlor Small. Kate St- w arl, K?ndrick VlaL, llarmona, aial Cllltnu lit;. LnDl \NOLA, Tan 14?Arr cebra T. roa-rll, Young, N York; 19th, B?nj Hlr.'ng, Penaaeobv ("Id 1Mb, "ehin Belndeer, Kini"?i, and William S I'lmlale, T mniler, Norleanivla 8a 1 ib. Andromeda, A?hb>, Nurlniii; Cut Lester, Dela no, - do tm sabine. XioHU.K, Jan 2(1?Ait a^hrs E Part.ard, Wright, llAvana: lllana. Hammond, and M \ shlndl- r, Ireland Pen-acola. Old brig \ llrivvlita, Plah, *llnatitliiii. NEW OH1PANS Feb 4-Arc (by te] .hlpa Mnruiietta, Car lyle, Zi'lland, VaSclUee, Angl>???, Polomie, li tl Hcranton, ( or,?'notion, aud leuly itdKM II. Liverpool, Viiiaftauoa, and llan.' ura. Havre; Oraie R. n?, nui vmi ula, Bo.iUmi; riultana. NYork; barka Mary Hyl-r, and Pitdine, Boston. Bib?Air ahdM I>.uic Newt.n, BoI'xmj, Samuel Dunning, Mobile. NOKPOLK. Pub 2? Arr ccbrs R Baker, Jr, Krlley, Har wich; C V Vlckerr, P-abbott, Nioik Cid achra J s'Baker, KiJ'Inaon, and Harriot, Ke*eli, Protlden.?; Sarah Jane, 1'air.iuian, Boa ion J.I Kio/irj, Cil'iua, M'eat Indioa; Ida Malller, Milliliter, Snvnnoah. NEW UF.ItKiftn Peb.l-An r-hi An?.lnt Harding, Bal tlmwe. Sid 3d, aehra S F C'b?'4^, chmiv. (in at Egg Hat b -r; J K'ldlnp. Ilickasoii, NVork NEWPORT, Feb 3?Air brl# ll?tigiMWa, Steel", Oanlenaa for I'oi timid; -? hr ICmtun Mav-., Mn> , Dry Harbor, Jam, Jan IC, for NYork; also air m i ?'?! - -hr Vlueyai'd, Sin?)???, nun l'o?ton for \coi> 'Co rive., Va. sil bnga Mary aua (Br, MeL"llaii frem llnvnna r ?? VY.irV- Olive (of 'one* poili, Church, Pii/riilitaw lor V iltutu; ,'aoola, I'liimmer, .NOrleaua for N^oik; a> hm o tan Hit<1, Conlry, Pi. vbte'ioa I'or Port Roy*!. Va; Ma. la L.ino*, CiiflUBtnga, Pall River for NVork j <?.|d n Ktjle, Plo?"i-a, Fall lliM-r lor Norfolk; Mag gie H. i|, i ;llki j, PPovid"noe for Vori' lk; \n?elli iof N> "buryport), Hanly from Btiolmoer i'or NHediord; ll'rald of Ni wburvpori., Kniaht, N. i "Ik for Ho->t>>n, llenj K NVright, bp ? ii. fr m B<wtoii ferTari^ r; David l) NVanimt, Wb..rt , falem fordo; Ki'inlrk li PMt, Wall. Chesapeake Bar I t .'lutli; Urn in nji Ma. uey, 1'on onkCj rl. or, \ a, lor Bel fast, Me. *ih?ln p .rt, 8 AM. brig B. nsu?la, trim Julia Hakcr la ker. from Pmldeiwe for NYvrk: I'm ma Mai o. NKW ItAVLN, Kisft 4?Arr?bis Reltpse, Brown and A me rl. an En*l*, P.llzxlmdlport. ' id bug Maiv l.uilly, Cbap.n. Para, achi T 7 .n .oi, NV.rk. POKTI.A Nil, V"b ?? CM Hr sHunatilp Nafftk BHton, Bor land, I.lrrn?i >1 rla l.-mdoud. try; lings Oriaon .Vuama, York, Itefnedloa; lMri"n. Htane'!, ('nnl. ?.a Jd?Air lirUs Mary K i 'i iio; * n, l|.??eiter, Inagna; J D Llnr dn. W>-bt> , Matanras ?ia Holmes' Hole; ?? hr tJ New klik, Hlgl ec, Mobile. Sid, wind NW. Bi ainaniship North Briton. I'ROVlPKNl t. K ;b ? Arr aie?it.e> Aibalr taa, Joues, New V rk Sldb 'k V'm Wt's.m. i op'us, NOrieana ?chr f.^d Ing llardiog, H*j lahi.unoek. HtCHMoNO, Pali2~Arraelir Wythe, Ttitlle, NYork. HA VAN \ aII l ob 1?Air steamship Potomac. Wataon, Bal llntare: sb'p Moiida, .Mortimer, Literyool; barks CoUma, < apr \eriK; D' ylen, H htoan B.a'On; aehr L H l)a?ls, Al ?T o, NYork. ?'lit shir* Maivar.'l Ann, Mors ley, Plymouth, W p .'s.-hmldt, !te*i?, ?nd lti- H'laul Ix.velt, Idvarpool; aohra B M Haley. ilal?y, Boat. n. C Pendleton, t'buivh. Mystic Hal.lTM. P ij-lldbark Ann* Maty, Mabbidge, Africa V'? Alll'.ilAM, Jati M?Air arur nprigblliug Sea. M), Norfolk. IfnI.R, Feb l--pp??ed by, ID AM, atoamer B?'n Iielr.n1, frotn Pal lie ore in- B. al m. RHWARUI. <*? - TIRW MU> -STH-.1). rnov M. WRIT rwRIT? ? ? I lhi"l turret, a hl.u- M'wf. 'iMd'an''. D"^, with ? ?rhlU? ?1 I nn Ik* lir. iult; h*? MlHUlt <>f Ik" 'T** I mm 'J i.o ib> vb irwaid irlU ?> ? p?i<t tor hi* return Ui III* fore#.>uijj ?Mtw, KKWMPAPKKft. Nf.W VOKK HF.rtU.U m.K* FOR hM.R-ONF. FII-K f n.lit .Ir.nuHi* IVO, to I tu .ftO, I.V.I *uiibouivli; ?l?? ? ?n?? flic tp in 1'ily i>t t'sC'^vitirvli \njr o'ir w1?h Ins 10 p?H lm?- tiixtlmrr HI** i*tll or uftM n? ltt'I'li A HHU., i sw* >wrul*, Nk?a?u 'iriwt, wow I'orfc. HltTVLII. (?T. UWK^'iR IIOTKl,?BKOAOWAV t.VD KIOtirH O N V., ??on.ln' tr.l on Tits h'ir?|?*n pi?n. Ap.irt rnmta In ?iilic or alnaV *i on? h?If '!.? u ml ^>rlw. IVm-m |r?'klni( rrir ro'mi* will Itinlr lnlcri*t hy lA'Ilng h -is fccfot* mt*B(rtnu plwwhet*. rl lt,V\ Kl 1.1 >1-.. luil'r: inHKof in fl I. II il I t i.n. II lt-iv Hr->fl<1 >v?jr. -orn.-i >i II uMan ... t i>>, do'tnl on (ho Km 'p>*iin i>Un. U io.ii?8t)r?nt* 1*91 iterdur. wood f?r? , ?l?nn iiiirnn, prompt attornlM!? ??. moilr*r*tq ebniv-x. 8 R. MK \l> I'roim <or tcrummi !!:< i vm 1 ^ti.rm or mVtt?'?v FvTn I J Ml- Hr I'D nirtl" ?? |> I.pd sv*it.?, and I'.I 4'Mh ri.w* ?. ?! IS f'r. """ ?" J?fc .'?'?"' ?"Ii in \ ? 1i iuc.i Ho.ftt, ft, M?I?I*m l .rr, . . n- t >\ !ll ?f- . .? ! Ktl'IMHD*! >??"nu ?Mini p ? \ \ I *k on dt?ml, . ami m h*U i>kl?. fur fnmiiy ?hm?. S W'tf* NtiT RRLlEvi TJUt UJOO iS . rrt?. 0 old |?| tl?r?r..?., ,or*.,. it |. * fvtt ?, 't'tr (|.]->rt? oo" jailoa, l*tj tbn -*> >n* i>n< t. * 'two, T^hl'-u c ?.* Ail: rflM' l?tf fur jrriii* .1. N-,.. i * 01 i|?ndt Htivci, 1 orno. <?! fVondwM tlt'KNCRii. WATCHMH 4t||) JKWRU1. I 1 \*r"rP''. DIami *.r>q, watcurr, wathurr.-" I , < 'I <"lt>. '~?ton<? R'iw^i und It" | tJ11 fli11 Until ff?i,w.,rr<tntv.l, frrmi >13 t? ftll. H<iid ?' nsll ll ir c ist to r>'ir nArtM** AiUrmco* on W?iobo?. I P i'.nd?, t. ( ' j. 1i M? <?? r?o? sX ??#