Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1861 Page 3
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SALtl OIP IlKAL K? ? ?TK. 4 CHANCE FOB flOMB ONE.?GOTHIC nOTW VXD A ?!? L?'*> Morrlsaula, B2.7W. two ?u>ry ll^uss and ?J* Lot*, I.IHth Ilrwt, with frultTie , near I'srlstn bridge, $3,9)0, ??v story Uouxj and eleven UuU, FaisMMl ?2,??0. G. W. DITCHETT, Mo. t Ifyou ruw, ??*"" No. 9. A BOI'T ?XUU0 IN STAPLE DK* ?^08, BultV A. series wuM, in tukufr for a Hon* ??d Lot tu Br-jok hi. Balance oku remain onbonil aud uku igage lor a term Of years. AiMrwi P.. boi Ml Herald ofllco. A FIRST CLAM FARM FOR SaLE?KM! 11 THEN A BUea in New Jersey; mat depot; twenty train* d?Uv? K 8 Acres, ?<>od Building*. Ai,S12,lW). 41 Acre*in KockUud ^un^oS lBul)dlninr*c , fj.OO). Bther Karuw. W. U. MBLttK. 407 Bread way. VARIETY OF FARMS, MILLS, VILLAGE AND in all location*, for tale or enchant;" ? 'veto dispose of would do Broad *, ay, A variety of farms, mills A City Property in all location*, fo Parlies having either of the above to well to call. W. U MBLIuK, 407 Broa, JpARM FOR hale-^CONVENIENT TO DEPOT, NEAR the city. Pine building*, good fence. In excellent order, * very desirable ?"* "? ------ Brooklyn property. and a very desirable residence. < ir will exchange for city or * 80UTHWICK AWOOD, 82 Nassau street Farm in morris county, n. j? for sale-at a bargain, as 1 wish to move Went; terms easv; good build toga; every variety of fruit; healthy location, good anil, and contains SO acres. For furtherpartMmUrs see THOMPSON, far three days, at New Jersey Hotel, 71 Cortlaud< street For sale.?house and leasb of lot, no. ?SO Eighth avenue and Forty-fourth street, the lower part of which is now occupied as a livery etable; would suit most any bunlne**. Apply on the premises up stair*. rR BALE?A FINE farm, ^containing 260 ACRES of good land, 90 miles from city, with good buildings. Plenty of all kinds of fruit trees. Twins easy Prloe $ti,0U0. BA.000 oath; balance In Ave years, at six per rout. For fur ther particulars Inquire at SB Greenwich street. O- MALCOLM. R SALE?A NICE AND WELL BUILT FRAME House and Lot, 40 East Thirtieth street, near Madison F? ? avenue; lot26k by 100 feet. For sale at a bargain; terms easy. Apply at the drug store 127 Bowery, Oorner of Grand street. FIR BALE.?TUB THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, ? o, 460 Pacific street, Brooklyn; ears to South, Wall street and folton ferries near the door. Haa brown stone basement, sober liar, large yard, modern improvements, gas, bath, range. Be ; will be sola for BA,B)0 and inequal to a New York house at f1,000 rent. Inquire at No. M Water street, n^sUdrs.^ ^ CUB BALE?NINTH WARD.?THE THREE 8TORT brick dwelling House, Hi Fourth street, between Went Lb and Charles *tre?u. Apply to W. POST, St. Mark's Insurance Company, #7 Wall mreet. ^ rR SALE?ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER OF thirty-Ofth street, two first class four stoir stone front Houses, with all the modern improvements. Inquire of 1>. H KNAPP, owner, 164 Allen street. For sale-at a grbat sacrifice forcasu, or will trade for uptown lota In this city, that first cia?s Honse, 966 Hicks strw t, oorner of State, between Wall street and South ferries, on the Heitbta. It is four stories high and haa a three story extension; contains all modern conveniences and Is In perfect order; pay* 10 per cent. Price $8,000; only $3.000cash required. O. E. DOUGLASS, 148 avenue A, New York. TOOK SALE?A COUNTRY SEAT IN WESTCHESTER X* county, containing about twenty acres, within a quarter of a mile or WlUlansbridge on the Harlem Railroad, having a tnil view of Long Island Sound, the Palisades and snrround tag eountij; on The said plaoe la about two hundred choice ?Berry and apple trees, a g"od well of water, dwelling house barn and outbuildings. For further particulars apply on the premises, of Mrs. Ann Webb. TOOK SALE-A THRBE STORY AND BASEMENT BUCK J; House, with brown atone trimmings; located In one of m bast streets In Brooklyn; lol 22 feet front, 2tS feet rear and 112 feet deepi Inquire at No. 1 Wall street. T?OR SALE?FOR CASH. A FIRST CLASH COUNTRY J? Residence, replete with every modern improvement; nine acres, large stable, twenty.three miles rrom New York, on the New Haven Railroad; noagents need apply. Addre s A. X., Herald office. TfOR SALE?mi ACRES OF LAND, THREE QUAR r tors of a mile back of Sing blng vlllace; beautiful ?low of the village and the Hudson river. Alro, a House, Mo. 67 Monroe street, Seventh ward, In good order. Inquiro Of JOHN R. ROBERTS. 1,0B0 Broadway, oorner ofiTwonty. thlrd street. Both the above will be sold cheap. F? F TT^OR SALE, AT A ORB AT BARGAIN?THE FIRST CLAR8 JP four story Bouse and tot, 218 West Fourteenth street, with *11 the modem Improvement!. House 26x6ft, lot tftiK'S. Apply to the owner, ou the premises. Terms easy. Fusees ?ton at any time. R BALE CHEAP?THE BROWN STONE IIOCHK 100 West Forty-eighth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, with all the modern Improvements; newly pointed and repaired. Can be seen from 10 A. M. until 9 P. M. In quire on the premises. OB SALE CHEAP, OB TO EXCHANGE-A DE slrable Props'ty, situated al Nyack, on the Hudson, eon Bis ting ol four acres of J .and, under a>od cultivation and well stocked with fruit, a commodious House and suitable Out buildings. Access to New York per steamboat and <'*rs s?ve ral time* a dav. Apply to F. A. HALM 1>aY, on the premi ses, Or to CORN'S LEVER, Esq., 1(M Pearl street, B. Y. Fob salb ob exchange-no acres of good Farming Land, six hours' ride by rail from the city, well located, well watered, and will ?>e exchanged at a fair value for any desirable personal property or merchaudlue. Coll at BAMl/EL JONES' si ore, W Cortlandt street. Fob salb or exchange?^or merchandise or property In Brooklyn, 2,600 acres Land in the State of Arkansas,1,260 acres In li-nnesee. For particulars luquliei ?86 Nassau street, third floor. AH. McARfHlTR, ncal stale Broker. Fob sale ob exchange-a small farm at Sins bitui, two miles from the depot; will be sold cheap. J. F. WILLIaJtS, *42 E ghth avenue, For sale ob exchange?a country seat in Wso'obes er county, on the New Haven Railroad and Within 20 minutes' ride from this city, containing 10 a<*re?; will be sold at bargain, or exchanged for a house and lot In this city, or for a oountry seat In the same county with less fend; buildings new and tuolern; hot ami cold water intro dnctd. Inquire of GttEGOKV A CO., 26 Bond street, New York. rR EXCHANGE.?A HOUSE ON THIRD AVENUE for House on a crocs street; pay some cash; also two acres Land (splendind l <c*tion> nnd buildings, for House In this city; also House worth $8,f>0U Tor House worth $15,'Ml. Apply at 306 Ituane street, up stairs. BARLEM LOTS FOB SALB?EVERY ONE A ROME ? A number of line Lota, well located, in llaxlem, aud ready for Immediate Improvement; win sell on easy terms or would help any one to build. ? all or addross A. WaRNEk PLATT, Wo. 91 Liberty street. HOBOKEN -VALUABLE BBAL ESTATE, At A BAR gain and Increasing In value; House and Lot, 310 Wash, log'on street; also sever* 1 desirable Residences, for sale theap. Apply to ?? 8. PLUM MBK. <7 Washington street. XTBW HOUSES FOB IaLB IB JBBBBY CITT.-A BOH jy of Srst class brown slu**; one do. pressed brick, with rsb srllsrs ons row frame do., with basements: all new and tntaking. Also, ssreral single Houses: all In the best looall ttss. Terms accommodating. Apply al the eoraer at Jersey wme and Bonth Fwitk street, ?ar the prsmlsss f\WNBR GONE TO CALIFORNIA?BUT UOO RE U quired. For sale, a verr genteel and healthy location In Williamsburg, a new brick Cottan gas, iron balcony. Cars, 8 seats, pass the door. Price $1,1)00. Inquire at 468 Grand strootTwilltemsburg. mBB ABVBBT18EB WISHES TO PURCHASE OB HIBB A n moderately sised h< use In Brooklyn. A situation on or near the Heights preferred :would purchase or rent furnl two with the house If be oould be suited. Address R. S. M., box MBPost okiceL rro EXCHANGE FOB A FABM OF 40 TO 100 ACRE*, J. in Westchester county?a valuable Dwelling on Sixteenth street, convenient to Union square; size 25x66x103, four stories; high ?toop. Price $IH,000, mortgage $7,000. DINGEE M B OLDEN, Bo. B Pine street and 1.K4 Broadway. VALUABLE BBAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN - Modern brown stone Dwelling, M West Twenty eighth street, one block from Broadway, thine story and high stoop tenement; 30 feet front by 4* feet; lot 30 by 100 feet. Two thirds of the purchase money can run on mortgage for are years. I am dele mined to sell It it is ss valuable as any st'y property, and Increasing in value. Apply to H. T. OBEBNrt OOP, 78 Wllltam street. WISOONSIN.-FARM IN GBBBN LAKE COUNTY, cultivated and woodland, very pleasantly located, for Mle low, or exchanged for place on New Haven road No ngsnt answered.- Address Owner, Herald office. Citizens Gas stock. Brooklyn, wanted, state prion WANTED?TO HIBE OB PURCHASE, A FaBM ON the North river; the vicinity ef Flshkilt preferred, a healthy location, and good and commodious buildings Ad 4mos Fanner, boa 118 Hera'd office, for ten dars. H7ANTBD TO PUBCHaSB? A BROWN STONE FRONT Vf or brick dwelling bouse; must be located north of Fwen to flfth street and west of Fourth avenue. Price not to ex eeed $8,008 Address, with full particulars, B. Benson. 101 MATRIMONIAL. A YOUNG PBOFBSFIONAL MAN, AGED rHIRTY t?o, desires to meet with a young lady, eighteen to twenty five, amiable and affectionate In dlstio-itlon, musical In taste ana accomplishment, and social and domestic in habit. With a view to matrimony, hbe will find a refined and com forable home Address X. X. O., Hroadway Poet office, stat ing were an interview can be hvL L TOUNG BATTHBLOB TO BE DISPOSED OF ON reasonable terms Will no lady take the bargain! Ad Borneo, Jr , box 3.4IA Post oflloe, N. t. AOENTLBMAN, OF MIDDLE AGB, WISHBS TO na^ the acquaintance of an amiable youn* laly, with n view to matrimosy: none need n .swer only in good faith. Address A 0., box 144 Hsrald office. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF GOOD STANDING IN A society and in comfortable circumstances w lakes to fenn tko scqualntanc* of an agreeable youiig lad*, with a stow to matrimony. She must p .seess t hoee traits of ehsrao tor eee?ntial to make a home attractive and happy. Ad trees to sincerity, C. P. Louis, Madison square Post office. S V ATBIMONIAL.?A GENTLEMAN DtHIRES TO MAKB , the acquaintance, with a view to matrimony, of a lady between 38 and A8 jean of age, of prr possessing manners nnd appearance All replies strictly oonOdcntlaL Address Bsnry Douglas, New Haven, Conn. <kl n nnn -ANT GENTLEMAN HAYING THIS Stint ean meet with an unusual opportu nity to enmge as equal partner In n pi want and substan tial mannTtcturing cash business, under protection of loiters ytont, by applying at MB Broadway, room 8 BPORTIMO. A J* *H1 LAST STBAMEB, a LARGE LOT *s ?* Canwtm excellent songsters, at wholesnleand retail, DAVID M XpBANriS BUTUR, HO 8 pBCK gUP. HA8 ALL THeI ,A"?1 ^ * FBBTUJNG. WITH ?? ???^HBK^>,ssor? than 2U feet of wa A NEWFOUNDLAND A>[I) ST. BBBNABD DOGS FOR Jf toto; prise$8to$86. Thens are the chotoeet breeds In Om sity for appearance and else. Also a 'plasdtd set of FOK SaLK. 4N OLD fc'bT.V I HSII P l> l? lOl fiKii :AN UA?',ERY for Miic ur t >!?' l ocation g ?.! Inquire i>n I'lp pp. mU'No. :7U i <. ua*l Ktroot, c iriwr of Fa?mftu il.eet,orai 206t hat:, aw -nu?l? fMCLMH PRADW FOlt PALE ?THE s^OCK FI'K j uitute, ftllllnt ?ud Good Will of mi oM . st inll-hed tugl'sh hh.idef. urtr Brueilwey, in a superior UvuiUu, luw rent anil lung l"??e E. LaWKKNCE A CO., 02 Es?l full IS mil gmnl I/OB SAIL.? nib SLBM.'KIBth HAS l'?TU Fl*iT r elsss ?I'V ?Uc?l .-U one art to. a. one&'-> loot. In pert eel oid> r and ?t ell aO?plrd fw ? wt route Kjr particu lars impure of Joll N hNOLiS, si If buildc, fool of'Tenth street, East river. N ? C>OB HaLE ? A BABE OPPGllTl N1TY ?TUB KIU?IT r 10 manufacture ar.d sni Leadbmtter ? r?n >wned lhpild R'ove Polish Id all the deslern, southern and N-w England States. A lonunf (an N; au r In any oue Sute, as It super-1 cedes all others. Address or apply to LKADhBarKK, 107 Ful ?U (UMt. FOB SALE ?THE rROMUITOR OK A FIRST ''LASS Grocery, having other business to attend U>, would Ilka lo Mil the block, Future* and ?o> d will of kla store: this la a gcod chanee for an energetio inau. Apply at lis But Thirty-sixth street. FOB BALE?ONE 14 UOIHE RTEaM BOILEK AND Engine, with two of Prentiss A Page's MlHs, with Shaft ing, Belts. Ac Also tlve vear* lxaoe or the bul ding 161 Da ane street. Apply at 5tu6 > ullou s> reel. F'OB Sale-A GBOCEBY STuBE. DOIN J A ?ODD badness ?atlsfnctory reason* given for selling oat on the premises. Inquire at 360 1 hint avenue. Fob rale-a first class wholesale and re tall corner I.lquorStore, good (land; choap rent; mull be sold. Apply to J. A. BIOOS, 73 Na-sdu street. Fob sale -a nbatly fitted or porter iiousk, Known a? the Acorn, 211 seventh avenue; eMt,?bliH und six years; a good funn y trade. H ill be sold cheap. For fur ther | nttlculars apply on the premises. Fob sale-an ovsteh and bow lino saloon, now doing a go .d buslne.tN, at Mo 16 Howerv A ?m*l o?plul requited. Can tale possessionof it on the 9th ul this month Fob rale?a canal boat, sciiooveb rigged, lying In llnboketi basin, salH and rigging nearly new; draws six feet water with Ml ions; wou il>? Mild to a respon sible man on ao omiiKKlstlng term". For particulars In mire of t D. Banks, S2 North Moore street. Fob sale?a fir*t clans lot of englhh rot lies, labelVd; also Drugs of the brut quality; al o, a Coffee Bill and titling*, by Zacharlah I'a.kcs, or lililultwham. Apply at *0. 70 Mlddat:h Street, Brooklyn Fob sale-a good obocery stoke, in a fib.-jt ciass nelgMsrhovd, on one of the avenues ou the west side of the town; a tli*t rata slum! for business. Tills Is a rare chance for a party wishing to eug.-ige in the bailnets. All information given on Interview. Address r vV. L., sin lion E, htgth avenue. Fob sale-an interest in the most yalua ble [latent rlubt 111 the o..uiitr>, just issued Capitalists only may address X. A., Herald oflice. Also a tlue op? a Oar rlage, built by Wood A Co. Fob sale?the stock and kiatuhes of a dining and oyster saloon, with a three years' lease, in a good location. Apply at >M Fourth avenu* Fob sale-the stock, fixti beb, ao., of a fa mlly gro??-ry establishment The liuaineas for the lant year, luoetly lor eaali, exceeded IAU0 pe week, and could be largely Inert-used. A very favorable lease can be obtained of the premises, which a e well adapted for the business, and the stock, fixtures, Ac., are in first rate order, making it a very desirsble opj crtunltv for any .pat ties wishing to enter the business. For f urther particulars or an iuierview address Grocer, Herald ollce. Fob bale CHtAr?the lease, stock and fix tures of a neatly fitted up Liquor Store and codgiug House; three years' lease, tweutv ?lugle lodging rooms, with beds and bedding. Apply al No. 6 Catharine slip, or to peyton, #5 Division street. Fob rale ob to let?the lease and furni ture of Walton's Hotel, Isltp, L I. Trout fishing sea son opening at this place on Ihe 1st of March. Early applica tion will be n*oess?ry. Apply to E. M. walton, at Thorpe s Hotel, Eighth street and oroadway. Fob tbade ob sale, vbbt low?Philadelphia House, 1.13 and 136 Fourth strest, near osll Towar, ba tweea South First and South Secondsuv ?ta 1 his hotel has r?ur years and three mon hs to run. It cost t7,t)00 and will be sold for $2 W0 ct sh or *3,000 trade. CaU on B. L TUUKEB, on the premises, Brooklyn. E. D. Hotel for hale.?the lease ca long and fa vorable on*). Fixtures, Furniture. Stock, Ac., of the moot desirably situated public and private dining and .upper room* in thla city. The acoommoda'lon* and patroi **?! or thl? es tablishment are un*urpa*?ed by any, and can be inceased to any extenUfoy an enterprising party For full purtleulars ap ply to D. B BRIT TON A CO., 11 Broad atieet, NY. LIOl'OR STORK FOR SALE?WIM OR WITHOUT Stock, in one of the principal thoroughfare* in Brooklyn. AddrtaiC. H O., Brooklyn fo^omce. Meat and vegetable market for sale; one of the best ataude In the ciiy, and doing a good bitfl Dea*. For particular* apply at IS7 Srldge street. Brooklyn. 0 ,LD STEEL CAR SPR1NGS.-F0RTY T0N3 TO AR HVtt in a few davs. For sale by U&NHY YOXOE, 195 Broadway. Quartz ruck miix and portion of patent for talc.?The wj host for reducing rock and other d substance* to perfect dust, with hardened .hitting grlnilui.urfa^.sil^h.r^ d \y00T). 81 Nassau street. gTEAMBOAT JOH^HAR^ALJafiCONFlDENC,, Hull MO feel long, 23 teat beam, 8K W, hoW Engine St lu<h cyliuder, S) leet stroke, lu g.K>d TOndtil-in and now ran tilnir Ai;DlT to < - II An W, l/Oi KuAM't U Dg. VP y 1|o in Broa(|way, New YorfcL_ phikterh FOR HALE, A JOB PRINTINO Of f ICB. T?2? Kte?m Engine. Boiler, Cylinder and lianJ 1 reuse*. hteam Inkers. Types. 4a Can beaeen on the pre mises, 72 Maiden lane. New \ork. T~O DRi nOIST8.-FOR SALE. THE STOCK, FIXTURES and Lea?e of a first clan wholesale Drug Store. In one of the best lmatlons in the city. To any one desirous of en gaums lu this business surn an opportunity ?rr'3r?? , '?? A<fi"e?s% "hVal uame. Drugs, boi 2,?M New York Post of fice. WHOLESALE DRUG STOCK FOR SALE?AT A gn-m sacrifice, lu iota to suit customer*, by the Aaaigne, 34 Berk roan .treet. $125. -WANTED, V MAN, MARRIED ?R SINGLE u,. |n a butter an! f ult .tore; been established nine leeelpte $16 t. ?60 a day simrtmenu'or a.fam^ lw- rent of store and two rooms, only $1< a month, a full half share for this *mall amount, a* a man la more needed than money; will take part caah. Apply on preau*en, 482 Hudaou .treet $175 WILL BUY THREE YEAR8 LEASE, STOCK ?DA I 11 and Futures, Rest?urant and two furnlahed R^nna of a corner Liquor ?tore. which leave* suite almost rent rree. Apply at 4681 wenty elgkb .treel. corner teoond avenue Aocn ?FOR PALE, THE B ERT L1QU O RB ARAND S^OU, Lodging House at Catharine market, near the Eaat nvcr 23 beds, full every night, and ihe bar doing ? gt?d cash trade. Apply ?t PAfTOS'*, M Pi*.*" street. ? ?CONFECTIONERY AND BAKERY FOR 000. sale. In a first class neighborhood. Good ieaae low rent Applv on the premises, corner of Broadway rnS .CSt A partner, with ha* the amount, taken. Ain ftftn STEAMBOAT FOR HALE OB EX^ $10,000. change. A Steamboat, of 180 ton*. In good ord, rand rraoy tor Immediate servlee, will be aold or o ^-^v'irarEiotr.iriSL-???. AWEOLOOT. A BONA riDlPASTBOLOGIBT, THAT BTERTOWE can depend on. Is Madame WIl^ON, wto UlU^ihe ob Wet of your aa aoon a* you eater her room ??damn wtteon^a the greatest as^.logtet t^^evtr was known. ^ke Sj'JSSToi mi JZJSSHT -*" advice ha* never been known to fall, aid twen* dollar* reward to any one wao cab equal her In the above science Madame wllson la la poeaeaaioo of the celebrate.I magic charm* which are ever oertaln inthelr.iroct. 1 ruly mt? ih# be called a wonderf al woman IW Allen tween Houston and Stanton, over the bakery. Fee for ladie* and gentlemen. 60 cent*. Astonishing? mh>ame morrow, seventh I daughter, bora with caul aad gift of forirtgbt, tell, how ?oon and often you will marry, and many evenu, wren your very though la Fee28ceot*. lAt Ludlow (treet, be 16* Houa tonf O^ntlemen not admitted. * gTROLOGY ?MADAMB LENT CAN BR CuNtL'LTED A about love, marriage and akeaat rHao4a Jfce tall* all the eveata of iua, at1* Mett street. Ladiea, M eealai jao t emen at) seata Bk? caaaee apeedy marrla?a* aad ^v*a larky numbers i?7hVOYAN<e MRS. SEYMOUR'S MEDICAL t'l*lrv..y*ni toomx. IMfo Eaat Twentieth >-in| and Second avenuea I he most critical ni?wlle? and huaineaa con(ultatIons day and evenlnc, and perfect aatlafac Uon guaranteed always or no pay riORA A. SEAMAN. INDIAN DOCTREM AND INDE 1 pendent Hu*tnea? Clairvoyant, ha* removed Inm 101 UotZk .treet to 23? Dlvl.U.n. where she ?an b* upon all subjei". a* ustutl. B. My Indian \eget*>le Ualr Ke.torer *old here aDaME RAT, *? SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR Twenty .even'Vi street, surprlee. *11 who vtaither. H?e tick, troubled and unlucky Jiould tert bar po*?^a yror very thought.. Ineky number*, loe*ea. l^dlea, 36 cent*, genu, ku cent*. Mr ft hOWITT. WHOMPBON ?ffcBET?THM NATC rally gifted Udy I* a wonder Ut all who virit her. her pr> dlctl< n* are so trae. If you wl*k truth with regard to past, prese nt and future event., give her a ialL Hour, frvm V A. 7 P.M. Ladles K cents. gentlemen 10 oeata. NB.-who ha4 NOT BEARD OF THE CELBBRA ? s tad Mm. I'KEWSTKR, who ha. heed oon.ulted by taouMuid. In tki. and otkar clUee with entire eaUafaoUonT She feel, eon Odea t aha haa a* equal. She tell, the n.ait of future wife or huabaad, and that of her vt*iter. If Ku wteh truth give her a call, at Ml Third avenue, above cnty flrat .treet Ladles, U oanU; gentlemen, fi. SPIRIT!'ALISM ? MR. CHARLES OOLOHESTER, THE great teat medium, having removed to 448 Broadway, be tween Bleecker and Bond street*, eaa ha eooeulted aa uaual. Hour* f rom ? A. M. uattl 8 P. M. XIIE GREATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD IS THE young and accomplished Madame BYRON, from Parte, o eaa he aoniulted with the Mrtataat oonBdeaoa oa all af fair. of Ufa, embracing love, oourtehlr, marriage Mokneee. internparanee altuaUnn*, law*nlu, baalaaea, travelling, abeeni frtamuTloat or stolen property Mo. She haa ateo a eecret to -.t. ym) beloved by your heart'. MeaL and being* togatber thoee long Mparated Realdenaa Ml fhlrd avenue, above S^tya?T^Xrtreet, *oond floor Ladiee.Moeato genO* maa >5 oenta. A QT GRAND STREET, THIRD Fl^m-MABAEE 4 ?> I WIDOER, clalrvolranl aad gifted Spanteh lady, on vella lie miaterie. of futurity, lova, ?arrte?a, abaaat Maoda, sleknes*. pfeecribes medic I rw /or ail dteaaeaa, tail, lucky num bans frapwiyloet or stolen, 4a _ MRRlT 44 Attoroay Mnti, removed to 19U Monroe .treat. mo* mdukb awp lod61iio. At NO. 7 QRAMERCf PLACE, IN 'twbntibth atreet, second b tuu from Fourth tvtuuo, to let, to <>im ?r iw? ainxle kuiw-ni*-o, a furnished Hitting Room ?od B?d moh a'lacbed House drat class, private and eoasforutbla. Breakfast u<) '<*, lf rtquliyd. A handsomely fi'rnikhed FRONT varlob and Bcdr> 'sm to let, to gentleman and wife, or two ainj(i>) g<-ntl?mcu. with or witlwut Bo*/d Apply at <7 Amity ?tract An entire second iloor, four rooms, to tot; well furnlaheii, with food Hoard, in a prlralt FrwncU family, at 17u Thirty-seventh atraet A guod opportu alty far the** deslioui oi ?rni? i French and mutle Ananumidect FI'rnihhkd PARIjOR AND BED rounj, oq the flr?t floor; also a neatly furnished front rrtom on tne third fl^or, mutable 'or a gentleman and his ? ue, or single g?i (lemeu, to be tot, with Botfrd, in a uiu^l pmate family, 18i Lauren* strict At 17 TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and fi'tb avenue, furnished Room* to ran', with r sra; suitable '"r gentlemen, er a gentleman and hi* wife; bouse contains the modem imtnwements References ex changed. AT 106 EAS7 TWENTY FIRST strbct, UBAMBRCY Hark, pleasant furnlahed room*, with cloaeta, bath, it, tollable tor families or single gentlemen. reference? e? chsigeil A FEW or>tlellbn CAN BE accommodated with furul>-bed rooaw, an aulte or alngly, without Board, In a private family; alao the bark narlor and exleu ? tbaorat floor, by applying at u1 Ninth street, third aoor Kaat of Brotdway. . PARTMANTp.? A HANDSOME SUIT OF FOUR A kooina, with private table, at 74 fu th avenue. Alao Parlor and htdioomi for it fant'eman. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET ROOMS Oil mitaof kt ouin on Mooud or third floor, to (Ingle gen tlemen or gentlemen and their wives, with Hoard, at moderate prices. Houaa baa every modern improvement, pleasantly Wat> d, convenient to earn and atages. Call at 41il West T*cnt)r third strict. A NICELY furnished ROOM TO LET, wihi J\ r ard. auitable lor a gen 1. man and w ife. Also one for kindle geutleuien. Tho bouse baa all the modern Improve m< uts fceferenee* eichanged. Apply at w7 Fourth atreet. ArkW VBRf BEAUTIFUL BOOMS, WITH FIRST ?laaa Board, by a New Raglan j lady, with highest reie reuae aa to character and capability, at k Weat Nineteenth atraet, corner of klitk avenue A LA ROB AND VBRY DESIRABLE BOOM ON BE eond Boor, with two large pantries, bath and water cloaet attache-', auitable for a gentleman and hla wife or two single gentlemen alao ona alngle room at 134 Warerley place, near Sixth a*enua. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Auk.NTI.HIAN AND HIS WIFE AND TWO SINGLE gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant uooiux ai.d Boaid, by applying a. 4u Fourth street A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, bavino A FEW VA rant Kooma, will dispose of them to single gentlemen <le airing a quiet home, beat of reference required. Apply at 18 Hammond atieet. A6cit OF THREE FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET? On the aecood floor of a private kouae, where there are no boarders. can be bad together or separate, with partial Boaid ii dvair* d Appl) at 3jm Broome street, near Centre. A HANDSOMELY furnished BOOM TO RENT, with Board, on the second floor, and a bedroom ad joining. alao a good sized room on the fou th story Apply at ?6 second avenue, next door to Fourth street. Reference exchanged. A LADY OF respectability WISHES TO LBT A suit of handsomely furnished Roams to a lady and gnu tleman; Board for the lady, and giartlal Board for the gentle man If required. In a snail private family; no other boarders taken Apply at 89 East Twenty -eighth street, near Lexing t n avenue A FEW VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS IN fourteenth street, mar i'nlon square, to let, with or without bostril A)?o desirable koonn in all parts of the city. Apply at the Boaid Agency, <u bast Fourteenth street. e. LAWRENCE a CO. A gentleman and WIFE OB two SINGLE oen tlemen, can be accommodated with a large front Room at 100 (ant 1wenty second street; the house bus all the modern Improvements. A THIRD sto ty BACK room, WITH OB WITHOUT lied room connecting, to lot, to a gentleman and wile, or ?ingle gentlemen, with Board, at 61 st Mark's plane, Eighth street Broadway stages paaa tho door. Dinner at one o'clock. ANKaTI.V pirni8hed, PLEASANT SECOND OR third story Room to let, by ft small private family; rent low; bouie has bath, sa>, t<\ ; location convenient to cars and sUigt r. Apply at 19 F lfth street, seven doors cast of HecoDd avenue. A HANDSOMELY furnished PARLOR, WITH OR without Pedroom sttaoheo to let, In a private French family, to gentlemen only; partial M?'a1h given If required. Apply at 224 Fourth street, Washington square. A NICELY furnished ROOM, WITH G AH AND flreplaoe, to let, wit iout board, to one or two gentlemen; rent $8 per month. Apply at 162 Prlnee street. AHAND80ME SUIT OP ROOMS, ON TUB SECOND floor, to let, with Board, at 41 Bast Twentieth street. References exchanged. Gentlemen and their wives, or single of.n Uenien, ran obtain nicely furnished Rooms with Board, at No. 4 Ashland plare, ferry street. Dlnne> at 6?'cl >ck. A Larue, handsomely furnished room, on the second story, with pantry and gas, to let, to one or t?o gentlemen; rent klpcr week. Also a nlw Koom for a single genilemtn, 92 per week. Inquire at 160 Prince street. A WIDOW lady, LI VINO ALONE. ON THE FIRST floor of a quiet ii-nt-m- nt house, wishes to m?et a liidy and gentleman who would re.iulre a neatly furnished room and Wflni-im with ?n'l " t'hniil IwmmI A44rM?, 'rtf week, Confidence, Madison square Post oflioe. A pleasant PABLoR and bedroom to let mHM or not, In iMHetl; Inlva'e llouw, w ith bath, gas. (lie, Ac. Locution central and unexceptionable, not far from Broadway. Apply at 820 Broadway; terms moderate. V. I'BBT 6 OO. HANDSOMh -Il/ITOF ROOMS ON TUB SECOND Ho r to let. with Board; also Koom* for single gentle men, at 124 Ninth street, a few doors west of Broadway A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB TWO OBNTLMBN run flnd a nicely furnished Hitting Room and Bedroom, Oil the first lloor, near stages and Second and Third a\emu cars, w ith or wiinout Board; only two In family. Reterenoes exchanged Address A. B. C., station D. A GENTLEMAN CAN BB ACCOMMODATED WITH A furnlsht d Room In a small private family. Apply at SSI hro?me. street A SMALL FAMILY. HAVING MORS BOOM THAN they require, would aocommodafe two or three gerit.e men, wlin or without Board; flro ll required. A desirable lo cation, convenient 'o Broadway. Apply nl164 Elm street, be tween Grand and Broome. A GERMAN FAMILY, OF THB HIGHEST BESPBOTA blllty, would accommodate a few single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wlvea with exquisite Board and elegantly furnished Kooms. Apply at 20 West Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. N. B?The highest references given and required. French and English spoken. BOABD-IN SEVENTH WARD; A RARE CHANCB for a gentleman and wife, or four single gentlemen, two square Booms, on second floor; gas, bath. Are and every com fort of a home. Terms moderate, and referenoe exchanged. Apply at 72 Henry street, near Market. rven.^^ Poplar .Wee,, Brookl^&e^ Board.?to let, with boabd, at w east tenth street, corner of Fourth avenue, and one block from Broadway, a large snd pleasant front room on the third floor, with bedroom and closets attachod. Price moderate, Refe rences exchanged. BO A RD?CLINTON PLACE?TO LET, WITH BO ARB, to a family or single gentlemen, two furnished front Hon me Apply at 61 Clinton plaee, two doori east of Fifth avenue. References required. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE AC. oommodated with a furnished, partially furnished or un furnished back Parlor, with Board, In a flrst class house, piearantly situated, on moderate terms; good reference re quired. Appljst U4 West Twenty-seoond street. T20ARD.?LABGB BOOMB, 11' IT ABLE FOR TWO PER J_> sons, can be obtained for B8 per wtek, with dree and gss: Rooess for gentlemen at $3 SO. Location pleasant and house kept with order. Apply at 494 Hudson street, corner of Morton. Board.?a butt of roomb to let. with board (separate or together), with gaa, hot and onld water, bath, large pantries, An., In a small family, where there are few boarders, inquire at No. 9 Bank street. Stages pass within one block of the house. Referenees exchanged. tOARD?AT THE AMBBICAN HOTEL, JBRBBY CITY. Full, permanent board for single gentlemen, from $6 to per week. The American Is but one block from the ry and depot, and but seven minutee frum Cortland street. Bi.aBD -A obntleman abb wifb ob two sin l gls persons can have pleasant Rooms, with B.>ard, a' 4t st sixteenth street, next to Irving place Terms, Including ?re, gaa, Ac.. $10 and $11 per week, according to Rooms. Dinner lit 6 o'clock. Beferenoes exchanged. Board.?a obntleman and wife or two bis gle gentlemen can be accommodated with a pleasant front Room or iwo single Bedrooms, on reasonable terms, H applying at 16 Ridge street, near ilmn<1. Board.-to L?f, in a first class house, a Parlor and Bedroom, to a single gentleman, wlih partial Board. Rooms fnrnlshed or unfiimlsbi'il House has all the modern Improvements. Convenient location. Apply at 37 Bleecker street. BOABD -01 FAMILY HAVING MORB ROOM THAN required Would dispose of excellent accommodations to a small, genteel family. An excellent table provided. Loca tion desli able. Aownslble by care and stages. Apply at 173 West Iwenty-flrst street. ___ DOABD?AN BLIGIBLB APARTMENT IN A YBBY n small unobtrusive family to let with Board te an Inva lid, or a lady expecting to require medical dare kindness and home attention. For location, terms, Be , apply to, or sddress Dr. Thiers, No 62 Sixth svenue, New York. Boabd in clibtob place ?a hvit of front Rooms, for a gentleman and his wife, or for single gen Uemen; also single rooms for ringle gentlemen, at 17 Ullnton place. BM?ard 1W THIRTT FIFTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH avenue?Rooms on second and third floors, and a whole parlor story la new four story brosrn stone houses; Rooms unfurnished or famished new to suit occupants. Meals served IB rooms If deslrsd. Apply nt 2U West ThirtyBfth BHOARD AT STATBN ISLAND?PBRMANF.NT BOARD may be obtained with ? strictly private family, location retired, pleasant and perfectly healthy, eight minutee' walk from VaaderbUt's I sndBig. Adlrsss MTd , box 1.832 Font cdBoe. HOARD *0* A gentleman AND WIFE OH TWO JJ HillSBSii In a private family hi Brooklyn; location near Folio* gnd Wall street ferries. Gas and bath lurnished. Cal I for two days at 71 Hssiry t, near rineapple TJOAIID REDUCED.?MINGLE GENTLEMEN MAY X> tod food Board ?4 from B? W to ft. A oloe Room for n fentleman and wife, ?7 and fi A party of gentlemen could be hsnitsosnslf scrommodaled. Applv nt |fl Henry street. BO AUDI NO AND LUDOHTO. Board waited.?a gentleman ant> wins de slrc a tileaaant furmahttd ttooai with Board <u * prl.ate family Address, slamig 'of an and location, b. M. t\, Ho raid office. Board wanted -a hi it of three small rooms wauled, by a Mnall family, In a Lrg* bmiMmg bouse or private fauiUt, with Board. Location up u>wa ami * oat of Broadway Aitdre-ji, stating term* aiiu location, box 1 W Post ottice. Boaidiko.-a you no widow lady. ooorrnia h< row a house, herself and servant the only oce.upa'its, world let a I'bolce of hands nueljf f urn la bed Room.*, to ;i K?u tleuiun and lady, wnb Board for lady only. For further par llouiars please rail at 175 flreeae street, near Bleecker BOARDING ?FURNISHED ROOMS WITH BOARD KOH gentlemen. A neat room, suited for one or two gentle men, and a all g)e room, are now vacant. References e.\ chsnged. Apply at ISft Eifct Broadway. BOARDINU.-IN ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH avenue to let, will. Hoard, two ?eiy Ana K'wma, on the first Door, one a largasfi out Parlor, and the aeoond an equally large e?ten?l<.n Room. References exchanged Addtess F. J. Herald office. Board in brooklyn?to let, with bovrd, for a gentleman and wlte, or single gentlemen, a large front >ni, with ball Bedroom attached. Also an nofuruUhed back Parlor. Term# low. Inquire at 206 Henry street. Board in Brooklyn.?oentlemen can obtain partial Board, with flint daw accommodation, at 73 Stats all eel, betw een Beifty and < Union, Are minutes' walk from B all ?treet and South ferric*. Board in brooklyn-in a private family, can be obtained for a gentleman and wife or two slnglo gentlemen, by applying at No. 13 Tlllary it., Ave minute* walk from Fulton or Wall street ferrv. Board in Brooklyn.?a well furnished Iron: Room, suitable for one or two gentlemen, alu.) a ?Ingle Room on aame floor. References exchanged. Address 38 rlrsl nlace. Board in Brooklyn.-to let, in a i'hivate House, a Hult of Room* furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial Board; aim single Rooms. Reference giveu. Apply at 21U Henry street, ntar Stale. Board in Brooklyn -parties bequirinonice ly furnlHbed Rooma with Oral rate Board, will do well to apply at IU6 Pineapple >trcot, Brooklyn, fire minute*' walk from Fulton ferry. Referenoea given and required. few boarders taken. Board in Brooklyn.?handsomely furnished Rooms on the seoond floor. In a modern house, with Board, are. offend by a small private family. Terms mode rate References required. Apply at 251 Clinton ?? iwt. Boabd in bopih Brooklyn, -a small ifa family w ill let to a gentleman and wife or a single gen tleman, a neatly furnished Room on the seoond floor; oon talns gas, gra'e, hot and cold water. Price $10. Apply at ?i lompiins place. Board on Brooklyn heiohth.-a oentlbman and wife and two or three single gentlemen can bo ac commodated with board and pleasant furnished double or ?ingle rooms, at 10 Willow street, Brooklyn Heights, between Fulton and Wall street ferries. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board on Brooklyn iieiqhts.-furnlshbd ??(?I at No 34 Cranberry street, fronting im Willow, side entrance on Cranberry, one blockfl'rom Columbia, fl?e minutes' walk from Wall uyl Fulton ferries, ga~. bath, Ac., In the house. Board on Brooklyn heiuhts.-very pleasant ami convenient Rooms am now v?-*nt at Ki Columbia street; location unexceptionable and table excellent; bath rooms on each lloor. three minutes' from Fulton ferry. CHEAP FURNISHED BOOMS AT THE FBABKPOBT House, corner of Frankfort and William street*.?Oocd Booms from $1 to $3 per week. Lodgings from 'it cents to 37 ?ents per night. Open all night. Oood resiaurant attached. DBSIBABLK ROOMS, with BOARD, containing! every convenience, for a gentleman and wife, and a sin gle gentleman. Those in search of a pleasant home will do well to apply at 276 Fourth avenue. French board.-a few hinole obntlemen can be accommodated with elegantly furnished Rooms and a first class French table, In a French family occupying a modern house, 47 West Twelfth street, between Flrtn and Sixth avenues. French board in bbooelyn.-onb ob two gentlemen can be accommodated with Boom* aad Board by applying at No. 1M Clinton street, Brooklyn. Fubnished rooms.?a la rub parlor and Bedroom, connecting, on second floor : rout, handsomely furnished, to be let to gentlemen, together or separately. Partial Board if desired. Apply at 61 Bleecker street. IiU'RNISHED BOOMS TO I.BT-WITII KI LL OR PAB 1 tlal Board, to gentlemen and their wive* or single gentle men. Hoiim flr*t class. Location quiet and genteel. Karly dinner. Referenoea exchanged. No. 88 lit. Murk s place, Eighth (treat, near Second avenue. FURNISHED ROOM WANTED?FOR A. GBSTLKMAN and lady. In a reapectable locality, below Teuth street; Board for lady only; widow lady preferred Address T. D. N , Broadway ro*t ofllce, stating term*, which muHt be rtsa ?ouabla. TTMIRNIRIIED ROOM*?IN THE HOUSE OK A PRI r vatc family. Breakfast if desired. Batb, |M, Ao. to Enit Twelltb street, near Broadway. Furnished rooms ?two handsome parlors, on first floor, one Room and bedroom on second floor, one large Room on third fV>T, with eroton; nue large unfarnlabnd basement, all with gax and convenience* for housekeeping; prices low. 106 Bast Nineteenth street, near Third avenue. FURNISHED ROOM TO LRT.-A VERY DESIRABLE Room in the third story, suitable for a gen'leinan and wife, or two single gentlemen, with or without partial Board can be ob'alnedtiy applying at 136 Ninth street, a few doors ? est of Broadway. ENTFKI. Riubd wavtsu ih nnooULvu. a orni Vm tleman ?nd wife, lately married, wish board in Brooklyn; tbey require a parlor and bedroom, w ith bathing r?iom, gas, flie, Ac.; a bouse where there are no othei boarders preferred. Terms not to exceed $2& to per week. Address box 3,tilS New Tork post ofllce. MAISON MEUBLE, 70 ANDn WEST THIRTY EMIITII street, between F'flh avenue and Rroadway, to let, ele gantly furnished, floorx <>i separate rooms; house* new, (irst cla-s, four story, brown stone; common parlor Restaurant below. Rent monthly, in adwtnoe. Kino front Basement, suitable for a physician's or other olhce. Permanent board wantbd-iv a small pbi X vate family, from the 1st of >l.?y, by a geutleman and his wife and child; w111 furnlth their o\\ n nums. Hoarding hoose keepers need not apply. Address W. U,, Herald ofllce. Rooms to let-furnished, single or in suits, In the brown stone house, SS Bowery, by the week er the month. House first class, furniture new. heferenee do sired. Inquire on the third floor, of J. WABBBTON r LET?WITH BOARD, AT NO. 2U TWENTT nlnth street. one large Room. o'er the Parlor, with Be l room connected; will be vacated on Saturday, February 9. Also one large Room on third flxir, now vacant. TO LET?A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM AND FRONT hall Bedroom, to single gentlemen, with B<*rd, at 71 Weet Twenty sixth street. Location very desirable ana term* moderate. Dinner at six. mo LET-IB WILLIAMSBURG, GOOD ROOMS AND J. Board, for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentleman. Good referenoea required. Address B. R., box 1? Herald ofllce. r LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, TWO LAROB front Booms on the sacond and thirl tioore. neatly fur nished, In a private family where there are a few other board ers; bouse has all the modern Improvements and is convenient to ears and stages. Inquire at 34 King stroet. Reference given and required. mo LET-A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, X front pantry attached, to twe gentlemen, or gentleman and his wire: also one front attic Room, convenient to ears and stages. Apply for two days at No. 9 Grand street. Rent moderate. , ... T mO BENT?A BOOM AND BBDBOOM, WITH BRRAE. 1 fast if requited, to gentlemen only; the house has the modern Improvement*; good eloeet room and gas, within a few step* of two line* of stages. Inquire at Ho. S Amity WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, IN A RESPECT ABIJi family. Board on moderate terms. Address U. J., He rald ofllce. $2.50. B^ftlBfBDVCTION IN BOAnn Ladles^?,* A? u???^rtahle lionJS. u r BOOMS AND ? PABLOB WANTED?WITH FRIT ATI U table, betwean Sixth and Lexington avenues aad Wash Ington aad Madlsen squaree, for all months or mora, on raft sonable terms. Address box l.fltti Post office. _ A tl WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH frO snd Sixth avenues ?To let, bands unely furnlsheil front snd back Rooms; alao a single Room, wth or without Bosrd, In a first class house and with a French family. LocA lion unsurpassed. Convenient to ears and stages. Terms very reasonable. Referenoea exchanged. rtQ SPRINO STRBBT, THREE DOORS FB<>* BROAJB I U way.?To let, several handsomely furnished Booms, tc single gentlemen; the location Is n?*r all the flr?t hotels and places of amusement; reading room frea Inquire of ANMOM I! or HE . T nQ EAST rOUBTBENTH STREET. NBAB BROADWAY I U and Union square ?A dealrabls family Boom, alao two comfortable Rooms, suitable f?r single jeatlemen. Terms vsry moderate. References saehssigsd. Dinner at I e'etoek. GREENE STRBBT, ABOYE SPRING-ALSTON House. Elegantly furnished suite o Rooms; gas, < >o Ion and erery convenience for housekeeping economically; particularly suitable for small respectable families or single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent icuants. EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET-DOUBLE PAR lor. on first floor, furniahed or unfurnished, together or separate, wltn or without Board, at very low prices, alao two good Rooms with Board Call i or two days as shore. QQ PRINCE STBEET, NBAB BBOADWAT. ?BL8 O V gantiy furulabed Parlor* and single Rooms for gen tlemen, everything neat and clean, all the modern Improve meats, tarm* low. Apply a* above. 1 PRINCE BTRERT-ST. CLAIR HOUSE-RLE lUU gantiy furnished Rooms, with Bedroom* attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete. In cluding gas and Croton water, to let to respectable families, or single gentleman ' BLBRCEBR STRRET-A PARLOR AND BED. room adjoining, also two single Room* to let, with House first claa*. Dinner at I o clock. Tarm* mode rat*. Of A ELM STREET, NEAR SPRINO-MARION HOUSE. Xi.LV Nicely furnished Apartment*, arranged for economi cal housekeeping, with all the eonvaolcnoea. Including nock ing utensils. Vest bedding, gas, water, Ac. Bent* low to re spectable tenante. Ofi? WBST TWENTY-TH1BD STBEET.?A SUIf of furnished Rooms to let, with Board, for a geatle sui and family. Dtnnsr at six a'slock. References t? 7 CO BROADWAY, BETWEEN EIGHTH AND NINTH lUO streets. Suits of ftmlshe.t Room*, on (Irst sad second floors, to let to gentlemen, together or separately House newly furnished and ha* all the modem Improvement*. Location pleasant IMBI.ICATfOWN. pOYALTY IN THE NEW WOBLD, '? THE Pfclf^ XV af Wales In America. By Klnahaa Ooruwallls. New edftkm ealarffll, with steel portrait*. "Ever, page is frash aad sparkling, wrttf, true sod original ' Herald M. DOvLAur, Walker atreet. ?Al.rcs AT ArCTKW. ~k .'HO. T BUNOftRI' >11), AUCTIONEER. A. fcXI'HAi 'luiNAKY SAL*. OK MOB AND COSTLY HOUSEHOLD FI'RNlri'RE AND WORKS or ART fio.'d by order of Juo. 11. Heril.?ii, K?q , On thin day (Wedneeday>. Feb 6. at lo?, o'cl.*-* precisely, Ai Ui(i I'lefMl private reaidnin-*, Vi Waal tilxieeuth sire.-t be tween filth and Sixth avenues. DRAW1NU ROOM furniture. Cnn*i*ts of carved rosewood Kteaere*, marble top Fren< ti plate doors Mid back; work Table, iuliud with mother of pearl rosewood Centre Table*, i'tatuaiy marble top: two full suits Draw tug room Furniture, elegant teta a-tet" Sofas, two arm, reception, and eight oval back Chaun, carved rwwixid frames. covered in three oolored satin brocade of the moat ex pensive (li hci iplion; Console Tables, inlaid with tortoise shell; Brocade and lace Cartaln*. six light bronze aud oriu'.lu Chan, dcllers, imported I n>m 1'arU; Candelabra#, Bracket*, French plate pier and mantel Manna, with i tch gill frames; sup rb Sevres and Dresden China Vases. , MAGNIFICENT J OCTAVE PIONOFORPE. eniTed legs and mm, finished all i ?nnd, Inlaid with solid pearl keys, rose* ood Stool, M usie Hark, embroidered cl ith Cover, Book and Sheet Musk, hall iDaewood Uat Stand, Oilcloth, Ac. ? , _ . DINING ROOM. Solid oak Buflul, richly carved oak extension Table, 11 feet draw, HeerdU patent- Armchairs, Butler's Tray, Couuhos, Silverware, Coffee Urn, 0\sti r Turet u, Tea (eta, alx pieces; Napkin Bings, Egg Stand an.l Boiler cake BaaketJ, Ousters, Spoons, Fork*, Toe Pitcher*,.cut and engraved Glass and t hlnawaro from the eel- braled houw of Peepln A Co , Pari*, Jtl.: Decanters. Goblets, Chaiopipir's, Wines, Caiatre*, Fruit and Preserve Stands, 1'uncb bowl, Hh? tlleid table Cut lery gnd Linen, gold band Dinner <et, deouated Teatets. Ac. CHAMBERS. Rosewood Bureau*. Bedsteads, Commodes and Wardrobe*, en suite, style Louia XI'.; hair and spring MsiUesses, Blan ket*, Linen, Brussels Carpets, oval Mirrors, Sofaa, Kork'-rs, Ac. ilttu Furniture of the upper chainbera. Strangers wishing to attend t hi* aale ran take Fil th and Sixth avenue cart, and stages at Astor Home, St. Kb holas and Met-opoliian Hotels will bring them withln a few doors of the house, corner of Sixteenth *treet. Auction notice-positive and unreserved sale or MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At the elegant residence No. 2J0 West Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue, ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY t. The catalogue comprising the Largest and richest a r sort me tit of Household Furniture and Works of Art Offered at auction thia season. Superb seven octave Pianoforte, Elegant draw Ing room Suit*, Arti*tic llronzes, Statuary, Oil Paintings, by eminent artists. Bronze and Ormolu Chand- tiers, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Brocade snd Laoe c urtains, Ac. Commencing at !<??; o'clock precisely?the entire elegant Furniture and beautif ul Works of Art contained in the above large dwelling. (II of which will be so!d without reaerve, ana must be removed Immediately from the premise*, comprising a very large and elegant assortment of evefSrthing essential to a fashionable and costly furnished residence, In rosewood, oak and mahogany. Sale will com mence lu the dining room, with rich silver Waie of Rogers Brothers' mauuiacture?Urns, Custer*, Spoons, Pork*. Cako Basket*; Dining Sets, Superb French ami Bohemian China, crystal cut disss, rnby engraved CHm* Ware, Ivory and pearl Cutler}', French ron?lalu, elegant Kitemiton Cable, with oak Dining Room Furniture Parlors?Two richly carved rose w o?d Parlor Suits, covered in throe colored brocade, lu perfect order; velvet and Wilton Carpets, rosewood marble lop Ete geres; rose wood Centre, Sofa and Pier Table*, two elegant Pier Glasses, with bases; damask aud rich laoe Curtains, French Shades. Turkish Chair*, with Uiungr* to match; Reception Chairs in brocade, elegant carved rosewood Pianoforte, with solid peat 1 keys; Music Cabinet, Divans, maguiflcent mantel Vaaea, Brouaaa. marble group* of Parlor Ornaments, with a number of choice aud valuable Paintings; velvet and Wilton Carpeu, elegant Chamber Farnilure, In rosewood and maho gany, Bed* and Bedding, Kitchen Ware, Ac., Ac. A CCTION NOTICE. A- fV.OUO worth of Elegant Household Furniture, Rich Carpels, elegant seven and a half ootave Pianoforte, Parlor Suit*. Bureau*. Paintings Ac. RUSSELL W. WE8TCOTT, auctioneer. wtU aell Uil* day ("Wednesday), at 10S o'clock, the entire beautiful Furniture contained In the dwelling house 103 West Twenty first *treet, u?ar Seventh avenue, comprising every description of parlor, dining room, chamber and library Furniture, all In perfect order, and to be positively sold, without regard to weatbar, to the highest bidder, for cash, consisting of superb tapestry aud Wilton Carpets, rich mantel and pier Mirror*, silk ana laee Curtain*, three elegant Parlor Suits, in aolid rosewood, covered In silk velvet ana broratel; two Etegete*, oentre and p er Tables, rich Bronzes, Paintings, mantel Ta*e* and Orna ments. Turkish Ixiuages and Arm Chaira, Music Cabinet, French Ewretoire, Shades, bronze Clock. Msgnifleent Hose wood Pianoforte, Music CalilneL Stool and Cover. Rosewood Bureaus, ItsdalPad*, hair Matti-ease*, Mirrors, Lounges, two superior Sofa Bedstead*, Chairs of all kinds. Rocker*. Beds and Bediling, Lounge*, Extension Table, rleb China, Cut Olaosware, Silverware, ivory and allver Cutlery, with a large <|uantlty of pailor, chamber and dining room Furniture Mot mentioned. No postponement. Catalogues at house. A J. BLEECEBR, Al'CTIONEBR. ?>,* Valuable Property on Wo?l Broad 75.1',* ?<l?kto and neach streets, BKLOMalNO TU KHIaTB OK TU.Th BILF.Y, DECD. ? A- H(,.N * ''O. will urn ou TI.'EtUAY, reb. li, kI 12 o clock, at tbn Mrrcbtot ? Kxcbange WITHtHT Ft HT1I Kit KEfcEKVK: Ob Weet Broadway?8. w cr. Franklin ? t , the house known as 'The Fifth Ward Mu*eum Hotel ' and lit hrt'S Ur??<*.w"1?y??? w. cor. Beach *t, the four atory brick building and lot. On Varlek Street?M. E. or. Be*eh at., the three story brick )>ou>e and lot, with stable. ' Map*. terms, Ac., at No. 7 I'inn itrcet. AWo-l 10 shares Capital bu*k < olumbla Fire Insurant Co. By order of F. K. TILLOU. BfcwJ. D. BRUSH, Executora of Estate of T. Klley, ileo-m.^. A B. RICHARD* AUCTIONEER. ?40(1 CASES WfciMT.'v;1hli0'i.'Mid ?T*au* !" auction, bv RICIIAKUR ta 7. "IT* Mi, OB Wednesday, Feb. ?l, at I0?, o'elo.k, at store 44 Cortlandt street, comprising an assortment of new good*. Si^r ? Calalogues on morning o? A I'CTION NOTICE. I.srge and attractive sale of flrHU'lasa Ef)KV' . Roekawaya, Phaetons, top Baggies, light Wagons, Ac Ac : Harneaa, Kohes, An * **"* LUbLoW. Jr., will sell thin day, at bli salesrooms. No. M ? < d*r sireei, opposite the Post otlleo, without rwerne to close consigniiif-ntH four light four seal Rockaways. two extension ton light Phaeton*. six handsome top Buggies Ave light rtiaa w agon*, two elegant side seat lop Hugglex for two oi four person?; two excellent de|K.i tV?g..n?, one light Jaggei Wagon, one elegant light high seat Phaeum, An. Ac All of autH-rlor make and liulnh. Alto two ee.xmdband doctors l liaeiona; alao single and double Harneu also a balance of Invoice of alalgh, lap and c?rrtage Rob.-a. AUCTION RALE OF BOOKS AND EMIRAVINUft-ON We,l...^av ev?nliig. at 7 o'clock, at m:\ Fulton street, . * . Vit ' *!"*'"nee.?. c:iuiprialog a chol.-e aaaortinent of standard and miscellaneous Wurka: also a numiier of flue ateel plsu* Engrav In#*. AHr?^25? ^"^i-LfBRIOATrfCd OIL1 AC.?BY I HUMBERT A TlioVAH, to-morrow, Ihnnsday. at 10k' ln.,lie *lon> 3? Ann street. JU) barrels? boxes and kegs of Biorlalor and other l^ihrlnailng. Coal and Kerosene Olla; machinery, gearing and axle Ureaae. Cata ssle. Particulars tomorrow morning Browne anicholh will sell this day <wbd I . neadayt, Fehmary A at 1 o'clock, in front of salesrooms J'Lh T 1"' J ?">???. Myeara old. per fee'I y aound, kind and gentle. Mtanda without tying Ojod Iamlir animal! J NICUOUI, AUCTIONERRM.?THIS DAY edneaday), l^abruary at 101, o'clock, at our aalea rooma, J? Naeaau atreat, Urge sale of aecond hand Fu?n lore, r< moved for "onvenlenrc or sale, qi nalatlng of Beda, Bedding urvclvr, Ac ; rtoh raaewood and black walnui uLra ? _ Satin, brocatelle and repa Mlr ryra. Slaka and Brack ma, Bnotuaaea, WardroWw ubrarv Tabfea, Bookshelves, Aj;.; soUdoTrdlnlnTr^' ?l?7n grnen rspa, extenaton Tables and Sideboards Chamber Fur nlture? Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washatanda, Commodea, Ac , In T f1 h i waJaut. Alao a number of g" f fcngraUngs, Ac.. alao a very flue rosewood EerringT'' M,l*p5 al,? Iron hafe. made by h|Jm C. fyNBTABtJl B HALE.?BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECl' l 1 "P?,e thu 10J< o'clock, at BO OART s auction rooma, Mo. 1 North William street, the en tlrsfftock and Tlitaree of a drug store: Bhow 4'aaea, Per fuaasry, Medicines, Covntera, * hervlnas, Fancy AM<4ea. Ac, JOHN r. CLEaKV, Conatable. Di.KR^E\..Ai'<TIONEl:R- OFFICE 1W BOWFRY. . will sell this day. at 10J. o'elortt, the ?oek and Fixtures or the Oroocry Btore, 7# West Tweulj -fnurta street. Hale positive. UDWARD BCHENCK, Al'CTIONKF.R JL EJirRAOkDiNARv hale or paris m.u)e _ _ . _ n RNITt RK. By E. A F. n. Ri'HBKt'K, on Thuradsy, February 7, at II oclo^'Jf5 tb',r No 141 Broadway, the ahov* supert Furnitttw, eoaaisung of rosewood, and blank wood and ?m Fulls, covered In tatln, velvet aod reps; ruaewood and mahogany A mm re a Olaee, Boll, u, Bll.ii,.the,,.ies. Kn ? gneures. Buffet de Salon, table a Jen, at vie Louis XV.; ^"??flea. Tables eatre Jambeea, aod other styles: Bureaus a Caslers Buiv?us l^.uia XV. Abattaat, Buffet de halle a Mm Eft * M,n**r ? CouUseee, Ouerldons, rabl-a Ouvrmge. votlettes D"ticlne and t'omode, Vlde-I'oche, Cadre et Oorge! Cuuimsdee a Cadre, Berreaus, Ao Tbealxiveis now on ex charges *" * ^ po,u,Tely 1,01,1 without reserve tu pay the JJBNBY U. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. ^ EXTRAORDINARY BALE or FIRST CLASS t ORIGINSI, PICTURES, Being the entire o?lleetlon known as the "French and Fla. mlah BjhlbWon ' at Ooapll a Gallery. snata. ""il by au' tlon on the evrntng, *>f Wednesday, flth, and Tl.urwlay, 7th Fet man, at 7 " ,1"e> 'rt/"Dln?. ,l OoupU s Oaliery. 773 Bmadway. fernee of Nlnih atnet. that enoertt eolleeti?n of Pletares ** lf,e French and Flemish Axhibltion at Uoupll a. rZlSff! wh?hMT" ttita exhibition wtMneed ao Turtber reminder. Those who have not bad the opportunity u? V enntains the la eat and best works of (t?. rtime. Mullsr, ?, K i.aus, LamhlneC Haaslol. f'ls?ssil_ Perv tol, Monhetn-, Duverg>r. Heaneberg. Edouanl FreretaaabJ. Hchleaalng'r, Iis>.t, Ver^csckhioven. Veyrasaat, Van asnks Aagnste nonhrtif Ed?,utrd DtiMff, neotlore Frere, Dau bUny, Bret, n st Jean, Troyoa Vaa HuhetideL, Bouaaaau Da Winter, h^vet. /.em and others, forming ihe most comnlete expos'tlon of lAe modern Fracch and FVen.l.h Vho.7 ol a? gT?r."y*m this ?ttHtry. Ilie exhibition will remain on^n ir.'Bg.'TiflgKv'gr" T'ONERB.-^raURttDAT FEB 7 . ?V**! ??? William'street' ? ADCTIONEKR-THW DAT. AT 10 i iTL ,l"r' '?* WIIHam street. 10 ch-sts K2i?liS? H"*Pt? ?>??" h hbis. Illrrilht ?afi fc !??f' W R?"' plugTobaeco, Currants. Cesrapagne, JA eas.s\anuK hina, 10 k~n. nympfi, g IHM and .10 demijohn^ aMM->rt?*?l la<^i<>rn, Hft,(J00 ' ?7" i^of Hafe. Also, at IS odouk. Dry aud Kaacy Ooods, Boots. Shnes, Palters, t'lothlng, Ac. pAWNBRORBR'fl HALF -RICHARD WALTERH. AUO X tioneer. aells thia day. at H?H o eloek. st IS Bast Rrrvad ?large aasortment of men and womea's ClotlUaa. rants. Yeats, silk and other Dresses, Shaw la, Marttfl". Us, Beda, Beddlng. a good as?. fenent of sold a?d Mot o'SJfKSSai ^ a'?e^' sort men ( of Howholdlr irniture * *'nm*1 ?? S" f %r^^r?Iinr)^i^j{^T~ Hosiery, ?|'^ AS wXn rl^^Sdk^'.'eT." 5r?rera,T.oep Bklrf JOHN lELLV, Hherlfl kalkm vr a( iTiov. Su KR,K-4- LIUUOBM, AC. n'l . ,11 !111 '"rtiMwri, ?i(< 113Naaaau etreel, will rail (,n v\ r^nt.d ,y, Frbriiitrt 4, at 10$^ o clock, at JO ( berry nw, the enure suie* of a K' tail Or? ? T*Ty j*,". '?',l"or WMthcr *uli :hu Micro I'urulHrc, htand t a*ki?, he* r Pumpx, Ae * Alio, tLe ?(*>? of the I'iru. JOHN KKI.I.T Sh. riff. QMEIIIFf S HAUL 0 ClUMHERN A FAIR*'H11.D, auoilmw-,,, .*le?ro.,m US N|?UII ? iu?l, will aril, thl* (lay, R'ed?e?duy, Feb> u*ry n nt II u clock, at SI Spruce atr?-? i, all the right, title ami <nu>re*& 01 Thunia* II Penny and William V. H. Laodng, wblcti (hey had Sovamlmr 12, 19ft'. or at any ttnte >u-rval ter, to and vo tlm following property, via:?Itrm Laet Mm-uiiicd. ,mo H.?.t Ircoj Machine, Sawing aud UrladJiiij .Mach ne, ?undry JtliHftlngM, 40,14*) I axt Hick* and turned Liuiiii, Flouli nod l.a-'. U'ct Tree*, Ac. Alao one bale, lHntk and Hoir.- Future* JOHN KK1I.V, H lei-ltf. cherifkh sale or Ml O ? HAMBKR-l A FAlRCHIl.D, auctioneer*. will *ol', on Tttuway, Ketiruary 7, at II o'clock, at ih-ir laluir e,iu, Hi hawiiu street, about Sft bale* prime OUMgii i-umtj fl-r* ___ J<>HA KJSLht, Hhrlff. S?f"Sr* HALK ~8Anl>L?H> HVRNE**, TRUNKH, CHAMKKHK A FAIRCHTLD, auctioneer*, *a r* *' in lit Nuaaa ?|JJL will acll. on Friday, Fehniary *, at to o'clock, at til Broadway, the entire Stock 01 a flr-,1dim -ad. d.p, harneaa and trunk mamii a> tur- r cxiupruiuK 4 u* innleto aaaortment of dou!4e and xliiglv m?f tUnie?t, Handle*. BildlcH, Linen, Collai*, Trace*. H?na?, Hiram, lilanketx. Trunk*, Vallaoa, SMefcela, Ac., t. g. th-r wlih ?>.i?il article tn every variety, aud of the hem i|iiall!v In a ltd work - nianxtilp; alao a full atock ol Saddle*. Hardware, l.?ailici', Cloth and other Finding, and (be Mure I litunw. JOHN K KI.LV, Hiierlfl. "|VTM. WIT!ERH, AUCTIONEER, WILL PELL OM ?R|. 11 day, at 2 o'clock, at <M 1 an il mreet, on" 4i-k hay Mure, tery atyllab, grntln and faat hold only for w?ni of OM). AVM. W1TTFRS, A I i TIONKKK - '*? ILL SKI.I Ti. MDIt ?? row, at 1111, o'clock, at dwrll>ng bonan No 7 Yamlatu atreet, all the genteel Furniture, Ac., 111 thx above h'>tuw. TlrM. WIT TERM, ALOTIONBER, WILL HKLL Till** T. ? u c[oKk' ^ ^ "treat, rtofaa. Rocking ?an otnijr <I lialrt; Ontm, hidi?, Kitension and other Tabl**, _ , - a uu, ,, , , ,?'dn. Blankrtf, SprvaiU, Slieeu, T?ble aud M Linen, Mardrobo, Wa?-L?taiidH, lullet Cbiua, Ulain, Bureaux, Uluiuu Knoiu and Kitchen Furniture. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OKIfl< E No 4 Ea*t Hroadway, will wn n-l* day, at 10 t o'clnok, the Mock aiwl Ftiturea of tbn large Llouor Store No. 3H3 W11 tcr Htreet, one d.?r from t', SUn.l Cuaka, Ueadera, |il|)e pure Oln uud Hraudy, Bier fumpH, (.'ouuicra, Bottlea. Ceiuljobna, Ac. HltRICAL. All who are in want ok a firhtola^h piano,' at a reduced price, wlto all of tb? l ii? Inipenveinenta, can be acci'mm'.dated by calling at &? Myrtle avenue, Hr iok> lyn. I'lanoa to let. A MAGNIFICENT 8ETEN OtriAVB BOSEWOOtt I'lanofortu for ?ale? riebly narved legx and cane, rounil full Iron plute. Inlaid with aatlnwood uveritrung iv*. ma tiier el pearl keva, maAe to order fur the preaent owner by, city niakeri-. fully guaranteed for three yeara; been In nan but Ave Bioutha. Coat $400; will be anld for $2/V), Includlptf atool and coTrr. Alao elegant drawing room Hull , aoettaoo,< for $140. Inquire at 70 Weat Twenty altth atreet, near nlith avenue. A 7* OCTAT* PIANOFORTE, ROSEWOOD CAHB and Iron frame, will be aokl at a bargain. lu<|ulra at 384 Oold u reel, Brooklyn. ALADT, or MUOH BXPEBISNCB, WILL TEACH the piano and atagln#, alao drawlnj or 'ranah, for lli per quarter, 01 uualo imh for $1U Particular attnutloa ?Wen to children. None need apply aieept thone who wtah to become JO-<4 berfornera or lenancra. A0dre?? IVanbar, sta tion D, Bible Hoaaa. A GREATLY IMFROTBD FIANOrOBTE, A UG11TB * BttAPBl RT, Manufacturera of a naw acala of oeeratrnag haaa, patent la aulated full Iron frame, mud and aqoara Pianoforte, No. 431 Bieome atreet. f lanoa u> rent. A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD PIANOFOKTE FOR SALE? One of Ollbert A Co.'t beat, of Boaton, 1% octave; threo pedal*, one of tbem harp; *plendld touch, and coat $flft, wlitt htool. Addieaa Keleyun, box 137 Herald odlce, for two daya B AROAIN8 IN VIOLINS, VIOLINCBLLOR, BOWS, Ae ? i Mr. A. Ml'mont Intend* leaving tor feuroi>eon the Uith Inataht, and takea thla opportonltv to offer artiala and au teura hia An* eollection of mualeal Inatrumenia at oonalderaMy reduced price*, at 542 Hroadway. /WHICKERING k SON'B GRAND SQUAnS AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. ?M Broadway, New York. Ml fully pupils. month. Please c*ll or address a iaole to M. J. U , Nu 3 Ninth Hired. [VSIC.-A LADT, IN REVEBXB CIRCl'MriTANCBK, fully competent to tesch tbu pianoforte, solicit* a few *. twelve dollars a quarter or four dollar* a MCSIO.?INSTRUCTION ON TIIB PIANO AT $? PB?* month, with privilege of practke, bv a l?<lv well ?|iiali l'd. I'uplln attended at tnelr residence*, f 10 to f >2 per quar ter. Apply at 172 twenty fifth street, between Mevrutli ?u>l Eighth avenues. PIANOS, MELODEONB, ALEXANDRA OROANH?AT the lowest ponihle j>rle?s hewinil haml Plm.nn at ffrnat bargains, from %ib tu $160. One seven >n-Uv?, MMM bund, front round corner*, I aiicy legs, fretwork de?k aud over strung lor f I 7ft Pianos and aslodeons to MM, and rent al lowed U pun tinned Monthly payments rioriv?..l for the same. BUKAC'B WA-tKRf. aifastMBroadway, N. T. PLANOPOSTB -FININHINO IVPILS WILL HK AT tended at thalr reiidsnoee by a lady, who haa studied un der tha II ret masiare In kurupe sod nnu give the bigneei testi monial* aa to liar ability n perfecting them In that branch of tiialr education; terms, tt per aoaiV Addrsss Piano, box 190 Herald ofliae. <b1 C/| PIaNOPOBTBS. $110. Vlt'v.-By the Introduction of machinery In tha atni facttirlng 0 pianoforte*, we are now able to olfrr Un the pat> lie a seven octave rioewcod Piano, containing all Uw modera improvement* for fltOca h, of mure perfect workmanship than baa uiiually been sold for $J(JU ar fwU by tha old motbod of manufacturing. We Invite ail dealers, taasosrs of munlo and the public to call aud rismlne tkeae new Instrument*, at UROVHHTKIN A UAJLIS dL corner of Canal and lludaon street*, Raw York. INMTKUCTIOff. T BRYANT, STBAIION A PACKARD'S MRROAlf L til"' ? olle^c Noa 18 ami 19 < toper Institute, a thorough knowledge ol comutcicial science can be obtained, Ineludlng ag. b. 8. PACKARD, RrMdent Principal. AT II aO-WRITINO. 20 LESSONS; BOOKKBEPINO ?W, (Masons unlimited); Arithmetic aad Writing, $H> per luarter, 78 lesson* each, at 82 bowery and MS Fulton street. bookkeeping. penmanship, commercial law, arHnmotlo. A a. I Open day Iat1^I quarter, 7? le?wini eacn. m a bn??ry aim ins ruiwm street, | Brooklyn. "CoL Paine, the well Know* teacher of wrtUng, Is one of the best Instructors In the Mate.Newport Mersury. | ACADBMY Of LABUUaOBS, Mi BROAD# kf.?IM A sinctloB given In rroaah, Ikraas, jji?lak, Italian, Engliak, Untta aad Oreek. UMHr Mai fm&B to ?; matlo M, froat ft P. M. to K> P. ?. Tama, to. ?> fit per K^maner; to single lndlndaas, taft. At the house, la eWmsa. ^P, to Magle individual a, W the qaartor., oinaiatlag ef Tnwlxj'p'rtnSpaL1*0 leoaoas per week. Apply w f. MAR A CADBMIIS OK penmanship AND BOOKKKBPINO, J\. No. ?B Broadway, New York, and No. It tlnurt street, Brooklyn? Tke suKeHber wU reoalre aaw aaplls day aaa evening for class or private Instruetlon. CaU r r elmalara OLIVER U. UOLDMMITH. "A few hints from A perfect aoaaler am often uf mere sor rW la dereloptng the wapaelHee df a pupU than the atoot pruiraei e<l ktsaons af an lafecter leacker."?Wm. 01 Bryant. CVtON\ BRHATION PARLORS.- A SBOOND ROCRBB OB Copversattonat l^aoas l^Biaask. apsiils)!. Itatoa, Oer msn ai d Kngllak will l>e formed at IneUtuta, No. Mt H read way, near Ualea aqoara, aa aeaa an tAo appMaailsna will I patttcnlara apply it the Inwiiulo ?i_riUJIA Dl ****" * SHERMAN american INNTITUTB, M WBST TWBWTT ? lv?in.l .ireet-Tana beglna m ^odaeaday Peh A 'h.- lemale (.artpieiil a new higher aUa* wtllhe opeae.1, tbim making four aiaaaee la eaek deparanont, e*abuaa aa to receive x holara of bo h aeiee from the M ap to the l?<h year. Circular* eOMatala* fall partiealare amy be had oa appllcailon to the prtndpala _ RIO. DULftiN. P Oil aad IS Market at root. H. GBBt KJ&. P. Dl *? Weat Tweaty-amuM etmt SHBTBBAL AMERICAN OENTLBMBN, who HAVR ? arraaned wltb a pr.faaeor to practise oaaeeraaUoa hi trench three evenings weekly, would be pleaeeA u> bam other! unite wl.h them. Addreae No. M East Twenty seeotnl street. n^HP. SPANISH LASOCABB I? TaVOHI. AS HK?r ^Kfore, by CIPRLANO OOHR1N, at Cllston llall. A*tor ? room ho. 7. where appkoaauare reqaeeted ?? eall from liS t" o riock P. M. mUTOR OR TBACBVR.-A OENILBMAN. I B> lll be. miflinent. Private leeaona In Wrafsaoar soay be bad ?Mull langnaas by aaUve prof'Mil a fab Institute le pa ' ?l.7MliheeiM?-i.iy of 'Jilaeliy A n?ced scholar, renentb returned from rarle iPraass), wbero ha hw loag madded. aSMtres a sHaaHoa, either as Iff la a private fsaUly or as Iraoher In a w>lle?a Ha nssasma thoroughly tha BBghab, Preweh. SpaiiBk and 'barman languaasa. aad can, I? rraalred, impart m Ik"r oaga HAS , clan, leal bKSMM, as well 5 M rudlmenUof muale on the plana Vmld aot object ?o?..iag iMitk Owa. MNp |C~T. M, bo 1131 Herald oBice rpRA VBLI.1NO TI'TOB -A URAWl'ATB 09 BDISIDBO, 1 who haa me<te the totif of Europe eight tlsaea. lalcaAs star lag, with a limited aamher ?d faaHh amdWik Hlav, ?Mil. Id (ict' ber following. He la ramlllar with I lecls of ifi'rrett throughout the Continent 0 Bar> | I BbletoactAaclrep ne, raieide plaea aad tnalmsta* ? <'?- party ?h.. Mmn.panl?1 h *ua>?i. r. For paruculare address Sigma, "boi ISO Uamld oWee WANTED-AS REHIDBNT UOVERNBSH, AN RfWtUSH or Amerksa My, of goml character, and abls b. loach the eleaieniary braachee of am laagaaas. Apply at M Bast Hfteentb mreet, between J and 5 o'rlork P. B PA?C?B kCADBBlii^ ^ DODWORTBS OANCfNO AO AD RM IB*. No. MB Brmdea), Now York No. 117 Boa tag as street, Brooklyn. _Wsdaaodars aad Ba days ta Mm Tort. Msakaja sal Thursdays, Tuesdays and Fridays, la Brooklyn. Circulars 0 Ink Aa, mmr bo had at ?Hhar Amdeny if TREMOR'S ACADBMIRS, CLASSIS MIU? A mmala owes until Ma Iianmato will b? gvea i Thlryl fourth Mreet, this Ttekets at eMiter amdeaay May Sswem A Mraad Selroa at the Now toeti mm, <6 West i (Wednesday) evening, Pebr iary A POLITIC A I.. Diwocbaiic republican obNbral ywgT tee ?A regular"M??kly meetinaof Ike aOCTV* will be held al\oiart Hail, on Thursday ?vea?? lt? st 7S o'etoek By order n JOHN COchranB, cytmtta. OEOROB C. OKNET, vVjo 4 halraiao.

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